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e JTIatorJ ot the Irtdents FMher a
1sthred rrnm Its Old pIbbor In Ver
mimi ud ter s the JlordprA nunly
AnIrI Wn who TnugIut the Knnueks iind
Vraehed in finpilit Tnnke Cheslnr A
bin Arthurs 1IIrtbpteeOW flny Tkr
bout nd Old Men who Ketnember 1hp
TUE SUN has received lately many Icttcr
of Inquiry U to the birthplace of Choter Allan
Arthur e well an othor lottor Droksln doubt
of Gen Arthurs clttzensblp aomo of thnin at
3lag that he w born In the nelghborhoott
of DunbSm Candi and was thorofore not
elltble to the VloeProsldenoy To eettle that
question dflnltolV a rooorter for Tila Sux
ylelted Falrfleld Franklin County Vormont
which hne eaerlli boon regarded u Mr
Axthure blrthvlnoo Thelace In Canada where
It hu bn aleed that be was born aa also
The townehlp of Patrfleld Is the largest In
ferrnorit Pranklin County of whloh It Is a
part Is bounded on the north by Canada and
Dunham Is fIfteen miles beyond the border
FairfIeld townehip Inolude a little pettlement
called FatrIteld Centre and two small ham leti
aIreld East and Falrflold North half a dozen
mitre apart The townehtp tIM among the mit
ndulattona of the Green Mountalne The
blilookear coyerod with crau and dottod with
etumps of ihrnbbery and trees while little
brooks curve throuRh the raltei toward the
Mlsalu4noi lUyer and Lake Champlain Most
of ths Doole throughout the townshiD are
well to do Few of them own lees than eighteen
head of cattle and aome can point to two hun
dred The Canadian country near Dunham is
muoh the same
It WM it flrst supoosed that Qen Arthurs
btrthnlaos oould be deflnltelv settled by the
records of Falrfleld or Dunham or of other
towns to whioh William Arthur the Free
dents father oonld be traced But unfor
tunatly In those days It must be rooofleoted
that the date of Mr Arthurs btrth Is glysa
ict his camnaign biogranhy as Oct 5 1830 the
records were meagre This appeared from
the reporters personal lnyetigatlons as
well as from slatementa made by the town
and oonuty clerks In whose ofitoes he searched
In the Patrfleld record were found only
two entries referring to William Arthur and
these chronicled hie election at town moeting
U ft member of the Snoerintending Committee
of Schools II wee known that William Arthur
bad been pastor of the flautist Church in North
Paireld and it wee hoped that records of that
ehuxeh might be found But the church is no
longer standing Twelve years ago it was torn
down and clinton ohureh was built on Its site
The BapUit society which flourished in Wil
11am Arthurs day baa dwindled and but two
msmbera of the congregation remain In Fair
feld Only one volume of records covering the
latest period of the ohurohs history is in ex
titenoe the others are lost A long time
ago when the deacon who had charge of them
removed from Fairflold he left them In ohare
of Mrs Eldred In the house now occupied by
oshaa Abeli Since then several families have
lived In the hous and the books cannot be di
ooyered A careful search over Mr Abel
house at which Mrs Eldred wited was of no
avail and inquiries elsewhere were fruitleu
Of William Arthurs life in Dunham Canada
only one fact Is found recorded the birth of
his eldest daughter Itoina Malvina Arthur
In these rircumatance the oldest Inhabitahte
who are said In the local vernacular to b a
little bygone become of grat value There
Ii in the absence of records no way except
by a resort to thoir recoltection or ascer
taming the various place at which William
Arthur resided the date of hi marriage the
birth to him of a eon named Chester Alian
Arthur and the plnce and time ot that ons
birth Qunetions In regard to William Arthur
were zeiod to tat the memory of thob who
erwke of lie more Important detlia to oenr up
certain DOiflth In which the notices of him pub
Zished at the time of hie death seemed Inacou
rate soil alno beenuso a ihort record of his life
up to and eomo years after Oct 5 1830 the date
or Chester A Arthure hlrth as RIven in hi
campaign hiography became important In do
terxulning tho main uestIun
William Arhurw horn in the County of An
trim iretanit in 179G When eighteen years
old ho was graduateti from Beifait CoIlee nut
shortly aiterwer determined to seek hi for
tunes in the New World It was said in several
of the notloea written after his dcath that he
eemo first to ew York anti alter remaining a
snorttitnewunt toVermout but no retereuce
Is made to his rosidenee in Canada It ii how
evr remembered sit Enet tanhridge not far
from Lunham that about 1822 William Arthur
came to the former piecu home say that they
zemernberhrtvlng Isard from him the when
ae came to the Now World he landed at Trots
Jtlvi ree Canada nud after remaining there
but a short time wrnt to tiorol going thence
to East Htanbritigu There ha taught school for
a little more than a yeir Ho had as yet no
thoughts of bwom1ntt a clergyman lie went
from ittaubridge to East Dunham where he
taught school about two years aud married
Miu Malvina Stone After leaving Eaat Dun
ham ho crossed over the line into the States
where he remained a numberof year before be
again returned to Canada in 1830
Very few persona around 1unbam and inst
Btanbridge remember liliaru Arthurs liret
residence tu these places Vhen the reporter
inquired for the people who would be likely
to remember it he was told that there were
some old quill wheels in the nelghborhoo4
from whom he might got the desired informa
tion On asldng for a deflalttion of an old
quill wheel he was told that It meant an aged
female who talked very fast and bobbed hnr
head up and down white she was talking lie
was also referred to Uncle Itnatus and
Unole Jack Further Inquiry brouitht
nut that Uncle itastue was Mr
Erastu Chandler born 1806 and that
UnoloJaek waa MrJobn Baser the date of
whoa birth wasslilimororetnoto Eiottiot titese
men aro well to do as indeed sit the elderly
people in lttanbrtdge are It is a very respect
able quiet little village All the houaee are
substantially built and commodious and most
of the old nhabitants are retired farmers of
wealth There is a baokln house which does
a large business with the farmer in tho sur
rounding country
On asking where Mr John Baker could be
found the reporter was told that he was out
driving breaking in a threeyearold colt
Noeaidavoieo in the boeltground has
Dotxono driving yet hes gonetothe fleldto
jet the colt and harnoea him up
The flak was a large meadow about half a
mile from the ylilage Mr linker was aitting
on a rail swinging his ices while the breeze
played with lila lonir snowwhite hair A flue
black colt was galloping around in be held
Are you going to drive tutu out today
ikad tha rernrtar
today bok kind o
amy I guess Ive broken him in pretty well
by this time I do it to amuse myself ive got
0 have something to do
Mr l3aer romentbered William Arthur quite
well and thought he had come to Staubridge
the tlrt time aboUt 1822
lb waa a bit lamehe oontinued suduied
to say In fun lied bad a stone wall fall on his
feet Hed come home from teaching school
lometimoti and laugh because ho hadnt been
able to catch some boys whod run away when
he wanted to punish them On and ask Baa
tue sbtut it shouldnt wonder If hed been one
of th boys
how louw did William Arthur stay in East
lgueasaboutsyear Than ho went up to
Cast Dunham hissed there about two years
tod got married Ills wiles name was bums
8he bad an uncle that was kinti 0 green look
tar Arthur used to call him Monkey btone
lir Baker a so remembered that Viiltiun Ar
hur was very popular with hi scholars lie
used to lake them out sleighing and coasting in
whiter and drive wIth them in the summer
Ha was the prettiest wrIter I ever saw con
tinued Mr baker
Mr Erastus Chandler agreed with Mr Baker
in regard to dates lie remembered that Vil
item Arthur was popular with his scholars and
hd seen him coasting and sleighlug with
them Tb reporter bad been told ol some one
else who might know of William Arthur and
Znntloned thp name to hr Chandler
Wli set Uncle Raitus after 0 little re
fleetlon ho utiglit know something aboit
William Arthur lie doesnt luOW anytititig
bout anything ese
Not much is rememberj 01 William Arthur
Ilbunham A now house is nowon the site
whsre the house tood itt which his wifes tarn
hi lived But ussr Maizes Corners a crosoiuz
wo roads about bail the disIaic between
tDunhsm sail East 8tanbrldge liv cue
t 4 ataw who dvgia the eLidtt or uxs
years of hielife bad been to sohool one day and
that day to William Arthurs school in East
zanan nrnuna TIflI4T PAtTOIltL cUAflolt
Aftor tue removal from Enet Dunham William
Arthur taught ohnol in various towns in var
moot itt was In Bennington during a Baptist
rnvial and though ninco lie hnt been in the
States iii had devoted tlii greater part of his
spare time to legal atutiva ho tlntcrminnd to
honm a flautist clergyman In tilA ricords of
thn tiecond Baptist Church of Itiehfortl a town
about flltn niiln from Fairilold the follow
ing entry is fount tiniler dat of Aoril 26 1828
The rhirch reectyot a rveut ibm Watritie Chureh
I Brethren Ia ct te Ltncii to vxnrninp Br Wi
Arihur or the rpilItd Iirth
eri A Rtnne Jeremiah Jone A i BCtIipr
The following entry in tInted Jan 17 1829
Voted to enptav alder Wni Arthur onecihIh part of
the tIme for one year
Soon after his ordination in Wateryille Eider
Arthur as ho was now callod preacheil several
time in the Baptlt churh at North FaIrfield
anti gavo so touch atiafnetinn that he was
enlled in that vonr to succeed ldor Spauidlng
In October 1830 bin wifo gave birth to a boy
Tue testImony ution whIch these facts are as
tabllahedwas given by anumberof menwho
lived at tha time In the neighborhood thouRti
nowthey are scattered about the township or
have removed to other places The oldeat of
them Is iioarir 87 the youngest 60 It should
be salt that the testimony derives peculiar
value from the factthatall those whose state
meats weregivon to the reporter are politloly
oppoed to Qen Arthur It should also be said
before giving tho statements in detail that all
agree in saying that a boy waa born to v iiliztm
Arthur in Fairfield and tliattheboy was named
after Dr Cheater Aboll the family physician
anit a relative of Mrs Arthur
The year of William Arthurs arrival in Fair
field was oman remembered by Leonard D
Gear Mr Gear is a farmer lie Is 70 yeare
old and when the reporter called on him was
buaav manlInw a
WC1Teileelect Elder Arthur
said Mr Ger lie came hero to preach when
they was buildin tho now roentin house
There was a kind of a flabshaped vane with
1828 painted on it it was painted so bad that
th fellor as painted it was ashamed of it
Mr Geer rmnmbered that ho attended the
school where William Arthur taught that while
William Arthur was to Fairfield his wife gave
birth to a boy who was named after Dr Chaster
Aboll anti that this phyaieinn attended Mrs
Arthur when tho boy was born and had mar
ned her oousin When he heard that Yb
President Arthur was born in Fairfield Mr
Geor thought his name must be Chester Abell
Arthur and was surprised to hear that his
middle name was Allan
I thought there was somethin wrong about
it anyhow was his fInal remark
Salmon oule although eightyseven years
old Is very active both mentally and physically
But he is not quite so spry as he was two years
ago for one day about that time as he was
running after some hogs that were trespassing
he tell into a ditch and broke hI hip He was
repaired hut part of the bone protruded A
tow months ago he fell agaIn while driving
enttleandbrokeotl theprotruding bone He
came home and said he was mighty glad to
get rid of the darned thing anyhow l r Soulo
was at one time a school teacher in Fairfield
lie lived in 182 in East Fairfield about five
miles from North Fairfield where Elder Ar
thur preached But ho heart of Elder Arthurs
preaching there in 1828 ruin a man named
Sherwood who attended the Baptist church
Tho date was Iliad in his minl by the fact that
tiherwood helpod him to build a house in 182
I met him though cnntiued Mr Souls
who now lives at Fairfield Centre when they
had a groat disputation here Lofevre the
Universallet was on one side and Charnplin a
Methodibt and Arthur spoke against him Ar
tilurwuasmart talking man and asmartish
atting man and they had a great time of It
taikIu out there But Arthur told me after
ward Lelovre had almost convinced him lie
had a iri named Regina who used to be spout
in Bible verses nil tOe time thats the war she
took exercise He had a boy while he
lived here MT friend Dr Chester Abehi
toldmetheboywaitobe named after him I
supposed on that account that the VicePreei
dent name was Chester Abeli Arthur and wAs
surprised to bear that tie called himself Chester
Ahian Arthur
Calvin Abeil the brother or Dr Chester Abll
has a farm about five miles from Fairfield Can
tre lie is seventysix years old On inquiry
at his house ho was said to be out in the hlell
blasting rocks Just then however he was
seen returning on top of a load of bay having
blasted that morning siveral large rocks fle
rementberet Wihiiam Arthur vitry well
ito married saul ilr Abeli a cousin of
toy brother the late Dr Cheater Abahi Mr
Arthur gave birth to a boy in North Fairfield
Mr brother attendd her and I remember the
beT W55 named itfterltim
Diii you hear nt the time Chester A Arthur
was nominated for VicePresident that be was
born here
Oh yes We all around here know that be
was born in Fairileld
Do you know his full name
Voli I guess from his having been named
after my brother that Its CheaterAbell Arthur
Mr Abell was very much surprised In hear
that the VicePresIdent name was Chester
Allan Arthur
The reminiscences of Ormond Bradley were
about the same Remember him exclaimed
Mr Bradley Why I remember Elder Arthur
preaching Anna Hendricks tuneral sermon
about fIfty years ago
Other who wore spoken to remembered the
birth of a Chester A Arthur but supposed with
those whose statements are given above that he
was named Cheater Abeil Arthur after Dr Chea
ter Abelt
The most valuable statement was obtained
from Dr C L Cate of Brandon a town on the
Vermont Central Railroad about eighty miles
south of t3t Albany At the time William Arthur
moved to North Fairfield Cusa was ninu years
old and lived about a quarter of a mile from the
Arthurs house when a eon was born to them
Dr Cases statements deserve particular atton
tion because he is quite clear as to details and
because he 1 a citizen of high standing in
Brandon Histastesnrercflcted and his mental
faculties are vigorous Ills large library is lined
with scientific works the babt fiction and the
leading magazines ii is also a roan of must
cal culture and has studied several works on
musical theory and composItion lie Is a Ire
quent contributor to the liutlnud herald and
his articles are wrItten in a clear concise and
straightforward style Of all the testimony
gathered his was the most important lie is a
Baptist was a memberof William Arthurs con
greizstion and also attended his school
ElderArthur ho salt succeeded Eider
Spaulding in the spring of 1828 He moved
into the old parsonage about half a mile from
us which made us near neighbors for those
days All that year and a part of the following
year he taught school lie had tour daughters
when ho came to Fairfield The three oldest
daughters were playmate of mice I recoitact
that the ellest Regina was known as one of the
smartest little girls around In those days
peopie used to make fun of the Baptists and
one time while itegina and I were walking
home from achopi tciuthor a young fellow who
vna herding sheep near a brook called out to
her and asked If she didnt want to baptize one
of hie lambs sceordin to her father tashion
Without a word she clambered over the fence
took a lamb In her armsjumped intonpoof
with it and although tho water rose UbOTO her
waist she went through the entire crezuony
Shortly after Eider Arthur arrived heru the
school house where he preached while the new
meetiughouse was belnghuiit became too small
for the crowd lie attracted an they used to
have service in a large barn I remember the
first service in the barn perfectly well Tho
women sat on slabs on the barn floor the des
eons and their familIes took the stalls In the
stables the young men and women made them
selves comlotabl on the hayrnow while land
a few other y000gaters clambered up among
the beams and perched thore
Eider Arthur popularity led hi oongrga
tion to build him a new parsonage and in the
fall of 1829 my uncle gave the church a lot about
a quarter of a ml trout our house It was de
cided that whenever a member of the conar
cation could spare the time he should lend a
helping band on tho building O course in
these circumstances tiny would pass when no
work was doue at nil on the new parsonege In
tact the skeleton remained standing alt tim
winter of 29 and 30 and it wasnt
till the summer of the latter year that
the house was finiahed Thu skeleton of
tIme house was rather a cranky looking
concern and somewhat out of shape
because so many different people had worked
at it intlependeully of ene another In those
early days It was customary to christen Ito
skeleton of a house and repeat an appropriate
veree from one of tin rafters In accordance
wIth this custom we flautIsts alit some othea
from time neighborhood mssemiled one alter
noon late in thu autumn of 29 Just as the
young man we had designated was about to
mount the ladder an uncouth boisterous rustic
who wauted to have a little fun clambered up a
pole and holding on with one band while he
waved his cap with the other shouted
This a a abeti
That loot itt bell
Wrought ui ct crooked wood
hut lit bet a curr
Wre lttn nine 5rue
lJaptlata weull emit it rood
Shle the now turanung was hiiilllinn
Elder Arthur and his faintly iieil in a bitt log
hut about a mile anti a halt frjn here They
moved into the new pareonage iii thu ailtilloer
of 1830 and I wits then in sum opt of theIr house
vretty much all the time with Regina and her
aistenu recollect distinctly iiiro was not theft
a boy in the family for iteina often wihsti for
a bgIhr sad abetti Ibal Urns my iuaiwgthsz
and mother used to tell my father that Eider
Arthur wanted a boy in his family
Well as it drew near to October I was told I
mustnt go tolEitler Arthurs houso so often and
when I asked for reasns I could get only
evasive anawers One day enrly in October
my grandmother mend mothler were away all
day and wore not home when it titan for
me to go to bed The next morning my mother
told rue that they hnd a little boy over at the
Arthurs My grandmothorcarne over from the
Arthurs soon afterward end said sho had been
dressing tIme boy
And think of it she said to my father in
rather a roproachfut voice when I announced
the boy to Elder Arthur he danced up and down
the room
littler Arthurs dancing with delight was
rather severely commented on by Imia flock for
In tiioqo days it was not thought consistent with
eccleshnetial duties to take a hopeful or joyous
view of life Regina thought tIme baby was go
ing to be just as bi as her boy playmates an
was very much disappointed to San how small
he was The next time Dr Aboil onled she
said to him referrlnw to his own boys who
were about my ago Doctor why didnt you
bring us a boy like your specimens at home
The boy was named after Dr Chaster Abell
and I was surprised when ho became promi
neat In polIties some thirty or forty years teller
theseevontatn hearhirn called Chester Allan
Arthur But Im sure he I the Chester A Ar
thur who was born at Fairfield You see until
Elder Arthurs death he came to see mae when
ever he passed through llrandon at intervals
of about coven roars We were In the habit of
speaking about the family and I remember his
referring to his son Chester the boy
who was born up there at Fairfield
when we were neighbors a doing well
at Union College The next time I saw
him ho said something about Chesters success
as a lawyer and so every time he referred with
pride to the boy who was born in Fairfield The
last time I saw Mr Arthur he spoke of Chesters
becoming Collector of the Port of New York
The family remained In Fairfield until about
1832 at leMt until Chester was old enough to
walk tend talk for I can remember perfectly
well seeing him standing in the doorway look
In on at ma lth his isroa clark area
BrCase8rnemor7asregrdethedte of the
Arthur familyedoparturefroni Fairfleldis up
held by entries in an old account book which
belongs to Ezrn Wright Sherman a resident of
Montgomery Centre about twentyfive miles
from Fairfield This account book belonged to
Mr Shermans father now dead who lived in
Fairfield and who moved Mr Arthurs family
from Wateryllie In 1828 and had frequent deal
mrs with him while in Fairfield The dates of
the accounts with William Arthurbegla in May
1828 and close In January 1832
Tna CANADA aroaT
Those who maintain that the President
was born in Canada base their theory on the
supposition that time child born in Fairfield was
named Cheater Ahab Arthur They say that
tills boy died in Burlington and that the body
was given by the father to physicians to be die
sected for scIentific purpose Then William
Arthur is said to have come to Canada a second
time and to have taught school at East Stan
bridgo for eighteen months while his family
lived with his fatherinlaw at Meggs Corners
During his wifes sojourn there it is male
tamed she gave birth to tho boy who is now
rresient of the United 8tstes
The evidence upon whioh this theory is
based is very insumcient Lindol Corey a
reaident of East titanbrldge and 70 year
old says that In October 1830 WIlliam
Arthur returned to East Staubridge with his
eldest daughter Regina but without the rest of
his family and taught school there for eighteen
inonttis corey thouht he had heard that the
family iived at flagS a Corners with the Stones
and at the time ho bad heard Uncle Jack Baker
say that Elder Arthur had sold the dead body
of a son to some doctors at Burlington Mr
Corey could not remember that a boy was born
to Mrs Arthur whIle Mr Arthur was in Eust
Time reporter found considerable testimony to
the effect list Eider Arthur came to Bait Stan
bridge in the fall of 1830 wIth his eldest daugh
or and taught sehool there and that hIs family
was not with him But hIs teaching school in
East Stanbridge would not have Interfered with
hi preaching in Fairfield on Sundays and no
one in Stzenbrlmlge can sayot hiaown knowledge
tttatthie family resided with thubtone atMegga
Corners There are however several people
residing at Meggs Corner who remember that
the Stones did notcome there until after 1840
long after WillIam Arthur left Stanbrldgo
Uncle Jack Baker the old man whom th re
porter found breaking in a threeyearold colt
could not remember havIng told lair Corey in
1830 that Eider Arthur had given the bodr of a
dead son to physicians a Burlington Oranted
for arguments sake that Elder Arthur mild this
Thu boy at Fairfield was born In October 1830
The Elder could not hmtva given away that boys
body In Burlington in 1830 or earlier when in
1832 DrCsse usedto seethe boystanding In the
doorway of Cbs new parsonage at Fairfield and
looking up at him with his large dark eyes
According to Mr Coreys own statement the
boy wes supposed to have died In burlington
after William Arthur lett Fairfield Only one
boy belonging to WIllIam Arthur was ever
known to hnve been born in Fairileid and that
boy was Chester A Arthur and William Arthur
never was In Burlington between the time be
wee in Fairfield and In East titanbridgu
A Mr J II Corey who lives in Bedford near
East Sticubridge says he remembers that jteo
pIe talked abouta boy being born to MrsS ibjIarn
Arthur in Megg CornerL Of his own knowl
edge he can say nothing about the matter
All the evidenco gathered at East Stanbrldge
Dunham and MeggssCorners isof this nature
Alter William Arthur left Fairfield in 1832 he
went to Williston and llinesburgh where his
son William was born After that ho came to
thu State of 1ew lork
In order to dispel the doubt about the
Presidents middle name a gentleman lnti
matoly acquainted with the Lresidenta life
and family and of so high political position
that his reputation is more than natIonal
wits asked for an explanation He said
without a moments hesitation that the Presi
dent was named Cheater after Dr Chester
Abell Allan was the name of his grandfather
on his fathers side and his lather gave him
Allan for a middle name in order to have both
families represented in the full name Dr
Chester Abeli having been at relative of William
Arthurs wife This gentleman sys he baa
seen in the Arthur family bible and in WIlliam
Arthurs handwrIting this record
Cheater Aiiaa Arthar born in Fsirftstd rrankltn
Commniy Yl Oct 5 i3o
Iasrss4 Prtae Uaaded fr at1g eeC
MusUa Career
The fluctuating prioe of mourning goods
inee the shooting of President Garfield affords
asignal illustration of the eagerness with which
tradesmen seek to profit by public necessity
There have been three or four occasIons re
cently when speculators have bought up large
quantities of goodawlth thedesignof cornering
the market Then the mliii would be set at
work to make up the deficiency Each time
that there was a report of the probabl death of
the President the mourning good would sell
rapidly It I reported that one man not in the
trade bought 250 oases of black prints for a
rise Another bought 150 oases another 100
cases The price of these goods rose from 4Y
cents to cents per yard flied it not been for
the longdelay before the death of the President
the market would have been controlled by the
speculators But every time the speculators
bought the market down close the mills got a
chance to catch up
Many of these goods have been spread
throughout the oountryamong small dealers
who saw a chance to pecuiat in a stapie ccii
Cl There was flerelor eleven weeks 01
preparation for the immense demanit that was
made upon retail dicier early yesterday morn
log Thee demand increased rapidly through
out the day Proprietor of stores that began
soiling at the ordinary rate soon saw their stock
decreasing so rapidly that they began to raise
the price and in many oases prices doubled
cod evon trebled Ciaflins great dry goods
store wasorowded with retail buyers replenish
log tituirstocks Other large housee had pretty
mmmcli the same ixuerience
Howaretnourninggoodaselhing7 inquired
a reporter of a flowery retail dealer
I bad 5000 yards this morning and I wish I
had more
110w are the price I
I am eellinz at ten cents a yard what coat
three in ordinary times
Do von think the prices will increase 7
If the city is generally decorated Itie retail
price of black muslin will be twenty cent and
perhaps more This demand of the country can
nob possibly be supplied it it had not been for
speculation we should not have had halt
The Peed for Mr GarCeld
The subscriptions to the fund for Mrs
Garfield yesterday aggregated 846l Among
them wees the following BrownDrosCo
Drexel t Co of Philadelphia E I Benson of
Iliiladmlpbln Andrew Carnegie and Cornelius
irumlerbllt 5000 each 11 I Horton Co
11001 aim hinjumin 1 tJiffrd iillmiui It
1rIvf3 Van Eruburtth t Atterbury ranciaF
ilulibins and henry F ttpaimiinw t500 each
and Mrs Eiiztmbeth Byard 200 The total
lund is now 19006038
irlee Star i Capasies
351 gSft tdWst san til AM ttiti4a4
Te Deathbed Neene in the Flheron Cottage
Ireparlng for the neralFresldeni Ar
hnr VIsits Lung liranch and Confer
wUb the CabinetThe Body Embalmed
Loto BItANCU Sept 20Tho fIrst day
withouttbe medical bulletins has passed with
melancholy enough It has been a dar of the
greatest depression and of the saddest activity
here at Elberon Since the shocking word of
the Presidents death announced just before 11
oclock last night there has been no rest or Quiet
All night the watchers sat in the cottage
where the dead President lay The silent sen
tries patiently carried their musket back and
forth over the beaten paths on the four lawns
surrounding the Franoklyn cottage From hour
to hour through the night Dr Bliss worn out
with watching paced along the bluff between
the cottage and the sea Mrs Garfield in her
chamber was heard walking the floor In sad
vigil until morning She slept hardly at all
There were no sounds except in the surf along
the shore and a mist hung over the Quiet and
unruffled ocean jrron Young and Stanley
Brown the Presidents faithful prhe secre
tariea sat with the remains
The sun rose slowly and seemed bang a
bloodstained globe in the bank of mlt reflect
lag Its fiery hue in the polished and Jow swell
of the ocean The light had gone out from those
eyes which had watched the long shadows of
the sun when it set
Dr Bliss early visited the Elberon for a cup
of coffee Hi manner showed that a train had
been released and he spoke wltha certain
sense of relief His face however was care
worn and the effect of the sleepless night wa
plainly seen as he sank Into a chair 1flis mind
seemed to dwell upon the heroie patience
of his late patient lIe was the great
set man I have ever cared 1lor ho
sa lie never complained and when asked
to take an unwelcome dose or submil to pain
fut treatment his answer always Was Cer
tiniy if it is necessary Dr Dii4 spoke of
his ohaned appearance since deatk He is
emaciated and has that distressing sedavcroue
iookandthe light that ha left his eyes has
changed the whole expression of his face
The particulars of the deathbed scenes were
more fully learned this morning At 10 oclock
lut night the Preaidentwas sleeping len
Swaim and Stanley Brown were wIth him All
around we quiet and the last prejarmetion for
lbs night had been made Mrs Oar
geld and Miss Mollle were in their cottage
near by Shortly after 10 oclock tbe President
was wakened trcm his sleep by a Dam In the
region of the heart and called len Swamis
attenilon to it Those wore his last words Dr
Bliss who was at hand was summoned and
pronounced the President to be dying Dra
Agnew and Hamilton were sent for and the
fotmer reached the room In time for the end
Mrs Garfield had nerved herselfior the end
which she had forsome hours droaed as mcvii
able she went at once to the sid f her dying
husband and took his hand 1z4 hers The
President was helpless and spe4bloea but as
his wife sat down by him ho turned his face
toward her slightly and fixed his eyes upon bin
wife And so he sank into unconsciousness his
eves still bent on his wifes face while with one
hand she held her husbands and her other
hand lay on his heart There was no word ut
tered Dr Agnew and Bliss stood by the bad
aide tlollio restraining her sobs was at her
mothers side The watchers antI attendant
stood by and Dr Boynton sat at the Presidents
head fanning him The pulse became entirely
imperceptible The applications which had
been brouxht to be applied as reatorativea lay by
unused Theendwaplainlyathand Inanother
minute it had come The groathenrted man was
dead and lay free from pain tend strife His eyes
were open but vacant the pupIls still bent on
the face of the stricken wife Poor lIttle Mohlie
turned and sobbed The eflbrt with which Mrs
Garfield controlled her feelings was seen
in the fixed lines of the face as she arose
and went from the room At the door of her
chamber she broke quite down for the
first time She sobbed aloud and in her
first burst of grief shut herself alone In
her chamber She remained thus alone for
perhaps three minutes and what new strength
sf0 got in brief communion with God was seen
in her brave and resolute face as she came back
tothe bed where her dead husband lay Dr
Hamilton with a womnos gentlenrs had
closed the eyelids Mrs Onrileld sat down by
the bed There she sat for nearly three hours
JudgeAdvocate Gonurni Swaim who tins
been with lreaident Oarilekl contlnuouslysloce
he was shot and who was the only one with time
Iresident itt the time of lila total aeizura last
night gives the following description of the
deathbed scone
Itwas my iiighttowatch with the President
I had bonn with him a good deal of the time
from S oclock in the afternoon A few minutes
before 10 oclock I leltCOl Rockwell with whom
I had been talking for some mlnutr inthe low
er bali and proceeded up stairs to the Fred
dents room On entering I found Mrs Oar
field sitting by his bedside there were no
other persons in the room I salt to
her 110w ii everything going Site re
plied lie is sleeping nicely I theu said
You had bettergoto bed and rest I asked
her what bad been prescribed for him to lake
during the night She replied that she mild not
know thatshehad riven him milk punch at
8 oclock I ehen said If you will wait a mo
ment 1 wIll go into the tloctore room and se
what Is to be given during the night Sun then
caid Thereis beef fecdown stairs Daniel
knows wnereo get It I then went into the
doctors room I found Dr Itliss there 801
asked him what was to be given during lie
night He answered I tiitnk I had better fix
up a list and will bring it in to you pretty
soon I then went back into the surgeons
room and had some little conversation with
Mrs Garfield She felt of the lresideuts hand
and laid her hand on his forehead and
said He seems to be in a good conditton
and passed out of the room I immediately
felt bin hands feet and knees I thought that
his knees seemed a little cool and trot a flannel
cloth heated it at the fIre and laid it over lila
limb I ulso bented imbiber cloth anti hold
over his right band and then eat down in a
chaIr beside his bed I was hardly sentemi when
Dr Boynton eaton in tend felt tIme iresIdente
pulse I ticked him bow It seemed to 1dm lie
replied It is not tee strong as It was this after
noonbutverygood Isaid lb seems to be
doing well lea he answered and pasou
out lIe was not in thu room more than two
minutes Shortly after this the President
awoke As Imeturped his head on awaking I
arose and took bold of his hand I was on tne
lefthand 5115 of the bud as he lay I
remarsel You have had a nice comfortable
sleep lIe than said Oh Swium tiiItrribhi
pain placing his right hand on his breast
over the region of time heart I asked him if
could do anything for him lie said Some
waterl I went to the other side of the room
and poured about an ounce and a half of water
into a glais and gave him to drInk lie tomik
the glass in bin hand I raibhmmg his head en
usual and drank thu water very naturally I
lien handed thu glass to time colorud man
Daniel who coma in during tue time I was
getting the water Afterward I took a napkin
and wipe tile firehead as he uetmaiiy iterepired
on awaking lie lien said Oli hwaluitimta
terriblo paint Fress your band on it I laid
my hand on imIs chest lie then threw both
hands up to the side and about on a line
with his head anti exclaimed Oh hwaimn
cant you stop this and again Ott Swaitn
I then saw hint looking at me with a slating
expression I askim him if tie was euttering
much pain 1tecemving no anwer I repented
the questionwitli like result I then eonciuthd
that he was eIther dying or was haying a severe
spasm and called to iJanlel who was at the
door to tail Dr Bliss anti Mrs Garfield to conic
in lmrnediately and glanced at the small clock
banging on the clmandolier nearly over the foot
of his bed and saw that it was teu minutes past
10 oclock I told Daniel to bring the lighta
lighted candle which habitually eat behind
a screen nemer the door Whnn the light
shone full on lila ace I saw that lie was
dying SS hot Dr Bliss cacao in a inomejit
after I salt Imetnr Imavu you any tfuiuLant
lie seem to to tiring 1 Dr Ihiie took link of
hi I s wrist toe I I feel t ti g fjr l is tot ice titti said
Yes lie is dying I tlleii soul to flittmitl
1tu and arouvu the house At that moment
Coi Itocswell came in when Dr lilies said
Let us rub his limbo which we dId In a
very few momenta Mrs Garfield came in amid
laid What does this mean and a moment
after exclaimed Oh why am I made to suffar
this uuel wrong At iOli F M Ike sacrifle
wan completed lie breathed his last calmly
and peacefully
At the fInal moment the followlng persons
were pronontt Mrs Garfield and Molllo Pr
lilies Agnew ant Iiovnton len Swaim Cot
nod Mrs Iockweil 1 Stanley brown C 0
Ilnckwnli and 1aniei tipritrgs
Pr lIlian said thin morning that the cause of
death can only bo tolil by the nutopay and ho
ttid not think it was emballem It was ho sail
probably neuralgia of time heart of which we
liavo hnforo hint symptoms
Today floes at hinhf mast hung from the cot
tarn of lie ticad Iresldnnt from the lmntal nod
from ninny of thin private cottages whim I en
totins of mournful black ware hung from the
haleonios of the hotels itnd many residences
along Ocean avetmue
Mrs Garfield is said to bear up against her
aflhietion with great fortitude A report that
She was ill in contradicted by Dr Boynton
The ftilloaing telegrams have been received
by Mrs GarfIeld
Er eivflI FeQ ThTCr5
Wool cannot expr the ticep ympetny I feet with
701 at thu terrible mo1enL Mi Ito support and corn
tori you a he atomic can tCneI
Tha Qeccic italmorsi Court
1 Lo floaA
TI cttlzn ci Lonlon ted the tleepett tyrnp5thv with
you ant with America In the ad let ccii have uitaineL
tdlcnedi Loan Myos toudon
The following was sent this morning
twrlT Nefrer tw4w
Jntnem A Iarfletd irident of the United States died
at ltilernn Nev Iery lat mteht at ten minTtee before
ii ncioct for ntrly tehty days he otilTered crest
pain nod daring the entire period eihiblted extraortt
nary iUeIce Iorftin4e ant thriqtlsn rclenation The
encrow throulioat tIe country Is Iiep and inmvtlgti
Fmttv millIon of people etAfll SI mourning tv his bier
Today at hi ttIeflce In the citY f New verb Ches
ter A Arthur VjeIyejden took the osth cC elite as
Preeldent to whIli he ucteets by virtue ofthe Con
CUtution lreellt Arthur ha entered upon the Its
charge of his iattee 1 will rormnally communicate
thee recu to the J4ritih iernment ioi transmit iht
m1eatclm by fIeeroptm to the AflierlCan Minlaler on the
Continent or 11km e tflnnnieatnfl to time t1oernmentI to
which they are repcctieiy sctredhtct
hitin Secretary
Breides the telegrams sent tonight through
Mr Lowell to the European Legntions tiecro
tan Jilaino has communicated the oiflclal an
nouneement of the ttrath of President Garfield
and the nceesnioii of VicoPronittent Arthur to
the Ireslilenoy of thu UnltiI titateeto the leit
lone In China Japan Mexico ant In all of the
South American accessible by telegraph
To Washington rodny end Tbesee on Fri
day to Cleveland for Interment
LoNG 13iterciT Sept 20The arrange
ments for the funeral are as follows Before 10
oclock tomorrow morning a train of four cars
will be run upon the track recentlr laid in front
of the Franckiyn cottage and which at the can
tious suggestion of AttornoyGcneral Mao
Veagh was nlbowedto remain although several
days ago it was proposed to tear it up The first
carwilibe an ordinary baggage car In the
second car will rest the remains of the Presi
dent guarded by soIdiei The third car will
be for Mrs Garfield and the family with such
friend as they may invite while Iii the fourth
car will ride the membors of the Cabinet and
the physicians
At 10 oclock the train will start for Washing
ton where itwlil arrive at 4 oclock in the after
noon Mrs GarfIeld has specially requestedu
it was a wIsh of her husband that the funeral
carenioniem be as unosteritatious as possible For
this reason the special train will contain only
the care abort mentioned nor will any other
train be allowed to run before it or behind it so
near as to afford any person an opportunity of
obsarving its motions and stoppages
Detachments fromtie United States army tend
from the marines of the navy will be In attend
anc on arrival mit Washington to perform es
cort duty The remains will lie in stto in the
rotunda of the Capitol on Thursday anti Fri
day and will be uartIed by deputations from
the Executive departments and by offleers of
the Senate and house of liopresontatlycs lIe
ligioun ceremonies will he observed in the ro
tunila at 3 oclock on Friday afternoon At fi
oclock the remains will be trtensfurrod to the
funeral car aiitt he removed to Cleveland via
tiit Ienniiitnitt Bailrotid arriving there Sat
urdav at 2 P If in Cleveland the remains wiii
lie in state until Monday 01 2 1 31 and be then
inlerretl in Lake View Cotnetery
No ceremonies era extiected In the cities and
towns along limo route of the funeral train ho
rout the tolling of blIe
Detailed arrangements for final sepulturn are
comtiiilted to the munieioal auttiortties of
Cleveland under the direction of lie Governor
of Ohio
Althouch Mentor was the Presidents borne
Clovolarni is time metropolis of that pert of the
State of OhIo and In 1mm active political life It
wits here that ho formntti thu most of what niny
ho called home aequnintanees Shon ho
returned from a long stay at Washington be
never failed to go to Cieveland on his return
and it was a common remark that everybody in
Clovolaud knew Gen Gnrilelt
The lot in Lake View Cemetery where his ro
mains tero to restwas donated to him a few
rears ago Lake 1 iiw lies four miles east of
tue Centre of Cleveland and two mhle and a
half buck from the shore of Lake Erie rIme
Innul is so high howover that it commands a
view of the lake It in tiot only the finest cern
dory in that Port oh the StnOi ItUt it is obsolutitly
very bezuitifuI It is dlvcrsiilod by hllis anti
natural woodland amtl thin linet poseibleeffects
hitvc been Otlairid froti ibm rolling lnw
When time btiy of Aiiraham Lincoln lay In
etato in hint city It wits in the 000tro of a public
eQullre A temporary wooden structure open
at the sides and otoocrir draped itrotecteti the
cmtlataluue tent lie guard of honor from tlieaun
nod irtrn thu raIn as well for it reinemi for me
considerable Dart of inn time during which the
holy retujained in Cleveland
During the afternoon me tuecting of the mem
iters of the ClIunI which AttorneyGeneral
Mit might samd was not a formal Cabinet meet
log was held in time cottage occupied by Mr
3looVeaghi At thin meeting some additional
detaIls of the funeral arrangements were
egreed upon The kind of coflln lint was to be
used was left to the ttiacrntion of Undertaker
Charlee A lkneiiict of New York who returned
to New ork to have It prujiareti The inscrip
thou to ho put on the plate was furnihcd him
and Is as lollows
Burn ov tim lSi
Dial FrtIdnioi tta Uuttci State Sept 15 test
It was thought at the meetingthat It would b
feasible to ezimose tim boly to view for a short
timo at Elbaron totnorrow nmorning but it is
not certain however tlmat this wIll be done
Gn Arthur oxlresitint Grant nod Mrs
Grant and Chief Juvtico Valto will go on the
special train with the boly bmninrrow to Wash
inglon Ezlresidnt and 3Irs Grant will ac
touipany tlto rlnmahlia to Cleveland and when
the funeral train arrives in Ohio on Saturtiny
ezIositltmt and Mrs Jitycs will also join the
party and occompany it to Cleveland
Telegrathic requests were received from ni
most nil the cities on thu rotites to Cleveland
wtmith the funetal train tnlgltt tako requesting
that tb rommmitms mIght lIe in state and IroiTer
log guards of honor hut it was dtcided in ac
cordauee with Mitt iarfleidmt wishes not to
stop in any tiace xcat Wgmnhililgton A par
ticularly strong elTon ras matte t have thu re
mains lie in state in Now Xork but it was not
Jnytrnor Ludlow and his omcloi staff called
on tht intiiibern of tim Cmtbitit yeo4erday to ox
tiress tliomrsyntattie anti timmifor their services
it was arranged that they should escort lie re
mains from the ritimklyn cottage at for as time
Jtinctiotm of tim recently laid track with tb main
line at Elberon statIon
rite utidsrtakors remove the Presidents
body front tin imi in which he diet at it olock
thIs morning lii timatttesses and clothing its
well as other articles fleet In the sIck room or
about time Iresideut iteru Iiniuedumttely boxed
and sent to 3lcutor Uiitirtaker iloimneit slio
CaIne tothey froiti ew York toguIeiltit thin Itcsi
dents hotly injotmt a oiutlori of aroiiic into
time veaselo teior time autopsy Iiiis tvtmlng
lie is Injecting a strong solution of sulphate of
nCretary maine telegraphed this evening to
Mayor Grace stating that the rntains of time
irosittent would not be tmeken to eev York city
tintt thenking be 3inynr for lOt courtesy
WASRINOTON SLL 20In general orders an
natmneimg the iitllttary observiermees on account
cit this ireslilemts death in Sherman itesig
nates as a nard of honor to accompany the re
mains of tie late lrestmleimt to I levolarut the
following ofllcrs ion SV 1 Siiergiiati Major
Gen lntlelil S hlaietck Qiirtrtertnnsterjon
oral M C lieigsAdiutanttjeuerai It 0 Drum
nut Inepeetortjenerai P ii Sckct
VA5IitNGTON Sept 20SormzeantatArms
Bright baa ScOt telvgramstoali Senators within
reach of Waabiugtoo notifyIng them of the
time the body would tie brought hero and the
limo of departure for Clnvtund and cc
questing their ittteudunco in S ashfnmton no
tItiuk that at least kittylIve Senators will
rtiachi beret beforti Itithity himniiliir imottee nod
rOfhUe5t Iltive loon telrrmtttftl to liteuilrs of
thu flct I u rrmtgumeute for tbt ritii
tio sf thu remain at the InjitLI are already
COLUMBUS Sttt 2iTelegrams were ro
Ceiyej from Gov Murray of Utah and
by Ordevay of Dakota asking what time
memorial services would be held in Ohio by
Foster replied that he would issue a proclatna
tion calling upon Ohio to hold a memorial ser
vie on some day prior to the hurts of the
President A meeting of 8tate omeers will be
held tomorrow morning to take action regard
tha the final obsoqutea
OliN 4ltT1IfJfl 310 TFMENTS
Oelg a Pheron at soon and Itatarning to
Spend the Mrht in this CIty
Pre8ldcnt Arthur although he had been
requested by the Cabinet to start for Elboron on
the earliest train yesterday did not go until 10
minutes after 12 inthe morning lie had taken
the oath of offIce an President of the United
States adminletorod to him by Judge J It
Brady at 215 A 31 in his Lexington avenue
home Tite reason for his delay was his desire to
go to Long Branch with Secretaries lilalne and
Lincoln who were exported to arrive early in
the morning by the New Haven road At
about 8 oclock President Arthurs secretary
Cal J C Bald was at the Jersey City depot
of the New Jersey Contra Railroad wimoe offi
core had koptnspoclah train In readiness for
the President and Secretaries but ho was in
able to give the exact hour of the Presidents
departure for Elboron as it was then already
rumored that Mesars Blaino and Lincoln had
been delayed by an accident near Portehester
It wits salt however that a train hat bean run
up from New York to Portchestor in order to
bring tho Secretaries to New York and that
President Arthur would remain at his house
until he htard of tholr arrival
In the meantime by Cornell Senator Jones
of Nevada and Daniel G bums hind called on
the President and had beon closoted with him
At about 11 a private carriage drove up to tho
door of len Arthurs resitienco Tho Prcsl
dent entered it with his son and both were
driven to tbo Liberty street ferry At Jersey
City tho arrangements fortlie special train had
prepared people for the arrival A group formed
near the cars and many crowtled down tho
ferry bridge as the boat glided into the slip
It however struck the bridge so violently that
it recoiled iIlio horses attached to President
Arthurs carriage became uneasy but they
quieted down as the boat roained her headway
Several trunks wero in front of the carriage and
it was some tIme before it drove over the ferry
bridge to the gates that separate the railway
from the passengers landing As President
Arthur and his son alighted the crowd tell back
and the President iised through They gazed
at himsilently They hardly eeemedto realize
that he was President for not a head was un
covered They followod him with curious looks
to the special train which consistetl of Engine
03 in cimargei of Englimtor 11irimierd Muon men
ordinary lasaengnrattr anti the ttirectors car
Tue lresident itimil his son seated themselves in
thin forward part of time car
Still the miepartur wits ulelayed and peoplo
were ittnnllug gazing tutu time cur time occu
plumts of which were engaged imi earnest convir
sation Shortly ofterwitril there was a bustling
near the slip Another ferryboat bntl arrIved
and two carriages drove up Socritary IHaitie
and members of his fonihiw alighted front one
and Secretary Lincoln and his family stepped
out of the other Ihe Secretaries wore tim
same earliest look which lint been noticetl on
tim face of time lrasldcnt As tie Secretaries
entered the car thu lrecident rose stepped
slowly forward and greetd them it was a
friendly greeting but withal tneim a greeting
as friends who are bowed down by a great anti
recent mutual sorrow would extend to one an
other thia first meeting between the Presi
dent and limo two Secretoties of the late lresl
diits Cabtnet was a iinitlo heartfelt and dig
niiied exprevslun of grief At ten minutes inst
12 the traiti glded out of the station flesiiIe
Engineer 3lutin it wits manned by Jolt11 John
son conductor amid a brakeman p3ptilnrly
known an Swuotie Tue throng whIch all this
while had remained in silent contomplnhion
gradually dispersed
The train arrIved met Elberon ret 109PM
There wee a rush of bystanders to the etmto of
the platform AttorneyGeneral MaVengh
IoetrnmistorOenral James and Secrotarits
Wiimdom and Kirkwoo1 advanced to the rent
platform of thin last car Mr Janice event first
rho gtntlunmen and ladles in tie car roso to cc
Cuive the rnpreseimtatlvps of tue obinet A
fliomejmt afterward Messrs Maccngim anti
Joints came out of the ear They were closely
followed by Seretarips lii rkwoodipdonm and
Lincoln ext came lIre Blame and Mrs Lin
coin Then lrcsident Artimur apptiired ltatiing
on the arm of Secretary lilalue Irsi
ilent Arthur wits dressed in block anti
his looks wore downcast Theui was
a murtiiur of yrntathmy tint rtbpect and
the gintlomnen nearest the lresident raised
their limits anti bowed as ho passed Two ito
diets from tim artillery crimp vetring only
tlmeir side arms stood near the head of the
stairwmmy lomeiling down to the carrIages that
awaiteml the lrenidont and lila suIte rho eoi
diets gave him tie zniiitarysalute hut tin raised
his lint as a civilian in meccmowllgtient Ihe
partY Were driven toward thin Elberon Hotel
lbe President turned his gtze tuwnrti limo cot
tltge in which lreeliltrt Gierileld tileti Thu
iloors and whiilows landwarti ever closed and
lie pretty cottage was a pleturo of doaolatioj
At the rear of tue houso solilietre In fitigue uni
form sycre engtgtil in packing time luetitcal tip
ulianets hint timed been brought from asiming
ton for the tind Iresident The Irelmint
cr15 Ihilemi as he gazed mend lie looked seawarti
to hub his emotion front thvi nitntmre of the
Cabinet who sat with hint The President went
to Mr 3iaat eaglms cttmtge A crowd preseti
across the lawn and gmithered about the cottage
despite tli6 effort of tlni sentries
tstiitt patty entered Mr 3lacVuagh turned
and said
Back ladles anti gentlemen back But
time enmnr though quiet timid retttnctful tiiromig
tilt not recede As soon as the Iresident amid
iils following liittt entered amid the front door
was closed behind thorn Mr MntVmngh step
pti to the edge of the porch anti ronoylng
his black felt lint sold incourtioue totmes
Ladies and itutinien you will nut gratify
any degree of curiosity by remaining hero
and I assure you that your vrtseilco is not
agreeable to tilose who are deomily nfflitod
ou will please confer a favor by moving
Time effect of the AttorneyGpmierln gentle
manly appeal was iuvtminhtmnouq The lawn
watt cleared at one and the snirles were on
abied to reaunlo their stonily tramp
At halfpnvtttmieeocIok ttietowrhng form of
iresiliit trthiur was seen dscethinj fIOXIi
ltv tifazza of this cottage hy time side of tttoroey
General Maeeagb Tint tWo wiilltod slowly
across the lawn back of tile Ehhieron directly
towlirti the 1rmineklrn cottage iresitlint Ar
thur wits about to make a coil of outiohsnee
UtiOn 3lcs Garfield Imirgi rtssemnbbign
stood on the rear piazzas of the Ehitiron and
lookod on itt rmptictfui silence lImo two men
had to erts tti patti of no of the buutris
As titer dii so lrivato 1raiir salute tilt ltiw
CotnmantkrhiiChitf by brlugng Ills IuIIscet
to present arms Gen Arthur bohitoly took oil
hIs hat to rtmponee but diii not turn hits
tnwarh lie aoldittr AttorneyGeneral 31cc
tingle iniitattd thu polite action of lila out
nor mint the two coutttlued their walk toward
rancklyu cottage in optaruot unengclouonee
of time intureitt they leruexcitimig A young moan
auticipated their arrival by opeultig ito door
of thin cottage for ttiezii and they
tliatupearoj iiisitl ritey tint been iii
time cottuige jut liv miuiii viien the liirotig
which still stool retearhirig the cottage with cx
Picttut interest suddenly noted tittt tasge of
oxlrtsjdtmit irmtnt across tue lawn ii liued
emerged front the Elbron without at first met
traetiiug attention atni was itemi piecing elowhy
Iunitrd Fricucklyn cottage A sentry sulutj
hlni also but iii neither lUrtieii tiPs hieatt not
iittet his hint lie wit tottuitteti to the cottimge
its tim oiiorb were aol halt the stuctators migalli
to stare at Iii outoide wailit touie whose
ears seninel to b tiinre acute titan ttioo ii
others dteiertd lint thai coimlj hear the tiunl
of a ceommiamis convulsive mtotbitig At J oclock
it tbro callers umierami togtiimr Oexi
Arthur was noti to dry hits syon with a hand
lriiel Geu Ormiut nod Attortieytietiertml
3lneeighi Xlzci their tmaze upon the ground
At the door oi lie Cottage thure was mc sepitra
thou but no word was spoketi nor sigim moult
cmi remit retraced tile steps to hr Elberon
whmiu Uun Arthur cud Lila ernntanion walketi
boric to the 3lnct eagh cottage iten they
recrossed the sentrys taut they wore
megain saluted and agitin they politely litttl
ttii hats As lucy vero passing thin L of tInt
Elberon wlmich vrojetts upon the luwu so
ieoW Bliss hugh Ihimittiimge anti Johimi hue
itill burg stopped out front tInt pmae vend in
tercepted them A coliversation of lout or five
minutes followed 1 lie conversation appeared
tobe of a cowmonplae nature for the live men
smiled pleasantly timid en Arthur and Attor
nuyGegierai 31aeegti passed on without
taking formal leave of their three interceptors
At five minutes befoye 4 oclock lan rihur
was conveyed in a carriage from the Mao Yeat
Cottage totiie special train at tht station On
lie seat with hint was lin 6rnn tint on the
front cciii were Fred Grant andJ A Arthur
Ir ihit steenil train startid to carry them to
St Vcri at cmx irmnut past I ocock
itauthiiNr AOriiuiS itErtjfl To zw TooK
lresideut Arthurs return to Now York was
not exuected yesterday alternoon and even the
depot employees were surprised when tho
Preidenta medal train came steaming in a
little after 6 oclock A ferryboat had just
reached the shi and the passengers came
nouring into the dttoL but none of them was
aware of the Presidents return Mr Artbn
reniainetl quietly seated until the outgoing
train bat departed and the passengers from an
Incomingirnin werQ on the ferryboat There
hit rose shook htends with hime companion and
left the ear Thin same carriage which had
driven him to the station was in waiting and
after entering it ha was driven to his borne in
thte city
lrqqldent Arthur reached his residence at
611 P 31 Afownmmonts lateracabwasdriveti
in front of the door mind ol George BlIss en
tertl the house At 7 oclock Senator Logan
anti Commissioner French called They re
matned for two hours when they went away to
gether At 01 Cal Ifliss was driven to the
Union LoagunClub but returned half an hour
later Early in tIme ovenin President Arthur
nnnouueeil to thin reporters ihrough Commis
siotior Frtnehms rnevsnger who wac stotioneti
at the door that lie would not leave tim city fast
nighttiaat he was tired out and ho would retire
At 1045 a coiipt5 was driven rapiilly up to the
door Jun Grant nlfglittd ran quickly up the
Steve and entered the house I4hortly after
ward Elihu Root amid Aldertiman Waite arrived
len Grant remaIned twentr minutes lie thn
returned to the Fifth Avenue Hotel There
were other callers among whotu wore Senator
Jones of Nevada mind Police Captain liven in
wioe precinct is the Preteidents house
loiicnrnan 180 patrolled in front of President
Arthtirs residence all night lie wan detailed
from the station in the Grand Contral Depot
The flail Unexpectedly Toned In th Lf
SIC flack or the Hears
LoNG BRANd Sept 20Dr DUne came
into the hotel as soon as ho had sIgned the of
offloial report of the autor1 He was at ono
surrounded by the oorrespndenth and guest
of the hotol
What is its purport Doctor 7
The bullet entered tho right side passed
through tho spongy part of the yertebrm mend
lodged in the loft side whore we found it corn
pletely encrysted It was but slightly blunted
met the point from striking the rib What we
had probed for along the track of the wound
wets In fact a pus cavity which had made it
way down from tho wound The liver was un
touched but enlarged lint here comes the
bulletin itself Its language Is as popular as
The bulletin was then recoiveti a page at a
time anti road aloud Dr Hamilton stood by
and listened Pt Bliss had bIt the room Ex
clamatlons of surprise were uttered mit the rev
elatiomis as to the location of tho ball which was
far away from the spot where it had been pro
viously located by the surgeons Dr Hamilton
said Tbatwhieh hatibeen taken fortbebsll
in the groin ctis tho end of the long pus cavity
which we had supposeth was the track of the
wound At that end it wee a hiatt lump of pus
which we took for thin ball The doctors smey
tho Presitlent could not possibly have recovered
TIm following is the official bulletin ieaued at
11 oclock
By previous arrangement a poet mortem
examination of time haly of PresIdent Garfield
was made this afternoon in the presence and
with the assistance of lIre Hamilton Agnew
Bliss Jiarnoe Woodtvard Ileyburn Antirew
H Smith of Elberon nod Acting Assistant Stir
goon D S Lamb of tho Army Modical
Museum Washington The operation
was performed by Dr Lamb It was found
that the bail after fracturing the right eleventh
rib lint pussel through the spiniml column ire
front of th spinnl canal fracturing the body of
time llrst lumbar verteba drivln mc numberoC
small fragments of botmo into thin adja
Cent soft tiarts and lodging below the
pancreas about two imichiet and a halt
to the left of the spIne and behind
time peritonoum where itiimttt become complete
ly encystel TIme imnnmdiato cause of itnath
was secondary hemorrhage from one of the
mesontorim nrteries adjoining tim track of the
ball tii bot rttiturtiig the terltonmirn an
narhy a pint esentlinC Into II aidornlnat
cavity ruts huniorrimnge is liclioveti to have
been tue critic of tue severe pahic in the lower
part of thin chest complained of lust before
dait ii
An ttbstese cavity six incline by four in di
menieter aims found In thin vicinity ill Inn gait
bladder bttwtemi thu livor and the trnsverse
colon which voro strotiehy adherent It did
not involve lice suhstmtet of tim liver ant no
comunmtinierttoum vuie bunt between it and time
woutmil A long stipilemnontary Chnnneh ox
tended from tIni external wound between the
loin nutiseles miii thu right kIdney almost to the
right grota This channel now known to b
due to lie burrowing of tire from tIm wound
wile supposed durIng lifoto have been the track
of thy tall
On examination of the organs of the chest
evitienent of svtire brotichitit vern toundon
both sides with brolichopniitmuionia of time
lower portions of lie right lung anti though to
a touch iessoztent of tue bit The lungs con
tallied no ntetss anti tilt iicart no clots The
liver was otilnreeI and fatty but free from sb
Sceesos or were tiny itund in any otinr
orgicu xenmt tijo left kiilney whticli contained
near ilsaiirfueee it mtmiinil abscess about onethird
of mitt mcii in duimrmictr
in reviewIng tiitt history of the case In con
flttioii wltlm tim autopsy it is iiiilto evident that
tie dhllorunt siipjilrmttlng slirfats and cape
cmiiliy the fruecturtt spongy tIssue of thu vertu
bra furnish a itlfileint ezolanation of the
septic condition which existed
Stizril I
1 h hitmcno Li hlovns Aascv
J J OOinVAfln Anmcuu II bMiru
Itouclir ItoTulsIi 1 5 Ltau
lredictlmmg hot be would life on the Asniver
sary urhlckamngis
WASiiIcrToN Sept 20Orto of the pecu
hirer incidents Connectetl with the tragedy is the
prediction niade Lu thin 11 D Mtisaey a well
known Inwyor of this city anti a personal
frienul of thin late Ireehticnt On Saturday
Aug 27 viien the physicians gavu tIm Presi
dent up announcing to Mrs Garfield and the
Cabinet thnt tie could not live GAIi
Ilussey was asked about his opinion
lie icing on Ito evening of that day
in Newlork lit salt that iivt thu not think tli
lrtniileit woulil tile on that tiny mind bitt If lie
miltj at iii it would ho on Sipt lU lllni nhie
fur tttc expirinittloit of lila teatin for iking tue
tt Itt t I ii is d ritti CI ft r I n tim it tutu rt ii it salt
tiittt in Hpt 19 PJ limi Gittlielt was imiade a
3lajorieijvrtj for iii gaiuttmtry at thu battle of
Cli iekuiiaugt ii r 1 that Ito lint Ire
iiouthy toiti huimn that titi thioutimt ha wouhl die
Ini tim nriniersary mit his trornotlon
hum Gnrlltid trat it great blirtver in dittos an
tim veriIiatltn of tb prtiltinn tinder timo cir
CttitttIie is regartith ma uric of tie most
ittrikiiig i1 ho nany strong incidents comi
a tel trill tIn tan Gu Muesey it here now
tin being tkci today in rguiril to his
tottitecy wbtitti tVOb Lriiitiit thu following tiny
in tevnrumi nevbLlaLers itimiti htt itd mmut clolmn
that it wat itte that lie only repeatol what Gnu
Garfield hal toid hum autitral lutes wrtti art
irtmestmtCts that Imuipressud him so much that
ho never forgot it
1JflrsIDLT lft1I1IPhI DUTY
She Neeeelty of itIiln tin Extra Session et
Itio Set e I
WASItINOTON StItt 20Lhiere unit t > oen a
great deal of siecubatmoti hare today as to the
probable action of jretjent rthitir in regor
to coiling an xtrn sisiotc of hit Senate An
evonig nctvsitmper mtmilnunees that it is not
thought that tIters wihi bu any extra session of
the Senate calcl This declaration has bees
discussetl liUletI tttuomig thin most thoughtful
men met tie capital and i is well nigh
the universal opinion that the tubliti inter
ets demand that arc oztra sosion should b
emtUi ftr thin turpcvo of niectitug mc President
ot tint eiitt it lo tuot tvemt tint it serIous
error tvts eunhmnittutI lit tie hate eztru tsitiuitt of
the tnma in lii tailor eltct a lrnsident
pro tern it is believed tiara thimit polIte centi
ment throughout tie bOritry trIll become Un
rnisttkably itrong in calling for an txtra sea
thin at anarly day As mc mere itmcmdent ofthis
feeling the following appeal lrsiiei last night
sit today widely clreulati I siguiila of
what is in the minds of untiny
Tea tkiIt55 iS twADts Imea clot Ino5
ii s rit lit
lgtto Ctim Itt to ii tie em the ie irtiirii
trul o the Repou m y s r t 4 U us I j in at Otis
ii Ut tt4l tI t I i m I 1 Vi4ilSmts
I ri C t iX an ie t I t a
00 1101 ljtti itie 0 4t Tt tI U It Smear a er I ii Ci
eltiutim trtwfl r mutt atrlsy ii a r ie II
lust be to Cbs ttc of bit itow ccuond Ia thi
heartauihteuntrymeu cud tilt hia acre4 dualsitat
not ic IcattenC to tar four wiud by faction or ccvi
ialitn tied retina sn4 its Government at Waahtmiio
ttu Uye
Lbncitkjtd on Third tte

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