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ID tn uu
A TtlltJ < > Mf IfIIUlEIIs
Xmtlng Tlifaaik Fourtcentk Ntreet mn4
ThrnillnK nt All he Met with n Pair
of Pnlnteri oiapasaMaNy IVameu
Wouuiled Policeman Wltla Fnlnlly
nnrlThe > i rr tlT f tk Tlctlma
At 4J ocltxjk ycstciday afternoon when
Fourteenth streot between Broadway and
Sixth avenUe was crowded with women out
Rhopplng a mndmnn ran westward from
Drondway holding u ahnrp weapon In Ills hand
and stabbing at every ono ho met Ladies rnn
screaming across tho Mreet nnd rushod head
long Into tho nearest stores Tho man pursued
them and stabbed many boforo ho was
finally thrown down and secured I is 1 known
that eight ladles two boys and ono man
er stabbed Many others who were ounded
wont to their homes without reporting tholr
names to the police The woman who wa
most sorloufdy Injured wan the tvlfo of the
policeman who finally secured tho madman
Bite was Mrs Mary Hanloy aged 23 roar Her
husband Policeman Charles A Ilnnlny
Iolcomllu Innlo was
posted In Fourteenth stroet She was stabbed
in the loft breast and It U 1 thought that the
wound U fatal The others Injured whose
names are known are
Mm Thom Worth ofootl xlnjton ar nne tabbed
In the left Hide
MUi Pauline Fiedler aged I 19 of 339 West Sixteenth
street rtabbtd In the left bream
Mra Marls 8tolzenb rK 422 East Ninth itreet tabbed
I the rhoulder
1 MlMM L King 420 Eat Fifty lerenth street tabbed
twice In the left hip
Mini LoulM Checker aged 2 of Wed nttj flnt treat
tabbed In the hack
l An unknown young woman tabbed la I the right wrltt
and left bream
Ernest Doubourgne the man who did the
stabbing his been A familiar figure In the
street For many years ho has carried two
largo signs slung across his shoulders and
bearing sov oral sentences written in irregular
whito letters He Is 37 years of age and
t ib a sign painter by trails Ho was
r dressed yesterday In u loose lght brown
suit of clothes much worn and spotted with
paint Ho is about five feet six inches In
holght of medium build with light brown
hill and red moustache His face is of high
color his ees are blooddhot and his
chin Is covered with a weeks growth
of coarse rod beard Tho weapon
he used was a pair of measuring
compasses about eight inches long such as
painters and carpenters use in their work I
bus two polished steel shanks that taper down
t sharp point Sometimes he opened it wide
and slabbed with one shank and at other times
hu closed It and Inflicted 1 double wound
He nceius to have begun his assaults on the
south side of Fourteenth stroet between
Broadway and Fifth avenue nnd opposite to
E A Qtesens millinery story at 16 East
Fourteenth street He knocked a woman
down and drawing the compasses from
Ills pocket ran at a group of women who were
passing and thrust at them with his weapon
lie cut tho dresses of two or three but
it cannot bo learned that ho wounded any on
there A handsomely dressed woman ran
into Olesens and showed where the
back of her damask silk dress had
been ripped up A lighthaired wo
man in light blue said to live I In I
Bridgeport Conn next attracted Doubourgnt
notice He chased hor to the door of
Johnson milliner store and there knocked
I her down Ho attempted to enter the store
where many women had run but they slammed
the door In his face and held it fast This all I
j happened so quickly that several women who
were looking at the articles in Johnsons win
f dows had no time to escape He attacked
them and stabbed Mrs Stolzunberg and Ulss
Thn cry of Murder was now raised and
the street became the scene of the wildest com
motion A rush was made for the nearest
mores and women fell down basement stops
and staggered fainting into tho shop
y In a few moments tho street wa almost de
Kerted In the words of nn eyewitness I
eeemed ns I A cyclone had struck It But in
the brlnf time that it took to clear
i Uoubourgno found a chance to do still
more of bib terrible work Ho pursued
Miss Louisa Checker ns she was fleeing
and stabbed her in the back Then he struck
down Miss Pauline Fiedler on the crossing
with a wound In the breast With ever new
victim his excitement seemed to increase and
he waved his weapon over his bond and looked
for others to attack
Mrs Hnnloy was walking at time southwest
01 Fourteenth street nnd Fifth
Comoro avenue I
when Uoubourgne met her She hail her two
little children with hor and her arms wore
filled with bundles She was expecting
every moment to meet her husband limo
bourgne had been holding the compasses
In his loft hand He now changed them to his
right hand nnd lunged nt her The
prongs pierced hor loft side and Mia
p fell bleeding Going on a short distance
tance Dduboiirgno met Mrs Worth and
Hliblwd hT and then struck twlco an
unknown young woman Tlitso are the only
ones who are positively known to have been
aubbod but from tho statements of eyewit
nesses It is I believed that many others were
stabbnd whoso names have not been reported
Donhoiiruiio ran about 100 feet west of Sixth
avenue when Im I turned und retreated to tho
corner A crowd of men and boys gathered
around but dared not approach him Finally
a young mnn crept up behind and seizing
him 0111 tutu collar throw him down In I
moment a dozen men jumped upon him anti
held him The compasses wero wrenched from
his hands He threw up his arms before his
face as If he expected blowb Nivernl women
were lying wounded on the sldownlk They
were picked up nnd carried to the nearest
stores Mrs Hanloy was taken Into the office
of WHHume781 ifth nvonueand MrWorth
into the basement of the residence at Tfi Fifth
avenue The unknown young woman
went Into the olllce of Alden V
Btorno at 2 Welt Fourteenth Mrent
all Mr Store bandaged two severe
wounds on her right wrist Sho said she was
nlo stabbed in the loft breast Hlio wont titvuiy
refusing to give her name Several of thu
wounded worst taken into the Paints Itojal and
Johnsons store
loll rnn Henley was walking westwnrdly
from Broadway whoa ho saw people running
from the southeast corner of Fifth avenue and
Fourteenth street They hcnttered over the
street Many were screaming wildly Hu
ran to learn tho cause and came up
just ns Doubourgno was thrown down He
Btood him on his feet Inc was then handed the
compasses and was told that eight or ten
women had ben stabled He summoned Po
liceman Hull from llrondwit anti turned Iou
bourgne Or tl i his care while he went to
look out for the wounded Ho took the nnmcs
of those ut Johnsons anil then assIsted tr
iilnco Mrs Worth i in an nmlmliuuH list t hat
Leon Huminonud from the New York Hos
pital Ho was told that there I wits u
woman very badly hurt In Humes olllce
and ho went In to carry her out Sho was tile
wife heir little children were crying beside
her She was placed in thn ambulance with
Mrs Worth and taken to tho hospital Mrs
Worth went homo after her wound was dressed
Miss Checker and Miss Ileillei walked to tho
hospital had their wounds attondcd to
Miss Kledcr was cOIn to her bed last
evening She said she wan In company with
another woman and I was crossing Ii ifth ave
nut v han Doubiiirgnii rushed at heruml struck
her with his left hand hho fainted and was
takim into Johnson
Mrs Maria Htobenborg was standing beside
hor sister Mrs AIII lIons looking Into John
eons window Him hoard s < reHin and before
ulio could i turn hlie was stall ol three time t i in i
tIe back between I the I shoulder blades and in
tin Hinnll of tlifi t buck but nut lop g4roueh y
Miss M I L him wiih looking Inti Iolinsonrt
window when slit > heard a diminution and cries
of hun or lidll kill youl I She turned and
i aw a wnnmn Ill as if dead on the side
walk Shi tried to run into JohnioiiH
Mom hit the door was bliut Ibo man
I tin n from behind a showcase nml
th1 came Irol hll I bOeah tutu
Hti lick her In tho side Sho illd not lkf the
wound till snmo time ntdirward when clue
wan In I Iho I store Shu said I her li g felt I very
Miff I und on examination i it I wns found i that t t huu
twn I I prongs of Ito I compaK him I i > u nutrntril
denplj Into the thigh A woman took hurto
her liorno In i a in into carrlnge
Mis Worth Is I the wHo of tho artist Thnnia
AVortli of tho iiar Sho wan < h In rhiisLini
lund her 17yearold daughter when Him was
wounded Mr Wrth tuyh ha wns walking In
fourteenth Mriet west of tho Fifth 1 ave
nue when tin Haw a man nheai
nursued by n crowd rite lau run
across tho street and crouched down
near the railing of 2 West Fourti inth street
antI as Mrs Worth pn > eil ho jumped up anti
MiblKi hr i Thii wound Is j In the right chub
I would I have loin fut to I If I f n rib had not t iuutuuI
the hlll I Isiidanguious I wound mid Mrs
Worth is much prostrated
Mrs Andrew DutcheroI l57Fierrepont street
llrooklyn was knocked down by noubourgnn
I i filit was shopping wltu her daughter a Dupii
In Packer Institute nml lund loft her
In Ilonrn while clue went to n
Moro In fourteenth Street Him did not
undurMiind the reason of thc excitement until
I maui Rliidenl ly rll tip to her and struck Iltl
violently In tho loft htcnst MIte fell backward
into the Imuemont of a crockery store break
bag 1 lot of china Hho was noNorrlrlirul od by
the blow anti full and Is HtifTirlni from shock
Doulioiimiii IN u iintlcot Fiance nod Hholl
Ilntrol rallO nli
very Itto Euugi huh Nothing could ho I learned
of him until a rcportur Iduntlllcd him
a the Mercer street police Rlutlon Ho
denied that ho had attacked Milon one I
and Rid ho had only defended himself i I against
assault Ioojlo owed him J2r0UOO nnd would
tot liar It Ho said ho lund boon eleven ears
In the country and worked for n imlntur
In South Fifth I avenue Ho his I boon
known to tho Inle a Ions tlmo as the
Insane son of an insane father I Thin father
Virgil DouhotirKnu Idlud at tho age of 75
years on rob 13 last In a lodging houw >
at 78 cxntor street Tho two cnmo
to this city together about twenty olmo
tOlcthor blt tweltr years
ago The father Bald that they camo
from Lorraine where ho haul been a school
nastor and that ho hued como hero to obtain n
large sum of money left to him by a brother
who was a Fortyniner In California Soon
after they cot hero Krncit dlsnppemid
and his father saul he had taken SON oral
housand francs and cone to Iurono A year
later ho returned anti mtpportiMl lrolo father by
ilH enrnlnirs ns a painter Soon they began
to act queerly and Ilnnlly the elder Don
liourgne hnd four tin signs niadu nnd
for years the two paraded the streets with
these signs on their breasts anti ljnck Tho
MUIIH dnclntod that they had bonn de
frauded by tim Government nod denounced
bishops priests and I lawyers Tno tin I
Blcni tore peoples clothes and the tl
ucmrirue < lwero arrested nR niil anrox They
were discharged and soon nfteranrd reap
pcnred with wooden sIgns Thej marched
dally I along llroadnny lioni rdiiitecnth Htreut
to the Battery When the father died tho son
Informed the neighbors nnd carried
nolghlo Crrled
his signs ns usual Tho Roclut 5 Frau
qalgiS do IJIenfulsanco which hail often
assisted them builud tho old man The son
was not at the funeral Lnto in the day ho was
seen In upper Broadway with hit own
signs on hilts back and his fathers
in his hand Ho looked pale nnd
haggard and had boon crying A
policeman asked him whore hits father was
He replied simply He Is dead He contin
ued his weary wanderings until Ma > when ho
abandoned them anti resumed his tntdn ns n
painter Ho wore better clothe and account
ed for his apparent prosperity by saying ho
had obtained Ins uncles property
Durtncthe summer Doubourgne was engaged
as painter on a ship Ho had 111 up onllcl
little money when one night he was assaulted
anti robbed In Spring Street He was so ox
cited when reporting thin robbery that ho
kicked n polke sergeant nnd was severely
clubbed with his In signs return Of Into he has not been been
AllUIC JLV rriR or ins LIFK
Blmlfleant Trifle that Indicate that he May
be Assassinated
ALEXANDRIA Oct 10Four natives wro
executed today at Dnmnnhour for murder
The correspondent of tho Daily Aric at Cairo
says Arabl Pasha believes that his life Is In
danger There have been certain Incidents
which might demoralize tho Circasslans guard
Ing him One of tho Khedives entourage has
been heard to say that he would like to ad
minister to Arnbl a cup of bad coffee and tho
Khedive has remarked that ho and Arabl could
not live 111 tie saute country
The sheikh who was arrested on Sundirnt
Tnntah for attempting to Incite a ninsmcri has
received 10 lashes and will bo kept In conitne
bent Large quantities of arms have been
seized 1 at T tint all and the number of watchmen
there has been doubled About 200 Circassians
Albanians and Turks recruited for the gen
darmerie have arrived here
Cuno Oct 10When tho rebel prisoners
were dsllvored to the Kgjptlun authorities the
English Insltod that they 0 allowed legal as
sistnnce Tho Egyptians contend that thta
condition does not hind them to permit the en
gagement of foreign counsel The question
will b referred to the Foreign Office lu08ton
It Is reported that the Indictment against tha
rebel chiefs contains three counts First In
stigating mu8 acms second directing tho
burning of Alexandria and third abusing the
flag of truce
LONDOS Oct 11The Cairo correspondent
of the Jaiu firs telegraphs that hu is assured
on tho hlghcnt authority that tho prollminnn I
inquiries thus far made nil tend to support
Arabl la has assertion that the outrages perpetrated
petrated during the rebellion wero committed
I against hU will
Mary Kane Walks Out of Jail
Mary Howe was arrested on Sept 19 for rob
bing a house where she was rtnpln e < 1 AS a domestic and
was contlneil In tlie Rajmnnd street Jail llronklui
trailing her arraignment which allo take place 3 el
terdaj 1 wan her turn 1 estenla morning to no from
thr female wing of the prison to the kitchen for coffee
and about 7 oclock sIte left the corridor In which she
wa confined Instead of going to the kltih n shi
crossed the janl to the main oltlce and without attract
lute the obserintinii rf Assistant Keepir Ciman ss ho
ns at the desk look a seat en the eiiclie l rrsrcil Or
l ltnrs M tht time she was seen to ie l dre seil JIII full
lIllult ritluttt tii itt including a Ionic crepe s rut I Mm oon
pd 10 the iteofc and liiiulred If nn Maiden u at In
thi jail No eall 1 COWHII cunoiiltlnir the I record hook
he Ill dtechrcu teiirrdiir J I am sorry for that
enlt 1 the wnmiin I uan anxtoUB to Ccc orf she in t in
itie hat it of ifettlnc drunk anil a I Imd a situation for
tier I thouirht I might be at le to keep tier potter The
HinipoMd ittr l then i Mnlktd ti > the open door of the
lrIPtuu I I and trlideil 1 doun Die i irranitt rpor It wn nearly
an hour efore t lbs dliuten of tier dlicht aK male
known hue It 3U > ear uf a e and of delicate appearance
Mayor lie HcTaUe Indicted
The corridors of the Quoons County Curt
Hnupe were crowded u tterduy ulth olllclitlii and IOU
ticlant AmoiiK the moat uumueuisy were Chief of Police
VVoodH and the frlrniUof vtai > r He Bevoice of Long
Ilad City Exolce Commlllonr List who WA ro
mond by the Mayor r Comlock and his two aI
Smith ant Oram went before the nra1 Jury Late In
the afternoon the lraui4 I Jury preeutti a hatch of in
lictiiisuit hut si I ir or iii 110 ohs for run
ulomll 11 Jail nlhl I ui reitortuh Ihot ci ups
t olol tc tatuuu ul tines 10 111 him nolel1 to I Irr t
GHrnr 11011 utittOu hHlcl1 oro lti ItOh ltt
ii BI Itt Iiiarico Ihll a1 Eugene FJhr Thiy
t cre nrieii 01 M lonlo is I eoIIc ni I Inrlnl i lie
roll itt 11 I ituu re IuInu thic cr orlln1 hrore
1 itIce ulhihiurt I t lie uut it to hat e I turir I toe
truuefcrrtd ii I i the I ttrt f St I 1 toTI J elite sail lie
uc utuld oldolho Jail elu alllho prboe crc again
I I wan reported that the firand Inn bad 1 Indicti e
stat of the oltulaU l of IWIK Uland I 111 htMtf the
vttt > or The report was svnernll credited and much
excitement pre > nlltii
Sot Tkrce Time but Nllll Active
At 815 last night Barney McLaughlin of 421
Eat Mxternth itreetnent to the homo 317 Iant Thlr
teinth utrett here llnnlcl I LOMB s a tupplni with a
friend und calltd hint down dolts to the street Ac
cording tn Lonran ai loon an ht lush trot to the ptTeit
VtLautfhlin tlnd three pistol punt at him Mlidlntf two
bullelF into his h < ad soil otis into lilt right breaiit Mi
L tih1liininana > tool hi ii I In 47 l e1 rhlrtei nth Uml
He I I ihri turned with til I pUtol the i policeman wh
followtd him there and arrested him I liilulei
that IIM hii nhot Louran in felf < lt fern e loorati viit I
Hkn to I lle lie lionpltal i hilt refllMti to allou the di 1 0
Ir to Probe for the billlfU ttlnt ut enl nut IV He miliiie
qiisuuii returnnt with friend mid rlirnllld hl i mmix
its t to iiiilimit Kt the probliu hut a < Min chmu > 1 bus
oeriuus iiuhuii II I and went nwa The hIt ol say 1 hU wound arc
Drowned while Saving an Infant
Cornelius Randolph and Cornollus Collins
w1 lhK tin lulJ ot Iol olmolll with flue
bilks anti litres chldel Un thclr rtur this intuit O
ehoed In I dp part or the buy oo IhBI I wOI11 Pot
get ngrutitnih u hen the ilk full Thir e WOII nutiP one
rhld e sri Ikn In Ih hre itt I klr it
Otis unto IJ 11 ruuiatuiiutc to I ttluttii
aiid two chlJr ere ltttiu out us 11 irili iOu his
psiesge ihie 101 1 I iii 0111 hI1 in to hits LIRI
C hl lolin uiuii 1 ttliiiQi1ht eiucit eehieui ti dull ciii
hiegitn It St IOloWId tile clteu 01 this w ey RiuiuUtijiu
us ft ulitucked flu JI I ctuiitflieii ii ii i it runt t ii I ii hlh
tlcmuiy ccitt I his liAI c uivett hiy illhui oa
boly he t wuiiteii teite ruCovursit C Cr aficro 00 recoil I b him 1Iollho
follovvlnir Mayor IMi Ailvlrr
Thorn wore 4245 voters 1IIIRtnrd II Brook
lye jewterdii The niimbtr rtitUti rid on the I tlrit dn
of rifiilioUon ii tts luJtul which inuko the mini tint
for 71040 The third and lint icu 1 of litrntlmi e 11 I e
0 lit Jl Tin tint hst > ear it flit WM and the retiMin
lion u 101 tin ncond dai thin I wi i947 Tile rcKi > trall u
on the last da t < > < 1SIM7 1 Is l call iii tncreaci 110
> user is I1r1i3 hue to Ma > or Low adlc
ICalsInc thu Vnces raoOOO Men
LONDON Oct 1flJhn Xnrth Stafloidehlio
cnal mil ito nor lime in ti ilnl Hi t the nrpliifitlou if llu
miner for nn nI IMIIII e or f in i prr ell In tinge e litmt
tliiiiisaiid men nrf nftntidlo h tills ilei Ivlon
cit rico if nial 1 minim reti ien ntlliK nine loun
tlesnf lilflunil I will lllift In I Munilienler i ii I rrlilm In I
ilprldn 111 nn itts I times hkll until i s lall tie Cutout 1 011
n iiiral tOII I iiro rf tinrk rHpLimll III urkbhlii
IHrhJ shire and Laiuashlru
Ono Tkouinnd Irishmen fur Cunuiln
LOMJON Oct 10A dcspnti to th Iall Mall
fiaMI from Dublin re orls thnt I niiliig In the nlnrniliiv
Incrrisrut nmipcrlsin In I i his olth i nf Irclnmlthi I I Dub
Ilii I iilniiliis lukiii the lend ill n irnpi mil it cciii I ltui I i
ablo budled men anl I u oim n to Cnnu U
Ine at IlUnarcka IIays Iraniotrd
I BERLIN Oct 10 William the youngest son
nmtol of Prince CauucUlor rilimarck bti bon iftlttd to l rant of Uov I
rom inn cntnorr I xoMTXtrrn ron
CV1Jf1SNIfiX AT f 1fW
Kepnhtlenn Comrallleemcn In is Cold flknwer
Hulk urllnil Jeu < from tke Interior An
Aiipnlllnc Ilst of Men who Wouldnt hun
Tlio young follow of tho low York
Republican machine ware In thin Fifth Avenue
hotel curly yesterday morning All woro tall
lnck silk hats and black frock coats buttoned
front tho waist to tho breast Johnny OUrlen
lob McCord Frank Rnymond Johnny Drod
sky Jako hIss Jimmy Davis and 1ollca Jus
lea Joke Patterson wore white neckties Capt
Mike Cregnn nnd Barney Ulglln fought In the
war of the rebellion and have stuck t blue
cravats xtnco pcaco was declared They were
nil prepared to prove to the country members
of the State Comtntttoa that they ought to vote
for tho Administration nionH candidate for
Congressman nt Largo Commissioner Juke
los was nrmod with I hook which ho said was
used for cleaning horses hoofs I intend to
lice It in buttonholing said ho
rIte name of oxTudgo 1nnchor was In most
mouths for a time but half an hour before the
neetlngof the committee it was officially an
louncid that ho would not run
Chairman John F Smyth called the commit
tee to older at noon and announced tho pur
hOse of the meeting Twentysovon members
if I the committee responded to tho roll call nail
Senator C L McArthur D tho proxy for
James S Smart of Washington I Platt Car I
penter of Dutchcss Martin L Stover of Mont I
gomery Harrison Chamberlain of Seneca I
Thomas C 1latt of Tlogn and Charles 1 > In
gcrsoll of Chnutiiuiiua woro absent I was
mid that since I 1lntt Carpenter wrote his I
otter of ncoeiittinco he line been afraid t trust
In > body with hIt proxy
1111 Slmrpo said that several gentlemen who
md bven asked to takn tho nomination for
Congressman nt Large had declined lie thru
named as landldatutt who would accept ion
James 1 Ollolrno of New York Ixirln Ililmer
mil James Tanner of Brooklyn Ion JolinC
ItobiiiHoiinf Jlroome John A King of Queens
teirl Jacobs Jr of Delaware and Howard
POlrl JIobs Dollwnrc Ind
Carroll of Now Trkof 10w f
A ncR was taken during which notes were
compared A plurality were for Howard Car
roll but other candidates had friends One of
the members showed to another n list of men
nny one of wham he nlil might have been
nominated I ho would have consented to run
On this list WHO thu names of Mr William A
w heeler the Lone Fisherman of the Ht Law
rence anti xrauiitilont VlcoPresldentof the
United Mates I l Chittenden Oon Isaac I
Latlln District Attorney of Kings county Oon
George I blinrpu Alexander L Orr loll An
on U McCook Albert Diiggett ail Henry A
llnruum Gen Joseph R Curl Charles K Fitch
of the Rochester Jlmxifrat den Chit K Grit
hal James Itedpnth bin Francis C Barlow
Hamilton Fish Jr Jackson S schultz and
Enoch L Fanehcr I Schulz
When tho committee reassembled an Infor
mal vote was taken Howard Cnrrollwas named
by Pierre C anWyok Do Wit C Whohr
Jacob M 1 Patterson Jr Cornelius Van Colt
Cornelul Col
Chatles F Brtider Michael Cregnn Frank
lUymond Illinm II Itobortson llllnm I
Dlckoy Oeorgo H Shnrno Alexander M I
Holmes Chester I Cole John M Davy and
James D Warron Ferris Jacobs was named
hy George Z Erwin Abram C Crosby John W
rooiiinn Tallecon Uvuns William J ron
tanye Williaiu L Parkhurst and James Low
Corporal Tamos Tanner received tho vot sof
William 1 Heard Marcus Itnlnl bntnucl T
Maddox John P bmyth James S Smart and
Andrew llllnms Mr Stephen A Titus votod
for John A King I
Tho Chairman announced that Mr Carroll I
had receivcil 1 votes Mr Jacobs 7 7 Corporal
Tiinner ti I and Mr King 1 Mcrsrs Jacobs I
Tanner and King were withdrawn before the
formal ballot was taken and Howard Carroll I
wax unanimously nominated Mr Carroll ap I
peared before tho committee antI in accept
lag the nomination said that Im should make I
Ills own canvass and should pond no money
tor his election Ho favored fair nnd free elec
tions and had both spoken and written ngnliiht
Hadlcal rings in hoilth Carolina anti Inuslnnn
tIe well as the shotgun policy In thin South
lll III
The uimmitteo t worn sattslled with theIr
candidates position although John F Smyth
and Clint Wheeler exchanged knowing winks
when ho said that ho should spend no money
After the nomination tho members of thin
committee reported the condition of tho party
in their tespoctlvo districts This was a dole
ful operation Mr Stephen A Titus said thnt
Suffolk county would give I Its usual party vote
The three members from Brooklyn admitted
that lhen was much disaffection They
thought it would lessen before thu election
Police Justice Jacob M I olcclon said
that the Republicans In the strong Democratic
districts In this city were essentially machIne
nnii I mnilii little difference to them who
was noinlnnteil by tho inrty They would veto
the t ticket Tho danger in Now York was in thin
districts whom tho merchant hankers anti
other business men resided Thou men made
up I t lie hr minds I after reading Ho admitted
that there was dissatisfaction In his own dis
trict but believed that tho party would bo in
good shano there by election day L
Capt Michael Cregan ball that his district
which Is east of Third avenue was largely
Democratic hut tho Republicans worn at work
William J Dickey of Orange said thnt every
thing t wns in good shnpo in his cnuntv nnd
GCI Sliarpo predicted tho usual I lopui i > icon 1
vote In I Ulster Both gentlemen admitted that
there wns dlhalTectlon In their counties
John 1 Smyth said that the llcpubllcans
would do 01 I enough In I Albany and Andrew
Williams I snld that them WW considerable
apathy in Clinton
Mr George Z Erwin of St Lnwroneo was
not so sanguine about his county He said that
tho Bopubllcans were greatly dlslt led with
tho ticket
Abram C Crosby of Delaware said that thoro
was much disaffection In that county and John
W Vroomnn reported tin same feeling in
Herkimer lnwls and Jefferson tounties
Taltchen Evans of Onelda said ho had not
hoard any Itepttbllctns say that thoy t would not
vote tho ticket but haul been told that there
worn Mich men In tho county
Senntor Holmes mild that most of the disaf
fection In Madison county would dluppcar be
fore the utiujctiufli Then Mr U J Montanye of
Cortland county who was Judge 1 A P I Smiths
ptoxy at the Saratoga Convention took the
iloor Ho said that Cortland county was like
1IS Iko
I Hinnll country neighborhoodw ono mans
business wns every bodys business Most of
the Bepubllians there thought that they were
statesmen There was a strong fooling against
the ticket in th county which needed to bo
counteracted They wanted a bin meeting
thorn and would like to have Chnuncej M 1
Depevv speak to I them Ho did not know much
about OnnndaM county but Congressman
Hiscock and Hiinty It Dtigttld had told him
that tho t Itupulillctn I minority in that county
would bo fair but not as large ns usual
llllam L I Parkhurst stioko for Ontario I
county Hu I Piild I hat t them had been a strong
fooling I ttai net tht t ticket I In thnt county llui
it 11 Judge raiders county and he bullnvvil
that county untIe If notlilngolse would Induce
tin i ltepiilii ieuu its to vote the ticket Ho I could
lot say In whitt condition tho party wit In
either Yates or Livingston county Chester
S Colo raid that the aputhy In the Kteubon
district would grow loss during the canvass
hut John M Davy bald that there watt it strong
feeling i In i ltocln I ter which it would bo dllllcull
to clmmo Mnnv Itcpuhllcans wi i voto for
Cleveland Ono Dninocrat hud told him that
ho should vote for 1olgor
Tho Still a rts applauded Mr Davys closing
sentence hit thot looked blue when Jamo
Low of Niagara that all the
Inlllrl reported 11 tl activity In
his comity was In tlm Democratic I party
Jaincb 1 II 1 Vnnen of DiitTulo made tho I closing
speech lie I tend a telcgiaiu ft t tIll his I son which t
Haiti that the Mienimn S llogiis address
against 1ulcui had only 701 and not lODOslg
Tho hinhvirts applauded but John F Hmrth
lomnrked Haven hundred nnd sixtyfour is a
gctti 11
Mr I nrren snld that ho would get buck 400
or snoot them I I They would do tlI best tlui I
fluty y could In I Kriu 1 county The 111 II I it nil
sick committees hud nltoady I begun tholr mis
sionary work
John F 1 Sinvth horn nemnttrkod That sounds
hike biisini
Mr nrteu t saul In i conclusion that tho parts
VVHH In a veiy bad shapo In hautniniuii am
Catlnraiigiis louiitles and somulhlng uhould
Im tlonii thein I ut 0111 o
Tho coimulttii I ii then t adjourned
llnvv Illillelitk atas Afiinltinlrd
TIIOT I Oct 10 1 ThiillcpubllcanCoiigrosslonn
Convention thN nfltinoun noniinated hit lion llrnn
I I llurlcitfh of liltrhill for ConKrt nmn The iioml
1111 WIIH ei on Inl In this lion la 1 Ci ilotidman wh
w an Ir shot I ru ri i Ivrilon tu the Ace I ii bl IhrniiKhtli
tllnrtH of Vir 1 iliirlfUh I I t WUK airfuti 1 puts time I auo
Hint the andldatt who i apturt d a inuj rlli II the I Wh
linfton Countv I ileliiriltH should rtiii it e I its mnport if
the Itrntelair I delegation i 1Ii I V rtiitk bile if oIIi
iilTl ilirrle If I jnrihn 17 low its but Hurleluli Hole hia
cdlt ahd J Cronklilte willidrttv
Jew c r I lecllun 3 laisknla I ban t siuil
United States Marshal Knox nppolntcd six
deput marihals foreiuh AIM district yesterday
to serve on this day of registry and election Only Re
tinlillcans were rejected The Attorney Utnerai pro
blLlt > d Uis mobyineut ct a larxer torca
County Convention Adjourned fir Confer
enee trltlclslng the Mityor
Tho Tammany County Convention mot In
Tammany Hall last evening John B Hnskln
was iiiiulo Chairman John Kelly said that it
md tbnoome tho duty of tho organization to
work for tho complete union of tho Democratic
inrty In this city I must b understood that
there were three Democratic organizations In
the city each of which was equally entitled to
recognized In the nominations to b mlie
Thcro must ho concessions on all sides I was
evident that tho time had coma when tho Do
nocracy could secure I better representation
In tho municipal Htato and Federal Govern
meats Tho first candidate to b nominated
would b Mayor of this groat city which was a
Htuto In Itself The nomlnoo should bo
Btlte Iol Thl b a man
of recognized ability nnd honesty
Mr Hnskln slid thnt ho wonted some mnn
Iko Mr Kolly nomlnntcd for Mnyor Ho pro
letnil COOOi majority for tho Stat ticket
Senator Boyd presented a resolution from
the AntiMonopolists recommending that men
with antimonopoly records b nominated for
otigressmen Asembhyinon anti Alderman
Among the resolutions adopted was one refer
ring to Wm I Vnnilerbllts tho publlo bo
damned ns evidence of the perversity of rail
road managers nnd their Indifference t public
rights Another was this
That we condemn its II silt Id anil dliaitrous the
uillrr which for a numher of 1 ear lias lietn pursued tic I
he vial or of thl 11 with reelect I In curtain depuri
neiitsnf i tie ehiy 41 Internment and that this polli I > In
lltienced nosllih l tit nnlMtlnn has reunited I fn attarki
ipon iniMlcoilltcrs for the purpose of securing control
if cU department tn In lined in political Interest not
elevant to the aim of iroml I troeminent or the welfare
or the tnxpatcr and that such policy has burdened the
I ax pay era with an Uliuiiuesary load OL expense not Its
iii the airitreKate than fiR >
A committee of ono member from each As
sembly district was appointed to confer with
other Democratic organizations in regard to
local nomination The committee Is to m t
nt 4 U oclock PM todny at Tammany Hall
The Bar Association sent a communication
asking for it conference In regard to judicial
nominatIons Tho Convention adjourned to
Hnturdny evening
Illlot Stndford presided at the opening of
he Irving Hall County Convention In Irving
Hull last evening and made n speech In favor
of local Democratic harmtmy The Convention
organized with Sheriff Bowo as permanent
Imlrman Dr Austin Flint Jr and Alfred
WngstalT were named amour the VicePresi
dents Sheriff Bowo said bo would join in no
trading or jugglery t holt tho public Tho
Convention adopted tho resolution recently
onlIltol recntr
passed by the General Committee The Cam
mlgn Committee already appointed wns em
owcrod to ink nil proper moans to secure
hci union of nil Democratic organizations In
thin nomination and support of such I local
ticket as will Inspire tIle electors with confl
demure in thn party and arouse them to an ao
llve support of tho Htato ticket The Conven
tion then adjourned subject to callA
A meeting of the citizens the Tenth Assem
bly district opposed to bosslsm In politics will
TO addressed this evening In Beethoven Hal
in Fifth street by Justice Otterbourg Sighs
lund Kaufmnnn John F Queries John O
Mott and Civil Justice Sleekier
The Fifth Assembly District Cleveland and
Hill Campaign Club raised a banner at JIG
Hudson street lost night Joseph Murphy
Itobt I Farrier and Daniel Lewis spoke
nCCJcf liD oaoitsiAjr FOR JUDGE
Htep Taken to Renomlniste kirn fortkotMBe
to wklek 1 ke was Once Fled
A metnJ of about 400 gentlemen repre
seating every Assembly district in tho city of
Now York was hell at C9 West Washington
square on Monday evening to organize a cen
tral association for tho purpose of promoting
tho nomination and election of Richard OOor
mnn t the office of Judgo of the Superior
COIr Tho meeting organized by the election
of officers ns follows The lon Henry Hughes
President William J Donnelly and tho Hon
Edmund Connolly TlooPresldonta Major E
ward Duffy Treasurer Valentino Daly Secre
tary James Gregory BargoantatArms On
motion of Kdmund Connelly tho following
resolution was unanimously adopted
HATTIM At a general election held in the div of New
York In Noemlier ISMI Klihard 1 IJorniau w a elected
Ju life of the superior Court on the nomination of all the
fleniot rstic oruanUatlon 111 till eln und whereas he
wa presented from performing the dntteof that office
h i the action of the Uoternnr of the state of New Turk
who ii pointd t another l ifentleman to rill the same and I
whereas ft trouMeitonie and laborious suit Institute at
tlie Instance of the nld lorman and carried on at his
expente in order to sustain the people vote has fnlltO
of any dnnin result leaving the question of legal title
delermlned In the otllte as far as that nli Is concerned whulh un
jylrYil That we renew the expression of our respect
and esteem for Klchard Onrman I and plodire oiirsele
as far as we can to elect gt to the ol of Jndire ol i
the superior ourt t reitnrdlnii him as In charattrr and
lekil standing suil 1 atllltv eminently veil l quallnttl no
perform the duties of theottlcK with all < ollg to the
tmlillc and alsoas re rt sentlnir In his own Person the
rfirht of tile I tieople I of this city to choose their own i II In
tllclal officer and y re peetfnll request that all the
Democratic organisation whlrn laot rear chose vir 1
tlormau a heir t can lldatt will now airaln nominate
him and sustain their choice by thelr votes
I wns also resolved that a committee 0 ap
pointed to wait on tho leaders of tho different
Democratic organizations anti communicate to
them the purport of tho above resolution
A Contest for tke longreaslonal Nomination
In the Netentk District
Tho Democratic ConKresssional Convention
of the Seventh district of Now Jersey wns hell
yesterday at Odd Follows Hall on Washington
street In Hoboken For temporary Chairman
Orestes Clavelnnd received 100 votes to 01 lor
Edward I F McDonald Mr Cleveland was the
candidate of William McAdoos delegates The
temporary organization was made permanent
Nominations for Congress were made by each
of tho ten Assembly districts Both McAdoo
anti Allen L MeDennottvvero nominated In the
First while iuAuioo alone was put foiwnrd by
the Second and 1 hlrd I The Fourth nominated
McDcnnott The Fifth hauled up thn McAdoo
banner whllo the Sixth put forward thin names
of MoAdoi > McDermntt Col K 1 I C Lewis of
Hobokon and Henry S ell of Hnymine Tho
Seventh and Eighth nominated McAdoo Me
Dermott captured tho Mnth Honors wero
oijunlly divided between McAdoo and McDor
mntt In tho Tenth I
Tho voto stood 114 for MoAdoo CO for Me
Detmott I for Lwle ant I for < Icll Mr Io
Adoo was thereupon declared the nominee niu
the nomination wits mndu unanimous lie hml
received tlm solid delegation from tho Thin
Assembly district under the t leadership of Slur
rogntD MeAvoy while with two exceptions ho
had obtained tho suppot of Assembly mnn Mo
Inughllns cohorts from thu Sovonth In tho
other Assembly districts the voto vas more
evenly divided Tho candidate snld after Ivolnc
escorted Into i tho hall that lie Imped that t no
man would ever have cause to regret voting for
plain llI i i MoAdoo votn
vVlien the Congressional Convuntlon ndjourn
od it reassembled ns 1 County Convention mid
nominated John C Hughob for Coroner Mi I
I linklies I who Is I a young man owes Ills nomi
nation to his personal popularity Ho nnd his
brothers havo for yours worked the Demo
cratic ranks without seeking ofllco
Tka FoTortil Ilemocrnllc lriulrr Hpcuki to
Tkoso itko Aomlnatnl Him
HuiTroui Ocl lOTIm Donincrntlo Dis
trict Contention which unit IIITO
Conlton lodiy wits
thoroughly ripresonUtlvo confident and
hupp An al ml olirpubliean thin lon I
Alhurt Austin ono of the 1872 lonxcits pro
flldod Thin routine business Imtlni lIon cot
out of tliiu > Mr Mnhlon It us > tof thl city
after incIting tho ItopubllcanH for condiinnlnc
I lit Illtormid IIirbor I bill I ninl tlnn t remain I not
Int John I Buck tt hoMitpil fun I titliiitd tho
iiiunu nil hail IHMIII MiltliiK for that < if Muni
liuiirruptlhlo lllliini 1 Inton It waR 10
cdiM i d IIH H I u uttiajh Is I In 1 iou y uttt hutrl lug of f Con
net butt Dumoirats Tlu > MiniMahln iixIlotit
li Hydo who mleht sit L fora pniirnlt of Col
Tom Niniioinr condod tho i nomlnntlon on
Inhalf of Tollnnd coum The OIDMIK uniinl
moud nnd I roinniltlin I t I nan sont for Mr Elton
WliiMi tutu fiinilllar trrnv lirail appiiurud thn
rout r 01 Mlcomn was I tub ditnoeralli
ThooiMiiiilor hiuiin hln Hpppch h > enliiK I
hit uoiild limn prifoiiid that thn nomination
uhnulil luuti guuiui to anutliii limn hit did not
feel nt Illiirl to tliillnii I hao nn plodKKH
to iniiki Im mill no lhutigpM that INS I viil not
votn aunlnst nuy lii ser and llnrhnr I ptoal I I
otid tugal mist user utIle of them and 1 do not
0 ned tomnkonny plidkis now Hut bin tutu r
lucIa of my nntho Htitto tune dour to mo My
record I In I hue I pant IH to hn my icconl In hut
future I IIIINO no money until God known If I
bin ii I would ut uso It i I to I buy u 010 i > I I I am
heet tel U miiKt ho buy I lie nnhoueht HUffritceB of
m y follow cltli ns lou Khotihl Im I reprnbcntod I
lot liyonoMhii promloK that ho tviuh ni < nr do
HO again iliitighitniJ but by ono who can BOJ that
hn minter lallhtnl 1
The Hepubllcan majority In thin district nt
the lam election waR between 1001 and 3000
but Mr John n Buck and his party friend
fully realize that tali f a very solemn occulon
A barp FIt In Cincinnati BntUrworth
Probably Defeated ad the County Carried
by the Dertr Iateit Return
CINCINNATI Oct 10 Sunshine and shade
have alternated In Ohio todny The lenders of
both political parties have felt the varied Influ
once When tho polls opened In Cincinnati this
morning tho Democrats felt confident of vlc
tory I was believed altar the balloting had
been in progress two hours that nothing could
save the Republican ticket Stato or Con
gressional Then the Democratic leaders
became apathetic At noon their sun
was clouded It was ascertained that many
Germans were sticking closer t their old
political tics They wore scratching the State
Ickot to bo sum but they wore believed to b
voting for tho Republican county and Congress
greets tickets Moorloln a conspicuous brewer
who had boon prominent in the antlBopub
Ican movement known to have voted
Ican was for
uttorworth This meant 0 additional votes
for the Republican candidate All the after
noon the Republicans felt more jubilant
I was believed that John Shermans advice
md fallen on good ground I looked as though
lutterworth would go back t Congress and If
hayes was not big enough to shelve Foster Hut
orworth could help him In wax known that
Smith had more to contend against thnn but
orworth but it was believed that by the aid of
the entire working force of the Internal Rov
onuo Department he was also to pull
through The Democrats had evidently lost
by overconfidence in the morning and I
grand rush was being made upon their lines in
he hopes of a general stampede United
states Marshals wore hurried hither and
hither in tho hop of accomplishing tho de
struction of the Democratic lines As tho after
noon passed the conlldnnce in the Republican
success became more und more general Thin
voto everywhere was known to bo remarkably
large This was accepted as a hopeful sign for
hu Republicans hevornl largo bets to
the effect that the Republican candidate for
Sheriff would obtain 1000 majority were offered
only to find no takers At 5 oclock the Demo
crats were frightened From then until 6
oclock the lighting on both sides was brilliant
When the polls closed thin Republican lenders
went homo to supper confident of victory This
feeling prevailed for several hours
It Is now 10 oclock and that feeling has dis
persed like mist THE Suns correspondent Is
writing from the Lincoln Club There are
10000 people standing patiently In the streets
and the park which it faces They are all Re
publicans and are groaning and hissing while
figures of Democratic gains are being n
on a canvas In one of the windows It
Is difficult to give any figures There are Dem
ocratic gains everywhere Hut the vote Is not
half counted Here It Is believed that the Dem
ocratic State ticket is I elected by 10 000 major
ity Hamilton county Is expected to give a
Democratic majority of 8000 and that means
defeat for both Republican Congressmen
At the Uomineretal office the reports are moro
encouraging It Is believed there that some of
tho County Republican ticket may be saved
There is i but little hope for the Congressmen
The latest Ropubllcan estimates defeat
Buttcrworth by 1500 and Smith by 3000 ma
Returns from Hamilton County BO far as re
ceived show constant Democratic gains which
Indicate at thin writing the election of
the entire Democratic ticket From the
few full returns received It IB apparent
that the Democratic State ticket has
many moro votes than the Congressional
and county tickets but it Is difficult to nee how
the difference can lo l great enough to elect the
Republican candidates for Congress In the
First nnd Second districts The vote of Mari
etta city and township gives Warner Dem for
Congress a gain of 345 Hairs Hep esti
mated majority In Huron county is 100
1180 P JfThere U yet little definite in
formation The Democratic State ticket will
win by 10000 and Hamilton county will not
give loss than 8000 Democratic majority
Smith for Congress will doubtless be beaten
The most confident Republican figure a small
majority llutterworth while thin Democrats
believe Follott will hnto 500 majority
Returns compiled from twentyHires pre
cincts of Hamilton county show thnt
In about onefourth of the entire voto
the candidates on the Democratic State
ticket overage 500 moro votes than the Demo
crats on the county ticket Hut there Is great
diversity on the vote for county officers Indi
cating that the Ifrpublicnns will elect their
cnndidnto for Sheriff
Tutu Democratic gain In twenty precincts Is
3 621 At the same rate for the remaining pre
cincts the Democratic majority would be 12000
The Republicans concede Follett Democrat In
tho First dlstrlo 700 majority and Jordan In
tin heconil 1500
COIUMDUP Oct 10 Returns from the State
election held today nre coming in rapidly Tho
gaIn nail los es reported are bnoed upon n
comparison with the vote forOotornor In 1881
when tho Republican majority was 2l30t
Thero are 1107 precincts in the State Three
hundred and sixtytwo precincts gl > o n Demo
cratic gnln of i25fi At tho same rate the Born
ocratlo majority in the State will be 9000
Five hundred and fortyflto precincts and
wards show n net Democratic gain of 12278
The reports already received ann from all parts
of the State and Indicate n general Democratic
gain In the cities Cincinnati Columbus
Cleveland and Toledo thn Democratic gains
are largo
TOLEDO Oct 10The Indications nt mid
night are that the Democrats carry this
county on thin State and county tickets by
about 300 majority King Republican for Con
gress runs nlicad of his ticket and will prob
ably hate 20tl majority In the county
Toledo city complete gives Htird Democrat
for Congress 181 majority TIm majority for
Newmnn in the city two precincts estimated
Is 207
The returns already recalled Indlcnto thin
election of Hurd Tho Democrats claim his
majority to Iw 500 In the District
DAYTON Oct in Montgomery county gives
Murrny Dom for Congress about 1100 ma
jority itcitz flip is probably elected in tho
district by n small mujorlt Tho entire Bern
oeratio count ticket In this county It elected
VASiitNtvrox Oct 10Tho following was re
oohml hero tonight from Speaker Kelfor
rlnilNUHEin Oct 10 I will certainly bo
elected but reports from the Stato
am not en
couraging HEIFER
The Result In Vest Virginia
AVurriiiNo Oct 10 Ohio county the homo
of thin Democratic cnndlduto for Congress anti
hitherto Democratic by about 300 majority has
given a Democratic mnjorlty of less than 50
Reports from Interior counties Indicate the
probable election of Golf Rep to Congre
from thin First district by a small majority
Thn Second and fourth districts hntu been
hotly contested There Is not much doubt that
lioth worn carried by the Democrats by mn
jorltles ranging from llHHi to 1501 nth
Itbeltin First district has elected Golf
Hep to Congress by from 300 to 500 mnjorlti
The intro counties in 1HM gnto len Hancock
for President n mnjorlty 1484
CIIAHI EhTON Oct 10John P Kcnnn Dem
was rClectod to Congress today by a Biutil
majority from thin Third district
Ufimocrmie lain In Newark
NKWAIIK Oct 10In the charter election to
day ttto recent emhezzlenunt of tilt funds lii JlepuMI
cnnoDlcluManl thu lurid buries of thn dibt tutu tax
rate suite the epul > llcansKln > itinntrnofiii < innini
toiiiull unmllip I Democrats ndriI tiuih ndiaiitnm rii
lotv wns IlKht I liecnus mniiv Iepul Hi mis frnliied frnn
MitllU 111 I the innlewt nlir Aldenuen tin i Ilelllnirit
csrrltiltfii nf the fifteen iinnls which Mill miiko tin i
new iiuncll a tlt > In i llu present t Jtnrd tin re nre
Itepulillcnns mil H linuertuiu 1 I hr Hriiililltnli mull
time for Wntir tomiulniioui r huut l t yu tir rictli I n inn
Jiirttj of 10111 t i Toilni the IumMJctin lunlnrtlt for tlu i
snuu iitllci Is nil
riu Hei m Hi nn ldermen rhn en not llu Ir innjorltli
arctic follows Itrniritit Ytrsi l it md Vi ilnrplit riilr
nurd III i Mnifinl Mnlh nnnl ln Iliinutl hair
trenihiinrl 1iS Thi I irnlh I iriri nth mint NI
Ilm Ii nuirrnls iln trd Pninilii rn Mtoulniird tfl
Hinmin rourlli tiltlt Ionnrll Hflh JIH lluiiitniii r
Mxih l IM onnnr ti et nth MrKirifnn seienth I Vi
llunn f nlli lil lnrmlij llninlli liilimetrr
Ttielfthi Hkirklmr I Thlrtienth Miiulfurd tutu Ihicis l
rnth lime tern Indi IH mil ul roil n tnriii Ittnutilli r
The > are now txpii tid lo jiiln the i Iitmorrnts m mulviiii
kuiiiu thHiiKesnC city titlkirii
Cnlon Coiiiitr omlncrs
llAlltvu Oct 10At tutu Union County Dom
nrratlcConirntliMi lull nt llnlilli I this I nfirrnoun IT
Jninest i i ilreen i I pn sldul with huttoN II 1 Ilare nnd Sii I
llnm I rnrcs ito tstr tnries I cities H Vom ler nf Ilnii
hull u it uiuisuthuitiuiu ttittluiitii fr uttitty ticrk auti
3 lilICS t t terur if hi for ututrrogat s tu ui iou
ttuthtiuhee wuri luletti ttuiri lur It slier I Ctiik if
liii cIty we itointutnisii for oruuter Coutihleitte lit t tue
elecllon of tht Ithnte nomlllFr ty > line majority I
S cry ffenerall eirr iied It I t li Ihoiifrht that I deorne T
Iarrmt will he nominated for Surrogate at the Hei ubl
cun com entlon which li lo he held nn Thurx la
A Goodly First Iays Iteililrnllon
The registration yesterday was 1ri222 In
lhl on the first day It ia 33071 In lh 07Sn and In I
1670 i857
Tro ti iteel and as unerriDi at the mariners rom
jauUDr IttlUCcushSyiuji rm at auaa
JTta iritKCK Of TltK lIKltDKlt
The Vai OlT n to Ike Kalvora and ker Pa
sensor i on the Way to Ht lo ns
CAPE BACK Oct 10Tho steamer Niptuno
arrived hero early this morning from Ht Johns
with Judge Trow so and a sijnad of policemen
on board proceeded to tho wrecked steamer
herder and took aboard her passen
gers crow mails and specie Tho ship
was given to the salvors Cnpt Tlsch
eln says she foundered last night anti ho
does not believe that as much of the cargo will
bo saved as was at first expected The wrecked
steamer is In the same position as she was yes
torday with ono rock under her bow and an
other under her stern both on tIme port side
There arc several holes In her bottom and nil
the compartments are full of water She
must havut come very close around Sllstakon
Point as her present position plainly Indicate
hat had shun boon n little moro than n length
urtboroff she would havo cleared ovcry thing
lad she gone half n length closer to shore
it would doubtless have proved fatal to
all hands A gentle breeze continues
from the southwest but conHldornblo
sea Is heaving In If thin wind
increases not much of the hull will remain to
gether by morn Ipg The salvors atm tnklngtlio
cargo out amid 2000 packages havo already
boon landed consisting of lard cotton and a
large consignment ot cooked moats In tin cans
The Neptune with thin piissengers and crow of
he Hordnr passed Capo linen nt U ii for St
Johns nnd will doubtless arrive thereabout
No Sign of an Abatement of Yellow Fever
Sickness Heath and NiiRerlni
PENBACOLA Oct 10The developments of
the last few day hae shown the fallacy of the hope
entertained of mi early abatement of the yellow fever
tlildemlc Within three dnMi iTS new cn n sail lu
death huitie lieen reported The report for to di Shouts
SOnew gases hcBlilea 0 of other fcter and J 1 deaths
The total number of eaten to date Is jn > nnd ofdcnlh
115 Rome of the new cases lire nf nn arrnaled char
acter and there I no rcaton tn hope for H diminution ot
lie death rate treat dth rem prui all In the coininunl
Iv ci > ieclnll > nmomrthelmiiri Iii mit ulugrutcu thrown out
of eniiui fluent and the denialnln ni > on the Hoard ut
Ii lealth are Inrensant nnd Incrta hu Tin Hoard han
ntade n foriiml nppenl tn the coiiiilr at larko for aid
Thus rontrihiitloiiii hue i Oh r hat t tee clilcllv from Mo
hUe Vlontsolnert Vlemphln and 11 fiu other plmin III
thli nnd adjacent hi Mt f The InMtfUclem of fluids IN t he
entnliiir Alnnnlnif The ISv of intros Inc lieen rut don n
and other expeiipci cttrlnflifl tuthe t lowcRt point can
InK much itt seotuient and ninrmiirlnili l uuuutuuus ii tie the t
Ick and dritltute are Increnulm In numtieri Tlielln
mtlou In I RerloiiH and appealu FtrotiKlv to the > mpathlofl
of the Immune Cnntrlhlltloiift should ie l lilnife to I It <
Brent Chnlrman of the Kxecutlc Coniinltlce of Iho t
Board of Health fits iccaliter is l warm mid uuocttlcd
Courtesy to tke Indlea
Few women availed themselves of the privi
loge of voting at the annual ftchool electlorm hell bust
evenIng In Richmond county The moot IntereKtintr vise
tlon the result of which vta not decided up to mid
night took place In the Bchool liontt nt Vect
Rrlffhton It wrnn preceiledt Ity archoolinettlmr if thus
tbure school trust cc nnd the citizen of School dl > trl < t
2of the town of aitleton leorire VMlllani Cnrtii uu ups
elected Chairnmn Khfht women ainonir whom were
SirS Ahaw Mr Ilirtli mother In law were present
Mr CurtIs declared thnt the meeting wan n nd to re
ceive nominations for u inndldate to till nvncino In
the Board of School Trtmtec harleii VV limit I I
M D hlmonvon and Daniel Cmnphell were itttttluuuuictt
Mr Curtis proposed that out of ionrtep tus American
ruben the ladle he permitted to vest their ballot tlrt
ThlKwnn accedid to unanlmouMv and room w n n nde
fu ttue lathes They cast their votes and were then cc
corteX horn
Ambler Hmltk Wlllln to Flckt AH tke Wise
RICHMOND Oct Congrcasman O D Wise
was before the Police Court toda > on the cliartteof he
Ing about to fight a duet with John Ambler Hmlth Only
one wltnesa could be found tn testify ugalntt him and
he saId that while he had heard Mr VV lie say he Intend
ed to kill Smith on sIght l vet the wltnenn was now sail
fled that Mr Wise had tooled down and that there would
be no more trouhle While ever P01 > Is l redlcllni und
expecting a due no one was wllllnir to come forward
and demand that Mr VV le he put under rmniN and so lie
wiadlwharrMfmm cntrKl John Amhler Smith poke
yesterday In Carolina county and i today In ttuuttituut
ton AtCarollna vir smth in hl peerh cxpre edhli
willlnnr to flxlit the i w hole SSfa < fnmlh tuu Inlliiiiite
friend of Confrreman VV lue when told till I ci eitlttc i tat
Wise had been denounced hv smith nut it liar uouur
scoundrel and bulldorer atif that MnllhwouM hnc tn
retract that lanciiBFre or light Whac nnd that very roon
Ml Mint n Mwltcl In A Fog
CiUTTAyoooA Oct 10The passenger train
S left here at Aoi lock tMft nioriiinvr on the Atlanln
division of the haul TenneMce Mrklnla atul deurKia
Kallrond cnllMed with n f re IKtit train nt Onltennh Mn
lion tHfiit toRe from here ntrinecr Ja 1 N Wuutrs
ami 1itot John Ilolihc on the ucnf njrer train ci crc
kitted attil their iiuhhes i Imnitl In A rritlc IIHIIHMT
deii tf Mere fmuxt niern luau htn unit titflith
clasped around Hohlp No nnr etup roieted ututu srriitu
injury There wan a < den < e a foir thnt Ilutila 1 loot lilt
heartnirg and paoped the se lieu n hUh UAH utilv A fen
usruha from uu lucre the frtlkrht traIt nit ctaiidinff The
ftrtinan eiiaped b > juttijilnt oil the engine
Kltcabetka Fiscal Agent
ELIZAHKTH Oct 10 Mnyor Seth R Ryder of
Fllznteth wa < 4 renomtnated last eimim Tin ti mn on
toiincil conflrmid Mew art I < Voodford of llrook
lyui I and Louis iitztruiu1 1 of the Mi nnnlllc
Truit Companv Sew vork a Coal tiLint for
conitiiitln necotlatloiiA tllh tht omHioMiTK 1
Itt retentive ti t Its proposed vettltlllent of ulus city ill it I
tic t issuing l ne > bond for lift ctnu on the doll Itur of Hit t
old hondu and atcrutd lnttre t Tliet > nirt ntn art tort
ctheaioinmlrlonof tut tier cciii uton thu face valuo
uf all ot the debt the vucceed In settllnii
Aslori Newport Furniture In Dispute
NnvvroRT Oct 10Thio auctioneer vas en
joined tiMlnj from sulhiuug the fiirnltnn at the i v HU m t n
pled ilurlmt the searonbt VV VI Vrtor who huldvli leixt
of the hone suit furniture until Xtv I inirlni hln
occiipanc hits honne it tic told tuniler morlciiifi fort
rlnmirr In Clement r i nrimon of New VirK A II u i lliorli I
of New orkthe formt owtur hntlllk ht > iilliKu1 tin t
rl httodlpo e of the furiillnri Tht imitltr liromUcn
to occupy the attention of the lourt IOIIH Unit
Monmniilk County Itrpiilillenns
FnEEiioi1 Oct 10Thu Moumouth county
ltepuuhihtcuunuu hell u ntiu euttiotu in uity auth iutii I I hunt
tt ci us iuut us iii to tuitune iuu iuuuitiuuittutu uuu untiuihututi tin
tiuunrtgstu thu it1 u outttv uuullte I ho uiu I r t tb
dl Scttiuitir ituluuu 5 Atutiutiulis Si rio ihuitbrtuuli f ti
tflseiutbnuu uiui Juuitti Ksiii tu cutuultuhtuiu tn itncr so
aguihuist ltiuo iiisu Ituftuit iou ttttnu ii ilbtu tttuuusclf ii
etOtlulIi p nuiul I nthiuct tiui of t lie lilt
A pluuifuurt uuulu icathut cli Ii et ru ice reforuuu amid cut
Oituy sea aituluteul
The 1ee Avenue Church HUlded
The members of tho TcoAvemm Congtega
tlonal Church IlliniiishurBh at ii mrt lute lint ci u ttlnz
but a vote of IH to ill rifnsid tonictpt the n Ivnittl tutu 11
their pnilor tinIU VMIhur inuufls I Tin 1 nuijorln of
the mvmheri itillm to itt u 1 lIt KiKiiullnu intiiid it
l ild I emetic frtui Hit I uhulurti h Thonuctlni I WIIMX
clllnit and lasti nturl until mi InUlii
Iiti Us lleqiioit to tke < Jo rrniitt nt
WAsllluttiiN Oct 10 ThiiTioasiiiy cptrt
lllenl btaa ret find i t tht Ilm of lOlHl I rit nllv unurdit ii
totlielo > rrmiient Iii tin out > l oir tin till if tin
lati lo 1 ihl I lrni to nf MolioKcIl N I hut mi no wll
he until timid latin t tliiciiMunnt ot I tin hutlIb tI It M
Etu snuck til tin Aniti It mi Shlii
IHTH Oct 10 Messrs Illtcheoc A lllalr nt
noon to ilnv laiuu hid it nnc shIll if i JKHII I ton hut
dtn namedI i I thni limn ouiud huy I I lin mnn o f
New vork Tin iifcd to t tti Lu i ommttniliil 1 liu Jo iihv
Tliompson or Hath
Squuunsit ri lug kl I rmtli > i > i fa > lnnp
uilblV Eli t Oil 1C I Jiinph N Hallson I us
uistitiut l lookkeijtr tot It m u lounl in mtl Itch r is i
nndir arret Inn for tnltin rl I usi > < > of hit tmploir
inonrt which itt hni lort In ilnvln luio hiht I tomlilun
ICIIlcd on llti ICulU In I Texas
OAIMION Oct t 10 A nieolal I to t i tlm Ycir
fn in linlhi it HU tnt luMiiid trillion iln 11 MHHII
Im llln halln ill nnkdllihrd nl uu ut l t liter hut ihtm tout
It lartporltd tint tt l irinim um klllul
Montreal hits u Sinus Im tkiittiUr
3I0NT It i Hi Oct 10 1 n enrthiiiml k e tevcn
tittutiglt ii inukin lu In win lilt In thOu ililmu tti
abtiut itviutct llilMiiornlni
Illstltet NelUiiii IC esluiuuu bus
Juctlco Xnllson ot thin Iliodkly n City Court
Illul hU FiitiiMton in tho uiuuriulu oitUi > iKUrday
IllItKs tmtn nit tKiKun irn
TIe flenuutruit hiurk Ilirmiinlt t I < npt vMlnow from Wol
Cite tin sus lork l ii lnin it llirt hiili > iuuguututt 1 I oh
lltnlniiillihtiilt tusiliti i
The taniilncfni tort uf Minln Mcholst Ii o Kit tutu
S 1 wn t liniul MMipInt monilun lu aIuutt
ituu i roliihlt fully InMirid
vir l Ale S kenIt tin I i It mh r hn hct t n pn stiti
ed wlfi nil n I Into nnd n purn nlalniiik 1 fVVub huls
uith 1 1 oiullturnls of the count of lnmhton
renders HI re opened vestrrdat III tin Hunk of It
laud for IOIMKI worth or Imllnn four irtui ut ute
brntures Ihn I h loan wan mvi rid t a li i ol tuiutut i jut
The Central Commlttri of tht National lilini l if
rrilfcKm hati reholnl 1 nut in IIMH an tillri u t iHi
iltttir Tlnlr urul ni HI I irtuigc i in itt Uti ttu it
but Ice t ncoiirnidn In the i J tui it rn Intl ututus
Ihe 1 Lu tic tittuurg itorehouct of thus Norfolk and iVcet
era Railroad Compnii with lttonlent a wadi > tr on I
hu fire last niffht It I iatmpoMitle lo erllmale the i Ions
There was no Insurance on tin ulldiug I but ilustoit
slat mm tmjKisiJ la blladtlphia ofllcts
DASHES nvin AXH ntKitn nr Tan
Tkr President Htnrta for Itnutnn A Crowd
tn Greet Him nt the Knll llltrr limitSill
Cabinet mid the Members or his Iliriy
There worn nmny callers nt President
irthurs house 123 Lexington nvonuo ester
duty morning Secretaries Chandler Lincoln
and Teller anti First Assistant 1ostmastor
General Hntton worn present nt the Cabinet
mooting Nothing was said concerning Seen
tory Folgors resignation and tho only matter
llscussod was the trip to Boston Secretaries
Lincoln and Chandler nnd Mr Hntton agreed
to go The othermombcrs of tho Cabinet have
pleaded Imperntho engagements
Thin President loft tho house at 4 oclock ac
companied by Secretary Chnndlor and Burro
rate llolllns A crowd watted on the steam
rout Old Colony at tIn foot of Murray street for
hIs apuuoaritmucr C 1 Choato tho 1resldent of
ho Fall ltlor line nnd C X llllss a director
worn among those at thin gangplank Secretary
Lincoln vas the first of the Presidents party
to arrive At 5 oclock the President cams
aboard and raised his hat In return to the
salutations of thu spectators Ho wont at once
to his room the stateroom known as tIm bridal
chamber lleslile the two Hocrntarles and Mr
I Intlin tho gentlemen I who accompanied him I
to Hoiton wero Mr M AV Cooper Mr O K
Miller Private Secretary 1hlllfjis Surrogate
tolllns I Mr Clioatn and Mr It I los and Mr
itophnn M Alton and others of the lloston del
egation Tlmy will be rorelved In Boston to
uorrovr bytlio roprenentntlvcsof thin city of
loMon anti State of Massnchtisetts nnd there
wlllhn a public reception by tho city in the
evening On I Thursday they nlll attend I bun
iVetister memorial cervices at Mnrshflold and
> n Friday tho Presidents piirtywili return to
Major McLonn and nix other officers of the
Old Guard will servo on the Presidents Marsh
leld escort Sc
Thin Prcsldonthns declined a dinner tendered
o him by merchnntA and other citizens of Don
ton because of olllclal duties which require his
presence In Now York on Friday moiling
Mr Ilepejster Jtnngt Taller
Patrick McGee of aoi East ThlrtyIlrst street
runt the bell 011 Friday cientn at Mrs AtftuMa If
lie > slera rtftdencr 11J East Thirty lxtli sired and
fipkul In a loud tint angry tone fuir Itis wife Hewn
toM lust utniunuly tn the liniuo kneu tils wife nntl ntn
requested to leave Me then Attempted to utrlko Mrs
Ode 51cr but wnn ejected by tlie Pemmt1 Aa lie the
uurheul > I hi iltilnrtil hu io vonhl Mow the house up with
luimnltp If iula wife wnt not ret uuruuut tn Mm On Mou
duu enliiirn Ii 103 fjrmuht Mrs I > tpe ster A note fn > in
ilm In Hhii h tue repented hie threat Mrs Oeppxoter
rei lied uuskluuur 51 li < lie In mine to this corner nf Thirtv
pith surest suit 1nrk fluettuis hhe then romplalnH m
sir reniit Otnu nt1hclirt I > rtri t street station auuut l when
Mc < Uc alisunut l at tlif nppolntPil pluce he Mad arrefitr
At orkillp IoHcf Court > fl > rd y it appeared from tin
fIdenn hush i iet ices wife hud left him because of
hrtitnl triiilniftitt nnd that for IMHIU renunn lie belt Mid
sIts WHH Ht Mr itsiusuatere luntlrn Kllhreth placed
him under fiii hnll to keep the petite for ntx m out ho
Mending Ike Latest Tnnnel Ilreak
Workmen were busy yesterday repairIng the
blowoiut tluit occurred on the Xeu York iite of iluc fluid
non itis T tuntitlon Monduj Tlio occurrence MH ire
cl eh like others thnt iuztve happen H niimter of tlmel
durini the throe firsjtrotftos of the work Col lie
kin Knld the men bad become a little careless from over
tntilldeiu The ulr lock ore PO arrange that with anv
rdltmr wnrninic the i mm han usuti lie tlnu tnretreni
In thU la > t t n ise ii soouu its the dfcrtaxe of air preMiire
find runtilnir In of the water occurred the men trkd foi
nn hour to rtnp the leak and then retreated In rnfetv
rnrenmn Ilill lemlmr 1 In A ills jug xnlt wa the Hrt tf
reenter the ttmncl Vfter n careful mm v he reported
that the t hlnn out mulil tue I mended Mcnwenttu i uork
nt once and Thief Engineer Finch mA he had DO doul t
that the work of exeas allot und Imlldine Mould ln i TO In a
nn motley as usual Tht tnnntl huac lieu extended nboitl
fri feet on tile J CeW York side nail has reached the
The Jlobtall NyMem to BUme
A bobtail street car of blue Ninth avenue line
collided yesterday with n heavy truck between Forty
pMeiith and KurU elwhth sUrest The car was broken
ntul < lnuoman imsseiitfcr wax hrtilaed Ld it I Tonnolly
of JJ cKt sUtltlh Street hue drlxer of the tar tout
Ilntrh Conrnn of 11 Ieroj street the truck unset ir
fMid At the Ynrkilllt rnllie Court Cnnnolh paid the
cur uu itil truik Merc giuluC hi oppoplto direction The
rncki rooHil the rail dinconnm flie car atrmk tho S
oar wliteh while ilm tomliu tor driver wnn makim
lifliikt for n inriteiiirer i ion ice Mlhrtth paid It w us
ls identtht trtuk iris rr us flu muot at fault wince thus con
ductor tntild liHf loj ped the tar had not hln nttcnlioii
beeiidierteil utrci t rnllrnnd cnmrnnlcp did not on
theMreetfnnd If thc > nt one man tn tin the work of
tun they tuuKt Ft nnd hut I coiifiquent damage Tlm
pritxmer u as dUchnrie I
NupttrcHftlng Ilnur < lcrl3 > IIf ue
Thirty cItizens of the Fifteenth woril mot In
Lyric lluuil l south fifth nemn taut ocnliifr tu take
enKiircp for tho i PtipprrMlon of itlwirderl IIOUHCP in thin
St aol which in noun M M Fourteenth Mmt Droitd
is n tsiNth auiue iirnihie ItlricVfr llnmoik tint
II iiMonttrtct is l1iuurhe t fiut IIMUI n fldtd < i
ii tiiSi repnrtid Hint tin if ulre liirhn ilitht disorderly
oiiHpHln the us art U till the help of tin IHPtrli At
triii M otllco ht Htiitl an riltimpt in IIOM mnklnir hi t >
rnueuhv tlu us il h irorenllnirnirnhiPt lAiidtnnlP mil
itoIit lit thulu wuv tuohoni user Insed M d nlnv
to iRtThlrd ci nit I ihrt i hi It incur Cl ret t and on In
I i rftiu II nest tS ottof thnnkp i to UlMrlct Attonuy
cHton wan puni td
Mr 5anierliiti juu1i on Trint
Tile trial of thin New York Couibunl uunul iltuti
anti Ill r llilrunit uuuulpuuy uuu utit iuulltuuucuut fur iiueht
tnhuhiu a iiiihsniu itt luututtiuhu ii is uontiiut ticrt iuu I tuu
lsttiuuoI yr ttiuitty ititi I f 1etiittp i ci 0th fluruu
hug ii iuiuit us t iii litni of It Iin
it itI15 cliii ttunt ilut ruubiruzi uuiuiuuuuv utru uuitutuiuufls
tlttlt ruuuu itt tsrni ri tutii tilttihi nutuf thU ulut u itt
tt huuuriv crtuu rutui I Kiiutl utitiuss htu It
a otqlui jInut I It ihu otuu luti thu 0u litli ut itiut lrc
Ii il utuiuululnllui iiuiti It iuuu hlutolu rslie oltiuch uuuui
thtftt it Cilituto unluria uuti ut ltr oIcuuuusti
The tnliicki Ilrnikm Griffin
Michnol 0 ml fin a I muck moan died widdonly
tstirilu us htU luiloallii Ills trurk in lnr ii lutct I
Itlur HUlrothtrunlknl 1 < n tli nr f u IIIIIIK in
MnUi h rr oi lrt < t Mtiilt i usl li tp u ft u uukk t ncn nihlfill
ini two mm nthMi rt kh tOte IMI l i unt sit 1 t1 slums
lu Iuls llfilinl Irnlll llu t Hi Iti if III full null Uleut
lilt tot > 1 hue fill till llHH oil III u t I t Illlll lllSJIIll
Perhaps nn list Sccsctny Into tke Furl
A part nf Ihn nldonnlk nhout 211 feet outfldn
Sf tin nuttn tiilrnnii tnCastu iinriliii illsnppeiml S es
turIn ulns n n Inili nhnui 1 fnt lu illmurltr rhe
I it u utluuui IJfrtt iliip ami Ini Ilm 1 nhllmuU
tuuouirul thus tnrilrii It In i uuitnuutiut l tlmt It U lart i if it
iiititirrnuinu ianiiite tn I tin nM fort
Thiirlun SVeuui Mill Treble
Mr Thin niuov VtttIu tuiruul I t loll nsuuohnnKcd
MMinln Hi ui chill tin flik In n > isbIts l hut
Dr I 11 iuni snisi 1 ll nt hi hml not Rnmuworir sluri
Vi Him Me lift iiiililinljli ilurlne hue Jnjiuil Ml
iiflnlinanliinlHiit unit ulxlit
Thirte 3lsurt Ptiiriss fur IMIsnn
ThiNxiitKit uti lit1 hue ituk mimr iM5 I
Iniliiiliiiirtlilrtiin in I iliini lurilmrii irrliuun
Thi Mtrniil OlTIf r Iroiilrtloii I I
Locnl iiln dniiil viiiiliii uorthonst to I
oullurct a titus oittiluiur or cluht lull in Iiin i tritture
jtu Iu us ttnttirr 1 1 OIl
Titu his lju MiiMilin i trntint luuuh I fur tue mciii
In re f tin Mi l n nijiili I htuiki unt a loj tt < i M rti rUtty
Is mi ut1 i nt 1T1M u I
ut t n nn ilm of tin meml i rn nt the Cntti n tunttiuiiz I
f ttilfi H Iii IK KM I s d t tn sutiturt > Ih frit iuml
hut iitiuii nt nt tin 11 t ills
Th t h < k lotui1 I l FIrst I diil n mi uvuuut iiih
in 1 lit I M tutr I is t t n n truueitrh is i cii n n
Mi h hi I nth til ti ifi I ii in u r t ttimttttiic i i mr tiI MM
VMiik utiiiu ii tin lotiU lolitH tiirt uci ruy
u lii ii < Slucuu i rmiMd it i Mtuiini uuuultls tug
liimi tt lit 1 ucti of litiilullurrtt l imfotd Mr Moanii
St Im i Oh s t ar > 11
llu 1 tiull3huum Hl i t 1 uiiui of 1 the Mtitiiiithd MM i
ilu iitUir titui light ttiul tin uhhust tiidi In I ii it I rn
Ihi tuitsuiu I 1 nit i m niillli M 1 t nt I II 1 P t l
n Llin Uihiit h IIIM IttnitN Ml un u list n iu U
I Hilt
IIHU orc us ho Sius 11 tnii ntiil tuttul t > > suit I i > li ivo
Inn l itluuuln if IIIK ifi htiite i i iiLhi Ir i t
wind of Hi hilt th mom u ut 0 t I it t aini
ii a ktllt 1 HU um Iti uutl i l ill I viiuiu hn u II 05 tn do
ru < in it tin unit
Ui 11 imm nuiiiod Moriitin i niph Md I iv 1 N urn m t
ItllU v In 1 Mil 1 11 I UHlIt km uuilutc nt ii I i M mlii I i us
Is till hiMh tiiiN u I un M it t n i I ml 3 l ur n n it i
i tb Im k hot t s i mi ic i h i lid h I mil ku lul uid rt 11 d o
ln n iti h und in k H s i I
nnliiml < Mi t U kt ha Iciih It I n fur < 0 f r < nuui ely
pirlifllu liruki firm inuiiii u liiiknlni I fr t i
dir u Itit It us tn It l llioUN HH it i lliU Miiitillitii t
I u If mil I > ii n u rtitt < t ls I M tu IH i > t ii u
t n luuiuhit i alii l no HI m u
lot > i t h i M u nU u niirht in ri hr nt lln It irjr oiii i
ui I uru I i itt nltit ron Its r ml i 1 n u I iirulo 1 a
lit ssItit util turn IM th nn I Inn In d nixl > i su nti Hi
Sull irk mill rnuil > v ninU vhii HutiMut iitUr
iirant fn in tin i itfi It t 1sf f ulu < h hi I mi r IMtm u u ruth
IMM Ii 1 > ltu uuutl I uiiuul I iii tis u h Pi rri tx ud sholftMlfi
Ihliiorihilirxi fHiN utS SIT tu I i n lu 11 in jl M nim
tuti H > titdh t s i kti 1 ri 11 us iii iiHin tun i lit Imrcln lln n a
uiih rinnniiik mil mil KM tutu tmllinil r > nrilniu A
Itiin 4 fimn unku i st Kin uttui 111 nrpiriiitf In drfruurl the
IMJI mint nt
> lh hurl I1 ir tu rind luhii ui < U fon hull lerp iio
rniuiit I uit M tli tIlt Si n t tint npiini HIM i < IM
V btttt iuit to t r < tit xiilumtki f r u ittlrLI s I IHM M
n ffi till ith on hi tttrt t tn ri fiance to tile flnuncUl
Mundiiitf if the PMiiiluiim i t ntrM tout stud inst n
Pompim in inhn Im tlnm to it j i rfnrm urur Hfor tlnu
romjuin Mr i UHliHinn nan M kterdaj tuki n to 1 udl iw
fttrrri tall in dt fault of baLl upua aitoilsi uf acrtd
tfrautea by J uiii Uwru

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