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PllIUAY AlllIL I I 9 1880
1 1
t 4 AmntemenU Toliny
Amrrlr M l tillttr Hurnyiui Ormt Mo HUn
alb 1IIrTio PoI Hf ntr f
+ c felJ m lifter Tlttntr 1 C Afi
i Chrlurt I K te I VIM
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I KtMVfrl tUralr Wlliw tlrdolt
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I 5 Dpl TIIrr
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Il 1 Ht ndtrtl I lir lr Mlln
I 1 I rIrts
t ThoMtrf 4 < MI Iq < MulllKin tlii r I IIJTIM
i IrVIT It
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The Voice of Connecticut
Four 1 months ago Connecticut would havo
been plorod among tho States that MMU
f ceitain to ecnd a delegation to tho Ilcpnbli
I cnn National Convention unanimously In fa
r vor ol tho nomination of Gel CJIIANT I
f I VMS alleged that Mr ULAIKU had only n
J jnoagro following In the State anil It was
1 known that SIIUIIUANH mipportora wero
t mado up of tho dead heads In two or three
t 1 little sham Custom Houses Mr WASH
liad then been mentioned In the
ir liunsi lalllot t LuJ1 IwllolCd II
3 1 Connecticut cam ass and Mr KDMUXIW had
1 not boon dreamed of
On Wednesday tho Itepubllcaus hold their
Z State Contention Accoidlnjr to a custom
which ilntcs back nearly to the time of tho
r Saybrook 1latforni uvcry ulty town and
hamlet sent rppretentattves thus bringing
c Into full play the great diversity of opinion
In tho patty lu regard to Presidential can
didates rue best Infoinmtlon from all
t 4 sources fihows that of tho twelve delegates
to Ghlgngo flvo prefer ULAINI four are for
EIJMUNDH and threo for WASiniuitNE I Is
1 possible that iitANT Is I the second choice
1t of ole Willie In some remote contingency
Biimurvx might get one But according to
I the best estimate of tho intelligent corre
b spondent of ourpsteemed contemporary tho
ci AVio York Tile whoso loaning toward
L PlIANT arc plainly perceptible following
i Is a correct blatemcnt
1 ThAI4p 5 GlUM 0
a TXt M 1
r I A9llltt 3 TotAl t 12
i t 1 Tour of the New I England r States I have now
spoken The tally stands thus
r IltiliK 27WAsnntkiH 3
lillUUMI 14iuiT U
y4 i t Massachusetts I and New HampBhlro will
e hold their Conventions nt tin early day
f VThiiii tho returns aro all In GIIANT may
I have obtained live or six of the eighty dele
t gates t Chicago that stalwart New England will send
1 Irnudulriit Pensions
yi Tho present chan o on the Treasury for
A r pensions Is bixty millions of dollars I ex
ceeds by ten millions onehalf of the annual
i Interest on the public debt and is I neatly
z onohalf tho cost of running tho machine of
government on the basis of tho regular
cxpondltmes Such figures may well cxelto
I C periods attention because they are tho
growth of yeais of reckless appropriations
l aDd Ibo because bills are now pending bc
c I fore CongicfcS which if passed would swell
l his enormous nggregatu many millions
more Wo pay blx times as much for pen
plons us England docs and about eight
t times as much as Franco 0 Goftnany does
There are now in round numbers I quar
c ter of 1 million of pensioners on tho rolls
and tho stock Is Incieaslng daily Perhaps
c thoro Is no branch of tho public service In
3 I r which frauds pre so constant and common
J ns in this They havo been fhtimated by
r coinpetent authority at twenty per cent
t or tho total According to a recent report of
1 tho Senate twelve Injndred and lift ytwo
poiibloncrs wore diopped front tho rolls in
18771878and 1879 01 this nUlnLIJI eight hun
r dred and than twothlrUs
m uld sixtysix more
> were never entitled to receive any pension
I whatever but rot drew fiuui the Treasury
neatly a million of dollars Tho remainder
were cnllllod to pensions when they wore i
I allowed but continued to collect thor alter I
their right had been forfeited by remarriage
and by other cal sus under tho law
j p In the test eases taken by time committed
of the Senate for Investigation It was found
that live hundred claimants had filed 4133
aflldivila and curtlllcatos 3170 of which
wero false and 10 of them wero forgeries
0 tho falso nllhlavltb 330 wore traced to on
4 cers of Limo regular atmyvho are btlll wear
Ing their epaulettes and ato rather proud of
their perjuiics
Experlonco has shown that these frauds
I c ftro systematically organized urn the pros I I
L I ecution of bUeh claims fins become a bush
11FiII many parts of the country It coitlO
not bo carried on so extensively or biiccoss
fully without collusion in tho IciiblonOlllce
T and in fact buch collusion was proven by an
j t Inquiry otdoted hccumo the tustlmony of
corrupt purtncrtihlp was ovut whelming
c With that exposure there was I relapse uf
Indifference and the system was renewed
c c even motoilTecthcly than it had be
1 f fore this crime was detected
Both arles art afraid to touch tho Pen
1 I bloiiB or to explore the fraudb vigoiouslv I
from tho dlead c of bilng mlsreiie I onted all
f put in a lulso pobltlnn This is pam thcuhariy
C true of the Democratic nido In tho Senate
I and Honso of llcpresciitativeft whore the
i nmjoi Hies are mobtly made up ftom tho
I JI Koutli TIm HopubllctiH claim to bo tho pa
oullar filpmlsof time pensioners and utllle
1 Hint iirctcnsturi by voting the largest np I
i proiilitUiiH In order to cut support at
hume They ccm not to bo distill bod nt nil
0 I llvu nr inoio i millions I a year aro ptulcu
from the Ticimiry fur thu bcnullt of a Hug
I of prufusslouul purjiuurM a rich Corucis
Thus between time timidity ol ole partj
situ time treachery the other UiuTioibiirj
Is pluiidiifuil of moth I ions anti thc tax pa yci s
rtro cac Iii let I with I a heavy bunion i nut a < c i I lime
ol which goes Into tho pockets of holies
ponsloiioifi who Imleod aro subjected sus
t i p1 tOll iiiul to Ii a rlkic i its whun plcullli I
I Ju1 tlaliim lu conscniicticti of these fraudn
a kit practice Those facts and others stIll
I Inch C astounding are susceptible of proof I
I 1 hut I no effort worthy of tlionnmo Is tiiiido to
eUip tho ulii liij abuses The great business
b < foiu OwtKiess Is IrcsUlentmaUIng and
not ubeftil legislation
The Ute Hill in Ilie Srnnlc
Inmnliliiff his I ngieenieiit with i i sundry men
of the Utti nation Jlr CAl Schultz 6eell
to liavo violated the sici lIt If I f not the hotter
of the law of 1871 IIHMtlnK that no morn
1 I treaties sliouhl ho struck with Indian tribes
but thn gloat objection goes not against tho
1 form or titti cum pact hiut agmi I lIst I Ls 5UIItlCO
I nnd the meals by which It was oxlottcit
Can I be iiraUnUeU tha tho Utou would
voluntarily give up 12000000 acres for tho
sake of retainIng GOO ncrcs out of Jtyftud
nn annuity of twelvo and a half tloUara 1
heath Yut tlilu 18 l the nHrccniCjiit j hlch
with a pronilMO of inonay to BUpply farmj
houses ali furl tooln Jlr Scituns made
with 1 few Indians whom ho treated n tho
accredited roptesiiitntlves of tho Ute nation
Wuro time tiLe title ilimblftil thoro inlulit
bdsowuDrctojjcatUat thtyBlioulilfilvo up
iilneteonveiitlctht of r their land In outer to
Ut conllrinod In tho remainder Jut their
ujjiil tHYiiorblilpof tlmo12QOOOQO acres Is as
strong as their ownership of tho 600000
can ever bo Kvon Commissioner HAYT In
iiotolilok tills project said Let It
that tho Uto In
bo hilly uiHleratoml tJt Ue 11
dlnlt lmo I good anil I stilhlci out tltlo I t
land In Colorado that tho
Unoo0uo aeicrt of Ilnd II Colord lhlt
and they occupy has been aeknowlwljjcd to
ho theirs by solemn treaties Ulguwhcro
hu spoke of tho 1 abhojuto and liulofcislblo
right or those 1utialt to 12000000 acres In
c Joloiatlo
put tho trqatlea which acknowledged tho
Uto tltlo to this land UU1 moto tlnvjiiro
ttlotl annuities In food ami clothing And
vithotit theta nittinht ics which wero tho
cheap prlco of valtmblo concessions tho In
llans would have been well oft for ns Com
missioner HAVT lemarks tho Ute country
ot present aboundt In samo With a cottu
antI full of suited
try healthy anel1ul1 gnome oxautly
ttl tho roaming llta they like and eujiplu
ncntctl by Governmental atiuulllce they
had no motivo for this now agreement
Which accordingly must bo exacted from
licm by fraud or force
That both fraud njid forco lao bccu u cd 1
s well known The process began by the
IAYCM AdmlnlBtratlon withholding from
them the 23000 annuity pledged under tho
IJuusoT tieaty and when Mr HAYT yas
nbkctl why It hind not been paid or Invested
for tho benefit of tho ytcs hu said that It hul
boon concluded that tho lone would bo
very useful lu tho future to pay tho ex
leiifj of moving them from that land t
vhlh ho had already declared their tltlo
udefeaslble Kciiuns picsont a ieoment
coolly puts In th s loner wrongfully with
icltl as part of the now consideration
McanvUillo Us nonpayment hat embittered
the Utes with n faoneu of Injtibtlcc
Hut merely vltliholdliitf tho money be
longing to them would not bring on tho
needed crisis 3liners and prospectors wore
allowed to encroach on tho Indian rcbcrva
tion lu violation of tho Tho
lol II Iolnton treaty guar
anteed protection of tho troops was not
tirnlshed anil an agent was sent who tried
to force tho Indians to faint wotk ran Ms
plouuli over lands where thuy grazed their
stocK and answered their protests by call
iiK lu troops to put them In Irons Then
cattle tho outbreak ou which alone Is based
this plot of spoliation The troops that did
not protect the Indians In their treaty rights
were posted among the Utcs antI kept there
all winter to begin war this spring unless
the l0OO00 acres arc slveq up whllo a few
chiefs brought to Vis > hlnnton liavo been
Induced to betray their tribe by personal
ptcHentHnnd I ii ruin Isos sonic of which sic
expiesbed In the tieaty Itself
This Is the real case now before Congress
further Illustrated by thnevldunee this body
has had of tho shialito tel withholding alo
ucetlier of the food blankets and tents duo
by treaty or tho supply of half rations at 1
point where tho White River Utcs had to
walk 173 miles to get thuiu The 4000 Utcs
to bo In little farms
ato now punned up rarlS
without consideration for tluiir needs or
their lights shllllr Lctu white mon want
thu Indian reservation
Chntmlng and Chalmers
Three weeks before tho celebration of
tho centenary of CHANNINU thu hundredth
nmihersnry of tho birth of another of the
treat divines and religious teachers of tho
eailier part of this century was commem
orated at IMinburfih I was thn centenary
of THOMAS CHAIHFIIH who was horn In
rifeshltc on tho 17th of March 1780 while
CHASNlSi first baw tin Unlit at Newport on
tho 7th of April of tho same year
Tho life work of both len was begun In
103 In Mayof that year CHALMCKS took
up ptcachlUK In I a littlo I Hcotih parish acid
In Juno CHANNINO was ortlalned as pas
tor of the Federal Street Church In Boston
whoM 1 pulpit ha subsequently made so
famous and memorable Twelvo yearn
after leimnitit to Glnpjjnw ClIALMElts
speedily became tho most popular pitacher
in Scotland fairly took tho town by storm
and his published set iimons wer known to all
who read our laiiHimuo In 1H15 the Unita
rian controversy neiiaiated OHANMNU from
tho otthotloK patty of tho Con reatloual
Its and In iail CHALMHIIS 16d lu the cstab
linhinentof the Free Church ot Scotland as
tho result of tho revolt against tho civil 10
sttalnts impobed ou time Ciiiueh by tho
Tie period of activn and conspicuous pub
lic labor was thercfoio time biuno for both
men anil both were in time harness up to tho
I into Ir their death I was In August I 1842
that I CHANNINO preached one of his most
famous and repteoiitatlvo boi inons that ut
Lenox on tho annlvoibary of thoemancipa
thin In the Vest Indies i and ho tiled oiilv
two months after CHALMEUH was defend
ing tho Free Church botoro a l Itrllameutar
committee lu the earlier part of tho montl
at whohu eliwo ho dludMay 1847
Hut tho t two men working Hlmultnneously
and with equal enthusiasm though In dif
ferent ways for time same Pneral PUUHIO
time elevation of the religious spirit and
moral Bontlmtnt of their tuuo weto toll
unllko In their Intellectual 1 clmracteilstlcs
of CiAiJliii8H Intellect oml
Time tone CIATmUI1 was 011
ncntly praotical I whi lit time mild of CHAN
MMi was of tho pootle cast CIIANNINU too
was a man wiio carried about a weak body
whoeo freiitiontailmentsmailo him almost a
conllrmcd Invalid and caiibud his Intelloctua
labors to bu physically deprossliii and ex
haustlvu But CiiALUUits was 1 virtuous
Scotchman capable of an extraordinary
amount of work both physical and Intulloc
tual Ho was 0 man of tho most methodha
lts and his is at
habits hit tltnrary productivity It
tented by the thirty volumes of his writings
Hu was not merely a preacher Ho was also
an unremitting paribh worker which CHAM
jjiSfi never was personally visiting famlllet
and orgaitiz lug schools and I reformatory
movements and KlviiiK special attention to
time elevation of the condition of tho poor
Moreover In I tho chair of moral philosophy
of St I Audiuws and of theology In IMlu
burgh Ii M J did an enormous amount of vigor
ous itt uI nigh 1111 I ntnl haIti ti woik Ho vmis
tin object of time ardent admiration of tho
yooug men of Scotland atll won a hlKh
pttto as I political economist leaving his
muk on thothoiitfht of his time In many
I I rict lots
In writing of thin romarkahlo man on tho
occasion of the CIIUMIIIS centenary Mr
< i 1AYJSlINO r i fl > olnof him as ono of nattuos
nubles r tlo nut ineiii merely his rich and
glow I tig clot htitime biilil Mr i UtiAiwroNi u
but his vmt rmiui KiAtiduur his unbounded
plulanthiopy I I lil Is hlivnuth of purpose lilo
mental Integrity his absoibott a imd IUSOI t h
log ectiltost hess
Hut CHANNINO anti < IIAIWKIIH were alike
cuthuuUuiai for their ideas
in their buuicnio cnthulllw or Wc
of truth andJustlcp Ideas which came to
itho < onojln va pfloilo boonty nnd elevation I
vlillo for the pthcr theyworo 1 moro prac
ticai1and cOlcroIQ4p
Mr Htciilicim Lends n helping hand to
Jlr Tildon
KtratiRnly enough several months have
lapsed slnco the press of tho country was
ioodexUwlth toUwrftiim to tho tCoL that Ir
A I HxcillEiJH of CcoiKla was very low
vlth but hthopelot his recovery Ihuso
wore followed In a low days by tho nn
nouncotuout hint ho had unexpectedly
allied and still lator by tho gratifying ln
olllKonco that ho had been restored to his
usual state ofhealth
Wo are not surprised considering how
lircadbnto tho old plan was worn that Mr
iTETHKNH has hit upon a now way for ffratl
yhiK hil utmost Insatiable passion for keep
ing himself before the public Ho tins ex
tended holplnt hand towaul Mr THDEN
In tho only way In which ho could do that
enUcmin any good 1 tl wit by declaring
hImself ojiposed to Mr TiLDis I rcuomlna1
Mr BTriUKNHa only embarrassment will
lie lu the difficulty of uiaklnir himself
lellovcd Every one knows that ho crowned
ills i loudmouthed professions of devotion to
the Unlou whleu ho had been piling heaven
ilgh through luna years by eagerly ac
cepting the post of VlcolruaUlciit lu tho
It was provloiiRly understood that tho
person vho was Iresldcnt of tho Confcd < iracy
whllo STEIUJUNB was Vtco1nsldont
CITEIWON DAS by name was opposed to
II TILDENS nomination
If It Is really true as is so often reported
hat Mr TILDUN sinmds barrels of money In
lolltlcd ho could well afford to pay a largo
nun as an Inducement to Messrs DAVIS and
sTKlHrNH U trapfbo the whole country
and deliver public UonuntlutlouB of his can
Jlr Hunted TIng to Make n llorce
It Is a very homely very old anti very
familiar maxim that one man may lead a
horse to water but ton men cannot make
tint drink and yet Mr HUSTPJ seems
never to have heard It Ho has tho fullest
conlldenco In tho power of tho Lciislatuio
to mako a horse drink At all events ho
hlnks that allopathic physicians may bo
compelled by law to consult with homico
Legislation on such a subject as this
would ho not only Inoperative but rldicq
lout It should bo loft to emulate Itbelf
True bclenco Is bound to win Its way and
leads no help from legislation Ilomaopa
thy may bo nil right It may bo partially
right and In part wrong or It may be
wholly wrong Whatever It mnv bo It Is
sine to Hud Its own level If loft to Itbolf
Wo liavo too much legislation Tho at
ompt to regulate all tho affalis of Uto by
law can never bu successful and must always
30 mischievous
If tho Uto question Is I unsatisfactorily bet
IIc 1lt will not be from lack of talk for u score
of speeches a day are bolm mado upon It In
hu Honnte cstcrdnyn debate was as Until
crcstlm as it was long Tho Housa spout
almost time entire session In a dispute between
Democrats and Republicans as to whether It I
wns In order to nltnoh to the Army bill n elntiBO
withholding appropriatIons for the expanses of
Ironps used as a tiollco force at tha uollp It
uelne OeelduJ flint such a clause In In order
general dubato is to bo had u1 onll ThsqtitB
I slon tlon involves ono of the ISBUCU of the oxtra uea
Tho Hartfonl Qmrant asserts that thero
la hut omi man on the Connecticut dclccatlon
to Chicauo who U I positively for ULAINK
The nirant Is understood to bo a heavy stock
lioldor in the EPMUXPH boom
Though surrounded by hla seeds and his
potato bucg LE Due does not forget that hu was
onca a man of wnr and lest anybody else
should forget it huhns had hlmuelf painted on a
hone wlunlnc the butilo uf LouLout Mountain
and has nut the work ot art ou show III this
Corcoran Gnllor Yot tlmt fiery warrior was
willlnu to 61tlllI down to time cultivation of ten
and hoi now a bill before Congress to establish
a tea farm to which ho would puihapH cotuatml
to retire when tho sands of his ofllcinl life are
rue out Lr Duo In time Amor lean CINCINNATI
A sixbarrelled petition to GonprnM anil to
time Albany lAulsUture is In circultitlon nskiuc
a law fotblildiiicthu mixture of Into with butter
or milk limo utoof coloring mutter m articles
of food Iho sale of oluomaruarino ns butter or
in tubs with the word butter on tnoni thu ex
port of oleomargarine tho use of any fat ex
cept caul fat ot healthy bout In uinaufitcturec
food tIme manufacture or snln of oltomnrcnrino
except under supervision of the Stationil Board
of Health So the war between dairy mind fat
factory Is crowiiie dtupcrnto
It appears from tho statements ot tho
Methodist ministers that thoro Is a 1 percentage
of dead wood in their ohurchns tlmtib it 1
wo cutch thin monulnt of the reverend men
hull npercontaao of tliutotal membership whlci
they report year by yuar to time Conference
IIIVH no real exlnloneo moro or tower mom bels
hnvluir backslidden and gone back to the
frivolities of the world Yut truthfulness Is as
admirable virtue III preachers In laymen
Tho Ann Arbor comet with a tall three I
minutes lout will be a wuluomu visitor to thu
vine growers If a portentous one to Homo other
people Time old Buporstltlons about comets
time mcasencura of Ulaaetcr particulnrly of
Impending wars Ilcstlenccs and famines still
hold their nway over many minds and thcb
will be doublr nlarmudnt tho sluhtinc not only
of cornet by Dr GOUID In IluunoAyr but
of soother by Mr SCHAIILIUUKN Michigan
However only comets visible to the unaided
eye count In the way of portents and besides
as comet years are considered good onua for
vines thevlnu drcsscrttat luactwillbo aittislluO
To TUB Entree or Tin RUN 5r AB the ro
stilt oh HII mvutneiit tftvvn Ihe writer HMI n irteni l a
Wt lin liifii I llMilu til IHJ iltclilotl bv TMK fvH IN t
wliilhf r II c wi u a attn ork ur ft wlitltt I Hint I aironi Iii tn iIe
lUbruu texlor tic Ilililt w alltiwett I Jou lhotrnu
IUIIlIr Ih yritiiii4l teSt dmmTarA
A CtlN9T T IlKArkK
It is l crlvons that nny reader of Tim SUN
should fall Into tho foolish habit of betting Ii
this case uoithor of the disputants wing or
loses l since the Hebrew word meani Hlmplyi II
fish Thu Lord had prepared n ureat flbii IH i
thu literal rundurluir and all other trituvlatlon
rest solely upon oonjocturen moro or les
plausible of the translators HOCHAIIT and
CAIMET favor Ibo theory that thin uruat halt
wan of time shark species ANTON BUWfet
that It may liars been a doad whalo lllshop
iLiiii thoiiklit it was a live whale nnd that
JON I lodued n cavity of Its throat ClUHLK
TAVIOU nruunl that time llsli wntmt n Huh at nil
but a lIfe preserver and liua put out the
hypothesis that JONAH Wile picked up by IIIIhlD
that had n hugo fish or Its lUurolienl But
these aro merely cuenseg
A military Hoard of Inquiry will today he
cln nn Invuctlcntion as 10 Iho hide of tIme alllo
outrage upon Cadet ViiiTTM It is to bu
hopttd hint t all of f time fttctn will I I I be elicited and
mnda public Ihlllill I ii < tie tn c thin ice iii Ic its well
as to tho corps of cadets upon whom If WHIT
TAKRIIH woe tmhs wru nut eel f I mmii Ictod timmtf I
falraeriotiNlr reflects It I t In I reurutted that I the
wholfl Board na well ni WiurtAKiuH couns
should be Vest t 1iilnt irraduutcB for if It la
found by tho Hoard that WnirrAKCit wet his
own mutllator ninny < koritlcal purHona will
doubt the justice of time docluloa arrived ut by a
Board eo oonstltutRd that UB < sympathies would
I nturnljy lond > Jtto uncrlflco limo negro for tho I
koof the corps
Tho retirement of Msnnrrr yesterday
morning reduced tho xquitd of rnclmr podcs
rlnns to RIght wnlkorannd JATDEE All dny
lone lliiir thn Dos ton I an from IlaylLHtcucitled
for time loadershlii with Doniru who hits
trendy walked IIP to hind himself famous
Grim and persistent In pursuit of thornnnd
peclnllyof HAUT whom ho IH Mid to object to
ns being choc 1lntl1uotl or off color Pi rod o
FFUIIAM IIoWAnn ncnln showed lila throng
staying powers nud It Is worth noting that
these four are tho same whoso build at this out
set showed them to bo tho most stalwart general
thletce ns contrasted with tho various lone
nrmthln I men and lluht I men who mluht Ii are
butted for bettor results had not lImo puce been I
ao hot
Illustrious doRH arc already booked un 1
precedented numbers for hut coining bench
how nlthouch the entries do not close until tim
2th They Include time renowned rod Irish
otter Elcho sire of time famous Joe Jr who
ran against Oladstono last Dneotnbcr Faust
time St Louis liernnilwlilta 1250 pointer
low Clytlucnl Lassie Jessamine and Irs
wIck also famous St Louis pointers who went
into training for thn dhow on March 10 Crox
eth a recent arrival winner nt this Derby field
trials a 11000 nalr of Lnocbori dogs owned
by n rhlladelphlennn Hodcrlck own brother
10 that great Count Wlndam for whom 3750
has been offered by cable so that ho may bo
etched to tho show Hob nnd Grouse time great
Gordon setters Tiiniuln Sir W VEBNCHH
vomlroug bull terrier Franco and Ilolf limo St
lertiardi time latter tho very I mace of his dIe
inuiilshed rolntivo Harry of 8t Ootthard
Lofty the English setter and Boss Floss Blue
lell nnd Lady Gordon renowned eettorbltchea
Mrs ltoijN8oNn put IuuKlo Duchces who
took time special prize In the last New York
how cxJudpo Tnovs boar hound claimed
10 be helter than even Batiu now dead who In i
his lifetime took 35 prizes Darquy and Judy
water epnnlols the former the winner of 100
Irst prizes i Marco and Diana the tlccrBtrlpud
Jim does Psycho nnd Pineo out of Ilhoda
liter sister to Itanceri I Lark Lou Lion huff
hilly hose Alison Abbess lllossom Uyrou
Cleopatra Clymont Crcrnoruc Trlrnbush
Fairy Druid Nero Nina Mlnku Mike Pearl
Wellington and Queen Mab thcso and such ta
these are to bo In the canine cgnvocuflop
At Fond du Lac In time State of Wisconsin
on Wednesday SINO VAN naturalized Anicr
lean cltlKon cast his fIrst vote Homo timid per
sons look Oil till bciiuiicdBmlluz SINO VAN
ns ho glides upto tho polls with dislike fcnrlnc
lest lie may presently multiply n thousand anti
a million fold Ret time balance power crowd
out tlio native politicians as ho linn crowded out
lie Han Francisco wasliDrwoinun get up 1resl
teutlnl booms for this or that favorite mandarin
ntrodiico the study of CoNnicius Into the nub
lie schools and amy the mischief with our In
stitutlona generally Munnwhllo HiNd YAN
drops his ballot into thn no
n n a
Tb < Optrit fnmern
Those who fall to hear tho two pretty
operettna that are now beltic presented at Iho
llljoil Opera house on llroadway will miss
witnessing one of tho most rellnud nnd pleas
lout otitrtnlnmunts at prrpunt offered in this
city Wo took occasion comriiend thin enter
prise of parlor opera when It was initiated a
vuuk since for In bplto of time many drawbacks
tlmt attended tho first nlchts representation It
was very clear that tho material wna timers to
give assurance of excellent results Since then
everythIng has Improved Tho actors are at
east In their parts and thoroughly fnmlllnr
with tim intiHlc The orcheetrn Is In lHtter nip
pert with the tlnmrs and the pieces no with
entire umoothne
They are iitiltu different from each other in
chHrncttr Awes Ago tile principal onerelta
itch imc or the nntiiru of I roil imctl eornedy set to
lilnnslnu and graceful iiiuttle nml mIte other
nieen which Is entitled Charity llulna ni
Until halnc moronf n farcical cnnrncter
The comic ho of ihu I llrcl nieCe IC i by Mr I Fred
erik Clay 1I0lllIul1 f the second by Mr Alfred
Celller Mr William Courtney does very erfa t
hn 1 servlcx In Lioth works noting quietly ami
wltli dlKcretlon nnd not innUiiL Iho mlbtako of
oeriliiiii Ills part His slnclnu Is iilwnjs
sureealiln arid nrtlbtlc and particularly so n
th kind of music
Mr Chillers nfirphtec lbs text of which Mr
Itoltou Howe fit rIm sic cc IB I clinriniiiulv I htimor
null a iltihigimt him I hit of muoni sense to whm tim such
apt nnd excellent mtiHli lino been written tlmt
II not only does t not I cii ucla ami I Intorforu I with
tin I fun its In I mo t miislinl I farces but Intensi
fies It and helps lie piece alone
Tnu miuuiKTs nru fortiiuxte In having PO
pritty uud trifled a voiini Iulv ns Mis Carrie
Burton to ttko the lendmi part In the farce
ami Io etc cli tnlonted 1 coin lii iii a s as Mr 1 len y
Hell sitU Jlr William Herbert 10 IIrn out its
liumiir Mr Vlliers Tin i lf Twinkle Lit
tle Kmr und Lt lloas Ddllulit the themes
of which he finally works toLellier Is ns clover
n bit of mitslcnl burlsiiuunarjMthlm < that Ar
thur Klllllvnn I I has done 20 ltieli of lie t rent of
Ills inutile in I 1iinally Insh briuht and onulnnl
It Is I lu Sullivans I manner without bolm in I the I
least an imitation and It certainly will bear
comparison with his work of thom salute charac
ter us for eianiule his Trial by Jury
KxIuurkcvp iIL lullflr HimselF
To THE KuiTonor THE HllsSr THE SUN
d iSo liUifUnt I utilnt imo rulumn mnl 1 a tliirJ about
MIJ Lrollivr 1111 111111 1 U mmccl retch aiM iiiy > lltii con
nrxltm with ionic hml tmnuctlous with abamt uf lot
UurtUmiio IhilUiu I Mexico The memorial from which
jour corr ui ilvutcvi U l hit tut1 menu i n tnjuiufac
turutt tlocnnicnt mbiulttci uiCunurcM by the getter up i
of It an Irroiponiihe tUitituTir nnimtl 1 Id liner ThU
memorial preMiiutl tu a lid referred by the IUUFC to
the CowmttUe on Imltm I Aft Ur purport to be a c ip > uf
JIM original tliu 11111 nnturnlly arise I 0 hv lIt
ilu1 untlurtl prf MiittilT Ii tin re li I KIIU Iti e xisteiirc
cTt hily w vnM SAc tcin iliim Hi tliat ui It
mnv etrry t > tjteii nt tun In In the pttrtioit nro aU 1
mrl A s 1111 S fnls lu iHH u lar n they rrrr tn
nn hrntlit r Mr Hvrtraikl IIu1 l uumlf I niul i tclivml > A
puie if silt itn llif tart uf Iliiinvr tn I rrdtliutioii fur tny
uttitlnn atul ts c > > lire u f n fraiil lit1 I 1I1tI11I1I > tin I
< N i mm Untune r ft Iiitliiii SC HIM Is which Ui hurl vii I ti >
rut lhcM ntit Imli trif lhi < InJIin tti I i inttUt ant n t
nn lineI to uic ant ntltiHlMit tu tlti NiM > itiii > i mutt
Hun IUII I > lirtlliUUkt ujiuii an ix tinhullon oh l the lau lu
hue i riinlMt in n unit I h I a u thu i iMhmnU ahout w
iTotticr mill ui > Kelf I hu bun inaliiiyufcly ore Child 1
lIorUlh Itue I i
K IT nitinlfr if ruiitfrnsenn acquit lice of the chnrte
ol chIC H Ihh l i > 11 l t HUM or lucre ituri oitr t t > rift > no trill
no < tlifl nt niv trMilili c tulle lioorKct r if tht
II uo I run MHl all that It rilfrnnk tu l iln HiMilu
tIed 1 H < nt 1 Ihu I mm MMiuti OMtliodt diHiil tint I
KIM rltli 1 inn It riuuul iii IIIOHDIK 04 mnl COM IIIIOh
tUclnrvA thitt I hail donw imllnnie rtllrclmt upon I lilY
tlnirrtcttr a tt Kcnilfinflii I ami inni III hoiutr N dm 1
itrt stuiinl Hi i urt I M I iu < > 1011410 Con rem June 1 1K
I hnw I > uii will at tut not il 1 jiulKH out 1 tiir plt I CIte
thi li HIT tlu mil it Limitation I Tot SUN yoi havo the
un iirrioil lntler IIIy brtthir auJ invli
A Fit ie rat lit u Iliirrlcnnf
WAUIIINHTON Pa April Ofhoro was nn ex
cllliirf time near Il i > Mlli Ihl tu cluutitty yeitf rlnj As
the bmly of Ur Ibbit MkllrrMat title coineyeit loll
last ri tnu plaiu amid hIts titc funorai cortfVe wut
tvciitlhu hIs way acroos the lartim or liulitrt IOI1 I Car tm
Niiblv a turrillc hull I ami vuut 1 lorm raine up CUP
riiiuvt I were litteil from ttit crou Ill anU a bujv uhioli
liait lireu ret ftl itiiril 1 II ors WHO It row ii iilMlly
utralmtt a tiller out tl tliu tKciiiantt t 11 Alitrciunihie
htiuif rallKht bt iMftn tlm fllitu aut 1 Ihu o 11110 1 hiln
III thus irttlii itmeitt lit I wits hlriiik hI u HMIIII lailAltil
bait hurt ahonl fie Itiiul but it it lit > uilit not nrtuuiily
A larut huh MtiMil 1 ml 1 tIlt I PI of tin iiirriiunlliu tied
lell between tltt huri IIIIL Mr A Abtrfrtuulm huitf
itreaL I tug u oi lIlel tririi Tht liiTMit wttru iltili Sty caught
by thvir hent4 iieitro ilu v tat t tlmt > tt I > run away Many
tit the cut rtoeru had 1 tu bu I lit 11 tun tu present ilium
ruin m cnp iziiu until 1 HID kttirui t hail I ilit trim The oct tie
WH txcllini tun Wuintn IIHI I cliillriii wtif crvunr
ait wreamlnj at the top tf Ihfir I vulten ami hatvallj
lIlf8 I ivJc
r i
bunnvtii wurv hi hug in all uirtitiuiu
The lUc uf Tronii Hi Ihe IolU
WA IIIN TON April R1ho House mliournod
lakt etennu junt tillvr nn utttlilitinul ktcUou hail been
proposed tu tie Army bill furbMillnif the UM of thv army
11 pulltu lorcu nt the tilts i liiitlun > Has ruisftl tu
this tecllun wlien cunltlernt ot t tIc till i at lcluintC4
thl < Miornln ant Iturri vn < lhl IK tl < bate Tin HI C ihor
hector Ifiiili I I ii tutu I u ax i n ortlur ami a > iii hiuutt I
taken I tile I Juiixion I a Io tallKil I I Illill I lliicU l > ioll
art < L > its to II iii tht r go ito ruth it tiiito IIn tl btt hnil ui mcmi >
lliu mi list ie l > tl IU > vhitli uJiuuinniiiil wad luu I
A queer Ntury IViini Jerey
To TUB DiHTtm op TUB SUNiW I enw a
Iclter 1 ill Tnv 51 It of April J i un su totrtl cats I har a
leuiiili I Mnlteve cat that IIIIM utMli woo on thin front ftet
aiul hkx tuts ua the Ii lit oct I lute A icrny nntl Maltt ko
mixt1 that Itiii kix miss I nil ull 11 its t net or 1111 t nor
tn All t lutiu a Mueii 1 till ten titH SIC mi DID mint 11 iti t
niul lour tilt tin linil ttet II I butta h I iri > nlih i iht
hooN ur tin t II lilY re lib r Tllv SIIN hl is nuiuuU with
jut niv toe pititM 101 mt heur iruiu bim
MiUtk N J ttrml 7 IkttH LIMVUOD
Kxdov 1 IMwIn I 1 I Moiuau hna not only gi von
11 l loi 5 tu ptiichifu a library lur I tlio Union lluoliuical 1
uiliiary in thus i riiy pUie but hu lutit pnitenUil
IJiin > i to Ihu I l > ii allII lui i Inllrimiry I 1 nut has tlunuUtl
llUrnl iiniii lur rxnuxi livliini She liiJiklnliim I of Ur
Hprlus Ilia llrifk fhurcli Hwkty ills irbciijs sty that
be tine lit V ii u iunrti r ul inilllun iI1ln fur cliarltnblc
iurvuua ntUtlii a 31Sf
74111101 rnoaiKors IN ctmantsas
WASUINOTON April RAs tho Committee
of Wn B MIl Menus stnndR there U little proS
poet I of soy mensuro foriiBunorulraviiilon of
the tllrllT being reported ntthl eiBlon hlch
lice Jouee would accept as relloctlnrtth rsoueo
of time majority
With tho IntoroBt on an enormous public debt
the pensions which havo grown to bo ono of
tho most formidable lions I In tho budget and
tho reuulnr nxpcndlttirea free trade In tim
sense of closing lie CiiMom Houies Is Imprac
ticable To meet thcso obllcntlons revonuo
from imports I Is Indlapenftablo timid as bug ns
thoy tOnllllllo tD exist no tnnttcr how this tariff
may bo adjustod tho manufacturing lutorcsts
nro SmITe of a dccreo bf f prottictlnn
This proposition wllllinrdlybo disputed limit
thoro might to bo nhd With a proper dldpo
Bltlon thorn IB no real dlfllculty In revlslni tim
present tariff sons to remove tile Inconcrnltlrs
null to curtnll the monopolies tllnt now Ills
figure It which were piled on by Bpoclnl lotrls
Intfon during nnd slnco time close of tho civil
war by tho voles and tho voices of Interested
anti selflVi members of Congress
No throtich reform Is to bo exported from
tho Wxja and Moans Commltteo but tho Holmes
can dnwlmt wnstlonowhon tho duty on quinine
wits taken Off Tho proposition of Mr Towns
lionil rfn Monday last to put Bait printing typo t
printing paper if ml lImo chemicals nnd mlle
Tlnls used In tho mnnufncturoof prlntlnir pnpor
on tho free list indicated to n corlafn extent
the fool I nc of the House It required twothirds
to mispmid tho rules which could not be ob
talnod but the vote Bhowcd a majority ot
thirtytwo and of time negatIves aboutten per
cent only wero from the Democratic slut
mostly IVunsylvanlanH with a row scattering
Thero were ono hundred nbsunteos whom
but eight rails well recorded luavI eIghty
four to bo accounted for
This test was only Limo first experiment It
will bo renewed nnd pushed until 1 Sllllnro up
and down vote on Die merits of this repeal can
he hail Turin reform Is ono of the questions
of the linmodlato future which can no longer
bn uostponedor dodkod flll now stands time
Hepubllcana lire In tint mnln for hljih protec
tion nnd tho Democrats with somu exceptions
riinao on the side of revision reduction nnd
reform After the coating Ire ldenthll election
lImit politics of limo country can no butter be run
on sectional lines Material Issues will then di
vide parties and titers sa fair prospce of their
reconstruction ou a better basis than now ex
The Political Hicnininnc at hi I ralrn t d
Nliiy In I hilt Clly
NEW OniJiANR April OThllO scents to bo
a slKnlflcanco attached to 0rants protruded
stay hero extending beyond thin bounds of hos
pitality Time reception Is tlnuoil dally with
more of a political Unlit Wore tIme honors hu
receives endured exclusively prominent lie
ilbllcnns it would bn pronounceda party ova
tion to a party chief Hut they como almost
exclusively from leading Louisiana Democrats
find from some who have lluured prominently
In national polities Those demonstration
may bo prompted solely by a proverbial hospi
tality or may spring from patriotic motives
Thisv urn ery eiitlitiHlastle for IIIIh POI III
Htanee itt is it lInnr I civen tlm t exIre idint by
two hundred loulliiK lIlmms 01 Xew Orleans
last evcnlnc thn slunlllcant toast Tu our noil
Ireshlont wlmexur IIH may be was aiuiltuded
to tlio echo Irani WIIH ruiieatedly eulniiod na
tho t tel ii iir of f thn jollies ami suuicehtively as tho
iwlnni of f Inttirnal I liiiiiroimiiiiitx i V1 t to coma
lie will make special oainluutloii of the levels
III it few days
llysmnu ontuRo proOf of reasoning many
pnidtnllBtH of this oily hold tlii nnlliinal liiioc
riuy rehttoiiHililo for time tlistimiI Ion now imei mitt
canned In the fulrebt portion of Ixmslnnn by
three t larko enn > His Others loudly txpreFs
theiiiRiiKert as disjointed with the llnmourattu 1
Ill ri y for this alleged cowim rut ii of Democrnlia
KenatorB toward hfttllnu tim ii Kelloi I oust For
Kinh reasons leader nf a powerful wlmr of Iho
Dumocratli i > nly known ns tlm CilllII I Act
social It in whttih east ore r I ivl vii tlintisatid I t
otci In i this cit y In the last I Ktito uleetlnn I do
elared vefitertbiv that I inc tmccoot C r tlht Demn
erntH nonit unto I he will I I Vtitn for Grant t nt tint t
next I election Many others who enn bo ulined
exuross ntiblicly tlio stints dHorinlnntlon
Tliisn eiiiresulons nrc hnvini Htinh effect that I
111111011 lIy II inomlnnnt eamiiaicn inamiurnf
ISTil n hfuh Suite oDIolal und othnrx that they
consider in I the evnt of Iriuus 1 nttci I mist iomc
tnat ItiuiHiaim with her forli ilioiisand Demo
eratlu majority will bo n doubtful Slate
All Ibe City Comtuiulos Nimblae to Advante
the PrIce of Uul
It was announced tho financial column
of TUB SUN on Wednesday the negotiations
for peace which havo buen going on for some
limo between the gate companies of this city
were on tho verge of successful result anti
that the prlco of Ins would soon bo advanced
rims 8nmo day nn arrangement was deilnltuly
concluded aennrdlm to which thu price from
niitl 1 after the 15th In I lwlll I I be 1225 i > erlWO feet
to all consumer uniformly without reference I
to quanttty The teriUR of tlio arrangement eric >
not made public but it Is aid that tltoy will I I
elTHitually preclude all cuttluuof rules uud all
tllorts on time utrt nf one e company take away
business from another thouuli cadi will bo al
lowed tn Huprly sillIt new customers ns apply
unsolicited I Tim olllcerx of tlm t companies nay
that t the I ctcp has buen forced I ii tunic them hy nu
CIMSItv ami that t nt mint rates which hnn pre
vailed ilurim the past year they were hatxly
teltlni buck the Cutsl t of labor nntl mnturnils
lealiik I mutt Ii I mti for repairs to their t works
mneli lots fordlvldemlt on time capital InuHcd
Under tho new arrangement thuy think t I they
will bo enabled 1 to furnish a belter quality i ot
ias nt the eunmie time Hint they mnko itinnny for
their I stockholders Thn news has naturally
etubed u rise In gums stocks
SlUOOUO fur the New Jersey Nchaol Fund
A check for liaOOOO hns been paid I by limo
Lehliiii Vullty llullroail l ilium any tu State TreAsurur
Urlclitul New Jtrcj tt r the rlpariAii Kraut which nis
inatlu tn the ttctt I iii ILillroatJ tt > inpiiny to the Male in I
17 The orUInn iiSoiv renal ritloi I r hue iirant
Him 12X1X1 ut nhlih I Mllo uai piul in til li ami t A
1IIe I lb vh t ni hr 1I1oIlll t Ilu lole IIocker t
111 the inlticftt < i it this nu > rUiiuo to default its i h t
Ii iMtulmj Iii lito urt 1111 toiler I totcloMirc UuMiU I
ll5 HiAilr tint Hit h1 t win riftlrnimM inuii tiin 1 A
ite cil i h t nil IntunctH it 1 h It 1IIullhll11
all i r ICW irt I tiled liac Hilit tho injunc
tinn t wan iinol > cl lnt 1 iitinth hi < cht ik ii I in lull mj
utent of tlu > in < > iU4wo niul aocrunl iutcrvit inJ the
mtmiy will b < j hHlcollu l ihc Mite cclmol luiiJ I
I ha ICvpiiblUuu All In Out
Thoro are about forty HoDubllean rotors In
the Fourth lit rut of UujounuN J and it none tm t them
mil ne itS au IUition nil r that po Ulou it I lUKillu
tMfv cle h ft tutu IHUIU t Yt Merita v site riiooii one of
till 1 < tUllllMll iJI 111 ni 11 Atturnuv Oknun alit < l
iplaiiuuk thitt thu UwntM II in1 t Hlileli inrtnn 11114
< hutS 1 ha1 JIlIftlJoJ nil or I the ItepuhliiHiiH i > I the
wt rIo law rCtUt 1 res that the nyiMrv hat It > tllII pn
I illiS rail h1I h l f cops 4 in thu mntur but thu Huinl
liiitd iiU1 the poll list I t It mitiHpiu > in il Unit lump uf the
iiililicmiV iiitiiirt uttauu thu hil L this CUM will piub
ubly tc ikiii t into court
A huUldott Iiuiirunoe
John fl I UrouKhtoH of llloonilhlil N J ns
niliitillltiil IriMlif rueil 111 Ilio fliltril SlllLj Clieult i
Ciiiirl liofiire JmlE Wallnie to recover SMioiiiruiii ito
Min1uiMMn ltln IiiinrnitCH liiiiinny on n polic lstuiI l
tulMiatl tciuiMmi In lutio IhtH lh polu > pci it < I
Unit in CAM ul tlitk td mil i Itv uiriiii tit llu > iiitiirfil i rntm
ItuiM t lii lit I > ntilt unit viilil Mr Ft rtfliMin tuuk hit imil
lili III m VhlrHl lark nil tin4lli of April 1HTU I Tie hi oh 11
n iinv ol tin plitiiililT w ttuit Ito wit iniKiio nt the liinu
ln I > hill il h lilmiKir The Jur gin a wrJicl lur the vmtitt
tilt lur Ii h344
The Cnnndi mIshery Awiirtt
OTTAWA April 8ritn house of Commons ro
mnlneil In tendon until luiluck Ihu inuriiliiit lUhatlnv
the iiitfltliiii of r thelU rIb illIcit ainoiu tho c nrinui pro
liicis ur the Hlnry iwuril Mr Mm A tic I uiiamtms
HII ilinint itt cisc s Iliac the iortlnii il I the n hrry
utviirtl luiiil Git r to 1nnitila rtinmilutluimlly niul ul right
LflnniiH lu I the llmiiinltm ol C niidl Till aniuuJuient
lOuiS LarruU by A tutu ul 1JU tu Uti
1iufi 1C m mo mil UukfttUa ICeporl vn the llljt
JvlHuiipiui Mluc
from ml I Gni ti AK
Tliore isunJnubtiully I a inlrio i hor It I f time ore
l f tilt N hoil nut 1 Ihi itt hilt r nk t u f mumble tu the o x
Mil ut nit uiul tutu 4crltii > iu want ol Mhltuo
Klinvs an Ulilitttuh l < t iviiilenry to > rtHliutlMn < ti ni rout
which IIHY he I n r l > e nlm t
mm hllu 1 reirmn trill pionntinclriff a ItS rrrtnlnty on
the ItU hiiNjiiliHt mine oi iHI h I nrue that an rest ex
pectatiHirt n etrilnu the > hilt ol tilt iln nmy he muin
tuuuilMi It anv utta r uri > uii > l in hue vuntiu The tillil < l
nf tIll rICk I H i an I thn itirevtituiul nil the illpn Aiul
HIiLU luu tht M Is utineliMt alit ftniivli linlilftn
rIch n nre Atnu utl thlnn the it iounJ ihuulu bu Itior
tIlls lit > i > rulsi < pi CU > I
1 wiiiiM IIIVM b < the Kink in of lint start ten feet spurt
Ihnaiiih Hie hailvni rmk w hiih i nn In t > loiiml U sItter
bu elluliiit roth it hiiiilit be pitmpiU lilt If the t rIch
trill l < lull the mine Ii ill tn1 alunlilo U it truce l vi r i
huh Hit mini will then ira i e itiy i vnlnah t
It MinuM bo luiriu lu mliul that it it H h uert utrr tu slut
ikei I > oil tlie uni list oils iii list loi pe its brat d 1 turtlur I
tuauif hot
Ttitl Tl lie
ypi l il Ilmul trruit nn t 71H ly II W llntkrr
I know a ifuidrWal about mv iyUiit xou ao
hilt kuuw
anctrunA cttU nt I lhi ii Mt > n tiii Uirf1 Hrnnchln rushy
amuii you UVUtetMMMUuiytluU AUU titsuiomvaiaUi
THE 1UKAT CKffTltslT 3rNpzcEri
TheHnlB of Ihn In > l nf the 1MOOOO Hhilrri
S bait were Jliinulit til Mr Vnnilerlilll
Driv Morgan A Co In tliulr capacity ns
hind of thin HvmUenti fonnoil farly last winter
to tutirthmneb New York Cunlral nnd hudson
lllvrslock from William II Vamlorbllt notl
foil hhtelr associates ycstirdny Hint time last at
hits 350000 8lmrcsof stock wimichm they had
pnrfhftiSpil tmJ befrn nold A final accountings
between tine mr > mbors pf time syndleiUo will bo
hail lit once after whlehoneh will receive dark
time money that ho contributed toward iiiaUiiit
till purchase tocuther with uU slinro of tint
profit Tills will bo hint eohvluslon of Lbs
largest transaction of Us kind rttii Individ
uals Time amount pall ir ViimntIobllt will it
Is putlul aggregate In round minibors 12
How much of the Block linn boon taken tn this
to it rim tt act il by whom and how much In I Lon
don miiMt bo n niaitir ttl ronjecturi1 Tho
prndkatn I I hcan bv n Iliit m uurchaen oiitrkhlof
K > 0 000 tit ii roe nt 120 with im uMlon I I of calling I I
IWlUUO moro nt tliu I Haunt iirliv ThiB option
win HtHcillly I ncrititiil i and I thn nntlrn 2SOOOO
Blian8 iflfrtMl to hilt pilbllo nt 130 About two
wnikHiiiun HID nviiljcnt gave nuticu Hint It
hnd withdrawn from stile tim ii sIt a rca It hnd on
hand rc > poitiil to bu nbout 701100 Hliarro ami
at nbout tin I sit lilt I Inn1 I nn nib I I tionhmi 100000
wore tiikun from Mr Viindirbllt A few ittys
nio tlm innniiuurB of Iho Pvinlliniu
Informed a few cnpltnllBli nnd bank
era in thin city Iluxtnn nml Iomlon
tlintlt would tintu rut 1mm inopoFiils fur limit pur
tliiiinof t ill ent I rid itmutitu mit of lib I holdnit nt 130
nml om > per font niMiil for vxpinsus rime
sub < < cclptonn of tWDiityono bmiKira tin1 ln
viUnrn ncuritcnKtl in round numnurs
140JOO Hhan8 Jay Gould In said to hum
sill serIhIcit for 5IIHOII HlniroH Tho Hyndl
elite had about I lllOOU 1 1 HIIIPH ulilcli were tti lot
toil tiro t ruta anionu Ihu HiibxiTil rs Anton
thn twiMilyono tire > Jay Gnu Id HIIBSH Hair
Cyru W Fluid Wllllmn L Hntt L von IlotT
rniin Irlnco V Wlillily Kulin loeb A Co
HatPh ft rootc nod J N Morunn A Co ot Lon
don lliuivol time iiunlin ° or nro iiiiiiiiburH of
tliusvuilliHti but in tliu former onpuclty their
can bo oonxldorid a flriidliiito onlyso far an
uniting to buy tho flock for deliveries will itt
made to them liii I tih ti till y tn tho itmtou lIt of
nbout nluhty pir iint of thulr HUlixcriptloiifl It
Is nnilTHtooil hunt n mtiliinnMil will lu I hind with
Mr Viiniliirlillt on I Miniilnv nnd that I this amotl lit
due him is about tfiOOOUO Un to tim priHent
It Ji H known that hu ling nurcliasoij about
I30000UOO of four per cent United States
ImiiilB liii threw InlcriPt April 1 on J32000
ODD HH about 4000000 moru huvo been our
Ill itsuid for Him i tnU t truuk
Thu cross rnrnlni of thus nyndlcntn can bo
pnblly calMilatiil On the llrnt 150000 Fhnrcfl
thuy mutit IIIUD Cfivd n million nnd a half
over thi urliui paid to Mr Viindirbllt Un tin ti
twokubaoqueiit hilts of 100000 shares calm it
was iikrecii tlmt t Jlr Vniidcrbllt olioulil recilv
onolia of tlm dineruncD bitwnon the prlco
paid nnd Ills tu rice roruhed by thn Bviullcati
It nppnnia that not leas than 110 was rectal vtth
far I imeittt ahnroH nnd Ill itt on 1 o > er onolmlf I f thi I e I
1U per cent dlfltirenoo wan net profit Thu
g rose cit rut I mmg limy lliorefnro bo routhtly cstl
ill ittoth nt two nnd a half millions I Time cxpenso
nccouut must lu Lompnrleon nupunr trilling
lilncitoni Excise Stoned Kfilrlctlnc the Hula
of Iliiiop In hisS City
KINOHTOX Aptll 6Atm ofllchil mooting of
time Hoard of Excise ot this city was hold yes
tcnlny afternoon anti last nlelit iory hotel
llcoimc now In force expires nt this close of tile
r > riH > nt month nail this meeting was to take
action rulntlro to hits crnntlnu of llcuusei on
May 1 Inat your eovuntySDven liotuls were
licensed In this city sJtheontli9 of them In
direct conflict with tin reiiulroments of thu Kx
dee law TliU list ol seventyscxon was ro
iluioti l thIs nfternoon ami all tho Hoard detor
mined to tolicoaso wuro tIme Mansion House
HID niclo Hotel Ilnuvar Hotel Wnshlncton
lltll I i Pet Ct Frlckle l SIt tiiik TIencken Ostur
houdt Stnror nml P J Onterhoudt It Is how
ever barely potelblu Hint ono or two moro mar
be HctMiKud but nt time nnsl this list will not ox
caod u dozen A limited number beer HCCUBCH
will bo urnnted Inct ytar time city rocilvod
nbnut 145UO on nccountof llcinsrs I Thn coin
inu i jotr thu I amount will I I not rench onifourth
of Hint sum In 1M78 30 was chnruid for n
hotel lictiiMi and fJI turn btr license For
tlm next twelvo mnntlis tSO will bo exacted fur
hotnl IkiinHiH I and I I 150 fur bvr lliAiisea I
Su iUlro I ltm aol it min of tho I Ixep Corn to h s
loiirm s In uunvirHittlon with a HUN reporter
today mild Tlm eli y Hoard of Kxcisn luc l do
tni itt I ttitl upon one thine I wo will lumi only ro
xpimalhln and rtplt table men to conduct our
iitUturnry hotels ami saloons Wo propono to
brunk up i eiy brothel In time city unit thero are
potiivM of tliem In cr11 mit I mug hotel lIcongeH time
liiinrd will bo covirnuil by this lata ilcclBlons of
tliuStipriino Court anil tho Court of Appeal
icrv man liiitnsed ii lll bn obllirtJ ti > irlvw
boiult to the mima ci nut im in amount reanlrod I by tho I
Hiitut uml If ho vluliitPH tint ltw Imo nml lute
iKinilsmen will bo vluorotmly proaeuuted
Hitretofiifi It has been tliniHiliil to exact bondti
itt pirioim licenced to sell tncr but Jiimlen
lbrooK lute informed UH that It Is obllunlory
II lull IM to demand bomlR I of beer eollerx and
wnhhalt act on tho JmliMa nil vice A man tu
obtain I n lnor lUonso I t will nlso bo rtlc ii I roil tt >
tiiku a nriliMin Dbliualion not to Hell wlno or
ii lii tlttmti its I lull lii No licenses I will I I under 1 any
cireiimBttnccA Im crnnliid to women Tlio nalu
of biT or ApirltnoiM Ihiunra at unllcensttl
pliicis will I I probably he attempted but we ttlinll I i
ke piihhiirp outlook and no guilty man will
The Moon of IMuneti
To THE KniTon OF THE Stx Xr I saw n
letter In TDK M < Iroin I teorhe II Cithir cf tshtlle
Ala iiiportnu Irot iriic lore iiuttou in rttrurd to tic
u iy lila lets obtihit their cacti Now I iil not onttmit
tutu irf IrtKtcr niul Mr Cither sue not riihl about Hie
HJI > Hint itiixniH t roiiHi tutu el tcuce
I conu ml tVU irl f 1riKlor u in l relic In stylni tiiit
the itl m lIlt hot ruutl JpiunJ tjit earnS
Cli 11111 II thii tI lrl Proturs iiq4i nc oil
thi utiject ftttcniptetl to huw tiv hiher lu Hlu in itO4
iti it the Irui s < ir wa ncliL He nuikeil i > ut the pnu
tctui but it nly tcnt tb < prue tlut th < moon it II hI 1 niihi >
ruuiui the earth hut > l I tan gice the ren onn us I t hii
ulcIiiitii lruiioti upx1 html Uicur > MLAS L AIS
IlcatI Olfllie King riuKen
To TilE rruior OP Tin StN Sir Now that
New York a hIm the Tuccl I Kina silt Thilj eli liU S ith
his Kemble Unu hfto blOC ii liuw u how reall > ucnkaiul
cnxirll > tht Kfttu ul tutu is it ii t nul mw unable to
sshittiul the re Distil IK anil p < riteiit nttt ki ol ri n 1
urIc tioii iS It 011 I ttul Ii tiittC ttiit II itiuii
it itttriut ii lihuL ciiilmratre
nut ItO is till ii itli tIt rt I Ii iitihi r ilie
iliiiulii r r ir tittu iursttt ii lit Ii ituirt ttriil Ore tltIi
uiti II caul III Ott liUtil r i Ii itO I tirr to thu
lull tl 1111 it utT it is lii itluch
10 I tltii it S iii th ii tut iii I hIul ill tutu tluivtm
wit hit tie Its hi bi it till Wild IlrMhSC tIiilt4tl tii kitp
ttuciui nroiii corruiiih slit thiiir la icr litiilihoi C II
Uiihl 1ioiu Fu t Netv Y uU
To im lltiromh ctS Tmte Stc Sir M theory
of tin hit IT ere itiuut I S tho < inl tlnor ttuit ftHIM
the lUbli inl ictriiH thi nnitiuhaMt1tlieHOI KCU 1100
It IH In mlv thi rio hto l il i > m1 tutiitj tuiir umr tUy
Ill oiirh i t ninth n new lii l ul civiitie rtuitfv wan
MlioKvn tilt it U itu illltl nicnitlt Ho iiit each nf I tluwo
int 1 icrtuit I it > ttuiloihS intuit iulllunn nt uut m
KieiiM1 idol iiiiolii iy IH t iMvrti11 IIKM > Hn < l Jtro
knortil in 51 iptun1 lint iMt cuntiiKltctt Durnu tluin
thus till Hnkiit intu IMIII nn tin1 cruatinn liu l un
ntln uIst t i il ttt work Itus lieu UMS tlUttlMiMiltici
LA rNkv > tokK April a Kuvoi
A Hint Il union II liu Sew
nnali uf he Mwiti4 hi tlic tiikli > rint t staltlI t lilt lltH nf
Ibis thy Ii oluruc ty uuiic ii tiottihmui time itg ot sIs
iol cauital lliiil Iirtiilt dli to dlituiPt tttitt mliis Iahtur
5s It I Il II IuiCi I mliuun it toii C rails Tiilrtiui
Sloh ii 11cc uictl ii a lutlice iii iltilii slot tittk
itiuth rciilr Cli Illeilt hil titrt it titIitar pi toes i I
e i te iim I uiu u ohm slid I Lu tte C clit me
Cmiii tmcy hiss tie bYMtuiTmmiss
The L1e1krjbe lIly
To THE noiToii OF THE SUNSir rime iuc
Rfitluii uf TIIK sceq iurrfspuntUtit Law clerk to
form n Clerks1 trntrcth Aoso Lit dim H a eooj one nut t
one Mrhu li I lIsle II ill t > t uctnl uptiii hv I uterus in kErnvnil
ho Mtiiin us thv nvsuiUUuU IS thm till i will be OHM ol llto
flri tu tta IL Atumimmaib Cujua
Z11W Vuluti April 0
The KuUht urtbo White Keuthcr
Ollliiiift I OHlilnel I hi piping times of peace
With UrUniliuri you dirrd tu tight
Aiul like th < > boy who chiutuuii t MuU of teese
Yuu put tliviuall to iliiitit
Why arc ymi shteiit now moil stalwart Knight
HUH you HinbttioM hml n tulIT
Why ttttlu ynts loSt jour warlike I
ii hy du you uhnug so 5111110
You fought ft iliiiilow vutinntljr and well
The iluilijw HtaiuK the btnuifU CIK
But now cur UK mttosi t Mtttr < mJ moot Ic Ii
Are thoat ic hIm wu < your rtunJ
Phd ihu nItty ilialows now appal > our iictit
Hut Mtri iilicninproiniifiiiu lid l
site Ii ml > our Milorii true you ou lit t to fl lil I
With uiutilltii curd nnJ acts
Bttrrotil r uttiw is iWnlh as wolt you know
Fur uhrM the tluriljt nil lurle mtui
Vuur hiiiit UluiUH tu 3 out r luUUicsl Cue
AuJ the itgood b to Ul tine I
simIle mite Hi row ofT the hateful chain
hut I inukvs S i viisumh ol a pier I
Sliest cult tt nut lur liUrty tog Uluiic
And let Ihu peuplu huarl
In 1879 247315 acres of public land wore
luM In ManHdliA
A vlffMiinco commltico Hotfffod a thief
at Biilllvrtti Ind niul thu Utter liai recovered qua
ttamnstle Ill n civil stilt
Two boys nt Grand IflantL Jiobj wore
MicromfuI In ninklnc their ithcr ticllce they wer
burglars aiul lie shot one it thotr dead
Upon the Invitation of Sir Frederick
llilituiifMr Htcl Uftrtc slll respond to tho loait cc
MKraturc I ot tho HojAl Academy bntitict I ondon
In May bext
Prof Vein tor says that May and tIne
fIrst half of Juno ulll lc cold mid net And that after
that there will Iw cheer and very dry wcnthcr until limo
em of tho 4ear
nAboutonofifth of the Italian vlnpyanla
Were AfTcctcil by tho ncvcriJ frost but the injury not
trrepnrnblr anJ the prospect Is now iimluen mist better
tlian wiviflt nrat ajillcljiitcl
rime HusRlnn OuoKr I phlcal Society con
trill ulite l uliu In conrrrt II lth the other wl ntfAo
foctrtlrv of Ituoto n tlcscrlptite work un SiberIa III lIe it
of the apprimclilnir trrcenteiiAry of the occupation of that
country b the Kuuiani
Time tnuniclpn authorities pf Berlin havq
under conaldentUon plain for an lornted railroad acrosi
tliat cnpltalv IM to worked by electricIty clue A pccUl
cciininitilon ol englntcrs unJ architects hau been coin
inliuioncd to report upon It
The ancient superstition that It IH in
lucky to IlcOf Muck nt n ucddlmt appears to bo iirig I
miami rut death In Kiatairl That It Is utterly dl feanleQ
by the guests jurocet by the number of black naUnf
Mhot niul lirtCiides worn at recent wcddln a
lImo following advertisement appeared
the nthciMdj In A London newspaper A lady ci post
thou nnd fortune dr < tlrn tu share lieu cr > rKymit and
InxurlotH bnnte whit one persdnof cofrbfponillnK tne nc
Viittue nnd inexplicit Impecunious or ob cufc persona
quite umleup
The UaroriOKH BurdottCouttA ffavo
nuptxT on the niutitof March ima tonhnnt mail ruaienhs to
ktr and their wlvr at Hanbury street 8pitiinf4 < lttft
cottiifctloii wIth a coiiUrtiioitKeritt > en tlt aint loan club
of uhlcli she It I patron sS Thu Itaronest nlio prei5d4
addrcitscd lursucsti The cutlennnncnr stir jtilt < l was4
necclt of modern time e and taken as n il hole Its wa <
A roil ccislhe and re poctod nicinber of the loiunninlty
A Madrid musician orfonded by t n follow
plntitst chnllcnccO him to play the piano with hint until
I1 her ol them Mtmtld Iw compelled brfntl up dt nVfttt
Tha duel lasted fortyetRht hours without rilher antaeo
must ristliuror taklnjr the ftlltihtflit nourlshnivnt On of
them placed ainunu other piece the Miserere from
Trouti oer 150 times and WaS begliiiihiia ft aiaJn
alien he ftlliknJ from exhaustion Tie other U I on thu
cryv lunacy
Ilaitmann tine Nihilist refugee to by
occupation an encrntcr alt designer excrllliiir In tha
Utter capacity HoUabontll I years of ARC of middl
liriwht curly Muck Inttr clean nliavcMl tit hronwd com
plrxliin Like main I ItiucUm lie Is an ccotnplih
ihuruUt and of iiintiners so atrcunli1o that though the
son of K swineherd fiomon I of the Hjliio province he
was recelceut tn iuod society In 1aris uliert his pesa
trnUd by accident kteplng hits real potltion n secret
AntltobaeconiHtb will hind comfort antI
nrtrmtie his in till act that IarlcUn phjykinii arc with
hardly an cxccplloti IiM Uid ntfaliut the weed whlet
they claim raplltyiMes up the vital torccn and In tha
furtlier net that inott if the ImtcliveJ toiuli old French
men the CC r iiit > kcil Tlucrs luUut Cremlvtix IU p4tf
and Coin pIe Itenoit dzy utio recently dtrul full oi
year with unuitpulrcd tutu iitibl factiltlus wero nil iwo
sniukcrfl and so SiC Uulaureaud Uftrthclcm ht lILlUlre
ictur llukiu unJ UtlLime Araco
On Mnrch 1C at Prague In the prescnco
of the UoMriiurf Jlohfinlii the 1rlitce AnhltblionCar
dlual von schwarzonbcr and other perton UCH were
notointity iHilntcritil ho renmini of St Adilltirt tho
finiotu HciiLdlctlne monk and Hishop of IruRiH who
0l as ktltetl lu th teti hit rfiittiry while tiidtNvorinx ia
fiht Oft the uau in IriMvlatiH lll I < Innly Hat lik u hy the
lihllI Kiun HoUflaHlo Uneven whence Ito Duke of Do
tu inli DretlsUv I brought tt amoinj bit trophlus sit t
a campaign ugalUkl tht Iolii to 1ru ue Tin cutltii bore
this date UtUl It has bicii couoivl to the Cathedral
and placed In the rtlliunry
The nUinlrors of Marshal MauMohon
1s ilt be sorrr to hear that ho Is In pecuniary
ilimouUlcs A few weeks ago a Kreat part U
the furniture of the Paris residence of tile ex
President was sold by auction The promrtjr
dliposod of InctudeJ several Taliialitopalntliiasind tooia
ruc uM furnitute of tlu Ix > ul Juatorre rxrlMl Thu
auction was larkfly attended And from crery moatn
without dUtlncliuii of lowly there fell exprvaMoiuut rt
pectful 5ill ratIo vtith the oil soldier who iieilhtrin
thu Army nor as chief of tie State had ever tunwU 4
fArthlnic ot the public money in to hU own pocket
With respect to Dr Schllemanus this
co > erles at tilrciuur the Kiis ian avnnt M stephaol
has vxDrcsMd plrlons which hare attracted cmii < Ur >
Able attention In Ocnnany The lenrnvd aimtrnmUn
by no mean dispute the front antiquity of ni my < l the
indlldiiKloblvLlM uncirthrd bc Dr Fcliliruuitti but uo
lioUU that thu muntiH Inciudo obiocts Utidiiclnic ta tory
tiltrVrvnt eras of hUttry lie U of opinion Unit the bobS
drill steit with lie I lnrbartiiM S who iinudcd ilrcerc I I ta
the third century II 0 an it mmlc HIP rttudrl I of Aga
numnon ono of tile cMef cc cm iris of tlittr dointxlun
Here he bflivits tttty hurled their cltiiMs and decorated
the tomb partly with kitcli micivnt rUc uf niifarhf
tlatc as butt 1 fallen Ink tin Irband S and putlj Id hIm ursi
nile tOnI objects pruJiutd 1 In their tiwn IIIIUM
The Right Hon i Hobort Loo tel is his
coiutituenti tin t mwrsn if IonIon thit thi TMCIC
Itatu maInly norn out their old pliuclplcv 1 linn lall the
extiuiu an 1 HIM Ituui innU ititioD tu vhuli thvir oul
ilelIiti ted au < rIle Ihe t tm ocrl linen ol NoiutiniorimiU
talholic and ioU lutten bill oimli LU crurS
lloii laws her nt nti n J nrtnlc lul iiine the i lh cluiich
lire no more lu tin tidiutiuu I ut Iho Ira ntitla Uia
Tories outdid Ihe Iiln i il S 1 I lu lr I Ooalitn i4 litriaU
ROIK Nothitu n mem lur liitm i but tu1 lUnipt wuic te
UIP art iiou nmkiic to I tin tor theiiuihoi t IHW most
lion t > > tnniiHnuir tin Mimty of the ptoplc I ti iiiccanI
Ibid i trtiie an 1 I hI ilr > n till thu utlur IOWIMH i 4 Ko
nit o Itoh u M tilth bIll i114 can bo mail ii lIlt by which
almost eur tnt tiC iiii > be IOM
It eannot bit ulonied that l oid i llonoons 1
hid in h a man wiiosi Uliiuir fame lo wjtli hit orator
cut triumphs MinoNLr ull 1U i > ulill hid I wurkt ao
orittoricil Vt iii tu ttiuirous liiiuti A coyness
fcOiittH barely iuC4 htm from thIC I bIle iihiuii Many
Intei I nnht be iti < > trd from I lilt wotk < in I wiiicii
thti crams meal panion currlei him mit Itch nearer
btthos than it Quill bo cafe fir > tin ordittir win
tott At hoot the IUXUIUIHM ol the ortttor timakes a
luiulcdi wib of m in > ot hh paMia The M iitmcn are
JM 1 ruU topKjy The hnrpne i olnt iind 1 polltli
whith LharaiUtif thus enUMicc of Hi KkiTiy are ab <
ht nL Hii ctvli is i lut i lurid uiul m ttnit > n illy weal
kiuitt Vuuitvn h < trpril > 1 > ot hti oriirmuhtv nn < l ri
I rioty but uu cut wuiud iUKCit Itiui as a un Jit u lit
irmv utOf
On tho List night of time sitting of tim
la t ls l rihaine lit in Kn ltnl thoro irow 1 till tree I
fluure lUht t and > Ilie IS hut ctrctly hciit wlili thus
wiijiht if vilit mc tun I ttr who annoiinr tu that bo
w 11 oit the brink of thu inie nariud tha houm
while lit UM d t Hut ii t ul hiri > ns Lord Hencuti Uld had duon
iti Ill niAiiiieito uiMilt Iiil tnd This t ill old man wltti
tldwiin whlti hiir mil bait ri and bit T > i > > is wu tnti
Oliorimui M ihon si ho Oh he nll npriHnttd CUra
itt > cnrs vji ill thit HI > MM > nnd htinU att < r ithl Sal l
Ut n 11 flic vrtter nhl i > jubtrtbie 1 tiptani in tir away
lountrUitiii MH and I in I lunl 1 llcacuii > d had trod
dLtion thu tail < t thuLoat ol the ntnitial iMiriireU isit
Iho HI u Irlt ol the Iauuiiu s iile hot brukt ijiit hi u every son
tcncr At 1 the I elo e the huei sic litliily tonehtil on the
riJiculoua when lute till S ittZti ha bruit Into poetry1
A thorough investigation of ovecry iw > r
tluti nf tin Vlutir IlUff in h ht PetcmUitn liii mug if
luuth Iniii compIitiMl and the police niith htils Ii4iutt
biitUfled them lii that nt diin urul aiiutlitr attempt
ujtoii the tit iu hit within tIle wallsoi IHIUVMI b feuds iii
is ul pri cnt to be nppiclicndvd he now re ulon in Uiu
palace nuln tlreplnt howt > er In a dllleiriit apiirtmenl
terynUhL The Ino HI tualU U d by the KiHsitu KIM
peror In his nummlUtnl abiKlo is pitubly dimi Na
iiiiinmohi tie ill either solid ur liquid that hit 01 brrtl
ta ltd In his pi ci lice by suiuu otlclitl piiM > iiMie imr
paim hi ill His hitli ti tnmint > d itC moriimx by
thu mcdicit otncts of his huiiMhuM bctoru lie tuluiti
tousult uud hu MUiMii approiLlici a StUd < I riflro
place leit saute iMplutivi mateii CllttCiill 1 unuiu Ui < i
had should luuu bueii Niirttlv intioJucvd nil < i it Itriurt
hu r thoi tu root ItU tel ru oiit and ih lro > ttu looin I hi Wi II l
as the apartment t untuuotts to tin in on tho upjvr ml
lower I lloors uiv lutuiiitlw 1 to A u tom iiii ini t ctloiL lilt
Mlletty appvari vxtmucly nervous tales no inUMCsttl
St lie liu ituni and txluliitiitidtil I re Ice to the nnllUryUe
tails whuli hvrituUrukoiiilituieU luslawrilviKi up itiuii
Just two hundred anti sixteen jviia ago
the Dntchmnii tutu Vlamliik crnUuii almut tte Indian
Ovcuii in lviltu U17 dvrtcsr > J simnls suuth lonltuJQ
77 dikfiets ui hecnnd eliot t cdme uputi a sitlihl vutatuj
inland lour miles lu liiii < Ui troth north lu nulli anl 1
about two Sill t lm > al I trom I east to wt it lroin thiS >
upou y And poruu hular i ptrlf h of the tind i oiiA9
rivers itowtd e itninl I ti the setS forming a It fill iiJtn
rat lutch ii or hit u bur smut thuu4iid fevt in width ul Ill
an i opctiiin fiom tin1 id > an two Uundrvd hit 5 hU Stv >
hllU tiicump UM 1 tte harbor nit ii uibtmd down M neititi
thti HKtaco of the ails waif i touirntral iliptli wf ono
hundred an I keiiiiu luur Itit and omy iiruunlt bIt
comparuttxily lutiru sly gush cotiM clii mis eiuvr lor til
tibout thu nlouiuy Ulaud thu coatl wa in icu nlil wilU
buuldtn ol tretiluimi nmiou alit d ltutmetitils lioinn
of lava ChIle Iti tlu rntrnitOf nt tlui nttur il viii I Sts l
Klittu1 u rich p t > r4iuid Hllel I a uti einot l i i nan or
volcumc KlnJ ttllvr than iio > > n M mum il FlitS
ri ill itititt ot the Titie lit a t 0 ICLU u i a un I tt bilker tt
Mnda t car and Atom tni n ii l is nuw 44 i Iru I
Ulind U Imi bfvn a hIllier 01 rvluo sum > eal CCA
sioiu Ur ftUipwrciacJ satlurs

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