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I I Af llb JLJ L r = 1 i u J iiiui I = Tm J t
1UCT3 JUMirjV JWOJIf THK nXlttllUOtCli
Petty Crlinlnuls thnt nr Developed Into
I Ilnnk Jlarilars Mhrre their Incrnlnne
Toots ar > Procured Hum aDd Foreign
Crlniliiisla Til Diinirriona Hob r Crlmlnnl
Vlillo In comcrpntlon 1 few days be
fore tha recent police chances with Cnpl
Koily Mr Golden nnd Mr Pusoubury of
the citys detective forco I reporter of Tint
BUN raised tbo question ns to how far In
herent mental qualities and previous habits of
life and occupation Influenco criminals In their
Eoloutloti of tho several wiiiks of orlmo by which
they book to live Capt Kcaly replied that
those things have much less to do with Iho set I
tling of criminal pursuits thnn tha Immediate
circumstances and associations under which
the first crlmlmlbtepa nro taken and still lees
thnn tho progu lvo < tdutntlon In crime gained
In penllcnlhiry nud prison life From this bo
I clnnlng a long conversation ensued on tho
topic of criminal life Inasmuch as tho three
J old and experienced officers corroborated each
bther throughout anil broko Into each others
remarks frequently for tho hotter elucidation or
illustration of points thnt were made It may
be as well In presenting a rcsumo of their ox
I vorlonco and conclusions to regard tho three
collectively ns one nnd their several utterances
O3 the combined detective voice
Jinny people they stld especially those
whoso knowledge of criminal life Is purely the
oretical or derived from tiovoU Imagine that
persons entering criminal pursuits are goy
ornul by what they havo been prelotnly and
1 Ihstn criminal pursuit once adopted > Is ns n
rule adhered to or In other words 1 man once
I n pickpocket Is nlwajs a pickpocket or m
J other ouco I burglar la nlvvnyi a burglar
Hardly any supposition could bj moro errone
I ous Primarily thero arc of course predis
posing Influences which have a certain effect In I
governing choice A man of education refined
habits nnd possibly n minimum of courage
would not bo likely to ndopt the criminal walks
I requiring bruto forco nnd nerve Bitch I ono
would bo far moro likely to bocomo I forger or
tuunterfolter than a burglar or highway rob
ber btlll under certain circumstances op
portunity and the particular modo of working
of thoso who woro hli tutors In crime he might
bo either foreign as they would bo to his
nature Criminal occupitlon however 19
like everything olso progressive Two
things stand In tho way of tho be
elnnor In crlmo attaching himself t
what wo may vlovv taking them In tho
criminals own light as the higher walks of
j predatory Industry tho top rungs of tho crim
I inal ladder Tho first is naturally lack of ox
porlenco and skill the second lack of conn
dance In him or knowledge of him by the older
and moro practised hands whoso cooperation I
would bo necessary Hence If ho cannot
etriko out for himself by tho force of his own
trenlus somo new line of forgery confidence
operations embezzlement or others of the class
of crimes dependent upon brains adroitness
and address for their success ho must enter on
the broad level n n general thlof ono of the
class who will steal am thing they can lot away
with from a needle to a Milpa anchor From
that lovel ho mny rUe partly by tho forco of his
own Increased knowledgu of tho
Ilcrcnsc1 practice of
crime partly by his natural adaptability for
especial methods of proving upon the commu
nity partly bj thn advice and coiiperallmi of
older lrlullni with whom ho comes In contact
t whether at liberty or doing lime Inn prison
1rom n pettv general micik thief ho m ly bo
count 1111 of u gang of pickpockets unit from
n pickpocket In 001110 of time may suddenly
CIO to the front with distinction even ns n
flrbtelas bank burst ir I
There was 1 Caldey ono of the lnnhnt
If tan liink burglmMis i an Illustration i I who ho
I Jorn Unit job vrit simply an ordinary pick
pockel Kobort Corcoran a s nothing I but ono
I of the lower tints 011 IitV him PS until sudden
ly he mail I r I > talon bj his complicity In I tho
robber of the llojlsim Hank In Boston ono of
the moft enormous anil nudCMlti bank rob
borle ever perpetratd That happened In
18G9 or 1S70 Tho burglars started a patent
t inodlclno btoro In a bull ling adjoining tho
bank on tho noeond lloor the level of the hank
f They cut through tnn mil back of the bnnk
pat pinking Into i their patent medicine boxes
the brlk ami mortirtlipy took out working
I patiently by night and concealing their opera
I tions bj dm until Ihoy could get at thin back of
1 tho safo which they cut out holly The next
morning when the cashier opened the safe ho
found that he could look right through It Into
the pntenl medloinontor orwnlk through It
1 ho chnxu mid that f 1100000 In clean en I
I had bfcii carried oil In the eouro of Ihu night
Tom brnper was another who distinguished
hlnifolf by rising from the condition of a
7 badger thlefi variation of the panel
I house cune tnbo a burglar and I flratdnaa
one UN first big job was the burglary of tho
Quincy 1 tnk of Quincy III In 1871 11 tho
l war tin I nnco ran lor Ahslxfint Alderman hero
in New York while ho was 1 badger thief
and ciino vary near being Heeled Theru was
target eimpnny named after him Ho incite
I moro motley probably than nny other
man In his line of business at that
time was very liberal with I and con
sequently popular among n certain largo
class of voters Scott ant liunlnp who were In
the great Northampton lan burglary used to
bo mre sneak thluveg In Chicago Other Illus
trations might bo given If nocssary to show
that criminals as a rub go through prepara
tory courses of training take degrees In crime
b 7011 may bay all that applies not simply to thoso
who enter criminal lltoas adults through cholcu
or this pressure of neechSltj hit those who are
born to crlmo an well Thero In I no high road t
tho top of the criminal protection any more
than In any other Inf
About the shortest cut la afforded by the
Btato prisons Thero U improvement there
under Pilslmrys management In tho tore
criminal education but thorn Is yet needed In
both prisons and penitentiaries Tnn Suv was
I right In some articles It published on penology
a tow yeirs ago In styling thoso Institution
i schools ot crime At that time there vverognth
er1 together dully In one disused shop In tho
Auburn prison 4UU convicts of nil ages and
clsses from boys to old men from young < nlt
clnners In I crime I to tho I most harilnned Olnl InJ des
Verde offenders Iholr intercourse tcs
porlo ofellorH 1helr was unre
1 Btrnlned I and It may easily bo Imnglncd what
their topic ofconvorsntlon were Out of that
school graduated Homo of our worst criminals
It who upon entering were mere pettythloves
Are there many firstclass bank burglars
known as such now nt liberty In this country r
the reporter asked 1
No was the answer not moro limn twen
1 ty who deserve that nppriiatloii I requires rare
qualities In 1 criminal to conMltiitn him ons of
t tint class tin must have patience intelligence
mechanical knowledge industry dutermtnn
f ton fertility of resources and courage all In
hfuh degree Hut oven If ho poeaosaeg all
0 tinftp they cannot be utilized unless he can
I tnl associates possessing the same requisites
I or gain admission to onA of the already organ
i iced gangs and they are very chary about tak
I I Ing now men Into their confidence 8onietlmiH
I I the nrresl of single man out of a gnng will put
i a Plop to the operations of HID remainder of the
11 J alnl for a long time sluinly because they need
c another IU8n anti can Mud nobod they can
I I trust Hank btirKlnrBbomotlmcs spend months
bOl0lm09 Inltls
1 I In preparation for a job gleaning nocessnry In
il t formation or tile habits ol bank olllelals form
I Ing advuntngcoua acquaintances and making
fipproailieu to thn eovuted treasure all the lime
but with Iho patience to wait until the Iron Is
fully hot before striking n ulII Vilion thoy
I como across some new kind of lock they will
manage to get possession of one whatever Us
coat and whatever roundabout means may bo
necessary to get hold of It and taking It
I chart will study Its construction until
they know Its strong and weak points and how
j t beat It juntas well as Its Inventor or maker
p could They are always on tho alert to utilize
I i for their purposes every new III > utlzl
11f power Loll t that machine for Instance It
IitJi is technically called 1 drag Simple its 1
t 1 looks I Is extremely powerful and so quiet
lif lly IMla 01 a bit I hole Is bored through a
nifB door that block la 1 set Inside Iho point
iIh oftlila screw rests on tho block this block
I 11t1 rcrts Inside tit lurfaoo thnt has been boriol
r then the screw Is turned by this long handle
I iJ which 10 men operate As the screw turns
4 it the blocks are forced apart further and further
I g I la I power that hardly nny construction of a
t I II safe can resist Either tho hack or
the front must give way Here la
LI Another machine a common jackacrttw
only nn exceptionally powerful one
rigged so that by turning It will noiselessly
4 ij force Into the crack of n snfo door ft succession
r of I steel wcdgea first one as thin as 1 knife
blade soon one as thick as your hand And
the hinges must give way Where the size or
location of tile safe or vault t b forced pro
Indus thn
elut08 use of these machines and an ex
S p oslon becomes uucexvary dynamite and nitro
glycerine employed with the greatest skill
with inch art In the deadening of sound that
sometimes an explosion which rends asunder 1
hugo safe cannot bl heard twenty yards
way from the room In which It Ukta
I place Yet with all llieao precautions and
h skill It I is seldom that a bank burglary
iL fs attempted In which come bank employee or a
look export like Kdnon Is not 1
dOOk eXIOrlkO J an accomplice I
do not recall an exception t that rule In nil
Tars Then In the eoveriu of thnlr tracks
Cverlul Irtcka
thesfl drstclani burglars are remarkably MrOI
ore of thor will not trust an expressman to
Carry lay their tlunder however thoroughly
L jrimlnnl and ln iiiipathy with them he mleht
bo but would buy simply for use on the one
occasion I coach anti pair of horses which
they would sell tho next day nt auction Ameri
cans nnd aol nrn ginrnllv the sharpest burs
Urn end most skilful In evading pursuit
1 Where do burglars get their tools 7
Almost nny mechanic or blacksmith will
mako any tool hn Is called upon for 1 Its construction
struction Is within bin capacity without asking
nny questions about the IISPH to which It Is to bo
put provided ho gets his price for It I la of
course morn than probablo that ho guesses tho
COlrs use which It Is Intended i but iii lit Ilesn I ii ks
In not his business Ho Is guilty of no offence
for thorn Is nn law against making burglars
tools unless guilty knowledge of their purpose
can bn proven anti thorn Is no law against hav
ing thiiin or carrying them about oxcopt nt
night bill the matting of such Implements tAn
as n rule conllnod to those mechanics who are
actually In 1naIA with the criminals who ex
pect to tiso thoU
Am womiii omt > loyed to any great extent In
the perpetration of burglaries 1
As uteiessorieiu yes to n very great extent
They are emplojed to gain Information to
stand outoldt wath when I hit rrlc ry Is going
on Inside I u building I and not Infriquently I aid
by taking rooms where thnlr accomplices may
out through walls Into ndjolnlnMorraor warn
houses lint I never heard of I woman actually
In tutu work of opening safe
taking tnrlln OJOIII n or a
store Homo 01 them lutro tIle ncrvu for i but
not tile strength t ilrslred
It Is n inlMiiku Jnll to suppose thnt European
criminals I AUlwrlor to ours in au roitness and
boldness Our bank burglars are ahend of their
anti In almost other
ingll h rivals nn so I ninosl every
branch of criminality Semite novel things ilotin
oil the oIlier Hide of tIle water hare given rise
to tho notion In somo pooplofl mlmU that tho
Kurope crlmlnnlH hao moro originality than
ours Ono nt their quenrext ali most novel
tricks tiia thnilocltwoik lodge for burglary
Hint was opernt d In llolglum and I believe
In I IarJB 1 JewelleiH worn tho let I < A mnn
would KO Into I jewellers Moro buy some tx
ien 10 tlnm ICY for them and lake them
away Ilowould I return the Iwxlhl amid saying
that howns nlrf1 i I tnt t I I list them to tho I keeping of
his servant would nsk permission to loivo
them temporarily I In I their box III tho jewellerB
site Thnt U lu eirded ho would return a
third I time i I Ilk nrro put rellasos put thlI
nUoin tho box timid take out ROUHI article In
doing KO hn would set In motion I concealed
clockwork iii fin box which at acivon hour of
tho night would strike n hammer upon neap
Ire 1 rn s of iljnaralte In tho box nod with tho
fLiloaloii rend tho enf > Of course tho burg
lars would have tholr preparation 1111 to bo
on hand when that occurred That was Ingen
ious In Its Wil but requiring Inllnltuly less
kill and address In effect I m than hundreds of
devices our riiscnls havn umplojed nnd could
never if plnjr on our Yankuo Jewellers Tim
1rnnch ijiuvit bum said to bo ahead of us In
skill In obtaining food and money by falo
pretences but vvhnro does tho world afford
Biieh n brilliant record of nehlovemonts In that
lino us Is set forth In the history of how York
savings jinks
Confldonco I I man must Imvo n polished de
meanor and an ndilnbs capable of Impressing
their Intended lctlms rcndy adaptability In
taking advantage of opportunities nnd Inge
nuity In striking ont novel fields for their po
cullar enterprises The mar ami froquonti
do blcom lot gttrs or counterfeitersbut tiardlj
over burglars 1 Is not because they lack the
requisite of courage but bocauoo craft Is moro
esteemed ity 1 thorn than forco Itut talk about
nerve there can hardly bo nervier thing
than walking Into I bank In tho open day hay
Ing down a forged check anti demanding
money for I knowing bow keenly tho bank Is
protected and how sure nnd eovoro tho punish
ment of being caught will ho In fact there Is
not ono of tho principal walks of crime that
does not requlro a great deal of cool courage
Whon you speak of tho principal walks of
crime YOU suggest tho Idea of 1 classlllcatlou
of criminals by their respective methods How
far Is that possible 1
Not nt all with any accuracy or to nny con
slderabln extent In a general way you may
say there are burglars forgers counterfeiters
conlldenco men hotel thlevos pickpockets
snunk thlovef general thievesnnd on but
thoBtibdlvlslons of thoso classes would bo al
most as numerous ns the persons employed In
them Take hotel thfovcs for instance Them
are those who work In the morning I only others
who wore at night others who do nothing ex
cept In tho afternoons and then cinch of thee
subdlvltilons hnvo other dlptlugulbhlngpocu
liarltles In their methods of procedure Tho
hotul thief sometimes takes desperate chances
Thor was Jo Huts one of tho boldest of them
who Is doing time now In Boston He Ian thin
flnolooklng fellow six feet nnd two Inches tall
with tr long arms nnd legs In 1SGG o
Ibl 7 ho robbed In one night twelva
rooms on tIlt sixth floor of the Bt
Nicholas Hotel by parsing from ono window to
another on the front of tho house at that
Biddy height Usually ho operated by going
through trinnoms but that was not practicable
them In the lUSt room ho entered lady was
In bpI but wide awake and clue < asked him
what business no had thero Ho did not wait to
explain but Jusl stepped out on the window
ledge and so back on tile route ho came to hit
room whence he started which va occupied 1
by un accomplice nnd before the lady could
summon a call boy and ho could call n clerk
the thief was far away The hotel thief must be
alwajs ready nut have his wits fully about him
for nny unexpectHtl emergency
In Congress Hall Saratoga a few summers
ago n hotel thief slipped Into a room In tho
early morning just after ho had teen nn old
gentleman go out of the door of tho room
and down tile corridor While the thief was
gathering In tho unconsldured trllles on tile
bureau the 01 IIUcmon SOl whown Inbed
In thu room awoko nnd demanded what ho was
doing The fellow hnd been watching him In
tho mirror and caw his eyes open BO when tho
young mnlloukeluL the thief was quietly ar
ranging his neck tie nt tho mirror with an air
of easy unconcern Turning with apparent
surprise ho exclaimed Why good heavens I 1
hnvo got Into tho wrong room I had JUt been
out leaving rny hum In bednnd came bnck to
arrange my collar anti bare I have stupidly
blundered Into another persons room JtuJIlv
your pardon I thought yon wore Churlcy Bx
ounj mo Im very sorryI and navlng
bowed himself to the door while sD nklnl he
vanished Anti when tile young mill got up ho
found that hU diamond studs and watch had
nlbOvanUhed Inter in the day the thief was
captured at t another hotel That was Jim
Stanley n wellknown ono of Ills class Not
Infrequently these hotel thieves show a great
deal of ingenuity In getting Into rooms Tho
Tromont House Boston had transoms over Its
room doors too uraall for II thief to crawl
through ami n bolt on tho inside of each
chamber door One night n hotel thief wont
through n wholl row of Ihoso rooms lr boring
n hole In each and pulling lie bolt back by
means of some Instrument Tho now kind of
Independent doublo JOCKS nIl Ih best security
yet found for hotul room door Holts are easily
be iten bometlrnes the hotel thief will secure a
room draw tho screws of tho bolt soekcta and
smooth them iowa to n to pull out easily and
thus glvn him tuciss to rooms when they nro
occupied hy otherKifAts
The clans of thieves dovotlngthemaelvesto
Oat sitcoudBtory racket hnvo to b bold fel
lows not so daring ns burglars of course but I
still possessed of much pluck They learn the
hnbltB of families In hOI thny propose to
plunder and thonwhllu thu family Is ntdinncr
will climb up tho stone coping of tho front door
to tin secondstory window outer there and
rapidly go through tho looms taking nlt
thfug of value limy can reich and departing us
they cnmo They nro always young fellows
athletic agile and generallyarodesperntechar
actors Most of thorn fire good looking and I lucy
aim to get Information of tho liabllnof thofaml
Hi s they murk for robbery by formlngncquaint <
anco with tie nurses and servant girls either
at the area gates or In the parks whon the girls
are sent out with the children Troy Dennis
was one of the boldest of this class and came to
his death while practising his nefarious work
Ho had just robbnil ono house In Madison ave
nue and wan climbing up to tho second story
window of another when tho Illsecured coping
over tho door foil with him and In some way
Mho and the stone came down together his
head was undermost anJ was oruxhed Ho
lived only until ho was carried to IJelluvua le
pltnl That famous robbery of Moore tho gun >
maker of 2UOOUU was perpetrated In that way
by Troy Dennis and Q Carr Curr committed
suicide by taking poison 0 Sound
slioll Inklnl tolsol on 1 SOUlt steamer
What Is the most dangerous criminal 7
That depends on how you moan dangerous
I you mean dangerous to thog who attempt > 1 to
Interfere with him or who seek to arrest him
your third or fourthclass burglar tho Ignorant
bruto who relies only on forei and ha a mor
bid dread of arrest Is tIle unt Hut I you
menu dangerous to the community a largo by
reason of his greater capaclti for crlmn and In
genuity In evading iunlaliment for It by all
odds your sober criminal to whatever class I ho
may belong Is the worst You will find at tho
top of gvutry class of criminals a few who
drink nothing stronger than seltzer water
If they oven go a strong M that
nnd thoy nro tIle terrors There was
Wllllnm Gray the bond forger who was
brought back here from Europe by Capt KellY
a > oai ago Inat July Ills father was for yealS
chaplain of thu United States Senate Ho was
well educated had the mot charming manners
and apparent correct life nnd he never drank
oven a sip of wIle Thnt was how he cameo to
bo at the bend of the most expert band of
forgers In the land Tho forgers Iloberts and
Oluason wtira also strictly temperate men rite
really firstclass burglars thoso who connna
their operations to balk and oilier great af
fairs anti tho bond forgers and counterfeiters
will not trust a man who sets drunk
A IIuibBudi AId Cruelty
John F Mills hM sued John W Bennett In
ttit King County Suprtm Court to recover fos for
board inedlclnti and ntctiurlti furnlilitJ to Mary I
lUnnttt thi dtfeiidtnti wife The miner 1 s general I
denial and a further alligation that tho defendant vrai
always ready and willing to I itipport till wife Juitlca i
Cook gmuUd an order for the examination of Mary
Ucntwti tmloi trial as sha was sid mlalon I lek and liur
death I tea liourl opeehnl lit Mllll I autimllwd I l an all
dsrii that Mory lleiuietl hid teen ilck I smut conlliiul to
her bed lor Ih roe monihi in hli own houw all H Outum j
bta itrtet and that her death U I hourly elpected Mary
Beuneii yesterday teitiniul tieiort a reierte that the wai
married to Julin lltimett rourtoen yeari aifo Iho part
ed from lilm ilxteon wtiki ago and tie has alnce re
nT ed as ibe iwear in glee I hera cent of moneyr Rite
further taitlfledt hlaI wa aleS eta week btor
leaving his house my liuiband told me toga lie said
alck women were out wanted and Ifldid nolco by lair
means I would goby foul UyhuiDiiu lisi ass been to
1101 bel
tee me In Iwo uioauii past I
run woftnKtiFur sitmr OF AN ACCOJI
Damon unit 1jtlilm In Lave The Power or
Mllelr An Acrorileon Ilnelpne n VtirrlHae
anti Yntike n UlTnrce frum M < litcnpo
ilnilie In Itse Time than Pour hay
Mr Frederick Bllopp Is a man of lino
flguro living In Chicago Ho Is twentytwo
years old Ho Is I clerk In tim employ of J
U Ooro A Co auctioneers 180 nnd 182 Wabnsh
avouuo A moro Industrious nnd conscien
tious auctioneer never chinned his way to pros
perity A year ego ho fell In iove with Mlas
Agnes Lovctac n maiden of German descent
with azure oyes rosy lips and retrousse1 noso
Silo was pretty coquettish fascinating nnd 17
Mr Bllopp courtcdlhor with tho fervor of true
lovo lie was ono of a number of suitors nnd
she was undecided ns to which to accept Tho
clork scoured tho Influence of Miss Lovotags
married slater and through her representa
tions Agnes finally received his attentions lie
cnvolior several valuable rings and sIte
Ino loorl rhlls orna
mented his waistcoat with n lino gold chain
Thoy rodo out together Tlslted theatres In
dulged In Icocroam lotoiVlCtcs t and billed and
cooed nt regular Intervals Miss Iovotag roo
sided with her mother who koops a crockery
store nt 222 Clybourn avenue The mother wai
delighted with her prospective sonlnliw
In January last Mr Hllnpp Invited Miss AI
tics and hor sister to vIsit him at his boarding
house They did BO Whllo there ho Intro
duced to them Mr Otto Trodko son of tho hand
lady Mr Bllopp commended the sister to Mr
Tri dkofl attention Otto Is n Imndsomo gen
tlomnn with n nnrvollous nptltudo for thu nc
cordoon Tho young ladles charmed with his
music Invited htm to call nt their hou90wlh the
accordoon He accepted their Invitation nod
frequently Isled the crockery establishment
Ills manners procd n fascinating ns his mu
sic Bllopp was delighted Trudko xvns his
Tythlas They roomed together and confided
to each other tholr joys nnd sorrows Otto
seemed to think that his friend had mndo n
great mistake In his cholco of tho sisters nnd
urged him to correct I Ho hinted that Agnes
had n high temper and lacked tho animation
and beauty of her sister Mlepp however was
not to bn put to sloop He dceidcd that ho liked
Agues better than anybody olsos sinter nnd
ChilI to his determination to marry hor Tho
wnddlng was sot down for tho lot of May lo
Tho treacherous Ircdko lugged his accordcon
t tho crockery store every evening nnd Illicit
thu parlor with music Thin sisters discovered
that ho vvns I delightful dancer They took
turns at tile piano and wore alternately whirled
In tile arms of the manly Frodko Ono after
noon In March old Mrs Levotag was shocked
Mr Kredko fell on his knees anti Implored her
to give him her daughter Agnes The good old
lady demurred Uhosild that Mr bllepp had I
prior claim nnd ono that could not b disre
garded Mr Fredko wept but the good matron
would not relent Bho urged him to take tho
younger daughter Finally tho young man
arose front his knees dried his eyes and HaIti
that as Agnes had acknowledged that she loved
him he would allow nobody but himself to
marry her
The news readied the ears of tho unsuspect
ing Sllepp Ho rushed to tho crockery tmznnr
and found tho accordoon and his friend 1rcdko
hard at work Ho stopped tho nccordoon nnd
upbraided Pythias In moving accents he as
sured Agnes of his unfaltering affection and
asked herb to choose at once between hlrasnlf and
tho tuneful accordeonlst She plead for twenty
tour hours grace and It was granted A dra
matic scene followed Tho whole L vetng tam
ily sundry Invited guests and the two lovers
were them to hear tho decision Agnes ex
pressed liar determination to do her duty and
carry out hor engagement with flllepp There
upon the unhappy Fredko fainted dead away
011 tho parlor enroot Ills rival dashed cold wn
her Into his lace anti tho distressed Antics applied
restorntl Ills Bad condition hnu
plied nslornt > e Ils nt eontlton deep
ly nlTected her W hlo stooping over his pros
train form uho whispered words of hope
Frulko revived nnd brightened worta II
For n few days ho paid no visits to tho Lnvo
tags Then the sweet notes of time nccordeon
were again hearth In tho little parlor Gossips
began to talk of the open manner In which Otto
anti Agnes made love In Sllepps absence Tho
old lady fell under the liillueuco of the magic
nccordeon and urged Mr Hllemi to transfer his
affections to somebody elsoa daughter That
gentleman however held both diughtor and
mother to their word Agnes pleat with him In
vain Then to his face she told him that she
did not love him and threw nil his presents in
the fro bllcpo philosophically declared that
ho had enough love In his nature for both and
declared that he would not give her up
The music of the nccordeon continued until
March 29 On that day Agnes received unt
tar from her nfllanced Hn told her that 1 she
did not appear nt hlf ofllc nt noon ho would
blow his brains out lho girl showed tho letter
t her mother That kind old lady urged her
to keep tho appointment arguing dint the In
terview could bo productive of no harm and
thnt It might avert a < terrible tragedy At 12
oclock Agnes found Bllepp tu J 1 Ooro A
COB auction store Ha coolly Informed hor
that he wan tired of her double dealing and
that ho had sent for hor In order that they
might b married on tho Instant The girl
begged for time but Sllopp tapped the handle
of n revolver and threatened to kill her and
take his own life 1 she refused Thereupon
alto gave way amid they marched to thus count >
courthouse Ho told her that she must swear
that she was eighteen She declined to do so
but agreed to dye that a her ago If sho was not
put under oath Ultopp perjured himself thn
girl told a white He nnd I license was secured
They then entered n church nnd were married
by the Ksv Mr Hartmnn
HIp hail prepared quarters for his bride at
his sisters residence Hho wanted to go homo
I nm now your wife she said with tears In
her eyes and 1 you will allow me to BO homo
I will return to your sisters Inter In tho Jny
Hllepp demurred Hut 1 you stay away from
the store this afternoon without leave of ab
sence you will lose your situation she urged
antI then what will become of us 7 This
looked like a community of Interest and Hllepp
wan overcome Ho kIssed his wife put her In u
Clybourn avenue car and wuuded his way back
to the store
Tho brIde bolted from the car ns soon M he
lint dlnnppoared and visited n married sister
nt 133 Armour street Here she told her story
and declared that bhe would not live with her
husband Tile slbtor told hor that marriage
was a sacred ordinance and urged her to ful
fil her vov Agnes said she would remain I
maldwlfn and invoke the aid of tho law 1 ho
family at the crockery shop wero Informed of
what had happened and they visited tne bride
Fredko and his ueeor Ant trailed In their wale
Thoy all approved of Agncxa decision and
Fredkn loft Ills accordcon behind < him and sal
lied out In search of a lawyer nnt
On Saturday 1 bill for divorce was filed Tilt
cnse cnmo before f Judgo Darmim nnd the abovo
fncts were elicIted Jsodufonco was made Thij
Judge at once granted a decree declaring the
marriage void on the ground of Intimidation
On Saturday night the mellifluous strains of
the accordeon woro again heard at the home of
Ibo married sister Irndkos hair was parted
In the middle and ho danced divinely Inrtct
Ing questioned Agnes said I liked Mr
Sll pu well enough until we got Ikod when
demeanor toward mo changed entirely He
got awfully cross alt tyrannical and found
fault with everything I did Oh ho wus ten 1
bly roulh II I did Ilylhlnl that did not
ploase him holslY Stop that Agnos ouro
off your base Hut Mr Frodko ho was BO
gentlemanly ho never spoko like that anti If
you only could hear him play on the accor
dean r
District Altorny Tallin nnd Anthony Com
etock have u Irlr Tit
Anthony Comstock carried the framed ob
scene letter which ho alleges President Edward
I Williams of tho Groonpolnt Savings Hank
wrote t George Rowland a retired merchant of
tlroonpolnt under his arm as heontorod United
States Commissioner Allens court room In
llrooklyn yesterday Mr Williams his broth
er Sidney anti his counsel District Attorney
Catlln armed with n lot of law books and a roll
of 750 pages of legal cap paper containing the
testimony taken upon tho charge wore already
In their seats Gen Catlln summed up for tho
Now I Mr Comstock will bo Quiet I will bo
obliged to him said Gen Catlln on being 1 In
terrupted by whispering between Mr Comstock
nut another
Mr Comstocks retort was I dont propose
to lower myself to tho level of tho counsel I
have a Hunt to the protection of the Court for
much of the abuse that has boon put upon me
Is for the outside public uton
One Catlln toward the close of his argument
produced fao lmlle of the obscene letter en
closed In n frame exactly like that containing
the original The rasamblunco was striking
and Commissioner Allen said that 1 would bn
bolter not to get tha two mixed upas they could
not be told apart Oon Catlln said coull
facsimllo was prepared to show how much one
writing could bo made to stem like another
United States District Attorney Tenur will
sum up for tile prosecution on Monday
Flghllnc Indium In New Mexico
SAVTA PK April 900n Hatoh with part of
his command attacked tune liunlnd Indians who were
encamped In the 6t Andres Mountains Thus light lasted
six hours the Indians I retreating and tearing their dead
behind Out LII Hilary Carroll II ol r UK NlnUi ln Cavalry and
levee soldiers wire Merely wounded A large amount
of stock was captured from the Indians who are sup
posit to tje VIcscAleri Apaches as they retreated toward
the McKiloro Apache Acencr Ueu IJatcb with his
I command 1s In pursuit
A auoiiT HACK triLl A goKnit FINISh
Two Pretty Cnlleri Contending la lb Nor >
rowa Ilvlli JUcnten l > y nn Old Mud Hloop
English cutters as they nro called aro
coming Into favor with somo Now York yachts
men Strictly speaking they nro American
cutters of n nomowhat exaggerated Enl b
model Thor are all built here The ono groat
advantage tlmt thoy halo over other boats Is
that thor cant bo capsized They carry several
tone of load In their keels nnd this weight no
matter how far they may bo thrown over in n
erjunll always brings them back ngaln In
other words thoy simply lie down under tho
wind and Ret up when It passes away
Last Sunday two of thorn ono considerably
larger than tho other came out for n salt nnd
soon cot Into a tuescl In tho Narrows Thoro
was n model nto sailing breeze The small ono
belt tho larger ono badly to wlndwnrd but thcy
wore both beaten L a llttlo old sloop with n
deck load of manure Handsomely finished
craft with beautiful white sails they presented
a pretty nppoarnnco upon tho water but thoy
Balled poorly either bcciuso there was not
wind enough for thorn 01 boeaiieo there U lIttle
or no mtiteett In them heat heavy iltlngs they
mopod through tutu Narrows anti cnmo nbout
with comtsidertibio ii lfcnlrwhll I the oll loop
with her unsavory dncK lond and mudcolored
patched rags rapidly I irni neil upon them and
pansod thorn near tile mouth of 110n t twmlnu
AHthcso boats nro something new In yacht
building tholr performanen Is cloaoly watched
bybullilern anti uonnolsouuri Tho Idea I of the
linded keel la Bald to have boon taken < from thn
palling ijualltles of thin Ito yachts on Prospect
Irk Inko It la condemned by some builders
und favored by others Thoro is a with dlllnr
muon of opinion upon this matter among tho
knowing ones In tilt boating world Homo of
Ilioso who wltneBied thin Inglorious dnfoitof
thn two ImnilHomn cutters In Blloncontcndcd
that Inn good stiff bn ero they would soon walk
away not only trout thnt t old sloth but from f
many a fnst > edit Other hell that if I Mho wind
worn blowIng hnrd tho old sloop would bo going
nbout her bimslneq whilotho cutters would bo
lilnc down walling for tIle wind to clop blow
Ing I A few moor argued that wit I itt tho I leaded
keel might bo all right tile shape of tho cutters
was wrong All thcsn now cutters nro very nay
row nnd very deep Shnrpns wcdcei thr havo
lIthe or no bearings and their stablllt depends
entirely upon tho weight below This accord
lug to tho sticklers for tho centreboml model
a fatal error In yacht building Tim
answer of tho cutter men Is thnt n their craft
are made expreMly to sail on their sides anti
never on an oven keel tholr wodgollke shnpo I
oITeis so little reslstancn that they can glide
along showing their greatest speed with nearly
half tholr docks submerged I Is generally ad
mitted that In this poalllon or ISlclorly tho
Cutter Is nt her best but on tho other hand It
Is claimed that oven when nt her best tho cut
ters spend falls far short of that of tho surface
Hailing craft Thoccntrcboirdur It U argued
drawing less water must offer less resistance
nnd consequently travel faster than the deep
keel boat Tho advocnteu of the other model
assert that tho most brilliant victories of Amer
lean yncnts In International regattas woro
gained by kool boats nlua
Tho centrebonrdcr they say must necessarily
bo n treacherous vessel with little but hor
buoyancy to depend upon for stability hor
ballast being unable to help her after she cots
well over sho must always bo a fairweather
boat and can never insplro her captain with
confidence Another set of yachtsmen declare
thnt all Ute talk about the relative merits of
cutters and centreboard boats Is absurd for tho
renaon that the cutter Is not Intended for I
racing craft These gentlemen also nro met
with the answer that ns no man buys n race
horse for I lager boar wagon so no man builds
n yacht and especially a now style of yacht
without expecting her to b fast and bent every
thing If possible Tho cutters however are
still to bo heard from and during tho coming
summer months a good deal will bo known of
what they really amount to
STlIIC11 ijiuat rim hULLS
Tadce Advoente General ilneatlla Opinion la
the Case of Three Noldlei
AdJtOen Townsend hneproimilKatnd for
the Information and guidance of the National
Guard nn Important opinion of Judge Advo
cate General Horace IluBsell In regard to strik
ing tho names of threo men from tho rolls On
tha 1st of December 1879 ICnpL Colo of tho
Twentyfirst Separate Company certified to tho
commander of tho Third Division that at an
election on the 20th of November 1879 for non
commissioned officers Frederick 1lorco was
elected fourth sergeant In place of William V
Osborn stricken from tho rolls that Charles
0 Mullen was elected corporal In place of John
IL 1 Gage stricken from tho rolls nnd that William
liam H Young was elected corporal In place of
William A Bclbert stricken from tho rolls
MnjorGon J 11 Carr commanding the Third I
Division requested the reasons for striking limo
names Osborn Gage nnd 8elbert from the
rulli Tho reason assumed by Cnpt Cole was
thnt they hnd been received contrary to tho
provisions of law and tho regulations In that
they vjrertUnllsted under thou ago of 21 years
without consent of parent or guardian In viola
tion of section 13 of tho Military Code Major
Gen Carr disapproved of tho report on the
ground that tho Captain had no authority to
strike any names from the rolls Tho matter
was then referred to the Judue Advocate Gen
oral Oborn enlisted Jan 2 1H77 aged H
years Gage enlisted Jan 25 1S77 aged IB
years Belbert enlisted Jan 4 1K77 aged 18
years each without tho consent of parents or
guardian But they have not nor have their
parents or guardian applied for their dis
charge Osborn was 21 nl I JRnlarY1H71 and
was mustered and Inspected In June following
Judge Advocate General Itutscll In his opin
ion pays that Osborns continued service after
arriving at his majority and particularly his I
1 1 moIJIrlnl J g
muster and Inspection In Juno wore such n
ratlllcatlon of his enlistment In January 1877
as to mako It thenceforth lawful and binding
upon him and upon the Slain Whether the
same ruling will apply > to Gage and Selbort Is
not clear because I am uninformed when thor
became years of ago I th were 21 before
the Inspection In June 1879 or became 2L4ay
fore their names worn stricken from the 2U
mutt after becoming 21 did any act showing nn
Intent to ratify and bo bound by their enlist
ment then tho SAntO rule should bo applied In
determining their status
< After citing various authorities his conclu
sion Is 1 ho name of Win V Odlwrn was Im
properly nnd uulnvvfullv stricken from tho roll
and should bo restored 1 Gage and rol
ratifleil Ihulr enlistment after becoming of ago
amid before their names wore xtrlckon from the
rolls then I their names worn Improperly stricken
H IIII lrn
from thn rolls nud II should bo restored If thoy
vvero btlll under 21 years o age or sInce at
taining that igo hnit not milled their enlist
meat by sumo word 01 ue before their nnmcs
vvoro stricken from tho rolls then tholr names
vvero properly stricken from tho rolls The
commander 01 I separata company may strlko
from his roll the of received
lrm rollho names parsons or
retained contrary to provisions of law and thou
regulations without nupli lug for heave 10 the
division commander
Paragraph BOJof the General Itegulatlons has
been amended sons to read
IIOltOt rnt
Commandants nf rettlinents and companies subject to
ihi HI lirovnl ul I thu re viUvu dlvUlon luumul doM sri
requlndtu strike from heir roll the unmet nf all mer
sons who have bwii ri relied or retained as mrtubers of
such riBhntnt or eoin anies Contrary to the provisions
of law I and of thes niitulsltoiis and they are fctrtctly lor
illicit lo Krant to any HULII Ienon arcrutlcAU or service
or ot exemption or discharge from military service
The ladies CooprrullTO Dress Aaioelntlon
Office Opened to the 1ilbllc
Tho Ladies OxJporntlvo Dross Associa
tion throw open Its olllcod to the public oslor
day at 112 Fifth avenue From 12 to 2 1 M a
committee of ladles belonging tho association
wns present to ulvo a cordial reception to nil
callers These receptions are to be continued
to the end of this week Tho rooms have been
hired for the sumuior by tho managers and aro
used In winter for a dancing school The main
room Is In tho cocond story and It extends
from front to roar with windows nt both ends
The floor Is waxed chairs and bth
110 loor wl1ed are pro
vided for 1 hundred visitors On tho tables toe
terday was tile llrst published olllclal prospec
tus of the enterprise I Is modelled prnSlI I
similar association Incorporated In London In
1877 with a capital of t251 > 000 Tha object of
tho association is to establish a cooperative
store well stocked with ladles and childrens
dress goods mInd millinery and to take orders
for manufacturing such articles from ma
terials furnished by shareholder The
only customers are to bn sharehold
ers Each share costs 25 nnd one
sharo entitles Its holder to every privilege In
tho Institution Time goods are to bo sold at a
small percdntngo In advance of Clio cost of the
wares Lunch reading writing and retiring
rooms will bo provided Hales will be for cash
Tha London company during the first two
months of Its Incorporation turned Its capital
nt the rate of six times n year As soon as
100000 have been subscribed the association
will go Into active operation Meanwhile Iho
ofncoi are to bo nt 11J Fifth avenue whom n
bureau la to bo kept open fortbo summer The
location for the cooperative Btoro Is to bo se
lected next fall Tile point an Important one
In which the American Is to differ from the
English store Is this In the London store co
operation begins and ends with the sharehold
ers The employees are hired and paid In the
same manner ns a private Individual hires anti
pays his clerks Whereas In the Now York
store the employees are to bonharoholdars amid
being Interested In the prollts It Is hoped by tho
Hoard of Managers that courtesy fidelity and
economy may b secured Educated and ro
lined saleswomen are promised Office hours
for ladles desiring to call at 119 Fifth UTODU
MA tronUO A M to i 1 M
< T Ienthnl Bliefn > ld Averment that hla
Father vna not of JHspnelnsi Mind sand
Memory nnd thuS he true Untluly Influenced
Iho thor boll of Surrogate Alton B 1arkcr
of Kingston N V ranit violently about half an
hour boforo midnight on March SO Ho found
his visitor was a messenger from the law firm
of Lord > t Lord ot this city who wanted lo
servo him with the requisite preliminary papers
for contesting the will of Joseph Ii Bhofflold
n millionaire Iron merchant of Baugortloa
Mr 1arker received tho papers with urbanity
rflor his caller had Informed him that ho was
under tho Impression that unless tho papers
woro served beforo midnight the opportunity
for contesting tIm will would bo lost Mr Scott
Lord tile senior member of tho firm had
warned him to lose no time anti ho had boon
obliged to cross tile river Inn skiff
It la estimated that tile property ot Joseph D
BholTlold at the time of his death Was worth nt
least 000000 Ono son W It BhifTleld who
lIed been nsHoelnled with him In business mind
who hnd mado n nominal purchase of about
250000 worth of tIle property was not men
tioned In the will as n legatee It being oxplaln
cd that ho and lila brother J Louthal Hlieflleld
hind been provided for during thin lifetime of
their father Tho latter Is the client of Lord k
Lord nnd IB ono of tim youngest children lie
atone that ho hInd ircolvcd only n small portion
of Ills fathers property but that hn had been
promised much morn by his father In view of a
changnnf habits anti mode of life to conform
lohla fathers wishes Tutu young man had ills
leased his father with wild pranks In his boy
il4hi days and had taken a email sum nnd sought
lila fortune In California Having bowed hit
wild oaU ho line now fettled down In Now
York city In tho Insurance business Ho claims
lie can promo thug his lather promised to leave
him UU000 Ilnvlm heard ot II r Scott Lords
success In the Vandcrbllt will case bo deter
mined to contest his fathers will
Tho will Itself la a peculiar document and It
IB thought that there will bo nitwit dlfllculty In
earning out 1U provisions Time objections
which Mr Lord has llled aver that the paper
purporting to bo tho will la not executed In lie
manner end form rerjulred by tlio statute that
tho tCBlator was not of Bound mind amid mem
ory and was incapable ranking a will lie
alleges that the elocution of tho protended will
was obtained and procured by Improper latin
nncea exercised and practised upon tho testator
by persons named ns executors and other 3 It
is claimed thnt Joseph 13 Hhofllold when it Is
alleged that ho matte and executed tim will
was by reason of ago mental Illusion anti
mental and physical dIsease dlaauallilod from
making any toutlmcutnry disposition of his
property or of performing any tostlmentary
nu and by reason of lila mental nnd physical
condition was tho moro easily subjected to such
luidue Influence The executors named In tile
will are Illlam n Hhellleld Hllas 13 Ifrownoll
anti Agnes U Sheffield J Lenthal Bbollleld
petitions tile Surrogate In view of the fact that
ho IB next of kin and a son of thin testator to
Issue citations directing tile legatees to appear
before tile Surrogate and show cause why the
probate of tho will should not bo revoked
The legateete named In tho will are Agnes U
L Sheffield Agnes 8 Shonicld Agnes L Shot
hold Sarah S Urownoll May 0 Sinmold Caro
line 1 > Sheffield JoBOph U Sheffield Jr chill
dren and grandchildren of the testator There
Is Somali ambiguity about the wording ot the
will lint It appears first to give 15000 to each
of the living children excepting William It
Sheffield and J Lonthal Sheffield These aro
excluded on the ground that thoy have been
liorotoforo provided for Thou bequest to the
widow Is 13 000 The remainder ot tho estate
U to bo Invested and nn income ot onefifth Is
to bo paid to tho wlfu during her life Tho
balance of the income goes to the children
The will is dated July 28 1877 and tho wit
tuessex are Thomas I1 Handbrldgo Benjamin
F Crump and Charles Coon 1C was filed April
7 1879
Under the State laws the notice of contest
must bo filed within one year and the haste to
file the notlco with the Surrogate was because
of the suppositIon that the will wns filed on
March 30 The news of tile contest of the will
has created much comment In Snuuorttes As J
Lcuthal Sheffield tho contestant has been
somewhat estranged from his relatives of Into
years it U expected that tIm content over tho
will will bo long and bitter
nth GLISS7f4IIoh1s Jfl7
Objecting to Heine Puld for their BerTlcea cm
the Store Hyalera
Tim revolt against tlio store nnd shln
nlo system of paying workmen in voguo
among many of tho class manufacturers ot New
Jersey has boon partially successful The Sa
lem Gloss Works Issued n paper note about the
slo of a llftycont fractional currency cote
which reads as follows
Imisici Euan GLoss Wons
Trnjrars alter date we promise to par twarrr at
our ture In ftiUem M w Jorso A ceuulu lawful cur
I rency untie United Slate s for value rrcctvid
Tnis promhaoi v note H ill be uken b I us In payment
of any debt due us before Its matutltj amid will be bjr I
1 us recalled tor the amount named therein
Kilned 1iicoiiT A CUTKH
These It Is alleged were not good for any
thing except to ba converted Into merchandise
and no ono would pay for them more than fifty
per cent of their face value Yet U Is said they
were received by ino workmen In payment for
service rendered
The Mieteryot John Kelllja Denlh
The father of John Ilcllly who died In Bollo
vue Hospital on Friday from a fracture ol the skull
produced It was supposed by a fall w ben drunk noUfled
rlntenrfent Wetting yesterday that In his opinion
his sons deatlmas due to an assault and not to accident
lirllly win found unconscious In the cellar of 411 Esit
Eighteenth street enrlj on Thursday morning Sup
covIng him toba suRVrtnff traIn alcoholism the police
alter a short sojourn ii the Twenty second street station
removed him to HelUvuo Hospital where lie died twenty
lour hours later wIthout recorerluv consciousness Ills
death was attributed to alcoholism and when the
autopsy discovered the skull Iractnre that was supposed
to ic I due loan accll < fiat Tall Mr Relltr wile ii a re
spcctable man tiring at J38 Avenue H saj s Uiat his sons
life threatened by persons in whose oomuanr he was
on Wednesday night and iliad lie was found uncon
coleus too fir from the entrance to the cellar In Eigh
teenth street to have milieu there Ills theory Is that Ms
son was fatally Injured tir the man who threutened his
Inc and his body brought to the cellar where It was
lonud Tne matter Mil be Investigated at the iuquost
vthlUi will be held this week
An Inspalslro Yonnp runrtst
Dr M E Schlde n young druggist of 332
Mntli avenue was before the JelTtrson Market Police
Court yesterday on a complaint made by Mrs dennis
Vllnnerlr the wife Tolifeman Minnerly of the Thirty
KtenUi strift police sHIion Cite lIce at 32 Ninth
avenue on Tuesday last she vltlled lr hchide lor med
Ical advice While UlUiw nltli him she stated hernelf
on a lonncc llo suddinl piuhtd her back held her
face stud 1 kissed her Justice Duffy Iskued a narraut for
bile arrest
In court Dr Fehtde admitted the offence but he said
lie was very sorry A sudden impulse had overcome hl
jiiiltlitirnt I and he had foruotuia hfniMjll Tho count lur
Mr Vlnncrly said he tUvired lo havu the rate post
poned CHUb a civil suit for damajf now pending could
Lo decided Justice IlnlT adjourned the case Indefinitely
1rleon Keepers Pny
Keepers In city prisons are on duty twelve
hours dotty and are obliged to purchase and wear ant
forms The average number of prisoners under the
charge of a Keeper dill > Is I fifty and they take to court
the most dcsrcrate crnnlnals who If unsuccessful In
tlulr applications for discharge by writs of habeas cot
pus are reedy to resort to any means to escape smut I the
keepers are elton in dangerous pnltioit A ki eper s pay
is fxno a yi ar Rents ant the commodities of tile are ail
anclliir anti the keepers say that tie Ixtlislature should
pass a law making the salaries of lie keepers in city
prisoui the same as ts now paid lo policemen cud ttrciueu
Tortured to JUenlh bjr Kubbere
CtNc1NTt April 10Enos Mosslandor n
achelor I 77 xtars old who lived alone on a arm In VV est
Vlmnla three flubs iron llell lire Ohio was found on
VVtdiKBtU > burned to death In his liuuse A hence hole
was turned in the floor but by some means the his had
been rxtniiEulMied The theory ol hue neighbors Is that
robbers had tortured him to death while trying to get
lilni to conlcss where his moiiL > was Tliria jears ago
threo masked rob er almost burned him todeaUi for the
ssiiiu purpose and U win tfii riilly iuoIita1 but 1m had
a large sum of mono hidden In the house
The Iluipllnl Mulcld
The Coroners jury ycstordny viewed tho re
mains of JW Smith at an undertakers at BO Sixth aye
nue The body was then taken to Philadelphia la Uio 3
oclock train Ir J C hiha > p hnuso summon of SL
Vincfiits Hospital told the circumstances of Smiths
cominie to the hospital with a broken leg and ut his sub
sciuently shooting hlm tflf
Jepuiy Coroner Uonlln read the result of his autonsv
on Hmltus body and the Inqusst was aJJouruad until to
Entries fr the fourth annual dog show of the West
mliihter Kennel Club are to be I closed at Superintendent
Lincoln oUlce Itl ulton aCres touiorrow
Stayer Cooer has advised Gay Cornell tiat It later
eats oiew ork stud Itrocklyti whit be promoted by tihi
spiirovat pm thu bill appropniattng tuomisy icr ft cotutil
ion of Its East Rlyer llnidge
rite conteatattis of the will of Zsclusiy reck have with
drawn their olJocttnns en its trobste tmuelr litterney
ilcimig sCtilfled Uiat iii tindos iitfluemics alleged to ha
betmi ezeried upea it teatator by itis mvii could not bs
prou ed
Tite wIll oflennsn P Aldrich was yesterday filed or
Proust It givil Cite ttstitors entire estate to till wIdow
thus will Cr iddwsrd 51 Richards directs must 4e Yobutites
1mm itia library slid tiAItt be given to tie Auburn Tlueo
logIest Sctnhnury
Itelatlve to a report that his horne tacit Hnrphy now
at Newmarket Kn laiid was surTerinic from a severe at
tack of lung fever Mr James K Keene said yesterday
that he had hearl or hue report but had received no ad
vlies subsoquciit to the report
Tue feluutwing miameul ofilcer of the Xniekertocker
Yeciut Club hey beemi elected Cotutmodore Wm Carter
of ihs yacht yarotet ticeCuaumnoil9re W Stewart
ysCitt Seine liultuli ecreusry A arlaci yacht Qult
Treasurer ty luttr Jr yacht 8lusnpie
Whet le Hnld to hove Led to the Rnnsornbont
One ot her Forsnor Counsel
JudffO SVIlllam Fullorton who waa ono
of the counsel for the alleged widow la the
Lewis will case In conversation with n roportor
for Pus SUN yesterday about the rumors con
cerning the causa of State Senator Charles
II Wlufleldanbsonco In Cuba anid Tho ru
mors havo done tho greatest Injustice to Mr
Vlnflold Wo were all deceived up to almost
the last moment
Whon woro you first lod to doubt tIm Integ
rity ot lion claims 1 askodtho roportor
When It wile proved by Mr Doi Tamos of
Now York that Mrs Lewis wan Identical with n
person who had parsed as thou wife of n Mr Ilol
brook In n blackmailing suit against a Mr
Heed Mrs Lewis failed to explain thnt ease
satisfactorily amid her counsel Immediately
withdraw from her cnjo the withdrawn being
at the suggestion of Mr Wlnflld Mrs Lewis
mid lion ooconsplrntors worn nrnstcd nnd her
counsel then cooperated with United States
District Attorney Koasboyto bring the offend
ers to justIce no ono lining more amtxioims to
effect IhlH object than Mr lnflold nnd hn
agreed with mo anti tho other counsol that
every reasonable anti proper effort should bo
made to cause MrsLewis to mako a full nnd
complete confession Site at that tlmo was In
Treihon jail and It was necessary to visit that
tilncn In order to accomplish the object In view
Mr Wlnflold WHS to hnvo nccompnnlud mo to
Trenton for thnt purpose hut tutu temporary
absence of District Attorney Keashoy made It
necessary lo postpono thou vJslt Long bolero
this tlmo Mr Wltilleld had bin passngo en
gaged for Cuba nnd It so happened that
our visit to Trenton was necessarily
deferred until thin day before his nailing for
thu reason that It was deemid advlnable by us
that our efforts insecure a conlinilon from tho
Impostoi should bn done Under thu aimplccs of
tlio District Attorney That conffHSlon IK now
In tile hands nf the District Atlornov nnd thero
Is hunt omit vvonl In It tint tends even remotely
to show that Mr Wlnlleld iius mliii nit much n
victim ns tho rest of Mrs Lewiss roiinHol
When I miiUiithla ntserllon I do it with ti full
knonledgu of what It menns for tho reason
thnt I myself wrote tim confenslou as tho words
cnnm from tile womans HPH
Can you suggest city foundation for the ro
port that n lawjor was criminally connected
with the ease n report on which thin rumor
nbout Mr Wlnnnlil fabised 7 Wns tlmrn any
thing in the confession to warrant this 7
Thoro was but I do not fool nt liberty to
give particulars for tho reason that It might
interfere with District Attorney Koasboys plans
ns to further prosecutions but I nm tree In sly
that the lawyer lIttle Implicated Is not Mr Win
field nor any ono of Mrs Lewiss other counsol
Their Condition as Reported to the flank
ALBANT April 10 rollowlnji nro addition
al reports of the Now York city savings bank
NORTH htlygLThsnere4ine131g IliHiiloOaa
depositors f sbiucstn surplus fol3ilM This bank
reported Jan 1 1871 Due depoUtors 01920040 aur
lisr iImraaI7ova4R1dO730 14 thilbkDte <
dernisltors 74SO xvtu1 surplus 740io1 eli This bunk
reportedJan 1 isle hue depositors t7i2eilin3s fur
umule I f < wi lot 45
VVur fclOE Itntturru f 181 3SI 51 IMIllIn nne de
posllors 1734AW surplus 0913 Iii Hits bank re
ported Tan 1 1B7U DuodepositvrsIB3tX surplus
taJ 47
I livaxm Wmn Rrmm tiS > IfCT 57 HnHMn Doe
depositors 5u171r22341 surplus flun Thlsbink re
petrtct Jan 1 1075 Due depositors 1OJJ7J surplus
ft 547 Ott
lUnrtx Unnitn f S4 17004 li > Mtlr Dne deposi
tors BaS TOJKI surplus f H6rfl n Thlsbank reported
Jan 1 1879 Due depositors U7U32J13 surplus 03
die ill
itRa5kLteRseitwt3tO7D4 12 LIMUlm Due de
positors 131Hcxmtn surplus tux 0117 Ol This bank
reported Jan 1 IbTU Duo depositors f02311504 ann
lliis 1071494a
h iw Voui Itmiirm 94 1 151 4O M UJJllTu At
po ltor > KI520 319 II surplus 8I8RJI 39 Thi binS
reported Jan 1 IB79 1us depositors fj14u3autu sur
plus C39t 11420
htusa FOB bAVHcx 7I wnv f32 510GCOLft7 1jloJlw
Due depositors frj < tli4 IUOU7 surplus 047427O
This bank reported Jan 11170 Due depositors 5i67lXi
ctteisi surplus 4J15J7 ai
OqtmTAsLaRwuroCith on depflt In bunks nr trust
eompaoleo 831tU4 UMtOtr Puo dcuosllors JJWO4
Tills bank Is closing and has received no dvuslu
during the year
A PIlate Senator In Conlenpt
fIts riiAVCisco April 9At Sacramento this
eientn mite tatn eiato directed the ercennt at Arms
totoiiline Senator Kane iintll he jiurgts tmnbelf linen
contempt cmii 1 also deprived htm of all rUhts as a Sena
tor Kano refuses to ti 11 the name of the person who he
alltces attempted to bribe him with 21uuO to vote for
certain bills
New Tork Htoek JCxchmnsie Aalea April 1O
vitrrtD graven STITV AITD crrr loses UK f 1 OOOsl
10 D A Ss StrlO2 0 05 4s 1P07 c10Tf
lit U H4ismciai 4Distol3C3sc U
BUB4SS 91 r107l 10 Ala class A CO
unaoiD IXD OTBIR loves tin Slooost
5 Alh A 8ns cons Itn 17 L F It West
r > Hosll Jt KISL M me a
7 hOur K 4 S vi 10 V A ht I cnll Ml
lo Burrvv A t h tmu 1J PIer A Es 7s ot7i11m14
ill Ci is nujjc 117 BMtLht 1st lull
S Can So tot tiy J 1 vioh A O new Us louj
1OCCt LO ill an Mob A Olst Deb 74
T Ca err supS2 2 N J 1 Cent irt117
IOOCA1 I CinePit 23 N J tent con
1 < inLal toll 1SLIU as 1044nioa
1 Del t II 1st HI c lint 15 VJ Ceil sal lU4a
4 Del A U 1st91 utvtt 314 N V LIcA iv
ill One 34 1uil 21 is
lIFrlecon Istll7 all8 40N r LiW2JaS
ISdtWesllst tw 5 NYenthitr20
aOLWesLJ1 104 1 Nor Mo lit nut
2 Hoi Tex L > nt aleyEuyuuItui
M U 1st 110 r oi > iotMi > s 21 in
18Ind BL 4 W 10 Or H Ah ti3an
1st 7l > i975 aohloCentllt 90
13 Ind III A VV IS Ohio On Inc 1OIt
Inc 48VZ4f 4 Tac ofvto lit lutiu
12IroliMt2d 03 Jlar of Ito 2diuJ J
lulcta itt 21 rfin8t S Sit A Sz CIty
55 tnt itt mil 1st 100O101
I Int 2t 1 p c r 39 22 s r M 1 t M 1 hit llu >
b Ind II Jt Sp 1st Ki Slot 1 AW 2d
10 han A Tex con ns 10J nitst nref iaeSS
M kail ATox Jit US ai 2 WaU now 7s 99i l
14 KiI sNorhLE1OS lUcUUu0 llbi
17L1W B con as 06i
atLaoAD ASS Ititi 570015
BAmEsD50 eoNTKteYll6K > < llia
2HBk 01 Com 140V Cii North Fag J 7
IUOCCA lo ul 4AtNpacptajai
44t Can South eirgiK nAil Northwn
31t enlist Coal 7iet4Y v limNorwnor ito
IMOrVnl Pac77 > 77 3410 Ohio AMlss 37330V
hutch 5 All lu 1UOU 1 MIaLpf74
JOChBA Ql3tQjfl so or KAN 100
BuOChss t O Jl WOiiLAWet001ii
WO Climax Mimi V2 > I3J10 Pacific Mait42lg4i 0 s
2100 Dot 5 flndtt3i5H2 an Pull car Uh I aiiH
hut DilL AW OlJaJI lit 1eo Ilec A I v JIlJ
27aviRrls com 44V44I mnRsadmi f > < atwi7
wjoFriepl iniH iht4 SdllHoek III 14711c107 1 >
Kill Man t Side JVyTh JOOBtL AI O ii 37Si
1XUII AStJopf70 > < 7i > Trust UAS FlOi8
Its umoms be lit an 70U 8t U A g T
135111 i lent 107Vtil7 Pf 1
isaa Iron Mt 1 s SoiaMs 4omgLPauL
i09mndliumvWI SXIUHLP A Minn UHr4Vt
317MI Kan A Tex42t5lii 7111 SU P A 8 O 4514S
titan tt btu1087gtuit 300 StP Sioux
1312 title ruts City pt 70 97Si
20t IIlHHf Mill I 11W Stand Din Jt75s < O
IS fa Manhn El ai a27j 32bi suit Tunnel 2
htii 1 Vet EiO4i48i itch Onion Pee t vjii >
27za hilcttCei1 > Mll > tINUVVab A Pao 4Jall >
3UJ > tob t 0112124 JOOO mvab5 P pi ttsSl7 > 5
TX > Mont kUss tow F Fip inc
IBUIN A Chat IfttOWestUT H SalWl
S77U3 N JCenlrai79I7Si Total gales tiIltleJ share
6a0i V CeflttJ2Iii32i 1x dividend
ciOula i PRIcE
fit Idd 1W < Aviv
D s BJ no e 1IH t04i4 Manhattan nl 27f an
It B it s so r104 iOI iteVa Run 914 04
U 8 cs striCtu i 1141 lOch i siursL nip to
U SC 4Ic10a4 5 toe Mil A St Paul 822 ret
US h itt r 1UJ1 iiriu A at P pf HU > toe
U S 5it ittc IMS loutf Mo K ATs 5 8ui7
U a4 > l Sic Mi l liMob A Ohio 22 2tl
U 54j91yit5l lotij Morris Hssex 107 1114
U 841rutetliOlt > I07J Nash A Chat no
U 8 41 CIIHTI 1170 I07I N J Central 70 7th X
D S Cur dsrsm N T a A 1Iud1lilb I3JJ
Alt A T II V 27 NYEle 115 > 117
Am Dlst Tfl 73 > f 7 < > Nor Iac lit 2DV
At A Pae Tel 4JS 44 I Nor Pacific pf Ml SMi
IauudtSouUi oil Vorthwesiern po J W
00 A I O IVJ iV Nuthweut iuf tree Ito
UCC A 1 70 7n lOhioAUlss 3t i 30
clue H A p 127 Ohio A Mist pf 7J 74
Chic A Alton in 1UU Iaeiae HalL 411 42
PelI A West Dli Ul auoasilter 15 I
Del A n Can Rlj H2i UuicksilTsr pf IHI
Erie Railnar 44W 44 ilock Island 1H7
Eric Railway 0 W lishiltiesling 0314
Brie it coin IHJ < hAllatiati rraucisca 5a Jl
HsnA3tJo 31 3U San Fran pf Ki JlMl
Han t 9tJopf 70 71 Hutro runnsl i 2
IlllnoiiCtn 1117 t078 Uitiori Iaclo lii SitS
Iron Mountain lull MV Wab A Pac 411 4t4 5
loure A Nasb104 15U Wab A Par pf 05 OIl
L E A West 3J at Wel Cn TeL Its 1tei
lake Shore luai lUrt Lx dividend
There was a very tmselllod and HuUuatlng
stock market There was somiStlecllnis In lead
lug fancies from Ibo opening prlccH under ap
prehensions of an unfavorablo bank statement
lint the only Important decline was In kansas
and Texas which was subjucleil to a severe
pressure from Boilers Manhattan Klovnlod for
nn exception advanced Whon tho bank stale
mnnt was made public there was a general Im
provement In values But the market ngnln
became dull and Irregular Tim latest dealings
were characterized by a docllnii In Kansas and
Tains weakness In Iaclllo Mall and Manhattan
activity In Jersey Control a strong market tot
Canada Southern arid an advance lu hit luih
amid Minnesota Tho following will show the
more Important chtngos of thou day Advanced
Mllwnuklo antI Ht Paul J Ht I and H F
Ji St L anti U P preferred y Wabash and
Fun preferred Bt r find Minn 1 Declined
Hannibal and fit Joseph 1 Manbatlnn Klo
vnloil 1s Iron Mountainit M Kansas and
Texas 2s Northern 1nclflo I Norlhvvenluru
preferred it Western Unloa Telegraph X
Governments wore quiet Railroad bonds
wore fulrly active but upeculatlvo lacuna wore
weak Money on call G V cent tile ruling nato
with variations both ways In exceptional cases
Internal revenue receipts today 299930
Custom 034307
Tha bank statement presented the following
JprltS Avrela IHJtrnat
Loam t29noj vin 52t1lt47t09 liq cr5rwor
Specie o3VW i 52tt23tutji hOc IMSW
Leeal lenders 1iH < 7MO IIMIMXI Inc iO04iIs 1
Deposits 239lia3Os 202e75o lIce VUJDUS
Circulation 2UVU1UOU 2UUX7l > Inc o Joo
Deficiency of
lenalrcwrvt 808MO 107450 Dee 203400
The Treasury now holds 303702G50 In
Ualtod tJUtes bjoOs to aocuro bank circulation
Bonds depositor for rlronUtlon dtirlnn tia
week endlnif today 16B3GOO bonds hoilt for
circulation withdrawn tturhngthn week 11510
000 natIonal bank clri ulatlon outstanding
CurrencY notes 3i39712i5 Bold notes
Thoreceipts of national bank notes for ro
demption tot the woek ending toiMr as com
pared with the corresponding period last rear
ago a follows
1870 p5
Hew Tork lAISS tlatm
II slon < sue tee 17lP
lhllilclphls leltun l 4ti ton
UlKCllaneouJ 31mtOxJ 4n2a
Total W ia i gau
Treasurer flllflllnn has rulmlthntthnorlelnal
provision of thin National HankInif net riijulr
Inir the banks to koou on dopoijlt with lie
Trensuroral nil times regisInntti Umu tied Htal s
bonils to hit amount of niiplhlrtl of Ihclrrnpl
tnt Is still In force It has boon snppoiod that
the Itosuniptlou act of 187 rcpouled tills pro
vision and Comptroller Knox so holiln rite
iiiefitlon has boon rnfnrriil to HIM Attorney
Uonoral unit If ho confirms tho Treasurer do
clsion Home of our largtst city IninkH will hnvo
olthor to purchase lartro anioiintsof bonds uc
olso reorganize tinder tho Htnto law
Bids for bank stocks nro America 144
American KxchatiKK 119 1 lliitohorH nnd
Drovers illS Cmitrnl IlHi Clmso 112H
Chemical 1700 I CIty Oil Commnrno 1 III
Contlnptilnl 115 Otrn Lxchtmci1 113 ist
River J5 Fourth 117 Fifth Avoriuo 27r
lallatlti 135 Importers nnd Traders 235
I tat her Manufacturers 135 I Matihiillnn t 1 MO I
Miirkol 122 Merlinnlc M4Mni > liiinlrVniink
inn Association 74 Mnrcantlle 07 Merchant
127 JtirchanlH Letiit ill O 02 Slolinpolltiin
100 Nassau 89 > Now YotL 142 Mntli Nn
tlonal 110 North Amrrlen 100 1ark 121
Ihrcnlx lOOjllopubllc I 131Hlinonnd LoallnT
12S Ht Nicholas 10U Tradiumene 1US
Union 145
Tim Supreme Court of the United Stubs In B e
milt lo loeovor from the t t4tuuit cit Tennwsii ns
ttte guarantor of tho hIunk of Trlini4i < > a ilnbt
which tho hank owed to Iho Meniplilit and
ClmrleFton llnllroad Company hnMs thnt the
repeal of ito provision In the Tennraieo Con
stitution a uthonlzi mig lint Its to BUI the Stat
tlmtieh nftrr IliA ilebt nceriied iloi K not Impair
tint obligation of n contract wlthlu tho meaning
of tho Constitution
lilI market for printing cloths at Tall River
line been very milet Manufacturers nro not
dlsposud to press goods to stIle and thoiich n
filmY havo clinnKPil linnds nt GsV ilitrlnu tIle
weoktho general nitUliiic prluo Is She for 01
squares Production for lie Reek 110 000
plows sated 5000 L plecc dollvurlus 112000
pieces and stock ou hand 07000 pieces
Tim production of anthraclto coal last week
wan 371012 tons na compared with 3G0419 tons
for Iho previous vvuok and 4ljllil tons tno cor
responding work of 18711 The total production
from Jan 1 to April 3 was 69B074 tons ns
nKiitn8t51322Gl tons for the lIke period of last
yourshowing a decrease this yenrot 435287
The Imports for the week were 8933 07n of
which 2571340 wero dry goods and I83C6733
The Loul h Vollny Railroad Company has
Just tiald to the Treasurer ot New Jersey
130000 for thin riparian grant mndo lo tha
ust Line Railroad Company In 1872 which
the late Asa Pucker subsoiiucutly bocnnie pos
sissed of The grant was partly paid for In
cashand a mortenco for 82000ufvon to secure
tutu rest Mr Packer permitted default on thus
IntorpMof mortgage for tutu purpose of Imv
Inic It fornoloscd and thus acquiring n BhorlfTs
title deed After the sale had been made th
Central Company secured nn Injunction ro >
straining tho Hhorlfl from delivering thin lined
This Injunction was dissolved ou lie 24th of
March last mind the Sheriff will deliver the deed
to the LohlKh Valley Railroad Company lu a
few days limo Btato covenanting therein to de
fend tim title
Thus transfer books of the Missouri Kansas
nod Texas Jlallroail Company were closed In
this city today without previous notloo that
such action would be taken They will remain
closed until May 20 when the annual election
for directors occurs The closing the book
without notice provoked much adverse com
mont In the street and Is Iwllovcd to have boon
Instigated by the parties who have acquired a
largo Interest In the stock and by this action
hope to prevent any concentrated opposition to
them nt the election It may have been In
spired br speculative motives as the stock
dropped 3 per cent upon the announcement
The following arethe street quotations today
for unlisted mtscoilnneous securities Boston
Ilnrtforti und Erie Cenlnl Construction
95O100 CO V t cent pnfd Denver and Hlo
Grande C9WQ70W do cot sub 27J29 Kdl
bon Eloctrle Light 70031 200 Edison Ore Mill
Inp 300Q325 Flint Icro A Mnrquotto 21O21V
Missouri PnclDa 4f do Condrey share 4V
Memphis and Charleflton 37 Ohln Central
Coal 25L2O St Joseph nnd Western shares
25251i South Carolina shares 1S20 do
Ht morteaco 105108 do 2d morliragn 749
7G do nonmorttrnceboarlnc bonds 4211113
ema home and alton 1 do let mort
gage is15 do 2d mortgage 3J04 do In
come 1d9t23 Texas Pacific con sub
Ylcksbure and Mention 1011 Jersey South
ern IX
Oas stocks are Quoted Now York 100 to 110
Manhattan 192 to 200 Metropolitan 133 to
140 Mutual 75 to 60 Municipal 190 In 200
Brooklyn 123 to 125 Jersey City 145 to 155
Jfw Turk Market
FUTunruT April 10Fioun AND Jlrxt Wflrs k
diet but more suady at the prices of yrsterdsv
VVe nnoui FlourNo J tjTlJ1 8H sunerHne 54 irr4
t45o extra State Ac Jl6 > cfl western sprint ZX
and XIX asn nao d0 Wittier shlpplnc extras it H5
lf 401 do XX and XXX KOAMUI oatenta fA Sa
5754 emmy shlpplnrexiras HoaKV 40 Southern bakers
and amity brands ttlrjn Southern shlpplni extras
fiifMi3 Kre flour suoerflne lnKi < oo Oomn meat
Western Ac JVigSJ llrandfwlne 8J 20 Wheat
feed 4 ton 52315535 rye misC Inj
Corroi opotsHo lower nilddliiiruplandsl2 citooit
ordinary 11 5 lot sales 3 U15 bales futures ilechnrd b
3 < 310 points cloMne at lilOc lor April Ullc for fl
Mar IJJ7c forJuneU17c for July M ie for Aneiist j
ulv for Septiniher 11 Iit6c for Dctibfr il m I sx for J
November and 11 18e fnrl > ecemher sales 1UJ7W pales
tceeelpma at tie poet mottas 5tlit bale
PKOIISIUNS Pork opened firm alit t fill off at thoclo < e
salts on the spot lJi ills new mess ill joafll 2111 i 0 li
nie s quoted fl07 cll nn sales for Inturp dcllvrry
Mar fiOKKjfll to Jnn 11211 1 July fll m2C Pisces
mure acUvv sales 200 hose itng l clear quuted 7c 2110 i >
b xes low and short clear titcther In the Hi si 11154
aupe clnsinKb lIIe Cut meals Inn siln 7u > J a1 s
rlbleltlcs 12 Us 7V 13 5 CjIr zm picklrd hama
10 tt 4c 1tXJ I fresh do Higis tiu injc Lard
firmer sales on the snot 1 sv tee prime city 74OCJ
Sal Jo p t prime Western 74JUO74V 40UO Us
Ion Itimutre demiserym April 74c Mar 742 > ic June
7IXS74V July 7 Sac seller jear 7 4Oc 1100 lea
refilled for the Continent sold part st 777c Soot lowerf
sales 100 ten extra mess KlOJvafll Dressed hoes
steady at ljinSe for city and 53e for pigs ButteS
trariy new Slsto palls and tiihs JOAJftc creamer
siaioo VVeslfrn daIry Ihitcj24o1 lacturr iea
fheese stendy Stat artery KaU c u itklms la
10Jc Western lint lli Uc skims IVlllc IM
unctianeed tuar by u talic others Uil3c duak
18 20c cPec i XMftioc
IKSIN Wheat firmer with a fair trade and brick seo
utis tin sales 1H7 isjoliu li on the spot Inclnilink Si 1 114
sm3am mir Nn 1 white Si I 1711 2O for No 3 rpriiiit
St 1 itl4ijt37t fur ho J red and iit2 l for No It I do
a hit lor I lur u Ilivrr 720cas > bush Inc icti cur No 1
hlte nl fl hht32 lor April and 1 itw5l2ue tom
Mnr anlNci J rut I winter at St 1 innfl 17 for April fl13
MI 14 tar May tint Sms40u II lor June cioieg dull
ou Change hut alter Chanuo the market was firmer
No i rid wittier at 91371 naomi 91 J7 lor April anl
St 1 T3 > for lIar Rv < and burl t tutu Oats firmer got
in trc active sales H4 KM bunh at 41114430 lit cited anl
44r4511c for while tnclnilliK No 3 nilxH at 4c i whlui
do At 4C447e also So J mined IV for May In IU
corn CrItter on the spot with a lair dimattd sales on
the i > por 17IU > husti Includiiuf unifradcl at lit1leI u
Nn J mixed Jauc for now steainor unmet I < liCi
Jlje No T nified 52e u Western yellow roe do
white 4ftvi old intxtil 54c t and for future neiiv
cry 101011 built No J mixed Me for April and 47i i
4H burNs
OKOI KMUS Rio contQ waa duO and nnchanced at ll 134 >
cam 1 t4c lorTilr rsrKrfS mill tirades dull nnd nominal
Marmllba 113ll7c Itlce maine aelie slendv and nil
cllan > iiiL Motnws was rattiej1 omet for most endivE 51
melt rtlninu miotsl 3it43et N ew tries 884oti htsv
uosr Was 100 sil titidhuitliieui lair to good runhiuy 7i
7 c rolillet lii Ill Put7 CtUI isuiatei cylO putt sluuS
sueiiy tuerlu i3De slid itiitditrh A ttctItlC
tttipulaNuuyoi stores quiet hut steady spirits ttir
pentinr 31i common to cnml lralnrd rorfns fl 4i > t
St 1 4V Petroleum lower and dull at Tin for refliuil
Iii bbiu sties earlv ofJSiilbbls at7jic cirlitkulei
limer oiwninK nt 7n14 Iwiiohllu 707C mil closing at
77c lid attic were lIHinJ itt Tallow sleety st
IHC StiMrlno Crm with JS tilts rIoter soil nt 8c
VVTitsiie Si llo Otrnn treichts wm sies Iv nit ouuij
uralll tn Llrrpoil b > sl < nm OVO7d no Ibs lulfnu
7sj5lai proviMons auMJSi urain by me imrr lo
VrluCLttt 1 ul u do lu VUo IU t re IllIcit p Irolt nm b I >
Kotttrdtim or AiusrUdant Us Cd 45iiuJ causs to Jspsa
private terms
tuQi3 I
I Sass H 11 A VV VV if
1 B SH Ii AA lv VV VV VV
P 8SS1 I1II11II AAA umvww
L Rim II A A vvw ww
I S Hli jj A A iv www
54 WEkT hint ST MiVT rOKK
nlmmnnseossorlment u the bluest HIMIN HUH
OOUDl pni > lttrl n Ul d I tit uhi > Ilhlhl pOt 4
1NV IblllLl P I lihirs tu lmpruu the locke ul j nutiguiit
oil I Iota Mv tills artl
nWlli IIKSon jard Innc from St 1 upward
xnni IlKsniteitiiunlltj ullluuhair irom Wiipwnrd
rUHl thu FOlly curh w irrantcd Irom Uh ulHttrJ
II tilt Ovl I S IS ixt I IIAMIIi
KAY I 1IA1K I allirUUV
rinist asiuitmini > f Driy I i Hair In the country All
sit tes prt w rly in vlchtd nt iol isoiublB prlfrs
lUIIIMs mule up hnnJsmuer and cheaper llunbf
any oilier hoiife
Advioe merisitting to the coIffure free of charge
Tile krandcst ASA irtmeiitur
for retalnlntr or I n lucntu he hiellnps of ynth
KUUKMtS HUJKKT OF nTAUM aspetlall ft I pci
AUHOIIA formakinir tha hsirjoMsn blonde il I2aIId
52 per tiittie
Sm 1 anl II vi per boiili
Unlelrnltle thadri pf hair transformed Into dexrH
shndss wiihout Injury to the hair
DIAPIIOIIM tlm nw ducuver tn stain or h OflY
shnJont tinirtt handsome drab nslissul rows or uin > s
color J mrr i bottle
fOMIKTBNT AHTIMTi to attend bile free nf elisrje
ill eiftilnlte anl irnnl nsinrlinent ol llhAl hut
TIIHK tfil iiI HOOPS b llulun I fi e limit onJ Atitt
can artists below tnntmlnctiin is t pn e a
suit lor nur N f KVV 1 111 I It m rlm l > lATtOiLl
I 1IOW 10 UU ntAUTUJU IriS ol chartc
I 11 tv
S4 WIRT Itril s 1 near nth av
A linillf stniuUrd MlllVrd slit I poil tables nsV
and wcnni liii nit at cm eat let ulns nivl en ii lermfc
v U UlHUIII ACU AIO lliiadway cor SUihit
n ff

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