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AN rxniimi i tMKiHinit I lP norm
of nit mix nnrcoirKUS
Turiill Dnvlll niiI I IMIlim Thrrntrned with
JleiilhlhrruU i h1 loid Kenmnrea
rr i > ri > Thr liorrineIIIS lund lllll
Failure Iroiriimme of the Innd Irncne
INiON Doc 15Tlio Daily News in 1
LN editorial nrtliirt today sayst The
leading 1 IrllI Inlny
detail o Oiltorli Internment Irish Land bill
are Iht AlhJoct ol consideration by thn current
series of Cabinet councllB nnd tho Minister
hope that the measure will be ready to submit i
In complete form when Parliament opons I
will be neither n small nnd temporary compro
nine nor n revolutionary scheme
The Illght lon Henry Fawcett Postmaster
GenerAl spaklm tn t < his conBtltUHntg nt Hackney
the conviction that the
night expressed
Del last nhh extlHlllho conlton
GoTernmont over wh loll Mr 0Indstono presides
Will not be terrorized Into making unwise con
cessions nor provoked Into a departure from
tho strict path of justice
The manifesto adopted by tho Land League
In Dublin ypstorilny sayH thnt when the outllnoa
of the promlsml Lnm hill are made public by
the Government I special meeting of tho
League will ho Immediately held for tho pur
pose of discussing the measure and pronounc
ing na to Iti worth I necessary I Brand na
tional Convention of Land League delegates I
Will then bo summonnd In order to make na I
Lionel pronouncement on the settlement which I
IheLnaguednmaniK Thn manlfestocondemnB
outrages ali the sending of threatening let
ter as hnrmlul to IIIcause of the League I
declares Unit II the travernnrs are convicted all
the vacancies In tile executive of tho League
will be filled llnlllhl traversers are able to re
umn their positions
The Tiinn hear that Lord KenmarB la about
In con of his employ
to quit Ireland 11 consequence hil em1lny
ing a skilled enrpntnr at C house which ho had
lust built HI Kllliimy to the exclusion of local
workmen hH ban received notion that It the car
dismissed the houne
potr Is not Immedlnmly
will be burnt down Lnst year In conoennenen
of thn distress Lord K iunare borrowed 120000
In order In give emplnymnnt to his people
Mr Wllllnm IJencc Jones an hnullshman
and a large landowner residing at Llsselane
County Cork writes to the Time that he has
expended wrie on the Improvement his
property and his hitherto enjoyed good rela
tions with his tenants but because he refuses
to wln Griffith valuation his tenants havA
t en accept ll by threats from paying their
rent Hn la threatened that his Brave will b
duz opposite his door his laborers are com
pelled to leave him and none dare buy his
produce because when It is sent to market It Is
urroundad by I howling mob
The correspondent of the Tuntt at Cork says
When Mr JoneBon Tuesdl tried to ship
eighty head of cattle and sheep to Bristol for
sale n number of large shippers Informed the
steamship company that they would cease their
dealing with It If the cattle wore shipped and
the company consequently refused to take tho
rattle U also did a Clyde shipping company
Finally the drovers refused t tend the cattle
which after straying through the streets were
driven by the police to the Great Southern Rail
way and that company forwarded them to Dub
lin by train In spite of the efforts of the Boy
cotters to prevent the company from supply
com1any aUV1
ing the pant Jones la I unpopular because
of nlswrltlnaa In the periodical In
wrllnil thl vrulln oppo
sition to the public works The police promised
to protect the laborers If they would remain with
Mr Jones but they refused The Land League
will support the laborers who left the estate
The family of Mr Jones are attending the re
maining cattle protected by armed police and
the house Is I guarded at night Toe seizure ol
the lodge Is expected
When Mr Joness cattle arrived at Dublin
they were treated the same way as at Cork An
attempt will 0 made today to ship the rattle to
Glasgow or Liverpool I that falls Mr Joness
cent will telegraph for Instructions whether
the cattle shall b conveyed to Ilrlstol byway of
Belfast eattle In the mean time the police guard the
Men Pnrnell Davltt and Dillon have re
ceived tellers threatening them with death
The trial of Healy and Walsh for Intimidating
the farmer Manning was begun In the Cork
Assizes today The prisoners pleaded Crk
Eilltr The court room was densely crowded
annlng denied the deposition put ID by the
prosecution In which he Manning stated that
Healy and Walsh threatened him and he now
lays that lie was neither threatened nor afraid
ted rfae the Jury prisoners after an hours deliberation acquit
At the Cork Asaizea John Power who was
Identified 1 one of the party of armed men
Who forcibly entered u house from which the
Vjnants had been nvlcted near Tralee County
Kerry In the night about a fortnight ago and
slit the ears of the occupant I bailiff has been
prosecutor acquitted although he was Identified by the
The correspondent of the Daily AVirs at Rome
lays ho gathers from eonversation ho had with
I high official of the Vatican that the agitation
In Ireland receives scant sympathy from the
Vatican The Holy Sec while sympathizing
with the Irish In their distress deplores the
xcesses compromising their cause The of
ficial seemed particularly suspicious of the
countenance tho agitation received from Amer
lea and expressed tho conviction that It was
chiefly fostered by returned emigrants from
America Imbued with revolutionary Ideas
COUK Dun 15A Erect pomilar demonstra
tion took place tnnluht to celebrate tho victory
of Hnaly and Walsh who addressed a large
crowd tn front of their hotel nOly said the
result of thn trial would be reflected in Dublin
In tho acquittal of Mr Parnell Dubln
LONDON boo 16A nuns agency nays that
10 men will start t for Dublin tonight to ro
enforce the Cnldstrnam Guards there A bat
talion of thu Scots Guards has been ordered to
1 roudy to proc lllo Ireland on Friday
Agreeing to BO to Port Huron la n Few liy
with hU land
FORT BTJFOHD Dakota Dec 4Tho scout
Allison reports as follows I arrived at Woody
Mountain Nov 22 compelled to lay over on
account of stormy weather Bitting Dull arrived
Imo day also Cot Irvine commandor ol
Northwestern Police with Capt Cotton his AdJutant
lulnnl and two other officers Col
Jutant nnl ofcerA Irvine In
formed me that he wnn Rent horo by tho Cana
dian Government nnd specially to trj and in
duo Billing lull to surrender to the United
pntjs Government lb held a council with him
Hitting Hull on the 231 I counci Col Ir
Jlntts suggestion I did not attend and after
be bad concluded tile council I went before
thorn nnd told them all I hal to say In thi > pros
Smn 01 Cot II vi i8 and his officers
BItliB Hull nuked for four days to
deliberate which time was granted
and los then rtlln1 tme l his camp which la
bout eighteen miles from tire place tie cnmo
gain yesterday and toilay another council
was held when ho nssurei Col Irvine that ho
8 going over to the United States Govern
inent but hn would not airy just when he would
tart He tells mo that tho weather Is very cold
and his people are poorly clad and that ho
must watch for warm days to move I nm con
Bd nt Hint I shall bring him In Tire Canadian
officers have said nil I they can to Induce him to
10 over > ant they also are confident that he will
and thnv think with me that this situation justl
ties developments nio In remaining eight or ten days to await
Their supply of meat Is almost entirely bx
hauahlI and they 1r nlre dyBHllIni horses for
tnt The trader here has bought ten head In
hundrod tbo last tow ellht days for Dour at the rato 01 10 per
tVhole Countlra llrnily to Join Ihe Krltlera
vim ire Atvitlllne the Word to Move
CAiwvKM Kim Dec 15Ileut Wood
has arrived with two companies of cavalry
from Oklahoma Capt Piyno receives runny
lotion from colonists at different points offer
Inc to comelramodlatoly If necessary Couriers
are In from western couutleH wherutho people
th are palll to bo literally starved out and report
whole counties nrn ready to move as Boon
as the i oourliirb return and say the word
wiBIUtfr1 cloy boy will await news from 1
lir Wllnon who hal gone to Washington bo
fore thoy make another move The opinion of
108srA llrnndliead Krum and Plillllps the
ypfnmltteeof HI Louis lawyers who reported
the IllJs Ubject to settlement Is relied upon
oy the settlors to sustain them reled
everlnvKu moetlnr 01 the cltlzons presided
moplnl cl17ns
hou Over Iy orMrSBl < riWB8n11 at tho school
couso i itoBight hipioclus warn delivered by
lapt Inrn Ueorgn M dolvored
llinJ Ueorll Jackson and Mnjor
Joss Vxt > nnnir lIre situation Ilesolutlons
ere iaomml endorsing the
iin JOllllllnJnuhu thl movnmunt to settle
thBi thu Inllls and osklui he President to order
jueiroops to accompany the settlers Oklaho
ma ah escort
SaM 11 Coil Copnlngor Major Han
Scnrs Jieut nllfndml I Mason tho moitlng Licirt Wood and other of
Thu eolonlols urs Hnlll I to > have signs pass
orlla and grips by which they know VI9 one
Th flOtltor > rind there Is II secret meeting tonight
meetnl tonllht
fnrfv 8IY Ihlt when they are ready lo go In
OrhyIgh1 IO
to hour they cin summoti lOOff men
u Jul thunt Thu cry CI aUtnl1 t uomal len
The llriiort dolled nt n Merlin orlromt
nest < lucia last KveMlnv
A InrRo ntimbor of prominent DomocriU
who have never hold omen and who have never
boon olTleeHoekers volunteered some time ago
to join with I rcspectnblu regular Dnmocrnllo
organization In nn effort to reform tho Demo
crntlo party in this city in such 1 way that It
might make Its strength nnd vitality felt at fu
turn elections A nubcommittee was appointed
by this ntaoclatIon to devise
prIvate n llclnllon some plan
of reorganization nnd a subcommittee ap
pointed by the Young Mnns Democratic Club
for tho samo purpose Each committee drow
up Us plan and yesterday the two committees
met to compare notes The main difference In
the two plans was that one laid down principles
for tho whole Democratic party nnd that the
other dealt only with the party an represented
In this city Tilt two rommlttnes agreed t ad
Democracy dress their lust efforts at least to tbo local
A meeting of the two committees was held at
the lintel llrtinawlok last evening Mr Frank
Jin Edson presiding Among the gentlemen I
present were Abrnrn b Hewitt John E
Develln Orlnndn B Potter L J N E
Unhurt U II uisHVelt mince W Qnrnrd 00
Ilitldwln Thomas E O Kcdnslne Peter II
Olnny W 0 1 WhllnHy Wheeler I Peokham
Charles B Fnlrcnlld Edward Cooper John 1
Crlmmln Jjimes T Kllhrnth Thntehor M
Atlanta J rred Irlnk Kernwhan Town nu I
Cox John N Whiting E Ellery Anderson
William Modrath Chnrlen 1 Marshall Fred
erick A Onnkllnit Kdward Patterson Clifford
A Hand Holier A Vim Wyck John A Mullaly
Coil llbld and Hlmoii Stiirno
I Mr Abram 8 Hewitt read the report which
had been agreed upon by the cubCommittee of
tho Cltlzenu Association or lintel Brunswick
lmoerirty l rHCommendlng I plan for reor
ganizing Ihn party In this city Thr plnn pro
posed tile abolition of ward and district politi
cal associations and the consequent prevention
of local political quarrnls I waa freely l criti
cised I It was said that thin party could not be
held together without the district associations
I tho party adopted such plan the Democrats
would b wasting valuable time while the He
puiillcnns wire holding meetings regularly
and malting their plans for future work
Mr E Ellory Anderson road the report of the
the other committee One of tho mOt Impor
tant recommendations In I was that a law
should parsed which would give every voter
the same rights and protection at primary
elections as ho now has when he goes to the
polls on a general election day
Alter a long and rather heated discussion
tho report rend by Mr Hewitt was slightly
amended and adopted I declares that the
Democratic party cannot perish so long as free
government lasts In this country I tells how
much the country Is Indebted to that party The
Democratic doctrine takes from the people the
minimum and from the mate the maximum of
power The party Is In favor of full and fro
elections and a fair count and opposod to the
use of the bayonet at the polls The report fa
tore civil service reform and deplores the e
istence 01 the army of Federal officeholders
and the power ot the party In
power to extort money from them for
political purposes By this means tbo party In
power perpetuates Its existence and Influence i
No person should be removed from office for
political reasons but allowed to retain his vo
lition 8 long a faithful and capable In the
performance I of his duties The tariff should
be simplified and ulttmatuly put upon the base
of tariff for revenue only The navigation laws
should be so amended as to bring back Ameri
can supremacy In sblppinir Gold and silver
should be the only legal money of the country
The Democrats of every State which wai lost in
tho late election ought to ascertain the cause ol
their defeat and remove that cause A reform
of the primary elections Is provided for
It was resolved that a committee ot ten bo
appointed t print and circulate the address for
signatures and to call a public mass meeting
of all Democrats who are In sympathy with the
purposes indicated by the report Tho same
committee will be Instructed to prepare a plan
for reorganizing tbo local Democracy and re
port the plan at the coming mass meeting
Mr M IcrreU Faction Oar by Polls
Ticket with o LIttle Red on Then
Tho faction of tho Republican Central Club
under the leadership ot Benjamin F Manlerre
met at Clarendon Hall lost night The toll
issued t delegates were signed by Frank Eth
ridge and Pete J Stuyvesant Those who
received tickets were not those in sympathy
with the ShookDittonhoefer of the club
On taking the chair Mr Manlerre said that the
main object of the meeting was to furnish an
opportunity for social Intercourse among the
members Mr J L Hnstle announced that be
bad been falsely accused ot Issuing tbo tickets
for the last meeting which broke up In a row
Mr Peter J Stuyvesant said that he bad him
self Issued the tickets nnd placed them In the I
hands of every President ot a district associa
tion Ho had got up the tickets with a little red
on them with the design of appealing to tho
nnthetlcal taste of thou who received thsui
Hn was sorry that the red hail acted on some of
tIre members much like a red rag on a bull
There was no Intention to prevent any one get
tins tickets who win entitled 1 to them Tickets
wore sent to exJudge Dltlenhoefer
The Chairman announced the following mem
bers of the Executive Committee John Contrell
Col Green W Allanson W I Towulny Henry
H Jennings John 8 Ellison John O Frnzer
E I OKourke John D Ottlwell WJ O Lan
try Charles E GlldnrsleevH lllchard Marshall
Judge Flthlan Henry Wilson Hobert S Doubr
George Hlmpson Gun Palmer antI J DOllf
drelh Tho Chairman was authorized to se
cure permanent Quarters for the club
Christopher Pullman moved committee ot
fifteen to arrant for filling vacancies existing
In the Fifth Eighth Flftnonth Nineteenth
Twentieth Twentyfirst end Twentysecond
Districts Hn bald that Mr Hhoridnn Hhook was
In error In his published statement that tire last
meeting was adjourned before the club was
organized He < was positive that a largo I ma
jority voted against tIre adjournment and that
at least twothirds of tIre momlmra had voted
for the present organization Hn was certain
that nt least 100 the last
thll n Io men were present at Int
meeting who trot In on forged tickets
Dplnl H Townley thought the absentees
ought to have a ehanca II come Into the club
But if they saw fit to stay out trod get up n little
club led by tho ridiculous author Up an at
temptd Joel upon tho Moroy letter let them do
It Laughter and applause The matter of
filling thn vacancies was referred to the Execu
tive Committee
Mr Frozer offered a resolution requesting
Congress to pass 1 bill t enable John Sherman
to rotund the public debt now falling dun Mr
Henry lleeny opposed this vigorously paying
that refunding would enable a few to live In
luxurious plenty 011 the labor of the many and
establish I Urlllsh system of finance such as
had created tho present troubles In England
Ireland and Germany The resolution paused
with Mr Irony alone voting against It Then
the club adjourned
The 8hookDlltonhoefcr faction of tho club
are preparing for a permanent organization
and Intend to bring charges agalnat thor polloo
authorities who kept them out of tIre room at
the last meeting A platoon of pollen
lnt mopUnl pliioon polco wits pres
tbolr ent List services night but there was no occasion for
Gen OonEnlea the First Sluce 18S7 who baa
1eacerully Tnlten the Chnlr
HAVANA Dec 15limo steamer City of
Mexico from Vera Crus brings advices from
the Mexican capital to Dec 6
President Gonzalez sent no message to Con
gress on tho occasion 01 his Inauguration
The populace cheered exPrcsldont Dlnz when
he loft tho Palace alter delIvering the executive
departments to the new President Gen Gon
zalez is the first President under tho Constitu
tion of 1857 who has peacefully succeeded to
thn chair All his pmdecessors except Presi
dent Dlar wore violently deposed
The Monitor Ilfimbllcano says no party sup
ports President Gonzaks tho Inhabitants wit
nessed his Inauguration with lIre grnatimtln
difference and the cheers wore Jreuluat Tire
Monitor declares that I will Irolpthe old Liberal
party to unit In order to reconquer tho liber
ties they lost by tire failure at Tuxtepec Ibur
lp Beveral journals complain of conspicuous
attentions shown the French Minister
nlenllus They
say neither tho United Suites representative In
Mexico nor tho Mexican Minister at Paris has
rAceR d such diplomatic attentions
Charles tray of New York was accidentally
eliot and killed near Alamos In Sonora while
Inspecting mines with a view to their ourvhasii
Capt Eids8 shIp railroad concession Is mak I
lot slow progress owing to the unpopular
ntents arid attornoys employed Capt Lads
asks no money subsidy but wants publiu lands I
The Government having no land Once Ins no
surveys rind landed proprietors on the Isth
mus claim most 01 tliu mud I Is I said nn un
derstanding exists between the Tyng Itallrond
on tho Isthmus and Eadsa agents whereby It
Capt Ells gets tire concession thoerouter road
will absorb the smaller
vs 4 Dr Dulla rimjh Byrup In the beginning itigti of l
sold sad l Curmil fur UllleU cxru44 0 I
I mil1 race or hiuurruiIt Mr < ll nlayi fewer pimple than tot
Sitiulta e buljihur Soap tiiu tg drug >
Tho CnntrnU or lht Curlani Trllrr that the
TiMinr Chin hnd who Invniled Sir IrlCfiv
IliHiae lu IneCTrelilnlSbat from thr Ciiiuli
NeIther Mr David H Price who caused
the arrest of Clmrleg I Layton of Brooklyn In
Hackensack on Tuesday on tho charge of
breaking Into his houno an I driving him Mr
Price out with I revolver nor Mr Layton who
remains locked up In the Ilackonsaok Jail has
yet revealed tire history of the trouble between
themselves although both said yesterday that
there was something yet unexplained about tho
affair Mr Price was heard to say Ivo boon
trodden nnd kicked around long enough and
now that Ivo got him Im going t squeeze
him Layton In his coll said to a BUN re
porter that when everything was told ho would
bo oxonnratod
David ti Prices father Mr Richard 1 Price
of this city inherited 2000000 from his I
brother and he owns a brownstone house in I
Filth avenue near Central Park which ho
rents while hn lives In a neighboring city Ho
was formerly u member of tho New Jersey
Legislature from Union County elected upon
tho KnowNothing ticket Ho Is cousin of ox
Goy Price of Mew Jersey Ills son David 3
Prlco was n jeweller at 0 and 11 Maiden lane
lo 18 years and hn retired from business a
wealthy man Mrs PrIce the sons wife Is the
daughter of Mr Marsh of Dayton Ohio and
Mr nnd Mr Prloo have three children the
eldiwt I boy 7 years nld Mrs Price Is of com
manding flgurn anti appearance The Price
family lived until nearly two years ago In Clin
ton nvenu Ilrooklyn There Miss Marsh n
sister of Mrs PrIce was married t a brother
of Charles II Layton and the newly married
pair took a residence next door to tho Prices
Charles H Layton visited his brother and the
Prices frequently I Is said that he and Mr
Irlee have never been on the most friendly nnd
Intimate terms as n mutual antipathy existed
Not long ago Mr Price lost his fortune nod
wont Into bankruptcy About eighteen months
furo he removed with his family toe handsome
Hacknnsack where be
country seat near IlckAnAck now
lives Young Layton Is 21 years old and ho
says that no earns his bread by writing for
story papers Ha Is I on the ataftof the Brooklyn
Amaranth Dramatic Association After tho
Price family had removed to Hackensack Mrs
Prices sister and her husband vIsIted them
A neighbor of Mr Price yesterday relatod to a
BUN reporter the following conversation which
lolowlnl convor8tol
he said he had with Mr Price on last Friday
Meeting the neighbor Mr Price paid
Have you heard ot Tommys coming near
getting shot 1
Mr Price referred to another neighbor a
young man named Thomas Hargravos
ounl neighbor replied that he had not heard of
that circumstance
tat Well said Mr Price last night I was up
in tho cupola of my house I a watching for
somebody and I had a shotgun I seems that
Tommy had ban out skating and as I was
Quito light nn stayed longer than he had In
tended Bo when he started for home he took
a short cut through my yard Before he bad
come vary near I popped at him Tommy
yelled and wanted to know io l nos mat snot
at him Evidently fhadnt hit him a thought
I recognized his voice and I called out
Is that you Tommy
I replied Yes and who am you shooting
I said Wall I Intended tho shot for some
one else
This morning I hunted up Mr nargraves
and apologized I hadnt scratched him
After Laytons arrest on Tuesday Mr Price
charged him with feloniously burglariously
and with force ot arms entering bis house al
different times Especially Mr Price said
Layton on Thursday Ust followed him home
from New York and reached Mr Prices house
Drat Mr Price drove him out and the family
afterward wont to bed After midnight Mr
Price was awakened he said by a noise under
the bed Layton crawled out nourished a re
volver and escaped through the door On
Tuesday morning last the day of the arrest
Mr Price said Layton came to the window and
bockone to Mr Prlco to come out as he Lay
ton was unarmed Mr Price went out and
Layton threatened to shoot him Mr Price ran
Into the house and escaping by I roar door
brought four neighbors who secured Layton
and acted as guards over him while Mr Prloo
went to Hsckensaok constables a related in
TUB BUN of yesterday
Layton had a revolver anti several letters in
his pockets when arrested One of the letters was
unstamped and I was saul on the Information
of the constable who had It and who would not
allow It to be seen to be addressed to Mrs
David 8 Price Layton said yesterday that It
was Intended for Mr David 8 Price TIre ail
dress on tho envelope he said might easily bo
mistaken for Mrs David B Price TIre let
ter Is written on paper used by the Midland
Railroad and Is such a may be obtained at I
station on that railroad It Is as follows
lh1 bo at 207 Whln lon ftrenu until I riceive I
telegraph The was a teleerat ti a latheri oBte a I
came br U may nrhapi Hop our nicrtln tooutr
sinuM I Mnl me wora at mrt vrhrn Mr M 1 arrhei
Lot toymirscIt I you utter one lit I Ma 1 tf MI forgive me
the tcnomlny of arntn lacing a cur A coward anil a Kiw
life dog Sluma > U I U
The Mr M mentioned In tire letter la Mrs
Prices father Hi arrived in Hackeniack yes
tvrdny and went to Mr Prices residence The
address 207 Washington avenue Is Laytnne
fathers hOle and his fathers omco is In this
city The papers In the WISP on Tuesday wuru
handed In tpera tlo Grand Jury now In sonslon
Before Layton was locked up hensked the priv
ilege of sending for his uncle Mr W W Capers
auditor far tIre Standard Oil Company Mr
Prlco said on Tuesday thiit Layton
had told him that In case Mr Price
Injured Layton In any way then Mr
Capers would avenge him Layton A
warrant was made out for Mr Cipurnu itrrent
and when he entered tho jail yesterday to see
InL nephew ho was arrested by Conatublo We
dell and taken before Justice llartholf With
Mr Capers were Laytons two brothers and
other friends Mr Capers said In reply to the
chart that ho had just been Introduced to Mr
Prince Hn denied that he had made such a
threat and said ho had como to Haokensaok
simply to effect < I reconciliation all around If bo
could do It Laylon had relied on him for ad
vle that was all The Justice discharged
Mr Oaporxat once ThAn tire frlendo and rel
atives of young Laytou went with Mr Irlcu bo
fore the Grand Jury In secret sebsion Mr
Capers and his friends made many efforts to
got Mr Price to withdraw the chargen against
Layton but he refused to do so air Price was
greatly excited all day Ho told disconnected
stories about the manner of finding Laf ton In
hIs monsoon the night before Lajtons arrest
One of Laytons brothers said that Layton has
epilepsy for years been subject to vioiunt attacks of
elepsy Laytons counsel Mr Charles P
Crowoll ot this city says that Mr Jaytnns
presence In HacLonsack Is very easily account
ed for The facts are ho Bays that young Lay
ton received a deBpatoh from Mr Marsh Mrx
Prlcos father In layton Ohlotlmt ho Marsh
had just got a despatch from Mr Prlco say
Ing that Mrs Price was wry siuk anti
was not expected to live Laylon was
an old friend ot the family and what
morn natural thin lawyer said than Mr
Miitshssendltig him word Layton hurried to
Hackuneack on receipt of the despatch It was
false that Mrs Price was sick for she was In
New York city when tho despatch was sent by
Mr Price but the explanation of that accord
ing to the lawyer was that Mr Irlcns mind
was unsettled Layton and Mr Prlco tho law
yer continued had never boon friends slot n
collision was natural between two fiery tem
pers Layton would he added bo admitted to
500 ball today
UK3tAllK < lltLK llltiailKAL CAUBEIt
Thlrlynv rear In Illon far Three lloml
elite and Twice Ilirdimed Out
UALTiJioiin Dec 15ohn Prlco who has
served fourteen years and four months In lire
Maryland Penitentiary for tho murder of Clin
ton James was pardoned by Goy Hamlltounud
released today Thin Is tho third sentence ho
lots served for murder tho second being for
klhhtrrrr borg Campbell In May 1IM9 He was
called for trial In Ibo old City Court nnd lf jury
Impaunuled but alter tho first witness was
sworn Georue 1 Richardson lIre prosecuting
attorney askUI tire removal 1 of tire roaecutltl
other jurisdiction as hnbclloved tho jury was
Jlrv WIS
packed to acquit him Ho was tiled at Annapo
fnckull the early part of 18S convicted
ot murder In thn second degree and
sentenced to the punltentliuy for Illtoon years
A pardon on tlui day before the Iloon rllrs
Ills sentence naed his citlz n hlp I InlSMhn I
was rlllisod anti conducted himself very well
for a year Hn was In 1866 employed ns u
survrr of the peace at llio new American
lli atrt > and Ills conduct was unexceptionable
until hn hadadimculty with James THI ho
shot and killed He was sentenced to Illtoon
years Iniprlsonmont for that ofleno but has
obtained a rudtutlonof eight iiumtha for good
conduct under 1 law which welt Into elloct on
Jan 1 1876 In his early life Prlcn killed
David Donaldson for whluh hn served kiled
once In jail Ho U I now In hU UStli year and
Ild 611h olr 111
prison hu spsmnt nearly Ihirtylho years of Iris tile In
The Tlntlln MnUriry rind Tlnnr nf Cannon
llrnrd HI Furl Urrrno Pnrk
Fort Groeno Ilk In Brooklyn which vma
made historic ground by a revolutionary bPI
tie anti which Is I now tIre site of the tomb of tho
Revolutionary martyrs who perished In tho
Wnllabout prison ships whim the British hold
Now York was Inst night tIre scene of sham
fight between regiments of the National Guard
The use of tho park wits given for tho occasion
by the Park Commissioners nnd Mayor Howull
at the request ot IrlgGen Mollnoux who
wished to exorcise the Eleventh Brigade In
field drill In night attack anti defence and to
Illustrate tho facility of educating tho members
ot tho National Guard In actual military duties
without encroaching upon business hours
Tho officers and soldiers who participated In
tho sham fight volunteered for the purpose
There were about 300 men from the Twenty
third Regiment 250 from the Thlrtysor
seth 250 from tho KortyHeventh two how
Itzers tint I proper complement of offi I
cers and mAn dismounted from Battery N
and one officer and Ion men armed with car I
blues from Troop G The troops were In I
fatigue uniform with overcoats The park
was closed to tine puliho except such persons ai I
hell tickets tl Large bonfires mit dead wood I
were built by order of tire Turk Commissioners
for tIre innifort of the visitors Thes burned
ao brightly that tire lookout in tine City Hall
tower rang n fire alarm and sent the Ore on
Klnns scurrying to tint scene
Thn troops marched silently upon tho field
Tho Twentythird Regiment entered the Dark
nutS oclock under command nf Col John N
Partridge Tho Fortysnveulh Regiment was
posted In Portland avenue with thin right rest
1lsle <
lug on Do Kalbavenuitwhllttthn
Ruglmnntwas stationed In Cumberland street
Thn brigade headquarters WAr at tire corner of
Do Knit avennn and Cumberland street The
night was too dark for an nQoctlvo exhibition
The moon was obscured for the most of tho
time by heavy clouds but now anti then It ap
peared In n bit of clear sky end gleamed upon
the rifles of tho pickets In ambush the Twenty
third Regiment with two guns commanded by
Lieut Tyson Battery N representing n roar
guard passed over tho park as though follow
ing I linn of rnlreat to the northeast The
troupe were supposed to halt for tho night on
tho heights of Jort Greene securing the roads
converging upon It by outposts and I strong
picket linn extending along the flats
At 8 > oclock the firing Ixcan and n serenade
of musketry and cannon firing was furnished
to the patients In the hospital and the residents
of tho neighborhood Thn enemy represented
by tho Fortyseventh Regiment Col Brownnll
the Thirtysecond Regiment Infantry Mnjor
Louis Flnkelmelor mid two guns under Capt
J A Edwards attacked the heights on the left
and centre but aa tho enemy wad met with a
determined resistance In which tho defence
was materially aided by the natural configura
tion of the ground tho assault proved unsuc
cessful and the enemy was forced to retire
Falling to carry the position by direct assault
the attention ot the Twentythird Regiment
engaged by a heavy line of skirmishers sup
ported by the Thirtysecond Regiment Taking
advantage of this cover tho Fortyseventh hog
Intent was detached and passing through a
del I under cover of a protecting hillside l It
suddenly appeared upon I spur commandlnl
the right flank of the position A general II
tack followed Volley aftorvolley 18ne n flraJ
The howitzers boomed ROIl the musketry rat
UCJ Ahpya Ihs iiiti ot Cattle a beard the
cries or the small boys yelling Once more for
the beers Tho officers yelled themselves
hoarse Krtdord fail bout Ijjgreat excite
ment Tfie rear guard of the jtvthird
having spent Its ammunition started on a run
barely escaping with the guns The enemy
having gained the heights cheered over tin
victory nhlla parting shots were sent alter
the retreating foe The battle was over by 10
oclock and the soldiers returned to their armo
ries while the detached officers met around the
camp fires inspected canteens containing refreshments
freshments distilled before the war discussed
the battle and fought over old engagements
where tho rifles were loaded with bullets and
the mortars with shells that sang n death knell
as they wblrzed through tho Slnl The war cor
respondents hurried away In street cars
Men who Prey upon their Kctihbora Meet
dude Conrlui In llio General be lun >
A welldressed young man with a trunk
of imposing size put up at the Astor House on
the 9th of October last registering as James F
Rodgers of Baltimore He was assigned to
room 152 On the 15th tho attention of Man
ager Lansing was called to tho fact that a
number of small gimlet holes had been bred
around the keyholes of the doors of several
rooms near room 152 Special Omcer McWIl
llama was Instructed to keep I watch upon tho
room Shortly before midnight on the 15th he
saw Rodgers put his head out of his room nnd
look about tire corridor Several hours later
two chambnrmalda saw him standing partly
dressed near tho door of a neighboring
room Later on tho morning of tIre ICth
Manager Lansing and Onieer MoWllllams
knocked at ItodgHrss door Ho appeared to be
disconcerted when ho saw them On the win
tow AlI was found a parcel containing a gimlet
that fitted Into thu holts In tho neighboring
doors and a quantity of fine wire such us
burelnrx use In turning keys that are loft In the
locks or in drawing bolts through gimlet holes
from the outside Rodgnrs was arrested Ho
wan tried yesterday I in tho General Hesslons
ali convicted of an attempt to commit burglary
commi burlllf
In tho third degree lie 1 remanded to awult
sentence II Is said that Itodgers Is an assumed
name and that the prisoner IB a wayward son
of I former Chief of Iollcn ol Philadelphia
Mrs Ellen Hherldun of 51 Jackson street
hoard a noise In her bedroom early on the
morning of tire 5th lust and sitting up In her
bed saw two men In the centre of tire room
Hnnscreamed ono of hire men AvrlnII
In thn t beilslile I pointed a pistol nt her head and
snl1 I you dont keep quint Ill blow your
brains out I 1heolh r man whlsporid Shoot
her quick I Mrs Sheridan sprang out of tint
bed and ran Intothu adjoining 01mOl The men
escaued through a rear window taking with
thorn n jauntily of clothing James Curry an
nxronvlit of U23 Went Twnntvtlrst street waB
arrrstml rind Mrs Blntrldan identified him as
thin hurl Ir who polutml Urn pistol at her beau
Curry pleaded utility yesterday in tIne Genulnl
Sessions of burglary In tho first degree Judge
Cowing sentenced him to Buiti prison for fif
teen years
Robert Ransom of 15 Ilowery stole clothing
from the rooms ot Mrs Mary Wright of 44 For
syth street on the morning of the 61h met Ho
pleaded utility yetunrday in I thn t General Sos
BIOIIH ot burclnry In the llrst ilegrne Judge
CowlneseuUuccd years him toBtato prison for twelve
A Mory of n Miraculous Escape from heath
The Fuel oil an Opinion
An Imaginative passenger who alighted
from the Peoksklll special train at Sing Blng on
Tuesday evening told a rcmarknblo story of u
miraculous escape from Instant death I was
to tho effect that the train when a few rods
south ot the depot at Klngsbrldge struck a
mnn who was walking on tine track carrying
n large bag that thu locomotive throw him up
In the air higher than tho smoke stack and
landed him some distance to one aide of the
road that tIre train was stopped and tha man
was found to havn plcknd himself up and that
ho repossessed himself of his bag and only
complaining of an Injury to his left shoulder
walked with tho assistance of two polioeuiun
to lire depot 1oleumun
Careful Investigation proves that there was I
man In that neighborhood that livening and
that he wai currying n bag I was I small bin
Instead of n largo ono Tim engineer saw a
Ian on tire track an tire train approached tho
depot and seeing him disappear n few neconds
afterward thouuht t that thu locomotive had
struck and killed him Tho train was ttopped
at tire depotand tire ammtwas nummonnd from
supper by I messenger who said Thems a
in art killed I I near your pluco and tho conductor
wnutd you to come ocr quick When tire
agent arrived hn found die t man to burl ng hl lii
loft shoulder Ho had been found loaning
against n fenco at onn aId 1 of tint track Ho
cahl that he had been struck antI thrown 10
dlloli Ho did not refer to the smokestack and
Jl lit
111 ld
< was I iii gitr oral Impression I tlr itt If I I ho had been
1110 hnl
thrown higher than thatpaitof tho locomollvo
ire would not havo lived I I to tell thn In locomollo
Police Sil lon hn df8crlbnl himself I I an Oliver i
Mlnif nlinmp Fir only Injury that could bo
fount las a scratch on his loll elbow and In a
good specimen of handwriting I It Is rncor ollil I
the blutic r of tho et lalol that Dr Jlorrlim had
pronounced tIre Injuries blight lira man
BtayiMl nu a lodger In thn t station that I night Inu
Train slrlkH you 1 tho doorman asked as
morning tho man wout out with hli bag yesterday
No 1 guess not was the reply I guess
tIre wind struck me
I was lire opinion of tIre patriarchal sergeant
Johlnd lit a desk In I the police station lust riennt
Inn that the passenger woe mistaken and that
he man had hull himself by throwing himself
down when the tialii came along Having re
oordnd that In his onto book the reporter
boarded the next train bound U
Old Knnan TrnnMri llrmicht Up over na
A inirlnllnn Hill Mror Iniulla end
idmnnd lunlnal SIrr > Coekr end Veil I
WASHINGTON Dec 16A bill brought for
ward In the Sinato today by Mr Oockroll
Dent Mo was mado slim of by thn Repub
licans to oxhtimn John Browns body and to
unseal nn old fountain of political bitterness
Tho bill appropriates 14750 to pay Samuel A
Lowe for services and expenses as Clerk of the
Territorial Legislature of Kansas In 1855
No sooner had Cockrull called It up than In
stalls of Kansas was on his loot That bill
nald ho Is an attempt to have pay granted for
the compilation of what are known as tho
bogus statutes of Kansas or tho sieve code
which was repealed anti publicly burned by tho
Free Boilers ns soon as thoy obtained control of
tho State The atatutea wero tho blackest most
damnable body of laws over attempted to bo
passed They never wero recognized ns laws
of Kansas Lowe had no authority to compile
them Ills claim has slept all these years
until apparently It Is now hoped that the vlcl
lance of tho country can 0 eluded
Mr Incnlta read AS a sample ono of the sec
tions ot this code which made It I felony pun
ishable l by Imprisonment at hard labor for two
years to bring Into ISo Territory any printed
or written matter denvlng tho right of persons
to hold slaves nnd nicking It a capital offence
to bring a fugitive slave Into tho Territory
Lowe s claim wan rnpudiattul by his own party
who were In power In Kansan for five or six
years after hn compiled this book The laws
wern not enacted They wero never signed b
In officer of tire Legislature
Mr Cockrell showed that the Legislature that
authorized the compilation was tire onlv ono
that ever aasemblediinder the act of 1854 It
was not Ihe fault of Lowe that the laws hn 1 I
employed to com 110 went bud or wore subs
quently repudiated Ho deserved his pay for
servIce lature rendered to a legally organised Legis
Mr Incalls asked why the Democratic party
had not allowed Lowes claim out of tho Terri
torial the proper expense officer fund In fact It was rejected by
Mr Harris Dam Tnnn said the refusal to
P the claim was made because tho work was
not completed until after the appropriation for
legislative expenses had been exhausted
Mr Vest Dim Mo referred to a remark of
I rmlrl
Mr Ingnlls that the code was baaed on the code
of Missouri Nosuch statutes ever existed In
Missouri He did not propose to revive the
questions of that terrible period Slavery was
dead and ho had no wish to bring It to life But
he could not retrain simon tho Subject had boon
brought up from saying that violence begat
violence and outrage provoked outrage The
people tent out by Plymouth Church and other
pillars of God and morality headed by that old
scoundrel John Brown wino afterward justly
expiated his crimes on the scaffold at Harpers
Ferry were responsible for much of the Tin
lonceot that unfortunate time He did trot bro
poso to quietly hear the people ol M cl
Jharced with projecting sl i 9ur
Kansas Lowo w statutes into
irrespoinsiblo servant
attn a OU paid for his clerical work
Ire ungalle responding to Mr Vest aid tinat
did not Pr000Re at this perIod of the nation
hIstory Brown to enter upon a vindication of John
tI oll1rPrown was wctited as a traitor
pnIlie kit of December 1859 But the nation
uioic up the flag that he laid down at Harpers
Ferry and bore It In triumph through four
years of war to Appomattox Court House John
Brown was about four year ahead of his time
It was the nation that was laggard and it re
quired but a very few years after his decease
for the nation to occupy the platform on which
bo had stood He said that he did not Intend to
bo drawn Into any controversy with the Senator
from Missouri Vest on this subject He had
simply stated that the laws of Missouri formed
the basis of the code in question being changed
or supplemented In such respects as to nt them
for the peculiar state of society desired to bo es
tablished in Kansas
Mr Harris Dent Tnnn summed up the
jvldence before the Committee on Claims
showing Lowes services and the failure to pay
him because the appropriation was exhausted
and stated his opinion that on Its merits as an
ordinary claim Lowes claim was Food
Mr Edmunds Rp Vtl said > rl begin to got
interested in tnls bill since John Browns name
has been brought up although nothing that
can bq said of him In this Senate good or evil
will mar the brightness of that fame that will
go down as the typo of honest though It may be
inlsifulded love of lIberty His body lies
mouldering In the grave but his soul thank
God Is marching on Mr Edmunds then
cited an old net restricting thn expenses of the
Territorial Legislature of Kansas to certain
amounts for defined purposes and as Lowes
services were In excess of these specifications
Mr Edmund held that ho was not legally en
titled to pay for them
Mr Cookrell In replying to Mr Edmund
spoke of the Inevitable excess of expense on
public buildings over thoauiotintsapproprlatod
for them though thuexcess was always allowed
let this mst claim was to be evaded because the
employers of Lower were said to have slightly
exe < eded their authority
Mr Cockrell tried to get n voto on the bill but
was antagonized by a motion to go Into execu
live session which prevailed
A llrllllnot Noelnl InntiBurnllon Iaat sishI
at the New Armory
An Inauguration ball was given last night
nt the now armory of the Seventh Regiment
Liko all tho social affairs of this body It was
brilliant and fashionable The charge of 15
a piece seemad to havo kept comparatively few
persons away for the assembly was largo
though thoro was no such crowding as nt the
free reception given In the fall But thocustom
of tardiness was observed and when the ball
was opened at 11 oclock there was room to
spare only sixtvlhreo acts bsliiK In the
first quadrille From that tlmo until mid
night tho great drill room which af
fords the largest hardwood floor In the
city and in all rspets the best forditnolng
purposes tilled up until the lonesome look of
thu unit hour was gone The military element
was large enough to mid brilliancy to thasnmu
the uniforms thnactlvn nnd veteran members
of the Snvonlh numbering over n thousand
while must of tire other city and Brooklyn regl
ments were numerously represented Gen
Soholleld Gen tltnttler hen Vitrlnii Col Rvdnr
Col Cuvnnaeli Col Partridge and Curl Laird
wiiro present with their glittering staffs nnd
there vttc it party of naval officers as well as
moot of Gen Hancocks aides
The Immense Interior wa left to Itself In the
matter of ditturtnt urn and It looked well I The
rogltnenlal baud was placed In the central bal
cnny whlln tire others warn occupied by specta
tots The spacious equud drill rooms served
for dressing rooms nnd thncompanlcs received
their friends In their own parlors Tho main
entrance on Fourth avenue was provided with
covered and carpeted passacuwnyH to the curb
atomic and tire nntnagemunt of tine carriages
was I nt rusted to lie t police Tlmru was no
inarch at the openlngof thn ball and noatlnrnpt
to display tIre reel men t In a body Col Clark
and the other ofllcerit devoted themselves in
stead to looking after the practical conduct ot
tire entertainment
Tire social status of the regiment was Indi
cated by the general quality of tIre company
This best people of the city irate there In num
bars antI the worst were hardly to bn found at
all Vealth had a hnavy representation of
course and the dresses on this llrst great pub
Ho ball ol line season constituted n wonderful
show of now fashions The rich embosted vel
vets and satins at 10 to 50 a yard wern worn
to a remtukablo extent A costlier clothed
company of women uteri probably never seen
in Now York < llain sitnpln Bilk was of little
acetuhnt t
Gun Hancock was expected but nt 12i
oinck had not yet arrived At that tlmo tho
floor had Its full complement of 400 sets
Gen Under mid tha Irish limU Ieiixut
The IrishAmerican nnd luduttrlal Land
fciiic of Jlrooklyn ritut t Ian nlulit la Jcfcrioa Hall
llrookljn sat plrrtfil Joint I1 Mcur Ircilitent r > li
cliielJUuatimiiciPJ I KullyainlM A IlsrlVlrclreil
lean T A tip triIr ttccorrljtra 5e ret i r William Xul
ivmi rurreajiuiuliiiit Siornurj J II ilrccnc rlii icial
itcet tie in aiil A Iii re tv tVsttr fremurer
l toilet John Uiinne j ret I ortiM that ho Ii itt forwanl
et ir iItcorartt to lh Ill t i latr ie urn lcarrun nllll wlnther
it wlilipil nir Ihn a > l iici 11 i Ainencmi ciiunvl Ho liiij
Sri ttttcr ilew a tilt lieu It V lluiUroa TuuUv Iii I refer
enL to diiuiulliu sir rrncll ittil tlio latlctij linj
nflS ireui hurler or I hint itt a us rear iv still whit
I iMtiKDlnlrclial I I I t h prot idol Ito Ya > rciiif tca ti ilo io
Taiiucr lirrreil or 0y of the ether Indicted LaiU
Mile ilnunno llcinhnrdt
Mile Jeanno Rornhnrdt a younger dialer of
Sgrihi hot riit rt I urn ivel jeitcrdav la the > tc m > lip
aliraitorlroia lltuo licit tho Harali ncriiliarJtcoin
Itany ash tel for thu I1 t iuttrr Mile Jeanne a 5 cute lie Lied
orcianhi IHIinj ott acrniintm LIlacs hhelaaiiVnri I
tt arid rt etiihtir hi r a sic r cottia l ii lit In fee hires slid
tetV Cite irs uttet 1 tue tttr ny > lir ilitirril her
UurailttelM1111 nhulial I ino uii I i iii llotoll to re
Ciba her fLwt at tire tiburrLe hltitch lsaI cvvrrirrg
Curl sIll go e ikitori tvJmy
She Admltilnn nf Hnullirrn IlrHelenclel and
Appeal for Itnllnnnl Aid
WAfliirNOTOM Duo 15Tlro speech of tho
Senate debate today on Educational hill
was made by Senator Brown of Georgia Ho
stood at a desk on the Republican side mmii
faond tho Republicans when speaking The
spirit ot his remarks seemed to command
sympathy anti approval on that side The
speech was listened to with particular Interest
on the Democratic aldus because of a general
doubt ns to whether Senator Brown would
definitely act with his party
The bill was Introduced by Gee Burnsldoot
Rhode Island It proposes to establish nn
educational fund rind apply a portion of the
proceeds ot the public lands to public educa
tion and to provide for the moro complete on
dowmnt and support of national colleges for
the advancement of Bclontlflo and industrial
education It also makes provision for tbo edu
cation of common school teachers
Gun Burnsldn and Senator Morrlll ot Ver
mont spokn In advocacy of the bill Mr Brown
then got the flror ills speech was remarkable
for Its blunt assertion of Southern deficiencies
Mr Brown said thattho superiority Nnw
England ovorothor sect Ions of tho country wan
duo to her educational advantages She had
furnished or educated most of the men who had
controlled our public affairs In the South ho
said there was mom Illiteracy and Ignorance
than In any other portion of tine country The
retteon of this was that under tire old system of
Season society morn attention was paid to tub
education of tire ruling classes than to that
of the masses and tho slave population
rnceived no education Tire abolition of
nlavnry was nn Inevitable result of progress
If the Abolitionists hail offered to buy and pay
for tire slaves the offer would not have been
accepted nor would the wholo people have
Bubmlttnd to taxation for that purpose The
only way to have gotten rid of ft was to tear It
up bythe roots as had been done Tho slaves
had become citizens It wag dangerous to en
franchise so much Ignorance and tine danger
was continuous All now agreed that the
blacks should bo educated but the South was
too poor to do It alone They lost two billions
ot dollars In the value of slaves which they
held constitutionally before tine war They
spent two billions morn In maintaining their
armies and Immense amounts by the destruc
tion of property The negroes had shown
great pnaoeableness of disposition and great
selfcontrol hut they stood In great need ot
education There was complaint that the
negroes were cheated at the polls Ignorance
can bo cheated everywhere Educate those
people up to a knowledge of their rights and
of the form and spirit of our Government and
there will be less and less danger
Mr Brown described the establlahrnint and
conduct of the collage in Georgia under s
Land Grant not of 1862 It was dol
good In the dissemination of prvnmJ1 ° 1a
edge the colored Jjnowil
among pe
think the constitutional H ° did not
valid Some said th bjectont8 to the bm
tlnnnl matter F was ii Slate not a na
Internretatlo 1a ° the strict States right
war that uof the Constitution prior to the
live y wars doubtless true But we do not
then rhr the Constitution we lived under
tini The amendments < made at lire termina
top of the
struggle have very greatly enlarged
the powers Ol this Government Again tho
objection does not apply since the general
Government has always and undoubtedly bad
the right to dispose ol the proceeds ol the pub
lie lands
When ha had finished tho bill was laid over
until tomorrow when it Is designed to reach n
On Dlfflenltr Adjusted without a Fight
Uocheforta Challenge Declined
PAnTS Doe 15The cllfforenco between
Baron Illckey Harden late editor of Le Trilou
let and Arthur Meyer chief editor ot the Oau
lois has been adjusted and the duel to which
the latter was invited recently by the Baron will
not take place
In todays Intramlatant M Rochefort pub
llshea a violent reply to the letter ot U Rolnaoh
of the Voliaire in which the latter declined to
fight declaring that bo owed Rochefort no
reparation for simply publishing his letters to
Gamrietta M Rolnach says that no provocation
could induce him to go out with Rochefort
The Ilfpubllyue Fran afse this morning au
thorltatlvnlT declares that the Rochefort latter
was handed to Gambetta In July 1871 by M
Albert Joly and that at soon as he received It
Gambctta Interceded with Thlers In favor of
lloohi tort nt the Utter desired
LONDON Duo IA despatch to the fiors
from Purls says the Inlransiaeant Rocheforta
journal today calls M Gambetta n liar robber
forcer false Genoese and a wretch worse than
Thlers or MacMahon
The Francp Bays that In consequence of ru
moro about Rochefort sanity It suppresses an
article In typ
The Trilioultt and tine Monde Parisien news
papers have bsen rnntenccd to pay a fine of
2000 francs for libelling Col Rlu commander
of thefgimrds at tine Chamber of Deputies who
ejected M Baudry dAsson
from At Tenfran
PAnts Dec 15A young and pretty woman
whom Rochefort took Into his service while In
exile and to whom It Is said hn was much nt
tacheil committed suicide yesterday She wan
discovered by Rochofort stretched on her bed
in the last agony of death with a pan of char
coal fuming at her Bide Rochefort was half
distracted and was led away weeping It was
feared that his dnspalr would drive him to
sortie violent act and Indeed a rumor was afloat
today in Paris that ho had committed suicide
Shoollnir the Mae n ha Culleil hit Wire a Ilur
and Threatened to strike her
Frederick Chuck anti his wife Aiinlo llvo
In lIre third story at 126 Seventh avenue Louis
GlUk n brother of Frederick boards with
them Both men are carvers In Webers piano
factory Frederick recently put 125 In n small
box In hIs bedroom enjoining his wife to BOO
that It was not stolen Last evening he wont to
tire box and found that tIre money was gone
Ho accused his wife ot taking tire money and
she said that his brother Louis was the thief
Louis stoutly denied his guilt and Fredericks
wife then Bald that Justus Schilling a cabinet
maker at Third street and First avenue stole
tint money
Frederick Chuck rushed down to Schillings
hoUH and itocinseul him of stealing thn ninnSy
Schilling I h I I aid it I t was a ll I lot mid ho would I tell
Fredericks wifn to her face Hint sItu was n liar
Tire two men then wont to irodirlck GIHcks
rooms whero Schilling In his anger mndn n
gesture as though to strike OlUcks wife Cllnek
dniw a revolver and shot Schilling In the head
Tire wounded man ran downstairs When ha
reached tInt next floorbrlow Frederick nhothlm
In the back just nbovu the waist Schilling cs
cnpnd to titer street and ran to Waverloy place
and Seventh aseniin whern hn fainted I and was
found by Ollj Oitrey at about 9 P M Hn was
taken to 8t mcnnt1 e Hospltiil His Injuries
ate lie loved to bn fatal SohllllnBls 48 years old
Frederick GlQck was arrested lest evening
and lodged In thu Mulberry street station
Another Ohio fine for the Supreme Ilench
WASHINGTON Doe 15Mr Hayes today
nomhuUit Judge William B Woo < li to be nn Aitoclate
Juiilco of Ihe United States Supreme Court In place of
Justice Strong reuicneit He It now Uintl Sutei Cir
cuit Judge of the Filth Putrid comnrltln the Stat t a of
Alabama Hindu licortila Iiiui > uia Ctiuiustprt and
Texas There is Jmf flcln bectnrne l altlinuiih a native
cur thlo hot ll Credo uet tn Alabama home of tlie Hoillhrrn
S niilora soy that llajreiaiiiioiutod him as irom Alabama
to evade thr ch i rite it 1 paiklint the tie ittu with uiiln inon
Juajc Wiiinti na < spoal > rr if rita Olilo llouio of llonre
eiiMUtei in IR1T In eon I ho enirrcd the entry as
Lie liii naiil rulonel of the SixtjtUth Utile Iiifantrv I lit
was riiitually praiiioied u Iho rank of HreMt M iii J
UencraL He no tried In AHUma a hrn muilcrnl out ol
the uriiiy suit wa fl hecicd state Cite ruceitor which oillce
he he lil until lie wa siipotnud to tho Unlud Snares fir
cultJuJiieihlphe tiiiw lioUa
Fresh Itunior of the Cznre Alidlcntloo
LoNuO1 ° Pfo 5Tli5St Petersburg corrc
ipondcnt ol the ColfEiic aauiu reacni tho rumor current
sortie ii set age of the IrnnilYr of Hie C sra authority to a
council under the prf udency of the Cure witchand aid
The runArrhuiiro tut thus lrtTCes tlcuhoerourtl l > l wIth the Czur
s him be itecierot Iegalalto teethbutt rite this ot liucires or
I itlstehuuuittmnrt in tue r emit Id rent a Ill bit ttrlmtct rn
prlncessen ut Ui it tIthe hit cit curl hits tartuili a Ill re
trri to 1lytdLu I Ir rite irluuea itt reuuralttItu Enru reritr In
tnte r tire act mel auttiority hewner t earhut In iris
The Mu > ore Xtw First Marahnl
John Tyler Kelly tho Mayors first marshal
mlmiud Ida onlco
yesterday cinrlei llellly was ap
pointed la hit place Mr Itcllly u the lender of the
Irving Hall nomocracy In the fourth Ancinbly Diitncl
He I reiiresetiud that titsirlel In thor A cnihiym halt and
wi ujptafeh for tijcrtiujun at the lal cliillon lohii
Tylrr Kelly tufts ttelh titus ameS which he reiknid since
raTa liiiineiiutrly I alter Itla reat uurUuru ire nna apriul nit
si a deputy aherlir Uy hhnrllf llows Mr Kelly alitrv
a rnnntrelnal was fIiio Ill ucctarvro isiory wIll I lie
tern percent teas
Thnt Comptroller Campbell Prnpnits to do
The FireS Oprit JMctllnt of the hosed uf
Park tommlaalaners the lxelae Uo rd
Comptroller Allan Campbell began yes
terday reducing the number of clerks and
other employees In the Finance Department
In his letter to the olorks who wore removed the
Comptroller says The number ot persons
employed In this department la to bo reduced
to n proper standard
The clerks removed are J Fairfax McLntich
lln Sylvestnr E Nolan Jacques Soli mitt John
F Carroll Stephen F Austin John Carroll
and Thomas P McQuaJn The aggregate of
their salaries Is 95CO James Salmon James
A Dolan and John Bormlngbam examiner
in tho Auditing Bureau Lawrence Morrlssoy
James OReilly Joseph 0 Doxoy and James
Smith messengers and Rodmund MoManus
watchman were removed Their salaries ag
gregate 17800 All the persons rnmoyed ore
understood to be Tammany Democrats Their
places will not be filled
The new Exclsn Board organized yesterday
by the election of Commissioner Mitchell na
President and Mr Frlodsnm as Trenaurnr The
latter called attention to the fact that of the
tGSOOO appropriated for the expenses of tire
department for tho current year which doeS
not end until next May 133000 had already
bean expended He therefore moved that the
Board of Estimate and Apportionment bn asked
for an additional appropriation of 15000 and
that until the request Is compiled with thirty 11
oonse Inspectors hn suspended Mr Frledsntn
also moved that the services of Menzo Dlefen
dorf who has been receiving 400 n month na
counsel for the department be dispensed with
until thn appropriation hn renewed Both mo
tions were carried Mr Morrison not voting
The majority of the men impended are Tam
many Democrats Mr Dlefendorf Is 11 strong
Kelly man It Is believed that when the nary
appropriation la received the places thus ren
dered vacant will be filled by new appointees
from Irving Hall and the Republican par1
Joseph F Kalian a lawyer In Harlem
Irvine Hall Democrat Is already m itil 11ttn
the successor ot Mr Dlefondott aliened M
William Laimbear the ne
Docks attended the meet Commissioner ot
terday Mr Dlmuux tine Board > yes
cranlzatlon ot tb Presided The new or
The next ma J Board was not attnmntqd
nesday V5 ln g of tine Board wilt bo on Wed
nblyb nenite now organization will prob
ftWwl j effected
riie first meetlneof the Board of Park Com
i missioner since the a000iptment of Salem H
SVales to succeed James F Wenman was held
yesterday morning Mr Wales presented hi
certificate of appointment trnd took his seat iii
the Board Coinmissionur Conoyer was made
Immediately after the cell to order Commis
sioner Wales moved that tho meetings of the
Board hereafter bo public and the motion was
At 8 oclok last evening tho first public meet
Ing ever hold by the Board was begun Some
fifteen or twenty persons besides the four Com
mlssioners were present
Commissioner Wales offered a resolution for
the appointment of a committee ot two to ex
amine into the personnel ot the Park Depart
pent with the view of learning and reporting
to the Board whether there were any employees
whoso services were not needed or It any wore
receiving too croat or too little pay
The resolution was adopted and Commit
donors Wales and Green were appointed luob
a committee
The matter of electing a permanent Chair
man was taken up and after twentytwo ballot
had been taken In each of which Commissioner
Cpnovor received two votes Commissioner
Wales one and Commissioner Lone ono the
order of business was changed
John Curron an inspector of sewers Gee
W Pyne a patrolman and John Whelan si
gate keeper were In turn dismissed from ser
vice all the Commissioners voting In favor of
their dismissal
Commissioner Orson recommended the dis
missal of Julius Mumford employed In the
office ns n skilled laborer
Commissioner Wales suggested that the Board
bad been voting oft the heads of employees too
recklessly but Mumford was removed Com
missioner Lane only voting to retain him
John Halloran Superintendent of Parks was
notified that his services were unsatisfactory
He was cited before lbs Board at Its Saturday
meeting previous to dismissal Julius Mum
ford Sr Superintending Architect received
similar notice
Commissioner Wales next brought up the
matter of William Van Valkenburgh for twenty
years dliburslnit clerk of the department until
that ofllco was abolished Van Valkenburgh
has hold Inn office of property clerk for several
Commissioner Green warmly defended Van
Valkonburgh who was present and Insisted
that ho earned his money Ho intimated that
Commissioner Wales was moved by personal
animosity In tire matter
Commissioner Waloa denied all personal feel
log but thought tIme salary paid Van Valkon
burch was too great for thoservlces rendered
Action on the question was laid over until the
next meeting
The Porte Inlnlllnz lla rnnnjementa with lie I
apect to Montenegro
CONSTANTINOPLE Dec 15The terms ol
the Turkish note on tine Greek question have I 3
been decided upon Greece will bo Invited to
enter upon negotiations
Dcrvlach Pashn has arrested tire Prince of the
Mlrldltes tire principal Catholic tribe of north
ern Albania and Hodo Boy chief of the Alba
nian League and has bent them aboard ot a
manofwar to
uio tiiii n lai nj Constantinople
lUciUflA Doe ITlnuu Porto with a view to
thn loyal fuinimuut of Its engagements has it
echeloned suvonleen battalions nf troops on the
tircoMontenecrlii frontier with Instructlono
to prevent tho Albanians from interfering with
Dulclgno I
An aldodocamn of Prince Nlklta of Monte
negro went to Scutari to arrange tire question
of tire possession of two villages near Dulclgno I I
which HioTurKB refusn to surrender Uo has
howevir bit without cfloctlng nn arrange
ment and ho rufusud to sign the declaration
formally taking pooso 3lon of Dulclgno
Tho Turk Mi drliuato has refnrrnd tine claims
of tho Montonegrlua to tire two villages near
Duljlcno to tho European Delimitation Com
An Army Order Alimit tier Hnnrnek
WASIIINOTOX Dec 15A bulletin from Ire I
Army IVpurliiii in u SI
lly iliri ellnn of the 1reildenl Majorton WlnOeU S i t i i H
I tu iceS I iiiliM < ifeAriny hashfen milttird toilutr
SCtFittitt lIt hIs bret of MaJ wiener l to date from I
lice 4 tOtt
ttiqitury tanIght toiha ha discover the exact meanln of I 6 j
ttil crfer Gen It ut ks rururnilslonr M hull Major
lerierah date rronn July O leous nm
The humored Chniitiea nt West Paint
Gen O 0 Howard who It Is I said will be
aMinnrd to tho comma1 of this Dtpaitmentof West
Iolnt vice Don Fchonrld li expected to arrive In this
dlyUMlav On HchonHd taints down roni Wot 1nlnl
yrstf nlay nnd li I at the Wlmlanr Mr Kainwr ilr teem
Surretary ci tYar uileo srrtvcul Inn tie cIty yesterday suit
is 51 ttio Flrrti Aviuue
lien Grant Chnncre for the ItctlreO list
WASHINGTON nG i5tjt is bolloved tlm ttte
ml euiuinltue to which was reftrrrd ten McCooki bill
ttaclnug tierr trant tin thio rellrtd hut winir the rank of
iii xiri ite nt1 I su J re port aluh nut the tIll Uric nwmbf r lien
McLook mvorili one li known not in and tb view of
the niiialniiiK one are matters of aurmUe
> fo Freud In Naiilh Curallnn Ccnatia Roturna
WASHINGTON Dec 15The Superintendent
of the Counuo roptirts that the reenintieratlon dlntrlctt
inn South Carolina In
which COIIMII frandi a ere imwctcil
Miowi a lomewhat Mrcor popuHtton than wi lUimu Er
the suspected cc tunic tilni sIx inonthasfu
Judge Key In llntiiiin
HAVANA Doc 15JuJBo Key Into do facto
IoJtmajUT lentrnl of the Lntltod St uttisultlr ld > wile and
SlntiSV1 u rrl > fll lucre today i irom ivdnr Key acconi
I7i I > fiVilii Sliiloiiiiii reiiriaenlliiitUig Ioiilvtlla
unit Viihillo Itnilruid null
relr Indies Iho iiartyex
piclto remain hvr three or lour day i
For Ntenllna u Comm
Michael Connors who was arrested In Chat
ham i iunre on Tuesday cTcnlnif isliti a mull coma In
MMIOWIOII S hitch ho lud stolgn and hal been try
hi I Suit hor ttrr cnle siis ycstcrUiy riot tnt Lit 1nulj
iulica Court ha iIi bail
New YorUere tiulnted tn Iiilomstic Pott
SASIIINOITON Iute 15Mr llite toda
ttiiuntt titttil ludc rio iichtuylt F Ut Nt a rlt 1 to LLt sng
itt tinire I anri aitotni u ie tern u littchr5rest stri John
Isrmuli on ew Yur I ire tunisul ii tirhitul
The Navy Depni tintut uud Sfr Morton
ASttfliroNDtc 15It Is omna of the rtrrnore
SuKfjnV Iintg resulniurn M on tutu of s cii Virli a ri t a trun
tu brtotnr hivcuLrory ii Ito avy a by Late Zr lttiritay I
curt sores tout teni toy
Nignith tllttco IVrillrllnn
RisIng foliotyotl ljy fnl > rig inirtnnuinrretnttlnn I
sty ur ti lo yr tutit raitire ii iriy hlllliu lu titiftit
rivriatcrly is hod > foiouiu u > ntjiloutl latin

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