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I t I THE suif itTESDAY Al fllL 13 1880
t I
tn Uu
t Amusement ToUny
AroJrmr tMIDon rssinsls
t AmrrlfiMM l MM lltrnacu Orssl Show IfstlBt
Ilonlh ThntlhIL
flu nprrm llc i A l Atn
t I Dais Vmw Tk1nTh Way wt l4i
f Hfll A oti Tti trrllttiltol Ctak
p Crand Open ISaeFIuIthOb
I Raverlrn Thf > Mr Widow ItHatt
Uolrr MalA rJmContsil
M41 op > > > r rh tt llSl Kills
i rvlblaa Cnrtl n MsMolon MIMlrcll
Now lark A rl mAlhl Uil Spoilt UtllBM
DIp Tli lr U TJ Crockett
P k 1 htMr < 7Jp
fUrlMOTar 1 Hall Conetrl
Nt4a 111
H I rnMCUr IIItrItteellee rtrtI
I Th lre < omHni Hulllon Uiuril Purprl
1 Ty PjiMlD ThMle TlisTrsmp sUlluss
Unl I i Niinnr 1 hf lrf > My r rlu r
VII rk Thmlrr To Mrr or Not to Msrry
XVlor lhr lrr H m If I llum 11 Ijf t
II Advrrtinemcnl for TiE WnciCfcY SUN ts
tifiJ OIIIUITOU inornina uiiial be mutto in Ml
I tfl ii lifoiftlr oclock
Tlio Ilcpubllcnni Dcspcrntc
The Republicans In Congics especially
o In the House of Representatives have mado I
ft desperate light to continue tho appoint
t ment of deputy iiriMlnls ns electioneering
i pnrtlHutii ell nftor Dr 001111 GAIUIELU
ndinittod the gross prti ility nUt wrong ot
i I thii existing t > fttMii i and offered nn amend
1 ment to cot reel U Thu Pomocrata took the
j Republican luudoi at his word but when
I i thuy had accepted his coot ptoinie OAK
FinLU hliiHeli and tho party voted against
i It So did the wliiln Republican bldo of tho
Bemtp nhou the bill wont to that body In
r1 other wouls they icrtlsted a measuio Intend
ed lo t lofoini an ndmilUd nbu o mado noto
rious by BIOS hunmlils In nil tho largo
and went solid for tho
cities 80lll keeping tip I
I pointments elusluly In their own hands
I They have nlso bhonn desperation In their
p course in regnd to the Aimy bill The long
t contCHl bctwooii Congioss and the Execu
t tive ut tho cstin session resulted In on
ngieomeiit lhat foil far bhoitof the original
demand of tho I House and far below the de
tin titic of public opinion Flirt pooplo do
nmniled that cltluni of tho United States
Bhoiild bent least ns Free ns subjects of tho
QUI of England havo been for ono bun
died and lifty years on the day of election
1t I without tint piesenco or tho restraint of a
inilltniy for ceo
1 Exory measure looking to this perfect
I freedom wanopposod by tho Mid vote of tire
Republican party in both Houses and was
I etocil by tho Fraudulent President upon I
faln pretences rita aim or tho Republi
f cans was to hold tho army In hand as a
puty mnLhliiu for use at tho Presidential
election and the veto was exercised t pro
t 1 crno Unit control HAYES became the I
I willing limti I iiment of Ute men who most do
J Silltlr I him and who have taken no pail to i
conceal their contempt I
Iinally 1 compromise was effected ns fol
1 lowsTh
That no mnne appropriated In this act ts appropri
I ated IT sh ill bt paid fur the tubslsUnee equipment
Ii traniTonAlion nr eoniptt lan of any portion of the
I I i armv of Hie I Unite < Ktati s l be nsed as a polico force lo
I if t ktl thU Ire at the pulU a any election held willlln
t 110 taIr
Thlh amendmrnt was adopted with only
4 thirtyone Ill pnln yule cast by Demo
t i crt > who did lot think enough had been
obtained and by Ropubllcaus who thought
too much had been yielded All the lending
I RipnlilhHiih are recorded in tire nulrmntlve
i ThaI ended HIM eoiitroversy nnd both sides
v aciiiptud tho MiUlumont n conclusive I
t Now I Ih piopoficd 1 by tho Democrats to
If rrdnnct tho t langiiago above cited in thu
Aim bill I I I for uot year without changing n
Kuril Tho Kipubllcaii leaders who by
1 It 11 Flnveh and by oU ttittit tied this section IIi
J 1 i ut 1 Juno aro inoxt active In opposing It I at
i F l this I tinio I 1 1 hh hal inconsibtiney I does not
t 1 dlfttirb them ttall Thoy am gieatly vexed
IIIIMIII i I tho I I DiinotiMte will not furnish
1 uiiimunllitin fur u willoiial crusade by con
tiMiij tliKii IIIIIK > piutixta On Saturday
l Ii icy 11llhI I I Inl I to themsehes except
wlll I Mi I i Cox thiuvv t i into I tire oneBided her
ii nun ne I hiiinonius epihode that mudo It
t all tin inoio lu IIUIOIH and annoying
t Tin It puRl t ie riot an engaged In 1 final
etnitfglo Ito nilitliil exltatencf lucy are
InIll logiliir holt I ly by tho cohesive power
of i lhlh IhllI i In any event the politics
of tho I COIII i i will tin I inttoiially clianged
I aflir Iho Ilonidiiitiitl election Iho leaders
nro r di4ioiato alllllllm I I I I possible to use thin
uimy as iitANT iiKud It they will do BO
llenci UIM stru glo
i I Ceorire I Iorstcr lor Governor
A sin jiut of unusual Impoitanco I wi I nr
1 rivi I 1 Hi i aUentlnn ol the people of this I tat
4 at the I tutu fur tho I meeting of the Hepubll
I 1 111 National Convention The lentil
i J G HANT iiiiiiiiiii < uf the Now York delegation
f r niildutiliiliHHdeini It thoil duty to repair to
t1j I Cit ieii e ttI i II i days In advance of the Cn
n 1 on 111 I lot J n Hie purpose of consultation with
J I I r Uiinliid t luluds I from other States I we I ii
I cluilu iSie limn iieufisary for journeying to
f mid liKin I i Chliugo an absence from New
YD I of st len > t two weekx Is the very
r c hlxiitehl jiei lod which can ho allotted for ii
I t j pp I I p diwliitge I I of the responsibilities of
1 1 u 1 i i in iiiiger I at the Convention
t Fi I i vvind imrne III I i t the libt I of delegates
F t til In I > I tin C iieiilon IH that of Gov
I I Ci 1Ir Ol Iniiibe n In will attend He Is a
V I I 1 i i oinueli experience and weighttobn
ill I pll1 l 1 iiiuli lioiii fioin thin oiiening gun
l ol lie iiiitli until IU dust Oov CouNJir
I i lliielolf tvill IHI I ulihont trout the State
f I 111 I I 1 filnUlit 1 i niuir the end of May
I truth i too lust ol lime II ID iiMHtltutliU hut
t r ill lur Biieh an emurgeney I de
I I ciaiit i Ih I I ti c w lien I the GoMinnr i Is absent
I inn tin Ktate thin powii and duties of
lh I ii ullld HI ill dMiUoiip < ni the Lleiitenunt
h Miiiin until HID dihilulity shah eente
I I In Ijl 1 uliiiiintC iveinor e of the State IB
1 iiuiKii ti HosKiNti and upon him would
I dtiv tliu jioweit and diitins or thin by
f 1111 n dining I h 11 n CultNrLlrt ihriencu Hut
juxt lieie a xnrlotll dillleillty ailwH Lcut
dot IlnsKiSH t Is I I di legato to Chicago
lie iei tall 0111 be tliiiio I front HID begin
t ning to tliu cloBi of the contest for he IH I
I alhii IIM Impoilaiit aspukoln Lll ilrlvhnr
I n I win1 < 1 of the itNT maclilne to be absent In
t lull I ei Ihl8
1 Illll j I Ju inisti hit I R in him provided for this I
1 contingency i I I I I t declariM that I when both
l tliD Jtnei nor and LluitenantUovoriioi are
I ulMiit Hum I Iho H ate the in esidenit of the
W tIlt siraul act aH doveinor until they or
1 1t one ol lliem let j Irs Who then will he
I t likely > 1reiddiiit of tins Hoimle to I 111 the I
t olllce of CiiMiiiur dining the two weeks ab
1 eeiueot u u Const III i ii nil HoHKlNH I 1 This Is I I
highly intei mtlng quimllon Uy tint Ulma
C of llieCoiiHtitiilion I It lll he seen that upon
thli peiMiu will deole all the powoig mid
d ii titus lr I inn olllco of Oovcinor In other
wot i In ho will be I whole Governor while
his terrin InHtg
Under ciii hoary clremnHtancns Jndgo
IlinilJilhOS ot the AVimtchentiir dlntrlet
vuulJ piulublv IMI I chosen 1iculdimt of tUu
Senate 0 placo which ho has oiton flllod
But ho too U a delegate to tho Oonvontlon
and will doubtless attend Two or Uiroo
test cases during tho present session havo
shown that a majority of tho Republicans
In tho Senate arc opposed t the nomination
of Gee GRANT They have boon Inclined to
follow tho loll of Senators WOODIN and
FonsTEn who are pronounced In their hos
tility to tho third term A an old mombor
Mr WOODIN might naturally
of tho body WODI nltumly
bo elected Us President lint ho also Is 0
delegate to Chicago and therefore could not
moot tho emergency now at hand
Upon a careful survey of tho field tho
man who seems pretty certain t bo chosen
by tho Senate to fill tho office of Governor I
during the absence of CORNELL and los I
KINS Is tho lon GconaB I FOIWTEB of tho
upper district In this city Mr FOHSTE Is 0
gentleman of earnest convictions Inflexible
courage Indomitable will and tireless en
ergy Clothed with all tho powers and du
ties of tho Governor of Now York Including
tho command of Its army and navy and
with full authority to turn men out of offlco
and put others In Gov FOIISTEB would bo
ouro to mako his mark In tho public councils
of tho State while Mr COIINELI and Mr lions
KINS wero performlnA tholr tour oC tho upper
lakes and preparing t gIve a now form of
government to tho United States
Tho Secret of UnRlnuds Political Revo
Tho elections in tho United Kingdom are
neatly over and It Is already clear that tho
Morals have 0 considerable majority over
onservatlvos nnd Homo Rulers combined
Thin Is an event which has frustrated tho
shrewdest calculations nnd which Is as
truly n surprise to one party as the other
Not 0 single Liberal organ of com
petent authority ventured to predict so
overwhelming a victory nor wero there any
facts known three weeks ago which would
have justlllcd such expectations
A careful analysts of tho fIgures proves
that the Conservative canvassers were light
In afllrinhnng hat I Lord HEACOSSFICLDB ad
herents would at least hold their own and
that the Liberal triumph Is really duo to the
advent of an entltely new element enfian
chlscd by tho last Reform bill and now for
the llrst time represented In Its true propor
tions at the polls
If wo sum up tho aggregate vote of tho
Conservative constituencies wo shall soc
distinctly on what adequate grounds the
canvassers of that party and the political
piophuts of tho London Stock exchange
based their prognostications To that end
let us take the figures exhibiting tho rela
tive strength of the two parties at tho close
of the second week when C01 members out of
tin full complement ot C50 had hon chosen
or theso seats six years ago tho Conserva
tives won 832 whereas now they can show
but 224 Yet they have actually cast lu the
constituencies concerned not only tho whole
of their old vote viz 1023000 but over ten
per cent more In other words they have
made a net gain of 118000 votes This Is a
remarkable exhibit and under ordinary cir
cumstances must havo Insured success to
Tho circumstances as wo shall SOt woro
not normal but peculiar In 1874 the Lib
erals polled In tho districts above contem
plated 1121000 votes They had oven then
ii majority of the popular vote because In
certain boroughs as In Birmingham for In
stance they had very much to spare On this
occasion however the Conservatives havo
succeeded in boating the Liberal aggregate
of six years ago and had their opponents
merely gained iu tho same proportion say
tea per cent the Conservatives must have
retained something like their old prepon
derance owing to tho more perfect distribu
tion of their electors Tho Liberals havo
gained however not ten but more than
thirty per cent having thrown this year
In tho districts under review 1525000 votes
against 1121000 at tho last election
Whore did this enormous Liberal gain
come from 1 Not from tho Conservative
ranks for theso as wo have soon are stronger
than thoy were six years ago Not from
tho Homo Rulers for they mayo managed to
win some extra seats Tho Liberal acces
sions come from tho class enfranchised by
the last Reform act but which for some
mysterious reason perhaps overconlldenco
or sheer Inadvertence did not vote
lu 1871 Wo refer specially t tho f
called Tortyhhllllng householders or
thobo residents of boroughs who owning no
real property but occupying premises for
which is paid a yearly rental of about 10 or
upward wero by the latest widening of the
eleetoiato admitted to tho franchise Nor
should wo omit t notice another extension
of the suffrage whoso political significance
is now fcn for tine hirattime Wo have hero In
mind the expansion of tire county constitu
encies by allowing nonresidents t vote pro
vldml they own within tho shlro a freehold
worth 10 a year or 0 long leasehold worth
25 In tho counties tho majority of these
small nonresident frcoholdois as In tho
boroughs the great mass of the fortyshil
ling houoeholders seem t havo held aloof
from the polls In 1874 and t have now voted
for the llrst time
Irst tIO
that when Mr
I will be remembered thlt whe
GLADSTONE dissolved Parliament
iAlsTONIt abruptly Purllment
In 1874 It was with tho firm conviction that
the late reforms had given tho Liberal ma
jority an Impregnable power A survey
or tire votes cast within tho past two weeks
demonstrates that in theory tho Liberal
leader was right although at tho moment ho
was strangely refuted by tho fuels Even
then however tho llgures showed that as
regards tho aggregates of votes polled tho
Conseiuitlves were In a minority but the
present election shows that this minority Is
far woaLer than any man supposed In a
void Lord DUACONSFIKMhas rallied to tin
mippoit of Ids policy a hundred thousand
mote ulectois thiin sustained him In 1871
bill theHo recruits mayo not availed against
the Huddon cmcrgnnco of half 1 million now
electors on tho opposing side Ant these
new electors weiooiiliauchlscd by his own
creative act I
rant Electioneering in the South
Gen GRANT has not lingered In Louisiana
without an object Hu has fititnnlzed will
all hades of politicians fiom tho extreme
nom bOis to the lot radical I Republicans
taking In WAHIIOTII mid IlNCniiACK to Illim
Irate the variety of his tastes Ho found tho
Duinoeiacy rent Into faction and nine ho a
butiliiehrt of conciliating all tho rival ehlcfrt
When tlio machine managers Bent litANT
to Mexico It was nit nritiiicoi I that he was to
piocetd on the jou ninny Immediately I after
reaching Florida whew 1 steamer was to
meet him at Odur Iys for the trip to Ha
vana His I political Itlneiary I did not alttl ii
conform to this pretended i programme 11 I he
visited cel taint points In South Carolina n
folding II a proconuflrlod I plan wRote the
iiegioeo gave him an ovation and thencn ho
ski pnod over Georgia with Its Immoiw
Demociatlc majoilty and made a piolongei
stay In Fbi Ida which Is closely contoatoi
and may bo can led by cither side
In Florida Gen GIIANV professed great
concern about a chip canal and other plO
looted Improvements needIng approprlu
tlonns from Congress Whon ho reached
avana tho resources of Florida woro mado
the topic of Interviews lot publication
Tho shrewdness of CHANTS managers la l
visible In this work of his In Louisiana and
Florida While tho Northern engineers of
tire third term are stirring the embers ot
strife GRANT himself Is hobnobbing with
tire Confederates on free and easy terms
Referring to tho civil war ho tells thorn sub
stantially I It Is all over now J why not tako
1 drink 1
Send in Your Estimates I
Vio respectfully invIte all men callIng I
Uomsolvca Democrats who are contcraplat I
log a bolt from tho regular Democratic nom
nation for President this year to send t
TUB SUN an estimate of tho advantages
thoy anticipate themselves or to anybody
else except tho Republicans from such a
Tho subject Is now properly open for dis
cussion The matter Is of tho highest 1m
ortanco To bolt tho nomination Is to
support Imllrnntlv tho third term and 1m
penal > departure
Tho bolting leaders should weigh well
hoso two points
Can wo hold our following In such an
undertaking 1
Even I wo can is It worth whllo
Fairness to the Colored lace
Tho readiness with which people jumped
t tho conclusion that tire Injuries sustained
b > WiirrrAKKit tho colored cadet ut West
olnt were Inflicted by himself seemed to
indicate tho retention In a great degree of
ho strong prejudice formerly existing
among tho whites generally against tho col
ored race
But It must bo admitted that whether that
conclusion was right or wrong there wore
very suspicious circumstances leading tolls
Since tho Infliction of tho Injuries upon
his colored cadet another event has hap
pened > which shows a disposition In the com
niinity to do justice n quickly and as
amply to tho blacks as t tho whites Wo
refer to tho winning of both tho first and
ho second places In a walking match which
eclipses all previous feats In pcdestrlanlsm
by men with African blood In their veins
Not a murmur has arisen from any
quarter of dissatisfaction at awarding t
hose champions tho prizes they havo won
If It shall turn out that WlirrrAKEn inflicted
llclcd his Injuries upon himself his whole
race will suffer from his act of folly
Tho who have shown tlielr
men hlvo superior
prowess and strength In tho walking match
on the contrary have done much to raise
tho whole colored race In public estimation
hystcal superiority commands respect and
admiration Those two young men having
vindicated their title to this distinction It Is I
ungrudgingly accorded t them And tho
event shows that color stands in no mans
way U ho will only actually do something
I Is not easy from tho cable despatches
we receive dny by day to cot the exact facts
about the allfccd human sacrifices at Mnndo
lay lu the kingdom ot Uurmah There now ap
lonrs to bo llttln doubt howoror that several
hundred people of both sexes and various aeos
havo been buried alive for
lava ben nlve some purpose
Tho now comet seems t b growing very
fast When discovered a woalc ago Its tall was
estimated t be three minutes lone A tow
dais Inter Frof BwMTpionfliirod Its tRI and
found It five minutes lone At this rate It
should b visible t tho naked ore In a few
weeks Tho fact of its possessing n rail when
so far from the sun augurs well for Its bccom
tag a splendid object when It roaches our west
ern iky
Apparently Delegate AINBLTT of Idaho Is
mpntlont to become a fullfledced Congress
man Getting tho floor tho ottiT day for a
speech on tho Star routo deficiency bill ho sud
denly dropped tho subject of postal anilities
and took up that of the political status ot tine
people of tire Territories This status ho de
scribed OB one of vaeonhiKO uuAnierloan un
known to tho Constitution foreign to the spirit
of our Institutions In Its treatment of the
Territories Congress hnd aped the pulley of
Groat Drltaln toward her American colonies
which led to the Involution Warmlne with his
theme Delegate AINHLIK want on t give 1 bill
of particulars
We Ire rmrOrd as IncipaM of neKgorrrnmcnt rn
Illtcal Ifluaroni ftartsinllio tixljr politic who by tin
imcrnlun Irmn our old Immri In crfKhiic Hmu > tie Into
Ilif lerilloryof the Uiuul SLlri kit I our liralin anil 1 In
u llUvncp beiutu4 un mul oriented ill our rniliu aunt prlv
liege as American crtirei n hwarint u f cariwt liACktrt
kflccttil Irinn I HIP Rmiul urinv ul broke ii dow ii oil iiilitl
cut bleu mill prulcfiionftl i > ftlce Mrklntf uiniiiFrn Hlitn
to the cutintr tuna the leuile i hv instinct aaMcli AH liv
nature a re Tnuteil t ir I mi UM ii officer Mich MI Quvrrnor
Julie lUralmlt Ac niut tltej cuine Ulbtiit ut 10 itt
earn our ftvoi le cool vm out llitir Buixtanee Tatet Are
Unnoted on ut witmut our Cbnwnt The rlnht In clilnm
and blue hillel ezertl I d r by Couture ol aniiiillin I al
pleasure UHH enacted bv our Ttrrltorlal IxLUIalurea 1
i Uo rl f I
Yet we are expected to endure In I nnioniilahilnir siliuce
all the wrongs and indixntUes l lice hud on uc
I would bo Interesting to knot whether any
considerable portion of tho people of the Terri
tories feel their enslaved condition as acutely
as Delegate A it H LIE appears to do I so It
seems etranco they should have mMe so little
fuss about It
A serious mistake hints evidently been
rondo by Congress In the dlecusMon ot the
FortlHaitlon bill now pondlnc with tho Senate
amendments tho House The debates have
proceeded on the uncontradlctcd assumption
that the lioavlest plucu ot ordnance In the coun
try Is the 12W Inch 40ton gun now nt Sandy
Hook and that this Is tire only piece of that
size But tire announcement of n lau who Is
proverbially as Incapable of exAggeration as
Otoiujc WASHINGTON Is that ZAziL the Human
Cannon Dull IH twice every day except Run
days shot from the mouth of nil 80ton guru
Evidently therefore thin problem of coastwise
dofttnci has been solved without Congress or
tho Ordnance Ilureiiu susiKitlnk I I will
only be to turn out oilier 80ton
olly necessary tur UUHK
from tno plant which uroduced ZAEIH while
an economy can be secured by UBIIK not humAn
cannon balls but those of I leeu costly puttcru
I tho Brooklyn boys are going to take 1
band In the theological controversies of their
parents life In that much beetuepled city will
be I morn exciting oxporloneo than ever At
present It Is tIns Uov CiiAiucn 1 HrCAimiY
who complains Hint he Is afraid to show his
head out of doors for fear of having stone
shied at It by youthful members ot the church
militant living I I In I bin ntduhliorhnnd But the
young main of tIne human dpocliw in nothing I I
not I ur iitd Ito and who oln Buy that niiBliall I riot
next hoar of tho youthful parish loners ol tine
llnv Dr VAN DYKB and the llov Dr > TAIMAOK
Ouch clog In pitched biittla In I Fultou street ti
the detriment of the pinto clan show window
In Unit remarkably crooLnd tlinrouchfnru 7
Thcso belated March winds In tho second
went of April may havo blown rood In some
body but It wits not the Long Inland farmer
Not only lime tlieyplnyed liavoowllh his fence
and even blown down his true but accord
Ink to tho Brooklyn 1aole they havo also
cut on the sprouted pens In many places rind
blown tlio dry soil off tho potatoes which hav
promptly frnxmi by way of showing their re
sentmunt at sueh rude proceeding
I Consldorlng that tho two highest score
of lest weeks walking match war thosn or
colored men and that one ot these scores WlS
the highest over mado by any deHtrlan lie
statistics of thu walk may vry pioperly ho
taken Into account by people who Insist on th
lack ot phytlial nnduinuco In tho colored race
Of the eighteen who started eIght contlniind to t
tine nnd and ninone these wore all threont tine
colored starter Their scores were 005 tithes
IWI1 and BOOK an average of About 510 miles
for the three Bo la M that match cots it mar
troll bo claimed that color will toll
Bard times bad business bad crops
amines posts political persecution Govern
mental tyrannies and recruiting sereonnts are
combining to swell tho tide of European ami
ration to America beyond precedent A few
cms ago tho arrivals at Castle Garden hnd
rapped far below 100000 annually but thoro
was a gain of 20000 year before Inst rind a gain
of f COOOO moro Inst year when tho total reached
75589 Now with tho revival of business on
this side of tho ocean tho flow of Im
migration has begun to bo enormous Bur
ns the first quarter ot tho present
year the arrivals A the Battery num
bored 31855 a number unprecedented
In tho winter season A tho corresponding
quarter ot tho pact year yielded but 11052
through that was a great Increase over yortra
preceding It may bo conjectured what tho
summer will brine forth Ills further notice
able that considerable tire nln
Iblo a portion of gain I
achieved during tho past throo months has
been In Immlgrntlons from Germany nnd
Austronungary A good many ot this roars
arrivals census will ba in season to swell the coming I
Misfortune seems to pursue Wr Lonrii
LAHOS stable ns steadily thin spring as good
fortune did year ago The accident to Oer
nldlno on Saturday resulting In her death fol
lows hard upon the unlucky selection of Wai
onstoln Instead of 1aroln which lost the Lin
colnshire Handicap nod the ruling out of
arolo for the Liverpool Cup Geraldine was
entered for the Newmarket Handicap which
comes off tomorrow for thoNewnmrkit Inter
national Handicap on Friday for lIre Prince of
Wales Stakes nt Epsom next Tuesday for
ho City timid Suburban next week Thursday
and for the Prince of Wales Stakes nt New
market tho week following while In tire sum
mer nnd autumn races sho also would have
bat her slinro of work ns her last years win
nines and record entitled her to bo rolled on
In all of theso races however Mr LoiuLLinD
line other entries
The accident may call to mind the fact
hat today begins tho Craven Meeting
at Newmarket tho first event being
ho Double Trial Pinto ot 200 sovereigns
for twoyearolds t bo run today nod
ngnln In October 200 sovereigns t b
given for each race Tho entries for this race
number 83 and Its Interest for Americans Is
hat among the entries are three by Mr 3 II
iveono who thus makes his first uppenranco on
the British turf They are hay colt by VirgIl
out of Anulo Bush by Lexington chestnut
colt by Elm Alfonso out of Canary Bird by
Albion 1 and chestnut colt by Monarchist out ot
AlaIn by War Dane Those colts are also en
tered for some of next sprlneo moss
Let an honest man jump from an express
rain toll at full speed and tho odds are n
hundred to one that he breaks his nock Lot a
inndcutTud murderer or burglar or counter
falter take tho same perilous leap and In four
cases out of flue he will get off with a few
rlfllni bruises or at worst a sprained ankle
What I tho ron
Tho first bouts In the SLOSSONVIONAUX
milliard match have certainly not been to the
advantage of tlio American player but tho
game Is proverbially one of great shifting
during Its that between and
durlnl It progress so Ltwoon now Ind
Wednesday night VIONAUXB venturesome visitor
itor possibly may win
An Interesting feature of tho preparations
which Messrs IADDT UTAH and JOBKTH doss
arc makIng for their forthcoming battle Is their
diligent study of history with a view to finding l
precedents that may encourage the one or Ibo
other In his hopes ot victory JOG recalls tho
Instances In which old bruIser hau signally
triumphed after tho scoot forty years PADDY
cites the encounters In which aged champions
have found to their sorrow that youth must bo
< L
served Goes admits tho physical drawback ol
Ills years but claims a compensating mental
gain expecting to do moro than over In the
May battle by hoadwork Instead of reck
lessly taking and chine punishmentas the en
thusiasm and endurance ot youth tire prone to
< aI Ironl
do his nurturer judgment Iud riper mental
faculties will show him ho thinks how to get
In on tho enemy ant then gal away ncnln
Time alone will test tho correctness or this
theory Meanwhile Goes might have gone still
further back In flstls records to thn
furher blck stc roor s tII encounter
of DAmes and EUTELIUS in which ns VIIIUIL
relates ego triumphed over tooconfident
youth But possibly the reason why be does
not cite this case Is that an atmosphere of du
bious logund hangs over It whoreus the annals
of tho British rim lire lioynnd Qiinstion
sue AN llltlt < nlMltt < T fly JilElllCAt
AmenUle of the 1urllnmrntnry Election ID
Kuatund Led W ulea
J1 am lit LtltrTntt tterfurf
IjOrd Dnlkiiith nddrtssed two meetings In
< sct mclnl8
MldlolhUn one at rmlituad and the oilier at Gore
liridie At the chic bl the former nieetlnn a don earl
cmno In I contact will the carriage eomeinff Ills Lord
ship One of the wheel ol the cnrrlace wns carried
away but no one wai Injured The noble Lord Han
pelted nliu turf uud iced at the close of the UoubriilKt
fian At UawJurtrr aiee
An fuoll of a ery amraaled chaeto wni corn
milled on Wedneidny erenlm tail at Klrkwull nn Mr
John Tender I who latelj ni > re cntcd the AMck hutch
Inrarliamenland U at present Ilie oit I caniliJutc terre
that northern constituency On leavliif lilt hnh 1 n nour
crowd tirrouiidcit lilt carriage and heal Orat mtated
tu proceed to htrnmnira Some vf Ilia fiipporurii huw
ever thoniilit the fcellnc Ma In liU finnr and h ntrpped
In but Inure tIe Iriend could
II bil private pecrelar i > r any
lolo him tin crowd ran r uuiiti tlii > carrince I full
Ked Uarlnir tno hoiicralle nieinbcr frititi l chow
ai bent they could On arrIt Inc I the Ayri road an at
Uiuit nan made to run tin cnrrUct Into the wa Itwai
cot i C the rucl on to I lie biach but furlunatelt the pole
became detached Iroin rite carrltice n tlie lore u tech U
netting locai It was tirnucht to a Ind The ilaM win I
dow wan brelien and driven Into the carriiite and Mr 1
Tender I hat I mhI Mr finder kit the earrlme
and aildrcitiK the crowd appeaWd to tlieni nor pruUc
lion Iron tucli cnntluct AlUr use otr hud inin Kt it
clear 0 the vehicle in alletupt wai ufaln tnadi In run
oft w Ilh I I but IliN the lietlcr dUpott d anivni the crowd
rreTeiitcd anil il r Tender wai allowed to conUnut the
Vim tjtt Lumlmt Dutly Atfi
At I Cardiff hut nlhhl Uarili 30 HII extraordinary dli
turbunce txiurrrd ii r Heed luuhhuht proc ft lun I
WIIB drlu n rack by the Irlidi coil part fluhta IIK k tire
In it hleh MUki I aud rtoiii wire Incly umd Stitrul
perron hail their liead broken and were Liiickrd
dna ciii I kttkid ItiMiiri WVIQ hurt from the pritex
JonUU hand Suit 1 ito Mene ol 1 iolenre WA crlieral
11 Ir Hied WI nn ihlt toobiuln a hi itriiu In ilont tiC thi
Uojal llutel A II Irtrnini trim I aidlu c 10 title hour Imt
iiiuht mate Him Hit rinclivi en inlliib In I lie hnml >
t t I
otuiiexcitfd llioh but llmt the I iiple wile gi sit iiail >
dUerrltitf The IUIilliiR hnil tim ii PIMI ral t and a Uiie I
number of erffon hud bieu bruit u n with stick
1 o 011 1
AIr the remit ol I tin Hit oiitlc tion I uai wade known
lint I nlLlit iMarc 1 Ii iut5 > i iliitii ilolinj i ociuriiil oioiti l <
lhrHlCk Hull Ilitel llir In ud < Ui > rli mol Ihr UIIIIM rn
lit CI candidate At lirtfi1 ni d unriilj trnwdof M tirnl 1
hl odl n ir > oli mtuikcd Ihi Itonl ol Ibe luitel 1 annul
1111111 In lorio 1 i tlriincc lhe I > iMrv le i btnl nnd a
fc ret rinlit 1 C hAiti < 1iuix him n e wire turn up nnd 1 the
front IH the liuicl ciiiii I uoI I Ii wri cktd 1 tI h n c I ot tweni
polltt inin were pent 1 in tin t > ini nnd 1 viiii nit ii the out
Hvvcral iiron wtre M > rli n l injitrid
Irrilixr Ilvinncrnd
YA8UIMmiN April l2Tlu n IMrntl of tine
Hcnntu are it irjiUnl 1 mi r Kith COM Jimt H u tlirt
wr over KiuJnltn ii 1 ii r c ti > > i Hit luuuiann K u
otor Mr Juim want Uilli UlllUll I out llCik 011 t ll t U b
ti urns bitt New Ju i > 5uuitr Mr Haiidi Itili a Alrl
Purlir turuetl in miir liuxi I I t I i nt lur hnil ti kl i in ru
tisi Count cer < CHIII iitt h in11 i t n hi 11 In drternilne II
It HriiMI tic I > teller M n ml Ih Iiiisuiii rAitl iaeucr ti
Join iita torn t r Mhiicul acAruueni M in Inir t r Mini n > lt kin
or tola I Mm runiii unlit itur Uiv IlUhUntlaUliilion
wlthoiit rolsi ltic I new Iour
Ojilnnni t ltuml ii u lie dttliip4 l < on llir main point runt I
freest 4 tu in iii 1 Anti tunii t otc llu Dt uu > crnr > a 111 liii
be found stud liy ii iui at site in Ir Hurl ii urkrd the
riiicui to drier icUon aiulttM I 10 bionic tlmt in i HIP
Uttftw jfiirs tin iti irly bunt ittorr tliftiiiincc run nit liciit
uRdintt n s1otio 1 ft tur niul ft > VHM 0 rll I ta not l lieTun f lrni >
Ink I Tlio Hviilur innii I Ohio wni nulitirlr nticil in t >
tthf ttilicoutiixl Intuit hu nii prrtxn tlox cc cc tee Uf
I directly rrpponnUe I nor liAlnn ltuwrd KiuJjln 1or I
Urttinto to uperiwilf tho if not a nurU bill re pur led
fay the from tliv Judiciary COl ritittas
Th nS
OnA1XISI I xasicvctcr
Idln DlaKntcn with KatcknaTrn Ar
Knmenli Straight from 1 ShoUlder
LoniBViLLE Ky April 10 Kepubllcan
primaries woro hold yesterday all tho wards
In this city nnd In Jefferson County to choose
delegates to tho State Convention which meets
hero next Wednesday Tho lllalno and Sher
man men contested the Grant men at every pri
mary nnd there wore several serious rows
This was particularly tho case at tho county
primary which was held at Ollmnns Point I
Mr James F Ducknor Jr the son of tho Col I
lector of Internal Revenue for this district la I
Ibo Chairman of tho City and County Republi
can Committee and ho Is o strong In his advo
cacy of Grant ns his father was doubtful four
years ago when It was vury uncuilnln who
would tie nominated by the Republican Nations
Convention Mr Duckner hired a room nt Bt
Matthews and tin room was promptly taknn
FORsisMoa of by Mr Aires who Is the llDpub
llcnn shepherd charged with tire earn of the tie
grons or tine county Mr Ayres has a bad habit
of thinking for himself end It therefore hap
pens Hint I If I for Illume Mr Buckner and
Cant Kilns F Mlllnr who mndo 1 large for
tiino during the war by Rpeculatlng In cnn
llscatit cotton went to tine primary
wIt several wagon loaded with rmiglis
Ayres not pnrmlltlng theso city folk to enter
the County Convention there was a free tlilit
during which snvernl persons won hurt nnd
In which It IS Saul Walter Eans Into llepub
llcnn eandldnte for Governor look 1 Intml on
ttti Grant side with a pitiperl tilKtol
While tliu row was at its heIght Ibo lon Jiimea
Biieod who was Lincolns AttnrnoyGeniral
nrrlxed and Huocewlod In restoring order by
vigorous pacific appeals The Hlnlnn men hold
their own However and nominated Dlnlno men
to the Convention Thin city pectin hold a meet
IIIK In lh open air arid nominate Grant men
In represent the county In the Convention
Tlnro Is certainly n very strong antithird term
fiellng among the llipulilkant hero nnd the
Hebrews Imndcd by Mr L N Demlillr nre al
lot U mien I moire in I their I npuositlon to the
num on horHetnick This nutKMitlim was
shown nt all of tint ward meetings I nnd It wax
frequently nlronir enoiiKh tn send Sherman or
llliuni man to the Convnlkin rind in other
wnrils tiseiid I men whit wero tr nicoru ill I thud As
a rule the ItefuliMeim Cniiventlonn In I this Stat
fire orrem fnrees but then Is nlwnyp some kind
of I row ainiuiK tliu hungry oflloo seekers At
the Cunvintlon to bo held on Wednesday there
I Is proinlxe or UlRHvnslnns which tire pollen may
b cal he d ui toni > ti duoll I for 1 u nil iartu delega
I lions are coming from all parts or tire State
DIUnr 10 < nt ii TIIJ JIHIDOE
An Elevnted Unlttvuy Company Seeking A
Fruiiehlae lo Item n Line Acroa
The Now York and Brooklyn Elevated
Hallway Company yesterday petitioned tho
I Brooklyn Common Council for leave to con
struct and npertdu an elevated railroad begin
ning at tho Now York and Brooklyn Suspension
Bridge at tho most northwesterly point ot tho
brIdge which Is or will hereafter bounder the
jurisdiction control and mnnngoment of the
authorities of tho city of Brooklyn thence
gouthcnstcrly over and along the bridge tolls
tnrmlnus at Sands street In tho city of Brook
lyn Dons t pass over that portion of tho bridgo
within the juilpdlcllon of tho city nr Brooklyn
tlicnoi dlitunmilly through iirhntu property to
thi eontiH nr tine block between Adnms and
Pearl ptreets by crossing Sands Washington
High NnsKiin and Adnins streets thence
through private property in the ecntro of the
liloek hftmiMi Adnins nnd lean streets across
Coneord Tlllnry and Johnson streeto tn t Myrtle
nvHiinntli neo through and along Myrtln ave
nue nnd Hudson avenue to 1tilton stret t and
tlicnoi tilting Fulton street to East New York
also n ronnneilng line running alonz Myrtle
avenue lo Brondvrny nail tliunoe to East New
York nlsn n connecting lint from Adnins
Yok Ilao I coonuctnl In plrret
arid Myrtle 1 avenue along Court ptnut to Allan
tic axiniio theneo to Ynmlurhilt Alan
thence 10 Iln main rntnmee at Prnsp ct lark <
alMn n line I I along Oitirt Btreit tn Hanilltoti ice
a ire alt nlso a tin nuh rum the I tTinlmiHof I
the New York nnd lirmiklj 8impfln lnn Bridgo
time nt Sands frry street to Fulton street and thence lo l
Th terms on which the frnnchlfm Is asked
are that tire oompnny will not begin the eon
stnntinn or Its railway over or upon any itreet
until at least tire owners of onwlinlf In value of
the abutting prntixrty on thnt portion nr the
street hnvn l nn first seth icil with nlso tint the i
ennumny small settle with tho melanie of lie
aliultlnu property nwnirp and that tho rom
puny will give n Kntlsrmtnry hond its a gunran
tie or lalthfiil pertornmnctt of these conditions
nnd to pay Into the city Treasury ono per edit
thH or thn nty gross receipts from passenger trafQu in
Tim petition which Is I signed by Denial D
HailoT President was referred to the llullroad
Corn mm tttee to
The artlclpfl of Ineorporntlnn of this rnmnany
wer recently filed with thn B cretary of Shuts
I iilco cnntimplntis n niiito in this city from
Knrtysicond sireet to nil over the bridgo to
Brooklyn Tho bridgn oHUinN say that nn prl
Vllo corporation Id aver II I I kohIO usu rp tin biiKl
tinge 01 carrying passeiigirs over tire I I bridgo
01 brll
which tin two titles pxpott to do to produce a
revenue from theIr Investment lruco 1
A Lt M Club for the Npeeklrd JUcn and WO
mcn uf liailoa
Frm Hi Ifnc YeS run
LONDON March 27UIon inn ashes of them
rtnvtll lIst l air Loll v lin I nilen n niW tNtabllihnieiit
whicri In I ciii trot the Luto tluli anil ndu rllinil a round d
upn I the ftotlal 11 h In r of the i Ne Virk i lull tlmt ntlile
iii vlrnwntfealunior 1 whuhNiw York Uitii are de 1
ocnuirul an leinit periiKllenl einceroi nnlr eif djinvinb
inu rnl i acid Mrlltic aiire4niidiM rritlilicnii of jilrnnier
Innrt le Tin konilcn I einnlntionol nil lliUi i a ui p d
titbi quilt cornet In I nnnouncini tlint prirrte rin ni for
uitpfr I nrtif will ic l at the duportuon of inenitcr until
Jiicio1 In ihi inornnnr unll
TIIIIllh i nrrt TrmUlnnal Committee Included
the iiaini ol helm Vauthnn ellle furrtn Mine Dotaro
and 1 Mime Ii admit t ncton Tout W nnt n And oilier who I
I roinpllv repi dUlrd till flftftociutloil Mute then the
club is i ndvirUktd without A lot ol C meinlMTH ii lid thi2
otbck In Hie tiiornlnc fenture I nN i < i drnpptd but the
Ioloi 11 i New York bll U I kept on llir hnnk In I runt c ev
a I falict my New V < rk Irked will liardlv rtkArd a
Cni tutu 1 nuiry Hut I IIIMJUI not wonder II > tr llus ell
dm H Iii l find Inn how tihrn e iirnfitiile Ju1
Tin1 50eli tllui lor iciiie hut 1 llentlemon WA con
dutitil on m 1111 n titnbf mil 1 h kliKla prlncl
nine The commit cc a Krnnim one ol utlrlt per I
alit All Feint thieluli wni Irrei rniiiliuldi n In 1 limit
erineiiL Hut It did not IY I i KeijKi laloe ian l e > U 1 not
Iliirti mean are an 4 rune ecoiioinicitl TJiet dont
tiavr thuniiairne ItinchioiA 1 I nnd t noiilri1 private roil
until i 2 oclock In lie morning Rusehi na J l Iliereluro i
on the oilier tuck
Tin It it 111 U a l nl 011101 Intent and inn
I OM k Ihiii I I 0 nol intuit Mr KuMtllan Injnvlue liy
0 t tic I Oil but euuuhohug t > In u I itncte iiul oiu lIla C
iiul I I or want 1 tn lie ni 1 xt etc ii In elulm b leg t The IK in I
titondi an Sill ioit M loll nit IlcaMMnl I n ciui 1
hli nl niii 3 sited rarlH h to iive Cine and lid
InetKlH that priittctiini which t ne I tUnifd tollielnb > tho
ttiMlMrule Ev wao liave cluwtl tie Arfirll IUHHIII and
A rhullence to Mr Vnndcrbllt
To TUB EDITOR or THE SUN Sir I find In
TUB FuNuf Hie Ill taO In the report of the walklnj
match for lit Leary bill the following
Ahi lit 1 1 nclKk I when llir wore hl l 3ft mllr tt > r
Hart nnd fJ lor lioblrr Mr M 11 h m I Vandrrbilt moud
Iltlheninin I I llnor watchlnir the Wa I r and eec A
ll r ntiMlked It wnnlt troulie a < trutu to
throw 5t1 inllel lit liu4 htm In 1 three dnrn I
Then never wn nor never will lie I n trotlerin I i rile
world chic in I do Ir replied the railroad uiilhunalrt
I wIsh to tnlorm Mr Vandorhilt thAt If he wlnlin l
lav 1 down In I nny Iruitworlhy hand the turn oflixx
oeany lamer I ruin 111 I Hill 1111 i a Canadian birue that
in l a Irotlcr nnd 1 that will ninke nile ail nil In I lh roe
du > e Ciiiini tulive Ih eiliAM Letter
Now h I thu llivii for tie nillhonairt l back hi 1 opinion
nIlf lie ui 11 hia after Cue trot to aeiurc for himself lue
be et liorm1 in the worliU c LCWSIK I
fT UrACIMTII I Q lA DO April 10 I
A Letter truce Mr IVtlltniumn
ro TIC ruiTon OP Tun BUN Sir In Bun
dnviiSuH I rrnl mi lullreniioif I Interview I I leiwien n ro
Iuiler it I a Mr rlvvard tiuireluhe lit I Newark J
und win CII lie woe n Tolollel III tht Confederate Arm
He r t Informed jour n porter that In believed 1 cninud 1 hto
arn > l In I rlnlllnioreilirilV tin it ii r b the tahiti niuiiea
fitlh rlliin Tin ll I tinipl untnii Hut my printipal
nlJCt j In I clii tic M I In I ak what r It1 the gillant
Ioloiii I ciiilinindd In I ibm Inti mil Ill nnli IK I le >
ii Inir In I coOl nn nt oh the oil i Iullol
1111 I 4 1Ii I ni 1 r n re III tI ii osuit ri ii
i I or litil eIiutniitii s u tIi hn or 11 i it 11 i I
iii I w tnt Ii lIt siOri Iii rite Tiui I Ito r
it I I il 1 4 II 1111 ii uihh lIt 1 it I iiiuit iii I 0 At
1 I t ii 111 rihiii I h ii iui
uir oil I auth a a III 1 1 liiuuiiFiIl II re ii I
f I ii T roo nIl o iiai I rip rt ii ill
miii i itosdir I h in 1 iiit 010 iuii ie ii 111I1
I tr1 tll iuir I itl imoy ti il 1 5 1 11
w S use AII i2 I a I t tt iLU ICON
Iliv Cnae iiflhc ItrT U r Milieu
To TIIK Innon OK THE NtlSo J r
Hnilunllhid I hint ihe Ret O VV Milieu mot klllli D h khonltl
hnv Kit iiti I toor I ahnuniiunct ii i t01 tl 1
ti ll luvl I 1 vv or tin fjct Hull tin i nil mil nl llu Hi Knlh
Avenue M I Ill unli Ilioiklin I i i i A nlII
1 1 i 111 II 1 ii ihio r I in bitt
itil i Ii it i I II n I iiuiuii 1111 u II h r 1111 i
illil I i II illi I hut iii I lr 1
i sri ii I nit tin I uuUui I tr d ii 11 I ii
ii to I Slit ii ii iUiii ii u tic II hlI i ii
1101 or n ue ii a ell I nnII1I v
tir tht tint tin tldi IC 0 iii ihkut ii
etc i uiti ti ii 1t i i ii ul nittit liii nil
id ii ii Ii I 1 i it in ii i 1 oil u ituit
iii i I ii I Iilmr it the lhncs
Si ii I in a ill it itt uiiii14ice
btttuiokyc Aliti J AN 10 Music
Ile I Soled rsra nl Ii iJe ul UI
Sic i lit Itilm > linnl
AicinlliiK tntlm lalHHl liitnillfPncn finni 1n
I IM tin nntilUt I lisluniiiinn
rrttl < M < i till lllSfll l I 111 i iMllll lllllll lllMlllHIlll g Slllll
< it nn I i i rt < 11lul l > tlie I ulluin HIIII in tlie
ii n I iiiibit I t rein IH nt In n b i ifl I Chun unit noil I
it NI M lilt unit niiihes it n r > l ri Iml le tmt Ii nlkl
liii III iliwlillko llUkUlill lllll M JS kllll llll till stg kul
n > TIIIIJIK riliiri A inraiiiiili > hnbliul in i k inr
ihir eiinrMkiiiis tnitvlur at LSd is Jkt > citeil ihiC t at
OuilmtHlv I u iimtucr
ii Am hERr PAID tan TAXES
rhe 6rjtetlon to Petitioner wh Ask oa Jo
Tcilliatlon In Jersey City
An application was mado yesterday to
Judge Knapp In the Hudson County Circuit
Court Jersey City for an order directing an In
vestigation Into the condition ninth tnnnncornent
ot the different dopartmouta ot tho municipal
government The petition and nfTldavlt wore
signed by them following frooholJors Joseph
H Tondy Marcus P Whltohond Jr B M
Hoffrann D 0 Brown James Warner E T
McLaughlin Wm Hnruoy Wm A Hnrnoy J
V Qulmby James Fleming henry Thompson
James McLaughlIn Henry Guinea William
Fenrsnll D 8 Manners John M Fiacre James
McLaughlln henry BtefTanii 0 Hosemnnn
Jonopti Tt alone J J Youlln Thomas Lnlly
nnd other
Lawyer Fleming who represented ito peti
honors Raid that It originated In a desire on
them tmrt or n large number ot taxpayer to
ventilate and judlcinlly Inquire Into the facts
concerning time reoeut sale ol the six par coot
funding debt bonds
Corportinn Counsel Abbett urged an a pre
liminary nbjnctlon tn the granting of the path
tion that come nr the ftlgnnru of tim petition
bud not paid their taxes wlthlu a year
Name the delinquents exclaimed Mr
Fleming excitedly
Well replied Mr Ahbett for your In
formntlon I racy airy that I refer to Dm J N
Qulmhy J H Vnndy J J Youlln and Mussrs
John Laity and James MeLnughlln
Dr Qulmby swears that ire has pntd Ills
taxes within tire prescribed time Insisted Mr
0 Tim collector denies that he has retorted
tine Corporation Comm l
Doimthnt prove Hint ho hnsnt 1 demanded
Mr rlnmlng In nn excited tone
If hH hug was tho reply let him produco
his rwoltitn
Toextxillto the matter Mr Fleming offered
to iuiibfitlttibn fly olirer citizen In iilncnof those
tiiwlmsn pllgiblllty excetitlon had beam taken
but tho I Con rh dneldnd that eufh n eon ran would
INI IrrngnlHr After somo further dlscusloii It
was arranged that toitltnnny should bo taken
tomorrow nftnrnnnn before Cnminlsslonor
John A Nugentto asoorlnln whnther thin lieu
petitioners objncled to linen paid their taxes
within H year and so nre competent to sign tire
Th V H Stenmtr Adam E ti > bllihlDK n
Canllnc NlutUn ni the Ooln Jlulce
PANAMA April 8Tino Star and Herald
says The United States Steamer Adams It IR
reported has formally established a coaling
station nt the Oolfit Duke and ns nn earnest of
the sincerity of the project flvo tons of con
have been deposited on shore There should
ho certain formalities attended to In the case
which appear to have been neglected Such
for Instance as the consent of Colombia Costa
Itlca to ono or other of which powers the terri
tory belong There Is a conflict between
Colombia nnd Costa Rica ns to tuo ownership
or certain lands bordering upon tho Golfs Duke
nail It Is Imposslhln to any nt present upon
whoso ooll the now coaling station IH situ
fled That It la not tine property or the
United States in nn Indliputahlo proposition
Whatever tire eondltlon of tho Thompson grant
at present whether nxplnd by limitation nr
still in existence it never ronferrml tine right
tn convoy H title tn any foreign Onvirnment
NeIther the 1nnnma Ilnllroad Company the
Canal Company tho Chlriqul Iniprovenient
Company or any other has had any mien prln
clpln recognized In tire concessions tlroy liao
waived but on tho contrary such a preten
nlon Is I iinphatlcally forbkldon Wo have no
knnwlmlgn of any arrangement botweeu tire
United States and Cnlombln giving the hornier
Inn right tn select nnd appropriate any portion
of the terrltnryof the Inttir for any purpose
whutmor No Information has boon furnished
HID Government of the State from Bogota upon
tho subject and the national Government niakiR
nn sDont of transactions of such Importance
Thrum wholn alTalr Is involved In mystery and wn
must await tbo explanation from Ynshiagton
Senator cBormld Mode of UUtrlbatloff tbe
Geneva Award
WASHINGTON April 12In the Senate today
the Geneva Award bill waa Infonuallj taken op to iillow
Mr McDonald Dem loiS who has to leare town to
duty to aneak UPQU IL Mr McD nalJ supported bit pro
jOMM fiibniluic lot ttie Ml reported ty the Committee
on the Judkiar The putxtltute make the first clisi of
elitma ihoje rr oHire iTem dmuwsby Conredemtecrul
Cr UM cott I cU fjjlm fort o Otr cent luldltioiml
liiterh t t nn rbinner award Uie tlitnl clue claims Inr rclm
liiir iiienti for war flake It nlfn allows Itittrvst at cii
lntead of four ir cent on judgment tienmlter ren
deed l He touti nJfil tint tli < anard unit i ts I a iintluiiril
Indeinnti eit rle < t by bit United ShAle at a nation
In m Ureat Hi itain ai R ttntion It wa not merely an
KHHrd tor itiiinuEes hut a titinUctlon of a national claim
Ilf ihmtLlit lint U iiitre Wee any unrplusof tie awnnt
alter the iayment ol the clulmt indicatid In lilt ttihfcti
tuifil nnitnutitedly Ulntiirtd lo the ncrnimnt and
fliould le turiKd UU Ihe lrea > ury The award woe lu
nit 4lo rnuieut a a dliifct the Uorernuivut of erect
Iteturoing Iloord Methods In Connecticut
Nonwicit Conn April 11 Preston is n
llaneh old Democratic town adjoining Korwieti on the
outh Lahtfall to the arprifte iif evcrbody llenrj A
Jewell a Republican candidate for Uie cluce of Select
man wa tleiUrtd elected over rmliuea Avery the
Democratic mmiinte tin Avery v ai deuutisflcd atlhe
Ume with the count but did not aik toco behind Cue re
turn lie ai inxlon tiowever to anceruln nor liii
own talUlACtiiu luther lie had been elected und 01
Nondaj i veiling l t at the Town ticrkorncc he had a
nrtiunl of the ballntA The hoxei wen opened and thur
TIUA toilnteil til I the prewnev ol a dfMMUonol Dennv
erAland iui ublltAn < and II vvailound tnt Ardr wa
rtally eiocrrd rip a malurlti ol four The neellni lirnk
up In con uilon and icittuii ut the Democrats oitnlv
arcn liir thu teublican ol i knovvinsly perietraui a
lrind r The tiuikilon U l ktlll an tiien HIM an to Mho hnll
receive its pat nor the MK month that the itepublcau
bat ecrued
UtwtIotng the Inrchnae or nonda
WASIZINOTON April 12Mr Chalmers Dora
UiiA lutroduced the following Joint re i > lutluii In the
IloulK today
WArrrai The reeent pnreha of United Stale bonds h >
the Secretary ol Uie TreA ur > have prtxluetd markid nnd
purtden Uuctuauou In tlie nock market of Mw York
HAffa The MCret matilplllaUon of rneh purrhapenU
calculated toesclu aufpicloh 11 i shock Jobbing In tin de
partment and to lirlntc iltcrrdll on the luivernnunt
r That ttthull beunlHuiul lur the isecreUry ol
thur Trenutr to purcham Ins bind lor tbe u4 ul the
Ijoyrrinint nr inc anv Mitkitnr unit vrlthout Cit tli ina
urtk1 noUcu bv publication ol Die timv cod Uee ol lion
clucee ana this exdct ainount ul bond to bo iurcha td
Ijynch IMMT In louUli
NEW ORLEANS April 12i Tucker colored
charted with the luurdtr of Abe Fraser lu 1870 was
uken Irom jull at UrteiiAtiur Kt Helena ParUh Sun
day moniiiu by nitcen men And sit bi death U u
mid Hint the IH i pic ul the purlin cuertllj coudemii hula
act ul lanleMiie
Two Terina Only fur Ircaldent
WASHINOTON April 12Mr OcJdca DemO
oi I Introduced a joint reolutii In the llou e todaj pro
poeuig a coniUluUoiiAl ami ndntent that no perinn khall
tie tlitibl to tn ortlce ut 1reaultnt lor wore Ulan two
A 1ollllcnl Opinion
From fA iutnnali Oininerriat
Tho nomination ol Grant would be Ito elec
tion of Tlldnu
The Hurntc uf the lluiluu Editor
It wa a llonton rdilor of tubiti red lujirt and brain
A ii alit lnniist bal the KO and vvill appt arini man
set opi nl > Hit bolll > 0111 tiiiiibci to Urunt und niaine
And did not ftetm tij laucy Uie machine coercive plan
Bo in bu i fllco chair he ant nnd ii rote And wrote and
Andnaid what many notion men were ready to ap
1 lAiul
hid m vtr should corruption take the nation by the
And luster itiuuld Kepublicana Bubtnlt to ronnie or fraud
lie spot uf all the hcaudal Just had shouted Sixty
And a ked iho e lloatoii men with many a wellcon
tiiht red vvtitd
Ai VAlunc ll ilr fnidum and the honnroftlie State
Vitit Lao uili urmf bchlud Ihiui could they ever
Und u lliudf
lie apoku MI very loudly that hli ipeech vai heard
ia l vi nd
Tin Chile r And ihu rniiitde ol tlio aohl itt i machine
TlioiiKh tilt rtllictt d Uiiil In the ulya ciacic pond
the muiKiiit t4 timt lone itt lurceJu I tA pldinl cuuld
Hut all Itli Koundlnii arrunicnti were rather huLa a ml
> eaiit
llccuuie they nero connccttd will an Inward quilt
lie i ill III never tine support to either Blalne or
LntIccumuitesurtcusuuu1eusiuc ucU Uta nomiua
ihurt Slier when tbe Umplrr which to clearly It fore
lltiuinei it luct and Grant put on a floe Imuenal
clown i
TliAt till llii ti > n editor n hlvi rln In I the cold
it Mh hut a clldi vvltli bu bruHuni to kick him round
the toW ti
AIK he vvill say when oneman rule has none r > eoml a
And u hen he packs lilt carpel ban and cmUrAtei lo
I wlrh Hint I had ailed half ci mutely ts I ipokcl I
I wllr iorii 1 tvi h 1 wUh lied auulhcr chance I1
ev n UK A MS
Wabash la lighted by four elcntrU
lamps which crc tasp ndednt a lifUlitol 100 feet
A drunken couple nt Saginaw siteim
look their little gIrl asol 7 along on a spree and finally
bait her Intoilcnlcd In the street
A llttlo boy ot llmncHton Iowa handed
himself becalM a baby sister received tlie ttlintloit lltil
bad rireTlcniy been bestowed on hluisclf
Ixttlo Guy of BJTIIOUSO whIstles for
money and It conies to her She Ires whUtlllu con
certs is young and looks pretty vvlth her lips buckcrcd
Iron performance sounds Mko n piccolo
A fireman on a Minnesota rallronil cn
dine climbed out on tlio t Hot at the risk of his life Ant
rescued a man who WAI Ijlni l on the tracka nuiiot
Striw which mischievous boys had placed there
A savage biilldojr broke his chain at
jIArrlsburtr Ta I run into A juvenile school and uro
cloinly attacked the tutto ulrK The mistress tmli i tin
pupils to stand on their deck and they did su hut not
before fourteen had been bitten
Lord Ilosobory In addItion to pajlntj
Mr Uladstones expeiiM whatever they nuar It for
MUlothUn contributed fil fno toward hue clciilun for
Foiillivrnrk nf Mr Cohe a rrcyaUe Hebrew larrltcr
who l n relative of L dv liixenery
Sir Frank Ilnrcklnurd tim naturalist ico
ommends it goAt being kept In ah Inrtte stihles tiemiiM il
will face flu and hnriwiwlll followlt lead I tntkrot
the frlcliUiil losses by fire In the Ilclilh avenue nod tlier
stables within llu past year this advice Is l timely
A farmer nt llocheslor Mo told lils
wlfo that 800 which they had saviit by man years o
Imidnisiry nut economy had teen stolen Me WAS tile
taken for within an hour he found the treasure ulnia
he had mislaid It but the wife haul already died of hcul
dlscft1 In eonvquence of the Ahnck
Mathow McKay of Oswcfjo N Y Ima
been boiherrd nt finding his clock Moped mornIng
lie had It exnmlneil but the repairer could find nollilnir
vron lie watched and discovered the fainllv iit to
lie the clinic of the mlmhlef Altracled ti I time tlekhcuf
the clock clue climbed un to the shelf pullid OHH ilia
door and mat cd the haiuU around the dial till It ti iiicL
A niannscript euppiibotl to have bent
written by Ht Ititcr tins lately been tllpcovertd iinn ni
the propertj of n roan anuird Here who died la l viirnt
Jeruullim It lie nge nl lr The stvto of tIme wrrk liai
led to the cnnrluolf n thnt It ii l authentic nnd ltl I ci mimi
Unit the Inndnn llihle Fiiclitv which Im rtepittilieil a
committee to the spot hasnnVrtd Ilorca heirs the siniiot
7IOIHU for its iio > < i iilon Tlie heIr however rcfii c 14
pArt with the manuscript tltouuh It seems prolmhh Umt
lucy will allow the ocicl > to rcrroiluce and transUtc it
Tine fifteen great Ainoilcuu Invuutlona
of worldwide loptloa ure I The cotton Kin t flia
iitnuiuimi inarhlne 3 The gnu mower and rcnptr 4
Tho rotary printlni press S Navigation by steain 0
The hot air onetime 7 The scwlnu machine K Tti
India rubber Industry O The machine manulActun of
hrr cslioes 10 The Band blast fur carvin II The
caste lathe U The grain elevator 13 Artinclil too
inaklni on a Inrce scale 14 The electric magnet an Its
lirActical applicallon 15 The composing machine for
printerA A Uteenth must be ndJed the teteliliune
Presbyterian clerjjyinon nro wanted In
Dakota Therhnlrmatl of a cointnlttee on supplies thus
defines the requirements The men wanted are such as
cnn prrach acccptatl to professional men uf decided
mark who arc omigueboua enough tn see wants and 01 nor >
tumtles And wine enough enlist men and means fur all
emergencies that cnn arl < e OrBsnliln and executive
ability are needed with scholarly culture and evanrhii
tic teal NoUitng U rail about salarle however
though the following Is a sentence In the ufllclal n Iver
tiseoient To such the richest rewards are at handli
successful labor Is a pleasure grand opportunities BUSS
IraUon and rapid results of effort put forth a compen
sation Address the Rev fl O Lyon St rani inn
Tire Emperor William has been four
times attacked by Sedeker In IB13 by Bekkerln iAuil 1
byllocdilln IRTHandby Nettling hi the atmileycar Vuw
the Emperor Hllllsin whoM system of drill his created
belter marksmen than the rrench 3has been tulle
wounded Then the other sovereigns ufKurope have tU
lisd to pass through the lire ard the Duke of 1armn And
Trince Michael uf Rervta have really been sacrltlrrd
while strsnice to say ai If it was as much hatred of
authority as royalty that guides the assnsslna hnnd
we have as many Attempts acninut Presidents of repub
lics and All have been successful Thus Abrsham Lin
coln of the United fitates Sail of Peru Morales ol Ilo
lucia Oarcla Morcua of Ecuador and dill of rarneuay
have all been tnurdcrel wlllilnthe last flftecn ears
Of the flvo daughters of Queen Victoria
tbe 1rlncess Beatrice the youngest will soon have re
mained the longest unmarried The Crown Princess of
Germany married at 18 Uie Isle rrlneesa Alice of Hcsia
was married when she was It the Princessllelenn mar
ried atao the Prlncem Loune who had until thai lima
remained longest single when she married the Marquis
of tonic was about the same one that her young itla t
Is that is 23 It Is natural enough that there sliouH b <
Cosslp and rumor about the wedded fate of the last of
the quintet Romance has not been absent from thus
stories told about her but the ninth seems to be that time
Princess hue chtuien up to this time to be the cooS Unta
and companion ol her molhrr lie Quten rather thnn to
leave Mnlsor Balmoral and Oshorlio vvlthoat auuy of
Uie daufhtersfcf widowed monarch
In Spain a man of wide symnathlpi Is
generally called a man wlUi two hearts list it b > no
brine follows that a man with two hearts is I a mm of
erie sympathies A Spanish easnnt lUlntt In IFie vl
clnlty of Madrid In a pettv quarrel killed an szfd
woman and would have murdered her daughter ohio
bout not hue latter succeeded In making htr t M ipe
Thinking himself robbed of n great pleasure by Uie itrls
cucIpe h revenged hlnnwlf ii l > rereatedl stiLluntli <
corpse uf the mother Mngntsrly enouuh rcmnrtt
pro ed so quickly uprn hit mind that he lmmcdiitly
hanged himself Hut the rope broke and he would mall
probability have survived his attempt at suicl Ii bad
he not broken his skull in the falL On a post mortem ex
amlnallon the man was found to have two hearts Intesl
of one both belnic of regular size and presentiiiff tove
cutlarity many kind
A St Petersburg correspondent of tha
Paris rWMir writes underutuhe of arch 17 Ihatextraor
diiiAry efforts are being made to hush up a recent in ur
rence In the pAlace About 5 ocluck lu bite inornuu n
the story n UhF a confidt ntial srvantuf the Cur 11 I arJ a
cry nor help and thought he recognUed the Czars voice
lie Instantly sleped Into Ihe linKrlal UJrofm The
Cur had been sutferlnic from nluhtntare not an uitrom
atoll thing with him nowadnvs II St TeUrsburi rumor
Is to he believed Startled but not thoroughly awukrntd
b > this oreiitng of the door he sprang up nelz < d inC of
the revenuer he alwayaktepsbyhlsbedslde I umh Area
The servant dropped to the carpet seriotiM If nit ratilly
wuamled Of course the sharp crACk ot the Isot shot
brought all the guards In that part uf the paUc running
to the spot The official version of the story is I thmat thud
rervant was cleaning the Czar revolvtr and acci
dentally shot him a lb
Tlioio are many people who trot OKiinsl
the laws delays but very few it Is to be hoped would
resort to such a summary Tidy of ibUlnlni Justice J ii hull
been taken by Mme Hohvns the wile of a Belgian Slier
who has her two or three yritru IHCII pleading ion A > rpa
ration from her hush lid Hudinc that there wsi nt
prospect of At early decision In her lavor shu lnlirrl
one of her friends to put himself In communication mill
Alenclng master at Lille who advertised In time imrui
leper I and arrange with him to neck a quarrel null Itr I
huttiMikt and run him through Tho tenciiitf master duG
Ii pear to have been read to champion cay cntiv or
hKh lie wit Hell pal was irlten KX franc o IC
count and d ic ipatchid to Vprta where the hii 4iiiit I il
quartered hi vine rrcrhrd in I tint he tmtructioni i A ts
idiuiifjr him and lick a quarrel Unfortunately IK I < S
ly forlitylnir till courage with Irons wau rt at a r i to
the tuw n and linbibcl b them M > lrceiy then he I i ci
command ocr his tonjrnr confiding to a Irlfnl till
m hitter the errand upon which he hud come Tin 510 >
WAS at nee Informed of n lust WAI In itfirt1 for hi I
had hilt wunld be aJtercftr arrested HIM atu i1 t W i
tho further arnst of Mine Uotoii and her frittit I IC t >
have born tn nti need to u uiititt linprlsonnu lit ttnl
tlicfriuiu nm tor having ill tnnd tliut he im i r ni
tiloim to nctipt time riward and not to fljitd i U ll
neil lit the tiibunal lcforf which tlie cute a u tr
If wo nmy ncLopl thin RtatoimMit ml Al
lent lolir the well knoun contril utortoth lar I i S
lIt in ac lit 1rlncu Dfinidod is h a t try Intiri u 4f <
tick r Afli r ito Itoh been lor sour uarnthe ra il f
cntitut furUlan cut C ha Iarti wm > Pt i rOil h I > D u iii
thai Ihe Prince who MJI Itot rejnrtlnl iix aii I mm
man wa itbonl to tuk < a tulme and Iwltau lan 111
u ti t > no inrani ilf njrratt I In hot e when he u ai I Ci
hnteididb > aUriii tin IuiKt t nnd tnftlun > <
nt bier iheathi in INH Allen tital outhit ito rtlurni I till v <
eec ie i > r Ilia I earl > riUhtpntmn but to urme I t iihi t lul 4i
lirrnt hie The whilom dund tiiDlltttt to > tiie I I 1J i
and tmk nn hud as tn litinrj urn me imitteeb l u I uiuZ
i xquhiklj AipiUiUd CHirlMtis he wai loir h sir U
iMiimhiK and itir Cotam ul Stir Jicxr > Iluli Am > u Oh
4 > vifMdiiHd at luiir frnnc < all MI htiiinaa fut n l
tItmO rx n < e4iUireateiI his cliHiitu n a IncrfaKd I I I
dlitributin tluin lilt wile HanlNts in itO > ii
tvMvliiinrinor nriitr that he rn n led in tu lie x il
ti place nfi in liitneni lur JiliirU and un hi u I >
lie ncter < ill < d tn bott hit Knor hduio tin iii tin
rnncemi whicli dfcnMti the era il etinmi < ft I
rter rnlnull > lilened Iht inu ntr mi I h mi < ri u i
he retnriud In untie turn e lit quiet Iii bib li u K Id
t > tuih iuarrlt luain H Hut HUM tn iiitU mil l
he had uirti dtU to hit mtt rulih a burl it > t
be tins i nipli ed In emu tctnu thu uihtdiAl i
mie tthUh wai l > epnn b tht Mullen not u
Ktornilf hi Inn limit iinkrn to iciur I hnil tlir c
it IshlnU I that Hit mint sour of hH i briar RI I
a urai It l lu a incuiur lime to hu mciluu ie
nnniet tor thin work innknitirh aihir te 15 ii
mine illicit no large U niutnttiii The Trim tf
hut nil hmir tcumt > Cit r u irj rrinrl ii pou I
HI nunliitl operations > Uinand < rom linn c < umo
attention trine nn si iiiimisChi 1 a aslu ai ii
otUiiala and atcenU all over Lurui
I ill

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