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MIIIIMI far n Corporation but Netklnf He
serve lor Ike PnklleA Bonen Horkor
appy Bill
Masters In I FroepeelTke
ALHANT April 17Tho Broadway Under
round Hallway bill was logrolled through
the Assombly today with tho greatest case
The objections cf the local authorities of Now
lork did not weigh as much RIO foather with
the cotiatry members As for antimonopoly
MDtlniont I was not voiced by 1 solitary
member when thle bill was on Ita pns
sago lembr ol underground Broadway from curb
to curb was voted to this corporation without
t any stipulation that a dollar should ever b
Md to the city for tho franchise which may
rid limo te of untold value Erostus Brooks
app IDe lmo In vain for an amendment to tho bill
tho to 3
which should rciulre company pay
cent ot Its receipts from passengers for tho
fruichlfie The amendment was voted down
and the till passed without any restrictions
The thin of the bill Is i An act extending and
aappleincntlng tho rights powers dultosiind
obllentlonsol the Broadway Underground Rail
way Company The bill Is I Intricate and skll
fullr drown I would occupy two columns of
Italians the company to commence work a
any tRlol within two years and rcaulres tho
nut Cctlon of thu road to b built within five
years I allows tho company to use tubing or
not as It plifisos In Its excavation This mean
that A the old nrcndo system Is to b used The
road Is to b ten feet below tho surface I
which U l tobo supported sufficiently strong
roof to bear traftlo During tho building of the
toad tho company Is allowed t put up a tem
porary roof to support the surface Tho com
10rry pany allowed to run foUr parallel tracks and
to make a subsurfaco sidewalk ton feet wide
under the present sidewalks Tho Governor Is
tonppoltit three commissioners at 115 n day
itch to see that the work Is properly dono
Very few of the mumbers understood the bill
but the countrymen nearly nil votod for It
some 1 sate little local bills of their own and
some for prUnto reasons Messrs Miller and
Roo e > eltof tho city members opposed It As
a matter of curiosity nnd for the benefit of
their constituents the names of tho len who
toUd to glut away this frnnchlito without com
peuMitlon to tho city are hero given I will b
Men that moBt of thorn live remote from Now
York TIme names of Itopublicaim are In Italics
Bsilei of Suffolk Bartlelt uf nroome OrrlKllh of HI
Uwrmce Hemiliclof Ifler 1 Kilns of New York Soyn
tw of fcisel IV of Dutchess Burns of kings Iainp
toll of New lurk Tart of fattsraugus Claivut Illntnn
CItke of Sw York rrluNd of hOop Cornell of Chau
tiuuus Tainof Meuben Unlehanty of Albany Ilrd
ef Ksuiselaer Iilmnilck of orange Uonohue nt
Erie tsrl I of Kings Frntt nf Eric i Irtoln
ot M I iJiwrence lerrls of Tloga lrUrt of
OiODlsza GoIard of St Lawrence Hagferty of New
tort Hamilton nf syutra llnmlln of Hcbenectadyr
Karifiot lrle llealy nt Monroe lllm of Out ego J
f Illfiini of Now Vnrk J W Illggins i nf Niagara Hoag
tvreiirhester llntiliklsi of Wine buIupi4 of Cayu 1
gsJukionnt Erie Jlsnpots of Westchester Keyes of
Wvltcheittr Llghton ot Oliondaaa It Umliau
of Klnjs O II Lindsay ot Kings Lorlc at
Wintn VcCarren of Kings McManui otfKI New
TotS Vsher of New Vnrk Xuftonanit of Kings
llsneyof New York J Murphy of New York 140
Morphj uf New York Murray of Fulton and Hamilton
Oakley of New York OConnor of Cheniung Toucher ot
Oiwego Qnlnn of New York line he of New york scAnnn
nairrot fattarannia Bchwari of New York Kherldan
of Kings Smith nt llerkInter Snyder of Hchouarle Spin
sIc of aw York Sweet of Kensselaer Tailor nf Lings
Thompsnnnf Ituckland Townsend of r Wilcox I of t
Iris and Williams of Oneida
Ir Now York city member who toted against the
Mil Fan were Allen Craw house Horn Koesche Hootmll and
Mr Oakleys bill requiring bobtail cars t
have conductors was lost by 62 to 37
The bill making tho Governor Lieutenant
Govern and Speaker a Board to have charge
of the State buildings In tilaco of the old Com
ml loner was pmsert I has already paaaed
the Senate Oen BplnoU succeeded at last In
getting tho Codlfloatlon act passed with his
teamheating provision In It In altered form
The net prevents any steamhealing or elec
tric light companies hereafter created from
tearing up tlio streets
The Assembly failed to keep up to tho hlish
wnter mark of reform In dealing with the Har
bor Master question Instead of adopting Mr
Garys bill reducing the number of thoso 00
clala to six It ordord to a third reading I
lubntltute proceed by Col Murphy which
provides for the appointment by the Gover
nor with the consent of the Honato of eleven
Harbor Masters ut I salary of 2500 eaeli and a
Captain of the Tort at a salary of 13500 This
tsnbout onehalf of the amount now exacted
by these o fra an Illegal toll on commerce
but the retaining of twnlvn men to do the work
tie six or eight could easily perform Is not
carrying out that Idea of retrenchment which
tbodmornorftuggehted In Isle nuiksace and to
uhlch their party pledged the Democrats
Mr Quinn bill requiring that all stone used
In the imbllc buildings of the HIate should bo
cut ants clroHMid within the Htuto wan ruthleM y
after hours debate
slaughtered lor nn hulr deblto
The Supply bill was the special order In tho
Senate It WI bi advanced to a third reading
with but very little discussion with scarcitly
any chnnteR About IIOOUOO has ben added
to thn bill since It came from the Assembly
and all the Items foot UI a total sum of about
I500UUU Tho Catholic Protectory Item uf
W IXKP m < lOI the Senate without obioctlon
The Judiciary Committee favorably reported
Hr Gnulyrt hill providing for submitting to
te rotors of title Klto at the next election the
question whuthur contract labor In the Htuto
rllOnl nhall be abolished or not I was or
shal 0
detest to K third reading rime Hnnate passod
Mr Hngucrtys Iteceivere bill and Mr Kochs
till requiring the Huperinlomlent of Public
works to liy out parks in Fourth aunuo from
rm > lxthtu81xtheighlh streets
The locrnor sent In trm namo nf C W
Averant O wego county for County Judge In
tlaceof Judge Nutting who resigned on nc
eountof his uleetlnn to longre Mr Avery
belongs to tho Tammany wing of time Demo
cratic party and WHS Wlllard Johnson candi
date lie was ennllnned without oppnulllon
Hr Kochs bill authorizing tho Governor to
flpolnl two hundred BdilitioiHil notaries for
New York city was pafcsod The Hupply bill
wu put on Its llnal passage when several
ineiulinantB were adopted adding new Items
to the tllliiinong them 211000 for mninto
iianeu of tho now Capitol nnd 10000 for
Supplying It with water Mr Grady mailn
sit un ucct9 < < fiil attnmpt to add IIIMI
to purcliasii of Mrs Martha Washington of
IJtnnlson Texai curtain relics of George
nuhlnvlnn consisting of woarlng apparel
jewelry anti prllDt lulturB Mr 1A thur do
timed to support the appropriation ml n loss tho
factious hatchet was Included Mr Jinohi
klIleI l his propmltion by stnllig that thoso
rlr had been offered to limo Htato onco beforo
and that ul siii or I nation thny were declared to
bsstiurlDiu Tim Supply bill pasood by 27 votes
The IJamocratlc 8imator Imld n caucus to
night to Cimoliiit rtlia Congrnsnlunnl upportlon
noel It win decided to subtltuto the Janohg
bill wilts 010 amiiiiliiinnts for tho I Assembly
gill IhuJumbi bill aids Itielimond cnunty to
11 alJ lrhmon1
BUIlk Mil iieuns makes eight boliil Ucmo
Jfatlo illitrletH In Now York and adds thn
lifpiillIourtli Assembly dlhtrlct of Now York
w nfbtclinstiir nnd Putnam Orange Html
ihan i ami Uucklindaiu I put together Colum
J4 urnoini unit Holmharlo form ono district
Uliter und DuUlitss another Honsaolaur and
KKhlngtoii ntiollier The cnntral and wohtorn
di4tit n lire alnmt the mimo ns In tho Assembly
I x I tetimttor Ilnnry Nulson strenuotiHly op I
eeil l having any part of Now York added to
e teh t r ami toftued to abide by the
Cucu aclol Wonator Hauiiis of the Hara
Wn district dlijeetocl to UIH carving up of his
J trlet in MrK 1 proposed by Jacob and finally
IIt 1 enncvMidii fy which the boundaries
now ilitlng remain
E The addlttnnui Congressman will bo given to
dl II count 1 and the apportionment of four
districts t Rllorlonlont
was referred to tho Kings county
jmocrnllcNiimtiirs Tho Now York city die
lilct Yill riftrrd to the Now York Henatorx
r1 WIll doitbtloi iignio upon tho following
IPortloiiinont of time districts folullnt
iiVl f Ilitrlctrirtt Clftli slid Mutlt
tnilh lit ri h I
I ll iieorTitiI lrlt lltc111 Tnrii smut 8eeulh AM in
Lil ti Ii tritt Slxlli I and nijlilli AMembl
km 1I Iy hut I Th lit Ifh II Yourttllh A I
< 5 4 Totiti I lll lli i Oil a IiIli Sliteentli amid m htollh
I tl I it th iiiiti n t h1 tTtilTteitih rId Fifiraiti ii cmiii 1 lnn
e4 r TI I I rl AuittI ti rk ijorlts I o iit ull Twylnl iii I Tenl
iItIy ttOiiI 1111 III tt Ciii I anti Ta emttT lIil ri Al
ItIim 1
ni I dtIoo1i11 liIrhtTa eiityfuilrtlt UatntWy I alrlel
r diIttLi of 0 ea Idutr at lUIIMI
lh I
lono itti v nl r I fn
hi 1 rIIr nlon gives UI Ih InnllOlont of
v I 11 0 Muy 1lht I I be aticeecileit ii
ltiltca I I tiiflhisr k I Tho aemilor portlier of Iho neW
is I ltO I tnoo I ac 111 ollr of turf fOI
tli CI 1Iho i tii Is I a ipliew of mite
h AI tt miiusiIager of Itist statue
1ld 1 nalc
11011 situ iiis liii t CitIttetCI lh the HIo I
Jalnim for t 7 o as1 I alt is Ill lo Ih mole of the II
IaIti1 fl II iIiiltiIoi that Mr Walton hal bn no
III fir Ilpo I Ilolol Itruisiw me mint wittmout ItlCCIIP
I 10 s 1 r hi 0 tllur ulon the EII
li 1 taking wills biD Olva
T Nw MMkcll Dras Wk WM Hub
UlMUtl lr HIM Bialca
Tho charter election for village offlcore at
Now nochelle yesterday wan the liveliest held
In tho village for years The Democrats had
Dm rat
failed to ronomlnolo Thnddous fluids for vii
logo Treasurer for the first time In about a
quarter of I century They nominated In hla
stead Lawrence D Iluntlngton brothorln
law of the Into George W Davids who died of
laudanum poisoning In the Grand Union Hotel
on April 4 and who for ton years had been
noting Treasurer of the vlllago and of tho
School Doan R attorney for his father Thad
dow Tho Republicans nominated Edward
Lambdon a grocer
Before the closing of time polls yesterday Mr
Lnmbden said t TUB HUN reporter I do not
think thorn will bo any trouble about the vii
lago moneys which Gcorgo W Davids held for
his father has taken steps to secure tho village
against any possible loss so that the turning
over of the books and the vlllago money on
hand which Is about t5o to his successor
will probably b a mere formality eUC8or
Mr huntington said The moneys will bo
all right then can b no question about that
Mr fbnloul Davids has unlncumbcrcd prop
erty In this town valued at t750 and ho
would not permit the village to lose anything
In any event
There was considerable opposition to John
O Underbill who ran for Village President on
the Democratic ticket on account of his use of
blue stone In constructing the village drives
conllrlctng vl drive
his opponent was Charles G Hanks I
At 1 clock announcement won made that
Mr Hanks had born elected President by a ma I
jority of 72 votes and that Mr Lambdon had
been elected Treasurer by a majority of 40
Thaddous Davids was reflected Treasurer of
the Hcliool Hoard just a few days before the
death of George W Davids Upon his arrival
from Florida Mr Thaddaua Davids at once
gave new sureties A Hehool Treasurer Them
sureties are George Hnyder of Bnydor Black A
Co and William Murphy of New York city
Each qualified In 1210 making 40 > 00 secu
rity for tho f50l0 01 school funds which George
W Davids had held Hlnce then Mr Davids
liaR honored ovory school draft made upon him
Tho Investigation Into the accounts of tbo
firm of Thaddatts Davids A Co Is I still In
progress It was slid at the William street
ofllco yesterday that Mr Thnddous Davids had
been to III tho past few days tn give much
attention to tho Investigation I was stated
however that tho firm would b capable of
meeting obligations nnd that It halt 30000
worth of paper which the Into George W Davids
had held OH security for loans and tho makers
of which worn perfectly good for tho amount
A relative of Mr Davids said The most that
tho complications that muy have arisen from
George W Davldns management can do will
iii tn cramp Mr Thaddeus Davids for money
torn short time Ho Is worth over 200010
and has 100000 Invested > In tho business He
has therefore the means to straighten over
thing out in u short time and will do so OVCf
Tb nkcrllTor Tlac Carrie klm ONto Oweio
una Bench Warrant
Pcrrln H Sumner was arrested yesterday
afternoon at 200 Broadway whore he has
alterloon l IrondlfY ha an
office asa real estate broker Tho arrest was
made by Burr J Davis Sheriff of Tloga county
and a deputy on a bonch warrant Mr Sumnor
was taken by tho 3 oclock train to Owego
where he ha been indicted on a charge of
false pretences preferred by Mrs Malvlna A
Holdrldgeot Owcgo
Edgar B Holdrldgo the husband of tho com
plainant said yesterday that last year his wife
was the owner of a merchant tailors shop In
Owego The stock of goods was valued aU55
Mr Holdrldgo saw an advertisement offering to
exchange property and being anxious to get
rid of his wifes stock of goods answered It
and met with Mr Humner Mr uoldridgo says
that Mr Sumner offered t exchange a house
and lot at Orange N J belonging t David
W Robinson of Worth street for the goods and
a piano belonging to r Holdrldge Before
the oxohange was consummated according to
Mr Holdrlte11r 8umlr said Ihnt Z Bagg
of fi31 Sixth avenue had bought the house at
100 and paid t5 down but that he would
turn over tho cash Instead of the house and
lot in exchange for the goods Mr Sumner
got possession of tho goods last Heptomber
and Mrs Holdrldgo has not soon them siucu
nor has she received thn houso or money
Mr Holdrldgo says that when Mr Stunner
visIted Owego ho talked to the Sunday school
children In tho Baptist church In time plaeo
Ho Is at the head of tho Audubon Society for
poor boys l connected with tho Sunday school
of tho llov Dr NuwmnnH church
Mr RumnerH son Maid last inenlng that his
father wanted some ono to take charge of lmls
own home ut 52 West FortyHOUlitli street last
fall Mr Holdrldge saw his advertisement and
unswnrod It and In that way met Mr Humner
Afterward he told Mr Stunner that hen as com
pelled to got rid of his wifes Htoik of goods
and he consented tako nnd did take I quan
tity of Htnck In n gold mlnn In exchange for
them Tho son said that there wan no other
transaction bvtwoun Ills father and Holdrldge
Casper Yoiiii hrlm Men to Jell for Trying to
Blow Via ls ItonlMlavr
PHILADELPHIA April 17 Caspar Young
helm a thin undersized old man with long
stiff hair a red face and little twinkling gray
trial before Judge Allison today
eyes was put on bcoro JldQe AIIAon
day on the ohaigo of having uttotuptod to blow
up August Goecklo his soninlaw with I bomb
It waa testified that on the night of Oct 30
while Goocklo was engugod upon some tailor
ing work at an open window of his house at
1005 Mechanic street a ml slle which seemed
to b a ball of fire flew In at the
window smashed tho lamp near his
head and filled tho room with smoke
and an odor of powder Tho room was
afterward found to bn litteiod with half burned
rags and particles of glast and iron A plccu
1111lrll108 411
of lead 1 pliin which had contained the material
and a halfburned fuso oro also found A units
bi of witnesses lollliod that they sow n man
whohii appoaruncn corresponded with that of
tho prisoner standing on tho MmnuUU at thu
tlmo and saw him hastily moo moway Imme
diately afterward I wn altit HWOI to that
younghelm had tioated his whit so badly tilt
shuhad to lonvo him and taku up her rest
dntuo with Mr l GoocUe i He linl fnniuontly t I
threatened t U tnlic tlio life I I nf his wife and Hon
Inlaw I Yoiitmhelm denied that lio hail thrown
time bomb Tho jury returned a verdict of guilty
without hnlng tho I box
JmlKe AlllHnn In pass 111 I sentence soul Hint
he had no doubt that thn verdict though found
on circumstantial oUdonce was I jut one
Formica cm I tileS ho said tint I maximum impris I t
onment of three joarH provided by the law WOH
altogothortoo light A man whovmild throw
abomii lor 1lht tiotiu It f Injuring I another I
he slId ought tul bo locked up for Id Noth
ing would bo too bul I fur him to do Ifu I llnrd
II iu
tho t dofondant ISliti and sunt him to the iienl I
tontiury for tliroo onrs
Iravi Lcsiiie from use Uallows
lUnniHnuno April 17Thettoardof Pardons
llili evenliiif I retumnicnileil rniiiiiiilfttlon of lltu I deMit
iimlaliy of Hllat Gray of Wcitiuoreliiiiil ciinnt Iy to lin
prluMiinent for life A warremit va lstued l recently fur
time execution ot dray on Met 24 A number of aCids
IUaud letter were tiubinitlril fruin innuale and for
mer linnalci of the tVrdtrn renltcnllur rhonlni that
a nun kiiiwii II Jack Ill a nninrlnui liurx thief h > il
rnnfrunl Ii haUn iniintereil Mr Mcfnail for the I
kItiluig of whnin tray w all cnnvlcieit anil Bentfiiceil to
lie Inure Ieltli coininiltect mlilde In I lili cell nearly
tno leers ago clad lo komo uf tile Iniiiatri In I the I irUiin
heuM anhorl llmo I befnr he I shot that I ho iuuiiit Juutt l
Se w > ll kill hlnnelf I an Jo tie hunz for the 1 mnriler < > f Wm
Mctreaily Nah all Iho Inlrven of We tllinrilanl
rniintt a k1 tin I Board of anW to MolrM trnin
hue alhm I nn the I urniuid that he had been coin U t led
Holland Torpclo flout found
J P Holland tho Inventor of time torpedo
boat had I trims ii up emit beached sat Colt Frank Me
lhI ant itt 1ainrnpo > etterda > To nit lniilrer
Mr i llnllnnd had Uclarr1 mirot loiiil > list I lie a us III 1 Cu1 l
liinoraiirp of lt n herrnbuutii but memO MiJlehaii In I
f rnitti a Mi rfMirHT lest t eieulnir dial I I Mr l Holland I I I In
coiiinmi with 1 iiilbii I Out eliKllifer and u i rex oiikUt I
lrrI frI II
Ini I of nne lnu 1 In rn lnilnK lit t lilt hOI 11051 y I > S rj
iiictiirnnl tlis In the ouiuuiiarmne
Iu3 suit lautlimit iiirrt ollrlll 111 tlifnibiiiarine
trull inrlln I t from Morrl A Iuioiulngt 1 1 wliwf It
i 41 kejit > uuL mi Iio iMllom all ilay
MltluUcu lor ii Itnrilnr nail Killed
MoNTciosiniv Ala April 17Wllllam Dor
ey a niachlnlit had been on the lookout frr buriilnri
and hut l nUht had Iul a lilol undtrhU hoed to be I esly
for Ihein I luirlnu mite nlitlit hli S IfI1 tin room In I lime
uterI while Domey was alfen Ae she n is toiiilnic leek
I Sue r a woku and hfurln I l a nofiie In the I room llred lj In that S
direction The Ian struck hit wife In the brent and the
tiled la a thort lime
Only Tkrc Ct
l Trlll Fine Rut Chowlnr three editS t pIr l One
Olc full weight IIld bl 11 doilera44i
He U rna by her Motker nnd Twin Hie
sir wko Consent ibM ke Skull no Bnrie4
Restate kerHe Makea s Oonreeelon
HoRRiarowN AprllinJamos Trofflown
left his bed In one of tho murdoren cells of
Morris county jail at 2 oclock this morning
and slowly and laboriously printed out a letter
to his mother In England Before 12 oclock
tomorrow ho wrote I shall b In heaven
I was tho Ort letter bo had himself written to
his mother though he has dictated
thouth dictatd many
letters t b sent to her This letter was an
afterthought ho had dictated
as dicttd on Monday
what ho called his last letter to his mother
When daylight came bo stood a long time at the
barred window which made doubly
bd was mao secure
by another network of stout Iron wire Before
him was 1 temporary enclosure made of pine
boards twenty feet wide and thirtytwo long
In which ho Is to b hanged tomorrow morn
Ing An opon space below the gable revealed
the budding branches of a maplo and a patch
of gray cloud At 7 oclock the Sheriff unbolted
tho heavy door and admitted Harry Treglown
tho elder brother of the condemned man The
meeting on the part of James was affectionate I
but natural After the two had been together
an hour James summoned tho Sheriff
Please send for Mrs Morris ho said I
want some ono to comfort me Mrs Morris Is
the author of Iloutledgo She resides near
the jail and bos been a dally visitor to Treg
lown since he was sentenced Before she came
James bade his brother a final croodby and
manifested deeper feeling than he has ever
shown before In the jail Mrs Morris
was with him for a long time and
she returned again In tho afternoon
Treglown refused to see several clergymen
Who ramo from Drew Theological Seminary
The Roy Joseph P Maeaulay pastor of the
Cornlxh Church which Treglown attended In
Port Dram and the Rev J B Faulks of tho
First Methodist Church his spiritual advisor
wore with him at frequent Intervals They de
clare that ian gives good evidence of corner
Men nnd forgives all his enemies Including
Harry James the chief witness and his rival
In murdered Minnie Chergwlns affections
At 10 oclock the scaffold was erected under
the suvertUlon of James Van Hlso tbo janitor
of tbo Court House In Newark and who It Is be
lieved will b the executioner tomorrow Hhor
liT howell asked the prisoner I ho would go
Into another cell But he declined anti stood
without any show of emotion nt the window
while tho scndold was being erected five feet
nwnv I consists of two stoutlybraced per
pendicular pieces resting on n plank floor and
joined by n crowsbeam with n pulley over
which the rope poxscs A weight will b sus
pended beneath the floor and It will b loos
ened by u IreuMirc of tho executioners foot on
a spring It will drop Into I a pit six fuetdoep
I iiIOWii stunuso Sm CUIUIwn Mouse tmo 110
which 11 In the possession of several of his
friends Ho admits that his testimony that he
found Minnie Chergwln nnd Harry James In a
Position to oxclto his jealousy on the n1 of
lImo murder was false as was also his testi
mony that he himself had held Improper Inti
macy with her He las he never saw any
thing about her conduct that was Improper
Ho repeats however his statement time alma
was shot by rushing In between him and
James and that she fell Into tho canal and was
accidentally drowned
On Monday Treglown was baptised into the
Methodist Church On the same day ho was
visited by n Chergwln and her daughter the
twin sister of Minnie He asked their forgive
ness for all the wrong ho had done t tem and
for the false testimony ho had given at the
trial Tim two women forgave him and consented
sented to his request tbat his body should b
burled alongside that of his murdered sweet
heart In the cemetery at Dover
Troglown was sealed at a small deal table
with his back t the window writing when a
reporter saw him at G oclock this evening
Many cigars the gilts of his callers were scat
tered about the table Under hut arm was a
8 < a leaf I of paper which he turned bUr
over He seemed ashamed of this act and
said Oh you may so thistiH nothing In
side of n broad border of blue made with 1
pencil were the words plainly printed In cap
itals Dear > mother brother and sinters these
are the lost words written by your son and
WOr9 SOl
brother Jlmmlo April 171B83
There Is one thing I want the newspapers
to nay ho remarked oarneHtly and that Is
that I fool very thankful to Sheriff Howell for
his kindness t mo since I halo boon confined
hero Ho was my friend whan I had no other
friends There is ono of my pet mice he
addml D tho sound of nibbling came from n
box on tho floor I put some crumbs In there
at AVerY meal and thoy help thomsclvcH
Its onilerfiil theHherlff sold that finn
has made friends nf tho very mice They scam
per around isIs foot and have como In hero
sometimes and found them on time table be
fore him or elimbing over him He HIDHIIO
Is determined tn make It OY for tno tomor
row and 1 know ho is In earneetabout It Ho
gives no sign of weaknesx
Treglown matte his will on Monday night al
though his propnrty consists mainly of I few
articles of wearing itpparxl His trunk ho gave
to Ills brother Harry and several trilling arti
cles to lie Sheriff and to hIs fellow pris
oners Ken his drinking cup and tho
pictures clipped from newspapers with
which the witllb of isis cell arc adormid
are to bo given ufler his death t different per
sons whom ho has named Thlrlynlnn Jr i
Hon Including only those named In the Now
lorsoy statute will wltnetn the execution
Troglown will 0 hanged In Ibo black rult In
which win bolero ho walked the murder to church with Minnie Chorg
Mysterious 1nnkee Aekoonera nv North
HALIFAX April nAn American fIshing
schooner arritrd off Site port on Haturda IIII and
attracted attention by displsylng unusual signals Hho
proceeded In as far as the York redoubt and hrldlng off
and t on during tlie nUlit it a a mtster lo the men at
the mllititry signal stations Then she came tn anchor
Immedlatelv off i 1olnt Pleasant and after do light her
ntme wise found tn he AUIIIa Homo of her crow came
a horc situ 1 ttee lotting I about the point I They
told some 1or lit I engineers I stationed at Ids r
there that they wrrr InnUnx for bait Ulille Iho
schooner was I lute I usu trIll ettning tin guard
at Point Mutter were nrnuncd luy n firrymnn tt hn
rcpnrUd that thus grits b the thnre tiu on lire and
I Putt ti A ilaner of the tire spri vllm Intn the I hal
A corpnrsl HIM lite men surcesntull extinguished it It
was Miiijinsed to liHto bouts sit nn mire bvacnreles
match from mini liuilmr I miokii I but I nllicrs said Hist It
had been set on flrr b I a I bntii s criit from the homier
mill mlirlit butt I bueli I a slicnnl It I Is I n mini iileiicti that
two I br three nthtr Aineriian lionners had hetn at
anchor up the I arm for soim time liritloin1 and on
Mimlst afternoon 1 one of tlifin CHiiie nrniind n Slur silt
Heat irnliHUere hturd firing in I the dlnition of tile
Point nt 1 noun hui tiiC mil ti re nil poird lo Im from
alumni of the furls hip ru If for boll I I puirtlto but this
wn I not acknowledged 1 livlle S I utlirM Ibe 1 Aliilla dls
appealed I hiindn nUht ulllinut reporting hemelf here
Four More of Ike Fisntoiie 1IO4I
rnuADtirillA April 17Seven Grant moil
als 1 liolonrf III tills cit ami 1 four MulHiirts are alrcad
liitppv In Hit pnKMmtliin nf tin Irs I Cnllector nf Interim
lletcniie William J Pollock suit nut tlio sout cults 1 this
morning and Deputy Coroner Potters ut iillani L
hinltli and helium flu rid Albright are enjolng their
hronres A hole has been drilled through each of Site
medals so lhat I can be reality misponded from ribbons
luch toUn bears Iho I namo of the t man who earned and
It ito tokens nnt transferable Mr Pnl
nttns I and the I r Iralofr r
lock is not at 1 worried about the disposal of his
medal Ile I will place I In senile suitable 1 frame or
catkit and ttltl keip I I for a memento at home Uep
iitt Cnrnner Potters Intends to t nter Into a oontrsrt fnr
a frame wnrlhf nf Slit triumph In hrnnzc ind I liepiit
htitrlft Albright will glte Ihe mutter 1 consideration I
nnd locate his tt lucre tt will do ihe most good Recorder
tain whnlslnllsrrlihnrg will nnd his I I medsl waltln
liI him when I hue i h tn and I Col I Q WII tie
ciMinllt fortunate wliou he returns frnm Ills 1 ramble I
through the Slate As melalt are not worn lnMoa
meiislng prison tli one lo which Dat > louut Ia coil
tied I has brin sent tu his tilfe nnl Us poiiesslon will en
iuetmo Slut j J of his dollreraiire
Jnmct Uooney Iw Mr Parnell
IJUFFALo April 17 Jnmos Hooncy Pros
drnt of I lie Amcrlcrm National Land League will the
roHmtnuiatilrirjram lo I > Ir Ianicll hisuiam i IhlUrtcl
pius ornimtiimiMUiiot ho I poMponM We regret that
uumniuit tip n tutu umi tint ever thmtuuit InUtcnlr llmt the
Concnilon its lll tittlie t InntTOft uU tnoit nipurlaut otcr
tell li > I otolmA iiierifunn
riiliiiiririiu I I I April I 17At AMI itliiLrf tlif delermi I tee
from the inroti I Inch oiitettFl in rhlln > 1ehtn thin
eeiiinif lit t IlttlopHtrtiti 11 I t hli r mitrenivntiHcri1 nui
ti1ett l for tmliliiu the S StMlntml I rmit Ooiitnillnt is hiuelu l
1le urftmlilei I tui title dius on the iiltmiu ami Will mmmu Tie
IflftfatrN rlrflnt I tli follmvlni cot nfotTlrfrt Imlilrnt
taini 1 I loiiiulh i ue Irifllpii Iatrlck tNeitl SeC
Fusser Jiinif 5 Her isuut l Trrtiturpr llttiih > lcnTrr I
I iirititiH April 17 Iltrlck Kuan on hfiiitf 1 Inter
itteis 1 oil Iol I tr riillutlrlphiu roust esuliiuuu IfII 11 m fri
il leeira I to Si hal 1 of the I haJtr of our people tim
iiitrlca iae dfillnl 1 lust tlif national con ntiun
iiivt tv held oil tlif Oli luau HI Hlreatty r 0111 I
Not UtilIty of Filing the Newknll House
MiLWiuxre April 17Tho jury this after
noon aciulttcd Hdiriler on trial for hating set fire to
the Nenhall Ilouso Five ballnts were taksn Hut one
of the jurori was for contlctlon and he finally gate In
becauseIn Ige I Mallnr Instructed him that If there A
an dnubt In his mind he must slits the prisoner the
benefit of the doubt The court room echoed with cheers
n hen the verdict was amutunmuuted and hundred of per
tl Ci n3 1r
sons crowded about Hchcller to grasp his hand The
jury was out two hours The trial laded a week and
nearly ibUwltutiMi were called
An InwIUtlMa c tM fIISIs < dsuatkUre te
OonMArUr tfcelr Property
The gambling ImpleWonU seized by tho
police on Monday nlfht were removed yester
day to the basement of the Police Central Office
for oonTorslifo Into kindling wood a soon a
authority t break than up Is l obtained A
question about the lawfulness of the seizure
was raised yesterday Bon 945 of the Penal
Code says
J person who Ii I required er authorized to arrest any
person for a violation of thefrovliloni of thll chapter
Ii I 1 authorised and repaired to site 1 any table rdo
dice and other apparatus or articles suitable for
ambling purpo fouad In the possession or under She
control of the person arrests
Section 846 says that I the magistrate finds
that the apparatus has been used by the de
fendant for gambling purp sea he must cause
It to bo destroyed or t be delivered to the
District Attorney as the Interest of justice
may require Section 847 lays
Upon conviction ot the defendant the District Attor
ney must cause to be destroyed everything suitable for
ambling purposes la respect whereof the defendant
studs convicted rlp
Commissioner Matthew who Is tho lawyer
In I the Board said yesterday I am of the
opinion that unless an arrest Is l made or
authorized to b made burnt no gambling
apparatus can be mae Bowovor the public
Is so earnestly opposed t gambling that the
police In myfudcment will 0 upheld In sup
pressing It T Boar will sustain tho force
t the < en of its ability I think toJ that
offenders will hesitate long before they bring
suits to recover gambling Implements
When I was suggested to Inspector Byrne
however that tho owner of the captured
gambling apparatus might claim their
apartu I olnln prop
erty on tho ground that It had boon Illegally
taken from them he aid
I wish they would Then I would arrest
them as fast as toy put In their claims The
man who claims as owner any set of the
gambling Implements sized last night by 10
doing proclaims himself the keeper of the
gambling house from which they were token
It would save me great deal of trouble I the
owners In question would claim their property
In that way I would J larn who they are and
then their arrest would I follow In short order
As I Is I I expect soon N > have In custody the
owners laq night of moro than ctpe of tho places raided
Edmund Ilottro a young French tourist who
boards at 69 West Fortysecond street mndo
complaints yesterday at Jefferson Mar
ket against Charles Itansnms gambling I
house at It West Twentyllflh street all
Charles Heeds at 5 West Twentyfourth
street He said he bad lost 13000 In tho
Twentyfifth street house and tRtM in time ono
in Twentyfourth street Tho Justice Issued l
warrants against tho proprietors of both
the houses llansnine was one of
the resorts dismantled by tho Inspector
on Monday night I ast night Hansom wax ar
rested and gave tlo boll at the Police Cen
tral Ofllco Invo described himself Hs a broker
Inspector liyrnes went to Iteod placo bit
found no one them except a negro servant I
was learned that Heed had gone to Europe
For the Ort time In many years not a gam
bling placo public or private was open In Now
York fast night Even the private club > o
at U18 Broadway was closed
The Beclnnlne nt Brlelae or at Contest
Over Kick Mae Will
Tho contest of tho will of Capt John
Brooks of Bridgeport Conn was begun In tho
Superior Court at Bridgeport yeiterday after
noon before Judo Motes Culver and a jury
Capt Brooks had long been prominent a a
wealthy cltlzenof the city He had ben Mayor
and Postmaster and hold other onions He had
been a leading member of tho < FIrst Presby
terian Church of Bridgeport t which ho con
tributed very largely and to which he gave tho
bulk f his property after the payment of some
small bequests t and attar providing that his
wife and others should have the u of certain
amounts during their Hips The value of the
estate has been estimated At 1200000
bn letlat t20
etat will provided In a oft Ont clauses
that the conln should not b opened for the
hint look after the funeral ceremony The
only property gtvun absolutely to his wife was
his household furniture nnd books He b
auoathed tSOO a year absolutely to the First
Pronbytcrlan Church the Income of 1500 t tho
Habbath schooltlio Income of tlOOO totho Moun
tain Grove Cemetery and tho Income of JGOOO
to Mary hawley who had long resided In his
family on the condition that she remain with
and take good patient and futthful care of my
wife during her lifetime If shn shall survive
me and Hholl so desire and that sho take good
earn of my wife treating her kindly patiently
and ropoetfully as site well knows how to do1
Other boiiuosts made by the Captain were to
Maria Bencher his nlocc the Income of 14000
to Fanny Boucher the income of 4000 to John
B Brooks 3000 absolutely to Charles Ber
nard Brooks 3000 absolutely to Thaddous
Brooks Bcooher the Income of 4 0 to the
three children of Charles Bernard rook so
each to Frank Brooks Cogswell tho Income of
SOO to Humm Hull the Income of tlll to
Margaret D Wnrdlaw theincome of 1XXK >
To his wile he gave tho use of his real estate
10 wlo
and personal estate during liar life subject to
tie other absolute beuucsts Most of limo life
beauosts take effect after her death Aftor
luir death his property will go to
the First Froshytorlan Chi ch of Bridgeport
Thn will Is contested by his niece Mrs Maria
Boucher It Is not contested by his wife He
had no children The testimony taken yester
day was to show that Brooks was of unsound
mind The trial will occupy several weeks
JL Duel with Knlvee In which 1 Frank Kellljr
Mortally IVouneled Thomas Start
Thomas Hurt of 53 t Spring Htrrot ntyl I Frank
Itellly of 2JJ Mulberry street engaged In n hand
tohand light with knives In Mulberry street
lout evening Hart was soxoroly Injured anti
fell to tho ground At Ht Vincents Ho pltnl
the surgeons pronounced his woundx fatal
Bollly was evidently also cut but got nay
The men lmo no regular occupation Two
weeks ago thor had a fight In Donahues sa
loon at 240 Mnlborry street Hart got the worst
ot I llDlllylKnt him about the head with n
chair nnd ho had to go to tho Chambcio Street
HoHpttnl to havo his wnnndM droKJOd Hart
wile not Homi In his usual haunts ncnln until
ho appeared last nluht In DonohuuK saloon
and llndiiiK llolllv there announced his pur
noHiof gutting even Ticking up what Is said
to bo the Hiirnoclmlr usml In tho othor row hn
Imtterod Hal ily about tho head with I anil
drove I him I from the wiloon lid Ily took luliiKn
in FalrH blnnkHmltli shop next door mid Hart
found him theme a few minutes later Without
a word tIme mm riiHhml tngollifr and time by
Htniidorsmiw that t ouch had a knife In his hand
They Hlitsbod each othor ns they struggled
from the forge tothosldcwull until Hart full
Then llullly dlsnppcMirod Inlicoman Hogan
found limo wnumtcd mnn lying on time side
walk Ho did not seem lo be much hurt nnd
thoro was little oxtornal bluoding Hn had live
knife wounds In the back and breast He soon
liocamo unconscious nnd tho physicians said
hn could not livn through the night One
wound had penetrated this pleural cavity and
another severed an Intercostal artery Coroner
Levy was summoned to take his antemortmn
dnpofltlon In It Hart said ho had been stabbed
without provocation
Dr Ilolsnei OlaenMlnaT Poetry nn4 Ere
Dr Oliver Wendell Holmes was the guest of
the Nineteenth Cenlury Club at its meeting at the house
of Ooiirtlsnd Palmer In Orainercy Park last evening
llr Holmes read an r11I which 1 he discussed poetry
pirtlcularl Ihe poetry of Kmersou lie ipoke humor
ously of tin fatal facility of octoi llablo verse which
he ascribed lo the factthal man breathes from sliteen to
went limes a minute and In the aame time read about
the same namber of these lines so that they limply
have to allow one breath lo a line In the mental artlcu
Isllnn thill accninpanles composing
Nhi persons who can write well In prose write In
terse he accounted hr bv various reasons ons reason
being that they are liss I its tee than their neighbors The
man shin reclteetuis v terse to every listener he can but
lonliole Is the most fearful of beings The Itnmani often
put at their thresholds as a warning Cave Uanenv It
should be Cave fancntenl
llr Holmes dlicusied tOIl oft halting tense lId
said o film A In conclusion i d Ills writings In prose and
terse are ttnrthy l of all honor and admiration but lull
manhood was the noblest of all his high endowments
A hloi here and there mat Sues e avclded meeting him
tll111r hum I s ito knew what was In men had wandered t 1
from door to donr In Now England as of old I In Tales
line la I cannot help ballet IsiS that one nf the thresholds I
which Ills fnt would hate crossed would hatslien that
ot the level and quiet home of Emerson
RulirVnn Brunts Death
IlulH Vim Biunt a farmor ot Bay nidgo
I I I I died on Monday last on the farm that has been In
pnsieislnn of his family for 2fin years lie was In his
sixtieth year Ills I great treat grandfather was one of
the first settlers of New Utrecht I He was btetrard uf
the lit Nicholas Society of Nassau Island
Killed by kle Tor Pistol
I A toy pistol exploded In tho hand of cloven
sesrilll Howard Il Dougherty ot 6W test fourteenth
itreet severely lacerating the hand Lockjaw divil
ojisd In a Cow dais ud the bqv 4lK riiUidajri
I gp 1 I
Tke Qnexnei Jonmoy to Oekem Portncnla
Interest In tk Fronek 0 eas > ntlon ofConajei
SlxcnUltlon 1s > on the tears Cknnece
DDDLIK April nTbo trlnl of Daniel
Curler wan resumed this morning Joseph
Bmltb ono of the prisoners who turned In
former was the first witness Ills evidence
was that which ho gave at tho trial of Joe
Brady Peter Carey brother of James Carey
testified that after Lord Frederick Cavendish
and Mr Burke had boon murdered ho was de
tailed to watch tho movements of Kavnnagb
the car driver who It was feared would give
Information to the authorities and whom Cur
roy wanted to have murdered
In tho evidence given by Smith there won a
point of difference between his statement and
that of James Carey II to tho gate by which
the latter left Phoenix Park on May 6 last A
servant girl employed at James Careys house
Identified Curloy as a man who frequently
visited her employers house In company with
other Invlnclbles Another girl sworo that she
saw Curler In the park on May C
James Carers son swore that ho saw his
father and Curler In tho vicinity of Dublin
Castle on tho day the murders were committed
James Carey testified that It was originally
Intended to lay on Mr liurkos body n curd on
which wore the words Executed by order of
tho Invlnclblcs Carey said ho himself wrote
a card for this purpose Tho Idea was not car
ried out however and Curley afterward placed
the card In tho mall box of the Dublin sptemss
Two constables who tcstllled that they saw
Curley climbing over tho funoo of the park
somewhat broke down on their crossexamina
lIon and could not agree as to time part of the
fence the prisoner went over Doing asked to
Indicate the spot on tho map they pointed to
places 151 yards apart There was also some
conflict between the statements Hindu by HmUli
and Kavanagh who were also placed on the
stand Knvanogh alleged that Hmlth told him
when they worn In the park that tho Chief Hoc
ntary was tIme object of their mission while on
tho other hand Hmlth testlllud that ho was
Ignorant of their object
Time ease for the I Crown was then closed
Dr Webb Q C opened tho close for thin do
fence lie compared James Carey to Titus
Dates who like Carey wax Induced swear
away the lives of innocent men In similar cir
cumstances by similar system of lavish re
wards Continuing ho said this plot wax a plot
with ono conspirator and that conspirator
WIIH James Carey Thn young men of Ireland
should take warning from tIme fact that nearly
all the prisoner who hare appeared at that
bloody assize were mere boys lie said he was
prepared to clearly establish the Innocence of
Curloy by mrovlumg sit alibi
ruin first witness for the defence was Peter
Haulon fntliorlnlitwnf Curloy nnd uncle of
Joseph nnd Lawrence Hanlon twt of tho con
spiracy prisoners awaiting trial He swore
that Curler was In his company from 0 to 11
oclock on tho evening of May G between which
hours the murders occurred A plumber named
Hopkins said lie BUV Curley standing outside a
saloon at G 45 oclock on tho evening of May
Tho barkeeper of tho saloon sworo that ho
ned Curloy nt Ii I oclock that evening On
being crossexamined liowovur ho declined to
swear that the sale entered on his books was
made to Curley personally
Tke Frenek Oeenvntlon esConvo
LISBON April 17In the Chamber of Depu
ties teMlay a dispatch from the Governor of Angola was
read It said that the French occupied Ports Kcgra and
Loanf on the 28th of March The natives protested
against this action to the Captain of the Portuguese
cruiser Hengo who made a formal protest to the French
authorities It Is expected that a conflict with this
French will follow and that Mr Henry M Stanley will
require a ship and forces for his protection There had
been no outbreak however up to the date of the de
spatch The Minister of Marine replying to questions
explained that tlie occupied territory lay northward ot
the Portuguese dominions
The Captain ot the Hengo he said had protested
owing to what he considered the Irregular form of the
occupation The Minister reminded the Chamber tb4t
the French Ooternment had recently declared that U
would respect the rights of rortniaL
IOBDOX AprIl IT Advice from 81 Vincent are that
the fortujr gunboat Doiro lias gone to Loanda
The Mnlngnaj Agate In ondon
LONDON April 17A deputation composed
of several members of Parliament and other prominent
men waited nn the Malains envoy today and con
gratulat them on the satisfactory result of their it lilt
tn the United htntei anuS expreMxd the hope that It
would lead to an entrntf between hue United States and
MailagsKcar The deputation also a isiuei the enos
success in their itenotlhtlons with Krnlire Ihe rbftf
eltOn In reply spoke In warm praise nf Slue klndneM
which the eavn s receied In America As nit instance
of the t Interest nf tInt United Stoles internment In Slip
welfare of Mailiifamar he cited UR Intention to promoto
its nirrnt In Mailupni ar tn the rank nf rmiul
Auto lien from ZunibHr slate that the Hritlth uar sloop
Dragon has been ordered to Madagascar
Aanerlenn Cattle DIscussed In Parliament
LONDON April 17In than House of Lords last
sit enimug the Puke of Richmond and lordnn Ionserv
tUc muted that the papers concerning the foot and
innuth diaeaue air omc cattle ho preMiited to lime Ilnuio
and asked why the Importation of cattle from the United
mates as well as from France Has not prohibited He
said the dlsesse M its more pre alent In the fnrmer coun
try then In trance Lord Csrllngford Lord 1reiMenl
nf Slut Council and MlnlMer nf Agriculture denied that
the disease ua prevalent tn a largo cxtLlit In America
He said although It exliteil there whnleiale prnhlblllnn
of the importation of American tattle was not Juvtlned
Vista nnd Ilorder Minstrel Each Win it Boer
LONDON April 17This was the first day of
the Kppom spring metlng The rare for the Great
Metrnpulitail Stakes hsndicap was w nn by Lord Itose
berya fnurearnld rhcitant filly Villa with Lord
Marchs three t earold bar Illly Album second and Count
retetlca agrd ba > horse Jlerrclicre third Five ran
The spring meet ing at York was niientd buoy The
race for tlie treat Northern Handl ap was won b > Mr
J Johnilones three > ear old chcitnut cull Hinder Mln
cueS Mr W Sanduritons four earnld cheiitnut filly
Mennaidin csme In sncnnd and Mr W 1Anvnns three
5 esrold chestnut cult Hen Alder third There were
eight starters
Itlaeueelns the CEnra Cknnree
ILIIIN April 17It Is likely that the corona
linn nf the Crnr will be pontpnned until the mOths of June
The lmiut proclamation Irtued bv the Nihilists merely
refers to hue car In a scornful was and says he is be
nenth crlllclin 5 clllnformed persons In Russia ex
lrc Slap uliimion that no dntiger In tn be feared tn the
trar at the coronation with theehctptlnn perhaps ot an
ail I nr nn biilMed fnnntic and etui that is unlikely
Hr IfcrtiiBsiHii April l7iSiu udtlnalillltvof remit
tllitf u certHlii titxatlon nn Its nccanlon nf the coronation
Ii nndercon Meraliim by u special commission appointed
for the purpose
tiireii Vletorlna Journey Under Close Guard
IX > M > ON April 17 Queen Victoria left Wind
sor this morning for the rojnl residence at Osborne
On Ing to Die trouble her Majesty experiences from her
sprained knee she wn unMile to walk and lieu to be
Ifflid Into her carriage The route along which the
tjilecn panted nan carefully guarded by police ani
troops The uucetl hiss liithnuttd that she will open the
Unhersnl rlsfieries lxhililtfnn In l > mlnn from her car
rlage If nhrnthr time for the opening arrives she Is
nimble to n nit into the biillillng
An Unanswered Question About Number
LONDON April 17In the House tonight Sir
Herbert Maxwell Connenatlve asked whether It was
true that IsterTj nan the man who bad been Identified
as Number One was In Nsw York and whsther his cx
tradition unuld be demanded by the Onvernment Lord
F Itzmaurico tinder Secretary for Foreign Affairs re
plied that sir Herbert must give formal notice of tin
question before a reply could be given
Kdvrln Boolk
VIENNA April 17Mr Edwin Booth ended
his engagement here to night Ids acting was loudly
applauded and at the close nf the performers he WM
presented with floral wreaths the Stars and Stripes and
the colors of the city of Vienna
Alums Emperor knd Better fjeek Out
PARIS April 17It Is stated that should the
Emperor ot Aaam refuse lo comply with the demnasuds
of France a thousand troops and several gunboats wilt
be lent to occupy strategic point In that country
The Irish Pnrtxa New Whip
LoNDONAprll 17Mr Thomas Power OCon
nnr becomes the whip nf the IrUh Iarllameiitary psrtv
In i place of Mr Richard Power who resigned yesterday
la PatrIck Ecnn to IITO In America
LONDON April 17Il Is understood that Pat
rick hifan late Trussurer of the Lan League Intend
to reside permanently In America
Hick License with a Vengeance
MINNEAPOLIS April 17Tue City Council
last iilnlit railed thn Iliense unon saloons which has
hsrctofure been lieu to f IM J
The Ahtrnslhjr furniture factory at Ieavsnworth was
totally ileitrnted by fire last ulght Lou HunuO In
surance VJJ < OO
The Model flour mill In Minneapolis owned by It P 1
ItnsselM Co and S aluod at IWuuo was dsslroted las
night LoiiP > ooii
The large grist mill owned bv Jacnli llornbeck In Mon
tague Tnwnihlji N J was burned list night with all
the contents Loss Slumuaum Ininrsnce Mu J
The Inn by the Are In 1aternntter square London on
Monday night by which six firms Inclmllng Kcgan
I Faul rreucU A Co wire turnsd out U iMuuu
A MUed CemmtMlen t Suspect tke Hepntt
Mean Mneklno
The Executive Coramltlooof tho Hopubll
can Central Committee reported last evening
hat they had elected Cot Charles 8 Hpencor
Chairman and Solon B Smith Secretary Then
Cot Spencer on behalf of the Executive Com
mittee presented this resolution
That a committee of fifteen he appointed by the Treel
entof this committee and requested to Im lie Ingres
lions from all partlei desirous ot formlnf one hat
monies and earnest organization of the Republican
arty In this city aa to the proper and elttt lent meant
futr accomplishing this result and report the ssme with
lelr recnmmendailons In th premises at the next
meeting of the Executive Commltteet and Iluil such
ommlttee also are requested to Invite suggestions as lo
5 remodelling of the constitutions of the Republican
arty orgonltatlnne In this oily and report the same
with such amendments to Such constitutions ai they
nay deem advisable and lust to the Executive Com
outlet of this committee i and that Slue rrcsldent In his
ppolntments shall not be restricted to members of the
eutral Committee
The resolution was adopted and tho Chair
man appointed this committee of fifteen Ed
ward Mitchell William lowd Lloyd AHplnwall
Jlmuncey M Dopow William A Tnwnloy
Theodore W Dwlght Klllott F Hhnpnrd
henry J Scudder Tames K Marvin Whltelnw
told George Jones Hugh Hastings Frederick
tihne John 1 Lawson and Joseph Hart
Chairman John L Ollrlen Secretary Solon
B i South and Col Spencer were added to tho
Ilenry Miller Say that ke Hnd Hcen Niarek
Ins for Her to Misery Her
In the baggage of Llzzlo Fox n middleacid
Engllih woman who poIsoned herself In Philadelphian
in Saturday night were found a number nf Utters frnm
henry Miller or Millies of 171 East I27lh street New
York of which Miss Fox said In a letter she left for the
Chief of Police I want these letters Sftit lo Ilenry
Illler and I want him to put them innucomn Home
sit the letters are of recent date and deplore Millers
liability which he lays to Site poserly to make her his
The address glen In Harlem Is Joseph Armltages
lalh lnt shop Miller wnrktd lucre until haturda last
They knew him as Muller He Is a rrnsulaii au years
old orn > iars oiuoger ShaH Miss Fix He left Slut plsce
Cml Saturday and Mr Armitnire did not know w litre he
went Lizzie Fox merit cii iiu S tile euuuulutrt twn inonths lumen
and was a conk In n prhale hiiun at 24 West hlxteenth
trect Miller called there often to sec her Clue went
rom there to rhliadelplila Her trunk remains at Ihe
muse In Sixteenth street
Iliiiiprirnu April 17TIulmi afternoon an excited
unking little man S l died Depnt 5 rnrnner Iimers and
said thai he was Miller A tlnl > pe pbotngrHili fnnnd
among the dead a omans effects Lorrobnratvd him Mll
icr who wept copiously tnld ho Sued arrived in this cltv
m Mnndav and had been srnrchlng e simtsitere for Liz
zip Ho had found twff tilaces at which she had Indged
and was seeking hir with Slut Intention nf making her
its wife The dipntv gave him the bundle of letters and
eepsakes which she hail directed tn be kept fnr him
lIe said that he would reminc the body to > ew tirk
fur burial
More Carpenters at Work nt the New Wsisjes
The ExecutIve Committee of time Carpenters
Jnlon remained In scslnn all day ytllerull Inllermanla
Mali Sevenths avenue and Twenty sixth street Kepnrts
came In slitwby I for molt of the shops bad already ac
ceded to the adtance of wages frnm 1525 to fl V a da
n the afternoon Kt men had returned to work In sixteen
Imps at fiwiaday 14 slur nnn union men wlm had
teen drawing lower rates struck on their own resnnnal
iliity and when their demands were not compiled with
olned Ship union material Increasing Its sir nglh
Ilned raid u prominent member of the union
one of the best effects this strike promises to have will
ie the S drawing Into our union nf a number nf men who
otherwise wnuld never lint Joined It A gnu carpenter
s certainly worth 3 50 a day and when the men who
tail been working Independently saw that we were
pretty sure to get It they would not work for less1
Very satisfactory reports were received from the com
mittee appointed to visit the shops where the old rates
of pay still prevailed and speak to the men Many nf
he workers threw down their tools and joined the strik
ers Mr H 1obl Secretary nf hue ExecutIve Comntitoe
said that Messrs Meeker i Hatton who are providing
the carpentering work of the new Produce Exchange
are employing men from Jersey at from ftl SO to CJ7A a
day It n as decided should this report be true to tiring
the matter to the attention nf the union Last night the
general Impression among the carpenter was that their
sink was very near a successful close
SJeme Stats Islanders Disappointed
The new management of the Staten Island
Hallway Ferry Company announced yesterday that
hereafter four extra trips would be made by the boat
during the rush hours ot the morning and evening A
spend train will also be run tn and from Tottenvllle
every morning and evening which Is Intended to ac
commodate the New York business people who sojourn
at hiss club houses hotels and resorts located near
Princes Hay and the southern shores of the Island
luring the summer season
He en eighths nf the Matrn Island people live along
hue shore nearest to New turk and these express dis
appointment with Mr Vliiiians plans which dn not In
clude either reduced rates or commutation tickets
Mr Klmllna Tkree Dream
A Coroners jury decided yesterday that Wll
llsm Klmlln dlvd from Injuries Inflicted by persons un
known in a fight In a Pntrrson saloon some time ago
The last witness vi ns Kliullns mother who testified that
she dienmed tliree I tunes S liefnro he cii hiuJ muted that she
saw illlam I lug dead w ith just such Mounds on him
as ho really had H lien ho died The drenms tnnremicd
her so much thtit she went befnro Slut Hecnruer and
niftde a complaint nf disorder conduct against him sn
Hint Sin would bo locked up until artir election as he
was engs ed In tho campaign and gut drunk ever
ntttht lleforo he could h arrested he recclted the S blows
Imiuirv unit cc tlmt Mrs Klmlln actusll > made thu
cnmplalnt as she saul but she made no reference to the
drtaiu at the time to the Kecorder
Ilentka Yesterday
Charles E Cootos Recorder of Auburn
S L Bradley President of the oldest bank In Auburn
Charles II Louts do Bourbon a former Duke of
rarma Is dead In the eight fourth ear of his age
Major James W rithr nf the Corps nf Engineer
United Mates Army died on Monda nl Morrlstown N J
Sir 1hlllp Itose fornurl an Intimate friend of Lord
Beacnnsneld and the legnl adlser of the Tory party In
Archibald Cary Peachy of San Francisco a pioneer
lawyer late ot the firm of hulled Teach t Billings of
heart disease aged u2
Labors Problem
Two hundred tanners half of the force In
the Allsgbanv City tanneries struck esterday against
a reduction of dollar a week
The Mexican laborer on the Mexican Central Railroad
hae struck for SI a day becauss of the high price of
It Is i said that the worklngmen of Berlin are preparing
for a general strike for an Increase of wages
Tim employees In Clarks cigar factory at rambrldgs
port hate asked and been granted an advance of fl a
thousand on and after May I
Coming from Alhanjr to Bee the Clreue
A bright and handsome boy not Quito 14
years of age named Wilber Mangle anti of J K Mangle
nf 173Clinton avenue Albanv ran ana from home on
the 4th of April telling some nf his boy friends that he
was cnmlng In New Vnrk tn see Barnums Circus and
since then Ins not been heard of He brnught silt htm
somt 94i > nf hl nwn innne that he had sat ed up for an
excursion Ills father who Is a wealth coal dealer tn
Albany often toon for his recovery
Canada hue Need of Wlaralns
OTTAWA April 17Time Department of Fin
ance has Intimated to Prof Wiggins that his wrtltcs
will tie required In an official capacity for thepreint
and the rrnfismr Is cancelling his lecturing engage
ments In consequence
HPAHKlt FROM riSK TKIK < lltiril
The French not eminent has ordered the eipulslon
from France uf the Mhlllit riieitapalnir
The Rev lohn Hchenck a Knmnn Catholic priest shot
hlmielt In Long Iralrle Minn jolerrtay
The lulon sleamsr Alaska passed Fastnet > esterday
having made the trip In 0 lays and 21 hours
Lisbon limper lay the French havs occupied Porta
Negro In Congo after snnie resistance b hue natives
Papt Ksdi isjs that work nn the Tehuantspec ship
railway Is I going on mud the road will be finished before
the Panama Canal opened
The Mayor of Iluffalo has slgnsd the West Shore Rail
road grant In regard tn crossing the streets of thi city
and tne contractors are again hard at work
In Delaware feiterda the Home voted to Indefinite
ly postpone the Senate bill providing fur the inblnll
Ion of the Question of license or nn license to vote
Becauie nf a deficiency In ths appropriation for the
eipensei of the court the trial ot the South Carolina In
Charlsston alectlonoasoi has gone overto another term
George r Miller entry clerk for the William Rogers
Manufacturing Company of Hartford was arrested last
night and confessed to hat hug taksn about tiuuu worth
of goods
Miss Katie Orlfltths a school teacher at Martlnl Ferry
W Va In attempting In correct William Beck a fifteen
year nld pupil yesterday was assaulted by him lo bru
tally that she Ii t thought to be fatally Injured
Ill Connecticut the Senate hai defeated the rrnhlbl
tory Constitutional Amendment bv a vole of II to u
four members being absent A two thirds vole Is re
quired to submit the amendment to the people
Sheriff Enter of Carlisle was with several deputies
taking six prisoners through Hie streets ot Phllaililphle
yesterday when they knocked him down hurling him
badly and called on tin crowd lo help thim to escape
none got away
Prince Thomas Duke of Henna cousIn of the King of
Italy sac married yesterdsr In Munich tn Princess Isa
bella nf Havarla cousin nf the Klnir of Hat aria The
King of Haxnny and the Puke nf Aosta exKing ot Spain
were present at the ceremony
The Interior Department nt Mfilo In In report re
garding hits postal relatlnni nf tIthe country stun Mexico
sat i that the new postal sysienm of Mexico will facili
tate the Issue of International innnsy orders and Im
prove the general postal isrvlcs of that country
The London Itmes says the Canadian Pacific Hallway
nftlclsls estcrdsv notified ibis authorities nf Site llrand
Trunk Hallway Company that they would not be able tn
carry out the contemplate arrangement between the
twnfompanlss because of objections raised Ic America
Senator Fair denies tin report of an attempt on the
part of nil son to shoot him and shows litters from the
boy dated at Paso Rnbles springs to pros that hi Is not
In the city Mrs Fair also says her ion Ii I out of town
Mrs Fair U occupying the family residence In Ban
Francisco and tut I tutor lMtyuif at ibe Occidental
DAsata nrnr AND TIIKRB JIT ram
Wbisky In Failure Mcrcliirr Grkas
Opimlan of the Aldem n Ezelsm aad
AsemblysuenNuscth5 About Lie
Tho llov Dr II U McKIm presided last night
ever a meshing tlio Church Temperance Society held °
nth chaiel nf the Holy TrinIty Church In Harlem
lie MM that one tit the reiiuliltei to enable a cltlwn to
ebtatis a liquor lUenw si ai that he ehould be of ten ti
irnachabU character It was a deaiant belief that
OiiDof our hiest and moil hnnrit felhiw lllieiie were
engaged In the ihllanthroplc emploment of Mllloc t
runs to the nther
Mr Robert Iraham Secretary of the Church Temper
ance SocIety wait lntroducid Mr Irahain Ii an Eng 4
Inhman nol > et naturall lit was on the commute 4
Pliolutcd toliiTeitlKate the entorceinent nf Ihe Bzclt
law In New Ynrk The present Excite CoinnilMlonere
Ime laid are me unfit for their office ae thniiffh they hud
lice chniw for their lncoinieiriicy He had asked them
if they cnimldiTrd hulls Miillorj I inncy Uencheiran
ind a certain 1rench wonmti ii iiwhom licenses nail
tern irrnntMl inrimnii if Lnod innral character i
They sushi tht rrenih uniiiiiii character wan rood
and that I Irouli irnu and Miillir aoSil ll < jiior without
IcfMfn 1he lid not runtller the S fict that In a c
ertatn part nf Cherrj stOwS lucre ore eljeht liquor ea
iHiim tn nine IIIIIIACD Inittcftlli that there were mora
alnili thnn the heed nf Statelier reillilred 7
The lIst ur lili Mr llrahnm I lust I he ciiuld only acm p
male bid nun fur ExCise rnnnnlVHluneri but the cnn
nrnilni putter lit l t uith tlie I Axl nnen U w ae liMleM to
appeal in Hie I Intter fur nf tlm tttent four thirteen
t ore ulirudti rtntl > ird In thr ll < il r tralllc and twelve
nf the thirteen path null th e liis emit IU > list fee fTfV
Mr llraham I nll that ne lied ironr t < i Atbnny eta bill
haul fiiituuS IhatiK S hit iiiir rnlo tIle Alilermen wilt nIce
the Kenale find the Aii > etnll
Why Two Bunk are e > l Inv
Judgo Inrrcmori antI a jury were engaged
t > terda In the trial nf atnith the Ill National Bank
hf Ilallnf Tetite msgaiiuat the National Perk Hank nf ibis
til for the teenier nf filllu I 12 a haUnie which the
ilalntllt Itsl 1 un dipn ltuith the defendant bank The
defendant letup a counter claim nf tJVUJI with Inter
eel which tumid been lent tn A K llnrdin wise was Pretl
lent nf liDlixaibaik tin allrtfrd that the bank of
HaitilMmcrrd In iWKi that Mr Mantle owed ltfio
is ku is SuIclu Sue loS omit al Imed iiiinn eecnrlllee that turned
nit tn tie wnrthleM Then llndie I without lielnir for
iiallr dlimlinod from iiis imiltliin 11 null he haul been
leprlved nf hit pnwr ai irileiuI l ramr ts thin city
and ohutnrd irri > onal limn from this Inrk Hank t < > the
emmuouumut sit Sla It Ueet nn Irv hun defendant that y
Slut plalntIR won repnn lli1e for the Hhnte amount nf
thie loan ninde tn Itanllo S I I li caniu > Iii hndheen held nut t
to S tie tt cmiii on III Iri ulilint an I he bad repaid tn plain i
lilt 553is l > nf luts lndctii diie tn It with money thai s °
came from the defendant I he cme In itlll on trial
To Put the Wlrre Under GroUnd i
Tho Commlttco on Underground Cominunl j
cation luau U uul a salt for n 1111 tllnx of the twenty one I I
lectrlcnl companlei dnliu liUoiuuee In this I city with a
le of lliiJIiiK some fciiKible pHn for p1st thug all their
n lrc < under Krniinil ail I nuts dims h > the Rdlion Klec
Inc Light Company The cull l elmiet l by the IramiiK
Electrical 1ompany the Amcrlcia and Bruuli Klectrlc
omanU > the JnlilochkoIT end United SUites Electric
LlKhtllu CninpiiiilF mid the KJUiin Llnl Ilisleil Kleo 4
rlc light ionlpitnl i Ihe 1 clrcnlnr ir Mir riiinmltlec t
says It U I rrniiiniiUle to hope tint an ImliKlvc lnKle sits
It m ma > tie fuuuituh which will tale In the felt irrauh An
alirni diitrkt memKniter imd trleplmne ulren KOI
cad commillusius to hnu a Heimrntc pattern unnld Involve
an unhrnraht expeimi and would verlonnly illitnrh the
lice nf the sIrets lliere are iv dlce < already nat
ented and these will be coimldcreil to the committee 4
Cash Ctrl Katie Sckwurze Broken Arm
Katie Hchwarz 14 years old was a cash girl II
in the itore of J Llchteniteln A Comm She alleges that I
because the did not start with tuftlrlent promptness
when a number dropped nn the Indicator thowlnirat
which counter she wan wanted she was taken hold ol
and posIted luy Isuao Ltcluleieietn a member of th
litmus so that else felt uiois her right sub and broke bet
arm A pull by her against the 11cm for talnsge was
tried yet eray lit te ourt ef Common Pleas before
Judge Van llneien and a Jury and tt was directed thai
a seated verdict be broudit In this morning Mr 2
Llchteniteln says he did not push the girl but that she
tripped and fell
Sakol Teacher Psasias
The agitation among teachers about the pro
posed bill now before the Legislature providing for the
retirement teacher after tnentynre ye are of sir
vice ant assessing Seachers siarie for the purpoe of
raising the pensIon fund still continues Waisy
lItres to the protsat agaInst time passage of the bill a Ic
present snaps were receiveu at uranmiar school Ho 47
East Twelfth street yesterday after school hours The
committee announced that further slgoaturel wrmM
continue to bo received at the same place today aod to
morrow or that protests might be lent by mall by toon
unable to attend In person
Nutt or the Father of it Vaccinated Chile
Dr Frederick L Fischer who in January
last vaccinated the three year old child of Adam lImiter
slick has been sued by time latter In the Supreme Court
for finoM damages llaverstlck alleges that the child j
tit as permanently disabled by unskllfnliiLss tn the opera i
tlnn and Slut lisa of Impure virus Soon after Ihe opera i
tion he case the chilil became paraltzeil In both arms
fudge llarreit testerday reserved his decision upon a
motion inailt on behalf nf Dr Klucher that the child be
examined before tin trial by two regular phtslclens t >
be named lay him
Dog Pound Futures
A polIceman chased a crowd of boys across
the square at Iloosevelt Street Ferry Sail etenlng and
forced them to release two dogs which they had fastened
with ropes The brutes released frnm the grip of till
nungsters darted off trailing the ropes behind them
The jonnif scamps said the policeman I wish I
could calch them They are corralling all the dogs they
now conic across nnd holding them Our the pound I be
Sieve they get them In Brooklyn and 41 illlainsburgh
SwIndled by nn Antwerp Money Broker
Louise Kothackor nn immigrant who arrived
at Castle tianilems yesterday dlncotered there that what
she supposed was a floo Untied States note wlilchlfoi
she had exchangeil all her money 4V marks with s
money broker In Antwerp w as an Imitation that Is I used
to advertise as an American proprietary medicine The
Imitation very closely resembles a genuine note
A tlersjirnsnn ItecoTera Demotes for Eviction
The Itev Hush MoQuIro recovered 100 dam
ages In SIte Marine Court yesUrdajln a suit agaiuif
Thnmos wilkes of II East Eighteenth street whom hi
accused of having cvlclid him without a warrant nl
dispossession trolls apartments which lie hind hired Ii
Mr Wilkes house 2
The Central Pork SuicIde Idenllateel
The man who shot himself In Central Park i
mar the west drive nppnslle Highly eighth street ot
Monday afternoon was recognlM at tho Mnrgne yea
terdav as Chnnes Mentzcr a simple curd manufacture
of li Elm street
The Kev Mr Mearnln leut lo the Workhouse
Tho Itov Iiorrn AlfonHoHeiruIn was sent yes
terdsy tn the S wnrkhnusp wherrt tie sS ill remain fnui
mouths unless he can find ball for good behavior
Yke Hlcnnl Offlce IreilUllon
Light variable wlniU slight clianges In tem
perature stationary or higher tinrnlueter
A meeting of the New Vork Central Ladles Ian
League will be held to night In ronm 21 1onpcr Union
The fire which burned the Rradilreits bindery or
Resde street iuao not Interrupted tho conipant agenci
The steamer City of Merlda which was dlssbled by i
collision out llatteras with an unknown tliree t masted V
schooner reached New York jestenlay f
Judgment of aosolntedltorcc granted b > Indve pnnn
line In Ihe Supreme Court In atnr nf Anna H Nmn
from Jeixe U MuCh was filed > esterda
Tims were filed yesterday for a Church of the DiscS
pies uf Christ which Is to be built In rlftysKth street
etueeu Klglith and Ninth avenues at a cost ut ftouu
Tint Son has received for Mrs lieve 5M West Forty
flftli streetS J from Hrotklyn In II from A Krlend1
13 from J C W 55 from W W and SI from Ellcrlan
The tale In partition ot a part nf the estate of William
Matthews In the towns of Harrison and Kte brought
flioora A good deal of the property was bought la
bv tbe heirs
An Olds Koikes Concerto will be given In lime Metho
dist Church at Islington atenus and fifty second street
on Friday night to raise a fund for the repair of the
church organ
A long slim eel with a hungry eye was pulled out ol
the ten tap prison water pipe jssterilay mnrnlng tv
Dspnty Msrden noisy of the roniln Tue eel semaon at
the Tnmbi U now billeted tn bs nt or
Jacob Harm commuted tn the workhouse by Justice
Gardner for six nmnths for abusing and not supporting
his wife banged hliiudf with Ills list bund In the Kssi
Market prison some time Moudt night
Superintendent Jenkins nf Mr lerryi society tele
phoned orders tn Miners Theatre yesterday that Katie
ooney 14 years old must not appvar on the stage te
ease will bs taken before the Mayor buoy
ExMsyur Cooper and rnngreiiman Abram S Hewitt
have paid the Maw l York Wire atil WIts Rope Company
rut 5142 71 for Its works and a part cf Its land froulini
on Huth Street Mott Walton and Gerard atinuis
the choir of tbe flerman EvangelIcal Lutheran Im
maiiuel Congregallnn with the asilstance of nther sing
ers will gits a concert tomrrrnw etenlng In Iarspa
Hall highly s tenth street eel Third avenue for the
benefit of Ihe lermanAinerlcan Iinmanutl I Hcliool
liiils DArgencourt who was convicted In the Gen
eral beitioni nf forger In the second degree In having
In hs nnsHcsilon plates fur the inanufacture of cruiter
fell of the notes nf the ptuilli Itank nf llaana was
jestsrdsv itnleiictl o huo iriiun for three years and
ill months
Krnitoi Diaries W Jones nf rinrlila tailed for liver
pool tuy the Wisconsin yestenlitt Ills his Intention tn
make an extended tour abroa > and s IsO the iHnVrent
fnrelirn capitals returning In Amerfa In the early
autumn lie was born In conIy liuMIn Ireland forty
Tears ago and has not bstn revisited Ireland
Wm II llewellrnacUrk for ninmniiiidsle Ilrothsrs
sail Tnlrd avenue who was arrested on April T accuicd
of retaining fl for goodi which he had inld wss its
charged yesterday in the Court of Special hesslnns the
testimony offered for the prosecution not sustaining the
charge No leitlmony for the defence was ofier JUut
Court dMiuInf uoai uicisiarji

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