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I ri1 1LUTh 1 I
11 14
utnrinns oriniKnna romta ji TO
13 SOT 10 COXrKIl IT OV hiM
niOoTemor Thanks hum for DoIng kin a
Drt 01 r r < umil und Polllleal SrvluTo
Afreal Mot OIL lalmi but un tke Penpl
JOSTON May 3Ilt will not ho uecoasnry
tofleensofrUMo Hoar to BO to Europe to os
MM the ungracious taHk of presenting Oov
fuller e as the guost of the Harvard Alumni As
sociation nt tlio Coiniiioncoinciit Day dinner
Bt odlton a of 11 to 15 thu Overseers of tlio college
today rotiisod to adopt tlio rccointnondntlon
and Follows that thu degree
ol the President an < olows < olrle
of LU D I b conferred upon boy liutlur Tlio
iction of the Hoard Is uindo peculiarly ofTen
aUon ilie the Governor by tho sharp personal slur
with which tbo refusal Is uaoniclally accompa
nied In the words of tho Secretary tho Rev
Dr ilcKenzlo tho Board declined t concur
D because boy llutlcrs
with the Corporation OCISO 11tcrs
character Is not consistent with tho motto of
the college 0 Vorltun
Not for years hM unythins served t call out
large an attendance of members of the
to larj attn <
Hoard The President and Treasurer nnd
twentyfive of the thirty members wore pres
ent and they remained In clone session for
four hours Almost tho only matter before
them will whether the degree of LLD
tem b conferred on Benjamin Franklin
Butler The debate which followed
luler sharp and outspoken nearly nil
present a participating Of course the political
bearing of the subject cropped out at once
and It appeared that every member of tho
board was opposed to Butler und llutlorlsm
LJ WB ollood Dlter < Dlterlsm
linn evory one denied that he was Influenced
In hit oclnlon by political consideration or
aught but the well being of tho college The
Bon Ebenezor HockwooJ Hoar President of
tbe Board was most strenuous In urging tho
rejection of the proposition of tho President
and Fellows and President Eliot member of
th Board ex oflklo was the most prominent
01 I the minority
The subject was first considered In Us rota
tion to previous vote of the Hoard I was
agreed that tho precedents of the century were
lr anY moans binding Resolutions wero
offered setting forth that thn degree was not
Mcontlally a tribute to the ofllce eIreo to Its In
cumbent and tlmt In refusing to confer tho
degree on the present Governor the Hoard Im
plied no disrespect to tho people of Massa
chusetts Ibo Governor course In rotation to
the Te ksbury Investigation entered Into the
dlicusslon and It was admitted by members
that It had considerable Influence upon the de
clilon but that Influence was not on account
ol the Governors attack on the Harvard Medi l
cal School I was considered simply that ho
cllhol < <
bad descended too low to bo recounted by any
Institution of learning that ho was Massa
ctuMll8 worst enemy and that for Har
vard to confer upon him a degree
would t reality t an Insult < the
DeoDle of the Commonwealth I was suggested
that the degree might 0 so worded that I
should bo a tribute to the office and not to the
man but It was decided that such action would
be whipping the devil round the stump
b wblpplol Ile burden of tho whole discus
sion as was anticipated by TiE HUN was
an attempt to agree ns to tho best course
to Injure the Oovornor personally and politi
cally Tho arguments In favor of honorific the
Chief r Magistrate were based almost solely on
the ground of expediency on the part of the
college To b sure ono eminent physician
urged that the degree had been con
ferred on persons olrua s worthy profes
sionally I not in private character A
letter from the Uov Edward Everett Hnlp now
travelling in Europe was read In which the
ooterrni of the degree was strongly urged as
a tribute to tho highest executive office in tho
Commonwealth blcest exocutvo
It was finally voted to suspend the rules and
t decide the question by I roll call tho result
they tn be voted made public in detail This Is tho way
luiPnildent Eliot Mtur K W Hooper Stephen
ItUttiury James E Cabot Alexander McKemle Ie
Uron Kuuell Kraneli E 1arker Theodore Lyman M
rman Charles I trancl LOam Jr and Levirett
Siltoriull II
> ATI Meiiri Francis M Weld Solomon Lincoln
Coirles R oilman Richard M tlndtes Edwin I
Itsver John yilke henry Lee John O Karxelit 1 M
Morn E K Hoar II II Mdltr W U Kuiiull and
Jtforefltld Storey 13
fiittD Itobert I Smith jea and the Rev Jamei
Freeniau Clarke nay
It is said that three of the four absent mom
tiers would have voted yes so that on a full
vote the result would have been a tie 1 in
also asserted by a member that If the vote had
bean taken two weeks ago the Governor would
have received the degree by a large majorIty
That there have ben a great variety of power
fut Influences at work tliero Is no doubt I Is
admitted by everyone that the action of thn
college will have perhaps I creator effect upon
the next campaign than any other ole tlimif
The division of opinion as to which
way that Influence will tend Is fairly
Indicated by tho figures In tho Overseers vote
More than ono member after op
pressed the opinion that boy Butler will bo re
elected In November One characterized the
decision as tho greatest mistake the 10lfl
ever made The Governor himself takes the
matter very happily and apparently without
personal rancor Ho Is quoted as saying that
the action of the Hoard will < b worth 10UUU
votes to him
This evening a Globe roporter called upon
the Governor when the following Inter
view took place
Keporter Have you heard that tho overseers
Harvard College Imvo voted 13 to 1 not to
confer upon you the degree of Lit D
Goy Duller I have so heard
IleporterOf course you believe this news to
U authentic
boy Butler The only reason I have for not
belIeving It Is that It Is put upon tim bulletin
board of the Uoitoii Journal
Importer Assuming that It Is true what do
you think or It 1
boy Duller I have to thank them for doIng
me I very great personal and political norv Ice
The affront intended b > their action is not upon
me but upon the Ieoplo who elected toe and
the verdict and execution of the judgment of
Han lira1 College upon the acts of the pooplu of
this Commonwealth for during by a largo ma
jority to choose a Governor without asking
the consent of that college and it only em
phasizes what I Imvo sometimes mild
heretofore that Harvard lolnlmus Cole claim
the right to govern the Commonwealth
Having received from more than ono college II
literary degree that rank because colegu
lterary < IKreO Itlt rllk CIUO o appre
ciation by those institutions of my attainments
as I lawyer for which consideration thus be
stowed upon mo I feel the diopnHt senslblllti
the act of Harvard would have udded nothing
to me ali therefore Illl havo no feollni be
cause of its action In this behalf I Miould
havo felt very grateful for U If it had
been given to mn an I lawyer but not ns
Oovernor I should havo looked
owror 8holl 1110 1001u1 upon
I It as a ceremonious < matter I conipllinnut
I t the Governor of the Commonwealth and thu
People of the Commonwealth following out a
custom without any regard to my attnliiinents
or wihout the degree although us 1 hap
pen to know I would have been ono > of perhaps
two or three men who havo received it during
the last mUl jeuts who could havn < 11 It
118 <
and truuMated It without tho aid of I diction
ary I regret very much this political action on
tho part of the college because I fear It may
ten to Impair Its usefulness f for it Is qull
possible that the people of the Commonvvialth
mar hereafter remember It to the disadvantage
with college They may cOle t the conclusion
to divorce the college and HtatOiat our fathers
divorced the Church and Stain and may In
Quire If there is I an reason why the property
o that Institution should bo exempted from
the taxation which is HO burdensome upon us
While they use the alms of tho Slate so be
stowed upon them for educational purposes In
jn endeavor to control tIm politics of the atate
But time at last sots all things even
Bitwise Up a Colored Miner uncle
DE MOiNES laY 31A few days ago ono of
Ifcecosl mining companies of Des MoInes linporteil
lout twtnti nve colored mlntr from the southern
Put of Hit Slat to tat the place ot Hit striking
nloiri hue monilnz at about 3 clock un
Uimn pal broke In a vtlndnvr In the hnuie
of cott Usvin one of the colored mlneri and a tan of
fiuticK powder with a Ihrhted 1 fine was thrown I In on
ii I tOor The itartled 1I 1 the break
JiiJ 1 occupants were nnt la I bj
S lolh f window end then came the terrlllo ex loilnn
Lcii tar the front wall cmnpletelv out
uU V1 r doois ill ltII hlnnei anJ lent
Pss c Iunll whirling through li the air A little
lou WCI itll burned and the Iwo tToinen were badly
urn o5 or v iliiii JHirtroiiily hurt One uf the men 0 ai
lij j j little thigh with a I > lug iplluiter aDd badl tu
Nelly Nturi Ilakt Hentenee
Judo lllxon yesterday sentenced Mrs Sally
toy convicted or nmnila irhter In polionlng r
lleett of Little lulls N Jlo six monthi in the county
I Wi 1fI1 Wlh Iho lira she hat already ipent there
Will ti lOCke IUlrol 1110111 I h Tlit Jlidife nld lie lilele
ha 4IICiIi 0 l h leiuie tie rritarileit the killing a
WHO delllhol 111llolal I and Hi age and sex nf
liol pIMr for cliuiencv Mn blUr > relter
tt hl Iii t d1 tilt liteln tn Mil f lleiit and
Itmtrlyvtiitiilitrieiiti lice was pronounced
Aevertla In the Uoralhn Journal
I C one h Alt 111111 I sut eels UttrJlJl
I loa oC the miHt urnal l wai UlWJJJi
j js
An AIIwool Business Hull for 10
Seat nnd attractive In appearance Korel and service
able A full I mil coat pants and veil only I till Hull
think 1 1 they I art trail for thev are not xainlne them
The are the bitwit ariraln I In riaityuuist le tlothluK
tveroBYrcd A Raymond A Co h34 and JMVroadvva
and corutr Fulwa sad Nassau 15Ada
files Piles IMIee
Cured without the uie of the knife powder or sslre
Iatleiit lufterino pain I iharvei until curd Con I
ilUliClIOul tree Write for reftrciicei Dr A A Corklni
No I fcaiUUth stAdu
meke Welcume tlaaretlee
win Mild A CoAd tweet and IcUcte Our otw r4 flood
JtAimxa AN oriuv JOINT
tnpl Petty rapture Mlnteen Prlieners
Ainona them un Actor mid four Women
Tho threestory amid basoincut brick build
lag at fl Toll street has become 1 great resort
for Chlniunan since May 1 and Capt Potty BUS
ticctcd that an onlumBiiiolclni joint wax ono of
the attractions thorn His iiollcomon were un
able to got In to confirm thoHo
Iot II con rm suspicions
but Cluirlns 1 lllchard on who lives at the
New Kimlnnd Hotel which Is directly In
tho rear of the suspected preinlsea mado
a complaint which ho had qualllled himself
to support by a tiro v Ions visit to tho houso
Justice White issued a warrant against Ah
Foo the reputed proprietor of tho placo and
all who might bo found there A descent was
niadu and Ah Foo was arrested with his wife
nnd Ilfteon vIsllorM Three worn abandoned
woniun six WUN Chliiamun and six cero ills <
situated whlto mon Among the latter was 1
llnolooUlnir wulldrusHed mal of HO who
wild that ho was an actor lIe
had the uurvoiiHnoHS and pallor of 1 uonllrnmd
Blunter and wax well known t his follow IrIs
iiior who said fulL hn VVIIK a munilwr of the
U ii Iou Hiiuaru Coniiiaii Ho gave tile nuumnu of
Chui les Masters and hit addrvMi IIH 414 Fourth
uvoiniH Next wuru John Clark nnil 1 Kdvvard
Thoinpion prosHinon of Iflli Madison street
The latter was the only white prisoner on
whom a bottle of opium was found but among
the Chinamen only ono was found without lu
This was Alt Hum n peculiarly Innocent look
lag laundr > man from Hoboken In placn nf a
bottle he < carried n lemon which was found to
have been scraped out uiul loaded with the ilruir
8CrlIu <
John ONdl of Xcw Itnchellp Louis Fried
lander of 1 Bowery and J allS Maplnson of
1 Knit Twenljolchlh utroet went back to
thu cells calmly ns did nil the Chlnofl prison
on Ah loo thu proprietor l UUII Mow who
sold he lived In tho houxn Ah Jim of an
Eighth Street laundry Ah Song nf First nv
iiuo Harlem boss wnihorman Ah lam of 14
Jlott Street nod lop Han said tlioy had no oc
cupation but All Loo saul < proudly that ho
worked In a big landly In lllldceport tlt
Ot the women Jennie Ah Foo ftnld shin had
been married to her Chlnes husband live
nar8 She Is < Welsh Fnntile ItonoliU < Del
Hamilton und Nellie Hmlth acknowledged tlmt
they freijitontod the place Capt 1etty got
eIght plpnx and a lot of opium on the top door
which Is used us a joint and bears evidence of
tho other disorderly uses to which the prom
ices are put He Buys that Ah Foo paid a bonus
of J2JO to cot tho lease nf the house and that
tho lawyer who took this too was one who was
conspicuous In the recent antiopium crusade
In tho Sixth Ward
Feature of tke Ilratawurkere Pleale Tkelr
jrrorl far a Halurilay Half Holiday
The Brassvrorkcri Union of this city gave
their fourth annual afternoon and ovonltiK pic
nic In the Empire City Col08soum SIxtyeIghth
street yesterday A sufficient number of tIck
ets was sold to defray the expenses and leave a
surplus for tho treasury of the union for ad
vancing the cause of tho Saturday half holiday
In which this organization has taken the lead
ollzalon <
Among tho employers present wero A A Eld
ridge or the Babcock File Extinguisher Com
pany Hr Qulsby M Scanlon t Co and Rob
ort Marshall Tho throo first named have
already then their men the Saturday i
halt < holiday and Mr Marshall with
others Is expected to grant It snon
Thn company spent a very enjoyable day
having un orchestra to furnish tho muslo
for their thirtytwo dances In the evening an
lntermlslon was taken to hnar brief speeches
on the subject of the Saturday half holiday by
William McCnbo Louis 1 < Post and others
The spllkef showed that where the export
has been tried tho Saturday half holiday
ment bollrl Hltlr o Iol ay
Is benellclal to both workmen and bosses < in
con lllonC > > of the creator efllcliincy of the
workmen when refreshed by needed rest and
recreation The uxamploof similar movements
In California In England and elsewhere was
quoted to show Its success It was pointed out
that Congress by legIslatIng tho eluhthour
movement lu the Government shops had led
the traitor I central movement throughout
tho trades The ofllcnrs of tho union are
Alexander Dunn President John J Cou
sins VicoPresldent Joseph J Finnerty Sec
retary and Patrick Kearney Treasurer
Letter Read from Perry JBelmoat and
Ckarlea FrI Adam
DifTKOlT May Aimtloual conference of
the ndvocates of freu trade opened here today
Tho Hon Dn i J A Wells of Connecticut was
chosen President On taking tho clmat he
spoke of the depression in business through
out the country and the prevalence
of labor strikes and said that before
long the pressuro of events would compel
an answer to tho question Why In this land of
plenty and good living there was such stagna
tion and distress It was only a question ot
time when tho element of Illierty involved In I
this freetrade question would assert itself <
Letters o < regret from Charles Francis
Adiiuin Jr and Perry lielmoot worn read
Mr Adams favored I reduction of the revenue
added to what was necessary In time of peace Ho
In makIng this reduction protect the manufacturers
by removing tin In on rav materials Im coal ores
and wool nu the free list Do not tux tiinli biioki I IT
maihlnerv bxteml tlio i free Hit 10 that the mannfat
tureri will h In a piiiltinn to contend with the maliu
urr wi
fat Hirer of other lunili In hue open market ut the
world JJo not tax Coo medicine or art
Mr Ilolmont favored the keeping up of the
tariff discussion 1 In advance or tho Presidential
I <
tInt election It was Impossible to tell to
tlll uleclon I
what extent the effect of tho tariff
bill might compel new legislation by Con
gress but from I appearances com
mercial interests would bear testimony
before tho end of tho coming teoslon to the
necessity of further mid corrective legislation
It was not only relief frol the amount of the
present taxation that wits needed but relief
< <
from unjust and discriminating taxes a well
Mr Wine Residence and OMee Ready and
Awaiting kit Arrival
Tho residence ali ofllco of tho Chlneso
Consul Ow Yenng Wing at 95 Clinton place
wits ready lat evening for tho Consul t take
possession Interpreter Chong Ping was busy
last evening putting everything In order Tho
last touch was to set on the contra table In tho
reception room two largo bouqunts of roses
I lilted up the house said the Interpreter
I has four Moors but only three are to b
used On tho first floor tho double pnrlor Is to
be used for u reception room Tho two floors
above are wjt apart for sleeping rnomn The
second Moor Is for tha uso of the Consul and
hue third lo Seiratury Lnl Hong Quid W <
tlireo t urn to occupy tho house I Is fitted up
In the American nljIn throughout at thn cost
of 2 two The Consul In to start from Wash
I net on tonight on tie midnight rain t
Ului reception room Is carpeted with Brus
sels with 1 small pattern ClrrII and drab I
dowers und leaves J Tho furniture Is of olmny
upholstered with tlgurud crimson velvet Hero
und there are choice bits ot porcelain On tho
outer jlonr is 1 large silver pinto with tho
words Chinese Consulate On tho other door
u narrow strip of rod paper Is pasted ollr on it
tire lllgunce t Chinese characters convoking thu name In
AbdelKader Ilretkrcu Mourn fur IIIn In
Aliened Arabian Jrniklun
AbJelKn Jers death In Damascus on Satur
ila > will mourned In the Cnnilstorlal Chamber In the
Maionlc Temple by the American bram of the ancient
rablo Order of Noulei ot the M silo shrine last nljht
The mourners IncliuKil IT W > l limlni PnlueCap
tains hakeui and illlami the Rev C L Twine and
Urand Iotrntatei Itehuisuis l and Shuroefi from Tarlnui
telli hilt C lii i hue East t Slit Pcit rue ulioturuiers a ore n full
mile tuisi unit nf line ami II emiioratel t I decorated silks
fluid rtftents ullitene t on their turbans finer clew
liniiiid I ioieihrr In the 1 form nf crtkienti hphlnx
heads itolden lull nan piramldi and FKVtlan
olielliks were iitiitin upon their bream tlray lirardrd
high 1rleitt in ml on u throne and conductid the
meini rial rime Unnneri hearing lnsirlptloni In Amble
iluod h < hlld I lie Illiih frleitu III I front of the throne
nil a link I velvetcollln rnnlaliilliKa bliached II
IuIhfu hut death A Inter vtrlltrn nn parchment b >
All fl kader a Koldcn helmet and emblem of the order
reilid O the cntnn AII altar draied in mnurnlnit
was i In the mlilille l cTIhA chamber xo mbnliial II f i
i tli tInt lineiiii durluir Ihe ceremonies Tno clmitrrs
5 en crimed at the isle I of the t urn nn one end ut the
liar amlacniiy of the knrall In Arctic A utiul his
nthrrenil 1 uslihi tflutrrmit ministers crimed uliui I I t A
le tuululi wll t ildei nf whli h were rnrernl with hlern
shy Itihie Ikl l at the end of the cliiiulur und two
inikfiUiil tiirbanrd u Hal bam KlIIUrliiK with mvMIc
ruiblrnii 111 front of the t lomli tefore which rise a
banner brarln the words I As irlunu alrUum 01 lead I
be t with you
Ulllt Further Wctt km were About to
likeS Iluwa llecldlnat to Continue Work
Probable Hirlko or Pnddlen la Cincinnati
IlTTBiiuituit May 31A confcronco of
tho Iron Manfuacturors and Amalgamated As
sociation committees this afternoon resulted
In tho manufacturers signing last years scale
which is I 6 per ton for puddling This ac
tion happily averts I strike and Insures tho
running of all the mills In tho West for nt least
ono year longer The manufacturers who
have all along persisted that they would not
pay morn than 15 and who wero supposed to
have a solid front gave its a reason for tho un
expected action that they had positive
Information that a number of West
ern mills had made arrangements to
continue at tho old scale with the condition
that I the manufacturers hero weN success
ful the workmen would accept the same wosos
and rather than submit to seeing their trado
going t other places thoy decided to pay the
wages demanded by the Amalgamated Asso
ciation President Jarrott says that the scale
Is signed unconditionally and characterizes It
as a victory without a battle Intense satis
faction is expressed on nil sides over tho
BOttloment at a strike was regarded as Inevit
able and to Pittsburgh an Indefinite shutting
down of Iron mills means not only a serious
loss t those engaged In that particular Indus
try but to every other industry and business
as well
WHEELIVO W Ya May 31It has been
defInitely decided that there will bo no lockout
in the Iron mills hero N E Whlttaker Irosl
dent of the Crescent Sheet Iron Mill i
signed tho scale today and the mill will
continue work without a stoppage Tho news
of thn signing ot the scaln at rlttxbuighvvas re
ceived hero tonight with satisfaction by the
manufacturers amid with delight by the work
men 1resUlent Ijtiighlln of tho Junction Iron
Works at OUCH gave ciders for his mills tl con
tinue without htopplng The other mills will
be idle until Monday but will then t resume
CINCINNATI May UTho live loading Iron
mills of thlh city Ouvington and Ncwtxjrt tho
Cob Mitchell Tranter A Cns the ItlvorHldo
Swifts 31elol Licking refused to sign the
scale presented by the workmen members
of tho Amalgamated Iron and Steel Work
urn Association and tho mils worn to
clone tonight throwing between 4000
and GOOO pontons out of xmployment
The situation here Is peculiar The peddlers
ask an advance of nil cunts per ton making to
The proprietors refuse to consider any proposi
tion claiming that by the contract made In
October 1BH1 and roafurraed lu July 1BSJ
the subject ot < wages was fixed II8i
was to b the same as that fixed at
Pittsburgh The puddlors here havo not
the united support of tho other workmen
A meeting llnishers called for tomorrow
from which the puddlcra will be excluded
when It Is said action will bo taken to com
pel the puildlers to rocvdo from their position
One of thu mill owners announces tonight
that ho will only hit down ono day to allow
the men to attend this meeting and then will
supply the places of tho puildlers and go on
Tho agreement at Pittsburgh luke < lo de
mand uf the Cincinnati men more hopeless
LIU Icndlcg mill owner was asked tonight
his lows of the effect on tho strike nl tint agree
ment nt Pittsburgh Ho answered that It would
undoubtedly end the strike here He had received
ceived information of tho Pittsburgh settlement
too late to communicate with the workmen so
as to prcvnnt tile strike going into effect
hnro In his mill and the same was true of all
other mills but he thinks that as soon ns tho
Pittsburgh situation Is auntie known to thn men
they will nt once return to < work This view Is I
stnngthnnnd by the fact that the workmen re
gard the Pittsburgh settlement as a victory I for
CLEVELAND May 31Tile Union Itolllng Mill
formerly tile hum Company his signed the
scale all thn rmplojiiiH say that tho lirltton
Iron and Steol Company has also through the
proprietors declined t afllrm or deny It The
rarest City iron works olthi has or undoubted
ly will sign No other establishments horn are
affected by the Pittsburgh action There U no
sign of ii strIke LL
tIICACO May J twos expected at isocioc it
this evening that all tho Iron works In the
Chicago district would Mint down nt 12 oclock
tonight and that ng trlku on tho part of thu
vv orktnumonw tliuu begin Soon after dark
hovvevur tulegrnms worn received horn from
Pittsburgh announcing that the Amalgamated
llllhurlh <
AsnniToii and the employers had reached
an agreement < The detail1 vvnro not glvon <
but us the news was authoritative it was de
cided that work in thn Chicago Ills now open
should not be suspended I is tho opinion of
Western capitalists Interested In the Iron
trade who vnri > sicn tonight that thu conces
sions to tlm Amalgamated Associated must b
ruinous and that work cannot b carried on
prnlltably hereafter
OUMHTOVVV Ohio May 31There Is re
lolclng iiinoni the Iron workers because work
14 tnbe continued Inmorrow on the now scale
tol Iollnuod
although I suspension vvas expected All the
Ilhouh <
mills will LO on except two or three whom the
mils wil lt
slock Is exhausted and who expect to resume
at tho earl host opportunity I
uall1 oplorllllv
OMAIU Ibo May Ibo Omaha Nail and
Iron Workers did not shut down today In con
junction with the steel mills In the Kast and
will continue In operation No scale will bo
proposed the company
LOUIHVILIE May 11 Them has boon no ap
parent movement toward a strike among tlio
iron workers hen today but It Is thought the
men will follow thu course pursued In other
cities tomorrow
clliS Louis May 31So far there are no Indi
cations nf a strike among tho Iron workers
catol8 Only two mill employ union men tho
Nocdrlnglmm Mill In North bt LouIs and the
Nut and Holt Company nf KaslHt Louis The
mel yet lu these mills have male no demands
Discoan ix XII ciivsar
Tko Rev Mr Mordant Accused br a Member
or his Music Commute of LID
The Consistory of tho Park Reformed
Church ot Jersey City mot last evening at the
residence ot Mr J F Ward to Investigate the
charge of lying preferred by 1 member of the
Music Committee against tho pastor tho Rev
J Howard Surd 1m At tho service on the
20th Inst tho choir sang an English version of
tho hymn Btabat Mater In which there occurred
an invocation of tho Virgin In the evening
Mr Huydam called attention to the heterodox
expression and slit that If ho had been home
uXllrol the translation was printed the proof
would probably have boon submitted to him and
ho would have altered time objectionable lines
Mr Thomas Oopslll ut onto wrote to the min
ister I ICCISII Oopsllt lying when ho Nail that
had ho beon at home the proof of tile hymn
would bay been submitted to him Mr Gop
sill insisted that tho pastor knew that no such
custom existed
1ormal oharws were made by him against
Mi Huydam Tha littler In explanation of his
language said that as the hymn involved a
point doctrine it should havo been submitted
to his approval The Conslstorvlwill not make
Its proceedings public until It has made further
clergyman progress In thu examination of tho accused
One Railroad Extra Share of Immigrants
General Immigrant Agent Booth of the trunk
railroad linn reported to the fmlgrant Commliiloneri
eitcrday that nearly all the Immigrant who arrived
during the lay I held orders for railroad ticket over the
Delaware Lackawanna and Wtitern Railroad The I
trunk llnei that are pooling Hit Immigrant trafllc atUai
Delaware and Lactawanna
lie Harden that the
road hai not rnper i facllltlei for traniferrlng liniiil
irrantu here mid that U lilllint forward them welt nf
HilRulo Thev also Mutt that that road by felling tick
ell through the Meamihlp I cnmpanlei seeks to eitabliih
a claim J n rnpiirtlnn I < > f the Iradlo to I which rlrhl not
eiititlnl More than a tliouiand erioni were cnniigned
to Hie Lackawanna road s eterda and Agent Muller oC
the 011 iauiv wa enileCel 11111 1 a late I hour In getting
Ih1 lIonel The apiTlcatlon nf Hit Delawaie Lacka
w anna ami eilern Itailrnad for the nrlv tlege of a tli ket
itllct In faille burden will be coo drl by Hit Com
mliKloiieri to day
Ferdinand Thlerlot for many years an im
porter of diamond died on cdneiday at his reildenct
J7 East Tut ut tilth street He was deicended from a
family nf Huicueiioti and wit born In Leipzig In istn
He inmo to thIs olliry In 1HJJ and was Inactive bull
in i > here fur more than tory i ran He married a ill 1
ter nt Mr IVtcr I Marie of Wall Itreet
Ien Altiitlinikv hilt i rnor tleneral of Warsaw died at
an early hnurye terdav morning
to n Khrrard Iturnab member of Parliament for
elceiterihlre Nurlli U I dead In the SJd year of hli age
lit was a tuutervntlv e
Tkroatcaed Bombardment of the Capital U
KOTIBI for Cap IvUrVa Death
PAths May 31The bombardment of tho
capital of Annam In revenge for the death of
Capt Riviere Is likely I Is stated that
Capt Kergaradec the French Envoy to Annam
has been Instructed to hold the King of Annam
responsible for the recent hostilities near
Hanoi I and to demand satisfaction from him
Including the payment of heavy Indemnity
I U I asserted that M Woddlngton has been
Instructed to address the Marquis Tseng who
represents China at Bt Potsrsburg Paris and
London and who li now at Moscow as the rep
resentative of the Chinese Government In re
gard to the intentions of China In tbe Ton
qiiln affair
The French have reflntered the citadel of
Hanoi Gunboats maintain communication
Janol OUlbal communicaton
with the sea and prevent the Annamltes ap
tmiachlny Steps are belnc taken t lay a cable
between Hanoi and Saigon
HIBLIN May St Despite the assurances of
tho French that there Is no danger ot a war be I
tween Franco and China the commerce of
Germany with China has already ben much
disturbed by the Tonnuln dispute I Is hoped
In llerlln that If Frauoe declares a blockade of
Chinese ports Great Britain and America will
refuse to recognize It A French blockade can
not b effective and Germany will certainly
support England and America In opposing tt
The Gorman Government are considering the
question of sending more vessels to the Chi
nese coast
nle COa t
Mr MCoan Amnaln Mr OKollr of Bond
Us his a CkallMae
LONDON Hay 31In the HOIIBO of Com
mons this afternoon Mr McCoan member for
Wlcklow recalled tho fact that Mr OKelly
member for Itoscommon bad been suspended
during the debate In tho House on the Queens
speech Mr McCoan said that during the
Whitsuntide recess he addled his constitu
ents His speech was reported In the Free I
man Journal to the effect that he had referred i
to tbn suspension of Mr OKelly saying that
the House was at least siippofed to b com
ported of gentlemen Mr Ollrlen member for
Mallow had written to him subsequently ask
ing on behalf ot Mr OKolly whether he accepted
bhalr OKoly
cepted the responsibility for time report Mr
McCoan said he had given Mr OKolly oppor
tunity to withdraw this question but he bad
not done so
Mr Gladstone moved that iMr OKelly b re
quired to appear In his place tomorrow b
cause of the complaint made by Mr McCoan
that Mr OKelly had sent him a challenge
Messrs OBrien Parnell and hush objected
to tho reference of private quarrels to Parlia
ment Mr Shell said he thought It would suf
fice I both Mr McCoan and Mr OKelly were
bound over to keep the peace
Mr Gladatonei pac Wa carried 350 to 19
Bills Against the Dynamtto Coatalraton
LONDON May 31ln the Central Criminal
Court today the Recorder charging the Grand Jury
aid that the Indictment against the dynamite coniolra
lorD Gallagher Bernard Gallagher Whltehead Cur
tin Aniburgh and VVIllion would charge the sIx prtl
tuner with ton felony lie said that Lynch alias
Norman who turned Informer had been permitted to
give I evidence for the QUI and would deacrlbt lbs
plan of a Kenlan conlplracy wlilcfc existed In America
I tdtJ
Lynchn evidence lie saId would be molt I fully corrob
orated Itv other wItness A second Indictment he
lid would be preferred against six t of the In
cluding Lynch for having In their poaieiilon nitro
glycerine with Intent to commit murder Lynch would
alto be permitted tn give jueena evidence in trill cia
The drand Jury returned true Will lit all the cam within
ao hour after receiving the Recorders charge
Riot la Bt Polonburar
ST PETEBsnuno May 3tThe manifesto Is
sued by the Czar on the day of hit coronation has
created an unfavorable Imprtiilon here A riot occurred
on the evening uf the Pith anioui the crowds of peopl
which had aaiembled In the streetS The mol aaiaulted
the Director ot Inllce who was endeavoring to rulore
order A detachment of lionarko wan cared out and
dispersed the rioters one hundrM whom were ar
rested The riot did not ariiefropf 1 political causes
Vie mob was composed of drunken men who capsized
very private equipage within their reach and tore down
drr r X Iarhwl rll rl i I
and trampled upon the Imperial colors It was In con
ie < ueiice of title riot that Illuminations were prohibited
In bt Ieteriburg uu Tueeday night
Tko Alabama Award
LONDON May 31The following li I the revo
lution relative to the dlipoiltlon of the surplus of tht
Alabama award which Mr Kennard Intend to man In
the Home of I OllnolO
That In view of the public utterance of emlnint
American itnttnmen with reference to the deitlnatlon
of the undistributed uneuus reiultlng from the Uelieva
award the Home Is of opinion I that an exchange of
view between the KnirllMi 1 nnd United Htatel Uovern l
menu nn the luhject wnuld be conducive to the de
countrIes veliipnient of the friendly relation between the two
The tkannel Tunnel
LONDON May 31Mr George R Blanchard
Vice Ireildent of the New York Lake ErIe and Weiteru
Itnllroad Company was examined before tht English
Channel Tunnel Committee today when b gave his
vIews 1 I to the benefits tn ic I derived from the conitruc
lon of the tunneL He laid there had lately been a ten
dencr on I the 1 part of paiiengeri I from America I to go dl
rect to the ontlnent without paning through England
Shipper had aim a tendencv to lend good direct tn the
Continent It I wait lute belief that the lonitruitlon of the
tunnel would serve to counteract that disposition
Too Yonna to Hneeeed Lord L
LONDON May 31The DuKe of Albany re
cently received an urgent request from Canada to con
sent to be the successor of the Marquis of Locus as Guy
ernor General of the Dominion The Duke after study
leg the affslrsnf Canada wrote toMr tlladstone hu ths
uTiJeit Thlrlnie Mlnllter replied that the Duke was
too voung for such an Important position and also that
he lacked experience tn governmental work Th phy
alden of the Duke nf Alban were nf opinion that ills
health would permit of hi acccptanc of the post
Knitla1 Project In she Eat
PAR May 1The TIp says The object
of the recent Journey abroad of V d OUri the Bus
lan Minister of Foreign Ala was to Inform the
power that Russia wa compelled to sek In Armenia
au equivalent forth British occupation of Egypt Mr
Gladstone by tilting I Egypt not only fn good
wishes or France but renpened the Eastern question
and furnished Runla wllh a pretext for fleeting her
Immense project the lit step In I which will its th
conquest Jr British India
Prussia and tko Vatican
LONDON May 31A despatch from Rome
says that both Prussia and tht Vatican have adopted an
attitude pointing to a rupture
The Dlrltta lays Baron von Schloeier the rtpre
tentative of Pruula In the negotiation with Hi
V will shortly leave Rom and will not return
The negotiations have failid and relations between
Prussia and the Vatican are not of a friendly character
Antl < Iwlik Blot In Rutela
LONDON May SITho outbreak agaInst the
Jew whli occurred at Roitoff on the 22d Init < I ac
count of the murder a llusulan hv a Jew tsh publican
was quelled the same night after iw houses belonging
to Jews had been destroyed fifteen of the rioters
were killed by the troop who were called out to suppress
press the disturbance
amulnary Flatktlna In Atarkanlilai
CALCUTTA Mar 31 Fighting between the
force of the Ameer of Afghanistan and the Bhlnwarrl
I beui renewed Tht losses have been heavy on both
sides Raft loads of dead bodies may been brought
down the Cabul lItter
London the M Tournament
LONDON Mar 31In the chess tournament
In dy hint Nos and Blackburn beat Sellmnnn Nortl
mer and Tichlgorin oktpworth has retired from th
tournament on account ut lllneii
Blimarck Ilealtk
BERLIN May SIThe health of Prince Bismarck
muck has Improv ed 10 that bl Is I now able to walk out
Methodist Prayer for tke Queen
OTTAWA May 3lThe Methodist Conference
today paised the following resolution That this Con
ftrenct having learned with deep regret that our bt
loved I Queen li seriously ill and feeling that her thus
trlout character and reign have endeared her to all her
loyal subjects ofr > r earnest prayers to Almighty God
for her spicily rtitoratlon to health and for time eonUnu
ants of br honored life
Tke Oreclr Keller Party I
WASHINGTON May 31Dr J B Harrison ot
this city hi been appointed aailitant surgeon t the
Lady Franklin Ray expedition The United l State
i fnr antic at New York will probably bt ordered to
acLompatiy the expedition
leal Kail Production la teas
rniLADiuiiiA May 3tThe Secretary of the
American Iron and HttilAiioclatlon reportithat the itttl
rail I production In thli I country last year was Zl 2SO ton
nf which e MM ton wai Btiitmcr and O7Oopen hearth
ThIs of 1811 Is I lei I than luuo ton In txcest of the production
Perry Belmeata Dome isWhlgte
Congreuinan Perry Belmont of Babyioit has
bought a house in JT 77 OUO which ht will
occupy after bit marriage and wtdalnjt tour X Bel
uoms WBUiut rsmUeBM will be la JMfcjlML
h so Itauly DerUrUaT that her Huakand
Killed as lanocciia MstUer Eaplasa
eisa of tk ClxelKBall Hotel Epa
CrNCixNATi May 31 Mrs Phi Thompson
today appeared In print with the first public
explanation she has mado of hor connection
with the Cincinnati episode of the Thompson
Davis tragedy She says that she wont whit
her husband to Cincinnati on Monday Nov 27 I
and stopped at the Burnut House Mr Thomp
son wrote a note t Jessie Iluckman requesting
her t call at the hotel which she did and took
upper with them Phil ordered his wifes
baggage tent t the St Clalr Hotel before ho
departed for Washington and sho went with
Jessie Buokner to the Bt Clair As to tho oc
currence at that hotel the next day she says
Tuesday morning Jessie und I wont shop
ping and let Walter Davis He said limit ho
had just come from Harrodsburg Miss Duck
nor told him whore vvo wero stopping and In
vited him to call His card was sent up at the
Bt ClaIr at about our lunch time and
when wo left the dining room ho walked to tho
parlor with us While we woro there Mies
Bucltner excused herself to go down to the
drug store and wo went up to her room Was
there any harm In boq Walter Davis and I
had known each other for scars His family
and ours were on thu most Intimate terms Wo
traded at his grocery and whenever I needed
any money my husband always told me to go
and got it ot Vaitor DavIs When Jessie re
turned I was bitting at tim piano playing
Presently n card carno up for her Upon It was
the name of M 1 < T Thrulkohl of Huriod burg
who wanted to see Miss ilutlnor rho young
woman looked at itcontemptuously and throw
It aside with the remark I wish every striped
pants galoot from Harrodsburg wouldnt como
to see Miss Buckiier I am tlrvd of it and
wont see him Walter Davis went down with
me to telegraph to my little daughter that I i
wouldnt b homo that nlklit < He tiilnt tell
mo that there was a wreck on tim road My
husbanddMnt toll mo when I should go honu
but before I loft him ho gave mo nnuto money
to do my shopping We went to the St Nicho
las < to get some oysters and returned to
the hotel at 5 oclock I was not
drunk and tho story of the champagne
bottle Is an Infamous llo Walter Davis
had purchased three tickets for the theatre
that night for Miss UucLnor mo and himself
but Jessie said that she Imd an engagement
and could not go Hho offered no protest ugalust
my going but rather Insisted upon it and matte
the significant remark that sho was 1 < sound
sleeper and It might be hard to wake her when
we returned WaIter Davis called for me amud
reinitiated hIss Duekner to go with us as <
had a ticket for her but 10 persisted In her
declination At about 9 1 oclock I was taken III
and we went back to the hotel I tried the door
wontblct tl <
of Jessie Ilucknors room but could not
wake her Mr Davis said Thorn Is some
one In there Come < my room und I
sit by my fire Tho day was cold
and i had been snowing during tin
afternoon and night I accompanied Mr Davis
to his apartment entirely Innocent of any
wrong He turned up tbo gas and wo chattnd
by rOII fire perhaps an hour As God is my
judge Walter Davis was not guilty of any
wrong Wn had hard work at the second tlmo
to got into JessluH room but at last sho got up
and let me In Tho story that I fell helpless on
the floor is a falsehood Jessie liuckner didnt
disturb herself at all < on my account Early
next morning I took tho train for Harrods
burl and chatted pleasantly with I number < of
lady friends whom I mot en route This is n
true story of tho occurrence at the Ht Clair
Hotel My husband killed an Innocent man
Do you think there was any ono In Jessie
Bucknors rom on tho iilght of tho occurrence
atthe St Clair 1
I most certainv do and I know who It was
but I dare not reveal name
Mrs Thompson spoke In tho kindest terms ot
Phil Thompson Hr and his wIfe who silo
said hud ever treated her kindly l and always
aid they didnt belo Urn guIlt Jessio
Bucknor and John Thompson she declared
were the authors of all the trouble
I feel sorry for Phi site continued I
didnt want him punished hit I desired that
my fair name should not be sullied and nn in
nocent man held guilty of 1 heinous crime
My daughter knows why I wont to Washington
and she still stands by her uiothor
Mrs Thompson showed I letter from her
daughter at Georgetown Convent full of ex
pressions of love I was dated May 27 him
would say nothing against her husband whom
she spoke of in the kindest manner and
thought by bad advisers ho was prompted to kill Walter Davis
Tko Actor tells ofun Aatonlaklna Encounter
with Five Men on third Avenue
Pat Itoonoy the delineator of eccentric Irish
characters on the singe reported at Iullce Headquarter
ytlterday that n tulle he was on the ildewulk In front of
lila MBldence 00 Third avenue on Wednesday night at
about 11 oclock he was set upon by nv c mm and robbed
of his watch chain and diamond ntudded locket worth
altogether two He said lam rvenhiK I had just re
turned from the Jerome Park carts and was quite otter
aa many of my friend who taw me can tentlf I was
about tn enter my door when an acnunlntance wllh
four strIngers Hopped and leifan talking Jute of the
itraniera was ahuisive tailed me the itiun cry terrier
and a Irtuhinan In a very sarcastic tone 1 ru
settled it and the stronger struck me ViOlently on the
bridge of the nose ti hit hit Hit I didnt wait any long
er AV 1th aright hander I knoiktd him agalum a tvlt
graph > pole and lie fell Into ihe gutter r Uher this hlow
or the pole ituuued him for hi dldn put in an appear
ance again
Then lbs ntlier strangers pitched npon me I
knocked one down the ceHitru m unit gut a iluitu I nt colt
over the right ear I ilaiued around tin ililrtvalk suit
cave the rascal a clip that t tloortd htm Then the fourth
lean got atuiv hack and iiltLhed toe upon the unit lilac he
lay on tht ildewalk Then he jumped on me liltim
It was than that my jewelry w its tolen but Idlhit
know It at the lime I reached around and
found a cane nn tile walk and laid it around
inn 10 lively that the Icaluihis ron nosy My
rheumatic leg knit me from glv Ing chime eiiie were
passing all the white hut nobody railed a hand to trip
me One man itoiipe and remarked that That feller
Was having a tough time but iremed tn he celling along
pretty well I hadnt raid a word during the fight
Oh yes 1 could recognize the fellows Tin police
are on their track The locket I prized becauie Itwai
flven to me
Roonev right band was putted to twice its natural
lie and he cuuld not use It
A Widow who Blood Up for her Rights
SBKLBTYIIIE Ind May 31Between Sarah
C Bali a wealthy w blow lit tog four utile welt of here
and the trustees of Wray Church whole gruundi adjoin
her farm an obitliiate dlipnte ai to the boundary line
baa long exlited She claimed thnt tho liurih i vtai
partly on her groundi nt lur fence nrforilhinl nnd
punched In souls of the church vtimlnwi o ith mill
iciterda the trtistuee tiad a stirte tic Ilt tue lint nnd onu
of the trustees John viontgonier went to vtorkhullj
lug a fence where the iurveor luld out the llni 0
which Mn Hail objected Clue Inld Montgomrr our
with a blow from a horitinhi ii A lohieiimii went to
arrest iuer and ihe pet tOil hectic ilogiul him Hint i hit
him Cal sgely He I I drew H plMtnl nnd Trul I ut a doc
hut Id rs Ban knot kod tic i wi Hpon soils suit U fulled to
kill The report soured th dog awnv slid the iiiiir 1
man bleeding from hli wmunli I rt > ukht In his pritnner
The next rhaieof the affair vv ill ho the procevtllnj In
the courti
Tko HulllMore AVulkln Match
BALTIMORE May 31Tue scoro at midnight
with hughes and Norfinic ouily on the track wai ai
follows Hughei4IH mllei B isis > Hart 317 mllei x
Un Ianchot alto tuttlce 1 laps Soreniic ta4 mile II
laps The betting ll In favor of Snremac cud Mart note lIlt
landing that Mart dropped behind eiterdit ThIs o M
cauied by a painful iwelllngif thu clmrilA In the lUIit
ankle which ncceiiltnteil niritlinl atlenilunii freiiirnt
ly lie feeli much better iii dam Htii < hiei irniiiun
worn out aiipearanie but li lontl lent of test hog h4
record Noremao teemed very brisk thli morning slid
did good work
JUcntk ofOen Ilnrll
NASHVILLE Tonn May 31Con George P
Buill United Statet Army diet title nfurnoon near this
city from the elteiU of MI operation irfonned on hli
jaw lowe three week ago cnnililtii I vi Ith heart disease
lien Sushi wal a volunteer In the wnrof thu rebellion
attil Went out as Lieutenant olnnel of the t rift rlgilh
Indiana Infantry He vvni mude Lolonrl cud thu cit
the brevet rank of llrlgaller ilenrrnl un Man 2 1MJ7
for gallant ler > Ice at the battle nf M Mlilloimr Itlilgi He
remained In tin regular arm after the clone of HIK C r
and at tile death waa Colonel of the I If Ueuth Keglment
ef Infantry
The Her Talker McNnmcea Marriage
The Rev Father J F McKaraoo pastor ot
the Heformed Catholic Church In llrouklvn was mar
clod last evening In the pretence of hit congregation at
Grand Central Hall 037 rulton itreet bliss lephlne
VanderbIlt tht hrlde was drened in a Irav tiling im
fume of lavender silt Tue lIeu rather Drklni uf the
Keformed Catholic hurih ot Newark nmclated and at
the close nf the ceremony made all addrrii In w hli ll lie
aid that the wlneit thing everv prleit in llrooklyn could
ao would bt to follow father vjcNamee example
President Arthur Goes Fishing
President Arthur spent the entire day yea
ttrday Salting at ratchogut Long Iiland He started
ont at 5 oclock In the morning with Mr C E Miller and
II waa not until lli clock hit night that he ittpped
from hli carriage with ills redo and tackle at Mr Mil
lers door It was laid at Hie houit late la > l night
that the rmldeDt enjoyed hue sport greatly and nitt
wIth good luck ltuhiuj not bftiug tivmtaay ut lit fiiu
Bitter ToiIg In Ike MIster Reatlon AaKtBit
the Mllltlav who fIred on ho Miner
ST Louis May 31The cxoltomcnt lu tho
mining region roundabout llcllovllle III han
not abated In the least but has rather In
creased The fooling against tho mlllttn seems
to grow bitterer every hour The IMBldontof
the Miners Union said this morning that tho
entire strength of the union would be exerted
to compel a thorough Investigation of tho
hooting and the punishment of vv hat he de
nominated the murder of poor William Hen
ilerton Ho assert and Is not alone In
that assertion that many of the militia
wero drunk that haying been ordered
homo from duty at ColllnHVlllo they
were enjoying considerable liberty whIle
waiting for n train when the order conic to go to
the lielnecke mine Th Imiurot on Henderson
was concluded today It Is said that the com
manding ofllcur of the militia will demand n
court of Inquiry A conferonro was held at
llollevllle today under tho misplace of the
Hoard of Trade which body has undertaken
the task nt effecting a compromise or adjust
ment of the trouble More conferences are to
bo hold and It U I thought by many that peace
may be patched up Unly two small mines lu
the district limo making any pretence of run
ning and at those only a few hands are nt work
It Is probable that the null mill will close down
nt midnight in which event nearly four hun
dred Idle mon mid boys will bo lidded to tile
minors A great mass meotfhg is called for
Sunday at Bnllevlllu
The verdict of thn jury In the Henderson case
Is to thn effect that tho conduct of thn miners
unused the trouble but that time killing was
unjustifiable that tho soldiers tired without
orders but they wero unublo to decide which
side Ilred the first shot
Ileat Ilnlrd on Sen CYoolit Raid
WAHHINOTOK May 31Lieut W Baird of time
Sixth Cat air ho has lust returned from the Mrxlon
frontier Mid today that ho rtld not think that there
torte of Ceti Crooks ergaitement with the hoililei
were truitHorth Very libel lit laid there
hai been nuhltlng hut I do not Ihlnk ally declilvoar
tlon hai taken place den Croon till not Intend to lend
back word until he had accomplished something or had
entirely fnllid Ai to why lien Crook did not take a
Inrger force of cavalry Lieut Italrd salt that he took all
lie men that he could toesthily I rovlde trnniporlatlon
for He took ai far nn Ihr border eight or ten companln
vith vvhlih he formed a ci rilon along the line si i
cnmpnnlfi vrrre left In the vicinity of San Iternndltio
under Cci Hid He The great diflloult that leu Crtuik
hap to contend wIth laid Lieut llulrt li Ihe acarcll
of vrater The scouts only know uf one or two place
where water can be found but thefnglttvei mion whrre
every drop ll In I the mountain I Hunk that no unenil
lien may be felt for the safety uf Uen rook ami lilt
command We had no ether Idea down there than that
he knew what he waa about and that ht would come
out all right
Victim of tke JLynekburr Fire
LrNciimmo Ta May 31The body of tho
fifth victim of veiterdayi cataitrophe was vxbumed tu
day All the bodies have now been recovered The
funeral of the unfortunate men took place thl after
noon The procession wm the largest ever teen lure
Uiulneii Was lunpentled and ichooli Were cloned Thu
caskets were conv yed to the Opera house where tne
lion J W Dinlel delivered nn oration in theimenie
of an ttnmenit1 audience The procession comiioied of
all the mllltar while and colored municipalorllceri
rlre Department fccret locletlel And cltlrelil mounted
and on foot then formed and marched to the 1reihyte
rlnn grave cr0 where the bodIes were Interred tide b
Ide A monument will be erected A lulicrlptlon rir
the relief nf the famlllei of the deceased uncut iii betn
started and U being getierouily reiponded to
Three Men Hkol by n Iletperndo
SAIIIU Col May 31Last evening two
drunken tnlneri having railed a disturbance City Mar
ihal baxter btlngley started to arrest them Ono ot the
two named Ev am attacked the Marihal whit a knife
when the latter shot and killed him The other niliur
llioniai vlinemever then ihot vianlial Htingley Depntv
Marihal Jamei II Bathurit and a man nnmcd Thoniu
1 > Uanon after which he started for the mountain Ith
n party nf iitizeni in puriult Hefnre be win captured
the fugitive shot and killed Wllllim If Brown one nf
the jurmcri At the preicnt writing the dead are
Itrnwn IVBTIP and Uannn DepOt Marshal llathurft li
dying ant Manhal btingle ll In a crItical condition
There is I great excitement and itrong talk of liiihlng
Fred Ilromlera yaterloai Death
Nonwicu May 31Tile remains ot Fred
Dromley who was rnyiterlouil killed by plitol bullet
fired by an unknown band on Preitou Bridge on Sunday
night were burled from hit residence on Fox Hill yes
lerdit Aiuiouig the mourners was MIst Minnie Walih
the Norwlcli girl with whom Uromlev vai et Iilettily In
love bIte wai dressed In deep mourning The river
Wit vatttty learched all day yeiterdavb mean of a
reflecting glaii for the jfittl with vthlch Bromle was
killed In the ol Illlnn of the lion Chester lisrilei a
relative of the Broink family there U no doubt the
young titan Was murderid
Fatal Encounter In Texas
ST Louis May 31In a personal encounter
in KUIen Texas onTueilnj night liete ceo Dr JUnfrio
Klealliic ptoilcan and H J McDowell well known
iinilmit th latter wa hIlled d fuH tefonerflolii 1 1
Wtioii ibis truln un ttii1 TtxftH Jncitl Hnilrnntl rvnilict
BalrUStMloll out Tuesday illlit I IV Moiiie agent nf
the Texas Express Coiuupetiy alit John Reeves H atvcn
get ifot Into a heated disluti nnd It ee hot und
kitted Mutlt A it Ktum1r liunird Daent > urt uas curt
uush vuundeil Iteetts lied but hue ciuuity oltlturi and
u ttquad ft Texas Kan tier are lit Uoac puriult
lloatlle Indiana Surrendering
WIILCOI ArIzona Mny 31 Advices from San
Caries ay that Locos wife ion ion In law daughter
anti grandchildren with foureen women suet six buck
hnveiurrenderrd to the military authoritlei near Snn
nrlon The Indian are dim from Mexico slum report
that all the bacillus nrereadv and anxlouitn surrender
si that a ipeed endlngof the In llan war tin Mexico and
the return of Uen Cnok to Arlrona li antiilpntid
Them liiiliniii i were among the numborof ChlrlcnhiiHl
Situ left their reierv atlon over a year ago last April
Coy Cleveland Latest Appointment
ALBANY May 31 Charles B Andrews the
newly appointed Kuperlntendent of Public Building for
the Stale seems to bt ai much of an unknown ui wnft
Mr lemry the new CapltoUommlulnncr He li about
fiiltyix year of cute altO molt of his life baibeen itint
in huftnlo when he lit l a member of the City Chub of
wiikit tiny Cleveland II aim a member Fir a Iliac ito
wtiH a conductor stud then the Superintendent of the
Alabama and Tenneiiee Itailrnad ills builni1 Iti HtltTu
lo ban leeui I pork packing and eratlng in pitroleum and
he hai never been known ai a politician
Attempt to Aaaaitlnalo a Potlmatter
SELMA Ala May 31 Henry Cochran the
Poitmaiter at this place was ihot at on a dark corner
of Hit principal iteeet last night between 12 and t
oclock A pistol wai preiented nt lull lest but he
turiifd ludilenlvio that the bnll glanced series hli
cheek mnklnir a illghl vnund nuily Mr tnchran IQVI
ht recognized hit auailnnt but declines to give hii
nnlni until rv Idem e corrul orfitlnir till itatvliunl cnn be
tallied The cniue of the attack is understood to bt
collie private affair
Civil Hervleo Ueform In Philadelphia
PHILADEI pnu May 31 Dor man B Eaton
and Dr Oregory of the Llvil Service Deform CommU
clue I gun an Intpection cf the Cnitoin llount and Io t
iihce here thli morning The Hoard lelcclid three cf
the tie nrtinent fUiitrlntendenU Is a Honrd to examine
all applicant fur appointment In the Toil ultlce
An Koalneer Killed
WASIIISOTOV N J May SlChailos Fishier
Chief emrlnr of III alt inrgnnwnrkH WIIH bilk itl thin t
morning bv being caught in thu ny wheil nf thetmtliu
The wheel weiirhi nine toOts alit I SO mnklnSuurivu
lutloni u minuu
Tx State Senator Pdward A Lawrence ot UajilJe
to I Udnnzerollllv III
The t rnn Indlani will be removed to their new rei
ervktlon In thu Itlg Horn valley next week
Junul r Kapler Collector nf Internil I Hi venue for this
eiulid dlltrllt of Alubamn died un ttediueSity
riiuNpw ngloml A ocintlon nt thi Iorncll Alumni
urge the nuininntluii of r W Hnlie for trtiee
In I the lemins it lOuIS lloui yntenlny the rreoOil Pipe
hill Wa defeated for want nf a conititutluual mujorlt
lamri Hetchrr nf Iowa ha been appointed United
Mate toiifiil ut tenon I Ire Joitfl C hazelton appoint
idLon iilut I Hamilton Ontario
The InlniiaiilCintral Pacific Itallromli have a nib
liilizul line 1 TIN link long The immilittldized lilies
ow tutu lii titttrihleil ly thim ceo loon milti in length
rue larnlngi for the month of Mav nt King 5hiiti prison
werrfiieou47 iinn llturcK flilMJ Hliuvlng a lotit
of HU til lliu Auburn irisoit protlti for thus month
of VI u refoi
In r nit liroiikij n and tlrecnpolnt carpenteri era re
cilvlnglfj ndatwhile In other parti of the eIty the
get f J > The Ureriij nlnt curpenltri prupoie tu agitate
for u uniform rate of wagei
hi ilalatia police hay captured Ricardo Meluosh
tviiui lied seveuu care ago ithu O C ISO of Public fiuuil s
MeliOial loud slutlilei iou ihie stsaiuislihii ttsratoga uiuulcr
ttue tiaiute uif Aerltolf aitit itad Leeut goiuig ashore at
tilgiut ill tue dletittisa of a sailor
A freight train on the iranit Trunk Itallwa fell
through the Iron bridge at Mratfnrd Hollow Vt nttr
lay innrning Higlneer Knvanagh of IiUnl I 1niidinl
the Hreman whuie name ii unknown were killed The
scchdetut Wi B csueed liv a brokeui mu l >
ilarthohounew deaton 2i yetrs of are in a fit of
druitiketi laeion killed hIs s ifs iii their sppnrtiiieuui 5
at ZJ1 t irtti tmeei itolaui uui cutiuicititt uiipiui ouud
thieuu tt out to lila fstiuere mesideruce 15 irh Ii etreut
thur lie etueuuilhed suiciitt I cmittiiig iii tliruit itea
hoti I as tuckell to tilt CIty hospital sutil s Ill reuover
The shribhluif lurlcklaera of Chicago bite refused to tie
louiiil by ihie aiureemjeuit tuiaule inu Tueehay hi liii iou
tuihtter of Inc t layu re siud lutacter iui asuuie fiie viihuui
thiiit slIer this agreeuuetut It as sighed It S 55 lii ctiauigci
thiict the luisuters lii IS ileclsre auu iiicu liii a cuiiui irleiit
iuiaouui alit uusy ciui ci tin uric klaj ems ljtutuimu to Issue
aut sIprelilice oslO to iuluuu
St Jsnuss Eiii00pai Cluuurctu in tuicaga represelut
mIt ibue first larlsil of uiie Eplseopahiait tiiumuii lit thu
Stest whIch fur tuistir years lice iuil an iunuusuaiiy large
uiiettuberuhiiIu II lit foruuishly coutecmuited yesterday Itt I hue
miresence of ci iiuiiiietuee tongrefauiotu liv tiisliOli Mr
Larch assisted by Bieluop Itarris of Michigan autO the
clergy of hits dIocs of htlinuiL
Tho ThreMIle Hue Wo is IS RisaisS
4 Seconds fmlfr Favoring t ondlllom Xh
Uyesatchcd Koalsedy 4M Neda Dehlsd
UOMTON May Ycstcnlny there WM a
largo crowd plnniant skies anti rough water at
the Point of Pines today no crowd rainy
wimthcr and the smoothest of water Early In
tho day time prospect for the threemile race
between Hnnlan and Kennedy was dubious
but at noon the wind backed round Into the
southwest and everybody was bright with an
tlclpatlon Uanlnn at 1 oclock assured Tni
SUN rcpresentntUo that the race would be
rowed Kennedy said the same A telegram
was sent to Boston and the anxious people
thuro began to hasten to the grounds
Shortly after 4 oclock Hofcreo Knapp an
nounud that tho mon would bo ordered out at
030 and a race was sure to como off At
this time rain was falling gently and tho water
vrnnA < quiet as a well The spectators having
In mind yesterdays disappointment bad been
lounulnv listlessly about but as soon us this
nnniiuncomcnt was made they sought advan
tageous positions on tho shore or on the broad
pluzrns of time hotel
Both mon round leisurely down the course
from tho bout house shortli before 6 oclock
and were enthuslnstlcullyuheerud The oars
mon wore all ready for the word when It was
discovered that Hanlons judge ut the start was
missing He was at the boat house nearly a
mile down tho bvuch Mr Thomas Dolan ot
Lowell upon Hantons appeal for n substitute
took tho position nnd at 63100 the word earn
An < you ready hennedystnrted instantly
whllo Hnnlon waited for tile word Got Con
saiiuentlv Kenned get tho best of tho start
He rowed 31 strol cs to tho mlnut while
Htuilan put in IS Away they sped Kennedy
keeping his lend ot about a Quarter of a boat
length for im eighth of a mile The stroke hurl
lessened to aO each and the men were on even IC
terms At about throeeighths of a mile Han
Ian shot ahead and the luce was practically
over Although Kennedy rowed a game race
ho at muo time nfler this upproachctl anywhere
nottr haitian After leaving the hnlfmllo flout
both men steered out of the course toward
Lynn Harbor and rowed nearly nn eighth ol
u mile before they discovered thclr mistake
Hnnlan having the outside naturally watched
Kennedy for iruldunce and not until Konnedy
nearly stopped his boat so sharply did ho have
to turn to get back Into the course did the
blueshlrted Canadian discover the error
Hanlau was now fully two lengths ahead and
when they had straightened their count for
tile turning boats Hanlan put on n spurt which
nettled things beyond the shadow of a doubt
Ho rowed clear away from the Portlander and
turned at least fifteen lengths ahead of him
Tiiero was no race home it was merely a pro
lesulon for Hnnlan played with his opponent
all the way to tile Ilnldh keeping anywhere
from sixteen to twentv lengths ahead of Ken
nedy Ho paddled tile lust 100 yards and
waited nt the linn for Kennedy shaking hands
with him when ho canto up
Tho oillclal time of the race was Uanlan I
19 minute 4 seconds Kennedy 19 minutes 02 P
seconds The mile nail a half was rowed In
U minutes 3i4 seconds by Hanlan and in
10 mlnutoH 144 seconds by Kennedy Doth
men beat tho record made by C E Courtney at
OWCKO X Y Oct 17 1877 which was 20 min
utes US seconds
If the men had kept strictly to tholr course
the raco would hAve been rowed in less than
18 minutes Hanlans eay victory In such fast
time is accounted for by tim fact that the race
was rowed at Hood tItle on water ns smooth as
glass almost Neither man appeared weary at
the llnlsh and both expiesfod entire satisfac
tion nt th result of the race There was but
little enthusiasm d plavcd and the losers paid
tholfuionoy without a murmur
A Race tend then n Smash Up
A singular collision occurred yesterday after i
noon between a passenger and a frxlght train on the
Delaware LatVitnnnna and Weitern Railroad at East
Newark The passenger train left Newark at 2J P I M t foi
Jersey City Ott lie way ever tue Mnckenick vteadowi
KnKlufr Slxon saw nn entt bound UMieiitrr train OD
the ItrnnMlvnnla ItatlronU which there runt LuralUl
with llie nther track The two tralna enffffwl Jut a
race nifineer Nlxnn Idle bo much Interested In th
Contrit Hint ho foiled to nee n freight train itandlnvnu
the truck lit L iht Nev nrk until It woe too late for him
to top hlfl locutnothe Witch n he saw hli dmiifer lii
LnlUd to hu llreinnn Ami tutu men jumped from tht u
Cal They were httrleil slut great force down ttue eel
hRtiknitnt find were ccl Ct thy Injured The tnvlno
irn hd Into the cntuAte of the frvltfht tritln and wreck
td U but HOIK of the putssolieriu was hurt
Drowned In the Nput Dujrvll
Charles Pnvson aged 10 went with a llttlt
bo > on V inlneifdav to row In sput ten Duyv 11 Creek An
hour later bile his comjanlon was on shore young
ht son uuudresoed and irnng Into the water He did
mitt rinipciir nUivv itu Surface H nrch wn made i a
fur > the lily I hut w Ithout lucceis until 3 eiterday when
notttirnmn liv tiring n cannon caused the budjr to
llnat to the mirfare oung favinn was nn expert
Nuiminer Tlu body Stud taken lo the homt of huts un
cit the Hev ifcnrgi S Iailon of Inwnod flue drowsed
buy lived with hit widened mother In Orange
Saved by Long Year of Service >
On last Friday James Nugent a soldier la
Fort VVIllett Point vtai tried at liiuitone L I on a
charge of assault and batter He wai convicted and
flnfd 0 alit 1 nix niontlu in rlionmtnt The com
mander at the fort found that Nugent had served
twentv nine venri nii1 thnt six uutuutilis imprisonment
ucutdiliichiirkf him illihonorabl from the service and
deprive him of a i eiiAinn uttii t the nsvliim irnvlded for
tett mite Oti hIs promlio that Nugent wnuld bi pun
Uhed at thu fort the lenience was suspended
lilt Own Accuser
Madison Ferris of 118 East 123d street iur
reuilereil hlniielt nt the 120th street police station yes
ttrdu morning uuj hog tituit he had attempted to shoot
liltvtlfi and guvinic tie hli reason that clue was untrue to
him lie was arralinifd In th i Harlem Police Court
liivito Iiiurn tcatlned tlmt he had ihot at her the day
before tuit I mlMel her Hhe saul that liquor we the
eminent tinKlicmtliif arid thirt hli itccuiatiim wa with
out foundation Juitlre Morgan held Ferris ltil45 bait
Long Itlund tin Debt
Mayor retry of Long Island City and the Cltf I
Treamrer are nicertnlnlng the amount of the floating
dcbtnf thu citv In order tn take a vantage of time act I
hued it Hit Wi Inter em on erlnit them to Issue bonds to
t n > i ft the Imkbtrdui It li militated that th float
Ing debt amount to J H JOO
ffcknollio In Collltlon
While at play at the district school In Baiting
Hollow ic I yesterday Dnnltl Vchendren and Frank
Newton ran together itrlring their head with uct r
force that Newt > n fill Inteimble and remained so fol
flu u luuuurs ill recovery doubtful
The Slunl Office Prediction
Fair weather northerly winds stationary
or lower temperutiire htjher pressure fi 1
Mimic In WnihinRton miuare at r > o clock this attsruioon
hvfinl I Ditch J cnrs olJ fell Into a tub uf water
> itlvnla nt 4 otrck Strict nnd wee tlrowir
The intrinn 1icki > Chili annoimc an extra race
for > otuuruluauc iuhiuileu Itiut ocr the full tour >
JuU o in rniRii lu tlm Superior Court yesterday
irnintiil uu al Holuiu iltnrcr hi luvor or Margaret lI hJ
II unto from H I I urry Tduuriii
Mitt or Lew > is it riot pnluteO Tlmfth Perry uf th
Hr Uui t llnnnlot IK lucutluii ConitnUfoiifr of hlec
tlonH Mr ltrr li a lawyer nuJ U a director of tb
OrfiDf olut atluiri Hunk
A reltRieuf dimtr bj h Annette h Tllt n to MltunoC
Tliltn w mit recordnl I ecturlity R It Mm Tllrttn la
coiikltl rnitnu uf > > ju caiti release her tnutbU
eitalti from tier lower liifht
MeBiri KoKfrv < Oounctl anti l Krneli tlio Itailwsy
ininiilonerrs uf thin HtHtt tartv < l I eslori 1io Iti a sic
cial car for mi i inpHctlnn of ttu I KnmjUaula tailruad l
uu uti lnJtnttnn froi i lii lit toniimnj
To serum an istui of iiuliti t Ihe Ontral Cross Town
HuUrunl torn i on > hai nirjtyVrfHt lt > frni chUe 1nlM
hug ac to thrt I iiiifrkMi Loan uiul Trim Comj uny
Thf iton1 s art if thu iler > ntilnatl < > n of f 1 oil arid atdtr
pile fjtinoj They mature In forty j ears anti < tear itu
tutu at tim rate ofu per itut
Lnuli H Itpfirt utetshiior of the Promontory Conitol
Idfelt Mliiur Couuulaiuv cf li Hrondwa Sea arrfetlii
lu CMinei ttcLt miJ uru itflit ii thU i cIt yttttrtU See <
rttuf Aid u vl tl ucuiui HIIJ it the ctmii lalitait against
H iert cliftrtlitf that lie took the houdu slid pipers if
the olin paiiv fruiii its uflieei amid hiss u e tatuiwt turin Ue
nBtidiiiif I fJ an a tcmlltinn of hair I return Hogtrt
u ai cotninittfd to Ins I roniij
loins Mfvier loll by am Hon yesterday In the Ex
chainfe Salfironnn tie residue tue city lota aol 1 water
front iron rt tloiuinn 1 to tile Juuitl estate ue tfnter
ill > huts bilHHi l5niii stud 174tli etmeeto and Wt Mr ho
U4 T ntli stil 1 1 tetiillii is > ethics brought prtcti rmixlii
fn > iii fHO me SIC IJ Situ a mini df liM Mnt > one
vuter front lot noil at fnni 170to fji mr lot and a
total of 5iii4IJ ihe lutul amount realized from tli
eitie w cc Cli tii
Mitrrerit ilrehiln who on Monday tulfhut threw her
tO 0 iuiitrut tuili I hue iteut Itit em at thur foot of East Iour
teeuiuiu ot tent sni loll utI iflto the IS alec after tlueuui a its
utrrsijuiril tstcrlul before htuuhce lierruuisuu lit ork
I lIe lOin I u ucotly ii resecil alit eeetuieii ctchtiu suit
cihlertel Chic sail sit tisti uiu rsctiltcl tout if aiim tiuiuig
i hut icrti trod on Ii ouide stieruioon stud couuil hot ii
uiilhne how die suet ium cluilimeut cciii to tie In ttuc cIt em
Juiuite ilemmiutuuu rfemmei icr to ml uIfs of th Coin
uuuieiuituers of tIiarillea suil Correct huh
Juititci Coozie toil Juliui mluirpliy were at thu Toiuitie
iithiee loOn leuorduuy charged wiihu interforilic wilhi
lilitetilat liibiuiirv Su hi Is it Ii lii atteiuijtitig to In site
iufl iii ru Ct iii Oil P uhlys StItomu lii ii ester sirust tuu i amu
iir u lict I l situ I flit 5 st that ii vue 17 tiuic of
utile tlithier 5 ttrtnittcrs nertiel ScUos ati auud lie
phuit Mi iutu iii kiiitlui liituc Cuitte WI S liertetiler
rim l ill I tiliti it uituuy Is the hiachu tan who tc as dm1 cliii
i Uo i un ul cc ti liiii h iie cutit iii ttk place loeli
S tO Oiiitniltrd b JuHltu Vt hilts lit delsult of 2
tall and tlurlluy game tail lo vW

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