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I F H I H e I nn I 1
i I
A Frightful Panic Near the
New York Anchorage
Women and Children Trampled
to Death in the Rush
A ra Firmed Ik MI lIrwyOa Wtmiin
Inmlilci Annlktr Kfrrnmi nnrt n IHnla
MrUci he CrowdThe UrliUe PaItc 17n
Mr In Ck ck Iho Iln hTke fiend mid
Itrlic Curried Auny In I lViti > n < d In
the Ar Ir Mnflites nr the Trt ijrty
ITknt Niiprrlnletulciit tlurtln Nni Hen
nrti to bo Taken to 1revent Another
Imllnr ItatcrCke 2tnrrMtlv of lhn e
wkn Cntui Out or tke rush Allre
When tlio mil i over yesterday nftor
loon lie Ilrookl n llrlduo which had 18 crowds I
In tlc morning tint had bccomo comparatively
open iiLiln licunn totlucnlonii lilockrdc With
Uio hundred who onrao down town to tim New
York nates Toro hundroda of mon In the uni
form 01 tho Ginnd Army of tim Itepulillc
Most of tho people strolled over to llrookhn
and than turned Lack without Icnvlnu Iho
trIJo Thouaauils worn conilni oor from
Brooklyn roturnluu from thu eeinuterius vhoio
soldierscrave hud boon decorated or taking
adrnntatfo of tho holiday to sco tho brliluc
Thom weT not so 111 on tho bridge ns on
tho lay fitter tho opening or on tho following
Bnnihr but they seemod Inclined to loiter
Thcro would b nn opon PICO of from fifty to
one hundred feot nnd then I den so jam
Onu of tliono jams formed at 1 oclock 1 shoi t
distance nbovo tho flight of Htcps on tho New
York anchorage Theoo ulcps arc over the
point where the cables emerge from the an
chonue liotwcon them nut Iho Now York
toner thu cabled como Ibo the footpath floor
and uirrow pathway nliout ulno feet Tho
tops aro fourteen feet bioad and In two llllitt
of seven uteps nnch broken by I litndliiuelihl
feet ncro R The treads of thu Btepn are a foot
brand and tho total rlso of tho two
flights of stops In I about ohm feet
This first jam Connod In tlm narrowed pathway
bojond thu stepl Bridge Policeman Freder
ick Illchurds broke It up and started tho lino
movliuracaln The crowd from Urooklyn met
tho crowd from New York and jammed again
at the foot of thu stairs The Brooklyn crowd
completely covered tho footpath above tho
IWIP and tho Now York crowd coercd It
below tho steps Tho former attempted to
DISh down and the latter to puih up Thoso
behind pre ° acd forward and the weakest tho
women and children woro thrust avatiiKt the
Iron railing of the utepR mind ntralnit the Iron
trestle work which surrounds tho railroad
track and which begins nt tho bond of time
tcps Tlmy screamed with pain and terror
Homebody shouted out that there was dancer
and tho Impression prevailed that the bridge
waa sit Inc way beneath thu crowd At that the
crowd tho board walk above tho
rrOnl on Iboe steps
pressed on toward New York moro furloudy
while those below who woro on tho asphalt
know they wore In no danger and did not
mot A woman hold her baby over tho tres
tle work and bciatcd some one to take I Men
climbed out on tho trestle work and down to the
railroad tracks outside Tho brldco men who
were stationed alone the south roadway pro
cured planks and laid them from tho railroad
bed to tho footpath bolow tho stairs They did
this on both sides of the footpath and removed
the Kcctlon of Iron fence that was nearest the
I steps Thom pulled out women from tho jam
ami helped people down tho planks
Tills iruo tho Ilrooklii crowd a chanco to
move and It nurwd ahead for a few feet
Bridge oftlcein ran alone on limo strlncplocuof
thotreste work nnd turnod back toward llrook
lyn thoBu who were on tho south ftido of tho
path > Hut as soon as the ofllccrx had pasted
by theso PeoPle faced round again Nobody
among them or umonc time thousands pressIng
on them from behind suspected time trucedy
thaI was coining A half dozen luushlonkliiL
louiif men biincheil themselves tocathui Homo
three huiulrod foot above thn stairs They
laid tliaii I r hiuidii on each otlu TH shoulders und
breed themselves like II wodco Into thu crowd
aliad They shoutod out Tim AH OCII <
tlon can make Its way through niuthlnc
Either their piiBhliiL or the general pushing
tnnard Now York thrust time ciond nliunil too
Mmllj They worn pushed i In splto of thOI I
iil stiWiiid I Ihl t stip They foninnd to have
alimrorof coinir oir t llin stipn althoiich tho t
niklit iHoiily I i nt i t l six fciit hluh They locked
srumms > und pushed furiously back uilnHt thu
1hnii iuiih cimiln Hlonllh I I ocr froni Drooklyn
In a few mil I i mm Irs at time point just ahoi tho
M18 there was a show lrldln < to tho frighm t tot
iivesmmro fiom Itehlnil unit time front of time
cruAd Was fotcot mmommmermmimd nniroi to lime cdct
Women and childron wcro xcuiimlnt fur lnll
call ntl were shout I img 0011180tl UinbrullaH
raicrlx a nil cal wor thrown Over tho rnlls
lit tin 110 bl puoilnwho needed tlnilr hands
10 ugh t thou Way out of Imo t ilfsniuiito h
At liiKt with n stogie shriek that I cut through
tue lumen of thii I Imousa mitts of olvos H von rug
clrl lost her footing and full down time lower
niuht of steps Shu lay for I moment t nnd then t
raised herself on her handsami would IIBMJ got
up Hut In I nnolhor nioniont vim was hiimd
under 110 bodits of others who til over time
Rtnps > utter her Mm was dead u iron they got
her omit Ilru thrum half nil honi atteinanl Men
fpranir upon iho mils at tho nidi1 and waod
IIU crowds buck from both ttio New York and
Itrouklm I fildiis Hut thu I peoplu continued i to
crowd on towArd t ii i slops Nupolicu 11 Iii
iitlit Jfun In Ibo t croul lifted I I thoii I llihIl I
fliin tlelr heads to savothum fiom time orlh
li oplo v cr still niilnir their pennies It both
Lnlcrt and huiiniiln In
Jim two iluiiiiuili > cl side exits by way of
panks ID r time lulluuy I were iiihiillkleiit I toie
JICo 1 tho ciunh and time result wits that all
lImo uo who I full I entild not bo rnKhod Thn pun
Ito 11101 from DiDnklyn continued to 111 I
OMT tlinsi In I front until thnyweiu I piled in I a
strmmgIjm sulldculnu I mass at lie t foOt of thi t
Ipnei stairs ami on limo landinc bntweun thu
flights UihLi iiflliui muti oHm PtuL > I to riiuh
the un bu r went kept back by I tliu still miii ymu rich mm
tim ruuuu loi ieu minim Jlcehm J fonvd hl is way ti I
tni > IK ail of I time stairs and tliipatmieil anil
UiiUxid till I I hue had forced tluuuuh anil
cILI It li hllHld u WIll Ihluulh 1111
turned niiuiy baii
At imut I tio ooplu i nt tIme New YOlk end of the
fcrlilso undiitloud nluvt I was ha IluOtI I mug 1 Ire
CiUswuio cloMd nnd word was sent to close
tho gates In Drodkijn IluifcunsoM WO tent
to Ito pollen Ktitlon In Oik street Tho potion
inlned time brlilKu olllcnrs In cleiifllu a little
BIUCO about thu ollr time Mops and in drsg
Bin to pro ndn from Iho I miinH of bodies the
dOll nail the ililiu i Humo ciiiwluil i Jiltb
ttieniselMis A company ol the Twelfth huw
York llouiiuoiit worked hard at drauciutf I Ilium
lllolI Jllrd II
olt I lttintylo I Boomod to ho mIl ri dead
i hey worn laid nloniron the north ami south
lilis of thn I pathway and Iho i peonlu fioni
urwlilrn I 1111111 between tlioiu Jinn and
Women tinned t fain at tho t iutgimt l of thn swiilltn
InllluI > Uitnliin I faces of time deul 1our mun
Id Ial I Fix I woinun and n girl < of 15 1 wore iiilt u
aM or died in I a fmv I moinontH Tho > luul
J n found nt time bottom of time luap
Uio inlliii stopped croLvrn wagons coming I
irom Iliooklrn and Clln hug the bodies of the
Jojindid and I dUng down thn idmu inks to hue I
fullid iiiUhcm In the wagons and told the
am rl Ir tn imiryto tho Clmmbors Htrcct lbs
IIJII hlv M > OU > H wiuu laid in onn wagon Thrum
d Jr1fiisiwhlied I II IU i their t horses Non drove
Whim I 111 iCu to time hU jiltnl
tlKorniis eiTorts worn inqiln to rosUHCltato
nosij who Mill Iny on time IIII Ice water was
roticht iioiu tla New York ontranco nnd doe
orB who were II time crowd volunteered their
Serb ico As time hiM body was placod In u
J aii a hook nnd laddir company came dash
flu UI from Brooklyn cumluny CIIU
i it curs 101 llnl11 the dead wagons carao out
ut tl 1arli row hid the publla knew anything
of tho catnRtropho Tho wagons woro followed
off tho bridge by women crying for their ch ii
dren and by men crying for tholr when Soy
oral of the women wore half nuked and many
worn In rags Ono woman had had both of her
Bhoes torn niT and almost nil wen hitrelionded
Thero yore hundrods of them dlehoollod ami
cr > init Their faces were white and they woro
covered with dust and dirt
At 4 oVIoek I was In limo middle of tho
hrliluoHtrollln alonir toward New < 10 Plil n
Kiinllninnii who was In thn oritsh 1 stopped
afhorl illHtniicu east of time Now Yor < tower
and watched tcncrnl men climb over tho rail
mOi cllb
Ins of tire platform at that rll
thl 1IIIIorm lt point Thov walked
auliortd slim nlniiK thn outer MrlnupiccoH
ot lie I Il I I I mount trostN t work nnd thmidescrmled I
nn lion ladder to thu rnndnnt 1 wmulciud
that thcro I wire no jiolcu to Mop thorn I I
pnspod through the towi r mini dcBcunded i omo
illjtanco toward time New York anehorauo
When over time roofn ol Jherry Ftiout I found
invMit In a lilock I ndinand very slowly
and men who nocnmo Impatient ellmliod down
Illflnt 1lmll1
tint triHtlii worjs and ttalnud tho loadway Time
crowd kept coin it nlinnil by liu mind starts i
yent all In 0110 dlnicllon toward Now York an
Jl Il
those comlni from Brooklyn oxtontlnd Miilto
across tho foothpulh Men nnd and onloirR
ran along HID strlnupUui anti tried to
turn tire puoiili on tire south slda of tin path
buck towaid llrouklyn Two or three Hmns
they cot it Marled but each time It t red
bark buMiial rouuhlookln youimg mon elung
Incomer and forced themfeiNcs Into mJ cunvd
nhend pavIng that they could uo throuuli nny
tim mug Thny wor on tlm t south side of tho
path and tliiyshined I t hue peoplo thuru ahead
Jn tho north sldu whirn I stood there was cry
Ill crowding A boy ran along tho north
roadwayandwalnu his arms nlioutod Oo
hack go b lek T turn ho called out to another
10 J Olt
Inn A ibjn killd A cnl1 Iln on lie I sing
bank plecBS to cried Itrooklvn nut u I our people mo kilod I I slllnl
This frlKlititi id many and they turned
lack As I npptiMfliml time tin 1 found many
peoplo Mlttlm on lu oIIIIIWlo o Tnownnun
WTO ry III and iilhors reemed quite faint
Iho crowd mined iiultofiulekly m i I at tll t stops I
recoiled nt tho ficht It mut below on the
asphalt I h id not Mued thn t report of
inoiiln tuoi mug toni and I was not procured to
coo molllliu A number of Now York police
wero time mI and lucy mnd us mOl on In ire I
ccntront lio I lath On both sides 01 rows 01
ljuutiul I Tlmli lIllhlul wax torn and dls
levelled and hats I wore placed over tholr I facow
All around on HID t I walk ciro broken ciinca
luitH faux pma oK nrtlclim of ciuutlm I mug jnw
clry hliooi und hand I satchels I llflod tlio hit
rom tim nice 01 what hnvmcd tnt u boy It
AIH I Chinaman jtcsldn him WIIH H muting
I Irish m 1111 i m i In I n hrown dre > i with cray caciiue
llotli won > quite dead On tutu nppOltu stile
11 ololu llo
was n tall heaxll built ninti with led mails
Dichi and vAhlxkeri Ho was mmii I mum wirni and
ills IU iso 001111 In li I Ikuitt mug tel nt iy I Ho wax
tluufl to tin lallliu and n woman stood In thu
latL1d outside him all to inc Cant I But
him IUMO ut unco 1 loll her ns noon as u
ninn could commit She xaldltwas I her hus
iuutitt Guorgu Hunt1 aged HJ n rartmun of 42
attHNtruot Ills faco was swollen mObil blood
was iiinnltii from Ids nose I smlnkled lo
water on his faon and slapped his hands In an
olloit toreUxM him A tentloman whOHiildhu
was u doctor joined inn lie forced open
Smlthu miuith and took a iiuld of to
bund from way hack In his throat Thun
tiMvtliPi 1 wn tried t III t illeimil respiration
uutl I Bocmed to no luirioMi Tho tmltu had
stopped Ito Is dead I mild tho doctoi Time
pour Idowelawped her hnndn between tho bars
and cried Oh dont bay ho Ix dnidt t Dont
Kuy hn lodead I I loll I mo is I mti lye I lloiuustlw I
millie I At that moment two men lifted tho
bodyup and carried It to n wtuton In tho road
way It was takon to time hospital and time
widow followed hlio snld that site and bur
huplnnd had fallun togiithdr III the crowd nt
tIme foot of time stair and that porno ono had
dragged her out HiuithV body was tho last
ono to b takon nwny
Ono of tho two Irldko polleomen who wero
on duty at the stairway whim tho crush I1lall
was Frederick ItifhnrdK lie stud I was just
above the stairs at time side of tho promenade
Thoro VMS n crowd coin In each direction
and I was trying to keen them moving A wo
nnu stumbled on tho etnhway bolow tho land
ing and fell Another woman nt thu
head of tho stairway saw her fall and shn
screamed The wuolo timing was caused
by that woman screaming I dont
know whether sho wux hurt afterward or
not As soon us 1 saw tho lust woman fall I
ran down throuch the crowd to Jiolp her Jlut
the crowd behind mo rushed forward when
they heard the other woman scream and the
first China I knew was knocked down by those
who came falling down time Rtalrn upon UK
Then came tho Iush and the punie I suc
ceeded In iettlni up thu woman who lurid
fallen but m > hands worm stopped on nnd mr
head kicked I tried to drive back the irovd
hut could do nothing It feomed though Ihu I
peoplo didnt ice the KtairH till they wuru
implied heidlotic down them b > tho nulling
crowd behind homo of the workmen on tho I
lothoy irene worklngon time lion work jant
under tlio Htairs huriicd out and look away
sections of iou t iiilliiK I it tliu foot of tho lulduo I
and In that t way thn t pressure was iui tied lut I m
tills wa not until thu mNelikf hud bi un done
Time rushing of thn crowd was cheeked ulcivo
thn fitall8 m bv Ito I pollio whether of tim um brldo l
or tho New YOlk foui11 dont know It vas all
oyr In I Illteen or twunty minutes though It
seemed great dual loncer
Iliclmum ruts was not la I uniform I and had no
club IIu I was considerably bruised and tho
akin was trampled Em omit his hands
limo other of ire I two bridge IHIII men who
were at thu scent ul time IIIh at Its bcintilii
was John Champloii Ho was not In uniform
nor did ho liavn a club When time eru > h ciniu
ho WOM nt the foot of tho stairs Hn titUs al
most time same story that Itlchard lulls Iho I
crowds from Ixth dhcctlons ho snjs wire
pressing townnl Ihu stairway and at limo bo
ginnlnKif time irusli thu crowd uoing toward
Tlrooklyn was HO cio to wlieio tho peoplu fell
tha tlKia was not loom for tho o who veio
trying to Uscun tlin n who had beau thloln
down to work Hut thoy noon fell back l ivlnif
almost 1 a clear fIeO and thrum Hiibsoiiuentcrowd
1111 I 1I111alllo I I from tho Brook I n side Cham
pion SIDH that ho did 11111111 I his power to rwciio
tho II who had Ixion trampled down but hn
could do notliim to stop time oniushnt time head
cf the stalrn He was bruibed and scratched
At time moment wlmon tho erush begun Mr II I
B Drake Siipeiliitundunt of time outsldowoik
of tho I United I States iTleetrle Light Company
wan pusdn in his uoupUn the direction ot
Nun YlIlk lIe wax seen by a HUN juportnr a
few minutes after time accident His head waB
huidnxed with n handkeichief and his cloth
IIIKWIIH torn Ho was unahln to say just how
tho crush began Ills attention wns attracted
by shrloks and he saw a struggling crowd on
tho t HIli 1111 I Loiiplng from his ciiiilngi hn lull
acrobs thu tuilwav nnd climbed ovurtho lalllntr
nnd them workoil with I tho uccmm I mug forte Hn
says that It was a terrible sight the Minis of r
tlm rulfururs Iwliik almost pulled fiom their
bodies I by ire I onto used to ox rica to tliem I
Tliutrudltof checking tho crowd at tho top
of tiio t stairs is I given In onn of thu t bildgo po
llcuiueii I by n man whos lid that hn llvex In I New
York but refused to give his nninu I was at
tin t foot < > f tho stairs he said w lion thin rush
IMIIIO As ioon as I saw what was going on I
climbed up along time bililstuni and the trestla
w01 kwalked l tilting time truss I and told a hdI
polkvmaii who was tiliiK I i In I check tlio t croud
Unit pimi and nomnn wmo being killed on thou
stairway Hn went to work for all hn was
worth mid succeeded I haltlnc the crowd long
enouuh to make them understand that they
wnrn mallui time prussuiu that was killing
folks ahead of tlioni
In 1ark inw limo celebration of oration
DIm was going on briskly Young men and
girms in I ho idij nttlrn weru walking to and fro
tin 1110 i on time buildiiiKs Iliitimodgiylr and
lie t vnnderx of brldiru medals fruits I t oys nnd
kiilckknaiks of viuli > ussorts Ciiwds of peo
plo 1 with giinning fines suiiouuduiln peddler
iv io it irs selling I dolln to Ire t muHleof a liumor
niis iliant mind tho chlldrun Uilipcd nnd
whlbtlcdas they iihivnd on tilt gruon units
of tilt City Hall I 1aik limit 1IK woio
eked In thugs 1 A low diops of rain
h id just fallun Tho dust was laid and
gratis froyhcnud when time sun shonu ogiln
The clash of muMc I vvus hoard I from boaliid I
them lime holiday throiu swung over In I that
iliioilor anti children skipped linen down us
lhu > saw limo glittor of thu uniforms mind arms
of time mllllli comlnc over thu bridge It
VIIB ire colored Veteran burnt comlnu I
IICIOHS from Drooklyn to thu City Hall
1arl A ilium major In gorgeous re
galia was at thu head of time band Ho
hvung his gilded stnvn bilskly nbout his honcl
im lie heeled his band out Into Chatham street
remit tho south cnrilagn wa y Itohlml I hue band
walked tho colored soldiers luirclilngslioulder
toshouller I and stopping along bilskly Tho
lint swung nut Into Chatham Mrnnt and time
llfus and drums joined time band In I limo Ulrl 1 I I 1
Left Huhlnd Me Tho music won gay und
As tho Yntoran Ounrds passed tho lower en
trance to hit brldgo thuro was a sudden shout
of hOI rr from limit crowd as It surged toward 1
ttuui north carrlngnway and away from tIme Bay
Iy uniformed soldiers Thn daunt wagons am
earls woro just coming off tire bridge followed
bv crowd of weoplm nnd distracted wuuiun
The horror promt and the horse cars worn
blocked by thn crowd who filled thu stronts and
puck d the slduwilkrt eagerly listening to limo
Htnrlu of thosn who had boon lIijtclll jam Tho
clunk ot time bulls of tho ambulance wagons
oponod time crowd like magic Tlwjr cncd In
horror tho faces of tho dead and wounded
Homo of time sufferers wer covered with blood
Others wino limn and deadly palo apparently
without lifo Truck wagons were pressed Into
Ihu I service to aid in carrying the wounded to
tho hospitals Time horse dashed down the
paved plane at all speed whilo uniformed
soldier on tho trucks held the head of tho
wounded nnd did what they could to ease their
rain Tho chief of n flro brigade drove down
time Incline nt full speed In his little rOIl wagon
lupportlnu a wounded I boy In bin arms Thu
bo > I H pulo face lolled on his shoulder and his
hands hunt limp
Hrenkln n AVuy Into Ike Cnrrlncc Hand
Tke lllc Fellow Who Navsd lllntMlr
Duej Carpenter William Dempsey a quiet
coolheaded bronzed workman was one of tha
foremost In breaking tho block and rendering
osslstnnco to those who woro trampled
I won near tho Now York tower he said
fcupurlntondtiiff time work on tho railroad
rack when I heard them wan a terrible black
on tiny footpath I cllmbid up tho Inner trust
work and stood on the chord The footpath
ran lllornlly packed with mon women and
children from Irnnkfort street to time Now York
tower The footpath you know Is narrower
whuro Ihu cables strlko It and Co under the I
hoar to tho anchorage than at any other part
It huts been n favorite place for pickpockets I to
congregate over since tho bridge woe opened
> ecainc four or Iho of thorn can stretch acrosA
tho footpath and by stumbllua around and
hustling against other they can block tho way
hero nnd put In their work An fur ae lean
leant that was tho bnclnmng of the trouble
Htnndlng on Ihu chord I coud son that the
loud was tho worst whnru the cables strike
iho walk The stream from Ilrooklyn win
circling around the tower and tho stream from
Sow York wns clliuhlne IRA hill from time depot
Neither would clvo way nuU the block at the
cnbns could not be broken
1 saw that somathlni ought to be I IlOilO 10
rolluvo the crush ns quickly us potdolt nnd I
knew that tlieio wan 01111 one place whoro It
could lie done and that was nt tha foot of time
steps lendlim Itom mImi plunk footpath to tho
ooncreto walk The light Iron rnlllOlI I that be
gins nt time depot ends there and I saw In a
iiinuto that If a fuw lengths of It could bn
taken dawn tim crowd would spill over on to
the railroad tracks
I ran alongthu top of tho chord until was
stopped by mon who weru climbing up from
time footpath nnd letting ihumxulvcrt down to
time eriHt ties of tIme lallroad track I dioppud
down too und tan along thu tins to time anchor
age calling all tho workmen 1 could sen to
follow I mu anti help I leaf i down thu Hilling I
Vi linn I struck time hard bud of tho ituchornKU
time erutmud aim the toll11H Will jammed tight UI
tu that limo nobody had boen furiously hurt
Oil > a few persons being cittshcd against Uio
railing nnd tops of thu trusses Nick Jim klorr
a cm p nlcr picked up a Iminmu and with a
row hlol broke Ibo light bolts that hold tire
Iron railing on thu iioith side of the concrete
walk and another of my IIUMI nho I dont
kmmourtthtl the Minn ul tho 1I1I1111l all thn south
Ill and tlm longthn I I ore down In h an Instant
The ciowd begin to pusli through tint nairow
tpnco and jump j from Imo m walk to time Led Iuf tho
rallro id before wu could get planks for thorn
to val on All the I wlillu i men and boys woro
dropping liko flli s from time tops of thn trills to
thu railroad and walking or running along time
ties or crossing over to thu carrhuo loadway
It was dangerous biiulnctf foi Ilium fern mls
rout would l huvo cost them their lives They
would Imvo fallen through to imo Street below I
Wo 111illy pulled somo itian kim frolll each 1111 I
bed to time amIgo of the anchorage nnd put thum
across 11011I time edge or thn conoiotu walk In I the
lop of the granite null that divide thoiotd
uD fiom the railroad At first wo had only
two planks I > on each side mud wo feared that
they would break over minute the weight wns
so great Fully flOO persons nscnped fiom tire
crush Iforo mivbody was trampled Hun
dr < ds of men worn c ri lug beep back I Wont
crush too much I but 1 never saw people act
with ro little judgment After thu unit woman
fell on the steps and was trampled > on women
and chlldion began to shriek and you noull
hear men swearing and cursing Nobody
would give way I ellmbcd to thu chuid again
and shouted Ior Gids au knnp back t 1eo
plo mire dying under foot I and hundred look
up tho cry but It seeuicd If It grow wor n
How many wera knocked down anti
trampled on I dont protend to know but It
seemed 11I0 that time wluolu length of thu stop
wim packed solid with bottles Most of those In
tho crush iron grown persons I did not son
moro than three children at tho stairs Thoro
was onu man among them who wax n perfect
brute Hu wmuu standing at the top of the steps
out nt harms reach nnd hn could hnvu stood
them fur some tlmo t I but us bn could not go
back tovard thn tower ho started to gn for
WIII I SOt itl itt on tlm buck of one of m those I
knocked down hun doubled himself i up Into u
ball uud dolllicrntely rolled down over the dead
and wounded to thn I foot of thu t steps Shame I
Shame I eimn from nil sides but he onlj
mulled mid picking I his hat sinned to cross
time planks A voting follow lilt him full In time
face nnd knocked him i niT tin walk to hun road
bed Hn seumpeied away Iwfoin nnvlxidy
could catch him lluwns n powerful hcnvv
men mind could havn taken I Iowllrllllj I himself
better than many of those around him
lly that time the policemen had arrived nnd
tho pulling out of tliu bodies was begun Of
course evuobody till nnd I to and helped and In
half an hour wn had the t iovd i under control
Was It tho 1111 crush nt the steps
YOR Heretotorn thn crush has bcon near
tim dupot ou thu New York Hidn unit twice 110
had tn knock down thu railing them to reliovn
It Wu louver had to knock down time railing it
time stops born 10
Smti It I ever suggested during time building I
of ito t hrldgn to do without stops nnd Intro tho
plank foolwnlk on a level with the concrete
walk r
wl1lklot that I know of
Could that bn denim
Not Ithont chnnulnu time crude
Of eouiso but would the change bo too
IIrlItIt would bo m > stenp at that point
Could the coitcrctn walk bu niisud to n level
with Ihu plait z walk
I sitpposn It I t might
Nicholas Mockler the earpnnterwho knocked
down length of r limo railing on tio northtslde
of thn walk was nt work nn time iross tins of
thn railroad at tilt IInlllIl tlncriHi He heard
hess 1llIlloy older hut men to tIme nnehnr
ago and MIS tOll of the ipilekest lakn in time
situation If penidn had acted with any kind
of io ruse ho said them would hnvu been no
tioubU Ve had I time tailing down ami tho
planks put across tho t rum ltrrunij before mmmi t body
was hurt and If I I people had been llttlo I I pa
tient wo would havu turned tho crowd off to
till roidway without any double Hut tomo
ounn fiji lows kIt pushing I and pushing I und
of coiirc as soon us nun full thcro was no
telling what thu result might be
Pnndemunliini nn IhO Poolwiiy Tfcc Flgkt far
IIIV AlxiTf thi Sulr
Mr Henry Ouy Cniluton of Ui Clrnmorcy
Iark snld rite block began about midway
between limo staircase and tho tower A mans
hut was blown oft by a sudden IIIKt of wind
and his veil of dn pilr ns It floated over tho
railing together with his mud effort to scrnm
bo up tlio stAts In purHUlt cuiKod tho crowd
to stop and jeer him III a moment sovurnl of
tim ii btldin police run up and cndunvoicd to
opon a passage for those moving toward New
York As by far tire greater proportion worn
moving H rook I n ward and us time path was
nltondy blocked for one hundred jnrds this
resulted only In ranking matters waite 8ov
oral men leaped to time railing and made vio
lent ecclures for thociowd to pross toward Now
York Futher down other mon misunder
standing tho slcn ils wedged tire throne to
wind Ilrooklyn Tire result of obedience to
thoso two opposing counsels was u frightful
crush where the picssurcs mot and tho
chorus of shrieks jell arid oaths from those
who bore the brunt wns horrlbu to hoar This
talo of affairs was inlntulncd for ten or fifteen
minutes Then from the Ilrooklyn side ermine
n conc rloll movement which gradually over
came time pressure from tho New York end mind
tho demise throng of halfstifled men women
nnd chIldren wits forced Inch by Inch crying
cursing praying and jelling toward lime stair
case ThOHO on time outor cdgo cliitchmldus
perutoly at omit rulllng but time tremendous
pioisuro torn thorn Incise anti swept them on
with bleeding hands toward time next truss nt
which Ihoy grasped In turn Men struck out
right nnd loft at thnvi who mossed against
them girls shrieked themselves Into his
tories ono old man piled 1 his cnno vlir
orotibly on all sides und inadu moio
limn one head aelio a JOUIIK wife
shrieked Intervals not oxcoedltig one second
lor somo mine to Hnvu inn J I iii mttio I n mini imk
en Irish woman serntchod and bit IIko n Iron
olell cat at every face and arm within rnachnnd
got soundly miii iii miueiicut In return n policeman
yelled himself hoaise ns ho swept along and
threatened lute u uiuurmiluio heads with a club
which fortunately had stout knocked out of his
hand n mother held l her bain high above her
screaming vainly to lion purchna on tho rail
ing to tako and save It a little gIrl crushed
between two btaUviilt laborers was by
tholr combined Htiungth lifted and hold l up
sonnnlf and bleeding nt thu nose and mouth
and from every throat onion frnntio shrieks of
terror nnd agony which nddud every moment
to tho excitement and made thin dancer worse
Several of thoio who attempted to climb upon
F 1
or ellnlr 10 the railing hart tholr arm or lean
broken nnd aDO woman who had succeeded in
pottlm upon tho rail fainted and would Imvo
fallen though to tho lit root U > 0 feet bolow had
not two Htronc men caU lit hor by her ankles
and so lowored her In Rnfaty to n beam whom
they held l hor until onslManco catnu
Mnnnalnittn roach tile railing I climbed
over It nnd down the Iron supports to the rail
way below Thon 1 walked toward the Blair
own anti stood twdlde It trylm with others tn
tinge men to lighten time jmmmmi hy comlnu
over as 1 had done Thin Irst 1 bollovo to fall
cm time mult was a roun ulil with reddish
hair hue shrieked nnd sank down falntlne
Two lOon In trylnc to Uft her wore knocked
over liar and trampled Over these others
ntumblod and In a m few afOndR man women
and children wero 1Ilnst i four deep nt tho bot
tom of the stairCase nnd under tho crowd
Man on thoauihmugmi amid on tho dilvowsy now
dlrocted thelredortii towardHlopidiiK the movo
mont toward thu 111l rtlIje and shortly cite
eendod Othors 11mod out thoso who worn
rnplinc the vlctliM A number of t
Inborors ran up > tha drive from tho
tower nnd tore ftwnr a portion of thb1
Iron railing which ruaraM tho utalrcaso and
then every man wHnfrecJinnds worked with a
will to extricate too Injured Tim first to be
lifted out wan n boy fortlups lo years of ncc
IliHfacn had boon trampled to i pulp and fib
turns I could judge hewlR dead A young
womnn almost nude WM laid l on the drive i
and died almost Ins llItlr A man about 39
IlL next Hn WMW dead already Several
childron moaning piad ciMplng were handed
out A young woman with u broken rib pro
truding through her bro n wan carried norms
time track Rime saomedto be lifeless Alto
Kothor there wore elMbleen or twenty removed
tlirnuvh time broken rnlllog over half of whom
worn ilj 1 Ins or already dead
mTiiii pios uro Intho nho oft tho crowd
when the pnnlo wixa nt Its heIght vyaa unboura
bb mid I am ceitiln Mvoro Injuries wore sus
tained by ninny tllonfccnped I the dancer of tho
RtalronHc Ills police wero prompt In an at
tempt to provint tlm crash but nt they worked
In contrary direction thoy unfoi Innately as
sisted It At time tlmo of ho accident on tho
swlru however tlmrXorknit In uniSon and to
thulr elfortu 1 bellove many arm ludoblod for
thoir llvct
UN > LsprtTj > u TiLL TUB UKT noitpNT
Mr Alfred Vhlckir of 35C Kucllil nvouuo
Cleveland saint l
I went on tim bridge at u oclock mind
wnlked toward HrujlUyn Theme wore tow rico
Dlogoliu that wuv amid lucre was no crowd nt
tho ticket oftleo Ylwll wo pair tho puopln stop
lIlovo thin ntalrn < thouilit lucy wure merely
looking nt tIme view IUcn we saw soma of
them hurry Lack towtircl tilt Kuw York shore
but wuwmit on Suddenly we becan to fret
tho crowd thicken about us 1eopln smllod
plmisnntly uud boKou to chat wllh MtrtllllIfI
Tliu crowd cot moio donso and bcMti surge
bneknnd forth Vo foil Kiiddcnly n tremen
dous rush from the llrouklin side I notlcnd
that t WOIKCII aioumlus wcro ji ilo and that I chil
dren were crilng but situ It did not doom to
mo that nn > ihtnswai the matter A woman
who was between inn anti thn ailing clutched
tun ylololllli by the mmmi and tried olloH
sake keep off yniijiro killing inc I tried to
push away 10111110 nail I found that I was
utterly holplKis Th woman ulmost fainted
nwuj Homo men afterward drugccd her up
over thn mil A man struck at mo furiously
once Ho mid I was klllliu his child I WIS livid
as though in nvUu uI would huvn given every
thlnj on earth nt tlmt moment if I could hiivo
got out of tliu awful jam 1 couldnt do tiny
tliinz 1 wns killing pooplo niself After
n wimilit I got 10 tliu roll nud liy n great ellort
drew mi self up mouth climbed ovei limo fence It
wns u risky thing to do juel hero for thn bot
tom of thu railroad scatlot wns open work All
this time it senmud Impossible for limo people
lit both ends of the bridge to realuo that men
nnd women nnd children wore bnlnc killed
Tho crowds surged In from both ends I
lImbo l down oven lime trestle work und rushed
luck nnd told pooplo to keep back but It was
no use Thoy snld I Whats going on
whats tho trouble 1 lnd11U hed ahead
A riMitA SEruvrsi AND A HON LOUT
Mrs Idward 1 olburn ci57 Houth iighth
street Brooklyn caino out Jnw Chat ham street
loading I a lUlu hey W Ilh iieh hand bho had
lost her hush md In time tlutinir Ho had taken
thnli oldest sou with limb I NMillo she was talk
Ing with aiepoiter of Tut HUN on Cbuthnm
Kticcit hei niece n girl 6f IB ran up to her
crying hcru is uncto 1 Mrs Colburn
answered that sho dill 1 not know She
said It was nn nfll experience 1
saw ono womin full backward front time
steps As soon as Silo tell she was jumped
upon by men w liu were forced ufi lai Thuy
tiamiilod her to death I nuts pushed up
mmmal mist the t railing I I and tinted I around und
around Jl v cloth I lug was torn nnd I wns ox
1 hausted 1 YlioiiIlaatsau I rut y husband lie was i
holding I our son up In I Iho IIII and 1 olngcuriiod
towinl thn edgnof tint ntns by tIme crowd I I
dun tutho tnt I It I itg I At last POII one frnni
above ciiepud my wrists and hauled mo out ci
t hun ciiish A few minutes i t I itor thuy Iot my
two bnjs up
At that time tint bodies lay three d op at
tho I foot of hue I Men tutu man who wits whit
nbii sheet I 511 uiggled omit of thu IIIIISH with his
dead child t held ubovo his head Huwassciuam
Ing I 1 stood by the m rail looking I fur my hus
band and our other i hlld I do trot yet know
whether the > aiosifo
The nleee said I was landing csldo l > my
aunt I holding fast to her with both I arms I
was omit from hei Ida and whirled up ngaiiibt I
thu dice My aim was cauglit between tire
Iron slats and I vns slowly pressed ovum back
waul lAeiv I moment I thought lilY nrlll would
breik Tin tllj thu I two men nut tn mu mau
111 to push mu around so that my arm was
tcIMisud It I was no strained that I I cant lilt I I I It I
Uhu father was SPIll nut mug thn t city all last
night for his son Mr l Colburn was bulbed
and tlmroiighl oxlmutcd by the struggle to
lucia hlK 10 on time bridgu Hu said latu last
I was parted from my info and daughter
abovu thu steps Wo saw that wu woro to huvo
an awful htiugglu und sin took somo of tho
childron and tried to go toward Drook
Ivn I I thought lucre was u butler
chnncu tire otlu way so I took my son Charles
and 10 entered n crowd that was going towaid
Now York Tlioro were two distinct streams of
people > at thai tlmoruiinlii I in opposite illioe
t lout My boy Is ll earn old nnd milto n sturdy
hid Wo moved a fuw feet toward New York und
then were caught III thn IUllol troll und
carried oil our feet I wis crushed HO that I
scarcely see but I clung fust to the boy
Then gradually wo weio forced upnrt It was
awful lo huvo time boy loin slowly from mu
but Inch by Inch wu vvmn separated I was
neai ire feme I clutched It with nil
my might and hung I on while I shouted
to tho boy Hut what could Ire hoar
In I nil that hubbub Then someone caught ray
hands froii nbovo amid I was drawn up A <
soon ns I could got my breath and see I looked
mind shouted for m > boy Ho was gone No
whciu could I catch mm gil iii Use of him I waited
and watched unit ovum since I hnvu been I Koliu
fioni police station to hospital At ton oclock
tonight I was looking in tho shod under time
brldio and I found my hots lint but I can cut
no fuither tiace of him
Tin rnii or DEAD
Mr H Aborciombloof Sknnoiitoles said I
was cnught twunty > uids from the stuns I
wee t iiliuur thn stone sides nnd hung on to tho
ruth II nug with i urn hand Just us 1 got up on tho
north side of thu feuiu 1 tho crowd swnjcd to
ward Now York uud throw II Illrl down on tho
right liund corner Mm vent over IIltlulI Ito
nnd forward and fell on her faco Then four
men and women fell on her I jelled for thum
to get over tIme rail and pulled n man over J
ot hlmnvci nnd time woman next to him and
after II hard struggle got them so that they
stood uong time Ironwork Meanwhile chll
dron nnd men and women wore falling all nor
tho steps I got people over the rail until no
moro could stand there Tivobninigo lumen IIIIIO
amid put plunks from the stonework down to
tho open boll of limo roadway below Thoy
began to got people down that vvaj
Then I got up on top of Ito Ironwork
mind gavu thum II hand Time people
were jammed so that thuy could not movn
themselves I pulled out two mlddlungcil
women anti ono girl whoso mother begged mo
with tears to smite hoc I got nor and her
mother out I got out iiimnn 1I0xtn tall man
with side whiskers Wo bad to hold l up limo
woman and tho girl they worm HO exhausted
Cliiidunliy thoso In front contrived to repress
thn t crowd behind them and those who had
fallen nnd been burled nt the fool of tho slops
were pulled out
I have hail somo tuition In I medlelnn I
felt tho pulse of II number of those who w era
taken out Time llrst was n womnn who lay
on nor back just bolow lilt Heps with omit
arm twisted mutter her nnd time other hnnd
clenching thu remnant of n childs shawl
Him had giuy hair Her forehead had been
cut by tho fall and her face wits stained
with blood Her pulsn was almost Impoicaptl
blp I believe she dlml before thor sot her oft
time brldgo NIAI 10 hem lay a Chlnumnii Hu I
was btonu dead lvlnc half I across the China
uncut was a young woman with dishevelled red
dish hair Her clothing was torn I could not
tell whether sho was breathing or not Her
imlso wnsulinodl Imperceptible I just bovond l
her lay another woman who humid evidently
been trampled on I put I in j ear to her heart
but discovered evidences of life Next to
her lay n womnn whose nock was twist
ed backward und whoso hands wore clenched
Him wits stone dead
Time noxt womans noIse vns almost im
perceptible A man lay half across her dead
Ho humid ovolonllr bcon trampled to death at time
beginning of time struggle
John Htloh of ins Cnryetlo street narrowly
escaped with his life He was In tho front of
the crowd when tho rush came and Ins hurled
down A mans heel came down on his head
making a iambus bruise lie got to his feel
nnd began assisting those who wero helpless
These who lay at the bottom bo saId wore
wedged so tl htly that it was Impossible to
extricate them and while wowero ut work
men name headlong down upon them ns
though they hud dived from tho top of tho
ftiuetitlng tnajo A young man who akl ho
had been but recently married was In thu
crowd with his wlfo young woman of 23 or 21
leurti Hho was thrown down und hold by
thopo who full upon her I nnd others cnuitht
her by tho limbs and drew her out of her cloth
ing HO that sho was nudo to tire waist when
rescued A mnn throw his coat over her nIl
she was taken to thu sIde of thin walk whore
ace was propped up In a sitting position
against tho ralllnir I dont know how badly shu
was hurt Homo of time womnn who worn In the
crowd nbovq tire stairway climbed tu the Iron
tlowork made their way along the braces over
the railway and wero helped down to tho
Tko Two Cklef tuiuf of tke InmA Talk
1 I
u wllk Hantrlnlendcnt Mnrtln
I Thcro la DO room for doubt that tlm cause
of tho accident was In Ibo llrst place the stair
way at a narrow point on tho promonndn A
blockade of considerable magnitude occurred
shortly before tire fatal crush ut a point almost
midway between the anchorage and thp Now
York tower whoro tho promenade Is l narrowed
fiom UW foot to 18 foot by time cables coming
down to tho footbridge At iho head of hue
btairfc tho prouicnndo U ISl feet wide Thu
Iron banisters of the stairway narrow It down
to U uot In width Tlioro mire seven stops
rather low and then comes n landing of tIme
limo width of tho stairway nnd 8 feet 3 Inches
Jn Iho otherdirection lioyond this landing
mire seven moro steps Time bed below them Is
of stono for n foot or so amid then tho concrete
walk begins and widens out to time width of ito
proiimuudo above From tho top ot the stair
way across tire landing and to the bottom time
width Is only fourteen feat Persons slopping
on time stairway or just below It can by leaning
over time railing a little look Into time trcstlo
ways through which the curs are to inn Many
stop there nnd In tIme narrow stairway and ut
tint foot of It a blockade Is easily produced
In the bocond place lie accident ut thu stnlr
vvuy could not have occurred It them haul been
un cHlelent forcoof pollco thuro to keep tha
throngs moving Irom all that can bo learned
there wns no policeman on Ire stairs or land
leg until after time way timid been choked up
Two bridge policemen worn near uud another
wits n low rods away In tho directIon of time
Now York low LI Il does not nppoar that any
of the New York policemen was near when time
crush begun
About time Into when time panto was at Its
height Superintendent Maitlu received word
that them wa n fairsized uncivil on lie bridge
well distributed and moving without hindrance
While thu man who reported to him was going
from tea slruetuto lo time brhUru oulco whcio
til huporlntendonl was thn teirlblo nee no was
enacted Flvo minutes after his arrival an
other man entered tho office with news of time
calamity and Huparintundunl Martin hurried
to time scene Thorn n HUN reporter asked him
about thu cause of time accident
I do not know what cnusod It time Super
intendent said Front what I already know
nboutlt 1 should suty that thu persons cross
Ing time bridge on any day slum Ihu opening
could have emitted panic just liko this and
with us deplorable rusults Thoru were moro
1001mb on tho brldgoon Saturday afternoon
t inn t im ann were this afternoon und moro on
undiiy afternoon Only n few cnmpiuallvaly
of thoso on lie brldgn were In this crush
Does not thu accident show that hue brldgo
pollco mint havu been Insufficient Mr Mui
tlli was asked
V o believed that wu had mado ample ar
rangements to keep limo crowd moving Our
pollco woro Instructed to see that In tIme event
of a crowd collect Ing nt any point they should
not try to drive people back In a mumasSfom that
vvuuld have surely icnuUed in a blockado but
to make uacii poison muvo alone In tha direc
tion hn deul red logo W had 12 moil of our
rceuliir brldgo pollcu on time structure this
afternoon and H other men specially detailed
for pollcu duty Besides thoRn thero wern 25
mnn of tIme Now York pollen force detailed for
bridge duty I understand that 20 were on the
structure and Sat the Now York entrance I
have not learned how ninny of our police or
how tunny of limo New York force wore near time
KCcna of the uculilmitwhei It occurred IT tihntt
ascoituln who vvoio thoru und If possible
vvhetlmr tiny failed to di all that they could
havn done In the cliiorucncy
It t Is said that whun time men In charge of
thu admission of iiui ons at thrum Ne ty oiknii
trnnen weiu hurl tfint n panic was In pnvjicsu
nnd weru risked to I ndmlt no mom pas oiiEurs
till It vvus over tlmy refused to nccedo to iho
ruiincflt Ouhl thoy to micro dona fo
I am Incilned tn think that they will bn up
held In what tin > did Thny had no light m to
close time brldgo uiept upon oidcis coming
moot some pioper miuit hon ty
Havn I I ion in mind I an > mcastnes looking I
towaid thu pioventlon t of such in i IdentsV
1 shall lengthen thu iillliu which divides
thu piniiiuiindu into tvu lines at thu mow
jiolnt where time cables come dovu to tho t toot
Iwldke who rt I iionu > was a toni liiimmiiulu ldoev
ade a few minutes before thn jam oecurid at
this niiihoiage lit leiuthentnn this lulling
nnd having men them to turn ilmse going to
Ilrooklyn Into ono division and tlioin coming
to Niiw < uk Into thn othi r the liknllliood of a
jam on any pint I of the struetuiu will LH > letsi n
cd Then I I snill I dlvldn thlsstaiiwaj t t I bv n rail
ing In tire siimn wuv and for the Mime purpose
lime railing will exlulid nlong lou a little ills
lancn uucli way fiom tIme stalls m In i ord < r that If
mummy jam oecuis It maj not bo neai thn stalls
I had alreaih made arnintements to have this
done but could not gut It none toduv If I
could this t iccident might Inue been aveited
It was to be and will bo minute tomonow
rut i INI ion irutsTiiiASs
As to tlm t capacitj of tlu foot uimiyIs It I In I
ndennatn I
It 1 seem to bu so until w n get thn ca i H to run
ning I On HuvoriiloecMsionswn lint mu had to open
tliu roadwajs to foot i > asonii > is Thoj wuni
open todav and hugo iiunil rn inn gnlni
toward Hronklvn I on the I south I m it ii vim way vthun
the accident occuiiud Hiitwothinl t In that when
time ems urn running and the novelty of tho
brldgo has euro tilT mm little llio pioinunadn will
ho mimi lIe tnneeommodutu tii foot passenguri <
Are not time stairs I nt thu t unelioiag on
oJther sldu of the riv < r userious defect at best
In Ihu I construction of f the bildge s
To do nwny with limo stairs It would have
been necessary tn havn u nit hmuur steep I lull limo
neur tlioso points nnd it was thought th it Ihn
stulrwujs wnud In Iri C fir mumllui to tliu I Inclines I I
Homebody u kod Ml r Muitln I If I I tue brldgo
haul not been closed ut all after tlm aildnt
Ihernwus noocuinlon for < lo iiiu it ho
said There am n gieat many mom people
on the bridgu nou lliau them wuio when the
Hceldcnl occurred and lull ein suit that tlmy
urn moving nlody and witiout deli > The
totdwnv was upon to t foot tcmsr tug ra bcfotu
the accident I
It Is one of thn1 o unavoidable ami uufoi
scour timing Jli Miitln added that balilen
human prescience1 It tumult proves tImer might
be n panic Inn crowd In a pi alt in with fatal re
sults Hei u was am pie spacuforalllf tlioiu had
Neii sliniileeoiniuon sunso iisud his thuso Hist
cauuht In tire tanglu If thuv had promptly
inoviid along them votild unto b en no danger
Thoio Is a tendency lo I halt at thesn steps and
wu wuio planning tn erect n lallln In lImo
contiu of hue stairs Thi will divide
time two Htrcims so tlmt thov will not
get Into conlllct There Is tho same
tendency to a ci uuh wheru the cables dip lie
low time piomunado and nrn railed off from time
walk Them Is also u need for mm dividing rail at
this point Wu will put up these i allto Irs the
efTed of dlvldln the two streams at this point
o meant tn do tills any tu > but of eouisn
tills accident dntcimines time need of hue ex
Do I jou think I thil ustrongi i police force
would have pmvnnli d I time accident
I do not A plntoon of 1 policemen would
have bcon swupt uway
Tko llcinl iud Itilured A Murntle til Ckitiit
bcr Nitert lliKpltnl
HutiilrcvlMof jieoplociouiled uboutChniii
burs Street Hospital where time dead nnd se
verely Injured were taken Tho ambulances
inttlod up lo the door nnd body after bodj was
brought In I Tho Injuied I were placed in I I in
wards and tho deed woio cnnlud to tho collar
whero thoy worn ranged sub by side
Thoru iron six women n gill huron
moil nnd n boy A dingy glow
thrown from nslnula gas jet barely gavo suf
lielcnt light to distinguish I the feritul iris of thu I
dead ly twos nnd t lu rues men and women
who timid tilled at tho hoHpllnl in search of
missing relatives I and whoso descriptions In
any way tallied t with the hen hums went luoughl
down Ono by onu tint dead wero Identllled by
weopliig friends or rolatlvus until but two re
mained unknown an old man with snowy hair
and n boy of 15 vears Thuy lay olde In l bide a
contrail of ngo mint south
Tho lornxnltlnns of Ito dead weru most
honrtbrenklng lime wilt olJamc Ollrlun on
seeing him went Into hvsterlci and vvus tar
rio up to thu t ward vuiern lay bur daughlei i
vho was nearly dead A whltnhnlred i man In
coarse clothes whoso bunds showed fumlllai I I
Ity with hard work looked at elovcn bodies IM
foro Heolng tho object of his scan h Maggie
Mnggln Tin cried snelni his daughter mind
wits led sobbing from lime plnce
line slops of thn hospital weru kept clear by
a squad of pollcomeu Some ol the Injure
were bystanders and their cries could bo
hoard for blocks As soon ns lucy wore Identi
fied and were In condition to bo removed they
wore taken In ambulances to time New York
and Ht Vincents Hospitals Many whoso In
juries irene trilling had their wounds dressed
anti walked nr woru driven home In carrlnges
A number of time bodies were removed to thn
homes nt their relatives TIme list of the derid
In as tallows
IUMHUX druuli 4i M riolJ S Turkliti OiiMi tit
us 2 Iljinoutli irmtt llrnuklylt Plus nun I rttintl In
itchtli Ailinrlnh lUnrlii her luipttuiil I A inrptt
linker lie tiCcHiuo tniuiie on tienrttitf uf Ids wlfcn
tuuumT WM II it i tcarinlit 4M1ran < l ttrttt A clerk
Trnmptrd t drntll
l Htwiuinior UIUMIK Uliin 4O veurp iittl of 140 West
Tuimruycrrnium i urcrt Dint from ttilTni nilinnh fthm k
HfXNf 4Kr HAIIAII XI years lii 1 nt lou llitrcn avtniie
UllilimUmtuli llrr I hu ljiuil H i R nlrr ii inur she
ii rut iruiumr mt ii i > u
iAit I ii ics i tuu iti ci I tf IKVflriniili urcl Jr
vevriu Wilt of Iriiul KAHIMI K iSrIir I Mtlt t tiy mf
utiitloii anil tiLiiiic Hiicil iiiin
liHirx I Jmrt 41 Mrnmulil nt fH itlkht I rlrrrt rui
li I l i > eil liy ttiu lriinilvniua Itallrnait i omt nib AH s its
lii icy irk ii llr miii Tr uu Ifit toil Iemuih
ItluHlUN FLItK ms years nil nirti ri > WllUill J mint
ilun it mmiery rtnlle Lecher of 51 MonlKnmry iinrl
biiu from lufTocntlnii
tom i iweru lnM i A rif nriisiorteimuim set 3 3eur
Her liutlmnil U a nen rapinln Tr inilM tn iteatti
Iou in IN MAKUAHLT i5emrutii l ot II J Monroe itrrrt
tub < illnl frnin iii lTvM ton and flnn I lrnin > lcd upon Her
falli r U itliiliorer
Hmtn iKiari ot IJ VVatti Street Died fro 11 prOtect
tlon niiit liriilci
AH it lie ut litiiainan of flux ten Hreet Tr mlul to
tnlileutlfltil toy lj ytnr old ilrenfr 1 tn dirk cmtlu it m
iii nrutl face mil quire Jaw hnlr Unlit Tramplcl tu
Mis lliuiarlnn was walking over time brldgo
with lier semi a lad of 17 The > wero sldo by
pith when time crush line Thoy tried t to keep
tozuthor but irons forced apart Mrs HuMiriiin
till upon Iho steps nnd was cam ritut down by
the crowd who trampled tupon her Tim
son as soon as ho vvus out of Iho
crowd searched In vnln for his mother
TIIPII ho wont homo expecting to sea her
thero nchiu lah liuznrlan I time father then I
cnmo to i this city with n friend limey emu hut nt
time Chnmbers Street Ho ptnl where Mrs
llaznrian wits Identified Time husband seemed
stunned Loaning on his friends nun hn lot
lorod uwnv Al Chambers street nnd West
Hrondwny ho suddenly began to laugh Ills
eyes becammme wild amid uncertain and he trims
taken homo Insane Ho mnril d Ills info in
Turkey and came to America n score of teens
ago Maud llilchln or Crawford was waiki mug upon
Iho bridge with Mm hate Ulco In time crush
they worn epirntud Mien Mrs lilcn next
saw her friend site trims dead Mrs llltchlo
kept ftbonrdlngliousout itfi est um7tim street
Him wont by tire niimo of Muud Cciii ford
Hirnh Huunessoy was married on Kuntur amid
wits wnlklnzon the brldgo with her husband
when the crow closed In upon them Her
husband Injured his left arm u week ngo unit
clung to bin wife with his right hand A
little gIrl full In I iron t of him and liu was tin m own
upon Ills knees mind kicked and bruled Then
his wit was torn from him nud ire saw her
tiumplcd upon amid killed W bun hn got olT tho
brIdge ho searched for his wIfe and found run
In the t hospital
Mrs JlUa Hasten wns on Ito bridge with
Louis i Knsten her liu huitd who is ulurbc > r
Thov vvnro set iruted Mr Kuxteii saw his wife
trampled upon Ho saw her urrled to tutu hos
pital and then went home and returned with
his son
Jiimus OBilen trio n delivery eeik In tho
uniplo of f the lott it sylvuimmium I lnmilromurl toum trim ity
Ho hurts five chlldicn Ho was oil thu bridge
with Ills daughter Ilxle Hn 1 was killed I nnd
thu I gill I wiis suilouul ito iii ed Huwib I Iduntl
111 d by his wife
Mrs Itlordnn went for nwulx jeutirduy after
noon with her lfjearold son lliomas Her
body was Ilomutl thou by her husband Tho boy
was trampled on Mother nnd son intro picked
ptogothui and carried to the Chambers Street
ospltnl m Mrs Itlonlnn leaves two chlldiun
Mrs FinmuC Shoiwnod lived i at ISrldgepoit
Conn lou husband wau u i uu captain Sim
was visiting time fnmllj ot Mr 0 Vi Stiles of
l > 7flrovo rtrmert Jersos City In eonipuuy with
Mr St lies mmmiii MihllleiHdaughtnrMiittlu i m she
sis I tout tlio t bridge Stic and Mattl i ii micro in I Ire
centra of the jam She was I rain idnil to death
Mnrunrut hitlltvan visited thu brldgo with
her sister Kate Doth wet o ci uuuiiutd against
tho Iron ratline of thn pn ngcway Mitigiuet
VMIS killed Her sister whoso clothes woio
torn off made her ire y imommuu and told what had
luorgn Kinlth of 41 Snttrt street started nut
at noon with hi Is wlfu tusiwiidhls half holiday
uiHin tin bridge llotli vvnrn cuudit In the jam
Mrf Smith OUTS that ncr himband fontfit rn
fivohor I but I she was tluovvn down and hei
husbind In trvini tu protect lieu WIK riushcd
tiidunth Multli titus mm tnimcktmmumiu 3inrri old
Hn leaves four small chlldion
Win H I Ciaft nhowiit t liloirt I lIed at 11 oclnlz 1
Isnt nlglit irnus niljcara of iiiri llvnl I i at 4 III
liund I m street t New uurln ii nut wits empot > il as
nderkln I Itidle I i > s m illj goods mie Ho I
left the stoie at iIti l M t intruding to cmor i
lImit bridge to vNt n lillvi s in Hi okljn
Jhulxiv vim wns not liU ntllcil vas uliout l >
> eiiH old Hn woiu tilnek lions is white shirt
iaitcis and vvliiln tottoii stoikliib His face
is I lotiinl and full und his light hair is i cut
eln oH in t tliu I noex In his I i pnekel t win rn tl t I > kels u
of u Sundij school In South m Second stleet I
Villlam I I < biiicn
Ah Ilnr the riilmnian Is of very mini
slut me llevasdn > si din Kumie in attlie He
woiu nn Uiie He was lib ntllled bj sevei it
Chinamen whotiid ho lived In lulc slm t
but did miii give tliu t numbur
I Irijfif tliebiliUi mmmiuuucs nilhil bieitll
ies > v Into lh tty Hall pollo station about
1c oclock and culled out Ioi liods I sake
tend somn poll > union to Iho bliilge M inv
urn killed and hundreds Injuied and
huirlcd nvvai Tlien u cioud of ex
cited people iloudcd ire t iduii In front of
the station and thn d Mil anil Injured bewail to
lio bioucht In Ambulances uim suinmoneil
from tho Cliambei ticet Hospltnl und Ilmoy
vem cairled tliiiliur Mam Iri1 chlldiuu
eioded into thn station somn of whom wem
ciru i mInt I b I ry their I parents i moiig tliu i I lost
hlldien vou thien named Killer fiom ct
mtm i MI C nr mi isiuii
i Ins is i u in Hal list of thu Injun
1 MUMT titfi M hi TIV I t nt litt I I I Ilhtrlttll kill I lot
tiiiioii i in i irulie I Inktn In hninlH rt slr l llnvjii
lul W liiit liijiui I trim u liiliv in lirr nr im Hi lil >
UIK I Ukl 1 lip III I IlkLII tn 111 lilt I hull I J 111 i i turuliiu
IUI IIIT msuik I I J > urc 11 if Il v mt > lrnll I liikiil
ItMilil nrin TnkuitoNitt Vurk iliiuliiiI l
Hli inrf OTTO I I in uru < 11 tni < hlxlli clnol I ir ken
lit c Mltutdl I M miuyilirimr HI u Hi A tm llmm
luitHTr vss insure of III vtnitttrirr tell ilth IMO
iMHiirll licluulh tiC An he fit n IHIIII Kit i IKI I i M i lur
mail I k ninU rliimsly l itrin < I II im mint I uiuil r mm MtUil
tier tn It t itiuit I t
lit n I t itHiiiiik i II i uui ynirru irli I In I Mli < r buhlnt
trujiul ui klmllt Illi III ml Vllcli I I lit cnrnrrtiru Slrnl
nirwirlmrmi ciii 1 ii t iii ionic
IMUM I t I till t M t teru ill ut ii IJ in l l fTrrrl re
t Lhcil titlul ItniiAMi in tine jinii J iuut I ust nkiiui I t u
e nilii inmim i > itu iMiitr KII Un Fri
lilnti I iii Mliirot m loil Irirlciniciliklon if thu i
iunnlnu I mit I > nk AIM V iiiii un ltntllmsl
hum I Mr I u n lluir nulu i llroi kliu llmlli
lri ni I nli nil tin iinty t tnt n 1 mono i i a truiiiui u
piiiiiun I IIKIIIM i id t ll ii Firs nrn I N iinrk
Injiirj In u IM n inn mini 1 ioiitii > luii VI ui liutni linn
I hll
UMVT > Ii ii ii II Ion VVtflllle 11 CKIIllliliiil o
rll M i n Vn llii Ilil
ii tIlls Mv II i m izl il CIS tnt luillll 1 nllilli
klnil 1111 i > lo n if r Hit luck til lmk Au itt inurk
uuii 1 i tut m < im M i s 1 1 rums iii 1 1 i nF > r IK lrfwt llfmi I
fi nili MIC it II uln In frif Inn it loin uili ninni < t
rtkiii I mi l i sm V Inn nt i iimriiiuiit
IHitAi I vi u rj KICK nil of rruoVI > ii Km i unit
tunit iiijurti inuit ii honi
lAiititmt ilsnre 1 ul Ion Jl FitS unil tnt viiitittiit
ittium IK tr Scsniiiunt Uiirnntilii i from i eiittiplon amt
hlon k I u kin lo tnnnunlnmi l r Mm I Mm1 ilnl
IOII < 1IIN ANHH Tllr HJf f ll u unt llrtlltl
Mti Imil litr iir iit t iirin l H iii IriiUnt nn I litr lititt
tinrt she UH lilialile In miii I li l it Mllll
IA m i < XII Vlr mjilm nf flu m I rill 0 ltol I shoulder
hn lint nn I ruin lix Inliiiiil Ua ulrli lo sisli hohir
iii iininiuti tiiulKralih tinitunfini l
HAVMV I I MU VAHiniil I 5 if ii I lirtille Uriel
Vrin hull m tii h mu I ii iilk h nil
IlllnrKT n I HIIRHIT ai lifftrniuktr of Vli Hi Iiiucej ot lret
tell nt ullh brnlhiH on hi urniH luul tiiiiy 1
lon WIMIXIMIM Vi cnFfiuiint < of 7it llenrv ulri et
liitt riu > mjiirhk uinl i miMivionii Tuktu lo immUr
SUit i llor tint
Nsmnuui VI H KITTII U IVirl rlrut wns tnitirht
ill illlH Un nrnnr ninl irilkli m mull loinljK tu ii ink
She 5 n In ll l lo her lomi < it frliiiil
l lliuiLf IIVZIK IU > tiith otit iliuuliter of lume
0 llrliiiof KS I jtihl ilrit ulio ii ui killut finn rmnmI
inlurlfn riuhiil unit I rilihtil lukiii i lo Ihuniler
hlnrt link I i Hal
OlllMtu I ItAitmiiA IM tarn tilt 411 sixth vtreet in
lrtnint I injurim mien t hnt Tukm li huniUr slrtft
ll I < llnl I
IlMMt Nri s mi it Jilu Wllllnin trerlMllu mine
mmmc 1 of t i 1 on HIH tulrH Kli < > ttiis nllnl out nfh r
rei tlinf I ei rriil It l iiil Iii H from tltuvu ulio ui in I on hi r
In niilknaciiui I mini fuliu iu
I1H MHO l > ir M H n ol U > Illnci Hrect ilhoi k uii
lOlllllhlllllll Tllkltl Illllllc
linn in 1iio4Ai I tiuy I tiitirintl injiirlc itnil inuiu
Hni r Min of flhln I n 1 lonlnii tthu lils Illicit lukui ii
I tr strut i Hoil1a1 I
HVAI viAKiAiikT unu jeitri rtttji Cherry muriel tn
tin I Injinli t niul toniil lon litkcu to I tiiunl ft
slr t lmoniliiui
Hi i uui j 1 u m i5 jenr otluhofce home ii nt nj
Her i Uo Hred II ii tnulKl t sIll fciirfi r frnni i > rnn in
iii inn Ililnrit she l at hlmU mn siru I Initial
s rr IIVZI IJMI 1 iirn ol 1 of 7li i i vurk tit
IIIIP Iliookltii ii iitnili Minn I Mioik InViiilionii
SMITH VlisKik nf uis Vft lloiiilon < lnrll iinixl unit
rrn hvl Inken I lo riiNiuli rii Slriit Ilt < lli0
eriu < vtATTii 1 1 MHH olitof i7 Itini > trul lirto
Ciu i rniii 1 slut tioiitiiiiil tip II iih Mr Hhlr otf
us liil ii ins mmmim I
lliiiMVvir p IllZAirTii if liii Wluliliiton Ill t piun
it rein kt > li iimnlI lirnliiil Tnkru liooir
limuivii iusi I > iurmi i lu 111 I vionroii tired frni inrn
if ihi m > knlt uit 1 1 mu II MI of thv IrOn I
VmiiitK Ilunlik i m U tInt r ii uiil t UlliNlrnl 1 njrI
IVteiir nfl mnihmli un Iln I lad I ninl ntnnok
ViuMkH i Vlr IMIKIIJ 4Uinr i nlm ml U Wik I rti in
t IMt4 tnct i onlllfli IIH mmiii I hrnfi VlUlntilnt
hMiiher urn I lln i l Itnl sol taken honit
Wtnm runt of 4j rut > urum l lisi kli lnt 111 llu Itft
bIti uiul iinil 1 tier ilixu mIni nut her Jmrlr tolen
Mary Dlstlor IS > ears old win taken from
beneath thu crush bultcrmc from eoncuHxIon
of the brain Her black dress was lorn and her
body bruised Him wax Illicit Into an unibii
Iniicn and sent to M m InceiifH I Hospital I
Hho fouuht dos irermutmi I vvllli Housu I I i hlliueoii u
llenudlct and 1m was compelled to stu itt imuomt
half I f n dozen assistants to t hold her win lii moi
phiuo vro4 udojlciitcreJ to uulot lief She bo >
ciimncnlmor about 0 oclock and was mum to
glue lior namonnd ego but nothlnu could bo
iflenncd from her relative to her placo of rest
donee except that tuime lived In HlUl street Her
condition was very critical ut mldnltrht
A girl was tnkon Into Major Kmiorii saloon or
two mnn Mime was llnrburu Jtttuigor 1C ypnr
old of 441 Hlxth Street Dr Hprout of 31
CIty Hall placo wits ruinmoncd Ho found
aha had been badly Injured nbout tIme
neck und arms und the veins nf ono
nf her eyes were said to bo broken
hree menovlduiillyfroiu the country brought
into I Nuiicr B tlu nil women ono of whom wna
badly hurt All their elotlilmr wits torn One
of time women thn oldenutwumim so badly In
jured tlmt oho had to bo carried to n car of tho
Avenue 1 lino
Inqulrlo for tke MltiUcTki Injured Ml lk < I
Nutuons itiid IJruic Nlorei
At the Oak etiuct pollco stallou a great
pllo of mens womens antI childrens cloth
Inir umbrolliiB canes and other articles picked
up on mind under tho bridge after the cntns
tropho told their story of time struggle Tlioro
vvoro parts of womens dre seg tern and
Rolled and hundred of crushed Imta mind
bonnets Many of the umbrella sticks and
canes woro brokon Tlioro was a chlldfl dress
clotted with blood liiindkoichlcff nccktlcn
mind hlmwls torn nnd bloody cuffs amid cuff but
tons and shoos with tho lacings and button
omit Oil Amone the co its Wmts one belonalnic
tuH Unltonnt 5ci Hudson Street oontulnlnic
a number ot letter iimoiii tinuuut one runt hU
daituhtcr In Knulntid There was nuiuntlat
Klnvu miiikod May Holly
But fur of these articles wore claimed
Ainoiih time first was a vauhee intalntnt a bundle
Of f el IIKIIIH buhuiulliu to the KuV Win H Iked
of liiii Wiishlnulon I aliout t lliookljn I Mr Uiuil
Raid Im wusiatiKht In thu cmh nnd dronpod
his imut Iso nnd umbrella whilo I Irylnir I lo sim meld
u l iciy from the jam Hu wan himsell unlnjutud
HH lost property was reslmod lo him I
Tliioiiuhout thu t evonlim I a steady sttoiuu of
anxious lelatlves culled for iiilsrtlnit hismumiqet
who ha J left hdiiin with tlio avowed Intention I
of gui mint on thu t hi lde M < iild Mc
laUklilln of U Jleurj Htrott saul lit vvunt
home from hli vroik ind found his sup
tier was not midv and the Muluhborfl
told him mia wllu and two ihildion nuul
Hi I nnd 5 hal 1 guru out t In the t afternoon with
the Intention ol culncnn Ihn lnlilKi AH lianl
Haley looked anxlouslv lUlliiln time tulle of
clothing I but In vain lor some aitlcf H beone
lug to hlft Mister ihzlm Haley nuod 21 of Ul
hhuiti ri m utu eel wild I ho said hnd gm moo on Iho
bild u In thu aflernonn
Tin un was a constant st men mu of lniulreri i u for
niKsini uursons nt time Clt I tt Mall I I police stiitlon
In most case tilt allies i Inijiilrln ieiu not
certain that time iu imnh mig persons worn on llu t
bildke but huutic I lieit nf thu t accident I thoy
called I lo lull Lu ceitaln liutliur their I friciidn
weru nmonK tho killed nr injured
Muii of time luss serlonsK Injured vvenj treat
ed In thug storus and saloons nuur time ISuW
York end of thu buhtig
Inclctcnl > 1 he III Idtu Iullce unit Ifcelr Cap
lulu Ti uck < Site > iIiMiiiioy
An hour ami u Iialf f miller tho I ncchlcnt a
crowd was collect d at thu lirooklyn entrance
but a bin had been plicud neiosH thu nnr
row jxibwuax botvvceii tho toll Inkers win
dows mid pollcenu umm kept icoplo m back
tolllnu them Hull tho brldsu vvis closed n
Thn VVIKOII wavs wen open nnd vehicle
woio ullowed to imms upon thou luid r and
Homo of Un m vine Illled with mon who tonk
tills way mf i Lttlii VL mu lliu briduu At ti oclock
time footvt vvn ninln i iien n
A brldiro polieimuii MU > H ho U conPdnt
that it clUMil nf iilipoekeli oiltrin itcd tlm
tiouhlu by piihlnu < Ia < on illy runrumsu limo stem
IIR tho peoplu advanced from both wns nn m
tocialu ccnfusloa nnd th it tlm plu pncketH
prctclidid to bu fi hlli i c so w to i trite i eic
hunt A 1 man cinii Mown hums roa < lvrny ho
lidded siijliu that lie had slot n piclpockiiC
at work but Im could not toll WIIUM lint was
TlinCaptalnpf Ihu luhUn little H ocr
eatilIamcri mm nit of Hie lli iklii I police xvto
ufowwuuk uovvis rcdliivd to the riinkn for
liicnloieiio In his thorn lunillon and in prufui
oiiru to iii > uptin thu I 1111101 poltlon hn r
sUned ard Is the liiotheiinl of Jneob I
Sorlh und hu rot hin position its Cii
main of lImo l < brliUe pnllcM thiiMiuh polltlttl
inlluenci hiiprilnti ndent Miiitln olin cm rp
txdiitlnifhlin Ililhnl nit 1cllc HeiniUiirtei to
look up i VUIH leioid ami I hu wi c
frinMy 1 Informed of all them t hut t
Vlien ho loiisillted will Chief nf io
lleo Campbull anil li limit Unds mcoid t
Mr Matin iild Vi I I i not HIM mati lint
wj want foi Captalnot tin is of tlmlrld
Novel theloy I iaid i WI i ipu d mm dl > or two
humor I bidiuse It Is wild ut the uincvflf ona
the I liiidirn tnisti en
limfl flu 1 iullmm llrliikeihofr t u I onu i nu briiUo
litistees t ii TIer cronI iii the I liiiUn iijtt fllnht t
went to I Ihn t oil stieit inlcn utumt hart > 1l
aslod for tout men lo p itml hum bridge A IjilCXl
under Icr e int Ciln and Itound min McCrty
was p iei il upon the luido t
Mis I I limIt l mmmmi tutu i son 1 K 1 Diie of 71
Heir > strut lro kl > n Iuuul In Inn punle nnd
I bh wcie I idly Injumil the latter It is I feared
filitll J n tho m tci i iblo iitish tho > veiu Hupii
rali d and tIll m itlu r his inred to ilruiklMi
in d taken to lni hnii > nld tln sit VVIIH Fm
moved lo tlie iamb > f m > Mmo I llortpit
Anecled tllluim i tiumlmis nul cnntcs eliliu
nicd fit adinislnii tutu Imiine tump my Ts
linuii al Ci mie ami liaml in sticotH just
altei tint uivldilit lllliiu NeiiMCIilef Jln
hedj drivel opened tlie i ilom Tim IM in Mild
limit them was a p nueim thu lirldtn nnd liiin
ilu dof peni > itt mholii eriisheit to di ath tin
Informed Old f Maheilanil lu at iOui IMU deled
tile In ok and ladder luiupM to guu tn thn
biidko Tliciliin k had to riuvet to Dmollvn
fiistlilhn s mill nudvuiyiiml i come bict hy
thn ninth tu thn ne of thn aeeldont Flit
< hii IV vnon mad mimi till s totlm iiuboiH
Wret Knsiiitnl cam in injnied child mn
1onniei I Mniiln m ainliijiii y vultiil Cit inibeii
Stieet Ho p till lal nlulit and vleve 1 Ihn dead
Tin Imiuest will bn held nt 11 A M l on Satill
iimi i vat Ihn I iummnlutm is oJllce
Muv liep a M iin I tiiichei of lull 1 1 Cilllk
street iuuus nccn tn jump turin the ialliiiof time
bridge His frli udi i mild not lind him last
I nlhl
1 lie ltmimiitiivrt Vitlklnic SImsich
iit lTmlut1uml thimy iii1 tu iereot I mm t ire ii i xmlay
ulkint iniilcli IM Ulttiu > t n h tav uiunli Olni nun i < ini
ou In Ha rate miii tl < Ir rmirnS minus fur hind ML th a
iii t Wlllll t i I i > f tin I i Ii l cur incite 11 IhU
uiliuIr Iho t mire lit hn iCI i > I ion hiHI
nm i mmu I KIVIII li li I mm t HIM of Mull tin mlnrnt
umrlnntm fur tlrl uliirc iititlllii n Ilmmc iii tiul Hint
iil2ten It IK u i nlni r iil t nt i I uiniinmu U In H f
fn li immmn tliii i nililnUiit ml I ii n liiknuC un IIM r IKU
or tm nllii ml ton > V n inn MI Mo n litll tiT
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