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I i I ID t un 1L
Vontrle nnd Frnnda Ftlnmtril nt Xeurly
lluir MllllonIrrraiiliiHItra Kitcnillnir
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For erA Ketrnrd at 8BOOO Offered rr
hla Capture The l > er ull rr IllMory
BnATTLEBono Vt Juno 17Tho First
National Bank of Brntlleboro oftors 5000 re
ward for tho arrest of Sins M Yalto tho nb
icondcd President whose forgeries It Isbo 1
lleved will reach total of over 250000 Tho
forced paper consists of notes of Individuals
bankers mid corporations rangIng In nmnunt
from 75000 down VTaltes mode of proced
ure wns to place these notes before the direc
tors all tho notes except ono bearing the nntno
of one of tho directors who at times WHS pres
ent and on tem risk his claim as to the sol
Tenor ot tho bunk The dlrector not being I
particular conversant with banking accepted
I them as proof that nil was right and not until
I two three weeks did they to
or ago attempt ac I
J quaint themselves with the worth of these secu
rities Abut this tlmo Examiner Hendeewhllo I
snaking his usual tour of Inspection dlseov
r ereda discrepancy In the check fund In New
c York Ono week ago Hendee returned to this
place and It Is supposed Informod Walto of
his discoveries Waite was heard to ask Hun
dee It he could be allowed one week to make up
the deficit and It Is supposed that this
was granted ns Waite on the following morn
Ing arose at 3 oclock bade his wife coo dby
laying that ho was going to New York on hank
business Tho next tidings wore from Port
land whence ho wrote Shall quit tho
The directors of the bank are B M Walto tho
nlltced defaulter JJr Tyler member Con
cress from this district T A Nash W F
Itlohardson and II 0 Wlllard of Brnttleboro
Warren Parker of Putnor Addison Whltehead
of r Vurnon WI RIchardson ot Chester and 0
t Amldon of Hlnsdale Two of the members
claim t have never qualified Mr Waite has
been President slnoe January 1878 Efforts have
been made to hare a cashier appointed but
Waite has insisted that none WAS needed and
the directors have always allowed him to have
his own war For rear after rear he hRS prac
tically run the Institution without the dictation
of any onl Onx br one for nix yenrs the di
rectors have refused to duality nnd the result
his hAn that yearly changes have been made
until President Wnite hud found a set of men
Borne of whom are widely known and esteemed
for ther honesty and business capacity who
Imd not time or disposition to unearth the cor
ruption which Is believed to dale back for mote
than ten venrs to the time when a brother of
I President Waite cot Into financial trouble in a
Chicago bank or insurance company and it Is
said his Irregularities were straightened out
by the payment of 70000 the funds coming
from the llrnttldboro Bank
Besides tbo forged note certificates of stock
bays J been Issued for which no record has been
found and the book of tho bank are badly
garbled Suits have been brought against the
directors hystockholderuwhoclalm dereliction
r dprelton
of duty It Is believed that somA of tile direc
tore are financially ruined nnd that another
county bank Buffers br the loss
hCI Sawyer And William Guild assistants In
WiiIm asslstnnt
tim bank claim to have been Ignorant any
wrong so skilfully and domineeringly Imd
Waite manipulated These assistants with
the family of the defaulter consisting of n wife
b und five children are overwhelmed grief
Not more than sO 0 or S12o in funds were
S Ift In the bank which leads l to the belief that
4 WHitehM taken a large sum I Is difficult to
> t attfm exact loss at present hut it IR van
I t ounly estimated nt from 250000 to 500000
1 AI all event It Is the 4trgest defalcation and
3 loss pvr known In this section
Mr Henriee the National Bank Examiner Is
In possession of the bank and is making a
thorough examination I IB possible that some
J of the notes reported as fraudulent may provo
genuine nnd thus reduce the liabilities Tho
ii irregularity was suspected by the examiner
I Slay 20 and on June 9 Wnite was notified nf
L this suspicion and an explanation demanded
WaIte absolutely denied that any discrepancies
J I exist4 professing his ability toro 1 beyond
i I doubt the sohoncy of the bank Hu asked for n
0 renxonnWe time to produce his proof nnd went
to New York na ho affirmed for such purpose
L Mr Henilen remaining In the vicinity of Itrat
tleboro until he should return The method
f m IIT which the Irregularity was discovered Mr
or Henden refuses to make public lr
0 Col Waite f he was fnnilllarlv known was
s torn In Now Fane In 1825 and before the Ver
mont nnd Massachusetts Railroad built
JIManlhusft nalronl ins buil to
r this town was largely interested In the pxpr s
4 and staging business He represented the town
it in 18R3 ned 1801 was n member of Gov Hoi
brooks staff during the war and In fact local
I i managing power for the Governor Hn had
5 held nearly nil the local offices of trust In the
community and nt the tlnm of his fall was n
director In both the Connecticut Vnlley nnd
I Vermnnt Valley Railroads was a member of the
School Board nnd one of the later His public
u publc
spirit hnd won him manv warm friends
BELLOWS FALLS Vt June 170vpr 3i000
ri of the stock of the First National Bank of Url
I tleboro is held In this town nml the excitement
nnl oXllemell
runs high hero The stockholders are mostly
11 people In moderate circumstances mosty
1W PORTLAND Me June 17Mr Wnite Presi
a dent of the Ilrattleboro National Bank wits at
Ibo Prblo House In this city on Friday night
on last nnd was seen and talked with by n gentle
Ucs man who know him well His name does not
appear nn the Prebln House register Imweter
n Since Friday tevernl vessels have sullen from
this port for Cuba but none for any European
i BRiTTLEnoro Juno 17 Todays develop
LYL ments only confirm previous reports of too
sl utter failure of the First National Bank soot
possibly futuro developments may add to rather
pr thnn decrease thn liabilities which are now
IL plnend nt 4511487 This Includes the capital
0 ILltnl
lag 1 Mock of Snn487 circulation of 00000 nnd
deniaitd of SGOOOO The assets conslbl of about
218001 In notes much or which Is known in be
fraudulent Government bonds In Washington
SIOJno n reserve hued of 4500 700lncnsh
itl and supposed gOOd notes and t I whntever may bo
54 realized from tlio cnlii of Wnltes property under
> attachment The latter Is variously estimated
t at from 130000 to 50000 A telegram hits hon
rcccUed tnday showing additional fraudulent
transactions In New Vork Three hundred
inures of Imnl stock had I ecu jiineeil In the
mJ Fourth National BMik nt New York ns aol
r luternl on which Wall had roeonud lS about
15000 This Mock may liaui bulotiged tn
11 being understood that he was u large
h shareholder but it may turn out to bo nu over
S5S Among the names reported to have been
r forced by Mr Waite nro VermllyetCobnnkeib
M 22 < Nassau street Hits city Traitor W
1trlc 1ieuldetit 1 nf tlm Panama Railroad nnd I
Frederick llllllngR President of tine Northern I
aclflo Hallway A member ot the llrm of
ernillye > Co said yesterday that tho Brattle I
bro Bank had not had nn account with them
for four or live years AH that tlm llrm knew of
the present matter was through National Bunk I
Examine Molggs o this State A few I days ago
Jlr MolgLK called m > on the firm at tlm r > ijuest
of Bank Examiner Henden of Vermont tn In
1 quire I the Brnttleboro Bank had a deposit of
S700O with thoU
A negative answer wns returned Jlr Molggs
called ngnln with n copy nf I letter purporting
to have boon written hyVermllv 1 Co to this
Brnttleboro Bank authorizing use latter to draw
on the writers for 70000 on account Thin let
ter was signed Vnrmliyu t Co pnr I Wiekmnn
The Exrtnt I ncr tysts Informed I that t no such letter
i hail been written nml that the firm had no one
1 in Its employ by llm nanmof Witkmat It sub I
m Beqiipntly occurred tn the firm that this letter
was probably written Home live years ego when
thin firm sold some Government bonds for tlm
bllk tIIII Is customary In such transactions
t authorized the selling hank tn nhow n certain
t iiuiount ngti net tie t bonds unll i I limy were snld
nf A titan thins the llrm hail In Its employ a clerk
named Wlshmnn This Information was hem
to tho Vermont Examiner Vermllyn t Co
know nothing further about the matter Their
theory Is that tlm question of a deposit with
them was raised because probably Iubldent
Ualio I altered tlm date of iso letter In uost host
tn II recent date and presented I to the
0 directors HS an evidence of ntsets to thu amount
cf 7UOOO
1 Y Tlmy have not been advised thnt the firm
name has been forged ns has been reported
Y A representative of Mr Pnrk said that Mr
I t Park rlvrcsontntvo any dealings with the Drat
tlittiuro Bank nnd that without t doubt Ills name
tn any paper hold by the bank wits I fnrgvry
lly skilfully forging responsible mimes tlm us
jg bets I of tlm bank Could IM easily ralRutt In the
eyes of the dlrnctoraprovlded they rondo no
Inquiries and the forged papers < need nol pass
ut of the bunds of tIme President Hu bosh only
xe to present tho forged notes lo them ns having
bes n dlscountid by tut bank or presented for
Tint correspondent of the Drattloborn Bank In
this city Is tho Fourth National Cnsliltr Jjtnu
of that Ilk Bid yesterday that he knew nf tho
condition of affairs only through tho nmvHpai
pers rim sukpended bank bad n deposit with
¼ hll bank the amount he was not at wih
8tll Uuuy but no could lay inat 11 bank would Jot
I f 1 I
AYol ruliioit count lie ciii < l UM thai whole oinc beau
1 cotlte I Iha h0101IC bUl
Wler Ul uu4 Sulphur bwap Ui rL fist4 4Jn
tE r
311K liKPttUTlIKi UV IJELJW Tl > S
John Kelly nntl lilt Knlltixvera nn the Vny
Scene nt this Urn fcnlrul Depot
John Kolly started lor tho Cincinnati Con >
ventlnn In tho train wlilcli left the Grand Cen
tral Depot nt 10 > i ocloolc yesterday morning
Ho reached the depot at 10 oclock John II
Mooney the Hoard cf Assessors carried his
travelling hue Mr Kelly bowed to Alderman
Bauer uxAlilermnn Kriiuss Sncliom Hnswell
foil tho other Tammany men who wont to tho
depot tn seo him off ansI then stepped aboard
of Augustus Soholls palace cnr the Btolln In
the stateroom reserved for him were many
tnstofttlly arranges lx > uiiucts MrKolly looked
nt thorn and said These must hnve coma from
IM Onlos Lous Islam farm Then ho walked I
Into the main compartment of tlm car and spent
the time until the train started talking with
August Dolmnnt Augustus Schell AVIlllam II
Trnvors cxLloutGov Dornholmor and tho
other gentlemen who wore to bo his travelling
companions Tho next car to Iho Btulln was tho
Madison In I were seated James H Thayar
nml oxDoputy Kucretary of State George Moss
The rest of tho seats wore reserved tar
Democrats who it wits said would take
this train In the various cities and towns
through which It will PIIB before leaving this
State Attmnir these gentlemen will hnKmBtu
Brooks John P Seymour i of Utlcn Stephen I
Fnrkor anti exSeimior Hammond of Geneva
Seuntor 1owler of Ulster W 15 Chappell of
Little Falls Judge Holmes of Schohnrle C V
II exMnyor nf Utlcn henry Htnwell
of Stjiiecn Falls De S its 0 Vust nf Lmvvlllo
Allen C lleach Levi H Brown exJInyor Tor
ten and A 1 Wvnn of Wiiturlowii W J Awry
of 0ilcnstiurg Wm Vim Gltnti nf Lyons
Frank Flanders nf Malone U 0 Jones ol Cort
lamlt William C linger of HrINlspJuIlt
ComMock of HrrniMise exAltorneyGenernl
1ratt I of Syracuse William I I Pit mill editor of thin
llochester fiifoHJudge Rowlov of Hoohestnr
exSenator Morris nl Dunkirk John A Barrr
of eli Cooperstowii or of C the Oswcco J Palladium Judge Sturcos
It wits rumored 1 that the Madison wits en
gaged by Ctrus W Field and that most of the
rentlemen who sirs to occupy It Invor the nomi
nation of United States Supreme Court Justice
Stephen J Field for President
Slimy of the leulurs of tIm regular Demo
cratic organization of this city must this dele
gates from this city to the Convention
stalled for Clnclnnntl by the Pennsylvania
Itillroad nt G oclock last evening Among thu
delegates were John Fox Sheriff Peter how
Chnrles Rellly Alderman lieriinnl Kennev
Tlm Sloe John E Develln Col John n Fel
lows County Clerk William A Butler Ex
Snntnr William Cnuldwell end Henry C
Nelson tIme delegates from the West S
Chester Congressional District i nccom
panied the party The politicians who
went nn this train were Cot Kmanue B I Hart
exCounty Clerk iHubert 0 Thompson Maurice
J Pownr Cot James J Mooney Coroner Morltz
Elllngr Aldermen Josouh Struck and Jeru
mhili Murphy ejlVillce Ouninlsslonpni Chas
F MrtcLnn and James E Morrl on Richard
1 CunnlnUhllr Gen Thomas F Bourke Wil
liam P Mitchell John D Coughlln Assembly
man Louis Cohen Allen McDonald xJtisttee
Alfred T Ackert exCnminlsslnner Honrv H
PortT Nicholas F Buten einen Gen John
Ollyrne Daniel Oltelllv Etlwnrd Church and
Dliuty Sheriffs Gideon Daly anti Clark Ex
Congressman Ahrnm H Hewitt and exSenator
Gwln of Cnllfnrnln were on thin trait
The main body of the regular Democracy
will start from the Grand Central Depot at 7 >
this evening in a special train The special
train of ngner conches which in I to carry
four hundred Tnmmnnymen to the Convention
will leave the same depot nt 050 A M tomor
row The Inscriptions for the cars have been
prepared nnd thu men who are to occupy each
car have been selected KxJustlces Dents
QuInn Alderman John W Guentzer John H
McCarthy exAldermnn Peter Kehr AI
derniHii Tliomas Shells Nicholas Schoen
Laurence Brannlgnn J C Munzlnger
Blrney Qnlllgnn Dledrlch Is Ulzlulr
Judge Hnrtman nnd Hugh Ferrlgan will
will ride In the car lnsrlbed TIs l nil our
common country ExCornner Crtker
cor 001 colntn rkr ex
Countv Clerk Giitnliletnn Corporation Attorney
William A Dod exCoroner Henry Woltman
Arrenm of Tiixen Attorney Edward D Gill
City Chamberlain J Nelsnn TntiniinfxPolleo
Justice John McQumle and exUnder SherIff
John T Cumins will occiitiy the car bearing the
Inscription Tlm founders of our republic
did not enrich them lws thrnugli public
office Thomas F Grmlv Gen Frank B
Splnoln rxAldernmn MIchael Timnmy Dr
Charles W TJphnni John E Wnde AI
dermnn George Hull Maurice F mInIma nnl
Ilutus Dodge are assigned to the cnr on which
are the words liar money nnU honest labor
A which will large Isntnner thin
car Ivl carry on a Ilrle hnnlrtho
Inscription The bench must bo preserved
from the influence of politics will carry Polo
Justice Patrick G Dully exPolice Justice WIN
llnm Dodge Civil Jii tlc Chnrles M Clancy
exCivil Justices Josepn Koch and ThonniR
Pearson mid ninny Police Court and District
Couit clerks exPnllco Court nnd exDlstrlct
Court clerk ami conan candidates for District
Court Justices Wlllinm 3Jolon DepUIY Clerk
of I the Cnmmnn Coutvll will have clinrgo of
the cnr Inscribed Presidents Washington
Jeffcrnn MadIson Monroe and Jackson died
poor Park Commissioners Smith E Lane nnd
Samuel Cminverrwho ForvHthu city without misty
Thomas Dose and other court clerks whose
salaries have been reduced by this Public Bur
dens law nnd Peter Seery John Itellly Henry
D Purroy nnd other Aldermen who were mem
bers of the Pommon Council between the years
1872 and 1S7D have been Invited to occupy seats
lu this rlr 1872 cur which will carry tlm mn
who belong to IhA slttlpg Common Council will
bear tIe mottoTret trade t and I sat Ions rights
ThenntlTlltlen dflecates from Brooklyn will
go In the Tammnnr train
At OS A 31 n special Pullman car started from
Ihe t Frle depot 1 In I Newark with n delegation t
for Cincinnati Delegate at large Ztlllck Sur
rogate of liscx County District delegate Fell
01 Orange and William Adnnls Ilrown nt New
ark CUM Izilah Itynlrs and John Kennell nf
Pn i < nlc tint Noah D Taj lor ami Jmlgo Rankln
nf Jursev CIH were of tIn paitv Tho car win
ciowsvre festooned with digs nnllon
dOlsr lcI nntlouastrlp
of muslin I wiRlhe I legend Nw Terseys hole
the Cincinnati nominee I The > iew Jersey del
egation House have secured quarters ut the Gibson
The 2Vnme of Tlttlen mul l Seymour Received
nlth luutl Cheerlnir
LEXIXOTOX Ky Juno 17The Democratic
State Convention met Ih this city today about
COO delegates bulng present Gen Lucius Desna
was elected Chairman und 1 Iolk John
ston Secretary While waiting for thin reports
nl committees speeches were delivered I by Gen
illnim 1 I I i Prctnn rJ Rrkesm rId on tlm Hon
Henry Viiit r nn Jiilgtt Villliuii Llndsny this
Hon I J W Htevcnson Gen C M Cluv and
ntheie Thl rosin ol Samuel J Tlldeu was ill
wujb rersi ted I ith I I long and I loud Ilul I hut
when Judgi IlniKar alluded to Hiiatln Sty
mnur there us iis thn wildest entlitisiasin
thu cheering continuing for nM > rnl I ininules
Neaily all I of the t Hpenkurti I i avowed btrniic
prcfefenceM for Mr Tilden A nolutlon I
htrsschimit the btato delegation nt Cincinnati lo
vntu us a unit excited I very heated debate
which occupied i the tlnm of llm I Cjssetit hut up
to tlm t hOI t of tuik I fig I recess until I I oclock
On rtiiMiuhilng this resolution instructing
the i hehuatioit to Mile as I unit In the National
Convention was withdrawn This is regarded
tie I defeat nf tlie t I Tlltlon men although the ma
jority of thus ilelcuntes nre for Tilden The dele
gates for the t State nt large itre Henry I titter
son > John W fctevensoii Gou William Preston
and Judge W S Llndiay
fndlTldnnl Ncnret of thr Ainri Icnnv Fnrrowa
l > ni > rtMeileiiteil Jtircnftl
DUBLIN Juno 17lIits following are the
Indhldiial scores of tho Americans at Dolly
mount today
SOU tior Imo
ui 1oI5 1 yni TMI
Firrnw 7 tw 74 ltn
Ilurke 7J la 7u all
hcolt 71 tu U4 101 I
lllrd 7J W CO 1110
Itnwa 71 ut IM itn
Flhcr en oj n im
Itietivell id tu S7 Ifl
Kmhbone tia tU 6 Inl
Jucklon t > 3 SJ llJ
All fired a full complement of shots except
Jaeksou whoso rifle limIts down Furrow who
won the Albert prIze nt Wimbledon In I lb7U
made I record today nt thin three rnuges hills
shoot onto unprecedented today The Irishmen did not
AVurllUe Oiitlonk In rglulitsn
LONDON Juno 18The Telegraph Bombay
correirmleiit reports that Ahdurrnliniun Khan U atl >
vaneliu wIth trooin ant I Rlxtrcn inountaiiiITIIIK The
liibei arc ifalherlni fotitn m Uitbul and m I oilier Quarter
and war ItU reuorted lit look for uroclamaUuii ot A tioljr
The Armr ATnriu In Imniylvnnln
AtirNTOWN PH June 17hu army worm
ii l liorleil In Uilteliall slit county I ami 1 Vazarelli
yiirthiiinpton County ivlttro It rut held OU gad ot
n fl
t Y
huiub ade trioid bv the r I ft
Iceborut r > evreiindlund
PntMDELPHlAi June 17 Thi steamship
British Lmpiiu retort mi tie Uili 1 tint off the Uaiifc I
of hcvrloundlliiiljnii id k Ulit ur nlu unil Icttivul
till hugest I btiiu ftdout i K last t SuShI 11 1
The Cnnnitlnn Tronlilfd with Pain tn his Side
tint lllnclnit UHmely to the Gums X OTI >
Ncailnn Illlcy Second nod Ten KjrckJ hlrd
PROVIDENCE n I Juno 17 Hnnlan line
nt last boon boaten beaten so badly that tho
tears rolled down his chocks a ho drew up to
lisa bonthouse after the race Yot ho bad
started off grandly Tho report of tho pistol
hal not tiled away before his boat hnd her nose
shnved ahead of his competitors and ho went
down the river In his old style loading them
all We all thought It wns going to be ono of
his playing races Wo looked see him stop
his boat and dip his hands In the wnter and
wot his head But ho did nothing of that sort
He pulled nnd pulled nobly for n mile and
threoijuartors and was beaten that early In
the race
Hunlnnhad been fooling well enough appa
rently This mornIng ha sat In tlio boathouse
surrounded by Rlley Platsteil Toneyck and
Ross and his eye wns clear his skin brown
ey cenr
and manner perfectly quiet and saltpossessed
He joked with his companions RIley said
something about being happy If ho could come
in ahead of Lee and Hnnlan said
I you want to see a race look lt Boyd and
Then he turned and went to leathering his
sculls a beautiful pair just received from
Toronto Ho was n lively as a crlckot and I
chuck full of good spirits Ono of his back
ers snld to him Ned wo cant place a
lt on you without tremendous odds anti
Hnnlan laughed Then with what splendid
form and nerve appeared when theslgual gun
called Ihn mal 10 this start He rowed up by
the grand stand There wasnt I quiver Up tho
nerve nnd Ills boat spun through the water
without I splash The great crowd they say
thnt 50000 people were present cheered as he
shot by and thn only response ha gave was to
milckcn his stroke He pulled nrorto his po
sition which was just under tha sandy bluff
bank of mite Scokonk River Then ho waited
Thn Englishman Boyd with a seemingly
sluggish motion drew alnngsldo of Hnnlan
and the little Canadian still full of good spir
its ant confidence passed the tlmo with joking
remarks When Rlley brown as nn organ
grinder and red with his colors drew up In
line Hnnlnn craned his neck nut and seemed
tn bo watching closely his recent antagonists
stroke Then there came the smiling Plnlstcd
blue ns to color anti little ns to form He quiet
Iv ranged hlm elf In the line There worn
Dempsoy Courtneys old antagonist nnd Lee
who might have but didnt win In England nnd
Teneyck of Ibo Hudson Ill the Canadian
giant Gaudier These were comparatively un
known scullers
There came down the river n man n nearly
naked 1 ns It was possible to be and be decent
He was A miD whoso great muscles went so
knotty nnd sInewy that their play could bo
easily seen from the grand stand Ha looked
AS though you might hit his bodr blows with n
sledge hammer nnd nave tho blows resisted
He Is said to have complained of his bOlt but
he sent It < spinning through the water old tub
as ho described itin n manner that led men
who hnvn nn eyo to such things to predict that
he would come In second This was the NoV
hcotinn Wallace floss He drew up to his posi
tion on the Providence side of the river just
under the yacht ot Stevenson the actor He
was other nt one end of the line and Uunlan at the
I Ins a pretty sight as they lay there In line
50 000 people on the shore the river to the rear
wfll wIth the balls of yachts mini lively with i
small boats bands playing cannon booming
filet submarlnn torpedoes throwing great jets
of water high in thin air Amid nil this hubbub
them cnmn the report of n pistol and then
twelve brown and brawny backs went forward
and the delicate utmost Invisible little shells
dnrted away But In half n dozen strokes you
could see what power there was In the little
Canadians body The nOn of his boat went
ahead foot by foot and speedIly hit was lending
the remaining eleven running right sway from
them That excited no wonder Everybody
expected that Away down the course he goes
f till I widening I tliegap But suddenly stopped
He Is going to wet his held SIS sonic ono
lu sItu Jlllle boat No hi Isnt Did you see
how sudden anti jerky that stop wits 7 Do you
see him chip nnl hand to his side
There Is something tho matter with the great
scull something serious for here comes
tile XoutKiollan nl n terrifIc pace lessening the
gnu every minute Tlm referee Wiu Curtis
ordered his boat 1 over 10 Hnnlan
What Is the matter Ned 7
Mv side hurls me
Ami then Haitian bends over to his oars agaIn
But the potter was gone at least the power tn
prevent another man from getting thn lead
Ross has already him and
passed 1111 Is push
ing IIWHV for the tipper stnkcboit nt a great
pace Still Hanlan plies his oars Hn goes
through nil this form of rowing and even
now keeps his boat well lu the Jem
of all the others except Ross I
Beans ns though every stroke he rows
must bn giving him pain Still he keeps nt I
Hut now thin Snratogian its well as ROSK seems
likely to lend him Riley Is rowing wonderfully
well Turning his bend quickly und seeing
Hnnlnn M near he spurts nnd gains nnd
then shoots by Inlllt lust HI leys d ream Is real
ized ho has passed Hanlnn In this order they
reach thin stakebont Ross making I broad
sweep goes around and is on hit way homo ns
Rlley gets half way round anti as Hnnlnt
reaches the boat These three scullers are or
the homestretch when Gaudier Lee Ten Eyek
Uclnne Plalsted nnd Boyd turn in Ibo order
I was not going to bo rapid work on the
homestretch The wind vas blowing up the
river strouglv and there was a sea on Hun
Ian nfter turning tried to spurt I was
painful to site thn champion struggle agaInst
the Inevitable Ho could not do I and ut last
niter rowing about nn eighth of I mllo hi
rested on his far I health sick and
probably permanently disabled man Ho
saw one alter another of the men
who heretofore would have boeu as In
fnnts agaInst him pass by and with
thu tears rolling down his unl cheeks
bo paddled down the stream Menmvhllt
Riley nnd ROBS were having a grant
race So wero some of the others but
tlm press boat was too far behind to tlistln
mulIsh one from the other Riley presse
Ross very hnrd but hue Nova Section would nol
let him Chum nearer that Ihrc lengths risers
they came doun this course When they ennuI
til I night I nf thn t people on thu t ernnd stand who
Haw that tills srtimlnglv naked man and hilt
I llm champion lu I the t blue nml white colors was
iihcnit lucy I asled ntm another
Vltv llo a Is I com lug wherns Hnnlnn
But Hanlan was nowhere to be seen Hi leys
red colors worn seen close behind I I RIVH am
then tile others came along lu I bunch HI
close Unit It was Impossible to dlstingulxi
them Agniiibt thiS heavy wind and with his
bout shipping I water Ross cnmn riming u irag
nlllccnt htroku nnd nt last passed tint start
ing point In 2J minutes plII 51 sue
ondb followed bv I Rlley In M3 < li mil
Ton trek In 3D53 As to tlm others mmo
record was kept Plalsted IB snld to hints coins
In fourth though Gaudier clalmi that ho did
Bold the I mysterious laigllxhiimn was cir
tnlnlv liiBt Amid away nwny behind nl
slowly piddling nlnng wns the grent chain
jilon Thin letss faun wns very pale its he
ilrmv UP alongside the grand stand nud ho
rowed II llku a lan Buffering Whim he
came in thn biwthouse lie got slowly from f th o
boat I ii mid at oncn received medical attendance
His Iriemls bill that he hurt his side
and there Is no doubt about this
but tlmro Is reason to loar tlm
tho hurt Is permanent A gentleman who
pit I him I SIS to ii Ig lit I tour that t vie
X0 Hnnluiis lat race Ho hns rust
lured himself > hethur this Is so or
not < his friends do not say but nt
all uvenlH Ilnnliin < hiS been placed under me11
cat Imminentami is lu seclusion It Is salt
that his threi aces i thin spring ii live been too
Kieit a strain on him ansi that his friends four
ell that hu was undertaking tno much <
Previous to the professional rules there was
nn amateur men nf tlueu miles which wax win
by Holme I of itit tt tick et In I 2214 followed by I
Tassel In 22r Lou 2310 Murray 2310 > i
BucUcy2n5li Hnydcn 2148
Tlm ulteily I imiileQuiUo I nrriiigcmcntB for tho
press t tire tlm subject of much bitter complain I
tntiluht Tim press Bland was at a poln
wimp It was Impossible tn sen the slni
and hut little ot ties race The press boat wa
moored at llm i upper end 1 an J 1 wits BO MOW I Ii sit
nothing of the race uould bo seen hn this con
respondents arrived In Providence llm referee
juilLii j and time I I keeper wore found to have gon a
to Rotky Point t twunty t miles away leaving th ii
positions of nil but three of time mun In
iloubt and hnvlng m announced the tlm I I e
nf but the leading three Indeed as to
Rnstia tIme them Is now a dispute It be
Ing claimed that he cnmo in In 2d5u
No record was kept of the tlm
except of the total What was leariiet
nt the men had to be gathered from many tilt
ferent sources The referee and judge
arrived Irom llockr Point titter mldululi
tonight and now siiy that thuy < hav
placed only tho first three In regnri
to the other particular of time nice They knew
nothing I is now till J Hint Lee was capslzn
noon alter turning the fitaknbout A late report
tonight is I ihatHnnlttns injury la limply a snver
strain but his frlonds refuse to give cay In for
malign ton urdlua it
TtlK VVnitlll l > Wnt > Kll TRIAl
Jlll Cnmmlnti Apprnrnnon In CIt cad the
Stir I < un cd
OxiiVESTOK Texas June 17A special to
the Sews from Marshall sari A lady escort
ed by two gontlcmcn nil etrnngers entered tho
court at 111 oclock this morning Tlio District
Attorney met them and annbunced to tho Court
thnt there was a lady present who ho presumed
wns Miss Cummins nnd requested to have her
worn This cnusod a sensation Col Craw
fort for the defence asked to confer with Miss
Cummins for his side nt the proper time ns ho
md ordered 1 asubposna sertodon her aloes hor
arrIval The witness was put under n rule to
bo conferred with by both Hlps of tho case bo
ng In the position wltneso for both sides
The morning WitS consumed with tho exami
nation of Witness Dr FoM of Shreveport who
gave expert testimony ns to tho sign of Insanl
ty and a hypothetical case was put by the do
fence Involving circumstances similar to those
surroundIng Ctirrle Witness replied that a
man so conducting himself was Insane The
State promises to produce unfavorable testimo
ny regarding the character of the witness
Lhetmt Moor has arrived The arrival nt Miss
yiimmlns nnused such momentary confusion
hat n rcccfls was tko
Miss Cummins was Inlnd to the stand She
Inv n grnphln nnd rapid narrative ol what she
said and BMW from the Imf of leaving the opera
mime until Bite left fortlie North Thn main
particulars of lien evidence corrnborated Bar
rymoreV although there were some discrepan
cies the gave morn trjlnute details She
saw four shots Orod two at Bnrrymoro
and two at Pnrteft 8hn Paid Barrymorn
and Pnrtnr lusts their heads turned toward
each other talking ot ComIcs funny ex
pression to Harvey viz Do you
want to selln dog and while talking Currlo
lassed behind them t tn the front minor Them
hme turned nut 1 k dtrf nn Insult was directed
to him nt thn Biimq time using threntp The
witness said there wee no reference In shun talk
10 what Currle ate for lunch She did not see
Porter put his hand to hh ear In the way com
iliilned of by CumIn that Harvey dlsnp
penned from her Bight niter tho first
Ire After the shooting when npppnleil
t about allowing such conduct he mlle
hs wnr she thought over tlm counter The
witness came direct to this trial from Windsor
Canada Her expenses were defrayed br n New
fork gentleman Hho crme of her own volition
As to her relations with Barrrmore while ho
was confined by his wounds she Bald she re
nalnetl nt Marshall two vveoks after the 1 H
duty except two trips to play with the troupe
attending on Ulrrymofe who could not ho
noved When It was proposed to telegraph for
Mrf Darn more she salt ts should not be done
unless It wns found that Barrvmorn cull not
travel for some time her Idea twins not to
bring her on a long and unnecessary trip She
urged sending tor Mrs Bnrrvmnrn when she
ound that Mr Barrvmorn could not travel
In < reply tn the defence has to taking beer nt
html time with Porter and Barrymnru shin 11
she occasionally took 1 glass of beer though
and not always places being especially mindful of times
Dr Leaks of Dangerfleld said that In n hrpo
jhetlcnl case like that put tn Dr Forth hn would
Julie thnt the man had delirium tremens
W J Dlnl snld hn saw Currle time night nf the
killIng nnd thought him drunk but rational I
the hytinthptlral case fitted Currles then Currie
imd delirium tremens
Dr Emm Johnson agreed with Dr Ford ns to
lm temporary insanity of Currle If tlm hypo
helical case wits Identical with Currles f tan
Put the hypothetical case Involving their view
of Currles condition from the evidence anil
witness snld in such I case n person would
know what hn was about
The defendants closed nnd the State after
Introducing one more wltne also closed
The morning argument begins at 830 oclock tomorrow
T JLadte Injr ttt Mlnenln Prlzfi Awarded
FcnU on the Knee Trnclt
Tho farmers and their families In Queens
County enjoyed theIr Oritl summer holiday of
this year yesterday on the County Fair grounds
in Mlneola It wns the first day of thn four
teenth annual summerexhlbltlon of tho Queens
County Agricultural nnd it Is called
Alrlculluml Society caled by
tho farmers tho Indies slav I is ot course to
la Inferred that in tho annual fall exhibition
the farmers have their Innings The attend
ance was largo yesterday and more vIsiting
than business was accomplished Flowers
fruits and vegetables occupied the larger
part ot the floral hall Shaped like a
Greek cross but taking up more space
than any other department were the re
freshment counters plied with strawber
ries Ice cream cakes sandwiches con
fectionery and lemonade Behind the counters
stood country maidens with bright eyes and
fresh complexions who served the customers
renewed old acquaintances nnd made new
friends From one arm of the Greek cross
floated spIcy odors from n long table groaning
with a burden of fresh Rtrnwb > rrlesand fiom
another tabln laden with bunches of hothouse
grapes oranges pineapples ninth lemons from
two other arms 01 the cross breathed odors of
flowers In pots nnd banks of cut flowers The
flowers are net so abundant ns usual In Queens
County this summer on account of thu extreme
heat nml ItiRufllclont rains
In the nttcrnoon on thn hnlfmllo track Har
ry Howard undertook to walk a mile run a
mile nnd ride I horse a mil all In 20 minutes
Hn 11tl In I minuted 40 seconds A bicycle
race was trundled t 1 by Jamea AllenGarden City
M r 1 Reeve Brooklyn Paul Bunker Garden
City and H Thomas Garden City for gold
tnetlnls > 25 f 15 nnd 10 The test was to seo
100 SU
which bicyclist could roll his machine furthest
In i 45 minutes Bunkers machine I broke Its
backbone In I t the second mile I Reeve won by
nneelgnth of a mlln In going 8 > i miles with
Thomas Bncond nnd AIn third James Haw
kins Townsend D Cook James F Frost and
Charles 1 Lott sent their ttalllons on the track
for mi test of DId in half n mile Frosts 22
veiirolil stallion won in 1 minute 24 etiormij
Then 1 Lawrence R 1 Thome Moll
Denlnn brought out their 3venr nlds for I best
Iwo In three trot Demons colt won the first
two hunts mind the race In 333i und 318 The
fair is to conclude today lle
Albert n lnrtrr Tor Ciicrnnr Tnbornnd
Exits IMiink In I the 1lntform
INDIAUAIOLIS Juuo 17 Tho Republican
Stale Convention assembled In the Wigwam
Comllon < Wlullm to
day W I Calkins was chosen permanent
Chairman rIse resolutions ndoptcd cndnise
this national platform of 1880 nnd commund the
nominees of hue Chicago Convention to the
hearty support of all Republicans declare In
favor of personal liberty and of rlgntof locomo
tion Including thin right of foreigners to cml
gnitu hither nnd become American citizen mu mid
limit right of iintlMborii citizens to migrate from
ono State to ii troth tsr without exntlnuB Inves
tkrut Ion ns to their muon I cit for sn doing
T hue following named gcmlcmtm were put In
nomination for Governor Gen A D Strelght
nf Marion County the Hon W I MeKcn of
Vlgo County Dr A O I Bnrivas of Marion
County the lion A G I Porter nf Marlon Comma
Iv I the t lion Thomas Staii frd nf Lnporte the t
Ion John W Butler of Marlnn County Gen
WQ U mesh mu in nf Marlnn County titus tho Hun
Wlllliun I I I Cum nn I suck nf Deeatur County
The I first ballot I resulted I I I follows 1 Birnlcht
4tli Porter 2l0 Hurges 100 StanHford
34 M Ion 140 Butler flUi Gresham 14
Cuinliaekil On UP seinml ballot there was
no ehilce Un tho third ballot thn Hon Albert
G Porter was nominated receiving C37K vntes I
Tlm State ticket mm completed as follows
rum LiinitcnnmGournor Thntium Hnniin of
Putnam for Judges ii f lIlt Supreme Court
Third t District II y rest 111101 I I Filth I District
William t A Woods tor Secretary nf Stat ti G 11
llnwn for Auditor E 1 I Wolf for Treasurer
Baldwin R S Hill fur AttoruoyGuuurul n Judge D P
A TOIIIIK AVuiuim Druiti on the 1lymoirtli
Loso BRANCH N J Juno 17A lady passen
ger nn the itenmcr rivinoiuli lock i > n litr ilimn trip
Ih oltonlol thirst suddenly hi this itemnei t UAH ojiiu
lie bcalillifliL She coin pill nrj cl beliiu sealck to thiiie
ilttliiK hit lift elite HIT hitch nudlrnlv I tuck BIH
sloe exiled humiillim1 Mil HUM ith nl JO M > UP el I iwi
mul I wmHillilroMHl h lil I n is iiil that hrr lather li 1 Vc I
tilliiii I suit hlhr HIIIIII nt r niritie s J Tliu
tot S he him cluiriii nl UmltTiHkii r Hvuriiinre nuulilnif tho
iriltnl il tier IrieiiJn who lime been tuauuuiicil by
tuleuiriipii I 11uono 1
A Mutiny Mvrchnnl Apittnr
John W Bolmn dealer In clothing nt ml
8011 tli itreet in itrrlounly iliiappcnrctl on May 8 out 1
wn feared by lui rtlall > ci ant triemli Hut lie list
either met vlth lout I pliiy ur hId rUn oerbonrd and
been dreamiest He turned up I tUnln low Jnyi aye
1 ai > peur > that Im wulit to Jlultllnore smut Pit iluihi I plus
tu muku ciillfctinnn unit 11 IIIL ilUiiip 1 iiur < J 1 the re
cult shoot ratlif i irrrlv Tu tile > urri > r he aitrrwaril
Inuiul liunell ua board Hie aaiitliip Aba bound lur
ltiruc Ii liinlnl I I ui Lhcrpovl ami tot the next
tUumtlilp fur Nevt Vurk He A rinbirraieit In bull
nei > fl at Ute titus ui lila tlliatnearance and now Im U I ne
tutlituni with MI crritlivn fur a CVIUDromln at twenty 1
llvn nun I the Uullil
31A LA II r IN A 1 > A MX MASS
Conjf cttire nt n Ini ne to the CuXnt the
AV 11 nor Ntrnwlierrlr und lriibiilily nut
the Hudilrn Clinnce In the Tcmicratur0
NOIITII ADAM Mass Juno 17Tho mnln
dy which lias visited so many of tho Inhabitants
ot Adams a village lying six miles south of
hero Is a subject for curious speculation and
not for alarm Tho village contains n popula
tion of fiOOO tho majority being mill opera
tives The Ilnnfow Gingham Mills nlono em
ploy over 2000 hands Adams lies 11 n valley
between tIm Green nnd tho Ilonsao Mountains
I has boon renowned ns a healthful place nnd
many people from the cities have long been In
tho hnblt of spending their summers thore
Last Tuesday afternoon n change In tho at
mosphere occurred at Ailnmi I was not at all
an unusual change for the place A rain storm I
had passed to the north and the temperature
fell considerably One of tho village doctors
drlvlnl homo from this place noticed n pecu
liar density of tho atmosphere All night ho
says ho was sensible of swampy taste In
the air There Is no especial reason to sup
pose however that this was anything more
than the heavy cold moisture filled with tho
aroma and flavor of the troea which not unfro
quontly settles among these hills Dr
Holmes of tho village
Holme a physician vlole
wns railed In haste to n patient at
7 oclock thnt evening The patient bud been
suddenly attacked with purging and vomiting
Tho symptoms wore not at all alarming and to
the treatment usual In such cases which are
common enough In tho summer sea
son the trouble readily yielded When Dr
Holmes returned to his house ho found n call
awaiting him from another patient The first
had been the Congregational minister just
across the way nnd the second wns from tho
vlllagn uxpressmnn Returning from tho last
patient who was stiffening in the Bistros way ns
the minister Dr Holmes found half n dozen
calls awaiting him All Ihuts limit been ntta ked
by thn saimi mnliiily antI from that I time on tho
Doctor was kept going being scarcely able to
meet the many dumands that woro madu upon
ii h ni
niA case one of tho severest thnt has occurred
will illustrate manner In which thepeoplu of
Adamris Were being attacked right tenth loft dur
ing Wednesday night nnd vesterdnv morning
John Wnldon the clerk In tlm Greylook Housn
was nwnkened nt about 3 oclock with sickness
nnd griping pains lie vomited nnd purged
freely Dr Riley was called tool administered
mild morphlnn powders tend nilinlis to check
tlm tendency of the stomach toeournoss Tho
pains were subdued but the trouble was nut
wholly cured Merdny nfternoon although
It n was attending to hltt usual business nnd was
without pain Wnldon wns very weak H had
loot thirteen pounds of flesh SInce his nttnek
From the best estimate out of the 0000 peo
ple ot Adams between 500 and COO heir been
attacked br the malady Dr RIley thinks
that lie has attended about fifty cases
but he has not done so much ns
the other threo phvslclann of the place
bocnuse ho himself suffered front a slight touch
of the complaint The malady reaches Us cli
max In about twentvfour hours Tuday
although many are suffering them mire nppnr
enlly but few new cases Tin complaint varies
In rxgnrd to Its violence Not more thnn half
nl those attacked probably have either cramps
or vomiting There has been no alarm in trio
village Nevertheless exaggerntml accounts of
the malady have been telegraphed which tIme
people fear will keep all their frltmdft nwny
Irons tlm pIne this summer Them were some
premonitions of the malady so early ns Sunday
night Tim first severe ca o was that of n con
ductor on the PiHuIlild and North Adams hull
rind He left North Adnms at 10 oclock on
Wednesday morning nnd was almost Immedi
ately taken sick on tho train His pains were
so severe that hn fainted and was taken off nt
Adams lie speedily recovered and is now on
duty again Tho prepoiulvrnnce of the cases
have txen among Women end children The
mill hands have suffered rather less than other
classes of the community rite malady extends
across the valley and for about three and a hull
miles up and down
As tn whit has caused such n general attack
there nro plenty of theories but nobodv Is posi
tive At first Dr Holmes says patients began
to tell him I what they had been rating The
sufferers were about evenly divided in ascrib
ing their troubln butween hum and strawber
ries Subsequently tho ham wan discarded
tint the general nuns ot tilt aflllctod com
munity settled on strawberries The keeper of
thu lied Line Store In Adams was even or
dered he says not to sell any strawberries
Then It was learned that nut half of those
troubled hail eaten strawberries and suspicion
fell on the drinking water Adams ha n sup
ply of drinking water from Basset Brook a
bountifully clear mountain stream uhlch Is
tributary to the Hoosnc It Bems improbable
that Ihu water was the foe Time reservoir In
which It iii l contained IB deep Is regularly
cleaned and Is free from nil dnenyeit vegetable
matter However many people do not mist tho
reservoir water And Hill again the workmen
In the dressing rooms of tint mills which rime
kept inorulnnttMy hot drink gallons m tlm res
ervoir water dally anil only otm or two of thsiin
have buen attacked Them Is nn common sys
tem of drnlniiLH I I In I the village I but the subsoll
Is an admirable medium ron carrying nIT the
crows mailer Time valley formerly was n river
bed and the subsoil is a thick layer of coarse
river Band
Two otliiir theories only remain Ono has
beet advanced by some writer In n neighboring
newspaper who says that oine time slrit on
n bright day he observed a rlngof nnlnmlciilru
about the sun anti that thestt I have probably got
to Adams It Is seriously considered by n gitmt
many ns probable because It cunlalns I elements
of wonder Tliu last theory Is that the t I malady i
Is dun tn atmospheric conditions Thu doctors
tin not pretend to a positive opinion as to what
sort of ntmohphvrlc condition vnused the trou t
isle Somuthlnk I I tlio I atmosphere wai mn lure rruruttc
and others think that > exuilileiichangn
Inn m warm In fold multi from dry to rruolst Is a
suIUdent explanation If there tttts miasma
none has ever been known In Alining
before As for cholera incubus and thn
like children for yearn Imvn misers tnken
to Ailnnm as a plnco Invincible I against nil I such
complaints Diphtheria which has been epl
she at I us lucre In I North Adams has never ienn
known In Adams only MX milexawav Thn
village In short hni a whin iviUlatmn for
bulng a liealthlul plncx nnd If mtiismn has
itally touched It It Is for flit ltrt tItus On hue
other hand sriit HniimH In tb inpertlnri
nnd humidity ems ovimvd on W < dn > iln the
plaCD has been nTiiiMumed to rend this ehanuo
ilos not Peem sitisfactonii to explain Ills Tact
nf GOO lursons out nf t I OUiHI being I s rnh rumS td by
the saint malady within twentyfoul hours
The p iud of Adams takn their MHitatlnn
philosophically nnd the t > en main it a sub
jectnfjeut Onu lunilly I h of llvn iiiumberA were
nil stricken nt once nuil hnd to lin ntlemled by
neighbors A great many who are attacked do
their own doctoring without calling upon tlio
regular physicians After heirliignf the fam
ily who went all nttnckcd nt tmci > n gDiitleman
yesterday went to Dr Holmes nml gut n supply
mif the UHiml remedies He nulls he wauled to
be prepared for n similar emergency Jlran
whilo this brislnesus mmruih th quiet cmnplaciiicy
of thu vlllaguof Adams remain I tuulituibcd
Accutvd or Itrrrtitidlitir < liuilty Cnminlitl n r
llc uut ill SIlOOII
Snmuol RospubntlJ was ntTC tPU last WOO
Inc br Detccilvo rieliln nnit OConnor on tho
complaint nf Chat I Commissioner Jacob liss
who niicuBDS tliu t prisoner of tshituthn h rug 0000
from him I on falsa pretmices ItosenlMck I was
formerly of this firm of ItosenlMck k Lnudcr
back dealers In I hides and tout nt rmtyfourth t
street and First avenue About eighteen months
ngnit is alleged ho presented to Mi m I lles I
that ho had 5000U worth of hides stored to
await n certain ices m In tire market Ho iiBked
for and obtained Ito ICoOO as blng neces arr
tiiHiinble him to cult just the rmH Tho llrm
failed this anin day that lie se
cured tIre mnliev nnd no 50000
worth of hides was among tIre anus
Mr llosenbnvk went tn Chlcigo Mr Iless ai
teinpteil tu re oer his money by ch il 1 iirnceed
Ings but without htuvchs On JloudHy lie
lent ned sit lo eiibaeH return rite determined
to sir hecitie him criminally It IH said tliat uu
Inillctinuiit Inn nlready been found
A almllar cnmplalDt was madu against llosen
tmckbvii wholesale Brnol > l > n bntelier immfil
May uhn lort 11000 Riisiniback MIS held In
sill 500 ball by tliu Brooklyn Court and his cane
will come to trial t next week
A few reasons why tlm Hub Punch hns
hnd IB now Inuring and will cuntlmii to hum a
larun sale Nuthliig but tlm best material Is
used In Its composition nono but thus liluliiH
griultB nf luinoiis and I Hints 1 I arc used and No 1
granulated eugar It IB ready for use at nil
times In fijuallygood hot or fold will I I I keen I In
tin y climate mid lor excursions lunch I ml I a moor
or evening putties It IB nn essential companion
Park A Tliford Asker Jlemill A Coudtt uud
ull grocers soil It at 125 per bottle Me
nro ninm PRO IrtiCfl
Hun flown In n JCnxvlmit by n Menmer
TIed Slob Cniiiiiinlnn I > cni e Alive
At ton minutes past oclock lastovcnlnir
nt n point In tIre bay onolmlf nulls south
west ot thin Battery tIm steamboat Eliza
Hancock ran down n rowboat containing
two men and two women The men wcro
saved and the women wore drowned dipt
William Van Bchalek paid the Hnneox had
just passed around n schooner lying In the
stream when he saw the rowboat ahead com
ing directly townrti him He signalled to stop
the steamboat and shouted to this rowboat
to back up No attention was paid to his shouts
antI the rowboat was struck and upset In the
rowboat wero Jos Hughe of 51 Mnrket street
Lizzie Mullen aged 19 of 97 Washington street
Ella Fltzpntrlck need 19 of 73 WaflilnLton
Mrnot antI Jnmes Frawlern riinner of 0 Bat
tery place who was rowing Both the men had
been drinking Hughes Bays ho henriHIiewnmen
screnm and jumped up Ho saw tho Hnneox
right on top of them He seized n
brace of the paddle box and swung
himself up on it As ho looked
down he saw the rowboat rolling up
side down Ho then crawled Into
n cabin window not having wet his
clothes After tho collision the Hancox
was stopped The capsized boat was then
100 yards astern One of the women wan
drowned at once A voice came from the
wrecked boat
For Gods sake hurry up Ivo got one of
tire girls here
Frnwlcy humid hold of thin keel of the boat with
one hand and wns holding on to a girl with his
other hand TIre boat was sunk low in the
writer ant rolled greatly
An ntt tnpt was made to lower the port boat
on thn Hancox It could not bo lowered The
starboard boat wan lowered with great difficulty
fully fifteen minutes utter tIme accident Of
four nvn who got Into It only one could row
Frnwley continued his snouts growing
weaker anti weaker DnnUy bo let go of tho
girl anti she disappeared Before tint steam
boats boat reached him a yawl from the
schooner picked him up nnd put him on board
the Himcox Ho was greatly exhausted
When Ihe Hanrox landed nt lior 8 to hay up
for the night Iho report of the drowning
ot this two girls spread in tire neigh
borhood whero they lived A crowd
gathered nt the pier nnd rondo thrcu s
ngalnst Hughes and Frawley Fruwley was
put Inn Chambers Street Hospital ambulance
anti even then luau to he guarded br the police
until the ambulance had started for tho hos
Llzzln Mullens sister told the police that on
the Washington excursion up time river several
days ago Hughes had xomn trouble with Lizzie
tins Bho believed the quarrel had been retmwed
In tire boat The pollen putnocredence In this
story but locked Hughes up in the Church
Street station
The Uteri thnt vrat Told nt the Examination
ol u barge oflSlcnmy
Hrs Louisa Hnhn a young German wo
man with light hair nnd blue eyes was before
Justice Setnler tn Brooklyn yesterday on n
charge of bigamy and T De Witt Talmnge Jr
the son of the Tabernacle pastor appeared for
her husband Jacob Hahn of 139 Cook street
who Is the complainant From the stories of
time different parties Justice Sntnler gleaned
that on April 21 1878 Mrs Hahn then Miss
Emma Baum teas married to the complainant
by the Rev F R Zucker of tit Johns Lutheran
Church Their married life was unhappy
almost from thn first and after three weeks
Hnhn left her lie saId that she ordered him
away Mrs hahn supported herself for sonic
time and then learning thnt Jhnrles Gnutz
aged CO of 791 Park avenue who had been n
widower for four years wanted n housekeeper
she persuaded n Mrs Murkul to secure tho
place for her promIsing to pay her
S15 If shn succeedud Mrs Murkel obtained
her the place and received tire reward The wid
ower was so pleased with his new housekeeper
thnt in less thnn n month Im proposed to marry
her In spltoof the opposition which his sane
had already b cuu to show to her Him said
that If her husband would consent she would
marry her employer Sue visited Mr Hahn
who she says ngreed to give her up for 25 so
thin shn could marry ngnln On March 13 she
and Jfr Ooetz her hu bnm1 Hahn and Mrs
Murkol went to tho office of n lawyer where n
deed of separation Was drawn up nnd signed
by Mr Hahn Mrs Hahn and bv Mr Goetz tina
n witness Mr Goelz paid the 23 and nt once
called a carriage tent drove to tile residence of
the Rev John Meury pastnr of thus German
Presbyteilnu church In Hopkins street who
without suspecting thnt tire Irish wna nlrendv n
wife performed the marriage ceremony Mr
Goetzmnitnnstnriu In his house bv Introducing
his late housekeeper ns his wife I His son
Charles d coors mu eti tire marriage nnd refused
to recognise his fatherV newtnnde bride nnd
It Is alleged that he persuaded Jacob hahn to
prosecute his wife for bhsrus tnt
Justice Suniler held Mrs Hnhn under bonds
to await examination I The latter claims I that t
film believed that the I piper that I tire lawyer
drew up absolved her from all allegiance tn her
former husband a mist now that I she IB In I troubln I
over the Becoiid mnrrlaceuho alleges that she
Is the victim of n consplrncy
JohN li bioiniiciiiii MA tillEd 0 iF
HI ireddlnir Girt of 81UOOOOO tn hlIlrldc
OfT Inr u Yeir In rtirope
John H Shoenberfrer of Pittsburgh whom
ho is Bometlmes called tho Iron Icing trots
married to Miss Alice E Taylor of this city on
TutMlnr evening last nt tire residence nf tlm
brides mother In East Twentyseventh street
Mr Shoetiberger rnnka anionic the richest men
In tire State of Pennsylvania His wedding
gift to his bride was n check for 1000000 He
IB onto ot the three sons of Peter Shnenbergcr n
pioneer In the Pennsylvania Iron Industry
wino half n century ago owned moor fnrnnccs
a nil ore beds than t any other man In I llmStnte I
Of course Mr Shoenberger IB no longer n
voting man Thn bride Is the daughter of Mrs
L M trail time late Alexander Taylor of Car
denim Cuba wmse fortunes were damaged
during the Inxiurcction ten years ago
Ciirn was taken to keep the I marriage secret
None but relatives I nnd n few very Intimate I i
friends were Invited tn thn wedding crush the
notices of the marriage were held buck until
tlm pair I I were on their I I u I way to Turone Tlm
cmii isbn 5 wis conducted I t hytliu I list Dr Wil
liam A 1 Hitchcock nf Trinity Cinirh P > is
luirgh a mtei by thn fly Dr II 1 Iottr
i > r Grace Church New York The Rev Pr
Illflicnck I I Is a brothernlinv 1 I of f Mr f Slioun
berger hid wife being n iNler nf the t bride I
Mr Slnenhergor is o Pphldnnt of the old Fx
cbingnllank of litt iUixh an Institution sin >
ably mnnngfil that It nmv has u surplus nf
nbout tSUOOOOO which It hurt rh It knonfl what to
do with Ho IM I nun nf the most enimplPuoiH
lavmcn nnd libnil givers in lIre Episcopal
Church of this country It Is t KIIII hiram hooncn
nulioerlbeil flOOOOO toward hire building of n
Bimr o church
Mr ami Mrs Shoenberger sailed for Europe
on W eilnesdav In I the t t S Vt hi lit They expect to
be absent for n year and upon their return It Is
their Intention to lle In thU city
On llm hnme evenlni Mr John W Gnnn of
the s Cincinnati I Commercial was tn rm nrl cit to Miss
Nnlett n rich liiiress of Pincltiniitl the cere
ninny taUni nlacit in the VlmUor Hotel In this
chit Mr Gnnn WIK for ninny venr publisher
nnd bitiness nmnager nf tlm Commirrial fluid
enjoy especial popularity not imlv in b n own
city but wherever be IB known MK Yullcttn
vns widely knnnn for her charitable nets In
Cincinnati This couple will nlso sail for Eu
rope In u low tints
Prmiierii l e I In ICUIiil I
Thin ccl bratcil trotter Proapero for which
William M 1s l i > rlil IFS CCi U ilMiir t I nt Cnmleii N J
its hi I a lilrci lilnrk liorp 11 lMiufil tntlip S Victim nml
unn lildnn itch In 1X77 lit lutailikrpi s V hiOe s hint
l MI t out I os S ilk mniwr hares r Mrnl t itinnlln In
Iii i tcii trouiohnh si irhi im ut ii 5 Ii iitsit
t tierS I ii I S iii ir t Ii is so tie eilhhiI to
iiit tnt Dr tunic ttrriirr lint mnstr mrs timid
cr0 t ttii r nsa i
ii ti sit tivitiite sit Iii lieu ti a lrtt
3hmotutrhn ti im i hit hIrr 1nrkt rot
en tour purroomir hone I it I STJ hi so tie is as a eiire al
Itrpnrlctl IMnpctnent In New ileriry
Losa Unvscil N J Juno 17 George W
Matun a well tiidu and re i > tueit cihiti htm tritu I ml <
IMK Imnl IIM hmne at LeeiliurMi Alnce Satiinlny He
Hurled nllli a mnMlerablo uinmint il niniifi lerNew
a urtt inirnliitii lie h ud in riMiirn the MIIIH iliiiind
Ifiimoi n nml thiS tiers rnfrlitliifd until M HiiMnn
It nu tooth I Illut II Jillk rider il Mn nr 1111 t sire linl
ihiiitireil un this < Hmne ilnv Miiun mul hu ol tirln
li si it tre traced here but rs hen Hit t utllrt ro arrm tet ti >
day tun pair hud lied Maia leiiui a ii Ihe and three
ICIIIIiii u Girl unit u Ilnnjn
CINCINNATI Juno 17 About 12J oclock this
mcriiiii utuuoeit lithe tlreet t Mlllnn Cunden a cc
rletv erlnraur at 5 one uf the concert ilium niinrrilled
Mini u aid iiiiniid Sri rmiiiil truck tsr I in the lucu
witli 1 ti oils rue minis rha cruthed her shunt and else
tutu In liulfini hour Ihe 1 erlme stirs sept coucualcd lur
souse time but Condon so n > ulreiud
atvnuEitKn juttuiiKits JIODT
She Iloci Not Look nt the Horty ethiC tnr
derer ashom she hnd tome fVom Germany I
to MnrryVrillct of the Coroner Jury
Thobocllcsof Jingo Fisher and Curt Goo
Lances lav yesterday In the houso whoro the
raaody nf tho provlom morning was enacted
near Hound Brook N J Last evening they
hind not been prepared for burial The house
was again visited yesterday forenoon by Lan
Rens sister Sho spent some time In the yard
and time lower rooms of the house and her de
sire to sea her dead brother was so strong that
ho was shown Into the room where the tragedy
occurred and where his body lay The scene
was affecting She did not BOO the body ot
Fisher whom she had come to marry Mrs
HOhm at whoso house the bereaved girl is l t S
stopping wont to the house with her The
young womans namo Is Olttn Lanees not Ida
ns It was Incorrectly written on the label At
tached to her travelling chest She cot little J
rest on Wednesday night and her terrIble ex is
perience line caused her to look Almost hag t
card Tim blinds of Fishers house wore
closed last evening A watchman patrolled the
yard HI
Olga Lnnites said yesterday that she wanted I
to BO back to Germany no soon ns possible but
tutu she bed not the tnnney with which to Day
her fare Kind Mrs IlOhm tnld her that she
must rest for a while nnd there was n home for u
her In her house as ions as she chose to stay
TIme young woman was yeetnrday advised to a
brlnu suit nealnHt the estate nf Fisher for dam
ness She was not In condition to consider
whether such a course would bo nest for nor
Her demonnor Is modest antI she speaks likes a
person nt inoru than average Intelligence oho
rends English fairly but doe not attempt to a
speak It Iler father was n Protestant elerer istt
man In Gnndenfrel In the province of Silesia e
He Is dead but her mother U I still lIving there I
Fisher was n native of Sax Weimar HIs
only relative In this country wan n brother who e
dIe In Texas some tlmn npn Under the law
nf New Jersey the County Physlolnn adminls
tars import the estate whIch It no heir are I
found becomes the property ot the State The J
papers of the dead man have nest been exam
ined It is possible thnt they may rovoal the u
existence of near relatives in Germany and
thnt a will mny be found Everythlnein the 1
house remnlns ns It was when Dr Williamson
completed his autopsy on Wednesday evening I
An Inquest was held yesterday afternoon la
Dunellen by SquIre Nathan Yarn In the Con 1
nners absence mid nt his request At
torney Chnrles T Cowonhoven of New I3runs
wick conducted the examination of witnesses
llernnrd EKH William H Smock OenrKo 0
Snmers Dr Williamson Valentine Bohm
Auuust Gulbrnntlson nml Olea Lanees were
exumlned The mnnll ofllcw of SquIrt Vera 1 5
trio thrroniueol Tlm ilrst three witnesses retold
the story nf tho llnillnu of the bodies as told in I I
THE SUN of yesterday Mr Smock said that si u
the keys lo nil the outer doors were found on Jf
tlm Inside nf the locks nail thnt the doors were IF
locked Dr Williamson testified as to the ts
wounds ot hIss men nml the positions I
In which tire bodies wero found and
to the Inferences tn bo drawn there I
from with the aid of medical knowledge
Ho said that n bullet entered Fishers nb i
tlomen and passed nearly through the body
without woundlnc tire stomach lodalnB ba
twenn the vertebral column nnd the skin The
bullet that killed Lances first struck the flesh q
of the left arm thence It went through the 4 t f
chest wnll on tlm lelt side penetrated the border I
of tire upper lobe of the left lung cut into tim J 1 m
pericardium went throuch thin heart and the VI t
middle lobo nf the right lung and stopped just B
under the skill on the right side In the opin e i
ion of Dr Williamson Fisher leaned over
Lances and shot him nnd then standing in the
siiitm tracks shot himself v
Valentine 13ihm n near neighbor ot Fisher f
testified thnt Fisher told him on Tuesday last s i
that George meaning Lances wise H very bad j 5
fliRt and that IIH maths hlmn me great deal ot u
trouble He spoke oh his anticipated marriage
with Olira Lnnires anti said that he was expect
lug her every day TIre witness said that Fisher I
seemed to be nut of humor I
Aucust Giilbrnntlsnn who works on Neighbor
Snuilleys farm testified that there had boon an
Intimate ncqualiilanco between himself and Aj
Lances Two weeks ago ho said Langeiicamo s 41
tn him In the field and told him that Fisher had 1
tried to unIson him but did nnt explain bow
LIUIKCS told the witness that Fisher afterward 4 41
came to him nnd said Fonrlve me Geortrii 4
Ill never do so ncnln Lances told Urn
witness thin on another occasion ho fist L
to tlm hnylolt to escape Fisher cud
that Fisher attain asked forgiveness On
Monday or Tuesday last LnugeH cams r
tn the witness nml said The devil was out
The witness asked him what he meant and
Lltigctj replied that Fisher Imd trot nut his re
volver and tried to shoot him and thnt ho
Lunges took It away from him On tho follow 1
inutlay Fisher having learned what Lances
had tout the witness risked time witness not to I
lull Mr Siualley that ho Fher had Intended I
to shoot George Lances told the witness that
If bin sister married Fisher tit must deed his
Inrm to her on that If lmgnt crazy alms would
know what tn do He also told the witness that a
niter the t 5 mnrrlngn ha trots gol rug to bet v a largo
dinner bell and leave It at tile house so that his o °
sllereoultl ring for him If Fisher abused her liii
This trouble between isher timid Lunges began
choir n month ago Somn nt tho nelghlmrfl
thoiiLnt that Fisher wns sometimes n little
craze nnd Fisher hnd I himself I f told the witness
that he was Iso always In I his right mind
Olga Lances tostlflud briefly She told where
she hail corns from titus I testified I that Him earns ti
tn this country in consequence of what Fishier
lint written to her Situ was not asked whether
there h vas n marriage engagement between
them h t She s told Mrs HOlim that I tlicro wursi
Sit ii has no relative I in I this country Her
brother George was 23 years old nnd had been
In America two tears She did not know Ii
Fisher personally but had been Introduced I to
him I by hurter by her biother Slits testified I
that t Fisher recently wrote to her that I all his U
relatives wore dead t hix mother having died
not lone ngo iiher I had her photournph
Tlm verdict I Is to the effect hat t Lnneess
death was causeil by n IiUtol ball fired tiy Fish if
er nnd that Fibber died of a sulflufllctod pistol 111
thot wound
Miirrluce Similar Vunre
LOUISVILLE KyJuno 17 Mrs Florence 8
Mnrlbi h nnd > rector Zetirurorm Jl Vance of North Carolina 4
utro iimrrird at the t re idence of tlio brides mother
Mr Stiiiuiel Steelr in oilimni Coitntv Kv tan evening
Ihe 1 ceremony Him iiorferined tiv the ItUlit llev IIIhop
Mfflnli > il Hie UiMiimi r tlille tliurcli 1h brllo II
H lUtillti el tin > tome s iiiuiil MiMle nnil it tluw nl Jninei
Mn run n park mm hit nt ol lieu rlrin nf Miirtin UIIIDII A
to HI i Hu city Ofii CliKlini r usost Mmlly if SiiiiitihL l
uire vriMiit Senater tunics va ncconiDHliied by tin
5 euuouei t coin lim I low iu tlm tirliitl 0 puny wlut start j
hr Nrw ImlMI iiiniii Mhenre they is HI itu to tin
lull1 tilj linn Hi > riiU4 nor tin1 nuinincr then return to
Charlotte N 0 tu remain until congress inecU I S
Mjllc Iurli ICMcei 1 J
BOSTON Juno 17 Tlioro were two races In r
3tyenio Turk tiidny one for liorw who hay fleece p1
I SoniC rm 2 31 nnd one tor tliosf ivlio Ionic concur btratca I
ST the iran mit i i noli ran lclns trollril nlkTimlclr
Tin a 31 iSimue puurc siieu ilhlli1 hici mit ret In np In I
ii ue ti iii oisui > li > Ilii iliotniit t lllnii Sir tsm l
ncr in line at n o4nih hen < tie moray ftiltlon Vallcj
Ulikl i i ud Ti i > 2it 2 2ui4 22S4i I
Till 227 IIIIK rioort I SlOe iirrtrtllentthrer In five In s I
triruoe v i iitt miS Hit liny rlnllliui Kliex Hoy in trite C
lrnliht htil Slit Id irk irsIhhrig Kobert Lee Iclnir see
ond Tiunoe22225 i jstj
Ietuleteu5 hi Iiriuttector
IUTSVILLE N J June 17Lnist night the
iilinmu rottae of U C SpolTirJ of Sew Vorls utsa
Mitcfliv lurlun Bivl nenrlyloo I stylIm of valualilei 1 f I
5 en Unlit A tins nm rile ItIC the rims tue of Owen Itlellv
to ini m it f i UIIIIIIHIII In nili muticondition and au
pllni I r hilp nml tu wlitin Mr piirinl ear o a > ltiutin
a umiieiinr t sito at nnce miiwcie I Upon U bn nrrewit
lie Lonli IXM that lie mid a cenfi diratu couiltlllUtt Ull I I
rout > cr > All the iiliindur was reeoeiid
I > lflUi iin Slavic Ininnef 1 I
NEW OIIMHNS Juno nJefforson Davis js
Julal A rurlj cud J u IlDim tiitlitfd la thecaieof
tlieulll of situ Si A Porno iio kit ir hauls tier hei i
lie rotil < tPd en the irutiiid of untile i InltiiPiice I Klilch
Mr 5 iiiu i Siti ru tries iiy htmiiii vr linrwy lie nuld
Liltited tliat 115 i uninli raty llll rxl > ttl u that Ui
Irnili 0 5 si ir rlinml e toil liutild etrr prvrall Ha 4
I liotl rule too nnd u nut wan lanail both lie anil I
lra Uorwy wire cnu I
Anulher Sceno In the Ciiinmnnf
LONDON June 17in ties Houses of Commons 0
todiy the b5it eSter hnviim pxiuiurd from tint notice
pnper the iiurtlmi uf Mr IDonmlii further qucttlon t
cuneeriiiiii M PiiitllunelTicoiir Mr 0 Demo trill ea
iieiKiirtl tu put the Iii I u < original moron lie
itid hudiMrul iiiiirini tic Speaker1 aetliiii beiure the
lluu rue Mvaker thrmivne I other tSp II lie her
Hinl lr t ODunn n nlier u mi t r xtir d tceiie decline < to 5
Hit the qucnuiil an I nulltcd the lluuw i I I
Utile for Cliluii 1
Livcnrooi Juiiol7 A London dcnpatch to
the Lurrpool Psie nix Several French rlrmiliavinz
Itrto urlir from the Ilunrne ties t rtuunot nih her rtllei
ii u i taste hint UCH to cu > Pll te them as tjuigLIaj
The suiml oalce lredlcllon
For the Mjdtlln Atlnntlo States warmer clear
or iaitly cloudy weitlur lulitMirUuni lnd iiiwrallT
HuuUiuaiierljiUUuuuri liarouivur

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