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WeJnetd y Moy 30 beltn a legal holiday the weekly
edition of Tat 8m fur next week will be ptibllihed on
th mortiloKOfTu idar Mar 29 Adverlltementii mil
enleri Ihoulil therefore be handed In by Monday the ZHIh
The Brooklyn llridgc
On the 3 of January 1870 the wOk of
I preparing for tlio foundation of the towel In
Brooklyn was begun and the stouo tablet
I close to tho top of that mighty pile bal the
date of 187J A similar tablet lu tho dice of
the New York pier bears the same date al
though It was not finished and ready for the
I I cable until a year Inter A person who
11 never had built such a bridge would naturally
i ural suppose that the cnbles rondo up of
thousands of fine steel wIre would bo put to
gether aud then hoisted to their proper place
on top of the lower But this was not tho
way On Aug 14 1B7C the end of a small
wire was fastened to 1 scow on one side of
tho river and carried across to the other
I side where It was hauled up aloft so that
it cleared the masts of ships and then other
wlrea and ropes wero passed back and
I forth by means of the llret until a footway
was built and the machines made ready to
stretch tho cable wires across And
6 the great cables grew la tho air
l until they reached their present size
Then tho Iron roidwav were fastened to
a them two carriage ways two railroad tracks
nd a footpath and today a little moro
than thirteen years from tho time of Its
beginning Mayor Low will enter the bridge
from the Brooklyn end with a crowd of his
I flow citizens and wait at tho Brooklyn
station to receive the Mayor of Now York
1 who will come across with a crowd of his
fellow cltbeus Including the President of
the United Stnt
This distinguished party will bo wise I they
i walk across on the raised footway in the
centre They should not walk vary fast for
thegrado Is to stoop for tho ponderous form
of President ARTHUR to b hurried much be
yond the meditative stop of tlio fIsherman if
bo is to arrive at the Biooklyn side with
proper dignity A gentle gait will also 0
better adapted to the conversation which
will doubtless be carried on between Mayor
KDSON and tho President Tho Mayor
will naturally do most of tho talking as
he is mOle intimately associated with the I
many Interesting objects which rise into
prominent view from such a height as tho
bridge He can point out tho tall tower of
thp Tribune whoso roof is higher than the
President can get I on tho bridge unless he
should ascend to the top of one of the piers
Gen Aimitnt lust DOt forget however that
near to the Tribune Is the unpretentious
office of TiE Sox which has the same dis
position to do Justice to him as to every
other man About tim only novel object
that tho President can call tho Mayors
j attention to will bo a handsome steam yacht
l which was built for his own uso by Mr
HENRY N SMITH of Wall street the owner
of Goldsmith Maid This yacht was sold by
a Mr SMITH to tho Government and has
dually come into GPU ARTHURS hands as
the Republican President to 0 used to go a
fishing or eight seeing or wherever ho
pleases Sho will Ho near the bridge with
other vessels of the United States and help i
them to swell the thunder from their guns In
honor of the occasion Then after the party
have reached Brooklyn the President will
haveachaucoto hear tho presentation speech
by Mr WILLIAM I C KixastEY and enjoy the
eloquence of the addresses by Mayor Low
Mayor Eusox Dr STORKS and tho lou
AuitAM 1 S HEW ITT Orators of the Day
Wo have no means of knowing before
hand how these gentlemen will regard tho
bridge Perhaps after the manner of our
foreign Consuls when courtesies are offered
them In other countries the two Mayors
may congratulate each other and the citizens
of both Now York and Biooklyu upon tho
I prospective strengthening of tho already
cordial relations between tho two enormous
dUll and tho probability of a closer In
timacy between thor counties of Kings and
New York considerations that arc com
inonplaco enough But as for Dr STORK
and Mr HEWITT their speeches are buieto
h be anlmutcd learned and philosophical
doing full justlco to the Importance of tho
In regard to tho main question there are
various ways of looking at it The brldgo
will doubtless be of great convenience t the
inhabitant of both cities Thousands of
vehicles will cross It on the wagon drives
j nud many moro thousands of persons will
walk across or 0 carried over In the cars 1
few for the novelty of tho thing and to view
the great stretch of country with Its count
less and xuiprlslugly diversified features
of Interest and to gee moro closely
I tho imposing archou of the piers and
I tho majestic sweep of tho cables up
L one side and down the other but the great
1l mus of poplo will cross because they
have something to do on tho other side
It is hardly probable that tho Inter
hag of business between the cities
will IK Immediately increased by the bridge
The present truffle his been uccommo
i dated by the ferryboats and the bridge <
will scarcely improve tho facility for tic
I crossing of teams to such 1 degree that 1
I much greater quantity of goods will at one
bo sent over from Brooklyn to Now York or
i from Now Yoik to liiooUlyn Possibly sonic
jieoplo doing business in tho lower part of New
York but who have bo seriously objected t
crossing the ilvor twice a day in the ferry
boats that they have lived Inferior accom
mulatlon in Hurlom may now go to live II
Brooklyn but the number Is not likely to ue
large Wo think theieforo that the bridge Is I
not destined to bare any startling Immediate
foci on the business relations of tho two
cities CUent causes act gradually
But will Its effect bo different on tim social I
Intercourse of tho piosont generation with
their Brooklyn neighbors 7 Will It materIal
ly I IcHbcn 1 the almoat impassable distance be
t In us This is somewhat doubtful To
tho majority of Now York people Brooklyn
has always IKVII a llttlt further off than Phil
udolnhla Now Yorkers generally have inure
ucqimlntanoo and pnvmoie frequent visit 1
In Philadelphia than I they do lu Brooklyn
I New Yorkers arc much more familiar with
the pensIve productions of GKOUQE W
ILD A M 1 than they are with the eel
I jitnnsof the leading journals uf Brooklyn
Probably no citizen of Manhattan Island who
oesnt to Long Island ever sees a
dOsnt go Lng acs 1 copy
01 I tim KViofe or tho Union or knows the In
duction mid piilertnlumitittiiat cantherobo
gathered And while this lordly etrue
tiro will excite tho wonder and curiosity of
every New Yorker It will probably bo a long
thorn before It comes Into such general
U w < that the Inhabitants of Now York aboo
Vimhliigtonwiuuia will 0 soon any oftener
un Brooklyn Heights than they have been
formerly But to tho nuldenta of Brooklyn
great opportunities will now bo opened They
can como over hero to do their chopping and
see the plcturo galleries nnd there Is no
onson why Mayor EDSOX on behalf of tho
tlzous of Now Yoik should foci any hesltu
thou about assuring Mayor Low tho repre
dilative of Brooklyn of his distinguished
consideration and that of the rost of man
kind And all tho rest will como In due time
But what a monument the bridge Is i The
long slope leading from tho entrance past
the anchorage with the cables eprlnglng out
if t tho Iron structure up to tho top of the
iilere to bo mot again on tho other side
hero they descend to tho roadbed tho
grand Gothic arches over tho passages
thorough HID towers may well strike one
with awe and admiration at tho ability of
Inn t pile up such an edifice Whether one
lands upon It or looks at It from a
Istauce or passes underneath It presents
the name air of majestic grandeur and lude
tructlbli solidity that must cause It to bo
forever counted tho most Imposing
01 over cOlutCd among moetlUposlng
buildIngs that have ever been raised And
when one thinks of tho dally uso this vast
structure will bo to thousands of people It
assume a character whlchcaubcs it to stand
out distinct from all other works of equal
mgnltude May tho bridge lat forever uud
reflect eternal honor on lu builders I
Mr Chandler Armadn
Every citizen of New York should go down
to the Battery today and view the fleet of
menofwar tent by the Secretary of tho
Nay to assist In the bridge enlebrntlon It
s I rare spectacle Five American war ships
are not often seen together riding at anchor
In this harbor
The chief Interest of thin display doCs not
Hu lu the beauty of tho fleet for the ships
are about a ungainly and antiquated us
a Morris Canal boat In speed they are
slightly and only slightly superior to a
Harlem horse cur As engine of offensive
warfare they are a little more terrible than 1
North River ferryboat For purposes of de
fence against the modern navies of the world
they will not compare favorably with tho
round fort on Governors Island The Rear
snrgo has a glorious record but she Is a ship
of tho past The Yantic dates back to 1SCI
The Tennessee has been repaired and re
repaired nearly every year since 1SC5 Thu
Vandalla was rebuilt cloven years ago Tho
Minnesota has lumbered over tho seas since
1855 We do not include the poor old Sara
toga In the list Sho is n sailing vessel built
when JOHN TVLEII was President of the
United Stated
In fine this fleet tho pick of tho orb
Atlantic squadron In composed of superan
nuated superseded and superfluous vessels
to weak to light too slow either to over
take au enemy or t run away from a pur
suer Thoy are tho best tho Navy Depart
ment can show to New Yoik or to the world
and yet by tho departments own estimate I
it would cost today 1363124 to put tho five
ships In effective condition oven according
t the llobosouian ideas of naval effectiveness
In one respect however tho five vessels
suipass any loot of equal number nnd simi i
lar class that was ever collected In saltwater
at any point of tho globes surface Here is
approximately what tho flvo wooden craft
have cost tho people
foil Gum Colt
Tantle 410 S I7S41UT
Vandalia OKI 8 K211MO
Keartawe ts 7 13S3M3
Mluntlot 3CHO 4 Z3IK479
Tenueltee 8 WO 21 36MTJO
Total for Ih fle ibipi 8O37OO3
These totals are derIved from tho figures
wrung from Mr CHANDLERS bureausby Mr
IEWITTB resolution of Jan 17 ISi Tim
Igures furnished by tho Navy Department
wero Imperfect and artfully arranged to
conceal tho wholo extent of the plundering
under SECOR KODESOX I Is safe to say that
tho totals as given above fall far within the
truth The total for the Vandalla for In
stance does not Include tho cost of her orig
inal machiney That item together with
tho cot of topairs Ac In tho your nUll a hal
since tho buunus reported would carry tho
grand total for tho ne vessels to between
nine and ten million dollars
That Is about twothlidsas much us has
been spent in building tho bridge that will
stand for centuries Oo and gaze upon these
Itobeboulau ships of war before they rot or
sink I
The Tropics Ollence
Tho return to Philadelphia tho American
fruit strainer which recently landed an armed
party of revolutionists at Mliagoane In
Haytl has been made the occasion for placing
on trial Capt BAND and First Mate PEXDEK
who aro charged with having violated tho
neutrality laws
Whatever excuses can bo alleged In behalf
of the owner and ofllcors of the fiulteier
there can bo no question that the was used
for Infringing these laws Section 5230 of
the Uovlscd Statutes of the United States
reads as follows
Every prOD who within the territory or JurUillc
lon of tii I Cntietl State n bfglni or set on foot or pr
ides or > rjar t tho III IMN for any inllftiir tzIlrditiohl
or olt rrlie to he I carrUd on from thrnco alI tho
territory or dominion of any for lini jirtncv or stat
or 01 our colonv iliilrlcl or popl > with whom tho
UnltMl Slatci art at peace ilmll U de5111I < l Kulltyof a
hlttliliilfdrmeaiior and ttiull be nnrd not exervJinir ttire
thou lud dollar mid luiiirUnaeil uot lnur than thr <
Section 5293 punishes the offence of fitting
out and arming a vessel with Intent to em
ploy her In hostilities against a country with
which the United States are at peace by I
line of not more than ten thousand dollars
and Imprisonment for not more tHan three
years i and tho vessel itself with Its ma
tennis anus ammunition and stores is to bo
foif cited
The TropIc secretly carried out from
Philadelphia In Match a military cargo con
bhtttug of oer seventy boxes containing
lilies two Iliildplccos saddles and unlfotms
Upon reaching the Island of Inigua sloe re
ceived on board a body of men who Imme
diately took possession of tho allS and uni
forms and occupied tho decks for the pur
poses drilling Finally entering the har
bor of Mlmgoune at midnight of Match 20
she landed her troop who before dawn biir
prlsed tho garrison them and captuicd tho
fort Having thus obtained it foothold on
tho coast the Insurgents I U
I U Im 1 commanded by
Gel BOYUIBAZELAIM who had boon living
hi exile and had planned this
lxlo plllCt attempt were
able to malutalii themselves until they could
procure rcenforcoments They Bticugth
cooed their works and the forces of Ptcal
deut SALOXIOX on arriving from Portau
Prince were repulsed Since then tlio Insur
rection has hold its own and has gained
successes fco that 1 civil war Is raging In the
republic as tho outcome of this unlawful uso
of the Philadelphia fruiterer
It should b noted that the shipment of
MUM tad ammunition t Htytl would not In
Isl have ben A Iolaton of domestic stat
utes or International obligations Rifles and
cartridges are S0 for other than warllko
purposes and are legitimate articles of com
merce Even when 1 war Is going on they
may b sent lawfully from B neutral country
to tho scat of hostilities nt the risk of their
seizure as contraband by a blockading vessel
or other belligerent force But tho Tropic
ostensibly went out with no cargo BO that
port regulations were violated by her Tho
explanation originally offered was that the
boxes wero sent aboard by n stranger an
packages of furniture after the vessel had
cleared In ballast and that Capt RAXD
thought ho had made arrangements to have
tho unexpected addition reported at tho Cus
tom House The subsequent USD of this lIre
tended furniture makes this tory extremely
suspicious tho matter however Is one for
tho owners or ofllcers to settle with the port
But taking aboard tim troops of IHzrLAiH
nt Inagim and landing them at Mlrugoano
violation of tho stat
was unquestionably a Iolnlon atit
totes Thou defence Is that these mel had
possession of tho ship BO that Its officers and
crew wet o virtually prisoners obeying orders
under compulsion This may bo i but tho
Prisoners could not havn navigated moro lu
the Interest of tha Insurgents hud thn actual
occurrences been nnanged from tim outset
Indeed could u plan bo formed for Infringing
the neutrality laws by a ores of devices
which would offer loopholes at every point
for escaping tho ron oquenivf provided the
pretences of the lawbreakers ubould bo ac
cepted it must necessarily take a shape
closely resembling tho actual facts In tho
case of tho Tropic
It Is I of course possible that this vessel
has been only the victim of n soiless of un
fortunate circumstances combining to throw
upon her tho appearance of deliberately
breaking the laws Yet I so It becomes
clear that as those laws stand an armed ex
pedition may start from on American dock
yard laud In a country with which our own
Is at peace and there foment a sanguinary
clll war all without tho responsible con
nivance of tho owners ofllcors or crew of tho
vessels employed
Intemperate Talk by n Clergyman
Ho said he cared nothing for what tho
secular press would say Ho has no fears of
It and asks no favors from It
These urn tho sentiments of tho llov HOW
ARD Ciiosnv as reported on Tuesday nt the
General Assembly of thou Presbyterian Church
at Saratoga The remarks weie called out
from another minister that
by a suggestion Rlother tlnt
certain action would heave the Steubenvllle
Presbytery open to tho assaults of tho secu
lar press
Fairness toleration and moderation In the
uso of language are commonly accounted
desirable attributes In a minister of the Gos
pel To show how poorly they urn exempli
led by Dr CROSIIY In this remarkable utter
ance concerning tho newspapers let us BOO
how a similar statement by tho press in
regard to thou clergy would road
hh Wo care nothing for what the clergy may
say Wo have no fear of clergymen and ask
no favors fiom thorn
What Dr CROSIIY calls the secular press
however Is too just und sensible to Indulge
In any such intemperate talk Considered as
a wholo It Is I tho steadfast supporter of mo
rality and religion No other agency Is hal
so efficient as the press In extending tho In
fluence of the clergy I gives a congrega
tion of thousands of readers to minister
ton thousnlll many a mil
ister who preaches only to hundreds or per
haps only to scores of hearers Every In
telligent clergyman appreciates the Invalu
able service thus rendered by the news
papers to the causo of good morals and
there no moro propriety In speaking of the
pi ess In tho tono of careless contempt
adopted by Dr CROSBY than there would bo
In assuming that ministers generally must
be bad men because a Reformed Presbyterian
clergyman was denounced as a living disgrace
grace to the General Synod tho other day
at Philadelphia
By his ostentatious declaration that ho hat
no fears of tho secular press and eaies noth
ing for what it may say Dr CROSBY mani
fests a peculiar ingratitude as well as a lack
of Intellectual appreciation Tho news
papers have done BO much to magnify and I
extend his reputation that a grateful lau
would hardly forget It I
Reduction I
It Is said on Republican authority that
Piesldont ARTHUR Intends to adopt tho
Idea of THE SUN uud diminish the number
of Internal revenue distrIct Such a de
termination would bo good souse and
good party policy But many Republican
Congressmen aie bItterly opposed to the
consolidation of revenue districts because
such a step would leave sonic of their de
pendants out In tho colt TIle salaries of
tho various ofllcers collectors deputies
clerks Informers spies and haiigeis on of
the Bureau of Internal Rovonuo amounted
for the last fiscal year to four millions and a
half lu round numbers Not without a strug
gle will the politicians bo weaned from such
pi colons pap
As these samoa Congiossmen disregarded
Piosldent ARTHUR locomiuondaUou to
abolish all Intmnal revenue taxes except
those ou bpliits he may enjoy u pi open 10
cngoiu disregarding thoir clot roottles now
and ho may at tht oRIole time enjoy the satis
faction of knowing that lie is in the light
We hope however that tho reduction
which he proposes Is greater than his Repub
lican lends glvo him credit for Tho pres I
ent number of districts Is 1 One bundled and
twcntybU and ho Is 1 said to havo decide
that ninetytwo will bo htifllulont to do tlio I
work I will bo remomboied that even
tho last Homo of Ropiosoiitiitivos passed mi
amendment to thu Executive Legislative
and Judicial Appropi latlou bill
Judical Approprlltol ul fixing tho
number of collootlou dintilcts at eighty and I
that body would certainly not bo likely logo
too far In the way of rctienchnient
President ARTHUR should lomember that
the tues ou spirits and tobacco will boon bo
about all Urn internal lovenuu that collectors
will have to collect This reduction of tam
ton should bo accompanied by I reduction
in the cost of collection
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue In
his last report uatlmatud the sum required
for salaries und expenses of collectors alono
for the fiscal year ending June 3j 1881 at
J100000 Yet tho bulk of thou receipts from
internal revenue tuxes comes trout a few
great distilcts A single dlstilct lu Illinois
is I said to pay about oneeleenth of the
entire leccipts of the bureau The small dls
tilcts ought to bo abolished at once rite
number of clerks theCommlsslouuis ofllco
nUll the little army of deputy collectors sur
veyor gaugciv mes ongois and janitors
ought to be greatly reduced
A Republican Iloiuoof Itipresentntlvos be
lieved that theffllcloiicy of thou buiouti would
not be impaired by reducing thou nunibiirof
districts by ouethlul An obtlnuto from such
I sourco Is not likely to bo an underestimate
The work of tho bureau could bo done n well
as It is If the President should abolish one
half ot the districts But a bureau which
wants 5214210 fo ayttrt xpMMtt > 4
mainly for salaries la too uiwful for political
purposes to be very rudely dealt with
In his argument lathe HUMTINOTOX cAso
before Judge Diuntrr yesterday the eloquent
Joa CUOATC spoke with earnestness of tho cor
ruption which for twenty yenra has pervaded
tho Government In WathlnRton Yet during
these twenty rears the Republicans have ben
In power there without a moments Interrup
tion and the corruption II all their Mr
CUOATB Is a llopublluan but his sense of truth
Is stronger than his zeal for hIs party The
avowal does him honor
Tu6 lionubllean party ought to b turned out
Wo prestimo that tho false reports circu
lated on Monday that an Irishman had tried to
break Into the British Legation at Washington
that tho police woro patrolling tho Legation
quarter and that a battery ol nrtlllurr wa
held In readiness to protect thor were cabled
to London and strengthened tho notions cur
rant thor about thoreveugofut projects of the
Irish dynamite party Tim Londoners lian
already hoard the story ot danger for thou Prin
cess LOUIHE at Ottawa tho story of tho old
stone JloM at the British Consulate In Broad
way and tho story about tlio throats because
of tho opening of tho Brooklyn Bridge on
Quoon YICTOHUH birthday I would not b
surprising I thoy should think that times must
be oven more dreadful hero than thoy sro In
Ireland Itself And yet what a morrytcoround
wo aro having In Now iork
All the people of Brooklyn should pay a
visit to Now York city today mid take a look
at the Ooeoratlons of THE HUN ofllco No doubt
a Mint multitude of Now Yorkers will utaa upon
theta with uatrlotiaand artistic delight and I
will bo hard work for them to refrain from
cryIng I llurruh lor Tim HUN I I
I Is an Interesting fact to bo kept In mind I
when rending thor Russian news of these days I
tlmt all thu despatches from Moscow about tho
Czars coronation made directly undor
oorolltou are mldo up llrocly ullor
tlio wntclilul scrutiny of tho Czars own censors
who supervise every word that passes over tho
telegraph wires running beyond the western
frontier of Ills dominion Not a word consid
ered undesirable by any ono of thorn can BO out
to tho world at luruo and oory word ia chosen
10 as to gratify tholr Imperial master
WP dare say ANTHONY COM TOc has lone I
good but on the wholo ho IN a public nuisance
Tho multitude of strangers who have como
here to assist thou President In opening tho
Itocbllng bridge Dust not fall to tako a look at
UrooUyn today alt tomorrow
Yesterday tin International rifle tam for
tho match of 18tJ3 began practice at Crcedinoor
Unless foul weather should interfere with tholr
programme hoe mcmburn will Imve twelve
days of shooting together before going to Wino
bil don nnd somo opportunity for further prep
aration nt tlio latter point In tie intertills
between tho appointed times of team practice
the men can linprnui themselves Individually
This Is a marked gain ovor tlio experience of
last year Then everything was hurried and
tho team was picked out so late aK to have very
little opportunity > to shoot together although
many of thorn were hardly hotter than novices
at tho loner rnneos Much tlmo too was wasted
In oxpcilmonts with ammunition us thoro was
great difference In the views entertained In
regard to tho various sorts offered Tho rifles
tlioniHoUefl were not suited to thou work re
quired of them nmorhuvlnvboon constructed
fo uso at the lone raucos Tho new weapons
which wore so constructed cnmo so lit Into
the hands of thu team that many of thorn
would not consent to rtsltlnc tholr own repu
tations und their contributions to tho success I
of too contest upon their nibnura knowledge of
the now guns But now with military rifles I
and ammunition as god as any in Grout
lirltaln used by men who have hud a reason
able familiarity with lonuranto shooting
as their scores show there Is 1 fair prospect of
winning ut Wimbledon
A railroad ofllco In Philadelphia was sur
rounded yesterday by a clamorous crowd of
hungry Italians who had been thirtynine tn1
at work without receiving any wages That
was a dlbcrlltnbio state 01 things According
to SOl persons tlm responsibility for it was
on the contractor and there was talk of airs
terlotis turrcacliinu usos for this road which
Is the riilhilclphlii and ChoMor County but
the possible Importance of tho railroad Is I
fraud trifle to tlioso whose grievances srohunger and
Our readers havo perhaps noticed that tho
circulation of Tit HUN steadily Increases Wu
like It Let thou good work Loonl
Put not your trust in princes nor In tlio
Derby favorites Nono of tho horses which at
one time and nnottier tntvo been first in the
butting for tho Kpsom contest was the leader
Kstmduy among the crowd of racers
Miicheatli who was onco the favorite was
compolled Porno time ago to retire on account
of thu death of hU owner Mr Cuiwruitu and
Deau lirummell the Prince and lallliird who
have BiicicsBlvuly led thou iuntatlon < have all
HiicuumUid to St Blnlso who a short whllo oco
was quoted at 40 to 1 Ht Itlalsa Is a son of tho
illustrious Hermit tho silo of last years win
ner Shotover
I looks like I sign of tho pnclllcatlon of
Ireland that tho marines who havu been as I
sisting shoe liolluu aro to bo withdrawn from thou I
country Thou 1 IIlsh COUinment have doubt
loiooo full conlldencu now that thou army of In
formers will loop them properly warned of any I
danger that may arise hereafter I
Whole cal you llnd I heroine of loftier
iiunllty than the old French widow r Louis
JuciHS who was suffocated In tho Groono
htroot fire of yesterday Mrs GUKIUN had In
hnrltnil from hoer husband the manufactory of
nrtltlvlul Imives In which tho 11 ro broko Olt so
ciulckly and raced HO furioiibly Upon thou ox
ploslnn of thu cloa moo lenis throutH which the
liulldlin was nt neo wrappod In flumes the
bravo littlo widow sovnty yuaisof ouo iniulo
for hoe stairs rutthod up to thu neoond story
throw licrrtoltiitiilnst thou door of her Work loluloo
room shouted Ilrulran I up the second blair
way tlironcli tlm stlfllnc hinoUo nnd upward
nu tin tn the top story utrufLllnL to rosette 1
mother and her four children who had quarters
there A o workman on tlui socontl dory eautht
agllmpsoof her its sloe run up higher to save
tlioH > < Ilhll ° s onen but udunbu cloud of black
nmoko that rolled up Immediately I shut her out
from view anil only almlfstllled cry reached
him from above us ho escaped throncli tho
window The flrumon says I reporter
who tells thou tale t when they iniulo tholr
way up after a llorco llht with thou flanios
found Mrs lutoiN dead the landing
flull OUtUN on upper Illdhl
ut tho door of the people HIO had tried to savo
Tho mother and four ehlldion for whoso Bako
hlio lost her life hud bean out of thou house un
beknown to Mrs QULDAN bnforo tho lire took
pluco and so were away from the dancer
llruu Mrs GUEIHN Brand old widow I What
lustre such a deed us that whIch sloe perfoi mod I
yesterday throws over her lifo und her death I
What a host of dlgnltai leu thou people of tho i
city can gaze upon today 1 Hero Is thu Presi I
dent himself and here are no less than four of I
his Cabinet ofllcors Then look nt the Gover
nors and Congressmen and ut tlioso two
Mayors from Now York and Brooklyn and nt
all these other Mayors from adjacent or dis
tant cities Behold these Aldermen from far
and near Behold the preachers orators edi
tors engineers musicians and soldiers
Ladles ay hera too are ladles of Brooklyn and
New York It Is n festive tpcctaco truly But
tint olilur ItotDLiMi whoplaniiHl the bridge Is I
toll and tho younger HOKIIIINO who built It
Is I disabled How the stout old German to
whom wu owe hO I much as tho designer of the
brldirn would have rejoiced toduy had ho
lived to this
Ihol sue celebration I
I The Vaiimlax U a new magazine I belongs
to tOts arso ea
Wall street leIS really t b A kind of
wonder land Hines Monday there baa been
nothing but reports of terrific atonni from all
parts of the country Floods snow storms
rrolt everything bad that ono could think of
t this season of tho year but tho stock mar
kot went smartly upon all that Pie Iron wont
down U a ton and the coal stocks went un
abut t 3 a share on I Mr Samuel Sloan lost
ho control of ono of the Delaware and Lacka
wunnai feeders tho Homo Watertown and
iffdonsburg Itallruad nnd the n L W went
UII on I The Union 1ucllle loses I largo por
lun of Itfl trafllo and Ions Its loading ofllcera
disabled by protracted Illness and the stock
goes tip Thin sumo thing goes on nil tlnoiich
ho list The boys on the Kxchanco think that
Jay Goulds Inter Is again In thou pie that ho
cannot afford to let prices go down nil nt onco
mod that the constantly Increasing short In
torest gives him a fair chance for 1 squeeze
fhor consequently cover their shorts go lone
of f Homo fanclcB all aid him In I puttlni the
whole list up Tomorrow or tho day after ho
wi begIn to soil uifaln und tho sodawutcr
rylo of yesterday may bo plujod out
Hlnco tho publication of tho interview with
xGov Stanford In Hundays HUN the stock of
tho Central Pacific has cone up from 71 ° j to 73
tioo serious Illness of thou President of thu com
iatoy notwithstanding Mr Stanford will nail
for Europe on Saturday on thou Germanic to bn
laced under tlio euro of thou London medical I
celebrity lr Jonner But us ho fays himself
he Pacific coast will live longer than ho will
timid tho advent of thou rainy season after tho
qulnoctlal gales Instead of before thorn did
ho soil and tho crowing crops n great deal of
good Thou California lesldentu of this city
expect to Sot this year In thulr section nf time
country a larLor crop ot grain and fruit than
hoy huvo ever hud before
I appears that the trim moanIng of thin Stock
xeliantoromalnlinopen today Into bo HOII uh t
In thou fact that thou Brooklyn Bridge author
Ins havo ignored Wall street In their Invas
ions to tho pnguunt Thoro can bo no doubt
hat thou Now York Htock llxchunke ns I body
Iq ono of tho richest most liberal und most In
fluential corporations In the city Whenever
any calamity occurs In Brooklyn application
for relief Is at one in ado to the Stock Kxclmnce
and liberally responded to A large number of
Stock brokers are residents of Brooklyn But
they wore all Ignored on this occasion and tho
hehance tacitly tnUnc It for a want of civil
lty resolvud to 11 on with business us usual
and lot thai brldcouo to tho deuce
Tho fisticuff fracas which occurred on Satur
day nluht Hour the Worth monument and
which was followed by sOle chin music on
Sunday at I fashionable restaurant has 1
peculiar flavor about It A rich and wellcon
nected younc mal supposed to belong to so
ciety nnd certainly belonging to ono of the
best clubs of thou country his his face Blnopud
and doesnt resent It A man Is no more dis
honored by being licked by a stronger man
linn Is a General by losing a but to against
overwhelming forces But In both cases some
Hunt must b shown In this Instance how
ever thoro was nothing but downright licking
without tho illebtoftt show in return Such a
fact would b more than sufllclont all over the
world to causo tho debarring of the licked man
from all respectable association An officer of
any army would ho diivnicod forever if lie had
iltilotly submitted to such treatment so would
a monibor of any honorable worklncmnMs
corporation But tho clubs In Knulund and
America scent to take I dlfloiont view of tho
matter Anything that happens outside a club
In either country U not taken counluinco of by
tho members In tholr corporate capacity
This may 0 tho common > onso way of
looking at thu matter for the clul
has no jurisdiction outside Its doors and
althotich tho acts und words of a Mr Lou bat
or I Mr Turnbull nro properly amenable to
discipline when performed and ppoken within
the sacred precincts of thu Union Club those
of Fred May and James Gordon Bennett In
Twentyfirst street or Charloy Currlncton and
Greuvlllo Murray In Pull Mull urn not consider
ed subjects for club discipline Of
luhjoctl 1IsclII course the
members of a club can always sand n man to
Coventry so completely that ho would rather
never Imvo boon born Lit there IB no dancer
of uny Hiich action being taken In thu
Iny acton hoilu tlkcl prevent
caso with the provisions of the now Penal Code
against duelling staring them In tho face It Is
Ole thing to ask I man to bo jour friend
when at tho very worst ho may bo oily obliged
to spend n fortnight in Drusfuls Instead of
Paris but it Is unite another thins to ask him
to cross tho Canadian frontier to find awaiting
him on his return ntruo bill from tho Grand
Jury and a probable term of five or ton year
up tho rIver
Tho cutting of railroad rates this summer
seems likely to bo followed by the cutting of
opera rates next autumn Mr Abbey na <
Umtun Col MiuilcHon by bidding over him in
two or three Instances for solo sinters but
how U I ho to nrramjo his chorus and orchestra
business Tho famous Milan lender Fuccio
askHjtOOOa month and Vlannesl cannot bo 10
for less than llOOU Tho corner will not conu
over unless ho has thou ntieleusof Ills oicliHstn
entajjed with him nnd that moansan Immense I
uxpcnu Tho latter though a cood con
ductor has no following and would hae 10
lead I scratch orchestra Muplebon ou thu
other hand lion Ids Instrumental dupnrtinen
fixed permanently In the matter of thu chorus
thou Hnnw dllllculty comes up Mnpleson hnsn
chorus singing all tho year round 01 leI In
London or In Now York while Abbey has non
jet and I bo succeeds in getting up one ho
will Intro to find somebody to train It and
morn than ono city to rehearse In Thou Italian
colony of this city though by no moans favor
ably disposed towaid I Maplcson is of the
opinion tlmt Abbey has not thou siltlitest chance
of making his venture pay Ho may and
piobably wil I havn plenty of hlkhpuld stars
for hu Is liberal anil nnterprNlnx But ho will
probably lot bo ublu to cot up nn oisoooob1e
who lhi will justify 1 lilm I In i chartlni suflleloml y
high rates of admission to pay his unurmou
Tho discussion which has been going on in
the papers as to what Mr Conkllnu really diil
and did lot say on tho occasion of Ills recoil
afterdinner upemh proves ut leant ono thlni
that poople blioutd bo v > ry particular as to
vvlioHu mahogany they put thulr logs under
Ttiuro ale curtain persons In Now York who
poio as hosts and who manage by judlelousl j
tlikllngiMiblly I flat tooouol parvenus to live on tioe
fat of tlm hind vvltliout < iienillniai < liitlBcon
tlioinseUes A dinner lx j given tho out olisad
Ampliltiyon IKSIIIIS I Invitations tho invite
petbonx niu told that It will cost them so mud
then some celebrity Is captured such us Oscu
Wilde ion Grunt or thu MurquU du Lunvlll
of wax work runovn und all i tho uloous
Hvvlm to tho front with theli foolish mouth
open Meanwhile tho Ainpliitrvon I has 1 good
dinner I I for oootlo I log lull Is sandwiched botvvuu
thou guests of tho evening i In i which nositio
ho fives vent t to I lie usual platitudes and pose1
as u treat man How tony sensIble New Yorker
can be thus culled Is I one of the curious ptio
nomcna which somu psychulolst of thou future
vvlllhuvu to solve
A Una who Cunnnt Nern Veil Ullkuut kU
I ur rruinptl
To TIIR EniTon OF Tit HuNSir Whhol
mn inmblu illritctl tu rurrobomtif tti ttat iiieut of
11 Myuic I Ililnk mi uimloifiiu > xierlfiice of my own
IriiiUi hhoo iui > nrt to loll Ilimrj I mn killloul nlth
iUniii > mill Imw Innuntil ril llmt 1 0111 nleld S lh
oh liiii iuprluluf nit 1 O truiniHt Uut lnii Unit lu I
iniinvni U U0hp uiiri full oOJusloO 1 IUM tli vUiun of
A ImwkKiul I I mn littfliiniiitf lu I llOlCt i > hoot Iliw i uittt gf
inill mul OO0l l > ure uioultiU Ju tlm uiiiu I iimimvr
Uuuum ii May Ji O B
Tke Will or Uachel
> roin tttt t J omlofi Ilmu
Juns I Mity r II Tlm 1 s nr Appeal gave
luitiduiut j i liidi In a iit u hi h turned mi OOio I iv oil of
the vreltt triltfedUlllie POlO Idichel Oli lilt u J an
unit of uu > i Irantin xnrah Km I 111 fume at
the patentee of i irm < nnit loIoo ol iiiu 0 O rolii
upon 1 her own na urul thlMrrn 10 hrii 01010 I vtr 5sroo
tI tlsl I iioa too n kurvlVMK I tlllcunf lUcllrl ole l > ptil
III Ulldlbjiiled i J II II to I lie rtrrolooo Ifl In Hie I clililrin
noun that the ilmiir In KudiiU 111 s a n cincrl
meant cf ro rlooo t her nntiirul chlulr o hll I tluilhm
Ihe Ian I the In t > lu1 lDf MrHt 1 IntUiKM I divmlBtfU the
claluit of the ollf t hut IhU drclilftll hut now btvli ro
veVted oil appeal and hl Hiiilieii tuildrtu WIU hUl gel
i cbl4rci 10t
15510 I IIm fur them I
rntnta rHINOS FOR 1884
Wfc tbs PclUteUni Har of tke Propoitd
CaasIldsltom of Be8 omen
WABIIINOTOX May 23Tho fact that It has I
boon virtually decided by tho President and
Secretary of tho Treasury to abolish twenty
five or thirty of the existing Internal revenue
districts about the 1st of July Is bilnelnc hero
Republican members of Congress and other
politicians from those districts most likely to
IK selected destruction Most of tlioso poll
thomas wllllnanosR to have somebody
tolanl express I wllnlloss hntlolebty
clsot district abolished but they am crammed
with arguments to show how seriously tho for
Ie would 0 crippled If those districts In
which they aro Interested should b wlpod
out Homo of thorn however claim
that tho proposed action of the Presi
dent would 0 an unjustifiable exercise
of the Executive authority Inasmuch as Con
grass nt thou lust session outdo nn appropria
tion for all the existing Collectors and dlsti lets
for the next tlsral year But the law Is very
explicit I provides that the President may
establish convenient collection districts and
for that purpose hu moor subdivide any State
Territory or the District of Columbia or may
iinltu two or more Mates or Territories
I Ii to one diet riot nnd may fro in tlmo to time I alter
Hiild districts ami It further proUdos that
when two or moro collection dlMilcm are
1010 coluclul
00 lol led by him he may designate from aninni Ir
Iho existing olHeornot such district oim Cot
lector for thu new district or at his discretion I
hu may miikn t new appointment of such oft
cor for slid district
I is 1 an Intorustlns fact that sonic of thou
inanaKors who bay grave fears that I President
Arthur Is Oil lot I y IKInc th lilts tn seen re If
111 ° llbl the Kepnblleau romlnatbiii nextear
think t I thor see algo I lIeu nec In I this I ennsolldi
tlon movement They nay that the President
Roes thou advantage of linvliiK Arthur Ill for
Internal reveniln Collectors toad that whll tho
induction of tilt 0 nunilwrnr Collectors will I I give
him a little eclat 004 I rctonnor It will IIAO gore
him the lutviintaue of selecting h Arthur Collec
tors for thou consolidated district A man who
has been vottohii tog tho Internal revonun
chances says that In nearly every Instntico
where a Collector has been removed ho has
been a hiotif Uruuil who Ions Ihll placo to un
Arthur man oh aol t hit these clianuos boot n Linen
made by the Presidents orders toad without
consultation with tlie Internal Itevonuu Bu
reau Tills Is why thou politicians horoabouts
ate predicting that tOot new Commissioner will
Lii an out anil out Arthur man who will bt of
service dential nomination in nut yours contest over the Presi
Tke Aldermen Decide in Rxnralne Into hIs
Ariounla Htid lilltlneta Mvlkodt
The Board of Aldermeu iccolved yesterday
from Vllllum A Beach and John D Townsend
counsel for William C Emmet nml Frank
Forrester who were discharged from thou
Flnnnco Department for neglect of duty ft ro
quest that lucy urge Mayor Elton to havo a
thorough examination of the Fininco Dcpait
mont made In their letter thoy Bay
The knowledge of these late frandi wholeS have but
recently Urti mail koiousn to the MoTor by the admit
sOon of the Comptroller was know to hlai before or by
the boost election nf city iniceri and lilt neglect In not
furnithlng the detallt then I mutt have materially w nW >
ened Ihe I Lhunce of dl iiiverlnrf 0005 combination ihliti
Ohs hnve exltud alion pnrtlet to the fraud W e be
ObOe that the Inuretn of our client have been Injured
In thl 55 n > and rinin Information which we hate nc
iiulrcd from timn we feel thnl SOc nre Juttlrled In making
thlt public rtijueM that oil us ill urge upin the Mayor luy
ntolutlon the too pottooiio of hit riouirlng at once a
complete examlnutlui of that deprtiiiiiit
Aldennnn Cochrano moved that tIm special
commlttco who were uplooloteul toilil thou Mayor
In hilts Imitilry voncurnlni thu Carroll embe7lo
meiit bo illrecod ° to tinltovvith hoot Mavor In
coo us I log n thorough t exuinlnatlon of all I 0 1 tie ac
counts in tlio allies of hoc Comptroller and of
thu business mothoiU therein nmployod for Ohio
years 1S79 lbO 1831 nnd 1882 Thou Alder
mun hiild tlmt the ComnilHHloncr nf Accouutt
loport on tlio coupon frnuils had raised this
oticstlon of Comptiollor CnmplmUs pr onil
liability I for anyilofalcatlonot bis tuljordlnatiH I
Ho vvns clearly llablu If It wure shown that be
hud boon goo 0 it y of nocllcinco This Coooo tools
HlonorH nf Accounts bail been negligent It
was tliolr omit to examine thou accounts of thou
Flnunro l > pirtmont morythreu montlix They
Imd nominally I performed that t duty I to nit tlie
Comptroller had to great extent relied upon
tlmlr reports
Tlio Comndsilonors hnd cortined nn Nov
30 1882 Hint Obey hood UMtmlnud Otis Comp
tiolluraaccoiintu for tIle rotor then etulcd and
had found thorn correct At that tlmo Carrolls
book bad not bfcit written up for tell months
Bookkeeper Uarrctt bail mid tlmt Intirost cou
pons Mad DHOII into I twice within Ito too ilitvs
but Ohio Cominlssioiiitrsof Accounts bud failed
to detect tlHHO double payments Aldirman
Cochrnnce addtd that the Aldnnnon were ion
titled to have u tborouub exuuiiuutlou of the
rlnanco Uotmitmont
Tho resolution wail adopted
rrrlo ItKttltEll TO REST
Inicr ll Planning it FlrMClns Funeral fur
the Uot eminent VllncK
WASHIXOTOK May 23Mr Inccrsoll con
clndeil tolu > bIb revIew nf KerdbUitfttiiiiniitand tlivn
promoted to put him In loIs cullln sod nitll down ttir 1IJ
Ole ttiotitrht Kerdvir vunouH atllJiivli iiieiiiomiidii and
tuttnicuu would ilo for tall The Clilco loiter wouM
crvo fit a cutHn lisle thv red Lnnk hi a toinl > frtunc nnd
IleriMIi wnrji Ip to Ohio Unit I Imve boio faithful
ma every rub ho an rnltapli My pro em ilJ VIr
Iiiir rNnll tn Onl > rlrl s 0100 lie pni < iif nrr Ilmt 0 vnvp
WOO bo dont LlnH Hi sill thiru in wr lnnl bieti
and nrv er null L 0 > t ehc linntvt men uhn uniild de 1
iirlvea citizen of liberty ou the ttBiiinmiv of a blab like
Mr liul I rollif > iii not tnf lie doy lo nni trln tlie
nrKuinvnu nf AlrKKrii KCT and POlO u lin hud nddruv il
llifjur j fur Ihu 0 linernuvnt VIr HUM he I ulil hud de
nimiiccd It uf an lini > ihliit rotceiliu for Droey til ifu
In tOo Iroldent lie I 0 lllKcrrnll 0 did not IIInk on In
lliUrnuntr I we had not rindied the Mlhhuillt nf nnot >
Urry tlmt reiritrdetl It cc uu iul utboot lirnteeilliik fur a
cltt7 ii to IT to the rretidtnt the weriunt of tlie jKnple
anil t oolaO0y th I ninn ttho tielliiil inak litin rruid 0
Uidthejtlrv believe that llnrllell rttrarded Oor ev ut
nn indent u hen he canu to lilin diirlnir the cninualifn T
vtr Him Jrnrnl M fornot tlip uentleinnn lie had
naul tlmt It ua luipiidtnt for UorKev tn niuUirn Ouruild o
UKllinr > Lv tMlnif mo initke the I jury believe Hint I he uses
nbott t r0000vo too Cablutt oillcirt on tOv alUduvli of
Mr loorsol0lfa hat b Yet upon ttie testImony of that
u retch V nu H nlild put his e men In the uellitulitlar
Mr HllK Nnt tile inle tellllnnnv
vir linrer olt Nn but lie imui let teitltnony
> lr luifersull nil continue tu morruw
Nearly S7OOOOO Impended Lust Tear
FruuiUuf Cnllvd States Indlmi tgeui
SAJUTOOA May 23In the Presbyterian Gen
eral Aifeinbly today Oboe fnrtt nlxlli annual rport nf
the Hoard of Foreign VIIa4lont wat read b > Die hot Ur
Uurvln K Vincent if Nuts York The receipt from nil
source liicluOtnv last year balance are iVjflJ37 ix
ptndlturei jawOO lealtiK a balance ataluit Otis
llnurd ot 9I33S1 Tlie 3ORFO liieoine rctro001io the
nfftrlnytor 4 Jclinnlie the iooroosi niiuiiicr e > er re
ported und tlio 00 libtrulltv nf Hie I Woinelin llosrd
rtiu lornl tin lu clmrffe IOU Anieruan nud
fj nalltu nrditlned tnU < inniirie be iden 111 in
tlu ItientluUt 0 lo O 0oPIOiiirlos HI 0 inalo iiO l
LC J felimle AlnrritunH un 1 < i lialtven nf tilll
Hixe In the IlliNfion rchonl there ore 2o3
piipiU llier 0 pnrt In riptnklnv uf In linn inlilon He
iturid thai tlie preoit t t hlndruiictii utre tie ruirlip
t loin mill rruiiU perpetrated upon the red men bi the
inrrnlii nf the tnllid stiilet lln ernnitnt nnd i oOloO 1 for
i Itnrln amniliiK the inllniul 0 c > n ilente In HUN imnt
urnnx Theninrt o nlmi iall fnr the rio shot of i7 o ii i I 0
diirilnf tin ininlnc > eir uud tiilninati the Kel 1r
VUrvlnlt Vincent ots tin iutienorlu tlie lluurd tn the
lion I VVi llod e deeeued Tile report us ftt minuted
Mnderutnr II llllild hnunuiue the fnllim inn is u om
mlltee to wiut nn Irevldenl Vrtuur relnllve to eitnhllili
inir 0 aitllK 0 irriiintntlil I 0 Aln > kai The lbs lr llnnuld
lrilv J 0 uMim llelir nnd III run Hilndrrluud es
0 uOo UlllUni Mron 0 A Uninrreviiniin John 0 Mill nf tv
Jr i hurelalei llenr Ktndiill and VV 0 Koliertv
On iniitiun Mnderutni Mutlleld u UK made Clulniian uf
tllit ioinlnlllee
A Iuti ikut Give Cklll n Short und 1ay
JCoulo In Ike llliiullc
PANAMA May 12The Unrllochl Pas bo
ttrten I CMII and the Arrulne turrltory t nhlili ImiUui
recintl dIscos Otelt lial boor been tnrctitd for but the
ottutuneiiof the InJIant I In time of peace oroi the pre
cuutlont taken by them In time of soar have hitherto
prevented It becoming kno n to Aroctot root find Chill
soil This JeilltlK Here unare of It4 etl telice und a
teiitiir and a haf utf > niiwutieKfiitM expinrnt for ihe I
llltraiKetnll I lu all dlriCllnul us blOc IettU flullllir of
the map of Chill inlltldentl ly naerlil Hint lie 0 oltt l
joule between the Allulillo 0 and IlKlllc us oud Ueinula
knovTii at MIOII u Ohio Artfiiillnci drove the Indiitni rruiii
the plain and mimnuin Ihw uliicover uf tiil4 pru
pliiree Otis Itiellle ltiiln kvuntt mile bv nn eH4V
road of the txtremi weittru Argentine oulpnlt ut
t > uke Nahtielhtl pl and It Mill nub be pn o bOo In t < in >
Mruitarailnwltrmn Ihe I llulf of i MIM Vlulla < Paler
nla on the Alluntlf at nut hoc pnmp und tlimnuli thli
> ntt to Chill on the 1iullli uhkh will be coo thuil nnv
liitlf thu Iwntfth nf tlmt oouioo In cnur > e nf coin letlmi from
lllienot Avrentoliiiiillniin Ma VUndnlu 01 l Os dlinelllt In
iiverentliuale the value of I lois dl l icol cry so It willter
laliil > hive an Iniuitdliile oiled in pruuinliiK tlioile 0
vulnpnientof tlie vaat plalnv nf kiiuihirrii I Arkeniliie and
1mnifnnia and of the reifiou viiicli are now 0vi tie fnr
the nnt time I explored nnd opened tu ilUllutlvn b Ar
Kellllue stud Chilian < > lillet >
lie U Alfiilutt It
To THE Eurron OK TIIE Sus Sir I desire to
take a moit deeldvd exception to tho no no llneblliuf t
lirldio till not Mr Itotblliut Drldire any more HMD
the late war woos vir Ornntt 0 war or anv more than I It It
Ur Iltfont Iul oitue or Mr Arthur Cujii1 sod > u
nilnl liiiliiiium It U I luit Hint it in rnlle li > u llt coors
that will run mer 0 U New York and nrcmkljn o urulre
or In other word Ihe pm Ui 0tOul4O i All huimr tn Mr
KoelillliK hood lilt a sboot louts ilunu In the day UUottr
5 hu lo < t their llvvt lu bllltlliiK the bridge but no
Uo < blln < DrMve for me by a borg I > mujorlir
IVku CHII Tell I
To THE KDITOII OK Tna Sox Sin Do you
Ihluk that John L nulllvtu e losu In good condition U
the equal or tunerlcrnf Mr Tom Uverwhen the hitter
v > Mat the ciilllivf lilt fame C W S Blown
Itlvoisto ii Cwio MH 81
Amrt n Stone realized poor man the full
force of the quntlon tt liafu all the wotld nilliouti
good dlKMIIon I lie wai a niattv r In Ij h ptp > h Is hlih
produced with lilin Irepletintfi utid Kiiitllnif hi
carce orot two hour liep In n nlnht
People who ndinlro unlps thould look
at t IM on llrookb 00 llrlithli lu n pint Immediately op
poilte Mr A A LoivV retldtnce It could tcarcrlr I r
ttirpatted ttrlvht little plots light up street deluit
01013 and hntiM he more common They give pleasure
tn tent of thfiiinnnd
Utistnvo DorjV lust wenk the statue of
Ateiandre Dumaii tofro so hUh vrai furelr a labor of lots
to the tmlncnt artltt now ttandt tilled on top pedeptil
In the Ilace Maleiherhen In Iarlt awaillnft lit funinil
InaiiKUrutlon It In a very moo work uf art and Wool this
tpeclal pride of the deceaxnt wiilrtor
Should Cardinal Manning health allow
of hit doIng so lie Kill In all prol > nblllly the lonuii 1
corretponileiit of the Xantktttr llurtin MtijulltM I
ono of the levees to beheld by the Prince Wale B
behalf of tier Majett lii season Thole tutu ht the Cmii
Initance ot an Eudlih Roman Catholic Uliliop golo u
court lure the Itefoniiillon
The Conservative journals have begun to
tt > le Mr ltalohiooi Obi grutiot clot llolumlmi Not only
itoet lie KU to the opera soot thentre but he conttiiiUll
entertain memhert of the I hoes rOnh iirufemluti 11
liad Mine Marie Itore Mtplenon to trrakfatt Utel nl
tilt uniclal retlilence In Duwiilnir street nut lie w ill tat
n prominent part In Oboe cnmilhmlitnry ilium lo bo
Riven to trvlnif before hit departure for tOols oioi Oil ry
A curious liioldoiit happened I before 11m h
reetit ole jolol In the Urlll h Iarllitmeiit on the Aillr nn
lion bill A cartoon ot tlie Premier und Mr llrivjluuli
was 000 led In I the uianlelplie In the I So Irbln u lot 1
fnrnud tin nucliUt of attraction to a large croud nf
Con < errallve membert cud Irinhmrn Muldenlt it
yoiitnt Liberal tirMe forward and lore down tlie picture
pnikeilui I II and liailllv WOhOodOdwitipa piece uf
Icouot latin n htcli reattj diverted lOuise lrI ° lit
Mnco on bin torn val In I Knirlaiid I with
Flrtde liiued a challeiice In the Utter mine to nix
Ilrltlih biped to Undo cnmlat within 0 lie twenty fnur
feet rope It u now mtmmncnl I tlmt the Kanntlet lm <
been picked up by a bruiser from lilrmliuliaiii roil all
hut hut a tanvuliiarv turn are treiuendoiiil Mutierid
over Ihe 0 luternatloutl diul The urran ementi aie 00
tecrel and It teemt to be the deterinlimtlnn of all ion
cerlicd to have the affair come oIl In tplte uf the bios sob
lit million
The uncertainty of liiinmn cronlno i nml
the einpllne of fame are undent inortilt oluted l hv a
new example Archer Ihe ApproaeMcit hat Ion hit
eminence for the moment and already theciltu ntt
doubting lilt chance of recovering it and tore tpicuhit
lint on lilt tutcePtur The tireat juciouii they inllid
him In tile days or bocto Otis crlllct Inudtd Illelr Oct br
tiinplv backlnK hit uiouitt hat been uoinpirutlv 11 0 dou u
In hU huk up to the I pretent period of tin 0 tcucun Ctm
non fordlmni and Lemalre how
each bitter uvertpf s
Thou London Afnrk Ittnr Kriirrun mvM
that the horrible criult of the trnntaUanllc linporlu
tlnii of cattle is 1 In f torufn mint trjllli Tin repurti < f
the Veterinary Department of the KniilUh Board ir
Trude certainly toils a dreitdfltl title too thoiiiiul
05001 hundred and nlnrtt 50500 nnhualii had tn I
thrunnuverbourd 0 its intotboth dell und USio t much In
jured or elhauilid that 0 Hie lial I to be ltninidlntel
killed on landing Inliui pilv the tiiuVrliui know n In
bu etperleuctd evtn b > cattle cnmtiiK tn Niv York frbld
uvtumln < that Ibis ttiitement In eagoroo cot
Tho fninous ctutc of Mu lau onoo
Frince 1uckler ii IUKkaui us eli ktionn for Iiiu bonk of
travell hat been bnuvlit ut the helrtofthn late mil
llnnalre Irlnce Frederick of the I Nuthetlandii by I Imiit
Ilerinaini von Arnltn brother In law and cotuln t < t IIH
lain Count H arty von Arnlm Tlm itlule exceedi In
tUo noint tin ill lean too prlnclputlliet tout 1 coutnin u
town and thirty nine villager whli h lui Ittdc lies Ilim I
people The purl cover 4 JM acn1 and th > re IP n for t
of ISO oro ThecbiUau liinnxnlllcent Tla pruenai
It will bo refreshing to lovers of tho turf
liere to know tlmt Itt patront tn Knrlnnd hnve ginirhlv
lived to a great are The faniuut Diikenf OjucnUrj
dIed aOtiol LordClermontatHI Mr Wentnorlh its 4 SIr
Thoinat 1axton at 87 the 0 tn o raellnr Iluket of llrnflni at
M and TO sir Churleii Iliinbiiry at Hi the Intl uf Er I
uioiit at RTi the lion Richard Virnon at H > sir John sailu
at too t and the fourth Duke nf rnitlnui ut WL At thl mo
ment thefnther nf the Jockev Club Ixjrd hhatlbrnke l
IJ Lord Mottjn who won the ht tcovr III tuCinllli
Queen of Trumpt It W und Jen 1tarcon it Oranlii
close to It
Tho Daily Unircmal Hiyltttr out of
which the London lions kprvntf MIH udlatfi little tlnet
about twice at Outgo at i looot nf fu < Ucip wlihoiit a
lebdcran 1 containing a urn tllnnmbtr of us til n led
ed paragraph of nen a It tiud ului nccailoiinll a thnrt
nolKc of the pla > sof the t nUht before cool a low ttiou
of what vie now mil fu hl nmblu jntelllieliie The ad
vertUementt after the paper hotel been In exlttenct
three eart averaged about tOy a day inott uf them
Very sbioort Itt price wut uK centn The pnptr nn whlcli
It was printed was Oiiarso und cheap In the I third jeni
otluelUtencc on the lit l of January 078 the nami
was thantfcd tn the Tlmtt
Tho piosont father of tho House ol
Common Mr Chrintoj her Rico Mnliill Talbot buss
0000 for the cnuntv of llnmnrtfan vithoiit Intirriitt
tOot from Ituo donn to thli day Like 00 hoc r fa
tOut r of the llouio Mho irectded him he him tern I
dltllnguUhed for brllllnnt silence rnlher UILTI cOo 1
tlructhe loiuiicity lilt 0 I Imnudlatt prtdecettor vir
Cecil Forester the pretent Ixnl Former not foot Mneh
uilock from IHJS to IHT4 and never broke Alienee dur
Inn that time UN
predeccunr Wr Charlet Uiirrell vh
for fihorelmn from lid 01 until HiiJ I and durlnif 0 that
period of nearh sIxty > cars spoke but once anl Imt I to
Introdure a bill fnrblddmi hnn < inuiU4 to te cointelliil
to clean wlndout from the ou toll
A bridal nlchtosporlonoonlinotftirpnf
Inir lu tragic horror that of the bride nf lumiiuruo r
which Scot Haul was auoner true tale It rn OrOro
from Illi Urande 0 let Sur near tie I Lruiuu frnniur
ount farmert niarrliire wut pnttponed on n > oi > U tot 00
lilt belnir ditttii b > udii The noind vat i itiiiiMin
and all Oh chit uvelt Three month latirdictortdulnni
all dancer over Thou marrlaire touX jluii A mn I
fnllnittdantl at supper the btKlenrmmi vm nntired n
fall Into irlnoni abitriutlon Afhr upircnmedaii > iii
nnd uhenllifbnll urns iii too helKht tlie trite I anj ttu0 I I
grcom 0 nlthdn About nn hour liter Uriiiu M niiini
came from the bridal chum er The dour ua lnrvl
opm On the lloor Oy the brld Hill alive but torn a
though Oy l 00 55 OPt beast Tho bridkri in Iovend 0 Mlili
blood nnd foam ut the month i tuend Inumrnfr
but lu a moment tpraiiknpon ime of the men it lnn a
brother nf toe I bride tent u bulli tot tilt iti liii < i brnln
Iiclnnd Is fnlrly cut itli U to tho I ciodit n i
having produced the greatest teoiinlr I of iniHleu
tlmtt iketpeiire perlmpv fire nt huif
Jfv coiicltnre Initli a thnuiind set nut I tnngnci
Andever > tniuue I ril kt to 1 u i > et eriil 0 tnlc
And ertrv tule imilimiu me fnr u s Ill jtoo
lOut the retcrut cruot eumlu itlont hnve brought nu
a thoumllid dot iioo and ad Kd luiiumirablu delk iou
thuilovvt to the Inrnmv I f Cirert clurutter uhuh
sh ikitpfnre hhnulf cniilj hnrdl > have reulued Vu
aitaFfln hlini > lf utid a rilliorncr of atfati > liiiitlr > N IH
rtvt domettlc imtiliult wore not h tin leant iiiliiiitt 0
by the knoultMle that hit us Ole and yooooj thil In n
uere Ito Oooc uu ti run of Intimacy ulth Jni llral > fii I
otlnrii of ih it Htump A punctilious utleml int al i niu
muiiiuu he innfcMted with a plcatant lauirh thit hit ren
tun for planning the remmalof Mr Knr ler nu o lnt
hoe soouil not vih tn meet him In bociiu coo M u n
cruel nein ty w hirh coinpilt the KxecutUeto l rtcina
the tfUlu on uf uh u Koutjdrel aud prnittt him fr > ui
Popular vtiueuiiie
Thopoipotual pcnilona now pniil bY I
Fnitlniid to the de cindantt of tfreut men are 1 0 Ill
per annum tu the Churchill us too ripritentii the Pi
nt C luJU > erannnm tun Mr tOeoo art n liii
Ii bOo hiOhrcst detcclMlant nf William Ilim U to > I lr
annum to tie motto It IIHWIO is l not ndlnri ile > ernlini
bythev aM repri entliv Lord y taco n ti o o o 0 o unrti
theprettnt Kurl Hodne > uiinMiir tu Vltiui 11
moulh 0 vtho It at prevent a mlnnr o Jum > i j enr Ij I iTO
Amherit ot foinpeiifcntloii for an ullege 1 krnntnf Stilt
whlih Ucnrui Ill I 0 I niiunatile n curry out lMIirmi 0 p
litito 00 tOo heIrs ol thellukeof Silmmbent frertr li 0
tame hevtnta favorite of William III 0 I I u II 0 9 i n 0 FIt
stoics IU7I boo t Ihe I hohlir if the rurl loin of lOot I tu 000701 < > I
unnuiniirunlid Iy I Ch irkk II I I tn the larUf Kiunu i
lalj vianted In the tame Klnir lo the IIIIBU ilniftwi
0 us 0 115000 boos oil 7500 lOs HI 0 grained 0 In FIi ir Ooro Moi n
sool Air VV lideii III iicrji I odor o < mini nniUlou fir tie 0 I
ln t of urtlcet There ute also peliiiion nl 0 frn n II 0 0 In
uo court vihlcli lllex Ire with Ihelhrd ITe in i i h
toieiuld to Uuuintt llurdlnife ioiuli nnd tmnlir
mere 0 Lord s Idane sealon Kaplan and Napier if y so
data Sir W J WllliutiK ot Kart and air llour > lln > i
Unk tllon Taking the Ivtt nine tu uu rne II I u oo
> ear each the I i pentinut ooooouo Out to an lob iuoiui uiuf rif f
nearly fMJWJ
oii ciiirt lllnuHe
M un it urprii
The llril time that I ibs roiiJ
luluilih t afur nine
Tiny formal in H
Cutouur toni uU fruultxfi ooiuc
MO ciofir to 11005
For tin reatou wu >
That I via oils
Tu IverlUe
I dn tuppone
to otisit illtl100
Of altlu ioOo too nore
Inlhlrieil I I am hound lnrnl
005 mUhbnrt hua < i Oitt dunr
touma tale Ihe hint
If > ou uaut u unlit
Uf moiit be u < 1 at wl > e

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