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JllB JJUJ 70
t ln < irfe of the V ir I Trn edy In V e rIp
I llrnrl lie llnmler1 IM X mlAllM
IIU second Niicrc nnil Fifty Yrnr Old
1 itin March HIn Pars wo ixro still In
thil happy stnto wltern art and lltoraturo nro
Irm hntlr lmn to tIme allowed to bo of moro 1m
jpnriniHotlmn tlio complication of politics or
Xllnl of Ilm tock market The pub
hf fltletUtIOn9 mnrket I lb
1U tion ol a now bOOk or Ilio iiroduotlon of a
urn piny Is nn oceiirrenco to which wo look
Irl for iiil with ronloiH expootullon nod which I
vn oiviril ii3 ouo of tho ovcnts of tho ycnr TIm
tin irlcal seasonvthlch la t now Irlwlnc toward
1m o n has not boon romnrUbly lirlllliinl hllh
cit > Hanlous nnw comedy Daniel llochat
IA moved to bo only iv metis lIe atillc < na
iln > FrEnch 1 say Thu author romnlnliiR faith
Jul 0 hla usual habit of nooUne success In nub
eu < of contemporary nml oftnn of merely
epl moral Interest tins cliosen tho vexed
uilions of divorce and marrlnuo and bolnc
n ti I I orotiuh stILt ho i has nuocccdcd only In
Jin nine both tho advocates of civil luarrlmo
r tiuI Iho advocates of icllulous marrlauo As a
jliv Dnnlol lloohnl Is fur from bolnc a mae
Ccrpio nod I Hanlou lnul not boon an nenda
lniln It Is doubtful whether hli pleco would
Jinui found n reception > nt tho ComiMIo Fran
ViLin In tho way of ilrninn tho only BUOCCM of
Iliii sonson Is 1 pleco by 1 Mr AJolpho Helot
I slVrnncluursiK Parlnowbelm played
fitlhn Iorto saint Martin Tlicntro This 1 > loco
is Ijoyoiul douLt the bct sensational drama Hint
link Inen written for many care At tho Gym
muni Theatre tho Mono ol the oarly triumphs of
aiiiiias tho jomicer Kinllo Aucler Qoudltiet
nnd BunIon wo hao to record tho comiilcto
LUC is of I oomcdy Ii Ills do Cornllc by a
writer Mr Albeit Uolplt and flnilly at
new wrier r Alolt Dehll nlli tlalr lt
fhi Vaudeville we BCD Ihii charming nnd url
llinl novelist Alphonso iJnuJet achieving his
frt roal drimitle stifcesi with n clover adapta
tion of his novtI Tho Nabob As you mar
judie tho result of tho Benson hnvo hitherto
lOt been remarkably brilliant Luckily how
cur tho reputation of the dramatic year of
JsTJ ltSO wits brilliantly retrieved at tho Odton
il li litre apt I night by the production of a drama
in four acts and In verse by Mr heart do llor
jnlir called Les Noces dAttlla
The author Is no longer n young man for ho
c ioes success for tho second tlmo when his
Jinlr la I already white nnd when fifty winters
liato furrowed his brow without dulllnc his
mrdor or chllllnc his pootla Inspiration Ills
first KUCCCSA was obtained at the Comfidlo Fran
calm In 1875 with Li Flllo do bland 1
drama In verse tho action of which takes place
in tli di3 ot Charlemagne tho mighty King
it la barbs florie nnd tho Inspiration ol
which was sought In tho letrenils that surround
the death of Roland at Iloncovaux Few of
grour readers have perhnpa enjoyed tho prlvl
Iccn ot hearing this noblo drama and of seeing
Sarah Bornhardls dellcato and poctlo Imper
sonation of Beth None who read French
olioul J fall to make themselves acquainted will
tho exalted sentiment nnd strong nnd beautiful
verso which It contains As for the now piece
IeR Noces dAttlla It Is more perfect In vor
elflcntlon than the Fills do Itoland It ts
faults t as elevated In sentiment and It Is In
finitely richer In striking dramatic effects
Lea Noces
i Were not the representation ot La
aAttlln one of the croat literary events as
Veil tho dramatic event of tho
oi as croat dramatc season
I X should hnrdlr perhaps bo justified In rank
inc I the subject of a letter addressed a con
3 ernl public tho majority of which will probabli
mover either rend the piece nor see It played I
VlH not therefore dwell at any loncth on tho
i plocn Itself but rather devote my attention to
C tho million for everybody can take an t
t in a man who has achieved success even llt I
be only aa n poet and that too as n poet whoso
4 Works am written In I forulcn tongue
4 Mr Ilc Hornier In writing 1 drnmn nlwnys
Seeks Ilia philosophic Idnn before thorlrnnintla
s leeks < rnmnte
4 fact In the Nocos dAttilu the phllnsoplili
IJei M I that every conqueror destro hlinscl
J KT the abuse of victory the dramatic fact It tim
1 etruiil If strucxle I may be cnllnd between
e J the tiger and tho gazelle between the vulture
iml thu dove The abstract fact of this struggle
I vhlch Is Indeed an adequate dramatic fact I
ripodiil t b placed In come material con
t illtions and clrcuniBtnnce In a curtAin epoch
4 fijicl 1111 certain country
r Jlr de Hornier has chosen tbe personality I
I nn J times Attiln chiefly because both the times
Fill tlin DxrAnnalltv of Attila were little known
4 Wu Unit Mtila In the tta height of his glory
s Motorloui even over the Itomnns nnd expeotlnt
I l the arrival of bin promise bride Honorla
L dauchtur of tho Emperor Theodoblus Vlcto
c Jrious also over tho Franks Attlla Is called upon
J Jo decide the fate of his prisoners but victory
r bas made him cruel nnd corrupt Tho King of
10 the Hunt has betiiin to take unto himself wives
r from nmonctho Wc tern nations he hnH bad a
w eon by a Gorman wife Ills other eon who In
n olln
a Jierits I nil bis tatters barbarity was born nt n
I Slun roinnn Throuch a fratricidal struggle
t4 t Jbetwpuu his two sons tituone lento and murcl
lt lul the other savnifo anti cruel AtliIai atten
I tlon IR I called to ilittlioa the daucliUr of tho
jFranklsh King Utrrtck who with I numbei of
i ltls countrymen und subjects has > brought
caotlM Into thA camp of Altila 1IiZIia Is the
iaiella nnd Atliln li the tiger and It in on the
L olruecltt between thorn Hint the drainntlo in
3ore t of the play depends The Romans
11 although conauurod for the moment hav
not sunk so low ax to give their
r women t barbarians nn ambassador arrive
to Inform Alttla of this decision nnd Atlila out
I of f rnvennn and lust determine to marry the
frtnies JhUtioa Uennwhll Vat a Frank
I i4 ian rrluoo bas come to offer Attilti cold and
even his I own person as a ransom for Ifildiga
I jlttila keeps both the cold and Valter whom beg
n sifterward causes to hn assassinated almost be
g lora tie eyes of IfilJioa who loves the bravo
end noblo youth
ni Tile main interest of the piece lies In tbo re
lined barbarity of Altila who forces Ililliga to
consent to mnrry him oy offurlnc her tho alter
nntlveof the immediate massacre of hr coun
tnmon In order to Dhow her that ho Is in
arniHtho has had VaUer mnKsacred There
1 js ono splendid scon where Jfildiga trembling
I Under thn eye of IiI who enjoys the apocta
I 11001 low tortures from the hoiniit of his bar
tmrlc throne submits to be cursed by her lather
I ind bur couutt ymou to whom she deolnrus the
phe marries Allila of her own free wll
fiono but VaUer bellovo in her to the last and
none but Vattir half divine the sublimity of her
oelfMcrlllce When nlter bus boon mAssacred
ehe resolves upon vengeance and under tile
icrotectlon of t God of Judith Ilnd tho God of
0 I nol She kills Altilti on the nuptial ntgllt with
Ills OV > n terrible bale axe Tie thor bus oer
7enpi Himself and the cnMIe has conquered
Prom a bolo analysis like that just given 1
L I call only hope to convey the Idea of thu pluce
I shall not attempt to give any Impression of the
b elrlklntrdrnmntio situations of the noblo and
b patriotic sentiments that pervade the piece 01
e the strong and sublime tonG and of the vigor
he ous I and bold versification I will con
as tout myself with recordlnc the uniiualltlx 1
a eucusA which the drama obtained last night
l nfort a Buluct and singularly critical audience
a Ftte acting throughout was admirable Attila
1 was pirionllloil by Diimnlne who Is I perlmts
g the Iliiist I man on the Krcmh stage from aphys
h ical point of vlnw Jlikllga was played by Mile
7 lloiiHiill who bun all thu iimluies ol plnstl
Ia beauty lInt I 1 clear and musical delivery which
I tim lolo rdiulres dlvery
t I Thu author Mr llonrl de Hornier whoa I
i tinmu bus Ion l > In overybodru mouth for the
u I laal month Is n very small and modest gentle
s man with white hair 1 thick bushy board
P p Irrcuiihr features n round back brilliant eyes
I n PlciHinir mouth and it soft anil cuutlD voice
r 111 life of poets sail Chateaubriand Is n
one artless and nubllmo they celebrate the
I jcods with a mouth of cold and they are the
Ag Implcvtof men they talk like immortals or
like children they Iiplain the laws 01
As tha uimorae and they cannot under
a ftHnd the most innocent things of llfu1
thtnle Ifu
di I AVIth n ftw corrections III Is passage 01 Chateau
tld I crlanil inlKht pass for I portrait of the author
1 of thn 1 illfl IIU rtolund and of tho Noco
< o Attih He In the hitntilest and mst t modes
t or miMi while KB a pot In his Indeed I mouth
10 of told Ills I Ie ham been simple from tho bo
L tlnnliiL Hi uiis horn at Lund and studied at
b thr seminary Monttcllir and Inlslllellt
iti nllnnry pi 3olllclr Ind nlerwnrd lit
pyint Tnset whnrii II made the HcquiilnUtnc
t4 e of I liidlrmnd tabro tho novelist aol the
author of LAbbu Tlcrane 1 While a boy
rs at t school ho used to writ veres and nt the
J lt RO of 15 l ha received a letter from Victor lingo
Jtor 1ulo
ie to nh m ha had < lvilientid I poem Couracs
ti I t child courattB wrnln VHor Hugo you are
irziy soldier
n of tliuiiitht I prophesy that
tiI O flj < < i if you will be onJ of Its great captains
I I tie horoscope was uot aucli ui to turn tho
TOUIU Poet from tlio paths of the muse Sill
g yliiii ho and Ferdinand Fnbro cnme to Parts
0 totfitliwr In 1845 to atudy law the first thing
P that llvnrl do llornlnrdld was toeototha editor
1 > hllIS In the Hue balntAndrddebArU t
nndto I tmbllsha little volume In IBrno callei
l I J lrIlllrea FOllihleiC This first volume which
frl wblh
I 5f the Vlrelltan uplcrnph riculo wn en
141 IJCh tl with a preface 11 tho poelt father Mr
iJ IIle da Hornier a former garde du corps
IJ f3 Vrto hal l acrlJlCBd all hU fortune in the cause
of tha DuchtMsa de Jlerrl Mr EUI 6ne do llor
Ln SimWlut the father of thirteen chll
i5 Jfon and ret he could be enthuslastta
I noiiKli to wish his sons that onthulaato
35 find and tide and that too In tnt The Dor
co PhU r however nre I southern family and In 1
M e louth of Franco It must b remembered
I t rnml and Country squires still contend In
> nl for the prize ol anllver eclantlnfl or ft
POllO pansy nstlmy did In this good old day
f I Liam Cldaiauco Isauro established Uia
r m 1
Ii I I 1
Jeur Floraux All the IlornlnrB too acorn to
have courted tho miiHo more or lun and M da
kirnlor tho clIMr nddrcsslna In 1114S 1 1 the lu
uro author ot La Flllu do lloland In llhO
TCK Vermont plui ite Irk quo tea nilf in hl Je suppose
Qul toenaIl I cntre nnm ilccllf I rr In chu t
Je IK InicK Ecu Inca rro n flu i null aI t
Unt e tlnlplll let r lire It k C rule li < fl
iii ffrontil te ttrllent c t tout n In lilt I ernlrf
quo noire noin doll vine l It Tcmplo I J < MimnUt
Mr do Dornlcrs modest t volume which con
alns many charmlnK frnmncnU poxncd nlmoot
II innotlcml by the pulillo nlthnnuh It nttrnctnil I
hn attention of Mr da Htlraudv hun MinIster
of 1tiblla 1 lust ruction who iipioi lltii thu author
10 tho Post l > of nsnlHtant librarian at the old
library of tho arsenal where ho had Hunt charm
leg ilronmnr net story toiler Charles ho
Her for I prodocoR t > In his lodglngx nl the
< rsunnl In thu midst of liln bookn and hH do
iiostlinifTucllonH Mr I do Hornier his pissed 1 his
life Almost hh only distraction IH nn nol
filonnl tianio nt clnfw nt thin Cafo do 1IInco
of which hn Is i ono of the haliiliifa ole twenty
loirs ago Mr do llornlor married a lady who IR l
ntlll handKOUin nnd ono of the most nfTahlo and
oniraclntrof women They have ono Inl 1
gIrl 01 aixtiu who iBUbpett Is not Innocent
of tho mums tiro
Mr ilo homier was but n little over twenty t
when hn was appointed iipslslnnt librarian I at
ho Arsenal 1 or years vvn hoar nothlm I about
ilm hnvvns Ptudvlnc nnil wrltinc null I hu fro
luentodthn salons of Jlntv I Annlt HiValai anti
of the cclubratod Mliio Aticolot but to Iho
world In general hu was unkiumn With In
domlt ibla iiprBovornnon 1 ho iliiiiI to offorrtrnmni
nod trnKrdlis to thin Odion and to the toini lie
Irn also < but they worn iiornlitently rofusod
At last whiii Mr IMounnl Tlilorry the col
loncuoof Mr do hornier Itt tho lllbllothtnuo do
Arsenal beonmo director of tho Tliktro
Fran ih ho often nsknd Ills friend to wilto tho
eliot I < pieces and monologues that are plaved on
the occasion of thoiintilvorsnrlcs of Cornolllt
Mollfro nut llaclno In 1KU3 I lie plnvod u I rag
eiyof hits Acaiiicmnon Imltntod from Hen
con which h id but small Hiiwti In lb5
Wit played JI Flue do Holaml tho BUCCOBS
of the thee wns ns cront as I was uiioxDoctoil
for It had been mounted without onllnialiism
and nolthor atom nor illutnr counted much
upon I Tho day nftor tho llrst porformnnoo
Mr ilo Ilornlrra nnmo waR in overybodyii
mouth nnd Mnen that tlmo ho tins been famous
How mnny remembered or even Know that tho
author unit waited tnclta years for that sue
eq Huoli howoVLT was the fact for Li
Filln de lloland then called Charlemagne
hud bicn accepted nt the Franijil I In lf3
WII It may bn linked was not Attlla il vrd
nt Ihn Frnnoalt Instond of nt t the Olon 1 The
answer t8 simple The om dlelrn nlse In
spite of Its croat reputation Is not n model
establishment joalouiy In 1 pnMon not un
known within Its wtlK Mr do Hornier docs
not like 10 llcnk ovl of people and therefore
onlY mnko deductions from what ho says and
road as it WPIO between tho lines Tho tact Is
that comic actors anti tllnes tho majority
nt tho Com dI61rn also do not love tragedy
1 n tragedy is played n dozen tunes at rel I nnd
rood they take I fortnights rest Hut If the
tragedy Is played a hundred nights they nro
kept nwny from their beloved public the public
that feeds them with npplnu nut then the
comln actors tnko umbrice Time 1illn de lo
Innd would never hnvo been plnycd nt tho
Francats bad tho actors nntlclpnted the success
which it has actually attained In oraor to avoid
such n surprise n somiul thom they shut the
door In time face of Attila tlO
Mr do Hornier who Is by birth on aristocrat
and avlcomte Is nn ardent patriot Ho is bo
coining In certain sense tho pitrlotlo poet of
modern France although ho scoks his subjects
In tho old historical IcccmK In tile Jllo do
Roland hobkctchod the epoch of Clnrlemnqno
anti showed us the barbarous Hnxons nnd or
mans In tho Noces dAttlla bn line shown
us tho miserable downfall of ono of tbo Invad
ers of France Attiln surnamed the Icourgo of
Ood who dies while the victorious children of
Lutntla are setting lire to his pnlnco There o
Indeed so much patriotic sentiment In this last
pleco thnt nt ono moment tho censorship wn on
thn point of suggesting modifications Hap
pily tbo censorship thought bettor of It
I Imvo referred above to tho unattractive ex
terior of Mr do Hornier I am euro thnt thn
render will pardon this Indiscretion when I
tel him that the pont has himself been the first
to t speak of natures nlcffnrdllnesi toward him
for nt tile foot ota photocraphof himself which
be sent the other day to a friend ho wrote
Tn Tutiijc chnnnrMfSdc pe
i e Serall tuition tn ina clinic1
CAT mon vlmce cit de trailrf
onime mia vers
toiuuio las pro e
Eorn rall
IrOXJflItS or iivsrrKv rromvj
Ifovv the Initlnni V ed A Nnttlrnl nrldlt
Yellow lllitck solid lllitB Vnlcr C rvnt
lrj Wctlet Jlcierl rind n fleas CIty
MARIAXSA Da March IThls was tho
homo of Mrs Caroline Leo llcntr tho popular
story writer She died hero In 1S03 A natural
bridge crosses the Chlpola Hlvcr throe miles
to the north Years ago Gen Jackson was pur
sulrz tho Indians after driving them out 01
Alabama and trying to force thorn to a battle
I before they could turn and rePntor bolt coun
try To give greater certainty to the succcsi 01
his plans Jackson divided his forces and or
dered the commander of tbo detached troops
to join him at the Chlpola somo ton miles from
his encampment This detachment more
eastward In obedlenco to orders but did not
roach the river until tho third day Tho troops
bad crossed tho Chlpoln on the natural brldco
without knowing It antI tho river reached on
the third day was the Apalachlcola > twentyflvo
or thirty miles eafct of the Chlpola Tho Indians
had hidden under the natural bridge and their
pursuers had walked over them without being
aware of It Tho savages eluded both divisions
ot Jacksons army and succeeded in getting
back Into Alabama thus forcing the General to
do his marching and fighting over again They
woro finally overpowered at Chalk Bluff on tho
Apnlachicola and n treaty was negotiated at
Cbattahoochce under an oak still shown as
Jacksons oak Near this the Government
built nn arsenal nnd constructed barracks and
buildings fort small garrison Rome ton years
ago the Mate of Florida obtained possession of
this property by net of Congress anti It Is now
used as n hospital for the insane The ground
Is very high and the alto salubrIous being the
plateau 011 bluff at tho junction of tho Flln
and Chnttahoochoe rlverq which when united
form Apalachicola Thoblnll itself was for
tilled br the Spaniards durinc their oocu
pancyof this country and tho guns commanded
tho approaches by water The remains of these
old military works and tile road cut by Jackson
for his artillery through tho chalk bluff south
of Chattahoouheo are still to bo seen
lllue Spring Is nnothor natural curiosity near
Mnriannn The water bolls up from n consider
able depth and forms a basin on which a yuch
oould sail Looking into true basin the water
appears to bo as blue ns Indian but on being
rut In a tumbler It Is as transparent ns crystal
The volumo of water ejected by this spring
forms 1 considerable stream which after
meandering several miles iWioucheo Into
Chipnln JIlter Hlackwater and Yellow Rivers
like Hlun Sprint cat their names from tho
peculiartlnceof their water I Hlnckwntor Itlvor
Injects its darkness Into Dlackwnter Hay far
out Into the tides that como rolllnu in from the
Gulf Tho line of separation between the dark
ant clenrwntor Is distinctly seen oven when en
nno elnct
torlnir Fensacola Hay
The country twlwoen Marlanna and tho
Choctnwhatcheo River Is of limestone forma
tlon and presents some Interesting features
Ono is n sink sixty feat deep resembllnk an
immensB well without water Thoro are other
sinks of lesser width nnd dopth
West Florida Is n region very little known
Although it has been In the possession of the
United States for sity years and Florida has I
boon n member of tho Union for over forty
years there are portlonsof the country through
ronl portons cOlntrvlhroulb
which time traveller may co lor tblrtyllvo miles i
without Boolnt a house Tho cause of this Is
the povertyot the soil I Is neontinuous stretch i
of mind producing no trees but stunted jack
oaks amid no vegetation but wire crass ns In
nutritious ns broom strAw Tho Irnss will not
yield crops tho grass affords no food for cattle
and there is I no Inducement for the nattier to
erect a cabin and make a claim to n homoMoad
The country la loft to thIS peaceful possession of
such wild nnlmnls ns can Unit subsistence
Weat Floridulias a dead city tt t Joseph was
oncu a busy seaport had n railroad to lola on
OICU ApalnchleolaRlvor < shipped cotton to tho
extent ot hundreds of thousands of bales an
nually nnd was the entrepot of supplies for
wiKlern Florida southwestern Georgia and
northeastern Alabima Railroads from tho
Mississippi to the Atlantis nt length deprived I i
of Its commerce and mado Its own raIlroad
worthless Tha track nan taken up and tha
Iron used elsewhere The Inhabitants of tho
little city gradually abandoned their homes
Yellow favor visited those who remained nd
the living wnrnunnblo to bury tho dead W tint
few escaped tile scourge lied and not I sou
was loft to claim property or home A tornado
completed tho rum Every house was levelled
with thouround and today thoro U not nchtm
lucy standing to mark tho spot whoro once stood I
a busy little city
A Laitya Hllppcr Worth POO
The most curious plant In the monthly axhl
bItten of tie New York Horticultural SocIety on Tuesday I
WA tti Crtloptdhun CoriltUum or lailji slipper b <
longing t Mrs 1 J Moriinof thl city I li t two lest I
bllt and the missy Mint Uujta wittt pink rewo t > l4i a i
llpptr with tile hInd lulfol lbs lole bare auth hn a
pendant tall I foot lonr Iht plant li I Tallied fV and
In I native of he Rait Indlu Hra Morian John lira
derion ant llallMk I A thorpe war the prtmlum WID
Piers Mr I VTm llcnnclt rest an casey hlr horticulture 1
In which ha ull that the countrici or northern Eutol
acquired their tint inowUlie of 1 ruin the omni
who together with tin CreekS had In rretloui coats
rise 6ttaln nl Irma tie firilana lmI celebrated
hatiilim irardtui il JUbvlon ha laid thai all W
maIne I of thm were heaps at earth hortIculture had
he ol > Mrve < t mad neat profreae In New York withIn
the i > att thirty years IrtilJnl 1 SaWed Sloan aald I Uia
but little proxreii had teen ci yes made toward tanS I I
lot his purchase of a saw hall bat he bad Uopea that me
puI I hal
numeroiii wealthy clUzene who had recently become
mimtiiri would all roawrUll in the tnumrlte I
rtnllroHile HttAta In g55 > < Unpniiinl
the JQnnknya Trip Tone lh Mans
tnlnt sued Fertile lanoJIdRB
OITT or JIntioo March 4Thio railroad
jstoin ol Mexico Is still In its Infancy
With the exception of the line from Vorn
Crux to the city of Moxlco and tho branch
to 1uobla which loaves tho main line n
Aplznco thoro Is no railroad ot any Import
ance Two or thrco short lines hnvo been
con lruclcd by the Mexicans but thor nro
utterly usolc8 for anything but passenger traf
fib At the famo time tho enormous resources
of this country demand onsyjand expeditious
means of exit Ko ono who has not travelled In
Mexico can form nny proper conception of tho
ertlllty of tho soil tho varied climate nnd tha
other sources ot wealth Tho mountains nro so
rich with cold nnd silver that many mines
which In other countries would bo thouglmt cry
lildorados nro deserted because thoro ore
nindrcds of others so much richer Tho low
ands and vulloys produce coffoo vanilla to
bacco and colon in tropical luxuriance In tho
marshy nnd warm sections rico crows freely In
tho upland plains wheat and other grains thrive
ns well as in Minnesota or Iowa and through
out tho wholo laud corn and the mncuoy
supply > tho people with food and drink In ml
dillon to the wonderful variety and excellence
ot tho agricultural products tho vast plains
furnish succulent nnd nutritive hcrbnco for
millions ot oxen nnd bheep To dovelop tbls
wealth Iho main thing needed n good rail
road Bstom which will cnablo tho farmers to
tnt n market for theIr crops arid to reecho In
return tho products of the civilization nnd
wealth of other nations
I Unfortunately tho Insecurity of llfo ant prop
erty hero tho Instability of any form of govern
mont nnd tho wnut of energy of tho people
hnvo prevented any acquisition of capital In
the country and hnvo frightened nwny the
wealth of nations tint have money to Invest
Hut nt tho present moment tho country la moro
Bullied and nllhouch it seems to L still neces
sary to choose 1 President by a revolution in
stead of In election tho disadvantages of this
modo of government aro becoming dally less
nnd less Tile two nations hint nro always most
ready to risk tholr capital foreign
spare lorelcn en
terprises nro of course America nnd England
so that it Is notetranco to find tholr representa
tives hero squabbling over tho concession
which Congress has been naked to mako I Is
not ns yet certain thnt any concession will bo
made for It requires n twothirds vote to carry
nucli I measure but in all probability some
thing will b don after tho meeting ol tho
Houses which Is to take place within a month
Tho American nnd English schemes nro dif
foront In many Truss but thor both agree In
proposing to construct 1 railroad to tho north
of tho city of Mexico Mr Sullivan nn Ameri
can who is nt present In Mexico has obtained
a concession from the Government to construct
I I railroad from the frontier to tho city
ot Mexico which would bring tho Mexican
railroad sjstominto connection with tho Amer
ican system Tho English party who own 1
similar concession granted t I Mexican Scfior
Cervantes does not propose such I clgantlo
scheme but offers to construct 1 railroad from
tho city of Moxlco to Guadalajara Guanajuato
Quoretaro where Maximilian was executed
and on to San Luis Fotosl I is believed that
the English party will bo successful There
aroBOveralioasons why this will probably ho so
In the first t place thin American scheme Is to
wild Mexico wants tho fertile district to tho
north of time capital to bo opened up at ones
Hundreds and hundreds of miles of wile
forests nut mountains Inhabited only by nlo
Apaches and Comnnchcs lIe between the fron
tier nnd time cultivated regions of Mexico and
I would require an enormous outlay without
nny possibility of any return for many years
to construct I road through this region On tho
other hand tho English schema promises to
brine Into quick communication places between
which diligences havo lone bon running ami
whore 1 iargetmncln has actually been done with
the capital President Dlnz has expressed him
self an In favor of the KnklUh proposal and
his Influence with the present Congress is considerable
Hut there are other motives which will proba
bly influence Congress In voting a concession
Before thus arrival of Maximilian in Moxlco
this country owed a large debt to England tho
Interest on which It found It Impossible to pay
When tho Maximilian invasion waj planned
England nt first joined with tho Intention ol
collecting this debt but Immediately withdrew
from nil active Intervention After Mntlmlltun8
downfall nnd death tho Mexican Government
pretundod that as England had attempted to
collect bur debt by forco of arms and baa failed
she wits estopped from claiming any further
payments Hut more honest if not better
counsels have since prevailed and the
English bondholders prevnled willing to
refund the debt nt twelve millions sterling of
which thren millions are to b bonds of the new
railroad On those bonds tha Government ol
Mexico is t pay one percent for tim II Irat year
two for the second and so on until tile sixth
year after which tho Interest is unll remain nl
RX per cent In addition to Ibo construction of
the railway the English patty will found a
national bank supported by English capital
nnd credit and as money la worth ten and
twnlvo per Cant hero an excellent business
ought to be douo At the present time thoro is
no money but tho fearfully cumbersome silver
dollar except In tbo city of Moxlco where the
bank notes of the London Hank of Mexico and
boutn America am used The Mexicans are
quite alive to the advantages that would accrue
by the foundation of such an establishment
and the Government is eager for Its buccebs
because the bank proposes t advance money
on tha security of the taxes which the bank la
to collect nnd upon which it Is to receive a
bnntUomo commission
Ills almost Impossible to get any information
in this country except by personal inspection
and unfortunately the disturbed stab of tho
country renders this rather hazardous Luck
ily two gentlemen ono a Mexican and tha other
nn Encllshmnn who for the present purpose it
will bo suHlclentto call Don ledro and Hmltb
vroro about to visit Tout a town where tho Eng
lish road is to begin and they kindly Invited tile
writer to accompany them From tho city ol
IQxloo to Tub I railroad is being madu by a
Mexican company and the object of the expedi
tion was comJnny the easiest way through the
mountains Ho It came that ono cold morning
just as tlie cathedral clock was striking live I
found myself hurrying through the moonlit
streets dressed In alight summer suit for the
heat of the sun at noon Is intense In enor
mous cavalier boots ornamented with
spurs nt least 1 foot In length n draw
lint and an enormous zarapo I Mexi
can shawl An awful revolver ot which I 1
was In deadly fear lest It should go off was
strapped round my wnlst In spite of my 10
moustrancm In vain I had argued with Umlth
thnt 1 was totally uucnqualuuxl with tho use of
firearms except such ns ouo slays tbo sprightly
robin or tho pugnacious sparrow with In
vain I bad told him again anti again that I was
eminently amnI of pence and that nothing
would Induce me to tako the llfo ot a fellow
creature I had pointed out with considerable
forco that except tin clothes upon my back the
brigands would find notluing worth stealing and
that Ito inure into ot tilt revolver would b that
boy would possess thdmsnlvos of I hnilth
however was Inexorable Ha said that It was a
thing altogether unheard of that any poison
should travel on those principles and torSlm
mint carry at least the rovolver bo I had
yielded Iurrr found myself arrayed like I yenta
bits brigand waiting nt a street cornar for tho
ca that wim to take ua to tile depot When we
arrived there the horbis woro taken from tho
car a locomotive was attached and after a
journey of about two hours and I half we
reached Iluuhuetoca the present termlmiKD
this little railroad Thorn Lion Iodro joined us
with four most picturesque bandits who were
to form guard through the mountain passes
A very dirty old Mexican woman gavo Uii cup
of coffee each and Don 1odro Immadlatoly or
dared a movement
In order to bn nunU In tho habits and cus
toms ot brigands I hail spent two lavs in
studying Kdmond Abouts hot dus Mon
tacnts and felt tolerably vtireed In tho ways ul
these gentry Indeed I had gone BO far as to
prepare n pretty little speech lone HpanlshIn
alan In which I was made to address an Im
aginary brigand as Oh child ol Montczumal1 I
but Smith had tabooed any such oxprosslon for
lie said the brlcand would surely be of Spanish
docent Another charming allusion to THE
HUN nnd tha luminary of that lama whloh I J
supposed the Indians worshipped was also cut
out uy tho ruthltias rjmlth Denuded Qf these
expressions my speech became merely n ro
quest that tha robber would leave mo at least
ono garment I he should deem I necessary t
dOlrlvo me 01 theotlieiB
had swallowed coffee six fierce
After we hld wllowed our cofee terco
looking mustangs were produced and after a
violent altercation with the little wretches wo
n I mounted In safety For the first three miles
we rude alone a rugged road on which the dug
was at least a loot In depth Every now and
then a whirlwind catches this dust nnd tho
traveller can trace the course ol tho road by the
enormous pillars that loom to reach to tho sky
miles from Huahuotoca the road
About three mlea luohuotoca ront
runs alongside tho famous cutting of Nochli
tongo mado to the tipnnlnrda to drain the
plain In whloh the city of Mexico stands
Long ago timis whole plain was ono wrest lake
and the chain ot lake that runs through to tho <
alt ol Mexico tune remnants ol this primova
Inland sea During the rainy season which
begins In May tho torrents which rush down
from the mountains used to Inundate the altr
and tbo loWe were constantly iu danger oltr
obviate this the Spaniards who worn rot fel
ons for executing such colossal nndnrtnhlnKu
when they had not to work themselves em
ployed thousands ot Indians In cutting through
n hill which formed tho northern boundary of
ha plain Like everything also In Mexico no
person has any distinct Idea of thn t mannor In
which the work was carried out Tho pen anbi
nil you thnt It cost lila live ol 20UOO Indians
nul hit ruins of an nnormous prison eloeo by
show that croat numbers of men must have
loon employed whon It took such I largo plnco
10 Imlgn tIme malefactors At tho deepest part
tile cutting Is about 100 foet In depth
Tnrnlli sharply to the right wn left tho high
road and entered a very Btony country covered
with enormous trees of cactus old mncuoy
Irent herds of goats woro ploklnirupn precnrl
ous oxistenen by chewIng tIm outer due of ho
cactus anti cropping thIn low hlndcx of crass
Unit Mrugglo iipninonc tho stones A delicious
ohocso In mndo from tho milk of these animals
Time Mexicans eat I with honey mud It Is
much moro pnlatablo than would bo BIIP
posod Suddenly the stones nnd goats disap
peared nnd vvu found ourselves In a smll
11 valley watered by n winding stream
tho waters of which woro used In time most
fclrntlllc manner Irrigate thn fields An far
ns tho eye oould reach acres and acres of wheat
of tho brightest green showed how nature re
warded thu efforts of tha fnrmorx Ou ovary
nldn hugo forest trees gave shelter anti Hhndo
nnd ono might easily suppose that II WM the
valley of nu English river and not nn upland
ilaln exposed to all I thu I boat of a 1 tropical sun
From this point to ruin our road lay through a
nuoroBBlon of similar valleys proving that thu
fertility of tho land ns 1 v > huntproducing coun
try Is not exaggerated Time Hysleni of irrUpt
Ion Ispeifect I nod not n drop of water is
wasted Time original Hcttliiin scum to lao
shored no oxpwisn or labor in conctrnctlng
mmoductii and innnlA which from theIr innijnl
t ludo look moro like tile work of a potential Gov
ernment than I thin enterprise of prlMilo Indi i I
viduals Every mlo or 10 ii ito rnaldnncns with
castellated walls nnd olton with their privaln
chapi glvh tic thu I uholn n Iii ril annl iti r Bland
mirrounded by ilnogarilon Unrnrtmintolytho
unictlloil Milo of Iho counlnnrlalng from tho I
bunds of robbers anti IniMirgriitfl prevents > tho
nors enjoying thn ilollghtR of country life nnd
drives them Into Mexlco where kidnapping
and murder nu < not so frequent
Tula is n pretty > town with n pleasant stream
flowing through I As is usual In Mexican
towns there II l nn enormous eliurch for buloro
their dl cbtnbllshmunttlio Mexican clergy woro
a very wealthy body nnd delighted In I erecting
magnificent buildings I altogether too largo for
Iho number of InhabltantK Before thn Artea
Invasion of Mexico I powerful ami highly civ
lllnl I I nation tho Ioluws ruled thin country
Their capital wns for I long tlmo at Tula anti
the number of Idols Hint aro to bo seen on every
sldo Is surprising In tho little plaza parts of
several largo gods nrustnndlug Wu measured
two immense fellows thn legs from tile Knees
down being nil that wns left nnd found thnt
from tho kuco to the ground the ulistli nec wits
no I lf3 than nlno feet so that they must havo
ben of quite 1 respectable stature when com
plete Tho good people of Tula havo not much
respoct for tho remnants of n former clvlllratlon
and poct saw several JOltS who had holes bored
through them and acted ni water pipes Even
In the stonewalls that fence tho road near tho
town dozens of small gods had been used as
bulldlngmntorlalfand thoy gave the VII I fee
tlvn appearance with their grinning mouths
nnd funny goggle eyes
As wo had left Moxlco nt five In tho morning
nnd had only arrived al Tom at half past three
most t of the time being spent In a Mexican sad
dle an excellent nppotlzur we were an may bn
supposed quite ready for our breakfast and
after dolngft full justice Smith began to Inves
tigate tho numerous droves of donkeys and
mules that wore arriving anti preparing to en
camp for the night The donkeys or as the
call them here the railroad ol Mexico nro elm
ply Innumerable Thoro woro at least twenty
five Irs spending the night at Tula and each
hord consisting of from forty to sixty animals
They had no bridles and theIr loads were
merely tied on their backs but they waddle
along the road at a good pace and aro very
clover nt avoiding horses 1lce diligences thnt
they moot As n rule tho Mexicans prefer to
carry tholr cowls either on their own heads or
on tim bocks of their donkeys nnd they ore so
wedded to this that tho laborers employed on
the railroad refuse t uso wheelbarrows and
carry on their heads all tho earth nnd stones
used In building embankments or bridges
Next to its donkeys the mules are the great
carriers Thoy nro hnrnessoj In tennis of six
teen or twenty to carts that < carry about four
Otis and those carts and the donkeys are nt
present tho only means of taklnc tho produce
of tho Interior to Mexico or of supplying Iho
agricultural districts with the various articles
thoy require Ono Item alone would almost
warrant thin construction of a railroad The
city of Mexico consumes each year BOOOO hogs
that aro brought almost 200 miles down the I
country Thcsn pigs nro very fat when thy
start on their long journey nnd can only be
driven about three miles a day The trip lasts
about two months nnd durinc that time time
Pigs aro fed with corn so lint the expense 01
bringing I pic to market Is about live dollar
capT nJNIE116S lElrS
Ha Tel R Story IlliKlrullin them nnd Ole
Mr Neimnur Nome Advice
They cay Seymour lathe dark hors
said 1rof Thomas Iursoll principal of Mor
rows tonsorIal establishment In Frenchs Hotel
last Monday afternoon as ho was giving the
finishing touches to the glossy coal black wig ol
the veteran Capt Ryndors
Seymour be damned growled the Captain
We dont want any man who wont como out
nnd Bay whether ho Is n candidate or not and
stand up to the rack fodder or no odder
Theres been talk enough about Seymour and
its into now for him to do n little talking If lie
wants to bo n candidate lot him say so and <
nothing can stop his nomination and election
too in my judgment Hut the Democratic party
wants for Its standard bearer now a man who
aint afraid to Bay hes a candidate and wont
bo afraid to stand up for his rights and face
tho music no matter how hot I is The
people like a bravo man and will
stick by him I hes only half
right Why In Itlrd tho Captain jumping
out of tho chair and sadly disarranging the
wig upon which Prof Pursell had expended so
much labor Ive had lots of proof of thnt toy
snll Over forty yours sgo when I lived at
Natchez under the 11Id bon killed a hun
dred times if Id shown the white feather Hut
I was n good deal younger than and D quick
on thu trigger as any of them Ono day I re
member 1 was coming up the Mississippi on
ut lsslssltl
a etoamboat I didnt know any one on tho
boat Among tha passengers was a lady with
two children and n nurno girlmt pretty wench
almost as white as her mistress There were
also two rocularBoutnern lira eaters always
halt full of whiskey and chuck full of tight
Ono afternoon ono ot these men crossly Insulted
sulted thIn nurse girl while she was Iro dnck I 1
heard his words but said nothing at the time
Tho girl reported tho facts to her mistress and
shun appealed t the Captain protect her ser
vant from insult I seems tho girl hal toll
tho Captain anti her mistress that I hal
heard what was said In tho presence of both
HID fire enters and several other gentlemen tillS
Captain nskod ma I I heard the language usel
ns elated by thin girl I promptlylold him that I 1
did hoar Ii and tile girl had told tho truth In
stantly both of thoM cusses were on their foot
0114 with a seven shooter and the othor with a big
bowls knife Tl cut nny man Into mince meat
that dares to take the part of a dn nlctrur
shouted ono of thorn anti both started for mo
I was on my feet as quick as they were you bet
and had mr revolver out without any loss ol
time Mince mpnt or no mince meat nigger
or no uiggor I yelled the girl liastold tha
truth In an Instant thoro wire half n dozen
man between ma and tho two bullies Hold on
gnutlumen said one of thor I lIke true grit
wherever I sea I and no two men muat tackle
this man I thoy do so help mo God Ill put a
holo through thin second man I I didnt know
who ha was but I afterward Ittnrned that he MIL
a wellknown duellist who hud killed several
men and who was it 1 dead shot Thero wasnl
any light Tho two fire eaters cooled down won
dot fully and loft thn boat at tlio next Inndlng
Twentylit voars nfterward I mot my filnnt
born in tho Astor House and wont he rounds
of Iho city with him at night lie was full 01
light kept looking for It and would havo been
accommodated several times had I not boon
with him I wn tho worst night I ever put in
No Hlrs1ld the Captain ns ho jnmmnd his
beaver down upon his wig I hopu Heyrnour
wont bo nominated unless ho comes out
sijuarotoedand says < ho wants the nomination
alt nomluaton
and will stand up to lie rack fodder or no
fodder I ho does thnt then Im for him 10 I
he guts tho nomination Hut everybody likes 1
bravo man ono that you know where you can
lull him every hour In tho day and no do I
nnd tho Captain shook Ills linad savagely as Cfn
walked out 1rof riiraell gravely shook his
head Thats as BO ho looked after hltu nod murmured
A MaIne Man of tho Old School
Zpsi Ac Yriv iurA rtjnri
Aaron McKonnoy of Race died a few weeks
ilnce aiicd Hu jeer Up to a few weeks behri hi
death hn ahaveti hlniKlt made bla QHII fire choppei
hit own wood lie also knocked down a man who had
tugitaiteii l Ilia appointment of a miarillan lor him a itch
bruivht on hli nr > t Uwtiilt i herein lie acted aihlt owl
eounwlarntfitly dstsmtdlng hhuMlf agatutt acbarna o
aioull and battery
He had never been out of the town of Saco ha was
born titers when U waa named 5carburotttiite on one
ocraiton when he followtd a Horse IhUI into New llnnlu
shire and CaUght him Ha had laser been on a railway
train and itsi never senIor receIveS A telegram All tin
ImproremeiitiandliivtinUuiiaof me ant vteru toklm aa
if tileS 1151 never been
He was born In the tail century Dec 7117T7 one
rear after the foun UUou of tile republic lilt lived on the
farm where lie died for more trtnn eighty con ecuiuo
jeara Ha had nevtr tasted liquor except at suite
patriotic celebration like leu 2J or July 4 which he al
wave ciburvud and lu had never taken medicine unit
he had paiiwd lou
Although he had voted the Democratic ticket sInce the
formation or the party mi4 for qesry lre l4eutialtamU
date Including Vlr Tulsa he had never teen a candidate
Cor any oftlcei and onoewhen appointed br its Uov
ernor a JuiUcn cf the 1eace he prompuy refuud to
bares tlr UcKenner married when gull youiit was a
widower wltli Uirce children at SU ai4 lever reinarricJ
At Uie time cf me death Ua could r oken its crielci
do slid ersat iriuKliUdccii b tj liii doieot
4N orrz os ROMAN nnrva
What na Inqtrsr Learn Abed It nnd Whet
IIB I toma Inoldenlnllr
When n visitor entered a Now Brunswick
N J hotel on Saturday April 3 to find n di
rectory thin young man behind the counter fur
tively folded n narrow slip of paper boarlng two
parallel linos of figures arranged porpcndlcu
arly upon which ho had boon bestowing scare
ful porusal The directory was ot no value ox
ccpt ns an antique and tho visitor betook him
self ton resident of Now Drunswlck who was
said to know everybody Time universal no
Qiinlntnnco was standing behind a bar In grim
contemplation of n narrow slip ot paper with
two parallel linen of figures arranged perpen
dicularly upon It He know where the Hought
for man lived but It was n long way off down
> y the canal and the visitor had better take a
lack A young man in charge at Iho livery
stable who was next visited was seated at a
able before a big shoot ot paper covered with
what scorned to bo arithmetical computations
anti In his loft hand ho clutched n narrow slip
of paper bearing two parallel lines ol figures
nrrnngod perpendicularly
What Is that asked tho visitor pointing to
tho slip ot paper
Morning drawings
Drawings ol what
And all thoso figures on the sheet boforo
Oh I thorns nil the figures mentioned In tlio
reports published In tho papers of tho hnnglna
hat como off yesterday They mako seven
Ivonumbcr combination anti there nlnt n
gig otmt among eni lull Thnret no rollnnco to
jo put In tho game anymore Most anybody
would havo expected to catch a gig on thorn
Thoro Booms to bo n good deal of Intercut In
policy In this town I
Moron any other place of lbs size in the
country I guess There mo two or three regu
lar places that do n landofllco business and
moron a dozen toilers that go around writing
for anybody who wants to play Thoy call on
all regular patrons twIce n day In shops and
ofllces and stores and In tho factories whoro
they are nllowcd IS > go In to limo men In some
of the factories thoy are not allowed logo In
but In others there are scores of men who play
regularly twlco n day arid look for the writers
just ns certaIn ns dinner and sutipor time Hut
bores your hack nil ready air
The Individual pursuit of whom had bronchi
to light this pnsslon of tho New Uruuswlckcrs
was 1rod Mllleninn who keeps a saloon mood
boarding house nt 1C1 Hurnoll street
Is 11 true Mr Mlllomnn ho was naked
Hint you possessed nn owl ot such Hoinau
spirit that It preferred death to slavery
About do owl hot Is true nber I dont know
something von dem chains and slaveries
Did thu bird commit suicide rather than live
Yell ho kill himself I tell you nil about It
Ho vita a screech owl 1 such a pooty screech owl
as you nefer see a pootler in all your lila I glf
n dollar for him ton fanner what catch him on
adrap and I didnt take Iho dollar for hint
many times I train him so ho vas tame ns n
chicken Anvbodr could linndlo him tetter nan
parrot and my boarders tint lots of iun unIt
him Daytimes ho vas quiet cause he couldnt
see pooty goot but nfenlngs hevaa llfoly as a
bug bail him hiev Undo John come hero
and ho vould fly right to me Sometimes be
vouldoomo van I call him Undo Jalcey too
And bo vas n schrnart bird I tell you Ho could
make open the door of his caga yooslso veil as
I could end ha vould como out and fly around
Dot bird ho cot such a spirit he dont vas feared
ton nobody Often I have thirty or forty peo
ples hero eatlnand drlnkln nnd hafin ion
but dey couldnt scare Undo John I train
him so you know dot bo hasnt got no vildnoss
In him any moro Il Is easy for mo to train
any kind ol a bird A cat and a dog I
cant train coot but nilt birds Im all
right Last summer I hafo eighteen
pet robins bore nil looso flyln about
do house und van day see me dey como iind
sit on my head und shoulders und sing Und
I hafo another owl a oecrl owl the alone time
I got Undo John vat vita gool trained too
Noll ono cloning Undo John ho act lIke ho
vanted to be free out doors lie kept Cousin
out ills cage itud him about und looklnout
dovindowD Von 1 go by mine bed I put htm
back In his capo nnd fallen cln door I think II
van good gofnstunod slier ito hind him a vay to
make it open und do next morning von I como
down to open my saloon I find my pooty
screech owl dead He put his head In hero be
tween do vlndow pano und die beefy sign und
drop himself down so ns ho hang by Ills nook
till ho din und dore I find him isangin cold
und schtilT 1 sposo he thought ho might oosl
na toll dlo If ho couldnl fly out In do night
sometimes You see yourself dot Is not n place
yore bo could hang hisself accidental like No
dot poor screech owl ho kuowed vat ho vIta
doln Ho yoosluulcited Veil ton I flea dot
1 hnfont any heart for keeplndo othor owl und
I git him to ono of my boarders und he take
him by his friends In Intoraon Ho I vas all
broke up in owls A fuller ho shall uchtull
Undo John for mo but it Is scbmall comfort to
BOO do dead form if I you liMo bled soiuodlnc
SlOW Mlaleten May Overcome T tnptBll ne
frn l > r Joltn IIiITi at Ltnurti in ttt OiwWfonaM
Dr Hall considered the PeculiarTempta
tion thai Assail a Minister and hinder his
having tho sterling piety that Is so Indispensa
ble As In war the leaders are marked mon
and their fall carries dIsastrous consequences
so in tho Christian church the fall of a minister
Is reported far and wide Hut on this whole we
have no cause to blush for our calling or its
representatives They average high
Among these temptations more first We are
constantly applying truth to others Vo may
forget to apply It to ourselves Doctors and
lawyers hnvo this name experience of neglect
Inc their own allalrs Secondly we are In dan
ger from our pride of having our senMbllltlos
deadened and our modesty destroyed Thirdly
wo are In danger of doing our work as routine
and perfunctory This may arise from over
work or too great anxIety In other directions
It is ono of our greatest dangers All routine
mechanical performance must civo way and
Ills and soul be thrown Into everything
Iortbly vve are liable to lose our faith in our
fellow men Wo have the confidence and ro
eolvo tim confessions ot sinners Wo Bee the
elntulnessof men and are lu danger ot losing
our faith In humanity and thus losing heart
for our work Fifthly n minister Is often
tomptud to assume nn Interest where ho has
none Innlly nil must guard against worldll
ness which comes In many forms
JNoxt What are tile means by which wo may
ascot these temptations I mention first the
study of the Horipture for purely devotIonal
uses If you nro cold and unsplrltunl turn to
your Hlblo anti bring jour soul In contact wIth
somoglowlng Palm The second thing I rec
ommend Is hooks unin pr d books lieso
may bo divided roughly Into two classes 1irst
those that wo may call sentimental They are
sometimes called goody looks Thoso will
dovou Ilttlo good Thoy will add nothing to
your stock of ideas The second class is books
of a moro solid typo e a Thomas a Koinplss
wellknown work and Matthew Ilcuos Corn
Thirdly spend a part of your time In com
munion with God Again I rocommond closo
confidential Intlmnto association with other
ministers devotional purposis
As thii next method 1 notice that which IH eel
dom talked about I venture to uay that ono ot
the greatest heirs > a minister can have In meet
ing his temptations U a true Christian wife
Hnally I advlso separation on the part of a
minister from mnny things enjoyed by othnra
Ha BO thoroughly and completely engniod In
your work that you will nol have tlmo for time
things others may enjoy
A Slrnaie Murder Cases la T < uncei e
J > f > m Vlflciniil mmwitif
XARUYILUC Teuu Match hlThio trial ot
the liaxter brothers charged with the murder
of Rnmunl H Hicks In time summur of 1U78
concluded this afternoon with u verdict of nc
qulttal On Ing to tho prominence of thu parties
accused and thn circumstances ol thu homicide
the case oxeiUd much Interest
Tilt Hon Nathaniel Hixtur was n candidate
for ruUlectlon to the Circuit Judgeship of this
county a position ho had occupied for nearly n
quarter of a century In tho pendency ot the
canvass Hicks In a spoeeh bitterly assailed tInt
privnta character of the Judge charging him
with tile grossest ofTonccs His motive appears
from evidence to I have been purely malicious
hue Judgo was lie confidential legal adviser ot
lllckss motherinlaw a lady of consldurabla
property who under Ills ndvico had refused to
moot tile demands for money from Hicks on ac
count of his wife to enable him to engage In
business In which ho had owing to his hnbltfl
and other causes once or twice fulled
Yhcn the report of tho speech appeared It
excited tho Intonsest Indignation of Judge Ilax
larasons They were time lion Ldmuud llnx
tar a lawyer of high character Jerry Baxter
also n lavor lund reporter ol tile Uuprnma
Court Nathaniel llaxlar President thollret
National Hank ot Nashville Montgomery Uax
tor a prominent plijslolan In charge ot the
ally hospital aud Jonas llailer u planter In Iho
county Thoy vvuretQ meet at the allies ot Jerry
Baxter tile morning after the spevch to consult
ns to be course lo bo pursuea WillIe OIl lie
way lo the ofllco IMnuind Jerry Nathaniel
and Jones encountered Hicks and a desperate
fight ensued The evidence shows thai hicks
had onu or two confederates but their Identity
has never been ascertained Ho was killed
Jones Baxter was killed and Jerry and Natha
niel Baxter wounded Nathaniel was tried al
the last spring term of court and acquitted
This enabled him to bo a witness In the pres
ent cose and his evloiuiic did much to correct
public opinion which was for a while adverse
Co lie brothers The jury were out but a short
time and Ihalr verdict when announced al
though generally expected was received with
loud demonstrations of applauso by those
present and Is generally Rcooptod br the public
with satlBfftOtton
r on its or Titn PERIOD
WhIle the soul le I Idly musing
On thoughts not of IU own choosIng
Oft then come clear Inllmitlona
Intnllloni Iniplratloni
Tclllnt eta future tile
Far beyond thIs mortal llrlfe
And tonight aaire Aro goIng
With tha current itntlr flawIng
Come lovely sentIments of peat
And the mind aika no release
from the blessing of their charm
Holding ui rout every harm
We drift along the tacrrd walli
Where the Ivye vrrduro fells
And tea think upon the graves
Whose sraxy brink the rlvrrlarei
While the nluhtU all around
And the allllneM li protourx
flays the niotlnj active part
Of each palpltaUni heart
Aa vra flout upon tie itrcara
In a tort of uiyiuc dream
Hut ace at we approach our horn
How Ute great cathedral dome
With lu lolly golden spire
VVcari a crow n of arcmlnt fire
In the fluctuating IlKht
Gleaming from the nortli at tight
With Its colors grton and red
Where tho electric itufti are tprcacit
And bent struts tie quiet wavot
Irotn the dim cnthcdrnl nave
Come sweet voice statIng tyt
Quaint and sweet ot other daji
When the Hnvlour and the Jlnt
V ero on earth without a taint
How the oiuloM thnt they wrought
Were hc > bnd all human thougUt
How their tcnlons elIde
And hoiv lie ass crnchfieL
Kow they move la happy ounces t
Those Soft Tolcos oVr tlic wnveel
CoInIng down from Jacobs stair
Where clUo Ills tilekMd atigela fair
Or Gods tllMrcn wnt at nulit
Ere they mount Into lilt tight
How calm how sweet thIs siiiglngi
Surely from ccleitlnl laid
Over boundleai goUcn aandi
Are the echont liiKliiRl
They fall with toothing on the goal
That hat tong with pallia contended
froiaglng rest nt when the goal
Ij readied and travail ended
Where hope and faith do clone In tight
Beyond our though of pure delIght
May we tee and hear tile way
When shall come our closing daji
When that come the twilight hour
When grows weak our vital power
When were nearly done with life
VV Hh its torrow and lit strife
When our heart are waxing old
And even tears and hopci are cold
In our darknen and dlitreit
Longing for Ooda tcndernee
In Uiat hour oh let there come
A great brilliant lIght from Home
With ruh lore and bleHlngt rlre
Ushering In the better lite
Voices tliulot may we hear
Hopelut pMant calm and clear
Prom the mention we shall tee
VVolaomlnj both you and me
ypwup S Oulna
Thousand and thousands ot hushed yean ago
Oat on the edge of Chaot all alone
I stood on peaks ct vapor high upthrown
Aboro a sea that knew nor ebb nor flow
Nor any motion won of winds that blow
Nor any sound of watery wall or moan
Or lisp of wave or wandering undortoua
Of any tile lost In the nljht Ulow
Eo still It wni I mind mr at I laid
My IMrHy ear against mine own falrt slh
To drink ol that I elliot It half afraid
Twas but the ghost of n dead voice spilled by
TIe one starved star that tottered through the shade
And came ujitoeintf toward me down the sky
Jim W Ilinr
JL Godly Steed
from mA Iftiai OUtrfer
What constitutes n grxllr deed I I aw a chilLS
With Irrrrrd tremlllng limbs anil tI5e l wild
Kxlolxled oil a car Mat linjinioall iu heed
A mans rough great coat i mow buth and bed
ne was a wee small bay a messenger by trade
AC mIght be aren ly Jinnty cap mid raid
The alIve r letu rs uVr ito hotel Icco small
Marked the wee man a toiler with us all
And he was deathly tick the wlmmln5 eye
Through jarrIng wnulows ncannnl Uie wintry sky
The cracked and patching him wIth baby pout
bont gasps ol pain or hurtled breathings out
Po baby like he teemed In his unrest
I longed to fondly clasp him to mr breast
Tear off tho cap and budge with itnifr > cry
And Bin the hovered boy a lullaby
And as I watched the race ol whit and red
I SAW a grilled man stoop oer his head
And with great horny hands earrs bin lace
Then lu the tether near him take lila place
standing upright nnd swaying with the train
The whole day ihrouult lo ATC the rick lad pain
Weary and foot sore oer on his teat
To make the lad a cuuc i upon his Hat
Why should our artists alwaj limn and paint
Some priest or fv oiimn as thu pattern saint
Lives there no love dittne Ui coarser char
lieat there no great strung hearts m hodden gray
The world lacks romance tnt the laughing crowd
rrom ways Ic cltUs when with grtetlngs loud
They thronged the curs ant pressed to hint a place
ZliiUnctlvo paused above the fevered fatv
Then gated will veneration on the man
And turned nnJ turned again his lace lo van
Like homage rendered at it coarse rude shrine
Vt hlcu bears in n ood or stone the lonu divIne
My desUnatlon reached I turn and gaze
Down tho long car anil In the twilight hate
Erect and waleulvl stands Ilm guardian torn
N toils the long train rolls onward In the storm
Long on my heart the rlclure will remain
The weary babr form and face of polo
The bllcnt patienco bf tlie great truo man
Wits gave himself as only true men can
o fevered restless nufferer heir of pain
Who forms thy couch or soothes thy burning brain
Dost see aboio thio etc Vluiestlc Form
AS onward thou art burled lu cloud and stormt
Ily Iho Shore
Itwi ItjMVt Wirttmon
I stood by the shorr AS the anchor went down
ilni I the merchant ship swung to her chain
Alit nan the dark autilora row up to the town
Returned from the mar jiwaj main
I cried What n glorious thing It must ba
To come honifl in a ship frmn I the drop
VMth heart stirring tilt ul tho wonderful sea
And Ihe cuasu that all latitudes sweep I
But a sailor replied mid the hnsliUr aol din
And the hand shaking going about
Ijeioru soil can bo In a > hli > coming tn
You must be In a ship going outl
Alas t She llerused film
mm Ua Mmxtrolu Journal
Iu Utedim summer nllit they were leaning alone
From the balcony oxer the walk
Ho careless onoujh one had iuessd hy tb tone
of his voice end his iutirtt onuS tilk
And she well her laugh fl nel as iced to the breeze
As the lutce of the unit delhI
That run with it ripple ti Ivorv heye
Turuugh the optra warbled within
In the odorous locust honiih trailed ner the eaves
The nightingale pausi d In Ills Hint
And the mute kalytliil hid awav lu the leaves
Them were turned Irom tho Hink ol lilt moon
And the nun sit aluii with his tlners clenched tl idlit
tier a heart that hail tilled m Its beet
VV hile tile lou 100 bv > a a but n mulbir ul Huh
Where lie dropped his cigar In Um struct
4 W RiLey
ImnrohKbllltles I
100ii Pith
When Chill Is A M shall bcnefiut In private
tact iti 10110
hen Jay Qoulds hunts In OouMs own pockets slay
pockets stay
V hen Hob Ingersoll church honors atoll arrive at
hall arrila at
And lOan Butler gqverns > aMacliUMtt Day
chimttj flay
When Tllden makes a corner In duuu sues
In dimiestlcs
And trot two tiny twins upon Ills kituis
pon his knees
W hen Evirtii watch wilhln a rouu ltd Seat ticks
ruiiiidiil veal l ticks
And needier makes a itatemenl that hIll pleats
tlut will please
When Hayes and Wheeler take their little Lily
little iodJyt
lien Grant goes back to work a hcr hes at hum
lea athum
OuUicull will bo plain > to CCCtrIith >
oier body i
Ihst were gutUug near the Great Uilliiiniuiu
leiinluml I
FIT Safe Slobbers Foiled
NEWutilidit April 10Five masked men
gagged and bound the vratohraan and oltempUid to rub
Ole safe at Qariur t Cos print soil tour llaverstraw
early tills mornlDk Two charges ol powder were fired
In the safe The second eiplo < lon was heard by other
watchmen siiJ the burglar tied i mply hatultd Today
was pay day at the works nnd M irtl had been brought
from New Yore last eveniin and dipostted In tho eats
for the tiurpow of paying tin hauls U Is supposed
that me burglars werueiperta from New York city
Klllea by kla IMujrmaita
Little John Morris who on Friday toM Coro
ner Brady that hit school fellow Solomon Broeee had
knocked him against the Iron railings of Primary Retool
Ho 54 Injuring his headdied peeterdey fruni the Injuries
f ° tf lvL tile ouui ssaalliul U lu lite Tombs aweI
Ui lbs malt ot Uis logTitit
Methodist papor eayai Oo1 la not
dons Dilnj MethodIsm vet 4
The Congregational Church at Bait Lako
City lint taken In thlrloon new converti I
Last year tho Mothoillat Hook Conoorn I
mado n net profit ol 70uuo on a book and periodical
buslncMof twnooo
Tho Itov Newman Halls second mnr j
nags provokes a great amount of trillclsin from the so
called religious press I
Tho Blccplo of the Third 1rpsbytorlrtn I
Church Wheeling tailed away on this wlngi of the nliul
during A Bunday afternoon storm
Our Church lii < er p Lutheran organ
says that the Mpthodlst dust meeting Is iinsttlsrnctory
and that the recital of eiperlencetls vain repellUnn
A Wisconsin clorgyinan has pronuhwl n
sermon on whispering during dlvlno service Ills uoii
grtgntlon nmonrf whom era somo of Ito whisperers he
atticked were to pleased with thIn tornion that they had
U printed for free distribution
A Massachusetts ohlhl wlinso specialty
ii the quotation of Scripture texts waa toll lither mother
to go Into the next room aid Hay there till sent for
Quick as thought tile clilll responded I Sail t fielnta
Kzlpt and be then there till I bring theo word n lint 1
Iho Bt Louis Younff Mens Christian
Association Is enjoying such prosperity in to need n new
ODM The nocet lly of the Union Method Chnrch to
sell was Uie mmoclaUont opporlunlly to buy The price
paid was JJ7ouuu jmt of which romaliu on murgiine
ClirlfaUnns who liappou lu lotttilu lit
Turkey nrojuit now hating a hard tlmo Ills Turkish t
Government shows a dhpoitlon logo tack on Us treaty
iromlset tn allow ihem to tie nnmolestrd Orcntln llgnl
llcaaro now rnollstii on the unhappy Christian anj
greater ones are feared
Drew Seminary was short 500000 on Ita
endowment fund onlng to tIm failure of titcio t l < inlel
Drew In 1870 MgoroiH efforts nnd srflid cliurchcoU
lecllolH hnic aisle toOt atoll f 0O cf till Tlio
work of rnlslng money goes on nnd the brethren la
charge llliopo to rattier Ito complete halt inlllton
In 1orbla tho faiiilno has been very HOV oro
among Christian famlliot Oroumlah and the yIeld
ty > tli lonnr > Bhedd wilks that 1 < XJif tlgso fiiiiillica
report uanllncssof supihet sat that OUOarc tulTirhii
dreadfully Tho tpcclnl fnmino fund Ihutlnr nmounls ta
t1h 1 The Missionary elatIon Oruomlah Is I IxuOlu
debt Iocumnry nishlanco Is earnostl nskcd fir
Tho Mutlioillat Church In Hlrosikl
Japan Las 1ccn lu cliarco of the Roy Vultice Honda
who ti > t that the meetings have been very lonely
This loneliness was ciTlng to two troublesome cnnset
Mnny of tIle Illrosnkl church mcmlwrs had moved away
and many of tibia who remained had become tack
alldera Tho condition of affairs which Ilrothcr Honda
deplores is not nllogcllicr unknown among the churches
of this nomInally Christian country
Thus docs n troubled Scotchman vent
his grief and found hh alarm concerning lie spiritually t
dilapidated ttata of Ids church i Oh degcneral j
church I it there within you no Nclicmliih no Xcrubba
bet ton of SheaUielt Aro we gIven ocr bound UiTatnal
and the Apharsachltct In order to gllo his fcnlliucnls
tho widest circulation he Inserts them In the ndvf rtinr i
column of a Scotch newspaper What he wants Is toper
raado the Established Church to stir Itself against the
prevailing lido which tote lii favor dlHttablishment
Tho Itov Joseph 1aiUcr of London want
to be In Tarllnment He says that somo nilnltlcrs era S
needed In tho House of Common and ns tIe clergy oC
the Chinch of England arc disqualified ho clnlmi that
nonoonformlsU may bo chosen Instead Ito lavon local
option burial reform end universal disarmament Ha I
announces however that he will not engage In any can 0
vass and that he will not spend any money In order that
he may be elected At elections In Great Britain hays
many features In common with simIlar contests tn thtt
country Is plain to MA that the ministrations of lbs
Itev Joseph lurker to his flock at tho CIty Temple Lon
don are not lIkely to meet ullh protracted Interruption
The Interior asks Who would not bo a i
missionary I and adds We doubt not that tho question f1
ts today silently but powerfully pre Mnj Its clilm upon
the attention of number of the children and youth In our
ftabbatli sehuuls mir academies nnd collects and oar t
postural charges This Is hardly correct Most of the
juung pcopta of today would rnthcr do anthing else
than go as mls < lonarles to distant hinds Many ot p C
them experience occasional gushes of sentiment to the
effect that It would be very thee to go on such errands ot
mercy but when It camel to the practical test they feel 44
with all their love for the distant heathen that perhaps
tomcbody else will offirwho maj to better filled for Hit
work and that at for them lee they will itay nt home t t
A lively discussion line arisen among
some Ilostnn clergymen concerning the SI nototph Club ti q
It Is In regard to iitin wine and liquors and recommend h
ing their use II stems that an uimuthortod conimltle
Issued n circular lu which It was said that UmuUnU tt
would bo furnlihcd to those who wanted them Joseph i t
Cook ippened loget a copy of this circular and on the l
strength of It announced In one of lilt lectures that many
Uostoii ministers hod signed their immoi to a document f
ftUng forth that the new bt Botolpha Club would mum I
nlfli wines liquors and Tlzars to Its mcmbirs Dr
James Freeman Clarke denounces Mr Cooks course at i
too hasty and censorious and tays that tho club has
never taken any action whatever la regard to the pro
posed furnishing of thtM things
Tho Sunday school lesson for today la
full comfort for the weary It Is The Invitation of
Chrlu aikhen hi Malllicw xl 2110 II opens with a
rebuke to the ungrateful nnd godless who had nezHclcd
to Improve by the Instructions tiity ttuI I received from 5
Jesus during Ms ministry among Urn Thc o people loJ
are compared to tho e of Idolilrous Tjrc and idun and
depraved Sodom Jesus then sets lorlli tho Joy and the
benefit of n childlike tulrlt and a teachable mind Tin
pompous and Pharisaic who are to wino In their own u t
conceit that they refuse to lie taught widen Ire those
who And no favor In this sUlit of Out lie patsco iuy the
haughty and comes to dwell with the Uwlj The wurdi I
Invitation Come unto Me all ye that labor and ate I
heavy laden and I will tire yon rest have brought ie
frohuient to many an overburdened soul Jesus an
nounce tthmsetftta the friend of nil who have burdens to I
bear Ko matter whence these burdens come even If
they have their origin In our own pertrrseness sal
crookedness we flnd relief In accepting his Imitation
He offers rest and pence wItictI the world can neither
give nor take away lie assures those who follow sod
obey tuba Sly yoke Is easy ant my burden Is light
Trinity Church handsomely pensions Ita
retired ministers w hen old ago or disease may lay them
aside The Collegiate Dutch Lhurch makes H prutislon I
for IU aged clergy which though not so substantial is
that made by Trinity greatly mltUats the sorrows os
age and the woesofdlvase The ileilinllI tmlniiiera
In their declining tear rely upon a Hind I whlih Is prc
vilud from tIle profits cf Ito Book Concern This t
some extent also fXlletct the widows of mlnMors The
rrestitcrlan Church has a Hoard of ISclUf which helpi
the agiMl and their widows It has never become pope
tar enough among the liberal given to afford very Ian
pensions bi IhoM for Willie b neltt Itcilts Alnongth
other denomlnstions there Is not 010511 pecunltry help
nffrdeI ttie aged or infirm t3 warrantyuting men Inen
terlttft the mlntstrr simply for the sake of being sup j
ported when old The most poorly provided for are Clue t
wornout illy missionaries In all our Urge cities For the
most part them men mliii alter wearing themIMS out
on meagre salaries that they are turned off to die Ilka
worn oul and aged horses There Is room lor reform re
larding theui men Many of them are not brilliant aa
orators but pint along WIth an untiring Industry which
U worthy ole far better recompense than they rccutr
rico old hermit who until last July In
habited n troll near the Garden of flcths mnni1 was n
remarkAtile person In his vny Ills nnme was fore ont
he was supoused tobd very poor Tratellers gave hint
alms as thoy do to most of tile jOt i army irickuu pa
thatch situ laily satinkr tUrouili the itreitsof Jeru
salem He took all they gate him oiil I u led fur more
When lie died his grotto wns opened Ihe outer room
was fui lorn enough but a lone Inner apartment was
furnished with costly tiger skins and other Minnies of
a lovo of comfort The brtaking of an lriii hound iluit a
dis < od about JllOoO III various tolns Tiimis tea also
fount In It a curious Hebrew iii e ililecriti tvtllvti is I soil S
by suino of the wise men of Joruialom to hate been i
written bv tho hand of Hit Apoiilu Tutor Thlininnu
crlpt has called fcrlh much ditusslou atiiun the
levincil It was rcrjrtcd that n commission had its ii
sent out hy the Lonlon Hil lu SocIety to ire II U wore
really written by lie Aostlo Ielcr mil it cab U proved
genuine to buy It No explanation Is given of the Hay
tit which the member of such a commission would sat
Isfy tlicmsihei as to tha gcnuliu ness of his apostles
signature The Ditto Hoetcty denies hail 110 sent nnr
commission for tlie purioso Tho iuanu crii 11 I s la ex
cclluiil Hebrew
the Huntluy sorvloos tn MusIc Hall
Clnchmatl are a successful nowlty 1 I ho hall a loch ma
in a part of the city largel inhibited by lUrmans htldi
nearly ant people and It packet when the Itev Dr
Irstl preaches the I service Is unJeiioiulnatlonal tie
hymns and Ulble passages beiu rttitcd j on a sheet ailS I
distributed among the people A lauo organ aol n choir
furiiisti musicvl tu Ip for tie cunnittli > n wtio Join
lustily lu i the tliiitj oil fashioned Imini arid tunes
ere used Clinrcli coing has bvcn running down in I 1 tIn 4
cinnall partly becaute of the dull character of the ser t
mons preached by some of the leading mmltert an I
partly because of the attractions of Sunday theatres an I
beer gardens The aggregate alien lance of all tho 1rut
estnnt churches in the city Is not over I3IOI him lIsle
of this it Is almost miraculous to see four or tli c them and
people gathered Into OttO untcuoinlnatlonal house ol
vanilm Slis hall was leased for six months wIth
pllrllrie of Hie use of the orksn A wealthy clllunol
rinclnnatt has said that he will not sue the wuik suffil i
whsn the sit months term of rental runs out but will
pay the expanses himself rather than let the enterprise
he niton up No church orcsnlzstlon ts Intended lbs p
aim being to sow the Uosptl seed broadcast aol huM lf
karvestU gathered by lbs thuitUia

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