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ijriiwrsnro rnicauisjar ro rna
4 tJoslp Amont the Deletntes Relattre to Pee
Ible CandidatesWill Mr Tide With
r dravrtTho Arrival of John Kelly Mud his
i VartjrHendrleln and Thurmnni Chances
Ii CINCINNATI Juno l8Thoro are compara
tively few strangers In town Tho advance
l guard ol Tolublo politicians n few members of
the National and Congressional Committees
and perhaps 75 or 100 delegates have nrrlvod
Chicago waa crowded with strangers on Thurs
day Friday aDd Saturday preceding the Re
publican Contention Thero la no comparison
botwoon the two Conventions In Chicago tho
local excitement was at fetor heat by reason ol
tho contest In the Illinois Htnto Convention
The allabsorbing question ot a third term
hung In the balance and a struggle was Im
bending which might have resulted In a dls
Mtrous blow to republican Institutions In
America No iuch battle la to bo fought In tho
Democratic Convention There are 1 dozen
different candidates each one havlnir definite
mtrongth and hopes of secondary support As
7et no disturbing oloment has appeared Very
lew Dolltlolniis express decided opinions as to
t Acholco All seem willing to abide br the judg
ment of tho Convention Personal preferences
aro freely but quietly expressed Seymour
Bayard Hendrlcks Morrison Hancock and
llandall all have their friends Tho question or
Availability earnestly considered rather than personal merit 1
A remarkable feeling ot confidence In the
success of the Democratic candidate Is ex
pressed Oarflelds nomination has elicited
JHtle enthusiasm In Cincinnati No Onrlleld
banners are displayed and there are no Kopub
lon transparencies
> A sign painted in black letters upon white
canvass swinging across fourth street In front
of the Orand Hotel Indicates tho headquarters
of the National Committee Tho Hamilton
County Democratic Club has decorated the
tront ot Thorns Hull near tho Grand Hotel
with banners and bunting and a big brass
rooster The Missouri delegation has estab
lished Its headquarters at Itelds Hotel In
Fourth street and has hung a largo canvass
sign across the street Tho Mlssourlans are
exultingly anticipating a big time Thoy hnvo
erected a large platform ovnrtho sidewalk even
with the second floor of tho hotel A placard In
to windows of the Gibson House announces
that the New York New Jersey Delaware California
fornia Alabama and other State delegations
have parlors there Tho New Yorkers came In
force tonight and moro aro expoctod tomor
row morning Corporation Counsel Whltnay
Assistant Counsel Stetson Gen Wm F Smith
exMayor Wlckham Smith Weed John Devlin
I Peter B Oluey John McCann and llurton
N Harrlnon are at tlm Orand Hotel
Lester Ii Faulkner is at tho Emery ExBonn
tor Dnrmiro Chairman of the National Com
mittee Frederick 0 Prince Secretary Dun
can S Walker Secretary ot the Congrep lonal
Coromlttoe and Congreosmnn James Olirlen
are hero 0 > n Frank B Hplnola arrived last
night under full sail anil has nobly sustained
the dignity Tammany Hall In private con
Tereatlon The Bayard syndicate arequartercd
at the Nicholas William 8 Travers John
J Hunt and August Belmont are here I
funny talk and good dinners can nominate Mr
Bayard he stands a fair show Thre Is very
little talk as yet about Seymour Ha has de
f Gibed HO often his statements are being ac
cepted n unworthy of belief The friends ot
Judge Field are sanguine Duke Owln of Call
< lornln estimates his strength at from 180 to 210
rotes on the frt ballot
I The Hancock men have established headquar
ters In the Central Hotel on Elm street Mr
Thurmnns position is In a great deal of doubt
I A Thurman conference was held at Columbus
f today Twentyone delegates wore present
Nothing was agreed on
The National Committee held 1 business
meeting today A subcommittee was ap
pointed tosettle the quahbla between the
telegraph companies The National Commit
tee also apportioned the tickets today They
hare given the local committee 600 tickets
each member of the committee 25 tickets seven
t b for ladles ten for distinguished guests
and the remainder to b distributed ns the
members pleasa The delegate will have four
tickets each The committee will select a tem
porary Chairman on Monday Wade hampton
of South Carolina and exSenator Stevenson of
i Kentucky are mentioned
Will Tllden b a candidate Until this
question iii I authoritatively answered everything
will be chaos here I is positively asserted
l r that he will not allow his name to be presented
11 t the Convention His letter taking himself
f I out ot the fight has not reached here yet how
ever Hendrlcks is strengthened Ova decision
r I of the Supreme Court that the act changing the
t time or holding elections for State ofllcers and
members ot Congress to November Is unconstitutional
t tutional Indiana is therefore still an October
State The argument that a man must b nom
inated who will carry that State will have weight
with delegates Senator McDonald is u posit
r ble lark horse
Midnight Comptroller Kelly arrived tonight
a and Is croiulnr plaintively at the Burnett
House Sheriff Bowes party got in at 9PM
They ara scattered In the rotunda of the Orand
lI Hotel canvassing tho situation Col John II
c Fellows exSheriff OBrien John Fox Judga
Timothy J Campbell x8unator Caldwell
Emanuel B Hart exPolice Commissioner
I Morrison Thomas Costlgan Timothy Shea
I WlllUm Mitchell Col James Mooney and
Den Thomas F Bourke are among the
k prominent New Yorkers promenading the
4 hotel corridors Tire bars are poorly patron
I ized and there Is very little chin music
41 Speaker Randall will arrive her tomorrow
morning He comes direct from New York A
I numbor of Pennsylvania delegates conferred
1 Pittsburgh last night They are for Randall If
Tllden Is out of the race They will not know
Whether to enter this dark horse until he puts
In an appearance I
Tammany expects to be recognized ao do the
t t Butler Democrats from Massachusetts A S
Hewitt ears 1 Tammany Is recognized the
seventy regular delegates from New York will
walk out of the Convention There can be no
fil On t Auoriatft FrfU
CINCINNATI Jun 18The National Commit
tee today visited Music Hall and reviewed the
arrangements for seating the delegates press
representatives and others The arrangements
are much similar to those In Chicago The
Western Associated Press and Now York Asso
ciated Press will have tables to the left of
the President on the platform the Western
Union Telegraph office being In tho corridor
on that Telrlrnph the building The National
I Press Association Is placed on the south sldn of
I I the platform adjacent to the telegraph office
A 1 i beats for 1GO actual wnrjtlng representatives of
dally newspapers will be given In front of the
platform while In the galleries next the stage
210 newspaper men who do not send do
w spatches will havo seats On the terraced seats
on the back part of the stage will be ladles
and distinguished guests So far then Is no
complaint about tho plans for Issuing tickets
t spectators and apparently there are no
l movements to pack the hnll with clnquers
4 COLUMBUS 0 June 18 Senator Thurmnn
arrived berotodny from uahlngtonand had
i 1 consultation with a numberol delegates to the
Cincinnati Convention and personal friends as
to lbs management of his contest for tho Prusl
dentlal I nomination The consultation was In
formal and besides aerating to stick to Thur
man a long as there is a chance of his nonilui
ton and arranging business details nothing
8 done
ATLANTA On Juno 18 Georgias delegation
Of 22 to lIla ijulonnl Democratic Convention
started 11 att rno2n In 1 special cnr for Cln
etnnntl The delegation Is without exception
the very strongest and most influential that has
ever been selected from this State While he
personal preferences of the majority of the
delegation Is believed to be for mRlorltr still tha
action of the delegates at present cannot be
n given doflultoly
Holding a Convention In the Open Air Uala
alructed llelegotee to Cincinnati
RALEIGH June 18Tho Democratic Stnto
Convention which met yesterday wag tho
largest ever held In North Carolina 2000 dele
gates being present A theo wu no hall large
nougb to hold them they mot In Capitol
square ID the open air The Convention was
called to order by 8 A Ashe Chairman of the
I State Committee James Edwin Moore was
1 temporary President and John Graham per
manent President Admirable order way pre
I served and good temper prevailed Qov Jarvis
eod pretlod
was renomlnated over Messrs Fowle and
Scales by a small majority on the first ballot
and the nomination was made unanimous
ad nominaton wa
On the first ballot for Llutonantaovernor
1 Julian 8 Carr balot Durham was thought to be
nominated oTs Jamo L Robinson tile Incum
t bent ThomM Hall and KerrCralgi but there
i being contusion another call WM made sdI
I i
Robinsons nomination was made unanimous
All the other Incumbent were renomlnatnd
without serious opposition except that for
Auditor Oen W P Robert was nominated
The delegates at large to Cincinnati arc W
T Dortch Thomas Huflln A M Wadilehl and
J B Hendernon alternates barton J Green
T L Cllngman L M Long and Charles K
Jonra The delegates were not Instructed but
are fnvoral to Seymour with llayard a coo
ond choice The Convention took no action
about the twothirds ruin nt Cincinnati There
are no Tllden men among the delegates The
electors nt largo are Gon James M Leach and
Fnliliifl H llusbee
After his renomlnntlon Oov Jarvis made
short speech and Judge Fowlo his principal
opponent delivered an eloquent nnd patriotic
address There was much enthusiasm
Farther Departures or neltcntee to the
Cincinnati Convention
Tho main body dolccntcs from tho rcffti
Jar Democratic organization In this city started
for Cincinnati at 7i oclock last evening from
tho Grand Central Depot Many of tho loaders
had started byway of tho Pennsylvania Rail
road on Thursday evening Thero were Sheriff
Peter Howe John Fox John E Dovcllu and a
core ot others Last evening another detach
ment bradod b Mayor Cooper took the G
oclock train on tho same rondo With him woro
cxAssnmblyman Dnlr Col John Tracoy
tho Mayors chief clerk Charles II Truax and
about a dozen other lesser politicians
The forces that thronged the papsen
gor rooms ot tho Grand Central Depot
woro In command of oxSenntor Michael Nor
ton the Thunderbolt and Col Mlchaol 0 Mur
phy They did not move like nn nrmy with
banners on parade Col Murphy said they had
banners and of nn excellent quality because
thoy proposed to fly them In Cincinnati but
that they wero folded up Neither wero tho
line of Wagner sleeping coaches docked In
electioneering regalia The Thunderbolt worn
nsmlloof confluence O Ills forces filed I In front
of him through tho doorway Thoro was neon
spleiious nbsonce of carpet bags
W e wont ned to stay In Cincinnati five
days wan Col Murphys explanation
There are 413 of us In all he said and
weve engaged nine sleepers besides several
ordinary conches
Whom nni you going to work for was
asked ot n delegate who puffed Into the depot
with his outfit under his nrm wrapped in a
Wo are not going out to Cincinnati to work
for any man Wo are going out thoro to dclll t
orate I order to get the best mnn
Among thodeilbirntors who go from tho First
Assembly District beside Col Murphy are John
Callahan llenrv Arthur xAldennan Henry
Opp John MuKeon Wllllnm Hunt William
Tumor oxCouncilman Honors and Daniel E
The Second Assembly District was repre
sented on tlm trnln by a larco delegntlon There
were John F Walsh Jitmes F Tracy Hugh
ONell P Ahern ihnis Lvnght James Oliver
Thomas Stncom Thomas Wild Robert Zoller
James Dermody Joseph Kocb John ireoo
llnrtholemow G Duckloynnd Mark Lnnlgan
From the Third District went John ONell
Eugene Callahan John E hayes 31 Oel
Knever Jiunes Murphy Edward McDormott
Daniel r Maxwell Jnraet Lnptmm nnd James
Tuomey The Fourth DUtrlet will bo repre
sented by Tobias Cody James OHnra Bernard
J Douras John Walsh Richard I Wnlkers
James McGuirn CiiDt McDonnell Mlcnnel
Glnne Michael J Hhandluy Thomas Brady
James Murray J Alien Stokes nnd John M
ToWn I From the Fifth District there wont last i
evnlng nxSeuator Norton Coroner Thomas
C Knox Deputy Coroner Dr Philip E Donlln
Bernard Nets Deputy Sheriff Fay Ju
hue BerlIner B Wills George Smith nnd
George W Hcamao From the Sixth Dis
trict went James Bryan Terence OHarn
Charles I Schnmpaln Lwls Halleck James
llrynes Daniel F Crowloy Jeremiah Dixon
John Olirlen Joseph Stokes and William
Long Tho Seventh District was represented
by Alexander Stephenson Richard Mcintyre
Alexander Brophy Martin Jones Jeremiah
McDavllt Joseph Schoonmaker Isaac Doebler
Georgo Cronln Michael Cregan and Joseph
ODonohua Amope lha representatives of the
Eleventh District in tho depot were Deputy
County Clerk Harry Ford William 0 sam
mons Thomas Mulllgnn nnd Lawrence
OBrien a brother of exSheriff James OUrlen
The Twelfth District sent among others
William Rothschild A W Moynlhan aud
City Marshal Meyer Goodman Therewero no
ticed from the Thirteenth District W Pnton
James M Smith Dr Daniel H Smith and Ber
nard Crengan From the Fourteenth District
there were Major PK Horgantba Mayors
Chief Marshal John Tvler Kelly Edward J
Stapleton Michael Kunzelman Anthony
Cllnchy Wllllnm Brokerlck and John P
Kchuchmann From the Sixteenth District
Philip Ahern Michael Ahern Michael Dolan
T C Noone and Samson Lachmann were no
ticed The SevHnteunth District sends Po
lice Justice Murray IVter G ONeill
Richard K lOver Adolph L Snngor
Charles E Wilson Henry Sherlock
Michael Ryan James Fanning James Ualla
ghar and Michael Tregimser The Eighteenth
District was represented by P Kernnn J D
3IcCuskoy J J Hharhan W Mlnnuk T Mc
Laughlin F Donovan T Lanthen P Casey
M Meehan and P Collins From the Nine
teenth there went Alexander McDonnell Peter
B Masterson Col R Farrell Patrick Gllfoyle
James Braly Michael Dooley John S Smith
David S Baker John Murray exAlderman
John A Henly John Hardman James F Mur
ray and William 1 Flnloy From the Twen
tieth District went Denis Do Courcy Benja
min Wnsserman lao Cohen Vr Illlam Kcknrt
Eugene Italian Moses Kulzcnberg Wllllnm
Keller Louis Ifesabergher Frederick HexsDr
Theodore Mason Maurice Fruund and William
Herbert ThoTwentyflrst District was ropre
ented by M Snyder and several others while
the Twentysecond sent on the train John F
McIntyre Jacob A Cantor A 8 Wldler A L
Garretson and Frank Ott From the Twenty
fourth there were in thin depot Capt Anthony
MoOwen Capt Thomas J Morris Anlhonr
Purdy axJustice Robert Edmonds Stephen I
Marshall Hugh Hughes and exShorlfl or
Westchester County Xlbn Carpenter
Tie Tammany braves will start for Cincin
nati on a special train at 9 oclock this morning
The Toner Man who Haw his fltretlhtart
Drown und Did Not Help Her
Joseph Hughes the young man whoso
bat was capsized by the steamer Eliza Han
cox as he and another young man wero out
with their sweethearts for a row off the Battery
on Thursday night was taken before Justice
Smith at tho Tombs Police Court yesterday I
There wns no charge against Hughes but Do
tvctlvo Flynn who had brought him to the
court asked the Justice to remand him a a
moans of protecting him from violence When
tho steamer struck the rowboat and before the
hitter capsized Hughes grasped the guard rails
of the larger vessel and swung himself on board
paying no heed to the two girls who were
drowned The Battery men were indignant nt
his cowardice and when he was set ashore their
fouling expressed Itself In so threatening a
rannnur that he begged the protection of the
pollen all was locked up In the New Church
street station Huglios Is a strong and active
looking young man His father Is proprietor
or the Market Street Hotel l and Is a Tammany
huh delegate to the Cincinnati Convention
Justice Smith remanded Hughes who will bo
brought before tbo court again this morning
and discharged
LIzzlH Mullen and Ella Fitzpatrick the girls
who were drowned leave aged and widowed
mothers whoso chief support they were Four
boats manned by friends and acquaintances of
the girls WAr busy In trying to recover thu
bodies yesterday but the search was unsuc
cc cessful ml 1
A pnssAngr on the Eliza Hun cox nt the
time the rowboat capsized U speaks of the Ig
norant way In which the boat that was launched
from the steamer was handled The men wero
much longer than was necessary In stripping
tho canvas off and their work was character
ized by I great deal of confusion Whon the
canvas was anally got off this men didnt know
how to swing the boat outward on her davits I
They showed no acquaintance whatever with
the regular method doing these things Then
they were about to let the boat down
without putting the plug In her Lifeboats
that are carried on vessels have each a hole In
the crred prevent any collection ot rain
In the boat A plug to fit the hole IB i always left
lying handy and of course this plug must bn
Inserted before the bout Is let Into the water or
she would speedily flll One of the Narrngnn
salts boats was launched the plug having boon
forgotten and she swamped A passenger
called up to the men on the Hancox as they were
about to lot tha bat down asking Have you
got the plug In Youll get 1 plug in
you was the answer ot the ntelllttnnt seaman
In charge 1110 answer r thought thnt the passen
get was chaffing him The plug R Inserted
after an explanation and the boat was launched
at lost Then there was only one roan that
knew how t row The three others who besides
him were sent In for a crew were not only use
less wee they interfered with the one man who
did know how to handle tho oars The boat wo
handled throughoutwith the utmost Ignorance
A disgusted passenger exclaimed Hall New l
undor York might war drown one br on beor youd gel t
i I
He Fears thai the Injnry May Make Ram
with Trltkelt Impossible Asierllni Ihnt
the flee was Honestly Won Courtney
PrtoviDENCE Juno 18 Hanlan passed I
sleepless night Ho lay tossing upon his bod at
his boarding place on Pitman street suffering
ns ho said today excruciating A
todlY oxruclatnl pain physi
cian had bathed and dressed his side but had
expressed no opinion regarding tho Injury
llanlaus only desire was to let away to To
ronto at once so that his physician thoro might I
mako I thorough examination and till him
whether his rowing days are over or not Con
trary to tlio advice his trainer Hanlan roso
from his bed this mornlnz and drove down to
the boat house Ho was nervously Impatient to
have his boat packed and shipped and to get
away himself Ho Intonded to leave for To
ronto on tho afternoon trnln His eyelids woro
red and there wero heavy circles under his
eyes when tho writer saw him this morning
Otherwise looked well but his manner was
slow nnd sluggish Thero could bo no doubt
about tho Injury Ills side was swollen and
was uwathod In bandages
Ho was quite willing to say anything thnt
might bo thought ot Interest recording tho race
nnd his condition
I dont feel very bright this morning ho
said for I slopt less than ten minutes nil last
night as the pain In my side never left mo
Almost tho IrA thing ho said after greeting the
writer was that his great hopo wn that ho had
not leon so badly I Injured as to lakl It Im
possible for him to meet Trlekett next fall
You know my race with Trlekett has born
practically arranged I nm to IO 11 EIlnn1 to
meet him next November I have IHIKII very
desirous of meeting Trlekett provided BUI Is
factory arrangements could be made Now I
shall bo anxious until I can see my phyKlelnn
In Toronto Ho may say that I nm parmnnuntly
disabled I wanted to win this race hero yes
terdny I thought I could win It but I will
hay beAn n very costly race for molt I keeps
inn out of a boat hereafter
From Hanlnns niannur It wni judged that ho
Tins rather despondent His trnmiir seemed to
notice I Ho was walking back and forth
nervously during thoconersatlon nnd now
anti then said I word of encouragement which
did not seem to cheer Hnnlan very much
I dont know that I over felt any butter than
I did yeoterdny morning Hanlan continued
1 weighed 150 pounds which was just right
for me When I took the boat to go to the start
I felt perfectly confident I knew that hoes was
rowing wall and that hu would make good time
Still I fully expected to win I has of course
occurred to me In oilier races thntthero was
always R chance of some tirenklng down but I
never thought of I yesterday I hail had I little
trouble with my side In Washington
owing to I strain I received when I
slipped on the pavement but I had
been troubled but little with It and
I pulled the plaster off tho day I got hero
Alter the start and after pulling I few minutes
I saw thnt my race wan going to bo with Hoes
Ho was in lino form slut rowing well I was
rowing myself pretty hard and had been row
ing perhaps ten nilnute when n sudden and
cutting pain struck me 1 In the side I nt once
slacked tic nnd thought I would soc whether It
would not pass away After n low moments It
did ease up and I started to make up for lost
time I was third man then but not so tar
behind as to be unable to catch up If the pain
did not return I turned the stnkeboat and
had pulled perhaps an eighth of n mile in the
homestretch when I bad 1 second attack I at
once decided to stop rowing
You could have pulled homocouldnt yon
Ned asked his trainer
Ye I think I could have won that race with
all my suffering but I wasnt going to endanger
my life and health for any boat race I did not
know how serious tho injury might DO I knew
that I was very painful
What do you ascribe this accident to
1 think that I have been working too hard
this spring This makes the third race since
the middle of May Some of my friends ad
vised me when I had finished the race with
Riley to go at once t Toronto and there take a
long rest preparatory to the meeting with
Trickett N hen I heard who was going to row
herR however and what the Inducements were
I felt like coming and finally decided to do so
Now I dont know I I have permanently In
jured myself and my hJlclan In Toronto tells
me so mysolt cant meet Trlekett
Sovernl times in the conversation Hnnlan ro I
ferred In this way to his match with Trickett
Ho seemed to care far moro about tho possi I
bully of n failure through his Injuries to do so
than he did about his defeat AS hen tine defeat
was spoken of as the first ho had experienced
he shook his head slowly and for some time
made no reply At length he said Well I
ought to have taken the advice of my friends
nnd taken I long rest after leaving Washington
Reference was made to the rumors that his
defeat was prearranged I assure you said
Hanlan I wanted to win this race You can
see for yourself that I am Injured My friends
tell me that they have been unable to put up any
money on me Those who were ready to bet
wanted tremendous odds anti most of tlw bet
ting here has been on second and third place
Some of my friend camo down here ready to
put money upon me but could IIml no takers
except at such odds as 100 to 30 They will go
home out their expenses here It was a per
fectly square race and I am beaten A good
man won the race Of course I feel that It was
bad luck perhaps bad luck that will last all my
life that beat me hut I can only any that I was
a fair honest race
liHiiInu expects to reach Toronto Saturday
afternoon lie has telegraphed to his physician
to meet him nnd nays ha shall wait the opinion
of the physician with no Ito nervousness I
that opinion Is favorable he will take the rest
he needs for the remainder of the summer and
early autumn months and In October will sail
for England to meat Trickett I ha beats
Trickett he says that It will probably bo his
last race for It will be hard to get any man to
meet him and he will not row aualnst time
SIIUCUHE Juvt 18CharlpA I Courtney tho
oarsman Is nt IAS home In Union Springs re
cuperating from the effects of nis Illnocs In
Washington Ho will not probably bo able to
sit In his boat again this season Ho Is com
ycii7 run down his flesh being ai soft
and flabby as a baby Ha Is how
ever In no danger of becoming Insane
Dr J W Kales the physician attending Court
ney nays I can state that Courtney
does not evince the first sign of Insanity On
the contrary his mental organs are In a per
fect and healthy condition Ills muscles are
completely degenerated This Is due entirely
to nervous prostration It will require some
time to restore them All symptoms cerebral
congestion have departed and circulation has
returned to its normal condition The organs
of the body are now In thorough order and I
can safely say that Mr Courtney will be enabled
to resume regular practice In ashort time
I seems hardly probable that Courtney will
be able to row any race this your although ho
may get In condition the latter part of the
season It will tuko some tlmo for his muscles
to harden The result of the race at Providence
was a matter of aoiuu surprise to Courtney
What nenry lllerklnr Maid he tan utter
Alarrilnc a Murdered Mans Widow
George Gunzer owuor of a barroom In
East Willlamsburgh was murdorod In his bed
early one mornlcg In May 187T His wife nnd
baby woro with him when he was killed Mrs
Ounzor IBId sue was awakened by 1 blow over
her hOld She jumped from the bed made an
outcry and was found Insensible In this hall
Other persons in the house heard a crash In the
barroom and saw a Inn escaping through 1
window Several persons were nrrested on
Bifsplclon but thor was no evidence on which
any otto ol them could bo held for trial
Iny ole
Mrs Utilizer took possession of bpI hus
bands property which was valued at J30000
Him was about 35 years old anti In October
1878 site was married to llonrv Dlurklnir 23
years old a green grocer In S Hllnm8burch
Tho marriage Ireon brought aliout by n friend ot
the widow and tint contracting parties knew
very little ot each others anlecmlonts even
after the courtship ended Dierklng put his
name on the sign where tha murdered melts
haul been Quo day ho learned from his barber
that ha had succeeded a man who hind been
killed In his bed When Dlnrklng retired that
night hn could not rest nnd In the night he
said tho ghost ot the murdered hunbaud ap
peared to him and ordered him to quit the
promises He sprang from his bid and com
piled An ngrceiiinut of separation between
tho husband and wife followed and Dierklng
lived In Hoboken
At length ho returned to Illlamsburch and
his wife caused his arrest for abandonment
Dierklng declared that he would De glad to return
turn to her except for her ghostly consort Ho
afterward began 1 suit labsolutu divorce
Referee Salmon reported In favor of tho plain
tiff nnd a decree of absolute dlvorco has been
County entered In the office of the Clerk of Kings
For excursions picnics yachting camping
out or travelling tho Hub Punchls an essen
tlal companion A sip of It Is I like nectar Al
grocers uu i by the bottla at tl26adv
4ce3 A
1 Von will soon look In vain for blemtshei open yon
skin U you UM UUimi Sulphur Soap 01 druUuta40
c W
Oaldeor Summer Toilets
Lilies will be especially Interested In the article 00
Toilets for Coaching and Toilets for the Kaces French
Knillsh and American fashions PicturesqueuM In
drill whit young J ladles saul ouu ilrli ihgu wisr
La 1 U > ulorrOWt Sui4iy Msrtury 1 ahoulwr
1 5 r RI a
1IURDEnBn jtooir
Two Hoys Vncartnlnst Hidden Coin nod
then Despoiled of I by A Tramp
McKEEsronT Ta Juno 17In 1850 an
aged couplo named George nnd Botsey Mc
Masters lived in a small house on the river
bank > at this place I was well known that tboy
kept In their house a largo sum ot money In
gold and silver One morning In the above
year they wore found murdered In their house
Their treasure was gone Henry Fife Char
lotte Jones and Monroe Stewart wero arrested
on suspicion ot being the murderers Tho
evidence against them was conclusive that
they were convicted and sentenced to be hanged
Monroe Stewart died ot smallpox before tho
day pet for tho hanging henry Fife and Char
otto Jones woro hanged Fifo made confes
sion In which he said that Mrs Jones nnd him
self wera guilty but that Stewart had nothing
to do with the murder Tho money they ch
ained from tho hounn he said they burled In
the river bank at different places Although
search was made from time to time for the
hiding places of the coin none could b found
On Tuesday Inct a little son of Washington
Taylor of McKeesport was playing with a
companion along the river at tlm loot of Fourth
street In digging n cave In the bank tho Tailor
boy saw n silver coin In n shovelful ol rand ho
brow 011 Tho boss thought tlivri might bo
more money In the bank and Bcnrchrd for It
coin They uncovered two hatfuls of gold and silver
coinOn tholr way homo with tholr treasure thin
boys worn rout by a tramp who noticed that
hey wIro carrying something In their hats
hat was very heavy and compelled them to
show him what it wits On seeing thn coin ho
said the money belonged to him nnd ordered
tIm hors to give It nip Bt once They were so
rlghtoned that they Imnded their lints over to
ho man anti run away Young Taylor had
placed two of thin coins In Ills pocket bufori
ueetlni tho ntranger Ho told his lather what
md happened Tine two coins ha had bore
cvldenen of hnvlnu hon In tho ground 1 long
Ime They wore silver dollars 1 was nt once
julloved thnt thn coin found by the toys l > was i
part of Hi trennursi stolen from George nnd
lletsoy MeMnsteis nod burled by their mur
derers Mr Tnylor laid tbo case bnforo Justice
of tho Peaco Lewis Hanoy Officers anti n
force or volunteer detectives nro searching tine
neighborhood for 1 man with rod hair antI
whiskers nnd wearing 1 largo straw lint and
lark clothe according blue description given
by tIne boys of the Individual who despoiled
them of their sudden woulth
III Trial to Clo e Today with the Artrn
mrnte of Counsel nebulllnc Testimony
GALVESTON Tax Juno IBA special to
ho Ancs from Marshall says I was expected
that argument In the Currlo trial would begin
this morning but tha testimony In rebuttal was
lengthened by tho State who woro aiming nt
breaking down the testimony of L T Moore
and thnt ot tho experts a to mental condition
of Currlo nt tho exact time of tho killing In
rebuttal of tho testimony of Moore tho mulatto
witness for the defence the State Introduced
Porter Ithodes colored of Anderson County
who testified to tho bad character of Moore as
to veracity Whon crossaucstloned tho WIt
nefs showed Ignorance ot tho meaning of the
word veracity and rondo conflicting statements
James Enstland of Anderson County testified
that Moores reputation was bad and he
wouldnt believe him under oath
Rains tIne traIn dlslntcher or tho Texas nnd
Pacific Railway and W O Mack Texas Ex
press agent whose places of business are at
the depot opposite the scene of the tragedy
testified that they saw Currlo just after the
shooting alI heard him say substantially
that he was In for going for tho wholo the
atrical troupe
J 31 llonham jailor of Harrison County
who has had charge ot Currlo since his arrest
said that Currie required stimulants as a man
getting over drunk hewn tupld but rec
ognized friends calling on him Hu was peaco
ful but without appetite and tremulous I
was four weeks before he recovered mid all
tine while he was under medical treatment
Dr Fords evIdent given yestorday was ex
haustive on phnseH ot Insanity His conclu
sion was that Currie was Insanoat tho time ot
the killing
Hoth sides rested their cues Tho Court de
cided to allow each side seven and a half hours
for argument The case will BO to the jury
about 6 P M tomorrow
zoDAia anifAT KACES
Kimball Grenade and luke Illaekbom to
Hun After an Injunction
The opening of the new racecourse of tho
Conoy Island Jockey Club today at Sheep
head Day promises to be the raolng eventof the
year Five races with great Holds of horses
are on the programme Tho flyer Kimball
fresh from Kentucky victories will meet the
Eastern crack Grenada and the fleet Luke
Blackburn In tho mlednsb torthe Tidal Stakes
The Coaching Club will attend In force and a
great turnout Is expected The stock exchange
ot Messrs Kelly A Bliss managers of the bet
ting department at the new course was
crowded last evening with men Interested In
the races Much stock was taken I was said
that four Supreme Court Judges were applied
to rpsterdl by an envious rival for an Injunc
tion to prevent pool selling on the course and
that alt 1 the Judges refused to grant tine In
junction One judicial aport struck a keynote
for the boys last night when he exclaimed
What would a horse race be without a chance
to ht 7
The announced starters and prices at which
thor rated in the betting last night were
First race nc eighths I r > f a mile Two to I Ins
Harold 3 to 1 against llrnmtialetla 4 1 I against Janet
Murray Ilabco ks lluckden cult aid Rcotllla 5 to I
ftialnit 1ly Mlddletun Stoliustnst Nellie 1110 tot
against MunuIto 12 to I sgiln t Democrat and JO to I
against llu ter and Vamlenteckcn
SiconJ race one mile for the Tidal FtskciFive to 4
agalnit Grenada 6 to 4 acalntt I Luke rl r 3 to t
gainst Klmlmll a nd 211 to 1 against Kitty J
Third race ATeeUhllisofaiullc tor tie Foam Stskes
Ken money on n L Lorillards Splnawa and Mr
Hujti2 to I against llurnhamslltntcr and Hraml aletta
5 10 t ncMrut Revolt and 0 to 1 sgalnil I Lonilards
Stark old lieranlum
Fourth race our and a quarter miles Two to I against
Warm and Milan a to 1 aealnit lien Hill 5 to I against
Enwln A and Startle and U I to I against Bluchcr
Ulth race teeplu chas oter the regular course
Three horIA against I Inslurbanceuud 1 Kittle 1 6 tot sgalnst
Lljzle U 10 M 1 again All ItLht 13 to I agnlntt Fiddle
string and Un nCr 20 to I ngiln HaUlgh llroiher
lu ludrinlo slut 1 Hay Kuin3i to 1 against fekjscraper
ana 3U to 1 s al1 miulier
The Scores Made Yesterday by the American
and Irish Teams
DunLur June IBThe Americans today
tired tho full complement of shots at each
range Tho wind was light but variable and
somewhat Impeded the marksmen as thoy had
no fines to indicate Its direction or force Tholr
practice however on the whole was fair The
scores at 800 and 000 yards were as follows
Scott 73 fil Laird 70 G3 Fisher 6769 lock
well GO G3 Jackson 72 69 Clarke 65 63
Brown C857 Iarrow 73 GO nnd Ilathbone
6667 I
The Irishmen did not fire the full comple
ment at each range as they wero desirous nol I
to detract from the Interest of the match At
800 yards Mllner and Coghlan scored 63 and I
7 respectively Tine following were the I
scores at 900 yards Mllunc 6J Tnynt fi9
Murphy 69 COihlan GG John htigby 72 William
liam lllLljy VI anti DyinCfi
Jtj Irish i Itlflo Association I last night consid
ered tho decision of the hub Association ol
America to exclude sopnratn Irish teams from
future matchm for tlm Centennial trophy A
resolution WHS pnssnd condemning this altera
tion declaring that they could not recognIze
tho power of his association to exclude tennis
from Ireland Scotland and Australia all ol
which nationalities participated In tha first
match and thereby earned tIme right to sitter
suhdcuuent ones
rime following are the scores at 1000 yards
Americans Scott 01 Laird S3 Fisher anti
Itockwoll each 01 Jackson 60 Clarke 62
Ilrown C8 Farrow 65 and llnthbona I 51
Irishmen Mllner did not shoot John Ulgby
65 William lllgby 50 and IJyas 67 Joyut
Murphy and Coghlan each fired twenty shots
and made 8492 anti 00 respectively
Flags will be placed on tlm range tomorrow
to show the action of the wind The betting Is
In favor ot the Americans
The Long Kango Challenge Cup will bn shot
for tomorrow I Is not yet known whether
the Americans will compete
The EzUaedlTet Harem
CONSTANTINOPLE Juno 18Tho steamer with
the members the Khelires harem has arrltedln
the Hoiphorus I I not UUeveJ lh It any objection rll
bs mails totuilrlandlnf
ReenrcrlnK her Voice nfier Drinking ATnCer
In which Blnrlwr from Knock Chapel hAd
been IllMolTedller FhyleUni Opinion
As related In TUB SUN of Sunday last
Dell Gallagher of 199 North Sixth street Wll
lamsburgh believes that her voice was recently
restored by tho healing virtues ot somo water
In which I small piece of tho mortar from the
chnpol at Knock County Mayo Ireland had
been > dissolved On Thursday Profe French
and Wcstbrook of tho Long Island College via
lod tho clrl A reference to their books showed
lint a little three Miss Gallagher
Ilto over years ago fsa OBlnhor
lion 10 years old was under their treatment
for lung and bronchial complaint nnd tho
paralysis of tho vocal chords Tine girl could
not make her voice heard above a whisper and
thB effort to do so was attended with groat pain
and distress They recalled tho treatment In
her case nnd marvelled much nt the cure sho
laving declared that finding that no treatment
had proven effective sue had resigned herself
and made no further effort to regain her voice
until she swallowed tho mortarImpregnated
water The doctor found the girl with her
mother hard at work making clothing Blnco
hn death of her father over six months ago
liny are compelled to toll from morning until
night for their support The girl greeted tine
doctor In a clear cheory vohi calling thor by
name To them she related tIme story of her re
covery of her voice ns told In fiE SUN
After drinking the water on May 30 she vhs
tud some frIends that same day By them she
wan Invited to n picnic Without thinking
ind without an effort she returned the answer
No In a loud clear voice Her friends wore
startled half afraid to tax tho returning
power too much shn again replied to their
mention Tho following day tho feast of Cor
pus Cnrlstl she took another sip nf tile water
anti flulsheil on the following day the small
portion about nn much sh described as
you could writ your name with that had been
given to her Fearful lest her now power would
iruve short lived MUs Gallagher was unwlll
trove ni make known this our anti not until the
week following dlil site attempt to speak In thin
presence 01 her neighbors
Tho doctors listened attentively to all she
mid noting carefully every movement of her
facial muscles ami the Indications of her respi
ratory organs To questions concerning the
pain and distress felt when before alto strove to
spuak and the oppression on her chest In dump
and rainy days eho replied They have all
passed away The pulling of the things like
rubber bands out on either side of my chest
whenever I mode an effort to speak and their
relaxing when I did succeed 1 In forcing out n
whtsperml sound I now no longer reel f A rainy
or foggy day has no oppressive effect on me
Not yut fmtlBlled the doctors requested tho
girl to visit thn college yesterday Site gave
ready assent and stvrdny afternoon
IAsent al1 yt nrernoon accom
panied by her mothor she vIsited the college
Lrofs French and WvMbrook at once began an
examination hero were present a nunilivr of
ba faculty and Dm Do La Vrrgna and Flom
lug Prof Se8iliroolc alter uxnmlnlng the
lungs referred to his book in which his ding
nosls of her case was recorded nnd said I
1ml tho lungs to be about the same now as
thor wore when I last examined them though
there Is n marked Improxemont In that thoro
I now a clcatrix ol the apex
Iro French then examined tho throat nnd
vocal organs By means of n reflector ha cx
lilblted the vocal organs at play Tine vocal
chords he said woro just as he saw them when
site was his patient except that then they could
not bo made to let eo as to produoo sound
but now that dlfllculty Is overcome
Tlmn the girl was again questioned It
Ilrl IIRln I was
sought to discover whether sue had lately been
subjected to any sudden shock At the time of
the death of her father in January last sho
iras sick for a short time tired out with watch
log When death was coming to her father sine
saul she full great grief at her Inability to
speak to him That was the only trouble she
bad which In any way mlgtntafect hersavo lner
anxiety to do as much sewing as possible for
tier employer Ho bits complained site
laughingly said that I am not doing enough
work 1 cant help It I wish to do all I can as
that Is the only means mother and I hava for
our support now but since the report of the
restoration of my voice has gone abroad our
house is crowded with visitors and letters come
flouring In on us taking up our time
To further questioning she said that at times
she doubts when slut hears her voice that It Is
shin who Is speaking For the recollection of
what I BUfforod then she suld when at
tempting to speak makes me feel that It must
IHI some other person who has spoken because
I would fenl great pain If spoke
Miss Gallagher promised to revisit the doc
tore should any trouble return
One of the Professors said that p analysIs of
the vocal chords such as Miss Uallnguer suf
fered from was often produced by sudden
shocks anti by sudden shocks the organs were
restored to their normal state MUs Galls
gherH condition arose he said from functional
disorders Ha used tho gnhnnlo battery but
was unable to drive away the paralysis At
that time there was no Inflammation nor Is
there any now
In this case the usual causes of cure such
as sudden shocks and the like being absent
he added there alone remains this only way
to account for her restoration of voice She Is
aa you perceive full of nerves Concentrating
her mind when the possibility of a cure pre
sented itself through the medium of this mor
tarImpregnated water aha so brought ever
atom cell and particle of her brain to work
that It overcame the Inability which misted In
the vocal organs and she thus conditioned aa
to her brain believed that she could speak ana
would speak by that power In the water and
she did speak
Then her great faith In the curative powers
of that small particle of mortar from the chapel
at Knock helped her restoration to health and
speech 7
Yes her faith brought about this change
Now understand mo the Professor continued
this euro Is thus explained tho brain was
concentrated on the accomplishment of a con
tain object If however I should see a euro
offocted for Instance In the building up of a
limb or portions of It I know that the bran In
that case could not perform the cure Vet if
such WHS the case I looking upon It ould be
force 1 to Hay that the euro was miraculous
Well Miss Gallagher faith tics made tier
Vos the Vrofessor replied
zvEir JitT11Jxu 0110 UXD4
Good News for Coney Ilnnd lather end
Dweller on the Shores of the flay
Tho steamboat Moses Taylor chartered
by the Police Commissioners to replace the
burned police boat Seneca wont down the bay
yesterday to fix the dumping ground for the
Street Cleaning Departments refuse under tine
provisions of tine new law Tine law which Is
known as chapter 103 passed May 17 was In
tended to protect the many millions Invested In
Coney Island and llockaway property the mar
bor of New York and time resldnnts of the shores
ol time bay Its provisions extend tho limits
within which tho ohjoctlounbla material cannot
bo dumped and enlarge the power of the
Shore Inspector vthoia duty It Is to ace that the
law Is complied with
All of the InlenHts were represented on the
hoses Taylor yesterday For the Pollco Depart
ment wore Commissioners French oorhl
anti Mason Superintendent Walling and Cut
Williams and John B Ureono of time Street
Cleaning Department Shore Inspector Hop
kins mad Capt Stillwull to advlxo him Admiral
Clliz and Llttut Field of the Third Inspection
District of thi UghthoUbO Service and Sandy
Hook Pilot F i 11 Sullivan to Insure time accu
racy of the bearings ot tho now dumping buoy
Pilot CummUslonor Snow looked out for
the interests ot the harbor Austin
Corbln President of the Manhattan Beach
Company and 11 Cornell White owner
of time fleet of Itockaway boats repre
sented ho wateringplace Interests and ex
Mayor Hunter of Brooklyn and exAssembly
man II M Talmngo looked out for the residents
ol the Kings County shore Tho now dumping
buoy was llnuhy located about three miles
southrtiM of time old one and is technically do
ricrlboil as one milo from the bar off tint en
franco to the east channel flvo miles from
Conny Island and four and a half from Bandy
Hook All ot tine Intttrenta were satisfied with
thin location and the police officials promised to
do theduiuplngthere even If the scows hail to
be anchored In Uravesend Bay for a week Tho
department has two now tugboats and a num
ber of new ncowt to enable them to do so On
tho return Mr Corblu entertained the party at
the Manhattan Boacb Hotel
Victory Cur the Young America Cricketer
rniLiDELiiiU June 18The second elevens
of the Staten IilanJ anti Young America Cricket Club
plAyed ft iSleS today on tht grounili tt Rlenton which
VTMilccMtil In one fnnlntc In lavor the Utter The fiUUsl
Ilium scored 07 in hut tint Uininit snt IOJ In the ircoin
a total ul 17u The uuim Ainericft seared 134llionri
Iniilnii ml 21In the irconJ with but tee wicktj down
wlicn ttuuipi were drawn usiimg to darkassu
Army Worm la Pennsylvania
CnrRTEn Pa June 18The army worm Is
operailni un many Mliv t anJ rje neldi in I > elawar
Cguuty aaa Ui dcitrucUua ut 1 those riretli U I stftrmlni
run xvncoanitBK DISPUTE
Acts of the Porte that May Bender a Cot
lUlon Inevitable
ATHENS Juno Authcntlo Information
from Jnnlnn says that the loading Inhabitants of
hat town and ourroundlng districts sent on tho
7th Inst to the foreign Ambassadors at Constan
Inople a protest accusing the Porto of sending
o Janlna Albanian chiefs who joined by Turk
sh officers assemble In the mosques trying to
imbue nntivo Ottomans with sentiments favor
able to the Porte They also constantly collect
in Janlna Irregular Albanian forces under the
command of brigand chiefs dispersing them
liroughout thin province ostensibly to crush
brigandage but really to occupy Important po
sitions In Eulrus thus raising obstacles to the
execution of the decisions of the Berlin Confer
opec Time petition earnestly entreat n quick
solution of time Greek question to avoid blood
iliod as the conduct of the Porto renders a col
islon Inevitable
PAula June 18The HejiuWtyue Fran afsa
intimates that the powers will not shrink from
enforcing thin decisions of tho Conference If the
iillan declines to do so
rue following Is tho boundary line likely to
be accepted by the Berlin Conference Starting
from Styleopposltn Corfustriking north
east thence north ol Zltzt to time valley of tho
agorltlkos thence soiitheiiflt along thn north
ru Hlopenf thaMltzlkull Mountains lying north
nf Lake Janlna afterward passing north ot
letzovo then bearing oust of northeast along
line northern slope of Mount Olympus anti
flumall strikIng the JEgoan Sea at the outlet of
ha Maliithrla lllver It Is understood that
Austria tins withdrawn nor opposition to the
Cession of Jnnlnn to Greece
TheTurklsh repute that partof the Identical
note relating to thu Greek question says
The Tortc buss not replied to Lord BfltUtiur defpAtch
in rrtranl to an Intrruiumtial Cfimnilnslon ot Dcltiniu
Ion becau liobjfcttrt to the principle of such ft com
nilMion The Iurtc Ailinitllliir the Impnuftlliilily ol nil
ureeinent lielwcen Turkey nnil ureece lehlre the me
lalloti nfthu cower asiruvliled liy article 25 ol the
i testy onicrlln an hue tilth proper nieaiif ot rol lux the
uetlon The Iorte woulil thererore not object the
liriiuoui conference but for bite atipnrenlfiict th t It will
ie InitrucUd tn bike ilfdilnni irrvconclllaliln wllli the
tics of nicillaflun The Iorte hua aisays untlenttHHl
hat niedtaliun wouM address iteii to mite SteW In
ereMetl ei cciallr that one which Is called unnn
to make sacrifice Such medlaUon should exclude
sU lean of an nmck on the Independence of tuG
burn and the Irerdom of lu dellbcralloni II the Gun
erriie li I i only the oiulecI of preparlna s conciliatory
line of action cikuuul ID lead loan reement ireely
accepted hv the power wnicn u I lu pusucmtion of the di
lulctl territory then tlie fort rcamurtd as toluhuu
tendence ttan only to connder the urerture which the
neiliatorj power may wish be mete As lor the uelluil
atlon cnininlilon which the Uonlercnco It to seiil
kireeably with all rules and precedents It can have no
other ntsndalo than to apply unon the spot the line pre
vioulv aurr tl uiion between the powers and the Stale
which Is caUtdupon to make n surrender ol territory
The Pone declaring III resolution to facilitate the tat
of hue mediatory powers and relilng on the Justice and
rlendslilp of bite ultrnatorles of the treaty ol Berlin will
seize every cccailon toeililblt Its good will and delenne
toward Europe
LONDON Juno 19The Standartfa Vienna
nrrospondent says The Greek Minister of
War has Issued orders summoning all officers
mil soldiers on furlough to join their reglmenta
mmudlately Tha Greek menofwar are bo
ng armed and torpedoes sunk at various
points on the const
How Justice Onrrelt ofHtnten Island Aroused
Mr linT IiidUnilllun
Charles Mlllor a driver for Charles E
laff A Co furniture dealers of this city went
to Stolen Island on Thursday to deliver a load
of goods Wbllo on his way homo driving
acidly to the Stapleton ferry landing to catch
bo boat he was arrested by Policeman Ooggan
and arraigned before Justice Garrett at Staple
ton on the charge of reckless driving Justice
Garrett Imposed a fine of t2S which Miller said
10 could not pay He was thereupon lodged in
hu village lockup and his team was sent to a
Ivory stable Mr Huff went to Staten Island
yesterday morning to learn what had become
of > f his driver and team On learning the facts
ie expressed much indIgnation amid protested
against paying the 23 fine Justice Garrett
told him that If the money was not forth
coming neither the driver nor tho team
could be reheated The Justice finally re
duced the fins to 120 which Mr Haff also
refused to pay claiming that It was Hn Imposl
lon Mr lUff subsequently learned that the
charge against his driver had been changed
from reckless driving to cruelty to animals
Mr Tynan President of the village advised
lira not to pay tho tine Mr HafT said that ha
hind heard that the Justices and constables of
tatan Island bad long bon a terror to New
York business men having occasion to send
tholr wagons to Staten Island and that he
didnt mean to bo bulldozed Ho started for
New York In quest of Mr Burgh
Meantime his team and driver remained In
ho custody of Justice Garrett Mr Tynan said
that If the charge against Miller hadnt been
hanged he would have secured his release As
it was he bad no authority
Accuaixo nis PARTNER
Louis Uotrerys story of sin Alleged Lassony
In his Silk Factory
Louis Bowery the proprietor ot a silk factory
in Orimth street Jersey City Heights has obtained a war
rant Irom Justice Since ol Hoboken for the arrest of
I 11 Camp and llarthold Either on ft charge of rand lap
ceny The complainant allenes that he and Campformed
a copartnership some time ago for the purpose of manu
factimniotlks They rect > ntl disagreed a < to the din iiun
ol the profits and arranged to have a flua settlement at
he factory on hue Ulh lust when their differences were
to be adjusted nnd their Pflrtiier hlp Uinsolred On the
afternoon of that diiy llowery allege Camp accom
panied b > KhlerJames McDonald William Huiterfleld
and lour other men went to the lactory McllouaM
Howery says nmalncd at the pate revolver In hand
and wasIniirncted not to permit liuwery or any of the
employees to iro out while Camp and the others pro
ceedcd to the nitlnentrance oflhe factor and knockidlor
admission Itowery who was Inside sa > she cautiously
opened the door and thereupon one of the party ex
hibited a paper reprcsentinz that tie was A constable
He was allowed to titter with his followers Then the
Intruders tiesi Ite Mr llowervs mnomitrance he says
collect d een thing the could nnd ot n purlAlue nature
and walked away with about sx > worth of property
SBrrlrers of the racsmsett Disaster to
Neck Indemnity fur Losses
BOBTOX Juno 18 About forty survivors of
the arragAnsctt disaster met In this city tot consulta
tlon this alternoon The Chairman Mr L M Frederic
of this city stated that the object of the meeting was to
consult as to proper methods of securing a full Intettiga
turn of the diMkter and also to provide for ohtili Ing nut
settlements nut losfi sustained hv the surtltors tuv
eral ol mite prrMMit Intimated hunt lnu > ntion to take all
ttut Sirius pnstiie is acute iiuieisiuiiy Cur ioi Tic
itisnsgeiiieiih i ihe tsrrsianstb 5 Is Cointtteiut ui Upoui
as crtssty careics siei a counuiliec 055 CiiiOllutei to
rerreeimt tie tutereat ci ttuot preenlut at tlue immoc Oar
amid to exemias limbo the conmiusny icral lisbility
Seven llarsree or the Veterans
Time veteran soldiers and sailors ot this city
Brooklyn and Jersey Oily will no on an excursion today t <
It hues been tendered by the lion John 11 Slurln and Col
II T Morfftn will have charge of it The seven barres
call carry 7VH > persons and they will ICHte Ihe lolluwini
landing llargu NelNon Hilton Ktrr llrookln l I14
A M m Arthur Nolle mreet ilreenpolit H A M and
South Smelt strrrt UlllinniKburiili s5 A M suinmr
Ilclanciy street K it I 0 A M I 1 arrrn East l Thirty third
linen HA M and hlnhlh slnit hail ItKrr C A M
Mien West Thlrn lourlh ilrrrt C A Mand t tranklln
street 9 A M llaikctl West Tenth street 9 A 11 Mor
ton Uorrts street Jersey COy U A M
Fatal Itlow with a Cart Hong
Joseph Jacobs 9 years old of 330 Hudson
street was struck with a cart rung and fatall Injured
Inst cccniiuy by henry II Iteluly a Iruckitait rc lion
tIlt treei The boy ss tIlt niluers si a s I ii oiiuuu on Ruillyi
trock wiucn it Ipiuruachet ciii stittiux tbue cert
rumue lrUk i one J sCutt nit the tutii iraciutuItus tim
sIt tutu bciliy was srresteui tic so v utlal but oiui ink
tloit Wus to tnietmtui Out ntid that JacuLui popIcit
iuie head up Situ cammitt tue blow
The Leader of Ihe LeaiUllloHlrlhs Arrested
DENVER Col Juno 18 Moonoy the leader
of the Lead Ills strike was arrested here last night on a
warrant from the HierlfTof Iake Countr while atlurrss
ing a inciting called to endorse the LeaJvllls strike JW
re littnce was attempted
Mourn was rtleated this morning Telrrrams from
Leadvllle say that all the militia has been mustered out
except one cumpan Ker thing Is quitL
Cmelllei to Freach Convicts
PAIIIS Juno 18M Ilumrmbcrt the pardoned
Communist who was summoned to give evidence before
a parliamentary committee on the penitentiary s > slen
in New Caledonia hat confirmed with mist Important
details datts and nun umet the lactwhitli uucee nine Mlti
isle rs tuf Marine have Indignantly denied that the uutot
horrible tortures liars been long and habitually lulliitsd
oil convicts titers
Proposed Fllluusterlnc Expedition to Sonora
WAsniNOTox June 18 Advices from tha Pa
cine coast were laU before the Cabinet today reporting
that an expedition Is organltlni In southern Arizona to t
take pcsseiklon ol the State ol Sonora Mexico Hccretar
llamiey was nutliorUed to telegraph Initrtictlons to the
proper military authorities ID preuut hue Jtpsttuie ot
the expeillUon
inn nnooKLTtr nEiuocriAra svauix
The Lawyers Decide that 111 TTMlexta Com
test the New Inw that has 1nl the City
Offlee Into Net JHnnde The Hpolle
Thorn was n sudden collapse In Brooklyn
yesterday of the plan Initiated by the Demo
ratla managers to defeat the operations of tile 1
mohoaded charter amendment Tilth thin aid of
avryera nnd Judges Tho recant Appointed Ro >
publican heads of departments wore permitted
to BO Into their places without further disturb
anon Every one of thonppolntresof tbo Comp
roller and Auditor on Wednesday excepting
amea Jourdan Pollco Commlialonerand the
two Excise Commissioners 0 B Latch and r
herman Colell had boon restrained by an injunction
unction granted by Justice Gilbert from In
rudlngIntolho respective offices to which they
aid claim It was expected that there would
be > a lone and bitter fight and tho debarred
fllclals had onsneod counsel to combat
thio Injunctions Argument was to have boon
heard today before Justice Gilbert on the
functions but Winchester Itrltton after n
onaultatlon with Roger A Pryor concluded
hat thin actions could not In view ol the law
n tho rano be maintained and having ob
alned the consent of the counsel of the He
publlcun officials yesterday entered nn order
dIscontinuing of the Injunction stilts with
out costs to cither party The Inwycrs con
luded that legislation could not be thwarted
in the way attempted nnd thit any opposition
to tho now charter amendment must In tile end
wfulllo Frederick B Mnseevtibensurremiderd
the Department of City Works to Commissioner
John French Dr Jns Crane bnenmo Commls s
sinner of Health Wllllnm MThomas became
Jullillng Cninmlsslonnr Jumps Jnurdan line t
not yet qunlllled ns Polico Commissioner but
will do so when the City Clerk obtains a cent
fled copy of the amendment Jacob j7prlh tile
low Fire Commissioner Is still atsitt from u
tim city and Excise Commissioners L loh and
olall nave not yutqunllllHd Mr Massey said
that niter n careful examination of the act of
tin m Legislature bu wns Riillslled that its Inten j
lon was that there shnuld bo slncle heads for j
tile various city departments and while there
wore suflielent grounds upon which he might
for a lone time retain his position judicial c
proceedings ho did not cum to tInhay tile must J 1
ness of time Department of City Works as the u
failure of his associate Commissioners had
already begun to embarrass It
Mayor howell yesterday on the dlscontlnu
inceof the legal proceedings approved John C
renchs and William M Thomass bonds Dr vvil
Crane also having boon sworn In took possession
Ion of the Health Depnrtmont Dr Ottorson fr
he late President gracefully turnlnc over all 4e
books and papura to him
Whon It became known that the Democrats
mil given up time fight and that the party mag T
nates were off for Cincinnati leaving time city
Government almost wholly In Republican
lands the place hunters who had been on tbo
fence during thin fight hastily jumped down a
amid stalled on a hunt for some of time patron Iti
age Much Interest Is manifested Intheclmngea s
which are expected as the Republicans It Is
aid have determined to submit no more to the
landlsliment8 > of Democrats which hnve bore u
ofore led them to divide offices with thorn but m
mean to monopolize the spoils John Ficnon
it t Is rumored will make his soninlaw Wm f it
Mayo Little his diiputy Mr Crnnn has already js
ippolnted Secretary H A Ln Fotra of the 4
lenltli Board his deputy Thorn are not offices 4
cnouLh to go around among all applicants 154 t
aiid > the Democrats calculate upon having the
disappointed office cookers ni active workers i
for their cause next fall The revolution which eti t
is so complete Is attributed entirely to Senator
F A Schroeder who wont to Albany with tha
promIse to his party that ho would mot out Mo
jaughllnlsm In Brooklyn local affairs The ° f
hatiBH In the political control of the different
departments will lead to the displacement of t V
many men who have crown gray In office and
have amassed small fortunes therein
The Comptroller and Auditor have ret to ap
point several assessors and to appoint 1nllro
Justices under the Judicial District bill The
naiiips said to be slated for thin Justiceships are J
Justice Andrew Walsh and Messrs Charles
NaeherOnrrett Bergen and F B Fisher The
politicians are In almost hourly consultation l
with the Auditor and Comptroller The ap 4
pointments la said will not bo made until f
next week rni
Mtu Anal afcGlehnns Death
The family of Mr Patrick MnOlehan the
well known yacht builder hiss been plimped Into the
most profound grid ty the news of the sudden and t
mysterious death of Miss Annie McOlclisn a young j
ady of 16 James MeOlehan her brother said jester hi r
iey > that his sister started for Lome Branch on the
Plymouth Hock on Thursday alternoon lo pay her auni
at Long llranch a few days visit Her sister and
ft tricnd saw her off A despatch says that od 4
eabnuht she suddenly fell hack In tier chair exclaiming
to a lal > near her Oh t I bed so sick and almost I
imnedlately died iii iss McUlehan had been troubled a
lute nllh mal rla and It is thought that coming aboard
litaledand brtnzexposed on the fornard deck lo the
cold salt air she was takcu v < ttti a sudden congestive t
chill which proved fatal 4
Ilnntlnt Himself In lied t
At 12K oclock yesterday morning nn an
known man commit d suicide In Kirks lodging tionse ci l
tnt Greene street Jersey City The man discovered I
icing on a bed cliii tils head supported bv a leather belt I
one end of which iiasied around hli neck thlle the ctlier
emil I was attiihed to A clothes hook on the wall at the
Ide of tho bcdnt ad Ito nrrh ed at the lodttinn house on
Thursday txonintf nnd hired a room without giving till
lame Nothing was found In his posstsslou by which h < 1
could be Identified v
Pitching her Husband out or a Window j I
Michael Hurley aged 53 of 51C Vnnderblll
avenue Brookiin caused the arrest of bis wife Marga
ret jesterday on ft charge of throwing him out at the
secondttorr window He as opening the window he
said when iii Cite pushed him out lie lell upon the
roof of a shed and then rolled to the ground Injuring till
head and noiuulin hli back so that he had lobe le
noted lo the Limn Inland oUtgo Hospital Mrs Uurle
was locked up on a churife of assault and battery
Seared by si Milkmans Tell J
The unearthly yell ot the milkmen which 1
arouses peaceful citizens from their slumbers at un
timely hours in the rnornlnji proved to ba serviceable Is
Brooklyn j esterday morning A thief was about enter 1
liar the grocer store of Joseph Ilohlman at 473 Park
Minute throiuh the sk > liht but was fnvhtaned br s
it i Irk of a milkman Mho u as delivering milk at a neigh
lioriin lioiim1 and ran away leading the skylight 011
and Ms Intended booty untouched
hanging from a Dogwood Tree
Thin body of an unknown man apparently a
German aged about 6O and welt dressed was found
linneinc from a dogwood tree In Meekss Wand flatten 1I
bent > csUrdii alternoon by ice boys The man had a
red handkerchief tied around his mclc o > er which h
lia I placed the fatal noou Nothing was burnt on the
bulyli which It could ba IdcnUtled Corouer Wlgglui
took cbaixc of the remains
The Tbeiroometer tn ftetv fork Teeterdai1
At Hudniita Pharmacy at 3 A M f4 fi 021
9 7Ui U 7u ° ai 1 M1tiyi 77 W JJI U 07 1
The Signal Office Prediction
For thin Middle Atlantic States slightly warm J m
cr clear or pullj cmuLmiy l weather luhi winds mostly I I I
Irom southeast to southwest stationary barometer j
The Alpha flaw Ball Club will play the Orange club M
Orange S J 1 today
Handicap games on the Manhattan Athletic Olubi
grounds Kiillli avenue and tillsixth street ibis after
Mule Kittle fallender of Pasitlc N J Is reported U
beoutot danger and will be turned over to her lathel j
as soon as she recovers
The army worm has just made Us appearance betweeq
IMiiaic and 1atirsnn N J and ii l advancing toward the
latter clt > Inconsiderable numbers
The action analnit Rarali lUrnhardt by the director ol
the fomrdle Krancalw was tried In arIa I > esterday
Judgment has been deterred for one week
First Comptroller 1orter of the Treasury who wai
nominated fur hiS e rnor by the ItepuMicsiM ol Indian
on Thurl r will resign bu present position to hike
effect Aus I I S
1rlnce Albert Victor the client ton of the Prints of
Wain and who li now In his 17th yiar Is to COhen the
Itoval Mililur Academy and nlll miltv when quaiL
fled an active commission In the army
The lion fltn Cameron who xavs lie Is wearied births
recent political striuiiles hn tiuage I a cottnga and will
arrlio st While Sulphur SIliCa W ua on SunJaj
morning next Mr Ululneii Uoexpected there
Patrick Regan Joseph rarr and Thomas Toner three
boys were will In jail tue Ililrttdajs csterday by Jua
lice Kenna fur su aim a keg of iuir frum a truck drlvea
by Ieier olkennlit of Orand street VUlllamsburrh
The Governor of Sew Hamp hlie has nominated Walter
llarrlmsn ant Henry ittiutt sin rumimsuloners on the
parlor that state to aid in organizing and directing lbs
International hxhibiuou to U held lu New York city la
108J ii r
The Coloralo Greenback Convention nominated lbs
Rev A J 1 hlllenden for lloxrrlior Albert Uani > bell fo >
Iieutinsnt Uuternor U W Kinic ion Srcretary of btstsu
John H Ticket for Treasurer and L T Ilglungsworta
lor Attorney Uvneral
A motion will be IntroJucJ In the Ilotiu or Commons
soon lo the iCed thnt the erection ol a Napoleon me
morial in Vteitmlnstcr Abbej would be Inconsistent wlla
the nalional character ol the edifice ppoil to hue ian
tlmenlsol the Knullsh people SOul calculated to Impeni
frttndly relations with > ranee
A Chinaman In Paterson when siktJ by the eensm
enumerator how old he was ihouuht the enumeratoi
was an agent of the army and wanted lo drait him Intsj
the military service Hence John answered that ha was
UOyealsuldee sties titmice but nhva ft pollvemfta wsi
called he admitted lust lit was 33

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