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PEDIs mrs v iiinr corKnixa 4JJ
JI11W L 1iiR nira
Xleallnff nln er Hi unit lltntnac by Ten
IIIIorrnn > lnrlt > in Mllea llrhlnili mid
Jlulitcr > llll NIruiIIn un vllh Illtlu
ChniiLviirl hti il 1lnte Nceuoilit the < 2ar < 1uu
The fifth day of tho great raco for tho
OLoarj belt boKan In crlm earnest Cold cur
ronts of all ran through tho Immcnso Garden
chllllniioxeii I the wlilskiTf Qrod blood of ar
dent ailharcnts of tho contestants who havo ro
malnod lu tho briton hnnllnl over tho rails
elnco tlfo rnco botran on buuday nluht They
AToro too rtupld from loss of comfortablo sleep
to raise I cheer as tholr ctmmptons stepped
forth from thulr tents to resume their weary
and forced march In tho mnall hours of tho
mornIng The walkers had taken nn avoraco
of about thrso hour rest those havlnct turned
in earliest 1 uinklnc thu llmt Appearance
The main battto of thu day WRS to bo fought
botweou Hart nud rurnra Doblor was fast
falling to tho rear llko a crleonor with n loc
chained to his leI HI tuft limb which meas
ured fourteen Inches below tho kneo when he
began the walk had swelled to eighteen and
onehalf Inches Iia baker Daniel Loary
bud given up all Idea of his winning tho race
Daniel said he looked upon his man as the best
In tho walk Unfortunately Dobler had tnkon
n bad cold and tho rMd had settled In his
pralued limb This had brought on an attack
of Inflammatory rheumatism the pain of which
had ilrhen tlm blood to his head and further
weakened him by copious bleeding at thn nose
OLeary was ready to bacic Uobler for n 10000
rnco within three months mid would put up
1000 as forfeit IIo would prefer any oppo
nent to Hart as the latter was ono of his pro
ttOs and ho did not desire to pit Dobler
ncalnst him
William Pocram who has loomed up a n
possible winner of tho bolt Is a quiet full
blooded negro Ho was born a olave In Vlr
Blniathirtislx years 1110 Hu has lived the
last nile years In Boston where he Is encarcd
In the street paving department Although he
attempts to Imitate Hart In his dress and move
nlemltA lros nnl
Dients he erKtB on n ridiculous caricature of
tho young darkskliincd Adonis of the sawduit
pMh Ieirrani Is awkwardly built his nock and
EMli bon Ht < nbou Ills l shouldord with n half I
croot Hois about 5 foot G when walklnu and
velkh HO pounds Pe rnm was encuced in
evera Ion 1 walks hli best performance here
tofore hell In tlio race for thc hose belt
when In courud 627 in Hoi without the aid
of trainers On thti filth day with blistered
feet he tossed 09 mils behind him Before
the lretit rAe Pocrnm was asked what ho ox
peeted to get Ho replied
I1 It 10replol
ll Ill gt < liit belt and put It on den Ill nit In
flat char lltiforrlnc to tho special prize to bo
given the man who tnnkud the best score on tit
last iiayi
When Pram started on his filth days jour
ney yetrday t morn In hl nald that ho never
felt Uter In his life Ho looked like 1 very
tlied mon though lone before nlchtlnll Ho
lo > lour hours tliroiikli Hluknrss on the first
any wliiih Georu Mairo his trainer says sut
him bvk from IhIallnl I position
Hipj Jack said that Hart slept sweetly n an
Infant during his three hour rest His flrttt
S QUfatt iu In Ihl morning was Jack i Pcuraui
3 01 the track 7
Hurry up then Jaek and get on my shoes
Ill hliDW I whether Ill win tho belt or not
borne of 1 tho boys hail ohafled him the nlcht
prmlous Cike by oaring that Pturam would take the
1 All M before the sawdust travellers wore
l under way for the lltth daks walk the scores of
Is all rein ilnlnir In the riee out of the original
elchtiii XVPM Hart 4n > j Pecram 39i Dolilnr
s pqi Hownnl 373 Allan UC5 Krohne 353
il Mlilanis I 3JO and Hanwik 313
n Five tours I later m 6 A II alter dull plod
ot dIne uu allened by cheers music or stirrinc
x Incidents of any description tho line of traiuts
began t warm up Hurt headed tho black
co board with 410 miles IVcram 400 Dohler
I < nr HMint mie Allen 3S1 Krotjnw 370
> illiain 3 < Ji and Hanwnkor 3M IVKrnm
io lint lilly tried to < Icon the cap between him
ot bolt nut I the Undnr
c Half an hour later Pecrnm struck Into a run
h I with Hart at his heels 1ucram kept up the
r race lor sIx or suen miles without a break
s Hart Miikln to him fresh as a daisy Potrain
itt then retned foriilowrniuutedand Uartstepptd
Into his tent
ro What uroyoucolnctodo Inauirred Happy
o Jnck
ra atay there until I win tho belt replied Hart
il Th < leaders were soon un the track again
YI nnd hart soomod In a fair way to orlly bin re
mark th longer ho walked the fresher ho ap
peared Thero weru comparatively few spec
> y atthU time and little
taLons In tOe Garden nt tme very Iile
or excitement was shown over tho remarkable
rt DBrforniaiioo
rtJ I The blackboard displayed these flaurfs at 9
AM Hart 433 Petrum 420 Dohler 41fi
for howard 1t Alien 3J4 Khrone 3S3 Williams
or humus 3iO and HonwaUer 332
nt Ills this time Hart hum to Peram close as a
on Bulky tls a trottluir horse Although Hart was
icd literally 13 miles ahead In thc journey ho
101 docired IecramB footsteps relentlessly Pa
no gram lot his tOIIr foolltls times ofaBlonally
In I I broiul feat backward llkoscoops
throwing his rllll bwkwnrl 11 scoops
ho I anti shineilnu Harts less rith sawdust Hart
took 8h1WII1 naturmll retaliating bj giving
1oLraiu a brNk brush ono in a while
Dobler and Hart have travelled I on the best of
Dotr nnllnrt 11
t terms throughout thu race p D far and Hart
ch would nnieli prulur HBelui Dobler in second
irt plaice than 1ecrnui
ora Harry hluwurd the Englishman from Man
chester appeared to bo tho strongest man on
un e the Imk jistorday lie held fourth place with
tha I n gOod elmucu later In the day of pa ° 8lui the
10 t disabled Boiler Tim veteran Jack GouldlUK
ins is f LrojiuliiK Howard in tho riie
Hid i rHoard Is all right said Jack Ho com
Ino Hit olalns of nothing Im saving his constitution
fur lie I liot day
the Jock keeps such constant vigil over his racer
o L or that heslwiprt only one hour out ol thw twenty
her four on mlii nvoragP
> ba I A ladv from the West Indies who visited the
tilt race otcrday sent Howard a beautiful hi tck
velvet f nicking cap with n heavy cold band nnd
ho ele fmoklcl Onto iiocoiiipnniod the cap vvltli
nolt ix request that Mr Howard should wear tho cap
I oC four t miles around the truck There was un
rL derstood to be n lucky symbol In this Tuck
rsWO dorslool head and How
time cap on Howards Iml
D clapped lonrI bcnl
aril flew over tho bnwdutt like I winged fur
cr curl I Howard looked particularly happy alter
mo this Incident coming out vuth I bright ecailu
en jacket pal i and scarlet trunks
unt At 12 M 1 fnurdavs and a half from the begin
nina the torrithe race the score showed the
rut nlnl 111110 tC
11h highest llgures over seen In tho world in
av n race luros I 01 hlurt447 68 miles Po
n ot Krani 432 Dobler 42B Howard 41fi AIn
ze 104 iVmhnmns i 393 and HnuwnkiirSlJ
ally Time oil lookiidfor Hcoro of 450 miles to ho
aUY completed on tho sixth day was run UI on tho
ali blackboard at 12 29 1 M 1 to Harts credit A
a nt would have
year ago sueli a performance ha1
rat raised this roof lesterdny It failed to rnifco n
rol choar Strange to nay nhen Poblors score
ii no showed the name figures nearly six hours
froth later tho Garden echo d with applause Io
cram stepped out of his 45uth mile at 1
time Howard struck Into his 451ut milo before U 1
jar oclock
rial Hart kept within three feet of Pcgrara who
I 1110 begun to t look jideil and weary ant n little
ner nerve Moot ol tlm other walki rs kept cloko
As thoy reached the rforurn
In to the leaders tie orurl
t stand Hart suddenly rHvernHd When Peuraiu
tom looked around ho saw the others turning hack
Ule nil follow Hart II PBgrnm loemud a llttln bo
McU wilder but whueled anti turned back at the
IJt trel
iav end of the line Afier going n lap or two Hart
th roversid again and again mixing recram up
l In a commilcal innnnur tbs great crowd facing
tho scorers Inutfhud heartily when they saw the
avo okp
a1 eln I 0s7iin Hart started on his fifth days journey
e ho was about MVHM with hitowmr Drown record
I lea I for WI8 hiiinu tlnii lowr made tho big
lrlh score uf lnc 1m which tots sixday perform
four nnces HD kept drawl itic away from the JJ IS
jilt 111 I ahead recoul Illt I ut 3 I M I ho was eight miles
A feature of tho crowd present last night wns
t ile I Its heat ii Indupondmicuuf nil distinctions of
Z3J nice eulnr or provlotiH condition of servitude
wer hurt iid Iegrnm anti even Mllinms who Is
11111111 111
lit as bin I as tho ten of siiinlit wore applauded
naheaili If they had j bn of the purest
irom ns Iln 11 I I 119 I 1101 111 b1 1urest
Iom psi3 Caucasian blood Anotln pleasing Ohlllter
I I Istieol tl wthronir was its kind disposition to
I tie oiieounigohoiiBl phiik struggling with tidier
It t Hltr Pour il jbler nho had I t gradually dropped
rtion buck tutwentyuight miles I behind tlio I hat Pr
1101 a nil Halt I t I IniiMil as inueh applausi taking t I thinS
dc evvnlng throughas Inn upilghlly rival Iho
S oe unloriiinnto pinlrhiboHioni I had In I no wisn re
Icul covered ft omit hlH wieitiliod condllliinol 1 IIHD
trill but ron tlm contrary getting In worse plight
r the nil I tlio tllnH i iit hu t hung to hm work with giliu
rlU builJouIki I tItiiiii iii a butt that dcsrrvud and
won the plaudits of thu spectators riven morn
j I ono than anybody OSR In I the t contest He I I limped I I
titto piilnfiiil fnvorlng his uuollitn hell knea nt
into etor > step hid flea was pinched anti drawn
nutS t with physical EUlTurlng his head was car
r tud ried lhlcll 01 right Bide as U by an In
anl itlnctliH movomont lo shill Its weIght
allllv thti IIVIlont that knee rind hU
hands wore elonohitd with nervous four
1 s t crushing down Uin great eonaciouinois of
iiifrorlnit Hut for nil that ho wont forcing i
along stoadlly diitormlnodly oven I uoflanco
of tIme wishes of Ills baok ro trnlnrtro and
frlemln who wero averse to soolnir In OIoarv
lihnsed it 80 good n man hrnnk lilmault up
IIo did not iinom conscious of tho applause that
his liiroic fat 01 onduranoo ollcltml but went
along with his dull sunken eyes hixod on vacancy
VIIIInmB continued to revnrso his march
losing by it ns It would seem from the necessity
for tile turiming out n ho met tho other pedoa
triiitm who all puisletontly cling ns hoar 10 the
Inner 011g of the track as possllilo but still tlu
puisued his way with the doirifM obstinacy that
a follow must have who Is l llftjnovon miles
huh I nil nn 1 btlll I I keeps HhulTllui I nlnn g mlo
Pournm has boon gradually lost tic cround
sine t hint nluht I and then was 11t1 I hopo oft I
of his gaining the position which would unable
him to fulill his promlco about the bolt If I
win dr belt said ho Ill pr aoh In it let
Hniidnv 1sn not ashamed oh do bolt nor tie
ilTort Ino 1 inakln for to win I Ho Is l 1
thodUt preacher anti his promise to wear it
In tho pulpit Is consiiiuontly by no means an
lillo one Hut It does not look now aa I ho wire
likely to do nimhlni of that sort
Hriwnrd has bonn jogging iilon seemingly ns I
fresh M on tho first IIIY Ills second wind
his hild good and ho has hud no troubl with
Ills feet or time tmisoles of Ills lourt Jack Gould
log hist minor says that ho Is still confident
lint howard will tako n very prominent place
At thc IliilBh by a lone hard run on tile Inst
uiiy That hn will mnko ut bust 00 miles on
that day his Imekcrs are onntldont and they
oven say that If ho makes 100 It will not much
surprlun thorn
Inybonw Inst chirp has boon heard Ho eont
n latter to Mr Curtis desIring him to propose
to the manatenmnt that tIme receipts of tho list
night should In order to matte tho pedestrian
tournament benevolent well as a financial
BtnciAi for futurity bn IIon to him That
Buttliil It Abcll Immediately Bent for I hlk
had Jiivboo put Into I and the Garden is now
clenrof him
Krohno has kept on up to date doing his
wIll k nt vety neatly tho sumo once and cer
tainly In time same styli that ho stenciL Uo Is
thn most consistent and tellable walker In the
lot nnl
lotHart continued to command tho general won
der by his astonishing freshness anti elasticity
dospliii lie strain to which he has subjected
himself In time past tlveda > B So far as netting
tired limn Is concerned ho might o well bo I brass
limnHow lone am you colnc to keep on tho
trnk tonIght MeSwyny imkeil him
I dont know ho replied I Peeram
Plays too on the track all night Illstayon tho track
tooAnd ho looked as I he was liable to do so
Poor Doblor hnd to co off at nil 10 minutes
past 10 oclivk to have another drenching of
liniment on his lee
At 11 oclock Hart was practically out of the
question HO far us tho baiting men woro con
cei nod although nominally tIre to ono woro
oTon on him against time lull with low takers
evn nt that odilx
Two to one wore accepted against Sf > 5 miles
belni made and one to two offered ncalnst 560
Ullles I mnle nul
The audience last ermine was larger than on
tho night prticpiling and contained I very much
larger proportion of ladies during the earlier
hour All thin holts were thronged with a more
fnsluonnbli nnd fairer concourse of sPeCtators
than la ordinarily seen at exhibitions of this
das and thoiiRiinds of ladles were among tho
crowd upon the floor unable to find seats iu the
tlrUv to 1 oclock the total resting time of each
of tho contestants since tho match commenced
was as follows
11Jrs n J R
Hart 17 J8 34 Allen 10 2 > 4tt
IVernin 1 2 43 in Krohiie 24 91 2S
Iiobltr If 3 57 Wllllnnil 2 5i 33
Howard 5 14 2 < ilaitwaltor21 41 40
At two minutes pact 1 Hart left the track
hiving completed 4 l miles by 1 oclock
That put him very nearly 11 miles nbovoBlower
Browns record which nt the corresponding
hour VO hut 481 miles and tnrvequiirtcrs of
n lap Hart had Rnl inoro than en
tered his tent when ho dropped asleep
easy and confident for ho was then
19 nnl ahead of his most dangerous
competitor 1egram who hal boon off tho track t
since 104G Howard hid gone off ut U2310
nnd win speedily I followed f 1010 Hnnwnker and
w Ilhlarims o that when Hart disappeared the
track vvns left unoccupied and Iho utinelatora
hail to full bnek upon tnelr own resources for
amusement during a long and wenrisoin sea
son of waiting
A visit to Uoblers tent elicited from O Lenry
the report Hint his proteVV knee was much
Improved In condition nnd ho was stooping
well with the prospect of going on the track In
an hour or two in much better trim than ho had
boon within n couple of days Hope was still
cherished of his maklni third place but
whether he did or not OLenry said thnt hA
nhtor bo nllllne to back him for 10000
ngnlnnt the winner ot tho present race
Williams was the first mal to reappear com
ing on nt nine Ilnulll beforH 12 but ha
inov u with Hit unwilling gait almost n slow
as Inc hour hand ol a clock A brilliant tlnrnin
koilntfd vip got him 1 round ot applause and
that seemed to Intro I sijit of splnostiffenlng
effect upon him torn few f rods titter which he
crept nlung with time deliberation of a drowsy
stinll hiking a holiday stroll
Tho midnight score stood ns follows
il LI Mu Lr
hart IO Ivvilllarm 4 J i
P 1 Krnm 47J Alltn 413 I
llultli r 4 ll K ruth flt 4J4 I
Ivl JuwolnJ 1 lUuw iltr J
At midnight Krohno plunged on the track
At hix minutes past 12 oclock DoWer hob
bled out again nnd his Indomitnblo pluck won
for him round niter round of applause from
the spectators Even the hullo in the boxes
cheered him and hu eyes brightined wlty up
demonntrntlon of klndl amid
prrcintlon of time Ilnlr nnl
rtyinpnthetlc tmooHlrton loft foot
trombled and follll leg above It quivered
with pain nt every step ytt beta are
olTerod tu his backer thai ho will make 500
olTurul I In the race Krohuo has been putting in
hits long soldierly strides with as much regu
larity ns on the fIrst day nnd with even greater
rapidity vvhlln his arms workod like time piston
roils of an engine After a motto Dobler went oft
ngnln anti did lot return until ten minutes before
fore 1 oclock when he came out looking bettor
anti moving moro easily
The only chnnges in the midnight score are
tlm ndvnnen of Doblor to 402 Krobn to 44J mind
Villliiins 438 miles Tully lour tliousiinil sine
tutors still remained lu tIle Garden at that hour
nt 1258
llowura came out again
Orccon Ilemacruti fur I llden IonliTtlle lie
publlcuna ror Jrilut
SAS Fl CISCO April 0Time Oregon
Democratic Convention yesterday nominated
John Whltalter for Congress and J K Weath
erford T J Owens and James Fulton for
Presidential electors For Supremo Judges
tho candidates are J K Kelly P P Prim nnd
John lluriiett Six delegates to Cincinnati
VVPM chosen and although not positively In
Btrutod lire for Tllden Itoxolutlons favoring
slnllo Ir
hug I JuHtlcn Field ol time United States b > upruniH
Court lor Prtaltlentlnl candidato were rticeived
with applause but It was doomed party policy
to nlhoro 10 time ticket of I87G and I resolution
fuvoring Tlldeti and HondrioLb was adopted by
a vote 01 six to onit
WASIUMITON April 9 Irlonds of Mr Justice
ASI this city lowe received private do
ruiutchra from Oregon stating that time Demo
C rut IC delegation l tnClncliinntl from that Main
stands 5 to 1 lol Justice Floldn favor Time
platform ndnpted by time State Convention Is
ulio acceptable to his friends
You Pi April U Tho Democratic County
Committoo meeting hero toduy was a pdrtlou
larly full ono and much feeling urovnilod All
resolution wero tabled anti there wits no ex
priHSlon nf Presidential pruforonce IIO 1 1 Day
mind A
Stuwnrt was oloeted Senatorial ilolegato Ind
W llftrlulc John 8 HlBbtand John Glossy
and William Hultzell Itupresumntlvn delegates
nll JIllz1 H1rea
They WIII support Jhauncoy P llliok Lki J
for dolellLt I ni the National Convention
LOUIBVILIE Ky April 9Time Republican
ward elections wore hold hero yesterday to se
lect delegates to tho Stnto Convention to be
held next Wednesday Gun Grant has carried
th cIty eight out llr twelvH wards having in
Btruited to vote fur him Two wards wore in
structed for fihsrman DIsgraceful conduct on
the part of tile Grant men In capturIng sornu of
the county dlstrliU Is chnrgid
COUNCIL liLUtro Iowa April 9The Rppub
llciiiiaof I Pottawatlomlo County today sumctud
fifteen < dulogutts to tho State Convention Grant
IIln Htil tho delegation
omen largely predominate In1 oelellltnn
111101 Irlllomlllte
though unlntiuctril K I solid for llm Uonorars
noniinntion Tho Convention pledged Itself to
support the Chicago numlnoo nlthough hoSt
ml glut lot ljtt lie th at lholce
Ctc1oN N y Altril tlThio St Lawrenco
County Second Aesnmbly JlMrlet Uemoratlc
Convention today el eted W I Sawyer I U
Cupontor and Hiram llirtlett delegates to the
Btnti Convention TIme nro nntiTildeu
AauxY April 9lhe Drniocraoj opposed
1 ALI r I Pie ii II i prl the four Assembly ii hat nut IH to
duty elected dulegates to tlm State Oouventlou to
bohiildatKyraciiHoon time 21Ih IriHt l
Sioux CITY lovui April 9riio Woodbury
County Republican Convnntion toduy chose I
01 lt
oolld InstruUed lllnlne delegation of seven to
the Iowa State Convention
Tlin Art l WcHrlnK iloivclrr
Valuable hints to ladles young anti old will
bo given on this subject In the paper on Time
Art of UrtsBlng In tomorrows Siimav Mer
corp Every lady should rend It4idu
IontlU Ellrafl Toilet Soap 1 > UDtlCtUtcL U keep the
iklu imvulUand iCit4uM
Same yniirwlxentoiiirh I llilui lonor llorrhouiid
Sill 1 Tar iieciii hriiiilull mid imiiiiniii HUM
I 1lkii Tuuthailit lllop un C in inw ttttituuu4lr
whim flrnrcl L llroiulnii and lute it cureifcnl ft
ibCUIUUUIUI ihiii AlUltlUUC JClUUJj I tll f JLdl
fli llilf > tsir dmil that 1 roe hut LJJ 5 LoItli
1 stilt > Ibid I tvuui ftjiuuitlt Junuu X bQU1 J
Te Farmer ofjievr Aoik City Out In I Fares
lntrii tvvnrtliliiea of tho Conm eaaloitnl
3Mr < ctury llot tho Farmers lonkfitl
Vlml Itioy Air HrnDk HmoUctl unit Std
Mr William Itctnacn representing tho
oleomargarine Interests of Now York cnvo tho
Aurleulturat Committees of Congicsa n grand
baiiiuct ut Dclmonlcos last evening Five of
the twtititytwo members ot tho two committees
tees wore present Thoy fro tho lions James
I Richmond of Virginia D Wyatt Aiken of
South Carolina Jonas I Mcdowan ot Michi
gan Walter I Steele of North Carolina Albert
1 Forsythu ot Illluole and John A Anderson
of Kansas They were accompanied by tho
Hon 9 W Downoy of Wyoming and Col Q C
Klllson clerk to the HOUBO Committee They
nil claimed to bo farmers Thoy occupied Boats
nt n table on u dais and woro flanked by tho fol
lowing distinguished farmers from Now York
and Brooklyn
Inl Jrookln
Oil I f TRACY MR Wit n WIK
COL Brj A WILL PHOT Jtoirroi
MR Croiicn JOtkL TIIIC hot 1kTKR Coen
Jmcn SritK Jiouu VAI llocnx
TIle Hoi A S SCLLITAX Gill SrcwiRr 1 WooDrvs
MB 1 1 luisut Losot VV A CeLL
Over 200 horuyhnndcd farmers sat ht five
tables In tho body of tho hall Such rakers nnd
binders as Russell Sago Edwards Plerropont
tiamuol Sloan Lawronco 1 Jerome Alderman
Richardson of Brooklyn Abram S hewitt
Clark Dol John C Wyman D 0 Calvin John
Fox Thomas Murphy Emanuel Dlnrtlnt
Dun Mnnlcrro vvero scattered among them I
Among time other agriculturists woro Don
Mitchell n nrtphmv of Oon I U ITnves of Fro
mont 0 Col VII Urlmmor of Park Row E
C Cowdln Cut Nelson llaco Jr of tho Eighth
Regiment I Cull AHRogeru MesnrsVaudorpoel
Iron and Cunilng tol Thos U JninoH Win
Mlllspaiigh Gun 1oleom of time ituttor arid
Cheese Exchango V 1 Tburbor Col J W nnl
monton Andrew 1 Green Col Wllnon Dr VI
A Hammond Wml Webb GenO Ioni Palmer
Gon Uuryca Surveyor B nedlct Assembly
man llonnett Gon Cntlln Dr Ouornstiy 1 B
Hlscox Dr Molt JiidcoSplor Judge Schley
1redorlek Lowls ot GoslIng fame mill others
1 he higher agricultural interests were repro
s nteul by tho Rov J P Newman of tho Garden
of Eden
The > Its wore decorated with festoonod flags
and the coats ot arms of the United States and
HIM State of Now York TIme table was Indon
with silver candelabra small palms nnd rose
trees in full bloom all golden blocks of oloo
margarlnu Hanks of flowers filled the hall
with perfumn anti n band wandered through
the airs of Fntlnitza anti other operas lime
Insult was printed on ribbed satin of various
color Time farmera were dressed ns far men
should bo dressed In swallowtnllod coat
VTaJHtconU cut docollote and diamond ntudt <
As nil true fnrmors ought to do they ate French
dishes with t rails and washed them down
with costly wined Quo fact Is especially note
worthy Tho farmers drank about 000 bottles
of wine smoked 1500 cigars anti ate n quarter
of n pound of oloomiirenrlne This Is mild to
ho nn untMUnl average As Is usual nt Inrl
ors dinners cigarettes wero lighted between
the courses nnd vigorously puffed Nor was
this the only pulling done The beauties of
oleomnrgnrlne were described In farmerlike
phrases SOIl Its manufacturers wore called
benefactors of the human race
After the cloth was removed Mr Itemsen In
troduced the lon Algernon B Hulllvnn ns
Chairman the evening Farmer Sullivan ex
pressed his pleasure nt meeting so many stan
dard farmers lIe said tr ho had I learned the
habits of the woevll from Rusel Hugo hnd re
ceived n recIpe from lulus Hutch for killing
cuuumbor bugs and that Judgo Van Brunt anti
uls nul told him nil about thc
Farmer Hewitt hll I pota
to bug Ho closed by introducing tho lion
John W Anderson of Kansas Mr Anderson
rnllud himself 1 n farmer from the great
VVr > t I IM t mrw > rl nr COnirrHMODpI
Dictionary alive uia is aclergyiimu nU joe
rolled hlmsHlf over time prairies for R few
minutes and tbon said lou represent the
grandest city of the grandest t Slate In tho grand
eat country on time grandest continent on the
coultry tll rnulpt
globe Gen Stewart L vSoodford the lon
< <
Thomas Murphy Gen Palmer and others no
crptod tho compliment with wild elmcra and
the reverend agriculturIst resumed Inn sent
rime Hon D Walt Aikcn ot South Carolina
tho fathet of ten children was nuxt Introduced
IRlll chllrn <
Time larmwr remember tutu uncomprotnlblnir
Unionism of bis kinsman VI lillam Alam all
gretted him with rounds of cheers Mr Alk n
aunouneed himself in 1 farmer This Is Im
portant for time Congressional Dictionary sass
it Is true Her Mr Alkon began by tolling a
story of a negio witness who wa testifying In n
case before a negro Judge In Chnrhihton At
CIO ono point In his testimony the Judge reminded
him that ho wa sworn to toll time truth
hll or
the whole truth anti nothing but
the truth Come rigger tile wltmBs
truh You duno Veepyourmouth shut tnt
lit the uInto lolls talk Mr Aikcn said that
ho felt very much hike that now Hu wantnd
to hnr the white folks talk Ho had bom a
farmer twontvfUo years and until ho went to
Congress whire said anl I bid fair to
learn something else I iriiblnuntlvo laughter
Ho understood that oloomnrgarlnn Is a product
10 farming and nssueh hi took an Interest In
It Its normols productionspokn volumea for
tho farmers of this great city I knit them to
tho fni inurs of tho ira West and sunny South
It was n Eiiaranteo that from time Icobounrl
pralrleaof Minnesota to tho orange grove of
Florida time country would remain one and In
TOe next speaker was tho Hon Jonas I Mo
Gowan of Miehlgan Hu spokoof hlmmlf rs a
farmer trills is Important for tho Congrcs
Hionnl Dictionary calls him n lawyer Rrr 1
Mr McGovvan rundn 1 short speech In which
ho fiinnud the wings of tho American oagle
tossed high tho cap of tho Goddem of Liberty
turned 111h calcium light of VI olvorino ido
rjuonco upon tho Federal Constitution end fig
uratively wiappod hlnsiK In tIme Stare and
urltoly all
btrlp Ito was loudly npplaudod
Thf Hon Albert P rontythn of Illinois was
next introduced lie said that ho wan n inrmer
and n Granger This is Important for tho
CongraHhiounl Dictionary emits It iln true
llKil Mr FirB > tlio said that his con
stituents hud bocomo couvined that thoro
was entirely too much talking In Con
WIS gress and they had elected him bociumo
tin wns no talker Ho was proud however to
meet hl 10 fnrinors I0 Now proll I was his
first visit to this little village and he wins Iloau
to 10 its ngrlciiltural interests so woll repio
Bented We gut twenty centd I bunliol for our
grain out In Illinois said ho whim It hi loge
slxti bore W u hiiTH been trilng to llnd out
wliero tho lenkago IH Ptirhais some of tho
farmers this dIv can telU us
All eyes woro turned to tarmers Sage Jo
romo amid Wymau but thej evldontly took tho
suggestion for a conundium anti mtido no
otlort to answer It itia InwI l Htieaks for
nil Mr Forsvth continued the soldier fights
for all the prunchor prays for nil and tIle
farmer works for nil Out of tlm 2J members
of the House of IIJvrlsenlatvPnIJI hlitoen nro
10u8 They represent IIUOUINI of bard
handetl voters This iu I wrong Every ohibs
Bhonld bo roureaentod In proportion to their
uumberH ami Interests
nUlbotln < speaker wa the Hon James n
Richmond of Virginia Hoannouncod himself
as u fitruipr This Is Important for thin Con
gressional Dlreotonsn1 that hu Is n lawyer
ItLrl Ho said that ho had yet to BOB inon hob
tile plough and handle tho lion when they uould
Hnd any other vocation Ho astonished Mr
Charles Dulmonlco by annulling that time farm
ura before him ware all smoking clgnts mILd
from Virginia tobacco Wo worm Invited over
hero Paid Mr Richmondto look alter thlH
now method of making cheap hotter If It Is
wholesome It is an enterprise that ought to bu
Tho lion 8 W Downey of Wyoming then do
dared himself n furmnr This III l Important
for tIlts Jongrecilonul Dlrcfiory Bets him down
01 II InworltEl lie milled tho feathnru 01
Iho American cache for a few I minutes nnd then
gave way to the 11011 niter butulo of Nlrth
Carolina Mr Stuelo assured time company thn
ha was a farmer This Is also highly Import
ant for the Congrenslonal Dlructnrr say B tlm
ho Is I a lawyer llirJ MrStoola madHavpeucI
flavored with tar tlirpontlue and chniutnglin
and then burst Into n recitation of Tan
OHhanter which was loudly npplnuded
Addrenscs humorous and gravo WHO mndo
by other agrlcultuii t Ono IIY Clllrl ttull con
talnud sonio lntnrcsllng dlscloflurcB Hu spoke
of Torn Murphy ns tho model farmer of Iotii
llranch Uo said that Murphy had como
to him during tile day with loir
In his eyes declaring lint he hall just bough
liftnun POWB nnd tlm jleoinargnrinit bueliiHb
would destroy hl Is hultir bust mmtusui If I f It win mint
btoppetl Mr hell described urmcr Jironii
Ploughing at tin corner of Hrrnd and Yul
route and plunting I small potatoes that I gun
to an nnormoiifi BO I I visit cii tlm fmm rum of r su y
frlomd Juhn U t WIT1nn 11 mute sot I not hustit
1110 OntlllulHI 11 1a i Boil numtl foil ii i him I tnln I
IlloU81 I y tllllntllll I Ilm 110 nelouull1 fur lit 0
vUIIrlll l 10101 Coopssrts Interest In I ohstomnmmr
guilt mm s hy list t fact Pal I he probabl y oilvod a
In f ilr I t lollt t fiom tlln liotls and horns tIm mu a 11 on
Ihu market through t Ua I manufnclurt
At midnight t tho farinorB were dropping I out
ono by unIt and i mining over to hits walking
miitcli Tho Southeni menibors took n doup
inturodt I In I Hart and Pegram and Boomed to
think that tlun would iuu well In the boutU on
U lwuoCfUQ Lle >
BIUi Kola Field Muttonl ilonolotn
Thoro la a little German story that tells
01 a wonderful boy who never had known what
It was to be afraid lIe hoard people talking
bout shuddering with fear and ho went nil
over the world Into haunted houses and Into
very conceivable danger trying to experience
tho new sensation
Miss Kato Field knows as little of It IB this
boy Bho has written books fearlessly She
hue trod time stage fearlessly Silo hiM moved In
ho highest circles of British society fearlessly
amid she now appears In nn entertainment that
she devises and carries out entirely alone and
with hur accustomed courage
Her entertainment Is styled a monologue
and consists of bits of unconnected Amllll talk
descriptive anocdoto and burlesque with songs
dotted alone nero and thoro to give variety
to performance It U supposed to rotnto
to tho thing that are to bo seon and heard
In the great English city and It U I entitled
Eyes and Ears In London Now Miss Fields
eyes aro bright and ot her ears sho has cer
nlnly no reason to complain and yet neither
ho ono nor tho other econi to have served
her to very good purpose in this
iintter Very few American ladles have
over gone to England who hnvo been
favored with such opportunities for accurate
observation and for such an Insight Into Eng
IIsh lIfo no Miss Field She hns been brought
Into contact with tho most eminent men of
otters In that country nnd with the most dls
Ingulshod statesmen She hns seen Its best so
ciety at Its best nnd probably also nt Its worst
Sho titus nn apprehensive mind which she
might easily have stored during her long stay
on time other side with a wealth 1 facts nnd
conclusions which should tiara enabled her to
Rive to us a striking brilliant and
Ill 110 osll ve series of pictures of London
life full ot novel Incident strong charao
crlzation and fertile suggestion And
somo such result probably was expected by
those who know of hor opportunities and who
gathered Iti such numbers at her entertain
ment Else why should nearly every literary
nnn of distinction in the city hnvo boon at
Chlckcrlng Hall last livening As n ehcs thoso
workers not wnsto theIr time Whllt Miss
Hold actually gave was briefly sketched
somewhat as follows First the fact that Lon
don is foggy nnd 18 climate dull rainy and
heavy then apropos of this n SOUl about
imbrelhis Thu dUTerpnt stanzas of this
Mips Field Bang under different urn
jrullas first an ordinary silk ono then
a rod ono trimmed with white lace then
n gigantic blue cotton one such aa the
Han Francisco Minstrels might use In one of
their farces After tills Miss Field l had some
janter about our first parents and tho Darwin
Inn theory of tho deBcent of man which led hor
to another song railed The Zoo which was
oil 01 those curious jumbles ot nonsense and
chuff thnt lire mostly heard In variety concerts
Then followed tho description of n visit to
Mine Tiissauds wax works In tho course of
which aims said that she herself had been mis
taken by two of bar countrymen for a
wax flzurp and that on looking at tho cain
oguo they could not fully Identify her but
that one of thorn suggested sho might bo tho
woman who had murdered her father ami
mother and two lltth brothers t and boiled
thorn inn copper to which the other respond
ed thnt ho could easily believe It ns she
looked lust lIke that kind of woman Now
wo would rathr believe that Miss Field con
cocted this story out of whole cloth tbnn to
think that any of our countrymen should bo so
stupid as to fInd In her lovely and Ingenuous
face nny such ruurdorous resemblances
After some remarks about English dinner
parties Miss Field Bane a ballad entitled
Dont This related to n girl who wore ring
lets and whosn lover teased bur and pulled her
intr At which aim remonstrated and
said If he did that she would turn him
off as erin had her other lovers Another
ballad Mamma what shall I dofwnhofthe
1 ubill O l I1nlJ h mlJll IlihtII
Two other Bongs ono a very good bnrlennio
of tho tinging ot n vnuiig wo in in who
hind no voice RO that it was all dumb
show nnd the other a muleieers
song sung In SpnnlBh and very well sum1 nnd
the burleauUB of a rending from Macbeth
by nu nboininnbln reciter rnmplutod the first
part of tius entortnlnmnnt In tlm I course of it
wo should hnvo mentioned Mho Field gavo
somo examples of the Impudence of cnb
drivers and of occasions on which she had
been n victim of their vulgar chaff
Time focond part of the tuogrammo was of
entirely tho same character as the IlrHt We
liar been rnthxr prolix in this detail In tlm
endeavor faithfully to how the manner of
thing that Miss Field briiign before her
midicncc Wo Imllove that tbo qual
ity and character of her material
was a groat disappointment to her friends her
ndmlrorB and bur audience For f uch an au
ditincn an chic had last uvonlng she certainly
aimed far too low Time public lul the pub
lic of this cltvdo hot care to hear cab drivers
chatter London concert hllll songs on 01 whieh
call dOh You Ridiculous Man was sung lu
tile sou1 purl or Bticn musical folly nH the
Lovely Umbrelln Tho Zoo or 1 ont
or time Imitation of n Client Jacks auction
This is London life but it Is low life
and any ono waiting about London
streets can sen amid doe see it nil tho
time Miss Field han had rare anti golden 011 i
portunitlfs for better things but not 1 solitary
gliuipBO of them Is I given him on1 I to end of
bet entertainment It nppeara to us n
wasted opsortunlty not oven relieved by
the humor whleh might innko It tolera
ble since lilts Field IB really not humorous
III voice or mnnnor or face or nctiou while
tills whole lecturo proceeds on the basis of hu
mor If she would reform altogether mind
tell us what hfl really heurd and saw in Lon
don nntl tell it with thu eirnestnoss ot whieh
sue doubtless Is capable the rebult might be
worth time public attention
Will did ha Plea tn Nail Hrcr lli to Kurapc
nail Why tllll be Kill lllmitiri
Thi > re is I still n mystery relative to tho I
suicIde of J Welbort Smith tho Philadelphia
store merchant who shot hlm < elf In tho heart
at St Vincents Hospital on Wcdncsdaj night
Ho was doing n prosperous business at 710
Oirird avenue Philadelphia anti had acou
mulntod property valued tlOOOO His health
was wood and ho was of n chorul aCtive dis
position 110 was 35 rears old not married
and commenced business In Philadelphia nttor
five years active service III time United htntcs
navy as assistant engineer Ho reaided at Ofi3
North Tenth Htrect In Philadelphia and loft
there last Monday with tho avowed Intention of
vlsltlpg a married Bister In Hoot m Ills Phila
delphia frlniuls expected him to n turn In n
couple ot dins and were astounded when
they read ot his death In time nnws
papors Ills brother W L I > b mill
camo to New YOlk yesterday nnd niter
procuring tile services of nn undertaker to pre
pare tint body for removal 1 to Iniladi Itdili I to
day sought In vain to ascertain tho ciiu u of tho
injuries diRt led I to the CXlIro 01 his biothor
Intontlon to sail for Europe In tho strain
ship I Canada under thn I nssunied 1 nanio
of Geo W Jones Althotith thn police
are iiosltlvn that when J W Smith was
found on the Mdownlk In Fourth uvcnuu
on Wedmsdny morning I with his leg brnluii t
ho was Intoxlcitod his brother mist lint ho was
not only a ttt rid ly tutmmi Petals man but he VMIS
nlBo an officer In n tenipernncu onrnnliilfiu
known Rft thn TKinplo of honor Iulicemnn
Rullll who picked I him I up nays that ho neither
complained of his biokon limb nor ul having
been robbed until ho was quetl I lied nullhnl 1 i
tho only I reply that could hn got from him I wns
tImid 1m had baen out with tim boys He did
not know who the vveio or why
they hnd left him Hut ho did know
that ho was going to Ball I In I the CinndH a mitt
waannxlous to bo taken on boaid his sister
Mrs JV Miltlerof 13U t Fjuiih I h > enn hud
not Rein hiiii I foi some timo t m Neither kbo nor
hoi husband could glvo any o r tin hat in of
Mr SinltliH strnugo nttiun C oner Knox
fcald last night thiitho had been Una otnat or
tuln tbo calms of thn I Ruieide and tl it i t ha bu
lloed time relatives did not Know
The 5 bout y wll I I bo hit iii to IIu ulmtdtl tim I mu tndmuy
Ills I I bruit her Biiltl last night l t t I limit t ho une not HO
fur its ho know ongngod to or linpllMt with
nn > womun t and that I ho co ild m nit ncniim for
hl8 I et mOlt go cuiidm on n hi i < itlnsis vvlileh tin
humid heal1 PUtiuextcd thnlu wuuiau was ut time
but to in ol tIme mjvtui
Full 1 ICiimiir or n CmiteiuilMleil I line
NrwOn tNR April Congressman oUf > r
Is I help working for A rtinmilnillon lOin hut llnrd 1 Ill
trlcllitiiu I lnn iillen ii hilt testS t nut vtudnv V
irUtii iiniKKIi ireni Inn rixi nn Km ilili I I st i
Iiutun 1 1 Jtut tiy iilciit ttlS H Ii Hie in I > MI IBIT im
lo n1 licit 1 I ft rt III lav Uu tti M il 1 11101 i 11 In rn
rcuitircd > Nolhin linn I hIIIHIII I i i ti I tiucuu iu
I plaud thud and Iho ruinur u muUniliKMIi I lvUc
Ol OLKOMAltnAltlNIS 3tUf
Jenrnlns All About Nlcnrlnc lllrln Lime
hue and Other Clirmlcnt AlrXerln nnd
Oetllnic it Hull K Luncheon used u Dinner
Clmliinan Jones JI JIcGowan of Mlchl
Iran Albert P Forsyth of Illinois W S Stfslo
of North Carolina Wyatt Alkon of South Car
olina John A Anderson of Kansas S W
Downoy of Wyoming Territory J D lllchmoud
of VIrginia and Col O 8 Ellison of New
York of tho Committee of Agriculture of the
House of Iloprcsontntlvt tlslted officially the
work 01 tho Commercial Manufacturing Com
pany 033 to C53 West Fortyclchth street yes
terday for the purpose of Inspecting tho pro
cess of making oleomargarine butter Tho
chemist of tho committee was Mr Steele who
had a deal to say about stcarluo butterlne and
Incline while the commIttee wont through the
manufactory First the room was visited
whore tho tallow of oxon cows and caltlo con
ornlly was received and separated from any
thing of tho nonfat nature The tallow WItS
boiled before the eyes of the commltteo and
then transferred to tho heated room wharo It Is
churned Thohoatod grease Is drawn off Into
vats containing chopped leo which servos to
conceal tho oloomarcarlno Then the yellow
I substance Is churned In milk to give it flavor
anti salt and nnnnto the coloring matter Is
added The members of the commIttee seemed
to bs well satisfIed that time methods of manu
facturo were all that could bo wished They
talked to the emploieeu drank milk smelled
of tho oleomarcarluous product Inspected the
clean and unpainted InterIors and said Tory
Then they embarked on n Government tug
and floated down the North and up time East
Hirers while they ate luncheon and discussed
tlio m or Its of olnomarunrlnn F li Uhurber
Clark Hull and W H Canoll of Baltimore ao
coinpnuled the party
Time milk and butter dealers of New York have
circulated auioni their constItuents printed
slips headed as follows
Alarmed by their own nrong dulnz apatnst the dairy
Intirun m and hue connimlii lulllc tin ukotimvi rlnlfli
ha > e oiiKhtt < iror t Uuiiliioral > lr nctlon hi I Cunxress
Ill roai the IntrutliK t lion of u bill Ivultlinatlzliiu their mail
utticturo Tliu inetluHli rnilotcd to kecliru riGr by
meau of a batiqun tee uorihy ol butur cause It U to
tehiinl tlnUuUr K ui iltorj will Oil La lulluentca by
that species argument
iiKtorday afternoon several dealers met nt
127 Water street time warehouse of Francis D
Moulton A Co to discuss the best maims of
uouirnllzlni time action taken by the oleonmuir
curliie uiauulacturers In invltlni hue Congres
sional comniittoa appointed to Investigate the
oleomargarine business to a biuuuet at
Del Imuoulcos Mr iuhlncton Windsor pro
sided mind Mr KeM criticised the manner In
which time oloomurirarino dealers attempted to
advertise theIr progress limo petition of the
liuttornud milk dnalors anti producers the
Uuitud States to Congress hind already been
s Ikn oil by 50000 PTSOIIB and within a couple
ot woks ho expected that 2000UO sIgnatures
would bo obtained Time dnirmion wore not
able to give banquets to Congressmen but while
tie oleomargarine people did so they would
feed their guests on 1unnsylv anln butter nt 11 a
pound and tell them It was oluomaruarluo and
they would bo careful not to take them near
any of the fatrtndoriui cstablishmuiits where
tile oil was nindo from which time oleomargarine
was manufactured Tile oleoinarcnrluu trade
was a mean cuntiimptible and shubby busi
ness Mr Walter Carr belIeved that oleomargarine
was Injurious to health mind Its manufacture
was a mud upon producer and consumer
Mr Lloyd said 30UOOOO peopln and vast sums
of money were encaged in tho butler buslnvbs
and the great trade that had been built up was
jeopardized by half a dozen oleomargarine
manufacture Twenty persons engaged in
the trndu could throw as much oleomargarine
dealers Uleomurgarluo win vory irijurioUato
djspoptlc purhiins
Mr George C Ferris said the destruction of
the butter business would affect thin uiilth of
tilts nation lImo man who Invented oloonmr
gnriiiH wii now lauguinhlng in n South Ameri
can prson for attempting to pass oil a mixture
nf btisu mntnls us gold It wits not allowed to be
given to th pauper on Uhiekvrlls Island
Other guiitleniun spuku to time cumin elTott nnd
tho following commutes was appointed to con
fer with other orgnnlatlons throughout the
country mid to visit time Conerub ioual corn
luiiieo now m this city
Wiiphingion lndsor J F Joyce Lloyd J
Seaman t miller Cutur Oeorge 11 Ferris Win
H 1hihips Julia Murtlu JH Uroht leo
H llart
si3iuiL flVnZsOY JIJNGRD
ConvIcted of Murder on 1urelr Clrtnioitan
llm JTldeni
Lirsnrno Va April 0TImo negro mur
dornr Samuel Itobinson wait hilinged hero this
morning After eating a henrt breakfast ho
was conducted to time scaffold at about G oclock
He ascended the steps of the scaffold and was
placed upon the trap Sheriff Caruthcrs ad
justed time rope and n colored minister rend a
chapter of the ScrIpture The IlevMr Carron
then offered a prayer During time prayer the
prisoner knoll with his head upon tho rail ot
the scaffold Tho Sheriff asked Robinson If ho
had an > thing to say He answered No con
fession to make Tho Sheriff sprung the trap
and the murderers neck was Immediately
broken TIll body was allowed to hang nine
toon minutes and wax then cut down
Ihocrinioof which Hoblnxnn was convicted
wat time assassination of Ldvard Thomas
whoso Doily was found In tho public road Huhort
distance mm bnlckuravllli London County
on Oct 23 1b79 > with an ugly shotgun wound In
tilt back of the neck Thomait was conscious
when lound but helpless and died the next
da > williDUt being nblo to give un > information
which might heal to the orrrtt and conviction
of hisHhiior It soon Iwcamn known that an
old feud ixiMVl bttw een Thomas amid Itobinson
mil I MiHifioUH circumstances connected with
KiitiliiHOiis adieu just before and after tha
mom mmrI s r Ind to Ills arrest
At tliu trial it was proved that on the night of
the munlor two purbons met and recognljd
Itoiti naomi ibnut 2HO ymu i its from tho spot whore
thn tin Ir of hoiiias was subseiiimntly found
that about thrrriiuirti I is of a inifo I further they t
111t Ihoniiis going lu I thus dneitijn i of thn t plaMD
ihu ire iimi had but inpontly m I pitsceil ltobm liSt
that tracks went bum mmui imprefed I In I thus soft
earth at time fonii of time murder which In
imIu Il rein cot general I nppeirance and char
netorlit ft PI rtefain iii led with the t shoes worn
b I t > thn t pilsiier I fthin I mir wtatl that on time
morning m niter tho homleln hue t prlsonrr In
eunvir ition with tlm tInier who was attend
ing i 1 untrue pretended not In t I ii arts heard of
the crime I hue It was In proof that hu had
boon Inf I f Tinid ot it nnd 1 indeed I the t hole
rominuniu was ringing w 1t In t the ttorj of It and
tim at ii hilo m Is Pea k 11mg to the t loetor he exhlbted I
the greatest norvmisness and C cit mm I ion It I was
tir v d alb that hu w tS hoxttlo to TlinmrH mid
Find innda tli I reals cc to what ln lutndi I U to do
and that a gtinwl iih hid been but recently
difLhaigod I nas found In I Ills i lOSStiS I elm Ths
test I tmiulm I olTeicd b > th ic duleiuo mimi I > fuinlsbi f I t I
nddilliuiul nvideiu0 ot mite prU uu rVi guilt Tho
sol olTort rite to provu nn nlibi by his dnuichtnr
n umnll child who told her story icr glIbly
until I t 1 hiiiije mil to crositixHinination t It t then
bucjiiio tivident that th child had btemi taught
her story Indoid when questioned she art
lesxly admitted that such wab time fmt
A putut iou fora commutation I to llfo I I Imprison I
ment or a potponenifiit of thus hanging wits
cliculiitud in I thu I county but received onlyivfow I
hg limIt ures The hanging I nf Itol Inson 1 niakia
thu I fouiih I man hanged In I li > udon County
billet lu fiiiin billon more than 100 venib ago
lime hut prnvliis to this one iuthgmg III 1848 Alt
wont nugioes and all excupt liobmson were
hanged for tlii ci line of rape
A A euro IliuitfCtl for Arom
CirAHLKsTON B 0 April 9Anion Woolen
R ruiro vas hut uged in llitim tmlll itt day at about
ni on tor burning tuit itt I ilittu Hrttiliii Mills Marlboro
Count lUi wu < H a itri t tunutn It l thIs attic tiuUr
ti p it it ta ln st S 1 tIm ii u ttiillW SC mn Slip
vuthln tho oIl alum iiiii iliappotiitliu i 5 sit crosd si Ito
lmsi 1 i t Hi t 11 IS Oil I it
iotlfl t ill ISp utuuruuiutt ill rflliTlniM ercUci with
hi r Iviti a iutt I mini t i It t IIM u n rtur He rni J
ii rvt IttS 51i iu I t tutu am altutui i n u ti tripiMtion
II l iii t3it n fruit in till MI IJ tuluk aiiittuounUJ
tlie i il 11 11 I I 1 iIi Slut II i t utttli4 < iii tllttupltCP
llu nl I i hi I nut luitti 1 hu nttk ntul hi nit 1 run slriit
kill n n i 1 tu r r tl irU miltesm d s ho oa pro
IHllll K it m 11 ll lilt i L jih e ii tin D ml ut wn eel 1 tUliv
tt I < i tu u UA rviutiti is ug 141111 t i ik tu > iurtim < taroliuii lor
tutu l iii
I lie letple Iiillitf for It
WAemtloTmN April 0 Second Assistant
rortnin smt r lit merit llruly to Iny ordcrid n Ui < t imt oil
trutin to Le rult tutu Utucia Inn Innall nnd Imtmiinpolli
loha > 5 tin rot itutr i ice al 4 o Ui ck In its innrnlne lIt I
musul 1 1 the I iiiiiiiiiatl iiitr into liull initi ulUat 7i A m
Ihi I avuid ulilect nl itt Ic Ii to injure tIlt In I IU nt ttuul
Jolt til the iMililKiiii uu m nl i Indiana SI much lu
hi n ill crliiiiwd itmnIs miiliulthi i t nrklunK sltur
I mail cuntructnri nut Ilillil tjuui Hiill pay lux thIs
I luium 01 gtotuUn IJuJj ti spIts
VHITIHH jtrjcrioY
Tb Liberal Cerlnln of it Clear JIivJoHIr is
th hosts of CammonB
LONDON April 9Tho Liberals nro still
making gains In the Parliamentary elections
The returns now show that 319 Liberals 200
Conservatives and 40 Homo Rulers buys been
elected At the elections today the Liberals
rained 12 members and they now have a major
ity of 80 over all
The 2imei estimates that the Liberals In time
new house will number about 310 and tho
Home Molars from 60 LoGS Time Conservatives
an hardly count on more than 250 TIme Lib
ernie will thus find their position In time now
Parliament nearly the same ns that of tha ores
out Government In the Into Inrllamont
At a meeting of the Liberal Executive Com
ilttce yesterdayn deputation was appointed
to procood to Hawardon to urge Mr Gladstone
to consent to n public reception In London
A despatch from Dublin to time Press Assoela
tion says Mr Charles S Parnoll will sit for
Cork city In the next House It Is stated that
bo Klcht Hon Col Taylor Conservative who
line been reOlcctod for Dublin County will bo
raised to tho peerage and that Sir A B Guin
ness who stood for Dublin city will bo the
Conservative candIdate and Tho OConor Don
who stood for Itoacommon the Liberal candl
unto for tho vacancy thus caused In Dublin
At it preliminary meeting of representatives
of Irish associations in London last night n
omnilttoo was formed to organize a publIc re
eptlou for Mr 1nrmill on his arrival 1mm Lon
don and all this Irish organizations ol the
metropolis will bo Invited to pnrtlclnato Mr
artioll linn received tho freedom of the city of
Cork for his servIces in behalf of Ireland
Among those who havn beon returned at to
lays oloctlona tore Mr M K Grant Duff Lib
ra for iigln District roelcctnd tIme Right
Ion Hugh Law aud Sir Thomas M Cluro Ltb
orals for Londonderry County rodocted the
Ion Evelyn Ashley Llbural for isis of Wight
a Liberal gain thn Hon Rup rt Carrlngton
Llheral tho Hon Thomas F Fromnntlii and
tIr Hobcrt II Harvey Conservatives for lluok
ngliamslilre the last two reelectod the Hon
ADElliott I Liberal for Unxburjshlro n Hb
oral caln Col Jolcoy and Mr Charles M Pal
mer Liberals for Durham north the latter r > >
elected a liberal gain Messrs Edward F Lit
ton Liberal and John V EllisonMacartney
Conservative for Tvrono time latter reflected
iLlbnrnl gain Mr W C ilorlaso Liberal for
Cornwall east tho Hon 0 T Agarllobertes
Liberal for Cornwall east a Liberal gain
Col Itobort N Klugacoto Liberal for Olouecs
ershire west reOlected Lord Moreton Lib
ra for Gloucestershire west a Liberal caln
Mr L P Pugh Liberal for Cardiganshire a
Iheral Fain
Tho Mnrouls of Hartlngton the Liberal
leader and Mr R W Qralton Liberal vvcro
chosen today for Lancashire nnrthBast Llb
oral cain of two seats The Martinis of Hart
ngton bad already been returned from time
Udnor burghs His election today for North
east Lancashire with that of Mr Oration do
foaled tho Conservative candidates Mr Chain
inrlnln Stnrkle member of tho last House and
Mr W V Kcroyd
Sir StnlTord Northcote the Chancellor of too
xcheriuer has had a prolonged Interview with
Iortl lliuicoiiRllehl who has also been visited by
Lord Craubrook Secretary for India It is saId
hat on the return to London of Mr Cross lie
horns Secretary and Mr Stanley the Secretary
for War H CabInet council will be held proba
ilyon next Monday
Losnox April 10The Liberal net gala Is
now 17 seats
Great Ral < > of Forged Iuxparti H itrlotlon
on time lre
LONDON April 9A despatch from St
etcraburg time lMilp Ynci says The de
parture of hen Skobolefr for Central Asia Is
till uncertain The opinion Is current some
circles that his movenitnta will bo dependent
he release ot many > risoners and time exami
nation of others with a vIew to their early trial
ho outlook Is rather Bloomy The Press Bureau
I s again very active and the position of jour
nallstii Is therefore anxious and dlfllctilt No
early change Is Intended respecting the Minis
try of Public Instruction and wise and liberal
propositions meet with persistent opposition
The details are now furnished of time arrest of
tim courier of Prince dst Lirvon one of the Sos
retaries nf Btnto charccd with forging pass
ports His vvlfu Is seriously implicated in rev
ilutlonary prooeedlncs Titer was found In
heir possession the sum of 02000 roubles slid
to have been derived from the snlnof also pans
lortn which had been fabikated during the
last eight years anti numbering HOOO
iius lleilln ooriBspondent of time Standard
suiTs ho hears that PrInce GortchakolT tIme Ibis
Biin Chancellor will make along tour for his
n alth In the spring beginning with the Ger
man watering place rime correspondent adds
lint tile rumors of Prlncn GortchakofTs retire
iiinut from ofllceara no longer heard
Th Paritt correspondent of time Times says
M Krapotklne u brother of Gen Krnpotkino
who wax nshHsslnutod by Xlhllfsts at t Kieff but
who is himself editor ot the Nihilist organ tin
2br m nt Geneva has been Invited b > Ihu Cuu
toiril authorities to null Geneva and has ac
cordingly moved to time village ot Muutrcux la
the Cuutou of Vaud
auiiMJA 4 jUlY
The Pence strength Fixed Inlll Morek 81
1555 nt 437370 Man
BEIILIK April 9In tho ttolchstng today
debate began on the second reading of the
Army bill herr Stauffenbore proposed to re
strict the term ot operation of time bill to timroo
years but time motion was rejected ISO to 101
The Hut and second paragraphs fixing the
penco ktr ngtli of the niniy until March 31
1SS8 at ii7270 men was adopted leas ISO
olive OH
Thn Minister of War declared that the bill
owed Its origin not onlv to time present political
situation but to rcisons of a lasting character
and that n permanent military biutgnt alouo
could give thus anus stability and conlldencp
Ilerr Rlclort National Liberal said the
strengthening of time army was ol time highest
Importance to the nation and must not bo auntie
a party question now He declared that n pOny
eibtel in UHrmnnywhkh wished to weaken
time dnfuiiblii power of the Inlhurlnnd but It
was this deiru of time whohe nation to uphold
with I a mighty t hand time tuosetue Ions which
Gtruiuuy hud nemilrod und to maintain iteutce
Mr lien lit lu Mr Hiile
WASnINCiT0N April 9Mr H II Finloy re
Cci itt tunln hum Cubs umue letter from Mr I Abrun S
lit wilt wIth refercDcc tvtho luiiinrs Jinlculty null Mr
II II tlnlrv
Mv Unit Mr Your aver of tl f lImIt ini t Isrecehrd I
r l > much ngrtt ttMt Ihli IIIILII suimi vtr > irlnii r
ha > tcuul rot Iho ellcvt if llirr rtirla > tnuiiunrnU
lLtunii Uuiiiucril is Ii i to dtMruj mIte cuiitlitcnn il
thu ulilic III the cuprwili ut thti Hiinucrdtli
loriS lor pell pmi mint nl I iMit nlioii Miitttn
tu Mr t PprliiM lhit > nu had in vir tUlintd tu ripri Lit I
> tr Til U n and mbiu > cu uom I t rittt n nu > a tilitr wtuletm
plntnl sit uitul Iltitt four rcmtl in with him did not en
dblw tui to uct hu ictt a oIu4 I I lutr m m him a cts il 1
your tuttr to that Hurt uill lif nu vxtuso
li n nit r Inrchiricliu > m nith Kin hue rci n n ttllMi
of Vlr llldin 1 If MHI cIrt MM I II ctuirrull it tar must
moil in tl I lad III il > oils rtrd Uu Natii lull nininitt t >
HI II nnd iidlhrully in Ihti that yilir illation nt K Or
Km incut runlldintUl cliaraitir that 3 mtl IIUUT ahuw tl
the ntldtiitu uhlch HU I rtiurtil in > uti tint mutt
whatiiiiini v ylIlI t > x lniide1 MHilnlly I accuunUd fur JliJ
It tub cniiilU lUellli yours Ii uiy
iintdl i Ascii S HEWITT
Nrw okk April
An Auil AMiiovv > enrly Killed by llurglnr
PtTTsnunoit Pa April 9 Mrs llachel Smith
a vrUnw aged 70 year whulliei alum with her dllKli
Icr on the Urtrnburi mIke rood near Adainsburg We it
moreland County will probably die from hijurles re
crlird t at the tIll uttls of an II tilt tot a limn ippuvd to Le
a liurelur Hho la > t nlulil fuictd hit way lulu Ihu liouio
b Iui Jinikilown tho Imr
Tin Juunhter ewnrm luC JumphiK Ihroueli the window
ill on Ii uu h tin me rolliiik HI and llllin a tilsunco tut
lelvt tiLltulht cronnd clue bu tahud neert thtmtil ii
nut ninl lnuirlci Mi aim nud the m tjibor s no
burl hti I tu Hie moo vlnru they moLt mtti Urn Mnltl
Hiltiihnc in her blond unoonicltui and with aJm
tuuiit un her luad
The aioailanl had flout saul htinot et lieen captured
Colttlri title inuney nunknunn I lo lie In I tin IIOUM and
duuutli4 runiud j Ihu ciininiltluiiof tho bulrui
Shooting a Uurulur tbruuub th Heart
CHICAGO April 9A special lo tho nines from
Kalanmtoo tutu says ict night Albrrt Cutltr oi
llio Oral uf Cutler llrotlivrtof Nuttwna station ru tIlt
liuiut Ililittl ml Inliiirt Hn tuna wu aim lietit 1 ill
hn room in lli store U > a btirklur tr > ln I < tu fi tree a It i ill
littiup Mr i in1 rtiLuni i jhn ltiutI ultueil aurtt ti
limo ol loth Aiul ttuu III in mi thioiikh lie In art tlilimt
tiuii Mitliintk 1 lilt ttmirir l iruied tu U an liuttlituts II
nmn ol thus trnnip trdtr ruts is thp octninl nimi Mr ltil
lor lies hui sitU k llttl liavliu blown ft itttitl Its litHI mm
slim n Hhutkiin at jut tOO > uu S iiwu while litt I > Sc lr
itt uiurto HO fiitrf He tutt > tuu lu Cluu clams tumier
NU ttiUll tt lltlk
hlxlven Ilvr Lost
Los DOS April 05t P M The Hiltlsl
5IItitti i tJHittK Its iMfii mtsk 11 I a tollM un the live
jtuuituuiut Ltjyimu ItIuItCUOU kuJUvutl U craw etne
aria md
DASwsa mniK ixn TIIKKE nr 27Th
says iwonrwi
The 91 FMItp Mmlcnl Nnclelyln Anillcnci
from the tVciOihlot Colored Cunarvanllurj
la the World llrnvvlnc tar n lied Quilt
Tlio St Philip Musical Association con
nected with Bt Philips Protestant Episcopal
Church which comprises or numbers nmone
Its friends tho wealthy and aristocratic element
of colored society In time metropolis gave a
musical and dramatic cntortnlnmunt In Lyrla
hall last evening The audIence was largo
Many of the gentlemen wore In full even
ing costume Some ot the ladles were
richly attired The St Philips Church
choir sang Mr P 8 Qllmoros new ua >
tlonal nnthom Miss M R Lyons recited
The High Tide Mr E 13 Wright sang
Mygol Schneiders IJnrty IntroduelnB sue
cesMiil Imitations of R German nn Italian and
an flhmim restllnc with time English tongue
A violIn concerto amid n song by Mr August
Woiit and Miss Emma Mngnnn respectively
were followed by n rccltntlon entitled Zulu
Freedom by Mr David F Nelson Mr Net
soIl responded to nn encore In a brief
and appropriate selection and ha bore
away two large bouiiuets ns testlmo
nab of hlsflueeosH tin an orator Mr Burr Ed v
wards sang n selection In a rich Imritone and a
qunrtetlij eomposnd of Matters Green and Slit
art and Mtsmrs Oruy nnd Pedro sang Sulll
vans Hush Theo my Baby The entertain <
ment cloand with n farce Tho Widows Via
tlm In which the characters wero not colored
people and the actors were obliged to resort to
tbo reverse of tho burnt cork process
Eneh admission ticket Had n coupon entitling j
tho holder to ono chnnco In tile drawings for 1
two nutouniph bell quilts ono containing 1G81 i
names nnd time other SCO The names hind boon
wrItten with loadponcll on tlireocornered
blocks of white and rendered Indelible by I
chemical process Time expense of putting u per f
sons autograph on the quilt was 10 cents Ill9 I
quilts netted the AssucIathoii over 350 Somo
of time names wore thoso of persons In other i
cities of tills country amid of the West Indies 1
The largo uullt was drawn by ticket 017 antI
the small ono by 370 The names of tho win 1
ners are It Drnxton and Chnrles Onwson hut it
was facetiously suggested thnt when they como
to utilize the quilts they will co under many
A Rwlwqaa Opera for the Ilentflt of the
Hunt Club
It la not generally known that a party ol
Harvard students winter before last Introduced
In Now York many of time most popular airs of
the now throadbnro Pinafore These airs j1
were Interpolated Into nn arrangement of
Eurnanda Fair Ilosnruond made by Mr
Arthur Sherwood This Arrangement was pro i
ducod about Christmas 1873 at hue Union I
League Theatre and the entertainment was
Chen for the benefit of tho harvard Dont Club I
and was highly successful List night nt time j
annie theatre nnd for the same purpose n mini
her of young gentlemen belonging to the liar 1
van class of si gave nn entertainment begin
nine with tho farce Im Not Meself nt all L
aud concluding with an extravngnnt burlesque f
opera in four nets entitled Bar Frnfsehutz
or rime 11111 the Helle and the Bullet
Although several of time stars of lie company
appeared In tin farce and though Mr Webb
male n capital Irishman In the part of 1lieltni
Olioinke thnnudlonCH which was fashionable j
ns n rule youthful and in full dress was ov
iileutlr Irapitleut for the burlesque to begin
That nn Inipntlence on time pnrt of time audlencu
for the burlesque to end was not apparent shows
that the performance was much bettor thna l i
amateur timemitricals ordinnrlly are TIme tenor f
Mr Gllllc had n cnplfd fiilietto voice and ntted
with Intense spirit and feeling The honors ot
time evening however were divided btweon t
Mr Tuckernmn who took the part of Allfinn
softheaded softhearted nn Inferior hunter i
without much hunterstnndlng Mr Pendlo
ton as Mai the most eligible parti in 4
iheiiili lvn i3 Tiift inc imomm or isoneihili w
The burlesque nbounded in happy lilts one of 1
vvhluh was nn nnnnuneement that Harvard wad
not In favor of Grant for n third term
Shull there ho n Free iess In the Colltce of
the City of Now 1orkf t
A newspaper called The Echo established
about two years ago by students of time College
of the City of Now York wns discontinued Ono t
of the results of Its exUtenco WAS a rule laid
down by tho faculty thnt uo reference whatso
ever should be made rb the faculty by any col
lege paper ns to the management of time college
Two months ace time CulleaeMerpitru was started
its lending editorial dwelt on the declination of
oratory aa follows
Snmc out lias sail that oratory I loMnc ground in lie
college and u Is Hut a lay T We answer for wantif
I rucnce There time been un drcamationi IhU sear
liliich H i tic filllt of tilt neatly Tilt SltlulCflli ato linx
tiXen little luiLicst in literary ociptie iilikh It i another
rasnlu btuilentf have Also tfn iltorivcit if junior ex j
Ii illun sneaklutr by the lacnltv niiil ihut liny ate lot i i
nllonid toll como proHciont tIme art ot i uUlk groakluj j
The editor of time College Vrrniry was called
before Preoldent Webb for writing this niticle i
amid he was told that ho was suspended from I
his relations to the college This was nearly n I
fortnight ago limo next edition of limo Cottjo
Menurn la to appear on next Monday Ibo
proof sheets hare been shown to Pi of Itonier
of the college and hn says that the editor will
bo extolled if tho Colleje UiTtiiry make its np
poirmce with a certain editorial In which IB
eritlcised the fneultis neglect of oritory This
is on the ground thnt time article Is discourteous
to the management of the college The BUS I
peiuled editor is undecided whether the paper l
will be printed or not t 4
Tcleplione CompanIes TTnttcd
A consolidation of tlio Bull TclophonoCompinf
cf thli city Saul the private iiw smut tecpliune department
of the Gold anil block TelenrnphCoinp toy has been cued
ed The Gold stat lutk Company transfer a nil it tclci > io a L
liuslni11 finl the jirUatc lines unJcr Us control totli
nu ubcr of nbouiWJO alit the Dill Telol hone Company
rIO in nil Iti property to the mew company w hicli smut
c ntnl tlie entire ttmnci I now done li > riich iPinpany
HoMt c inpniHtf S will IH nnJi r < nn litntuIjm cent but tho
iKtiiUof tlift new orknnlitioii hne nut 3ft to Ill CtlII
pitIed Nu name has tt tu I ttn deiiJitl ItiuuIlI fitr ito nw
conn rttn t ninrrLie I SI Ulbv muVin hue com mmmi stc t k
it is nut tiilnluh kiumu vhiit lle am unit 5 111 lie
There 1 ssiui l b n tlitiiiM In HIH iy > ti in nf citermos tnit
them will t rit ilit IC t no tmiift in tdo ritit to uWrt
items In Iii me cit Hie sc mOlt tniinlir ot Imp irnporty
S ill lit tnke 11 ire until M ij 1 P xccj ml iu N iv Jr CIty
mill the iburbs > tutmi h ss iii b tnnisltrrtJ as oon ni
pOfil e rIp llw compim IS ill I bikin at titc opir tttt in
on Mn 1 auJ will liai iiutiiti mutrAl ot tlio uto phone
bu inc em Sen York titj toKtlli isutim Hit touutry
thirt > tLnt mules amoco t
Snmncl IuurMii Uunvernrur
Samuel Lnuronco Clouernour died In Washs
ln UMi lust MonJnj nt the see of u IJ 3 cars llo ss JUiti
lat male inimiHr ol tlo faiml lu llus country Iturnip
tho nairc llu nncostcr Abrh in Ootneinetir isas
doern of La UiHliellf Prancr slIul t 111 a leader of tho
lluifitt nut 555 5 COIl Ii OCt 1 to Hi i to Ilnllftnit atut tttCIlCll
tu huts cm mrj 11 I I alli 1 IUH iUn < n ilatu St crti a KM ct utut
iu tn tirv Mlu Hit Ki l nl lit > Mi rrhn I Vdoin lCd
niiliu Mill tittur tl t etu ill sIll IoluiCitl cinin nrc Mil
fithcr Is Ii i r tmn tor of tlmclu l tioni I t 1W7 10 1 > MH n hut I
tums inolher 5t55 mite d SmuzlIler > ot lif iloul Motirtn1 tie
ctit 10 I tl trniy P11 I it inui ml In iriht suit I M reil m
ti ti xico AttcrwurJ hf wns toiHiil in I luivtho ll I I a
nnrruJ Murluii lnnhttr ut JHIQCJ CamuLnll ti loriuvf
burrvKitv ol ttlti city
Tuuk Out for the Yollow Conch
Residents of Now HooheUo were excited yoa J 4
tenlA ocr rumor thnt a bill hvl been sent tu lbnny
bondinx the town fur > PO toJcfraj the exmmum or a
iiropu iil i in icnilninlinj ot I the roll Acer whlih ito I M tm
lull IIo riMrli ii l In travel ituwli to iholtlli I nil town J R
line lll is auth ltilittt t Crest MLficj liat bckuotikrvU 10 B
fit mincinenl
Itnnl < line e rillcllon
Vorthe Sllddlo Atlantic States warmer clear
nr pnrllv cloudy nuathcr oulli tg Vet wiiiUa iQOer
XlllB 3IOItIaS 717iAT XK1M
hIlls Snmcrifl ritklniuii I lori Itsini ton Ii dead Ik
tnu HJJ > vjr ol Ilia av
Ir lUnmlt ol ul itiTilk ttrum I ropuitu llm a coorul
curl ninuil HiiM is 1 imnr lu Hit Ice nt 07 luitiui aImed
li milt mill A tltsu sot tli it lie mumutims I tu bo miill Ito
helm liilinMii llu i hit iiruiiit nrihi u niiirrii Ii i ci
Cliilal llolnir is IIKI tell ltic lu I in Isleut ly l iiut
uinriUI nnl 11 situ 1 iiiuvj lu ulrti rdviitiwii omol iImulnisjtuu
iiiitit fur leu M HIS
Miflurl Hut inu an emplo > inent seeker rn tie river
rr in Hit i ci l tum u in 1 itiM fil null I ka 11 1 at VV 11 ullIt I
H uiitnii atni i 1111 c uiu by Coil u l II leu a iuIti
slurt IIIMII Hi i Ii iniiinil t man vitt ih eii lo tii at in >
CtItti lloi UN it Hru n Cleil i uj
riionii mil I Jinnrttc m i lurW were arreSted In ItitTll
I ur > lii S iui I tittl ItO Hit tim m rs limit r nullil I > niirt
I Itut IIM I Lii I ltur up lIt K mil rultulli in l huiin luritIs I 111
arm ki ktil i 1 tvut lir iiuii in oilar vnt abused tier
Tliv nelllttll VriK LOVf u I til I mill mum 0cc 5
A t rejftt II I in font atnonir h 11 Ihu Mull wealthy Porno
mum uti Cluoii u > mn n t iuu nt nioruliu Ittlil tt5l > > i
on a irrnuin i I nt Iiuii Mntor IUrrl on Ii lalil lo It I tIllS
ol hip nit rcklnl oirei Arr nni n cuts am nigiuJ tu
bu luuijiUio or iu itiue In I I nbuut tlirii nctk
In I the Tlliour lot St niuutm content In AlIt ale rm at K
V fiirllie ihiiiniioi liip mceui it Slid 5tt i m toll mil
o clock lit iilkhllln t some itoi I ciiiiinnn Hi milni
IliuKi 2u14 It toll lam oiiiinneii hu ii lull rj
mil viaiivmy Ji > j rIte cuutiit s Uiun vii tprui 7 AI
Si ii

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