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r nn 0
lEDIS nil Y IIAKT wramxtt Uti
IlLlC ix rirji DJrs
Utnllnl lllnner Urun IHilnne S br Ten
Mlln 1cirnm Mnrlrcn Mllci llehlnrt niul
Jliillrr XIII llmriiMnir on wllW IIIIU
hniu arTklrd IMncF HecnM In lb Gurilen
Tho fifth tiny of tlio great race for tho
OLenrj bolt becnn lu crlm earnest Cold cur
rents of nlr ran through Immense Garden
chllllni tV en tho whiskoyfovorod blood of ar
dent adherents of tho contestants who hnvo ro
Binlned lu tho Garden hanging over tho rnlls
eluco the race began on Sunday night They
vrero too pttttiM from loss of comfortable sleou
to rnlio a ctioor na theIr champions stcpiiod
forth from tholr tents to resumo tholr weary
nnd freed march In the nmall hours of tho
morulntf I Tho walkers had taken an avornco
of about three hours rest those having turned
In earliest mnklnc tho first aiipunrunco
Tho ninln battle of tho day was to bo fought
Doblor fast
betweuu Hart and Tecmm wns
falllnc to tho rear like a prisoner with I log
chained to his lee His loft limb which meas
ured fourteen Inches below tho kneo when he
bXiim tint walk had swelled to eighteen And
onehalf Inches lilt backer Daniel OLoary
bad uirn up nil Idea of his winning the raco
Daniel all i ho looked upon his man us tho best
In tho walk Unfortunately Dobler had taken
I bad coil nnd tho cold had settled In his
f liraltiLJ limb This had brought on an attack
of Inflammatory rheumatism the pain of which
had dilven tha blood to his head and further
weakened him by copious bleidluc Ht th nose
OLenn was ready to back floUter for a 10000
within throo months nnd would
raco wihin mOlths put up
1000 in forfeit Ho would prefer any oppo
nent to Hurt na the latter was one of his pro
ttWt t nut he did not deslro to pit Dobler
ccnlns him
William Pecram who has loomed up as I
possible winner of tho bolt Is I quiet full
blooded negro lie woe born a slave In Virginia
< ICIro
ginia thirtysix rears ago Hu has lived the
last nliio rear In Hoston whero ho Is engaged
in the etreet paving department Although hs
nttompto to imitate Hart In his drops and mayo
racnts he verges on a ridiculous caricature of
tho young dnrksklTiniHl Adonis of the sawdust
path IVurnm la i awkwardly Imilt his nook nnd
heal bom Hit t nliovo his shoulders with a half
crook Ho Is about 5 feet G when walking and
weilho 11U pounds IVurnm was encnced In
Bfviira I 11 vvnlks his best performance hare
toforii toll In the rieo for thn hose belts
vvhtn h covered 527 miles without the nld
ol train > ri On thii IHtli day wit Ii blltered
dot In tnsed UD lull behind him lieforo
the Irs i nt riux Ieurnm was asked what ho ox
pectit t < > I llorotilled
11 ten I tint belt and put It on den Ill sit In
lint chiiir lUrerrlnu to the spoclnl prlzo to be
civ lust on ilail th mal who muled the best score on tha
Whou licram started on his fifth day1 jour
ncy yfrrdnv t inornln hi said that he never
lilt lnlltr 1 In his life f Ho looked like 1 Vfrjr
tlrid man though lonir before nightfall Ho
lost four iiouis through sirtness on the first
taT which Oiorco Maceo his trainer says s et
him Ii Kk from thn ndlnc l poaltlon
liatpv Ja < k unld that Hurt slept sweetly lS an
Infant during his throe hours rat His first
ijiiiu u in the corning Wi Jack IsToKram
on Din trick 7
i us
hurry up then Jack nod cot on my shoos
Ill hull em whether Ill win the belt or not
Sine of the 01 had chaffed him the night
I rivious by saying that Petram would take theca
calAt I A 31 before the sawdust trlolors were
unlor wuy lor tha fifth duiu walk the scores of
all rniainlne I in I thu HICK out of thin or I final
plkhtfn wer Hart 405 IVeram 392 IJoMT
But t Howard 375 Allen 3fi5 Krohne 352
WIn s b EJI mil Ilnnwiikr 313
11 C hours later at 0 A M alter dull plod
dim uni iiihcnecl hy cheers music or stirring
liikliiro a any description the hue of tramps
1luu to warm UP Hirt beaded the black
board with 419 mile IVuram 40U DohUr
4IW Huwinl SSO len 381 Krohn 370
VllllauiH sa < jj and Hanwikor SIG Icuram
hit vainly tried to lessen the cap between him
self niul the loader
Hmf nn hour later Pfcrnm struck Into 1 run
with Hart nt his hnuls lV > rard kept up thu
tI 1 fur six or soon rnllen without n break
hart Mi kini to him froth as a daUy 1eurnm
then rntuxil foraleninluutesand Hart stopped
irto h H tnt
Jack Miat are you colngtodolnaulrred Happy
htaj there until I win tho belt replied Hart
Th luailtrs were on on the track nirnln
nnd H irt pome1 In I fair way to urlfy his remark
mark tint longer he walked the fresher ho ap
peared There were comparatively low spec
tators In til 1 Garden nt this time and very little
excitement was shown over the remarkable
The blackboard displayed three figures lt t 9
AM Hart 431 lV rnni4JO Uolilnr 416
Howarl 4112 Allen 3Jl Klirono 333 WII
liuint3 I 1 nfl HanwaUer 312
Ah thmime Hart huiiL to Iecram close as I
Bulk I i a trotting horse Although Hart was
lltHrall 13 miles ahead In the lournay he
loguit IVtfratns footsteps relentlessly Ie
grain lot his temper at times occasionally
tlini iiij Ills broad feet backward Iku scoops
nnd sZdbrng Harts legs with sawdust Hart
I ikthKgood nattiriullv riUllatlng by giving
IVram n brlhv brush once In a while
lol r nod Hart hare travelled on the Let 01
teinis thriuslioui the race AO far and hart
would niiinh prefer seeing Dobler in second
via a than IVfram
H irn Howard the Englishman from Man
chester appoanvl to hi thn strongest man on
the Ira i k > eet rday Ho held fourth place will
u good oauou later In the day of passing the
disabled Dubler The veteran Jack Qouldlng
Is LroumiuL howard In the race
Hjvard is nil rigtit1 bald Jack Ho
Iward ni rllht 11t le com
plains of nothlni Im saving hU conbtltutlon
lor tin iuL hay constlullon
Jack Keeps ouch constant vigil over his ricer
that he eltepsonly one hour out of the twenty
four on an average I
A iuii Iv from tho > st t Indies who visited 1 the
race yetrfuy Hunt Howard I beautiful blnck
velvet uo11 CII with I heavy gold band and
umbplilery A note accompanied the cap with
1 n ijui t that t Mr Howard should wear tho cap
four t nifa around the track Thorn was un
dorstoi d to b I lucky cymbal in this Jack
clHPtil thu capon Hovvnrds head and How
nid I wover tlm HavMlunt Ik n winged jlr
eury Howard looked paillcularly happy after
thin luciilaiit coming out with u bright scarlet
jaekev eap and scarlet trunks
At 12 1 M 1 II furilajs and n hall from thn brvtn
ningof the rrlllo race the score sliownd the
higtieht llgures over HUPII In tho worlJ In
n thee nf f this sort Hart 147 C8 miles Po
grail 112 Duller IM Howard 416 Allen
1U4 i nains3UJ and Hanwaknr312
Jlio > < 11 j I lookedfor hcore of 450 miles to be
I IOIjIr t il 1 HID sixth day was run upon the
bliifclm I nt 1229 1 1 M I to Hurt credit A
ynir MHO Such a performance would have
raised thu roof yesterday it failed to raise a
cheer htraugu to hay when Doblers score
nhowud thn bamo figure nearly fclx hours
Infir tin Gulden uchood with applause ID
cruiu HIIIIIDI 1 out 01 tils 450th mile at 410 I
Oelok Honaid struck into his 451st mile befora 0
Halt kept within thruo feet of Pegram who
IjiLuii to look jaileil and weary and H little
< 1
nun tb Jlobt of thJ other walk < rrt kept dose
In the I aderx As they reached the scorers
fctund II irt buddonly mversnd When IVgran
lnki il around ha saw the others turning back
nil foi IUI Hart Pegram seemod a llttln be
WIJI1 I but wheeled und turned back at thl
cud i uiiJuiH I I After going I lap or two liar
reMTM nLain and again mixing Pegram up
In II niicnl mniiner Thu great crowd facing
Irnt Iuclll
Ivle lliiise uis laughed heartily whon they saw the
Wh1 Hart started on his fifth days Journey
Iie uuus about even wihhu Hlower Drowns record
for tin Mime time when ho mad the bit
acer uf t 553 miles vvhleh lops sixday perform
lint He kept drawing away from tho 11 It
riuril until ut 3 P M he was debt mile
ahead of I It 31 mies
A feature tho crowd present lost night was
IU I heart Independence of all distinctions of
inCH iolor or previous condition of servitude
Hurt IntI Pogrnin und even Williams who la i
OM bink us the ten of spades were applnudr
tin harllir as 1 they had been of tho purest
auiui > iuu hlood Another pleasing clmraetor
lotto ol the throng was Its kind disposition to
on ouingii honest pluck struggling with niher
MrultJnl wih luler
Bltj Poor I Dubler who had gradually droppoi
bark ti I twentyeight miles behind I H leader
Hun recolvod us much applause taking tho
evening through as his sprightly rival lbs
unfortunate prairie bosnom had In no wise re
coviicd from Ills viretcliod condition < of knee
but WHS on the contrary getting In worso plight
jH the I tlmu I yet ho hung to his work with grim
Imlldogllkp dotennlnntlon that deserved end
won ilia plaudits of the spectators oven moro
tlnii anybody else In the Slllctntora Ha limped
cal le Ihn1od
palBfuily favoring his swollen loft knee at
tverj btiiu his fats was pinched and drawn
with 1 phvblcal Burrorlng his head was car
lied on u the right side as u by WIS al olr II
Jtlndlv e movement to shift Its weigh
torn the line of that knee Is Ild wollht
I nd
luda were clenched with nervous force
I I crushing down bli great conncioiunew off
isll 1 crushing down hb troat CODACIOOJ p
s nrTerlntt Hut for all that ho went forcing
ao long steadily determinedly oven In defiance
of f the wishes of his backers trainer nnd
friends who were averse to seeing ns OLoary
phased It DO good n mal brnnk OLoary
Ho did not seem conscious of the applause that
his l heroin feat of endurance Ilplnulo wont
nlonl with his dull sunken eyes fixed on 11
Williams contlnund to rorerso Ills mnroh
losing lf l by It R It would seem from thin necessity
for bin turning out as ho mot tho other pndos
t rlans who nil persistently cling as near to the
i liner oiltro nt the track ns possible hut still ho
pursued his way with tho doggM obntlnncy that
n fellow must havo who Is I flftynovun miles
bohlnd nnt 1 titlll keeps Ityun mies
shuflll nlont
Pegrnm has been gradually losing ground
Mncn lat night anti there was little hopo left
of his gaining the posltol which would onabln
him to fuini his promise about the belt If I
vln do h l ln said ho Ill preach belt It next
Similar lso not ashamed ob do bolt nor de
elTon Iso n makln for to win I Ho Is ix
Methodist prnnohor and his promise to wear It
In I the pulpit Is consequently by no means nn
Idlo h one Hut It does not look now M mAlns wire
liknly l to do < nn > thing nf that port all wie
Howard hai boon jogging alone seemingly ns
fresh as on tho fist day His second wind
line t hold good and ho lies had no trouble with
his foot or this muscles of his legs Jack Gould
Ing It I his trainer says that ho Is still confident
that t Howard will i take Atl oonldont
tmt HOnrt wil tnlo a very prominent place
nt the finish by I long hard run on the Inst
day Thnt ho will make nt least 90 miles on
thnt dny his backers are confident and they
surprise oven SOT that them If ho makes 100 It will not much
Jay bens Inst chirp has boon hoard He sent
n loiter to Mr Curtis desiring him to propose
to tho management thnt tho receipts of tho Inst
night should in order to mnko thin pedestrian
tournament a benevolent an well ns n financial
success for futurity hut l Ihon to him 1nnnolnl
sottlndlt Abel Immediately sent for I hack
had Jnybnn put Into I and tho Garden Is now
clPlrol him
K rob no has kopt on up to dntn doing his
work nt very nearly thu same pnco and cur
tainly In tho snmo style that ho started < He Is
thu lot most consistent and reliable walker In tho
101Jnrt continued to command tho general won
der by his astonishing freshness nnd elasticity
doipltit the strain to which hn has subjected
himself In the past five days Bo far as getting
tired mon Is concerned ho might oa welt nSI brusa
monHow long am you going to keep on the
truck tonight MrSwyny asked him
I dont know hn replied If Pecram
lont ropld Pelrlm
tay too on the track all night Il stay I tho track
tooAnd hn looked nsl he was liable to do no
Poor Dobler had to go off at nine minutes
pnst 10 oclock to havo another drenching of
finlrnnnton his lair droncblnl
At 11 oclock Hart was practically out of the
Question so fur as tho betting lon wore con
cirned although nominally hive to ono wore
oftarcd on him against thu Held with few takers
even lt that nds
Two to one were acceptnll against 5C5 miles
being made and ouo to two offered against 560
Ut TuThe t
The audience last evening was larger than on
the night preceding and contained I vary much
larger proportion of ladles during tho earlier
hours All the boxes wore thronged with n more
f tthlonibluand fairer concourse of spectators
than is ordinarily soon nt exhibitions of this
class anti thousnnds of ladles wore among tho
crowd upon the floor unable to Und seats In the
Unto 11 oclock the total resting time of each
of the contestants since tho watch commenced
was as follows
nM i nun
Ilirt 17 at 3i Allen 4 < i
rearvm si 43 It I Krohne 24 SI 2tt
Dobler IK ZN 07 WnlUntf u 2 5J 36
luwoJ2 U 1 2 iiauuuustey21 4 40
At two minutes past 1 Hart left tho track
having completed 491J miles by 11 oclock
That put him very nearly 11 miles above Blower
Browns record which nt the corresponding
hour was hut 481 miles nod threequarters of
n lap Hart unit little more than en
tered his tent when ho dropped asleep
easy and confident for ho was then
19 miles ahead of his most dangerous
compmltor IVgrnm who had bean ofltliu track
since 1046 Howard had cone oft oI 92310
cud was speedily follow by Hanwaker amid
Williams no that when Hart disappeared the
track wan left unoccupied nnd the spectators
hud to fail bank upon their own resources for
amusement during a lone and wearisome sea
son of waiting
A visit to Doblors tent elicited from OLeary
the report Hint hii prologiis knee was much
Improved In condition lull he was slutplug
well with thin prospect of going on the track In
nn hour or two In much bollur trim than ho had
been within I couple of dnjs Hope was still
cherished of his ranking third nhico but
whether ho did or not OLcnry said that hn
would bo willing nOli back him for tlOOOO
nirnltut the winner of tho present raoc tOO
Williams was the first man to reunponr com
ing on at nine minutes before 12 but he
moved with an unwilling gait nltnost as lo
n the hour hand of n clock A brilliant llimln
Lotintil cap got him n round of applnufi and
UmtiKumtd to huts sort of milne UITnlnc
fleet upon him for I few rods after which ho
crept nloni with tho deliberation of I drowsy
snnll i I tnklnc I I holiday stroll I
The midnight score stood ns follows
XUn io il I IIP Lai
Hart 4U Wlltlami < w 4
liuram 471 Allen 413
lliulvr > O Krolllli 4W 6
lloivaril iVI lllninnter J
aiuttn AI midnight Krohno plunged on the track
At ix minutes past 12 oclock Dobler hob
bled out again and his Indomitable pluck won
fur him round after round of applause from
the spectntors Jon the ladles in the boxes
cheeied him and his eyes brlght ned wlty np
priclatlon of thn demonstration of kindly nud
tiympnthitla feeling but his left foot
trembled and the leg above It quivered
with pain nt every step jet bets are
offered br his backers thnt he will make 500
miles in the race Krohne hay leon putting in
hlH long soldierly strides with us much regu
larity as on the llrst day and with fvn greater
rapidity viiilu his arms vrorkid like the piston
rods of nn engine After a mllo Doblor went off
again and did not return until ten minute bo
fore 1 oclock when he came out looking better
and moving more easily
The only changes In the midnight score are
tlm ndvamHof Dottier to 4G2 Krohn to 413 nat
Williams 413 miles Fully four thousand
Wlllnm 43811es ul rOlr spec
tators still remained in the Garden at thathour
Howard caino out again at 1253
Orc on Uemocrnti far Tllden Ioulivllle Kc
publican for Grout
SiN FJIANCISCO April 9Tho Oregon L
Democratic Convention yesterday nominated
John Whltaker for Congress and J K Weuth
orford T J Owens and James Fulton for
Presidential electors For Supreme Judges
time candidates are J K Kelly P 1 Prim and
John lluruult Six delegates to Cincinnati
woiu chosen and although not positively in
Btrueted are for Tlldon Idsolutions favor
Ing Justice Field of the United Mates buprumn
Court for Presidential candidate were received
with applause but I was dinniod party policy
to adhere to the ticket of lbC and a resolution
favoring Tlldnu and Uondrlcks was adopted by
a vote of six to one
WASHINGTON April 9 Friends of Mr Justice
Field In this city have received private do
Bpatchea from Oregon stating that the Demo
crat tiieguui ion In Cincinnati hum that Mate
stands 5 to 1 In Justice Fields favor Thu
platform adopted hy this btate Convention IB
also acceptable to his friends
YORK PH April 0The Democratic County
Committee meeting her today was a particu
larly full one and much feeling provalfod All
resolutions wero tabled und there was no ex
pression of ProBldnntlnl rinferonce W F Hay
Slewart WU elected Henutorlal dolflgate and A
W Hxtrick John B Hiestand John Qliwey
and William Heltzell Itopreseiitatlv delegates
They will all support Uhauncoy F Ultck ESIJ
fordelegatuto the National Convention
LOUISVILLE Ky April 9The Republican
ward elections were held here yesterday to se
lect delegates to tho btato Convention to bo
held next Wednesday Gen Grant has carried
the city eight out of twelve l wards having In
Mructod to vote t for l him vl wards wore In l
structed for Hhsrman Disgraceful conduct on
the part of the Grant mon in capturing some of
thn county districts Is charged
COUNCIL HLUFFS Iowa April 9The Repub
licans of 1oliawattomln County today selected
lUtoendelegutes to tho State Convention Grant
men largely predominate and the delegation
though uninstructPil Is solid for time Generals
nomination Thu Convention pledged iteelf to
support the Chicago nominee although he
ml uli t not bn its first choice
CANTON N Y April 9The St Lawronco
County Second Assembly District Democratic
Convention today elected W II Snwyor II D
Carpenter and Hiram BnrtMt delegated to the
Stato Convention Tutu nronnllTllden
Ainixr April 9he Democracy opposed to
Mr Tlldan In the four Asaxmhly districts today
day < elected delegates to hue htnte Couvcntlou to
bo held nt HyracitHoon the 20th Inst
SIOUX Cixr Iowa April 0This Woodbury
County Itepubllean Convention today dma n
solid instructed lllulne delegation of seven to
thu Iowa State Convention
The Arl nf AV nrln dcvrclry
Valuable hints to ladles young nnd old will
be given on this subject In the paper on Tho
Art of Dressing In tomorrows bundau Mtr
n Ever lady should read ItAdi
Iondt Illrscl Tol1 loop I un icelU4 IlkOfltkl
ikin sieseiC slid soi41s
ge Ul 1 pLtii sWVM C V
< 1
fUie xnifMlu imiplnl 1 I IhiUj I Irolllorhoun I
ftml fur i r n < nt bminhltii tnul ILIMUI iin > ii I
llku iuciliftcho I iruis I tun in im niintiif Jjp I
I Wllion tUucjtfet UroatlMm i SIll lute it elIte Coat or
rbtuuiauiui vuii ArUiaUui or Itiunti nue I Wuuc
l i Iui thIef KritJtrilon I ulcnloiic lull buj a VolUt M I
I tlU UuUiCoi UUjruvlMJfttKiUJ
OV tiaillCULTVltK fU W1XUU
Tk Fnrmeri nftr TorU City Out In Port
Lnlriiitxvorlhlntii or lbs CoiiBreMlonnl
Directory low the Fnlmer Looked
What they Ale Drunk Nniukcd anti acid
Mr Wllllnm llemson representing tho
oleomargarine Interests of Now York gave tho
Agricultural Committees of Congress n grand
banquet nt Dolmonlcoa last evening Flvnof
the twentytwo members of tho two commit
toes woo present They were tho lions Jnmos
B Richmond of Virginia D Wyatt Alkon of
South CarolIna Jonas H MoQownn of Mlclil
wan Walter L Stoolo of North Carolina Albert
P Forsytho of Illinois and JohnA Anderson
of Kansas They wore accompanied by tho
Hon 8 W Downoy of Wyoming and Col O C
Klllson olork to the House Committee They
all claimed to bo farmers They occupied seats
nt n table on I dais and wore flanked by tho fol
lowing distinguished < farmers from Now York
and Brooklyn
let B F TRICT 3m 11 Wa niHiix
Col llitj A V ILIII Inor MaRco
Mn > OIOKOK JOMI ruts Hoi ijctse I Coorra
JUDCI firim Junes VAI 1 KII
TilL Hoi A R RnuriK din STUWIRI 1 Woo ru
JlH 1 1HiMlIII KD901 W A COM
Over 200 hornyhanded < 1 farmers nat at five
tables In the body of tho hall Such rnkors nod
binders as Itussoll Sago Edwards Plerrepont
Samuel Sloan Lawrence R Jerome Alderman
Hlchardson of Brooklyn Abram 8 Hewitt
Clark Boll John 0 Wyman D 0 Calvin John
Fox Thomas Murphy Emanuel B Hart and
Don Manlerra were scattered among them
Among time other agriculturists wore len
Mitchell a niiphew of len It 11 Hayes of Fm
mont 0 Col Van Primmer of Ink now E
O CIT < ln eli Nelson Place Jr of thn Eighth
Regiment Cut Hllogorn Moss rsVaudernool
Orinn ant Cunming Col T losersVulllerlooJ
Mlllspnugh Gen Folsom of tho Duller and
Cheese lixchnugo F Thurbor Col J W 81
montoii Andrnw II flrnoii Col Wll on Dr W
A Hnm mondWmH Webb Gen GWPnlmPr
Gnu Duryea Survnyor 1iuutcth let Assemblv
man Bennett leo Catlln Dr Guernsey S E
HHCO Dr Molt Judgn Spier Judge Schlev
Frederick Lewis of Gosling fume and others II
The higher agricultural Interests were repro
snntod by the for J P Newman of tho Garden
of Ldnn
The walls wore decorated with fcstoonnd flags
and tile coats of arms of the United States anti
the Stab ot Now York Thn table was laden
with silver candelabra small palms and rose
trees In full bloom and golden blocks of oleo
margarine Hanks of flowers filled the hall
with perfume nud I baud wandered through
the airs 01 Fntlnltznnnd other operas Thu
rnrnu wan printed on ribbed ant I of various
colors TIme farmers were droasnd as farmers
should bo dres od In swallovvtnllnd conic
waistCoats cut decollote and diamond studs
As nil true fnrmar ought to do they ntu French
dishes with I rellMi and 1 washed them down
with costlv wines Ole fact Is espeolnlly note
worthy Thn farmers drank about COO bottles
of wine smoked 1500 cigars nud nto a i quarter
of I pound of oleomargarine This Is 8 ild to
be nn unusual average As Is usual nt farm
ers dinners clganttos were lighted botwnun
the courses anti viurorcuuuhy l puffed Nor was
this tho only puffing done Thu beauties of
oleomargarine worn described In fnriuorlike
phrases anti its manufacturers were called
benefactors of the human race
After the cloth was removed Mr Hemsen In
troduced the Hon Algernon S Sullivan as
Chairman of the evening Farmer Sullivan ex
pressed his pleasure at meeting so many stan
dard farmers Ho oald that ho had learned the
habits of the weevil from Itussell Sage had re
ceived a recipe from Rufus Hatch for killing
encumber bug and that Judge Van Brunt and
Farmer Hewitt hnil told him nil about the pota
to bug He closed by Introducing tho Hon
John W Anderson of Knnea Mr Anderson
railed himself I farmer from thu great
Vst U This Is Important for tho Cur slonnl
Iiettnmiery snytho In I clergyman HET He
rolled 1 himself over tho tirnlrles for a few
minutes and then paid You represent tha
grandest citvof thegrnndoslbtatn In the grnnd
est tountr on time grnndi continent on tho I
globe Gen Stewart J oodforti thus lon
Thomas Murphy Gen Palmer nnd others nc
rrptod the compliment with wild cheers and
thn reverend agriculturist resumed bin sent
The Hon D W > ntt Alken of South Carolina
the father of tiii children was next Introduced
Tlm fnrmors remembered the uncompromising
Unionism of his kinsman William Alken and
greeted him with rounds of cheers Mr Aikon I
nnnouneej himself as n fnrmor This Is im
portant for thn Congressional Dictionary sins
it hlruoII Mr Aiken begun by tolling a
stors of I negro witness who wn testIfying in a
case before I negro Judge In CharloMon At
ono point I I in bib tn > tlmony the t Judge reminded
him that ho was sworn to tell thin truth
the vvholw truth and nothing but
the truth Come nigger the wltnesi
replied You dono keel > your mouth shut and
lit l the wlilto folks talk Mr Aikui salt that
hn felt Ion much hike that now Hu wanted
to hear tho whltn folks talk Ho had boon a
farmer twentvflvu loan and until ho went to
Congress win re sIll he I bid fair to
learn something else Inslnuntlvo laughter
Hu understood that oleomargarine Is I product
of farming nnd as such ha took an Interest in
It Its enormous productlonspokovolumtH for
tha farmers of this great city 1 knit thor to
tiio farmers of the great West and sunny HOlth
J was I guarantee that from this icebound
prairies of Minnesota to tho orange groves of
Florida the country would remain ono and In
dl olublo lulll
The next speaker was tho Hon Jonas II Me
Gounn ol Michigan Hn npoku of himself
Gowal Mlchllnn J hlmel ns a
farmer Il his Is Important for the Cougres
sionnl Dictionary cal him n Inwjer HipJ
Mr McGowan mnd I short speech In which
lie fanned the wings of thu American eagle
tossed high tim cap of the Goddes of Liberty
turned the calcium light of W ioherlno elo
quence upon time Federal Constitution nnd fig
uratively wrapped himself in time Slurs and
btrlpep Hu wa loudly applauded
Tlio Jon Albert P I Fontjrthn of Illinois was
next Introduced Hesald that hn was n Farmer
amid I Grangor This Is important for the
Congresslounl Dictionary sum it ils true
lltll Mr Fnrsttho bald that his con
blltuenU bad botomo couvlncd that there
was entirely too much talking In Con
gicss nnd they had elected him because
hn was no talker Ho was proud however to
meet tho fanners of New York < I was his
llrst visit to this little vlilngonnd he was pleased
to sea Its nurlciilturnl Intitusti so well repro
bentod Ws get twenty conts I bushel for our
grain out lu Illinois I I I i said ho when It brings
sixty hero WH linvo been trying to find out
whorl lie Inakago Is Perhaps some of the
farmers in this city can tells us
All eyes WITH turned to 1 armor Rngo Je
rome and Wyman but they evidently took the
suggestion for I comindium and mndo no
oltoit to answer ih Tho lawyer speak for
all Mr Iormth continued thin soldier llch Is
for nil thn preacher tiniB for nil and the
farmer works for all Out of the 2JJ menibom
of thu Houxnof Representatives but Blxteon arts
rarmers li hov runrnannl R 11111 Oflll of lurl
handed voters This Is vro i Every clan
should be represented In proportion to their
numbers and Interests
The next snuakor was the lion James n
Richmond of Virginia He announced himself
as I farmer This Is Important for < the Con
creHKlonal Directory that ho Is a lavvjer
Itbil Ho said that he had yet to see lon hold
tho plough and handle the hoe when they nould
find any other vocation He astonished Mr <
Charles Delmonlco by asserting that tin farm
ers before him wero all smoking clean mado
from Virginia tobacco We wore Invited over
here said Mr Richmond to look nftur this
new method of making cheap butter If It Is
wholesome oneourageu It Is nn enterprise that ought to I bu
The Hon 8 W Downey of Wyoming then do
dared lilmsulf I farmer Tills It Important
for the Congressional Directory Hols him down
n a lawyer RUl Ho niftled this feathors of
this American onglo for a few minutes and tlmn
gave way to tho Ion Walter L Bteula of North
Carolina Mr Steeln assured the IOIDII that
ho was a fnrmor Tlilo Is nlso highly Import
ant for tlm Congressional Dlrmtorv sa > H that
ho Is a lawyer IltiJ Mr Steela math a speech
flavored with tar turpentine nnd champagne
and then burst Into n rncftutlon of Tarn
OShantor which was loudly applauded
Addresses humorous and grave wero made
by other agriculturists Ono by Clark Hell con
tained some Interesting disclosures itt spoke
of Tom Murphy tho moilnl fnrmor of Long
Branch Ho said limit Murphy had comu
to him dnrlnz the dny with tvars t
In his eyes declaring that ho had just bought
fifteen cows and the oliiomargiirlnn busmebs
would destroy his butter buslnifis if it vf not
Btoppeil Mr Hell described Farmer Jcinnm
Ploughing nt tha corer < of llrond nnd Wall
streets und planting I small potatoes Hint glow
to nn nnurmoufl Ibo 1 vlaltod thu farm of my
friend John 0 Wymnn itt ClO COIl lot long
nlocontnul d Mr Bali cmiii found him imiduts
trilusly ulUIIII lIIU8 lie UCCOlltOll for the
velArabl etur Coopers IUlorot Il ollllr
gaiinu ly limit fact that I ho probib ik rholl I
fair piollt from the hoofs find horns thrown on
thn market through its manufacturo
tlA midnight tho farmers were dropping out
one by ono nnd running over to thu walking
match TInt Southern members took n doop
Interest In Hurt amid Pegram mimi deemed to I
think A DvugcreUo that they Uchd would run wall ln 1 tho buutU on
Mix Kate Fields Muilonl 2toelotn
Thoro Is n little Gorman story that tolls
of I wonderful boy who never hat known what
I was to bo afraid Ho hoard people talking
about shuddering with fear and ho wont all
over the world Into haunted bouses and Into
every conceivable danger trying to experience
tlio new sensation
Miss Kate Field knows M little of I ns this
boy She has written books fearlessly She
hRS trod the stago fearlessly Sliolms moved In
tho highest circles of British society fearlessly
and she now appears In nn entertainment thnt
she dovUos and carries out entirely atouo and
with her accustomed courage
Her entertainment Is styled I monologue
and consist of bits of unconnected small talk
descriptive anecdote nnd burlesque with songs
dotted alone noro and thoro t give variety
to the performance It Is supposed to relato
to tim things that nro to bo coon nnd hoard
In the great English city and It Ii I entitled
Eyes anti Ears In London Now Mlts Fields
oos are bright and of her cars sho his cer
tainly no reason to complain and yet neither
the one nor tho other seem to have served
hur to very good purpose in this
matter Very few American Indies havo
over gone to England who have been
favored with such opportunities for accurate
observation nnd for such an Insight Into Eng
lish life ns Miss Field Sha has boon brought
Into contact with the most eminent
wih emilont men of
letters In that country and with the most dis
tinguished statesmen Sho has soen Its best so
ciety nt Its best and probably also at Its worst
Slut has nn apprehensive mind which sho
might easily have stored during her lone stay I
on tInt other side with I wealth 1 facts nnd
conclusions which should have enabled her to
give to us a gtrlklng brilllnnt anti
ftuggnstlve series of pictures of London
life full ot novel Incident strong charac
terization and fortlln suggestion And
pome ouch result probably was expected by
those who knew of hur opportunities nnd who
gathered In ouch numbers nt her entertain
ment Else why should nearly every literary
man of distinction In tho city have boon at
Chlckorlng Hall last evening As n class theso
workers do not wosto tholr time What Miss
Field actually gave was briefly sketched
somewhat as follows First tie fact lint Lon
don Is foggy and Its climate dull rainy nnd
heavy then apropos of this I Hoiig about
iinibrellai Tho different 1011 this
Miss Fluid sang under different um
Slnl untor IIIuront
brellas first an ordinary silk one then
a rod trimmed with
one wih white lace then
I gigantic blue cotton ono such as thn
Han Francisco Minstrels might use In onnof
their farces After this Miss Field bad Homo
banter about our first parents nnd tho Darwin
Inn theory of the descent 01 man which led her
to nnothnr song called Tho Zoo which was
one nl tlioso curious jumbles of nonsense end
chnfTthit nro mostly heard In variety concerts <
Then followed Cite description of n concart Isl
Mme Tussnuds wax works In time course of
which shn said butt she herself had been Info
taken by two of lier countrymen for a
wax flours and thnt on looking at the rain
loguu they could not fully Identify her but
that one of them siiecestod site might b the
woman who had murdered her lather nnd
mother and two little brothers nnd boiled
thorn Inn copper to which tho other respond
ed Clint ho could ealy believe I as she
lookud lust like thnt kind of womnn Now
wo would rather believe thnt Miss Field con
cocted this story out of whole cloth than to
think that any of our countr > men should bo mi
stupid ns to find In her lovely and Ingenuous
face any such murderous rcsomhlancts
After some remarks about English dinner
parties Miss Field sang a ballad entitled
Dont This related to a girl who wore ring
lets and whoso lover teased her and pulled her
hair At whlh she remonstrated nnd
said if ho did that she would turn him
olT as she had her other lovorp Another
ballad Mamma what Khali I do 7 wan of the
fimn humorous strain tha young lady In this
case being perplexed by 1 umltltudn of lovers
Two other soncs oun a ter good builenjue
of thu sinking of I young woman who
had no voice so hint it was all dumb
show and the other I muleteers
song sung In Spanish anti very well sung and
the burlesque of a rending from Macbeth
by an alnimlunbla ruciter completed thn first
part 01 lie entertainment Iu Inn I con rstu frsl I
we should have mentlonnd Mini Field gave
sam examples of hits impudence of 1110
driver antI of occasions on which she had
b < > en u victim of their vulgar chuff
Tho second pnrt of tIme programme war of
entirely l the same character as the first Wo
have been rather prolix in this detail In ttm
endeavor faithfully to show lie manner of
thing that Miss Field brings before her
nudienc W tu love thnt thu oiinl
ity anti character of her matorlnl
was a great disappointment to her friends her
admirers and tier all nce For such an nil
dloncu as she had Inst nvenlnir she certainly
aimed far too low Tim public i lit least ll pub
Hoof this iit > do not earn to hear cat drivers
chnlTor London concert hall songs tone 01 which
called Oh You Ridiculous Man was eung in
thisacoud t portllor I such innMoal loly I 8unl lie t
Lovely Uuibrflla 1 ito Zoo or Dont
or hut Imitation of a Cheap Jacks auction
This Is London life but it In luclon II
and any one walking about London
streets can see nnd does Me it all lie
time Miss Field ban had rare ana golden op
portunities for better tilings but notnsoliiari
Llimpso of them Is given from end to und of
her entertainment It appears to us n
wasted opportunity not evnn relieved by
tho humor vvhleh might make it tolera
ble sino Miss Field 18 i realty not humorous
In voice or manner or face or nation while
this whole lecture proceeds thu basis of hlo
mor I BIO would reform It nltogetbur and
tell us what she really heard and stw In Lon
don and toll it with thu enrnebtnoB of which
shin doubtless Is capable tho result might bo
worth tile public attention
Why did hs nun 10 Mall fcrrrelly In 1urope
nnd M hj did le I Kill lllniielft
Thoio Is llll a mystery relative to tint
Btiicldo of J Wclbert Smith tho Philadelphia
stove merchant who shot himself In tho heait
at St Vincents Hospital on Wednesday night
Ho was doing I prosperous business nt 710
Olrnrd avenue Philadelphia and had accu
mulated properly valued at 10000 His health
wns good all ho was of ncheoiiil active dis
position Ho was 35 years old not married
and commenced business Philadelphia after
fits years nctlvo service In tho United States
nnvy as assistant engineer Ho resided at JIll
Noitli Tenth street In I Philadelphia antI left
there Inst Monday with thn nvowod Intention I Icr
lsitlngn i married sister In i Huston His Phila I
delphia friends expected him to return in I
couple of days amid were astounded vvhon
they rend of his death In ito nmvo
papers His brother I W K biniih
cnmo to New York imterdnr and
CIII 1ow cshmllr nl alter
procuring the services of an undoi Inker to t tie
imra thn hoI for removal to I Philadelphia 10 u
dnv sought II I vain to t nscort lln thn cause of 1 thu 1 I
Injuries I that led to thn exposure of hl is itnti tutus I
intention I to sail for Lii molts In th steam
ship Canada under thn assumed
slll lnlol 11 sullll naino
of Goo W Jones Altliou mite police
are positive that whim J W Smith 101cu
found on the Hidowalk In i Fourth mivimi tie
on Wednesday morning with bin leg broken
ha was lntoxlcntod his brother 81 hint hn Inr
not only a l Mildly I temperate man but h hut 1118
also nn officer In a tnmpnninco organization
known as lie IVniple of Honor Polleitnun
Hull i who pinked htm I up sate hint hit mini tuir
complained of his broken limb nor of having
ImL lo 11111
been robbed until ho was fiie > iil < m d and Unit
tint only reply that could l bn cot from him tins
that hn hilt bOHI out t with tlmbojs u hli I 1 did i
not know who they vu > io or why
they had loft him Hut ho did kin
that ho was going to sail in thu Canada ntid
wasnnxlons to be taken on bond Ills sister
Mrs J V Mtttlorof I I 131 I 1 Fiuith m t iivuui tie hail
not seen him for snout tlmo Nnlllior sic nor
tlO 1lhur 101
Inn husband could glvu any oplatmllon uf
Mr bmilliii blramjo aitmu t oioncr Knox
eald last night that ho had been unable to ncr
tain tho iiiHeof the ruleidn and that hi be
llnved tlm I lolntivca did 1 not Limn I
Tlm 1 body tel III b taken to I Puhdulplilnt I i i t lu > diy
hut hroth paid hint nlghl Hint ho vuid not < HO
Ild 111
far ns lin know uimagnd tour Inipllcnleil null
any woman and that lie ennl I nut aeeount for
bile urttngo eoiidiirt on n hytoln sl wblli hu
had hcaul I suggested that I I vvuniau t vhl1 limo
bottom of hue msstor
Yulse 111 nii ll a nu I v uilmla t ui Jllel I
NuvOmrX8 April Congrrshninn Acller
I item e workll I ii lur 0 rcnlUIIUOI I rn iii ThlIIH
11111 tutiCuiut utfti h ic t float M 1 tie A
ituitdiU euiattit 10 I
1110 ttOittttttuI hlo itt 1 ti IVurOt
ItUI lI IIhl UC ml I Ii I 011 Ile I hl
10 b tin I rl tctay 10 t1 I 1 ii I ti 1 t I
r Ihlt IttuuiC Ii 1111 I I I 01 ilt < II iutitiui
itIiteJ dual stud Iho un OitiuturiaIIuihiituiii 1101 II
Learning All About Nlenrlne Ilntlcrlnc Inc
lne niul 1 Other themlcul J1oterle end
ticttlnff a Bnllt m Luncheon und i lllnner
Chairman Jonos i McQownn of Michi
gan Albertr Forsyth of Illinois W S Steelo
of North Carolina Wyatt Alkon of South Car
olina John A Anderson of Kansas B W
Downey of Wyoming Territory J 13 Richmond
of Virginia nnd Col G B Ellison of Now
York of tho Committee of Agriculture of the
House of Representatives visited ofllclnlly the
works of tho Commercial Manufacturing Com
pany C3o to 653 West Fortyeighth
Fortyoflhlh street yes
terday for the purpose of Inspecting the pro
cess of making oleomargarine button Tho
chemist of tho committee was Mr Bteclo who
hat n deal to say nbout stenrlno buttorine nnd
Incline while tho committee wont through the
manufactory First the
room was visited
whore the tallow of oxon cows and cattle gen
erally was received and separated from any
thing of the nonfat nature Tho tallow was
boiled before the eyes of tho committee nnd
then transferred to thu boated room whero I Is
churned Tho boated grease Is drawn oil Into
vats containing chopped Ico which serves to
congeal the oleomargarine Then the yellow
substance Is churned In milk to give it flavor
nnd salt and annnto the coloring
sni colorlnl matter is
added rue members of tho committee seemed
to bo well siitUfled thnt the methods of manu
factOrs wore nil that could be wished They
talked to tho employees drank milk smolled
ot tho oleomargarlnoua product Inspected the
clean and unpainted interiors and said very
Then they embarked on n Government tug
IJ floated down thu North and up the East
Rivera while they mite luncheon and discussed
the merits of oleomargarine F It 1 hur bur
Clark Hell and W S Carioll of Baltimore no
compnuled the party
Time milk and butter ilealorfl of New York have
circulated among their coustltucuts printed
Blips bonded ns follows
AlArmctt tij their on n vrrnnit dolnj against the dairy
lot rvsti and the consuming public tlic oleomam rinUts
lass flOiiKht tn IcrcflUII tinlavnrtttl5 action 13 ConurtrM
lliri > uili Hit Introductionulu i billKklUinatUlai heir man
lilarturi The mcldoU rmilnjftl tu retire taco by
iiuaim rtf a banquet are worlhyol stouter CHUM It Is to
b jliexnl tint our It laluturs will Cut bit iDlluencLd bj
Hint ipccttt oCariuiiivilL
lesterdny afternoon several dealers met nt
127 Water street Iho warehouse of rands D
Moulton V Co to discuss his best menus ot
neutralizing time iRtlon taken by the oleomar
garine manufacturers In Inviting the Congres
sional commltteo appointed to investigate the
oloomnrgarlno business to a bimiuut at
DelmouicoH Mr Washington Windsor pre
sided and Mr Real criticised the manner In
which time oluomnnarlnu dealers attempted to
advertise their progress Thu pelitiou of the
butter and milk dealers and producers of tile
United States to Congress had already beau
signed by 50000 persons and within nooupln
0 wicks hu uxpcctcd thnt 200000 signatures
would be obtained The dairymen toro not
able to give bumiuets to Congressmen but wh ilu
Chic olcomnrgarliiu people did so they would
feud their guests on Penns > lvnula butter nt tl a
pound and tell tlinm It was oleomargarine and
Lucy would bu careful not to take thorn near
nut uttho fntrendeilng estnbllslimonts where
thu oil was mado from which thin oleomargarine
vsn > nmmifaeturxl Tlm olnmniirgarimiui untie
WHS a menu contemptible and sliabby busi
ness Mr Walter Cnrr believed thnt oleomargarine
was Injurious to health and its rutuuiu im Picture
was n fraud upon producer and consumer
Mr Lluvd Bald SOUOOOO people and vast sums
of muuomucy were engaged in tim butter business
and the great tradu that nud been built up was
jeopardized by half a dozen oleomargarine
manufacturers Tnunty persons engaged In
thu tradu could throw as much oleomargarine
on this market mis would Bwamp all tlio butter
diMlvra Olvoiuurgurluo was very lujurlousto
dyspeptic person
Mr OeorgnC 1 1errls said the destruction of
this butter bU8in m would nITect tho wealth of
tills I nation Thn man who Invented I oleomar
garine was now languishing i iu I a South Amerl
cin prison Ion attempting to pass oil a mixture
of basn mntals us gold It was not allowed to be
given to tlio tupers on lllackueUs Island
Oilier gentlemen spoke to hue same iffoct and
thu follonlng committed wns appointed to con
fer with other organizatloni throughout the
countn and to visit time Congressional com
mittee now In I tills cit y
Washington lniiaor J F Joyce Lloyd J
Seaman t niter tntr George II I i terrls Vi in
H 1liiilltS John U Martin J U Uroht Uuo
b Uurt
Convicted or Murder 1111 Im tj Clr < nalttnu
list fldcnce
Lrnsnrno Va April 9The negro tour
dercr Samuel Robinson ntis hanged here this
morning After eating a hearty breakfius lie
was conducted to lie BcalTold about C oclock
Hu ascended lie Blots of this scaffold and was
placed upon the trap Sbeiiff Caruthors nd
jubted the rope and a colored minister read n
chapter ot the Scripture The Rev Mr Cannon
then offered a prayer During the prater the
prisoner knelt with his head upon tho rail of
Clue scaffold Iho Sheriff asked Robinson if ho
had anything to say Ho answered No con
fession to miko Tho Sheriff sprung the trap
nnd tho murderers neck was Immediately
tnoken Tint body was nllowed to hang nine
tpttn iii I n mites anti watt hen nut ilmvn
Tlie crime of which Robinson was convicted
was thn assassination of Ednard Ihomns
whose floily was found In tho public road a short
diitancn from hnickersvilln Loudou County
on Oct 23 1S7 ° with nn ugly shotgun wound lu
tho buck of time nock Thomas was ettruscmuss
when found but helpless and died the next
d > y without belnir nblo lo give any information
which might lead I to lie t arrest and convlulon
of lilsHi I run It I I soon became known that t an
old feud existed I between liuoinas and Uoblnfion
and Mipuiinia clrcumstnneeH coiincctrd with
Robtneonii actions just before and after thu
murder led to his arrest
At the trial it was pioved hint on the night of
Iho murder two portions met mind recognized
Robinson about 200 jnids Irom tim spot where
tlm bolrof Thomas was subseiiiiiitly found
that about throuQuartirs of n mllo i I um ut tier they
mutt t Iii units going In I tho direction I of the place
whoro thy I had but recently pies it Rublnsun
that t it uuks won found Imprtssod I In i thu t soft
eaith at the sonnu of tie murder which in
measurement geneial appearnnci > antI char
uitiribticit currestionded with the shoes worn
bj tho pi Is nor when nrifstod that t on tho
muning altii tho homlm thn pilsoner In
eolivois ilion i with Ilin I doctor who was attend
ing lliuniu 1 protendod not to have heard of
tbi < Clime vvhlln It was lu proof that ho had
been informed of It anti indeed thn whole
commuDil MisriiiKHn with lie slur > of im timid
that ttitlii HP > liking to HIP doctor h cxhlbllud
mitt groatit nervousness and agitation It was
iirnV d mji that hu was hnstibt lo liomus I and
nail mmuio t tin eats as lo nliat 1m intnded to do
and that n gun which had been lull inconlly
discharge 1 vvus fiiiind lu Ills pobsission lbs
tctini iiy utTeiuil b > tlm d feiiiiioini t fuinlhlmd
nddllioaal MVideuou of Iho prlsoiuns guilt Thu
solo etfoit v ns to prove an alibi br its daughter
n small child who tld her story very glibly
until I biibjooted to euosstxi mu i nut Pun It t tlmn
becamu ovidiiiit that thn child Imil hern taught
her story Indmd wheu iiucMlnnod she nit
lessly admitted that such was lie t hurt
A pitttloii foi I r n commutation to llfo I Imprison
ment or n ittut Lull iiitii cot of the t Intuiting was
tliculalod lu mite count but rocoived onl > n few
Kigiiiituies The hanging of Robinson nmkua
tlm fourth man hnngtil In London County
sliiio Itn found itjoii moro than HID years ago
II t htu Inst iTv m loim to this i onubelni in I 1818 All
vveru negroes nnd all except Robinson wen
liucod fat the crime of rape
A Nr ui i llnnuccl Inr Arton
CHABLCSION S C April 9Amos Woolen
A flu er vfaa hnnniil in lUnnt utsu lulU iuit ttit nl iibiut
men t lor buriai k niul r > tl Ink llaiitfiii mills ti Urlborn
1 it i tie Ot it tttii Slate uuuter
it I t iv tiiW Cii 5 Itt S 1 It Ii ttifue ur i tnt su
tuPiltu uuu liii Lilt mitt iiuuiui S tilit cruni s Ito
I t t I IS II
tittttlu t Ii lit fl rItuC tu ut liftju oureteu with
lii tilto iii t tutttiIl r I iii ott ii iriul
I utuiy u ito itl 1 I uttul tt ru I itsieu
ii It utiii u rut Ii ii um u2 u tiui it Iti ItuvUlliuti
lit ii t it ttt tutu till lull ut
i lilt it i di i i I iii ui it titu is 1111 trsn
iiuthttti A I I tttiittii Itt hull
1100 u i lid t iu ii it it tilt i II II Uti hetiv
I I i it itt ri ittui i it Ito cut i WI it IC orili tJuurtiiuU icr
bitt lii
Tliu Iiitple IH > IIR Tur II
WAltiitNuiTI Aiull tlSeCoiilt Asslstnnt
IolinniTii i in nonl 11 I lit ii In outcrcil a Inn mall
traUi I t tje iii li Iduiva iiiciitiatl nail lialiuiniult
to lcao lIe luraior 11 lev nt 4 1 u ilm k In the niinilnkf in
lull Hit Ilni ilin ill I nir Ito lu tlilnni oil itl 7t 4 A VI
1 It cimnul i Ijt it < ii l Hit ii t lo injtite llif lii < ttvtfljmti
Jutlti i it U > uli1i mi Uklu > l liitlunt I liKli Im
ni l > crltuurtt Hrul1 nu tliiiili in cnrlililnu slur
itt ilUniilraitui1 Itu IuiuJ bUU U1 pftY Ur Ull
Macu UtuUiiiij iJiHJi JitU
nuiiisn KIKCHOHS
Th Liberals Certain of Clear Majority is
the Sloe of Common
LONDON April 9The Liberals aro still
making gains In the Parliamentary elections
The returns now show that 319 Liberals 200
Conservatives and 10 Homo Rulers have been
elected At the elections today tho Liberals
gained 12 members and they now have a major
ity of 80 over all
The Timet estimates that the Liberals In the
now house will number about 310 and tlio
Home Hitlers from 60 to 65 The Conservatives
can hardly count on more than 2SO The Lib
erals will thus find their position In the now
Parliament nearly the same as that of the pres
ent Government In the Into Parliament
Ala mooting the Liberal Executive Com
mittee yesterday deputation was appointed
to proceed to Hawardon to urge Mr Gladstone
to consent to a public reception In London
A despatch from Dublin to the Press Associa
tion says Mr Charles 8 Parnoll will nit for
Cork city In the next House It Is stated that
the Right Hon Col Taylor Conservative who
has been redacted for Dublin County will bo
raised to the peerage mind that Sir A B auln
ness who stood for Dublin city will bo the
Conservative candidate and The OConor Don
who stood for Itoscommon the Liberal cumuli
date for the vacancy thus caused lu Dublin
At n preliminary meeting of representatives
o Irish associations In London last night a
committee wos formed to organize npubllo re
ception for Mr Parnoll on his arrival In Lon
don end all the Irish organizations 01 the
metropolis will be Invited to participate Mr
Parnoll has received the freedom ol the city of
Cork for his services In behalf of Ireland
Among those who have hen returned nt to
days elections are Mr M K Grant Duff Lib
eral for Klein District ruOlectnd the Right
Hon Hugh Law anti Sir Thomas M Clone Lib
orals for Londonderry County rnflloctid tho
Hon Evolyn Ashley Liberal for lain of Wight
n Liberal gain tutu Hon llupnrt Carrlngton
Liberal thin Hon Thomns F Fremnntle and
Run Robert B harvey Conservatives for Buick
Inghanshlre thu last two reflected tho Hon
A 1 Klllott Liberal for Roxburyahlro a Lib
oral gain Col Jolcey anti Mr Charles M Pal
mer LIberals for Durham north thu latter re
elected n liberal gain M > snrs Edward F Lit
ton Liberal and John W KlllsonMncartney
Conservative for Tvrono the latter reCloctod
Liberal gain Hr W U Ilorlnsn Liberal for
Cornwall east tIm Hon 0 T AgnrRobertcs
Liberal for Cornwall east n Liberal gain
Cal Robert N Klncscoto Liberal for Glouces
tershire west reiilfictod Lord Moreton LIt
mural for Gloucestershire west n Liberal gain
Mr U P Pugh Liberal for Cardiganshire a
Lltieral ialn
The Mnnjuls of Hnrtlneton the LIberal
lender nnd Mr R W Grnfton Liberal were
chosen today for Lancashire northeast Lib
oral gain of two souls The Marquis of Hart
Ingtan had already been returned from the
Radnor burghs His election today for North
east Lancashire with hint ot Mr Oration de
feated tnn Conservative candidates Mr Chant
burlaln Stnrkle member ot the lust house and
ITr W F Ecroyl
SC Slumlord Northcote the Chancellor of the
rxchinuer lias had n prolonged Intel view with
Lord HencnnBJxId who huts nlsn been visited by
Lord Cranbrook secretary for India It Is said
that on the return to London of Mr Cross tho
Homn Secretary and Ur Stanley thn Secretary
for Wnr a Cabinet councJ vvlll bo hold proba
blvon unit Monday
Loviiov April 10The Liberal nst gain Is
now U7 seats
is rut cznis i > u3iixiuirtn
Orenslsi of Forged PasprtI5sjrteflons
an thn Iress
LONDON April 9A despatch from St
Petersburg to the Jlailu Aeto says The de
parture of Gen Bkobelcff for Central Asia Is
still uncertain Time opinion is current iu some
circles that his movements will be dependent
on a change In the English Ministry But for
the release of many prisoners and the exami
nation of others with a view to their early trial
ttln outlook la rather cloonir The Press Bureau
Is again very active and hue position of jour
nalists Is therefore anxious and dlfllcult No
early change Is Intended respecting the Minis
try of Public Instruction and wise mind liberal
propositions meet with persistent opposition
The details are now furnished of thnnrrest of
the courier of Prlncn tie Llovn ono of tie Sec
retaries of State chnrgel with forging pass
ports His wife In seriously Implicated In rev
olutionary proceedings Thnrn was found In
their possession the bum of U2000 roubles slid
to have boen derived from thn saloof cisc pass
ports which had been fabricated during the
last eight years and numbnrlng 14000
flu Berlin correspondent of thin 5Miifnr
says hn hours tlmt Prince Gortchakoff Clue Rus
sian Chancellor will mnkn n long tour for his
health in i the I s itni rug beginning with the t lor 1
man watering plntti Tlio orrospniident adds
that the minors of Prlncn Gortchnkofls retire
niHiit from ofllcoaru no longnr heard
11m Paris correspondent of the Times says
M Krnpotklni a brother of Gen Krnpotklne
vvho was iiofiiBHinntod ny Nihilists at Kltff but
vOiois i hlmirtlt I I tdltorot I tho t Nihilist I I I organ tho
Tucsin nt Geneva hns juan Invited by tho Can
tonil authoritlis to null Genovn nud has ac
cordingly moved to the vlllako ol Mouticux in
the Cuntuu of Yaud
JJzz1 viv AHMY
The Peaee Niirncth Klicd Until Mnr k Cl
1S1H nt IStSTO Men
Briitn April 9lit tho Kulchhtnir today
debate began on the second reading of the
Arm bill hour Btauffonborc proposed to re
strict the term ot operation of the bill to throo
years but the motion was rejected 180 to 101
The llrnt and second paragraphs fixing tliu
pInch btrongtli of tim army until March SI
ISbS nt 4J7270 men was ndopted jtaa ISii
u a vs Ul
Iho Minister of War declared that the bill
owed Its origin not onlv to the present political
sit nat loti but to reasons of n lasting I character
und thnt a permanent military I built t alone
could I gh tho armv tabillt > and conlldnnco
llerr Rlckert lSational Liberal said Cite
KtrenUlmnlngof the army wan of thin hlglust
Importaneu to the nation nnd must not bo made
n pirtyqtuBtfon now lln I I declarod that n part
Ixlstcd In i Geimnny wliieh wished to vtoikun
tho defuimlvu power of Cite Fathorland but it
was tlm desire of tue whole nation to uphold
with n mighty hand thn possessions vhlch
Gvrmauy hud acquired and to maintain peace
Mr llenllt la Mr flulty
WASHINOTON April 9Mr II H Flnlny re
rctvoil to Icy till IvtloiMlu Utter Irnni Mr Abrnm H
lln itt with Kit mice to Ito lurnieri tlinicult ti lih vir
U Il tils
Mr Ituuu SIR Vour seer ut thr flit Inst iu l recilrnl I
vi r > iniicli ri MI tltit iht tlutli ulty tuhilu vir h > rliuir
ba orturnil ire ilfict of lion evt rlahlui iunrrilii
tttneta PelllHrit < Ii lu ili I > it riy tie Cotttle tee it
tin public la its cai luitt nt f Uii litiiunriiiiL
linrty tot ft t irnvtriiini nt 1 hail atn nil urltlaii
In vir Rprhinr lust J uii I hurt mvir clnliiuil lu r iwx nl
Mr Tilili n out t llirtMiii Itut I l I time ini 1 tittiruhlch
I IUiih lii > wii Unit vour n Uii HI uhilt him itM nut iii
nbli on lo klt Im ioi mill I littv titiit linn a eoiy n I
vuiir utter in III it tlu re mill be no txi nw
her utir lur clinriiiit u > I Hli luiu the rumrelCiietu
Itt Mr IIIIPII t I Ii i I luu iliiln 1 wlllilei I I I riullv Luir lull
lute > to Hit Inn iliut > uu M ri il thi Nntlmi ill uiiiiiuiteu
ulliinl lall hlill la ISTII Hint ur lelatlolin nunr 1
ti ttttt u unilciilUI cliaractir t that > iai uevir
tl Cullllllll I lltCll uu so istos i III JUU sit tllll
5u tisi mom > OLI otlttdeu a so itimmy couatcil lor and
5 iiiu l iiruimloui miicilv luurs truly
iNiuiifilj AKKM S HBKITT
557 Youu vpnl a
An Atd Willow > erIy Klllril by llurnluri
Pirrsnouoit Pa AprllO Mrs RncholSmith
a willow seed 70eari ulio Ihei alone wltli I her i1niih
Ur on the Uricnburtf mike roul near Adaiiivburt VSeit
inoirUnJ Cuuiit7 nil rnlmbly die Irum liijurlti re
curt ttt thf linnjl of an illiknuvvn multI Hiippiivil to be
A itt rtn r lm m iui niiilutoritfil tilt way Into the hout
b > Lirmkliu t ilowa tin iiuur
1 ito tsitCttor 1101111 by jumpinit Ihrougli the Mlntlnw
upon a IurLli Ilicnie rollini i li Mini inlliiu a ilUUnii i r
iuich Ii i lo thu crunmi Site kiiitaiiiiil horfoT
nut la till iijiirtr Mit hii u unit Ihv Ito Igit or u ito
hitriKii tu the iiounc whin umucy fouiul Mr > Siinlli
Mltoifni I in htr Muixl unconKcioui anil u UU it ite
Klih uli ht I III 11
Hit ttM > aiiit hnil Oct utit I lias tint tt been raptured
C lui lerall inoncy wa kiumn tu is I tn i the lituw an4
duutlli 1 i runit nJ Hit CII It ulioil Or Ito uutmz
Nlionilnir M UurulMi Ihiouuli ibx ll nrl
CIIICAUO April 9A spoolnl totho 7Vnif from
Kalmimboo Mull iaB Imt nikht Albert i utkr vi l
Die llrincf Iullir imrttue ru tim NuUana a nation on the
lirtulul 1 ilium till nl liiillitiiii itO nnil was anikem il In
In uuiii la lli utte ty t a biiiifihi un inc it luici tutu cli
Inn r Vir Iutli r proiuriii hu nitiiiil ail tul u
ile I ul i toih anil ottul the iiim i ilirouh th mlurm kuiiuit
him iniiiiatly lln turusr I pr via lu ie t slu utttu1ttt It
lilt ii 1 Ilu tiainp ui utter I ttiu K thu ecitt > l IIIAII Mr itum
ir itt IK hilt ulti killnl havlnn hloniia bu uliri itsi uhf
Wltll s Utotti Iwo jciirn iiiii Whit lir wu lr > Till
to I rti AH c tuti sute loAkltiie la Culon vvhtru Uuivr
uus llikll u L01t
Matron llvr Iot
Losno April 9n > 1 BITho British
fttiiiuii i It I ultit haii bu n Mink b h a cullUiuii on tliu inir
Ililhubc tUYH UUIJlWttfa sal Oya of Ul < ties Wtl
1 uItuJ4 A I J Ijit II
tiVXS llKlOltTKllll l
The Ml Philip Musical NoclrtyAn Amllrnri
from flue ITeitUlileat Colored ConcrFnullun
In he AVorlitlJruvYlnz Tor n lied Qilllt
The St Philip Musical Association con
nected with Bt Philips Protestant Episcopal
Church which comprises or numbers among
Its friends the wealthy and arlsfocrntlo element
ot colored society In the metropolis gave n
musical and dramatic entertainment In Lyrlu
Hall last evening The audience was largo
Many of the gentlemen wore In full oven
log costume Some of tho Indies wore
richly attired The St Philips Church
choir sang Mr P 8 Gllmoros now na
tional anthem Miss M It Lyons recited
The High Tide Mr E B Wright sang
Mygel Schneiders Uarty introd ticing cue
o > ssful Imitations of n Onrman an Italian and
nn Irishman wrestling with tho English tongue
A violin concerto ami a tong by Mr August
Wolff and Miss Emma B Mngnnn rnspoctlvnlr
were followed by n roeltntlon entitled Xulu
Freedom by Mr David F Nelson Mr Nel
eon responded to nn encore In a brief
and appropriate selection and he bore
away two largo bouquuts na testimo
minus of his success as an orator Mr Burr Ud
wards sang n selection In a rich baritone nod a
quartette composed of Masters Green and Slit
art and Mnssn Gray nod Pedro sang Hnlll
Tans Hush Thee my llaby Tho entertain
mont closed with n farceTho Widows Via
tim In which lie characters were not oolorod
people and the actors wero obliged to resort to
thin reverse of Cite burnt cork process
Each admission ticket had a coupon entitling
tho holder to ono chnncu In tho drawings for
two autograph bed quilts ono containing lGSi
names and the other SCO The names had been
written with leadpencil on threocornered
blocks of white nnd rendered indelible by
chemical process Thooxponsnof putting apjir
eons autograph on tho quilt was 10 cents I lie
quilts netted this Association over 350 Somo
of the names were those ol persons In othor
rifles of this country and of tho West Indies
Thin largo quilt was drawn by ticket G47 and
lie email ono by 376 The names of the win
fleas are II lirnxton and Charles Dawson but it
was fnrntlously miggeMod that when they coma
to utlllzo tho quilts they will no under many
A OBrlMqio Opera fur the UenelU T the
Hunt Club
It Is not generally known that a party of
Harvard students winter before last Introduced
In New York many of thin most popular airs of
the now threadbare Pinafore These nlrs
were Interpolated Into on arrangement of
Burnanda Fair Rosamond made by Mr
Arthur Sherwood This arrangement was pro
duced nbout Christmas 1878 at tho Union
League Theatre and the entertainment was
civon for tho benefit of ito Harvard Boat Club I
and was highly successful Last night nt the
name theatre and for the same purpose a nnru
bar of youtiR gnntlemen belonging to the lIar
vard class ot 82 gave nn entertainment begin
ning with the farce Im Not Mrtolf nt all
nnd concluding with an xtrnva iint biirleMiuo
opera In four nets entitled Bar Frnlschutz
or Tha Dill Chic Belle and thoBullotl
Although several of the stars ot thorompanr
appeared In thn farce amid though Mr Web
nudui n ilnt Triimnn tn mtin notE ni
OViOiirAr thonudlonee vvhleh wan fashionable
nsn rule youthful nnd In full dress was ev
idently Impatient for the burlesquo to begin
That an Impatience on the part ol tho audience r
for Cite burlesque to end was not apparent ahowa
VUnt the performance was much bettor than
nmnAiir theatricals ordlnrtrlly are Tho tenor
31 r Gllliin liud n capital falsetto voicennd nctud
with Intensfu spirit and feeling The honors of
tile ovoiilncf however were divided bntvvnou t tb
Mr Tuckercpnn who took the part of Kilhan
softhendntl eofthcnrted nn inferior liuntnr t r
wittinuit unumch iuuiiteriutuiuiitimus Mn lcntllo
ton as 1a thin most eligible puirti iii
ltohhemtn aktii Mr Monro tvto privet j
iiillenit tflrt 0rq t tiila lit Belie of it
ifte lurkwmumomtl00ndeui in It
utie 5
whIch was uu lntwuneentt t itirilarvard wits f
not In favor of Gran tQXthlrd term
Hhall there be n Free Ires in lh Collrve of
the City of Sew York t
A newspaper called The Echo established
about two years ago by students of the College
of the City of Now York wns discontinued Ono
of the results of Its existence was n ruin laid
down by the faculty thnt no reference whatso
ever should be made to Ito faculty by any col ui
leen paper as to the management of tho college
Two months ago thin CollfOf Mtrcurv was started u
Its lending editorial dwelt ou the ducliunllon of
oratory ns follows f
Rome one tins suit that oratory tu I Intln proum In tie
college anl nit llutxhjt We an npr fur vrnnt of
ractlce I There liavo bien no ilccrtiniition tlih tear
which is i Ito fault or the acuity lhn Hlu lout nNo navo
tikcii little liiterent In literary sicli lie4 which is another
regIon Etiiilents hare stun heen a nrlvnl ifjunlnri
hlhilli ipmklniiliy thefarultv and ihui they am i ol
sillS ott to becomo proflcicat 111 the art ot public afeaMa
Tho editor of the College Mrrctirv was cnl od
beforn Pribident Webb for writing this article
II nut he was told that ho was nusputukd from
his relations to the college This was nearly n
fortnight ago Thn next edition of Iho tolltaa
Jlriiuru Is to apponr on next Monday This
proof sheets havo been shown to Prof Homer
of the college and hn says that tho editor will
be ixpulled If thin College Mermi make Its up J
pearancn with n certain editorial In which is y
rrltloi ed time facultys nngloct of oratory This
is on the ground that the article la discourteous
to its management of tile college Time PUS
pnnded editor Is undoelded whether the paper
vviy be printed or not
Telephone Compnntei Tnlleil
A consolidation of tho Boll Telephone Compnnf
of utis cIty and theprlrate Hne aiU tctei h one deptr line nt I
ef ito dolt And Stock TalegrupitC ornpuuny huts been etTbct
cit The GoM smut Stuck Conipaii transferi all Its Icliphoaa
butlaess anil tho private lines unlcr Us control to its
number vf about Got nat I the Ikll Teloihuno Coinpaav
puts Pu ott it prepirly lo the new company which will
control the Plillrp lmliiin fllul den h > each compnnv
llolli cuinpjtlikf will IH until i i no iliakelnilit lull Iho
uhiiUiii of Hie tu w i rk Hilz ill ill hii I nol 3ut btT n coin
UtCil I o lump has jet I Cell diiiilnl upon lor thi tu tr
company An uu FIIIMI will be mudi In I tilt capital mm K
It I U not lUniutih knonu Hlut the amount will i be
llicro It ill be I n chnnce la the HVHUin ol ctiui rut C but
there I nil prohtlhlv be lit tltatge iu the rate to mb crt
ben In thli cil The actual lrmi > tcr ut l tie uruitriv
will not take phice until Mm lnriit I In New Jeiuy
ami the suburb which will i ho trot ute rrci ns soot ns
pUtUll 1I1C HOW COIIljIJtlV Will blklll I tic iii oii Or 11II III
on itO I anil will have tlinllitn rnulrnl ot i Iho telephone
buniniiiiui New York cltv tokelli with Ihu cuuuio
Uurly three miles iroinij
nnmiiel Intireiice Hiinrernrnr
Samuel Lnuroncn Gouvornour died In Wash
Insii n list Morutii ut the ore of 5J cars lie tu TO ili
lasl male muIC nOr uf lit iaItttiY In t UiM couiuri bmrlnil
llio ninie llh I I aacebcr Abrnhntu flout c rutetur was
G ivcrnor ol Ln Hi ihille Fraace and ai a tester or tha
Iliuueii l was ciMiiilli t In tIe tn llollnnit Hlilthema
to It Is Cutout y Ho Hint hit t fen t ilanl weir lsi i i iti t
In hlit irt with Ihu kiMiihlM Mnrri lu lim Ki h rl
wrihln am i Ihera ol FOI In I niul ollllciil i t mini net lln
fnllii wan tofltuiauli oflhiiiilt trnm IHjTtnlHVI ant
bin iniithi was thu lUiuhtir ol lre ifitu MT niou iin
UU uil Iho nrmy us I iillton ml In ISIH uiiil n ricil la
MOMIO Aiurvaril h uas roiuut in loitchow in
niiirriiil vi trli I n iinn liur vi Jamti Cnintbcll n loruict
burri4au ol tilt ciiy
InulL Out lur the Vvllniv Couch
Ilosldents ot Now Itochella were etdlod yau
tenta over a rumor thai a bill itsi I bun unit to A itt oy
o iilmK Ito town forSTSOno toilirrny tin iiiuivor n
i > ripo iil inacaitniiilint ol Dm roiil flu cr whuh Iho
Tally ito roach U 11 travel iluwn to the IN lhain tow n
line HU HIM that gnat mat has bun obotd in
the hue clue itt
Mlannl Ulllee eitlillon L °
For thus Jllddln Atlantic Slates wnrmer clmr
nr artlv i cloudy wu tuer ouiti lo neil v > uiil lywir
TIII juoutriai 1I TRS 2 Nl prs B
M nfi
Joltn Samerust rakligUii Lord Hampton liilcnllk
tic 521 1 Mar ot itt ne
Dr MciincU nt Ul iilTulk itrn report Itnt n roortd
girt naiiKa lMil Ituiu in fit rtul i > i 17 liitIttII t trrit
is nifc it liii i a tltsmv thai tte belt MS to No s u til < n
rmi h It bull tho lit t > 01 i r f I UicfriM n i ti u nl
CtntlAil HollMir iuu It u hI I tu i ton Hint l > touri
innrltal ituJ I tul l lanv 1 tu Utura lutuu stuj Intni oii
limit t u for t s S ttra
Michael Iii I U 111 tutu fnipUnnutit rocker nn tie rirr
from wutu ta t u u nut I M tM 1 uxt karl nt tlt t uuui I
lluititun rtrn i < I i 11 4tItltl It t fin nil I un a u iuuiC
tin u man I Iii i tiniiinl until tu ii tuktii to tin at iii
run lloplfHl 11 Mia ii CCt ci
1ioti3 a S itt J iiMtttClnik u u it vtf nrrrfltfd In HnfTilo I
I urla ill itlMiii tiio Ituri I N lttihucr ecu ut II i > MII J
Tli > > iukt i It in r tip hi n 1 cli I rut lur In tir < ITk l > i iul
5 rut kukt IH Hunt 1 IK r anil in uthtr vu < abunJ hut r
Tic uoinitM 1 IIK Ci rrnt n iih bun
AiMuitttK I tt f < M > t niitniii iua linn nu1 wrnlthv Otnirt
cruil u ithilol I tCri a C lii tuturuttut oui fl I
tn a pi in unit t usti Uor lUrrliuu h I itti to 1 1 n
ot tin hut reilcl i H u Arrtiikriiiiiitk aru Cs UiJ 1 Ii t
be LUIII U ti lull PU tuuIO l lit nl jui ihrte us tt k
In the TMimir M 1irau edIth In AimtirUtn V
V in Iliu ilitiiuhblii > niLihlKiil SUM i tn kollntll t i m
o rim Iv t lrtt ltIuii Hi1 dC Rittt I i ami inn tt > milt Il
Diilniiu JIM LnMuii itl I iDonntll lij tt nni IJ
Sill MuliwinfvJUM lie uttutet it us LCkUnuii Viil7 a
ii I Ni

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