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tL = ± 1 ± Hi iiie gun
4i0TIIEfl SJIiiti1I 1 TI77N iN 211K
9e ltinh ° ticsitt r ntd t hnv Gone
Out n the Cntrt Ipptte the td e n
11 FrtrIlI1t ht Mtnltsr Sitrk ti nL
iinghIt DI1SI heir trs lletwcrn row
rnrlt he Nrw ouiplIcntIiinS
Atr huly 1A1flSt tlIi 0fl13 toito of
thiS niorn1it n tho Platt san
nil tlint 1 flhIfiCt1 tO II true
manyo tins unit Breetis bltterv donounc the
etIofl 01 rnetnbtrs of thin LeuIhattiro vho
jtpj thu tirt of sIes and taves dropere
The ffl1IflttOfl Wt9 80 great that sottie of the
aI1ei eoWttflS5C3 dnnltnl that they wort
sent Othieri not willing to bar the olttInl
one gave Ittil parthculnr9 v1tti names and dr
curnstancC All nira thiit 1 Iirtrber brain
pisbecker nnl Albrrt Dngottworo In the
hftII OflO 10 dihnbIhtn acnithng the e3aDado
Tt Argu s1Y5 thnt Aesemblyrnen Steolo
HoimPs Iotter 3kIntior nrtug IlusteLt and
senator Woodin wore ab0 there Some ex
cnod thott1901C5 tY nyIn that they took no
aotio trt In chat occurred and that they
tho acitndnh AIr
htd no hand In proadtn
FItt denied ovorythiIn Ills friends stooit
to him jnanftiII While ntroeIatItu their
eonraO and kindness the oxSouator was
ruh cast down On the ntnoarnco of the
morning neWAPaPOr he nbruthy said that ha
houtJ withdraw from the canvara When
qoostlonod bY u tu to lili rasong for suoi a
stop ho rofrrrod ue to oxMarshal IAyn Thot
gentleman said that Mr Pntt denied In toto nil
the charges Tticy were strictly Dorsonal but
he tearat theIr etTCt lNn the ohitIca1 cnn
ft8 Ito COU1I not allow himself to b xiiade a
deaJ welclt to Mr ConkIint Ho felt that tho
itrotOUS rJtflotS Intuit him a load for h13
trienJ to carry I o bo wns grnefui to
thorn for their kindrios3 and stanch bearing
be tilt not fotl at liberty to lwposo
lila personal griefs uvon thorn Mr Payn tnd
tbers urgi him to tIoly his tthdracni for a
ewdays TlinyaId that It would hnco him In
n lalso light nud ilvo color to the rumors so
rrofUhlT storteil by tho halt Breede On the
nraviow3 oveiitrn they bud urod him to ninkn
a tatmont of the facts for the vress but ho
rco1utoly dochlnud 110 Iuiitcd that his dec11
nstion should be announced today lIe should
fliet the accustthons in his own way hereafter
ror thu treent lie could not permit them to
mbnrrnsa the action of lila friends It was
less to argue with him said Mr Inyn
lie is naturally a determined man Ills mind
was made up and nothiini could turn him We
reluctantly ngrond to net as ho diroctod
Tbe news of Mr rlatta detortntnatlon roach
eh tho Assembly about 11 It flow through
thechambor like wilttflro The Stalwart room
brs convorsod with each other in earnest
whispers anti wore troubled faces Alt thought
tho exSonators course injudicious Soins do
elared that they would continue toxote for him
despite his request The half Breeds caught
an Inkling of thu situation nod chuckled
with satisfaction Daggett vas skipping ho
tweoti the desks of members regaling
them with Incidents bearing on the scandal
Other vromlnent alleged eyewitnesses of the
occurionco of Wednesday night weru in their
Seats awaiting further developments The
juaiuc of the withdrawal reached the Senate as
they took up theIr line of march for the Asoro
bly Cherober John Shanley t Kings was In
tipeaker Sharpos chair At 2 oclock there
wore no signs of the aenoarance of the Sonnte
t small boy sat at the side of Mr Shanler lila
light hair was cut close I cant see very well
this morning said Gec ipinola looking over
hi stjuctacles toward the Speakors desk Id
like to know whethor that l Cuhlinan attttng at
the aide of the Sveaker
As the urchin bore a remarkable resemblance
to Cuilloan the members went intoconvullons
banioy patted the bays head anti then spent
three mIntea hrlnghng the House to order
Mr Brooks oflorod a resolution for an ad
I Ournmont of the Assembly from tomorrow
enthi next Tuesday lIe said this wouki give
the members an opportunity to aDend thio
Fourth of July wIth their famIlies Ho had no
doubt about the power of the ilouae to take tli
Ijournment notwithstanding the ehtlon of
Uuit1 ttates Senatore was vending Thu reso
hutton wee laid nsidt until after the meeting
of the joint convention
It wne now five minutni after 12 and there
were stilt no stgne of thu Senate Mr iles
moyd thnt the lIiiUa adjourn The law pro
vhild hint thfttwo A9U8B should meet at noon
enu titI a Ijahlor me nour was now passee
and there vn nothing to do but to adjourn
Oun iiinoia advocated the adjournment
claiming that the hour for baliotin haying
jabeLt no election could now be had lit
tiskod that this point might be onterid upon
tb jotiroal or the liouHe Whiie the General
wr8 talking the usual files of gray and bald
t4al entered the opit Uoore and gravely
bebUed down the aisle The Snttors took their
IeIts and Itit LieutenantGovernor made his
uuu1 announcement not forgetting the vie y
OI3y vote
iun Stitzola shouted Its ten minutes past
12 and the law of ongress makes our hour of
mntiug 12 oclock
Its only 12 by my watch Senator Pltts ob
5cr ed
your watch roes only when you go CoL
MnhlAr retlletL
it was ovidet that tho Democrats were anx
bus to ret on rord the tact that tho joint
assembly had loot ten minutes after the sptct
fled time but the LieiitnantGovernor adroitly
avoided ii recorQ While the roll was being
called on the ballot for a successor to Senator
Conklingi5enetorcallod a cagasaying See
here I gave volt tin order for a couple of
railroad ptiss4q I want thum right away Are
yougolngdown forthern ordo you want me
to hire a nwsseige for you and pay him a
couplo of dollars
Thats alt ritit replied the page Ill go
rirhit away bur Ive beri wondering whether
the slicker down there wilt honor it
Vell you be jure anti give hint his proper
tithe coil ilont nlt him a sucker the Senator
renarHl and the boy sped away
Thre Lipham and two Wheeler men went
Over to Cornell on tItle ballot anti two Laphani
Inca voted forCrowiey llio total vote was ItO
With 71 necshsarr to a choice
The following table shows the balloting from
the bginniug
It t
L1 I 31 I I i 4
Ii i71i43 d i 21 I
4t J4 I7 14 191 3 I j I I i
6b 5J1 J 13 I l I I 4
Lh tke i i in to i i s
4iit4 ia lj I 4 I 4
P i i i I i9 I I 2 I I ft I
I4 J4 3 I 4 It I i i H I
iu 7e Jj Ji4 i O I 7 1
iitl 4 liii I
12t aiIa uii ii
Iu II q
i4 L i II i 1 e t 2
uti i
It lIJ 3l i II 41 JI aI
4327 a I j 3 i to
14a i I oP i IJ
1a J I II I i I
4 ii at I I I
It J I 3 j U s I
t ii i 9I 1
ji 2 i ii
4I 31 J 1 i
2tfl 2
4ti j44 sEl I i I a
47Ui 4 j Ij 1 i I
4 h 4j4 I I 2
4I 4t1 iJ14 iI I 17 I
22 41 I a i
J 2 1 I
L 2 i 4 21
rir2 the annotncoinntof the result Gao
Hharte j that tie hot otitu fur Thomas
Iatr At 31r llatts rsuct and In tile
intcrL of tie itsputlicar IIrty hii tvitiitjrew
lii Vhii my narui is celled soul
1rnbl3rD I 11011 Sae br Iilctinrd Crow
icy Spoera worda cruted MiUO sur
Prlht Tliy ltjthcaItj tile broakinz Ut of the
oli kv llgh bIIWU1I Vlcolresldeat Arthur nriii
tnrnqI Mr rowley 14 Geti Arthur
Lurlti ci I Giw
1 rrgrja Cornells friend evidently
crowd lHIrp action as an fIort to
tokr ot Crowy Itlifir ttirvjats Senator
shrill Vadilngri tho flrot to vte in
iQtnteit 1w refuej t take the road
out b
Stargs 14toiuor
itr5it0 trO
rowley Senat nxt Ii Wrt the list voted for
Baker ldunn the third followttt
up the
Il5lljt5 turtsi t lion Senator
L1ltflenlerysgcpb nato itiieI he wound ura corn
L Z acU 01 tbe leer heairs VCha brols
the Staiwarteohumu for the long term They
split n bully tt the Fnnthierlieuht unul ran for
sIinitr lit nil ilitpctions Seitatore Strahan
Vendnvcr nn1 Vt below vinci for Crowly
Senator Vllllnnl4 toOk In Clitirics Ihtnioiq rho
Aesetnblyriieii who voted for Crowl for tim
first thu were rzistrolmg itraihlor L A Cor
tentor DIkiv flvan hIorlH4IIi 1ackni She
Boll itii1 hilititmis itrolskv Ifityoc tititi Mor
nn lmrln for orujll CiiiipIl or Albany
otoi for ClmarJs 11 ilanIs anti hloinls ttfit
nwlat wIIIt for Iiiipiunn CulhInnn voted for
Cli a rlo ortli iint ask cr1 who Ii o te I
rITltl that Ito wae Chitirinnu of tIm Ovemzo
Coonty hienubliiatm Cominitte Draper of Al
bany alid lrItnll ni Now trk ehioutoil tIme
iinnio of rlmuiiins 0 Pintt Irntar saul that liti
ci ii ii g to Iliit t becntiit tb good reason heil hi n
asal itoil for ii Is witliil rawmtl I I o ii ad votd for
btl i Coi k I I n g an m I lint t I cenuso ho j mist I hod
their roisre in reignltg anti tohlovoI them to
1HI rliht L ott Young of Binghatntmn flnaIl
1 ii riomi I p ii r rtimmml n and neoetmted Cii a oiim nh
When tIm voted was eountml Crowley turricil tip
third in the race having llvo more voto ttmnu
1lit following table ehiowe the couree of time
balloting for a vucceseor to exSenntor IMaLt
LONU vatt
ti C 4 I 2 1 i a
2 1h II 1 4 4 2 1 I 2
J I t 4 1 1 2 1 1 I 2
iiii a 2 8 hIm a a 2 1 I
5th 31 211 l P 1 2 3 C 1 2 I S I
CII 2O23 21 0 a t a m i
ii 4O 2 2 14 4 4 4 2 I I
11h l ih Oh Ill 4 4 I
Ill olmm at s I m a i
11111 4M2 l I 3 8 4
I2Lh273e4 7 3 2 4
iiu 27 21 11 II 3 2 8
14th 5l an it a a 4
Intl1 t 7 4 II 8 1 4 I I
10th 27 I 12 2 1 I
I 2
ICLII 3II 44 0 I 0
2mth ii 2 II I a I 1 1
2ht tY1 ni Ii I I 1 I
52 C 7 I I a1
234P31 j i 4 14 I 2 I
4 4 H I I 1
2OIi 2712 7 3 Ii 1 I
21tti ia i t r i 1 4
2Ili a a 4 I
2111 a221 r 4 I 5 I
2Ithm 4I27 a n I I I I
II 2 7 I I
3it i N I II 2 7 I I
Mr Jacobe mood that a committee of three
on tnir be nppolnted to consIst o one Demo
drill tmnd one meniber of cacti reeognl7ed Ito
publicimn elernont the coinmittemt to hta povtr
to arratigo so that members ernilil sponil tim
Fourth of July at theIr hontoc lie immild that a
simIlar resolution hail been adottl by the
Pen tt sylvmtn Iti Lom isliltu Fe rI u ri rIg I is lnii lock
Sevoral lrnoermits ruslmol iown to Jaeol flint
asked viiat lit meant by olTering BIIOII it rsolu
11011 Ilti ropllemi that as thIn9 stonil now men
wore afraid to go home for fear of possIble ton
soqIlences fly this resolutIon they cotlil linvit
an cimcial record of their vnlr and iii joint
cenvontion could hi left without a qilorunt
TImes whi reitmitined could 111001 and vote mimi
all that the Chair had to do was to announce no
choice bail been madt
Mr Cuhlinun moved to ndjonrn It was lost 87
to 117 Several points of order wore raIsed but
lb Chair decided in favor of time rosohtition
Jill Salt said ttimmt Itwas a hlrliiv improper men
lution s could not as a body eunctiou it
Without belIttling oursalvoit In tli eye of the
people Ills motion to table was lost 7 to II
lr Sharpe arsLIed that ench house of the
Legislature coulil adjourn for a roepse without
the cozIont of tIle other hut It was tulmemilt for
some gntleinen to wlttilmaw an nptnton ex
vres td in the cathy pert of the setiiiii lie
would support the motion of Mr Jacobs lie
thought It would be a good thing for the zoom
ben ho go Imonie for Sutitlziv
Mr Aivord asked Mr Jacobs to accept an
amendment that the pairing ahouiil silo cover
dIfference on thuquostion of fihinl adjoumimmeru
Mr Jacobe nmeeptt time itmetidmezit tind then
Mr Straimzin drew from Old Salt the aclrnowltiig
mont that lie would not vote for time resolution
as nmmeimiioui
Senator Strahan saiti thatthe vIews of speaker
Shnrpu were counil In law The Federal etahute
rwiufrmtd that tlim joint conventIon stioulil lnt
ply cit here on lemlslntlvaya The State Con
stitution gave each house time right to ilijouril
ovortwo tinys without joInt action Tills was
oe of the ights reserved to the States and hr
was noloverriulden by tne Felnrai statute tItle
w2 simply a devle to enable tie to eelhirtte
lImit Fourth and as it was not illegal hu would
vote for it
Mr Duguid said if the resolution did not
he lmoed no Iteriiiblicmn would inir mind if It
11141 4SM Ito hoped evory flepubltcau would
withdraw lIla pair immediately
Gtn Spluolmi said lie would not pair unless
the polrhrimr carried with it a quortlIn of time
LgIlotums Less than eightyomit luemtera
1110sf mehhmmlin lie would like to Inquire Imtlmer
the eteladler irlgade was one of the Ilupub
lienu olonments to be In tIlo commlttet
Col MtIrrttly referred to Mr Ilmigtilda threat
anti Itmliii tllat tirIder the circuiimstatzcee ho he
lieveii it to be Mr Jacobss duty to withdraw the
Thu son of Stephen Pearl Andrews said that
no law of tim United Sttea oould bt so con
strued its to oouipol this Legislature to sit on
the Fourth of July
Senator McCarthy said that tho olnt nesam
bly had no rower to bind hIm lie paired on
liii personal honor If he paired alt till
Senator litts leading Half ilread Maid ho had
01 doubt of the legal right of tile Leislatnre
to adjourn for one two three or live days lie
was oppnsett to pairing except menses oh tuck
ness 11115 proposition aoerneil hmimeical If
anyhiling is to be done let both houses taki a
recee lie did not say that he would revor a
recase bitt he believed it to be iugal mind If titan
would go home let ttmeni make some sensible
Senator owlor Democrat said the question
of the power to mica a recess was too smmpiu to
be dlscusod Tue power of Congress was a
ulelegatisut power No power to forbid a
in a State Legislature wssuvorgiven toCon
gress and no liemoerittie Sitnator would over
raio an iseile in the faco of such nrtioti
Snator Woodici watu inucim iiienppofntti In
the rulIng of tim Clinic lie said Title eon
voimtlon cannot delegate a powor it does not
possess Xnu must arrange your Systeoi or
tuuiring mis it party outside of the convonhioxt
lb said that on tue question of zuljourrmmexmt tie
agreed with Senntor Fitta but all men lid hot
agrc and lie did not scant to raise a quetioii
ivIlicil ruirtit be used to nullity the action of
tills convonilon
Gn Silnoln saki ho was gratIfied to son that
iho Itntubilcums Wero changing front They
hail claimed tlm right to suitirvieo thu election
of Congresamen mind stirroundeil the poll ivith
soldiere coil pIcked thugs If they immid the
ririmt to do that they tutu hue rirht to supervise
the lOctioXI of United htntes Senators
The resolution wa tabled and the blat con
Ventlon aiioumneii
lirliiigitlioicis Conkllng and VfecPmnst
ilent Arthur titok the night boat for Now York
lxsunatorllatte family nrrive1 today aol
wore riding In the park with Mr llatt this
Time half Breed caucus this evonlngwaa very
th I it ly flttimhleli Notlm I ug vmi ulno TIm a Sin
varls will probably riolul a caiicii no Tuetliv
Colloolor Itoherteon says tonihitthiat lie thiik
that Ir lIatts twithidriuwat sill result iii the
spietiy oleottoli of two SemmIor n of whom
would be Chauncoy 31 Iepew lile collitagite
would be the 01110 who lied this rnnt nerve to
inako tfiO ilmdmt ThIs pmibably nituans that if
any Cornell line the nerve to come out amid
litako a llmriit nwtinst 31r Conkhing lie cmiii be
elected llie trienui of Crnwltv however
vraibent a bold front unit product a concentma
tion of the entire Stalwart strength on him in
oppoiltlon to Jhtpew
Fortytwo Aasinblypien are paired for to
morrow anti Monday Fifteen of these are Dc
pew man Thitu will prevent an ckehhmn eltimer
on Saturday or Monday Senator Forster as
eear to have gone lorgooil lie baa taken lila
lIlts with hun arid it Is smtii ihuit ho wilt not re
turn litu is paired with Senator tstor who
baa not appeared this week It iu fliSO saul that
liii hits gone for good flit Dribery Committee
has had foitrsessiotms without ngmeolimg uon a
ruriort fims Grand Jury presented no more
iuiiletrnents today
There am no aewcornbiziatlonsand the tros
Peat of a slectlon of Senators t still problem
iwo iuw rJroLs
lirocalyn School 11111 thmil icy Cornell IJoc
oI tpproyo of
Atny July 1Two more vetoes caIne
from tIme Executive Mansion today Both of
time lisapprovod bills related to Brooklyn
6ohoolt Time llrct was the bill nuthorizing thu
Fire lapaytuont to provide each school buld
ing with a lire alarm to connect with thu city
lire alarm system TIme Governor says ttm
Board of Educailiun ha power to act in thu
matter and that State legislation Is not neeco
Flie other bill Is thus explained anti briefly
dispued oh
hit accumnpnyin2 tmll as iii title tudrrated preroe
tG provide Ia Lhi dmhtriIUiiIi ur tuokg Liht i4 oLIrr
iieccirv snide irc ci cltarie Lu liii iiiiiij dIr iiui
111 IUb Ic chohs o th ttiy UI iirocliyu w hU Eiar4
r Idu uuii lraJy poscas all rarIluh SuiUriIs td
Juro4icuu lii liii r5iard ui tieicc tiim prtpoimitomi he
eltiinhor Unhereury IUUIII dIltiUtd 1 lii itetl1
14 PIutil tienoeivei With the iiicke uepitiotwt gre
cUte hurt4Ihed will iheui ci ii himblic tairuiW Tiicoe
tmciii iuriihii ther own boe slid tUer reqUiImtcs
iIiuiil4 not 1 treahvd As cblriil ecliulerL There Is no
InUre rimii why imy sheuhi b supUiled itti bLs
tree ci cliirgc ttaxi thel Uy shmouI4 ta lur1etieJ whIle
bimi iie4 cmelleirg it putlic CUt
It conqaer pain anl biters iieaWi this Grtat Gcrman
La4 D Juebi OiL44s
t Iltoody Iisriie of Iii ittot
110w they used to celebrate thu lourth also
the terrible UmU3 between flowery Boys and
1end itabbIts teo harry lull in tomorrowe
Mircurtt4 nt
t iit So lito Slaniiieiteu Ileach
Surf bathmii taIlihmmtiit will i3tmsi3 ptrUn that the
aelUtiel r ISiti caret thtse 4 retLoUe igaai sO
stimuta 19 Ilea cuemtruy astwtthiIa4tmmgL
Airriean Slier aurl CeiuIes
select qmLicceI never tail Lii dugLss4S
Mrs Emil tIpiniieri onfeecion to tier
IT uihiuil In tnoti mi rim the Ie eherm
4iit r t tie stjrtv i rizfli e Of urct
lot Bomb flhufltims jtast thiero han been a
great deal of excitoiitent In tim little vlllait of
Voodlinvrn on tlm Long Island llruhiroail over
an nCetlbatiOtt made migainet tIme flur Carl ilelmi
rich uf that tultce On Thursday the scanliti
ruguitod in nn encounter between Eniil Crip
pozidort whoo wIle is ImplIcated by the
scantlal anti Mr Ielntlcli
Imiator Ileinricin ont to Voodiinven over
two years ago Ito vmta roared in Vis
consin anti he a mnduate of the Iinton
villo Ilibileal Inctitute at aporsvillo
Ill the theological botninnrp of thto Ocr
than Evaticelleiti Aisnclmmtlon lhlc body Ia
aimalogous to tiio3letimodistChurch in lIe consti
tution anti Its ininlstoms work untler the ititie
rant system Voodhavcn wee hlt nrichia first
atepointinont hut labored lmaril nit did hotlehi
towmmrtl building up a flourishing cohigromitlon
there Atnong those vhio caine to tIlt church
were Crlppandor nod Iml wife CrlplentIorf
took nu aclivo vnrt Iii church work bucamo
actlnmi euporintonilmit of the Siiiiu1n slin l
Ito I te Sn Ii i to hiitvi leech a cloiti tritni I of lie fIt
rIch look ig Vnrtleiilamli titter tilt coltctioits
for hui iilitry Jo time early lnrt of April tIm
report got abroad that lrs Crhtinitlorf Imitul
on oesih ii hi im hi helm liii an I to p ro ii r liii I
lit fli with time taste r I Iii C in foi no t o whi ihi
lrIltinrii ithlIlmg4 tuok cltitu lIeliohl On liii
liii Ijuet n nih I il 31 Ill nimni Ii or iuioach o r ivmia up
pot imtct to I ak rri 0 t I It e cii ii ccli
Oil riiitrsuliv Crlptetlnrf nbtitind a wnrmniit
frito 1 ii4t icit hells of 1 u in iii on Ii i i t hi o a crocI if
the prrtchir on a ohm hirer of tmsiiItt imili I bat
tory Yotrdiiy hit lrnCiier obtatned a war
rant for Crippoiulomts nrrt
Ihie tIetor buaribi with Ii 11liIei who
kei a dry gooths store Yitnn it So t porter
eallod nt thint iioru liet evening tthmrhskiimtmi
yonhIg iiiIti vmtli a iittik iilolletrmoni aml ClIhui
iitg ru ittne frivi rd I ii Ii Is Ii I rt ideuv4 flu 1
at ho U ticil ii I uiisI I its tim it LrtIch er ink I rig
the ltertor lilt a slttlimg room back of tim
store hi e so iii
I have henril reports for annie time pant
lie said I lint Cml p cnihn zr hmnil burn in uk I iig
I hi rents al uiuiit iii A imd I k itO I hat I Ii mm ye tech
rnthi ed 11111 S P leii ii boil Imi tut S II hill ay uvoii I it
501h1m ihinhi ii rtsnd I it vonmii ns clt I I ium wait
wiiitliti near the corner in I Caine itloing bitt
iii I cuul ii wus with immtu on ii hi ci ii n k ii va i 0 ii
Jhmiireulay muornltmn ltwuen 11 i 2 I vetit
siitiiiiiimi nit lit lot baek of the lmnutso item
whi er t hey n mo hit I Ii I ii vlm cii ri tnenulorf
eaiii it u p fit In I lu uai i hI iii are i on about
Ii cmi yet s saId I aunt I nuciiu to bta V
here too hit taikoti to moo vrv roughly
nod sworn nnui satni I must lpto tlmi
coot in ii n it Au ho cattin Iowan tat I
IIi I hilt lie himuul a tIstol rud I tool a
siioviul of miiiinl and tlmruw It fit huh
th I n k I uig I ru lght Ii I rid II I in a nit keep ii I in I motu
uittnck I ug nie Cimut tihInul fl I m htmL n umd I t Ito ii
thirsv thu shovel at hlni anti tried to ot nun of
t ii t VIII Solute tiilet t limit ii eu tiiij Ii Stud for
brltimhiig vnter to SitICk limo worn iti iii way
iiflii I tell oior them Tuq as I fell lii roil the
hit I ht 111551 ni over in n I lii iii titi Ii ti i imil rio
th hone I uin told ilmuat Ii lirt again
btt t I ii Id not hear nioru tti a ii t hi itt u lhoh
Mr liolnrlchi 0114 moluctituit to talk about the
Ccli itIii I I m stilt I siitl I ii ot mu n tiwav I
Ii hI i thu fit I tli I t hut I x tect uo tr ivit tmnal ii
tbmetu Ii lhv ctn prove nilytihittir iigalrst too I
wUl stitimul it
lit tloclmtrtd that Mrs Crlppeniiort made eon
stant mttitrtailue to Ihtn so that ovei rix
otoim time itci ii ii do ut tihmil liitI to ii i Prom il I tmm
Elder about the matter nnI nekttl hmlutt what to
do Ito mhIyS that the Either nlvsnI hint to say
nothing etiotit it acid avoid thin wouutaut which
ito deelnret liii ii Id I to siye I html t lie Oeum fr
t pcn inveatimuttion xonritteul hint tirid that ho
reMlgnd tti nppoititmut oluniurily its thi
itiirtii oh Ii ad I iii puil 1 cii hi k tiiitihrtop Iii
itd ticil lb at Ii it sti I I rtuiiiii uted I ti genii stantl I
I n t Ito elm ti rcl tund hmeii I ho present timmiti or vae
enutlod would rau iuut tiuetornl labors A ii tip
potottitant at Pimiladeiphiti had ben eflrhi hiluti
Mr Cripicititlort iivs in 1 row of twostry
brick llotitttu lii the tmuixt sircet to that in which
I hi it piletor I I v II o I a mi ht rilil uiiii ii 0 f itvr
4th wit it a n hint oti Ut II 1 IICI it ii ii tul rim 1gb for
wirl uuiatiner liii he xi tinner icy trout nuith
womkc In tIm II nwiire iaetorv lii thu vilhuim itli
etomir of the nfTmay itgmeee with tliiit toiui hiy tim
trenclm e r say I lint ii iiiu tee t hint hi it wuui t I o
t It ii pIece vuu h an v I ii I alit tiiui o r ntta ek I tum t ii ti
tireachhi r a iuit uave th itt Ii wii Id not linvo ii rI
Ii iiul not I Ii ii metehmt r itritck Li I uit mi violent blow
I hi I Ii e mdti w liii t hu u slmovi
oI kitowc lie uuliii it w iilt make inc a
luau i y tout n I f t ii a charg nzai umtt 31 r I t i ii rich
were not trite liii whmith littorttt could my vif
liavi I n tell I g nic ucit a tim I tig i f I I wore hot
so It wt AprIl 8 whiirm mb tout iii Siuu
asked ni iirst whiM enuli be uloums to ii wonmuin
who hutil done tuili a lliiii I told tier thu tier
Ii ustautil ctuli t ti rn liar nut of loo i t Sittu sal ii
that even if sIiu hiitii to tuluist on tli etuitri Mime
luilit UfiMe her conscience by telling iii tim
truth Sit Is a poor wetk crieltuiro sick much
of hmor time and lit is nen lietruriehi ilitniifloh
perfict control of liar ittlod I FettI her svorit
JtnthiiulIt to ilium Confriicr committee nod
Ileinrichi was put out of 1mb pulpit
CrbppendorIsweil spokeut of In ooihavon
ii i a entier IriUUStrlOti filth who triCeit good
cart of lila icite nod thirt chilhireui otit of
whom line been born sInce tnt suanial I iuiti
ti t rong cii ppnmt front gin iii he opt uieim niti t ii o
paMlor liute utso warm itiitipirteme In thu uuut
iuiuiiiur Iit crime ehiamgeu of aesmuimht it lit
exttetel will cause thu whole bUb3eCt to be
brought into time courts
uhra Crlptonilorf is some six or seven years
ynulhictir that tier tiueband but is said to be
older illan the p8StOr
StudIer N reeorys 1cCcrutn tlvmi4 to
Leoi mmii is Jersri City lerrxtiunt
Amotig thim nssengera out thur Pnnsyi
vinia Railroad ferryboat New IlrIlnaclek which
left her ship at the foot of Ieiiaugo place
Jersey City at 10 oclocI ysterdav morning for
thIs city was Iuilluy S Gregory a wclhknowii
resident of Juisey City nod at on time a
wenitily and tropomous bu4inees man tr
Gragory occupied hI seat hI lime gotlemrius
cabin lb imut shabbily miresatal anti conrtantly
talkd to lihmuolf Vhoti time boat reachid thin
utidile of thi river Ii ruroen frouti lubit cit auth
vaikod hokurely jut 10 thu itlerti of thu iot A
utoek bnnil wIn ltiew hint mmii uvlto noticed lhiS
atratugni net mule lillowot ii I iii
iftur ivillktiig tip tmnti down thin horite gauig
way for a fita miiiiit Mr Grrnry cetit towprii
tilt guard muiR lIt placed hIs hiOuhile on lImo
gmmws hutiioi over nod was tnIwiuit ii tilungu
hub the river when lie was seuzt Imy time utek
lmntmil Gregory btmugglei lesiwratelv tO free
umliiistlf from tit grutbp of the tiock hiiinui zuttil
would imiiii a iitceeiiid tilt for t to nrri a I at
sorrmtl I time 1nou2ers inn tsuhtil thins
uiiek Iiiirmni I n ii mawmnm I lie ivnttllb stilijil
back over him glIbs If wtc ilte i In tltn cii
glue room vlwro It vmis wnchicl ultmlih the biat
remmchmd tItle c111 whtun iii ra ahlvi to the
part ffir letvsng ttte boat lie walked town
Wet strijet toward thu flattery
Mr Oromuiry is ii ccii ci oxMutyor Duilicy S
Grorory of Jormiy City win was utuming hui9
itftseriu of tin weiithtiiet ant best kiinwii hhleim
in w larasy iurchiimstd limo Aillrotitiack
Steel Works on Warren street utid by his in
tluutry almul abIlIty niado thoni viry Tfiiuabhe
At tile dIII1 lie left thiti factory to hm four ocs
who nmuiutttged it or sortie vearis lime teen
icy however fitl 1 I nb ii isi tat I it itiiu imum ii
neglected his liileiut45 Just bfnre last Ctirjt
luhitit Ii ns cal lout e hI hi I it hrotiir ihemmjutnt I ti vht o
ivu 1mm tuanuiger of iitt timeunry aria tgmei for
ii prtsent sit ilOiItJ Ii trouuisI that if In gt
I ii mit mtiuiiu itt lie V OU lit slim I Il Wily front t ha
for a huuontll iinsttjuimin rcfuet to urentutumlo
ulimlo iuhtti numl timereuoit imus othalitel no
I htti I lint eloiutl t hit works fbi ltal ml t hllui I
lie Vcmu Olin nvtri2iut timid luglitcia wis r
ill ittiil limit u I tico I lee hi 1 uii Icy It as ruIuod
ljsnsel f to euchi a ennui tttoti that ii ins lent I I y ii ii
triune 1 e LIV0IIICd h Iit its tiiturhi ii 4 iiotuiiU I I
ii it ilnelookmiig hiatt about 1u1 fiire of
auid generally uhrttesiu itl the lntest ltnshtlon
Jtihin 11 leik Will
Ou May 21 Jolt11 II Clark nod Samuel II Sea
hflfta tLi In u etnryuiiih lrprtetos ii the Laaet imu
of bnr2imhIIte lad their tile ti rit ii by 1mm 1 11CC 1gw
er tch spiomuitlmm tie utter an rcutur fP ilttt
imu ieee etiut yras n i iii tlet mi erie r
liiiUm Pt hi i e ic iLeI it it r e er trmcm im
tte teat iii a etW lv 0 itg ii 0 re 11 4 i tie
d C ci iatre 01 WI rrisci ic be ii
tie istaIttit clUniie t ieicmirltr I uut lui Iii
mit c e v It Its ti miuw nit hi i mm litter iet e hue
I ictIire iucI Miri bt cmi iure cerrt l cmi i
ii crreoat U iiii rfliiiIeii ra et ci tel 1 uti r
It emit i lit niutiur viicIi i gee tu lie tiiutirei tie
ie I her at otLiirl ot Ii me reh 11 tie
lee lie rtiiee i his Cliii4tuI ii iu it i4r I tie
ii emic Itr iiiueu adjuli ljruaete
ieieIire Itmi ill ms tiiui iitrde
1IOfl ZKrIIlf JiflOAb
Her Trunks ipeneti in IoiialkccpiieMany
Ietter iiid lhntoriipis
Vostertlay tnorning Intectivo John Scan
Inn went to Pouglikoittisie with tile personal
iflncts of Nllie lironti who It Is ijehioveil com
tmthtt aulehie by jumping into lImo litiuleon
flyer on thus oveniti of tIme 22il of Tuno near
flacwvehte Ioint lhiu tiotctivn got tiv trunks
at tim late resIdence of the uirl l2 East Seven
teetithi street ntiii a valise and a bundle lit tile
Iretni Central Depot Thu baggage at the ilepot
1111 not boon there lozig and the check marks
1110W tliimt whelm she left it there ehta unit jiust ar
riveth from Tixaq Last Christmas lheiiorick
1utterfliIul of 471 llrooma street uuctired her a
PosItion ne govertlese In time family of a stock
raiser lit loorgetofl Texas While living
there the became nuhcriged to a phuyMclntt but
thin doctor irokn time engagomeilt Mr Butter
filil says ti gain fi bright lively girl aol thor
oitghuiy rPsltfihiule ittmii iii thhtikut site iuiiti have
oinmlttti suichul site ws ttit of
money rhmirr are reasons hunwutvr for he
lierin tiunt such uvits not the ease hut that she
liiiit been t uitouuilihuitittt sitleht or a ynr or
tWO As fur luiol its thitv I 18Th iitto evidently
lii following as it was found among
her cifecue
Whrtn I sir U lt
t ii ti erive I 1 it
1 t ioui rioc r ulii ml the narmew bed
lie It triii eriii nt air aiI
Tilt triowtiti ef wcrurq nv cowpemi
hy irieuiti the hieiit deal I
1 it tci us tie let rt
Aiiildiiiie tie tirrnr rr erve
Tte Otout i trtnie ci lie mmciii cave
Ai n it coin itm i t rt
Iieilt iroui ute iu ucti n ueiu hon dtcart
I hi ibm 11mm 1 trpbie aut I tear
Coroner Frost of Ieiniikepsio took eitnrgo
of ni I I Ii I leennt 1 1 foni nil Itrga qiiant ill ta
It f funm I a ptii t i I ii t hmtt t mu fl k s nuit vat lee scm o
nwiry IC I lit a mu lci phi ttogrii tills fifi it liii n
tilts of fruii hurl eorreiprttmdents with
tliir ftihi iignntiirca nttnclieh 3lany of the
tnltvus wer sigmiot Stitnlcy
lof riiintioii 1mm Muittoawnit states that Sian
lv i tlit Ii mt ii tititt of t ii u teritui to ivim oni it
refora tIflht that iii huts baon her coniponioti for
ii tiin
Ctrotr mrot l in peieuslon of importatit
I n u r ithult ioti oiIcrim I ii me Slmtit ieV It ni at Imorit
wit hi tvtt corrtnIed with Mlsq Broad
irmil ul i en phi ni igii I his vure foil tid tItilotil
her tTehs hint tmn soya that many
of tlt ittera fotithil lit Mlui Jhmomide
trtirku nm an turly orivato fttntly tiinttirs
niuti ti vhih kri Ituimit tttvloitt aimil will also
ruftIut to hi1tiit Iny i ltirs tIeturos aors
or mlny otimir mIcumaeuta that do lint hilliu a
ii t rt ieut ri IC it bOIl t hi q ittton na I t Ii OW 1111
wiiuii tttu I w lien I nesa d ettuu t to imp r titathi
tt intrviuiv tins nirnlv hmtlii vhtti
Sta mmiii y ii ii ml lit ha timolail y s U huniiuei to liii
Tir4nt lit t Ie I uiqIteet wii iim v II I 1cm gut tlneo ut
lironor Irosts tulle itt Poughtkuemsiu oui
July 11 Jr iii eald that ho hlvte tIn ttitit
ht y a miii t hittt it he an iii is Staumly Ct I if
Mutoters al lIt Inuutily at l2 Iast Svetuteuuthm
St rit iiitv liiit s Ii biwit iu I ii iii 31 r Frotlt
rI ek ilit tteriili wl i h ti it it lwiiaeil Souti a put
soils Wilt wrt on birnmd tlm luury Powell on
thit ntgiit wtin it i as said a wtiiami corn
iii hitch s LI he hilt from her u rper deck WI I I 111Cm
I t cal i i t testify Soft nuuit tmnmi i I it utmong
I hi ci rint hTis s ii ow I hi nt s h tmst thin a it timis
elly liunul Xely lietut Nehhy Brood nod iuhiy
Board hit Uhlierutmit LIiaia
Testimony that Inis gelnt atrerl Obatrue
ii ere not Iirrcet
Etrly to the procecdlngs in thin Mayors
ofliens ycstrdny Mr Burllett eahiul for the Limo
iluctiout of it letter ttddmtsenl to Corporation
Counsel Shiitnuy about throo nioimthi ago by
Capt Ityan of the Twentyflrgt Ireiict cahlhn
attention to the fact timet one ohheer ttioui of that
precinct hind t1tlrIn the host two years reported
2500 violations f muniIpah ordinances in ob
trttetini time Stttitit and hind never bean called
to tsthhy utliritit vet on ento
Corpormitloim Attorney Boyd wag examined cc
to htc fictIon ufin joite ° nrphiIiiitt or treat
tibtriiciions wo itndtrrue records were
lii hit ti lion t hue tal ic ichi tact OtIbi itii tir thirty
sttlit reomtl if 005CC
3tt ilhrfk tt took one of lii rcnrie antI went
over it Pig liv pulgi uneklng 21 r lIoytt wlhother
120 immmit rr ttthen unyitetioti on ummmyof tli lus
Ill t Ii flt pi htChi p1 go I 1 I was remiehmeit itt
It order il r ltivih cmiii tiiutu he tutu Iiroimietl
ttgaumut htrnitri lonr who wits cutmttInini
ot for hinvhimg obCtmueteI the walk with deposits
or iron inimiertill
Vltit was dotmo with thu case naked Mr
Ba mm ut
I liscontinued it on the ronuoval of the oh
strut line
ha 210 some penalty irotoseil
Thin eniiitltint bore ilatu Jiiuiti I ISSO Timmit
shows cmiii Br Amidrucs that inn far tack mitt
Jutt a yeir ago the Ccirportmthon ttorney was
trying to imiio ubstructiotis reuuoved from the
It shows smut Mr Bartlett that in regard
to mivur lSiO cotn Llitl ate t itt I itsh il ii I in uttioult
before raelming thiii one be did absolutely
lr liyiI contnntle1 that thin force of his oflico
wouhti himtvmt hi tji greatly immereasoni to uuabiu
lmitn to Vruieute till Ibis cetse
A Father Strlekrii wilti IIart flleoo Atsr
Giviur lnzey lila lttiiilrr
A happy wotiding took lilac at thu ihOUSl
of Georgo W Lee 17 South Twelfth street
Newara on Tiiursduyoveniug Miss thico Leo
wait giveti away by her bather to Daniel 11
Ihokermuon and tim Itew Joint Emery Gault of
tile liaptis Church imrformod the ceremony
rimo cngagerzieimt iitl begun under bright
imti4plcei and itad hail frotut the ilrst the cor
dliii npptovnh of thu triis paretims After
Ut cormit v there wet the eutoitiary
inulgrltlhiilujciiS lltii wuti at 7 oclock
hardly timid tb mnerrltriemil realid ins beihit
ttoore the itlirmning news slriuuil Titrougiu thu
tririora thilt thin Lindes fathmr wms seriously ill
It mil ii I miii htt r t ti it b was iiimd Ir I 31
I I i I h wit n nil becut lma silly e u tui mutotie I hi nit not
ijerti nEil to tOulbfS tmini lie hurl really beun ill
I a tii curly iii ml uif I hi even I tint Iiiut 1mm would
hint diimten hilt dnughtueri htittiliss by cx
ii I it tint 1 ti lir prtrmet a ii y tu vu itutmi at II t4
utTurhmitt iimo eiue of deteihi was lmutrt tile
ett fhie ivotiding lestivity was ehtImtgij
aS meet i II ii mi I illent to ut oil ru i aIr t ii of t hi a
ruste who could not roniber ilmeniceivee uefuh
to thee ifltlctod family ehlnuly whthidiuw Thu
tirid ivmg hot a bug thne lmystttrmal
Mr in ieimtt ml widow mend threte daughters
biile Mrs Imckeriniui
1111 Ce Iii tt Millelite home
t the Cnroier itiquest intluecuicoof Climutu S
Mirth Itt tUi bLntee Thi toot lii lir ommItzmrs
diy inoruImItt hit his tuune at 2 l 5teiptit itreci lIreot a
ILeru Tetiiet were 3reutrhmy cimiI by thu Jis
lreu t4 ir M3rlit Mirtifl 1 i im in mmn her heelt
riohty Ite ttiiet tm it le tiI it ii t ide3 itt iii
tnInrl mr mite time liii ii t ii reuiet tyi
cciet lie lii teii iiigt ii w te
te hueyi4 tICII hllo irui hm Mr tie it
reel est 1 tit t 7i Faeri ire t tie twr ti
ire tier irieriy a iilcii he to I is ty ii CS
tiuutmol t pie I 4 o liu e i i lgiIl
Ii er a t s t M a Ii IS v Ia suet 1 ite a 1
i lit thtItt leer lu tel I dUI1e4 ieie utitit 1 1 him
iutt e a e i iv ebeth Hi I rifr C I a tesi i flies I tIer
ele in I 1 I t ris I I iii inset iii ii ters U I iuni
I Ii hi ti lilt tlit a o raer ii meet i tiidi her
liii ta I writ It i I ty nih i ii h
tsr it itie 31 r itirti ethel 1 tut e t ii ttm
taut um tahatni iirtiiia tenemmicw ii eleCt
lr o Uiterlttm temilh
Ilerparmi Ncru time Ctmntatt whioo wife died
to tue Lueiirait tlipital on WrIs lehint cii iVs4uee4uy
lu ehowmmz ittteteie tt IuitnLlia imt tile ssg er
Oh I ii ii rtLiy imimt tnt lii u iweru t4teiileiit
t J Cvrumner tier it alt ctertal lie u4 Iii title
I a t I e I ill ttit CC 11th ntv en ii 51 5 ttit cmi
1 ui 29 Suit it a lie ii tO in iii ilpim ru pr 1 tie
ui ii II ii liC oh h a it it iti et ir t
it Liii Uettti be it uiI lout rtlee
UUiIh C irLe smut s ttit si i t i fi i t
ittcit I t H s I rere iii Bra i U Tie he crrv4 to iii
it i iii ttt tpilii Ii me situ anev tile is ii lit
lot tied ii mu e etuiiu tue urea al tc4
1t i it U SC I it t in ii it heuhr gil t T eciet
t C Ih I hue i i IIt iii it ill rt uiI lie ae tie
C ililiti si4 miti tt teht ie Ie C4 tt let Inti I is ii
1121 t iil i titeii it nh I t C lit the sane tuore it itu
U is ii ue ieltiit iii
Crier lirri ii ruwd tituut la ih tirocehie Is ap
I Cit lit lilt iioUCt
iir iierrhit tend il I lamer
William 11 Mritf a toO taurchjuitit hives with
lbs i unlv I ii to Ii I ri Clvi ii the Scuiti Keimttigron
Fiats at mttmxtfm sired enI Vourtt aiemeue flier
liie vaete4 I r lie 111 C UmitiCtIE mcclii teutseca
liii iitt4 i r rmmii r tie lace itrt e t eriti di s ii tie
I i vr orterti tie I suit r mit I ifljii 3t r ierriite
Uiusitr C lit I ti i ci C ttt ti rite iii 114 itietur
IIer hem II Cl C 113 ulIC aCoiiigiiei t itr tee
remit butel4eti S tier lathe r ii si mi 1tirv i
hiker tie i41ihc4 It i tie mu tmit IShe he huh
riimt it Uft macu Cet I ittl euiI aeuii ethet
iere ezhin4 3ir 5iei tilt i lit I1CUi C
tate sir ttttr hit I ir at ut irrtlcu ecel rJy
Iii ttil Coumit Juitir Weiimeii lietj itt
iterrttt LU tiJJ Ijti t kc1 the 14cc tewgtnl itr Tthtci
4 JtKZl2OItlT1i fl 114 WC
TryInt to Gt the Price or Ihctr Toll Stark
I YIiero It tine EiIiteri Month 4ro
the llrewers Mrli ii 1 iii City Fnslt
FAIrj IitVFit July 1WIllie striking has
been in order in many ratios throughout the
coutitry in the past few months tho ihisoon
tented mill operatives in thIs city have bean
planning to see how they could got get
thitir wages back to where they wore
eIghteen months ago First a ten per
cent cut down was made in April 1880
Thuit followed anothoraimullar reduction in Oc
tobor of tim sante year Within two months
print cloths hare advancoti in price to four
cents airing manufacturere a large profit
Warned by repeated fnhlures in vast
strikes our spinners and weavers are
determnineul on a successfuul effort next
titn They have spent much time in orcnnlz
mr and putting out lines to other manufactur
inn cities of Now Eneltuid especially in title
tititte niiti Mnine so tittut titer can get suite aid
In the event of a prolonred strike Itobert how
mird secretary of the Mule Spinners Associa
tion has dono much work this way and to
nlrht tie cahleh a niceting of the asqoclation
represtntinr 15000 opriiiivnn to eltoaso tIde
gatnq to go to lhston on Smtndiy Itily 8 to con
tier initii lelegatc fhmthul miii other New lniland
luiniuufiucturlng eeiiris its to the coiirsru to
ho taken by oterativo lahior orcanizitlniis
In till flue cotfoti mind ivtohlitn hull towns
of tue Etiut i less iutivn nrc tIme womvera
loom fixers eariiare tiiii grintier nnil nil np
p ihr ii enOternti in hmnruienmy Ctrtaint trout
itl Is tirewing leer no1 when it eouuuea it wilt
ho reriouts aecnrdiimg to prrtit igiie Mautut
faclureirue itmive tomcrlnl hiutliitlm in this lust
oightepuu months nuil show no tistiocitiout to
10 better in future although nil miii stocks
Intro are far nbovo inr i8ghii or ton fuuuiru muumlk
nra projoctmc1 or building anti itryttutng mill
elites It ratutuneruitive truola The rood state of
ttt iiinrket is tthtivt by tim fact tlmnt prlnth are
alllitg at i 1516 ccntq per ymtril todruy and
atoek an liitimmt are light Suiretarv hlowari
says hint the mill opermitivec nra working for 1i
lir eauut its iuow thati they wre in 18i3
althiouuh mnhisons lJritkluihors anti otluer wuigo
rnrkera get ohihratn wagtit It is tot tho con
elinratictn of times grivuuepq mind to help ttio
lllddufermi Met sninnrs who utro out of work
iieiuse titatr back tunys tutrutck that Hutndutvs
tonvimfioti is eaiiui in htuietnhi als to tievlse
trulvit to Iireak tip fit bhuuluiistltig syitim in tue
iuiihhq Six tloimrutec wore mututucintod by the
sptnmtors tonlgtit for SunuaIa convention
iimu WCmIvtrs and spinners moot next iveek
Time Brctwory Vorkiitgunohia Union whoso
membira itaro beemi an titrlk fo o tuat fotir
wtak hind their senuinnnunl meeting tast
evemillig iii ontjels ssumily htuonis st
Fortfntirtti strati itotweetu 400 and 100
strikers wmmo present A itew Treasurer was
iecteii auiii atm A tm 1 It I ng Co iii mum ittto was ii o
tuohiitej A Cohflnultteo of thus ctltan keepers
Mitre Ihlihfli ltoaecrmtra nail helter am in
Flitu Executive Cntt fltittti introdnctl thu qus
then of tim nilvleabtlhty of continuihig ttio
mtrlke Titri countnlttiua of thin saloon
keptims satd tite sink hut bettor
oii1 at once A tiartlai eutecess luau iunn
galnmii him the teiltietion of ilnuhy labor to twelve
hours anti shorter iioihtit on Suiimhity itlu this
utthn tim mnin sluonid Lt cottiont at uTesont
There wits no rmouon to fear lit blau 1st its
thin uitplovlng brevers hmnul tumouiuinsnl tti tlisa
gitrd It Maui other peuiie were mate All
iru hmi favorof abandoning Itt strike
the question wuic then put to a veto and it
was iiecidiul U n utim t mmiousi y t Immit I hi stri k a wits
tiileii mmii thult tIle thOU should acceiu work
whtrevor tiiuy cool flud it Alt Boycotting Is
to tt mutOltiti
The muen while feelIng chagrIned over the
falturtu tf tim strike irere tuhitinly ulad that it
was over They ivere eoitfldemtt thet tim ma
jorlty being skilled hnututtu could obtain work
lit 0000 Sotite of thins who were most pmontl
heat In tiiui strIke will quilt tile city Tttosu who
mb itotottiibn work will benssistd Thesaloon
keepers siiii that most of them would rtiurmt at
alice to their old iuruwerq The sign UnIon
Beer mnitmt Fie retauiteul buthtwould ho longer
Ihara any special uignillunn
A rnetlng of time Nitty york Brooklyn mid
Jersey City brmtnchts of the Aniatguitiatetl Sn
clits of Fnrmtirs was hold l 2fl leiiimtce
itreet last evutting It wets in V attendte
iind tin truenuiura tilndgel tlitiiii s to tua 3
ouch before next Tuesday for the smlpport or th
strikers In time ifytiraulle Iron Work of Brook
hyn Iho undersinuillog is timrtt title strike
lit to hire nIPt before flnctiier is be
lthfl TIm strikers ep a ticket guard
irmuittul tile uYtrs cuid iimtntrioW nil
uu ii who aiplv fo work Ytttritiiy they
Stripped tlirio Bostcn then anul prsmtcdei ttiusttj
to rtuirn hioin Tue biulico interfiuruil with
thud IiiekAttu and a ecniumiiuto wtitil on thus
police Capiuin and toltl imimim thity used only tier
eualon Iiii toIlet wur then Wltiiihrittczt
About 100 men are still on strike tini otiiur
oightvttrt having iiuittijd thin city or obtained
oilier enmploynut
fhme loiirntynuIm omnamentiti confeetlonersi
arc ni othttg with stIcceet in tholr strike for
ttigiutr wiugs lhuy ask an niivaiicnof twenty
liv per chmi with no extrul work Tlmy earn
only tihoutt S5O hi iceuk nnui limit idi lo Jnti
tiniry ebruuury mind 3lutrcti flue foliciwitig five
n mis aeai ti t mite ii tutu titi e of the sin ko me
yestutriitiy Iletiry Gtihitiimen Sfenmntt Street
nitty htmothre Veirl Street hence Grinirn
Fourth stret iind Avenue A h1trbnt Colultilbia
5tret itiul Lrgcmisinger Avenue Ii and ihous
ton Street
ZiEfFS FflUiI 711K iLl WORLD
Ameasimenis Iii the Lend Still
LoNDoN July 1In thu hlnusn of Commons
in Comnuiuuec en the Lent 11th liii night by an suneiI
maccut mnove1 by the AltnrneyGeumeriut of 1reImit Iii
seflcuiioi ot Film 1euit eec Outittel front clause 7
Mt amneuuitceut riteret by ihr Cnirics Iussell iIiberal
reictrium itue Court Ic lii 0 recent I iLtin tamumory
I C iii to ti I hmtIe it i totii Iamiiirt tsie1 hcmisui I teSi mit
cc ilcU by itt Out c rtinemi u it I ci rrmei
iiii iiit ei t C r Itimseiie fluent neat lispoee
lit tfltiSt tmiutlii pmmi I iii hits i ruth chge Mr
iiiilstoe veiriy mien tat unstifled Phi Eretiouie
techg retuom coiuctrtIueuz u lie imiehiiuti iv of lsttis b v sir
iii luSt soiuie Idler tithi il ie mo teiwiucije re is ti U
are uuiJectU4 t itmituc mreeiire how hits I to t dciii
I e ree ri ci icr tutu re rut tettin it r Glad cue
it rej aumumuuuir uhuJu st tees ii iii nltuuhimnmn2 Iui4t
they coutd heel te ret ict him couicesiomi sIv 4 cmi tub
stricibsi ieigfc it amen time Irteut miueuuuers eeemd itt
Ctlmtel II reue
At the umui imn o t fnn timr re lilt nhh t a re soutiun
isa pastel mruIehim flitIit lie mtmgtiiei 0Cc Cfinflea
iuuude at Ute Isimi bill amid aneted ty tie tusercut
Serious luiiirreclun lie Iunls
TuNIS July IAri at Shax fired on a
rreiucti sutsiner cuuuirt mew Tuniten iroope tiuhihier he
ttev ill tiucuit trf ma heuid iu area t eititriie iii tret site
en eluedta mcclii ci sue the iruicibit till tearhu iii it
maca lrttn the iriue It I sgut uiiat the tremuelt carp
iltut eiutitmet it ti miuuti i ii ittoit It rouh tie tts ii
I I uiuus ahi eiuub4rt mt Ooktti em ucart it ireictm math
dat uhF i to etutto I tie Tumu to trtim I Ii r
tttetii ttii trit r I la tric ii 1 uu i ci ti is itt
arm mrheui my it blow tiiiiiCied iii ti Iiti Tue ltm
I it4 is tue Ce litl iikii tt I 4t iii 111iS Ii I
Ltier educe iy mliii iii tuumrrcmmumt 11 lt ii ie
ctquito Itittiituiie Tietc I ettul S t tue It rtaL
Loro Julie 2 t t tts trio
1trme eaC Sut ii Ill tile hi t it s su time muuere uta
rae English lhn icy it order
LoixioN July 1Titti Jaithj Xtecs in regaril
to it CUettOi tsr tie tuttrujueumuu ut tuiertcaui cahuvut
cartiies on Enluitt reulssimya ssliclt sunject It co
furiotrd ertin h cenuuecmri imtt the murder ur iir
iu ii in teS i he fnuiowir supulient it p e re hmiftutmel
that 5 mew i eu ra am tiuc tiiietiori oh tbti irm4it ill Ii iii
ii I tut ittiY tiCtieJ liii tm tr ieut the ti lie ii C
ireierrtce hit iii I rt at tile lub I I or eruiutgry
oIrruv it ii SO itrnhiiiy tmuuL ltiU the t CLleeti tija
aordnsrv t Xcltpitirmit COmtmtUts tehtuiie it hue
hittrtt r te ii r t11d t 1 puliituis I iu
cc 11 truitu hrtrt suit tcueui ii lii ttiudti rmtiiu
1bo Germamie lmiaiureai lIme
hirrLiw July lultltouglh mlii Iuihlregs Ati
ruttd is d41r its iceit Ut Cl IC I itCtt4 irsere are
S hlei to tt utic ctrv i t uhiiug icr her ce4y
tctOTCT itt Itnperur IS tmanu tugs lsturued lu
ishic ies
Tte Srtktum doea lttoreue at Ilmeut Ritayet hqye me
juiced is era ui th tsrumhs chic tel hi tir itj Ocr
The evhCtton ot tenant at uiltuiehieuwn curia Corir
Ireiguid cultunud 3 cstrrdiy o uihturbguute eurreI
A retert Ii lull iti I ftt louti tiit tauiut lvtbreg
cdl ret use IIC it uItumi tic iintiiii A it lmu
ii Ibemiti S41ttetiuil re it hit Eruiii tipiimt set
tulle inter 4U4 mnemeiier o It tmiehitnutu Ia at tite
arc ti 03
Ii I aiflruued tuait iretitcr Irry hi spitteti ot tie
g tmume let b r4rxe I etiriuie mt tprtuliuuhy of limtcu
dulhg pthim tutu tue 1ur m cut rut
Tue ehotutit trrthmlte O titt 4 ci 1ubcrgt tarty
it tierullAhm V uitciteC S temiu4hnt rr liii r1 utimhit a the
teriti ut aetylCe iii tile aruty iruu hit lii ta esre
Ittirly riuHs Iievt iChm arrsstst it lrague I ruined
tOOt 55 iOu time s sturtijuIet ls ihi eht Site tt tuSh titleiitl
14 Livii Tit auliucriucs hate tateU eniette uemi
urea ti ecrie other
Oil Vetmtrejgr mit a reritmiuisnre mit tie Alttauntri
Rtc Ui it hut V ctitumIulur itch lrr twit at tiuiutmuig hue
tUimtte etitred so uti tuegu a i tue iii the mcii rut
atce all tile iuumtiuuii uiiitteeui s it rtCatedly Ostiel lot
Itut mairriaues tt lit t i4Oib ii bafler it tiiire and
liii t all Joctiueizart the grthI htte lrtruiits itt il
titters stud uUier utihtuC uncle lotte tttrsttet so iuchi
attenliout wag celIurjli sue lgtmg tme tbdiuiJsy 11
ttdtu time teltlel tile larta tumid wittm us ur aix
ILliuia on Lim title
the race cC huinsatty displays ewcr pinepics than icr
mealy i giezuULeaa aiuipiuux ip4e
nereudmar UlmacIf and the Laratte Tire
Jnsiirnnce ComIsutily
ATuA July 1Presltlont hubert 01
iflthx of the Iiifiiyettt Firo Insurance Company
01 Brooklyn lint which has an office at 165
Broadway uiw York appeared before the
AltnrhioyGonnmnl toilay to hiow causo why Ito
should not ho rentoveut under charges that lint
Leon tnntio hy Mr DoLre a former director and
a titembor of thin Executive Committee
Mr Dodge nake leave to bring stilt and ti
have a receIver appointed on tim grounds first
thhat the Preslhent who hind tluo power to trans
for bontis haiti htl ills posscuslon 60000 of on
registered United States bonds which ho ro
fuinui to transfer atmil tltrtt hti wits not finan
daIly responsible for so largo a sum
soconti that Ito hnul borrowed large amounts of
bite motley loaned by tho conttutny on bond and
tnortragcand given inaclnqtillto security there
for thIrd titat thie proettt ihoard of Pireetore
refutued to allow the etockhtoluier to examine
the hook fourth built the statute iniitr
whilehI thin eornpuinv was OrguIfli7tht rcthuirti
tithlt tim Boarih of Directors tuhtoulih consist of
twenty niuuniuors anti thnt the company Ihtiti
fnhloul to eiet dtreetors iii ttio place oh those
wtto hail hecouno disquiliitlei anti thittt the nf
taut of thin company were now nuuinagod by a
board of titan twenty lirecious
It apluearotl on investigtitton that thus United
tittett honuls saul to he in the huinthq of the
Preeii1ut hiutve been eiuanguul for registered
bonus anti that nil Slits honiiq now hell hi the
coinpilny worn rttmzistruid ntttl ilrptsitit wit a
par dtpnstt 000itinny in Now lork Ac to bite
loans to butt lrwiluit it wits eotucuild tltat tIme
eotmtuiuirmy itolds hml t bonds nni murrtgnges for
EhtiOO Titt PresIdent eiiutmmh that time stutir
Ity VIIR atiittle and that tlire wits no stittttto
pmolithtiting tim iuiininiz of the fuuniis to an ofli
etur if thin ennifiany ito tinteil that nit inspee
lion oftht books nutlof the huisinssot thin eoiii
utility Imhi nver inon refiiseih to atit etoekimoluler
As to thin llciarh of Directors in 1S77 n law was
tuilssoul n1lowin tiuc company to reulhlce the
numhr of Ite hiiarti of Ihreutors to timlntenui liii
lnouhtbcrs became ilhtuqihflhlfltil by resigning
death or OtImr entiCes Iihui JIiiurd now con
iiimits of inoro titan thtirteuiit nhenibors
Thin procuetitngs went auijoutrnil for ten dny
Ii allow both tuis to cubnmtt sworn tatemriits
as to the uuuifliiomicv of tite ettctinity tzlveti by the
lresidnnt for tini 28 t0l nnui eq to the ehiirg
tlmitt stoeklitdilers html riutnut rotuseti an oppor
tuutiltv to utituino bitt ho ltu if thin conipany
tuil thurit iitfortnrmtton ne fit tho business of the
company had been domileih titetut
A Jiose Steel flute nmt ma Presentation 5
Jfitnitimi the Clinmetun Inramtu
OrrttvA Out July 1Ottawa todny is
ni felt lin fly from thin public buIld
Ings and itti etis of private resluiences The
streets are ongod and It is estimated tiuat
15000 strantiers are iut the city The fehlturo of
tim Dominion Day celohrition was thu boat
race but there were howtver a number of
other importnnt events Including a hose reel
race for whIch they were several entries in
cluiling thu fIre brigades of Malone Canton
and Ogttcnsburg Now York
Thin progmattitno openeil with a royal enhoto
at 7L A 31 This was followed by a roviow of
tint GovernorGenerala Foot Guards by Col
3hanson h A I on Curlier squtitre At 8
four bintls pnruiuiod tlroiugil tilt turlnoitial
suruat ituth at 1fl1 titrtl WitS 11 test run of time
Fire Brigade Next canto the trentatlon of
atm hmddrOSC and a iiiutitlvu gob chmutlu to Iianirtn
iiutttlmtilou outrutinmtn of time world itt thi liv
hail itt the prestnco of fully 12000
tteotmle by ilayor Mtickintocii on heitnhf of ttni
t1tlznc if Ottawa hmen tim elmittoition mmli
iilmu atmtiemiranco on the ulsvmtttui shellS of theiiithl
110 WtuR uruted with prolonged cheering Vviin
thin tmoise had subitidoil Mayor Macirintomuhi in a
neat pcech puihii fItting cotnpiittientq to the
grnt setilluir lie wits frequiontly interrupted
vltii cheers llaolnn rtplliti its follows
ii Mgyta Lgotc ace GUtTISSECI f thammtt you sin
rerety for hIlt llethermiC rPcptiumi tI hsve ieisen in
it tiec hue Irest tieusiii to meet the tpte r 0115w
ohm tU orCssiime and I ussitre vumi tttt every race I fav
TOerl I ruetti ho tin amut I nlssaye inteni todo cubit
iii future I aim s mcii ti tlett flt ci is rut it miut youm
tibhi tttrvtume cxciii in it itlite a ttott pueeh I
timii yimi Urett cuueermuurJ
Thin eonitumittio then coniluteteul hlanian to tIme
Council Chaittier where tie was presented to
about 1O ladies anti guntienuehi
AsslilaflI ilistriet Attorney Wernber
DistrIct Attorney ttlin in Brooklyn yester
ttsi remmeorid hts 1lrt tiitnnt Jera ilermmtery is ho
lie I ihi elhice tluromuttmnut Mr umtiiut Crot hermmm and
uiiltt mow but lube iceoni Mr lSermttenr I a Iiemcrsh
amid tilt arpoumitnuetut we iumutaimtimctnry to the Vouui
lieiUleiiCsim ii ho lmal rthiel I rn Ceittims support hi
the lint canvas In order to emiihst this since ement
bum lube ceconi camuaten lien iatihn ii I salt ttie a
wrmuueum m ldge utiait tue wtmuid Mr frcher L
Reeku bimu tOter hhe tieclhutti Mr flermulere wee reap
pmh let it ecu crc urt o i cruet f t to icer upoim 0
auIh mi tn reetitui thut Yotmu Iittiitiiicim itt ii 1 at
5 t I trs ii siia mit I uithitriz 1 ia huh mittee lit ii piouuitet
Mr l C liutij Jr A lit plthge ti iir ltclu umhh
Cemultt itd multi uuuhiied tue lulrtct Athttree ti a cemm
t C lIti tj rrtmc 11 r ii a miii ii r hieck it w ci
teritr ii ii 11thi iii tie iicu a a reitarul let vtltctcni
sets mccc him the hi t cmuuuipamett
Ast1ui rr oIlictr Merritt irrct
Joint 11 MtKiutloy cothnsel for Alexandre
Saimi owners ortime iIiian saul iteetcan lime ot itesOm
ehitie liii teri htitet Ste hr C Coimtmmilboiuer Si lehi
esuemd my ainiailtq nitte ty imimsel amid iretericI ii
Itayss sri it dorm or Ahexsndre uouu cli irtiin Eititn
A itcirlit ttuiecher Cilttotui C with neuzleet o i uhy
mu tile m cchhomi 4 iti7 itt I ui tmttuue mit rttumt I eramtI a
eheir ur to tic elemmilti I ity of itasutitituu omi i lie
h2th tI iiay lit sitidtvml irlhlet ttiit tie Ceihctor
OsTe ac tiw rsuisuut hr Iii reiuii huiit litci oat tiehihuieA
iiltlUied au the veetci to thu muuiicurum ot 12t371 had miot
beau tail Aim auiIhavit tit E Akaiilrt aieu
vIurcl tt Ithlrcitr mliii emrtimme f2it 7i hetoro him
isnUuut me mait the Ciii oh ttaiiimttomu I clear
tommmiuicituir clue lha 4 etimtel tic ir in ui warrant her
ttr irntsl tm thin iuiecttr tail r lerrel the Couiplamu
atmu tu Aeiihtaat Ihettict htrhlci lute
Iite Suile or ii ltuiIlrtaiiI tTIheid
Justlco Gilbert ystcrtiay tlunletl tiitt apohica
tiomi oh a tuumiber ol teumhittiers Pt viral the ada uI time
iCW uT5 Ituucitodc slid Nurituerut ttmbbro4d to Dtsbcumt
ii Shudiselt tit ratitomd Wa scid unler tie turctlo
cure cit a tmioriZaia o istumeim Damubel it ilunwomat amid
t4 0 Mei are mruiece Iii ptice bid Ly etul
5 I I t I I I 10 0 but ii tmtmi t tie i tie to 1
1 mul t s fmtmt tit deed is it ui ii rti umtter ilt tnle
ii un Im prumerly it ti it is itimhu a me w hnomttits
I i The iiiuiiari ciutitttt 11111 mit r hi
trt nee II tmhe rest i ii thus tirciu a e u itutt lucy had
Cutlet em iy m mitt limit Ii CC nab hate it Idcii ft ii b a
tre4t t it Ci uiii mu exithmcc cam ittet they lund a
I I IC I to tilUd ii ci is cumilpin tit lit It hi irort
I ii mimiriuice t hue dmShilnitm it ictm me hi 1 tush tO it
J 0511CC Uiiietl dridc liujt tue teuhilnim is must hmermturiei1
lien Jiignctha i lit titntmtrh
VthihiNtiToi July 1Gun Jttttes Ii Fry
Aism susmut tejutaiut0tnerai is mu Ie ph ial omi the re
limit lmtI itihtuifl ft ily or two neut rry Wa Irovot
M trh ml Oouucrth ci the tnumiy 1cm Vln lila itar iii I
it vtuh itmacli marry hr rtcrmtutun was t itmeiel mutter
ii UI t r Ihy mitt retreittut ti t i Fry temi it Ie rt
11 ihO luma ii iii I utmn ii iili ziti OS lh ilimiu
it tlueiut 5 iutuic ruut ii irututttmu it ii
ii l ft t titCy ii IlL ut a lii ti hued Ie tie iIvtIiCIttiit
tm i tiiiuti it iiuhelcil ii 14 ttteflit i tar
Ucit Ii n iucte I I t irotutbnti lii i lie Im i irmm t m ill
tespUuule to 4 vraouual reiuut mud i1 kit Itiiucota
1tilIrntl tomoucieiiter Irneh titiIeuded
ASttiN0TON Tuily hSecretri l hrkwoouj mit
a I lie ttiir thu 4 iii hrumieu icuit lliur retu rime I totem lit
ttti let ilit mmmi iuituvt it r ir nit uf Itt iu epe mtmomt
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ccii 11 tiut tflteruim Il r lr en hi I i tttiu cd to thu
iirriirb hit ttiitmittluu UI ti n r him tit
tim btiObttt tutu itlit I ti luutlei lIlrret iii
trcie ii eiud mr ultit m uij thuluito but i iii i uigi br
eirrai it ri or umutui ilier 4ittdhdg retuu
Iron tume limp ti eo Lti immd
Iiyiit lbrIi lttsytmg ti Etirmim lu 31 isrylend
lttrzrmiru July 1Mr ltarlit 31 Inugier
t of hIeiurI I ouni it uit lu lr Ruttab iuiipi
ut vort lumi arut ha I tie etir4 euiuly iiiut cm uiitb e
I Ottmi Lttmttt City a id cttlutami I li otuitt I JI I crc ie
t Mr ti li ii lii I t lii tIm
bs C urrIb atil iit Ii tile I F lt It ii mut I itrt
t irt tmt ii tifOl e
ummi us t its Uvy Q uuit r it rederce cii lit
tteultty cuitt7it
FIre ul lttCitlisy otcach
A light in the sky nppareuIy over 1nng
acm uSC MCIi iruht lemmet tueis html iron hiummtvr
tiihiut tn I mm tired um V Inc it I It s iel at tie tmao
tlmit ti 1uui itoii we iurmmmu sad etertuty
mlurmmimi a ii 11u i a me u3ie by telii a i ii ttiI
I ertti itt lu 14tnit uiiut it es imttts mu ci ii
ii re tie e sal it mu tiuiuveiI iai r iii liii i iy lii I
tpti t i r 1 t n itt I rimit i i it au luci I e U Iarmu4
stltuiti w4 it t mm tiit ii e ttsC but the is is uti
iiuh ttcrc its flu itt i I tu it aii
Shnir iluseell sioisthri
Mayor howell hal just flnbeimtd expressing
its Is2rv1 uttr tie iuew c flue tiith oh itt K J
iVtemthoct iieabIeitt Ut tutu 1hrckbyu itturd ot Elucn
ttoO 3tterti tifieui Mr sndrew Atbrv ctikI
a mpiicd tm to i ri liii I t flbt mtulr it Ila it iii I I I it
celmuil iii thee oh hr ri iiitt lgvr II wet iurt tel
ii me s isittit trout ieib ho hut itl 41 1 Itttt Ie is a S 51tt
liiitd lust am r s lltlllSmh iii uld 1 ii itil I t I cmi ii imi
tecemit hile II itmiertmiij itr AUiursy ti4t tue bnd
airealy giia lttOiuCUt Zaia tiley It gleitdd at I
The Lenthep In the eynhllsfrtet Give liii
Jteie mia tor UpInug Mr 5elIv neil Ad J
vise hint I thtlriw frm Tnmunnuy
Oui tIm 24th of Juno the Tammany Corn
tnlttti 012 OruZatiiZttlofl mqppointeth a subcom
mItten to roorganize tthd General Committee of
the Soventit Aseitnalthy District Tito Tammant
leather in that District is Coi William It Robert
The Colotlel worked nrninst John Kellys ticket
in tim Lammany Societys election for Sachems
In April luist anti on several ocenstons opposed
Mr ifmthlys eflnrfq to array tue Tmimmnnv or
gamtizatlon ngnlnst Mayor Grace Mr Iollvde
terntinetl aftttr tim Tuuinmany Societys electIon
to put Col lioherts out of thin General Commit
tee He first tried to have the Seventh District
Committee do the work But when the subject
wtis iurnught before that committee thirtyfive
ofltsfortytiurre mcmbersstood byCoi Roberts
Tlierettpoui ur Kelly rosorted to hits ohil tactics
and nppoiittil a ninfliitlen on Disctpltne to
do the work lhmat cotimhttu whIch Is
composed of five of Mr omitIy most
tiovoteit foliowre homzaii Its labors on
Thursday evetilng last Ccl Iboberhe dochtheti
not to eppeat beforo it anti yesterday ho wrote
Jtihin Klhy a hatter itivimig lila reasons for hi
olitios it fort ti It i lit itS fl poll u heal hetiul or
Time Colonel inimis tile rkiuit oh tile Commit
tee on Ormznitlztttnn to disemplIhin him or ant
member of Iii General Ctintnmitte who has
tortitilteil with tile ongitntzatlons bylaws hi
ptyintt his diuts lIe timon tivq at somu lutnttii
lila romisons for opposing Mr Kelly Iiewritee
oitr ntiemmbic hid t ttitiei elinest brutil ineuutence
hl C title ii itihi t S tO Itt intO 3flht cnimlI ilOt uSC I 7Oti r
cittiiodet iizruihiuie to mcii intlo hat made limo
iZtCfttt utcriilce iur Oli tiir S rttd nnqttmr
Wiieim UI te C lii tu i O 0 ne rormn sail ieroihimt me
is rty tmiuuie mite rut tuuiuie ti your iothticni influenceto
anti ii yiir izreuii weiihb itt the expemise nf our taitnuerti
tnt fimtdfly your stteimiptt lit iirtste to hue Demo
craite perti in tie aisIC Cliii teainn iauIin In white roil
liritit ntdeU lit Itmrtimnut er time Ietrsh end Side cloy
criuutmenhe to tie neiuite ot hue party th St itsI
lionount smut emmrictttd title evidence cit
ohI irue ctiutrcimnr tietul imitilvee totaimo appirtnt when
iitjnnuiry I teuuimiel limit yath dehufteraheis siucrifleeui
i ar orztlmtzi uiu 5 ut tue me ii is I a ii eu ioliowct iii to
bmw sit to eliitlititi nutTier titin aurretuder en cimee
tilt teim it wutbeli limit pniret
Vmt wuuthct hI Musomieet to pmomtee commiabonet
tiuihe to tue fleputiimei n A tirmimem Sit Si ii tre Sc nt iii
cmmit rumu iinn ci 3 timr ttucep r 511 ueihiir to cc ltlIt
tit tihm I tile Ii itt itt at etec tel tint tu ieiiinied Ibm
ii tile viteit terame at tUSuit tInts fltOtL I trcr tue thi
ihi iiutteui to tthUiiie your pertomuiil rvemttiiicumte umslosi
Nutns htttstlumudinu sit hii teenilI In condenuna
liot r ticat but ttit ciii ytmr tIrtitohit inlie
it tile I mu iUitte hi tt titti tXtt rteiiri volt tint cit mU nil ml
this mm mit diuercel iii meiiit etuim I mmfeivored tnt hubs
uitiicr titi lii Jitimulitri tmm time flnari it ilertnen by
5 hint yoU itnuicul to citreti tifl iiorl agshnt liii Demmim
CritIc xeemetbeL Of lit eitt I tlth ioli iiiei uliy because
the tiepiititctmii rttimwd ho italIc with you
CoI Roberts conoltiulec lmy exnresslmig tue
Otilfliohi that no Dutttierntlc Stmutt Convention
will muemlln retognizo Mr KIIy mtnd auivites hIm
to wititiirmiv from tIme Tmuutiiitmnv orgitnizeitlon
You coithil hInt itoh toiiti 15000 votne tie
says inih you ilab nit over lure district
eohhhmittsts thiut are runt chiller merely paper
or ready to seatteratthmu first light
flankruiptey us One or the lug Siztk Avenue
Retail Mtore
The failure of William 0 Kinzey Co
dealore In fancy goods nnul notions at 241 to 245
Sixth avenue was announced yesterday and in
tbo afternoon the partners William 0 Kinzuiy
and Max J Platz tunthe an assignment to Louis
Steinor of SteIner Kuhn Co giving eight
proferenencnggregating t 17003781 tho largest
beingtn E OliierntilnnCoSOOOnntjftiflp
SeltmIolf 11980
Time ieiltlris is attriitutted hi ubtIl trade sines
time let o January lamers axpensee nnii otittr
hosqes S iheti tihn iirnt took pfnk In Febrtmnrv
they hind assets in srouk of 172S434 anti the
hiulhilhithes weri l196S567wiuieh itithuitiel 5000
ittiantn on the tetmjihitl furnIshed hi Mr Plitz
When he entersti tito firm on 3liirih 0 1880 uS
nut in 110000 cash whiiii was tiorrowad tite
firm giving titteir notes for thmi ainouint payable
S2hiOO anntl mily untIl thu whole nrnoiinf should
ite patti lr Ktiuuy ivts formuitrly it 7mJ7 Brumid
ivay whore fuiiel lii Jnuuuirr IHTS whIm ha
biiitie of 152000 iVIIilIh lu ctmpromtsuai c
thirty cents on tilts bohhmIr liii rnmnveil to hi
pritent location three rurs glen and expuintie
I 10001 h ii tltth nmz it mlii 31 r Hut miitstiti nttor
ny for the assIgn call vesterilmty that cli
liabIlIties wrut hiboiht 153000 but Iii value a
ulict assets whtthu corimibstci intlnlv of stock o
fancy goods was hInt dfitiitiy knon
5 Itiniiwiii ni UI Trtthin rrnc
About 200 members of thus IrislhAmerfcae
lirmi tmmi Club uf the Sevtnht Wgrl or utLi city aemmmbied
iii tiiriuimi lIttet luuuirnithc truck on Long Iland yestose
dty mmiieriann ho nhmule a trot for time chsniphnmuhtp vS
ie club The contihhnrts trerel eoeeptete 52tk immbts
iieuim best hirer In Cv in liii commieliLq
irtitcrs ii C rt Itutet u ret hes e iris n geitiitiC ii oue5
ei iitciitt lictuimmiids buty nm3r White Iunit tmnt
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