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7111 flZ1P IUSIItN1 CAflIttI7 Ofl
flie Ii1 oC th Hen Ireililent VlCVP4 ity
it IteIllaiii
th VtopI
NrICeS In the FrnntkI n cutInte IIlr
till T lirfl for
arid VenIh Stuiflhi fl liii Hnrcd IIid
er SIte ed at IiiicrtnnTb 11
flrIl nioIiIrS III the ntlaiIe npluI
LcitI BUASCII 8ept 21Tue last att of
rrIdent nrfleda Itfe nnt 1131ttl Pt
Branch IIUt bCfl enncteI Tho un rose out of a
routlI nntl winily ocan n thu niItv ea title
ornlng in It arIlot rave Cust the ehalow
of a bier ae1os the floor of the southenet iar
kr dIretli uttdprnaath tho rornu lu which tlr
Onrftoltl sufturthi so much anti iikJ so brtivoly
Ci eorbln lied sat with ho body throuiIi tito
nbht 13t daybrtak thu hoily liai bett attire1
In the Ult which tho PrtsIdirit wore It lile In
auturatlon Ae ho lay In tim satinlined cumo
ble kt tittit1 lay across tile broast
Tho announcement tnale yosterdv that th
relItnte face would ho oxoset to the view
vf tho ooplo at 8 oclock title mnrniniz
eatied IItItUIrOI5 of pectLiit to conic to tiio El
beron ileforo tito un wns fairly ut dusty
farmers and their dustovorett litotilies bogan
to arrtv rlitv witikod about tho hotni plitz
as and crowded down to the uart1 linos eur
toutillntz the cottne By 8 oclock tho ronti in
front ot tito iiotoi sas tilled with earriaia of
ry dsrittiofl and tho lawns about tho ho
tel end the Fratitktrn cottego rosentod a novel
ieern All sorts of tnn wore in the crowd
but the women were in inre majority At S
oclock the guard of honor from the First Ar
liliery which has boon etattonod hero marched
to the Frauckiyn cottaie under command of
Lieut Patterson vcho wac detailed to o to
Muantitno tho coma had been removed to the
broad hallway on ttio westorn side of the cot
tagi Two large and beautiful loaves of the
cprue palm eont by Mr John Hoer lay across
the foot of the bhck coffin typifylntr heroism
At 8i oclock two lines of Dlckot8oponeda iath
way to the door of the cottnto from the uiazza of
the hotel and the eovle in fours fliod elowly
to the ontranco Within soldiers etood on
guard about the coffin As the pooplo reached
the doors the column was divided Into two sin
gb flies and thue on each eldo of the body they
Passed slowly It was a solemn and psthetio
upoctacle The rich and poor man the walked
houider to ehoulder with uncovered heads to
the Presidents bier The workinginen of the
noiabborhood the corvante from the hotels the
railroad emioyees all filed sadiy throuib with
tho summer reatuents and the hotel gucate
The sight of the dead Presidents taco was a
ihock It was not roeognlzablo No one who
had known Mr Garfield fuco from his pub
ilshed portraits could eee in title doad face the
ilightost likenes To thoso who had been fa
zniitar with tho flue taco anti ireat head of the
xuttiona chior there was in she pocutiar exvrea
don of the iie just a trace of litoiikeneses
hut the features were pinched anit giiruitken
An unnatural color was on the skin ThIs no
enrnnca was lorly the resuli of the takIng of
the plnter Cast yebtertlay afturnoon before the
autopsy Tho face and the right iiantt were
thus copied in plabter The iargo bones of the
heal stood out promiantiy a he iay In hit
coma today and thu chteke had fallen sadly
sway The beurI had been arroned to eonceal
as far as possible thu scare of the parotldland
A the people rassed slowly by and out of the
further door expressions of surprise nd psin
Wore hoard from every one Tue chitned ap
vearanco lin1 not been anticipated Itcouitl
hardly be reiiiizeii iniioit The line of people
which entered tue doorway of the cottii5
seomed nhruet nllftq Many wltniid pussd
through were drawu tack Into the iino a sonut
tiflht and not a ft w returnd fle anti six tittie
to inok upon Itlo chnnie1 taco of the deal
Mi durint title time and until the runerni
train movttl away iho itttlo beii of St Jarne
Cliuoei near by toiel elowir anti with pntiieti
5OtItst3 no it wits heard throuth ho neartr
bunt of the surf ain thu sltors
As thu hour for coing tue ijuors of the cot
tao was uPar arid tttIt of the retit multitude
bat already sten tlit derul ace the beinted
trntglors ran prcipltatciv acroaa the lawn In
esgr hiets not to b too late
3lr iarflid on the vonia before had
brokn in upon titn cnfrulatioiiu of the abiut
menberi with a rt Iurbt that a rolidoua tervien
ouiatt to be htlt in Lb otts hlto said ehe
knsw thero wotiki not b mtlct thou for a 5cr
vice of tUft ctaracter but chit tioutbt thero
otttht to tie as ittttli servion as tturu was timo
for ttornyUctijrii IacVtIt lookti1 about
him to flud it rutnitur Jolti Sbauo tho ntpt
morefiant if W Yorkown a cttage tteItbnr
tni to the 1aceati ctttige on the north lie
Is the same untiernnn who coniluctei the letO
In honor of lreitent jtrtIlt when the iattur
ilttt Ilbron In th early partor thu eumliter
Mr bloatia itnil his family ittleni the First 1o
torrtd Church in Ietn ilraoch viiiage and at
bii nugktiou an invitation wits txteiiiliI to tie
pestor thu 11ev Charles J Young to offliat
AecorInly that tentlemnn aeomttnied by
lrs oung was prewut in the cottuo it
tlt oeIock the hour sot for the ser
vIct Ihit it was nearly a Ouarter of
It oeock before the doors were shut
to exclude the nin who arrived at Eibtr n to
late to ieo the Irpsldents body Cliair lit
alrtly been plactl in rows on a peculiar broad
landing at the east stile of the room in which
the colilti rested This room wait on the wttt
alit of tb house Four stnps lead up to the
landiog Front it a broad Illicit of sittirt on
000 side aondt to thu next itory but it
son iaes to the rear of the iaudin
end separutee a pair of heavy curtains
he finds liimeif in the dtnlni room which las
the sun Upon this broad lardini which is in
fact but a rear citeuston of the door of the
dinIng room Mre Garfield Miss Ioito Gar
fleid and her brothr harry sat In the front
row 01 chairs ltebinit thout eat seyral of the
Citinct iiieinbra and their wives Others of
thu Cabinet nininbert stood during tim rvic
s lieu sit wits In redlnest Col RockweIl
sail to the minister
Mr oung you have just about four or five
Mr Younr bowed in acquIescence and at tito
Catni time ho took out hit watch whIch 15
Continued to bold in tile hand as he teppud up
to the heal of the comit Jut its lie vai going
to begin Mrs Garfield ieaued toward Coi
itewdi and eIther stoke In a very mw whit
psr to butt or inuitceteti her iosiru by a gesture
the Coiutiorbedliit itatid to bit the uiiutter
wait and sail in a low tone
Mrs Gttrflelit vants to look Into the coffin
before the service
Imniudttteiy tue widow taking her daughter
by the hand nrose end deeceniled thu etut
without aid Ilotli stood baud In hand for wbnt
leetued a very lOng tinQ ani gaze at the face
oftito dead titan Miss Itollioa fociingt syere
beorzd her control but 11cr mother svta as too
tiorilees in attitudeand feature as a atatue
I stoi tin gozeti at kur in wnder ttI
the 11ev Mr Young to a friuntl afturwur It
Wit a mirveliout bight to ae that one woman
etat1iu there iooklng into that colfin holding
hersig under sutni terfuet control but of
Coliree her face was like iuarbl I rever saw
antlilng like it fur except Mrs iarlllis
there wa not a dry ore in the room tetweturY
Thmtiu wieJ ti1 eyes again anti again ant
AttrtieGoeral 3lncVeagh aud Cl ltockweii
Teit ha tiis stooi kauintc against the wall
Vne Mrs Garfield and Mips MtIie ha ro
sumned their Icats the undertaker uid by way
of aUhlIIlicefljenI
fits Rev Charles J Younj of the rirst Ito
forinet Church wiit conduct a short aeryicu be
lore the rewvsl of the remnttus
Tittiri Mr Young still with watch in tianil re
lunted hit place from which he niot teulpora
rmiy retired at the lien of the coffin lie began
the serieo hi reailng the ihirtconth verse of
the fourteenth chapter of the Ibivelutions Next
he turned to the lifteoutti chaper of Firbt Curio
thlas tinti read from the beginning of the
fltIylirt verse 10 the en of the lillyeIghth
verts Vhen tie hal flntthed reading ho con
cluled the service with a brief prayer In whitlt
tie bestight heaven that the weigtit of whit
SeeLnel to mortal tIght a great caauiity mIght
be softened to the widow and this fatherless
Obltdrn and turned in the inscrutable ways of
Vrovmduuce into a blessing to the nation
After the service the undortakert men
fastened the lid to the coffin and bore It out
lbroug the djing room to the lsre laZ4
oyerluokiug theses Thence led by Cal lioc
welt they carried It over a bidoo male of the
same stout oiitnit that wore used when the sick
man wat brougtt into the house to the funeral
car where It ws plecei on the low nd unos
tentatious rest which Eta been ptopar6d to
receIve it Tb fueiI train bad peen backed
up a ltttte while before to the seit front of the
Cottage on the temporay trarka which at the
eautlous Iuggaatio of one of tho Cabinet inem
bore bad allowed to remain
Th CQMbted of four The sear
oar which was the foremost one as time train
stood on title ewitli track was No 120 the prt
veto car of the Pennsylvania road It was the
PPittlfl 0110 in viiijii Mrs Jarfielti mile from
tili I it Cttfl to Ilb ron with ho r a ik Ii iisitnl
It ii provitiott with ovary possible convnlonco
for a iotms jitirntv trmn to a ciok a library a
boil anti tleiriu knnl for time stmnimomiing or t
waitor Ntt in front tif tIif was car No 3t7
which Is finisimoil In tIm Iaattako stylo it wits
mievototi to thu mien of tho Cabinet tnriimhcre nut
their wives anti thu otiinr Iletlnguleliotl guepte
Tim e i r colt ta I ii I tttz tim ii Co rn no tub r 497
anti the foroummost ear numuitu r 24S wn a combi
nation car ievotuti to tIm tie of iittoiuiatit of
tim titirly nimil to thmo carrying 1 batzgiugo
Ti ii mnoum rim fit I Vroe4ioui fr in tIme cottage to
the train vne led by Mre arfliIl i ho itttitiil
tipout the anti i1 itr n hurry Thic who
0 iinttti Ut n I liii ii at I Ii Is t I ii to bes ldr e tl re On r
floi1 hurry alit Mist Mtdlln Chief Juit
t iio I iti al I i Ito uimnuibrs of t Ii a CnitI not t ii e
wivc of sevorsi of thou nil of the tuvsiiitna
who had miltettittiti the Ireiiimt in tilt Ilines
oxceit Dre llniillon anti Agnuw Oim Swntmn
urren Young inrotiry Iirowti alit Ismr
ktpprs fliori omit Atchtlenum harry Utrflids
brother Jmmni vlio is eIcl at IhlinniMown
will if ito initrosee travol hirntls front Vt ii
linnietown to Ckvtiliinit with Ion Itnckweli In
orilor to attenti thin htmiicrtil thorn nnxt Moutilny
I ho guar I o f ii onor y ii I eh u nttor coot mmiii ii it
of Liout lattorsumi of Ohio ociiiplei ihin In
neral ear was enntIsplI of Firmt iergnant lor
rin Corporal Iorlert mmii Irivtttte Album
Owen MeArIlo Iiwir itoilerick Bonnet
Golulen aiI ilninrich all of Company A First
Ijiulttii Sttttts Artiltorst lhiey marched across
time lawn to tim oar with ruveret1 icmme
At ttricisciy It cutbock limo wlmois of tiuo train
hogan to grate along thu ruetoit trntks as the
train moved arotuuu time short curve off of limo
lawn no tmmstr titan t moan immighit walk Time
grat crowi then mnovot away to time hold or
imtirrial to tho Ebernn tmutiotm On the nmnln
track two speimil tralmis oro awaiting time ar
rival of th inumarsi train Ono was a Cetitral
lbnlironti o Ntiv Jobey train nut Its uso was
ovr witeui it irntv imp alongsIde of time funeral
traiti to allnv Irelisumt Arthur ant ox
Prostdtiit Grant Imoin it had brought from
New York to step ncrog to time fummeral train in
which they were to go on io asiuIngton Tho
oilier special traiti was nmndtt up of us iocotnotive
nnl one ear Iii thmo car were Oov Ludlow nut
etniTof Now Jersey whose purtioss it svat to
escort limo special train timrttiijim time Stmmti as a
mark of reelect Wiitmin teum tuinumtoe altor time
funeral train arrived at the station it umiovet
offsouthmwarti houtmI to Vnshington drawn ty
Locomotive 655 It wits fmilowod at a ttfs lie
tanc alter a propcr iitpso of time tv the uw
Jtre train time coniuetnr of time funeral
train as far as Sea Girt was 11 1 Mmtoon The
engineer uas John Mulford
People Ctandtng vilfl Shired Pleads as it
Iedllowers Slrwn iii Iriiceion
WASIINGTO Sept 21Leaving Long
Branch at 10 oclock thio funeral train oro
coodeil at a speed of about forty tithes an hour
to Monmouth Junction Ahialong the line were
outlet and sorrowful nssoummblumces of ucoplo At
Ocean Grove timers were about 5000 people
gitthoretl As time train passed time bells toiled
end the men stoot with uncovered heads The
depots at the railway stations aion tho route
worodratod with mourning
Monmouth Junction fortysix miles from
Eiberon was pasoil at 112u3
The limited oxpress train that starts from
New York at ten oclock thenceforward became
the pilot for time lresidential traIn It was
seven minutes lii alvnnce of It at Moumnoumtlm
Junction and only once on a straight oitce of
track did the passengers on the regular train
catch siibt of the engine In timo far distance
Along time routotho hitnited train was frequently
mistaken for time bearing time 1rottdoute re
niatni bum the abecno of nmourtmln emblems
and the display of time rcn caumtituo iluigs Trout
the front anti rear soon showed the spotatora
their inlstukc
There wore few inoidonts on time journey At
every station there were limo same iulet groups
ttmtit gattmrel a forimmielut heforu to so the train
besrhcmg this lying oman to Lung Brunch in the
imopelma Iluls of imeltIm fhmere vzts no crowd
luar or Jobiling o word was pokn but peo
pie stood with bared hiade
At irinceton Juiction here was the first no
proach to a dsmnonstrntion Three hmiiplred
CtU1eliti trout Irinctuton oligo strewed tmo
trnek of time funeral train with tiuwems na it
nmoved eloly wtbt uttil ttmo platforms of the
cars were overt sitIm the iiorat offriumge A
blUe beyoril Ireimt ii tim pupils train a eon
Ye marsiimiIei by ttm Sleters iii blmck gowns
tin wimite coife stood iwsld the track aumd
gnzi niutoly ut lime train witlm sorrowful fas
1 urtimer cmi it ilttla otmntry ehmooI led Ijy a trim
voting ruuistrtiae wet nuuibbed At every crues
romui n innd of far in were gilt It
A t t hi a i ii burbiui tattuJ its of Pit ilatiel ohm Ia I ii
crowtte wq t sri mice ttat lines of policetnen
wore drawn to keel tetpbe roam ottinon the
trnk imit Ihiert wet tin e fimeitri or iinnrdtr
At IhiibaIettia tbs tciuimug t blhut coumiui bi
imoarti as limo train tnsotl ihc sovon mimmutes
interval betwouum this Irraitieutai train nui Its
pm lot ii nil moore iii an iommbieti by time I i limo Ph I ha
titlphia wits pased At hhttuttumoro there ass
tweOty niimmlttt betscetm them anti this spice
was mumaintmiiriei I time ni of time tourney It
wits the smite trmin thiuti bore the 1 rslltnt in
smch hmttu to IMn lirauchi but thorn was no
noeti for imaMe cit thit Jouiriley foil thin average
ijiced was not Over furty riules an hour
nlouig the PIISSLimgrs by the limited train
were lire kgnew soil ooIwarl SurgeonUoii
Ilarnm Thi Georgo hits 1ItrhflAttorney
Daniel Gromins 1rlerick Itniglass anti
Senator Kibogg Snttor Jones of Nevatia was
a puIsugtr until rays Ferry was rerteheti
II there swelled the special train tint came or
iii Prtititttiit Arthurs car Dr Agnew got oil
at lntiadebpbia
3iIJ inrni Liivu ix srgri
rhe ProeeIon to the upttnttrs Garflclda
5vrslo fur She White lEniie
WASHINGTON Seiit 21A vast throne of
people were astembhd about the denot as the
funeral train arrived Tfle immedIate ap
proaches to the depot were roped oil and closet
aairmst all save theta who hold spolal cards of
admission The umillitary were drawa up along
the east side of Sixth street with time riotut rot
inc on Ieminsyivanla avenue Upon tito oppo
sitoltido of ttio street nearest to timo dotot was a
long line of carriages preceded by the hearse
which was drawn up diretmy at time main gateon
the SIxth Street side Time heara used Is known
as the Centennial imsarseit having been awarded
time price at time CentennIal Exhibition It was
drsped lit black of rich and heavy material
wholly unrelieved by ay other color and isas
drawn bysix irongray hormueswimoae trappingt
were alto drapei In sombre black
The officers of the arumyand navy to the num
her of 130 formed in siugie rank uton limo loft
facing time train As the train slowly rolled into
the depot every head upon the platform was
uncovered and there was perfect juie Soon
Mrs Outrfleid asSIsted by beretumry lilains do
scended from the car and taking lilt arm upon
hmorrfht mind that oilier son harry upon hmerieft
time walked directly to the carriage in waiting
11cr face was completely concealed by a heavy
black veil which hung nearly to the grounti
She entered time state earriimge mint was followed
by her dauohiter 3loiiio Garfleldlmorsoxi harry
Mrs Itoekweii and Mist Itockwehi The others
of the Presidential party were lresldent Ar
thur who leaned upon time arm of Senator
Jones of Nimyatla Gao Grant and Gen licale
Gen Swalmzz and Mrs Swain Col Itcckweii
Col Corbin Dr Bliss atiti laughter Dr Iloyn
ton Dr gnw Ir hIitulton AttorneyGetm
erai Maemigh wife tnd two suns iecrolttry
and Mrs liutmi 5etrtary uitt Mrs Lincoln nut
soul IosttmuttsterGeueral and Mrs James anti
Setretuiry htrkwood
rime first three carriages received the ladles
oh the party who dii ito acconiany the pro
cession to the Capitol After timer lint timuved
on a short distance from the outrancu the ens
ket itipearoti borne upon time shoulders of eiimt
eruldiere of time Seeoimd rtillirr drtaikd from
iiie miruens barracks On the rLtmt in aeiummcie
ttlttinti headed byAdjutautenerni 1rumwere
the oflicers of lii arumy an upon tii left time
tflkers of mba navy under the load of Rear Au
aural tcimole
As the catket was borne to the heare time
marine band btitttouCt across time btraet played
etr5r toy God to rites while every heat
was bowed arid many eyes were wet After the
casket hmati io placed In the hemrae the re
nmmtinier of limo party entered their carriages
cud took their place iu time lrocessiou Preenlont
Artiurt carriage fohiowel Imniedlately after
the hearse In it were 1ettdeiutAruhurSecro
tary lilnine Chief Justice Vautu and Secretary
s indent The carriage c3ntaintcmg Mrs Jar
field and daughter wit driven down lennsy
vania avenue to Fourandahalf street and
thence to the residence 01 AttorneyGeneral
3l4eYea4dt whose guest she will be during her
stay in the city She saId that never again
would she desire to see the Vhiw House whore
she has passed so many dais of sorrow and
anxiety mind she whit nolyisit it while in theeitr
As soon u the last of the Itesidetmtimd party
kid tossc1 thtit curiage iiiui wsa
given by time bugle and the military escort
format In hint nuid tim mournful procession
started on its way to the Capitol in the following
rlatnon of Mrnntetl rttee
to Avrc ntiI Motttt Sts
Wstmiiigtn tlett litlstitry enl U40t1
Uninli Vemeri a
nitithitln ittit
itiilmtt Ity H ri
UniteI Stete Mttte itnI ilt Drum ThrrI
A iiteltietl I Stite Msrmmtc
Unilet Stiles A Futile ry ilst4
Tour Couilsmme o liceve Attitiery ati4 One Lleht
Vatttttmtom anti Loluunli lontnntcrie of Kitgttt
Timen followed the hoarse flanked on either
S tile h a at tmg lit I I no of a run y mmmi I nt v r lie re
nutmolig tiuuiiu lttilnz Ion Slmrtnan arI Gene
Pm mini Mnice Sntkrtt 1oc Inuig Mceevcr
itumcgke hirtuck Col Barr anti lttIlmt lilly otitnr
of time army mitt Itear Aiiimirni Nichols Cciii
inoiorus Ftighltim itmml Pitnri 1sv ltroetnr
Tonkur Cat Ii Krnft ami mit C 11 Vciie
oiuiummaumiers ilnwett Mammlr howlsun Law
Lietmie icImroodcr h1htoii Vainwrigimt liar
butt Stoktnn and otimors
ithi untmfltnl tirurims and a solemn funeral
dirge time troceeston umoveI iowly up tIme ave
aui t deuce unites iiiml time iioimlks nil iim
way frotti Sixth sir to the oust front
of the Capitol and elon limit por
lion of limo route the crowd was ap
iarentiv its griuuti as Upoim tlm ocnsiolm of
time into Iresitinte Inaumgurai vrocssion
Au time proceesinit inovol iii time avenue ecareiy
a soutmd wee imcmmrd cave that Front tho fort of
thin moving teen anti imorecm little were to
imunvcml anti iinnis were bowti At the east front
of time Capitol there was it tinimble mile of Senator4
atii ltuprsnuitttivt huonieI by tmmnir resteiivo
oflicors euiitiuig iii rupeciiiml siboimca to escort
time rimmnhims tuto limo itotutmiim At precisoly 510
tIme head of thu sat jtrticeuion nrrivoi
llie ollicera of tlmo arnim anti ummtvy drew um in
ante bid I I ties oim cittmr s i iie n I thu imealso Vim
am ti r I mm a im t 1 tin yi I nguii mm with ni helm split I
mont Nearer miii Ool to Thee as tho re
niumlims of iresitmit larihult were borne into
t hi rottitmuha a imI olaced upon limo cata lutiui ii o
limo Senators mm Itelurotimtnties IurtceiIInuc
nimil rnngimmg timetimseives ott cacti sub of time
tits Cboqo itctulumul time casket wuilketi PrIdent
Atmiuir auth Seretuiry ilialne who vure id
loweit by Cliii Jtmstice Waite anti Secretary
Vindom Gnu Grant anti Secretary hunt Sec
rtary Lincoln antI AttortmeyGtmmerui Mn
Veagh Secretary KIrkwol and lost
unnetorGetmeral Ianuee Rockwell on
Ion Swaimn Coi Corhimm anti lrivatu Secretary
lirown At 535 time iii of time casket waq
oponoti mmd time ftic of tin late lresiieumt was
extosd to view President krtimur anti Scero
tary liaiimo firM npproachucti an gaze upon
thu face of time tienti atiti timtia slowly anti sally
tmssui out of time hail One by one those mutes
ant uttvtticetl amid glanced at thin nimmactateti tnt
discolored fao of time mica Presiicnt limo
public at large was then adnmltteuh
liuo body will lie In state day and night uimtii
Frilay evening
Im uneumbrs of the Chinet imelul en informal
meeting at the Ariinolon lintel tonight to tumik
over time flrrangeummiimts for the funeral o
cimtngtt itt tiol prnorammiltme previously agreed
upon was matte Time funeral train will start
for ClevebutntI at 5 i M on riiay It will be a
special train to llttsbmirgti From lust city tim
emits will irotmbir he attached to it rgumlar traiti
over timti Losehmsnd timid Iittburgh lialirotul
Uroit teigrntmis hay been received ask lug
110 the remains be taken throuch envorni Ohm
towime but It le the desire of limo into lreeitlcntt
fmumiihy timid no cimatmgo in the ohan ho made
u1IIqjN U1ON 7Ilt 4U7O1F
Cleceral Mtirprtse at tie tomibtele iisuroor oC
tie iroresiunsl IIngnnits
WAiilhINOTO Sept 21The universal
topic ituring time nmorumlng was lImo discoories
of tha autopsy however oxctmsabo may havti
boon time error of diauoes nmado by time atteuid
ing surgeons it is noun time less true as a met
that ther have treated time case front tim start
in ntiro Ignorance of thm true character of the
injury To time iiuibio at large It is atmuret in
credible thu it grotto of intelligent an expo
rionceti surgeons having a large familiarity
with guneliot wounds should have cone on
exploring chenniug anti dresshumo a burrow
Ig nbsess fur eight or ten ceeks while time
gunshot wound wimichm they were suposet to
be treatIng was loft entirely alone to the cura
tiv powers of unassisted nature
From tiny to day we hiatt bulletins more or
loot explicItly stating tue vicIssitudes of time sti
call woummtL Dr Sooiward was ptmutiumg lilt
scroscoLe Oti to lime pus nimd taking photo
gratits of time interesting aspects brought to
ligimt I1143 catimoler wLt guing up situ down
hOW four inChes flOW twelve how only timrc or
ott r oaf I ii o Womi ii I was satt to ho lieu I iii
rime grumnimiatloims acre retorted upon mmni the
fliti U ri of tit tu ii mi I mugwhet I er frotn t ii hail
outwe ni a r ohm wti wtts ti I stits i an 1 n n
nriunetl by limo tiottora in charge timmie upon
ti rim an I v itim grit ott fllrmce
lhm ti itt im liii i niit I ugn I on s attI lances of
cci rice wer cit I I tmto rej U l it tout itim I ii in
cation of time ball emmppostd to I tlstrtiltut
with rettstiutbI crl I t mmtr r 1 II I em told ii
cx olleit h y I imut I lie iuh I ox ten in Cuts ii titi htn
anti ri y it tmCestm I nni thin I ii y ii ad veritled
t ii it tm ii id tim it ir y of time doctors I list t hi a
huh wilt locate In the iliac rgion Its posutirn
cs strtti in imail umnii fitmartrr ineime4 An
nw it tutear timtt tim itali tViti half way nCros
tim beti y mm tititte nuintimer omit timutt tim
tettii of tim htmltt was itiunost itt riiut nnlt s
with time bug abcess which timer were treating
in its seai
hut tim autopsy upsets mitre titan time doctors
i In uii latt y cone rim oil I ii t ii COt I n nit a y
parlicutiutra it iuttmkt lime criticism of outide
tjiiyicials its ridiculous a time statements of
tiloU lum charge For hiuslaime ninny cniumma
with warnutim that time bali wu + not ejiiyslei cmiii
was a constant source of irrItatIon iimi tiutmiger
Now it appears that mime bali was completely en
Ihmo gremit conoiittion in it nil anti limo one
wimiim will tr ° tut time doctors in chmttrgo from a
fierce imowi of indignatIon oil over tie world it
tue apparent certainty ttunt time woummd as now
ttntirstood was miecetitriiy mortal had it
be nu injury which under promut in
11 ilgent and correct treattment could hmae
been successfully coptl whim one cutm imauduy
eutJeiura time flects of miopubar grief anti rage
hut it it vidtumt that time Jresldoiit ctts fated
Ihut only wommder us timmut lie live so long The
autopsy iii riot help Iuiteaimt ease in time
colitIs It will timers be haiuittI wIth justice
iiat ieatlm Wits his inovitaiim result of the in
jury tutu was not tine to unaitractice
lr Lincoln who was for time first days
counseled with the case gave as his oplut
ion at time time of tb shooting that timo
couree of time ball was procsely whit ttis x
itmimiimatttn provud It to b lie smte overrule
by Dr lilies amml SargeonOermermti Vi ales both
01 whittmn hmttI prhei for It white lie I Dr Liii
coIn liii ony judged by it stmpurtlcial oxumuina
tion anti by tIme lot ttmi time irostlegmt corn
phamuei ustamtty of a peculiar tingling cenes
tlon in lute legs anti fort inilicuitlog that he hind
been wounded in time ptim hr Limicolu alec
spOke ttlay sommewhmat ahiutrpiy of Ito ottielmti
bmlbetius sat log that those documents gase cii
couragumument to the Country uotwmthttandiumg
tim Iruttduut did nut see one single day of tc
tual imnprivemtnl from the day tie was shot until
time dayct hit demttim ills cnmreewas coustumittly
but unsteatilty dmwuwari Jue or two had timtu
wore occaeioumsity fiiiluwtl hr a stationary ru
tied of iommmer or shorter duration but not one
sinile da ot gain
knotimor wel1inown physician here sats tint
80 large it tine cavity as si by four Inches as
umitimtirimioi mit the ollieiai report ought to ima mm
been iiecoyernd in a pmttiommt scm omimaclated
A third pimysicuamm saId limit he was luim
fouimttal and its to remit lime retort tsvleo
beore imecoulil 1 levhmls tye
tIn lmtburt of Dr Lamb at the autopsy wtro
very ion itmid tryug amid the attention of time
sever pimyeieiins vhmo overlooked time work wai
lid uptin to ttsnsu attain for ntiriy an hour
Outs who was Irceent attys miiit time immttrimai or
gins having Ieeim hilled out wet deposited itt
is usual in nimtortict in a acm Iheti h
Lamb Lztmu it sorclt for the bullet
imemir time itaa itmiistit whittre all exttoetci it
fluid It uncisted lie ttarehmet carefa ii but It
wit not ther ftmttn limo nnrclm wims etudett
to oilier virus of thu abtirtutnal emtvmtr situ
limially to puints very rutmotu frtmn time iltt
wimero it was supptsoti to ii They exartmlinuuj
very carefully the itmtum of the trunk
from which this vital urguirme haul mlse becmm
riooveti but still the Lutmiiut cuid not be founmi
Finamir in deuttir mioaritt was mnmatebetutumthm time
leegt In lime basin tmt thtrtt iii bullet was
dhseoverti iii its cyst flme t6stm 1mm wimicit tlm
tyt was forinta humul betm cut away front time
rmii4 by time stirgeons kuth
Iim vrthra of hut spictuti column wimich was
injured by lime built was emit out by the amr
monm mnt it is now wimei 0 It can Li ibtutlnei b
tlmsu vimo Ut to prosueqtu timm assasslim It us
thmoinghit desirable to have at ban on the
t rid tim cv I lemme lii mit dtrutm wat time ruts nIt of
time simot amid a t of mali rutiee by the cur
geujzms liut argument Is tlmrtt blot poisonmirug
would sItu tt mteuasearily be pruuluted wlmtm
smonul Irregular plees of suommy bone hut beeti
driven inmtt tlt fieli as immutemms in this Cte
IultLADtLlIIIA Sepr 2 Dr I littyis
Agnew s ho rettirnel frOtH Emberorm to ills
Country seat et litvorurul Pt laday
ttiti that the Ircaidens tmttuu was onum in
which front the lire there was sery 111th
hope an that time utooy zuhoui1 have been
satisfactory its setting time uIto nmind at rest
upon that point llt pen tratlom of the spine
by the ball and the semttteriug of the cruii
slivers of bou wommndinmt tue surround
ing tissues would eufltelemmthy autcomtnt
be remarked for the subsequent septic
conditions anti with lbs injury to time
vertebra was tue immesitalie eaue6 of that train
vL aciuunea wltob rvuh1d mu thu buretlug of
the mesenterie artery anti the ensuing fatal
imnnmorriiaize Dr Agnew was igked II Ito wag
dispose to make any expbariion relative to
limo eltmmrge maula tp flC ot too tubhic prints
tImitt time diagnosis had boon inerroet from timo
beginning ntmd timimt time consutng surgeons
lint aocptou anti onulorsod it thrommeim ooCrteey
His reply wee I wouiul refer timos who tony
credit any sucii statement to limo inulividun who
originally ftmtmishcd tho information to the
vubiio press
4 1 ViIl8Il O12vI OF S UIWFOXS
Ti Irnbihtiiy of ii iiiit Iicitsslon aThen the
Ileeorl ar Ihe Cutse I onipicled
A nunmher of wolikimown surgeons of flits
city wore visited ycetorulay by reporters of Tint
SUN and mike to give tlmtir opinions as to the
surgical treatment of tumo late President and
particularly whim reference to time mistake as to
time location oftimoballns revoaboth by time autopsy
There was bum a general disincllnation atnong
reputable surgeons to discuss time caso in time
daily press This disinclination was exprosmod
by Dr Lewis A Sayre who altI
At timo iureseimt hour vimun the nation Is
bowed wIth grief at ii sad umlefortune it Is hiatt
ly tIme flume for motlicai dlseusMioo through time
oublia prose lint when time ummetlicai men In at
tendanet Inure imunule their full report of tmo
case it will be time proper time to criticise their
aCtion as it will then ho rootdoui in an omelni
formut Vlmen that hum nrries I hmmivo no dotmit
there will be soimmu discussion I was touch mis
tormisimoti wimen I imonru thin time Atmierlean
tcadcuny of Modicitmo had emmtiorsei thi treat
tmmeumt of tlm Prcslihtnt I suppose at flret that
it wait time New York Acatiernv of Metiiclno armI
was surturisoil that as a nmenmhcr I imath not been
notitlod to atlenui Butt the cnulorstummommt o limo
tttuttiiiimt vat4 by time sucnllttl Aummorlenmi Acid
C Ill y of mi uti Id tie of v ii 1dm I k mmow mm ruth I ii uz
liuire seins to he it general belief itunong
phmsleiamms hint grava timictitkiti were nmatie by
Dr lilies itt time very outset of tim Preeltitmmts
cts A d 1st I mm cii is Ii ul sit rgenn ti iii 1 A cotmt
uncut iny laborer takn to liuhinvume Ilostilimil
ntl lui imuiva lint bettr I ruitnmotmt it ni I bel
itmoro stmCCtteA huh t rutttm e lit titan I it a Ireeii tilt
lmimti Another saiul It was a shameful nag
lad that tim lrtsluletit rums not sooner relieve
of time longer of blottd ptmieoumhimg by opetminga
for time escape of put ani cleansing of tIm
wound Another tmmrgeon of rtntitmnmtl repute
saul Time primimary treatment of time 1rettiemit
was In tibsolute ignorance of time greatest stride
of modern surgnrytimo Lletortnotimodofatmiisnp
tic treuttrnermt runt nmetlmoui ucas begets too late
Vhs stmrgoonc who ummauie hues slalemnemmis
satm tittut they hittil no ies I to to perforimi tim a ii n
trolcsstonai act of rtmsimiu Into print in Such it
case butt that when time oroper unto arrived
when limo whole stmtjet omimime Up tot thistmisdo
as it domibtltes woiliti before Limo mnethIai so
cleties lit Mu and other crltcisnms of the treat
mmmcmi wotmiti ho pressed
One point appears in it aceepteut by surgeons
getemaliy ntmul time is hint when Dr himitniltomi
mind Dr Agrew were called timy exprusset time
opimmiorm that It was too late for thorn to make an
exmmnmiimuttioti of the woitntl aim timmtt they did
not rimake sucim exnmlnmmtlon but accetutoti time
stmstemrients of Dr lihist as to ime oxamimmtittiomm
iimntlt i him Soutme euirgnns are inclinoti to
blame Dre himtniilton nuid Agnew for purnmlt
tine theumeehvs to hue atsoclttttt with Dr Bites
Others say that under the cireummmtimmmeta as
timt woim called in nmerely ml unnmstihtiuig sur
goons it was iumutimbtmt umpoti tiitnt to accept
w it ii ott I itm ust tout time posit Ion asatgntl I ii nit
leaving hr Bike to assune time responsibility
of hIs metm mIstakes I
lr J Marion Sitmus saul last evemming Time
Ltoet moo rienmi a ntpit ra mm tus siw thitl I ii vOum nul
was stmuim thin limo rcsmieimt wa bIlge to die
lint only woumuler was timtt hue lived so lung If
tim lint known time eottrcC of time Itoh tIme east
wumi itt hone tcrini hate j U t as it ti 11 as It wits
byont time renctm of emmrgey Time
hint tim ntloit medical melt mm limo ioumritrl
s he um Ir At hots 0 it I I i immm ihtoti Wi re nil I ai I o
tim eons mill at iomm t Ii a prtltqt moo tie re amid abroati
felt tie rftueth V uuttlalio I hat nih woo I Eu it
I ii lit seimiee mmli it k t I to u ii tin to iitstm tim is yni
uatho hit ihm ilocors houli nit be eumsurd
1 ii u y net it to mu t Ii I u clii s itch re tim tmtm a fl I
lion of tie c mmii iutvo done ammy better ummitier
time circuutstmumits
A luatiiumg surguon 1mm hirootmlvn wimcm salti timnt
htu ilti itOl wtili hut mmaummu us iccauso of time
ooeslth eritmcismmm that lie wi cooking reptmtn
tIn n iy ii tm ii I img tti It wItm Ii trcsi dmmte lim y
mu tomatma smut t limit I ii t tim yelciutums ii it Wit mi ng
a u ahi of t ii local I a of t I u luum I I by ttmiu
higra claw of it time lrceluint
at tim Igiimmlmmg I it 14 ii uti that lii bulht
WI 4 filt r I ii ii en itt Ic mu uehe anti it tim ti lit v
of I ii u md ta to it avi mnmt I an o tent I mmg utlo n g
limit nniieie to thu groIn to give vomit t the utits
wit Ic it fornmm ti Tim 0 Otfl I ummi I I kui It eke n it a I
otwn wutimith trotabir iitivit turvcnteti ilny such
aum Ui tt lntur of in its to turoui tic it tiOiii In
Dr iititmmllton 0mm Dr lIlies stooi on tim El
b ton imza 115 I ii ca r a it it t tie I retietmtt
rmrnrttums mvei awity Dr htiue lookei wrn
oil I ttni ii Is vis Wi rtm mum rkctt wIt ii greit blae
rimmgs Dr hlmnmmibtomm mtli to us corrstondormt
I a to thi ii I rs si Immgmm ot I e
I to ht simhjtttl to jim critiulem
smith I hunk at ntil feel tint so liar Iteen simiwn
Ii I ad nss I a I h t retorts from ii itt S tu C rluti nm I
wet wrotmg atoimt I It lactut tm f t ii tttl I for
not one o I ims mmmi tin y toui I 1 a lmatutt r tiumut II tt
was tIme hack rI time couni wlmicim ttroet to hi
it titis bmmrriwlrmg I titurm know how wm commit
imavi done iltterentiy hiowmtr
I s imot S ittim it outsit y ti n tm tin I
It is very uumtmsimah atm esicitlyttt so early
a period atter the original wotmud
o1Jloi 15 u 1UIA THY
rho Ciii G1itnrL s or itipct
by Slusiy Iuhtlc Iidte
Time draping of buildings whim time emblems
of sorrow was contiruimed all thai yetordrty
Gaps of tmntitclcod fronts were flue in tmmmtii
block after block on every avenue and as far as
thm eye could reach time linsof bhnck anti wimito
extenieui The best efTects cor6 protiumeed by
the use of black drapinge relieveti whIm slgimt
touches of white Hardly a ttmiiiing on Broad
way was urmdruupod and it looked as timommgim a
vast network of black and vimlto lines hut been
drawn over tue houses Pillars were circled
cornices outhined and doorways curtained
Streamers dropped from the eaves on every
side Passersby on liroadway went abon wIth
eyes upturned and utterIng exclamations of
surprise at time lavishness of the dnpery
It was the same evtrywhmcrc in siti streets
and avenues alike um towmm and down town on
Murray 11111 and In the First Witru iIgons
and ativertising signs messenger boys anti
even ittthmet In nmacimino imotts bore some mark
of onommrning A tail lIberty itolo at Carmttno
anti Betifort streets said to be time only hiberty
p01 on the west die of limo city was draped by
a telegraph climber Occupants of time large
office buildIngs in Broadway unite in paying
for time tleeoraliont of time iuiiilngs mtlh
street wui like time rest of time city Mmmcii cuf timo
drapery was Costly being of crate anti ntiitaa
rimiro were nnOttOe of nil kinds mmmii senmtemmcs
utterci by the let lrsient raitemmmottmte
Portraits were on ummutumy viiis anti iii sOtni
pisces I ii ititi Ctmi a tgn tmtl mml I rugs cciii I hut
recognized A uoticeumbl fact itt Fctmrtomutim
street ystetitty a tterrmotut wts thu at ii t mmsu limti mts
out of ten tycru tiruol in idak Irecsct aim
timosus lu higimler tirese wore sommmelhmttmg black
about thmemn Fitg trite ketr at hialtmmmit on
all builling4 ittti Ott thu tut3tl it ttme iumrhor
jy Cornohi CcItt to 3lnvr irai yettrtiv
lime following telgraimm 1mm tsmmtwtm to his liqttiry
it to time iesigurttlntm of a itt mt be kttL as ii
rirk of reIuOet it limo htmls lreeiiutmmt
Fun Asksi ItutiL tLw mttt 21
ii ui
A in as t i C i ttc4 m tiu tt be ir mt it in d ii
iItmmC Ii f t t i iit e Lu I4Lt tt i t 04k
lot unrtmnet ttt ml t r L
Narly every iimmrnerlai to iy of liumportatico
irm limit cut imuld a nmotung yelerdmty I t limo
rttmrposo of ftrtmmahiv extrebitm It4 Femmttgmiut
mm 1otm I tm e tiemit ii 0 1 lrem ticiat I arlici i I a ti e
Stock 1xqmummg ei1rcmiunt jirtytuim lvts of
a coiimttmlttetm prevtoumsly aiotmmtd retartej
reolutiomms t ImLim rem Irtmmtlcmmt
3inkny rtiti it eigrtmmum from limit Irntiou Suuk
Ehnnge oxtrtussIng evitruhmy and asking on
wIimt dmy liiu funeral womid oeumr Fime inir
inattin Vt itt glvtmmm tiiiit time funeral wuttill be ott
3luuiuimiy and timmtt the btoek Lthmtugu
woui him eiotud cmi thmtt duty
Atm unimstmutiiy large iimetImmg of time Chancier
of Commutimoro t IS himiui at cmclotk over eli
lreuitient 5 1 Itutleock Lrsitteti Cyru S
iuei oiTeteti itt I itt w ii hIm cro It i i ti
Aijreccnc s oro lv I Ii lmmttetmlii II st
art lotler anti tthtem bit I Olin ttmrutir ti I l
I A Cnnkhimmg tito omlwing were uttt mmtot a
commm mum it lou tO tC priS eat time I tmanmm tr it I tie
fimncrmti t4anmui I hit ok irestlat of li
Ctmautui or TrIms Iieii letirga Vu I imte S
11 Ctmittentierm hlowmtmj lutmi 1 5 j strtut
Imait Jackson 8 ieimimut4 Ithit F gmtw cm
Ii owm Charica N Pci Jtcoti enduhi jul F
A ConLilog utmd Seth 1 w
Auucimt tim oIlier bodies ruhich met in this
city arid slotted resoutinns respecting time
death of the President ware Tim Board of
Commmiesionere of lJoee in special meetln at
miii lieadiuarters of the ietuartinemmt the Iark
Comnrolsmmoatrs In reucumiar untmetlng at time do
parttoent heajtuartera the Comwtsslonttrs of
Cimmorities anti Correction voted to suspend
work in mmii the bureaus of the daparttnent and
s1vtc QQL1I1J11QLLCI 13uapmim to reC wt
the Doard at tim funeral the Grand Cotmnohi of
Hovel and Select Masters In Masonlo Tempbo
tho Executive Committee of time Woslarn Union
lolegraph Company tIme Produce Exeimango
tue Cotton Exchange time Lincoln Club cit fiuJ
Clinton place lime Seventh Vari Branch of
the Irleh National Lan League and the
New York MedicoLegal Society
Thom will he a meeting in Tammany IToh
at 4 oclock this afternoon to pass moumorial
There will be a memorial meeting on Sunday
evnitmg next in time rooms of limo loting Moim
Ilebrosy Association 110 West Fortysecond
sireAll of the theatres reopened has evening and
were atteimuiel alumni as usual Nmmo of timo
mitnagera ecunfesceti to a reluction of business
rime theatres in thm Bowery anui others which
make a specialty of variety busIness warn
crowie1 homume of time nlnnamzers said that they
hiatt expected a diminution of patronage for I
few nlnys ttmt the houtss generally gave no in
dicatiorms of It last ovituming
Ommittaui limo 1residnntm nssaesln was rester
day hangout in efligy in front of a lwehilng in
Vnshingion street imear York street Brooklyn
A pole projuctid frotn one of time egonul story
wlntiowa frommm time arid of which timo lltnmre was
simaLetmiei by aiout four foot of rope The
arnie and igs worn ihrawn tip anti skhlttiily or
rangi TIme emgy altracteti munch nttontlotm
llio corporation of lrinlty Cimurcim mit yes
unlay at time call of tim rector the 11ev Dr
Murgntm Dix in hue vestry of Trinity Cturcii
aol iuiotlntI reqolumtinrtq tepoctlng time death oE
lrtsidtmt Iarfihti Tim cimurtit anti chuimpels of
timi pmmrlsim are to tue lrarul in mournIng for
tiuirty ilays nnh a pochuml cuirvic is to ito held
in Irinlty Citurcim out time tiny of time burial
Time committee appolmuteul at the mneetin of
timnitrical managers on Fmiittay mmtet yestrrmiay
Iii hue rtfitco of the Ilmticun Sqtmutrm Timeatro Mr
A M Palmer prrsluilng anti atioptul resolu
lions of regret an symptitimy closing witim
Where Joy tticqt resel crief lottu ummctst lamemit
It was voted to postruono nil performances tint
otimtrwlso wont be gfvon on thu duty of tho late
Irmidommts fummoral
Tint hoard of Elumcation adopted atuturoprlato
resolutionti anti voteJ to close time ofliCes of lhmu
Board mitt time cIty chioohs of every grado on
time day of time late lresloumte burial
Time SI Geores Society will hmoltl a special
mollng tomorrow afternoon at 3 oclock In
tim tkwntowu ClUI forthmoninrtion of suItable
resehmmtions on tim death of Lresiient Garfiuhul
Iimo junior nmombrs of the bar of this cIty are
invited to meet in the General Jerm roomn of
the Suturetmie Court at 3 oclock timle afternoon
for tic tutirposo of adopting resolutions on tho
tlentlm of lImo late irestient
On motion of John J Juiroiomumn socontied by
P 0 Titlman Justice Gtdnoy yesterday ad
jourilt hilt court so far as lItigated eases are
concertmotltihi nftnr lime ftmneral
limo Cygimugof the iron bteamboat Companys
fleet uoaiu a special excursion yecttrIay Oumiy
about two hmminlred persons butumzimt tickets
Tine fatluro of tue exctirsion was tuiieved to be
nine In a great measure to time state of public
fehiiig over tho death of President Gmmrilod
ery few persons Svotmt to any of tho resorts
covt orxvcs ie oz A nnot n
The Whole Civihiseil rIt Kie in Uympathy
ol Ferlluug over Garfleld 1eth
Loruo Sept 21Every hour increases
time evidence titmt limo turcient is the most rc
muirkabbe iiumormstration of eynmpathmy ever wit
nessed in Europe hells of parish churches in
various places in England aro tolled wimich is
an unpreceuiommted tribtmto to a foreign rtmir
TIme municipal botles of Loads iiartlopooh
Fninouth mint otimer places passed resolutions
of condolence A unomirning flair was hoisted
on time Mummmchmester Cathedral llo provincial
tapers rival those of London In sympathy
lIiu Tinmes hma eleven columns of news role
tivo to the death of lremtident Jartl3lul sur
rountlt with a mourniumg border
A crowtitmtl iumeetitmg Wa held at thu London
Good Temntlars Lodgo last night Mr Hogan
ltmul tIme tubiislmer tureslttei Time death of
on Oarlielmt wassueemmtiiu referrd to liiaimot
lIo iuoored eumbogIzti tim lmtt 1rsit1mnt
liitj 3iaynr of Llverttol nnl time F rencim Comi
sul Irm limutt city hay written letterS of symupatimy
to Mr lalcari time Ummititi StaIns Cormui
Prince feck imtta tubegrapiied to Mr Lmwelh
contloinces omi betmaif of hminmeuif and the lrin
oct15 lila a If
Time Lord 1torot of Ehiimbmtrglm has soot a to
egrmth to Mr Lowell tresgIumg deep sorrow
tnt icimuif of limo corporation an comntnunmty of
Luim mm 1 im re it
At it mneting of city of Indon marcimanta an
ttimers hick mm ttme Imeatliuuartors of time otmmmg
Mns ti ristimmn As Imttiomm the iealtm of lreti
Ulit Garileli was iceilmigly reftrremi to
Mr 1riwohl time nnmurutmn Mhumisler hiss coo
vemti ml nnettmmguf Annrlcauis at S ciock Satmr
tar afternoon at Exeter Hall to etres their
gri ant timelr uomuuloinee wilit Phi nuflhlttcu
futiummly AIr iwiI viiI turotumbly tm sl The
wimol dilulorimatl3 corps hoyt hell cards at limo
nnrlcum Igatlon itt London
limo Qiietn las ordtrt the court to go into
mtmrmmltg fr limo lutto President Garfield for a
usk frttn tim 21st imtmtn
Mr Hilts Ivtr oh Mammcimester has suggested
I Mr SImtw the ttnerian Consul at tlmtut city
t ii 0 pt till balm me e at of utmi tot e runt ion mu I cci bege to
bum Called time harfliti lnterstty as a mitt
uteri nt to t ii e lit I c ii 11 Ii a rfiehi mini oilers
to eontrltuuits Li md trtwirl its eretitton
ImvCaiuu 21jim Luumipilitnee wIth a
popuuiar cmtl thu Motor of Livertoul cmileul a
iieti gig Itt lii t ltmwmt II ol I I ii it a fit rimocu Thm
Coututtl Ciianior Wa Overcrowimd nil tresermt
bimmtr ltaillng clmlz mis rimtt Mmmyor expressed
hits horror of Guitaus eriiut anti ttmo tieeu
rvunmpnthy of the ttetmbm Of this country whim time
Ammmrltian pctmile Mr James Astlnwutll Pbmn
lrnrrust aimul Mr Maturer of tIme Ctmtmitrd
Stamusitip Company sennilet a resohumtion time
the iumimmbilnnle of Lirerpooi tttshred to ronr
the thmrror imnut imuuligimntuon mit the assassins
lion of lreaiutent inrtbeltl tlmor lep sytmipa
thy with limo tmuricnm natiort and timtlr heart
hull eonuimlrmcu with Mra taifieiui aiim her fmrmm
ily Tim Mmmvor uvmm requested to cattle time roe
otimtlcn It the Secretary of Stats at W utsiminuttop
1tmtKJ SLtt 21The Goverminmect on belmmmif
of lb KIng amid time ttumti Carllrmnh Jneo
hint tim lapai Steretary of Smuts nit tteimatf of
time Ittpe have cable timeir couloiences to Jrs
IlOMO Sctut 20The Grant Master of thin
Itmihian Ftp Masnrs imits referred touchingly to
ireitlint Otltohds ileath
3iAimttti Sept 2iIimt ttress are unanimous
In exltrossloums of condoltinte The urverti
point to tIme efforts of Ireeitlent mmrhleli to
refortmm time tIiumiOtslratlon and to the nmanimer
in whicim thu paiIi Ihnancen ttroepord during
his term Time Lim a Lthioyte the event wIll
hart an itnttortant muiiueiic up u time future of
Anmturlca llme King 11115 telegraphed his con
dcletmc to Irt aruield
litpern of hater ssmmo oublishm long obituaries
anti synututimtmtuo trllclea coumternung iresiduut
iarlltli whom they dturitue mis the Intiufmmtl
gatils tfrnuier of true liberty and adumimnistra
tm itmormiimy
PAnic SOOt 21Time morning patutre hIke
thmtsu of lutst snlng imumnnimnotmsiy oungico time
late lreltient Time pusjie atuaist says
Anmiuriems im lost it imutt of tim Oivernmmnt
wtmo couli it reknimet atumtng limo most virtu
nut of rulers anti wimoce austere itmtegrttu arm
lutlonittabit eargy already bitt a deep eftetit
dpmte iiI elmort tern
Tim enGr mnmerlean colommy the tlioiomatio
corps the mufltini worli time SeflQt re amid lep
tttius usimo are iii larim tint the rucubers of tIme
lafatitt amid I I euinnmmt au it Lii I lbs emil Itd mIt
lii rntiiczun Legttion totia tmmul hmmeerited
their flaunts or vereally cx prescott timeir coodo
hutic Vim eniony will Imd a service mt time
tnmrltarm ihSlai toniorrow Time ummemmliere of
tim tgtttn are so prparlmmgto imok a srrtcu
sI lgriittutmi rt thlAll tue tarers
puiumis m weirumm ohmtumrkt of lii Izttt lresmdemt
lvtlimimg upomm 1mm lmmim Pereouut qualities
11mev stty tiimtt ltmieiri imostm hmtrt ma rtmsmbho
of Its mwlm retient buss feuds profoimrml eynnltatjm
hut liii great i nurian nmittomm wiiih hrts ever
mhuwnm I hi e earl C V II luit t I i
lii rxg Stt 21Vhs Swis luulermi Council
bite sm I umi h um Ce t time A tmmtu muuImt legmit bum
I t mm iu c St t hl hio Iu tnt Iigii itt tIme
ummimug toduty Imisset ii rt sOutmou of Dim itatiy
FUR1GY 11111 01 JIuiiu
Iuiiitnts Ut tue Eirepen Ires upon Li
itVrituu I lifter
LtTNION Sitt 21Thmu SlummirI iii an
edit rImti article SSyet To mmfliruum that time ac
cession of Mr Arthur will lead to time rerersiti
of flea Girlleuit juoiiy woull bo a mush ore
diction Time murder of Jon Otirtlel hiss en
doared lilt tmiOmuoryto limo people and timcuugm
tiiirt may be cimttnges in limo Cabinet any at
temmmpt to alterhiimm plans will be jeaiouslywatcimui
by timose by wimommm time polIticians are not imU in
high eateenm tmatever many to Mr Arttmurt
prirao tniugs hue wmil tue cautious bouv ti
jrttmder to a crtvltmg limo htiiiug of which In
certain individuals huts trough about such dire
results At fur as ruglutnt is ccnuruel we
Imavo no partIcular reason to conmratulate our
selves on the innugimrnlion of Mr Arthur lie
OWte tts electIon to Irbh votes Iii Now York
tilt constant associates wtiro Ftnians In brief
the succession of tito present Vmcetretieut to
limo cdflco of a statesman so wliily duiTorrtt in
charmictor irnyvt how imidly time plan of carry
ingthe Vic1rostdeut ott the Pretdutial ticket
The Iaip TrZrap1 mi its editorial tart
Br Arthur wilt umot ttari I devittue trim the
VQU 01 ivn umLgiu or l subtitutu zew
mon of his own choosing for timo whom ho
finds In office Wro any such attempt to Ito
male it wniului ho Imirodoomed to failure
The Daij 4tiiCS In an editorial articin says
Gmn Arthurs imiii character soul personnl
reptmimtion encourage the mope that lie will not
ciiumtmgo the tuohicy of his preiecessor
Tim ifimeIsster says To be cut
cuff like Lincoln Is lee trying to tue onlookers
lime cotummtryineui will best honor lmi momory Ii
insIsting Upon limo completIon of the task hue
undertook Time turocedtumt in President Jehtn
semis ease is hat oucoumrmmgiiug to those wimohiutyu
misgIvIngs rniativo to the succession of limo
icelreslieumt but It lit eomethlnmg to bun tuiIe to
say that Jon Artimurs eondutt since limo ha
mooted event line ben atlrmmirabic lie may yet
disappoint alike time imopus of somume of imis
fritmtts anI thu a fara of limit t y of hi its ennui ice
Time LIverpool lof says The man 11cc not
in vain arourmul whose loumtimtueut aro btmrbeul mull
dissensions Peophs nnistivlngs relative to
Gee Arthur aro probably unjuusl to him anti
certainly uluierostimntt time gooti souse witlm
vltlcim American tunidlo opiumiomi uniformly con
trols time Execumtlve
1iotg Sept 21rho Opinionm expresses cor
row at time frtmslratiun of lresiinimt liii fiaiulq
progranmutmo by art asuincsimt but iiotes and
trusts tlmtmt Ion Ariimur who fin roecmmtiy coat
pletely cimnngod his attitutlo wilt follow In the
tootetcpg ot Ii Is ttreinpsor
V1ENA Sept 21Time nmmoruing issues of the
flewsutattore consiuter lime lnmmtlm of time lreellnnt
a heavy blow to America sonic oven prutilictlng
a 51 I It i II time U mm Ion put limo ujrenl I I it g sntI
mcii of time imioterutli Liiurtl section of limo
press is fairly well emmrnmarlzh by time TCQb7OU
which although not htutztrilng a iureilctlon
that timer will be no rohitical simock hunks no
crIsIs wIll he dangorouma so long us Anuourloamis
aulluor to time prInciples of time founder of time
re utu tulle
1AitTS Sept 21rhn Litcte says Ii Is to
be fetirel titat dentin wlli bar cloui for a long
titus time march of tiunt social anti prhitiual ron
rmmttion thin general lines of which Mr Guirfitmid
traced in life imieseage toCongres It Is scarce
ly icmutitftmh that time ncession of VlcpIrpsilent
Arthur a partlean of ion Grutmit riiI oroluico
t1 suuitlen ant radical change in the spirit of the
Stole Governors Svmitlnme Mondayns is hay
or ir53erM iiictpt Oliservitoces
Adviccs from ovary part of thmo country
report signal manifestations of grief over the
datmtim of President Garfield Embioms of
mourning are displayed places of amusement
are closed and pubiho nmeotlnga nro hold to ivo
oxproeslon to the popular feeling and to at
rano for approorlate public observances
Jove Ludlow of Now Jersey Cuhlona of liii
noleJeromo of MIchigan Perkins of Callfor
ala Llttlefieid of Itimotitu Island Joy Cornell of
New York and fluigood of South Carolina htavo
Issued proclamations appointing tIm Jay of the
funeral at Cleveland as a duty of prayer and
services In time churches
The municipal authoritIes and mercantile
bodies of Stun Francisco have decIded to have a
grenul fuimorol procession on thmo day of limo
Presidents interment at Clevtianl
Popular etmhjscriptiong to thin Mrs Garfield
tumid hmmti been stattett itt Boston amil Demiver
A fund line also been started in Drmver for time
erection of it nmmommtmmmment to Itirilehti in hint city
On Tumistity for time llrst tltmmo 1mm Its hlMorv
nh tlacs of busimieca 1mm Deadwoot acre chased
lmunocrathtm pal Itiesh mnOtti utgs in Iowa have
beemu ubatmultunuiti ummtil furilier muotico Tii
Groemmitack rnettlmmg itt Des 3bnimies temisy itt
which Gtmm Weutrer was turesunt was changed
into a nmetnorlal mmietlng
ibe ttmentrcs in Cimtotgo ynro closed raster
dat evening The ils1tlay of rnotmrimlng tnn
iormms 0mm house frotuts Is nlmnost universal
Along Clumrk street thu merchants vuuritl time
citmirmiclor cut time iuorutthoas by eximilmlting
wehhexotuld esricmutumrte of time assassin liii
teunu tmntirgolmmg imorrItbo tOm three of viriona
k I mmtisnow i n tim e Ii a a 14 0 1 a nnubmm mmd now Ii it g
iumg to a Iutmmmiu tot mm Ilemmil piercing hula foot whim
a sItar ltsolutboims f tirmdttieimio wet adopt
ad by limo Board of I aj City Cnuuumcil uund
ntiuur boiios A fummmrmm sumiuit wit fired every
hmtilf imonir by 0mm artlihery battery
lhme lroy Volummtner erie which went to
Mentrnl to almond limo nflclai opening of time
Born I ii iou Ex it iiultlon rutum r imeut It otmmt w ithutmut
tstkhumg purt in time ttocuetilnus out utceoutmut of
the tientmm of the iresldcnt llforn its do
Lttriimr an tutIuIree cius preseumtri on beimnif of
lime Itlzns Cmtmmnmmitteo xtrccmlng regrct for
tIm stl cuuusu f lime tararttmre mmmii limo eymn
Puitimy of liii eilfZutis of 3loiutriii whhm limo
Ite p I i i I tim I i let i att I mu tim is eatum cm it y
Vim natitmmmii IIgates of tim Anctummt rier
of IiuLerniaia of kmtmorlca nina meetlmmg mit Now
0 rititmma hi tv I turimmi ito to otatre tIm n day of
the funurutl with mIVttroturimtte crenimnumlea
11 tIme oletmimmg of tim lottminIn Etmlbition at
Montreal Sctt ti omi lttesIay thu Lluumtmmant
I osrmuor ruferrutl I im feii mug termim a to thu loss
itstul I tiUti by t ii ii A tumeuiezin rut a die itt time
dotmt Ii of lrs ldtimt 0 nrihtIui
lucre will be a toiling of holht tumid firing of
tnimmulo guns in alL the cities of time itati on
Mr ioltn nitor 31 P proprIetor of thmo Lon
tiomi 7 itmuss Ii as Stmmt im is jotu rim al lime follow ln
tlermtttm roam Cimicuugo jtiu imuimrnfmmi nstiett
of ft lu cIt I it wIt helm ni I tim ii tutiiti 3 bum I It ii mma
hmoteht and or m mmcl to I storts mmcd tri vim rt I
lcnces mire ilraiui mm ijacc boar wIna to ttit
ii a ml U ii I vtu 55 C Omae or a ii uttiturimml I uave
fluent msimieum uurvmti 5 nIb lrsI ium1
riarfltlti uvuts lltt mueroly rumaeiel ms limo CImmf
Mmtgtrtrate or time grout rutttmbli ho Iris re
gilt Itd at tIm a i tm t Cr miuti lou of all I hi ltst ntmi
not eut iunlitme Wimcum dll rdrmm a ntrlvmto
cit mzeuu anti im s loss IS felt to ti i rztuuLk
lr or MLxme Sept sorroty
OIts ut riunmmg itt I Ciisua itt I imu dtttim of
Itnt G stud I I laos mm rum Ill it a I f rut tt Otm time
puhiic buliilngq tongrets uiimotirnueth out of
tteltit to time grief of a airier retublle A
beetling cmi Attieriatis vlhl be tid mit time Lugit
tioum to auiot ilitmtitlt rtsoluutlu as
Orrtw Sit 21 lfmo foiiiwlnmg iceurtiu
wait forwarujel I time British 3iitct r nt mmeh
i ngtoum by SI r V I I I in tim I tttctm it etl it g 0 vurmor
Gonural lhtu heastti to Cntivy to thu lt eal
dcii atuti through imiam to time petmrulo rut limo
I nited tatet LIme lueu yinLttttlmy felt by time
tjvcrnrueuut ammi people Of hue lnilniorm of
Canuumla for the suti ioa tim otuh of tim i rmill
Stteit have ciustainti in time melancholy dealim
of their hutum Irsidumml
the taio Jreidrii Stinilng Sleek
NOt timt least valtmauio of tIme lttt lresi
donuts pseiesiotm are omme timcuaanti simrrcs of
time etock of a immlmlumg comnpnamr of Sau Fratmcisco
time Lure5otmt tumarkot value of which is 2mi000
Time mine Is situated in ArIzona anti Is one of
limo laos vuluablu sliver nmitmes In that Territory
It it In Ii muecr Imlrlct tinal Cmmmiiiy abmiut
fifty miles froum time Soutliermu Paeiiic iitllwrty
Time amino uris dtiveiototl ott is cimleuly owned
by ni Jamumut M Ilmirimey of Yuna a Pioneer
mmutrchnrmt of Arizona omit frnuerim time
heaviest freighter for the Goermmrqcmmt itt
limo 1rritury Sotmi four or ile years
mtg Gui hloekwobi time levotei rtlendutnt of tim
iat Irsiknmt was talicmntti nt 1 Imnuma anti ime
eatmm lii hrmtimmmatu frmrr 1 oi lturumey htmu
liii loller bougimt time Stlvr limmg Mine ho gas
oi iiekwuutm Iii OIuLortUiitt 4f olnciug ii
uuimmber of siturca numorg hiib Iritinuls 1lu itt
t tr pttit seuvert t tm ums mm ii n Immomu mc hi is h tm lb it
0 lIiters tin d I a I trilelti tim sru us mum rider oT
emigres svus iumuiueuu to lakt 1tksm shumirs at I I
t1 S liii rum it a Imas mi I r at s lit I thit lame
lreiient f73Jt In ilirtizulu aim m itv
won ii I it I imti rum ark L I t l mite IIi 4 hat i
lrts luau I tuiuti vtum r tmm t Il t 4 I ur j to if I
lq ku hbtrny 1mm s tu 3tr I or
I1hi s ml ettil reiv alt i itt t Cf u
year fuotmm divitbents n tiuC Silvr lmrmg stue
muiIriu tnrss ui tdio
Wtsii Ixo 14 i Soul 21 Evtmytlmun nut
time jat I I u I tim is mum ru tig I mu tctu is 10
etrmbed us bemmug smmmewhmat retkte but hut at
termateiy rei1 auth svrtte4 II mt titotiglt ti be
C flung I ii writ I mmg it i t Iiettoim s at I imo t h I
I lit lemmu the I c utuzt a tittt ii I t b get t mu II y
I toni it I I tt I it i tu Iua Ii mtso e tnmmm tie I ii
tmttuutes tiimtt I mmteim eatmmmt be of
niurier iumutit time lmtrm 1 ii and tol Cork
hi mt now aii io eutrlttln limit otimmuou
5 11011 1 ii tue It ttitirtele I itut
Wl1tItSTCV Siut l uter tetc
mcvi to lresliett htopklrmss imonme yommug
Jitmnet A Garfiold was iihliy iehtius thtmmjnmg
time afternoon unit tustnin lie puese I a umtglmt
of um ii irok eu m 1 c V r m ii it le um hutS
futlbomi frourm lutt t 4 tm toity tie ii Immueb
ltttr lie wmh lease itt I rttittt to jhmt imme
I 0 I I ia i i r 11 it it t U ion
1 hun tutucilit 1 ns yttsttLiiy tt tIe trutt
limo for M r Gattehl uiggro utteul 5 I
iii1flg titum eonrjtnmure wre V II Crm tot
hilt iStuti llake lhrtjlhirit itiu0 lbmirv
Dillon 5isi Cormmeima M Stewart f3el
rg 1 linker Jstnrs artautd murmi Ii I
Fob natuck I tho Im ret tt mta I jttmk ij itt
i r t btrk 1 Ci U it A lw t Br ulmts
anti W J aters hinutnoor 2istiu ti5rO
ietLody ctmote J e C Jthmustn irestnm
liutkmmnn Taylor c Co 0 II Tecum Ie
irma it Cannon John S Kemmitiy Ar
tuohi Constabma c Co Kennedy liutchmtn
son A Co William Vimltewrlgbr Jeremiah
Mmlbank Charloc Irittt A Ce llmmr Let A
Whitjey Q11s aLtsL i V Lj000
each Bates Bead Coobov T L D S Elks
hleideihach Ickelimelnier t Co Jacquehin Di
Coppet Brothers V D Moore Co Dmunlmtsm
Juokloy Co 0 luntimers Sons IT K P
11 Thurber k Co U 1 Il Borland A It Gum
ming 5Q0 each oonor hewitt t Co time
11ev ark Hopkins I 1 lwaru Coopr nnt
lItre A S Hewitt fib nnim Peter Cooper
2110 an A 1 Ilnakimus 1150 TIme lund nosy
amounts to f21t8G3J
Ito syhht not tten1 he taerniTo be Reimi
in lotiiy
SVASTXIcOroN Sept 21Iioni time Capitol
Presiiont Arthur drove directly to tito lmouso of
SenatorJolmn P Jones on CapItol Iliii where
ho trill remaIn until the hulo house
is ready for lila occupancy Senator Joness
house is of irnuneimso size and was built
by Ion Butler for a residene ThG material
is Catuo Ann gronIte Thmi hmtmgo proportiomma of
the hmouiso make it look like a Government
building or a hotel Time interior be beautifully
flnisimoI and thuo large looms are wall suited to
the seiimiptmblio muses to which they will be put
Besides rrosidont ttlmur anti hutstwo secre
lanes leim and mIrs Grant are guests of
i3eniituur Totms
TIme Ireeitiemmt receIved fow visitors this even
hag Many cards were left but titu Iresilnt
watt greatly faulgumeti by tutu events of time past
few iaye mutt exeusumui iminmseif to most of limote
wim came ITo rctlrtI at 10 oclock thin Grant
wits visitiumg friends In time city in limo evtmming
At 1100mm tonmorrow Irusiulent Artimtmr will be
forumunliy sworn limb ofllun by GimleT Jtmstice
Valte Time crommmon wIll tko piae in time
IuoIreaiIenta room lim time uupitol It Is on
tlmorltttlvuly stutteul that time lrsilent will imot
attemmmi the fujiuctal srvlcr of Ihue late Iresltient
OutrlitlI in Cievuulmumud Two or three membura
of I hi is Cuuii ii vi I I go
TIme quuustlon of atm extia session has not boon
fornmmahiydlsctueeol It will iroiabhy be brought
ltfom is meetIng of thu Cabineit soon after the
lrcsldont is sworn In
A IIketlhood lint fine or his Itr will be
Mietre of the iiite JIoit
Time iuoucltoiuj now called to time Whmit
house by time death of PresIdent Garfield has
no lady presiding over it President Arthur
bet lila wife a ycar ago last January and acute
fooling over her hoes is among the sad to
factIons which pross upon limo President at thus
time Sho was limo daugimter of Lieutenant
Commander ilerudon of tho United 8tmtte
Navy who went down on imis shIp limo Central
America A gold modal In recognition of lmi
bravery was votot by Commgroaa to his widow
and a monument to his momory was erected In
time Naval Acndetny grounds mu Annuipohis Mr
Arilmur marrIed Miss Ilnrntlun Irm time early part
of lila career as a lawyer in New lurk cIty
ITo has two cbmlitireimono a voutim of 17 named
after tile fitlhier but ciuhlot Allan imy ttmo family
time other agirl of 11 nonmod eiiie ihoss
with time servants Cotistlitute limo itoumschold o
tim uumomiesl LemIimgton avunuo tsiuumuce
Time tresitiont lime one brother 3hmujor Vm
Arthur of time regular army lie has three
married aistre Of timse Mrs Mary MtElroy
of Aituany hums stommt tmuumcfu litue at lila imotms
of tale and hmns iookeul ums much after hmie imouso
holt ailmuira as simo otuitl
Presiuient rthuumrru mmecussiott to lmi new ro
pmmmiiuiliilticq iitts ioumn too rucommt icr iminm to
give utny conlIoratin to futntmily arrmngnnmnnta
imtr ii is ruSt tie rico mL tusim I muglo ru lout I I t imo
oar c of tier owmm Tuirni y will ltutrmit Mrs MeEt
ny will mumtett tutoutttii ho thu imply vimo will pro
ido Itu lime hmIttm lloust
nInzio IXr1Lg PITEI
iEnriled Vat cticIt sitj froiu Liiiltnw SreeS
Jail t ii iiuitct Steniimit1
TIme Italian frumit mclln of Now iirleun
whose annie hmrms bcemm givemu mis Vltucetmo lIe
bcuhio but Who is tleinnumtleui from time tjtmiteul
Stntes hi Ilutly as Glumttttte lstobti otherwise
lIanetazzo a brlgauuti wmts mmmuexptmctodly xtra
tilted yesterday Time evidence tutkeui before
United Shute tomuimltsiommnr Obcrrm bnc2tttiimm
tIme itucsitlomts soul iron Italy wmu forwaruled
to time State Iopturtrncmmt at utiuInmgtomm on Sut
urday erenimug time Coitnls4ionnr hayIng sent
notice of lila itmtummuhel action to tim prbeonere
counsel lr Cue on time turoviuttus timut lr
Ullo asked to imttvt timu papers kept until Mon
eimtybut time Cotmmuntuslommer sal tirt lit commit
not grant his reqtuel A ummmuuintu to 1ollve
tim turisoruor to SlgimrCmrnpora limo Itil1an
Chzurgd lAffuiruuu umi thut ctmutrgtt of mnturulnr
cmi aulummalut to cernriut rnumrter rmhmed the
United States 3inrshmmIa on Tuuetiny It
wuus clone by S Htmtmttr tlioCimif Clerk of timu
State Dtitartmmmeimt muting mmmi Stucrttiry Sbn r
Canitorenie name Jimmm N Lwls to ruumivo
I hut it rl o rutt it tul tim trlsomi or was tab on coin
Ludbos strict 3 mu yesterlity
Neither lila wife nor lii comtmmsi was ltrtaont
lb y not huuivi mug btsutn mot I ii I I limit It i wt to hit
suttut owns 110 Vif itl5cii tinder time emmatciy
of tgmttet Stuttuts Maraimil Jurrmimtrtj
Mullen ant Jones am imutrrimj muo mm ear
rlage wa ida myrms trivmm to 1tric tora in
lirooblyn hI was timuru put na bar of this
Duitmh stomtmuur I CitittitI anti traumafrrrl to
tiui thmmtrge of Ietor Z pito ant Josth Ihra
tiuu omers scnt hutru ft mum Italy IIme tonmm
S it m it sit ii I mm I It it tiler mton wit it tme prit muer
rii tie 150 ofilcirs rut bctrl
lJudge bbmlimmuttm mf thin cune for tie
prlsonr ixprtsmomj tehiuitmt him
trruoi that itt hail hucrm taknm mmvtti ii itt
ti lie u I I to I it vu Ii i it im u rI u g i I iuit
05 b for I ii u Stnlt ltuirt rrunl I I m 1 u ti
hod time C a mm mtmmm that Ut m re 1 cii tim
hearIng at thmt rm t tuna ramt liuO
failure of time tntn ti tim te
hue chriracterlzd ins mmii omitram ummm Luremji 0g
t 3tiynr Shot Sired imije me itt
KtOMO md Set henry ie
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