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7 t < ffik 1I1 yi < ii > 5Ir rl f
t nn
A Letter of Ieelt ntlon of 1 NoBlatlon
1ld IB b on Its Way to CUclnntill Th
JKnce blw eia layiio Field HvMdrtek
JI n y r Thurnan ad Others
CixoitnUTi Juno 19Tho city i fling
fcv slowly The proceii ot crystallization Is I
tt llow All the candidates ar at Bift with tho
I wind blowing off iliore Field snems to 0 the
1 only on hoisting sail preparatory to tacking
I for a harbor A band wagon II rolling through
the etrifts drawn by six whit norsea Itdts
plays the following InscriptionS
S For freildfnt
f We moil have the 1eItc Cent
The baud plays Lanlrana Ball Off for
Callforny In the Morning and otbor dt levnt
f Bin This display attracts attentionbuterto
E no enthusiasm The Field headquarters at the
Olbtou House are r attractive but through
4 out the dar the room were empty Col
r 6nmual Smith the Judges law partner In Cali
fornia has opened cemmlttee rom over I
temperance l sating house and appears to be
dolnir a falrbu > ln ss on temperance principles
Though nurrourded br flies and rural polltl
tlanihe Is lldustrloualr fanning the Judges
I lnt rrsts and la I creating Qui a breeze The
Jon Beverly Tucker the brains 01 t tho Field
machine Is doing his thInkIng In I private
1 house
The army worm baa ere at the Burnet
house said xBherlff OBrien after Johl
Ecllys arrival wa an a ou need The Corop
keep plaintive croak and te1 f
trollnr a up a plllnln I i
snail frog pipe I a feeble aecompanlmanl
Augustus Schell acts as Chamberlain to the de
posed King and Oen Splnola John J Fore
nan Fairfax McLaughlin Edward Kearn i
Edward IJ Qal and othera pos themselves lithe
the corridor as court pages The deposed Kin
baa made a splurge Flaming posters an
Bounce The Hon John Kelly of New York
I Chief oi Tammany Hall will lecture at Plko1
f Opera Hous on Sunday evening for the bent
fit t of St Patrick Church The real Nei
York Democracy point to the word Chief c
Tammany Hall and elute their eyabrowi
Welll Hla arrogance la refreshing but nc
furprlstng observed Ool Fellows Th
lurtrlllnl obre Cl Flow
j allenco ot the Tllden men seems t
Confuse the Comptroller He Is 1 fee
ing his way like an elephant No cot
plcuous statesmen visit him Ha dl <
telops no strength Ho Is I evidently awaltin
the arrival of reinforcements ills peraoni I
retainers are not enthusiastic They ahowhli
no affection II says he will contest the seal
ot the New Tork delegation but give no groun
en which to baaa a contest He acts like
man fighting I phantom To secure th
sllehtast recognition he II I undoubtedl
willing to bargain with tho friends of an
candidate but there are BO mac
1 candidates that I paying bargain la I 01
I el the question I is I reported that ho wI
appear on the floor of the convention I
Uiezulsoot I delegate from Arkansas Th
< report Is strengthened by a rumor that Edwar
Kearney II raaglng the city trying to borrow
j botrlct knife Thla afternoon the Com I
toUr wandered over to the Oran
Hotel and the Emory Ilousa No hal
vero lifted Cnt t Hynders would hn
attracted more attention As nobody ha
vtaltid him he had concluded to visit aomi
i body Ho returnnd to the Burnett House abot
I by o k apparently overbMrdened I
i thought Them seems to hi no erJrnte cordia
1 fceUexn Ilr Kelly and tha Indiana delegatloi
L The Indlanlan freely denounce the Tammva
h rtieftsln They say that he has asserted tin
Btndrick could not carry New York Ue I
1 alto represented a saying that no man coul
Carry NIVT York who was not aocep
l able toN Mr Tllden lie added tb fe b
j WMild heartily support the nomination of an
clOov Tlldans frtxnds His light was again
Mr Tlldens candidacy New York could t
carrlsd by no on without Mr Tlldens exei
tons 1 said he Goy Tllden should gi
en 1 steamer and go to Europe after the nom
LnMlon was mad the Republicans would carr
the Stale The Cincinnati Enquirer say Ibl
air Kelly made thla declaration to a prnmlnei
FeDtleuinn from Indiana before be left Ne
Tork Th > > antlTnmrounv man are quotlu
It l to show the stratta U which the Comptrollt
IB reduced
I Tbe div has been warm and cloudy Tt
Grand lintel II the political centre The Ni
tlonal Committee Is quartered there The ID
tnpDsa rotunda begin to present a lively al i
Eearnnco The ihonturs however are not y
at work A few earnest talker are quietly un
Ing the claim of Jnwett and thre la son
Field and Payne talk The mass of the army ai
awaiting developments All want an avalmb
candidate 1 and all see victory In the future
Ill trgl
such a cnndldat is I selected Seven out of eve 1
ten lon you meet answer all Inqulrlea as I
their choice of candidates brsaylng Wa wai
the man who can b elected IDlanl and O a
e are the only States that have been instruct
The Indiana delxgates appear to be earnest
for flendrlelt They are unsupported says t
scattering dl gatea In two or three States Tl
great majority of f every State delegation no
here have no entangling alliances Parson
preferences will have leas weight than In ar
previous Democratic Convention Th cot
trolling Ida seems to be to make a nomlnatln
which will Insure success In Naw York Na
Jersey Connoetlcut and Indiana The Co
Beotknt delegation met nt the Grand Hotel tb
tuornlng and appointed a committee to cool
with the New Jersny New York and Indlar
delegates They will ask the delegations fro
th > it Htatea to appoint similar committees I I
bet them
All thin Is upon the hypothesis that Mr Tilde
Till not be l > I candidate Mr Tlldans frlcnt
and lie personal representatives here arc ac
Ire upon this hypothesis They assert tbi
C uir are authorized to say that he Is not an
t Will not he a candidate and that In due time r
I 9111 speak for himself There Is I however x
ell r from Mr Tllden In the possession of ac
Cre her William L Scott exSenator DUI
t turn ant Smith M Wed are quoted u aulho
I f Itf for the statement that a letter from Mr TI
flan will nrrlvo tomorrow morning
The Tllden men are however the only con
t tact and efficient organization Thero appeal
to have bon so understanding among I
frldtds ol I Mr Tllden In almost every Htate tb
lie nlht daltne to baa candidate Tbe lea
I J era are therefore net surprised But UDC
Wlioin will they concentrate 7 They are Dot I
y perfect accord I Is to early parbapa to exp
I ti t I tAt thny should agree
I There Is ar Pennsylvania Tha ftc I
there was between Tlldan and antlTllden hi
I the faction weire Wallace and Randall with
t mull body of Independents The Indupenden
toiled with lUndatls friends and the ru
JM a apparent victory for Tlldan Hut If M
< Tlllen Is I not a candidate the frlond of M
Randall Insist that he must be Darkls
f IIitngat least seems to be 1 he Miodld ni
hangs his salad the strength of the cUte
Will b considerably weakened
I hThe New York delegation Ie I not altogethi
A I Urraonloua Thadalegataa from the wuatei
fart of the State are disposed to Insist upon
t fe w York man and are looking toward t
Ion I Ahram S Hewitt This Is I not only will
1 out Mr Hewitts eontrnt but against b
4 arn t pretext
I There Is i svrlous troutila In Ohio The del
ntloti Is I instructed for Thurman but It
L Idlot 1 Ro > THt that moro than I majority ol I
c dslpgatp5 Are for Jnwett and Iayue I Is si
t i sartelby ten liannlng and < Col Oliver Payr
y uit a majority of the Ohio delegation will voi
lor Judge 1ayna when vwrtha nurds them Co
4 Bpratiua Counaol Whituey the sunlnla
01 Judge Pun Is I reaognlud as h
i Special rflpreaimtntlvv The IrUnds of a
C tte other candidates charge that tt
HMen wen tire attempting to cooeentrn
upon Payne The friends of Judge Field ui
ne most vigorous In their opposition and si
II uat Huy attntnu dictation will be resisted Ttl
Strength of Field doe not appear to bu wry 101
Jlabl The California delegation Is not f <
4 him Col Bnmuel Smith and Uuka Owln boo
I ii I eyr claim that In wlirbav eight of the tel
I l el Qltea Field wlran eo ninny dolegau
p Irnm the Houtb as he has bon credited with
I 1 The Uayard headquarters ar at the Hi Nlet
l pu > Hotel and at Mr August Belnionis prlvai
I house1 opposite the Grlnd ntl H IJ M bai
fThl William 1 Trarers and August llelmoi
4 V ple elegant hospitality and courteous
iTOCht Mr Bayard They urn encouraoi
k f1 h trlbnd of rtld Ilavard Hancock an
I E k talk of a oonblaatlon to secure tt
I Tpor orraalratlon ol the Oonrintloi
I l hey propose Wade HamDton for Teuporai
tS4litei1t The National Cammltta will pn
I l eat geTnurman Judie 1It > a < lltr f 01olnnatl a ftlead f
I Thsr wilt be OI two OOUtUtDg delegationi
e regular D rt of the Bar Slat ai
il dig ltlb ltc lelnlZl < i to adtnlt the uUer dale
ttes wIth hri a a vote TammD is wllltwt t
t o anything but aha jell no oourutnaai
hr v 1
In any Quarter All of tb Indiana delegates
are hare Bayllsa Hanna said this morning
that they do not Intent to be bulldozed from the
support of their candidate by the argument
that Hendricks has no strength outsld of In
diana The DmH > rll trenl b successful
must carry Indiana lid he euoul
dont know any man but Hendrlcks who
pan safely pull the party through In that State
The decision of the State Supreme Curt that
the new Constitution baa not been properly raIl
fled throws tha election back to October again
The Republicans will avail themselves of the
old law 1 which did not require voters t be reel
dents of the polling prenlncts for thirty
days prior to the election and Import hundreds
ot fraudulent voters from Kentucky Ian
drloks can carry the State by a handsome ma
jority In spite of Republican frauds I dont
know any other Dstnocratlo candidate who Is I
certain to win In Indiana but Hendrloks
Tim city Is threatened by a descent of a thou
sand Hooalers who am to shout for Hendrlcks
A meeting the Indiana delegation was held
this morning at which the situation was can
va sed and a plan of operations discussed
The Hancock men hve established head
quarters at the Naw Central Hotel IB Elm street
A banner bearing Hancocks name has been
hung over the street In front of the hotel Sen
ator < Wallace Oen William F Smith and a few f
other champions of the military candidate have
pent several hour at the headquarters today
receiving visitors and Imnresslag them with
the advantages which would result to the party
by the selection of their man Hancocks
friends claim for him 80 votes as sure with the
probability of many more alter the first ballot
Tb New Jersey delegation arrived th la I morn
Ing I Is quartered at the Gibson House
The delegaUa am divided In sentiment Day
arda friends claim n majority Two are for
Jewett The llAndolph boom seems to have
The New York delegation have parlors In
every prominent hotel ExPolice Commis
sioner Morrison entertains visitors In the Bur
nett House and Corporation Counsel Whitney
receives In the Grand Hotel l Commodious
quarters House have also ben secured In the Gibson
0I 0I
1n 1
lit a
0C 0a
0It l
RueninA band accompanying Bufua Peck
hams Albanians Oiled the Grand lintel with
mualo this afternoon Statesmen flocked from
their rooms to the rotunda and for an hour
there was a lively time Three Philadelphia
clubs are expected tomorrow the Americas
the Owls and the Samuel J Handalls The
Iron City and Lancaster Tllden club are also
expected The Young Mans Democratic Club
ot Cincinnati paraded this afternoon with a
band of music They wear huge badges sur
mounted by metallic roosters
James Gallagher of Connecticut Is laboring
In the Interests of peace and harmony between
the New York factions Gentlemen he
cries on behalf of the grant Nutmeg State I
appeal to you to settle all difficulties Be so
kind as oy remember that the Democrats of
Connecticut have been feeding on corn cobs for
twentyfive years
The Yi Ja0 Speaker Randall are organiz
ing Col James P Barr of the Pittsburgh Jbat
Dallas Saunders of Philadelphia axSheriff
OBrien of Now York and Col Fletcher
Superintendent of the House Documont
Room at Washington are bard at worK
They credit him with from 10 to IS
votes from the Pennsylvania delegation 9 from
Massachusetts and a few from other States
The Butler regulars and the Abbott guerrillas
of Massachusetts are skirmishing right lively
Leverett BaltonsUII and oxCongraesmnn Tar
box command the lines of skirmishers Salton
stalls old flintlock lanoarcely a match for Tar
boxs blunderbus The blunderbus makes
the most noise An Abbott skirmisher came
Into tbo Now York camp today and explained
the situation thus camp wn are In the
same condition as you era In New York We
are the regulars and the Butler men are the
bolters Yon know that they climbed Into the
window and took possession of our Conven
tion at Worcester TbnAhhott man had hardly
get out of the lines before a Butler skirmisher
ran In You see he said we are In the
same situation as you follows In Nw York
We are the regulars and tho Abbott men are
the rtarp represent nlnutenths I ot the
Massachusetts Democracy and the other fel
lows onotonth
low do you claim to be regular asked
Bell of tho Corporation Counsels < oflVe
Why great Jemima was tho reply didnt
we capture the Worcester Convention T
ExCongress Milton Saylerof Cincinnati
la I engineering the Jewett boom He claims
that Jxwett will divide the Ohio delegation with
Payne after Tburman goes under
Carter Harrison who wears a large gold
badge Inscribed Our Carter the boat Mayor i
that Chicago ever had arrived todny Hii Is
delegate at large from Illinois and came by
way ot Utica where he saw the Sage of Deer
field He mournfully admits that Mr Seymour
will not b a candidate New York he
says must stand aside and give the I
West a show When asked who be was
for he replied You know that I am familiar
with the feelings theComniunlnts and Social
ists Chicago Is their head cAntro I have always
dealt fairly by them and they came to mo for
advice I tell you sir that no man must b
nominated whose name Is synonymous with
that ot monopoly In the Communist dictionary
Such men are named
Susan U Anthony and Mrs Sara Spencer of
Washington are here drifting on the turbulent
political current They are waving the
womAn suffrage flag and are calling for help
They denounce the Inhumanity of the Republi
cans at Chicago and say they exi > ct bettor
things of the honest Democracy ExSiinator
Barnum assures them of a respectful hearing
and Speaker Randall Is thnlr firm friend
Ex Gov Bishop of Ohio apparently excited
by the UCO or Garfield In Chicago Is I snak
ing hands with every stranger who I looks at him
on the streets His two I sons are likewise I
shaking hands George Bishop 11 prominent
member of the Cam lollt Church and like
GiiHMd he baa labored In thn vineyard
and dabbled In railroad stock Samuel Car
Diluter of the Pennsylvania lUllroud Is I the only
candidate t for YicoPrcsldrnt thus far named
He is < being groomed by Walsh of Augusta
Oa and is to be ridden by Timothy Shea of
New York Unless shamelessly jockeyed his
friends predict great speed and endurance
Ills chancre will Increase In proportion to the
length of the Convention He appears to be
Ilia only I railroad candidate wbo has any
strength among the Communists
A meeting of the California delegation a
held lonlght at which an organization simply
was effected The preferences of Individual
members of the delegation regarding candl
dutH ware not considered
The New York delegation met In the Orand
Hotel this ovonln I was generally expected
that consultation on the situation would take
place and that individual preference ot tb
d on the question ot Mr Paynes
candidacy would bo pressed Nothing
except routine business was transacted
routDe trlnaact
however Daniel Manning ot Albany was
cnossn chairman of the delegation The follow
ing named delegates w r appointed a commit
ted to look utter the contested seats Smith M
Weed Stephen Dunn Wm A Pouchcr Gilbert
C Walker John Wiley 1 B Faulkner A M
Bliss John C Jacobs Edward Cooper
John R Fellows and A H Green The dele
gation Ulan ourned to meet on Monday at 10
AM Smith M Weed estimates the number of
antiPayne delegates from New York to be t 15
Midmght Mayor Cooper Col Tracy Judge
Dlnkel and party arrived at 0 oclock They
wore accompanied by Lew Cassidy of Philadel
phia Judge Abbott ol Massachusetts
and scattering delegates from Maine I
aud Caltuinla The Brooklyn delegation
headed by the Hon Hugh McLaughlin
came In on the same train < The Tilden bri
gade of New York city commanded by Col
Mlclunl C Murphy and exHsnator Michael
Norton arrlvud at Cincinnati Hamilton and
Dayton depot 11X 1 M They wire received
Uy the Young Mnna Democratic Club of Cin
cinnati and a large delegation of New Yorkers
Including Hhnrirr howe Joha Fox Thomas
Coatigan Gui Mooney and others They
innrcuvd up the street beaded by two
brass bands beneath a shower o
Ur from Roman candles The procession
halted at I garden where 100 kegs
of lager beer were opened and speeches were
made hy John Mullaly Col Byrne Isaiah
llrnderu and others It was an enthusiast
Tildtfn meeting At midnight his friends
assert that hi will not decline and express con
fidence In his nomination
l hotels are rapidly filling up but the
cruwd bears no comparison either In numbers
or volubility to the Saturday night crowd r
Uadxea begin t I url the New Yorkers
are aupplled Two colored citizens paraded
the rotunda of the Grand Ilotol this evening
wearing crimson ribbons Inscribed Ohio
Hole for Tburman
Hi Ih4 Auixtattl r
CINCINNATI June 19The Xrupilrrr of this
morning says its editor has received I personal
deHpatch from Horatio Seymour and that It
violates no confidence In printing the following
extract I cannot accept the nomination It II
Is I made under lay circumstances I am not
able to do the duties of soy utIle I hop my
name will not be presented at Cincinnati In n
ay I bay never said I would accept I nomi
nation nor have I knowingly Intimated I would
1 rely upon IOU to set ma right with tbQ deio
RKDliUlnn rr the Prize Fighters
A few day after the return ot Paddy Ryan
and JM OOH 1 thIs city from their light In Vet Tlr
Iinla Rrtii wee Informed thala rMUlittlon for himself
Uoii and the second and ethers comediC with the
affair had bun Iud bj the UeTtraur or that State
KnerU were leads tervnt Uii papers inlnr Into I tin
bandt of inn and the uilluuand Uiilr I frIends
were kept lnf rmi l at t what waaiolnf on Early sit
coinIng dspsIc lrm Albany 1 to the effect that the
Governor had alfned the riauiuUott wart ruI lv < 4 and
all bald harrodly quilted Ibo SUM
BUmUbai and dlMawi nfthe < akin and rheumatic pilni
ar iimerid H QUani Sulphur leap Of dittuuu 44 I
Iry OsodsInseiImrnIu
Tiil wek bir Kly offers great t Ilductltnilin lll
dres lau lalll Ion umbrella rauull linen
dusters tilIlitluigi I grenadiui Ic
Those sho wies to purchase on criditrndo sowithi
Outdatra chae T KILL
22 Park risc sod I Irclay 1 LL J
eldllllD lillllB Powders
AI plassnt a lemons 5c each AlldriiKiloni idr
The resells
PotiUvily cum chilli a finer 5 c nti a lOLA
The Vlc Baby rood
But t lakiUwtt for motciri milk c A4rlrrll
The Exearalen Neraesbsal Adelaide Hank by
the Grand KepnhlloOonfaied by Each
Other CignalsThe I AdoUld Held to have
bee Han S CC Old Iieeseeriiets Clerics
Tho steamboat Grand Republic In place
of plying between Rockaway and this city aa
usual wo yesterday chartered by Henry Ward
Beechsr to take tho children of Plymouth
Church Sunday School and their friend on
their annual excursion Ions Island In the
Hudson near Ftoksklll has usually been the
destination of the excursion but this
year Cold Spring L I was aslooted
as the picnic ground The Grand Republic
brilliant with bunting and with music on board
steamed from Jewella Dock Brooklyn at
about 0 A M with nearly 3000 children on her
decks and Inbe saloons and at least half 1
many more adults Among the latter were
Henry Ward Beecher Mrs Boeoher the Rev
Edward Beeoher and family the Roy 8 B
Halllday and family and the pillars of Ply
mouth Church generally After r day at Cold
Spring the steamboat crowded with her 3000
pleasure seekers returned arriving at Jewulls
Dook at about C P M It took nearly an hour
to land all the passengers and then the Grand
Republic sat out for her dock at the foot of
West Twentyfourth street this city
The Adelaide belonging to Martin A Co 51
Liberty street made her usual excursion
to the Iron pier at Long Branch yea
terday with several hundred passenger
on board On her return she started
from Long Branch at 4K P M arriving
at the Battery shortly altar oolook She mad
her usual atopa at her different landings up the
North River and landed her last passengers
at the font ot West Twentysecond street about
an hour later She then turned around and pre
pared to steam down the river nnd crons overto
her coaling station At the foot of Hudson street
Jersey City to bike In I supply of coal prepara
tory tn her trip to Lone Branch today Two
bootblacks belonging to the bout and several
of the crew got off at Twentysecond street so
that there were only eighteen person on board
when the vessel started on the trip down
stream As she left the dock the two firemen
reported to the assistant nglneer James E
line that there was just enoucb fire In the fur
naces to carry thn boat to the coaling eta
lon and wash out the boilers afterward
They then came on deck leaving Rae at his
post In the engine room Tho Chief Engineer
108 Crouther followed them and shut the door
leading from the engine room to the store
room so that Rae was enclosed on nil sides
The only other persons below were Frank
Strauh Straub the bartender and his assistant George
The Adelaide Rmed down the eat aide 01
the river to avoid thixebbtide Intxndlnetncrnrs
over at Cortlandt Street which Is nearly oppo
site t the coaling station on the other aide of the
The Grand Republic wa now off Spring
street heading up the river at the rate she had
carried her 3000 passengers up and down
Long Island tlssenlera about 7S P
M DI The Adelaide bad all her lamps
burning according to law but as It was
ali nearly aa light an at midday the Grand He
public had not llghlnd hers When both ves
sels neared Leroy street It Is Raid liv eyewit
losses who were on shore the Adelaide sud
denly veered to tho right as though about to
cross the river In so doing she presented hi < r
broadside to the Grnnd Republic The confused
sound of bells rlnclnc on both vessels was
heard semI then the Grand Republic although
It visibly slowed up crashed Into the Adelaide
nn the port side just forward of the wheel
Notwithstanding hvr moderated speed she cut
through tho Adelaides guards and her bow
baa penetrated Into the heart of tha ship
knocking out the port side of one of the boll
era Tie force of the collision threw nearly
every one on board the Adelaide off his
feet Rae the assistant engineer was
firing through the door that bad
just been shut bead foromoat Into the store
room A cloud ot steam from the damaged
boiler followed him He hurried to the deck
bruised and battered only In time to escape
being scalded to death The Grand Republic
had rovHraed her engines just before she struck
the Adelaide and the reversal had now the
ufteel of backing her out of the great gash she
had cut In the other vessels aide leaving I room
for the water to rush In The Adelaldx filled
rapidly and began to alnk Aa the Grand
Republic parted from her Chief Engineer
Crouther with several of the deck hands and
others prang on board from the sinking
boat lrnnl Etraub the bartender whom
the collision had found penned up behind
hid bar and beer kegs managed to extricate
himself end escaped with the water filtering
close at his beets A cloud of steam cnvnloped
the deck but he ruehed through tt and was
about to board the Grand Rupubllo when he
heard little Willie Fisher the son of the
Captain of the Adelaide who was try
Inc to follow his example l crr8ava me
patml save most He turned and with the help
of Crouther hoisted the little fellow on hoard
the Grand Republic In the mean time four
tugs had come to the rescue of the Adelaide
and taken off the remainder of her crew In
cluding a single female passenger who was a
friend of the Captain The Grand Rxpubllc
also lowered I boat but apparently too late to
anticipate thetuga In their work of rescue
A moment after the collision the Adelaldn be
gan to sink Five t boat were quickr around
tier and the Grand Republic lay anngslde
until the tugs had made fast and then steamed
away to her own dock The Injured verael was
literally kept afloat by the hawsers ot the tug
bouts and she was towed slowly up the river
The bow of the Adelaide sank within two
minutes of the time she struck but her stern
and hurricane deck remained above water and
her crew would thus bavubeen beyond the dun I
gr of drowning for some time to com
In addition to the gaping hole mal by IbM
bow of the Grand Republic the force of Ibo
collision broke the saloon windows and spun
teriHl the woodwork
When the crew of tho Adelaide got together
after their rescue by the tugs aad Grand Re
public the roll was called aDd all answered to
their names except George the bartenders
boy He may have escaped 10 the shore In the
confusion but at t a late hour last night he had
not been board from and It A feared by some
that be wus drowned A single loss of
Ills on board the Adelaide Is known
to have occurred Moody I flue New
foundland dog was last seen alive tied tn the
railing on the lower deck and no one bad time
to unlooan him Moody was a dog with a
history He bad a twin brother named Ban
key who was klllud for biting a boy For fear
of Moodys doing likewise h was shipped
to Buffalo OB n canal boat Its la I said to have
returned on the first boat that came to New
York and found his way to hla former maulers
house In Hoboken within six weeks from the
time of his banishment
There are many versions given of the cause
ot the collision and the pilot and Captain of
each boat lay the blame upon those of tlm other
The pilot of the Adelaide Jacob VI Long
who was at the wheel with B J Fisher the
Captain says that when the vonaols were
found to be In each others course the
Adelaide rang one bell which was a sic
nal to the Grand Republlo to go to the
Adelaides left lad she gone according to the
signal Long claims the two vessel would have I
safely pasted The Grand Republic however
rang two bells which signified that
she would go to the Adelaides right I
and this she did The consequence
wa that the Adelaide when endeavoring to
steer I around to the right of tho Grand Repub
lie wan struck Several of the hands on board
Ihn Adelaide cnntlrracd this statement of the
night Pilot but Curt Fisher could not be found last
I could son her getting every minute lower
In the water Raid a lookeron from the chore
Had 111 Ion titat loose sh would have gone
don like a stone but the tug boat managed
to get her a little above the foot of Tenth street
Then she began to settle so fast that for their
own safety they had to cast off but she
grounded before she could link ol
One 01 the d < ok hands of tho Adelaide said
to a reportur last t night 1 was 1 think about
7 oclock when the collision occurred We
had made our Inflt landing put all our passen
gene ashore and were steaming slowly our
coaling wharf I was still light but the Adelaide
had all bar lamps burning Suddenly we saw
the Grand n U IcUllul any lights showing
going at full speed up the river We supposed
she could sadly pass us and we took no UVO
elal notice of her until we saw that sh was
coming directly for ue Our mate shouted
Where are you going Are you blind Cant
you sen us 7 Tue mat olth Rxpulillc replied
Where tile are your Ilht 7 and our mate
pointing from one part of lbs vessel l to another
said Thor are my lights but where ar
yours l The mate ot thtltepubllo pointed aloit
and said Thsru arsmy lights burnIng bright
er than yours But there were no light there
not a glimmer and he knew I well enough
Ue never altered his course but kept right on
and raa Into us The Adelaide keeled over
as though she was going to capsize at
once and one of her flues burst The
ater poured lato bar and bad the Are
mn been belowthey might hya ben drowned
but tha alarm had bun given just long enough
before the collision to bring everybody on deck
and u jar u I know no lives fir lost 1
standing close to the place where the Grand
Republics bow struck us and supposing that
we were going to sink at one I lumped at the
Republic and rnnnatad to clamber upon her
dock They were lowering a boat and Ufon ad
get her Into the water I was pulled to the
Adelaide which had parted a little from the
Republic and got on board I was afterward
taken off by one of the tUI
L Hchanck pilot of the Graad lUpubllo was
found lout evening on board that vessel nt the
root ot West Twentyfourth street Ha said
There are no lives loal and very little dam
are Is done that la to our boat
Some ot the woodwork of the bow Is
smashed In and my assistant at the
wheel Mr Dookar got his arm pretty badly
wrenched But I guess hell beau right to take
h1 bAII <
the wheel In I few days When we steamed
away from Jewells dock there wasnt a paa
senger on board only the boat bandu
naer officer of the steamboat We
ofcr Battery at a pretty good rate and
stretched out ue the North River for our lying
up dock nt the foot of Twentyfaurth street
When near Tenth street I sighted the Ade
laide coming lull tilt down the river
She appeared to be running with I
full head of sWam on I thought so
from the amount of spray her bow was canting
up I gave two whistle which meant port
helm IIe direct the prow to the right No at
tention was paid to this signal and when we I
were WO 300 yards from bar I repeated the I
signal Them was no response from the Ade
laides whistles Whnn we had approached each
other to within 10 ret I saw that a collision
was Imminent and I rang the bells to slow U
nd bck water butb fore thla could badone the
Adelaide had changed tIer course to the right
throwing hor larboard sldn directly across our
bows It 0 too lute to avoid a collision
Our prow struck the Adelaide as near aa I
could make out about twentyfive feet ahead ol
the whealhousu The prow of our boat seemed
to cut right through the Adelaide Wn drew
back with the intention helping the disabled
vessel to got to shore hut she sank before that
could be accomplished
The opinion of several witnesses of the acci
dent who were interested In neither vessel
was that the Adelaide wa In tha course ot the
Grand Republic through the bad steering of
her pilot and that the hatter could not avoid the
Numerous ulrlel concerning the Adelaide
were made on Irlday at the afllc of the United
States Local Board of Inspectors ot Steam Ves
sel Ie suit Hulls The occasion of the Inquiries
was the circulation of a report that she was
running without proper papers and was to be
proceeded auutnst for Iolalnl the law
Inspector Jnynu said that I complaint had
boen mare against the steamboat through
Samuel Hopper a clerk at the Custom Joins
In charge nf r pcrmita for coastwise vessel and
that there would be t an investigation 1 was
said br others that Inspector Craft went
on board the Adelaide some time ago
and found her not entirely seaworthy
There won some correspondence about the
matter anti finally the Captain of the steamboat
vlsltml the Inspectors office nnd gave notice
that the repairs recommended hy Inspector
Craft had been made and that the vessel was
ready for Inspection Next Tuesday was named
for the Inspection to take place nae
A gentleman said that be had called on the
owner of the Adelaide who declined to say
anything about the steamboat referring his
visitor to the Government Inspector for all
The Adelaide was Inspected on the 29th ult
and found to hn In need of repairs and also not
to have sufficient number of lie
a urnlut 1 preservers
on board Word was sent by the United States
Inspectors tn the Custom House to withhold the
lUvnsit 1 ot thtf steamboat When the collision
occurred she was running under her old cer
At midnight the Adelaide Ilr with her prow
pointing directly up stream There was a line
out from her ftem to the West Eleventh street
pier and one from the stern to the Bunk
street pier Her upprrworkn were badly broken
by the attempts of a tug to draw her In the slip
and many drifting timber were about tile
wreck Lanterns were swung from the flag
staffs forward aud aft She was watched th rough
street the night pier by a tug lying at the West Eleventh
The Adnlitldo has three deck and Is I permitted
ted by law to carry 1900 passengers She Is f
230 fort long 39 In widthand 11 In depth Her
capacity Is something over 1000 tons She was
built for ocean travel twenty years ago by
Commodore Aaudprlillt who Intunded her for
California lrRfli Tla International Steamship
Company of Bnslon end St John N B how
ever bought her rnd she piled for years be
tween those ports Subsequently she ran be
tween I rlllIte and ltllt Tw1 ra three
y Rr ago she was purchased by hr present
owners tn be iiluI as an excursion boat She
was valued nt 5001X1 She will not be a total
loss The damugu to her could not be ascer
tamed Inst night
The Grand Republic only slightly damaged
Will make her usual trips to Rockaway today
SKIT ituOTK TO XKtrpour
Which Includes a Colt by 5eer Across the
Eastern End or the Hound
NEWTOIIT Juno 19A new routo from
New York to Newport was opened today by
way ot the Lohg Island Railroad to Greenport
and thence by the steamer Frances Roroxa the
eastern end of Long Island Sound I distance
of fiftyfour mia to Newport Harbor Three
handsome parlor cars and two passenger
coaches all new and equipped with
special reference to summer travel
left Hunters Point at 1 1 M on the
arrival of the Sylvan Glen from the foot of Wall
Street They were filled with New York resi
dents and a number of persons Interested In the
establishment of the new Hue The run from
Hunters Point to Groen ort1 comfortably
made In two hours and fortyfive minutes and
when the train stopped at the latter place
It was found to b upon the wharf along
side the steamer Frances Alter Iho
delay Incident to the transfer Ale large
amount ot tsgguegs t wnu over the Frances
steamed out of Greenport harbor very gail
with unllmitod bunting flying from stem to
atom She Is I a flue stanch steamer of about
one thousand tons burden 230 let long and
built for spa service 11cr interior arrangements
ments are rather unusual In their chancier
Tho greater number of her staterooms have
beeu taken out and tastefully furnished
parlors and drawing moms substitut
ed The hangings are very pretty sod
then Is a Urge dining room on the main deck
which la Quito original In its decoration and
flllnd with pots of ferns and other plantH A
very good dinner was brved In it and iispoeeti
of before the Influences of a head tide and a
strong breeze from the southeast mlle them
selves maultxat Tim Iam
mlnllMI Thl steamer however bus
bayed very handsomely aud landed hor paa
senger at Commercial Wharf Newport a little
after 9 oclock
There Is I everything In the new line that
should appeal to the tastes and requirements of
Newport people The railroad service Is short
and as comfortable I as It Is possible tn hava
It In summer weather Thu sail from Green
port across the sound Is I very interesting
and will undoubtedly be a much enjoyed
by Newport peopla as It Is by tile
owners ot yachts whose favorite cruis
tog ground It ha long Iorl number
of guests from the Mnnhnsset House st Shelter
Island came over to Newport on the 18hlle
having arranged for comfortable
halnl Irranld quarter on
board and will return with the bOlt on her
westward trip on Monday morning Thu faro
from New York Is I only 376 and seal In the
parlor came to Greenport are charged for at the
rato ol 50 cent
Now Joan Sherman la Getting Jon
UlAlue and ConMlns fluubbloB tinrfleld
WASHINGTON June 19 John Sherman
started today for a few days recuperation at
the mouth of the Potomao He had for
Potolao le hld I com
panion xGov Denleou who will recite to Mr
Sherman the full detoUa of the Chicago Con
vention hy which Garfield rode over him The
Grant people hare are very mad at Sherman
for the course he Is pursuing In turning out
Federal officeholders In the South wbo want to
Chicago In 0runts behalf They say that there
is only one thing which gives them any com
fort und that Is t the rage which Is nt present
POBsreoIng John Sherman They assurt that
hn Is I angry enough at Oarfluld to whip him I
It was povalbln und expedient
Gurlleld started today for home not feeling
In the bent humor over the reception leelll
met with at tho liiuuh of Blame Sherman
Conkllug or any of the prnmluunt men of his
party They hardly recognized the fact of his
presence In the city and to add to the sting ot
their neglect was the constant and publlo at
tendanee of Hneor Itobeson The bud feeling In
tho party la I burning Inwardly and the greatest
out effort Is I being made to kep It from breaking
A Close and eitii Conical very Kvraljr
I1i > liicrd to tho InatHlosaona Veperal
leled KnaarTwoHuBdrtd aId Thlrlyalx
No batter or moro oxcltlnfr game of billiards
hands hu been played than that In Tammany
Hall lot evening between Champion Jacob
Schaefer and George F Blosson The game
1 for the Collendar Champion Medal and
11000 Originally Sexton won the medal In the
tournament In which the champion came
was played for the first time that
Is the came In which the corner balk lines
were Introduced Schaefer challenged Sexton
for the medal and won It Sexton challenged
him In turn and again the redoubtable Schaefer
won Thin Blosson challenged the champion
and last night the game was played Tam
many Hall o well filled with lover
t > the game among them were many ladle
The players were late and when Blosson
came In he looked pale nnfl when out of tight
put his band It bit side Ha bad an attack ot
colic In the afternoon from which he had not
recovered Both men wars loudly cheered 1
they drew off their costs and their cue from
the green baize bag The table R a bit of
perfect workmanship the balls glittered In 1 the
gaslight and seemed to gild not roll so perfect
feet ware they
In stringing for the lead Blosson won chose
the white ball and scored I round 0 for his first
shot The champion followed with 19 missing
an easy one after a difficult masse1 Blosson
mado 3 and missed a difficult draw His op
ponent added but 2 to his lore Bios
son made 8 and stopped for a rest
which Schaefer would not permit for ha
missed when he shot Slosson made one and
then missed all the balls Thus the game
started slowly and unnrl l B tu nlavtr were
evidently In dead earnest and nervous That
Slossnn was III any one acquainted with his
usual quick nervous manner of playing
could sec lie inovnd slowly and his
faon was pain In his fifth Innings he
made one and then I miscue In his sixth two
and a foul which was claimed by Hcuaefora
umpire AloiiM Morris and allowed by the
referee Null Bryant Meantime Schaefer was
slowly forging ahead and by mal runs made
79 at the end of the ninth Inning while
his opponent was but J6 Then whie
son began to play In twenty
difficult ahota he got the balls together In the
upper lefthand corner but they would not stay
Hu made a magntflcunt bank shot that merited
the applause It received and so by good uphill
playing the balls rolling badly for him all the
time he mad 77 and then stopped
This nice run spurred Schaefer to action He
grasped his maglu wand and punched the bal
here and there with apparent carelessness
But they answerer to his cal and In forty hot
nestled lovingly side by side on the leftband
rail and answering to tile gentle touch of the
cue glided slowly toward the upper rail Great
applause followed the hundredth shot but the
champion madn but one more and mlssnd The
game stood Schaefer 180 Slosson 10 The
latter played A It In pain but on his sixth shot
a lucky kiss mad a count nut of a sure mla
He mad some brilliant roundthetable play
and quit nt 18
The champion jumped to the table gathered
the globes In the lower righthand corner sent
them across the foot of the table twice coaxed
them Into shape and drove them up along the
righthand rail Click click click sounded
the ivories and with every motion nf Sohaefra
elbow one was added to his count
The click of the balls and the count
voice ot the marker were the only sounds The
marker watched the elbow and counted when
It moved So when Schaefer < mad
10 Irhllpr Ilde two mo
tions to a shot he was embarrassed corrected
his count and thereafter watched the balls At
last thin wizard of the cue mIssed a bank shot
trying 10 ceoflOs the balk lines He had mid
111 and his string showed a count of 291 to
The game then dragged a little Slosson
made wonderful shots draw the balls to
bl to
gather but as It sullen they ranged them
selves In difficult positions and refused to re
spond to his blandishment lie added to his
score by runs 01 26314 and 1 and Schaefer
did not do as wall as that Bhaele
In his sixteenth Inning Slosson by pure per
severance and delicate play cajoled the globes
into good humor They hugged the right
hand rail and slowly started down It I was the I
wrong rail for quick work but Slosson playing
threofourths ot the time with his left hand <
kept the marker busy At his 100th shot the
great applause from the largo audience showed
that hn was a favorite Ue took the balls to the
balk line failed to turn sent thuin for a little
exercise around the table they cam hack soon
took up their old positions on the right hand
rail und glided upon their back track Schaefer
looked auilouit Ills umpireMrMorribecame
fidgety He stood close to the halls watched
every chancn for a foul or a freeze and at
lungth claimed the latter Slosson who was
his own umpire claimed that they wnroali right
There was u llttla argument Achorusofchaurs
and hisses and yells from the audience and
thn referee allowed the freeze and spotted the
bulls Slosson polite aa ever said nothing
played with care and counted amid a tempest
of cheers But Pin missed the next He bad
run 198 the greatest run in the champions
game heating his own run of 161 mado In the
tournament The score stood Slossoa 363
Schaefer 305
The champion was Innowaydlscouroged Ha
gathered the balls In n couple of shots and
played with the accuracy ot a machine In runs
af 23 and 6C and Cl h brought his score up to
470 ui the end of the 19th liming while Slosson
made but 1 with two misses It looked had for
BloHson who was over 100 behind But ha was
equal to the emergency HH took the balls nnd
despite a seeming fate that sent them Into ail
sorts of dllH ult positions be gathered thorn at
last on tile upper rail Here hu turned out 37
shots On the 38th he turned the righthand
cornel tn the raltluof boot hoelsth chipping
bands and the cheer of his friends Hu start
ed with the Ivories down the rigiithand rail
The excitement was Intense Thu spectators
were aa quiet aa mien until 100 was rnnched
Then there was n small tornado of oheurs On
his 107tb shothn passed bis rival Heturnedtnu
lower corner safely took the globes across tin
lower rail turned the lalthand corner Here
the balls sulked and refused to go up the left
rail He let them run back to thecornrrdallled
with them a moment and started them avaln
TOny went like school children band In hand
He drew near to 200
Are ye ready cried a voice
Two hundrudl said the marker
then the cheering was great Hlosson had
but 35 to go and the balls were on the rail He
became a trifle nervous the balls separated
the speotatoia held their breath a few allots
brought them together again and be made his
235th shot
One more George shouted his friends
and a rush was made for the table Slosson
waved the crowd back studied the score saw
that ha had won smiled sweetly and made his
23Glh shot ending the largest run ut the chsm
Lions raFfle and wlnalug the championship
medal and the 11000
The following are the scores
8linoii13 8 11200J 77 IB 28 314111181
0 o i i ysa ADO
hcharferIS 2 0 S 1 IS 11 8 4 lot lit 10 i 4M
M 0 ti I 470
Moiiuni average 30
hchaifera avente 24 14 IS
Time ot tame 2 hears 5 minutes
Irolcellng AgmInsi the Marquis of Hls > oaa
Losrxm June 19A meetlneof Protestant
Reformation Society was lucid tail nIght at Exeter Hall
tn protest against the appntntnent or the M rnili of
Rhion Ia Vlctruy of India there I wai much dliturbftlice
i re > lullun of tumult it acilnit the appointment ant l a
memorial tn the Q ice n Atul rftrliatnent w ru onlv car
rleJ alter the Interrupter hid teen lorcltly ejected
Yonker Rapid Trenill ICellwny
AIIUNY June 19 Hobort M Galloway Jose
F De Navarre Orocnenur P t Uiwrej Renter Fabbre
Adolpho Uednlci Titus B Sharp George A Baser and
A SJiiervnbrrg are carnal ai director of the Yonkeri
Rapid IrntiMt Railway Companj certificate ui l mcnrpora
unit bf Inkf flleil to day In thr Krcretnry er Statea once
Hie 1 rued will leniii I At the outli line of the cltr of
VotikTi At it lie poliu ol inter vttoli with the line of the
tYeI xMr siLt Yonkers Kullwar and alter running
Ill rouCit a number of ce tAin streets will tcrnilnute on
the easterly Ile l > uf multi flroadwar The caMUt la
placed at l1Xocl
Biles IIayods Still Against Senator Hill
WASHINGTON June 19Miss Jessie Hay
mond who entered lull la tlarcu sit aialuit
Senator Hill ef Georgia for seduction elalm
lug I SlOtuU damaiei appears 111 the Circuit
Court fMlar Tlie eltndanti ceunxl had filed a
demurrer eltlnic forth that plalntllTi alleiiatloiia are
lalie that hue declaiaUvnn aie tad In ft > ih unce and
that turn Is no cause tor action JiuUe u ylio lustalned
the demurrer and rave judinient Tor the deieudAut Thla
ends the case at lean lot the present
Ttia UouuBBUu Jlounilarr
LONDON June 19A circular note of Austria
addressed to the aowen prepoeci to settle the Roumano
Bulgarian boundary dilpute br nodlylni the report of
the technical oeininlinioa ae that while ArabTahla shall
belong to Koumania the southeailern part ol Slllitrla
which will dominate the propoied Danube bridge shall
iwiala ulf uiaa
A Daelner of sisooo Reported In Thaa
of the Late Collector rreelasa
The rumors ot a defalcation in the ac
counts of the late United States Internal Itavo
nue Collector James Fratland were yesterday
confirmed by the Information that his accounts
with the Internal Ilovanua Department
were abort 128000 Technically the de
fault la Mr Proelandu but there ia
no charge or suspicion that Ilr Free
land WM guilty of dishonesty or that
he bared any of the amount lie died In Sep
tember last In the 79tb year of his age For
several years before Ills death ha was extremely
feeble and knew little about the management
of his ofllce Ha rarely transacted business In
person with any one and It was his custom to
refer all applicants for Information to his dep
uty Silas W Boone whom he Implicitly trusted
After Mr Freeland died Mr Boons was ap
pointed acting Collector but ha was not re
quired to give bonds to the Government as
under the law the dead Collectors sureties
who wr Horace D Claflln and Lorln Palmer
remain liable until his ngoouuts were anally
settled and they were discharged Mr Boone
however had given a bond of 10000 to
Mr Freehand his sureties being exSheriff
Albert Daggett and Henry M Blrkett and he
continued to act as Collector until the appoint
ment of Col Itodnay 0 Ward He remained In
the office under Mr Wards administra
tion until April 1 when ha voluntarily
resigned The transfer of the office was
made to Mr Ward through Itevcnue
Agent Clark and under the ruin hn gave re
ceipts only for complete book of tobacco and
liquor stamps worth til 1000 The incomplete
book remained a charge against his prsdeoci
eon and either the stumps themselves nad to be
returned to the Bevaiue Department or their
value In money
Heeently H F Blair the lawyer of this city who
Is administrator ot James Frealand estate
heard thst there wss something wrong with his
accounts at Washington and that trouble was
likely to occur to his bondsmen He wrote at
on C tIu Revenue Department and received
word In reply tut there was a de
ficiency In Mr Frealancro o > nnt8 nr
28000 for tobacco stamps and that If the
amoust was not made good by July 1 the end
of tile fiscal year the late collector would ap
pear as a defaulter It being > Ir Iloonu duty
to return to the department all broken book of
stamp Mr Blair at oncn addressed a note to
bus and to his bondsmen calling for a
settlement at once to relieve Mr Freeland
estate and his bondsmen Mr Boone replied
that ho would call upon Mr Blair but up to last
evening hu had not done so Mr Blair said lost
night that he thought that the amount of de
falcation seemed now much larger than he
thought It actually was Mr Boonea friends
had told him that Mr Boon had In
his possession some stamp books which
lIe Mr Blair hoped would meet
nearly the amount of the deficiency
The Government would lose nothing because
Mr Freeland estate was sufficient to meet the
claim but tt should bo understood that Mr
Frnuland was only technically In default It
was supposed that whoa the affairs of his ad
mlnstratlon were closed that all of the stamps
were returned which the new Collector had not
receipted for The revenue depart raeutu system
was to charge ut against tIle Collector as so
much cash all etampa issued to him and to
credit him with the cash or lbs stamps returned
Mr Utalr expected Mr Boone bondsmen to
make good to tile estate the amount of tho bond
In the event of the datamations proving aa great
as It now appeared
Kevunue Collector Ward said last night that
he bad been ofllolully Informed of the de
ficiency but that before hearing from Wash
ington he knew nothing of It as Mr Boone
while serving the Govurumeat under him had
given complete autlsfactlou and his res
ignation was not ut the Collectors
solicitation nor was It made under
any pressure from the Collector I
thInk said Col Ward that Mr Boone has
the stamp books and will be able to adjust the
mutter The stamp are of no value to him
now and he may aa wall have so much brown
paper for all that they are worth except to
auuara the lute Collector s accounts Co Ward
added that ha did not know that Mr Boone hud
taken any stamps away with him but be would
have taken whatever belonged to him or what
he or the late Collector was responsible for
Mr Boone could not be found last night by
the nportur at hia residence 2G9 Fourteenth
street Brooklyn Tax Collector Tanner who
bad convened with Mr Boone early In the day
said that he Mr Uoonn had assured him that
upon receipt ol a communication from the In
ternal Revnnue Department hu had accounted
for everything and that no deficiency now ex
lated He bad explained the dulay tn squaring
the accounts by saying that hu had waited to
gK together some necessary documunta and
affidavits I believe this story eaid Mr Tan
nor and I have every confidence In Mr
Uoonea Integrity I do not believe that he Is a
defaulter lo the client of one cent
Tb IrUnds of the family ot the late Mr Fret
land were much troubled last night over the
alleged defalcation It would make Father
Freehand turn over In his grave said a mem
ber of Plymouth Church lust night If he
knew thai ha owed the Government anything
He was one of the founders ot Plymouth
Churoh and was as simpleminded and honest
aa any man alive
hauling I a Drlmillnc Stale and Ilekl Fog
A Tie Tor the Minllenco Cup
DUBLIN Juno 19In tho shooting for the
Longrange Challenge Cup at Dollymount to
day seven Americana and ten ol the
Inch team computed the ranges being
800 900 and 1000 yards Ten shots were
Allowed at each range with two sighting shots
There was a drizzling rain and mist which
kept Increasing and much hindered tha sight
ing shots the following are the Individual
scores at the 800 yards range
AvtaiCAi Tun farrow tt Scott 44 Clarke 47
JacaxinU Fliher < l Brown39 Hockwell retired
alter hit lixtli suet U
Imin Tam Milner M Wtlllirn Rljhr 49 John Itlgly
49 Murphy 47s Cactus 43 Hanks 43 Warren ill
Julinien 42 Jorut 4tl kulliran 37
Tb rain ceased attar the 900 yards range had
been shot hut the sky continued overcast A
light fogcam from the sea at the long rang
and till bulls eye could be but dimly observed
through the sighting class As the American
are accustomed to shooting In good light It was
admitted that todays practice could not be
taken aa a teat of merit
The following are Uo Individual scores of the
American team
Turilt TmrtU
Farrow 4n 44
Jacieon 47 43
Scott 47 87
fisher 44 S4
Clarke 45 40
Brown retired after his ninth shot at 900
yards with u score ot 32
The following are the Individual scores of the
Irish team
eon mo
T irft TunA
Murphy ui 4J
Coiihlan 50 3
William Illfby 40 41
JohnHUby 47 40
Warren IH Retlrd
Hllner 45 4M
HaDka 44 86
Sullivan 41 Rttil
Jnynt 40 41
John ion W 34
The following arc the aggregate scores
John RUby 147 Murphy 140 furrow 139 flanks
133 Clark 132 SCott 11 i Utfhlan iTs Jackiuii 1311
Fisher IZ3
Hllner and Rlgbr being equal with 113 out ot
a possible 160 will shoot oft fur the cup
Oumbetlite Flea fur Amnesty
PAInt June 10In the Chamber at Poputlos
today Premier de rreyUnet introduced a bill for lenary I
auineity to all aoliUcal olTendera
The preamble of the bill ayai la the pretence o
tranquillity reigBinff In 1arla the recent trumpti
of legality at Iyoni and the approaching
National Ku flenery Amnesty cia be proclaimed with
oat ilantr also the Ministry appeals te your clem
ency not to > our juitlce
AmneNtr li to be accorded to all persona convicted of
political olTrncel er crimes In 1S70 and 1871 and to po
htical and cress eflepilert from that tune until the pres
ent date his pieainble was cheered
The motion for emergency proposed by 1remlrr de Prey
duct wai agreed to ai sai aim the rmnlrri furfur
proposition that the bill be referred lo the lhureaui tel
VTnverljr Fork Trote
The seventh spring trotting meeting ot the
Warerly Drhlnr AssociatIon was tiekt at Warerly
rarfcN Jyeeterday The attendance was lane The
flrit trot was fer the 930 clan mile heats Ur J Cot
ItrrichK tin > Rice was the winner deleatlpt Mr
M Hands bU f harvey In two itralrht lists nine
2 37 333 Neat wai a trot for Uiree minute horei mile
heat Thecoiupetltori were J Chandler klk r 1ln
trick and W Harms blk g Robert Ridley The trot wes
non by Chandlers horte in two atralght beau Time
254 354V The cloitnc trot wai lor a 48 clam mile
heata The starlets were Owner b tf < Unknown and
M llaatha eh in Cayuga Uaid Oayuca Malt win easily
lu two suatibt beat Time KosaiJJi
Th Bh rk ChueUc a niutaeh that the Cap
tain had flecked Jams its Noeo ThroMS
the lleHt and Throws Ih Flekurmnn Otis
Copt David L Irongatroot of Boabrlcht
N J Is a fisherman He Is a very successful u
fisherman too and at this season furnishes the
hotel boarders and cottagers of Beabrlght with
choice bluefish and sea baas Although hardly
25 years of age Capt Longstre t Is I above the
medium height tanned to IndianIlk browar
ness and a model of sinewy strength and aotlt
Ity He Is I almost as much at home In this water
as In his stanch little slooprigged sea skiff c I
Sslby being an excellent swimmer Capt t °
Longstrett anti his hired man hoist sail on the f
Belby at 4 oclock very morning when there It y
a wind and make for the rooks three miles
straight away off Ueabrleht beach known to j
fishermen as the middle ground It a wind
does not serve Capt Loagitreet and his hired p
man raise an ashen breece that soon puts them I i
alongside of the rock In the cool shaded
waters ten fathem deep about the rocks
bluefish and aaa bass disport feeding eagerly
upon the varieties of shell fish that make the
rocks their home Capt Longstreet knows
every nook and pool in the rocks and his boot
rarely returns to the beach without n heavy
lading At the usual hour on Thursday morn
Ing a fair lund breeze serving Capt Longstreet
made sail on the Belby and put off for the j
rook After the anchor was cast the hired J
man enonpod mossbunkera Into fine pieces I
and at dawn Capt Longstreet began to scatter
them astern
Flshurmen8ald Capt Longatreet yester
day call this making a slick because the °
oil In the mossbunkera gives th water a greaar tJh
look The bits of mossbunker float away mak
ing a long trail from the stern of the boat Wits r
this trail blupflsh can be brought from mile I
away They run up the trail swallowing the VJ
bits of mossbunker until they near the boat ii
and then they are liable to swallow a hook t 2
balua with n tempting bit ot mossbunkur We
fish with Stout line tue book being fastened
with several feet of wire There is I no sinker
pn the line and when the tids runs strong the 1
halted hook keeps just a toot or two below the I
urfacu When I thought I had made along I 1
enough trail on Tuesday morning I cast my II
line and rtood up in tile boat lo handle It spry 1 J
ly Well I hauled In bluefish and mm bass now ll
and thun until about 11 oolook Then I noticed
that the bites became rarer I told my man to
heave over moro mossbunker and tIe mild But
that didnt seem to do any good I was pile
glad The day was One the sia was right and
tho trail was strong Suddenly I felt n strong I
pull and a splash told me that I had hooked a
prime bluefish I began to haul It In leisurely
When It was within uhout fllUxn tout of thi r
boat on the port side it made a sudden piling
forward At the same Instant I saw the dorsal
flnof shark close behind It The shark1 tall
churned thin water fully twelve feet away and I f
know that the shark must be at lenst fllteen feel I
long Next the head roan out of tile water and I
the great mouth act with teeth like those ol
of a log saw opened and abut In a vicious snot 1
atthe bluefIsh if S
A common shark ha a shovel nose and
must on account of the shortness of the undni
jaw turn over on his baok to seize his prey fbi I i I
thu black shark the man eater of southern lati I
tudes has a longer under jaw and snaps at hit
victim as an ordinary fish does I saw tliatth I
shark nearing the boat was a man enter the I Ii
largest one that 1 ever heard of In this part ol
the world I say frankly that I lost all Interest
in the bluefish on my line I was willing to lot
the shark havo It II ho would Bluer clear of me
I let go of ray line but the bluedab darted
straight for the boat slipping under it and es 1
caping The ahark following closely with U i
opun mouth plunged his nose through the it4 I
tuckof the boat about a foot forward of tb i p
stern and his uniter law closed on the keel I
with a crash like the out of an axe 1
in n dry tree trunk Water spurted Into
the boat The shock threw me head 11
foremost out of tho boat I sank
and as I rose I felt that I was kept under by
the agitation of the water by the iharka tall
which stirred the water Ilku the propeller of a i
tug But I struck out vigorously and to my r h I
horror came to the surface nlongsldnthe UII
of the shark I put out ray hand before I re
allzud fully where I was and touched his coJrf I
body and I remember I thought How bare
and strong title 1st As I turned to swim to
ward the boat my right foot struck his long
tall and here Is the mark of the contact Aa
soon as I got to swimming I felt ateaae I f
didnt seem to realize as I do now the horrible
fate that awaited molt tile struggling monster
alongside of me got his head Hear of the hole k C
in the boat But I expected every moment to r
see him turn and snap me up as he would a ii
weukflsh I clitubod Into the boat hnlplug my f
self by putting my knee on the sharks back I
The boat wag full of water and sunk nearly to
the waters edge My man had remained In It
W e threw over fish sail baled all the while
shouting for help j
John Irons ot Beabrlght and his hired man I
had been fishing about u quarter of a mile away
They bad ilrtuli l In their anchor and t < uguu to
row home They heard our crico and pulled for
us like men We ttprang Into their bout and fen
like men rescued from a ahlpwrick I got our
anchor aboard and we began to pull toward the I I i
beach towing the Belby I tell you elie was a I
heavy tow a quarter lull ot fish wntorlocgitd
and drugging that hungry sea drvli weIghting
probably close on to a thousand pounds pull to
log und splashing Another llshliii bout eight u
Ing our strange tow overhauled us At that
Instant there was a tretnendou silash behind
na and our tow was llghtenHd Tue shark had
got clear and next we aw his doral lln cir u
cling about the boat Wo concluded that the
best way to get rid of him was lo rlsht the i
Balby as far us we could Wo got her between ii
the two other bouts stuffed my oilskin coat and
trousers and my hired man In the breach
made by the shark and baUd Then we shift il
ed the flub to the bow canting her forward and
towed her stern foremost But mile hark still I
uircled about us his dorsal fin hlvtiltig through
the water As we got to shallower water ha I
rolled over and with a heavy lurch and a tart >
log splash of his tall plunged out of sight
This dog tid pursuit Isacharucterlstlcofman
eaters1 They hold on Ilka a bulldog whun their
teeth meet In their pray and drag it down br
theirsherr weight
When we beached tbaSelbywa found gasho I
In her keel marl by the sharks tooth that
looked as though they bad been wade with a
hatchet A man could crawl through the hole
In her side The city people boarding 111 tile
hotels and cottages flocked to look at the boat
nnd listen to our story of the encounter with tba
shark I have followed the sea for a living for
yours and I must follow it for many a year to
com and so If thIs good little Bolby Is ready
for me on Monday morniug Ill put out to thai
rocks again bright and early
RnmorCtl See Ml of llurao Ayres
LONDOX Juno 10The Twin this morning
says HUrenortfd thai the froUiiea of Buenos Ayrs
hat needed from th Argentina Cifederalloll but toe
source of the report cannot t t McrrtalnrJ
The iltipilcti dated ttufnnf Ayres June 17 Announcing
thai the prevliirt cut rliuuint hid iboii hf < l Ute im
port duties consequence of tlit rlMtn of the i > ortof
uciioi Ayrei kj ttir ttdiral riVeriinint scorn to give
color to the aice l report ai Ihie nitamre Indicated la
fYldtntly ont of rrprt > li irtut th lutlonal govern
mint and a premium upon blockade running J v I
Staten Seined Cricketers In rlsliedelphia
FniLAPKUMiu June 19The second olnvoa
of the Ptatei Iilanit nickel Club played the last sante ol I
their fMlidelplil tcur with the fi lmont moral
eleven ttxlar The tatttr ran UB a score ef 15T f
rnn Ihe itshen Iilantlrr dId net nunbe much of
an unprrMon In the early tttri ol thrir Inning bal I
they wnrmri up toward tie > Clou iccediue < In pi kiuj
It drawn tramc their score was an sun buudriJr1tS
one rlcict to fall
Ilsinsawe nBuU Sara n rnljird
PAnts Juno 19In the action asatnitStUA
Hcrnhardt by the dInner of true CivntJit Franalt
which WM tried jriterday this tnann for the prosccn
lisa rl inie < 1 iht y frttic daiiiitu
Ik sIt Uat Sia BttrntiarU lnu dellttrately broken
htr engagement In I order to nbUtn inoiiy that ih hail
ltfl > n attracted b > larifft ufleri in KntUul aiul < l Alnerlts
The Jihlfte Advocate laid he thvasht the oinouni of dan
ales claIinI net xriiilve 84
One Ilm Mold for 5OOO I
CIIICAOO JUDO 19 Oiie Dime iron thin In
aacural mesh one and a quarter utile at the Jockey I
Club race today with Rrnown fcoiui ai4 UtAllUhl I I
third Time 29 Ails wuuuia till race On i Dun
wm tuM by liii ttvhfr 1 NT Hoett A lIe ef harts
K > M to C n Bnrthiaie if New VOTK for iuai
Porters Aaeaealn Arqlllttud
MAIISUALL Texas Tun 19The case of the
Rtale acalnitJairriCurrle ess given tu Itue jury at H 3d t
r M fifteen a
mlnuita altir and they rfclurucd a tcr I
diet of Dot iiUliy on the crouml ul Intanity
The Thermometer In N ew York Yesterday
At nudnut Pharmacy at 3 A 1ISI t 005
9 7u j ia7 iSK r 1 M 3 e 7 i 7J u oa
The SJItBsn OSlca Ircdlctloo
For New England and the Middle Atlantla
Blatei clear or partly cloudy weather winds moitlr
soutiiwetterly lUUonar Mmptraturv lUUoutry or
flll a

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