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TllIC BUN SUJSUAY Ar L 11 v 1880 5
inorrivo now CADKT rrniTTAmm WAS
rovxo TIJCD TO nia cor
A WIn ei who TId hie Own IIsuiiU Hr Ue
Knot Himself will Haiti tnt he Could
h Ave Frrrrt Himself hd ha been In Whit
taker tlaet A Hnsplctoue lllssippenrance
Tlio proc odlns before tho military court
of Inquiry In West 1olnt ypstordny wore en
livened by ninny drnmntlo Incidents Tho day
will be n memornblo ono for tho Ilocorder
Lieut Clinton 1 Scnro nltlioimh Ills ronnnor
wns not affected bv his good fortune Ho had
lonrnod that Cnpt Micnh II Drown of tho En
gineer Corps wns doiul and It wns bellovod nt
the post that tho Recorders promotion would
bo nnnouncod In the next order ot the depart
mont Colored Cadet Whlttnkcr limping leis
limn usual took his sent 1 few feet from tho I
task ot Ills counnel Ilout Knight and ROVO I
testimony on soma minor points ovokod by tho I
questions of tim previous day
Tho court adjourned for a few moments to
examine tho colored cartels wounds When
they returned Whittnkvr was nokod his opinion
U to the oftlcncy ot nu onth to what oxtent he
considered It blndinc and whether ho believed
In future punishment for tho making ot a fnlio
inlh This was ashed Impressively and the
ludlanco was hushed until the answers camo
I believe In the efficacy of Rn path ho said
earnestly Iconsider an onth binding on mT
lonsclonco and truly believe I run tho risk of
future punishment making a false oath
You are aware that It Is generally believed
that the opinion Is I held by somo tho Recorder
mid that this assault was entirely imaginary
mil that you wero Mono concerned In It I
believe you say you road your Bible In whoso
nominees you believe Now I wont you to put
your hand on that Blblo L nnd take an Lu oath n you
ira in no way cognizant in no way n iren agent
or had any knowledge of or connivance with
I do sir uld the colored cadet without a
ftc witness afterward averred that ho had
more than once hnd occasion to carry n Iword
mor but he hnd either borrowed It or con
I It e one by adding a trine to n common
MKX Rapponhager the West Point barber and
Clisrlos tils brother ware sworn for their
tnowlodce I In hair outline Ahoy examined
6ndot WhttUkera hair IWn said I that Cadet
tVblttnkrrs hair was cut with scissors He was
shown 1 tlnr pair of eclssors hound In tho ca
t L lots tny Ho sid that hair could not b cut
Kith them lila brother said that the cadets
Ills was out by n email dull pnlrof scissors
t L handset n pnrson standing over tho mans
keftj When shown the cadets scissors ho raid
SB thought It Impotslble to cut with them Both
tirtiprs tried tn cut the cadets hair with these
lelssnrs but Ailed
Cadet UeorKo I Burnett the first to see the
olored end t In his rom on Tuesday ruornlnir
BOS then enllrd He leetlfled that ho was cadet
irfflcer of the day and when Whlttnker was re
ported abe nt at reveille hoooucht him In his
room He knocked and called entered the
room and called louder kept on his procrcss I
In tho room and continued calling until he saw
the colored cadet lying on the floor Ir l > the bed
LI If In I nt or swoon but be received no reply
Ue I called In Cadet Hndcson from across
Bin room and went out returning with the
fllcer ot thin diy lie saw the prostrate man
azsln noticed that he was bound with his
hands together and his feet tied to the bed rail
Ho thought him dead Ho was on his right
side His face was bloody his hair was wet
with blood and his feet were stained There
wih blollnd
Ins n Main on tho mattress tho wall was
mnrkod there wore spots on the colored youths
nothing and when the wltnrns picked up tho
broken 10Cklnl lying class down on the
SoorIt too WI spotted Them were littlo heaps
It hair on the floor near the glass but tho hairs
wern not nmttnreil on tho floor or on the colored
0 videts clothing When the witness turned the
apparently t unconscious l mnns hell over to see
i U His I throat was cut blood ran irom too wounus
d on the right ear There wore drops ol blood on
Iho Indian club lying near by Nona of tho
iT blood had conealatcrt The prostrate man
in ihlrered with cold Witness tried to untie his
t bauds but just then somebody handed him nat
parrot scissors and he cut the mans hands
ind Jest loose Time Surgoou Dr Alexander
Mine He shook the colored man and called
him In nnruc The colored man moaned Please
0 dont cut me I never Injured you This he
repeated siveral times Tho witness bad pre
i vlotisly felt the colored mans pulse because
c Cadet Hodcson had seen him moo Ho found
the pulse fut at first but finally It boat
111so The colored man breathed naturally I I
nl ygrI
6 Y
When the doctor tried to see the colored mans
tG eyes only their whites were visible Tho doc
tor commanded him to roll his ayes down and
0 hitinKer did so He arose without help whon
ordered to nnd walked over to Ibo washstnnd
1 ftSqlalnDN where ho washed himself He did this without
e The witness showed how tho cadets hand
ol wore tied with one band round each wrist
lere al n ronneetlnc band between the two tho
knotR being tvtwoon the wrists lie Inv on the
0 floor lolnl blackboard as ho hndjaeen Whltta
cli 10or beside hIp bed with his feet In the air Bo
bowed how tho feet wore tied with two bands
joined in hal knot n ful f knot nnd another half
As knot He snld the hands were so tight It was
nt dlftlctilt to Intrude the scissors between tho cot
w ton and the skin Ha said that Whlttaker
could have forced his hands and feet by work
ml clull thorn loose or by breaking the
bnndnc Hn could have readied his feet
and unloosed the knots thnt held them Coun
sellor Knluht had shown how difficult It was to
ol break cotton bolting so that It was with nn nir
0 of confidence that he Invited the witness to
aa brenk n similar band Tho witnesss hnnds
were tied nnd thn spectators watched the wit
0 ness anxiously They rose on tiptoe and crowd
a ed around the witness He broke the belts
easily amid a murmur from the Indies
o 811 cadet proved that he could
ip hnnds the WhlttnkerH
tlo his own way hlUnkorl
OW were tied Ha used his teeth and
0 lund to try Jo time Then Lieut Knlcht
slipped it i pocket rule undsr the bnnds where
a thn witness had said he could hardly force his
d scissors In Whlttaker case The witness re
1 clined on the floor a Lieut Knights request
and with his hands tied nnd his feet bound to
08 U > 0 bedstead < doubled up and began to pick at
lite fho nuklo knots with fall hnnds Ho did this
tot twice The Indies uttered cxclnmatlons Lieut
Knlcht him to untie
Knllht did not require the knots
bos Ho wanted to see that I was possi
hot ble for a mnn In that posture to
touch his feet he salt Cadet Burnett said
C ho could have tied the bands tighter I they
wero of old cotton This cadet Is a vary large
strong youth much stronger than Whlttnker
Thn cutlet said that Cadet Whlttaker could
g hardly have cut himself after his hnnds wore
nrl tied without getting blood on hll bandages
I fa There was none on them Cadet Burnett said
he had given his evidence without prejudice
de clvlue Cadet Wblttaker the benefit of the doubt
ntury time Tho court adjourned until Mon
or day
dayIn explanation of the close questioning the
on colored cndot underwent ns to his visits to the
nil family of a Mr Simpson atUlehland Falls or In
hly West Point It Is i snld that the Recorder will seek
to show that Whlttaker may have hnd a confed
cnl erate to assist him In the disflkurlne and tylntr
dlT ho underwent bO Ulmpson Is the keeper of
Ho tho cdel baths He has hold his position at
Iht post forty years Ills home Is two mllos
V Mnv West Point Cadet Whittnkor testified
taut he had hoen to that dwelling only once
a D twice Louis blmpson the son of
Clio baltikcepur was his intimatesfriend
hi To him iYhlttnker showed the warn
Ii Inc loiters he received I is said thnt Louis
ol Hnnpson who has quitted his home since the
assault may knnw something about tho our
r > ue Old Mr Simpson said yesterday he had
Bvo often BeRn bin son and the cadet walking end
5 talking together The old man said that the
ofllcer hnd questioned him about this friend
ship and he had shown thorn specimens of
ian IUlss handwriting Louis Is now tn Wash
ington he said Ha had been In West Point
a r Tnr tecotiga l he was 111 of rheumatism
cli In WrFhlnirton he had a position In tho office
143 of liii Tnlrd Auditor of the Treasury Depart
mint fho fattier said that Louis had proha
L My fjnnn back to lib old position Ho Mid that
e tnn tild him on Sunday or Monday that
a Culet lutfikcr hnd received n warning latter
but thnt It wns only written to toaro him
tie A colored roan at the post who wns asked
aiK ut nhlltakor suld hii liar always acted
orfl tunonc thn other cadets liken weak nnd timid
liiiow Ho Intimated that Whlttnker was his
tin own nsmlnnt but might havu fen assisted by
uA a ttiufoiiornto Ho had henrd that the people
at ttho Kills where tho homo of the Simpsons
If knew of the snult early In the morning
iini < no family sent a messunuer to West Point
Hecut Jo Rk whether It wn true that Whlttaker
gelul imt 1 hn murdered before the nB had been
Ian Generally clreulnled at time post
I IM llio i tinii and Aaiti Amirm says thai Col
Iturf lm rOlnr lrs
ttrs ° Tliimas 1 Barr Judco Advocito United States
ite 1 Army n the office of the Hccrttnry of War
elliS Tiuiej I I < ashlnKtnn Monday night to attend
tiul tile aclono of the court Inquiry In West
J T > this IR l added the Information that
657 tills Or tory 01 War has riceivod thebucires
r r lion hl tile outrage wn possibly the work of
tho Aojdviny rooks Gen Uchollold unld yos
0I fr Hi tnt I hl lin1 not heard of nny suih theory
au tti Ho i ilioimlit the word cook must be
a m i pi pt for eiilcw
eti l ain IIIOM and more convinced said he
no < J1 l lime Mjcjis knuw nothing nil about the
th 1 mlr What I have hoard Irom day today
IPres mo of this
era JCII S HIIII did not talk freely abnt tho
ion ruuloor Hint Iiuls Hliupon may abut
an nllt tlmi clrcuniBlanieH of Ilnl assault than
nf ri One L Jfipt Cadet Whlltakor The Gonnral
WI Imiii to h o deltci that loft for the court of Inquiry
t In lw I nl no Imis Simpson was one of the
irltk had J frleIidsa01i IB companions the colored cndet
to the post > ho edit coil al of thljl > 0 wl be
1C nxrn k lie i tlr the court nut The Oonflral was
dii uu whether a person familiar with the place
the niftr1 III reached Mr Wlilttakersi room In
I n without being noticed
Caution lie could wihout said < the General b USing
1 1
CteM KeeTs ron flays nettle with ltn
AColllilon Off Ik Hutttry
The Norwegian ship Leviathan from Bor
deaux commanded by Cnpt Jonsen arrived In
this I port yesterday During her trip her com
pony was Increased by eight men plokod up nt
sea after they had abandoned the last hope of
being Plvd
Tho rescued sailors wero Cant Hoed of tho
British bark Bnaresbroolc his mate and six
anl I
seamen They salted from Dnrlen on larch I
bound for Hull England with a oarcto of tim
ber From the first tho weather was bad nnd
tho bark which was heavily laden se I
verely For tho first three days however no
dancer was anticipated though tho crow of
cloven men Including tho Captain cot little
rest On the afternoon of Mnroh 8 a heavy Kale
struck tho vessel and throw her almost
on her beam and though Capt Rood who
Is nn oxperlonccd sailor had made ovary
preparation to meet the storm Tho wind
which with little variation blow from tho
southwest Increased In fury every hour driv
ing the bark almost under bnro Doles through I
the water nt n ratn that promised to disjoint her
timbers The heavy seas nwupt her decks con I
tinuously carrying away everything that 111
not boon secured And on Match 1 swooDrnir
overboard James Fnrrxn nnd Thomas Mathews
seamen and William Francis cook An effort
was made to save tho men by throwing to thorn
l > nml malo wood and life preservers but the ves
sel could not bo hove to I was quite dark
Short handed nnd with tho remainder
of her erow drenched and wearied
tho bnrk still battled aenlnnt tho storm
Ono of the dangers anticipated from her heavy
rolllnc and pitching was tho shlftlncot tho tim
ber In her hold and careful wntch was kept
upon the cargo Whether this catastrophe did or
did not occur could not bonsccrtalnedbut ono of
the men while watching discovered water well
inir up through limo boards Ho reported what
he had seen nnd as careful an examination nt
could ho made under the circumstances estab
lished beyond a doubt that iho bark had sprung
n leak I
The pumps wore at once mnnn d and were
worked day and night until March 18 Then
the weather moderated and allowed nn ob
servation tn bn taken The bark was In lat 36
43 lone 47 28 An examination of tho hold
showed that she wns waterlogged and work at
the pnmps was abandoned ThebonU had all
been carried nway during tho ton days storm
nnd It was Impossible to escape from the ves
sel which though she could hnrdly sink with
her cargo of timber was liable to co to pieces at
any moment and would certainly do so In the
event of a renewal of the gale
Under those circumstances It was proposed
to build a life raft but though the wind bad
moderated the SCI rnr still ran very filch nnd It
wns difficult to net any of tho timber out of the
hold so the scheme was abandoned end for
fIve days the bark drifted about helplessly upon
the ocoan On March 23 the ship Leviathan
was sighted
Tho freight steamship Scandinavia of the
Anchor line had n narrow escape from sinking
from a collision with the ship Thlorvn of Ilo
tau N 8 ofT the Battery nt hnlfpnst 1 oclock
yesterday morning Tho Thlorva had just ar
rived from London and was In charge of n tug
Tho Scandinavia bad just started for Bristol
England with I cargo of train and cattle
The collision was foreseen for some minutes
hut time force of Ibo tide and wind was so great
that neither vessel could bo cot to mind her
helm The jlbboom bowsprit and part of tho
stern of the Thiorva were carried away antI
tho Scandinavia won stove In above the water
line abaft time nilzzonmast and raked on the
starboard sldo carrying away all her mlzzon
rlcclng her davits and dock house Four men
on the hurricane deck of tho Scandinavia ran
Into tho deck house One man nt the wheel
lumped overboard but he was picked tip Tho
steward Itobort Bnthcnte was slightly bruised
but no one was seriously Injured Tho Scandi
navia was Immediately headed for her pier
where n part of her cargo was taken off t
lighten her stern and she was listed t so that she
took In very little water Sho will b repaired
without tho removal of her cargo Hho Is ex
pected to sail In a few days carJo had no puts
sencors Each Captain blames the other 11
Vtmottnt RafDiInc to Disease the Political
lime In the Army Appropriation IIIII
WxsniNOTOX April IOThe Republicans
did their best to provoke the Democrats Into
political debnto on the Army bill today The
Democrats had decided to let tho Republicans
do all the talking come what there might and
they refrained from joining In tho debate after
Mr Sparks had becun It Mr Sparks criti
cued the amendment withholding money from
the army when used as a police force at the
polls as being too tame Mr Conger asked him
several questions to which be paid no atten
Mr hawley flop Conn then delivered a
long speech taunting tho Democrats with being
cowards In their determination not to debate
the question and sarcastically asking whether
they feared that a general debate would bring
about the nomination and election of Don
Grant or whether the stentorian tones of tho
whisperer ot Oramorcy Park objected to the
discussion Ha pnkl that ho was not saying
whether he wanted OPI Grant but he con
fessed that the more of this nctlon on tho part of
the Democratic party the less 1 he cared how
pronounced and vigorous tho man wnt who
was nominated Hn train Invited time Domo
crntfl to debate for he wanted them tn make ab
President solutely certain the election of 1 Republican
Socor llobeson was for the execution of the
law I What sort of a President would he be who
would not execute tho law 7 I nm happy 10
say that tho President under whose banner I
served and that administration of which I 8
a part whenever they heard that the laws of
the United States were to bo threatened and In
terfered Tilth In their execution by any power
used all the force of the Government nt their
command to bo ready nt tho call of the civil
power to maintain the law and to keep tho
Mr Keefer Rep Ohio In his speech at
tempted to provoke replies from the Democrats
but his efforts were greeted with derlslvo laugh
terThe other speakers were Mr Haakell Rep
Han Mr Fryo Rep Mol and Mr Conger
1tip Mich
Sir Cox Darn N LI a all the answer
which he desired to mako sent to tho Clerks
desk and had read nn extract from a book
called Georgia Scones In which tho writer
depicts a scene denominated A Lincoln R
heareal representing what appeared to be a
brutal flcht between two countrymen but which
turns out simply to bo a rehearsal on tho part
of one man who makes believe that ho Is en
gaged In I rouehandtumble lIght from which
he comes out trlutaohant after gouging out the
eyes of his imaginary adversary Tho quota
tion was greeted by laughter and applause
An Altered Er la the Cbnrge that lbi Judge
lay 1 was Mad by th BUnoimphtr
KINOBTOH N Y April 10 Moott who
WAS convicted at the January term Columbia
County court for tho murder of hIs wife and her
paramour appealed to Judge Westbrook by
counsel on Wednesday for a writ of error and
sly of execution The on around upon which
the application was based Is an alleged error In
the charge of Judge Osborne who presided at
the trial whoro he says And there Is another
theory In the law gentlemen which Is I just as
010lr1 and that Is wheroo party In a civil a
tion deliberately swears false to ono material
part of his testimony and the jury are satisfied
that ho has BO sworn falsely Intentionally false
they are not only nt liberty I t reject It
but It Is sometimes the duty of tho
jury to reject tho whole The maxim Is I
1 falsus In uno falsus In omnibus This it Is
claimed on behalf of Moott is not only bad law
Molt <
but decidedly ngnlnst the prisoner Not the
least Interesting tart of the case is tho fact that
Judge Osborno aud the ofllcial court stenogra
pher Spencer 0 honors dlsnsrco over the Ian
KUOKO of this part of tho charge In Mr
TloEcras minutes the word sometimes does
not Hpprur niidho Is poBltlvu that I was not
used out on tho other hnnd Judge osboruo Is
equally positive that It wna used As this dlsn
rrcomont possibly involves life or death to
Moett about whoso guilt there Is no question
nlout Iul lueston
but In whoso favor are many extenuating clr
cumstnnces Judco Oibornqsfriends hivp boon
urging him to nllow tho mistake Tho Judge
1fllnu nlol
however dlsncrees with them and has token
the responsibility of nmondlnc tho stonogra
pherH minutes Judco Wrstbrook after con
lherr Ihe case several days reluctantly do
cities Hut ho must take time minutes a they
camo from the other court antI holds that with
the word fiomrtimes used tho law Is not dc
feutlve RomtmeB this appllcntlon Is denied
E n Fnrrclli flimsIness Success
I Is claimed for Mr E n Farrell that he has
eiUbllihrd the Unfit furniture biiilncnof its kind tim
the United statu I hean tualness la at the ego 01
IB loU and tiy hard work nco1 mansgtnunt ant out
form tourtuto cuitomcri lie tine Iwy l been auiceees
fill ll he t been about sdonrcarist 73 SIM 71 Bnw
cry ncirCmiilitrfct llctlilnlin rclill trade lie te sell
InJ I nholemli liolh In the cllv niul In the Houth mimi
Writ Tliouiih he hl n > M fiirnltnreon the monthly In
iiillmentplauror I jAr > ttr Urrtll boaiu that hi hu
nor uhJCt4 a cutlumer to Hie ennnynce of a ull
llVlitn Uoporur A > well si 0 mtnuuclurtr ol furniture
The HbarrnncMnk Uonmlulx Ilnrnlnc
MiLroiiD Pike County Tn April II lOFIre
I are btmnmni i to reek out In ik 1V < unWyhJ muCh
418 li I repom ted In the buck lowiuhly the thalfI
gunk ttcniiuini music MlKotd In mw JOIn
What thorn wh are Ensued In the MOT
mot Uay and what Col Mnplnoa Thinks
Ile Five Ten Contract In the Academy
Books woro opened ycfltorJay In Koosovclt
eCos banking ofllco 31 Pine street for rocolv
I ni names of subscribers to stock in Tho
Metropolitan Opera Houso Company limited
of Now York On Thursday Messrs Goorgo
P Wotmoro of Newport George 11 Warren of
Troy and G G Haven Robt Goolet J A Rooso
volt and William K Vanderbilt of NOl York
led articles Association for Us Incorporation
In the Secretary of States ofllco In Albany Tho i
articles of Incorporation state that tho company
Is to be formed under tho liability act of Juno21
875 that thopurpoBO In forming the company
II for tho business of encouraging and cultlvat
Inl n taste for tousle literature and the arts
and for erecting nnd maintaining ranting n
building for that purpose In Now York city
Tho amount of capital stock Is led at tCOOOOO
In 6000 shares of 1100 each Tho existence of
ho company Is limited to fifty yearn 1lvo
commissioners of whom Mr J A le
one aro to take charge of time charter anti re
cclvo subscriptions until n sufficiont amount Is
gathered to guarantee success of tho build
Inl and iittllmg up of time now opera house At
cast thlrtyono subscribes nro required to
nko up ten shares ouch before tho organization
can according to law bo completed and opera
tions can bo begun
Tho subscribers who met In Mr Roosovolt s
office yesterday were J A Ilonaovrlt leorgn I
Warren E P Fabrl G O Haven W I Til
Inchast J N O GrUwold Robert Ooolnt
Iutlier Kountzo O Followcs end I W
Gray Each took 100 shares Othor sub
scribers whoso names were signed by
proxy lure W H Vnmlorbllt W K Vandnr
lroxy Vrnellus Vanderbilt Ogden Goclet I
JoK Twomblny Mrs A W Sherman of Naw
port It I J Picrpont Morgan Goo P abody
Wetmore of Newport and Brndlov Martin
Each of these also took 10000 worth of stock
Oilier subscriptions were made In the course of
ho afternoon The twelve subscribers first
mentioned sat with closed doors They looked
over the propositions for opera house sites sent
In by the scoro by real estate dealers Mr
llooseveltsnld afterward that neither tho Bittm
lon of the opera house nor Its architecture hnd
boon seriously considered by the commlsslon
TS It was not the commissioners business
When tho organization was completed the busl
less of selecting a site would properly come up
rho present task of tho commissioners was to
ot the cash subscriptions for the undertaking
It was pretty well understood Mr Roosevelt
added that the opera house would not bo built
below Thirtieth street nor nbovo Fiftieth street
and It would bo between Fourth avenue and
Seventh avenue I was not unlikely to bo built
convenient to 1 station on the Sixth Avenue Ele
vated Railroad The subscribing box holders
aro tn pay 11 admission at each performance
Wo have carefully weighed the luattT
added Mr Roosevelt and we think that It will
bo a success Several of the directors of the
Academy of Mimic look upon the movement
with favor and will join us Wo hope to have
more of them because it will boot mutual ad
Mr George H Warren an nctlvo movor In tho
scheme said Inst evening I
The new opera house Is as certain as any
thing in the future can bo but I cant talk about
tho proposed site Real estnto Is dcltcnte you
know When wo are nil ready wo shall lon
The house will bo orected In 1 year I bollnve
Can Now York support two opera housrn 1
events It will support the better ot Ibo two at all
Rut it tho old house has a good company 1
Oh you cant always tel Col Mnpleson Is
very plausible very But we shall see
The new opera house will bn built say Us
projectors In tho very best style with snr the
modern improvements Among the prospective
box owners ore several wealthy Indies
bx Comlneback next year 1 Why oertnlnly
exclaimed Col Mnploson last evening In the
lobby of the Acdomv of Music while within
tho opera of The Huguenots wns In proc
rees My dear boy Im bound to come Why
Im bookod for five years whether I like It or
not You can say that Col Maplcson has sinned
articles to civo opcrn In tho Academy lluelo
until the sprint of 1880 I shall koop to my
contract of course anti shall try and give Now
York what It wants nod that Is saying a good
doal for New York is 1 the hardest city to please
I know of Infinitely more orltlcnl than London
I knows when It has 1 good thing end It wont
tolerate 1 1 bad one I think I have learned jusl
what will please I and I shall come back noxt
year with bcttir i company than ever I shall
bring nil the nrtlsts that have mad > 1 hll here
Ai yon know I have signed with Nilisson and
with Gcrstcr Oh thcras no humbug about It
They will both be hero
But 1 I Is reported In anewspnperthls morn
ing that Nilssons voloe Is troubling that
silo has bronchitis How is that 1
Merely one of tho tricks of the opposition
I Imo sum Information from her agent Mr
Jarrett that she was never In better voice than
now She made n Brent success In London on
Thursday evening I week ago Then her
tinoritmdo which she has always found dim
cult was perfect showing that her voice has
much improved Sho sang In tho spinning
quartet In Martha which abe has always
been shy of with ret success Do you Imag
ine I vouhi dnro to try and palm her off on a
New York auitlenco I she wits not all rlcht 7
And do you think that 1 woman with a fortune
of 1400000 or 1500000 would shun a contract
thnt aha didnt expect to be abla to carry out
Of course not
And Oorstor 1
Site will surely come I am expecting I
cablegram dally from Dr Gnrdlnl her hus
band saying Hint ho Is a proud father Shots
to make her next appearance In London early
in June In Sonnambuln anti Nllsson appears
on the 8th 01 May In Faust Then tho world
will know whether thoso two eminent artists
hnvo lost their voices or not Ono thing they
have agreed t and that Is to pull together
like sisters for Ibo general good This they
can do silica time tnlontof one In no way clashes
with lInt ot tho othor Nllesons rnportolr
hero will Include Faust Mignon Lucrotln
Borgia Boltos new opera ofMoflstolo Tho
Hugonotn Trovatoro1 Norma onl Lohen
grin Gorstors Includes Dinorah Lucia
Sonnambula Linda Ambrolso Thomass
hamlet the Mlrelln of Gounod The Star
of tho North ali 1nrttanl A word about
the now opera of Meflstole Ills founded on
Goethes Faust and was written by bib while
lio was still n student In tho Conservatory at
Milan He wrote both music and libretto
While ho was arranging to dispose of the score
to Rlcordl ho was horrified to hoar ot the rue
cess of Gounods Faust In Paris I wns
three years before ho gained heart L permit
his opera to be brought out When i wns
heard the success was Instantaneous Bolto
will go to London to superintend its production
nil tn onnrtiict It I admits of fine scenic dis
play nt anti i will be put on with scenery by Mnn
unnl who painted the Aida scenery and with
quite its elaborate costumes Then I will b
produced hero In the snmo manner
Will Vnllerla como back and Gary nnd Cam
pnnlnl nnd Gnlasslnnd the other favorites 1
VII erla of course She made 1 decided
success I dont really care to say just who will
come and who wont for that will make hard
feelings among the company nnd whats tho
use 1 amonl may rest assured I shall brine
bnck the old favorites and what new attractions
I think Now York will be clad to boar
What about your arrangements with the di
rectors of the Academy 1
Simply those I am to have the house for
flvo years fro I of rent Alterations will bo made
whereby 120 new seals and twejntyslx boxes will
bo added The boxes will h rlwht herelpolntlnR
to the partition thnt divides tho lobby from the
auditorium just back of those seats there
They are tbo best In the house because they
will bo the coolest and tho easiest ot access In
Part the basement tier Is usually occupied by
the Ministers In London tho pit tier Is always
preferable A limited number of these boxes
will ho offered to tho public before I co back to
London olerN now sent and boxes will add
t300 a nlklit t the house at present prices
0 icnowthorowns n tnlk of Imposlnpnn extra
rate of U a nlcht on each sent occupied by
stockholders That would have amounted to
810ckbollors plan obviates that nnd puts 0
more In the treasury than I tho first plun had
been carried out
Youvo made money hero
Not In this houso I wont hold enough
ITO lost money In Ibo Academy but mr extra
Brooklyn nights hnvo just about mndo I up
nnd my provincial tours hivo been successful
On the hIlt we Bull HR hour after the last tier
formnnces of Iho HiiKuenots nil but Cauipn
nlnl and onoor two cthors who stay a fovf days
to take part In tho concert fortho Italian school
0 How nbout tho new opera housu scliomo
It dont Boom practicable on time plan bald to
he afoot Why tfiOOOOO wont build tho shell
Twleo that amount hns boon expended on the
London Oporn House anti Its only up two
stories Orern Orand Opera house In Paris was
nnd thrieii that
five years under consideration tlrlcn Ihlt
time In belnir built and It would not have boon
completed then had not tho old one burned
down A new opera house Is n tiectAnlty for limo
town but It cant be built on the jiniiii
Mr August llnlmont corroborated that Col
Mnpleson said ns to tho nrrnnironiBtils for the
nnxt season which opens the third week In Oa
tobcr Ho said Hint ho know nothing About the
proposed Inll opera houso llio directors of
polo had made nu nirrcemeiit with Col
MapIoBon by which its Wn8 to furnish them with
good opera for live seasons lo come
The Sunday Inw to be Kntbrccd In Troy
THOY April 10Time mombers of thin polio
force were dlreelod today to enforce tho provision 01
the Mquor Imiw rcaulrlim the cloiln I of saloon on lbs
htlLtiiI TIle onlerliilie rnuit of 50 liittnlow of
dcpui > ilon i1 110 Interuted II lbs lIIuonc mn
mtutviltU I tlie Mayor
Opening the Cnanle
I ALDNT April 10It Is oftlclnlly nnnouneoi
gf that pr wo c u Ap 1 bi optimal to navigation on the aoih
9 OBrLlAZ jo I nr xna n
Br AdTtnlare with a Rebel ColaeI 1
a ye he was nctrnycd by him
Cal 1 E 8 Edwnrds of Newark N J who
was nn ofllcor In tho rebel army had nn Inter
esting experience with Williamson tho perse
cutor of tho Rev Dr Dlx during tho rebellion
Cal Edwnrdsa parents who woro loyal to tho
Union lived on tho eastern shore of Maryland
and about tho closo of the year 1862 ho made an
attempt to visit thorn His brother was In tho
Union nrmy but ho thought ho oould safely
make tho visit On tho nlcht ho arrived at his
homo ho wna arrested through Information
given by tho servant girl Ho was Incarcerated
In Fort McIIonry near Baltimore In limo fort
nt thnt time there were as prisoners of wnr
len Tllchmnn of Maryland Col Robinson nod
n man named Wllllnmson who It wnH repro
sontiMl was the private secretary of SlUloll tho
Oommls9lonor nt Paris Two I weeks titter
hum arrest Cal Kdwnrds antI Williamson were
taken to them Old Capitol Prison in Washing
ton whoro they wero lookod up for six weoKs
Then they wnronxchangod by way of Old Point
Comfort Col Hdwarils was only two days In
Richmond boforo ho wim ordered to start nanln
lor tim lines Ho met Wllllnmson by appoint
ment nt Orange Court House and they went
north travelling by night Grossing tho Poto
mao nbovo bl Furry they coma clown to
hat placo and took tilt cars for Dnltltnoro
whom thoy arrived In just ton days from the
linn they wero exchanged
rime morning after tummy arrived In Baltimore
Cot IMwarde was arrested while at breakfast
In time Fountain Hotel In Light stroot nnd ho
barely escaped with his life lie beiiovea that
Williamson gave tho Information which lad to
his cnpturo During time preliminary oxamlna
lon lujforo Cnpt French AVIIIinmKon anturnd
ho room As soon R ha saw Ool Kdwards time
latter says he quitted the room In haste nail
went down stairs That was Iho hist Col Ed
wards saw of Williamson until two weeks ago
whqn ho visited t tho Tombs and Instantly
recognized Dr Dlxs persecutor ns his compan
Ion In the Old Capital Proecltor Ho accused Wll
Inmson of hnvlna betrayed him In Bnltlmore
and of having done so for nionoy Williamson
strenuously denied the clmrgo and said ho
was iirrobtod nt the sato time nnd paroled
Cal IMwnrdfi Bays that whllo Wllllnrason wns
In time Old CapitolPrison he broke n bar off his
Iron bodotend nnd with It punched 1 hole
through the WIll Into I the adjacent cell In that
cell tho Rev Dr Cameron nn Episcopal minis
ter wile confined Wllllnmson usod to lie on
his back with his car to time hole Col Edwnrds
says and receive religious consolation from the
imprisoned clergyman Wllllnmson was then
a ready talker brllllnnt In conversation nnd ho
spoke several languages and was very uuuvo
with overybotVy he met
wlU overbM let
Expelled from tho Providence ConfercBce for
Gross Immorality
Nonwicn Conn April 10Thmo Chairman
of the Committee of Inquiry In the case of the
lOT A W Pnlce charged with Immoral con
duct boforo time Providence Conference ro
ported this morning that tho committee of ten
lad found the charge and specifications pro
errod against him to bo true and recommended
his expulsion from the Conference An elderly
preacher mado n motiqn thnt the black record
of this mans crime be destroyed that It might
not bo n blotch upon the record of tho Confer
ence for the Inspection of future generations
This motion was not socondod Bishop Bow
man remarked that Mr Pnlgo hnd tho right of
appeal and It was not well t destroy the ovl
deuce before It was known what course was to
b taken by the accused Ho thought tho sec
retary should file the evidence as a part of tIme
records of the Conference Tho report was
ton accepted and the recommendation adopted
The particular charge with which Pnlco Is
charced and upon which ho was convicted by
Ills colleagues Uln tho Providence fonferinno
was that bn wrote olisceno letters to hiss Susan
Gates of East Hnmpton As far R time young
woman Is concerned iho story Is full of pnthns
ly nature Bho was deeply religions nnd nllled
tn this characteristic was absolute innocence
When Pnleo went to East Hampton to prench
ho girl had not lone been nn active pnrtlclpnni
In church affairs but her zeal was ns great ns jt
was now anti alma looked upon a prnacher ns
almost angelic Boon after Paige Went to East
Hampton he met Miss Gates who was watching
over the deathbed of an intimate rlond In
quick eloesslon alter the death of MIRe Ontosa
friend tho young womnns mother father and
sister died Upon each molnncholv occasion
Falcoofllclntedwith his mlnlMrntlons nnd ho
Is charged with having used his official minis
terial position ns a moans to become intimate
with Miss Gates His letters to her use scrip
tural texts to strengthen the most pronounced
fr olovo doctrines to which time girl however
appears not to hnvo become n convert for nearly
all iho letters aro evidently efforts t remove
doubts expressed or Implied Tho tirenchcrs
Importunities whether they unsettled doubU
or not Hiiccccded In unsettling tho girls mild
anti she Is nol 1 pntleut In the hospltil for limo
Insane at Mlddletown and the Superintendent
thinks her case hopeless Q
OPENING THIS niiiixa aroiiTS
Games Played YreteidHjr bJ Anntenn on
the Jlonboltnn Club Uronnd
Tho opening handicap games of tho Man
hattan Athletic Club were held yesterday on the
club grounds In Eighth nentio between Fifty
sixth and Flftysovcnth streets Tho games
were open L all amateurs anti tho various
nthlotla clubs of this vicinity sent representa
tives The programme opened with the first
trial boats ot tho ono hundred yards dash win
ners only allowed In time seond trial heats
There were sixteen heats anti with twn excot
lions each heat had flvn entries Time final liont
ton by WNcwborouch of thn Manhattan
Athletlo Club In 10H seconds An additional
boat was run by L A Stuart if time Knicker
hooker Athletic Club mid J H VoorhoeH of time
Brooklyn Athletic Club ns Mr Stuart a
foul 1 wns won by Mr Voorhocs thus giving
him the second place
In thin ono anti n half miles walk trial boats
there were eight competitors In the two heats
and the first four In each heat nnterod for the
trlnl Irst This was won by W Conudon of time
Empire City A O In 12 minuted 15 seconds
Mr 1 F Smith of the Montgomery A C com
ing tn second
There wore four trial heats In time six hun
dred yards run each having from live to seven
entries Tho llnal beat of this race was tho
most exciting contest of the afternoon and was
won by T Davolln Emerald A C in 2 minutes
1 second
J J Cablll of New York city calncd the sec
ond place by 1 fine spurt Handsome gold
medals wero presented to the first and second
men on each final beat Tho third annual
spring May 22 meeting will tko place on Saturday
nil Kefaeitl to IITO with her Uhongh he
Ilollevci she le a Good Woeo
nle oe
Frank Lozoe nn actor In tho Union
Square Theatre company was before the Jef
ferson Market Pollco Court yesterday on a
made his wife
complaint abandonment by wlo
who was formerly Miss Kato Geshnrdt They
were married two years ago In WllllnmBburch
Last fall he deserted her and sho wont to live
with his mother at 618 Atlantic avenue where
sho was mate welcome and where sho yet
lives Justice Duffy slid to Mr Lozcn
Cnnnot you come to nn uuderHtandlng with
your wife nnd live happily tncolhor
wlo lve hnplIJ
Impossible bo rupllod Wo can no longer
live togrilher
1 Mrs lozee said plondlngly I
What hava I done f have given you no
cans for such treatment
cuso bade no ro > lvnnil time Justice asked him
his reason for leaving her Ho paid
I hnvo nothing to say against her I bollovo
eho Is I cood woman but our tampers are In
Mrs LOMO roso from her chair anti stand
Ing before liar husband wltlioutntrntuhod arms
ahtITry mo once more I will do anything you
wish mo to tin You slmll never complain of
m Dont IPIVVO mo In this Will I Is too cruel
He listened unmoved to hor pleadings His
only reply I was
Knti II Is useless We can never lIve to
gether ncnln
She turned nwny with a cry nnd throwing
herself Into a chair covered her face with hunt
hnndH anti burnt Into n pnnslon of tear Lnron
exuressud his wllllncnesB to prnvldn for bis
wife nnd ho ngrenil to tiny hor t5 n weuk Ho
wag then discharged
Couffan Ilrolhrre Forcing Off rnri t
One of Coocan Brothers four buildings In
time Iiowcry cxteiullnic ftoutltwnnl from llrntul trcit on
the call 1 lid harliie been condemned by the Pepiirtiiipn
of HiilttUnpi I to hue t torn down cry loon This I i le t
bullillnj im next door toOrnnd street II which t kept
on iiU oriir lutmt went of eitrncti Thro cirieti
mini hunT I UIIIK I forced IT at n nticrltlcu Oiirliii itie rrec
tLin 1 hy Louuali llrollrre I f tliv t lion luilMliii biifliicti
Mrlll riiic tu lie I IrmiiiActod In tho othi r tliriv NDA I1 I I
123 SeC l 121 1 Itie prem ol luietuiae In lbs fiirnlltirn llm
luit now cclii pole lush I m to bren nil theIr si t > rrt npru untl
li I oclock every penlnc They are offcrlni nillfl
llniutli I carpet at vmm r > n j > anl and Uuraln of all cradct
paturni and colon at M teiiti a J si
If Yon Vac Tobacco Mlllilnlaut
You certainly should use Carters Little Nerve Iils l
Hf it laundrltd dress shirt In the city for the money
Cues each llrltlsli socks ado pair J iv Jolmston M
Urged it I also 575 Ou av aJ door above > M iv 44
Spttinl Jlotttts
IIAWniNO tnuffleii spurts of mucous upon the Ion
1 clpcitlncin tlie ttiront crackling In the head cu
allS OK CATAIUtlf hVrMLOVnNII the putrid score
loin Into the itomncl WIIILl 1r SLEtlP ami IN
UIlNil the noxious liniiurlth TiE
relic the illrcstlve emit the rcfpirntory organs caiuloz
iTrpcpila BltOXCIIIflS tiouriin and other illwawn
The Antl Onurrlial elements illncovf rul by DI Will I1B
4KYEK not only cure catarrh but bv assimilation with
tho mucous membrane they EXTERMINATE ITS S
ruiSON from the syotcmn as vaccine virus rxIcnnlnnKl
the seeds cut itiaul luau WKI lilt MEYKRS OATAIIRII
CUnii Is I a CONSTITUTIONALit well I a local remedy
This cxtlalns remarkable cures of Catarrh Influenza
Pore Ttiroit Won Ujo IUD HltEATII Ac efTecledby
the new treatment MR BAWl nENPDICT JI Jewel
her I 007 Ur03d < rny N Y sty I CANNOT smEAK TOO
HIOIILY of Dr Wet I De Mejers rented I cured a
member of my family of long AII l Chronic Catarrh
MRS EMMA C HOWh830 West Washington wim K
Y wrime I had SUFrCKGO roll THIRTY 1 A3 1
and was enUiely cured by Il MR L F NTfrrfAN
merchant 3O5 Fallen street Brooklyn certifies My
physclans cave me no hope hut your compound restored
my sease of smell and cured my terrible catarrh MRS
A J WIIITTIKSEV Now Market X II writes I wish
I hail wont to express my Krntlliulc to Dr Wcl Do Meyer j S
A Vnonledno of tits CaUrrh Cure four leers net WOULD I
CII1 writes I had 1 suffered for ten ears The CURB C
soon brounht from my now drv slujs A roLYItS and 1 °
the greatest qunnUty of vile mucous I ever M1 Knjs
the REV C J JONES New Ilrlehtoti H I Iliad I
tried everything and feared I should have torlveup
nymlnlitry The CURE cave me IMMKIIUTE relief
Hundreds of simllir cacs dcucrlbed In full In DR WEI
DE MEYERS TREATISE mallet FPrE to anyone by
his AsenU P H UriWKY A CO W fey st N Y Tht
CUltn Is DELIVERED by them find loll by all pus
meal DrugKlstsat 150 1 A real cume I J
A UAai1FIeFiT bTO1
Ti1 t
Banetl upon t > irreat ptar
By itmr Fawcilt
proilitced at tlie Union hqunri1 Theatre u
out Mntnlnv next Iti N < i GTO of the c
From the Kalnj KrKlll f S
Ill sUed in cptlte still Minnld pine I
Ills hlnn tln I totti linnld rust I
If Mrr Kmpht of FmoltinZ AlIno S
Hctrn ed A womans uutt I S
Iluttrutli were fate homi honor shame
And richt oncsrlh wouM end I
If he who hcurx the fit tdlni nnme
Should ouoe deceive a friend t
For snlc by all new denr rs
Will positively produce a perfect ifcnj of Putt upon Bald t
lIt i u where tin hair llimclr ire not entirely none It eu i
rcm < nc < IlinUntt cleAn liuUurates Ktlmnfurs and y ttt
ha been nril with creator surctS thAt nuy nthtr prep
aration for the held or micoip lit the millie leeuu it century
clvliu the ymuK suit nM a cUaa hcalltiv piealiwvklii ami C
most biutlluinid of lull Sold In C N CIUrTKMON
Nii76tli av N Y All druclst Depot 31 Central
Wharf IJnson
TOHUITLY rKDrrnii ruioE
Two hlcli grout snrilcn tour uwn Imiiortlllon onn a
true iioruiuiiut t er > drv 1 tho otiur Uluro o tvr ricli
71 5ui l per bottle fit 5u > tier gallon cnutl to inv hcrrv oli t
h Ih United Mike M J ir lillV II 11 KIRX JtCOt
No tiu Fulton ftU and T1 llroulna > I
ertht tk t d
NATtRU VIST ion VoRT XV 1ST has arrived O 4
per r3lloii SI 1 per b itle No otliir butt IM I IU t f4S
II I I II KHilt t ACO q ill Fnlon et nnlnj lnid tvc y
CONSVMlcluitX IIEtlIfli J
HALLS IUISAM fT Cite MVfS l the OSIY rellahl e
remedy for Cnii uinptinn toM fneuiiiuiiU UrcnchlUa jri
Asthmi rronp Whooplnir Inrih Ar S i
IlbN Y8OAItlIILIf hXLVK nnriialled S
I EuEUi N fc < 6 OF Soil HllOAIl VT
are rclUnzilntr HKhK lt1N1 AMI huts iFOX t limst I L1
botlU1 Ocr that tho trade in irk Fi lc an1 tit rur Is l F 1
on itch bottle liar unIt t lace il buklnetv 203 Droad I
wav Son I orders bv pottal card
viHioriMi counn EtC It > IN Itt it S
ila > > lirDr LIVrilNS KhMIDYMIrpnK llulnut I I 215
HroHduA 1 AUni 3lt Ut iv u irill ieittsit 7 liti av and
alllniigi u K Ito mall from A OT1 4 lu InI Mill t S
It 11 1 CJ I ITS IIsiSKTlio riirlyant vfry In i S
KlJlous smrtomsol klilnoy ill en e ile tlhid Cues by C
letter trot illlco Dft IIALIH P27 Hi cad 11117 i
Ijniluri or N VAN BEIL on Ubtl Depot B8 Clurn
bcrsst near tmt ureim I
Cteaniiik Vorls ilJU 7th av N > w York ounl for CircurL I
Jtliatoua Iloticts S
it lniS Iheatre Mill it l Kunitur r X Ad
drem by Mr t T M Tmi lot of Mount crnon Knblcct
Mixiernl Hrlnkrri alto the Rev Pewlttf Milter will
iprik Hvj McICeiilc Jnt Hall Ill ulg duel entitled S
u Holy Father by Wallace Larc choir
Kev uhOKili II CORliY 1ree
r II CAKPENTER Cor Mrretiiry
AAUEIIIUA N mdci emisletd tsmiittIC Cltumrch
z t m mteiisloim ttail 11th miL ituyreim i I miuil it aye S
iter Ic mtuu A it C I l iil4 u iii tile tvcntii A
mcii cull e riOt I ItOet letinr 1sivere ott elotilt itt mrieSt
ile w mit i cr1 tnt Itnin ii ii Cotiitumc Cit ttrCh Chill or ft
Priet i dl ie bulisutuoul ttuuiI utli time priests iimil te pres S
tnt ai tree conue uiiy
T C1tIClEitiI IIVII Jtli av curlier mill
AT m the Union lloipi1 orlees The itt v annel Col S
conl will preach nl a i 3iJ Sinntnv allernonn subjtct
A nut ilms Uenrllli Hrcba and a chorus choir will S
flni All tho seatsaio Ire hcrybody welcomt S
t we < t of till ayThe Kev R Hebor > uvvtuu will
preach at 11 A M and at
at7 li to younc men on Enlhu la m
N IIICKSviIAiLKsilN flu ito vlll rltll er a
SI lit Cuutlrm on mite nut ftuin Miero Is I tile SniiU
XXorldt at II I i oclwk In M ck Mink I Hall I 11 I I limit I Mill I
st near Mil av u good music seats free A cordial invi
tation lo all
iS ruMiMiitAVc MKITIN ni umuuai
A lMcre tthl4 rv < nlnu attalitonla limit Horaiio t
near Mil MI mir dlHilu ulfhvd lu v Ilaniil 1racy tt 1 S
VIncUiid N J will vddriss the mectli c Hood muic
Aco 5
MVronerteil Irlcn at Cl irondon Hall nih it
t Fitiier I liini tn ituiii inai V 1 M SI m M I 7 in IM j
11501 iit iTNTovtTTi Tiiim F iiiir
k I ym nlllci > iiductilu < pel icr ie Suiuluv miiht 7m
l llA Titinf Wlll < OMi ant ro 7To A
U till UIIIIH M 511st I oiirll > lurd Inuiirence I m S
to tIll own < tfrni < t aiUent Th it im > w leer itt iil pt ricli S
in the Medical Cullrce corner 2 M it aol ilh av Snndiy
G 1tSll 1MIIN HA 11 7tll at nearUlhn
s i lnirg urMtfi tilorc t remuvil I Hundtv I Vi I
A ti liiiio nilin in i I prmiil tIC ly I tin list >
P VXilliainsil i 1 I M llo p l teuluteranro inrnlnv lid by I S
Vr ihuiUs A llnntin 71 3 cln ln < HIMIO it < i
tluitvsh tin llei llr linn trthi 11Y miuuul tO S
cord ant ulluis Tho iiiLitiiiL ull be niiKvr1 nit I
Mon Iris m nils lo liuMfl iIsil l 41 nit lit 1 > t 4 ti 1 1 M i IS
win ic Hiev nlllle held et > it rMiiln sill iiiSunlm 1 S
11 hen ti C lor < until the oreuliK c1 ito lluspil Tint All 1
Intlled t S S L
IN i iirM r r < viiioiii < iiiirn
l tailur McNinara liu 11 Mtirvsiy
1UII tit5rn mjitare it I t ukiuil t all llm
pue ii iMitrikiU I ViftMnv mi iuirv 1UJ < > U 7 M
Mninu led tit c nil Initiimnnt I
NIV irKtMAIrtf Clllltlll ilvviiilibrr S
LS slm > uiih sthitniin t I Iark I a 1illusion t l i ii Hi sS
lies h S I Howiid ristir i mi u II l I A VI April I II I I S
IreaLluiu by tile ItL v i II I I Mamiii ursnui m s 1 sun
dav school at LI 1 1 > A VI btrnlikt rs ii > ldlidlt Invited 5
U iTi ° > i IJ si Minilty rinil rerliirr on
lhiT oll dliiil l fluisl VflltHinineill IhiO l
and VVheru No is tile iltht i v bth < ii i iuiui 1 1 itll st 7 3 io I
pit a ro huliis IIIP i t < Aol clint ti tu I ill > t I Mninun JIUl 1
limma Ktnsum ituisl 1 tbc lare new hour
Riii < iuiv tNii rmfiisosMi VIM HU
to ihanan un hue Iliulur Life nt hi JJIMI llill
Nn J7I lioncry near lloiittnn St Sun lI Arril 11 I I at II S
oitockA U
T ioui > rM iiTAitiii isriiiriTritvrn S
J Rev Nnwton 1iiklns m pistnr lutfr Minds vtorn
llii service ol holy t > iiltiiuiiiiin 5 C 7 3 I o ck lu entniz 1j
si n lea at 7 3U a liii moruumouu out flieli < iiiiictiiiiHd > 1
SrCOMn AHVINTllonmat Cuoiwr Ln mfci S
LI dcro I It Taiset wlU trench Mind ly April 11 I I at K
A M 1 and 3 r I kt AlUfnuon lubjecti iuinmuniiim 3
Bttufri AuareLayuti
Tko nastlQeld flatbed Concert
Mr Baoinold several years since sot on
foot A series of ballad concord which have
proved very attractive Saturday evening enter
nlnmonls They are popular In character tho
price of admlesion not being large and the
musical toast on Abundant ono To
Steinway Hull tlioroforo tho public Is
accustomed to flock In vast numbers
on the occasions ot these abundantly oqulppod
ontortnlnraonU Butch nn audience gathered
hero host evening anti hoard ballads nunn by n
great variety of vocalists some ulnnoforto play
nu by Mr PonBonnd MlanVlolnntc n flute solo
nnd pieces every vnrloty of style and Intcrrst
Miss ThnrBby anti SIgnor Brlcnoll also took
Part singing to cthcrn ditft of Ardltl Thin
veteran tenor whose voice M nil ot Its old
ring antI force alen cavil nn tuna from tlmt
composers opera La Spin MPB Thtirehy
Riinc the ad in I table hmi I had Twlckunhnm
Ferry which is just now springing
into pnpulnrlty with wonderful distinct
ncnn simplIcity antI charm Those con
carla bvnldiH Introdticlni Hlncera of world
vldu roriiitonru in sauna sort nursery for bud
dine talent Miss Vlolnntn n young pianists
made hint diShut lust pvenlnc playing Ilsrt
Second HutiEnrlnn Itlmuaodv It wits too
ambitious n composition and tnxccl licr ro >
sources too greatly There Is no reason lo ox
poet that n young dtfluitnnto will nt hnr first
conrnrt play Rucconnfully n plccoof Kuch force
and nmirnltudo that time Inst results of tnahnlriuo
can do no moro thnn conquer It Time very
nervousness of such tin occasion would stand
to hun way
Mini Vlolnnlo has nvcrythlnc In her favor
youth honuty stroncth Intnlllcenco cood nc
cent n llrm touch Mhonumls simply training
Icr technique in still Imperfect Nowadays time
piano has become nn Inexorable instrument
It t must bo played potbelly or It la not played
nt all
lIar performance last evening nt least t gave
oneoiirouoment totlio belief that Miss Vlolnnts
will hnvo courage and persevoranco to conquer
its difficulties
Two Greet Mniteml Fcetlmle
Tho month of May will bo nn Important
ono tn musical circles by reason ot the two
festIvals to bo hold then Time first In order of
Imo la that of the old Boston Handel and Haydn
Society From the 4th of May to tho 9th In
clusive will hndovolnd lo the celebration of limo
fifth triennial festival of the society The
chorus will consist of bOO tIme orchestra of 70
performers lime following is the procrnmme
May 4 eeninzSt laulM Mendela ohn
Mar 6 criiiiitTite Last Jitd menV Ppohr
8tabat Mater ltos inl
May 0 alternoon Rip Van Winkle overture O W
Chadniek 41d Fsalnl Juduc me O Oodl I Ueiulclt
sohn Ninth Chorali Kvmphonv Ileethnvon
May 0 etenlnc Marnilon1 jtvmphonlo overture
3iifllev Duck Manznnt Keqnlem VITIU
May 7 ovenlnr Kprlmr and Summer roam The
Soasona Hadn The Dtliice1 Ratnt Hacns
Ma r K aheriiotin A intMvibuiPous concert br the solo
pincer orchestra and chorus Including Utrecht
Jubilate lUst Ume by Handel and a chorus by J a
May 0 evening Solomon Handel
The othor festival Is thnt nt Cincinnati dl
rcctodby TliHodorn Thomas This begins on
ho 18th of May and closer on time 21st t but In
lint Interval seven eiilertnlnmonts will he given
Time proernminrs conolnt however mostly of
miscellaneous music Thin largest work tbnt
will bo undertaken Is Bectliovcns Mass In D
LottA ppfAH ti Tp 51 the Park Tin at re thli week
Ulns Fanny Diueitport plaji at lUrcrlyt Brooklyn
Mr 11 tl Chapman recites In Chlcterlng Ht tomor
row ari rnaoii
The Theatre Comlque offer its peculiar attraction
throughout the week
MT Partner brctm attain at the Union Square The
atrc tomorrow evening
MAKzl Mitchell ADpcnra A3 t4ttit RtrtfootAl th Grand
Opera Ilcmc nil this work
The Widow IiiMntt still hold the fort aUUvtrlj
Fourteenth Street Theatre
Mr Dulya nw pUy The WAJT we Lire fcrroi Clue
programme at tits theatre tIle present week
llnlloj Iiratea for Ten 1 Onts still formt the favor
ite attraction at llie San Frunclco Miuslrols
Tony Denlers Humpty Dumpty opens at the but
cast sail theatre tho vvindpor tomorron nlKlit
The ISet l week but ono if MllM at the RUndard
Theatre with Miss 1lxtey in lime bile role is announced
Irof H Cooke makes his last apivarance as the
Klncof Spirit Exposers at the hlamlard Theatre this
Mr That T White lakes a benefit at the Firth Avenue
rticatrc Thuratfay afternoon at which aiientertalcment
of unusual enceIK ncc IspromiM1
Mr Lawrence Barrett apienrx as iimfrf IHrieTttu SJiif
hk and IHttil iliiirtrk till the illtTcrvnt ccniius ot this
week at the ithatnsbunth Novelty Theatre
Hazel Kirk mill form the programme at the Madl
son Hqntm Theatre this week and Hulitii from present
apptarances for an lnd nnle time to come
Heart of Oak Is still running at the Fifth Avenue
Tlieatrc It has been judiciously panned of much of lu
unnecessary dlalonue aince iu Initial performance
Haverlvs Mastodon Minstrels are booked for another
WTck at Nlblos llirden where thi Itiby Elephant
and Spoontsh htudentsH are attracting large audlencea
This Is the tact week of Xr Mayo at the Olympic
Theatre The nrst four evenlnifs ol the Hcek and the
Iwnmstinees h I < plats l > nfi Cftrlrtt Filler when he
takes hH lemeflt l lie I appears as uinri and uaturday ai
Solomon send I slneoards to this ant and bears plajed a
Prominent par I In connection Mlth the boy I ii ho mucked
a prophet oM The nay nt an antbxarmayl be eon
sidercdb the boys who ould be wise at the Aquarium
this week
Mr XVallncks Improved verilon of Mrs Inchbalds
comedy To Mrry or Not tn Marry will be continued
thrntizh the present week at the slid t of which It null he t
withdrawn I In make uav for other attractions The
larcc ToObl e llcnson concludes tbo performance
The Hlhnemann Hn pltit fAlr op ns Uvmorrow at the
Mvllon tlijuare Harden and will continue it foriiiglut
Siunniy nitrictlon aro unaraulced that i the lair ii lll i
trtbiMy tu ptlronuod In antiling but I humivoualhic
dopji It Is for the benefit or the tree bed fund Cnaun
i e > vt iiefcn ts the orator at tie oi clinic
Idwln Iluotli appears at Booth s Theatre In I Hamlet
the ftrst tour evemns of this week On Krldav he pa > s
MirMh iuiit llar aflernnon he aailn fus llimttt and
Katnrdav evening be appears In tho Merchant ol Ven
Ice mind Taimni of the Shrew A laruo tuimbcrof
seats have been sold i In adanco for each performance
Tony 1asior and tile troupe orcned at the Walnut
Ftreet Theatre rhuadelphla Ivt Monday and accord
ml to the press of that tInts mci r town met with ureat
succeM till the week Oil ol tile Httractlunsat liNthcatre
Bt M7 HrosdwHV tho preittfiit week wilt be n local drama
ct contemporaneous human Interest entitled The
The la < t two of Mr Jnhn L Rtmldiirda Illusirattid lee
turn will tic dollverid In thlckerlnt Hall on Monday
and Wednemliv eenlnis and Ineday sill Fridar alter
noiini lo morrow ovunlnif and Tuesday altcrnoon he
will dettriW with the aid ol his illustration bpaln anil
un the remaining evenliu mini altcrnoon Ept Mr
StiMlitard has earned cnliten opinions whereter he has
Icllvered thete lectures and even eirrled Hoion by
storm when he appeared in tiuutcuiuure1 city IaC month
i rin trai ether have thin tnt or depicting the conntries
they bate vlbitcd soKrapttlcaliy
nirnunift show has met with Its usual success Him
Credo hitve been turned awey oerv iiUht As the same
IerlormAnco Is Klen each afternoon children lose flout
me by attcnllnt Ihe matinee The Incorporation of per
lormint doves lsrlnj pta Rust I trained nxen has the
mile nt of novelty In a circus entertainment The stallions
edncatid tn accomplish illfflcnlt feats the leadlnc eiiies
trUns of the world and a larice core of aernbatJi are
nmon the nttractluns A great feature Is Zazol who
dupe irom the Ci most girder ot the Institute I a distance
of lilly eel into atnet and then enUrlni anlmmviu4
caniiMit is shot a distance of tntr teem
Musical Xute
TtiU being Sunday evening there will be ft nIrt at
the Urand opera House
The Rank Clerks Murlcal Atsoclatlon Rlre a concert In
Klein way Hall nu Tuculay evening minim
Tho French Opera Company cive thli yenlnc In tli
Tilth Avenue ThAMtrc u concert at which a number of
the prnrlpal nrtitU will ut > p < Ar
IU Kate nell may IK heard In her Mutlcal Mono
Icguo lu Ollckcrinn IlaH on Wednesday aiurnron next
at 3 oclock and oit Krl1 y ctenttu ta
Koter A that offer a prrtrrniimo rf tmuiiual MtracUre
nmi at their li UMu Wen TMI mutytu ltd niruci ttle milling
The usual conciTts uimt to liven tliruutitiuut tile week
A testimonial cnncfrt iMorfd tn Mti < mirth Momise
contmltu wilt tOt o place ttidneU eentiu next In
svtimay Halt Mr 0 I > TrlUvh Mt Richard Arnold and
others will asahI
Mr Jciomc llopklni havln < returned to thmi city sOur
n lecture concrrt tour ii Ill te two nf thw etiUr
taliuncit Inre linril I ntuch ii ill cun Utuu for ibn
I mr bin iriatUv kcaiit 1
There will be A iicml t onrert tutu vmiiitig at Ftelnway
Hill in niil nf lie ht frnncii llnijittAl I i In Midi itreet i
nrir Afiiu H ltieiKlrt IUMM I urch tra and
uinlnctit ArtUU are sit e rtm4 tt t ii pcar
At lUd liiiou opera Hou tdu UrUht ftiul parKHui
oirtretuo AaitS ko ciii thirtv Keirln At t llmiip
cnntlnuo tot iiicrluu aiulKnc1 tiultth uute i e n llto
fcilut try rinif ro run l > oi t of mnre innncvnt t inn slot
Ircali silt uoytiit l liuiuor than Cit llbrrtto ii ttn lultcr
I leer aud to U t Mr Colliers music is aptly filled
Tomcrrou evening nt Mr lvlnfti fltU inuuil con
cert In hlfltittA Mall I I MHS llitii rbv Mr ruiner Mr
MilH nril IheKltiic 1 Tlioiuftis orclutirii mu mIl utMit Milts
and Ilnnir play a concert by ibotrt tot iwu pUnnn
Hie mcluilral nlocUotu mo nu nt rurcullv malt cud
tuG conctTt us ill tio ono of time moftlmllUnl ofttio ecatuii
TIe Anon Society Klo their annual Concert tithe corn
tile nt tint lull rtt 1J I uiuul I Jl i I bL Mark 5 liter Aimm
UIL I Ucrs tn lie lertorme m i II ro I nc if litintins chnrtitnt
Hhinroleitffr Ami elections IHMH Kuicnitfin nnrt Hrl
ttii hI Uii KIieiHC Coplcpton ftlpcumr Ill the Ire rcimuue
which li conndvrrd ule of the best ever offered hy the
Tie rchcamt and performance of the Flxth Symphonr
concert nndLr Ir Inmrnsih tikis jilaro rcltoC i Iii ely
tit Thur rutiiy Lilt 110511 atul Sniurday t VeilllC in u u This
vill lr both to the adhi riut itt > i tl i old and tlie disciples
of thf i ew n limit ol uiUM1 S ui f tln > mot tiluere iii tie
concerts of thu seiirm lituthovins Ninth t < iipli > ny
and thu third act ul XVtkiur s icfifrud C t iou ciuii
Durini this thn lailweck of lie ore to lldt u lll be
pirtornicd I on MondA buIlt lion Iasiuulo on rile
llllV lM Ior71 lii I lHalllM oil t dlll > Ktl > IlllUt
on rinirsja nnd IAS Hiidiuinots at iho Siutirdir
mntlnii tll unity finlnvc hi finipanlnl his his
biMUIII tho nvrannni 01 wlui i wlP inilmU Ih oconil
ait 5 rfarmen Ih tlilid ill t nl Ii Farorlui the
ttnrd lInt ii IITrovatnro I I and th second of lucU di
Xolce of Intui liilnntenti
Thirteenth annual reunion ol Canmron ToilO A B
Tim Hall April iu
IciUval of the Waltor 6 Rilltlun Association Per
reros Assembly Itoonis April
Illuitratcd lecture mi riiniuil Put and Irsint
bv the Key 1 C 1ultcr 1aUrnulu IUiUI Uliurcli
rncilay evenlns
Concert nnd receptlin In nit 1 of the Mozart Fund by the
bit ZIuTC vinnual LIIIUU Ixniiijlon Au chime upiru Housu
Thnrsdny evenlnz
Mnilcal Itteriry ant Ira iuuftte enU > rtilnmint for mite
bennlt of iho poor it I I Ic huh HL 1 Iauls Initilute Hall
Wednesday evenlnir
Lecture Tho Paired Miulo of Anclci t XTalej by
the Rev Llewellyn I Hevan fliaxl ol HIP hurl 1hurcli
tomorrow xtjluu Kluglnn b a Wiliu choir
TMI Fackelbootti Tsthcn liora Two Nle
YcurOld atria In Ilrooklyn
TTTO Troll dressed girls each about nlno
years old were yostordny afternoon arrested In
Button street Brooklyn by detoctlvos hall nnd
Wllllnms for picking pockets One of the girla
wont close up to a lady who was standing In
front of the show xvlndow of Looser storeantl
covering time outside pocknt of time ladys cloak
with her own cloak was nbout to lift out n pock
otbook as detective flail seized her Site began
to protest that she had douo nothing nnd wont
unwllllnely tolollco H > n < lntiiirttr8 Rime nnd
companIon wept freely xvlmn taken before
Hupcrlntondcnt Stnipbill Tltny gave tho
natiioflof Flora Welso of 278 Atlantic avenue
and hector Newman of lloorum plnco nnd Htato
street They hnd two pookolbooks In their toe
session ono containing n few pennies nnd
ho other n Kold horscsliou usod an n
watch ctmrm Thnro wnro four pocknt
books found In llio rcslJonco of cnch of thin
girls They contained no monny antI limo girls
parents Enid that their dnuKhtom rlnlmnd to
mvo found tho pookcthookd hooter Nownmns
father Is time sexton of tim JtnvitOi synagogue
Beth Isrnnl In lloorum plncc Tho fnlhor of
Horn Wclsi Is n barber Tho chlklrun eon
pgsed that thoy hnd fnronmo tinti been plckluK
tin pockets of Indies In Fulton street
They woro locked up for tho night in the
Washington street station
see rise o ioiHun eta II uoMosn sell COt
nmn wiTKn mis DAY
Bandy Uook 8 U7Uov Island 0 17lllell0vtoll 00
Arrived RITURDAV April 10
Bslladjl Falrcloth RfThomas
f > s Itlchmond Hteviiis XXust 1olnt Va
Si Hole of leorcla lmlih ala cow March 90 and
Larne JHth
8s VIorrn Castle Reed Chnrlcston
Hs Kranconla Manuaui Tnrtland
Fs Hedcwater McKenzIe Dona
Ship Furopa 1eterfett MterpooL
Ship Tblnrva Draham Ixindon
Ship Ireal Victoria rut Illcntta
Hark Ertrinns Moore nnkirk I
nark Adolf Itrochclm Iiirmen
Hark Hrailliera Melnhnrd lIla Janeiro
Hark Dlslngann Wahlhvl t Antwerp
Hark Elliicr uumuhe non Harrow
Hark Anna XXettrren tllatiffow
Hatk Carolina Tnmisulch Helfaft
liarS Alice Kay MuKeurlv Clenfueioi
Cs Abyssinia from New York March 31 otQasenitown
on her way to Liverpool
8s Imlia from New York March 23 at Harrow
8s France from New York March 31 baa passed the
4urd on her way to Havre
SAILBD rnox rORKicn roars
Us Amerique from Havre for New York
Ss Herder from Havre for New York
uinti Jlolitts
What are skin and scalp diseases hut the evidence of
internal liunior ten times more difficult tn reach and
cure which doits In the lool I and ether fluids rtestror
led this delicate machinery ol m life and flllin the body
with fi nl corruptions t Wnat IsconsnniMlon bntarath
sting of Inhcrlteil humors on the Innifs which rots them I
Whatare mental InftrinltiesIdlocv and ctrlylnsantty
but hereditary poison chootilnc tfie brain becauMi tho
weakest organ What rheumatism and gout but ac
cumulations of scrofula in the Jenti Snit fluids What
ulceration of tho liver Itrljhts ticcie of thekidneys
latetei > MaiUni and degeneration nl the nrlnarr Oman
hei > orrholda flitnla and other constitutional affection
tint the erldencc of a vltiatod tie of the blood a Msak
ness AOebllltv of the litaUm ttulds irrcaUr titan ccii
bo thrown off unltus assisted by medicine peculiarly
adapted to the purport
CUTICCI1V ttEstVflNT I tine Brcnte tutooi purifier
liver sUmulant and renovator In medicine The ele
ments of dl easc cannot exist where It Is Ireely nnd roj u
larlvtakeiL It pnrifes from the system every deblbtat
Inn humor Improtea the npKtltr perfects digestion
stimulates the liver and kidneys opens tlift bowels anti
mike over the vlUatrd blood Into a pure vlulizliijr and
reitorsthc fluid
GITTirUKA Ail rrriOIIll SoArs
The CUTICUItA UKSOIVISTiini I Utcd In rnrlne all
humor that appcir upon the unrlftc by CUTIC17II a
Mcdiclmuat Jelly which arrests All rxtrrtial mrtomt of
iliwiFe rnti nwity iteail kln f nnd fleuti alloy inihnlnm
CloT ttclln and Irrttntton i hfnN ulrert nciren and
wnundH ni l rrprtutice and loautinoi the hair tr I allay
Inc heat and Irritation It contains nn create never If
comes rnncll nnd is 1 a natural Hair ressnir HITKU
KA MKUICINAL TOILET SOAI pro pa red from CUTiril
ICA for cleattlnu diseased surfaces heallnz sortenlne
refrcblnt and beaullfyinir the skin Is I Invilnahle Itls
a toilet bAth and nnrvrv Ininry CUTIClIH MKDIPI
NAt bll AVISO MIA I Is the ur > t and only medicinal soap
prepared expressly for shaving and is cxtravaeaiuly
praised by gentlemen
What cures of Hlood and Skin liiva ami t 8cslp Af
fecUons with Loss of Hair can compare with those of 1 the
lion Wm Taylor Boston Slate Senitorof Massarhu
pelt Aldermsn Tucker Huston H A Stccle Esq
Chicago F I If Drake Fui ivtrolt and many others
details of which may lie found In luture editions ol this
paper 1
Coninltallon rooms forchronlc diseases of the kin and
scalp especially of wouien and children as Madison av
MAIIV i jnssRLiN M n
runcum iirMrnm
Are prepared by WKIIKSl 1 1orTKIl Chemists and Priiz
cists 3011 Wnstiinifton st Hoslrn at Front lit Turnntrt
Ont and K Hnow Hfll Iont < > n and arc for sae by all
ilrncells Price of CUIHLIH small boxes no renl <
lirre hone contulninmi twouI niehmiut timee Ihe iiuuun
time tf hue cumuli Ci flEClttVEST ft ret lottie t tTm
luttA MtJlttIAr Tottir cOAt 2 cclii user ctle
cuTmttjieA Mt1ICINAt SItAVIM Ot1 ih ccitt per
cake in ban for barbers and large consumers 50 cents
Letter from the lion tlamee IV llnsteU
IHNpaitker nf Ibc Aaserulily
State of New York tiscmbly Chamber 1
Altany April 7 1SKO i
0 A BRANDRETII Esq 1ronleiil
My Dear Sir I write for the purpoM of tjcnrlnc add
llonal testimony to the efficacy of ALLCOCKS kIuii
TEllS You will remember that a few jears since I iom
mended them very biddy on nccount of ttte beiuflcUl
effects that 1 personally cxierionccd from tbilr use whsn
sutTcrlnx from brul4cs occasioned by a severe fall and
from pulmonary dlfrknlucs
I desire now to I add to that communication another
stitemcnt In their behalf
My un Thomas while at school In Easthampton Vais
wasattacked abontthrte years since by neuralgia and
rheumatism combined the scat of the troubles belnc In
his shoulder Joint He suffered so really that I feared I
would be obliged to take him from school He tried ymi
timing remedies suggested by excellent phslclans with
out avail At last more lu tier titan ii expertliuum I
ajvised him louse I the ALLCOCKS 1OROff ILASTEHS
He did so and In less than two weeks was letlevcd
from all pain The remedy produced a perfect cure He
has never felt a twinge of rhsumaUsui since
Yours truly J W HlSTBD
Eclectic Medical Colleco of the City of New York
1 Llftneston place Nov 11871 I I
In the course of my practice I have found ALLCOCKS
POROUS riASTEIW worn over the small of the back
in the region of the kidneys a cure for
They are also useful In brain aOecllons tn heart and
kidney troubles and tn spinal weakness they are gen
erally invaluable
Flrttclnas WhiskIes
The wklskUt emanating mesa the honsc of AlEIAN
pElt YOUNG of Philadelphia have stood preeminent for
rnanyyears and are established favorites with the con
noisseuri of thU and neighboring cIMts Ills RYE CORN
DISTILLKD WHISKIRS are nrlvallciJ for purity and
flavor and elicit the commendation xpcrlcnced jndges
supply these well known brands at wholesale ant retail
FRKDK R WEST 59 liroxi sf Is tlie Nsw York repre
sentative ef t Uis Philadelphia bouio
1e Tilarlvr to Mick lleiidiiitse Ncnrnltln
rhenmatiitn Su i 0 lieS poor rlrililatlonl I Tltv HOLVIAN
hllElt tAll it HrcnioilkS am thi unit thlnits > on ntnl
try them and bo convinced Consultutrons tito BuJ
llruadw ay above mYth ht
Allen IllKin Pooil Iliilnnlrnl Kitrnrr
trenvthiMis tin hraln hitS ncrrnusd billtv and hilt
nis ol ut > iuialie I nr ins C I u turf Ail driuii
DirMANAstur Uwmo tlli nUIJ lot tv Stud lorciicular
The ntnst rRlcitflntia allninlisiit to rsrlte1 the
arii tile ai Aiuutluia ItilUra l rcptreil lit Uinlur J u
II Miuert A Sn > II ware of Lonnterft Its Alit 3 OUr
Crouuir or druzgumt or tile uiulno tiiicU
Vlnehestr IIy > ai > kni > lill > > a
Will cure ConiumpUon Couln Hronohilis Debility Ic
Fine Silk llnt H1TO ivnrlh S S Xobliy
DcrbrsSltiu woi ill JJ ItNewChurch SL up sutrs
Mpiilliia sprlllff elm tea or items itress stud
Dei by hats now reafy < m Hronlway
noWIVpnRTKILEOn Kjiiday April 4 by the
Ret Father Vterrlck ii C Boxen toVI U I Cuddle
IHHtlKItHAIIIKiLll I On Thursday tic dug April
fl by the Kev Hohert Harbour brother of thn bride
Hattie Horler to hlliabethdauchter of William Usrtiour
botli of Hits oily
BUbIhaIt01JINBlB BrogXIjn oa Thursday Sib
nsl by the IteT I > W Ranererl D D Robert Robin tG 3
rdla A Robins all fflhat eltr
MLADBHAckllTT Brooklyn by the Rev Tin S
Henry French r Blade to Louis r daughter of lb
lacketl Kin 1
VANDKUlllLTRTUROEB On Tharmlay vnrnn S
April H by the Rev II M Bcuddor D I Oeorite ft h
VanderbllL Jr to Mary 1 daughter of Harrison Slurssa
all ot Ilrooklyn S
PmRFTTI In the city of New York on the 10th ttr c
of April libel by the lion Charles Daniels n JusUcc of
he Supreme Court Mas lnln PicrelU from Angela Lug
tardtllereitl Cause adultery
nucn 4
FAYln Frooklvn nut Frilay April 0 nrliluetnli1oW
of the tate John Fay aged A3 > cors
Funeral will take placo on Monday mornlmr at a
oclock Ironi her lain lesttcnce 4tt Htatn sL I Ilicnco to
tie Church of Our Lady of Vlcrcv Dobevrie place miter
5 i solemn mass of requiem will lw offered up tom the re
ptie ot icr soul
Relatives and friends art respectfully Invited la atlernl I
Intrrmenl In Calvnrv Icmelery
IttiniHKKil tin Frid tv April I 0 at COt Veit29tli it
Alirahani Frledbirn nuedllil years I
IIAYFM nn Thursday April 8 at UI Freeman it
Oieinpolnt Patrick Ha es
Interment In Calvarv Vmetery at 2 oclock on Sunday I 4
JONES AI Sailors KniiK Harbor s I April in Kmma
Vwlieot the Rev Charles J Jones In the nuth 3 car of
tier see
uvv0n Silnrday April 10 at 2ld East lothst k
Fanny I vy aucd 20 yeirs and nmontlK
McNClHII In Kast null st near Av A on April 10
JUnch VIcNilsh aacd 10 C0r4 must lumonths
IHDOon Haliirdiy April 10 al itO East 24th si
lorlli J daughter of Charles Undo aged 10 months 1111C
dim14 S
lUHHNSOM I Thn reinterment of the lit i John O
toilnstm will tnke placo In I ilrccnwcod CVinc > ti > ry on S
TiictTv the lath hut al 2ii oclock HIiouM the
weatler bo stormy Iho rervinaila will be postpimeit t
mill Thursday thin Itih Init Iteleliucu suit friends of S
the family Ioarl Lodge Ktdalits of Honor M > 1H7H
and tho members of Typographical Union No n are re
iiteMed to be rrcfent fminlro at the ofllce of the Super ° IIi
ntrndent for directions tn the crave
VV IIKON On Siinrila April 10 of pneumonia Mary e
Alice wife of Joseph Wilson

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