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bt nn
A MortaiWound from an
Assassini Hand
Fired On in a Washington
Railroad Do ot
Arrest ofthe Murderer
Charles Guiteau
Mrs1 Garfield hurries to 11cr
husbands Bedside
The VicePresident on his Way at
Midnight tO the Capital
A Deed that has Fified the
Country with Horror
Wherover the telegraph reachea the world
u hookod ycatorday by the announcement
of the attoitod auaulnntlon of the Preetdent
lie WM ehot down U he wee about to start to
join III wife at Jorcey City With her
ho Intended to vialt friend In New
Tork tnd Mauaohueette The man who
flrd the 8hOt that It is feard may pro fatal
WM arroeted He had led an Irregular life In
ulous arte of this country No adeguate mo
tive le assigned and he Is thought to be mad
Various letters written by him and hi utter
aicee as well tend to confirm this belief
Tho nowe was communicated to Mrs Oarfleld
at Long Branch whore she had beon seeking
to regain her health The stricken wife was
earned to Washington on a special train She
roachod the bodeldeot her dying husband early
In the evening The Preeident wee conscious
uhe had been nearly all the time eInc the
shooting lie recognized his wife and friends
lb bore his grlcyous Injuries with groat forti
tude and was selfcontained and cheerful
The Dhyaiciane attending him were during
woet of the day fearful that the wounds would
vtoye speedily fetal Late last night Qen
Oarflelds condition wae slightly better
In this city tho excitement waa high Vice
rraident Arthur started for Waabington at
midnight The tragedy is fully describod in
tha desatcho and reporti given bolow
A PistoL Report In Ike JJepTb Prt
dent Full
WASItINOTON July 2Prosldent James A
Oartluid wee eliot this morning by an aesassin
Iii the waiting room of the Pennsylvania Rail
road depot Before this announcemsut is r ad
the President may be dead It was done in a
momenttwo reporttho seizure of the asasin
his removal to jail all this occuoies less time
t1MU It take to write it But the news sprad
ttirouh the stredts with amazing raDidity
hero comes a mounted policeman gal
lopping down the avenue at his utmost
speed his face blanched himself the rdc
lure of terror which was sufflcient cause for
the alarm which he oreatod among those who
saw him The President is shoti The Presi
dnt is shotI he shouted and screamed
The words were taken from his lips
and conveyed faster than he himself was
riding here comes a carriage drlviur with
furious speed justifying the confusion that
followed in ha wake here follows a mounted
policeman looking neithor to right nor to left
aimost riding over people as if careles of
life in his urgency It seemed as It
word passed into the departmente as by
Tl2agic Instantly as tbouzh some terrible
anio within had seized them the inmates
flocked by scores and hundreds to the steps of
the Treasury Pension omce enu other depart
meats Menocmmencedto runsaylngto one
another as they passed Thu President baa
beon murdered Yet people doubted It No
One could be found who could corroborate it
Tb galloping horsemeo the furIously driving
carriages and the mounted policemen all be
spoke that something terrible had happened
It was known however that there was trouble
somewhere and It was not long before the
news came that the President lay dyIng In a
zoom of the Baltimore and Potomac Depot
Mr Garfield In the very beat of health and
stints left the White House this morning in
Company with Secretary lilainu and his son
harry Garfield PoatmasterOeneral Jamee
and his wIfe and Secretary Windorn and his
wife had already been driven to the depot
and were there waiting the arrival of
the President In a special car which
had been ect apart for them The depot was
thronged In the 1adiea room was a nervous
short thickaet man restless in his move
ments passii2g bank nod forth his conduct
stdkIn enough to attrct the attention of
the woman in charge George the well
known colored coachman drove to the
ItLe and the door of the coach was
Opened The President was not In any hurry
to cat out A pZftter took the luggage through
1 a iiie room The Presidert aoein a depot
OlteIai asked hIm bow much time he had before
the train left
Yiu have ten minutes sir was the reply
The lreeidunt made tin histu to lenve the car
but sat talking wIth Secretary flame in
the tnQbt Informal and ehotty manner They
d1 not eepect to see one another for some
is for it was Ir Diains purpose to go
tu h home In Maine in a day or Iwo
frr a prolonged etay The President step
ped riu the carriage Mr Blame after him
aid a he stood there waiIiu he lifted his hat
to a lajy Ills physical health seemed so robust
a to reuse the lady to speak of it to her hue
band The Prcsidnt entered the depot Nr
iflatne with him and was passing along
tLe aisle iaadtug from the door to the
I Inner or larte welting room Suidenly
there wu a report so oud and resonant
thet every one supposed one of those iarie
t recraeksrs used on the Fourth of July
d be tired The President himself
did no apprehend trouble not even P1tYID
a sligutesi heed to the report lhd
U done so had he turned he rnhcht
VOibiy bav seen the assassin who stood
and quiet and not more than three
i tad him with a revolver pointed
hIs bac But the President did not
turn Mr l3lalno did not manifest the
slightest uneasiness and evon thronged
as the depot was people wIthin arms
reach of the asaseIn no one seemed to realize
ortoknowthat murder was aboutto be corn
milled It was In an lnstanL The report
were only such a time apart ae eufilcod
for the roeocklng of the revolver Thou
Caine the eoond one The President stopped
turned saw the assassin standing there with
the ready revolver and for en instant the Prea
Ident and his murderer wero face to face Then
the President reeled Ho fainted not to uneon
sciousocas butto weakness and oven beforo ho
could bo caught ho fell to the floor
etriking the bench as ho did so There
was terror at once The Secretary of State
seemed instantly to realIzed what bad hap
ponod and what its consequencos were Ra
shouted for help He called Rockwell
Rockwell whore ii Rockwell Then ho
turnadand seemed about to pursue theneenasin
but the assassin was already In the firm
grasp of an omcor Then the Secretary of State
knelt down beside the President but already
tender hands hail raised Mr Garfields head
Mr Smith the lady in charge of the
room In an Instant was by his side
She had even In the brief time that
wu necessary for herto reach him giving or
dare that water be brought at once Kneolin
there beside him she raised his bond and
ntaced it in her lap and bathed his face The
President uttered no sound and said not a
word but when his son flurry came running
back from the outer platform and saw his
father who but a moment ago he had loft in
such splendid health and vigor and now pros
trato with halfclosed eyes and feeble brow he
knelt by his fathor weeping and the President
seemed to recognize his sone voice Ho oven
said somthingto him which no one but tho
son hoard He made abrief reply in a low voice
and then the rroaldont closed his eyes again
It was for tho moment impoesihie to
say how or where tho President had been
wounded It was enough to know that ho had
received such a wound a required instant
medical attendance The depot in a moment
was packed People stood around him
standing tiptoe behind each other so
that not only the President but
his attendants suffered greatly for tho lack of
air Tb building was cleared and a mattress
was brought The President was tenderly
lifted and placed upon it still uttering no
sound and was borne to tho Superintendents
room up stairs
Secretaries Windom James and Lincoln
were by the Presidents side Immediately after
theshooting The dignified Secretary of the
Treasury bent with the utmost tondornese over
the President asking him where he was wound
ad The Iresldonte flrt thought seems to have
been of his wife Go ho saIlllo Mr VIndom
and telegraph my wlf that I am hurt nn
ask her it she feels ahie to como on to ash
ineton at once dr Vlndom lid Co
The Secretary of Var to whom a scene like
this was the eovond in his experience tile liret
being that of his own father gave hurried dl
reottona for the calling out of military
and also for the procuring of md1
cci attendance It was at hi order
that the gaiiping horsemen and the flying
coachmen come with audi furious pao down
the avenue They peellly returned with a
physician Dr lilies but another physician tiad
already arrived At the first glance Dr
Illise said this is an ulv wound
fib did not dare probe for it Dr
Townsend the other physician in a few
whispered words told Dr Bliss whet he had
discovered Dt Townsend hind barely arriveil
when the President began to vomit and
it seemed a though he was yamiling
blood Reviving a little by the anplkntion
of spirits of ammonia and brandy the Presi
dent complained of pain in the back nd as
they lifted him on a mattress they saw
that his trousers which were of a light
gray material were stained in blood
which was thought possibly lo be favor
ablesympiom indicating an sztrnal wound
Dr Townsend whispering to the Presldnnt
asked him whre he felt the Inoet rain Tho
President hesitated a moment Ito scorned in
doubt but at ienth said I feel a pucuiiar
pain in my right foot and leg
When the lrealdsnt seid this Dr Townsend
Iooeti uiekiy up at Secretary Blame Jt was
ar ominous symptom It seemed to mdi
eate though not suroly that the aninid
eoiumn halt been touched by ttio bullet
In a moment or two two moro physicians
Dr Smith anii Dr Purvts arrival anti then a
more careful examination of tho wound was
made Ona of the physician introduced Iii
finger in it It eaIMl it to bleci a little The
probe was talked of hut not one of thu five p1w
sielans there dartd risk inserting it Opening
the lresldents clothes they found a gatng
wound It was above the third rib They
could not tell whether the path had gone up or
gone down None of the physicians could do
more than surmise as to its vrobahlo course
All of them s1d whatever its course the chances
wars as a hundred to one that the course feces
dialed death There was a single chance that
hue WoUld not 10 so
While this informal consultation of physicians
was being held lb three inenibor of the Cain
ust stood flour the lrtdiient Gun James bath
Ing his head Secrctary Lincoln anl air In
tlotn makinir preparuttons for such exigencies
all might ariec
Standinc by the President there in that upper
room was a man broken down in paroxysms of
grief tears falling from hi eyes asIing the
President where he feit hurt wore This was
CoL itobert 0 Ingersoll Ito t ok the Ireai
denCa hand and said fleneraiTail mewhiere
you are iainod the most The Iresldent ye
plied I Iul a vriekiy bnaation in my feet
Col Inecreoli turned away with a face like
ileth lie saul to tile physicians that the
Ireeiilent says Ie feels a prickly seysation in
his feat rue burgeon simply nodded
Then silently withdrawing Dr Bliss to otto
side a simple quaitlnn and en answer passed
between them Col Ingersoll went hack anti
look the Presidents band The lreoident
opened his eyes and smiled Not a word was
said between them further Col Ingersoll went
away as Dr Ingersoll descended thu stairs
It became evideut that there was ona thing to
do that was to remove tim President from the
inconvenientrcm invbichhowas giaced rite
police ambulance was eut for as being the
most convenient vehicle for carryinic the 1rei
ilent A mattress was piucei in it nd then
when It was ready an open athwa was
InadebetWeeilthtl densethrong of peeple and
the President was brought down and placed
within the conveyance It was a sight to make
those wOO saw it weep Many hail see the
lrestdent fifteen minutes before in the full pie
lure of heaith and flow he lay with
bioodstained clothes wIth ped face half
parted lips and nalfciosed eyes Two physi
ciaus were at his side Thu ambulance was
driven rapidly followed by a large
throng over the smooth pavements to the
White house The Presideiit said ziotiilug as
he was buing cirrieii along until a rough
place on Flltoenttl street was reached
where ibo jolting evidently caused hint
great pain for be moaned On arriy
ing at the White House he was carried
to the upper chamber on the southwest corner
and there a more careful exautinstion of the
wounil was math BurgeonGeneral Barnes
Dre Bliss and Harris and Secretary Ltneoiu
stood itround the bedside of the jresldeut
TIlE wonsr yzitv vrriro
Every member of the Cabinet followed the
wounded lresident to the S bite house and
wives anti daughters of Cabinet oftleor4 tar
formed the tender womanly omees in thi jib
coneD of the wife who was approaching
the national capital with all thu speed that
steam catt giye Ufilcials ofali grades assembled
some of them Letn even perntittud to enter the
lresidenta Chamber It was thought that the
wouud might be probed immediately but this
we not deemed sate There were many
Indications of Internal tietuoryhage The
temperature increased rapidly und the
pulse was greatly ijuickened Boon alter
the return from the depot there were great
hopes that the wound might not prota fatal
but when II was discovered that the physiciau
declined to make the search for it
and postponed any further examination
until S V 3 it became apparent thu
Ireetdent wa too weak to submit to the opera
lion and the hopes of recovery seated first in
the location of the buliet anil flet in a strong
constitution The bour that ittiurvened wore
to tell the story Meanwhile everything was
doue to relieve the sufferer Ills head
was clear and ho was very comfort
able He complains of iotbing except of
pain and a twitehiug in his feet That the
surgeons said was not a ooU symptom Soon
afterhe had been placed upon his bed Mr
lilainacame in Be hadstopned In titeante
room long qnough to writs in his own band the
Jollowiug despateb to Minister Lowell at
Wt5iGUJ I C Juiy 3 1881
JJsl RiflL11 Mit 4i Zku
The ktUsui t Ull Ln1t4 Slate Wil ibot this
morntnz by an iuulu nawtj Charles huititu
pIe weapon was a ierisiLest jsyoiyr 7k Isit
dent hst just reache8 the flitlmors sntt Potomac
Blatton at about 021 oclock intenrhin with
a portion 01 his Cabinet to heave on ths him
iteti espress tot New York I rods in the carrises with
him Irotn the Executive Mansion antI was walking b
hi side when he was shot rue sss5tfl W55 imnied
itchy srretel eel the lreItent was conveyed to a
private room In the ittton butiliny and sumical aitI
at once summoneth lie baa now at 1020 btcfl
tniuved to the Executive MnMofl The surgeons on
consultation regard his wounIs Al 8t7 SellOUt though
not tieCe3attiy att liii ytgorou health gives Itrone
hope et his recovery lie has nut lost consciousness or
a flamed
Ioorm oily Ministers in Europe
Signed IAS U PLala ReCret5r3 of State
Mn ttnga cooLUitsS
I never saw said PostmasterGeneral
James afterward a man of such extraordina
ry nerve as Mr Blame He stood bealda the
President when lie was shot and he
was the only man in all thnt depot builti
lug who was not almost ptralrzei with
terror lie stood cairn and coiiected in
the midst of that surging panicstricken crowd
and gave his orders is cooiiy as if lie had been
commanding a bathe and he was wiihin a low
Inches of the assassins bullet hlmnif
I never thought of myself at all at the time
acid Mr flume afterward I only tliouRht
of our poor tlear President When Mr
liiaine entered the Proeidnts chamber
the President partly turnud throughout
tue entire day he tried to turn when
over a friend entered the room and
extended his hand to him Tho Secretary ap
proached the bodeldo of the rapidly sinking
man when the President tilaced hut arm about
film as nearly as tin could and said flow I
love you it was not until lien lint Itiaino the
strong man broke down The eyes that had
refused to fill during the Intones oxItement of
ito preceding hour were attifileod with tears
and iii voice was choked it wee a moment
sold Mr I3iatno that I never shall forgot in
all my life
When Dr Bliss informed the President that
his condition was critical the President saul
Doctor I am not afraid to die I vant to
know what you think about niy condition
Toil me the worst Tue Doctor replied
that his condition was vary serious that
ho hai some chanceS of life but that hii would
do well to prepare for ho worst One of the Ia
the of ito Cabinet afterward cheeriully said to
the President We export to pull you
through Mr Presidpnt Mr Garliettt air
swored And I nut goltig to try to help
you puli urn through li never lost
Ills spirits not even whitin the Doctor informed
him that lie tuirhiaps had not titany hours to
live lie saitl titan Oojhs will be done I am
contont But fronithnmonwnttlint lie learned
that he might not ilvo his thoughts turned more
anxiously to the arrival of hale wife
TIlE CADIET oyyiciais
During the afternoon the Citbinet oflicers en
riously discussel the sitmitlon it was notlcet
ble hint their thoughts were turned chiefly to
lie sufferer anti very little to the polltitai re
suits which might follow from the death of
tie Prusldout Mr Kirkwood sat silently
much of the time smoking In the
anti roOm lie was vary calm anti sad
Secretary Blame tltd not leave the room ox
cept to take lunclieoti anti ho conversed freely
about the occurrence and paid an etoqtient
tribute to the great qualities of his chief lie
was very cattu his greatest regret seemed to
be for tIle family of thin lrnsident end for the
country iestninsterOeneriil Jatiiu was
especially nilocted lie was frequently hoard
to say Clod tvo the poor country
Robert Lincoln painfully reminded of the
tragic tleath of his own lstheyin santo position
said that in lie Cabinet council chant
bur while sitting boneath the statue
of his father which iookmi down upon
him to a coltteguO In tlio Cabinet nnd saute
friends It ii ii curious tact that the President
hits lately tiuthed a great dent about my hither
At a dinner the other diy to which a nuni
boy of us were invited lii convertS
lion was full of story tolling Ho ncr
rotod amoug other things his experience
tot the time o thu assaselnittion in Now Aork
and said he strolled out of his room and aimost
unconsciously attended the meeting which was
called In VIl street and made that remarkable
peach which had such an eect in quieting
the mob
The bulletins of the day have told iii a frog
niuntar way the story of a sad deys bust
neasuntil nightfall it is possible now to
put toether In it more connected
way this painful story I Suspect thu
wound is fatni said the lresldenl
to a near friend this morning soon after he we
eliot anti to snottier frionil one of thin wood
women who huve been watching so tenderly
at his bedside lie said Gods will
be done I nun entitent either wny The
Intercourse of the President with his Cabinet
yesterday always very cordial is said by ovary
member to hnse been marked by unusual
friendliness and kindness Mr llama spent
lie greater part of lat evening with him as it
had been arranged tint the 4ocretnrr of State
gliouli remain to lie city atiti finish sonie tie
tails of business which tiit President bad not
been able to do As thto Soeretary was about
to leave th Irisitient said I will say
goodby as I know that you are not an
early riser Mr Iflaitte answreti I will
show you that I can rise eariy for 1 wIl call for
you with tny citrrlage and take you to the train
at 9 olok tomorrow At P oclock Sec
retary JJlaino arrived at the White House
with his carriage aU President Garfield
entered it ant tIm two redo to the
depot Secretary ilialnes acconnt of what
probably was hits last extnded conversatIon
with tno lreaitient Is a very totiching one it
was substanrliy title I have said the Pros
blent now completed four months of the Ad
ministration and iveryttiin is going well
The Citbinet is erich day becoming wore
wedded together iliere ueverto this day has
been an uukind word said across that Ctbinct
table Tue members are all working together
in comuiete harmony nod Diane are forming
which vili tusks tie AdmInistration a wise and
good one And said Sueretary Illume the
Presidents plans were broad comprehensive
and Just lie bad commenced vbat would have
bcun a brilliant Administration lie proposed
to do equal justice to every man Snti I know
that he liatt not an unkind thought in life
against any woman man or child
I talked ott in tile way said 31 r Blame
until we arrived at the statiou Va both got
out together and entered at the ladles en
Wo hail not long been tiier when I heard a
pistol fired I iitl not dream that any one hiatt
lirad at liii PresIdent or at any of us I kitew
however that it must be natty as tho noise was
iteadening In my stirs like tile revrbation
front a catinun shot when one stands near
it I thought this is a IOWI1 whore ttstois are
Used freely Sow row is going on in the depot
liulitting and a stray eliot might lilt the
lresitlant I lookett around turninw from
the President to aso where it wee I did
not oven then comprehend that the shot
could have been aimed at him As I did 8Ia
I lacord the iresldent say My Godi
und turning quIckly I saw hIm failing
by my side and board another shot
I instinctively rushed toward the asaasslu
it was too late antI neediese Strong
arms bad already pinioned him anit I
turned to lift the poor bleeding iresident
beside me We placed him on a mat
trees and carried turn to the supertuitendects
room in tIle second story iou kzzov
the rest It was all over in twominptes but the
villain understood lila work Tue heavy bali
diii not maim a linib or miss its mark It had
lodged in the vimle
Who was the assasain That was the ones
tion thatwas upon everybodys iltis No one
knew him But few bad seen hilcu so quickly
tiati be been hustled away when the reports of
ha pIstol were beard Nt Iarks tue ticket
agent looked out of the window brought which
tickets arc possed anti saw the man standing
there and with a bound which was wonderful
y skilful leaped through the window and in
an tntautsuizal the wan by his shouiidttr At
the same mooieit a policeman named Kearnoy
seized him by tie other arm Ihje nian
made no reslstarite whatever lIe evident
It expected arceat lie simply turueti
after lie saw the Iresident fail and to go with
the utmost unconcern toward be door Vlien
ho was sehied his handed his pIbtOl to the to
liceinilu and said It is all right Au e
pressiOn that was beard incorrectly anti wutit
rtpidiy through the crowd was j urn a Stitl
rart lie intili fo otLler ruuittrks excepting
biuIpiy to say I wish you would lfatitl tbt ta
per to Itn Sherinati the omcer iou him
aCrOss lie etrett to lolico lieitdtjuarters winch
was Lut a block away Au one who
saw lie ofllcer taking the man know who
lila prisoner was anti It tvai welt
for the juan list ho vtt arroeti co soon atni
was peedilv placed in safety S hen ii reacoad
Police llettdiuarters be was dumb Ihore wits
nothing in his manner to indicate list lie had
coinmlttttt fitlY crime or that ha titus iii the
least degree excited lie cae seitrelueti and
various papers taken from his person all bear
mw wore or ies UP0U the act hey were iveu
to 1 > ibtrlct Attorney Corkhiiii who positively re
fused to give tlietu to ho press
rhe prisoner was not mow in Pollee head
quarters before tt bectme uvidenttiat there wits
no sitfC place for him wild and atgry mob
weracohiectlng outsldo surging and hooting
and mingled with the other cries wore crIes of
Lyjieb him lynch hinti lie heard these
cries but tald fo attentiou to tljetu Of alt the
eureons at itdlce hlaittitauarters none seemed
ies CoDc3rneJ than be He heard elI tlittt toow
place There wits a hustiin to anti fro and
much whispering In the corridors There was
much private consultation many hurried or
tiers A passing cab was hailed anl in a mo
went Guitesu was buitioti into it This driver
was dIrected to make nil haste and
go to the jail The driver John OConnor an
Irishman with a brogue and a friend of the
Presidents bad no easy task In driving the
prisoner in safety to the iih He sat unman
14 with the Ibiec OQUI anti sid btit Little
to them A wild mob followed the carriage
crying Lynch him i Lynch him I OConnor
lashed his horses into a foam and succeeded in
getting ahead of the mob In a law moments
Ouitaau wac safely lodged In jaii Not so safely
however but that a file of soldire vas afterward
sent to guard it
The inetant he stepped into the jail the Jailer
recognized him and said this man has been
here before looking for the place where
they were going to keep him lie said but
little to the omcora and about the little that
he did say there ttey give such conflicting
etntomente about it that but little dependence
can be placed upon It There Is no quotion
but that lie diti Intimate that ho was a Grant
man and warm Stalwart
Ouiteau is behaved to bo a poor crackbrain
ed irresponsible being who conceiyed end
executeti his plan without knowledge of a soul
lie has been brooding over it for weoke In tact
lie meant to shoot the President two woeks ago
in the annie place
It was at flrst supposed from the mirappro
Iiesion of his remark which was It
is all rIght anti was incorrectly re
ported as I am Stalwart that ho mitht
have taken upon himself the assassination
on acOount of tint Stalwart troubiso at Albatty
For the time being It erected Intense excIte
theft anti some rather threatening and lucon
diary remanrka wore uaed In lie crowd But
later It was found that ho and he alone waS
responsible for what had been ulon and hens
surtion of the omoers who arrested him that lie
had the expression of the eyes of one bereft of
reason allayed time feehinw against him
The foiiowing letter was taken from the pris
oner pooket at Police Headquarters
To Mt ir Iloujt
The Presidents tragic death was a sad
necessity but it will unite tho itupublican party
and save the republic Lila is a flimsy dream
and It matters little when one goes A hunian
life is of entail value During the war thou
sands of brave hays went down without a tear
I presume the Iyesident was a Christian anti
that lie will be hiappinrin Parinilse than bore It
wiii be no worse for Mrs Garfield dear soul to
part with her husband this wayttinu by natural
teath Ho iii liablo to go at any loin any war
I had no illwill towarti the Iresideut ills
death was a political noceselty
I ama a iawyera thieohogianand apoliticlan
I am a Stalwart of ho StalwartS A was with
Gen Grant and the rest of our men In Now
ork during thin canvass I hve some papers
for lie press whIch I shall heave with IlIron
Andrew aiid his cojournahiste at 12i0 rew
ork avenue where all tie reporters can see
them I am going to the jail
The vapors referred to above have not yet boon
given out mr publication
Thu following hotter was found on the street
soon utter Oultenus arrest with the envelope
tinsealod and addressed Please deliver at
7t CetUerman orAisr5aui4anl neAargntA War P
To vhiiisn
I have just shot the President I shot him
several times as I wished him to go aseasity as
possible Ills death was a poilticel necessity
1 aol a httcyer theeiigIjin andpohitlcian I am
a Stalwart of the Stalwarts I was wIth len
Grantand tile rest of our men in New York
during thin canvass I am going to thit jail
liease order out your troops and take posses
ioti of lie jail at once Very respectfully
On receiviug the above hen Sherman gave it
the foflowln tntarsniont
ilnIquAltrtra IFTIIE Ausrr
WtSuiNt1TO I C J uly 2 ih31 ii 3 A M
Tit Is letter was i an leti tue t ii is tn in ole by
Major Vi J Twining Uniteti Status Engineers
Commisaiciner of tue District of ColumbIa anti
Miijor iiiinin I hirock Chief of Police I
tliittt know tile writer never hicarti of or saw
hini to my knowledge and hereby return it to
tutu keping of the aboveunwed parties as tea
tintniy in the case
Signed V T SilnitMAN GeneraL
SLow the New we llrokeis 5 her at Leig
MrsnckSumoncd to Weshugtoa
ELunitoN Lotig Braticli July 2The sea
air has done wonders for Mrs Garfield who
came hero two weeks ago to41aV enfeebled by
maiarla contracted In the White House liar
first week ended last Saturday bappily She
was a loved wife and mother surrounded
by her husband anti children and rapidly
regaining health anti strength 11cr aecond
week ends in the deepest sorrow Who wouid
have thought said one of the ncat vrorcnont
lady friends of Mrs Garfield In this hodan this
morning that that strong man who wentawity
from here on Monday morniug waving atlleus
to thioto lie left behind liitui for only a
fowdtiys voultj be lyingat the pointof death
tonight Never was more profounti sympathy
expressed titan that which I hear from nih
pitIes tonight lhie corridor of the hotel is
filled with prominent own from every quarter
of tie country and they have apparently
lnitoneaentinient lsep sorrow for the dying
Prsltlent amid pity for his bereaved houaohioid
Many ladles canto In with their escorts to look
at the latest bulletins lou Orant also came a
moment ago but lila impassIve face showed no
emotion lie deIlnud to express himself
further than he hal ttonn in a teIeramn that ho
hind Sent to Secretary Lincoln That telegram
was as follows
lit 1di 7 ioFn ertv ri Uir Jratge 1
t lsi despaicit tli cuudtiols ci the cws
tecivei ii colitlictiflit I hoir itt tavnrbe may Lu
couttriel Eiprtis to ih rrelIutih lit thp syllipath
and itote that he itisy soeudliy rocoer U itisrz
The reply came only a short time ago after
lie General bail bought some cigars anti gone
away pulling impassively Itit its follows
Vstuiyoi P C July 2
Ge L S Geot 1ttto V J
hits treidcnt cotthttto ts very serious ant excites
our greit appruttenstuit Itiete te iiilernai heutor
ritii Tue surgeons are eeidcltty very snatnu and
gUar4el iii titeir eapresfun lie ii i rteCIY clear in
ittiii sui leotres me to think you or 3 our tulegraiti
ivhieti I Just gave to tii ii suietalice
1tosc T LnCoLs Cecretary ci Var
Mrs Garfield Miss Muihie Oarfleid and Gen
and Mrs wiitii came from thitir rooms this
mourning Mrs larfiald aimirei the beauty of
mite morning And stioke with ovliletit pleasure
of the teunion with lresitjunt Garfield in
Now York ittter in ho day It had
been arranged lint the party was to Set
out for New loric in a train of the Long hiranehi
Jtvision front this station at 1222 Frotn New
York It wts the purpose to proceed to
thu residence of Mr Cvrtis W Field
In Irvingtoui in Mr meide steam yacht
Tue cool bright morning gave abundaflt
pronitse of a delightful loUrtley From the
drawing room the party wont to the dining
room and sat down to breakfast tozether lho
breakfast lasted until 10 oclock Tiieu Mrs
Garilelti anti her frienue returned to
the drawlnw room whose windows corn
wand a view of lie ocean Soon after
10 a bell boy summoned Oen Swalnt
I the omee where Mr C F Jones the pro
prietor handel nirn a teiegrtn Gun Swaimu
tore thin telegram open indifferently supposing
that It was front some friend on bueinuss lint
lie read be following
iVsaecGro D 13 July 2 1tI
T I 1 veatn Ejnon
Tte tretdettt has beau shot ail I ant afraid is ecri
ouly uunded keep it from Irs Usrauld nit CU hear
Cur utter
LurDOCtors ay nut dangerous Itocawit t
hen Swaim was evidently deeply moved He
reflected for a niOniutit and then returned tie
telegram to its envelope and put it In his breast
ttoukut lie returned to the drawing recta anti
conversed with lie ladles us tboub nothIng
was upon his mind Several moiuintes Liter he
bell boy again summoned him to the ollico
where lila telegram awaited 11w
EzrLTna iaitoo Waiacyoy P C July 2
To Swin
Vu hale tIC lrealdeflt sately an couitortbly ettl4
lit iii reout at tttu tecittit e 31 trtou a ad Itta iulou is
troll stl neariy oret to iir as I can dteriitite
aint rout what the ureeons usy and Iroti itt
geherat condititil ie Cccl cry hojeIui Cutue en as
oui tIe nU can ecu a irull tJvte u t in
ilutttteItd of uur taut t4 wtet OU CaI Lt exuded
the lrutteflt atil UI S auntlar uccaatoi axteet ears
act hth reiJits ud the toaeritiuetit Ii Welituu
sultliiea A htotawUL
GeuSwaim went Into the drawing room again
anti wIth as much calmness as lie cotild as
some said lire Garlitild it lility be necessary
l us to go direct to VI anlitnuton An weiiient
line ijuiitiuned to itto iurlluiil Alts tar
hltiitl nail 3lts Muhlleturned pale amni iookd
auixiotisiy at Gail Swalirt So far as I gun in
hormeti lie vent on llotlmlg to avoiti thoso
questioning the ttcidettt Is not so
serious us srS at hii st supposed
Mrs Garfield begged ian Swahtu to tell
her the whole rata and as gently utntj symupa
tlueticallr as vasatbin he toil her She nut lilac
Mollie intl Mrs Stcjitui retireti at once to their
mottle Mrs jayfleld was too uitueb ahfectej to
do anythitig toivarti hurrying the rtparuittons
for departure but Molhiu und lire Svuiim ye
lieveti liar Just before 11 oclock a telenraui
for Mrs Jardelti tyits received and sent to nor
room It wssns follone
ib Gefell Itua Lt JintarC
if trestdttdeirei ut to cay a you from bliri that
ha tiea ftc hefioUly hurt lion ettuuly lot danitot yet
eel Ito ii ttinsI ani ti I Cu UU miii tttlw Ittot
hi sends tii love to Cu A F Ituesatti
Hardly had it boon delivered when another
EasTLitni tailN Vasiuitttoi V C Juty2 lash
Ta 115 J 1 l1t ou b I
Uaiit beliu en4reataI teitatctiea ahout h leat
dent WIlt kep you couutautly alyaei J ii jijw
Close upon this telegram was the toliewinw
Execzuva tssswN ALav N V July 2 leSt
Ms Guit1J
lIeas aCCCpt Jill erfleli 3 utahtiy snd sIncere bate
for lbs catty and couue jeturatlult alt the CrtutJnL
tutu fith8 01 thdluattU3 prevails throuiuut our
Suts AiOuaO It C0CIuCLL
Qon iTalm at once made ananewoti joy a
special train lie telegraphed to Jersey City
and the reply came that a special train with
parlor car for Mrs Garfield would reach
theElberonstntionntl245 MrJoneshadbada
carriage at the door at a few minutes after 12
oclock and Mrs Garfield and hor friends were
driventothestation Mr Jones sent his own
boiiisorvantto wait upon Mrs Garfield on the
swlltjourney to Washington so as to paro her
the intrusion of stranger attendants 1110 train
got under way on tittie and duhed away at ox
press speed It was calculated that the trip to
Fhiiadehphitt would be acoomphisheti in a little
over two hours anti that Mrs Gatileld would
arrive in Washington at 7 P iii
len Grant was among the first to extend
eympahyto Mrs Grfleid whosegrlef on first
receiving news of the trainJy was almost Un
controhlabia The General had 8t re
calved a telegram from Washington say
ing that tho woiind made by the assna
sins huihot would not cause death and
the porusi of this deutpatch by Mrs Garfield
hind the effect to partly dispel thin tears mica
sioned by ItS first reports so that when Gen
Grant met her she was calm and collected In
a conversation with ho reporter len Grant
soldIcailed upon Mrs Garfield this morning
and was surprised to find liar so cool anti coi
lecteti in her mind I expressed niy feelings of
sympathy and he received thorn kindly
She gave no sign of excitement To he
gontlemen I spoke with In the corn
dor I expressed myself very stronshy fur
I felt It and do now I think that If this aseas
sinatlon is tho work of Niitilista thor should
not be harbored in this country Their pres
ettco here should bepreventod by legleiativeac
ion or otherwise If they assassinate abroad
they wlli do it here anti such people should not
find a harbor in the United States My inst do
epntchtea relative to the conditIon of the Prod
dent itre not so favorable
Just before tho departure of Mrs Garfinld a
letter of eontlolenoo was received from ice
President Arthur
CLETELAND July 2Tue Presidents eons
Irwin and Abraw U and ii yeutrs of ago who
heft Long Branch yesterday with Mrs lioynon
arrivetl at Mentor today where tie Oar
field farm is under charge of Capt itu
doiph Mrs Garfields brother The news was
kept from thorn umitil they roachiod home but
they do not understanti its significitnee and
were happily at play The deepest wriet wits
everywhere apparutit ho old farmers cougro
grating about the depot waiting anxiously for
each word IL was a pereoniti grief wilts each
of them
rresenllment that Something was Coint to
Happen I Jsme
CLEVELAND July 2Itiitnediatoiy on tho
receipt of ho now that President Garfield had
been eliot Mrs Larabee the Presidents sister
with whom the aged mother of Gen Garfied
had been staying sent her mother over to the
houso of Mrs Id irowbrldge another sister
living about a quarter of a mile away out of
heanin of tho dreadful news An hour later
at about noon the followIng despatoh was re
cuived by Mrs Lnraboe
Executipa Ilsasiox WAOImsutoue July 2
Mra t Cdrfiei
llott be alstuuetl by eeusalnnsl rumors The doctors
tltitik tls ouni I hot iatsL Pant tlt tilt oh cnnim iiiti
QU hear further iIstut A tlaitIILi
Thin signature is that of the Presideitts 17
yearold sort Mr Qarliolds mother hun been
prostrated for sotne days In consequence of the
ticathi of her brotherinlaw Thomas A Oar
field anti otily this morning tsho was imiformel
of the death of Mrs Arnold tue Presidents
cousin who diud yesterday and it was deemed
certuilti that the death of James A would kill
her rids tiiortling the niothier said to Mr
Larabei I oxpoctsntuetbiug Is going to hap
pen tojittneae homily
Mother dont worry said Mrs Luirabee
I think lit trouble in Jumuiess faintly is
tiaased aliutlitig to Mrs Garfields illness
No I fear something is going to happen to
James the mottler replied
Sf0 afterward reiterated her presentment to
Mrs Trowbridwe adding Accidents never
collie singly auiot I feul that something Is going
to happen to Janice
Before Gao larfielti left for Washington in
Msrch Mr Larrabea wtuntit him to take care
of himself len Garfields repywas I am
no coward and I cannot have a body guard
about nie nil thin iou
The sisters have agreed to keep the news
from Mrs Garileid at least until tomorrow
when the itev W 0 Moor of Solon Dlsclpio
Church will break it to her
This makes the fifth death in the Garfield
fatally within as niany month comprising
besides the irosiderit hit undlti Thomas Gay
field hits cousin Mrs Corittilia Arnold his
favorite niece Mrs hitittic Ialluer who for
muerly lived at his house and the lastnamed
ladys infant daughter
ii 3eparta ror WnhIngtoua at Midnight after
a Day utAuxiely and Ulatre
VieePrcsitlout Chester A Arthur arrived
in the city yesterday morning In company
with axSenator Itoacoe Conkhing They came
from Albany in the steamboat St John oX the
Ieopies line Owing to some detention on the
river be boat did not reach her pier at the
foot oh Canal street until 1OJ oclock by which
time lie first wild reports of the assassination
were spreading throughout the city Baggage
Master Turner had heard that the Presitlent
was dead and as soon as the St John came
within hulling distance ho shouted the news to
Steward Burdett who immediately ran and
communicated it to VicePresident Arthur and
Mr Conkling Both were shocked and Vice
President Arthur sitid
It cant be true this mu8t be some stock
A few minutes later the boat touched the
pier and a messenger immediately boarded
her with a despatelt for Gsa Arthur fcrnu a
friend briefly conii zning hot news bitt the
lrsident had boon shot but giving no particu
lore Een thu result was left in doubt ice
President Arthur was so overcome hi the news
that lie fell back itt a chair leaving Senator
Conkhing to read the despatchi for liimiiseif
Alter giving sonia hurried directions about
theIr baggage the ViceFreeiiltnt and Senator
Conkhiug took n cab nod drove hastiiy a Ito
Fifth Avenue itotci Therotliey made hurried
inquiries and were met with more conflicting
reports list left thetn still in diubt as to the
nature of lie lresldents wounds The cor
rhlora were illleol with persons who knew both
the VicePresident and Mr Conkiing and tiiet
were Immediately surrounded by eager in
qttircrs cito suppoaett Utey hiatt more thllnIte
Information than was then publicly known As
he recognIzed one acquaintance after another
lcPresident Arthur ongeriv lntyuired
What is the latest news from Washington
have you anything furhierj
Finding that nothing deilnite was to be learn
ed except that the Ireslttents wotinis ware not
lieu ctnsittered fatal the icelresitlent ye
tired with Senator Conkiinw to room 35 where
titer wore inimodiately followed by a streata of
visitors cards After retiialtting a short time
itt Mr Conkilncs room flue VicePresident took
a carriage and drove to his own residence 123
Loxincton avenue As ho alighted from lila
carriage about l1 A M lie was met by his
neIghbor Comptroller Allan Campbell who in
quired eagerly for the news
What is your latest information b asked the
From nIh I can learn I do not believe the
Freldents wounds are mortal replied Gen
Arthtlr It is terrible news lodoed lie added
anti his face bore a sail and solemn look as he
hurriedly bade the Comptroller goad morning
anil wetit into hil own house To a friend
who as lie tntireti asketi hunt vlietlior ho pro
posed to go to Vaeliirugton lie replIed
I titi not think I will go totiny
The hirat oflicial infctruriation received by VIce
Presitttrtit Arthur was lie following detatiotehi
from Secretary Blame early in tie afternoon
PtykTeit OtTATC
Waitit yu Juty
The lretleutt or the tnuteI stat n a aunt itO Itian
lit by sit lfltlTt usitd CitaileC tiCtW44 rite eettutt
ass a lsryeii 1 eloIder rite lealeit ttitd JUCt
reteite 1 tue lialttmtutC an I itonc tstsuii at abaUt
It C lit1 Illiutute Ilt tOrte iiitetilitt It Itt 0 iotulut Ut
iii to lttt ti teat e Ott the linitlei ca Ire hr
NeC Tr I rod itt the certtaie liii hitsi
trIll thu Eetutiau tuiouti alit agu naL
ill by hi uiie e tie It ti ta I 401 Thu 5 C
UIit Witi tuiehiaiely rrteted alit tle ireiluttt so
cuteOei to 0 p iriuc route hi dc siaiti tuiut e stid
iurleat old ti aloe uutitturid tie its Ituw Ut 10 eIt >
ttiUies it ttrt rem cci Lu thu tilite lu
1011 I te CtltCrId Oil conlt ttiaul rcCrt hi a nunji
ery sertaus thU0h mit I rrcessrtiy ititil tIt olgur
una teuttli glici tr em iiOl4o C t itS receocry lii hal
tint tact coiiiCttuatrs itt a tiiotieilt
ttitetil Jueta Ii litalne ocdrtt try u ShOe
Ti this the lcePresident i tilltt as follows
New Voss July 2
IL hat J 1 Aihe Sntaj riifr tCJija D
t ur teleCrUl e tIlt Its dull r4tle ularraut e dii nit
restli fe 1101111 tiy eutte IC tti Cbche t alit Lie
UI ill shoctel A itit dretihuI iut a the bates uu
sxllrcsu ruisee Ciles tiatihe itriurut ttu tInt SCUoCute
tatit I ausit lurther iieiieiiee sLii the gresteot
aIIieY Expists e tie ktrtilett ant tttiie eliot tutu
lily ret grid aid yttupath lit ittilt the shelu 4iuect
can Oiu wilIjoin 4 tuTUliui
The VlcePresident was asked whethey lie
knew anytblnw of the lre8ldents hisasatn lie
replied that ho knew nothing atatut hint The
next despatch roeeived by the ie1reeidctit
was the following
totemic tIUSCUI tCaIilidCTul July 2
m ii fleS a A Laualaen
At ttull hour 1 Odlect i 51 the ireideiits 5 nlplins
are not reterlel as uiiaurable 24 ie Jlliuts amur
asas c4u liJtdt8 itiJ alter Ui rCtJLI iii Lb wetml at
3 oclock Ther ii strong graun4 for hope ani at the
same fine tile gravest anxiety 5 to the flitud result
JICCO 1 hLAial Secretary or State
Justbetoroleaving his house inthe afternoon
VicePreeldent Arthur roneived the followingl
Ezicuttyc Mustotc Wsntayome July 2
r8 flm Cefer A ArtSur jrePrnhet oilS Unilet ijea
At this hour hiI past 3 the symptoms of the PresIdent
are not vorsbla Anxiety deepen
25518 1 lqAli
Upon the receipt of this the VicePreeitiant
immediately drove to the Fifth Avenue lintel
where he called at Senator Conklings roam
Among others tint he sew there were Senator
Jones of Nevada John F Stnyth and Police
Commiesionor French At this time ho was
still undetermined hethor or not it was lii
duty to go to Washington and so exprosand
himself After remainingacoupheof hours at
the Fifth Avenue Hotel he again drove to his
home anti there awaited further deepatchee
which were to be sent to him To those who
saw hIm at that time as ho sat in lila doorway
eagerly awaiting the now ho VicePresident
could only reply
I am utterly broken down I have nothtna
to say What can I sity The news is terrible
Severni times lie was obliged to turn away
from those who spoke to him while the tears
rose tohia eyes antI his voice faltered While
he waited In lila doorway he received the fol
lowing dospatob
WAitliltOTox July 2
The lion Cheair 4 Artier rjeepre12e of tie Uetil etitet
At this bar 6 0ct0eki the oitiUoui 01 tue President
is very alarming lie it lositig tile strength anti the
worst may be apprelieniud
Juluas 0 fltuise Secretary of State
This seemed to determine Gen Arthur to
seek further conference with his friends As
lie was about to leave lie receIved another de
spatch sent by United States Marshal Knox
The VicePresidentiheu drove to ho FIlth
Avenue Hotel twain whore after a short time
he prepared and sent lao fthlowing
New yeas July 2
Ti Iton J4elJ 17 lltee Pttl0fSilC 1Iuhhuiifl P0
Your l4a telegram Is ery diatresiiu I stilt hepe for
more amiable titint aui alt you to keep iue ablei
llesse do not lath to express to Mrs GarSelul my tteepest
sympathy C A Acniluti
While at the Fifth Avenue Hotel on this occa
alon VicePrusident Arthur received the follow
FxccTtrl Msstoe WusuisrnoC July 2
TOe Jm Chester 4 AtFui icclreifrnt of IS Lftel 010
Mrs Guirfleib hoa julat errtvel at a quarter before
Oclock Tue lresiduitt was able t recojitlzo ant con
verse with hn but in the judjinent of tis physicIans ho
Is rapilty sinking
lAds 0 ELAn Secretary of Stste
Many times throughout ho day the Vice
President was spoken to by r000rters to whom
his universal rojuiy was that undo tim clreumn
stances he could not say anything for publics
ion thttt he wits overwhelmed with the awful
news and was undetorminedwhether ho would
gob Washington ornot
About 830 P M the VicePresident loft Mr
Conklings room in company with Polico Corn
missioner French and drove to his own home
123 Lexington avenue
At 1030 P iii the VicePresident received this
despatch and Immediately determined to go to
Washington by the midnight train
sctstoD C Juiy2O30t Y
° Artist VcFeeJett q mA United ihl flf
StnrU thanks for your expremtons of sympathy
Tfa lrcaldent Is no better Cud WC lr i ltkini
9 VN II heaT
Toot l Jas
The VlcePreaidnt paid a visit to Mr Conk
hog and then returning to his bouae re
mitaineut there a few minutes and
at 11 oclock accompanied by his
private secretary entored his carriage
suit drove to thin Filth Avenue lintel hero ox
Senator Conkhing Senator Jones of Nevada
and Presitlunt French of the lottco Board en
tered tile carrIage and Deletive Frank Cos
grove got on tile box The carriutne was driven
to the Deabrossea street ferry and crossed to
lie lennsylvania Railroad depot The whole
party boarded the aletiping ear kensington
SenatorConkling shook hiumids with Gun Arthur
and said
Gooibv God bless you Ill meet you on
There was little time for farewells and the
party except len Arthur Satiatoriomies nnut
the tietective hurried from the car Senator
Conkiinw stood on thio platform until tie train
haul got well started and titan swung ofT
While waiting for the ferryboat to return Mr
Conkhing said that Oen Arthurwas going to
Washington for no partIcular motive If the
Irostulent should die it would be heel lint the
VicoPresldentsitouidhothiere Ifheshouiil not
die it wts an act of courtesy on the VieePresi
dents nart to be present Mr Conkling said
that froni what he had heartt he believed the
Presidetits wound to ho fatal I am not go
mw to Washington myself now lie said in an
swor to a queatlon I cannot pay about the
Datetlvee MeNaught and MoLaughlin as
well as DetectIve Coegrovo it is believed no
cnntpnnied the VicePresident to Washington
Utilted States IIarshai Knox was said to havo
offered an escort oh marshals also
The Most Terrible Jocideut In One HIstory
Siege Lineoles tiastuiaalon
ExSenator Conkllng remained most of
the day In his rooms at the Fifth Avenue Hotel
Many vohltlcians tried to ace him but few overo
admitted to his rooni Amona those who saw
him were Senator Jones of Nevada oxIncur
anco SuperIntendent Smythi of Albany nnil Fe
lice Commissioner Stephen B French To one
of the gentlemen who gained admission
to his room Mr Conkling said This
is indeed a sad business The news is too ter
ribie to be true Afterward when assured of
its truth train telegrams received by VtcePrusi
dent trthur from Secretary Blame he coveiod
his face with his handsand retualnoul silent for
fully five minutes Then getting up from his
chair he walked across the room several tImes
repeating aloud the words This is terrible
The oxSenator talked freely with Senator
Jones Ho expressed his sorrow that tlte crime
of assassination oh thu PresIdent could be per
etruteut iitthis free country lie know nothing
about the wan who committeul hue crime
Late in ho afternoon Mr Comilding spent
somne line in the olhice of so hotel hue
there ho talked wIlh oxSenator Wihilamn A
itarnuna of Ctnnecticut exltiv Goodwin of
Arizona lerritory unit sero other acquaint
ances lie expreeaett i3 lii s gentlemen in
tinuiensurel terms Ills sentiuints in regard to
uitetoua crimno To one 01 thuetn he sititl
rhis is a most horrible affair I cannot yet
brine rnvseif to belIeve that lie news is as bail
as was first reported It it is true it is the
most terrible lntiIeut in our history elncitho
aqoasalnation of Lincoln
VicoFresidetit Arthur called at the hotel
again soon after Mr Conkllng returned to tile
room and remained with him most of the time
until late in the evening At 10 oclock Police
Commissioner Frtncb called and eVent some
tIme with the icePrestiieut anti the exSen
ator The train front AIany wlticht arrived a
few minutes later brought several State Son
atora and members of the Assembly Some of
them sent their cards to Mr Conklings room
but none were admitted
The euieaue1ata Ministers GraibIc lieserip
tboOther who Saw Ita Sitot Fired
Mr Simon Caniacho Minister fropi Von
ezuela to the United States an eyewitness of
the shooting of the Presidont was met at Jer
soyCity on his arrbvahfroni Yuisnington yester
day afternoon lie was accompanod by four
ladhea and was on his way to hie residence in
tithe city at 22ti West Foryelghth Street
lie saw the assassin fire both the shots and
prevented his escape from the depot Mr
Camacho said
A more brutal revolting and cowardly act
was never done on lila earth Like Lincoln
tie Iresideut was first shot In the back but
unhiko Liitcotu he struggled and staggered
away before lie received the other shot It
wits frIghtful Right among a dozen atrong
men to be hiot down like a dog I
Will you tell me just how it occurretl
I will begin at the beginning 1 hat or
ranged with tho four ladies of mug fuimlhv who
were to accompany me to New York to meet mu
this morning at thte tltpotto tako this train which
leaves for New York at Ph oclock To this
train was attached this lullrnan palace car No
222 intended for thu lrvslient and lila arty
1 arrived itt lie depot a little after 1 oclock
about fifteen minute I should iudgotunil
looked around My friends hail uot arrived
and I hid wit recOgnle any one among thtu few
pioilu itt the waitino r000l and walkout over to
ttiti writluiw where I purchased five tIckets to
New ork
You Say there were few people l the wait
low room
Yes very few probably not morothan flt
teen or twenty ncluding the emuplot ics
most all thle passengers tad boarijuul the train
I etrohital back and forth leisurely and hooked
itbout carelessly awaiting the arrtvai of lie
hatlice I had iusi sett my carriagj borne frotu
he II street door walked to be other ent of tti
waiting room and was returning to the II street
loot again when a carriage drove up end
IYresiuioot Uartloid and Secretary Blame alight
ed mom carriage was dismissed and they
entered the waiting room As ho resideats
carriage drove away another one drove up and
a wn wttb e pale set lace viu toLd Li
driver to wait and followed the President an6
Secretary Blame into the room Let me sss
right hero that the man did not look insane
He bad a harti determined look but was noteS
all wild an aotod throughout with amazing
Was the Presidentoonscioni of the mens
presence 1
I think not for he had one hand behind hf
and was iistening nttentivehvo Mr Blame whG
was speaking upon something of apparent ims
portanco for ho was very decided in his Ian
gtlage and emphatic in gesture ThePresideni
ani Mr lilaino had advanced about twenty feel
Into the room when our eyes mot We raisail
our hats and I steppod forward to speak
when the man who had ailghitod fro
the second carringo Jumped forward an
eliot the President from behind Blame
on the lunpulso of the momoni
jumped aside and the lrosldent without
word half sprang half 3taggered forward en
turned bait around to face his assailant Tb
man without a muscle moving in his nab face
advanced two steps in a half crouching post
Ion deilberately pointed his pistol at the Free
hiittrit and flrd anpther shot Into his body M
God it was horrlblel Onrileld foil forward o
tile tloorand Blame after making a convulsIve
startafterthe asSassin dropped on his kneel
besido Garfield and trIad to raise him The as
sassib turned after the second shot and apran
toward the B street door I had jumped for
ward at lie first shot and was nearer the doo
than ho so when lie started for it
waved my artus and he darted back Ills car
niago was at the B street door with the doot
open watting for him to enter When I dross
him back he started for the Sixth street door
intending 1 suppose to run around tho corner
of the building and enter his carriage that WCT
At this moment Blame jumped to his foot ant4
sprang after lie mum hint before the assassi
hail gone to feet ho was pounced upon by hal
a dozen men and secured Blatno shouted te
have ho doors closed and they were at ones
barred by the omphooes The President wee
lien examinetL Ho lay as he had fallen fer
ward on his face apparently dead Mon were
sent for physicians and an ambulance warn
summoned The excitement increased whe
the significance ofthe deed became known an
tile peopie became almost uncontrollable Tha
assassin was as oooh as any man I ever saw
and as determined and defiant looking as poe
sibie Dont understand me that lie lookel
ilkonmad manforl aseortpositiveiy that hs
diii not
Was he roughly bandied
lie was firmly bout and rougrbhvaddresse
but not Injured so far as I could see The
wonder is that he wasnt mohbeii
VIiat was done with Mr Garfield 1
Ho was picked up and carried toward thi
ladies waiting room A squad of police earns
clattering in at a double quick and I was abon
to follow the President when a porter touch
my arm I turned and Ito said my lady friendS
were welting for me in tltetarand thetrai
wits moving from the dopot I was bowlidor
by the intenseexcitement that had swelled to e
perfect whirlwind by this time and ran me
ehanicaihy to the train and jumped aboard The
platforms were crowulod heads protruded roes
erywitidowand as we movodaway we eaw
the crowd about the depot had become C
I mw multitude with people running fro
0 direction in trantie haste
Tue conductor of the express which the P
blent intended to take to New lork is Mr J
leirca iof Jersey City lie is a quiet soifpo
ceased and bushosehike titan of long exoerl
once in railroad matters I of course hind my
train anti its hundreds of people to see to is
said to a SUN reporter They must be take
gooti care of no matter what happened an
things kept up to time Thte passengers were
pretty well seated and it was getting near lbs
into to leave at 930 A M when I was Inform
nil by lie porter of car No 222 intended for Mr
Garfield and partythat the tresident had noj
yetjiutinnn appearance Ibegantofearadelay
MCI I wont into this wnituiig room to look for the
Prealtient As I entnrotl from the ears through
the tIcket chtecIcer door I saw he Ireslden
and Mr Blame advancing arm In arm A me
mont later there was a pistol shot The lrosi
dent stumbled forward and then half turne4
before ho lost ills balance The maui with this
pistol fired again and the jreitlent tumbled
forwarti on lila face I junipeil forward to the
side of the wounded man I saw lie wouldbe
murderer turn on his heel and start for lie Th
street door where the carriage was waiting
but Ito turned anti went toward ho Sixth stroeS
entrance here ho was ceptureut by Mr Blame
I dont know what they tilti with him after that
At first we thought the PresIdent was deail hal
when he was carefully examineti it was found
that he breathed regularly thought hIs pain
must itavo boon very great lie groaned whe
they iiftod him but I did not hear hInt utters
wontVeli we carried him or rather a number el
other people iidfor I wes clearing the way
toward the ouperintenlents room hut stopped
when lilf way and took him into the ladies re
caption room The physicians arrived in an
incredlblyisliort time unit intertho polIce cams
Mr Oarlleiii seemed to be in intenae pain but
nothing could be done to relieve him Mytramn
bad by this time wale a short start and then
come to a stop I found we wore over
time so I took a last look at the poor
titan on thin floor and darted after the
cars All along the route we received
tidings of the condition of the President
until at last crowds collected at the station we
passed and begged for news The country
seemed to becolule more fevorlab as the day ad
vanced At Ihiiadolphiia the people were wild
Mr George ilsuft a cItizen of Boston was f
the first car of the VaaIilngfon express fl
said liwas stsndinw near the B street en
trance when the President arrived
have been in tho catuital a number o
times but bad never seen Ito lresl
dent before so I waited outsIde for his
arrival When lie ahighiteti tromn his carriage I
looked at him with comisiderable curiosity as h
went In arm in ann with Mr Ihinine anti then I
threw away my cigar and was going in sItu
thain Justtiieti anothiercarniago drove up
hat kind of a carriage was It
Im not poaltivo but I thInk it was a coach
with a circular glaos front I am aura bets
yern two horses and one thlnw I noticed par
tlctihanly aitI i hiave been ropoatitig it ever
IIticu we halt Vt uishimiglon antI that is that tbs
malta iii the carriage had an understanding wltk
the driver
Why do you think so
ibeitae when lie jutmapod or rather stepped
from thi 4rniau he tiunpoely hoff lie hoer
nLinn anti urtied to speak to the driver The
tlrtvai as though antitipittitig Ills retttarke
waved hii htiutd tttpatiutiy givitiot one tile im
uresojon tiunt ho knew exactly what lie hati te
tb anti would tin it I dont think anything w
saiti between the men anti a Inoniont later
heard the aunts I have ott impression that th
driver rattled ofT tufter atandlog there a fo
minutes but I nouhuhtt swear to It ilowevor
lie little bit of dritinalic byilay between its
driver tonti lie man was so imiupressed on my
mInd hy the honriblo sequel that I retuottituar it
vividly 1 crowded thritighi thin door anti caucht
my train by a miilrtcie anti was spurt away lbs
exciter ent on the train was very great and the
011110 tynipathy VltO exturessi for this fliunil
of ti treeitient When we assett tIm specia
train rnu Iomtg Branch carrying tIle wife of
the unfortunate Irtsiiienf herself dragged
from a bed of sickness the ladles on the traiC
wept tilteottaly
John 1 ililatlis of 16 LewIs street Jersey City
is thin coloreit porter of the itnat palace car oi
the rain ha sail
I was iitandlti on my steps awaitin fur ths
train to start when I huiird one tiistoi Shot an
ten another I rait Itito Ii waitin room and
saw thin blue smoke audI it smelt titan with a
white face tomb away anti the Iresident iyi
alt in a heap on the floor Ifs looked as though
he was clean gone I ran fttr ha man with the
wh to face but he was grabbed before I got
the is anti in a minute ho police were there
They had hiltu an they kept him safe I truly
believe that if they hadnt been so many oflicens
present tlii man would litiva been strung up
then and there
7II1 iRfll LlTRST
The Ircsldcut 1uch EaslerIfopes of K
sio1l5 A 31The following bulletin has
lust been issued
1 4 11The improvement In the Preit
dents conditionwhlch began early in the even
lug has steadilycontttucui up to this hour Ills
temperature and respuration are now normal ati
and his pulse has fallen to 120 The attentling
ithysiclans regard hl hs sytuptorns as faoora
bit and a more hopeful feeling vrevaiis
Mlgnethi I IV hlaisi 3 D
All the tiieutbrs of the Cnbiut remain at ths
Executive Mansion
Ointhtuttl eu Jjfft Jitj 1
lb Cignal liSle luedlclluo
Winurer fair weather southorhy winds and
lacer Larweter
5 111 10 Iii Msehettat Jicacba
Surf tithing cifatiitimcnt silt sattoly tatrons that the
fatilitue tat teSt dccl tliOu Ct pidleUs seasons all
etatemeutt tQ tit dtrsry nateutiutoudit a AJ
Stub mineS
Thu pcpuar beerage Is a combination of the bt
forelcu iuors Cud Iruit juice at3 cordtali4J
Jenktua Freacht Eloar
IIai no equal tar utetg vii Sc breai4J
7srnlabs Liuter Eci SUPL Corilu Eejts Co Fysyb
dC4 e 11 1 eflerHI l tl14s

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