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T u Ia r I I
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blICUL4 Trill com HOI Tin Jronrvs
itUftiY OF TIII nuva
Adinnliiee Token of Ihe Iliitl Outlook ror the
1opliy Crin > Amerliiirn Ouernlln ullh
oOOOOOO IV lintillltr I I hat Mrillr
Inlll l Opium III be Till I l > t SIO < i lonml l
Tlio annual crop of medicinal opium all of
which comes from Turkish Ailn Is lltllo If any
morn on the nvernufl than HIP worlds nnnnnl
consumption of Ihudrtie As of Into years Mm
duronnil hnq bcentlncrenslne steadily tlm mar
cln of supply ovrdeninnd hiS been constantly
narrowing on that It his for several past sen
sons been nppnront that DUO short crop would
put Mm entlrn opium stock of tho world Into tho
hnndi of a few bold speculator should any
such bo ready to crnbp ihn opportunity That
occasion bus arrived the speculator have been
proraot In comlnis to tlm front and consumers
of the drill Iho world over nro completely nt
their mercy Not only have they acquired con
trol of nil the medicinal opium In this country
London nnd Smyrna with tho possible excep
tion perhaps of thirty or forty thousand
pounds scattered nboiit which practically
counts for nothlncbut thoy have contracted
ahead for all obtainable the present years
crop which will bo I one of the smallest ever
known Uonoe thera seems to bo nothing to
prevent them from putihii up prices as they
please for opium Is almost ns much of a neces
sity a Qiilnino In the medIcal practice the
present day Is largely used as a stimulant and
must bu had whatever Its cost
Unfavorable reports of the prospects for this
years opium crop arrived early In January
Frost It was said had Injured tho plants of the
winter sowlncr Such rumors are expected at
that season and nro slow In creating any seri
ous alarm but these cnmo from too many re
liable qunrters and were too well confirmed to
he treated lightly From Kfc75 gout In bond
tin orldi VOlt up Quickly to 387Ji U12h
475 end soon until by the Inslof March it I
reached heJeij37lJ perpound The Immellate
cius lor this advance vvns stated In a letter
from a leading Smyrna firm under data of
March 20
Three fourth of the winter towinz 0 were considered
Inn J helnio the lust norm 01 the nlatil of the
Kith sit 14th winch wt lollowej be t a culj
a lnten 1 A on any dny or the winter the
Iherimineter I having hon ten itesrees t > elu
Ten Tin moie having ben melted bv one daVKnf t
inlM we ilhcr the vnunx plant which hut I hltherli re
Mrtoil IMin ileprlied l 1 the protecting ever have
riluliailv Lien dvniojert t hy I the puMeli return or the cit
lnt r any VVe ire lorieil to nt cit mi the elmer
rmMiik til the Yerll ilt trtct the prilli fcowln IIM I
hel i tntallv di itrov rd ly the cold mid wt and It te I now
luii I late 1 lor nnnlhcr wlnir I require ICverttC cir
rntii tiiice to Itrinj the crop tn the limited n ure i > I
4 OXI M Ull tehet l < i < li < illtUOOUUtoHVIU < poll 111 1
1 ni l tile iire ent ciruim tnnif B It IU not cxceeii atui
tihkel Karahl Mr opium a week no eominiinileil ITd
tUfcr Its Id 101lnt the nOrm 01 I Riind vlt rose nt
once to3i > rtaterc It ha Jnjl reached ia > platters The
excitement munieiit and U wilt be dlfllcult to buy any
more at that price
Later telegrams show that the Smyrna mer
chants entlmnta of the crop at that date wns In
nil probability nearly If not ouitellftv percent
in excesj of whit It will really be and tim
alarm at the proxpeet Iso rnl that the price
in Smyrna is Jrper even than here hnvintr
reached 270 plasters per bmket at last accounts
Tho worlds annunf consumption of opium Is
about SUOO Ins of 150 pounds each or 1000
cases more than wns produced lust year nnd
the of 1877 and 1878 each
as crops 187 were only a
few hundrel onsen In execst of the consump
tion the supply loft over from the exceptionally
large crop 10100 eases of 1876 was lamely
drawn upon That surplus his been so far ex
hausted that now according to the bestIn
formed dealers In this city there are inly about
4000 cases In the world nf which 1700 nr In
this country and 1300 In London To control
that stCMli entirely on the basis of prie nt
which its purchase has averaged would not re
quire more than OHOOOO and the command
of tlm new crop would not add mol than half
as much to the investment In view of the
prlniH necessity of tile article Its practical Im
perlshabihtv i can be kept many years
without deteriorating In value and the com
paratively small sum rHomrd to effeit its en
tire control the inpltallMs were readily found
t Invest the money meiled or the operation
It has benn anti that Wall street speculators
had formed the opium syndlpntibut that Is
hardly oorrwt The prIncipal Wall street mini
in It is Mr H G Chapman of Ward CnmplHI
i C who has already somthlni near 200000
invested In opium Mr Van Mehaiek IH I IIHO
mentioned as nu investor to the extent of prob
4 ably I quarter as much But them are no other
prominent Wall street names connted with
the matter no Mr Chapman alflrms and the
heavleht operator soeiated with them Is tin
oxEast India merchant of creat wealth Tlm
mnmbTt ol thin combination of capital
ists repudiate Ibo word syndicate HS
applied to their association but admit
that they have a Complete understnmlinc
with parties In London and Smyrna
by which 50000000 Is I pledged to back the
operation Not onesixth of that amount will
rm neeKxary howvMr Tho houie through
which their iiimratiMi < t are conducted her Is
of Dutllh Co opium importers of 43 Ex
olianun jilnc Mr I lull I I I h admits that they hold
pokRibly 1200 cases of th stock In I iii Is coun
try but dealer outside HIM combination aili rat
that they must have ronsidTitlily more Hlncn
there a nit not In I the t hands of jobbers wholesalo
dealers niaiiiifiu luriTi nnd iven retail dealers
fn turns the locks of the latter can ha arrlvd
ntmorn than 200 ornt most 3UU cades Kven
I tliu present years eiop reaches 5110
cases Jlr Dutllh nays which Is f 1000 cases
In excels of Ito probability will still
wi sll
he Inadequate to nlToct the prices which
will bu tlxcil by the cornlui nation The or
der from this side of tlm ocean are ulrenily
exhausting the London supply so farttittt the
stock of soft otlnni heretofore intended ex
elusively for the bouth Amerlein market IR l al
most nil taken up by the purchases of Nesv York
Bpeeulators Hiid era many months it will proh
ablv he necessary to rehhlp to London a treat
many catei recently brought tlmnce anil now
stored In title city to await the inevitable rise In
price The present prien Is 075 per pound
in lon hit there dos not npniar any reason
why that should not be udvaticud to as hiuh a
fluure as tin drilif born a dozen years niro
when it went un to f0 i In inhibit lots The
speculators eould hardly I Il0lhlnl I even it
the present ears crop trebled all nipelation
for they bouuht up tlm I supply at less than uhat
has DIJIMI till average price diirlnc tile past
eleven years and until Auuubt next nt least
must control the nmrkct for the new crop can
not be utilized before then
Tin hulk I of the opium held In I this country
Outihlhi the combination 10 l understood to be In
the hands of Lituman 4 Imp They art nt
uoursn reticent aliout what they hold but the
nLonts of the combination cstlmiuu that tlny
hum Hoinimherij near 2110 caheu The mor
phine tnnunulacturHrx thin combination idll
inakerrt the nostrum compounded and 1 the ri >
till dealeri tutu all vauulit short The fllowlll f
flKures from olllcial reports of Imports will
fn an Idea of thin aitual demand for opium In
this country ns demonstrated by the Importa
tions durliiK the last live years
Turin O IKIII 1 rtilut SntaMnq Oiiutn At c7
I c o Ii I II p I
7575 lu3q y 07 t7j fIl
1M77 JIP IJ < ili 47 < JS IU VI
tIN 11 77i i 4l D4XI5 it 1 7
1B7U TBVl a 11 IJI1I8 I 1 ILt
Smokinc opium Is a prepared article which
comes fiom Eueliuid and China It dos nut
roitaln tlm y per cent of morphia which IH
a reijiilriiM for medicinal opium and I It suhject
to I a duty of ti Tier uouud while the duly on the
other is 1 hut U 1 Tlm ii lolclll I opium is not
iMiidluit at all ny thin mini who Import the me
dlclnal article and will not bo affected by thus
rrciiem peciiiatie t operations Its chief eon
BUtnermire China and llm very lowest chits
ot till white nt cIS
wli population In thin larce cities
iSeirlv all ilnit arrives here coats by way of
him Francisco nnd there am few places ex
lw cept tmiiuht f ttm shops kept by Chinamen whore It coo
Ft I loin time t i totlnm I I tlieery goes up that tIter
Ih I an i nuniioiiK InireaMi in the us of iiiilum us
I Miwiiliifit itt iiiqutiry ititttug thoH who kumv
nlxnit it tilstifuiistintiiite tlmtavrmeiit V 1
clrdmif to I leoiit I piililleiitiouKexentynvo per
eeiii of the miilicinal opium Imported to Him
cuiintrr Is I need as nn intoMcnni Tlmt Is non
ncnhe Dealers in tiruur ixith wholsessisi anti
rul SlY that then ban I not len In the pout
ten sirs tiny noteworthy dl Mropnrtlon be
tW1 t tin I growth of population and the con
Biiiuiiin ol 1 plum
A HcMiiatne fllort nt control of the opium
nuirkut uit made ulwiiit the beuiimlni ol thin
I > > I urkicli war thn < xp etntinii uf thn cnn
ia iMstiMiiijtiiit tile war wonlrl Interfen with
the t I gilt hurt tuI of f tlm mop As It turned wih
IimMver tlmuiirilid tot lloh the opium pro
tunl uiHtricls nil the erop wan a large one
so hint thu spceulaiors loit 1 heavily
Ill Other Wlf ArrlTta
KTIUOME N t April 1 On the 15th of
Msrch a till lIUhookl > u Irllow accrmpanlrd by a
rfiCely YfUtZ nlrl appeared Ulure Jiutue hmtwimltn
ie f artci aiMMK the lanai m IAt i Je r Kilnbult out
iiiiiij M Heiirr The Il H wu iiTinnnia t mil 1
I i k I liinnl Inn I irluili IHIUM I i Kuliliu1 inliileil
I trail uni 1 I in hni I i > ntt II i 5 mk ViMrr
l ui un 1 iiiu liniirin itirni cuiitnnittl in n Idler loin
j t MI II filet Mr fchiimlir mother of Hie trite
lsutl I jjlt Jisa arreit tar blcamy It li I aKertidnril i
tiit ttuibttt tii I cite I and M viral 1 chllr In I Urletu
WiCt it 1 WI Suns n as Jowph Sharp II IArlla < j
OViIiattit CUUVI bun till Ohio I lute acrtvtl anti wilt Join J w
1P1 I I
unoirixa Tint WHATK ov aivnjr
And Iropnatne to Tow I Up the Ito on
Hn Ilxlfnilrtl Ilxciiralnn
Tho heaviest single transactIon In Fulton
Market Ins week was tIm sale of the whalo that
tins been on exhibition Micro for ninny days
This occurred on Ftlday This original ox
hlbltots nitted 1500 by tlm sale and Owens
fish dealer became thin proprietor and show
man Tim first showmen had conscientious
scruples about keeping tho tent on thin sectional
dock open on Sunday and on that day they
hauled In i the KnnuplanliM buttoned tho tout
late and left the field to somo young men with
Kmall boats who rowed peoplo around to tlm
portildo ot tIm floats nud afforded them an op
portunity to peep between the sections of tlm
dock for a dime each Somebody offered 700
for the rlchtto show thin whale last Sunday n
week ago but Hi proprietors refused Yester
day Jlr 1 Owens stood on tho gangplank
mnklntr change for tho spectators Tlm tent
doors were wide open and with the clean
fresh odor of the disinfectants that Issued from
the Interior of tho dock there camo tho sound
of n voice pitched to the tOn of a foreman In a
boiler shop
In a long ttnpunctunted sentence It tinged tlm
Idlers on the pier to step right In and see tho
great natural wonder the largest whaln ever ex
hibited In i New York nut at the mini us time to I
purehnsit t 1 piece of whalebone to bo taken
Iiomeasncurlniltyns well as a circular telling
where and how and by whom tho whalo was
caught for len cOlItis I
Tim original showmen announced In tholr
el Inulnr that the whale WIIIII AnnolncrI i Oi Ixhlhlt
from three to eight days longer according to
the weather but tlm t nnwpinprletor hopes by a
process that Is n cross between embalming and
petrifying to makn tho whale a thing of more
or less permanent beauty lie has employed
Mr W nirnemannnn experienced huntcrwho
has beun all mfr the world I capturing thin un
tamed denizens of the forest and thin sea for
their bliss or for exhibition puruoses He
says Hint llarniim John Oltrlen rorupaugh
sail Uncle John Robinson have all l > een In
debted to him I for nnllil I they hno exhibited
He Is I curing this whale by subcutaneous
Injections of disinfectants Ho uses a
hollow needle ns physicians do but In this case
Illsim long nnd thick ns n wnlklng stick and
has attached to ll garden liosy leading from a
pump with n power equal to I uressureof 120
pounds In I tlmuthls I needle will glut the wluilo
the appearance of a dressmakers pincushion
but up to jesterday afternoon only thlrtyoim
perforations had been tnado and Jlr Ilnrn
mann xnld that the flesh waa perceptibly
burdening Hu asserts that he whIt sOn 111
the entire body HS stiff and hurl as the fins nnd
tall His plan Is to Inject every now and then n
few barrels of a patent mixture called Smmtlo i
Solution and sonm I liquid of his own prepara
tion Tho reporter who visited Mm wlmle
yesterday said that he did not think the odor
from the monster t euriasswas any stronger than
it was n lot ttiighit ago hut Jlr llariimann
battened to correct him saying that It was not
nearly so strong at It t was th > n Nobody
patrols the whales hack to point out the spout
hole the ear the wound of the bomb lance and
all I tlm other points of I Interest I along the broad
promenade of hide as was at first done but the
same end Is achieved nnd the troll bia avoided
by posting signs here and then with the word
live or ear printed on them It hns been
decided to tow tInt sectional jock In which tlm
whnlo los uu the Hudson ns fur n Troy ex
hibiting it at every considerable town on the
river The voyage will probably in begun
sortie day this week News hits come from
Boston that nnother whale measuring and
weighing about HS this one docs has been
towed to town rind In on exhibition there
FennlleM while Iln > lnv AvAtnac Fnro tint
Uniting 83OOOO by Ueallnc I
Benjamin C Seribnnr who died nt tho
Brower House on Friday wns one of the oldeat
and moat widely known gabblers In the United
States Ills ale was 7 Old Scrlb as ho
was called was a hardware clerk In Albany
when a boy but ho came to this city when 23
and speedily fell In with sporting men Ills
first experience at faro was in CeJar street In
1831 In those days tIm game was played
open with no coppering and when once
1 chip was put on a card It must remain there
until the bet was decided When the last
turn wns rnmln the < player who had bet
on the last card in thin box tho hoelc
card lost his money Iteildcs there f
no cue boxes to inform the player
whnt cards had been dealt anti wliit remained
8ribnerdevoted muuh tint to devUlugIIVH
of keeping I record in his head He became
known an nu export on that subject Ha matte
nud lost n dozen fortunes playing ncntnst litro
In ISM ho WHS penniless Then John Morris
spy took him to Saratoga and gave him 15
per cent of f thin prnllts for running a faro
ganm Fortune fmoreil him and he accumu
lated wealtti At Mint I time though an old man
he It nil plenty 01 vim 1 In 1870 he look charge
of Jlornsneys flnnnclil iilTalrs nnd managed
them sklllully when Jforrissey was running
for ofiIce Jlorrlssey died owing him JJooo
His word wAs MR good as his Loll On Friday
his daughter Mrs hheimnn asked l ho would
not hiie 10 see A nrinifter <
oi 1m replied I haebeen my own pro
tector through life and 1 will be my own cotta
sellor In dith I can say before my Maker
that I tIny never wronged any man woman or
child In my life
Ills body vii4taken to Albany on Saturday for
Interment Ho let t his fortune which Is sup
posed In bo I about 250000 to hlsduushtcr who
U a widow
fOUXI IN uhf nifKlt IIOUOE
Slow Crime Cnnnnllleil nt Nltht In t Lonely
Mput WCi IlraiiKlit SD Ilnbl
DETHOIT April nThe detectives of this
city rr attempting to Identify the body of I
woman found In the Hlver Rouge at a lonely
spot six miles from this city lust Wednesday
Since then thoy have gathered some Informa
tion that renders tlm case peculiar The family
ot Edward Ckotte who lives near I bridge that
crosses the river at thnt point remember hear
ing a rapidly driven vehicle pass the house on
Tuesday night t and reiiiss It again I few in Iii
UMS Inter Mr Ciciitle hBon went to the gate to
see who rode lu tlm wagon hut its moxemont
wab too rapid Tlm next morning two pedes
trians saw a womans cloak hanging Irom I a
beam of tbs bridge One of f them secured It
ant found that It wns etiilncd with dump blood
A 11111 I 5 womans hair stuck to i The < men
also noticed the tracks of a wagon lending
up to t the t bridge I then curving sfmrply y around
again ns it tlm Nehulu had turned ami retraced
its eoursij to tlm river Tlm river siis drugged
b > Harbor Master More and lct etie Itishop
who recovered the heal y of n woman probably
2S years of age with I thick mast of dark
brown hair ami clad In apparel rutted to a tier
sou In comfortable circumstances fill unlv
wounds on tlm loll v seemed I to ImtaboiMi caused
liy I tho atout rnptt nnd I heavy block of xtonx that t
had been attached to weigh It down Tlm wrists
wetMiiud Tutu knees were drawn up ami H
cured I with notIce and the t head was bent toWn rd
them and faMnmd 1 In that position An au
topsy showed that death wns caused by mal
practlc I was thnuKlit thnt death preceded
thu sinking of the body but a few f hours
Chased tn a IfniiBetiip by a Policeman and
KiMind Stead In tin Turd llelmv
The dead body of William Jlwil a colored
bootblack and messenger aged 20 wns found
yesterday t morning In the rear yard nt 12S
Leonard street by Policeman Sims Inmates
of tlm t house which Is occupied front and rear
by negroes say that Itch with his wife Esther
nnd a girl named riiirbeTuttk living at 254
Built in atciiue Brooklyn I got into I a quarrel In
Leonard reel t hats nit Saturday night and were
cliusd into the hoiiHti bv IolUeinilli Jlltchell of
tlm Jluliieriy street station Fussy iiindn sev
eral I nucmplt lu go i out I but wem ii ri u itt bauk
by the policeman who finally ilnmed them to
the ruf Plior says that I who 111 i I from
ibis roiif and left tlm policeman mini Iteed there
Ii IsMUppised 1 that in I iiyingto evade the po I
liceman Heed fill off tIps house HD must have
Tlm that
been iiitttnhtly killed II policeman sajs
he wns ended Into the hOI to quell a disturb
ance that lie chased i some of hit I parties to thin
roof but did not see Heel there
When this body was tlktl trf to the nation
Ihinhe followed anti persisted In blaming Jllt
chell for driving tim boy to Ills death Irs
Iteed did not know of Heeds death until I
yestTdai morning Coroner Knox took HO
of the testimony in tile case and decided to
commit Iliobu I to the House of Detention ns 1
wit nes Itm grandmother IB said to own Mm I
hoiiHt 23 lllenckur street and III is mother is
citatabirnu all on a Hudson Itlxcr I steamboat
Amerlcnn Slnr Molt fiipiiilea
Diictors cal always rely oa for ip f dy cure All 4i
Wilson Hrwflit Broadway and Pint ii t cares gout oy
rhimnauiin tsttit AiuirlUu or uluuJi I Oil m u 7 Ait
To the rescue with Italea Honey nf norihnnnd anl
Tar belore inn buby uranplei wlih croun druretdj
riktl Toothache Drop curt la out mlouu 4fa
I All our phy lclan recommend Pr llulla rough Syrup I
for UuirHDitt tua Celia rnci Ji CtUts4J > STOp
Ann ii < nr Tiirr C4 Tel
The Txhlhtla for the Ilerlln nliowTrnnt
Nhnil and Jive 1 < < nin > kPUhlnr Hreei
hunt nnd IIoiiie < Suliirtluy > Nhlpmrnl
Tho International Fluh Kxhlliltlon which
will bo formally opened nt BerlIn on May 20
and continue for sixty days will probably bo
tlm largest show of the kind ever seen All Mm
countries of the world where tint culture nnd
capture of fish am practised will send sped
mon8 anti Mm gentlemen who for the past few
years hnvo been before Mm public ns pntrons
and guardians of American fishery Interests
are determined thnt this nation shall ho worth
ily represented Tho United States department
wilt be under Mm general control of Prof Bron
co r F Baird Congress hns appropriated
20000 for making suitable exhibits Tho
amount N not so large an wns hoped for but It
was gladly received Unfortunately the appro
priation was not made until within two months
ot the opening and a vast amount of additional
labor was thereby entailed upon Prof llalrd
nail his ascoclntos but largo shipments have
been mndo already and woolly consignments
will be sent over prior to May 20 and for some
time nftortho exhibition tins opened
Mr Eugeno ItlncUford sent over his Ort In
stallment In the steamer Moselle which sailed
on Saturday His exhibits will bo chiefly fish
peculiar to Amerlcnn waters Several of the
ca C8 contained flue shad taken from the North
Hlver two hours before theIr shipment Thoy
were for thin most part largo roe shad and Mr
lllaekford expects nidging from previous ex
periment ot a similar nature Unit they will ar
rive at their destination In prlinu condition
He wrapped each lieu carefully In solt white
paper nnd then In line muslintho paper guard
ing the scales and preventing the muslin from
Injuring them They wero then placed In
rows In tlm cases with n liberal supply of < Ice
The boxes on being taken on board the Mo
selln wero at onco placed In the Icehouse
Among llslmrmen who hao whipped tho
taken nnd streams ot Great llrltaln as well as
those of this country then Is not much ques
tion that Ireland and Scot In ml produce larger
nnd finer brook trout than nny Ihll are caught
hem and doubtless the Berlin Exhibition will
bo liberally supplied with specimens from Con
nemnra or Lough Nengh nnd the Highland
InII but Jlr Blackford is not willing that
Mm United States should stand unrepresented
even In I this particular Trout fishing I hero Is
hnidly out ot its Infancy and tlmnvonderful
progress made In trout culture during the past
few years justIfIes nn exhibition of the results
Accordingly just before the Moselle sailed 125
of tlm choicest trout In his tanks were removed
from tlm water killed by n sharp blow on the
hlll n mode of putting them to death which
fishermen might profitably practice instead ot
allowing thor to toughen and dry their Moth
by tim lingering death thoy ordinarily meet t
and packed in ttm same manner lS the iliad
An Interesting pnrtof tho shipment were the
IU cattish Jlr lllackford thinks that these
fish are lot known In Germany nod In
British waters they are very scarce 1 they
unto nny existence at all borne time ago 1m
recelxed a despatch from Prof Von Vehr of
Berlin President of tlm Fischerel Voreln an
nssoclntlon similar to that ot the New lork
Fish CullurlsU nsklng him to siini some live
specimens to the Berlin Kxnlbltlon lobe used
nlterwnrd for propagating purposes The halt
numbering 150 were each about eight Inches
long and very Mronc nml healthy They had
been Caught recently They were placed In I
large tank of f galvanized Iron containing about
three trirrels of water Hy means of an Inven
tion of Jlr Fred Jlitthers this water Is aerated
and will not require to hii changed often during
the voyage If ut nil Should I begin to grow foul
however the tank la I supplied with apparatus
by which It ean let t drawn oft easily and re
newed thy the second officer of the Moselle who
hIs charge ot all the exhibits The cattish Is
very hardy and easy to transport I has been
known to remain out of water for fortyeight
hours without Injury and no fears tin enter
specimens tained as to the safe arrival In Berlin of these
In addition to the latest shipment made 200
tons ot American exhibits have been t sent to
Berlin liy far tim larger proportion of these
are not flsh living or dead hut such apparatus
us Sri used In Americnn fishing industries
Thoy Include nilsized ont of nil kinds from
the dory usud by the mackerel and cod Usher
ten in their hnrd and rough pursuits to the
elegant silvermounted CAnon serviceable only
for tithing I in I tlm t mull tutuni ii streams drawing a
few Inches of water and so light that I lat
cnn tube one of them I his back nnd transport
it without difficulty to another lake or river
miles away Tlnm them are whnlebonts capa
ble if properly handled of living 1 In almost nny
sea nnd all the year used by their hardy
crews when chasing the < sperm or right
whale In the exhibition will be seen llfeslzed 1
figures of mel wearing every Imaginable cos
tume used by American fishermen whether
amateur or professional and models of thin
various kinds of houses huts and touts used
by fishermen for profit or pleasure and a
variety of tools and machinery used In reduc
ing codfish to tlie various conditions in which
It lorms an acceptable article of food Nor will
tlmse preparations themselves be unrepresent
ed Large quantities of dried boneless shred
ded and plckhid cod are on their way to Ilerlln
111 nrll
or Pity already arrived there and samples of
salmon mackerel halibut and lobster have
gone over in abundance
Tim Americnn Fish Cultural Depnrtmentwlll
it Is anticipated he one ot lIt a most Interesting
features of the exhibition I will be under thin
charge ot Mr 1rod Jlatlmrs who hiu had great
experience I in I stoking streams and lakes with
lieu Already there have been ell oor hatch
ing house hatching troughs hatching boxes
jars and everything i else appertaining I to llsh
culture In IliU department too will txiti largo
quantity of trout eggs forwarded by Jlr James
Annln Secretary ol tlm Fist Cultural Assocln
lon which wld bn hatched during tlm exhi
bition The American mode of fib h hatching I
Is In many respects dissimilar to that practised
in I Furope and 1 It is < expected that it will com
pare fiuorably with tlm I older methods The
New YorK Flsh Commission hae frt over
specimens of various flsh hatched I at the t New
lnrk Stiito Hatching Works at Caledonia by Mr
Scih Cireen 1 who shipped I I with them a hatching I
box 1 used by t him I In I his tlrst attempts to stock
tlm Hudson 1 Is a tirlmltlvo machine and
compal ed I with the boxes used today does not
show to ad vantage but it did good service in
its tlmo and may arouse some Interest I as I
curiosity Tlm Him arts an regards llsherlet
will i I not Li overlooked In I t lIt hurl i it Inhibition I
and tlm t United States urn bv no means back
waid t in I this department I 31r Bracket of Boston
has sent I linn oil I painting of a salmonand Jlr
H A Kilhournu contributes paintings of California
brain salmon fresh mackerel Spanish mack
erel and brook trout
From nn Express Train Ilunnlnar nt the Rate
ofTlilrlyllve Mites un Hour
Michael MeNitlty ono of tho mnfckpil burg
lars concerned in tho robbery ot Mrs Gold
Ings house In First street Jersey City about
two months ago was lodged In jail nt midnight
yesterday At tIm time of the robbery JlcNulty
anti two others wcrn suspected atul about two
weeks afterward three wure captured Inn
billiard saloon on flrovn street while playing a
game of pool On Mm t way to tlm t station house
each biilng in charge of an tOiLer two of them
hrokMiway One of tlie was recaptured but
JlcNulty who Is I only 17 elf old and < fleet
smccedod In i making I his h On
runner lel1 II 1 II Ill hil escape 01
Thursday it was learned that he IuI In Nor
wich Connand UetectlMi Doyle from whom
he escaped found him there 01 Friday
Itememberinghls former experience Doylo
took the I precaution of huandetu lii tug tlm lad to
his own wrist and Mm t two took passage In I an
express train for New YOII Soon alter leav
ing Norwich and while tutu train wasimuilng
at tlm t rate of thirtylive i miles I an hour McNulty
asked permission to get I dllnk Dnyle
loosened I his prisoner and let him I go by him I
self The train he thought wits running at so
high a rat tf f speed as to render an escape Im
possible 1 i JleNulty walled quietly to the I tank
drank n glass of water opened tlm door sauL
leaped from thin platform turning two oem
pete somersaults as 1m fell
Doyle rot otT tim train six miles from
wlmro Mc N our had made his jump
Hastily procuring n wagon ho drove back to
In tlv 11
till place hit McNulty was gone Doyle drove
hack I town rd Norwich and finally i found a la
borer I who had seen a Ito y answering to t Mo
Nut kys description journeying I toward t ruun
Hill h I I I I Shortly I afterward Doyle learned I that JIo
Nulty had been itt ksti up by I farmer and on
driving to tile dinners liousu learned that I he
had been bribed tiy a 15 note to conceal Mo
Nulty in i a charcoal pit thus boy having told him
that lIe was escaping from a brutal stepfnther
who lind maltreated nnd WHS pursuing him On
learning I that McNuliv wan a thief tile iitrtn e
at once led Mm wav In tlm I place where he was
concealed 110 I MeN III was again hi tniliu fl eli
nnd ito nail Unyln took titus next train far New
York arriving at Jersey City nt midnight
MeNiilty rec lved no Injury Irom his jump
save a scratch on one arm
Till 1KllKHTltIAXI
NoNe or them Ifnrt liy the Great Itnce Could
Hurt hate Gone Much Further
Frank Hart the pedestrian eat In a rock
ing chair In his room yesterday In Mm third
story at 214 East Twenty ccnth street nnd
before him In their opened cases on n table
wore thin OLcary belt his Inst weeks trophy
and Mm Itoso bolt which ho won last fall Ho
showed no signs of exhaustion yet was not In
clined to mOTe from his chair Ho said that ho
felt perfectly well but didnt object to resting
I took a walk this morning up to Central
Park anti then back down town ho said I
should think It was about ten miles That was
to keep mo from getting I too stiff
OLenry said I t t II llt Htr man who wins
Mm belt next next time will have to go COO miles
Dont you think so Frank
I I believe eould bn done without any jrteator
difficulty than 565 Is now Hart replied I Mm
garden was only kept In n lit condition for n big
walk Thero ought to be no smoking allowed
lhl track ought to ha not quite so hard as In
this walk and there ought to bo good ventilation
lon Well dont you think that you could have
covered twentyfive miles more In the same
time If had been pushed It 1
1m I you hll hlpn Ju8hel to I
Perhaps I could
The general belief however
Illor among experts howevlr
Is I that Hart went nearly ns far as possible Ho
stopped hall an hour before this time was up
but Mint watt Mm only relaxation 1 ho had
gone two miles further ho would have broken
his alleged bnrgaln with the bookmakers by
the terms of which 1m was to score no more nor
less Minn 505 miles They bet heavily on Satur
dny ntternoou Mint he would mako 5G5 and
would not make 507 gUIng nt tlm last odds of
four to one Aside from that half hour he did
not waste I minute and he was pushed by
siFt Dobler or Pcgram to within a few hours of the
Dobler was found on his bed In the Metro
polltnn Hotel but was dressnd In his business
suit He complained that his knee wan stilt
very tiff and lame I resulted he said from
n cold that settled In his knee and wok II
down Into Mm muscles of Mm leg He did not
go out of doors yesterday but expects to walk
I block < two today Pcgram arose early nt
the Putnam House and in thus afternoon his
walked out AIn at Eighth avenui and
Thirtyseventh street was little the worse Anl
his weeks work He was out of the lions
nearly all the afternoon Howard went homo
to Glen Covo In the afternoon None of the
pedestrians race was apparently hurt much by tho
frmn it if MA Aiitfriean
The pluck all endurance shown by tho
colored pedestrian Hart In Mm OLeary belt
contest have furnished tlm ijniibninrx of the
press with n theme for discussion Hart Is I
native ot the republic of which in IU original
united state Toussalnt LOitverturo also a
mulatto was so magnlllcent I representative
and Irom his Haitian origin and light com
plexion it Ii I more thorn probable the winner of
the great walk has a strong admixture of
French blood In his veins Add to this that 1m
was trained by OLeary the llnest points of
whoso style of walking ho displays and wo
hay enough of Celtic elements combined In
Mm successful pedestrian to lore than justify
the nfltnity of tlm namo sportively given him
on Irishman his first appearance of OLearjs a smoked
Oe Man Killed nnd Krvernt Injured by n
Fnlllnc Willl Two Men Niiffuciilcil
WILMINGTON N C April 11A flro broke
out here this morning at 12i in 1 large brick
building on Dock street between Front and
Second streets The structuru vas built for nn
icehouso but was filial with hay And grain
The building was owned by J H Ahrcns and
Mm contents by Preston Cummings V Co The
flames quickly extended to the brick store ot
Antonio Hush at Front and Dock streets and
tho family of Mr Lew s Solomon who lived
above the store wero with difficulty rescued
escaping with nothing but their night ciotlms
The hardware sore of George A Peck next nd
joining ttm Hush building on Front street soon
caught fire nut while tho firemen and citizens
were endeavoring to cave the stock tlm western
wall of Mm Ahrnns building fell crushing in
the Front street stores Ill compelling I tlioao lu
tol II
Pecks store to mnke n rush for life All were
successful except Capt William Klkrbroch of
Mm tug Nol whose body was lund lu the
building this morning burned to a crisp anti
near by with a piece of his masters coat lay a
faithful dog which always followed at Ills
hls Jlr John Farrow succeeded In getting
out but fell I unconscious in I Mm street He I
wilts picked up anti remains unconscious
His condition is still critical Jlr Jo
seph I Walters bad his hands mid
face badly mnshud antI burned Jlr Charles
Burkhelmer In making Ills escape received
many bruises and had his left arm broken in
tno places Jlr Bryant bwnnns hId and
face were badly burned Capt Charles D 1
Jlyers George Quince Oscar Parsley Jr
Frank Jleler Albert Gore and others i > cnpej
with siiMjru burns nml bruises Tlm total loss
will nggrecato f2 i000 on which the insutanc
amounts to about 18000 At one time with a
favorable wind tIle whole block wits threatened
HAVKIIIILI JIns April 11A twostory
tenement block lu Washington street occupied
by ten lamllles wis burned nt 4 oclock this
morning I Smith 1 lirown alias Jldleury 1
aged 33 and Charles Abbott aged 50 who oc
cupied an nttic were Miflncnleil and their
bodies partly burned Jlrs lanmallobertswiiB
evfrely burned in thus face and Injured in
ternally by jumping out of a window Tho esti
mnted Inns is i fOuu fully Insiiicd I el
NnnroLK Va April 11 I The Pitroell HOI
took lira rarlv jesterJay morning lint was
damaged probably lo the extent of 10000 Tile
lire on the I second I Moor spread to tho top of tho I
building I I so rapidly that before Mm t guests weru
awake many of tho rooms were llllnd with
hinoko and bent Men women and children
rushed out of their I chambers arid the contu
sion and fright were very uretut Tho lames
wuro extinguished with grout difllcutty
All irVtt IttlTIKD
Tb i Ceremony n Ierlnrmril ITpnn Mr
Curl Yunnc tlilnfae Convert
Mrs Augusta Carlo led a youiiff China
man Into the Sabbith school of thin Trinity
Baptist Church sixteen months ago On tlm
next Sunday the young Celestial brought two
of his countrymen Tho class his grown until
there are now about thirty names upon Its roll
All of them do not attend every Sunday as sev
eral live out 01 town However one who lives In
Belleville N Jls thorn
Dluvlle regularly and another
who has removed to Hartford since ho joined
Mm class makes frequent journeys to tills city
that 1m may continue loot this teaching of Mrs
Carlo and those who have become associated
with her in Mm work These facts were related
by tho Hev Dr James 11 Hlmmon In I sermon
on thus Chinese Problem At the clots lormOI If
discourse he All Wing
dllourM ht baptized Whl I convert
While I a hyjin wait being sung several of tlm
church oflleers assisted llm sexton In removing
tlm I desk and other furniture to Mm t en rllO111 tit t i
Platform and In uncovering the basin beneath
it A voting girl I and I 1 middle aged woman
were Immersed Mist TlmntlmpnctnrdiseniiiliM
into I the ties I it wltli t Ah WII i In compliance
with a request made by the convert through t his
pastor tlm congregation sang tho first verse of
the hymn beginning
snumir more ihnn I life to me
1 HIII < IIMI cIliiLtiif lnnl to tIre
let rite iircciuim ii I Inn I niuihcil
Krepineeir ever by Tliy > Me
Uniting In the centre of tlm basin tho pastor
asked the usual question as to the i oar rts
faith and said Ah Wing upon this jour
profession of faith In I Jeus Cit rhut I baptize
you In tlm name of the Father Mm Sun and tho
Holy Ghost 1 Alter a moments pit ui su ho laid
tlm young man back Into tho wnter then lilted
him I up nnd thin singing of his favorite hymn
was continued
Ah WilI t who Is said to bo the llrst Chlnnnmn
convert In I this t city to publicly t 1 trot cue a
change of religious faith Is I 21 1 years old and
his been In I Mill country eight r 111 is father
is a man of letters in Ills imtUo land being
professor lu n college nnd thin son is said to be
unusually Intelligent Hu Is employed ns n
decorator of cusrus by thus John Rtcplmnson Oar
Company He received I his ttaiiilng I i for that
work In the Cooper Institute Art School
TIE OKKAT Jll 1114 It It aiATCll I
Vlcnnnx Mnklnc tk Herond SOO Point In
Thirteen Innlngi Motion ilL
PAR April 11The billiard match be I
tween Vlgnaux and Slosson was continued this
evening According to agreement the balls
were placed whorl they were nt tho conclusion
of tile playing last night Vlgnaux opened tlm
ganm and In tlm first nine Innings made 374
while hlotson scored 1011 Vigimux finished
with n run of 331 mnklng 800 points and leav
lag Hlosson with a score of 174 Tlm game was
111 Wil
played In IS Innings Vlgnmixs average was
61 718 and 8los ons UK The score of the
two thu Ylsnaui 1600
10 a8mUI YIIDux Ind Bloiaon788
8ENAxtJl mnnnn omit TIIK QVES
A Week of CnnciiKRlnir Knlllnizrto DrinK client
llurinony Threiileneil 1 Itelnnutl of
Memhen of tin Committee on Elections
AVAHHINOTOX April 11Tlio Democratic
Senators passed the greater part of last week In
caucus As the result ot hive party conferences
discord Instead of harmony reigns In Mm Ben
ntorlal ranks I is not Improbable that within
the next two weeks the Democratic members of
tho Committee on Privileges and Elections will
resign anti Mm full particulars of ono of those
family jars for which the Democrats are be
coming somewhat famous will bo made public
On Mm other hand It Is barely possible that
union nail good feeling may bo born of tho
present strlfo And the majority may move In
accord together Tho situation Is ns follows
The Committee on Privileges nnd Elections
began the Investigation of the charges ngalnst
Wm Pitt Kellogg of having obtained his elec
tion by bribery fraud te at tho extra session
Inst summer The Investigation wns continued
when Congress reassembled In December
Thousands of dollars have been expended In
subpoenaing witnesses payment ot mileage
iVe Tho majority of the committee began tho
Investigation confident that their report would
be sustained by tlm majority in I tho Semite
Our month ngothofacttliiittlmmajorityoHho I
committee was preparing a mpnrt which would
recommend thn i unseating I of Kellogg nud thu t
seatt fir rui S tiolTorti In I displacewaHannoiincedin I
Mm newspapers No Intimation I was given I In
any member of tho minority I uf thu i en to itt i ito
by nny Democratic Siimtor that Mm report
would not ho sustained and without any fenrs
of Its rejection Mm report was submitted to tho
Senate Jlr Hill who prepared the report
read It to Mm Senate When tlm eauu reached
this stag doubts were expressed by certain
Democratic Btmntors of the advisability of con
slderlng i tlm I report at thin present time I I Had
thn majority of tlm committee been given to
understand prior to making I tho u report thnt thin
Democrats were nvnrsnto ousting Kellogg Im
mediately tlm report could havo been
suppressed for a week n month or un
til the next session as might hnvo been
deemed meet politic A cnucus was culled to
discuss Mm question of consideration Somimh
difference ol opinion wns found to exist that
the cnuciiBlng wits continued until yesterday
nnd then only partial decision was reached
Enough han been dnveloped however to indi
cate that Kellogg Is not likely to be disturbed
Senators Isnynril Tliurman Qnrlnnd Gordon
Hampton Butler nnd I Lainar havn taken thin
position that Kelloggs cusn Is res adjudjcnta
nnd that the Senate has no power to unseat him
Senator Iendleton although not fully I commit
ted In Kolloggs favor Is believed to eolneldo
with the views of his colleague Mr Randolph
Is I nleo thought to be in the same boat with Mr
Pendleton Ties votes of these gentlemen with
the Itepiitilloans who will support Kellogg aru
sulTlcient to defeat the report of ties majority of
the Committee on Privileges and Elections
Yesterday a resolution to drop tlm Kellogg
ease for ten days nail consider the Geneva
Award bill was ngreed to by a majority of three
votes A motion to take up the Kllocg cutso
Immediately I after the t Geneva Award hill is dis
posed of f was defeatedand its h caucus adjourned
with the understanding that another caucus
should bo called to tnk llnnl action on Ito t
Kellogg ease nt the expiration of ten days One
distinguished Democratic Senator who Is In
favorof considering tlm report of thin committee
immediately unv his Democratic associates a
few wholesome truths to consider In a speech on
Saturday He said that entirely npnrt from tim
qiuustionnfuviuutituniiie Snntu hal Ihnlegal pow
er to unseat Kelliigga power which tin believed
they t possessed was theqiastion of fnir I dealing I
with one of ttm Senate committees HH claimed
that tlm gentlenmn who now announce tlmir
determination to oppose thn report should have
Informed the committee of their Intention he
fore the committee had mail Its report Tlm
action ot these Senators Im said would bring
tlm t Democratic party Into I ridicule Kellogg
would preiut n largo bill for tlm expense of
his contest which the Government would lie
compelled to pay lie stiist thattlm nctlon of
crtalnof his nssoeliden reflected poorly upon
thus management of ttm recognized party lead
er Tlm experIence of tlm extra session ap
parently had not taught them wisdom In con
clusion Im said that he would never vote to
consider the Kellogg case until ho knew nio
Intely that there would ta n sufficient majority
to finally agree to tlm report
Tlm members of tlm majority ot the Com
mittee on Privileges nnd Elections are greatly
Incensed at the action of certain Democratic
Senators and they threaten to resign It their
report Is not sustained Those who believe
Mint Kellogg should bn ousted nave slight hopes
of success If a bare majority could he obtained
III favor of tlm report tlm opposition of tlm
Democratic Senator would render tlm political
effect ot thin net extremely hazardous Butler
and Hsmpton nntiliig In favor of KellogeR
title to his peat would bu Interpreted ns evidence
of a corrupt bargain by which Knllogg anti
Butler won orlgitmllv seated If Bavardand
Thurmiin opposed this committees repotttlm
Itndieal press would lav upon thIn Southern
Brigadier this responsibility for unseating n
Hipublican whom Northern Democratic bcna
tuna wished to sustain
Arrett of the Pnrllr it tin Presented Them
nt the Vet hue Hunk
Yesterday morning about 2 oclock the
Brooklyn police arrested John Schreyer of 4G5
West Seventyfirst street Now York nnd Her
man Glcrke of 3J South Second street Brook
lyn E D They weru charged wllh having at
tempted to puss on tIm West Side Bank of New
York two bogus checks purporting to have been
signed by Jlr Gilllam Schenck County Treas
urer of Kings County and which lure on their
face the amounts of 15500 and 1500 respec
tively Tlm prisoners wero brought before
Jiiticn Wnlsh and woie remanded for examina
tion These cheeks were ecitifled by j jm 1M
slsiiint cashier I of tlm I National i City Bunk of
Brooklyn hut It was subsequently Icinmd that
the t u sLnnturn of tIm ti Kings I County Treasurer 1
win forged and a vnniing vvii promptly Usuid
to tlm bunks of New Yrl I and llmnklvn
Tlm West Side Dan ret I ed Mm checks as n
deposit from imrki > lie tminir neompanted by
Sihreyer who wns known at llm h bank and t t who
Is a real e nhflt dealer at Ninth avemm and
Fortysecond street Schrever slyo lie noted ns
nil agent hon the stile of sixteen lots In Flnthush
valued nt flli500 On Thursday morning n
man whose name tlm police declined to iimkw
known called on Schreyer land said he uvuus
executor for some 5 01 plumed I children I I t i whr n
money he wished I to invent i In I real I estate On
Saturday u morning I llm u u strange man met 0 lurks
and SOt < r at Cimrken store and passed to
them thin checks which hnve slncn been pro
nounced forgeries Tlm pollen are now en
deavoring to ascertain howtlm peculiar blank
forms on which checks urn vviltten in tlm
rminty Treasurers oflleo could titi vii been I ab
stracted therefrom nnd devoted to Improper
ew Lire iilnHit HIM Stag llrlcltrr
Tho trnMofft of the Eafrt hirer hriilc are to
him n credIt incctinz thl nUeiiiouii to pn upon Pt inn
her liJ < tciiiHT the work to completion tout tV0 I nicn
were on llio miu nn Sntuniy itit lit It M u UMrnrit tn
inerrfiK tM number C I imieu 4i is prftcucnt U tn tnuli
forward the t approaches anti nnnonr BO tlint the e ill
Infill conipUtPil liy lf tine ti si inlet Mipprtruc
lure M i tlirnwn HMT tlio uuittii Th i < iini > tr > > llir it
Hrokln nn FrM n pMl Mnom on HU nil cnll nut t the
trnt t4 its > tui HIP > niipruprtntcil l Itie
li ilurc iii its II lt pnl iu it I i tue huh itt > nint its
itriiitt ttmilutaa lit i In I trunALtoil in i linln i ul iiiin nil
iiu Iur tlit ml It UetliotiJinil iueel niiIir tin i uti
ttucl Mtli tlic 1 trun tVmiiiin u u nn ttr wliuli nt
ti fpnt Dfi < r itt I tissue i litnin HIP H < v ntnurtrtt
tiutiiu f Tin1 ti t mhi m nth m the rcfn the IIWIM i
nrr hiiiu irts ret to rrniv the I rat tecUuiu ci the
rudJui > uliUlt are rxpi ctitl thin mnnth
IMititteni on I iiku Ontario
OSWKCIO April 11An exceptionally mild
priiinU > wft foUi nl nt I ocltfk thin innrnliiff In a
Kale it xtraoriiliiftM UoKiire At3i inlet tie sttuunuur
DaviJ Aiulient i 5 roin Napunee Out to Ti runt in iOu
r > i became Uinl > letl ant 1 wai ilritii 1 nilinrn in a litA V v
Subs urii 1 utsi suit tulle lirliu thnut > Tin he
cuing i rivr ssuut tlovti iiil I tt in thi iHipnfrNtr u
slio H < it > millcrlnj un Ht MiKim1 II tttg
5 tilt t A tou nl tIlT itlthil ltttiiil irom nj nl h niii to ihf
tu iiliuii1 i iitml 1 hruck iv thii > tiii t s tfl tlir it i ilNix
llan tn tin tutu li > rnnt uhtri li r > I1M IIIHH Hit
the Nvnitnr id t u 1 intl ul tinrn jtul H unltr 11 het
iiI t mil Hie iianlntr wns compi Uttl 1 to rut lifr tow
ntt rOt ilte itrrntil 1 IUT alcu I I and itt c e nt u the i ui irvp i
reiuhfil port tlu Hitcriiuon uitcr I n ucruttu >
The loiirth ilitntilptl u nt MinhorttM c mill l loi
ffrnl cult arrhinn thlo iiiorninir snIre tsiteuigi
sat iJuniaLi Ihe gtte fniittnup ntul the uttrs n will
pinhxhly ic l A tin t mao She he i uu neil IM l > uuu V Hro
of Nupanev an I in i fciij > po pil to tit tn uiril
The Ileiiilt orlonklnn nt uu I eciillon
Ella Combs nged 12 yenrs tlm colored girl
Iciliml In the Qiierti Cnnnt > lull Ihirje I wuti i nl > nn > u
hereinpla > er > Mr nut tre llmlxy or lleinptieud n I
tie let tu lit tutit laity ileratueil stat her caw is I In ie in
nulreil lulu I It u cots thit the curt h i nut ice ii rilit in
her iniiiil Inct the hnnin m the ties r murilerers Jar
vhs stat Jnckmn at Heuipit n < t la 1N7V nhicli she usit
isesed thruuuh A hol in the itnce urrounJiiu tile Jolt
Whru arniuiifil If lure the Justice lie tAid lo Llia that
sits would las lo ui aucUi r liiof tin
A ironn AXI > A lJLoIr
EzelUraent In the Union Ieniue Club Honte
In I 1hlliulclpliln
rnrLADELriiiA April 11Thero was n
breeze ol excitement nt hun Union Longuo Club
House last night James JfcManes ono ot Mm
leading politicians of this city and who
stands the equal of Kemble ns a Hlngster
was the lending actor In tlm affair
Vhen ho entered Mm building last night
some one presented him with n clrcnar
against the third term which E Dunbtr Lock
wood was circulating among Mm members
Tho pamphlet was not very fluttering to Me
Manes It spoke very strongly against the
rapid development of Irresponsible personal
leadership known ns the boss sys
tam Men not distinguished for any
puhllo service It snld but strong In thn
nets of tha t demagogue and skilled I I In
thin devices through which our Intrlcnto
partv machinery I ean bn handled retntn s power
by i controlling I I nominations I and elections n itt
dispersing tlm public patronage which hns In
creased so dangerously since Mm war Step
Imrd In Washington Tweed and Knlly In New
York McMiines In Philadelphia urn fnmlllar
Instances of these local chiefs When Jlr Mc
Manes read this Im was very very ancry and
asked to bu led to Lockwood flu de
manded of that gentleman what rlcht
be had to clrculatn n pnmphlet de
rogatory to his character Mr Loekwood
said thnt downs not Its author but t > McMnnei
Intimated pretty plainly that Lockwood vvns a
liar nnd raising his hand struck Lockwood
with his palm In llm mouth It wns nil over In
a minute and thin two men were led oil
SEftAunt aiturnits ILLXlSS
Tb Deruocrntle MHjnrlly lit the Senate Seri
ously Imperilled
WAsnnfQTON April 11 Senator Grover of
Oregon has not occupied his scat In the Senate
for the past three months lie left hero early In
December having obtained leave of absence to
visit his wife in central Now York who nt that
tlnm was dangerously III It Is reported that
Mr Grover Is veryslck Ills constitution Is paid
to be entlrelybrokendownnnd ho threatened
with paralysis His friends say that thoy have
slight hopes of his ever being able to
resumn his duties In the Senate again
The two parties In thin Renntu will bn
very evenly divided nftnr March 4 1881
Should I nut In ni elect n htipuul II I can toMieened
Mr McDonald them would lie thirtyeight Dem
ocratic Senators including Diivld Pith after
thn i next 4th of March calculating i ltittuu ttl lean
Senators an llmly I I to he returned I from Connec
ticut New Jersov New Yorknnd Putt iieuivuituia
in I plnee of Senators Enton Randolph Kertmn
anti vSallaee How Mnhonn of Virginia Mr
Wltheres successor will vote Is not known Mr
Grovers death would Imperil h I Mm t moc > ratln
majority seriously Should Im bn convinced of
hilts Inability further to perform his Senatorial
duties and resign the present Legislature of
Oregon which Is Democratic would elect a
Democrat to succeed him
low Strong for Itlnlne A Grant Delegate
front Vlralntn
DES MOISTS Iowa April 11Of the 99
counties In Mm State the Stale fiejiflrr tins re
ceived definite returns from 7C sent by mem
bers of the conventions Of these 76 counties
59 elected solid lilaltm delegations to Mm Slate
Convention nnd morn than threefourths ot the
counties declared for nn Instructed lilalim dele
gation toChlcngo Seven counties Crawford
Decntur DesMnlnes Jackson Musnllnr Oi
ceola and Pnttnwntlomli send solid flrant
delegations and nltm counties send mixed
delegations Thn delegntes eluded Its tlm 7G
eounties to Its Stnte Convention loot up us fol
lows For Blain COS for Grant 110 for Shur
nuiii 1
PETEESBuno Vn April 11 Thonepuhllcnns
held conventions in tlm i different 1 i counties of
the Slut on Saturday to elect delegates to thn
Siaunton Convention which is to h appoint tlm
Virginia deleintas to Ito I National or vuuit inn
nt Oilmen Tlm Dlmvlddle County Conven
tion elected Qeo Matthews colored I a delegntn
and adopted resolutions favorable to the nom
ination I of Gen Grunt E D lllnnd colored I
member of the Virginia Legislature was elected
as delegate from Prince George County
TIIR nnnisii qxRnsuzp
A Boneillon Unit air iind < lnnc isme the
Unice us First Lord of the Treiuur
LoNDoN April 11 Amonc the various
suggestions mndo one has met with consider
able favor In Important Quarters viz that Jlr
Gladstone bo called to the Housn of Lords and
assume tho Premiership as First Lord of tlm
Trensttry Mint Lord Hnrtlngton h lender in
the lliusn ot Commons and Minister i of War
and Lord Grnnville C I Minister I of Foreign Affairs
Tlm Otitrrrrr has reason In believe that I tlm
31 ti rout Is of Salisbury will I h Im created Duke 1
Titer its silatin talk ot Mr Gnschen succeeding
Lord Li tton as v Iceroy of India
LONDON April 12A summons has been
Issued for a Cabinet Council to bo held on
veinesdaj t I
Mr Gladstnnn hns finally declined n public
reception In I London
There have been returned to the I u House of
Commons up to the present 115 Liberate 223
Conservatives anti 31 Home Itulers
Till LATHliT Ollt nolilll XEini
llltmnrck on etitrut IIUin inunirnt
KutiLiN April 11Ihte Jut publNhcs lIla re
Clv itt riinic nioiiLtrik to hi luur irnui llerr Huchler
who forwanleit n copy ol 1mb motion tar a ronercM to
promote n irrner ddliirmanicnt Prince IliMimreK M >
I am > nou < npleit illi the tricllcnl ilrtiil Ililnc if
the nruatti that t inn litKiMe 11 i iti vete ntUnlnn tn n ne
nliillt ft the tulure w hieh 1 tear n itlu r nt lit wni I <
Nut until MIII ion i < I in WIIIIIIIIL nir n ir MI uhh n to
Miir ills ie iiii I In trhiil ul nur sir tue iin iiihi r
InnI umlirtiki the n p n < iliihty m > iuti pmpni I
llliti n thi n I Su ir nintu il i Ilitml nt niti nt ni tin
nnn inient id s 111 ir in Ulilim k wnii ii he iltltlLUU un
certnli MII I III it M wntil I I e inr Irnnt en In i ruiite il
luruni Cu hiili could tittLiiel i > exerii i tucli control
1rotrila Aciitint the AnllJriiilt llrvreci
rtii April 11 Cntholld journals tuiblili
IctleM Iruni Hihni > ruicitiiu aiin HIP decree s Ihe t
MtiHrri < Ilic GuMTllinrilt colilenilillti s measure to
iri > M > ntliirlhrriinnlleiulloninn thriuirtef ihe HiImp
unit Unit the Minuter nt ruhlit t nr liir > MII > rlMtil I
shtren n Inter limit Pn uiti preUlii n iiiiiiinu tl oni i i
tie nriiTi imn cl lit CittItlut Hl il iirilu hue nnii
riMlieui Uic GotriHn nt to caiue tile Iowa to be n
The Xe Il inih Ciililr
LONDON April 11TIme Btenmrr rouyer
Qurrfcr wlikh li Injliu the lnIMi runnectlpj < ililr el
the ito Krrni ti entile lominiiv nrriiitl tt I niince
tin She Ml Hrt olnln u lilt t tin i i t to < i
1 Olllt fOUU llKtlllltClt M MIlU iti IV lllllMIIIM i I 1 III 1
Kill Ull1 thfullU Ill I 1114 I l ui i Ulll H lit
III lllF Illllillll Illlt slllull nIU > litiiVtt mite sic tK 1I1U
ncittlier huus Urn ihu
Irlure Gitrli > lutUiill1a CNuiitltlnn
ST IVrKiiiDUiio April 11PrInce Oortclm
loll Iieu a tin h M t huht linl iiihl lint hceii ile
unit nxlltrxtrriiirli wiik Illlt mrlni Hie
hn < MMirl him uihl fiiiiiliiuiieil Irilae utlcliulolli ttu u
souls to 01 reur > huii a
Tea Jliij s Without I Knntl
SYiuruhE N Y April llHlx > enM ago Nn
tliin if Vrnuiniin u Imirnl lUilrnmt i mi Inui uni MIII
struck 1ib I i Ii > wmulilunl tt I qillt usinri lllil Cn 111
t I nil arrniint nt unit in In hi ill tie il nine li II
H mil iiMlllniit il 1 iiiiiiuii tiilh nt ihtitriiii 5 i M S i
iluri Oiu5u its4 mi i nh I i i iki it
ut the uiti 1 ol 111 it 1 tni < I he iwilve ni t I ttt 1
St II Cut ilh i null Ii n > lit t inter II i n i in h ri t ri it
nut In Im 1 ui n ever nuci iiiiiui ti icil nu lot jur
the Iul kllda
Iuiceusttl try FlreB In Nev HriiiiMi IcL N 1
NEW IliitiNsvvicK N 1 Aptll 11 The resi
ileiui ot Vat vi II Iruviit WH luiriiiil 1 at II A VI tn
iliu The limif I i 1 Ill nu liiMlr lure A Ore in thN n
Jersi > Hiilii i un nivt i e inn tint uiniiiiii a lu
tlrmiilthi h inn Inn II t Hie evil ut 11 t tlOIAU lluurtj
Hutu tint wire i i ttr t iim
Orinnn cir filter inii in the rimninla A inhli
lluiniii teiipnliiv nit luiniiil i n union iur tin inirpiie it
jiiiiiini ilu iliiiiinl lor ttlgttr uua Hi iiuaii S irmna
iniki I re urpuiizM n iiniuii nt t jn tummi trteu
Huron sit FrlrMn nt uormniii nml itrktul > l Acu laM
kriiu uterI ii I i1 it use tn141 Ia ailulu air ill llm
itt itsuous Sri llnlc Kx
SeiiHinr rinton uml AttornLv
Uiuersi l ll nillli HUM time HI 1 the Hun Aleiiiie
DxCldif i nt TIer far on of New Vurk who ilinl t nl
ttl I ltttiu ti luriii ic t itute Jer < > Im nn llnrM i i
Si il in hlineil tetleriln Hie I alii iiifniue at IIi lirirrnl
I aivir larweih nt jni uu niirri uf tic olil voluninr
epartiiiunt helm prti nt
Kllitnl rmiietio o 1 ft I rity kleetitlnl 1 in DelleMie
lId lllnl nu Miinilut irmn au id t ti it I 7t I
lllUil Ant In mi nrknii t ti I i nan air 1 i wi i
ilny umi Mil in ml t h itnn Liti I HIT Ihree wmui u > ir
Iliauho > nn illinium her He wiuanentea mi In mc
turn iroiu hurMiu hli wlte in Calvary iVmetery lie
hid packed up lilt rmuwhoM Euolt lor ritiou jut
Pioneer KxrtlrMlnnUlii Accomplish n Success I
fill Hvutlon or the Hem Snow fluke and
Ntiive nml it Hotel tu till COOO ATlnilovri
The pioneer excursion of the season was
mado yesterday to tho Invigorating coolness ot
Ilockawav Beach Tlm steamboat T V Arrow j
smith was ndvortlscd to start at 10 oclock Tier
flics snapped as she approached Pier 24 North
Bluer to take on board tlm forty persons who
awaited her In the grateful shelter of n pun ot
merchandise Tho wnter was rldgod with
whlto caps nnd thin sky wns patched with steel
blue When two other landings had been made
tho company of pleasure seekers numbered
slxtyflve Seven of these wero Indies oil ot 4
them looking young fitrong and resolute f
enough to bo mistaken for departing foreign
missionaries Etch worn a black silk and had
taken the precaution to bring n heavy woollen
wrap or n sorlskln sncqim Threo of them only i
Bought tim cabin wlmrn n fire was burning
brightly Thin others wont on deok anti braved
time sunshine on the ten side oftlm cabin
Cnpt Davis had n lire started In the little
steamboats main cabin and tlm smoke that
puffed through llm crevices of tlm Move drove
mvav seven men with blim lips anti plrcheil
faces who 5 hail gathered about It In I ovtrcoitH
Tho most of lie t excursionists malnlnlimd posi
tions t forward on thin main i denk wituri cool I a ir I
drinks werMdlspensed It waa hum only that h
nny exuberance on llmpnitof h I tlm pioneer ex
omsionlBlR found oxpressloii This deck wits
closed In on the windward side
flue wind came so strong from the west that
tt request was mndo tu t the slxtyflve passengers
to keep on thn right sldu of Mm boat so that her
rliht wheel should not bo lifted out of wnter
Vhiie time bout wes running before thin wind In
front of tlm deserted Conev Island shorn the
four ladles who had left tlm t forward saloon
deck returned I lo t It nnd ocn the three t that hail I
sought seclusion In the cabin weri coaxed out
of It Tlm uIiltuI caps had disappeared The
sea ran smooth and thero wax for n time art
uninterrupted flood of sunshine Tlm water
hero was not UK rough ns It had been In ttm har I
tar Soon howiMr thou shoals were reached
nnd Mm t lOin I steamboat pitched considerably ns
she run In over this bar At llm same time heavy t t
whim clouds iibscuted thin sun anti lime air was
Illled with Illltlni snow flakes The artinrof the
pioneer excursionists un thin saloon deck was
dumped nnd they I wero driven 1 Into t llm t saloon
where lucy stood In n semicircular row gazing
out through thus front windows A landlnrr was s
rnndnnttlm new pier opposite this new Rock
away Hotel but most of tlm pioneers went on to
whnt was formerly thin second landing There se
ttmy were nbln to get dinner nt a restaurant
Hnoweontlnued to lilt In I tim 0 itt r though It did
not fall fnft enough to be observable on Mm
ground Some of tlm excursionists mounted
some platform ears on which they were drawn
upto time Itocknwny Beach frmlnus of thothreo
miles of trcstluwork nearly completed across
Jatrmlen Bav It is said that working trains ot
tlm NHW York Voodhaven and Itocknwny Hall
road will run over It within a week Tho engi r
neers say it will shorten tlm dlstnnee between y
lioeknway Bench and New York seven miles ju
and that the running time ot trains will not bo i
man than twentyllvn minutes
Others of the pioneers braced theIr hats
against the wind and strolled westward along
the bench to the new hotel Tlm flying stunt
scoured their faces ansi was driven Into tlmlr
eves down their necks and up their wristband
Tliosn who trite In u hurry walked backward
Onu of the pioneers from a rudo estimate maul
nt a distance and from one point of view only Ct
reckoned that t thin new hotel had over 1000 4 a
window Gen Superintendent of Construction i
B E Smith says t hut them t will Iut t about 2000 7
window He nisthnt I tlm carpets will be put D
down In I the t hint week l In I May i and Mint It will I I bo j
ready for the rceptlon of gimH on June 1 It
will all In roofed over by mt Saturday except
Mm centre toner time frame of which Is not up
yet The plusterers will begin work on Wednes i
day Water with no lritkhuulu l taste is pumpoil Ii
from wells only sixteen i feet deep nnd is I no
healthful I thnt t Col 31 ions superintendent says ig I
It has cured his workmen of verytlilngexcrpt I
nccidunts amid has prevented a good many uf I
them a
At 1 oclock thin sixtyflvo pioneers were
gathered on time Arrowsmlth amid another de ii
olatu flitting t I ot t snowflnkc us but joyful In th e r 1
anticipation of a hasty return to their homes f
The Act Sleellnit or Iruliylerjr In Vhleh M
hIs rrleutti Only Tuk Iurl 4
Tho next incotlns of the Brooklyn Pres
bytery Is to be hold In Talmases Tabernacle on I h
this 19th of April It will bo made up excluslvo 4
of tlm Moderator tlm h1eu C H Taylor and tho
clerk tho lIar J M Green of Talmage mem
bers tho n opposing Dr Talmngevvho are now pJi I
nmHInnts to tlm Srnnd because of tlmrefnsnl
to h uu vent hiram Dr I T ilmngert I mornl roitennesi
charts having decided to remain nmivniiiU i
their iiisi is dNpoBeil 1 f of The complaint t of Dr I I s
HmiryT Van Dvkc and Ills assnciates will bo i
before tlm u Preilijtery I which I must appoint a e
cnmmlttec todefen 1 lie nctlonliefnre tlu Synod t
At tills Siiiitl mi eting delegates imtmmst t tm fho en
m the General AoinUy vvhl li meets on May
20 In MldUon WK D4 Talmnge Is stnted as n
delegateand it Is snld that then Is a movement
on foot togvi > him a national vindication by u
making him Moderator of tlm highest liodv lu I
the Prishvtxrinn Clitinh Tutu controversy con
Iernlng I htm I will I I I not eom su bnforo this General
Assembly thiough nny npponl
Iiue truny But to tic Iishet to it Yete I
WtStttcrTnN AprIl 11Mr Clynmur who is
nmii ihimih ti trumt tt utouriitisi lltt siti entuvor ti
ret snis 5 mu i II in is i uy Time trtimlrassn utrnua S
umauailmstoli u Ciitlrtr to us urn tItu icnitcrnt list
tin Iiumi ttr ttuthlsug ut ssfneiuv
ir r 5 tn i uiet i i Ii t ttt tseiei
C lit t il ithirtt shtlusi in kiln titi
ml elI it p y umsui ii tilt itit
r niutu T 15k ns t it t s 1st lit Aim
tter nit uii i 5 utl u ii i it tiisiituliCtflS to badcr
the imshujurzty ltlh h tie i it tail
St c ill i ng S ii is ty I ii uety
Tunwi rr a mid is ntiv htiuuu of lute been stolen 4
trrsn cm t It ui thiuttitit I tmu uv iirsAtriek h
tei aut tit i Cli ttie i cv to ite 8oku
iStusstui511 it tsisti Int rl nisiti ihti
II I ins sit thU u Is ii 5 0 iii ilir shtriiissz a liru he wq
Ci Ii iiili t is uairlet iirsssolt t
a sisit t tutt a t us us tt ru ti rr it ehammuleriisuit
lute r t lie l ssu 5 It i ht i I i k t i se rltttoc hi vi I
i t u t hs t is sun I 1 mIt s else trot tIti tilt
it7e C t t t n utt issi thi 5 i iu Iris ncr set I tier anti
iii ttcr trihmi uittiuQu i
Mr VtnulrrhlUU Olil hum
An oM barn Mainline m the property of Wat
M Vnndrrl lit nn tinnnmt nrnn IlHton Stiles
Ilnust un u M t nil tVc nirlv tffrr Im morntti hy aOn
5 IS I 5t n i 0 a I ir u i Tte thtlli
imt I its iuethi s i ilt at nte
lhsflt tt t u i t i 1 s i S Ii S 15 unit s lilt
il 5 sir htomu us u usme itrur
i irutra it t 5i t 155 It ii itS Si iruthuer Isutiw ef tijs
title tttiimmalot 5btttth Ti It
An IntnxIcntvMl Kntlllrr 1 unit till listot S
Xnw Onjixi prll 11 I 1ThIs 7imr < Ope
toisue tessiit s I I AI t < lirtriiiiiliirlliif iiSitiinMy
t illtl Ill 1 W tile tlMXlllltil i lllllllKll n iiint l
U 1 i Hit h S ct Ims U I ta I i 5 its
r in hull r ui i dt > i h 1 iit t tltis tmii
tr t 1iiih T in m I r ili nml lll I 1 rriin tli i < rnt
I II 11 riss Sr IsIs err flu etitOc lir Im
mi u lulli fii M in s I tireu lulls rcnclr UJ hii
balyklllhulliii liiili tly
riiinl i In I AIn I t Minor t
Iovriov t tint 12 deatiiich tnlhi > 5MncMril
I ii iiiitlniiil n nm u i lint pent ttneta IIKMI IH
mrreit In the uiizittortussh it ITU Alnliazir has
him tnliiner tit 1111 tho im t > le nre In i m treai JUtreti
IIMIR April IlTh I I ftlring f am thn
Pencil line < li Ii I ll I i Ii i ii MW r I V i ii I lii nilliii IllllltV
1ii linn li II Iliii i i n r I it i t i n iii 5 i Uiinoii
They aru uniiuum Int t 1111 in Inn ii l liliUn S
Mrnnl Offce lreillitlen
For limit mlddl All mil States ceir or pnrlly
cleiil t e enther ss e Sri V ul inj t > iauonnr > cr IUIicr
temperature situ 1 > irmni ti I r
SMVS mini IAIfl iKiiisitAi
The Sistusumet h rilnnit i im il h i ileiitnl lint It xnnlt I
null i i i ttt ill tn al IVI i tin Kn to i i uniniite tho IMI
thu in e ef o < ro
11 tu ittr4 In Hie < llrntmii ti S rolllre mill hiv I
Mrmk tr ftn llniii ul I I uel mul MI tit lint turn
rtn nl in nil li i A run nl I the null
Mn 1 II KirHuttii vi ui S V cite ott wr II known l
Invner in n unite I n i ile I I vc turta hvitrownlii her
tell in n ui II 11 5e ii 1 iiKiline little mil I
fjunrre I it n c tinirt iimre in C lhwn > Cnnntr Mo
Jll JrnUv nuht i llel in the llliu of Uoll U I
Xenri hi i Huk i tI nliiin a Ito n iiirn aint
The Hi I nit I Cnni Inn 1nliner wlinllvnl 1 nar Is eel
Jilt j > i re nn iiril nil Mliirilmr oyi utiiu niil imriniri
at i i ehlll I a huil mil the mother anj lour chiUrtiura
in n ilunier un ih nm
riii I sul l at ll I nn Mm muni tflt Bl Iiiuin tiiturilay IH
Ni > > u t I nniti i < in i i Cli ui tIm n
el 5 her itirten linvnu I ulllh 1 vn Unma lilt I
iriuht nviiit uiu 11111 1 iul > um r
iieinre the Hi uniir tyeihu leu Sew Orleatu nn Inceill
fitlunnliii stt a crack in i the rmltrr IMII unit the rjiiei A
VM Ci ihituhjiuig tue r wo illwtWMil hut llm ennlnter
ileeiileil ilitt at the crock wa an uM ont they could gal
bad to Urirpoot
tulure raUUw repair 7

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