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d u u h
2ilJ ION 1XCI it uiiiitnnxs sntEcn
flit Opinions iir a Uimtllcnn who nn Too
llmcit to lctcnil > Urnnli AdmlnUtrnllon
vn Iftro Worahlp nn < l it Third Term A
Siittctmnii Not Weil inlntSolillor Needed
Kxrnltoil Slntcs Sonnlor John H Hciulcr
Ion ot Missouri nddrivieil tho Sherman Club
lastevetjlnKb lavlutlun Hocald
It H perhaps not unkuown to you that nt
Bt Louis I have taken some little putt Inorean
Izlnc nn opposition to what Is known us tlio
third torm In cither 111 opposition to tho
coudldacyof Gin Grunt 1 hnvobollovod and
I still bolloa that Gen Grants candidacy will
laid to tho defeat of the Ittipubllcan party In
tho next canvass 1 bnvu somo means ot known
In n that the opposition tn Gen Ornut within
tho lines ot tho Republican party u so great as
certainly to ondnncur his election In caso of his
nomination not entirely lo defeat I Al the
lamo time Unit I say this I Is known to you
that that Question depend very largely upon
tho character of the nomination made by the
Democratic party
I do not know how lUislwIth you contlcracn
but ao tar as I nm Individually concernuil I
think It Is I hlah time that we should abandon
this idea of electing military mtn to tho Presi
dency We halo ludulsod In I now for somo
considerable Uncth of time In fact wo are a
pcopo too much prone to horo worship I
do not know when I any that that 1
can attribute to tho American people a creator I
docreo ot that sort ot fooling thin belongs
to other nations but as It belonged to other
nations It dcetroycd other nations und Is I It not
the duty ot tho American people to avoid the
shoals and sands upon which other peoples
woro wrecked and to do better than
they did I Imvo believed and I still
believe that after tho American revolution
tho thlrtytwo years of statesmanship
given to us by statesmen by Adams
Jefferson Madison Monroe and the young
Adams monted and bound together the
people of till country Into onohomocencous na
tion I cnvo us unquestionably tho opinions
of Chief Justice Marshall all tho Suprumo
Court ot tho United States during the period
of tluio when the foundations ot our Gov
ernment were bolnu laid I removed us
I entirely from military matters and seized
upon that sort of tnlunt that was
necessary nt that particular moment to
build np tho foundations of 1 great nation
Now I llrmly believe that military methods In
time to cOle will bo dancTOUs to the American
people as they wore dangerous to other nations
heretofore You know and I know that tho
public cauares In Washinston city contain the
stAtues of military men but la there statesman
amoncthem Not one Somebody onoo said
that that man deserved morn pralso perharn
than any military horo who taught us tho way
1 mate two or three blades of cross crow where
ono grew before I think It was Milton who
mid IrPIV ico hath hr victories no lees re
nowned than war We PU to forget thai
tact and tho names ot military men sound
more pleasantly to our ears and wo aro
rather disposed 1 worship and elevate
them than to elevate even tho most distinguish
I cd of our statesman In my humble judgment
Chlot Justice Marshall deserves statues rather
than any of the military mAn of this nation I
does not impress us llko the deeds ot military
men hut yet we nil know In ourcooler rom lls
that the sound doctrines nol principles which
ho put into the foundation ot the Government
have been of more service perhaps than
all the victories of military men btcnusn
without them should have hud
wlhout thor we hul no
Government It may bo said ot course
that tho services of Washington cavo u S
our country In the beginnIng We paid that
debt or at least we paid It fully in the estlnm
thou of the pcopluot that time in fact wu pild
It to the satisfaction of Washington himself
Ho was satisfied with what we had done and
more than intlsflod Ho had presided over the
Convention that cave us thu Constitution am
no know as well rIV 1 we know that no man in
that Convention except Mr Hamilton
proposed a period lancer than seven
years for the Presidency Then ho mlcht very
well have said after havine served eight years
I am satisfied nnd It will be safer for inn to re
tiru and leave n precedent for ncr mlng I 00ra
Lions t I Mr Jefferson Pl laid dim n no fln doc
trines nud hn portmps was ono of our wisest
statesmen At least no man at this day dU
putes thn patriotism of Thomas Jefferson li
too gave us this example of two term and no
I Now we have done tho same for Gen Grant
nnd he ouuht to lii HiitiMli I IIH claims more
Inr only proven himself unworn y ot wha wo
have irlven him HI should Qlnlni no mro Hu
should ln I itlsfled with what he has I
We lit Kt Louis hnvoappruached thatin tho
estimation of BOIIII nudiujlous poiitt of f calling
nCunvniillon I national asseiiiblncoo thOM
tlin lIetu Iii eitn party who bharn thn vlewb 1
bay expressed I suppose you are all In favor
of the nomination of I Mr riherman I slnul
cuecest to you that In order to accomplish that
jj purpose I will be nt least necessary for you to
M exert youtselves eiunestly This Convention
U at bt Louis is not to bu n Convention of thl
> H friends of any partleiilarcnndldntn Its dnlecntv
a M are and will be Indlvliliinls who are opposed to t
V H alhlril term ot Gun Grant not only beeuu
they tnllevi Hint I is wIse to follow this pat
precedent left by our forefathers and the ear
lier Presidents not only because they believe It i
a dmceroiis to depart therefrom hut ho
I I cans they do not want 1 repetition of the
of modes anil methods of Gen Grunts last ad
> e Dilulstiulon I abstain from 1 ruferenc
I t them for tho very lust of reasons It Is un
necessary for us as Republicans to furnish ma
ft turinl for thn opposition If the party nom
1 Inates Gen Grant it must bn I for the opposItion
h to furnish the material ot th canvas I of
d course shall bu utile and wlllinc to
U take earn of my own course Whit It I
5l will b I is unnecessary to proclaim
0 to you I Isenouch toRiy that I am oppose
n to that nomination und under certain contin
gencies I shall bn I steadily h I oiiposnd to liny clp
lon for him I flu I of Cull I 10 expuit that iiichi
gentle man here eneh uentleinan who lielonv
t thu Itepubllean pMtty friends of oilier cahill
dates than Mr Sherman will bq equally ear
nbt erjunliy I zealous In I tnklnu I CIO ol his own
course I do not deolr to inlluenco that eours
or I H by any mining It is nnnoCsbary now to do so
IB I film ply rls e now to speak In behalf of Ill
KB Ilpublicins of Kt t Louis nsklnc I you if I I rJI
t viI j j not join us In I the t expr salon ot sontlmn
alt at thu ht tlOI18 ConvoiiMni Wn aru chart it
rs vrlth ntiemitiiiK to iniimldatu the Na <
il r tlonal Convention at Clilcnuu V > o Inlem I
nuthinu of tlm hurt W liavn tho prlvileu <
54 yet In I linn land of f ineetinc 1 niethor to express
JJ oursfniiiiuiitn L TliitiiUUuiil i I wu liavn not jet
14 elected Bo many milllury men that that priv
St thug has Iwen taken I from I us I nftnn henr
1W pxpreAniniis IncH 111111w that this thlni per
LA4 haps will last lint little Jiiuer I hear denun
ciations from mini fiento uxproHB tliomselves
Hint I do ljit lile I I hear talk of mlltaiy I
measures 1 hear talk of thlno like military
I ordersof suppression of tlm freedom of speech
Is thero nuy harm In I lour 111111 lion to
nluht its the friend of Mr Hhnrmun nod
protesting nualnxt thu nomlnatlou of Mr
DUtnn or of Gen Grunt or of Mr lhiuuturid or
Knybodyeltn 1 Iri not Hint a privilege uianted
to you under the Constitution 1 Did our
Itcyol union amount to anytlnnu I 1 Did I It I I gnu n
U Diiythinu for us Aro wu not freeman Can we
not mILo that pntest I lint they say If you do
tithe you ulield the Republican partil I Gentle
r 0 men I nU a Heiiubllcin I have followed
the 10111111 I Iliii Hitieu I IbCO I as eiirnictlvng
any man I havu twIce supported Gen
dl 1LVOrl
ro Urant donn flhhll 1 could to
proimtn his elnetlmi a nil yet t I for pnu nm
wllll I to say tonlht I would rather the t lie
tied tiubliciin party should be beaten forty limes
than that tlm minutest part of Hint privilege
i eiilnd fruedom ol speech and frnndomol opinion
and frundiiin ot the prruw should bttauvn from
thu American CII IrebH I I LonK I continued I up
0 iilnuHv So pirty stands between inu and the
ujeoinpllslimentof thatiMid
a Wu l hold that wo need n strong govern
I inent htrouu In I what ttensn Do yu ou
nr laean flruiiK an n military I I I orn 1 The time hnii
ire 4 the Lreutist strength wns necdnd was when
aU I Abraham Lincoln waa I non ii retail WIIH ho
etroui g In i I military I I sense 1 Did ho over Bet
itw a squatl ran In I thu t IhildV Hn I culnliily I never
itwHT old Could lie luivo controlled
HT Cuull 10 IIIVO cUltruUd a com
Ii pany uI1 Certainly not And yet ho
t > to mo diiriiiK tie t war the I Instrument
all In hue hands pf Hie t AlmUhty I 00110 I tirn > ervo
uio the unity of the n Stitts Applaunol IlrlWro I
r I menu utronir In the Sln In which Mr Lincoln
ant W ns at mug I want t that I str nuHi in I thu t next 1
or cAiidiiUlf If you mean IIOI IJIIOO of lilt
likenihH to tithiir to Napoleou or nov oIlier
uhll unwary Inn I say them Hi auwesitr fllr I
huts 5 II Do nut fir that > iiiurei g I tag 10 Injuin thu
iinpubllcnn parly l by thou iuuu Inu your oppo
SI sition to tlm thin term t Yui > umy vainly HUP
10 pom you CUll tilde this liLht under buslil but
a It Wllij 1 IKlit carrleil by llm Itiinulilltiii
Party gull 0 > Vr this lalld III I 1875fi I Penncvl
11 5 Varuis Now York New Iliimtmhlto Soil hio
lbl lag other Btat g rhnu Gun Urant lu 1876
poke of bclnr iv candidate for the third term
poke out In tones not to bo misunderstood
mill declarnd 1 It was nntlreiuibllcan null
omocrallc dancnrous to the liberties of jtho
republIc to ImvoRii third term Tliorefore
1 Gay then U I no harm In the adherents
anti irlrniU of Been tnry Sherman altcndine
hi Ht Louis Convention mid thcro enterIng
their protest agaInst the nomination of Gnu
Grant JVl your counsollora come anil con
stilt with thu frionui si c 11 t = rii I
vt Ji thctd Who are opposed I to l And who will vote
aanliirtt Gen Grant If nominated You need
not fear I such association horo IIrolhollqand
mu bundrcds ot UiousamlH of Itopubllcans t
who If Grant bn nominated will oppo > o him in
ho election heir I mmiburn iKrwud largely
ipon the optItt candldnto If hn ho an no
ceptable manthero era cnoiicli ot these men lo
ulufrtut that nomination If thin SUOCUKS of tho
lepubllcnu party In I desIrable to you then why
lot uncut and consult with us
After itilI further urging upon his hearers
olnlnit In the tt i Louln Convention hn paid In
onclimlo i t I Intend to do all I can to secure
the nomination of Mr Sherman There are
contlncsncle as I have already said which
would prevent my support of Gen Grant I
know not what course hn would tnkn what
course his friends Intend to take I know not
what dangers may como forward tint I see a
great danger In tnkltu for a third term n man
Thorn coconut term was not pleasant to tho
American people 1 If wo 111 list violate aprcce
lent I rs venerable sit tho Constitution mid as
sncrod almost In the American hout and con
science as tho Constitution Itself let us violate i
In tho cunto of toiuo malt who gave us a butter
administration than the last one of Gen Grant
lie ban his faults grIevous faults and they are
before thu American people It U enough for
me to say that to nominate him nunln would be
n violation ol a precedent which I consider
safe Hud salutary In American politics
and to nominate him wilt lend to tho defeat aunt
overthrow ot thn Ibpubllcan party If not In tho
present canvass then very noon thereafter
hence I la1laool to nbandon military matters
and coma back to statesmanship What
wo want U reformation In politics Wo
want n creator dcuroe of purity than wn
hay lund wo want n proper civil service re
form wo want nnpeclally you hnro In Now
Yolk tho IrcoIl commercial heart of the land
vvnnt n sound Arm stable unylohlinir cur
rency of value you want your tariff re
formed you want all the elements of
statesmanship In the next President
you want n man who has devoted
his lIfe and his tilenta and IH willing In tho fu
ture to dnvotn them In thu service the country
111 thin field of statesmanship And In order to
rpt that trained nnd ablo Mntrsmun you must
not eo to West lolnt and take n man whoso
whole llfn has been devoted to another depart
ment of business
Mr lip ru II fll Pet rs of Brooklyn also nd
dressed thu club He Bald that In I his I opinion
the welfare of the country demanded Ihll with
ilrnwnl of Grnnt from tho Chicago Convention
or his defeat and bo hoped ho would bo with
rlrftwn 1
Mr Albert Stlcknoy delivered n lecture
upon The Alms of Independent Republicans
before tho Independent Hepubllcnn Associa
tion In Its hall 8 Union square last evening
Suppose ho paid In the next campaign
Gen Grant nnd Mr Tilden should bu I thn two
candidates ono must become thn President
but docs anyone believe that cither would bn I
the choice of onethird of tho pooplu ot thn
United States 1 Tho most wu can do If
Gen Grant Is nominated is to defeat
him even though our efforts result in the elec
tion of a man whom woo not believe to bo
much bettor Whlltl wo ought to try and Influ
ence the nominations and change thu men wo
ought also to try to change the machIne Thero
U nn reason why we should not have the sumo
system In tho conduct of Government business
that any wellmannced corporation has
Sir Sticknny closed with nn appeal for ft re
volt against tho machine and to that end n union
of the independent element of both parties
The history of thu United States Ims been n
history of rebellions Let tho last rebellion bo
ncnlnst Itlnirule whether tthIof I ConUinulu
Washington or John Kelly in New York
The Storlei of the Two Prlionf In Brook
lyn A 3Ijit rlon Mlrancer
Couzty Treasurer GllllamSchcnck of Kings
County yesterday swore to n complaint agaInst
John Scliroyor a real estate dealer of CIS West
Seventyfirst street this city and Herman
Glurke of 393 South Sncond street Brooklyn
who wero arrested by Police Captain Campbell
on a charge of presentlnc on Saturday two
checks for 1500 and JC500 to which tho
County Treasurers slcauturo had been
forced to the National City Bank in
Brooklyn for certification and to tho
West BldelBank In this city for deposit
TIm prisoners were talfr n before Justice Walsh
yesterday afternoon1 lluiy pleaded not guilty
and were remanded without ball for examina
tion today Under n subpoena from Juetico
Walsh tho forced checks were produced In court
yesterday afternoon Thoy scorned to have
been printed off of the same plate that Is ted
for the County Treasurers check books but
they are printed in paler blue ink and thu sur
face Is morn or less blurred As no clinch aro
ml heel lug from HID i of thu books of the 0 unity
Treasurers ethic it win lIUHv1 that h1 w ru
surreptitiously obtained from thn waiteshes I
cast asida In the printers M ser lwnnV 1
Murtlm who furnished thu ciiiuk hook tutlm
county Tlm forced sIgnature of Mr Gllliam
Seheuek upon the cheeks is written much
plainer than hu usually I writes hiM I nntne
Mr Schreyer who bears a good reputation In
this city is I believed to be Innocent I of nnj
criminal comnlleltj in thin forgery He freely
admitted to Police Superintendent Campbell
upon his nrrcitt that hn hud guilt wltli Ginrku
Incet I the itnuLs coJrllllnl and Ihatlhn had also
at ilerkns reouiMt Introduced him Glurke to
tlin oflleors of the West Sub blank whore
Glerku opened nn account by deposillnullii I I
checks Huealdthnt be bud mil Qlerke in n
real ostUo transaction In olvi lie homo nixuen
lots lu Vernon avenue Ilntbush ot thu pur
chiasus 01 which Glerku imd conic to sen him an
the representative of Messr nlienlttr A
CannliiB of 142 Broidwnj Olnrkn obtained
a contract from this firm for tlielr claim
amounting to 12500 nnd a innrtunKu for 45 500
and in cliMlnt up the transaction Glerku
brought forward H man named C 0 Her
nurd who was represented as tno acttiit
purchaser The uncn nuroed upon fllr tutu its
wee flGOOO nnd title third pnrHnn tuld over the
checks thrne in I number to U lurk out us the
mortiin haul not been biitUfled he took bad
Olin check for 15000
lrk was found in the cellar of his house
by tliu toll leo who vveru forced lo enter tin
bidden IIH niter they had boen told lhat hu WilY
not tit home nnd hud wntehud tutu hnusn for
several hours their HUimmms nt tlm I door was
nut heeded I Gierku was hlundini I g In I n dnrl
ci rner I ith Ms face aga tlnst I t tlm w ill shoeless
liallefsiind coatles He I I wns pallid i with far f
all1 I when ambled hu hiilil 1 Unit hit Rllpolllt I
Mas ubout srtinu troubln he hud had In
II saloon When tfdd that It was tin for
Intr I checks hn H lid tlm hecks weru 111
rlht I Hl Is statement accorded with that madi
by Mr Helireyer but liu could not exit all
why tlin Mr Beinard had Intiuttted bin
with tllOOO in chuKs without he urity Itris
much as the tIthe of tho lots bud not jit Inni
trissed to him I Glerku cnvo tlm nil Itun nf thai
third person I known so far ns llerimul or liar
Hard morn fully to the police and itm latter be
llevnthut i I ho in I tho actual I forger jilt htouchi It Is
contended that Glerkn Implicated
Gierku bujs that this third person wns n law
yer who hail an oflleu ut 42 i Court slrecthu b I
thorn H no lawyer of Hint name nt that number
Hn I first met Ito 1 mall In I u Court Bt red saloonho
mid nnd Innrnlni thrt hn was llilnklnn of buy
lag thps Klatbtisli loin on account as hu salil
of somu orphans whom hn represented under
took to brim about the t sain Gierko i says t lint
hn had thu deeds nit ready for this man but hue
wbtbed I lo hit Ic tint cheeks etch hud tjiforu It wns
deiverd the pollen say that limy mluht h I
HHMI I Gierko hoii bt In I his story If I f Ito cntll
ebony why HUB I mjstorious straiiKer placed sUIh
trust In him us to ctvu him his chocks aud 1111
luau not shown such anxiety to eseapn nrrest
AHthndtsn chili Ic tlin ti ii ice think I that tin t
nina Bernard or Barnard may be II until or a
dummy Glerku keeps n hat and curt storn lit
U 1 New Cliiitnburs stitiet tills city Hn Is fro
iin Hilly I iiiuaued I real estntu transactions a
broker prln Ipallj nniom German9 I
Pollen Captain C uti phil lust nluht i nsner
tumid hl biitisfaetlon that tho checks wer
Printed from counterfeit plates ill huiutgb thej
bure tlm imprint I t of Grouan < l II mu rIb a win
prinleii tliuKHiiulnncheoks Thernurn niimer
Olla differenced I In I the ncr ivinir wIt huui but iuty
thin BpurloiiH uhecknllhoiiuh thin Imitation 1
so close IIH tn nlmobt duly dnlei Uoi unless sue
pielnn Is I aroused It yet rumalim uncxplalnm
liu Mr Glerku obtained thu counterfeit cheeks
Thin fart that tlm figures 1H80 1 8r fiiKrnvei
In full iPllealeH that the counterfeit WItH mud
thin year Pollcu Captain Camfihill has Iwo fll
thn HCrupmmitM nfTuitlni tlm Klatbuslt lulu
They niu i both mado on ApillC liii flout tutu
tnoen t H W Whuelur and U unto lu for thou pnr
chum of tlm prnperty by llm latter for faOtX
and thin oilier between Glcrlii I and CG 1 llei
nurd Is for tlm purchase of the same proper Y
by thou hitler for Ki500 Mr Hlirc > ers Hlunn
lure uppiiiirH Ha II wltniiss on both nKreeinents
nlthoiiili tho property whiuli It I fiitbt to bn lIilh
III t 8 000 wns ruled In ihu Inntrumttnt III i
over twKo that amount
lUAiity inirnil hy s lml coniilr > lim mny tue l reilnrr
l with 10110 Mill hur Nimt Aitnl counlirliln
HlUj Unix mid HMUer Br t hIlull or brown Oo4do
I ibis Frfarh nftnnot < rnmtimri > Cutiuti hut Uioy atiurt
viOl ma ul j Ur Pelt UUih Sjiuitiai Io I
= = c
Tb Mnclilna n Chant Nat Annnreil In Truth
and Integrity but Covered with Illlh and
VorrnpllorvTh Ctnlrul Cnmpitlcn Club
Tho Itopubllcan Contral Campaign Club
completed Its organization last ovenlnc In Clnr
ndon fall ThJ club Is composed ontlroly
or f llcipubllcana who are opposed > to tho
nomInatIon of dotf Grant for the Pro l
oncy inlthouch maY of fbI members
elonu to Iho Assembly district associations of
the mnohlnll Ilopubllonn atY The organ
zatlon of the club conforms to that I the mil
chino Republicans It has an assoolnilpn In
very ABsombly district whoao offloura Wtoe
hoson at tho primaries on Monday ovonliia of
lest I weak anti a Central Co mm It too that Is com
oaod ol the same nunibor of delegates as alt In
the michlnoV Central Commutes
The two liundrad and fifty members of the
club wore In their soaU when the meet
Ing was colled to order There were so
many man among thorn who hnvo for
rear boon active workers In the Ilopubll
nn party In this city that n gentleman I
who has not acted with tho party sInce the
Qrceloy onmpulcn said This looks like a
meeting of the regular Hoimbllcan Contrnl
Counnlttoo Amonc tho best known of tho
delegates wore Sheridan Shook exJudco A J
imtenhoofor John 0 3 Limbeck Charles Wilt
rous Col Ethan Allen oxJudeo Freeman J
Ithlnn K A Dillcubcck John Boattie ex
Commissioner D D K Marshall cxSu
vorvldor Andrew Bleakoty Dennis Mc
ouchlln Wllllnm Atkinson Dr Louis Nau
mann lrol BenjamIn N Martin Frank Eth
ridge W O Cloycs GeorKft H Da Costa
Andrew J Campbell Henry 0 Robinson lien
jamb T Manlerre Christopher Pullman John
V Grldley Col George P Webster M Michael
J f Farrell Henry Wilson Frank Ethrldcc
George H Yeaman B P LivIngston Albert
Encelhnrt Alexander M Kntlcson Gen Gee
W Palmer John D Ottlwell D C Townley
Thomas K Smith Charles II IIoiisel y 01
AldHriinin John Do Vrlo Ednnrd H Ball
Hi liaol NVvllln Honry C Hurry John J obey
S F Edwnrd WlnUrbottoii George W Belle V ta
I Irving Charles Gilltnan James L llnctle
1loyd Clurkson llnbort Tnvlor Jneol Knob
loch oxAld rinan John Koline J 11 Tltnp
son Emil A Kllrbo and J H Wlldon
SliorlclHn Hhook called the club to order and
then In responno to a ote took hl8 stunt as
umporary Chairman Alex M Endison tho
temporary secrutiiry called tho roll nnd thou Inl
eiintg npplHUdod as the niuiifs nt old ltapulul > 1 lean
norkem vera hinrd Every Assembly district
was ipprroautM by Its full iiuota of dnlecatos
CIt sttna ilole atlons won > retOrted Irom thu
Third and Nineteenth Districts nnd their
claims wro referred to Frank KthrMcu
I A Lnsleliart Wllllnm G Irving
11 C llinn nnd J D Othwoll
who were made a eommlttcu to hoar nil con
tests Then oxJudco Dlttcnhoefer took tint
floor and III a brief speech nominated
Jharlc Wntrous for permanent Chairman
Mr Wntrous was unanimously fleeted
and was escorted to thai ohnlr hy
pxJudco nittunhoofer and Mr D D T
Marshall Ho said that lie accepted tho placn
of Chairman becaus ho wished to do hlx full
duty to the pnity with which ho hail
always boon connected Time organization
In this county he contlnueil I Is controlled
and Koverifd by sonic men who style thum
salves tho Miichlun Tills machine huts trail
ally usurped authority until now It dol oi
whoshall nomInated foroffioe In this cllyand
dIctate throiiKh unholy Iomhlnatlon in tlio
Board ol Aldermin who of bIte Mayors nomi 1
nee shall be confirmed It forced on tho party
last lull an objectionable nominee for Gov
ernor and thereby reduced our majori
ty of 31000 of tho previous your
to a bare plurality Tbii candidate
for Governor would have been beaten but for
tho defection In the enemys ranks Now this
machine Btretclas out Its arms like a mlphty
sea monster anti crasim at our national politics
It souks to control the Chicago Con entlon and to
force upon the people a man who will bo
n candidate for a third term What ID
the necessity of nominating Gen Grant
Aro there not many Itepubilcans who mire
eomputent to nlltho ofllco of lexldeut
have wo not ino cniiant honntor irom
Maine who when his Ktatu was In dancer of
unfair capture by the Deniocnits vilil Till
btnte shall not bo stolen without n protest from
me Api > liuiH and cheera for liliine Have
we not thu mieoiuuplihitl SelroI01 nlth Treas
ury wlnwn suceeHi In the nilnilnlf ration of our
ciiuulrvb llnniieeK lois won fur him Hit ndinun
bit ot Ihumelers throUKhoul lie I world
Ullinxel 11 II VII we lint the dlMin u
ciiitlieil uentleinan from Illinois wlo for
twentysix years In Congress kept repeat
Inc thu foiiimnndmiht Thou shalt not
Meil and eurneil I lln > tltlii of tlnj I Watch doc of
HID I Treasury lOb utruu for WiiRhljiunl 11 I 1 lu >
wu n ut lie t 1 btu a cu Ishiit Heiihtor from I r
inont 1 Applauuii Wn surely luuo 110 ntiod
of Gen iriiiit The object of thlu I mei IlInl itto
proiest against HIM u nomination of any man for
a third t term Prolonged spiilaiii
Sir I Wntruustlieii urcod HIH niembors of tho
dulllo work 1metlier to Preeuit Gen Grunt
iioiiilnatlnn bid lonelUiil The machine
wlileh ue urn llulitluu t I la a g hit mit mAHrmortil in u
truth and Inlecrily but couruj with IIlth
and corrtubtt hun It IB our duty to thioHIo It if
weiiui I ituro ion that I chnll work rnl
oiinlv und uutlrluuly with you to secure that
end Mr Watrous was loudly chonred nt the close
of hit mlcliris Klierlilan Hhook and AndriwJ
Campbell worn ilected VlenPrehldintH arid
Alexander M 1 llacleson ii nil Idwin lledoll I Sec
rutnrlii and I > fl I I Marshall win mnd rriiin
tiier ThuexJudco Ditteuhoefur road the fol
TIt iiuMiibtri t > r tIe Reputillrin Central Campaten
Cluh if tuu utv nn I cdiinty oi Nrw York on llitk tlio
seuuuu n their rlrit tiif tlhir dtclurn
III I flint they ndhtru I tu tin t rmclrt flJt pUJ b r
Hie Illiilnnili louljll nil IniiMimon ul IK7H
btiiin I 1hnt U H I inihjitUiililc 1 ti the tir I linttrefttAfir
the coutitrt llin I the luput I Itcnn I rnrty ihoitM lou coo
tta icil I HI t ir > rr unil u U U i c ruin to tiu cutitlniKit 111
I r II tln < tics ny rxprenMil will nf t tie pfitilt > nifntntt
thi nitimtiuii < nf Uuu nt r tut lor a tliliU term Ia I not III
r < unnli I
Tlilnl I I II 1 r rt tIe Krpiitjltcaii parts I hu as but rir atnlly
pli I it tlM II In I natiuual cm I Slat putlurm i acinn INc
tiilrl UTIII iCe dincr 11 I in ut tInt iii ceU I tu 111 Jo
lent il lu CHiiiti title at tie poUtl a huiniimlinn IlIIole I in
lolntnMi i f 1 mill 1 pltilce and tlioie I Hit I i XCIIK Inr kiicli
ixiiiini iliitu uiilma tin lUpntilictn nirt > 11 I itliiin ulu
come IOltiio tin uorU that tin rv in I buI out man in it
rimkft tit I < t be I Irrniilont or Hhuin huh euplu wuull
trititt Hlttt that olltec
hniirtlt Thnl It H manllcit that IhonMut of Hi i nU 1
kcun nierit are oi b luifil on principle in a thlrit tTm
Is Uintl rtIIIHIIHIU I lo lila unm nttill I law I ul I tliittlnl
ttttln tllkil h I tht rrafllcii nl 1 ahiiijlen sul Itll l U UD it I
luMFlt n huiilritl > curL It I i ti > iilb thirtlon1 lotiiit1
IIMMIK nl lii ct H iiiinlnntniii I 11 ni > li > ui to nt Ltriiti rtiu1 1
iiiftm nti it mi i lrm nt tit tht < tict utilii nil party
lilUi her thitt1 p otu aiitonir other ln lrantlt
tin ju lifiiif tit of lliU Iliraiiuutinii I N urnk laiullilate
anil hiirtiim It4 nil inltir ilfitin nhntu all the nuiciti4 or
tin Kt iititican I an > the 1111 > OM > liU ri 11011111 itlell
hixlh Mint In ulow I of thu udlim ol blue inciiinnt
CiilMilitlun ol H7U uhtrrht U us it < ti claitil 11111101 1 he
iratfn wi ri nut I I niiliil h > tlm lle > tlliclii > n < it a telutult i
illttnn tit St i tf UK a unit 1 suit 1 at a lnmier nl b printliilJ
HIM iiruiinutlinu ilMamct I nidi and ril miltti lie ac
cl JI
tlitll oi llit lltua btiittt iiMlitlon In lietlriulllu tho 1
s t w Vrk lit iouiuu l tinn liiMiti Inr In n U Irani I an I in our
jiiiUintnt I Ihf lrucliuiH arc nut Lliitllni ui > on the dolt
Latfa tit thi Milcii Ciir iithut
M 1lCuhllt1 chich I It ntllicil will the hurl term
ncht nii > U lilt > iiinailracv tu I Iccn ire tin Irr blue i riii nu
ol pa kinu a IIPU charltt nilliUlunol 1 tIm ciii ainiUhi1 i
tv ell u liW IhiriJUriil ItcinhlKan anil Ttininilny Hall
It nlira huahlv li b the ibiS icoi 11 I ihurHilintr ito 11 t iuib
illratl n thlli inrlrDpulttan ilt > to l tllf I nltluli ol II
men1 lirK In the niutur cl nppi Intinntit ruin orcnnl
in IH ill ih nouiict 111 lit M lie me HI il 1 DPI cuuS all bun iuunss
allliilCc opun ur cmrrl cOlt Tainniitiy Mull
Judc Dlttenhoifiir In nriilni the adoption 01
hlrt riBoliitlon hllill Unit Uen Grant I WM thu
wnnkobt 1iimllilnt whom thu parly could onto
liuite I Every tlipli OMIT thu t wires that tnli
Iliii Inll that thousands ot Ileituhllnititt wun
oppobcd 1 to tile third term Jhll peopludo lint
wish for firant for a third term Tho e t
Judue contlniind Gen Giant has don < tin
eoittury Kreat Bervlco tint ho ban receIved
urent rewjinl It en n not be nald tha
nub to hint I lluptibllis aro unuratoftil I
Ii Is not sato to try tho extierlnien
of elellm I him for 1 third term Wit cant tel
vhern It may lead Ill in Hnfer to hold Inlheex
1111I111 AI t Iii loorlu I Vii liliitoii I I Applause
It tin iron hand of Ihn machine
Wile taken off and tho people Will
III1w d to nnilcii their own mmilnMluiis
tlmv would nuiliHilitudly Bay to Gen lb abut
VtlI ems you niiythlni clan that you vMinl
but I we will nut vlolnle tlm iiiiwrlllen law nl tin
land and 1 ilu ct President lIt fur a third I torm
Loud nppIiiiiHn
KtJuiiun Freeman Fllhlan m oniletl the
lIllIlloIIO Ihn J Immortal Wiihlilnuuui
nltuir ot our Jotitilry Im said I knuwtlia
hi tory tntiuht that uovcrnmenla had been mei
thrown by lIt lust lor power and tin
itt rumgtiiut of men to mnketheumelveK rillerA over
olhert and Im theri foru net Ih exiimplnihn
no man nhoulil linvn IIIchief oHluor blue m
pulilie for morn than IWII terum Until 1HM m
man linn dined to inlMienln I it elmiiuii of this
unwrltlfii I IMIIMI Hut now men IIIIM
diielared thnlr Inleiillon to chaiicii It Tlmy Hay
that tlm oppiwltion In this mimiiiit to destroy
this most ilierlHlied tradition IH I n hen
Uinent and Idlo talk They pay Ilia I
no uood rcnnn nxlhts ncaltiht Hltellnt
n man for a third fourth or llftli term Now
what IH bIll mollveiof ttuuaut inenT hey ny
that n man mufl hut l nomlnuted i who will tue III
ouLurutwd NoiT II taut luutua uuy
thing It mcann that thor intend
to Inruitfiiratr I n man who U not
elected They pay that thin oountry needs u
strona mnn at Its tuiiul Gen Grant If In Is I
elected for n third term cannot bo Mronucr
than ho was after Ills second alec
tlon Ho then rpeelved 300 electoral
votes of which 60 worn from the Southern
Slntrg Tho llepublleanq hud u twothirds ma
orlty In the House of IlepruseMtntlvcx and
n Hrco majority In the Senate Now
this strona man administered tho af
faIr of tho nation no strongly that
ftt the find of two years of his terra
the ll IlIbll lIn mniorltyln tho louisa was ro
Itiood to n minority and their vntnri In tho
Senate to a bare majority Applause and
att htorl How Is Grant to Ret stronger by
1011111 elected nsalnjl t the judfimuat of the
Pllollu 1
Juduo rillihin at this point named JnmdsO
llalne John Hherman William M Kvartfl
leorcoFFdmundp Tllhu B Waahbiirnn vartRi
Ion OarnVId as tnnn who wore fit for
hn ofllco of Prrsldent nnd then ndilNl
Mn t thin Itopnbllean panty co out Into the
world and seek for n wanderlne UlysaM who
ullldnt I learn how to ccvsrq liln conntiy
III lila natlvo land hal was obllfMd to
tilt with fciupororn KlnRa Czars Pimlids
with ono tall and Pnthas with three tails to
earn from them how to govern a free conn
try Lauuhter and npplauao Is it to
tomlnatfl micli n man that conventions
into been packed CnnKreftsionnl dlttrits
llstranchlfcadnnillhovlllof tho people Ipnor
flll Jnden ilthlau concluded bY prcdlctlnc
hat tho eohcnio to nominate and elect den
brunt would not succeed bllJnu thin people
vould not rote to ooithrow the traditions of
hn Itcpubltc
Ian Georco W Palmor end George II Yea
man nddressml Iho club and then tho resolu
Ions wre adopled without n dIssenting voice
and ninlil cheors
Tho Chairman was authorized to appoint an
xectlthn CommlUoo to Im composed of one
member from cneh AisemMy district anti tho I
Republic Central Campiilun Club then ad I
owruod to Monday evening Anril 26
Tho following call nlcnod by uxScnator
ilalthnw Hale of Albany Job Kthan Allen of
hh city Henry Uimlnll valte and others has
ten sent to n large nunibor df thn leodlnu
nullthirdterm lietiublicnua of this State As
s u lima already boon received that the
nuotlnt will be a great SUCCeSS A IIMo com
nllteo will bn oloctod and also In all proba
bility a lull deleuutiou to SU Louie
Ttue uni1cr ijincJ mcniherl iif tbe Hcputttlcan pat
rrRanlini ito cfTert which are maklnx to Ttrce the
lomlnalltin of Ota Urant at Chicago as unwise ami nn
warrtnUM In Clew ur thu Intense nipo ltion 10 such an
lun which li ovemystueno manifest aniniu Repuillcans
r Ig fJ H A1 r
of characur and huifluotucet atut bolltlnic tnorcoer
hat a iionilnallon Frvilrnl la the lace of an aJvcrc ie ItO
nent flrinly croumlfil upuii Cun ilt > ratlontrt hnlli brie
elide slit iicllcy will nrnltc kly end rechtti Ity ttiu menil
Porte aucceis at a time when KcpuMlcan itiprrinacy
I nf > ltal IniiiortMicu to I the LtMt tntciesu of ttio nation
nspt ctrullv Incite yon to meet with olhtrlvadinir rests
fontallre Iteinibllcatni at A Chute Ootifircnce to bo heM
at the lMa > au UOIIMI Ablliy on Wcdnetntay AprllJt
at Hi oclock A M Tlia aaljpcu lot con Muratton will Le
a rollAII i Meant hum avcrunf the peril to parts sue
rca IhriaUnrd by liu itnomlnatlun of len lirant
2 Vfthcdi b > oricaniatlon ami otherwise for hcur
h ilk tomb niaiia rmrnt In party affairs ai ftball lead 10
wise anJ Iiun04t dlrcetluiia hunc cucan honet
iltcllon and He Quhnn niece 4 Ai thee Invitation
a ire llniuil in number am sri ahubneit < I only to l hIt pub
leans of unqiifptlun character ana tnlluincc se Mil
cerrly hope tlit you will uorbit luiorJInary obntaclc to
urcvert jour AttviiiMnce At Uit linporunt n < ellnic pro
r inl t fa am nae howficr ft rcniuniH to bud l tu
eetiior with a report on thf t nentlinent In 1 > our noirhhor
In oil un but Ltjcct4 to tc di < r usv l lnl nell I a an Iovo
pleStOli front yu i uf ysuur wlllllyrnein tit I tocrme a laIn
lit ot and tool Crabs uitii any orifanlatton whlcli may
jefuruiedat 1 tbtliy for the iboMuiiaUulHil purpojc
I it rcfjictfullj rerjujsted
The followinz call signed by the Executive
Committee of the Independent Rcpublrtn As
bocintlon better known as thn Voiitii Seratch
ers hut IIIn sent to nil Independent Republi
can associations through the State and to Icad
Inc opponents of tho third term and tho
lapirrinitT Kf pmticllf IlKAP4PAaT
nun SIR You are invited to attelM a conterence or
puulicani I of this lOtte to be htM at the Drlitin
n In11 nYI I 11
llniix In I Altanv April I si at IDA M In promote tho
applicant n ot the avoMeil principle C ul I ltpubllcan
tarn in IU clmco of A IrefculenlUt r iltdlJale and ti >
r rI aon I I lr
ci iifuler uSe iroirlety of rc roiiillii to I the call for a
national man nicotlhp to be held at > u Ixiulii on the Cub
oi Mar I next anJ lur the apLulatmenl a State Liecu
tHe Uuminlttee
5l0 Chums that you arc urflctently aciualntetl wlUi
the principled alul tirpoof i of our orcantraUoa to inaka
a repetition ol m them in this letter wIre rttuuiic
IXlegatlons to the Alrrny conleicacc are esi elatty
desired Irom orrantzauusc reprevrUnfc the PiPi lKe
must < Ilea rowe tliu rcu < 1 111 all 10 101 dnren to tile
pull and coerced to l support tile notoriously unfit cjaill
date pf a corrupt inJ dancerous inacnlnc Such auou i
tlatlonl or rommittors should therelore be formed
whereier they hae not alrepd I > beenorK uilA4
hilt this inductiOn It I rent ahio to Indlrlduil RepuMI
cam who oppo a third term lor l lien firant and itiu
dehire a puTtY wttluut u mailer and a candidate oRb
out a flMn to the eml that thl < ccilercnce by adequate
ly represenUni to the Natiriul rintellUun thetuM I of
n iheU Ilr II
tin necfr6 ry part of the Kej it llean maturity la Now
urk ma 5 facitiuta thfl nmninatiuti 11 one 1 1 the many
candidate hum who n all Itopuulicanican t oto and vrhuw
noQimaUun would not be at the partys tent
Hrltllnnt Achievement of tho FeriiTlMa C sr
ell Vulon ni Arlen
PAXAJU April SXo conQrinntlon of tho
report cl HID repulse of the Chilians nt or near
Moijueua hrs let been received althouch thn
hteamer from Callao which arrived hero this
mornIng tirlnirs dates over a week later than
thoso ro ood by the previous steamer Ac
cordIng I to Homo account the maIn body of the
Chilian army la still encamped iiuletly nt Ho
wid no forward movement in force hna yet
been attempted There lure agto rut uuiors from
Permian sources that tho only attempt at an
advance by the Chilians was by the Third Army
nllI lon numberlns lCOO men under com
mand of Col ArnanutuLul and that near
Moiiueca It was met nnd defeated by the com
bined forces of Cols Cucercs and Gamarra
over 7000 men
Moro active operations have been In progress
at fen whom the Peruvian corvutte Union un
dar commall1 of Coat Vlllavlcenclo cnllantly
ran the bokadn at Arlea In preaenen of tho
Chilian > esi els hue I carried I IIIrrl must valiinblo
and Important earco IncliidliiK Held 1 jilevn
mttrailcus > riflS ammunition nnd inomiv
for the troops t all I of willed was Ft fat y limited
although under u heiuy fire from the Chnmii
ve suls Alter landlni Ihn cargo and laklnu In
n supply of coal the Union nualii Kteamed nut
und rail lULst tlioChlllui fleet ithoiit receUm
ui > na hliot or i mining i i any serloun iisU of cap
ture I The pnrtliiil It no u of thl hut Hchn u eniHiit nro
thus related by a Callvo paper and by witnusses
of the IIITllr I
The Union arrived at Anton successfully
runniiit the blockade early on the morn In of
llireh 17 The ii uut ins Cimja ill uu tvl helm with I
the Huuiiil WIH fiiuacDd in hloekadini lilt
port proeecded nt onco to nciiualnt thn I Coeh
rllll 01 this Boon alter oeloek tho Haunt duty
an nttaek WnM inndn by HID t Hunscnr < uuh nit <
niil Mallim unsiilo wbbli teas well reiiHeii 1
by llm Uiilnn Jlaneo Cifie ami tho batterleb
thu Union 111 me from one miiuli hilelnnilliu
lien cargo and taklni In coal ficiin llm other
The eneni V lInt tvuis HO hot and Iho position
HID Union HO > erllniiA that UIOSD on Hliore fenr
Inu that Him Hliould 1 fall Into Hie 1lIlIlIh of HID
foe htiUKeKlHd that him should bo run no flora
but her nliieUy coiiiinamlnr replied IVmt tint
Unlftti Miuld eliher Ititak the line 1 or hn IOU III
peribh In bIte attempt Luckily he effected iiiiu >
inirpoMi destuto tIP strentith of tint enmuj
Mneh enlhilHhi reltned on imard thn billon
liurlntMhii I enuauenient As HIO was atiinehnr
it duriut the hg lit site could not brine ml 1
hur artillery Into play Onn of tn
enutntH pritjuctlles titruck the deck bro ikini
three henniH damauliiK the fiiniml nnd en
d iiiKirlni tile liii I lore Another tInt earrleil 1
unuy tile button of iiuim Thu 11117 011 fluid IB
allulitly Oamaued and a Binrmcnt ol u ahell
inodiiced Homo liltlo ibnniue about the water
lino on thu port thle near thu hoots The
Hmolo stuei I and two pbani plpis weru also
miieh Injured I The lioucladfl I attempted Snl
eral thniH I I to I gut nearer Hi t Union but war
driven oil by HID fill Is nnd I hntteries Tlio
enemy ships I drew near oneh other at Inter
piobablv In onlor to ooinbliin pomoplan
of attack but tIle shorn bnlterli flecm to t have
illsioncerted thom Thn Chilians wep < evi
dently under thn impression Hint llm Union
would lenvo thou port Fleerlnc n nonherly
colt t so for Callm but Him did exactly the ro
yerce Kolnu southward blilrtiui Alacran
Inland und btcoi Inu fur l1murtguuu
11V31AK StClltFlVKH IN lJUnMdl
Steven Ilunitreil lri > i > n > nlll led I Allvct by
Order ut King Thcvliitvr
LON liON AlItit 12A despatch from Uan
Ioon to the Jail ffrirs sajs Hoven hundret
men women lloyd llrlstrlo I minI foielcners
have Lf n burled nil I su under thu towers ot tho t
city walla n Hacrlllin for tliorenlorntlon of tho
KIngs lionlth Time panic in ilnndehiy Is
fri glmi I uil and hundred ot people aro leavlne
time city The Kinui illness IH Bald to bu lep
rosy Tho fnllowlm In nn oxplnnntlon of tIm
musBucrcH When nelly Ihlmili In Ilitrinnh hu
mnn B icrillcin urn ollii ed un Anew monutcl
UHiuiHy hut a new capital Thn evil mirita un
hnrutumlimi thud thei hai lieon its chuttiugn of clip
ttal unil thevirtiiD of the old nacrillces tmliu
coil tu tIiluuusui tlmuuuiu thn nKtroloi < urH declarec
it WIIH neititMiiiry loolTer I u u iip7li I HUN I I Thebic
illluH ware mudu by Ihu ordui of KhmTheo
bllrt A PI halo loloyram recelvfd at Ilvertiool am
ilulnil today annminiTH hue tlenth of Tlieu
buns Klnu of llm mull ThU U > ponnlbly u ru
vital ot the former tciott of his death
1114 XC scrxEs AT THE DIM TJ1ZJL I
Throngs Ilcltreut Kept from the IVoiinna
Clntntlict by Iollcetnrn tint Mltuullna Jx
prexlona of tio Fit Ith Throiiih the Hour
Morris Adler n Jow was convcrtotl to
Christianity In this ally throe ycnrs ago How
far his conversion was kept a secret from hIs
Israolltlelt frloaih It was Impossible to deter
mine yoalerdiy Jews who lived hi the same
nnomont wth him 98 Alien stroot Insisted Unit
both > hi itml his wlfo wero yet Jews and by way
of proof they asserted that until rocenliy I10
urnUhed unleavened bread to Sow from Ills
bakery In Lndlow trcot A lIttle otor n year
IBO ho married n Jewess named Hulda Bet
bIgot Ilo Informed her at that lima thai ho
lad become a Christian and she in turn prom
sCil to renounce Jtidnlam BIte It la said
md boon employed M it domestic In a
Christian family and her aversion to
Christianity had born partly worn away Tliruo
nonths ego she fulfilled her promise Situ was
baptIzed > and renouncIng her name Hulda
took Fanny as her Christian name The
record of her baptism appears on tha registry
of St Stephens Protestant Episcopal Church
dm Dr Ilnll ot that church bcccmo Interested
In her and wns well aware of tbo chance of
faith which duo had undergone She has an
only brother Rllc Bolbleor ot CO Allen street
who was greatly opposed to her marrIage nt the
time because as Is alleged he was aware of tho
Brooms ilfetlon from Judaism Thin friends
of Mr Adlor assort that his opposition then
and his fmbsoriuent notIons wern Inspired by
personal hatred rather than by relIgious zeal
Adlurs affairs did not prosper and bo wis com
pelled recently to gIve up his bakery Pay
ments on his furniture which hn had boticht
on the tnstnllmnnt plan woro not mado Ten
liirs ago Ills wife became the mother of a gIrl
1hu poveityof the couple had boon previously
reported to Dr M J Franklin a convert from
udtthim Hn roportod the case to Prof Robert
loc ot Ifia Kldridue street also a convert and
n Christian missionary nnd each of them via
ted tho apartments of the younc couple The
society for the Promotion of Christianity ainon g
the Jews connnctod with tlio Episcopal Church
procured the nttundaneo of n trilned nurse
Mrs Adler died about 9 oclock on hfunday
evenIng Durlnc her sickness bur husbind
treated her wilt kindness Rccordlnc to ie ob
servations of tho nurae of Prof Peck of one of
insisting ot the Good Shepherd of Kt Uirna
bats HoUiD In Mulberry Btroet ot Dr H M
Sllvn the nttcndlm physician and othnr Chris
ians Prof Peck once asked her if SIlO lived
intiplly with her husband Her reply wu
Oh yea see my baby This ueple wits ac
companlod with a look that to Pi of Pool was
more expressive than her words Nevertheless
us she grew woise Jews lu the noluhborhood
liarbored the idea that her Illness was caused
In part by bud reatuientreceived from her hue
iind One Jewish woiuin who lives lu the
lion at liavliu it nn upportunlty to hi and he ome
medicine brought in I by lIt u husbnnd took oc
casion to spIll a little ot ittlmtflio mlKht touch
her toncuo 13 It afterward tihn sUHptcted It
might IK poisoned Her taste did mint cormllrni
tier utispiclou Oilier Juwlih noluhbors rBsert
lhat hn was seen to be tluiylng domluoea with
two young friends while tiI wife was groaning
with pain
Out hutst Saturday morning fifteen women and
a man applied loradmtttHiie < ttothuiipnrtmentK
Prof Puck was within Un Adler had 10
quuutcd that no Jens should bo allowed to sao
liar Ladle said Prof Peck You cannot
comn In
Hut said they Jewish woman U dyIng
here Very well was the reply wa will trko
care of her She does not wmt to see you and
so many of jou will mink her worse
Neverthelfss they mailn their nny In The
man who was from a Piisslan Polish svna
brogue hadnpraylnircarinent under his arm
Hn uraied for In rln tho JovrlMi form At this
time her Chrlatlnn friends say she seemed to be
gettIng betterlbut time excitement mndi Itrir
worse Jews would stand at the door and when
It wits opened over eo little they would shout
with lou nor
Tho Lord God of Israel is one God
If they could have hearjl an Amen or any
other len of assent from the dying woman
they would have been tuuitIflul that she yet hold
to thu faith of her fathers but no suet reply
wu gIven On Sunday afternoon whlln Dr
1ranulln was In the room Mr tiolbltfer the
dylni womans hrntlierentered
What do you iv nut here V asked Mr Adler
tier buoband
I am her brother and who has a bettor rIght
here 1 wiiBthflreply
She dots not wuut to see you said the bus
If vou want to trlk to her counselled Dr
rrnnklln I I io and 1 sit down ties ldu her and
talk ijuielly I Dont exeitn her with loud Ian
cum If you do I win put you out
Mr rieblier ml Is sold was In n very etelted
condition and threateiitd to call In other Jws
to prevent K Glmilmn burial Hu maintains
that lie only ttxpubsed his termluition to pee
hlHullur I in t tempeiatn hinUHte At this I I time
hit Bister wos unabln to ppeuk Lavini tIm
room hn went tu I Droller G N Ilemimns I I
liotiKK 133 I i Ji t Hixtictlt u ftttet and toll I him m
that I hn believed hI ila I Hister wns ii rb tug from I III t I I
troatmtiit t reeui tot from her u husband Coroner
1 llemnuu told him 1 1 that cinee in I iiceorihince
tell hi bin I btorv liU hiotcr WIM ii tuui uhi tiCS li
would lu jultn iiHtfliag to att mpt toliikv m Imtr
antnmortoiu statement He ilifmlstyd him
with tim ii Injuiu I lion to summon him I if I I Ills sIc
tar should rcualn her pouura ot fpet > h At
thlellmu Mr heilhlcer tIllS vuiy mueh exulted
He wunt then to thn Kldridun Mr eel police Mn
tlon tii I Htt > vv hfitlifV they could notcniilo him
lo cumin poucnslon of his dying sister Tho
police on henrinu his I M iry would I not Inter I
ferH rinnlly It lH8uldhu lolted Ito t housnnf 1
it Pollen Ju llee to seulf lbs would iivt inter
fern in hIs behalf The Justice would not in
WlilloMr Stuibher was In Mr Adler4 apart
ments Dr Franklin i i felt compelled to send Mr
Lerimtu another eoiuoitetl Jew and a mix
sicmiry of the I Hoolety for the Promotion i I of
Chilxtlanlty nmnnu blue Jues to t thou Uldridii
Street Htation for police alit 8onvutit Jlnlley
riipoidled In I tree II und after olyeiviiiK tlm
eMKement of thnjnwn In time noiuhbirhood lie
retuiiieil nnd ties tuotchiut two ollleitrti who
cleared out Ito hulii I of the I tonmmnt nud ra
hull I utci on dnlv 1 to preservn the I peace
J mist hatore Ml i I Adler thud slit tmsk cut Chap
lain Appliton of Hi lliiinnlnLsH Impel to I kneel i I
ilonn and pray for liei liaby and he did ML
Vlnln Rhn vvns dylnt hn was reid i ML thn Com
mendatory Irainr Alter her death Pro Peek
after iiassiiin he two pnlienmeu encoualercd
n nunibor of Jews Ho says he heard one of
tliem exclaim
Well well fret oven with him Hell cdt
pnlilftr It lie killed his wile
ilhlner went to thn 1 l1 ir biers i ofllie vetter
day mornini and lepoilud that Adler had
canned bin FiMcrH death Ho repotted hoi
namn as lltildi Adler Dr SIMI huwver who
was t resent nt tin ileaiii ot his inulent LMVO l t
certilleatn to the lleallli Du mint nt that runny
Adler had dieduf peril initU an thu nrutuf
liuuiiieiil ltur in nun a burial permit was
granted Under the protection of lien t imlae
men Undertaker Jouph Heii at 11 I I oeinek
took thu t bodyliniu t I HIM I room to til hub ruuthuuta
Chapel Many Jnwn looked on bcuniiuk but
noiiihtiirbaneii VVIH made
Altti Ills wifes tleatli otiHiindiyovenlniT u I Mr
Adlor wont out with b Dr Silui tonecuro tin t u sir
VICCH ot nn underltler Hn I I rshcd u > nui
friend to accompany Iilm b IAUSH hn feared an
nfacL from tjelbluer While ho yt mood nt thn
door ul l tilt touemeut hu SlitS that bclbucr said
to him
It 1 Is death or llfn I I between you and me
On thin account lie would not un backtotlio
house llnvriis I I u taken bv a fneml to HIB I Astor
Plneo Hotel I where ho uuMnd tlm nUht Tliu
baby was iiiKen by rilsti KlUabeih limu ihu
dead niotheiit In d to lie ht Ilnriiabas Home
In the morning the father called there to iue It
In order to piovnnt n coiitlniiatlnn ot tile ex
tit tuiuttt It was decided to have thn Iii morn I ut
1 oclock oxlerday nlleiiioon und at hunt hour
lmplaln Aiiiileton read llm KpiHcnpM fervico
for thn liurlil of the dead OUM HID body Them
vuis no Jaw present and loth surprlauof all
thn husband did not come thonuh hn WIH
waited for iiconslderablw lime Thn bndy nan
burled In ft MlehuelH Kpitenpal remetti i
Ihn grant belnc paid for by the Hloteis of tin
Goodijheplu ul
At 5 oi Imlv yesterday afternoon Mr Allot
appeared at tilt iilieinoon Benleiw tn HI liar
natiasH Cliapel Thi llrnt riueHtlon hi asled
vvaH wlieu Ihu I funuial wm lo tub Lii place His I I
otiHU in led with veeplnniiml ho nitniritl
to I be ureatly I ti hioch cut to learn Hint hU wifu WtU
nil eadv burled
Ooionnr Ilrady visited thin tonnment btordHy i
nflernojii ater HID funeral had taken plauu
Hn took the names of many nf the tenants nml
nelLbbois will thn view of KUiumontUK them
uti wit utCsosS nt nn IlmulUOaL
Kruoklin Irlmury Dclrcuilon TlMru
Jrh iiirUB tt ro hold hy thin DomocrnU fa
UtociUii taut nvt m I her the tlcctiun uf dili I cbs toih
A1 irljly Utnivi nuiiM to I ti liclil t < morrow nitlu
for thf rtiiitP of ibu > I < ctlfit ti I tlxi Slit c iixpiiiliMi
Thrrr wvn MIMI r III < MV j e u lul prlmnrit uilb in lUunk
litn iintuiloliiitliim Ilu cinittikt m Ills busrut lnMvn
lliiun VcJiiuhlin suit itui irt fruroy Ilio Uilintu iij
rtre still br t filHn
JIM u KEMIIU in cvsionv
Followed by a Detective from Atltntto City
and Arrcatei la Ililliidelphln
ATLANTIO CITY N J April 12 Komblo
loft hero this tnorulnc nt 8 oclock and It Is bn
llovod hue vont to Philadelphia It Is reported
that Komblo wan tabs nrrcutod today vhloh
may account for his movements
HvniusDuro Pa April 12Wtn H KomUo
one of the bribery fugitives arrived here tram
Philadelphia accompanied by oxShtrllT
Karns ot Plillidolrihln and Detective Ar
dareon of this city who has Icon
shadowIng him since Thursday last and aim
took him Into custody tills morning lu Phlli
dolphlu Komblo was met nt the do
pot By ft tort friends who had been
apprised of bU Intended visit and
was driven to Iho Daunhln Connly jail whoro
It t wits expected lluir eit rbotu
would hear the atiDluntiuii for lie
lualil bnt M thin Judge did not mnko
hIs appearance tho party alter waiting n
innrterof nn hotiif was driven to tim residence
ot Mr J J Clydn where hVniijlo vrlll remain
until tomorrow nt 9 t oiboek Then his uuutttI
BayJiiiLorinrnon will llllenrtheiuJudeP
ha not entirely clear as to whether It
Is tim propor thing to rto to admIt
an arnisted fugItIve from junHco to
mil and nnlrsi Mr hunt wlio has
been nt his reslilcoco Blue C oclock sue
coeds In convincing him Hint Komblo canto bare
voluntarily Thn bilge 1 will Imrdly henr hIt 0
npiiltcatton until Jtidue Henderson who lives
In Carlisle and who has been ttlcemphvd for
Komblo says that hn telecraplied hula counsel
that ho would bo In Philadelphia this morn
log in time to take the I15J This will
hun nn Important part of the nreumont
wfore tIm Judge Dctoctlvo Anderson came
front Atlantic City this morning on thn
same train wIll Mr Kemble and arrested him
on Fourth Btteet Philadelphia soon after bin
arrival Kemlln made no pretension of uur
price nnd told tile detective ho would not
rouble him to read tho bindi warrant for his
llmpion Cr vvrnid 4 Slmiiton Iocc 81 ftOOOO
Worth ol MtjcU
A stock of dry goouls valued nt 130003 wits
almost destroyed by fire smoke nnd water
In Simpson Crawford A Simpsons Inrco
dry goods store nt 305 COT and 309
Sixth avenue yesterday At C oclock P M
ho store was about closing for the
lay A clerk named Malonoy entered one
of the large show windows to bIght n
gas jet which was always Inft burning over
nIght Ue accidentally sit hri I to u quantity
of laces nud light fabrics displayed In
ho windows He at one cried lire Great
confusion followed Them wcio still many
Mistomera In tha store besides the cruatnuin
ben of clerks
On tho suond floor 200 sewIng women were
employed Tlmy wern warned to leave iiulotly
and did so maklim their exit by a rent door on
Nineteenth ntrett
The il lines In tin show window spread eo
rapIdly that thn front of thu store was soon In a
ilno Twu fire alarms worn sent out knd n
larire force of llremeu was boon on hand
The store occupied thrn3 buildings and had
Plato glass routs I two stories blah
und thn glass cracked with the beat
and fell Into the street Tlio lIre
listed one halt hour It was confined to tile
front of the stores and whit damaiio was done
elfewhorn WPS by Btnoke and vvntor Simpson
Ciuwford A Slmtson lire Insured for Ii 10000
The third Hour was occupletl by the cold and
sliver platlm Ilrm of D A f kIn nell and tins lop
hour by two families Tlm loss on these UOOIH
Is by vvhter and Is about 2M0
The dnmiiKo to the buIldIng Is olltrlit about
1000 It Ii l owned by John Jacob Astor nnd
lu March 1890 when tho annie premise woro
oecupled HS a dry goods store by lilchurd
Muarcs A Co there was a similar lire
UI WItss Chares NntlHlned by th Method
lit Cuufvrcnce
NonvTicn April 12Tite Providence 31
E Conference today adopted resolutions urc
Inc the General Conference to create separate
Connecticut Conference The committee on
the case of the llev Charles K Walker of Som
erset Mas reported that the charges of uu
mlulatorlal and Immoral conduct made aualnst
him had been sustained anti recommended his
expulsion Their report wiu adopted
Mr Walkers case came before the public lad t
hVbrnarv when Ills wlfn Iift liim ant cimuto
Js ua York with listibleiiian named Tinkman
with whom lier husband 1 chaic her with nav I
Ini I been unduly I Intimate I M hu ivis arreited
and taken lo a police eouit I t when shennivcd
here but wasdisclmrciid littm rh I mug 10 Sunite i
HU I bin told her story to the I conuriuiition It nut
sldfil ovoi by her litisbinil nnd olmrijed liitn
with bisn crutlty and linm ra eiti luet Imio
niuhiiH lie bad been too hit1 mute with sitveril
billies nml eei lh HO vitu u joiint wmnin
vlio lived In thn Walker hiousbiubtl > l < l anti who
was familial Ij b called Pu9 Pievuius to lh >
statement Mr alker cnvo to it reporter of
THE 1 M7X f a It I tier I wblli I hn bind hush 1oturi I writ t
ten by his wife to Puss exoneritlm her of
all blnmr In thn matbsr of dispute Tina letter
Jim Walker said was n forcerv Alter Mia
Walkers i statement her I husband wns no longer
lierinitted to partieipaln its niiur of thu Kuiner
set eoiiurciratlon Chnrued vera preferred
agaInst hIm with thin result as abuve
A joco3i > Tiris Tvnxru LOOSE
IZuuntnz ttirouclt ltutlir irr uk reify Stiles
nu hour
ISocnpJTrn April 12 lletwecn G and 7
this mornlnu Piielneor Drown and riromnn
hold of the Central road left their locomotlvo
for a few moments at the Joiner street crossing
while they went for breakfast No sooner had
they t entered thu lunch 1 housu than they learnod
that their losomothu hud been started wejt
Flrumnn Hold riibhed out and Haw James Mo
Ineruay jump from thin ermine Held nnd
oilmrrt pursued Mylnernay and weru fought
furiously by him boforn they conqui rod Hut
they lodged huh 111 lIlti North btieet round
bout In lou mean time tlio lo Onotive hoe
on west tnifiiuh HID lie irt of the eltj at Hut I latu
nf about forly mlbw un hour Uid It beii un
hour or Lisa later mans IIHIHIUI viuld liuvlt
ublyhiivn levn killedu < < tbiuiuidt of wnik
rlmn mubiul I xhm gIrl eiosH tlm trucks nt that m
liouriri ili tu worl No belloroiliur uariilni
eounde 1 luituimt h tint inline v > uuii was
opena ibid thu lo < oniniivi woi ked lier b > ib r tub
of aid liter and bu Hlopletd Hunt miiii West
uf tlin Itt and four inilih ruin the htariini
point Melnnriiay IH I 2J yinin uel and is llabm
tt ten veata in Sutu pusou lor bus turiiLil
rcekle miiiujtlf i f
Mif > nn tIP Tin can
VlEBnx Again DrlVnlloa Mo euin trlth B Kua
or ci toliib
Puutii AptII PJIlio tlilnl ijimo of the
billiard math between Vfunuux end Blonsun
tillS pliivil tonlulit Tho bulls vseio placed
where they weie at the enI I of yesterdays lIes
IIIK Vlunnux opuncd hue same and ininln n
run of 37 SI IBSOII followed with n run of 370
lu fourteen minuted fur vhleh hn wax much
applauded After several unilneiMvn shuts
Ylunnux rnsiionilm with n run of In lIllY
ininulits veotlnu DIM und leavlm rthwiui nt
Jot v iKiiaux phijLd nine time IIIA averin
viiia SSbJ iiius lit pmyed niijht u tlmm I i his I
uveraun buiiii 11i 1 1 i 1 IIPI o vvns n IOTIM ntteml
uneMif aiiiiteury Thu total number of points
mndu thn t Ibm ne evenings I ot tile play is YlL
liiiux 12401 Hloshon 11211
Itcclllnc Ilio Apollc iced lu 1rtiimblo
of it Hill
VASIIINiltuN April 12 Dnleuato Downey of
VV > ointiu intrniliicul it hill la Ito lliuso todit vllhlhe
uruui tibia i MArinj hut m rophi ol thi Uiiiitl state me i
nChrlttlill > ooilo nml nrinly heltive In lit 1 t the ltlicr
Aiflliibt uilker F iuiioii CII b snii So to 1 mc
Itutu tilt tiuio ci it lube A luuOul Iroet u ui urs this
rn a euirunIiUuui i Il ill ib Ii Lu i eudoU lullli
tlI lutntt I iiui uirIiit iu m tie I tOuiitluuillul
1110 iii ciuitalui bill buuuul buy ii gntt iii iiu inlet if
hit tMtiniii I iipuit thy Ii nllii of thu niiliiiial l iill il itic
urlli llhnnl id u nth t I our HUM nrl ml tiril ni UIJ lit I
bout juiili ol Maul rw Mark hike mill Julia
silo Mrlr ulllnii Oiirrn tloiiie
A meetliic of the Incorporating of the Metro
l > omui Oivrit llinle I Conipmi Wil i lucId In the onion of
tus molt A Son SI b ti lie ttrcft After n tirolraainl In
rorinul eonli woes U Wit decilcl mt to onHing tho
company until Uir nil laiillnl Hi en hail hi r ii i titkta
whlili it is l iinl II ill pruUlily Uiloiii b biilllK llt < A
Loililinmti lllinn nub mlilU MIH ainillilril Alll ItllV eus
tTulikIcnlli lueunl b IIMIJI in ithirlly lest uI litt
Ucn Illiot l > tlw roiiiimny Ito ii sit but hull In blue >
now lube ru IIOIIH The h I i ol i nuhitrihtrvfacl lr no
MlMKH now nuinhcra tim bylw IIH IKK Tlii > ttius r hit
hao hpiMt rut lirtl ilnci SHlnrilut Ih nry ItHit d ire
Ki iut I Iiiirhaiiiii IVIntliri it O i I HrttJniii IL I A lviii
AiliUalxjhu sod UavlJ KlniJfc
LOUL3701tA IIi1tHjlZI rq rvvsr rcr
cl JSVT tjroiitXH triscucic
Iexln lnn Ijeiihhleana llecltnlrB ti luilrtic
furOrAMt I hs 1eiemilles oM iioii c litn
dull IM Ulbtvn mnjiltinlcil for touir
Ntv Onris April 19riie liIluuraL1i
Ptilo Convention organized at 1230 PM A
resolution vvaa ofTorcd liulriiclnc In ndiunco
for Hancock It was dcfertod Then a resolu
tion was Introduce 1 Indloitlnit Hancock as tho
preference of Louisiana at Cincinnati This i
vn referred to lImo Committee on K olutloiiS
and llm Cohvontlon adjourned to 7 P M
Ilt lmt CongreurIonal District Convfntloa 0
then met nml elected two dolcimtua tc Cincin 4
nati ind ronomlncUd Ihndnll L Gllson to
Congress Illlter oMioaltlon was maulfottoil
lUTlul coin hits thla Conurcsslnnnl nomina
tion butt a FUlo CMU CommlttcB fonnnllr u
Miictloccd II Twent throe out > flx
dolcsrues refiuod to co Into the nomination
md lefttliOConvontlon Gibson was thOu nom
baled by for 4wo vots Iandlni local Dora
ocrats doclnra that by huh action tho TIrt Lou
slnni dlstilct will bo lost lo thai Democracy
Jibson Is however tho most powerful man la
ho dlMrlct hid uinjonlle rnoBiiiK f 1001 3000 1
to COOO Ho will nssurodlybs ciectcJns tho I
lose in Ijoltlnc Domorrnu will be partially com
icnsaled by the lartio Hopubliinn into Gibson
usually polls It may bo raid thnt alt Icpst ono
of tho bolteis lendIng enndldateB wnn urgent
for the district lo linmndliitnly co Into nomlrn
ion That Iundidatnn stippurters Bulbs tliat a
iresontVdtD would defoat him arid withdrew
rom tIle Convention
Thin Stain Oonventloti rt tonlchts cession
iianlmotifily adopted a resolution that the
anndcloxatlon urBonlly proos tonI rocom
suer thu nomination I of Hntieoek but h I av
irimI tho delegates unpleelod inert iiu stiou ot
Iancoeki > name nronsMil voeifHrotvi onthual I
nom It was hold by lending Democrats in nblo
npnr > hts that the voice of Kovv York and
Indlinu should have tho mot wolcbt In
lecidlnt at Cincinnati tho name of the
ircalilutiltal candid Uo A dcl rtto from
irlcans Introduced a resolution lhat S
he LouIsiana dolecntlon bn Inrtruttcd In no
OVUM to voto for Tllden This ciiiiiUM somo
exf Itement but receheil only two vctua In Ilia
Jonventlon Tho dlefatPii woro titiRnirnoiuly
utirneted to Veto for the twothirds rule In
A resolution vvnn Introduce nnd adopted
innnlniotibly bluuily imnonMintlnu acalust
ho course of several Democratic Bim
ttors In refusing to net upon tho Kol u
logic ccjo utter the Invcstleation Coin i
ultlBes majority report aunt demanding I
in the nalne of tho people of Louisiana thai I
heir rightful Batutorlal repicsentiUlvn I ho mud
niltt > d the pxtiieiiliefnteslnvuliiiitieeclii
LniNOTox Kv April 12Tile delegates to
thu Stat KTUbllcnr Onvontlon co unhutiuct
ed the minority upon lu favor ol Grant hnvlui
beim voted ihown
Cnituoo Apiil Arrancomcnis havn been
nadi fiifa inonDtcr Grunt bubbles mttetln lucre p
m Tlitirbdnv fieit nt Contial Music Hull Ovur
fOlIO have been raised to defray tho expenses of j
nn demonstration
OSWKOO April 12The Plrst DistrIct Demo I
cratic Convention of Oiweco County today a
oleftcd the follnvvluc delegates to thn Stuto cue
Convention Claik Jforrlsrm Mlchvil OGijr
latin and ami A Sears ItHaobitlons wore i
udoiited fuvorlnK Soymour lor 1rebldent A
Convention eallol by onn of tim olcbl niTibors
oh f tlue City Committee was also held foilny und i 1
lt tcd tho fmiowlnu cleloxatea for Tlldan 0 t
N Italcur Jiimos Dowdto and GeorKu Kollout
flue clicumstanccfl under vvhiili the two Con
nlions meet nro as tollows On the nth Inst
tIltS Fust Distriet Demoerntlo Cummlt
tuto eonsKtlnir ot seven members called
lio DIstrict Convention to nssemblo In
tills city today to choosa doln aleB to tho
SloW Convention On tho following day
east member of the committee who signed this
call n Tllden man slimed a call for an
other district Convention to meet In
another uitll on thu sauna day and hour
Undi T < ho first call the ward committees called t
th > < 5 icuses which were negnlaniy held in every
ward without contest and returned delegates
to I a invention nculnrly lioM today This i
Convention unnnlmotihly adopted ntsolutloni
In favor of Seymour as I o first eholen of tho
Democrats ot the district but idmUlne tho i
party hero to the support of the candi I
date whoever ho many be Thcsu delegates t fi
are also Instructed In I favorof national dcle itea y e
who will favor such nominations as will best
tend to unite and haruiontn tho party in u
thai State and nation Tile member of
tile distrlet eoinmlttnu who called tho bolting
Convention IM it IH termed hern upon n
etatnment of the facts beforo the Convention
was iM > lled from hue com mil too by
unanimous vote Under tho aeeoud call
a TIMcn man who N not a inembnr of any
ward or town commltltte called unnusrs
In every tonti nnd waid No memlicM I
ot the town nr ward commilteea pnrtlclp ited
In I theto coils exiept In I one cise ali nc
the namurt of f twikinomhers of tIlt eommltteo
vvurn signet one without authority Theso
eaiietn S sent deleyatert to thu I Hieond 1 Con
venti ui held ludiiv vvluca electud dcctea I
ItiHini t d fn f dr Tiblen 1
Hoi U5TL prd 12lhiu WyomIng County I
llileCiltettliKjlaMIlTro 0 V O HobleB J l H
lluttnni ami 1 H Muoie nil anti1ildeii Or u
leans I utility I K Hart J I1 l Dulin i nnd VII f
I liam Jewett who aria n qtu Mud lo favor AM lu
iiiin uu nntll llden 0l4 illetrlet < eleiitn to
rineiiinitl Llvtiitcton County L H Iliiilknpr
II P Mills Jr imd Y J Aukluy all fjr ill
den S
Tli Rnlmemnnn Ilmiilliil 1nlr
Tlm two weeks full In establishment of tha f
> ew York Ilvhncriatp I ls i itjil ruhIotI tilO lit liiuil seat
ore nt 11nt certns in blue Matliton quaru ii amulet Ttio
witkMtirrii s ciryfiit iluhlnl on Siturila viuthjini
ej uir n ml it m ilirli ull to KU hut there Un m trick
thrrtt at oIL lluoihs are ranit < l a omul the bunrnso
illll s unj tn lila of the itili i > trMii l tiack I All ol tho
tioutlis were flnl heit tout tnouituleb hut two Twitoltie I t
inoit rriinilt n l tin in stem I rum tho K > t iilh IU cl
an nt lair fhi articli nu illy Iniuul In liuihi In rlinl
Urlur IMH > IM Mm I in tli In ilen fur Uo mean to I
ruiie AlletiilaiitJ alii nut nth wnl lit k < lilli < w tio nllt
al i 11 f llnIA UK v h nilliuleir cll I > bristle a 15 built
inonliiiK iinl sAllfnl nrr iiijin nt nf nleiei Jipuie a
tIll uot nilb I rim IMJ hur riMtiiii ntill nf II heiinliel
tiiH liulilt nterhcit Aisii I 110 i 11 I upo MirriiiMtit
Mlitn rni > ilinl i tUnt II Mart ialrJniiil t I rhNiiinfy
VI lit ftv a ltd i moO I ot I < euMliliif Atlii 1 l VI Mr
Wan aiiiniuiiLiiI llnl lee iili 5i iuimtI 1 Anniuil I
It rt U I c HUM i lIt 1 with lii l C i t an > l Hie i h tuic trit in I i
nriil ler yIn > l O Ihiie b a u i > pi InriM hy IeiniiHi
Kiniiiiuri r Ih ist ult vutor Ion me I toti li u Vli UT i
Vuiiif Uaviil JoinHi liiktnmn juhimen J it Hart
and uilu r w slIt nuu n Iilnti rs
A WWO0O Suit SireldiMt lUTntnt lay < ionil
AsuiNrTov Aiirll 12 A dodsloii In tho
ram of tin Counto I SL I tub ltsIuit tin Vrouil I IM
riCo KjulrjiJ we e ducu in the I hiimne Curt to lay j
riiPtltustuu vsn C iii luorulthc icuntv nu u i J iv I ilmiUl S 4
Mill hu coiiiiel1 < M ti pn I f l uifiyJ tiiKCttlo 111 claim As I
ii tlu I ic ut Ki b l hn n tsoit tl L MKutiu Iju I1u Itnil
hat ill i i li 1 lit K VM t k < t tun ci detiui i < fi biiO < u u Is I
111 II tiuo 511 kit itin iHtic < of tu il < h ir llirro 4
Itor I > PII unii tor fcM in itiMii in tin cminix itll
Cl IM uts u i I Ht ui ttit I > cia ul ul ti Iiani Till1 N I lliHt I
Ii li in wnil I I f iou i ti t > 1 iv Sill iuolurii1 r 54
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