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5lsr ThetrTb iglou Maliare
The funeral of the lato IreIdent le to be
unoetentattou8 In accordauco with the
pccInI rqUot of his wife who knowe
vliat were his own wfeliee In the case The
ti aln boarIu his renialne te to go dtrct
from Long J3ranch to Waehlngton 1oavIii
Long lirftnch at lOooloek this morning anti
oach1ng Washington at 4 tlile afternoon
1he train will conht of three cars baittes
tliebaggego carone car with thecomn and
It guard the next with hiewidow chlldrw
and Imniedlntn frienda and the other with
Prcsldcnt AnTnvn the Cahinot and the
doctore To morrow and next day tho re
4 maltis are to lie in etato in the ni
i tunda of the Capitol whore thero
vIii ho reIigion service on Friday At 5
q oclock of Fnidfty afternoon the funeral car
viii leave VasIi1jijttou for Ciovoland nech
ing Cleveland at1 P Mnf tatunday Thero
i thu remains will Ito In stato till 2 P M of
4 Montlay whon under direction of the State
and municipal authorities tim burial will
thke place in Lake Viov Cemetery on the
I otitekitth of Cleveland
Preeldont ABTnUE will toIay go to Vah
ingthn accompanied by the members of the
i Cabinet In the funeral train boaIng tho ro
j maine of the into IIo3kIent GAIuzELn Yes
4 thrday he visited Long Branch whIch he
reached from this cIty s n after I oclock
in the afternoon flnl front which 1w rotiirnrtl
hero about four iIour afterwnntl At Long
lirancli he met the members of the Cabinet
with whom lie held a c nisultatlou at thu
cottage of AttorneyGenorai MAoVou
I and soon aftorwarti accotupanloit by these
rnmbore ho paid a visit of coiitloknco to
MraGAltrIELD nile morning at 10 oclock
ho will leave for itslilngtnn In the
V funeral train and while hii lreiecessons
romaine are lying cof1Inel in tho rotunda
he will enter upon the duties of the ofilce of
President It Is rciortoI that at ycstcr
days Interview in AttoniioyGoniiral MAC
V Vzans cottage President Anriiuit aEkod
the members of the CUiizwt Lu rotalo their
piace for the present
Presidento that Rave flied In Office
3 Gon GAnrnxn wa President only six
V months and lifteen days Three years flve
t months and a hahf o the Prhtlenttal tortil
remain for Gnu ARTIIUIIS incumbency
All tho Frcshhont who have died In oftico
have died Iti the early part of the teriii
len TAYLOR liveil sixteen months after his
t Inauguration ioavltit tvthIlris of the
term to be filled by Mr FILLMOIw AnnA
L UA1 LncoL was assasshitated oiiu niuflth
and eleven days after his second hiiaugura
1 then and Ainuw JoiIsoN tiieretort held
Il the office three years tell niouths and it
half Goii iiAzsIt1u terni of was
the briefest of all lie died just one month
1 after his inauguration day Tmiu was
t three years cloven mouths iii oflicu
President Arthur an American
It will be coon that iiu Su of today
ft V makes an end of the stories about Iresident
V Anruuns liiiviur teen born in Canada
The stories were widely clrculatctl antI on
quatioiiably led nuuiy ndnils Into tiOUIbt
Theeo doubts were angnwnlcd by the let
tere of a correpuiitleiit of Ini St who
V eupposed lie had IartIcIIlar kiiowldgo tif
ti the subject and lio lihl that Mr Ai
v TIUs election would be invalidated anti
VV ijis advancement to Ili office ti liesldinit
vi prevented by the discovery of his birth
place in Canada
These letters led us to undertake through
V of our most conipetent naIstuiits a
thorough investigation of the qiietionVlIO
result ot that Investigation will be founil
elsewhere in title Iiper Our pl4sIIipottlltlary
V iiti the tlaces in Verowut anti in Can
ada whore Mr ILTILVR Is saul to have Iwnu
born exaiiilied the rtcortls anti hiunteti
Uf the persons who have direct knowletige
01 thu casu iIIi only iiiatruettoxt giii to
our correspullflnt WOLO to beardi for the
facta to obtain evidence of their truth antI
to make full and proper report to US IIo
V he did his work the paInts he took in doliig
it and the points that vere ctnblislied by
means of it will be founil of great interest
Tue whole cise Is ciicltiively settled by
this reiott The controvery over the birth
plce or the man who last Noytoniter was
V elected lcelresiicut is ttltpoeI of 1re
ident AILTILUR was born in tim State of Ver
1 wont
The New Lrcldeiti First Iuty
Among the olIlehal responsibilIties which
aavo now devolved upon lresideut Anrnuxt
there he ono Of urgent anti lariIIIount hru
S portanco For tla ttrst time hit the ltistor
of the United States thu lifo of a sizigle in
dividual stands between lib niiti a atato
of things iii buchi thiet ii o Ill x6t no ofllcer
hilalhhled by the Cuntitiitioit to aiinihnitr
the executivs ilulnLtlnuitt of thi6 Govctii
inent iberu is bitt cite reinetly for thus on
V precodentod 8ltuatiun anti it should be zip
plied by convening Congress in extra ees
stun In order that ii 1teitizit or the
heate arid a Speaker of the liOUtO zizay
be izroruptly chitien
A glance itt the law deteniihzihitg the size
cession to the 11zoidunthii thllet tiii at the
preceding circumstances uniler ivizich it
became operative will hiow how uncut
itiu l the prooItt cozljIIntitzIi Ilift
C4ilatltUtlOU Article IL iectioiz gives
Cuzigrt jiower to fur tbc casti if
removal ttsathi rehgiat ii ii 01 I na hi I it y of
both Iresldezit and iceIzehthezzt Ihtit that
i has been inadequately exereied as
the existing situation suillelently atttizsts
I I This act of 1792 which Is the only act of Ccii
I grusi bearingon thin point provides In the
event hf the dibithulity ut both 1reiideut
and 1ce1reb1lhizt tittit the Pt eullent of
t the Heita tis iii i r none thou thu
V peakur Lit the 11 iis u4 UprPLJtatiVu3 fov
the ti nie btl zig bhaL 1 tci a lti zu tent Until
the disability is rCIituivetI or a jeldeiit
tilecteul Ihiut Is all uu irettautlozi tsas
taken ngahpzt the crisis which hits now tie
t tuahly occurred wizen there lb no teluheut
V of thu bCUiittt tutu ziut SIitakur ut tlic liotisu
Viiat is iiuilu I un j iutii thezi i I fi a fly
1 callac Vrethtltnt iItTIILII wetu i ituieretj t
I CsPable uf dieliargiug thin tiutle of his
Qmr4z Scam of our esteemed contelupo
ranie to whose edifying views of contltu
tiunal J havo roftrrd from tiuto lu
time may Imagine that President Arcrnune
CabInet could contlnuo to exercise the exec
utlvo bianch of thieGovcrnnient itnthl a new
Iroshdent should be chosen But we must
remind thtotit that tho Cabinet Is a body itt
terly unknown to the Cmstltutlon that its
members are simply clerks of the Cidof
Maghttrate and that as mere agents or
niloletors they could not possIbly survive
their principal Moreover all dlsciishoti
of this point he sot at rest by the fact that
they are not included In thu list of possible
sticcesors to the lresldontial office fixed by
the act of 1792
It tiocs npIr however that the Secro
tary of State dois in till vimv of the Federal
legislation on tItle sziliject survive his chiuif
for tIm purimso of perfornilng a single ttiln
istenini function The act of 1792 providos
that whonovet the omets tif lrcsident and
VlcuiIresttiont bothi beconte vacant th See
rotary of State shall forthwith cause a noti
Ileathon thereof to be zizado to the Executive
of every State The notice is to specify that
electors of a rresidont and VieeIresitient
or tho Unltotl States shall be chosen or ap
pointed within thirtyfour thys preceding
the first Wednesday in December provIded
there is an Interval of two months between
the last montioned date and the time of no
tificatlon if Buch an interval does not
exist 5111 the term of the Ilezibled President
does not expire on the third day of
March next ensuing then the notico is to caii
ton an election on the fIrst Wedizesday of
December In the year izoxt ensuing In
other words If President AnTUUE shioultt
from any cause be rendered Incapable of
dlecliarghtig the ditties of his omco at any
time subsequent to the first weok Iii Octo
her there coo Id be no election of a new lresi
dent forupward of a year Nor would there
be any iezsoti juztlIilod to CiflVfltt Congress
In extra essioit No lreshtient of the Sen
ate therefore nor Speaker of thzo house
coulti ho chosen untIl Ccngress canto to
gather In regular session at the date fixed
by law
Vhon JOhN Tman succeeded IIAUBRON
on April 4 1841 there wa a lresident pro km
of this Senate There wits however Ito
Speakerof tho house in exIstence but title
dulcet ws CUrIi by convoking Coizgrsz In
extra atsion on the cnsuiiig May 31 whim
Joux WHITE wits chooii Speaker Wizen
MILLAIIn FXLIMohtE became lresideut tilt
July 10 l8tO by the dt3atlt of ZACUAIIY lAY
LOU Oil the imroeedinzr lay tim ThIrtyfirst
Congress was in bu88lon anl of course
both of the legal successors to the Chief
Mnglstraoy were in exIstence
Ott tim assassination of Ltscow In April
1SG3 no extra sesion of Congrees was called
by tNu1ztw TIISSON nor was there a
Speaker tf tue house until SCIIUYEIt Cot
ytx was chosen i the Thlrtyninthi Con
gross rltero wits however a Prssldeiit pro
tern of the Senate LtFA1nrn S FOSTER
having been elected to that ofilcu on
March 7 186 Thus ve oo that imuvor here
tofore line a VIcoPretzldeiit azosuined the
PresidentIal chico without at least one
qualllled successor standing behind him
teady to take his lilace
Thierti is just 1111 course to be taken in the
itreseIIt conjuncture ani that is to repelit
the step taken by JOUN TYtiu The
sooner ft Prestdent of the Setiate and a
Sneaker of tile house are chosen the bettor
lreuitletit tttT1lUIt shzoizIti huse no tune in
calling an extra sessIon of Congress
hat the Methodist Conference IIau
The Methodist Conference at London Ia
proceeding hiarizioniozzuily but o far it
seetHe to have itizizu ziothing ozone than in
titzlge in tiIcussIop of giunerni imioral atiti
religious quetbons about which there could
bit no tutu keti dhlTet ultieS of opinion among
t Ito delegates Assuztzbhltgtn5 of thiologinim
five of ilium same Churcit are apt to be
utoriny lhzought they subtetibu to 00111 mn
ill tlcius of faith they scu thionit in vanlouj
lights and fight all this banter beciin an
litiaginary hue suparates tim lhsfltltiiIitR
t London however tize iIetliodlsts tire not
gatiwteul togsthior to settle anty ilocitizmni
qtteitionis Points of theology are not
raiscil In tlis Cotittirtinmca which Is merely a
Iouu fuast and thiorefozo its 80551005 will
ufttulitht coutinuc without any jarring ills
cotils It Is siniihy for thin purposo of cclii
bratltig the triumph of Methodism of lie
tenhnig to reports of its priniross In difftirenzt
prints of the world if stitnulatitig Its zeal
ziliti Cu I t ivu t log a spi ri t of ha rluinly a timong
the iziatty brnuchiet Into which It Is itlviuleti
hricitienitaily however the Cozifuretico
titturs Its opinions concerning the evils
which ahillut tue world antI the iuropr
iieaiis of combating titenti Yet for the
Iniost iart It etntuizzts ltsnlf with general
stateimiezits Iho eliot of society tiztttt bit
ovoretnito by the ireacbiIiig of thin ioeicl
that Is the SIlILI anti stibttatzcu of ticarly thze
ii htulo of theni lint so all Christians think
anti yet It cannot 10 deizhtmil that tiiiiuhthity
ehletiy ilutirishes beeaua of the shorteorit
logs of tize Church becaube of its lalluru to
lItactlCahhY apply tue tuaehhrzg of Chirletinn
it atmti II bring the benign tttictnluej
piencheti hit Galileo home to thu hearts arid
I umncIetiees uif titan TIne bleat Clinisthan
Irothurliooti is so beautiful that all ziiunt
must regarl it with ailinhrtiomz Tue june
t Ical ChristIan brotlierhocil however l
chzat thIui urn looking and longing for
hat Is tue 3tumthiodiut Confsrenzcui In Lou
iio ilohuig hA bring it about Ily Its suceeu
itt that direction the gathering ivlil bu
Own of the practical suggestIons was that
nu1141 by an Anierlcati ulelegato concerning
ithiteraizt itreacluitig lie szilui that iii view
f thz awiil spiritual deztlurtlou of a great
city 1 I kit I titduin hi y ireauluiiig t night Li Ito
el1IVuu lii ged thire I Lu ivoil i d i ninreovnr
have a travulhing evamigeitoil inlniietry
thironighiout tIme world ills notioti ivas we
suhipose that more could be done for sjinzui
lug this Gospel by informal ways than by
relying 111011 the stated church services
Unttouhttitily Methodism was extt uifed hut
thus country target by the 14fflrts of hity
preachuere anti the itinerant system of that
ilezutnzinatiou litre bccu one of Its etroligust
feittureb but pVO hind that as the Motlioulkttt
iztrui grow outer and tlchzr they anti ies
kindly iilbiuiitti tO lay pieaelihitg tutu the
chief chuurehzcs in the great cities ieqtubru
I liii t the it Iborulay iI tal 1 at leziet bit abui
iii 4101 Ii ur t hod r I eziuli t I hy vut itt to keep
their pabtorb if tlumy are attrautivo hullhluit
orators lhio successful lay jireachiturs are
usually noon like Moony anti SANECY vhzo
t ra in tiniuler no deimotniziational ha rifler bitt
it I heir converts join army of tiuu ovangehIca
sets at thiuy are ealii acurdlnlg as thilr
I ti Pt u r e hitiitzt I eatt t 1t I
Iii I ii riovuir it it I I t Lu ittu I ti I CI I bU tLti I
beluiat u tIll utOthtiiIi to rtthilua rltjutrap
lie ivuu 511W lii the 14tQ cf thu Stivatliut Artizy
Probably lay ucting lay hnjrltahlu aziti
Phi lnit Ii tuujulu efftazt voulti a cucto jullelt judo
fur I lie ti rki Lu es I hii tuite iei j nit
tIzu Onu1ereztcij thiitik stitniul zitt In iioii of
Liii 1041wl
Azintlzer raetlcal niatter to which the
Ccnfurucu ha h tn rutwli zittenitlon i that
It telztjiehuiIzeti It aslIsul drinking in a
getenttt wity aiti sriuiitihy enjidsuoui on
ministers to let inttjxtcittiu ljquurs alozie
The Iozg wut prattUso what ttuay each
ha regard to temperance said one of the
speakers otherwise their missions will be
useless Title remanlc was mado because It
seems that some Munthiodlat ministers In
parts of the South especially Vlrglriirr are
given ti tlpllIng Iii North Carolhiun how
ever It was reuortd there is a marked In
crease of temperance flesoltitlons have
alsi beeti pasciI in favor o Simnuiny ehoitl
In cotidoinnatioti of the opium trailli slut
against MothiodIet sondliig theIr chiitlren
to flumman CatholIc schools one of the
Fpeakers asserting that the loss of children
of Methotlkts in this country to othier
uhunuumruuiuiatiorms vis one of the nuoat disas
trous Ittuts in thin hIstory of the Church
But why wore the ilomnu Cathuolles selected
for special tiisapprolmation Are they ijuore
ctiousIy InterferIng with Methodism than
thin Protesthnt dentutiulniations withu which It
conupotes Wo never heard that that was
the case
Undoubtedly the Conference will cheer
the hearts and stir tup this godly pride of the
delegates arid perhaps great practical good
will como from it Ihut it roust take care
not to Indulge In too unuch seifnduiation
The Garfield Fund
Mr CYRES W Fntu in a letter published
last evening again solicits cuntrihtuthon to
this fund for the izeuzehlt of Ucu GAlu1rJDs
family Let all who wish now to nuid to this
fund nlrezuly made up tO H huantisorno solo
do SO freely and PtolflPtl It will go to the
famIly of a luau who was shot while per
forming the unties of tluc great chico to
which the people Ititul elected him
itecogizizhrig the services of a deceaRed
inzbhle servatit In this va is a iloculit situ
honorable act
That the death of President GAIIFrLnz
had been foreen by many became evatent
yeterdav whusa already at an esrlr hour the
news tnntls wors covered with onue reclhlnun
and hnmeutinuc hi uIatiu anti iuieturc purport
log to give the uIpthiflnd eulu while other
preparatloni of mourning ehowoit that the in
tivittibla result dophto the hiocful nnws so
often spread hail been expected generally by
tito people ThIs fitt whIle It does not dimin
lehi the Intenaity of the public grist baa tire
entett a repetItion of thz terrible slatek of
LlneoINe leatbi Or rather lilA shock was
divIded betweuun the day of Presidouut GAS
FIL0s WOUnd anti time day of liii death while
the tutor spacu Interrelling with Its ninny hue
tunutiona and Its frequent abandonments of
hope dcuuieiued thin eletusat of surpniss smut
made the current oh izublla comment yssteruhiuy
one of sorrowful utoimllesetunco In what had
long been a foregone conclusion
The benevolent puojpct of establishing a
German uniyeritty in this benIghted wilds of
thi United Ststospsrhnnts omnowbere In the
region of Ohzio or Illinoishas so utterly fahluin
throiiudi that hue creditors haTe potlruCii upon
the office hlxture or their bills ortutuuitelt
we haveit vast riunibmr of universIties out Vet
10 that the loss of this Guinmnian inhtitutinn will
not be so bitterly halt a it might otherwIse liitye
SIxNa fltmt is usually spoken of as an
Indian In whim favor little could be caid but
lie line just sueceeileii in sayhrug sotuwtlulnt for
himself In tIm ecuIrsu of a speech which he
wished reporteil to the people at VashInuton
ene ii k U I ltt e o tIt uieh cr It s I
thuiiui lii I iII t ut itrr l tli norili ii lo t
iii 1i C e ri C it tioiii I ir i I lu r Ii45t a nlzIit
utti Ii chlllrii 4 tI uirclt iithr iilitI I isa bk
lu 1r tttffI It siiiIt tttc a 1 1 tiit j
II ciurv I hat to iii ilt or bc tt4414 i2W Hut
il tIi hIiiie Is put uironi iiie
SITTINO hlutx is probably not the most pcae
UI of cii lndiuins but the subtuiutial truth of
hia stutznent could be attested by the oldlers
who touchut him
Ac the htevereiui Congressnian hlyrr
SMITTT lIfts rsiiinod hti Itritoklyn leistoritto
because timings did nOt work smoothly and as
turn anti turn nltotut is lair tutor whzy ooultimit
exConressniniu CiIttten whom nriit
defeated get a euhi to thu Lot tvtnue puhizit
Licut iOtBcs duseziptlon of tluo snake
iianco oh the Ntiiui Inhlaruuu whuleb lie wu thu
ftrt whiltu nian tQ wItness so tar a Is known
ebaws that bcsilts th chzorusters and iourd
rattlers there ars twsntrfour nuien and chill
ilrn who curry liii reptilea In their hutuils anti
mouths vnhlu twtnutrttiur inure fan thin huenuis
of hue snuikit with eitlo fuuanlitrs Iont of
the rattIustzaks attils Llsut bouzuze are ie
lergehlyo ett louithurzt the lancircoull hot
grnsu liii icliole iiirtnneisr In his luouttu Llut
Itouaaas eonttuitnlonu 1Il front these huorrlbls
argitus That the sun iiatt itrid tle eahtu
dance go on In this year 1SSI within it few
mIles of raIlroad cIvillztIon shows that thro
i still work to bu dune in thue home missionary
The masked Juirieymzteii who mnuit again
near hIdllevIhie ott hue nuiut thiti lrssiulnnt
tIled unit pastit a set oh reioltztioni iiaout
lynching GutTLtu itresitlit johann shutuwu sontot
jealousy of Sergeniut MAS0Nilennuncunu bun
lu peehutu as a hruuegnnt TheIr ttrfornnlnnets
jind dAsos nllko jar on tbzn sulurztniti of thi
present unto antI they ull earti no more jtrtiiss
tbziiit thus aithlest sehihliur did by eelng to
cheat thu law of thu laud of us ICIIm
rrist Curnlni aiid Jbu Ketly
To ins ErmiTon or rmt SUNSir Mv at
tnlori Ii ii tv ii citlea to iii toll icc it I ilent iii
ur rsrr uf the hut lii ltier laiI su
o ihi t liii lzl
Erici rIun o AIleny syi KcIu I s IJ lea Ir
r i ii it u i i II blr I I uj
I h i ii p1 si I u njt lil7 a ii
I 31 io I 14 ii i r Til l ii n r ii
b1uttt thu Ill bust ha n mu ut e IIt e r r
uritIiJ u nn tIiiitiu aI tiv lt in p 1 t cunn br
Ill I llfrCti ii t it tJ tll ull sib II si
iIoUfl5V Ui ii ie I liii KtIy
TIti IIC lit t U riluittijed zii uhlauutioriz4 I llft
e z S I iO sicti Ic it or cruIiztL sni I i ill I azik
y ou it th riiIuillurtcariu y 2 iii mrs rniovi
iirs rtIVrthUIl Eiiirs tousiit
ALIuv Sin Iti
i II I sui hut iii i ti ig Ii ll
To TUg lozToll OF TII tiUNcir A rnat
tet Its isiC f tut on tilisuu tti setuit sv i un
ducril tltUni hull Ii uurreitrr I ie hi ntis tN etii
Alluuii le i liuuTic I 3it Ii1tIII 11111 141i3 I ii
0 libirt ir i Ie I nil Inic nut I uulil rviuii truii ur
t rIIfl It tt b C V 1 it i utro rher A Ii iit ii I k s
iIliu 01 ititli c libits Sn uiruii i rtr itiy
tit LiOl itl i t iioii I lte ii
lv tIe bnuii Id At litt lilli Ii
5 IiOrlirr trr tj SI I iti hi c ii tr I Vite Iii
IiiI that iniil hit i it 01 b lilti bi i iI
hIcti sruil biV II ri orde F tb I i i ri v lii
le ilirtlili lit CllIl hiS IIt r I Ic ii tl I lit
ii iri O I iii t ivnif i 51101 I I I Ii 101 ii I Iii i rpre
ttr iii Urtil Rigr trii i situ s i iv ii
tr iortrr isti ii Jiui 5lipec
Loino 20ir W 1 Lurbttzr niuphi
u lu ur 1Jcuoii iiiI UtyiTi iiltttr mu tIi lzutri
LiiI bUI i t siil ti r t4iciia t Ii i itt uiun util tltt tta
ChLiUi itt j ilol br I UUiIiiivut Stir Cut iur iie Ire
TlItiiii 4 utite Ili 4i t tIt liii rthtte if the sus
I CCI5 i IIIIIiI bi is U it CIIUII l dot is itUuut e ii
43 figu rh pi1m1 I r i j u nut ci lie en ii s I lr
Inst ihir tuue 4 iii thin i u ii
15 tli Vu i I i I Ii i I V I iii liii
5 rt thiur ar iv stir i i 1111
us s V till iti ii lii I it it 4111
thin us situ an sci 5 eiinilutiii U ni
l Ict s thu ItivrIiiCiiI it i ilkt ueiluci tli 1111111
i r id sib tIt in itll Iii mule Ut trig utIsIr
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ij Ilir iuimuuuii5 i Ot crib tIii Iii i r ii sit4 tli
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liics lost sI ciisii i i siu iltiiCu bitt liisit
bogis cuul4 Lu ilurctit tIiit tbrruis
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ullul 1 ir i i o
tit u i i I i iii lh i uu
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s lii l sit 4i i 111 rr
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tAw r i s ij i r I ill I ii nuCts titut
liji ci s St succt f Dstssr cititJiuuvzt
Msri Ii rItt VV Itt thzrb hiat plillisuicil a
C ltrtbul ii iiis s st I iu J I tt 4tkt 0k
unius t Ii lIr ill The i st Ut I hui4ird an
linus 02 uiUiutir hsultu I sIikflc ezitiiititl mural
ant C UOC TI rim ie 1 julchus and the olum
actt urLnt ia4 Czuiaatsci
Ut Oend Tsentlob mu 1owrlfs before
the Vrresury JtIgWll he Stey Tbre
WASnIMOT0N Sept 18The country has
heard a great drumi lit a general way about the
abuses corruttions unit vices within the tie
psrtments It dottbtless wlelte to know what
the spoclflezitlons iure In tine absence of these
xcpt to a lImited exteut utouht whether the
swooping statements aroweiigroundedwhii nat
urally exist and tbcee will grow If the proof Is
not Iurniqhied
To collect proof and satIsfy this very proper
demand of the publIc an oriznnlzatlon bavin
Its hiumadqtuartcrs In Vnshulngton is at work
Althmnoii Its chulof object is to have justIce done
to thoso who serveil In the Union arntlee the
InquIry Is inking a rangs an wide anti the work
is being so thoronzghzly done that a compreluen
pive exposure of the principal eile of the pub
lIe eerviee as they exIst Itt the departments will
vAry likely be the result
Reference ha alresdy been made to the labors
and objnet of the League It should be borne
in mind thiatthis orcanizatioru is nuide upof rum
pponeiblo men whose stantling in every respect
is tmntiuestlonnble ihtut It iviii take time to ac
comphlsh the purpose What cannot be accom
pushed In this meatier Congress will be invited
lode One of the methouls will be by etimulat
log Conigreunsional lruiuztry Into abuea whIch
cannot otherwise be reached ThIs Is especIal
hi true ums to the Trasuny Department where
Ito extraordinary state ofthltugs unueshlona
bty xist end whuore the good IntentIons and
upricht alms of Heeretary Windom are con
stitnitly set at nauclit hiy a lung whereof Ut
ton alit Lanipluero Ar eoumsplcuious nuanacoruf
Itt respect to mailers tmd things whilch the
Itlag has an intitteet in tutrolllng It Is notnni
One that the will Of the nnmluihlu Secretory lasub
orilitiate to tine itIns hat tithe Ring niIhit
not ill I II It I rli wIth ii nanelmul ntnid attic r
Itiiportnnzt eonrzuM uf a like nnutnru Is an
alarming itjtphinn iii lct of Its hinwer nv r
nunioval is bit liititi nntl k i ad roth InCite rs
I Ii mm till hI I Is fit iii I I Iiir with Pit ii uya seanuulislous
coo ii lb ci U in tier I li 1 t ruuzutuuhou tu rstu rim at
I hum I I nun Ii tm SI 1111 ntf in hut on ly for it t I me
It cennima to bq tthteui flow hlott ho Is agnia on
thu py roll of thu lreastiry Department
I Il rough I ii 5 pedal nun ni I ti liution of sa I stunt
iecrutary t1iitn Thin retteon is that lltnny
I huoiuti tic lonuui r lioiul I ii it n hi in ii flee of lb lit titI
Is linverthiuiiss CittouIltru of fuels of vltui mi
jiorna Ilt to Johu n Sluurini i ii I I ii at ii it flot be
inuiutl tu 0 P0 tfl V lii hi wr iii at ii ii IitI h I am
lit mruatr limit univ that Soeriltury Wititloin an
a Ii iii lii fill Iii lit illleitr ii owevor iii I hi In I anti
lion cst Ii 0 01 ti bo I ii mthi r res pns lit ithitol tituly
tinimi I ii nut I tie recui rh e tile frito ul if 1 Ii ii 3 tier
Inn a II I I nytme uttt Iii I itletriul ion S I I I A rUt U r If
hs It as I ize ibliet hu It to ilcjtI e keip lnttonn
nuskeii ii of horu alatuuling a duty or
two nec ftti I I i ii cotilil not io ii beauiis of
t it suniInls hi lli h Is coverl niu U t I Ii uaet
Is too i ti I k uowtt to hit overtno l ed Tb Is an
secr wuet by zt Ihetuithulcaut oE hili1t staniling in
tile Intrtv Ii at tile utani expressed high
utupriteizttluin mit the Stcrelttrv as with mu uiloIl
leluzuemit for tue wuztknebs In being dominated
by thue tJuton lhtna
llils mnelteulit is dven to show how the matter
hits got hiutru ttlt titubhie intituul anti hzoiv ilutmvllnuhle
thIn uivirhiuttlliuig itt unuls tli lilac is trong
uqintigli ii iruunt U itiu power of liii lung It
J oil a i4li r rmnui n I ii fact U tt n Lou pllur t
0 nra his vIilninzt lnIresteti zigeluhit WIn
ditto Itas ni or t huh ulicim tioturnit to titi to euit
I hielni u i ri hr rut i n whu n we to a tieeaetj
Lanziphurt eanite to Vithuluuttnn frnzn Minne
ttitn lii nrriinmetl hI PtutY uniler the proinilsuf
of lb u otllio of ittjpoi nIt iii t tit eirk a host hit mm
crtlrv bhuivti liii Wuis eeehilhy qnnhllld to
gIll hut tim lung wis too miiuIi for VItzdoin
ittuti tto nuin ivebit bik to Ilinisoli Ap
tiruntly It Is zttt intucli iou thin khuitihztmrtuuul See
nectary cull do to 1tiP lulmi own time
oit iiiig Stilt Ito ummut itt tIlt wife of a Union
suiillimr was tiresuntel to tInt tiicnutary 11cr
It ii btnzd wits itbsiiately It ol ti espinnuie so In
tim sttrvi Ifltro WflV4 itiuiulc a ftimlly II
supiorn h4liit wits cipiihti of tilling suzuki a clerk
still as bOriii of 1tier Woiziun Wer tccnaiying
11cr eitutranr wzis uunitulllud hilun was a gixid
cuiltIltil ii thiclreuintunices wre brought hi
irn ii r I nuiouis hitnuith Ion I i ii to k tin m ii
t rcsl I it ft ins lint y iii uini is nh it lien rt wou Id tIn
ti r Lm nit phi or t It ii ii pitii nijing chrk wee to
fltlCStiV ii In gli n hr a nhttto at sonn as
I I o ntvtr uluil itItli otighi lie gay pliucs to ttuvrs
iitso ii tintm on Inlulun P Ii t tutnithi ilnutluirs Co UI
tinri I wIt hi 01 hors I Ii bit ii rim Id big CUVI rod u 1
rontutag down Ironu tile tiliriuman era lhynurti
rifrreul to In nrIr to uilusnriin the izeucriti
tact t a itt i nil uni I fstii I ii a rich i of wove
Surtinry tniIOnn wnuiI uiu ahlnzo4h iitiythiing
hitt to 111 WO Ii lii itt it thj o net m t lIfe ulitbi tile
Ii iii ne ronzui i tub rgrit i ii Ut hi It its riot h Ii a
bitt bItt bflhllilliui li itggtue tiunnoot lip
reetsi nIt uumirnls of e rruitttnlit Iis tIer
not xp e irotlil us IL lit In titit htuirt
tllibbt Ititul a hut It sIuure hint iuturitly In nhuui
time ciury ttiy l tItle rctut It me riot to be
t rlzsncii I I ii t a tot inn tielu ii I u iitsed to wl iii wit Ii
ill tlit nnt asuc in ttzo suiuuti ne lhiiit lie liu
rlghllnhluiiui unit pzr huntrtd icuihi hhu quail
hltttlon if a ivtnit of all itgartalve will no cx
I iltil lOud ti It iht t7ron g ivtt i it It hi t Ii Ii h itgetl
tiribznntl lt 000 II shuts llie iiuitithiiiiliolt I
ilzi 1 to hi Is U tInu lttse mu ul er jtrstulut turtnu ml
utalii Tuittt ha nut it Cttiinuh ojllier tot wltonit
It niuhiili 14titIiti a 1 ii he tur tie riua reels ru
tlil4 rlIli the nhIl mmli htii titer
lItc nt at I I it nith v wnu hi ho iiiigitt outs I er cx
tt u itt wrobli than cover 11 up or protect
iv rni gdors
1iit erctary Wintlom save himself I
1b MiIilii li of iravides
re i S ut fl
One effect of hlto nuttonril 1 ereavemont will bt
to it ti r i I i i tti lii ii ti lii tie i I tri i
dncp blunt an ike tibIa whieh lii iustalnt the ne
bu durinli nhie sa i r u haiiI iii suttn Its liecti 1 ur
Ii i ctstii ftlhs Uiat Iiat siejui4 ha ttiunfl vbrry 57
lie r tie listuiti ul uliliettuU C iruilut bt iii
Inelii jig in a jo r thu I ii it I p n lie 1 itlnite I e liitLiUui
IhieV tru said thim n It tttt lr o e a Ic s hint Kstie1
so liii Ifltnllit ii 1 vizuii thu to ptte t lot s tat
1 51s an t ii le it s at ir c r Piit Ii I risSil I roiii su
lzllfl tlOru 4nl hiertliitini tIle loeer titan titith all
iliiii s a iii li I l3tVi V It uris I liu Utoll Iii
tribe If It I irpil on thur lain it Is a stivare cii
tiut tli IP Pt nIt li itt Ii to ts ikeii theIr coiitil pica that
tnrr itl nlir illiOn I lii ll ci it tinrr ruer
Tlit 3c1ctirn itt an hr 5 ii hit iii nlietr rapacity to 0
ii Lii sib the iciitul hu ta lVkhi t siatuiu ilisi be zui
Jun itliuut teui lliit uiuitery 4 thenr own aSitra
I ltCli I 1is iirt1 4 au bit isito
Ito Toaq
The most that mull ivihi tiulnuit is that It may
ls a mart at tile s 191 ci ntis Liuitrai brotutence st
iii orttoii or pull e ziral ir jsetuIie biurbit
all all itv8ihiliZ 41i1 terriItti pisvr but v huatevr
ilimy t huit laliti Slier datl niimm sill neiiir at Sc
kltu l 5i1 Iiiiii I S i ir biiiii but ts itt iruinly pub
mIt 10 irrei stub inn brgiis Ii oi it tint uilrn a p
Ci Iutit tIt iii er In ri isi iii cithpuiijci ul flue suuj S
It 4 111 Icier 5ci t the nctuiiic tnc iii St u hcy ti s rs
llcaluu It 4tite iior tutu lila liipu p Li tbeui try
to irualc hint tu tobuete In
Au sxpri u tibia
Fr l Ib1Ju51 flt iJ
The pay ulIrietors row ilusiectors anti pay
ilr Iii 0 ii uty it ii tuitliiit thu S lIUiuiilCStIui ut
ls mc niry Thiuii i ne rliunt ithi Ili hut
11 ice a ii ish IIIV uiui uprii a jut thu cuumreiut uiaiy
rlr ot Ilium ti hietliar iii zrrcI4fy I
duuu It itili St lttiui1y sr Uuib iUi5V it Is a tmct
litI I Ilist suulie hf Ii Ii url ri Iran lrrIn tsr
sbrs aipmd C mrr Iron place tu place hate the l1ci
Ut turatti up ten In rsniye ltna i IC thy
i14 V I I rI I t at is iiiist rs a iii vilurs uS lbs Iiy
Lhj 1Tt4 it a ru utli 0 liC 5 lit fl tiil slull it hat I ruiui
liii t ti II is It CrV tan all itt ha t ppurnuuuury to
iuuiI crtttth e tiflihtIlllui oh II subject crctsry
raoiui sort inirruil liii Outs feltriuu IiuuvrulunI about cur
4t j0 it ItIs a uricI s Iiu but ouii Crctipet tlt itu4
ub itfit sertictu lbs 11 apIruitly break up siiuiy
htIiis but ii t couiitnatliuis eli tiulurdtaltly
toruturl t thu hi I i I detier 3 uit tle ii w i t m era
ituI a screl4Y Ttuuintpaoi ab4luduluueit Lii rtorin ut irk
tstI tliu rliitk mliii IL Ilu Up It ctlit S snullurl
Till nIl Cu it
t itici NiOr
1DIi lie j Fjiciii
ExSenator iorpys cuitle ranch In New
ulelicu CGUSlS un llvi huu lncJ tLuutld acre iiurl 1
I huirli s unulr Pair he tt alurl ii flao ho
thic pr nt Is thtltl 2 b ithi tiibri thuihi ii4 iiet
1 ttil Silt 115 II Ii Cii 3t Ci e It uiJ 1 buIlt thai t
ta ti iulit 1 lIrri UI hoctc hiv1si Vsrtl3
It t I tu ii S bl4rbiuutr
y btIe Pier iIeauiusttlp
The Arabia the now bteamsr of the White
lIar bind 1 buds sail4 IrGiui 1Ii erpoot eli this 20th lust
u riitl Di li uhuarit trr lit 61 t i 3rtirlay Sb is
ii ctuU I llt tilul I rI iIU lr lurr Cr su
I s 5 rUiC 114111 il liii riSttiuuuJ Ii U tiu t 4111
11 ii tr ii ii i i 411 li I I t lrt 5r5aluhi
1l V I I V stii ii I U h ii 1 1
ii t 4iiuil I iu r i4ti Sl SI Cli
411 tult i U5r aj ii s SI ri 4 tt 4 4 tt
I run it 11Cr t1iIOr II t 541 ii null sill du ciit
IIV ill i lt lit i 4ur p ul u ituS un un lruI 1 mm
Ii liit aid si I alt tiikr hr 1 St rrau tileS 181
a u4 irctric iih ii t iii lii Iii ni tu ii tiuiuai1W its tim i it
I tilt sr ur Oil as ci P4ius 54
it tr tui li 1 t i c o iti Is utrr
his 5l usul u I 51t I ii it i r 1i s u i to 155
5 Vlt ii iii it i u iu ti ii his I ktiss it i run 4
I int t 4V 5 5i i nis sio i tls h jlC C ill I hue
It Iti h II a r4 s is u 5pt it 55 1
fliE visruzcr coaiMIMIoNZfla iRI
They N t Aat4e he Iwa of Conirosa aud
Phesome Juw Vet Thenm lva
WSIIINOTON Sept 19We have hore on
tier the immedIate eye of the President the
Cabinet the Congress aed the Supreme ludi
clnry a Government set over us by Congress
which acts as though It wore responsible to no
body It certainly is not rtuaionaible to the
people under Its sway and habitually dlero
garde theIr petitions tramples unidor foot trio
laws of Congress and the mandates of its eM
cml sUperIors I have heretofore pointed out
thu state of the laws in retard to the assessment
of special taxes for tho improvement of the
StroolL IJut in order to show what the Corn
mluseloners have done Iwill briefly roatatathem
The Board of Publie Works was authorIzed
by act of Congress In February 1871 to Impose
on the property nfcitizens lyingadjaceotto Im
proved streets a reasonable proortlon of the
expense attending this improvementnot exceed
lag onethird the cost Tb LegIslatIve As
sembly in Augustofthe seine year passed a
general law requiring the Board on tbe corn
pletion of any improvement to make a sUite
wont of the costand to aeeu the proportion of
the same which was due from the adjacent
property Within tn day after makina the
assessment the Board was required to Ive
written or printed notice to the owners of the
property showIng this amount assessed against
their respective lots and requiring tius same to
be paid within thlrtydays 11 the ownereehotild
tuegiect or refuse to pay the amount aaoseed
against their propertie within the thIrty slaye
the Board wits renulred Immediately thereafter
to issue ertIflcate of indebtedness nwainet the
property which certificate shall hoar intsrost
untIl taid at the tate of isa per centum per
annum itnd until paid the assnesmcnt sail
curtlllinte shah remain and bti a lIon Upon titti
pruspsrty on or acalnat whlchi thitsy shall have
lunCh isuul 11 not paid within a your tlte
Ibairi on arinjilestion or the holsier of the esr
thfloste was to proceed tomiellthe lirontirty Two
years later tIle Lglslaturo pnmssal an net ox
tsndlng tile tIme for the paymelit of tiun titx
lIen certificates and he this end the Iloarit wits
authorluid ho Isetia two millions of Ieilere In
certificates of Indebtedness for work ufonte
tmntisur the direction of the Iloerut anti chnings
aIde to ilto private property tseniilttsiil titoraby
bearing Ptwflt par cent interest nr nile pity
tonal of tht Principal and Intrsst if thucn eight
risr cent cernifleahee this Boar was reutuirci
to uinjnstt wIth lisa Commissioners of the ttiluk
lng Fund of ttu lilstplot of Columbia all certiti
Cstte hereafter iest4ad Liv said hoard on neoohint
of assessments for ppcclal htnprovemens
agaInst this vrop rly adjoining nsl tiifluflttitl
thuireby These assessment cornlfleiuhcs worn
tlttIirti ansi to be held for the tiutyrutent oi tho
two znlillonu of csurtltioatos of Iruihhitsmtincsa
lii Jun 1878 Cogreep jutisoil itniothior aCt
nllrectlnig the CoaLnhhssloners of hI DItrlct as
stuccessors of the Jiosrul f 1Utslk Vorls to en
fore hue colloction of time talInn esrtjuieates
undue ixlstlnzr laws with a proviso tltnit upon
cotliplaint itelng tijadis to thus Cemnuissstonire
within thirty days froln tile passage of ibis Itch
of erroluosul or excessIve charges In respect to
any if sititl itseesemente which renonilu tbnlpntd
tttil CommIloaers are hereby autiuorlzoul o
revIse stuI assessments o complaIned of and
to cornet the sannn The CommIssioners of
the DistrIct not ouiv wibhelsi the nSalSsntint
Csrlilhizute3 trouji the Slaking Funil iii violation
of thle orlgtnnl law hut they Have in vlolnhlpn of
this uut 51 Juno 1878 inieted on rnvlsiimg
all orlulial assessments Illouchu not one In
a hundred was eomphtlnuii of l4eninr after Isit
tel 5115 niiiiressid to tlzem by Mr UlIflIltini tlte
Unild 3hnhui Trniurr as tZ officio Coninnlui
shonir of thu Suniinc Yundslsituatttiing of Ihem
lit thu macst euiphtutlQ languago a coniphlaltess
with thin law by the denosib of true orlhnal
lthossbuont certlficaitis But lit flstrIet Cdli
nitisioners hitvn doggedly unit persltontiy re
fused At lenuhlt in Junta of Inst year they ho
guilt to send In their revIsed certttlcatesrim
vIsed without complaint on itt hart oh this
property owners that the original BsScAItfltlfltK
sccre CXCCCSIV0 I am urnlshteil b the SlniIna
Fu ui Conuu lii leslonr wfth tile 5111011 fl 1 0 I Ito
ruilsrit certilleatcs pent in by Ihus Diuitruet Cons
nnml55lolisrS lip t ° spI 16 lIsp uc5 It was
abotit June ati jaso that Itte Conunlissi000ra of
tile District of Columbia csmninesid filing tax
lttn ertnIleiitr In lbs Shalt inc Fuittil ofitus itnce
whIht unIte we have receIved
in a letter to Hucriury Stinrinhat dattiti Foh
21 18SJ Mr Olltlilan iutateuh htii tIle flit
trlct Ccnnitsslonsmis tliut wtthtohtl from the
Shiulsing Fstbtd abOUt fltO000 MiuI now eighth
en misnilia later II rrports OuSt tIty Itavo
flhril lvs lumen half a million dollaru worth of
tItus ovitrstue oertIfluuies or ritnlir revIsed
eurhlfl canes lasueti by htient I ii vlohitn 1111 of Is w
1 n Isiy stI I hold butc nm nI hIs ito us ltd I I Ion il ih
huts wotthi of certlileanes hirstuvsr titijy falIssi
or rather refused no make tile pSollerty nssessol
paw hutereet oh blue allesusfIusIltIs iitirinngthtsi fnsbr
yours from 1876 to 1880 atuil Inilieui to hue
hirstsint iijttti Oq tile hsirgo numnlier of nsseis
nitflts wltlch they itave not found it convenIent
to rnvhsp
I conuciuilsmwith the followingextrnct toni the
lenneir frottu Mr Gilfillan ho M r Shitirnititu above
nsiiirrrst hi lie says TtinUiitttitiutuitss is julo
ltoiIy hzmlronutoul In the proiusir ttiiitbStfllUlt of
tittiupit Ituieqonuieztts bisisitiss It hits bt Ittus itCi of
tougsM of Juno 11 i78 nissinuul tflflhItl of
th gtnsiral oxheriacs Ut ttimm District of Ciulunli
hits Its oroiorttonsla itmotint is hlxd unitinI thte
basis of niiu tinuticipatmutl ruivcnueuf of itt liuitrlct
ettlnuittud annuntil Ut the Conunlsslonurs
WAeI1INGTO Sept 18I met a Star router
coating from the depot a few morutnes slucc
as passenger by a jualarrivotl train lIst salt
ho hued coin up from a quiet plutca by the set
wiunrus lie hinil been waIting for the court to meet
In Szushiington I asked hint if he could tell
net whty the Grand Jury wtts Uletnissout at this
moment whlen work was expectrit to btgln
Yti I can tell you all stbotut It just how it
huippinetl and for what sail be speakiug
with sichiburotion almost with hesItatIon
Come in lucretheyve got some Ice stiturin
here nail thiths the strongest I drInk
St eli saId be it was because tltu Govern
utent wIts not ready to go ithienuil Tltat the
whole story and Im sorry for it
When whit the Government be rosily
Nevuri ii required no silThrt of thus Ima
lnaticuit to naske ma believe the rztitn ws in
earnest No never That Is tIll ionio graat
break in things chest this way utud mnizkes it
soft to uo stliiend
Thiti Inst fow wonils were spoken with an am
tubasia Toe Star when pressed for an extita
natIon utsielilued to answer further as to 11151
hut Wehit on tO ISV that the acluott of hJtcrict
Attoracy Curktihll was not unexputoJ to 1111mm
Ccrktuill wits acting on his own liookbj
Of courie be oonttnuod In cases of so
rnuoht importance and potoriehy no Ituhriit
Attorney would venture to liii niross hun Giv
orilnlttunits track To trip the Ultcd ittiheu tip
is no cnnill tilIng for it District ittorruey hold
I tt g It Iii nihsol Ohio rat I its lrwIilent to till
sItrtthi situ knew I bIt you laut iprtng ihbten
tltings wore gotn with auehi a rush tiintt Ut
wbtis war stuulmig it wotiid begIn to to show nil her
It Willie Thusiy have betin tlotug so nicuiriy user
sinei rhummy have fount thtuir utin rzuunu I
dont unstontikn to sniv wrist they are It1sy
stls It ic a it ifluis at oil itus we tt t hmssti to
go altiail ci soutu a they pletiu4 thu
i cii Cr hiti ii to go tie fast an d to fit r u t ii ii t I
i hty knnoiv our usnitttiule u sIbI iu
ltiivs ii tciot many thiuc Vt iug hit
loitllt Nsi niorsi i mu n hu Ltr rsiutu n its ugh
htt a I a ituslni Ii other Ili I ntes toil soot Lcrsolls
k ssw it anti wont forgot lb lhiorts at rttiihe
uttwuuyp uttiiuh und wIssn you tiegin to innurk ttunn
you will Ibid some who verii not ttUDititiih
tilt Star router began ho grow In eirnttzintt
drawhtug ttfs ciunircoser reswtl hits dlotre
ii Slsr relIne tepiu ltssi SII1IIC ft rcgtlIr
strutclth irwl ru hi I ness ittid thirs a 1 ii I itt
Ii tt II fur Anyway ii ulti tttusnt ti
nlt ti I Vuu want s i uiitW isin it tht o WI I I ii a
nxt ul Jutntnti 3taeagh sir bomIcLol or
uniter wlil lituek nd butek its long it niiey ctn
tirhuaps tutus been done as ntueb its iztli Ii
is II I iii itt tftyi i COliluf to a stanui flOl I bniintln
htiitetnietntpl Thusy are etty emietigli It get
when liltp jovefflhtmeOt 551 ottt flut they dont
always nhiutrtcuntvlcticne itiucltiiccrettir lila
lubell su ito ii r tel howl ng us liinu stti u I lu Itgi tI I
il mu 01 ill Si IVU t rIti thu I tt t lit nuni is hint
siunii i wOnt to try us in thu Cibiri
tibi siit till unto whinti 01t ttttik Is nh riaeon
the hvsrniucput is not ready and holds btck in
this bttliiiu5
Not I dont think I wiil wee thin curIous
aubwer with a curious look Ut in the moun
1111115 whtermm Im oiu to look itfier a route ilium
rule oh a good hunter is tint In exposs hula
uttniiniuniitlou soniehhititg iltlgIit luapiten to It
Oil hit I e hut rise it nut saii hug b to it gil it ii to
thu ii ii tthitrt 111001 Uiuto rnue Ciii r11011 I y g j u I ly
I I icrus it nus rnti V t ii a t t en ii rhe I I f bus4
I It Ii I St Cii P ii lii 105 ii I it hi uVb ii
Ali hi ut cutter I huiph nntottrr titr route mart
II it Itoini sspsndlng stoliD tltno lit S nslsiuig
tsuU Au itinu I Out the quistiont I luiti tiut In
this otbar to the motive for dhspursigng the
irtind Jury
Ic tall you the truth saidhe I dont
knoic totthuiiug about It for a certftlnhy tltougit
Im enivlntcI It was flies ULs botu VilY lii
tocnt tOli snil Uorkhtll I 5lIiiOut Nsii Jitnt
Ituk ztt lies htilruga are nIhuI lir Tim esart
ii nit j it ry let alto r a ViiiJit bolt of a nu ii in lisun if
suks tin I tumuiusu on isnt il10Iltetht that tUsi
1inir eis shiulil be given to the rztnil Jon
tiitthi bushnuss go In ySruest Veihtut i
tic eouIruIurs Unit all otbersso far as I know
all wiuuteti tIuc distay to sod That bowevrr Is
aholiy In thn banits of time aeverument It WItS
not for us whom they ha basa trying In tno
tiatisre to be at the court when It opened
It the oernment Intended to Indict us they
would o about it If we wore Indicted we
would be sent for Until we were sent for we
had no oCenslon at all for being within a thou
sand miles of Vasliington anti sonti of Its tire
tint hei Witeni thu court rant not a Cittiinet
oflicer hut Klrkwood was In Vashington ant
hi knows liii luoreof the mntterhhan trio
inns The huslnese specially behongs to the
Post ome auid AttorneyGenerals detest
monte Xioithor of these CabInet ofluiors
wait In the city and bed not been
for sortie tIme There is at this moment
riot even a single deputy at thus Post Office
DipnrtmentJamott Tyner Elmer and nearly
eynrytody des tseing away The clerks are
nsinmntuig the slnpnrtmonts At the Department
of Iiubllc Jtjstien shout the same state of timings
existt Cook the apeclal prosecutor with nil
lila doputIe and helpers was away wizen the
court rutt and thQy are still away Now I tusk
7111 does thIs look as thougtu thin Iovernmnienit
dlii uotexpecn a postponement Dotnen svimtn
they mutin to fight act thus on the eve of battle
Furemiant to thom understanding which nmut ho
obvious to nil who can see nnythlng Corkhull
sent tile jury home anti soouruuttiirns weeks in
which to tittlChu tip some oilier unilcrshsnuIlng
Now who lit it that is lolng this thIng or just
why Is It done Ivi nothing to ear
I belies that Ilnally there wIll bum a clean
backout Probably lilies and flrnwrster ltavui
told them there Is ho grounrl to Maflil on
Are there other reasons for riottiroceuullng
us but they wont couifsis titonti
I nmotsnothtrStnrman notcsnlya contractor
hut a pohhtlclant and a man of atlirirs In general
To him I put the iiulestlon abohtt ilium hitch
Mv frlenti stilil lie theso ttsr CRSCi 905
Bose Ito unusual element whereby 11cm prone
oilier is thbnm anxious party Ill fact thin ittar
cuRes have grown exceedinels dhsacreenblo to
certain persons wtuo are not hitntr Contractors or
exoffiejrs of the Government The intimation
is titrown out I see that Brady and the con
tractors standIng in dread of thoi threatenotl
Itroeccutton have procureut delay by their
monimy imow how ITitlii probably would Mao
Voem unit James cost
VIII titero I Instlctments
5 I stitipose iso lrobtibiy titer cant stop short
f hint nor go much beyond it either stihul
the Star man wIth a laugh
Viy Me P0 Oaut
cloy Cornell instilled the tilrriity of his own
office mind tina honor of thzn itiililtry of the
itutte when ite appointed Trtines Forsyth of
Trot to hum County Jttttgo of IlonuesulaerCountr
tiie ludurn Strait deetsaseul It is not boeaue
thus latoJitilge was a Dsiniocrnt elacteil by 1oiimo
craP nod hilmi iuppniluted successor a itpmtbll
liii hint we olnOlatn Thin Governor Is us pur
tlsati of cutter multi tills all vacilnuilca no Immat
tot lint crtntuii with mten of hIss owit Untrt
even wlti thiouue vuucaricless sri iuihhelnl hut It
ii si 111511cr ci tstbihim notoriety ihiitt tli mart up
pohiitcii to 1111 this partlctziiir vacancy Is
auoraIly ublflt for nnir position of trust or honor
To substniutito wiuutt we have suilil we qtuotn
front the ofllolitl reliant of thin testlnioly token
by titus Assuuinnitily couniuflltte on thin Inysiutlga
jltli of tim BrtiiiloySeaslnne brIbery cltstrges
lttut sunnhur The extrziot Is from ihe cross
sxutnu liutlap of Hnntor 8osslonuu Tue qute
tlonis itro by Mr I3itngpf the uomnmitteoe coOn
sei StiLl tile thlBWIiIR are by Sessions
Q nm yuu Soils JailiPa biuriytl it Trov AYe aIr
Q lu i ii Clint or any eciuiin wlies Janiep Irrlli
hail a hiipiutiiC Senira iii lAeislaturr n AYs lr
I Cs ii tell you priory Sunlit 15 at Ill iii ciuutisiy cbs S S
tnht ic ituout It I sm Jul ktl w hat It I Yii Si sYrust guit
thu riunit tisu is it int a vthliui iitiiiui Rum lhin
11 bt rtuapsyou busS bettor waIt untti I ak you A
Viry well
QJiiiueiu Foriihstc YOU resollectlon Stil soiiue buuat
rue 5 Iii lIlt tgIuatiurel et lr
Q SOil hi Tray Atus sir
ii Kuit a laiii accouluh bi Try AYes qlr
ti how sIn sli know hut Albecaue I lust acm
uuirt tltte
it Illi lilaelck AYs ir a thosisanddoluea
i thu rsl up lse rlvrron horieback ha jet tnt A
air 54 bi lIly raTs
Q in list a huir aiilihd and turiillil I AYei ir
Q Iii aciuit 55 i XUU Wtflt iartlinck ANu I
hii n toil vshue
q You tiw CII there for hi would plop uarinenit
cii the cliick A V sir
iJ but lii siuccesil lit stotilny laTlileuit CII hItS chck I
A tn I sit th huh V bsiire lie It
Q it Ii at suik Wa ii I AI sniIlisI hell 5u1
h Vtiet isai hiatt AI cciii teill Ii wsq thy Atheuuy
lull It 5V5 whi thur brlIge passed ICuOSS ttu liver
it 5 Si 5 lie lust bill nuipset
tu r utitluIVIIcl hurIlye I
g s liii Iitii t cr1 511111 bse some tulsa of time how
InStil tears iso a as mu Ai cant
q iOli sau Iryoui try Ah canit tell jest
ii tui I sib tIlt Were it it Just ty a hltthe sq
In S ii I vis AVto I t sa uih In Iuts
5 Wis It In 15791 I sliuClil ttulnk It was brfore
thinQ Wai It usc l8Ot Nu I bhflik It was before
lbs s t
tQ tVs Ii before 1510 A cant tell you
iiieiihiry I I PS diiiluSlut I AI I ha on hhat
q is thiitt uls luvuiit curnfltlous 1 lr
t uuon a pointy ililryt AI have when
thin Ii fltubthiIni I care about reisuilusberlssi I can re
liii Iii I r
q it lucre is anytluInz oiu car abes urgettlne
A iii is bitt I man abolin than thin was a lusitcr it
Slut 5 lvn nor I Ii ayt tilt oh It a Cleat uinuij 11151 5 SI nice
Li flunt Suitiiit IS Ili b 1 want It u is f it ruts
Iii It tint ni ln torso a near is oui cuns iii nh Uuuie
caiI S shillS iur sr nIt itsee
1 is you cay s Isethuer joii were 5 iieuher Ut hue
L uirp s 5 tii t a hemmer ut the IghIlstui re
I tis I ilt i es 1 iii ler ii isnul iuu r s earl
Q ttrejtIi a er VoU iiurubn Odr
lcssiui s 54 tohiS It at thin tint the hiss cut tlis rile
AYe air
ii ut join tlcauuq the man on horseback In that
is a 5 hat It pruIuceu the iuiinurunuuui In yviir Iiilnid
lie a as 5ilTi t vnail piruirnut on his ciecel Al1
5 snil 5 i tnt hit sIlty
ii I siuiUhiuit us SC it flu ti I hI huiI want it A
iv I 1 r Ilu IIritie Iii Ii W4 I nil Is sout oil Ill it ileb t I
ttiiuit Ilisit I iustV uetilcttiiii sit I caiu1ate that Is Iii
LIII Iiiut I i Ii iiiutsiit ttiu hill
q iiii It 5 155 5 1 II an lit I IWC usie iraq t slient It
s Il 5i ytu u ti n 51list IS lilt I Aru IihIii
nsisilsuc list lilt I it i rise 115
V ta it rlt41t ciltziiii yruis ocr aabist his bill
A Vet hr
St 0 ste ou no reluiher loan service or tliit ltssi
t hit sum the ii ii jie nor relatl ye itu tlus Iccih i lItre
Ut I hi icilato re I AI dIIiI tlt is k I 5551
Q A wtsethit oU iii at isot At cist I could
LI S lu rw thu tar
tV What I Uie reasnm you cant Atlctuw I dont
ri uiusuihu r S ties It a 1 ut
Q hut you etc have a brother in Its LgIisnnireI
A Vi sir
QVVliCiS it SI hi a inrinhvr if lb Iusilnturc A
liii is iii V r sussblj ill 3 a id A 5 and lii the
iiiai at uii tSt sE or ll
2 titlist Phi sidtentire steer whIle 5 s t liurin
ucr it tIe Svity I AI cdl tell ishiitter hi did ur litS
l U I tuuiI reuiivusitir hlu is mutt
s his 11cr sS thin 5551 it duck
A itsiht it Is is nit a I tuut1 aid luiuus lii trs liii
Ilus bIll amid I Itl Siluss I WullIl aunt I lush a Stilt
5 5 Ok lu I ins lii lest da a not he tell lii t litik at tlut Is Is
5 it Ii u syil is e lIt cut ti take the cii isuil a ruiarL
tlet lie us5Ie isit ii I thulutlt tlsqt but di iiit luitanm I psv
n ctiii Ii saI Iii hiuuueut I a iisil lsil p i Jul It muuni
tIui rue ut out lie ss rut iut Ii lii nl is ii liii b ss out
auul cit a Ii or atuit reto i5 p sunI gull hIs suisuuut3
Thtla story told tinder calls by lishonzs whlo
chitluikietl ovur Its gnu polflhs its ltstlniiiuttluthua
to hIts OVII sshirtiwtiuusuvit Wtis tiubliuslmiat all over
I tusi ccii ii t r itt I his ti usie of n it ii turihiery his 1 itln
1101 Ftirythz itisiur shmuuiesl ii tier caused hits
irtiniuhs to tIehty It for hum lnh Csiruhi knits
I hi Is alory taid Iha I rut hi an wish I as it it y Into It Ini
I lust Stale ml Ito atilicl tiled iii Is t4ursvtli U 5 SItS
Juulguu of oils if Iii grett emilitlus of tile otut
Ill huobsI tifllest itntll Jars 1 ISeJI
TIter are 110 hWt WiSYS 01 regardIng this st
pruiulnittbtn luin the Alb4ny tizs stile
Vt hi ii it hi hot bit disitit Of SO Ott a muan I s tilt out
taco uns tusticu It Ii ascuinujal isit tIlt litlr amuse
of thIn ititc It lii ni Insult until is tieril hit the
00511 tif tIle couboIry Uujijtsr it rtghut tudutlusn
5 ii tint bIle 1 01 115011 stnii oh this ci urtelni cult it I in m
spIrIt of Il tonmsthhutlin linus sit would iist
thus U ovsirttisr I lii lC5iIl in e Itt it eu Ii ocs whtmt
sivuiry ii ontet cit it nt iii ist sully hi Is I tutsui At
oil is st rki os I ii rlsell has up ihtinii sill the cii iii
ats of Ii I a siul in I islsh rush on a arc iii irr ii r
iii Ins ills ul for t ltsi iou ny wli lob iii ust i hInlIlsIer his e
teutiunstblllty it isis appolutinueni of Foroythn
1 11 I 5 tUEVi
The Se Fruuclee fInstrel
Twenty cdii years api New Yot k supparteul
fly miustrul troupesChristys oode tIn
stats 1Iukheis lerenaulersu antI Ctiarlty
Whsltuss in the liosmerir Mi these ltavdtyiuditiI
down to outhiu San Francisco trotipe Ilsrch
anal liutekus tire probably the oldest if not thIn
tet psrtormucrus in itt country Aut nIt Now
orker In hiuttsnmIsig to them might easily
unIisluna tutu Fernando Wood was p1111 Mtytir of
Now uirk hhmat Tweed was isgitlni fornsttztn of
lilt t that tltu iiutiaon River lhuthlronol depot
wits at use intersuteilon of College ithaca isnd
Chambers atraut that Forrest was personatinug
tIuItiIusiori at the Jlroadwiiy Thiesitre that the
tilt Itlttihsubw Hotel anti FIt Ui > rgiss Church
IV1IS zttIl bluiridbng tilont ltutmknmtztn strut ntnil
tIn It I in fin it iiy ry was all I I h his 1st n ruiuttsnt suf
I hi is Ft vst P55 ill C hm I t hue jok suu stnii lutreu s
its u S r 01 tue Is rs itt I ii siw lit is I 1 tO i II tO hill tu
1150115 Ii rho a I thin tiltst ill mm vIoll a eq in ituik a sit
jigs 111th recall Jolt150 lImnottit suit Mart i
ttuli 1mb balsis eels afloat zilrs that awussi n
Itmisnltortes sf rota ilrfstgi and dauuit ihhiut gilta
1hUnuujy 1111 hstrtiih recall lisa inntlyimts iltuys si
I lull y I tic sin U C Isitirge Cli rist y t list a I ra Irl II g
ti niiittd hhusm sweet voIces of rsiIIk utnil
C t is Ili Ptutill aOl I I his 10 Iit Ste I suizi wIt Ii
rcmmilueuts ill Neissitsvmntsiiir tuisul Eiitt horn
Au 1 is rs itim tv sit a u I rico ii this Iuuust
liii einihntai Is nnienli at itt s VI a Franiisuo s1 In
ihrula us nhs hirOiiluCn at all i hricnino cisi rIng
a slUlirhilt of a csnltlry Old patronus of lIislo
cilia uuiIttstrtlsy will Ilnuil much that is nsiw anti
nosy hiultrous sybIl rtaiIIh Oouihirhontlwhy hitiei
enlentsulntnnenit3 isail a ieetiliar charm tar a tst
geltoratusin lhsra Is nothing In lhsuni thtsit mj
cilTentd the janet futatldnouit tauta Everything is
gently tumnnicil Ihmi liati is a vsst unul hex
Is ns hi n hi Us it oar nnul oye arts si tI tglutui iwi
iioints bs phithhit linore tulenantv As II
his st u t us 5 lus tuf tqni I nu use nit list is es ii nit
itwas hr tiC WiVoit If tinius tile 4iiit lnutlitsLui
Minstrels sirs Worthy of a liberal ittrsjnugu
Mybnd utMuib he lort Peril
hulilrJenTls N Y Sent 20This yhilago hini
hi U vtsttrd br the past Sic days by nisyrssda ut luuleit
or uatlsq ThCj were Ilrsh Isoticel on aniIitay tiClsuli
ciiCliiiS arluni the hamplssina asmi anTi ttisli nut ansi
ii nh iii tuu Is rce iuuusnsifa wv cc iuum ii lt t oii luo
ro I I a I a Itt his h ztuut u > nuiIt ais iii 1
iii fl I 4 41 tutut 5 vrr umSil I us Stheu t iis us
a 4 It t its rctv4 Ilteis So hsusjii ta slid sue i ltit
a titus s ci it lilly wtibt hue In lb 5b rVsl 5 mp r i
Ilouse tshrri LucIe cabIn was betsss
crest aiuniosavc as Cucd to built aUtitisy 5 autous
by tb lnltttrs ar4 arsuuntuj lb britiuSmuli isslslt rut
trance the siis rc cuuusreo hol S great diitsztcc tooL
lung a though lucre hail SC a teaw IIQrQJ
S h71J rA
It is Sir John Ltthbocks opinIon that
ben ate in a Tough kInd it way reflhtbe So Colot a
that theIr rarrtt Color Ii blee
It is ofilciahly aitntniricod that all prizes
honort ant uhv5IeeO irisich the Itujal tnlvemst ot Ira
InuuI caum cnhuter are errs to emqIu tudenhi
the 11ev C Duindnts Everett master e
tIne txnoritphulne harriers wss recently tSr0 at Dot
clieier Orloge Entltmnd and kltitit on hh qhu 4
Prince Alexander of hhitignirla comply
Isp lih the wIlm of the Emioror of flusiq wIlu marry
thue heIrs MIle JUauiiotT shi baa a dower of ein
tSi roliblep
A ChIcago fortune teller ativertIp5
anWcr these hnuhereatinp iIileitIOnq or a shills
5 Ith no know ha tue brunt I he rich I Ta he a marryj1
mans 5511 1 be huiy Itnot ahaul I ia a
MIle Croizotto has reappeared at the
ThfAtre Fran als as tio Cluilqte ha EmIIe Arhr
LAventurlrro The tussiSe was as toll as at it irit
uormania snd MIle Crobzette had a warns wet5
acted uirerisly
By OtiOL of the Metropolitan Board oh
Works Sitoel Street iondujni ha recently bvqn renn
teresl II baa been calruhatcul that this wIll cost m i
habItants at least hOiSn for alterations to shop trota
altlonery ic
Dean Stanley used to say that until i
marrIar he hail never ralby lived Lady Ainguata liii
wIle was a ver plain old maid when he marrIed her
but she waq good duithvuiled 554 pleasanta Wtmla
use wiriul iii thu iery beet pen
Near EaBtbourno on the English coast
a ortnhiht pinee a losutly Coasugusnutunan Lolng hIs
roiuutita was suiiteuuly aiosileul by a seal and only seepij
wlthi hIs bIte throumiti the vgoroui me S mat oh a
scent cane wits whIch lie huappeneul to he armed
Mr hoary Ltthiatn a solIcitor front
innuous set oust on Cuntty Sopt 4 for a walk by iii
Itonka near Orlniheiwalul As he dlii not rihurn yan
WaS made when huts boily was found haca dOWBWts In
hr mow lie had Seen ktlied by a faul ot 1150 test dawn
a precipice
Mr 3 L Eastlako keeper of the Na
Ilonal slallery iii London Is prepirIn a aerlsa of Ihlus
traPuI yoluiueq demlned as guides to nh treat ConUn
tau ileture guslherlca The ftrst three will be duvotei t
tile IgUvre the liners laliery MItsui au1 the Pinsco
tineS MunIch
At the York meetIng of tue British Aeso
elatIon Mr iv laluoway sn expert sn th suliheel SLId
tie 1usd ennvliucet lutmniehi by expertmento the Indim
muthhlttv of coal dust and that it Wttt was sprinkled os
the Iboor ofuliy ItihiuCi Scion blastIng the worst ol apto
abut woislul ls lireventeil
No hotter testimony of the immense Ira
porramuce ntttichitut his France to eyery wont uttareul by X
laintietta Jsuit now Could tue gIven lhaim by ths CLet that
he is auicoinmpussubeil iii lii journeys by a troop of from
forty to oixtj reporters nine all parts and a squad of
ateclat telegraph clerks rum Paris
Unelur a iuew itet of Pstrhiament a correct
reszlsmsr f Seneriiuuiiy Lusrgeona Is to tin kept In Enitnm1
and provh4orm a litusule us ho theIr prolession The ohjvct
a etsteil mm tInt Ireaniuhle I to snblo croon requIrn
the alt ci a vslerlnary susriron no dItInuIsh btweea
Oiiallfled mit uniutahlted lifutCtllhnflCIa
At an htIltltIUni recently in Birmingham
EngiaiidJupI is the auctInnier wsa saying Liming so
Inio gone l lureolnil to knovkisunr siowis rem arUche lb
Cur sye Way ant IurscIluItaleut a smimusber of jmersons
tsicituhhug several brokers aimut Wonueli soins wIth eblI
ttren lii thrir anus into the cellar inith
A ehlriotlt oxttoultiient i being tried in
It erot cones tsr tIue Ittitslan erasy I hsI consIsts in the
tnirihurtlous os1uiuahnatCI or nn a sntrle For this
sluty lIst iYiilI sloi of the Urual Mosintais iaionnd misS
siultihule as tIsla issiisiiiil will srrnwh at this Dresenre of at
hustruter Iuusleul oluaruIng outriitht ant thnaa Inciting at
thm digs in catuss ii du hukeis 10
Thieve luas beeht sInce the last elections
piiusIItlcatIoii of lit lwi 5ttVtah partIes In lb lteuae ci
Cuust5iOni The VuiusercStIve tsv iiliit seats aS
Votciitry hit Iv gstroIuruusun Korlh Uncoliahlre
and North iburtiiinu sabulla II Ulueral liars galnuu a
yoje Ii 15th unnutierlriut ouuhy This makes a gaIn ci
ciitit Voles for hue tOflserifttiqee on a dIlsIoui
flue wtttermnteion onco dnizuied as a
agent oh clioluirui sssoi It Csuuitluigeusl mlii ha now an crUel
01 sliet wcliouuuo lii every huimipeholil The watrmsbon Is
nowseli to s a cuire or aiuulminer complaInt Eten wheq
It becomes chronIc wuirtteIon takesu two or thr Use
a its his iuvrs fonsnul tu cure alter sit th uslsl remedies
have falls At the close of Pr Tanners taut hht first neal
e of wstcrfluuzlen
Wimie guowlnig Is being successfully put
turd In irsnIluts slut I rapIdly esuuiulng larger dluntum
aloe It a as first Ilstroduucrd by Uerman but others Ira
ISUSV lokIuit a basil In It ins firm wIth ihlrtywrr
acre or lauuuI bss productil 3COO gallons of slur Ins
OSPOS It Is repirnel Iluit lisa itcIl of two cuunliesntli
year wIlt bo otstl to iitlOt galbonis There Ia a rsty
unuarkszl lot alu that cans ho produierd
An sxploritng expedition on the coast of
ttnru 1544 li the sOtcirs sit the Clullian cleanser Au
i Iilos tuca slIwoaeI lies ruatis desiuslt Un of thus
i on Its Tuir tutu leluuil oust I ruinupuulci Ii CousnauS
soil tulsa u 5isaiuo cliii tIe thuir Iru birrust 5q l lii
sosutls il Ii Iunlitu Ic siIt S pus V5C4 45111 Sums TI
euimni be ofli hersut ot tIriltI qmnahly esIlv cctml
hilu fur vluibuiusiuit cud the tIIusufttcuI iIu I lit ess
Iitt Itat J l tiiisuh time eztiinsent Enig
IIIm llt55rltIIi I in usa arnie cii tie hlorw auud Its
Os user oat a Iii rCerrrte Ii beartun reliu tcigile cc
thi rluauusbIuut In liii ltuuiium loauiu nlues rititit suud
urn tiisinm Ins hitsI rusinlluimt Its hansas 151 LISUnie 115 It
II lisrae ls scsi sic hut thu t ii he tub Its trenui iS and lottie ci
of unilrln a hIt c a It I shunt r nS utuzuluues ot pals alumi I
tr3hnug nu ulus by the vu iii I Iuuuuut a innuuueiutary rtliet
TIse 1iLt 1oeett Is a 1Cniiisa CIty club
slut 51 luliiiutPr nit shitt Its nissuimu that floe ol tcir
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