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be z ufl4
Iht3 liation Watching at tti9
Preskionts Besido1
pavoralile Bulletins from the
Th ASSSSiIIS Regret that llBi Not
AccoffihilisIl lliIllthlltiOll
The Latest News Thdicating that
the End is Near
IIIv r rnlnfi1 Anley In the
of the Unitt IlL Constnnt
P4eit To InMI rotfl
MI Pirts or the VorIt1ice1reliIent
trthII rrIiII In ahlngnn and nil
itt he JxcciIIIe 51nslnnThe VrshIcnts
011UtIOn Ut an nrly hour this MornInr
rtitto the grkf znd horior that followel
thoflecSOttllO attempted nssnsIuatIon o ti
rzedent had i wIa ubsIdod yet they
teinered aoniuwhat y8tcrduy by tho moro
bopetul bulletins from the vhy8IclanB t the
Whito l1uso From nfl lips came expressIons
ot joy over the possibtitty of the Prestdont8
Telegrams of condolenco and Inquiry amo
from all aZts of the world Garilehis 1uok
remaIueI Ut1OhLtflOd hI mind unimpatrod
and his cheertutness uilbrokon lie reRtIzod
pits danger however and called upon ht phy
stolans to teil uiltii wliethor death was to como
Mrs Garfloltl was at her husbands bedside
nil day YLcsrrosidont Arthur arrivod in
1Vhington and vietted the President Mern
rs of the Cabinet oro constantly in the
White House senator Conkling is stilt in
ew York
Thu oxItemont in this city in no wise dl
intshed and it was in oiuu thgroe tIugoI
vltit bitternosi
Th3 following is the latcst bullcttn from tho
Fretdcnts bedside
1VAIIICTON JUl 3Mi1ll1LtThG Prest
dnt is still alive but the hotie that had been
kindled duriu the day have almost vauishod
lIe has spent a comparatively cointortabI day
aud omo of his phystelans wont so far as to as
sort that ho had an oven cliano for itfo Alt
this was suddenly changed at oclock when
wot unfavorable symptoms set In The pbs
etcians txpectid some signs of inflammation
but not with the abruptness with which this
Dr fuss said to a SuN rsporter that It bsI
been oxected tbnt Inflammation would act In
tonight but that It had come o more abruptly
than ho and the other physicians bad antlel
Thoro Is little doubt that the Preoldont will
livo many hours
The city is perfectly quiet A few people ar
gathered In front of the White House and Gen
Arthur awaits the summons that shall call him
to the Vhite house to take th oath of otitee
1 i 31In view of time fact that It Is doomed
best to keep the lrm9ldent perfectly uiet dur
In ttio rensaindor of the night the attending
hyieIansannounco at 1 A 31 that no exami
nations will be mado and no further bulletins
isuel until 730 A 31
At a iae hour tonlght Scrotary Blame tele
raphd 3linister Lownil at London ne follows
Tli Presidents con4iittoa at 1O30 this even
laz Is not so favorable
2JIk CJJIYCL5 OP jwcort1r
UoperiI Viw ot irgiOrnernI itarnes
iitt IhIICIUUi
WASUIGTON Tuly 3Today Surgeon
General 1Jtrnes i stilt affected by the calamity
1Il voice faltered when he spoto of President
GarleIds condition ito attended Lincoln im
mediately alter he received bid wound and was
ItsO called to Setretary Sowrda nedido Tho
sudden summons yetorday to attend another
President whom ho regarded with sincere af
faction was a envere shock although ho showed
no excitement while he prformed his profei
sionat duties lie sail to your corrospond
ent From my experienc In the war
I have abundant proof that InjurIes to
the liver either by stab or gunshot
to not necessarily fatal although dangerous
Authors who usualls forbid exploration of
wounds of the abd3mon sanction an oxtzardt
nary latitude In Incisions for tho purpose of to
moving foreimn bodies frazn the liver It is
practiced extenbively by French and German
tlitsiclane It havin boon recommended by
Le Drau and Messbaum who are sustaIned by
Percy I remember that about sixtytwo cases
of recovery from shot wounds of the llrer dur
thg the war came under ins observation and
about onehaif of thebe were further compll
rittel by lesions of other organs At hatchers
itun a boy 19 years old was shot in the back
th bati paslug throultthe liver and emerging
from the abdomen lie recovered In lead than
month I was so Interested in the case that I
3okJ over the pension lists ti see if ho had
am4led for a pension but his namo is not on
the iit o It may he presumed that ho racov
rej fully Another case which was thought
rtant enough to be reported Ir the current
me Ial journals was that of Irivate Gilbert
There beyond a doubt the lesion was
t ivere Yet when Smith presented him
Et t time peaion examiner hero a few years
a if was reported in good health Another
aifth a Corporal wounded at lroderleksburg
X1rr1lies an additional undoubted instance of
r rr from a wound In the liver Itecoverlea
r wunda In the liver canpot however ho
I el firward to with certaints Vet besides
te which came tinderobservation during
t4e War I kuosv of ctbora ha July llt a p
ierntn was shot through the liver but four
4t45 of careful treatmoat pulled him
t h In twocases which occut red at the bat
ti 4 uTk in lS3 the ball lodged in the liver
a j wa exIrateii The uttlonte subaeuuentls
r verel rliete arealso suveral cases Ifl which
a I Jcd In liver and has remained
I inee cae are iateretIng in case it
S t eul lmtQsih1e t extract the ball
Jr arueda vnunl rlQ of the
I iu wa aso from iU fth cae
ertrei IevettI inches abve anil
rgt t the caei Amujag other
tbe bai rumainiu Iuied in
a crgCat bairely of thu
L who was wounded at Ite1
ZUir Va lhe Ltll trilged in
t44e j
tt h liver True It to a
4 j re be CoU 1 a
r L
Li b s r v ry wa i
Itv r Ier wa t t in ths
hg thr the imyer and
Ia i arg tM ItI srtnalnrge
atot tha came s L4 that 5Qd bt
I rr
Guitntsu Thrt vnq no sttrosratIon vomiting
l it rrhu or foo r antI I Ii o mnm is rpemsrmd A
solilior 21 yenri 011 was wountieil at Chaneel
lor lile both in the liver anil lung but ho ro
covertl and is as strotig as ever Another
eurlotiq recvery trotsi what is uurimat more
d I flicuit to I rint th a n a hot won imil I n t Ii I lver
wIs the loiglmg In tb llvr of a Inige bone
eLltIlt whIch wits shattered by a bullet In the
CItSO of John Qucn of Ienmieyivntmia not only
tim right lobe of the llvr but niso a largo
braneh of the hpatio duct was perforated
All these eases vere from a certainpoint of
iew more hopeies than Preslilont Garfields
Timer occurred on the battlefield where tImes
could not receive immediate attention whereas
vhsslclaris were on the epot a few moments
after the ProIdtst was injmsrd Moreover the
attendance here can bo moore rocular anti the
applinisees nrc nearer at hand than they wero
in 8uch 45C anti every change In his condi
tlon cin b notlod at once Then too
President Garfield was In excellent health
nntl IsIs constitution was magnificent lie Is
strugglIng gallantly anit will continue to fight
manfully for his life Vo treat him Internally
with mIlk and limo water and also give him
ItyiodermIo injections of morphIne to allay
nervousness To the wound TO apply cold
compress to prevent Inflammation from setting
in It Is too early vet to say whether we shall
attempt to oxtrat the ball At any rate it would
ho dangerous to attempt It now I cannot be
sanguine as to his recotory and yet we are
jistlfld In hoping for It
Dr Jhliss rmnatns at the White Itouso almost
Constaistly he only leases time Prshtonts hd
eide whets he Is relieved by Dr ltaylmrn Ills
oxperlenc and that of the other iiiysitans
with wbunds of this character had boon sImilar
to the SurgeonGenerals
The District Cmnmlssloners have publIshed a
carti reqtiestlnmt the people to refrain from nIl
noisy demonstrations tomorrow and the mu
niclai regulations relative to cannon znd ox
ploalves will be strictly onforcoil throughout time
city The weather Is calm nod clear but not
warm enough It is thotight to have any no
fnvornbIm influence upon tIme lrosldemsts con
ditlon There is an obvious dlfteronco of opinion
among medical men as to the probability of the
lrestdonts surviving his injuries but there
5 an unmistakable air of hopefulness
on the fas of the attending physicians
which WOth wanting up to a late hour last night
Destito his extremely critical ondItion the
country can reasonably cherish soto hope that
the President may yet recover TIme lapse of
time since the bullet mild Its work without largo
los of blood renders it probable that no largo
artery or veIn has been severed had this oc
currod there would doubtless hae been a fatal
hmomorrhao hoforo this timno To the hopeful
side of the caso may also ho added the Impor
taut oit that the irritable condition of the
stomach has been somoyhmat overcome
and a healthy rractlon ln that directIon
may now be expected To the ordinary
chances of life under such circuin
staneeu should also be added the Presidents
naturally strong comsatitution his regular
habits his cheerful snirits his unclouded
mind his great fortitude and his dstermlna
tion to recover if possible These are all im
portant fmtctore In his favor and whiio times by
no moans offat the tat that his condition is
one white ntalls the gravest apprehensions
times servo to remove the conviction which ob
mIned so gonrally last night that tile case was
absolutely hopeless
SUXJLIY Ar 71W IiITE zzvuw
nitons Crowds rnnd jhs PortalsThe
Presliteiti Cutii suid hceril
VAsIzIwTo July 3 There arc twenty
thousand stalwart citizens of Cincinnati reals
to march on to sack Waahington wa the tenor
of a private telegram item there last night In
the early morniigthero was a report here that
a mob from lhlmatlolthia was on Its way to the
city There voro many reports from other
citIes of the excitod state of tim public mind
Meantime Washington has relapsed to Its
wonted summer calm There is small stir in
the tdrtota In tite hotela excited knots of talk
era may ocaslonahly be seen but the prevailing
tone of foaling Is simply one of earnest solicitude
in regard to time Pt elttout ll day on the hot
hogs in the broiling sun a crowd was standine
before the entrance to the hite IIouo grounds
t sentinel pacetlup and down the sittowaikbe
fore the gates Inside there was an artillery
company their arms taektl tion thu grass
lhoir preaeuee seemmted needles in the fco of
timat patient Istful aemblagu No one was
admitted save by a tas from the Presitlents
private secretary The heat was very great
but all day long the crowd stood at the gates
Now and then somul one would come down the
semiclrculnr walk from the White house amid
pass out the gates A treamof engorttiestlon
ers would foliow The messages that came out
wfro reassuring t of lle bettor
ties better thank GoI coimiit he tmuartl
Now ciii tlmit the crowd fails rspectfully back
to make way fur a public ofitcer or a foreign
t 9i Mrs Blame came to the gates iii corn
pany with iilr Jdsvnrtl Thornton anti Timomuins
tl NIetmole exCouiumnisslonerof hmmuiian tTairs
Mrs hitatno valked btwein time two gotitlu
omen tier face was saul mint careworn hilt
ward Tluorntou who tins bex eontant in lila
inquiries titter the lrcsldonts condition had a
grave tlmuughtftii mtpmet its plac of Imis usuiti
goodluumnored oxprttaiou As ttto party
walked um the walk they nmetJustico Jirtiulloy
coming down lie howe and setms to bpeak
words of good eheor Soon aftuirwnrd Justice
Stromig comes dowo the walk his face also is
ill up by a hopeful oxpresuuton emiator Jones
of Florida anti omiator heck who hail re
matnuul at time hito house until a late hour
last night war ttmert again totiny Ittupresen
tativus IImonirtun ci hontucky sststnut ecre
tars lull omit Geri George hi lmerIuian of 1ou
islana weru aniozujtheuullprs ioerotary hilalne
AttorruyGenermil iue eagh rtnd toatmaster
JneralJamnoa wore there mnot of the day
Lttat ntlmt the tIuroziot visitors were mtllowed
to conme in on the steond tlour vhoro the Vteb
iuknts room is Toultus titus wero restrited to
the lower floor arid no one vits allowed In tIm
bedroom bav Mrs GarfltId the tubs sictamis anti
the nuriea TIme hourly buiitins toll time mtory
Of the struggle of a strong robunt tulmysiutuie
against terrible wouuis Ihe favorable ynsp
tuniS that set in after p oclock last niiit con
tinued Thu ebbing pulse beat full and
strong again anti temperature and roapi
tatiOn became normal Tue natural functions
of the body were Iiachzirgeui In a way that
shuuvti that the kidneys and intestines wero
uuafiuted anti during time niutmt thmo lretIdent
fut tlv hours of refrhng sleop Secrmdariea
v indom 3lmvVeagti LI ncoln anti James wlmo
haul rumainl at the hito liotma nIl miight
wore cheerful faces anti tlmo uiOetor spoke with
hpe 01 this fuitur Mrs Lincolrr and Mrs
3iicenti leftuit I oclock in ttme moroin to
ttsurui by the lrestdenta easy conlimiurn at
that tiunu Mrs lamos rounaineil until 2 A 3
Mrs Vintloxuu until 1 A 31 Mrs Hunt umntii 5
31 1uring the uiay the lrestuiout took a little
beef tea ituui win several timnes nntl it was
tvldent that the vital forces luau rallied from
the first aluoek of tii wounds A little morphlue
was aulnmntsteruul during tutu ties
in the eflormiootm the neaurauco was given nut
thnt the otily danger whmicim the phiysicittme tlmou
feared anti wliKh thy were assiuluoumsly corn
h4ttng auts me tutupenramico of inliamnmrmtlon
lature of time higlueut value in the rttuatmou mire
110 aptumidtd Lulue aol tenacity of tno lrost
lent himself Ilib past oxiertemmea baa moum
tind htimit to time sight I wotiiu1 anti no itory
nus tromnra distumrb him limis mortilug luis
eyes rdre brmglit the clasp of his hutnuii
wui mtrung and warn the to1i of
his vote full ciii cheerful I1 knows
luis tmiur but Junks death lit tIii faco nud
Cutet tti isuiuu with him wmtli tho smuito Un
c ii uhtturitte p1 t hint to uttuit V a4 lb lit 1I iuii
S titei Cut i U n trim I Itt tiootiu V1 light t 11L its
way tuir inches hIbt t to Serotary Illatnu to
dav 1 nw vui euuicli that there is univ
timnu hot but I whut 5U tu IoU nts wheti there
s none I enmi alumni it iui tue frankly for I
mummy not he I abo to rut muis ouni juig
mient L ist niglmi w4on ito npearcul tu
ii sinking ant wtmIn lie hiatt tll his
58 that irobobly tie scout nut its o he
vhi calmu onui chuurfut 1 e outitutlumi
wboi virgin strength litoiovertoen imutatrt
C 1 tli ii e xii urntuiu vu i ti that a u ci WI I
Vt I the btt at futee Uturt eh lm the pbs
etana aoiigy eels Mrs thurlelt bums ttuui
Ii at an 1 smr jig In her fimth hunt Ii scull i
time bno semi so socun aftor her mirrhial aud she
iii adiucrod 10 tim u belief
Tmti Jittu gile uf thu tr sileiita ftv ritbi
canditien dutlti thu menmng and tmltvrujon
rjuiilcly Plireaul tlurntimzh the city anti gave a
ciuurIul tout to tlmu talk 1mm time Iuotuls nmnt thu
lt rot u A mi fimt mis mitt y I mm 0 run at ion coin ii out
I t sva sp I muul umbrotuul tim t o U g Ii t lmi Cr in mit um n Its
Tim ruuilf front uitmioty vus everywhere vIsible
ii peoples fCts
1 Ito crowul u lulch ton1 about thug grounds
s1etIt Ii oti re I U tutit lent u utlti mig itt halt I I o Ii cur
itt imitarvals from ttmoo enulutmig 1mm lImo
groumnulQ the very Intost partinumlars atuui thioo
r its 1 tmo voro t it ii sutuuin tut eii S I n nuitmu y
Cii4u9 ii Itt four miiomitiu ago Imuil tonu tathttmitiy
I mm t It a sit to a tuhuuuui it u p ua the Itus lulunt toy iuv
tim sohuiler Ctttzeti viio unuirolmeti ast in
untlitary alutuu They tooul thicro nil
tiuty a nil flu 1mm y a t them mill mu I gli t ant it wns
Otla of t it 0 mnnmnoral tb s twtacht5 tf the I I mu es
to soc that vntiant erwut before the gate Some
gave way to Fatigue but would not heave tImo
spot nnul shtut through the snmnfl tiomuro of nieimt
on time etirlistones atid attune work of time railing
umitier tile opeum sky Inside tue feuice omm tIme
lawum toward the Trensuty the mihitumry guard
wits dlpuecd in groups thin soliiors breath
lug heavily In the slumbers of their
lulvnuac A sentry pseed to nod fro
before time gate preserving a rectangular
space open tlirouli whiehi carriages could en
itt The gate was guertieti by a tuttrly cohoroul
pohicumimman Tlmn only persons admitted were
tlmo immedIate attetiulants thu friouids of time
family the Cutbimiet officers lint the rooresen
tmttives of the press flue latter were soeui nt
half nuust 2 oclock sitting quietly ittidet time
liehts of the porclm on the stone steps leatlimug
down to the carriageway A tIred womans
imico was linking down upon the group from
Omit ot the windows in the eomid story lhn
ofilcer imi cluargeof time military gzumnrd at In an
arm clmuulr on timo norclm Beside himn wore two
or three volicomnen
Time doors were locked and Limo house was
dark CICCIt that through a hail Open window
n itmml liglmt was vIsible in time large cimammdeiler
of time halt Ioctors caine and wont antI theIr
sllglmteet word ivas ciumelit tip by the imewepanor
Inoim to bi repomuteul through the live million
lmomimes of the Colmntry before dayllihit It was a
strttugt ani Itmitutossivo scene timoumght the titan
ifst imumprovornent of tIme tuattent took front it one
of its iumrIost ftuatumres Time luirgest hart of time
crowd outside time gate was women There were
very mantis colored people there Loriumips the
majority of nIl ntmui it wrs thIs cias of the coat
fliuuity wimictu simuwed tlio greatest fidelIty of
Lorsevoramtee flut finally the glorious tuhinot
cry tluimrtet wimich shone In tIme east gave way to
time superior beams of the situ and time first
night of Jartlolds sickness gave way to light
It was an flnxious night for more tuna tIme ono
tireul spommt wommiami who lied beemi sumusmonud
en hastIly trout time restoring uvinml of tim sea
shore to perform herself ofilces of mueres to one
whose mirtd wore oven more imperativo than
bmw own
In time afternoon Senator Jones called at the
i bite ilousut anti Inforuusoti tlmo mnomnbors of thu
Cabinet that the s icelresiulont haul arrived in
city mind was lila guest and would like to see
tIme Iresldent if its could be permuitteul to do
so Senator J0005 wns told however tlmat tIme
phmysiclamis did not think it best at present to
allow ammyon to see the lresldent except the
members of hi family
Time lcolresluiont called shortly after P
oclock 1mm time evening nod expressed huts sm
pathr witlm Mrs larhlolti and her futmnhiy lie
tune been in communication with mnsrnbors of
the Cutbinst over since his arrivmml amid line been
govormul in lila action by timulr suggeitlons
Timo bulletin issued at 6 oclock sot forth a
conttnumanco of favorable symoptorns and
ttis announcement was made that no
bulletin woumiut be again issued until 1
ochochc Hummer fixeti 7 oclock as the
time when the unfavorable symuptomus set
In agaIn but nothing definite could be learned
A crowd of uorresooumdouts gntliurotl at time foot
of time stairway loathing up to time rooms oem
pietl by time PresIdents family CarrIages
rolled up bearing anxious visItors many of
vimoun ummiutilo to get nuimmilesion to time upper
rooms joimmeut tIm vniting tlmromsm Gumn Georgo
Ii huriinn of Louisiana gmmlns aulnilsslon imp
stairs Ihtut stout imetivi itgulrtt goes nimbly up
time stairs In about twenty mutintittus lie is seen
coming down stairs how is Ito now
General call a dozen voiCes Ito is
holding iii own still ho replIes as he hurries
our A tail man rushes ulon stairs and out the
uloor followed by a string of questIons It is
eol Corbln one of tIme secretaries of the Irosl
but lie hurries out to senul ofT a telegram
asking Dr iluimuntond of New ork to coumse on
hut lie also says that the Iresident Is still
rcstirug qtsliy About a quarter past nimme
lcelreuiuient Atthur aeconipanleut by
i4omiator Jones of ievatia manic in Mr Artflurs
air of duiuression wmus markeul They wer
imnidiutteIy uciuturel Up tIme atuilrcay Some
members of ion Garilulds church litlis
uumnomug ttmmn minis came in antI stot1 waiting
attout time foot of ttmo staIrs to huir of time lrest
uIemmt condition brtgtmtlookimug boy conies
dwa stairs itnut peaks wIth some of time at
tumdants it Is hurry nrlleltl who vrltes time
privutte telegrmmrmus of time mmmiii anti vatetmms at
1mm fathers bedsldu with untlinchin selfcon
trolAt last Pr Wobstor makes Imle appearance
lie tay time lruitIent lint jumst iimmd his woumiti
ttresett nut time operation tins sonmwiiumt un
favorably nffcted hIs comittition soon after
teePresidemil Arthur after havimg mate
about nit hmourn Slits OttilO down stutira
escorted by Cot Corttiu Ills face was down
cast anti hi seenieui mmmcii nilacted 1 was not
able to son time lresident lie guild in response
to inuzuhrls It vmis udoui ummamiviuablo to
risk it at present lie got Into hits carriage
anti we driven oil
At lmI3u1 the iomgepocted bulletin came nut
It Shut ttmrmt time conuittloim of the lreIdent was
105mm fumyorimble ttmttt lie was eomhmiIuimmg of
talus In liii lmtttb and there haul been an in
crease of Lever
Reported Fears fur hi Maretyt lnlk Ith
Illu uit smu itduigtu Train
SSSIfICTt July 3VicuPrisluiemtt Ar
thur arrmved bert at unit past 7 tlmi rnormiiog in
thu owl train from New York Ito was aecorn
panied nIl time way by Senator Jones of Nevada
to whose imous ho drove from the depot Whcn
Mr Commlllng bade Mr tuttmur goodby at Now
York Saturday nignt and pronmlsed to see hint
again on Thursday hut is said to have added In
an undertono
You have nothing to feat
This last remark was made it is supposed to
allay theVic1reeIdentapprchmenslon shared
earlier lii timesemiing by Mr Conkling Senator
Jones anti Lnmtuti ltates Marstmal henry l
Knox thmatlr rttmur was risking hits itt in
goimmg to S uiuitmngtumi umutil time excitement was
btmwlmat allayed limo late desiatehea wiuicim
tutu teo1reidunt rtueeivod ott Saturday night
made it iumiprutivu imutwuivar In the opinion of
his mmtIvitter timuit lit ahmouhut go on at once hen
atorIutnesmmmid Mr lno entlommvorodto explain
the delay its mavlug that lila going before time
owl train would have npuearoi unseermily imastu
and thu Stuttmttor aguimo exlreseuj timia view
hmortiy tufter time train left Jersey City but a
gentlemnami whosum relations whim 1reiuttmmt tar
Ilolui are ltmtimattm and cortiltientini reiteratej
whmat lumg hUN reporter haul imemird from otimeru
that thetirias luaU beemm caused by fear of bodily
itnrnm to the Vieirsidtmmt
rlmt tcuIresltlemmt and Senator Jones took it
sent 1mm tIme r uur of Itme sleeping ear Kurmingtomi
A good many Looplu wont down by the sutmu
train bun civ even ot tlmoaui in time sammie car am
peareit to know that Mr Jrtimur was 0mm timo
trmtin It ivui tupposed timmit hut haul taken time
10 oclock exiurem Au tutu train toilet otmt of
time station time S mce1reiduimt ltumtmotl back in
his seat looking atmxbons anti duprsssit but
tmtlkttmg caiuimly cUim Senator Jummes Iliejr con
vursatmon lasted miserly an lmoimr and was car
tiemi on in an tmndirtone Most of time passon
gore of tIme ear rttired at oneeomiiy a few eyed
time talker curlouhy Mr ltlmtintfs name wits
frequetmuls meutiommeti and timurm seemmieti to tue
some reference lottie iem1rcsldents Imavimig
received no ofllmai remutust or at timu most a
tardy ommo from thus Soeromars to cotilul em here
Aftr Imia eouvtirsmuttou withm natorJnua time
icuirsitlent orulereI lila bertlm made up anti
walkuuui slowly to time otimereuiti of the ear Hero
liii told a he ceporter titmit lii was goiumg omm to
s auImimugttmt ltiCmIUS hit consiulorol it lime imutter
ative dumty to be there asmutiiltlmoughm timero vero
mutuvuruti Persoummi reaion for bbs remmmatattmg in
ueiv iurk ho thought it best timatundortlm lr
Cumxustammcea lie should be at tutu capItal lmibo
Ito and the iresiulent belommgott to umtfleromit tac
ions lie tiiouimt this a cumluimmilty whmmh slmoull
lie vutmwd frommi a toint above tactionmil or tar
tisan conuutderations lie uleelluout to apea of
time poihttoui utpocts of time imsatsahmiutimon It
vuts imi siucure Iiuutue Ito maid ilirit the trcl
dent nmiimt reeuuIr as lie believed it vaq
time sincere itOtue of every one in tite efUntrv
It vmti luntrmcti timis evuotmig timmtt tue tiestatelm
wimtuhm ilnttbly bromuImt utout time Vtcslrei
duat uruey to asiminetun wam as follows
ii AtttertuN July
11 ru 1
I t t utuirt i tle ttbi i I ml t i Ott sttuult cotti
to ii4h u n ut Iu maci t must
3 dum II mLiue
nt iuiJiu isii ijgi ijtjyi
i it eeiiitm at s r
thus 1 ilet I ro liii lrrsisiet
WaitttON ltmiy 8 krmuuiai anti Intuit
fmtvuratie eomumieUt is being niislu upumu limo Lure
trkts and tilgimity of Geti rttuurs comm huwt in
liii trying eamergenoy ii us alienee simm hatur
dtty was given an uumfairnbhu iutertretmtlnn
but stimuim ml wmt uuderat oI tlmtt Imis failure to
take am v nuLls 1 sr mimaki aty rL4y to tim a
r uis teicgrammms tXtt ituw ruts uiuj ti lila failuro
Lu uselvu Limit ulisiuutt lme timu tuertlexiW gave
tray in generni Eitisf tetlulu
AIUr it imht Lroatfst at bsmmatr J nsa
bunte Vtelrea4ent tQv
no Imours rumt Sonator Jones meanwhile aunt
IL messenger to niprls time muttuindatits at tIme
belsidoof bit larfiulul of time icePreslulcnts
arrival numi of thu decire of imimimseif anti
Mr Artlmur to pee the lresident At
tho time Wayne MacVeagh was mit tim
hite house and lie sent back worti
timuit it vas tmtuposshbla for any one to
see the lreslulcnt except time physicians
and that Ito himself lmatl not been as yet to time
bouleltie lint mornlimmt that Imo understood
however lint the lrosident was improving
anti that timero was a chance of Mr Artlmtmrs
aulnmiscsion to sea Imim later in the day Time
icelremiititunt lien tiove with Senator Jones
uiown to the White House but jost mis they were
about entering the grounds times iuealtatctl re
turnout to tiuuir carriage anti were driven
to AttorneyGeneral MutcmSomtgims resldnce
wimitimer hue lint gone alter answering the m ice
lresltlonts mnemsngo limo VicePresident again
representoul to time AttornoyUenerai that imo
was extremely anxious to see tIme lresitiuunt or
to hmtnr from somume one who imad boon near him
of lute exact condition
It has been ii severe ahok to mo Ito said
I wrs so mmervous antI dapressoul iat miiutut
not only front eynijiutthuy mud sorrow for time
lresiutnnt but also because I was An hate in to
eolvlumg ho flows of his Iniurios anti fenreul time
lrslthnt mmmtgimt misinterpret my hhunCo that it
was a long tUne before I closed my eyes It Is
my earnust tiesiro to see the lresluiutnt Is there
tie Possibility of my sneltig imimn Gen Mac
Vtuuugh said that the physicians had Ivon or
tiers thuat no oume except Mrs Onrtlehti amid timo
flutess be mihioweth iii limit room lit nssumrett the
Victtlresident that the lresldent was wuch
It ivuts worth comine all the way from iomv
York ho locPrnsltlont uiitl turning to
Senator Iones to lmnr sucim hews Let tie
liopui to Gaul tiunt he nmmty recover Times lion
hilt Ion 3iaeVsnghi anti went to time Arlington
where times renimunsud in one of the private par
hors CoI hubert 0 Ingersoll entered time tsar
br anti eehanmpd a fow words of gretlnu
with the icoiresidenf Cci Ingersoll hiatt
tact Secretary lilmitimo mind ho Secretary hail
expresod his gratification that Mr Arthur haul
Come to Wmishington Col Ingersoll also said
tlunt time Secretary and nthisr memntuars of ho
Cabinet wielmeul to meet ho Vicelresident and
hopoti they might find opportunIty to see him
at Senator Joness house or some other plae
of lit appointmentduring time afternoon Mr
Artimur then sent wortl to Soretsry lhiaimme that
lie would bo at Senator Jonos house during
the latter part of time muftornoon
lime Vieolreaitient nunin oxproseed a ulniire
to sosi President Jarliehd snut requested Semi
ator Jones to send another nmesseugur to the
s imito hIoue
I will go myself said the Senator
It will bo a great favor repiteti the Ice
President I wish to see him mind if I cannot
I wish to keep myself informed of hmls coudl
Inn I am more depressed then I soemmm It
affects me especially for I not only share in th
general sorrow bumt I am especially migitatnul by
time possIbility that duties nod responsIbIlities
wimlcim I never oxpcted will be suddenly timrust
upon me
Senator Jones then went again to the White
house himself and represented that time ice
lrmsideut was most nimxioua to see iut cimlef
mind asked If timers wero any possibility of hits
being allowed to call that day Senator Jones
was told lint ii time lresident continued to grow
better he nmight he seen by he i teePresIdent
between 10 and 11 at night
rho t leolreaitiunt upon receiving this
messume drove withm Sommator douse to the hit
ters house wimore lie dined in time afternoon
At mihout4 oclock a carriage drove tip to Sena
br lonesus lions and Socretaries Jtlmiine anti
hirkwooil anti Vt avon MmtcYemteim steppud out
A moment later another carriage with Gn
James anti the rest of time Cabinet arrived
As time first carriage arrived Ion Artimur
stepped mm on time stoop cud descenmied to meet
Mr Uhilnus limc latter hmastenetl hits footsteps
amid time Lien rneatimmg imttlf way on the stoop
grtuatutud cacti otlmors bands cordially After
ward while still on time stoop ion Amtimur
shook imumnds with time oilier rnssmmmbers of
its Cabimmt All lien eutered time
house anti Gun Arthur renmainotl
in the harme hallway to speak to SecretarY
ltlruine while the rest of timo Cabinet took seats
in time ptrlor with Senator J0005 Almost time
ilrst ititiutry tiuat the VieeProeldont atitirestued
to time SeCretary was Do you know why I do
hayesi so bug in answering time teisgrntn an
iioutmeiug time attenmpt on the Iresidemmte life
Indeed miii hroumgu th day Gen Artimur Tins
made ovary sPort to 1mev it known tint hue lund
anuwerumsi time sIuttuateii am soon its tie rsireul mt
After a utlmort clint in time immill time Vieiltrcsi
dent rmnsi time Hecruinry of State joIned tIme other
members of time mibhmiot in time Itmurlor llme eon
sersatiou tens almoMt entlroly conllmicut to cx
change of rmrtts at time actions mtilsfortumuo
mutt to oxtlresstons of tuleasure hunt iOn
Arthur simoUhul have conic to Vashmtng
ton It was imoivever urged that In case
time President simotihul uiio iefl rttmumr simomihul
tuti swormm in iumimetlfmmtely It was also timougimt
best that time leelrstihunt simoulul hell hmimmm
self remitly to ho aumnrnommotl at an moment to
time White hOuse A ab was kept waitIng to
carry lmlni thltlmur
utter limo mmmuummtcsrs of the CabInet haul gone
Gon Arthur anti hmmatur Jommes ate stituter At
b81J a SUN corremupontietit fnumntt Gen Arthur
urmiklug ruatty to go to time Vimitti House Time
lcoIreiulunt wttt still under ho impressIon
timid ito ircsidnts tirufnvurumble symmitutorna lint
riot retuirmuoul anti hi lookuU imiuclm luss care
worn ttmnum lie imati euimmeul earlier itt time tia
lhit correionmleut lint just jiead imat Prs
dent Jnrlleldti Symiitutottms wire hues favor
attic nnd so immfortmmed Geru Artimur whose
fut at ommee mmsemmmneui its uimmxtout expreiiomm
enatorJones itbo vas umimctm taken nhck by
lie jiuws sell Arthur again utluI that hue
simratik front astmnming time uitmties which tvoimmti
be sutidenhy piacet titboli iminm in cutee time lrei
dent simoultl tile lie mmho 53ti that lie hiatt imaut
great tuiensuro in iuietimg time Cetutnet utitti imat
he tmOtutd to see time lresiuient wIthin an hmuiumr
Senator Jones zmlti thmit no doumljt iemm rtimumr
would tmiku time oath of oltice as ltyesluient of the
tjnifrul States immmnmosliuutehy stmomuld Ireslltummt
lartlitl die lie thought it ilkohy In that east
ttiutt t trtimur cvouiul cull arm extra sosion of
he 4onte mum ortiusr to elect ii lrcsiuient turo tent
At five omluuites before P tho Vieuireslulemt
amid Senator Jones drove down to the flhte
I lotiq
31rArthur saw Mrs Garfield an expressed
to tier lila sympathy wIth tier and imer tumnmily
It was tiominmeti tumatlvlsable to admit the vlamttfrs
to tIme Ireslmlenta hetlaide
hltalwarts wbmo are lmere and especially Vice
lreitleuu Arthur are von immuchm mmmovoti its thus
apparent ulispesitlon of the tumblic to imoltl
tbitnmi partly reeponsiblo for this deplorable
mmfTmir There is no ono hero who tie
liovea that he crime lint any polltkal
significance whmttever Time Distrmtt mtormmey
Hutss that luitoan now talks very little of lila
Stalirartlamu tt any ruttewhmotimer Imedoca or not
timOre Is a genorsi felimmg hers limit it h cruelly
unhumat to hold timo Stalwarts in aims way roston
attic for time crinmlnai vagarIes of a man who If
nnt imbsoiumtuiy crazy is a most utelmileul imimmatic
o one of course tkmlimks that Commkllng or Ar
thur or any otiuoy Stalwttrl timid anttiming
directly to do with the etmoottiug of time lrusi
dent but times or their friuunuI here say twit mmmi
effort is mnuikimmg to cauit oduumni omm tlmumn by tOil
son of hut ehootitig Mr Arthur is evidently
csxcudiugiy nervous ansi semmaitive anl feels
that time lumimieduate friends of tIme Atinmimitatra
titufl look upon hint with Ices frionully eyes thmmmn
Lutuforo this sisl eVent It seeumis to be time gen
ormul lnmtresmomm Imetu tint if tumlttmau muotivis
are not Lurecisuths whmtt ime sumss timey are
list is crazy by tlIsatulOiumtUttmt Day after dat
liii hmas waited at time Vs lute Iiummso from ii
oclock in time mnormmlmmg untIl 3 ocloak mum time
aftermmoon for an immturview whim tim lresluleumt
in order that tie ought receive asaraueo
of an appoimmtmermt to a Consuminte tmmiy
failure attenulod Juts efforts ansi it Ito ditl
mint actually shoot to rudatmi lila party the
lresluient is time vietlumi of time spoils systiummi to
whIch this man owes hits oppuirtunity mttmul lime
oocmtslomm mmmi by whuicim Ito was led into a state
of wind finally ending lii frenzy
riii tSSissivs CU OL IILl UIX
Sorry that the Shot vtss at iiee Fattti
Ills ttnteitrut u altiuir 1uilit
WAIIilTO July LIlmo old District
jail In wimlch hiti conspIrators against 1rtsl
uteimt Lincoln arid Serotary Sumwari wro comm
hiueuh lmaa mourn long since ulestroyci fim
preseut Ilmtrict jail mu wimichi iutleau Is comi
llnul Is otto of Muhlctta struetures it bujIdiumg
of timo dark tiM Summeei sandstone once si
rmmuehm In vnuuui iii time District about ii mmmliii cabt
of im CapItol on time oaetusr bratmelm of time
1utormia rimore hma bn mme demimonetration of
any kiul about ho lush but in view
of time txclttut state of limo public hm
auth nt Iu have tikun mmmeauroa tt Lure
tout it itt ease of city uutbrtt vi
mmmcli vjuhtuiuc s on nh lltmtitl Luttiu8lt3
they iss refmmo to givo uhiti number of Itt e I
or tart of Ito jaul in mi Imtlt Gumttau Is ommftuttisl
lit was lrotighmt to time i uti utt umijut immtitpmst Itt
oduk lu tmigiut ituty Variu 31GmIl
wimi recuivel tutu sari he mnauner was mmuttui
fltoth ant ltI liurvus meeieuJ to In eonithttt
ntrii Vimun takuti Immt 1mms el it t k ti
himi etuti lmev iummmutl tlwuu ui tilt
btgttm ruau t I ii mm hews pILtur I I tutti I s s I I I r
mm n I ii ml nt ii j s 15mm y tilt 5 lmtuk of tIttluet to I t ium I
I u 110 1 i say tim utmi y cf t iso t I s Lumi si t at I
lUll Whutit lmo laul ti ito ho lied teen cmujueloj
5 sI its I 4 luuumgluty
ii hr Lu tt Ito 2 Serb Ti C31mC I
se IlIum Ut 12 u ljt and telmIned let nearly
tmv hours uontorslng with hum lie inhul to 31r
11 rook luiss t ii e I usue i u I rut aim flu r iii ii aim I
Mr hirooks replIed liui Is suiflering very
raumeim iiithtuuui
lumituuumu sail I tim sorry very sorry eui
tht lit hi us 5 ti If t a I iv ilm I hiatt tutu t it not hu ut teth I
Itito tutu Tlmutt would Immive emmuled lila aullcrinmr
To Ctuiet lirootuss Inquiries nuto hits motives
Cl ii itumiil also ru nh I eul t it mit it it hind ben coun
lu I I ad to as lmus it nih ul o mu o hub utl Al ii igimt y
lie was sorry for Irtiithuummt Garfield htmL limo
host vtt5 to mias o list htunumi tuhica ii Itit Li wits to
htmL 31 r Arthur at time itttill of umilutirs lie fum r
timer saId in coti ret of Imle eommversatiotm tlmat
imotiming lint Mr lirooks could say cmiii tile
tnrb imimu iii lila luohiaf that lust hiatt ntutul for Ito
best ho renmarkeul title mumorimhmig that lie emnmiul
not get to utletLu Ummtll 3 oclock hseausui hits boil
was so iunrul lie lint lila brummiktnst anti seeimmod
nritutly cnhnm nmmtl undituturheuh lii
rue mS nmuhon imas been instructed not to imilow
ally one to sea Imirn tvitimout an oruluir Irma Ccl
Corkimill time DIstrict AttorneyorCtmioi Brooks
No smitim order line laen granted
This morning Guitemun madea request for an
interview wlthm Coh Corklmlhl Col Corkimili ar
rivet atabout mmoonaimui romnnimmedwitim hum for
about timroe imours Coh CorkImIhi said on colts
lug out of hmimi ccli lie talked very frutoly to
rime but I an not at liberty to make public what
be srilth
BItt ho say whether or not ho had any no
Ilotolul me a lomm story lie particulars of
which I intomid to verIfy beforo allowing it to ho
made ttubhio In time interest of justice I must
keep time matter front ho public for ho
lld he tell you asked the correspondent
how it was that alter iumtving been ejiuctoil from
his bonruhimmu imoutuc for imoniuayment of boarul
ho was able to procure time imiommey to stop at limo
lthrgs ilbuso to ride about itt a hack and to
purchase revolvers 2
ho explained everything to me said the
Colomii ant in title tinmo it will be made pub
tIc More I Cannot say now
Are ammy more arrests likely to be made 2
I reokomt not was tIme aumawer
is imis imsanner commiiuosod anti rational 7
Jmmst as umiumli so as yours or amino
Geltmng immto a cab Ce Corkimill drove to Police
lleutduiuarers anti afterward lied a loii eon
suhtattou with AitorneyOtsmmermml Matmtenmthi
One of time deputy wmiruiemms of timo JaIl is positive
that Ito recognizes in Ouiteau a moan who about
ton days migo Caine out to limo jail and was
shown tbrouh itat liis request
xlix iiusivr i lCD iwruEn
Jireaking the Xews to 11cr as fleniy a Pos
itie Yesterday Storning
CiErrrAn Ohio July 3Time news of
the shooting of limo President was broken to his
nmothmur hits forenoon at Solon She hind been
50 much overcome by the fatal accident which
resulted in the death of Thomas Garfield and
Mrs Arnold that the family hail kept from liar
limo ineliigonco of ttmo attempted assassinatIon
But lila inornltmg she felt better and spoke of
attending Mrs Arnolds funeral which took
placa at lietiforu otiat In announcing liar
Intention she romarkod Last Saturday
Timoma was burled toduty Cornulia I won
der who it will be next Suntiny
Mrs Trowbrltigo at whose house e than
was sent for Mre Larabe another daughter
When tim latter arrived Mrs Garfield inquired
whether she was goingto Mrs Arnolds funeral
Mrs Lusrabus rephlctl that alma guessed she could
mint its somimotiming lint happened so the ulster
lmotmurimt it best not to go
What line happened 2 inquired Mrs Car
fieldWe Imuivo hoard that James is hurt replied
Mrs Lutraie
llomv its thus cars 2 asked limo mothier
No ii was shot by an nsmmeln but ho was
not klllei answorttl time thumtmgimter
rue Lord help mmml exclaImed Mrs Oar
3hm Tnrmibe assured her niotimer that time
latest reports were favormible antI showed that
tIme lyesidemmt was resting quietly and in a fair
way to recover
Iien did you hear this querlod Mrs
Ysturdmiv noon but we thought it best not
to tell you lime news was not its fmmvorablo as
totiny was time reply
lou vero very thoughtful I am clad you
diii not tell nsa said Mms iarllehti auluilimuc limit
imui ttmuitmghut ommmetiming hmni imappened its she
ittiti imticui that the muma000r of tier daugimtur
imaml been peculiar toward tier yesturtlay Slms
tiara up iiimder the intelhigemmmn with munch forti
tuii She Cumi shown ultepatutmes recelveti from
3lnlor Seraini Secretary Juutut anti harry Oar
IbId thm one from the last named readIng mis
ivAumucrea p c July 3
r Eu CitI o
Tm ttut om tie mus lit I iutsurnmti s at the utoetorm are
ery imptiut lie muse Lumm tentdIv ttinsmrttu tie timue
fiiutsr t tjiitrmip
She rend thimi thespatchie euthimmis anti salt
how cmmlul anybetuly be so coldhearted as to
want to liii toy baby 2
Iii generuil eommwersatton duo expressed won
dcc mis to ms mint ivas coining mucxt amid irmiuired
what multi probably be dorm with time aesutesin
Utton sommie one sayIng hlamig him lmu to
LuhiusI lIe titserves it
Site des mmot cortenmmratts goIng to Washing
tutu untc sent for timtmmlimig she will list telum
grimtuliecj for if miutsuary s 10 on It ielmn to
mumuirk ci to it r t lint tim us umumt a commi i nut od to gromv
favorutlulu lie samti I aiim gisni to httuar It but
I ant afraid tmumroimoptngamaizmst fate Ituomus
flute miertmoon she dictatod the following do
tuateit to imtr grmtimulscmi
II rui I 57 il 5 r l n 5 tt t1
Tiuc tue is t t t mu to mtie tttu iii tutu t mu t t rucket
mmtt s t r mmcc tulh rtt me 5 cur isS rent I It il
mit ct lucre mumem iii Tilt Lu lee I 1 I bmrtr tue I ctt r
iut u I ttut t nu cbti ut ml Tel ttiti is emtuim et
rmruii emit aceu t tb lime nIt symtmtttuv r t uutntLcr
stiet uih tru itis gLuzA tttt1ttLp
Dr S Iloynton Presluhunt Garilohis cousin
and faintly plmyuloluun itttnttti Itt funurutl to
ulay 01 iii uibter 31tC rmmolil itt Jtjfortt near
itere lie goes imumttmedlmitely to aeimtttmztumm
lime lrwsitlemite two young sons ucimo amrivuil mit
3lemmtcr yistertlmmy are ethil kept tim Igmmormmmce of
hut altenhttusd assmiestmmatton They mire at the
imunmeetead ui charge of an uncle
from a Uiiircl in tilts imyIn the
lautiisflhtsl his lleitstirs Stay
Chance J Cuiteau limo asasilmm va for
merly mu mmember of Calvary Baptist Cimurcim in
luvcntsthmirdstreet llobroughmta letter to thmat
church frommi a hItptlut clumrcit In Jersey Ctty
But imIsconduet was such nso very soon arouso
against him not ommly porsonah dislike but a
conviction of his inalmmcurIty mind dishonesty
and hits desire to troth tocunlarihy by his rein
tori wilm the chmuireim Ills illtreatment of lila
wife ansi hits wild talk amid acts caused him to
ho discIplined and expehleti from chmurehm mmmcmii
berthiip in lS72 limo pastor of the church time
11ev hobart 5 31aearthu imlludcJ to those facts
iii his sermon yesterday mmmrning lie said
rIme assassin who tins lungetl a whole an
Ion into mourning was once am etmurchi rmtenmber
Ills prospects in hlfut woro once iurigimt Once
me stood up amid confetasoti Christ as hmts per
serial Savinur before omen Onco hie received
time imunil of Christian fulhowshitu Once ho par
took of the bread nnti wine the symbols of
Chrlts holy broken antI bleedIng timid blood
imeU for sinful mimen anti women There Is
reason to believe that Ito imutuoseut upon he
church to wlmlcit lie first belonged nutl whilcis
gave him a letter of immtrodmmctiomm to another
church But soon hits true cimaractor was die
covered ant lie proved hmimmmsohi false iii every
rolatiomm of lila as ii mmman and no mm lmuebamitl ills
wilt miller suittrimmg ummtold agonies was oblIged
to leave hunt and when imi rime cimaracter was
tIkovroui lie was dssltiimuesl mmiii uxduultsui
front tIm Ielluusistuip of tme otmuiiiu to ii iiluihm ime
timsim helotmed lie gtlve louist relit Ii ittl time
busu tuutsatotmi ouer goiii 1w huuatmttt itt 110108
very bait no1 ivemit icuvim btsLt by stuuu until tie
lmlitd tile lmmiumii agutuist time llret CmtmnJmt of tImi
mmmtgimtv iotjuluhb ltrlmate reacimm wme t1
thtrotmuti it ii to list Ijoiteti so Vs luattvtsr ox
chaos inns but miatmumeui for regiIiie lit time olul
woriui hero aria unite for lrtsmtiummt kliitmmg mum
hits reputuhic a tatmnot ijtmtt Iii ttuouehmt tituit
IU it on islemi c tmhd lilti otit e rui thmmtt tim
mtitut ittitisi e cu not suiTor time tttiuglmt
t limit s micli Liii gumumgtt lms u Ii hi tt bum o i n hi
1 mlusritt U rI if oti I bcIteI cii mit ry A II s u mm is iii
mtt i imsutu it V I mm that semi su t lii aute I a mummy
hmte mimmuuu bat I tbinm In ui othet
sense tttan ttuu
t lttoNrIt ic Tm Tslus
Cs ii lteaui wa i Ii I s7 L In I T mtlitui of tIme lonihu
for iii urui it iltt tutu I mi Im is S U r i iruJ m
iumuu s Isriuti imj ii mm m t it mit I t cmmtn it u mit
II Ii outt 1 tIm ii hut mm 1 Ia I t tuoum lie I uk m i itt tim
Ituit imusuet i I 31 rts i itt C Suwuusmm it ji
lweumtyooiii strtio to tim Jzmlt of 1571 hit in
trti iucd iimnusit witim ut Preteuttous Iruifts
Sm mitt 1 zm r I mmmi d f r It few wuuk a he lmt I ii I
tirt reuttrty hen tiutttam taoamnus irrg
U It In I is tLuii I ti 31 re hut rLmutiu i
liii t f ltt too umeae Ut ml flu my ha uaurei
5 t Iy UI lws tsri5 wlitt rep eter tue
uiil lmvui Ii t it Us liii dm1 1 ty lttmav w lit a
tiuek f r L in tb9 L nuher ilai ii a
ltirrs Unmuic miumi Len wtt away i ill
lmies grei I ssit 5 trutik i ii it t ii us to
lief vL ira ZmQn5fl1 anti Le LarUrj
The worthmhtsrmrq of titus ehetk icni not uhiscoy
otoul Iii MrsSlrnonsori until a luiw have laturetmo
iuresentoui It to time agent of iir Iuouis its huirt
ills macnt for remit un roportoth Is liar tlummt
itiitiitti liuiti hull flu luahmitmee at liii Lemitimr
31 uiiutilmcturusrs hank for sonic tlmn lrs
Simumonson timt iuur uon to ItiltiunIms omen Iii
ii rotuiwav I I it itieti I el invert V a imh huumegnui for
macrev I to wits utrretnui 0 t I fi ansi iirrmimznul
In ltilorsntm Muirkit Police Court hiotore Jiietieo
S rim tilt Upon I Ii us dma rgus of olitni mm I mm g nm ommiy
utitisir false pretneeC proferreul his ilrs Stmiiotu
soil tin ivmus lielsi in uhtulmuult of 11001 bail amid
looked ii t I n lie lo mnlui Ic avn it fit rtIm or oxum its In
rut lntm I Im remnat neil tit iris a tirisoner umitil Jan
15 1875 wimeti tie was discliuurged
In 1873 Chuirlea Julius Guitenn wrote a book
In uiutemmco or Cimrisitnmmltv lie uioiiutteti tie
slstnnco from limo oung Mans Cimrtsttnn Asso
olatlon of lila city to nimbus him to publish imis
work but tIme association did not consider time
nrgmimnommts very able anti refusui to hell hmini
lie then miskeul for nmmmi otutained time frsuotiomn of
time librarya tourtey thmnt is extenuind to all
who desIre it anti cnn 51mw evIulsinco of
good nmorzml character On Oit 21 Guituamms
nanmo was entered nit thus associations visitors
list mind forlime next sIx years lie was a fretuont
attenthrmnt at time library whenever lie was in time
city lie lived at that time in Chicago but often
canto to Now York sorumetinmes for two or timreo
weeks at a time an spent much of his loisuro
in th assocIations library
lie seemed to me to be a quiet studious
man stilt Mr Melitirney the secretary of ho
association lie was very fond of reading
nimd diul ritt like to he intorruptoil or spoken to
lie selulnmn spoke Imimimself and grew mmnrvomms
amid confusoti when nay one attempted to get
immto onvermiion After a time time immomubermi
considering him unsocIable nbnndnneui furtimer
ellorts to cultlvmste hits bettor acquaIntance and
lie was usvidontli plenseul at beln left alone
lie wouhmt comae quioiy into hio library amid
withoutnmidrccstng any one excepttho iibrumrlmtn
secure mm hooK uttmd pore intotmtly over it for an
hour or two Then ito woulsi go out as unnotlo
lag nod umnnotleeml as he lint entereti
Viiti lie loft tiueclyhesmtiti goodbyto none
of us and we only knew of imis departure by no
iongorseeing him iti Ito library nut wimen list
roturmmeui lie would rcsruimo his oil habits of
reading as thoumgh lie lund never gone away lie
was never a mnsmmnber of this nesocimutIon or of
any othmor branch inthruoul so far as we know
ho was not even a cimmmrchm omomber but ho was
ortherhy and wo timoumzimt of good moral char
aCtor lie was iocidedfy occumntric huowover
anti seomoti to be a malt of mmsnins I ito not at
all moan limit lie was so insane as to be Irro
spoimsiblo for hIs nets I think when Ito shot
time lrouttdent ho know perfectly well what Ito
was itoing and imorommguiy understood ho con
soquoncesot imimi acts
OuiteaUs reticence while a visItor to the
roommms of the Young Mens Clmristiamm Associa
tlomi is shown by this fact that very ow of time
members recollect hIm at nil and those who do
ronmemuber him omiiy as a gloomy morose man
very fond ci reading and alit to rebuff those
who ammdeavored to make hmi acouttlmmtanco
They looked upon him as vary eccentric but
riot nbsolutuly a lunatic thouhm Mr It Ii lool
time lIbrarian wluo saw more of immnm than lie
others agrees with Mr Mcliuruoy that ho was a
man of manIas
nuirEjus nELtotous BOO1
immitcaums book wimitlm was published 1mm 1870
by Dummiolly Garretta c Lloyd in Cimicago was
ntmtilisu hue Truth a Conipanion to limo
BIble It purports to be an umnswar to the at
tacks of infidels list defends time doctrIne of
eternftl ptmmmlshnment anti asserts lint the second
conmiimg of Christ occurred at time destruction of
Jerumusalomn This luiea ho elaborates at consiti
ermubie lommgthm TItle lie says was the first
resurrection and ilrst 3uuignment corresponding
I time Jewisim anti Gentile dispenaatlomms Time
Jews as a mirutlon unit ttmir jtiiIgtuont at time he
strmictiomm of Jerusalemmi and time Gentiles with
buive ttmeira at time anti of thus world He then
goes cmi to declare tint the world is rmmpidly
ripening for its haiti end
Ills SCAFZ AT TI tmmntfltNscTr nmsAsTEn
Guieau was rune of the passengers of time ill
fated steamboat Narragansett in Juno 1110 lIe
escaped witimotit izmjtirs amid on hits mirrivuul iii
tiuls cIty gave H retortr a very graphic account
of the disaster and of imls oscapo front death
lie said hue was on his way from Boston to imts
imtmmu iii Illinois uvhmero he Intended to take tho
stump for Gmmrfleld
tXCLUIED rrot inn ntrunLIcAc
cotMLrrIE nooits
During a mass mimodog held by thin colored
campaign claim at Twentyfourtim street and
Seventh avenue in thm suns LuutrI of titus lust
Irtstdemmttal eutmpatgnGmmtteaui PreSented imins
self tint ticket to too time ChaIrman
I nun time lion Charles J Guitomimi of Ciii
cage maui he I imavis iteon SauL by tue Ito
tuuiilicaim attonst Courmmhttoe to speak lmttr to
mmiglmt Mr tIme Is imiuchi oeupied and 1 should
like to be tim first srtmtIor
ihme Ctmmlhrnmummi mvaa euirprlsJ anti told
Gulttuau tittit thit programmmmtmo wits already at
raimgtni Gulteau htmslstui titian lila belmmg nI
lowed to be time llrt to aidress the aaaomubiage
mind carried Ilium point
A gusntienmummm reaiuitng in the Intii Wart who
took mimumehm Interest In tollmks last year mints
vest it ruIns I hunt lie liii 1 fruuu mummit I y must 6 u httqitm
at time imoatiqtiarterts of tim htopubllean Nutlonutl
Cnmmnltteut on khftli avenue near Twenty
evetitim street
lIe was a meat awfuil nmiIsmine smilul he
antI utlegustet ovtrybndv uvitim whommi Ime unuin
itt contact liu votmlui take tIme ntiwmiuunrtrs
froimi their Ills nuut carry tiucmn ahietit all over
tIme linus lie was permicularmy obmmi u o
iers Jolittioti ihidiltin mmii roamuiim time
stcrttmrles wItoum hut tonthmttiuili Losteritd lie
ivut I it it Ils ar Imibi tpui t hi ne I I t tie rtQiiis
Cimarles Gumiteaumi taco vust ivell known at time
several Imeadumutusm tore of lie hlmpublicmns In
last lulls emtrmmitlgrm lie was a frejmment iteltor
I it I hits roomims of I Ii e s ut it a uu ii Stttte Cent
Lti It OLe but s taco t toost of Ii Is I I mime I mm t he ii aui
uvt nrtt1i S of I It 5 lIe ptmhul letitm Coin ral to ic irilmmi
I I tm Ii I n tim us iCilimi mm I I m us Tim at climb iteiti mu
trtes of tmuctijmgt lii time cIty during the maims
palgim auth sent pui1irs to mmmeetiimgs in time
coumimtri C tmhtoau riumimoyad time CansuaIgmi
Cetiummmmttee of lImo chit constantly by ter
slatetit ulssummattds br onuliIOsmmmemi as a etucaker
lie sail itma ho imuol hsnmm u Grnmmt ntrn before
amid uiumrhmmg ito CimIeaa Cutmyomittoim but ni
mit i red 0 uirhleiul tutu w u cited to dt wimal lie CutIi I
toward time cheetiomu lie boastith of lila ability
tie a speaker amid gate tue nanmes of stevusral
eminent lepubllcumms iii thus Vt 051Cm Stawa ume
references As further ovhdueo of tile mielf
nserted abilIty lie reatl to several monituote of
time committee 5peOhitn wimielu liii clninmeul to
imavus wrmttttim 1tta conmmmilttte at leimgthm boummtiiti
tired of lila hmtuortutmtties and refuced to tmmivu
atm itim i rig to do w liii ii timt
Gmmlteaum neat trIed to be tnmt ott tIme list of
mitumkers fmmrrhioti to emumntry mtmeetimmgus its lie
llepimiullcami Stuttut t ottimmuhtteo lie vleltoti theIr
l1usniIuuarttrd In time 111th uVu flUe lintel so Ire
sitteutmr mmmiii annos cit mmmsirmmberui of lImo commit
tee mind ciorKs so nmucim tlmzt My fox time chtluif
clerk ortherusui hums out of limo rooms tolling
ii i iii I imimt ito was mu mmii lsutmmto
hits imoxt attemummt to au iii thma election of Car
field was aim effortto twramtaule MrOiiduirehuamvs
who pytittuil mummtmmy of time Rumuubliommu doti
tnuitts to triaL time stussollus Mr ulluiersheevo
Wtmld miot be terstmnuied and uiuiitsau euni
iulammmotl to clerk of limo ititti tonmmitttee ihuy
gave huimmi no satisfaction amid be cimisod to
annoy ttmtini
3for1 or uxi ctnern m vmiis jyy
herbert T Kotehmupt a lawyer of 1U hlroai
way syms terk for rimmvtlle 1 Ilmiws iuouv
Judge of Ito iusrlmme Court wimun Gtiitsau imircil
tlek rootim iii time timrtus tmflics on time first hoar
ttihtuilii Ir hottuimumn suit llrmit appeared in
ito ducts about it mmmoutttm provlouis It Itte I 31r
Ketehmtmmmis coining lie nas not well tIkti by
nuts of time other lawyers mu lime oflu Mr
Ktiteimuimm rmuatlel a immiod last crammIng Gum I
tsummms conmmietlomt whim Stetuimemi lngllsim of time
Imturaiste Ttmmiuu mlr lngilsh was mmuturimoaed
tim default of bail in it siim or libel imustitutul by
Iresithent hasten of thu iew york Lifti lumiur
milieu Comnpamsy Mr lngllslm said to Guttemttm
that if bs would furnletm securities to go ummi tile
tall btfltl lie womukt ire huitui 301J fir tile
trouble Cumiteau ltirmmhehod time secmmrllttue butt
titer wilts foummmui to tie wcttttlusa 31rLtmghisim
stied htmrm wttii his knaters nmmtl luitenu ro
ii mod tim at I it i ii rmuhsrsra tmti ttt Wits tim mit ii e 5 imoti Itt
lurnisum aetiritles anti lie hail doimo so mitt bad
eumrmmsl hits mu nitty Mr lmmghmst ntsrwnrui sued
humu for thih muotmey5 mind secured a iudgmiment
mIJITKAX Vtmgs nzvorcg
Mr Tsutcltumms tresumnt busimiess partner Mr
Jlrowtm miittil lint lie mad beeti tnmiuhsmyuI its
I I it itottilii rifo to bmn IrocoCtlttugs ft i thy urcus
agutmtust imet husband on time grnummtl of mtulmmltory
31 r ltrWiu Icariteil ttmat ii tiltOltil WaS in Mr
hiuimvs 0111cc wimlle lmls omilee was PPm ohto
Mr llrown themi itmitmmifesttut suimtj lieumtmtt
titttiut buhmmg rttuthmwi iv timt wife tmltrtj
was a lawyer in thu cisc moist especially tteaumo
tie ltwyer itmuut oltlee iii limit anme built trig ir
ii town edIt to r I I U itttau nit it I a ft irumuI bit mit t it lit
lie Imad been rututttmed ly bib Wmfu In time
tltyrua prseeedummg amid afttsrwurj toll
ttf lila tuitiku to tmtrry cii tiuts Clissi
I tumhteaui 111 not Id mid time butt lie remumetsit
lan ser Brown to make out limit drotj papers
i titutt times wttlut gut turctiilsi tlmutt tutu teusmiul
alit ut utS nut to immarry iboitu tie 1 tmduj tuefirim
vtitnt timi ens was triinl ic5eriuni 11mM r
1 i4in taiwuver of htm5 owmi imttmoml Simumu unto
afierivari Mr hirwtm reteivc a Jiotsi bui tug
imiut ii mltsaime wife uvtsimoj tim rtamn
I1ti I I it sail I lmtit mf t ima ict nil write It m tim to
limit thTct hue wuil tim r sty tm it tii ett lit
mmiii tr ruitsiv I nuts ti to fr nm luir to lhutt chIc I
It is hilt Pltl ttt that Gtittuiu ivisltmil t gt
situst iutuvyer of hits mttmmutuimLe out with his
cllmujou liii Cube rtiLtiiei
I tutenu mulway4 tmmais slit umfutvrl It mm
Pr n run r Ca wuthu ivitsism itt ni u 1
u tirat sat I 3lr hettmimum ti 1 1 mit I
lutv tbnt ito m mtsams U ur Is tie a f I Ic
bail stri ug ijunt its u rumgi in Jtiug tin
itsutiiuiy trial tie always emIrts5eu1 tims Lu
I at hioseimer was gumdv his timtmgi t iis utter
miii thus greatest tuumshmmelm Ou otilsir tot ma
of mb1 1tIsL Lutue1n1uj thy trQzal
opinions tImes were not those of no inetunG
imman nor of a fool his imimy meals Ortim tiny hmo
a9 tucettitarir obrmoitoimt anui tatitmeti me simm
tiutit I strtmck him Time tight grew lint I told
1 r hitues hint eltimtr 0 imhttttl or I imrud mm
heave As Gtthtnuttm was a hiatt tenant and as I
vut p1st titan very vatumahlo to immy onmplusyer
titus hatter iiil no timo In rlduhing time office o
huts tirennee I tmtn a hlttlo sorry to unto hinti
time mlsfortummo of kmmouvimmg elicit a chmarttcior
sits cumtrn I noAnniNo ttoumirs AND floTcr5
Time assassin was known front one enul of
Name York to time otiuer shoring tie years of 71
to 75 amnommg itoarthinuc house kctuora amid the
proprietors of somali hotels lie aeluinm at
telitimisiti to bent the lamer houses or did it so
adroitly hint little ravoltectlon of his Ltrescnce
remains among time clerks Time clerk mit 1mG
St Nicholas lintel Mr J Xmiimns sialml Inst
night Tlmommgh I no positive recollection
of thin nina personally tile name Is familiar
mmmii was known to me as thmmmt of a touchy uomit
ten years ego lius was quiet tund sluak and so
far as I know eviummed rio svmptoumis of insnn
Ity white in hue hioumso At all events he did not
make hsimmsself conspicuitus lie was hero for
onEs week beginning Nov 10 1871 occupied
room 322 and hoarttsit to the tune of 8150 for
seven Utiss luau we founsi ho vt s crooked
anti hint him mirreatetl by Detective heals for
to mice thus Iammguago in our bill hook swizmtllin
ynriotis vnreons besides ourselves
At time Cohoman Hommao Mr Rogers time cleric
maui The man Guitean canmo here on time 3d
of November 1SSO ntmd took room 44 for the
mmlght lie hadnt tiny baggage but cnrried a
enmaui package that might hunyc hucen a shirt oc
merely a bundle of papers Ho scorned nor
foctly sane tint coneidertublo sohlasstmrance
anti ne near as we can recollect was well
dresieui hit duuint huavo any tanner however
for lie eanmo down next morning renmarkod
thttt ho uaq short anti loft hmte pacleneus for so
cuirity Later lie came in paid ommo dollar and
Cashier E Ii Patch of tIme Winulsor said
Ttmn man hung around hmere for a long limo
He disapteat ott sonic weeks ago lie was wall
truSSed anti though 1mm never stayed tim the
hmoumsis all night matio time place quite lmts imeati
qtiartors lusaraon our Liistrnnn knew hmins
well lie says imo used to receive oters hero
mmii occasiiommahly wrote hatters from the hougo
This was undoubtedhy part of his urogrutmumme
for it gttvu hits correspondemuco an air of uzommtli
ltv it would not otlmerwtso have possessed
Later Oulteatm want to the Matitson Avenue
lintel where hi wormed hits way into limo good
graces of Mr Stephen Timorno to such good
purpose that ime loft lint gentleman a heavy
losssrwhnn ito doparteut one morning in time fail
After Guiteitu left Mr Titortmn he nmgmmizmtj a
frommtsqumarst roonu anti full boned at 3irs lush
ops mit 31 Madison aventme Ito heft the huouso
in ho nihtt heavily indebted to lila handlauly
About timis limit the Into John arettili wa
running tiue Cimesstorhiohui at 208 lifthm avenue
as a family lintel Ommitenu took roomims timoro
ran ito a heavy bill and got away John Ii
lhmirnits ho colored janitor of thus buIlding haul
foruottan the parimotmal traits of Ouiteau
Wtuemi time man left lila tiiaco ho went over to
21 Etst Twttmmtytimirul stroet amid boarded fo
Somflti tttno with 3lrsStaiml MrsStntmiseousln
a inuty living in Gramercy I ark says hat shie
know time nina well while ho wits in the house
anmi duscriimos hIm as being of good auhtirsuts
quiet ansi imiethiotitcuti Its hits habits lie tuaid
irregularly but maumageti to keep up to date
Ummtii Mrs Staimi left limo city Time imou o timoit
passed nailer the charge of Mrs A Kane This
lair stilt yesterday
lie hail a smahiroom on time fourth floor for
which he paid 11 a week ho dresseti well
and was certainty time most niotiest man I ever
saw lie nevor sittid a word but caine in to din
nor sltiy after day mirotupeut into his seat ate
witimout a wordummtticrupt aivayngain One day
ha ivomut out and mmotumr caine back I forgot
whether iu owed mae any money or not
Capt lvahy was naked last night about hmf
oxpurienemi Witim Juitonmm in 1S71 Outtuimmu
smitul the CaptaIn wits one of a gang of tiro
fessional lintel lhmleves lint ltmfetod all time best
auututbhlsumnmoute In towmm amti I wits on limo look
out for imimo I dont say hint ho was starllin
Iii mitts wtmy or a iuumtn of extraordinnry simrowui
noes lii lilt 11mm but I do say timat ho was mu Ito
fustiotmimi hotel beitt My recohlocimnnmi of him
are of courso very dim as time man was not a
lreuuiduint muruieror tttcim tutu otily a nmimmn little
simmemtk alitt hot entItled to much consitleratiomi
lie cimmue ii tam St i iehmoitus on time 30th of
Novutmmber 1871 putt up in room 322 nnui siopid I
at husi intl f time tveek leaving a little tndumhutetl
imess of 3150 tiolihimsi At tiule ttlmme I ivums imotsi
clutuutmve Ihmat is I was iii chmargum of tIme lmouse
Itte dtstmppeumrttnctm was teprteui to inn anti I
hmtiimtei tIme maim mitt tinti mtrrestoh hIm I fotiriul
hint wmthout immUhm trouble atiti took him otur
to mime JelTericun Market lohcu Cotmr
i tmltemmim see ate to Ii mite It tuth colts lilt rmtbl 0 note
rIots atmuong ijoIto ththcttihs nit a stmystr iuuwyumr
lletectivo Moran utaitt ltst evomming lint itittenu
uvuits k mmnivu tli a mmu rnIuor of cr1 iii i it it i s immiul tmrlscn
births liiti iitutecttio went to time itiuilw smrsot
jaIl yeIoruiay Otm biilmmse atmd tchtllts there
teutrimoil frommm a turisoner limit hmtteumut html rump
rtutetitsh tmttnsehf us a lawyer iii stnmmditmg anti t
mnflmieimo arid niTsjrsI to ImsIp tim prisonr uuiih
hits utimfenim lie succeoded in gmitiimgahout I30
out of bins anti lion got out of siglmt
A IALK WlTtt 11mM b1STi
Miivumcic Ittly 3Mrs 1 31 Secvhiln of
Ikttttir Lake toumr imihits lrormi liarllammti Vjus
he mi slstCr of Cimas J Gtiteaii butt corro
spondsimt throve over from hiuirtianui thmie sten
itu 0 bemiver 1nIss nod eommruitd to Mitt Sen
iilio a itmatrommlyinoklmmg lutly of nmuuamtmmmtly li f
years of ago limo thrust lmmts1lhmtims hint lmcr t
tint tie Ii nil attttiu tuted t ii iii ii t ilt m I tie I tcsld mit t
of time Uulteul Stuttus Mr hoovilhit Is thmi mum h
ltrittOr of a cotmntry iiottii oil tIme banks of time m
lake lie was umbeemit on tuimalness bitt Mta
Scoville talksut frssiy if hut brother
TIme imitteau fmttmtiiy mime miitI dishes an us isutelr
iii this reimeim nmbustxmacy iir grettt gvammd
tatimsr ira a Luhmystetrimi to tlmsi titrommit of lrmumeo
a mitt ii nt i i tim t littler gijmm rat I 0mm all it ttul beit i
tihmssieiams lhmt nasahammi imamlus Mrs See
yule haul not seous for three sOitr4 liii WitS god
tmiarteui nut shmtuiei situ usmtitl nnti a fellow
who orlitmarily hal gootl uiulmle htoforus lie
ivuts born however hits motimuir was sick with
hurittn favor tutu lila immitmit seenuetl to hmruvtt
burnt mmtTeeteI by tlmis 111 through hIs shuthil
hmooul lie ivmis htIglits ills mnottmtr was of
a gent fatmtmly Imt was a gmadutnto of a
fenmale etimuinrtry 1mm euv lork of wlmicti
3Ilss 1 ilhimrui was lirlruuitiil he uteil wimeri
Clmarlm was ssvsn years of cue ills trnummtimg s
I rommi it mit I I time depummu I ml mm timimi hi its aim at wimu i
I Fr t iI Snitt ntl hnI SN
fears limit lie ucould umltinmatehy bccommus inmiamme
ir lihee of Viumukosimut timotigimt lmo lint Lurmuin
trouble nail hat httt wotmii boeommio litmbeuile
Mrs Scovilte mltltImnt ttur tiurbtmui Imits as
stated immr litcuthiur mu itmuttis uvutys limo lousy
dii nd sucom to know hew to take mare of imirm
self lie hint an idea thmumt lust was gotmmg to
travel nimil tuvangohix tIme worttl omm time 3looiiy
api Smttm ku y tululit I I it was ttorntWiuttt i imfi umuimtett
by Moodys tureaeimmg hits imsuiosltlotm was nut
luutsstopate tmougm bi was iiUlck enough when
AN ACE5TOfl Cm TltC AttSSjc A immvIetN TO
imAttE tNTiilXETTg S
Yoti say youmrum lot it faimmily of phtysl
clinic 2 mite correpoiiuiemt niuldeti
1 cmi a ircnt imimnuetor of limit Ummltoatma was a I
ptm sIciami to 31 a rio A uiu I mitts
oum at surts tlmeto is no Insanity in he ti
fitimmty 1
5 fir a I know there Ic not Ta life ease
Pr ltuce irtl tetmfy to tmumtiemmty W us tIlt iiu u
a u tutiose it e ivout tul 10 aim V it Ii Ut tilt bit I g g Ii uurimt I
Vitat l t 0U ttutmtk of Itt preuimt Liobtton t VI i
Wjmerss Is tmmy lurottitur I do mmcl ktmjuy Mrs IRI
5oviile inttrrmituteii
iii I in atl ho Vumhmimgtotm
31 re Sovili iiaumij1 a tumimlint stitt thmun
said I have no fear of bile suufftimmg by time
gatlowa Any jumry wIll LiiOtliutimte tiiui Insane a
BUt I hmave mm idea hiti whhl live long
iVimmit claim haul your brother on thus Cloy
ornament 2
I cant toll lie is a turhihhant talker hic I
usia to go to histeti tm Swings leiur rt Chit f
eago and ttie eraoumtjy aciuninted with
Ssvmng I
bmat object tI SUit stitipoi your hrtime i I
lmaui in trying to asabstmiato tm irsimntg ij
Smtia ivimttumvct tmat I ktmov of I
aS tlmtsro alt 1n d nil thIs
Fr a mmmohmmmlt Mr hivmiIu btmtuttud aims q
tiuco call lii F 1 htliummr time exlmcmit
titer of limit Luiteul btutlest wmii mittrrte I Ii a
0 tmmttiu 3 s bruttim or g t mum mu t mi I itt mummmt I a t I
tiuu Trsastmry boeumuiui Snusr 4 0 fe svmia us
imilteaum 31 y ituuer Wit vms ttvsrui frxut
hitmti iis i jiV muirrieJ to it tCpuitabttj
Vton dId your brmtber tiM go hmito toil
tlmu Csrelor cnmuaign he took the tunmp L4
for 1 riustit
iiy t i Im utarItis tile prlneltuls then
luomtusi be tuubt It yujtld Lay
t TtJ IVTtt tLITtAUs lirVrtttn
floct eu 1 u 1im a cuttivoraiun iitiu Mr
Jiii i 111 Ii mutsuau time hr tior of thit hyes
1Inmits smstsstmt itt I 13 Aipltjn Cttsuit I
it fuliwimug btatemuttmt urna uu4e to a I
hjd erriapiutteimt
I uvI Lhi suum itll I miflOtV f miti untorttqnta
tsr timer it t a soul tuiw tar tie limit I lmivs i ir
to t at low iears fare I that J 2iiu tinmlt
C lui tO grtef iii kniivt titmit u etYrt
imcufl tLihrOl ii itt fatmmu s i lzIce ii mmmi sum tuiui
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