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t TfJ J Jt r 1 tr r
i svitnrnx AIKIXIIKU THUtxn now
in nwxii nut IHUIILII CAI > KT
The Vnnlh lory Inilirnchrd Wtij tliei IInr
genii IlilitUa he nils Miammlni Insensl
lillllr An lUprrli llrlrrtlt null an
Asslslnnl lIUIilcl Allorney nt AVorU
The testimony of tho siirROon of tho post
as to Ids oxperlenco with tho colored cadet on
tho mornlni of tho nllenod otitrnco nt West
Point was beuun yesterday Thoso who bcllevo
that Cadet Whlttnker wounded himself mo
counted uu this testimony an FUfttnlnlng their
vluw Assistant United Slates District Attorney
Ilero snt apart I from tho inombum of thu military
tary court In front ol Iho croup formod by all
the ladles of the 10st who corao regularly every
day nnd the nrmy officers who spend their
IJIo liiiuri thure Unforo any testimony wns I
takeu tho mcmborn of tho court Inspected tho
i > liieplnu nparttnflnt ot Cadet Whlltnker Tho
first witness culled was Alexander Piper Major
fourth Unitud Stales Artillery nnd Assistant
Instructor of Artillery Tactics Major Piper
was officer of Iho tiny when thu assault was Ii
covered Tlio Major went to thn cadets room
nnd KIIW HID colored mnn lylnc apparently In a
faint Thu witness sent an orderly for the siir
wonn Hu did not know whether ho ordered
Cadet liurnetttncut Whlltnkern bands or not
In fact hu desired to explain that owlnt to HID
ihoeklnc naturnnf tha circumstances hit recol
icctlonsllroladlstlnct The witness orilcruil the
commandant notified Ho Bent for cadets from
rooms near by to couio Iu as witnesses
Lylnc about tho cadets room wero pieces of
burnt pnp < r locks of hair and an Indian club
Witness thinks ho wns the first to pick up Ilm
club There wns n Illtlo blood on somoot thu
fiistenlnts Tho 3Inor picked up tho bits of
hurl paper all but oneof which seemod to him
to bu portions of the llets upon which reliefs
nro kept Thn odtl pieen was n leaf from n
Jllhlrt Ther was liquid on th floor nud thu
witness thoucht it infcht bo keroseuu
bv means ot which nn nttempt was
made to hurl the floor or to I roast Sir I
hlttnlfrs feet I Th witness found how
ever lIt the liquid had no smell nnd to tho
touh I uceiiiHd llo IJM water TheBiiryeoncniun
felt the b nnd lemnrked 1 that
t1 paintH pulse In < 1llr Ihll It
was stronir The purteon spent some Ill time
examlnlnu Whiltiikrseycs lletben exniiilned
tlm cailntH head and just thun Hi wniinded
man said Oh dont cut mencnln The wlt
ncrss Idea wits tlmt thn youim lan wns I tlyhm
nnd that hu mlubt ray roinutlilni tlmt would
IIII to th discovery of lh assailants Wit
mau 1 1 m i lit tli nt it UMI irlinn Ihi nnnimnnilHlif
nl llnlL1 1111 i hlo nllnlllll
enterid HIM room tlmt t tho surcoon iii
la nnt hurt so much
Com snld thesurcconor tho command
nntnr both speak luKshnrply to thncndet cet
up you arc not Imrt Bnmnch The cadet did
net uti arid walked i er to tho wnsh Miinil
Somelmdy who had picked up I knlfo showed
I to Whittaker who said hn did not roIII7e
it WhlttikerHald ho kept bin own knife In thu
tnbliMlritWiT but when kor1 I witness opened thn
tiilile driiwer to look for it Whlltiiker announced
that the Unlit ho hud not rucocnlzcd was his
nl1 ul
Mv first impression snld Iho Mnjor In
ronclusinn was tlmt Cndet Whltlnker had
ben brutally attacked nnd benten Intenslblu <
Put whin his wnunds prmed to be very xllcht
l I t
I lnlleved 1 thnt hn had been cowed nnd Imd
clven up without resistance I now think tho
ntink was mado by persons other than him
Recorder Senrs compared Wblttakors Bible
with a cnmplet one nnd showed tbnt the
duleis Bbl hud lost IIB lust pace Ono of tho
fMtiiunts of tmrned paper was proved to bu a
tioitton of this same leaf Superintendent
OmlT inployd us an expert In ehlroirrnphy
reported process in tha ntt rnoon He Mild
Hint nf the thirtyone samples of writing
handed to him none resembled the hnnd
wrltlnirnf thennonyiiiouo not of wnrnliu to
Mr 1 AilitaU whnseaiithorvhlp hn is to try to
discover It Is bellnved Hint nnionc the sani
rlcr 1lh18 chIII1 wn the cimn of
tb ticnninnshlp of Lmils Simpson Vhlit > ikr
Iriind who went tn Wn hinirton suddenly I ist
wiik A d > tectlvo Is anld to havu conu nitur
otuelo lao
himCharles < Ion
Charles T Alexnndur the Post Surceon n
man nf mlddln ace wllh n cleir eye and confi
dent ton of vole clad In full rctlmentiils niter
Irlnt snorn tiStlflnd tlmt he hurried tn CaUK
Whlttakerrt ronm nffr theiscoiry that nn
outrnie Imd bcn commlttid nnd lotind lh
colored yriiiih lying In thaoion tin floor
in his untfhlit and drawn but not with his
Imndsand tottiid Tlm
Illnl 1111 Th1lllllc > > bad ben tit
I tioc UP nun bund i 1 Hi xiiruinn
and found that his puls wis full and regular
A Hi am time I cot an idea of I ills pltii
looked nt hfi < cxprHSplnu iituined his V
nnd shoo hint n little calllnu him Mr Whli
tiifter In1 1 alterwird speauim to him nirniu
He was iirnusdsuniliitiy tn I pny Pleasi dont
cut me nuiitii 1 Iiml HIII hlnoil 1 on Ms
plllrw fiiii litid nnd shirt I evimlnd his
fie id 1 carefully nnd fnw nn rnsnn MhHhic I unit
h wt 0 nsilisllil i AIII tlmt Ihl londcainii
from his Xtnnil ars 1 said tlm Ihl patient
niiiled nn initpidliHH nndical nltniion hiid
wnnt down cttlrs th mt icnHchnnild 111 I
th Cltniimiidniit Col Luzll nnd told him tlmt
Mr WhlttnUer iippnicd to ll ft luninc ln iii l
bihty I went with Col 1 LlZlln to I 3Ir Wliittn
kerHsld andasknii thncidHt tol lus uhat Imd
fiar > ineil I aln shoo nun lie invok with
prf ct nnd compleln ftenslhility and snld tlmt
m ttntk Imd been made upon him durinuthu
nuiithy thr1 mn In masks
TlnlOtor snld that in Mr Whlttnkers tmr
r itivc he was partirtil rh struck hv the expres
sion Iits mark him saldtolmv limn used I
by or tlm nssailantp When
lie n sllllll Whul aflTward hn
iiskid VVhttlnkur In repent thn htorvilio cadet
rI t thncxprusslou tho wordb Like thuy
do down lllre
After my tnlllnc him to cet IIP nnd net like
n man Kitld thu surgeon he did uetnpnntl
wnsh liimsclf I dressed bis wounds and
frunt him to thn hoBpllal In the hosnltnl
I told him hn had mls ed hoplnl
laol t nnil asked him whether ho want d
any Husild Imdld nnd 1 nrd rcd It for inm
I told him lie WIIR not badly hurt nnd I exetisid
Inm dtitlis from hU mllltarybut not from Inaacademic
Thu Biirccon snld thnt Whlltnkers pulse wns
that of I heiilthy mnn in nn undlbturhcd con
dition Such I Mruntl I MS Im dcscrlbid would
have nfT > cted bin puts Tlm suruion was
asked whether ho was not himself nxeited H
sild h wns not HH lound Whlttakern nvelid
closed whrcasi wiien there him been couciis
MOt 11 the brnln hu nylidii urn imitly 0118 open
nd tlm pupils contracted < Itoullr resist
mice was oiTcred by Whlttnker when I Hmsur
uenii tried to open his eve Vlun opiiiHilth ny
was nitum I and responded 1 freelr to tho action of
the liclit Tlinsurceon < lilted his arm It moved
fieiy ThntHinpiraturnof HID skin was nor
mal thiru WIH no appearance of pallor or of
bmidiizd when nwakinerl no eomplnint of
PII ni no evidence of blows sltcht or severe
nbniit thu hei I or fncH In net hero was
nnHiint nhnut Whitnkcrs physienleonditirin to
indicate sueli an nxturienw as was flULfoted
by liissurroiindliiis In his room 8ulle
I wissiriicK by IIIH bunsIM natural npp nr
nnco said the sureeon When iiuikun > d hn
didnt VIICTII > is if returninc irom lusenniblnty
h Imd no nausea no vimitiin nouti of tho
usual symptoms of thnt condition
Tim surgeon dmhrlbod liiuiilers Injuile
in n feiv phrases Tlm cut < m Io iiynt ear win
hui > rllilal Im paid It lidnl prfnrat the
I h and wns not an efirhth nl an iiih di 1 > np
Uhililtnar describid liyCniiurffHiin1 nn Imv
Incbuencut off wns cut thn surgeon Mini
111 lt ol 11111 SUrl011 III so
n tn remoM as little ns you could re
mote and remove ntiy Tho eut ncros
the hack of the lilt hand Im tail nns
r Hiitiirflcml liidemland there werelwfi
MTI oliBlit cutson onn IlltlntO Thn sllri0li
could not say with wlmt in < tiunient tlm injiirliii
wern 1111111 Ihouflit thnv mluht lm himi
iloiiDuith a sharp f > iiiiln Wide U could have
1 diinn with tti knife mind on lh floor uf I
ili Iltdoih room There wns no hlood nn tho
ciili ts dps imd no slcn that his no < hail been
wiiinled IT 111111 lilncilinir Thn siirueoi
IJ ur11
dd I nnt sue how Whlttikcr nosu coiiltl havn
hied without tlifin bin hlondy Thu stir
hlI l
ceon pun tlmt all tlm blood was dry except on
the MHrs whcr theie w is n Hill Irritation s
PHi illy when tlm wounds were drissfil I The
bioo i had ceastd tn flow from tlin < wounds Thn
blood mmhl hme ruuilmd tins inmlitKni in two
or tun hours alter tho lniiiri > > wrn rec > ive I
Ir t laps n I H time Tlm sur eoii said Im
mil not iiKcnbn Vhlttakiirf > condition on that
mnriiini lo Huyilnnu but fear If lh story he
tid iis true Hn said that thn colored man
tll bun Iwo stnrles about thn lookmillas
tint was found In his room
In th afternoon imh ol the 300 cadets wern
CIVHIIHsentence m write in which unknown
to them werTirils which nppKiir In Ilm nt
of wnriiini lo Whiunkir ThSu sentences wern
jrlvyi ioSup rintendentQayler who took them
to New York mid will report In inlay or two
whether nny of tho wrliliiu corrc poudis with
ln wrltlnu In Ilm notxot uarnlni
nASiiiNOTox April 13At tinUibln < > t meet t
Ini indin1 tliTH wan I i noiiiihat protracted
illsnu < > inn on hit West Point nuinii llnl tlm
lfrll sunttmniit wns Hint Cidnt VliltinUcr I
iiiuid II I
rprcbHnteil hy cntniHcl iMforn tlm
liiHrd of Inquiry now slttlnir and that tlm Uov
frnmont should provide nmnris for HU imiuir
proyll mIIIS IIir
Illb llnVMI < rntlonolthttaffair It 11 d cdd 1 1
tbatthe I DopHrtment nf Justice ahoull detail 1
I Ine of f 11 oincerH to be present at lh Invrsllun j
ovDI8tht Attornny Jlnrlln J Towniondol
ow Zuk wm bo tMlantid t U dUt ownlold
i 1 i I
John nhcrmnn Mclhml nf Crlllnxnt IhoTnx
nn Hiiuni DvniMiiH oil
Nearly nil of tlio lenlliij Importers
wholesalers and rellncrs of sutfnrot tills city
attended I tuentlni ot those who IIP In fnnr ot
tin1 memorial Hint has birn
mpmolnl presented In Con
croHs nshlii for I sincine duly on Buuur In
Masonic Hall lust ovonlne Judco McAilnm ot
tho Mm inn Court piesldcd At Ills sldo
In tliu presidential nrmclmlr Juilco Me
AIm linum resigned It to tliu von
ernblo philanthropist ant Peter Cooper
Bertcunl WestciMlt iiml n Mroni detail of
tliu Thirtieth struut pollco wcreninonethuiipeo 0
tators expectant of tlio stormyficencs that ninila
tlin list nioctlnuof thosu who favor n chnncn
In tliu rxtstlnu mode o colli Mini tho ruMtiuu
from sunnr In Jnnflin 1 Hli memorable
tiriin Me iliiin sild Unit the nlijictnf tlio imet
111 was lo I obtain mi expression of tlinpublin
seiitliuttit aKnlnt thn Injustice of thu sxstom
of rollrtiiltiu tun lull lent tariff nciordlnj to
siimplos takiii on III ptlvatu dunks of faxored
firms IIH elilil r ul1 was hopeii would ho
InlI woulil
thn ootivlnclnt ot Comres that I Is blub time
to mid tin immnpnlvnf the suuur trade injnved
by tlm fnxornd fmv nt ilin expense of their ovor
lavid follow iouitlr inii mill their delruuiled
oountn The rciiiiiy lir nilsLrnt ei 11 would
bo found In u simple tnrilT
public IH docks 1 ludisorliiiiiintciv applied upon thi
Mr Wnlson V Mourn said that thirty pros
PCIOIIS suirnr rellnliii linn1 have linen driven
Into liankiuptey mid th Government tins been
swindled nut of fully t > t OOIUX vlthln tint
pnst I tiii years tlirouuh the dishonesty of thu
Monopolists Hint nnd collusive Internment
Inpeitnr At thu ln lniio of this lilnu thu
wnrlhle s pohu Neopi mid thu practice of
niiikltu Inspections I on prhnt dols eamn Into
OUIH Thiwn means nf Hwlndllm In tlmeon
tnil nf dshniiH Inspector lm assured tollin
Klnc vlitnullv th monopoly of tln < sucar Iraflln
this eouiitn Not content with an enormous
prollt upon Inrc1 of suirnr uradcd to suit
them by co > plalsnm Inspectors HID rlncmen
adulterate to 11 iinpdlliiictint I
Mr inlortli l Moulton followed nnd then Mr
Lnwsnn N Fuller spnKo John Shurinnn he
paid I outlit to I Impeached bioilHii Im Im
po < i > d thu iioliiriMopn upon the sueiir trndo
wlliout aiithorny oh > r than IIIH own nnd tu I >
cans IIK IM I iiviiri > of thiMil < us of It 1 l dlMion
i1 I iii9pi tor liutdoi not Mop I Ilu imlnr
NfopH Is I pfiillir instrumiiit An Innifior
cin MI I > almost nny iolor nnd iiin iiiiiMitly
unid1 nf Hiiiriir thronuh It I If I mari > lloiii < how
iiinnv ln iii > ciiirniir < colnrbllnit I th npr
mnlntlMof I ISmii Him iiuto H JliW or I fl 000
Illl nt the O > T iiml I of III t IM linciopo nml li
ran w ll aHoid to do this Inv uixo I lull color
lillnilncM on tin of the Inspivtor
hlntl part Ir 111 may cai
tin1 llrm that lie r > priints I cint or two Ir t
pound of lit on I iariro cnutulnlni many
tlioui > nnil < > of pounds tin ln plor Htraluht
wny ii > lntiMil of tlfiliMr Unlit suirar uiidfr
lncpi1iloii a dark mola iitiiratiid
11 IOllol I IIrk hiiunr
HHV pluuse ril uruUos lower In thu scale of duty Ap
atunuEttixa v < irn 1 ClEr0
now Air llntcbliiiait nf Iliindnciltm na A
onlnI d
n TIaDo K lias April 13 rerloy I
Hutchinson Ima been u nsidint nil hl llf
nf this iulshborhood Ho was n bachelor
65 ynrs of 110 nnd he had attained Bonn
wenllh ns the owner of ix mill whero wood turn
Incwns done extensively Tho nolchbuihood
It I not thickly ltd but this tnornint n lire
wns discoverid In Ilntchlnsons shop Home
of tlio neighbors cnlni < to the rescue dis
covered ovideut tree of an Incendiary for i
I wns plain that n flro had bor
kindled In n pit of damp Bhnvlnizs
whoro It was smoulitorlnc Boon ICtr one of
the nelchbors found the body of Hutehltifcon
coinia Ifil under I P1 of bau Tin throat had
bcn eut from ir to enr and the lund hinl lntu
ttinnsliiil In III pucliitliool and ki > > i > wrJ
mIAsl i < Hoon aftirth body IIA fouiil I fin >
hrk out In HutchliiOirn lioim1 whlli WHS
01011 WlillHii biiritiu 10 blnir rIII I
frn thf hOI I drawer fell flit ami in th
drawer a lin roll of ittttlonal bunk 1011 wr
found tRsetlnr with forcnl linrlrt ritF rllkb
showed larie balauies to Iliueliin4 ii ermiii
TliH uie in the hou H WI tis f < 1111111 > 1 > t but
papers werrt found Mren ivt I n the road NT
home il tance and I Mitfh mrirl was found
whleh eiilentlv bloued 10 tti person who
eoimnltted tlin dee Tin uiiard Imr thu name
of the ownir tint thu olllei rs will no dlsflnio It
Hutehln on was an tjctentrif ehnra Ter seldom
froirii to tin village IIu remained at lixini
while his attended ihpoiitsdi lni
whl partner 111111 to 11 olt I > i
nep whl Ii vrnKQiiiii1 Inriri H freniiMitly wn
kiiWU to ct up In lh iilulit and 40 t irk
and tin1 theory Is that In1 MIS either irnlntoiu to
tlii shop or beliic enti wl iher l as nnt
bv a bailants and iniinbTed Iliep me I
irietH of hls belllC llrUCed K mil lllatlllliH
Inuard and into the fni Til landloril
of C III vllliiLe linlel reniCliibrs siiripleloiih eliar
neters Ktoppini < II his hiifi who wnl out
durnirtn eviiiliirand 111111 I rtuin OJC f
thtin wa 1 niLro but it I ax tuie been prmeil
that th iiiui wn jinploye I I litjlni tarred
paper outheiorf of a I new mill building near
the vibaue Oilier Miiii < ionrt Iliaraeters liaxo
he n seen in the nulchborhond and all day par
ties hue ii en hoourlnc the emintry here
aboiite Tomorrow morning n larte scontini
piiiyulll inkH up tint MMrch nnd th Select
11 of the tmvn will olTeri n reward Ilulelun
MHIH p inner Mr 1 Howe has been absent for a
Jew weeks in Ilon IIL
The Cntlrse TSntr ZSiill CiimpnlEn Ilrcitn
Col le nli lmllcl Irlll
I rntrnl oflhe Clliti
Up to Apt 1113 four of the Colloso Club base
ball toiins had tnkon the Held In practice cames
a alnbtprofesional nines preparatory to open
Inu thoColltw Club champion contest In May
Tlio Brown University nine beirnn ihuseivon
bvcolnc to Washington to test their Ktrencth
nualnrtthn Nationals of thnt city and though
aided by their professional pitcher Itichtcond
they were defeated by n score ot 7104 Tho
next ilny they ulnicd acaln Itlchtnond only
pitihlni In two inniiics and were nhuuied by
is to 4 TIIU > then went to linlilmore wliern
with Greene of Hi loed eollcj nine pltehlnii
ttliiy wem defeifd by Ji to 4 This Ilt > anie
wan playeii on Ainil 1 1 Last Saturday they
teRtiM their hklll aiMinttin professional leun
of WorM and IhoULh nsslcteil by Illih
mondthey er defeated 111 score of 11 toll
NicholH iiiftilui for tha Woree ters ho the
lirowns reiurneil homeaverv budy whipped
parly tlmir defeats beini doubly discreditable
professional from thl net player nf I tneir usmii the bervices of a
TliM Prmctin IOCB nln hun thflr r
fecHionil prm tien LunuS on Apill 3 when they
defeated lbS < inthwarl nin Ironilliiladelphhi
by 6 to 1 1 On API 11 7 tlio Princetons Iiml a elose 1
eonte > t with tint Philadelphia Athhties under
Fulmirs eatitamey thoeolioiH ulii loslni by
J to 3 only Un the Kith th entliirlans defented
thu Athletic bvlltol I This rteik tim Prince
tons ui > to Philadelphia to plav n match on
Tliurntlay with the 1nriniylMiula Uulverxity
nine mid on Irltliiy they plivthelafaveiteCol
le I e nil in 1 < lon returnuu homo to Pilnco
ton to il iy tno V Hesters on Saturdai
Tie rl i fCilleu iiinnbKin plu at Hamil
ton ParL New Ilavn on April 7 whure they
von I iiiieworlhv VItoV mr thu UorccsPT
nine ty I 1110 7 and tliu IIarirds biui their
profehsional practicii uamea on April I at
1 oree ter where they were defintod by thu
tnoisionaln bv 1 toS On Saturdiiy they met
ii 1 HiKiuiiM at lloston nud thu tuna they wuru
bentiii bv JJ to Id
Th Dartmouth CollcKn nlno opened play in n
miith with tlin Unstoii on the llith < and were
uixily ilefeitted Tho Amheiit LolliUO liino
him not jet entered l the fluid nsmiut profus
On hntnriliy thl Union Colleyn nlnnof Hclie
neeliidj I VII visit Tro > to tar the I < enuue pro
fiml maisil t that eiiy
Tim Trimly Culltcn nlno of t Hartfonl will
meet tIIM Woreestorsat Hartford on Ilidaynext
Ihn VorcectTS iilntlnu thnlr bucoud inmo
with Yalo ul New Havuii todiy
MISS u viti KKiviiLi xa
The Ornnt Men irUIni u llullclnilnr U
be AEalntt tlio AntlI hlril Tcrmrri
ST Louis April lllTho Itopubllcan
State OinviiilUm of Missouri which assem
bliH al Hedaliu tomorrow will probably In
ftruct for Grant in thn nmelilnndurlnK tliupnut
Vk has worked 1 iierfectly and a majority of
the members of Ihn Coinention llcunid prom
inently in polities diirlnu CirintV last term
The method adopted by tliu Grunt mnn in
thu IISH of hHiilrt ot neurons In the illfTerent
wardi Inst iilulil to Buiurn the St Louis del
itluiiH wan hoinHliini mixer beforu ceen to
silcli an eiieut In Itepubluan politics in Mis
souri and thodelecatioiih declared eleted urn
eompoMd almost exltislxely of Mrikerx of
Iliiev th leader her of tluiOrant ptity In
olie nihtiinrex HIM quarrel ns ho tlicii thtt
n iminnlioiiH 1101 i posiiioneil until toilav but
lh bulldozlnu taclleh hao prexailed The
KxeeutlV Coinniltleii of HIM nnllThlrd Term
party IniVH now received Inlormntlon of full
leiiitlon from twentynliif States to Im prea
ent nero at thf Convention of May 6 That that
Convention will ba n body to havu nn eflecl up
on n tionaipoUtlc in cousldtred uiured
SO3IK Lincrr InitsoxAt TATK TO TUB
1V1 h h Hitf Mi Klnsillu la Opposed tn Ml
Tlldenliliii Kelly Irl vnln nrinliielti
nt Illrpy on the Division In tin 1nrly
Tho ineptliiKT of tlio Uomocrntlc General
ComnilUeo In llrooklyn last ulclit wns on
llvennd by lluch McIiiiiRlillnfl replies to nt
tncks upon hill innnnuuinent of tha Domocrntlo
party In Klncs County mndo Thomas Kin
Knlln Tho delecntes henstoforo chosen to tho
Stutn Convention said Mr Mclauihllii nc
eordlni to my critic wero better biiltoj to
ono of two plnccf thu hluh school or
tho tienltcntlnry Ho lins controlled to u
Croat extent this organization nnd repre
sented It in ovorv Convention ns far back
ns tho flrceloy cnmpnKti Previous to thntthts
orunnlzntton sent htm to ConKruss where ho
served ono term nnd then voted for tho bnok
tmy urnb When hu retnrnod his nnmo was
denounced on every street t corner Through
hympathy this orirnnfratlon sent him to tho
State Convention which refused tondmlt him
nnd when hU nnmo becnmn n steneh In thu
nostrils of noclcty enme nRaln lo his support
He HpenkH of corruption nnd fraud The llrst
fraud I kimw of win perpetrated by till Kniile
npnn HIM Hoard of SupeivlHors whieli made It
refund what It had taken from tho county
Tim Kagtf would not bn in this community to
tlav If It had not been I for the sympathy of this
orianli3n To ulvn slnndlni to Klnsulln
when he iiecded I It hi wns sent to tlioNntlonnl
Convontlon and In my sympathy for my fellow
liilnir when hn iretx I Into dlfllculty I would
probably uo nnd vote for f him imaln Homo
cv iilni In refponso to n chalMnue from Mr
Klnelli I would like to meet him here nnd dis
cuss thcHH mutters Doth of us urn pretty well
posted I will nuree to tell what I know and I
know hn Is malignant to toll what ho knows
Ilotnit 1urer said thnt he could not tell
whether the nuarrel between Mr Kliifielln nnd
Mr iriaiiniiiui wax or wa not iiuoui n rresi I
dcntlnl caiidldiitn Whalevct wns donn now
should be In thu Interest of peace harmony
conciliation lln should like to him n dls
ciiFslon as to thn merits claims nvnllnhllity I
and chanoesot election of thosn distinguished
ceiitleiuen announced us Presidential cnudl
ilniiH so that some conclusion nilKhtb f reached
nstotliuMnilment ol tlncomniitti Seymour
HaMinl Pnlmer and Tlldeu were nnmed as
Demorntle candidates Any one of these ex
cept Mr Tlldcn lintliotiulit could bn electeil
He nlTeiid lo 1 > ln his reasons why he thought
Mr Tllden eould not bn elected
Mr Mcf iiiulilln jumped Ills feet nnd snld
that that was not n proper subiectlo discuss In
olllclal sissloti but If tliu iiuntlumnn deslrud
dehatliu soejity iitluht bn ononcd lor him
Mr Kurey remnlned on Ills feet and irhl tils
speech was nt th cllsimhal of the coniiilttee
A tiotlnn tn ndjourn was put and earrled but
In tin confusion it Will not enforced as Mr
MrljmuMIn at that moment roso to hl < IwI
nnd hLah to speak nualu amilnet Mr Furuya
KAieiiihlvnian Tlchn oftereil resolutions
ilciiaiinuthat It was ehsiiitial to pucefs nnd
barnionv that tin nomlneu of Ihi Cincinnati
Cniiventon nhould lia one upon whom thn en
ttfrn Ptrty cniilil unllo and that the dflecntes to
the Stain Cnmeiitioii should en unplodil
Thi resolution was promptly tabloj Mr Me
Llimlilln votlnc to that end
Now said Mr MiLaiuliHn to the secre
tary write as I dictate ILtiuuhlPrl
The fnl nwlnu wns then dictated by Mr M c
Ia 111111 In
ItiJtft f Hint the rrpre etilnties of Ihe Ilemoernlic
Prtrtv ot kucs Count In the Mute Cnincntiti he I re
quisled to ert ns their IreiliccMors lime ncttdln pre I
nis eomeiitlons m the Interests of the Ueinocrntlc
piru Micctsi
Mr Melnmhlln crowlnc oTelteil I nccmed
lIh1 1urer of itislitliii upon following John
Kelly ol Nov York nnd upon throwlui llru
brnntl Intiitbn pnrty
Mr FuriV said thnt they must not shut thnlr
ejes to IhO rI1 f Hint there W its n serious ilUlslon
In the DimoTitl imity On IIlIn HIH there
wim SiiiHH1 1 Tllleti VtiplHii l On thO
oilier lucre was Amnsa J Pni I rI Cornlni
Mr Moak Auiii tiiHi > iell niVl 1 nthTn whnhild
led the DeinncrHts on to lclory before He did
not ntproe of whlll John Kelly had done but
Meiitnnlhs nf Ihi pnlitlclniih of thn day vrcru
as slippery as tin1 Imttnui nf a raen iMnt There
WITH nt least 23000 voters In this Stutn who
would not votn or a certain cntumannnd
tlmt wn enouch tn IO < H the clictlon
Mr 1 Melntichlln The gentleman hns i shown
n disease nnnie u cure now Who is I your can
Mr lIrI havent nny candidate Any nno
of thu distinguished centlimn mcntloneii who
eim he ehclcd Is I my eandidnl I will work for
Samuel J Tlldvn bUll will not warm to nn Ice
birJlr Mclnuchlln said Hint for some prlvntn
reason that ncter slinuld havn been brought
liwore tlin public John Kllv 1 was oppooid to
Mr Tllden Jlr f IviiiMlli was al o nppiwed 1 tn
him Snnuiil J Tilden was coinc to put him
out nf IIM hnupn nne ntchl Uhnt was unnd
reason for Kinselln III t think that Mr Tllden
was not n lit man tolfPrisldent I
Mr McLauchlln snld h lamnted tlmt Mr
Kinsella was not prwnt for ho said I loel
in u euod liumor tonicht
A HerTnnt tirlll hfi > stiirkry who wne Under
KnspHIfiti In Ititeraon
Till Coroners Inquest tho caso of tho
Infant found dead In n vault nt tho Into resi
lience of HIshopHtnrkey was continued In Pnt
nrson jesterdny afternoon Mrs Starkoy testl
Hud that on Sunday morn Inc whilu she noil thn
Dlshoji worn at church Susan Clembnts their
cool who was suspected of beliis tho mothur of
thu child but who has throuchout stoutly tnnln
talnod her innocence quitted tholr house In
Newark nnd ran nwny The clrl had tone to the
n oclock ninsfl and on her return nothing un
usual was noticed about her No onu was In tho
house when th ulrl left except ono of thn up
stairs irlrln who asked Where
urn you 110 <
inir Wheru no one will oer sou mu or
henr ot mo nunln wns thn replv
Susan Clements then Iriils tlm clrl uood
by and went away nud thnt is thn last
heard of her When Mrs Starkey returned
home at noon ns sho li tllled she consulted a
lawyer us to wlmt should be done about Hm
irlrlfi run nine nwayand th lawyer ndlsnd her
tn eommiinlcntn with Hu > Iroseciitinc Attorney
at Pitersnn This was donu at once hy tele
graph Tlin IMtHrnou pollen wero Informud
nnd nKenicli inadu without avail
rathnr MeNulty rettor of St Johnn Komnn
Cathollit Church Pstilled 1 that Simnn Clements
was onu of his iiarlshlonerN but Im did not
know bur perhonnlly All the reputation lie
cavu her was on tm testimony of Urldtiet Con
nelly of Stonr Iloiid whom hu knew and who
assured him in January that thorn was no truth
In the stories tnlil 1 lln also knew tha woman
called llttln Annie ahe had two husbands
and was verr eccentric
Tho inquest was adjourned until Tuesday
Temperuncej Afndr nn Isanr ntul Minister
Tnklnic u llnnd In Ibll Klgnt
Tho local election la HunlciUnwii X J on
Ion ln was pry nxaltlni the temperance
Question beluu mudo nn Issue I nt thn polls The
Imrroom keeperd wanted tinlliultod llccnso
Thu conurccntlons of thu Methodist Ilnptist
nud Prosb > toriin churches met in tlio Trinity
Methodist 1 KplHcopal Church on Sunday nnd
tlin piutora diillvercd political addresses in fa
nrof tho peoples or tempernnio ticket Tho
llonmn Cntliollu and Etdgcopnl clergymen ru
fusud to attend thn mtxtliii or to annoiincH It 10
tlnlr coniri nllons Them wern tliruo lleketa
In tlm Meld Of tliu uinu men on the Itepuh
llcaii ticket flvu witro teniperiiiicn nud four II
ccnrH men and every mail on thn Deuioeratlu
tlckutwas in favor ot llceiisliu tho Imrrnnms
Tin third ticket n Rtrnluhtoitt lemperatico 1
ticket contained nearly all llepubllcnn namei
Up tn noon on Monday tlm votlni wns quint
but In thn afternoon tlmrn was much excitn
ment In Ilm town I Colored lIIn paraded thn
htreiiti liotitlin Heel or no beer mid body
of Deiiiocrnts mndu n short tinriile Nearly nil
the niHti had their tickets plnimd to HIM lapels
of thir coats The llev lv Johnson a cm
ort Melhodidt Inllilslir went from poll to poll
p raimilni I HIM colored oturs to cast tholr bal
lots for temperance
When th votes were countid In thoevrnlntr
It was found that tlm UtmineratH or beer
men ns their opponents called them Iiml n
majority of ninetysix Thu barroom and hotel
keepers will now make application for Bro
iiuwal of tholr llcenuea
flrunle leiltimrerlmr Tour
MEMIMIIS April 130011 Grant nnd party ar
rited her Inday and wero ncrhnl as they lime heen
receliert elsewhere with a processional show aad eulo
jilio i oeeb
Tb Tlclor Ilnby rood
Beit lobiUlaw for m ih ri nUt Uo LIt 4r11ltI
The vearhss four easoni durlnt all of which ketp on 1
iiud Cr JJUli Cguib BtopAts p
Tire In the nhnletih honor I e > liihli < hnient of Itlrharit
nln i 11 sv sinet ITtnulit I roultiil aduiirur of 1
f MM lot l nnd liiiililln
I in Ioinhi tii ij vi ir ill rnlmil 1 clrllnllcMlir
11111 u MILto pi ioii in r eiuil III r Mr nn n Mrs V 1
I Hi nilli n 1 In the t ilins i uat t ourt il mer 11111 t
11 i IIH 11111 lhh1 mult > ttlid I KaiLoliuullUd tu t
1ie I Ininn HI lorniiiT >
riinlVntriil 111 I i i iriniiiin hue piole teitM I
Uu linjirdoi I AI lenm u n iin t t < e p I is < > it Uu liu in
till Ilh MMinti till III irue ililliwt II Mirnit tlld 1 Vs 11
KnihiMiiaii 11 s ini 10 ndiii 1 lii iii Hill ilu nn
pud IIKSI inent Ir l hiiproi > u < i nts mirtli ol llnih sinel 1 tI
1lu I > Slitiion triii lins Uetiii > iiicrb > lul in N < uirk 0
thill liiinini liilii i I nit ill hits 1ned Hid O leon I V irlety
Ihinlie lor Ihe IIIOIII > K Cnpt lhr1I1I Mil > i > li > nlar
ilitit tin I hnl tlr < n > lv 1 mult MUiny cmiterli la New
nik rue me > innu omin nnd the uthersnre AUUII
men 11
Mis 1 Mirv I Wiljhtnf Colilen trI lerov I Ill died
slidIt m HI In r IK me ou oiili nul t Ilruis iio J
loin 1 n hr bol II mil I Ill is M iihl i iKIn Mill ndler
i inm s nt tin 1 h Hid < I II ii ttith l > i lie b id In I 111
dinikiiKun Iliudiu t > t liii duitli An inn Hellion nlll 1 I
l > i in idi
flie SirroJite Msfrdiv Ul iiln b I HiM bf Htmliils
trill HI in in tlti etut I ot Mr II i n < t lintlit nliiis Vim
Kuri i u bn In I Inin 1 I < IT I I mill The ndliilll
ltl iti I is her I MIIII I in Hun n lmirevfir MM I
liuti In r holl is u r Initn hu liis in Japan Ilia
I crsiiiml tni tti > is vtilued ill f I n MI
llliiinl Hr nii u bo niMt > Ps7r 1 > wns appointed j
r e i r ot tin llnriiii t MILS iiiitk fFteriUv pie
nnd I to the Mil I n me Iniiri In hhh Imp
i > ir be h Kdiiid I ilillTI 1 ninl I hn > illhurMt
JIT tyt I leiu uu nn hiiil fl I 071 KI No iln III n < l hiihcea
I 111 I I h I isitni s Jiiili 1111 naiiiij William A
HnJ a i > n leru tn pi > U I > OM tin1111 uin >
ion S I II II t 1101 Miniirr In I Ihe IVIIel
Bati tli l mill 11111 leu I Kl n In > tin1 r I is fi I i
IM 1 u > 11 ii ni i ii 111 1111 u it < i me iieri tor
I t I I 111 1111 Ii I r Until II I Ilklll Hill 1
i I U tin h I M nn u Hit tn M I luirb rtlljlthrt
II I u HI I Hull III I II nil J IM 111 HTMlof I
t inr ioei nun hi uen Mum in ik s lluu la I
iln > IVISIUH eeuind lij iKn illiUI > > who recuU7
came liitht rout Iliisi i
Uirnt trltl with ntrrctlnns ol the thrnat snd luncs
Tnielliil i lloitu oi iiiirehoiiiiluudliir I Of druiu IlIo
iuvsluuuiiicli 1Jru CUll iuuuomiuulfc JJ f 4
Itimnlntr Awnv Mllli lit Mlrpiana tVlfe nuil
Asltr4ar l Altirilerlnic llvr
CincAoo April 12A tclpffrnm to tho
Timrs from Kansas City says Tho simple nn
liotincDiiinnt a few dins nua nf tho murdorof n
woman named Thomas by Ham IlrootnfleM la
Colfax Wnshlncton Territory was explained
todav In detail to your correspondent by Mrs
Ilroomllold thu wlloof thu murderer Him says
thnt thu munturud woman Is Mrs Frank
Shanks mo Miss drlncton formerly llvlns
near Independence Mo Him wns married to
llroomfleldH stepson In 1870 noon after which
the jounc eonplo went to Ilroomflelds house to
HM Droomlleld up totho limo of tha marrlncn
of his son was a hluhly ectecined and wealthy
farmer II astuward Ihn Methodist Church nml
wax considered a most honorable num Hn was
n html worker ami was noted as n thorough
business mnn As soon IIn tliu hrldal couple
took up n permanent tesldenco In his house ho
fell violently In lovo with his stepsons wife
llroomlleld was tJ and Mrs SlianKs was If
but notwlthstandlnu tho tlUparlty In ycnrf
Fho returned bin passion cnresslni him
so much oven In thu presenco of tho
other mntnlwrs ot the family that Mrs
IIrool nol Insisted that shn should lenvo tho
lioiiMC Frank ilnally solved tlie dlflliiilty by
Inklnc his wife to I Texiiobut wns intlucid to
lettiin byllrnomfleld to testify In n lawsuit
Soon after iirrivlrmnt tho farm near Kansas
City a dHpiity marshal appeared vlth n warrant
of arrest for him on n chaw of rape nnd tho
innocent victim of what afterward was ascer
tained ben foul conspiracy was obllKcd to
lildn 111 thn brush pursued nml hunted by a
pose Itrooiullcld still pretended to bo Ills
friend alllinuuh IIH wtm really his cnnmynntl
pursiinded him tnsend for his wife AH snonns
shunrrlxeil Hroomlleld ad > lsedhl < Btepsou to
Hv and then took tho wife nsn mistress For
three yinrii hu continued his course nnd finally
ended It last summer by runnlin nwny with
her Slllni his property and lenvliic his wlfn
penniless After reHCtilni Washington Terri
tory Uroomflulds mlntrcss fell In lon with nil
other man named Thomas nnil urV him n
larirn sum of money which shu obtained from
lrnomtld on leiirulnE which tho latter mur
derud her In cold blood
8al4 to Ilenl the mi clod liy th Uero
Tonch fif bin linn
WrrnnvnLE Vn April IJFor somo
weeks post the pooplo of Scott Cou nty have b n
terribly excited over tho miracles which nra
allcccd to have been porforined lilchnrd Mil
ler of that county His fatnu 1ms extended all
ovor this section of tho Klate and hundreds of
tlm afflicted are dully vlsltlnc him Miller is I n
middle need innu employed as thn keeper ol
fc IlllInR mill ncnr IJtlllvllle Hu U deeply
reliclous l claims to havu had a dream a
mouth nco In which the Idea was Im
pressed upon him that with Gods help
ho could perform wonderful cures sim
ply throuch faith II siys Hint tho
next day alter thn dream aftcifervent ursr
hn heitleil n sick mini hy tnnchlniMifni Thn
liitcllluencinf such n miracle went nil over thn
country and tlm afflicted ol nil kinds ennn lo I
him and were linlud Ills said by th slmplu
touch of his hand Yesierdnv O X Wertr n
Photographer nl Ahlnirilnn vlslimi Miller In
com 11111 wllh n paralMlu uncle l Hie stt nf
paralysis helnc In thn mouth and thn nmn
theroliv was deprived both peei h antl hear
ini Miller looked 1 at th nfllhtpj man and
utter n slmit prayer touched him nnd told him
thnt bfre he ahl Imtne Ie 1 woultl h l i well
Ijiist nluht as Mr Vertz eutrd thn door of
Ills house it Is said Hint bis luirliiuani speiih
citnn back to him nud tndny he is npp irently
hale and hearty Ml s Irii Newton n beauti
ful younit Inily of llrNtol Tenn helpless from
rheiiinatlsni wns bronchi to Millnr li < l wik
and when nn attempt wns mtuh tn Hit her In
1100 carriage shn ine front the sedan chair
without assistance I it is snld and ilmlared Hint
Hhu was entirely wull Onn of th most wnn
derful nf theallcieil mirTles nf I Miller was ihn
ctirnof Mr Iter Wlntscll hn linn been for
some jearc iifllltteil with cnncei Tin cuiviir
twas louclicil unl I in lnre dirx 1 nc < rilliH to
reports lint disappeared Tlm miracle wot ker
Is nu exceeiltinls nioili t miiiiiind nlnnisin
dlunantly declines any conipetniiitioii for his
services nllivun thatbu is but tlm humble In
striinient of Gill Hi btKos no credit to him
self nnd tho peopln in his section bellaxo llrmly
in his miraculous powers
Vddlnlr thn lVnmi from wham he a
elIIrI l In Irrluiiil 4O liriirft Aen
1ntricl Itocers njctl ovor 70 and nrlrJ pt
Hacan nrI nearly liO wern married by Father I
Meyer In St Johns Chapel Willniiehby nve
utic Drooklyn on Sunday last I There Is n little
romance In tho lives of thn brldn nnd croom
About fnrly years nco Pal rick Honors was en
Kiced to marry Bridget IIujiu In the Couuty
Down Ireland but wither on account of n
lovers quarrel or bccaus som oh fiele was
Interposed by thnclrls parents Honors riuittcd
ills homo and came to America Hit tool a p d
dlcrs pack nn his buck and is 1m 1 irimpid Hu
enuntrv rtntls and innde aciunlntaiics anionc
tranters hot irll luIIII fnrvt hisnly Inve Hu
wan successful buslnis and Ihn jirs alt r
his arrival in this country hn wns married and
settled in llrooklyn keeping n HHIIII store in
Ilnliwick nunue About n joar 1110 Ills tvlfn
died I
In thn moan tlni llrldirct Hacnn had qtiliteil
Ireland and come to IIMI in llrooklyn Khn had
nevur married and unions her aiiUiintaiicis
wern some who knew Jtnuers Alter Mrs
Holers died friends nf I tho former lover bcinn
to Inircst theiiisalMs in their Kituatlon and
they wern brought tnuellmr They talked ner
tint old ilais Iu Ireland and thn result was that
the II 1IIIIIm Ill t broke forty Marx IIBO was
reniiwed nnd it ended in a wedding Thn cer
mony was private but inniir nf tho cnuplus
friends unthered at liniierss hotiHKon Monday
nleht and Kau tliein a serenade Itoiert > mndti
a speech anil produced a kiu of beer and thn
Horenndlm party cavn him and his wifu tlirue
cheers nnd many irood wishes
Ysjiae TntisslsT the Donincrntlc Cnndlilnte
fur Ma > tr lUecieil
Tho nnnuil charter olcutlon In Jersey City
yesterday was attended by unusual uxcltemunt
Thn efforts of the Democrats wero directed to
malntniuliic their supremacy or eriuallly in
thu various departments nnd especially In ilm
Iollce and Ilre Hoards To nccoinpllih Him
there was much scriitchlnK of tickets Tho
polllnc places warn throncnd ilurlni tho day
but there were no scenes 1 of din rder and only
linn arrest WIIH mndu or Illecnl votlni Thn
strUKizles In tlm Fust District mor thn FIr
CoinniU9lonershlp and In th Sixth District
over thn Inllco Commlsslonershli wen1 closn
nnd utlrai ted consldnrabl intention trnm tlm
other illstnctB Thn returns us Is usual in
Jersey City wero until an iirly hour
this mornlni and were then incomplete They
Indicate howevertliat thufolltiwlniriaudldulus
havu been elected
Hrt Piilrloi M lormnn lohn HerriIHHKIU Plroomr
ol Kilniation Itnhi rt S lord in il > fire Coiini IH
Hlniirr J > lin llreninin ilteo roiiiiniHsioner oi Iuttic
ttiirku Ilod r iiniiieii ill m i fntliul ler H J
MiilillU and John C Iliulot < l i
ooond IMtrkt Aldoi in in 1 line 4mbro c Pflri
Inlioo roilllnlHiiintr 1atin k M iloro iliom i fomn i
sinner or 1iihlic orhn i in l lnle ir Jleni Pir itor
o IMieiilioii John llnd ill in l In nnl ur > Michael
Uilrinli Hem i inn r in n k Mi trdle
Thlnl IH iil lMli i in in ililim Mi A oilh ipein
rot Iuiilii Work lolin Meluniiliii m
IMrntir of Kitni itli nll r AiiuiiiH iKej i rrioh idiri1
l li IH Inrior Iti p i 4iid I It nlnmin iltep
Kiiinli Iniriii ill rnnoi iiiin M innim ilicni I 11
rciloi ol lilurillon lelunnl I fiiiwlu iliem
Vlllli nil In A illTinin In oh Itnil ilein lolloe
I1 lilin < j Itird Id pi llirerl 11 iliieaiinn
Kinc limn ilnidli u i Kriehohlcri John lleaidtnJr
lltoii land llonit I UillHlKiii i
sixth flulilitAldirninn ti nrtr I Marlrr Hop
rolicu roiniiiiKHion r ilihn I IUhi > la Hoi riro loin
iiilisiniiiriAsiiiirl sioil iltci lnilioldirs IlinryC
liKKItipiniii J II Po > tIUM
Isnnc W TIIHSSI the Ilempcritio cantlldntn
for Mayor was tlectud by a Hinall iiitijority Thn
icsultwlll ul thn Hepiiblleaiis a majority In
thn hoards of Flrn and Iolhu CommlssionerB
and will probably tin tlm hoards nl Aldermen
and llucatloii Tin Democruls will control
thu lioard of 1ubllo Works
New Jersey Tu n riocllons
BFronx POINT N J April 13 Tho munlcl
fal rlcetinns hero today resulted as lollons For Ioiitf
oilmen ilobsrt Donnrll Hum uinl iillam Kcllcy
Pent l For School Tinnoei John Hacner Pein and
f1 L lonl lloi For Slllortlnnis nl TjxriH II Toll
Hniook illoiDaiid Charles F Sehraeder sr Iml Dem
James Ueid ilinii rnr Jnstlio ol tiie rmii Va
Iriinkhfi iliom i Fr Ini > iiiiir m Kleotl 11 ln
li mil dloi M sirinl
and tV il t nn llrii
IJ In the inmiuiiiil
olrn 1111
lion to d n tlio Mite tii LIH luhn Mil lii U le n i
lur roniiiiliiian h i U led U II Soilird lltep I lor
school IrtiMttc tlonz ti r i and JaiiifH Ititiltnd llcpj lor
School Irulue l liortti ml urr piohnide iicitid John
Re iplloi Justice i > f the 1iuii ivkcttd
onvvs innvitrn WITH citn
The Only Irniestniil ril rot > ul riiurrh In h
Inplllnu rtuhlll Vnril nn Iliu Veiue if
llltxiliillini An Aplieiil o tho ItUhnp
Thoro was ix mourufttl mcetlnff of tho
vestry ol St Ambroso IrolPKtnnt Episcopal
Church nt Tliompion nnil rrlncostrfctnlnst
nlslit Tlio subjnct untlor conslilonitlon wns
Iho 8nlo of tlin cliurcli Tim mortunKion tlio
biilltllnK la 13000 nnii tliu floiitlnKtlobtnliniit
13000 nuJ tlio vestry Imvo nlmoet corm1 to tlio
conclusion to nplJ tliu Bupromu Court fnrpnr
mlnBlon to unll Tlio pnBtor tho llov D OrlfTln
Ounn sold Inst nlKht It Is n tlestipruto cnsu
nnil unltbs some klml frlomls will hulp u tlio
cliuroli must boillssnlvtil I nm In liop tlmt
tho requisite nltl will bo forthcoming and tho
cstrj liavo cnncludtd to defer action on tho
salo until next 1rldny evcnlnu
It nppoirs tlmt Inht Snturdny tho followlncoo
tltlon sl ncd by flftvthroo pnroons claiming to
bo niatnbopi nnd oxintinburs of tho church
wns Bent to lllshon I tt r
We the nnilerMsned meiMlierinf the rrote tint El
copnl I hlireh for ninny > inr and wnr hlplirH In sr
AmhroH Ihnrch dlri > lo ni < piiil In nn IM our Ituht
Iteurend Katlur In Hod tor > nur coiinhel nn < l nculce In
the pre iitcrliiiliiin nlluir > ol thl conureBnlliui n
Icnrnfriiin n incmhcr 01 the priMMit o irytinit Ithns
hetit decided to apply to tlie Mipieint Court
to sanction tho lutle of Hie hiilldinu e
heitrthl utth flncire furrow kno lnc that the cause
ot the inllurc lonirrvon the work 11 the church FMIUII
Itill l the total lmniiintciiFi and tiller tiniuni nl the
prevnl rector Milh > some ol U In nhntiit nee to con
nt lentioii > cmnli ImM Ii It holintl to ci ac imm itliiil
In illlnr rice In tlih cliurcli let ere tin IniUbiM
mill ri ctorohlo renion d nt > Hnnld klinll3 leunu1 our
eontiectlnii Hlth the church Hndcnntilhuti to UK i > uipiTt
Ht nl neidect of the ilutv of iirtnt < iri l l iMtlon Mnd tlie
dlcurl he hnicreutid he lii nilennUd the nnvcllnn
ol nil the old nienili M nl the c i re utlnii nn I hn I t
theirpreMnce In the church W ennustlv nnp nl to
yontotike IntiMour cully cnlilderullon till Imnentn
hie cbiutnliii ol i lie ol the parlhes ot our illucev nnil
prevent h > liei ity neliiin the extinction ol the iinlr
rri te tfliit Kpin put Churrh in the Ihlcklr popiililed
Llhth t aril nl Ilili cltv > nollld I I re > l < ecllull
urxe > ou lo cuui > e an inveati atlon to bu nuiJc into ther
No nn wor mi yot br > on mmlo to this pptltlon
Inquiry nmonetht nlunur of It la < > t nlulit ilis
pntrid H HtronK fiillnir ninlntt tha rcilur
Tim siibtiuico nf thu C < iiitlnini < < innilo lir it
dozrtn of tlio sluiiTs is that sluoo Mr limn
took Imilte Im hits uliiMinlil ninny nf tin1 oM
inunibiis nustiil tlin oruunlsl Biiturliitiidiiit
of tli SiiniliVKchoolsiXioniinil the stry thnt
called him thnt IIH IIIIH ciui il tli ltlnlrmviil
of thu Itnllan Hunch tlmt formerly ortthItuiid
In thu liuiliiliii nnd hnli l tiny th Intirtxt
on HIM iniirtunun Hint Im HUH l nn th CIIUHH of
HID wlthdruvMil of tlm Milmldy foriinirly p lid bv
Trinity Cliurcli nuirliM titl to inaku un > ioral
lUiitloiiH itnd liMnti cHiiirally untionulnr und
that tho ilf lit lias Briidunliy lneriiiiii undnr hli
niiiiuiLiinHiit nnil tliu iininUTHlup iJicrniMd
eo thnt only HUVHiitvn ncrHnns vntid ntth lust
IlHcttnn of wliiiin It Is vlilliicd siMTiil WITU
not Irital votir TluSu siiMmti n i rsons
tlictid tin nlllrcrs of tho cliurcli somn of
whom Mri part of tlirnihchHy It H uid
that thn aviriti iiUiiiitiinc Is only iOlnSUnt
the siTvlw La i Suiilay tlnn crn 43 in tlin
innriilni and in ih 44 ndiills nnil 11
tliildriii Tim old victry nskod Mr Oiiunto
rnsluii Init li cot uu a iMiinttr ptltlon limit
thiiii nt HIP Ilcction of 1S79 thcv tny by frnud
uliiit vntHK nnd thru daliuud that tho church
hail Hiihtiiluid him
Thi1 ruetor Haul Innt nlcht thnt ho bollovi I tha
filitirfl otlm ptktlllon Mru not iiiml rsof the
churuli that thn nrcaubt aud siMon vcr
Hilary at bilnc tumid nut that hi Iiml cut oil
nil biilitrirs iiilmllii IIIK on In onlT to HIIMI
inn chillcli thit li hail iKVi < ritid u Iall to HIM
Wi > itaBiniisHiciniirynndiui iiiilyri < niaiiiiiiitn
htn tin eliur Ii fur a tioor concrfuntion if tios
hltilc llnxud 1 dont w nidirtlittthO ulcilons
arinncry tiiiiun Ibnit tliin TlHy would
liHVti it and I did it vi > ry qultly I uiulr
Miintl tliMsaxlon lh atioiit lnPtiii thucliunh lor
hU ntlnrv I IMIHC t to inUithinioniV to pny
bint Tliocliurcli was boiiLlit with n mortiMuu
that tun iviiminiil on it IIT tliu and the
intirirt IIIIH iiiin pnld bv Trinity oorporafon
Wheu 1 Inlit tliof filloWH u ho cut Up thnt PMtl
tlou Huv used tliiir inlliiciiii vlih Trinity
Church to klt tin eulisidy wiihdratvn Tim
IKIUI TM I r1 kbh n llulit tftn in IIMIHO tlm
iniinliiTH ii imtconiito the fliitlon Thu
MHlrvihatWH tiirnid out had had po sipaion
t o vcai and tiiiiiH ncri1 if t imptovud uiidir
their MiniiiiLiMiHiii All 1 cini aliout now it m
HUM this uliureii fnrtlu poor Puiiiiiini I have
UlMn It my o n nnlirj fur thnt purpni
With riunnl lo tlio uithdrawal of lh fublily
nf Trlnilv f lLlirih ln t niilih r nf Hr Am
lirot xiild last niuht Inu re mnti ciMti hy
Trinity or dlsiiutinulni tlio MIIHV UMthat
tluii hail not liiin uorl done to junlv it ninl
v rtmirJml Hint us u ceiiMirti of tlio rcctur
W think liu has donu his utnmst In MUV
dieeinslon and on onu OVncion the
fnniier KUpirlnt ndent of thn Minday
Hihixil told Inm In lh church thnt h lied Our
trouhlu with Mr Giinn Is oulj a rHptitlon nt
wlmt lie had with IIH c < mur < intinn on Jersey
Citj ilcluhts whuroa part > of siciders stariid
aclnirili with hiir lor a rector and the nsult of
It wai Hint hu C t thf i isSiton ol tho butldlui
und BuU it for hM salary
Tlt ItltKti flKMKXCK
Another of Ihe Ivi U III Cnnftplrittora Sent
tn Mat irUon III Trvnlnii
THENTOS April 13 Dr Andruw J Tnrk
one of tho Lewis will conspirators who wns
convicted on March ifl wns brought up fur
sentence In thn United States District Court
today Ho looked pain nnd carrorn but wis
unmoved when tlmtentence two yenr Impris
onment nnd tlUOOO ln wis pronounced
Judo Nixon said Hint nptiliitl < in had been
mud tn hno 111 sentence further tiostponed
but the Court could nie no nison for tunipoii
Imr it Tli exidiiie did not cnnyince the Court
that Dr Park wm the chtif eoiispiiitiir l < ut thi
Court wn fitlllcd with tao rdlct Dr Itrls
Icinuii man of Intelliuinceand education and
n ineiiibir of a learuml prniesmn was an
nuurawition o M nttiice r itner than n reason
whv n ImhtcrsiiitiiiCKthan was iiniHil < > n Ins
fellow cnusolrntors flinuld Im InlliitHil upon
him Whim the Coin t was not siUslled Hun ho
as thu orlulnator if the pl < t It was plain that
as HOOII as Im MIV n clianc in mnUn moaiy out
of It hu went lntothicon plricy The sentence
would ho tliHsamn n in IUUOIMI of the nther
hacla and Allniniiaud would datu frum thu
Jiiv of liitcnnviciinii
Within nn hour nl the pa pln of tho sentence
PirK win iiiiliiirnifil In HID rcuulatlou red and
bluu of the New Jeruuy Ktntn prison
A rirro I ncUnl In Vlralnlni
PrTnnsnuiil Va April 13 Jamej Illncls n
re r who ntli tnitli d lu tiutru Htlic lernli of MM lla
tie Pirnsnear Fords flepot In Piimlddle InuntK on
the ad lint WH taki n lron the lilt nt IiinuiihtiL11ourt
Houne het een i niil 10 oclock In t nltlit h nn nnned
hudvof > eniIlM ninii ed men and hnnridioa uil
lo s netr the Jnll the Mine which Jntk I einnts the
nesro murderer win teciitcl upon t o jcurs auo
Alter comnutiiic ihetr n > rk the nmker i it lor ilielr
honus ullhoit lieluc n < lumiM h the I ulcr uho u its
kiiockid dou n hv them ILiori > sum nh run the keisof
Hie cell III Hindi HIirk nit cunlliud Ihls nioninu
Illitekshoilv ii snlniiu Iroin the iilliUi nnd u is
iei ed hv n l ir e i rn d ol I er iin Mrs K rrl lu m
Him iilli in lid tioiitrni is nNonlnu nuinnii Imv
lnureinoMil Iroin Ntw orlt In Ihnnill c iVuntt nuiu
Hulxe months rtcu IK n lllted MM w is > nn hllu
forhircov ulnch hinl trii I ti con i h rnhh di t lite
Iriin her inrin tiler e iiirinit the u Is tor tMMlnN
ltluk Wrtsniiilliriil h n hire lorci ol annul lliinniiir
Hie Mene ot the Mtliiniieil etiirjici nnl liilten tn Dm
Hlthiie roiirt lloiie n > i H kteinii lie istotme
Utn arraigned lor tilil nt Uie ouui > roiirtiuXt nuk
AVIlllnm HiKholr Thlnl Trlnl
William lltnholz was put on trial fortho third
time ctirdn liclnro Jiilc ll < ird < l > > ml UsocUic
< Inhe Oulver In the trinnnil Ijirt ol ttu Suti rlor rourl
Iliilui port tor Ihe murder of Jnhn llenrj > ohullu m nr
Ninth Ninvalk Ionn hi Deoi inliT I TS Ihe llrM nnd
second tnnlsiMio before Ihloi Jiisticu iirk ainl Aso
AVotncn in ii lluuril ill Iltiicnllnn
MiPiurTOrx N Y April III Thn nnntml
meeting d tlie limul nl 1 ilucitlnn nl this ulln ciliv
firsttncclln Innhlcli the rtrcntl clictnl lalusliate
takiii curt MI h ll tlil e on
Tins 1ilic r ISctr lilvillircil
The brewers of New Ymk and icnlty havu
rtiilM In uirronv Uu prii u l In i r ir nn < 11 fi i IT
liarrcl Tluinriiiiiiiit In tluliireci nn hotn sunul h
liinoty mini Iliililnitj Hm III > IT < liiii rlinin tnat
Ilm iirloeul liilini nml m it r 10 m iko tin UICFHU in 11 v
1irj nun > ell < lni 7 iiT Ion anu > iii ill llu > Inuli
lUuiv imiiintrititJl aio tiitliu in uli lliin > Mlilili U l
jtar mll r IHruinl leu irnts in r pnutul r non iuU
lor tliiiUttte aud lorn ciuu tud uiall lus uJuucvd
The Tllden Men Nrorn u Nntnbte Victory In
Alhiiny AialiKt < Jrrnt Ortilt
ALBANY April 13 Tho Tlldon Doraocrncy
rained nn unprecedented triumph In tho city
election hero today which l of nioro than
ocnl Intereot N C Moak tho Chairman of
Kellys State Committee la nlso Chairman of
hoKullyclty orcanlzatlon here Thnt organi
zation refused to act with tho Tllden men and
resolved to Btipport lllrch Iho Ilepuullcnn ran
lldato for Mayor on whom tho Hmyth nnd antl
jmjth men had united
In order to net tlm centrol of tho Common
Council nway from tho Tllden tnon thn Kelly
tiB mndn separate nominations tor Aldermen
n vnrloiii wards Tholr paper hero wt nrii
ng Tinifit put up tlm Kepiibllenn ticket nnd
rMilntislvsnptorteil It Inthfncn of Ihl thu
Tllden men led bvUinlnl MnntilnifSeeretnry
of thn Statn Coiuniltl elected their Mayor and
cltv tlckd by nearly 41100 mniorllv nnd carrlml
llflctui nf tlinsouiite wanlrt The muu who
won hern lodny It Is understood will send n
lebirntlon of Mr Tlldonn frlendp to Syracuso
to favor a national delecntlon who will not op
po n his nomination If other Htatei n k for It
The fl rut Indytovoteunder tbnn wlawfortho
Hchool jloard was Mls KiitoRtoneman Scerc
tnrynf tho County Womans Hurfriiije Rocletv
n member of Ihn faculty of tlm State Normal
School lntrr of Onn Htonemnn nnd f InterIn
law of Senntor Williams of liullalo She voted
In thn Fourteenth Ward helm nt Ihe polls bo
torn they wern opened nnil Atiindlni seventh In
thn linn nf voters Homo Ja or 80 women voted
for Bhool ofllcera Thu votes tundurcd by flo
womun wuru rufuted
Krvs soo VOIXTS
And nnea Nnt fllvn lie Anirrlrnn n Chance
to Iliiy A lvtter from Mfi nti
PAIIIS April 13 Tho SlosstmVlcimux
billiard match win contlnunil this evcnlnc
Vlsnaux replacetl tho balls whero they wero
yo tcrday after Ills run of C31 points nnd mado
800 carroms moro In one hour seorlnc 1451
points In all without releasing his cue Tho
match will continue tomorrnv Slosuon did
not have a chance to play tonlcht
L K Slo i on received a letter from his brother
fiHoririi istiirilny It Is dated 1arlf March
III In it CieorK Slospon complains that Vltr
niiu does nnt show him mueii cotirteny Ho
says also Hint hn had In pay 1000 francs to BH
ctirun hall tn practls Inand a fr mean hour
for ens I asked Vlunaiix Slosson writes
to nllotv me sometblnir for expenses ns It was
hn who put thn mimo off from tltn to lime Ho
icplled thnt no American should cetnnMhlni
from him Hint hn had tun her nnd would put
111 to all thn expensn possible Al Smith Is
here nnd lio and several others think so well of
mv piny that they bine inndn up a purse of
120000 which thy have oITcred to thn Vlenniix
tmrty even up Vlcimiixs urcat backlui comea
frmn thn Jockey Club
Vlunnux Is H common soldlT nf the line nnd
It wns necessary lor th nunibers of the Jokey
OliibtOBlun a petition tnemibtohlm to to Irom
Toulousti to play thn mutch
Sot Xlllle ilnrnxil Ini Ohios Ilelecnilon
Ulll > al lio Tor Him
April 13 Tho National
Sherman Club is sulTerlns from n sovcru attack
of the shakes Tha dlseno Is not caused by
the Irlullltvof thu candidato BO much ns fear
tbnt the northern put of Ohio nnd tho Western
Hesprvo will select enouch Blaino nnd Grant
dlcKntes to snow Sherman under on his native
heath Mural Hnls nd of th Jinclniintl C ni
inrrcinl In imiv In Wasliiucton Prayer mwt
tits me hrlil daily nt th club rnotii Con
Krisnitn Ifutturworlh Hnlflead and Fearlnc
nresirlvlnu todevlsn waisand means tnseeuro
a solid Sherman dclcRiitlon from Ohio It costs
Sheriiian about f50 adiiytnrtin th Bhernmn
Club her and unless Ohio Isnolld for him sev
eral irentlMiieu will b thrown out of employ
ment uflur thu JSih insu
1UK LAlft > T 011 ItUItLD NEJF8
Thr rimllsh Klrcllona
LONDON April 13 Tho death of tho Enrlot
W nis atiJ Mnrrh at tlie use of 81 which ocenrrel ti >
lny rai r hlssiiQ Lur < l Klcticr ID lite Houvt nf Lords
atit tlirreforc tlifre will IK a tiuancy for llidJIn ilon
> hlr Inrwlilch a > Contvrvutite Lord Elcho lias just
Lren rfturned Tlie Litierils exiiect lunvtn carry thp
clctinn tlirc riiTi1 M n row nliiUI thp Lnill1 Coin ty
linn Mr Aloxnclir MillUmi nlurinil wltli Mr
mi Ilmm1 Htili r MI Mr MI mm dunrci Mr Kirs
iM ch in thut n m tin Amount oi mnmy WJIH itjfi
ii ft run Mr iMllriii Urlmn i ajL Il irntihv ntul t nnl
iihn M itinurt iiunor ntir hnxt Lirn rtlurnttl irtun
itiiMitn Mi Win II MuiliiitM id mil of tin Lrent
n mil ici lor n rinriKiiiur Wtirie ter hin He ml
T IlltliV lit lllP Ut IIOUM
Linl M ttnnV tit ill 1m Unrl of Lvtlon nml
VlHi tun Km li rtli lion xinrhM IN mriittiif lur Ihe
ViriToi tilt it tulU iiiul Mr rrint DuiT or HIP tlu
criHrliti of MiJ ii < H IK r < ii < U > l that a bur out >
It iniiitircJ on Lord neacunitiiM nitli rtxersiun to ills
The ICtimluin iiml Chlnctr
ST rcTCKSBtir0 April 13 Tho Agrnce finite
contraJicU tliu k crnl rtliurts ut Chlncid lroon linltu
cro oj tltc Ainoor Rl > er Tlio same joiirtnl si No
pltn it nctlon mant tlm Tiircoinnn inntu tndori lus
I rti tttoil ti on Tin object ot lion skobololf u h lilt
lire on tlio lllli Int tor Minion routo o l li
ohv tin Miimno tli 01111101 on tin i > ot Tin A
ilMl l c s i 1ttor in in Iroi Mum n hlch lln Imihlfilly
INII inliiilu uili Imr Uti r r > iririliu tin KIHIM hint i >
llltUitit Ino wiilti i > l k Unit KIU III uill iil i toro
if mil rniii In it in 1 inriiillv i t u ntxl will icr
iilnlt not lild ti thro in t fore IIMI itie nrtxtit
ronllo li tnc ro int I tll iri ilcnuniiici il ttic inti
iirotinn l nrl nt tl i Kiirt M l < KIII Hint It unr 01 hut4
lio Iiiroiiinii in rintia will lo in iLuiwiT 01 iiiii ieii
that ivI Ilic lorcuii u i < n Mtun u IVMii nivn
itu dnicor nnl tin opoiiu ttiu ana Kurupcan inrty
and supporting the Ku ilaiiiiiiuis
norlcliakiia tondlllon
ST rrTFiihnuno April 11 A bulletin l = iued
nt noon tivla > sis Unit IIIIICD llorlrlinkol pin4i > t a
Aii pie HH iiitit nml coiitlniieil in Hi tme lot tic tnlc
Ill ilurMioii i tti Ilii the nctlon ui tliu lnirt u
xuukvr Hli tiiiiui IH i air
Cnitiitlliiii rinitiiriiiicr luira
OTTAWA April IS Judgment was clvcn to
fln > In tlio CtiiiiilA Ulntcriii ic net nitttir in tlio MI
rimne OotirL Tlioto uas n hruo uttfiitanro In conn
unit the Iruires lonlM > and
MIUO n nuiuhor uf inombi rs
ot Iirliiinrnt a > 1 iroiiiiniiil toiiu rinri niUucilos
niroDriMiit Ill of Jiltlrc Uiihlc lioM Unit tho Ililtuh
Norte American net inc the linniiulon romrtoiinct
low t ndltS to tie titco order nnd vot IOM rniiicnl
01 tin coiintiy urn count u > irn tins
w In re tho nit IIIIIH nt tli rotiiation ot iriuto nnd rmi
Ill rii Hi In Unit Iho r ili nil lUM mini ill ha I thu
imnorof rolilliiiiu IIIM niH i hliiMii ii cr
tri riiiUti ai a inutr to iihibit lio ib r ITU
lluiiulit an liu ill Hliuillil I c alloM it lootliiiiitik tin c < n
MI uti < n illt ol tm int ititHe roni nn re IIIMII riI in
tins Jiiiict lhin itl iiiiiit i < niiiiititii f unit it UM
nllrt MO nml nnt uilliiu Iho liinnln tnni l Hi I 1
i niliiotcrni it Julm llnini hi 1 in it the Himli
i i tiini nroN out ol n iniiuiici tlon ol tin llriuli
Norli Amirli in ui HH the net wis LuiiatituiiuimlutiO
tin llnllM I
Ihc Jp eul Has allow il nli co K
IIIII hu l c of Mm union
A nccro nnmnd Amos Thompson Boinellmes
crtlloil Iroiiohor Thoini HDII WHH toniul ilo id in an nn
inod I nlldinir III Milton avilnlo KIIIIMIV N Jon
rdii inoiiUlik IT in tin illlii illtni i > nn Mirn nud
oi Iho liodt it v K nilerroil tli u he might hitto ih d f
ttion Ilo tni I not l > i n M i n AII in i unK
ni IlnMiaii lyrriloi Lliubuili lius luijiiii an c
iatiua in the Liti
I hut llnil llil tfii riilliiileliililnns
riinvpnirniA April 13 Thn club men hero
Sly thai Iho dn l bolwoin llr J W lntc mil I U
Admits Jr nt tlio tit Tinoii wn i it on iirroiint i
wmiMii hut aroi > nm ol rt otti iiiar i I itioiit tin i
11 tintloriii iiico > ii Miito ln ulil w n the h <
n inil llio nifii nut nnd A > IIIIIH hot innilil ind
nirronlv tniHMd IIIH Miunl I in t o menlme bici
the iautlihi siixk ol the i IIIIIH IIM o
A linilor In I iniitBKee
NASHVILLE April III James 1 trrcs of Hart
ford Conn uaH hot uid klhd here toila l > > aiiiiilior
n lilid ieoru Itiwm Tho llinrdT uu inn rin i ki il
nn I tho i niniiiiinm l < llljlilx iniliii uu ni r II It Iw i
t nil H In ri w o ir IM Ihn uiln C < uji cncii tin
hiHi imins wit Iu tuiWtirdtii tu hu liuinc to nigrrott
Vet Annlhir Planet
April 13Tliofimlthsonlan
tniiliuiioii Im roconril irom Irol ru r n t ol lioihn tho
unnoilliconiont nf thi dM oir hv i nt I 11 ni
iril in nwi i < r pliniloi ho i h rnlh n
Il lio > r o > niiiiiii < ii ruhi ionnm mil l ° s MHIUI de
clluallui ullU a ilii > ininn il 7 inliiuttj nurili
Ar Orlriins ICiicri
Nrw OniriNB April 13 Mary Anderson won
IhoC ttlill lukli lor JMIII old onn iHi miI nhnlf
tdai lomn Mnniiin ii lull I ml t
short Lini li nn i iiiuliliun tiuisidint Kniioluh
urd > IIe lotlrniili duh
Tmnnmiiy llrlrmip > fioni Osnr n
Oswuoo S Y April 13 Tun TIIM ssBnihly
utrin lniiniui CoiiMiiliun lMlav il tl llcloHpo
lai nml Uleii Uurjou dviiau u Uio
DASH213 nmir ivn Tirrna nr ma
AUrS KMOltTllltS
Pnt Ilntry Mmt ISack Alilrrmnn
JSrmlnilril r lil Holy t III Cuiilllnrnu
Mrn NlinUlnir Ilitnil In he Gullery
A ffsolutlon wns oiTired In tlio Hoard of
Alilirmun yesterday to penult Patrick Hnlny to
nit UP u meat rack In front of his shop In Tenth
iveiiuo Alderman Cluirlen H Marshall who
nvnrlnbly opposes thi rrectlon of nnythlnc In
n street or upon n sidewalk tlmt can bo called
nn Incumbrance nroso to movon reference ol
lie n solution Alderman John W Jncobusoul
ilm off by mnvlnir to refer It tn tlio Commlttcs
on Law Tho question was put to tho Hoard
nnd tho ninmbeis not knowlnc upon what tho
wero votlntr voted In tho nfllrmntlvti Prosl
lent Mcirrm declared tho motion carrrled nnd
ldermnn Marnhnll whoso motions to refer
ftlmllnr reolutlons have nlwa > been voted
down rubbed bin hands with delight At that
noment n hort etout Irishman who Is noon
itant attendant upon tlin meetings of tliu Uonrd
eatitd forward In his gent In tlmcallnry of th
Thainber and Bald In n loud tone Sure that1
Int Haleys main rnck
Alderman Matthew Cnec f who rnproeont
he district In which Mr Haley liven turned
iiilekly around In hla Bunt unit Inaulrod
Vho o meat rnck 7
IM llnhiys nud ho oueht to linvettha
Irishman rutilied In i louder tono than before
Thats so Alderman Coiuey said unit
then amid the lauihier of his eollpiiitues nnd
hn applause of tho men In thu gallery ho aild
jd Mr President I movo to reconsider that
Tho voto was reconsidered nnd tho r Bolu
lon to permit tho erection of tho meat racU was
Alderman Coccov leaned back In Ills sent
satMledand thn Irishman in tho callorrBboolc
hands with his neighbor
A Lire Sentence fur Mnrder
Jam03 Seaman colored jointly Indlctod
wilh William Wrckxnha l > now KrvInK > n tlehl jctrt
sentence for burKlnry in StAtc prison lor the murder of
Mii m llliCHlo HIP oM flthermin nt Illck vllle L I
on the nlctit of tlia t th of NOTmber 1S7S wia ar
rntcncil in Lone Itlnml City eileriliiy I If rcnjtd
ciilliv to nitirilir In tin wcuml dcffrpe unit Jiitlffe Ilnr
niiriMeiilpiiitd him In Mntfl prhoa Inr llfr Urrkuwas
liri > U4lit irnni tlio Htntc iirlAoa nt blni hint to plrnd tn
UK hiMlcliiH MI Ho i KnJiMl not niiilly It Ii cxpctiil
Hint tin iio ernor lll nnrrton lihn n ht Bentincc tor
liuriliu > In inltT tlrtl Im in > lie trltil lur Itiu luiinlcr
hpnm in uill l f UMd niint 4 ncnfiMt turn Accnrd
nu u > < 1nlllnl lt ciiiilei iiiii ipka uil < tin irhRlinl In
Hitcrinii A fow jfiir nuo JiMt alter il rtlt fnm
prl a wh rt1 lie nml lifca c illl rt two > nri term
wetkit iMl il Hie rr > i > lenor nl hU yoniiL < l hrullirr la
lliiiinnuiiiti mil nllcr rullilne him m iu Uircw him
Into the nr > > The hrullier U now a crlpulo from the tf
Ictuol hliinjurlos
llr Crniliy lo the Police llonrd
Under data of April 10 Dr Howard Crosbr
write to the 1nlice Comml limers
I hail occasion to walk through TwentrixTcnth
street nntl Fourth nrnuo Imt muht After I oclock I
tnunJ vrr liquor silooa or > en anil in use contrary to
tlie law ami met sexernt offlcers pA < hn them without
tnnklnt nnviTiirt to clo thf m It wns looiltrk lor me
tiiRi > lihpiiineir > numbers I m qulle Hire there >
im nt Uxitr In cnforctnil the Uw upon licensed saloons
ami In rri eel to lurbiJilen hniKe anil woulj respect
tullv cnll the attention ot the Jlnanl to the tacts
At In nteetln ye terilav the Hoard reierred this letter
to SuiO linenilent Wnllinf
John II McL rlhv oi the Thirtyfifth street siinad who
when nn Ortk stnet policeman ns necused til auenipc
luz to assault a youn < eirl win dismissed from Hie lore
IVnshlncton Slurkel Flyer
A Inrco crowd of Washlneton Market men
cnthered la Flectwoo1 Iark yesterday the attraction
beluga race for f3Xmile heat best three la fire In
harne s The contestlne horses were Hnns Kuvelmani
b K John and finin Copps h m Kate In tha first heat
Knte cot the lend nnd was not thereafter headed dls
tniiclnz John la 30J but the jud ea decided to let th
horitcs start nsnin The second heat wn < more Interest
Ink John leil to the hnlfiiilte pole nnd kept the poaitloa
Aell on fi the threefjiiitrtcra There wnsun earnest eon
tettothe wire The jiidues decided It a dead heat In
i 58 John trotted handsomely In the third heat bold
liithe front Irom ttiu tart to tlie finl > In 3 03 Tha
tnurth hent wns nmble lor a ncrics u brushes lh
horcs ntMit nround hoMlnir tho lead alternatelr but
John succeeded In eolng undur th wire first winnloc
the heat und race in US9
Vndertuliilnor the Cbtireh
Bind the burial vaults in the old Attorntf
Strict Methodist Church cavel tn few dayg aso
pofinc the remains ol hundreds of bodies force of
workmen have teen encased in repairing thft damage
At the brcnriiiir of the work it was deemed necessary
lintit lire tin fxejniition bv re tn ovine the earth near
eM tin n ir ubunll of tho church No danger wasap
j > rtlu iili il in looMHiins the eirtti next to thn wall but
> untnt tlic uorkniKii hod noirlv Completed thnt part
m tlio job nnd nt the itar Fuhvtill nt the church be
cnnic ixiio ed It beiriin tn vite ty The men at wort
iu thiir dtiuer in time tn innko their encan from th
cnxfttHiien Hit unll tell with n craoli fllllnff up th
Minlt nlth iicd t rl ftnd cino liic the pulpit at the rear
of the church
NtiperlnCemKnt Ittiillcja Cnae
Altlermnn Mnrahnll mado nnnthor effort yes
terdav to liax e Sui rintenJrnt Dndle > manaccment of
the Department of MuiMinM InxestlpAted Mil rc ota
tloiu for tlie limmtltMtioii t t for tli that the Board nf Kx >
aiiilneraot the Department ol HultdlnRi cnvo prrmi lon
tit tlie N i ni Kerrt Compnnv to erect a Irnm hed at
thf fiidt ot Kii t ni inri trft on thf condition that tho
im ttil and to tho in Kit
t r IVrrt umimnv tn hnlld H
mlAT trunnrc 11 the condition thitt Unoiit le tiiniM
he iixtTcd Ith niftiil Unit the nhed hao bttn vrtCU tl
hut Ilic mil minim hif Hut In on ntltllli il
Tlu1 rtfoi tmiiH ireon inotldit oi Tninmanr AMer
man James J Melnjrifirrctl to 1 committee
Tho AltU rmcuA Commtttoo on Pollco and
Hcalili hno utider con Icrntton tho follow Inc
HV r M t nnt uliiii d f1i < are MiniPthnr propncntpil
in in tin nt tho rharlt ilili tntttulloit in thl cit 1 nnt
o mr tit ui llrtiUiimiiAtion ot the iniimtox l > eture ad <
iin liMi tlHTfiurc In tt
i Thnt nil tho rhnrtaMp Ti ilttttnn in thl clty
ni point a in iriiin lio liuil i jiiniiu1 nil jcr oinior
Ailmi ioii tmt tt illcn i 1 iM > latf them imm tlit lntilthy
inm ttn HiKt il1 tnii Un f A i xmtm > till liimatei
ni > nci intiitulit ni at loiit otu ton immth i > rotcn r
it T i it mnrj niul the ItmM ot llintth U n tjuirtd to ieo
A Irtfr rarrlrrn > Incnrrliiie
DoterthH Cnnnltu PIVV n unlforraoil Iptter
rarrkr disirllutuic litters union n croxd In Hletcltet
Mn tt The carrier wn Intoxtcntnl iind on bcine taken
to tte Morrrr tn ct police vtatlmi CHM tho nanio of It oh
ert IComtV HI ri fhirt i mtb ilni t llu bolonccd
to int mice strttion i at IV J Ltuli Ateiuio He had
fijo in hi ptHkf u lnIi hi inl lioloiicrd to him I ha
U tit r ha ua tikin rr ri hnn an < l tin letters hn hnl
ninn nx > tc IMIUCH < 1 ns i r it tbl Ilo wai
nrraUtieil ut tliv Jiirtrctm Marktt 1ulicu Court aiU flucd
TuoTrailn I > ollin
Tivl P Fmofk who wn nrrrsti il A wfek nco
nn the t har o ol pisnu to cuiintnli It tra If dollir nn
Siiiiuirl MltiluU it u bobtail cir on KUhth
niiiue hud 111 i MM nit itiii IMote mntnl iniuT
Mm 1 > U M n rd llfiboii lbiiiu hnt atn fnu > nt t
litf Hi < ins Mi uni theiti ti I hi < 1 He taid Hull lift
nn nni11 r in Im k 1 ii i im m m c ir < anil that
t it M ar rio In h 1 1 mi in n i TDUI a otr Ho it
lion tin 1 1 ojul a u m ht tu hui in ai lm wtik
l Oilici Ii rtllctlnn
For MiMi MMnth SttUt clnr or rnrtly
tin r MHHitih i MHK l > ttiuliij nria
bit Kntlonar > or r uni ratiiii and baruiietcr

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