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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, May 24, 1883, Image 1

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rOL LNO 266 =
I u
11UUu111 M TIlle Jm 1fYllrI I n
nit tiXKs of 1UIlC1I
n Irflilf Ml I II lnr1 I ronkltn
tilth title nd Mlllmrr Iumii nuil t 11I10
Ike lln l riu i > o IJ I Illvvr Hi liu
Alive wllh MIVMMbvnIA antl Innl < ne
lien I be 411 Nii i > fndetl
Ttie preparations for the ctlobratlou of tho
of tho KMI lllvur Urltlo arc oom
pete and thorn la notlilni ncodid to nmi >
dari wlcbratlou all that Is uojjod fur ox
ftpteood weather
crt < procession from tho lirooklxn City Hull
Till ccniprU3 nbout 2t0 public olUelnN nddl
llon to the Society of Old lirooklrnlten nnd tlio
eiMayor Tbi > lino will bomiideiiiuis follow
Tt < Hiror lb Comptroller and Auilltor the Iloird
Hit Brooklyn member of the
cf ilJirmtn lmb Hrldge Trui
Ifti t tlie bf idi tf department and their n > pint the
firk Cdumluluiitri Ihe Board of Education the Hoard
f AiHHofi llie Hoard of Election the Iudicliirv the
Uoardof Superxlion the member
CO tlie l nltd statep official ttie immbiri 1 of
t i auif h l 0 < x Cmii trollere and ex
I f It city Hi Hoclety of Old llrookltitui
HnioniHoimiiltUeof lb Und Ann of Hit Ie
iibllc Vjor Orncral commanding Mlltar LHvltiniif
uitAtabt c Mid itafl tli Commodore luminamllng Hie
FIT sullen uf Hit Port of New York and 1 uatl tithter <
cf Ith Cold stitti Amy and J < avjr ttrlf adler UeuerMi
o tUSccuud illviilon and their la
The Tusntjrthlrd Regiment which will act
y tho escort will appear for tho llrst tlmo In
1U new Mate uniform Including the cork liel l
Cf te nnd the shoulder knots Thorn Is to bo a
piramotli Una of mualu at tho liend of tha
column Tho prorcMlon will reach thu Sands
trcet station at 1245 PM
Tie New York procession will reach tho
BinJs itroot elation haxlnc paan > d oxer tlio
fcrulee abut an hour later nn i thou tho oxer
din fill Itgin Jlttyor Low will moot tho
frtsMant and Oocrnor at tho Brooklyn tower
iil welcoiui them J t T Htrunplmn will
ireildtt In the station nod us noun tlio
IwentjMUIrd Keeimentbuud Ilnisliostliii open
Ing plfco ho will introduce illllnm C Klnus
kTthBnctlni President of tho llonrd of Trus
Wnbo will jireneut thobrldco to tho cltlri
Jo yol Low und Edson will make iiccHptiinpo
iwtoheii nnd they will b tallowed by A H
jWlltmid by tliu I v lr I H KtorrH tlm
enters of the day one speuklnir for New York
pj tho otbtt forllrookjyn Tho nxorelxvi will
Soloted b music liy the Sexunth Ieirini wi
od Tbe President and Goxernor will then
wcflrted to Maj or Lows housu by thu Tu on
it third Hoiflruent bund posslblv htoiiplntrnii
te trar lt Col lUioblluus liousn to Hlmko ImiuN
tiththo Invalid Cbief Lntflneir who will bold
lihort rccuiitlon altar the brdUrc OMrclws
At Mayor Lows dinner to the 1rtnldBnt nnd
fiovornor In his reuldduco 2U1 Columbia
Hfichu OOI will b laid fur eiuhtef > n
Th auditorium of the Academy In Brooklyn
ba < ben floured oxer nnd curiwtpd from tho
third row ol seats In tue baliony to tin back
I tha state The hon had bnxn lavishly
dfcorateJ Thu columns supporting tho llrst
riilerr hae bepn entwined with Ivy em
blematic of the IrlondHhlp wxlntliic butwcun
I tbe two cities Around tho hnrbcshuo niirficn
tttrn will be tbe words Welcome 1rICA
President and Our Governor each luttor Imlnc
In black lulled with Kold and 1111 1
Uorel wrtuth emblematic of thu completion of
the bridge Tim United States cout of iinns
on one prosconlum I > box wil boar the Initial
A In honor of the Ilosldent and thn rttnto
oat of arniMoa UiH other proswulura box wi
Uardov Cloxelnndaltltlal letter A pitliitiii
rtrl < llot tho txvo cities united by tlm
triJc 1 will hll from tha stace nrch It xxlll
It lurrounded by flairs nnd will Imvo thu nnme
UwbllUK In iras letter beneiith II Tho
BrooUin Dutch motto Eon dratiht mackt
DOLbt cm the xvlll picture tu represented lu old Dutch letters
The proscenium arch will be lined xxltli the
ccati ot arms of tbo thirteen original States
Tho President and Oovernor xvlll occupy > n
nlnd dais luraliiHt I I background of imlui I
Tltornccordlcl to arrangements must walk
npidlx along a liino of policemen nnd pass tbo
d1 i vitbout stooping to shake hands
Cko tlyotno tlu Acwlumy will not bo opened
Acm w1 b
yatlj after the arrival of the party from Mayor
Ixxv s house and no one will b admitted to
IfonUiKitu fitroot between Clinton and Court
before the reception betIns uxcept tbosn hold
ing tickets of admission to tbe atace door or
tlikots to the bridge ceremonies 1hl 1reM
dent and Governor will b drlxeii to the A end
ear aftor the fireworks whIch they xxlll M re
t wi
from Jlfiyor Lows house and xxlll roinaln
there for ole hour only Two bunds of music
till play tiltnrnately during thn recopllon
Much Inuulry has been mado as to xvhetlier
the request fur tlioso who hold cillery tickets
Ialet tckete
lor the Academy reception to appear in full
tlrfss impllei that thosw who do not comply I
rill be excluded Mayor Iov yesterday nmle
Ihmauthorltatlxe utterance upon the subject
Evening dress means no morn than u linlit
bonnet and cloak It would certainly be IKht
Ie for ladle to Indulto In any more extcn <
lire preparntlonn than Unit a tho crowds xill
b wry reut and It tuny 0 necessary for thorn
bstatid some tltno in the open air
Tie demand for tickets to the oponlne core
monleson thobrldco XTBJ almost furious > CH
Itrdiy Many foil sllchted at not biivlnc ru
ccive the coxeted pasteboard and It xxa gnld
r tlio brldko tlmt a > much as IM hnd b < n of <
ITOI for 1 ticket Them U a supply of blui
tictetf tUnt admit tha holder to the roadway of
the briilfo but not to promenade thit luix n
ben t more Ireely distributed Pains have been
taken to Pond ticket to all thoso In conspicu
ous public positions and tho supply xvas not
peat enough to meet the doinund from tnose
noleel thut they were entitled to tho Inxltu
Ion The Sfinda street eUUIon xxlll not ac
wmmoJiitf more than 0 persons und about
UOoO tickets haxo been Issued There are
ibouMtjoj chairs in readlnest Tho lre IIont
ndjiarty xxlll oceutiTsoatc opposite thoiponk
in stand The brldtru bas txion decorated
vith las and the station bulldlnc has been
iwruted with buntlnie and coats of nrnm
The county and city olces In Urnoklxn are
b closed B 1 A M and the Surrogates
cfflcv xvlll to the rendezvous for the boclity of
pJ Bnxikljnitos The Hchools xxill bo cloaid
lrth lit Tin ofUvluls are to meet In thu
lltT Hal nt noon In tlie Common Council
rumUir wh nee tboy will march under
BlJiUry escort to the bridco
dThe bflxtnth HeulmiMit aaCortlnK the Ire l
watMis Ooxernor Iud olcortnl from this
iwof the rlxnr xvlll Htait from the Illb A n
uo Hotel shortly before 1 oclock march down
JtrwiJnair across tho lurk In front of the City
nail and tlieuce tiiun tho bridiro upproncb
Mush tlu nation bulldlmf to tiio S xx
iork andonuo xrhero tin mllltlu xxlll bait
ni thon form line facing north iirrsnnt
In arm as tho Biiegta innrob pn t Whtn
il nt reaches tiio Noxv iork tower tliH
r O tsfiUito twentvonotiinsxvlll b II
it VUI n f < OIUmlll onOo ernoiT8l llt l ami
looslilin of wnr anchored off to Nixy Yard
dm Invited cucst xlil move nero K the bidlfo
t11t Htary escort to the IJroikljn nn
horlle where the Twentythlril luslmcnt
1 I r 1n UP to receive thor ihit com
Iln < 11 IIWled < 1 m the orth FldJ of tho
1rlcnnle tlllll80ith ald Pr ient arms KM
In Iut marb P t Mayor LOXVIIIK tho
LnV I rom Urook IM will b cscortod to thi
W 8 Mret bulldiiic bv the Twentythlid
cheiL BI I nlock Wh n the President
om i1VheJirJoll > tower salutes of txxuntv
QUI Iun i wflI IICI on ort Oreeno and at
irL Leal J 1 sttt I street in tho eastern dls
if At tbe mon > nt tho brldco U nreontod
wliiV0icitl < 6lutes of Src
will I clipl one bun rd tuns
b flrod 1 at the same rolnu IUn8
The S8le
liff emlrs 01 the Proauco Kxclmnce dfl
ODlr JcJtcrdlJ > tosll P nd buslless at noon
J p shtviilue m mb < iri voted iwralnst thu
Th 101101 to COI Ihl Ktchanc H tlmt hour
HinVjVr1 nf fommltteii of the Stock 1x
jJ e lddl that It would b Impracticable
iK W i tIUlnd durinir any part of the day
i tCllllnt halu a reception
That5l 111 dl ldn Huuaro OarcJnn recopton
Slf The i Ooeror and staff and Ma > or Edson
anelnl tlu f lluOUI Afterward there will
u ln Ihe day from 10 A M f to 5 p M th
FD Ilnmlot ol > any will run I of ltd Ixiats
lOhPlrr il Xorth UUer up tho Lnt Illxor un
f e Lrl Inl around to Coney Islund to
fel ni ° rportunlty to view the bridge on
HPnll ntl enliii all of the boits
tlv eollll oi bmlK
d1IL tlonll orar tt0 Erld ° dUrlL tho
The Drnokhl Jrille uthorltte warn all
authorltel 11
iaT S < eell 1 dl tlnc 01 I half amileaboxn
101 tun t bridge tunlght TliouHimd of
hkbtlICl xvlll lu Into the xvater during tln >
I lon II truwlrkK and loss of life U feared
I til cr t ° lim too near the Iftla
he i i le to structure
UJJ > iollll loter l the original of which in
I r rDJIII tho Itr luftliand corner xxlth thu
Ma an lt i Ihe 111r elhlnd corlcr 1h tht
that unicorn of England wu iient to
t111ul llelt
iC H of the bridge
r Hv abl lokn loI oW l 1
0 1 hr t 0 Irdat I lr TnHfIlht
< I ul lb aLonamd 11
I > Ih of othrn < hl I Y
ll 10UI dlr II
4 10 th r Itol of ur llp rOIIIU
W tiUO I od Iblr hfU IPI
ouo ohlrd upn IhI h 1 ounry
f Id U nOIIloby Ih I
h I lT dr1 r trbd flr I opnlul
I ll l J r
la 5J rumored in Brooklyn lost nluht that
loUcUo < oi 11 pprb ii loM ot
rmiblo from laxxlnss portions of theVommu
HU uidirt liul bomi Issued to tho Seventh
iml rwiitiiyllilrd Hi Klniunti xvhlch aro In
lrlrlI rtlcljmti In tho vcnmiunlcN to carr bal
Oiii J iniLH Jniirdiin tlm MnrNhalof thn day
mil thn foiiitiiniiilant tho
or Soonrnl
Ino 1111111Illnt
HCIII Division
NtKS N 1 iirnl Col fiiiniufl lllclmrds hH
ciiiii I hhl ucru at Ililliu lIinnliiuarturH lust
ilulit Uliin ppokon to In nfirenco to thu
ilxiVLMiiiiinr 011 Jniinluti unld that whllo no
ordcri had Ihtii Humid I lu the two reKlmonts to
iirryiimmiiiiltliiii tho matter hud bciiii I under
lullr hll > l I
ciiiiNlileratiou lluilid noi aiiprchund that there
sould bu liny trouhlc and xxas posltho that
ho CTntmonli9 would bo WI thft
tlu 11lllh9 hl curried oiitHccnrdlnu
elrrlll Olt
lu tin priuriimmi > llu liad 10lMuiNI Iccorllll
piictorMiirrnv fl1 a Hutllclent uollco forw
Miijld I l i puuvd at both thu approaches foro
irlilKi to pmxunt imy pir oim crowding on It
xUio xtiMiiot liiuvldtil with tlckolM Whctlmr
Ini tM4ii I unit db prnlil I 1 ivltliHniinunltlon I
irnut hit xvoulil notnlatv Bcforo Icavllii hoad
Ifvll hal
UiiurttiH Inn Juuriliin iHiiuul the following
Tlic dlltt llliin > vl on Ihe pullir fun e of llrimklvn
liirlliir Hit r nlr f Hie i > < rlilnir if llin Lrlili unit
lit Iliirr i lillini ut ihv onlnnv uf ll lc llulll laic III
Ih 11111 II II
irrtriilnVMlllncri > olI luut I Kiinl J
linn iiviial It U I uttlktiMun ttmt thireuill li I Urn I
iiiuihrr if i rofiMioiiui iinivit frum miirr ililtt It mil
ruin otn l rirt ii la I In Uitllfd M I
nul I IlmIn 1 liu u I tkc nhaillai of
11 > ninirliiiiiU tlinl nmy Ir 11k Ilirir nut unlr I in 1
trill n I > ri Irinillt I H rxoii kill frum h < iu n Un uii
cunrdil 1l < i > iii I urt tliiTr r rii c IIIIHIIIH lo le I c rt
fulln lire Ihrlr InellliUI Hint ki Ipl hr > liolille
rretiitlnn in irntevi ilirir iriiierl ami lu V on Hit
alrririirilrkiotlit < wlillFuiitli ir u > nd LrlUut At
mi dm will I he iKitixry to iinrd iKalnit thu
dI r an ilurlii Hit dl > pla > uf JI 1lllllhl
Tlie coinmlttDhaxInu Inrlmriro tho arrnncn
mcntHottho procmslon nn thu New York sldo
met hist etunlnuut I tha Fifth AVBIIUU Hotel
All tho iimiiibiirH
Al InlblrH XMTO pnHetit oxiept Oun
ilocum who had own culled aay un commit
IP btislnosH in Drooklyn A lirce numberof
tclc rumj Wlr rucelxtd Irom outoftown ofil
clals who hud bell Inxltcd rOI lx > prescint ut tlio
optiiluii curomonltis It XVUM nrrancod that the
I WI nrrlnod
thl Kuost Hhould Innxu lhi > Fifth Axnunu Hotel
11 carrhufui nt 1ii PM andcscortod btho
Koxonth llculmcnt iioiild prncond down rUth
uvoniifl to Fourteenth trent tlicnoo to Itroiid
u iy mid OH donii to the ely Hall whero tho
pioctHHlnn will iiirlxo ut 110 Thoro It will bo
Hint by tlw heads of tho municipal depart
ments Tho following Is 1 thu arruuKomoiit of
th cticstB In the 1 rrlnlls Ilrrllomult
l farrlaie rrtitdtiit Arthur alt Uvor Edton
Sold Carrliiiie Snrrlar uf M t KrrllniiliiiTirn
ftrrrliry of tlio Trtatiiry Folgtr aud rlnhln Juhl
llilritCarrlnitr 1ottiiinilrr nn < lrt ham Secretary
ChI uf tlie SA and Mr I lolm I nI l < Seutal
r mirth Carrlour Allornt > Oeutrat Brtwitrr Marnhal
UcXIirhail or the lliilrlcl uf Columbia and Mr J arh1
aurr Huh
rintiCarrlaii Mr I V I Ilillllpt thi Prtilt ntt prl
> ate xcreinr urrnirai < Itulhui Mr M W Cuoutr
It W ilm
ami Jlr lh rlr i XlllItT
Mxlh l rrl oU li Lltttland and Oen Slorum
Hi < ruth tarrlafe Til Hull Abram B llcwllt aud Mr
Him Mi Donald
hullth Carrlitfr Unl Ludlaw of Nr Jerter ex flnr
Ilur ir Kjlrbuiikivf Xrriiionl nnd xir I llrnrt Clnuum
Mntli InrrUifr I lov Ulllrll > M 1 if KlioiU liland a
niruilj r if 111 ttKff and Mr 1 Jcukinii X nn StrUk
Tmth rurrluiri 1 hxbicrctar uf the frcaiur Win Join
J li
aim Mr XX Pavtiui
Uarnuii mrrj Ing the othtr Invited Kiirtti will follow
It Is requested that holders of bluo tickets
will enter sates marked A nt thn roadways on
either Mdn of tlio brldico Holdern ot whlto
tlcli ts will outer at either uates A or D
Olt xvlll be rcsoixed n follows
fcfrcllnn I Tnr Imldrnt anj Cnblnct floxernor and
Stiff Inltvd Maun > tliatort luvnit ri of Cuntfrrl
UIH i rnor if other > titti COllr
action I Meinbcri of the Ledilatun Common
ruumlliof New ork and Ilrooliyn city and county
unltliil of New York and lrookl > I
HttMlun II Army aud Xavy hatlonal auard
> vcilon JI Iren
Sctllon K > ielallr Invited ffucctf
Section xi KscluiU r nd for employee
The olllcnrs of the army and navy and of tho
National Guard will b In uniform and the New
York and lirooklyn ofllclals will wear tuelr
badges of once I
DID while Hlm llnK IB a tk Otkcnl
I liumlBK IE uie
Tho threestory and basement brick butld
inunt lOOGreono street was for many year
occupied ai a dwelling by Mr J Ourdao n
Frenchman who used part of the bulldinc 11
malulactor of Imitation class fruit and arti
ficial leaxes twxcn employees worked
fcal Svcn in tha
room on tho upper floor A small wing In the
roar was occupied A a kitchen and contained
apparatus and chemical used in dvolncrtha
leaves Mr Guedan tbo proprietor died four
years oco Mrs Louisa Guedan his widow
has carried on tbo business slnco and has con
tlnued to rcMde on tho first floor
At 0 oclock yesterday mornlni a cloud of
smoko was seen pourlnic from tho lower win
dows of the building aud tha cry of fro was
raised Tho workmen wore obserxod cllmblne
from the upper windows of the building They II
clutched the shutters and by the assistance of
a short water loader worked their way t the
roof cf nn adjoining building whence they
fuund thelrxxayto tho Around Nothing was
Rom of Mrs Guodiin or the family of
Mini Theresa Tranchnrd who faully nn
tlio second floor xxltu her four chil
dren Th lames bpiend through the
bulldlnc but xxcre HOOP extinguished by brisk
work on the part of thn llremon who mado
their xxuy to thu upper landing Them they
fount tin1 dead body of Mrs Ou dan who had
Hlmtiod tho stalls to alarm the workmen still
clasplni in IIT hand n sllxer snuff box tho gift
of hur husband xxhlch boro engrnxed upon it
hur Hump liy this thuy identified the dls
flgurud body Mrs Tranclmrd it was found
had cono to lirooklyn early In the morning
and her children were at school
Lulul Cnsta net tho foreman of thn manu
rntoll cannot speak u word of English
Through 1 follow countryman bo explained
Jlrs uucdnns presence on the upper for
Mrs Guedan XXIIH xory old as much KM 70
years MID was feeble und xxalkud Aery slowly
and xvllh llttlii stops Tho tire broke out In tho
kitchen Shu loft the door Into the hall open
behind her and mtmt haxe been u long
time In climbing tha stairs When IonI
pounded o our door her strength was almost
irono and xxhnu I opened the door she goHpod
but couldnt HUV a xvord bhe seemed to b in
grout nirony I ran Into I llttln rom where I
slept to saxo my trunk which contained my
clothing and all mysuxlngs WIn I got Ito
tho liuli wih ItthnsmokH Wil so blackI could
not Und Mrs Guvdiin though I heanl heraasp
Icould not breathe myself I dropped the trunk
folt atom thn wall and finally after what
potmini an ntto I found I wlndoxv and cot out
I could nuxer luixn saved Mrs Gupdan I I
hud tiled xvnuld both hae
11111111 no wfuhl bl1 perished I Mho
slvlI had not tiotllkd us nono of us would haxo boo
The body < if tho braxe old woman who In
nplto of her jenrs and InllrmltleH bad saved
her IIluret and though all but suffocated
tlmn had > t mounted hIchor through the
snioku and llama filled building to warn othErs
lu nupt > o < > jil to bo In danger and thus had
Miirlllcod street station huroun life was taken to tho Mercer
rhllndcliblit la Ihe Front with the Bin
ICKl Hlary of Ihe NCHIOD
PiniiADriiiHiA May 2A very Blujrular
story Is circulating hero among club men and
politicians In which Mr Waltonthe Plunger Is
credited with nn act of unusual audacity I la
assorted that falling In necuru a renewal ot his
lease of thn St James Hotel In Now York be
got oxen with tho oxrnors by turning
loose threo thousand rats between collar and
loot the lost day of his occupancy and that
tho rodents hon rendered the llfoot thn now
occupant mlserabln and thn bulldlm almost
untenable John I Hill oxTax C ollector
brought the try to this city and It was
further garnlshnd by the assertion that Walton
mado It conxcuUuit to bull for Kurope Immedi
ately uftnr the exploit Mr Hill xvho holds
Walton In high esteem said today That
story was toll In my presence > Thoro wero
a ao7cn of us in n hotel which I
dont care to name and BOIIIO of tho crowd
xvero lot friendly to Walton Onn of thii
party told this story nliout the rats I think it
xx HH told In UJOCOHU xtiln and was simply f jok
iiig Illustration of tho tmpremu audacity of the
man who hit probably made more onomleH
mUl mlle
tlmn filunilx by his Jew ylrl of HUCOOBS In all
1n undi < rtuklng3 I did not bollnve It then
und do lot noxx although It Is a well authenti
cated fact that when Walton took away his
lurnlturu ho carried xvlth It I part of the
plumbing which belnf regarded us a perma
nent linproxunipnt and part of the realty may
11nt IntlrOllnnt
subject him to I anl for malicious mlschlof
xxhen he returns to this country I howoxor
do not bolliixe that IIH journuy across tho
ocean xvns hastnmid by any such oonHlderii
tlon Hu paid fo for tho pasnago of GI rolls
with whom no expects to win important tun
Employees of the fit Jams Hotel dnnlod last
night thit Mr Waltmi had stocked tho housu
xxlthrntH Tlmy said tiotxoxor that whim hu
left thu hotol thor xvero morl rats In the build
ing tlmn the prtsont proprietors had use for
and prdlltublo omplovmeni xxasglxen for a fexv
cala xxnuks to two rat catcher and a biuall army of
n Tie HumiD Jouroal
One cent ieraiiM circulation An Immtpat nic
cell tunu only Slcimvir lln Try IA < lr I
I Ttif Trtnim rinu Kiw Jrnyi but Jvu J
PId a Wr
Depot 11 Naiiau it N V TrlbUBf tullitUf IllrMB I
ae 191 rrVlnllvrI
nriy Th aa > ChlUrem In Ilae
It U estimated that over 60000 Sunday j
IraItl hOI children look part In the alA May walk la
bUl l ntnn JIIK i KIKIIU tiii
The iioxernorhai ilkni I 011 nnun line the Ire
Df Hrookhn
Three tnirriraiiR hae I n nundetl nii < 11 I l Ht the 1
IaruMtluii I Mr kri 1rirci Vhinder uuO liannot
The tumrtl 1 l > lreitnri > An nMnUon of llui > > lanln
an irifmilziti < n < nni otH t unUrtaktr 10 f 1 IIl u
unit entldii in Ihlla U l hu I
The ti nintr rrn tUn which am I 1 fti 11 < it tuicr
itnv brought I I tnnue 111 n < > ii nt UIVMII
tieln li l tiil i eillUTIIlti I
The ilwtllluir huu e mid 1 < nrr itur f f Ilnr XX xigrxjy
In I 1le I II uit4 I un 1 mi 111 lii Ijtiun
JIKHU noilwl bllrniiltoilrXii 1 11
h HI 1111 tl tI I 1 1 tll III lpCI wll II CI I II I t
II jUU ll ldr lu vrI hl b 1 JIILje I
Tho e fr 111 1 Iz r 1 14
< Ik > I A I 111 I I
lll 1 I II t 1 do I
011 w n Oul lt In 1 11
I idlr rrnl Ihnt t
loo hlel Iwolj II I 4 n lor
i I W I I r rl J A i i
1 rI d j I 11 I q CI I
A 10 Oll S Ie j
I 1llonl t
lor S ellulIr 11
Ay Itl 11 11 a
or bid kl fII1 AD
11 011
t n HI hrd 11 1 Ir
Ju d < rk < 1 I loJ
11 I JIUt Ir I
lelr hkh lb 1 If j J
lUrfunl hkj t7
Jviiuey > limra 1 n u
UoKtim M nrin 1 i Iriinr iico < oinpan hkh th >
otirnt down tollJu 1
Kiril Iut Tlir Itrnukhn HnUetoda Uer ecobd
111 Miixlior llitftUv to ulii ji
y p f
Ld Mckti Exclllni MeetlMIls 1
imd III HlolflCBiic
Tho olortlon to fill vacancies In tho Board
of Gnxuinom of tho Union Club was boll lat
ullhl I was tha most melting election In the
hIstory tho club There r throo ticket
In the foil and In addition to tha votes for new
o loxornors ballots were cast for amendments
10 tho constitution Thodlxlslon In the club
lolltlos crow mainly out of tho famous Loubat
Turnbull episode of Innt spring nnd the expul
sion uf Mr Loubat Many niomberH hotly do
ion need this ovpnlslon Efforts wore made to
mxe tho Ooxernlni Commlttco shorn of its an
ocratlc power In such matters A tOO W
nado also to puta stop to tho niachlnoHkoro
election ot thn
ulcctll Governors whenever tholr torms
nf once expired Under thu leadership of
Jlarenoo A Sowiird thu acgrosho members
can led through 1 resolution that deprived the i
ioxertiorH nf thuir nominating power and
nfllnntnl Ild
odiMd It III thn hnnds of a special committee
Lakt nlulil further efoi I mi cal 0 up for udop
tol In the form of I bexvlldnrlng cluster of con
stitutional iimiindinonts The most Impoitant
of these provided that u suspended or i > xpullnd
tlt I
mambur could appeal to thu club t against the
action of tlio Goxernlna toininltto hytiiioiirllig
I written request of fifty members xvlthln sixty
lelorM wlllil sity
dajH after being Huspendod or expelled by tho
committee This amendment also proxldctl
that thu appeal should bn heard at the next an
nual meeting after the disciplinary action and
should b decided by a majority otooftho
member Another amendment was that no
retlilng Governor Hhould b vllglbln for 10
lectlnn until ono your after his retirement
jtlll Ult madu n member Ineligible for
election to the Governing Committee until ho
hud resided in tho Ktatu ton yearn nnd boon 1
muiuburof the club llx > unl Iflol weru
also cast for uu umundnifnt providing that
tbl Irasldunt shall bo nlicted annually by
thu club ut largo und not by tho Governing
Committee as nt piosent 1 Finally there was an
amendment designed t put an end to the
English custom of snomheni proposing their
SOUK for membership so that tie latter may
txoomo niomberH when thuy are 21 It pro
vided that no member should bo proposed un
less ha wivs of ace und eligible b the tlmo of
his proposal
Eight Goxornors were elected in placo of
exMajor Edward Cooper Hnmuel 1 > Itlagden
Frederick Sheldon Thomas M Fixito John L
Cndwaliider 1uul 8 Forbes Herman II L
Hoy and James V 1arkur Mr L Hoy L
Treasurer of tbo club
Tha balloting began at 8oclock At mid
night after tho polls had bon closed every
thing und oxerybody was mixed up and con
fused It wait stated authoritatively hoxvuver
that Jamim H Heekman Jamas G K Durr
Herman Lulioy James V Iarker nnd John J
Townsend had bon elected Governors Tho
throo other ofllcors woro still a matter of
conjecture at 1 oclock All the amendments
to the constitution wero reported to ba lost
save that proposed by Col Lawrence Kip pro
viding that uo member should b eligible for
ofllco unless ton years I resident of the Htata
and Ihe years a member of the club and that
submitted by Treasurer Lu Itoy which subjects
to thu discipline uf tha Governors any member
who uftor re OIlnlntloo of Indebtedness to tho
club exceeding 125 shall fall to pay up after
the expiration of threo weeks Tho amendment
giving members the right of appeal from sus
pension or oxpulMon by the Governors failed
to recalxc a twothird vote and foil through
Tho Kip amendment Is supposed to have boon
aimed at Mr Turnbulls case Ua is a native
of Baltimore
xdu ce Kmmi Mriterloni DIpe r >
e KaMera of I oaeca IB MpeealMllea
ST Louis May 23Tho mystory aur
roundlng tho disappearance of axJudge Chea
ter H Erum is still unsolved Mr Kruin left
St Louis on April 2C to try an Important cue
In Chicago and disappeared lie Is one of the
beat known lawyers In the State Ho was elected
Circuit Judge which position he occupied when
the Whiskey lllng trials wore begun in 1876
He resigned his offlco to accept a tem tlnlr fRO
to dofnd liabcock Ho Is retained as counsel I
In a number of Important case and la the
legal advlwr of the Sheriff who Is in trouble
over the disappearance lie In also adminis
trator of the estate of Danlol U Bell and ot the
treat Ford estate As administrator of the
Bell estate he cure I bond of 600900 and It U
said baa derived an Inoorne from thn estate of
nearly 20000 in foes No chargo of crooked
ness has been made against Judge Krum but
the air has been filled w Ith rumors of wine and
women nnd of woalth wasted at gaming
Judgu John M Krum is In utter Ignorance of
his sons whereabout To his sons clients
who pressed for information with the view ot
communicating with him touching their In
terests litigation awaiting the missing mans
attention the court Judge Krum reluctant
ly I admitted that he could not furnish his ad
dress for he did not know it In tho Circuit
Court cases In which the absent lawyer should
haxo appeared haxo In some Instances been
laid over In others his father appears in the
no mo of tbo firm
J W Trlsler placed on record this afternoon
a chattel mortgage dated In February last
executed by Chester H Krum to secure a loan
of 12000 on his law books Tho exJudge hus
a very extonslxo prlxate law library at his
office 305t Gllvo street Simeon T Price at
torney llkowlsu placed on record this after
noon a chattel mortgage on Judge Chester
Krums household furnlturo at his Iucas nxo
Due residence to secure a loan of tbOO The
doed Is executed In favor of R Harriet and
bears datu April 24 a fowday before tha Judge
disappeared Tbe latest rumor Is that tho
missing man had been speculating extensively
In grain for some tlmo
The PhlU4elphl Faro H ha whl h Kr
Wlnilew Deported hli Caah
PHILADELPHIA May 23 There was a sen
sation among the gambling fraterltr today
when It was learned 1 that Frederick Winslow a
saloon keeper on Walnut street above Tenth
had engaged John H Fow as counsel aud bad
begun proseoutloni before Magistrate Lennon
against a number ot proprietors of gambling
houses He asserts that at arlous times he
bos lost money in the games ol faro roulette
and poker at tho houses of Charles Kane
Abraham and Edward Marks Goo Brotberton
and Byron Miller and theaggregate of
bis losnes Is about tJOOO
Warrants were issued for the arrest of Kane
the Marks = brothers Brotherton und Miller
who are knoxvn to ha principals and Edward
Gentuy Budd Williams and Another man who
has uot yet been arrested who aro said to be
dealers Each defendant gavu ball In tho sum
of 000 Hhould tho charge bo sustalnud there
Is a probability that warrants will bo Issued
for summary raids on the dens and u confisca
tion of tholr gambling Implements
Homo of the defendant allege that tha
schema la an attempt on Wlnslows part to
bleed them out of money and that In It ho baa
the assistance nt ono of tho ostensible de
fendants who had his name included as a
blind It was stated this afternoon that the
prosecution would summon as witnesses the
son of a former railroad magnate and a num
berof the clerks from n city department who
are said to have xlsltud Marksi place for the
purposa of gambling
Aa Alii I Mode to Protect tk Itcltl
t Credllara flk UDUH
Thddeus and David F Davids composing
the firm of Thaddiui Oav Idi Co manufacturer uf Ink
atU7ndl2U William itr t made an aiilgnment yii
terday to Jamei W Todd of 6 Liberty court Two dint
of ireferencei are Ixcn In the aiilgnmcut Ibi lint
clan etnhracei all the regular builneii credltori of the
nun tbirl eUht In number whole clalmi I aggregate
llb1757 Tbi lecind clan eomnrlMi iiotei liiuedhy
the late Icorgi W liavldi la Ibo name of the firm
w hlch appear In I lomi ihipe ou the Look although the
firm It ii I laid aniw nothing of them Tiny aggregate
T tSrd
Mr Kdward H Clinch the attorney for the firm laid
yeilerdayi Thi total amount of paper Irregularly Ii I
u d by lli late Oeorge W llivlli ae near ai lau be
axertaliicd U over IxlJa In addition I to thii riper
he I mlialiprui riated a larife amount of the prlxate rilndl
nf Thaddeui lax Idi 1 hu mliapprnprlltion wai not dii
covered unnl I after Thaddiut return from Florida earlr I
lu April lo protect tha huilniki craditori of the firm It
hai made the aiilifumeut preferriug by thi aulyitiienl
all the creditnri whu are luch on regular tiuilnei
traniictlona Thaddeui iII U I upward of fob of
are and 11 Ii confined to hli bed by ilckneii andthoutrh
he hai been In buiineii the city of New York for ilfly
> eari thii Ii the rtrit time that he hai not cein able l to
meet all dunandi upou him III property and the prop
ert of the I nrin Ii I more than iirnclint to par the regular
f ll S ri rrm f rII
huilntatcrcdtlon ot Ihe I nnn It wa > only after the
forced conclusion tlat he indent Imt be able to meet Iho
demandi that inliclit be mid upon him by reaion of the
Irr gulir traniactlnni of hie ion that he decided It wai
hitter fur him to make the atilcnment frefirenc hai
been made In the lecnnd clan 1 of uih of thi irregular
paper ai appear on tlie hookt In any ihape Mr Davldi
iaklng the ifrouud that If Ihe nrin recilfid any beniflt
from It lu wlthei to pay It
Iteporti have I been In circulation here that the Tiun
ton topper Manufacturing Comiiany of Tannton Man
whoie Niw York oittce Ii i at J3JHoulh itriel had tut
pendrtl payment on notei amounting lo more than
MOIIIJI At the New York nfllce U wai poiltlnly
lalcd that there bad been no luipeuilon
noir nro KKiaunons AND WAIU
Vlerlel Mi > 4 I < i a Three Hnr by Fire
4 JaeenMa hUNelchher Ilaeleel arBara
U ThcHA Malt lit OOe > Duiefea
liniDaKTOirr May gsM President Rock
afullorof the Standard Oil Company patroli the
porticos ot his magnificent country teat near
Greenwich his oye when It ceases to contem
plate the diamond In his Milrt front may feast
upon acres ot flowers that bloom just beyond
his own fence They fiN the property of Alex
ander Mead a wellknown florist xvho has a
store In Now York Mr Meads farm contains
about 200 acres He Is a member of the
Greenwich Congregational Church and U
just noxv the plaintiff In a suit for 20000
damages ngulnst hlstrloh neighbor Dax Id 8
Husted whom ho chances with having burned
down three barns belonging to him Mend and
llustod sit near each other In the court room
They scowl and sneer And audibly utter
uncomplimentary thlnw about each other
and only the soothing words of their counsel
prevents a personal encounter Ten years ago
thoy wero the xvnrmeit of friends It Is said
that soon afterward they disagreed about a
business transaction Other llttlu but Irritat
ing things occurred until tho breach xvas wid
ened boxond the hope of bridging Doth had
lOws In tho Congregatlouallst church Meads
POXV was just acnsu the altIn from Uustvds
They chafed ut being 10 near together ami
Mood KKvuuphU puxv and took another Thu
women ot the two families wuro forbidden to
hold Intercoursu xvlth each other and all ooin
munliutlou between the two households vxos
cut off
Just whnn tho fouling was thn moft bitter
Husted8 honsa wiut burned He made ap
plication to thu 0 leus Fulls Company
for the Insurance but Mr Mead had
Been tho Glens Fails people first and
when Mr Husted appeared before tint officers
they smiled at him suggestively and Insinu
ated that all thliigH considered ho would
do wisely not to press his claim In
tho course of the discussion ono lot
thu ofllcors of thu company mentioned
Meads name nnd Husted immediately jumped
to tho conclusion that tho company had re
ceived Information frul IIelld upon which they
based their action Atanyrato tho company
never paid thu claim Husted housu xxas
destroyed early In the summer of 1S7 >
Four months afterward on the night of
Oct VI Mends large barn was burned
to the around Kverythlng In it Includ
ncr tire valuable horses and threo or four
blOoded OOXXH was burned Thcrowas inniilo
nvldenco that tho lira had Imm kindled
by an Incendiary Halfburned matches
were found on the gravel walt near
It and II buudlo ot oiled rnrs xxas
found In an adjoining field where It had ovl
Jently boon dropped br tbo Incundlary The
loss was covered of Insurance which
was paid by tha companies holding
the risk fend built another barn u
larger and a butter one and one night In
March 1877 It was destroyed by tiro Ho re
built It and In January lH79 > tho third
barn was burned He lost heavily each
tlmo but the Insurance companies paid
their risks Aftor the burning of tho third
barn however tho companies began to leel
backward about taking nucli great risks ana
so hu barn was nnd Is to tills day uninsured
Wbatuxer Mr Mead may havo thought of the
first two tires he said nothing but when the
third cama ho declared publicly that
ho bellexed that Husted was the in
cendiary nnd that bo had sot tiro to
all throo barns Thin Ideawoltihnd In his mind
until ho concluded to sue Husted for damaged
He retained for his counsel I Uoorge H Vint
rous President of the hexv York Nexr
Haven and Hartford Railroad Mr Sandford
of Bridgeport and Col Boyt of Greenwich
Thn null was brought In the Buporlor Court
and it caino up for trial yesterday boforo Judge
Culver and a jury Hunted won rep
resented by Lawyers Curtis ot Htamford
Ixxjkwood of lirldgeport and Mason and
Ilubbard of Greenwich This is the econd
trial of the ease On a former occasion a ver
dict was found for tho defendant but tha cnse I
was carried to the buprumo Court of Errors I
and allow trial ordered
Tbe first evidence In the ease on retrial I
waa beard today Evurypolat of the law
of evidence that could be raised by the
counsel waa raised and the greater
part ot the day was consumed in this
manner J udgo Culver finally lost all patience
and told the counsel that he would Insist
on greater ttxpedltlon otherwise the
ciuio would continue all summer Mr
Mead was tha first witness Ho testified
to the burning of the barns nnd their aggre
gate value which according to his figures wan
a trifle oxer tinOOO Ho detailed the story of
the trouble between him nnd Hustud and said
that he bellexed that Husted had fired thu
barn In revenge because hn bolloved that ho
Mead had given Information to the Glons
FulU Insuranon Company that warranted tho
company in refusing to pay the insurance on
HUll da burned house Ho bad never heard
Husted threaten him but knew soxeral parties
who had heard such threats
John Henry tiroen a colored man who
chuckled at frequent Intervals showing a mag
tiltlcent pet of teeth tentllled that he lived
In Greenwich and know both parties
to the suit Ho had heard Husted say on
soxoral occasions that Mead bad Injured him
and that be would cot square Oneo he said In
tho presence of the witness and two farm hands
that he was getting H suuara That was aftor thu
burning of tbe second barn
Two witnesses testified to the value of
the property Tho court then adjourned
until thii morning Tho case will occupy
a week or moru as tbo plaintiffs coun
sel will call a great many witness
who will testify as to threats made by tho de
fondant Husted will bring a suit for slander
against Mead claiming J35000 damages Tho
papers are now being prepared
ne Sea for Them te > a1 that he Cenaei
Talk t The t Pretext t
A notice was left at tho office of TIlE SUN
at 34 J P M yesterday stating that Mr 111
Tynan wished to see a reporter at 4 P M sharp
at 191 Baltic street lirooklyn and there was
met a man about S foot and 8 Inchoa In height
dressed In black wIth a long Prince Albert
coat and with gold eyeglasses banging at his
veil HU brown hair was combed straight
back and he woro brown moustaches und long
chin whiskers He placed his classes upon his
coso an be advanced reddened and hurnudly
shook hands with his visitors
Mr T > iian did not bear a striking resem
blance to tbo published pictures > of him Ho
seated himself In any easy chulr ut tho front of
the room and thon rising in an embarrassed
fashion said
It gives mo groat pleasure to meet the rep
resentatives of tho New York press I xory
much regret that on tho solicitation of my
counsel Gen Pryor I must decline to bn Intur
vlexxod My circumstances lire so peculiar tbut
I cannot say anything about tnysolf
Will you soy anthing hereafter
I cannot say AH circumstances develop
themselves I shall see I may do so
Have you been Interviewed 1
I havo never mot one of tbo gentlemen who
claim to have Interviewed mo To use an
Americanism for which you xvlll excuse me tho
Interview in a lirooklyn newspaper last even
ing and in a New York newspaper this morn
ng we rn both bous I am very sorr > but that
II all I havo to say
peadlB Quiet liny IB hie Hotel and lIMo
> Few ao Many Vlillon
Many visitors called at the Fifth Avenue
Hotel yclterday to lee 1roldeut Arthur Tbe minority
were received and lh otheri xvent away dleappolntud
Alexander Iowell the 1renideutl mellengcr xrai eta
Honed lu front of roomiSJ and 83 which the freildrut
ocLUplee and xvai kept liuex carrying In carde Many
m rII
uf the vliitore were teen by Mr I J IhlUlpi I the I 1reti r
denti private leLnlao
Ireeldent Arthur aroee 17 oclock ate an earl brrnk
fait and after a ihort walk returned to the hotel The
tint calleri who werorecelrtd vrere Mr Tliemai Actou
and Mr John II Htarfn who arrived about lo oclock
Among the ollieri who were received were Uierelary
rrellughijien Oen Hancock and Col XVharton Mr
Albert Hieretadt the artlit Uen II 11 Ilanium Mr
Jamea H llorner ilraud Marihal of the o A II Mr
Kdwardi Ilerrepunt Major J Hrueulnghiuten I Mr N
M Beckworth Mr J Adriance Iliuli chairman i
of the Urldfe Iteceptlon commuter and Kear Admiral
Mchol > on home of the other vlilton were Mr HIT
eice Mr Mllei Heach Mr XXIIIIam llenrr Mariton Mr
John II urn of Cattle XXnny Sir I harlen II Kandall
Mr K stone of Chicago H A I KetrhumMr Jamei
Moir Capt fenbruke Marehall Major Arthur CulUni
Equerry thefrlnceu Loulte Mr John I McCook
and Hen Nhaler
At J oclock lu the afternoon the Treildent took a ride
tJ1 J II
aud returned to the holel at aK oclock where nl he dlneil 1
In company with Mr fhllllpi nil private eeirelarr Mr
Joel B Kbrhardt and Mr Charlee K Miller In I the
evening he recetxed 1 Senator Thomai C Plait who
tJ pent more than an hour with him and Superiutiudiul
walling who made a formal call
Over the IllhnKmnhlr Me
telpti OlTfn by the New Purchnecra
Fniprlcturshlp In tho Haimlbnl and Ht
Joseph Ilallroad has by some noslerlour
fatality beou attended for years xvlth misfortune
The luxurious Mr Jon Ittchardson relinquish
ed his lntqro t In It under a broadside of exe
cration Jay Gould got tlrad of It John 11
Buff practically bogged for II successor xxhom
he found In Gould and his associates xvhose ac
quirement served principally todrlxu discon
tent Into tha hearts of thu Chicago Uurllngton
nndQulncy stockholders xvlm haxo just suc
ceeded In tnLInu Mr Goulds buiualn off his
hands vxlth tho view of rolittntliiK thu Hanulbal
mid 1 Ut Joseph to compniiitlxo obsoiirltj nsn
proprietary lino One ot the conditions of thn
last named tiansactlon xxiut tlmt thu preferred
stock could bo lurmid In to the Chicago Jinr
llngton and Julncy Compiiny dollar for dollar
for bonds of that coin puny
Iendlnu thu preparation of tho cnurnxod
coupon bonds tho piirchnsur lompatiy Is Nsti
Intii HlhoKraph certlllcutu which Is both a re
ceipt for thu stock dellxireil and a bord lx >
ciiusi It contains upon Itx fneu nil thu specifi
cations nnd plidtiori that tbo Unit will and
further that n bond will bo Ixcluuiuud for It
nbnut July 15 or as soon as thn bank noto com
pany can coninlHto Its xxork upun them
Mr Alex Tux lot tint xeluian broker nnd
jnchtKmnn bus hnd UUO shares of tlie preferred
Rtock In hlsolllcu for HOIIII time Un Monday
8 cretnry Hilton nf tin company v cut Into Mr
Taylors olllee nnd inadu a bid for thu bonds for
which thu stock lHi > chaiiKeablu He said hu
did so In tho Interests of u syndicate Mr
Taylor asked one of his customers xvho
owns tho stock If ho wished to sell his
prospectlxe bonds nt th prcti bid Thu
customer replied tlmt hu did not but
wanted to know xxhun ha could get tho
bonds Mr Hilton tcpllcd tlmt ho could cit
them at once upon presentation of his stoik
Tho stock was sent to tha ofllcii of tlm com
pany on Tuesday XXIIH cancelled and thu docu
ment dcHcrihud l Mi d for It Mr Tii tors
client xvns dlssntlslled xvlth this nnd so xxns
Mr Taylor himself x hu n hu found out jester
day thut tlio Union Trust nnipany xxhich had
loaned nn the stock would tint accept thu re
ceipt und bond curtlllcito as collatTiil Tho
company It Is understood did not dispute thu
oourltr of tho papnr ofTored but objected that
they xxura not prciiurid In arcurdnnen xxlththu
conditions of tlie Mock KxcliAiiye Mr Tax lor
had aconferuncu xxlth ProKldent Ioxvd jester
day afternoon with a xlexv to cittlng back his
stock or an acttml lx > nd No definite conclusion
was reached Tha stock cannot bu ruturiiad
having boon cancelled and thu transfer bonks
closed except for transfer aceoulin to tho
terms of sulf At last accounts Mr Tu > lor and
his client xvero about to start on an expedition
for legal advisors
elleeme n Caeey to 1e flunked for hhootlne
Mercrnnt UlchurU ComUky
Tho second ttial of Patrick Casoyfor tho
murder of SureenntComlsky at tho Hunters
Point police station on March 11 xvns concluded
In Long Island City > csturday Thu prisoners
counsel called two witnesses at thu mornlni
session and tholr testimony concluded tho
evidence In tha cusa Ono of thuso witnesses
a > oung mail namedCondronsxxoru tlmtCnsoy
fell on some Ice about llftccn ioarsiico and
sovAroly Injured his head Tha court room
was croxvded In every part xvhcn Senator Coxert
began his address to tho jury Hu occupied
about txxo hours and n half und xxhen hu con
cluded there xxas n burst of nppluuie from tho
spectator In thogallcrlus
Whllo District Attorney Uoxrninir xvns de
nouncing tho crlmu nnd xxas holding tin the
fatal pistol boforu thu jury to enforce hlsxxords
Caseys llttlu gill xvho sut on his knee said
loud enouuh to bo heard by all
1a pa thats > our pistol aint It
Tho fathers e > es Illied xxlth tears
Thu jury retired to tholr room at J2 > oclock
and came Into court iicaln at 4U Thu prisoner
and his lfosiucldn by sldo near thu jury box
As thu jurymen Illed into their places Casuy
grew pale William Lake of Nexvtox n thu foru
man announced th it thoy hnd found a xcrdlct
fit murder in tho llrst degree Cuseysoemcd
dazpd and looked at nUnlfo an If in could
Bcaroely bollexo Ills senheH Tllere xxns a death
like stillniHS in tho courtroom when htenntor
Covert after the jury hnd boon uollud asked
or a now trial on the mliuiUs which xvas de
nied The Court xxill recoixennthls morning
at 10 oclock xxlnin thu prisoner xvill bo wn
tenced nnd probably a stay granted to unablu
thu prisnuar to appeal from thu xerdict
CoHtty had been drinking a great deal and
Acting Senreaiit CoinNkey ns n rnundsman
had fexernl times caught him In saloons xxhen
hu Hhould huxu been pitrollliiL his pnt On
March 11 ho CIIIUK intotho station drunk but
not fititguerinK He ualked pist Comlsky xx ho
was sitting blltnd the dusk into a rear room
whero ho got txvo brother olllceio to tt his ro
volxer thuehaniber of xvhlch xxould nut ruxrdxu
properly Whnn It had boon fixed ha put It In
his pockut and xxent out to thu desk nnd fac
ing Comlbky nskcd xxhylio had followed him
around HO much
To make ou do your duty said Comlsky
At this asoy druxv his pltol and llred Com
lsky dd Instantly without lalliii liom his
chnlr Tho defunci xxas Insanity Un thn first
trial thn jury stood olexen for murder In thu
first degree to one lor a loxxcr iirado of crime
cvitmvis scvy i coritT
Ttvo Cklnumrn IVellfj Inn Inn M nrilrr Trlul
nil Ilulh r I hfiin In 1 n e
PiliiaDELrntA May 23 Thomas W Lyons
wai on trial to IB for the n urdvr ot Chung XX ah You
lu February Int L > oni wai pnlo ttndnliowe I cfdencei
of great atixiet Thu cuuniel for thi defence Inter
pored nn objection to the iw taring of the Chintue xvit
nelleiand Ihi were iworli ill the uiiial wni Charlei
KingaCelentlat who hae been In thliiconntr ilxteen
> earl xai Lalled a interpreter Hun Pot k one of the
fellow workmen ot XXah Von In the Immilrj totlfled
that on the vxelilng of F h yj Lxiini and two com
panloni cunio into the ihop nud nil Voudamned
Cltlnamanll dont1 xrnnt 3nntiittA In n country and
vou must iret out i > lie f the iilnanirn madeany
aunwer and then Ljoni tlrlick h on IU had noint >
thing in hi hand but nltlipp could not tell what it
wan Hem Dock Hun xviii out and fiirung a police
itm XVah the proprietor of tho Uundr forrol orated
Hem Ditki itvtiiniint On iriiikixtiiiiniifin a taint
drir ticket wan iliown him Hi uld It wa lint l < iud
from hi ihop ulttioiiih U bore hn name xun iiui
Hone were ut bv Mr Miiuldttof IMIIIIH for the frfeliro
torhowthnl llrniiLli im of Iliu iiinpanlinii nf lvcmi
had refelred the tkkit from MIII x h f < r u lurt which
he had left thro lo I e lann lerid Ihe wlluefl denial
ever haxing iKHiet niiih n tlcki t and crew mnrv AIM
more eNcittd ae Hu itUHtion wr1 TfHi > 1 upon him
Three little childnn wire tnllil Ituiile Ihe Imr
l > ld you exer Heetlioio childrin before avked Mr
No nono almopt Mld the w linens IIP he hurit
Into car and leum d hie hind upon hi irml on the rail
ingot Ihi wltneM timd
leu mu > t niidr > lnnd > nld Judge Mltihr tlim
the e men nro fimtfinre ind rtrniftr In uur uutimn
and manner of doing bnnine nnd ure lluble tn l > u rr
tome by exrileinrli und Uu Ir leiling In a cute like Hill
and ther innit not I proMd tno hard
I want Hie Jury to glu 11 juottce cnllrd nut Hem
Dork who wai lilting In the nudlenie while the lean
rolled down hlliheekli
Him XXah wai ex < lined from the itnnd Hetlirew him
lelf on a bench und fobbed for ful > an hour
JUr Mula to Hue for Ilenvr DHmnKca for the
Ioi or hie llrltlr
lUnTFono May 23 CIIITord U Main of Now
Hixen whooa Lrlde wai lout In the Uranite state dli
alter at loodipeedi Landing lait xvcek will iue the
iteamboat company for heavy damage Hu aen that
he and hie wife could haxe eicaped xvlth other piifctn
ger after the boat wai lied np to the dock but detplte
their peril tha emplo > eei of thu tompaii cut th
hawieri and lint the burning ptenner out Into
the rlterlu order loiattthetompinr i hnlldlngi from
thu riamee An ottlcer of the pledinlioat Lompan ibid
today that the hawser wa not cut until it win thought
tint all but the CJplnln and male had Mt Hit itvmier
ami thex had a boat lowered itloniflde lhu > wanted to
protect the dock pruprru
He laid that Mr and sir Xlaln did not come from
their itateroom until after the rtipu x iti imrttil an I the
bow ut the bolt wari trifling into tho Mleain fhe >
topped In their fctatToom to dre conii I > and the
other paihetitftTl had left ttie boat l > fon lhe attempt I
loercape they run forw art putting runrl ei < htx feet
between themi l ei nnd the Iliniei XXuhout wulllinf
to ite what chance there xan of etcape thr juinpru
Into the tTater ainl the t urrent t arrled IhtMn iut
The third time ilr Xlalncaine Ulineiir Ihe wheel box
and irra p d It letllng goof hli wife If Hur hai uctnl
cooll > altl looked around btfore Jninplng both would
haxe been ned for the taptaln and mate x ere oul a
few feet from them with thu boat
Death of Col Frunk F Howe
WASHINGTON May 23 Col Frank K Howe
died suddenly here lilt ulght He hecaiue leriouftli In
dllpoeed In the afternoon and wai tiken to thehouiu
of a friend In Seventh itreet He did not rally and tn
the evening died HU frlendiln New ork were notified
todit Col Hone till been ipendlni tin xvlntr h re
but till appearante liai beniutha to Indltute tint lie
wai not 10 proiperoni HI formerly Of lalu hu ha > been
very deipondent and of lomewhat Irregular hitiu He
wai born In lloiton lift Ue > ear ago and wun a de
tendantof oneot the Vilgrlin ratheri In IwU Ho
John A Andrew appointed him HHiun Agent for Mai
achuiettiln thliciir He cired for the Mnxachuieiii
troopi arriving heroon their way to the war Inlstii
he wai appointed hpeclal Agent of the Ireaiurr and In
all freildent Uraut uiadi him reliloli Agent He held
thii office until 1HMU He wai 4ine of the founder of Ihe
Inlon Leagun Club tad an old member ut tbi hew tu4
llnrvurd lo Honor taei Utttt but Xet the
Trmpnrary Incumbent of K
UOSTOX liny > Accoiillnjr t annual cus
tom the Harvard Collcsu Oxersoers should to
day haxu prepared tho INt nf honorary deLrocs
which thn President xvlll announce nt tho com
mencement exercises In Juno A stated month
ly niectlni was hold this mornlnz nnd It wag
expected that there would bo n session several
hours Ion r but nn adjournment xxaa had
In IcRt than an hour and Immediately a
rumor obtained circulation that by a decisive
vote thu lionrd had rofunod Oov Duller n
LI D Thu report xxas Incorrect Tho Oxer
peers confirmed tho nominations of a few pro
fessors and postponed tho xvholn subject of
decrees until nsiieclal meeting to bo held on
thu 31st Inst Tno Morsccrs aro really Inn
xory pnivllnt dilemma There Is no doubt that
It would IHI an Inimenso personal satisfaction to
ninetenths of thn thirty membors of tho Hoard
to deny tho doutiity Governor tho ctistomarv
honor Then too thnru N a uood tleal of truth
in thu liniiiilt recnnt simirestlon that mcro
than onu xx III xxould bo clianued In thuexentof
tho decrt1 Uilnj conferruil on lox butler
Thuro Is soino slunlllcaiico also in n report that
thu loxurnor Is mildly avnltlnc an oppor
tunity to decllnn tlie pioftcred honor Un thn
othxr band MHHU nf thu Joxernors bitterest
enemies who iin > close to tho liiKldnxxorklnusof
thu lloaitl Miy that tho deuroo xxlll bu xotcl by
iiHUljsiiintlnl majority tlmt by thn unwritten
law of the unlxerslty tlio decree of LII must
bu conferred upon wie Ooxernor ol thn State
that It Is thu o 111 co that Is honored and not Its
temporary Incumbent and that to make an ex
ception this jour xxould only add to thu noto
llety that Gon llutlor roxtts H Is mid that
tho nxcrsoer also contemploto roiiferrlnc on
ProsldiMit Arthur thu deureu of 1I1 II not
done thlii year h xxlll piobubly recolxu It at thu
unit commencement
A story enmes from Noxv Hampshire to the
effect that Dartmouth ColleuQ considered tho
iiuestlon of confi rrlm thu tlcureu nf LLL > on
Oun llutlor at thn lust commencement Ono
account snx that Sonntor liaxard of Delaxvaru
xxho xxus thu orator on that occasion and who
rneolxud tho deuric xxns told that it was also
to bu bestowed on Gen Ilntler and that bo
said if thut xxns so ho didnt xvant the honor
Two Morr Arreiti In Cietlebnr Iya mlle
Plitlere Held lor Trlul
DunLix May 2 Txvo moro nrrestB havo
been made at Custlobar in connoctlon xvlth tbo
recently dUcoxorod murder conspiracy In
county Mayo Grout excitement exists oxer
the arrests nnd 200 extra members of tho
Itoinl Irish Constabulary haxu been drafted to
thu toxxn A man named Nully a brother uf
ijcrnb Nully ono of tho defendants In tho
Stato trials In Dublin und several other pris
oners xveru examined today on u cliarvo of
bciiii implicated lu thu conspiracy An In
foimur named Coleman will testify that he ro
celxed JE20 to shoot landlords No reporters
xveio alloned to bu present nt tho oxamlnatlon
Thu irisiuur xvero tunmnded
Lixtnivoi May 2 Tho djnnmlto conspir
ators Uensy Flaunluiin Konnody OHerllhy
nnd OConnor haxu beun committed for trial
Thuy rucrxed their dnfcnceH Iteforo thn prls
nniirHxxeru committed HXlduncu xxits adduced
toHhoxvthiit thouploslxes found In tho pos
Hessluu of thoso xxho xxeru npprchended In
Liverpool woio similar t < > thos used acalnst
biilldliiis In Ixindun and ila tow
LONUUN May 23 Thu iMilu Vcir sajs thorn
In nn IniproHHlon nmonirtho Irish members of
Ilirllamunt that tha Government are looking
lor an opportunity to rumlt iho remalnduruf
thn term to xvhlch Messrs Henly Uaxltt und
Uulun wero sentenced to prison
IIIenlnaT the Imperliil Klior In the Ireaence of
the Cxur unit the Imperial Funlly
Moscow Jlay 21 Tho ceremony of bloss
1m thu Imperial flue xvas performed la tho
Kremlin today In thu presence of the Emperor
the Kmpross tho imperial family and tho Em
perors military household The Emperor und
Lmprcss drove from tho Aloxandroxsky Palaco
to the Kremlin In an open carrlaco nnd xvlthout
an escort ThoTJukuof Moutpenslur and tbo
Uuku of Aosta who aro to represent thu Span
ish und Italian courts respectively at thu coro
nation haxo urrlxcd lion
Thu Empress xxas tho only lady present at tho
ceremony nt thu blesulnuof thu luipurlal HIM
Onlv Mxcn of thu hUtysevcn nouHimper
correspondents xvero able to attend thu
ceremony oxvim to restricted stmcu but tho
Director of tho Iress orderud thu assistant
idltor of thn Moscow dairttr to supply tho
other journalists xvlth a duscrlption ot thu
ceremony Thu Husbiim Ooxernineni bus
Klxen press loprehuntntlxes fJO ea < h to pay
cartlncn hlro durlm thn fcstlxltles
bT 1CTClJtnuiii May21 Thu ffiinl Vcmimi
yir denies thut nn explosion occurred In the
ln > slnc room nf thu Czar before his dopartuiu
for Moscoxv It snxs hoxxuxcr that an oxplo
slon which xxas duo to an escape ot cas did
otvur opposite thu palace
Tho persons to bu granted amnesty by the
Cmi on tho occasion of his coronation will in
clude clxllluis exiled to Arcancol and soldiers
di ifted to disciplinary companies
Uf II ts Max 2 Tho Czar has sent u tolc
irritn to thu Emperor William notlfxlm him
uf his sifu entry Into Moseoxv The latter has
In return tulticraphud his concrutulatloiis to
tho Cirar
Ae > v HICK Cuuul Compunf
PAHIS May 23 Tlio Suez Canal Company
hae am oLiced thai the propoie to hegin tlm cutting
rif aiarntlel cani1 arrnm the I tliimi4 forthwith and
have applied to the lngllih iioeruniint fur their iup
i > orr in ohtumluv the ueceiuar conceyilon of land from
Hie hhediXf
llunk Illreciori Nenteurrd to Traneportntlon
CnoNSTAUT May 23Thp trial of a jrroat cnse
of fraud In connection with the failure of a eavlngi
hank which hni been proceeding here hai reiulted In
two of the direttnri of thu hank being eentenctd to
tranvportutlon one to ArclmiuH the other to ToboUk
UnnqiietlnaT ExAldermiin RI Tln
More than 100 local Democratic politicians of
note weru the KUciti of tho Third Vninnhly blitrlct
Tammaii tleneral Committee at their banquet glxell tn
tl tldernianJnniti J fclulu luit ni it In the Metro
polltnn Hotel
llvtore the ban net the linn John Kell preiented th
ei Alderman with n gold watch and chain the gift of
Ihe District toinmltte During the dinner un orchestra
platil lome < if Hnrruan and Hurt ong and senator
irnl Cdl Jamei 1 XHrtin and Couniellor XXIIIIaui
Ilurkernikrnn Jolnt < lln Ihe clmrun
Alter the ilinnt r xtr Alin Unri Ihe Chairman Intro
duril lheip chmakir who wiru senator dradr Col
f T XX IXXilliaiu llurke Cnckran un I sldnij J Con
nor 1iiuiiuiiorCnikraii made an clouuent bid tor ad
mi iou to ruininin > Hall
Cllrlfiili Mruiinda for Illvorce
CIPVELAM > May 23 Jlrs S P Sales xxlfo of
a coniplcuoui cltlen of Xliifklnguin Lount > htf applied
for n divorce from her hiuband Tin < a o lioneof thu
moitt lurlout on record Mrn air rlalma in her petl
lion thut her hul mul it u detmit churLh number that
ho conduct family wnr < hip Ihrte thiu u ila un it
lecti pa aie from Ihe Srl turrl whith tn > iul > con
demn all manner nf > im and then in the r tnce of
II Ihe member of the fiimih mak the H > ilicatlon tu
Mr halt alii lIng bitter deiinncltioiu uain t her
rhii ihe toimldvri u irrinvd cruelty
Harbor Muilera to onllune Ihrlr Work
Tho Harbor MustOM held u ineetlnc xster
da at which they detlded b Ihe udtlcuof muiiiel to
goon and alltnd titheir dntlei In the iuui1 wa ai if
no law hud be ll paxfd levitating them nut of oltlte
The Maritime lxiliNiivu pi > ird u resolution > e terli >
dtlaring that thu Harbor xixtrri hold oxer nniil their
lilt ceBiori are illilltl d 1 IK < lleitlon of fee will ln >
trttled < ui tl will thi < luerrjiunli and hlpown < > r
C pt Cnle Captain of the Tort ui all Ihe Harbor
Uaiuri haxe agreed In thu Lonclu lon
wait H pleaie i nd hl < addren to THk bit orllce t
Tni sex hmrecilved for Xlri Minio Uatlill frum XX
L XX and I Irom A xjmpathlrr
Tbe AMcrmellhaVe pinldover Maor Idioniteto
the reiolutlon uiklng ih Tark Connnlikloneri to lur
IlKlr unilmed laborer J a dar
Treitldent Arthur e ttrdu > Uned thu ardon of Tho
K 1owell who wan ntened l > l dbrliar lo ill
moiithi linj rlronment for t tblatlon of thu ovtat lav i
F J Mrong ofd > ahonrilir at th Leland llou e
ihot hiiiKelf in the hend at bl fup I orti fnurth itrret
Inn night Inilli ting a urioue wound lit wai leut tu
Hell tuu lloipitll
Maria A teredi a muile teafher win the PlulntlJf In
lull ugnlntt Urtelxtr UMhri u nt the Sen Jtrret Im
tril lUllrond on trial In the Lulled Miek < ir llll Court
jre > Urda > for iM lfur lilllirlei whlhihe a I that
ihe iu < ialnei from the rMlrut I at Nevurk
Major Kit on le4 etoeil the AMtrineni reoolntinn d
ret ling their Coinmlltee nn Count AttnlrB to have the
Ctjinnion Council l hnmber enlir ed Tht xvtit mrkiige
lavi thut ibe re olutlun mtkeino i n > vl it n for the xu
rine Coirt Ju ticew who n rtmin woald havu to he t tl n
and tint the Improvement hnuld 11 lunIr bv Iho Ct in
mUMonerof fubtlo Xorkiout of hie a roj tiutlou for
uch pur o ei
Charlei II Knappot listh itnet and Twelfth avenue
waiatoinilaiuintlnthellarlemli > ltulnur1riterdav
agalnit tleorgr Isiu acrl 17 of JIU Axeliue C and
Uei rge ulllh azeJ l of 4J Kail Hvventeenlh Hrrtl
whom he chirie w tl attempting to tei a hull Itrrler
rup belonging to hit fulher Sli ilifil KnnLp ardvaliird
atfJiJU Ihevialdthe did BOl muud tu take tui do
bat wtrt ti M to tuiwu
xi rr
Vlcllne ef rilrnvaifiiire and < hr UHnbllna
llabllAn Army tluli nkriv Muni UI9
cere IVem Ihe Frontier nrc Klcrrcit
x May 2 Six ofllccrs of tha
army and navy haxo buou Inxolxud In dljrcp
utablo practices that haxurccontly t > 3ti iniidu
public LleutCol Morroxx Iii > muster Win
son Ia > master Hmlth and Col IIM nro ac
cused of dishonesty xxhllo Col Slokersoti and
Comnmndor Whlto nro In dtwnJ on ucootttit
of domestic scandals Thoa In porcor I oth In
tho War and Navy Department nro sorlouely
concerned about tho stato of thlit 3 that thci >
exposures Indicate
Col IlKtH vfas alloxxed to roslcn xrhon li > tho
rules hu should havo boon court innrtlaUod
Ho XVIIH charged with haxlni obtilnej money
by duplicating hN pay nucount nnd ho Dr
furred to resign rather than meet tho clmnro
Major Wasson Is n defaulter n tho Ooxcrn
inont tlilnkf though ho PXCIISPI hl ciorturo
by saying that hu took thu nioiuV as n forced
loan which ho Intended to return through th > i
conscience fund Tlio amount taken Is be
Hexed to bo about IVUOO Maior Wn oii xxn a
poker pUuor 1aj master Smith of tho tirxy
will ba court mnrtlullcd In u faxv dots on a
charge of dlslionest y
Col Morrows case Is a peculiar ono Ho hns
been ono of tha most dashlnc offlcci on Sh < i
mnns otaff Slneo ho bus boon In Wi > hlnntou
hu has boon living xxoll and xxrxs a most poptt
lar monitor of tlio army sot Komoxxcoks nso
ho went to Kxcretnrv Lincoln flnld thut hi xxns
deeply In debt und inked to l > o Mint lii k to hid
rcgitnent He bolluxed thut lo could ixo
money onouuh to pay hl dihn If lie WH rl
lowodtodo bo Tint Seoietiuv confuted It
appears lioxxuver that Col Mori oxx hnd dniy
Hoiiiethlng worse thiin ucttlim Into debt Ho
had duplicated bin pax nwoiinta In tact
triplicated them Tho loxurnMiniit Imd bcii
no Io er and had known notlilni of It for
Col Morrow had niannuod to Uiko up th
xouchori as they lt cimu duo in tlm ImnilH
of the broker When It xvus tlnoided thu
ho should rejoin lilt nvlmunl Col Moiroxv
called his ci editors toguthnr told thom xxlint i
hud done and proposcd Hint tho nciiuntft In
pooled and placed In tho liimls of n broki In
pay accounts named llddlitou Ho fiituer
pniposed tohnxiiMiiiiiKhof liN futiin > pfyii1
counts hypothecated to tuko tip tin out one
Tup credftorM < onr > untcd proxidod nn nidji
should bo Issued by JiymiNteiCicneriil IJoh
eitci to nil pax niKfttarti td pai n luvotintc f
Col Morrow Jhln XMIK intumled a
forthobrokorx Tlio 1ajmnttoiOim ml 101 f
Bnllted Thu ordor xxu Nxtleil tlin eooked n
counts straightened out In thiKuty ml Col
Slorrow xxent tr > hU Hlzlincnt ccotnr Lin
coln knew notlihi of tliU but hu now UTI n < d
of it and it Is expected that ho v 111 older u
court martial
Commander Whlln resigned from tho nnvyn
day or txvo nun nnd It IHI hii oil th it ln < did > o
to avoid expoMiiiu of u seaudal that occililid III
Norfolk Col Mckrion Isueciiid of piciiirlnir
a fraudulent dlvono that ho niUhl remnrty
Thiri Is litlln doubt thut th tMiilitiillons ol
asliliicton Ilfu haxo led ulllecrs to vlolnto
their honor and there > li < doubt tlmt
gambling In tho nrniv has ruined inuiiyoriluci
Secretary Lincoln has unitminivd his de
termination to put u HOD to uiiuibllnc In
thu army nnd tho bost fluUi fot him to b eln
his campnltn is rlht h iu In Wiishlnutun
Thobrokeit xxho ndxinco money nn ofilcT
pay uicounts at u itilnoiis tutu of intnnst
know peifuctly xxull that xei It not for tl
gamhllni th it prexills hern their biilnuf Ir
tliU direction xxould bottently cntitlle I TilU
gambling In tho main docs not tnlo paro nt
tin publlu itnmlnir houies Itfidonu ntelnbs
There Isthu bc t authority lor Kixlnu ihut
there Is an army poker club horo that numbers
some distinguished otlleors xvlioliuxn made a
business of lleeclni otllcerM jiit nrrhlnc lu
toxxn from their rujlinuntx of cuurso thcs > o
men do not ulny dishonertly or nt lent urn
supposed to play honestly but they generally
win Cases uiokuoxxn xxlicroolllir xriio huxo
just come to toxxn with tho piln sof a yenror
two have biJ tn rJioJtourrfjopt tir iJ a
single ulttlni Then they turn to their pay
accounts for ready cash nnd then oomof tho
temptation to dupllcnto thesn nccount 1 huro
Is lltttu doubt that thu Inllueuco uf somo of tlio
mmnbors of this club has l jcn ned to shield
nflhnrh who dilvan to dot > icnttlou by tholr
losses haxu duplicated theli nceountsiindbceu
ilutcctvil at It Tho olul liim been foilful
that should the oftlcii Ixi drlxen to < > tromlty
by court martial th x mUht i > po o the t roc
tlccs that uiako dupltcntlnn so 10111111011
Guayaquil A Hacked by Ike lCtr olitlnnUlf
GUAYIQUIL Mny2J Lnm nluht tho enemy
cnmv nltlitii the rudhi if thu furilnmti u nnJ mcr
olir humlrtil ihnts w frf flrnl un lot ml Tlie flrliu
wan kfjit up until 3 oclock thin momlU Thtre U kfiat
pxcitiiiicnt nil nu at tuck f Imuih ct < ctd Pr nt lent
rlnlcintlln nv rrdtiit ut tti tlrintr during fit ntjit
IANiMi Ma U Hi UHI mtortlc Hlt Hn i ititl
mill ha been to MuuiUr thi Hank nt I i tit lor a
irhtite toitcent urli < i t H is lniit i tlit h It
tfinU in letitc the tonntru tuH mit of rcvtiet l h t
innWf a lii r o ileti n llntf on4 11 I1 Juipler to lt
MI vxcuftf for < tctri tiij ta irnprtt nf 111 inetnft
not tlit1 whole tonii It iAkliict ilmt lie h t Hi i > i
nun n chiiiue to Ptuiv th hlii f An I lUVh ritj n
Itallfiu e cl nr > oiin > taiith ftitlon U It the nerfu
tlie i rotection of fur Un futert t
IleHlh irliunrklv llu totxcttil
Barry n ApHknoTn So inth wanl
DcinocrM ilitd on TiK < ln morntik at tlu
yean Siit > yrart his life wire ps < l IntliUcltj
the oilier 43 > ear lie Bpent in countj tfr > c IriUnJ
h re lie w fin luirn uiil livre ho pllfj JiU trale btjk
kinitliliiif tvr t eiit rlc > nrn Oie of Mt t > on t
Miehitfl Harry uu once n nifint cr of ilia Coniut n
PoumII AMvrman Itnun 11 I hl w n ui h llnuo y
Mfllainl In full pisek fnn nf hi UinHi i i iitll l I
lit tllvIur oMlttfr He < lM tini ti > i tul > j u l ul f fm til 2
tit tatne of a lonir Ih e > l r r in 1 i > ilmlre a to 11
anloiiiTH lil father ivlto whrii he tlittj us Fbt rul 2i
vr older than tt > uc < l ri no IK 1
den Sulmter Gotrnor cf 1ari 1 iUa < l i
Mill Mrlrun lo lie Man Ird
Cards havo been United for tho xxedling of
ieorge llofur of Clifton Maun Uland and Mls ltur i
Mi Lean of btapleton The erttnonx xvllt bfj erforinei
thii evening at thf nil lenfe nf the hitler Mi > MIHTI
h an helrti > it ti > fiitiii > and vtuv me I b ir
Iiernard HnrwicV of thU > rorflui lor I ich
irunine Mr llofrr It H j ntnotinan prlntir nm win
engaged to Xllm Xltlitli both tefnr nn 1 nlttr the
vent of the tall Truxlan Ihe muiiln will tiuj the
Irleila SIIru < tilotie tnrr
Slay 23 Tho llov Vntl ir Annott
cure of Coicopedla beluv Vuehet I hlUhe a letter
> tvlnithat he wai ured of aral > > f it MIIII < the
Ihrine of < lf Amu nhtrt he iuvetlto tli X irglll l t bu
reltivid from hli Inllrmltlo and u rt > iurtd tu licalth
The HI2IHI OIBru I iille llu i
AVnrraer fair xxuatlior xvlnds inostl xxcstcrlr
higher prvuure

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