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j w
Ills totig Struggle for life at
length Ended
edues and Incidents Pieced
ing the Melancholy Event1
rthr hs Last at TwentiIive Minutes
10 Eleyen last Eyanlng
A Despatch Signed by the
Menibers of the Cabinet
Ilecoption of the News In This
an1 Other Cities
Tbe PrtsIdeiit ttftCkd by i IllEor at tbr
Morning EZImIIlatlOftUIpIft7IflE a Vt
tnIIty In CombMttni II Ikt Astonished tIii
IoctorCuIItng for LookIng GIN and
RnrOIng bli Wneied FrnIIIeS In It
TnIkIn wit hi ICe nniI Hiiurhter
1IItn Onrflcid FsInts at hr Fnthr
HedaldeTha PresIdent Morn Cuinrurinbie
Dun the Aftrrnoou and his tttendnnS
Morn linpefilt ii IbtA IronIsn or n
comrortabto IbI ItestThe 1reIdnta
lnlnrul Wftbng I Feel IbM tIm End I
er Heath rrow a Npnm oCtho Ilenti
LoNG BntNdn Sept 1tTho President
diod itt 1OS3 tonIht At tho evening bulletin
1il5 condition wn thought a triflo moro corn
forlablo There wtt a feoling ol congrAtulation
on all sIde8 that ho cicapod another rigor
which hail beor nnxlouBly fearot since the chill
of thin morning Dr Boynton duriu this earlr
evening tiilked evon a Ilttio bopofull and
the voovho about tho hotels Drepared ti
retiro at the u8ual botir bavin amoI
no tear of tnT aerious ohnngo befor
morning At 10 oelock Scrotary Brown
cottago wits dark tnd deserted A fow of tb
morn vigilant rwapator Inca at talking or
ih Elboron p15721 Dr Boynton was arnorn
thrum At 1020 a color4 messenger called Dr
IJynton out in tim durk ant whiRoret1 to hun
eieltediy Tho Doctor turnnl back to Ui
crouo of reporters Tim President is 5inkinj
rardlyI boBaidand ilisappearetlin tho gloor
icros ttro lawn toward the Presidont cottage
In a minuto the scene bad changed Thur
Ta a hurrvin about tho houso and the word
uikIy mont tho length of Long Brand
that thin Prtnidont was greatly worn At 1OL
CntL fnnrhls came nerns from the cottag
lowly ni If nothing was wrong and whnr
uuetioneJ answered very uuietly I wa jui
tent or by thu oflicor of tine guard to send
one ot my men to tlno Camp Burgeon for1
mustard for inn apoltcation to tho Pro1dont
bQtI 1
The rALortrr8 went out on the lawn as far a
the guard hins to wait for tidiugn Tue retor
that rnutard hind been sent for pointod to theoc
Currencu of ancttner rigor A votco waa hearl
saying It 13 all osor the Presidont i dead
it wa Worren Young one of the eecrutarles
who spoke
In an instant the hltthi tegraph olflo in tli
Eibero Hotel was surrounded anI thero wa
a ahower of bulletins thrown upoa the twc
Varalzd operator8 No more than thro ilrnplt
announcement oF death could be sent off ins tInt
Oowernrnent at ones took the cxcluivo ue Q
the tclegravh 11100 flt Eiberon No pereona
deapntche were eent Wurren Young bent tb
fIrst omelal announcement off to Vahingtori
aU to Mentor
The Preaidcnt had boon dead half no hour
ffben at 1110 Wlndozxn Iltrut arid Jarne
arrlvej from tho Weat rod They went Into tin
hotel cfl1c and were met by MuoVeagh wb
led them away to tin cottage
dr MacVeagh road the following statement
I bent mr deipatch to Mr Lowell at 10 1 M
Shotiy before that Dr hits had area thc
Pre3idont and found his pulse at lOG beats ren
mout and nil the conditions wer then prom
a quiet night rue Doctor asked th
irrtdunt If ho was feehln uncomfortable ii
in woi Tiui President answered Nt lit
sl t shortly afterward toll asieep and Dr
rnturne to hi room across tine mini
r1u that ocupied by the Prtnnldent Gen
Sw4tm and Col Rockwell remained with tin
rrdent About 10 15 ILne President niwulon
md rotnarkod to Gen Swnhrn that ho was au
ering grat pale aol placed his hand over bin
aeart Dr 111135 WAS inummonod and when ft
bnteroI the room ho found tine PreSIdent sub
Itinnitliy wIthout pue anti tho action of tb
bett olmot indit1nguisftable 110 eald ii
On that the President was lying and dircfrmn
that 1r OarOht be called atio the doctors
Thu Prcjdent rumaineni lit a lyiog condition
unit 1035 when lie was pronOunced deal hl
detotaomo trouble of the beartsupeosed tn
be nauralia but that of course Is tincortain
I flotilled Con Arthur and sent a dapatch t
Meers itlatne and Ltneolnwho are in routn
from 1Josto to No YorI
At 1t3 this meWtjrof thacabintarln
ide th Franekirn C4taC nnage1 in consul
tatton A great crw I ttuitb our jj for further
artleuiarand thd txelternnt js intue
IZie Prosldeiits wod wLeu Liu fl ibo death
I k
tnang attack him vcro I am suffering grori
pain I fear that tIm end is near
TIlh 1flIS7flNIs LIST JI F
L Mnikct RIgor In the 3Iornti utlowe
1 rnpisntlve tnmfrt
Lonn Scpt 19Tue ft opened
ulOflhllily at Elberon Tlii ii lglnt had linen on
of cominarativo comfort annul at lnybreak tin
DllysicianR thought that tie lrddont was I
Ittin bntter Ito scorned to have serno nppotlti
inil no indications of an aijproacining chill worn
noted Thu inqldIou nature of theso at
tacks waq agoin Inadu rnnnifBt BOll
ifter 8 oclock Tim Presinient had bner
vcry utitot aunt seniningiy coinifortabin
inildinni i Ii 0 Otfl Phil II oil of eli I II ineaJn
iti body wnc wrttpinnnl in warm flannels anti
no wits RflOflgtd with hut alcohol but tha rtno
C nil 1 not b avorttl Ito Bhivord nind overt
nIuRelo in hta bonly was rigid Thin Ltnlsn won
up to 110 and OnnIt inighor but It vann mO tiircntI
tflil feelnie that it W8M 1utiiotnnitlo to count tb
boat after tinny lien pniBinoll tinat ilgtir Tinorn
was groat danger that lie would sink
1 Cllinto BttttC alter tii rigor mad an
nvnrv oxortion WaR rondo to induct rentetinnnr
lint ilantiol wore atitiliuni to thu feet anti i
poultice of raw onlonit cut flue itrinI etoepeth in
ilcohot wnn tiacott Itton ni toinacln In ad
litlori coohin lotionB wire nopuiont to tine innati
and tine arms anti limbs wore rubbed vigor
oiisiy The reult was that a reaction was o
ttblisiiod much nnooner titait tito ttliyslclnrns
oceted Alter fifteen ntlnutus hail elapsed Dr
Iltise nottced inerenBing warmth in Itno feet
ninth at tine same time the rigidity of tine nnusde
nvLls observed to be relaxing It was ovinien
that tino rigor wnq panslog rtwa in about hal
tine titan whIch thin first ona hid lnted That
One in stdto of tho rnot vigorous trentrnnent hat
only yiaiuloi after hIatt an hour
Tine vitalltr of tne Presinietit Once moro niB
tonleined tine tdnysicinnnne Dr AgnewBniid whnn
Ito caine from tino sick ehnnnnlxr TIne vltnult
of the IroBhdent i sornctinln more romarkbln
titan I inave over met with in nil nny practice
rids was stId to Mrnn Uarfloitt and Private l3eo
rotary hirown Tue Doctor nddtid that if It was
not for title wondorful ovhtIone ofeonstitutlonnil
tretigthn ho Binoulti fool as thoub it wore foil
to ctioristn nor hope
Alter ihno rigor hind paBseti the President fell
teleep nind although hts pulse was etihl beatinu
about 120 yet his temperature hid notdoreased
moro titan a tenth of a thogree or so below the
normal point lint awoke In about twontT zulu
utes and said to Dr lilies Doctor I fool very
ornfortablt bitt I also feel drendfuil weak I
wish you would givo too thu hand glass and ic
too look at myself
hen Swaim said Oh no Dont do that
General Boo 11 you cannot get somo sleep
I wninit to sco mrself tine President replied
Mrs Garhiald then gave mini the hand gln
lie hold It in a position winicin enabled him to
oo his face Mrs Gartloid Dr Illiss Dr Ag
hOW lea Swaim and Dr Boynton ntood
nronnnl the tied saying not a word but lonkinu
it the President lie studied the reilection of
his own teaturcs At lenthn Ito wearily hot tin
nmas fail upon tine countoroane and with n
igin eatd to Mrs Garhloiti Crut I do riot eon
how it is that a nnnan who looks as well as I do
should be so drentdfuih weak
In a monicrit or two ho asked for ide daugh
ncr MoihtEl They told hint that bile wonild eorno
I RCO him later in tine dnny lie akl inowover
linntt iiowrtnteil to see her nit once Tlnoriuion
Don lhockwell ivout to tine boichn where Mist
3IoIlio wine sitting with Mitts 1oekwohl and tom
her that inor father wanteil to see her inor
lint child went Unto tlnu room ohio klssenl her
ntler anti tolni mutt that sito was glni to sue
innit ho was looking so much better Ito said
Ynt tinink I do look hotter Moiiitt Hhna8aid
I do pnpni and tuna Bite took a cinair anti sa
nenir the foot of the bed A moment or
two after Dr Boyziton notieii that she
itvaying in tine chair lie tcpod up to tier
but beforo Ito cnuiil reach Inor sine mad fndien
jver in a cleat faint In falltng iner fac3 struck
ngainst tine bed post anti when they ritisoni lien
roan the floor dne was not only unconscious
but also tleeiing Porn the contusion sb hnnni
received They earrieni her out winero she coulnI
ot the fresh breezo from the ocean Cud alto
ostorativos wero apphiud shin speedily rcoov
rel Tine room vni close the vintlotvs svor
ioseni anti 31154 3toilIe 1154 not been very well
tad all tineso eAue3 combined irhli nax
et induced tho fainting fit Tine Irost
ttzit titer thrnnlit hiatt not notice
wlnrnt inani htaittensi to iihs petted child
or ho eented to hava stink into the stupor
winicin inas characterized mis condition touch o
rho time Bitt wlnen Dr Boynton ctm baci
into ttne room ho was atonishnoii to bear line
trsidcnt Bay loor little Molhitil SIne fel
over iiktt a lou tnat was the matter Tinoy
tssnred thin President that tine fainting lit wn
aued b thin closonnBa of the room and liar
hno viiA quito restored Ito again sank Into a
stupor or sleet winich lasted until the noon
xamlnation TlnI stupor was not healthy sleep
Tine lreskienl freniuently ruutttred and roiled
tad tossed hits head upon tine pillow
Dr Agnew came from tlno cottage at about Ii
cloek and when ho reached the veranda of
tine Elberon Ito found a gentleman iitti a
personal note from Ceo Chant The exPresl
lent mad been to Jlboroni earlier in the morn
ag nit the into of tine rigor and mad been uzn
niblo to see any of the physichntns As me
ame back across the lawn your correspondent
nut hint and asked ininn if he mail heard
any news lIe said that ho hiatt jus
seen Mrs Garfleitl for a moment she inavinu
OTflO down from the tek elnambor to epeak fr
Pim and that sine had aini tlnat Gen Garflek
ttntil been solzd wIth another rigor anti thni
lie was very mitch afmait tinat tine benefit which
thor had olservcd for thno first two or thret
1 lays after mis arrival was not pormannt Con
Gr4rt added that tiio lndtatinns at the cottage
I varo such n to giva vary silgtnt hopes rind lint
jzu should not go awavoven to New York untE
lns mail heard more favorniblo news
IE tfrer Ito noon examination there was yart
Ill ittlo clnsuge In tim Presidots conndhtion cx
I o tintit it was rntted that hero was ateotni
lnnn1usiun t the same timo tIne lreiIen
doini so well comparatively tlnat tine plny
41010118 cintertatned a llgtnt hope that Ito oven
g anti pcssilly tino nfihnt would ias without
any recurrence of rlgtrs
No Letter itietinro of eteo could mayo beer
fnnaglnei than flint whIch wai scent from tInt
I lreaiient cottage during tine hours of tine tez
j ible morning rite wind o tine innt fci days
nani dIed away Tine wntves woro roliniigngninaI
tLtz UlnitTin more getiy The horiziu was tI tie
wnthn tine sail of vessols startIng cut ti sea after
Intl storm The air whIch it was lnoptnti
vouki drivo the fatal polsun from the lresi
ints blood moved in a gentle breeze about tb
rrnnnckhyn Cottage unit neither medicine non
ta air bad the power to give new strength te
tic suffuri tg Ltrtsinlnit
Mrs Garhld sat or a part of the dat
it tine rIutow 11cr fane wa pale an
incheni but It vrs IoU of strengtin an
riigrnintion She ha be3n told of hr
Joetors fears anti sine wnu ircprirot for tie
tyorst A ruombor of the iioutuiiold during
tneso anxiotn morrling tio3r5 Stt tin front of tIne
ottage Ito was rcbciii us at the fate tha
ocnied inopsodning Ac be lookei gloomily be
ore tbosoa ho said ii iifogtvingcondltlont
to tn heropure air bright skies kind
rionds ret they to be of o avail Al
hat medlotue can do has been done There In
iot a rational hope lie has a faithful home
irclo faithful attendants and a faithful eouu
rn 003 moment we fool dieposed to rend
Quitosu at auothsr we EemuaboZ that that
niaerttblu life could not help the poor Prsl
hlnis ho been told mis own conditton 7 wnu
lie nines not need to be told lIe knows 1
ivaui anti Inns rtr weeks btnt mo nays little abort
1 lIe knaw it iclion ie look the mind glnisn
mm morning
One of the moat touching inelniants of the aid
nItllfl today is the ftnct mat once totiny wine
fntt iroaiiont was awnikonloic fronn a semi
Ieep Inn intnrnnureti Thu tople tine pcopln
tlY trtnt I
ir 111cc lrnmniinteiy after tine evonlner hini
tinz Ifl I M cnrn from the ireehiettits cot
niCtI W it Ii a brl In to r fae I In ritz it e inns Ii md to
lay Ito taiti TIne inrniintiri gies tIn vornl
4111 of I t liers are nnn ninore tnai p v to tntnnls t
nnqntioi Vo ttninnk tint hnrn tronnitlit is a Iittit
t tter Tin t a rent of ii in I nes it as nn arroweti I
nil inn I w I net r tine roe nt I rat in in on ti r
U or lb tins elIntitleti mor niip lila fin
t ntlnt I n niei Inc t ii tnnlI t I anti ins nnnn ttnt IIi
is eitr anti lint Inan by no tnnnhis nnrnti mt
14 tzuind tInmnt Inn tnt gnlnig to nun llitt tinnnni Innt
Inn chili Inn hiaspd no1 it innns lint aettretI
nl t in ni eon t ru ry In is trni tnrnnt U to I i a nnrln in I am
its till O greatly roduceni while his rospirnitiom
4 at 18
1 litna of Dr iliiqs vole was inigtnly eti
nnirtigitng mint it vnnn stinnt lentrtnni ttnal Inn inn
It great Innni ltne tntrnvGnnn ni tvnnt t
I It I nctnrnt nntt tign w tie rn liti titi In ni I iv it h tns
III IBB A nnnnw In ad 11 amnllton 11 pon lnavi inn
ttti dnittnniz nnitnnr lint otnnfn3renlco tine Attorney
I n In It mn i neil t i tin mm Is no a ow matte I
votnlii let s rung to ernntti tin ininresnttin tinat
Intren is I t Is t rut that titer in ins tnnmi Innit nine
tntli tnlai Itnit tiinrni hR nnotlning In tnt coninli
inn to iiilieitt nay lnnilrovnnnlnztt JInrni ellIs tin
It now mote nirntll tiirn it flew ttrtngt
intl Inn tnrtnnt ii I y I a s not gnu a p1 I In nid in oh ox
I ti t in nit In n wotil I ii ave anot ii or cii I I I to n I ay
iit niootiirs nott I in i a It In vt ii eson jo it T in
nniinr for it tint tn1neti mit tine finet that Inn mat
it mat two cm I t a y Inn enirtat rtiv not groni a
or lnnpe I I ci hns innti oin n an ni tin ii ive r in as in in
horn tinari nltlfl a nhty SSInnt a wonnierful cisc it
5 I llils zninnrning tinero ivould mayo Lnnen a
oti bin i Itt I It I f t In o cm t I I innint ocemi rreni ii hitCh
niinititr lattir rmnt corinlitlons wore apparenti
invorattle tut tim cmiii CaIne 00 whtlo mo ox
it i hnnt ton tnI9 itel ng in ad
rite Attnrniytnnerai tinon said that the re
ntrts vlnteli irtnd to glyn an nccoumnt ninny
Iosjtelns whinin me innay have sorntto the i io
Lresidunt toniay are uhnautinorlzlni nis no infor
nation miii ii nn given to nnyhohy as to tine nn
Ire of anytlninnc tlnat ho toniy connnuunicate tn
VfinIrPSfin3flt Artnnzr
hin Sivatin amil Cal htockweii always hope
nil nrtt rnottnI nttntlnintn for a sick room No
me over heard a lootntr word frorrn
tmnom annl very seldom ito gloorin been
n3ntn upon ttnolr faces Col llockweiJ
nit the lresidennts cottnngo after tine ovntniog
nnnitnatinn amid saId Things icok bettor I
ntwaya tolil voni ho wins going to get well
Con wnirni too soon left for mis dinner ninnt
4akt ito is worth nit tine dead miloR tinnit could
tn laid betnvntnni hero anni New lork his piilsnt
B firmer stronger imnit inns atom voinimo Ills
inlinni is clear ills stomach i rigiit Ifti drank
glnsstui of kounites awiniio ago unit enoyod
It It line mmlii stlminulating quntlitis some
tlninc hiko wait liquors Thu trcaldout Is
ioos ito apprecIate his condition
lie knows hte ease vnrftctlv voil anni has
from Inn htrnt Ills pluck nail connrnngn are
tiunnaing Ito will comae otnt of a chill nis cineer
tii inn lb ito was leaving an evening innirty lie
tnntnkos no COInILltihnts Tlneri maya booti no in
ilcations of another chili tints evening mini
miners Is now no probability that inure will be
oneGoni Swaim mae not lot hnIn courage anni or
bath ntlver wIll until tine breath has left tine
toty Dr ilnmnnilton too Is Inclined to tiikc
tchoorfui view anti saul h Tue ovenin bat
lethIt corlniliniy gives ins a little nioro encourage
nnnmit It Is almost InitnSttiinle to look on that
ointerfui nnmliing face niud not feet that ho is
oiug to ilve
Ionmy Uenrs rn tie PhyslclainsIr
sills Ihlagnoihe
L0NC UnANcir Sept 19TitoCabinet wino
wore all hare this morninn with tine exception
f tine Seoretnrv of Stato and tlno Secretary of
Var asked the olivIoIttns this morning for an
nonest prornosis of the ease Tlnoy wore told
mat tine ate vai almont itopoless ttniit a tier
Ofl who hail ies yhtinilty than tlnti iresiilnt innnn
could be tiononincod by tic attending pliysl
tnns to bn boyomnti mope Di Atcriuiv saint tinnit
Presit1onts condItion was SB bad as could bn
nit thnntt ho wan not yet quito proparot to say
hattinore wns absolutely no mope Atthe game
irno tIne Cabinet heard that winlein gnttisflnd
lioni that the Prusitiumnt was suffering frotni
nionitti pyonniiii nine had not lone to live
Iuriing tue moraln lie foliowing diagnosis
11 the Prsiehnts case was dictated by Dr
Iiils After no was wounded tine limited area
1 traumatic trouinlo in tha lower portion of the
obe of tino right iun was founti tiu to tnrpo
natic congestion rijis was eanised by proxiin
tv to tine inilamneil dlanhragmnn perfornitenl ij
he bullet ttne iutiammnnstion tolanc agravatei
ny nenrnese to tino fractured rib Tints connces
Inn tmndreiisni tin intensity though net In area
wi flu to t ito loIn gtint I rocu zubnznt go It loin
1 tim tnttint llncro wni no dilihninilty in
rentining nul no nniti at tinat time nor unti
itie marOtit trouble S tun tIne tatter Leeanrno rig
ravietetl tine itus from tIne gmanni founni its wnn
into Inc monmttn anni inc tonlgtning lrirtn in
n in row it ofT hot rig ti I them It nmnd tihntI nuous I mn
tuonni miii inillannnitnttion of tine mucotne mnnnmnttrtfl
if tine bout In Tine minis contn no I mnr to earns
ils coligtn tine toil innnation extentlol to ttnt
Inront Itnan to tine lnnrynx aunt theme I
In bronntinitt tomes tiowinwarni This itnilrtrn
innatloti naturnmiiv extainnient tin tinni right beentue
tine pntiont ineariy all tine time lay inn that idu
nnni when it reiielnnl tine naiglitiorinooni of tb
nffetctt lumng wiis naturally imivhteti in ttnat
unctIon flurin all tlnis line tine septIc con
union of Iii bloonl wnts d Inc hIs work anni
vlnen thnoiun and bronetnhnti ntiTactlon at last root
dnty tount nt dcrnneni and nfCtnblei system a
n very lilt gradni httil tine isiois wore nil
rtuairing at thIs time Thu ennijunetion of ttnt
ito intlrtrnmatnons came fit tine bt optor
tunitr for tlio dissemination of lie combined
tetivitis of ontein anti tinro wnns a sprniaitlng at
ito united tromnbls rlno lnentmnig of the leslona
was stotiped nit about titfs time ninjet tine repair
tnt trocOS3 waS arrested Vi e do not know yet
f tino result inn been a niopoit of yitna In Inn
lungs If tony pnns in now in tine rIght lnnng it is
met mnnliemnte1 and the dn ionit must hntvo no
nirrnt witinin tine past tinrthl ni four day nnni
theamotnat woulti boextremneiysnunthi if there
nag nut mnnutritiin tino vntint would be aiim
to resist itt snioenssfui operation of all thesn
itUseS even yet but ttnnro ii Innutrrtion Tin
tnonniing process I hiomiped Fine blood cannot
urinlstt the constituenle of repair anti tiler is
nethtmnnc it hutint on nor even to support whet
vitality is stIll left anti ttnat Is boing contInually
I rawin oil nn nit 1 I inn I in
iiecretarr itlatmne was nntifled by tnilcgrattn
inni hecretttry Itncoinn wino in at Ilyc Iloacti
stls niibo iufurnnett no1 tlnei tuCretary of War
reiIinl that inn would leave by tine first truin
intl be at Ioag Ihrznncii onn Tuday
norniing iecretary Blame did not re
poind to tlnni telegram anil the Cabt
ii S surmised that inc irobally was on
Inm winy rota Auguta to Long Lrnncln All
tmrrigti tin morning itnero vero very few about
fiu lresittrits cottage i hto linint art y Inopu Tb r
i ormn I ng bin I leti In d ii ii ke a nlntth k minI I Orn
rninlent lit ttnu prnvmnio son dart 14 cttmigni whniet
niIr lintv teani tlitInihlIZ inn itself ittdul to tine
iharo wrnj boning prelnareni for nilnip
inent Solnie ttern minnirkod Meintor orn
fnumton It sumtil as if the end was
Tlmliowiug aretheoflicinibuiletini ttdtiy
C I tile C nJntn t te iriIJnt 1 t rnr n
tiitin Inn ii t r41it Bin ertny ant r ii it et it
telling butt ii i itt a e nil nnnnt finnerin
ne nrit s I tnt ic coiiniiiiel untnh Li uci I ni
nt t tunti Intl titnu tn tuls ri ne4 lrnnn 1 1
its Itteninnig ttinnt IuiIiSCil t is thus hnuiiie 1 I
uh t lien t a lenin n 4nrntg tue c liii Cn Ce Iiu
t no r tine n trio tL rtn
n rnntnnc Mt B cier Ine mnpcrnmnnre WI tJ N ruby
ni nnt i aU nn r A t ii nI iIottt r iii
inline Ii tii t Ugi CI bntti the dninc was wnzniurn
ty t ti4
I nit l M Ttn mmii rroan vinch tie lrennteznt w
U ni ta t CI n tint ml nornnn tntl tin nra
nld Al Ci Stit tt nniut in iii S tth it sit ii v a n bril
n ur tnnnrn is ti I b watinn tie tn n i nil
it S nn lit lit t itnnnn nsa tim nns rialy c114 i ii
e Tnn n r I it ti I i I uic hUt a iii rennritn nt
en i M it nni ni a aniiV iii tile trsatdenti cnn
It fl nit n r it n 15 a 1 it It tra sin 4 innh
ole sit t in n nn ttt nit a taurd hte 14 ii
nit 1 n lu tO C C utinni but tntl sin t a itt cii Ti
I Ut rciic I I C i i ii A mill at tnaoninit ii flOh
itflIit tn5 t tCI tiisni 5i rettitteni Tenirintua
I 4 utte mr tr in tt
Mr Ma tiaghn eut tlto fIlowhzng destcz ti
Minister LweI at 10 1 31
Tine itn iiai nnonlrcini oronilterinli nevrt
iii iii rni tnlwn si aiai atsr nh ctnilt
tteTtnn ti t li i sry ncin ii4ed ii nnza be
a inn 0 i nit inn t I en Ic Itittli St Iii tttzC titi
S tCi n tin nn alit k I tin n iiti
tJ In c t ii in Iaa nnoro aiartinini nurn tn
a I i it tt n a neacirn to nntn inn sn n
Iii II nt ecrtin ini t iJy At ii
hs I I C nin qinie it C at Ii tnStLirniaCS Ia n
ctnii ilrinic tin pier tnt treIi flu raa hat
icr in tfclitii fti4 Itilt i ttii rhvie 00 ilL reaa
4crsIar IttaIste in itie to Ing ltrinch
Ii 9TO St lnt 19icrltnry Itialito ant
vdfe and tireretary Lincoln stid nile ctrrivent in
thts city tonlglnt end left at 11 uuInck for Loins
riiic EIJ8 JiJflX To UEX AIITIIi7I
lhp VInerreIIiit Urcally AttnteI1iury
Inf hI Ine In II Itnnts nnnt JtematiIiir
PtIIentIl he omelnI tnnnncement
VlceIrcslinnt Artitur remaiitci in mis
bingo all day yesieritny The house is i21
lxington avenue a fourstory intuit Stool
trown stoino on tinti east Inin of the trcet mini
Inn tlnirti nitrnr mnortln of Twentyoigintli street
Ieni Artinur iiipnni tino afternoon In his back
iarlnr ns tine sun innnilu it too warm in tine fromnt
rnotnntn Tine onls ikiltors in inn morning were
nnwsoatter reporters Stnortly hforo 11 ociucl
Inni following deatnatnili was recoiveti
i rso epL 19 iBttit A M
I t i liii pntlln tnt n rinn nrai I nc a tin it tine
ln ti nnt IC ra I nr go tao t nrt itu tnt ctint
rylnC anninri tirt ci tttnnrq TaFt nn t tic
r any lrruw it tilt a hid lnt 11 1114 hliCrey nir nillirn
I nSlgnet MACVAiin
rite quint of tIm avenue was broken ouiv in
nfl oecnnnionnii carrtnnp
Dinntrltt Attornnny Daniel A Ilohhinq cailoil and
ronininineti or nijunit inaif an hour lie Wa
tinked on leniviminc whether Can Artlnur innnl
tnnttio nay arrntnnnnatrnnonts in regarnl to t1ikittg
inn oattn of niflien inn tine event of tine Presininnut
loath Mr Itoiiins smut Inc knewof no prepart
ilnlfi anti tinat morn wntS no ineegity of Ink irng
in u onnt In ti 0 5t1lht tiny A little lnttr Pol let
ninnissioipr ittpinen II French 1mm eli ill
iarrtnmnzt lie entirreti tii Arthurs house
in nt rimnnti net I nbott t t iin boil ha
Slnortly beforo It oclock fl telegraph tiny
tronluil a n1nnntcti mimi Eltinron containing tin
von I ing offi cind him I t n At 10 oclottk listricl
tttoriiniy lhntilns Mr Ihiliii itont and lea Ar
liars private seer ttnrr John C flti onitereti
linnm iiniise TInny score met hy Uen Arthur
vtio wa nibrnnt grilnig out lb told ttnemn tti
iwait hIs return ltn Arttniir left ini itoniso nil
tOOG wiiknti it Fwpntyoigitth atreottIionci tnt
linirni nvnnucnnnl up thin went sum of tin avnu
n tinni cnulmu ot tile block between Tlnlrtytlnlrd
nail Tlnmntyfourtii strits ito lien crosset
I In tntrct mi front of tine Thirni avenit tn
tino eant side liii toppod or a moninnt to look
it sonic tiosttnnn lion contitiunjil down ho east
nttte to Twttrntyeltzhtin Stytiot mnnni hlinihiti to bitt
borne where lit arrived nit 1021 lIe was
irosttetl In a dark suck suit nail carried a cane
ito wits tact on tIns stoop and said ho had an
licics to conimunienite
Nothing oecnrret in the net hour The
street was uztet earn for the occasional rumble
01 ni hulk wujzon on btutnhors cart
At 113 OClock S 8uN reporter askenl to see
ion Arthur lhemu wan no uintusual stir about
ttw hOugo Thni servant at tine eionr informant
lIlt reporter that len Arthur had received
niothing later tinan tim ntqenrirng inutietin
Tino Iregttiont is ticad saitl the reporter
At limit moment Con Arthur appeared in lie
tailTin President is dentdtino reporter re
tuiatntl 10 him
Ott aol itennnot be true Iteannotbe I
luiva inenril notining
Thni despatel has just been received at TIlE
t omco saInt tin reporter
I mopemy hod I do hope it is a mistake I
hen Arthurs voice broke at tine mist words
unul mis eyes tilled with tears
lie thinn retired to thnnt back room wher
Messrs Iiihu hoot and Danl G Rollins were
iiwalting him
Iinny say he is dead satni Con Artinur
A despatch hia been received at Tzi Su
A nicep siienio ensuati
A moment nutorwarti a telezramwas roceicnnl
ion Arttnur broao it noon slowly After road
innt it me buried mis head iii ils hands anni ro
innaumied in tlnitt position for a loing into Meani
while lie doapnitch was handed slowly around
It rnad
It becomes our painful ditty to inform you
of tine dent of lresidnimt GarioIni and to mlvist
you to take tine oath of niitice s iresidunt of tilt
Uniteti States witinout delay
If it concur with your judgmentwa will be
very giati If you will come Here on tito earliest
train tomorrow morning
VzrllAm WINnn
Secretary of tine lmotaury
v ii 11UNr
Secrnntntry of tine Navy
TuorAs L JAMgS
IOSt nnnstnrOenerai
WAvNn 3tAcVEtnn
S 3 itnxwoon
Pnyetry f the intertor
1 1 1 o clock the goutnni of cabs rattling up in
front o I tine mouse it tient t ii in root
A new niomnlnta nttr receiving the newq Cf
tin residents dentIn jell rtinnlrn son inns
ornni ill tIne stoie iii ronnnniznett a tow urn
neflts in tIne room wIth his fatiner tnnitttn latter
was still ton niiuneit ntTetnil my thzt hmow4 to speak
It tvnnn 12 t atoek trlnnnni Ueneriil Arthur rn
tvnit tint forznnnii nothlleittion of tine Irosldont
loath signtil bytini CabInet
it inant not linen titchtoii whntt stcts to take
Ito vnns again cotnninlntoiy tnhjniorved anti aaIz
nitrii his face tn Ink hntnntle
JUdgn Illstclnlorti bofore whom it was ttnt
General Arttnuur woulti take tlnn oath of 0111
t Bntn a ho moaroed of thu death of the lttbt
lent is tin ieWport
throngs ntlertna at the lrIneIniI Jiutel
and Iihsthe itch hoIIrt
TIne lateness of tino hour at witicin tin
Ii W9 of tine lresitmentd dentin was reoived pr
vented its being generally known except in ti
principal hotels tine cltibs and otiner tnlaco
ichoro muon are accustomed to gathnen until IM
itt night Many who hicaril the novs tin lb
treets iiurrloi to the tcieranh stations
mit nowpnpnnr olflenni fcn conlirinin
tion of it About tine Fifth enu
hotel early in the evening titousauds of veotl
teiniptod by tine balmy air walked iii inn streets
Thu interest centred on tine illuminated bannen
no tine roof of tine building at the jnnnctlon ol
Itroadway anti Fifth avenue fine bul
lettnns given there wero tiuhte favorable nnn
late as 10 oclock At that hour tb
streets were thronged anti the corritlors of Ii
motel wero densely filled Tlnon the llcht of tin
camera was turned ofT and the crowds slowli
dispersed Tine last bulletin shown wa on
The crowds grew arnaller anti smaller Within
tan minutes niftor the President dtod Mr Cmnrr
tinit duel clerk got the news through the tel
phone A little later a tdegramu came confirm
nag the intelligence ninni the clerk told tim
group of ilvo or six moo about lie desk That
was at 11 oclock
At 1120 nottwonty men were around ichnen a
roup of reporters ruslnod in Otto of tlnernn
iolzed a sheet of note paper anti fastened itt
the wall with the words in pencil
Tine Irealdent died at 1050
In hive minutes more noon began to crow
nround the slip of patter Muiy of tinenn
toubtod it words and ran to the clerks tiesic tn
be convinced Tine mows was them scattered
illiCitly and in ten ruinnitod tine corridors wer
ammed Mon came down stairs unit dressed
Others caine running In from supper parties tt
t tine trutiu and the crowt grow ott tin
4iduwainl uutil it overflowed into tine street
ttnout rniintight fineD anti boys ennui tnntinng
r irni NowstatnnnrrewlnOaraeiv crying 1xtrits
ttno tntnnnrs Ivure solni at nitty cirfen as nust on
mci arnireit Cnttennnnls ttow up hi tine front t
lie iionnsts ann tiuu windows were aimvni wntb tin
nlnnnattii wtnttlnirng tto confuslin below
A t tIn o Lmn ion Ci U In Li t d roir iii
tin znnenibors together hit thu Patti miveiniln
room lntoy toiLed with grivtty of tfne terribin
totiuink sail onogintlennnn tinrnt mini
nbio mtttn eltouint have died on tin yort
ininiversnnry of the battle Of Cinicknt
niatnga iii whnieh lie iinlil such
neroic part o ciii not know tint tneoilo tim
conitt dii tttt know vimat nniithnhitt of nuani tints
idle lie itniti gmowin so nhttarthr nnlt inns lmerii
trid znntmI Cr41 rnnie arid innngnt tlitnt plnik ni
I ii ti rig C IT iiniitin t mmii overt tutu in A hnnrne
eois liii mean wmirnu toward Inim us toward ii
At the Lotos Club the excItement ynIs rem
ltisiie Ccnulmiing left tine hlfmh Avenue lintt
it IU 11 ivan said that lie Into 1 hint
trihums botnsn lit hmant ut retunnol rt 12
Iri Graunt rstimei at 9 ol ink Ift eord
unit he should snot U Istnireh Va n ln
we Was belnt up ti hint un lressel tinti r at
t2 oetak nuit ztnniln hnI winy ntctcsa tIntnnttri
I ms Iutn tino cflic of thin it tel
linive you henrd tine uuvs meticral tie was
ttd yes he answered nervousi as itt
titsinit the bnl t f a chair wnth 0th hntflda
lint what can say
11 l ti I Ctt t mm ietit 1
Uit I know inat eotnl I expect I
nnpel minni hoped mind Itnat i lid
1Ov Cornuti nnmnd inns secretary rushei
Inrougim tile enrrilor of tine hioni litter inn
aurrinni dowmn Fifth avenun to thno 1niloit Chut
his ouly stayed tint maCnut nutI hurried
ticalu Vnen nnpprontched my the repcrters tie
lont speak to me I have notbin to say
fho audiences itt nearly till of tlno vlaees of
iniusazuoul bad dispersed tiutn tie news wits
rcoiveni Nearly nil of lie tineatres closed at 11
oclock Tine news was received by Treasurer
Moore of ilrtrry Miners theatre in lie flowery
it flea minutes to 12 whnllo the last piece
was in pronros Tito play wits a Comic
sIntii by A 11 Shnoinion tine stnge
manager anni business mnnoger entitleni
Forgery Mr Shelion was acting tine part
of lftnltitj iitnin and had fluitiioti tine first
lCOiU AR Inc ift tine Atnigo Treasurer Moor
itnnprtrteit to hhtti tine sani initeiligeuce Mr Sinai
loin I mn ni it mt n I y retu mnnnl to tine stage a nnl hits
finn rio r nit on nan B I I ninnel t ii o nititl ininco win loin
hnnt a nrnment before inset boon iauihtitng Mr
Slnelilctn sold
TtnEs AND OuNTrrMcn I regret to be
ottligniti to nmninoiirnen to oii tlntt our Irnatniemnt
Garilnli Inn ntsui ntuii we ontt of respect to ills
hninninory iuninnnt chose tln perfortoane
Tine tel I ran g fln ii I Ito en i tai a ill I a one ml a
tite nmnttnt a iniost iinipresnthv scene liunn auth
tinici gay vent in a urolnntrnii sigh anni a cute
5 innti of cr1 es o I 0 in l 0 Ii I Im cy seeul tl
overcome for a mnrnanit and linen in sad sliotic
coca it t u II It tin n I it catrt
ltno aflnnnlneenieflt wils matint in all thin ino
t ion statIon tin rounzhioiit t Inn cit y wit ii in tell
minutes of tine into It was received from LI
In tinnearly part of liii lnv a fenlingofiiiet tie
niresslon ttrovtullel 1itt took tititt form rtitiier
tiinnmn oeitemonmt 1 for tin sorrow tents too lro
found to ho lnnnontstratiue Crownls inirrouutinleti
thin bulletin iinnrntn null niny lone intl thnerti was
ittin contnrsation atI ttnat wnns carrioni on lit
un tinnlirtniio anni consisted nnqtl of xpres
alniflR of unyninutittlny As njin opitn eainnuil tint
huilletiii hotrls a enlirudow crept over their
laden anti linigoreni tlnero even after Lucy inanh
pnttetl on
line stageS siwiti ut as they approticined tue
atillotirt tiorls anti drivers as wll nIS flitSSOfl
gnrs siinnnnt tIne news Ttno sitrnni wits the ens
cltln tine cars that tines Pinrk rot or stop at
ilmonitway lonnitittnrs anti drivers spent lii
moments iiOfornl stnrlltng on 1110 UptoWil trip in
renniling tine bnuilettns innd wore asked for thin
Inows by ttootilo wino g in along tIm iouto as
troll as by tlit inwn employei nnrouini the sta
tione Oontlotiian StOtpnni their carriages tin
houtt of time nowsrnatnnr oflicea anti tine cartnnxt
tmaflia in that part of the city niovel vervsiowty
Small htnileilua were also tnostctt at some of
inn tbegrnnpli oflles in nrloins nsrts of tin
Ity rind the scones there wore munch titni same
rig tluoatt in front of tlni fltivslmaiier nfflilCB
Lxlnitign JlltnihoiTcr stood at Fifth avenue
and Twenntythitrtt street
I lont know mow to believe it ho saldwitli
tears in ml eyes I am grltvnti as at a iersnnnl
horeavennent and fool its pati its I woulni had
tine infliction fallen to my kill One thing is
sum tine wretcln luttoau will stiffer I Inope
ttte law will take its course but hero is room
or miountit
1xGov Curtin of Pennsylvania saId
It Is a national berayeniiont but not i
eniatnitu Tim loroinninnt will go on uni
sinakntr anti snifo as it cud before and time ecouin
lrl ltiitcau mayo his tqsrtg meted outto Intro
Tint Incas of tIn IrstIents death inatt been
iii thit city only a few mlnitites before the tollIng
of bells brok the etliftuess of the night Two
messenger Uoy innul run race from tin
051cm Union oflice to this bali ringer inn St
Pauls Ctinureii and the bali inegnun toll
tng at 1115 Trinitys bell began toil
ing about iivo minutes later Trinity
tinrish ban nnaiio srmningannnnts for the
tolling of tine boils in ho following nament
lnurchnes and cinnitels trlnlty CiutnrohIronuii
say hoatl of nmll street St Ptnnlmn Cinunrolu
iirountwaybotwenn Innlton anti essny stmoemsSI
Clnaiiniinnrick st roetiibovnn IientcliTrmni
ty lmapolTwentuflftittreet nearllroaniwnuy
St Cli rynuistotns Ciitiool Sttvontit avenue cor
nner of Thuirtyninth street ill Auigrntlnos
hnpei houston Street ttltwCOmn iii Bower
iiinti Seonnl avenue 5r Cornioliuss Cinape
Uouernnrs Isiamnd New York Ilnitbor
At 121 oeiok tile avenues resouniinni with
tine crIes of mnnuvsbots wIth extras Vinidows
icoro thrown lit Ofl very sitln atni ticoplo inur
riti out half dressed to buy copies at nnv price
Con Grant sent tti following telegram fronni
the Fifth Avonuo Hotel
YontEsert O1nA 1
mn mr 4 tttte
hieste Cotnn no tIme bentavel anitty o the tretvxnl
I tieirutei aynnttlnv Stat inirroty for uIrhin in tteD
tntp stlmcnnonn The nniuntn wnt unonirn ttitli them nor iii
it Un ttmt Cinel hcttrite a0 rtenmuni ciiiei no irein
nntr tleir htn nittt I ltlI rcunmn to inmn ti rn ncln It
itt motnine cal Ut wnntcr my srytce It tCv cinn I
tf 3117 ertiC u s oanc
In lirrokirn tine announcement of the Pmnisi
lents titnuth was rncovoi nit lohicn lieantnjiinir
tlrs by tohtnhone roan tine ntiusspnupsr 0111cc itt
this city limo otterator intnetimatcly infnrnnni
limo various stations by telegraph aitti In this
tent the sad Intelilgennen was lashed throumein
Inc city long before lbs oxtraa appearnl in tins
tmnetm TInu nuost lnteno feeling provahlni
intl tine til I ng of I lie tiol I I a tine City ii nil I tower
vit tin begn n lit 1 I iock ti Is pail i t Ii Ii Oli
I tint liner mu ighit In mu Uttent sort ti nnn itn ke niliQU
Tint hews At in nintghmt Inure vil xclteit
tnrorigs in the snmnnts nail a crnwi vrtjs
trountt the oflio of then Western Ltion Tel
trapin Coninloiny Itt Couttt strOt ttinXiotinl ti
ontrIt tim tarlcui ii ra of tim n thmiti of tine lrtn
hut There vcto mo lititcation oX amy undu
tealsntlon MaIt to Itu lin Ied at i
MrrIIiig n tuket Men
NEWARK Sept 19Itt accordtnc with a
mnnvious uinimorstanniing a bonly of men met Inns
caning nit 9 oclock In a Ihtte grove on hi
oedIio Iendimg to 3liiburn atout half a roll
thovo 31 iidltivillo White eovering3 oonetalo
itni niece of tines men Vhtrn all html ascnni
ttt there wero ntnnutt fifty 1iirsons vroemnt
Nro were arpolnnttel to tinnnti on the nnitiatil
ilnllz ml road anti tinrco oilier voro stnlonat
it short tilstrinces in a ntlgiiborlng corn ltlit
titoint innlf a 1111 further ann stnints the Milburt
iown Poorhouse mute farm Witlnint a stono
Inrow of the sit of the meeting tImer is a yen
rttr witito honuse with rlnocouorod lattice
vork at tue ntrnntco anti a sign whim the in
cniiition ii9warn of thu dog conspicuou
ifl 11 large cherry tree
tIler tinu ptekets mad been tistod tine roil istnt
alloi by numbers Each Lierson in responmni
ng went forward and whitalterett the passyor
0 the pnrsont who acted as nlastnr of corenno
ales Nunubers 10 13 atid 17 were asked uvhetin
r the resolutions were month to ho presented
llnny responnletti iii tlno ntllimniitttve A paper
tag produceit which read
iIrnU This nitt ctunman oh citien at the Untu
mates vnilctm snnn t Suiusenn in it nttentttrs a tna S
let it et that it Ia tnct by itt ilivttin mneriy o
Just hroultnce that i re enatnej to may
itnac a irii 1511 1 tIi Staue slid
II h lin hit alrnt2lntomn nt tnni uin lint s3nnini
r3tiin iui ins rmn ukt 1 the atis r at a comit inn nunbte ti
ntrliy aailsnl ut ttu aennitt to deirm e time nmuttol
c lne t tory heart minceS nimeuls uttn a
mtanncn nit tue tcnnt it bert imlie citznn ti tii Lnte
lnes anit
I ii IIi eseint o lima iCnvery rthe PrcUennu
1mm Ori nzasnmt nnmuy cittr but a pmlitnte in eaura t
ultC 4it tie nimeict cut iii i natmrd a hoae jail deinri
a inmli be line racti cC tlm a nm4
Ii ttt it Cs ttniimti ecur ansi it t are ttnnrti r
it out Jiia intnmnsi S u tIme i3ml Ot tlit aastt ii
sIll wtlnies one 1 Ili vcrtby CCItal U I tnnil it
cutioa otmeretnt tne aaniaiti i annuls to apgr mere litir
i Iruvr inil
urss Ii iii he our expnmnenice iii uhe mast thit a
lie exCiUntolis tiat InaVe liken mitre late uaiici lii stein
tii tide ot aiunin ittrnn we deenin it ai n isabe that auinm
ore flutnn eaininle be nmnsdo of onis a 4eemervlnn
Cr W ratli tinerenir I It
RibI rimat nunni amiterO omnr ranks en cm fliers ahiat
C atnpomniet by I n niioni ilutmo It tanil Li IC apmr
entier riruac tim elwr is CitiitC tO nnrera or tin
ti ny
Stjued Cossnrns or Tags
In tine roniimiyks sunbacquent to the antoptioi o
thu above theme was but itttiti dIscussion with
iitt uicption of 5tmn retitarks eontnmmnirnc
in e inch to 0 trorniit 3trsoni and iii ii img It I in
I nimnuitnig hiraggart uvhno Dither nulnt t 14
vhmttt liii dame inut or bouant public notorntu
iv his masit action The uttileystanititme
vas that no nrnou wonilil L rriunslel to net nto
nnutint nir for iii is toe lion i wimp 1 lii nc deit li
uvjmniny of riakininc his life to tmtkoauexanuth
f nil trim ilsnru I ibtiiln notoriety at tine cost
I t ito I it of tlni ii tin n no
i imt rnattr lii tirannnig liii ii 3 urns poStponed
i in I I I intomo vas hi em p i mcmii thu ci nun tior o f n inn
uiY ring lroeidnn Asenclmotno lefitinogrounti
I Wi srctl inhornntctl of tine tune of tIne ocx
uiet I nig flint t hi Lflse rl Tite tint i re tnnni
im dii a 1 n ntty born iinan twenty intinnito
is ntI tlnn Imeilrnnoarmcs hail beent arranget be
Stow tie aesu a ttrclret ha Vntiegiu
1140 iCier htle
Voitrxrox sept 10 fine mnnws of tin
residents death was rtcelyot hero at 1O it
tigint through tue suoitted lreas At limit
tour there wore very few giersons on thto Streets
tnl only a iirlf Iun or e in that vicinity of lie
lraiin oflies No irtotiatlou had come
tnicn the eveninig bit ititini anti ticopi
iverit to their tmomc betwoen II and it
cck thinking it itrobabme tiiitt the
trsidernt wuuht urn thrtnugh ie uihn
tow minutes after Limo tiespatch canoe inn
auneiug tint lrnsnititnta inithi etmas were Is
uoJ by tii iotl nowspapms and tine bail in
tehligec was eonvey l linrouginnul time city
t tints hour people nr guinertng nit ttn tole
immiph no1 newsLnatr nubs cngnr to oLtitir
nfirmation rgiriing the ittnt hoots of tin
lentil Chief lnttstmnntt lIntt lutlo ho tii
itritets are var quiet end the city Is wrntppod
ln danknes ant I giorrn
ALDY et iiOu tine nnounceuent oh
thi death of time President the boils of tinf city
worn tolioti one stroko 18 times at intervals of
half a minute eaeiu amid 38 rnorn nit intersnnis of
It unmet in accornlatic with a ttronlainaton 01
Mayor Nolan Great sorrow Is oxtressenl by
thin people tiuminors of wino worn on time streets
untIl a late Inour Aritngeinflnts are being
nnintio to nirapns tine pinttlie buildings and tin
hliun will be tlaCad at Inalfunrust
CISchNNATT Spt IlLTIne news of the death
of tin Imostiltnt mnacinetl mere tnt 1040 annii nil
nniost imniiinndlatnsis tIne fire bells began tolling to
tel I tine inoti ma ni I a own
VoPccuTrfl ias Sept 1Tiio fire bells
imert mire tnlilntnt
IIuTtoni Said 19By order of Mayor
Huh ly tii nt ii ro ml it rut hells am br time thai heni
item out nicoiint of the ninathi of tine iresident
it h o t rnts a nn t in rongi ut Ii It ttopl
WInILsnnnili lii Stt itITlin munnounice
bent of tine nieatln of lrslinnt Oarfliltt inns
iaununl emoat sorrow innrc fine conirt houst
atinl tim elinircin bohisaru now toliiing cmi accounl
of Iii eati event
ilncmtntnn a Sept 19lmnnetilatelv utpomi
reecitir 01 ii news of time Prsllenttt ninntln tin
tinnitito hails iy nrnir of tIm 3tntor conimenconi
olling tine xnionurnnfui ounnds convoying tint stttl
flows tarouginoint Un city
inArrAxmtnnniA Tenu Sept I9TIn cIty in
inSt I r ainni ni I I lid Is a r tol I I unmr A mmli geuiinn t
I I 0 floW be I ni me at nniln for a ni i inn mi t nne fnz a rat
coridnt ant meunormni services lfl Tlntnrsnlity
tinit ocasloit of thu motiniomi of tIne atninies of tin
N rtli nni 4ountiu
ivlnAtuinE ltit 19FIfty blows on ito City
I I a i I tti I in n mom ii ot I to I Intl ttonlt t hi 0 nlcatit ol
ires ititnt 1 nriloli Tb o cimU rch boii auto toilini
sorrow is nviiintl
UTUt 14oit 1JTIn news of Proslnient Clam
liolis ieatli crnntonl hue tntnmiost coumstrnationn
inn Mayor at nnmnttn urdomoi the City hull bib
tolled and tine streets soon became fihieti wittn
Oswitlo Sept 19The City Until anti church
lolls ate hefn tolled by ornitr of tine Mayor
Crowths of citizens aro commencing to throng
tiii StrentR
PnovhnmeNcr Sept 19Upon receipt of the
nnwsof tln dvatli of lie rrcsilent all the belle
toilet or on Itour
Cinlcteno Sept 19News of line dentin oh
lrcsidtimt Jarilahil was received In title city itt
ttiiout 10 oclock tonight and tinoingin
ienierntily exujocteti tine shock canon sudtln
intl severe anti absolutely appalled lIt
rowda in waIting for intellIgence Tine
II r nint mu anti lie I nnll lie bel I towers I n tine
city mit I0n tinight of tlno donttb uud tmntinedi
ately lie slow anini soitirttn toilling of bells called
thouttininds of tieotiio out on time streets In in
frnuv minutes streets whore bulletins are exinib
itoti WtrO foil of people strtiggllmng to got a
mclinittso of time fatal words which for a fuill
tintlf imour wore 1111 only news received Time
PresIdent is dead
A LunatIcs Cult at thernn
Loci Bnucir Sept 10About sunset a
weiidrcsentl srtlnger wino mad been waiting
ibout thu Eiberoni lintel and grounds all time
iftornoon sent to Col Itockweli at the lrcsi
bats cottage the fohiowing note
One ash brluns the power oh the Lam Jeiua Christ
With him wsumts to pray or time trepIletit
SIgned JAMFS swi ihLsv
The handwriting was inst of a person partly
tiluemited Ceil iloctiwoli paid no atteintion to
limo note
About dusk his pious crank walked down
sicross tine lawn across Inc sentrys beat
ito was challenged but lie lId not
top excopt to say I nnt to
4U0 timo Iresilont I ann ordained
ty Jesus ChrIst to seni hunt and to pray for imlin
Inc fnisiructionnn to tIme semitry nllti not ntiitlmor
i intro to panns oven stncln a divine annihassttior
lit llrmlr nniopmied him anti two other soldiers
ittU ii i ni ju inn I y awiny Ilnl a is t in o tin I ret cmun
tliitt linus appeared hero within ii uvook
IVLtIAJ ruin iicronr
tt InterestIng Inronrot Utg Itisee In the
hay nIT ltiiyuisue
A fouroated gIg race between crews fron
Ie Siidin imowlnic ttsoeistion if int onirto an Ito Ar
LnurtCtiii AteOmulIuIt it Iiisatethpont ass roect Ia it
I orollo 1itynutiie yetterlity aflernooti TIm bznin 0
mica of the Iltitw antI huionnno etitti houe were erowit
in ivltli ladies anal enitiemniun The eotmrse twa ronit
lnlntnmc beets otT she Uuuonne cliii tioine to lurutiutni
take nirar the lintl sulnrf sail rumIn ttttinco it u
hue ii ad a lslf Ttno ivater it a Iii it ne cumltlioi
Atti uCtOCk tIns ereus look the wstnr I hey true Il
5 nnunca no n t urni n a 2 I t tttIirI t
I I K il l 4 ii I 1 reid cx is At ii nor nIne Ini tn
ii t I I Moor btt in ry It I It rnnn 2 a in
r1 3 8 tirtetl I t rod C Miurit eoxawoinu Cr the
Cr nnr Imnito
Tm Vtin caniht the sner tlrt atnit Itrued a lettot
I si Lttnire 1 I reiniiit the lttrltt nttce ii on e s r
e mnti In r t i Ii lit 0 it 15 ken tlennn ni n I notln tntrnmn
ieltmer I ii return cu I ti iii a itd ittt tuck r c
Iti ro 5 it mini mntslnt ini Lontn thu 5111 ttincnm cxci
Ii mmc I u w timii liitt hnmt qnnn ri r um n un
n ally ma kIwi iu C nit liii n nI lit liii VmU nt cam nt
t it rvsci tine flttl timnee lnmtlis tincitj ttnmii It ti
I he tienitensens Irtvting iunclttn Steers
Over one huniilreti lnorsoen u altneI at a rniiiion
naiisr ittileb are in n arunctie in ttnc rail inicenitig 0
tie Ontieiiteut limit in tictstioii tomorrow Thin
ty sail irht arms cl st the miroimnihi cm 5mm ty
nub tnileret to nhamilfstct in tine flrt tn ni spin in
is rreafrrnt minion rice en ttmut tIns n ill lnu s onu
t 50cr three Irate titan there were tnt iluotonn Alt lii
tree rc sell ntiel nut at c 0104e Ctnflteitq are nunlicl
Irl tmmu the tinnttnl untenitlrs at I tnetr irntitt
rrc out nm ni lx r nnurrhni in a It the elitt itioi on
ii ii tin Ii it re uc rv 31 r Ln kilt
lrer tc 1 a nnitt it It nt 2 hu e rstrn c u rlii
1 e Iii l4iii mi IC P talmmttU 401 sme I us osr
1 b ri I u re i i I ui Ie ns tIm nniI
1 tet C SC air n t Intnan in lsntt at hinn track
icr nh i iii t imnm Jnc tm I denn tmk a tnntk nim
e sseiit their tinnier nmuri a nnnnrntr te rnunid
Yet IonkIn rsr I5inini
Junnt tneri in Camitida exSocrotary Gectge
IC A tmmnrt I ttenilnic n pirties of tt cm Ii
it rnehyut third ci t40itm ii tin tisu inleIn Inc ii it
t nnI uc Itae atokn Is it et ktnowun to the yoince bu
1 mprimteniIcnnt has dully hop iliaC tiitectv
a u lie svenrii 2b puffin wfll run the nunttv
loam Tmt Ciei iinmltnt lr 8tuirt its cutlet tnt Jmntet
tiner n mm t S its rly iifte rnomt bill I S dnncLtmt
munn SI flt I tie ts C WI1 tremnle ret no mitt tUrt Cl
rnr Ci wtimln ann tmimctnirnt a nit n r minbly tic gre
tnniit CZnnnt ninnlnrl 1 Jo I Intl onne
Itiart eounnwl it iii tsnnnIt anmt hi Is amni cd to ti as
te liner ts t tilt it Ia rn J 411cC t aiim nii n
a itt a r arm utlw lit ann inn nininntoni no tinitt the con
iaitutl 555 not A tile rIeln I Irrs n I Ionic is ho I teC4sil
I tiyIi nidnd slid niltitcd Stinirt tin i3tMJ
4 IIrunihteu Mits tilntiIt ExtoItg
Joint Entenrohnlor wino liii rustneemtbie rein
na C returnie I no Pits hiinte mm lraTikhtn a s e nnue nI nntts a
erj on anmrlmy ritit trntnnn lie quarrelieii sitl
il rxtter ant hesu hunt aescreiy liens tie neut I
tliare nnnuss ltonii Liii til bcitnif rennenl antil nnnrc
eliot lntlaCkCit nIne trepmletar ait knocked idn iiewni
wlttn a tcr niliso IVIcnm Mr An aiim neat to tsr lius
uuia Sysialatico Istennchner strut tier rrnentcnt om
C nice 5111 144 nitimrmumz her orutrls tinnttaiI
itrt arrcted lancniehJr alter is ton crate itrmnode
In I I ii hum hefiic ht c der i alter iu npeimtij courm
stit Cttflhitlc t hunt t the c isinmly Jtl On tii way a
igit EateniretiirJni cii hit Si OUll anni sttsmnpted ii
nih 55517 tie sas ieCaitUrtL
i ISotet Guest iiisphclots 1eatti
Coroner nimner of Paterson last nigint began
tim ttmque St In ttme iS43 ii C linan il no 5 as so iPoie 1
xve contnnttw I itilcIte nit letminer Hotel La iinsti
tie lie reelalered into nisitmo so Jsnine lrtLni at Plick
lCp lnros r II B nit Inn tnt uriornhtit is 1 s 1 tint lox I
C It Clii it ill rnnhmno bet it I > n m i I S e nix
ti 1 3 iimie ttrtnni cain tie Ira i I in h I ic S sIr rt
i ttt4i ciii IIt olt stnen anu en tin titt is
S IC In hit calie ti itt It in I ore multi ti it IC iii
ins it iii ni ii ii it sriit n s S I sni etc
S UO to tLt lututiolt CI iii uim cr is it ttttnet ta
it urlerrI II 11 lIed
IFTrOIT Spr IJIicajirinln 3 llrb is uva
i ottI lea I htn Itt lh it I Erre abitut tn
lic Irci Ictr it lie wiat tiero tiltlm
Im I ito s tm ietnret it tit it iii nttoe
uti 5 r i ni still iii i ii C the I ni
I 10 0 Sil n si rutn ilv liiiit ii 551 u
iii n a m i I nii oattnnUli til e i Te cut
5t no tint iTl utr tt C ito iii4
4 ti it no inn ii tr 1 to it lit r ice iii ii iii ilis rotC r
Itc4el In heath
Crorer IIyer of Iorhotor was called op
DhJ C iRil ttfl in1 Ct iii n the cons of Ltoitn s
i snirn 3 ern raiiiu ni ttiiaal n
I argo C tine irrrv ktmiwti a ilLmn ltnnne
ui I S II itirC5 I I itlimrtl
I rc nn t iW l i I is itit ties Ia I nttirnnnu
tnia iii ttsi I bci a tin tni It I tin tie siiCrflj s
lilt it tie runts ti iture kmcu4 ttliii to hiuli I
Knocking it hole In ti Inane
As tine Staten Islanti ferryboat 3tldiletwn wi
55 Itt I nt Inti n ettntsy the Leyy tai
iail rn Or 4 e at iL ttui skit 1 tIe I oat alt SIc
iiuuI iilA i Iii t i4eot it
tWo I t i st4 I Its itstint 14 i tt
riti is c n I ci ttmanh I
We ii t t recnnnieni i F Ij readers I x a vtit I
Mr T K a eOil tnneill at Zn iar5 i I
arcny at slit ixnnIine liii alC sin Irlenis r anti
mr ret g l i titum Zutit Li tic In ti
II It St gti4mlJ rti ch inlcom treesrit 7 1 a
rv lit the nnw attn nngjtiflent estabitn 1 n
sins nit rt4re ci rt1 in at 63 5tt au nisy I ii
I iTirs a Oust tttrnnnt I Cr lnt tioe is Lii at i re
noire ni sttiout6u CLUe iirce4h
E Ii earrru ls s at Ctmimilezten tnv t retrr
sub Uontaa nmlytun tap u ad r 4istL 414
IJEGIYIX47 l 2t1UftIIiU TflI4 1 rirn
Jtcnsons tar the Arrest nGenre WilieSt tel
tue Muurler ntJuhmn Ii lnlrThe Story ot
tIne MurderThe tltht set lip by WilletI
CrDwErt N i S01t 1QAt tuvonty
inlnuitos past 0 on tine eventing of Doe 27 1880
p John B lair of Glens Inshls vas shot while In
lila place of businesrn The stars shone dowa
tnttont tine light snow that land fallen tiurlng the
inty tln air was still Ito nigint clear nail beau
tiful The vIllagers wore till at monte anti tue
Peace of alunniber was tiuscenidimnir itoohi the
place Sutidenly the stillness wmte broken by a
slinirt report In so quiet a viilngo and at such
it tlrnn tho ciTcet ices startling ieotle cero ott
Ilie street in an instant All at onco sontibodj
shouted Pair mae shot himnnoif amid linen
innotinor voice called out lnir ha coainnltw
A nnomnnt afterward tine tinronnz were surging
n tIne direction of tine cries winiln eros miens
I lalrin itimice of business between thin two
nuvomns Tue first ono who haiti called wits
Charles MeLnuglilini Tine second caM canoe
rronn C Ii Ilitcitcocln Timoy wore neiginbors ol
imiir Tine clint was fired so near their dwell
lags that thor wore among the first on the
street They saw but one light Tiimnt sinonu
from one of Intira windows on tiiogrounnl
hour They ran toward it ntnni roaclieti it eimui
tnuncousiy bitt tic curtains were drawn Mo
Luughilin titan ran down an alley to a side door
A moment later mis cry brounzlmt IIitcimcoo to
lug side Through tinni giasim sash they sa
aIr writhing on the floor Others arriving
noon afterward limo door was forced open hi
tint lIne latr was knttj
lie was fount lying upon his back Us
sutimnoti to loire fmtilen whniit standing before a
small tlesk on winlolt lie linint boon figuring his
nittys cmtshi accounts for hits lnannd still ciutchinni
in pencil anti a ntooioranidomn was on ii desk
lie could not mayo commnnittnntl suicIde for no
weapons were hear inlm Surgeons found hint
tile binhict hail tntSSoti tlnronigit tIne left arm
pomictrntetl tIne iody and struck a vltmil organ
Tlni motneut tinu inutcidu theory wnus milnnpelleni
cnmth uran instItuted for tlntt mnurdnnrcr Fur
tiler back iii tile ahoy and tllracly ooosito the
lnsk wits anoliner open wmnnlow Binniwutli it
were fresh ooturints Stmnniiiiug in tine shiny
itniti looking tlnrotnmclt time window into tIne light
ntl room tine murdoret imani n0nncni uviths deadly
ertainty at lila vietlnn till un stoonl at hiiB doslc
All wore nun uxolteit that nulr one person ox
oUntt Clerk V S ititinoy ihouigint of search
llng un tIm nttloy for furtinor trucks rho alloy
elided at tho oit of an old lcn house wlntchu
uiico stood beliinid the Ridge street en
gIna house Foomatnipit were found aptnroaciniti
tltnt winnlow froun the street After the shot an
time iinnntetilnmo conurnotlon the tnturdnirer initci
souglnt to escape by inc roar of time alley Thto
ootsteps were tracked to tine edge of ho pit
Tine tuiurticror must Innivo been a stranger to the
ilntte for ho mutt fallen over the brink of the
Lilt inanl clutchicit at bunches of burdock to stay
ii In fal I in ii hail rol loti i nto I it gli i uis nit tine
bottnmn lb mud thou cilnubei out said run to
tvniri ititigu street but boyond this the footstepS
otild not be traced
hte of tue throng was Elwatei W luaU a
brother of Pnulns dceeaseni wilt anti In thus
iimtnrnlered tunas emnipior Ini tim iniidst of thus
XOitc Inc itt ito nh retnnI tnnls plclon tovmn mci John
Mvo btirber at lurt L Iwtnrd winoin lntlr hind
linat Inny dispnssessed or hits ninop on a niantitci
tiiortgage Mayo was knownt to be llnillttqd
nutnti to tine excIted peons the roatohi nnsignmonj
For ti nji ill t Bnittfli ed cit flhcltnt ilnnnl ln u been
fonniiit I ni Cl he its 1 tills I mint iniglnt inc an imilnt Inure
been lynch lie lnowevr vnns not arrested
in mt I i t lie lollowl ntg a Ig Int and urine soon me
ltnicd as inc succtoiiti III eutablliehilimg inn
in I I hi I mm tiinnd In tmii ltnn slIti ng at ito timi
I I ttrottmtr of tnt Client Fntlls Corormntr
fine nnnornlne Olti thin rummier uviueri liii news
i it ieitcneii Miii ls iii tVlmig wino linus a house
toni r on I Itt cit e I of t in vi I Ia gn on tine It Itn road
r ii Ii a I cg Ott t ot ithigtn street sin e gtvo I nn frtrnniint lou
hat ni time vrtvioli tnvinin latcn tiintn tine
lincovnr of the mtnrder a ItuinlI hielitnat annl cx
ltt1 had stopnnt at mom hnnnsni anti Inniunimed of
11cr the way to iorl Idwttri ani inflom mniie told
nlni n5teti for in timlnt of rntcr lien she
unmet to get lie winter Itti rant suvay mtspltiI
iImo irormtr mImi mIs itiry at ilruit litli secret
I csfonus but nmotngln of the proceedings hntked
tiint ti emouc lint bnnt lithhit Prures inutil been
c i ala in I l sol vi ng t In n hfl hstors Ihnu oni y
ille ueirnnnd no tic tbnmnt Iolietinun Vunrrn Alitn
eviio ifla on iinn tiu rtt a few nniottvnts bntforo
I im t a imotttrin ebti rut I to In art cccli ii illitll tin I ho
1 mect IC Imo hi miii ii tinlol i a his imitin I IInemo uvuts
I mnnrnnr dimecling smistitnnlon to a Freimtlnnnnnnn itt
tin vlllano witln wimnae wife ialr urns salet to
lmt ac been i nit mu ate
Inn tInt month mIne tIm rilIng tritetCes inal
ifferei a reuvarel of 1flUt her tltt nrrcat nttntl
oIl riutioni of u In in it rt lore r antd prftss horn iii
1 nii tmnhitour itntttittvs beanlt hi > wnirl tip the
La lie ihlost snnceesnifmil of tiiic apinear to
lnniv ltiJl Its ttp rttrs utim vnmiti wlhi
Im itf 11111ev rttnl t in i uI I I ngmn nste r IS 11
1 iimL Colt line lnl rlmntl cal Id nttcntt lion to t Inc
t tI thumi ine rgt 1 1 Vi I I hti t a Iiot It or u I i I winel
tViilmtn who eahtet Ott ntionn to John Mayo uuas
ostblv lint guuitmy paric Ito tinvsdt his lid
it Itilit crtini Ii It iiilenn II ten t CtWcin Ps t r a nni Geo
4 Ii Wthiemt vnos tettjintioni to iatti niece
enniln inir brought nntiout nit alien antloit ho
n iilit ninntt 1tr vino tlnreui Itiii to kilt
iVil foil it in i t 11 ii in j In I in ii n Is ii ap
4 crneit itt iort 1 1 e 1 ri I n I r I innovint to
mithi5 imtiha antI tileR ii ttnolnnlit toiimtvt gone
4 n
Mtantlino tino riiorftrs lund itseriofmetl mat
cnrgn I I i f letI Iimiit it rttttunl t tii stat ionz
i 11 1i mt 1i Iwnn mit I C tIny title r I Ink It U rlnr ii ad
tmesentih ann natross nhoek to iii buuggago
len mmn i Itt I mimutti in g t lnlt hiti hnnd an n I tim nit
nimntiijnr onn utte slcnmtnng car fromni Clnicnnno via
t I maIm y a knl to have I ii t I ru I k I ni icateti
t roll g n to time lirtlce UI It it hj tie r i u Inin 31 r
Il inrilitnilm uvltnio tiu f nletileut to liii u i
trOlnn itrt Liuvard titnn ho reportt rs ii iied
iilett back to linlengo flinty fomtmiit thnimt In
etait of eomimng through in into trip litt had
mmnnveieI front Clnlettgo to llin ii binnrt
ri ins At tint littler ti Itta I lnty itl nti tIed in I no by
nmcalns of niti itot 4 itiiht1i niil tito iingmtmg cintuek
nn I fnnrtiurnniure dieouerti limit Inc mat loft
t itt I y oh I ont Incttr I Inmli w I ns fringimi t rim In
mlt the inmornlntin nil thin 27th of iotniinbr ar
rivinug at iorn Itwnrni at 5 1 3i punarly four
rind a bait hiotims hittlure thnestmnt startled tii vii
lagers of titntis lnills
iltauwlmile VIhIett bail hemi arresteil on
srrrnnt isued on II iutplleatiuns of ilitley
tnni Vetti Colt At tIm urine of lit nrrtt htn uunes
mclttrtntng with izntrs tmnnuiil front thin Inter
tnilit of tim mtirniersd man at tine tomt ItlwarU
mot3rv VitI Ii search sntrrttnit hitet min
ttnnt to 1crrlauits mom stn a nl nl thu intmeti i I
ttttS trunk itnti itfytol f 3Irs Inmn mull ior
the pistl nino dirnttel tIne stnr nirs I time Cumt
lr Iine iistol silt eniI itutil placeI there
Oh the uptnerrimchf ltir Vilittt oil Itnciint nmorn
I img At t Inc I I tIle liii rtninirktt I in mit ii p nu I ii
Ilium to prtuveint tIne chihlilrcli trttnn gtntlilug at ti
Inert it unts found I Iii snrthitiig llni truriln
titer bromtghmt Ii light a znnintmbnr of lone ear
t cii win bIt Iittdit I he ijiloi nail lii niaclntnil
tkeloton breech of lie siillmn fitii uiisu nll
trred a gray ulalCltttte vmttn cuclis upon it
nriit oilIer mnarks wiiicim can ho nteuurntud for by
1 fall Itt tine tint
met Coroners jury fitnol a vtreiit that John
It ti r iniit conne to in Is death by t in hntnmil 01
re hi zlhtt liI nnriItiee urns so lutid
foru Juielicn Rtnger tenth time nittilitlonal Os
n iii 0 if Ott dX tort gunmi nun 1mb tehin a icjmnn I tint
in titill irnln litir Lud hitel on It mnarLg
f tin euirtniIgt east fountit iii tin tistol aitd
nntt bali unit taos were idnintlcnml vitL thio iar
rtgs f tutu hIl ietr tmnink
I Ito tirslCunimnl mdli tier in nvltion letters
ittt tntsatil isfl wit air ni nni I ltt hn sun tiLl I
I tutt ttio rdntinnn tietwtutn tIne inttr anmd Jnutit
ii r Wenni funtticr titan tint mttili Ltma tieth
htrn tim grnn Uiatrullnm utm J1it 10 lnlt
i Uett uvtns iiinlntthiit Itt lr ji it tin itlihi
nI nit Item lit tie Inst nn t inu I gui t of I t
Lziiaf Bititiy tldi in it sat iitt in
t lunt Fnit nth I I In e rn on icr anti tia
I i ntti intitnuec saw ii n itt na I I u t I net evOli i pg
nt railroad tritek titeutri II tntrio
wlii tam it urmttis imi u Jiiings tntii
ivill also it xtiini tli i 05 lilt ct4tcrt iii megnurd to
in itil itimil anti
iihutt uvito is cmii y 22 yeirs oh will ehtilta
lint tin tmtutiIy nertivi at F i t ltecird nit tiil
or liii I tO ttigmeiit mmittstn nit tnl
uttnon It hi n rnln ti treiglit trnnmt a
n tau oii rsnttui nmi it Wi I n nun a ke i t d dii U In
iiltm t ssnnUsoti ant alibi his n use mntr prire
II is ruin fur if ho sit etiitisi mi neeatinii beer
V ii lii hIlt I nitist rBt uhteij Oil mItt ntin
IttitiflV Ilno exttenunnt our time unttr tq
I itiis timid i leiiiiiy ita renewoj I
I i jrpects nnf a liirlfotngInt legal battle
nno trial iVOc begnitn tiitn nttomntmn
Inc II slndlr t lies nu home
fhmo sc nd locomotive of the Iuintiinie I
11 teeti turued out ot tine tirart 1 ai a
tttOrUtn tilt I Is Incs beta tcan l io ntt S t
I nn grte aa Sestiti fludrct 51 U4oCi r 5
i as ii alt sbug ti bikr S ti5 hair f
ci rio on a antattr t tt is basic i
ii I I tmii wtin Ii U m i I o i iT 2
iityniiieaiit ii it Ii I i nun 5 3C I I
lnieltIirili 5 thfln t
t S tii tii tel ut I I nn tnatq nems y
an iit Qfl a I i ciimtrol ii i
ttiU iri net t 1 it1 0141 mil it n a
rt 1 u tiifl tCI SO tour A tel
4 e i La a dn t tYi
Inah 51121cc lrtdiettnn

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