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The Angloriirklsh h Convention
According to a telegram from Constantino
pk the tiTius on which Turkey Is to cot
oiwinto with Bnulnntl Imvo at last been
I t ntrroed uponmid the eottvttit IOU ImH nctunlly
I boon slRUoil Tho conclusion ot tho compact
Las been bo loug vlayod by tho vacillation
and duplicity ot thu Sultan that It la needful
j to recall fomc of tho Btcpd ot the nogotlathm
In order to comprehend just what It Is to
S which tho Ottoman and British Govern
t muuU hao lull > assented
5 So loiiir nuo us July 31 Lord DCFFKIUN
notlllod tlio Pluto that by Its Inactivity It
hnil compelled England to I > UII the task
i of retot ing onlor In Egypt and that hence
foivvnrd Tuikldi tonciiircnei would b ac
cepted only provided the Sultan inailo nn un
ambiguous l declaration of his intention Tin
Sultan It was Insisted by tho English Am
bassador must pioclalm Aiuiil Puslm I
rebel mul lie muM agree that the Turkish
contingent should net umlcr the onlcis
j of the liltl h coiniimudor Tho llrbt uoiuli
tlou watt In awkward one for AmiuiillAMiD I
because ho hnil uuiiKbtloniibly been for along
long period anti probably Is to tho present
hour lu secret communication with tho
Egyptian robi1 The wcond was oven moro
I S dtataetcful because although 1 similar sub
prdluntlon of tho Tmklsh troops to their
In the
Christian allies had been accepted
Crimean war tho country assailed In the
I present Instance belongs to Islam and I
I may piobubly enough provo of vital Import
t tho iiiilutenanco ot ADUULHASIIUS
S callphal authority that ho should appear In
I Egypt not 0 tho coadjutor of Christian
i I powers against Jloliammeduiw but in a
purely > iudepcndcnt capacity
I t Even tho demand In rcfeiriaco to tho out
lawry of ABAOI though obvloUoly reason
nblo lu view oKtho decoration bestowed on
the icbclllous Minister and of the fact that
1 1 tho Egyptian leader publicly styles hlmtuK I
the lleuteuant of tho Sultan was icibiteutly I
evaded I was not Indeed until Loid Dur
rciilN Intimated that any further delay
j would bo construed as a refusal In which
case England might decline to any longer
S I recognize the right of Turkey to tko
I any part In tho fettlemout of tho Egyp
1 tian diniculty that thc Sultan woo per
suaded by his Miulblors to abandon Aiuiil
of Irado the
1 and tho text an Irdo proscribing
Egyptian commander was laid before the
conference A tiny or two afterward wo wore
told that tho liudo had been signed but up
t J to tho present timo It hag not been officially
published vat ions weak and dlslugtuuous
Pi i icasons being assigned for withholding It
S until the arrival of 1 Turkish force In Egypt
S Heretofore however Lord DUFPEIUK has
j been peiemptory In his demand that tho
I jiroclamatlou of outlawry should precede
f tho lauding of the Ottoman troops und wo
S I therefore take for granted lieU niich I stipu
I lation vv lib contained lu the convention signed
i yesterday
S As to tho placo of lauding and tho dogreo
1 of visible bubserviuney to bo observed by
the Turkish contingent In itt relations to tho
I English alley some concessions have been
made to tho Foi te In his original draft of a
convention Lord DUITEIUN had insisted
I that tho Turks must laud at Abouklr lloact
l or DamictUi all under no circumstances
at Alexandria or Port Said that they must
undertake no operations without tho previ
S ous consent of tho IHltWi commander j
that liiitloh officers should bo attached to
J tho Ottoman headquarters and thut the
S S question of evacuation should bo mado tho
subject of a special agreement between tho
These conditions were pronounced en
tirely Inadmissible not only by tho pal
ace party but by thoso Mluistcis of
S tho Sultan who have been anxious to
S como to terms with England Thero f >
indeed little doubt that an acceptance of
them would hao hopelessly discredited An
f UULHVMIL in tho eyc of tho Moslem world
t This beems to have been iecnguled by Lord
DUF Ems for after communicating with
tho British Foreign Office ho announced
on Aug 21 that yielding to tho objections of
tho Sultan his Government was prepared to
I vnlvo tho demand that any movement of tho
Tom lish troops lust bo first approved by tho
lititinh Government Ho proobc4l that as a
matter of comity tho Uugllsh and Turkish
l comnmtidcrs should llrst dullhoiuto together
after which although tho English General
should not approve tho intended operations
tho Turks would nevertheless bo at liberty to
carry them out On this basis It Is undor
KIMH I tlmt I tlio relations of the CGOuurutinir
nnn o
powers havo been ndJuiUil l and although it
S may seem at llrbt tight that tho English
much little rellectlon on
have yielded too luch a IUo IcUecton
the inllucucefl which constrained thu Sultan
to sign tlio convention will convince us that
they may probably y bo also looked upon as
gimiatitees of the Porto good faith
Uut beforo glancltg at tim part taken by
IIISMAUUK In this IITull wo should noto that
onu other stipulation Included In Lold DU
I liuiNo lust draft piovoked a great deal of
UKuuiblou and hits binca been seriously
niodilled Tho ieii ontutlvub of the Sultan
n VIM i ud that to land at either ALoe
I kit Hoscltn or Uamlcttu would ho l
imprictlcabli and that the Tuiklnh
ti Ie > npi l iiiulbo pel milted to dlsembatk either
nt Alxuudila I or Port Said lust 1 what con
cliiblon Wlt irnched I I on this point l we bliall
I lot know until wo have the text of tho con
I MMitliin but thu controversy was probably l
belt led 011 tho lines of the declamation madn
on Aug Ul by the English Ambassador Lout
lHniuiN t then bald that wit tie ho could not
conout to Insoit In tlni military uinvcn
tlun u clause uiithoiUltiK tho Turks to i
lund nt Alcsuiidila or Port Said yet ho was
willing to iLciud a proviso thut tint English
and TuikKh St tilTs should have power t
t modify tho programiim as ivguids the PlaCe
of illsoiubailditlun Thin c uiesslon wo
wiio told I wion afterward would illibomo
Might ulmmtlon ho I accepted by tlio Porto
lu J wo bUII > io e lmllll is lu coufonulty will
Lord DutTEitrcs suggestion that this part
of tho compact has been fiamed
I is 1 tolerably certain that AliDULllAMlD
would have ejected i tho plan of joint
action upon any tortes with tho Eng
lish In Egypt hut for tho eat tist In
terposition of Germany whoso influence
far outweighs that of any other Chris
tian power at Constantinople That HIH
MAIICK desires tho war which has broken
out to bo strictly localized In Egypt has
been plain flout the attitude of his repre
sentative since tho opening of tho confer
ence Vio have had moreover some explicit
Information relating to tho part taken by
the German Chancellor In securing the assent
of Turkey tu t tho agreement now made Thus
ou Aug IH herr VON HIIIHCIIPEM was In
structed to Inform tholorto that tho German
Government was surprised at tho delay > ex
hibited In concluding n military convention
A week later when another hitch occurred
tho Sultan was admonished to promptly
como to ternn with England n tho only
means of thwarting tho hostile plans of
Itussla And Dually It Is alleged that on
Aug JO when tho text of tho military con
vention was drawn up by Lord I DuilEUIN
and tho Turkish plenipotentiaries a Got man
officer was present all urged 1 acceptance of
tho English proposals
There Is Indeed little doubt that Iluesla
for her own purposes lion sought to prevent
tho Porto from arriving at all understanding
with England und that ot Into Austtia unit
bccmcd I uncertain whether her own Interest
did not point In tho steno direction llut
Irtnco liLHMAiicic hau been ublo to frustrate
Hulas machinations and tho Sultans
to have the will of In
anxiety t hlo good wi enllly11
the event oC a now effort to despoil him of
his pO possessions will prevent him in all likeli
hood from attempting to betray > the allies
with whom ho him bound himself
whol Mow blnd hhUoC to co
operate In Egypt
The Lawful Iowcri of u Governor
A remarkable feature of the present polit
ical campaign In Maine Is tho prominence
given by tho party speakers on both sides t
the t dlMiiislon of purely legal questions
Tho powers of tho Governor under the Con
stitution formed tho principal topic of Mr
HtAISERolnll speech and Icy PLAISTED
himself has now endeavored to justify tho
acts which thin Itopubllcan orator etltlclscd
by explaining his loW of tho fundamental
law to a public meeting at Portland
In tho article of tho Malno Constitution re
lating to tho judiciary tliero Is a require
ment that the Justices of tIm Slplele Ju
dicial Court shall bo obliged to give their
opinion upon Important question of law
and upon solemn occasions when required
by tho Governor Council Senate or House
of Itepresrutatlves I scorn that I differ I
ence of opinion nan arisen between the Gov
ernor and tho Council a to the Governors
right t removt certain officers without tho
consent of tho Council Under this provision
or tho Constitution tho Council by Itself
asked tho Justices of tho Supremo Judicial
Court for their views on tho question Tho
Judges answered that the consent of tho
Council was essential to a valid removal of
tho officers Gov PrAmrn thinks their
answer Is based upon an Incorrect coustiue
ton of tho Constitution and declines to bo
bound by It whereat Mr BLUNE declares
that tho Governor Is In rebellion against tho
Constitution and the laws of Maine and Is
trampling them under foot
Gov PLAISTED contends first that ho Is
right and tho Judges are wrong on tho re
moval question j and secondly that their
opinion IB not binding upon him Ills argu
ment on tho llrst point Is that where tho
Constitution says an officer shall bo ap
pointed h > tlio Governor with the advice of
tho Council and shall bo removable at the
plciiMiio of the Executive tho power to
remove Is vested solely lu the Governor
What Is tho true meaning of these words
ho ask Do they mean tho Governor and
Council so that wo have eight Governors
eight Executives one Governor elected by tho
people and seven elected by tho Legislature
The Constitution declares that tho supremo
executive power of tho State shall bo vested in
thoGovornor j and In another placo Itprovldos
for temporary appointments by tho Execu
tive Gov PLAISTED shows that under tho
authority > of this latter provision Mr BLAINE I
himself was appointed by Gov Coxxou with
out any action whatever by tho Council
In icforence to tho argument that tho opin
ion of the Justices of tho Supreme Judicial
Court given in answer to a request from tho
Conncll is binding upon tho Governor Gov
PiiAiSTED calls attention to the express
statement of twoof the Judges that ho was not
bound h l > It lie shows that an opinion roil
dcied l in pursuance of the constitutional
requirement In Malno Is not entitled to tho
same respect us 1 decision in nn actual con
ti o ersy In com t and then ho quotes Mr LIN
COLNS iangungo concerning tho Drum SCOT
ca 0 where ho thus commented not merely
on the opinion but on tho Judgment of tho
Supremo Com oC the United States
Mnnnt I t forget tlu I > ponltlon nnounifil by Rome ttmt
conFtltntloiml < iuFtintiH iirc to he iltriiUil h t > the Su
pmne CIr nor do I len > that lrl ilicMmut umy lie
hliKllnt In unj cnce upon I the pnrtleH In n putt ax to tie
oIel tnt that vult Whl they are uUo entltlil to a
tr > high reppct nnil cnnniilerntion In nil panitlcl cahts
h I all other tr artitifiitH of tie < loermncnt at the
anie lime tin raiulM dtlirn lut t confer Hint If the
pullc of Ihu UoNerniuciit upon a Hal iiiiHtioit ulTict
liii tlie I whole people In I to Ie l lrreocahl nxtilby 1 the
ilrrlilonnf ilia Ioiirt the Inrtant It Ii I nmU nj In nrll
nary lititmtlon uttuetn parties In I pi roiml artlnnx the I
puiplt I l hac ciHMul to be their OIl I intutcrp hal jOg
to tlutt i exunl racllcall retUnul 1 their gui triitiivlit
Into the ham of lat viultu itt tl Ibunal
GovPtiAiNTUi forcibly l reminds I Mr HLAINE
that this was good Republican dooti ino onco
In rispoiio to tho question of his vigorous
opponent When jay PLAISrED did I Gov
ernor of tho State of Maine ask tho opinion
of that Curt and then disregard it < ho an
sworn Somo > fall tlnce when tho late Gov
Llscur asked their opinion as to that Part
dour Constitution which provides for the ap
polutmeutof ur staff ollUeis in tho mllltla Tho
unanimous opinion of tho Justices was then
condemned > tho people null dlsngauled by
tho Governor Gov PLAIHTIID cites another
case In which tho Houso of Keprebcntntlvcs
not only refused to follow tho opinion of the
majoiity of tho Judges upon a qiicbtion r
luting to tho right of icpresentatlon but
acted accoiillng to tho law as laid down by I
single member of tho couit who dlsseiitci
fiom his bielhien
On the whole Gus PIA ISTFn appears to
have rcspictabli picocdcnts for his course
and to bo aeti mug upon an eainost convlctloi
thut his intorpietatlon of the Constitution I 11
tho right olio Tho provision of that Instru I
mOlt under which tlio t opinions of tho Uulge
may so readily bo obtained Is oxu edlng >
objfctlonahlu I leach to frequent test Irt to
tho t judiciary for the settlement of politico
coutiDveislis which would piactlcally bu tic
lei mined I out t of couit I thoy had to I puisu
tho courbo of ordinary litigations Tho tin
di < ncy of thu system tItus cstabllHhid In tn t
keep tho highest couit in tho State comist ii itt
ly I enveloped In I an ntmosphiMo of politics
which Is lot condiiolvo to healthy judicial
character The questions ate apt to bl pie
bonted moore cursorily and with less full lies s
than the ISO In I regular bill lit becaiiso tho
will usually bo framed In such a way as tu
I Induce if possible Just tlio auwer Which
tIo Interlocutor desires Tile > arc seldom
thoroughly argued 1 on both sides And
I nally the very general readiness on tho
putt of those who dislike tho answer of tho
Court > to disregard It must tend seriously to
impair tho respect necessary to preserve tho
nlluonco of tho judiciary
Tho discussion of these constitutional I
ucstloim In MaIne may profitably bo
tudiod In othor States where similar con
reversion arc likely to arise It certainly
enforces tho wisdom of keeping tho courts
as much as possible out of politics
A Itcnl Robbery Alter All
According to tho last reports from liar
Harbor tho highway robbery at Mount
csiMt was not a practical joke but a rent
obbory after all
I will ho remembered that a party driving
own Green Mountain were halted In broad
daylight by an armed footpad to whom tho
mmihii gave up their money and watches with
out resistance Natuially enough they weio
mortlltcd at tlieoccurienco Thcso
greatly lortled lt UCeleICO 1hlo
lOCh two besides the driver In the presence
oC ludieH showed tho white feather at once
Thy allowed themselves to bo plundered by
a single scoundrel ou foot making no attempt
to escape from him I and In noway displaying
Cbperato courage before their fair compau
bus Thoy let tho fellow strip them of their
aluablcs and then drovo on to their hotel
We do not say this to blame them or to
uslnuiile that they were lacking In mnull
I oan They were unarmed I and If they hud I
trovokid 1 I contest with tho ruffian they >
night havo endangered 1 tho safety of tho
iullit in their ohuige e They could hivo
really lolIO nothing mimi than dilvo ou In
SPite or tho lubber who might not have Hied I
for fear of alirmlng tim neighboihood l or of
adding murder to his lesser en mite But who
could say that he would not use his pistol
Moreover tho driver hal oltoved time ruf
hans command and loft his place to hold the I
icadrt of the hones Very likely the best
thing the only thing tho party hud to do
was to submit to bo cleaned 1 out by the lob
tier > Itewlstaiieo of any kind seemed to bo
isclcss The bravest man might hesitate to
It such circumstances
offer under Chcllltnlc
Yet that did not mitko tho affair any tho
loss mortifying to the men who wen plun
lorcd I must rather have tended to tuithcr
exasperate them when tho ndventuio was
mel I would have been a satisfaction to
hem I thy could have shown bOle light
could hao told of an encounter In which
however hopelessly they hud I been able to
llsplay their couiage Uut to be overcome
like a party of school child ten was too much
If theiefoie anybody I had wished to thor t
niglily I mollify i these mel ho could not have
chosen a better method 1 of doing It The no
Ion that the affair was not a real lobbery
nit only a piactied joke wax nccoidlngly I
stalled very soon after tho encounter
and a few days ago we had a story that tho
uiictlciil jokers had confessed tho hick and
riven up the valuables I wis told ery
ilicunistantlally but no one familiar with
MOUnt DcbCit ways could have believed It
fho report Wit Itself a 1 practical joke I
was not proluiblo that two glils would veil
uroou so dangerous aucxpeiimeut and that
a young fellow of their bet would risk his lo
In executing tho plan Moreover tho way
In which It was Mild that thotccrct was made
known was to theatrical for real life
If It had been true that the job was put up
b > > those girls and their male confederate
they all of them ought to have been at ouco
put under arrest and as severely punished 1
as tho law of Malno would I allow The rob
bery ighteued 1 not only Mount Dosoit but
all watering placo populations and 1 gavo a
hint to scoundrels of which they have not
since failed to take advantage
Uut tIn > practical joke story Is now nuthor
tativcly denied Stimulated b l > a largo re
ward for tho arrest ol the highwayman
every effort Is I still mado to catch him
though by this time It scorns likely that ho
haH lade good his escape Meantime I the
season for Mount Desert is about over Thin
enjoyment of till isltors was very much
limned 1 by tho robbery for drives and pic
nics wet no longer as free as foretell And
IC tho villainous enterprise succeeded bO
wel then shall wo not have Imitatloiisof it
next bummer
Bad as it is however it would nut havo
been loss deervlug of punUlimeut if It hud
been a practical joke Tho hlon of two young
gills of good breeding getting up a con
spiracy to play highway robUry In that
practical fashion endangering lives to inor
llfy people against whom they hail malice
was btartllng Indeed I the enterprise had
been devised by drunken fellows as an Inci
dent of 1 prolonged spree It could not havo
been nioro outiugoous Tho place for gills
who play with life In that fashion would be
a prison or an lusauo asylum
The llennest of Thieves
Ho Is ELLIH P Pmrrs late supeiintendent
of tho Philadelphia almshousc He stole the
soap sugar hams candles starch vimgar
molasses hud eggs pIckles and other gin
cedes bought for tho vietched beings undii
his charge Five car loads of groeiilts tumid
bedding stolen fiom tho alm = hou < o wen
found In the t cellar of his bonidlng hOI l
Punlsls I 1 true graduate of tlio KEMIILI
school of politicians For ten yiniH ho him
been a pioiiilnent Hell lc1 politician nod
has liild his official poit i by virtue 01 his po
litical services Llkoothors1 ho bIB tohuvi i
thoioughly understood thu science of addi
tion division antI silence1 Tho nlmshouo
thefts by 110 means cover tho extent of t f his
peculations They am only tho mean
est of his etealn Ho embezlcd 1 the
city moneys and robbrd of thuli i
wages the keepers Indebted to him for
their appointment When arrested ho
viol promptly balled by I Itepubllcau Alder
man PIIIIIK as promptly disappeared I ii itil
all the detectives in the lund mire now on tho
alert for him If captured liko his political
brother KHMIIII ho ought to bo convicted
and If convicted l unlike KiMiiLE ho ought ti
servo tho pcntcuco of the Court
Thin unearthing of PiniTSHinldoeds places
tho crowning stigma on tho Phlladclphli
lllng Like thin misdeeds of thin oh I Tuinnmii >
Ring In this city they weio bumght to llgli
tluough tho ofloitsof 1 commltteo of cltl
zcns iigaullcfasof unitY UossTWEED 11111
his lleuteuiuitH weio colossal tim hnts itit
thoy noel lobbwl paupers I Indeed I thor t I
mado themselves conspicuous by their t t dona
tloiw to tho poor Nor did c they escit itt pun
iHhment Tlielr chieftain died in piJMii
iNiirlisotr and others of lesser I I milk suf f
fereil I tho t penalty I of the t I law V 1111 m i
llENNussrv I I Como t and his mateu are stll
fugitives from justice Philadelphia ought
to piollLliy this example
Tho piilillo good leipilies tlio pionip
punlshinont o If official 1 I thieves hey Hov
million great mistake two ycuiH ago ihiii
piiidon of i > r ICrMiui undoiilitedly emlioldinii
IliUTH and tho iiiblnrs In the Ont Tiiistnni
Tax Itiiilverhiilllces u KiMnirnpunl i I > limrn I
might havo stlned up a wholesome fear tutu
would havo saved hundreds of tluniunilbii I
dolliiis of tlio public money and Imvo spuei
Phlladtlphlu the pnBCilt i i dUgiareful uvmi i ii
As Ill I In llio t peculations I of tlio t Nmvuik i do
fuulluiti and ol the old Tamiuuuv lung say
leg nothing of tho record of BELKNAP and
ECOU ItoiiESON appear almost respectable
when compared with this latest steal of the
Philatteipltiti flIng
Tong Iilnml
Mr AUSTIN Connw Is managing tIme Long
bhuul Itallroad with Letter judgment than It
has ever boon managed before To tho
Poilio or tho lllou through whIch It passes
his railroad Is more Important than per
mps any other railroad I In tho country >
11 ColililN should tin n his thoughts to tho
North Shore Ho has tlono a good deal on
the south sldoj j but on the north his admin
stint Ion has not begun to utitlto Its murk
Two things repcclally arc worthy Ida
ttcutrim First ho should take the road at
oslyn anil carry It down to tho water side
mil thou following tho shore ho should cx
end Itaiound to Oyster Bay and Huntlngtou
Next ho should look out for building an
I mmensc summer hotel ou the top of llnibor I t
1111 This Is tho highest elevation on Long
Bland Its height ls 381 feet abovo tho sea
ho ptospect from tho summit Is vast and
niignlllcent In tho hottest weather the
ueezes there are as cool and refreshing a
hoy aro at Long Beach 0 at AmagaUBctt
crimps oven mute so Mosquitoes and nmla
na aro alike unknown The spot could bo
inihiil 1 with ease lu fortylive minutes from
lunters Point A hotel theio with accom
nodatlorm for live hundred I people would bo
ono of our moat popular revolts dm Ing the
vholo simimpr seion j mil I these t people
vould go buck and forwaid over tho Long
nlaiid Ilullroiul without a slnglo deadhead
among thor all
Let Mr Cuiiltix tutu theso things over In
his mind Let him try to please the Long
Kland I I people everywhere They are lot
vomit mmmlii ilacu folks by any mentis and It Is
uticli better for Ito t ituil tenth to enjoy thilr
good will than to cultivate the opposite pen
ti Imeut In their Intelligent I minds Assuredly
Mr CoillilN should do soniething to develop
time beautiful and I picturesque North Shot
hero Is no moio charming stretch of coiiu
tiT any where than that which meanders
long the buikeu line of coast fi omit Flushing
iay to Orient Point with tho blue and beau
cous waters of the Sound lu front and tho
Monotonous expanse and fcitllo farms ot the
plains behind
Tho now fiscal year thus far i continues tho
story bccuii In thy old of I great decrease of
mrchimdiso exports and a great Incrcasu nt
nercliaiiilia Itnportrt July of 1WS1 showed
nearly iloum millions cxces of exports ocr
inports July of 1SVJ I shows moore Iliac dos Cli
nlllloiifi PCO < D of liniorts Ocr exports Tlio
difference is I twentytwo millions fortlil pcrloil
of ono month Still I moo hlrlklng docs tho I re
sult become on taking together many month
hiring tho tvelu innnths jrior to Augl I 1SS1
bo excess of mcrchandlso extorts was moore
linn a quarter of I billion dollars but during
thin sisen months prior to AUK 1 18fr2 the cx
ccs of mcrchatultso unions wits lucre than
Illy tnlllloiiH Lnikc crops of all kinds and I
food orclun Ooninnil for them will be needed
check and ruxerao this tviuleucy durlui the
priisciit lUcil year
Tho Itlchmond people who have again
ben buying Conlcduratu bondt doubtlis have
their motives for thin acciiilsiiion of this species
of property I U I sao to ny that tlioso who
tart i ith It for solid cash are well content with
huopuritlon 1uiImps I mutual booui might
bo given to these Lull and KtXLY motor
stock by pooling 1 tho two thus tjivimig the
iolders and purcluceis doubly brilliant chances
of making a tune
Tho throngs that havo tilled several of tho
reoiiiied thciuni I i vs e r sirue I the mldillu ot
August mire rcmni kable I inliiht IJ ImuKlned
hat ilurlnt the tiog day < the Interior of Phil
house In tile heart uf thin city crammed with a
sweltering audience and hOlt 1 by hundreds
of giii jet would bo by no nienns attractive to
I Ienou In scanhot enjoyineut lull I fact
10 sooner are the theitres leoiened than they
ire usually crowded Tho Itt t > explanation
may perhaps bo found lu Ibo rcjtleMicb and
love of iliaiiKO which cause many ot th < io
8amo Iholleo 10 clot In oaily hum mol bofoiu
really uncomfortable weather his coin This
disposition both to anticipate tho tlmo of I
ainnconicntRiiiul to tire ot them before their
proper season Is I over In I seen in tho rnh of
pcoplu to shiver at the sea beiohes eulv In tho
summer and the eompiriti o desertion of these
resorts at tho time when they turn lost en
Tho claim of WALLACE Itoss to the rowing
championship I Is I natural ono Into no ole
can deny that ho lias tried erjhuddiirlnj the
lat IWO yours lO secure a munIch with HINLAN
and that thu latter his been by no means Irre
prcoslbly eager to lOt his only lorinidiblc op
ponent Nevertheless lo > s can 10cr feel us
1 ho stern thin real champion until t alter an
actual defeat of HANLAN I is J cci lain that ho
will bo able contest with thin
wi not L Ihlu to secure a wlh
Utter earlier than next summer and beJoio
that tlmo perhaps tot1 HTMv may be cncour
aged by his late success to meet him
The rumor from Cincinnati ofa prospective
war between tho Adainsaml tho United States
Express Companies must not bo accepted too
hastily TldlngHof thN character are apt to bo
caught up entcrly by thin public in tlio fervent
hopo that they may i > roo true The subject ol
the eend lag 1181110 Is tho8 I > sicmof monopol
within monoiioly by which tho great
wlhll 101011 Irllt express
business i of tho I cout lit ry has hitheito main I
tained ita grip Their compact heaves each
company to work Its oun tetritoiy without feai
of eiioioicliiuent by tho others so as to take
away the publics m only hope of healthful com
petition A dlsputi has long existed I between
lie I two companies in limiest hint ax to whether
ono or Ito I other or both had violated this I com
pact Should they push the artn men t ton I war o
rates us It Is rumored they may tlio public
would tempoiarily bo tho calnerH but perhaps
tho eli would bo 1 closer monopoly than ocr
Tho leasing to piivato Individuals of por
tions ot tho Yellowstone Park for oiectim
elow81010 clll
hotels thero will mark I new tuid In the his
tory of this Place That It will eauso an Influx
of travel Is unquestionable Presumably there
will also bo a rush of rival hackmcn sellciso
Indian curiosities nml oIlier pcoplo who make
Niagara Falls so en joy able and in I com m so Ir f
time tho chief cascade and chute of the
Yellowstone may bo boarded un and Nltois
charged ten cents 1 peep fun picsent enter
prise is an Illustration of time rapidity will
which I Ito t push ot money makliik sometimes I
called civilization penetrates to regions once
deemed Irwccissiblo I Presently it u may heal
whisperings from thin Yellowstone lessees to
COHKIISH n the Intoilor Depaitnicnt for Im I
provements of tlio property national expense
Tku Hliti niul Nltlpci I nod KiKiiillli I for llliu i u
From tlie I lilniMt lu rtiail
T lie rid iemu In CIt upon tlmt now fiumigleil di
I iit tin Irtilintit I 1 llntf riiiilli tin amcilnu iomirn
Inn Hull oll lili rnrrnmil When Vlot Ailinlrnl
1orti I r 1lllah ftiithtr in Hit ivy l > t nrtnunt itur
imrllrnntn I uirllir nilmlnlilrnllnii nmt hnil hiH ii > on
hit 1inMl It kiicit > < lon 1 nt nliif ili 1 to I the ihlif com
mninlof tin iin > In lirilinil out 1 nn iiidtiu tor tin U i
niirtil who nt Hint linn uim till htro Furrinfiit rht I
vttiinttiril s M ui nn inll tituS nllnlr nml fUKtfnu1 tin
ltrili h rro I nf I si thIrSt nn ninth im I hillS rio
mlru l IliniIht in 1 tlnir VMIH rnlml on ihli Imnnl ovtr l lln
htiilodl lit unitilnifilif I vhior nl Mnl lit nml I Nt
iirli I mi 11 tin iiointiii rfit intor 1 inuuhl hU 130 nt onu
IoinllliK llt In lilt llnr m tin toi I > cotthe linvrllvili
mninliil I Ii hot ilo imi mil Hint irilillrnn Ililnir ii I
thtrti omtIoil lolil him hid it IMU Ito nitl ii
il ill Mil Ailinlrnl mini
II lio ontirillt tobi I lioMulT hi nirnln IIMI Hu
M1 iMfilili i Hint ViC Ailinlrnl Porter Mini
I rnli Hint rnn iltmn 1 lit onn > hiIhiiitilirnl flie
blurt 1 iimi fctrlii 1 > in ynI moiitih for nit
Alniunl Itirlii u nrlillron rIo Iown t llh 1 run ami
la 11lhu iliit h ami luit I HJIK u 1 us ft > UHI limit irkd
New HAVJX Sept 4Tho fall campaign In
thIs State will bo an umitiualljr short ono Tho
cpubllcan nominations for Stato officers will bo
m loon tho 2Uth anti tho Demociatlo Convon
tion for tho samo purpoao will bo hold at Hart
ford on Oct 1 This give acaniialtii or a little
ess than five weeks duration In pursuance of
time bargain or If that Is too harsh a torm call
It understnmllnw entered Into two yearn
ago LlcutQov liulkoloy will as all things
low point head tho llopubllcan State ticket
follow ho novortholoftsdocs
orootmllr HKoulnlfollowho lerlhlleRI toel
lot rank In his own paity In that circle ot men
whence Gubernatorial candidates are ordinal 1
IV selected Ho Is a man of undisputed wealth
a factor which of coiirto possesses peculiar at
ructions for Itopubllcan politicians of the Nut
noicBtatc It II as jotunuotoriiilnedon whom
ho Democratic cholco for Governor will fall
although pretty generally conceded that any
air clean selection by them will L successful
fen who do their own thinking lunobccomo
tIred of Hoptibllcan rule and many who Inure
heretofore voted with that party will this full
pproach the polls for tIme fist theme beurlui
I IJemocratle ticket The lust Assembly oer
vlumnliiKly Uepubllcan passed a stilnttiit
ilcensu law which amounted almost to prohl I
iltlon iinda large class ordinarily counted as
I I 011111111
topiibllcan procinliHiitly t hue German olnmcnt
aio uneiiHy und determliieil to Vote iiuulnst
ny 111 hat h which ussmnisoM rpiTBonalllburlyu
ictatlonalmyut paternal The Democrats havn
xecuilliigly cood timber from which to select
Amuuomug the older inuii exLleiitOov Loomis
ol Now London vxrtonator iatoa of Hart
old and Judge Itoland Hitchcock of Wlnchis
Icr aio promliiuntly I talked of Of the I younger
iiitnes 1 W Seymour of Bridgeport T M I
Vallcr of Now London Dr A W Alsop ot Mid
Uptown arc freely discussed < ll eligible men Of
kite Judno Luyoii 1 MoirU of this city has
In connection
> eeneiy fiiNornbly eonsldured II lOllcOtVI
sri thu the mu aim I nuttiomi Any of these candidates
110 I popular feeling continuing I I I It I exists to
lay could safely succeed Should exSenator
jitnii bo I nominated fur ConKroni in tho hurt
tiid district i tlio t I eontist between him and
olmlt Duck I tho present Incumbent I would
ho m close with hue t chances In I faNor I of Jatou
Iiiton IH I a thoroughly honent mal and
ould never be caught mippini when I
huh like tho Hirer ami Harbor steal should
hil I under dlsciioslon lliick 1 lu his locord 01
Ills HWlmlli1 I I lulLs made mnihcil many enu
ales within his ou party and the
Ilus OWI
nen who vote quietly and noiselessly will be
ipt to turn tin bilaiKo against 1111 on election
lay In I 111 t 100111 Cclut css bunt hiisti let ii
llnully I I btninuly Demouutk ludge 1 PholirV
siiceesMirwIII I U elin fii Pholph IH out of the
liiostion His name Is I not mentioned 1 audibly
orii iiiionilnitlon Ho lulLs doubly iiiem lilted
hut llttlii htnngtli he oilKlimlly i sessed
111 111
I list by his sole in sujiport 01 the ller tumid
larbor hilI and next I > II ueik attempt to di 1
end what Ids dofouie UttiiMv admits to bo a
Kkuutle wioug Them ar > of vouisu seerul
andidiilo wrUI Ol 110 place which Is I to i Im ucated
by Ilielpi A lepiesentitiNo man ublo honest 1
1 1111
md I fouile > s uuKht tu bo selecied Tlio lllo t
dltilit lu the Htate
lopnlons mind scholaily trlt II tlo ttlh
should be represented in Congrvs by I man uf
nputatioii of utreiiKth intellectual smut moral
ChulcH L iI 110101 I nt Eat Haven ft j promi
ientl > talked of by tliit element of the paity
vhleh I < ulwiys up I for hlie I I f their t advocacy
I s to count be may IK I silccostill In that men
of this t nomination I U I seems to bo gomrully
onudod thit thin Iiimo < iitlc campaign In the
< 1 < flu I 11st rIot like tho I HulKeley campulKii In
ho State will bo run study on thin lulsli
uo of I money Mr l i Mitchell I I is I an unknown
mm 1 Is I uncertain what inn his l iows
I t Indeed ho has any upon the
meat anil sital ijuestloiis of national im
lortanei It Is I howeer ccitiiln that he Is I
thc pos osxnrof I IIUIM InliirliMl lot muon and
hi ils rid am big 1 with I uisum ma acts that this I
will In livtshly oxponded for both a nomination
tion and mi election 1 lemaln tube soon
huthvr a IVmocratie Convention is ready to
ay down hue 1 rule that an ouillowinc pmso
shall hereattei bo I thin only controlling I IIIKU
nnnt In a candldatus favor I the DcmoTiiy
of this district poMseriseil 1 as fearlei und honiht
n now ° paper us Tin SUN this mode of securlnii
loloKatlnns would bug ii 1101 have been ventl
ated Thu best element of tho party today
repudiate it with dlsi > nt I Should Tndeo Mor
ris of this city or Charles Dm nnd of Ansonla
or any of the candidates now mentioned orwho
flu 11 t bo named besides Mitchell t bi silected
the reMilt would iitt l far inefeiable to success by
means ot a bought nomination and election
IMn MItchell host friends elalm nothlnu for
ilm iHyoml his moncvand his claimed suliii mug
nes to spend it latin I Fourth District I Col
Mile 1 Hlclmtdfonof Limo Hock will U I the
Demooratbnominee according to tho vresent
outlook He can readily I I tm elected over Miles I
outook I
or nny Hepnbllcaii who I can bo named His
nomination will I I t IHin I every wiy u strolls ono
101111101 11 111 wiI then thu odds lit crcltly III I
favor of n IVmniratlc lctoty In Connecticut
this fall 1 With I judicious j nominations u I hero I Is I
no 1 valid leason why three I out of time four Con
urcBSinen cannot alo bo secured to swell the
Demociitic triumph ALCXIB
lclo ntJe IrllIh LlJ6
TIlE RlVrH 4f llHtllOIt STJJ
The Keent rtkf > Apprnprlntlnn or 8SOOOOO
fur laklMnU llitrliur Cut
To THE EniToit OF Tue Sus Sir I you
will read tho Chief of I EngineersIleport for 1891
last Issue on paces 2402 and 2403 you will
nnd tho hidden hand of Oakland Haibor
Pago nut engimmee r liii rps out thin tidal pilinp
a pure engineering hun zuLu g This tidal prism
must bo rcistnbllshed In order to furnish mitt ox
cusefordreilKltiK SonOOtlli cubic yards of silt
What docs ho walt SUOOUO cubic yards of silt
for blmply In order to fill up behind thin
training walls or iiuay in order to build 1
good level piece of dock property for porno par
ties corporation or other How does he do it
with Mr Hnckett the
Simply by specifying wlh 11 laelot
who holds contract for250000 yard
dredger holl a cOllr1 ror2501 rarl
that onehalf of all the dredging must bo do
posted above highwater mark That K I I I I re
quires i about onehalf I to fill up below hlch
walr mark and onuhalf JO bring it up to a
plateau ready to build I or do hjusi toss on
This talk ot the engineer on tho necessity of I
1 tidal pi Ism shows that tho man knows noth
ing I whatever of r hjdiaullc engineering Now
sir who or what If limit grunt corporation that
has time political Influence to lob tho Treasury
for conducting this pmoly prhato Improve I
ment Cant rOII let your readers know Thin
fusH made about the title to the bed of tIme es
tuary Is only a blind I 1 I In I order to make It I appear
to the public fools In Washington and through
out tho country that the parties or owners aro
opposed to tlii I Ooernmonts doing this thing t
ali that It Is of no Intoiest to them
How I does tho t engineer inereio I I the tidal
Piism ot IhI bay by taking 311111 Ills emuhic yiud
out of one all I ul thin bay and dumping It In
another part I According to hjx own explana
tion onelialt of all ho taken out Is I dumped
back In thin baj below highwater line X X
SAN 1iUNUMo Aug iJ
Hub Viinre Not Suck n < Jret Pool Atlrr 1
To THE Kmron ox Tun SUN Sir All honont
ifnplr noiiniitir 0 hat nrly UHJ u u tirhmir to npimolnto
thtiourrf > ou liuii e taktit in loll tho oniiiutirri
who lint Ihci mill tu the lilur niul Iliirlinr hal nuul < l U
utloriltil I ihoiifuiiiN ofoiir nn < lrri trit > lriiiuri to t
IIIM the tntlrt iit c If thili n > w til thoun up nH liny
I lit 1hi inoriiini hut I tto not think on i iutioiio
il h > il millie hU lute
iditt on North rirollnan tit ronus the name of
I Vnnii Itolurt I I Dim I IlifnnUil t In fvnr ullhnui
ttrl I itiou ntthoukh Huuonnilie elI kot nothini
IliHcr tillS through I tlu I > lint o f iiroprlnitnnw mul 1
lllllnl Krciiih llrnnl Illwr lint iuit hue llrkliiv
fsi I ii Uhrllli > thr I county CIt of llinioiHnhv lion
tIe trtnoh llrenil nml Sinltlin Hrlto U I juul t I In re
The irintltninn frill North curnlliu ill not Iilk Ill
tlmt for t unknui tilt for Itiiiiuoinlti
Nku YoiikSi II > 4 joe I Koitn
For GoTOrnor or IlelHWiirr Kemlnlicrnre
To Tie IlniTou OK Tie HuSi In thin year
1511 II ii tIC u clirk in ft comitr Horn In Mltthoro i Hint
rximniljliil I John WI l wn I lie iroirlrtor Ihli 1
lolin Win I > n > Ihi i noiiiliirr Cf Hit Drmoornilc > nrt for
hhtrlit I AIIIOIU hi intl i miortiri 0 lIe n 1 thin
joiiiii 1 hull of tr > li nmul niMnm whom tile inllnl 1
thor > Mm kit > Will lolin 1 WI I 10 tltitnl
MM nit 11 I a MTV mal iiuijiirll I Ami 11 In nokmmliiUul I
Hint lila tlfciion o nn milroly ilm to I Hit i lrnoritlnnr
I llorttif rinirln I Httukln ills tcrnillinli look I hut
f 11 11 Hi tonk rtitr > inlo ioinirtin r liii u llh him lull I
krai him Hit tnllri nkf If uhf > liihhn > MM ti hihi ln I < Hi 1
limltil to hU iiultt i 1 Minil I uihriiitlntil niluk
t 10 I 51111 riniili I SI f I Stoi kll V I I lu till Ililllllllti lf
tlu 111 lor nt rnor If i > iht M iu > till ilinuuh I
III I litIliiltini liii 1 IIIIM utul flu 11 I r 1111
rrt < ilini Hi it ii 1 tr iioiiilintinl mit 1 t > nt dMoti
mr llu liiM I oni If I lilt I liiillil iiltainh MilfiT VI lm
soilii iri 1 n rt mlfll I I of htltunrt lit inallinl t
liii CIII in in Hi hnon hilt I us i to I lortiininiil liniii
thu ii I is lit IS II Intiuillt lllil iiHiiini Ami 1 ilo
ho t tin tt I r if f ii l > < lnitrt Mil iii hilt ntli n ronliu
mtlnii lt llul It u ill 11 Im Ihloiliihoiil Hit Unlit Ii 1 sinli
Him h I liIti i mil I trill hn ll fell nnl itn In Iii lilt
Mir u 2 mess lv vt m
Vkfiti u Nolillfl I May Vole
To TIII m riuini mm OF Tin SUN is Is a soldier
inlMnl I In ihf nuiiliir iimniiitiiirl in iniMinor <
Ulmil milt It II < t to n ott < T II m lor ti hut nitiriT
jul SUMI
II lie i In u nilin luiKllitil on lilt erlire lkutil the
> lilt rlor toiliiiliiiiln t niil him not intnl ilifuhtri
In thit jiiir Inimij rikUltr mil tIlt liu hue Putt iiti
lion I miil tam If tin I Iirim t heit iii ill > Dntrlclof t New York
tim till iihitii
IIw lk Scheme ArTfco the Hepnlillciin Or
Kiiiiliiillon In Iko Nun Ik
WABIUNOTOX Sept 1A short time before
Secretary Chandler left on Ids tour of Inspec
tion and politics a fathering van hold In fur
therance nl antlllonrbon enterprises In the
South This sort of business naturally foil to
him when Chandler caino Into hue Cabinet
HUoxpcrtncsa at political management It was
hiipponed would specially uiiallfy him I for It
lleforo tlio election Is over the Administration
will learn that men without iiuallllcatlonsnc
iiulred by actual experience In tlio South will
not bo successful whenever results depend on
the negro
Attempts like tlio present Imvo lost the Re
publicans tho adviintiujes which onco they de
rived from thin heavy negro vote In all the
Boutlioin HtntoH Wisely directed the negro
sole might oven now bo mudo to keep llio purty
on Its logs there and with KB strength In the
North perpetuate Its uxlstoiico for soino time
to come Tho nianauvrliigof tho Chandlers
and the HubbolU has biokon tutu thin Uipubllcau
party In nearly every Southern State U Is
destroying what remains of tlio orgunlatlon
Without an exception the party had a vital
organization In thin old slave States and Ken
orally In lImit Congressional districts So long
as It WHS maintained It had a footing that oc
casionally cropped tu the surface Whatever
was gained belonged to Itself Tho party In the
South had thai encouragement of its Northern
brethren It wan almost certain of winning
on the principle of the right to vote without
molestation and to Imvo Its vote counted For
thin the party could afford to stand and wait
Thousands stood with and for It all over the
country It hid a living Issue und was bound
to bring success
Uh locnlled antlIIourbon scheme linn prac
tically dostnjed tho Itepubllcan organization
wherever tho Chandlers and the HubbolU have
put It in practice It has given time biuckii dis
satisfied Uomocrats for leaders whoso solo
object Is oftlco and spoils Chalmers1 has been
adopted by Chandler and hubbell and Isiu
colvlug a portion of tIme two per cent as > es8
ment The Itepubllcan party in Ids dibit let
had nn organisation and a solid vote If Chal
mers score not actuated by I the slngli motho of
olllco for himself ho would help tho Itopnbll l
cilia to utilize their I oruanljitloii ii lid ii rum at
tlio foul of the procession with whatever filend
ho has Instead of tills he demands to bu
placed nt the head ol tho t Ucpublicaii column
preliminary to a scramble to give him an oil lee
Weio thero any siicli thing as principle In I It
wero tho t Chalmeisen theMahoiiesand t tho t dozen
other I dlsntislled UomocnitH reed ring llio
Iivoi of Clinndler and Hubbell nlneero In their
profeshlons for a fee rub and honest count
they would I iniufo u tliinisilves with tho oiganl I
xuioiis which havo always had this for their
watchword ami helped to reward tho t I faithful I
tentliiilsof I I I I i thoclUK with such olllees as stein
to IRJ lilted KMIII If thin CliaiidlerHulilKjll lute
tlen niicuoil the sum total of tlio I result will IHJ
that ClialmeiM and tlio other advenl in ms will
have scuts In C ° oivro > s and the liepublicans
will find themselves dis > erbcil without an or
This is In process of realization In Virginia
where Mahunos ejiorts mire about equally
dividod between Hcuding Kepubllcans to the
rear and to thus support of Democratic favor
ites of Ills own and in thrusting outot olllce
and otherwise punishing those who object
whenever they can bo reached For a prom
ised momentary advantage to AntiBour
bon udventuierH the tens of thousands of
solid Itiiuibllcan voters are reiiuiied tosacrl
11 po their permanent oiganljitlon
It Is true that Chandler Hubbell and other
patriots might othorwlo not get the appio
priatlons which constltiito thi malnsiiring of
their corrupt ant I Houirbon comblnatioiiH It
is for this that Cioveinment omployocR aio
squeezed for their inouoy and the public ser
vice is demoralized
The antlBouibon craJM is having its I day
TIme present prospect is tlmt It will uo only for
u short time longer Republicans an regain
ing their I tenson Chandlers cry Tlio Hag
and an apiuopriation bad ceased to animate
l > r Lorlnc nnd kl My > terlou > lltircnil
WASIIINOTOX Sept 5Dr Luring has a
curious Idea of tim ditties of Commissioner ot
A rlcultuie He Is away most of tho time Ills
present whereabouts being Maine Ho too Is
on it tour of Inspection und rather an extensive
ono Of courbo it Is essential that thin Commis
sioner should Inspect time ciops and the tools
and tlio soil and talk with the fanners Tile
lost three or four months have been favorable
for journeying which wa lucky her thu Doctor
who otherwise might not havo enjojed liim = olt
It IH pleasant tn be ublo to uin cry pint of thu
country u at public oponso Tim Doctor was id
wavsi great inspector of ciops wherever ho
got paid for lecturing at fair Thcrotoie he
takes naturally to Inspection on a larger scale
at public opejiM It Imiuoves his health
Meanwhile the Agrieiiituial t llureaii stands
a iii ttiur esen gu cmi tet t liii mu tvluuiu Ie I I tie
suits Coutimmilslomier Ihit most pruicthcuuh tlmimug
rtucomdeuh if thu I utulhtmtuy uumuul x litmiuts u etimu
cent 5ius uiienu uy a uciuer in I f I l is uivo I
liii tin handling ol thu eeds Mild he ami 1
will I I give the I Ooviirument tho t benefit I of my sol
vices and tuiow 111 thoComiiilisioiiLTfxahiry
IIulilMtl Still lPrgziie kit Not
VAMIIXUTOS Sept 3iiubbli > Is btlll lruv
iiik lilt utt tliiiiuli h tlie ilcpiirliiuutx 1 hue ltiutnr
lsit rhaIii Im H tvlnustnl 1 coiTiloii Im HI n n pllnl
Tin hIr eriit U I tfivttt to lutxm ulm HIV nlnilttt1 iut
hit le1urmullemume ml Ill lii ouiil < n In m i tin 1tiniiirv
iKPirtintnt tlu > riiint > 0 k m a Mil > irit > tl < > M for Vt
ii as Murleil liy I ilii ln tlUlul t hit lit inncti uio cull llSn
ever mitt It > ou follow nut or fit soon jnur hiiti lJ I
Mr KoUcr ilo t not fill mul M lilt the i utlur dc
1urtiiictU U tin1 il ue w litrt tliu iinuUlt u linn lufii
ttl Ill Thtre nn Un nf rih Uiun mi n Ini v n U
not iikiiiict mhiUii IvMit tliuMrt I ulii li
lino Hi ii pntlituUM iicehf H 1tint I nt all rTtiiii thti
the jiarty tIll lint ln > cntiiti imlof tliihrk silo
before Ilnli1 > oir > > r1Ilt luieivli to iii tnunclu hu It
u heir u ii ii rt
1 ic Ilusmory iiuiuos hid liii liililiii tIC it
uris iiiv tint It U ttinif I i > pi ol lorulnn i hutiiiitn t Id llc c
VIocNKippl uhalnur lir ily un II mutt liC iitlnrltl
Ctuiva Itt nn I ltllleriit luijcf lloiis lItt riot untt V0
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from Iif IIVrM
The Itlvnr and Harbor niscals Ill II liavlng it
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Mr Torocthtina I ho new Jnpuitnso MlnU
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IWiiiHhlf FunV RtiIi 1 li rvallly
Mrs John Murphy of Kinl St Loulu III
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tlacknl him with a hItilss > < JUil tlroe lilm nut
A now school IIOUBO wits ncwta at
itrrntnr III IUtiu the town Irnuiiry is Il ill u Major I
liiinh built a MnpoMr nt n cnM to i1tlm df offloiMi
Tlioro IH ono railroad on vliluh thnfiol t I hk I
ear < t < > not gn MBtwnnt nnpty It 1 n ImuU m i m i ltlf
tiln million ufttermelons Imu nlrvnly Ill n
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I Tot nl Depravity wa the HUltjcrt nl
the cprmon of tho Jlttv Mr McPnnnM of Hmi KriCml i CH
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A qulot family at lmtak fast lu Santa lIar
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A hum go prlxatu guidon In a Hiilmili of
Sill rniiiciMu Is I to In made n Inlo rlnlh t HIIHIIK rh
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A young negro law Htwlent him Just j hton I
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mint of hi color nor for fallnr1 to I put t1i cnmln
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Tht ro moo no tnxt8 In Now Ciwtlo Del I i
for tile iillIrt of tli Imiil tnverntneiit hull nchool
llllatu PCnn list IllS clillIlo I Il hue Iiss ml with ilulil Ii lilt
multI u u iiti fur though to ill nlltlu I mulllluillish l lil > uiFtt
Harbor Hill at llodyn la the Ulghc4
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the rillh euro at Old OrchardMi MHF tnktn In tin Unit
era IniMiin I ttiiIIllI r > n Monday Iti a crn7uluiiiiliihit
055 hitf It IK mid to rtllirloun ixclteniont
Olive Logan relate that ConnloGllchiltv
a haiicUonu niul try > miiihi liiirlfwiio ucirtix at a f iii t
ouullu London thfulrt the lmils cl > IM hinged ntailf I
0 cr > vMitliiif lint because IjtriutliU iuot i jltnoltnfhut
ill cuiifeiutiicc of a fetiintal hi uHdih tlo U Ill u ims ci
A poul of Iho bcN tflvcn Yulo Collide by
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lii II fist dit > v Tbu ItMil i fouitdod on Ihu major Irlvl
of II mid conic from iMglum The hvaxlt I ft hilt uilulit
I 4Ti jMniitdc and ic 1 nearly fortyone iiKhc In diameter m
The hatred of Chinamen iiiSuiiFniuclMii
ii not fa tin artahtc aa to lreremlt < Wuu Luigi rcktuurnul
roil htooiniiifr rather hioualdo Wealthy ptople KO
I uri to drink tea s lilcli In nerved without mitfar ill i
iiliik lu the IllIcIt delicate of decorated cup and tlo 1j I
> s ertd tupru I > ut the tucapeof uronin Chliicttu ilrtuj
fruit mint oilier daiutlcn are tOt uttructlons
Throughout Delaware at this ciioii
iiiiaulenuf men women and iMMrui art 1111 iiun
hut out at the roadilde ofltii f > Uplui without NO mtui
Ill ii CllIititi letter and looking like triinpH lht > uri
terry picker who Huarm out of thu tus lIt nndiltlei
for tIc or three weeks of cinplo > unIt hj I the I fnnmr
hut not BO much for the small 5 ages they I earn an to gi l
It trip In tie country
Tho light of a lallroatl company topics
PithiC the exact mturner in u hhh it pa ll l r chall iny
lU fare I A to ho tested In a Huflalo IUH suit A lupf
uardfd a train on the MkhUuu Souttain iluic uitluitl
piirthiaslint a ticket and wu vjecttd bj tho I condiutur
IthoUtfh lie tendered hue price of tIlt ride In monc Hi
Is rich moduli and anvr enough to pimli lilt Milt fbi
ItaiItiilces to a iltcUh conrluMon
Parker a California munloror tiled to
Iide rapture In ISo foothill of the > itrra lint iris t Ii
h > thlrft dtRcndwl Into lOll of the curiui In search ill
wftumr Here I he bit hU w ay and s s utuitde ii tfit > ul
ntil utmost pinned to ditithand dehrlotu Is lthfuttir
hg Mitn lilt pursuirs thialli Lildlmndtf npuu hinu tIll
CIlhllig of his futile fforti > at twaji us its ii nlitf rim to
hnnucbu er if > regret and he gltidl w i lit ulon nilt
ttieuil ii the jitil at Olilci
Mr Pllmoll whose por > ltcnt efforts U
hare nell lht hlpn made nu > re Hiuuortliv lony KHC <
earned liim the title of tin1 Sailnrn Fritnd ha lately
oit hti Ufe she hud lou II fir lfllll > j tarx In UK
ullot Rtnvo lie r hticlifitil lulpniite lltullfh new C
ii apiM fcft that he itirrkd his toilet ur tic let to tin
I Inline I of Common one nUht when Im liitindtd tods
nand a luartit In tluj expectntloi thM hewi > iiM tf
eonlliud 1 In the Toner and that chIc vr In IniM th
rcpnrrcr witli prlnttd rople of lilt rultrts tl > nt tin
tinntry If not the 1Ioue IiilJhlt luar mile < roUFt
A ciirloua effect of the Llzzlu Kuldon kid
lint mllif fttt lii nolfd ly l tlie corn > ipoii < li > tit > C tin Im
iii llnilil is I to make ci ry niotlur and nuimutill tuu
ihluuAof whocMrspenWi tu her ouiii ttr Tin olJ
nan who ptl nrange chlldrtn un the vtreet und uni
Uf jtermnlllcatlon of fatherly RoodncM hu IKIOIHC a
cluUhlntfdemnn The old womans ca uil pnii e lIt q
lithe otic In the I park former heard M the fond pHretil S
ir jnurdianwiiU gratt fut ear U I now reitht > l > s I I fi > itii I I
mikloii An thin I tlutt I fbi nomntttr mel iniliU t
lawk I mukvM all tho hen tprtud tlulr 5 IiiKt ant ilucU
fir tlntr IhUkint
Tho report of wonilorfnl nmnlfoMnttons
tim hilt Iritiltltil Oltiurthi lit Atlilutie IMand hilt iloil
rrinnttd 1iutdillcu Is I croudcd dav and nl tit mil
hliiiilrols cf deif und dumb Mind and Ituuc pr nn >
nu M Ititet the I ctiuroli It I i caid that a rei ci ISiS
us tnninvsho tilt tiitn Itune for > ciri tind WKI ntttr > I
Ihechnrih liy tinaid of u walkluif ihair wiu llt to
w ilk awt > witlioni ill hr or atoitiuuie l Hit thrift in
ihur c keti thu I Mulucof the Virgin I iiltil iltuuu I is i
li The Mil is I removed In mIle es enln at S ln it 1 I 1
tlu < i < i lpi and trnii have it it claret Ix I n I i it 0
dliliu nt indir Itltuiln to moM
Tho ohl I SatTotl Hariuonlo I Society of Tt n
don lilt I nuiimni < fd for ttlt h > ttiirtlon tla win I I
ill muMcil portUm of the Mnl tV lilrar in < mtiti <
nil tho full Mi ri i and hand prim Ijnil ii 11 l th III I > It
of till ttu wnt < > rttMiii < UiMiinidl < iiiit 55 In < Ii t th I MM my
itr pirtorniiil llu > liitar ontalni n u > u UMI i 1
nmdriaN und thin onw > minunripi of mlilslio Ir
mi In tin piuHfirto Kon if rlijnir1 In i M m iltI
MilinV Iiiiiluniiiu tnuncrlpti lij I rintll IiIs irtt t
irtM II 0 riitiind otlnri Ivttt re frill mini in
lioltldltii M I lit M ihu ltilli M > tile r spidir II tur
Itoh ini It nidi I iiinl Mini tind an t trtuirdtnni ft
Itition nf ihuitiitul and i tin r I lr JUi > vc In illi ilie li
Ittai contiihio ubniit ITI i olnuiii1
lull widow Chosii ssuis t Vt vhcn ho
mnrrlcd tliri iuiui und lie UHUHVH tl hall llmtn iCC U
NhudU in I i t Mart thenfnir I < > mil hut tin tine furls
on wlili h the 5111 t t liL nt ViidtMon t Ind litlmi I t1
to tIer and tliit hit oun htulftiid hadnt it doll 11 lul
stilt 111 i provided l her Durlnir four > ilIre lu > tfuv
him liiili frltl und lu piut It NO riofmih Ilil
5 hcn li ilnnllv d > Hldid tU i rid of him thor > o
pliMitv of vriMiiidii on width to ohtuln a liter III < S
f 5 ntontliK dind hifdiilu uturn I dtolur I I pr
IIIM and npintanu and Ibi uu I mnuiid tun iS i
tlnit In in liii t tu nuiki II lull k i Uau HMI p 01 h < i I
ul > Id indiuid i lir In U th ftrm lor i < > i C
tic > > uI Ic Ito liiiItC funn uudir lnr pillow uiiliiin I I 1
Tho folk has IHVII made tho Mibj
an hit I Mfiiir imninviiiin pul > lilud 1 in ItnU > I I 1
iltiinnt lHi limn In tin niuiiiit Si < u II l tl I
tatin iS lit nnkiimn nud the fmhiin il III 1 ill i I I
honht to dUpl > UK ninili lUlUiuv ut ji i
npdllinn I of rnmMllihT t i < nl I ti n thi mix I > si ilI 4
tinirh It s MIA ii thoii > iind uir tiif i uhn t
mtniitii nt t ivStncbrtttf Is a > nmdi In Itnlt in n i
nnd It i It ihi n spoken If i a an in iriuinni ii
Into V ulii l u ll > inthu urliuti It un I till
fadtHlil II I eli tl oil l fur mls > ontnti i
Into Ill ilihir In Itnlj > rthfri t < lf > f S v I
limnf it nik sill iimli In tin r itMnifiu1 of f l II
tunlit Ito MiMhiir nf Mm In sfnra VUront ii I ill i
HIM Mill lhit ilfiinitli cuitur tntt u C i 1 IllS
In Krniici UK thu iUtnth Cills ii I iniiun ill Ii I
hot lint it thi M S intc nth tlmt lMiin n t I nil I I II ill
H tfood iiuHlo was MMVIH up at itl3
riinli nf itllur inlirtnlmiKUt llun nil ir i I 11 Il
1icii I a iiotitlilc link Hue of tile liltirt i t Ill t ii CV
IM i tan lurftirnutufi i 5 rIte thut Ktii fcl lii t hi lilt Ill
rtntnniiint 55 II ii uunificifuU hnjnnil 1 1111 i I
ur II iMltutnn1 itiviurninmnilatlHiput I rd
ft nliu tlnii Is n u i ntiiut uliloh Viitftur I 1 > t
tli iitt itiiniHnt of hit iirtii liii > f I 5 tint
VIM > t it M hMt r w illltu lo I ills forth ti I t K
it < h illUM cKtoMfniMi iiiiint I 1111 > t th I I
im tl i hut for tin II inurliri11 in h in ill i I
to unit without k Illiik u m t l totiit I i
55 VTi f HllM Hiil hiu tilt r ii ep lir tObdti Iv t1 I > I I I 1
ultln In nilitr M in thut MH lICl > t > 1
Mtri lilt t tit to ml tit ttll Uitmr r I
Ktippo nl in ntl1 uji flu inn < 1i I li I i Is > lIt i
It ilotn not nnur to luni nitlli i il 1 I u Unii I 1 I I
tlu1 i ii > hll1 gllC is lIe ih i iUII lien
Mitio I i MtMlJcska iiooullvutva I > i iinf
In London to tt nil iih rtliils Hi I i CI II t II i I I
Is lntfof lliiutr hn C Hi lnl ii m f r I
Uit niMlltniinlit Inthi Ii 111111 nn 1 I
in I r Hiil afit r It vui It Ill Ii oot h < o nn < l <
tciuilliilnthirHWiIi lmU I t isil v I I
JiitiHHl tIle ru of ii MorniM Ci ph
niiilon iimkt ftnm h T liiltil > Mill r > I I
buffo liii I I1IlrIl II H It iitiliu ti l n i t i > I i
tutu mul tin t kt Ill iinttniiii 1 t r i
IhltHiHlllli lllnl lt < il lie ttKtillt i I i
1iul it i111h I 0 ir i ulltil ti 1iirti u ii
ho it S I l I
Ell sii u Iii piuU ii
tain t U t iiihiihul Hiilillu mil OIM I I v I
I ii 1 n li lml ill tu to in ii i i 5
i tintti in utlir IOurn I I v
itic nu i liL nT i Ill v ti i
S i M I mil tiles k Ii i t
It ct i nt t1 I tllllilmi S Ii I
lilt II I < li I i iif t fill ut I I
ill III I I i lt il 1 ililil 1 l U I 4
tlftttU IllO I > 1 tllll lU > I 4 I I UIO

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