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l1I0lurI OF THK SATitutAi nlWUIJ
Keaponari Jtecelted by the General Commit
tteV atrnuc Frellng Jhron hon ho
Country Amnn the lst Cine nf ItepnMI
Vote In Missouri nnd
cnn The Cernmn
llllnol and > > hut IendlnB German Nay
3r Louis April GTho Eiocutlvo Com
inlttco having In cbarKO nrrnnKomenU for the
anllThlrdTorm NntlonM Convention 01 10
publicans to be holl In this city Mit y 0 ow < foas
Ihomaelves as now BBtlsfled with tho rcault of
tbolr efforts Although tho IntervVbntwoen tho
Mil for tho Convention am tho date fixed for
holding aftoriled tittle tlmo for the operation of
4t0w political machinery responses bate como
Caw In from about onethird nf the BtntcsbrlnuluB
assurnnoo ot nn nnlltliirdtorra orennlzntton
U t those States and of delegations to be present
tf the Convention These responses aro ot two
tfauos Letters huvo been riCelted from ex
Beoretftry Drlstow Jlornoo White George WIN
Mam Curtis T Wentworlh Hlgglnsou mid
othor men of tho pronounced nnllniHchino
type promising support and giving advice
eonorally KB to the management of tho Con
vention In addition to theee numerous let
turn nro received from members of Concrees
and wellknown political managers who Btlll
rink among tho stalwarts of tho Republican
party but who nt heart nro bitterly opposed to
Grants reuomlniitlon These write to tho Ex
ocutlvo Committee relying on Its pledge to
keep correspondence secret when desired and
promise t decluro Ihemneltes openly as soon
fts assured that the Convention will bo an event
of such magnitude that Ita leaders will not Incur
rIsk of political mnrlyrdom
cur a DoltPRI mlrlv < om
Tho number ofrcsponsea cf this class Is Tory
tare affording a striking illustration of tho
nttQrant ntlmrpt even among thoso sup
posed willing to accept him Finally the treat
raaas of responses coined from Republicans
with only State reputntloa active workers
who havo adopted tho Idea of the Convention
with enthusiasm and nro taking nocoesary
steps to secure n properly appointed State dele
cation at Its meeting Responses assuring this
Vigorous cooperation have already b en re
ceived from Illinois Iowa Michigan Wiscon
sin Minnesota Kentucky Kansas Ohio
Arkansas Texan nnd Virginia The Conven
tion to nominate delegates to the National Con
vention Is announced to bo hold In Texas
within a few days though tho date has not yet
been fixed From New York have como many
bon xel
letters but ns yet nono aaaurlng what might
be called a State delegation to the Contention
A letter was recnlvod from the President of tho
Sixth Assembly District AntThlr < Term Club
stating that a full delegation will be present
from that body end Mr Horace White sends
word that New York will participate I assured
of Western support but beyond this It Is not
yet known that New York will be represented I
It should b Btnted however that by no means
sufficient time has yet elapsed for deliberation
nmone the nntlthlrdterm men In different
Btttes since their receipt of tho call nnd Hint
the repponaim are hut just coming In Texas
and Viiglnia for Instance were heard from
only yeaterd though from each of thoso
Blntnn an Influential delcc itlon Is assured
The next two weeks will dflvolop what the
strength of thn Convention I to bn and the
leading Repuhllcma < if tills Slat who formu
intel the coil soeni to havo no doubt that every
Btate will pol b represented In several Studs no
fight bus tot bon male and no movement to
ward Bendlnir 1 delegation < to tit Louis In
liugurntud Thn Irlenda In those States of any
other CJindldntn than Grant write that they wish
finUUi test thnlr sirHURth In the But Convention
frA slrlllh
tion to select delegates to Chicago Whore the
ton mon may override conventions as they
have done In Stuffs In which conventions
han bon hold tho minority will at once or
eanizo and send plflunte toSt Louis This i
oouiSB will probably be tnken In any eivnt but
theantltlilrdterm men In these doubtful btates
write that thny delay nation until their State
Conventions chilli hate been held because such
action taken before might have the appearance
of attempted Intimlilnlton and so injure tho
chances of their candidate
ExCongressman H A Hurlbut of Detroit
Mich thus writes t < tho committee
We iliouM lo gaI l to see I the third term motfincnt
deteatcil to the Chicago < uiivt tiilun tur the pike o the
pert but tf n < lhc will tn oar rMtrintic duty St tile
colt STill bur > It en dtp that It tit wierbe reurrrctd
We love the KcpiiWlOiii I > r ilUtll It limit tie socrlrerl
tocltfenl lliulinbillrnl nhcnif li t I dte fouiitf fli > t
and c ns party allcrwara U t the mottu ol MIchlKan Hepubll
The lon Gcorco D Halstdd of Minnesota
I know of no man talked of m a probable Pfmocralic
caiHlUHlD rr whom I o tit nl vole It ri itt hI ln tile If
publican canJIdilc I 1 flet I injnv KLuuuhciiu tIers ul I my
Thee are but sample letters indlpatlnttlm
spirit of the many pO ivd It Is n fact in this
connnPtion not without interest that matte
the letters expressitig tlfHH views forcibly arc
from thone who ilkIl Mr Hnlsted were officers
un < ler Orint In HIM Union army
Ilnro In Missouri thii representation to the
Contention will titI ot the bunt and Btroncni
ra Cfl In I thu wi hI icon party Tho antithird I
term moteinmit Itle Is not generally known was
an orKiinlzod iitTnlr or 1 5inr nco thought lot
with a vlw to I Niitinunl Convention nnd nt Its
ont ct Included stilt IMBII as < xS untnr John
B HeiidmhOMHHnryHllihrockthewnllknown
jurist Hwi c II HhlIIA Cliiilrman of the Itjuul
limn Smt Cent rat C < immittHi t > it rId nlinout all
tlm liHiliricr I I tHrtuiin ItintitillpHTift I i Hlnpo then
tho i orcMiiizatlnn i In l S Ioul l t eapnelally has
arfiulred il I HtirnKth In this city tin
aniitliirdliini t t I corn ni It I II > tiT mnklnu i onl I y
a pniliHl < 1iiiiirK hni pelted pits i nat as
sitninro from baiwpHii 8 700 nod 400D Uepub
llOHiin tlutt they lire nppo Mil l 10 t tho nnomtna
lion 01 0 rant Otitslili tin cit v and Ihrulhout t
tliu Hmto much of th hiiHiii fu llui pritalls
Tlu Oirnians Inspired I by th o 11 l t itt a ii i ftio of
the Hon Frodtrl MIIPIH Fiithrr MUHnch
tlo a 10 lon IH tHllid am full ol entliiisinni and In
Illinois i fletu Iii Itll ItS ot tint BIUIIO nntinnality
following the Itail < f tins Hon 1rndirlpk Heiker
dpplarn thulr t HttMitle I IH plnlniy I I n iI I will I I IJo
stronulv riprpMii I In tin Illinois ifflnKiitlon
AxHiirHnoes have also been re dyed from
Curl hrhurzmiih nil I i > lim nun I yapprotnl of
the oljBttb of the move out ntid that 10 will
bH preiont in I the Ci nntiiitloii
Tim incii In St VII who ar now devoting
their cinruleo In ih moviniPnt Include I among
their number uxUnlted statna Senator HOI
ilnrHon Uimlrninn III I tin Kxioutmi Coinmitlcn
I Knill i I Jrctnrliif tillliir ol lhu I Wetthtlie Jtst
Emory Fostir InlH pilltor of the TiturnJour
I nn tlio 1 lon I A iii lit in y lltnir 1 I I Into inmnlitr of
Oiinsrots from tilt Firnt DiMrkt the Hon I H
ngrl9 I 1111 i niMinl hr lit Concrcs from tim it
Uhlril I I I strict II I h linn J I O A Fiuknlnburi
last ito iuil lit ti I iiiinli t > > iiti < for Governor ot
MliRQtirlnnil 111 DID ilhnjs mjually promi
nent tonally I Ih oriMnlMtlon Includes In
011 JI OIllrltlnn
fact mobt HIIIII I liPiim 1 i t if uroialnencii I who C
wiiro not onkuhuidLrsduiiiii thu 1riBulency of
Arrangements have already been partially
041111 plumed with hit I rat I totti thee I lor reduced
rats of tranhpoitatlnn I to t diliuat tu thx I Con
vention on this GUI of 3Ia > tutu uthrr dutailbiif
tlm kind I are I joint U11 till I to It win nt first
I Inlnnilcil to hold Ihl C in vqtm Ion in I thn roat
ballot tlm I M rchiinif > Kxilninni wit i re Tild I I n
vms notnlnatid nnd Him hhii Is not yet tin
doriod thuuuh a imsllrln olmtailo hiS Inter
vuiiiil DuinocrHtlu 1 in > Ill liii re of the Hoard ot
Trade IuiilldiMt Hint Uiinta nominatIon tsiil
result in IIputillinn dilint may it Is said di
cli tIe to mil tun movement Muiuntt him I by voting
toirivii Ilia I hnl I Inthu I invention and G rant
men on time lioird will hike tie Bani Course for
rniuiiltiBt I luasons Tin 1 remit Btienilli i ot this
pptiimilloii IH I Its l fit 1 unknown blinuld this
hull I Ilot I 2 bu i4iU ruh t tie Colt veittloti will I prib
ally Ie lhl In tlm larin hull ot the Mereantllt
I Library sutublo whota Btatu Conventions usually as
I fnun lit AIIIVU ttly Tlml
WABHINOTON April 5Th Hon John B
j Hunilnrnon ot Missouri hns been In I tuttn for
several iltivB MAl mnl I IIHH I t Iou I i intorvlnveil by
P tho Komhig Mfr on III I nnllthlrdterm I I inov
rnnnt II Haul I tIM hint noilouht that the llv
Con vemiticin nt Ht Louibof 1 I lie titibi leitnis opposed
C to tlit third i I turIn teoti Iii > na lit rue and bucciuha <
1 ful lIttii trig nlihoiii hiihiemod somnwlmt In
dIned to I d iuU its at UtIS In ltinkln tin Im
pression ou tile Chlenicu CoiivDiition Mr Hen
1 dnrbon rlglrts nil poliliinuiH us slavlfh inui as
1 pnio oktrH Omt mini IH lOOking for thai lro
o Iduijtlnl 1 nomination nuulliHr for a noiiiUintlon
as JiiHtloo of the 11 Their main object
tliornforn IK t IKI I on tlm vI Imilnir I s ide Therein
UD thluks Ciimoriiii and Cunkllnir did wisely In
J earnlu their States tot iriint very early Thoy
h ave < impresHid I tin politicians with thn I ice I
trllt Grant Is hue 0011 ni mini end Imvu there
tore gIven Choir favorite a ntr iiifth in other
HtatiH which IIH would tint Imvo had wru It twr
fji tlmlrnuni SHIn lVniiavlt tila nd New York
I JVhnt HoudprHot illdo Incnsaof Grant nom
s nutIon I Its dHollnxs to ally lie dpslres the HI
Ionia Oinvuntlon which will be Httxudiid by
lvnlon wil h U1lold
would from all ijuurltra of thn Union to bo
tuliy a dellburullvo body Therefore It will
ML llillll down nU WIG < 3B > uiuu
not do for any one Inter
on ding to take pert In U
to make up his mind nirP J Pr
that Convention pbs rt lo lila COUrsil before
thlt lmeet 1
CODvmton m9et inn Hendorsim
however that Illdorson
gays 10 convinced
Orantbinominal that should
6rsnt be nonmlnat IhoUhl
Oralt tJitur JI any Democrnllo candidate
whohall us Demoerto cll
who I nO blo <
ItpnubMcrtuS T 1Iblo > to the antlthlrdtprra
nhVnMiVhl 11 certainty carry Nw York
Ohio leh f ID and Wisconsin Whether h8
hiitlh w
IdSlaunc ltr7 Now Jersey Cminpptlout and
IDIIIIII not wIll not bo DiatorlHl tie would
in his o ifl opinion carry those WOUldl
JrobnT IllInois On Hendeison thinks viry
m1 M R does Mr Nichols of Wisconsin that
the Mormans are no Intensely hostile both to the
lirjiiof a third term anti to Grant himself that
Iniy would vote solidly against him He says
all tills dependi of course upon the character
111 tim Democratic candidate
Aetlre Work A iciest the MomlnmionafGrniil
The littler Cltiat of llcpnbllcnni Knllited
Tho opposition to GOD runts nomina
tion Its lenders say Is dally Catherine strength
In thin city At the time of the Utica Conven
tion the Independent Republlcnn Anoclatfon
nown last full a the Bcrntpher1 tu9
only autlthlrdterm organization of any prom
ncnpe In this city Soon afterward tin Bepub
hican lloloim League I State orcanluition es i
abllshed Its headquarters horn and began
vigorously to Its
vllorou prosecute le work of nrouilnc I
the Republicans of the State to the realization of
ho disastrous results to tho republic that might i
follow the election of a man to the Presidency
for a third terra The effort of this League
have met with success Tho Independent Re
jubllcan Association which was tho pioneer In
the movement agaInst the rule of machine
politics In the Republican party of this State
and did such effective work Inst fall against
lov Cornell and sualnst Howard Boule the
tepubllcan nominee for State Engineer has
perfected an organization which will enable Its
members to render good senIco In the move
ment to prevent Gon Grants nomination and In
the effort to defeat him should he bo nominated
ThIs association Is composed chiefly of young
mon who are Republicans from principle and
are neither officeholders nor office seekers
Some of them aru professional men and the
est aro enraged In mercantile pursuit
Their membership roll Is steadily growing
longer Kindred associations In operation
ongor Klulr 1 aSloclatone are oporaton
In Brooklyn AlbanySyracus and Buffalo Mr
F WWhltrUne Chairman otthoNew York As
10clatlono ExecutIve Committeeenvstlmt letters
ecelvtd from time Interior of the Stol notice
I t certain that before the meeting of time Chicago
Convi nlion tlnre will probably ho Bltnllar asso
ciations In every city coil In most of the large
villnms In the 8tnt Gentlemen who at the
ugupitlon tlf the Now York association recent
I rtisliid the touutli on the line of time New
York CVntrnl nnd of the ErIe Dnllroad report
hat they found in very one of those counties
nany llHpubllPans who are opposed to the
Inny OPllOMo
htrd term and who say that they will not vote
for Gen 11t I ha la l nominated wi Many of
tbs RtitmlilicnnA are said to be M stalwarts
who voted for Goy Cornell at the last election
The odleers of thn New York aseoclation say
hat an nccurntn calculation of tho nitmlHT of
Inpublicnus in this city who are oppose dto Osu
Grants nomination cannot be made Most of
them hilonu to a class of citizens who are never
active pollttvluna and whose Interest in poll
lea Is I onlr inanllBted by their votes I Is tam
lev d however that at least 10000 IIptor l In
this city who would support any other Republi
can CHnillilntn for the Prefiidenay would not
vote for Gn Grant pm
The Independent Republican Association has
not Tot dctermlnetl to send dtlegntes to the
nntlthlrdtrm conference that ISlo h held In
81 bottle next month They and kindred asso
ciations In tile Htato and several Influential
antiGrant Republicans will however hold a
conference In Albany In the latter part of tills
month The call will bo Issued early next
wool One of this iniiin purpoieaof this eon
ferenee is thu adoption of SOl method by
which the antiGrant Republicans in thu State
may bo organized forunltPd and PlTHPtlve work
The conference will also decide whether It will
send rriirrtcntHllTM to the HI Louis confer
once The I Nsw York association believes that
a delegation I will attend that meeting The Its
form League will meet in hIts city next week t
detprmlne whether It shall be represented In
tile st Louis foiifironce
The President of the sssoclntlon Is Mr Hor
ae While ana the Vtce1rtslilents are George
Haven Iuttinm the Ilttv Dr Henry W Bellows
Frederic W Stevens and Gouvornour Morris
Irdrlt ong the lending < members are James
Mokta JI 011 HinryS Van Duzer Fnulerick W
Wliltrlilgp FullT Kaufman Clarence D < mntr
WhlrlI tulx
N s tpenwr I I Bowkur and tie 11ev I
holier Newton
lhcr ue < > ks ago several antiGrant Republi i
cans whose experience In polItIcs had con
vinced Ilieni that political motenients nmount
to nothing unless they are carried on through
tho niPdium of regularly organized bodies
met in Selllien Hall Among thom were litany
who totvi at one time or another been pnniioclod
with ulnr local Republican oruanizntioii1
vlth Ihn regular 10nlllllhleln or anlznlol
nnd some who am now parts ot that mn
chins These gentlemen after due dolilir
litton determlnHil to organli ngniiiHt
lon third term I was decided to
malco tlio orgnniyntion conform in every m
iipect to tlm rmiacim moo org ijizatl oil This
AIe rendered necessary thn formation of an
Ilia I fnlerp nlcslry lormnton 11
1 ontlon < every Assembly district and a
Central Committpe to bo composed of dele
gates from etch Assembly district Tho mem
tiers oi thu cvnferenPM Irom the several Aoaom
bit dlstrids agreed to organza the district
anHOelation0 nnd thin confprencti iirdorod that
primaries be hold for the election of tho Central
Committee cprs and of the district associationS on
The members of the conference went Im
mediately to work Sultablfl plncea worn dslg
nated In I eneh ot the t t WititS iou r Asnotnbly dU
trite ItOh Repuhllcans who wore oppiwid to
tlio t third t I term trere intiteti I to 511111 tlmru t and
enioll I their t I ii a nits The enrollment I wile 1011
iltictint with as lUlle I nuhlicltv afl possible I to
prntent l the i machine men from pnpturlne
nepordlng to their peculiar methods thn ilia
trlet nasocliitlcin The number of tinmen m
rollpil m said to bn morn than 5000 i In ROIIHI
dlstrliMs tlm roll of tIn now hA assoofemion i contains 1
more imiiieA than are on tho books ot the
mnpiinHoignnlAitlon riCo primaries were
held on Monday bid nndnfUoern 01 twentyfour
d let r it asaOlnllonM mid legates Irom I every
Ci let net to t n CVntrnl I Corn ni ittet wero elected
Among thu President ot oclationB hon
wormxSupnrvlaor Andruw Illenkloy Henri C
Roblnnn Alexander M I Etslson exAlder
rot n John le VinM Dennln I MiIauulilln John
I I OtllvtellTolni I Ilenltfp WIII1 I I O Cloves H I I r c
riiarla E llrucn John O ISivd nnd M I I
Wilson Tho more pomlnout Republican
fleitnd 1 to the Cuntml Committei are Joaipli 1
Cir ite tloorci H Viiinnn Hlleridan Shook
V D 1 T MnrHhallil 1 DltUnhoefnr Dr LouU
Niiumiinn Chnile Vntious fnl Kthnn AIn
Senator Weorg H rorater Hirmnn Cantor
Benjamin I F Mnnlerre Iliirvjy I I T ClituI ind I
1njllll Enclehnrt Mlchnil J Nevilli John J
Foley Frederick Kneel A MC I Smith Thomas
K Hlllh 1rtrJk J Kihou 1reeman J Fithlnn
William I I I M Montgomery Cit rlsttpti or Pull
man Geoigo W Belts 0 I Edward Vin
terbotlom Jacob Knobloch unit Frank
Kthnrldgp Tlm Central Committpo will
Ehnrltl Clnrninlon Hall on Mondny even
lug next to organl Ills not yet decided who
will I I I Iw lt I me rinilrnmn Sinm of Hi ntfltti hers
tutor nxJiidgn Uiiihoefer anti nthurs wish
toponter that position upon Bherldnn Hhook
lloth ol those gentlemen liivo however Il
cllnod rncoiiiiUHiiding lint I some guntleman
clloli la not nn iietltH polltlelnn be icado tho
Chairman Mr ChnrleH Viitrous is now mobt
spoken of In i counortlon with the I t pohltlmi
Tlm leading men in thn orgnnlzntlon tire
greatly ulntwl over Ito I suecesetim I result of f thtlr t I
iIIorto They any that it Is composed of excellent
lent iniitui lal mnny oxpot lencud pulitl ill work
ers htting jolnwl Its ranks They tIre cpnll
dent thnt t after Us Jisat ret COl rim Itt en his bc n
organized th inbHrnhlp of llm Ashombly
ilialilctaRocIntlina will rnpldly Increase Thn
mitt mit A 11n 1lolnn I now orunulzillon C la I the lIt
publican Central Cimpnlgn Club 1 is HO called
iioaiiho Its tin mae ohjeel la I tln I > making i of an
organization I In I which I Republicans who wish
to prntent tlm nomination ot Gen Grant mny
be I given a plncu to do tho most effective work
Itt uniiiinniiin iluppndr Its I ivil irs any pita
tie tomutiur tof tho mnchlne Repiibllpiina In
tlmloenl t nITairaof thla t city Wlro OPIKII
tobargiilnlng 1 with Tntnniany Hall slid uno of
I liuoit conaplcuoiis men and wit ahull do
what WH can to prutmit the I pasango ot I city
diurtir tinder nhlili llm ofllcea In tItle city will
IKI dltided uijunlly hulwm followers of John
KIliy tutu tlm nminliHiHof tlio Grnnt mnelilnu
Bhould helm a dlvslon I of f tlm offices his mnde
the rue U its I h lit miiht follow will I I In i our opinion
make a I ° < w Republican orgiiulzntlon I In I thla
city not only I prnellcnhl but I neeeKRai y
I Is I Lmllovod bymohtof tlm Inlluentlal men
In Itm new iiiovHiiiniit Ihnt thuuntlllilrdterm
will oiganlu at onco throughout
Ilepulillean wil 11lllzl II OIPO Ihrllholt
tho Slut tuid that bofoiH lie itionnl Contiii
lion Itt nt leant ten thousand RopubllcniiH
in title city nnd Inure thnn thnt number In tin
country ciiunlleH will rm thoroughly orgnniZMl
and tendy to doefmctlta work airalint tlm nom
ination I ol Gen Grant I I I I la I Ilkilv I I Ihartlm I t now
organization will end ropruvintiillves to the
Bt Louis conference hut no decision In that
matter can be made until tlmCnnlral Committee
Uorgnnlzad A strong delegation eompoaed
of members of this organization and liinuunlla
Republicans from other pails of tie HI ate will
IHllhlollS It Is not
surtilr go to the Chicago Convention I lnt
likely tlmtllmy will clBinand adinlaulon a the
Now YorK 8tat delegation But ther oonQ
1 u I U
jlontly expect to t bn able tn convlnoo the Repub
ICIM from other Hlnts that Grant cannot
carry the tno 01 New York
Address to the Iteinthllciuii at Uaiinchnietti
The Duly of tha Hour
In Juno noxt the National Republican
Convention U I to met In Chicago and the Uo
publlcans of this Stab are about to ohooso four
delegates at large t that Convention The
action of tho State Convention at this critical
moment II likely In its moral effect upon the
choice ot delegates from tho Congressional dis
tricts as well as upon opinion In other States
to have an Important bearing upon the Dual re
sult at Chicago
Tho Issues should not bo those ot personal
preference but ot national safety and well
being The fortunes of this or that J2nn ought
not to bo sot against the prnt and future In
toreeU pt our p0ntry Wo liao no votes to
spare awo cannot afford to take nny action
which may disorganize our forces or repel nay
considerable number of those who are In sym
pathy with us I Is our duty to consult the con
victions and it ID I wise to hoed even tho honest
prejudices of thoso who hnvo hitherto acted
with us The Southern States are an admitted
unit for tho Democrats and to assure our suc
cess wo must carry such Htatea a Now York
nnd Ohio whore tho vt Is vnry largo and
closo and 1 where the chnngd of I small per
centage from one Bide to Ito other determines
thn result
Il impossible to observe without anxiety
tho effort which unit been matte and Is being
continued to force tho nomination of exPresi l
dent Grant The services of len Grant In
war can never bo forgotten ho lies nlso per
formed great services In civil life Ho Is
entitled to the urntltudn of tho country cad
Ihnt gratitude has been r expressed In two elec
tions to tlio Presidency tha most that have
been accorded to any of hl tirudenes
oors Two terms wore thought sufficient i for i
WnahlngtonJefferson Madison Monronand I
Jackson Tlionn Illustrious men did not think
It becoming In them to accept a third election
They repelled nil expressions from any quar
ter whether prompted by gratitude or Inter
est or the fancied wellbeing of tho country
In favor of any third election whether imme
diately following or separated by nn Interval
from their sncond term The good sense and
patriotism ot the American people aol to tail
their course and the limit of eight lean tins
become an accepted precedent which has stood
during our ° Wimuio constitutional history now
nearly I period of ninety rears I there are
some who do not valun I there are great num
bers of thoughtful citizens who do value It and
In any close contest lie votes and active effort
of tnese last urn important and may be essen
tial I would be rash when no exigency re
quires I to sot ourselves against astrongtradl
tlonal auntlment Ilkethls to load our party In
the burden struggle before us with an unnecessary
An administration lasting eight years Is apt
to create divisions of opinion and antagonisms
within the partr which I la wise to avoid and
President Grants was no exception to this rule
I has left points at f named controversy at
tended with much feelIng and without enter
ing upon them here It Is enough to say what
all must admit that a considerable body of Ilo
publidtms are dlxsntlsflod < with some of bis
methods and wlln some of his personal affiliations
The nomination of exPresident Grant will
repel time totes nfaonie nnd will diminish the
sent of others who with good reason or without
It alnonrnlr obinct tii hits pnndldnnr I vill
make the canvass turn n upon ft defence of l his
measures and his method instead of turning
upon bit exigent Issues of the day ponce
equal rights and fair voting everywhere the
maintenance of 1 sound currency and of Ito
national credit and anImprotedsystem of civil
UU nomination Is often pressed by applying
to him the character of tile strong man will
Is specIally needed at this time The phrase
has no meaning or I menDS lO much I I
means I man of decided convictions and firm
will no one desires any other I however this
phrase mOllS e to call for a President who will
resort to uncouutltutkinat or rnvolutlonRry or
questionable modes nf govornmunt this Repub
lican arty cannot afford 1 encounter IS
I plntform tlm conservatIve lawnbldlng and
patriotic sentlmnut ot thu country and how
over the meaning may bn hid under I < vague
generality It will have to b explaluad in a
sharp canvass before the people
Tho suggestion has been made that electoral
votes mny be expected from the South for the
exPresident which no other candidate can ob
tain but the grounds of such an expectation
ar withheld This asaurnncn Is given In lie
same breath with tie Inconsistent statement
tlint unlter nl terrorism and fraud have
tlt IDI rlll In sup
jiSBed or detained Iipulilican toting In that
SHCtlon < I thoro la anything In the claim of
Southern electoral totes It menus thatiSouth
era Democrats are to support the nxPrealdnnt
Against this as agnlnM all such dnlusltn sug
gestions wo Mand upon the plain ground that
a llipubiican Presldenl nan ho elected only by
Republican States alit by Republican voters
united In heart until effort
Let us then lmt I candidate who will corn
mand tlm confidence and enthusiasm
of all RntiublicnnB At the same time
11 tm
thnt ho bo one who In services and
character Invites lie support of citizens who
are not strongly hound to any party who hnto
a deep IntHreM 1 i n good government In the main
tonnnco of equal rights throughout Urn country
In 1 sound currency and In nu honest and pure
administration Let him be a slnteuninn who
Ins won and always kept the conlldencn of the
Republican party There are alien statesmen
within our party who were with It at thn begin
ning and have kept tlm faith who are available
as candidates anti who can undoubtedly unite
tU wholnMrnngth ot thin Republican party
Thin RepuhlleHiia of Mnsanchuactta have a
moat Importnnt duty bnforn them Their dfln
gates nnd those of other Btntos In which llm
conditions of public ntltnnnt urn much the
sumo lint I likely I to hold In I their hands the ro
stilts of the Convention and to effect a i nomina
tion llko I I those of Lincoln and Hates Thn
delegations i labelled with one name pledged
to ono man or elected to servo lie purposes of
party dictators worn not the most cfTec
1rY in tlio national Conventions ot IRftO
nnd 1H7H Lot Mnaancnnaotia elect nt thn
141 ate Contention I ilologntoa who will I meettlmir
brethren Irom other States for conference nnd
deliberation doing their test to unit upon a
camlllatu I I who la worthy In nil I nspepts coil
who will I I I StClrA t lie iti ptort of all I Republlcana
Suet n representation will bn heard nnd makn
Itself felt In I Ito dual result Let Dm Republl I
cnn voters also Ht tholr primary met lings
throughout t time Coin mu o nivealt Ii aim to I that I
they urn thus represented In tho coming Contention
Thn undersigned join In thn foregoing nil
ii rise with no wish t dlitxtn I to their I fellow
Republicans but In the erclsn ot thin right 01
1tllhlnls 11111 publicly to express his opiniona
and bepiusn they urn dnoplv Impiesned I with
tim Importune < it thn crisIs I both to the Itcpub
llcim party and to ho I country
WIUHmO Itilirll OH < Norerne
Willam 11
llriirr a lime Aliliou lxvrrncr
Murtiii llrimmer Tr Jimotl linvls
tMllliai Kiiillcnll I Jr lilacs I Krrrinan
rinrl I lt COIn llamlltni A IUU I I
I M MOIM Jr A 1 1 I H < l Jll
Thor irarM J Otis thcrlve
Olitrlef Alt 1 Jnmei M Hutwv
ImniFO llrKkcr Humurl l tl I jiiincy
CnhlliM Wllirli Uri I lute
01 art ii nit tilt I I iuint finlite
John I Alilrow I H I I ttixH
Ilorce T XTiiirxmn Ju lln Itiwry
IbrnrcT ItucVwell J II Halknr
K rRnTluckwal lolr John I tieiiiiil
Jihn M Furtei W f I llmkliH
llcorec iti I its Ill Join I 1 Waliliurn
ImilA 1 cimilbinirne Julin II l WtUnroll
K U I HMiel > AII r Tulmon
I lhl
Iilwnnll t Iicrc lie nrj A Msr u
K A Uikill ihlniloiilll tilen
CliOIKi I I I tiill lie ree II I Clmmi
ll rlunW fuller Junior Hill
ItiickvMml 1 lIter Joh A Hull
IMw II l Hill Ib nioi Mcrrlnm
llmriif I 111 nrlon OrnnnMi rile II
Jellies ii llnijcr le TUB 8 MurUm
JmeI1hller Anil ninny otlurii
A IlentlnK ffpeotncle ibM the Nlmtvmn
Viewed from n Front Neat
Tho Amoiican Instlttilo was Illhil las
otenlng I with a throng I drawn thither to wltmtiits
Bnrnums own and only greatest show on
onrth A twopoled lent Rlnnda under time
roof I Thin tout servos aa tlm dressing room
Time ring UPS I between Ihn I tent Inllht t Thin l
avenue nlrneulo III Institute w hlln the settle
rise In nn niiiplilthentrn hruiind It 1 Im snow
man nllllhlhIr I f thn I apectuclo if I
a well hl1811 IIOIIHD Inat otenlng I from
wul Coslnntoniisth Inltoooi
n front seat Ctil CtHIInl Ihl
I touts Cull Onshen llm Pilititii glnnt 1cl
Mnb it inert 1111 t o I Xulus wein Introduce
lo tlm Hpectiilius from tlm ring Ilvn eiiuociri I
otuiea In tlmcoiiranof thn utonlng vied for limo
iipnlauso of r the HpoclalnrH Mile Loonn wn
grnenlul MiueMHrlhn Nnyggniuil firm of hniii
Hlgnnrn I Mnrcellus I I 111 I I of dnh MIH Itn lilt
Hllnnl uflnctlvn nnd Mine Dockrll II
Lake aiilnt I and I tUv 111 ml Vuplcrll
nrllstle I In i thole nets ol horeHinouahlp I Mini
Dockrill neeeptnd an eneoro Thu Nnlso
ImIrl i I porformnd poslurlng tents Mill
Nelson nxhlblled HOnm allied I doves White
trained OTIII performed ludicrously FInally
iuei was tired llfty feet from noinnon Into n
I Bariiuin made abhor speech in I
ueltltig I Mr Inrlul la o lihort sloocb II
111 II
response to ralla for him
Tile slow la I tn contlnuo for only fourlec
days before cturtlui on Its travels lot tho uuusou
tAitT TIKS nroirsn jinotrN8 SCOUR AT
I crnm the Dork lon II the Rae Win
lung Heuld Ilnc used lathing Oiimely for
the Lend llnbler Hbowlng Stmn of Ill
nn Kxclllnc Mutt In the Onrdin
Tho excitement and Intciost In tho Bizday
race In Madison Square Garden was much
greater yesterday than at anytime since the
nglnnlngof > tha contest At lent throe thou
and spectators remained In the Garden through
ho afternoon and In the evening all the avail
bio places wore uncomfortably jammed at an
early hour
Never before has so oloso a struggle by two
lon occurred day after day as that which has
now gone on for nearly a woek between Hart
and Doblor
Wo had nn awful night with our man Mid
Happy Jack Smith Hurts trainer to a 8u ro
orwr yesterday afternoon
I What wns the matter with him 7
General exhaustion I guess
Ho appears to bo In fair trim now much
jotter thna Doblor
Yes replied Jack but hes boon off tho
raok five hours and fortyOva minutes since
yesterdays work
Well ho needed rest
Twasnt that continued Happy Jack
n Tho llfn seomod to bo all gone out of him I
says to tho doctor Cant you bring that man
to Time doctor gets alarmod and goes out for
another physician This wns about half past
O I when Doblor was going round lIke steam
boat I got excited and went to work In earnest
on Hart Ho soon staggered to his feet ex
chelating Whore am I You are In the walk
for the OLoary belt says I How far am I
ohlnd > l Inquired Hart Ten miles says I
Get mi out quick I must overhaul that Chi
ago Irishman said rt
That a not his first start In thi morn
Ohno flartwaa on the trnk at 2 Pegram
coming a half hour later and Dobler I quarter
01 f an hour behind Fogram Harry Howard
Allen Krohne Williams nail Ilnnwnkcr were
also on the sawdust Between 3 and 4 In tho
morning Hurt Doblnr I Iegram and Hurry
toward started l In the hotter l brush I linvt
eon In thn race Howard wns the freshest and
who not
ed the gang All tho hummers wore n
eurl1 tip In a shlvnrlnii sleep ou tlm bunches
yelled themselves hoarse At thus end of an
hour Hart pnme into his tout used up Thats
what made the trouble
Dont you think list eating greasy mince pie
s npt to make him slcU
YDS Hut you cant koep that boy from his
pin I
Although Hart made wonderful progress alter
his morning attack his taco assumed n glnznd
hue nearly nil day his cheek hOneS milking
harp abrupt ridges Nevertheless be wad
wonderful time
Tlio following table shows thn progress made
hy the three leaders from 3 A M to 3 1 M the
figures being given at threehour ntmes
3A I OA I 01 I 12 J 3r y
Ml < Uli lllrf H it MI
nt BJO KM 341 SM 309
iliT al9 Ml an SV1 RBS
leuisin oJ alt 529 3 3U
The Chicago cattloboy was beginning to show
ho wear and ear 01 his great inltlnl sixday
ace in a terrible manner His left knee pained
him very much and ho lieu to almost drag It
over the reek when not on his eastloping run
Daniel OLoary who had felt confident of Ibo
boys BinifHH In the morning 1Ulln l to loan
bys tll
tiotutu In thn afternoon Hnrdlng OLearys as
iatnnt looked livid Wnun a bvptnnder rn
marked There Is trouble with Doblera leg I
lardlnu replied There Is more trouble with
his hnnrt
The tide now began to sot strongly In favor of
ngram < for sncond plann muuy bolting men
mcklnuhlm 1 for oHttl position lie I III I retired
Ito night boforo with JJJ miles to his credit on
Ihf grove Bheeta n mlotnke In placing the fig
ures on tile dial giving him 300
M rrltt broke down coil retired from tho race
II t 8 t M Ho collapsed on the first Quarter of
his 2Hlh mile The pac had been too much
for him from the start
Hart imsanit Illower Drown grent London
corn for the first tnnn iesterdny at 5 p M I Hit
was then 110 > nrda ahead nf I l l Harts score
landing 37D Dolilora 37G <
snnllnl every great performance has IU comIc
element Jntbeu wee thn funny man at tin
start Hn has dlscovered by this time as
nmnv others t hare before him that It la a tery
serioiM thing to bn evh When ho started in
the rice Im walked off hike Ito pretty man at a
picnIc Even when completing his 100 milns
liter a Iwo days pnradu he moved with an air
vhleh saIl < Look nt mo I immobile pink of I thu
wtdk Yontnnlny ntturiiooti tIme poor fellow
huts In his tent with his wife standing anxiously
his cot Jaybee wlnwo
at time held of cot Jlyto whr proper
name is John BrlnkerholT said his mouth ant
hrontwero parched IIH could takn no sol hi
food nnd was nlmost uaed up still hn was 10
I ennlied C I to rnmnlti I I APt race until I I tlm ont of
ho week Jnytina Is 5fi ypnrs of tutu Ills wife
who 1 is at least twenty lit years youngnr saya
the stories about electrin nttnrlos I I sr other
remedies being applied to keep her husband on
lm rick mire I fables
Javbee mid tlinalmpln facts In his case were
that nttnr leaving Columbia College in tim a 011
dtys when It stood In I Murray l St ret hn entered
mercnntilu life His father anti mother wore
mrcnnliu lio
uninng the origInators ot the old Broadway
After innklng money hero and then losing It
Jnyben wont to San Fri umelaro Her Im tti mule
a fw hundred dollars grow into 50000 Hn
was thn pioneer of tho First Congregational
Church In San Vrnnciaco At onn of time dis
astrous tires In thnt city years ago 1 he
lost all his property lleturiilng to
Now York ho publUhid a trade circular
fnr venrs Tn tho courao of hits business ho
walkml ii grunt deal without t fatigue I coming I
reduced In I i roil rrsiI ncs his friend thouuht
that even nt hit 111 I of lit I I f Im stood a good
chnncoof winning lint prix < In n big walking
match a nut so smiled him I In I this one
I I tlm man who pretondnd to lx > a doctor
so lit Jayhe hadnt dosed mn and rim i niti my
digestion I i I think i I could hllI won Ihl I race
All I1 M Jnliii8BCorohhowedl37liillos At
2 h haul 140 miles and two laps to tile credit
and them Untuck
At 9 oclock tho acorn stood as follows
JtV Lep MZe top
Hurt 11 in 7 Krrlino ill s
hitler l in 7 Uilllania < w
Itjiuin I 171 3 Hinmnkcr 3rt I
his 1 71 t Ju1 3
Alien Jl 1
The tlmn which lImo seven leading I men had
boon off the track up to thin hour was as follows
Hart U r > 7 4 Kmlmo 10 111 III
llollT U H 41 WlllillnK IH I PI I iH
rmr ni 17 M fil 1 Ht > tt nrclty inutU nil Iho
11 IM I 13 57 Una
lon l 17 a
Ily 9 oclock tlm throng of apnctntors was by
II grnitnr than nt any preceding I tlmn t I iliirlni
tlmmateh Uteiilliu pii niKUva > K Imtnoenllu I
senta In tho hnlconios were paekud by puraons
Btnndlug nnd tlm cuntru 01 tlm floor whnro
I nl I was not a lemotu poaaihlllly I ot f by nny
chancn I catching even nn iiccnsloiinl gllmpsu 01
< 11 pedestrians waa tilled with tlioiiKiunla 01
< pt81rllns mood patiently for luau re
tell I t Ing I for n chain u 10 rtid near to n railing I I
Tlm conBtiint trampling of thousands of uu
elegy foul tIme uiieeiiHlng murmur of many
voieB nnd tlm ciiiiiliitioua npplauan by Ihl al
mirers or piitlsnna 1 I I of ono or another ot thn t
rival pedentilaiiB iniilntaltied n steady roar
liUo limit of I tremeniloim cataract
In time uxlluih Btltn of popular feeling
II tlo xI11 HIIII OJIUllr Ipplnl tire
villliig IrH things wnreaeleil iiponnndnnig
nlllod into importnnt nventH with rttiiiugii raidd
lly A HUggehlu I pohiilbillly InMaiitlv iillek
eiid Inton iiimor nnd n rumor almont in I
momnnt grew I to an ii Rirlil u I fact Thus lor
lntntp I was iiiieiiilly allinnod nt onn Him
III llm nvunlng that IVuinm hut cut n 111 Ighliti
gush in one ot bin eet t upon ROln > Ihint
thiovvn on thn truck nnd outs prnelleitlly
dlaahlcd Upon holng hunted down tlm riiino
reaolMid llHolf Into thu Hiinplo fad Ihnt iii lini
on onn of his hll 108 I lillatnr not linger than
a grain of what thai t a trnek I man oDlulnusI
pill hlaahoiplrllig to relletu him and thai In
Imd to rellrn to Ills tnnl for n fuw niomonta 10
have a now u shiumiil nt flu put In
AH thu ntenlnu worn on it became appirnti
thnt thn muchtalknilot dark horse naa hn
yomiiUHllnn 1egmiii Mnlnliilning his Jog
glng trot which aoema almost naensy for hln
iiHhtninllng I Rllll would bi to most purRoni Iou
Hieidllv nnd rnpldl gaineil upon Hart nm
Mill morn nwlttlv ilpnli Dohlei who wna stilt
Inuolouly nnd evidently In great pain Whei
hurrying I little 1ngraiiiixtiuidb tutu sIrIthi nm
hum trot inUes nu hoineihlin ol hit ilinniclc
ot nn Indian lope Whatitcr hla milt Im Is I
nlvvaya Ill toimii I mitr ci null y In I u bualnena I I Ilr I 1110
llxed Htinluht iilieid of hlmnxeeptlng
lire 111 11II Ihll1 hlmlxlnl per
Imps a momenlary glnnen nt lila dial na hn
PIIHSPK Tlmaniall hliaier has nlrendy I healed j
hue joints urn lunlnr huts munoh springy his
mea whin Ntviikii antI I hero IS hut ono man on
tilt truck won looks 1111 trehh na be This IS III
time Iomplullon of his ninetythird hour of
con < I eat
this ono who looked as fresh 1ngrnm was
Hint I Popl silo Imtii wnlelmd Ins perfoim
tine from day to tiny ann filled wit hi won iir nt
his nxlrniirdlnarv power of ninlurniien hot
Struts dlvng with a conscious pride ol wove
meDt that Is nquallod by nothing In nature ox
ept a bantam cook and Ms trainers affirm that
not a chnto n blister or any other physl t
cal Injury bus thus fnr como to him
exCept his differing from want of sloop There
wag no drowsiness about him at the time when
ho was approaching his four hundredth mile
An It happened In tha course of their varied
ipeod all tho seven men on the track were at
this lime gathered n bunch and coming thus
ogethnr Insensibly quickened their pace
oblornnd Jayboo wnro off From a walk thoy
all broke Into a quickstep then Into a trot
nnlly Into n run which wns kept up for a
couplo of laps during which thospectalors kept
up n continual roar of applause That popular
nmonatratlon climaxed Into It storm of cheers
and handelapplng that shook the building as
larts 400th mile was bulletined on time blnck
oard hut had achieved that distance
at 94208 After that the walkers strung
out III theIr usual way and dropped
nip their several galls but tho multitude
lookers f on did not fUmlnlsh thioirdemonstra
lons until Hart had twice gone around tile
rack Dqhlor wont off to his tent at 910 and
II t was snld by his trainers that It was very
oubtful whether hn would bn allowed to goon
giiln or not OLenry said earlier In the
evening It Doblor does not get better we
will not allow him to go on much longer
for it would bo a shame to break
tlnwn so good n man ns he has proved
hitmirif to bn merely to save what trill coma
frolll his mnklnath 430 mllo Unfortunately
thoi poor fellow did not get better but on the
contrary his physical Condition manifestly
grow worse constantly Hn limped very pain
fully on hits left foot and his face worn a look of
pain anti weariness that left nothing In It of
ho determined and hopeful expression U has
borne > before
Howard has been speeding In a surprising
way and Jack Gould Ing lImo veteran trainer
who has him In charge hits reported positively
tint his man line got his itocond wind Is In
finer trim titan nt any previous lima In tho race
anit la going to flake n lively brush for first or
nt lenat second place lint all tho an mo at 10
oclock there was thin serious gnp of twenty
Icht miles between Howard nnd Hart
Jaybon woe not olmt of bin tent after Q oclock
P Mnnd announced his determination not to
Concur In tlm lists again hnforo Snturdnywhnn
tin will again appear nnd mnko nn astounding
burst of pood In orderlo win the fancy chair
which some furniture mnniitncturlng firm tins
offered ns a prlzn to the contestant making the
greatest niimberof inline on tho last day
Hart made time last three laps ol his 405ih
mile In a fast run anti went off the track nt
103 having completed 405 miles and three
quarters of a lap In ninety rive hours making
Sn exact tie with Blower Browns record st that
pot lit
Dolilers left knee and cult were greatly swol
hen when ho went off the track and for a long
thins his trainers and medical attendants were
tent bird nt work rubbing him with
lIniments OLnary Btlll believed that his
irotoVo would bn brought around In good
enough condition to mnke at least a credltabln
record and was willing to bet 100 to 1 hut
he would at least cover his 450 miles
The voting man seemed deeply chagrined
by thin unfortunate condition of his knnn
on he hnd quite made up his mind to win first
ilncn and up to yenterday morning was
confident that hn would do so Pegram
and Williams rero thn only ones who
einnlned on the track between 11
oMook anti midnight When the former
three minute beforn 12 oclock tleil Doblers
niln acorn nt 391 miles tInt npectatora waked up
to more enthusiasm than thv hnd shown bo
for since Hart achieved his 400th mile
Iy this limo this nlr of tho east end of tIme Gar
Ion whore thu walkers tinls were was heavy
with the smells if arnica and other liniments
and liens wore small prospiwta of Hither of the
principal mnn otlmr than Pngrnm appearing
on the track for some line to come
The midnight scorn was as follows
Mlln Lp Mile tan
Hurt 4ie 4 WIlilems349 4
Dnhlrr 301 4 Krline 1V O
IVerain 1111 1 Alton 31 0
Iluwnnl 373 0 ttsnwaluer3t3 0
1 A fAt 1210 WllllnmR hut the track nnd
egrnm nt 12144 Tlfee thousand spectat
ors waited itiently for a walker to ap
iinr while the Iliilmont atmnaphnro nhout
tm tents grow atronger momtntHrlly From
ateM reports shoot I tlm I condition 1 of thn men It
is now confidently prndlemd that tho order
if ending the race will is l Hart Fegrnra How
ard Thin only probable change la In n
ninaposltion of Hart and Pegram The only
ilternllona In tlm midnight itcortt are the ad
HMIM of IVifrumfl acorn to 39J mules and of
Vllllama to 350 mile Dobler has reappeared
on lie I track wnlking I with manifest I pain t but
getting along at n very faIr pure Tlm throng
greet him with enthusiastic plaudits and cries
of encouragement All this others are still off
J IV Smith of PhltitdrliiMn Shoot Hlmieir
In Nt Vincent lloipllnl
Between 4 and 5 oclock on Wednesday
morning n welldresaod man was found by the
police lying upon the sidewalk In Fourth av
enue near Astor place with his right log
broken near thin ankle Ho was removed to Bt
Vincents Hospital nut when ho became sober
hreo hours later he told thin house surgeon
Dr Bcliapps that ho was a Boston merchant
named Gao W Jones that ho had Intended to
go to Europe and to thntiund had purchased a
Icket for passage on the steamship Canada
which sailed yesterday that ho had visited
a tlmntrn on Tuopdny ovnnlncr drunk freely
afterward antI had been attacked on Dm
street ltv unknown ruffians who had knocked
tibia down and robbed him of all his
nnny and a gold watch worth 1175
When ho was brought Into thom hospital ho had
no weapon and hits only tnluables wnrn ton
pPTtlllettes of dnpowlt la ueii by this Natlnnnl
Htoampnlp Compinynt Its Philadelphia ofllcn
worth t5 each They were issued to Geo W
lonea and not negotiable Tlmsn thn robbers
either overlooked or left as valueless to thorn
In fiirthor couveraation ho showml that hn
wits a man ot Intnllluenco suit culture llo
accepted philosophically i time accident which
lint befallen him naked for nnd received a
prlvntn room mis n pay patient nnd re
nuratd that his valise which wits on board
Om yHtindn should bn proeiired for him
When It waa brought ho took from It n portrait
oJ hlnianlf In tinitoimnnd exhibiting it to Dr
Bchnpps told him that he had IRIOII nt tlm tlmo
that plcturn wna taken a llomoniint In thn
United HtntrR Nny Hn irivn no Htldencn of
any mental dlstiirbnnu nvmi of thn tempornry
charaetnr resultant from i ii ehiriat I nit was
chnerful anti snumud to hn In lIttle pain
At 9 oclock on Wedtipsday evening Pr
Rchnppa cuts him agnln blot wna then iiuitn
piunlortnlili nnd gim > everv indication hut hn
would pass n quint night Thn wntehmnn who
looknd I in I upon t ito patient occasionally avers
that hn did pass a good nlulit unit Dinlel Ivole
tlm niirao Hiiya thnt when bn tiaited him nt 10
minutes buforn fi oclock yesterday niornlm hn
wns In I n pleasant cheery humor Hn I told
Kcufn thnt i ho had slept well a mitt naked II
bn could not take another nap beforo hum
ditor attic around Tho nurse rn
plied aOl matlvoly arranged his bed
clothing for him and loft thn room
In lesutlian i 1 lite minutes I afterward a patient in t
nn npirtnient ndjiiliilng ealb d tlm niirsu anil
Mild that its had Hoard n nolso like a fall In tho
next riintu Tlm nuran entering limnndl I iluly
found him lying upon the Hour with
blood upon lila shirt front Hn wna dying A
inall I BotnnehnmlHred r volvnr from which
but onn load tutu henn discharged hay in lila
right hand upon t lie t floor Dr Suhnpps was
hastily aiimnioned Hn reached tlm loom In
two or three mlnntex but before he ar
rlted tlm man was dead Thu fata
wound which true In lit loft breast
almost oter thn heart was umall nnd round
The Bkln I about t It wits hi ickenxd by llm liii gui or
HO iliwn lied llm nni77lo nf the pistol been lieli
to his bodv To Inflict It Im hnd raised both lila
outer shirt timid his tinderxhlrt for neither hue
boon Pierced liv tlm bullet mid then slttlni
upon tho edgn of his bed hnd tired time shot am
fnliou tor ward
In looking ovr Ihn contenta of his trnvolllni
hug it wna noticed that homo of llm linen am
uinliirilothing that had boon In use wns ninrkci
Smith nipl1 J W H Tula rnland doubts
ns to whether Im hud bon gIving his
tight name Thn only clue ho had furnlalmi
gun that hn wee In I Ihn I 1 dry goods business I Ill
lliialon Amcuig tlm cliiHiijy paeLeil under
iliithllig tvhicli with n few intuit aril
olos ccuuustitli tad Dm contnnla of the IIH
worn found snvrnl of the photo
giaphs ot hlinsiilf from the Bnmn neimlltn
us tlm nno hn had shown thn doctor On thu
bneli ut onn tlm letters J W H hlid Ixwu PH
ollied and parll eiraei ii by onrryliig Thu
nddrei8 J V Melller 1311 Fourth
avonim bad been tiunti lOut much morn
reeenily Thla wits tlm only this furnixlmil by
hlrt elTecla Mrp J V Mhu bun waa fruit tIll at
thnt ituitiiiiit In tills city Inat ntenlng Kim
aal < l aim had a brother named J W
Kinllli who llted In Pliiladnlphln Tlm lie
n liptlon ultin of tlm loath mnn both as to
personal atiiinaraneo tInt Ills nnst life cor
responded ao Ilnsiily with that I which Mmgntn
of her briithei that Mr Mniller waa Induced to
visit thou hoHpital last night Hn fully Indenll
fled thn ilend mnn as his brotherln
law Nnllher hn nor lila wife could
nsslgn nny mollvn I for his unforlunntn act Hu I
was not marriedand about 3d years of ngn
Until night scuta ngn Im had boon nn englnesr
In nm nntnl service Hlnen limn hn lieu been In
tlm i hardwaro business on hln own account
nnd lint built up a 1 fair huanch
Hla father Harrison Binlth and the
rtlmr I members of I his family i I e xout lit Mrs Met
tier t Iho I I In I Philadelphia I Tlm u littler aald thnt
slm i was not Ignorant of nnv Intention I on his
purl to makn a foreign trip Thlssulcllo la HID
Urbt over oouiinlttod lu bu Viaounia Uuapilal
The Emperor ne llne > to Accept th Clu eel
her IVIthdriiTriil
HEntiTN April 8The Emperor William
tins ropllnd by the following Cabinet order to
Prince Bismarcks request for permission to
retire from office I certainly do not Ignore
bo difficulties In which yon may ba placed by
the conflict between tho duties Imposed upon
you by the Constitution and your ponstblllty
I do not feel Induced to relieve you of your
office because you believe yourself unable Inn
particular case to carry out the task allotted to
you by the Constitution I must on the eon
rnry leave It to you to submit to me and subse
quently to tboBundesrnth proposals calculated
to bring about a constitutional solution of the
conflict of duties of this description
LONDON April 8The Berlin correspondent
of the Times commenting on PrlncoBlsmnrcks
catenation says The Chancellor seems to
have formed and intimated his resolution to the
Emperor with greit secrecy A few lines pub
Ished In the North German Gazette formed the
solo Intimation of tho fact and to little were the
readers of that journal on the lookout for what
was coming that several of the morning papers
actually appeared without Beaming to havo
noticed anti commented on tho paragraph
Chore Is considerable dlffernnpeof opinion as
to the real motives which Induced the Chancellor
br to take RO serious a step though there Is
but one unanimous belief viz thnt tho Em
peror will nnver grant the prayer ot lila India
lonsnbln servant In handing In hi petition
the Emperor Prlucn Bismarck Is said to hate
also alleged Increasing III health In support of
his prayer but although his Highness IB
doubtless far from well and la overburdened
> ytho cares of office thoroaro few Inclined to
credit him with n rnnlly nattiest dnslrn to aban
don the helm of affairs Hone would hnvD it
hat high and secret grounds of Htato policy fn
connection with the foreign affairs of tho em
pine Induced the Prince totnkn the step for
which Ills defeat In the Federnl Council offers
but nn ostensible motive On tho other hand It
must be again repeated that the Prlucna vexa
tion does not spring half so much from limo
mere rejection of tho stamp tax as from ito ob
viously unfair and Irregular way In which an
adverse voto is recorded against the three most
jownrful Btntes Prussia Bavaria ttnil Bnxony
In tIle outvoting of those kingdoms by a coal I
Ion of petty Slates headed tiy WUrtemberg the
Chancellor haul a painfully practical Illustration
ot what might bn accomplished on aiteatlotisof
infinitely graver moment than the Imposition of
a stamp duty and lie would therefore seam to
have promptly resolved to take time by thn torn
lock and dual with tile evil In Its Inception His
Highness however would not only seem toba
onrngnd at the successful opposition of the
mlddi and petty Stmittue hut also to be exna
sorated with thn contradictory advocacy of cor
nln Imperial officials forwhlle the motion of
Qrtnmberg to rejnctlho stamp tax was op
posud by Prussia anti thin representative of the
imperial Chancellery It was stippoitPd by the
gnnernl Post Office CommissarIes To remedy
lila ttato of things would appenr to bn thn firm
intention of Prince Blsnmiek Nor la It aurprls
lag that lu thu apparent default of nil other
means of carrying out hU t Indomitable I will lie
ihould have had recourse to a method which
ma already proved emlnnntly effectIve sev
eral wullruinumbered occasions
iinirisii ELKCTIOXS
The Ttb ntU Likely tn have Good IVurMnc
Mnjirlty Over All
LONDON April 8TIme Liberal pains are
increasing and the returns now show 300 Lib
erals 191 Conservatives und 40 Home Rulers
elected It was reported that Mr Parnnll would
retain his scat for Cork and permit Major
OGorman who was defeated for Waterford
city to stand for Menth tot which constituency
Mr Parnell was also returned Mr Pnrnell
however In a speech tonight addressed to the
electors of Mnuth laid that ho would not desert
Meath but would resign his Cork scat There
are bitter contests In Couches Mayo and Cork
between that Pturnellites and the ModeratnHome
Rulers Among those who have buen returned
today mire
Cob Frederick 8 N Bnrno anti Lord Rondle
ahnm Gonaortiitlvosl for Suffolk Ret both m
eleotfil Lord Frederick C Catnndlsli and Hir
Matthew Wilson Liberals for Yorkshire West
Riding North Division hot l Ii rminct d Yin
onunt Emlyn Oonaertntlve and Mr W H R
Powell Ubnrnl for Cirmnrtlmnahlm thn for
mer reflected Mesnr Wlllinm Grnnthnm and
Tnmes Watnny Jr Cnnaervntlvefi for Burrnv
Boat both reflected Messrs T T Parcel Lib
eral and Albert Poll Conservative for
LoioeMerahlrn South tlm latter roolectod
Lord Kuataco O Cecil mind Sir Hnnry J Sulwin
Ibhntson Financial Sretuiry of thin Tmnanry
Cotiaervatlvs for lisinx V et both re
elected Mesars Kennenr and Thomrs Lea
I Liberal for Donegal tlm latter reMeotod
Meosrs William H H Hromllev and Chriato
pher Stkes Con ertntlteH for Yorkshire
East Rlcllns both rnOlecteil Viieount Cnatlo
renghmnl Lord Arthur K HillTrevor Con
Hervalltes for Cu unity niwn both rntlncteil
Major Francis OlJolrnn Ilomn Ruler soil Mr
Lnftus Toltenhnm Omiserxative for Leitrlm
time formnr roclectrd Lord Colin Campbll aim
of hut Diikti nf Argyll Liberal ffr Argjlhhlrn
rnjilnptml Sir Onorgn mpbnl Llbirnl for
Kirkealdy reflected Mea r Denis M OOonnr
and Sexton Home Ilulers for County Slleo
the former raflln tml Ix > rd Douuhit Gordon
I LMKiral I for H ii till nghnmieii I re stieceeiling I
Viscount Mnndnvilln Cnnonrtntitn who innr
rlid Miss Iznncnof New York the Hon Win
Lfiwthnr ervativuJor Westmoreland ro
At nn anniversary festival at thn Lifayette
Avenim Preabytorlnn Church Brook It n tills
evening It WIIH voted to send the following ca
ble megsngn
Tl > t Kl Mm W F i fllit < tt < me Cl rditr Fpq1ni1
M v cunriiiUiii emit hrnrlt conzrnlnUtloni I tn Ih
elis tiipitti itt until tie lover ol IMUCC a nl llii1 I frliml ul
America Tavounnii I Corini
Tditor of L lnxtiu AtiMine Ihnrrh
Rr Cuyler IB n personal frlnnd of Mr fllail
stonert nnd innlntnlnHil intimatn relations with
him when nhroid Mr Gladstone showing him
much nttuutlon
JllfillUl SfAlthKV Aft A WJTXESS
Whet Seem to hnvr ln > rn n Malicious nnd
UlJutllfl t > le lle ort
By his testimony before Coroner Warner
In Ialer nn N J yeatnrday IllMiop Slnrkay of
this EpIscopal Church destrojed llm force of
what hnd Boomed to bn nn attempt to bring dis
credit upon his household Thu story grew
out ot f the finding of tlm I dead body of an Infant i
that physicians said It tot been horn alive I i in I n
vault behind tlmjiouse in which the Bishop had
lived when hn wee the rnclur of n church lu
Iaterann Two hints found thin body They
wero hue cvunpnnlons I ot n boy named Albert
LIiIu len held t tutmuoott of n poor laboring woman
known in Idersou as Lillln Annie Tlm
Coroner found that arm kimwmom I about time
m tter than any ono elan iamb seemed ener to
glv I Imr testimony h It ituis to llm inwt thit t tlm
mother of this bntm was Kuann Clmnont n sun
vnnt In tlm bishops hniiHelmld thnt Him had
heard it hinted that thn hiby win born In lime
Itlahopn home nnd thrown Into tlmtnult and
llnnllv that clue tiailvil tlm lilac gn various oc
enslotis nfter tlm IIOIISB teas tncnted nnd aim
pomled In Iliiillnir thubodt there Him iuioin lila
diacoterj public bv monn of hnrMleponnacntn
paniona In her tetltiiiny Annl > Lichtenlmldl
iillmviid It to tie Inferred thnt lIme fncla wero
known to llm llielmuuiis wife
Tlm imiuost ails homm on Wndnn ilny and
continued yebterdny Ill Ithuluuitu tesilllod thai
tlm onlv Htory hn ovorlmarl ngnlnst KUHIIII
Clements eliaiacler was told by this A nmi ill
Llehlenheldt He Intealiuntod thn mliter
fiun > llonirigthnclrllit isolf nnd iMuilyliiLto Imr
contosiir In tlm Roman Cltholio Church 11
liHcani sntiHllnd that thn at iry lImit a falsehood
lie till niit bearthal there w la n bibt In tlm taull
until hn rend of th dliiiivorv Mr1 Htnrkey
tentlllnd iiioro fully to llm I sunn ilft Aalo
her piotloua knnwldcn of thn fault sItu situ
Him had pent for the woman cilled Llllb
Annle and lebukinl her m verel > Inn circii
Inllng llm falsehood nbniit llm MM Mini Tin1 I
woman hnd uoim nway nnurv Tlm sickness
ol Susan Clninenta which win mmln the bimla
of tlm I scnndal wits In reality I t oiil1 i n thi rout
Vim Inquest wits adjourned until Tuesday
Kembl will Nut Nnrrpiiclrr
HAitniHiiuiici Pa April 14In direct onposl
lion ullii I inliiic mil KI ilieu ol liituMinni Mr Kuiiliit
lust IHIIIIIII It n fiii il In lilt Pi HII iipN > Hrrtiio > i it1i r mu t
I titr IC hrtll or In rii Ui MIIII me lUI 1 Ivi inhlf iii i
laliiriurj lil I ie > uil ul U till uilet lid uf Ukllu the Uul
by tliti hum °
KxMujrur Mnnilrr > Drrllnel
KxMnyor Manners of Jersey city who wns
neiuniiiti bur Mntir liv the Iltli HV nml Tixiipr
AHMK linton on ilouilHy niiflit lint Iii iiCiiiuCd lu bo g
Cutltti ii its
WhlUllnlr KMVIVIIIM irlMH vmnii hair U eluiihiu
vnuiiKllil titllio Mlp SoIl Ul ill dnuiNli it 5uc
Illlli VMil kiTlf uUck ur lirnwn Sci44
Wllmn ilruicM I llrnilini ut itt Ilno it riirocnut o it
taeuuiilliiu it lOt AdUrlUuo en ruiiutuUi ito iiiiiuy4oLi
Ktriilnlfonoliilit the fnpllnlof lIuc SipJ ch UlmU
thuy use lr tails CuujU 3yrui4J
Whet Might Ifuppcn Hhnnld n Fire nrenh
tint In his Tinder lloxTho Smoke hl
Filled the Ilulldlna A terdnyIt Origin 4
Between 4 nnd 5 oclock yesterday after
noon Madison Square Garden began to fill with
a blue smoke At first time men connected with
the walk supposed that the enormous con
umptlon of cigars was the cause of tho smoke
and the police wore requested to stop men from
making In the Garden The smoke soon grow
thicker and heavier than even walkingmatch 4
cigars would make It Windows In the root
rind ildos of tIme bulldlne were opened anti nn
investigation of the cause ot the smoke began
At 5 oclock Mr Curtis came to the reporters
Innd which was almost deserted at thnt hour
nod said quietly Thoro came near being tibia
0 Hows that 7 inquIred BON reporter
Tom Davis and John Btedlkurthought there
vas something burning and hogan to hunt foi
it They soon found a smouldering fire undoi
tha seats among a lot of rubbish and stamped II
out just In tlmo The smoke had cot so thick I
couldnt see that end of tho Garden pointing
otho reserved seats attbo Mndteon square end
An hour after this two reporters visited the
nrgo space under the Twontyooventh street
aide of the Garden They walked the whole
length without seeing anybody Much of the
pace under the thousands of satfl was filled
wIth pine boards and lumber branding of the
rustic arbors that were one so plentiful In tie
Inrden and light ttondnn docorntlons usml In p
loArlon balls Tlierotvas a very perceptible
mellfof smoko ns from Phnrred wood nfli >
he fire had been extlngulhhnd Whllo looking
this rubbIsh a man wns observed coming In
at the Fourth avenue pnd with n long polo In
tin hand having is cite lIghter nt thin end of It
Hum began lighting gas burners in the long pas
ncnAro you a watchman inquired TIIK Botl
No replied the man I have chnrgo ol
he building But there ought to Imsonm One
tern There are men paid to bo on duty all tha
time but they got off among tha tents looking
at the wnlknrs
What la your name
I Well Mr Mackay It la said that there was a
fire discovered hero an hour ago do you know
anything about It
No I have just come If a fire should atari
here it would burn like a titular box
Mnsars Davis and Stodlker on being quietus
toned suit that tho smoku arose from n lira 0
being stnrtod in nstotu underneath that tin
pIpe was phoked up that they had put out the
fire nnd there was no danger
There were at iuitst l t 3 OOU persons In the Gar
don At the time Probably not any of them
knew hitacamise of the smoke
During om of tho groat walks n year or so
ago part of a temporary balcony nrootnd by
some soeloty for dining purposes and totally
unsafe for occupation by n dense man ol
people gave way precipitating forty or fifty
persona head first to time main hoer The build
nir wits not packed nt the time but them was
such a rush for tho nnrrow winding entrnne
nt thn MadIson square end that several wero In
juiruud A rush wns also mnd for the Fourth
avenue end of the Garden where thn outlet ll
atlll narrower A few coolheaded persons 4
Rtoppnd the panic or there might have boon a
serious loss of life
The desire to obtain entranCe to the Garden
is so great among the impncunlnus moss ol
young men and boys that the entrance nnd
outlets liar benn mnde narrow and tortuous
If f a nanla should occur by an alarm of tInting
ho giving WilY of any part of thin old galleries
which do not seem any too strongly braced un
lernenthn fearful loss of lift would probably
be the result
anssixa nouKKKKrmt VULTEK
Manager fV > r Two Iarlners who hud CeMe4
to Kprulc to One Another
Theodore H Vtiltuo tim bookkeeper and t
mnnngHr for hue firm of Clnroy A Cilvorly S
idler makers nndgenetal maclilnlstoat Hud
son street Jersey City dlsappearud from thai
city about a week ago under circumstances
which led to nn Investigation that resulted It Is
said In the discovery that ho was a defaulter U
a considerable amount On the let of April
1870 Messrs William 0 Olarny and John Gal
verly formed their copartnertihlp to contlnm
for four years Each was to draw from the
profits of the business 25 n week anti the sur
plus earnings were to bo apcumuhtnd and di P
vided at lIme expiration of the partnership
Thuy rentnd thn building at 42 Hmlnon strwt S
letsiy City as their fnetory 1 tin building had
veil RiiCPeiMlrily occupied by Hiter il dllTerenj S
Inns In tho same business and Vulteo had
men employed In turn by eneh of theaa
firms na booklpppnr or Riiporlntnndent
Ieiar9 Clnrny V Cnlterly retnlniid him nt I
balxry of 19 n wool nnd nn allowance of 15 a
week for fpnn ps They Intrusted to tutu the
omit I ni elm ii rgi of the I ii rip s tlnanplnl iilTilrs I lie
nollerted thn dehta nnd paid thn bllla On over
Siturclay evening hl employers wont to hii
office and he paid 25 to euh ot Ihnin Thlnira S
went on In this why for ov r n year nnd tho
firm wee apparently prosperoiiHaud PonstHntlj
increasing Its business In tlm Rummnrnf 1871
Clnrcy and Caherly ouarrelled mid bocann
estranged fluid as they penned to speak to one
another all negotiations hcMwpen them wurs
conducted hythnlr renpectlvn counRel Clnrni
rntnlnm rnunfutllor Edward V Uo Molt and
tlm Interests ot Cnivorly were lepresontud bj
United States Coiiimls loner Mulrhnld I
AB tlm I titi nt noire it t Ii would I expire I by limitation I I C
on the I I IB of April I It wits agreed that I tlm law
yore should conlinuo thobiiBlneni Indepnndiint
ly 11 a lImIt agents of Clnrny and Cnltcrlv und
should lily each of them 122 a week nnd ono <
hnlf of Om profits In PonMdernllou M f their For
lea Inthn I I fautor Onuof the u ii tot htt taken S
hut tlm new p atioruul tent WHS to I a vot tlgiitn I tin h
acoum rite of tlm I timid imuue On I April I 1 Mr Mulr h
hnld conduileil todlHinlea Vulten for ioino rca
aim and 1 inf I I < irmcd t him I ho VuUon I pressed
ngret but suit with H cheerful Binlle
I Well mill lint n anniLn oer It nnyhow
ait n tnlniito until I go across tho Street and
get nclgrtr
Hi ttimt Into a saloon opposite thin factory
nnd hits not ut mire rid it rliuI Hin I I irnlongtrl no
sinio ernated ciiplclon and on ixninlnlng tin
bonk It wns discotimd it la ertlil that Im wa
n defiiulter Thou nmount of hU alleged defal
cations hits tiuut 1 t linen positively nsii H u ilimd S
hut It la siipposnd to ito > bitween lfi Wllimd
18001 On llm dn > following hs disappear
linen his wits ricclved n hlter from him In I
which he said Ihnt hi had gone an ay nnd
would netor comu bock tojeraoj city Hu li
about 55 years of age
Arrr lc4 for IattnlMlc liti lolhcin owltry
John M Francis ngod lit ytnrs n son of ex
hlurlcr Krnncll if llobi Ken S I ii HI err ttiu I it lew
Is yt tim ett vnttotlu HIIUDII Count It jailliy Uccunlel
Ste tlutetmtu for hat hue tutm slit inn ih II tuic mot tier I
jusi It II llm HIM nt ct 1 thii 1 Uf < iu tlu limner
timit io < 1 III ih 4 pnlinti hOur hU trrit IM I Hun
oan tie ti cnveil fill ot tlif > niirT inil it he t uiilcr S
otoub Unit liii iiuittet r lift Cit unfit HIP pfonl of till I
nilim nn Mi proiiuie that tiu nill ai uric vlnp niul RI
lu eu fur it Ulit riu
Ihr Ilkude liliiml Ilcellnn I
ritoviDFNcK April RConmpleti returns ol i
lln iliuioa gus Itllliinrlil lriiililidiii pion KimlnU
llt iiiocrflll 7 JU nail llouiril Irnhi itmnl Mnrj Th
h null rnntinm Jtl ltr iililicin mill 7 l > mitrm 1 ro
niiln Ii lc titled In Hd uM tilt tin IIMIM il lie
oily i nijUiiai ntid M Uiinocrnt 11 I is et Itu too Ctiseui In llm 1 i I j
Eugente I nape liii rown
Lovnov April 8lhio oxKtnpress rugpnlo
lionii ktiitiiM fur yuluiiimi rnvunu1 tier HII < TI I
11 IIH a in the Ill in di nf Null i Dinni tin Vlciiln Iirli
ItUel item i nine on afi i nut ol lUHrti Pi i uiiiioAltiuA
out llm nuinljcr uf precliiut hU nrxit nntini
Signet Office Imllcllon
For this Mlildln Atlnntlu States irnmr partly
11 inly ui > nlur in IMHIIIII rue iierliuni on iuiHf rNln
iriiitilb lUmU muvtly eutli a eu ri > I vivr iMrumvlor
THIS M < Auvi 1 12si NKIS II
Pioc Mil in Wuhlnctuii Tim i letup I fi Vitirnul 3 i
Sin Stim A thunin in hltu in Komi iJu iic I It K i tint
uKi n nut iiiilurjtlirtUoii uiir Clii 1 > t > Ur < Uy test tils 1 S
ii li rt t tuuIC HI AH Ann riLMii thii n
Tin suit ant til I the tlrnn 11lMttrtlTrntlln Tin nil hey
Ii eilti upon the i r trniiiitu fur tm CifluIt w m ni
iiil frtj iI II ill u I Khi n In ITII s The mifUiiw till h I
lull I Bt tltMltni liutfalu Kuchcstfr Plies suet lUrU
IX ul
John MnrrU a iwhikiltiov of 14 PtierffT steed wei 4
C itilntlly Ilixhoil HVHliiit the irmi tttn I him iruout ut hue
MriHinii oho et i i I on the Hili uiI t In n Muill simS
siilomint Iltiocie Ilo SeC inhriiilt Injnrnl aiitir lur
iU > SI ni kit low tint tutu iiuiitit in i t nnli nleO Ttju Our <
hit r wni notiMnl i 1 MM tI < IUhit vt uriesttfil
11w Iuctue ti Hescule who eeiersliI Item tht
iitiu liiiku till euCutitt il iter Ituttuoset iutiiuusci lIlt
rut ihiliter thu ttier buts uirieut is iiuhulr is
itiuc we s uleuugliie if lluuluc Iii neil liiiiur ut
iiuuluiit till tier lunry cuIgliul Iter Isle Ce
eIer his rue nte of dell Tue CreCuiO liii u tow II
> care cii he tier ritit inn lie wai crlppnl fur Itut l I
Cli HCI iiiunl as wu Situ recently her toooiitl ton lo4

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