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r I I I
I Wbe ltt
i 1 WrlNiSlAY KOVKMllKU 8 18S2 I
I Alllelll 1U
Armtnnt nt 1lnl lAfi
A orlran ln lllil M T Wl H mil I 44lli ii l >
nijai liirrn II M < flit Hurrrrfr
t n olh > Ihralro Tin II mIIy ll
llunnxir MUXIIIM 111 U r S4 1 till II I
nnlyM 1 lirMlrn Ti qnlrii
Firth h rnuti Ilirnlrr 41et Mlrhrl
< r > J ilinm Itmiw Tliktlof U i Htu MitIr
Mn rrlr > I li lrr U I rill r Ilillut
M < Sqiurf Ihralri Y n < Uil IMnlitrr
h l rd S
i r runrlf Hlii lrrUllroi lwt eh4 1 aS
i u4I Ihrnlrr II I > Vo Wluklt
ICI 11 Crntr I
Tli ntr famlftii Morlt ftl tr sri
Thnlln thmlrr II > SI ll r Wife
th Amass TnlltUl 1 1 VftUrt Ca
n tMHti rS I hCrrVol lf
tinla Ktnnn I heuirPausiIin OrS
lur IhmlroUt klul I Wllnt
I SIIsk llit > nlr All Uuroml MaSs I I
1II 2Ac nojilf inliwl to halve hotitvt government
3lure IM no inislnkc ubout that
1 S Tlic New Tlilnl Mnr
Look on lliu Jlrst PIIKO of Tin SUN thl
inonilnir for tho oxiict lliuen limi of clwr
1 r 5 ilayB iipheavul of tho waters You will llml
that Urn thin I wave of eight cart ago was
a rlpplo Ixbldo It
I The people of Now York gvn to t 5novrit
C CinvKiAM ycstculay u inajoilty more than
doublo that of Mr TILUILN 11181 moro than
I doublo tho Inrjjebt majority over nlUilnwl
r by I candidate for Governor In I contuslrd
election In this State In this city CMTVK
LANDS niajority Is nearly 80000 In Brooklyn
r r nearly 40000 In such Kcpublleau KUOUK
r I holds n Erlo Ill JclTerBon cotintlts 6000
anil 2000respectively Ecrywhlc Iho votes
fell thick and fuht for CLrvuiAND At thin
I Limo of writing It Mpnis curtain that hit ma
I jority will exceed 130000 1L may reneh 130000
This tiemondous result has boeii cfccl1
j r by the throwing of Democratic ballots with
t I GllOVUl CLEVKliANIS 1II1MIO plilllixl upon
r thorn j not by tho withholding of Republican
blot bearing tho tiniua of For <
f Tho gieut Stated tlmtaro claimed us doubt
ful lu 1icsMontlal years New York Penn
i sylvnntii Ohio Indiana California aro all
Strongly Domocratlo In this falls elections
Pcmibylviuila his been carried for lion
of that tat by n plurallly largo enough to
S I t make honest Pennsylvanlans hearts happy
5 I Connecticut will have In THOMAS MWAitcn
an honest and ublo Democratic Gover
I nor And Massachusetts where they
have not yet ceased to talk of tho majority
of 7000 for GAsToN lu tho topsyturvy of
1871 as a wonder and an anomaly elects
T blurt Br liUTLKJi In 1882 by a majority
three times n big We congratulate
r I Gen BUTLER who has got what
F he has long wonted Wo congrat
ulato Massachusetts which baa got
I 1 what sho has long needed We congratulate
t S Harvard College which will now bavo tho
< longawaited opportunity t confer upon
i k this eminent citizen tho title of Doctor of
i I Laws and to receive Him with proper honors I
when ho goes over the Cambridge brldgo
I j t commencement next summer escorted by
r a company of lancers
v Tho gains of Congressmen already report
e < some of them from Republican Stains
I like Iowa and Wisconsin put tho control of
j tho next House of Representatives Into tho
I hun s of tho American Democracy How
I largo that majority will bo It Is
not yet possible t say In many
1 Instances faithful members of tho pros
1 1 eat Houso have bon returned with
I t Increased majorities PEHIIY BELMONT re
i i celves In Suffolk county alone a majority
about double his majority In tho wholo dis
trict two yenis ago In Connecticut tho Dem
1 j ocrats gain two members In Massachusetts
three and perhaps four In Now Jersey at
r i least ono In Pennsylvania four or more and I
t BO throughout the country in numbers grow
1 Ing latger af tho returns come In
J On one rcsiill of tho voting of yesterday all
i good citizens Iriespeotlvo of party can con
I I gratulato themselves and each other In
tho FIrst llntrkt of Now Jersey Scroll
UonusoN tlio most notorious of all publia
robbers Ib ilefLiilod by a decisive vote It
seems probulilo that MILKS Ross the recre
ant Democrat has shared HOIIESONB fate
Iu tills city it appears by ubout 25000 ma I
jority J that the true clllcuV ticket was tho
tlukcl hiiulcd by rn ANKMX EuiON
Ouoary 6ldn wo llnd rnipou for congrat
ulation and hope Ycblmduy was a mem I I
orable day I
t The lrcl ion in the Trlcsmph Cnwi
Tho dcclilon of the General Term of tho
Superior Curl In tlio tologiaph cases Is I
judicial declaration that the attitii lit to con
I Hilidulo the I AiiiDiieau Union and thoAtlantli
ill od Iaclllc Telegraph Companies with tin t
We lein Union was unlawful Tho eases
C woo tried 1 at Special Tell bofoto Judgi
TIIUAX who upheld the coiibolidutlon as
I I legal The Geneial Term does not differ
I from him as to tho facts but Judges Fnuiiu
t IAN Ansoux and IUSHEIT hold that his
I low or tilt law Is erroneous They there
I frii reverse the judgment In favor of the
Westei n Union and order a new trial
I life transaction thus condemned IM I In sub
MalIce an attempted puiclmsn of the proper
ty lights and fianchlses of the other tele
S giaph companies by tho Western Union tho
i purchase price to 1 bo paid by now stock of
r tillS latter to bo Issued for tim purpose
i Tho defendant sought lo justify this trans
t 1 fiction by lefuictice to dinptcrSfiS of tho Law
of 1870 under which any telegraph com
pany ingiinlzcd under tho lawb of this Slat
Is milhoilzed to sell I IHI or ronvuy or au
fiilin m i by leaie piiroluiHe or conveyance th
I I IiKipei ty I rights imivl logos and fianchlses of
5 any other telegraph com pany and to roccho
a ir i iiiiiku payment I theiefor In I the t ttock of thu 0
limtlriMiigcoiporntlon I
It I I Ih I acts of the threo cliiipnnlph now nn
olsi r Kniisldenitinii fall within the pui view of r
tliU I htatute then as Judgi Altsoux wil
my Ill t Wfhtetn Union cannot legally 10 l
pnni ft aol hOI buying up any and uvoij
telegiijili linn in Ilii eoiinti V
S Hut tb Judge polntH out that Iho power to
puirhiiM under IhoMiituto Is I limited by th
i PIT ltiuigiuago ol tie iav tteht riionntliorit p
whleh l It votifiMfi s Is I rpreh I ly I hinted to o b
11 vu lu oidej tu pciJXU mil i Itt th 3
IS Oil heel 11114 of lelegniph I companies In thla
Into nnd I piomoto their union with the tel t <
graph ttybleiim of other States Only for
tilsii4O Ill poses can ono telegraph company
awfully buy imp 1101 lice They worn none of
tiocuit hi this contemplation of UKHO three
> rpomtloiiHheii tho agreement of coiwoll
allon was made Tho end Bought by the
mrctuiHlng company 1 the Western Union
as not to perfect It connections or to pro
loto UK union with tho telegraph yntpnisof
othN HtntcH but to overcome competition
Tim net of tho Irfglttlatuio does lot permit
oiiHolldallon for this purpose At least thl
eneral ell of tho Superior Court refuses
to gIve I It so broad a I count > ruction
IulillrlUi aoo1 Jurlln re that the wrltre ot a
nniiiionwfAtlh in I lunl jirnmotrd ty cmnpctltlou ID tul
fleas ninl ilitl larva In l rtMmlnt Irndo luuit Ix utrlotly
illflrnril The i > luliH < n in I ml rrnrdi W llh Ihli as It I
vMrncnlliy ninny Uutllltr proerrira > 11 In ports of UK
ulillc Ioliiy i nllhc Nmto wlilli the courts ti > ko judicial
k nowh riife nf ansi 1 vnforce CHMiipctllltm nflortta A aUiitu
isis Hint U I aliiiMit I iriiis there Is I a uiiHuipoly 11 It not
rrcwiiry to innlilply fxniniilrti boot our ifrrnmln to this
iiijtct may ha I mntlonvil The rnirllili priPNrnini > lBliit
that sluice 1 lisa IliltUh UoMitnmtDt hues Incliulcil tht
rjinr pli within its 11 l rfk tlirro hat not been
Oi i liniortntit lnfitlli > n lu telcicruiliy In ilrrnt
rllftln ami that honnfter they nunt look to
lloi United IHe for impro consistS ainl 5cr cl I
01005 Site herein I We rnnnnt uj pnpe Hint Hit
irliillnro ever lutttuKtl 1 to put Sloe community
II i Hit S lower < > f OIID corpurulioti lu a Isiat iur
s bids hn l > innie of pnfli > IUl liuportnnft to e o try
iilvrcKt AH lIst tdritrnph hn 1 sonll require tht
cry clearest ant muni lunltlic > S pr loii of push
nUnllnn for the coos rh 1 to hnKI that Otis 1ogIuit are
tilcutlvil to permit Any corporation to overcome
iou 1 oppnultlon nr cdiupfUlliin erfieclally when It
item Into 1 the I nlT > ilrn of mir modern liCe At i
isle counsel for hiss plaint 0 eloquently I
its perilled the trtitfrnpti In hit ornt argo too no
Ve cur Pay whtio list ri > urt of Appcnlt In rrf > ntti
ITHOIIA In the town bond smiles ttMt ruch 1 I Mipls ion It I I
ontrnry to pulillc ptilloy aitd 1 hone the letterinTft Uw
b int would confer pouch Iris llwtt sf purvtuM M deftnd
nit counxd hero clnlm Slouch yield I o the spirit of the
law that Mould protect the peojiln airnlntt any sareli
tljuicallon lint I ha 1 not necenfitry in jro to any
suds extrrmei 0 for no one can Mud lu ISis II of I
Ih i law ntiy nnllniltttl poser of puroliaiit or any
right to pnrthiinn roinpetliiK linct for the ole purpuM
01 cndluK competition
The question must eventually b deter
mined by tho Court of Appeals but for the
ircnent the t opinion of the Oenernl Term Is
tho low It Is so strongly sustained by rosa
MIII that wo nm Inclined 1 t think It will b I
aOl riioel toy the tribunal of last report I
In miy event 1 dlceusslon of the questions
nvolved In a manner which attracts no
iiueh attention Is 1 public benefit I will
end tho way to Intelligent legislation In re
galL d to tho union of coi poratlous for the pur
pose of detroylng competition
AincriciinlMiiH Defended
Mr E A FUKHMAS tho wellknown his
torIan has supiilemente l his ubservutlons of
our political Institutions by some comments
on Amctiean utillirltleA of speech pub
Ished In the liiht number of the new Lonu
funs Magazine That many of tho void >
iisol l lu this country to t which object lou has
> cen taken hi England tire not bolivlhin but
genuine archaisms survlvalx und I not In
reutions Is a fnrt the Proofs of which havo
often been set forth In theo columns I Is
ileuaant however to 6 tho tamo conclu
sion reached by an English scholar who
speaks with pel haps as much authority on
ho history of English woixls l nu any man
now living
Mr FntEMAx begins with asserting the
paradox that In tho matter of language as
well as In some of their social ItisUtutiou
both Scotland and thu Ort rxiltled parti of
Iho United States aro mol tetmclouly and I
truly English than England limit lcoilo
talk of Amcrieniilsins and Sootticlsiim a If
such peculutritlcs of speech weie corrup
tions or at alltwcntschangeh liitioductd by
Americans and Soou > meu into tho oxlbtlng
English tongue Jut the current opinion Is
not bhorcd by men like Mr twjaiAX who I
know not only how people talk tonluy but how
hoy talked throe lumdied 1 years ago They
see that tim great mass of tho aberrutions
from present English UMtgu nhlcli are
eschewed or ridiculed a > AmeiieauUjiiis
or Suottlcltains coiiblsU of potfectly good
English woidrt which hitppen to havo gone
out of use in England but which Imvo
lived on In the United States amid Scotland
Some striking Illustrations aLe adducinl by I
II FunusiAN as fur instance bairn
which mot porsoub would couldera Scot
tish TUII not knowing that King ALFAUU
USIH it whon leo ulkixl about his chil
dren Again tim UM of fullin thosenso
of ° autumn is reputed an AmuilntiiUiu
but Mr FUEEIIAN points out that tho wonl < 1
hoot tho sumo meaning hi England 1 to very
event times t Indeed hn doubts s tclot ittn It
huts gone out of use even now for he CHII dis I
tinctly reuiemiter ho tells us hearing LIe
phrase bprlng and fall In I his own child I i
hood MrFncuMAN further notu > that tout
bomowhat oveiwotked odveib of 1 fell
a certainly which has lately been made the
object of u good deal of doilsloii lu London
wbpapeifi iba very natuial turin of grunt
Ing a request tluiugh in England it i I is re
served for occasions of bomo little Impoi tauee
As for guesx ° which Is often denounced
OH a rank Yunkeeism Mr TnnnMAX a
might have been expected fiom nu Anglo
Saxon scholar declares it 11 pel feetly good
form and ho piououncos I ieelon n >
good English as English can ho Ho ac
knowledges hut t he might hill to kick
at I calculate hit hu Is quito light i
In believing the phrase o to bo fldom
used lu this country tor we do not ie
member to have heaul it twice In I life
time Then It I leasoit to beliovotlmt the CI
ployment of I eilculato In tho bejiiro of I
guess U uonllned to a imritixr region com
111 King the northwestern anglos of New
Hampshire mil tho norlheastein corner of
Vermont liven the word endorse In IU
wide Amcilcun use beems to Mr FiirrMAN a
legitimate upplleatlon of a commciclal tiita
by way of metaphor to noncommercial sub
jects A for tho phnihU baluuco of the
day that of couihp Is ludcfemlble but Mr
FIUIMAN Is justllled j In asHiiTiilng that edu
cated persons In tho United States do not
mo It Tho words block and lot
applied by us to miidlvlxloiiM of the
ground lu a city or town > seem to tlio his
loilan cuti roil y pioper although thoy do
not possets the same meanings In England
He observed that American towns aio built
lu blocks In a way in which the elder English
towns at leiibt are not As to our term
4 lot that points i undoubtedly < to the cir
cumstances under whleh In early colonial
times laud was distilbutod among settlcts
by allotment So with the phraso leal
ostato OH applied to lands I anil houses tho
use Is pei feetly Intelligible I I I to any English I
man who has over looked Into I lilnekstone
We may say hem that tho fact noticed by I
Mr I FmiKJfAN that t puiely legal I phrases get
Ins Ills fiequently Into common tioage In the
United 1 States tlnill III Jinglilllil l Is explieable
by I the lemarliabli political 11111 social Inllil
eiice which livwyms hit ye ixeicl d 1 In I thin
eountry winee thou Kevoltilliuiary war
Even In Ihcmo ell l > where AmorleunlsiiH
do not represiint survlviils of old English
sis Mr FunnMAN inclines to reganl Iliem t
nitliei at legitimate variations or hnppy Mil
JiHtmiiitH to eleiiiiiutiirion than IH Im
proprieties J hulA In tllllI country un lino
tlmwoid stoio to llIlIllr a paeo when
things nio Mild In riiiitrudmtlneli in fiom n
Hliop by whlih uo 1 menu a plrco i when
tblngij ate uiudo or duiie lu England until
very lately the word shop w exclusively
ucd to designate both places Hut Mr I
liCFMAN has no doubt that a perfectly good
reiiflou for tho difference of usage could bo
found In somo circumstance of early
colonial life Unqucktloutbly III the
hut Now England settlcmontH tho
only shop known would really bo
II 5 Itoro that Is a place In which articles
drought from England would bo stored up
for distribution barter or wile Ho too our
Hpeclllo application of tho term corn
which In England covert various klndn of
grain to Indian corn or malae Is Intelligible
enough when wo remember that for many
years nttor tho first sntllfimoiit of this coun
try tho ColonIstS had to depend almost ex
clusively on this particular kind of grain
Moreover as Sir FUKKMAN points out our
narrow use of this vroul Is exactly analogous
to the restricted use of Iho word beast
among Knrllnli graKterw nnd of Iho word
II blid among English nportamcu Ken
our term dry gocxld applied to tho eon
tents of a particular kind of store although
the contents of ntbur stores may bo equally
dry uutiins to MI FiuaiMuJ quilt as jusU
llah slot an the English phnuo ° hardware
which docs not tiiko in all things that are In
lluiuach CH hard
It Is not clear to this thoroughly comiic
tent observer on what grounds the EnglIsh
term railway should bo preferred to tho
American word i all I road Ho I tells us In
deed that though railroad Is now seldom
used In England yet there also It wiw the
RiOtS usual name when tho thing itself lINt
came In Neither does ho full Uiheo the reason
for the different names given to the ohlela
which tuns nloug the rails In Great Britain
this Is a canlogo hi Amorlo1 It III is car
Now III England tho railway carriage Is
nlmply thooldfUjulonK carriage put to anew
now use the chief Innovation lying In hitch
lug several such carriages together lint
tho vehicle ordinarily used In America dur
ing tho last thttty years was not mado after
any such puttein It required a new uamo to
describe It and there can be but little doubt
that tint UMIII oar wits originally suggested
by an Irishman Wo may hero noto Uiat
whon tho tlrat rallmaiU won built In this
country tho vehicles were known ni
eoUh < Tim term survives on at
loast one Aiuerlivui 11111 roll I and was
retained on all HU long iw tho railway car
riages uxulled to the eye tho oldfashioned
btago exxieh adjirstod to Iron tracks As to
the AIIIOIII LlI phrast of being ° on board u
train wo do uot wonder that Mr FIIEIIMAM
war penileAed by II for wo have never heard
satisfactory explanation of It AH to till
words btntiou and I depot meaning tlio
place at hId i trains iiI 011 to receive pasMMi i
geis Mr InunMAN reminds IH that even tlio
former tout etymnologloal I Juigitilo hut thu
Litlu void Is 1 certainly batter than depot
for whoo Amer < 11I hlgiilllcUloii thcie I I is ab
solutely uo jubtilleatlon Then Is roaton to
believe that tho word was lust uidoua rail
road iu central Now York and was Intro
dUlled by a man whotx rudlinentiiry ae
quulutiuuio with the French language did
not include n knowledge of tho French worst I
for railway station or of the meanings to
which tliotorm depot Of is properly confined
On tho whole we infer fiom Mr Flint
MANS remaiks i that he has but little respect
for those ponons who give the most btrenu
oils labor of their lives to Uie elimination i
Amerlcanlsiiis from their speech and who
reach the aciuo of thtiir ambition when they
aro m mistaken by the careless or casual ob
server for Englishmen Each usage ho says
IH tho hotter I for the laud In which it has
grown A good ltrillih wilier nnd a gIMMI I
American writer cannot III Mr FHFKMANH
onmluu help wilting In tho same language
und tIll 6111110 dialoet but he thinks it well
that each should keep to tho little ixvulia
tics of ctabJ hcd and rcacoiiable local utagn
that will show to which branch of tho great
English tact tho writer belongs
l nrcwslefi AttorncytJcncral
The AttorneyGeneral has r eccntly adopted
a lieu form of ulgnatuie upon oQlelal pu i
lIens lie IIHllt to give a fair show to every
syllable mid letter lu his full name liux
JAUIN IlAiinis lutnsTHii but now ho drops
BENJAMIN HAIIULS ami shines forth as
UIIEWHTEH AttorneyGeneral
Mr HliEWBTEUs coinso In oftlce has de
graded the dtpai macmit Into a political i xhop
Ills Intcifereneo III a local matter In South I
Carolina ansi his pompous proclamation to
tho United States Matslml there Illustrate
his deMio for pnradu and notoiiety He
hpeeteil and falthrul ofllceis of thu depart i
ment have bsen tinned out to make loom
for peisonal fivoiitcs Tlio latest eawi of
dibinNbHl Is a gross outiago on pioprlcty
and on the Miles of tho eivll tcrvlce Mr
GnoitOE C WINO a llepubllwii from Ohio
was assistant in cates before tho Court of
Claims He had founcily been chief
clerk under AttoiiieyGeneiul DEVKNS and
had won promotion by coniMtltlve exami
nation In point of character and of capa
bility his standing was exceptionally good
This gentleman was abruptly notified on
Saturday last that t his ivlguation would bo
accepted I ou Monday No reason was as
signed The only object 0 of the change was
to make a plan for Fiisi 1 11 Howr bon of
the t IostmanlerGeneiiil I who was holding I
the chief clerkship of tho Post Olllee Depart
meut and < 1 who wanted to be tianfciicd to a
molt prolltnblo place
In rebpeet of IlttiCbfi for the place there Is
no comparison between WJNO and 1101 but
uepotiaiii rules the day at Washington and
tho stun of a member of the Cabinet has un
der any circumstances an advantage of any
lrlmlAJ cit lien without tuch liilluenee
When CoiufiesH meetb next month au In
vcsllgation the ox poimill < tilt of lie t 1011
tlngiml t fund ot tho t paitment of Justice
tliuiild be ordiire l and befoie another uopp i o
Pt lalllln Is made ISnuwbiui Allotnoy I
GenMai Is i lalheraii expeiiBlvo politician
and htio Instrument ate too costly for tho II
nubile Intciebt
Mr Whitneys ItIlIl1tlull
We should bo sorry to Mipposo as somo of
oIl I ouooteCiiioot contemporaries eeem to Infer
that Mr WILLIAM C WmrNrvs leslgnatlon
of his ofllce as Counsel lo list Corporation Is
to be deemed equivalent to tho rot imom nent of
that gentleman fiom an autlvo participation
In polilhH
Mr WiurNEV Is precisely tho will of man
whll a o tight IIlIt to cUo fiom n po HIiii of
leadcishlp nnd Inllueneo once iicqulied In
political affairs Tho Democracy needs moro
such men not only In New Yet k but every
wheie throughout the country men of good I
hense excellent administrative < I I ability I I win
ning munneis high professional attainment too
mini I political und perhoiml I Integilty No
pany IM rich enough In Midi imiottel hal lo
alTonl I to lose any ol It
Mr 1 WiiirNilY has also evinced 1 iv Lapnelty
fnrMiirertH III I a Held wheio few have been
ccifiil Ho him held nu liupoitaut I mil
nielpiil oHlco for many yeain and has gained
dlhtliicllon In It A IIIIun majiulty of those
nhoiontlnuoloig In ohlce under our muni I
cipal Government rctlio stitli coiibiiletably
leifi leputiitloii I than lucy t begun i with t I 0 Mr
Will i m roJY i 11111 notable exception Ho I haH
gained piibllu eHttsiu rvery year
Whllu there lu l no inure honuiablu ollkC ut
tnltmblo by a lawyer than that of legal ad
visor to this great city we think the Democ
racy may yet promote WnLiAM C WimnjKT
to higher place and greater power than that
which ho hM just resigned
Tho Democrats have done nobly hi wrest
Inn two or throo CoiiKretwIonal stronKhnlds In
this Htate from Die lloiMibUmn but the exist
ing uplHjrtlontuout iiroveutnd fair oxprotmlon
of tho popular will In several others The
people spoke In another way howevor by
olootlne a Domocratlo Legislature which will
proptirlr redIstrict Lbs Btnto
If Uiero Is any nurvlvlng wiRlncer of tho
Into Machine wo would suggest that Im Issue a
FOIIKII modal to tho boys It would only re
lulro a few of thoin to no around and In a tow
roars they would have lIlIt valuo BHtIIrOcoln8 I
I They Atlil Lave Knintit and Ithodo Island I I I
Frof DANIEL KIIIRWOOD shows that oven
If the Identity of the great oomot which IH now
fading rapidly In tho morning sky with the
comaU of 10181818 and 1880 Is conceded It
docs not follow that Its I going to fall Into tIm
sun On the contrary If all those comets ara
ono nnd this enmo It is gutting further away
from the sun at each return Tlio perihelion
distance tho comet of 1068 was only 437000
miles thnt of tho coniot of 1843 was C1UOOO
miles and that of tho comet of 18PO 029000
miles while the present comct0 pcrtliullon dis
tance was 818000 miles
There has never been anything to equal It
I sluice IlKouon dofoaUiUVAMjinDiniUM lor Gov I
ernor In Ohio In 1HG3 by 101009 majority
Mr JOIIN J OBiireN has been taught tho
I liSHon thaI an oflieloil ImvliiKcharuoof all 0100 I
tlon cunnot with decency bo n candidate
The misfortunes which havo happened to
Arctic explorers of latu have served to add con
rildoruhly to our knowltnlto of the northern
edge of AsIa The search partIes Hunt after
lent explorers havo bad to traverse rcKldtis
which otlierwluo mleht never Imvo beau troil
don by ctvillrad men Thin loss of the Jean
nolp and the ItotlKers led 1 to tile umlertiikliig
of long journeys tliroiiKli this InluwpltaM
land and now tho Ituislan Government bits
ordered < an hmntowdlats MJUlch of thu Hilmrlan
coiv < t fur tho oruw of thou DanlHh ntcuim <
Dyinphnn which In believed to have boon
wruckud then lu the Ice
I wlwloin SIMON tooth CAIIEKONH boy has cut another I
Over thirty persoas lost their lives by the
burnIng the Halifax 1oor Asylum yesterday
Mo51 t If not all of the o v > cio patients In tin
lioHiltal Itauy woru too 111 to leave their boils
nnd us tho hios iitHl was In thou top story hoe
clmnco of cscnpo for lliosu who were able to
nuiko tlio I iotteimi lot was Binnll Auoonling to til a
deHialches lie ofllcers of lie asylum were In
no liactn at flint to remove tho lnmut be
cause thoro muxmiod to be no Iniincdlato
dunuor In lila case tn iu 10 many ntlior < iii > e4
of fatal tIres the powerful drnuuut furnished
In an elevatorBlinftaiivnrn to bars enbltli the
tliunus to piiraot with frl liUul rapidity I
Almnxt exactly two years uuo hue Minnesota
Insnnn Aftylum nt HI IVitor won binned with
tei riblo loss of life ami < oovenil cithur fatal tires
In a juniH hiivu occurred 1 wltliln thou last two
seals It Is bad enough when men and women
who am In cood health l and lu I scftlon of all
their fnciiltlcs are pent up in a binnIng blllld
Inc and obllcod to light theIr way out hrh
flinio and Hinoko but when the holiiless In
fluId and body uru aonllned in a structure
which Is linblo to rapid destruction by tin no
possible precautions for sccurlni their Rarely
can IM exccsIvu and it In Inexcusable uciill
Konce to Lnko any clianocn whatever
5 As goes Hull so goes MoseacbusetU Is
an old snyini that was vorilled KRtorday lot
DuriFn carried town by twentytwo ma
Now comes tho momentous question
whether the people who ulectcd WILLIAM II
KENNEDY ng Coroner meant to choose KEN
NEDY who kcups the hotel or KKNMJ the
JO llllil IllSTKU CIlRAlEK
T10e JsmnanstrGcuorl l Ontllne lr Jert
ko May ll > cti In kl Kcport
WASUINOTOX Nos PostmasterQeneral
Howe asked whether It is I his Intention to roc
omnaund u reduction of the rate on lettur post
mo answered WhIle I have not finally de
cided not to jvcommord a leductiou I must
stay Ihnl I to not believe the public concrnlly
feel tIle threecent 1111 t to bo a burdun Among
the many facts which have perhapi Inlliiuncud
my opinion I may I ut alice tlio I condition of
nTulr > on tIn Inclllc slope where private o
prcb comiiuiiy lVflls 1nreo A Co are caRry
1111 a good part of limo until tiiidur a livecent
rate They profess said he to buy our
stamped cnvelopea meet hoe requirements
ol law that full pnstace shall bo paid and add
IIwlr I own piiMitn I Dtanip Thn people i of that
section give as their naou for patronllnna
prlMtte concern Instead of the Oorernment
imiclilnory that they thus ecuio greater
speed nnd security but thN 1 nm not ptoimicd
to aihnlt Tho real reason Is J probably force of
habit InnRinuch a the OprtAe company had
porfuctecl tlmir mail system yenrn bufiira thor
ioxfinmcnt service was begun upon butt ccttsot
I am nt present pOllllorlll over l6chol110
continued UulKe llowo that I shall probably
lecommund III my loport unions serious ob
jitjtions should liereufter occur by which I
think HID public would 1st l > gienfly benefited
with small loss to lie Government Hlmnly
Hinted 1118 to oncouraKO the use of Btampoil
envelopes Insteiid ot adlivslva ulnmjw Tlio
mivlni would occur In tilt following manner
The treat bulk of Jotters that come to hiss
Dead Letter Olllco 1 Is mailu up I 0 of latttirH which
amos 51 thor not stnmpod nt I nil or upon which n
full I I rate lias not been paid Ot coursu It I would
not bo iiosslblo to louise such a class If only
Htainiioit envelopes were used nnd the exnoiiso
of icturnliiKsiicli mnttor to tho Head Lettor
Olllco fluId hut suhsoiiiieiit handlliu I in I an Hem
of mngnlludii Thu plan Is I tn sell the stumped
envelopes nt thu iiieftent Vnco ot ndhuAlvu
otinil Ifs which would I practically I amount to n
reduction of one cent to till cluti of pooplu
who most nnad H t Ilcuies that I I butt e hymn I
show that lie cost of nmnufucturo < would do
crease tho I IOVOIUICH of tho do art uuielit by I 5
about t2UUOUOU wluuoiiH I lie t loductlon I of tlu
rate lo two cents would incin n decruaHc or
tlSliOOOlKl I I lam I not Cal I ti him clthnr that tho t
oitI mig fiom tho mod omot Ion of oxpoiiNnx in I tho
Dead I lotter Olllee will I not about halnuco tho I
account Unsaid In recant to the pronged 1
uHlnliliuhment ot n ponliil telecrnph Bjstcin
that It I t was well known that lots items 11111 opin
Ions for many > pnr havu been strongly In
favor ol tlio proposition
Where Inrlrldcei lire Ilentr
To THE Kniion or TnicHuNSiiv Tho nrtl
dc 1 on 11 irons Around Ne YurkMn Toot Sis of tnn
day h uSa 1I0rdd III inurh pkaviri I know crtoually
lnnn > if Hit i laces nuntluiicil suit knun that > tmr In
fiiriuuilnn In In tlit inuin correct < In tl ii > matter ff
roiled grouse lionetcr I iiiu > t lay ou fall n trill
short If nn nf 5 our mnnj rph < li 1 > rM of urinrlini pro
11111 have ocr tmjfit 5 hmugh llkt runnly Mm
is hlllll ali 1 It truer of
< tie Ilie leluoy p cc III ir ass
isoilisuss pile ri001ity t1iuiliiuoo ss sluinI Ottl 1 lOuiSe Ilel 5 Hi I ii at Eit ie suit to so iucoo iii
I so micro is II Place 1 IIhf Ih JIIIulI 1111 1lIl1u
ltust o III i furnish ours liurtrllsea to I lie e Liars Pr II i
Pu II I lit ours er fiuui ii I nore suo 111 ic ii ill rr
I 1 01 s ut llerr uiius Ia LiljttI 11 I1I1tII
orlh hurll trosli 1 Ii 111I111 it 0 I 01150 ii 10 it
IrfliWrl C i linriel iy s girl iC I Isiuousi mae I Ii ri I
i I
Inc irila lii a II a allitoug I I I i its so isla ss iiio I liter
IIIUI ciii tlu ilerierria rr f i I nil tt liuiri
lush fr eu i r apicusi In I Steal 5511 tutu a ft
hide LIh III II 11 i iii 0
A IlnttK Mini
To Tilt KDITOII civ TillHUNfir 1 lileilioto
call slur Kill iillon lunn nil I nr i lrs cry wMili I think
ouslit nut tu jinn I iiimutlotil On Inet Miiitlay inoriiliiir
About 1 jiiYlnck flrt too tlliUoMleil lutlii ilHrllini 1 liunrr
at I Inlix I Ilmc iinl I rifiionili sired I lOt ilaouuss I us I
fri iii > lli mnl Sultan iil slut nil lIsts u isis 1 of n
wMiirn niio HixfruniKnil cnllhi for itepiplusis c russo
rl iuiIs I 0 It Chnrlti liiaiii > iii riot d ilitouilo
Hit1 fiAuLu iii lit hi1 tMintnii t > ftff Ii lOin I atlsiuik
I s its us liii peisi th i cuts 111110 fIr
101110 iiliiMliniili 1 InitiiiMttiu nfnuili lufi 1 lust IlIl
1I11I11liI < l 111I utiollui sire I CdllllllJ ilnlt tu gIbe I
iiililli lit lui I 0 hUuiillnnl ilnl UUMiviTi
hkW Susie Nl II
New Vurkn lisat < Niiiuri > ii initn oil liiriri
To TIII TuiTor UK fur Sux SII Ilnis the
MlitniifNrn Sul I him I I 1 ret let h l > II Cniuii rlnnll
M larii lute IH I T > soil II > u Is hu MIX Hit ri1t souls
Uvir 11rri i il l
YrnilIninn Tioiiialn in li Ioitjtlilid
C < llIl11b duiu icc 11973 tu MiixU u 1675
rJIB noMAxca OF laovxx rmtnofr
An Autumn Vltll tn Iks ItMMe and Tomb or
WiMhlnKtunNf rmtUi IKoxibMk
WAsmNOTOK Nov 0This Is tho favorite
Benson for u vIsIt to Mount Vornon antI during
tlio monltifl of Octolxr mood November time nv
nrnio numoor of vIsitors Is larger than nt any
other time Mover is l lie imilnt road beautiful
old liomuxtond lovelIer tloami In the autumn It
wail In 1858 that Col Jolin Washington Haw
tliut Mount Vernon would have to go by thin
nuctloiioura Imtnmor If eoinothlntr did not
turnup And hero comes In the romnnooof
Mount Vernon A woman who had been a con
nnnoil Invalid sInce nineteenth your raised
11 fund of200000 and urnbodlad a plan thut
guise Mount Vernon to thom nation Thin was
Anno Pamela CunlnKliaiu nf Bontli Carolina
HIiowiiH un only and Imliilacul dauithtor In
her childhood site hud s iso Itetl Mount Vornon
nnd when sloe ivfiiKiiud nil of lIfe except that
which could be enjoyed In n sick
room In her curly womanhood eho took
hold of a project to buy Mount Vernon or
rather tlio project took holil of her It In
ono of this Iflost slmigomlar I itRtiiiiCOls of Indomlta I
bio onvruy and practical puivi erHiion rn
conliil 1Ii tot frail I wnman from hor Kick but
nroiiKod nn untliiiHliumi eniicclally niiioni
Hoiilhorn wonton that nwtiltoi In nnnlondld
KUCCOHH Him inHplioil Kduard Kverntt with
her soul rim unit lilu Isoetum flu on Waihlnirton
liourod innnnv Into I lie treasury Site I uitn routcii
Alinu l Jo Vent and Mrs Com Miwnlt Ill tel hln I
and In IHfiO I It I wax accompllsheil i tho IIOIIBO the
tomh I p of WuKhlmtton nnd < 1 201 IKTOS nr mini
linliiiid tn a iihsoclatlon Tho IA < UI
lot Lot mu of Virginia granted a very ooslo tIP slim
elmrtor to tlio nnnoolatlon flue capital Hlnck
wets limited < 1 to 5011 Jon U uns grim ti tsos I In I
perpetuity I and 1111 tI iomsnuslh lou of lie Jiropurtv
could I too mmlo without this COIIKOIU or tho
Ixcleliituro No no nf tho Washington family
tlinrouftcr WIIH tn Ixi Intorrod at Mount Vitrnon
and Iho key of Ibo I vault was thrown into tho
Iotonmo Itlxer A roll lit thou imoou rids toni iss of
Oiiorcu and Martha Washil mug Loin II a IoOdOIi
Iloiorl tug which If Htopiioil upon Htarls an
electric alarm at tho lioupc Thrnuuli tho
OIHIII Iron work ono looks Into time brIck aull
where thuro aru only Iho two tomln lints
oil Is tlm I ash 01100 out ruin at thu grotto 1 oven
lou mo t Ilippiuit I an > awed Into soonmuol ho lag Ilko I I
nuoriiire lit rI iiu KOinoof the bloodiest days
of lie war Mount Vurnon was treated as
noutral cround ansi Holdierri of both armles
tIers snon fiulirnlyiiH undur time trees that
Kiinrd Iho tomh
lonlll1H1t loerIIUon cannot destroy tho In
tcnmlof the lioune Year by year Imprmo
innntii sure mailu bjjthn rciienti AH far its tinic
tiiablo PUIV Htiitn hail a room ormimeniDd
is 11h I nil los or Itiivolutinnary t I limOs arrniiKid In
tliiiHljIn thai ireMiilid at Mount Vernon dnr
Inc I ttoo II kilt 1104 of I ten WaHhiiiKton I lilli lug
bog in tliKiiitrancn hall Ifi the key ul the HUH
tllu I > u > nt tn WnBlilnulon I by ifuyntto l and
nor tin door of svluit In I eallid tho Flat
dining room IK sooulo I Iogtosmoit Illd gluts iliiiid
on Hu purcli by tin hiuidnf Wanhiimlon liltn
soil and uovnr liiM romoved thou miinlclainl
heitrlh In hoe dlnliiK room moot niarblu and
uxtreuiely nurlniiH Tlioyweio aent to Wivh
liiklon I I mont France On tho I way 1 lots hli
boiirlnL tbo I Kid WHS cnpturid by I pirate Vlnn
hOlY I tiiu mush that t tills II1nlbln 55150 intended I for
soIl I mtgmomo thoy took nn opportunity I or land 1
Inu It on A trosorleamu osiieursoo IIII1 It WI1 0111111101
to Mount Vermin In the hoiilh Carolina mom
hiinud time portrait of Anno 1amcla < iinini
Iniin hhu him a lellned and tliouuhtrul faco
with deep niiiinlnij ejo < Tlio nltlc room
which M I nit Wiislntiuton t < u IIfltrOn Wnili
InctonV doiitli nnd In II hluh him illid IH I In III
nnwt HIM Idontloul condition In which MID left it
In a iiuiiinl lIthe drawing rnoiu Nelly Coos
HHH ilrmliiK room Is Ihe 1 urand harpililinrd
ai law asa modern urand plnno uhlcli Wiish
liiKtmi guy her tls a eddint gilt This woos
till I KiandniiMo nf MIH I I VaMilnilon I not hei
dLUKliter NoISy hodiiMl uniniiri Jed at tuonty
two In t thu KrnundH HtnndH n to I oliu ti vrlieie i
tradition t I I rolalPM Nelly h iislls I rocelcd her first
olTur and walklm around thin nAn buxh 0 Hlx 1
tliiHs brliiRs every jnuni lidy who Imlloxei 1 111
tin MW II an niter of mairlakn within lIon yiar
Thu place li 1 mann id upo tho moot Ira
tlrnl I iilnn The ieelihouses I art mudu a moo rue
nf reenuo as will as this farm Only one boat
Ixallimcd to land IIII iniorH > there nnd Iho
cit I mtuluioo fun of II dollar foots up m handxoiiiclv
at the t end of Ills year In tho I oilfLosIu lois us I
kitchen h I II very good lunch I may bu nrnalned 0
herved by colorini tvii Iris A eon isrhnteouit mit
los I emil ioisuid who keeps i lie plac < In I cood nr
tier and If the General and Mrs Martha eould
return for an hour 110 doubt they would siullo
apisrot bigly
itio anosT sioittis
Appnrlttoni lint nrr Nnlil tu barn Appeared
lo IVoltlrnt Ijlcri I Mitrr
WASHINGTON Nov 6Gh05t Mot lob rhlcli
hate Herod an eclIpse for Rome time appear
to bo undottfolni a revIval Ileiu Is outs that is I
entitled to credence If ally are It Is usually
only servants or Icnornnt persons who see
ghosts but in this case tlio apparition was seen
by two persons simultaneously both of them
po 8cst > d of more than common vigor of mind
President Tylor had a sinter who was reck
oned ono of tho most Bitted womon of her that
Silo was hoe namesake of Patrick Henry anil
the pet of Jelternon Sho lived with hor father
Got Tyler at Groonwny Charles Citv eoun
ty Va One iiiKbt whllo blcupint In lisa IHM
with cousin a joimt woman of her own IIP
Flin awoke and 1 saw her mother wln lund been
dead for 11I1n months Plttim In lie nlmlov
seat Jt 1118 a bneht nlLlit In suuimor and
under tho window Willi tho bed of n younicer
Mister who was an Infant at the tlmo nf jiei
mothers death Tho apparition loaned over
tho child and l Kn7ed Intently I on It Miss I Tyler
lonumibored 10 have heard that m apparition
would reiMnln an lone ut the oyes Score lived 011
it Hho lLiMl I steadily at it without I least
alarm Now outoos tho MrnnucHt pint of I Iho
story Tlmirlrl lyIng by her nidi hiid iiuletly
Maria thorn io I your mother TUon the form
melted away
Somo eus aflerwiud after Gov Tylers
death ills riaiichtor was at lirecnwny OKiiln
Rlio was then I married it mitt 1 was tI lsltlnt I the t
first wlfo of her brother President Tyler Ho
absent t in I VaKhiiiiionl hal los ho tho Sonatn
Ono nlsht ono nf Mrs Tylers children liccimu
III and loin sIster inIuno wont tn i hue nursery to I
help take can of It I t She fuwnted hunt sho
should cut n remedy from her own room and
Inking I I iipandlu in i lid hand started for it On I
her return as HIO piiHscd Ito Mali CUSP him I
saw hoer father staiidlni I bnfoin I lien The oio mills I
Idea Hashed Into her mind that she could hold
tho apparition by her fixed naa Sho ob I
served It caiofully nnd recnjnieil a eel 111111
suIt 01 brown cloth which sIts had nometimes I
seen thou Uoveinor tt eir and she was holfpoK
sessed tons tomb to look fora mnln on hl It fore
head which was a birth mark Mrs Tjler
after walllll t somo minutes I called tn loon to
hasten tvhitii eti iou thu lltiiro vanNlicd
Vrrnonl Joint Assembly Klcrllim
MoSTPELthii Nov 7Tho joint Assembly for
tht elecllim Mut > nltlccrii tosci l In tin halt iff miss lli i >
at 2iu utlock hula aftfriiuiiii Linn 0 int 1liiftrte In llu
hlt Tiur tin loot uRcera ti crc steel it iiCrtisfl sf
Slate I si SIhul lOr rllllll l isiilsr of AculI I
1IIIr loweli rut hhforl Olrlgsoujlr I eulllIOuJ rlelll
1 11 isestet 1 01 ituitisiss sOils ioiul lilt hIIII I 1111
1 tot M lice 10 fIr lIurlilMhU t lJurtaPIlell
llorsue a 010 st 0 111111 01 lie Iha UII
Sf551 I 01 M Murals uf 1 SIlO ulrrllluI1 uf
ItsItatiusi I 7 0 laa iOuorO tVeollusrelieil route oi Cr
ieuura i of i IOu bliPsTw i ii fl s hr aouiipi tj 1 mI
1IHorol UI t iuiOiei Er t soil II titisuiiui5s
1111111 Thror 0 III i 10 11111 I rally if V0
isuiOiO isitsi Ole Sons SirsssiluiOsoI Oslirge a lOuse
wm I r I lisioliosul I liii 1 use loirussiuka 50 t1 lOulia
111111101 M 11Ir IIIIIICII Thr itOOss 1 lOr thu
S ri IIn 1111 rul is 0 it fulOsu a I J 0 OrssOee
BUIII 1Ir I I H Sri 0 tlustirsteiuh all J uiius Ii
Norlli 0 HHirrlmm
Tlie cleilfdii I uf lliiiliint CnnniiMmx wn IARI > I
otr tKiaii imiHiln i nrr lefusre I 1I1 I lMbilt1ure tMih
ITiiiieci so tO iioanni W Ih sOul mllrr
liinoiil3 II 01111 konaii I
Tllo HOIHr JIt1U r 111 nf 111011111 has
Ihrc roll truOoi 11 isuisuf IsIs II slsuirtOs out
tier ctousrisierp Ossu II i ic Pis Y II viuuuuugu su ulIl1 lIabl hllll
55 I ass IIr lIIr I ehI alsi 1 Iso tsp ollnllllal1 IlIolrlnl
iiittei1 I Ir St liii I ultigs 1 ms coigouge his fru ts aiuuulic ciii
rsiiesi ul os I uuOcl tOri lie Oucs iiiiui it Ii
C Otusrelo I rln I r ii s ill cuts I I ii thought lie so ill a
erpI inc of 0 se lit I cc
liii ifs Et a srI I i osuerrusmi rouliossO 055 rnlor
nf lie Millie Brlll1 llIIrelt III lIalfl sOrsel
llruklJ I II iia Oeii 1 istCCIOul 1 111 I 0 Ia I betoosis 1lor 01
tOte Out rllutoi COOlrIlII1 0 Ihllh
VVIIIIain > Uiicinirorlulile In > t
Acting rommlfMlonor of Internal Itovnntio
linger linn rrcriti 1 n IsO tsr from 1 lriiil > UulltUnr
WlIlInlll oil OttO c > nii > S Onhlin ilKtolU nf nu assail it
Oust Iufsuo i 1 him Oy l > W J Inlilunti Mllltiul JIIIUH Blul 11 C 5
n SVosull II thn flrtil I Ihrtf pistil nl 1 Illlll is lulls lu > susi Oil
thr lin Oslo sfl 1011111I1 niO IIlIlhI ousul I auussrs
lluv nuotisi I 1 kill him bC4ttPs lie h ul Mcicl Ulnl 1 Its ijrI l
nnintil Ir InUllnti nil ISO 1 lip nl 10 Half 1 usual on tOts
IllKhl sit list IHih nil u hn < l > nf 1 iiiiihknl I nun soloS ioul
hu hm ootsir ill Ilusu oil nud uv liiiu lltvda a iii
lento lie niiitrj
5 1 I seat Wiilil fur St sat s assort
Tiilk nliuiit slitcMiHti l MI ui Diminl Mnpliy
III 1111111 ii flnllI In Mrilllilf tOselt Ste tire 0151cc
01050 u In t lOut suisote 1 hull In titus IIH 0u art limn In inv
shier MHrd III I tilt oil J Uli > If 1 Oslo I tilut nf
Mllnlil Tillrl unlit npricht H hint
afeo nllII1I1 II III n il II fist in
IheKldiuii 1 sIt I tsooul tin lOss I r tip I In Ills iiinriilni niil nml n
trto fort 141 0 lush ttiih a flulekiimu 1111 I loot ou ctirt
Mouioe 1111 oil so UIII1 Lboiu a I I tiosle red
WI lNmiii I Nuot 71110 11olIlIolnllel of this
nlh sty isis lissosi ttv I Ih I It so hut tat it I ugtilul I ion it
Iaiuitubst it OPus ituiuuhiulsoi Oilsb s rouluouul iii Ilk ii Ituislt
iuoll tussou Ilur lC5suLle if OOhs Orsolsis iuutigiis
situ ha gli 0 isis Oiuis 0 ii siluut Osu it i
I ri eous Ii 01 if iii he 1 lii 15100 iii 010t
510 IOta s of ItOh A s5 Sb Is ruoit
St so si Is us sr Ii 0151us iii ts 01 mOu Ours hiss
Nil h It 5 iniiuucsl is flOut tOs riss liii v ut Ii higiolutuos
psi situsi osiulo
OLV sIIItRJrl N rjir
H IVftttU Mora Men for the Army nml
It iss III toit More Mosey
WxfrtusoTox Nov 7Geui Sherman In
lift loport for tho post year soaps hint tlio
feat of oxceodlnK tho limit of 25000 men
in tlio army or time illfllculty of enlIsting
nun In tlioHO proHporoiiH tunes has kept
ho army below Swliut thou honor or Ito
nccoHltr of tim country ttomntxlH antI ho nut
vlnoB a chalice of thou limit to 30000 rue
troopo duiliiff the transition period on tho
rentlor ho says have lived tn holes In tIm
round In houttos raudoof green oottonwood
loiig Infested by vermin In temporary Mmntlet °
jroncrnlly without a murmur but now this bat
ho I with poverty la over or nearly BO and ho
appeal to CoturrnB to rotifer on tho rreAdcnt
lie Hecrutnry of War or on a board of jremraj
onieere lIon power toilonUinnto tho plnwrtof
sot BtrnUuio Importance lit whIch to street sot hloobho
permanent bullditiKs for properly Quartering
tIns troohsso
Under the liend of Courts Martini11 ho
SU > H I I lnltn I > nur attention to the loport of
Inn 1 MoUowrll I who I illttil mites how uo Him to
old notion is prohihlthur I rourtH martial from
sItting after tt 1 oclock 1 M bwitiwi 100 ycnrn
iwo In Kmrliiml onicortf wcio wont to dlno and
not drunk at that I hour Now MO dlno I when wo
win keup Huber all Ito tlmo I t and I hero N no
riiiKon why rnnrta martial I should not nit all I
nltflitff niMustmty to roach u vurdlct Ito salute
anailvl July
Them tits a iooo to tin nrfliy by desertion of
3721 1 Thin IH a mont Hfrlout mutton JIm
chief cau IB that t mcwt of tho iccrultB I enlist I I
In I Now Voik or boo I luiwr cli los mo trainS
portud to HIM Vblnhoro hy desertion at lIttle
Htk of cniiturti and pttnlslunent they obtain
HIM htohnM agn4 Tlio remedy will bo found
in I u morn lllxiul rca toomsiot of a good solul her
and a more rfilali punlslimentof tho drpurtur
I thfTifoio reonmniend that lion pay of enllHted
men be restored to vliat ft was In itMifl and that
the loon isttitto out for denortlon be more clearly
dellneil by I law and increased I lupoorlty I AK
era vatoil cases during nit I t so campaigns I or In
flue Indian country nhoiild bo fronted an capi
tal OH Its dnnu under iilinoat uverv clvlllod
tfotprnnipnt Iho advises Bpundln moro
in01 my on the military I I I sehoolH
irjir jvj77V9 MM NCR
A Tkr > nl tn Hliiw Up the llourae Mme Fe
it n yr on to Kburn bet Iii biiuita iut
PARIS Nov 73f Tlrard Minister of Fl
nnnce In liU sOIrees lo tho HuJM Committee rter
tiny exprcMM tlia Ilutnii lint It wouM lie well to use
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Topic In the Ilmite of Commimi
LONDON Nov 7 AttorneyGeneral Jamo
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the HOUK of Onnmoim I hj aft < moon th tie incrn
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touts hue case Tli III jit linn I hugh 0 Chllder Uir Sec
rttnrj iitttM thnt the report Hint Hrltiih I rfllcim ami
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hoiMan w uiin i 0 rue
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Iloii o toiiifht Sir Riot it liars > CniioeruithivUl
lOse Curs i iutv hut Os I n udi itt by Lord Kjiniu1ili i
rtmrcliill Otsssuers ottO s to llln th is sliocol Silo tn the
iMttr iiil Room ttuit Mr WilliHin loki iMnrvvil tSr dlt
lint think lisa prvii nt so au HIM inuiiivnt nlicn tho on i lit
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likelv to iiicll on macsb iii tlxlr initt urir > riil wntilil
civil en t lit arm of 1 tic < 1 11 I it ii fclIuss nttrritntfiti
whkMi would IsitI l > t wlnn tio lime tutu fui a tiirMtl nf
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mn nnd S fnlriit us the slisuCss sntoett hv MI undue ute
of cltiuru In the Itamln ut un uuncrupulouH iuujortt
Iortl llultVrln tit Foipt
ALEXAMinri Nov 7berth Dufferln ln nr
rUtdhrre llenit reeds cl by the llritinh Consul soil
the Ktrpliftimutlioritlif Luter tieitent to Cairo The
KcptlHii tniernntcnt ha oilerod u cis ant of 1 om
for HIP rapture of hOle tdltor ut Li Tillf the orgftti of the
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Su xNuv SA lsnuisp later tiers HtilrR thnt n walrli
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ttra of the 1 art > ha e been found
Plirlnuid Hintnt nud I Wo rubnu Krfucrva
Mtpnxn Nov 7It Is admitted that tho
Hpnni M Conul nhcti tie wivrntd the ililrnltnr 5 lusheS
of the probnMo torch at of the Cidmn m sigil Os rsr intide no
mention of the fact that th < > UMC pulitlcid o riourrtt
who ImJ Chptd ilutiiiL transfer atth ir own rrnutut
from oiu Hatinti to ninth r Itiimw aOaIel t iloil t tin
Hritliih tiCS t rniutnt lm n < i i iUd inihi Imunr nf si ntt
without ImwfMr tn ixir tf 5 < rtn > < iiri It l to i
uthkroliiid that susOot li HiIliMi i In u LUticitlutoM
VIKNNA Nov 7 A serious oust ocunod to
iOu i in NtiibiiuAMitMirlOf th NII us A locsfe iiiiiiilei tf
uojkiucii Jiliuti Ous a inirh ftuntd t the pulici nnd nt
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federal of the old StOIC injintu Hit Inttir ttr teii
cushy Man ut the riotirt utn itiiv tiu
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COHK Nov Timothy Cronln ono of tho
Land 114AKUP > iLietariif hn is t itii MrrtMid under th
Crtni suet fur Imvinir aiMi u < < hi lift jn rii > lnn
ItintiN lSlS 7 ftirneiU1 SKM who uni COlts teItil
nf belnifii innnidUhlor litid of nuikinir Iliri Mt nciihi l
tnmntrt 5s hn pnid thfir mi neitr Killariuj luau OuesuOi
Ieouosisrul tu su n iHrn ponat Mfutudt u
K po 1ori In Uti Intflttti Culllvry
LONDON Nits 7tn explosion occurred this
niornhnr In itie Ilv cnnc Colliery Hie i port WE Its
rifle It it btliftd thnt vt fuseesiuiP MIC kiliut
rortunntilt th iussJunuoc oT the workmen sets nbuto
Kronnd ut the tiuir of ttr cnlanilt
Alive In her Shroud
Ji iuous Is Fort flhlulue Gejfr
On Tnoatiiv afternoon luM Mrs W It Pottlt
5 ifs of thr 0 0 ttlkr of I lie Mrn 0 0 > itioml Jlhiik of tort
Wntnc II iiilIuiluO I sUet nuM tin I ououlrlsot l an lout charge
of tli ttiulj rriiignnitit 5eue niakhiir forttio fun rot l
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flipptil I to tur full foind tier r > t a uirn Siiul dpiu 5
is hlUtiiH oicc llit uns fiMrtil > nn ntilihlc us hliir
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thin rrPlltHMtiiUKif the ittMl Hiril wilt UlC nvilMnil
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tie utiisiusst Ous notes to Alitiush rrnc hi ii st ii
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Ih lORii Oct 24 Daniel Mnrpliyft fnnoinl
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finnn lnrnlirorniuln IMII I Oils huiir sso vlnii li 51
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hut trActs in list iiiiili coil of Hi n mnnli HIM ui l
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Vlfxifn BUI litiun Irncl in Arli > nn nnil wa HI Otue I timo
ot tots doalh Iho Inricokt 050iulisss user In Iho world
lTnccilnlnf3 an In Wbii NUull Occupy n lsist n 5
tlt 5 n ttif TimhttiHlf > IM It
A iir My Klutu nt nilill HKMIIH tciixlst at WII
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ietuusouiit lius situ P < sOil ni n unlit i suit i Hhi Jllhor
cli I its is sOusots lir 5 in Os ie a I
Hint ilit I li ill us I nf Flu Oslo Isil Ii
n ninillnr iiluiiu 0 Ttrlhti the oil i ft SutiOsr I n nnllt nf
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mss tue 0 CO i lb i > t titts insist niotntlr lull I liii 051tili
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lii iFs Ill tyl sit 5 000 Ills
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Uniil Irrlnti tivir lime with is niuMnrii ionz w ho
atriilt tithe ousI iitliiln as ion Jiiiu Kxn It
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slutoduto Lu II
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Blmkoflpoarofl IVrlclo has just Invn
produced at Munich for this best luiutn Urnmny and
lines l > isi n MICCCM S
thou is ° port tlmt tlio rmpro of Austria
nlcndcd Knlntf In KflRtand fur Ole Ii tout iosg seuinsiou 1 In
Coned Sho wilt pa the Inter In Aitntrfa
A Ltttnet corieoslooloolomut states bat > vh n
ic MfintH in rmrcc and cannot dn plo liei ees Into lbs HIM
might Slit nndtt effect equnl tn that or PIoUS
At hue Iltost grand show of tIm St HIM natil
Club now hi Ing hold At the Puko of Wellington Itillu
liooliv Ht Hcrnnnl dmri are on exhibition
TholChodlvo of Egypt han on ajcd nn
flprtutOhit company Including nn exlcnMve balht of
coiiifc H hlch wan to ieisssu for Ki > pi In n few dnj 5
If It Ix trim that MIte 1UIU Is to luivo
TtOlAws for four month In Brazil iu 1K8H this oboist
slorlilsus nouuslohoog es sr 5srblrsI etch Ouy a priuois Iisrtoon
Tho Town Council of I boil in Imvo voted I a
Hum of mnney In ftippnrt of a FihotiMlo celebration of
illicrH 4uth birthday which fait on the UUh of No
lelitOer local year
Tin KiiKllfth iVfiuffrvif < tznc feaya that
durtntilKHt thou TetfM lout nt sea avnntrcd I abmit uses
crry four hour in 1H70HO hOurs wero 4CO uteamljoat
illlilouA hi Otis North Atliutlc Ocean
At Stbastopul has just IMHMI I cnmmrmvd 1
the construction of anew Slosenoitoi stick tn jilnocof
the ono dttroed during the fammnsleife morotliani
quarUrof A century Ago 11 will lie titnse ysisnsr tncourto
of COUP rtu lion an < l It in to cost 30ixotM rouble
Tho heat com monUiry on hue t iccont IVioi
wfirfnep at morsuts Inn hen written hy 1rof list
rendorlT who point lo the homhirdmeiit nt Alexnndrl t
nt n lime when ft Council of Arhttratlim 55 lo fcptuk
ISO Itlhiff ot Constantinople to I sIc ci lc tho I QUt tlon
rohso nl by the hellion nf trout I
H I Is hltfnlllcnnt of t Its eh005ligss I pnlltUnl I I
condition of Ireland I hint I lot but r of her two Iuk R hii
pool orhrnthcrln the llotwof I Common relumed 5 ly i n i
Irteho root tO ulebiry ond this tliouuh 1hctuk I < > of lsio
ctr fetond Sill IK l < ord Llruttmntof Wexfnrdind till
wife Is 1 fttinnt Otis largest property hoUUr hi l tlititcounty
Within s ° two moutliB of the opening1 of tlio
Ft Oothird Itattrnad the export nf Icrinan coal w hit li
had hei n nil rime to 40000 ton mid ninny other export
rows rlmllnrly Italy on the other hand In I Hndlfitf is
market fur all port nf garden riKtucu i ant > l so hiss ThJ
talUs In I likely to reiiuU In biseOs nf col Hero on MfuiHor
and luirniio to the ilifffuftnf tourl tn ntnl to the sit 0 t
ilvtrlint nt of Knirtinh con Ftipplkrn tn Itnlv I
Tlio KMISOU In thus oluu r forests of Scot lhtlilt
Is now nlty us cit los er Mr Wlunns of Unlllnmru Ixi
Mntutitt r t nearly two I humlnd I tO flIts In the I > nO t trc
of coniMiudfirmttJi for which he isuya ncnrly f uu o i
3 cur Th strop hno deen I in much hftterrntidiil > n ttitrt
for the lust two ncn onn hut then hiSs lirrn no lui r sc f
inett In tho Kr < > UFO and on nuiny inoorx the Ijiiff liai IsIs Li
rdDtfin litlf On one thootliu for Hhltrh n rent ssf
iimu > litinttrmli wa pull cncli hint Shoal so its Klllc Jjcot
the tenntit nonuthiiit mvr thlrtv luilhluogs f nkrtlnjf
Hunting 1 1 te jitot nov Limo roat fashion lit I
Kronen rail tho co < t ninu of lOuise Sc ho follow the hottud4
varies aetordlnK to lOss mrtlrnltr hunt Thu lOis colors
of the I Due dAuniHle bcliu utile ond gull thu jftiitt ntrit
whfi follow ito Ooistit lily liiniiiJ fiir a blue cloth soul
with pold litittoiiM nnd collar ansi huts I of idtiovihit I
the walntcont alit cap ore aNo Mile find thH lnftr
while At lOoltOt lisp u hero lOis Diiilien of li I M ns > ini
fuprem i oe i uniform IK I ft red Font with UcM blue Iv
pelf covered wIth cold and oils sr hrnld which tn h uUo la
be souuu i on tlio blue breeches and u lituout TOte Utsuc
cap U ornriinenttil with tho I fn told suit ihvr ITU I
Johnmi Aruny till author of homo of Mm
fiio t liillu o soil pplc poeim In tho I Hiut nrlan Inn
Riinar In dnt Oneaho p aOl nf them I Stir Lotus of
ruIn a U f iMlary hero of hvrcukan oil neolgO Ii tnn to
I tared says the London Thud silo hy stile so tub thj
Out SI sit us hat IIBI been nrltt iso nf the kind In any Ian
gusss5e No man pmbiiMy otr was inuro completely
nmotcr nf lila own IHIUUS ond UK ciilu Thus mino
of h 0 lmkjppar trminlnltons eomn pTnhnhly mircr
to the I tiiUlnoI than others In ait lauviiaicv and have l
come favorite on the Static Tho MidMimmcr Nlfhii
Drcitni stlosas attract crowd I soul the rtfect of iH
hutnor ttllt m much on thu Hungarian aa It Unenon au
Esiglish andknoe
Tho Fioueh Oovorninont tlovotoa a Iarus <
turn of inone > every jear Os t hhisu presets osthoiu nnd rc <
torsoS iou of 1U anctrnt moimiucnU The uni annunlly
dcdicnttd to this chisel omoiintu to about tooltaul toil I
It li ajiplUd to u certain nuntbtr out uorkn so lilclin hey 0
arc tOMifilcttd ace remold from the lift and othrru Silt
In thtlr ilftce The lUt for 1MJ hun just bicii ulilllinl
nnd liuMud public bulldlm throUKhout the country
KIIImitc them helntf the cstui strts ot Tinn Soul UIMII
the AMieyof 8t Denis hiss cliatcanx of Ootiny tIlsia
flout rierrtfntiifl tho Amphlthi ushr of A rico the tluny
> ltif bbll nnd nian > olIn IjinMintfi nf like ilinriftir
The operations of the dtpnrlmint rhnrtfid su ith tits
work are nut out Cli rontintd to France hut extf n I ti > AN
genii where It Is 1 proponed to ppen > l a convtdi riilitc emu
on the conrerv atlon of a number nf IIIOH UCI ami Hrmm
It Is the swell thing In Tails now to pan i
the houri aftir midnight ot Csns hers Qermnn tier cu
besot hriiutulisg beer And eating cheese The fi tet men
of fMiclit axe to bo even lucre nightly TOils nr uf
Irnberft has a lilitory TIle brewtry O Is I at Mm liurj
and Itiheern as exhibited at ttiA Kxpnvltlon of 7 u ui
product of Franco Thaorlrfluttl Uruher wiwa medical
Ftudcnt who not helnv permitted by the colttw rc nv °
tlin to t t nter the taeriiR In the t mii Micceel d In COM
coctim In hh Ubomtory a palatabU bsssrooiu u ishslu
nan liUhly approved by lilt riuisb So fainmn dti tliU
amuteui bnntr become that he was persuadtd to Oust i
nuothcr Dtudrnt one Kteh Into parlnerfhtju 1 hesi i us t
Isi nUiHlU obtained jOist lisoe I of an oil lures cry li tin
iieUhlKtrhiixl of Htraobur and cato up mtdnini f < r
lush They scene fuicceMfiil bejotid cx ptslmuil tin and
WIOH the ChemlrtJ liecr aw Miolr brew wo4 itt Otret
taMed bfcnme fauioui all ner 1rancA
V few months ago it was stated that
ItitKvinii TnrVcHtati va4 tnlferinif from an lmuiout sf >
mice from India These vUitnli > m are famllitr In Uii
OhiiittHj hUtiirkt record that on ihruo occiton ii
snouI > of rat iii slit MIL ountr > Tn one fnvtn i j
tlirse fiiH llal > lf s irinin trniliiiif from one place ti T 5
other attempted A pftMife of iho tSt lllvtr mil is rt
fortunately drown l their earsuoaCea i i hnkliitf up Oh i
bank of the 0 ttreaiti foi reeral dnyx allan tiielr si tot lrui
tion Ontbenthtr utcnttlmi however ttiej Wirotniri
uc i nsfut MyiiuU of 0 ho crwMureft ssilousci sO in D >
IH Uhbirlmod of Nankinif from the miso I kumu hurst lysula S
The krp silt to litv o iucssssi the lroikn un 1 u i Il
tht Ir tout is durlnj the niifht b 0 > mnlvlnc thcm > elt mio
ti luSt bug OrluliieeusIu 1 animal filling Iho nil of the silo
m front of him with Isis testis and 10 Milmmlfff Iusnsuss
nnd on arrlvitlal the other > idc they thrcu HIUHIM h 5 i
upon the cropnu I devomrd ihcui Anothtr tinitt Uuy
cbfiCOsil liii uf Ihu 0 VHo o Os
s As a innttorof faitVnyn Ladv iv iry
nf AritM 1alu I hellete him to I ho l < jCLidJiitU Cs nt11
and hiiman An KntflMi ndUliil one nf lOss ttirrto
hilo tl ifru i sail to me He hn < 4 ton much of Ill tulip
lien of IhuMlah and too little tf tha brntv in liuu 11
ftkCied If ho ivould tike lrfnni ill Ill itlIIIO > Ml tiP 1
ram a n reek tue would hao n much isis s IUUILC tt
rrtO hug on a I do not au Octal isis I SilsIsts tli
oulj linfunuc pokrTi by Arabl Si coul not Julv J 51 t itu
flct uiiiie U Is tai I his be lifMnf null hi c I > 1
rhn > rti lilt intlmMu tonic lsuhCi nf the K fu < 5
the Itttrntiire of Oils rolUion lucludint our s u 5511 i I C
tiiment book will m count fIr lOuis jui usc 1 I Ifs 11 I uu >
utttdv nf the htiKlith lliolo i Ii iil to Ic id s l
s ten lot he tlluigiiulo of onu is f Ui > oiu sirs tit lot I U
Hu tpeikH Mrj tarncitl lonkin 5lii ntriu i < n u ih i
face will huiufct cyril I hii an tiiiru t > i i tn m
truthfuliu purity from ills tiMinior ptrih UIIIM 0 s
from Mrv OHM w ithout rc > lii < n who liil Knnw > li t
Uliif or w niched hU caroei imtii of them nn ssuOtrs sf
the vlcertjrfll fuuiiuihsi I hi ant mi tOut poltd UuM im r
port lie ii 1 Incmpthte of fijiruViuc uuirtUli
t Firnch lady ralliiu IiltCssIf thu II n II
epid Hnlnt lniprnte l Mho latil > nipni1 Osslur < l t i
Inrrecliotinl Trilmnnl of lho I Mine < > n m hikru ui i f
drunk and diordiil > t n ici < td > d I in MHiaiiiK t u I
idrnt of thht Colors thnt ihe ci rhu 11 n fii > 1
pmdutv P 55 iilrfeliy nf belm Our < iu nm I u i
Inroimed thuimtrl SOt real I in u jnurml tin l I u t
WA of pru rliu fins chIli th > t 5 t50is of u u i
to ctliO them sIc isp in an eulift t > fplrtt < i ohs till i
luph losiibih t one a month or twn I lists mil t i >
leo1 bog he ronhded her fnr 1mk t f t w i 0 i s
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