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Y1 1 jt f 1nw I 0 I pu 1 v p ir < f ip T n7t 1 ro
Ir c t i if J 1 >
tAmtAxr imiMv nUT TiE COUNTY
DKHOcnAcr IN novar
Tkn nnslll e Fneoiirniied bJ the Acltnn of
tke Mate Commute ill Niirnlncn tn Adv
Ie AtillTiimmnny Iocnl Ticket
enle An
Prior to tho meeting of tho Democratic
Blnlo Committee tim prevailing opinion nmonc
tho local Democratic politicians wan lint tha
party In this city would bo united upon n local
ticket In tho coming cnmpAlgu Thoro wore
lon In the County Democracy who worn
etrnnclv opposed to uniting with Tnnimnny
but It was bclloved that tho most Influential
lon In that organization wore In favor of
union and would In Imo way bring It about
Tho Tammany and tim Inlng Hall Democracy
were ns they now arc In favor of harmony
Tho n lon of tho State Committee In relation
1t t the election of delegates to the Btato Con
1 tention has changed tho situation The County
Democrats who were against union have
trovvn boldor and gained somo supporters
r I from thoso who had favored 1 union Tholr
It I principal argument against union is that tho
antiTammany sentiment In New York which
created their organization demands that they
ehould OPPOBO Tammany Another argument
Is that created alliances with Tammany
weaken nnd will ultimately destroy their own
organization 101 Justice Maurice Jlowor
Excise Commissioner William P Mitchell and
Police Justice Henry Murray aro among the
most outspoken opponents of union with Tam
many and oxMayor CooperoxCongrcssman
Itobortl Itoo80olt E Ellen Anderson Chair
man of tho County Democracys Etocutlvo
Committee nnd other Influential members of
tho organteitlon entertain the same lows
None of them will say that ho favors 1 union
with the Citizens party against Tammany
Thoy are all however openly against uulon
with Tammany Some of them bollovo that n
united Democratic local ticket would not be
euro of success against the Citizens nnd Ito
Iollco Justice lower said to 1 reporter of
TiE HUN before the meeting of the State
Qoimnlttco that ho would riithorsou thoCounty
Democracy beaten at tim noils running Its own
ticket than to see It united with Tammany
Tho County Democracy he said Is the roo
pelt of R lunHs meeting of Democrats who
woro opposed to Tummany and its political
methods That meeting named n committee
of ont hundred antiTammany Democrats
Who after much labor and careful considera
tion nrgnnlxnil the County Democracy Wo
represent BO fur ne tlio Democratic party goes
the anttTntninany sentiment In Now York
There Isno doubt senlmoat major Ity of tho
voters In this city are opposed lo Tammany
J Hall That has boon demonstrated In several
That sentiment IIHH for
elections 1lmt hl many years
1 kept in existence an aiitlTHiiitiiany Demo
cratic organization Mozart Hall time Democratic
cratic Union Apollo Hall and Irving Hull
wore all organized to civipfToct to that senti
ment Tho present Irving Hall party has been
a tondor to Tammany over since its organiza
tion and tho County Democracy Is f the only
BntlTuDimany oiganizatlon I IB I my opinion
that Its llfo depends upon its loyalty to the
principles on which I was founded I bollovo
now that wo mado a mistake In uniting with
Tammany last year The vote polled by the
Citizens candidates shows that many anti
Tammany Democrats were displeased with
our course Tho Democrats who are opposed
Tammany and who are not politicians will
standby the County Democracy so long as the
County Domoc racy represenUtuoirsontimontB
But If wo continue to make bargains nnd alli
ances with Tammany they will for
eake us and find away to express their
opinions either by organizing 1 new
antiTammany party or by joining citizens
movements Tammany has I vota which I
can use UH it cliooses mo county Democ
racy has with It a body of voters whom I can
lead so long as It remains true to the anti
Tammany sentiment which called It into ex
Utonce we drove much of this vote from us
Lst fail and InJurOd our own organization by
pur alliance with Tammany and I believe that
I we unite with Tiunmony this year we will do
organization an injury from which we may
not recover We shall strengthen ourselves by
running our own ticket even I wo are de
Commissioner Mitchell ha alwa > boon a
conspicuous antiTammany man Ho agrees
with Justice Power that tho County Democracy
can Preserve ltd standing lu New York politics
only by opposing Tammany The antt ram
many voters in New York no said must
bavo an organIzation throu h which to give
effect to tholr opinions Their demand for
inch an organization created tho County
C6mocraey Th6V IMO Sloe by us so far
although Th them wore displeased 1 with
alhough Inny
our alliance with Tammany lost year I I can
judge from opinions which I have recently
heard frooly expressed they will desert us If
wo bargain with Tammany 1 second time
blrllln wih
I believe that I the Count Democracy
Tammany and Irving Hal unite on a local
ticket this fall a majority of the genuine un
Mlllsh antlTummany Democrats will either
llsh IlalllmmllY
abstain from voting or vote againnt us and I
am sure that such 1 union whether or not It
succeeds tlo pools would wot k to tho County
Democracy an almost Irreparable injury I am
also opposed to aunloii with TammanybecatiKO
I believe that It would reduce the vote in this
city for our Hlato ticket Mnny antlTninmany
Voters would bo HO disgusted with what they
would call a bargain between politicians for
polls that they would mint recistor and vote A
sols fight between Iamnmimany and the County
Democracy would bring out the vote for the
Btato ticket
Of course Tammany and Irving Hall are for
a union the Commissioner continued Irv
ing Hall would be afraid to show her weakness
by running her own ticket and IiI Tammany
men know they could not elect 1 ticket without
help Tholr Ictorles since 1874 havo usually
boon In sears when the party was united
Commissioner Hubert OThompson his not
declared himself either lor or against I union
with Tammany H im has tald that hit would
favor no union Jl roxult of which would he
the nomination of candidates for office simply
nOlllnlol nomination was Insisted on by
anyone of tho organ Izatlons Ho sajs ho b
HOVCH that the County Democracy Is better
organized than either Tammy Hall or Irving
Hall and Ilm It Is strong enough to run Its
own ticket with I reasonable show of success
If that cmirne shall bo deemed best
I cOlrt hol
The members of theCounty Democracy who
are strongly In favor of Democratic union in
the county nay that tho County Democracy
cannot elect Us own ticket and had bettor
unite with Tammany and Irving Hull simi get
what I can and not by putting iibeeond Dem
ocratic ticket in the Hold give tho Republicans i
1 opportunity I elect two Kupreino Court Jus
ollort I
tlcoa two Marino Court JustlcuH and tha Hog
Ister Tito opponent i of union ivjilrtn this
argument that last years union with Tam
many and Irving Hall haft thus forgiven sos
Dial department heads tit Tammany imKxclKo
poiuniihisionrtrnnd the President 01 time Health
hoard to time Itepiibllcans andouo Kxclbo Coin
missIoner to limo County Democracy
limo Tammany men mire all fo Democratic
Inl I 110 ni rlc
union and love that It will be brought about
The County Democracy cannot afford t
rreycnt a union I loading Tammany man
laid I they should defeat the Democratic
eanilMiitos In tIme county by running a separate
tlckcfl or by uniting with a CitlonV organiza
lon they would lose cnsto in tim party in tho
Btate and might lose tholr regularity of which
may talk so much
AnolliorTnimimny man doubted whether the
County Democracy would dare to run astralght
ticket Thoy snowed In 1881 that they were
not so strong as Tammany ho said and I
noni lollevi Unit they mire anxious to have
that fart mom plainly put boforo Iho public
It ti i fcnorally Mieml In Tammany Hull that
Uinuiiitblnnur Thompson favors union and
Tatiinmnvit hone of union U largely based
UPohm that belief
Blurlff Davidson who la Irving Hulls loader
1 feeterdny
Tho mention of Democratic union In Now
York dnnends greatly upon the action of tho
BtMe Coriicnllon I Uron County Democracy
only In i rucognlcd It will of courto have to
run a straight county ticket because It will b
time i partys representative In Now York I the
Jonvontlon recognizes all tile organizations
from this city by admitting delegates from
machi I think wo shall havo union on our local
ticket I know 8hnl many of the County De
mocracys people are opposed that anil favor
combination with the Citizens but I bcllovo
that liter coiuottlngawhllo with tho cltlons
uelrorganlzatlon will veto for union with Tarn
many end Irving 1111 I Goy CleyOla told moIL
Vol tongimg that he was donlrou dfbvinit n
fllonlo Hlah Hnnt Time County 110100
racy lrofoHs 10 be time Governor s friends and
IL Oy know that disunion In Now York will give
i iUnWnl Icrhaps four Bonata districts to the
rfflSS11 IClnd I am cure that we ahmailh loso tIm
district rnrrcBcnted Browning
afrlell rOlr 8 by Senators
Daly sail Koch and may lose Bonator Trean
Crs uiBtrlctlf I two Dumocrati are run In each
10 > i tuom Irving Ilali fg honestly and earnestly
JJTor of Doiuocrntlo union and la much
Itrong now than It was In tbo last campaign
Ulster lo be Flue smd Fat
1BOth the l Kiutb and north eldo oyitermen
ii14 report the oystirsu ns a4 fat this
ISiit i Tty wilt ti s1lpptui to mnsrI ol lath 11
U 1ek11
Lord CIr tlnollea Cnlerldca Mnkea n non
A l > nrl > a Arm llraken tn tk Marf
Wo eball mark this tiny No1 1 said tho
clerk of ono of the lending I hotels nt Coney
Island yesterday Thoro havent boon as
many people hero before at ono time during
the season and what Is moro important > to us
they hiittl plenty of money
Manhattan Bench Ilrlghton West Brighton
and oven the exclusive Oriental wore thronged
Manager I Iron of the Manhattan Beach
Hotel said n few diya like It would mnko time
season n good one In spite of the chilly days of
July and Asntut
Volmo had some distinguished English
visitors nt the Bench those two diys ho said
Yesterday Win Lrino Bookor tho British
Consul was hero at dinner with Capt Olandcll
of tho Celtic nIl nine or the gentlemen who
camo over with Chlff Justice Colorldgo
or who woro friends of tho party Mr lon
derson manngor of the Anchor line also
mlllnorof Inl entertained
tertained soMnof tho party nt tho Oriental
Today Judge 1 llapallo ciuno down with Chlof
Justice rnerldgn and othuro They arrived
horn at 2 P M 1 and left at 4J SIr Austin Hogg
M 1 was at thin Oriental Ausln 1Olll
TUB report collies from all summer resorts
that FO far it his not bon a very prosperous
Blmninr The weather his had much to do
with this But I am of the opinion that tho
next three weeks will bo the best of tho season
Ho far us Conoy Inland Is concerned I Ronon
doubtedly true that In scion places business has
not been good but hero I have never known 1
bettor Edison J costs 4010 n day to run the
Manhattan Beach and Oriental and
Mlnhnlnn lrnch lud Orlntli yet wo are
ellnliead Tim character of business Coney
Island Is undoubtedly changing
Mr Patrick H Gllmoro expects a jam this
week about canal to that of the Boston jubilee
Mr Ullmores room Is laden with muslo great
blocks of wood wherein ho drills tho men who
will strike the anvil in Ibo anvil chorus lie In
front of time music stand and the grout brand
Is in 1 state of oAcltcmont The reason lies in
tho fact that Mr Gllmore expects to duplicate
as far as possible this weak tim orchestral BOH
hatlons that made the Boston jubilee
alOII Ihlt 10ston jlblle so groat
a success Last year he gave one music day
and tho jam was so great that every ono was
dissatisfied This year therefore ho prolongs
tho jubilee to thico days
Two walldressed young Germans who were
unable to speak a word of English complained i
at 6 P M to the police that they had lost fGO in
an envelope game at tho Seaside Aquarium A
policeman wont with them to the manager
who ordered tho money returned but said tho
envelope iramo was not a part of his exhibition
Ilmo oxblbilon
but was controlled by outside parties
The surf boomed along Limo beach at Hooka
way ostorday tossing the bathers about like
corks and frequently landing them gasping
upon time sands A vary handsome lady who
hud attracted much attention by her rod bath
Ing suit and fearlessness lon WI taken up LRlb a I
roller amid thrown with such force against
one of the liferope stakes that her
right forearm wan broken She fainted and
was carried to a pavilion where she was at
tended by I physician who happened to bo
among the bathers Sho was removed to the
city leI name was not ascertained
Tho day was one of the best that the hotels
and hathlngetnbtishments have had this year
The were boats packed brought down crowds and the cars
Tho crowds who visited Fort Leo Park yes
terday with time expectation of getting coolod
off were sadly disappointed There was no
broezo from any point of tho compass and tho
BUIIB rays drove visitors Into the pavilions
Gel Island was thronged yesterday und the
merry chimes rang out freauent welcome to
crowded steamboats Klein Deutsahlnnd
was visited by many Germans Time calm
smooth waters of time Hound Invited many
yachts rowboats and bathers The crowd
looked formidable for Ibo last boats that loft I
limo Inland but tho Black Bird and tha Mat
toavvan brought their great loads down safely I
iroot < BRfel
The Plymouth Hock brought from Long I
Branch last night ono of the largest crowds of
this season I was hardly possible logo from 1
ono part of Ibo boat to another I
srvoir jjv FKOSFUCT PARK
Tke Trouble Had by tke Little Oeee TVka
Get Lost emd br Their Blotkere
Lost children can bo inquired for In rear
of this stand Is a sign on the band platform
at Prospect Park A genial policeman was
asked by a reporter yesterday to explain what
It moant A polished badgo glittered on his
padded chest Tho gloves he woro woro n
white I the driven snow He bowed his now
helmet hat low to n rubylipped nurse maid
who was making eyes at him Then he said
Babies get lost In this biff wood as easy us
they err Tho sign U put there whenever the
band plays Mothers sit dreaming over Ibo
music and their children wander off and lose
themselves without much trouble Usually ou
such days a dozen or moro llttlo ducks are
found alono under all sort of covers
and aro brought crying to this pavilion
to bo Identified Invariably when a mother
misses hor child she carries on like crazy nnd
upbraids us for not having kept watch over I
I tho lost ones are of tender ago tho mother
are distracted enough to pull tho buttons oft
our coats Today n little cherub with pictures
on his stockings was espied by mo trying to
buy I rldo on I flying horse for three cents
Ho described his home by saying it had a red
gate and a horso named Peter JIB mother
met him as I was taking him to the station
end smothered him with caresses Another
policeman found a tearful liltlo girl that had
lost her mother herself and hershoos buthad
not forgotten where sho llvud
You BOO Prospect Park covers 500 acre I
is very woody and Is full of hills and vales
and winding paths an excellent placo for
children to net lost in and a very dlfllcult place
to look for them Ono or moro children mire
lost hero every day six or seven on Hundays
and OH many moro on band days Them is no
remedy for It unless mothers will tin their chil
dren to their apron strings KomeManirorUoo
Is attached to I child losing itself on 1 It might
cushy slip into II pond and gut diowned or fall
off a hill and break Its neck
A mother living near HIM Ninth avenue on
trance to the park said My utIle ouCH loco
thonsclvea In time park every time they steal lu
there XII pollco by honrchlng for them SO
often have earned lo know them and now
when Ihuy moot them In thero alone thoy dont
wait for limo children to lose themselves hut
match thom ijuickly to the gate and point out
ourhoiihc The tintS titan thor woro missed wa
found thor nt night by the aid of a lantern < I
wan autumn They hind lioeognmi tired roam gath
tiring IravcHnnd had fallen asleep on tiiuii pile
The mother then exhibited the little girls to
tIme reporter They were twins browncheek
ed timid worn sailor Bulls
Prospect lurk Is full of comfort seekers
every Sunday lIon thousand people yester
day enjoyed Its green lloldHitnd admirably con
trived Kbultors Thoy went all quiet respect
able ponplo nnd time park was aim hll18 n farm
Time OlmnnH wer In limo majority anti with
their families lay under tho trees chit smoked
big lIIHR gentle < bruc o blow acmes limo
common making onto delightful to walk thoro
Kostlva Inmbs whisked their tails and bounded
away over moadoivu or licked the paint
all off tha lines that marked tho
I of Inos
lawn tannin courts Nothing stronger i
than milk lemonade all soda Water 1
Is sold on the grounds and no games like hal
or roflot are permitted to bo plavod on Hun
lavs Time gates nro closed at 10 oclock Pea
nuts and candy are kept for children and thoy
can buy forms fow pennies the additional pleas
IY < <
urea of riding homes alive or wooden driving
a goat carriage or milling on a drlvllf
TBo Hun IY girl visitor to limo park usually
goes there after Hunday school with her lover
who carries her Bible and parasol They some
light times sit a bench until It la flecked with moon
The Hnedlak Mill Ilunda wke nre Ireveiated
from Ie vlnl New UsaiBoVlre
WAsniNOTON Aug 20Time State Depart
ment has Bent its reply to the Swedish lega
tion on the Huncook Mill cad As was antici
pated tho Secretary takes Ibo ground that he
can do nothing for the enslaved Sweden Tho
report of the New Hampshire authorities la to
tho effect that tho owners of tho mill lao a
right to prevent the departure of the Swedes
from the State under the statute and that tho
men who havo tried to make their way to
Massachusetts to accept offers of bettor
employment and higher wages aro actu
ally in debt to time storekeepers one of
whom Is the mills bookkeeper I Is believed
mis bookkoejer
at the Hwodlih legation unit actually assorted
that the arrest of the three men was for the
purpose of Intimidating the other Swede and
preventing their departure from the Htate
Mr Do Bllot tho Hwedlsh CharuJ dAfTalres
will Ilot the communication of the Htato
Department Ho agree that the United Slats
In ha matter because the miii
can do nothing III MW laUer beU80 mi
people Rro acting in aocordonci with the lawn
of Now mrshlre but he wU point out that In
toll case the law permits the company to hold
biB countrymen ai slaves and ho will insist
lies been bused
that the statute bool alusod
THE IKKiiniara IHITT ci3irio IN
How time Omcliil tkrnnlrlrr wn Imprea nl
liy tko Ntsikla and Scene Alnna the I Inn of
Mnreh 4ulchliiB Trim In Nnnke Silver
23 In Livingston Aug 25Tho white frost
was still thick on tim blades of grass and leaves
of limo shrubs glistening In time morning sun
light Illo diamond dust and the mists nnd
vapors rentod cloio to tho surface of time river
as time Presidential party mounted ntC45 A M
and started out for limo days morel Last
night was limo coldest the party hns yet expe
rienced the thermometer marking 20 at 0
AM and In tho mess tent the water which
had boon served out a few moments before tho
party sat down to breakfast formed a net work
of leo on time Inner surface of the glasses Tho
trail was very crooked today and led ovor n
low rangn of mountains covered with plno
forests At Intervals open grassy parks were
found but most of them wore only a few acres
In area About twelve miles out the
party came upon the lower falls of
tho Lewis or Lake Fork a dark gray
gorge cut through sold walls of volcanic I
rook Its sides being nearly perpendicular
Fixu miles further on tho party wont Into camp
In a lovely open park at the north end of Lewis
Lake the only spot on tho shore line which Is
not densely timbered Tho camp was named
Logan In honor of tho Senator who was to
have been ono of the party and whoso un
avoidable absence has been regretted by all
Tho tents look out on this beautiful sheet of
water and IhoKounil of the swirl of the waves
on the beneh mlnglex pleasantly with Its twin
sister tho sound of time soughing of tho winds
In the trees near by Along limo linn of march
today woro seen largo iiimnlltlcH of Indian
tea a dlinlnutlvo sptolos of evergreen whortle
berries five to ton Indies high found only In
timber and nt an altitude of from 8000 to
10000 Rll The IndlaiH are fond of time tea
nlllo front tho dried IOIIVCH and stems of this
plant and It Is said by those who have drunk It
that It forms I lonIrt subntltuta for our own
Yesterday time party remiilncd at Camp
Strong time surroundings of which are worthy
of more than passing notice a gi ussy bottom
encompassed by mountains clad with evergreen
trees of all sizes from the young seedling up to
mnturo ago scattered Kingly I grouped In clus
ters or manned Into dark forests The tents
were pitched on the bunks of tIm Snako lticr
which hero possesses nil the attributes of u
IlrstolasB trout stream clear pure water
drlppilag river pebbly bottoms with horn and
thorn suit currents nddlos and deep holes
The President and Senator Veal made tho bunt
of the May and scored the greatest victory jut
aiclilored over time limmny tribe At one cnst tin
President landed three trout weighing in tho
aggregate 4 I4 pounds and each of nix other
cants took two line specimens Time Preildnnt
secured tho greater wolght nnd Senator Vnst
time larger number rite total weight of time
fish caught wile 1115 pounds Time sport Is I now
about our The largest trout taken wclghod
3 > f pounds
Looking back over the cal rHO from Fort Wu
nhaklo whore the party Irst mounted their
horses and abandoned wheeled vehicles and
took time Indian trail which has led through
fertile volleys across bad lands and over rug
ged mountains there are mnny memories
which linger pleasantly In the minds of every
member < > f tho party The hall storm at Camp
Crosby time dust which sifted In limo tents at
Camp Telon tho trail across tho fallen timbers
are forgotten in the pleasant axsoclatlons of tho t
rest of tho joiirnev Located In a bond of the
Oros Vnntro Hlvcr from time crest of which tho
trail heal looking down on It time traveller ob
tained their first good lew of thin royal Totons
or Titans tin they should bo called To the west
was n forest of pine and spruce mantling limit
mountain to the south and east clay and fund
stone risIng high In time sky and rich rOIl from
IU Iron colorIng masked here 1 and tliero by
green foliage The short thick grass of the little
valley furniHliud splendid grazing for the ani
mals and tho trout within twenty foot of time
tents made tun Immediate surroundings most
attractive Then time Titan Basin large n the
Htuto of Rhode Island and covered at thin
tluin of tho year with nutritious grasses and
Irofuso in vidonco of beIng tIme winlerlrnlli
ground o deer antelopes and elk The near
future < mut piactlcally dotnimlno Its value
for stock purposes Then JaclHouH Lako as
soon from tho crest of a high blurt on the hue
of march I gigantic sapphire its surface fiot
lel amid blown Into white caps by time wInds
which swept down over Mount lloran and
moaning lost thumsuhes In the gloomy for
ests bo ond Ivatuec hits Indeed given a royal
setting to this jewel The scenery along tho
route vill furnish mans plcuant memories In
tho years to com Enough game bus ben
killed to tatlsfy that wmlMdf I lie patty
Today v > n entered the precincts t of time paik
and time buffalo and elk can look at UI with per
fect safety for loam Hhoi Idan has given strict
orders that nothing 4nii iii l < killed Plan mem
bars of lIme party nru7njoylni their tmual good
health ore b4gtmaning In fact to realize some
thing In limo way of f robust Mrength
UrrEn IrvsEit HAHN Yellowstone National
Park Aug 24At 1 P M todny after a dusty
march of twentysix miles oor a rough trail
the President and patty arrived In tInt Upper
Geyser llasln of the National Park and went
Into camp near nu old faithful geyser < which
grootod time travellern I few minutes after dis
mounting with ono of Its hourly eruptions
All were ot tired and hmungry anal time oxhlbl
tlon that hoemcd especially to greet Iho Chief
Magistrate could Induce hut few of tho party to
abandon tlio lunch I nnd rutli ton point 11r ob
serving tho display The afternoon was devoted
to resting biithlng and ncrlmullng the outfit
and little attention was paid to time geysers
beyond those In time Immediate vicinity o the
camp All time traveller waite Impressed with
the wonders surrounding them and tomorrow
will no doubt provo n day of Interest and
After their rldo on horscluick of 230 miles
every IImh r of the expedition is In the lient
of health and not an accident of time slightest
character has occurred on the whole journey
to mar lib pleasure
wiit ov Tin cniitcii jtisris
Mr tfHck tin N fcekiillx Aiinaiince kla Fur
hole In Ntnp Them All
People living about StuyvcHaut Park nro
going to try hard to put n stop to the ringing
of tho boll of St Georges Church which is on
Ituthcrford place facing the park They say
that the liaIse made by time boll Is nearly deaf
ening and that while It 1 Is ringing oar trumpets
aro useful In tholr houses even when limo win
dows are closed On Riinday they say tho boll
begins to bang nt Gi oclock in the morning
and rings at Intervals all tho day Morning
doles are Impossible and afternoon naps arn
hopeless Time church people are not Inclined
to Mtopthn ringing of their boll Tlioy say I hit
tho nolo Is harmonious I ItU loud and that
the hell is not unduly rung
Whim Mr Jackson H Kchiiltx a week ogolast
Tuesday appeared before the Health Hoard
Tne8eIY 10nith Jolrd as
limo 81llcarol of tho complainants the
church wardens were represented by I lawyer
I first wrote n latter to Iho Hoard Mr
Schultz slM ycfterdiy merely stating how
great a nuisance the rlnglnp of satnf was
When I called I found than church represented
by a lawyer Ho was tory clever The first
thing ha said was Whorl nro the aflldavita
whlch cmbracn these charges I saId I would
withdraw my letter and would prepare my
aflldnvlte rime subject wame ihiseumaseti at length
When the allldavit which are being prepared
am finished there will bo another hearing
Wo haxn boon great sufferers by the ringing
of f that bell Mr Hchullr continued Heoral
members of my family when sick havo been
worried by UH ringing A lady who was very
HI was mado HO much worse < by Its ringing a
few monlh ago that her relatives asked lime
church oHIclals to ban It rung less frequently
until she recovered They runl that was Impossible
possible It Is worse lately than It was A
new minister has service err often and timers
Is A proportionate Increase of bell tinging In
a rorlonato
Lent tha bell Deemed to b going all tho tuna
The affidavits that I am going to lay before
the Board of Health will f b from residents In
the neighborhood and letter from anltarlnns
touching Iho Injurious effect time noise has upon
sick people ram determined not only t pre
vent time boll of HI Georges Church from being
rung but also to stop the bells In all the other
cnurchoB In the 1101 They are nuisances and
I think the law is against them
Frlaee Awarded Co KalI Tensplnr
BAN FRANCISCO Aug 20Last night tho
Judges In the competitive Knights Timjilar drill made
known their decision The De Malays were awarded
time first prize ant choie the mine vase always spoken
of as the fourth prize Tha Kapler Cnnunandtry whu
woe ttis I eoaad W selected the 0115 I column and
the SI lfad Ih third trl stamen ctioss tho
simser 5tob lime eoaloln twarlies I ulled
lnr competed mr al nut yeJis luurnmnl lime
SIt conimnamiduiiei l Witch smaryrtu was expressed Cl
IIIselsctlon madsbj he lit Mafajs limo intrmnstn Talus
of the Icloa being Si louo less than that of tbs column
chosen W time Kapler Commandery
5to M Wiecaui CINU
I A Mild CoA swwt 1 and tfellcati Our new triaL Ooodwla
iMnt UeeL Hotel L
I Reduction In rates Two hundred good rooms wiila
board at 131 per week for eueh person from Auc IS
Music uucxcsucd and finest Lathlug 1 dr
FLAMES r A cnoirnnn TPNnMBNT
Fonr Pcnomi Ilnrned f Ilentk nnd Another
Fatally Injured by lumping
BOSTON Aug 2GAn alarm wait rung this
morning for 1 flro In time twostory tenement
C Thatchers Court Tho house Is owned
by tho heIrs of Bonnie Dolan and
was occupied by eight families Tho
fire spread with frightful rapidity and before
the inmates could b taken out four woro
smothered and ono fatally Injured by jumping
from the building Tho cries for help from limo
persona Imprisoned amid the flames wore
heartrending but thoso on the street could 10
nothing to snvo them
John McLnughlln with 1 wife and nix chil
dren occupied a front tenement and attic and
Fred Savage wife and two girls occupied ono
of the rear tenements Four of McLaughllns
children were asleep In the attic at the time
tho fire broko Olt McLaughlin his wife
and two girls were on the second floor
Savages WHO and two children wore In
anattlo room opposite to that in which the
McLaughlin children were sleeping John Hay
age was tho Ort to discover time lire and after
gIving the alarm by shouting ho sprang from 1
window thirty feet from time ground and es
caped with a badly Injured log MrMcLaugh
lie awakened by the cries saved his wife
and girls nnd two of his boys In his
second attempt to return ho wan driven bnck
by tho names Little George MoLaughlln was
aroused by the flames or limo cries of tbo
occupants and succeeded In reaching tho roof
Canvas was spread in the street below and
Gcorgo was told by his father to jump Into
his arms The boy bravely jumped but missed
tho can > as and was fatally Injured His
mother crazed with anguish attempted three
times to outer tho burning building to save her
other boy Thomas and rrooiod such Injuries
that sIte Is not expected to live lire Fred
Havago and her children Ratio nnd Mamie
were ntitlocatrd and tholr bod lea ware found
where tliny hud been sleeping
Tho fire undoubtedly started In Hangon
apartments and Is believed lolmvobeen caused
by n kerosene lamp which nvldenco already
obtained Indicates was thrown at Fred by John
Havasn who had been Iwiarillng with his
brolhor orwas thrown by Frod nt John I Is
thought niso that I John Mclntosh who has
previously I li id trouble with tho ilmvamgmm broth
utre may han had I hiind In causing
tin lire as It IA known that
ho ii lHltoil t Ian fttMiiTPH during Iho I night I JIc
liitoHh I hnwinvr denies thitl lie uivHtlieiont t
all Inlin 1Innlinrlept In a loom nenr that
occupied by lime ttratCt n1 that jtistbofoio
tho t flro hrokn mint h lienril fome ono ery Ior
iodMike ilnht tlitiU I u I hauL 1111 I i Mclntosh
nnd the t tit Sm uim I were itrnKted Ill is nfter
nnon mind nrn lnlil to await diniloiimcnts
JliK killed mire Clunr n and Thomas l JIc
Lauglilln aged IJ and 1 years lestieetively
Jlri Friil Saiigo aged 40 jeaiH and Katlo and
Manila Haxiigeaged 13 and 1 oars respectively
etlt1711Nl nor triit AI > 31 rn
A Iturnl Nicole llritllna Pipe llcdnuba Itulld
lilac In VllllHm Ntroel
Au explosion with u noise lllco tho noIse
of I blast nccuried on the northeast corner of
liberty and William streets at 7 oclock last
evening The llromon of Engine 4 half a block
away lu Liberty street felt n jarring of the
Toniul Some part of the pipes of tho Now
York Heating Company had given away A
spreading column of liquid mud and hot water
shot up from limo gutter oor fifty foot in the
aIr and covered the side of Horemaus build
1mg on that corner with a coating of mud
n Cacorns had a cigar store on tho corner
and his show windows were broken and win
dons in the upper floors occupied by Horsman
wor broken Two telegraph poles on limo CO
nor el coamtid with mud on Ole 1100 to their
tops The crossing flags over William street
store slightly disarranged and three cobble
stones were thrown on the walk Thoro was
10 serious upheaval of the street Time stream
md worked Its way from the break to the gut
where It hurst out I permeated all tho
neighboring underground passages nnd poured
out of tho sewers and limo cuiinholos of both the
Btnam hauling companies
I Collnniesl
Tho escape from the gutter continued until
time arrival of Superintendent Brown of tho
Now York Htenm Company who shut off tho
steam from the William Street main Ho did
not dig up the street but gave what ho thought
WIB time explanation of time trouble The cor
ner Is at a low spot where war Is apt to col
lect In the mains This necessitates I blowoff
utile at that point This blowoff pipe Is con
nected with both tho LIberty street main and
the William street main by twoInch pipes I
Mr Drown believed that time point where tho
plpejons tho William street main had broken
and allowed Ibo steam which was under
oluhtvlho pounds pressure tooscape He said
that I time main tlpo hud burt thn explosion
would haa liocn very violent nnd limit street
would Immive boon torn Time blowoff
wOlld hlll Inon up blowol con
nection vitli the Liberty street main was found
to bu In good order
No person was In the street near the corner
when time explosion occurred Any ono on Ibo
corner would hnu boon holed and covered
with mud This U tie first explosion on tIme
lines of the New York Steam Company all tho
explosions of last winter having been In thin
mains of the broken American Heating and
Power Company
rixrnxa f JOVO TOST MOTllKll
Frederick Gllion oT II rook I yn Reliitee a
Strange Family History
Frederick Ollson who Ins with his wlfo
and daughter at 31 Mlddagh street Brooklyn
wnsborn ho cats fortyIho years ago In Lon
don and until ho was twelve years old lived
with his father and mother In Harper street
In July 1850 his father took him out for a
walk telling his mother lat they would bo
back In Ibo afternoon His father took him to
a wharf whoru they boarded I vessel and came
to thlrt country llefore their departure his
paternal grandmother met them at the wharf
and In parting placed two sovereigns In tho
boys 1lrtnll s father on landing hero ro
calved employment aa a bookbinder
Mr Clllsnn says that young as he was ho fully
realized tho loss of Ills mother but to his
anxIouS Incjulrics about her his father returnee
nvashi answers Ills father settled In Brook
lyn and after II years residence married
agnln Ho lived with lute father amid stoianothaor
udtll ho was 20 years of age when ho welt on a
whaling vessel Ho debited tho vessel in Chill
from which port hn wont to Liverpool Thoro
lie enlisted In time Uritlxh service After serv
ing for throu yearn and a halt hU hoalth broko
down and ho was discharged Whllo ho was In
Kngland hn wrote to his father Iniiulrlug about
bin early hue nnd especially about his mother
and grandmother Ilia father wrote him back
that both worn dead and that his stepmother
in this country also was dead In 1805 ho was
mnrrlod In Liverpool and with his wife came
to America In 1870
Five years ago his father died without din
closing to him tho cause of his separation from
Ills Unit wife Ills fathers second wife who
111 wlo Is
mnrrlod him In good fiilth recently married I I
retired lon Captain and living with him and
her throe sons by her former miirrlago In a
neat houso In Adolnhl street Mr lllson says
ho discovered a few months ago that his
mother who Is now oor 70 years old n still
alive and her identity having boon established
beyond a doubt ho sent for her She Is at pres
ent on her way t this port
Dr Holy dent la Jail
A post mortem examination was held yes
terday on the body of WUs I Charity Vsn Ollder nh
dlid on Saturday at B4I Monroe Ill as alleged
from tho result o malpractice Drs Creamer anal
Newman who made the elimination said that
death was duo to the cause stated lira Carotin
Furlong who admitted having performed tho oper
alien and Laving recelred fio from Miss 1 VD Gilder
together with DrBlephen Duly who I ii S alleged ad
mlnlitered drugs and recommended Mju Van littler to
go to Mrs Xurhuip and Mils TIIIIo Hawthorne t I who
accompanied Miss Van HIMer lo Mrs Furlonns house
were all three committed tn llaymond btreet Jai
Ulna llnwthnruo and > IL Van limiter worked togethe
InW l kt
In the American Hank Note I oniianyi nltlre Charle
Dove ul llobokin I brother In law of illis I Van Ollder
was In lirooklvn jeoterday aud had a conference tilia
Cormier linj le fie I raid he had never known lame sister
In law aa Van hider and that hrr name was Charlay
Lento Her mothers first husband wee Van Hider ud
he supposes she took that name when she went In
Brooklyn lie lout his aiomriniaw was a quiet rellrlii
young lady and that she was seldom absent from Imer
home Who her betrayer wai hocould 1 I not say ash
did not know any nf tier male acquaintances Them
quell nil bo held ei tomorrow evening
One Pawnbroker Hues Anolker far Slander
Max Nnabauor n Newark pawnbroker has
begun I suit against Abraham Flckels who Is I also a
pawnbroker for 10000 damages for slander OnAug
1 Slckelsi son hue obtained at Negbaaers a loan of
W3 en two gold chains Two days later Negbausr was
Infouied that young BickUs had stolen I th chains from
bis father but lie Mused to given them up to the alder
nickels who demanded them uuleii ho recelred hi
money back again
Blckelo secured Keibauer of knowingly receiving
stolen properly and also fh encouraging Mo I rI in I
bringing valuable jewely to too pawnshop Negbaue
says that Nickels l repealed these accusations to other
prloaas lleuco tbo suit for slander Blckels threaten
Brsono Mt b AU indicted for receiving stolen proper
TWO sTKAsramr coriistosa IN truicii
S3 iiris wnni LUST
The frisk Convention nt JTeerlo ItlntlnaT In
Henllnnd lletueen Ornnseinen nnd Ciltk
ollee The ItratricU Murder Conspiracy
LONDON Aiiff GA collision occurred nt
3 oclock this morning I IMdystono Light In
tho English Channel between tho French
steamer Bt Qcrmnln Capt Bonncau bound
from Havro for Now York and tho steamer
Woodburn from tho East by way of tho Suez
Canal Time VToodburn sank Immediately after
tho collision and eighteen of her crow woro
drowned Tho Ht Germain which was disabled
by tho collision has arrived at Plymouth
whore she landed her passengers and those
who were Raved from tho Woodburn
The steamer Palermo bound from Hamburg
to Lisbon came In collision off Ushnnt with
tho steamer IIIvoll bund from Bilbao to Mid
dloborough Tho latter steamer sank and five
persons woro drowned A thick fog prevailed
at time time of the collision
At a conference of the Irish members of Par
liament hold last night a programme was
prepared for tho convention of tho Irish Na
tional League of Great Britain announced to
bo hold at Leads on Hopt 27 Tho programme
domanda millgovernment for Ireland and
direct representation of tho Irish laboring
class In Parliament I
clX ezanminatien 01 i Dr Connolly and Patrick
Connolly brntherxwho woro arrested at BruIT
Ireland on Tuesday last on a charge of being
concerned In I murder conspiracy was held In
Limerick yesterday A man named Michael 1
Ulnoon testified that tho Connollys bad com
pelled him to swear that ho would shoot John
Carroll a rent warner of tho Earl I of Limerick
nnd promised him that time Head Centre would
pay him t50 for so doing Ho and tha prison
era had laid in waiting several times for Car
roll but his the witness courngn failed him
and ha did not shoot him Tint witness sworo
that tho ConnolUs had also proposed the
olsonlnl of Carroll and his sister Tho < pris
oners woro romandod
Mr Parnoll will contest county Down nt the
next elections for members of Parliament
Biotlng between Orangemen and Catholics
nt CoatbrldgoHcotlandwns ronewodon Satur
day Twentytwo persons wore arrested
Twentytwo deaths from cholera occurred In
Alexandria yesterday I Is reported that
cholera hoe brokenlout In Huraatra The deaths
from cholera on Haturday numbered 129 In
upper Egypt nnd 3H In lower Kgypt
1 AIM Aug 26The councilor Ministers to
day discussed the adoption of measures against
the Orlnanlsts The council decided to tako
no action unless measures are rendered necessary
sary by events with which Orlaunlst prlncos
aro connected
Oon Bouot tIme French commander In Ton
uuln telegraphs I that nothing has occurred at
Hanoi since the 15th lust
Tha Cabinet council today discussed time
question of sondlngrnfinforcemontstoTonriuln
MAUIII Aug 2GKJI Alfonso reviewed limo
troops at Logrono yesterday Ho afterward
wont to Burgos where ho received a cordial
welcome The King will return to Madrid on
Monday and preside at Cabinet council at
which thmiucstlon of his journey to Germany
will bo decided Oil Friday next King Alfonso
wlltgotoCorunna It Is believed that boforn
long Prime Minister Hagnsta will bo charged
with that reconstruction of time Ministry
VIENNA Aug 2GTime body of tho Count de
Chambord has been embalmed The funeral
will tako placu on Sept 3
LtemimN Aug lIt Is reported that Henry
M Ktanlay has closed the upper Congo to com
merce The King of Dahomey has liberated thin
garrison of the Portuguese Fort Whidah on
condition that the place shall not bo ceded to
EXUOY Ilulley Bind Others Shocked Over Ike
Erection oral Cress In Lukerllle
LAKCVILLE Coon AUR 2A wooden
cross twelve foot high on which Is nailed a
llfoszo figure Intending to represent our
Saviour stands In tho front yard of the Catholic
church In this plaoo and Its presence there
has almost caused a religious war among the
people of the village Time Rev Father
Henry Lynch IB pastor of the Catholic church
hero and by his energy the pariah has lately
erected a handsome now houso of worship and
a parochial school and convent are In course of
construction When tno cross was first erected
last October the Protestants of limo village de
nounced the proceeding as sacrilegious Their
wrath slumborodhowovor untllabouta month
ago when It broke out anew The new cause
ot trouble was a rumor that Father Lynch In
tondod to put other Scriptural Illus
trations of time same objoctional sort
In and about hU convent and school
They determined to remonstrate and
accordingly an address was drawn up ropro
Bonting that such Images were not in har
mony with American Ideas and customs were
shocking to tho sensibilities of many and
entirely at variance with the sentiments and
wishes ol a great portion of the people of tIme
community Therefore time petitioners 72 In
number respectfully requested Father Ljncli
to use ills Influence in procuring the removal
of the immure now erected and In preventing
time erection of others of a like character
Mr Tupper a Justice of the Peace engrossed
this petition in a beautiful round hand and
with oxGov Holloy and Mr Norton time bank
cashier called on Father Lynch Mr Tupper
presented the document and Gov Holloy sup
plemented it with n speech Father Lynch
heard limo committee to tlio end anal then after
a little talk about other mutter bowed them
from hlsBtudy
The committee had limo Interview on Satur
day Time following Monday time storekeepers
who had signed the manifesto noted with nlarm
that no Catholics came to trade with thorn As
the week rolled on they were forced to conclude
that they had been boycotted and they deter
mined to revenge themselves They hold a
mooting at wb lola Father Lynch denounced
ax a drunkard and an ignoramus and each
member pledged himself to contribute no more
money to Catholic charities
rather Lynch smiles at these throats and
says that politics ate at the bottom of lime
trouble Almost all of his flock are Dumocrnc
and lately several of thorn have boon elected to
Important town offices Tho signers of tIme
address ho contends are Hopubllcans lie
has laid time case before Bishop McMahon mind
that prulnto will Investigate It personally
A Ileport nn Mr Tuckers IlnlldlngsNo
Strike on the Astor Eolnle
At a meeting of tho Executive Committee
of the amalgamated building trades unions
hold at 102 Third avenue yesterday afternoon
the proposed strike upon the Astor estate
was canvassed Two weeks ago strikers were
ordered upon forty now houses and over a
hundred buildings undergoing repairs belong
ing to tho estate because Messrs Uovillng
Webb and Stuart contractors for carpenter
work mason work and plumbing were ro
ported to have nonsociety men In their em
ploy It was stated yesterday that time main
causes of complaint having been removed no
strikes urn Immediately necessary
An agreement U said to have been entered
Into between the delegates of time unions and
time builders of tho Dakota flats mud twenty
eight buildings opposite on Wnst Seventy
third street belonging to time Clark estate
by which It will bo arranged so that operations
may bo reaumed by Mr llnnta
Power Brothers who have limo plastering con
tract on the Dakota Flats nro not doing any
work upon tim buildings opposite and It was
reported that the delegates have decided to
raise tho strike on thoso buildings
Mr John Tucker Is n builder who has con
tracts ou the church at HovontyBecom
street and Madison avenue two build
Ings at Seventyninth street and Fifth
avonue several buildings at rlftyflrx
Btreet and Madison avenue anti buildings
nt Madison avenue and Fiftyeighth Street mind
Madison avenue and Fiftieth street He also
has contracts upon a store building at Hovon
teonth street and Broadway and upon anew
building In Wall street
It was reported at the committee a moitliii
that nonunion men are employed on those
buildings and It In reported that strikes mire
ordered upon them for today The nonsociety
mon are bricklayers and carpentersnnd It Issali
that the other trades will bo ordorod out In ao
cordanco with the plan that imas boon adopted
on other buildings About 25U or 300 men will
ho t affected
SaId Iknt Iulleemen Sled Clubbed him
John Clancy a mason of 477 East Seventy
seventh street was received at Its Stew York lloiplta
laat nurht Buffering from bad scalp wounds and a troko
arm He told the attendants tie had been clQbucd may
policemen but woald not tell where
cor n o itotFJiAtrs avicinn
TnUlnsr Ten Online of Strychnine that he hail
had In Me Packet fur Tell Years
ItoiuciiKAin N Y Aitff 20Col Henry
0 Hoffman better known as Barney Hoffman
oni mitt oil suicide at his losldcuico In thlBll
< tgo this morning At his breakfast ho did not
appear any ill To rant from usual and after limo
meal ho went out on his farm A low days ago
hits largo creamery was burned nnd ft builder
ailed to BOO him this morning about pulling It
agaIn Col Hoffman was eont for anti for
some tlmo could nut be found Ono ot limo men
hooking for hint discovered a dipper iinrtly fail
of t water near tIme well and near It a paper on
which was written Thirty grains stuchnlno
anti In which was a powder After further search
Cal > l Hoffman was found sitting near an out
house and ho seemed to bo In grant pain Ho
vas naked what was time matter and bo replied
hat ho was trying to die Ho thought ho had
lied long enough and had taken ton grains of
trychnlne Ho feared that the poison had
host its power as ho had carried It In lila pocket
for about ten years Antidote woro piocuivd
and given to him but ho died In grout agony
at about 10 oclock Ills wife camo to him nut
not In time for him to ray anything to her No
cacao is assigned for time dood
Col Hoffman belonged to an old and wealthy
family In this county HovvaH In good clrcum
stances himself and lived in the best style Ho
ham bean prominent an a Democrat in time
lolltlcs of thin Cliomung county for
many years and is well known all
over thin Btato Hn snrvod two terms
In the Assembly In 1HCO and 1880 and has fro
liicntly nttondal time Htnto Conventions from
Ills district Ho raised n regiment hero tn time
early part of tho war and at ono lime was tn
command of n brigade Ho had made his will
mind had initial to hm wife once or twice recently
hat ho had got tired ot living and that hn
would bo hotter off if he was gone him lnd nn
children Homo tlmo ego ho lout his health
and became very much depressed but immi has
been much bettor of Into and growing strong
and healthy Ho was a largo and imposing
looking men and was very popular every
where in this part of time State for bis genial
and frank manners He was CG years of ago
Home of his friends say that ho has been acting
rather queerly In BOIUO particulars within than
last three or four months and they attribute
his suicide to a temporary derangement
The Suit of it Ilnrirord Lire Insurance Cons
puny AgaInst Cnpt Albert Grant
AsniNOTOK Aug 27 Papers were filed
on Saturday In the Clerks Ofllco ot time District
of Columbia removing to thoBupromo Court of
ho United States the longoontcstedaultof the
bccnlx Mutual Life Insurance Company of
Hartford against Albert Grant which In
volves limo Albert Grant estate In this
city Those papers woro a bond and a
writ of supersedcas Issued by Associate
Justice Miller to suspend time recent decree of
ho District Hupromo Court against Capt Grant
for moro than 500000 In time petition to Jima
tire Miller also filed on which the supersodflan
vas granted Cnpt Grant charges tn brief that
ho decree was irregularly rendered on an ox
porte hearing at a limn when the case was
not calendared without notice to him tm his
counsel Den huller or Mr Uavldge and by an
illegally constituted court of only three mom
bars of whom one was Incompetent to
sit nt time hearing having heard the case
itt the court below TIme petitioner further
represents that this cnso has been kept
in time courts for more than nine years
tho property In time meuntlmo through
mien litigation rapidly falling In value and
this has boon done by the company in older to
carry tho claim among Its assets at between
00000 and 500000 whereas by any possible
settlement In the courts or otherwise they
could not hopo to realize moro than a fourth
of that sum and such settlement would bring
a heavy amount nn the wrong side of their
balance sheet The petitioner also charges
that thoio Is a conspiracy to destroy the value
of the property In order that at a forced sale it
mar bo bought In nt a nominal price by the
parties engaged In the scheme The property
in dispute consists of fourteen residences
Capitol Hill known ns Grant row Time
whole controversy will now como before limo
United States Supremo Court for final deter
Ocean Groves Greatest Dnr
OCEAN GBOVE Aug 20 Today has been the
greatest day at Ocean Urore since Its establishment
Dr J P Newman preached at 1020 A M to an audi
care ot from Onoo to 7000 At the same time large
meetlngowere held In Tabernacle which seals lOUO
pertains the Young Peoples Temple which seats < XX >
the balratlon Tent whlcli seats 2151 time Ross Iavlllon
where an audience of 2100 was addreiied by Prof Law
rence nf Knuth Carolina and Illllfrorei ra lllon where
an audience ct from rxjo lo aDo liii assnnbled At 2 1
M the habhath school seisloti was held the school Siam
berlmr over 3 Ml At 3 I1 I M the Her J II Drady
preached In a vail audience and at n I M was seen the
lamest beach meeting ever held at Ocean drove num
lierlui at least iQo persona of all ages There lla
large number of people heru from the surrounding
A treat audience attended the scrTjcei held In the an
dltortum all5 > I M The preacher fnr the hour was
the Itev George W Miller rf I lie hprlmr Uarden Method
let Kploiopnl Churrli Philadelphia Overflow mectlntrs
were held in thn HlahopJatiei Tabernacle and In Rons
and Mlllfforea Pavilions The hotels are filled to over
Cowing and many of the cottages are crowded
hanged br Vigilante
Panic CITV Utah Aug 26At a Into hour
last night a number of mauled men stopped Kngineer
Thomne Road Master Hughes and a fireman In the em
ploy of the Utah Eastern Railroad Company and com
pelled them to return to the shops and taking an en
nine and caboose run about ttilrt masked men to Coal
vllle home tam silts miles distant Leaving a number ul
null III charge of the train lilt1 Ijrilnnts prnteedid to
the county jail Hrtmrinv their ffiim to bear nn alan of
flcialathe obtained control of the t jail and after taking
a mama named Jack Murphy from his cell returned to the
train and ordered an Immediate return tn Turk Cllv On
arri time henIlii I vigilante took Murphy and handed him
to a lelritraph pole near the station the lodc t tclmt
viewed by atiumlier of passengers on the tnrlv train
Murphy w an arrested nn suspicion of having chant Urea
main on ednefcday last and wus aw ailing trial
MlM Phoebe Cousin Alive and Well
ST Louis Auir 2GTimIs mornings ftlnbe
Democrat contained ft rirajrraili to the effect that thu
tahiti > and frlcndi of Silos Dialo Commune lime am onion
lawyer of tIai city were ntiKlona at out her Thin para
frra > h starlet ruinorx that grew an llic > PH tnA to tlie
effect tlmt Miss niuiiH mad fad wit it a frrloi npcidfiif
wan no iterdUs1 j halitaitait salamI liml lrcii kill il hi the
> Ilm < iinti tnrnailo Tlilfl all grew Out ii I lie net lint I
MiiACuuT nt U fi0inc i > tlie fciimiirr in tllniaesi tn and
nni Ihoiuht I tn be In that pirt of tlio State n harrC tim
recent tornado 111 10 inncli iuinajf mnahmiy Mnjur
1oujlnn time litdt father recch eil n mmniifo rom lur
dal amt Mantonvlllf > Iiim fayluif that pta t > am an am cli thnt
tie w aa not in the ttnrn limit > fiid thruiiirh the lie
laitatcd dlbtrlct noon after U occurred
Col CklircklUa Misting IlllHBklcr
FIIILAUKLIKU Aug2iiA telegram received
hereto night announced that Cot Churchill ait SI lmili
hail received a letter from Jeremiah hyatt of 129 lair
mount avenue hue Cii V to time effect that t Mr Churchill
inlsstng daughter was In that iiflnlilinrhonii A visit tu
the numbir given illnclosid Iho fact that Raau was un
known time htmie IB occupied b > a lerniHn naniei
Kmllh who Is an ni hoUterer lie uVclaiei that he lana ur
heird us Han Old rcsliKnta said that they had never
heard nf the name A thorough ssirttm In the neighbor
hood failed lo elicit a clue The sctiummr ChIef of iollce
sent nut from the Central ntatton lo night In all the to >
Her stations a full dercrlpllounf the misting girl will
instructions that emery shun be made tu discover her
A Ilaitker JUIscoverai n Corpse
NORFOLK Vs Aug 23Mr John Evans of
this city while bathing today at Ocean Vlow a water
Ing place on Chesapeake Hay about eight miles front
Norfolk dlsoorerrd the corpse of a man that had
been waihd ashore It Is supposed to bo limit
of Jamea Uod sat Portland Jde who as pre
ilously telegraphed claimer jumped nr fell over
board from time brig IlrnderBun on Thursday last
when gait Thimble light in Chesapeake llav novd tss
the second mate of Ihe veiiel and shipped frum Norfoll
to Uf marra
The Visit of Two 1atrla Aldermen
Among the passengers of tIme steamship Nor
mandle which arrived test nixtit are M Jclibe Iinal
iuimi 31 itmour000 haotia Aimleramiema of larie anmi nlao
Imavs beets sent to rprssent the Erenclm cspitat
at mite Itostiami tnpoiilion 11 Atmiouruns wis a tmasaaaber
of ii Coiuaaamirie in ltSTi n as sent to time coum a ici
turtasit In New Caiedotais ait eat hits iclurul in as lamade iii
Aidermasa of lane lime Unimin of Vreiacim t4mcirlis iii
this ttiy alas ataiinisaieat a tiaaiaaiiiiiee of us CI C immeamaticis
to receive time two visitors
Tlttlsneor Ike Yacht Mystery
NEW DEDroiiD Aug 26The friends of
Leicester Bargent and Joseph W Barllelt tho mliiln
men of the yacht Mystery party are itlll tiers maiait
Ing every poisible effort to find their bodies It li ill
opinion of those belt Informed that unless the budle
are found In a day or two they will not be recovered
lie Wools Aluney and a SLap
DurrAixi Aug 20Capt J D Rhodes loft
for Bradford Pa last night for tho purpose as he si
of obtaining funds to enable him to perform time feat of
swimming Ihe rapids whlcli ho will du oiiHebt 10 maul
not unless there Is a rupe across the river at the mout
of the whirlpool
Iedisg rrom the KnIghts at Limber
Pirrsimommon Aug 26 TIme Olas Gnthero
Assembly No tOit mammanbertumy tin mmmitmers seccaled
fios lb Kaiglmts of Labor hue eventog auad nut ether
its Atnsrtcamm runt Gums Workers Ailociatioum umsi
DA5I1Re nititrt Axn TiitatK fll Tin
aUx zizitrnriiis
Frightened Nlenmlont PnesenBrreTke yl
van Nlrcnm ntul n Tow nt Ilnrtrea In Ool
Milan OOTIrr I Under tko Klcelrlo Lights
As tho Hay Ridge steamer Sylvan Stream
was rounding tint Battery about 0i oclock
on Imer last trip w last night Item pilot saw
as IUR ahead of her coming down tIme river
Tho two vessels passed oiicli other nt time usual
pooil tho tug Inelilo Then tin pilot of tho
vlwm Stream saw a number ot barges loom tip
directly ahond They worn In tow ot the tug
The helm WAR jnmmod over to starboard but
tIme barges were so near that a collision could
lot bo avoided Time first barco of tlio tow ran
its bow against time starboard whuolhoueo of
time Bylvnn Stream and broke in the woodwork
TIme Pylvnn Stream was full of passengers
A small man who had hi wife and children
long cried out In fright and lod a rush for life
tOMrvcrH Tile rack mipportlng limo life pro
servers was torn away In time scramblo A num
her of coollinadod niiii shouted that thieve won
no cause for four because the Btoamor won
nearly abreast her tiler Shortly afterward
salmo did swing alongside Tier 0 Noith Rhor
lor starboard pnddlo wheel worked hard and
xnmlnatlnn shovvod that two or three of time
mddloR had boon drlxan hard against the limit
hers Tlio engineer pawed pieces nIT hem
while time passengers were leaving the boat
riio Sylvan Stream went on to the Twenty
third street plnr
Possongoiti who score on time boat fay that
whoa she struck tJie barge she heeled over
to port and that the shock of the collision
and the crash of limo breaking lumber of time
wlmnl house thoroughly frightened entry one
How did It happen that you paw the tug
and did not see her tow 1 was asked ot On in
The tug hail her lights up but thorn wore
none on tlio barges Although the biugcM wore
not loaded and were well out of tho water time
dimmer of the electric lights along the lint
tory turuvonteal our seeing them until It was
too lute
The damage to tho steamer was alight
Two Shots nt his Wires Visitor
When Patrick Martol of 512 East Eighteenth
Street returned tiammain tat 3 oeluck edith 0 ninrnliiK lie
amid Michael o tenlio nt llutinkcii thtre am lIla Mrs Ia
lartel There wan a short altercation and Him Martel
alien A pistol and tired two shots nt OMeallo One nt
hem noundtil hiui In the rUlit inn Thewoundrrtinaa
went to lime Tseiatyseurttmul > l aired police ttntlnn and
I hence tti HvlleiUH lloHpllal where Ins wmmd M an
reined Ha refilled to make miy complaint against
At Mitlel home last nlittit n woman ald that Mr ate
Irs Martel had gone an av for the evening Martel and
Meallo formcrl llveii In the name apartment In loiir
centh tree W lion Mattel moved to Clirhttrntli a Xrett
IMeallo Hinted to lloboken hut aClernnrd v lulled the
lartels He cvno frequently when Mr Martel wan
way The woman thouuht itie quarrel tail hern made
tim She talil OJlcallo wa there l eiterdaj nltcrnotm to
lee the fatntlj
Stolen Silks Truceil sail Recovered
On the person of ono of tho five men who woro
nrrettel by lutpuclnr IltrnonditectUri on Wcdnei
day for robbing Deorve Tarlcr A Cn ot 7 UurlhiK slip
rere found muieiot of silk which had been stolen from
Volf Oaclan of si Union tquare on Aur 15 IiiM > ectoi
Ujrne learnlnit that the stiilen silk nut itrriil at one
of four places had those places watched A hack wlilcll
ook a Sarutoiia trunk nu from one of the places etc 4
Satnrdai na folour 1 and jeitrrday detictlvm went
to the lionie nt n hlch the trunk hail been left and aftel
itatinir their business ii ere allonetl to oicn tin trunk
it was round to contain tw enty four pieces of Bilk whIch
inl Ueenutolen from MrUazian A man ii ho had hired
he room In mm hloli the trunk am an lft l thin key mdlii th
oiMiir but thus far hat not claimed his properly
For ForgerIes n Year Old
It was dIscovered about a year ago thai
Satlian Gottctbrie allan Nicholas Clttiert bookkerpet
for WImllummm Shaw hair dealer at 50 Gait Fourteenth
surest had obtained large sums of money by forging nil
em > lo > crB name Amnni others lie defrauded K Rten
haucli of OV Kant Twottlia Street af HomJ Station Iamb
nf 1130 ThllJaennenf D42I Lumlwi IK A CoofSOWeit
ourteentli Street nf fim and HamiMim Ji llnitlier of 21
Fait Fourteenth street nt ju Wino thedlicmerr sit
lit dishonesty was made on Sept y > lie left the ciii
anal visttaaal Hhltailetlihla Chicago New Orleans llalil
more and Kastnu lie moss arnsted tn a bench warrant
ft few atnys ago In Ienns h anla and was brought to ttlll
city yeiterday He acknowledged his gamut
Tryln o Find s > Shot llnnko Mann
A stranger reported at THE SUN ofllco lust
venin tlast at 5 oajock iii that afhermaoon tam o Ilillatel
rhla bunko men had quarrelled In the Park house Jr
at 9 Chatham street over a division of money and that
one haul slant the other In the hack He said that the
woiiuideil imian haul InCut liiaalmiied tub a csrriego srim
drtveua otT A P Nlekles the proprietor of that minus
suit that a partlamtiy mnmoimesuel taimita lmnml aiiUaamiltil aiaer
a siiapr ttitas runt limit IIIT nnhar iiinii iinii riinnru Mini
anal that the Intozlcatrd man had struck mba milirr mao
and made his nose blend Tho police sent to tmav i tltate
the report and got the fame account nf the case No
traces of a eliot buuko man were lu be found
ChaIrs for ke Hebrew Festival Henson
In the holiday season In Soptembor when
the great Hebrew feslh all are obiened there Is not
room In the east side synagogues for all the mmoromatpmers
Halls are hired In which a part nt the totigreitallon
tniy worship Three tears ano one cnncn fulion il
carded benches which his I hall proprietors lram mated
and bouirlit a large number nf HIM aimed white woral
chairs The next yeir solicitors from chair makliM t
Critic m led nlth one anotherlu oflertiic claire far hat so
overflow meetlnif This enr already furniture men j
are bidding for thin trade They expect to silt set erci
thousand thulrs
Nay ho nna Attacked In AleGlnrTc
Israel II Henry ot 28 Great Jones street wag
received at the Ken Vorit Hospital tat 7 mieiiick > iiter
day morning Ills rinlil Kg is broken and his head and
tmily slit badly coiitiinul He rats that a he unt tc
Mcifloris Uncu I hoil earl > stirda imirnlnir
and that ulin lii ii vet atti > miitr 1 tn rem tuna nnd hi re
Blsted he nitit thrnmi out nf the place kUkid biatiii
and roblifd 1 he ollce report thit he ua fitunil at 4
oclock In IolriMuan Ullun In HInUlll ttreet ntal
Hesterand hadb enknuLkilUj nlA bt iiiiknouiiiuan
Idlirtvrn Men nnd u Hell 5
Policemen from time KldrlJgo street ptatlor
isiled tlie cirfar shop at liSt > lhtri Igu strut nt 114 m
ocloikonMiturla nlglll They found fiiurlciii fnham 4 <
sitting In tin dark r < < om il iln < niiihlng Tin j nlro foum
n knob under thi I ciiuir counter lu Ihe I fnuil ni < nn one
dlscuverrd that bv pres Ing It a bill In tiaa back ritoir
was lung I 1 lacy urrist d thtf fmlrhin Cubnim mm tam
the had fininn iliiiu I iiithiiiir TIme irltontrs am crc diet
i luirgfil nl the siitl MI toiise becausi then ii mae no provj
that the hint burn gambling t
A < liiiriiiliitf Yoiinu Wiiraun
Tim < lii A Rtowart WnUli told List oMiiing
In I the Tim Iii thirl street Ilaptlit Cimmi rm im lain coaicthtimmt
of a charming jnutu woman PSe wits rtllgiuua the
mlnlter sall she had a ml iion In cat > hospital 01
la un ii cii ianI cmamiimaan s ii a sias Citaeialrsteai 11sf
hiatt ers Ota I tie amiiarat at intiCeimactal of laaaaaasui iIi m stai
it nn nit MiiOiU itork eta ilium tint get hirr eaimoahlsag froaat
hIm imai ci auf lo4t m sian it as miii C reamiter of Jeorge
Eliots lrotUcItums
Excerdln kla Altonmice of figure
Ottonborg Ilrotliers time cigar manufaclurors
oat TaTeiml llairl sired tieir liccaihaul at chine had miiiaion
huger a ciiariaaiiir arrenmel out Ssturmlsj liar caanceal j
Iii iii his I kels tam elat3etteta cigars Studs tue issal ml
narie lIe talitati meal tue liaeft samd mm is held him fPJ bail
flare cigora n lisy are silowtat may lime Ormia lit etiuta rigsr
Killed m Ilrlickloit llenck Nlallnn
As the 025 train was leaving tIme station at j
Prllfliton IlLiiUi mist evemi inS a vvuuian whose name n
coulil not be learned fell under limo can uuil ivus la
slautlj klllri
fJlKaul Offlee Iredlctlon
Fair weathor winds mostly northerly rising
Laroincter stationary or lower teiujjerature
nichard Young Hears oil Ml from the roof of 430
Third otiui lost evening and wai killed
Funeral director Is what a Sixth avenue undertaker
lias painted tilt a large sign lu front of his eitablUhmeot
Teter Peterson a seaman on the bark Maicolt which
arrived ou halurds from Irogrsso died on Aug 14 of
Tlae land of a unaam 31 rears of age wan found at the
foot of hast Itietuth street eiterda amid was tent lo
the tlorgue
Somebody broke open the flrebos at Tenth avenue and
lluth street on haturday night and sent out a faiss
alarm nf lire
The dead hod of a negro clothed tn blue coat and
waistcoat with tunics buttons and browu trousers rrat
round at Iler 41 North Klver esterday
Thomas Kegeu Si U years old of a satIre Ifaket place
Ml overboard last night from tno ferryboat Midland at
the foot ol vv eit Thlrt slith itreet lie ass rescued
Lord Chief Justice Coleridge and his son and Sir
James Manned and his son attended morning service In
Trinity Church vesirrda They sat In John Jacob As
lairs pew Ihe Itev Joecph W hut preached i
Frederick Tremper of Saratoga fell asleep ID the res
taurant at l7 Oreenw let street last night and when lie
woke missed his pockelbriok Henry Tremar keeper ol
the restaurant and Charles Jlorue wero arrested
Frank ittles of mm trosperl eireetsccimseal of lapTop
crhy aecosIin lures tiilieyiris in time tnnlrsi laek as
trml it oat amid 111mb snemimme me Satmarisy was held Ia
Sltse ai at lime sertmalle iolice totmrl yesterday for
good beh lair for sin months
Twent ulegrnplirrt respondnl tsletdar to a rail to
meet In larendou Hall to ileuiv inrans for asaistlnf
telsgrapheri n ho are out of work ohm account of lime re
cent nrlke After llMrermg taco hours around the door
way they dleprrifl limey sail ttero htj been sow
blmaualer mum calllug the luiuli

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