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r I V 7 < 4
nutr wirvns > IHAM > rtsinrs Fun
KUK 1AKt 1 T MILl ill
The nltint 1rrTin Pinnra vh1ch rnrntd for
1 nil n ir Ilrlllin lllitdla M Mrmleun Hollar
VV t lui Hilllle I nllh n Itnii Ionntler
Tle Vlitulir ililbltcd by V T lliirnum
Mitrono Ill April 10It Is rare nt tho
fOlnnl t t l niti tint n trout noliililnc more than a
oJ id Is capturel hr salentlllJiinullm In nnr
t tIt lumTons creeks of Tlku County Ia or
eiillivrn County N Y although they are fished
liy I crcntor number of expert anclcrs and
jrnro persistentlj probably limn the ttrrams of
any other trout regions In this countrv People
trlto I liui lUtd i along thci htroama for halt n
ccnturv snv that there scoms to lie I no diminu
tion In the numbur of trout In net that more
trout by thousiuds nro now annually taken
from tho crcukb than thoro wcr len years neo
Hut vvhcro twopound and even fourpound
fish worn not unusual came for tho nncler t
for years since the creel that now can show
nt the end of the average days whipping on tim
If at of HID crroks two trout among Ita contents
tho combined vvulchtof which turns thn acaln
at 1 pound nnd n Imlf Is tho noticeable one
among a dozen bnsk ts Tho old fishermen
lay Ihnt Ills not because hrco flsh are tim ex
ception In the ktrcnms that 10 fw are taken I
Tboy bfltlevo that then nro still plenty of trout
In th Snwkl Iho Hushki the Itavmondsklll
DiiuerUII and othur famous
tho Ad una the l ntrkll 111018
Tators that weigh us heavy a any over
taken from them but they nro educated
now they siy And have such nice percep
tions that they am no longer b8 deceived
liy I the cunning ot the angler though
ho counterfeit ever e faithfully their favorite
Insert prey and offer It to them In thn most
lalntv form upon tlm ripple < nul finm hocks
> nenth which they lurk The old fishermen
Etrenitheii tholr t theory with thuasnertlon that
now and t hit n xceptlomilly I I largo fUh are np
ItlrI but almost Invariably thy art taken by
llsliiitnen with live bait Ir i shoppers or the
dimmon angle worm that Immenso trout ara
captured by llshnrmtMi In eel
clllr1 every ytar Y pot 18hrmtl
weirs tykes and tel pots surrMptltlously nol
Illegally placed In the streams ami tlmt Int In
thi season when the trout elI lct at lie I mouths
of Ilio small Hpilng runs that feed the main
streams the number of big ont among thin
Kroups Is I well proportioned tothe wit ole 111 Is i
unmistakably attested hy the pot flshcrim
ncnln fort such times lIP U I on hand with his
ilpfllly 1 cnares of Him ropper wlro vrhlch hy
stialthlly htidlng to the bunk of thin Mr onm
nmi ivlngfliit upon his ptonmth lie dPftT slips
over tlm builds ot Ihu large trout < and takes
them mintiynnt from among their fellows
I I f It 1lrl 1 Ihnllh t i large triiut t of I today have
Ivarnd wisdom from experience I would
iiiwiu thai ttie > would Impart I tin Ir I klDvledlI
tthlr prog nv ns according to Seth Green
llsh have reasoning powers audi languace I
nny be thoiiuh that fish like men are wild
nnd hentl tronir In youth nnd are prone to Ig
noro the ndrl o and admonition ot ago
nnil that in piifiilng pleasure the wellills
Htinblinl flv that t hides I a barb Is a temptation
thY cannot n hist t though they find In it their
lOin ii that as It may It Is n lamentable fact
tl atlho helter 01 tlm fly over strams htrea
Inutsueseils In luring very few big on5 >
11 Ills hook < and it becomes nn pIAprlnl
I Inasirn for him to listen to thin tales told by
tlonnolont I local fishermen of the hug trout
VD tlty cud ketch Intaeso selfsame uiouu
fln lirooks
SUlforrt 1 village of one thoumnd Inhabl
tints toasts eleven large and well kpt hotel
Thu trout sneims In lie telon 101 great deal
t war1 tilling I I these popular hiocte rica with
CtUSts during 1111 summer On mif n if the In run
nitinr posts that silt por the front piazza of the
hiiwktll house was 11lorr sen until the vandal
hiunl of Improvement sw > pt an obliterating
pnl nt nrusli over It thin picture of 1 trout drawn
with a lead pencil For twentrllvo years this
picture which was the actual reprosontntlon of
a trout caught almost within a stones throw of
this house wan the wonder of all vHUng
irgl rs Ths trout was caught by the lain
Briton A Blilrtls when I lid iia was flshlng
for chillis In the Dnhware lllyer at the
mouth ol trio bawklll Creek Ills line was a
I cord his bait nn angle worm and his rod a
chestnut twfu cut by hlmslf and thought
much of When the trout seized his bait It
starte I out toward the centre of the river The
boy was afraid of breaking his pole nod
fnllovMil the fish HH had waded nearly be
yond his depth when the fish capricious o its
rxclen is turned and started back I led thin
younc nod frightened HI gler who was only
solicitous about his pole to thin mouth ol the
brook and on up the stream For I quarter ot
a mile the churn continued until ttm trout
ronllud 1111 11
crazed perhaps tuniil into the shallow cove
nnd ran upon a sand bar The toy seeing n
chance ol saving his tackle at list Ml rioil Ir
op the flsh and snntchlnu it up In his arm
threw It tackl I ind all high upon the land
When he saw what he had iptured 111 took It up
and ran ns raplillt hecoiild to the village and
care the fish In his father It was weighed nnd
turned tlm scales Mt neirl five pounds It mess
urel nearly thirty inches In Ixngth The father
ot the by held the trout nt full length with
mouth wide open against tho piazza column
and LTVS Got 01110 who owned the IIOUSB
and who himself wllh1 over 300 pounds
drew 1 lend pencil around the flsh and
faithfully pictured 1 I fur the amazement of
future angl rs and visitors Younir llddit >
father gave him I Jii icnn dollar for his daks
work 1 happened that court wiis In session
the who Pike
Among law v era prKtiJMl in
ouniy In those days were Dnvld Ulttuihouse
PirtT who I 11lHI < Cal ii nt t oflli1 > r oxiuuler
Viarlor aflerward Governor of Kauas I D
K Irml who lie ittiif Juil nnd Naval Officer al
1ilila I ell bla W 1 Jesaup who noni i ii ate
Alirnliuin Incolu atChk igo in IBGOnud other
lowhom the t hiitur brought honor and celebrity
T 1 so nn ntlon > d wero piesint at this term ol
court Tin irrxat trout win made lie nud m
of a i grand dinner at which they were guests
and wnuli Is I now one ot the favorite recullec
tjnilh ill Ihe vllljlf
In 1859 D A Velli known to sportsman
eviriwhtTrt itt Bub Wells vvis closing 1
siiiMesful days routing on the hawkill 111
lewdtit I In I dep mil iilinnt InHccissltilH pool
at tlm foit of him Hawkill Irtlls a weird spot
v lrc tim water Is I hurled ov > r n precipice n
hundred foot high There was an eddying
swirl I of water on till further edge of tho pool n
loi irciit inuij Upon It was danelng n large
cron ol fnaiti directly hcnenth an overhanging
liram f rhudodundmn Buh projected his
nj and Ia I ild It nicly on the i entrn of the foam
01 tire tlrst trIal Xo coiner had It rested on the
spot than the crown of foal vas scattered in 1
hundred noav fragments about the pool and
a trout of size thu Instant dash
IrUI grnnt Ilz was Iht next rlsh
tug to nod fro tliroiign the vvatei biatidlm on
ft arrow ledge of took In danger ntuny mo
mnt of fnling Into the swilt channel of this
brink the angler lought with the struggling
fish for nearly an hour Th re was no room to
Jnvor himsulf In the tIght by walking and all
th work had to tia donu bv skilful man
siring of liii rod and reel At last thu
trout gave ono grand leap from Urn wit
her Hn sprang i lt > ar ovr tlm overhang
too rhodo leudron hiranehi l Tha Inndtr caught
on thi hranuii I and linli saw v Ith disniay I tha
t flh In I n had 8 the periitel r handled hanging at
t full Ifnuih out of tlin vatur Iwnllnv fett
t away iignlnst Ihe non of I pt rpmli ular ledge I
of rock more than llftv tent 1 high anti a danger
ous pool 1lwron l U find tin iinuli On little
ta tel of tlm gre it Hill would have released
litu from tli t e linil us hn had torn f himself I
I naiy loosn In his struggle With that igony
1 flit Ti us angler fses when ho serbgnmn gal
jniitli struggled Ilr hikihy l to cseapH him nt lust
I Dub fur oi thin danger Unit attended tlm
f attempt Mn plunged Into tho water will li
on tlm tuli I will h Im htjod diibhes
with the gritted nloeltt 1 i rough the gorge
1 lln WHO earned dunn 1 Ihu I crk OOH feet bo
I ltW I tie trout liut kept Ins OVII on the suspended
a llsh expei inn 10 tt u it give tlin fatal flop
tlmt I w uld Plum it tn I Its I nli ment t Huh I
1 true tin t i eddy on lie I othir sidn and was but
nn Instant In I getting In unilir tlm trout lie
i WItS not IL second too noon Thin hut tiegin to
fuel and nt time II rat tuitHi pike loose
t rml tiihonk i Hut lime nnglvrV flngtr was in
j I IK kins i i and tlm prize was cut It ii red I was
1 hmpieslbe for hub to revh his rod by time
1 TJMl ho 1 ban come and Jin wax obliged to swim I
down tlm stream 1 hundred vards climb up the
a etiit i bank md clamber down the rocks to
wjiri ha had stood and i I iuutl tliri lucky I east
The trout weighed 1 within a frivtlon of four
PIUII s mid was I eitmi at Uutmonlos nozt day
a DI i murk i frlfti to whom ll was sent
In 1857 John Ue > nolils was lulling In the
I upper IXiveikil lIme red angle worm was
tub i u m s lure m A hmitmim lock log lay across
1 J simded lend I In the stream and had caught n
I rug of drill I t tlmt t In I turn t held a long stretch
5 of t fiiniii in check lte > nolds knew that If ho
a hot hold of I trout in t that holn It would
15 I a ioodonii but h had reckonnd nliut
I e I i loII1 rcknI11 on whlt
i WHS poisiWH for time splendid spot to yli Id
I s riggling bait tto it d under tlm foam and
r 1 I tlm nntli knew u Im wi is struggling
I vt Ui a trout thu likn of which hn had imur
r Jtcnl1 if I Knriiumtely thu fish muter diish
Q III in under tIme log and 1 feeling the hook In
S J I t thro it for he had swallowed It I started up
Iii creek and led 1 Huyuolds n OJIHSM over
in ti o klijp < r > ro ks nnd through thick
I liters and liiiiruls for half a mile I
l jfloni I ho weikeimd Then this fisherman gA
I > trout In him I nnd In n short unto landed
lit utii I i Hint L win the largest brnok trout ever
> ii I vnt t Me taken rum nnv binam In the ri
U fI i I nnihhxil six pounds It w iii 811101 1
m i 1 Uiriinin i who had I shipped i I I wits Ii is
o It1 lilt was ntliii lied in Ills niiueum until
I dst rvi1 I n Ih I 1 II rim limit IIlIrnlllh I 01 ii Still 01
nl la 1800 Wtwo liurnum suited tile deal trout
w III curinsitleH hn offered II r ward of 500 for
01 b ll I I vt one ol Urn sanii weight but ever got It
alt IIr Pleknrid were plaeed In the numerous
01 rents of this and lImit counties herealxiut
or rUI 01 liii hargst size lbollnJ1 in them rn
y VIill Liilcn lii I hulllvan t I I I Cnunti r was runmrk
iie for the HIM of Ito trout A I out Vrhlne
ie I I lIhtht lias captured In this Inks This
hi nil the biggest 1 brook trout on reonrd until the
hI flutters oltho ntnaelv Lakes In MaIne were
woimut 19 tin pub 10 AOUct a tow jews wo
lIT I tI t
And to Fall at Ont na In lire n Park Mlmdo
to the CelliniOther Curlotlllu
EVAKSVILLC Apt 11 WjniidoltoCavo Is
In Crnwlord County Indlann near tho Ohio
lllver U Is I not ncccsBlbln by rail but must bo
reached by packet from Loulsvllloor Evans
vlllo and from hero by carriage The carriage
rIle Is five miles over ns bad n road na can bn
tound this side of tho Sierras TIme country li I
very hilly heavily wooded and sparsely set
tled Wvandotte Is smaller than Mammoth
Cave and much larger than either ol tho Vlr
clnla cavern In Its general abnrnctar It ro
lemblts tho Mammoth and like time latter la
vastly Inferior to the Virginia eaves In beauty
It Is unguarded and visitors have been accus
tomed to wander through It unattended com
mitting every kind of vandalism Patent medi
cine advertisements have been painted upon
the walls ceilings have been blackened with
smoko and tho best of the stalactites have boon
It Is said to bo 231 > miles long but this estl
mate Is untrustworthy Tho writer carefully
paced In I the presence of one of tho proniln
tors a section embracing four of thesiipposod 1
21 < miles and mind It to mensuro2 BOO Minis
lhl 1 I ii ratio ol reduction applied I to time whole
tstltnnlo makes tlm untlrn distance about lilnu
mllns I a titi this is prnbibly nt out hit actual
leiiKthof the IlIvn lime overestimating In this
Ca sit Is not rxieptlnnni Few caves havo IM en
surveved and measuring by even steps when
time way li through low passages and over
jigged rocks Is very laborious while distance
undxrground Is very deceptive One of thn
caverns In Virginia which Is snld to bn two
mll I htii In I length nllIIA I comparntlvuli level and
stiitlght iiioisurei just I tim eii fomm rh us of a
mile and another that contains u route for
Isltorn said to bn five mllns long nil lies within
thn diameter h of half n mile
At aiulitti > III lit Lurnj and the recently
discovnred Newmarket iiivcs uponlngs arnto
be seen that I leach to chambers twvond tIme fur
thest points thathiiveb nnvlsltedvvhll In Vi K 1
IT s mid one i or two t otlieis of tlm smnllni caverns
HII fiilt 1 progress Is 1011I111 In heavy slnlllllll1ll1o
walls or acciiniiilatlona ol clay The older Dirt
of vamlottn has bem known since the llrat
settlement of tlm i country In 1H5II 1 nn ixten
sin I addition was opened and quite recently
another large seitlon lias been explored A
few of the passages aro exceedingly narrow
and tortuous and POol of them are AO low its
to makn travelling painful jut most of the way
Is through t broad nnd I lofty avenues The story
Is told of a very corpulent man who Is n i roni
Inunt Hpubllcnn politician that In going
through ono of thin narrow places Im bncnmn so
tightly veitgctlln that the combined efTurts of
several lends were required to extricate him
None of f Ihe I funnelshaped domes cnustd by
surfaen drainage that t are common to Mum
moth Cave are to bo seen hiro but titers are
several enormous halls with milled tops
having n mound of rocks on thin floor corre
sponding outline to thin curve of thu celling
These have bee mm form > d by the gradual dlslntiv I
gntlon of the rock above and Its deposit below
One of those Is i 1IHJO feet In I circumft roncn and
245 feet In I height and the hill In I time cent in
rises 175 feet altovu time level of the original
floor nearly hlncklnc up tho npproiches One
npirtmeut me 250 Itt long 50 Itt wide and i5
feet hlghnnoUiei I IIM tent diameter I II third t I
40 feet wltl and 120 net king another 200 cit
In diameter and 50 feet high and still another
2511 le long lOll feet wide nnd 80 feet In height
OliO passage very closely resembles a railway
Uuml lln sire and form The most notableof
the formations are a ilngmlte 23 fort in di
ameter and 30 feet high and n semicircular
group of Mnhiclitun having tlm appearantn of f a
cannpv > Iliul In veins and nodules is i plentiful
In coma of Lime rooms and gtpsum nndupsom
siiltAnrn nlmndant In others But llttln water
Is seen Onn spring Is stronglv Impregnated
with sulphur and a small I stream contains
YlIlla fish The temperature of the air is I 50
throughout the year
The Indians and probably mound build
ers were familiar with mot or all of tIme parts
01 tim cave limit IIILVIl yet been opniied ns Hint
chips stone hummersand other relics of their
visits are hound In the branches most dltllcult
of access nnd latest explored A singular
feature of time place Is thus presence of bats In
the rooms nenrst tho untrnncu In such vast
numbers as to given dark shade to the callings
Thy suspend themselves I heid downward and 1
remain lu a dormant condition during thu cold
etB In AnitrnMn with n Tall Z1 Dsre In
Lcnilh but u Faint Aucleui
Im tl e Xetlwrrc A rffut
The comet mentioned In last summary as
having been seen for tIme first tIme on Feb l
ban passed out of view tothe naked nyn Dur
ing the time time tall was at its brighttst kttice
tlm evening sky was usuillv hazy owing to hit
prevalence of southet6t winds which In clue
latitudnof Melbourne are accompanied hy haro
at tills t time of the t > ear Milln thieve fore Urn
tail I h of the comet mvii kIt fornu nnanglnof 80
degrees with 11 lie horizon could be itlntinctly
seen the nucleus was alvn > lildden li lilnd r
low cloiidliiink Dr Bone atm nmnteurobsnrver
at Castlemaine where time air wits clearer wits
able to fix the place of tho nucluus commit
davsbefon any data could bll obtained alttio
Mi Ibourno Observatory When first seen the
tall of time conn t upneared as n bright streak
twenty hlve degp In length Each succeed
ing night the tall grew longer but at this sainx
time fainter until In nbout ten days It faded
out of sight Measures were taken of the nu
cleus ou thn 9th 10th and 14th lit time Observa
Inn from which tho following note have been
lecoivod rime approximate positions were
lelt 9 9PM Illgluascension2Jb41m 14 1 o
dtcllimiion 33h 4m 52s smith tub 10 y P
Jl I light H uBiin 2Jh Sttin 23s d 101 Inn
lion 33h 44m 59s south IVb 14 9 l 1 M f
Itlcht ascension 1 h2m 15 Cs dnjlluition Uh
21m is south Tliesn observallons comlun
with tho o secured the week before ntTorded
tho means of deducing a rough approximation
of Its apparent motion mind therein no doubt
now that it has passed its perihelion nnd is
ipldly receillnntrom us The nucleus on the
10th was exceedIngly faint still I with a good tel
escope the lull iould tie traced for some dis
tance from it On the 14th it was still filnter
anti even with the grnnt telescope the tnll could
only be soon as n thin WISP extending eastward
from Its hfiul fur a couple of degrees Thu
head itself nppetred slmplj ns a faint nebulous
muss with n slight emit tml condensation Ills
impossible to sin whether this comet is a new
oun or one which has been seen at a former
perihelion pHbsnge unlil time elements of its 01
lilt nave been computed and for that purpnsa
further measures of Its position are nucesbury
The llnnlunCourlncr Knee
Mr Wm Dlnlkle the referee In the proposed
Itanlan Courtney rowinc conlest sa > s I have full con
fldence that the race will take i lace at the set lime the
19lh of May Should either Haitian or Courtne fail to
put in In OpOIOIIC mi0j will take the oar Should
Riley rot tim I iuiice ot OliO of the nlhr tie silt hiii e III
I iuh chlIc rr lie dit o HII lth hue t11l10r i
lw ur nI itil p III ho It 5ttJ lot lime 1IIlIc at
ttia rocc The muttiley mr hllll h I here A depoUh t mum
11011111I pllhllh 011 rllo onlIIIIIn the great
oil 5 I puliimiiiciui iii iCipte 01 U lint cll LcolI Ii lie hehu I
kill wa e mit clue 11 r tim lhe race IlIcnccll ii ecitutuet hiS I
I he the per lii I ne the eoumrvj tile chuteS he
a Ill Ih us door or tmie Jrhe 1 her i crest irure
hruuhl ti r tiy tarisiuc Cltle iuitttiy > e it at k a
bet tin p h ilteclitte 10 mme mlii t multi k IhlldJIhlo
a 111 ii 10100 I huld Ivur aiiy ciutre ii ea r 0 e
yk hut 101 c II tie uooj Ciii no mit If IhI1 mtr Lake
Iohpe bCe iCeim mitt I SIt ii hllhol l filly mitliie Sr ci
SW V S nil Iher iviuult he illttliuulttee 111 mug I 10111 or
fIlro lrollIOrllllloll ic or ivanu COIIIIt titer a
minim iiiih ly maim I cii me for there Sri Itrnuu llIe III Iho
mtilc itt iii tat 1I t itiiili1 mo am lli mlaic men I
rr i ii 1IOII i itit liii cli up iat luau i miii SiuiiltmIi till Cut
miutta lu I atriuu 1 10 titike 1 a Liii COIIe WhllJ lon
eti lii itCi Cuululi reit ig mIte Itim pluttp Samiuritay I wi atilt
11 rI
tilt 1 t lii V orighius I lb a tiit rum hie ml u the race rl mii t
it utStiuiit lime meiuuihii Ui mum ton a 10 w days Ilhllllo I that
1 aatahmutaum wni be Choueii
The New Kentucky Jude
LOUISVILLE April nThoro Is 1 very lien
emil levltti of itiMncton among the memberi r tho bur
here altlie Appointment of Mr John att Barr lu he
Unite 1 States Jutre of the DUtrct for Kentucky mmU
vacant b > the Hidden death nl Ju tue tiutys U hen Jutfie
Ii elms mu 1iM 1111 summer tlie Iiwiri here unta coin
millf ri > nii > tiiiir nl I c Altmet Ouuue rat Janus hjtcl
a ill 1 Mr Kinii liucit tug to lid hit Mr t JUrrt ma a potuutui 1 i
to thu iCHtirv lli > CS t rt nuiI thit the appi meni
aitiult lie 1 nude d hut Hibwnunit j ittuutucit pu tiire met i
a AliJ aunt Jiulct i tiny nlio lid j iscim UiriM < mite w r
tlif tu l if tIe natO olonrl ol A chu IiiMici llirUn s
thiant wa I n tointeil Mr 1 IUrr U I a nitlvi am Aitte
Count 0111 11 I tunnfct 1 Hlth niiii > itt ihu must tn It1
trtinilif ci Die Mttc 111 it Ciriletl n one nt the nu n
IrHrnnl ItHycnlu I Kcntuck and thoiii n very itiUi
mul 1 rttirii inun is e i where 1IullI i lie ha tcu
Itepublican since the war hut toss ncvrr a politicUi
The Civil Service Order lu I Clrculullon
WASHINOTOV April 11n B Hajesa Civil
Ssrvicc Older > o I In recilime II Jr circulation Mis
bun Chauncey Filley tate rmlmniHr at ht Louis re
cently complained lo lhaes that mite Suierrlurs of Cen
nlI ii lnnn I a ems viniitlnz civil cemi lee refurm rule I
One Mirr IIOT Mr HHf > mill wo tictiu I tin cine
10 secure tilt I electiull 1 US a ittllkute tn till hicau I I out
s ofu The other iieriltr 11 r Illifi chnrucit ala
dte riumulnauiuu ejttlnm atu mum > rlcr nl n tummt t t i in in iuta
S tiilii uttiticitil 01 C itlttilil mlirv rlvIt I Set ilrj tiucrs l
ninllitliol nf the itvii u rilei tinier to tlm taut ortI
crc 0 i > ii 11111 cites IIIt Vh Hlloy li iii hfiii fttinic ui a
unfit nune uI 1lmo ms in h it time to purls ut th
Mute tn romitit i I HID i I rant l > loin and ilr t lluyi i I s tins ordered
hl tU
dered copies ol thi r l minus Wi tutu sent tu tut ihe4dte
some cross road fllcials
IIr IInyc llcillullni
WtHfltCtTiN April 11H JI hayes has not
Yet nnproied lie letleia n my Apiiroiirlatinn bill iihich
clianies the Inv I relalimti till n 1tlmrllt or < KCH
dCum inirlial cut a ti i tube tuiiu mu irmy sum tiiml tilts
r fu ul 1 thor I otttiers The leu uty u rice iihkh I Mr
lln > es has lo ci n t lir a bill hr tire afllxliitf hu Kl nalure
or letnit II v lllrxlr next Friln Stunt tlnuliu are
expresHtl MS itt hU nlllniaie acll jii Lui Kcpubllcatis say
Until will baa prm ul
IlellevcU tu be In Trnnee
BELLEVILLE Out April 11Many Merrill
aed 17 was found dead In her lied here on Thursday
morning She was a brilliant mathematician and took
a Biathtinatlcal prize at tin IlilUJMphln Uliwmilil tl
iltlilon Hlie was btlleita lo ba In a trance mon some
tnin but intdicat 1 tutu prove that tbt was dead and abs
iti cua tiirU4 J
YFhy Inillnnt Kli their iinoetMooe Cnll
ItiKA JlIII nail n Illlle Hull Frlglittneil
A V 0 ry Fierce M < > 0 1 Fluht In n hltkrl
Tho Earl of Dunrnven relates Ills experi
ence In moose huntIng In the April number of
the Xtntternth Centura Ho reached Ilio hunt
ing grounds birch bnrk canoes carried from
rlvor to river Gild Inko to lake Time canoes
were carried ton miles In a wagon to tho liontl
of n stream hero tho party bccnn their jour
nor lie aura
On hilling the canoes from tho wagon a flro
wns built With a hot brnnd the cum on tho
seams of tho canoe wns melted wlioro It Imd
been cracked by Ilio joltlnc of tho wagon IloMn
and places of calico were use1 to patch up muny
holes In tho bark An Inilliu nicortnlna tlmt
his cnnoo IH wntHrtlclit by thin simple mothod of
applying 111 it llm to every seam Hint npptiiM
lanky ant ivilnuwlirliior time air IIks tim roiiKh
This cnritnony his riillcloiisly I pirfortnM every
ninrtilnt Iwforn Inmirlilim lilx cnnno nnil IIVITV
ttcii i mitt when hit tnki liur out of time water It
looks as tlioucli hn vvtre mnliniiine her with
much affect ion nnd It somi nun Ilko I I It but In I
riiilltr It must bu nn oaciilHtory proccvs mere
iicufut tlinn t nuTPfiiblc for n cinoi Ilkonn I I In
illnn I I sriuniv though ixcnl in itt for enrn Ins bur
duns cnnnnt ho till niicmmhutr I plrTKnnt t to k is
M fliSilttih i nit cnmim IICCK nlmut tlin 1 et 1 of
Soi ttnb r mid mln about time 15th of sober
A full union rycurrlnu bftwni HID t mlhlle smut
enti ot boptemlnr Is thin l Htof nil limits limo
best plan In inlllna li I to fix upon pTmnnont
cntiip mid milk llttlo I i > xp illtlons of two > or
hints ilnysMunition from It roturnlni meet
nnd get Fresh supplied Then voit iMiiny hit
ruts luxury of liuntluc Then you feel f 1 renlly
anti thoroiiLhly I Itidopenilpnt I nnd fro Time
Indlnn carries your lilnnkrt your rout n Illtlii
tea sucnr mind breadn kettle nnd Iwo III pail
niklns Tho hunter hII enouch to t ilo to curry
hlmsilf I his ri flit ammunition n sin mill mn
huntIng knife sot1 n pair of MiId Rlnpfli1 Tints
nicoutriil clp < In I a llannM shirt i tin ih liomn
spun eontlninitlons moose lililn inocnslns on
your 11 jour trousers tucUid Into vvocilnn
nocks our arms mniieiinibiml I 1 bythnt t uenlnds
article out < v on uUinuo Into I tin vvooils thn t
sun lour ciilde In clnr weather your noekt
comprna lilt Is 1 cloudy its ticnats nnd birds
and fishes your companions nnd wnndir
throni the woollI ntwlll sle > tilnir vvliire fancy
biil7i von cnlllne If HID nlllle mire culm or
still I I hmmt mit I rig on n Indy lay
Culllui Is tin most fnsclnntlnir disappoint
Inc cxcltlnc of all sports You tuny hn lucky
at once anti kill your mOM the first nlcht you
Iln out p rtinpsnt the very llrst cill > on milk
You may be weeks und wcik perhaps time
uliolo cillltic season without cettlnc a shot
Ioon call1nl Is I sluipln nnoiiKh In theory In
tirmiet ice It Is i I ill tmtirmeiil I y dlflloult of appllc itlon
it t colt sieb t Ii In I I iii httdi mug time cry of tlniniiliiinl t I
with n hollow ono innilonf birch bark anil in
denvoring by this lOans to fall up a moosn
milan enough to eel n shot Ht bun by moonlight
nr In I the early morning i Hn will unit straight
up to tout withIn n few yards walk right over
you almost answering speaking a mho
Indian I term It rut hn conies alone If I I nothing
happens to scarn him but that t Is great if So
mnnv univoldahlniKCidcnts occur
Let us Imagine n party of three men to hurst
nut of tho thick woods on to n little open spice
or barren hot and hire about 4 oclock on a
fined tobnr day llofornthem lies a still deep
naeli of n littlii river fringed on tlin near side
with brown alders on the opt > o lto side lies i n
rdledup rugged heap j of loo gray granite
bloclfs with ono solitary derd pint tr > n
stretching out Its gaunt bare shrlvlled llmis
against hue clear sky lust teond Is n littlii
ci lump I of pines and all iirounil n gray meidoiv
iiilt I i optn for fltr 1 u jards nr no then I doted
with occasional unhnppjlooking firs sid and
forlorn with long trtsses of grin muss hang
ing from their stunted limb 11 he trees grow
closer onol clofcer together anil become morn
vigorous In appiHritmn till they merg into
the unbroken forest beyonth Supposing lhit I
formed one of the part I should Immediate
take measures to make mysi If comfort bin for
tho night I for I nm of n lit zim rioum a habit I
should set nut Indian say John Williamsto
look for water which hn would find tn scoop
hug n hole in tho moa with hula hnnds into
which cavity a black nnd muddy liquid would
presi ntl > flow not Inviting to look nt but in an
hours time it will hnvnseltled cliur enoiich to
drink in lImo dark I und tlm other Indian
Mr Noel Glode would turn to nnil make tamp
Thnt Is easily done when you know howso U
making n watch rOil clear away a space bo
math some tree making It nice and level
nnd set up a shelter on whiclinvr side
you apprehend the wind will conic from
You sink some poles or young fir trees into time
Irouol > mop them up wlti oiler trees lush n
mH horizontally along them with a bit of
string It you Imve It ortha flixlbln root of a fir
if you have not Cut down n lot of pill rimUi t
es and thntch the framnwork with them till you
liHVn foniHd A little le into whieh vvld kiop oil
ft good denl ot wind and all I tlio dxw I Then you
strew tliecrounil thIckly with fir tops or briek
en gather a lot of dry wood In cam you want to
makn a fire and all Is ready for time nlirht
In a lIeD very lIke that I hpxnt this lust two
nlKhtA of this irtlllni season not n hundred
yinme ago It was nearly sundown before our
work was over and leavlnir 1 Noel to finish
eamp I sent John to a tnetop to look out and
ml down luifilf on a rock at a little
illtnneH to smoke the calumet of peiee
Mcarcelv tumid I silt down bolnro I lienrd old
John call ifiitly like a moose to attract mv
attention Xiiw It must bn borne In mind that
when hunting you never call to any onn like n
human tuning for to do so nilulit eenrn away
Karnn but you urn lit Ilkn a moose or if you
prnfei It hoot like an owl or mllkll any other
found emitted by OliO of the bruin creation I
crept up quickly anti In obedience lo Johns
VIIIAP mtve I1lno I I his nhmouemtI kr and follow
ing the direction of his PIP fnw n small bul
moose slowly crossIng the barren some four or
live hundred yards to our nit At thin first
sound from Johns lipsthe moosn stopped dead
short and looked round then moved a few Hers
toward us and stopped acaln Wo watched him
for some time He was evidently timid and It
snetnmi doubtful whether he would come up
and nail wan growing dark Noel stud started
10 try mtnml steal round the uduaof the wood In
order to i ut him oil beforo ha could set Into the
timber antI cross our tracks
We had not tone a hundred yards before wn
heard another bull eomlncup from n different
direction throiiRh the forest t answering Jnlmt
call Wo could IPIIIy I the tound that t hn was a
Ilrl one nnd Hint hn was eomlni up ipldlt
Tun tmnll bull I heard him i also and ftopnml i
We were now ot a truth In n dilemma hern
was n moo > e in sIght of us but It was ten to oun
that he would smell our tracks and get seared
hefnro wa could reach him Thern was a larger
moon eomlni throuuh the woods but hern
ho would eniercn It was Impossible In city and
to make mallr worse it was rapidly > ceiling
dark The dlfllculty was soon si ttletl for the
smaller moose moved on ncaln toward thin
woods crossed our track snufTod us and
Marttu off across limit barren nt n trot sown
had to turn our attention 10 the niger olin Hu
tam on boldly wo could hear him call two or
lures limes In succession and then stop devd
silent for n few rnlnuus listen and then on
again irjenklni
VIH plmted ourselves rleht In hli way just on
thaedcnnf ihu woods and ciou lilnuc I loss I to
tilt Lrotinil wnltvd for him Pr enlll wn
heard his hoarsn voice claM to UP and thn
cracUincof thin buslus as he passed through
them then knee fell acaln and wn heard
nothlnc but time t it U tO plug 01 0111 Intrtsiin
other advance nnd ho flopped one imue
within apparently about fllt > > ardsof t u Alter
a IOIIL almost liiHUpportahln p nisn he uinm on
attain we could heiir his footM PS wn could
heir tha t crass rustllni I I we could liinr m him I
breath Inc vva could item thn Ijiihos shiklni
but t wn could not makn out nven the I fiintist I
outline h of him i In I hue dark A gum III m limtonpeil I
atm ii our hearts seemed stand Hill I I also with
expectation another step must havn bronchi
him I out almost within I ri ivofi of mn when Biiil
ibiiil there was n tremendoiiB crash I He had
smelt us ii nil was olT with II crai klni I of f deid
limbs I i rattllnc I I of horns and Hmnshlm I of
bruilu which iradii thn woods resound
iikMln I Dlsnutiolnted wa were hut not 1111
Inippy for thn tlrsi dutv of thn hunter Is to drill
hlinst If into that peculiar framnof mind which
enables a man touxult whii hn ISMK cessful i
and to I accept Illluck mind defeat without clvluc
way to tieR putt itt ttui I
As soon ns Out moon was hlch onouch to alms
n good liuht i t Noel and I vvnlked l h down to u I itt hit
point of woods jiitilni out Into limit birren t
ruth 1uunii tlm birclibnrk caller to his lips
Noel liulintiil I I thu lonedraw n vvilline I I cry of tho
ninosn niul Hum I wn sat down wrnppid I our
blankets pitlentli lo listen I nnd to wilt No
answer perfect at tlllnei I s prevaild Pr > sent
ly 1 with a strange rapIdly upprom lilnu rush n
cane ot wild ceesn passed 11 incincovurhtad
their strong pinions vvhlrrliiir In Hm still air
After pouch g aliout hllInl f hour N ul Cal leil
ncatn nnd this limn we heard n haunt sound
that baum our hearts jump Wo listened In
lently I and heard sgmi Jllml It I nsonli I v mimi owl I II
lone way off calllnc I I to Us main In I tlm t woods
Alter I a vvhlln I wn cant a loons melancholy
iiuiivorini scream on tlio hike takou up by two
ui I Ii rte olh loins
Something fnchtens the loons whispers
Noel llo me m Mebba h mooso cominc u 11111 I i i try m
Another call and niMln tile cry nf thn mnosn
rolled across the barren and I I e hoed hack from
tho opposite wood Hark I Bays Noel Whlllri
that t I hear him rlclit across tInt woo 1 there
nnd In truth wncoiild just mako out time faint
call of ahull moosn nillisnwiy I
Tin siiiinil irnt rnpulli nearer ho was loming
up iiuliklv when wn In aid a second monso ad
wi 11 u n L1 to miit hjin Ihey aiiHirered each
other fur n little while I ami then thet eoubed
Hpeaklnit and time forest relapsed Inlo sIHiO
so deathlike thai It I t vviift hard lo believe that t It
ever had bnen or could b u broken liy any living
thing I Nothing I more vvat heard for a long
limn not a sound vibrated through the frosty
MlllnebHOf I I the air till I I suddenly I It was rudely
broken by a crush like n dead tree fallmc In hit
forest followed by a tremendous racket sticks
cracking hoots paw Ing the ground horns
thrashing Against bunhes
here the moose fought at Intervals for about
two hours when the noise ceased ns suddenly
lUlU bOilUl l1ul1 jiol a jjaUJO WO IMM DUO
bull ennilnu strnluht across tho barren to us
spxnklnK as hn enm alone
fun mooso nrrlvi within about fifty or sIxty I
ynrds of us Wo eouhl dltnlr fo hIm orl In tho
dark shadow ot an Island of trees In another
second ho would hnvu been out In th OIoonlltht
It I I wo Imd left him I nlone but Noel in I his
anxiety 10 brl 11 I him I UP enlledliko I I n bull unit
the I mooscwhu had probibly hud nnuimli of
milling for one nlcht turned rluht tound and
went back ncnln uiii IO ItS tho Inrren Wo did
not n t ry any mnrirnlllne I but madij up t our lira
mid lay down l dnillKbt I
limo I next nlKht or rather on tho morning
nfier wn tailed UtI Iwo moose after Hitnrln1 but
loll litt from Mirious onuses In I rcttlnc n shot
but on thu duty succeedlnc that I killed IIMTI
hir hut II Wo had culled without I any answer
all I nlcht anti wcro itoh nut homo to limit pilncipiil I
enmp about t 10 In I the day when wo heard n
cow call i Itwns n dead calm und bite woods
were very nolsj drr ns tlndr tutu stu wn with
crisp dead heaves but t WM determined I In p ti t ry nnd 1
creep up to her I will not altiMiit t lodiscrlbe I
how wo crept up tint I y mmmtr nnd wnlted nnd I
llfllened imtiHiity for hours till wo heard hi r I
attain and llvd tilt exact spot where she was
how wncrepland cnwledlnchby Inclithrouirh I
bushes mill overdiv leaves and brltthiHtlikH I
till I I woKot within I a glut nnd onsyshot nf tim reit
1I0MU11 blir bull I I II cow and n twoyonrold
h4uflun It tim IIIV 1111I1 tho da bull ihied ho paul
thi < penalty 1eni ilo Iciiunclty ici mitt t him his Hie
If his lovely but Injudli lous companion could
hun vim controlled her feminine I I disposition I to
talk that I family I I of moose would still I I I havu ben
roamlPK tim um vroods hnppy nnd m I nnlttd
nEll T1ll roy 1111111
llTlnc up Wnlklne Hint Isbn May Work at
At t In I llnalon
BOSTON 1 April 11t reporter for THE SUN
atlud at tho rooms of IIlrlha Von Hlllcrn the
t1udeSllloone at lie 1I0tlii 1I0yllon toask hllr In
regard to n report hint D C Bartlett of lllch
Innd Oswico County Y wits nbout to cut
hor for n divorce Miss on Hlllernwas prompt
nnd explicit denying that shu hid over been
married 1 to anyone Khn salt she Imd never
licird tho name of D C Bartlett mentioned un
til sho reid the newppnp r report Mils Von
1Il1ll1rn who spenka Knullsh fairly Mild I thai
bhu wns born In I IrjclMirch lUden Hiden ut nil
reared In Moselle Shu lamo to tills iountri
whll a girl and was time first female pedestrian t
to win distinction About it rem ve arl > n11 nil it
retircd froiy the sawdust track nnd linsdevoted
IHT tlmn sluco to palntltiK at which sho Is snld
to J h clever
When Miss Von Illllern was gIving one ot her
pedenlrlan lilbltlons I In I this city hho p becamo
acaunlntud with a wcnlthy unmnirled worn in
formerl of Ihlladeltihla lime iiMiunintaneo
rln > ned Into IrlclIl hip and tho twolmvn nuu
Pied I eleiintly I furnished rooms nt th I I ii II I I > tH
Uo > lston over slnco Miss Von IIIII < rns n tire
mint from pedcstrlaniMii Whlln tIme tuiing
German gIrl was innlmr renown at n pcdes
irientie kho occupleil her hpiro momeniR In
palnlitic and now Mho leoll1 her whole mutton
tion to It Him has for Ihn I pact three t jears been
a lllluoiit ctudeiit nndnceoidinc to I tho state
ments of sotun 10 nl artists familiar with her
work site has reallv done ver well Mm has a
verv plenum studio No 3 In tlm Ilorkton Art
Club bulldlni i otUoylston 1 strut mid has re
cently forwaided m to the t Art Int > rchmiK 140 I
Nassau street New York nn oil pnlntlni Ih
Cliffs nt Orand Mannn to be sold for the boncllt
of the Irish tuITi rers
xetr runic cur sinxas 1l4K
Conclnalon of the Itepii of their Condition
on dun 1
ALBANY April 10Tho followIng r eight
reports complete tho statements of tho savings
inks of New York city for J inmry
gas Mrs ron SIMOR frourr i 111 Ji 110
Put tie ii Ultra MMUJ urtlll Vest lil huts h I nl k
ulorlert Jin i I lsk bus tcusiturs < n < xtt sur
pin 542i 17 I
1 MiiiAll 1I i > fl 013 VOVi ttjtteeIltt de
piiHot C MJ iast I I LI Mir i In 177111 m t lhi i hnnx re
t rlr I Jim l ifTJ 1 Due Uctuitor tI6 ST1 oJ cur
himitt I I fllSHMM 3 I
JUKU Usiin3ti3 M IoIn
0101110 fJ Zeal lOul itt emrtitts CIte 154 IJ TIIh i
ntorli I tin I I ISTU Uue del oillori J 7 0JJ7tC cute
tuttle I Siii > ol U
rn huta H t3IAH9 fJI Li4ttOflue do
pn > llor < MniiUdOl ether Until lll J7HH7V smut
1lu < fJHMl s riiin limik reluurmeil 7111 I 118711 I lluo
ill ie inure ltri05l3 us uritu 7W7IHV7
u 7 1 tu 47 LotIoPn dr
tiohiru tTJUiilliH iirilu fS7 H jai itt innk
rpirl l Itin I Ie73 Due ilvposllora fOlJ7837l sur
pIn 7 Jti4t 1
Pur lucn f rr S7 041 4ra71i Mi iiPne tie
poMlir 7in ll40 I i illcr llilllltif J i Jlbl ur
IU I JWI7 ll lit is t flit honk reinriit I Hn I IS1V Due
dt ui slttrs f tlutibjrs I Ktirplii IU42 U7 ii
llowinr K irr I4ollriba li Llitiofluu < di
poMtnr fiv NX VI U sturlulut f4 TIM OJJ ii TliKtnnlt
trpirlcJJnn I S7j Iiu depo lur > fJ1 1C SJ7 Oil
nllI liiv 1311 Vli Id
I HIGBilt IxUljrum hmtrm 110SI UViCT U41 l
Put ilrii itir > flHBiiJ11 31 Mirphin JJ iia
70J 3J Thlhink reroriiJ Jan I IS79 IJut dtpmllort
I 7C7 a21uu tiiplui Li8Uit
Emigrating from > eiv Voik to Knnini
KtsasTov N Y Aorll 11 Within thin past
lew mnnilisillseittmateil Ih1 no Ilholl Aft I naomi
uitt loll lie counlloi of Delaware fircme Ulster ant
bcliohirlo to nuke tlwlr lulurc liomn la the nr Went
A short Hmc nco a number ot fjmilles linn I on the
butler oh Grrcnc Llilrr ant elioharla couuttet
lorined a soCIety callfd The IVeat rnnottllc Lmlra
lion mil rulnnUutlAn Ooiiipan lucy wlonol oil COM
Suii I a liosrl ol illnuiucr drew no u cnnitltiitl nut I
In mat 1 nl t dm tit in t > url lot llu Ir inw lioinp > in tin
Wrtt ii tear IIHI UK r AS 11101 1 nun ot the onI t rs
a it IIMIIKSI men slut 1 men lOr mite i > rt flnatinil
Ciii itinn cif m ute cntonit4 ulll ihf re ere tn t n com one
The article ol Ilii crt rroln < II lire Him It hill ic I
tile ii tllv ef nil HHmlur tit t do all hcv i lit lit prt nlnlu
Ih c eret l ul ino iiMiipim 1 I nN pti dbe itip co n
I I jmtolDcat In Kminor Nrrirdplii 1 at n IHII ode 0mg
the I ol inticenu IfroMlli tiiuiZ 1 Hit lln ol M nn
rnllrna 1 and In itirrliTf i n 1 mint m in tie i tot eruu
menlo rallrcJl nstlii deem iei I t It I inulier dcclim
Hint tie town ci hall to a leinj rince liwntne i i ri re
siict tin 1r < nicl > lii In I tuque us Inc I Tcidir to I fallowed
nllliln IK hniin The Villoi il I tut rVr < MIhcin or
it I nice JjHr lao bun > C lcIO A lari nunitrr h tar
alretl rue and SamuraI mure families will about
the litcl Mu >
Father Hunt CrltlcUc the rihlc Mchno
A mission Is being onmlucted In the Catholic
Church of St Terf i In rutcn street br clx prim or
tin Oblate order or Mary Immnculito At the hlch mum
jfstfnlay tho hey M V Hunt director or tl I f HIIMOTI
nrtachert on The Church the Trius Llucittnr
Our uMic ectirot sj tcin it a I iiiTn t > > nrre
ol inrttVlitT fnnniucli its It CrariIilly il tilct
lute C XiiliC t it a Iilt as tar at titiu it ti mciii tut
C lid I rimtple i e re cAnccrnfil Tin t 11 lilts ut tin
TrtUmtn inUbt Icttpr le oinlttPd tn Hi > ch jU in i
xxrlAiitl it t Ltvon aniil nhiittIm i n r arc Kit
tie I it place tin ir its a cdmtruclion ii ii ii mm m riil
Ftmhtr ilunt Cii iltut r iifeVidioVtiii ii nil t rune to
tin t public chutit 1 itt r the jrconii iuiu n cei Mm niuonnt
o goOd suit cnti tutu ts Cr iiTeCitit if I ni tincr ni but
lh nn muit as rni itS the i uht to iufluit i tu > uit
Hut > re hut loiitiielr tutu I l him iltMl i tuuul I nr ri e
rathftlii rhiircli tan neier enncll n tlec M bo ii t ti til
tin f an ndiciillv chtlluit Suuti i I inhotv rt I Jl trim
ink in tl heir iiirnculuni TIle preuhrr r iintuli I tte
cot en Latton Hntt tbe were bound in conscleucc lo sum
ion ttu aroCiai chiuuii
The Sociftt of lit Vineent ihi Inul of timer tulsa collected
52J P01 n h during the pn t lenr all I ut win li i wttli tic
ixceution ul 4Vi urriidijt tbule to the or
S in flllrr a recent vorm more tlmn I 3 i m lion rutor
Sure trtken ir in il ej hole neir Town it I 4 In t N
J t a Fdio hainr lei a aheil in iii hole ty IH t I
InNnarl i curls t v inornlnj reiijum n t niu in i
tru li mikrr nut llllini thIuuunl lt n I t ti Id i k 1usr
re led an ut I Mclntosh I clubbed tilt clllir llllhc ttcj l till I
tlMlUkhttltil J
lee f < kins 111 thi hamlet ot firrte Ont O ir4nnoo
liAt loin < M < ndiit in let cttlttn It mil tiki t Ii
i ntliittft enut tin torehfiiM > ulnrli r n i ii i urtlit
i < t 11 t I Illin I mutt eeh mil t tn t uhuli J i lo ci Vt i tun
ui xii cud in lln ti tithern haiti t
limo luirjlnr seine nirfrit I In tl o iiiht t in a tml In I
Ilillnlnii It N t lit I ii Pepnn iurmlI li i rnnrt
tin iisiitiuit 11 I i Cllit IV I tim 11 m li i etlil I li iito I lit 11 i ii
tri il 1 I i Hun lln i lln ol tin i lintnt
SVtutt r > r d 1 ut iitut fi m ti i H nn nitl 1 il fin t ill in
term the liinnl iii I TIlt > nouuli I mill lei i I ml tie
uctuuj uiiercliv nmriptuud tIll St ouuuih Is serious
ronrl < iili iilnr I hit nn >
SurrrMurounTCt oMihi 05N s I il 62fi7
Rtimtii ui 117 HO IU II t < tt miii mti tii l 17
171 t IK7 i hiNt l IHJ JIM 5iii < 11 I o m 2ii ii u
itti lti J7 SI H7 idii llll IM u nil ti7 IM
TIII jjo jji MI si a11 un u7 UN j iil ui
mimmmLm rlitRII Tl KM N tuut II t lit I I II ILIIIt
1 coo Uiiiuirri r N 83 lu i l ut I n I IIi i 11
U 141 Mil llll 117 1 l it I u liwN IM
idl7 Ott n h 111 J7 tlttt 1 tt7 Vw o a fi
111 Ul I Si i till
Ib > 7 Im I i ij t r ut
ll r enrtlli tviti Ml itni mIt itc uI
MTirion u loctiTSrrcui Titus Nt ui j ti i o v
s 4 Ii li lit fut I Nt INI 4i > 77 mis > t 7i I Ji l t
171 ill 1711 414 is nj 711 7IJ 71 I i ti
6 uii III itt I 2ut IIV III Ml i i i 1 I i4 it
tel LAi 1 1 SJ liim ith ta IU > 7 I VI 11 7 Tilt
I17tl V7V 7li I i 77 tTi 7111 I 7it 7i7 7i1 > TJ 77 77H
71 u 7S lift iT u8 tAt 4S7 4M tl hi Omit uhml i t tOT
i MILis ii I i v 55 Si tuhnt rn y N i I l > il 1 tommry 1 friii
N h 111 1 ii II mtii mm Itrt I V I r
lii mess into nu 1471 idi ti9 AJi lee lui
JII7 tlt 1HH1 CiT Hi Jl JIJ7 JIN ii iuuiu
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LIe ihilsamum sold tiy aUilruiilis Pellet Ullomr Jii
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toesnm betitlnt s at ow perthwalt t 1S3 to i 157 niatltam
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Ills Ionr Tritmiia MltU In Ilnnil nnd Mufllril
In KliinnpU > lltfil > nf s mien IllnMima nnd
AVhlle VVIlm Inegiir lint Never u Bath
At tho corner of Urontlvvay and Rockwood
nvnnuo at Inr Hockavvay Louis D Carson
koustus en old roadgldn Inn called thn ritJamc
This Is where Padd Ryan Is In training for his
coming prIze flght with Jon Ooss for 2000 and
the henv weight championship of Ameilcn
llynn began work on Monday April u under
lime trnlnlncof Shmvu Taylor time hcivywulght
champion pugilist of Jersey City and nu old
resident of thin Fourth Ward of much experi
ence In now rnnttcm In days gonnby A visitor
recently found Ruin nnd Taylor although tho
dny was cold unit tho wind bowlngn gale out
taking n light sweating tramp Itvnn wns
mufllnd In heavy red h1umttutel and his head wns
covered with n thick flannel cap In his hand
ho carried n stick On his return after being
vigorously rubbed down for half nn hour wIth
tough towels and sponged with n decoction of
arnica flovvnis alum borat nnd Jamaica rum
ho was bathed nlth hattshorn liniment I I I his face
being sponged with wlthtim wins vinegar mixed
with alum and brn llicnllynu lay down on
his bed being covered up with blanket by his
trainer and for half nn hour bo rested at case
seemingly enjoying It greatly He then arose
and as ho stood erect with his arms raised his
muscles bulged out on his arms mid legs hike
thoso of nn old Roman gladiator As ho moved
they glided lIke serpents beneath time nhlto
skin that covered thorn His friends say that
such nn athlete has not been soon In this coun
try since the duva of Tom Hyor or Charles Free
What date Is fixed for the fight asked we
May 18 said Rvan I have six weeks to
train yet and Im nor afnld of hard work My
heart Is In this light mimI I nlll heave nostono
unturned to aid nn trainers In Retting me In
What Is jour programme for training
liy said Tnvlor answering fur his pupil I
Rum rIses nt 7 OVIOIK in tlm morning
but takes no baths Wu dnit bulmvn
n man Is n flsh Hn swallows tlm
yolk of n raw egg mixed xvllh about
u wlnoghssftil of pure water Then ho taki s
n short w ilk hero rum briiikfnt 1or hicakmst
helms mutton chops or tenderloin steak sa
soiled Jtnast and nbovvl of IM Tmun hn t iki a
nn linurH ns 1 put on his fliiini nnd wo
take t a twilvemlln I wnlk I or run at a lively I I gait
On our return w > strip him and civ him n
good rub down Then Im puts on clnn Ian
nels nnd I nlti I r a r > Ft ho I takes illntiT I
J lint food do 5011 give him for dinner
ell roist beef or irtcrhouse steak
broiled run a leg of br > ild mutton or chicken
boiled pot itoec ribbare or greeiif and cutard
ortaploci pmldltg I iho let him hnvnb nteli
aln or Ba sa nlt toast nnd cillVfoot jelly
After th i n ncr he has n test and thin 1m awl ant
clubs plajs with light i dtimh bells and fights
Its I bladder I then stait off with Kinn I about
it 3ocoi for nnuthci long tramp with u largo
flick In his linnd Hn hits at murithtiu 1m
set sto make his wrIsts unple froth it hu fan
hit wit it his knuckles and thus t sav hl I hands
from breaking In Ilio tight On ocr return
flynn mmftr being ruhbod down receives his
siippur which is Plllmr a half of n broled
thkken or broiled eggs tons or a bowl of hot
itiuid mixed I with tort w inn I and in rnuh Its
llvnn got s to bed at 0 nr 10 oclokuud I ul
wavs nvwkn him nt 7 oclock
s hern ushih Its flht timlio place
It will take place In Cinada saId Tnjlor
hut It Is hua nil to t oil where the cnrvd will I I start
from UuITdo hownver will not b the u starting I
point tin authorities timid tie I lovers of 1 prlz
flglitlng b h nut trouble I enough over the t recent
fight betvvten Chambers and Claik I know
well enotmglm that llvaii has got to facnullint
class tuugu I itt on Maj l 18 Goat hi bus nrovd ih
victor In I all I I his Ii end fotumzlut bittle except
when hi met J Mil Mace and rmn tmiv sits what
Iliui have n mind to about him Everybody
knows Ooss has been n good man In Ins day
hull cant reckon It up hnvv nn old man hike
Goss can biit I such K linn joting and strong
lilitihIst its livnn In mv opinion sail lijlur
ivfort los gets thrnugh u with Rjan lie wih I
find I omit ho has had n light ihut ho nuver bar
galned for In all his lit
1 Will lljannliiit do woo think of the flltt t
1 nm going in do the best I can said tho
pugilist tutu I tllmiik I will win it L oknt
thn ring record I tim a yuilmrug man yet Jack
fclaci tIle butcher cmm rtroiainmi Ivtforn its
public by defi ntitiL Jack Hroughton who WTS
an old man for COO in It I minutes in 17V
upon vvlilfh occasion the Duke of Cumber ind
lost 10003 Jem lilchur th I ii champion of
Lnland when an old m in vvns bcatnn on Dec
6 130U by Harry Peirce thn Gimn Chicken In
IS l rounds nnd 35 minutes The renowned
11 It nbc champion of Lnglind nliu an old I
man came to this tohm mum ti In i 1SJ1 i I Hu ssin
beaten by Bndlgo on his r turn to England
lu 1830 In 16 rounds listing 21 minutes
The llttlo game locking up money which
was Inaugurated sauna vvroks ago by Messrs
Gould and Sage Is supposed to have been
brought to a close on Wednesday last At any
rate money was much easier lu the litter put
of the week and brokers began to bo more leni
ent toward customers disposed to buy stocks
Thoobjuctof hue monebnrsturnhess was atleast
partlahy attained If thui did not absolutely
break the market they eucceedud In so far
demoralizing it that n great ninny speculators
threw their holdings overboard It does not
appear that any Important short Interest has
been created except In the coal stocks but it is
nevertheless certain that the most soul MOCIS
in which a large 1 advinco has boen anticipated
such ns Numw Irk Central Like Shore Michi
gan CVntril Illinois Central und Western
tnlon havo nil utTeri d a morn or lesa serious
decline It is conjectured and not without
reason lhat ono of the main oljucts In Goulds
attack upon the market was tho covering of his
long outstanding short interest lu coal stocks
and especIally In Delaware Lackananna and
Western in which ho is biipnoseti to bn short
of 50000 shares nt a lass of about forty points
Tho recent rovivnl in tho manufacturing Inter
etts anti thn rise in the prica of coal teom lo
have convinced him llut ho cm never get out
of this operation without a heavy loss henea
ho resolvi to break down tins whole mnrktt nt
any cost to mako the I ustst of a b id Largnin
Inn ralo at vvhtoh tim it coal I umom ness of the
countri IR impriving is toirirlir renlld jet
Tlm Jersey Cnnti ton instinct according to
an < stim ito madii in the ufll > o of its rt elver
Mr Iathrop and hised upon tho workings of
the first throo months of the > eur In llcntes a
urolablo lulanco of mutt t earnings of over two
millions uunl 1 n half at the clo oof 16S1 If coal
mnintnlns its pr < fent prico of MbO tano a
ton Hut flu I coil dealer si pect thit tlm I inca
of onthri ito will reach tint thiilmrs it lout bcforu
tho mul Lh thin of July II I this t blould tunovo to but
tIm cast Jeisej Centialns wuJL nh all Ihn other
coal companies will bn itt OiliYti rest tud to the
old dividundpaung basis mimi will show a
largo surplus bialdi
Ono of lip lnrget coal operators a director
In I uiiuurlm il I coal com panics said to mo itc ntlj
iththnoKenption of the coal men no ru i
has tlm slightest id u of hit I mumag nitu i li of f tho m
coil business of this cott tub rI and 1 of llu m pioilts
which our coil mining and Ilul tar > in com
paniis real uze from i very ndvaan in i tha I mar
ket price of this luintuodit Ill gIve you a
tough cell male of how our companies stun 1
now Let us take thum all capitalized itt cat
J2UOOUO 000 They piodilo nbtiiit 20000001
tnnsitjcar Anthracite coil multI last > ear at
1250 par ton It will robibly i sell by the mid
din I of f this year at 5 This glv < s llm t et umuu pit ii ht j
an Increase of earnings amounting to tOS000
000 from vvhlch no must deduct about 10 por
cent for the Increase in wants iimtl 1 the goner il
cost of prnlil tlon Th TO slid ivniiis over
fiS 000 noil I of rrollt Ynucincalcuhitn I for > mr
s lf whal dividend thitnuuld miiknon n vapuil
of J2WOOO 000 If a 7 per eutut railroad Hock
In ttotih par then the aggregate stocks of our
conl eompinks ought n ha worth over 30
OtiOOOU This seems fabulous but It is i nivnr
tin lisa trim and 1 am not surn thit tlnse 117
ures will not bn some da renoln d If olin c nin
try and us iiidiisirt and < omim > roo luluuu at
tho name tliui havu dutm hithuitu
Thine Is nob It I mug to wonder at In I tho I nnilvtr
of Mr Gould to cover his shorn In coal sto ks
If tint csllmatoof this kind has over uuchcd
him The nnbtlnmt of tho eftorls which ho has
been lately making lo ilfpiefs the market Is
admirably Illustrated i bj luis bnturd us nick I In
Missouri Kansas and Tunis and b > the leger
demain which ho Is said to have performed n
short time ago In New York Central About 1
oclock pa saturday oyvnbUy tvii un > mid to
road on the tape that the books of the Missouri
Kansas and Texas were doted without any
previous notice having been gIven to the stock
holders and that no transfer of stock could bo
made till after the elections next month Upon
Inquiry It was discovered Hint Gould having
saddled nil his Missouri Kansas and Texas
lock upon the street keeping only the bonds
was anxious to secure n majority In the coming
election without Imvlng any stock back lie
therefore borrowed nbout 40 000 shares trans
erred thorn to hlmsolf and other parties In the
secret nnd hypothecated the wholo lot with ono
of the banks the directors of which are not dis
interested In the transaction Ho had thus no
call to disburse a cent In the operation ho rn
talon tho control of the road and ho Is lIkely to
buy the stock about fifteen or twenty percent
lower within the next sixty days The stock
tumbled down on Saturday over three per coat
lu less than nn hour
Ills practical jokoln Now York Central was
If possible Btlll more Illustrative of his un
ncrupuloua nature When It benmn known
Unit ho was anxious to enter the direction of
time Nnw York Central nn old outspoken ope
rator told him rather unceremonlouslv Now
M r Gould you know how It Is the moment ymiti
enter tho Board some of the solid holders are
euro to sell every shnro they have They will
all desert lIke rats leaving a sinking chip and
Ynndcrbllt will buy back the stock at his own
I know that was Goulrtg candid answer
and tho moment It leaked out In the papers
that I Intended logo lu the direction I sold all
this Ci ntrnt I had bought and went short I
nnnt to cot It back at lower prices too
Time outspoken operator who had anon many
tricks in his day stood aghaet nt the coolness of
the man who was thus speculating upon the
market value of his own bud reputation
The downward movement which wns Inaugu
rated In the Missouri Kansas and Texas will
probably bo closely followed by n similar one In
tho Valmsli stocks It Is reported that the road
Is not earning Its fixed charges and Is con
siderably in arrears to Its men There are ru
mors that either another mortgage will bo put
on tho property or a fresh Issue of stock will
bo resorted to The latter Is i the moro Ilkoly of
the two The proceeds of the sale of these new
lithographic works will bo used ostensibly In
tile construction of new branches but tu reality
will go to settia the floating debt
It is this class of rotten stocks that drags
lbs market down and gives Wall street
operations the peculiar character of feverish
ness which has characterized them for somo
weeks past The solid recognized roads are nil
showing Immensely Increased earnings and
ought to command full confidence Put time
Southwestern wildcats of Mr Gould combined
with his hammering of the coal stocks and tho
locking up of money by him and his confeder
ates have for tho moment demoralized specu
lation and have even frightened out many
legitimate but timid Investors BIOOLO
Tlat kera ntnl nriikfrt
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bonulit anti aoUt on commtuion
A limited arnnnnt f Alclilsnn Polorsln Cud PAClfle
nnllronil romnjtn FlMt Vtortnze 6 mar cent built
tninrtnteeil r > rfn < it Ml nnl I tnfrest hr tVntril Brunch
gilt ricllc Rnllrnad inI I leas aixumej by UnIon Pa
uricIUtIwi Company for tale
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1i Im of lichmond Lellch Uverpool April 1 and
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titan nn other linne In lets itrk nverTtlilnj sold u
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> w i prk Inunt thou socent u LOM article
Look for the number 771 Hrnuln ly curlier OU at u
then Itrnln Food Ilntnnlrnl rrtrnrt
tren I thru the it l tin cures nerrt n d lulls l Cut weik
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rutS < Interest at National IMru Bank la the city ol Neir
Interest will cease on these nnmh Yule lAm > I
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