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Peculiarities of Hume VllKnovvn Nennton
Tim Nlitvrry nf u President Uen Sh er >
mnne Innocent Joy nud John lnzima
Wisdom 1erry ae n Putronaice Seeker
WASUINOTON Nov j71n Hubboll hns
ont on for the ficta nnd figures to prove that
Senator Ferry It I 11 losi and u pntronnso
monger Hubboll RId that tho moralists
assort that tho recent defeat of his party 111
duo to a deslro to rrbuko the machine and thu
tots machinists Ho Is going to tttko thorn at
their word and prove to tlio Michigan Legisla
ture that Forry la ono of that kind Tonight
Quit a bulky douiinumt wa forward to
Michigan mid when I Is read the liopublleans
will bo apt to wonder when Terry found time
to eat and sloop to Buy nothing ot attending to
his duties Tho campaigns that mo being
made to detent the return lorry and Wludom
loom to hao thulr base or ono of
their bases bore The Illinois Honntorliil
election will also be Influenced largely from
Washington In thu threu States the contests
promise to bo ot unuHUal Interest and In Mich
j igan and Minnesota they will bo spiced with
bitter personalities Jay hubbell Is crotchety
obstinate and ugly at times but ho Is not so
much ot a tool as some have been led to think
Before be quitted Washington to go to Michi
gan to vote und fight Fairy he said that ho
could not understand why the light was being
made now on him by the set that call them i
solves Oarilold llepublleans when ho was sim
ply doing just what ho did during tho canvas
which elected Oarlleld and doing It too not
only with Garflolds con ent but with his back
Done stlfToncd by Gnrllolds importunities
Hubboll Is no hypocrite Men who know both
Ferry and hubbell through and through rato
them at a pretty low nvorogo but score Hub
boll a mark or two higher than they do Ferry
I there Is a man In Washington In public life
who has tho reputation of a persistent merciless
less dnyandnlght threatening coaxing bul
lying seeker for patronage It Is the sleek and
a solrinn Ferry A Treasury officer of very high
stanJInc said today that the two Senators who
wcro tho most constant and chronic oftlco
seekers for their trlonds were Ferry and Joe
Hawley Ferry tried recently to browbeat and
terrify the stately and dignified Dr Lorlng
Commissioner of Agriculture
I Ferry would put half the energy Into his
publlo duties he does In seeking patronage he
might b able to make 1 speech without get
ting tripped up on his farts and argument
Raid nbunitor Twould boa sight for tho
Michigan Legislature to see the bonier Sena
tor from thulr State dashing around the de
partments In thu morning his long clerical
coat putrmrchlul board and Irusbylerluu se
verity of countenanco gliding through tho
hall or shadowing some chief of division or
appointment clerk or even dazzling the Cabi
net Secretary himself Ole he Is reported to
have said threateningly to a chief of bureau
Well see sir whether a Senator of the United
States und an oxYlcoiruHldent pro tern Is
going anl b slighted In thl way
Mr Hubbell or some other opponent of Fer
ry has collected facts which opfonent I mllo public
would It Is said belittle the performances of
Don Cameron John Hhorman lion Harrison
and even Cot Mulberry Sellers OXull of the
I Second Pcnnsylvaniadlstrlct Mr ONell who
ii the living picture of Sellers In manner face
and style of speaking boar the reputation of
being the most persistent patronage > seeker In
tho House Ho It was who went to Commodore
Shook and urged an appointment Tho man
Is poor said Mr ONell In a drawling plain
live tone Ho IS thu lather f of blx mil chil
dren besides conlld > ntlall > ho U I a Roman
Catholic a Itepubllcan and more confidential
ly a worker In the party nlu
But said Commodore Shook theres no
money to pay for him Get the apptopriatlon
and rll appoint tho man
I At tho next opportunity Mr ONell elevated
his horn in the lions making an oloju pbs <
for an appropriation for that spuelnl bureau
and he got It Now said he to the Commo
dore Ive got the appropriation and I want
my man In And ho got him
honator Ferry knows how to play the whole
gamut bettor than ONoll Ho tins saddled
upon the people of Michigan from Icriuaima
quoquoming Point to Putin Bay u I lot of r Fed 1
eral officers and has Oon had new ofllres cre
ated for his servants The list of men recom
mended and endorsed by him would Slit It is
aid more than I column of THE SON Mr
Huhboll prouotes now to take the liepubllcans
of Michigan at their word to expose limo ma
chine there that Ferry has created und of
which ho Is the autocrat Congressmen now
here report that It will b a bitter light and
ono that will satisfy Hulibfll If over his own
political corpse should roll that of Ferry
Word reaches hero that Duntiell is greatly
encouraged In Minnesota He has got tndom
to the point of making u Public exhibition of
loss of temper The photographs of that SHIU
circle mansion ale not bolug oiiculattd with
out effect 1 to thu photograph could be add
ed suppiomuntil ouos showing the wonderful
ful tiling and stained glass windows
tiles tilnl Ilat represent the seasons and lit
tle winged cuplds and tales from
Walter Scott staitwd windows that picture
allegorically tho development If f genius per
haps the work weuld L more effective Mr
Dunnell did want those characteristics taken
but as the photographer couldgut no nearer than
beneath the tail of Scot horse It was Impos
sible DuniiHll Is reported as keeping his teal
JIr In Huhiiillon Ho was cool enough to corner
Wlndom When the latter asserted that he had
briiiim enough to save tlm Government some
1X000000 a year by refunding Uunnoll got
the documents to show that thu refunding was
H Democratic policy framed In a hill which
passed the House and wa sent to tin Senate
while Wlndom was a < inurabtT and that Mr
Fink of Iisk ft Hatch wan the Unit to suggest
I Now Uunnpll is t showing the 110011001 Min
nesota that Wlndom is trying to ball tmmmdr
colors that bolong to auolhur as Dunntll
clalniH Mr Dunnull also has caused limo terribly
clallH 31rlullel
rlblysurcifctlu bpmtcim ol Senator Ial to be
lrct In I this Ingalls unmasked Win
doius prittnsions got time fxficintarv very
ungry and 1 thiii loft him to hi mortification I
John Logan imiles giimly II I he adiscd
nlndoni to take HID 1iiiMtlMiitial bug out nf
his bouiirtt Wlndom said he onu day a
Senator is t I fool to look to tim < Iluslduncy 1
HonaUi Is 1 Ittr l i plui TUI wan Intended
UH a hint to Wlndom to maku Immty whim tIme
nun Rhone and nut have A foolish uarrb alUm
llunnell Iogaii Is rupurtHil to be wlnceru In
liN ptatniuent that the lau Is to be pniforreil
to tho WhIte lou > Thorn cam to his ears
recently atiecilotntlui corroborated his view
An omVlol sought Insidcnt Arthur and found
him after midnight at his desk with an Im i
hm mllnilht
iniuiM mass of routine business before him lie
mlhf la ruutnu
reported tlm Inibldont as saying They say I
am a candidate for leriominatlon in SI I
think that no man would wel the rrusiduncf
fl ha knuw what vas Imforu him I I never did 1
II < <
each mimemi hal drudgur > anil I am kept night
after night at It till it 1 In the morning limn
of no place which makes a man a gieater
slave It won to Logan that Unrfluld said I
few days after his Inauguration something of
the saint sort Logan had taken a friend to
me Gaitlild and ho Cong ratmmlmit ed the 1iesl
dint on this oinineiiou I hu had it ttmmi neil lai <
Held reid loti lob mmtl rig to tire Inuur I room the
working loom A man Is 1 fool to prefer that
plic to Congress
t COllrOiB
Logan Is I tulciutf matters very easily Hn Is
kieuuig his hamls oil the Illinois light and will
sutler Ureen li hailer amid lot Cullom to light
It out und let bomoljody ole sil In Not so
John SliTiunn Hu inteniU tn prevent tIme
olortlon of joy Foster to tho Senate John
Sherman Ii air thu reputation hen of imi < r
bliivving I down thu rim I rI luuf a loaded gun and
ho thurefuiii must Iwlimu I l that iun IB I Illl al
empty eun bair 11 l at all ltO Sherman is I
niported its thinking thnt muttnrs mxyshapa
themselves so that lin may t i eallpil to JIo
front in 16S4 I 1oMer should hi oluitod Sen
ntor or I Wlndum I shuulil i hunrnmn would 1
dhappolntpil I Hu Ii l said tob I pleased at Hob
Ingersolls referent to hili lirotlier tlio JmiHril
I n eammd limits AH to thu lioneral I liliniollno 1
child with u tin trumpet or a rubber rattle ever
maulfiiotiid mch jiiy as ho does Ho aecept
oonKnitulatloiu wit Ii an innocent manner of
ddllght that I Ib I touching and ho parades the
avenuo with tin happiest elleonseloiihiicss nl I
any lon In I Washington I Tho leneral rays ho
couldnt accept timir miorulmmnt Iiimm hut hel is proud
that iich it man as luKursoll should imiti
thought him worthy of I and that so lau ol
hl friends hero und elsuvvhero should hu I of
I thu sHinu iiplnlon Hut the rtsnatnrlal elections
In Michigan Minnesota and Illinois mire far
I moro lIkely tn iiiako or unmake candidates
than Mr Kobert Ingersoll
Uot1 endome
Vertyflrst mrmt of two Street mmre tirlr tad ml sy u room Untarrmlhmd imli 1 Iirt aol i
111 JICI < 1 wah rl 1110 Ieiiii 01 a 1101 if
trot 1Ji to ItiJO tar tmcIti4Ing gas Mean lust
Sal care rt 10mm i lie reutaurammi 1 Iocamd on mIs
e ninth emory slid I ror the exclusive us 01 Ihou rnl
lila startnlsuma TI htpm sill me rriIy fn occupancy
bee f I aiu I how 01511 for IlmnIcuttoui To I far
dulr Ih PrIvacy 01 A hOI s till 1 the cOlvnln
lid Illrl 01 a nHlo midst the amarImsuuts
ofler ataclI which ceuuriut hi luuob KJ
I thy you een the Jornln0 surnal I Tb Uif ell cue
eat f aver p5ttL1biLaul >
The Great American Klory Paper
Beadles Wrtkln the lilt of the year I Its authors write
for no othsr paper and their names are household
uQaLAg words There U uo elbu wsskly wlttt bail et lu atlrac
1 Frerh full littal and general military emit Masonic 4 I
muss eats alwujj lt uuudlu suuJny I VU ilu I
riro or TIII sAuitfAws DKAI FOUND
Capt Tn lor Mela out Warrant for the City
ar Worcesters CnptHln and Pilot
Tim bodies of Mm i Elizabeth Taylor 81
years old and Mrs Harriet Taylor 17 rOaN
old who WHO on the baigo Hnulnnw when time
City of Worcester sunk her on Thursday oven
lag vxoro found ynstuidny morning flouting In
he Duttormtlk Channel bctwcim Governors
Island and tho Atlantic stores Tho elder
woman was tho mother of William Taylor Cap
Uiln of time barge und time younger was hU wife
The bodIes of his two daughters Llbby 9
yours old and Kiln 7 oar old vvero not found
Captain Taylor says > that while he wiu at tho
wheel Just before tho collision his wife caino
to him and brought him his supper >
Ho saw tho steamboat bearing down on
them and said Wo are going to be
struck look out for Ibo children Ho then
tried to steer the boat away while Mrs Taylor I
ran aft She could not have gone further than
tho cabIn door when the collision happened
Tho Captain belIeves sho was mot nt tno door
by his mother and that they woro knocked
overboard together The cabin was on tho
main duck and wan knocked overboard with
the greater part of the freight There was no
freight In the hold Charles Uvvntisen the dock
hand was also thrown overboard and was
Picked up by the tug Samuel J Lenox that
was drawing the barge As tho bargo was
sinking Capt Taylor seized the chains of the
stealnboat and clung to thor
Tho two vesselH wore wedged together for
some time before the barge sank Sue did not
sink entirely and as tit H21 barrels of sugar
dissolved mIme TKO considerably The sUlar
tovvod her to Kulseys stores Urooklyn whore
sho lies partly under water and lIsted to one
side Divers worked all day trying to hind the
bodlos of the children In tho wreck
Capl Charlns S Games of the tug Samuel J
Lenox which towed tho barge inado a sworn
statement yesterday to the steamboat inspect
ors He said
Whet i first saw ths City of Worcester she showed her
red light 1 lies 1 a long blast on the whistle of the tug to
Indicate I that I deslret to pass her to the port Hearing
rI iI rlht
no answer from I the steamer I blsw another long blast
tint rrcelv ed no awn I then observed that the steam
boat had starboarded her helm thus showing her or
t or green light 1 beelng that It would be Imposslbe
r w I iU bJ t
to pais to Ion I blew two shorttblasts aud put the tugs
helm hard to surlunrd and cleared the steamer with
thc t After clearing the tug the steamer passed ou
and struck lIme barge All the lights required by law
w r displayed by both tug and barge and woe burning
The City of Worcester returns to this city to
day and her Captain will then give his version
of tho collision It Is elli that she was late
and was running faster than Is usual In the
East llivtr whon the collision occurred
The bodies of tho two women were Identified
by Capt Taylor and removed to the house of
his brotherlniaw Martin Davis 210 Eighth
street Wllllnnisbiirgh Then Capt Taylor
with Mr William Townsend paymaster of the
lighterage department of the New York Central
and Hudson Ulver Itallroad called at Police
lalroll caleu
Headquarters to ask for tho arrest of the Cup
tain and the pilot ot the City of Worcester
They were advised to seek a police justice and
wont to tho house of Justice Murray Justice
Murray took them to the Yorkvllle PolIce
Court and opened court The Captains depo
sition won taken charging Capt Ward and
the pilot of thus City of Worcester with criminal
negligence In causing the death of the women
and children Justice Murray Issued warrants
for Capt Ward and the pilot and they will h
taken to the Tomb Police Court when the
Pulce tl
City of Worcester gets here this morning
Precipitate Withdrawal of Meet of the OaV >
cera or the Moderation Society
The Trustees of tho Business Mens Society
held a private meeting at Earls Hotel yesterday after
noon President Ferdinand 1 Earlo Secretary II II
Hadley Dr Oecrge W Holmes Dr C W Torrey and B
F Neiswender were present After the meeting Secre
tary Hadley told the I reporter that President Earl and
Trustee O W Holmes had resigned their offices Trustee
C W Baldwin bad previously tent In his resignation
and all three Woe accepted Mr Earl next presented
the resignations ef VleePresldenta Joseph Pool Bla
In A Willis Thor L James L V Bates W K Tfft
Thor K Lees Sit Arnold Samuel Sondhefm W I
tolvrell I U Mnlth Germ Abram Durrea Henry Hergh
J Alexander Stryker Y Duncan Sniflen VV HtJutun
Jr VV V HrokawVV VV wimy Kranrls C IUrd in
1ratioisJHerron John Town hendrol I WH I I loriI and
Col hmmnns Clark These resignations wee accepted
Ditnlel sickles of Brouklv n was elected a trustee
Mlilr I the reporters waited I for the meeting to end S
It Phelpv was introJuced I tn them hl ym President Earl I
Mr Phelps said that Setretary lUdley had been all there
was of the society fur some time lladlev he I said had
originated a etheme 1 to have the beer of various I brew
cries anlyred at a cost of 0 to each brewer the sod
etys certlllfate of purity given when warranted The
Secretary after getting I 2r > W i from twentytour
breweries raued the price to S2U Mr Phelps said and
began extending his operations to fnreien brewers 1 Mr
Phelps also I said that I Mr lladlev had sold I an edition I ot
SO lul copies of the Jtodfratlon the societys official or
gan to the brewers getting ftT7O 1 for r and clearing
nearly 9IUOO The edition contained the chemists re
ports on the purltv of the various beers
These statements were repeated to secretary halley
He Old he gut the saab ses mad as the attorney of the
brewers that the socletv afterward gave him permis
sion to Issue time tertlncates and Ia he bad paid out
about faun old received only riiiru A sample of
zoedone from Kurutte had been analyzed but no beer
As to the ape Uoittratlon be said it A his private
property lmmeu I he nail the society still contained I one
active member who believed that tIme 1 cause It repre
sented would yet triumph
President Il Ifiirle said he resigned because he was dis
satisfied with Hadleys course but he was not responsi
ble for Phslpse statements
Pilots Aareelan that Hrendlnv Money TJpon
It la Malalr Wasting Money
HELENA Ark NOT 17The Congressional
Mississippi Investigating committee arrived hereto
The afternoon was occupied with the examination of
three pilots tssac D Cough Cove Holmes and Daniel
E Towall The substance of their ev Idence was that the
river had not been Improved durlnr the last twenty
years beyond the taking out of snags aud the putting
up of Uov eminent lights They said that It would be a
good thing It the Mlsslislppl could be confined within
prevented limits I but tlnv did not believe that I any such
limiting nf the river would be posulble Mr Tom f one
uf the cmli ut pilots uu the river said he believed the
vvurks heimf pat up I now bv the lliivernment to protect
Hit banks of the I river would be I w lulled f away during the
tinning keanon He I Ir < tliU had been the rosa > at alTo
at Vleml III und at V Ickbblirg where thu works Were
w tR hed nut in Ihe i middle of the river so harl they had
bei cine un obotructinnto navigation yh
ri tlmouv wan given 1 lil > mi the subject of the sudden
shifting uf the channel of the river lint above Htletia I I
The tlitmj l now where boats run 1 u where land was
tire elfllo igo Tie old channel was three miles in
I ind Tbe pilots all agree that tile current of the Missis
sippi Itiver when diretted ugakiikt any of Its shores Is
IA la
resistless I and that any artificial t means employ ed to re
strain It would fall
Frank Krnhouta Disappearance
PonT JERVIS ov17Frank Ernhout son of
a well to do farmer residing at Liberty Kails entered
Into a copartnership with Isaac Post two months ago to
carry on tbe flour feed and coal business In Llbtrty
Irunouts father went his security on his coal bond
by which the firm acquired the exclusive sale of the
real for a considerable territory and besides endorsed
In I I sous notes to the amount 0 IIYOI Itarlovv Hill I I
endnrsul rIfle note for Krnhont nf fivnil V rhamplln mine
of p ci A VI 1 SHilnr uris nf IH i i HV Winner one of
f til and one of fiii Krnhont also borrowed fu In
tnliif llarviy tarlei I and WJ of Joselili Vlanlon He
run In drbl ooo to a M louis firm and shams I to a film
in MM 1 lletovv I Sri rsi I days ago Krnhout executed a
lilt < 10 of all the stock < o Elmer Winner old Jas
tchoonmaker and went to New York where he is paid
to t < have collected several thousands of dollars from a
nrm to whom he had sold buckwheat flour and from
v I hOI he also borrowed tiu savlngtbst he was going
VVewt 1 In I pllixhn grain and that he lacked just that
amount nf th 1eitiei 1 sum VVInnir and I cboonmaker
hsvt sold rut ihe It ii > tkaud lmet l t Kruhniits partner Is
lift Hithint I cent Kurt with a concideruMe dibt on bis
hand IMicttvcs are looking for Krnhout but as > tt
no clue to his I whereabouts has bttn gained
Mr Glhbs Asked to Hit Down
A mooting was hell In Library Hall In Eliza
beth last evening under the dinttlon of the Won
Temperance Union PreslJent llbtsof the Manhattan
Temperance Undue ef this city said that Elizabeth people
would learn uu Investigation that large proportion or
Iel rummops were owned by men who called them
a Iv 1 C > Clirlntlans The minister of a prominent Method
1st churi li m fcllzabth I called I the spssker In order He
objected j that I II was nut courteous lu Sir i ilbbn strain
rr In Elltabeth to make such remarks and that Mr
illbbss i FU1 1 of peaking had doue too inuth liarni to its
Irmptranir tuuse already UK said Mr Olbbs would
ieitir 11 lost
Jlr tllbbs replied while a gentleman on the platform
tried tu rId hll whl tugging from behind at his gilt
ilcein I hat what be hail ssld vao tOe and he would
give Still if It were not true He I meant no dlsrtspott tu
my I real l Christian the men ho complained of acre pro
fusing Christians who wrapped themselves lu self
righieousntu The audience applauded Ur Uljbs
William He Yonnca Terrlfylnc Threat
William Da Young engaged board last Satur
day at the house of r Itelnhanlt 2J7 llalsey street
Newark On Wednesday ulght he I prayed aloud 1
night 1 to the disturbance of a boarder In sri adjoining
room At i the supper mail 1 Thursday he suddenly
tliouted to Mrs lltluliardt
due of your r sous will go to hell aud Und has told nit
to kill y on lu one hour from this lime i Uod told I Uulteau
tu kill Ij lnlrdtl lit has comnilstloiied me to preach
tin I gospl but people are hard hearud They shut me
I li iTII uIT
up tl In j jail lu Paterson and on Illackwellt Island Tbls
world w III tome io an end ton mouths from Dc H0t and
then I shall be avenged
He added to the fright of those at the table by nourish
lug a knife He was arrested
An Unprecedented Interference with the
TVorklnir or the Electric treA Storm I
of Another Kind Illocknde In nroxdwoy
The IminciiPo operating room In tim top of
tho Western Union building was one of the
busiest places In Now York yesterday utter
noon For time llftcon hours ending at ten min
utes to 1 oclock business had been partly sus
pended In consoauenco of an electric storm
which Is said to have been the severest over
known and for several hours there had been
an almost total stoppage of telegraphic com
munication A vast volume of business had
accumulated I and the almost countless number
of clicking Instruments woro being worked as
fast as skill could operate them to clear tho
desks for tho business of another day Tho
Interior of lie room with as many workers as I
It could hold suggested 1 beehIve and tho
suggestion was lade stronger by tho humming
sound produced by tho blending of tho clicking
of tho Instruments All tho available
Instrumolts Al allblo oper
ators hal bean pressed Into service until no
instrument that could bo used was left Idle
The mturorahl storm said thelchlef opera
tor Mr I I Bogart was the severest we
have experienced Thor had been con
siderable disturbance for four or five days and
tho wires wero worked with dlfllculty Last
night tho trouble became serious and between
6 oclock this morning rind 12SO this afternoon
there was no working except with metallic
circuits that Is without depending upon tho
earth for half tho circuiton any wires east of
Chicago and north of tt Louis Wo can work
metallic circuits over nearly all the routes but
we could not HBO time multiplex I systems and
could do only a 1 xmull fraction of tho business
for which wo ordinarily havo facilities It It
sometimes possible to work circuits by the
electricity that Is In the atmosphere but Its
varying intensity prevents smooth working
und in this storm the disturbance wa > so vio
lent that wo could do but lIttle In that way
Tho trouble was over at ton minutes before 1
oclock this afternoon Tho storm almost en
tirely dUappcnrod everywhere and we are
working now without trouble
When the intorruption began to bo serious
yesterday morning instructions were mint to
every office that could be reached to take no
messages unless the senders would agree to
leave them subject to possible delay The
ocean cables wero so affected that
ocoln cblos thlt messages
could b sent only very slowly and the after
noon press reports from Kuropo were very
In tho working of both tbe
meagre bth ocean
cables mind the land wires It Is necessary that
the strength of tho electric current shall not b
variable This Is especially essential when the
duplex or multiplex systems are in use Time
duplex if used on tho ocean cables and the
multiplex over tho shorter circuits on land
Sergeant Merrill tho chief signal ofilcor at
the station In this city was asked last evening
whether there was any relation between the
storm that was Imperceptible to all except thoso
who had to do with electrical instruments and
time storm that was making It decidedly un
pleasant for everybody who had to bo out of
doors was making navigation on the rivers
dangerous and was producing the biggest
blockade of vehicles on Broadway that had
ovor been seen oxeopt whon tho street was ob
tructod with accumulations of snow Ho said
tint lA Lnt nr tn Ofh Itn inttn
norms he continued come and go espe
cially at this beaon and nobody can do
much In the way of prediction concern
ing them This storm of rain and wind
and of snow to time north and west of
uscomes from the west Its tall Is
now not far from the Mississippi lllvor Fol
lowing It II cool weather and clear To the
west of the Mississippi the temperature is not
far from the freezing mark I is I not unfa to I
prlic concerning conditions which are BO far
away but the cold wave bids fair to roach ua in
three or four daysperhaps sooner Them ba
boen snow today In Albany and at pint to
tho north of that city ndln the West New
England Is also having a snow storm The rain
and wet snow on the telegraph wires undoubt
edly Increased tho trouble since they Inter
fered with the Insulation
From the roofot the Equitable building the
city tuienivd to b half submerged In u 1 snu of
fog Tho Mirliee of tIme rivers and bay was not
visible Steam from escape pipes condensed
amid hung in white clouds close to the tops of
nll buildings Broadway from Liberty street
to Chambers at 5 oclock was blocked with
vehicles among which worn a surprising num
ber of stages I seomad as though all the
stages of nil tin lines had managed
to get caught in the jam Time vide
streets were crowded with teams try
Ing to got into Broadway anti tho line scarcely
moved except t make time blockade moro effec
tive Teams wore driven Into Park row and
through Mall street toliroadway only to llnd
that the jam thorn wits as bad as where they
had emerged from It 1ursons on foot crossed
Broadway at tho risk of their lives Crowds
waited on the street corners for an opening
through which they might dodge to the other
side of the thoroughfare and them wern many
narrow IMcnpes from being ciiught under the
whenls or between heavy vehicles unlor
How do you account for this 1 an old police
man was asked
Easy enough ho said Dont you see
how tho horses are slipping around on tho wet
and muddy stones They cant get around
very lively In this wax and when they go I lit
tin slower than usual there comes the jam
There wore one or two placos In tho blockaded
leetO of the street where the way was some
what obstructed imy earth from the steam plpo
excavations but thitto obstructions wero not
sunlell to havevaUMid tit jam When dark
the confusion Increased and
ness clime on onlliiol was Incrlasol
thu uproar male by shouting drivers tilled anl
street I was between I i and 7 oclock before
the street was fairly clear for travel
Unowllakes bean falling with tho rain In
this city about I oclock In the evening For
sons stopped in the streets under tho gas lamps
to satisfy themselves as to whether It was really
suow that was fallIng unon their gnrniHiith
CHICAGO Nov 17 Olllcials of tho Western
Union Telegraph Company heroes time electri
cal disturbance In this country today wus tho
most prououncod and widespread experienced
for years I Indeed I has been paralleled In
some respects nt any time An electrIc storm
of time greatest violence raged overall thu ter
ritory from Now York to points beyond Umaha
and from Kansas City north to the terminus of
tilHirrnphlc communication practically put
ting 1 stop to the telegraph service over tho
entire area I llrst began to bn felt about 4
oelock this morning and Increased In Intensity
till 94 when communication from every direc
tion was cut oil The storm nuemed to go In
successive negative nnd 6IUl waves
nentvo nnl
alternately neutralizing tho currents
on the wires and Increasing their
Intensity to Mich a degree as to
burn everything up Tho switchboard hero
his bean on lire a ilnien times during time fore
noon and half I dozen keys of tint Instruments
melted by the current Time
wem 11le1 tht currult rowl woro
burned up and the points parted to their fur
thest limits Fhs dtiplst and iiuadruploxvvlrcH
wero rendered entirely useless anti at noon
only ono wIre out of flftoen between this city
arid N nW York was in operation und It was fro
QiiHiitly Interrupted
QIInllr wan received from Milwaukee that the
atmospheric electricity coming in on ono of Its
wires from tho country hml such dynamic
to koop electric lump burning
power as 10 an Ilmp humlll
All business at the otllco hurl was accepted
subject to delay Inn time Associated Press
reports were unavoidably delayed ali up to 1
oclock this afternoon less than 60 words hal
been trniiHmlltPil
CINCINNATI Nov 17An electrical storm
beKin tn bo obferved hero on the Eastern win
at lln M I Its IOt gradually Increased until
nt HIS this city was completely surrounded
The storm reached Southeast as mras Augusta
Jho Wires worn worked from hern to Colum
bus and M Louis without a buttery at this
mind Tho wires wore very heavily charged a
llame uppaarlng when contact was btoken
lame Nov 17 Earth currents and atmos
pheric disturbances continue to seriously delay
telegrams from the Continent
Further Work for the tjcnnnetle Board
WASHINGTON Nov 17Dr Collins of Min
neapolis a brother of Jerome C Collins of tho
Jeauntlte eipeditlo 1s I hire He will ask to be rep
resented by counsel before the Jtannette Board of In
limit with u view 1 in seturing a thorough and sear hlng
investigation of the r eln umilancts attending his broth
ers Puspe tlol from duty bv Capt Ue Long and also of
time charge h makes that his brother rectlved unfair
treatment and wits not nllowid to accompany Nnros
slid Mnileriiiun though m able ali aims 111 In m do so The
seaman Now who with the exception of Mnderman
Is the sole survivor the boats crew that landtd with
Colt D Long III Siberia also arm trim d to day and will
appear bsfore time Jeanuttte Hoard next wOk
Contamlsalone tu Fire Inanrance Agenta
The United Fire Underwriter of America
decided isUrday that the quality of the builnesi ought
to be consldend 1 Important factor In determining the
ratts of commissions to be paid to tigviits and lhat I lb per
cent llioilld be the maximum average rule of tomuill
slou The association cuncluiled Its business by electing
the offlceri for Ihe ensuing year
Talk or a Flu hjr which Canadas eJravmd
Trunk Lino will Hooch New York
MoNTiiEAT Nov 17It Is l learned on high
authority that time bitter litigation In progress
for twenty yearn between the Control Vermont
nnd tho Vermont and Canada Rnllrords In about
to result In an amicable adjustment Tho ex
planation of this burial of the hatchet Is a now
development In trunk line railroading that will
have an Important effect on all transconti
nental traffic The sharp rivalry between the
Grand Trunk Railroad and tho Canada Pacific
Railroad had rocontlr grown Intense and the
former line has bon stimulated Into making a
proposed new venture The managers of the
Orand Trunk have I Is said boon trying to
got possession of tho Central Vermont
us a means for reaching Boston nnd
New York They have boon unwilling
to make nny arrangement with the miter while
the longponding legal compllcutlottH existed
Negotiations for the removal of this barrier
have about reached a favorable termination I
Is a part of the plim that tho Central Vermont
Hullroad shall Issue S70UOO of llrst mortgage
I percent bonds One million In I to b used In
settling tho claims ot tho Vermont and Canada
Itallrnad four millions will go to pay off out
standing 8 per cents and the remaining t2
000000 will cmicollotlier obligationsThisdono
It Is proposed that the Grand Trunk Company
shall lease the Central Vermont at a fair
rental The Grand Trunk would then control
lines from tho West to White hirer Junction
and Long Island Hound at Now London and to
Portland Full advantage would b gained of
time Central Vermonts connections with Boston
via tho Boston and Lowell and Concord Hail
road From Now London connection would bo
rOII with Now York by railway by one of tho
Hound lines
l Is claimed that the distance between Now
York and Chicago by the now route some 1355
IIII Is not too great to pruvolit the Grnnd
Trunk line from becoming a powerful factor In
through business I any combination Is at
tempted to advance trunk line rates Thero
seems to belittle doubt that tho scheme thus
outlined will b brought to a successful culmi
nation within a few weeks Minor arrange
ment for reaching Now York by water from
New London and concerning tho Boston ter
minal facilities 111 yot to b completed
A statement that the Canada Iaclllo Railroad
Is negotiating for tho Portland and Ogdnnsbure
line as n route between Montreal and Portland
Is discredited The heavy grades on tho Port
land and Ogdonsburg Ilatlroad In the White
Mountains would probably mako such an arrangement
rangement undesirable
Pad CaS Convicted and ntonod t
DeuthMilee Jorce on Trial
DUBLIN Nov 17 Patrick Casey has been
found guilty of the murder Bridget Joyce
and sentenced to death Tho jury were out
only eleven minutes Casey will 0 hanged on
Doc 15 Ho protested his Innocence
After Casey had been sentenced Myles Joyce
was arraigned for the murder of the old wo
man The mother of John Joyce Mr Malley
ono of the counsel for the defence applied for
a postponement of the trial because indigna
tion was aroused and the publication of tho
evidence in tho preceding cases was calculated
to prejudice tho jury and prevent a fair trial
Thu AttornoyUenoral opposed tho motion und
commended the public press for the manner In
which it has acted with respect to these trials
e1i 1 tniiirntlnn ft a n stnnnmnflt 5 nu
fused Mr Malloy then challenged the jurors j
on the ground that they did not stand Indiffer
ently between the Crown and tho prisoner
It is assorted that an Informer has communi
cated to the Government time full details of tho
murder ot tho two Huddys Lord Ardllouna
balllfTs whoso bodlos woro found In Lough
Mask Three persons aro In custody charged
with the prons will b tried toy Dublin
The Westphalia and her Hlater Ships
LONDON Nor 17The passengers by the
steamer Westphalia bare arrived In Hamburg The
Westpballa will mae temporary repair at Plymouth
and will sail thence next Thursday tot Hamburg The
new steamer Ituila I built I at Stetiln will leave Hamburg
on Wednesday In place of the Westphalia 111 steamer
Oetlert which put hack to rivmuuth with the loss of
two blades nf her propeller on Nov 1 wilt sail I tomorrow
Tue MeanDer Welland which was to have qulttid Hamburg
burg mast I ednestlay was detained by the exceptionally
low SUM of the river and will sail tomorrow via lan
Spanish Polities
MADRID Nov 17At a meeting of Republicans
cans who acknowledge the leadership of Sefiores Martoi
and Echagaray It was resolved by a vote ot W to 4 to
torn a tart of the Dynavtic Left This decision does not
Imply abandonment of republican principles as Marshal
Herranol programme leaves I time v ho adhere to I
liberty to remain consistent Republicans
Eeetnoaaleat but of Doubtful Efficiency
LONDON Nov 17ln tho House of Commons
this afternoon Mr Gladstone replying to a question by
Mr Callan Lllwral all that the combination of the
post of Irline Minister and that of Chanctllor uf the Ex
chequer was a sam mx but he doubted Its tltlclency He
hoied was 1 made that no long time would elapse before a change
TcatlmoBT AgaInst Arabl Discredited
CAIRo Nov 17Tho evidence o Suleiman
Dsoud that Arabl faiha ordered him to set Alexandria
on fire and murder the Khedive la generally discredited
17 hl 11
Sultan Pasha I denies I ttiat he met eultlmau I Daoud while
the latter was on his way to murder ths Khedive and
prevailed ou him to return and again discuss the maur
with Arabl
Dr Oantae Sentence
THK HAGUE Nov 17Dr Edward Oantz
who attended the Congress of Socialists here tn 1881 as
an American I delegate has been sentenced to two years
t nt rJf
Imprisonment on a charge of obtaining money by fraud
lent advertiseuieuts
Exploelon of DU Works
I LONDON Nov 17A despatch from Lianelhy
Vales stun that the dynsmiie werks there eplodd
today and dye men r killed and nine Injured
Killed by hla Fathers Hired Man
RICHMOND Nov 17 InPlttsylvanla county
last evening fella Massey 21 yean of age was killed by
a negro named Waah Kllll who was employed as a
la orr bJ voting Matscvs father The young man It
stems had cnldi d the negro for his neglleciui in I doing
some vvorlt about the farm whereupon the latter felzetl
r 11 l
a heavy hoe and I f truck Massey on lime right rl tcuiplc
crushing his skull Young Uuysey died a few hours
aftot art Kills vv as taktn to the ciiuntv lull The
only I witness of the crime was the father uf lluI
Dr llnehMnuDlleld for Malpractice
PniijiDKiriliA Nov 17On Wednesday night
lint IUzle Holstell aged 11 a resident fit Milton IJel
died In the hOI of her aunt here fret the effects of a
criminal operation alleged to ins u been erfurmed by
Dr leorge Buchanan a son of the bogus diploma prac
titioner of that i name At the inilllest tivdsv the i verditt
vim HIM i si I hr came to i lur death I frnm exhaustion I the
result of a criminal operation at the hands ot Ueorge Bu
chanan Hu was held
To Encourage MmoUeeonsumlaa IttTcntlona
LONO HiUNCii Nov 17The Walker Hmoke
Consumlng Company has flIed a certificate of Incorpora
tion at Freehold The wain edicts of the Company sill
be at Long Branch The Incorpornlori who are
Massachusetts capitalists orvanted the company for the
purpose of developing palrnts for the more complete
tombustlonof fuel and Iho n prevention of unlike and
sparks Ihe corporation I w WII have tloo OUO capital I Iall
Snow Up the Unto
PouonKEnpsiE Nov 171t was snowing
along the lliulson Kivcr and In the CatiUll Mountains
this morning This U I fie first snon of the season there
USIM Nov t7tt II I I li Ins morning there was a
light mow vith northerlv wind lIIorhll II thermometer
registered M 19 1 hns teem nice Ing since early this
morning and about two Inchts of snow has fallen
The Ilnaard Will Cnse
BOSTON Nov 17he action of tho commit
tee jf trustee of Ibo Newport Hospital mul their law
3 ers refeirlnr to limo settlement nf the lb I lltzard n ill
case last nifht wai mtllled at a nUn uf the full
Hoard of TrilbltiH tUU morning TIu it imimms will receive
outright utioiitgiA mi It Is entlnmlvd I that IJOnuh
already btnsieul i for hauere 1 cOO
The Wayne County Assembly Contest
RoonhsTi1 Nov Clreenvvood 11 can
didate In the second district for the Assembly has been
declared elected bv the miami of TnllvsMerspf Way lie
ciiunty the entire vote uf the Third district of the town
of Lyou btlng thrown out today by avoteof eight to
evio Htithklw Dem contetltd
A Mistaken Ueport About Foxtail
A London despatch says Mr J I Koenoi
fouryear uM colt roxhall has been put In the private
lu t
ri list flit amount acted for fuxhall Is 7 UU guineas
Mr Keeue read over last night a copy of the dispatch
handed to him by a SIN reporter and salds t yo that
cannot be 0mmit J Is I ma mistake 111
Nlnetjreliht Year Old
James Ross died of pneumonia yesterday at
bs home 38 New street Newark He was born near
Macon 0 ba and w asm I years old I last March In early
life he removed to Ihlladeiphla where he accumulated
mouth ixujsrly lie loan eight cUlliUaa
1101 Iru > rl tlbt glltO
Motions that Artists Err DRY Fled t
follow The Exact Ulflerence Between
Ambllaf Piscine Trotting and Galloplnsr
Prof Enclwoard MuybrUlgo delivered last
evening In the Turf Club Theatre an oxcood
Incly Interesting lecture upon tho attitudes of
animals In motion Illustrating I by photo
graphs made by Instantaneous process and by
a machine called tho zoOpraxIscopo which
caused animals and human beings to appear In
actual motion upon tho screen In a etartllnnly
lifelike manner Ho explained first tho In
iconlous apparatus by which those pictures
were made a series of twentyfour cameras
each fitted with an oloctrooxposor that ox
posed the negative to tho light forono fivethou
sandth of a second when an animal In motion
before It broko a thread and made the eloctrio
The series of pictures thus produced repre
sented every movement of nny animal for the
observation of which this apparatus was em
ployod and revolutionized the old Ideas of the
motions of quadrupeds In their several gaits
especially of those of horses I bad boon a
matter of dispute whether the horse ever had
three feet on the ground at one time when
walking These pictures settled that lie
always has two foot on the ground and part of
tho time throe tho two feet being alternately
dlaKonals and laterals
Wherever a walking horse Is I supported on
two feot und tho suspended feet are inside tho
suspended feat are invariably on the same slue
where he Is supported on two extended foot
tho suspended foot Insldo are diagonals I a
horse drops tho left hind foot on the ground
the next to follow will b tho loft foro foot fol
lowed foro by the right hind and finally by tho right
Egyptian Assyrian and Roman pictures woro
shown to demonstrate that un erroneous Idea
ot this motion prevailed In the earliest attempts
at art I was perpetuated in tho famous
statue of Marcus Aurollus which has been tho
model of almost all equestrian statues to the
present day and is an conspicuous In tho
equestrian statues of Washington In Boston
and In Union Square a In any of the old
Egyptian or Assyrian pictures I Is not pos
sible for a hon t walk In the way thero de
pleted MoUsonlor had a correct Idea of a
homes walk when ho painted his trout picture
of Napoleon In 1814 but the critics ridiculed It
and pronounced It incorrect Now he has the
satisfaction of knowing that ho was right and
they woro all wrong Miss Thompson also was
correct and the critics derided hor for being so
Now tho laugh Is ou time other sldo
A dozen pictures were next shown Illustra
tive ol a horio ambling a gait In which ho Is
never altogether clear of the ground but Is sup
ported alternately by ono and two feet the
single foot being alternately a fore and a hind
foot and the two foot alternately laterals and
diagonals This was best understood when ac
tually represented by the zoopraxlscopo and
the demonstration was so perfect as to elicit
great applau from time spectators
Time racking or pacing gait was next amply
Illustrated In it the horse moves time lateral
foot simultaneously Instead of tho diagonal
foot as in the trot Then time trot was shown in
I an exhaustive series of photographs covering
every movement of a trotting horse both at a
slow and a fast trot In the latter the horse
was at ono point In his stride entirely off tho
u t s m
Ituuuu tuu titkiii Atiu nuu iiiu luw i uittj
clear and the others not qulto touching In a
fast trot time horse Invariably puts the heel
down first never the ball of time foot or toe
By an Ingenious arrangement live cameras
five pictures wore successfully made simulta
neously from different points of view for art
late use of horses In time several attitudes of
motion and several of these foreshortened ani
mals when thrown upon the screen wore
astonishingly comic however true to nature
they unquestionably were
The cantor was next shown in which during
a portion of his stride the horse has throe feet
on the ground and the fourth almost touching
it Then the gallop was Illustrated A fast
horse going rapidly Mr Muybridgo said will
bo in the air three times in u single stride he
believed but this was only his conjecture ar
guing from the illustrations he had obtained
Tho lecturer reverted attain to ancient his
tory showing the old Kgyptlan and Assyrian
models of the running horso models blindly
followed by artists ever since In which time
animal is presented poising himself on both
hind feet extended far behind with his fore
feet stretched far out ahead of him together
The North American Indians had a much more
correct Idea of the motion of u horse as was
demonstrated by their rude pictures upon a
butlulo robe that Lafayette bought when In this
country and took back with him to Paris
Time horselas ho appears In jumping was tho
subject of tIme final series of horse pictures
and alTordod some of tho most surprising and
brilliant effects of the zoopraxlscopo In re
sponse to a question of an auditor ua to
whether time horse In jumping tot his power
from his hind Itcs time lecturer replied that ho
undoubtedly did that ho raised time front part
of bin body with his foro legs und took his
spring from his hind lent In speaking of
horses jumping ho iiid that the horse of vv hlch
some of these pictures wero mado had risen
15 feet In front of a 3 ft C in hurdle cleared It
and allgutod 11 feet beyond it In alighting
from u tump time horse always lands first on his
fore foot with them DO or 4U Inches apart
Following these pictures were a long series
ot Illustrations of tho various gaits of oxen a
wild bull Newfoundland dog hound door
goat and hog In speaking the motions of
the ox Mr Mui bridge criticised iosa Uonhetir
sharply pointing out that In her picture of
three yokes off draught oxen laboring she
mlssedltho natural movements of the beasts
Tho goat runs like a liars and time deer like
the hound bounding rather than running In
ono part of time deers stride its attitude was
very near to that hlch artists have so long in
accurately made as that of time running horse
Then there worn many moro Instantaneous
photographs of Hamol walking and running
and jumping of athletes boxing turning plain
eomoriuults and twisting xomon > aultH lla
zael was very much astonished at the various
attitudes In which he had unconsciously placed
himself I whon jumping remarked the lec
turer And I should think ho would 1st l > re
sponded a voice from among the audience In
the darkness In u tone of conviction that set
overs body laughing The pictures that abtoti
lihed Haael eertamlr did show him In a won
drous series of twists
Photographs of pigeons and sea gulls In
flight beautiful pictures with the birds In
an inllnlte variety of positions upon anox
uulhlto background of clouds concluded then ex
hibition Remarking upon them the lecturer
pointed out hlids that at time moment of being
photographed hud their wings down below
their bodies and said that but two peoples had
over pictured birds in that natural position the
Egyptians and the Japanese
The Official City Vote In Urooklyn
The official city canvass In Brooklyn shows
the follow lug vote u For Comptroller Ale Forman til
4H31J A HrlnlcrhnlT D 4vtoo Knr City imiigeA
II Clement D I 51ihI iil Albert a VIcDonald li Jii emit
her City Auditor Joseph Hacker U 42715 August
Voege 4751m7 <
The majorities for the Aldermen elected so far as Ito
canvass has been complcttd Is as follows b > wards
Kirst DimonlK tIm I m Third Watson tO 477 Seventh
rilllllps II I I Tn Ninth Cunnell I Il 1 lam Kluvelith
llehmanli I imit Thirteenth I ii ecu I nIb I7J fifteenth
Orm be tim > HI bcVtnttuntll i slurs lit I lull Mm
leellth farricktK t I H7II m Tuentv ii rat 1iilllimn J7
Tntuty third Crime nil It H > J Tnuntjrmh llillK h I
elm 4
UMThe majorities for time Miprrvlsnrs Llecttd are as fol
lowst bicohl ard Dougherty tl ii uu Fourth
llionas in IM h blxth Collard i I > I < l 1 Iglith
IakcUM Tenth ly I man II ei2i Twelfth tltnnttt
I 1 D ti l rourtenth llihlll I II I Ml hi time mmtli
visunr t Ii I 1 llT llghteenth Armstrong 4 117 Iwen
tleth vytrslt I 15J Vs emit stfiind Chauibtrlalu U
7 ui i Tvveut fourth CiTron I iJu
Verdict for an Infnnt
James W Murphy fl years old was plaintiff
in the Kings County hupreme tourt yestorUa In u suit
analiiFt Orr Fovvlir A 1 Co fur liijurka rueled on April
in tsPO at Twentyfourth sired and first uvtnuu He
v ile run over tiy I a truck n btloiiiriiu to the defendant
film I received mom ems Injuru a tu oin of hU It iff Ipon the
llrtJl It tat the chin is mm dlpinUttd but upun apptal tha
jnlgintnt VVIIH rem erie 1 mul a i tw trial wnn granted
Ihe I Jury j turned averdlit y unlav turti > cliii rd
A II llartlettfur the IUtntltt and Inchtster Urlttoii
tor the defence
lliitiohrna Cltr Clerkship
Martin V McDminott who having rocolvod
four votes for uity IltrK at rum meeting of
the Hnhoken I Common Council Iat l Tuesday night
v as dttlared eltct t hv Acting I Chairman Kauf
man went to time Cltrks mllfe in the City
llall I vesterdav innrnlllg and iltnlanileil from As
rUunt Clerk Vlilltrthu i recurils und be y in uf I inc oOtmn
Mr Vllller refuted the demand on the glnuild that Mayor
Ittsvun had nut upprovtd of MclitrmoUa alleged ap
put utmmmcmmt
Inconsequence of the continued Illness of Chief Kn
gimmeer Lorim C b Nwho Isonvnf tin Itosrd havlnj
I ii haul time mm instili of the t tale ot the i Hruokl u Suvy
lard the Hoard did not meet tuterduv
Thomas J Martin aifedtd of i Harrison Court Brook
Ivn a riveter implored mmpmn the Hast Itiver bridle
fell from ths rnaduy of the Krouklvn approach to the
Bridge yesterday at agon and was killed
Recovery lEer of the Goods fltotea In Phila
delphia Arreai of the KeeelTer
Having been notified by the Philadelphia
pollco on Thursday that the goods stolen from
Jones A McCaulley time night boforo had boon
shipped by express to a receiver In this city
Inspector Byrnes sont Detectives Hlckoy and
Malonoy to examine the contents of the main
ofllco of time Adams Express Company There
the detectives found that two boxes and a bar
rel which hud boon shipped from Philadelphia
and were directed to Thomas Gardner a ro
celvor of stolen goods In Avenue V had just
boon despatched in n delivery wiuron to tlmt
luldresb I3y moans ot time oust Hldo elevated
railway tho detectives reached Gardners hqiino
before tho wagon and from a convenient
corner witnessed tho delivery of time goods to
Gardner and saw him sign n receipt for them
Then they arrested him und took him with the
boxes and the barrel to time police Central
Ofllco In the boxes and barrel was all the
property stolen from Jones Jo McCaulley ox
copt two handkerchiefs which wo no In the pos
session of Edwin Jacques ono of the thieves
who was arrested In Philadelphia on Thurs
day Mr McCaulley yesterday Identified his
property which Is valued at 3000 Gardner
will bo taken to Philadelphia as soon as a re
quisition can be obtained Ho lately served a
term on the Island for receiving stolen goods
The various goods recovered at the house In
Boll Street Philadelphia were removed yester
day to the Central Poilco station They con
sisted ot largo quantities ot laces silver ware
dross goods dress trimmings silk dresses un
cut silks silk handkerchiefs gloves and other
goods Pooplo whoso residences and places of
business have been broken Into and robbed
lately Identified much ot the property A copy
ot the will of Commodore Vntulorbllt stolen
several years ago from tIme rosldoneoot Owen
McSorloy on Staten Island nt tutu nanio tlmo
with 75000 lu money securities title deeds
Insurance policies and other papers was
among the recovered plunder
Jacques declared yesterday that his wife
knew nothing of his doings and pleaded for
her discharge All the prisoners wore how
over held
Even Apple Vendera Hare their Trlnmphe
An apple cart propped up by throe barrels
lands by the ttreet curb at lleekman and Nassau
streets At 4 oclock yesterday afternoon there was a
sudden blockade at this corner A bobtailed car was
locked In the middle of the crossing with a carriage and
a stage behind and In front and another stage and a big
truck on either side The last named stage had com
pleted It blockade by driving down In a hurry to avoid
It The driver yelled out to the owner of the apple
stand Take that danged think away You be
Mowed cried the Irate Irish proprietor Dormtyez
be In slcli a hurry nlxt time any II git along fasther
Then the drivers of the car and the truck and those
of the carriage and other stage consolidated their wrath
and poured forth a stream of bad language at the applo
dealer who simply laughed denautly After the drivers
had been swearing for llftcen minutes without prniluclnv
any effect the stage driver In Nassau street jerked hie
reins the horses reared and plunged backward and the
vehicle bumped so violently against the curbstone that
It sent the passengershuts over their eyes The Jolt
sent time stage backward about a foot and a half This
was sufficient to let the car go backward six feet which
was just enough by a tight shave to let the other stags
turn down Beekman street Into Nassau and end the
blockade Each driver turned and tired a parting shot
of unpleasant language at the apple man who In reply
addressed to esch In succession the triumphant greet
ing Ifwhy didnt > ez move me apple caartt Soy
ptwhy didnt sex boy
Freight Bates on Dressed Met
The committee ot freight agents of the rail
roads which form the Chicago eastbound freight pools
at a meeting held In Commissioner Finks ofllce yester
day decided to transfer dressed meats from the dead
freight to the lire stock pool This motion was taken
because the recent large and growing shipments of
dressed beef from Chicago have caused a couslderahlo
decrease lu the live stock shipments in consequence of
wItch roads that heretofore had a large llv stock trafllo
have suffered a diminution of that business and some
roads w hose llv o stock trafflc has been small hose trans
ported a large proportion of the dressed beef The latter
was true of the Grand Trunk road whose percentage lu
the livestock pool Is six per cent and In the provision
pool eleven per cent It was therefore opposed to this
change but Dually acceded to It with the underslandlnr
that it nitirht apply for a revision of the percentages In
Uu livedock pooh
Free Prcajtair Ce > aee
A suit brought in the Supreme Court by
Joseph J ODonohue and others against Francis II Leg
gett and others for damages for breach of contract for
the sale of a large quantity of coffee has been on trial
for four days before Judge Lawreuce and jury and
yesterday the Jury found a verdict In favor of the plain
tiffs torfli60h4 The coffee which was designated 111
the contract as free 1reanger coffee was reltcted on
arrival upon the gronud that It was not tree Vreangtr
coffee The experts called for the defendants tesliucd
that the meaning of the term was coffee grovxn on tIme
free or private estates Iii the district of Treantfer In the
Island of Java The plaintiffs claimed that it mosi coffee
jrros n on an estate lu another district contiguous to the
reanger district and known in the New turk market
as free 1reanger coffee The coffee after rejection by
the defendants vv as sold at public auction andtheditTer
ence between the contract price amid the pTa realized
wot the amount of the verdict
Mr Forbeae Put on Wabash
E J Forbes ot 140 Centre street and Pulaski
street Brooklyn told Justice Murray at the Tombs yes
terday that he had answered advertisement signed II
B Smyth t Co bankers 0 Wall street In whlth the ad
vertiser represented that he had ecpeclal facilities for
purchasing all kinds of stocks for customers At the
address given Forbes met James Lacy who according
to Forbes sail that he was a member of the hick hx
change Mr Forbes invested 1110 in a put onvVatihHh
common He received a receipt from Lacy on silent
of letter paper with the heading ot the Arm lime
elapsed and no return was made Mr Forbes called on
the New street police and they learned that H 11 3m > th
A Co were not members of the Mock hxchange and
that other complaints had been made against the firm
Lacy was arrested ou Thursday night Justice llurray
held him In fSUO ball ou a charge of false pretences
Alice Proctor Brown Velvet Dress
Time OoodwinThorne dramatic troupe Is
playing The Black Flag this week In the Park Thin
Ire Newark Miss Alice Proctor who Is cast as Vuvrtf
Wore In the third act on Monday night a brown
velvet dress but on Tuewlav It was stolen from her
dressing room Un the same day illium llarrlnon vv ho
played a subordinate part undi r the name of Harry Hall i
disappeared from time mint Dctettlvc Moslumi arrestttl
him i vepterda at the corner of Great Jones si rent and
the llowery and afterward recovertd the dress In u
shop where Harrison hud paw ntd It He also obtained
an opera glans which Harrison had stolen from Nat
Uoodwtu Ilitprisoner was Liken to Newark
Exhibiting Much Contempt or Court
YlceChancollor Vim Ilectof Nowaik decided
yesterday afttrnoou that Mrs Frank Lyon who Is tepa
rated from bier husband shouM hvo thu custody of
thtlr child until he Is ee en years old He is now fIve
ears old and sInce scar ago whtn tho reparation of
its t arentu occur red Ic has Us ci w Iii his filhtr
TIme e bill deltrmtmtiv rttuved tu submit tu ihe n decision
Neithtr time elitresllisof his rinther nur the I pervuasions
of its h atimer tould induce him to go with vir 1 > lvun
He kltktit I und cried and mnde si treat A ttUttirlmnte
that tlnallv upon the slightutiun of tin Vite ChamtUnr
hu w as taken to Mr Lyons home to stuy u day or two
Philanthropist Thief and Inebriate
William II 1nnls the Superintendent of thin
Good Samaritan in UrooUyu disappear on Sept 9
with 160 belonging tu that charitable Institution I He i
was arrested yeiterdav upon a warrant bullied hv i
Mnseji V llearh of 1K1 Columbia I I elgim i mm und im mc nni
mlttid to Kaimnnd street Jail lit was fiillnd by lt >
Itctlvu Chambers upon Wards Island i In the ho pltHl
whither tie had gone to be cured of tiubrtet He I I nil
milled the theft but said that there were others con
earned In It
A Stalwart llevtartlril
Ramiuil Williams brother of tIme late David
Williams formtrly 1reeidtnt of the Fire Uppnrtmtnt
has betn removed from his place as master hhlp irpttl
tir In the navy vard and Icier ugii vie who was me
moved iimltr Mr Hayta has been leiorvd Okilvit I WHS
a zealous vv srd wrlcr for time Administration lu the lute
Navigation at Quebec U closed
Kx lleut ilnv llurnham Martin of Vermont died yes
tcrdav aged 71
Nino children were burned tn death yesterday lu a tire
in a sitmulhouee nu r QuIt miller Truice
Mrs > aruh vi Iacktr mm lice of tile hits Judre Amos
Iacktrdlfdntherreriidtiuuin Vlaucli Cbuukla y itcr
day morning agtd 7S > curs
time miss tiers nit thrtuof the hriimci pal bitch ou Multi
strttt Won seer wrre arrested vtsterday for rtntlnc
rooms for gamblmgpurpo
A Vtalne fliliim sloop pranrp atcitk and s rink oft Imlly
Ulnnd Vlas ytsterdav llie owner rhtilm lt Otis
of llriitid Vie mm ai drovvnid 1
Tie third game of Ohm ci bet t eon Wilhelm Melnetz and
1 M Vlartlnet w mis pavtd In fhlladelphll yesterday
amid won by Stein it utttr 41 I move
The retort that sn Kgv ptisn regiment at Sue which
haJbtin orlirU n < nuaklu hud mutinied trot o C un
true About MU inlillors dt nrtl from the n regiment In
order to avoid poinc to the touilair
Mr Stafford Nnrthtott will gii to thu Mediterranean
slim fir tim hem tof hii health Iiurln his abmnct
I In Right lion I air Etc imard Asshetiin trii > s will t utl as
leader t > f the opposition in the lluilsu of Commons
Time jury In the case of herlil Crall In leliammotn Ii
Indicted for gross careleshiieiii in permitting the t noto
fills safe bum glare Hock and Kauth to eummmpe rtporleil
vtsttrdav mornliig that they w ems unable to surie and
the ii era dUtlmrgid
The vutropnlituu Klertrlc Itght and Power Compunv
of lirnoklyn I upltal Ci i iisiii m u i 110 Spanish anlSew
I iirk 1eleihoueiitnpunv of New irk i apllll i ll h is em
Km the Khctrlo Iundle Couipaiiy ot New vork tapitul
flMMro and the Tasiima Copper IlHiipuny tif New urIc
capital t2b15J00J were Incorporated v rsterda
A mustIer of a dollar will purchase aujvi here a bottle
ef LIT liuUa CoujU byrup A uv
Four Men On Dawn with a Hun Load ot
fit Iron but Corn Up AclnKuB Into by
the Ilalilc und Karronly Leciaplog Ilc tk
The barge heater lay nt time end of the White
Star tcmihlp lines pier In the North Itlvr about IONJ
oclock jutenlay morning 11cr mate John Htmburif
hu ton Charles anti John Wakcmin amid Charles 8chu
man were loadlnit her with pig Iron for Perth Ainboy
The While Htar learner Daltlc Capt Paritll was ap
IiroacbliiK the pier The crow ot the barge were notified
of her approach mind trted to gel tins barge out of the
vny Tha Baltic struck lImo iittge inliihlp nearlr
breaking her In half and turning her completely over
The heavy cargo carried hor to the bottom of the river
almost inctsnnhy 11cr crew dl npp ared with her add
it was thought at nrnt that they tixl been burled under
the lead ot Iron Timer came tn this nurface however
smut were rescued by Cuitiim Home Clerk John Hauctiir
amid John Ponley IharUn llainburir wlio li 17 years
old wan taken to lit Vincent1 lluxpltnl Buffering greatly
from hIs pudilen cnld linmerrlou lluune I Hurgeou Me
Nrmmnara sail that it pneumonia did not sit in Ui boy
would recover
A Chance for > n InveetlBBtlon
Miss Iiuclo Laurent who was recently re
leased b legal process from her detention In the Black
welts Island Iinano As hunt laid last night I was
sorry to nee It published that I had laid there li a woman
yet Imprisoned In the Rlackw elll Island Anyluni who la
north tlSOOUO I did not lay the was worth ai much
ai that But U wan reported In the asylum that sine was
a wealthy lady she sine rululy a > ery dmnined ant <
ladylike person and although I was In the violent ward
with her for two week I never inn her violent or un
IndOIKe I hmesrd hunt lien brouvht to the artlum
dniedaFlf for a party In silks and illuiiiondu tluyt
tliif were tnken from her and pie nn ilrmed In the
afjlum elpthvi tOme mm ni very dlgnliUil ami would not
cone erse with the Inmatvi I was tula that she mvii
kcllthrre by rolatlven vtlio mod her liioliejaud that
tliiy lit not viit lur Ilwa tIme talk of tine asylum
that sine sea all heiress I think bur ease should be in
Republican Brethren to be Invited
At a mooting of the County Committee of the
County Democracy last evening It was decided to In
vlto Itepubllcans In favor of nonest State and munici
pal goveiirment to occupy teats on the platform In
Cooper Union at the Iemr rallo jollification meeting ou
Wednesday ev enliig next Z Elltry Anderson proposed
that a committee should bo appointed to represent the
organization un nil matttrs appertaining to legislation
affecting municipal govtnitmnt Ho said that several
new charters had been recommended und that legisla
tion concerning the city govtrnmelit ought to be scru
tinized T J Creamer ThoniaiCostlgiil and Michael
horton spoke in opposition to the appointment of a
cuniinlttiw They thought that It would bo Injudicious
to tell the Democratic heiiators and Aneinblyuicn how
they should vote Mr Andersonn motion was rejected
by a vote of 68 to 53
JnatlceElcct Drown to Gen Cattlln
0 F Brown Justlcooloct of tho Suprom
Court bias rlttm to District Attorney Catlln saying
Please accept my thanks for jour warm expression oC
hope for my success as a Judge I can assure you that a
hard political contest has left behind It so far as I ant
concerned no Unpleasant feeling I expected from my
own friends the best service they couM possibly give
me and I know no reason why Gem Tracys friends
should not time given him as loyal n support ai I ex
pected from mine
If I felt at any time during thmo contest any Inclina
tion to criticise any of yotnr aclloni I shall attribute It
entirely to the excltiment ot time election 1 admire a >
good tighter even among my opponents and judging you
by this standard > ou mire vt orthy ot oduitrauon
Who was Christian ilnneen I
Inquiry was made nt time Danish Consulate
and among Danlfh and Scniullnavlan residents in this
city esterday as to the old Dane Christian Jansen who
was killed by n train nt Knit New llruniwlck on Thurs
day No one knew anything about him It was confi
dently asserted that there was no Danish poet ot that
name The DuiilKh Vice Consul vlr Schmidt said there
were 10IXJO Danes In the vlclnlt of Mew York and
7UUUO In th United States He did not believe the man
was of sound mind
Krlitoftir Janson n Unitarian minister of Minneapolis
Is said to be lu horway at present although he Is soon
to return
Te > ba Mayor Edema PrlTi Secretmrr
8 II Grant who boa boon superintendent of
the Produce Lxchange since February 1873 resigned
Yesterday to become prlvato secretary to Mayor elect
Edson Ibis action was a surprise to the Exchange and
universal regret was exprtoed Mr Omit Is a native
of Oneida colitis lore he sees born lu 1MM its vae
graduated ut rrincftnn In 1S4 I and was tn the publish
ing ttiitmoe unfit 1S4I w hen tie was appointed librarian
of the Mercantile Library lie left l that plate lu iswl for
the real estate lillslnes in wlilth he was ellffaired when
he became superintendent of the Kchange vVIHiam K
letiher tine aeeiuimcnmt l luperintrudunl Is molt favorably
spoken of as Mr urunts successor
Mr II a rah WItnesses a flog Fight by Proxy
Harry Jennings was arrested yesterday by
SujcrluteiKUtit lMiklinm ant Oilicer flvaims uf Mr
BerRh society on a Y arrant iMiud by Judge White cf
Ntswtowu fur irrtlcii > atliif in tIme dog fight which took
place at OlUrn ill time IMh lnt Jciinhiiri isa com
milted for trial mitmier SO mil Vflrrnit fur time arrest
of niiier my ho tom inrt In I iliu t affair tiro In tim m hanui ot
his olHcers Tile itit > > of tilled klllid In the ilglmt wa
found cnncialtd nm i the priimt Two of vir l Uergha
agents were wit n < i4es of thoiloir tight lull iltemed it
tmmm too to rev i ul t imeir Mriitltt tn the other ipectutora I t
They procured tlio names of time persons concvrneu i
Xot Agreed Ui un u Conitulasloner
The Executive Committee of tho Chamber of
Commerce has decided to retoinmend to the lovernor
Mr A 11 Hepburn HS the candidate of the Chamber for
Rallrond Conmiiminner Ihe AntiMnnopol League
nnd the llotird uf Trade nnd Transportation still insist
upon having senator U Donnell s nnlne sent to the
Legislature tinder the law i retting the tonilnli > sion It
ItaMertcd that the Governor will tins e to submit tii the t
Leglslnturo Ilrt the name proposed by tiny two ot the
three bodies mentioned
The Jsssnel Esttr Mssle
The sale ot tho real estate of the Jumol estate
Wa cotmtlnnmmed I Mm tomits Meeter enterday ThIrtY
one cliv tons bctseon ltmtim armmi htctim streets on the
ldcceimmu mcvi hrsmgitt fu 121 iI lots betmmeei Aulu
imiii so mmnn te omi tm K rat anmi I 721 and iTtLil m 5
siren t a irmU cit iIT3 saul i 13 lot cci mInim street
stat hhihm Itnilmi herb remit im mum cmimm nmnt Eimiecnmnmb road
pmumtn liie toyc siils mmete ih4 11 or fi Ul Thus i4
for l151 city hits hmnmm e huern soil for mmmi nggrgate of
gommiso I
Mr Stevens In Ueimiln Under KherllT m 4
AloxnnilorV Pnvid on ShorltT elect hits de
terniined In ritain Jotl ti steunti aw Under sherlfl vir
Stevens tins btcn connicttd with time sheriffs silica
Hlnut twentv S Core amid ln I s been Iml r Sheriff for m
twthe v mrs It I t ir rmtiiim ret that t lmml rub Keenan Coun
ty iVrk elect will appoint Mr Junun U Morrison Deu
utyCoumity CIctim
lle > nrtcd IColibcry In n Ilrldare Arehwavr
Ihlliii Van Patton Secretary of a Socialist
sotictv reported at the Oak pftet polite station early
this morniiu that I two men had knocked him down with
a sand bivtf or some similar weapon In the bridge arch
witv In N irth timilimiimi at rum t ul midnight and robbed I
him of IH bclimifing to tile society Iolueinen sore
sent out mm ith him Ihtv fiiiind m > truce of the thieves
A Colored llilrglur fl
Joshutt Johnson u colored man was nrrostnil
late on IhurMa nleht lit tint IN nnsj Ivimla ItAilroad
ferry Ilihldi a lng of clnthlnz H Inrge iilinmttv of
jewelry I is nm > founil In hU pii < i column tmlm i lit morn I
ing hu i onffm > il thut ho hail ftulcn the gumlx m I from the
house uf Mrt Mcrv fl I lani bill on muasc street
The SIgnal OlSen Iroittctlon
Light ruin or snow followed by clearing
JOTI di inoirr T < iiry J
Pro first prninetin eoixvrl of thu cesIum In the
Sernthj KeLliM ltitul mm ill ie I iriS onm iii the Armory
ttliP rMIllIU
I mti Mtin m r On M itr Lawoa ran Intu tin schooner
kpru or liiftoM oil MIA UlHiul tKiiTlnj mmmmil cut her
mISS u t tli I t ntir mm nlu uu tin i err uK
Ur I Iluiirlt I S > IHMIII mm ti jfturitru ii mile tut tn in I ft
trait of the t ttnlu of ll I iv ml m f vif Mar Aml < Jon
sttiuhi 1 Lopnoiml i iirupirtv U illinntrU ut iliuuu
In th Mipuior tmirt S estidsv liilr Trunx ultftitd a
li iit > Kimuttiiu limo iiitirrit1 uf Iun m J iinrtuit trotu
it H i i dim I iirtjii hfiituist uf a irmur i innnUife or Mr
iitirrtjn S > hu U Is i cull 1mm fro
Ivvuni I Kiiiiti M tim Kim umbrMU unJ lUrnian
Ktihtr i e mm mum lifltiK fnuht tit i > liutr UU night
Kihiirir nithMJh hurt b h u thruot in thu ee iruiu tin
iiiiilirJlu Kliitu gill u bruVen tun 1
Mr IMul It IMi hmlu t tie trmmsler aimI l author Jt
livrnl tin eitti rlali in Irilnr Uf I > ru lie I n memO i fiphiI
MHUt last scniii nt ii lit ktr I T Itil itj ti Lifa lit
onu Dunlin lujliiiivl unl I NuiilKm iiiiru1 I
IOin Smith ma iuiatiIit L > 11 i mimic mil ulnrlfl nrouixi S
u rivoh iuf sliiift M si t eriam m I mm urt n Policy Ht P1cm
tiitd ni iiiiu itnl liHtiit uhllt atr it lour Fib mil his
r > wlit KK m tif trokfii lUOuln time NLU t uric hiomi
> ttul
HIP l I ftfainT Hciiiora of mmmv Mnlnu rttMintliip lino
v hith wit riviKil < D tin tui 14 ut Vi mmvi i H iiinnmt I 1 by l
Ilitf Nt uiii t Nettle 0mm Irivln Minn mmmc MoUol ulf
ul nut I n I lit > ft Tn inTtiimmg mmmiii Touched > iw
IidiJoti at in I i on hmk tie I UtU
Ilifllnri I JnliuJ itiinn Cuiien osmmmmim pint from time 4
Iikhth ttUtriil ul ie I S nun il this vcnlm lilt
fritttitmrto nitet at i > n > ti i < r liirtin a In Iss tut thlnl
flu ft niil niarh l < > lr tmmim I c itviiltiim i lit Ivsentj
coin kin I lu I ult it I m Irulutii llanil Cmlimorsmlmmcn
Cux Do ruli tin it i Jiitl Inttir ainl Muvtir uluct tJtou mm il
IreiliTick I opjit riniui of i0i Kfit Vrt munth utr et
ntlinlel a InliiiU mimes tiinf lu lurtlu Mn lltll on the
riiliuof Hu Ut n tt tin tlhl heiH tllie tile H few
thltitilf wlun hu mmmimuni tun MHl4ti nluid ut fUiJ his
hail > l lulu Mirliu mul Jnmii U illlni > urntfl Thrf
mm etc tnvi u 4 1 In tin i in iu ri1 brMoti old cutuicta to
Mute Prism br sit vr

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