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The Bridge Tragedy
I IB nn ill omen for tho now lliooktyu
TlrldRO that wlthtn six days of Ufa time when
it amid public Jubilations by
i WI opened alid llblo jl llloll
President AitTiiun and upon tho great na
tional holiday when tim graves of the sobhlers
of the Union wore decoiatod with flowers
and just after tho peoplo of the two cities
liatl enjoyed tho tuaitlul match of tho vet
erans with their tntloiod ilajw through the
streets vro should hnvn to record such a
hocking tiling with Huch harrowing foa
turoH B the bridge disaster of yesterday
Wo had hopqd upon tho completion of this
grout public work that it I would long bo frco
troD tho stains of blood but horo already
are the human saerlllcoa women mOl nnd
children Today our reporters give accounts
of cnOln which Bomo of them played their
parts that are too melancholy for preten
tious description For long years t cuino
tho memories of yostorday will haunt tho
minds of those who crust thlt bridge and
tho catastrophe will always I form a part of I
Its history
AVo shall hero utter no wayward word
about yesterdays trnjfody Hut wo privnuuo
tho managers of tho bridge aro now aware
that they did not take proper piocautlona for
tho Kafety of passengers over It In tho
newspapers and from tholr own observation
of the movements of tho crowds upon
tho nanow pathway they have had
ample warning of tho dangers There
ba > ob con during the past fuwdays many jams
near tho spot now made memorable thero
vero theo or four of thorn last Friday and
as many more on Sunday and a very slight
amount of Intelligent watchfulness ought t
have shown the Superintendent tho neces
sity of at one taking means to avert tholr
perils I 1 > easy now to say that tho loss
of life might have been prevented had
there been no stairs or had there blon exit
from the pathway to the roadways or had
tho pathway boon wider than It Is and It Is
also easy to bay In low of tho tragedy that
tho stairs mint bo taken away tho pathway
widened and lines of passage run from
tho pathway to tho roadways But why
1 were not those things suggested by tho ex
perience ot tho llrst two days It Is like
Jrtio easy t say now that lives might have
tpson saved yesterday If upon the first
Indication of a entail at tho Now York
end tho peoplo fiom Brooklyn hail
been turned Into tho roadway at
tho llrooklyu entrance but no ono at
tho Brooklyn end was made awaio of
tho crush until long after It had come and
tho managers there continued to admit
people until a third of tho bridge at the New
York end was clogged I Is a melancholy
business throughout I
Wo may heio give a brief explanatory i
sketch just sent to in In these words Im
Blluo n lane or n piisajjoway moro than 0
mllo long and fifteen fut six Inches wide nar
rowing twice to IhlILu feet f ami containing
two flights of blahs Ihfht foot high and
fourteen foot wldo and Into this lane put
four thousand peisoiHthrei t thousand t going
In ono direction awl one thousand In the I
other and you hio the brliUn path
way as it was yesterday afternoon
Any unusual clrciiinsUnco that attracted
the peoples attention nnut eaue the t lann to
becomi closed nnd onto uloggiil l theio was
no means of escape to oilier piirtu of t ItO I
bridge Yorturdays triwdy was nt tho
Btaliway on thu Now Yoik sIde
All practicable means of Deeming Ito t bight
nht degieoof fot tot tho
fl tIlleo o Mifuty fol pnvjoiiKeib over
bridge must bo adopted nt oleo I f neecs
sdty let ttael and tmll thieve 10 sinpondcd
until the Proper changes are mado
Last Thuinday It was tho btidgoof les
tlvlty yivttPiday It was the IJldn of death
henceforth It must ba the btldga of safe
guards for life
Abolish the Interim Ileicnuc Taxes I
When thu comVrincuiommltteo finally re
ported the Tariff hi to luI Ihtuo or lUpro
BtMitntlvPit it was nil by the chairman of
tin managers that about SWOOOOOO reduc
tion will result fiom the changes madu In tho
Internal rUn < laws On that occasion
Mr TIOWKII askel How many officehold
ers do you dispense with 1 Mr KKLLKV
repllinl Tho giiitleiuans imiiatlon Is not
relovant to the otieHtlon put to mo by tho
gentleman fiom Kentucky
TIed wa the onlyHatWaetiontho minority
could I get fiontadomliKviing majority The
llepublicaiH claimed the iiwrit of reducing
the lutei mil taxes by moro than a fourth
of tlm nggrcgato toveiute and yet they mado
no reduction In the ofllclal maclilneiy of the
butvau which has been largely u cd as a po
lltUal iigoncy
Tills humu Houso had pun lounly ugnvtl to
n reduction of foity collector as being tin
net > haaiy orprnutlcil nuxlcu but 1111 the
iviiimmy could hivo beu mini I elTeetUe tho
leideirt tHik good run not to t i any out theli
own profonyl pJliy i Under the law thu
Iresldont bus tIlt power to con > ollilitu col
lection dlotilctH anil thus to diminish tho
number of thea costly olllces
110 cUI olcI
Tho Deputy Ci oinnilfsiouer opposes 1 to t
dilution of nioio tliiui thirty collectoiK 111
other bureau olllclals Im believes In tlio t
liuget number to do tlio least ork I the
iiMMiuo was tediucd I onehalf t or mote the
iiieit itt 4iitt4 would etill contend that thu pios
cut full force ought to bo kept up to the
mixlmum Tho oxpen o of nmlntciumo
ti iv er enters their minds bo long as t hoy have
nn ovet lowing Treisut y to tli aw upon
I coat 3107 JS1 1 to tin this Inn cnu last
jcuivml Mr Rum iiKulently asked for an
lucmwool 07Ui chiefly for his UWI ofllco
In tlm tOOt of Ills recommendation of 1 re
duction of nlnetiNti millions in thu t taxes
And ho got what he wanted In I HUboidlnatcii
t Tour thouvind pornoim are oinployed In
anil I under this Lmiciu Them aio ono liun
dnxl and twentysK collectors with wilniles
ranging fiom 4fi < X to 52125 a year each
llm deputy eollectois ntmiber nlnn hiindDMl
and bOMintysit with wtlarles beginning at
Jiuu and lunniiigdown to IO These col
lei toih and deputies hllo ono itttuuh ted and
nluotynlne IJrkt junltots and jxiituts who
rcculvo graded halatlos fiom 1700 to 100 0
year Thero art 807 gatigeis whono fees are
uot toixcwd Ja day 1000 htoiokoepors and
eaugerx who cannot oxuoxl 1 a day 052
lorekoepoin who cannot oxccod SI n day
t tvrekceRVld auU vautturs MsluacU to UJstU
tories of a capacity not exceeding twenty
bushels receive 3 a day
Tho Commissioners ofllco In Washington
lifts a clerical force all told of nearly 230 per
sons costing 0 a year In round nuin
bom Mr EVANH will therefore command a
standing larmy of four thousand regular
fllrleol troop w1 IImd well fed and well
paid They arc nil for tho Administration
becauso Administration Is for them
Tho wholo Internal rovcuuo systom Is most
obnoxious There Is no good teasou for
keeping It In existence Tho Treasury does
not need tho revenue thus collected Mr
HAVM boosted In his last report that tho
enormous Bum of 74 834071 had Wn
gut Iterod In I fiom these taxes I In six years
Tin next Houso of Ilopivseiitatlvoft will ho
expected to remove thlscvil nnd return to
tho simple policy of collecting no moro
mOll than Is nect > ssary to meet nil public
obligations and to call on the Government
with proper economy Prodigality mu t bo
stopped In the public service
The Pope to Convoke a IMciinrr Coun
cil in the United State
There Is reason to believe that an event ot
great Importance to American Catholics Is
Impending I Is wo learn tho Intention of
the Vatican to convoke at I day not distant
a plenary Council for tho United States Tho
giont ecclesiastical assembly will probably
ho held In the city of Now York although the
place of meeting has uot been Irrevocably
fixed Tho scope and purpose of the Council
wilt not of course bo definitely settled until
tho views of tho American hierarchy hare
been elicited and to that end several Influential
bn clcllll nut Olt
fluential members of tho episcopate will It
Is wild bo ppeedlly Invited t Romo I Is
expected however that whereas Archbishop
HlAULDivo officiated no apostolic delegate
at the Council of Baltimore In 1BCO Lho XIII
will ho represented on tho coining occasion
by a Human canonist of extensive erudition
and experience selected from among tho
most distinguished prelates of tho Curia
Attended as ho will IM doubtloss by divines
and learning
of uuriucdtionud competence ripe 10nll
lug tho I Papal delegate should bo ablo to en
lighten nut Invigorate tho labors of tho
Clucl bo as to painmncutly allay tho trou
bles growing out of Infractions of Church
discipline and ot canonical morality
Thoso who have not closely observed the
pioceedlngs of tho Catholic pplxropnto nnd
ptlesthood In tho United States during the
last seventeen fail to tho need
8lntlll yours may fnl see Ilr
of summoning a now plenary Council nt this
time Tho acts and docicoaof tho Council
which mot at Baltimore In 1SGG wcio approved
by t tho Propaganda In 1 decree dated Jan 4
18CS and those persona who aro merely con
versant with the text of tho Injunctions and
admonitions then formulated might not un
reasonably suppose thorn adequate for the
and of American Catholics
guidance nut discipline Ctho
lies Unluckily not 1 fowol tho warnings
and prohibitions uttered at Baltimore have
been unheeded and the authority of that
Council needs to bo powerfully and promptly
rcenforced I the most ooueutlal and salutary
portion of Its teachings Is to b saved from
Il0minI 0 dead loiter and I grave occa
sions of reproach and scandal are to bu
averted How completely the Baltimore
Council has miscarried In tho attempt to cor
rect certain repi eheuslblo practices of tho
Catholic clergy In tho United States may bo
matte evident by comparing seine of Us pcr
mptory mandates with tho ftubsoqiicnt ho
ialor of Roman ecclesiastics In more than
one American diocese
The Baltimore Council for example di
rected that no priest should b mado a pas
or until ho bad served live years In 1 mis
sion and unless ho hud parsed I I successfully
nn examination conducted by two occlosias
tics specially designated for the purpose and
I > tlio l hop I is 1 well known that in
of the United States this
nany parts UIIIII tuguln
lon although of obvious utility Is 1 totally
llhicgarded Thy sumo Council ouleiod
clergymen to always wear tho Cl ocl when
lu chinch 0 nt home a shoi tincoat l hdll
lermlttiHl to them I only when going out of
dOO1 or Uavelllng No Cithollo layman
leeds to In l told how often thy liijtinetlnn I t
just t until iotiei I 1 > dlul toyed nnd wo may to hi
thaI t I Catholic pilasts i t In I Ameilci arc home
t line I equally oblivious of the rule which for
ilds tlium to I go to thoiitiiMorttpoutiichs t or
tobopicsent at hal I > public or piIvato i A
noioinipoitantiegitliitlonof I tho Baltimore
Council b i Iwi siintly violated Wu rotor to
ho decroo bidding pilcsts to gioan oor
lubtifllulunt collections In tho com so of I
a soi mon or to avail thnmaohcs of
Jio occasion when a sermon Is I do
voted 1 or of any other pretext to
teaso congregation about their salaries
or about the chinch debts for tho growth of
which tlio clergy aio thomsolvoa primarily
tospunslble It have
Complaints booms
reached Homo from many parishes to tho
ITeet that the dunning of congregations by
iiiitors far from being suppressed by tho
Baltimore Council has become a flagrant
nultanco Again who that Is familiar with
tho usages of certain Catholic churches In
our Eastern States would suppose that tho
prolate assembled at Baltimore had vehe
mently denounced tho pi nctlco of collecting
money at church ducts and had decreed that
such 1 hciudalous obstruction of the houso
of GoDsliould cnoso forthwith anti forever
Anotherdocreo of tholialtlmoio Council de
clared that nothing could justify tho eu tum
or giving church picnics and excursions
and of course church falls at which milling
lit I practised would fall In tho
Ilnclc1 uull rallu saino category
and ordeied tho Bishops to foithwlth pro
Ido remedies for such evils Wo need not
bay that chinch picnics excurolous and fairs
ale n > life now > they over were
But perhaps thn loSt Impressive proof of
thn falhireof the Baltimore Council to redress
tlm shortcomings of tho Cathollo Chinch In
this country Is supplied by contiastliig tho
deplorable bankruptcy of Archbishop 1un
cirt of Cincinnati with tho solemn prohibi
tion of tlm courso pursued by him and many
othor memboisof tho Iloman hierarchy Wo
find among tho decrees of tho Baltimore
Council Title III chapter C Wo roprovo
and condemn damnamus tho custom of
leaving 1 money on deposit with tho priests
upon tho understanding that It shall bo re
turned with Inteiost nt a fixed date Tho
action of Atchbi liop IUIUKLL In disobeying
for many years the Injunction quoted and tho
shameful Bcamhl which ensued ate known
to have given great offiiico at tho Vatican
and It 1 > said that many complaints of simi
lar deiclietlons though t happily loss ruinous
to tutu victims of over confidence have been
forwaidnl 1 to Homo
TIm tiuth t IH tUlt even If the Ilnn Church
In tho United States weio content to remain
Htntloimty In matters of good morals and
sound discipline It would bo Imllspcusablo
to supplement tho disci edited and often
wholly Inopwatlvn docrooA Isnttod at Hail
inoio Hovcntet years ago by the authority
of n now plenary Council By thoso who
hln In charge tho wolfaro and tho reputa
tion of the Catholic Church In i this country
the convocation of such an Imposing and In
lluontlal assembly may Justly Iw regarded
as opportune and lInt No doubt Konio
tltiio will ho consumed In preliminary con
sultation with American Bishops amid In ar
ranging tho pfograuuao to be carried out
But the energy and tenacity ot the present
Fopo aro guarantees that tho execution of
t bo project will lot bo long delayed nnd
LEO XIII In all lIkelIhood will live to wit
ness and nplirovo tho useful work t bo per
foriuud by tho great American Council
Political MnmiKcmcnt
I was tho original purpose of tho Ropub
llcnm In time hut Congtess not to pass any
sort of n tariff law They meant t treat tho
question In such 1 way as t throw upon the
Domocnta tho responsibility of defeating
tho revision of tho tariff and then make this
tho main IMSUO In tho residential election
This nicely I contrived plan was < V > foatod by
the passage of tho piwent law Tho foiled
Itopubllcaus are now trying t got tho Dem
ocrats Into a quarrel on tho subject They
want them to reopen tho discussIon of the
question In tho next Congrosd and leave
everything pertaining to it unsettled at the
oortllnl pIrtlnlul t unsette to
close of Iho long session Thus they hope t
attain their original purpose of malting tho
taiifTan Iuo lu tho Presidential campaign
Wilt tho Democrats fall Into I this trap 7 Wo
think not They seem generally t agree
should bo fairly tented
that tho present tariff b firly tst I
before attempting to rovlso It
The dreadful accident on tho bridge yostor
day showed with startling cloarneM how dan
gprous human balnea may become to one an
oilier A crowd of mon and woman mnnr car
rying and lending little children al dressed In
their boat bent on plaaatiro viewing life In Its
enycst and most plcaMnu M OCt and wishing
no harm to anybody suddenly trample
and crush ono another to death tn a
uanlo of four and frenzy A little
presence of mind In that crowd rolirlit have
saved all this loss of life But that which cnn
hoof most service to them end upon which
thulr lives and those of tholr follow beings may
depend cool Bolfpossowdon Is tho very thing
which most i craoiis immodlatoly part with un
der such circumstances Hutch a disaster
toadies tho supreme value of Boltcontrol
Fortysix years after tho hanging of TE
IOUIMIEII his aged widow Is l receiving a fund
of mer n thoujand dollars which RIO or tho
Flench Canadian have just rnlcoil for hnr sup
port rIte Insurrection of 1837 and 1838 for
participating in which Dr LoiitMtrn was ex
ecuted was a Btrnuule against olIgarchy and
against Irrosponslblo administration I Purl
NCAU In Lower Canada anti MACKENZIE In Upper
Camilla worn unions Its loaders and tho out
come was ui Init a uuin for constitutional coy I
ornmont Many who took part In the rebellion i
Ion nil shelter In the United Btates
I there any icison why ALOXZO B Con
SELl Hhnuldnt try to got lilmsolt madoBau
ntor 1 This Is a free country and Mr CORNELL
looks moro like QEOBOK WASIIINCITON than any
other man
Tho English Government has boon put on
unusually good terms with the Vatican by the
Popes circular against tho PAIINCLI fund Wo
find that this circular Is warmly praised by the
London pross which 01 tho sane time takes
Croat pains to warn the Catholics of Ireland of
the duncor of disregarding the authority of
the heath of tho Church We have novel before
known the London pross to be nearly HO unani
mous In upholding any act ot the PODO or so
anxious to Imluco his children to held It
Bait I moro Is amusing Itself with tho tvell
worn spectacle of I nix da > walking mntch
nnd tho regular rounders such us HUOIIFS
HIT PANCHOT and NOIIEM are out In force
and contributing tho main Interest to the
match There wore thirteen starters but this
number rooJ i ominous for before the old of
tIme second duty nine of thorn had dropped out
Iodostrlanlsm has certainly become a regular
profession and to Us devotees a most fascinat
ing one I IH strange to observe that a Inn
who has Impel In asony through a six days
match with the loss of his ontremuce tea anti a
months time and tuonny pcllotol training
Is very soon eager to try the oximrlmout airalu
Vienna does not intend to bo behind her
slstercltlus In providing exhibitions this year
Several of thom lno two shows hut the
Austrian ciipital otTers lour These IneluJe
tho ulectrl oposltlon tho oxlilbltlon of
Inoiues tho exhibition of art ro itritiuct lout t or
tho Kraphla aits and aliNtorlcal I celelniitlon of
the defeat of the Turks by Kliic Jons Ill or
honiKsKi before thu catos of Vlenpa 1 Thus
fiimous event occmrod In Ifis the doclio
battle being fouchl on the 12th ot Keptembor
and Ihoblp ntontirot 1 victory which rtuiltued
alt Christendom as vroll as Austila from flue
terrors inspired by the invasion of Koiu 5Ius
TAmluA Is woll worthy of conimoinointion
Col HICKS is now about to march to Kor
dofun While beams Hint the followois of El
Jlalull are submitting ho admits that tho
Prophet is 1 still aKBresslo and IIP complains
of a lack of subordination anionu his Egyp
tian troops Ills plain that much remains to
bo done before the Prophet Is comiuerod His
claims aro so groat that tho moment his vic
tories produce tho Impression that hn Is I tho
lookodfor preserver of Islam tho wildest ro
llulous enthusiasm prevails Hence his suc
cesses have boon moro than moro military triumphs
Tho poor Indian Is about to Buffer another
wrong Tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs
has sent 0 cIrcular to some of tho Indian
agents directing them not to supply tobnoco
and 1 fAW other luxuries to tho Indians In tholr
agencies except as wages for work don The
purpose of the now rule is sld to bo to keep
the Indians on their reservations but It any
thing could make tho Indian stay at home and
keep quiet It is the reflective and tranquil
wftodofwhlch ho Is I now to be prlvod Besides
oven If his disposition Is good and ha has no
desire to sally out after scalps how can hn got
alongvvlthouta pipe of leIC to sloko with his
aeerosslvo neighbors 7 I would be mu < h
cheaper and wiser for tho Government to take
awny tho Indians plug hat than his tobacco
But tho unfortunate rndaklns to whom tha
circular applies havo no treaties with flue Gov
ernment Tho new restriction will piolmbly
nmUu thor oomn Into closer relations with tho
big father nt Washington Then they will cat
eonulnoltavnnasand all tho othor luxuries Ot
course the Idea of an Indian working for his
tobacco Is absurd
Tho recent announcement in tho House o
Commons that tho Governments of Now Houth
Wales Vlctoila and Houth Australia approved
thin annexation of Now Guinea to Queensland
Is now followed by p I report that tho Colonial
Hocrotary declines to sanction tlio fichemenl
though ho Is wllllni to allow tho establishment
of laiKlinh stations on the Now Guinea
1llllh htntons 01 XOI Olinoa const
The project ot annexation innturod very fast
after hint Unit Garmimy might ho looking In
that direction Tho island of Papua or Now
flumes Is ono of tho irreat lslnnd 1 of the globe
comprising ns It does n quarter of a million
sQuare nillim It is also ono of the least thor I
oughly explored of habitable Island But I
that It contains excellent timber amid an
abundance of I together with many
of the vegetable rroducta of equatorial
lands Is well known Tho efforts to
roach tho Interior have thus far boon few but
some ot Its lofty mountain raniws and peaks
are easily visible from the roast Discovered
by tho Portuguese 372 oar ago flue Island
wns visited a century II tel by the Dutch who
also about half 1 century ago built a fort on
tho coast and eel up n claim of ownership
Hut tho hot damp and malarious chlnututo hiss
hitherto prevented any serious attempt at
colonlrlnu the Island although an English
mission station has Iwon founJod on tho coast
The natives turn very low down In limo scale of
civilization and those of the Interior at lonst
are reputed to ho cannibals Perhaps tho main
anxiety ot Australia In regard to Now Guinea
may b to prevent any other nation from an
According to trustworthy though not yet
widely spread Information the city of Part la
In a serious financial embarrassment The
grout building schemes ot Hnutatnann and tho
subsequent destruction ot public buildings
during tho siege and tie Commune have nt
tiact d nn Immense number of worklngmcn
to the capital Tho itpaculntlons of tho Union
fldndralo lowe nt III moro Increased the Influx so
that at present the number country work
men trying to mtko n living In Paris Is nearly
double what It was when llnussmnanmi began his
work By withdrawing this labor from the
country thny Impoverished It t that oxtont
lost their homo and did no good either to
Paris or t themselves I Is estimated that
about of million ot them
nbut 1 quarter a mliol thor
lire now In night lodclnKS and never
succeed In obtaining anything like permanent
employment Discontent among thom grows
stronger and stronger and begin to alarm tho
Government as well as the Municipality All
sort or propositions are being discussed with
a view of hiking came of this floating and dan
gerous population But nothing ot course
can b dovlaod without 1 largo expenditure of
monoy of which the oily of Purls has
non Her debt has been constantly Increased
till It has bocomo larger than that of any other
city In the world Out of tho fifty odd millions
of dollar comprising the yearly municipal
revenue somo twenty millions mire absorbed by
tho Interest and sinking fund ot the city debt Of
the remaining thirty millions not a dollar can
b spared building purposes and the only
resource Is I accordingly in new loan Tho
revenue cannot be Increased for twothirds I
comes from tho octroi or municipal custom
duties upon articles ot dally consumption nnd
any Increase ol this tax can only increase the
cost ot living ot the very classes whose
sufferings tho Government la I anxious to
alleviate 1 LiSon tiaya frequent and gloomy
predictions in regard to tho financial
future of both France and Paris may somo day
become 1 Bad reality I things should go the
way they aro going now The danger ol the
situation becomes apparent not only from the
progress of socialistic fermentation but also
from tho steady Increase of street robberies In
regard to which the French police com to b
powerless In tho way of detection or prevention
In this however Paris U I not
II respect hooverInrs worse
off than London or Now York In tho former
city tho catonlnotalls Is again advocated as
punhihnient for all robberies with violence
while In the latter a tho dally newspaper re
ports show the thieves have It all their own
way Many robberies however are never re
ported Within n few nsl contloinun living In
Twentyseventh street a few doors from Broad
way while crossing tho latter Direct about 0
oclock In tho evening on his way to the club
was accosted by an apparently sick man who
nsked him for 1 dime for a nights lodging
Noticing that tho beggar had his hand
stretched toward his watch pocket tho man
advised him to clear out unless ho
wanted to be locked up Locked up bo I
retorted the sickly looking bentup beggar
sturdy sixfooter
now growing up a slJootor
There Is within nlstolshnt
lero not a policeman Ilstolshot
Ill lay you out before you know It With
those words ho ran toward Sixth avenue a
fast as his legs I could carry him I was
n Sunday night toro wore but law peo
ple In tho streets and pursuit would
have boon utterly useless The next day about
ID oclock in the evening another gentleman
was attacked on the corner of Thirtythird
street and Fifth avenue by two men knocked
down and relieved of his watch
Upon being told ot the Broadway Incident
tho polloouian l whoso bOlt Is between Twenty
fourth nnd Twentyninth streets Ill What
cnn I do Hlr 9 My boat is Iho blocks lone With
tlmt electric light my shield and my but
tons cnn b soon t block away and theso
men watch us n cats watch mice and
locnto us nil the time Whun I am near
Twentyfourth street ho operates noni Twenty
seventh when I nU uiar Twontjseventh
street le opmntos niurTwontninth anti so
on Time public think we neglect our duty
Hut wo cant really do more than we do You
have to bo piepnrod fur such things when you
go out of an evening
SOle public man lemaikcd recently In Eng
land that when the t loads cheap time magistrate
Is I Idle That may bo HO In lejjaid to Great
Britain and Ilanea but In thin country time
mice 01 bread has ery little to do with high
way robliory not only because there Is mutants
plenty of bread but becauso ourthlovoj live 011
much t moio suiuum bunt food
i U I however vt ly qtiotlomiblu whether the
loaf is jolne to be ilioap In Kuropo Thu bad
crop prospects of flue Old World Inve Improved
of late Inn no European country with the cx
coptloiiof llussln will bo able to hive upon Its
own grain ruiouicus Spain Is I already utarv
1m ali Italy his bean for months mast Im I
porting for her tmhiita all tlio yellow corn
sho could llnd In tills country I Ireat
Britain and France do not buy our grain now
It Is because its price Is too hluh and their
stock In store large enough to last till tho next
harvest But In two months time things
might nSHiima quita a dilTiiioiit aspect and
many u political nnd social question of tho Old
World might depend upon our agricultural re
Up to tho present moment our own prospects
aro by no means bright The weuthcr Is In
tensely cold and wot everywhere Duilng n
llvo days journey through the lake region and
the States of Ohio Indiana and Illinois the
writer met nothing but cold pouring rain
Along the Wnbash road fromToledo to HU Louis
fires were lit In the stoves at several stations
Yet th U region Is called tho Garden ot tho World
and tho almanac records the 30th day of May
Tho ground Is thoroughly soaked where it Is
not turned Into swamp Cornfields lucre to
be raplanted almost everywhere and wheat is
barely thru Inches high even In Southern Illi
nois Tho weather In Ht Lull Is no bettor
than In the moro northern regions There was
frost inst week and there has been pouring
rain for ton days pat with the execution ot
last Sunday
Yet tho farmers do notaoom despair They
say that six weeks of flub weather will secure
thin succons of flue spring wheat crop and that
excellent crops of corn have occasionally boon
fathered from seed planted Into In Juno They
all declare hovvover that most of tho winter
heat will bo n total loss
It Is pleasant to see however that tho female
pot or tho population Is everywhere quite
happy Hnngingovcr tho railings In front or
their hOI IS ax the train was passing on Satur
day thoy all had bunches of hair twisted with
pieces of wire or paper hnnglngon their foro
hoads These wore evidently to be turned Into
bangs on Sunday Ant notwithstanding tho
rain those who took the train
pouring riin tIOS yester
day to go to church or on visits all had now
bonnets of the color of crushed raspberries and
crushed strawberries which they seemed to
consider fashionable
Ilallroad circles are deeply concerned over
tho trafllo mooting nt Chicago Homo tem
porary patchwork Is oxpoctod but no perma
nent good ioulda great Southwestern on
glnts Mr Hayes and Mr Moxie ore away time
former to consult with the Boss the latter to
attend tho mootlne
A long telegram printed by the tDespatch
about a cockcrowing match between Alolc
Ta > or amid Larry Jerome for 5000 I Bide
nmkos business mon In St Louis avvoar They
say Now York must bo played out If her stock
brokers have nothing better to do and her
newspapers nothing better to Irlnt They
argue also that Larry has not sot monoy
enough throw It away while Alok likes It too
Nothing well to do like B0 fame T hoy BUum to know hue boys
An Inquiry Cenccrnlni lofca L Sulllm
To tnt Emroii or TIIK BUN Sirt Who
told John L HulllvEii llm he I lithe champion ruelltit
of Hit world I I > c Iliat he > o Klrtriliri hlmtrlt The
only Prl n1 hl h vr t uM WA with a innu who was
tuiiirad stud hd 10 Hiam trust In Ih > ring llo Mai
iMliMlMiiralilov ulgiuti with teen fIfty inneirnty
live pound llnliur than Tihnwlf Yank Miililvan ill
rf rvVr > slid Oilier I iMtfcyoM Hn mllil not win the
title oh ch niilon an tuny unr main 10 imuli mim y
baittutg ou 11 u lie new eluuiplon dwt
it t
Te Mtrtto r rt T > M IU Mint
Farm eel rlllc
POMONA Tcnu May 25Tlto resources of
eastern Tennessee are comparatively un
known The average reader knows that It has
mountain nnd mulos and that during our Into
war battles wore fought on Its soil but no moro
I hal the possibilities of this Stnto wore
known capitalists would quickly Invest tholr
money whore It will multiply Itself rapidly
Combining all the attractions of the Adiron
dackfl Dakota Kansas and the new States
Tennessee him many and valuable resources
which those reclotis pan never POSUOSB In cli
mate It Is tar superior for during Iho cold sea
son when Bottler In the Northwest nro suffer
Ing for fuel nod trains ore unovv bound for days
at a time tho Inhabitants of this region sit by
blazing fireplaces comfortable In tIme thought
that they can have nil tho fuel that they wish
at Ibo bare cost ot cutting and drawing In
other places but a few miles distant they burn
coal dUI from tho Immediate neighborhood
whore It crops to the surface of tho ground
With a low frosty mornings the winter passes
and la succeeded by 1 summon quite as com
fortable that enables tho farmer to work In
comfort all day fanned by delIghtful breezes
and Iholtored br wldespradln trtH when he
would rest I t n atrnngo fact that while Da
kota la I BO severely cold In winter I la just a
extreme in its summer heat which scorches
tho prairie into a crust and makes man mind
beaM Butter alike Texas Is even worao and
like Kansas Is troubled by mnlnrla fevers that
inako life scarcely worth the living
Not only In climate but In water Is tho com
parison tarornblo to this Stnto Instead of tho
brackish alkaline water of Dakota wo here
have hundreds of mountain springs feeding
crotks and streams at short distance from
ouch other and Hupplying nu abundance of
water for live stock In ninny place on these
Cumberland wo llnd cualyboato spring that
would mako fine centred for health resorts
Climate and water however nro not tho
points that are considered by n capitalist when
ho wlanos to make n good Investment Ills
questIon Invariably la How much money can
2 make r and according to tho Increased per
cent U his Interest In time subject enlnrucd I
It can b proved that money invented In tho
Cunibor nnd Mountains and adjacent region
will yield a hundred fold like the grain of
mustard Heed 1 cannot but think thero will boa
wl b
I boom In thIs direction as grout its linn Iwon
seen during tho hint year for thn Northwest t
Since cattle raising has attracted the attention
ntracu UthIt01
of tho world far and wide and syndicates have
beon formed to buy largo tracts of land for
ranches young men belonging to our host and
most cultured fnmlllon have loft positions In
lingo cities to make tholr fortunes by raising
cattle There IH no doubt that tills Is ono of tIme
greatest Industries of the present and must
continue to Increase sum the demand for beet
and the use of new antiseptics continue
Tennessee Is tho country for cattle raIsing
On those heights Mldd feet above the level ni
time SOl IH the pnnullHu for herdsmen and
cattle Horses also can bo easily mind success
CII onliy uccos
fully raised while mules are destined to have a
corner In tho market hero for long years to
como During thf monlh of Into itutummt and
winter young PAttio can Iw bought for 11 1 per
hOld which If well fed will bring At tho end of
the year a return ot ninety or a hundred per
refit To make thorn grow rapidly It Is only
nocpijsary to feed thnm twlco n day In cold
weathor onco with dried grass mid Ole with
cornstalks from drill corn sowed for time pur
pose horn are native farmers hero however
who let nil their stock run in tho woods tin ough
tho winter anti as n result hnvo scrawny mil
Ills In the sprIng Should some one come
item with good stock tho Duihiim for In
Btnncp that grows lnr cr on the same cure ho
would moro than double his money on his In
vestment Ten nor cent is I n moll Inter
est Inn would call It grant Surely ono hun
tired Is as good n H could bo desired rake It At
tlio lowest rate of profit during occasional
seasons of drought whon It has uovnr fallen
bnlow thlrtvthroci per cent profit 1 know of
ninny merchants who would bo willing to bo In
Htirod as good returns in their test years
Dairies can b run to good advnntiKo The
butter nmilo her Is of tho fluent quality and
loss bulky to transport than thu ordinary
produco of n farm Sheep cite pick their living
In tin woods nil winter yield two crops of wool
I ceason and double in I numbers crl no one
has over tried sheep raising here on nn ex
tunxlvo scale Although uvery IIIIUKU hiS Its
dog thero his never boon a slieep killed by ono
In time vicinity All tlint Is I nticiwsary to Ilk
tlilx branch of ranching 1 success In to have It
unduilnkon by somo one who will move the
sliiop wookly to 1 OIIIICO of pasture
Wu have spokomi of cattle niislng because It
Is I one of thoircnt t possibilities I I I of tluiso t moun
tains as yet utwutit Inc I brilliant lit tumu nnd
ncoillm compaiatlvely little I I Inbor to brinu n
lar lutuin of money invented I Hut thu milieu
of IimnuhBoo mute sources ot wviilth nlrcndy
moved nnd promUin nun vcllous roiults At
llockvviMnl at thu foot of tliemmintnlis 1 the I
llnoof 1k D Cincinnati Southui Itallrond is tho
Konn Coat mcmi s I rout works that vivo umnlov
niiMit to nine liiunheO men anti fcml out dally
OVHI inn hiindreil tons of pIg h on 1 Ids Iron lien
lit thn lower pint I of tIme mountain above winch
am tn ho found tho Hinnstonn anil coal ncces
tuv fat Hiin > ltliiK pinpnix I hivuhmm told
Hint now hoi I ii ulw 111 in hcoiland inn all
tlieM found In such doMi proimllv II enili
othei 1 The coal Is I an excellent Mini of bitu
minous pnnl nnd tlm lioncnnnnt U I > exculled
Wlh Hiii h vast inliiiH undeilvln the nioun
humus uiiil n hcnv Kiowtli ol tlmliei umber onl >
waiting 10 oneiKV nnd enpllnl to conveit It
Into I tbu I iMstof I lumbar tho fut it to of 1 ii a mice
Hn IH uussmireI
Thciecin be I nopicturo truthfully drawn ns
brljht I > to t lhoull I eirreuotuul I mug sIt iduu
Wllh luMltli ijooil vvntcipiiro I all mines nml
opportunity to anmsx vvciiltli them mut II l >
cii unit drawlinok I I t 111 I tills u cne I small I one
but nevortholcHS it Is I I fact not to bu lunnniil
It Is I ticks They nro hero III hugu niiinbers
Mini will stay until I the ooI11 eleantd nvvay
Tliuy nio perxltent In their nttcntloii nm
llllMUVllI Iitt I vo llllMI 110 mO qllltlKM to Illl7
and bite and no ninn can hav lie l wholo Imtli
llm trim I t here is I luurii and I luscious I aiiplis
that I t hiivn I iiHlniunl 1 llavor inibHcribable I and
lilnckbcrrlfs I that KIOVV will i owuiit and I luir
ii ripen llnuly nnd I naod wunor
1111 pa 1111 y 111 you 1001111 llor
for fruit on time Cumberland lioomiooi
Mlllliirr Men In Vnahlniiian Ixtller froiu
Vol 1 Murruvv
To THE EniTon or TUB Sus ViV In the
lau of Tea Hoi nf jtnlcntnv itciiiiiiiiiiiiUation Ii l iub
Ililird from thin rlu itntfil mba 2 < th lint ilntln tint
tilt iiilBr < irliin U I tlio rv tilt of litvlnit tout IIKIIHV at
ranl with the Quartonuanlrr llrneral Innallii the Inm
nilMarj dinornl Vljifcolv anti the Ianuaili llfncral
Hoihritcr ot lti arin Sun nhtl I olhul far
nibiiillteclciulfllv In t Ihr linjunl alit llntrilllifill lien iia 1
l > ir rvprpMntnllon BO long am It was cOlnlllo no i lelf
ixcln ely I rannnl allow in > ant to lie I nurd for Ilia
Plans l o of rtrfainliiziitlicru and lliFrifnn aisle thou
cinilinllcnlly list I have nrvcr I cnvn nl nt iiuaine nf
rants or chntire nlili sin nt the Kntlunrn imntlnmil
and fiirtlicrniiirtf toy aoiimlntanco with Din Uoi hokttr
I nf rn t nt life ami virj nlUlil nor list e J net knonl I
nar I Iliat thfj or otliernrni outliers In 1110 cit n w
In Hie pranks of tfanilillnir
I lino hctu 1 must nnCortnnale In the man mell ot
lily iiioiicj nltulri but not Irl amtiltiig or oilier die
reilitabl came ui U I well Itttonu h I inj IniinedlaU
frUmU Yours refitoctfully
A I Mniinnir Culone anil A 1 I C U 8 A
Wketr I
From tfif nngirgatlnnnltlt
The Congregational Club cloning meeting
for the tcaion nn Monilin eienlnir wa the Inrnmt I
ovcroriprfwnt Incliidlnx Inllrn and one of the clout
InUrnllng J ai held Hiihjicl u Tin Vlornl Drift or his
Air Tin drift In poll e SC hId hy Jinluc Noah
tai In of the biiiirrnia Court who spoke hopefullt ntlhe
ov tnt nnd tlio Influencei itt lcat and moral that have
liand chit lollllri ilnre llm war with a Unce at Iliou
of the chief Kurojiean liallonv urtli ulnrl Kmiland
volume advance and procnt loll iloci In the linen of poll
It at freedom Justice smut irrcutllel he wnrintj enlniclzed
1 ci as exhilarating to hear one In the JiiJusn pnnlilon
> aont > ioken In favor of > Hal religion Uuiierame edit
cat lot and tho right ot man
Ike Nuea Cndldnlere Always lIonctt Men
iitm lie IliilailliiMi Tlmti
Tutu HON now his is now Ire hlenllnl candi
date In I C < ingresAinan llolmaa of Indiana I tint n
teemed contemporary hat I nay of Ikkln cue notably
lioncit men I Consrronian u tuliiunui w are Irrtldtnt
tlicr vtotiM ho nn iirallng 1 In publli office
Jlihery In tho Knrfolk NMVJ Ynrd
A gontlenmn who arrived In this city yoster
Injnnd I who u I acquainted with the aRalr of the I Nor
folk NIITJ Yard I a lliat Iho van tins htrn inanaird In
the Ualiono Intertit and thai tin tb 1 ervlca rules
hue ten flagrantly lolalnl there lie aiicrti thai lute
ritent expenditure of marly fllI on Die iiramer
rinlii was mull for the p1 tunic oC hrlplmr I Malionea
imidlilntK tontrllintlaiia cc r levlrd mid coitriie
nil the pu iltc nillrrrt malt from the releral rriaiurv
viuru forted In do Mliliiiiie bhllllK I utIuilitiamis > of
rlerki I iiiecliaiijc I and liilmreri Wan mOats I m open vlo I
lailnii nf llm titles After Ih iiioney Imd limn exnrndeil
oillhe I Iliiiii U I wnfoiMil that he cc at imnt logo u liround
olhe 1aclllc and 1 lie was put out of roiinnlulnn In u
hl opinion I he propnped m eMIitatlnn Into the altalri nf
its sri will nut amount to aioihliK I I iuue u Is l In I
jeniltd luriivrr mil I the I ilr > l > > ee < In J Vlaynn 1 i I ttie i5Uu
llouabletraiiiarll I mi oriurrrdlietorii that m time i
thSIsig In iciiiiilor
OU4VQUJL May aoThoro was fluhuting In
the river it little amino llua > eqiili Oil inornlmr hem Calm
leameranf t llm ruiitrinlln j lattice I Hilt daniavo U I
rriorled There ins been lulillnj lit falncnnil i half a
las a1 siutiuiiiiia Hmihuiss huuo tiati O cul bJ his I
A PoiHIIiir Mlry Ilianrn It be Incorrect
latljnanls Mcttniger of the 10th Inst there is
a story concerning Mr lluctmnnn purporting
to bo told by An American amid Hubetnntlnlly
the flame ns the story about which an inquiry
has recently boon made of mo lu WcifiVminf It
runs thus
II In not generally known Hi it nutty the null rules that
rant Hriniucratlo marringmortal llrlialn prutentcd
SI tr Iliiclianiin from Intinx nil le IK lomf therUhcd
crllhaci rtiirini the period uf uSC Mlnutfr il > lie I i lie
camp alloched tn n unit of very hlitli rank who had
tern for allis yeart n a low and the attachment wan
fully reciprocated The rentoiiiirancfa ot the Indvi
relatlte liutrevtr pri vcnud itn inarrlatfdhelvteeu ihe
lnrtler and all thai i nine of their vt arm rritard for each
other en n t er > deep nnd mnccre slit lire limit friend
Hilp Tllllhrdnrnf Mr IllicIt tiesims death they u main
tnlneil a i on iam corre indence The lily Mtrtlre1 I I
him fur niiny > cam and ttaii ulttava ilndhitfultlir1 for
her marked iiridilei linn tim American In I the i room In
hrr uielr imlon iiiniiiiiii die hn I uatlurnl lo I tlher
all her umiirciilri of vtr Huclmiinn IncludliiK n Hue por
hut Iliein 1 relic were nioill ty of it lltrrar I and nall misS
tharitcttr niich lie the t work of American nntliori
Amrrloan atitonraphi Ac 1 TIIO alma onirllnlc4 din
plnvrd ii her Ainerlcan tUltor lint ai die lid it vrry
rellreil mutt liii ye are hut fcn iieriim who are co > nlranl
of the fact thai Ihe I Vhlti Iliulne came hear hating at
one time a illicit Kninknh utile riCC
I can only say that In all Mr DuchannnR pri
vate halters there Is not the least trace of such
an attachment ns thin writer doHcrUwg or of
any relations with any English Imly whatever
but thoso ot mere friendship still less of n con
templated matrimonial alliance prevented by
remonstrances ot the lady relatives I Ira
Hove Mr Uuchnnan never destroyed any letters
or even short notes that ho received while In
England and I nm confident that I hnvo nil
that ho wrote Time number Is very grout
but I have examined thorn nil so that In
my opinion the statement that the White
Houso came near having nt ono time a
titled English mistress has not the Bllghtont
foundation The truth Is that In lib early life
Mr Buchanan Buffered n disappointment In
love that was HO tragic and tha clreumstaiuos
of which wore pathetic that with his pecu
liar temperament nnd character marrlau be
came Impossible to him thereafter crud I do
not believe that at any mibsoiiuvnt period
ot his life ho over entertained a serious
thought of it although ho always high
ly oujoyed tlio society of cultivate
woman and nunttjmnii many of all egos among
his am oat Intimate I t IrlmiiK 1 write tItle In I order
Unit I time random of the forthcoming life nf Mr
Uuclinnnn may not orpect to thud In It the
cmallest contamination of till lit Hory about an
KngllHh vvlilow of very lmlgtu tank although
thov will find tliu cause which prevented him i
fiom over lavlnc iisliln his longvlici lulled
polllKicy 1 am sorry to dentrny nny little ro
mnncn ooncernlnu n possible titlcd mlstrois of
the White llonso but 1 havo the less Kcruplu In
doing no because tlio Idea that such a nossl
blllty IH a niattor of sum > Intercut savors n little
of the snobbish
Tim Indy referred to was presumably the
DucheMH eli Somerset hUoand Mr lluohniian
vvero tory good friends Lilt there is no rcnuon
tobelluvo tlmt them over was zumuyl itl mug moro
tender than lilcndshlp between them I do
not believe nwoid of Ilio Htntement tlint they
porioHpondod to Iho t day of his death or
t nut Im wrote to her or incolvoda letter from
her after Ids lulurn home I its t it all I his let
ters publlo and private mini there IH not otto
to or from tho UuelmsH of Somerset nlllioiiKli
thero are some from other Kngllsh lailles Mr
lluchannn remained In Liiglatid for HOIIIO
time after his niece Miss Ijino ro
turned home Lady Komeiset Is fruiiuently
referred to In his letters to Miss Lane as Heinl
hug her kind iiiesenges and HO are a gieat
many other ladles from thin Queen and limo
Irlnceas Itovnl down through nil ranks of so
ciety itS well as Kuntlomen Miss Lanob
beauty erace aunt cood sent cnptlvnt d ninny
linnrtH In Kntdatiil dud after who had come
homu thai Qnocn exjirohsed her regrets In a
pretty direct way that lio had not UtmJe
tnlncd I in England Hut I as to the t iul mien eii
Peculiar InuliHUH nt lier uncle for llm I titled
widow I belIeve It to bn a m > th U T 1 0
Nuvv Ionic May 20188J
ftwiIwlIhIsIoI or CII > IIIL ZN KOVK
HOME May 13Monslgnor Croke the Arch
hlnhopiif On liFl Ufl tuterdav for Ireland I Ilinai In
Koine only n few ilit > t Ktnylni at Ittu I rich h Cnllci where
huoicuiilril liter modcftt tooluc cml thy > eindn < > nrluar
the t tpnrtinelit of Viinlunnr K trio mite titular Iliihop
of Itta nnd furmerl > tho I lUctorof lie Cntie
Tin presence in Home of rcihi hop Crokvht hi en
t tariou lt coinmcnted on both by the frlendi hut foe
of lint railoof Ireland
The lrnnutcm purl to wit liii Ixiril Hovtaril the Hie i
her of the KtiKlUh and Semite College belong niot 1 titan
KiiKl li minor rflAa Ilko stonor Stiiklmoi and
otlliM tteru alixhiu to ipreail due euor Ibat I Illo Iope
mist I iiil fey vionnlcnor Crokc In order to check him and
till Itit riltitim which titmt to turn tonunl tutu int
fir tuu ci itt if lommiml Mr 1 Errmittni tnu I irono v >
far u < In siv ill > nud itniiih3 In the t tlnti i f tilt
friinl I that It vaa hUh llmu fur tlit 1npcto titlcttliU
own I llm that lie hail to all i U viili Ilnllnnl Mrinbo mil
ciii lie riirti4ll ti iiiimoiil ii liii crl tlmi In vvhUliall
the profiannr iuuit 1 prievtn niid frlnidi of iiiio1giir
Crnke iiit 11 IAI iia priiinlniiit inyt i Vlr I lrrlnifton nho
U I KI ilevi it u inif the Uoinatiirtsd fur lbs ins ii pur
l i ti rtin cnUaurnl In have hln otvn o IIIDII
urint 1 ti d in Homt1 V ntlcan ortrnn lie did nut fiirccid
uoidlni tn the niurt nf thinnme jirlt 1 irl uti n
Viin t unorrroli IIH noon nt he nrrivid In UIMIIL VMIH
iiilltl 1 In u tli > rnparinila and hit a linif Intirvltn
with I nritliMl > iineonlfllid Doineltlroltii 11 n lhe > ere
I irt of uhumu propniriin It ulid vtiu iUtinned lUht find
lift nut l itnpi lit ui uIiiuimtiz i Ito otte fn it tltn fur
lll i < ronvriiitluii tilth the I lied Iupi Inrdln
Mini mitt In MKd n > sq In fmmi of thu rriiituatulii
em itt em nt bit doiin u nrefiiiiy and commnuiciitid to tin
Inpi lihtiiit
Tin ft mutt if t riluIhtliui m tikenn iii till Fury ntort
Hit In iii I lice ht imeui intermit to llonii hut i ami nut
ot hi on n vi III nnd 11it tuit n ivptlun nt tlu lro IIOIH i
Anuf th I teat l t kind an iaiaNohUnirpllnti at the iii
Ullll Thin iff tll > > K < > vlp Noil Itl me ntllte lit fails
Ittin fact Ihtt In tin month of A p rll Canllniil sm
cnhui me rio i te order ot tin Pope to tlio An hll hnji ic
iit < > thu him In thoinoiil kin lentil to ciima to Itnn i >
n > tilt lliilititM I I watitiil In ruilu pcMonall from him
Hume liifiiniinllni ulnail m Irluli I ethic his
AP nnn an vioinlKitor Crok could make it convenient
his left tile dlocrrt and Ilino to Rome
Ill I I is iumtere Pace tvlth rardinitt siinennl wit of the miiit
friendly de crlptlon Arihhithop Jaioblnl 1 hvtrelarv ot
the Propaganda meat proeiit and iilittt Anhlilihop
Croke lift for home ho i sprcsnod the irreatent iniiif
linn Imtii tv iOu hint lull and Iho tta > hi > had hicn nil
coined al HID Ilaun dspacna He hail to tvall lilt turn
for the nudienvo vtttli the Iopc vvhUli took 5iiain opt
rrlda > tail
Of conr ai neither Ihe Iopo nor the Arclilnlop
mill repent tthal the > hid to at > to each otherit
would U rutlur llttiuilt to cite a full report of Stir t
contoriatliiii SitU U Uvtell iitulcritiioil hero In Home
Pitch tile llolni I < vrat exicudiiulv kind to lie i prelito
Irtderof the Irlih I aKltalnni The 1one nuked hotv unni
in Ireland u Paul availed thenmltci of the new lnlli
lIon uuol how tin wore Mitinfleil ttllh It lie denlred to
auk nlo whether Ihe altatlon nould utop and ttluii
and tlm prelato natiirallt replltd that the uirltnlluti
would net er atop until Irilanl had obtained fnlljnithe J
that hit iiiliKcrlptlon tor I HID Iarimll fund n a > igoliiK on
will putt vtimll brim a fair nuin of unIte >
Illilloliticxinujthatii repratidnain hu cNprciuloii
of ayhuPiiItlO foropprtMcd Irelind alread > manlftitid
In tilt tirat letter to Oanllnal viacljbe i nnd exprr ed hIs
coiilldrlico that P Illihopi and prletl had Jmu their hot
to krcp tliilr ilnek itllliln tlie utrlct boundi of u > llce
Vlorcover Ihereceptlonof Mouttlgiicur Croite at the Vatl
nih tutiutt lis C tech u vcrv plcnuunt one bicanie Kirliiit
tolu Cmiii luis friend do not netm met > iii tilt plcaird tilth
It II I I Is l sine nocrtpil1 ilont know on em hat foumlntlon
lint tilth tome liiiliimce tliat Croke told the Copo
that the t Illihop of IrrHitit I tionll hate no objection to
pea an imlUli reprcientatlte P ntthf Vatican hut the >
vtould Urond objicl to liii dealing with Iriili affnlr
AccordltiK to this Mrniiin nil the Irlnh l5ulucip ate
trould never allow an KnulUli AmbnMador rcpiul hug at
this Vatltan lo he nice empotiered ai a reprenriitatlvnot
Tin Archhlihop of Caihel dliappearod as tent us po
Chile from Home In order la Mull the Intrlnnin and
goMlp thai are 10 easily lei nn fool In a city like Home
A If rile of llulivaoiia Nnvy
Konwioii May 30Iah ensarH ruling up or
down lie I Tlminei llvir Valli > on hit Nctt London
Sot thiitiu Itallrml lan e ainni the itrram abovt New
Lohihitu ii Iiiuuj lack tatlir > d ttar e eustil rotlln uui tho
wharf ot tlm New London Nat > Yard It It tin guilt
boat HotIda a tO l7Vii > n armament of the Ameiluin
navy It I ttailiullt In xiT and mnde a trial trlppoutli
That mice 1110 wn lit Inst 01 In return North It tint
leered lino ii hatennf Indoliin < Hit I llronkin Sum c
lltrii Vll riuPtliiu at IPue cc hr liters for usecriet enra
I was uahlet lo lit Neet
a V luihtuui > srI ten yenni njn
ttherolhpriictMof I uteea Han completiil mute lippir
mturkn uiu a ruuuu uluit ttuiieuu It it till that He In II is I
itiU Itihuch e I tin Cult Ce moult I tori ti it ti iii III hue
rrafl II H liU feet nt imil its i lrinw n u ai foil ii
U I armed with II I lante icuiii Colinnhlal mid iarmi
It lust l > ii onilrliinednv thuc flnruityuuf nliil will Iw
suit as noun as the Seem tlir > if Hi m tue muit Pica ml iiii
miihiiut in r tar sit siuciuiiui u i i act ui ii 0 t nulhirll >
I list I iii utter of mtilii l cc a
tint u rfientl rcP cat it for t tie
Answer in Alleged respondent
tiam llfr
rreddlo 01No i It Is spoiled IIcr rvrn IM
us lYe111 11st iT1 9 umiuli I III naih ton I o
tidies Iiiuui V Well that ilrprnd If ho It I Die larger
uiuiit ha ncliu hit tact lila uuiuutie hut ccc ihinC ii
wititlut J etpeol linn bun hurl In I iliitl h Ii tulips is
m tie iuirreef ucut ileiu iii alit uuusey hue ciauiPut
toil cc Pills thiit tX5uiaeut T si i his touts cc lii lint Iii
herfro Tin > lines tin hieiiI tu
Wihule 8i istlch coil S Caijiel kiiliiiit ill Puc
Weti wlist ut Pt V 2 tIiat westouia pluiu II nuu cPu
Sri pelilng Iscoki l at four pare 3 No the Prettilcnt
came to altonj the opening of lbs brlJe suit tnt to trr
to act as lulaliauor bstwsu you
A largo tract of laud has been leased in
England to nhicate voting men for colonlil life
The employment of cocoa meal lu flue
rntloni ot French cavalry hore hat produced inch eat
litacttiry rettiltt that hue practice n III be toutlmted
Milliard Money 17 of Huolbyvlllo hid i
experienced religion 10 ulrongly as a revival convert
thIs winter that on May II hli brain gave vt ay nut he
hot off he lop ol lila head
Hawkins hated his little girl no much
that after Pup wai ilcatt he ctirful her ai nhe lay In her
coffin and tvlim her hrothcr heneit him lo lop he gave
him a fiirliiii vt hipping Thit wai In Lattri ncovllh Imt h
Fi oin Steel v Hie Mo vv o learn that on May
14 Hob rhnllli and Henry lltrgui being out tune > shoot
Ing tiinlthmlitook Ilergupu for a lufke > anti ihol him
dead Mrrmtllh will pmbaUIr be avoided by hrolhit
I nrtmiitii hereafter
The cowboys loffltlmnto occupation la
lerlmuly threatened Three men now da Ihe work nl
fifteen or ttvetit Formerly It wa the cuttotn to loone
herd tho cattle during the dat and have them In corral
at nlglit Now cattle roam ttlthln mllei of wire fence
A woman writes to tho lioHlun Hole that
finding ah could earn more In bnilnen than tier hu
band they rev cried the ntual order of thing 8he now
goes to Iniiiiioit and Pus doe all the home work and
doei II excellently The plan works very atliltctorllv
Two ycniu ago Cnpt Hnlvl of the Italian
arm > rod on horMhack from llorgamo to Naplet He
hat now been on a Journey from Bergamo to LUjon lot
too montlii He rites an Italian horie named Olool
In croKtiug a river hone and matter were nearly
It IH wild that Inventors fearful of being
robbed of their hlca deliberately deceive their altar
iieya and the Patcnl onto about their Invention obicur
lag thus truth pm that when thiydo get a patent U It
practically vtonlileri for the reason that It iloe not
cover lie real point
Pock ot Ifcut Uoy celebrity Is wild to
hit a made more In a year than Kmerwn made In a life
time TIthe fset further itggrt the renectlon flint Tat
lnagc are the only ennuii regnlnrly telegraphed In
the Yeeta clrcmntlnnce not altogether encouraging to
the erudite timid tilth all d clam ot preacher
Tho Nov Mr llntiKhtonof Now Haven
preached a Mr mon on the battalion Army which It
quartered In thai city It was an attack on the revival
lit their method and the renuila He even went no
far as tip vluaractLrie them its half erased people who
go np and doit n mite land Mioutlngto a tiiitul world to
lieu from hue me rap tu to come
Louvnln lielKiuin which tho London
Thief call the mont llourMiltig of our Catholic mil
venality hn iat t > ear IitP2 I rrglilered tujent Ihe
hliflietntiinb ever reached and an Increine of 347 l a
teiicttr lhuty nn of tho itudent are from foreign
counlrli uhis It American Next to the Iulvertlly
Liiuvulnl ii cblell famous for III beer
Hclionlt In Koiloti raltei Ihe iuentlon In what wars
If In any can Hie Khuol he made to meet the popular
demand fur Inluilrlal uliicatlnnt I it motua thai there
It a ttrong dlpoiiiloii In IloMou nnd other Lantern cItIes
to eitgrufl on tha tilIk ncliool curriculum certain
ranrht I of limtrnctlon pitrel > IndiKtrlal or practical
A now vvoid fad hut been Invented by
tho M Jameit isastllr for u hat w a called n hobby and
the man who rum ouch It call a faihllit o A Mala
ian there It no good authority for It that It hISs not
reached till country and cannot be found In Prof Heinle
DeVcret Ulctlonarv of Ainericaiutni Another new
tt ord coined by the Hitttcii I crotc hole er for one hav
ing ant crotchet
Knoululge gives Iho palm for known an
tliiill among trtcn to n tree In Hit lacred clt > of Amur
apoor ih Itunnah MS II C l sir Jainct Ltiiermin Tea u
lent n high ntilliorlt > Uilnki Hint there It good ground
for believing In lit rxlraorllnar age The leavet are
held no racret thttonlv tlioite I which fsit are taken br
pllgrlmi There Is I an oak known to be Iutni l j ear old at
M Kngland
TIm realm in which ielenco cnn bo oven
iracthall certtln of Its conolnlini It very limited and t
linen not trench upon tin ground lovcrert by the ye
Uifiiini truth revealed In hut mule Conccrnlnir nck
iiiiilUm HII lieu it l mii ictrlalii where II Is I mint inxiu
IKcnurt of llils the utti ramc of Ncleme concernlliK the
malndiittrlniHof rye e iii rllgtoui arc tutu itru Pu > of a
rlou attention sclcm U n > hnrmlet to npjitse ttirie
llttnll > an ltl Pa liclplcitodlfiiidlt such are lhcplnU P
of mi addrem bt Trof IVrlKht of Oberlln Cnlleue
TIme celebration of tInt fiftieth nnnivcr
Pflr of Hie foninlln of st Mnr > a Honiati Calhollo
Church In Chhavo remlndn thu panror lhal the I city
tlftv > eartiKo vta < ttlthoulahou < e ttholl > let apart to
iii airvice cut P lumP mul tie aettUineiil that then prated
Uf Illfhop of st li uU ti > tirltl a iiilnliilirlinoit the neat
of an ArihhMmp mu ho tilt e it I a marvel of maMlv
I rilillLCturL and thoio tatlvdrul IM only out of th
Krand iUlnli idiniK of the later ChlcaKo In ISJ3 I
Chlcniro wa n fried r ol I with less than tee o hundred
cc hue tnt p tin mrrl ni Incln led
Only iii ti PUt half Ito t men who havo
iihlevcd nillltar > illitlmMlon In Itiuthut lute Chic Phuuie of
Itti r Iho P Oriat Imtc Iecuu I of Vlit ovlte shack Tim rent
have Km chlrl > iUniiiin but llnnliii d icily cc as
scotch and ltiueron Kron h It 1 ira pirtlt dnctohli h l
I1 i IIIK n > vnnuliit n IIIKiminiintaroa lint hkiiliihrt had
fo LXtraordlnar an lulliifiice oter lilt men fur the
ilticiiiim tutu iiitlecruc nn > imi popnljmlth illlir i in
him irui utceut or Iho t alit alit I It is l ntirnd that i
muii nf the rniiiiiUin ban bei n fmtKht vvitli n fun Uu
llottirtil lo plitn DIMM nnd a vturtcotlto loitntLh him
U Is a Dclawiuo eloi yman who declaiei
In tin nHI IT that the mcro ihurili nuiuhcr lu lilt
Mill an tiliiiiitt uniitiimim thloit itt siiuug limr p
ant IUeilliii nei > tiirv iinlrleHclllmr slut aid tlnluit
U plum > titiiii jriKnil Mit of thrm marr Inn U it lu
tututti i liiHuiHi ii iii te fruit Tile iuuirt cue vim li lU
Ituanlril I Hi inuhl not vulh tin Icnt diLneof toiitl
dimo oltit out a vliulu ricotta oitplu Suet liters
mm be lou he Mould mt knim n Inn to chumS out Hi
a > kidontof Phi bethit fort of colored nn n abnilt Hut
and he acknowledged hint lie knew of only a nlnl
exception mid that I tin hlmtelt and hlttilfi
A isil to Iho t onvoitl piloon by tho t RIIV
Mark rnflon ciuie Putted him that the P i iltar > citl U a
frUhtful plaui > lIe cIttliuu d Inilde and laid Ikiis
i Inn the door Uarkneo illeitco and llT i nlloll
Opm opn ho cried lie could not hue lltedlhcra
nn hour lie thittite All the air clrculnilm Imfltd thniiiKU
n Hpiae under Iho door about teen tuy futir liiche Th
vtrrlchet connncd there rtceutl tripped tbcmnhet
naked and lay down upon the ntnno floor putlhin their
nmuthito that itnall aperture to xn a breath of air
What are thoin rlniiboll In the ttall for t Im nuked of
lilt julIc Tlicy were put In toihiln hue cuultrit upby
hit haudi to that he could not lit or Ik down ci ai
lie relly
It was only tIm other day that young
Mr Palmer of Vale one ol the editor of Iho Id Lime
rain Un < m > lnt wa onintht at ida larlani and tow
comeiiirwiof nn expote In the tnitinll > of Califor
nia The llerktlitm hoi lit of that llitlltlltlon pub
lllheda tohlmuof vertelh the ttudent Jutt before
this book trenttutlioblndtr an attiitn proof reader dU
lovirid Dial one of Iho lunneti by an undcrKrnduilt
dainarl cuts tiiden bodily from Colorldire hmher l em lien
the nhett of > W coplta hunt hint utrllck off iuliltl tier
ainnet front a ttillknovin hiijllli > oet woe found
The nheil ttire dittroeil and the I illiiftiiitid printer
nim forctd hunt lime to mako up I tie hook That tiutul
It ttriit Put Ittyp mc itcut lid cihitit crucll lore tho nuik
from aiuitliirouni Ilcrkeletan
In u party In St Joseph Mo vvcro a
nuiiK man noted for Pitt hrllllanl comic yristituitsi
utoel crinnd a beautiful gIrl from one of ilia cii jet
countlti and In hIt course of a tlriigitlo tort II lie mis
emloii of a trinkcflhe girl lank her leery teeth Into
the limn > part of Ilie > iiiiir man1 arm llo iohirly
cnmiaUd Pits piuthi Illl ho returned home u lieu on ro
linn Inn hit Karmcnti blood tta found Irk hug from
the wound Next moriiliiK the laceratid arm vial
ice itPce Pit t ic ice Hi natural sUr and ho ti at laid up fur
see urid da > a The St lotph paprr In relallm lh
Incident nfer to anoiherand trorie one of a niuiiar
nature thai orrurnd nl Cop < isirarileati a ton > ears
Mo In which a oltm irinlliman mmci tall > died from a
pin > fill tutu IMI Puts Ihumhba joiiiiu lady The paper
remark u U frequent happtnt lhal the bit ot a
vtnmnn It poliotioui
Vround tho Chicago Hoard of Trndo have
itronn up i khopi lucre by furnl > hlnit this maddnery
for cheap vambllnv on Iho rice of uralu the roprltlor
h tve nnlt fortlllio III a unall vin and for Ihe hrtielU
of unall xjiiihleri Ihe > Imitate an hidden of Hit
Pilti lit Si dall > done on Uiuiuc Thit Itiiliknt It tltt
buvln nndillluKot petulallto radua itt ceruiU not
Ce lilt the Inttnllon of tlcllvtrlmr orncctptlmr the com
moilll > Itself hut nt an njned lime of tettllnii upon
tho I difference In price There would ceem lo be no oica
klon fur the P Hoard of Trade lo liar the P rlvalr > of Hint P
common uhtni but It ha csua > sit tocrunh Ibetii I out by
In InthK hue telritriph compun to vi ilhhold from Ilietn
thu P quotation nf tho uuuiit SeP 5 iuiih U onI liHinfi I tuess
u5ittilusl unItS are ctrcnllnl nlure tiuy are Ihenrbitirt P by I
Ce hit lithe niall lraiiacllon of Ihe riinlnini of the
loop are determined The uuusi Per is I univ In lii coons
Thoio was a Kieat MIIO at flue Itoyal
talimy on lanilliluv ii a > MI I lenly a mut Pus
pltliiUHlonkliiK parctl aared i > n HID long tajlo on
whlih Iho nrlltn jul tin Ir mati llil < No ono had ucan
II before ind no one mu utuith on n II tt was ui nv > roll I
looklm unl tillilni uteh l UKIICI in brown pat rr anil
doneiipitllliariltof irlnir a thin ban llo belli mro
vlilnl in I hold it b > The It A P utimuct around In cnnipt
pi i rim at II n llh tin ir gluues hihil I poXlit It ItnUlluIr
tilth tin Ir llnifirt tI t lut the > could tlan I It no ituttori 1
Inert uilnhtln tic tvh liii al nut > mnmint The car
I inter ci its rulltd andtifura title amount of caution
ttutortlond to rtmov lint i hired and lay It In P nil I
ii nicr Ititaili itanbnut to like It attuy auMher
ii I I camo tip Iliilloh1 and ho em bliP cm inrt in
tutu gimltuti tii itt ic Hh tint t Ilimt hInhi rlirnni n n
I nm polirf to talc to oorlnhg ha au aitfinurt
thiuut TaUcaui

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