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tL s UtY f tN6 J
1 H t uu
tvnaK IrA L21fl Q WJMIMV ClftJIBN
70 UK ionTMtsTin < iixmtAL
flu Rrcnrd Kolttlrr lllrrrt nnd Inric
An llannr Well Inincd nnd Well Iteatxurrl
le will Aiiure his Unite on April IS
VA8HtNOTON April 4Tho 1roRliloiit has
tppolnted Walter < JGronlmm rmtnwstorGen
end Ho In tim only man towliom tlio piano
ban bon offoroJ All stories to tlio contrary
that havo bon publlftlietl nro untrue The
offlco oflorod to Oov Charles Foster
ofce wiia novnr oforel olier
Dt Ohio and Aaslstnnt rostniiiBterOenornl
Frank Ilntton his hover bon an applicant
All the talk In favor of that man Rooms to hao
ben don by ABilstnnt Hocrctary of the Trcns
nry No v who Is probably tho lent plcn utl
man In tim country at Juileo Groshams ap
pointment Tho offer was made and itoceploil
on Hominy tho rrcnldant having doturmlnnd
to I tho vuouncy In tho Cabinet on Humluy as
loon iw 1 lin learned of AttoruuyQonoral Brew
ttorn opinion
Pooplu who know Judco Clrrihnm nay that
Uio iipiioliitinpMt IN I an oxcnllont ono and that
tho lMtniiiMtr > raonHral will 0 tim strongest
man In the Cabinet An old soldier who served
him In tho ho Indianas
with hllil war Bnynthat wan Inllna8
best contribution to thu army Ho first por
formed brilliant and gallant tervlco In loadlnn
tho charge at Ilin head of bin rrultnunt over tho
brliluo nt Dig Ilatchlu for which ho was rocom
iniiiidol by Grant for a DrluadliirUonoraliililp
At the battle of Atlanta wlirrtholitul oonimiuid
of t I > lHliinho I < apturrd lluld Knob on July
21 which iirlilmnmont tiroiiKliton the light of
ttiu 2i 1 Vhllci ho att inllltnry I coin ins 111pr of
thu 11h1 dlBtrlet he wits the unbonillne
ononiyoC Urn cotton I tlilriiM i nnd was lnntru
inciilal In HiiiillMK many of thn Hpnoillatniit
back to the North Grunt mndo him Judire
or thu District Court of Indiana and ho line
hold tutu poxitlon over Blnw lln has always
hmor tiiki11 nit Intunst In politico l notwllh
utiinillnu t I liln judicial j ofllci nllliotiun hu his
never nlllod I hlniHult I with any faction of lil is
party In IbTii ho WIIH 1 Ilrmlow man and ho
Jlrly 111 lefn at odds with New and tho
rrnwd that hui lnon must conspicuous In In
litton IIOIUICH In 18811 ho was ail iidvoeaUjof
the nomlniitlon of larllcld Hn waa not a
mumbnr of the Chicago Convention but ho
viut In tho city whon It was linld and 11 or its
ajjoiiniminit lio math a speech at the ml Ilka
lon inuutltiK which attracted much notlco
At thu Ixsliiiiliii I of his admlnlntratlon Oar
fluid wrnKnlzail tim fact that Indiana tdiould
nafl a Cabinet olllcer for what I had dnmi to
yard his flection I Ho at oleo fixed upon
Orosham im the only mal In the State who
could I tho pliico and hla appointment ua
Bocntary of war vns fully diiturmlnod on
This did not please Nw and hlA kind and a
strong protist was mndo With Now wnro ox
UongrcHitimu linker nnd Mr Calkins who had
aspiration of their own They Initiated tnat
Ureslmms nnpolntmont would illsrmit tho
party In tho Htuto Ourllrld tlmn Raid that he
would appoint no Cue from Indiana that I
Ibould b l i Uresham or no one
Ills present appointment Is 1 not the result of
any vollcitatlun The 1rrsldeiit has made tho
vitlectlon himself Thin new PostnmaterGin
oral comiB Into the Cublnot without backlnit of
any kind except that of his own record and
character A Itmdlnir politician lieio nay that
IroHliam will probably ovonlitiiy Hiicci > ed I
Folucr as Hncictary of the Treasury I bolnif
expected that that coiitlenianR olllclal lltu
must end before the expiration of this Admin
Judge Gresham Is 1 six fcethlch of dark com
plexion black eyes and hair and beard oriel
Daily black but touched with
nlly Lilek now 10ucll1 wlh gray
Judeo Uioilmm U l now hnldlnc court In
Evansville nnd his diitlos wlJ detain him thoio
until next lat uriia rue lroshiuiit has there t
foro doplunutod Flrut Avnlnlant roatnmster
lloncral Hat ton to t act as roalmastcrOoncral
for ton days beginning tomorrow
The 1ivHlditii will start tomorrow morn
ing for 1liirlda Ho will b nconiiinatilidby
Rporetnry Chandler Mr O 3 K Miller of New
York aftd IlUulii Serretaiy hllllH A special
niir hiia I Imnti I nliibJil nt thti illnnnMnl fif the ttnrfv
They will t dllect to Jaekrfonvlllo and mako as
few stops JIB poitlbln 1 From Jacksonville thoy
will to up tim nl t Johns River an far M tan
ford They iirpoct to be absent from this city
about two Honks lIio 1 leuuth of their stay ellr
however mainly dnpond upon the condition of
the eatlier It has not jet bon determined
wnothor tin1 party will return direct to this
city Ills likely however that 1 Miort visit
lllbflinmleto heeral of the principal cities
on the route Tho IroHldent has made no plans
for any mibueiiuout trip
What Clov Under Proposes to JruTC ne
fare Ike InvedlentlnB tuninltlee
BOSTON April 4When todays session of
q tho almfihoupo Imestluatlonboforo tho Chari
table Institutions Committee oienoih tho Chair
man Bald that tho respondents admitted that
dead bodies have been delivered to tho medical
t ichoolB but thoy claimed that this was dono
under tho law I that bo BO he IRked
why Is not that IHSUO eliminated nnd no fur
ther proof of tho delivery of bodies required V
lov Butler replied I will tel you why A
witness who wax on the tand yesterday do
Bled under oath tho fact Now I agree that
tome dead bodies vroro dollvttrcd to tho Har
vard and Homo to tho other schools I further
say that some wero skinned and the
skies were sent to be tanned I propose
pose to present tho testimony to tho
country as veil us to the committee until
that Is stopped so far nn I judeo necessary
Besides many of tho bodies could not be sent
Under the law I Is not enough to admit
Imply that dead bodies were sent I am Koine
to show that after filends had them bulled
they woro taken up and sent Not only that
but that they were sent In some Instances where
funeral Bervlcos vvoro held over mipposcd re
mains And I propose to Inform tho commit
tee and the respondents that I Intend l between
and tho termination of this Investigation
now 1111 tormlnlUol Inosllalon
to eo Into the graveyard at Tewkslniry and Mud
what has boon burled there produce Rome of
the remains I wont desecrate a grove no
dead body
The Iovei nor added that this Investigation
was to GO on to provo the testimony which hind
been given to ho absolutely falno Hu inld that
bon books which had been sent to him as luo
onU of the almshousii wsro not complete
They were conies of tho original bonks Ho
demanded original ones embracing those roo
cording the deathh nnd the Bale of dead bodies
and tint books of tho Harvard Medical School
The Chairman taut It wns claimed that no
dell bodies worn sold hence there voro no
records lobe pioiluced but tho Governor Hiid
bo would piovn the contrary
Thomas Hall of Canaan Me who from 1H71
to 1877 was the nfileial resuiroctlonlst of the
Institution 1 the pilnclpal witness today
Ho Rubntnntlully eorroboiaied what previous
witnesses hud said of his duties Tliumns i 1
Marsh Jr I i paid him i tti for nth body The
Mutiips Ali tourepoiter bolo tlielnvesll
pitlnn lieuan that t not mure than I thico I I or four
Bodies weio Imt resurrected but this witness
tostllled to dlcclni up 63 to 75 bodies I under
thto i direction of l the assistant Buporintendont
The nameH of tho dead person l > ho Bald were
put on wooden crosses and If there was any
dancer the empty con nB would lHro left there
pftor the bodies had been taken out No pick
line was done while ho was there The bodies
received fioni the Htate prison for but hal at thin
almslioutu were with one execution sent
alnshouoo aWY dlcsectlon The hearing was ad
iournod to Monday morning
An Appenl to hit I OreKl Fntber
WAHHINOTOS April 4Thio Indian Offlco has
MCeUel tlie ullowlDir 111 frOl1 > Sioux InJUri at t the
Pin lildso Agency 1
118m s I 1 R friend of th Ormt Fetter irid cia irolnsc
I the nh to I iu ni IMI C I hove noticed nlilttniiu
eullhij wood cud I tlioiitfht I would b < lit < ii white man
and ilion Mime wnii for inj wit A pl of wcoil llfw
aiimiitiut outiiiy right I rje unit now I wouH llkrlhc
11 011 lY
drcm I riilnrta rnit me Kiioil r eye 101 I Imvr I uit
In hrrr I mn jelling i nM mill wUh m > fithtr wuiihl
pemid nie I C line Mirli > iIi > mit < t thr < > e 11 i Iiie iTit ii
brown oiif ci II it 1 1 I III I color nfin > oilier eye I chat
hinds s lh S < ooj harI your Irked lint llonik
Rebellluu Creek Indium
WASIUWJON April 4Clilef Splocho anti the
Crctk Ihitliiii I who reociulj len Ilielr r 11111 liittv
font Into ramp with the OhilIIIhitI thirty inllrv wct 1 of
Die Hie mud rx 1 > er alon Tue eeabl Crrtki ulll
hold rclniril ii llh tin ecrilrri to morrow iiit 1C tliu 1
utur I rtfiii > to return I to tlirlr I rfiir nllim and nr i > ut
rortrd ij t other Iiiii all Ihr aallul l tore at riirti
Irnoaliif 1 Hill will 11 lii < IM Vlaliir I Ilatt hal authorized
Malor r1 of tha I orntloh Ii fiifautrv I I to I nil mi the I
eoimntudliif onkera Fol n luuo an < l bill for IronIc
JtlicuTery of IIArrrate Comet
HOSTON April 4A cable message received
this evvuihiil it tue Harvard College ibitratury from
ir > krurirrr nf KM Irutila annnunrea tin Oltcorerjr
of fl I Arrr cIlIeI l lij Pr K llnrlwli I I nf ihe Htrailiiirif r
Olmrtnlor h It I I U I II lti I ii wuci a > follow I at ATI3 til
llrniiuhh I iiirnii line I I rhlit aifiitlon It liuura t 4
inliiutr i hiiulluu nortirx r1tii I very faint its i
l > crlvd hitl till Kiiii thli I Itj HitU at > i > ajauct
lire Ilnrtlnc Aeenaed f IiKoxUndon J
Two Drooklyn Polleemen
MfH Delia Hnrtlnffd a young woman who
was fashionably and richly dressed WM before
Justice Walsh yesterday on a eharso of Intoxl
cation for which sho was arrested on Tuesday
o von I tie Bho resides nt 00 Hicks street
Brooklyn and her husband does business In
this city Rho hal been In delicate health for
SOlO time mid has been under tho care of Dr
ItUBRoll For about week she hits been suffer
lug from an ulcerated tooth which caused a
painful fiwolllriK on ono side of her face On
Tuesday Mm wont t Now York to buy a pair of
shoos and had with her her olithtcen months
old nnt About 0 oclock In tIm ovonIn she
returned t Ilrooklyn by the Catharine Ferry
and carrIed her child In her arms
Wlion she reached tho oorner of York and
Main streets Bho was MII with n sudden pain
lu her tooth and she put her handkerchief to I
the side of nnt face While walking alone In
this way over a ragged pavumnnt she stumbled
and WiY forward on ono hand and knee Him
recovered herself quickly savlnc her child
which sho then put down tit her hide and as
xho was about tn move ahead Policeman John
Kearney of tlpi York street police stopped > up
to her ride and slid Joinn with inn Bho
asked him what hn meant and ho told her nut
to make any trouble but to do as ho said and
when slut further hesitated hn took her by ant
arm nnd Bald You lust como In such an
Imperative tone that she went with him al
though film says Mho was puzzled beyond de
scription On her way sho took almut t40 out
of her rotlculn and slipped It Inside the bosom
or her dress Iollceinnn Ktmrnny nailed Police
man Horan who took clmrcn of the child
Mm Marlines says that when sho reached tho
police station she was marched dlrnvtly back to
tho otls without any iiiiestlonlni by the Her
Leant at the t dORk nnd that I MIl found herself
behind tho Iron barn In lunnrancn of the IMO
of her arrest thin demanded her child whleh
was runnlnit up und down the drill room of tho t
oleo station but they refused her thin solace
and she becamii much excited and somewhat
hj teilenl Slp > llnallycmtuht slitht of I pollno
nil ii whom Him had often passed near her res
denco nnd bettsod him to send word to her
husband Mr flat tines cot word atH15IM
neil at Olla wont to the pollcu station and
asknd to see time blotter containing the chareo
nClln 1 his wife Tim U ruiMiit refused to al
low l him I I to ecu the blotter but said that the
prisoner wns locked tip for Intoxication and
that when sho came In horfacewax cut and
that hnrclothcri were dirty
Are you loire said Mr Hart Ires that she
wasnt sick V
I dont know anvtlilnc about that Shin Is
charted with Intoxication
I von had any doubt about It said Mr
Hartliiun why didnt you Bond for the police
surgeon e
8urlnol said the Rercoant wo dont send for
pollco surgeons for all the potty cases
Jolco qUrlOnA
Mr llartlm secured his wifes release on
ball taken by CIt mIA Hue had no marks
on her lao except the bruise caused by tho
Bvvolllnir Hho took up the child nnd walked
steadily across tho pollco station floor and
then < sho rcmemlwrcd that tho police hail taken
her rotlculo This fact Mr HartlnKS say
shows that BIO was clear headed when Aha was
locked up When Bho returned to her home
Mr HartlnKS had several of his friends exam
11 InrtngR
inn her as to evidences of Inebriety and also
had Dr Itlckorts called All pronounced her
poifeetly ImO from odor of liquor or other ovl
denco of having tippled Mm Ilnrtlnirs Bald
that the cull liitoucant that hhA drank was 1
small tlifi of whiskey about eight hours b
for bur arrest which she took to allay the pain
in her face
Bho was taken rwforo TtiBtlco Walsh reRtlr
day and 1olicimcn Kearney uud Horan tech
lled to tier arrest clnlinhiL that she Imdnvury
appearance of boll Intoxicated Mrs hastings
In nor own defence told the story given above
and her dentist testified to havlin her under
his tieatment t t Juntlen Walsh iluchi nod to re
ceive the testimony of Mr Hartlnus as to her
condition two hours after her urrost or that
sItu was sickly luoliting that It vvas not relevant
Ho said that inasmuch as Iolleemen kearnoy
and liornn woro discreet men hn would bind
her utility and Impose 1 nominal flue of t
Mr llnrtlnKB made II complaint against 1nlico
man Kearney before 1ollco Commissioner
Jourdan who ordered an Investigation
Ilrcukln rOM hU Guard AHer fling
Ilenrd Ms Doom Pronounced
Men all women crowded Judge Dyko
mans court In White Plains yesterday to sue
Angelo Cornottl tho Italian murderer who I
killed David Cash In Sing Bine prison In Do
comber 1831 resentenced Cornottl was un
organ grinder and murdered his wife several
years ago br beatlnc her with the staff of his
organ I waa while ho was sorvlnif his sen
tence of life Imprisonment for thIs crime that
bo quarrelled with and fatally stabbed Cash for
giving testimony acilnst Mancano another
Italian murderer Last t eli the Court of Ap
peal affirmed the fantonco of death previously
passed 1 by both Oyer and Termlncr and thin
General Term nnd yesterday the prisoner was
summoned to have thu sentence of death again
passed upon him Hu camo Into tho court
room cimrded by Sherlft Horton and two as
sistants Hn WltS shabbily dressed and his
WiI hhlhbly
feo WIB hiwuard from the desperate efforts ho
recently mad to starve himself to death Ho
danLled In his loft hand small coldmounted
crucifix fastened with abltof tape Ho has a
superstitious bolluf that BO hong as ho keeps
this eruolllx In oler possession ho cannot bu put
to death All the time he was In court he never
ceiifcod to hold It byfoie his eyes
Judge Dykomnn asked Corncttl I ho had
anything to bay before biting sentenced Iho
prisoner clasped his crucifix with tiembllni
hands and In a husky voice made a violent and
disjointed speech in Italian atserting that he
11 nbsertn
disjollld InlllJ
was orlirliiHlljr Imprisoned for nohlna at all
nnd that ho wan innocent of tho second mur
der Juduo 1 Dykomnn hoard nn Interpreter ro
poat the hpoob and then Hontoncod the pris
oner to bo hanged in the jail yard on May 11
Coruettl cried and kissed his crucifix when told
that hewn to die Then ho became wildly ox
cited and had to bo dragged out of the court
olod 011 b draKlt last of the
room Just as ho rncho the 118t step
stairway walking behind tho Deputy BherlllH
he suddenly wheeled about and removing bin
lint Alllnnly to Bhorlff Horton and oxelulnicd
Gooda mot nlnsc Sheriff Mo nOl eo backa
Then ho darted among the crowd of spec
tators and strove desperately to get away Ho
had cone but n tow net before Hhcrlff Hor
ton sprang ole upon his back and pinioned his
arms In front of him with a strong grip Cor
notti fought like a tiger to froo Iilmbulf und
10W foulht
triod to bite the HhorllT nnrt the dopubos U8
they pushed him nlons toward tho jail So tre
mendous vwiio hla exoil ions to esnniia that
when the jai I was llnnlly ranched ho fell I i faint
ing to the Moor Tho oflkors picked him tip
without ceremony and cuti led him up stairs to
wlhout oorOlony nl1
his cell where he coon recovered and cried
loudly for the Sheriff Ma Imioconl mo In
nooenl shrieked when tho Hlierlff camo to
him You non can lumen me nova nma I
Two dppulluB woro placed on etiaid Tho
jill keepers say that Cornottils the worst pris
jai IIY iiil Ho bohaves
oner ever conllned In the jail 10
moro like a caged wild beast limn a hllll I be
ing I Iko has nuoidy bitten t ti roe of his koop
arc and Iliac at them furiously whenever their
erl enter his cell A fortnight AGO ho burled his
teeth In cel of the keepers > hands and nearly
bit the thumb oft
The Methodist Conference
rrCIRKILL April 4The ninetythird session
of the Conference of the MethodiSt KpUoopal
D You of Win
hegan here this niorninr Blihop Cyrus tOO
nragiolla prealdeil A committee on the celebration of
thu centennial of till Mathodlat Eplacopal Church lu
IhMi naiRipolilttd
Thus New York RI rontnn of UI rolh1 RIh
Ccliii Church mt yeter1sy 10 ills looll M0I1I1
torllltrch I ilemiri W t erremi mt Atlimits preiIimiuC
iIeOtUllnhIa i Iloalorini I III nielllory of the lit I Ieicr
rJ iT hin atn roltonIrolII egilliet
loole iii
Ih iiiuiiitiileliis IC Ihe iiiii 111 cc 10tlo al
nheryritiCc I of i ii tilitibath in I tie e ruing Iii
irdeity itey I J bolsuhlig of Steitiforit preictied I lit inn u f mmiii
alonar lerinon
Ken from Canndne Capital
OTTAWA April 4Tho Prlncosa Loulsn will
1 from llermiida on tha 10th and atrlva Iii Ottawa ou
Ih lath or Ilh
Court of Railway Com milion
The Llll to conatltute n Ralwy
era tu rinwU h ia hem defeat rt In his Cominona
of Ama
of the Canadian
rrguiia Aorlolt
Th iit CIIIO
11 rKult The Uo > rnor Ueueral
teurOMMifimlll UilitW hfte uOIrorUlu1
liter cr5 Viwra rana1 Knnel
h4ccrtery Ylcirs of the Dominion of CII Knlt
flubi illled ami Unly todnj from trejnrllou at Ilia
ttuiht tlOW hld test I cst
MuirtcnKlLMhnlnd recur U I i guttt of Ih
Ho enter Utnrrnl
Tke Ilquor QuestIon In Okl < a
COLUMBUS April 4Tho Legislature today
of the conference coininltui fir f
a rted on the report COltUIC
the siitiniieinfl of two proponltiona for amemliiienta to
ihroiiitiiuiloiion his muor nuiHlon One trmldea
for promt lion and Ilia uthVr for luilatlve control
The huetlD or Jucky IlatldwU
BAN FnANCisco April 4Tho evidence In
thti caaa of Verona llaldwln nn trial for shooting
Baldwin wes cloaed I today The defence
wa Lucky IninhiY la which l line seine stroul TlJance WM
brcujfht 011
DI Cauass Lacking G4 Ilausiemeul and
Orc iil tlau Volere llMnilnc Aroavet
the Ward Beome WaIltssg rr Moner
PnoviDENcn April 4The election today
proved a wa anticipated to bo very exciting
throughout the State Tho Sprague boom
which on Tuesday had apparently gained now
strength flattened out very much It turned
out to b just what has all along been said of It
It was a bal of wind lucking backbone good
management and organization Those who
shouted the loudest for It had no votes
and hundreds who all along professed to
b willing and anxious to vote for the
Spraauo ticket gave it tho cold shoulder and
returned t tho Hepubllcan ranks The greatest
drawback to tho success of the Boraguo ticket
appeared to b the lethargy of the younger
members of the Democratic party who seemed
to 0 well sugared The Independents
thought to open tho election with a surprise I
by attempting to ring In a cold dock on tho Uo
publican Tho latter had n most elaborate
ballot engraved In ono block to prevent coun
terfeiting Thu ballots woro printed last week
and sent out of town on Monday One of them
was brought back to tho city and at 5 oclock
hilt night an enurnver began to work upon
I finishing tho Job at R oclock this morning
Tho Itopublloans learned what watt up almost
iHifore tin fnlso ballots headed Hemiblleau
Ticket but filled I in I with the names of the
Hpruguo cnlidldafm had been put nut and 1 f
new set of tlckoU were speedily printed and
distributed In till city nnd thn adjacent town
1jirly In the day tho Kopithllcans began to
roll up their majority and at noon won of
thu election of their ticket The scenes about
the ward rooms were very similar to those of
Iho llarnaby campaign five or six years ago
Hundreds of voters stood around awaiting tlio
arrival of money In this they wale solely
disappointed The Bpraunu people did not
oiler any money and tho Bourn managers
had no reason to put It out Tho Itupub
llcjin alectnrH 1 had arisen almost as tino
man l and given time ticket m a magnifi
cent backing Hpragui got a bad setback
In WoonBocket wlinro ho expected 500 major
ity but was beaten by 21 votes Hmithllold a
Democratic town gave Bourn 27 majority
North KingstonIn HpraguoH own county gave
bourn 15U majority Major Ilnroe the Chair
man nf the Itcpunllnnti Btato Central Commit
tee was touted In Johnston where Hpraguo >
got about UK nmjoilty The Indications are
that Bourn wi IIJOlly a majority In the Htate
ranging from JKX to Illorly Republicans
have fired a salute and a band of muslo played
triumphant airs In front of the Republican
headquarters tonight
lletmns from tim State nearly complete give
bit rmi about 2200 majority over all and about
3000 over Sprogue South Kingston whore
Cnnotichot IB located gives Kpraguo 423 and
Ilourn till In thn Assembly the llepubllcuus
will have at leant H4 of the los members
The Uemoerntle Victory In thlcnio KeaulU
In Other Cltlea
CiHfAdo April 40u a vote of 71fi > 3
Carter 1 Harrison Democrat was elected
Mayor over Judge Cary by a majority of 10137
Dunphy for Treasurer pulled through with
only 3GS1 Noumelster for Clerk bad 6918
while Orlnuell for City Attorney got 12528 ma
jority The now Council will stand 20 Demo
crats to 16 Itopubllcana Thoho citizens who
favor low taxation gave Harrison n largo
vote Loading business men undertook
to extinguish him by placing a union
ticket In tho Held headed by Eugene
Cary I Insurance man Higher lliiunr
license was nho urged to I a degree that
Icnnsn l tIme lermmtn Republican naloon I knepera >
and halls nosing 10 me siuu 01 iiarriaon 110
I polled ueAl1 11u strength of time Ueinoeraey
the lliiunr Interest nnd tho friends 01 low
taxes 1lunr Is greatly elated over hU victory
txq J Irlnly April 4ThA election In
this city liaised 1 i off quietly Tim Citifuns
nomlnon for Mayor 1 nnd other city officers are
elected hy majorltled ranging front 10 to 700
The Democrats elect 4 out of 7 Alderman giv
ing them the Council by a majority of 8 Tho
Mayor and Treasurer elect are Democrats and
the City Attorney und Clerk Republicans
BT Louis April 41ho result of Tuesdays
municipal elections In Mlssout I was at follows
In this city of tho I five Gounollmen elected
two are Democrats two Ileimimcnns and one
an Independent The proposition to fund the t
city debt was cnirlnl tn JelTcrsnn City the
DuinnorntH leMoct Mayor Ldwirds nnd the
HcpublkaiiBOleet two Aldnrmen to thin Demo
Demociuta elect
ciats ono In Kansas City time
James Oibsou Mayor and the lent of their
ticket I except Auditor The Council I stninlb
7 Republicans anti 5 Uomocruts In Spring
Meld time Democrats elected their entire ticket
with tho exception of onn Jouncilnmn In
Mexico J II thick I mOl I I thn t 1eoploH candt
hate was elected Mayor The Democrats C4ir
neil their entire ticket with this exception
In helium tho High License ticket with J W
Kyger for Mayor was elected In Iloonovlllo
the Democrats elect their entire ticket except
the Ueglstur Tim City Council stands i lie
publicans nnd a 1 DomocratH In Sedalm the
llcpiibllentis elected the Mayor and Treas
urer The Democrats elected the llogiMor and
Marshal In Independence the Democrats
elected the Mayor and a majority of thn Coun
cil III Marshall the Temperance ticket was
elected over the Citrons ticket In Clinton
the Itopubllcans were victorious
Thn result of tho oleotlons Kansas nR far
as heard from wns ns follows In Tnneka J 0 1
Wilson Prohibitionist la piobably elected
Mayor In Fort Scott Col A 11 roarson the
Cltfecna candidate Is elected Mayor over Capt
W II Henry linn by majority 1ho lie
publlcauB elect a dice Judge City Attorney
Treasurer and throe CouncIlman In Leaven
worth Dr H T Nolly tho Democratic candi I
date for Mayor was elected by a larger majority
than that of any Mayor for years
ScilKNECTAUV April 4fhl county elects
six Democratic and four Republican Huper
visors Last year tho Hoard was a tie lImo
Democrats In tho city elect their entire city
ticket with thn exception of the Mayor
Formally Opening New Fulton Market
Tho stand owners In Fulton Market Cole
uratrd yeiterday the completion and opening of the
new market hulldhir On a temporary platform on the
ncflkh hU were tominhuioner < of Charltlea Umic II
llailty I1 n Blackforil Amos Kobblna C P Wood
wurth Charles Johnson William Ottnian L Sthoon <
makir clerk of the market ami John NU of WmhlnK
Inn Market On the left of tha platform our row of
quumrs lit her liHiidlnc from honka I on the rlitht were
i iilnkof 0 rjtetablen und oirhtad and In front llntii
tiling 1 In feitoonf Ationt rOO persona in front of Iho
platform I heard the oralor I Cot I Thomas F Do V op
hurrrlntendent I rif VtnrkrtH I ti > rore he heRan I to apetik A
letter from Comptroller I I i Iampholl I I recrettlnir that lie
rnlild not attend II liC read 11 Mr Illackford Mr
Him kford proponed three cheer for the Comptroller i
h IN trIr r read
nnd I th r were henrlllv Riven Then Uol lie Voc
iii ilhi cit On Jan I JJ IHJI tha old mark rccenll r
torn down herald I I I waa Imilt I nnd thrown I open fnrhusl
ntn U I was called the Fly Market Joieph 1 lost ona
of tha Kh Market hutchera n uuaker ttudied i the
anatomt I of benitl an anriteona do Ih lit of man Tort tod I
IIMJ hutchera III A pcuie I protmKlon nhkh took place
after the Kmoliillonari war The deicetulanla of many
of the old marketmen are now toniplcuoui rldnl of
Itt city slid Iii iiokh II
John Ollonnell nf the Jamalra Wondnril Iso II
llalley H ii 1 McOotern and Joeph I Clark mada ahort
1 4
nddretnei h cI an tiitcrtnlnment Bhen ty the atamt
holdera n aa eiijo ed 1 at Wnlinvrlghti hotel I
No fr Passe IB I Pennsylvania
JUntUBDumi April 4Tho Everhnrdt Free
lass I Llll anied the Senate today It prchlblta the
Iniuing of free pannei by railroad compamea tn any one
aicept ontcerl and emlo > eea and ailolullon aubjecli
olTenderi lo fine IT tmprliomnent Nineteen Ilemncratl
and IhlrteiM ueplItl cells iolr1 for the I II bill nnd one
IKr biu r T
Democrat and thirteen Hepubllcani airalnit II The
Home hai tianed an slobs almllar bill through aecond
It th rg Ir
reading and It I will I r probably I luhttltuu for It tin ona
iuied by the Senate
Ills Henri was Ilrokcn
NEW UnusBWicK April Anthony Stlno a
hard working Uerman was releaied from Jail jeiturday
where tie had l been Impriioncd for threatenlnif 1 oJ the KI life I
fl Charlei Lambert I whom lo he ai uiUftI of nililradniK I hu
wire Me nent thu lull home at 1 Weiton Mllli anil 1 found
that Ihaiouple had eloped lie then reliirnrd to tile
Ift ImWro
tO I where tie told levernl 1 ier oiu that hla heart I ua
broken and he wanlid to die This muorittnu the match
man of the lloilery vianufaiuirlnff Company found hli
body loatliig In the raceway
A Iliiel In Prospect
BT Louis April 4John Cardnell odllorof
the Aiittln Tex fiialrman mihllrhed k card In lila
paper jeelerday In which he call Major Chenowlih R
tneiubrr nf the los er llnuw of the CeKtilatiire to ac
011101 r COllie coil iisiiie I he made on Mr i Cardwella I
conduit In relation to rallroada and denounce him iii
01 I
deliberate liar and low sid A duel aI U apprehended I
Mr K egmi Hwnllowa his I Word
I AIIUM AI rll 4Tho criminal libel unit
agalnil vxAauinhlinnn Or I mm of long Inland Clly
was comiiromtn tod hi 1 Jilr fCeegnna retraction of
liii charge tbi beuloU timely sual frollor Will iiriiig
OEonOB ir ninuns DJJA lit
Tk Na of te luk Minarii lar < r E > d < kit I
llfe evt a Vptawn Hotel
A man plainly but neatly drcwod walked
Into the Orand Onion Hotel 1 At Port ocond
street and Fourth Avenue midnight on Tues
day and asked for a room Ho registered aa
George W Davids Now llooholte and taking
out a bill from a roll of money which he carried
loosely In his pocket paid the night clerk and
went up stairs directly afterward At 9 oclock
yesterday morning told chambermaid to
let him alone when she knocked and told him I
It was time to got up Early In the afternoon
the chambermaid roturnod and knocked
again without receiving any reply and
the door was bunt open by porters
Tho guostl was found stretched on tho bed
completely dressed and dying On a bureau
near tho bedstead lay his watoh and chain and
n twoounee bottle of laudanum half emiulod
Money wits loosely stuffed his coat pocket
Manager Garrison recognized him 8S 0110 of
tho partners of the firm of Ihaddoua Davids
Hon the Ink manufacturers and Instantly tele
graphed to the William street ofllco of thn firm
lie also sent for n doctor hut Mr Davids was
dead when the physician arrived Kdwln 1 and
David Davids brothers nf thn deceased camo
and wore terribly ahoekid nt time sttootacle
David Davids broke tile nows to tho family at
Now llochello The dead mans wife was
driven nearly frantic by tho news
Tho relatives cured that tho flOWS
would kill Thaddetifl Davids the iltnd mans
father who IH at present living on his estate In
Florida Telegrams were smut 10 him but they
Ioncenled tho real nvuso nf the death Tho
body will be removed to New Hochnllo this
morning amid Coroner Kennedy will begin his
inquest I at thn damn time
Inorgn Davldnvvofl ono of ten sons nine of
whom nro still living Hn wits horn in this
city fortyeight ream ago and received a eom
mon school education Ho nnt Tetl bual
hines with tils father u mmrter of n
century ago nnd during about 1ml that
time hn and bis brother David woro partners
with I their father Thaddeus who founded the I
IIrm nearly half a century lion Ho vsns
twlco married and leaves seven ebll
di > > n two of them being unite young
During time Tweed regime bo took un
active part In politics Ho was at ono time
Supervisor of the town nf New llochello and at
another County Treasurer but was
defeated for reelection In tho fall of
187H lie lost hetvlly In n railroad
pool gotten up by city politicians about
ten ears ago At that time ho lived very ox
penaively drove valuable horos and spent
bonny with lavish liberality Ho ret lied from
politic after his defeat and became moro
modest In his mode of hiving
Thin brothers and otimuir relatives of tho sui
cide said II11t night that they could not ac
count for his act Mrs David Dav Ida his sis
terinlaw said Ihnt ho was much attached to
Ills wlfo and children null that domestic re
lations wore oxtinmnly happy At tIle ofllcn
of the llrm In William street an attach said
that thai motive of the suicide was equally u
mvstnry there
Mr It D huntington of New Hoehollo a
btotherinlnw of the suleldo Bald last night
that Mr David appeared to bn lu good
spirits the last time ho paw him which
was on Haturday Ho heard It reported
that ho had financial troubles but not lately
Ho said that for about ten years Thnddous
Davids had lolt the linns business under tho
control of the deceased man Ho said ho
billeved that Davld HdlsastiiUHVnntuio > In the t
Hannibal and St Jooeph llallroad corner was
his only I attempt at stock speculation Of Into
years hn haul been Secretary of thin Htatlonera
Hoard of 11 nile and n trustee of the Hoard nf
Trade and Transportation Ho became in
volved In financial troubles during his term aa
County Treasurer but all claims against him
wnro settled afterward
Intimate friends of thn deceased man said
last night that ho was llnanclally emlmriassid
during tlin t last two years and retired I fiiim Ills
partnership In tlio firm to accept the post of
clerk 10 told oxHlIprvIFol Ihulpa on Mon
day that ho was feeling ery mm h dnproshcd
He lived vvitll isle wife and children at the
family homestead overlooking Now Kochnllo
harbor Thn house la a hue old llnvulu
tlonary structure In one corner of the
gulden ntiiniN tho historical cedar tree
under which Tom 1alno treed to preach In the
open air to the pe > nln who gathered to hear
him Tile homestead Is reported to bo all Hint
Is I left of the extensive property onco held
time sUitilu
rovjiar S1L1iNIIV JrA
MMklnff A Run or 2 111 Ike IMrarcal on Record
In the hulk Line Game
CUIOAOO April 1HI1 ton nnd Wallace played
thli nfl rincii In I the presence of about two hundred
penoua Nothing orht notice occurred In the flret
ten Innlni the orore then sIn uhhiig at the tow flgrurenof
Tttn Sin favor of sexton III the twentnr t Inlilne
Sexton rolled up A neat siring of 41 points In tIle Iwo
13 t fourth hinhiff VVnllacu made hU beet effort of the I
en lie ncltlnirh I careful and iltllcate phiv n run ot 71 I
Thli he followed up by 10 more In the next timing n hen
tue score atomli Sixiun niO Wnllace ll I 94 Iurlnirlh
lu xt iiliuteLii innlni S xton male incite numi sic
of iheni in pncilei > hiii In the fort > nlxth tnnltifr he irot
4r hoon ttftir thin i Wtll ire made n run of o andst 1
ton n pMr l of 4Hi In the I fin J third I und lirt fourth
iiiii IllS t hllace got vu and ts and thr pcorr ktood VjTi
to I 401 iitfalin him tuna 1 InnhiiiH later Hextnn run the
KlIne to H7 ant hi I tho flfl > feenth rioted It a tilt I 1
CnllHCe Morrtl 07 omulv Time 2 hour and VVmfnnttr
Tht game thin eiuilmr wnl mph 111 Morrli of C 1 hh ego
andVUnnnx of Turin rho content wna hecnn hj Mor
rU who huxhu ti on Iho i hank Ucted the white tiall
hut fiilled toiiuiit lie h1t thehillK I in I aiirh potltloli
home m or that eien the I redoubtublo rriinrhninn waa
forcni to paiifie before eniti > InK I tie itllH < Mlti otrnkemi hlch
hemUftod Morn uiralu fuilidto count and Vlvnaux
did ittemi Ice I In the third Innlne Morrl calhrrnl lie I
pliereM Into I the louerlrfl hand corn r and by A ferlea
of well timid and delhateU cuh iilnted itrokea nuc
c eeded In i iifttoif torch icr Ml when from mtr con I
ndence hu ml fteil what fcpemtd 1 to Ito an riot drnu
Vltrnniix 1 follontd hut couhl only hv < llnt i of cloie I
round I hietahite i calculation I I t I editor 1 In 10 1hi irnmo con
tinued tu he I rather uiiliiUrcmln until the tenth
liiimn whon Vlinaux h > mraiiH of hi 4 nieihodlcnl
aHtunof pluy mnde A run of 71 whirl h > m cry nearly
diij llcatedln hip fourttentll Innlnff Mo tie In the linean
time Was In milieu poor luck Whklj aome Inuluted
ahoti t ere adnilrahe lilt score Increakid but
shomihy Ill the elvhtcenili Iniilni Vljuuiix ajnla
1 hl III rWnll
unmet hla nail and nuimented me JIX Ofirl
sirIng hy 71 more huttonti Mia arore then stood
ri J iln
X > 4 nlar Morrli 1IU MorrH then mado i Th game
looked l ai though It wan good for another hour Viitnnnx
allll wnntintr 24ipolnti I but to the 1 delltiht and wonder
ot all preicnt he ran the KUine out Thti run I the larireit
on record for the balk line game wai made In the UMial I
cool atcady pftcu VKnanx war II eleclrlrteil tho rpec
tatora hrnaux now leinln the tournaniint In game
won general avcrnge and highest run The follow Iny U I
the Poorer 1
Morrla hlte0 I l5ltOC22l27 I 0 87 1 IK
1IIKr j rb
II 8 2 5 3 Total 1U7 Aterage lli7hti 1 1
Vlirnaux I black oo 2 10 H d so 20 1471001
77I ln 71 Jto TolatHUO A > erae 31 I liii
Time of game 2 hour lu minutes
Close Work Hetween E peila Knliht Kim
and Oihcra Defentca
Interest tho pool tournament In the Dow
er lncria > H ai the galilee i roceed Iant night Else <
mana Hall wax literal packed A delegation from the
Karquet Club oicupled aeala near the table Camp
stool were prehied Into semi ice 1 until there waa barely
room for the plaera to work their cite The trot
batllo In thn Afternoon w nn between llurtclgh and Lam
hert Iliirlehch Ihe faorlti won Ity I this clone
score of 11 I I toll 1 Leonard Mid Kliu met In the m next
ounce 1 King had the call in the betting He made 1 iou
of h tie fluent ahoia In thu tournament no far In I the I hInt
he tiankrd n hull Into No A pinch from Ihe ii > rHinld I
folhivvlnz I with I another lair dank pilot which I Iilaci I Iho I
call d ball from the I bunch Into No ul I iiorket Ltonard
fI l ob nrerairc plau beat Kiln 1 II I I thu Jrf resultwai
A urenl nurprlni to the huckeri I of King 1
Lambert and Knlitht trod cites In I lift eenlnr Hx
Cloini I thou Knight I wan A utrong fittorlte Lambert 1 1
phi 1 cti a much better I irnme thnn llnunl tin nan re
marknhh auccennful In all hli long nhotH and made 1 sev
cral ucinrnte back ihoU Tho renult meal hint he hint
Knight In nnooreof 11 1 too The I la I Yrey oiipnned the
fII luCy htitton I in the neat erica tru rftn sheath 1 of hli I
hent opponent with pace The fat boy hotter rr pale
many Indication of loon becoming one of the atrongeit
of Thli I hitu3ers afternoon Dankelman and Knight will open play
follow ed hv I Lambert and Shaw The eiening lontenti
w III ho between Ueiiunger and Hutton followed by 1 rcy
and King
Doubt IncMnc In Nebraska
OMAUA Neb April 4A posse of armed mon
broke Into the Jail at llanllngi I last night and took out
three prlnoneri Urecn ItiKriim and Babcock after
courlng Iho guard with gulls and orderliui them away
The rlnonern I were hound und gagged and carried to tho
railroad bridge half a mite from the I depot w here Ort en
and Imtram were hanged from the beam llabcock wai
hrought hack and turneil met lo Ihe anthorillrl
The prlionerii were nrreited ant I week for robbing aa
slits M h Millet merchant I and nhontlng I urI when I he
tried lo eicape Orcen and Ingram I pleaded not guilty
Hnhciuk admitted hits guilt ii rest excitement nal
arouned and the nrlnonera were taken to Lincoln I for
1sf li keeping hut I brought I bai k to Ili I Iai n thugs for eYamln
SI lull befoTM the Coroner 1 tip feeling agaliut them wai
10 Intenne that I not a word wan rained In proivit aialnnt
Ihe I 1 nchlng I llabt oik promlned I I lo make reelatlonof I
the exlitence 1 and give the lucille of an nrganlied band
The Nnnthwatcrn Indian Trouble
SANTA IlS N M April 4Col roisytho re
ports that he hat loch this trail of tint Indiana 111 the
Chlrlcahua VUnntalup
Mexican adicei report that the marainrinff hand has
been drti en from Sonora Into A rirona hut before cront
hunt the I line this oum sues killed I ffty two people inuth of
thin nlexltan honndary Nothing I haa > ct utin heard
froUl Oapt tilaika command
Competition Cheapens On In III t Inll
BT LouIs April 4TIto competition between
hits Water Oa Company and the Laclede Coal has om
pan hai reduced I the prIce of f guce fran f3 fiO 0 ne 50 per
ihonaanil I In that dl part of the til lmlw the Ural
named company The Water On Company sIll Invade
the territory of his hi Loull Company Mull au4 sa
pe M W oQvsf all diaUttilt l PUll at the < iqr
Tk e Assembly PrUom Bill lo COM Vp To
elay Vcloci atlll In UmrrtrA ll llon
Ovs a Hynrlona LnIrJ In tit Onllory
ALHANT April 4The Senate again set ltd
face firmly against any change In prison man
agement today and by sovern decisive voteS
showed that the poseoga of any bills Impairing
tho contract system was Impossible Turoo
bills were successively beaten The first was
ono allowing extra pay to prisoners for extra
work MesBrs Grady and Fitzgerald made a
hard fight to get tho Senate to disagree with
the Adverse report of the Prison Committee on
the bill but they wore beaten 18 to 13
Thai who votid to dlnainee with the aJverM report
wen 1 IloyJ Drowning Iktly Fitzgerald Orady Jacobi
Klernan Koch Mac Arthur Thomas Titus and Tnanor
The bill prohibiting tho confinement of
minors In the State prisons which was also re
ported adversely by tho oommltteo was ro
jootod by a like vote A long debate ensued
over tho bill forbidding the lotting of new con
tracts at Iho expiration of existing contracts
It was rejected by tho following vote
AiMennri lloyd Drowning Italy lttr eraU
OrM llolmea Jaoba Kleruan MacArthur Pitta
TlMimaa Tltun I and Trejinor 111
NAYSMoper Allen IaidlDo Covert Kill
worth Ulan June A Vanning f I lAnning Iml I
L > mule Maeklll Mccarthy u I A Nelwll II C helloll 1
lh liu > llltl I
Tho Assembly la to have a field day on the
same iiilUKtlon tomorrow
Mr Titus presented a petition signed by
President 1orter of Yule College ox1rosldent
Voolsey mind twenty of the college protevsnrM
threo oxUovernoru of Vinnectlcut and a
largo nutnbur of other leading citizens of that
Htalo In favor of the Niagara Fallx 1urk bill
Mr lloyd Introduced u bill prohibiting any
theatrloaluxhibltlotipubllnor private which
JOHUH Christ is rUIlosnt its omi of the char
acters Mr Ill7 erald olTntcd lOBoJutions of
respect to tile memory of Ieter Cooper which
wero adopted and lie Hennto adjourned
Tho Assembly vas In a playful mood during
Its four hours Bosulon which was duvoted to
tho third reading of local hills In the llrst
IhlutC0 Col Lamont t the dashing secretary of
ho i Governor camo In with the scalps of tao
local bills that bad been disapproved 1 by the
Governor The blue ribbon that baa now been
passed pretty well around tho chamber trite
quickly tied on the at ma of Tromper of Ulster
nndlarrarof Unondnga whoso bantlings had
suffered death A few minutes later some
waggish member started the story that MrH
Lnnglry was In the gallery For Ito
next half hour there wits a continued
craning of nooks skyward There was
ft pretty face sure enough and OB the Jersey
Lily was In town what could bo more natural
than that chic should bo tharn Tlpi members
conducted tlnnmolvea with limo grace and gal
lantry that mark their conduct on Monday
iilghtH when tIme fair sex Huong the galleries
Benedict thn gallant editor fioin Kllonvlllo
made four speeches In llftoon inlnuies and
would havo spoken again luau oppoitunlty of
fered Gen Hplnolas wonderful ehlrt collar
was Hindi horlontal Instead nf perpendicular
by thn bacluard tip of his head lien Johnson
01 WostcheMiT was the envy of his fellow rnem
tiors Ho had just como from time barbersand his
military moustache tailored beautifully A red
rose was tn his buttonhole Ho wore a tight
fitting frock coat buttoned around his martial
form and it was generally conceded lint the
nyns of the Illy wero fastened Intently upon
him The lady H attention was sonu attracted
to tho upturned faros Klin blushed vvhlepered
to her companion and tile two retired Then
thn wag who had stalled the commotion ad
mitted that the supposed Mrs hanutry was a
girl from Kchonoctndy
Then the members made funnels and fish
ing polos and ear ticklers of long antimonop
oly petitions that lay on their desk nnd pelted
and poked ono another till their hour of ad
journment Hlxteeu local bills passed coiibtl
toted hun days work
The Hopuhllcnn members nf the Houso lucid
a caucus this morning at which It was decided
to support thu Civil Her vice linform bills also
to oppose hue New York charter amendments
unless a provision bo insertedgh the Ma > or
of New York nexleleclnd tho powurof appoint
ing single headed Commissions without con
JlriualDrypQWcrliv thn I Ikuinl ntAlilermnn
rIle ncnalo iqnaucn Commltteo trili report
favorably tomorrow lie nomination of Isaaa
O Terry for Capitol ComiiilBnlonor by a unanl
mouhvotn Iresaure has been brought to bear
to secure his conllrniatlon and it may bo sue
cispful I in getting t I him i through
Thi rural Demociats In the Assembly ore
generally disposed to send the now chatter
amendments back to tho committee tomorrow
unless tho New Yoik city men agree upon
thnin lhuo 1 country members say thoy will not
shbi with any faction in New tork There Is n
general feeling that tho I amendments OH ru
ported would put too much power in John
KeIlls hands
Irea1d nt Vlmnn Pr inlaeja
Kraaliis Wlmnn was ehctoJ President of the
new lloitrd of lilrei om of the fituten Inland I Itallun
Kerry Company e tert1n to nuccied Capt Jmob II
Vnntterbllt N 1 Vllllcr tm tie choni Vice IrrrlihMit nnd
John I SWihcin timporari Sccrrliir and Trtaniirer
The Pltir w nil the I enl oRlccr rcilcctrd The further
reelu Ct IOu of ottlcera wni adjnurni d until lucnday next
The ihnnsf Irnnnferii the entire mnnagement of the
comtiAiii from the control of the anderhilt family hi
M r VV Iman or what U known nn tb < rahl 1 trnnnlt o po
rtion A IHTHIII w HI IH > iialnti > 4 w 1th thu unulrs ot the
Chile ltCii yaid Itich 1 lenlng
Commodore nnilerbllt th Mt puttied thin fern lining A
stoop In trtiiFi orl hli pan engern 01 Htera lull and farm
iiriulnco from what wu then called Vthltihull to tho
Inlund It lint pent rnllv been regarded in an heirloom
of the Viindcrhllt fniinliand overy one expected thiet
VV ill tutu II I I would slit hu uncle to keep lontrol of the
ferry Mr VVImaii iiiiletl houiht up the attire slid out
> oted lie i opponlng Interrnt The lock la All held bj the
ohlir fanilllci itt Itlihinoud houuuijh the Krelniliera
MarvtiCH anderhtltft Kddn anlothera vtntiy of tlu e
were In fat or of granting hue public riunceMione
hut Capt Jake wai reported tu have combated all iuno
Mr vVlman IN a millionaire A director In the Western
Inlon relevrnph Compuu rrenldent of the Montrenl
Telegraph Company part owner of the Toronto CloSe on
which he btgan life ainnewnboy slid a partner tn 1C
II Pun A Co a mercantile nirelici 1 w o i care ago he or
ganlzrd the Stateli Inland Hnpiil Transit Cuiilitaliy amid
mrouiuoeul lo run oppoiltlou boat from V hlleliall atreet
to New Ilrlghton thence to trannport pnsnengera and
freight IV n railroad that Miould nklrt kotli Hit north
and aoutn Hhoron of the I Inland I Till railroad hiss been
aurvetd Two of tIle Iron steamboat Uompanya Meet
mere emraged lo mak half hourly tOlls and couiminn
lion Hi keln Wste to be lold raeuengeri hale alvin
Iten ol lived tn pay ten edit fare each pasuge whether
for a single trip or hy the lear Mr VMman announce
A desire to make nil the flinlng gronnda nnrroiindlng Ihe
Inland Including Prince a Hay Itarltan Hal the lower
and upper New York Hay na uiceMnibla lu Kew Vorkri
an Conn Inland In More frequent trlpn commutation
rate and more boat In rush hour are promliid
Tho Mlnr Route Trial
WASIIINITON April 4 Henry M Veils ono
of the defendant took the Hand to Icy lie mid he
never wkilnllmato with emily Mid never atkid for nor
receim cit faiori from him lip went Into the star route
buliieP lb hit rohuciuuics and merely tn help hli friend
Miner who was In great financial trouble The firm
then rnmlntidnf Vnlln Vliner Pick nnd J VV Dorfei
H ii llurrcl had no liii crest In the hliklncnn taunt that i
hi had loamd llionel to thti I old llrin lift hnnerted that i
nomiiof V altci operation Iniahdiited bin niiurltl for
Ihu I llionel loHUfd They had n terrible I iiiiuml whlih
llnally linullrdm I A dim iaiiiu utt th roiilen ullo taking
jut jei Cciii ii tier iu lr gout iiid s 11 Dome 5 ij I F tr
ctnl After tiling Iho hunlmmon I huts hails lie hhthiit
iri > s W Pornc nualn until lime 1 lsi I I II e neier ills
liked a man no hutch h In bin life an ho did Dornei hut he
wan on frlclidli termi uIth him now on account of their
common I irtecntlon He dtllfed nil of Itenlell Ktntc
inenti relating to hlmtelf aid all tile ilmnim a ulnit
him In the InUlctmeuli He wai irun exnmlned hy Mr
Tie Mallet Inaurnnce < a e >
NEW HAVEN April 4The Insurance cases of
Edward Matte lenlor member of the firm father of
Walter sod ltuutie of Jamei Malle were begun to day
In this Slihierihir Court before Judge Heardile There
am thlrt one Oases In all and It i ac agreed hy connnel
that OIlily hiP hue i ticit as a lest mapthe one sCaiTlit Hi
Atlantic tire and Marine Innurance Company of Iroil
dence lo recover 5Jruim > The dry goodi more w ai burned
on reh UH IHSJ and the avgregnln amount of Innrnaiu
win 5h27usu I Ihe 1 Malle 5 claim that thrlr loni I mm as
S ileorge 1 Oronn I of tint u truth of Procter I hrhihl
AMaguIre teititlidthnt the lloi k wn worth from f HU I
n a i in fiMinxi and that hln firm had offered to litty this
Mullea out preitounly at actual coit
Aeanailnnted by hU Hiother
AtKithTA On April irmso brothers liar
tilt huh auti hI I VVIIIIimidolored tutsireited l mine time
ago about donuntic trouble and ld hornewhlpped liar
rlnllonforahuilnrtlie formcri wife While Ed ass
riding on A hark iliii evening on the outnklrti of hip
city he was stint to Ihe ground hi Harrington who fird
at him ntt tlmen hltllng him ha lie This nouiided limn
wlll Irotably > die
Iron Worker on HirlUej
ItEAptxo Pa APIII 4Forty rollers anti
hettera eniplnrd In the imMllug I mlllo the E A II I
Brooke Iron I Compani at IMrdnboro time itoppid work
on aotMiunt of A tel iiithhuhi I il I heIr Ic iP5 ranginr from
lltolJi 1 j < er cent Three hundred aamli are ihrowu
out of work b > this action of the utusmu
A Piittllaher Nhol by a Ilruker
NEW OiuxiNB April 4A despatch to the
rifayunt frtnn llaton Kouge iaa an altercalion look
place thli aft rnouhmi hdween VV T Panders a broker
nnd W A Ieinir puhllilurof Ihe Ulollln Ailinratt
lu which the latter wil shut through bus head sItu disul
m two hour
Priparing I Take the Initiative In Read
JestIng Wages oa a Lower Meat
PrrrHBUBOii April 4The Iron nmnufac
tutors of tho West have quietly prepared n
grent surprloo for tholr omiloyoen and tho pub
lic In gcllorul Heretofore when the time drew
near for the annual adjustment of wages In
the mills the manufacturers Quietly awaited
the demands of the workmen then held a
meeting and decided whether to accept or ro
jeot thorn This year the manufacturers hnvo
repeatedly within the past two monthmadoelared
that Instead of wages being adjusted a usual
they would have to bo subjected to a complete
readjustment and that on n basis lower than
has been paid since tho close of the great strike
They also determined to take the Initiative
instead of awatltig the result of the delibera
tions ot the workmen In pursuance of this
policy throe or four wellknown repin
ftcututlvoa of the lion trade Imvn visited
the headquarters of tho Wcalon lion AH
eoclatlon In thla city two or three times
n week during thin past month but their
work has been dono In secret Ijist ululit and
early today lie names of Iron nmnufactururH
dolngbiirdnnnn In Cleveland Cincinnati vvhonl
lug Vivlngton Chicago Ht LouIs nnd other
Westernclllns appeared on the hotel ie MorM of
this city At about I 11 oclock ipso iniii entcrod
tIme rooms nf time Western Iron Association and
the doois wiro closed to outsiders Thoy wnro
not opened until I 1 t i 1 M t An annual meet Ing
or thin Western Iron Association was hold but
its bUHlncft did not consume much time
When It was llnlshed n meeting of tIm
association oiganled during Ito I great strike
last yur trunu bold Thn business ciumldtied
waa the wacos to bn paid next year Tho men
who had been meeting no nn tTlouHly
nt tho rooms or him association pie
sentod a revision of limo scales of tho
prosent year nnd this I was discused and after
some minor I changes adnptnd as the I boats on
which tlio nmiiiifiuturciH will Hand Thn
enet llgurcsof thn innnufacliiiois sctIu could
not lie t ascertained but It I wehut leirned with
out doubt that it proposes n reduction In
vvageanf finm lUlnJilpnr emit TIle reduc
tion takes In hIll whole list ot mill wot kiiinti
puddlers as vili na ilnlKheis coining In i for
I Imul F clinic It la madu necessary tho manu
facturers say by time condition of ttadn and tlin
reduction ol the unit und will not be diverted
W il Ilutchlninna Teelloiony
Broker W J Hutchlnsnn of hue firm of Ken
nedy A Hiitchlnioa Appeared before Heferee r H
Adami enterdav with hli sale book and was further
iiiehtioned b h tilery Andiraoii AD to hihi desthngi mm huh
Charles A I hotchih iou a formir luntomtr irho li stung
the Arm for IOHCHO Mr Anderion framid hits qu i
thouts from maim of memoranda mm bIght excited aome
cnrloilly an thcplalnllfr hnnot jet nucoivJc In prttlnit
access to lila hook II lr llut I I hlnnon In reply ho hues
tloni referring to npccitii dnten rent oft u variety of
rate that had been maim for Mr I llotihkW account
There wan one record on IVh 211 IHhJ of the ask of A
tlioufiind shares of L tiiiin Pacific shuck fni Keniiil
llntchlimon 1 A Io another IhotiHind ImrcM if the name
Hoi k for hiS i ihnt Ill ill vir I lulolu tie and another tlion
mint for Mr linirt I but I Vlr lu hitch ihiibhi had noniintmit
Identlfiliig nhnhatock wai cold for Mr llr > tihkl > i
Thero wan n churn of fll to Vlr llotchklrn for dill
dend w hitch h Mr i lloti likl I > 4 pluin l wun dm becuuno
Mr llotchkt wa nhort ot th t tck rh < re wan nn
Item of n nalc of IHniinhnnn I of ttotk to III n Igool on
tho name tic lhat atui Shard wem eoldtoVIr h llotch
klnn bit Andernon nu niotcd that I hue i > nl to HhMKt
good waa nominal and ttit pirt of lute iuhrk uric re
nervid to he nulnMfjllentl hI pull 1 to llotihkUn the cmi our
nhip of thud sick tiv Keiin di A liitchln > having In en
concealed Vlr llnlclUnnon hull mpr declartd that hu
hml no Intirifit In tho eric I utter its MP to Hlo iduood
Mr u MulchliiMiu adiulltxl Hint nn n certain him hits Ihnin
nolil flloikn for tliimnilii < at terniH two i i r lOnt more
faloral than them sit the numo tock for ItoUhkUl I
on the name day Thu iu v li ntlll on
Are tKry tlitillro of the lcnc f
An net wns pues M In 1881 oxcoitlnB Kings
county from HIP I rule llmt I Jintl 1 es of the TOHOA imitt he
elected nt the nnnuitl tea it incctinu and providing that
they huuhil lie cli ctcI it i lie K I nltriintuialckotlMiis Ill
dot the etuhium that tliUn t U tiucniifititiitlinial t uthis mm ore
csat on Tiurdny li fuur of Die outit > tonim of intro
000uity for JiiPtl 1 r < 4 li w knrw of th fncl but tht me
horn rhow tliit llenj liiii > < h fluid tVultr I Multli hotl
Iem icrnln moor elected In I New loti Unit Vnnnl K
Iiumumiott ami O VV Church mrv elnu < l In > twUtrecht
hint John violation and THc < iitn s Mrkcrwcrt re
dieted In firmencnd anil thit Jiitics hiatuS wait re
vlvcted In Kliitlnml The liicilmbinlH vhofi < pnllions i
are 1IHI4 threat I nnt nMTt thiil un > clnlm of thoeetleit
a nn l iueohay lilnialhlated lj I Ihcwanluf i due notice
Addreaaea by Wellknown Democrat
The Harlem Democratic Club held a mooting
hid night at Ha club houii Htcoml am enuue and 1241
ntreet 1rentdent Cynic < I Uuitiell occupied the ihalr
Mr Frederic U ondert the checker of the clcnlng dc
htmencuI tin umhircr Oil Kfiowlodgu of Political Dclalli
the Putty of fiery Citltii Vlr roinlert npoki of pnrli
polItIco and their iOiIbiilolih I ln > mono In pollli icth
thonpeukir nhiaild hd I Ihchirl I mm nt nil tlme for nit
1tnitn rile hi kt mill onli get In nllie hi uio ui j t < iol i
diipennrition of till hit Proi hUnc Hx OmgrtMimn
Rommi oil I I lowcr t okr of bin htte cam rlifit lOut umtt
hhuiit lie hat now rehrnl flom iiitnv iiulllun unrt htuuI
Joined the great uiniiuy ofcritlm UK did not inn how
man llalU there wire us loiu in Dcmnirntn fllleit Ihem
ttherlilune Anxiety About hIs lcllcia
r J Sheridan was In I tho t Tombs Pollen Cour
3 eittrda tr Ing to get it turnout for the nrrent of Ji hi
T Hong I ivhol ho eniplOulln tIe huh lloiM rnicc Mr
RhendHli silt that lloa hint reptatidl openid 1 liii lot
ten that on the flrft ooca < lon Iii at p011 < t he had ma lea
iuti hit tilt iimOtnithi hI Tiu hluuit gy mm no actcileil iut
hr Iluing ichic mmuiriteih tint iii ill lb guhiu tim It ceuiil
evcchti ii oiimt liihltttitietl liulll it r ultiniiici u tiiihi pa
llioCh hiiii lint mm huh fur hun iilrih sir ithcrtinuu
foithiti 115 tiiuurs iblcliet lie toiuciiiiheh I liii lie hi ml
itliih it iiiuiit eiutiltilt Ii I Mr I I uiug iii I huh il C ii ahitiigiln
Iutihg ituitihli nhii Ittuit ihr ihueruiiiu luuii hue cuic t
hue Ohuemleil Jettiru lofur ito eouttj hite mrnitnuhmt
Keffxliilnir hla 1ruperlr from u Im mcr Wife
The jury In Ito suit of CoinclhiB nrlnkothoff
ngnlnnt harnh C Ptrr tu nit nmilo a flint mice hy hiii
lo her In muttLt 1 of all lib proper orth f I Isis roukh I
In A verdict In fcc ut ft IlrlnkerhiiT i old day The jury j
aaldthat Mln Pirritn I hiiI lice Ilrinkrrhofr to rlun the
deed faUMi nprenmtrd lliut It w an n truxt deed hint
the dcil wai not exei ntrd oluntarili that oh ilte millie
lie sl4aeit it he uaito stulltltdbl Into lcHtinil arf lu bo
unable to dior > rn the tool huth him ofthn I Intriiment ho
Was ilgning and that MUn IVrri refuted in bilnulng I iuu
auch ittiiiefactlon for tiuc Iiirmubmhi of obtnlnlni tne h rxe
cutton of the I deed JuJgc 1 lurrrinoro iKnled A 1110 loll
tonct the verdict asIde Ami refunid Iii gnumult a hull triAl
II wna Another Mr < T V Decker
J E Decker of 107 BackoU street Brooklyn
laan engineer on the tuEHhorlland while J 1 K l Decker
of Van Hrnnt ntmt llrookhn U A flreiutan tiu the higitter
Nhgel In connection with an nlleirrd theft of good by
ItKhtermen from the Inmnn I lier the houe of the fi at l
menlloiMd Mr llccker In Sbikett ntreut tOM aelirehiet
my the pollen In h a mUtnk e for that of the oilier M r lclcr
in t hun ririmtKirrrt Ihln gum o rice lo an crlontgu re
port that the furmcr had been arniltd
MllfTiilk Cotlnlla Auie < rTlaori
The following are the Rupervlcoia elected In
fuflolk count Itlierhuid John it Tcrklni flop
llrookhnicn Mcoll Hnl 1 itch hhclter UUnd I II t
CnrlnrUht nep llnlijlon H A Tltui Hep t limiting
ton lli ih i > It htrret llrm Ivllp I II nll Horn
Smlllitown uu I llrjunl Pom hinthuhl II A Itiden
Hem Knlhiimpton J linker li > < t Sonllmmptoii J
II 1lereon lup
rxSMrcturj lloul rll Nut Ftc en III
rxRecretnry ieorgo H llniitwell vvts fotliu
Ingool himllhnt thcHflh Alenm Until hit t rlinliu
He nuld HUM he did not knoii Imw the report ot hU thou tu
wna iturtid
IOtt78 Ui FflCl
The new iir In Nice Prance wnn burned icaher
ilay Onli tin Iron fruition out of the lrhhzc l which ion
nected tin1 11cr with Ihe I lihd rimaliii ihu Ion ii < nl
mated atflnnllnr I l
N tv llnlln hnrdiiare uiI fiuruthtiure pinto II H Tuck
onailr goodn shire thii 1iilon Hunk liinlllmr und his
Vlaionlc ami odd i elloiin 1 I I silo In llretlpi I Col w uts
blirnid yeoleruisy The hose U I intimated at ltuJ 11
tlt < ni 3IIK IKIlCUlt Itll
Hicrdai Kolger Ucoiialenclng rnpUl
roiirrrnmnnii William K Itohlnion and daughter hni
irrhm cit In llniaiia I I
Lieut Iol A VV Silnon retired bus been unnnltite
Hi put lIlt ernor of llio Hollkrn Home
IteiircnpntatlicTom Utlilllrre ha reielied hlinalary
the Coni troller having withdrawn hU objeclloni
llaron VVVrtheim the I I wenlthlent manufacturer f
Auntrin lout it celebrated abricant of Iron nnfei In dead
The i ldrntnl fur the h Pith thu of Irof lie iirm In lulu
erected In I the MnliliMiiilnii groundi I tie siattic mm ill be
Ulllellldoll the lllll hint
iou tier Walli 1ttiidat wit from Waterbur liv cells
iihuu7 hi mIte itioli IMIiOiind making a total of ijvI
lentil I hhnnlmuit Intrlrki iIiy l
Ix Senator Thiirman ft 111 in lie I itepnof hln I renldet
In Iolnmbni Ohio on ruetdni eirnlnir nmi mote hits
left arm hetiietn the elbow and nh < illdr
The IlinlOITUe llrpartment I receded ordern yctfirla
fur 015th ls and nlamprd tnirloptn worth ifTliiiiMMi h the
laigeKt aggregate etr receded in ohio ihey
The tun German hoolallnt DiMititlei Vollmar amid
I ro me who wero arnnted nt KM on tlielr i return fi urn
the Cotenhngeii Miclall Longrein wtre rvluand cmi
Tueida afternoon
An exptnton of gaa occurred yeabutlay morning inn
nwer in Raltimnre ivhiih dumngid the I reels alit
Miier miii 55 isO thu etuuuss Hou > i < in the Immedial
nelghborhooa were Injured
Irliih Kick nf Allenlown Ia recrlud a note In
rwnlnr nlatlng that huts wife nnd a ntrnnati hit ihih woul
inert at Kerna niitoon llewiiit I I there ui h oVIrck smith
neIng thnn ti gelhtirdrew hln reiolirr and fired t vii
ahuoha ii hits man who made bin ncapo nnlnpired lIe
then i fired twice at hits mu lf this hush nhot taking eflecl ill
hir right thigh making a dangeroui ivound
Auihoriuia Honey Dcwlobmcn U roucaui4 > hit <
cc oil vtrv wli rt for a ccuii 4a
I Iortralt of Ieter Cooper gli i ic5 sih ertlitnueld
1 lUlMlli t AtV
1 I 1
xuxnrrsix iinoxt nAinrn AT UX
jutvun IAIILK
l > eftchee by Gene Grant sad lllux ansi Roes
Conkllnelhei lloata Helter that Mexico
will Mono Itccomn u rlratclnae Iepublic
Gen Ornnt gave a prlvnto thinner to cx
Vosldont Diaz of Mexico at limo Union League
Club last evening It Is said that It brought
ogothor tho largest company tlilrtyslx that
over sat down to a round table In this city
Ion Grant was at time head with len Diaz on
its right and Mayor IMion on his loft Tho
other guests were oxBoctotary William M
art the Mexican Minister Matins Hom ro
Jay Gould II M Alexander C 1 Huntlnotoa
hhiuihi I hastIngs H n Hyde J T Davloa J W
foster Irtaiu H halley Russell Sage Clarence
A Howard Ion IX F Bomb Ateornun 8 Bui
Ivan Chin Iloyd Aaplnwall Itoscoo Conklintr
tomoro Ruble J A J Cioswell Dr Edward
Icoogun Oen Cnnedo Den Horace Porter
J II Work len J 11 Frlsblo Victor
Nowconibo Oon O M Dodgo U S
Irant Jr P Ward Salvador Mnlo W
II I IluillMft and J 1 Fish Time dinner was In
ho uleovo dlnlnt room un the third llnor Tho
Mexican fine and tho Stars nt d Stripes Were
rusted overlhndoonvaya I nnd on the vvitll I bo
hi ilnd Clnn I Chant t Tho chandelier I I trait hung
with Blinllnx I and Ili tt the and front tho cen
I ro hung a great ball I i tit lowers
our eaudulabia buarlni colotod wax can
dies flood un tho table lu I hum eenlin t
Wr4 a large btiket of flowers vvllh Mnxlcnn unit
Atnurii un nairt In It and at other points were
other bahkeiH I of lowers Ia lii rcuu ihiihltt4h nun
Inures In white niar tiipresented Oen Irant
mil den Iilnf Them vvuiii hitler lltil plocos
giving I hn table a veiy otmitti appeal ILIKV
Tie iliiuier 1 I began I nt Rooltiuk nnd It woe 11 I I
o ijloelt bofuro Oen I linnt 1 rapped on thn table I
1ur otdef In propuslni thn health of lila
cnest hn fnld that Oen 11khz had taken n >
iromlnent part In tho public affairs of
Heileo anil i had Inaugurated i thn period
if dnvelopmonl tvhilutm hnd dono HO
iiuch fur it In thn last three yearn He
wllevod that It would undoubtedly rube Mcx
ice tu thn t dlllndldiinf I h I u Ilistelass m lepubllc h
It was to the tidvaiitagnof thn United I Stubs
II iml Mevieo Hint I flu isv and filundly njlatlons I
should be maintained bit wtui thn tvououn I
ricH All thin uuests stood VthllodiInking the
health of den Diaz C
den Dinmade a lengthy reply In hue Span
sli litnifiitiun A number of his lien ours ucomod
to uiulM tand him and applauded froouently 4
Mr Mnlo then attiimpted to give nn Knullsn
translation of Oen DiaK ppeech Hn said the
lencial tlmnkd thin KitestB for the honor
they did him and opresed his grid ifieatloit
mit minuet I og so manv ul lit iiigii ietucui AmerlcaiiH t
lie then spoke of the gmttt reputation of len
limit whom all I o > mitilet hud dcllchtcd to
lionor Ho was glad to otMurvo that Oen
0 lent was Interesting I himself I In i lie I business I
entei prlhe4 of McUu > He I liupod the I t oooun
tiles ouhl guilt tnnii Inllnintu leliitiuiiHhip u
Oen Ornnt tailed nn exSenator Cuitu It ling to
respond Mr Conkllng said that as there vvera
no reporters present hu would glvn hlmsolf the
widest latitude Ho oulogiwd den UrautnB
lie I hug n trill reprfsenlntlvn I of tho Amorleau
clmiaetcr and said that Oen Diaz
vns u lopresentntlvu Jlexkan To thoso
who remembered tho hard struggle I
l > tween limo two countries Iho present good
fenllne waa all Ito mom pleasant 1 lie IleOpie Fl
worn In favor of pencil in favor of silencing the
btiglo uiitl and taking UP thn boo and rake
They denlied only tile strife of coninieico
Mr inkling was still talking at midnight
nnd Mr livirts Mayor 1dtou Oen Verier Mr
llalley amid others vtciu vsaltlng their turn
Looking Towmird me Hoard orMedicual Experts
A Committeo on Ixpeils and Exhort Testl
mon ii itt hitioh iij the Medico Itgut Uocltt lent t night
reported In favor of a law crtnting n Hoard of Millcal
Kxpcrtp to furnlih nil the expert teitlmon of a midlcat
or surgIcal nature requlrid In thitourta The coiumtit
lee ltrOhbCc thou thi ixtt the ulli ill Ii ihpohiuheiI by a miii
bvuuvti uf iii iOiitt ut t I Ih nI a ft iiuh hhiuihiiltr ieiirineuittt
tim p PIt ihtioiu mm ti viSit hut ltiOtitul liuii toe ihiuut I
tuut tim Fe iiiimnl I p ltf luutvlhhiuuh 5 01 tcut iiutl at butt liv
1 curs iii thin eliceiith Imi mm hiichi iiuuy ore ID Fuituihihi e
hcrt tetiimuhly Thea0 exhiirlp ulihi I palatIal suit
dm11 i e iuub I iiuli t exruuthuiahiui uoh etmittl mcmi
5th er lit a mlii inc wi huh ithiihliiutts iuriiihinul by the
attoi tie s alit t iiUrhp
A MidnIght Fire In 1lnej Ntrcel
Shortly boforo midnight fire broke out on the
top floor nf Ihv 4 ntt ry hrit k bull ling rt so ami IJ Pint
ntrcit occupied ly Junoiiern Jc luerrn cigar innnufAC
hitter The ground floor It nccuplel by Illuckwood A
HongUn nlntlonorn emil File Icrnande A d < aler in
Hall I I iuiti leaf 1ibiu ro
I lior o A Hnvi I I ofcnph the necond floor which Ir
Hot kil nun lubnrntlmr olln This lite did not exlen4
Inond tic i ton ileur Ihe i dantiui which is I irIuuchiusl7
h water U thought I to bu K unt f loijuu
llnrned lo Ivnth
Pining a Urn which broke out about II
oclock list night In 1 Omilnd lincoln eude lodglui t I
hoiue llll I itc tie nlreet Icrnoi < ill Jaluca Cullvi Ic
lodg > r Jiimi id fn > m the ntori iiiaiiow aitti I meat I
Mil h nrinl ml red Another u man win eui rt tha h
whiilow behind < uuity tut ho wan nfr ifd to jtinip such
hI tOil link A lhltly hnrn < d I iu tilts tu a irl n n in nf ter I
It utrih ri om crud fn in thv mini I
Tli o Men lleilvh Cnllrniul Molif
hue pioportynf time Now Yoi1 and Sea Reach
Cnllnind Coiupaii wniKildb i nnclhni In tho Ifxclungt
ralrarnotai yes thom b h ionic I Veiler ftrKIMIIU The
I iinliH < < ri > wrril I Cimdln Mitt K II it ill lChthCuotttlull i
thn I tin mortgiiga hon I titieto l MM non win nmde
Ktihjeit to A pnrchnnc monei mort nie of IgJiiKJU
lldiicnllnn ntitl Ilitfirrly
At a snpIon of time Manhattan Congrega
tions Avudatlon lu fie liurch of the Illcrlms In i
Ilrooklin Iit eiinln Ihe limo Dr She r e lrelce4 t
the opinhiii that It l < tdiiintfoii nnd the acquisition ot 13
hropiri hi thi IliLTOH thai Id to blot out thu lolor Utts
In hu hotith u
The Mcnnl OlUto Ireillctlon
Incrnnslng cloudiness nip rain warmer t
Riiilhin t to coOt tim cst w lud Ion ir barometer j
t7orrY Anuur ronv
lien Dili nn < l huis hiicuy a hhei over the Knit River
Bridge mcilerlay nttiTiiouti
bin tlonitntKl limo liutitrfl miiffnte list nnn cIgars u
ache fvinl uu ho tlcmiuliij Sarnturfu enterulay
< < niil > trollfir Cttni liellt iuionl lily Ktntement gIve th
net fntileil Itt of the city on Mnn I 31 BbfinlOU7 < M
Jflpoli Vnn Niintrnnt whownn horn on Lontr island In i
ITfatxl wliHtriit in tin mciir If IHU died ouMoiidaj
Jtutcp 1 NVIrhft In hue Marine Court jtutinlay lni >
pieeth i n line ui flU cucU unuii mxtyllve UaiiiMUeut i
juror I
flue atiiioinc nient tlml I tli iltnlMiiciiii Orh Insr Turk
uouM ho liiiui nttrnctcil nuin 1rtfi h j ctitrdu3 but t
Iliti trn k i tim cil unfit nni mu n < not used
Tho Now York I run runt vtnl IM hnMtro rU Pearl
Ptreit inn hinu ii lug alhlu diiiti iinttiii tn uiUDlMato
mm iihi Ito t > ivv orL I nut tiiuh t Mtt t i l Coiniany
The Itoirti of Apt nrlloniiint venterU npproprlatcd
tn clmrltnlitu n imoljiiini limm ho > liinu tionijtuU
uiul llNpflinnitei t lUlr j mini the I ex live inuno > 5
Mimic Motot > i iruimm rrritrrfJ ft m rdii of f 10 00
lii this Court or Ctmniioii ri f ii < r Injurtm Incurreil hy
hI H MI lii i cmi oltt mm ho win rim tier b > u tar of tli
blxlti h iniic IliillrniU Ciiiihtutuj auth < l hiit u tog
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