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tni covitr tn IMJUIHY IVr1rJ11
aixa not3iumAitoir
M lilltnUe HrseMlli the ftlnry nf the s
sttnll nnd In leg Ihiil He llllt Himself
s lint II I teil to Prove litnlt 1 t Him
A AVnrm Iietiitle In Congress iibnnl II
Tlio court 11 f Inquiry I Into tho iillrtfnlions I
mndc by I colored Cnlet Whlttiiker roncernlnij
tliu nllrnl tfl tilt ti 11011 him I nn Mnndiy t iilulit
bkrnn Its slttlncs leMerdiiy I Itiiho I lnrn I room nf f
tin library illdliicilia I enmo mail In which
IhIIzJIIIIollr 1 t irlnl was Inlil TnhUs 1 for
tlm oflbirs API olnttil to ilio I duties of rourt and
ominel were ni I 1oJ In ront of 1 bit black
loinl on which hint hellnll 1 the plan of Ilia
liarrneb bdtr nut i In vhlcli Ilio nssnult IsHnld
to linvn occurred
Major Mordeo rapt llajmoiul anti IJottt
Tillmnti members of tlio court snt together tit
ono ond 1 of tin1 trinelpnl t table I At thn othiT u
llocorder Lieut Sears who seemed
end pnl tim fr AcemlII
to t perform llm ilutlc ot probotutlnir nttorniT
Cinkt WhittnlMrs OUIS1 Lieut Knlulit 1 hii I I I
table to himself Mill tlm colored man sat several
foul away from It At another tivblo wns tlio
stenographer All the ofllrets were In uniform
Gun Svhofleld visited I Ih court room in which
wero so ernl officers mnny Indies 1 cadet or
two until n few strtncers
Cadet Whluk wore the students uniform
ot gary retimed by wlilto crtton Klovgs n white
waist Il ivtnl I wide turndown collar At it
distance of fifteen font tlio mutilation ho hiS
undercono could not be p < rceled 1 I Whenever
ho had occasion to movo about tho room he
limped painfully Tho Ilecorder commanded
the colored cadet to take off his rlRhthaml
alove stand and hold up his rlirht hand Alter
miiklnc oath to testify 1 truly he described him
leif ns Johuson Chcbtnut Whlttaker second
clnss United States Mllllary Academy at West
Point N Y Hu told over nnln exactly the
itory of the occurrence of Monday nllhl that
hna been published As a witness he made I
loot Impression Us spokn firmly expressed
alm elf clenrlr and betrayed only natural na
Mtinn On Mossexamination hy Itecorder
Sears ho said there wiisaitlm i lluht I In I mom
it tlm tlm of thin n I It One of thn Intruders
carried I llelitcd rnnillo or paper The window
curtains were drnwn 1own nlor was not struck
Kith suflRlent force to rentier him tinconsclolit
stain time durIng the stnmle Ito WM awmtk
inil hv tin stirceon knocklncor runblni him
After tho assailants quitted Ills room hn railed
lor Inilp ItMitl enouch to bo lien nl by others below
stair or aercws the hall Tho Mntllntor over
tho bud and the transom over tho door worn
both open Ho 1 struculed t nil I t ho time t I Im wns
ittncked Ho ooirtd not tell whether his hair
irns out with scissors I or I knife nlthnuuli hn Is
In tlm habit of bnlnca barber cut hhR hair for
or six times 1 year ho could not tell with what
Instrument Ills cars wer cut I thought the
Instrument was sincleMndHd Thro wiri > two
uts on one toe of Iuim lelt foot received in the
itruirulq that lie forgot to mention Ho could
ant say with what his hands or feet wre
bound but l the cords seemed sharp rather
linn lint His hnnds wer brought together
palm to palm nnd his feet were not crossed
Hn I could not reach his nnkles to loosen the
fords there Hi kicked and struttried I but
found tin t pain made by thn cord too uriit un
less hum remained nulct One font Is btlll sore
but the eordu did not cut Into the llesli ol any ot
his limb
lle Hit not hear tho rlppltic of cioth the
rneplnu ol scissors the mention of nnmp or
zailut niimbirs or thesucLfbtion from OIIH as
tuth ant to another to cut thn mmii flu u Irk from
alan 1 ki rrIu 1sf wh helm wns plteed unhr his
ear He could not describe thj mask worn by
hBnb < tihtnt Their voles oumndi unnatural
Ht < htt 10lllp1 I ielt l or 1 hurt tad korir tel or
any lnues from the trust Iwo hooks of his copy
of tIre New TI stamen lit not hr mi1 noth
ing biirninc sniellil nrMhtni burning and
ease no innlchiH IlLltcil wlillo 111 nn
Binltetl t II chniiLiil his tnllowaso the
ci rum bTore tlm I ntuilt His note his bled I
Mnernl tllliiS I sincn I he Imnnt been In I the t Uailemy
Ho does nut know how lent It bled on this ovn
Hon I he turin ben hit by one of his own In
dian chums lie thinks ho would have known It
Ha wn hit try some weapon At tire reiiuifit of
the HOordiT he wrote his name as felt writ
ten I his hnnilkticlilefs lie said lie had I I been
shonn I black IH ktie fountl In Ins room on
line mom I I > niter ire t iisnnlt He had had no
citizen < tins In his room slneo his hist fur
leuuh HelHidtwo I or Ihro hours nn hue I floor
before I I was awakened The wltnitt Mild that
he hr rut been the t w etch < r Ir monitor of his
iictlnn for two weeks and n half Ho rail re
ported no cutlet and hit not bun obliged t to
limik to any one except In the cuMonmri man
ner He Misiwcted no one In particular nud
could not say whether hu assailants wuro or
Were not cadets
At this point the Iloorder Mid that ho In
tended to as k I I hn f iiiieitlons n which the wit
lies eould answer or not as he eliooi
Mi 1 MTMHinl fielitik U I thnt t I birlihh be nbln to
cet tlinuuli the Acudemr he said In uemihy to
lIIbllls nn reason for dlscotirnsoment
within I month I is true th rut I tune written
letters ulvinc cloomv iieeount of my proJiieets
but III I s m I I In1in hint nwf from my
mother I a rotto her that I thounht of resiirn
111 I I eould I not pn any way to pty her rents
until I cradiialed hut I Ftuceedd in ninkiliL
nn arranunitiit 1 tu gt her rentu pnid I bor
row > l tnurm of tin money to bo paid whether I
Urndtiut or tint
IIu irid that ninny friends witrh his pour < 0
Mid tt < ruth be I dlslllillllted II llu lailed HH
tliotmht lili soeial 1oIul1I had hindered In
priii but liiMiid I he littd no rru n t > MIS
peel till t IIH illtnl Inrb HPJ riJIldieetl lluMinst
infirm Hi roun el lint Knf ht nsknil qnS
tlot 100h utteth < adt the oppoituntiv to 1
deny Unit tWIt bin own ii mlint een riiliy
tts to t the main el 1 nrife Hnd Hit illenlly as to niii
ilHtul i 110 t > ruMlil 1 llneadet J I IlId111I this
dirit ttnni n y II tifiilnl that lie wrote tin1 not
of wnrnili cinvr h1 I an enhi > iiof thy IIH
cullir kind in I nhleli Hie note vn ernloxed I
To tin II or ir he smut lie aukI i for a pillow
b iin9i ln I WIH lylim ulth hits 1tIII oil til lloor
bliedinir prolu elr lie did tnt ery out be I
etUH III wn tlinlltened with death If he illI
fIll lleor exliibitd the rnuiretl I hlrrftSof
< ilii Inilt stu IT null uhlih tire Dint wniilone
Boni leie 1 trerurly two inelns wiihi others an
luill inlMllI other lees Iliiin half nil inih in
width Vliittiikeridentillnlthein ami tioiniivl
out yIot I In Ins in one ol tile bandi HIV
IHLT tint cvlt holes In miitt hlts KIOW
thnt th iulls are for USD by etidi I omr
who nIl swonls m I He I I did I I in t say that t hn nver
was a inl i Illeer and Ilierefore eouid not 1
Inne sueli a bolt but this will Im I bronilit out
I lj hhll tin btr iirflh nf tlnM haudH Lmut
Knnrlit tied a sinnll one to VhlttnkirV hair
nnd piilleil on it with bMh hands aud with all
htHMpiiitli t Il ii lirokn it with t Lriat diniiilty I
Itr1 inly burned bits nf paper iipruirenily torn
fr mtho t endts Ii r hue that wire found on the I
II or of IIH i room WITH Minwn to him but lit
did not ii ntly 1 he Ill At HIM disc 1 of tliu ea
dts t Itt t i moon I tho liuiuir wns adjouino < until I
thii rim mu mu u runt
It ii I u i I rjto > I tlmt tlie ony testimony t bnr
o In out tin tuspleiciii that tlm youth iniitilited
C hirnslf tlm nt Unit he was fallum be I
hind in hl lUilieH will tim I the observations of
limn t vtim wurn presint when he wa found
b und an I lying by Ills builmili They will
slinv it i 11 hllIml he eould easily have looiil
and looieni I tlm lI1I1I1Is I Irmi hm air Inhus
an that though Iris wrnU unr tml hid hands
o tr fp e Suron m Alnnler I will 1 t nfy t r thai
in nib IlMiion till IiM was felirnlni I f 1 uncmi
fcOHih IIIH wimii he was diseoered His
nti 10 and ttintiiiiiture were noniiil nnd
I un loi Mlly held IIIK Iyulnlb down wlmn the
pliy iinn I unit r to nieii tlium When Ihn llls
f Wie r IM i till pUplla of 1 the ey i win III n uon
I dlli n in i lntilit 11 I knll with hip pre
c 1111 I il 1101111 When rhummmI t to risu up hi
Hnitied hiiimll ualkid In llm lioiillnl and 11110
alnirlt blnUfiit llioich Im I hid bieii roau
umiu and utii MI > muj 1 n slMit 1 tune before
> Tlii melt 1 iilllir of 1 tn t unit omit other who
iTiirnpriM nt whii tine band u n nnnint will
I rr f Hint llilnir onl friin lux I hnnd wiu
mumuly iiilid in mmuio plan on the I Moor itnd no
I > MI ied liiilis wre on hii clothiinr Jln
I In I K 11 1kllII III h Seilimd lo llHVn I benll
G br Ken u hrl1 was found It lay boitoin tip
aii I iiniir ilH Immune was the fraetureil
m 1m tlierii m tterw no Iriiumeiiti about the room nr
nli I in li ny
I 1 M Hi mil Im snorn to show that thn hand
nrilin o m ilieiioin III warnlni hi i reinarkabiv
t like ti I iiinLerh iilnrnuriiphy Tin word Alt ii
C Inlie I note anil lu Ins rep Its is prwlbtd the
C n Mlitlm inirleatii Ilinrishis that oinii
miiit Hm niiital A 0 Inlnir thu kunm III eaeh
lii mlii >
I 1 H fit nit Its knifi and aelstom Wit It
a 10111 I in tin lIor within reach of huts hands
Wid I tr miught 1 I
I On II i 11 ii m t iindllm I frienilliiss IndV behnv
tor 11101 i xin in illin istertlat WI ni lirn
r n m nr f i n r lii rvilnurs an awakend d nibl In
s I < n in H f minr ulioim I ilhiiui him cuilly
1 fI n r Hii 1 aisiint To 1 this limit rJlII in I
I t i i UnM I rn MI lm < no failh in him that
1 I i i loin tim lehi linrudibln booatib ho
I et 1 b t > It t H I l
I Ii I i L I 1 1 iiiiitier of Viiiliinitiiii 1 I > C
w d VYluitiil n I ipliintiimnl to I llm
1 I n I v iinvid u n I in WiM t POint lat nichi with
C r n II I S iTitiiy nf War eiiu > lini >
1 i n 1i1I1 11 i DM oht to a ird mini tin
I I lip > i mi i room an I LT tumult
o ml i IL I ii n trim Thu 1rofi saiirntn he knows
11 t 1 U I I I II I ol I Oil IIt II pi I ill I till
1 li I iiinian m < 1 luinni him II will iikn
1 I I I I 11111111 r r n > will leiimiii p by tlitieiiilit
I I 1 rut 1 II mu i I until Hie Iminiiy nuts
I II tMPvnis Aiiril u Mr IUHMII Itni
I I i ii un Miil I II piit till II In lint riilliitli ill
S r nM I 11111 ul I War to I luinihli llm
I r 1 i iinv fifi I n lliit trill 11111111 iniksi t
I b I I I u n 111 Iliiunl nutllHtli if I diU
I I 1 VtM I h mInt 1
I II I I Irl ilMii u j font an i M I X y
to I > i mil tin > n 111 ininna
te J I An i i < ii j i M tuition vnh in iirourejH
ii v I tn 1 wi 1 in nine ti i I HI u tire uiilim
m v n i uli r it u iiittiR lu uwtiriiuico wan
MKrtllong by HP urn Cohkllnir inD N YI
anti Host limp Mans Mr Wan modified
ils resolution so as to retjuon iC B lUyns to
tnt tUilil It such Inlorniatlon I h I In I regard to tin
alTilr ai In bin jiidKinuut would not bo Incom
patlbl whir publld interest I In remarks on Iho
resolution r Logan AnI1 thn reports regard
Inir llm ntitrnue teem most extraordinary H6
bad never hiaril of ntnnn Commuting such an
0111 rail 0 on hlmxnlf nml ho wanted the Sonal
In t lot furnished with thn facts
MrYoorli fiDemlnd I supporter tire reso
lution saylni that hu was tn favor cut every
Poslhln I tiiM I tlKatlon nf tlm ailnilnlstiatlon I of
tho Went 1olnt Acnilemy Ho retarded tunso
who had urndtiatcd from that t Institution I with
wonder ns having survived it riiilmo of lira
tiilltv on humanlly nil II unelTlll7 ronduct
I have known 1 for years hu Contl it 101111111
Toun men inning theii not coloretl younit
men but while jiiiuiu men who linvn been
driven away by a HjMitm of conduct on the tmrt
of f Ihn I students there I ho ii ll lpnrntefui IhllllI11 h
tend ti t leiid 1 my aid lilunble ihouuh It may bn
on nil orations In every kind of Investigation
nnd I to swell public opinion I so far as I am
nblu to assist In tlolni It to humanlM
and clUllr I If not posxibly to Christian
Izu Wi itt 1olnt Thitt ouuht to bo done
or the Inxtmnlnn onulit to bo abolished
If I r this unMieakablo and Infernal outrage hint
been perpetrated upon thl hit OUIII mini Ihero
Is 110 lamrnutiu to whleh tin is Govern nniyrt oucht
not to gin to correct suelt nn abuse even i to the
extent nf nbollhhlni hum Initlttltlon lilt IH Im
iKsitil to olllinet this t Iiititutlon I onclvlllzod I
and hr um rums no prlnclnles i ouuht to uo down I
hno attended Institutions of Icarnlni h u In I mum V
day ami I know that It Is possible for younit
men In larco numbers to be assembled tnircther
and tilt rmtuu tlmlr stutlles and treat rncli other
as uuntleincn Hut lucre I Is I ennui ci it I mu it In I thu lit
kemlnary war to linplro vounc men with a
sort of taste for brutality and blood that Is
perfectly amazini Whethur It is I because
they nro belm educated to war with their
kind or whether ILia time fault of time
men In management I do not know
Hut I want to know ami then Is no sentiment
In my heart stronger than that which favors
net merely this resolution but any form ot In
vo < tl iUloii which will put an end 10 suchuu
Bpiukablo outrages ns that which has ten her
alded over tine country I take no stock In thne
thouuht that this you MI man cut his ears off It
absurd and ridIculous to my mind It Ii n
part ot that system of outrages that I have
known committed upon younir men from my
own Congress district when I wits serving In
tlm other House a part of that system that
makes the youiiit man Qeht for his right tn stut
there while belnc educated Consequently I
repeat I look with wonder nnd nmazerurnt upon
my friends from Texas Mr Maxey and Rhode
Island Mr Ilnrnsldv and others that I am
told l hare passed throiiKh this ordeal at Went
lni tllt I favor the amiot lion t ot tire resolution
Mr Maxoy I tlo not supposo thieve Is 1 man
111111 who would be more In favor of thorough
complete and searching I I um veSt Igatlon Inlo I tIm is
aliened outrage than myself If the reports In
the newspapers b I it true it Is not only brutal
but It is contemptible and cowardly Thtr Is
nil coura n there is no bravery ID such an act
Ills absolute cowardice If thin reports be true
The only point that I was makIng was that
Concress has created by law a court for tho
very purpose of maUlui Iniiulry Into matters
Mr llurnsldo hope this resolution will be
passed for I want this oulrauo InvestlBated In
every possible way But I wish to say In reply
to thn remarks of the Senator from Indiana
Mr Yoorhees that cadets are no morn ad
dicted to time habit of hnzlnc than students In
other collects Cru lty has never to my knowl
edge been perpetrated on any cadet oremedl
tmelly Time practice of hiulng oueht to be
stop tied In all colleues
Mr llruco Hep Miss 111011 endorse
every word I the Senator Mr Voorhees has
uttered For three or four days the news
papers have benn filled with reports as to the
mutilation of this yountf man Now the theory
Is advanced I that thle man mutilated himself I If
tie dltl thn country ouuht to know It nud ha
bould be expelled Hut It Is asklnK entirely
too much ot meto believe that he or any other
man would mutilate himself Wo have forsev
emit days been dittcusslnt a bill that will morn
effectually I Christianize clvi lhie tIne Indians
I think tire Senate would Ilo well If It should tie
vut a little time to clvllizine and Chrls
tlanlzlnL West Point For six or seven
years fccandnloiis stories have emanated
from that Institution as to hue treat
ment that vounc men sent there receiv
I know one Instance of i vouiiirmnn who volun
tarily did that which would enable Him to leave
beeatlkn he vvifi unwllllnuto I I I I bo subjected to tlm t
oiitrautte which obtained In that Institution I I
will say to I the bnnatnr from Ithode lau1 Mr
Hurnside that I could wish no worse fate to
an enemy tlmn to hem him tn Wust Point It
makes no difference whether this boy Is white
orcoloretl I hnxe never for II moment stopped
to rouehler that iiuBtion nml 1 am ulad to ace
that thu honorable Henntor from Indiana Mr
Yoorhenbl has not Wo put this on hluhur
strounils We put It on the urotind of humani
ty This benatu ouuht to know all the facts In
tho case aud the uullty party should be pun
Mr Hoar filet JnIThe colored boys who
haxu entered Sei KI Iolnt have hen iubjwtnd
toacourkiiof treatment whieh if It cannot ba
ended OIl > It to result In thu abolition of the In
stitution Itself The colored toy who salons
West Iolnt unles the practlea thieve has
chanced nitliln it year or two Is I In as completn
snlitinlo from the humus he enters until hU
ridiiation as Itoblnsnn Crusoe was on his I
de olnte island Kvtrythilu which the disci I
pline of the I Ukt It ut Ion demands from one soldier
to 11mm Inc r next in m rank is scrupulously i tier
formed Iut the boy Is lelt nbitolutely without
an Hhsoelitte Nobody sneaks to him notomly
calls upon him In his room nobody nlTontsniiy
sympathy to t him In lekness or sorrow When
hn enters thn recitation or examination room
and takes his sent on the bench that beneh Is
uietnt Now who would no rather fluht hU
wty through I a dozen ntteinptH at hm tizi rug than
spend four years of his crowinc ovliiod t In
stnh a solitude ns that I am afraid thn In
Mnitoi nt West Pun flt liavo not tried t to Im I
trims on tli I clas etf there t that the tuiMM 1 tIn I mne
they m can do Ic I to treat t a OU tiLt colored voiith a
1 p ran n to It I exiled I from all the sympathy and
nsointions of humanity on account of thu
or of I his skin
Hero tine mornlnc hour expired
A coit < iiit > jintv iunvKin
ltlhtrd < > I > innell fctitttnlltrd Awnlt the
Attili fifllif < > rt iitl fury
At thou liiiieiit yostordaj in limo cnse of
rimmiis trker tin urih l uphoUtercr whosi
dond lxily Ktinrded tTHi ils ilof was found In
thimt > nnl of I Mrs Mircarut ODHinellV house at
100th street and Third nveniie on Huutlny
moriilm Dr Nell told ot hU souini nnd hear
Inc I two men piarrelllm I h I on m the stoop at mid
nicht and other wltnesscb can testimony
accordance with repotts already printed Mrs
ODonnell mother of tin man chamed with
cniiiiiik Mr Hirkera deatlj Iletenimi whIm niiieh
emotion to the roadini of tho atatflineiit she
nnilnon Monday tenuth mutt to crlmluate her son
and certified n Its eorrei tne 9
ItIQllnr1 I I II Imimu nut the prisoner mann a state
miiit under oath in which hue said that trIm two I
prmloim KtntenientK vne minln when hn uas
inter thus Inflilenei I of 1 btronulniuor He il rank
a irriiat deal on Iridny rind mom on Sattirdnr
Wlilh I he was drunk Im carried I Mr Darker A
doc to his house HS a joke IHo on Satin
day nluht Mr h liirker came after limit
11 ie ODonnijII linaul tho bell rim and
went tn tlm tloor Hlthotiuh his mother
tried t tn prevent him I Darker wanted 1 to Unlit
him but lie would not iriki > him I as IIH was an
old min Alter tho servant hnd brought tin t
ilou ODnnill wuiit back to bed lav Inu liarker
standini m I on tlm I stnp The next mornlntMo I
his horror hn found llnrker dead HH rmmiwuricI
his death to tint police and fearini that he
would In I Implicated In it In denied hiivim
tell lit hOIl1 lit nil ilint nlirbt He then drunk
In Intoxlention and It wax In this condition that
hn I made llm htatementu he now tleslred 10 I coin
After li ihimmat Ion the I jury returned m I tin ii fol
lowlni verdict ThutThomiiH Ilnrker cnmo
to hlH diMlh from an neelileiitnl hill IIr a push
or I a blow cnn tush ung thu fall liy iieiuuna uuknuwn
to tills pity
Coroner Herman recommitted hue prisoner to
lit Toinl tn await thn lift Ion of tint Irani
Jury Untold tine juror that thuy were vurv
stupid men
Fault pert with at PUIiil
Ludwle Hasenkamp need 10 year tiled In
St Mnrt m llnspitalln lloliikvn on Tlnimda nikht t Iron
the effect ol a plltnl liul 1 Mound In his tltnxt Voilnu
Ilitscnkamp m u and a cotnpaiilnn if hit 00 so namid Join
IAtuin urchaicd a annul 11 pistul i > n haiurday and w > mit
Inn Kincs Woods near IM I < kca to plm I with It Uliilu
liny TC dlnuImuut us tn which or them should shoi
firtat a mince tlie rltl l hn h W4 > In IIII t hand
rillHlrd aii1 1 Hie imnutu fill if it ll Hn anii thrum
tniiif iiturii il to II < M nk i inn s lit i me in Kailrn 1
htifif Iliilniluii and inturiiid HiireiiHioiiiis mutlier th it i
lit not I killed h > T umtm II i 11111 K lanlti
1 stri I m nmtnmree 1 sutiuct
him mid t u whi n srrni ned he 01 i ltil tliul he ualnnii
cut Coroner 1 iktfini Im an aiiuiiiUbi an the came
nil trullliu
Starry Hills Auliitilonrniihy
Tho Suiulnu Mrriiiru Hindu a bIg hit last I week
In Hariy ii ills luiiiiniseenciii ot hU thirty
YIII lift in tire metropolis Tlmy aro so writ
lUll ui to 1 intent sin tin most rellnul mailer wluln
his personal rnoliectlons and cnipliia otd
tunltis of real lift cinuol fail tn IntTMt every
body Tomorrows chapters will bu well worth
ruadlnt A < lf <
I vi It I 3 C I It I tiiitl 1 Itiflnineil r > ellils I
untie I 5 re III mi I 111 ii 1 ti l HI kr > CfliliMl 1
i > tn hl11I IoII i ni oili 111 II lIuYrrYA I
Err 1 ii ii n Ih itt Pen liii
for cleaning paint wiulnini I limit ilUer jvntlr ole
A >
I Illicli 5 ltie iiretl li > ii ii eros
Smart WHI and 1111 I n n I H > A I lIrI tic f
Kti rjlhinii fr u mtm imici urn n 11 i vfi ihwaifs IVI I I
I to lf7 I I itiiuni hi In e i Mn I e Im i i I itU ur
ea > jltj nit nt urouute t > ili UN bed mi is I
MrUiioiis snelltnif eirl > unc1 > s and 1 111 hlnichrs
ilimt < in I eriiin IK i nii 1111 nUud < tnttriial wro
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striiitliins the lirnlit dna netv ti 1010111 in 1 w > tk
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A Hunk un IITLT < i ioiiiliilnl MIII 1 Miilmln
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WI I lit healer II > iiilHisililles
Vill curs Coniiniiiicn i oiuh u ilioinhiu 1 i Pebilto to
Fine Silk Iliilt HUUO viirlli Si > ulili
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llllllMIII VUOtUON DUU I Hi 11 a Ul 1UUIK
sptclal JJ ° tictt 1
Out Toslnr in Clear Hold Handsome Type
The followliu books are all In the beside Library edv I
27 Victor and Vanquished Bv Marv Cecil Hay 10c
27i A fhadow on the Threshold tty Miry Cecil linymo
sni 1111 tine UMrhund Hy Alary recll ItmyInc
34 Hark to the Old Home try Mary Cecil ItaylIme u
sli A Itark l Inheritance Hy Mary Cecil llav lien
13 rloelb iil
440 The I borrow of it Secret and Lady Carnilcliacrs
Will try Marv Ceci Hay I 10e
non BrondaYorkc yc Mary Cecil Hay loc
4U7 The Arundel Motto larRo type By Mary Cecil jtj
Hay 20c
421 Noras Love Test litree I typf By Mary Cecil U
llav JOe
47 Old Mlddleloiii Money Isrue tnt By lion r
Civil MV 200
411 Hidden II 1erlls larce tlpc i By Mary fecll Hay ZOc
ate The Iulrc I eirney ilatve t type By Mary Cecil
llitv TOc J
For cite I by itewtMleali rs at abotc prices < sent pot t 1 1
paid on ricelpt ot l OCr tor tiVmflt nntnliors mid 21 I
i onti lor accent tninlr bj ULOltOi MUSKO J7to a
YundettaUr St New York f
nlllld j 4
TUB f fi
Fnnssa u
Based npon the great play 1 0
Ity Kdnr Kitttceit mm
produced at the Inlon bijuare Theatre 1
out Miititav next In I No 112 or Urn
TilE LAY 01 Till FIKImSO I
Tront the nIio trim nd J i
Ills steed in enptlte still u should pins I
Ills t blane In mmtit should rnt ii I t
If ecr KnUtlt nl Kiel Inusllne r r
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Betrayed n uoinaiis j
Btitlrtttti were falsehood n honor shame 1 I
And rtctit urn entrtti would ind 1 s I
If he sin 0 l ars the He Mill luine I i
Miould once dtteltc a Intadl
Por site by nil new ttenlers
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COT mtllADWAV N V lll ITOX M Breoklll j
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Will pontlrety nrixliiee a perfect Hi I ad or Hair upon Bald
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arMion lor the htudor nMlnintho I nineteenth century I
mis hun the voting aunt I mti I I n clem healthr meat iiiii I I mini
most heautllnl held ol II llr Mil li I b l v U N CltlTTIATDN
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2 i J I J 111 Ie KiUiC N Y
Mr IlitsleiTa Mlihtr IfTort In lie Fstvor ITI >
Opisoaltlone Arfitinienla In Itetily Were
Repnbllenn Lander Put the Itesponsllilllly
ALBANY April IArter n dcbnto Hint lifts
consumed two tlar the Supply bill was de <
iiatnil today Tlio bill Imd Vassal palely
through tlio Committee of the Whole whoio It
lad what was regarded ns 1 thorough consid l
eration and It hits only bean within n taw days
that It haa been evident that the opposition
which n tow Items In It had met was strong
enough to make n bitter content over tho pan
Mire of the bill Inevitable Gen HuMod tho
Chairman ot the Ways nnd Means Comralltio
iad caused It to bo understood that ha
should not consent to have these Items
stricken out the bill must stand or fall
as It was reported from the committee TIne
responsibility ot killing the bill and then block
Ing thin appropriations would rest he claimed
with tho opuoultlon Tho Items In tho bill wore
the appropriations for tho socalled Swllt clnlm
or tho Klin Irn Ilnfornmtory clnlm for the Lit
liiLxtnn Allllull and for the W tclIslr mouth
BulTiiln ProteotorltS time nucretrntn amount of
tliiin appropriations belnL 228000 Tim ob
lections to lhe oaiproiirlatlons wcro partly le
enl antI partly based on the merits Home of
these Items were In thn Supply bill last year
and wire vetoed 1 by Oov Itoblnson vet tho
conimlttMi reported them acaln this 11101
reasons which Ion Hunted meatloned In his
TIme Chairman of tlm Ways and Meant Com
mlttLfl cama Into tine House rcHterday inornlne
followed Ity n secretary and several paen boys
who arranged upon his desks a number ol
luiral volumes und carefully numbered heels
of inanuDcrlbt It was nt once evident that Qen
Husted Intended to call up the Supply bill nnd
prnpoKeil to make a lone Argument upon It
Major llrnnuan who had been dcslcnated by
till opnogltlnn as their leader at once hvcan
Mme hlll similar preparations Quit llimtiil
ennui prvparod In other ways for tine snooeli ho
proposed mnklnc His Prlneo Albert coat was
tlulitly buttoned and his gold eyo glasses tllln
KJed upou his breast He moved his chair back
Into the aisle thus ulvlnt him a clear snaoe
and with ono hand thrust Into the breast of Mis
coat askud for recognition Ho had no thin
torlcal preliminaries Ho began nt once with
tliH local aspect of the Board of Audit
awards under which the Swift appropriation
Wu made III the bill ReferrIng IIrln 10 tine
creation of the Board ho said that It had be
com uecoBsnry to create such a Hoard on Re
count of the yearly scandals that arose from tin
notion of the Committee on Claims This Hoard
conferred upon It the duty ot atidltlncand
allowing all claims aualnst the Htatn and
Imvlnir done so to report such action to the
Legislature All power of allowing private
claims wan taken from time Legislature All
that this body had to do was to mako the
nececsarr appropriation for the Board of Audit
Gem Husted claimed that tho Board of Audit
was n judicial body so fur as Its powers wunt
It was a con rt of last resort from whoso decision
there could 1 bo no appeal Therefore from n
lecnl poInt 01 view tint Board of Audit Imvlni
allowed the Bvritt claim and tho Elmira Rn
formatory claim tho LKlslature In cooa faith
Is bound to npproprlatn tho money In uo other
way eoultl l the money ba cot I
1asslni next So time merits of tIme case ion I
Hueted aid that Mr Swift bid for and obtained
pome eleven years onto the contract orbulKlInu
Quarantine Island No 2 in New York harlior
and was also InMructcd to do In connection
nllli tlmt work nlarto amount of extra work
as wull as to furuMi etra material For limit
he wits allowed by the architect In charKo
M200O although he could show how ho hnd ex
pended moor Ihlln 150000 la labornnd material
He I could not get this btlancn and therefore
came to time Ltlslaturewltli his claim A com
mittee consisting of thn State Surveyor tint his
assistant and a ekllltil vnulneer wero sent to
the Island to mnko ineoiiureiiients nnd ink
committee found that Mr Swift had furnlnhcd
tin a material and lal > nr that lie claimed I 1m
should bo paid for liut thu action Im risked
for was delayed Meanwhile Board 01 Au
dit I wan crented anil after a lull hearing In
which the Stale was represented by the Attmmr
nevGeneral they made an allowanco to Mr I
Swift of 41000 All Hint thu Leclslature could
do was either to innkn the appropriation or
else to llhhohl It To do the latter was for
thebtateof New York to refuse pay its hon
est bills examined and allowed by a court of Its
own naming
Gen Hunted 1 next parsed time Elmira Re
formatory claims socalled whlili nruu out of
tlie cHnfelllnuof I a contract made by the State
with certain contractors In tine bulldincof tlint
Reformatory Gen Hunted did not deny the
rlklit of tine Matu to cancel contrait but In
sisted that it haul no riulit to Impnirthn I obliga
tion of n contract even one to which It wall a
pirty Therefore tie e contractors had a elalm
airalnst the State OI lull to tIme canplIlnll of the
contract Tlint claim wan allowed by the Hoard
of Audit and It now appears In Ibo Supply bill
In i the ti 11It iti of nu appropriation to piy it It
ktands therefore just as the Swift clnlm doeu
Urn Hustodn ar > miieiit in favor nf tin ap
propriation for thin IhIII1 tone statue for tine
new Cipltol ha admitted was purely on nit
tintic KniundK but hn thouulit It was very
small bumnexs for the Stntu of New York to re
fine this piltrv cum 3000 for a statue of one
of her createM notm
In rebpect to tin Catholic protectories ian
Hiutiil 1 llrLid hunt m thn t sectarian view 1 ollho t
mutter was a very narrow one Here were two
Institution for juvmln delliniuents that wen
ioi nit grirnit irood They wern tin ytite In I tliu
tnniH but as tin courts hae tine rluht toxeinl
children I to them n ml an hue t record of I their cood
work vviisMiiiiitiilfowt I he urced 1 that it vvas inly
fair I for the t State to III Ilk 0 IIIlslI t mm itiiroinrirt lotus
Gen Hntiil spoke In I all esterdty and to
mIni t nearly three hours Th > 51 who have lie I I ni ml
him lifor situ that II was QUO of the best tlTurtu
hn ever made
Mr HreniiMii dUTered from hlmentrelyln his
leijiil I view of the duty of the IvulHlnturo respect
In I tin t H nird I of Audit mul llowtiie
M I r lilnulr I i ciippored ieti HusledH I I view In
an iiruineiit purely leual H madi tine ntldl
tlitml point and tt VVIIH DIIH vvlilch brnuuht over
In Ins I view several I heiitatinir I menilier that I
HIP iViclMHtiiiH I I could not review the I action I of
the IJourd i uf Audit I t without tlmt t moment be
011I1111 tutu nudltlnir Imdy Itielf lilt even this
would be to vioiitt tha Constitution vvhlth pro
1111111 tine Leulnluturu from uuditlnc any priratn
JI Alvord alto took the same view anil also
in a ipeerli i of an hnurs length warned tint
members that I they I eould not nfforil to have it
miiil that tin Slain nf New lurk would not pity
Us delith del t audited and allowed by thu
Iliinrd ereitted for this very purpose
Ml Mitchellii itrtrtiment was purely letial
IIi ii lield that t thu t LClslHtura hail not only I the I
pnvyer lint WNS exprebsly purmltted by thn
Constitution to miSt upon In I rerlew limo notion
of tine Itnird nf Audit
Mr Conudon mail a severe snctnrlnn speech
nurnt I nit tin t ti UntIl nile Protectnrv npnionrlatlous
for wIt hmii ho was riubu ktl by Mr Mitifnll I i
The vote on tlm nmenilmeiitH olTered by Mr
Ilrennan wns not ritached until r I nnon today
Thpii amendments If carried would strIke
the t olgectionalile Items from flu 0 bill Tim e first
vole that I nn striking out theSivift clalnm wIt
lost the commit Inllli huxtalneil by n vnt nf
61 to 53 It wns however evident from this
vote tlint It would be lmi I > onslbln obtain tInt
iieccfcsitry numbur of votes KO to toss tint
hill HO lone an these Items were In It
All of Mr 1 Hrennans amendments were
livt but the opposition held well I toLelher
When thu v itt on the t Hnal pahKnca of tliDblll i I
will rinmeiimh tnmn of the members liuil cone
that they t I run ihnt cafh the early afternoon trilm I I
for II 0 II lit tint the nlmeuteeH were drawn eijuall
from thu supportem nt thu hill and thu op
ponUt Tilt bill fnlluil to reeiduth neees
fury number nf voles sixtyulna only voting
for It Oen Huktud nt onco moved that thu
HIIIISM I adjourn
Gen Hunted unit Mr Alvnrd cay that tho ro
tumuli ilily fit lIlIlllIr 1111 tlllIrll 1101111
lions for thri State lovurniunnt lies H llli Ihn np
muCun ton They tuitli Insist tlmt Imvini tie
leiited the Supply iilll tin npprrtltlon miiHt take
MiiiMn i rettoielt I I The nppiHltlnn u that the >
will mil support any supply hill with these Items
In itevon it then b lan Is i > roloniudall iiimuur
It IH I itrobnhle hnwev that after a little time
steps will I I betaken to hrI inc tha bill I I ncaln before
tin AbSKiiibly was time caa In 1875 when the
bill I VIIS omne 1IIJIId before It I was paused At
tlmt time hnwiiviir Ihu mtitnoslhjnn yioldiid
len IltiMid sinn this evenlnc thnthashal
paH the Siititly bill iiotwIllntHnillni tIme oppo
sition by i a simple parllamuntarydevlce Thero
are Ihriui or four hllirht uratultles In Unit bill
Tin piestincii t of thesu I nmltes it necessary fur
Ihn bill torncelvnSG vote Gen Husteds pur
losS Is to strlky out thus uralultles
nnd MMnl tire bill to tire Sunato
with tlm objectlnnnbln Itenm In it He be
llivis tint Heiiiitu will pats It Then It
will cnmi back to I the Absemblv I ami will riiitilra
wltiiniit III 11 utilities onlv 115 vlrn In beinnin a
1ivv I It I t reeilvd I todav 07 Mites I Thu I oniinsl u
llon wlio held a meetlnt ttns nfturiinciii am
tuelmieI I tn OIHOH tin bill tn tie end sn IniiK KH
IhOHH IteniH wern lit are somiwlmt illbcnn
certed tonlulit nt m tint I nnnoiiKcumont of this
lUrtso 01 Ion h I tmstimls
ctEAXixo run CITS srlllmrlJ
A few Tknia of the IxinitConllnued Mall sit
the llnckler Coutructs
Tho suit of ClmrloB Devlin against tho
Mayor Aldermen ot the oily ot New York
Involving the old Hackloy contract for cleaning
ho city streets was before Judge Larrcmora In
Special Term ol tho Court ot Common fleas
yesterday There hnvo boon three references
and Bowral decisions ot tlie Court ot Appeals
111 tine case In Its many phases Tha feattiro
under consideration yesterday was a motion by
frWOBartlettspoelal counsol for thin city
to set nsido n compulsory reference which was
ordered by JtideQ Van Hriint
Mr Bartlctt after tin reading ot nn affidavit
In opposition to n motion by axJudgo Cardozo
saul This ruforoncn was ordered In time case
> rJudcn Van 11 runt on time supposition that
the trial would bo very protracted that It would
reiiulro tho examination of a long account and
lmt therefor It would bo a difficult cnse for n
iiirytotry t Tho coil mttii for tin plaintiff I and
for tin defendants othertlirm time city who were
In effect plaintiffs In limo opening of tha case
beftro tito ruler said tlmt ho could put In his
ruse In th ret or four days Wo hnvo alleged that
fact In hut affidavit of the stcnoraohnr
and It Is In I the affidavit containing I I n brief his
tory of tho case and on tliosfl papers wn move
the vacation of Ito order for n reference In
replyon time former honrlngonoof the lenrnnd
counsel for tue plaintiff read an affidavit that
ha hail bcon Informed that tlm notes of time
stenocraphir wero Incorrect Ho did not stat
by whom ho lintl been so Informed There Is no
contradiction of the statement by Mr Cronln
and It niny be taken as correct My learned
friends In their argument have produced thn
report of time fnrmar trial They hay referred
to that In hue nflMnvIt read this morning and
hey state and I am very much obliged to them
for making tin statement so as to relievo tho
mind of tin Court nn that I rnhjnct tlint tine new
trial will ba time same as tine former trial Now
your Honor I call your attention to the plead
tugs In limo case By the examination of them
you will sen that this Is n case In which It Is Im
possible that any loncaccount can bo Introduced
ItiMVldcneo from ito very nature ot tin trans
action It Is n contract to clean time streets of
the city of New York for a certain specified sum
of money pnvablo In so manyscmlmonthlvln
tallmeutH Now It requires no account to oxu
cutn that contract no account tn collecttho
monny There can bo account you could
unt keep any books In the case It Is exactly
lIke n man working ft day for n dollar If ha
hits worked his day ho Is entitled to his dollar
There Is no room for any account about It
Moreover If your Honor please there was no
long account Introduced on tha former trial as
between the parties themselves If your Honor
will look nt time report volume 3 beginning at
page 2803 yon will find an account but It Is
between two of tho other parties nud In refer
ence to that account the counsellor the plaintiff
objected to Its Introduction
Mr Bartlett hare road from limo report of the
Former trial concluding by saying Thners Is
no possible view of tine ease in which the ac
counts would bo admissible evidence and con
tinued and now they snyon the other tilde
in reply to this that the qucxtlon Is rr > ndjinli
rata that the order 1mvine boon made by
Judge Van Brunt your Honor will not reverse
It On that point I call your Honors attention
to the case of Shnrpo act The Mayor Ac Oth
AbbottH Practice Reports pages 436 and 437 In
which precisely thesamuquestIons were raised
After reading from the opinion In time Slmrpa
case Mr Bartlett said Now your Honor
they go n etup further and they say that you
cant vacate the order bueauio thn decision of
Judge Van Brunt has been affirmed by the Gen
eral Term We say If your Honor snclng how
cloarly we are right seeing that under the de
rision of the Court of Appeals and under the
pleadings in tine case no long account
cnn possibly be admitted ns nvldencn
you mayo tho r Itll t to vacate the order
for n reference If your Honor has doubts
about your authority to vacato this order for a
reference on account of the opinion of the Gen
eral Term wo think wu are entitled to an
opinion from your Honor correctly defining the
law In the easnu if you deny our motion Upon
that we shall go to tire General Term and get
llmt relief which wn think wo lire entitled to
from your Honor Mr Hirtlett also referred
tine Court to a case In Ablxitts second volume
new series paces SO and 37
iJudg Cardo7o In reply contended that tlio
motion of Mr Uullnlt could not bit granted be
cause the General I Term had already held three
times that lie casa wan properly rufurred Ho
said thnt time proposition for a judge sitting at
Special Term to revorsu muse throo decisions
wee so alarming that It seemed to him that it
required nothing but thu statement of It to con
vince the court that It would not he justified In
the exercise of any such jurisdiction
Mr Bartlett further said We maintain that
justice Is alwajB to bo dune and that when on
examination of the pleadings and of theevtdenoe
Introduced on the former trial and ot time am
davit nf mr learned frIend that this will ba but
a repetition of thn farmer trial when you semi
that there UHS no long account nn the former
trial when you see that theru can bo nn long ac
count Introiluwil now wu think you have the
right at auv tune tn lulerposu to prevent time
wrong which IK I proposed tn Im perpetrated by
depriving the city of the right of trial by jury
nnd vaeato thn I order of refereiien
KxJudgoCirdozo I would suggest that your
Honor was one uf the Judges nt General Term
who mill rmmnuI the order of reference
Mr Itmrthetttnct 1 my learned friend was one
nf tho Judges who made tin reference Ltugh
Judgn Lttrremora took the papers and re
served his decision
XKtr IttJiii CITY sAnxas JBJVKS
Their Condition ni Iteporled to the Iliink
Item iirlment
ALIUNT Apill Following nro the nn
norm reports of eight of tho New York city say
ings Institutions showing their condition on
thn Iht ot Jnuuarv
Sri 1 > s Rmntt3Qtt 1K t IT FCitICflmue de
pnilois fjoinu H7 t ti 1 siiniliM 1 fJmHWl a rill tt I ink
reportd Jitn I 1HU DnidtpoiktorsflliliiHlU J mr
mum ti timiuit I
IICK ton > r fi73n3l 1jUiItne tie
poilors IJlnli U I siintis ii its rr it Il Im I ink Fe
t mmrtt lin llTJ t Due Jclu > iUr < flUiLJOJO surplus
llBOtnvjir fl < ri fnnni rn tiltrtiPiie de
pomtoi 2T7 mt u O cnm ri tnt t4ui1 II flits IHik
leixrted Inn 1 1N7J Due dtpOBltors J5SVIC70 TJ
surpltl flinH
MOKIISIM I l arnfia 3t 3 i I iliili Pile le
loltori t C II5 t t177 iirplll m f7KMj Tills I ink re
pirlel Ian I IPTJ line JiUMlors KllliJia t 7u sur
plus fitlJ
I nm i anyim i n liRllfi7 t IJllfi Due
loiiUor ft 1 24m7ns iirplus f lfil iJITIsl Tins
Link I repirleil Inn m 1 1H7U Duo dtpoillors 13JJl
JTIH7 uirplns f i 1114 2u i i4
rniliNs A > < nr > 4 firma2nt ttlililn Due de
mi ilT MJllirM i2n unlii t r30imiiiit Tins bank
reporud t Ian I mittS IJue lit i > okitori > 0yi5t > > J 04 cur
pin tTnt m
vtmtiuvrs Itmiks 7 ii < r fll l2ll 77 liiMnli
Hut let iiiliTs f4FU4 nOT U Mtrplus mitt 1LI4I
TltKlank i reiorlet Inn 1 HI Duo depoltors if I3UI
4 urplif fiii nit 7
ImiM I Xl in Jmt7iuiDmne dipos
inn tiuen2cu snrpliK fHliiini runt bank re
in I tii7U line dtpusiturs IfJotitJIU surplus
A nw iron rkr at which tPtmlxatA can land li to be
limit t tt Atlnimc CIty b > ti NI > H urkcomimy
Ttne ciiuhictors ammI 1 lrnktn eti nn the Mirth if mid Kf > cs
Kalliuiut IISMJ hail llulr watte rulftMt J Z o n month
Korty Im ftomiilotf in IliMiptr hat ineurv lu KHrry
tnvt Hnxklyn who reV nib foriMl a Ubur orvuiiizii
tton jfHeritiiy urutk lur hltrr waes
Thomas McLitittlin ft Vnlfn2tnn Mnrkrt watrhmdii
who tnt t HM11 MtiTf nni triiii illni linniciil i Muml nu in
lahUK lKl Wnhumtoii utrrct > tkterilny
I > r Hnirj A Hunt I I Im rhlalli hrJ hU Coluiulion In
utitiitelm ruin rim ti r clir < nic i meeu > H antI tune rekra >
turn uf health nfjl til l rmtyout ennui itrriL
Thp lio lv nf ito innti tonnil tit the Nfuark Hv flt the
fool ot tirut t stri it HUWMIII n on 1 huntay vti itiiitirtitl
otentn > n i thnt of MIIUin Hummttl iU JI t ut liS
Clietlillt ct t itt NtHiUk
John Kelly will dill iv a lecture hi Bmton tomorrow
PMIIIIU tr tin Uiiitoi ht tnirye lnuiit Akilum in
Iiorclu stor Mavi The fubjrct ul the Itcturu ii I lie
Lcbora < > f the Miter iu l tharltir
K i N irr a armltit < n complaint of Anthnin Cumin
mK k t tt nlnt tt tin cimarip of cmi Mm tontmrt tlrkcti
thrntiith tht r t oillic lie a ci hailitl iit luiu b i > toni
niU < > iniicr Stimuli t sIlent forfkumliutiun
5 Imn ite cimtttern lotte vmtmiuniaritv siysnucemt
tt ii fiC ii tlimir wmir ii ic it ii alt tete rtmmut tt
iii itrtAiCcml rit tmt tic jimt rim r Ii tecnm mtnm tttniit
nmmer wmtye tmytwecim its nrmn atmt ttttlr cinInIucci lit
tn t3 ml e 3 Te
Thin le tmnirivsmnl5 Itsjirotl trtinm it ie tn tc ny City s
3 Si I B i it mtrmly we tnt run mu t rmumu tie rsii a ii ire
I iuii nut thi It ret mi Cut by strmki a uc sinnit a large
mnnher tmoi itthmi tin tine raul t mrtittstty tine cii
I bier hi 11 click tie steed UI time ret atid Un mmuiy
tit mmmcc ii C tO mimi locomittt e
Atittttnty Custmck micclst ngei ci ie tm nmce
C tmt agetit tr ti nmt It t mr tie Ut tire a p
ttilrci kerire tiul lit stares umi nmmnmiiers mneui iii
ki tetti 3 estut de i Uint ti re mm crc utamu
mini msnIinnnrs tur immrcrtciniinig S tittt ti unmtuurd
sstrrmtu Ut miruict snit Stmmj ititu iliimmrmratiimm IFV
ye niutt tumum I rimm 15k imnz srrt Tte Cummniimlurc re
prunund to itt citlutitme imi citirge
tim rieI a at MI n win u itul Non met 8 03
111111 wiTKtt mist nr
mistily llcuk 7 1 > 1 toy lalanl B JVllIcIl GMe 10 SO
Arrlvnl tMiiur April 9
it Cn pmmte ittm I nmri A munlit all
I lUtc Iiul I UatfuiMt Hnniuinh
M Murvun itt Atiuuv N ew nrlcani
hit Atiiui > tii > IttiiMii ri
Si Hunt 11 ten tie tlihii rut llnana
Nt Mllhiirl l M lllin ol tlUtlllH tf t 29
h i Uhi nlitm NinulU Antw rum MirU 27
hit tim nit tt ch icr Turn C Mnrcti M
snot 1 uriC Hit Ki > il Atlen MiiiuU
limit Miiili Ahilniki ii I 4itti
IMiK Muli t > llililU > ut Ilotlo
H ik llurrj lijuul i lniiilr mdon I
iim It i sr mu uu unit rItnuu
1Uik lihivt mi i tliii n iliniti Kuiif
H Hk i I h IIM I in i I it iiiiviu Minimum MatfllUDV
uric Inn n Mailu I Mnhii 1 rtli Amhn
Hru l < 1uin i i Uuwt1 M Ultz iiilij UiliidTs
atrium ii IH1I
hi lluilutt trim Ni > ijuik t Mwivli Jrinl htititk Ott her
wi I
H lntiii iruin Nmm Ytuk I M irch 25 at liyprtmmmt > l
h iitMi iMTiNcu tk M > rti J7 > tl ilii
hk Alulm triitt NI > H Vork M nth i J7 Imv > n t tJ tho
i ituu DOIII Ni v Ymk Mnrih L ut IVilIt
l 55 taut i irma Ni > ii V ri i k M rili in Kt Svcrt le
ht i in MiuSiwurK Maitli til ut Jutukluwn
ou ltr wii > tu LntfiVuoL
ZRRZ4fl4 TXtJVS nut airixaixo Tin
The C3OOOO Anprflprlntlnn Mnr >
phjr Kxplnlna why the tperstrtuetuire tins
been DttiyedtJn mwtone InYratlvistlnn
When President Murphy of tim Hoard of
Trustees of hue East River Bridge learned
lmt Governor Cornell had signed lImo llrldco
Arrroprlntlon bill giving < f2250000 morn to
coniploto limo structure ho onlored tine United
States flame tobo displayed from the top ol the
Brooklyn tower Yesterday arrangements wore
made to begin tlio demolition ot tha old St
Atme Church In Washington street Brooklyn
tire last obstnelp In hue path of the brlclcono
proach on that nldo of the river Workmen
will siso bo set to clearing tho war to Chatham
street In this city Time trustees will mayo an
early moutlne to decide upon tlio work to bo
tone first and to perfect plans for ns spoudyn
completion of tha bridge ns Is possIble On
Thursday Comptroller Stolmnntz of Brook
1mm wiotu hotter to 1roflldont Murphy nMtltii
mow much materIal hnd boon dellrcrud by tIne
ilcemoor Iron Works ontliolrcontract fortho
sutpenuled superstructure on the bridge He
urtlinr wrote
The contract dertiands If I am eorreet 500 Inns nf ma
Tint ready to l > p put In place to ho ill lltercd i > ll Dec i
ts Ttl ami liy a siibxeqiicnl re solution nf the IJoard aiiuttter
Son inns were renuirrd by Jan I IH >
It It Important that steps sttonM be taken In cull on
Inc contractor to keep up u wlllt the requirements nl his
contract III bate been correctly Informed no material
las ben tarnished > et Mtliourftt lucre hns IM t en money
eiiotiKh on t hand to tsr > for the iiiantlly ordcrtd
H will be a m rlous loss of time If the contractor If per
nltled to co on as lie hni donewithout im leO hut1 fttrlcttv
to ttie terms ol tha cnnlrtct I diem it mote lni > ortant
o build the suspended su erstructun > tlian tho ap
rout lies aitil other cranltu H ork as 1 ha t stated to Ute
lonrd time and again
President Murphy yesterday responded that
hiy < tint terms of limo contract tin company was to
urnlsli the Iron and steel work for nil that part
of thu suspended supuratructuro that Is I sup
jortrd by the masonry of the towers comnkto
In all 1U parts and forty floor beams and time
lower chord channels required for n illetnnco of
BovpntrIlvfl foci on earl slim of pooh tower by
limo fIrst day of Dncnrnher 1879 This was sup
posed to amount to GOO tuna The supplemental
ontrnct for 500 tons In addition authorized by
the trustee was never execuhmd br the parties
In consequence of a dlsncrpemnnt as to the
time of the delivery the contractors Insisting
hat the time for the delivery of time wholes 1000
tons should bo extended tothollrstot February
1 hare been Informed adds President Murphy and am
able poIUrtly to state tliat three hundred tons or time
steel has been cast hy our Inipeclors and sent from the
Cambria Vorki to tune rolling inllli ot the E tccraoor Iron
Company at Mldvale anil that Die rollinc of this material
will commence on Monday next I can only add that no
efforts hac been spared on thus part of the trustees to
liasten the execution of the contract and none cut tie
The delay I understand has been occasioned by the
necessity ot preparing a new plant for the manufacture
or the unusually mares size of the forms ot ttie work re
quired Involving much more time as well as expense
than was anticipate The dlftleultien In that resect
have now I telletchceli all iibuated and there Is no
reason to suppose that there n 111 lit any further dtlny In
the execution ol the contract
Comptroller Htelnmetr insists that tho trus
tees should havn demanded the material con
tractor for and had It In place by this time
Before signing thu appropriation bill Qov
Cornell sent to James llowcll time Democratic
Mayor of Brooklyn asking his views a > to tho
doslrnblllty of thu bill becoming a law Mayor
Howoll responded that tine bill war wise and
was worthy of executIve sanction lint tile ad
ditional money was noodeil sail would prob
ably complete and open the bridge for public
travel and any hindrance to Its completion
would entail further expense and delay line
IIin for It la became a publla highway Tim
liabilities of tha city of Drooklyn on account of
the brJdeo already aKirrecatcd f3333000 and
In view of the Importance tine rueafuiro Its
effect upon time landed Interest of Brooklyn
and the lrtstlimg discredit which roust attach to
both cities If tho brldco were suffered to remain
unfinished time Mayor recommended the Gov
ernor tn sign the bill
The Secretary of War has Instructed Gen
John WNewtonof tine United States Encineer
Corps to male a thorough examination ol the
brIdge to ascertain whether time original 1inns
Imavi been conformed to as to helcht The
onclnal Commission of Engineers llxcd the
heluht ot tho hrldi In tho centre over the river
at 135 feet above mean hlch water at sprint
thIns a standard entabllbhnd uy tine Government
by u series of cunce meiisurenienls as tn time
rise rid fall of the tides In the harbor extend
Inc over a number of years Thero wero bench
marks placed at limo navy yard and at Fort llnm
llton from which levels worn run and connected
at tine bridun PO as In uet thn heleht absolutely
correct EngIneer C C Martin said yest rday
that every requirement of the origInal commis
sion had been compllud with anil that tho ca
bles had been so constructod that nt the point of
Krettteut elnnuatlou under Increased tempera
ture ami with the ma x I tin U mn load upon It still
thobrlduu would bo lti fiiot aboxo mean hlch
water at spring tide We tire not alrald of In
vestlirntlou said Mr Martin mutt Gen New
ton who was one ol Uioorluliml couimlssloucri
Is juat the man to make It
An American tnnvul In Conflict vlth th Oo
man Authorities
CoNSTANTiNorLH April 0An American citi
zen accused of itie murder f a Turk was recently tried
ticforc Mr Heap the Consul ncneral nf the United Ftntes
He wa found entity of manslinhter and sentenced to
twnmonths1 lnii ruonment > hnwas raha the MinUter
or rnrriun t AtTilrs liai irmmtct i > < d anint tbe rIn ht il the
American Oon ul to t ru the tn < nnd demands the si > r
rtitdernf tin priMintT t < i the Ultuuuu authentic Mr
lltupdicUntito kurritider hint
ew Trk Ntnek IV ehisnice ajnlB April D
rvlTFD stares smut ann CITT sons to flntiiisi
S401 t S SsSl C NO 1 Vo H WJ lIe
ft Moitiun I ul IT IT i lOAn dais A ul
tthlutiPmT Iu7
5050cm Umim myta un me 5trxiqi
I Aib S 137 KanATm 21 lt4mnaL
J Bus iii 5ttp37 I Lre tO tt e
m mtr I It S N in 3 t A rtt lti lt1tttiI
4m itic 5 Ii il im vtun a Mum t Sm t
titiem A t timId 44 cm ttt1ttt
ai 0 nmlle ttT m5ior A tts
cci t MIt til ttt It Slit sm ut uiimmemu
2 I I 5 tim g 7 Not 0 Ut
I ilyf A Tm I t tu Itch
S tan ne lit 15ni5tm 2 tnt tt7
m ic tn ioc it u it N J emit cnmt as miut
I immL S J me mut 7 l n es ni
t t S I tO 2 S t LhA a
2 iuuit it itts in
to ii t it it Itt muni C Sr in mt mimi
ttrneennm 2t ytuvmt mlm u3mlum0
I tmam z 4tnctt muis 7 iuu A tmit ami I
lttu ettt tiW tt4 Or It k s tiJyi
a tu C i iL tt iii tti I mmii lCtt t ctUi I
I ii S am u ticS IminjoC Ic ut
a t I I I r itt nj t leuIi ti tmc
mit A Ot N 24 lime 7t u t t imt
4 It n tiU t rr cii 5 N i 1st It it5
4 Iron ML tt I 1mm Di 4 SLt S mu tt to tot
in Iron Mm 2it tt a mm m t tv at
in suan it tt pr t time
t lint 11 iou I let t tt pm t tttt
41 Kattleicmn 4 tim tni tim
L tOt3i1iJ 4 tmm Lit c
ummutUm A OfliSS TOCC1
yim Ut A T II KiJt ti Stub t I
7H I Am Kxn t h7 i4I7t 7 0 51 or 1 Eu t 7 5 ru tiC
ham At l f Tel liVi u it s 1 hat it su
2IDKOSL A I III m 4 < 4TitS N J C tntei r4i7
Jlsl Kurt ltA N 7IA7I tsttlt S Y ien ti5uttui
IWllUaC A I 77V 3 Imi V Fley litmi etit
I3sitt A I r in v i iff 4tS Bortim Ccc tIm 44tu
lirJi Can South uivyiii i 40 I N iac pi
ala Ianton f > 4 taIl rmrtts mm oer
uoiVntial Cotl i i ny
3 Ctntrnl M Ujiii1 ttei Ohio A Mill m4miut5
tilt teflm lu 77 4 IKIO A Mlsspf 741
VJLIIBI Q tsP1 11 mint 1 UBL27 > 40 il >
Mnirhes A o MVjjli tI4timt I Mln li
USMIlhes I AO Jd 11 X SOIUI I Pacific Mall J91 i t
Wflcv A f t itt I5HI t VLU IIS
Iixicilniax i Mln 2l lliyulck i yr ttj
must t t u 5 t iii UlSilKeadinc t IIMflil
lttitt Pet A Hud K44N IlilKork 1st ut7 >
IHful i llel1 A uv v i n at Itoine 0 t U 25
oAlm Erie coin 4I4 41I SWIM L i S y
7tslKrle t ii l wniM4 t it nI 7flu07S
lUJDllan AhLJo 1IUI tmt4 Caul t
IMllll AStJopf 7lfft jllllL P BfV 1114
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t7it lit Tent lie llhll alit IM PAS I ft 44
ti4ii Iron ML I R C7ng llsiHtl A H pf TM
tilt tii tmt AW n t4i mont Mill KtltM
I5MOKIH I ATel 4t54 I 4111 elm FO Tunnel I J4rAi m
lies I IL PtA VV1HnHi I Ilkvi Union Pac U < ii4 tl
BOut Lake nh llsl44lie4 IKulUati A Pac ssti
KJI I little Iltl > > lljiMUsli l A I ni m C > i < il7
illli Mmill n HI 3I J low F anp nut
till Marietta lit in fuminest U T tii7taum0t
Vis i M trluosil J > total lalei III7D iliares
415 Ulcll Cull WiU
cttiasu retell
hi 1L H I i i4
I it it Si C not mis0 ttanihattan El at
I S C ui r IiS ti4 Metum tOny 0t vu
p In Str tIO ii C tincir etnmen I
ti us tO 10 tnnn a Sm cut 5i5 mmml
tnt 5 Itt r lne2 uurt mit a nit I tnt tOCT Ins
13 ml s t C tlO 5k K 1 tea 41k
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i ml 4 i it F tiR tuCt St mmrri 5 itme i imil5 iui74
iu iInta r mile 1071 t7l sii S lull St iaJ
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Alt A 1 tt ttS 2 N y ttuy unit I
Atm 11st Ten 7uH 74 Niir tc 210 ttit
AL A isc id 41 4i Nor lUctflc nt Tak
Slnmnats mtnitlt S i Ct iurhn we rc rmi itlT
ttt A I C tii tiit tuf tuOl Inmi
C C it A I 7mn4 771 iui s miii 87 37
Itic it 1 tJ 141 147 tuno a SI mif 7t 731
imuc 1 Alum I t I I ia iicmmlc tt mn 42
bin I s It lit t 10 Viurtlum e r mit i
Item S ii Cii tnl itPatinnuctmur pt 62 6t
Irre uranus sy 44 Sli itmel iIanJ tnt ii
Erie tuut pr o iou ita tiig at id
it it tli tt mis U I V I Sri iCleO tIM 35
liii A nm J aim Vraut ti nu
ii an 5 nI J a 5f Tuti4 71 I tr i umta u t y a
I lii muon S It n liii Ii C 3 itiloit tactttc Ill lilt4
I Comm 3u unnnnn hti1 tim5 us A ioc 4 i 4 m
loisc 5 tu ucim i i t I tSar t tac pu e7 il4
L 1 S tSi n t til tV1 mni to i tI I sly1
Lau moUrm IC hIlt
riiuiAv A hurt n 1 u
lime nink innrlitoiiiniil with ivrihli aitivitr
tn inmilynll I tlm lailnur fuumreiia lull nrnrHtviio
IrifKtilir untl annum ilivloiiil vvtak
iiifB wliiili wan inoht In tliiiiiia I
HliariKiiinl IltVatiil roailf Nv York mural
tinI Iiliinla SoiltlnTli vvit the himmm riipimiiiij
Tin llunl iliiilnuA liovvitl n imttlal rifiMry iii
lirtris uxitit tom NVV I ork 1iiitr il I trIm thi noli1
ul thn lovviM lluiini I ul III lay Tim Inllcwilik
will bltovvilni nn ru liuiinrlaiit of 1 Un t
iiy tmivuiimilMt liul anil Miiiini > itii 1a
Nuitlivi > tiin lireflt oil 1 1luitmnuil i C
0 uud itiJumnuulij hm Cuicuo Uurllnulou
and Qttlnev Us Delaware ant nudnon Canal
I D I 1 MdtropolllMi KlftYistml S Manhattan
1 illinoIs Centrni H t Nortliorn Paclllf pro
> rrcd l t f KunnaBnnd Tcxao K New Jersey
Central IX Iron MountainX Uuloa 1nciao
i Wabash antI Pacinc li
Government bonds wore aulot till after tbo
second board
Tlecolots today from Internal rovonuo 318
052 from customs f5009JO
Itnllroad bonds had generally but lImited
sale Erie second CH were loprcfiBcd anti Ken
ns ant TIXIIH seconds lost n part of yesterdays
ndvnnco but Ito close wno ntiadlcr Money on
call 0 par cent and n commission
lllnson it Cuinmluir cotton brokorc 113
Water street whonn sunponRlnn was ritmrtfd In
rcstnrdavg HUN ear that tliny han no llnlilll
los whatiV on contract of heir own Thov
mayo notified tho ITclianurj that thor will ro
sumo payment Monday morning
The forthcomlnir report of tire IlllnoU Rail
road and Warohoupo CouitnlRslon shows that at
Chlonco thorn are nineteen warnhousps of class
A with n total reported storage capacity of 13
CUOOOO liinhcln Hut limo warnhouso regIstry
of thnat city rnporU that tho vorklncnaiiarlty
of Ihoso warnnouscfi In only nljotit 130KKX
Mishuls there beIng I 11 Krntlosof wInter wiuirnut
10 of errIng wheat 0 of corn 5 of oats 4 of rye
anil lUnf barliiy to be kopt sunnrnto each from
cacti Tlm Imroami In storago capacity during
1879 was 52000 bushols
eeordlnp to tIme existing practlcn In Encland
when Limo liolilnr of stock In any ltioorporal
omtmny tilts thin orluliia probatn of his will
hues to be sent to tho companys oMen for regIs
ration IMori Ills exocutors can cxorctfo their
rlchtn In many casis thn reriulrumont cauoos
criM ilolny bisldon tho rIsk nf locinc or Injur
inme an Important documont It In now propound
o adopt the American mnttiod and to allow of
Iclal porltflcatcs of time Innulni of letters lesta
montary to bo used Instead of tha OrIginals
TIme capital of time Frfnoh national debt now
stands at about 47iKHinOOn nnd tine annual
ntirostcharcoal 2120000 < > 0 On 8l37tflbS >
000 tin ratii of Intorwt li > G j5 cent l on 105
nooooo It N i 4t on t 200000lt It Is 4t and on
12400000000 It Is 3 Thn remainder bears va
rious rates ii log made up of annuities and
ulsccllancotiB obligations
The Now York City and Northern Rnllrond
Company totlav voted to increase tint capital
stock from J2250000 to 13000000 The loose
of time West Hide and Yonktrs lUllway B cor
partitIon organized by the Itnptd Transit Coin
mIssion and thn rotitn of which Is nearly Men
tloal with tlmt of the New York City and North
ern was ratified
The directors of tIme Richmond and Allcchany
ftullroail Company today elect > d 1rancis 0
French emf New York President tlm company
vlCftO M linrtholomnw resigned Conveyance
of tie richt property and franchises of ito
lluchanan mini Clifton Fonro Hallway was com
pleted and the mortgage securing the Issue of
time bonds the lllcbiaond And Allecbanf Itall
road Company was placed on record
Articles of Incorporation of tho San Francisco
and Northern Itallroad were filed In California
today The company Is owned by a New York
syndicate who hnvo piirilmOd and consoli
dated the North Innlflo Const Knllrond the Ban
Rafael and San Qucntln Kail road and the
steamers and red wooI timber lands of the flue
slnn River Land and Lumber Company
The fnib < v > mmltte of the House Committee
on racllln Ballroads decided at amertlnc this
afternoon to report to time full committed ad
versely upon tho bill to extend the time for the
completion of the Northern Pacific Itallroad ten
yearn The subcommittee which Is composed
ot five members IH reported to be unanimous
against the urantlnc of any further favors
In any shape to the subsidized railroads
A resolution will bo reported to the
full committee recommending that Congress
take steps to declare forftilted nil land grants
to rnllro ids which have forfeited them by non
compliance with the terms of their charters It
It is rpalntnlnud however that Congress does
not possess the power tn declare forlelied lands
granted tn corporations but that In order to se
cure such forfeiture tim AttorneyGeneral
must be Instructed to bottln proceedings In
court to accomplish such n purpose
Hankers unit Itrofcers
31 Pine t New VorK
florernment Bonds Municipal And Itiilroitt Securities
bought and i > old on coinniisslon
A limited amnnnt of Atehison Colorado ant Pacific
Railroad Comrttny First Mortase 0 ier cenL bonls
trniranletd t prnuiiml anl Interest i hr I Central BrantIt
Union Pacific Kallroal and lea e ussuined by Unlou PA
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Lire Mock Market
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to M > 4 Itsj Bis
onneNaLtyrriTaon April 7 Lawrinet It Drift f
fleti or Vent Concha Tessa to Edith danjliter of mite law mm 4
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ttNNurDtaRhttNA ninhUfnth Street MelhotJIlt
nlwopal Chureli April nbr Ihii Her a R Htrn4rld
tim o Iancy Kennedy Jr to Anna daughter of lid ward
Iron r n allot Ihlicltr
MIIKIHAIIKN Kiiisioih s J nn w dnei r
ventnir April 7 at tlie residence of the bride parents
iy the Itev U t K Cutinlimhan Henry C Ueefcer to Lucr
Klflsniihiernf M A fin Wtr Mica
MiiOIIEHttillKiiWOii Wednesday April 7 at Trio
Ity Church New Hochelta N Y by the tier d K Can
dv Joint It Moore of KllMlietli N J 1 to clam daughter
ol Thomas U Dlsbrnsr f New Koehelle N Y
NATIIANNATIIAXOn Uednesuay April 7 at tIne
lneteenth Street 8nsffnitne by the Her II It Mtlnlca
assisUtl by thin Her lill Mem Iredcrlck Nathan tin
Mauldaubterol t I i Itoliert V Nathan Kxl ol tills i city
Hi MM IIAKIIIMAN On iprll 7 at the Klltll Ayenlll
Preshvtcrlan Church by the tiny tit John llatl Hninucl
14 > Kami to Anne diuihtcr uf Oliver Uarilniaii Ml ol
miii cIte
rlVMINaTOy LILIIR On Vcdnexlty April 7 bf
tint Rev Howard Croshy I > I atslstod by Ito tier
lilUpSeharr Li I ft I the Key Charles 8rinlnilni to Julia
Mekliamdniuhterrl the i late Her John Ulllc Li U
THOMPSON lirtUH1BIU on Thursday April Fl
Ito at the residence ot thn hrlilca lather by the Rev J
K Kearles P II Thompson to Martin V daughter of Ju
ml I llriilnmil
TlloitP WIIHATON At st Marks church on the RU
ol April by the Rev llr Ilv Unco Strait u V Wheat
anuhtcr ol ttnt late Trlstini hinge of 1rovldcncv K le
oAlilrpwR Ttiorpof Xetr York
VAMIERBtlltflll VAMIRKIIKCR On Weilnesdar
April 7 nt Jrace Ulinrch Harlem by the Rev J 1 vV
fiackellord reetor of thin hurch oi the Itedeitacr
larrv H Vandcrburf to Cora Virginia Vandcrbcckalk
YAlinJltAV On Thursday April H it Jersey City til
he Kcv tvilllnin West < rlwld lninnd Yard Jr M
ennle daughter of lleome < I Kay 1st
ju rn
ARKOtn Oa Tnendar Aurlt 5 on the corner of Btk
a iv and Out st Celestlu IU Arnold sed 0 inolltha eel
LOOM On Krlday April U at S4I Welt 30tl It Ella
Doom aced 49 veari eat III t months
HARTIKIMIUhW lhllslelphls on April 7 Mr
ilraheti llarthnlnmesv aired run rears A
CIAHfON At Troy on April H Mrs Mary CUrrlon 4
in her lisjth tear I
CUFPUn April R at t Ills late residence 87 Irvtn 4
place Itrooklvn Patrick Cuff In the rv > tli veur of lilt age
Knneral on Sttndav tie llth an I M i
lit John N It papers pleae m copy
CLAIIKOn TliurMlny April 8 Iatvlla ClarK rot
over 40 years e falUilul s eranrt In lbs family of Hie UU
II lllKll AUChltltJOSS
Ui WOLFf On Frldsv April Ii nt 2IJ rail TOtll It
Vanelskn lie Wolff aced Ul tears and u months
DOWNS On Friday April B at aw West 15th it Joh
ELLIOT On Thuraday April 8 at US Westzlttl st
JoaetIiite C daughter ol George Elliot aged le r iL
2 tnhuti
ENltlimAt naHlmorecn Aprils John V Enrich
aged HJ years h
FllFSlHOn WtdnesflHy April 7 at 258 Kelt 20111 I
It Mar J French aeed JU rears and 9 months
IIATFIKLD 4mg Thurniay April H Ollberl llatfleld
In the xoth vear ofltls ave
HAYES on April f Patrick Hives ased SO years C
native of Nenaeb County Tipperary Ireland
Relatives andtrlends invited tu attend Interment
altarv on Sunday at 2 nctotk
KKRltOn Friday mornlnr April 0 llornllloa It
ifckinnNAS On Thursday April B ot 120 West moth
IiooNhY4 > n Friday April 9 at r > 2 Prince it Biles
loonev aced 22 years
SIIEPARli At Must Norfolk Conn on April 7 LevI
6hep rd In I the tilth year of his age
WALLACE On Thursday April B Thomn Wallacl
In the 7M year of his ace
AuoctirioK or Eaten Fitases The member of the
above assoenttion are li rtdiy notltlod to meet nit Hunday
April 11 atJ oclock I M nt H > Mnrm av Jersey City
leluhts tot the purMisc of na > lniMhe last tribute ufre 4
stkeet to our deeeased nelnber Alfred Carson ex Chief
fttnrlnccr of the laU Volunteer Cure Department of New

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