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ID he tm
Thurlov SVoecVs Dying
The Secret that he Retained Inviolate
violate for Half a Century
Thnrlnnr Weeds Nnortt AMdnTltMorcnn I
Blsnppenrnnee Libel Halt Against
Mr tTeedThe Head Body TAken from
the I k John Whitneys Confession
Tho unveiling of n monument to Capt
William Morgan recalls an event of startling In
terest arousing deep popular feeling first at
Batavla 1 RoyCannndnlgun and Rochester
then pervading our own anti other States After
r reading tho proceedings of n meeting nt Batavla
With tho Hon David E Evans nA presiding offi
cer I wrote a sixlino paragraph for tho Hock
filer Telegraph In which I stated that a citizen
of Batavia had boon spirited away from his
home nnd family nnd thnt after n mysterious
absence of several days n village mooting had
been hold nnd a committee of citizens appoint
ed to Investigate tho matter adding that as It
was known that Freemasons wpro concerned
in this abduction It behooved tho fraternity
r whoso good nnmo was suffering to take tho la
boring oar In restoring tho lost man to his
liberty That paragraph brought dozens of
our most Influential citizens greatly excited
1 t the office stopping the paper and order
ing the discontinuance of their advertise
ments I Inquired of my partner Robert Mar
tin what I had dono to exasperate so many of
our friends lie brought mo a book and di
rected my attention t an obligation invoking
severe penalties as a punishment for disclos
ing the secrets of Masons inquiring what I
thought of a man who after taking such an
I obligation violated It I replied that I did not
S know any punishment too severe for such 1
perjurer Tho discontinuance of tho paper em
braced so largo a number of its patrons I saw
S that my brief and as I supposed very harmless
I paragraph would ruin tho establishment Un
S willing that my partner should Buffer I prompt
s ly leaving tho establishment In tho
a hands of Mr Martin The paper was doing
well and until thnt paragraph appeared my
business future was all that I could desire
At that time an editor was wanted at Utica
whore I had formerly worked and where I had
I many friends but my offer to go there was do
dined I wns equally unfartunnte in my np
plication for editorial employment at Troy
f Tho objection In both cases was that I had been
too busy in getting up an excitement about
Meantime the mystery deepened and public
l meetings were held In several villages Roches
ter included In the meeting at Rochester I
was assumed that nil good citizens would unite
in an effort to vindicate the law A committee
was appointed consisting of seven three of
whom wore Masons I was soon discovered
that the throe Masons went from the committee
t tho lodge room I was subsequently ascer
tained that two of theso gentlemen
tlned Iontemcn were con
I cerned in the abduction and that Morgan
r I had been committed to the jail In Canan
I dalgua on a false charge of larceny and that
be had bon carried from thence secretly by
night to Fort Niagara The committee
nlht NIagr cmmltto en
countered an obstacle obtaining Indictment
in fire of tho six counties where Indictments
were needed The Sheriffs who summoned
the Grand Juries wore Freemasons In four
counties no Indictments could bo obtained In
Ontario however the District Attorney Bowen
Whiting and theShorlff Joseph Gnrllnghoueo
though Masons regarded their obligation t
the laws of tho State paramount Sheriff
aramount Sherl
t I Garllnghouso and District Attorney Whiting
discharged their duties Independently and
honestly As the investigations 1 proceeded tho
evidence Increased that Morgan had been un
I lawfully confined In the Canandalgua jail and
secretly conveyed to Fort Nlagarawbero was
I confined In tho magazln There was every
J reason to believe that he was taken from the
magazine and drowned In Lake Ontario This
however VR boldly and persistently denied
denials accompanied by solemn assurances
I that Morgan had been seen alive in several
places divided the public sentiment At town
meetings several months after Morgans dls
appearance the question was carried into politics
tics A largo number of zealous AntiMasons
determined to make It a political Issue Solo
mon Southwlck wo nominated at Lo Roy for
Governor Our committee firmly resisted all
uch efforts urging all who were connected
I with us In an effort to vindicate the law to vote
for the candidates of tho party with which they
had bon previously connected endeavored
to Induce tho Whig State Convention to nom
inate Francis Granger but falling in that
we gave our support to Judge Smith
t Thompson Afterward at a village electlonln
Rochester Dr F F Backus who had ben
Treasurer by a unanimous vote of the electors
0 from the time the village charter had bon ob
tained was again tho candidate of both pai
tel No whisper of opposition was hoard bo
0 fore tho election or at the poll but when the
i votes were canvassed 1 majority appeared in
favor of Dr John B Flvvood Dr Backus wa
an active nnd Influential member of the Mor
gan Investigating committee That astound
ing result producednn Instantaneous change
I Political antiMasonry from that moment
I and for that reason became an element in our
I elections I was alleged and extensively believed
I lieved that the Morgan Committee to grati
I fy personal aspirations wont voluntarily into
a politics These allegations wero as untruthful
a they elo unjust I was not until we as
certained that tho fraternity by a secret move
I ment was strong enough to defeat tho candi
date of both political parties that we consented
to join Issue with them politically
In tho autumn of 1827 the discovery the
body of an unknown man on the shore of Lake
Ontario nonr the mouth of Oak Orchard Creek
cave a new and absorbing aspect t tho ques
tion The description of that bodr as pub
lished by tho Coroner who held an Inquest over
it Induced a belief that it was tho body of Wm
Morgan Our committee decided to hold an
other inquest Impressed with tho Impor
tance and responsibility of the question I gave
public notice of our intention and personally
invited several citizens who had known Mor
gan t b present One of our com
mittee wont to Batavia to secure the
attendance of Mrs Morgan and as many
others who know him ns would attend Tho
body had boon interred where It was found Tho
rudo coffin was opened In the presence of be
tween forty add fifty persons When it was
reached nnd before removing the lid I receiv
ed from Mrs Morgan andothers who knew him
I well descriptions of his person Sirs Morgan
described tho color of his hair a scar upon his
lot nail that his teeth woro double all round
Dr Strong confirmed Mri Morgans statement
abut double tooth ono of which ho had ex
tracted while mother was broken indicating
tho position of tbo extracted and broken tooth
When tho coffin was opened tho body disclosed
tho peculiarities described I by Mrs Morgan
i nnd Dr Strong
This second inquest and the examinations of
tho body proceeded In open day and In tho
presence > of Masons antI AntiMasons not ono I
of whoip dlssnntpd from tlio Coroners jury by
o Vlilch the body WAS unanimously declared to
bo Mrs in
that of William Morgan Morgan
her testimony failed to recognize tho clothes
The body wan taken to Batavia whore it was
I rclntcrred no one ns yet expressing any doubt
of IU Identity
Bubsnsiueatly however wo were iurprUod by
1 statement that the body supposed to b that
of Morgan was alleged t bo the body of Tlmo I
thy Monroe who bnd tell drownc4 1 In tho NI
agara River several weeks before holding the
first inquest This awakened general and In
tonso feeling Notice was given that 1 third
inquest would b held nt Batavla whore the
widow and son of Timothy Monroe appeared
ns witnesses Mrs Monroe swore to 1 body es
sentially different from that found at Oak Or
chard Creek Hur husband she said had black
hair that lied been recently cut and stood
Croat Her testimony made her husband
from throe to four Inches taller than
that of the body lu question < Sho testified I
that her husband had double teeth all roundnnd
described an extracted tooth from tho wrong
law and know nothing of tho broken tooth
Tho hair upon the head of the drowned man
was long silky and of I chestnut color while
that of Monroe according to tho testimony of
Mrs Monroo and her son was short black
aOl closo cut Whllo r Monroe failed in de
scribing the body her description of tho cloth
Ing was minutely accurate Tho heel of his
stocking was described as having been darned
with yarn different In color Her crossexam
ination was very rigid and her answers
throughout woro found to bo correct The
clothing thus described had been In possession
of the Coroner who testified that it had not
been seen cither by Mrs Monroe or any stranger
from whomlsho could have obtained informa
tion On tho otheriiand Mrs Morgatsdascrip
ton of tho body before she had soon It was
quite as satisfactory a Mrs Monroes descrip
tion of the clothes
Our committee took no part in the third in
quest and the body as is known was declared
t b that of Timothy Monroe Simultane
ously an incident occurred showing the vin
dictive spirit of our opponents On the even
ing of the day that tho body Interred at Bata
via was declared by I third inquest to b that
of Timothy Monroe I wont into the billiard
room of tho Eagle Hotel to seo a friend from
Clarkson When leaving tho room Ebenezer
Griffin Esq a prominent lawyer employed
Orlfn Eq I ns
counsel for Masons who was playing billiards
turned to me cuo In hand saying Well
Weed what will you do for a Morgan
now To which I replied That Is a
good enough Morgan for us till you bring
back the ono you carried off On tho
following morning tho Daltu AdcerHitr a Ma
sonic organ contained 1 paragraph charging
mo with having bon tlngly said that the body
In question was a good enough Morgan until
after tho election That perversion went tho
rounds of tho Masonic and Democratic press
awakening much popular Indignation and sub
jecting mo to denunciations In speeches nnd
resolutions at political meetings and conven
tions Explanations were disregarded the
maxim that Falsehood will travel miles while
Truth Is drawing on its boots was then veri
fied I suffered obloquy and reproach from
that wicked perversion for nearly half a
century Indeed there is reason to believe
that even now whoro I am personally
unknown generations are growing up believing
lieving that I mutilated 1 dead body for
political effect and when exposed boasted
that it was a good enough Morgan
till after tho election Forty years
afterward tho editor of the paper who orig
inated that calumny by a series of pecuniary
reverses was compelled to apply to mo for assistance
sistance I avenged the groat wrong he had
done me obtaining for him a situation in
the Custom House
This sorted t extend and Intensify the excitement
It and
citement I was everywhere charged
widely believed that I had mutilated the body
in question for tho purpose of making it re
semble that of Capt William Morgan I
tat WiIam Horan en
countered prejudices thus created both in Paris
and London twenty years afterward
Our investigations were embarrassed and
protracted by the absence and concealment of
important witnesses One of theso witnesses
was an invalid soldier who had had the care of
Morgan while conflnedln tho magazine at Fort
Niagara but ho disappeared and nil efforts to
find him wero unavailing for more than a year
I finally traced him Ellsha Adams to Brook
field a mountain town Vermont We reached
the lo house of Adamss brotherinlaw with
whom ho was biding between 13 and 1 oclock
at night Our rap was responded to by tho
owner t whom on opening the door tho
Sheriff Introduced me directly after which
and before anything more had been said wo
heard a voice from the second floor of tho
cabin saying I am ready and have been ex
pecting you all winter Immediately after
ward the old man came down tho ladder and
In ten minutes we departedon our return
While waiting for breakfast at tho foot
of the mountain several
mountln severl men dropped
Into the barroom whore we were sit
ting When called to breakfast the land
lady carefully closing the doors remarked
that her husband bad sent around for Masons
some of whom had already appeared but that
we need not fear them for she had sent her
daughter to inform otherlvlllagers what was
going on and that before we had done break
fast there would b twice as many AntiMasons
as Masons In attendance Returning to the
barroom we found that she had done her work
thoroughly Fifteen or twenty men were in
the barroom glaring at cuchiCothcr and at
Adams but nothing was said and we wore
driven off unmolested On our way back
Adams at different times stated that hearing
I noise in i tho magazine ho reported It to Mr
Edward Oiddlns keeper of the fort who told
him that I stranger was lodged there who
In a day or two would be taken to
hit friends in Canada but nothing must
b said about I He then from time
to time carried food to the person Hoon
afterward near midnight he was told to have
a boat in readiness for tho purpose of taking
away the man inUhn magazine Several gen
tlemen arrived in a carriage by whom tho man
was taken from the magazine and escorted to
the boat Adams was told to remain on the
dock until tho boat should return and that If
In tho mean time an alarm should be given ho
was to show a signal to warn the boat away As
nothing of the kind occurred the boat returned
qulety and as of the sic who left in the boat
only five returned ho supposed that one had
gone to his friends In Canada
Adams was wanted ns a witness In trials then
pending in Canandalgun Wo reached that
place in the afternoon of the day the court
convened Three lon wore on trial for ab
ducting Morgan The testimony of Adams
was essential to complete the link On being
culled to the stand he denied all knowledge
bearing upon the question Ho resided ho
said at the time specified In tho fort but
know of no man being confined in the maga
zine and knew nothing of men coming thero
at night In a carriage und knew nothing of n
mnn being taken from there in n boat His
denials coveting the wholo ground were ex
plicit That for the time being ended the
matter When the court adjourned I walked
across the square with Judge Hovvcll who pre
sided nnd who remarked to mo thnt I had
made a long journey for nothing my witness
Adams being Ignorant of tho whole atTain
Gen Vincent Mathews of Ilochoster who was
walking on tho other side of the Judge replied >
with much fooling that the old rascal had not
uttered ono word of truth while he was on the
Gen Mathows was tho lending counsel for
the kldnnpiiois but refused to bo a tony in
tampering with witnesses On our return to
Rochester tho witness Adams was In nn extra
stage With his Masonic friends As there was
no longer any need of hiding he was on his
way to Niagara In passing the Mnnslon House
Rochester Adams whq was standing in tho
doorway asked me t stop saying bo wanted I
± Ji
to explain his testimony Tho lawyer ho
mid informed him that I ho told what ho
know abut tho magazine and tho boat it
would baa confession thnt would send him to
tho State prison Thoy nlso told him that tho
law did not compel I witness to criminate him
self and to avoid punishment ho must deny
tho whole story
In 1831 after my removal from Rochester to
Albany I libel suit was commenced against mo
by flea Gould of Rochester I was tried at
Albany Judge James Yandorpool presiding
The libel charged den Gould with giving
money ho received from tho Royal Arch Grand
Chapter to enable Burrnge Smith and John
Whitney to vscnpo from justice Oorrit L Dox
Treasurer of tho Grand Chapter and John
Whitney onoof the recipients of the money
woro In court to establish tho truth of tho libel
Mr Dox testified that 1 charity fund had
been Intrusted to Gen Gould John Whitney
was called to prove that he received a part of
tho fund with which in company with Bur I
rage Smith ho left Rochester and was absent
nenrly 1 year Gen Goulds counsel objected
to witnesss testimony until It had been shown
that Gen Gould know that tho money
furnished was to enable Smith and Whit
ney t escape from justice The Court
sustained this objection and Whitneys
testimony was excluded As it was
Impossible to prove what was known only to
Oon Gould himself the trial ended abruptly
Judge Vandorpool in charging tho jury dwelt
at length upon tho licentiousness of the press
and called upon tho jury to give exemplary
damages to the Injured and innocent plaintiff
The jury thus instructed but with evident r
luctanco found a verdict of 0 against mo
My offence consisted in asserting a fact tho
exact truth of which would have bon estab
lished if ttho testimony had not ben ruled out
by I monstrous perversion of justice
Col Simeon B Jcwott of Clnrkson Major
Samuel Barton of Lowlston and John Whitney
of Rochester passed that evening at my houso
JewottSwas prepared to testify that ho fur
nished carriage for those who were convoying
Morgan secretly from Canandalgua to Niagara
John Whitney was one of tho party Major
Barton wouldfhave testified thnt he furnished
tho carriage which convoyed the party from
Lel ton to Fort Niagara John Whitney being
ono of that party Whitney would have sworn
thnt Gould supplied money to enable him to
escape from justice In tho course of tho
evening tho Morgan affair being tho principal
topic rof conversation Col Jowett turned to
Whitney with emphasis I and said John what
If you make a clean breast of It Whitney
looked inquiringly at Barton who added Go
Whitney then related detail the history of
Morgans nbductlou nnd fate rue Idea of
suppressing Morgans Intended exposure of
tho becrotH of Masonry rae first suggested by
a man by tho name of Johns I was elN
cusscd in lodges at Batavia L Hoy and Rolies
ter Johns suggested that Morgan should be
separatee from Mlllur and plnceei on n farm In
Canada West For this purpose ho vas taken
to Niagara and placed In the magazine of tbo
fort until arrangements for settling him In
Clnndl wore completed but the Canadian Ma
sons disappointed them After several moot
tags of ttiu lodge in Canada opposite Fort
Niagara a refusal to have anything to do with
Morgan left his kidnappers greatly
orn lef rat per
plexed Opportunely a Royal Arch chapter
was Installed at Lewiston The occasion brought
a large number of enthusiastic Masons to
gether Aftorlalior In Masonic language
they retired to refreshment Under the px
hltaratlon of champagne and other viands the
Chaplain tho llovF H Cummings of Roches
ter was called on for a toast He responded
toat le rspnded
with peculiar emphasis and In the language
of their ritual The enemies of our
order May they find a graveiLitf eleep
six feet long and Fix feet due cost and west
c welt
Immediately after that toast which was received
ceived with great enthusiasm Col William
King an officer In our war of 1812 and then a
member of from Niagara
Assembly frm SIRnm county
culled Whltnej Rochester Howard of Buffalo
Chubbuck of Lewiston and Garsleio of Canada
out of tie room and into I carriage furnished
by I Major Barton They were driven to Fort
Niagara repaired to tho magazine and In
formed Morgan that the arrangements for
sending orlli Canada were complnteu and
that his family would soon follow him Mor
gan received the Information cheerfully and
walked with supposed friends to the boat
which was rowed t the mouth of the river
rowcl te
where a rope was wound around his body to
each end of which a sinker was attached
Morgan R then thrown Wil atncb1
grasped the gunwale of the boat convulsively
Gar lde In forcing Morgan to relinquish his
hold was severely blttnn
Whitney in concluding his narrative Fall
he was now relieved from a heavy load that
for four years ho had not heart tho window
rutlo or nny other noise at night without
thinking the Sheriff iis after him Col Jewott
looking fixedly at Whitney said Weed can
hung you now But ho wont was Whit
neys prompt reply Of course n secret thus
confided to me was Inviolably kept and twenty
nlno yearn afterward while attending a
National Republican Convention at Chicago
Satonnl Ipublcan Cnventon Chllao
John Wliltneiy who then resided there called
to say that ho wanted mo to write out what ho
once told me about Morgans fate to b
signed by him in tho presence of wit
nessos < to b sealed up and published niter his
death I promised to do so before leaving
Chicago There was no leisure however dun I
lag the sitting of the Convention and even be
fore Its final adjournment forgetting what I I
had told V hltncy I hutrlcd to Iowa returning
by way of Springfield to visit Mr Lincoln In
the excitement of tho canvass which followed
and the secession of the Southern States upon
Mr Lincolns election I neglected the Impor
tant duty of securing the confession Whitney
was so anxious to make In 18C1 I went to Eu
rope and while In London wrote I Inner t
Whitney asking him to got Alex B Williams
then I resident of Chicago to do what I had so
unpardonably neglected That letter reached
Chicago one week after Whitneys death clos
ing the last and only chance fur tho revelation
of that Important event
Whitney by trade honest In
was I mason hOOst
dustrious Roller but excitable In all the early
stages of tho Morgan affair he believed ho was
doing his duty The llnnl crime was com
mitted under the circumstances I have related
I naw look back through an Interval of fifty
six years with a conscious sense having been
governed conscous AntiMasonic excite
ment by I sincere desire first to vindicate
the violated laws of my country and next to
arrest tbo great power and dangerous In
lluoncus of secret societies Wo labored
underseriousdisadvantages The people wore
unwilling to btillmu that an institution so
ancient to which so manyof our best and most
distinguished men belonged was capable of
not only violating tIm laws but of sustaining
and protecting offending men of the
order A vast majority of the Ameri
can people believed that Morgan was
concealed by our committee for political
effect While we woro being flnrcoly denounced I
ns Incendiary spirits Judge Enos T Throop
In charging tho Grand Jury ntCannndnlgun
spoke of AntiMasonry ns a blessed spirit H
spirit which ho hoped would not rest until
every man Implicated In the abduction of Mor
gan was tried convicted and punished
IBn U pleasant also to contemplate the charac
ter of those with whom I was then associated
judicially and politically Than James Wads o
worth George W Patterson and Iliilo C Ful
her of Livingston Trumbull Cary George W
Lay James Brisbane Mos Taggait Seth M
Gatiis Ihlneas L Tr oy Herbert A Head Tim
othy Fitch Hlnman Holden and T 1 Talbot
ofGcnesoe Albert H Tracy Mlllard Flllmote
Noah I > Sprague and Thomas C Love of Irlo
Dates Cook George I Boughton Robert
Fleming John Ilillllps and Lyman A
Hpaudlngof Nlngnttt Andrew I Dickinson of
Stouben John Mttynnrd and William Hnckett
of Seneca Myron Holey of Wayne Francis
Granger Henry W Taylor anti Samuel Miles
Hopkins of Ontario W lam H Reward Chris
5opnnr nnd Edwin 1 Morgan of Cayuga the
liar Dr Nott of Hchonoctndy Victory lllnUoyo
nod K W Leavoinvorth of Onondaga William
It Muynard of Oneida Gideon < Hard of Or
leans Abnor HazultliiH and John DlreUall of
Clmmaumia Samuel Work unman Norton
Hnmiiel G Andrew James IC Livingston
ircdorlck I Whlttlcfwr Dr F F Backus A W
nile nhd llatvey Ely of Monroo Honry Dana
ardof New Yon Vnro 0 LIttle j of Alban
Klclmrd Hush Johl Sargent Liiu Amos Ell
inaker of IVnnsvltanli nnd William Wlrt of
Mrginla an equal I number of truly good and
eminent men cannot bo found My I friends
Wouo 0 Little 01 Albany Clldvon lintel of Or
leans Jloses Ttiggnitnf uunvbco and Lmnn
blllVlVOIS A Sr > nul > IIHu of Mimata art almost the only
Wuaiid Itiuiilu of XHP York as
Thutlow Weed liolng duly sworn says that
tho foregoing stuteii > iita iit true
Subscribed anti sworn to before mo thin 28th
day of Beitoinbnr 1HSI
ElENCEn C UOTV Notary Public
17 Union siiuuro Now YOlk city
I A rand Display I
The mow n In the windows of the London and
Urtrpotil Clotliliig Co Breodway con Urtuel stUJr
I close at lisnd Dont fall to see the Hcln I Overrent
hl > Ice 515 I Loiulou and Mierhoul flnUiing Io llroad <
va > con Uraud St and llowery cor llesier n xJi P
It Is aliened sas a cautious exchange that Dr
Mary Valksr orsKillKS Dr Hulls C uc I frl rujur I
I Andersons linnet Den Tutiaccn In a irongunced we
cn5 tivld ev irj w litre for C nuts Jetir
He Think ke rinds lit Paul Grabbing kit
Territory with One ISaaC Wklla I
Kcuckc Out to Him the OIl Brnnck
In the Olkcr How Will the Contest End
President Albert Keep of tho Chicago and
Northwestern Railroad undertook yesterday
to establish n truce among tho warring Granger
roads of tho Northwest and got them on tho
road to peace and harmony Ho wrote 1 letter
to Julius Wadsworth Vlcorrooldont of tho
Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul Railway In
which ho said
I propose that a reiteration of tariff be ordered t take
effect on the 28th Inst between all points on til of the
lines now Involved In the prevent content That a met
ing bo called at Chicago at an early dte to Mttle by
agreement It possible and by arbitration If necessary
1 matters In dispute and pending final setUemtnt
within thirty days from date no deviation from cstab
Untied tariffs hal be tolerated under any circumstances
I have addressed a similar communication to Mr Dow
Vice President of the Chicago Rock Island and Iaclflo
Railroad Company as Mr Riddle President Is not In the
city and also to Mr Porter President of the Chicago
Bt Paul and Omaha Railroad Company
To this Mr Wadsworth who is in this city
replied promptly saying that tho proposal met
with tho approval of hit company which was
ready to carry It Into effect promptly
I was considered best to telegraph Mr
Keeps letter to President Hugh Riddle of tho
Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway Later
In the day President Porter of tho 8t Paul and
Omaha road wrote t Mr Keep expressing tho
views that bo has hold all along namely that he
wanted to know before ho wont Into a confer
ence what it was to b about and that tho first
question to b decided was territorial rights
Upon that basis ho sId ho was willing t meet
the accredited representatives of the other
roads In this city The oxact language of Mr
Porters letter could not h obtained but offi
cers of the other companies who said they
know Its content said that It was satisfactory
enough to begin operations upon
President Keep declined to talk about tho
subject last evening but tho general manager
of his road Mr liughltt said that a satlKfao
tory answer had boon received from President
Riddle who had agreed to arbitrate and restore
store rates
The matter had got thus far early In tho even
ing when It was rumored In tho crowded cor
ridors of tbo Windsor Hotel that Mr Iorter
had declared that all negotiations for peace
were off so fir as his company was concerned
Homo theaftornoon papers had announced
tho Illlng of a deed of sale of tho Chlpppvva Val
hey and Superior Hallway to the Milwaukee
and Ht Iaul road The road la about sev
enty miles ronl and runs from Wabash
Minn to tflo lumber camp In Enl Cairo
county The price paid was 1075000
In bonds of the Ht Paul company
I was this act of the St Paul people that Mr
Porter said Induced him to retire from any
negotiations for peace The Ht Paul hal ag
gravated the situation ho said by committing
another act In accordance with the policy of
which his road complained and against which
I has been fighting The purchased road was
In the Omaha territory Mr Porter said that
under the circumstances his road would con
tinue to fight
Messrs Mllbank and Easton directors of tho
Ht Paul who were at thn hotel said that Mr
Porters objection to this purchase was not
well grounded The Chlppenvn road was built
by boino of tho directors of the Ht Paul and In
the interest of that company and hal been
sold to it three or four months ago They sup
posed Mr Porter knew these facts Tho BlP
Ing of the deed at this time was purely acct
Mr Porters reply to this was that the sale
wan news to him and that it made a good dual
of difference whether tho road was owned by
some of the St Paul directors or by the com
pany Affairs toO in this shape at a late
hour and t faras coma be learned with no
Immediate prospect ot change or any indi
I cation of what the next moo would b
The negotiations and the sudden termina
tion of them were tho one topic of discussion
among the railroad and Wall street men who
besieged the Windsor nil the evening The
latter when they came to their usual evening
resort and before they had heard about tho
r had been for tho most part decidedly of
thu opinion that today vrjulef see 1 continua
tion of yesterdays advancing market A good
many after spending the evening in n
rnatring tho war and the hitch In the tn
ment as stock jobbing retired In disgust
CmcAu Nov 27ho lock Island North
western and lt Iaul received freight for
Sioux City today at ten cents all of which
vlll 10 relillled a that uolut for Omaha thus
cutting the rate on tho latter city In a
roundabout way This has made tho South
western pool lines nervous and Commissioner
sioner Mldgly has therefore called a mcutingof
the managers for today At this conference
passenger rates generally between Chicago Ht
Louis and Kansas City will b considered
Hlnco the Increased rates wont Into effect they
have been systematically cut by an 1 Issue of
tickets rending from Handusky over tho Lake
Erie and Western to Bloomington and from
llloomlngton to Kansas City over tho Alton
The Burlington road some time ago withdrew
tmo wlbdrw
from the Kasas Clt compact which was mere
lynn agreement to maintain ratesbut consented
to remain in pending tho present meeting
The Illinois Central has also announced its
withdrawal from tho Ht Louis agreement Is I
alleges that schedule rates are being under
sold by scalpers and that the Central Is not
gotlnl Its share of the business The ques
tion of freight rates to Omaha will also be con
sidered nnd an attcmptwill be made to prevent
tho extension of the demoralization into tbo
Southwestern country
Tho prospect of a cut In freight rates to
Omaha and other Missouri hiker point be I
came so strong today that It Is said the various
freight agents of the Southwestern roads worn
particularly cautioned to hold rates linn and
await tho action of the managers to morrow
All tho Northwestern roads old a very largo I
business today The St Paul brought In the
of from Rock Island and
coaches passenger 10ck 1lanl
the Hock Island filled all tho cars It could get I
forHt Paul and tlm Northwest
Dunugur all Nov 27The railroad war
reached thin city today The Illinois Central
road notified shippers that freight of all classes
would b taken to Sioux City for ton cents per
hundred pounds regardless of classification
The rates have heretofore been twintyllvo
ent thirtylive classes forty and fifty cents for tho differ
CHICAGO Nov 27Mr Hugh Riddle of the
Rock Island said Into tonight that ho had re
ceived u I telegraphic proposition from repre
sentatives of tho Northwestern St Paul and
Omaha roads in Now York to restore rates to
morrow morning ponding mooting the place
not being designated and that ho had roll
to It It is believed therefore that hostilities
on the Westor roads will terminate tomorrow
Mrs MeUllle Consulting wltk kcr Counsel
PHILADELPHIA Nov 27Mrs Melville and
hr daughter Maud ire In this 1 Today a chose carriage
riage stopped In front of the LfAgtr building where
James I llercrln Mrs Melvilles counsel has lili office
Mrs Mrlrllle closely relied ami 1 followed by Maud
stepped nut of the carriage and Into the Ian versotuVe
Afttr an hours ronfrrtnce Mrs Melville all hr damli
ter reeutered hit > cornice ami were drlvet rsplllv
ana 1 Mr llerrln speaking of the Interview said I
wan his Intention to < fur Mrs Melville 1 the rights
which the courts will allow The physicians who signed
the certlflcate for her Incarceration In the Morrliumn
Inline AJ lum would be held responsible
Heavy Failure In Milwaukee
MILWAUKEE Nov 27Tho wholesale cloth
ing firm of L Newboner t Sons made an assignment to
day The liabilities are oer iuuio and the sPiel t
tl 5IO The failure Is I attributable to had debts The
New York preferred creditors are Adler Bros and New
boner KUitin1 Mrs IH Frank 11155 Mrs Kmma
Newhoner I HIIUU j Alllallberf JKKI The drill line heels
r business for thirty l years and was supposed I to bo
very sound
fchot Dead bl hla Ilelrothedi Brother
AUSTIN Tex Nov 27Mr Shirley a music
teacher engaged to lila Sells Maynard In a 1 allerca
lon n itt Miss Majnards inditer 10 day was shot and
killed by jounir MaMiard o ho drew a pistol ant tired
three times Shirley tad received an snns noise letter
reilrctlngon his liithnao with Slice MM lurcl Ho Itt
unmarried and a Inter was found on his huh request
Ing permission nf XUs Maj nurd s father to marry her
Huspcnslon eta Teething Hneklne Firm
CmCAOO Nov 27Tho grelt thrcshlnl mn
cln lallltnrru I A 111 t Sons 01 Chicago
iseul al niitgnuiieiit tooav 10 Rolt n Miler Tho
labllUeo ore pistil II ftOii4si 011 his aaeta 01
ItOIlO hi exctoe I flint I cii
cnislitliig ul
reeciestite I hold I hiy the nIiiciisi i creditor Iurl 111
KiirlUqnnke Along the Wellnnd Cuunl
TORONTO Nov 27 Honoris from points along
the illnint CIIIIM I azs that a tlKukpupiiovfd lt tn to < nn
earllinimke tiiidttt about wa twenty cit mllis nt about oli tins uxfnlng Mini ix
Tk Benson why ke Urged It Prompt Ac
ccBlitnce Vpon President Arthur
PHILADELPHIA Nov 27A letter from ox
AttorneyGeneral Wayne MaoVcogh to Presi
dent Arthur dated Nov 8 1881 just before his
retirement from the Cabinet will appear In tho
Times tomorrow Tho letter was In reply to
one from tho President on the subject of tho
Star rout frauds Mr MaoVengh after show
ing his connection with tho Star routo investigations
gations which was only as an advisor with
thoso specially charged with tho duty
says that ho did not for a moment
ontertalu tho Idea of remaining In
tho Cabinet after Don Gnrflolda death and
that when that event occurred ho Informed
President Arthur of his determination to re
sign as soon a his successor should b se
lected and a few days thereafter made a public
announcement of that determination Ho
urged tho acceptance of his resigna
tion on public grounds Tho cases
If tried at nil ho said must bo
tried In tho District of Columbia noel b
jurors must b selected from Its residents
In that District I newspaper published and
circulated among those residents was constant
ly tilled with abuse of everybody connected
with tho Star route Investigations during
Oon Uarflclds torm and tho influence
of such I constant outpour upon a com
munity of Juror was sure to b very
great While theso newspapers ho
adds have bon abusing mo they have been
as stoadlly praising you and to such an extent
that they are sometimes foolishly mistaken
for and called your organs Then too you
will have observed that both before and since I
Washington all kinds of falsohoodsconcern
leg our relations have been published purport
ing to b semiofficial and I not desired at least
not discouraged Of course I know how abso
lutely untrue all this is but I serves the pur
pose of leading the people of tho District
to suppose that you are very hos
tile t me and it Is useless to closo
our eyes to tho fact that Mr Oorhams
relations with soma of your most influential
friends give these pretensions very consider
able weight with unreflecting people 1 there
fore believe that my remaining In omco or as
suming any special responsibility for these
clUes In any shape would b construed jn tho
District Itself ns notice that you were not
In sympathy > with the prosecutions and
that you Intended President Onrflclds
Administration and not yours should b re
sponsible for the further conduct of thor If
I had needed any additional evidence that I
was right in this conclusion I would have
found it In tho frantic demands of the accused
parties themselves that I should continue re
sponsible and their loud prophecies that
you would not accept my resignation
unless I agreed to such responsibility
They know as well as you and I know
thnt the gentlemen now In charge ant the cases
will do all which can bo dono to bring thorn to
n successful conclusion but they desire to
point to my su supervision of thorn ns proof that
they are controlled by Influences to which you
are hostile In the District of Columbia that
consideration would certainly b very power
ful and might be fatal
Playing Twenty Games or Chess ait Once
Twenty gentlemen sat facing R many chess
tables In the Manhattan Chess Clubs rooms last night
and studying the boards until a large man came to the
outer edge of each table In turn took a comprehensive
view of the situation made his mon and patted on
The large man was Capt Oeo I Mackenzie who was
laying a score of frames simultaneously and holding
his own ll some of the best players In the clot uti
cleFT board the white pieces Mere his and he ptaed
them with a quick easy confidence that retutd to i prom
toe success His average time at each board was about
tttenl five seconds and he generally computed the cir
cle In a little more than eight mlnutei Occasionally
however an unlocked fur mnv e on the part of an antag
onist entailed a little longer delav and with his I cigarette
between his lips he pondered I over the hoard eral
He won 17 of the Jt > gal The three plav who de
feated him were Mr Weed of the Manhattan Club Mr
Ilassett of Syracuse and Mr Chadnlck I of Brooklyn
Kktit Dead so the Ward of Witch Doctor
CABTBAOE N 0 NOT 27 William Fry a
negro was today shot near hen by Manikin McMillan
another negro McMillan lost a pistol and weut to a
negro witch doctor or fortune teller found out who had
the weapon The conjuror took up a lot of cards and
began to ilmme them after which she said that William
Fry had I McMillan then went to Fry and demanded
the pistol Fry declared that he did not have It MoMll
g II
l I II
Ian Inttsted that the fortune teller never made I a mis
take anil demanded the return nf the pistol at once Fry
not having It alit kno log nothing about It could not
comply with the demand whereupon McMillan drew an
other pistol and killed Fry
Fatal Ending or a Dispute by Telegraph
LEAVENWOBTH Kan Nov 27W D Hoyt a
stenographer and telegraph operator at a glucose fac
tory In this city had a dispute two daS ago over the
telegraph wire n 1th a train derp atcher of the Union Ia I
clflc Railroad tinmed Halle at Lanrencc which Hal
ley I called Ho > I some v u > hard names lie t demaided
a retraction which Ilsller refused In make inmlny
morning I tort went to Lawrence again demanding a
retraction of the offensive langnnire He Wai pereuip
toriU refund and ordered out of the 1 utile Ho > t re
fused tn leave whereupon Bailey I went to hi r de i ft
while In the act of pulling deli I 1 draner lIe > t shot him
I in the chest Iakln 1 inirtat it od
Virgiala Convreaatonnl Contests
RICHMOND Nov 27At this hour OJ 1 M
the Board of Canvassers U I 11 In session I has gone
through nearly all the districts and aw ardcd certificates
as follows Third district George D Wise Dem
Fourth district hooter iroallllonUt sixth district
Tucker Uein Seventh district foul Coalitionist
hUhth district Harbour I Delis The Hoard is now work
leg ou the Mnth district I in n lilo r there being no objee
tiun the certificate will be awarded to lion cii eonl 1
Itloulst The conttUl In the iiroi 1 Fecund and Cull
districts and for Congressman at Large vetru postponed
until to morrow
The Erie Rullwnr Tin fine
WASHINGTON Nov 27In tho tux case of the
United States against the Erie Kall ny Cijinpnii which
was a suit to recover taxes allcgid Inbediieon I certain
Ititercat coupon alaeh1 10 lOl iii tiel nl1 held ti
lion rIle aie t tie 11rc Court ul lie I 1Id
halo lie re ril I lie JtiIgiiictit if the Cnurt leiuw
iii 1 suit Irl ul tho I 1 c islisi II Ih I cite of the itoh
rnlt Ciiiii1niiy nl Iolcto iOJ J I S 1t1 unt Ih
cosine S ls reiissIed u iiim hid ruiiiim to ether a J ulr
isitlit lii I fa cr if tIme I dl I 1 tiatee ant I 11lt the Erie
hello sy COUIal
Wife Murder and Kutcldv
NORWICH Conn Nov 27Thls morning Wil
liam Abort a mulatto quarrt lied w lib his is Ife Carlo
France He was jealrus and bluiied her for ielg hut
ntahll They came to blows alI itlner cut lien iu lh a
razor and then shot her In the head with H pl tol She
tial I a niminonth nld iatmt I In I her aritm w hen heat
tacked her but the child rain tel unhurt Alter Mlootlng
his wlfo Aimer shot hlmstlf w llh tin same ret mii or
burgeons lay there is I no hope I fur the recovery of either I
Mull Train Wrecked unit Two Men Killed
Kxwmitnit Nov 27A mal train on tho Le
high and Hudson Itallrtnd ws derailed near Warwick
Orange county to da The engine wa > oMrtiirned In a
ditch and six loaded ore cars were piled upon It The
engineer Silliam Nolan nf Newton NI 1 and the fire
man Frank 1orler of Highland Mills I Irani county
were scalded to ilfath under the wreck Itrakeman
Howard Button of laston Ia had several ribs broken
and his face cut
Mccrctnry Folcera Denial
WASHINOTON Nov 27In an Interview with
5 remresemitshi U of lii New York Associated ireee at I
oclock itii afteriooii Seretamy Ioiger deniemi I time
flmomt posutite cr4 that lie html teiIereml iii neslgisatior
as ecrimiry of the Treaoury nimt ssid fimrtlsir ttmat lime
lustier lust tiet en heel referremi iii iii ciiier time iced
dent or lmiiiuetlf Tim secretary Ii busily eugaged cmi his
aimimust report
A Physician Ilod Cremated
WASHINOTON Pa Nov 27The remains of
Dr L Ksrhart of Allrghan fit were cremated In
Leitmt ties furnace this inointng The body was
wrapped In a suet saturated In alum water and placed
In tIme ntort In I tno hours inclutmUon was pro
nounced complete
Nebrisskna ORlclnl Vote
LINcoLN Nov 27Thin official figures show
that list > sdicp I imalorlti I for hut crnor nter Morton
Is M KM Time at crag Republican v ole for State nlllcers
In 44istl Democratic 2dlh17 Anil Monopol 171B7
Tbe Xow Dressed Heel CorapMnr
NEWiitinnii Nov 27It Is stated that the
Drenftvd Bief t onipam recentl ly IncurporHttd with a i
large rapil itt will limb thl city the dUtrlbullng point
for supplj Ing the Iastern States
2if OOICL 1V
Ifenrv drone will lecture onPopulation vs Suhrlit
dice before the Irogreis flub In Music hall to night
ReptttillcAtl primaries are to be hold to night to rhonee
mmtMtilxrs I of I llif Ciiural Committee nnd the oitlctri
nf the ward asioilnlion
IKitr t1 i Murph has been confined to his resllruce in
Rtmsui strtft for ctviral dn > 1 with pneumonia IU
WH rcportid to be I litton cM rdat
Mrs ritrlrulii I heads who some time I ago IracVrt I
lit r hi mmttiioh I menial IV llriuh a former member of
1hnnnitli thuicli to ClncmnMI ulura sue dhnourid
thill he ffna living ntldtr on tuvutntil nnine an the hus
band i > f Ililc hntllli I hi gun u ill v one kint > tutirday
lit Works Cmmiilhlonir Ropes nf Hroukl n him re
sLum ml time rniulrnr if the llronklin I Irnt I Comiany
rime companl Mill berfntnrtd to the 1 i tt of dcpotlinrifs
of cily mono 5 and time i msciiic MllMio lift unnlled fur
the reaiiiiolntment of Mr RnpiM ut tliticln v < > f his term
Diver Views of the Qneetlon of Trunsfer
rln > she Control of It to the Navy
A sturdy opposition Is growing up among
revenue marine officers to the proposal which
Is to bo made by Secretary Chandler in his
coming report that tho revenue marine bo
transferred to the navy There Is however a
diversity otoplnlon on tho subject Ono of the
ranking officers of the revenue marine service
said yesterday Wo hiavo known for somo
time that the navy officers woro preparing to
agitato this question In tIm next Congress but
If they think wonro asleep and aro going to
pormltoursolvos to bogobblod up by the navy
and after a year or so bo legislated out of the
service they aro much mistaken Wo havo al
ready oifund of tSOOO and will bo amply pre
pared with friends to oppose any such schema
ns Is talked of Tho navy wants to got hold of
our vessels and our several departments to
give employment to the largo number of non
employed officers
A Lieutenant of the revenue marine service
said Lot Lieut Holly frame a bill that will
make fair provision for thin ofllcors of the
revenue marine and there will not bo BO much
objection to It
A naval officer said To those familiar with
the revenue marine and Its branches now un
der the supervision of tho Treasury Depart
ment hone appears every reason why It would
bo n benefit to mnko tIm change It rightfully
belongs to the navy Take for instance tho
Lighthouse Department the Superintendent
and Hoard of Inspectors having charge of nil
tho districts aro naval oVlcors and are paid
from the naval appropriation Tho vessels of
the coast survey also belong to the Treasury
but they aro commanded officered by naval
officers whoso salaries arc paid from tho naval
appropriation I dont think there U doubt that
Congress will see the advisability and practi
cability of making the change an proposed
It seams that whlla the older officers of the
revenue marine object to the proposed transfer
time younger ofllcors are inclined to favor it
providing their tenure of ofllco bo not affected
Death of a WellKnovrn Frcnek Radical
A cable despatch from Paris announces tho
death of Edward William Bonnet Duverdler the well
known Radical Deputy from Lyons M BonintDuver
dler wan torn In lH24anJ studied medicine Having
taken part In the revolution of June 131840 he was
obliged to take refuge In the Island of Jersey where he
spent several years lie did not return to political life
until the revival of the Municipal Council of Paris In
1874 of which he was elected a member from the Elev
enth arruudlssemcnt In February of that year he pre
sented himself as a candidate for tIle Chamber of Depu
ties but was defeated He wan 1resldenl of the Council
when several dajs after the act of May 101877 at n
private reunion In Ht Denis he mado a speech In which
he accused Marshal MacMahou the President of the
republic of cowardice He closed liy raing Let us
tInt try the remedy nf the ballot box If that falls
thereit remains another remedy As he suld thl4 ho
made the gesture of firing a pistol For this speech ha
wns sentenced to Imprisonment for fifteen months nnd
to pay a nne of Hoo He suffered tm Imprisonment ut
the Conclerziric nnd was soon otters art tlnled H
member nf time Chamber of DtpulUH from the Second
district of Lyons He was reoleeloi ls 18MI
Accusing n hospital of 3Ztilprficttce
Carl Erbco was plaintiff In the Kings County
Circuit Court yesterday In n suit for J60 < > 0 damages
against the Long Islnnd College Hospital for malprac
tice He had his right hip fractured In two places by
the fall of a holler Up to the time of Dr Wights retire
ment he had no complaint to make of tho treatment but
ho insists that then he w as neglected that he was taken
to a separate vtard where there was no fire and where
tie snow beat in upon him and that he w as at length
taken home In an emaciated condition
Ills leg was henlcd but his accident resulted In a de
formity one unit being seven Inches shorter than the
other He claims that he hail In pi > to get ev en Indiffer
ent attention mid that for four iveeks he lay without a
ctiangc of clothing SimS seven weeks Ithout a change of
mattress The matlress became Infested with vermin
He says he was tortured by students who bundled his
broken limb until he was forced to cry full for help
John Julvey another patient stilled that he was In
the hospital fiir three weeks before he could get hla face
washed and then another patient did It for him and his
pillow case which was covered with blood was Dot
changed for three weeks
Laaer Vacation Vr ed
Instnlchtamoetfngef the Medical Society
of the County of New York a report was presented by
Dr Abraham Jacohl upon the subject of the ad liability
of extending the summer v acatlnn of the public schools
Dr Jacob was appointed to consider and report upon
the petition addressed by the Harlem Medical Associa
tion to the Hoard of Kducfction on the S2d of September
last pralng Hint the summer vacation might be
chnngtd HJ as to begin two weeks litter In July and end
Iwo weeks later in l eptctnhir Dr tacobl reported that
there was good reason wh a chnntre should be made as
It Is true that the tropical neut of the nrnt two weeks of
Kiptemhrr are lit suitable for Instruction In New York
He did not however believe in putting any further for
ward in thu I summer tho lime of closing the schools
He recommendd that vacation should begin tie
fore the fiiurlll t of J thy nud end about the
middle of irptiinbrr and that time Boar I of Health be
petitioned to this effect lo tile New York simI Harlem
fcoclelle He I hut no duubt ttiht M bill pro Ming for such
change prcsrntnl In the Ixglllature by Hit Hoard uf Kd
uoillim nnd supported by the phi nictaims of New York
would readily be passed The repoit was adopted
Gee Hancock Opeua n Church Fulr
A ladies fair In aid of the now Church of St
Paul the i Apoitle Flfljulntli slrtet end Ninth avenue
wait opened last cienlug In Manhattan Hull Flfl fourth
street and lighthlaenue All 81 oclock icn Hancock
attended b > Pert J I Nicholson and eicurtfd by the
faults Fathers Denhon and llralv apt eared on the
rlMftirm The ieneral wa greeted wIth cheers Fnlhrr
lekhon said that the building nau lacked only u roof
and he looked lu the fair to Mipply that
Hen Hancock I said he bad tech nt the Imlngof the
foundation stone of the new church and had come now
to see the root provided for lie asked all present In do
their utmost to complete bit I work He then made a
tour of the hall and declared the fair opened
V8SOO fur u Ilentluc
William J Do Lay n houso painter sued
Thomas and William McCormick father and son and
Frederlck Stung lu the Court of Common Pleas before
Judge Van Brunt and a jury yesterday to recover fcVJO
damages for aosnnlt De Lay snore Hint Thomas vie
IVrinlik altnckcd him In a liquor sum at hut VV i > > t
Street knocked out three of his teeth fractured his
skull and midi red him unlit 10 cllmh u scaffold for
three weeks mid that vMlllnm McCormick said to him
If > ou dnut knit here soon voull be carried out 1 a
tdiKbox De lay resided at the place The Jury gave
De Luj a verdict for J3eju
Connecticuts OnUlul Vote
HAKTFORD Nov 27Thio official vote of the
State Is a < follows for Uoverni Waller Dun JVnll
llillklr Rep 54851 linger Im 1Ml Tanner iii
m > 7 scattering HO Uullers majorit cil Mimtier
IIiIN I 1 for 11 ltelsumliimo crier ham 24 liijnut3
Nmmrhhinii mc crtar of utiiie 7M uiiaJmmnit
Moat u ltei 1 fr tmiuiptriller 7 miajimrii i4rlci
I Polls I ftr Treasurer 1074 mnjnrltf The liirahit ice In
tlo I voto for Congressmen are so follows halo I Oein
RK Mitchell 4 I Dem Ill Halt Itch llvV > eimour
Dem 1440
Mine ZVIIssem Her nntlee1
Mme Christine Nilsson was serenaded nt tho
Victoria Hotel lost night Ui I the Siandlnutlan sliulng so
S leuie of New York and tiie neighborhood The suclctles
bearing torehes and headed bv Uilmnrts 1 llltld reached
the hotel l ihortl sifter lii clock A number of scnndlna
v Ian songs were sung M ii meN Csetm on acaiiuplrd bal
con boned her thanks and waved a So chits nag
Mr Oscar Wilde In Yorkvllle
Mr Oscar Wilde gave in Iarepa Hall York
Tin hait l nlshl his lecture Ois the Practical Applica
tion I of the Principles of HomeDecoration with Obs rva
lion on Personal Pros and Ornament Me wore a
black velvet coat with runlet of Iiuclti lace black
knv breteches and black silk stockings
fflduev K Vsnwlck n highly respected resident of
FHiUll hanged himself yesterday
Ass in lisotma has been appointed Turkish Minister of
Foreign flairs In Place of Bald iasha
The otutvo Jtornlnv Post an Independent dally made
its first appearance v esierda morning
Turkey refuses tn recognlca the cession of Massowah
or an > territory ou the lied Kea to anj pourer
Hen Hamilton N Eldridge a disilnguMied Iswvcr
soldier and lilieii died In Chlcoga i enlvrday morning
aged 40 3 ears
Several drunken Ilrlllsh soldiers stationed at Ramleh
Eg > pt while returning to their quarters beat an Arab
w ho has since died of his Injuries
The citizens Convention In Boston vesterdav nom
bated Dr H Adreen I Incumbenl for shim or He has
been reiiotulnaled bj the Krpubllcani
Chauncey Sterns was found on the roadlde yesterdnv
morning between tIde aimI Wellnllle Ni In adjlng
condition He had been robbed of f tw >
Win H Glenn one of HuflsUis time t prominent cltl
neon Mid one or Die I Inriiol gnu er > deah rs and import
ers between New york and Chicago died > ebterdmiy
aged U > ears
On Fumla Christian John mi of Ianecborn tlnn
after nrlng u list he ruppoit d to be a fital stint al hl In
ainoriila Mew his oat a bruins out fh 1 girl a nit omiiy
sllghil Injuieil
Inn c < H Maivvell nf Amstrntain N V aged 29 who
m its itmjmmtci In him raliniai nccldcnl ul ltekstiii on tlm
llilh iimt duil ut iho lliiiUoii Atenne lloiue In that
tilde > i terduv Time reumlns werw de ut to Ainsterilnin
The I lion Lewis D I thiilltieli for mviv t ears prnml
ieiit 111 litmus polltlcv In Ohio und Sit I ral irnri hair
maiieif m the Ill sand Minni CoinniilKc i r tile llouioiif
Urpn enlalh es al I aihli ion died lu llainllton Ohio
on Mindat
1h l Jur j > In the I Vhxllmm rnnntt upi run Court it
llrookln tiuii ha e aeiiultted Jmlgn inorgu I1 t M11U
and Cap ildirgei I Warrrn of Iho I cbnri0 nf e mtmopi racy
and iMienOiKiIMi In binning thu I nlmi niuck rmnnni
Conn in > 11 la > lost to defraud t lie iiuunineu compuii
At an earl hour eitenlny morning tno freight trains
nn time Northern Central Itiltrnnd inoilug In iippoiltu
dlrecllems crushed Inliieurh oilieT near him itliitmk iii Ia
piling up tincars I In acoiifu > td units and heal 11mg up Hie I
truck Tin hiniiu ul cue of lie HtUiiwai badly beth
now of DUBLIN cm
On aftka iTarn who Condemn Bye a4
a Ballir BlabhedA Mob AttKCklB the °
Hospital where Corn AssitMln Lie
DUBLIN Nov 27Fivo rribro persons were
arrested this afternoon In connection with the
murder of Dotootlvo Cox on Saturday night
Precautions have boon takon to Insure the
safety of the soldier of the Illflo Brigade who
assisted In tho capture of onoot the murderers
friends Tho Inquest on the body of Dotoctlvo
Cox was begun today The medical evidence
showed that death was Instantaneous The sm
Inquest was adjourned until Wednesday
In the Police Court today the men Dorlno
Woodward and Ryan were arraigned and
charged with the murder of Detective Cox
Detective Eastwood Identified Dovlno but was
not sure about the other two The prisoners
were remanded
Seven Judgosvrhohad been dining In Mount
joy square passed tho spot where the mur
derers of Detective Cox had been loitering a
few minutes after the affray happened It Is s
thought that tho murderers wore lying In wait
for them
Dennis Field ono of the jurors In the case of
Hynos who was hanged for tho murder of the
herd Qoloughty was mot In Frederick street
on his way home to dinner today by a car
containing two men ono of whom jumped oft
and stabbed Field In several places with a
sword Field received six wounds
Fields assailants drove off In the direction
of Jrumcondra Field is still alive but hi
condition Is precarious Ho says the men
stabbed him in the arms chest and chock with
a sword cane Ho seized the weapon and brokn
it The men then knocked him down ana
wounded him in the back after which they
jumped on the car and told thu jarvoy to drive °
quick for Heavens sake Field complains
that several persons saw him as bo lay on the
ground but did not odor to assist him Ho t
staggered to a house kicked against the door
and on being admitted sank into chair Ho
had washed away tbo blood from his wounds
by tho time the doctors arrived
Another stabbing case Is just reported A
bailiff named Thomas Mellon who was serving
a writ tonight In Gardiner street this city
received n serious stab wound in the head t
Throe arrests have been made
On Sunday evening a party of moonlight
ers attacked a farm house near Cnsliel county
Tlppornry Tno occupants of tho house beat
them off and Jhon pursued and ciipturocUtho
whole Kane
A mob tonight attacked lie JenIs Street °
Honpltnl where Doian who shot and killed
Detective Cox lies with thin object it isbe
liovfd of removing him Tho mob shouted i
and jelled and tried to break open the door
The inmates woro thrown into n state of the
greatest alarm The police woro telegraphed
for and n large force arrived on the ground at
10 oclock armed with swords and batons when
tho mob dlspeiHod Thoy roiimlnid however
lurking in the vicinity Tho police are now i
patrolling the neighborhood
It in dark tonight and an additional mill
tary guard nan boon placed lit Dublin Castle
LONDON Nov 27Mr Trcvol > an Chief Sec
retary for Ireland replying to Mr Gibson In
the Houso of Commons tills afternoon naked
the House to remember that there Is a differ
ence between the general state of Ireland and
the crimes and violence In Dublin Ho said
that the number of agrarian crimes In Ireland
this month was under one hundred which had
not been time case in any month for twenty A
eight years A conflict between the Dublin
pollco and organized lawlessness seemed to
have boon Inaugurated The Government was
determined to use nil lie resources at Its dis
posal to put down the latest disorder
In reply to a question by Mr Tottenham Mr
Treveiao wild tho Red
> un recent speech of Mr m
month Ht Cork In vul h the latter advocated
boycotting and revolution ras under the con
sideration of the Government
Alnst state Cmstrol f Public MchMU
BERNE Nov 27The popular vote just takes
In regard to the cantonal schools annuls a decision lbs
Federal Assembly requiring cantons to provide compul
sory and adequate primary education whlchaa fares
the nutate schools were concerned was to be under thft
exclusive control of the Stole Ortheidox Catholics
rrof estautsand Corservatlres disliked mate control and
infringement of the cantonal ov creiirntr
Sencant Uall nttne cad Ilnnnlbnl liamlia
LONDON Nov 27 Sergeant Bnllantlno the
well know n English lawyer Is a passenger on the steam I
er Rervla which sailed from Queenstown vesterday for
New York The lion Hannibal llamlln united Mates
Minister at Madrid and his wife are also passengers on
the Servla Mr llamlin Is I returning home on a furlough
An Appeal far Antbl Pnah
LONDON Nov 27Mr Wilfrid Blunt write
to the Tlmei appealing to the public for help to defray I
the cost of the defence of AraM Iasha as he says th
trial has assumed the charvtcr of a itreal Slate Inquiry
and his Mr Hlnnff financial Lack Is not strong enough
to bear the load
Dynamite In a Gambling Siiloon
MONACO Nov 27A dynamite cartridge
which had keen placed at the entrance to the Mont I
Carlei KBiiiviiiiH roman exploded lat evening causing a
great panic and wounding an omUal An Italian lies
been arrested
Cl vdon Mall Burned
LONDON Nov 27 Cloeelon Hall the rest
deuce of Sir Arthur Elton situated near BrIstol haa I
been toitreyed by tire A part of the lllirarr which was
considered turned emit of the most v altichle In bugland was also
Cambridge Vntrerally Kleetlon
LONDON Now 27At the clove of tho polling
tomlay the utile for member of time hoot nf Conilnona I
for Cambridge Inlverslti stii Ii i vir Itjlkes > Conserve
live iWJ Prof btniirt Llberul 1Jj I 0
Frnnc and AlnilHKnacitr
PAJUH Nov 27The MAilnenfrcnr Ambnsn
dons ne refund tin ulftnntiim itiiuirintr MntUtratvcar I
tnreruKHsr n freiicli irottctorale The Alnbasss4urs
hae kUirlril for London
If Gambptl Nllcbily Wounded
PAula Nov 27 Whllu handling a revolver nt
rillc dAvni ti day SldaiuUtta shot himself In th I
hand The luillet only tnt cried time Hesh and he Ii In
no danger
A Mteumer Hunk nnil Fourteen Lives Loaf
LONDON Nov 27The French steamer Cam
lilfilllir tirlnnzlli In Nante was sunk iy l collision III
the Itrlilvli Channel today luiirteeii persona wr
dru ned
Free Trade In Hpnln
MAnnin Nov Twentylive hundred per
sons nsiembled at the AlhamUrit Tlieiurr here yesterday
to start au agitation throughout the country In favor
of free trade
Death otis Prussian NlntsMHn
CHOBREV Nov 27Baron OthoThoodoro von I
Maateuael the Irusslan statesman died last evening
The Signal Offle Prediction
Fair weather followed by local ruins north
erl > veering to easterly winds stationar or higher
temperature followed hy falling barometer
JorrINas Aiiour rciirv
The steamer Egypt arched last night
John I > Crimnilns whom the Major nominated for
lark Commissioner asks that his nainu be withdrawn
Coroner eleet llernard F Martin and Alderman elect
Alexander II huillh were swonii Into offlc jesterdat by
Judge Laus react
The body nf an unknown man ahout 4 vearsof ag
was venterdsv found 111 the North itli rut thin foot of
Tent eighth street
The carpet orks of Vonkers havo put their employees
on short tune About fifteen hundred iueu and girls ar
employed at lImo workt
Judgment of absolute divorce granted be Judge Pot
ten In the supremei Court In favor ot John t Jock from
Sarah L lock was entered terday
The Uintral Ladles Committee of the Set etsiyllrst
Regiment t sir comprising the Ladles hxecullte Com
mlttees uf all companies u Iii meet at t lie amid y Thirty
flf th street and llroadn sy at i oclock this atleruoon
Dlitrlet Attorney McKeon Ii lit and his condition wa
considered serious on Sunday night lie wit ether iis
terday lie caught a hadeold Inrt neek und his Illnma I
was complicated b I > s > mptomiof i r nil elas in one of his
ears whleli v > as frostbitten oct ersi ears ago In Canada
A II Farmer Is having plans made for a 5711cM > house
on rirmpont street < > Il i > i > oi site Monroe I litee i In rook
111 l II is ill he our slides high alxllj feel In dllllen
alium simi u lll havo a box et momjm Ihei feature of th
limit H 111 tir a dining room In the back baieinent over
looking a lower garden
In John Vet live trial for lihrlllng August Ililmont
couii el for the defence rend in the liriiernl Sessions
esterda rxlrutu from the I tenilmon In former chit
proi e dlngi to recuvir the I muoiml uf lan of limo diafIs
Netil Ii the letilnii llrotherrliiiod to London und inUr
Ce < mliv the IllltUh UOWUIM ellt
Hoi ert Pt stnnhur who for miili i tvvent flue years
5 itO clerk iif siiem a Hotel Chnttam i su reel died rs
ttrdii iiieirnln iU his reaiietmmu tvn l lludwn street of
luilgdNrHle lie H its milt II I h yimre old H hi Illlm em
Plovcd In Iho hotel He Uivn n eilfo and four i lilldrvii
lle I I > it cc u nqihi ii of Ihailri lllukily iletk i lo the Hoard
elf Ilille Jll llll
Jeneiili horde a prisoner oi lllnckntir HHiil I con
due lid InniM If > u Hull Hint lu > ii i lMlilmi1 si a mes
senger ulioul the hsiiiimh I On Mm In i hr united out at
lou tide to the outer t lid i f the bout Imniie ulled out a
bmal html ecaiel I in It lleihndi f < ii monlhf if u ears
rntriiii > tuie > rvr The l boa1
i nm round eeittda morn
big al the foot of inst iity ilmli iii eel
American Slur Intl i CKi ule a tht lutl Alio Star Empty
Chqsuioa i AlUtul > ltJafc

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