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Till JlllllWfl cnHIt
Vlir 1 He Wmtto WAalilnllloiih nmn Cam
rin Cnnklliiff HliilneWhnl They did
About Gnrflelila Aomlimtlnn Wtmt They
Menn UurOelil Shall DoWhy OnrfUld
nIp In the Iminnrtullly nt Ihc MouL
WASHINGTON Nov27 GpnGarfluld crime
hero ostensibly on private business to make
some disposition of hi household offsets and
noil or Ioi3o his house ou Ilio corner of Thir I
teenth mid I streets I this n nnturnl thing for I
the President elect to Jo o course not Ills
prlvato could supervised tim
secretory hnvo ro
rnoval of his books and papers to Mentor Un
doubtedly his library nnd his papers are tlo
mot Important and vnllnbl part of his estab
lishment Hid wife knows exnctly what part of
the housohold effects sho desires to hnvu pre
served She know this just ns woll at Mcntorns
hero I the house to bo tensed or sold agents I
will have to bo employed Thoro nrn scores of
gontlomen who would have boon delighted to I
b charged with this business Moreover if
there Important private business
was any very I
to be transacted Washington wan til last place
In the world to select From early mornlntr till
late at night there must necessarily be a throne
of visitors How could It be otherwise
Private business Is I blind The Presi
dent duet came on nn entirely different errand
I I a fools errand Oc n Garfield could not
have manifested the Inherent weakness of his
character more plainly than bv this visit to
Washington Ho is undoubtedly In great
trouble Ho does not see his way clearly out
but he thinks he does Ho came here to confer
and b conferred with He thinks he has made
up his mind but he hasnt He believes be has
I great mission to perform Ho Is of that class
who believe that the earth Is the Inheritance of
the saints and that they are the saints Beyond
this Oen GarfIeld has no cloarly defined views
on absolute conviction I must bo remembered I
that although he has been nearly twenty years
In public life Gen Garfield hal had very little
experience In national politics His knowledge
of practical politics does not extend beyond the
old Nineteenth Ohio Congressional District
There n peculiar people are t b found His
nomination has always been assured and his
election was only once In doub He his never
ben recognized 11 manager In the politics of
his own State His position In the muse of
Representatives cave him a national reputa
tion but he was never considered a leader of
his party Blaine was the leader of the Repub
lican minority In the Fortyfourth Congress
Hale Blames lieutenant divided the
Dnlnes leutenant respon
sibility of leadership In the Fortyfifth Con
cress but his party refused to follow Ho took
positions on the Army bill and the Marshals
bill which he was fIred by his party friends
In the House and Senate to abandon
Really raw and Inexperienced In politics and
with no special aptitude for managing men
Gen Garfield Is now called upon to pilot the
Republican ship through a boisterous narrow
sea with Scylla and Clinrrbdls on either hand
It Is no secret that there Is a break between
John Sherman nnd tho President nice Sher
man believes that he was betrayed In tho house
of his friends Ho talked openly about I bAro
Immediately after the Chicago Convention He
talked just openly and rather
as opnly mora em
phatically on the same subject In Now York
His best friends were alarmed at his Indiscreet
candor They did their utmost 10 shut his
mouth and finally succeeded but It was like
the locking his stable door after his
man loklnu toor Iler horse
had been stolen The damage was done There
have been no relations between Sherman and
Garfield slnoo the Chicago Convention Stren
uous efforts are now making to rvtnbUsh re
lations but thus far they have not ben suc
cessful Sherman has not culled upon the Presi
dent eoct
There are a great many very respectable peo
ple in the Republican party who are seriously
troubled at this state of things Curious as It
may seem to some the hopes and fears of all
reform Republicans that not very numerous
but vary respectable class known as civil service
reformers urn centered upon John Sherman
One wing of tho antiGrant Republicans who
ae not troubled much about reform also hope
that Sherman may bo made a rock of safety
against Orantlsm They are doing all they can
to heal the branch between Garfield and Sher
n un pm n
man Some of them are here now They hnve
the sympathy and cooperation of others In high
official places These men Insist that Garfield
ought to go to Sherman and ask him to remain
In the Treasury Department They have
squarely told Garfield that It Is his duty to do
this In doing this they of
assume course
that there Is no substantial around for nny ill
feeling on the part of either There Is some
truth in this To those not initiated Sherman
bos no jubt cause of complaint against Garfield
They argue that Gnrfleldfl nomination was a
more accident So I was
Those who know the Inside history of tbo
Chicago Convention am well aware that Gar
field owed his nomination to unforeseen and
fortuitous circumstances They knov also
that i was uover possible fur Sherman to luive
been nominated I was always possible for the
friends Sherman Blame and Edmunds to
have nominated SOl one whom they could I
agree upon Thu difficult In the way of tin
agreement won that Blames friends were
largely In the majority and nfter the Grant
forces the best organized aud boat handled
The Massachusetts and Vermont delegates
would undor no circumstances take Blalna
They openly said they would goto Grant when
sver the struggle came sQuarely between Grant
ind Blaine I was the knowledge of this fact
that made the Grant managers so confident of
luccess They were fully advised of all the
louferances between their opponents As late
as 1 oclock in the night before the nomination
was made there was no agreement among the
eaders of tbo antiGrant forces as to whom
Jlioy should rally upon More than halt the
Ohio delegation did not want Sherman Al
most half of It really wanted theme Tho
rlendsof Dlalno saw there was but one obstu
cle to keep Ohio from going to their man Tim
obsUcIo was Garfleld They reasoned with
GarfleM and clanded with him and with Foster
and DonnUon to come to lilalne Rateman
Shermans one steadfast frIend they could not
approach hayfield and Foster btendlly and
persistently Insisted upon Sherman This was
of course known to be a blind Bo well satlefloi
were lilalnes of the situation
Jalnel managers slunton tha
they had tolagraphed Blalno twelve hours be
fore that they saw but one way to prevent
Grants nomination the next day and that was
tostampoda the Convention to Garfield The
rosponst came from Blame In effect to act upon
their own judgment and act at the proper time
By the purest accident Garfield secured the
only available man to stampoo the convention
with llu was not the man the Blaine men
wanted With the exception of FoMor and per
haps one or two others In the Ohio delegation
the acttvo friends of Sherman had no great
fancy for Garfield I U I well known that Gar
fluid wont to Chicago with tt vagut hUt that ho
might be nominated At a curtain stage of the
struggle Fouler nod a few others saw tho op
portuultyto nominate him and In a small way
the Intrigue began Garfield a undoubted
aware of I and could have stopped It lie dh
no Ho made no show of doing It Sherman
knows this and hence
tils aol his grievance
It 1 curious t act bow until things often
determine great events In politics Conkllng
was tho contra llguro of this Chicago Conven
tion Ho wan tlm CaptainGeneral I of tho
Imperial nrmythn lion of the third term
hooters and howlers He was the object on
which all their enthusiasm wn oxposdod Ho
represented their cnusn nnd wherever nnd
whenever he made his nppenrnnco hn was
wildly cheered Every utterance of his was
applauded to tho echo Thu opposition to
Grant had no genuine lion It manufactured
ono out of Garfield h1i wee the only man In
tho convention not for Grant who had the
physique and the reputation to be set up In op
position to Conkllng As an offset to tho ap
plntisn which greeted Conkllng the anti
nnl I
Grnnt claqueurs and delegates cheered Garfield I
In this way n sentiment was unconsciously
manufactured for Garfield which made It pos
sible nt the critical moment to stampede the
convention nnd nominate him
Tho Imperialists wore angry The Dtnlno I
faction tin leaders of which had actually mado
tho nomination worn not wthuslnstle The I
very men who planned nnd executed tho stam I
pede knew they had played n risky came and
that In winning they might bo cheated The
sincere friends of Sherman naturally believed
that he had been betrayed by his next friend
and concluded that they had all along been do
celvod by Garfield and Foster But Wash
burnus friends were the most disgusted when It
was known a few hours later that tho proposi
tion to put Arthur on the ticket was made with
infields sanction The Chicago atmosphere
was lIterally sulphurous that night with the
> profanity Wnshburnos friends I was add
lag Insult to Injury In Shermans caSA and his
devoted admirers were quick to see It and not
slow to express themselves freely and emphat
cally The lordv hauteur and undisguised
contempt with which Conkllng received the
overture > and incontinently rejectm It must
have boen very humiliating to Garfield Tho
bid however was accepted by Arthur and his
friends In spIte of Conkllngs sneers but it was
not till Xew York had bon passed In tho roll
cal for nominations and iust an my Lord Boo
coo with stately tread entered the bal of the
Convention that Arthur was named
The journey from Chicago on tho train
which bore eastward Conkllng and his coterlo
of friends nnd also some of tho most active
and Influential of Blnlnos and Shermans
workers was an enjoyable one to the disinter
sted lookeron There was absolutely no en I
huslasm manifested by the people along the
route Conkllnga crowd was reserved and al
most unapproachable To the favored few who
were admitted to the Inner circle his contempt
for the nominee and doubt of the rosult were
not concealed I Tlldon was nominated by the
Democrats all doubt would b dissipated His
election would bo Inevitable The Blame men
attempted to hide their chagrin by rejoicing at
tho discomfiture of tho Imperialists but It was
constrained joy A Sherman delegate from
Massachusetts wandered from car to car anx
Iously nsklnl everybody If they did not think i
the enthusiasm would work up by and by He
was painfully impressed by tbo utter absence I
of anything like zanl at the towns and cities
where the train stopped I
The canvass which followed was uphill work
for tho Republicans Tho Maine result for a
time dazed them Gnrfleldj condition fol
owing the Maine election Is described by an In
Imats friend 8 pitiable Ho was crushed
overwhelmed He saw Impending the solemn
judgment of his countrymen on the Credit
ioblller bribery and perjury I was nt tills
juncture that tho vunerable Simon Cameron
made his appearance nt Mentor He came
here nt Garflilds solicitation From that visit
dated the actlvecnergotle and efficient Inter
erence of tho Imperial forces In the work of the
campaign Tho Union League subscriptions
commenced The GrantConkllngLoganCam
cOlnDcncet GrantConklnlLolnnCam
eron combination began iu tour at Warren
Ohio and niter the opening performance called
In state nt Mentor The treaty of Mentor nego
tiated by Simon Cameron was duly ratified and
publicly attested
This treaty of Mentor Is the poisoned shirt to
Garfield In his distress ho has come t Washington
ngton vainly hoping that he can effect a rec
onciliation with Sherman and Mud material for
a composite Cabinet which will satisfy all fac I
tions nnd Incense none On his way ho stopped I
nt Harrisburg That was very significant
Simon Cameron wily old fox that ho isompha
sized tho occurrence by tbo publication three
lays Inter of an Interview In which with many
precautionary ifs he announced that Gar
felt could have 1 hecond term I was salt
rather boldly but still adroitly sprinkled That
tho salt lodged where it was intended It should
certain gentlemen who recently called upon
Garfield firmly believe Those gentlemen
made another discovery at this same via Itto
wit that Garfield ha unbounded confidence In
the people He may heretofore have had doubts
nbout the stability of our Institutions Many nn
intellectual man at some time in his life has
doubted the immortality ol tho soul Garfield
lean Intellectual man Ho has doubted Buthe
has no doubts now The people have vindicated
him ergo tho people can be trusted and our In
stitutions are In no danger Tho earth Is the
Inheritance of the saints nnd we nre the saints
No longer any doubts about the Immortality of
the soul or of Gods wisdom and goodness I
A still morn astounding discovery was made
by the aforesaid gentlemen namuly that tho
people and the political machine in Garflelds
estimation nro well very nearly convertible
terms Why not Garflelds logic admits of no
other conclusion Tho machine was for Gar
field and tho people vindicated Garfield ergo
the machine nnd the people are of ono mind
aud In fact the people constitute tlm machine
There will be no civil service reform during
Gnrflelds administration There will bo plati
tudes In his Inaugural and his
tudos Inluuural messages on
that subject Like Hayes and other hypocriti
cal reformers he will amuse himself by writing
what he thinks beet and acting be finds
bet ncUnl as fndl con
venient afterward
Garfield will not take I Secretary of the Treas
ury Irom Now York Since the foundation of
our Government Saw York has had but one
Secretary of tho Treasury Alexander Hamilton
ton In Hamiltons day New York was not tho
commercial and financial metropolis Philadel
phia was then the great city 1 ban not been
accidental this not taking the Comptrollers of
tho Flso Irom New York The Secretary of tho
Treasury will come from the Vitist If a man can
be found there howl not be lost In Sherman
hnt Garfield would doubtless like to make
Blaine Secretary c State but Blaine Is not a
fool When Pierce Administration was get
ting Into deep water some of Mr Marcys
friends came from New York and urged him to
resign and save his reputation What said
Mnrcy am I not to have credit for all the bad
things I privontod 1 No they are Invisible
replied his frlonds I you prevent nine mis
takes and fall on the tenth the world knows
nothing ot the nine and sings about the one you
didnt stop Blame Is too shrewd a fellow to
get Into any such scrape
The Cameron bellnve they have I mortgage
on Garfield and Intend to foreclose It for I
Cabinet position I Garfield wan shrewd and
bold ho would anticipate the foreclosure
b10 untelvstu thl lro and pay
the debt by making Wayne MacVencli Simon
Camerons soninlaw AttorneyGeneral Mac
Vouch Is I good lawyer a bright fellow and the
appointment would be a sop to the reformers
with whom ho hW masqueraded How could
the Cnmorons kick against this recognition
tle alalnlt rooonltun of
tba family t
lisw York baa the Yic PrMlJ nL and could
bo put off with n less place than tho State De
partment but sho will doubtless retain Unit
rospocUbln aud nonpolitical position I Is i
nut unlikely that Hamilton Fish will ho Secre
tary of State It Is understood In diplomatic
circles here that tho foreign policy of tie Gov I
ernment to be stiffened up somewhat There
will bo a more decided policy In regard to Cuba
all our relations to Spain Yet Mr Evarts
undoubtedly flatters himself that ho will re
main Secretary of Htato Ho In the most com
plaisant gentleman In Washington Ho be
lieves that Garfield owes his election entirely to
him and has no anxiety about his gratitude
Ha tells nil his friends how It happened Tho
Republican gains In New York and Brooklyn
elected Garfield the places where I made my
two dpoachos
Tho Grant crowd wilt not bo satisfied with I
composite Cabinet unless lucy got theTreasury
Interior nnd Post Ofllcu Departments They
demand these and will bo satisfied with noth
ing less They want nod
hll le8 nut power I
They sire flattering Gnrlleld now with talk about
a second term Ho is pocking nt the salt Simon
Cameron spread for him and llkca the taste
His mission ns ho now thinks Is too great to
bo accomplished in four years
Kecelved by tlinlai Nchwnb and Oihen Mnny
Morn Expected Within n Short Time
Tho steamshlpSllesla which arrived from I
Hamburg yesterday brought twentyfour Ger
man socialists from that city nnd the neighbor
ing towns of Altoona OtenslJ and Wnndsbock
They wore accompanied by the wives of three
of their number and by four children and they
wore almost destitute of monoy Thor had been
writing and making spooches in Berlin against
tho German Government and the unmarried
among thorn were allowed by tho police only
twentyfour hours In which to prepare for de
parture from the city Tho married men woro
allowed three days They went to Hamburg
but were there found subscribing to a socialist
fund and ordered to leave Fooling that thoy
would b under similar supervision In any
other German city they concluded to como to
America Seventyeight in all were proscribed
but the remaining fiftyfour moved to another
city before determining upon their course
A committee consisting of Justus H Schwab i
Albert Hoehne Moritz Bachmau Francis
Filly Louis Peter and Messrs Mund
and Seollg met the exiles on the vessel
at 9 oclock in the morning and ac
companied them to Castle Garden where on
account of being steerage passengers they
were required to havo their luggage examined
They were Karl Brnman plasterer Karl
tirade painter Karl Herman basket ranker I
lingo Kraft tlnworker Karl Mnnha anti Fred i
eric Stiiele printers John OckelmannEngol
bert Bruckmann August Forschner Henry
Loutch Otto Itelmer Julius Knln nnd Fred
eric Yogemltz cigarmnkers Wm Schwefen
dick cabinetmaker Herman Wnpnltz barber
William Finn hntmnknr Gustuv Snnacke
bookbinder Karl Welky waiter Karl Kttrsch
ner shoemaker Max Stohr Ilelnrlch Flnck
nnd Herman Schlolmnn machinists August
Iluhdgen potter cabinetmaker and Christian Ktotli
From Castle Garden the party went to tho sa
loon 28 Stanton street when they were pro
vided with dinner Then they wore taken to
the dwellings of various socialists where board
had been provided for thorn to bn paid for from
I fund of about S tOO which had bwn raised for
their support until work could bn found After
wards at his saloon Justus Schwab said thnt he
expected Fix or sown hundred morn within
three months The committee decided to give
the newcomers n moss mooting reception to
mtnl rCptoo
take place prob bly tomorrow evening
The papers of banishment served upon tbo
married exiles were os follows sere
xles folow
The Olt of the rtrpnrauon tf Ilamburc with the
foiicarMnceortho Fcarm fonncllor tnc llennnn Km
rtrr In ccorilanci nuti a notmcitlon Utued OOL ja
IHHU unj vitforftl for the UTIM nf oae yrnr have nr
derrd that all ooruno rmlMurmnir uric public uruvr AnJ
ftAfety limit tiC reinI t nnl tloii Ljr ttie tnuntclptl II in i >
lice to Tt Ule I within I the corporation llmlti ot llninburir
with exceptional the 1 ilitrlcl cf IlltliUitUfI We the
uiMeriunetl Hnarii it l Municipal folice rorLM there
lore your pre ciic Mthln the hiatta ol the coriOruUun
or Hamburg m aborr
llivariu Oct 31 I liIJ
Tho other notice ran thus
Ilaiiilliitf you herewith the Mccompamiru decree we
the foliee Board IOU vnu that I you le not leatc the
corptiruUon limit o Iliinbtin wh exception or the
district ol Rltzcbuf irlthlii tireeilay we ahall ni
lily anfurctf ihe haute bcaruu upon your CUM We nt
the Lime tune vail jour intention to thf met that nun
eumplixnca with 1 notlncaUon 1 I puhuili able wltti a
fine or not more than Ion titans i XJOor I with tinprlion
meet ol not mOt than six montha iMtfited a Chute I
The notices to the unmarried men were the
same except that they specified twentyfour
hours instead of three days Thouuh allowed
to live In Rllzebuettcl the proscribed parson
could not find work there The Berlin nut ls
were similar to the above
Tilt DKATII OF our itumxsuy
vaa he Mnrderrrt or Accidentally Shot
Cunfllctlnic Accoonca of he Affair
DENVER Col Nov IileutcnantGov
ernorclect George Robinson died this morn
log at 7 oclock Whether his death was the
resut of an accident or n murder Is not yet fully
settled The Robinson mine Is eighteen miles
from Loadvllln The men working in thu mine
are violently hostile to J C Brown the man
ager A few oas ago a party of the miners
waited on Mr Robinson and told him that
either Brown would have to b discharged or
elue I they would stop the working of thu mine
The miners afterward broko Into Browns office
nnd carried off fifteen Winchester rifles and
oI ffeon rlf s a
lot of ammunition On Saturday morning Mr
Robinson and Manager Brown rode over to tbo
mine and remained there all day examining
the accounts Manager Blown says that thoy
left the office together about 7 oclock In the
evening and ax they passed the tunnel entrance
they noticed a light shining through the crack
of the door at the entrance Robinson > d
up arid tried to get In A vole from the insIde
mitt Whos ther Mr Robinson replied
Its only II bal A voice cried out Nhoot
the dirty toll i Two or three shots followed
and Mr Robinson fell to the ground
Albert Ahrens tho manager of the smelting
works at thn mine telegraphed to L advlllo
yesterday that the shooting was accidental
Thu account given in support ot this view is
that the guards in the tunnel did not recoenle
Gov Robinson Thinking that It was come
prowler they fired nt the rocks above to frighten
him away and the bullets deflreilng struck
Gov Rohluson This explanation Ishowuver
not credited
Mr Robinsons wounds were peculiar They
were In the night side and hip two of them
large nnd two small Tho Coroners InquePl
and the postmortem examination will probably
clear up the mystery about the case
Mr Robinson was the VicePresident nnd one
of the five trustees of the Robinson Consoli
dated Mining Company the properly of which
U at Kokomo eighteen miles from Lndville
On learning of the shooting of Mr Robinson
yesterday morning Mr Rufus Hutch one ol
tie I trustees of tue company asked the Union
Telegraph Company to telegraph to tl agents
nt Kokomo lo particulars of the accident
The following answer was received
The thnt ai flrrd upnanl I hjr ncuirl iimJe of lie
tunnel Tlio bullet Daftbril 1 tliroueh the door cumin
partrit a nail nlth It ant < ipliltinir thv bullet making lour
woundalDMr Hnblnnon rltlil I tide sail hip HUTU I waa
no riot or tlolencc Theuuant III hilfi nnt one or
tapt Jacks men and 1 flied to Iruhlenlhlm uway
Mr Koblnion died i r > V Ibli morning IInll
The four surviving trustees of the property
Mensrs r John J 1rlnce Kufus Hatch 8 V
White nut George D Roberts held a mooting
ut the ofllce of tho company yesterday afternoon
and adopted resolutions miloglMlo or tho de
ceased Mr RoblimonB home was In the west
ern part of this State Hu became Interested
in tho propeity that bears his name about
three years ago and has since devoted hit time
to thu development of It Ha was about 40 years
ulster old and unmarried He leaves a mother and a
Damuige Iu Ocrun SteadIer
LONDOK Nov 2Tho Anchor line steamer
Utopia from London for N0tv York hai put Into fly
mouth Cli 101 her funnel sat luntalmd other JauiiKO
by heavy weather The Ufltlnn HfQner FerlininJ Ton
tier Taelen from New York Nov M for Antwerp has
IIIMJ tin Hcllly UhnJi Mif loat beets and fiuinlnrd
other I ilanmer I The iermin tl ilonmer Kntlr i true Olat
Lnw for > ew York before reporlril itt tiainK put back
lui teen ion ed to the tiockyarti nt jiieenituwn
jcltllTOKN Ni 211 The teuiiii r IllICit or Tap
Ilfiiry In Lulllit ut Inhere today with her machinery
nut of order The trtpiilii report Hint tie rrtcuvd on
Sniliy niT Failnet Rock the crew ol the onuvrglaui I
bark Admiral Peter Tunlrn kjoM Intuit Ioqob Soy
I for Knarlti Ituadi which is ui uateringgeui
I How oir throat hum I Then why dont you DM flues
ftDavitt Uoiahoiuid ajul Tart fcoUbTaUUriiiiijAl 4
II li I well tosuard siellist xhe rliror yf winter by cro
curing a buttle t > f tr buhtf Cwuith b rup 4h
Only mi Irish Girl
Oil ttdar L tel uailit tuJIJIAIiLCII4JL
The IamniM tniintrrrrllrr Ifl Out nrjnlloa
hla Own HroounlinnrcEIU flrii if Guilty
Fullowrd by Niiaprnitoii of entanesWlot
Col Wm P sot Kiy la a Dlsiruce to
She Government end I Secret Ncrvlce
Tho United States officials maintained a
mysterious silence yesterday nbout the release
of William E Brockway the counterfeiter nnd
nny questions asked of the occupants of tho
Uniteit States District Attorneys office and tho
United Ktutes Marshals ole in Montaeuo
street Brooklyn wero met with blank looks I
and formal noncommittal replies The only
representative of the Government In the United
States District Attorneys offlco In tho afternoon
nsl boy who said thnt tho District Attorney
and his assistant had Bono for tho day that
they were there early In tho morning to attend
to Government business and woro In Now York
ho remainder of the day to attend to prhato
business Every official In the building wns
undor the ban of secrecy United States Assist
ant District Attorney Angel siild that he was
under promise to tho secret service men not t
speak about the release ot Brockwny
It wai remarked that this silence of the offi
cials In Brooklyn taken in connection with the
despatches printed from Washington civlnx
he denial of Chief Brooks of the Secret Service
hat Brockway was discharged Indicated that
the fact had been kept a secret from him also
On his way to tho United States Court build
lag yesterday I SUM reporter passed Brockwny
In Fulton street Brooklyn Brocfcwny was well
dressed and was smoking Us moved along at
an easy gait and seemed to b fully enjoying
the liberty which tho Chief of the Secret Service
denied that he possesses and which has led to
so much mystery on the part of others in Gov
ernment employ
Much deception has been practised to kop
tho actual facts from tho public The account
of the release In THE SUN of Sunday however
was correct except In tho Impression that
Brockwny vas still subject to sentence on his
plea of guilty to counterfeiting the Govern
ment six per cent bond and the flOO bank note
and that If he did not appear hn would forfeit
his bal of f50 Tho facts as erne yes
terday provo to be that Brockway pleaded
guilty anatbnt Instead r holding him under
bull to await sentence Justice Benedict on mo
tion of the United States District Attorney sus
pended sentence and relensml him upon his
own rococnlzihPH A bond of 15000 was
drawn which Brokwnr nlonn signed and It Is
conceded that for all purposes of hal the bond
Is worthless Tho condition ol Brockways re
lease was his surrender 01 the plates
of the counterfeit 1100 bank note
and the Government six per cent
bond Tie negotiations for the release were
conducted by William 1 Guild Jr of Newark
who has been Broekwnys Intimate friend since
boyhood Mr Guild Is a lawyer about 55 rearx
of nee As soon ns the newspapers announced
Brockways arrest Mr Guild nppenred In
Brooklyn but ho kept In the bnrkurouuil until
It Is said ho had brought the Government ofQ
cUd to the prisoners terms hAn an arrange
mOot was effected for Brockways relex on
the surrender of the plates Detective Drum
nionil Brockway antI Mr Guild took I short
journey together Where they went U I lot
known but when they returned Hetectlvo
Drummond had the Plates of the counterfeit
hundreddollar LAnk note nnd the Government
bond There were I IR I saId twenlyflvi plateS
In nil which are now In tbo possession of the
secret service men
31 r Guild wns seen by a reporter for TUB SUN
In Newark last evening lie mid It WHA natural I
for thn public to tunko surmlfes ns to the rea
sons for Broctewnya reUmsn but he must do i
dine to < ay whether the e onjectures war
right or wrong I would bo n violation of
wrnl I Iolnton
pleiiicea ncd hurtful to petite Interests for him
or tie few othr mel hoMlnjr thwHeereis nlxiut
the matter to reveal 1 them nt present Thn
Government officers liar InMructlons from tho
Treasury Dupurtuient Mr Gtilnl eiild lie tin
derstnmK to otwervo secrecy while h slid I
others who were parties to the negotiation are I
bound by a mutual agreement anti by n record
for the public Interest to say nothing whatever I
concerning It I
Bruckwav told the secret service men a lone
story about tbe counlxrfoillni hut It Is said
that he mannced to do a great duni of talking
while allowing very few facts to cscapo him
Un howoer said that thern but u > vnr Luen
mornlhnn 250 of tho counterfeit Government
bonds printed They were nil of the flHW o
roJeemntilft Jn 11S81 As 204 of them
worn captured with J 13 Don upon his nrrrat
In Chicago about JlJOOO of these Loads must
still bu afloat Several 01 them were tllscoxered
In an Illinois tank nnd It Is intimated that the
Gov Tnm nt has redeemed SOrtie 01 them
I dont see how Brnckwny6 word can betaken
taken in this matter said n lientleman who Id
familiar with the case yeteMny It Is just
ns eay for him to lie ns to tell the truth I
think his object In surrendering plntes wns
to get nut PO as to place some of these bonus
before It IR I too late Of eourso hi will throw
the secret service men off tile scent I they believe
live that only abut 10000 of the bonds are
afloat Those bouiU must he negotfntea by
ulat 1 or they will bo of nn UOO Henco Brock
way could not only well afford to surrrmlur the
bond plates which become nlutles3nt the end
n the year but could also nflord to pay a big
bonus for his liberty for this next month Now
lIon Brockway Is at Inren It will be very danger
ous to deal In sixes of 1881
Allot thu time that Brockwny wns In jail he
refused to answer to unv nnmn except that ol
Hilward Spencer and be Insisted Unit Uu knew
nothing of William Brocltway and that he had
never hoard of the man Hu refused to nc
knowlcdgn to his counsel Mr Noab Tebbetts
that he wns Brockwuy and said that the secret
1ervlco men had made mistake In arresting
him that he knew nolhlnl of thu counterfeits
nor was in that business and that It was
doubtless n ease of mlstiiken identity When
told that Charles Smythe the euurnver had
mud a confession Implicating him lie said
with much show of iunoiMnco How can he
implicate mo when 1 hnvn bid nothing
Jo do with him or this c seV 1
wag not until after his release that he dropped
this ramk hit up to the last hI refused to be
called Drockway But the 8 crt service men
hail estrilillshfl Ills IdeLtity prfictly with the
William Brockwriy who nearly forty jeers o
1f 1 uixtaoujearold boy stud hd actrocbel
letiy under I rot Sllllman Iu Vale Colleen and
who first applied his art In a printers ofTlcu in
New Ilavuu by countortoltlng thu notes of a
bnnk there The record of Urockwny was ob
tnluod up to the time of his taking the abcs ul
Edward Spencer and then his hIstory vim followed
urnst lowed up under that name until his recent
Urockwnys family rcslrtn nt 261 Clerraont
avenue Brooklyn Tho Ulrectorr inim was
given the name of Edward ttSponefr at this
house Brockwny has not lived with hits family
for four years Ho gave his wits the houso In
which she now lives nnd which IE recorded In
her name His daughter an accomplished
young Ils and his son who Inn I medical
student reside with their mother Broekwny Is
suld to have been very temperate most of his life
Four or five years rico he had n large inoonm
from a myttorlous source nnd ho spent n great
deal of money It Is nlleged thnt his wife
found thAt hit was malutnlnlng n soim
rate establlshmont and refused to live
with him nay longer In hlu ruuent Imprison
ment In Ilnymond street jail Brockway sent to
hU wife uud requested her to call upon him or I
unl r
to send his daughter lie wUhfd to get them
to repair his linen or to provide him with 1
chnngn of f clothing Thor refused however
to visit him Thus answer returned by the mes
senger from n laity responding the name of
Uponcer was We are rid of Mr Spencer uow
and wo rowan to stay rid of him I he gets Into
trouble his must lookout for himself Brook
way received tbo reply as though It was what
II expeettd
Brockwny told a gentleman In Brooklyn yes
ttrdny that his agreement with the Government
oflloltils did not Involve any United States cvi l
dencnupon bid part ituul hensHured tho counsel
of out of his pomrndes thnt liuvBrockwnyi would
never tell iinythlng Un added thnt hn lied
bought his liberty by surrendering thu plates
nnd he did not throw unrthlnt else Into thu
Thu counterfeit six per cent bond afloat Is I
Bruit to le I better engraved thun the genuinu
bond nnd It IB slid thut the Innierfeetlons of the
hitter to In expert are the principal murks by
which tile counterfeIt can tIIluluI9ho The
following Is a comparison of the lion Js pruimrud
by Mr Underwood the Washington xpuit
In the IIIMJ couiitcrMt vomioxd of nine see
tloni at each ude nf hit i u rtrnlt ol Iliaw in I the we
loll 0 the belt ut the I lower lee 01 the tliiit I in I
lu I the t inter H Hi Mat Is I culture In I tho I
Pennine onl the upper hill of Uu S limn I alto to
tile rlUI ol Ihe icIng lln the uordi > Utorinill
be louiul brett In I the Imlr line lurroundniit the p ir
trait ni i Lhaw nliiutoii > lxurnth ol an luch tnlcinah
which diH > not a iltu r ia the genuine
Tile couuterffit dliferi I nut the K nulne in I the 111
rug hi the Out roi nit ni of lie urea ii borute r fear the e
Irene corner itifiOa of lie lathe work Ionic 1 unlinrin
whltu figure la tlm ihapu ofu heart with the n I i K uolnt
ImctovTiinl I thecornvri Ill be ciTed In I the ctuntrr
Ult and thla Bxtirv li lbs hun In I ail lour return lu the
CitiulUit matiUal term tiiit M flxuraa art Irregular having ua 1
U ISa urUm IrtJiuud saw UUivt ibis torlraU
of Ghana the heavy black line In tie eentr of the la
of tlif 01 letter A H emItted In the rounKrfill
In the tItle Untied hfawa if Amr rounlfI ruled
shale no tIns left hand 110 it lit Ipur of Ilia letter D
St tile tuettotu of tho counterfeit urns Precut ihort line
rnrmliK but a slight sluituie under tint vel of the letter
while In the genuine lucre sire Un line lout oneiln
1lh or riiilichlii I Ipiintb 1 lormlmr lnl d the lama
wl11 nOlhe had St the bottom of the letter 1
On the ileht of the uir al the bnltoin nf the letter
t nn lug enUilpnIetl wlirrv tho ruled sheds tonche
Iho tiottotnof the letter N lour lluct nnlv Ouch h
N on the ffcnnlne eaveli litiei touch tho 1DO On
the coanterlelt three Unit t f the iliade on tho rIght
spur of fie letter T In tnHed touch the bottom
or the letter Ei In tie genuIne the Itd Ile doea not
toucb the E
The ihudlnn In Iho top loop nt the firm S In States
HU tl us loop on the eoontenelt while In tine enoln
II Inaln
there la a iltyht I Manti apart in the lower rt ht hand pirt
of ls loop lucre Is a Slunk space In till ihxtlnttof tha
ottom loop of the lame letter on Die counterfeit In the
lower right pirn on the genuine the blink space 11
Erectly o the point In the bottom ol the letter On
the lowr loop t or tho tecond a > In the coanterl lttha
ruled shaded lilies nil the whole loop bUo in the Ken
nine Ire li a blank spot free roar shadIng
Mr Underwood Hnys thnt no reliance cnn bo
placed upon the rnlntlvo slzo of tho bonds b
the genuine boml Bry In sizo nnd Btretch ow
lug to the shrinkage the paper Only the
coupons of Jnn 1 1881 are attached to the
counterfeit bonds
Tlm evidence obtained from the engraver
Bmytho may bn used mmlntt Doyle The pledge
of the Governinnnt of Immunity to Smvthu In
return for his confieslon I Is said will be
wi le
maltitalnnd Arronllnulr ns there Is no hope
of convicting Jasper Owen hI was supposed
to b the printer Doyle Is tile only member of
lie gang who stands In danger of punishment
Brockwny continues to rphl In lment
cOltnus Iroklyn
Mr DrnmmondtheClilef Detective of the Se
cret Kervlco stationed In this cltywnsquebtloned
at his office in tInt Post Offlrw building lust
evening about the release of Broclcwny Ho
vas shown a tekgrnnhla mo s ago to tlie effect
that William B Guild Jr of Newark hnd ec
ductod the negotiations In the ease 01 Brock
wny nnd that he Drummond had the plates
Mr Drummond said that for the present he
would not sun anything about tho eases one way
or tho other but that nt the right tIme lie proceeding
tme vr
ensdlng would tie mode public What had been
done In the cast had been done under the
direction of sunorlpr authority te
Col Wllllnm P Wood the former Chief of the
SPrt Srvlc Division or the Treasury Dc
atmpnt saul yesterday I blVU known thrne
mono James B Doyle Jasper Owens and Wii
Ham E Brockwny for years I know nil their
transactions Their arrest was a lucky blunder
on this part of tile officers of the Secret 8 rvlco
Division nnd had those ofllcers tug nblllty to
follow up nnd prosecute the scoundrel all four
of thu gang would he sent to prison Their re
lease now means thnt they have simply been
let go forever The Government has no Idea
of prosecuting them The mere posses
sion of the counterfeit plates DSl
insignificant matter compared with the trial
and conviction of the mot dangerous counter
feiters In the country Those men can bo or no
service to the Governmnt I will alv tho Gov
ernment all the evidence that It needs to convict
thom gratuitously I made a statement to Jonn
Sherman in relation to the arrest of Doyle
Owens Smvthe end Broekws7 on the 24th nf
thfpresont month not only as to
lot i
their counterfeiting but as to their
operations In the nltejntlons of stolen
United States bonds 1 will say this much
In relation to the plates from which the counter
felt seventhirty 1000 notes were print
ed The Identical platM were delivered
by myelf to Mr HrCulloeh then Secretary
of the Treasury Thy nrecoppereiectrophatei
three In number to print the back face and
tint and they Are now In the possession of
Comptroller Lawrence There never were any
other orluluals or duplicates of item aR whole
plntos Thu originals were specific and segments
< I
ments par from which Impressions were
taken In soft metal The soil metal impres
sions were matched together and placed in the
battery The copper deposit l formed the whole
plates thnt were delivered by me tn tho Treas
ury Department Brockway nnd Smyhie were
the authors of thioe plates I have no doubt
that It will bi found that this plates now said to
havn been surrendered nrueleetrotyno plates
the products of the buttery goten up nxactly ns
tli < > enthlrty phtes wen I recovered over
130WO for tie Government from bankers who
find ntitnlned good money on those counterfeit
101 will remember Cot Wood continued
that the secret service gang has been putting
out frequent alleged confeshlons ot Ulrich tile
Prussian engrnver who was nrrested some
time ego Ulrichs story ns fixed up by Case
leiir of the Printing Bureau and Brnoku of the
secret service was thnt he mnan tho counter
felt seventhirty plates Casnlenr you know
swore that ther were not lectroplntes but were
engraved upon copper llosuick to this assertion
tion In his ignorunee until letter Informed by
his eounterfeltcr friend W I Smyilie
Eroekwny who is l known as E W Spencer
Is HID most experienced curd sucoeestul coun
terfeiter In the bnslne Ho was the principal 1
In this cnmblnntliin of eoiiutarfelters who in 1
duced the Langton to steal the lend luipres
Ions from runny nt the genuine plates In the
Bureau of Engraving nud Printing Thus th
an W8 ennblfd to make the genuine bacl to
the 100 compound intcrout note which it so
successfully circulated Brcckwur u i uNo one
of tilt most expert men In the world in
altering Cnltixl Stites bonds I have no
doubt thnt the bonds that Dole had
hypothecated ntth tlm > he wu rnughthad tho
original or genuine numbers on the face You
St the I pilo of tli < si > men Is to take stolen
bonds and niter them to correspond with genu
ine bonds with which thor lave provldrdthetn
felves The stolen bonus aye presented to the
Government and nvlenmed frt Long after
ward ihn genuine bonds are presented and
thin for th4 first time the Government Is I aware
of the duplication I Is l then too late to take
action in the first Instance Them Is no com
uuting the millions tlmt nmy ultlmntely bu
tnlieii Irom tile Treatury In this aI I b
only eny what I said In tne faginning that tue
cwnpn of these men on the pretext that they
hive liven up Plate of no value or that they
have given any Information Is a dlacraoo totho
Government und Its secret service
JIPflhIlLnfttA ov mu ISLAND
Trio Fulnl CiuM In College PolntTh Public
School Dulldlruia Jllilnfcctcd
College Point has had the reputation of
being one of the most healthful villages on Long
Island It has Improved so much nf late years
that It now tins n population of 4WXJ two public
schools and a kindergarten whose dally aver
age attendance is450 pupils Besides the Dublin
schools there are several private schools many
of the pupils ol which come from a distance
thus swelling tho numbor ot pupils In dally
cttcndanco to about UOO Tho health of the
pupils has been good anti no cause fur alarm for
heir safety has existed until within the past
few day On Sunday lat he 1 tlvfyearold son
of Mr August Bull died of diphtheria The boy
had ben attended by n physlulnn from the
neighboring Milage of Flushing This was fol
lowed by the death of tile fourvenrold daugh
ter of Mrs Marguerite Klrchgesner Irom tIne
same ditonfe The lust mentioned caso was
nttonded hy Dr Ferrer of College Point Dr
Ferrer said yesterday 1 do uot think that
the dlsense can yet bus clii9M ns epidemic
So far tiara hay tmen but two fatitl ernes and
thoy have not caused any alarm up to the Dreg
ent Ii roe It Is trim they lire of rncentdatn and
hhoiilil tIny mono fetal CIM > occur among thosn
who urn Hick with the dlsnsa then there might
because for serinus nlnrni
Dr Terrer said that hn hind seven other cases
nf diphtheria under his cure They wore con
fined to children ranulng from 3 to IU years ol
lire These hn said weru doing well and ha
did not four nny intal rosult Two new cases
had been reportinl ynsterday but of tile con
dition of the pntlnnts Dr IVrrer could not
spoak Dr Torrur added flint hn did not
think thnt the disense orUiuntt from
any local cause as Irom defective sewerage
Although there Is n syMem of Sewerage In Col
lego Point many of the dwelling hoaroa are
not connected wIth H and this Is the case wltti
lioth the houses In which lie recent fatal cases
have occurred In the surrounding country
and neighboring villages diphtheria Is preva
lent Dr Ferrer said but not to aa alarming
rxtunt Many children are suffering from
croup and In nearlr all the rnses that he has
attended the parents were under tbs Impres
sion that their children nnd tin croup when In
tact thuy had diphtheria
Health OfBier Lover vf Flushing visited Cot
lego Point n few days ngo nrd ordered the pub
lic school building tMdliliiftHted Thin was
don during thn holiday ot hi > t week Vaster
they ho visited thu plnw again suit Instructed
the principals of tile public H hools to report nil
cases of illplitherln among tile chlldreu nf the
schools or In loenlltleh where the pupils resldi
Them are tald to be several eases of diphthe
ria lu Flushing but no fatal ones bo far
Igtd lilt end IW
LooANsroaa Ind Nov 2gMrs Mary Dillon
or at sIte o a < better known Old Mother Dillon dUd
at tier liojnc In Hill chip jeilerda at the extraor
dinary age ot llJ pratt She nai born lu the Couutr
Liuiirlck lu 170S and cHtnv to but etuuliry In 10Cr
IliuAoj Ulile lov Allie colored wotnati Mrs
Aunii liiuwn Mho died ut ttie sue if 1A vitirn was
buried e tcrtlay Tin luiHml i i rnion watpriachtd b >
nn old ttin < i cgiulnunc Inci Xvn n Oluu who It I la
hu 01 e hundredth year and hu lutoit ill tbit inirutlr
suture li2
Ihe Ilnettm ICepitullonn nmlnntlnna
BOSTON Nov 2UTIie ittiihliruns l tonight
flCrriliiiitl I Alderman hh tiit h bIt nululut icr Mu > or slid
Oeiu u Ii4tic 5 Uurrtll ur Sticet Coinntlnljiwr
Dlaapplntment over the Cublneii Decision
Not to n aort to Cotrclon
LONDON Nov 2t1A despatch to the Times
from Dublin stirs that the resolution ol tbo
Cabinet not to resort to coercion ban caused
very deep disappointment and apprehension
among all daises In the disturbed districts
They look with alarm at the prospect ot more
outrage and wider spread intimidation and
disaffection There Is good reason to believe
that the Executive will try to show by greater
activity and energy that they possess sufficient
power In the ordinary law The disturbed dis
tricts are flooded with constabulary and mili
tary and nil the resources at the command of
the authorities ore available when required
For the protection of life end property
but tile secret and complete organization
of the Leaguers enables them to anticipate
the movements of the constnbutnry and In
some Instances defeat them There can be
little doubt that the organization ot the
Languors Is rendered most perfect and for
midable by connection with her Fenian sys
tem It Is this that makes Intimidation so Irrr
elstlbln In some districts It Is practised with
great subtlety and skill BU that the authorities
are unable tn counteract It They can dnnl only
with open nets of violence which am avoided
much us possible while the morn effectual sys
tem of terrorism is carried on under nn exter
nal appearance ot tranquillity
This total cost of the Boycott relief expedition
wns jtlOOOO
It Is I stated that the Government has decided
to refinforce tile Birr gnrrlson by dUO men and
to despatch troops to llnnngher Portumna and
several other small western towns
The Tunei In n lending article this morning
says Itlsviiry probable that thn trial of the
traverse will ba going nn when Parliament ns
snmbles llr ForMer Chief Sftontnry for Ire
land has gonetn Dublin and will probably re
main there until the Houses meet
DtmLlN Nov 29In the case of the Land
Leaguers against the Ettning Mail the defence
urged that the paper bad only exercised Its
rights of a fair comment and pointed out that
since the Initiation of the State trials the lan
guage of the agitators has been more violent
and outrages more frequent
LOKDON Nov 29The Press Association re
ports that four other regiments are under or
ders for Ireland Vearly 1000 more members
have Joined the Land League In teKlldysnrt
district At an Immense land meeting In
Lougbrea Severn priests ware present Many
agitators carried nuked swords
LONDON Nov 30The parish priest of Bat
Unrobe has receIved a letter In which he Is
threatened with Instant dnnth If Mr Boycott Is
hot The letter bears a Monoghon postmark
Jurnta Hedpatha ntoryot the Man who Went
to Inland nd Shot Lord Lcltrlm
About 2000 men and women assembled
in the Academy ol MusIcNewark lastevenlng
at a mass meeting the new Irish Land League
of that city The mother of Mr Parnell the
Irish agitator and Mlts Ellen A Ford were
among the occupants ot the crowded stage
They were greeted with applause The motto
Justice to Ireland displayed In the pros
cenium arch Mr James E Connelley pre
sided and introduced Mr James Bedpath who
arrived from Ireland yesterday noon Three
cheers were given for Mr Redpath He at once
began to speak nf the land system In Ireland
In certain counties he said tenants who has
reclaimed bog laud were driven out by the fre
quent raising of their rent Some of
these tenants emigrated to America but
men with long families could not do this
A long family he explained has from nine
to fourteen children A woman who had only
four children apologized to Mr Redpnth bv say
ing she luau not been housekeeping long Nine
tenths of the landlords are absentees Ono
n100tt the speaker said has driven thousands
nf tenants to the poorhonsesnnd to thclrgrnves
If that man is shot I shall not wear mourning
Concerning this subject of sbnotlngI hne been
unable to find that any decent landlord bee ben
shot Wherever there Is a decent landlord the
people would die for him
As to tin eviction ot tenants Mr Redpnth said
them has not been so much ot it this Tear
This he said Is txvause there was n Land
League In Ireland Applause1 Ireland never
hail n more honest lender than Charles Stewnrt
PnrnHi Great npplausi Pnrnell bus been
askml what he wants Be wants nothing ex
opt that the landlords shall get nut ut Ireland
Lnuabterl All this year there have boon only
five eases of accidental death that any one can
attribute to the tenant One of the men killed
wits Lord Loltrim It he had not bean shot It
would have been an eternal disgrace Ho
ruined thirty pure girls and the brother
of one of them went to Irelnnd from Chi
cago and shot him down like tha dog that ho
was Applause I profoundly honor him
for It continued the speaker and It I meet
him In Chicago 1 will congratulate him on
being n good shot I hope he will disclose his
name that we may give him a testimonial Mr
Froude has condemned that shooting and I
charge him with defending debauchery It la
time to speak out about this thing
Mrs Parnell and the Rev Father Carr also
made addresses
The Fund of8 V0000 thai It U lropo td tt >
Italic What Mr Jonea Halt
The statement has been printed that con
tributions to tho proposed fund of 250000 for
the benefit of exPresidents ot the United States
have been made as follows John 3t Forbes ot
Boston for himself and friends 150000 J
GouldWm H Vanderbilt John VT Mackey tine
California bonanza king each 25000 eiGov
E D Morgan Congressman L P Morton W
L Dlnemore President of the Adams Ex
pres Company and Kflpublicnn elector In the
State of New Jnrlc Win B Astor John Hoey
of the Adnras Express Company and several
others fSniX each The project was suggest
ed by Mr George Jones of the V < u
York Tunes who also receives lie subscrip
tions and that gentleman was asked yesterday
whether hose subscriptions hind been Indeed
made Mr Jones said You may pay that
fourfifths of tha total amount required or
200nOO has been raised I expect that the
whole It will bn subscribed very soon The
precIse form In which the subscription Is to be
applied will h determined nt a meeting of tIles
contributors All that Is determined nt presuut
U the general understanding that ns long ilk
Gen Grant lives hue Interest of the fund will go
to him Mr Bogus will uot benefit from the
fund nt prennnt I could give you the names ol
contributors out 1 do not feel at liberty to
do so without their consent Some of them
may not care to have their naniys printed
No one has tbn list but myself and I shall
not print It In the Times for the present
I will say Unit the list you have there U not
correct But 1 cannot tell you now In what re
sutxt It Is not correct I believe the project was
Initiated by myself Tine reason for It was the
fnct hat Gen Grant U nt present not in such
circumstances pecuniarily nit lie ought to be
His Income Is only nbout 7000 n year Tho
reason why ha hue not inoru Is because when
he was In ofBcn ha lived generously and kept
up the dlunlty of this ofllca In his method ot re
ceiving guests n s are nt present waiting for
the Boston folks and I expect that the whole
fund will be raised very soon
A Dliput about she lintel BIIU at tb
ChloBOo Convention
CINCINNATI Nov 29The Hon Warner II
Bnteman brotherinlaw of the Hon John
Sherman was Interviewed today by the Com
mrciaj in reference to tha Chicago hotel bills
and said substantially Mr Sherman com
mitted the care of his Immediate personal In
retH nt Chicago to Gen Garfield Gov Foster
Gov Iiennlson and myself anti transmitted a
reasonable sum to defrny expenses which
was on depoalt with Mr Drako of this
Grand Pacific Hotel except a portion held by
Thomas M Nlohnl who with myself mnnxgnd
the business matters When Sherman woe
beaten b turned his forces to Oen Gnrfleln
rind was aiicceslul in nnminntlne him tlnrn
this point Sherman twld all the expense After
the Convention Mr Nlcbnl told nun that hn hail
paid all the bills dun Mr Drake and Mr Nidiol
mid ma that Gov Foster nod Mr Lvereti nf
Cleveland representing Gen Garfield hail said
to him that It would bcnnly fair for the friends
of Gen Garfleld to pay the bills yet Un
paId nud otherwise chargeable to Mr Sherman
Mr s lciiol haul buaestt flIer tn m ills umount
In ills bands belonging tn Mr Sherman and
paid he was authorized to draw drulinund nettle
what remained unpaid I also druw vItal iii
milned In Mr Drakea bands This ar
rangement was umd without my knowl
edge I nested Mr Nlcliol In settling
nnd i sent Mr Shermnns flintier to him
After returning to Cincinnati I received
a letter from exGov Dennl > n itatiig that
Inc Foster hind nnld Unit lie foster hud paid
tJSuil for Mr Slinrnmn Cuieuo nxpin es
nud KXGIW Dennlsoii suggested flint 1 hnd
hatter reimburse Go Foster 1 rotn exGov
Ditnnlson stating the itrruugeiiients made with
Mr NtchuL end berd no more vl Uia matter
until the papers teoJc It up
DASHES main Ann TnEnB nt run
Tli llodlea of lbs Itrranlnlittr Fanr Men whi
Perished In the lludaun KlTerTunael Lint
July It4coTrr d Provr M of lh Work
Tho bodies of four workmen who will
Ixteen others whose remains were recovered
several weeks ago perished in the fall of part
of the roof of the Hudson River Tunnel tn Jer
sey City were recovered yesterday At an
early hour In the morning work wee began la
the north tunneL At 5 oclock In the afternoon
the bodies wero reached They were grouped
together near the entrance to the connecting
chamber anti at n distance ot only n few feet
from the mouth of the north tunnel They
were In n recumbent position and were cov
ered with flllt and rubbish The plates of that
Bitctlon of tIle tunnel unit not been disturbed by
thn accident anti worn In their original
position Thn bodies did not present tha
appearance of having been crushed nrmutl
hated l and It In ooni < tnred that the men died
from suffocation Tlm bodies tail ben reduced
tn mere skeletons but the rubber suits in which
they were encased were in a perfect state ot
They were removed to Coyls morgue whey
Superintendent Anderson and Foreman Hurley
triad to Identify them It fo f thounlit that three
or them ano the bodies of John Hrlckson Win
F linsley and Frank Olstroin Superintendent
Anderson said that ho thought from the post
tlon In which the hodl 9 were found that when
the accident happened the men ran back Into
th north tunnel Instead of making for tho air
lock The bodies ot all the victims have new
been recovered
The work of reconstructing the nntronon to
the tunnel known ns the construction cham
ber nnd reaching from the air lock In the
working shaft tn the tnnuthi of the tunnels has
been finished It wee the roof of this chamber
that fell In causing the loss of the lives of
twenty workmen The break has been repaired
and covered with n heavy brick wall Tha
work of cleaning out the south tunnel has been
The Veteran Cal Zrltner Dying Vhtl U
Compatriot serre AMemblcd
The celebration by the Polish residents la
this city of the flltltb anniversary of the Polish
revolution of 1390 was begun yesterday morn
Inn by a solemn mass In the Polish Komao
Catholic Church of St Stanislaus in Stanton
street In the centre of the church was placed
a coffin decorated with the Polish national flags
which were trimmed with heavy empty Within
were supposed to be the spirits of the heroes
who perished in the war for Polish Independ
ence Fifty flies of Polish nharpshootnrs In thIs
national costume gathered about the ooffln
whllnan Impressive service was celebrated by
Father Blnwn < ynskl
In the evening the Barmonlfl Booms In Es
sex street were hung with Polish flag
trimmed with crape nnd fully 2000 persona
were present On the platfirm were gathered
tbo venerans of the war of 1O soldierly loot
lug old men whose breasts were decorated
with the Polish cross Col Zeltner who was
KoACluftkos friend and who was one of the
bravest the Polish leaders lay dead In the
Old Qntlemnns Homo In 168th street He died
at about the hour the meeting was called to or
der He was represented in the meeting byhl
son Dr Davidson In nnnnuncing Cal Zelt
nnrs death to THE SUN last evening by tale
rrsph Bald that he was perhaps the only man
In lovr York city who beard Freedom shrlelc
when Koseiii8knfrll May tho earth Ho llubtly
upon hit bones 1 At last evenings celebration
speeches were made in Polish berman tnd
English by Mr Dornbrowskl of tlmPolleb Sharp
shooters and Messrs Roland McCarthy Kuiim
and Quzorolo
Death of Cot X C BldvrcU
Col N C Bldwell n mlnlngoperator and ln <
vaitor wcU toown ihrouthuut Uio oountr J dxd Sunday
nubt at Omnrllle CaL of plur pnamonii n was i
memlxr of trt txnkliw bouac of E D CortwrUbt 4 Co
18 Wall itraet aunt President of tb Green Mona
tain Odd lllrtnj Company th CbaroXoe Mm
ImComMnr IU M fiuoMlnlnt Company and
the Gold Stripe Minlne Company CcL Bldwell Wits about
SOjenMoluae ana had been engaged lii mIning tar over
thirty Cecil Ut wrunnsof theorlnlnal furtynlnert
He win a native or Vermont bat hIs home ol late has
been at Oakland CaL and bit Ims devoted nil rime to the >
l > er olial rupertHton of the mlneiowrM bv the coin
tianleatfnhlcli he wits the PresIdent lie will he sue
ceMed to a ssat extent In that work br Ills soaale ft
K Brenaterof San Franclico while the otherdutle of
the mcea be held will for the preaent I discharged by
hn partner Mr E D CortirrUlii Cot Bldwall leavia r
Idov and a son and daughter
A OneArme Rrm r and her Child
SalIne Follnar a onearmed French woman
was arrested In Tventy tblrd ttrctTcllcrdar by Officer
Chlardl ot the Society tar the Frenntion of Cruelty tv
ChUdKO Mr Fohnar beld a bunch ot pencil In tieS
one band and CArritd a two Taarotd child on her con
arm Tba child and herself were neatly and coinfortibr
clad She could anjtrstatjj no English In the JerJeraoa
31arkM Police Court the aa made to think thnt tha child
was to be taken from her She tell on her kneai utter
Ins plilful crlii And cLasped the child to her breaSt Shir
wa quieted and writ nmandeil br Ju tlo siulih for ex
animation She no1 I hT arm wlipna child by falling Irotc
A tvloduw She came to till eonntry three rear see
and has bcun critics i In thestixettcTer since The polic
any Ute child U not hura slid tint ab only tarrlaa It to
WorkIng Wuanea Fnierttnd
About 600 laboring women and girls asaem <
tied lait etxnlng tn the ball of the Youog Women
ChrIstian Atioclatlon 7 East titeentb arrest to wltuew
their nineteenth rnorithiy tree exltibtilon It consIsted
ol duet nano loloL and Fintgi by Mrs 1larlce Mic
Ikebc and Mn < r Woodrufl Lansliijt and MetcnUV
Tills ie the tinih eit r or the aWKlatloui existence 1
tusa a llhrarv < > t StX > olume and tree ellsc In book
keeping ii nOne and stin < urvtiY sisu tnt uipinynijenl
burifaii deuKlied lur the tonetir ol all leinale laborer ex
Hhunjo tcrvama Uri U Best la the Frtaldeat ol
tie a io UUon
Left ot an Aclora floor
Mr Charles Whentlelgh the wellknown
actor Ure at 129 East ilxt eiitb Street Liiteenlni
at S oclock the dour nell rang and Mr Wheatlnlfr
aninerrd Ibe call On opening lie door he bust t
pretty Uinttk lutatit earfuhy wrspitd up Ijlnt on ilia
Mtep It was attout lure iseeta old rind neaUy clofbed
Ort its box > m win pinned the tiiiloeir note Plena
tHkf efiru tul this Infant for Ouohs set It u hit child ot
lnlrv III flnine < li Lena The Intant was taken M
the rvvntrlccoiid utreit tioluv tnUuit and time lent
tu tbe care uf Matron Vebh At fullie Ueudouartera
Second Avenue Klevulcd Htntlooa
The new station at East 12Uh street on thti
Sciood areooe elevated rrfllruad woe tbrown open tu
the pubUc yesterday mornlnx Uerotufora then hat
turn tuo station between llltliand I ll7th itreeti on the
second aronue rued adlsunct tI over thret iuartf ra ol
a rolls Farther down on the Second nT nue line beta
are till long uutaiuei unprovided with mitloin Traloa
now run without itorpini hctwten iltr Ufih and
Lllay ixth itrert a dutance of ofor a inilg und U
t arCh Eiiility nxth and Illtli iliiHti A diiunc el a
mil and a quarter
Iii Moustache Vtrnsoted In Toln
David Armstrong alias John Sullivan alias
JiIuiT Wjlion wit ta under arrest charned with ateal
Inc two horses Irene New Ilavon Coon was brouubt w
the JrrJmon Market Police Court yesterday and re
uundiJ Aruiiironiiauiipir lip waa lore und Inflamed
IietKtne Riuls itt laid that Mnce hit Arrest Annitron
had pulled hliniounaclMuutM I the tools luawu tdentl
uiatlon Ho was however fully IdeuUHtd ant wui be
ULm to > iw IlaT u lor trial
Anvtlon Stub at KleeHvood Park
The lease l of Messm S li A Wm Johnson on
FleetvrooJ Park dOlts AprU 1 1SS1 TcitcMar utr
soldataucUoo the club room furniture treL tool and
two horses fli asia rrnlLtrd KIM 17 It li reported
that a branch of the Third sseiiuo cigsstod l root will
pao throvuh the park In li llnni n itnr which WILL
UUttlaiteiidQIltiur racinx purpi > e
An M I on Trliil for libel
LotLuoN Nov 29The trial of Mr Philip
allau member o Parliament rur Loutti iliurod wiut
hUelilNt Vr Alexind 11 MiUnnn waf bcfun 0 day
AlUr Mr Sulinan tue ildlntii InJ bert ivxaraln a
at < uiv length the > Ichiis prUntvIt conlerrod wttbcoui
tel the de Mi luut HCiiiniiel oil returlilntt to c art an
nouitcul hot the rae mut 4000 The cyurt aOvurD d
untO uiu rrow
The SIgnet tmiee PredictIon
Higher barometer stationary or lower lain
Peratur ourtn to teat wbiJt clear or parUr olondi
TlIM aiOltXlll3 IA1K3T XKITH
lrt LlttlttVId of dtoujhttn UHH atie un Saturday
pol ulitd her Iuihbllud siui cliL1 nba h rtell dead jss
urda tuormnti
E i Vi Fnrr lletireientatnv elect to Conzrvi tram New
nmni lilie Is 1 JaneroJil Ill null pneuuiuula at lila
rvuldvlice Iu LltUutvIl
Lattnlhttiieoiilierr cf the susrutridrd finie Sa ln < <
Ih iuutioi < r Niunrli ai rlud to OhunceUi > r liuiiou air
authorlt tv f a > liptiMton unotlier ditldeud ol lut r
cult It H ih I pp bithly he pni 1 on Dec JO
Jiunei Initl In hroi klvn eoerdgy jrantid an 55 >
jut Inouo to Drome I OertruOe 1 suit I tutu Xuriin J
Ilian tunhoui 9h < sTis lie eruud on May ft lot in Una u
iii > uid iiviu tOioin ibe ttruu in July sbeuonlrlv
Senator Illatn u at the Filth AnertuC it l < Coruruil
miinUMl I yi > r1un is ho Inn ulrciid tuw nni Niiilali
tnut iihwiHjCi > iiU w4tpuitth < ille > ttimwu AI
niuoWhaUiluattftu Tiitlrmldint It al Uu > Ura < iJi
nou I W < Ja ia u tk AaUyvvUtau

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