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Y r I T I
ID t nit
= = = = = = =
TWO iyniusracr I i OUATOUS 1
CUT 1011111 iv < wn juirimriiit
IX rill > lu1t inn u TIIIAI
Tke Co ml 1 Ilr IVni n nm tarVvoof
lluitdi V Into 1 tit i Ainu iiejUerui ill
linliN hi liillrnri Not Oiilj lit the Mjlei
ui tl I s Or iturj lull liy the Ifttntnrillnarv I
Slvlo nf 1010 Jlrrtt A nlulilei Miicclnile
WASIIINOTOV Ket fi A WifliliiKtoii nn
dlcneols l I one Itlvj nlot lrjtIai which an ota
tor can meet The mut famous enkei ot his
lintv eounli limit hltnelf I unnoticed liute
and the most Rple mild ciToitsof Kcnlus ottei
fill to nttrat idmliitlon llonce I I It In liUli
pralbo to t bay Ih1 thu I capital iliujsloiilsht I
vvlih couimeiidalioiiof Um two gitiL orators
who spolii toi ity in i tlio t Star route trial Two 1
men could scarcely have been put In competi
tion moro unlike in f character habit of thought
training and lr i onal appeaiancD hail I At ttit
lieGeneral Biuwstet and Col Incursiill
Their stjlo of orator too Is totally dissimilar
yd each Is n master of hU own tile and
ncU U u later of r his nudlenco vvhllu
Col Inueroll has latterly bocomo
Bpeuklnt 11111 Imo lalrl OCOIU
one of the best known and popular AniDrlcaii
orators With Mi lltuvvstoi tho iceneial uub
He Is not iiciiualnted His leadlni I posi
tion nt the bar Is I acknowledged and his
luuular mnuncrlKtiH and affectations ate
common talk now that hu occupies a Cabinet
pisltlou He had never come licforo a Wash
ington jury however so that the desire to hear
him WM even irreatei than to hear Intel soil
As llni AttorueCienoial addressed thu court
nnd jury ho presented an oMraoidlnary si ec
tacle He was dressed with faultless taste In
tbo fashion of fifty lIt niro His handsome
Iroii ray hair was brushed forward of his
cars and loll In I carofully disordered bang
upon Ills forehead As became aventleuiun of
ye olden time ho was of course smooth
euixven He wore a rich darkureou double
breasted frock coat buttoned closely to tim
chin 1 oldfashioned standee collar rose over
Hack A hluu white hut of
a cravat hl1 unlhiuo
ehupe rested beside him on I table As he lift
ed his delicate slender hands In uraeofulnes
luie his wrists were seen to b encased in
bticvvj linen frills His dark trousers term
nated In Klossy putenl leather pumps
ills oriiltoZi was nsoldfahlonedus his dress
Tu heal it was like llsteitlni to one of the ureat
lust 11CI v IceH long silent in the grave There
VVH i dlunltia precilon a command of re
tomce not often FCU In this ace 01 hurry
lii speech was cholarly in tone cogent lu ar
f gument and brilliant with thu play of wit and
nine Once or twleo he hesitated as though
to jeatch his memory for phrases culled at
iuie nrd stored for ue when needed hit In
k < iieiaitheiuunient moved smoothlyandvvith
ttitely tn iiid In parts the speech was classic
In I Its implicit of thought and propriety of
diction It Vus moreover a thoroughly adroil
spech Never wn I luduo moro delicately
ttid artistically llatteied and Judse W vile us
Isrevvster sufficiently I well Iwlrlq 1 susceptible
ceptible to such couiteous attentions Then1
were no frowns from the bench toduj butBru
cloub smiles and blushes ratllled selfex
teem The ladles WIt as Col Incersoll closeil
with a IhrilllnKundlieauttfultribute to woman
but the mel nodded and exchanged meanlni
glances with one another as Mr Itrewter with
a few sharp tlisciliiilnatliu touches drew his
1elllHtl truw Ils
cartoons or consplmo
Col Ingersoll begun his argument today will
an analysis uf vSnlshn I tesllmonr which
he aid boiled down amounted to this
A rich man borrowed without necessity and a
1 sr broker loaned without security altn
probiuillty of tills story he said would bred
Mipl Ion and Incredulity Itself No man believed
lieved if no man over would belevo I and It I
was for the ury t av whether It was truu or
not Hut assuming tho testlmoii to be I true
it affected none of tim defendants oxoep
tlo lelolltlltl
llrndy alt only meant to show that he hut
rcc lvnl bribes and not thai he was concernei
in a conspiracy Col Incersoll then conrDel
mid teplied tl the nrcuiuentsof thu prooocu
lon IU1 in conclusion said
I 11 tn m for 1115 C client bciue the evllenc <
how tint tliev ar < hi nr 1 mn 1 10 ieal to vou form1
client Mrphil VV 10reI Itealite l the evidence Dhow
that lie l i I mun w ill an intt llectual horion and a men
ml fkv u man of emit 4 itrom and lit net Vet 1111
pr t OCIIlu 110 011111 Ihe olrlr rr
fentlnc the maleit1 f tlit republic rt rtktntim th
VII real re ulllt thai evt exUt hav aktd > ou 1101
olllv I to violate II the lav of tlie land IIIW aluu the Uvt lIT
nature Tliev hr ilUnel nature tllev have 111h1 1
lIt IlIlICS I Ihcv have I trampled on IllS holie t liumai
i4 and hve even ma Iv I luht because u wife I in tin I
tnal 1 ha sat bt litrhuaband wide There i I VIII
lint j in UI Louvre a alntliik of ileKolnllon or
derail i id lov It I represent the Mitht II I
11C Irncilrien 7h < world is i vtraijed in Ilow
the tar are dead in I vet in the tUrkne I heel H
Xnveltm torm It II I Vlur Maifdalell with lovlnit In
r Uorl lril0d eimt I the 1 tIll 1h111t ftet ill hn t
The klt wtrt iievtr tark enuUkh nor llltIIell i m iuh
Hit lonu via never tierce inotikh nor wild enouith tie
uul kbcloflirav eii were never I hull mouth and llu
hrowii I of lamltr never I vv I lick enoiuh to driven
Iuble ivomali trem her hiu lbIlllIll i ide Vpllnue AlIlI
III u is l ill llt ut human tCLh1ll llulle I I wurd It 1
vi oinatl
Wlili Mr liwirsill I w I dellverlnit hilt 1111 of hIl
Fptrei Fevcral 1 lal e tillI I t Ilitiitenr and 1 Vlr Iortr
k i ht r handkerchief 10 her I t v for me minute
S vv tti11emcn I half examined thl tetlmonv I
lia e evaimcitd rvtr > ehtrke In the Indictment 11111 1
l cr ehnlite llirj outk T the Indii Iment I lIlt e
tltown vou Hint the Indi Imei 1 i one ihinic and tIll tvi
lid 1 e unoll er I have IIIII u von lint lint I iimtl
than l ublan lat d I tl11t111 S VV Ir I 111110
delHI nilrated lliul not lie chirk till t I 1 tatlh It <
akmn tJ Vv Ii rev not cl 1 I IIUM hown > on I lIlt
Ihtrel II I OIl funnliti I nfjravtdi 11 f ifulll fiKnin tni
elit nrlt la dif liJan 111 III eae II 1 have I ok
ii v ii1IttII1lI uu hilt wordttiat will I piken ill
lUtIIC 1 tOT I tnv Cl0Illl the lot t vt ird that w lit 1 lit 1 OjOkell
111 1 f1121 lIT nt I of lille elefelidalll Ill tit 1 woriMh 1
ti I let I 1 nil iiiluirfa r until I he ir from the JijIl 11
I Ill I tort 11 un II wo iKMUellt word > ot tfuiltl
An 1 n vt thuiinin the I I urt fur niaiit sell ot i trona
k ilIlIel and e iu itnitmen of the jurv ft our
11111101 nflnlte patience I leave mv client UJ with alt lIlly
tiive vt ilh all tile uvi with all whu luve them OUt
hand VIII
At this point I recess wao taken until 1
oelock hollo time dole tin reOpenlnuO
the ettrt he AitorneyGnnunil i ntend fol
lowed J uj a tiiesitii r etrrylm u lupi nuii > s ul
not s aui 1 ill a 10n law books When till
court I wiciillej I to 01 br the AttlrityGetlerll
beu > n IIM ad Ires with i tatemeiit us to hi
cunneton I vvth tlm I 1I Hu all t that vhitn l
tlu InformatlJU v > a brniKht In tim uroei
lion VS toll in torn s th it soundeil Ilki
I I u uiiits till I all 1 tl 1 di fi nd lilts wanted wiu 1 i
fi I ir cMiuiln tei acCoidimtn law Oiveu
an ipprrlunltj tu said to ir ° Iwforo I
l tn lurv and a tiavetn jury Lot us bu
fair luiiti and > So will enmu here and
triu itt ill iniy vindicate out elves He iu <
icted l Ji I men who had manhoud enough 10 t
eatii up aid tilk In that vva > 1Iiey
1 1 iri b pire thu Oraml Jury 1 unIt
tl drand JI m y Piund nti I rid let 1110111 nnd I nnv
ti veri I lot i traveio 1 jurj Had the
e n It 1 t I tcil hI wlule truth and notliim
I tui I iuth 1 i vis thl indiatncnt I t thai
A I i no lilt or vv i evi 1 diawn Ho I hitiii
I t i1 Mr Her 11 di aw it because ho WHS 1 de
I i e that I ti n 1 I t man he IW of p ihnul
1 > j man to pn pur tli u paper fur thn nk <
I I I > ftndiints awell ill pallr lJrlilttl tit
J 1 > v ll I itit met 111 Itom tho hour that tlii
lin1 in i nt was diavii dovri tu lie IIIM Inslaii
l ii 1 Itueti I Ils speei h thorn Imd been noth
Iu i I t em I1n al hjpei rituiip on that in
Jin lit The > iiUempteil to KOI the jury to
1 iiult ihem iipiin t eliiiic < l points jtieisero 1
tIll ineii who eiine Into juit listing I that iLl
tliev vvnitetl was nn oppoiiuiilty ID vlndlclt
tn i ACS before till world
i tin jury h id be < n told in piromptoi tittil nl
11 i tleiiivi t lei tint his dil m Attorne
d t ni n pi in liiie wis iiiiln Hiinn hill I
11lel 11 11
h I 111 t I l e nt u 01 it IWO luu that it was lament
lili iiht > i Iii 11h ullici In l lIlilluut btfor
tin Ind ilon ii hriniuI tilbiimi nml that no Itoh
thjiirf liiul evei i iil i irdof 110 II thohlstoi 01
thUiMU li l iii vaq nIt tin Itilriur riot
till uiiiiiiial II i vviia I ttiuial t nf r nifiil lug
lIlt refill f lit li VUIF eiiliMi till riiom iuiiul
iMHiiil i > d 1 loL i ritij 1 ipin fl jwiUot I0lljiu l
tiiliiiirt tun I I i i IU ass nm lr f tiiilrelilin
ol the l11 M vii it tribunal tiled an
Infeiloi enriini irllui il Imt tt 1ml I man Im RI
astiriiuiii tlnu iiiuli I ni if r HIM lepubiii I > Jt
hail Ctnat 10 I t tii < H Ii th luliinltvi rbeeii
leird of 1t thai t tl LII Atluiiiii y t iinial
tloiiM Rppea in su I I t u 1 aJ Ih
c < mtiielwhiiiliilineil 1 that I bl appiiiraiue ol an
A ljineilieneral lu I u ciliniiiitl suit a t vit Ii
I nrei cuont ecuhl not hnvu I jilt tliulr bonks
11 only short notlio ho hud iltsmvuud
i i iirHcedciith In vMuiton s Main linils
I K i lecurdi tho t ease against I nn III I I Ilglii
orli Ul tiled I the Cllimlt G11 t or Il nn
lIU I nun lint llicru lUndilphtiiullrst Attorn
ui ird of tho United htitlus uppuaied and
I I leed the ItIO In tIll same book was te
u < Ith I lactuf r Utoinoydtineial llradfnrd
ippeirliu for the jini innicnt and nl o till
il l of Att me Oeneral lee uppmiilnt III a
ft i in tl hint Jn tin prelmnar liuirlnt bo
rI r i Chief I 1 ut jIll Maiihall I I slttiiiir I IIH acorn
m tlm 1 I maui otrat when I Aaron flit rr VIIH
tu riiil with ireiTiii ttornevOeneral Casir
i iliiev appeiteil and urceil his cuiiiinltnniiit I
Ih iitini wis inn nl ntriiiml 1 Theru weio
H9onliiNtaniiiiif uiiil limn liku Lord
ti Lord llaioti I lird 1 11111111 J Lord Iouth
iiiiouKh and Loid I Lllenlporoiich appearint
nnilnrirtilni enhes l for tllJ crown rI It VTIIH
Ill Ihal It i wti ImllllIlh hl Is dlcnlty and tlio I
ULiilty of his high oilli to i irno lulu this III
1TIr cOllrt If niypliie lo I iinjwlmni ho
eoiiti riud i in nhtliii l I lni hlH words with strokes
o 1 It II is liii nil 011 till lii bill fore him In I the per
lorminiiiofihe lunetlotih and duties of f tlnihluh
Kirtii heIOWttI upon rite It vII iJIj bore us II 18
u novoow ilylacJi U here Why IIi J
caiiHO I want tocu jiistko J done and as far us
IUIII I concerned 1 um di termlned tuscn II done
nt tlsn render mv nlllee Un said Ihat he
mid III rllllI1 and methodlcd till nindiiet of
tills case Irnm tho bc liiiiliu The eiillcmen
In It with till IMMptliui nf Mr llllsH Im hnd
Invited He hnd I u dMei i mined thai ibis
iio should not have an i li mint of I that vulgar
thlnicalled politics 11111 Me had been dolcr
niliiiil that tvri Id of public entimcnt
lieinoctatle I ami Hepiibllein sluiuld bn lieio
thnt thn piocelltiiili should be fir n uiiiiii linlilnii
MilIieWKtel Muifcid h < siiptenni icwl to
sen Tin net iittltik it thn defence Inble and as
Mlstltiir the oilier defend mis titter havliii ilnnu
what he had It uie a I seaidnlotis lliliiu I A
1111111 came in hero indleied und U 1111111 > pillty
of I K hull kiwi of I nnlfeaaiicn In tliu I diHcniiiuii
of Ills IIIUulI1 It was scandalous tu have
sucli a tiinti vvlio had enjojed Iho elenii nny nf I
thu Ooveiiimcnt ihiin to Alt bet e as Tinner
now sat iihlliiu tlm other defendants Hut It
was In I kiipliiK with thn I whole di I feint Ho
knew im shame ho hnd no urets
Thn JUIY i hail hi en told that I the prosecution
ntuumcnt was that the servh n must hll plo
diicllve That was not HO Tho prniit of
having I a delivery I I or a post nlllce did not de
pend upon the t fact whether or not It I would
lIllY That was not tlm point 1todiictlvo
IICSH must be rcLirdcil as thu test of how
1II11l1 service was necessiirj wliat uvpedltlon
WII s needed J ho law provided llio luau ItO I III
which conlractH should be awaiticd I and tho
nbject of the law wax lo have fall i phi By till
inuthod Brady adopted this law vas tramlet
under font After a contract had lieenenteied
Into till Second Assistant IostiiiiisteiGeneral
could advance it from 17 < lOOtn 70000 VI hero
was thu fair Ill IIV litIlltti I ito bidders Looklnc I
lit Ihe case In I thu t KUle of u critic he iiiiiln
tallied that Hrad musi liavo known that I men
I In this cit > vveio pockitlm thousands of dill
larn from these contracts as that fair play I
Should not that have warned him
This was II prosecution for conspiracy To
convict II man nf conspiracy was ivory dlfll
cull hit lag A case nf cotisi racy was niaih a up I
of hole n llttlo imd hero a little until like thn
snow It was as hiiih as a mountain and glint
ed as palpablj as the I wliitenesn of that t snow
A conspiracy was an nuieementbotwii n two or
morn purons to do an unlawful t in to I do u
lawful acl Innn unlawfulvvnj U WIlS not line
uitsiuy that this conspirators should como to
Kttlier in I a 100111 as they did In t ito I play or I
Julius Cisur Men did i not consplrn as they 1
did In the trJKody of Ion Men who wore to
carr > out a conspiracy of this kind came to
gather by the common bond of scott itil itI
Ism Titer didnt come together like a
company of soldiers or II body of
police There was not ono conspiracy
In a hundred thousand where a nicettni could
bo proved It was not alwajs the happy for
tuiio of a prosecution catch the coUHplnitors I
together us these conspirators had hi on caucht
In llorsoes house Innocent men I IambI I
Limbs 1 Like Kirks lambs who went to Tiin
Kiers and murdured ever > tiod > Theio they
were all together at Dorsets house One of thai
counsel fur thu defence had said thai even
where tin olllcer acted crittilnahly ho ouhl not bti
punished where hu was ulvcn discretion to act
Th law was absolutely to bn Insulted I I by belnc
told that becauo a man hud a discretion ind
exercised criminally he was protected from
irlmlnul prllscut loll Iho di I > that thai I was
Hie law Ihero vvould no law excepl tho lawof
anarchy and rapine nnd murder
Who was John V Uorsej A tinsmith from
Vermont Vliat did ho know I about Htar ser
vice in the far West Who wan Stephen W
Dorsey Onulnall ho was a house painter
and went ftoin paInt I ng to politics lie was
ailed Senator Dorsny and Brady General
llrady Vi > hate noSonators and no ionerals
here continued the Attornejrdeneral Wo
are all iitsti V e hiiv noliodj In rn but men
after a cliincn round the eouit room men and
women All that is dono to RO an artillclal
Important to those men When jou come Into
court of iiiMlcn take away your Generals and
your epauhett u
How had these men conn together from all
parts of the country W iot It Dhine Impulse I
> o their nlqoi was conceived In corruption
and executed In thi snme n U ked cllrrultinn
object wa plunder plunder plunder
Could this thing lime I > MT happened S W
Iors y had not disi overed somelhlnR I when on
the 1ot dlllio I Committee of tuft Senate
Could this thinu haui Imppened If he hnd not
known lirady7 And jet those werr innocent
men I I put it to ion1 aid l the AltorneyOen
oral one and all In tho depths of your con
science and In your souls do you believe that
these men who assnnibled at Dorseys house
arn Innocent that they entered Into th en
terprlse Innocently that lradvean thes al
lowances with no Intention of doing wrong
and In tho exHrclso of an honest discretion I
The jury had isbn I told that II eidlct of
cullty would brine solution and sorrow and
tears nnd writclieilness to honored people
Ihe jury had heard Mr Incrrsoll totIiy with
an imprcsslenes which drew tears to ito IIes
of many depict the horrors and tmrors which
It u tug rounil I thoo people and while I this was
goitto on whenoNcrth1 re was rlbaldy ornjoke
llrady sat lauuhint Itluht nt the door of the
penitenthm t he could sit and laugh at ribaldry
and 1 jokes He had 1 the hide of a rhinoceros
Shen Mr Incorioll burst forth in u great
peiointiou Miner put his hands to his fate
nnd Vallo too and oh I how thoy bi it Ills red I
lint when It was all onr they cot up and not a
tear They hutched lunched on the 1111 of
t hi penitentiary llrady lauched here when
undei achalceof having tiolatcd his duty
The AttorneyOeneral wound up his days
address with a lecal arcument to the Court a
to thii unallty j of cidence wit I Oil went to pioxo I
u conspiracy and dwelt I brielly upon the t Ill Oh
cult uf 11011110 It o > positive and direct testi
mony Ho I I said I that t h would Iloao his ad
dress tomorrow forenoon
AIlKAlIXI TO Till 1 > 11 > OKH
Tbey MIIIII Vnrilfn itinp on n Iolnt of
lHv unit ORe Tbr r kerr
Tho Hudson County liuuril of Chosen Fre
holders Is I composed twentyone members
Iniludlnc a Director at Large At tho election
IMt April the Hepubllcnns elected thirteen out
of the twenty members thu for the first time
In 11 nUlllhur 01 years securIng control of hIm
lioard At thin last ltteit tine I of the I out7olnc
Hoard all of tho placeholders oceptlnc War
den Jocph llownis In thu penilenti who
lefused to 111 her Into I tin arrancement re
Micned Slid they were Immediately icappolntu
for a term of ODD yeai I At tho same met tint
1iancls Meelianwas elected to succeed V ardei
I jiowni tilt Ililligit thin term of the latter will I
not explio until I I Mpt 13 1 and nlthoticli ho wa
n Democrat The Court doifdcd that thu oh
Hoard had no ilcht to tll1l1 I I Mieancy which did
not occur until it had gone out of existeme
On TUtttiy U Oil I hg Meelmii went with his
wife totho I t lIt i 0 I ten I hary They were accompa t
nled by Director liudilen who Introduced hin
tonrden llown as Ihn flew Warden Warden
llowties tefused to cocnio him assuch DI 1
n ctor liudilen told tlui ki fliers and employees
that Meehiin was the Wllrlluli and Instriutu I I
them to obey him and not to obey any orders
from DoiMies
1 he pilsoiiers In the nltentlary wen then
broucht Into the lInlll loom t by ordnrof Hud
den who Introdut eban to them and toll
them that he would h l n the nnhui in the futui
and that they iiiut obu > him WIt1I Hnddei
had com udd Waiilnn How till addressiKl tin
priMiners 1 llncavn his I lews of thn situ I itlon I I
and told them that ho was still anlen am
would ii I main 50 Whin ho had Mulshed tin
prlsonen I cae lam thieo liPirty thuois I ii lid
dci lined that they would stand by him
Meehan afterward Hindu a formal demand or
Ilownes torthn kuys and the dot iimnnts In tin
nflli I I Mr llownos formally I refned to cho
them up A 1 loom WHS nslcnnd to ehnn III
the liititmlon by MiISowneniind each will lit
lomi I > to I act II arilnn i Tllo lioald of Clioaui
IleiiholdeiB will meet today
1111 sb i > MH to IIve Ilrcu llancei
SrAntril H > nw Trial
HHATOO Sept t1UIlI < D JI Wllli ttwlio
was sentenced I in I October last to I bo hanccd III
C ildwell I on Dee J 1SS1 I I for tlm murder of Join ii
II Pall a lather at Glens Tails In Dei ember
IHbO and who ohtalm a stay of piocuedlncs
was ortiti iui a new trial I today hy 1 l the aOloJllI1 l I
Ifiiin Mllett was a hrntlierlnliin of tin
miirdi red man He had Inclined Talis en
nut foi his ucsiloiiahc attention to lili I
diiiichter and wadileii fiom the house Wli
lIlt t went West ii till liwnl I Ir I Cl Icico I Oi
the nlcht of Ills retllin Lat 1al
was miiiderid jut nsissn took II i
position II side window of 1ali s shop am
while Ialr was loiintinc tho recelptn of th
diiyhhol him dead jill bullet supposed to
han In en Hnd horn a IMH kut Ill o PIISKIM
throuii twentyfoul thlektiesses ot elothlni
Into the lull arm and thence throuch the body
lodulnu In tho rIght aim Wlllntt was arieslei
wlillo returning fiom fairs fiincrnl nml tli
day after a nuently dli Imrceil poi ki t rlllo ills
found loiiciiili d In his boardlnc house Afie
his conviction llltt nnule an almost Miienss
fill altnmpt to lueak jull One John II Mayo ii i
formei employed of Put rs was arrested 01 n
Misplclon thin d ly followlnc tlio miirdni am
thu NlllacTH wiinted to lymh I him Mm
d n satisfactory I iillhland was dlHcharcei
airs ilnuclitir has frmiuiiiitly visited 1 Wlllet
at tho jail I and furnished him with dainties
Accident to an Kirur > l B Party
LAKK Gioimn Kept GIho steam yacht
IthtrQiifeniiwnut byThuodore RontnlvlmilnK nntioari
a party of oxcuklonUtN ttriirk it miliinerireil rork th
niornlinf about f huten nilteH norlli I of Calilnell 1 Clie fnne i
cartrneil tu one ilde the Ntern klnkliu 1 unit 1111 yri Hlei
excitement PrIl ailed amonir 11111 InilliM Ala uero rs
itaU l ewsvtr lad ruwd iu till klign lu s ioiU Lutb
AXtlMUXOIOUSTS tl > W1 ritll
Tninmnnii Attica Lrnvlnir Tkcni Ititle Kite
CloD tn Indmn Itrilllar NnnitnCM
Iiiliiinin > H tlccllim to nttenil I llio Demo
cratic Stiitn Convention nnd totakeno part lu I
till AlltI i3lonop ll UIIUlltloll has created II
commotion ninuiic the I tnllucnllal members of
the AiitlMonopoly Icacue Jinny of them
visited theIr lieadijuarters In Warren street
Ohturda and asked w lint Tammany meant
Wn counted on Tammanys J support In I I I tho
online cniiinalcn onoof thorn said Wo are
hi are thit I while I tluro t Is much antimonopoly
nnllmcnt In the rural districts theio Is I very
little oicnnljitlon Wo lolled on Tammanyfor
loth orcaulatlon and Notes lu this city Hut
oven that support has been taken from us and
o shall have to content otirselMis with up
roinc eandldates of thu other parties
Mi Moses M I Vail thai leader of the League
III thai Twontjsecond Asaomhly District was
I till igniltit at iillit tin Iiyti action Ho thotichl
t hull lie Convention should notnlnato o tlckt
ndbulloicd that I Co Cornell should bo tho
omlnee Thu longer wo dohiy he said
thn I mote certain urn we of belnc I sold out
11tittu mali l 50111 us out lust nlulit and If we wait
IIII11h longer wo will bn sold out Dery where
The unicorn of tho Lencuo professed not to
MjMirprised by Tammanys decision Onn of
hem t said that John Kelly was a sincere null
noiiopollst and had boon for many months In I
favor lr ttnltlnc Tammany with the AntlMo
1I0poh party hilt ho had boon compelled to
icld to Kdwnrd Kearney den Hplnola rollee
ommlsHloner Nichols and Alderman Saner
who 1110 known In Tammany Hall I us the Die
II0ur Hld wo been able ho continued
to assure John 1 Kelly a week ago that our
Slate Convention would nominate call
lldates whom Tammany could support
ho Tamm Committee on Organization
Miuld 1 have leached a different conclusion
ast nlcht In that UIIt It Is I ray belief that
hey t would have decided to send a 1 full doleca
ution to Saratoga Ilut we could not Klvn
hem that assurance because we cannot fore
cast 1 our Convention Wo expected tliatHenntor t
Jrutlr I 11111 In Hnlnoln would 1 attack us and
vo knew that I the t lllc Four had captured Ito t
Comnuttoe on Urcanl itlon Tho AntiMo
nopolist added that Tammanys action would
irobubly ill feat the object for which till Sara
otfii CoiiMintloti was called Vo were en
cournced by Mi Kelly and other prominent
Tammany men to call a Convention and to
nominate a State ticket We had every reason
In tuiUnm thnt Tfltiiiiintiv wnlllil senil iliilnifilteft
hI o our Convention i and l support our ticket But
thu Tammany orBiinlutlon has proved
Itself stronger than IU leader lhelr
ovn for tho Democratic party has pre
vailed over their sympathy with Anti
Monopoly principles We cannot cot alone
without lutiutniiittys support I think there
tale that our Convention will appoint a State
Committee and then adjourn without nomlnat
lug candidates until alter the llopubllcan and
I llemocnitle Conventions have put their tickets
Inlo i lie I Held I liuve no hesitation In sayh mig
hat Tammany has foriod us to this course
1 he Irvine Hall Ueneral Committee will meet
this pvpnlnc to delltio their position in the up
irnai hlnccampalcn It Is expected that thoy
will nolve that a union of f the city DomoTiiey
IH necssary tIt success In either the Htato or
he city Most of their leaders favor a union of
all tho Democratic organizations Tammany
Included and not a union against Tammany
Vigorous Remark by Kppulillctina Coaccrn
Inc him and lake Patterson
At tho iiKiilar 1 mpotliiffof tho Southworth
branch of tho Twelfth Assembly District Keptib
Icans last nlcht tho followlnc roolutlons of
fered by hugh T Furroll wore adopted
ItArrrnj Thn confewlniiH of mir preiMnt llovvmnr
Alf > ii7n II Cnrnill of prartli whollv tnronMtent wltli
the dirnit anrl PtftilItifl of AH incuinti tit of o hiifh Mill
lonoralilt an oilier have revealtd III unnorlhlnrM tn
titt 1 the pooillon hr I not orcnpirii atil
irAfrra nth confrH lon have roinfM 1 reproach and
divurai upon the KeptiMimn tarlv nf tub slate that
lrI nl
I > ierl < him I In I t i nit elon Cf 111 nlghrpl honor lu IO tlie gift I
of thin people t nnI
II nrrent In elite of inch ffraceful I diMolopurrn at
tiavi lieen 11151 le he ha Ihe effrontrrt to peek a rrnonil
nation from the next Krpuldtcan Convention and In
conjunction with tile frleiuli In questionable manner
I laelideavfiring1 lu force hu nani on the Convention 1 allll
Wltfrrnx tlIn lust If pupreMfnl In hio irheme th
name of vlonru II ornell at the head of the Republican
lit tel for llovrrnor I vnul1 le I the itinlnteirratlon anti
rtlluali I tf the KepllhUcan I artv lie l It I tin reform
Hrtntrr Thai e the member of the Twelfth Annem
tIlt PIMrict takethUoortuiiltv of iulhrl eiprexlml
our approval 01 of tile 51101 o I Mionn I In thin Itnl I pmit
lIlt other notorioiiH tramotctlon lalelv bronuht to our
notltianil feel that hr merit the Io evertnl tonileinna
IIn anI 1 hai Cllrlt hell 1 the I reject of nil got Kepubll
can am to I uiiuorthv the porition hu non hol1n
After Instructtnc delegates to thecomlncCon
vention to work and vote ncalnst Jov Cornell
thu resolutions concluded as follows
Hirilrtd That we comlomn the action of the lovernor
ant hN frienM in nianiptilatln lilt inntrolllmf the
partv nat hlnirv ihrotivhoiit the stale for tlnlroui n
pr onal 111 Ivanrenn nl anil to I the detriment of the I
U lIlt arivuhlle In lhl illnrlrt lIe aktln lepreralu
alil I protect itkaln t the meam lni1 tv I hi helithman
lake tittlltlIl to 1ItI I lire cult httI art the vi ill of the
le nl lit mi i If the ttUlritt altlut iltlare thai limit
1111 I illI1II we reimnls lie rKht If Jake
loUr or I lilt It tier oulvllt r to itictnte to the rtpnl
tiranfof thin ill lrltt hou I hey holt run ttnir urKanUa
lion or how thiv I nhallvolr
To I carry out th1 t ideas in I the I comlnc State
Convention the I 1I lation elided II deli
cate Chi tei HSouthsorth lioliert Milntoh
and William lliiUi and a 1 nltcrnati Theo
dei r Koch Charles Matislleld and Jacob
Ivappe 1
1 he HelmUrcer I lIra noli of the t Twelfth As
sembly Ditrlet Ilepubllians met last nlcht am
IItd as delecates totho I comlnc StaleCon
ventlon Oeorce Milliard Mcloi HelmlHTCer
and Cieorcii WCoflln and iLl nltei miteCharles
Doller David May and IMwanl Surthelmur
The Advrnlnre of a Child wklck Luckily
was Wltnaaaed by Two t ItlKcn
On Tucsdiiy nlfjht Ixjuls Loncntliul HKCH
10 of 7C Mulberry street stood on tho corner of
Cortlandt street and Broadway with a basket
of snpcndurs neckties and buttons nm
solicited pasecrsby to purchase of him Henry
Kchoppa a special detective of the Jersey City
noliiu asked the boy If he had a license Tho
bur said he hud not
I will arrest you then I replied Schoppa
taklnc I Inild of the 10 l > and hurry Inc him dowi
the stnet Two men who were paislncaiu
wit Iil1Slii tliu I arrest followed t hits coo lie Whun
near tho station of the elevated rail road ut
Church street they saw the policeman search
the boy I and take a coin out of his pocket 1 hel 1I
he left him en Inc and iiutritutl lIlY totheCoit
hindt btreet Ferry One of tim men followei
hchoppu while I the t other held I on to tilt little I
peddler At t the IIIIY the man who was fol
lowinc till deticthe met a policeman am
polntiiic toSnhoppa who was Imyinc a tlcki
told him to nirist him At the Tomb lurl
yesterday I Ill Itll J 111th ice Murray the I It tie
peddlei told lutiio Murray that t on the way
alone Coitlandt street the prionnr nkidliin
If ho had any inme He told him ho had Ih 1
prisoner then I olferi to let him co If he wouh
civo him a dollar hIlls I till boy refused to do
The prionnr then took the money out of thu
boys pocket
hehoppa cave the exeusn I hue t lie had been
Ill and had taken a diop loo much cholen
medicine Huaid he wasol IT i y Justice h Mur
ray committed him for trial without bill Uur
In I the day Justlcn Murray I leiolved I a lot Ion
from a friend of Schoppn askine him to ills
cluirci hopiui who would wlliinclv III ly ill
expenses In the case Justice Militay orderei
tutu papeis III the case to be sent at oucu bufor
tlioUrand Jury
llrpuliltmn DelrtfMte
WyomlncCounty II hioskilt ol Co vies
vllli alintt t I h I thuituhi ret of War a llmrj I S IIIK
of terry sot I riioinan II i nmiiilnu of Cnkiilt TI 1Ih
ltltt I ire tluliluthrlllot t anil are roiioiim e Iorm II am
IIkm nun II llh bolir Irolinhl K rnnil chI lIe >
onillonN i omnii iilnu Priiltnl Arlhnri till I of th
Idvir 111 I lliirlnr bill nml I orntll rtiluction taxu 1
lln ill I ii J niilUI ly viln I lIlCI
5InIlt 1 liilri I hm Iminlv bnrlen i VI 1 Klin I P I
Km hrt lohn krnll ami rinlipliliikoilir Tin v lIre
iiiiltMnulil t bill am frlemllj to tin nullonal Ailnilnli
Irulin I
VI l u lit pill I liran i aunt tn M IIII In l Ilh ica hat e v enlnv Ilu t
fthrl ilfi I tfuleK In I llni mutt I oni ntlnn the l l lloi
I HiiiM W sum lIMit an HillreH hUhl i tuli itlliikf llov
I ornell i ami lilt I It h oiurlnir renolntirimi Imitriuiin
the Itt 1 ItirnleM to vote for no om lit leli irnlH tu theIat
< on vi nilon Il Ill i in not lnurtll am hint ere v in favor If
llni reiioniimiilim of tile hIll etliOr Hit resolution is itt
uiloplttl uimnimouKlv
anilliliitev fur < ouirre
The In enlnii 1 h lnl or Convi niton In ti linnbl i s c
niMiilnainl l II ttilIlllt t n fur Imiitn from Uu Ihlni I i
Inlri iH It I Ikln from the rnnrtli and Pr llowtn
from liii 1 slxlh I PiHirii l
siiuiih lllliol Ulmrlct riinmat J Ilimlirron He
mil Hi nn
rlfltiiilh Illlnoi lll lrhl V I hInll linen
hk tIll I II I mm rnl II lit stet nomlnnii him
rill 11111 Illlnoik I liiriritt A I IIl1l1hr Pi mm rat
irih vtii hlitiin 1I1lrlollllllilo t lloiikimtin n p I mo
e Hit 1 and Ilink r tll l Hn I I tel kirkiind hlIuullli i ial >
llrlsu II 1 tIll PUirlit lIIIII en vVnolinan of Milun
Inlllll iv bv tin I Irohll ItlonlM
Mioml Siw 1 erei lilirhl rdwanl 1 T llowland I
AllHMll unit hv I hit lrn nl niki r
Klithih I irijlnla Uiktrltl liii s i Harbour Democrat
il milntI It
IiiIllih 1111 I liun thlttrillS I s rarvv i II Itipuhllinn
TI ill I Ii ItiitiulM hlihriutlubuii II ll I vvlx 1 Reiillli 1 nn
I hi Demoi rnllc i ontrri nl i of lilt 11 I It vi nlh i nniivl I
vailHliillli 1 III Vluuili Chunk vi olirlill look tuirti i n
balloufora i andl tntifor 1oimn nflir whlih I 1111
ndjournil 1111111 to I tiy llu rIlIlh ballot r millI r
A U I Hroilheail lrii r II llni kalt lis I J A liMinim aj
II I Wr Viliii u I amlAlfrtill i ltnl I1
roiirlh TeMi Pnitrlil U II I I i IIItI on P mix rut
lire flurlda DulrkiK T bUuuiir JhitiiWlcaa
inn IIMT 1111 JIV HACK nv TIIK
JllllTlMI HrWJ11 1
Ileilonln AttackliiK i > Hrltlah train Xenr
Jluinaea Tke Vinln Iollllllnc Ike luniitllu
tnnulThn Mlllluri Contenlluu Nlrncit
KAKSASIN Sopt 6The Dnko of Con
atiKhtB brlcaiUi of foot cuardH will ntrlvu
hero on Wednesday Tho tratiHpoit nrrhiiu
tents aio be I lug rapldlyeompteted A paity of
III1t1Wi has hcun CIIIIIII1 to bin y the dead hOI
lho enemy aro Bhovvlnt Increased lioldne
cBterdiiy n force of 2UU men wan observed
within u Ii alt hours match of hut British camp
Infantry dl iill > ed IIM peasants fieiitieiitly fire
al the llrltlsli vldettcM It In believed that no
advance can be expected before Sept 9 I
At a coneral paradoof tIm troops hole the
mon presented u lino ucivlcerblo appuarauco
elchtyelLht Invalids havo been sent to
stnallla Inn week
The British outpostH wore strongly reinforced
oday and drove the enemyback Lieut IIol
and of thu Ilfteenth Ills nrR wail wounded
TOUT HAW Sept GAn EnglIsh train of Sot
mles WiLl atlacked near llnmsos today by
ledoulnn Tho ei < cort of the train repulsed
ho IlodotilnB
Aiubs have thrown carcasses of horses and
other foul matter Into the Ismallla Canal and
It In feared the water will bo unlit for use
Uun olnoloy him roiiucftod Iho presence of
a naval brigade In the army In order that the
uivy may wliiiro the honor of tim advance In
ompilaneu with tills reijnest a brlKude con
slIti I rig of 1KJ bluejacket 10 olllccts tliid a
lattery of 4 I littlithg gibe will leave Port bald
tomorrow for Ismulllu
AlKXVMHiIA Sept GTh Council of Minis
ters In now encntcid with the question of In
Icmnifylni Inluibltnntu for losses sustained
nceiidlnrlsm or pillage It Is almost certain
hat tilt Ministry will propose to till power to
ippolnt an international Commission to settle
clalniB thu decision lo l > e llnal
Three hundred persons of dllTaront national
ties without visible I meatiH of livelihood have
wen sent away fiom this city 1J btcamet
Many piiBnenceis Who arrived a Mes auetieii
Marltlmes bteamor toda wore not allowed to
LONDON Sept GIII a telecram dated Is
raalllu bept li Gen olKelei says The
iicmj reconnoitred the Luclfsh position I > at
KaslIqln Lack today with cavalry They had
no Iteavy guns Musketry lire was exehuncecl
with them
The 7iiuc rovlewlnc tile communication
front the India Olllcu In which hue evistenci
01 cholera at Aden Is denied MIJS them Is no
catie to fear that cholnra will be added to the
enemies which thu Enirllsh have to contend
agtlinIt in l 4ypt
CoNsTtNTlot1E Sept 6Said Pasha Minis
tor of Foreign Attain has Kent II circtilut to lie
AmhasxadorH announcing that tin Anulo
Tuikish convention will be sicrntd Immeillate
Ir After R conference of three hour between
Lord DufTerln and Said Iaslm today tho
AndoTurklsh military convention was In
formally Hlcrncd
Thin proclamation of the Porto agaInst Arabl
Pasha declarei that the malnlcnnnce of the
authority IIII prestlee of the Khedive is I ludls
peiiAabl necessary and Unit tho de lBiis of
Arabl Iasha justify his being described as a
Dervleh I PusliH Server Pasha and Baker
Pasha and Sahib LlTondl are to start for typt
on batnrday
AUX 1oIHIIA Sept fi Antono Paulo into was
arrested on Hiispldon of beIng connected with
it plot uciinst Ihe lives nf lluropi ans will to
e ent to InI Ho Is I not a consular audit as
was at lIt stated The polk have nlv bId 1
several other Mispected person to quit the
citv A lire broke I out Inrlj this tuorn ibig in I the
Him Sherlf Pasha Several persons siiiiected
of havlnc started the Ire haw been iitreited
The Mli has risen ery high It b Iportld
that part of tint cnem > H position at hufrel
IJwar IH flooded
ATllbvs Sept 6M I TrieoupK the Oteek
Prime Minister telecriphed to the Oreek Con
Mil ut Alexandria for Information in regard to
Antono laulo who had been arrested for con
nection with a rumored conspiracy of OI0OI
In Egypt Thn Consul replied that the object
of the conspiracy WIIH to masaere the Khedive
and the Clirit lana and to attack the t f irts
that Antono Paulo was the only lire i Impli I
cated and that he wits appointed Culuii Iii r
unent nt Mont in 1H7S but was never Instilled I
PAIIIS Sept I I he corn spondent of thin
IlllIl lit I sittuti iIi ttliLripIm that with I suvetil I
ItikUhh correspondents Ill has proteted
against the additional I iinstirvhlp of telegrams
nt Port bald after they havu parsed that at
huadiiuartere lien olseuy has proiuUcel
the removal of the uHovunco
SVIlltKMiEIll Ills 11OXUS
Hlepken J Menn > Vnvtllllnir Lontier to Crry
the Nlluultt eta ItrllUk liullilmitii
DUOMX Sopt 6 AutliiK upon iiibtruetlous
from the Amerlcin Govcinuient Mr btephen
1 Menu the I Ami i iou ii newpaper coneiwnd
enl who was recent I aucted at KiinN hili
taken a mot dccilve coiiio for the purpose
testing I Ill killt I t y of his uricst He I hutis
iiotllled Mr Purtcll resident inuistmte nt
Lniii that he surrenders his reco iilzances to
be of good behavior and h keep tin peace en
tend Into I Oil A IILT 11 I I lu I hi Is communication
Ui Mr Pnrcill Mr Mi mi sit
I 110 lonuer onldei i 1IIelf lound by the
conditions nml obligations of the b recomiirance
I cannot as an Unciicau cltien cany I tilt
HtlKina lliltili IKlulinin and unncciii d
iu nll OIl liLIL I ul ollencea continuo tin con
fessiim of iituhesttlss that u Cubit I II 0 allll of
the t Kinds I would involve I 1 hub lila ec 111 velf
In thu poHltlon I occupied I lie t policv hal
rncks In tnnis prim to tliu eecutlon nl my
rei uniHinees but t I Miull I for thlltlx t i houis
hold 1 ineir un 111 ole for > oiu i action
MiMeunyt I sun tkh have Ilkevvie luitillcd
Mr Iurcell I that t at the I I Instance I I ot 1 Mr Meii i >
the > refuo to hold t hemelves obligated b > tie
bondund aktube abnlved fuun all lurthr
rcpiiiilhilit In hi I glib tI 1 he 0i1 tliutit
Mr 11Iilits rcqiiet 1 11111 by his conent hId
are piepaied nt anv time within IhiuvsU
hours to lender him Into pullec t ctistcd
It Is a niitewortli lIlt thai while iinxiidei t
I bug himtelf to one nuiiciMintc I t Mi I u Meau 1 > was
the Liiiet of iiiintli namely Ml Onrmuii <
Jiillcnof lliePeiieenf llucia c y MiMiau > s >
friends intend I to publklv cntcitnin him
An ArmistIce uu the Greek Kriintlei
ATIIISH Sept tIAII armistice has been con
cluded between the Li ret k and Turk un tht Thcialitu
frontltr tall 4 oil the fctatm huh ante I Nrtlitioii > fur
u detlnlli i ttlement of the dlputt iu I rnjr 1 lo the fruii
tier lute lrlIrII1I ati itIlll lonlv l
VIIILM 11 lihue rurk > 11 CIo > e tocuniirouiUethe I
fr llllT tlllllt llllv bv ollerln ill idi I thre 011 the dl <
11111 I Itlilel In liretti Iftht latttr II Itt ecdt li lurkev
tin I rtinainiiik two limit hill Ill to makt tIll euu
iIl hi 1111 I hIlt will mobillt an armv if the 11111th itiun
full A fon e of lOll I l 111111 II I htld III rtadlllee lu lulll
thi I uoo M cuneciilrtitiil on tin I troiilkr I I
lent lit Unl
ST Pimusuuut Sept tiA recent speech of
lltn Ireiitdii liuurnur or Kicil whlih 111 I the
Jill C oC vlHiidti in ut erthnf tIt the Hiithuritic doll
uiiil at the anil Semitic IIlord r 11111 1 lIt 101 ItIitI to
He 1 the uuiiitr u little ti Hit iiionlinriU lut tho It n
lh11 liu > lif nun iuumt III Ill h CU lIlt Ill UUi I IrOn
trln inimUil nut tliat muii 11 1 the JOtI ImJ bttii uiilUiJ
in return from AitivrUaii Mid is trt iuriutr in TJIU
ttiif Lilt that they lIen ittn I oIl lu I Kuutiu ilmu ub >
I hIre if I tucy uul kilos II
henry Georges I < cture In tinitoii
LONDON Sept tJIu his locturo last 11 enlno
In MfiuorlMl Halt I I Mr llinr Jtort all he rtvpntij
MUhituI lusi III The inl I thhikT h I < ttilJ I auikt l
nlmul hhu II hi din nrii iNitit ti tu iv tin Imilord I I
11 nit fimal ion 1 vliuli 1p iitortfo t hour til uuulJb avir
wi ruliltln h
Ill litufs thlinorninirt > ni C nut iiutlotmllatii I ol
luixl 1 Ji fi > nuthiiih I lIlt I HUiltihrin in I I IliIjlliIO I lT 1 1 lc iiutjuu I
mure tutu till ol J HOI iulit thtur > f in bUtu uj uin
llubllna Police StrIke
PUDIIN Silt 0 JTiiO Kcnlceaof thai special
Citltb ILk lilt u bun di tuvnl 5 lth Ut the dlinl Mil I
loimtablf letil t > uiuii < tK1 ttt tIle tHstle I tuUn Oii
tuu 1111111 ret uf tht nt llthlill In I Tin llrs MI nriitih
liitirruiruteil AH lu 5 lit Hurt I hex ha i I t ritviu i in unv
niritluxH Hittt thou iiiforiiicd thui I Hair uv 1 i uld be
luimliKrti it
Arrrt of Voiklnuinrn In Vlriutn
VIUNNA Soplfi Tho pollou lino ri iiiuuslr
MI un hitl PIirul more IIOIIUM in untiti thou ulth I Ill u
ii lilt ltitIIl Cr nf Mioltn rnprt itt tin dome tf u mini
I r of uii ml r nf a raillLiil 5 urKhuiiiMi lIiiItI tf
tltUi I iihy MIII 1 ImM nrrifctul I iumt I III U hI rfuiif iiKlul
lug i htrr Mutt trutlur uf the lurnur lUttnr ut the
rt Hit it
A IarU JMUur A i iiltrd
Pui8 So lIt iA iiumbur uf P < uoiib I lulont
big In hit to ctI lIt Li infiiy uf 1atriuttt It 1 it ti iiiliic I
uoiiiiiiltitl M t hlI l > tr nmiittiffr uf the Litittn tn 1111 till i
hIrl I > 1 hue ittlair I unnniinl I itlilhu I MIUI juiHu i
inuu UemoiiMrutluiirt b > tht I Ltatftu
HMVHBC of Cholera In MinutIa
MADKIII hupt 6 An ofllclal dogpuUh i from
ManiU elliot tlmt 2111 luatLet nod our foHi htr In
11 lull n ir hip Aintritaii Couvut dIal thm M etorthili uf
iholtra In itkflilfii > lUmit m the ftuiLb5 Muf Muiilln
hhuire ww IkW tlMLU
t 1 Iii j LtI V A 1CJWS T11
Dr Kennjn AllcKiil i lino llpltnycd l > y
Air Dltt lUl > lla 4 ureliMwllfft
About noon yistiidiiy Uniiil Muy an cia
i1 < > ouof the I h linn bUiiimlKiit Cntiipimy I Mitt a
cluin box llontliiK In a tillp iidjiilnliiBtliuioiii
jinnys pier nt tlm fi > ol of West Tvventythlid
street Ikkllurll out nf the water nndnpeli
nirllio bov hu found that It eontiilned proof
of inalpiactlei In It wuro also u heavy soup
dish and match wife of atom china I such as
utetised In I illtltO which had evidently I been
put In I to I sink l the hov May communicated his
dl eyvery to n policeman who took tho bot
with Its contents to Inspector Ujrne The
IitsLectlr sent Detectives IJolan and Adamt to
tho different hotels to discover which one used
toup dishes of thu pattein found In the box
He found on this wrapping paper that had en
veloped tlie box tile namennd address of too
L Uavldson Itiiotn ll Fifth Uinuo Hirtel
The Inspector 1 nt mice went to the I hotel vvllh t
Detective Heidelberir timid fiom Inquiry of one
of the eniploviis IcHined that the hemp dliili
and ill dcii safe vv ei y both mhilni I from Konm
121 nnd 111 it a Imlv was 111 tn tIle room The
Inspector then iisked to see her companion
who proved tn to Mr Divldson
He was broiirht I to tho PulP I Central I Office
whem llrst privHtely to Inspector Byrne and
afterward onidnllylo Coroner Urndy vvho had
been su ill btIIlted ln said he had consented
to call Dr Theodoro < L Kenny of Paterson
who had lxM > n his wifes family physician
8n > lr Davidsons promlslm to pay him 2000
Dr Kenny com nted to remler the servIce
On tlm advice of Dr Kenny Mi Davidson
procured lie cigar bx to sink wlileh ho nut In
the snip ilNh and niHteh sale nnd wIth fatal
cinlessness vvuppid the body Ill tho paper
which borxj hIs niiino bhnrty brafor noon ho
went to the VeqtTvventvthlnl street Ferry and
took a lIOlt to 1 JIll 5 > City When In midstream
hethr vv the lYI IVIUl board It flouted to where
It was found The Inspector Induced Mr
DnvhUoti to send the followIng despatch to Dr
Kenny who had gull back to Iatoisou
Come to hotel tmmvdlatclr Very iuiportant
The doctor obeyed the summons late last
evening and was airp tcd ns he was about to
enter his pitlents I room and biouchttotho
Police Central Olllci vvhei with Mr David
son he was locked up for the night
snor m 01 or nxitairs MEN
Henry P Tllni Vain Attempt ta HIlls a
Vniroit Loath of 1ung Men
Henry P Titus Is a wealthy resilient of
Lorn Iland City and tile cindlduto upon Ihe
Republican ticket last fall for member of As
sembly from the Second District of Queens
Count On Tuesday he encountplvd a party
of youtlg atoll In a VVOKOII while driving homo
accompanied by his mother who Is over 70
rears old along the shore rond Astoria The
men were be itlns their horse and Mr Titus
who Is I rio aent of lie Society for the Preon
tlon of Citielty to vnimnls lemonstnted with
them They continued to Inlit tholr liot > e
Mr Titus then diove his viauon dlicctlv in
front of tho other ind threatened to arrest tho
man who was tttlUnc the hnre The latter
whipped his Iiotse and drove directly upon Mr
Titus cuniikie Iho collision smashed the
wheels of the carnage tail part of till body
but neither Mr Titus nor his mother sustained
serious Injun Just before the ivvovvauoim
cattle tocetlier Mi Itttl drew his revolver u
lunge one of 3S calibre nnd Hied point blank at
the dtivir The man died out My toO
boys Im shot
hlle Mr Titus was aslhoting his mother
from tim wreck tlio party In the other wauon
which was one cominonl ued by peddlers
made their eenpe tnklukwith I I themhe horse
Ulouirmt to Mr Titus which had broken hIlObe
from Us his rn 0U s and which one of them rode
hue animal iI5 found < t Hunters Point ves
terduv It was iiseitalncd ylsterllav that a
man named Ihomrs Mm kin went on Tuesday
to tlio olllce of Di hitchcock on Jackson
avenue and nked to have a bullet wound In
his arm dress d He aid he had leeched it in
n tight I lie Doctor found upon examination
tlmt the ball had entered Mncklns left arm
iHitiK through the 01 uscles and into I his
breast twi iltilies > M lov the lieHrt The bullet
was etrneteil mid MinMii vvn b taken home by
hNfrlcnds who llC0iti Ill inled him AlKeemuil
U lx > tulle or less under the Intluemv of
HiUinr The bullet ivi iitound to lit the chain
huers l of Mr lltus pit n Muck was put
under ii rrut t Ft m linu the l iue learned lie
numesof theothei I foul m n and they alowill
bo iinesled
A Tint Iliu > lie Aznlnt a house
The train which leaves Coney Island at 10 A
VI on ei vtajcr Gunthcr Drtxiklvn Uath and Conev
Itlnutl Railrtii 1 at 1 arrives at Ureetuisood depot itt lu JJ
narrowlv i ItUl1 nuliu Into a hoiife at city line de
Jot at 1 ut time ntUe trout jrteiuwcj J eetttdity i Thj
Irani con i tnl I of an emtiie and two oj en car Atut
I siii U illIt nvtr W1 to en IK nrJ ttiioliir them Lev r
lite I I rn II iv tr i Vs III I tin i ili e tatim
PIIUI i er IlIlt It 1n y 0111 i a i > aiii lIt at the panto
in tiint the re ir Im I I I Ii I It ir u I tli a hack rIo
truck t curve 11 hIS i I tn a i V tU t I jr t tkim tt
luc UII the cUIMtleol Hit I i If k I stuilli torntri le ft
line t uild nf 00 lull bv Mm i uulttr tl 1 e t u led hv
Ictir I Ilinibm I a a I ittr an m Tht lnr of lilt I car
bru btd the 11 rutr if llie hcnte nnd k eke 1 out 11110
Ir ibis toiK uiiucnuumiir riiin lutnick tile wooJtn
ktK ulxnt > l tiel loin and kn krdjt tolme A
lUll in r iuUfdtlrt1 1 1 I rm i d th trnlniv fKiiel
juitI m time tuiroM 11 th tr trolti iclIig tutu nr iiin ia
r i Iron 1 fitfu b tl T4 ictztwor j i vrtrv alaniitrd lot lei
out wa initirtd
ci ntrul nn iittr illIrS t iunther edt Isb eVfiliK
tlmt tin1 NI u il ttthint I din u lb ine irendlnjof iu
rail Unrknui Ii hut KM I Itli i OLI oil tie jilt
lUcini in VT I m 0 aid llierr Intl I uut I N n FlIp < rlv
Cttsi MiiiOJ d thnt if til liikne blat 1 UH Helbe t
vtlurMhi lliifiitl vth i 11 l the nil 0 builoeLd he
woiul Hop It th rear nr tt uld tint > Util thrown
anil idkillirtlv iuitn > tihr h it It bv the ouirlilunl I it
would hivt r lulu J 1 li 1 ut I nzlnecr It I nicartl i ills lie
Inll and th it 1 ii t i il ti v tt ti nnlv He Iowvt UL
and thu j ulled the ir Ill j i tu Km
Eli loll Vofrriiu In Cinuoiitliin
The Lnlon Vtonn Vnlon met in I couven
n nvottnlat Ill thue Ta elftliMttiiieiitArmorv ai liroid
wu alit Tonv fifth trt Tin jl Jtct I Ir tlc uulou it i to
ecnr 11ih1le i Tom uldler who win in cotftd rate
I ruon tuieuri for vtltran4 lo acrrn tacti i f tile I nb
tie aUJ slut I it ittMin the ii i nftrnitnt if ex ulditr in
it Ill oititiueiit to inliit ol Itt4 niieitrt I scrvlt Ltt I
ur i f ltrvit l vtre roets I from ex lnr I jiraue of
iiiijbu Ilanl 0 untt WilHiu CIIIM i i jtie lan
IlirUnUrki I i I i f New Jer t Ciiitur > miiii an Hiitr of
MlilntMti au 1 tiOrb Ji Itkite fleii iiuui Cthttt
were imvlit c U t llIM t if Ntw Jerm
win r Cl It ted Ci i4lliIIilIt i it the I nlon All the I
old 11 ttl vt rI c nt nun tt nnl uddltltinal i 111
ctr were t hId lb Nail 11111 teltllu i of
Prtw tar ot ii r met nt the o me rime in another
r nm nt tli StIll rv ifty mt lllTt wtro I r ent from
ti ier I ivvtlvititc I Um I J vv vtirrtll i of hub uiv jre
ule1 Ttt uo i 1 iritnt iieii t un t a ihtr 1 in tht after
n on 1 toll i Were rcnul 1 bv Christian I ICleeiie lleut lo
ITiiv n lIt Tli > ma on cf tt itli nwloti aid oilier The
n it iinmnlt n S i ou cf the liitii vcleral > will be
htil iii hllad lh
Jlic iliidlcllll Mliul lot Illuivtl
All Snni uu 1 illicuil Ctilm t wok sli h IllIcIt
on tin tOil mv Ttinn r al lionlulu fur New Wrk
Tit eltw t ml tmtil > tt tile totkiiu and after two
t lentil trOll Out V VV Vwili eilliltcd tilt i a k ulitl
111 tutu at wulkaia 4111 i jgvlmr him > j a mouth
lutn 11 f10 OH lit arrival r Ill > lark nl thi lOt i
ill SUhld notitd tli ei an Itfr L inlU stato I
lilltIilbSliIsr 111 rn liii 1111112 Hi ttaf 0 of i lb
1VIlultIltllIb D l > ru il Id I Him tin 1ailalii w jo
ruhl ii lull In i IH vtn lu i tidiiu at the lost of i lie
ot llu SIMlOlib i < tin CoMimtxiion a r iu itd hi nit hat
Hlid lit the tIluli Vilei lit 1 Its I iipliiin ulUlndlt
Imvlutf tlilslli it It uIt ik i ul ii i r tuieiet fOr
ihceook h invu i II n lilt the Judltlnlimn I Imd
I en lhtuseU I Is i dltilluItl I f i lIlt i r tuiii i f hu lut l v
llu I Iaiuiln e0 mi n rlHltn however i lain d
thill hlv 1111101 I vtiH liuUui 1 m It i i lttilv auailiit Col bbeti
eer tefule the I hut vvti ri tIll lad
Ski t I fnnlmfi I Mi Ivlllr I I I
Vitmnriii lIt > Upiui I of lie t Iiiuoklii Nivy
Vlirlve teldln rtt tiv 11 l at till Ir Mull e Men tar of
till Nnvv lu iitltiallv receive I hut liutiliccr Milvilli 1
aud tlivutllcl I urvlvonof i thtJ iiuln HH Utlle tnJI
lb Ii 5 iIiu 11103 loris hinni l H ek lhi lliIutulIlrb
iii lit iiu1ui ii 81111 It 11 tti I 10 ti
ii tehit tIlIli ittlIlt tht iOri1 lii 11 11111 ItltlIulti LOu II 1it0
dli 1111 hIlt II ir iiIuII I iitt ull Ill
It IltIIII lIt i 5 illlirttilllIl 11114 tiatU hut
Illults A Ii tuui i tIl 1151 r lteI1u II a iur
tIlibbIlitlI I 515 t Sir ltuuhtl a l 1111 Ii 1111
utul iliItll tIUttl htrIllilith Iii liii il I tllltlIliIIuI I
Ii bItt illilill i l Is Ill II i luriut
II Ihue 11111 If eu ilutills 01111 U too rs IC iiiud hId
bdi t I 1 hiS itil I lI1uihluzit
I dIce lli cut il ir tun u CUMI I I il uikt s I
lr Trunk luurtiu nml 1iitu Cwti iw and
daufhicr if imtnre t 1iiu i l hOle vti re In u taht
rtetllll l > 5 II III unit 111 I IU I Ill lItuI ltd ul I n limp
COlli lii Ucjiliii All 11 the Kill uti II uulivtclc Uilolvn
lulu th w ilcl Ihtr wit lie It sb it In tht nirtvlc l
It i tIt tilto i nrti imntlv the Mi t u > 115 bOil ml Itlto
lliliilinril 111 I iuii lilt II 1 I i iu I to muni I I Hi
n llni lilt Ilillet r II tht su IUI 111111 pile d Illclll oil
the Cili I7til v Itill vth It hues lhtllitlv I clutnftl the
t lOll 1 tIlt I it a Hut II In tli H MI li
Ihtv I rtmittml tit i uliiit two hour s lISa llwv vtele
rtt utd b > its II lt lmi 0 it
II I ore U I i If I i IIU I 011111
Iiti bilV 0851 If itiltiihI II tOOt t llIIIttIid
itithi lit IltllTll II III 1115 1111111 hI CII MLIII OthI
tii cc ls lilt tI ii It I rlttJ t I I I lttluiIi lii
iutluuiuz Iiu dii ruJ 0114 III ltlit iuuuicu
I ilhel tOtitlih it 1 I It I ili ll1
Its bill ii 5 t I r u 1 5 ui
11111 III lit tItIi tlli I lIltI tI II lIIllIilI I I it
iIIllhItId is lii lUttl I liii bIt jr hut b eo It of lluuj
IiiOuIll hi t I Ii 1 J till 11011 itiiItbiIt fir
lull ill it u Ultu te IllSlilIlt
JIItt IliOtul 05llul lotu IluitliuftIt I I I II 5 h I Ill
010 MOLt ttl thtui01 1131115 II Iv lii s it uLtlettldibrit
The Itepulillcnn Ntiitc and Congress Tickets
koieii liy lleoreiied miirlllf
AVmri IlrvKit JtiNCTiox Sept C Tho
election of tIm llopiibllcaii nominees on till
Htato and Congress tickets U assured Ito
tttrnH have been received hero from
174 towni which give Barstovv Ropub
Ican 29095 Eaton Democrat 11843 and
Martin Greenback and scatterlnc 1414 which
gives Barstow a majority over all of 10438 with
sixtysix towns not heard from The batno
towns gave 1urnliam Republican In 18bO a
ttiajurity over ult of 18573 This shows n de
crease In the Kopubllcan majority of about
21UU votes Iloturns from pnventysoven
owns In the First Coneress District gIve
StewartIlepubllcan 12170 lledlncton Dem
ocratic 41KK and Kldder Greoiiback anil
scntterine 402 givIng Stewart a majority of
071 with 1J towns not reported lEotunm
from nlnety oveii towns In thai Second Uis
UlctlBlM Poland llopubllcnn lU3t4 1letcler
I Demoeriitlc OOd I Dunbar It dieenbick I P
and scattering U37 and trout 302J clv
inir Iolnnd a majority over all of 12O
with 33 towns not reported These towns lire
mostly In Essex Caledonia mid Orleans Coun
ties Returns today have decreased Poland
majority below that given last nlKht by
about 500 votes und crave doubts are
entertained bv his friends regardIng his elec
tion The town representatives In 160 town
give 135 Knpublicans 31 Democrats and 4 no
choice This already elves the Democrats
nearly double the representatives they had la
Intense Interest now centres In the question
of Polands election which In the event of his
success will be a very small majority No au
thentic Information lias been received regard
Inc the SenatorIal vote Tho bolters have been
Lonorally unsuccessful this year in Vermont
Tka Brntherlnlnn nflko Murdered Store
keeper Arrested lu Brldveport
KENSICO Sept 6Albert Montfort the
storekeeper who was found murdered In his
store on Monday evenlnc was burled today In
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery The funeral was at
tended by tile widow and a brother and sister
The widow was placed under arrest tonight
She Is a coodIooklng young woman of 22 Her
brother Charles Iteynolds was arrested at
BrIdgeport Conn today by Chief of Police
Laurence and Deputy Sheriff Marshall of Tar
ry town They found him worklne in a brick
yard He hind hired a room payIng a months
rent In advance He was hundculTtd to Chief
Laurence and brought toulcht to White
Plains where he was lodged In jail He Is a
small man 29 years of ace Ills maniuir Is
cjulet and even tImId Bloodstained papers
were found In his pocket Ho was seen In thai
nelchborhood of Mr Montforts stole on Mon
day uiornlnc at 0 oclock Ho says that he was
at thin store on Saturday and that he afterward
wandered about the country finally KOlncto
New Haven In order to escape arrest for steal
ing some furniture He protests that he was
on the best of terms with Mr Montfort
An axe was found today a short distance
from the scene of the murder It was smeared
with blood and a number ot cray hairs adhered
toll The axe was proved to have belonged to
a man named Fiirrineton livIng nearby but It
was also proved that he had lost It a month
ago A bloodstuini shin made of figured
calico was alo found under a brIdge not far
from Mr Montforts store and Is Identified as
belonclnc to Key Iioldu It is said that t JOG wits
taken from the store at the time of the murder
Blame on Clll HerTlce Reform
WivTEiiroRT Me Sept 6Mr Blame at n
max nnctluir hcM hero today lu rtferrlni to civil
hervlce reform both local and national naid of
the latter that tin ihuuM bit glad to lee cverv Fed
vra oitlcer however honorable tile poiitlon ap
pointed for ft ipecltlc period during which hi could
not tc removed vxeeiit for cautt which CHUIW
nould be IlecilIrul proved and made auiatttrof record
He nhiuld to iflad to see the teliurt of all aboretlnate
IdlcerN iuad lunger at leait than u lreldeutlal term no
that the Uicnnlnir of a new admtnittrition vvould not be
t npptal ir Injiucd Seven tear Would be i good
Un Ih fur a lurm aud vxonld effect the detreit
end He did blot believe tlmt a lit tenure
u i till be vie even It 1 practicabc und wn
mire II VH not rattlcal > le becaii It mtan pennionii
In the I end 1111 t mlnht reate a I privileged clai nor
Is ill be Outs that lift tenure Innure the bent iluot filth
ful and llnmt honorable ervke but btlleved a luan
voud be a I etttr olU er If hit commlMlon Iliuulltt expire
at ttntd period and LU reappolntinenl depend upcn
hU ellicieue
Motor Pktpp Traced to New York
PHILADELPHIA Sept 5It Is said today that
the Cmnmtttef If Clue Hundred list received punitive In
formation that Major 1hlpi departed from the City ou
rriday mornilic laat leaving the PCI Chili avenue fti
Hull bv the a < V A M train for New Veil out of the
Dri ad shred tntioli The sUhiitlhieM have traced htm to
Jer > > e I its slit 1 udroel the lluUun to Sevv orkeltv
liii I at Itlo littler litee all trace of hU hereabout vere
lout A trootl iiliotuifrat of the Mujor fur vv lilch dill
ieiit itnrch but btu uiatle wa fuiind thi inurulny aiu
will IK midf trnod u eof b the ollce
Ihly evening Mrs Knte Adam hioitrkt let for
Phlp slit I ex btorekieier Jame F rruvvn isere ar
reel U harirett 11 jIll UlhitiI full aud ss vtlekcdtv coo
spirit lSrtlll r to client nnd detrnud bile cii bv rclnov
llltr mid ropriatliw Hood and rhattel to their lit > W
olitfllu tothe cit Tin vtrt held lu SAl ijeiich lor a
tiirlnitouTueFdar next lu default of vhtehi they went
ucked up
Moultoni FIght fur Ciinonckct
laovtpgaR Sept 0 Francis D Moulton
ha tiled n bill iu equity in the tulted state Ciruut
Court airsliKt i Chiifce trUstee hid Vvilllim praue
for loeslIliOli and title of Canomhet Thvnril is i re
turtmllc on Jot 2 The bill In brief priv 9 that the Cour
w ill decide whether vir Ciltufe lii alit title to the rn
ittv in dipute and if he ha I luiti OIl prnue be con
lilleiltn v mite It If Mr chiftH ha nu Ilte tlieii he
priivithut vir chireeindemnlft him for lo < Rlt 1 Unm
ai i on aeeount I of hu Irmctiuf eontratt The LIII IMP
bIll tvt re Uctit1 to nlkhl Thi ineniiM tre ttstlntf Cf till
rut detl ml inbablt rulon < cd litltralioli It I IC l u <
tried that Ien Hull r IJ behind till lUll t nn I that he
ha beeu uuvMini oov bprajut nnd Mr MuultuL
A tuvc In Over n Loiil Mine
Porrvxtc 1a Sept C An extensive
thtuki not vcrv ntitti cal in occurred If dav at Lc
Urtek on the Lehlih Vjv Itillroad auiit thne mile
from nandoah The Knuud eutitiuutd etttlmrdur
lii i blue dii and ut 1 I VI to da s o ram thre ftl t tui
St idlln en > d for n tlilai of till Ut I m 1 vnrdu nli iu
I tie hue if the I railroad trnek lm edllikCur H time hit
iiiinliik of triniH The led of the truck o a ruin da 1
I ronitlia jtmlbl and trail C are mtaln nun Imr i 10
iiMinl flu iioi cn k more a terse frune bulKlii Itt
I Kent to the I lailroad I Irnt I k vm inevOmt Iniilied aiu
vt ihd iub t mt IeriuluUls l dami tl Th firkin SI il ue
lIttboluCul b the 1 orkln1 tf the II itdti tug VII mim
rl ke 1 elluvv IVi er fltldvmll
BROWSSVILLL Te Sept 1ortysK new
11I10 11 Jeliivs feVtr Were Te trlel tuhv There viere
hIs II lelittit the I vietillli it illS Vleieiin TIle lever io i
Him under complete control of the iViclan The
vanitim ill ittUrs C lire MI i trttft iu hue v tun e sum
i litit Ilillilue hli lllttll th inltcl I tht II l k I nml ltllh i U
or tills itit in trllil itltnit I i r itvai llm Irl nin
Ill I n t of ihf ill In VI iiam row Ill II lUnth u
i nrr1 Ilirr hi lis riiin i an thru Ill 5 lltllIl in ror
llroun Tilt viallier lb l lair
1lNlUtO l I Ml Sehi 0 No lit W CUllS Of Vt lloW ft Vt
lSrl 0 hth lt to la I um death nunO IInt I t I
rrunk Milonnativrhtv
it 110 I her ScMikltle 1 lintel i liiiriliil
HOSTOS Slut C The llio started Iii it Cottage
onmd bv Jonathan liluuv tU trovinIt slid lIilillll
nkitiiiir to thu uutbinlhm of Ih u enn lleuae rh
unlv wuttr at hand VMM the I Slit and ilut nt nine 1U
tiitut slit 1 the hxtil I biillI2 tu 5111 btlnitd II I th
kr Hid Tile luttl 5 0 Ills III I Its Iitti r I 1 lIt lilu f
lltt ill oiut 1 ttl iHllul r1 i l lreom 1 Ithadrettnil
ht ii remi ilt IK 1 lit 1 SI Itt iti I irkt Ii I In it11 Ill till UttIl
lila UK liirfu will oHihlv i i c iHOdO tin Iiels l
II ceedtdlll cauilliIS sill their oiittS t tilt I Inot ot tiul
fiiinitni > IMH KIstIt t in n thumuel e I n nti n Al t
Imur in 11 1 M tin lire
n i Mill night and there II i
initthdanger of it I rtullnj
1lt filtliMI I 1 Arlkui ut AViioil IIiili >
Ve > uni huLa Miis Sept G flic Iruleliiit
anl artv ariivtd mill Otl iaiutr Itn aUh Hum > t
ort K I at ill tin morning vt mcHi the tinted
Mnt II 11511 ttiimr I iliHavvKti k 1 it
lmrd I Hit rreiltin hturl wllh I n I I Hun lIlt
Major Itruui n Unit I tulle > n < lii nnmi > to IIIK
IlilIl IIIilttb I 111 > ci lttuI I n l t > t Kdt i Mi II > nlu blISIlt
uil 10111 lIlt nml ILIHI be i > iceimtn nlrlvim Ilu I II
il U I vi I ih < Iiril nl il jiutv with i then it itU
011011 t llnril with vimr 1lrItittIi ill iltIlIIl tin item
vnihl 10 kout nt T Jul I VI Uu I LIltiIlubliI leave III tito
moiniiii torthe b eatttvutl I
AtlnmU I < t Vrrk n Train
Tio SIt Ill 6Sotin ill iet Ill Ill Uro out a
55 llli lull on tht H ItlIiStlJTi und Jtutaii I Iitlli MI 1 at
Itlt I Uuritt M lull n M tliruuliit hut vuit ti 11 MI
ltjlillIlil the tiJIlIi IN uitM All It tit vu iir <
iiain runniii ul u hull rut uf tind lultkhiU U luiu u
unvel lank and Illolula U t llfTMhn it IllUiUlel I III i
I It Ii SIt I U hhuiIIII II 111111 tla ttiikr llu i iiklivr Ill
mull two 011110 bItS ami a l1l111 n tr title nil luuie It
11511 biiil e t UK ti nn IMI di 1 ae l hint huur
viiitii JJUDI un 111101 iin
Hit Inih hilulriil iMotltloti nt Iint linutl vin
Mlnain i tn d la Ikht I Vluiur ItI lIlt liinK li5
eI h ill lur a 1 lit It lltiluu follotl I hv lov 1115111 SlIt
lullS 1en lltton 11111 I nirre uian Iiuhllri Ill Ii
im I slumum 1 lm > atktd 1 th it inn sthoildl bt i r
dtrtd to san rrnmUcu lu rellevt dvn vieliowtll t Itlul
Ih u lien VkUiviillli urdend tu hUh UKIII Ni Tor
Itt I numiv tei bit utiliiiuut i Hum active Sol U ide hu I
hAShES unit IVM TiiKtiK ay rue
Mysterious llUnpiirarnnce of Ihe Knltkti
lurIng n lnilve Uoorn for n Week la inN
for It and Then Moving Out In a Medic
Tim big Masonic lodge room with its em
lazonctl furniture ot 8 1nlon nniiare wa wide open anil
oierteil ycnterdav afternoon The Knlditnuf Labor of
iiwrlciieiiKUitil H on MIliltift tot a wttk and began
thidr minimi convention on Tuivlav By trrerintut
with the JIltIuluIr if the tulldmif the nlon acre lob
tell there nil Ihe 0 e Ct and w ere to lant nil lIlIt on tn o
iciKluin At u oclock jentirilay iiiorulturSrObf the
eleKatiatitmbleil ond half an lit ur later the t fitherect
tllltel tier nil the paraphi malls of bile order SIll illeitljr
larelieelnvvay In Indian file Iltufutilid l boxe tart anil
1 allies Thl invnterlous lIroceedluIui 1ft Janitor
oriter i old mil vvhte lialred nMUtant lu a flii tata
of aitonlthinelitalldav limit
Where did tlwj KO to said IIP h echoIng the ri
luthers uiurv Hell that I a mystery to me I
an t make It out I liave heard of btcCIls l moving out
ShIll Icav hug nut unpaid lull t the I KtilKht ennaife J thew
tlIUIll and pilul 1 the mono rljht ilimn for n week Then
15 Ithout inMiit null 111115 tu nobody they guts up and
larclie out
It Is I urnil < ed that thi dcleirnte of HIP order moved
111 nv to Ill Ill hue iilillc nltclitlonnhlili wa bclnf at
raeleiluv the vl > ltof reiortr The order Is t iccret
Sill 1 comiilcto nccreev eenn liidlinn nule to be proper
roitcutlnu of It biilne So rl oroulr wa this re
ulrement entc Inllted lilon that mcml er were bv th
ule forbidden to reveal vvn tu fact tual they bi
Dfftd to Ihw order
The Wrong Man iris tke Wrong Trunk
Edward Warren of the Esmeralda troops
of thou Madliuti Siuarc Theatre Company tent John
Clarke an vxprcisinan or Twenty plxtli tret still Sixth
venue to lilt mother house 11 2 Fat Fifty fifth Street
tO feb a trunk coutalnlm properties valued at fJOOO
tulli lie IluitrUtlId Clarke to deliver at Vim Wallace
hoarding 1 liotue 117 VTeit Wnihlutiton place win re he Is t
topplmr Aj the trunk did not comi be called ou his
nolfier aud learned that it had been ileltv end loan cx
prrSIIIMI > but that u few minute afterward another
xprciiinaneame with tlieonttr fur It Mr Harnuhail
11111 Itt UrandKaldt within ten day and could not TI
tubitce his loss He retorted hi Itse at the Police Ceu
httI Ofltce and lotectlve Held traced the trunk to the
Tennivlvanla 1 Hallrnad Couipnnyn office In Jersey City
tad found that a tfentleuiali now 1 WJO mUe itway had
rIval the vrontr addrett and that the wronir trunlc bad
fccniflven to tbeviruntf expreman Mr vvarren trot
till trunk back Mull learnel from the railroad ntnctiH
hat had Detective tleld tome half au hour later tb
trunk vvould hav been on Iti w av to Mil I raucitco
Ilrlnklnc Potion with hIs Beer
Notification was made at the Coroners offlc
yesterday of the death of Chrlitlan Thuraeii of 7 M
Second av uue who committed HUlcldu at IM East
ortv rirititrect ou Tueidav Thur eu is ai 30 ear of
age > and a native of lorsny He married about a
mouth ago and its far al could b learned lived happily
with hi wife He vai a cabinetmaker earning iiootl
1111011 und wa hl hlv eitcsin by hlsemplovern Cha
Uraiiain A son of lotv I third ptrtet near second avenue
Oil Tuecills he ntteudid the laborparade and returning
about 0 o clock to hi home he upped with tile wife ana
uli luer lie 1 its goliug to H meeting and vvould not be back
itlili very late He went ton raloon at J14 tail burly
first street where he I laved three fame of pool slId
Heemed in excellent nlrlt At about 8 oclock lie went
to the rear door aud unob erved drank from a bottl
Ciitnlnlnir > trvchnlne The due did not at once take
eOect and iroliiir aaln to the tar he called for a glara
of beer poured the mesh of the poison into It and drank
It otf Those vvho law him uioed he was likIng ome
larinle medicine Iii a few minute be fell upon the
floor VV hen tie C5P rale and I laced In a chair tie
whlipcred Give mv love to m > wife laflvemln
uui Hud before medical anintance arrlv J be wa dead
ChMUBee In Jesuit Officea
The now Jesuit Provincial the Rev Robert
fultuli S J 1 having a short time atfo pointed the Rev
Patrick r liealv s J late ia > tur of tin Church of lit
Fraud XavIer tu Wcit blxtcciith itreet lu till city ta
HUCcecd the Her Frederick William Cioekclll S J III Uio
offltenr Prc l1eutof st Johns colleni at Porethim baa
now made tlll anotbnr iin ortnnt cbanift at the tame
Institution having tranvferred the Rev bainuel Cahlll
S J from Lnvola ToltcKe and bt Iifiiatiua Ihurcti in
Ualtimoretothepoltioiiof Vice Prcildent of St Johns
1 olliKc tordham In i laceof the Itev Heur > Ka stItch
s J who retire atlier Cahlll lise aNo teen appointed
tI its patlottitlp of the llllle Jcilllt Church of our Ladjr
of Mirev near the ciUeiff In ronlhum While In Balti
more he vfa Vite 1reiiilelil of Lt out Coltetfe ofwhlrti
the Rev rather Fulton 1s5s President before he became
Provincial of the Je utt Order In the New York Province
The Kcv Father cockeln late ITetldent of the coUrte la
Fordham It I now Prefi ct of siudie and First DlHcipUn
ariau at tbs College the Holt trot in VorctrMse
StrugglIng lu tke Last Hirer
Just after the Alaska hid left her slip at the
foot of Broadway VVllian burh eterday ou the 1
oclock trip to yes York a mau about 40 years old
jumped overboard from the rtnr end if the buat The
deckhaudi Jat111a Xilh and Alexander Wllliainl threw
two life pre erver overboard shill 1 thai Jumped In
thtliirtelve The man whoweighed fully soo pound
vemed rcvjlvtd In i ut ito end to lull life and it site aa
mucti ai thtwo deck liumlMciiul 1 do aided bv the lift
prciener to keep him atluat Ht 5 anl lenirth hauU4
on board of a Ulirhoat He aU in a iiiltialliehtllrgll bIllion
Citli1II that hi name wai lllthard hunt that Ii lived
In ilHamvturkh nnd Unit drink wn the b caue of IllS
action litli el ckhsiid icr > w iihornvhlv exbauitvl
that tbcV vtere tixcujtd frum dutv fr the da >
RetaIl Grocer l iiu > lug Themselves
The New York Retail Gioceis1 Union yestor
dav elijovcd It annual plclilt which vva telutlened
Into n winner nUhl feftlval in Joness WOOd The
member of the unlun ten in to arrive about 2 clock
null 1 at onct > mrla the J lavllinn when la tr ber oil
Clint liquor blue et all dav tile human tream p ired
in unlll 1 vhtn it ceaitd lot a time Then iranie wert
puts cit nnd hill men eliertfetUalv vaunted the excel
Itlicc < f tntertuitimeut that coull be wltne4d tn
miiiit lli lalKV lur I the lOll of UM I iti i c I of hver I or a
ham imlvlch The Mhootlntr rat ve w II 4 paronLzed
better than IlIC Vina built urounJ but rill the joule
inent fuind votnnt 5 At 7 a lullS innuv of froecre
uHl Kin f anl 1 11011 dalu log bciun auluur later
the pvllion w loS thrunired
A Imlfftnpnt V en u it InlUiinnn He 11 if
JiHtio btcckJir OUV ° lIlt division yubt idar
in the uit ot Utiiai oh 11 unJ mii tuc tgiitt
lUliVeltlUIl Sebuii of tile ttr ud Is ul tilled trhcd oil rtdity
in blu ift Ii Ill utrit 1i II Cell tI M r lrIllld ae ttu
Itoulgiuce I I lulItilt J1001 ii ci lulittlr 5 110 t1tiiiletl
11110 tIC II lIt ieltS i1 ho Ills 11 liOetlIlotlt
ill It 1111 1115 of thug ltUllo I 101 Lh iheii Ciuluphii 11111
f I ti lttu lull iSIl rU I II ulobs r I u I
elbcOIls tIiOe 5 111 blunt SCIitlt leliuIlhler5 i illetit
ill I iuc 101 I etlIy If tIle Clilit II 10 II ilifl nut a Ituitlu J ude
ottokier fIle judgitituuh for bll i tuluilill
Two Hundred Iroiiiccllie PrIest
About JOO stuilents cif the rmnvlsciii College
I fM Iluliavclilure lii ifls gill N V illMllbled > ltel I
du > In i ivrceliiv t Hotel PuUnr Joaehllu Molluv Ire
ftnmrof Mathematics mil Nalu nal lhllo iibv in tile
cullct metthtm uI th v firtt I for Mlenanv In thn
fVdiinif Mm lilt from II atrliknilii n the tudenU
Mift > tIC dliribli to rtielvt order and otto itin th
I raueiuni cithtri el It ter the van IllS other bruit ef
hood and the rttntilmltr 11 comt icciilur rieit e
tt lent Tvt o inning Hiillr timed
The police of the IhiitnIh I I I street station
said lti i n till thai nil tht I C111111hit K h U4v > i In iv r
prttlmt were itlIt nl A I sIuturi r viiltcl I MtrriVia u
Vt t rwnitv eulnli nrst indiii 11 mur retort In V t
Tsi Ttl iu ith virttt o ittfntv I re to be neen in viu
illS I hoiit iid 1110 dour ss eit I I tkid 1 car > nter an J
i luitiercr vert wut lull I in Hi iill I usd115 ninth trrt
utIle Volstaiii DiKtrl i ititllil v ilu5 This tink ri
tittt in the rtjurted lit illlutlli rind If lUhttO 1 Llll
Two Yvur mul t Hull In lull fur IW lent
Jiinis Kifi vvlio va hoinelis and needy
Llihtduit Ivvinlll it Wulltr bv htutlictitil at tin entaiiic to
nn ull t > h in tIlt irt tiit III tin l v tliulltr illS
III mi1 ri olid him It I tut al iluc mutivv that h
lull in In ll lit 1 1 I f i i I II I I pWadtd
killltv vt ltrla in 1 K ior1 i s f TII i SI its iucs1 bull
lo jtutt pt loll tot tnc v i u and 1 l mulitlu
ihurucd vvlth Mlillilln H Man
IitOitiVes i uf thi I il 1 I I t Miii I t olieyes I
ttrdat I nrriifciiil iti I I rt l tis II I 11 until in I ev urktt
uiirt i Iuiuii hlrs III luJciiit ir < l ehakt J ittli
bruinin It i n U s ij i a I b n tt t r nut TtiurkJar
1111111 n tl HI It I I mntft n StIll I su iv H III
ltll s It u tul ill I ttl I I Is II lilt Itl oy
tl eIt t if I ul iuuzui I th JuI t Mlilth held him
f r I tEtllitll tn
lb l i Mm ill 4 OlIU trmlli lion
Fair Uiiihvr btuiiomn 01 slIght rise hi teal
JiitJIj umif iijtrv
Mr l J H lull I f P v i I mini tutmtiu I b 7i Water 1 °
Hill tt wht tutU I i n ut it ill 1 Ii t II I l htJi til dlit l cm iblut I
Illltlfbltl I llhv livth I l KI I II liriVed w > trrdav
the OultFtlUto In i Jmiii il 11 I i Me the tt ill ut I
lr < trie Ill li t I IR vv 1 vvhth ti Is 01 IitlIt i 11 utl
1t j I t > i im I ii Itu tola u S puuptt j lu hit Ku
til II Jell II Will 1l I II i t ttr 1 4
The Lira i dtlciir I I nnd ii mV 11 ht I tiitiu MIM A
sit I lulrislh tali KIM iiunltn ttiirfreii II MI 11111 i I
u lull > iinl 5 > u IK n iihIIiiI < t tr > n HIT > d vc
Mlilt In thill 0 t Vr llclilcliiitr ul lei < IttIllieI l
n I N Thl l i f x V I u I It In i lr i I f liu j
main elcvaiir > i limit I f iirth III i t s nl illS r tell
I II IU 1 raIl HI th I ol I VV 1 I tll 011111 at Ii
tIll lilKit iIuh lll l Hltnettt i al rer lund over
L I 1 1 and Iui 11 1
im ulili a ti liti i un c
ime u lIttle 1 IIIIO ilrni i tin 1 n n n f I 11111 511115
Ii mi AlltiuI v llsItlift I ii 11101i f i u nett ir al in
tht mi if ijtor e I h i nt 11111 i u vv I iim n uvutint
li I h 11 It v im i c I I I 1 Mlii nil II fl ik m I vt hi li
stilt h t ill tti ifitin uifainl llu i ittrnmeul
btr t t etn te II Oil e t tttcdo iitrt ilittt i i
In Hit IIIt ItlullIlt I It I < M I Hum m u l nl iuuic
i hnr 4 vt rrt tiutti lt i miki l i t t 11 I s 11 uidt i 5 1
> I 1 I I llu > It I I lull I f 1 I l f lId Illi
lmil i In tin iiinUit Ht irutn InIk Vmut Ill il
ill lluit ilte li l I Wen l > bolhi lllid 1 M I u Illiti V
111111 for vii 11111 i nnilue lo th < m frnn i iva I xn
nhth lulls ar vet lo I In dettrniimd lv fuith riruieel I
Ibudi Jutt Wiilaei > Ul Hint u Iniivtr lull le ill
loiiilili II ullihei I ol > nnllinribute the urneed un
II I It ut i nun S i un tOrte tn makii tliu divinou uuiuu
theuilvv vvllhuui kltuv r

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