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> 5
jyo Cities Join in Making
a Mammoth Holiday
JroOklyn In a Gale of Festival
from Dawn to Midnight
The Presidents Walk Across the Bridge
with Cannon Accompaniment
from Forts and Ships
la Tewae Full ° r Kute IlIIIIItoeera 1
WMdrful Mikl Alone the HlYtrt 1
M peaple or Nu On 1 WkniVee and
J iMftr1 a iiroudtvHy f Iemnmeriitil
rn 1 Blc lle und UHbt wltk
BuUatKpeeckee al tk Pornml linnet
lag err > e Bridie la tk Two Ille
Gere afcow e f Flr0vrrka from
It Tewers od tke Hp Jlrooklyn I
i li tlMrr lilfnt Artkura next Knsjl
Iter W H I A Uoebllnas Ileceptlon
The day for which llrooklyn bas waltoil
lorfonrteen OAU dawned so auspiciously thnt
th dty awoko delighted and set to work with
I et lo make It memorable Flogs that from
uilivateJ point boomed to 0 IIto forest trees I
a iamb r wIned from Nowtown Crook to
foiums Itay Houses like their occupants
iH mdat an early hour In their best udorn
nut Long Island poured thousand into the
jtt to celebrate the Unking of thu lone Isolnted
Icrltorr with tbo main hind Sutlsfuctlon
lltitenfd tha faces of tlio multitudes that
mini Into tbe streets early to sen all that was
U to Men Tbo apathy of tho city long trneo I
tUs t Its dormitory relation to Now York
MBed dispelled us If by magic
Tbt exhilaration Incident to the Important
nut wu enhanced by u most healthful bruero
iitwould have ben welcomed on any day In
ittdKcatherrlddon ruiclon Thu Star Bpnn
W Banner was tbo emblem of the day It
lotted a from tho scullery window from thu
UJr1 clumber from thu heads of tbu car hort
udlrom the lamp of tha ducorntcd clarence
torn the bootblacks stand and from tho crest
tllie bridge towers I stood us a sentinel on
louMtops from tho centre to the clrcumfcr
uMiai even down to tho Ben The sullen
taUla discontent that Ire with tho long
run of Impatience over tbo delays upon the
bridge seemed to have faded out of mind ami
litre wu nothing but praise and commenda
tion for the projectors anil finishers of the
lerUl hkhway Their plctura l and thu picture
jfthework were sold on the Ktruets medals
containing a miniature of tho brldco wore at
tubed to watch chains and bracelets and om
ttemiof the finished work In wax In flowers
Itwood or In confectionery wore everywhere
The treats were HO thronged that thore could
Ot seem to 0 any sane reason for the doslro
tor more population In Brooklyn Tbo bridge
Jecmetl to let as a loadstone upon the restless
manses and people packed In lluu upon lino
ill around the ft roes commanding a view of I
ill rods I Is ev Idout must lend to the brldgu
WaSuuM tarrym and cab displayed aliens
bdlcatloif thnt I was tholr destination
Sew York cltyl not so wholly nnd devotedly I
utlr as her sister sent forth enough of her
nultltudes to blacken the Kist Itlvur front
uil jam all avenues of approach to It und all
tieitrocts near this end of the bridge Tens
of thousands of people from out of town lost
their way hopelessly In thn living labrlnths
udvainly besought help of the plentiful po 1
trttnen Tha New York policemen were not
Icing Information > estorday only orders to
ld Lack nnd to get out ot that
By noon It was Impossible to get within two
blotVs of the brldgo without lighting nnd all
tht car wuru stopped nnd run down thu
Second avenue line The huge wagons that
tnnz milk and produce Into the city at
filfht came In again yesterday but Instead
G their usual freight tboy carried dele
nUoni of country people In tho crowd vvero
ill torts of men witless green puzzled
bewildered lost and distracted
bwiderd benighted Ind dlstrlctod
dually thoy clasped each others hands or
buj tightly to ono anothers COlt sleeves and
Indicated the direction tboy wished to go by
ntture or short hal tfed exclamations
Their bronzed faces shone in thu heat They
tubed and trod upon everybody that got In
Unlrway and could not settle down In anyone
> 10 One moment they wure clambering
ctamiihrup the sides of balancing
dUllv up sltrs stoops or ballncln
AenMlves Insecurely on fences and next they
t pushing their way with hal awostruck
KM through thu crowds in tho gutter out
Itto tbe street Itself A moment later a wave
bom the policemans club would send them
h again In the throng The crovvel lm
PttMed them with awe tho buildings nnd flags
1t admiration but the consuming desire of
tllr heart was t see tho President the Gov
Mnor and other political magnates
A the rustics pushed themselves through
tilt throng they elbowed mildlooking China
Wn who tiptoed through tbu crowd as though
ilraidthey would be annihilated If they were
totlctd Mixed In were ablebodied workmen
one In their holiday clothes others In over
all and check shirts standing manlike and
sturdy In tho host places en tho line holding
Hum by right of eminent domain
All along on the sidewalks up town wcro
IDrc > ana wellclad youngsters attached to
more or IMS attractive V omen currying hugn
wnchet of Boners and wearing a gonernt
Wllday aspect It was a cosmopolitan throng
Te rural Iwalns resplendent In bright green
nf Vvlnboltora trouhers heavy frock coats
ulf SlY Klpvef gazed upon thn spruce I und
= I contained dudes with curiosity but re
tfSi hi and Pretentious sturcn In return
tfcl t 10 men were ull sorts of women from
S1 overdressed boated und bewildered com
n oID II tbl rural visitors to the placid self
Srt nld an1 remrved society girl ol Now
inVh Ther wer fcble and ncnouslooklng
5 en clliiBliig helplessly to posts nnd rail
and looking with wlldovod vvondor ut
ruo f Wi ° pull < ej tloro vvero drooping
I ad
Ind exhalod crushl h thu
j Oi and held In uncomfortable positions for
u n a time nnd unattended lonely
a A < tme ulatlndI
l al cnlollto women buffeted by tho
B > 52Eitller < i wero symmetrical shapely
KJWIUI elegant neut brighteved and
wni n In brilliant costumns and
i briiant
ttsinilent ln colors swnyed to nnd all
StSrooK Plshed joxtled nnd muxtrlcibly
JOltell lourhbly
JJiJ W I b ungainly uncouth and illfavored
tonh eadll tuff the > wero all swnied buck nnd
JJnand jumbled with ragged Km
Jumbl1 up men m
WilsS1 luc de rlngu wih rlflCd nnd skirts
id al torn by the friction of the crowd
ld tlbl uo corset bouquuts which many of
i fconii lomcn w oro when they sturtcd out In tho
atKyt wre after a half hours experience
Ifur hlll bOlrs
I 01 e crowd crushod and torn to pieces With
i fisSi011 ° f Ithout them wero myriads of
I dtrwl 01 t Wldrannono ot whom for a won
l 11 trodden to death
CThe iiVir In nrokhn Ild < 10t cnntro about tbfl
JJlII uitil high noon A column of picked
rontSeSnunlbrlnB2W marched down totho
lr 1 thS L rV10 Ww marble building In thu roar
CajiLn1 tv ni Ild Iolhe I Supnrlntendimt
lklhillstellled out II I a bright uniform und
Inlran II oltUIO hoad to 1OV ° dowl l ° tho
v of the
TI 8 nutlilrd lt glm ntsoon tamn Into
lon 110 Int
vjon Ivr fool the city In Its new Slatu uniform
t XMiiLhrVlr8tlme Tle m111 IlHnriti
bit exolrnt ailvantagu In the white cork
and iflibi f IIO Irocl Ioatl with shoulder buttons
1 tlf In I ill Iaiiluloons Thu band was red
d u vert > seemed fresh from
t buiilbo I Everhlnl sooilod Irol
The testlmcut haltod on Uumien itreet with
Hnrlclit rpstlniron Clinton strnot A dotaoh
10lt Jf tho Fifth Artillery U H A from Fort
Hamilton llr KUOII it II JackHon command
I 1 JIOkl1 clmand
inir imirelicd up at uiiulck stop nmld chunra
from ihn 8tol Imll
frm UirnniTN that choked thn sldmvnlkfl
In1 IWroBlBtudto I plaeu In 81InllkR
battalion ofUnited Htfttes miirln
I1lni01 Ullpl HIAts Ilrln8 undarcom
niiinil of Cnl COl
Int 111101 hlllI ColCharles Hoywood also iamu along
Tho llrooklyn city offlclnls gathered In tho
Common Councililmmlcranilklmttedcheer
COllelhnll >
ful tliroiiL Tho rlll
111 thrtll young 1101 Mnglttrutn wns
In good health iind iplrits In uplto nf tho
nmount of work of the 11lo
1101 1 pnst row wo kn Ho rend
n pleashnt llttlu lecture to thnio who le Khen
nwrtv tlm whlto tlPkuU whloli ha the
prlvllcguH of tho bridge to tbo liolder 11 and
hollll Ild
thll guo such as limf no tickets bluu ones
tlm admitted only to tlm romlwny
HIM HUM way then formod with tho Mayor
nnil rrtwlilnnt Ulmnn of thn Common Council
nt Its heid followed by the Comptroller nnd
Auditor tho AhlrlI i thu llrnoklyn trustees
of tlm brlduu nnd many city and Htiitiiotllrlals
omniodoM Upshur nnd start und Gun Hun
coik M BliilT the Gunernl bolng nlmnit Ul Iln
fll prnoiSBlon moed at 1210 P Jr and
marched down lliinon to Clinton to 1lerre
Clltol llorr
pont to Hiiiry to Mlddiigh to Fulton to Bands
blreut and thenco upon thn bridge
Thu United Htntos soldiers led thn troops
being thu first to inarch ovitr Thn older
Ilnutn step WI given us noon n thu flooring
of thu promanudo wns roached Tbt > Twenty
thlril llitdninnt and tho mnrlnim halted on
riiKhliu Hio llrooklyn tower while thoroculnr
niiiiy HnldliM moMid neross thu rlcr npitn to
nwilt thn Ilosldont Mayor Low iind the city
olllclals toppvd at thu llroukl n tower
llrlnilnz Ika Prc litent JawnJro
llrlKkl wllk Finn And Tkruxcd
In thla city Madison bqunro had ben ho
sot by a multitude before tho forenoon was half
over Decoration Day noer crowded tho
nulehborhood more Police left the Fifth avenue
opon for tin Hucntli Iteelmunt which loft Its
nrmory nt 1110 oclock preceded by tbo full
band of ninutyono pieces Col llmmons
Clark astride a gray chaiger and brilliantly
uniformed rodo nt the head of the command
Fourteen companies of twunty file each
marched behind him In the hot sun They
woro gray coaU and whlto trousers and white
helmets with glided spikes and ornaments
Ono hundred policemen on horseback cnn
tered abend of the soldiery and wheeled Into
Madison vqunro precisely at 1J oclock They
formed In double ranks In front of the hotol
and stood motionless as thu rcglmont amid u
burst of handclupping and hearty cheers
swept past tbo hotol entrance Thirty drums
rolled In unison nnd tho band played tbo In
cUtnble Hall to thu Chlof OH tbu detach
ment of 250 nsslcncd n a guard to tho Presi
dential partybroku from thu main line nnd
turning wtththe precision of clockwork
turelnl wlhthe proclslol swept
Into West Twentythird street Here tho sol
diery formed In doublo ranks and us thu car
riages for President Arthurs party drew Into
lino busldu tho hotel entrance dropped their
rifles to order arms with a sound like the
simultaneous firing of n regiment of mus
keteers There was a bunt of npplausu at the
neatness of thc nianccuvre
Tho next Instant there were cries of Hero
comes tho President and the crowd pressed
forward with a rush that nearly broke the military
itary cordon Forty privates with glittering
rllles stood guard in two rows at tbo entrance
and at 1240 they presented arms and Presi
dent Arthur with his right arm linked In
Mayor IMsonH left erncreed from tho corridor
with uncovered hOld He woro a black frock
coat and black trousers and 1 whlto necktie
The air echoed with Imndclapplng and cheers
echotd flh hantelallllnl nld Iheors as
be appeared Tho womun In the crowd raised
their hand above the heads of thu men and
wand their handkerchiefs and from the
swarming wln owl on either hand similar f Jm
Intnu Hlgnalx < hOlt welcome met tlm Chluf
Mncibtratos HJH as ho stepped Into his open
Miiiime The bay horses that drww I lured
nnd piancod Impatiently In the tumult They
were chucked by the nimble notice and tho
President sentcd hliiBpif i nllrnnd put on a
llitllirlminod black beaver bnt He had to take
It olT again runeatcdlv however In uckiiuwl
odiMinerit of the kindly salutes that Dot him
on OMiry Hide
hoeretHrles rrellnchuyson and Folgor and
Trustee John T AlloW entered thn second
carrinuu nnd Secretary Chandler nnd Iofctnms
tertiftnurul Urenlmm stepped Into the third
Then llrewstT Altornosienural appeared
leaning on thu arm of Trunteu J Adrlaneo
lush Ho wow the line gray overcoat nnd tho
hamu rare old stoeplp lint that covered his
gray ImkH when ho alighted from the 1ronl
iliiitt train In Jorney City on Tuesday night
President Arthurs son Allan nnd Mr ln K Mil
ler his law partner camn next
There rhcursun stout gentleman
Ilwre woru more IstOlt
wltli I blaek moustache cumo out leaning on
thu mm of Gen hlocum Ho wulLcd slowly
past the guard nnd stepped Into the carriage
with his blaek benMr nn It was lov Cleve
land and nt first hn did not seem to recngnio
the greeting that was accorded to him Finally
hn lift dhls hut In acknowledgment
Then ciunu thu munibursof tlm Governors
ftull repluideut In new untfuims of dark
cloth and gold embroidery anil cocked IIHIH
wltli ruMin plumes mid gold braid They filled
a ell > Ir of live carriages drawn by dark steeds
n lid driven bv llvmied coachmen Military
mencrouded the door as thn othnr carriages
cumo up Among thu guests who entered the
firringes thnt ilrovo up and departed In turn
weru Oen Cnrr l ov Iudlovv of Now Jersey
Comptroller CainnliellUov Llttlefleldnf Itlioile
IslandCollector Robertson Congrexumun O U
Potter Congrnssmun I s Cox oxSeeretury
WlmlomexSreaUer KeifercxOov Fairbanks
of ermnntnud Congressman Abrum S How lit
one of tlie orutuiK of thu duy
Thnro wero twentyfixo carriages in all
Wliun thu llr t ten were filled the gorgeous
Drum Major whirled his brilliant baton In the
ulr with Iniwlldvring dexterity Hand Master
Cippugivn ugrieeful signal with his lenders
stall und Himultaneouslv thn thirty drums und
tho no imislchtiif burst forth afresh nnd tho
procession sturfit amid u 10 ir of nppuiib
Mmi and women stood ten ami twelve rows
the sidewalks of Ilfth and
deep on Idwliks Ftth nvenue IIt
linmdway und vied their handkerchiefs und
cheered us thn President passed by Eory
window In every lioiisn held Its throne
of applauding spectators and tho roof
were packed with piuplu whose cheers
wero heard like echoes above thu liandrlapplng
and shouts of thu ciovuls beneath The build
ings were alive with bunting ull along the
line Ilnnnerx flouted from roofs nnd
awnings I und Muttered In thn windows Flags
of ull nations wvte displayed In profusion t
Theru wuru fuw Irish flagx One buildingulonu
In nil the line of llioudwuy threw a lurgu Km
orildbminor with Its golden harp tolhubreeo
It forced Itself upon attention because of the
10rooII0It UPOI
IbICl of hunting of similar color and design
Itouchlne City Hull Park thu regiment marched
In compact ranLs ocr tho pluza which hal
buuii cleared by thu police
City Hull Park Ilrondwny Contrn street and
Park row wurn packed full of pnoplo They
wtiro more orderly nnd clUI than the police
One poor fellow w no bud Innocently got outside
of thu lines was clubbed by ono policeman und
In endenvoiliiL In I dlI state to find his hit
was clubbed from behind by another Then the
two worthies shook hand ovir their sport
The crowd stood It ull patlentlv however
oungstnrf with badcni books and pictures
ull concurnlng the liridgo of course sijuoeed
hern and there and dlspoed rapidly of their
wares Flugn few on public and iirivutn build
ings all around the City Hull Park but the
principal decorations wero on THE UUNuud tie
iftnati Z titling buildings
About U 131 the music of thn Seventh
Abut Unnd WIR heard coming down liroad
wuy nnd n few minutes Inter tho regiment
wheeled Into the Pirk When tbo distin
guished guests arrived at tho centre of the
lul Ileot Hall found awaiting them
steps of thu IU111 they 10lnll awallnl
n procession consisting of nil the Aldnrnvn hit
one with their staves 1 thn Sheriff tho Comity
Clerk und other heads of departments Tho
guests t gut out of their ciirrlugos and stood
about for n few moments I thu plaza
Prusidnnt Arthur boekoned to a Inrgo man
lro flood in thn crowd In front of tbe Hall ali
CIU1 Justlci Michael Norton stepped forward
and shook his band
How are you Mlko tho President said
and Very well thank you tho Thunderbolt
A great ninny people tho President said
and Yurk the Justice answered Tnls Is New
Tbatn so tho President said Theres no
plnonllke New York The President added
tlmthosuw around him many of his old political
frlomU Xhll ho resumed his conversation
with Mayor IMson
Uov Cleveland walked direct from his car
riage to hecrelar > Folger and shook his halt
warmly and for I frnv minutes thn suecuxsful
all the defeated candidate for tbo highest o til Co
in th State chatted together
Tit mi sng Alderman WUH Fdwnrd T Flz
Patrick He was the father of the resolutions
unking the bridge trustees to postpone its
l klnl hrllll ls
opening because vcatcrday uns JotlOIO lcto
rius birthday and ho refused to cross tho
bridge with his colleagues on thut unholy day
lho lre1lnnt und his party followed tbo
military e cort on foot to thu bridge entrance
ali tbe city oillclaU and National Guard onifers
followed them As the 1reildent euught iht
of tho decorations of Tie HUN building ha
pointed them out to Mayor Kdonn and turn
lug smiled and saluted them by lifting his hit
Tke Prcildent Wnlk Acr Iks Bridal
Wkm they Hntv Mko Wultcd for Him I
Thousands upon thousands lined tho bridge
roadways awaiting them Thn promenade
roadwnIIIlln thel Thollrmonndo was
freo of nil but policemen who sunned thorn
solves on tho air lino Crowds pourod In nt Ibe
gateways nt both ondn and the Brooklyn sta
tion building was rapidly fled Tho bridge
proved however tho attraction to tho larger
number Tho view wan relished oven moro
than the details ot tbo mammoth structure
Thn fleet anchored In lino In the mouth of the
rhor with u full display of colors was thu nov
elty that attracted tho greatest attention Tho
Tonnossco tho flagship containing Hear Ad
miral Cooper wns almost opposite Wall
Btruet Ferry with the Admirals flag flapping
at the mlzKuuiuust top The Vantlo wns next
thu Honrsurgn next the 11tC next iind
then the Minnesota Each hud Its signal flags
fore and aft and the bright metal work reo I
flected tint dancing sunlight I
There was an astonishing nms of humanity
upon all thu housetops and piers In sight The
tilers won bluck with people thit trom tho
lolght of tha roudviuy seemed Ilka restless
dwarfs Adventurous boys chi to r18108
gallant masts of some of thu ships near tlA
lirlilgu mill nskeil tlioso aloft for I chew of to
bacco Tho ferrv boats vvcro black oven to tho
cabin roofs with passengers who seemed to
liuvo no other plan except to rldu to nnd fro
There WUH u lonely photographer on the
llrooklyn tower taking everything and uvery
liody There wero trained men stationed In
tbe trusties to note the deflections of the bridge
as thu throngs passed over In thu river below
tiny craft slipped by like water bugs Steamers
that worn ready for excursion trips ns soon as
the procession hud passed weru crowded In
ever spot Tbo Inhabitants of both cities
senmnd in be t within gunshot of thu river span
At thu New York tower I bunch of ttustcoa
headed by acting VicePresident William C
Klngsley walked around the platform dis
cussing the work which they bud caied fur
from boneath tho tides nml the iiuleksaiids be
low them Thu detachment of United States
soldiers stood under tho upper nrch all thn
members of thu Signal Service Corps were
rOIly with their flags to signal to thu gunnura
at Fort Columbus und also to the llent
Thn rush along tho roadways from Chatham
trot wus the first Indication of thu approach
of tbu Seventh INylmnnt with Its distinguished
company A sunburnt scorned to greet thu sol
diery ns they came up thu Incline for as a
passing cloud moved by thn sunlight danced
upon tfio bnjoiiot blades Tho bund camn up
tho grade pa > ltig an Infectious tune I was
n cheerful jingling air which deemed to put
llfn Into thu feet
The soldleis routed steti and passed by and
tho cheering tolegriphea tho approach of tho
President Soon his tall form appeared Hotrod
trod tlm pathway with an elastic steu arm In
arm with Muvor Edson und looked with evi
dent admiration nt thu structure opening up to
Ils vievT Hu tipped bis hat to thu cheering
multitudes on the housetops and ns he recog
nlnd so mo familiar face looking upward from
the promenade ho elevated his eyebrows and
smiled Secretary Folger followed leaning
upon the arm of Secretary Krellnghuysen
PostnmstorUoneral Urosham and Secretary
handler wero not so well known but
tho thinng caught sight of the white hat
with fur brushed the wrong way that covered
tho bead of lirowster AttorneyGeneral Ho
camo along guarded by Marshal McMlclmcl
All necks woro craned to see his unlmie hat
Tho excitement did not inovo him Ho went
straight ahead burled in deep thought lt
The next figure In the procession that ox
cited curiosity was Uov Cleveland who moved
along at a wabbling gait like an Alderman of
tho London 1ninii gallery with Uen Henry W
Blocum nervously arguing something to him
The President having passed along the road
way saluting thu policemen und tipping his
hat to tho great populace thn point of Interest
shifted to tlm New York tower Tho tall form
of William U Klngsley waited at the head of
the stairs of thu tower The Twentythird
Iteglmont wus formed in lino on the southern
side of tho promenade The Seventh Iteglmont
halted and opened ranks and the President
und party moved up Mr Klngsloy took otl hit
hat and graspod tho Presidents band and tho
other bridge trustees pressed forward t wel
rom him and hil pre88el Twentythird
band played Hall to the Chlof four times
The President moved by the United States
poldiers who presented arms and as he stood
fullly upon the tower the signal service man
begun to wave u Hug violently A cloud ul
smoke followed n momont later by tbo sound
of n heavy gun Montnd out from tho gray fort
on Governors Island Tho first boom won
echoing when another came nnd still another
followed nnd yet more until tho Presidents
salute wus finished Tho ehcors that tloated up
from the shoics of tho river seemed feublo iL
thn roadway but they Wero naught up and
swelled into n volumo thorn Tho President
who seemed a mere pigmy from below tippet
his I hit to those who seeniod to forma race 01
pigmies from whero ho stood The lonely
photographer flew around his Instrument upon
tho crest of thoilrooklvn tower und ho must
hnvct caught thu President on thn lly nloni
with the disturbed fur of thu hit of lirowster
AttorneyGene al
Grand Marshal James Jourdan with his aids
In their big blackplumed chapnius gave thn
signal nnd the Twentythird Iteglment forrooi
linn und moved abend with Its big brass band
In full sound This seemed tbu moment that
riveted thn interest of nil 111 sight of the
structure Thn soldiers moved with route step
nnd what was lost In solidity In tbu upnearnuco
of tbo moving muss wns made up Inactivity
Tho spectacle was heFt seen from a poln1
above thepiomenade Tho lonely photographer
woikedwith the agility of u man who uppro
clntetl the arrival of u great moment and wns
prepared to tuku advantage of It Ho bad I tho
bust view of tho mcmouuile pjgennt Mayor
Low all tbu city ofllciuls on thn platform
around tho KrooUyn lower onjoyod the next
bost view and it was certainly I chllmlu one
ns thn lone lino of soldiery In brand new uni
forms came at n swinging gait along theele
vutod promenade l > with tltusunlight bathliigtha
ranks gllMunine on thu mutul und dancing
about on thu polished horns of the band
The President and William C Klngsley walk
ed together Mavor Udson following behind
with Secretary Folgnr Tho civilians camo I
along In I linn unbroken In conventionality
except by tho llrewstor costume und the I
Aldermen nxeopt Fitzpntrlck with their
stuves bended by tbu Majors whlto satin
gonfalon yatu 1
From I balloon If I reporter could have In
habited th liny one that was flouting In the
sky over the structure the general picture
would havu shown lot only thu grucolul out
lines of thu misslvn I spun with its live road
wilts but tho sparkling waters of tint river
beneath with trulls of foam following tho
turtloliku ferryboats nnd the beetlelike tug
boats and the rippling wake of the musqulto
like small craft lilt moved beneath The
Lwt Hiver seemed to bo for the tlim
nn aqueous Broadway Thu President rl
his 01 around thu hoiUon with
the air of ono nppreulnllng thu happy comb
nation of tho works of uol and man 11
Illled his hints fioru thn refreshing brere am
peered tluougli thn liestle work us thoui
Iurr l
calculating tlm fishing ad vantages ulturdod b >
thn tlOoiHttHM highway
Tbu crowds after getting n poop at him lt
certain turns of the pioinenadn and onjoyliiL
n sight of Hrowstor Attornovlon r l surgiu
ahead In n happv mood Thu running lull
wus thnt tho President wns un Apollo in form
but thnt tin woro n shocking bad hat tha
might be thn fashion In Florida Lit woul
scarcely pass Inspection on Fifth ivenun Thu
walk across tho main span wus leisurely Tin
view tempted moderation In step The pro
cession Illled tho span between thu towers
The arrival nt tho llrooklyn tower was tho
most vital momont Artilleiymon on For
Greene pluza at thu foot of Stugg street andoi
tha fut of innnofwar awaited It anxiously
The Seventh Itoelment opened ranks ali the
President and Mr Klngsluy followed by the
civilians advanced Mavor Low who stood lt
the head of the platform grasped tho Presl
dents hnnd and budu him welcome
Thn United Itt < marines presented arm
and thu signal ITngs wuru set waving In
stuntly after tie booming of I gun from tho
Tennessee thu whole leutl > ogun locnnnonndo
and tho tug steamboats ferryboats engines
and mills along thu river front opened tin
throats of the steam whistles In one long lom
scream Tho cannons ljomed thu Islls rung
tho chimes jingled tho throngs cheered Thu
bald plajed Hull to tlmChiuf some moro
und the climax of fourteen years suspon
seemed to have been reached Mm o th ls1ol0 I
dent of the United States of America hat
walked dry shod to Brooklyn from Now York
The Twentythird wuitud hero to wvlroni
the guests to llrooklyn nnd were ready to
march on In conclusion ot I thn pnradn but lho
welkin was ringing with such noise thnt It i
seHtned mortal to remain In momentary awe
ily far tho choicest night of tbe duy was th 0
mimic bombardment by tho fleet In tho river
The blue snuiku curled up about the rigging
giving weird the linn of
Ilvln n wolrl appearance to 111 WI
ships as It thinned out and then the Jack tarl
woro been la tbu rigging waving tholr hat
Tlioso upon the loner roadway r grout
excited by thu spectacle and cheered am
cheered I agreeing that from such a point 01
view It wus tho sight of a IleUm
Thu lonely photographer seemed to bold a
similar opinion for lie appeared to Indulge 1
I danc of delight Them was a look abut
ecretary Chandler thai seemed to defy those
who doubted that thcro was an American navy
affr the display
The orders to move forward were glvnn and
thol those who had bon patiently walling In
tho Sands street station wero rewarded by a
beautiful tton a tbe military moved
down the promenade The stop was quicken
Id and In a few minute the anchorage hav
ng been reached the military stop wan
taken and tbo regiment was a Its best
It topping along as n compact mam with n
idondld band In full blat at Its bead The
1 resident continued In the company of Mr
W C Klngsley tho latter being a trlflu the
nllor whllo Mayors Edson and Low both
Ihor men followed The Ueventh Iteglment
anl the marines and regular followed
The lonely photographer turned his camera
on tho backs of the moving bOlt Tha throng
In the Sands street station a the lines of mill
nry opined and tho Presidential party passed
hrough arcs and began noheor The Prosl
dent and Cabinet wont to tha niserved soat pa
hn right and tho trustee wont to tbo left Tha
rowdctOMd In with such peed that the band
01 tho Twentythird Reelmont was cut
nI and could not make its way ahead
fie Sevnnth Peglmont and Twentythird
urnlshed sentinels who pntrolUd thu road
ways and the promenade About GOOO persona
iiHAed to and rro on the structure Inde
lendontly of tlioso packed In tha Sands street
mlldlng and enjoyed thu view and the ploas
rablo sensation of walking so far abe the
hipping Iloynnd B gentlu nwitrlng of thn
irldgo there wns no perceptible effect upon the
ipon tructuro It at any tltno by the moving ma s
UaIa Oe P Ike RrUf t Ik T CIIUi
C r i > lM t I Broklym Cnd
I Indeed thirteen minutes ot 3 oclock when
Ir Htrnnnhan rapped on a tablo with his cane
lor order nnd Dlfhoii LHtleJobn rondo 1 prayer
hn Rov 0 A Vandewnter making tho re
ponses I constant hum ot voices came from
ho outskirts of the groat assemblage and
hero wure many thousands within sight who
could not hear a word ot the prayer
Mr Stranahan called on VcePreildent
ilngsloy t make tho presentation address
and a storm of applause are Mr Klncsley
ns the official agent of the Board of Trustees
of the bridge announced formnly to tho Chief
Magistrates of the two cities that the bridge
wus ready to 0 opened for public use and sub
ect In Its control and management only to
inch restrictions as tho people t whom it b
oties may choose to Impose upon them
selves Hu spoko of tha work of tie late John I
A Itoobllng engineer and of his Col
Ioeblnl as onllnear lne lon Cl
W A itoebllng tbo present engineer t whom
ho ascribed the credit for the great triumph ot
engineering skill To the one who lost his life
and tho other who lost his health during the
tbo progress ot the work be said thn people
owed a debt of work Next Mr Klngslcy
acknowledged thu great services of the late
Resident the Hon Henry C Murphy nnd ot
Engineers Martin Colluigwood Farrlngtou
UeNulty and Probasco th consulting engi
neer of the bridge In conclusion bu said ot
the delays of the work that tlioso who enter I
tbo raee with Tlmo for a competitor have aa
antagonist who make no mistakes
While Mr Klngsley wue speaking ono of the
mal flags fastened t the roof at his right b
came loosened from lu fastening The flag
wus attached to a staff and on tbu end of the
staff was a upear and the spear end hung down
etal Ylea par 10wn
swaying lu tbe stlft blZ to the Intense con
sternation ot the ladles and high dignitaries
who were crowded beneath The crowd was 1
dense that no one could stir to get out of the
Inn lot
wuy and the swing wot W wide that a consid
erable number were threatened Ono lady
raised her parasol and the obvious Insufficiency
of thu shield produced a ripple of laughtur
A brave soldier got on the shoulders of u com
rade but couldnt reach the too and the spear
rao to lPar
uung tberu an hour rac
Mayor Low made a speech accepting the
bridge on behalf of Brooklyn It was a source
ot pleasure to all ha tab that no other name
than that of KoebllDg TM swociatod with tho
direction of the work from beginning to eld
Science hud raid tbnr wok was possible
Courage bad saw I shall b and to
day a city which bad 400000 people when the
bridge began but now had WOOOO population
welcomed wltb entbu 4u tha wonderful
creation ot BeiMua JlriLow spoke ot the
bridge a a work not only ot science but of
faith yet to b redeemed by paying the cost
He spoke of the debt of gratitude due t the
workmen and nf those who had lost their
lives lu thu progress of thu wurk He said It
bad boomed at It the population of tbu two
I tln populaton
cities had ben brought down to tho river bank
each day to b taught patience nnd after these
many lears patience had hud her perfect work
Thn development of tbo bridge had not be
littled but enlarged Now York and lirooklyn
w 111 not grow at Now York expense but to lier
permanent advantage Tho Brooklyn ol
IHKJ ho said can hardly b guessed at from
thA cltvof today
Minor Kdson accepted thn bridge for Now
York city saying Ynbolluvo that what has
thuxbonn joined together shall never b put
asunder Contemplating tho itOHslbllitles of
the next twentylive carl ho asked Will tbe
two cities bo consolidated Will the right of
selfgovernment bo conceded to them Will thu
progress of Improvement nnd the nrupurations
for commerce manufacture und trade und for
the comforts of hOI lor poor and rich keep
pace with thu demands In tbe great and grow
ing city 1 hope thnt those who lire to havo the
future control of affairs will be clothed with 1
Hplrltof vvlbdoui nnd knowledge akin to that
which Inspired thoA who conceived and exe
cuted this duy tho groat work received and dedicated
Mr Strannhan overlooking the fact that cor
netlstLovy was down to play now announced
the lon Abrnm town speech but ho was
son reminded of his omission and ns Mr
Iwvy came forward smiling motioned t Mr
Hewitt to wait and said to Mr Levy Dow
lay It Is not necessary to Introduce you Mr
Levy blew The Slur Spnngloil Manner Hall
Columbia and Yankee lloodlo with varia
tions In a way that left nothing to b desired
Mr Hewitt began with contrasting the pic
ture presented by Manhattan Island and Long
Itland on their first discovery two hundred
and seventy years ago ali thnt which they ex
hibit now Referring to the bildguns I tri
umph of human skill I and labor over natural
obstacles und comparing I with the electric
telegraph he said
Vv hen we turn trom tlie unilglitly teleirrtph to the
grucrful structure at whose puna we stauel and when
we contrast tlie atrj 1 outline of Its curves al beauty pen
dant between manslve 1 toners suggestive of art alone
Him the overreaching vault of heaven aliove anil the
ever inuvlnir Hood of waters beneath the work cif oui
iilpoteiit power ve ixre Irreslstib I moved to exclaim
VUiai OI hfcin man wrought Mai hath Indeed II wrought far
inure than strikes the eye In this during uncitrtHkniK
which b the irtfiieraljudginenlof engineers stands to dav
without a rival r amomr the wonders of human I i skill It
Is I not the w ork or an > one man or of an > one air 11 is
the result of the stll < lnf the exi ericliceaud of the
knowledge of manv men 1 mal aves 11 not mvrelv
a creation II Is a growth 1 stands before us tudav as
the sum anel epitome of human knowledge a the ery
heircif the agis as the latest glory of centuries of pa
tlfnt observation profound study and accumulated
skill valued step 1 ti > step in the never ending I struggle
of nifttt to subdue tli tuol nature to Ills control and
After n brief description ol the work the
orator snld
Let us recoril the names of the enclneers and foremen
vv hn have thus nade t Iiiiiiiivnlty Itfielr their debtor for
110 tin retsful achievement which Is not the result of
aeelilelt or of rliance but Is the fruit of design and of
the ronsicratlon I of att personal Interest to the public
110r ld
tJIITr 1 i I
vvtal Thi are John A Koi hling who conceived the
project aim formulated the plan of the brldire Wash
hutim A lloeblinir vi ho inlierlilnir his fathers genius
and more than Ins father s knowledge and skill hasdl I
rrtud execution ul thi great work from its Incep
tion n > Us completion aldrd in the several departments
li Charles e Martin trancls Ceiillmrvvood llllni II
Payne lleorge W UcSllllv Vvllhtlm Illldertirand Sam
u f U Irulaico h F tamngton I Arthur V Abbott
inIrx t1I
vv iltlatn Van der Ilnscn iharles J Young ana
Hurry Tupplc who lu apparently subordlaata post
ions have shown themselves peculiarly tilled locum t
mand becuuiii they have known how to serve
Hut the record would not b complete v ltliut reference
to the unnamed men bj vv hoso uiitllnchlnir courage in
the depths I ot the laiuons and won the suspended
wires I the work was carried on amid storms I and accl
ilmis and dangers sufficient appall the stonti st heart
To them vvi can unly rtnder the tribute which iiMory
accords to those who Unlit ss privates In the battles ot
freedom vvttli all the more devotion and patriotism be
caune their names will never be 1 known bj the world
liner benefactors they are one name lion ever w hlch
will nnd no place In the official records canimt be
passed over here III silence Tlie name of Mrs Kuiilv
Warrrn lloebllug I will l r be Inseparably I aisoclated with all
that is admirable In human nature and with all tliat Is
wonderful In the constructive world of art
Mr Hewitt expressed himself very forcibly
In regard to tho charges of fraud which havo
been so freely made lu certain uuartoni against
the managers of tho undertaking
It has been charired that ths original estlmalea of cost
have beeu far exceeded by the actual outlay If this
0ftr 1 m IXiI II
were true the words of praise which I nave uttered for
the engineers who designed and executed this work
ought rather to have been a sentence of censure and
condemnation Hem e the Invitation w Inch came to nie
unsought seemed rather to be an appeal 1 from the grave
for such vindication 1 as It w as within my power tu make
and which could I not come with equal force from any
other iiuartrr I know that to many I make a startling
aunouncemeiit when I slate 1 the Incontrovertible fact
that no money was ever stolen 1 by the Itluir from the
funds llII the bridge that the whole money raised I
has been honestly expended I that the estimates
fur consiructlon have not liven materially esceeded and
that the ecess of rO1 our the cellmates Is I due to
of land which were never Included In theea
limits I to li Interest paid em the city j subscriptions and to
the cost of additional height and breadth of the bridge
and the Increase la strength rendered necessary by a
better comprehension of the volume of traffic between
the two rules The Items covered by the orlllnal t esll
nisieof I7IJ1HIQ have thus been raised to tu uoo ajo
so that 2tuoouo represents the addition to the original
esiloiatwtailor IMS exctu amowiUiif la ISM than
hlrty per cent lil there Is artnal value I In tha bridge In Increased
creased dimensions and ptreitKlh whereby Ita capacity
aa been greatly Increased
Tht rarrluevt ys as originally ileilinrd would have
trmllted only a IIIKI ortlolll vehicles In each dlrec
bon The speed of the entire procession more Utiifi
mil long would therefore have hreti limited by the rate
f the slowest and every ncctdnit cauiln stopptue to
dl 1II II
single cart would have slopped everything t elilnd 1 It
tor Indefinite period It Is not inn much Inn that
te removal of this objection hv vrideiiin I tho carriage
wavs mnlllplled mantfolit the practical usefulnsss
of the bridge
Tht statement I have made Is I due to Hie memnrv not
nly of John A Roebllng but also of Henry I t Mnrplir
i i nII l I r r ro hl I
hat treat man who devoted i his last jeatu to this enter
i rise im who having like I Moses led the people
f tllol
aOo 1gi
nroiifththe toilsome way was permitted only to tunic
lIut not to enter upon the promised Intnl
Tula testimony Is due also 1 tu the living I trustees and
o thf engineers who have controlled and I directed this
argt axpendlture In the public service the latter la tho
onsclentlous discharge of iirnfesilenul II dul and the 1
ormer with no other rbjlr thnn the welfare of the
lubllc and without anv other poMlble 1 reward than tho
loud opinion of their fellow cltUeim
I do not make this statement without a full sense of
h responslMllt which It Involve and I rcalle that It
ccuracy will I ahortly he tested liy uIJrI report ur expertii
who are now examining tlie accounts Hut It v ill be
ound thac I have spoken the words of truth and
soberness When the King absconded I was nsked
William O llavemeer then the Mayor
f New York to become a trustee In l order to
nvestlgate the expcndltuns and to report as to
he proprlet of going onwltli the work This duty > vim
terfonned without fear or favor The methods n > u hlch I
he King proposed t to hcnent thtmsrlves VMTH liar I
nongh but Its members lied I beforv thev suci fed > d In
elmburslng I tnemv lves for the prehmltiary exptusen
which they hail drm1 l With their nlicht a neiv em
onunenrcd anddiirlng the three > tars uhen I nctrd
an a trustee I am sure that no fraud u as commltld and
hat none was l > osslhl < since that it itr the llimrd hoi
een iontrotlil bv trimtees sitmu of Hhonutr tleirciiih I
xperts In bridge building and the otheis turn of such
llgll character Hint the suggestion of malpractli Islm
irooable I to alisurdlt
The bridge lias nut only been honeiHy I lullll I but It mav
b le safely assertd r rl It could nut itnvv Nu dupttcntrd ut
he same cost luh mon inlicht however tiuve leen
avedlf the work had nut been dilnyedtliruuirh nantot
means and nnnecmsary oMtacles interposed by mis
taken public officials Uoreotsr mealttred hJ its en
lacltyandthe Ilinllatlonii linpont n Its i mitr ui tlon
> y Ita relation to the Intcrciitsof trailtcanJ nuvlgatlnn
II Is the cheapest structure ever trrctedb tic mihift of
nun The Mrookl > n llrldge contains but II7U Ions of
material and win sustain neven niue > Its imnvteUit
ri iIb
tscost IstUQmUU whereaau tululivr I bridge for I In
aume span wuuld cutitntn tin llnui the ivUlit of thii
netal andlhouif h costliu tv Ice as nine h montv would
II te wllbuut the iiLillit to I do tiny useful work
The oration concluded with nn Ingenious
and Instructive uiullol i > between the bridge as
nn organized material sti ucturu nnd the com
plex structure of political society and govern
ment Mr Hewitt snld
In the first construction of suspension brldz n Unas
attempted to check rei rcM und ov erioire thf ir motion
and failure resulted It v an I lien seen tliatnmtloa tm ll >
aw of existence fur suspen on hrldBen and provision
was made for Its free pta > Thm ilicy bicamt a succor
The bridge elongates and contracts bvlvrtfii lln e
tremes of temperature from 14 to III Indus thcvirtloal
rise and fall In the centru of the main span ramies l > e >
tween 2 feet 3 Inches and J feet Ulniht and before the
suspenders Here attached to the cable It ttitual > re
volved on Its own axis through an arc of thlrt degrees
when exposed to the sun shining upon It on one rti It
Now If our political system were guldrd b organized
Intelligence It would nut leek to reprexs the frre play
of human Interests and emotions of human hopes and
Tears but would make provision for their development
and exercise In accordance with the higher law ot lib
erty and morality
Instead of attempting to restrict suffrage let us try to
educate the voters Instead of disbanding parties l t
each citizen within tho pnrtv nvvas vute but never for
amanwhols unnt to hold omce Thus parties unwell
aa voters will be organized on the basis ot Intelligence
The Ilev Dr Illchard S Storrt snld It must
90 a suiierlutlvo moment In life when ono
stands on a structure so majestic which was nt
first a mere thought In thu brain which was
iftorward n morn plan on paper and which has
een transported from mine and < iinrry from
wood yard and workshop on the point ot thu
pencil of tho architect Ho paid u passing
tribute to the memory of those who had done
their part In the making of tho bridge but who
wero not present to share the festivities of tho
occasion He said
Ur John Prentice for years the Treasurer of the
Board wise In counsel of a liberal > et i > n alchful econo
my of Incorruptible Integrltv passed from the eurth
two years ago but to those who knew him his mum r >
Is as fresh aa In verdure almvn his grave al Urecnuood
More lately one who had been from tho ontnet awt
elated wftti what to many appeared this vision
ary plan to whose capacity and experiencf
Ills legal skill his legislative Influence his kociitl
distinction the work has been aluavs larirvh Indebted
and who was for > ears the 1resident of tlie Hourd hu
followed Into the silent land It Is agnef toall who
knew htm that he Is nut here to see tlie consummation
of labors and plans which for > ears had occupied his
life But Ilia face and tlguru arc before us alnmst as
dlstlnctlya If he were present and II will beonl the
dullest rontetfulness which will ever cearc to connect
with this bridge the name of the accomplished lu tiolar
the experienced dlplnaiatlst ttia untiring worker the
cordial and ever helpful friend Mr llenrr O MnrMi
Bat ouersrsutalnto whom tnawnrX has lrcuitht Its
hardens of labor care and long sulleltude sometimes
nodouotof a public criticism vvliuvo imperious shurp
less they ma > have felt but who have followM their
ilans to completion without wavering ur PIIIIHC who
iave Indeed expanded lhu < > plans HS the progress of
the work suggeoted enlargemf ut and who tolty colter
the reward wine h In longs to those who after promoting
a rasgnlncetit enterprise sec It accomplished Amonif
them are tvro who were associated with it nt the levin
nlng and who have cnnlinnel so asoclltrd from that
dav to thin Vlr VVilllnin C Kingslev and Mr lames
H T Ktrnnahan The jiilgment cannot ht > mlstulrn
which affirms that to these men mure than to anv other
of eiur < itlzens remalninir among ns the i rHsecutlnn 11
this work lei Its cro nlng success Is rroperl mcnhd
The are the true oiatcrs of tilt hour VV ma r l e
but thev hav e bnllded in the trnacltv of their l urp
of which that of thesi com Ining wlrvsonlv pn nts
the phv sicnl Imngt on the lilt of thfir vvlll MriMiircr
than of these cuncrntlng cvblts the llnlllrnse stlletnrt
las risen tufts plate > > grnnder work hns It lierli
riven to men to do forthecltv rliii < h will ft 1 tie tin
ailing Impulse of their foresight and cuuracc their w i
dum In counsel and their resolute service to the end of
Its hlslurv
Vlr Hililiiin Marshall and Oin lliirj W sluoutn were
also comifCted with tile vvurk nt tlie outset ntid witti
Intervals In the prn > d of their services leu givin It
Important assistance to the end whll > others nrc > wllh
us who have Joined vvith tntelllirrncf eiithuftn in ivnd
helpfulness in thn councils of thu Huard at diirtntil
times We rejoice lu tile > rc n e of ull Ihont who
earlier or later have taken art hi tlie i Ian nt oni e
vast and minute vv htch now are realiri d V e oft r Iti m
the tribute of our almlnng and ratrtul efleflu e
trust that their remembrance of thpwnrk ttitv huve nc
compltshed and their p rH nal experience uf Its maul
fold benefits may continue through iiiuii happv euM
And we cungraliilate ourselves n well as thfin that the
cltv will keep the iiiumurlal of tlirm nut in vondcr
tablets atone hut In the great faliric above vv hlch those
stand w hilu stone arid sued retain their strength
But after all Dr Storrs said HIP people were
tho real builders Thu bridge was to bo re
garded as a durable monument to domoericy
Itself Its enduring nnd multiplying lienellts
would be common not local bile admitting
the long and efficient vvorkof the ferries ho
balled tne bridge ns a siirercnrtnlnty for reach
ing the libraries tho gallerle tho churches
and tbe homes and pleasure reports of tho me
tropolis And In return tho city of Xevv York
would have access to broad acrus nnd tho long
roll of the surf on the shore would biunk rioter
than bofore to ofllcu und mansion nnd tene
ment chamber
Dr Storrs spoke of tho bridge as thn typn ol
that Immeasurable communicating s > stoni
which Is morH complete with iivory yonr
to interlink cltlnp to roiifederato Mutes to
muko one country of our distribute1 intptrln
domain and to VVKUVA Its history Into a most
harmonious contexture
The hurry of those who hid crowd d the stn
tlon to got to the street to sou the further
pageantry filled the spucu that had boon cleared
In builds struct by tho polleu with enrh a solid
mass of humanity thut It wnsvvlth dillliiilty
that tho distinguished guests conkl reach tle
carriages thnt awaited them Tho mounted
police solidly ubrenst moved slowly nlieait ami
forced a way through thei ciovvded stroeto and
thn Twentythird Iteglmunt follound with
Mayor Low tho 1resldent his fabliiut iov
luvnlund und thn others who mad up thu
party of guests who vvero to dlno with him
The procession moved down to Columbia
Heights halting for a few minutes that thu
President and party nnlght pass In to sea
Chief Englneur Itoobllngnt his reception Then
the march wan resumed nnd thu party of
guests passed Into Mayor Lows house wliei
dinner was snrveil for nlghteon perions The
roglment returned to Its armory nnd vvero dis
missed weary enough after thu days work
Tho Seventh wint back to Now York without
crossing Thounnds of others went backlthnt
way Thoy Btoj ocd In clusters at tho central
span and guzeu long nnd ndtnlilngly at tlm
river There worn a few vandals umoni them
who Jafncrnl the whlto surface of the liuie i i
bles ey scribbling on it There wns less of ibis
defacement than wns feared however Thu
planking of the bridge was splintered In many
places Dy th tramping font of tho pedusflnns
Some picked up the splinters us mementoes
At 6 > i two sijuads of POUCH from Kovr York nnd
llrooklyn cleared tho bildgo paths of tho lin
gering slghtsenrs and preparations worn made
for tho display of llrnvvoiks Firemen run Ml
fot of double hos over thu bridge At 7 oelok
this was connected with thu lire boat Have
meyer and nt thn reijucstof thu bridge trn
teos the paths werefdrunched vv 1th i Ivor water
to prevnnt the planks catching Urn from thu
showering sparks of tbo fireworks The Drool
lyn firemen adopted tbo same precaution on
their side of tbu bridge
HetkUff Holiday on < ke > KlverMirluds of
Uecoristed trnftTke W r Nkl > Siilule
Tho North and Euet Illvers nml tho bay off
tho Battery wore a holiday aspect Tin shores
had a fringe of gayly decorated vessels lying at
their wharves and each vessel out In the
stream was docked with bunting IvcryflKg
pole on tbe piers nlong the North River carried
Its flag and every vessel tlod to tho piers hung
out all her ensigns and signal fldgs
In the morning tho llvo menofwar Tennes
see Yantlc Yandalla Konrsago nnd Minne
sota lay In the North HU or off Tier 1 Tha
flags of each vessel formed what Is called thu
Rainbow The lino ot Hags began uttho
waters edge thence to the end of the flying
jlbboom fco tbo loro royalmost locross to tho
main royatinast to tho ralzzon royal mast
downward to tho stern and thrnco to tbo edga
nC thn water again Many American mercbant
uinn also had tholr flags hung In this wuy
Tho ferryboats ot thu Tuvonla Woelmwkcn
Ilobokon nml Jorsoy City forriim woro guy
with large lings and lines of small lings Lvnry
Kchoonur bteam lnunch luggnr lighter sail
jont sloop or rnwboat carried somo piece of
irlght bunting nnd added Its mlto of color to
ho patchwork ot vivid buns A stlfT breeza
tided In the display by blowing out tho flags
to tholr full slro
At 2 oclock the wnr ossols rnlRnd nnohnr
and steamed around tho Itatlery Tho Ten
nvssoo Admiral Coopors llngahlp weufllrst
with tho blue pennant of tho Admiral flying
The Kenrsurgp which sunk the Alabama fol
lowed Then cuiiiw tho Ynntlc nnd tho corvette
Vandilln Thn old Minnesota was lant Thoy
formed an Inturnstlng oldfashioned mnrlno
iiroeesslon us they swept mnjcsllrally nroiind
In lino with tholr bright lings snapping In tha
Tin ferries from Jorsoy City had already bo
gun to carry unusually largo loads nnd ns 1
Vclook approached they wero densely crowded
jy people from Philadelphia Tronton nud tho
Interior towns ol Nuvy Jersey
All ot the ocean nnd coastwise steamers al tho
docks nlong thu North Itiver flung out tholr
Hags Tho lingllsh vessels hung out evory col
ored rag tboy hud ns thoy had two things to cel
ebratetho brldgu nnd thu Queens birthday
1 bin made the North IIIver very gay but It
was far uuNlionu by thn romnrkahlu luvlshness
of dei oration un tho 1nst Klvor Them art llvo
vessels thure to ono on thu North Itlvcr side
nnd each vessel tiled to outshine Its neighbor
Irom Hamilton tmry to Orund street ferry tho
musts and sails were half hidden by flags
1070n of vusreN ploughed along under the
brldgu and malt steamboats lull of sightseers
won tied up ut adjaeont i > iorp
When 2 oclock eame thu banks of tho river
woioa stiangM sight T ns of thousands of
peonlo vvero on the plnrA sitting on thuisPllBs
rrovvdlng tbe sirlngpieces crawling over tho
pier roofs nud balancing on urins of ilerileks
The rigging of nil i n ls from thu rulton
Mai kut Halting ulnicl to the gi oat ships furtliei
dovvn tovvn veiofllled with suitors lluiulreiU
of men vvero out on tho ynrds of tho ships an
high as theioynl yurds Tho roofs of ull tho
hou us nlong thi river fiont In sight uf tho
bridge worn nllvu with people
Tho river wns dotted with overy kind ol rraft
most of them drifting slowly or under just
tmoiigh hendwuy to keep tholr nosna up to tho
ebbtide Crowds of boys swarmed over Jew
ells Dock In Brooklvn and climbed on the
roofs of tlm ferryboats as thoy entered thu slip
Thu decks of the ferryboats wero a solid mass
of people who had come there to stay und who
paid no attention to the arrival of tho bout ut
olthur slip Yut tho furrles worn nuver so
busy for ferry riding Is cheap and the ferry
boats were excellent pusts for sightseers
Icoplo on business wont to tho Viall street
furry to avoid the crowd nnd found that thou
sands of other puopln had done the samu thing
When tbo crash of th cannon nt Fort Colum
bus begun to thunder out tha Presidential
salute of tvvcntyonu guns tho firing begun
from the guns on thu north side nnd followed
the linn of embrasures to the south The re
ports reached the bridge n long tlmo after the
smoke of each discharge was soon
Tho llvu wnr vessels woro silent nnd motion
less In tho stioani Slight smoku curled from
their funnels and th occasional glitter of u
marines rifle could bo peon on tholr decks
Thn sun bent hotly upon them nud mudo their
lines ieein Indistinct nnd wavy Their prows
vvero pointed up stream toward tho brldco The
procession could bu seen winding Its slow
length over the flat arch of thu bridge As Its
head reached tho llrooklyn tower nt 21C n
grent gun on thu Tunnosseo bolchod foith its
Knlute A long lino of lire darted upward from
tho dark side of the vessel nnd a ball of smoke
continually Increasing In circumference rolled
nnd unrolled Itself along the surface of thn
water nlmost reaching to the New York shore
At tho same Instant tho vnrdarms of nil tho
vessels were seen to bu manned by tho seamen
standing In long rows
The bombardment began nt once on the other
vessels First on ono sld and then on thu
otburof tho vessels tho horizontal columns of
d ns < smoke shot out and tho roar of repented
dlschurgus followed In swift sucoo slon In a
momont tho hulls wero hidden by dense smoke
lightened at short Intervals by tho flushes of
thu guns Tbu royolniusti with their lines ot
flags hung above tho smoke The wind blew
thu smoko clouds over to lirooklyn und made
It seem to bo on tiro Tho booming of thoguns
wns answered by the hoarse tooting of tho fog
whistles of tho ferry nnd sU > nmbouts nnd thn
shrill cry of steam whistles on thn shorn In
llvo minutes the salute was over and the wind
bad blown the smoke away
Ilundrede of Tkonsissiita Watcklng Ike Fire
nrnrke e > n tke Itrldce ait Xlsjkt
As tlio BUD weut down tho eccno from the
bridge was beautiful It had been a perfect
day Up nnd down on olthcr sldo of Now York
tho bright bluu wntor lay gently rippling whllo
to thu south It merged Into thu great bay and
disappeared toward tho ben Tho vast cities
sprixid iivvuy on both sides Beyond lolled tho
hilly country until It wns lost In the ruNta of
the sky All up nnd dovvn tho harbor the ship
ping plern nnd buildings vvero still en ly deco
rated Un tho housetops of both 1rookl n and
New York wero multitudes of pcoplu turning
whlto rows of faces toward the bridge
Thogront buildings In Now York loomed up
black us Ink against tho brilliant background
of tho rtkv Thu Now York bridgn pier looked
ombre nnd gloomy ns night Hut In Ilrookl n
thubli7uof tho dying sun bathed overs thing
In gold Tho great building looked llku bur
nibbed brass nnd tho church xpiros ran up In
tho sky like golden needles In tho west tho
sun sent Its last tributu to tho bildge In n se
ries of great barn of golden light that shot up
fanllko Into thu blue t > ky Gradually tho gold
molted nvvoy leaving tho heavens cloudless
Thu sky was a light blue In thu west but grew
dukur ns It rose until It tmuk behind lirook
Un In n deepsea blue
Slowly thu extremities of tho twin cities bo
gan to grow Indistinct From tho hen u faint
Impalpnblu prcuuixor of night erupt In Thu
gnut blue Iny grew misty und gradually rotu
until Its Indistinctness KVallowed mi thu
wooded Hopes of Stilton Inland and thoJersey
ihoro nnd the bay joined thu Illimitable bluu
MO Tlm tovveis of llronkljn lost their golden
hiio They seemed to hlnk tdowly Into the city
Itself In Now iork tho outlines of tho hugu
buildings liocamu wavering and Indistinct
Thnn ono by ono thu Buries of electric lights
on thu brldvu leaped up until tho chain wus
made from Uruoklj n to New York Dot by dot
llnMios of ulectrio lights sprang up In tho upper
nnrt of New V > rk Thu livo grout bmnoi at
Maditoii tnd Union square lliieii up nnd thu
domn uf thn Post Ulllco In N w York siticlr
clot of diamonds out nciltist tho leliefof thu
Hky The stroiju of tho two gieat cities spar
kled Into life Ilko thu jots on n limitless theat
rical clnindullerana Ihu windows of thu houses
popped Into notice hiindieds ut n time I out
hlriiutof lanterns vvoiu run over the rigging
of thu shipping in thu harbor nnd red and
gnnii port nnd htnrbonrd lights seemed mini
borleii Thu stoumors SIMM to and fro on thn
vv ilur leaving long i Ipplchof vvhltufoam vhlch
Llltteued In thu light llku bilvei
Huddnnly n solltnry ruckul shot Into the nil
anil biiist Into a hpinyof bluu diamonds It
Iumo irom tlm 1ouso oIMuvor lovv nnd meant
thut tho inhibition of llreworUii wus to begin
Itipldly thu suing of electric Ughm on Ihu
bridju went out und left tho vuMmch In dark
ness apparently swinging from the viry iky
Thu fev lings thnt llcmtud in front of he elec
tric lights ashoro looked Ilko lingo blaek bats
liookutx began to shoot up from tlm inon re
moto parts of tln tvvu cIlleK lo > u moment
not n tiling could l > u seen on thu bridge Then
there was u hlMfollowudbynnawful rotrnndii
hundrod lockets burht blmultnnuotilv fiom
Ihu middle of thn bridgn und iullod oiUleet
high Into tho nlr At the HIUIIM llmu twerty
bombs hhot up from the tuivtirs and u vast
shower of silver ruin poured dovn Tlio mid
dlu of thu bridge looked llku thu nitoi of u
batching volcano HocketH vvero sent oft hun
dreds at utimu Thoy rose In thu nlr with u
terrific luxli and burst Into gold nnd nilver
dropH As fast us tho tire died away a new dis
play followed
In the hired around the brldgu it vvns pitch
dark Thn pooidu fought for iiilvnntiigeQUn
plucesand crowded ono anotliur to thu wall
The tall buildingson either shlo of thu hlruetn
shut out everjlhlng but a nariowttilpof ky
ucrohs which tho llrnworkh blamed llku iuuluod
On thu plrs vviiu hundreds of thousands ot
people They stood packed bhuuldcr to shoul
der for hours nt a tfmo
Ireiit bombs TOMI Incessantly In tho nlr
from thu towers nud buint nloft bathing tlm
whole structure In rod and Keiiidlng an nvv
lanchoof liro dovvn IMo the water Tho light
brought out thn llremonon llio bridgo In Mi one
lullnf and th vvntor from thn ho < e they han
dled looked llku molten silver Meanuhl > >
countings balloons vveionent aloft lm h onu
curried u siieclnl Htoru of llruvvoik whieh vvum
dlKchargou as thu bnlloon hung In thu air At
every blast of roekuis uroir iould bo li uid
liom the rooftops from one ulty to tho other
Nearly nil tho vessels In thi > hail r vvrrn now
mnklng Homo sort of u d pluy llocketa und
llruvvorksof dlllurent HOUI shot up all over
vvlille Ihu muss of llio went b < > lchlng up fiom
thu towers an before Then dil > nin > reports
cnme from thu mlddlo of thu biidgu Xlnc
ball wuru shot high up in tint nlr Irom nior
tirH nnd burst in Ihu bky fulrlllUiiiilnatlng
tho two cities
All ov r Sow ork and Brooklyn flroworks
wcro displayed Thu rour nnd muiiiui und
uto and bang T ra iuuvubuut Tho bauds
larcd louder thnn over the whlstlw ihrlnked
ho mortars Uiundored tho colored lights
loured forth Inexhaustibly from tho towers
ho wind bad died away with the duy The
iladd bosom of thn wator reflected thobrll
lancy of tho sky tho stars stolo aulot y In
Ight them was n lljry splttigo and the lights
n thn bridgn died away Tho moon rose and
lie uhristunlng of tho brldgu was over
molt THE itivtit AND THE siionit
All tlio towboatH tliat ply nboutthe bar and
n tin rivers Iny near iuo brlddHwlth merry
mrtlus aboard llargcs camo doVh from Har
em all thu excursion boats steamed up loaded
own with passongors and sloops and yochu
rifted about bumping Into one another Tb
iteamcrs funeral tfedgwlok Neburcb
homas P Way and nil thu Iron Steamboat
ompnnyH licet Iny In tho stream with bows
gainst the swift flood tide A long lino ot ryd
nd whlto lanterns was Mrotchod from tha
> enkfiiof two ships near 1ulton Furry on tbo
vow Yoil side nndcairicd In a slotxt farto >
Itluir hand forming an excellent Imitation
of tho bridge rubles At tho first bunt bt
Iroworks thn Sedgwlclts calliope shrieked
out America bands on other steamers
truck up and nccnrdlons and fiddles vvero
brought Into rormlsltlon upon the sloops and
nssuls lying at thn docks A shower of rocket
ticks bombarded the crnfts in tho stream The
ulton ferryboats crawled in nnd out ot
rowdedqiiarturs making circuitous pnssago
and very Irregular trips sometimes golrgn
nr down ns thn Battery to avoid collisions
Innlly nti oclock when the display on tha
> rldgo closed with a grand burst of fiery color
every whistle on thu rlvnr joined In making a >
brill Ihorusvv hlch wns kept UP for llvo minutes
lulls rung gongs wure beaten men nnd wnm n
ellod themselves hoarse and tho mualclana
ilew themselves red In the face It was fully
in hour beforo thu vessels under the bridge baa
> ccome disentangled and stnamod off to their
rospcctlvo docks to unload their passenger
Tbo best shore views of the fireworks were
obtained from thn nlers between th foot ot
fuckgon street and tho foot of Jefferson Below
hut thu crowd was so dense that overy ono was
Irod nnd uncomfortable before the display wu
mlt over From Catharine street to UurllUK
slip thu peoplo woro almost one oolld mass on
iouth street backing up Into every sldo street
ovnn beyond n luvv of tlm bridge Ships
Inckn ships rigging and spars lumber pllu
spiles bnrrols nnd all other available object
wcro utilized for seats and foot rests Every
lody was good nn tit rod no ono was drunk
ollcemen along tho entire water front raid
thoy had novcrsenn HO orderly a crowd or ono
so freo from accidents
Early in the day Dotwillor et Street pyroteo
nlsts received word that they were not to
movct from their stores In Day street until they
leard from tho police Shortly afterward a
squad of policemen arrived There wero eight
twohorso trucks drawn up at tbe curb Two
ofllecrs mounted oach of the trucks while sev
eral paced tho sidewalk There bad been ru
mors thut the men enthusiasts who were op
rosed to opening the bridge on the 34th Inst
would try to blow up thn wagons on their way
to tho bridge Extraordinary orecautlons wero
taken by tho police At 530 still with a strong
lollco escort thn lino moved to tbe bridge
Them worn no manifestations of any sort by
thn crowd
Forty pyrotechnists superintended tho dli
play Therowero 0000 fourpound skyrockets
400 bombshells nnd 125 fountains of colored
Ights inc bombshells about tun Inches la
diameter wero fired from mortars 00 feet In
tho air Each bombshell held 000 stars of vari
ous colors A newlyinvented rocket was dis
played It hold seven parachutes ot cloth
Irom theso hung colored balls of fire The
rockets burst leaving tho parachutes floating
In the nlr Five of these rockets ot different
colors wern fired nt once The result wa
thlrtyflvo balls of colored lire floating In tbo
ulr Another rocket exploded three times as It
went aloft dlsti Ibutlngtstam of different colon
each time There worn thirtylive balloons
each fifty feet tu clrcumferoncu A thnr
floated through thn air thoy discharged star
and motuors Tho balloons floated away To
each onu Is attached a postal card by which tha
Under of tho balloon IH to notify the pyrotech
nists when nnd whero It wus found This la
calculated to keep up thu excitement oer tha
opening of thu bridge
Incidents of it Jivnt City HolldnyA Ckape
ter ofUiltla Mittl JKnde
A stout mnu with a hutiiui ous face a black
moustache and n twinkling eye was found la
tho Trinity belfry tower removing bis walat 4 t
coat and collnr
Are you going to ring the chimes aak 4
tho reporter of THE Sus
Oh well I should rather say BO said tha
musician Im going to shako em up In tha
good old way Is It noon j ot
Jiit about
A moment later and the stout man flew Into
n stito of alarming activity He dodged from
ono of thf wooden lovers to another with
sturtling rapidity After a short amount ot
this violent exercise ho mopped his manlf
brow and said
Thnt was Dedcntlon Hymn
Nothing vvns distinguishable In tbe bell tower
but n conf u < d clanging of bells Presently ha
fell to niMln and nfter exorcising rapidly an
nouncec that It was Yankee Doodle Ho
wont on In this wnr for some tlmo Without
wan n crowd of thousands ot people listening
to tho ehlmos
About Mi Now Yoik policemen Including 100
detectives helped nlong tho ceremonies Tho
police woro their summer helmets There
vvero 00on tho bildgo ns many moro along
Its upproiehos nnd ns many moro In City Hall
Park und Purk row Tho remainder lined tho
routo of the procusslon Thore vvero 150
around tho Iifth Avenue Hotel whllo tho proces
sion vvac forming but ns soon as It started
thoy took thu Sixth avenue cnrs and joined tba
clowntown dotnll which they reached far ahead
ot tho procession Inspector Murray was In
rommnnd of tho police dow n town and Inspcutoi
llioino ui town vviillu Superintendent nl
ling nctjii in UunoralJnChlef Hu stopped
thu head of thu procession ut Eighth street to ij
glvu time fur tho rear which nud been Icfl r
ueirlv u mile behind to itch up H
There vvero many pockets picked nnd In
speytor mrnesn dutuetlvosmado home urrodts
but thulr prlsonuin vv ru principally boys l
In tho evening tun launches manned by po t
lleijnion patrolled thu river to pickup thosa 4
who full in
A iflorod nmn dressed Ilko n laborer clrcu V
lated In thu eiowd ut thu Now lork end of tha
biidguendeavoring tu sell tiring It was ar >
iiuruiitly a gold wedding ring with thu Initials
W 1 II nnd un olchteoii enrol murk Inside
I JPSK found tint nn hour ago hu said to I
grniin nn1 Ill vdl It for fo1 dollur
How much do you pny foruiu I a reporter
of Tim SUN nskml him eonlldentlally
Oh I gols em lor tun cents apiece and
piys live clints fordo Initial I dono solo to1
today ho Ienplu think I stolo era sure
MnvorLovvgot this despatch yestoulay
IroN > Ia > 241
Ttttni Viit > r lliofltin V IV
llnvrtrrlt conrntulntlone Uranl Irllge the mar
rlHgi rliu milting two rcst cltlti eveti wondur f
dvaif Ictore thisone 1 lit Iorl is great y
cont > ul PIIXCTTO i
Thn Mayor know who To Low Mayor
VVIIH but ho could not ouctly placo Plxotto
Tlio Ilnmif lm < ricnii ofltco nt 138 ClmUmaJ
Ptieot was ilecoratud with un Immense Chi
BOH Imperial Hag of many oolois
Lnltud Stati > > Ueputy Marshals Holme
Ioters > iibort Oiinins nnd llrooks woro at
tlie 11ftli Avenuu llotul to guard tho 1rusldunt
A iiutnhoruf men nnd boin surcecdad in get
ting on thn bridge In thu afternoon by olimblcz
a tulugrupli polo nlongild un liona streut
Alwut ltJiiUspoitlligmnii VTorn the guests of
Illciiird K I ox nt th < l > Ut f jnntf oftlco In
Iluiiklln fiiiiro lluy swarimid Into very
Iloor of thu building and crowded tho roof Tber
ilrunl huiilreilo of bottles nt champagne aiJ
stronger Ihiuorx und occisilonnlly fought In
thu coirldois Thoiinpiietltes ver great an J
n harbecuud ox piovud u pliitlhlni to thoni
Some of them wound up the dry by hteaiine
thu sllvurvvart and broaklngtlio turnlture Th y
polloo vvorxinllcil In to get thuni out und they i
loft u SIHIIII ui wreck and ilokoltlon buhlnd
IN lauruC IKivvillor ut oT tho first lire
works n trlplo liomiuut of roilulM from tba
conlro of the brllge ul H onlock
ieo Shiup aged 21 jenia vhilo looking nt i
tho flroworks fiom llio roof of bin louso at UJ
strcut lirouKIyn foil oft uudwni
fiitill liuuied
Charles linftnn ngoj 5 yenrs of 62 Furman
itreit was badly burnod by firecrackers which
another boy put ilonn hU baok
dotllob Iteniil of 11 Jnrl BVOIIUII Win Irwln
oflinilirldgti street nnd H 0 Oorrol > 101
SandK str > ut llrnoklyn lost tholr gold vrntchrie
vhile passing through thu crowd lit Fultoa
btreet nenr the bi Idte fltat Ion
Williamsbtirgli nipurts onu uccldont Farre
moved from thu crivvds la Scholct strtet a
OonthwrA on Third Paye
Ilruoklm Ilrlilur < v
Mrwjnv Sio Ilronl iiy Ills env walkhj ihn
intnlff i n IHifnt tftsu vvern i < t < > al tn optiiuot the
lriUub > IVtiitMt vrllur Majurs Iiisea a J IMW
Tkr M ruins lournnl
One cent OvirViM rlrcunl 11 An Immerse ino
cii AlitrtUiiiK onlv j > cents > or line Trj U Ati
TII Trmr TlutS > tv Jtntyt bttt Jourual 4 V

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