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MONDAY AV1UL 12 1880
jmtiementi Toliny
ArwArmy nf JtiOc I I
Amrrlrnn IMllulrInm Ore t Show Utttn
II n nt IV t rh utrn llnil < l
llljnu Oprrn IfoMsr ARM A e o
I hirk alA Ji urney Itironch pIi l
Shl7 r I Way w 11
f Utti rnn TItstrrHrfi of Otk
lairMMd Opera laIlth
Il < rrlfi Thf > Hlr tn lilow 1l tol
N 1 1 I drcn < r
HlMitUon S r I allulltk
MhlnM InnlfnMtl < lf > n MlnilrtU
Icw York Aq < iMrl imAI1ilrlk5tortl lIe
Olympic Thrnlro IKVjrCrockfli
Pk hulZI
fllrlnwn llMlt Cnitrert
AlM 4Hrtl I lieutr M 1
fdtw I rnrl 1 < i n llnsiIllslI Tlrttf
Theatre Coanlq ir < t < illl ii I iirl fturpHi
Twnj IM I < n IbntrtlieTrsnip
tal Ian NfMnrf Th i re liy Pritlntr
tMlUck ThIT Mrry or Not to Ifurr
V dr 1 1pl
The regular cirrHnrou of TUE SUN for Ihe
week ending ilpr1 1018 teas
tummy 136970 WcrkU 7 rt
fl 7
Mnndnr IKIoii riuir lny luilte
TutukU I IHlMltln I Ur 141Km
VeJncaday l3t > 7Hl I aturJA > IVUIHU
ToUl lor the week V17H 5
No Rcipcct for the People
Tho Ropubhean leaders haxo no respect
I for tho great populace They look upon llio
masses as Incapable of thought mid desti
tute of memory
I must bo so else how would thoy dare
to Insult them now by nominating a camll
dato for a third turns In tho faco of their
own resolutions unanimously ntloptcd only
four years ngo declailng their iinalter
I I ablo opposition to a thlul term
They must bollcxo tho people nro Biich
fools that thoy could bo told today that
black Is white nnd tomouow that xxliltu
Is i bind without setting any feeling of
r distrust
Wo havo too much respect for tho intelligence
ti i j gence of tho Amcilcan people to Imnglno
such a tiling to bo possible
There 1ms never before been such a bald
11 bold open cntlro abandonment of nil con
sistency and all piluclplu In tho whole his
tory of American politics
1 Those who are guilty of It ought to find
1 their just lowaid an overwhelming I defeat
Forty Millions More
i Tho coolest military proposition of tho
1 present session of Congress is ono which
Gen HAIIKY WHITE of Potinsylxantn has
t I introduced Into tho Hou o and caused to bo
I referred to tho Military Committee
It proposes to provide proper arms for
thoarmynnd navy of the United States and
for tho mllltla of tho several States and
Territories In pursuit of this purpose It
authorizes a board to select tho proper pat
ft torn of small arms and then declares as
I follows
It shall be the nttr the Secre Wur
M i Mi h1 < rI tarvof nndr the
npervlslon of the General of the Arm to hflr 250 to
f I of the sild arms manufactured at the national armory at
Rock Island Illinoii nnd n hie numlier it the national
I armory at tprin uclil Mrt8 chu etM nnJ the Mcrctir
of War shall also contract In T the uual minncr with not
I tess than three manufacturers or arms for the construe
tlnn and dcllxery to the Government not excreilluic
1j 1 > 00000 stand of aid arms In nUltlun 1 tlio alnaily
prolaed fur herein
I Here then we hno a proposition for a
I total of two millions of rilles although tin
regular army contains only 23000 cnllbtod
men and tho militia not over 110000 whIle
A both nro supposed to bo already armed
In a previous section i is provided that If
i a magazine gun is selected the cost shall
j not exceed 1850 each If a single breech
vl J loader itbhall not exceed 15 Undoubtedly
tho former would bo chosen as there are
t t plenty good sIngle breechloaders owned
by tho Government We should hae
i 4k then nn expense of 37000000 provided for
4 In this bill
E But this is not enough I Is also declared
J that ono million intrenching tools shall bo
adopted and contracted for In like manner
saId tools not to cost over two dnllnii
l I each This would bring tho total cost to
1 30000000 or as we may say lu round num
I bers to forty millions
p Tho proposition h simply prepostcrouo In
Its audacity ali should L pigeonholed I
not pilloried forthwith
Tricks of the Jobbers in Contracts
All through the long debate on tho star
I service tho defenders of llituiv and the
champions of tho pet contractoi sought to
mako a false Ihbuu I bolero the public ali to
I dlxott attention horn tho men I question
before tho House Thoy charged that tho
I aim of tho Appropriation Cominlttoo was to
destroy tho mal service carried by coach
wagon or oil horseback and thus to cutoff
tho facilities by which time Ieoplo > away from
railroads und stoimbotts not supplied wIth
postal connection By raising thi > dust
S they hoped toduiio tho unwary and t cover
op tho big jobs which the lobby mid press
i Jag urgently and indecently on tho very
Door of tho house
I Mr HILT of Ohio n reform and to
tronchmunt IJomoeiat repeated this trick
I which many others had eniploxed I Ini scat
tering speech which deserves attention
1 only because it furnishes a leason for IXPOi I
lug tlio deception that was practised by the
backers time 1lml tment In order to sus
tain their unjustllinblo conduct and treach
C erous votes We quoto his words
I a A larec number of hit pronto I lme tho honor to
represent here hae no othir len of nmll lriii pnrta I
t tion than b > lioiHhiick ri let other eche I their miilN
s t by hacki und conhea ant tile lirtir nmntii Iy rail
4i But It so happens that turj Ioitottle In thKtonntn I
elnol ha 1 a railrorttlini Iain I OIl IIIfl to uP nn
l portion 01 my eonMtliients itrprlviil it 1 uio r ° rllon of
ufr their mall ticilitii iecnue they iii not oo toitunate MS
tallii on a railroiil nor am I Hlnu 11101 their 1011
I I actltttiulntid It rtutitli run I tn iu intnltH rfrnl Ity n I ttt
CtiHjrtH I thtre are rsIlls I tlerc as Uallenl 1 let thuw
jullty 01 thclrauls tu I broiulit to uni < hmenl tot i d lnni 1
Jj nit tit ir > i ft tiltvu iKlecau e Ionic dikhonr crtl
cia I lice lulated the law
This was tho soil of Appeal made to the
4 prejudices tho Hoiioe by the opponents of
economy and Imint dialing and Ity tho
DCluerUc 11111 iteinihl lea ii mmspipoiper u
I 4 suaded by HIIVDY nnd I tho t elIOt actors toad t
I h ocite thili jobs xxllh a lull I UiiovxliMlgi I 1 that
i I It vas wholly untiiK t In h ixeiy essential I par
ticular i There nio about ten thousand t Ill
hun lel I pof > lnl i routes in I the t 1ultcd I I Static
HJ Rtnl not I ono of them xxns cut Ill or disttitbi ti
by I the AppiopilalltPit Coiunilttec 1 I All tin1
flffl pioponed I I War to tiduro thu i xpuUllUin I 01
i i itt If i Hpoid on MiMiitythlii roiittx tbjIch
V fail I been Incieastil I enoimotiily a nIl tolil y
fui tint irolll of I fexv fnxoied cuntraotort
M without Hid lotht bonellt to the public > and
J p In icnioin tietlons with spat MI poptilatloii
The bill lIt tlm iMimmltteo flt It passid tin
lloun did lot touih a filiiglo 1 i onto In the
1 Not them 01 Middle htatcb It J did toud
l aix lu tho xxholu houth vl 17 thico In LoulM
1 tills and thiitt In Texas one in Kansas
ono In Nebraska UIHM In tho Indlai
IVtiltory null sUtytxxo othets west of
I the western boundary of Kansas No
I brasUa ami loinfa Hut thcfco soxenty
three routes wore not stopped nor crip I
w plod nor was tho regular service diminish I
L S rd on them 1 tho least accrue All that tho
bill did was to reduce tho speed anti there
by totcdtiro tho scandalous Jobs of tho King
And this pinposiil I eduction on these soy
entylinen jobbing uniitincts xxvtn from 11 ret
to t last tho only I teal living I question boforo
I tho lou o Thu servIce on them xxas let
011 a year ago nt n million of dollars In
round numlieiH Slno thn cotitiactH xxeto
made HIIADY has raised I the it by multi Itional
rips to two millions I And i on tho back I of
this IncreaMO he has added one million two
hundred thotieand dollaia for expedition
jo I that contracts which started at a million
have swollen to three millions to run at
that rte if nppioved by Congress for
more than two years from tiwut July
This Id tho whole story dlxpstod of the
shams leg 1 nnd fraudulent figures by
which tho jobbers have tried to inHou tho
public There ncxct was nn Intention nor
propositIon nor suggestion to limit I or to
tl Ilinlnlsh i tho star service In I any manlier or
form in All tho outcry to that effect xxns
lilatbu tncttt red to older antI It I t Mr i I lltri I did
tot knoxv that theto was no Inteifeicnce I
ml lltect i or huh meet with t thin malls I In I his oxn
State and nil I oxer the Union except In the
simple trlctlon of speed on tho severity
hteit routes a head y named he ought to go
10 a ptlniary school
LIke others who preceded and followed
dm Mr HILL cited tho uiso of Ladvlllu
as ni lllusttatlon to jUt I thu t Jobbery In
lios > e frontier contracts as If that town had
bell neglected TaUo tho toxxn of Leid
IIIe l fur instance sll1 I he Vhnt woo hi
the people of f that young city I do xxlth a
xeekly mall r Nt > w It to happens I that
adxlllrt I Is supplied with threo tlilly mal
ft lorn dlfTeient I points nnd t tie expedition I I
has IMMMI increased on onlv onn of thorn to j
tho extent of four llioumiut dollat a 1111 I
So that Lead V II ii innnot bo tisod I ns a eoxei I
tot the I < rrlpton ohscvleie which stand
exealod by till testimony > before Cn reM
nitl substantially by the admissions of tho
Jloss Jilngtet in tlw lust OlUu1 Dipirt
bout who bo
Illt whlllRht to Impeached
The Shunt lUIti of IlismitrcK
Theio Is I n stale theatrical trIck by which
in actor feigning to leave tho stage lurks
slyly in the Imckgiouml anti in the nick of
UfO darts foixxnrd to confountl his enemies
In his younger days 1rlnco UISM xnrK was a
frequonter of tho theitre and ho If fond of
lomoduclng thin featuio of stage business
In his public life Ho has turned It to
shicxxd account In mOle than ono cutter
gooey and nol according tl our ttlegiiiutis
ho hns bad recouiso to It again to crush the
I ndependonco of the Federal I Council I and lid
limself of n constitutional restraint I
FarcIcal ns tlieao pietended resignations
nay appear to nn outside obsetxer they
are no joko to thoso who have ctitmed to I
thwart HISMMICK at the court or in tho
Cabinet liy the o poiformuneis the Chan
cellor contrIves to feel the pulso of the Emperor
icior and of tho countty and as It WIle
takes stock of his political situation I hu
fTitj now a nil then to play double or quits
It I Is 1 only to iioxo to his opponents how
completely tho game is In his hands Thus
on one occasion he employed this expedient
todcmonstiato that tin Kmpress AuotbTt
who dislikes him had ceased tUClIt lilly lu
lluciico In public afiiirs At another Impor
tant juncture in the spring of 1877 who the
rcpytt of his xxllhdiaxxal was credIted In Eu
rope for fortyeight hours HISMAHCK niailo
it clear that tho Crown 1ilnce was no Ills
unflinching In thu support of Ids pole than
tho Kaiser himself Hit latest ie > etltlon of
tho inaiuriivio has called forth equal con
cln lxu assurances of confidence on the part
of the heir us well ns Urn occupant of the
throne In a word what Inppeued the
other day Is merely afresh outbreak of thy
Intermittent duller whijh the Germans
call Du Hnchalamlcrltrtrii tho Chancellor
crisis Front these puiiodlcal attacks tho
patient always recovers and honicbtxlyclse
It Is I observed hart to pay tho doctors bill
In this case It wIll doubtless bo tho head ot I I
tho lot Ofllco Department who has hail
tho audacity to oppose the Chancellors
stamp tax
Something moro decisive however thin
the supptesion or tebtiKe of an liitiiPtiMn
ofllcliil has leeti needed to nil ty thu t Chan
cellor ciisls In I this Instance Thoio ate I
features in tho German Constitution which
are not to DihMUtcKs mind though they
ansxveied well enough ns makeshifts tn
nnd fifteen years ago Ho would have found
it no light task to construct tliu NoMli Ger
man Jonfedeiatlon Ill G If I I tho number of
heatri concedetl to tho fainallei States in the
Federal Council had been strIctly appor
tioned to the I number of their i inhabitants I
Ho too In 187H I tho South Get man kingdoms I
Would have been much lets eager to meige
themselxus in an emplio unless pledges
had beeugixen that special i consideration
xxould I bosluixxn I tu HID xxiikei confederates
in tho tppei House I of t Ito Impelinl I I Parlia
ment Not of tour that the Itundesrath
cal IID ptoneily Iompaied XTlth HID I Ameri
can Senate xxlioio equal ijptesentation Is
glxen to all the constituent States entirely
lirespectlxo I of their i ivlillvn Importance
inissln no doubt hit fai r i ni Ire sxelght J In
the IVduial touncll than Ins baxony nnd
liaxaila iiiotu than Hiunsxxlck Tho seats
howoxLi nut i liv no means allotted lu tho
iatio of population as xxas plainly enough
hhoxxn in I tlio tetent dixiplon on tins Stamp
hill which provoked JiisMMsckn reslgna
tiou Jim majoilty against this mibuiu
mtistiied thIrty xotet ieiiesentmg75CiOOfn
souls xxhcicMb the txxuntyelght votes con
stituting thu minoi Ity t find behind them 1
population of 3JA0000
Ihis Patllamentniy defeat of Pzttssia and
of tho kingdoiiiH i ollei lively foimlng the
mass of i thu cmpile by I cOlltol I I ot put
States seems a grlexoits thing to litsxt utrK
not 140 niuilt on account of the pittii tilii
llsial 1 project 1 ii vi ii veil arf by ieatsnu i of thu t
pKcediiit cstnblitiliiil Suppnsn I tho all
coo rse hiiniitl be titken xxllh I I bill I i aflei ting I
tho uxpeiulltuiQ for iiinianiiiiL or defining
tho main 8011CI of the liiipetial 1 I invemies
ill such 1 onbo the Chancellor xxnuld natu
ially consider that the mechanism of thin
empliu had biokin tloxxn It Is 1 turn t tho
machlno Vil5 of his making anil Ill must
Inive InIM 111 the urgent hitch hit ho
thought it xxould inn binoothly rol a vihJi
and hinlxxn > b intencled piohably to fceliu
tin flint pietet for iccoiibtinotion t
WI IlL tiko I fur gianted thatn workman
Icnoxxs the llaxxb In I lilsoxu hiiiuiith work a tot
that t It I li I eiihior to mend than to nun ho an
emplie It I Is moot unlikely I Hint HISXIMint
xvlll I In I stitis lied xxilh any SI nit temporniy
coiuesslon as a ehungnof votes on tliu lilt it
of fomo of the IUSMT States It Is not the I
passage of a Stamp bill that the Chancellor
hub at heart but ho would take stops to
giminntce now nod nlxxayt the passage of
all I I bills I xxhkh I lepresent the Intetest I und I
thexxillof I I Prussia Nut until I I t lie eltlO I of
liolltlcnl t I eolnilihs xxlth t the
Imltlenl poxxot colneldlH Ilth tle cIntlo I of
ginxlty wIll IlihMAiKKHccliemuol Get man
unity bit fulfilled and I loose confederacy
bo transformed Into a compact otgnnle ho
mogeneous nation No ono could have
heel so keenly conscious ns Its creator
thnt tho weakest point of tho German em
pire lay In the constitution of the Federal
Council nnd perhaps ho was not ill pleased
I that hU master shyuld discover on what 0
precarious basis tho structure had been
testing Now that tho unpleasant truth has
been forcibly ought homo that under tho
existing regime tho most Hal Interests
Irusla and of the dynasty can bo bet at
naught at any moment by a league of petty
I States It Is doubly clear that JllHMAltCK Is I
still I I Indispensable I to thn House I of Hohcn I
Ailluin And xxhon tho Knlbor and Croxxn
1rlnco meet his mock icslgnatlon with protests
f t tests that t they cannot upaio him It Is likely I i
enough that tho glim lips of no Chancellor
I sardonic echo
shape 0 sartonlc
Tacts for the lumorl t
I Tho llipublleans of Missouri and Kentucky
hold tliclt i Conxentlons tiny after tomortoxx
I 1 bnth States the thlidterm I t men claim in
adxnntu that tho delegatIons to Chicago
xx 111 bo sol I for GIANT Mlsfeout has thirty
votes In tho National Oonxentlon Kentucky
has txxentyfoui
Tholtepublloin Convention In Kentucky
on Vodnobday xxlll consist of neatly two
thousand members icpresnttt hug tho one
hiindi ed and seventeen counties of tho Stato
Hut this t organizatIon Is Imposing only be
fore election day On election days tho
Demoernts of Kentucky are nccustomcd to
bury It beneath majotltlcs of from forty to
sixty thousand
In Mlbbtmil It Is bcllcxcd tho GitArrr
manageie at St Louis have succeeded lu
raptmlng the t pirty nmuilnoty i It Is tho
party maclilueiy I and not thl Houtiment of
tho Itepubllenn I inu 80 nor the opinions of
lleptllillcans Ilko exSemttoi JoilX U HlX
Di rsov Dr KMIL PitKHTonius ami cxDls
ttict Attorney Dyiiit that xxlll dotoimlno
the selection of the thirty delegates Sup
poio iitvsr guts all thirty Mlsbouti like
KuutI Is Democratic State by
Kcntticky a Donocrtt moro
than I t Ilfly thoiisind majoiity
tlssiiiiri tutu Kentucky would count fifty
four votes toxxatd GliAsri uomltmtlon nt
Chicago but they xxould count at least I
hundied I I and txxeittyllxo thousind majoiity
for the Demociatle tandidato on election
day So the thlidtoim campaign goes on I
Crnttt 1Inlcs Xo Dcnlnl
I Is 1 no trivial matter that on a recent
occasion In I public speech Gen GIIAXT
made references to the charge PII constantly
telteratud against him that ho sought to
mako himself Emperor wIthout any denial
ot thu charge or any Intimation that It was
not tine I
This would seem to bo nn admission by
sllenco that It Is true I
nch precise was tho courso pursued by
Gen GIIANT in reference to tho third term
When four yeata ago Kepubllcan Conxen
tlons all over the country xvote adopting
strong resolutions ngalnst a third term
GiitNT could not bu Induced to bay n word
on tho subject Why liecauso ho was I I
ways In favor of I thIrd tcim for himself
In tho same way now ho has not l sj Ilv
tile to say to the charges that ho desires to
become nn Emperor because ho knows them
to bo true
Senator VrST of Missouri disapproves of
gush about tlio riclits of time Indians He Ins
no pntlunce will tho tiambypnmbj notions ot
Laitern prra hrs nnd editors Isnt It In tho
Bible that the Jows drove out tho idolatrous
Caiinnnitus kllliiiL n good mini of them In tlio
uroccss and sittlfil on tliclr liimls As for tile
effort now milking In Chrletlimizo these wild
Inillnnn Senator VEST ot Missouri Is of the
opinion tint ItnouM be ns scnslblii to preach
to iinuli Hirers or hyenas ills plan Ii I to break
up tritnl rohitions to also break the treaties
under which the members of a tribe holil their
mails In common to compel them to take out
Inml In svoritlty to throw open the siirulus
land to white settlement to deprive the 78000
blanket Indians of their ynnfl and ponies put
them onncommrntlxelrsimll irvntion arId I
turn Ihm over to the nrmx Vnon tile l1rt t
war part icnxissnys Senator VasT let tho I
cnxalry of till United btutts follow and cut them
to plncOB I
Delegate UOXXNEY of Wjomlnc nsrcos in tho
main with tit Missouri f Senator Ho holds thnt I
the present policy of centleness must I bo ro I i
placed by I policy of lore hu IB I convinced
that when barbarous nomads cot In the way of
clxlllzntlon clxillzttlou his toe right to remove
tho obstruction Besides na ho told tho house
1 wpk nun last Snturdvy Mr DoxxNEVof Wy
mini M I ot the opinion that there Is much of
lichen lu tho Idea of thu riult of Indian domaIn
over territory I
I 001
Tho Parllnnuntnry elections now nearly
concluded Imvo been conducted with vile ills
plays of roudjifin In not a few places The
free fluht with which LABOUCIILKES contest
opened seems in fact to have been nkotnota
to tho canvass home candidiitts have been
relied with Moms in the btpOls nell others
haxe bail chairs llutic nt them on Iho platform
whlla rxRMiL antI Lord JOHN MXNXLKS
whie nlt 1011 IXXIS can
Bymp itlilze in the common martyrdom of being
nputterod xilth eccs exiott that tho noble
man had also tar hi his Drltish tourists In
times and books goiio by have botn imllcnnnt
or hiiDiMcilloiiH over rather lees rowdish
scenes lu an Aiiierhan canxnss
Index Xovis has bint a letter to Lawyer
KvxitTS about Ids long tilcnsiiru jnunt In En
ropAsln and Africa Ho tiltS with facility
in his descriptions from misMonarh to nior
Lliamlih and I I hi rows an iminrtlal I I gIn ace out
IliLliKbrisB religion rice fmiinlii Bemlnnnes
tiles and paws hides h > mu books cheeso and
ClirUlluiiti Noxv ho ilKbCmU on the swet
illlS unit light of the hiyrout schools and anon
on tin ii spcrmaceti i en nti lie > nnd ri > tied sucnr
that inluht b > sold In tho I Morocco mar Ii do
rio trick of thIn loiter is its uttompt to present
a fall I I l iileiiniiru trip I im I ioxerntnental
mlxilnn for biisiuiias purpobcs and Ills I very
apparent trick too
Txxo obscuti xxalks have been going on
tho taCt > XMeksliniilinnooiish wi lit thn I grcit
olna TDliour ninteh lu Vnidttuhiin N V xxon
by I UVll tic with Old 1 hiurt fourth nod Wrs
10Sf walk In vm nunl9io xxhlcn proxod a
fllu In WrsTONs own tylehi eiitnred to boat
I uji mlltrt nnd maui nearly two hundred less
Ilcklo Apt 11 was not In tho melting mood
Mbtcrilti nile thn contrary Iheru was I
llnrch boisturousiiess In the wind and a March
chill withal Oiwcrxant persons who wore out
of doors at tint tlruo oven iilllrm that thor saw
snow tlLies
discovery of a new comet by nn Ann I
Arbor observer on Tuesday nlclit list Is the
moat Interesting I I nEtrouoininnl mmit oh Inc tho
Uiponrancu in tho boulliini f kl In Iebriinry of I
tho treat comet of which the Kmpiror Dom
Irmo cave the first Intelligible nceoimt In n
tolegrnm to tho Paris Academy ot bclences
Tho Ann Arbor comet Is I runnrknulo for Its
treat northern deilitintloii which placed i
vti cut dlccoxered i > nh I n few diuKin fioia tie t
polo stat 1 scorns to Im I mnvlnl xxltli great
rapldlt h > toward lie t ninth nnd ns It hud uii en
d cwrol a lull I I threu t minutes In I lenutli I
outrlit to bu easily Been with I small telescope
Thero xvlll ho three luttii < tltiK conjunetlona
of planets this week At t about t oclock on
ednesdny mnrnlne Mercury nnd Venus will
hi I lu conjunction nnd Mill vt bo uniclentl >
near Jut j t Ijofutistmiisito make n lily y I tiri tty
uictme On Thursday t tIlti I tie ellUll and
Jupltnr xvlll I I ha only half n diiirni I Ii hart hut un
foitunittily this conjunction will not ha visible
her They will hoxxeiur rise within a short
dldtnuuo from ono snottier on Friday morning
On Sunday morning Jupiter nnd Mercury nt
their rIsing about txxont > tlxo minutes after 1
oclock will bo so closd thnt both xxlll bo visible
together In a telescope At tholr
10lethor nearest ap
proach they will bo fortreiKht minutes apart
I tho morning is clear the sooctaclo will be I
Val beautiful one tho huge Jupiter formIng
tho central figure surrounded br his four at
tendant moons anti Mercury shIning oloso by
naif I too had fallen under the away of tho
ulnnt planet m I
Next to tho wonderful scores achloxod a I
feature lust weeks walking match deservIng
attention Is tlio practkal working of the terms
on which It was founded Undoubtcillytheso
terms worn well understood anti consented to
beloroliatid but tncrn Is somuthlncruDUKiinnt
to thu popular notion of n fair division of the
spoils when n man who rankos this splendid
scorn of S25 miles Is out of rocket by the opera
ton This Is the cnse Ylth AIILX while KnoiiM
with Ids SIC miles and WILIIIMS with hIs 0119
nro still more severely out Not only do their
shuns of tho very largo gate recclpU fall to
cover their entrance fern but they Imxo time
additional cxpenne of thntr food nnd the
wanes of their traIners as xvoll as their own
loss of time In mining A fairer rulo would
have been that men making over COO miles
ahould save their stakes provided this should
not make the total gains of the winner of the
sweepstakes less than those ot tIle mnn just
below him The result in the present case
would then halo been to give hurt J3000 liss
than ho HOT his but tin would still have hind
about four times an much a the next man
besides the bolt and men ranking such splnndld
scores ns thoso of AILLN Knousc and WIL
LIAMS would not have actually list money on
their entrance fee besides throwing away nil
their lImo and toll
tmo tol
Let usadmlto tho pluck of the pleasure
Bookers xxhowi > nt oft to Itoeknway xeMordny
but what notions of plensuru thou
blI queer must
have enjoyed white shIvering In the blasts I
Tho demand of tho Mandclay astrologers
lor 100 human victims to avert calamity throws
doubt on the recent nnxts of King Titutmxvs
death I tlioXrno of liurmah should ho bo
still alIve would onlrdncree that any astrologer
who culls for human victims mint himself head
their column ho would do ono irood act
Tho i civil t Ieruxinn victory If Chilian
news may be credited has already been coun
terpoised In part by a Peruvian defeat while
liilivla has treated herself to another revolu
tion which Is likely to bring CMniio again
Into power Why cannot nccuptablo arbitration
bo found among somo of the other South Amei
Icnu powers
Tho Ginnd Army encampment In Brooklyn
next July In to tako place ono day In the Acade
my of Music and the next in a Conox Inland 1
hotel This will bo lore sensible nnd com
fortable than tin camping In 1 tented field
which used to bethought necessary to suitably
rexlvo war memories
ncns 01 AX EJ11 lOLITICV
After Ibo Liberal Ictorr Vhut fRlnititone
llnrthmton unit Orultillle
To TIC Emron OF Tiic Sux Sir Tho
question of main Interest In English politics
just now Is What wilt 111 Gladntono do Will
ho tnko the Premiership or an ofllca In tie
Cabinet as Chancellor of the Exchequer under
Lord Cranx llio ns Premier or declInuolUce and
glxi the Liberal Government nn earnest out
sldoMipport Two years ego mel would haxo
beau l enabled to draw up with complacency n
Liberal Cabinet without any undue doforepco
to the caprices of Mr Gladstone Men said
that It lie would only restrain his pneslonato
preference for truth liver expedleney his ne
enptnneo of the oflleo of Cbancjllorof the Ex
chttiiuor under Hurl Grauxlllu would be ury
useful to tho Liberal party Hut Mr Glad
tonus po ltlou him altered materially within
theso two years Mr GlaiUtonn cal now do
exactly what ho plcixse Tho excitement tho
enthusiasm of the election has swept aside all
nice calculations nnd popular acclamation
places him In tho position ho hiu xvcll earned
this position of r Premier
But there nro tho personal feeling of others
to bo considered to xxhlcli Mr Gladstone is
specially bound to pay nud doubtless xvlll pay
deference I xxo nre to bind him by tlm hotter l
of his own repeated affirmation ho has finally
Ilono with ouVlil lilt On Jan 30 1873 Mr
Gladstone wrote from Carbon House Terrace
xiy Dun riktiTlLLB At tIe n2P rIdS ant I itflir fOr
to 3ie r 1 it laluhuui rutilii J lilr I llilu t ii toll rn
limit I J i to r Ir on tlip 1 01 i nwiit tlruiiilly TIll I mire
na MI In I ilicliti I tu me In I my IM rvinMl I iru4 ol 1 the bell
niethuU ol > 1II lie closliu year ol mr hie
Now there Is no doubt that when ouo morn
ing without any consultation wIth his Catilnet
he doceuded onthuoountry with nn address
the electors 01 GreenwIch dissolving I Parlia
ment In which tha Liberal party had a majority
of 80 Mr JladMono of his own act prompto I
by I momentary passion placed thn Govern
meat lu the hands of Lvrd icoutfleld for six
yiir Not only that but In th dark hour
whfoh he had created when his pirty Ini it this
ts 1 of Ilk rliSl I diocnmfltcd and broken Mr
Gladstone refused to longer lead I and will
through nil history till under the aspersion of
haxinc In I n lit of I ptnlim ii Iortr I ala nIlond
his party xvtiun sudden reverse of fortune Ilu
Bimtten it
His IIIXTS n to thn best methoil of spondlnc
tlm closlni jear of his llio ennsl ted In
ni ton in constant dashing in upon tin uxer
tenor I nf I lolltlcat I m life I I often whit II lituh pur
cone always nlh ImrnliiK ulnqiiMne but ns It
eon tnntly linpperin dlbioncvrlliiR ul mi la
norlounlv drnxn tin for thu pnerxatlon of
Bitch wreck of th Lllieral petty its xvtt lull ns
the remilt of his capricious limo
try In 1874 clwrlcous appeal to Ilt coun
It was In this crlsl when Mr Gladstonn de
Bitted I Its fallen fortune tn it at a IlIllei I tic of I
tin party at the Itfoim ChIll 01 thn proposi
tion or Mr llrlcht the lead generally nnd
ebpciidl In tun HOUR of Lords xun aci ept > d
In Lord Granv4to l and tho had In tlm Common
mon by Loid Ilrtlllol nt eonenlei tliln
icnlle nt perfonnl otisidnrntloii To this
HHiKtirin Mr dludstono give oxen HU enthual I
asllo ndiiernnci
Now It IS Ole thing I to load to vIctory n trium
phant and hmhKptrlttd Iirti 1 is iiuim
11I1r 1111 tO I sutnll it thn ugh defeat and
Hunt I linn IIMHII luitlo Lord Ilarnnuin
linn doiiDllie I ttter nnd h is e tabllln > d ailatm
IK luittv coiitideralinn nnd txm Ltatltinlit
which It would lot fnt l tlh ilSiriiditaiilti tn I lilt
look lin IIII bliou himself an thus and dally
linprnxlm leader HID tatlenie his InIIIly
his niode ty Imxo XTon him till rItoli t and Iun
lld nee ot Irfith bidi n nnd lin nlu > ntnl > cairns
mm xxulght m llti lloiio than hill butler
of f til majority UN Mionc Ioiinnjn toils
Bound judLmi and eoiiMitiitlonid rodluesn
hliiiin < in moments 01 dilll tiitt an I he OlIn thu
rulU tlllnc In tin fexvrit pnxlliln iVtIIO tlilli
moii hiim ooI I ti uipr jiilkiiient unfatlioni
nh e iialienie and n lendene t 1 to taciturnity
n n lin Minmlilo iiuilltiih lit a leldur of the
hlrttsit Ilniii of Comiiinno nut tlnh lilmm
lo lurd trtliiRiiin Vim hIll It tl tn pisPibln
xmiild it liMjnsttiller I Hlxxearxof gooit sort 1
in t tliud I in itkdliBof f tldfeatto tillinxci hull I Irolll
tlm million of lndi of thu lluusu
Niil uhiti Mr lihnUtonn hi hU Utter to
Iird Ciranville xoluutarily n tiled from ofllilal
Ille LordCnanxllln biHdtnu hi riKht tliu next
heir tn Ihn Picml I ishlp I As rorolgn Sucretin
for man > nirr hn hail iieilurmed hits dUI
xxuh unexampled graco mil urbaulti and du
site to tileiiM Hut xxhen tii bled eithur
canin its 11io < not equal to the helm Hu diHliki
txork and risioaoitimlity > and n copy > id ono of
his iltspiitolitx during tIll FiancoOoriiiaii xvar
IK I Hhnxxn us au uniiiuiedi > iitid tiling but do
Ilkhtlully I rhUI I1 lIt Hu iv rote Mi i dlid t I
ittitii end I think Still Ito has hint cluiitiis
tn I till Premiership now is iii mmllvier > p ii
iilnr hpccmlli acceptable lolhi Qitt i and tlm
man l ntsulti d lo 11 touelhei a Ininiiaiu nf
HIII li strung men of In sumo lintaiice dilfer
Inu MUi an xvlll oiiililiitH i this tnmnii I u Imin
iir iliini Wniiid l it bi > niiHihln or xiould it ho
I lISt In I villinold rum him I unw II position to
which hu his IJf tlir lull
All must depend on II Gladstones personal
feelmus and iiikntlniis forxxliiluhu has lienn
learning I lor I root nnd dUtlintly I I you I rOIl from
any part In nfllclal life hn has foulit with n
1101 tin Haerwy and power xvhleh haxu itston
Isheil 1 and startled a xictorlcnin campalfii
xvhich hn liluibiilf hiss dencribnd ne 1111111
ny n 8liiKlttli Hided xiluntier aitaliiht tile stIr
nid raiika and mlliillu risnurces nf hid hey
urninunt Ho is largely uuxoinid In uh mat
ten liy his impuUim i which tiro tenerally most
Kenurous and ur 1 tho t Inlu I once of hu wilt I Hu 1
utter feel that HID Premluishlu Is tile outhy placn
hn could nil without lims of seirrespect 11100
persiitinl dignity I Hn may sink I perHonal
111 alL tidily mioiiikliig ainliitinn tn thn
public1 good Hike a mnnkit m the Llhoral armj
and HI 11 a I mini mint of r tho innlii
Lord IliittliuloiV IHHI In thn CninimiiiH nnd
Bit under lie t 1rmlilnuit I of ll Lord 01111 Orulvlll I b I III II i
the Oablnet Thisnrniiuenientxxnuld curliilnly
ItS thu bi HI for th s country and xxould best i muut
tutu complex condition of things In I tlio I party
NEW Yomuc
1 lie llliceit Trout
The largest Lone Inland trout of the eenson
UmiUi xtm ukcn on tiuareiay by Gcoree E Call In tile
M > Hnuiae River Smltluown It mtttund 31 Incite
jnlei4ili I T sail welthtaOipounili 1 About wn ear e io
oiuri Tyler uiilil a trout lu this tlvoi last s eiglie4
over not couaa
The Only Sort or n Democrat wha Ca n neat
the Third Term
bout tlmo thnt tho men who pose before the i
country loaders of that part of tho people I
who believe in Domocratlo principles should
understand tho following common sonso propo
I Tho South IB not Bolld It Is not possIble
unite the Democrats In Virginia and Tennessee
upon any national Issue whIle they are hope
lessly divided upon n locnl Issue which xvlll bo
nitlxo In very Congress district In thoao States
Thu lleidjustoru lu both VirginIa and Tennessee
were In the majority at the last election The
Democrats who oppose tho paymontof the State
lobts united with the Hepnbllcnn are In tho
majority There Is no possibility eliminating
this local Issuu from the campaign this fall In
those States In Virginia ono or two of tlio
present Democratic Congressmen hope to bo
able lo SecUre the support the Democratic Ilo
iidjustcrs They took no pnrt In the contest
last fall nnd will Insist that they were not com
mitted for or agaInst tho question of tho McCul
loh bill Due I Is perfectly certain thai He
adjusters will bo nominated for Congress In
uxcry district in the State nnd that these candi
dates will receIve tho Bitpportof the Itopubli
CUIB If Grant Is nominated nt Chlcnco tho
uljUBtiTR xvlll bo very likely to run the Grant
electoral ticket This I bollnxc can bo counted
among tho certaintIes of tile coming contest
I Uqultn I possible that I lllalne is nominated
the snOb thing xxlll happen I speak advisedly
about tho situation In Virginia I haw the
utloutno of knowing AgaIn I know thnt efforts
have boon made to effect an arrangement or
understanding with the Itendjustcrs through
Senator Mnhono nnd they haxo proved abortive
My Information In regard to Tennessee Is not
so direct or positIve but I believe that It Is
equally sure I Is undoubtedly possible for
tho Hcpudlntlonlsts nnd tho Republicans In
that State to combine and If they do they xvlll
defeat tho regular oldfashioned honest hard
money delitpaylnc Dnmocrats
I Tliu debt katie Vlrglulannd Tennessee
while It Is strictly speaking local Is noxortho
less ono that will naturally merge Into ono
phase of the national contest The Greenback
ers readily become ndxocntes of socalled na
tional schemes Whllo tho Oreenbackers nro
not always llepudlators tho Icpuiilators are nl
ways Greonbaekero The llepudlntors are al
ways advocates tho old fine nud I bin ap
I propriation They want the Natlonil Govern
mont to help them out They nro not satin
fled with the old order of hints but demand a
change I cannot they argue make matters
xrorbc and may Improvu them much The Ito
publkan party Is progressIve I favors all na
tional ochcmus I has been niggardly toward
thu South because it xvns solid agiilnot the flu
publican party If the South becomes Republi
can It will bo different In any event If South
eni Deraocrits help to elect the next Republi
can President they will bo taken care of The
responses which have como from Southern pa
pers to Grants declarations in Now Orleans
mint not disregarded Thor are significant
III Tho Southern Democrats ns n ruin are
not friends reform anti retrenchment TheIr
Idea of reform Is to turn out Republicans nnd
put Southern Democrats in office Two things
haxo kept the South solid first prejudlc
war passions secondly tho hope of public
plunder Tho Republican party was the em
bodiment of nil nt the North that was Inimical
to the Southern people Abolitionism Union
Ism reconstruction negro sulrllS Individu
ally and collectively Republicans were tile Ini
placibln enemies of the South and of her peo
ple So lone ns the Republican party ruled the
country ho lone thorn xvns no hope for a South
ern Djmocrit Moreover tho Ivomon and the
JOUIIB men ninduit xvell night Imposlblo for a
Southern man to becomon Republican He was
ostracised In society In the church every
where So lone UH his nntivo State was domi
nated by negroes nnd aliens this social Influ
ence was Irresistible bo long as n single
Southern btntu was dominated carpetbag
gem caIiuiK3 nnd blinks the name CILllblJ6
operated potently TIll employment of troops
nt tho polls nnd to evict legislative bodies in
any Southern State brought the badge of SIT
xltudu before every Southern mans eyes the
Iron tutured into every Southern mnut soul
Hut when the last xistico of such tyranny was
cone thc o repressive Influences bllcllmo every
hour less and less poxverlul Thu Independent
movement at once became formidable In the
South U controlled two Congress districts
In Georcla and one in Alabama in 1878
It Bxvort Virginia nnd Tennessee last year Who
does not know that in 1875 or even In 1877 n
combination between Republicans nnd Re
adjusters xvould have been impossible In Vir
ginia and TenucrbCO
Thu logIcal conclusion Is that when It Is
possible for this clement of dissatisfied Demo
crats in fitlY Southern Stnto to effect a combina
tion which will gIve It control of Ibo Stnto
patrnnnco and perquisites and a shinto of the
national plunder the combination will bo made
IV Southern Democrats are not as a rulo In
ralor of economy in tho administration of the
national Goxernmont A mnjorit of bouthern
ReprcsetitntlxiA haxo not supported subsidy
propositions but that was simply because that
policy was not popular at tliu North The
majority ot bouthern Concressmcn I believe
mire more nearly lu uccord with the policy ol the
publican party upon the question of Govern
ment expenditures than with Northern Demo
crats I do not question their inotixes but
simply state what my observation tenchei mo to
bo thn fact There are poxx rful Influences
compelling ulh > rn Congressmen m this direc
tion Many of their constituents xvnnt ofniv
Still others are interested in publln Improxo
menu Ilko the MIssissippI levees and the
tltoubiind jobs nnnunlli prnxided in the Ilel
nud Hnibor bill They xxnnt coolly pulill
buildings and ereater mull facilities They
xxant emploimout by the Goxornment In tho
nrmy thn naxjnnd In I a ny oilier fluid which
II ill illord what Ihu > would term a living
chancn for a xxhlf mnn
y Thn clement nt the South which Is loudest
In Its dentinclntlons of Tllden nud most I
clamorous in its teotpxorations that hecnnno
receive tho bupp rt of till solid South
doubtlebs U I in tho position to combine will the
negroes and loll its itoiittbl men na null thi rosy thin
rloctoral votes of Lou lain illI Florida North
Coto ii tin boiith Carolina I Virginia nud Ten
niSHeo for Grant or lllalne Tlio boutlien
Confresmin who oppose Mr Tildon ray this
will I I be III t t tiBiilt t It I t hois nominated I at Cl tci to
mill They hellexo that It Is possible to patcl
up nn arrangement xvith IlendjuMers ropudln
tlonlsts and independents which will enable
thorn to secure their own reflection to Con
gross If Mr Tilden Is nominated this they
say will bo Impossible
Why is It impossible Ilociiiiso Mr Tildon
reprmetits principles which are hateful tho
RciidjuMcis I rlIiilII I itt Ion his and al voaten of
war ehtlnib and exorj sort of jobbory Mr Til
den Is tile reprebiiitntlxu ot oeonomla ideas
of reform principles jind govern mnt method
which are exel llulll distasteful to Itondjubturs
repudlntlonlsts frlunds of subsidy rchnrnos
end jobbery of emery description Homo of
these gentlemen talk t about tlio cipher da
miaUhiS nml tilts Income tax suit Tnko th
Cliarlostoii Vnr < and Cnunir O4ftt tIle of the
clllfJi thud Inveigh loudebt aenlnst Mr Tilden
cnndldncj iirnlltod by livery steal Iliut Johl1
J Iitleisou and his crew onulneorcd through
thu South Carolina Legislature Why should
Its odltiirB imrnilo tliiineolxop 09 the champions
of political I It I i this bo far ns lie I Kouth Care
lliinolnlicrdnsuatclitA mires concerned I knoxv
that i cxcrj South Cmiroif tIlt tel it 1Cm n from Wmlo
Hamilton I I doun limited I tliut thu 1ltu rtm Inc
11 uird could bo anti ought to be bought am
Hint Mr Tildon and his friends ought to fur
uisli tho money
The men xvlio clamor loudest against Mr
Tilden xxant n tuna In the White House who
xxlll be xory different in every respect from him
They do not want a man abe In tho language
of Judge Black would turn on this water mind
cleanse the Augean stables at Washington
surhly the Dtiblla ncnko and reduce cublla
expenditures to the lowest possible scale It la
the offices and the plunder they nro after Now
for ono I nm opposed to exchanging ono set of
thlevon for another and n hungrier sot The
whole policy of the Government Is to bo radically
altered I cannot see whcrolu the pooplo aro to
profit by turning out Republicans and putting
in Democrats The Post Ofllco Department I
know can bo made solfsustnlnlns In less than
two years and with four years of honest and
ntolllgnnt administration Its revenues would
far exceed its expenditures The Treasury
Department under Intelligent honest anti
practIcal administration would cost millions
less than It now does The same Is true of
very department of the Government But to
ccompllah this It requires nt tho head of the
ovornmenta a man of genius n mm of large
xperlonco In public and private nfTulrB n man
earless for the right and an enemy to wrong
The exigencies of the times demand no holiday
statesman but a theoretical and practical man
of f affairs C
VI The great mass of the people of this conn
try want n nina for President who has the con
ceded genius and practical experience for In
augurating reform which MrTilden has They
want man who has the courage of his > onvlc
lons and will seek to life the machinery of
government out of tho ruts In which It has him
bored > alone for fifty years This IB especially
eirmnded by n large and crowing clsss of
young men who have no oartlcttiiir party ties
who have no respect for the professional poll
Iclansor place hunters ot either party but who
want the fittest men for th hovoromont servico
whether they are Democrat or Republlcnna
This element la large onouch to control the
political complexion of Now York Massachu
otte Connecticut New Jersey Ponnsylxnnln
Ohio Indiana Michigan Wisconsin Illinois
and with the cooperation ot honest und patti
otic Southern men elect a President
They belIeve that Mr Tildon would matte the
kInd of a President thoy want and would In
ucurnto the reforms thoy believe In They
know that ho hud no sympathy for or affiliation
vltn the class of Southern politicians who dis
gusted and disheartened Democrats like Bon
ton and domineered the administrations of
lerco and Buchanan and brought about civil
war They know that ho was n Union man
and lIke Jefferson and Jackson ho IB of tile
people and for the people They know thnt the
ocnlled Democratic politicians who oppose
ilm are agaInst him simply because his Ad
nlnlstratlon would bo clean and run b him
lone It might as welt be understood now that
n combination of Tnmmnny braves and South
oro fleucijusters wnrcluelrn advocates anil reDo
IntlonlsU cannot make a candidate for golf
espoctlnc Democrats It may bo that for rca
sons of phi ysical vigor and enduranceMr Tildon
may not bo time best mnn on whom to unite all
ho opponents of the third term and Grantlsm
but the man who la selected must haxu his nbll
lt ty capacity nnd the entire confidence of those
who havo been and are his friends No man
who had lot or uart In tIns Electoral Com mis
Ion or who ices even suspected of favoring
lint monstrous and unconstitutional doxlco for
consummating uniler the forms of law the
greatest possible crime against free lustltu
lions can bo elected
VII If the South Is not solid can any Dem
ocrat bo elected If ho Is the right sort of a
democrat ho can bo There la no question ns
to how the doctoral Notes of Massachusetts
Now York Connecticut Now Jersey Ohio
IndIana Wisconsin and Michigan would be
cast If the contest was between Grant and a
democrat who would satisfy the demands of
boltrespecting Republicans and Democrats It
would be very much easier to sweep the North
against Grant If It was only demonstrated that
be would carry three or more Southern States
b tue votes of the men who now say they prefer
him to Tilden A M G
Additional Proof that there It at Political
llurrnln Jletuern Them
WASHINGTON April 11 Evidence accumu
lates dny by day establishing clearly the fact
that Senators Widluca and Cameron of Penn
svlxnnla have formed nn offensIve and doton
slxo political alliance Thor not only I net with
Iierfect harmony In regard to the Federal
pntrnnnce in tint Stall hut Camornn itses all
hns political InfliiiiK mill nuilnirl7s Vull tc
to iroinl hoe Frikiiil I II t tOt nirnenttl to help HIM
Inttur control the DtinoeriiticConxcntlonvhtch
iitfcts on the 2Sth ln f In Hurrlsburx In every
county In the tftitf Viilltcn Ims had a numtior
of blank oommlcsionH nor consuls cniiiinralnr
whIch were otTHred to Unnmcriits lu innsldiri
ibm of theIr votes to eliot Wall ion ilelfcrntis to
time contention Tho llnpubllcnn Siipcrxluors
obHypcl the bMdlni nt Camiron to use their
itronncre for Wallmes benefit But In the fuse
of liriicliord County CnniTon mint the liar
xfljnrnf tits Port ot Philntlilililu therw to work
In iiillnc s Interest Tlm ullKrlnuiKd of tlm
Canifion henchman dltl Wmiihace no tooil
llradford County Scot arutiW ahhiece delegates to
the convention
Wts5 Specially Tnx Ancllanceril
To THE roiTon or THE SUNSir A bill to
Dunlsli iiuck auctions his paivd tlie VBtemblj tIle pen
siLica brim iiicti as tu ccci nllli Sfncrnl appro M At
the i uio time it ptimstus the Innocent unit tcnest t nur
llwirrr hr lotnrcllint Slit 11 piJ ft licciue lei of 0 M to
ilnliimntx TIll l iMrimph race nnl It is l h I tml
Hint 5 lien tile till OIIIK I < inn the MIUIIC it nil K
nu rnilpil M > ns lo unite lIt IliniMMie XIMJ tn Slnnio
A f VNHI It Is rIle will f KHUN LonciMtrate tnulinf
Un hllMliOMtl tlcn Inn In lilt I Inrnrlie IM till I iln It
null lii hell more irrlnlntr Tie et siult to ei S
tisitri hs iucisistise eutietflehi Ill hiIO I ili 1 11th
I iuuslerllt iunmites ire hot I i iOttIt4 loirul a liseii
hoot by ielitt aUttiflfliCr buy ill tIleS ItS III iOliitOIii 114
ill tUiiIIe tat 15 the luiiieeottt ees to ttI eitll Ihiciti
55 itli is Or let tie U tiiflsut to otter till Ii trilt Ii
otI I at leash ruse ti a re 5 h1U0 hitu iiiouustoin tte
crs 5 0 iut are iiiIiI I nil iuii C tclt ii rotiil icgii
llt enictment nntltnlll h F ttltl 1 tint lioii t mm
10115 uor lull hot be Alt iwcil ti it tint A Iitii2 I in the
title hi KriL I StAle AlCTIOMCR
A Voice from Alubunsa
To THE Ennon OF THE Bus Sir There
emstotxi a sironit array agalimxir Tllien The South
or rather the machine lealers In ihus South will to
aahtitt tuft aol stilt louis n nO iltt ii uthiriti 1 in defaj
tile Si rincltnati Suit the allIs I t tIhITI lu man nun
toter it fl il Sort ill to proic r c line u i fleet ISO MMIII
iuIluli It lIar ito ic 1 Itt tiltICOCC lu Xlabaiut
uii lii 11Cr 141 t Ste Ill I I lit ii C I niitiprni inn
ill ani Jiiit C The tItuiocrit uirtv s iii tullil >
10th it tilt iteiiinaii Ci 1011 usit tI noinlnat him
tlIleit is a crest ui i ii till a g rai eel cut ci suuI leutur
lit I ilew rtt ui bo lionorenl llaisan t I honor to tin1 Ill ny
sit clttltr > litumoi
THUD > CA Ala April 1
Ode In n ICIcht Whale
Then noting 1lant of Ito ltalnc ocean
Oh tutllpcii nliile Mlth kln of In Jit rubber 1
Art thou u Orppnlaiiilpr or NOXA cotnnl
In u hat fir wa ill Mihf it collect thy llut her
tnl on o liatkTnrlnt lunt wprt thou ncnibbcr I
XXIurp ill cit the xictlnitof th slow ruclty
Thou mo t lrrtlustc tolls ant 1 niualnly lubber
Upon niy koul thou ait it ciittoslt
A mountain of nuperfluotM Attlpoit t
Thou art equipped lor ctTurlfl inttatory
Thoj rntest cihl but this U reciprocity
ir 1 kutls cut minnows U6 Hit ancient story
XXilli wrathful canu c nil iho tea Ukurj
Thy caudal nearnn of cxtermlnaUoa
Bests niottcrn tlynimlto to lift A ilory
Thine iwnil uiuulli u I not lot cunxcrsuioa
Cut to tuit lierrinit ihrlm > IHU smalt cruitacean
Tlnou h uhalehone ilcxe to Mrvc th > royal dinner
Time tons of mackerel arc one day i ration
Ana nun ii Itch inliie tIers Inslnntr
lApUittcnl I iraii4 tirtcit tu the Inner
it ceaSe s Oh Hi Iiliu ohcctace tn
Oh them luxurioui and kUiUouous tinner
Thourt not a flsli lion marvel of zoolosr
tn pile nf nns ant aqncoiu rcjrahtt
XX e cannot cites thce un lur IcIithicloKy
XMittherlrnin Labrulur or fir Xnstnlii
For lluiu Inlunjiit in lIes TOIIII nnniuulla
Mxlpirom warm hlnnlr I treat uillt
XX uh nliiikfl riinthil I ni In her uti apology
1 or its iluhl tntellvctnal ul illti
Thou mountain jiattd n xndal of Phrenology
HIT llonl 1 carbon erenhlle rcnJerc Intnlnoul
Fach Bloomy rot alit I paUce of the planet
1 ill collie is u Intl pie into tttli bltnminoiK
rniiipelfioin Ihc teac nUhlniliv nallt of uranltt
tin at sires 11 I iii stit I into tmi rpli ran IL
An i a lainpluhltr hoe I > lithj unit
Auut lot thy whaltbono ilati sumcclKht tour let
Gill lIter dealS it pUnant ectupilion
Vet In tho claip uf the elaitli cur > t t
Tliou hucKeit all the wumon In cualtonl
When mind ant Mdy nre out ef louts with cold ex
tremltle A ye tiiss flees In the skin ctntlttne Is rtull
lualAche It iii I HII inili pn liion to ktir About to sit re toil
are in Itir a blllou itttuck tPriuiZItt4 lor A inort nr IIMI
utt rderctl lit c r Di Jitius fauatite IlllkuiU brtiu
the llxer tna heallh contlltlon and sieedlly retnoxu all
biliary dIirest4I t
PatiEeroui cold at this ataion Ci DroneMnt freely
nil you aroll eoniamctluo an4 Dneumonia > iF
5 IJXI3E1 115
The death rate of London In the mlddlo
ollastmontli wasonlvsas per lroi
Tho Melbourne Argus estimates the
jiett nl sold In Iclons In 1S7H as lois than half whit it
wailn 1808
lu the last twenty years tim London
Hoard of Works hat revisal llio names of nearly two
thousand streets C
Wagner Is expected to attend the Pales
trlns celebration at Rome next month as also probably
the first performance of his Lohcnsrrin
It Is stated that the French Jesuits aro
making Important jurchaws In tfpaln of alt contents
and hntiiwi In tow of their expulsion from France
No fewer than nineteen thliTerorit sanitary
ttctacliments compo eil doctors und niirw have twen
Hello work In tile Ituislan province of hhitkMt to com
bit the rat stes of dlphthcrii which Is Increasing
Prof Ciutlus accompanied by a Gov
ernment land surveyor has poiiModrctcc Incomplete
the archaeological exploration of Otyinpla Fur this pun
POO tho rmpcror XXIllUm has granted the sum of 800UO
marks anonmJOfi Oi
Tho Russian Government has delivered
to the forte tie til lof espouses tot lie iiialntoiiinco of
Turkl pnisllolrs Illirlito the la < t war his sum to be re
imbursed amounts M 84700 fiX ImmcllilP payment It
asked whence the motley ti to come no one knows
PrlncoTiancis the oxKing of the Two
Sicilies has authorized an udtocatc of Naples demand
the pamentof the dowry of his mother Maria Christina
of Savoy Tho sum amounts to SODOO lire and would
prom is pood nctegg for the unfortunate covareun
Thin visIt of the Comt5dlo Fran alse to
Holland has ltd the Dutch ffiwMilto make Inquiries
Into the often disputed natlontlly of Mite Aarah Bern
hardt The result if these Inquiries appears to i show that
tic lady wee horn In 1arls but Uiat she spent tho greater
part ol her early tile In Holland xlltlug at the house ol
her grandfather in initPrdiniopllclin
On Jan 11875 of 178276 British soldiers
IIJU were from 111 I0to5iutl In i JJrt U lre > m5ft
11 i t to 0 IL t 3 > 03flft and upward fhu proportion of
men under S It 5 was WpertfHA An ubsen ant for
eigner once remarked that whtrcas In Continental
ermies tile men were moro sialvrart than the officers
tho converse was the cas In the Untlsh aria
The Trench Communists are growing
belier every uiay One of their orians the btili pun
ishes tho Itilltiiriug piraitruph VI thu reiueit of a
number of our readers and In commemoration of tho
workmens blood which was shed like water tn April and
May liS7l the EnUH will continue to appear In red dur
ins the two months that the red fligof ttio Commune
floated at the lIntel do Vlllu of rails
The railroad to tIm crater of Vesuvius Is
now completed The dcput luituiud at a height cf 10
ineties or J10 mclres auaxo tho Olscnntorj A res
taurant ami calS cullS o of accommoditlnx 100 people Is
attached Ui the depot Tile aiuie 01 inclination nf tills
rillroad attains at vtrlous prints 40 ao tnJ ridcaroes
There are two passenger cars tho Vesuvius and cuss
accommodatltg 13 persons each The M stem adopted lu
tho construction ol tile railway Is i > f American Invcnllou
and Is known as the prismatic sj torn
Eight months ago a Boston capitalist
threw a package Into his iClib lapiti > ltz There lea
package ol rillroid tent worth on their lice 5OtXXI
As they will never ic I xtorlh iinuhhic In uuy dar you
may keep Ihem for jour children The son put them In
Ms site and ioricut all about them but lure weeks ago
something recalled them to film and on Inquiry ho
found them now worth f27760 Mr Ceibote letntions
have benefited very heavily by hit tractlco t otltuyhiu4 tip
hare Ac deemed worthies Thusc he left to his fani
liy and many nf them hate proved xery valuable
A report to tim British ColonIal Oflleo
from Lahuan coiuatrs an account of tho edible cents
nests Included amon HIP articles Imported Ihrrc fnrex
port to Slngapore These rests are touni tuu the walls of
cirerns In limestone and HIIII Ntono hills tie greater part
ciimliv from the ealt coast of Borneo Tho nests arc
known In the Cml li as white red gut Stack They are
produced bj i a si idea ct swallow The white aro of a
semi transparent white suhstince rescnlbltn tsluffhss
or gelatine The red are supposed to bo made by the
snnie bird at a different wasrnnf the jear The whit
fetch ill SStho catty tie red f5 iheblickgl
Mr Courtney again leturned to tht
flottee of Commons for Ukeanl enPd lIlt several yean
oilier Mr Delia on the London tloe Ills articles wet
marked by riiiLularly clear rerctptlon of Ito bliuatlon
and abounded InKoud oculee and In cxldcnccsof wide ex
pcrience and sound judgment Much was exacted of
itiun biut tie has been a marked failure In Parliament
He recites long essay not Ucklnz In profundto but
fatally Innpproprlatii In tune and plicc They are like
fciuaro bolts eminently useful in squaru hoU buthApe
lessly limlonlrabltt in round ones iSo Itehtnens grace
and strcuiilh which mark his literary productions are
absent from his ypoVon addresses
Last November un old merchant on
sendllii his nephow to > lud > lair at Paris presumed him
sitS peelS copy of the Cole with the renarkIwlll
come tn 5ec you lu Marchaudit you hove been diligent
I will make j ou n handsome iresent i At the ai > olntw
tIme the old gentleman was on hand XVoll rav boy
said he have sou workud hird Oh ej Soccer
the nephew cm1l ntly ma Ii Itease you have already
got your reward I don t know what you mean
undo lIntel mo the cole m > bay1 He opens tlio
olumcandbctween the first two leaves finds a mIce
hundred franc note which ho had Intended for hii
nephew but which ho forthwith pet Into his own pocket
The Interesting old flemish city of
Bruges which In tlu > heicht of Its t rosierity hal a popu
laUouof coals waOCn soul has tto the slutuililiury
persecutions under hilip 1 II been aradnitl dccliulnc
In wealth and numteric so that at presnilt it dIeS hot
rose nefourtii tile population U had three ntuiei
ceo Tne popu atlon of the city which in 1W i numbered
47ust felt to 41BV io 1577 1 The lotharj of the In
habitaiils Is altribucd to the etttctof the numberless
contents and the ilchlrpnjotvpd lencroent Institu
tions which by perpetinlU piipplvinir the waits o
larce nu niters nt lie IntiMbltntta witlie < ut iinj exertion
on lair rJrt hac tended to depmu laIn of that ID
erex and pint of In ei IHCUCO lieS urn Indiipeuubl
to success In commcrci lie
Mile Mniio 2 unit a young American
actress lbs lnt ma le hit tlplull 55 iOu MICess In lie part
of Vviw at Ihc Opera Com quo In ParK Her appear
altO hud tKen looke 1 forwuid to with iicret on
account ol tile refutation sho hut acquire 1 In the draw
itt ret ms belitro api irliw on the since Stie has luu
fled the favor with which cite has bean received by tier
graceful nctins In thu accurnev cf her s occ andhrthp
re mark tie manner lu w lilt It the Is elite tn toss throu t
the delicate transitions of that parL Some 01 therptcta
hoot accurding tn the London rica sore s ititlo sur
prised at tl to very pronounced American accent wlih
which the > unc ftncer tletixerpd the spoken wonU hit
the in Jo thy ol the public ilmilv thought it onii lid
an nd llllun I to tin1 charms or tiC xuuin dtblttntr
In M xxoll written btxilc on rIte Race
hor e in Training Xlr fliv a IM II knon hnglisli train
er compares tlicjtckpyof the p10 and pre eMit IT I
thinks boy Jockos an evil Ttti3 cant cmdo Im
hor < tcit mil ha L < t spoiled by pctilng anl t latth ire m t
ruts Jockt s In the toot 111 divs were xcr tlunkiti
for sm ill fnort Alter stlnnliu tho Two riiouun
tnlueas the OIIP Thoiisind Oinnpa and the SpwinarKft
atiKeitfor lie Duke fOruiton the lilitilil Ito jo > Iey wits
reiuci < d 1 in sill ill Ut ihu 1 itlguu of ills Duke hrothei
lur 11 I fit2ri > > who after a speech it i lull in hour
handed him a purse sivuu In the Due s name anl
for him I present vnu with no new flic p mud nnts on
tie iliuny riiutt ant 11 I Ng > mi ttil I t tuko nru of then
But Uien such JKkejs tad lied tie ir own boric ant
1111111 inC C tIll t the course dressed in the hcisat of
fabhinu ill itsjnOtci S 1115 ito s
Mr Wathfrston an eminent London
jess rile r euro an 1110 nciitic lecture litttly nn weinsaul I
pnct tote stuns lie Mil I tint wlih tho err tiit ol tIc
diimon I In the tile s cutter s hand they arc i rinlei t
worthies llicir huh eitlmaiion in unti I i i in vn
been due il their toe as nirtgk OlI i s tIlt st es II
while In lalor times they lit Ce te u i uz 1 atconci o
rated expressions d wtnlth mil iu iil I ir Ue sail Ill
tho Ora ina beloiuliu In the eiown if I PoituPal oil
still In ISo roujli in ISO lareildinnond It wtim if l < w
an 1 the Kuh i mor before Uiiii cut w cubed 7s7 eirats
There are cruel alien iiions aaitln Iho nrucintJ to tIlt
effeot tint it IsonU n 5 II ito loins In ibis t ca at1ii
chit tleillgitu ill iiiu Kilihoi I M l itin cnmpM I uI i r to >
A innrinor of lliuili oltnd iViOixl fur u MI Hi IC
Hijuh reined the oQvr siiiuthit I tils tliam ndtti x
tali iiiiui upon whoso plerAtlll i diicntel not oui > 11
ow n i happint sal suice cc bin that of hu wii I lii t
Of rubIes warpl > more than two can bo d oim l li her
cut The first and miift fliiious Is tint in i V i t i a i role
It It bcllexpd ou tolerably knot i authorit It hucbein
worn in front of tho lielmtt ot Ipir V At Acme urL
Tluio Is but ono State nci > uil < iMr In
fltlsln mil he je a isnililci i I inutliit r inn I t 1
its lu COilluitti thrie1 tiece sos o i nilen I ai ui i
demiied lo icinl i itcnttulr lor lit XX i n I P >
rcxoluil inn icu Ht h M tIll rot the wrtmsu aim I
perth il Iniumnn lndipen ilile to hi xiiiiHtr < i TI u
hrnlonT xoluuUtrfl for tu > oil it MI nu n n 1 t l
aiiinci lur tux p ist inlitet U p > hu ill 11 I nr i ii M >
His t ntfer w cc seccu tel aul for s me tin i I
teen it buy mu lur cirx iiiiicti i l i 1 1
IrIs rtlxir ri uhe nhiiiii fl 1 11111 il I 1
I h i u r hu l lint nl al fit 11 I i i > r
its iittl tthliitiCl l it li l li i tn l I I u l
the nut rMIUiu still current ill Pn i n v r
ipectinu tin link tonierrtd upintimni r I > i1 0 I 4
shn of a imir el 11 uSe roe with whuiiai it i Oil I pl 1
ties tlCe ti itniielet rilhi r be tin hiuloi iui < t or f
hUown I ttliiluIiu bit alter I jmiii l M ulrt < i C half I a
haimtd oulytlit ither d tl > FrllliT IS bit ur mnl I I It I W
nietlile rs Ct ilte ntleii Ii Il il CS ti s CIII 1 lU
chew scrisnl the niiin i aulp i I 5
C rat 4oteti ticli leiimatie a truth t u i ti f Oi I
a piece observing with rynieai complareni j whentis
had mid tit hit teat l remnant um he hopel t5
MbiUiti would j et bring bOo in plenty of money
= O

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