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ti IUrlf < Ihtxlrc lolUrrrur NulliU 1 tri U4lluc <
tl < > r Th lee CItrIiI I IMe Mitlnr
Miitiaci Iptlna Mutes
DIIIT Urirol I I by mail 15r a month oriXJ30 a
1 eir rotpald with SiliuUyidltlon 8T1O
M oir m l intti 81 VO perjear pnttpall
UxkXLr 0 I ages Kt per > o potpiia
Tho Army IMII
Tho Jlouso debaU In Committee of the
Whole on tho inonoy parn rnplm of the
Aimy Appropilullon bill Is altvady I ciulud
for the pending nddillonnt section now put
posed prohibiting Iho employment of Iioop4
8 n polico fotco to keep the peace ot thu
polls docs not touch the question of the epo
tlllc sums t bo ttppioprlntud
Ilovlcwln the legislation thus fnr tho
leading point to iiotloo Is the uniform ro
ioctlon of all suggestions lookluu t econ
omy or to a loiluctloiiof the amount asked
by tho commltlpo
Tho first of these BiiRffestlons came In Iho
form of an nniondmctit offered by Mr
DimiCLL to provide for only twcntyllvo
majors In tho pay dciartment Instead of
fifty I was shown that over forty of the
existing paymasters wero appointed from
civil life tout not from the line of the army
that when testimony was taken on this sub
ject before the Military Committee of tho
last Congress thlrlylhree of the paymas
ters wore found to bo In tho Eastern States
Mid only bovetitoon with the troops In tho
fold that tho question concerned not only
tho 2500 pay of each paymaster but tho
clork horse fodder rations and travelling
zpeuses to which he was entitled Still
more striking was the fact that the Joint
committee of both Housos which presented
the liuitvsiDE bill unanimously agreed t
reduce time number of paymasters to twenty
Dvo although that committee contained
members disposed to give the army every
thing It could asU In tho way of ofllccis
Even the PaymasterGeneral testified to tho
last Congress that ho only required forlr
live paymasters The House In committee
refused to part with ono and Mr UIBUHLL
unendineiit was rejected
Tho second effort at economy was made by
Mr SPAIIKSB amendment urged by tho Com
mittee on Military Affairs prohibiting the
hiring of contract surgeons from civIl life
with troops at posts or In tho field until all
4 thu commissioned surgeons had boon first
assigned to such duty Thereupon a letter
from the StirgconUenurul was read declar
L ing that cnmmlsnloned surgeons were needed
i at tho Soldiers Homes and to prepare his
llh dmW IJ t Z tl
ElAltKVs proposition was adopted
And thlt shall not be construed 0 requiring the as
signment to JUlY with troops of commissioned suriieons
who are now or may hereafter L pot In charge of the
National Soldiers Homes or those who arc detailed lo
I prepare the medical and surKleat history Ih war 01
the rebellion or those who may be detailed on examin
J ing boar Ji
It was shown that there were but ono hun
dred and forty posts where medical officers
could ProPerly bo stationed and yet ono
1 hundred and scvcutytlitoo surgeons In com
o mission It was furtlier shown from tho
letter of time StirpoonGcneral himself llmt
1 of these one hundred and ovcntythreo sur
s Beons there nro but twelve today perform
ing duty with troops In tho fed the rest
y being cither at posts or lu the Eablern
States But the Committee of time Whole
I rejretcd the proposition to limit tho hiring
r of Chilian sm Reims for Hold service
or Iho third attempt at economy was mndo
t In the text of tIle bill Itself loduclng tho
0 amount of commutation for rations now
13 allowed to a certain class of men known as
F general service corks Tho army rations
If 4 icckoncd at but
4 are twenty emits a dar
r under War Department orders sanctioned
C N by past appropiiillon bills they get a dol
II I 4 lar n day as commutation In Washington
rt and elsewhere where thoy sOre on time
rs ground that time cost of meals is much higher
f In cities than In thH Held Tho suggestion
li cites tll Icd 8Ulleston
made tho that
ot was by CommissaryGeneral
I s BovontyIlvo cents day was a fair allow
o g ance and tho committee adopted It In the
bill a time saving would bo 30000 a day
or Tho House stiucU out this provision and
o P then time advocates of reduction gave up the
b l contest and quitted Iho Held
I With thuso efforts at economy thus sig
4 t nally bafllcd In the House tho chances are
or that tho Senate will build up In tho other
direction when tho Army Appropriation bill
f comes before It
r It Is remarkable how lavish 0 certain class
of statesmen more in spending other peoples
t inouoy
01 y The Impending Perth
In his recent speech at Mansfield wherein
IT 1 lie fonnnlly announced himself as a candi
a date fin President Jons SHFIIMAN did not
a tt > preteud to conceal the mnKiiitudo of the ro
units dependent on the election next Novem
I ber On time contrary ho urged It aa an ad
e ditional reason for tho Republicans to rally
ir li I t his Manila nl What ho Bald on this topic
iril Is worthy of the most serious thought of al
he i parties We quote Ills words
r I The question for the peoide ol the United Stale to
in determine Is I whether they nil chow the policy or lh
m Republican patty to be chanced and the Pcmocrallc
IK pal lu be placed tn control of the executive and Judl
ch old branches of the floverninent for the Judicial branch
Y TAlll lolluw tha late uf the executlva branch
ii Tbe hunrrme Court nf the United Slain which h
bo the bulwark of equal rliiliu anditr iiranai will In
VOJ the natural course of event be changed in a slnifie fres
lit I Idemlal term 10 0 to place tin Democratic part lu
es control of the mpreine Judicial J tribunal of tlie Und I
hl TAb tl ii l lint f ffrrtlt fab nftht rammlfftl
ur This compliment to tho court was merited
by Its decision siibtalulnir tho constitution
c ality of thu DE lIT Election laws amid
3 by the votes of MiLLint STRONG ali HIIAD
e liv on time Electoral CdininlsNlon sustain
ing time fnttids in Ixjiilsiana i and Florida
Thl icuiiistiiictliin I of tho I BUIJrtnO Coo it
me 1 111 ot tlio mobt Important I Incldunts to
t thin Ilohldcntlal contest I Is now par
01 UMIII 11t I llg > tOll hoyiind all I oxporlonco
ICI WU liaxn been It packed to nnuiu the most
ull Bolniim I u Jniiniiiits j In I time liiteieb of Kreat
mI i Cdlpoiitlnim WH liavu aol tim get of tlm
hoi m1 JiulKiH vitiliitu their ouths u amid out rage liw
nnd justice to eiin iiinimito time fotiisst emimnu
t In A I Ir1a I hintory This uxpuriuncD I
to elinvkutl time cdimtrv anil lias ptcpurid pub
jtsl lie opliiliin for oven gitatii WIOIIKH when
lluiimiided liy pulltlritl neceHslty I
atAsr or biiiacMAN or ULAIHE or anv
1i i I
i I I f II
other Republican would It oleotod Fresh I
dent Qll ovary vacancy on this bonch with
larliaana quite as pronounced as MnLin
and ns subservient ns UIUULET or UAHLAX
Tho court would bo a more echo of the Ad
ministration As an Interpreter of the Con
stitution and tho laws It has the power
and a now organized It has the will to
undoimlno the principles upon which free
government rests by decrees In favor of
ccntriilUatlon and of overthrowIng homo
lulu In the Status
The etepi forward In this direction have
already etnitlcd all rolloctlng minds But
let the third t term bo successful and this
advance will b like Infant toddling com
pared with tho strides to despotism that arc
coitnin to follow Time real question to bo
considered IB not hothor ono Inn or an
other shall bo put In the Vim it mu House I or
whether tho Democrats or tho llupubllcnns
ehnll huvo tilt bpolls to dlstilbutv but
whether our Institutions ate t bo preserved
In their integrity
A New Device for Selling Mlnlnc Slinren
Tho last trick of the mel engaged In In
ducing Ignorant ivmipla to niunble In i mining
stocks has been tint fot mutton In Now York
of 1 Ladles lltilllon Club and I Ladles
Mining Exchange The len who are back
of tim women Iti this one concern with two
names as It serins to be ptobably have on
hand or proposo to acquire mining plOp
erty out of which they hopo to maUo money
by getting UII cOlllulles whose stock will bo
hawked about among women They may
think them I class of tho population easy
to capture with MUNCHAVHUN stories of tho
slzo the promoters of mines always have
ready when they are denllng with tho most
The right of throwing away money that
belongs to others Is not one for which
women have had to fight Thoy have always
shared this precious privilege with tho
sterner sex amid In all times small wits have
annie much fun of womens aptitude for
getting rid of money in their fondness for
finery But only of lato years havo tho
means of enabling them to competo with
men In the Wall street game of chance been
reduced t a sort of organization
That when onco the taste for gambling
seizes thorn women aro apt to make a mania
of It wo know very well Just an tho habit
of opium eating I and alcoholic stimulation
when It has once been acquired gets an even
more tyrannical hold on tho femlnlno or
ganization than on that of men so tho rago
for gambling possesses moro completely
their excitable Imaginations Formerly at
Baden Baden the most Intent players wcio
women and now at Monaco tho women
gamblers are among the most engrossed at
tho tables When tho South lea Bubble
reached Its greatest brilliance and was on
tho point of bursting women were almost
frantic in their courting of tho fabulous
itches promised by the scheme
And now when the mining bubbles are ex
panded to their hugest slzo and are blown
about most thickly women aro to bo en
ticed Into UH crowd for whoso Infatuation
they worn Inflated I Is creditable to tho
bettor cInEs of Wall street brokers of time
school antecedent to tho Importation of tho
mining business from Ban Francisco that
they refuse to encourage women In dabbling
In stocks the bucket
though bueke shops rejoice
to add them to their victims I women
spend their money in finery they get some
thing that may enhance their charms j but
l1Jtofb l gIJeo JI HPHhlMO
too for ono of tho first requisites of feminine
loveliness Is a sweet and placid temper
For tho Information of our fair friends
upon whose gentle laces we should never
wish to see the wrinkles feverish anxiety
and blttor disappointment make wo will
tell them something about mining In tlm
whole history of speculation there has never
arisen a more conscienceless body of sharps
than has been developed by the search for
the precious metals In our Western States
and Teiritorles San Francisco has tho
credit of generating this bro They havo
worked so successfully there tlint thoy lima
accumulated a largo sharo of tho wealth of
the city At one time they mndo gambling
ole tmo mato AlmLIIU
In mining stocks about as general In San
Francisco us the purelmbo o of lottery tiiKeth
In Havana or In Naples Coming hither
they huo laid their plans to repeat tho
garao on a larger scaln at tho East
I Is within bounds to say thnt during
tho last six months ton millions a day In
nominal capital In mining cntures have
been put ou tho San Francisco and Fasten
imuKets The ashlonablu way Is to forum a
company with a capital from five to ten
millions h with from fifty thousand to I hun
dred thousand shares at 10 each Time
shares are put on tho market at from 2 tu
20 a sharo A very vnrlto do vice Is naming
a small price say 2 50 a share for tho first
10000 shares for Instance and Issuing a
notice that tho next 10000 will cost say 5
a sharo The first sales alono pay for the
mlno and give Its proprietors a large bonus
In a great majority of cases nothing moro Is
dono with tho mine Sometimes nothing
whatever Is attempted In the way of Its de
velopment Gold or silver or both may
have been traced In the region where It is
situated but only n hole has been dug It Is
bettor to leave tho precious metals for tho
Imagination to find The mlno has not oven
boon bought I has only been bonded the
refusal of It for a stipulated period obtained
and the salo of the shares furnishes pur
chase money
Tho socalled mining departments of
newspapers contain glowing hints and prom
ISM of gold and silver in the mines of tho
companies and tho promoters push the sale
of their shares with tho zeal of an oil Coney
Island monte man The shares are put on
tho market at so small a prlco a few dollars
that oven tho poor can buy thor Just as
tho very poor can buy policy tlckota and
thoso who aro a llttlo better off can squeeze
enough out of their caving to pay for Ha
vana lottery tickets And hOle Is tho trouble
about this mining business I Is organizes
t catch the pennies of all classes and t
stimulate tho rago for getting money with
out work which Is so universal There are
people engaged In peddling mining shares
among domestic servants even They are
advertised hIke patent medicines and boys
have been Induced t Invest In San Fran
cisco while here In New York wo eco this
movement t play on tho Imagination of
women I Is safe to lay that ulueteen
twontlnths of time capital put on time market
In mining hares represents no real value
and can nncr bring any return
Yot that thieve mire mines which are profit
able Is undoubtedly true Homo of thoiu
mire In private hands and them are thoso
whoso manngris miikn tho gold uld shiver
thoy ml 1A up return them t enormous m owa nil 4
nut only i In i Inttliifalu I value but also by en
abling h them to unload block at high prices
or to manlpuluto I time nmikot fur uilsuor
full h an thoy can easily I do with tholr coimt mimi
of tho working of the property Hut of m all
stocks mining I h shares am tlio mOlt dangiu
ousund dulualwi for men and women who
know nothing about them I ho dinners ol
winning am no better than t tho o II pil i I y
Lou oulloy and tho one sort or gaiublluu
Is just AS ruinous or demoralizing as the
Wo therefore advise our fair friends t
avoid tho acquaintance of tho women of tho
Ladles Bullion Club
Will Money Do HI
I Is pretty clearly apparent now that
Gem OIIANT cannot o tholtepubllcnn nom
natlun except by tho use of largo sums of
uonoy I
Will money buy time nomination
Thcro wi I I bo In I time Republican National
invention limit ii y piuo and Pat ihoti u delo
gules who would scorn a lirlbe In HO huge
apolitical body on the other hand tlioio I
will utmost certainly y > bo a cUIlldlluLlo 111
jer with llchlng imlniH I
Among UutNtH zealoui nail crafty sup
lortcts theo uio men ot lininensti i nnd
almost I boundless wealth who would lot bo
too scrupulous In i t ito two of money to put a
candldalo forwuid through whoso favor
tie hope very hugely to piollt
To accept I bilbo Is I lot tinhcisnlly 1 I re
guided as so heinous an olTenco us It ought
to bo fioiiblituuul Beyond 1 icnsonublo
doubt United Stalest Sonalois huu been
elected In I Now York vaimimu nnd
Ilcl II ow 1011 Loniwylvunlit 111
other Stales b Iho direct of
Httcs by uso money
Tho recent cons ictiumi of KIMIIU J and
others of ha Ing utlemptod to bilbo mem
bers of the Pennsylvania Legislating shows
that such practices nto not entirely free
fiom danger j but on tho other hand ono
of tho grounds on which n pat don for
KIMIILB was solicited was thnt bribery had
huietofoio been so common I
I Is far moro likely that QIUXT may bo
nominated by tho free oxpcndltuioof money
than lhal ho will bo elected A nomination
cal be bought much mom easily than an
election by the people It Is not at all 1m
probable that GnT will bo i nominated by
bribery and then bo dtfovted at tho polls
Are t Thnt Should Be Paid For
In a single day two men liivo been ar
rested charged with passing counterfeit
money In both cases tho money on a
thorough examination tuined out to be
genuine and good 1
Complainants who are so careless as to
cause such arrests without that halng
ascertained that tho money certainly Is
counterfeit ought surely to bo mado to
pay dearly for their mistake Indeed what
can bo adequate compensation to an Inno
cent man for having been subjected t such
an indignity
I Is said thnt there are spurious fivedol
Jar pieces now In cltculatlon which are very
difficult of iltiloctlon Inasmuch as the out
side of tho gemilno coin Is preserved wbllo
tho Inslilo Is sawed out timid tho skeleton Is
then filled up with sortie has motil
But nowevcr dlfllcult It may bo to distin
guish bud money from good there Is no difficulty
ficulty In abstaining from muklng an arrest
In I doubtful ease
Tho Senate mado use of yesterday In dis
cussing tho condition of affairs nt tie West
1olnl Aendomr Iuttln aside time question of
whether time colored cadets story Is truo or not
It was generally ngrl flint Vost Point cnde l
sot toward one nnotlior In ilinuraceful wum
Democrats and K publcnn vied with each
other In tho vIgor of their ill nm > rnlni Ian
gongs and moro thnn one Senator hinted that
It were better to abolish the Acmlumy thnn to
permit tIme contlmmnco of sumo of the prac
tices there The debate which was over ft reso
lution to Inquire Into tlio colored crulot 1 Worm
TAzEns case was not endcl Time UI 1nlenl
U u uu I 10 iiiifl flifl Ittli
upon routine mrnsures throughout the Beislon
Tho passage in tho Senate on Thutsilny
of n joint resolution anthorirlneMr AitxtN
DER 1UISEY to send n quaumtlty of Governintmnt
property Including tents liege and crimp
iilpncn to the Knlchts Templnr for their
Orrind Encampment Chlcnco erentesacjueer
precedent Only In a metaphorical sensa ran
thii Knlnhts bo reunrdcd us I military boll
hut this Is Presidential year and the Knights
have yates
Gen TrctMsrii SuniMAN gives rntheru
cool rcnuoii for nidinirtlm Louisiana Ulnte Uni
versity to mqmru i gnat imitoimel v time mum I ittary
biirrucka and iir nnal nt Hit 1 I House Cur
tiilnlj I heso bulldluus I a are Oo < rniiixnt ptop
erty and If It buttin at GunSIILIM IN uritr
to Cnncreiitnian ACKII s Hint the Utiited Sutii
will robilily i < im < r iiKnin I haoocoa > lnti to u
them for military I h purtio < i tliu I truo dlniiosl
lon I would Ito l to sell them I antI then I the I unhii
Ity cnn beeomo n bidder or buyer If it chooret
Of a SntiiMis Iiotto er writes to Mr ACKLLN
as follow
A imratlPl n o nftvr 011 t In rcAril tn llio Arreml 1 n n
Ihrrily r riiarlotmi lir lildi till i miiliu act tin
I ttl mt I vrtlfttur HlTLkK I eIi 1 I ii i it 1 I <
Ilui I 1 sit 1trt n MMill ir liitl ti tnilie 1 tlu s er mtr t
air to It I N till I rt < l rt 1i > mitt iilltifr lor a Illllllll
irtcr unit In i uatililnii Ihc hlll I it 01 tlUK I
tlnnk joiiniuhtlolinlilctupnirinu I r It Ihrou III I C
tlio eil thiir CTtirs I Ili m in n M g m uttier 1 MID I I H null ti
tlu wherttt i oticutl fulfil tilt rcqllot ni r IM > 11 it
sup rtl > nr Min I tin till ar it U I IIIC f I mil 1
ipierret tu Ihe Mllitnr > Mininiltcp U I 4 nt 11 tie iVir
l > M > nrlineiit r or rrnrt m I v il I I rim l > or > Imomlilv Viii
obI Kuuw ui > rcUuoui ui and iutcrCktlu the mutt
I this sort of thing Is done In one Stnto I I
may as properly bo dona In all If done with one
kind of finnrminl proiiertylt inAyas properly
be done with all kinds That policy would soon
assemble f numerous class of applicants nt the
doors lawyers by no means to the benefit of
the Trentury
The Republicans must look t their lau
role when Itliodn Island refuses to return the
regular ticket antI sends Urn election of a Goy
ror to time Legislature This new departure
rather astonished time old leaders nccustomci
to register four or flvo thousand majority as I
matter of course I Is said to have afTectei
Senator ANTHONY almost ns badly ns hosing the
Chairmanship of tha Committee ou Prlntlni
and that was no email loss by nny moans The
martini air of his collnnuue who looks forwnn
to six years morn of Siuutnrial distinction Is
also mimI to have been lowered In tons by this
end Intelligence In fact ho did not know
what they could hao been shout In time Flautu
tlonato have allowed this sort of thlntr
Coming too riant on the heela of thri defeat
of n GRANT delegation to ChlcitkO which AN
TUONT and DtiRNsinishad set up it has a sic
nlflcnnce which the maohlno inauiiKors do not
it all relish Their oulijectH are ctllliic rebel
llous Look nt tho llnurcH larrLFriELD
Rnpubllran 10015 HOWARD Prohibitions
5050 KIUIALL Democrat 7090 Republican
minority 2131 On tha other head flAirs hni
a majority of 5075 In 1876 YAK ZANDT Iln
publican had I majority for Governor of 3 HIS
In 1878 VAN ZANDT Hxniitillrnn had a ma
jorlty for GoTernor of 3781 In 1879 This Is
only a political straw but taken In connection
with the last elections In Massachusetts nm
Maine It Indicates that New England Is shaken
In her anclont loyalty to the Republican party
I the Republican pat ty comes away from
Chlcnso without thn OIUNT rim I hisimmn o I html
around Its neck no part of tha thanks for its
escupH will be dun to th I ii timid Republican val
tlclans and newspapers that are opposed the
third term but do not dare say so aboo tliulr
Ira a recent Charge or Iistoial Loiter 01
somnthlnK i of that I sort Ihl I Lord lllshop of
LltchlMd has been adiimnlHliIng tho Church 01
England PIIISOIIH undnr his uirlfdlotlon not tn
ilnull too prominently In their Hermoim
upon hull AstliH prcmchera of tin IvMublltli
inent are not much ulvun to tho Intioductliin nf
sueh unplimHant toplcH Into tlielr discounts
thn IllHliops caution looks hike an excess 01
priidenee limit everybody will bu Intinenled
learn tlmt this Unlit of Anulliim orthoiloxy
takeH IHXIIO with thu Kim JAil hm Irninlnlorn mis
to tit lUBUuluu of tho Greek wun which thtiy
rendered eiulttli and ntrlatiing Riding with
the heretics and nlso with many modern
cholars not esteemed heretics the Bishop RU
that the word mentis merely very lone and
should have ben so translated
Colors to tho front was tho word In the
filth tiny of limo wnllilng match HAIIT amid
HIRAM leadlnir till tho rest JALcn limo hero
of the dnrt amid hotseihoc look rent nil dny
yeslordny miami thn night previous Noticeable
above everytimiiig yesterday werd the surprls
lug scores for unices Bomothlnc breaks tho
ureatvet tirexloiiH rncord cim ho beaten at the
closo of thy walk touluht
Tho opponents of tIme gallows could ask no
letter nruumcntH thnn the recent linnulncs
Time hnnumnn of SAMUel loiuhoN In Ies
burg Va esteidity niornlm did his work In
irhali1 liut the public will surely know of the
juiiullui parforinanei nnd its revolting details
I Is undoubtodly a very unpleasant thing
for thirteen I of tlio dnlegatrs to tho I lioldenco
Mothodlbt llpUiopnl Conference now In see
elena at Norwich COIn that tliey are choien to
bit In jtuUment uiion thn Rev A VT Iigug of
jlnstoliburv Conn tho Rev C Y 1 WMKI of
3omercet Maisnud thn Rev A L I DtAUtMiof
MunuiiHiit Maes who nro chnrued with Im
morality nnd unchristian conduit Hut It must
bo esoii more unpleasant for the thrco accused
clorcv men whether i they bo Innocent I or guilty
Tlio liiMiitlcallon Is hold In soprctn duncan
scandals mire HO common thnt It Is Improper to
i Inflict the details upon the I public
Tonight Vicivvux nnd Hwissov begin
tholr billiard match nt time Cremorno Garden lu
Paris torn mOle Mluk of lOOt mmmiii the Into
receipts lloth playersliavniiiaJeextrnordliiury
runs In practice and tlm progress of time mutch
will bo natched with great Interest on both
sides of time ocenn
Tho life of 1 torE Tunrvx WILLIAMSON
nppeaiH to hno been 1 suectsslon of frauds
flomiuo of them were for tho 1IPOO of getting
money como to caln the reputation of I man
of brains and cutl atlon somo were without
tiny visible reason the mot of thor were for
thn purpose of making his way Into society
Hu succeeded The wonder Is that he was not
found out betoro thin Yet t Gentleman Jo
denies that he made mony out of the books ha
had published as coming from hIs pen claim
ing to hno had them printed at his own expense
pense There Is I In this mal mind nn Irre
sistible Itching for notoriety at nhatecr price
it bo attained Ho ought to be satisfied now
Burmali cannot Keenly mourn the loss of
King TlimrEntw who died nt the le of 22 after
a reign of I > oar and a half which proved a
prolonged carousal of cruelty anti rapacity
Hulled ns tho King of Elephants Master of
Many White Llophants Most Righteous Mon
arch Lord of Umbrellausing Chiefs Possessor
of Supreme ltdom and by tunny other titles
he promptl signalized his kingly career by
slaughtnrlng scores of his royal relatives old
and young causing them to bu tortured with
lugoulous ferocity lu his presence It is I difll
cult to believe hint another ruler hike him will
bo fouud Rod accordingly Euclnnd may bo do
I prlud of uxcuB for annexing llurnmu
I about time to announce that tlio peach
crop for tho summer Is ruined by frosts ant
that prices must be advanced I Is rare that
this annual announcement U I tolled so late nl
i April
In tho concentration of pedestrian Interest
at Madison Squnie Garden it eeems to have
been almost forgotten that Wthios tins beuu
wnlklQg agalnit time this week In ban Fran
cisco having two local walkers to relieve the
monotony of his performance Ills labors be
gan nt 1 oclock last Monday morning amid his
proposition wild to beat his London record of
An Old llvniocratB 1onderlDfB
To TiE EDITOR OF Tun Sus Sir I am n
rraJtr 01 Tint ita OlIn htrt lit Jerk mind 1111 its rai
lire rrttly bniilit I nniitnlllUi nor lljiht on one tliln
IOnol Rt 30111 rlnlol A list o offlcelieUcrs no
liflprit on the prcat Irntul of 1 > 7 unJfr the title home
nmoo > his laId the men who counltl him In Hun
roult tlc ito e tliilr i mci crn II llavrl m dll nppolnt
tin in U ulei tin Lit inutrjtK penile coiinrnad 1 hem
P I H in 101 nil en ul ilum luiiflnn all llntis an
1 moe ft n lOut Iiieiu 1
11 u e Jo ii ii llilni Ine 1 In the White I Iot
lilch I Turn 0 Pr I uutcrumc 1aiilpullit tie tight not tu I
luti ilimtf in vM h h rtinHlteii m u at all Intern rvil nltli
bi I a 1H mo ratio t uii t > T To all tiilenu AnU 1 urti I
are lIt lhrm I a Kit u f iiini 1 < iikri > fiuJ to fcinn nil
tin < questions In Oitu i U I thtru any Pcinocrotic l > irly
ailt U iuei
Imnan old Jir er Temixrat nnd 1 hne 1 thrown none
MO t tr I nw lor some twenty ear < utterly 1 lcnu 1
telii tr III lilt pit r Xj I iHllM vt l A MiKKkU kTKHlH
cuKitLk Blla N J April a
A Tri tr lluriil Ilcraoeratw
To THE KniToi or Tune Suxiir I enco o
n coil mottle b > Sfttl ilnlel O 1 > Ioak whn proiecns tnU
Clntirinjli t < f mite I tit i nitK rt ito stnte CuinnttUt It II
1 ralciiHttit totltc he rural iKinocrats who arc rot
jttHdl aLiiuiinti 1 mullu rcIlllthlcly1
cnl mc them to It m liee th 11 It iii i hot 1C purroru tu 13
t Ir m heir IIr ht rrm lt I tIlt nt tiiil I 1
UK in tu Mill tit ii uaU tu uitiremt 4 eni Hit 1 Iii I mu Cu 11
ii iititih 11 and Dun rnls lm > call i Uinlv illot U Jln
KtlU I uitkiK d I r 11I I nu nriiMc m tu t < ur ie i l
tuiifl i rum tin i il 1 ilitntti hy MIMWIIH 1 JH clo 0 oko
IhiMiLll tlttiit t > > iu i nm luii Ih it which tie I rahlimot ae
rum HIM uia trtijhliorw irj liullIlt r A fur Oriiikf
r tiuuhit ul icli tint lit b I hu
nnitj in i 1 u 111 < trvuUud I ciiuviis
tint ti 4 ui port Ht indn t Aruii l in hi UUmi I lo LtMruv
StUlMnt tnlttuj uilln 04 Biiupurt ttie truitur Kvlb
1111 I iittcmi mt lotuiraj thu DcuiotrutlL j nrt > ulvr
iluHOi Ajjril 4 C t LAUONT
Tuxluic ItiinU Mutrei
Time cldlatura recently passed an act to
reniitl the tlefect In the tow I relative 10 I
rI dfcCllllhc totaxini tin Oh ones
ol rulHml bink Mtckhol lim that wn brought to light
my t 1 rectnt ttiilklon ot the Unilttl stales upren Court
The TI x ConitnU iouers then upon a ketl the national
but I fliJ to them tlienaineinl m their HCKklloMi n
Hu 1 tit1Ueri > ir 1 ten or tht onlys s tn inttitiiijtl hnnki
In till ii city ii lit to the rax OoininisHiunrr the mull Inc I
7o Itnl I mtmitimtn rf Tujrt unt Avtrjimttl I tfU nil 1 Vuw
Ial ii The omeei > nl thn tank hare rurnltheit
mid 1 the chart htiluer and Uulr
YOI is 111 11u IF rt > idtiitc t ulv
1 lr rqlol 11 oo a niatli if conienience anil
Colt rtey to Oil 11 LCI floW hiictig I 01 rI Ihl onur
Irlo mmmc slot hcy mrulot taittumitti 1 uur lI IonIc time
lucille 01 RTiV eiociuiiiier of iimti bout uliton mile liiU uI
riCmrit trl tile iiett valiuauli I ui rca loIh lo m mrio ii 1
I 51Cm Ie lur iPttii ur tt CCei Clot 1 In ano oeh loIJr
Wlh nemt cm II his ski rca 01 aot II I mimi taut
lliu Tux l oiiiiiiUkiunrr Mill ux the hrebkIta of
the bdiiki nolvmii tandiiihr their protest
Camlniln Note
The Tammany primaries for time election of
ilflCkulfn I to the Tiuiinmny tite Convention nil b m hrlil
on ThurMliiy eienluu April IS Three tleletfnte nnj
three alternatts vrlll lie cleclett In each Aisembl dim
tel Mve hundred Tammtny intn will no to the Con
ntion bi kpeclal train
Tli regular Pemocracy will elect their delegates to the
1mcnlc State Colts C imitmmn In sccimrtancs w lh tue
numle o itch h S bacln e S I F y Stale O ii m riin em neil
Ib71 Irmtmsruea I cmii tim hull Iii I iciu 4 hue f7 Ictl
Jtlo 1 toiimlmly Vr Atll 12 At time mi ilsa
Fit S Idcall 1 10 to CI In Albly 111cll01 VII
In 11 viinaemu Hnd Ii lImtnmcu 10nl1 1lcl
tim ecu ielmamea 1 muu the amuSe CnU
rme mat omnmrleuiiulp 0 hit i t 0 limo F IcocacyIne1
mtlihultiite h as hi u n ullly tIimiir Ii I II uimtaiiu S
II lie iiAo hot et alcuuimtJ hl cceVIIc
Two llcporti Convcrnlnr Ackltn
WABUINQTON April 8Thero will probably
be majorit and mlnorit reports presented by the Com
mliteeon Jullctary In Acklens caK At tho Inteuuta
Hi n Is I not yit coneluded It is ImposMblc loy whether
a niajorit t > fthe enminiitee will recommelid that Act Itll
be ctliiind 01 ainuilled Tlu Juduliry 1 m t oiniiilttte waa
liKlrucled lnlnte m > tlu tI lr imilltularl s the quemlun of the
mollve whieli Ilitliittd Aekleli tu mttke Ihe IHlw 1 report tu
the lldilvt riit11 m ldenei 1 thus ir I litf not coiirliictii I
the nn nibers il the eonunluee that Aeklrn was aetualttl
bv siui col rlipt I nit tl t > e llie tim m lIgtImlI has Lien pol
poneif uulilb rtlucMilrcin I WIIM
Oen Grunt nl Mobile
JloniLE April 9At 1 oclock today Gen
Orant iirrUed b > ii zctam train Iroin tie it OrKaiin anO
5 CC u elvtit I I b > a cnmi may of artillery it 1 the Wasiutmc
Inn Hint eoli n1 There wit no nlille denuinstrall
nl ale iiMiliiiliet He IK tint tiuevl ol the tottou hx
rhin m and HIS luki I lu tin Miuut > > aK mime Ile vill
lei I mlii i In Mini hy Ililkt uieliiiimiuui tills euninif aid 1 clii
hi Id a rieepll n lot thu eololed tuple at HIM Lulled I
bUteii Court room
sixi > lui > > ew Invyera
11II TFI April 9 Thn report of lime LX
amlniiu toiiiinltlte nl the tjeln rill renn Supiemo tt nrl
lnms Inal I out ol i illicit el lilt aplllianu aitty tune
ni w nllorne mid 11 IUIMIIOIII iri iilnnllfl luiraitue
in the iinirl oi tin Mile Itntral linn 1 liuliren wiy
ilili mo the lirictt I elii 01 SIKLI HIIUI cml lmtit4tis Ion ad r
iiiisaluntuthc bir the ier heiird tl
11 r Tlliteni seconil Omilrlhntlon I
HiintlHlJ 1 Tlldtin eiiit IH cliHik for 5000 to
I ni nt Kt mmy A to t jotirdaj with the retiiest that t It
le im nrdi d to Hie Aceomit filn Put III of Marlbor
t iikh lrlh I am l 111 < i Iund lhi I uir m 1 ittcuud cou
tfltiuUvll TUg Ills uatilto i u cOl
Ileporled Arrainceiiimt HeHveen the Tr
Demorriillc tnttluna In Imnajlvunlii
rniiiADrMiiiA April iJFmr ton yeois or
mora there linn boon tin rtlmot contlnuoua nn
tntfonl9nvbitw in tlm ndhfiuniH of Setmtor
Wulluco amid bpunLur Itiuuhill In thIs State Tho
result nt limo luiniinl Stub CunMiilloiis
111111 SIItu Cnnnlol8 wn uer
varying frnriiiunll Hiirprlalni idniiifurrntlfy
Inn i to < tho IlapiilillcniiB amid noNur baiellulid to
thu Dtinocnitli I u party
Until within I duty or two tha qimrrrl between
thefli two factions 1ms hctm BD blttor thnt t but I
one eoiKImlon was expected bolt II i time State
Con vs imti 0mm two full dileirntlonit to C I mmcl ii mutt
amid nconinloto disruption of thu Dmnocrntla
pnrty In loiins > luinln Wiser couiihoU are
now iirinilllni I I I nnd lliolr I rewiilt I I hurumumi lass I
iinw ilupnrltirti In tint polltlis of tho liniovr itla
pirty In lVntii > liiiilni liniiltir Its poinrnou
fII11 sll Is to bu time Republican pnrty nnd not It
Tho frictions will como tocollicr nt tho State
CoiiMtitlon nnd soil Ic ihilr I rousble upon I
heels cIIIIIII nllkii tn u iillncrt i nnd Itnmlnll
without dUhoriorto nnyhoily ind uvitim tmimttt
to nil eoiicerniil Thn tihn In lo I lmn nClmlr
tahIti of tin Htnto Con ntloiiwlilili mluuI IK on
tlt 2fllh of this inoiith to WIIII i
nnd Ittnilnll fllhcr liwit I mshly 01 thU
I city I rirtit Sitiiiliir A I I I Dllliif I I f ttilnn County
tliiBPhetlon of n hiilniinn of HID Stnto Cum
mllloi iiillrly nieiiplnliln lo both fnt lions thu
Hon Wlllhini 1 h hluntfr esConurissninn front
llm lianiliirolitiri dlotrlft proiinbli mid tin
flection nf n ililiciitlon loth I Cliflnnntl I Cnn
Mlillnti tnuilo titiiitnnliy finin thn Inn fnctlonx
I or Iwintrulnu Wiilliun iiitin nnd twiiitjnlnc
Itiinlull inun Ainnntrotlinr things uvsry Tint
I ono pant of lUnibillH flower will Il mndo
ti o rtlni sum Wiillatu to tlm t lllo nnd tins t Ii remit
HHil pfTort to difent I lmmim tutu for n rftnrit to
Cmiirri from his uiiatrimt > will bo nbninlonrd
IhlH minImums morn thnn I hit < n hero stated I
nonm Hint t if I I I ihoul I J 1m ilipined u wl iou nm to
tionilnnlH Mi f TIM MI nt Cliulnn thn lion
SiitmnM J Itaiiilnll I I will lime tho IHtiulnlit dub
gates from IVnnsvhanla
s Ny Dtmncrnli nhti ore A Ued to link
1ciico nllh flulin Itellj
Tho Democratic Unions efforts to unite
ho rtsulnr Dcmocrntlo ant Tnmmnny orKitnl
zntloiiB In tills city by rcrsuaillnir thnm to srnd
n unltod delecntlon to the Democratic Stnto
Convention hnTo fulled Time Exelutho Com
inlttco of the regular Domocrscy decided tlmt I
ns time call for limo Stats Coiirvntlon invites time
participation of those DcmocrnlH only who will
support time nominees of time Democratic Ni
tlorjnl Convention whooer they maybe union
Is Impossible with time Tammany party who
hAG doclnred that they will not support Snmuel
T Tililoa If he Is the nominee for President
Time com milia appnlntod prepnra an answer
10 thus U niooratl i Unions prouosltlon ont to
that oreftnl7itiiii yesterday tine followlne
To Vrori K Ulnvlitlftm JilMlltril JJ a II It Miin
Smith Hml IMi1 A tua lly A bttchll ttminltttr llrmociatic
OFNTLFMEX Tho commnnleitlon addressfd
tn thn Chairman of tho Democratic General
Cominlttca wn roferrcd to the BUbexecutUe
coniniitttin of thnt ortrunlzntlon which nftur
cnrefiil I cOIIs > riitlon unnnluioukly i arrived nt
th conolusious embodlod the enclosed reso
Thomas JefTirson his Innturnral nililrcss
Bxtiritism lila ootnietlon that nbsolutn ne
qiilcKcencB In time uecinioiis i of the majority was
thu iinl prlnclplo of rnpuhlles from which
tlliT wmmc no Htunml but feMen limo vital urin
ciplxniid limniillat parent of ilipotlmu
Vhiliioonhtrnliifd for limo reasons gIven to
did inn jour proposition time oJllllJiltle IInllrclr
apprnelntx tour nmtlves Yours kc <
AnilkM S llMMTT
Chairman IVmnerutlc General Committee
Clialrman Executl Committee
OnonoE II 1uisrn Jons JIcKtov
1tTin HOWE bu > lnl Committee
Drtted Xlw YanK April 0 1S80
MAmi In the Judgment t > f tim m o committee esory
honoiitble n t ans idioul I bt m adoptt l lo I promute the union
anl con olitatlon ot tic lit limuCrac hut the line inli
tlonal ulIrlll t canlldatei nominated In Natlonul 111 1
Mate COIIM nliom comcmd tn uccordnnce with the
time honored iuslOes ot the Ilemt r lie iar1 > Uaeur I
dlnal gnlmmoi pie and i ohlliiHlton Impofted u Don CS cry Pern
tierittlc ornanlzauiin and
MrrpTii To reeininle and nrcotlat wttli any faction
tliaturroaUkttill I ll the irlMlif of Molallnx thles
kotnt rule of lulillcal m a > lion cs mill I It a dangerous
pn crd iit ami n tatil 1 ct net i > lon tliertforc
hn iifl That He ill iipri > e tf any arrittiffement that
licc 4ill I lnvnlc < the rt ipolllblllty ol Introducing
intii tin National or stlte ronelitl deltziiteM Irom
ails rosuuiimui whieh thrtntiiM tn tli nule their C U
thorll > a u d rtpuillile i tliilrrnndUlaler it Qmtt n toe Wlifneiermeli reitmar txinoe
racv In I tie unrFertl uptKirt of national mini hutu
cnnlltate tliticomnmtet 5 1111 m e prepir i coud mail m tu
err lmme Ihe me run ind CII II lions upon ulucli Ihmu
CrItic ciKifcrdUuii and harmunv can be secured and itr
A Mournful Ontherlna In lh Little Charch
Mount UllTct leilcrdny
Death for the first tlmo has entered the
little band of colored rofiiRces from Arkansas
Two of their number Hufus Iatton need 47
ycnrc nnd Mrs Frances Harris aired 39 wllo
tllid nt ht t Iukntj Hodpltnlof pncumonln were
burl d n ttrday noon from the Mount Olivet
Clmreli 21S West Thlrtiplxth street The
dimly lighted 1 hull wtaero tlid with nncrois
In front of the pulpit I i rit d thn t tn j coOt um
phi hi slili IlIhlllO relmmtmus wore entering
time couureuuileni hum in ti minor key
ttuirt iMlui i itnij
Wt itre pi I in moos
Me are mu i > khlnK ava
Iikt t rln rt 5 tItle n day
Time 11ev Mr Vi iotur pn tor of tlm church
prmed nnd utd t fnun tlin t seri pt llIrl Mr
LXUIKmill uf f tin r fmiguit llktiiid I I thulr jonr
iiy ti t tin tb laiture of tim children of Ibrael
fur tin iiroinihtil md i of unit in
Moduli t Illuw I said he te hither woslmll
lit erttt I im ire I nir nNpiit to t reach thit 1
Intuit but IIIU I going I to itirt on Iho any omn
diHin tlm Uiiittil Mate > Bnniu mny di on tjm
SUM and mill uOay die in Ibtri hiiknisi IR I
our niournim Is i our < aorrotr la ours all
thltik nru our dath I is cult ri
Tlio Btifiikci I HUH Ititurrutiied i t frequently by
crli x nnd mo ins fro III tint nudlenci
Tim botln s acre tttkLU lo Calvary Cemetery
for interment
bfMn of tlm refugees nm sick III thn roomi
nur duo ehtirch und ulktht m n I no nro nilI
Luks Ilotpltnl llut Ihc rtmt do not oem to
bu discouraged
IMi1uu1 Tl flY FIG UlllS
The Iluah trim the mil VitM to the New
unit llbe Cuiiiea lailirned
Tim number of linmlKmnts that arrived i
this port In Mirch of thu present year was
21 R59 of whom C 501 woro from Germany
4007 from viand 2780 from Kncland 218J
from Sweden 8SO from Italy Sib from Switzer
land 775 from Scotland CS1 from Austria CTri
from Iluncary mind lessor numbers from
France Norway Denmark Holland rolnnd
and other countries In March 1879 only
S9D5 immlurants arrlMd The number that
nrrled March of tics present year was crent
or than I In i the I corrif > I Itl II III I nil month for many
years llm rrlnln is for m tlm thr I I m n months cnil I
pilon March 11 a 1880 ner 1JH25 neat net 11114 I
for tlm m Cii rreuutuummii i mug pt rlod of till pruMout
> far ami for tlm year cndlUK I with Mnreli IsSK
thnnriivnls were 1C3 IM niralnst H5SJ3 for time
yenr mled on Mnren at laTi
rime laruo Inerttniin In tin niiml er of persons
comlm i to mIlk m tlmlr t homes In I this i nunlrr U
nil rite m teut chl llv to two ennseti Tht hint
tlmfH over a til ent part of ritrotxi and tlm In
crHiieil opunrtunltliM for olituliilni employ
ment In thn Unilij States IMrions who 1118
COllin to tills eoimlrv are In eommiinlcatlon
uVi tic their Iris nuts III t thn t cntintrlS from which
they came anil In I that way thoso I at hnnm nro
kept Informed ioneurnlnu I thn Co iii It Ion of I nf f
tairn her unit the hopes lii > lil out to those con
tnmplatlncumluratlnn Wllh tha t cxc itt Iomm of
the iliHtltuio Hnnuarian Imnilnrnnn mnntion
of whom tins bunn mailn time eonilltlon of hits t
fit ill ii lout llmt I IniM arrUeil this ueaiun cum
pares favorably with that t of liii iuiercm fig in
iitherients Nearly all of thnm oven hound for
tlm West wit ri Ihy t tutu been preceded bv onn
of tlnilr number Hctlnt IJi audit nml nenrlv nil
had montiy nfttir pnilni tunic fares to their
dHHtlnntion Thc Irish I lmmliriiits to not
BUKIII poor r In cnnsHiiuonea of thu pres > nt
InlllIl Oil of that ciminrylhosii who am AIr
ly ifTmtml bv 1 thu Hltinitmn there helm uniibln
to join till thrum I o of u emigrants It Is i > pteii > il
hut thn immigration frtim Ireland Iiikilanil
nml I Scotland will I I luertntsn m laruiily in I llmei itt rmu
nf tIle pribiiit nnd a few smmechnmmg mnnlis
Him1 I thu MMisoiither ion IlnlLrnUinibiLiiiBadiT
Knktir ami that llm iiiiinbtrs of IiimilLTinlu
arrUliit will ha nlinest liyond naiallal Ann
rule thulr May In Nuo VurU In briif If thty
nrn lanelud bulorn 4 oVIoek In tlte nllernoon
th > uuiHTnlly bitrlii theIr lout ottrm < y by tali
on tin bimn rMiliiLf Thuy urn hurried In
nurd llmir detttinatmtiN nn tlm prinolpln that
tlniHhorlur tholr slimy in Now York time butter It
lll bu fur Iii jilt until their poekt
Donnelly Aiklnt lur un I mIvual Igust ian
WAKIIIMITON April i iLI guIlt i LIII 1min ii iii I v time
cUimatit ul iulitiurii it nut Ius ciu cil to Ie I nil u < < iiitl
n Uttt r In which lit mijn lit hit s rliltn to mite Cuim limit
tee mi IrlUltKisnni lecilons I iiini iilniii nn linikiia
tlutifftlu IIH < H tvliUli Mr Im iint I m r mneiv i rn il MtfHlnn
hliii In hl mttrmimclml i t > x Innntinii inst Mniiitn Mr
KMl o lii U i riintrm ii i tde i ninn titi tit n
ctmstJ nnr iiMMiinicutiuii Irun Mr iuimililVIls i lu Iii b
I ut i an tin MI tin r > t liuiill I rlm > fil >
m moimie tu the lt ttki > r us ii msLt i Im I ul mm tIii I bf to 11 I up
lit until r lih ni llm lliuii It I m M tint Mr
mull ssmio Is luinllirtr w III mimi limii il i runtime in
siuii cult will nut ileuuuJ ail Iimitaliiutitmmm U timu
noir aritina nvtm ar 11LUSIJ Vi G
TkeVsar imsimIIuteImue lleeuj nfllie Third
MeclltinI Fllulit oriliu hid
ST liTiitsnuti Jluroh 20rime Supremo
u Kxectit o Commission of which Oen Loris
MellkolT I autocrat pro teiti Is tlm head WIlt
m ctoated expressly to restore order and trnmiull
hit y throughout tlio empire Yet wo liavii
neither hits ono nor tim o other It Is nready
xvldent Unit time task ImpoAud upon Guam Lulls
Mllkciltls itbou his powors
Moreover limo Ooxernmont linn been iictltit
nil along upon n fatally Incoiroct theory lo wit
Hint t It line to deal only i a with a coumm iumtrmmt i achy fuw
discontented persons nnemleu of society whom
society should helti It to flush out llut time
fuel Is that It Is ItuMHlm society Itsulf that Mills
contented livery cilticnliid Ruailau Is eltluT
nn nctlxo or pnsslit eiuiiny of llmCKirs Gov
ernment Tlm wilful bit mitiness of time Crtra
guilt iserci to this portentous fact h nnmlnu
Ono would think I they must see that the t opin
ions hold by nil Intelligent Russians nro Incom
patible nlth despotic Institutions I
Hero lu time key to n problem that has greatly
added to thin terrors of time Czar Why It It that
time Third Section wIth Its tlious mill of gen
darmes dotuctlvea and Bple has tinned n
broken teed In this crisis Wh > did It not de
tect and frustrate time pint lo blow him up In Ids
ovn pntncn In St Ietersbtir eyenbody but
the fir known thnt for nearly ten jearn just
tlm 1 hlrd Seellon him tssii l a mem shallow of
s lint It used lo be In thiAn toil yin mit till I tim u
hiiii < t nnd iibln unarm IIIIVH telittnl loin It loav
liitt It In tim liamls it t Incaimlilex Iliesamn I
ninv lio said of the pollen nm HIM other deput
IlielllSOf tiue CioMTIIIIllHlt tlllMII 1111 IllCllllliXl
Unilertliese elreuiiiHtnnui ml tin IToilxnf
limo Ooverninunt ii I nlVliibll tlm old order
nnd Hi old triiniiullllli willcortalnly be lu vain
Tlm Cir lilinstlf uaMi up thn lick and the
minor Lzitri tlm Mlllttry OovernoiHfleiiMral
Wfto us untmcfrtifiil Gn LorUMellkotT
will I not succeed wliuro thoy have lnilil I Ho
Ims iiln > nd > loft a great dtnl of tlm lacer ho
formerly imioroil with thn ttucitiluu of this t I city
ThisiiptienrH from Imo t tnlk toil hiar on nil
Bhlns What an uglv lunovntlon I was n com
mon remark nlth refHrenoi to tlm ltteat exueu
tluti wim hum took plaeti In I imo t nilddlonf tho city
ln I tend of nsusu d Intheiiihurbii I Iheru you
see tlio in encctmti Iii nutitro of the Armenian
cropping out Millknll snnctloncd tho dls
crtieful speculation of erecting sunus around
the scaffold of Mlidetsky nail mnllnir thuenmi tor
from one to ten roubles npieoe Tho snurt
Arnienlnn Is not any more successful nfler nil
I n ui iouverI mig tilts bold eonxplrntorR than m the I
Rimt > lnRussian I OourUo No Count Mikhail
rarlclovlteh 1nrts M sI I ho off Is not In i tho right
utile These mind llm I like renmrkii are now
loanl certnlurii Irm time city Gen MBllkoffls
nn ArtnenlHn nnd tlm Armenians being smart
amid i fond of trade on n small scale are looked
upon In Russia with contempt
VetMellkolT has enthueUbtlc admirers and
their exccKsltn praises Irritate his rivals and
eniiilcf Most prominent I nmonc thoin IP thn
WoH of liii div In otiH ot Its recent Articles
It toxelalmed Kt Onenla Jiixl Holt becomes
exldtint that from CauinsuH we IIIITH to expect
sidxntlon from the evils we ann RUfTerinn from
Here live people of a dlfTHrent type of tIme typo
we need now so mtieli In I Russia boo tho t de
spatch sent tn Gen M likolT by another Cauca
sian hero 1rliifo Urbellnnl Go firmly lo
leathdiifemllng I time holy causa of Itussln nnd
God will havo merely on time t lInt wonls
unit what men T hues nnd time like eulogies
though grateful enough toUen Mrllkofl cro
nto n great deil nf dlfiatlHfnetloii nmoiig tha
liluh nobility who cannot forgive hlmhlsun
icriiemmtod elevation
Whnt msutt t This question Is on nil lips It
springs from mu rreat nnxlely rout n great un
certainty rIds IB especially trim of the nobla
and wealthy fninilies mighT of them hays gone
nbroail nnd trim iii ferremi all their numovum tie prop
erty to their now liornes with a risnlute Inten
tion to stay them till limit revolutionary ntorm
pisses away Thej tin Hetter to hive among
the I tilt rimrs of bwllKi I > rlnnil bettiir to till i I the
soil lu lonu amid to unbuilt to thin Yankee Jon
ntltutlonlhan to stay at bonm ami din I bv tho t
nx of time inonjik or by tlm pistol of time Nlhll
1st Our nohllity I i hiuo not forgotten the scenes
nf thin Iotierntciii inHiirrrellon It Is n aytng
with us Th Russian In hlmm men Is I morn tor
rihlrt than time rrenchman Tldn bum l why so
mutiny rich Rimninns under pretext of going to
Kuropn for the Hiiinnier months nrn running
away from time rout epeetnuof tho ltuohitlou
SIuTcd to Amend
To THE KniTon op Tin SUNSmrr In THE
Self of April 2 under the head Mctholliuln Council I
Pr llneklejr isli I thai If a preacher denounced cirl
I Uuit latiti at 1 tltontru willl main Ulullltil would
lea S t hi I chnrrli umci t et > tu the Itiht Rus ItKhoti sk
ilul I sos wno neer talk about either Icinj cruice or
ty only Inlprct In thu nutter li that I tim zealous for
the honor of the MetliiHlItt inlrUlrj The nordi quottil
do nut look eact1 holieftt but semi like A cowardly
attempt to damage a rather retpeetuble denomination of
IlirUtiani lip the luilemiuclue term in the paraitrapti It
Fetini ii I do not flat It I ao Intended I to throw a slur upon
all the RIght Ho v Itistiupi oniM of nhom lime bet n
tiiipl otctl to te cor > d men ciii I prtieht or mhtimtnei
Ihe 1 M hole bit un the thine It lijuriMM lu Dr lliiekhM
iuuil l that In I a tit i > in tht Coo ol a trult cool man ubo
wuiuit cut id hl rllil hand rooner limn Ihron ii en rim
whtise ti iiune un 11 tost hi lit n til tif till nit iith U it
UU about atolhin bittt nil i > uin t multi I u linoii ur mitr
n iluinniiiiH liinuenlo uho uiuMiulu Lout IIM tulit
i e II 111 > en l > kett i poll the tnrt i tin chnr iett rol
itii < h a nun oiikht to hlii whltt in the Ilirht of Tn > CN
ks the loremtit of lie > lino its us liiiner I mine Unit
lit tu leruniud to nmenl I hit nttli a rtporltd Ito
inking < lit nil nrtr the uonl Bishop do n to cue
S i I 55 ln iiml 1 iiiMfrm lii n line mil plaeiHtit rei l
tit nee of the i u rsocmi referred to or ol two 01 m t tin or ef
one I r KM I
1 s Imfttel > 1 iMiul I nvet tothe I deir D etur an a
iilltet wtirlhv < 1 tolit li run n beioie til throne til i list
whether tInu l < not loo lu emIl nf IIM hit le el emoecul
inakliu in outerence 4111 out 01 It
The ICct Mr llllei fikr
To TIIF LluToii OK Tin itiSir I must
notice ouretlitoiul note in 5 e terdi us mi it reirirdtur
Ihe Ke Mr MilKr AHh ugh he did it first ile
t lin Hit outtiamt ton ai ointment he iiunudi itely re
t t msiltni his di iMon nndtarl > on edlltkd1v I Si rote
lo the ner pnrm nt Hint ilioo I that he mu l be 5 ith
them In a utek it u iMlt eertalnl mlnut tint It H I
harillt n proter location for a Till Ii with a is ic i anl lour
children win nependun him for iipport Time IK I K lb
iinne Church d unlorliinatu In hinu amoni its
lime mcmiurs ml rertiln I lew vho I are dturmlielto rnlior
ruin Ihelr nelhe repreelltlU ICumu i UL eneli Iuiu r
elIte while tlm ilianctdtht ir rrnLbei i h I us i manntl
alKcitit the mlinsUr nlni I is ii > uliunt li Uittlhtm i The
lice M M rinlt i ormilt ii aMill anl t term nhn
rri ceili d eaCh nlhi r In the nrd r nnmtl I hilly rtiililtl
him nun h lnjur i hnik tf iht Khoiiller n Imit e of the i
head aiul an ot t nioiml csri run tin hit ulditntlon
nf Mr Miller H ciiiu kite lilt IrttmU an ipitrlnnlu ID
M a wtr l in las ur 11 the able iuui I MCCMIII llhed man
Heiioon trom tht IN Knlh Atnue Iliun tiih th lust
seiSmus ot a lirkt I ini4jurit > ef time member of fit eliurcti
iilmt I conurttfttti j F i
kw Voumit April iS
Mock Auctioneer und Hnneit icllonrera
linn mct pi d uSe A aeunbly for the iiuUliim nt 01 mock
Hiirtl lit vrhicli H I su pilihl nniiKt t > tmuliest MM
tiomer that it inUtit Mill ronn ts bu iilNd a bill tn
punish the iumcint No honest a lit lmmmcmer r mil cum
pUlnot lheilaui m tu pnnUIi thu e Imtt lulirin in tiiloccvi
prartttcs although the I mu VMII la ss U I uti tit on > iiti mil
nred emily to be enrorcctl tn become 4 tTirluii tut to In I
intl mt etmim cmnptlliumc cdt micuincmr tml mit mu iltpue
Ice 01 Sliul lmmr hut mikm lit iimiilllu Ullhlti Icnrtl
ulit ccltimereure It III 11mm dm1 bminuoeumt Imur
lime Cutlil msiI lie tlmCtuumeur 01cm Ii im ise lun on
giet iii tot tutu muuisily rt I 55 ci I I iis Ii thitit muuer are
001dm milSIiulmmat lluidi 1mm all tim s sr lmus Iirnmiuu i lui
uie ut rs imrmkur ii rce cs Lmittimcri I us vi r a it
it nm utuct uiu imlv IS tIiltuti mid tO clititit miii in ImmiVL Culhiiihma
in a ltcuuuse iCi ui foum uum riit tm ii 1 115
tiumc tmum idmuiiItletl 55 imuIu miutim cc mm ImV aim I mu
iiliii I I time salim 5i mcli til OlliiIulm its riune are
ut in tic iumctuui bmi Iumua oimI ss ruius ss ii
Oii tm I idu uummtkicu t timutii ut ammplrt ihmicr oust
and etilldrt rut tim < tiw anl c thtir netiiptti u in
none and witli It the bread and butler ol their lamllli i
II M l it
A Unified Neliunl Teiirlier
To THE KntTon OF TUB SUN Sir Cnn time
Hoard of Kdiicttion dn tn it lute with a teaeherf li t
time cc no apienl Irom the at lion 11 th it immty t Alter
nnny 5 earn users ice in i the KliouUif Hut i ci > ti t I win
iitin tha lecoinmeit Ulttiti of the City hiit nniendent
remoxett Irom in a poailion for me miett Icy ant thn
5 lilunuut aT upOrili itIl I miipruus e u tie t ho ree Ieulmt Cc
Isthmi ucme itmueicmmi LII tim Ili lIm urul 1 Pcumeuui
ion cu II nu PC P mis e Imy lIlt ci i tm 5 ii hO SC
Ii cci uumiu dul I uimi IlCimtiti ii timit tIm Iimire
it us a immire oiml Ii umuu ilium ii
mimu In Iitt Ill pic It ml ihr iIiiiiiai 1 time Ilormi mu
i ° mtiimtuiiil it bus lrisII 1 hint timmut imI numis ueuulmsu mt
is riier cuolu ill t i HIlt id Itmummi ii time CIIS Sic eu
licuiecit r Ii ru 1511 IC or lime I mom ertimr mmml cmi simiiu
ri tmmlm Is mit tot si uiiiiut limo lomuimr uirt
immuS miii ill it tiimlmmly 1mm l imcumnmi I
Y Voo t1lli N Am lajummep TSaclmEa
Th Cuss tif Mr Ilnvlil Trine
To THK UniTortiir TUB Sus Sir Mj arrest
for ricelni Hlolen gmmii It cmss i lit it tu lutvu lift n
able 1 Is ml t ruit iltrmumu ImuII uu mm v ilte my midmi in cc is
tlouu o imt eli S mote cii it ii I is ut s Imaset ulu nlene email
tin Iiuert Is ni mi itOrlimi mt urmtil Ii umu uum uicl tilt
5 liicim 5 ml diimuim IS u m ntuIiUi let mses ss ulllut
tmmcts nr uuu lim Ii i mm u umumis ulmur il rst
m tsk 1mm ri muis Ii mmilmm II timu mum
loll iumti mit mu I 01 mm ummi suuu I
iii I mu imitioimmmt mummsmmi I ml emmtt i mimi ii miii t con
iiise miu riuuics to eummmtiu tm imimil ccm
tmtu iumldmtcutumi V mm Ii u rimmmrr
luas It lutmu hid sticir Reinen
Piiwuiia Aimnul ml
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fo TI 0 hisnu tu it Ii I TIn u l ul htm as
u ui m mldm tim mi Omo i imp i IS iilt Ituiumt s mmtsI
mimi luim ii ils ilu imm I 0 Ii luimmi It is Oa di ion
oimcLl iii I tm its II Ii ius
tVimuui tcmimmmi slit immi ii I mit c IC us miii II
tiuiiitit mu s ii timu tmu mm bmutm
imumumtmlmiu ccli iii uum m ms cut I ir ci mIt it lmr S ui
mum Ii lu ii iiltims itumb mu itm mm u r ii
ii 1 use mum uosu simm ills liii octl imuo
it bisir u u Imeoilius Cuummitilimll uiit lo m iiI luimiit mu
Itummmmri ml munnu 11
lImiimriuumii cmiii am liii uu I o tu mm me ItCI
amid uu uimi cummaummiutuvu amid pmmtumimmilmma4la
Time Prince of Wiilo will bo moro than
ever populnr with the thentrlcnl world If it Le true thai
he conicniplatts timMiiji 7 Instead of 8 the onllniry Lou
dun dinner hour
A retired British Foreign OHlco copying
clerk en a that the ssortW rule let ten u in 1mb tut of pen
nianj > hlp which reach that illlce tome Irom Washington
nnd they arc written on the worst pippr Tlie bo it too
coinitrom nnotlier republic Hwlt rl Iu ml
A toll gate near Giounaburtf ImUrls
unnltd nlkht mid ilny by till Armed mm nl mi rxi CIIMI
of 171 fi wiik whll the nccohmts fire only tiC Tin
nesliticte liae rcicatcdb iiortrnjcd It anl ttio Com
Italy muse rt nhrit tnilctend It nny cost t
Time Caiho iii San Mulsc ono ol tho prin
cipal a ill immicluis tn ht Mnrk > iiinrc cIt Vi ciicu Is rip 3
lily lninirduiinllhfit In chr uny ton Irun street like
thnt nnmrd alter Mctor Jinntnul lullnn nrchm > l < ilUU
fear that the Mnnlclpalltr will gradually Improve awnj
tho td nnd plclim mum W nice
lime Abbe Liszt has boon appointed a
noin It the tathc Irnl of llutun The cc ne mmusiy if it
rf > fum itasciirricd out with KUat M up antiuM Jto I
hcilohf illlcinlliu A biiiiet folium after which
the AbW plated on the urj ui mil tin pllno nevcralto
mukabloiit Is tlotriol liU nwncompn ltlon
Jho cold Wi lutor hItS tlono mont tlainnfn I
lo the txnltcs In the pnlillc trrtnli in of 1nrls Oxer hiitft 1 <
tree S 0 iii 1 r hriiln hme IHTM 1iolh or inrtl Killci In ill
ii impnUyitres iisii oil uullt bo ret heed in tte lucIa mit
Onumiugimt alit 1 thu new park ut tlm Iroct m mint be tn a
tlrtlvrrtlant4d The imn ul J mt UW will hardly amy iot
tho dimikv dune
rime tenants of Lords Iiytton nnd Sand
55 Ich ought tn thin well of them The 1 former hiii ru
tnrntd lolili lIe nilmrt hlro tttmnt JO jcr cent I ui l tboli
rent lor Irtot ji umur but the Virt roy of I India Bcn ru itj
us Uen eclipsed 1J that uf Iord Pu lId us mcii ufio lilt
trixui hIs tcniutsa uhuk > mrs rent and for time future
low i rid rent from 45 shilling tn3H Milllliu tor t here
A locumitlvo Mhlchilf It oqiialH rxpocto
tlon will run nlnctv Coil secuillve mlk In ninct > nil a
etc d li beliiff built ion the lUfldlinr Hilln 11 it 1 Is to b <
uiseii bttncen tlii < city and riuladelidiin It drtvlng I
wimeels art a foot larger tlmn common in diameter Iti
weight ii I Ito toils prealrr und its water tank holdi
4 UXgallons thus no lop nill bu necesir > b > tho way 4
Tho ProinothouB by 1tl lIar Is time
iat ee mmomuuion ill Hcrllit Undmilitnlly Itn sculptorn bust
yen produced a more aMunlMUnnKroup A chIld AfleI
cnztiu us bid white at the ciutu 5 hlih detour the U i
AntftlhiT rxclnlmeil tmi ItO mother My book on natu s
ral hlstnrj la Rood lor notlliu you mint buy another fui
me1 Why sot iked the lady Because there li
nothlnr In It about eagles Wiiu nu fanil of IITIT
The llfo ol Nupolron III was nttonipt
ed five Umei to Louli Ililllppfs thirty In Jrt5J thin
InrtrnaL niachlnc at MarMillei in 1SV the pUtoli tt f
Iianori t tile attempt of Hartul auci 1 TibalJl tn IdSTj tht t
Ornlni bombs tn IHod Orvto and utlieri In Ibo3 amV
amid all this whlU many people were killed and
mulltrtted tlie Emperor hlnvlf receded not a scrttch 4
but died at Chlwlhnrat attended by the flrstrite pip
licians and nlth evtry comfort ourroundiiu him I
Had lightning struck a playhouse nnd
injnred those within there ironld have been nitich luli g
of a illiieuusatloui Vi lnond mcci It mm slmlmelceil tsiWssr
that the tightnlni on Sunday Ktruck a Methuliitciiu LI
In Bitiffliamton and Injured tout persons ammi ttt
forty fathered for prayer The con reeatlon kit Imt o
wan a close call and when an hour liter I time mlnUt 1
took the Incident ion hIm text tlie Ithtnln prM1 I i
powerful auxiliary and was sncli nn cfllenciouMtit it
ol grid that funr converts were nnde then eel I Hit re m
Time Fort Scott nnd Gulf Hull i und Con
cany la I busily proUdlm itself with timber for lime ictii m m
It has already planted hundred nf acres lUti ifin t
Umber and the Iron Mountain lUltmud Coicu lIllY win
already owns fine timber mann liti cnnirjcUtl with i
firm who pn nirv to pi nut u 1U acres with YWMern mti m
84 nn exterinifiit Tliey do this bicause citilpi tit
ha U stuod on their road iiillnly nnitrictul by tier
durlnu the pout tnthc > eiir and tocau thce trcu
arc so vAtiemt by furmcrs for fences tlml the rillroidc ui
net no supitly In Missouri u
Tim brigaudB that lately captured Col
Sitiue Ii lye now ikind I > r Marnll a lernmn nituralll
who wis Irivellliu tlirounh Vlbintn nnd He sirnl u lot 51r
tcleiitlllc piirpo s The rui vm demanlid ion the Iris t
otar 0 filli bel tea a lull AHtortuient ol troll cens 55 miit
coil Ii And jackets The Utter lurwiirdeit b Hit ltrIm I miI H
to the lorm in Consul at Rilumca tlcrmum ted s to tut Ihu I
prioner tndenth If thtlr t dana lid In nut him miami ikii com il
iliemi 1 with an I promlM on the other liund tint H new 4
suit of clotles will be pn suited to the Dm tor it tile ran
torn bt paid forth Ith
Time most nmflrnlflcont and costly pcnil o
necklace In the world is I now the hell enly if ruuutes f
lUndd a Intl well known Ht Lonlun nnllirK Uti I j
miide of three historical necklace eieus of which 119
enjojcd consllerable celebrity In former times Onu ot
them valuud at tHOx wns sold to tlie Countess by 11
Braiilecof hpaln and It is knuwn ait lIce necklace ot i
the Mrxin ct Atocha the second belnnsrd to the ex
Queen of Naples ami the third was the fiimoui nccltl ice I it
lelon liiff to Empresf 1 ueetie and by her lately unit 1 td
a Lmi Ion Jtweller for Stair o 3
MSaccardoof Padua has made public 4
tho rtMiH of his Copt nI lime 114 on mi > diliiu tin color LI p
flwer Hr minsllnn Iron fitlnc with the mil In wlucli
liurlt n in art ui 1 m cited tbe e llowor u siinH a blue color t
to t rtuiiriU tluMcrs attend cut tmi l dipping i ink In it
s of aniline on euint the IitiMiiu Hip I M ills ulll
ridiaU > tutu intuit lunuili lilt bine if the lluwer ire
white into vIolet It red Old erren if jllo Cmmllln
and ch r > n n lit mums mult r n the time mollfleailun I If it
buib of Hit 1 ittcr be I dip til into a siluti jn ll t tmttio niiJ
alttrwnr plnntcd the pi int will lite rmr 8etn < l uimuO i II
aici 1 pr duce fluwirii uI l lImo coluru ilrexly tnuiiUomil
IIinicti hllulltccks ii Iim im iiy 1 lf
a mu0 tuTu pipur nttrilmitd I to a traiu CIIIM line of 3
tie Prince iiui ritt pitlmi hn tor I + < Mr I Yiml ro u
tu en tn nttruct wil 1 loirs tn t hi is pork t nt t m rnn 15 tod
liuttumvuti nil srI of tit HffuloH All tlif txnrs lor 1
mlle arnunl necirlnul miznud to Vlrlu tulle rf
time Irinct iifi tibors an cnthii mimc htinttr cntillnt
ktinlthH tort nt i thin anl mile repeatid turiivi nti I
the Irtncr ttnmalti wher in a len diMi he killed
tnenl ftt tionr nlvun i i eluillr the grasp nl time RIIIID m
ketrcr Itifiinrck up w into n 5 1 ilent T ritfi at thlt in i
U Hit ncn th it lu IKC line i > > rloii4l > ill It is oil I that hu
ineditite biildiiiii a tin nf torts unmn I hi Mr
Queon YhtoHiH dmllko to GtM > rfi IV
has been tiow ti ver > decl Kdl > iti rim muuy pruct t u n a 5 s
bMtj I at to lid air and at lUukinhain Ialiuc 55 huh
after til It somewhat IcciOnuluem Inl on her MujLtit 5 cant
us whatever his filling no a innnircli hio ulncrosmmra
an indebted iou Ii till Inr h ii lint mnde ind or rml mme
nf th mo t spleiuUJ and ItiMirtui re liUnci < in lie
wi nIt I aucl t Buckingham 1iKice In thrsi rn > ptt is Is I not
tar leiuiiml On time w ills of one uf thu tlrawitrtmiii
nt the 1 ilire there luttiL fin m my years Rte lurmie I cult m I
bentiilhil imnlly picture Inelu linu tue famniM lorirmlt
of the I Diictirss of riiintorlir I by rjaliialiorcu h in limo
te litre vMutiinut IV Imp Nn llanii 1 La u rein e one of
liii flllf t i ximpltf Hut by t a op ul inanitmtuu htr
dislike of her uncle time Quttn ordered hln jncturu to ito I
rtino edanl cufliiflnmt to ml taina < w nilinj lice yamaumt I
spiiu with n portrait ol lie nstii painted uliorll nltr iimo
ant uitd lime throne and which beltu one of the cut
bliummus clauits eden sun sons luimt nnl altit etlur nut of
pine but it posItively spoilt lime riTectct its rifUhbor
limo Ulograptnu a ii imitm heidi ittut Unit two
ntnnn traveller base arrhmt at Kiiiu on b > the ntr >
lanl rout iroin China thruiuh Liiiimn anl I Rinino
alt r hainz tee ti prevented Imy > t lunce > ni < uliroui I on
terliij TluUt snillus f > nhtnv that DIP expedition uf LNmnt
zfclnfml I isilimatentir tile onatlu iui l tin hn nn t wall I
thft tite I tleverj i atti nipt mi the pirtol m Hnr > peiu triv
ttUrt tulit r tliat I m > lercmUe Cmic lIla slntu the llama Ill f
tlie Al bt llut and bis cinniimou Oittt Ittunl it
clunl I itumI I hlsttlluw trauPer t had been exceptional v
ftirlumle In rcurin < rtrnt nite recomm > ii UIUM aii I
aports I trim the Tllngii l Vnmen nr tornn onue fit y
Itklns I but nfttr niakitu n vnln attt > niH mm i mm t ncti iu
int m the cHiutrj In the n rihern mute wlui h emccus
tliroutfli the town nf himuj they hnc laud willing
tiettt r inert M by nan uf the nniUnrn anl muie ire
UUiiiti i rouie lit Uit in lint i M rnr ilmeril ni ttio
1 rttxtiH of St chuen irhlth iiiiiniuf Thibet hit 01cm I ir
llltl > done his bat t to hflp In roill4llU fit lim ill
who nimulumi i 11 I convey the trafller4 in mrt > ic ou tile i
iruntier u that the cxplmt Vtotnd U cun idfrtd a a t nur
It > ruitc act ofiliH nmtclHi u hut th IhitniitiH I wt ri in
exurttbte aiii I it ha reluumrkmuie l irnul ol tlu nl nost nn
plitvlndipcntenie tile nowunjy fiit cn nimin tho
riiinciu authorities tu lmi bem Hctini bntu Sic wlutli
thetc Appears no nea iou Ill iuiuit > tImi > llnUUns 1 los a
IKn e lIe Imiti la set it ttLfiaiuu the iimruLtioiM I of tlio
Im kmmmg limus erummuieumt
Iho observations of stutUtli Ian have
bfrn of late ilirerti I tnthe I frimn Imi sieno ml Lr NM ui
tlif populrttum nf Prince a I eel u ust 1 tim the mr i lutl I Is 4
vuniiih r tile him lii role InlHT tlii nniiiUer li I c 5
SImS UI7 Jll a I wir itt iii tlmn tint o iii lisi 1 t
sun In lf11 the osenaz wa J icmt morelIt in IM mi
semis 2 Hi in loemim i nce aisliu to 20 i itt t In tw < fii It i
ml iwwil itt toJi1 rmm lH7t ti lT u lIlT t I I
illumed tu I5uJ mil in tb littor > euritu mm 5 1
lln to nr tOil caiiM n t i Un ditu IM ux lime t u r
iiiimlRr til IlOtnimuiec mil wh it is tar niun tin tm itint
treat mlitjlie tn tin nunilfr i chlllnn n uli e mm ui j
mimis ninrrLs In iii I r rift iMivutn i ° mu emil i IH
the iiscrmime or nniri tn w i uu 71 i r Ililt w i i im t
clliitil tn tin tornipuiimw muon il > i ii < n n 1 i 11 1 to
U7H mil I luiiiU uiil > At Ult rnUI I i Ti II I It t mm 01 i I I > ti
1 1 cluiilri n to inch hun umte li dwiiltm m n i it m I I
ilHur null tilt i Kirntiiii n Unit 115 mimI in itu I I
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