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UlUllLSRBn IKTTKIIS OP aitrr oin
Deraeya Advice Asked a s to hi filler of
c Aeeeilnne An Important Hid Ar
rnniemenl ninlno Itecilnc for Aid Sen
alor Alllion an n Mll Hnnt Wood
ford Crjr from Yt VirginiaJohn F
Xienrl Want Money for Vlrjlnln e
Len from Levi I > Marlon and Thoraaa V
rinttAtio from Jlmteon JlltharU IU
t d Goy PoelerJokn C Nses Grail
< ado when Indiana ivn Remembered
Son after tho Republican National Com
mittee was organized Oen Oarflold began an
nbtlvo correspondence with Senator Dorsoy and
With Gov Jewell which lasted throughout the
campaign Ho was especially concerned about
the aioollou In Indiana and on July 9 wroto
lEo following letter to Senator Dorsoy
MENTOR Ohio July 9 1880 I
lion S TT Portly Semtarv 4 e
Mv DEAR Sin I hope my anxloty to soo Oon
Arthur Gov Jewell anu yourself will not Ira
considered unreasonable I cannot withhold
rom publication my letter of occoptanco much
longer and I should b glad to counsel you nil
In respect to it boforo I appears In print I
am glad to know that you nnd the Governor
are coming but If you could start twentyfour
hours earlier than tho date Indicated in your
telegram I should b glad Thoro are several
topics concerning which wo ought to consult
Very truly yours J A GARFIELD 1
This letter shows that at the very beginning I
ol tho canvass Gen Garfield sought the ad
vlco of Mi > Dorsoy respecting such an Im
portant matter a his letter of acceptance
On July 10 ho wrote as follows
MENTOR Ohio July 1880
tt n S n r Darui 254 Finn accnut Atu ort
Mr DEAR Bin Yours of the 16th instant with
enclosure came duly to hand I am glad to
boar that tho letter of acceptance Is so gener
ally well received Some parties are kicking
n I expected but on tho whole no serious
damage has boon done Thomas M Phillips of
Newcastle Pa will visit you In a few days and
Iask you to give him a careful hearing Ho
has mado a special visit to Indiana and ho has
much of Interest to communicate Yours very
This Indicates that at that early day Oon
Qarflelds mind was turnod to the Indiana elec
tion On the same day ho sent the following
letter to GOY Jewell
MENTOR Ohio July 10 1880
Mr Dun GOVERNOR Yours of tho 15th from
Washington came duly to hand I am gratified
With tho results of your visit I expected to
bear of some dissatisfaction in certain Wash
ington quarters with tho letter ot acceptance
but it cannot b helped Please let me know
as soon as you can tho result of tho Philadel
phia matter I have had a long interview with
Mr T M Phillips of Now Castle Pa who has
just made a tour in Indiana and after a full I
consultation with Mr New has made an im
portant aile < arrangement with reference to the
campaign there He TU leave for Now York
Wednesday and I shall send him a letter of In
troduction Ho Is I an Intimate friend
I belIeve hI plan I carried out energetically
trill of Itself save tho State of Indiana
rieaso lull mo bow tho letter of acceptance Is
received In Inner circles and especially what Is I
thought of it by our Mew York friends Very
truly yours J A GARFIELD
r j Tho next day Gen Garfield wrote the follow i
ing letter both t Dorsey and Jewel
MENTOR Ohio July 20 1880
Xtttri Jwtll ami Donni
GEVTLKMKN This note will Introduce to you
my friend Mr T M Phillips of Now Caste
Pa of whom I havo recently written you Ha
has mado a tour of Indiana with a view to i
vpacial work In tho State the full details of
which ho will privately give you Mr Phillips
bas been my Intimate friend for many years
and you may Implicitly rh l upon his thought
liilnosH f and good judgment In anything ho
undertaken I have no doubt that the result In
Indiana can b made seen re by following up
Vigorously the work which ho has bun Of
course I is Imperative that whatever is lone
In this direction should bo done quietly Vary
The National Committee before tho Indiana
campaign wero besought for money from
Maine and tho following letter from Mr Illalno
shows that they were not satisfied with the
amounts that were contributed
AUOUHTA Maine 14th of August 1880
My DEAlt DORSET Your com
mittee was appointed early in July It is now
the middle of August and wo have not re
ceived one pennys aid In tho closest and most
central battle of the campaign I do not wish
t1 b a grumbler but I assure you that you are
imperilling the whole campaign Yours
Senator Allison who was in Maine seems to
hsve boon encouraged at tho results of Mr
Elaines Melee letter for ho writes as follows from L
DEXTER Maine Bopt 2
DEAR SIR JEWELL I will be In Now fork at
Brevoert House on Monday I want to HCO you
baforo going Went I wish you could coma
A I down to the Itievoort during the day whore
wo can havo n qulot talk of half nn hour Why
not do thin Matters nro looking wall In Maine
I am greatly deceived If our people do not
have decided victory
Yours very truly W D ALLISON
Tho next letter which Mr Allison wrote was
written to honator Dorsuy nnd reads as follows
Dunurjuc Iowa Sort 14
Mr nlaR Rin The Maine Relt very r
bad ItI I you you must got down to serious I
work Money must b had and must ho sent
t Indianit If f we lose Indiana In October we
Ilanl Octobr
are beninn No fttoKif must he left unturned In
tlmt direction You must gather about you a
corps of strong mon who can aId you In rats
JoU g fumU Vo must recover this disaster In
Ualna hy I carrying Ohio and Indiana Maine
JJj > 8 carried by money anti the still hunt tactics
JuptBiamo tactics must bo pla > edin Indiana
Ohio Look out Hastily yours
But tho National Committee at that time
were having demands made upon them from
other directions For Instance thero Is I a let
tor frou tho lon Stewart L Woodford from
West Virginia
WIIEEUNO W Va 29th Aug 1880
Ilf DEAR SIR S S S S Now for business
These people ought to L helped Hero If nny
where the Houtb Is to be broken You
4 jinow tTliat funds you have HturelBS and At
nson agree to raise Sit 000 If you will gUo
I them 115 lion with 2VOto thor ran make Ilvo
fHctlvu campaign ot tO this 10000 Wheel
111 won will uh o 13OOy and Httirglss agrees to
Jolso 110 remaining I I With M5000 the >
JWi organize Iho Htato If you call 08
laldLI dOl i lhls without endangering Indiana I
oilIt t very earnestly
On Sept 7 the IlevJn Thompson President
w fie Nost Virginia University wrote to loc 1
tallr Downy as follows
RIIOUIIUI > man anti ells here at once the
ULlcsns will carry It IWesl VlrlullJ 1 In Oc 1
Jut lhl lteiiuUicsa National Committee had
Important business to attend to than put
r r wn and money Into West VirgInIa There
M i4itito bowl from VlrgtaU htrwlt for
cash a appears by the following letter from
Mahonos chief Bepubllcan lieutenant
LINWOOD Sept 22 1880
ODD Jnarlt SODt
Mr DEAR RIB The expenditure of 150000 by
T out committee will I Insure the electoral vote
of f Virginia to Oarllold and Arthur Help vot
Ca slus or wo sink Yours truly lolp
The attention of tho committee wai from tho
first turned toward tho Indiana election and
not only of their own accord but nt tho Bug
gostton of many of tho prominent Ilepubllcan
politicians of the country Mr D B header
son of Iowa who succeeded Dor oy as sooro
tary of tho committee
try commltoe however had a different
v tow Ho writes from Dubuquo n folows Ittoront
DUBUQUK Aug 8 1880
l ion t U Pouey
DEAn Bm Maine must not bo lost
I f you can make sure of Now York give Indlnna
tl tI t the enemy excepting kop thorn buqy there
In other WortS keep up R Or In Indiana ilitixt
tho t troops In Ol York lut money In thy
purse Yours very truly DVb IENDBION
The opinion 01 Mr Henderson was notslusrod
by Mr Richard Smith editor of tho Cincinnati
Ocuttte Ho writes as follows
CINCINNATI Sept 17 1880
I b m MarsaU ieitytt
DEAR SIR Yourfavorof
BI favor of thn 10th Inst came
duly to hand and It surprised me I was
amazed nt what you said had been represented
to you by Nash nnd Qnrllold rOfrs know
what I said to you was true I am not In tbo
habit of misrepresenting matters of this kind
nnd now repeat every boo I wrote you before
and slnco the Maine election and support
every line of that letter I probably know
more about what tho Democrats nro doing and
proposing to do than Mr Nash Chairman of
tho Ilepubllcan Committee of Ohio because
the t brains of the management nro bocalso
haps l you will say I am meddling Wall you
know I am up to my ayes In WelJ light
I am devoting night nnd day to It and In fool
ing I am all over In this business There
fore I keep posted both as to this State nnd
Indiana That too Is my business and I now
tel joti that as matters are going In Indiana
nnd Ohio ws are beaten in both States There
ltb ttatos
nhould b JJUOOO judiciously placed In each
Htate within the next ton dajs and twothirds
of It should 0 reserved for uso on election
I Ic f your committee conclude to lot Ohio tnko
care of herself and meet tIm enomy Inn half
way stylo you might just as well give up flow
wel gle
and not spend another dollar In cfTofc Row
mark what I tel you I enclose my corre
spondence Truly yours Iticni D SMITH
Gov Foster seems to have boon of the opinion
that monoy was necessary in Ohio for ho
writes as follows
Ion l hard Smith I Imlnnall Ohio It
DEAL SIR I have given tho subject of our
finance somo attention and have received and
nm I promised 15000 We ought to Have
et OUlh
10000 obtalnedHOOOO of it for Clevoland
atrd am trying to get bold of some of your mon
who can contribute liberally I hope to havo
your aid nnd sympathies in my visit to Cincin
nati Yours very truly CHARLES FOSTER
The following letter was written to Gen Gar
field by one of the chief managers of John
Shermans canvass It has reference to tho
obtaining of funds for use In Indiana
MARIETTA Ohio Aug 8 1880
Gen James A Gnrjlfhi
DEn SIR Your kind letter as to the cam
paign fund Is received I am In correspond
one with the parties as to thn completion of
the negotiations As soon as I comploton ro
port definite conclusions ot tho transactions
on which depends our getting tho funds actons
write you Your obedient servant wi
The subject of finances was ever present to
will the National Indicate Committee as tho following note
SARATOGA Aug 28 1880
DEAR GovtnVOTt I have yours of yesterday
and note content I think It would bo well for
you to send out tomorrow note to each mem
rwr of the Finance Committee excepting
Koono In tho form enclosed Oovornor Mor
gan BOYS ho could not servo and I fear after
Ian soro
long talks that we shall only get small contrl
bu lola Very truly yours LEVI P MORTON
But Mr Dorsey was making arrangements by
which the wealthy men could bo brought to
gether the results of which wore seen after
ward In largo contributions Here Is a letter
from an eminent citizen of Mew York indi
cating that In vvhnt Dorsey did ho had the
cordial support of tho Stalwarts
AUBURN July 291880
MY DEAl DORSET Hoculvod join tolcgiain
hero I cannot down tonight Intact It Is
Imo slbl for me to got away beforo Monday 1
I will enclose a latter to flutter and you cnn
see him I ho refuses call upon Mr lllanchnrd
of the Erie who will do all you ask I jou
alt mo to urge tho Muutoi Oonkllngl and
Arthur to be there on the 5th I will do so at
onco and nny other thlncs you may need of
mo talcurnph mo at Osvvego and thor shall ho l
done at once I congratulate you upon the
succor of your cITortc Now I begin to BOO
daylight Yours truly T C PIATT
This letter shows that us Dottoys friends
claim ho had tho confidence tho Hopubllunn
loaders and was realty the man upon whom
they were relying for tim arrangements which
subsequently resulted In succo sful bargains by
which tho election of the President was pro
cured Theta was ono luau however who did
not seam to have confidence In Dorsoy In a
letter written by the Hon John M Forbes of
Boston to 00 Jovvoll dated Boston Sept 21
I wo have any money to spare to Indiana
boIdos what the Now fork committee chooses
to HOIK through Mr Dorsoy I suggest sanding
iLeitlier to lien Harrison or Gen Porter iink
Inghlm to co omtn with the others 1 Imvo
sent you f 130DU and promised Itiitbour S3 000
for West VlrLInlii and with S2SUO coma In to
day I have about J23000 on my list which I
ran call for so I could supply you advancing
ID010 but I will not advance It unless It goes
to Harrison or Porter whom I happen to know
hotter than I do Dorsey Moreover as New
York chooses to discriminate In favor of Dor
say I think wa hero may chooso our medium
of sending It as you may approve Very truly
Mr Forbes also writes to Coy Jewel as fol
lows the latter not being dated
lion laiHiallJtuillfj > lorA
DEn 8m 1 received your telegram of this
morning and ropllrd that I would by tonlghtr
mal advance 13000 Enclosed please find my
chock for 3001 which I advance although I
am already under advances to you beyond mr
subscriptions I Is currently reported that
your Now York members of Congress often pay
from ZOOOO to JiSOOO to their elections pay
you do not soon gt steam up In New York we
shall break New York ought to pay 1 at least
El for every JI raised in Boston yet so far we
are ahead JOHN M FORUBS
Mr John C New who was Chairman of the
Republican State Committee in Indiana car
ried on u very voluminous correspondence with
the National Committee of which the follow
ing letters are samples
lion Marian I JtwellIkalrman Ac
DEAR SIR I am glad you recognize Indiana
as the battlelleld flail a letter from Gen Our
Held to tha same effect When I see you in Now
York next week I will explain to you imr wants
and shell conlldently rely on you for assist
ance We must have material aid for purposes
which I will explain but It will b for the Na
tional Committee to make the battle In Indiana I
a ictory sure and ov orwbolrolng or to jeopard i
ize our causo for lack of It S
Yours huh JOHN C New
MY DEAR OOVPIISOU Yours of this 23th inst
at hand That Ubiiijh rood matter Is of very
great Importance and lam glad you thought
of It and accomplished PO much I hope that
you can be equally successful In our other
roads Secretary Sherman I a director In
Pittsburgh and Fort WIno Wondai If ho
would liolp us Gould can control tel C1p0
nnd tin Cleveland parties D vcrnnx null Hurl
hurt two others Oarllold can work the Clovo
land people Dorsoy Is In Chicago Dont
know how long he will remain Do not disap
point mo In regard to the SOO written for
yesterday Wo must have It or http IlKhtlnjr
jtaruiii JII CIsinIoi 41 YuIk
II arlal CloVnson lour of the t rA2d inst I
covering hock on Levi 1 Morton for 50 II
land and for which you havn my illllflkB
Yours truly JOHN I Nsw
LIon MrlhiII Jmdl hairaean Zee loH
JInl l
Your favor 01 the 6th Inst and covering I
chIck for tiOOU at hand for whIch this L your
receipt You havo our thanks and wo realize
that you are doing your whole duty In rnlz
half nnd we hope and believe that wo will roo
pay I your good deeds by victory wi
Yours truly JOHN 0 NEW
non fanall Jtitrll Chairman 4 e IIDt
lr 1lAn OOltIOI Tlo prospect
grows i brighter I saw Mr Dorsov on Thurs
day lie is up to his eyes In l tOre Ao Ao
Ho Is doing UB good service nnd wo are In ac
cord Your In baste JOHN C NEW
iNDtANArons Ind Aug 28 80
Mr DEn OovEimon 1 want you to send mo
tl0000 Wo aro out and our expenses nro very
heavy h Wo must have 10000 nt once Wo
shall commence a canvass and have money
next week but It will take up some time to re I
alize and In the moan time wo will need what
I ask for above 1lonio send me your check I
and I will use I Kudosed you will find Trans I
urorH receipt for the first sum you sent me I
tell t you we are going to carry Indiana and
dont you forgot It Yours truly JoiiNC NEW
lon Jar BI Jtiitn Aew lorA Bt
DEAR HIR Yours of tbo 23d Instant covering
chock for MOOO at hand for which you have
our thanks Wo nro working to the very best
ot our ability with the means at hand Tho
Democrats havo an abundant supply of money
I know they have tS to our II Every dollar
that wo got Is applied to tho very bast advan
tage It we have money enough wo can
carry the Htate nail I believe that tho re
sult In November will bo determined by our
vote in October Yours truly JOHN C NEW I
INDIANAPOLIS Indiana Bopt 25 1880
MT DEAR GOVERNOR I thank you for your
confidence I know that a grout many lies are
Irolt mll los
being told about mo parnonallynnd about our
frlendv f but I am too busy to pay attention to
these charges now They will only start
another lie when we nail ono I we can only
carry Indiana wo can afford to tell thor all bo
dd Yours In haute JOHN C NEW b
ion UartoH Jnertl
DEn lila So far as It Is possible I
haTe h and shall avoid any parade but do our
work from an individual standpoint Yours
truly JOHN C NEW
Firework list FId Acmblrman Ala
her Dliplny Altogether
An oxploslon at 9 oclock last night started
tho people living In tho square bounded by
Elm Pearl Duane and Contre streets I ap
peared to bo In I fivestory brick building In
tho middle of tho block which Is full of ma
chine shops and Is numbered 4 Contre street
Tho Itov Patrick S RIgney of St Andrews
Church hoard the explosion at his residence at
City Hall place and Duane street nnd believed
It was tho bursting of a boiler He hastened to
Pearl street and found that fro had already
burst forth from the building In the middle of
the block and that I panic bad sot In
among the women and children living In tho
row of fivestory tenements on Pearl street on
the other sldo of a narrow alley Women and
chlldioilworo running bareheaded through tho
street and to add to the confusion nine horses
from McNumaras stables in tho block ware
rushed out across and along the sidewalks
The priest stood on the Pear street sidewalk
and in 1 loud voice assured the people with
most of whom lie was nouualnteu that there
was danger and tlmt thoy would havo ample
time to remove their household goods after It
became certain that the burning building
would be destroyed His voice commanded
attention and quiet was restored
Tho fro had spread to every floor of the ma
chine shops before the firemen wero fairly at
work and Ilmos were bursting from evnry
window In just an hour and n half after the
first stream I was laid on the tire was out
Thn Oust floor ot the building was occupied
by the machine shop of Cotton A Hayes Tho
floors above were occupied by Meeoh A C as
snyers AugustOlmundahl machinist Wra F
Coxford guns and ammunition Adolph O
Wenzol plating The loss on tho building was
5000 and leentlio loss by the occupants not
moro than 15001 Jnmos SofnervllloH book
bindery In tho flventory building on Centre
street Immediately In front of that in which
tha fro was was damaged by water
Tho power for tho machinery In the roar
building at 41 Contra street was furnished from
two boIlers In tho cellar tho lIme of which were
banked at night Janitor Hchnmann of Mr
Bomonlllos building said he thought the fro
wns started by llrownrks sent up from the cor
ner of Cntro and IVarl streets It appears
that Asfembli mnn Thomas F Mahors chowder
party returned from College Point to tho As
semblymans saloon at Contra and Ponrl
streets early In the evening A line of Chinese
lanterns was strelched across tho stroot and
bombs antI rockets WTO sent up Several peo
ple living In tho neighborhood nay that the ex
po lon which caused tho excitement was
nlmply the noise or a mortar from which the
bombs worn nent up There is only surmise as
to tlio cause of the lire I
Quick Work by Flume tknt Ddtroyed Ihe
Greater Part or n llraoklyn lllock
F J Smiths sash nail blind factory at
1050 Atlantic avonuo Brooklyn was a two
story frame building botwoon Grand and Clas
son avenues To the eastward of it was a row
of frame structures extending to tho corner of
Claason avenue Along Classon avenue from
Atlantic avonuo to Pnclfla street was a row of
dilapidated twostory frame dwellings Thoso
had stores on the ground floors and living
rooms above The sash and blind factory
caught fro and being full of seasoned wood
burned like so much tinder The flumes licked
up tho Atlantic avenue houses and swept
through them so rapidly that though three
alarm bad boon sent out nnd responded to
the Hrernon vero nimble to make the slight
est headway against tho blaze At tho
corner the llro turned and began to devour tho
ClasHon avenue stores nnd dwelling There
was tho wildest excitement In that block The
tenants of of tho housed woro panic stricken
They tossed their furniture out of the windows
until thin street wascoverod with broken goods
They Hung theuisulvcs in and out of their
burning homos sworn scroamod and ob
structed ono another nod the Ilremon Hus
Inndu lost sight of wives and mothers missed
their little ones and throughout the excite
ment and In nn Incredibly short titan all saw
one after another of the block ot dwellings
seized by tho flames and transformed into a
heap of embers The destruction was con
tinued ton less extent on Pacific street Very
few wore insured and tho loss falls most heavi
ly I on those who lost not only thnlrlliomosbutall
their household possessions Tho llro men had
all they could do to save the buildings opposite
the fire on Clnsson avenue and on lao I 0 stret
Almost the entire property was part of tho
Chlchestor estate the loss to which amounts to
only f 10000 The loss on the sash factory was
ononuarter as much John link coal yard
lost JlOOO Insured F Feltman soda water
factory 1200 partly Insured Tbesovvorethe
largest Individual losses In all seventeen
buildings were destroyed but they were small
and cheap frame structures In very bad order
Meagre Account TerrlBc Volrnnle Action
on etn island In Had Blrnll
BATAYIA Aug 27 Terrific detonations
were heard yesterday evening from the vol
canto island of Krukatoa They wore audible
at Soerakrata on tbe Island of Java The ashes
from the volcano fell as far as Cborlbon and
the flashes proceeding from it were visible In
Batavia Stones fell In a shower on Serang
which vas in total darkness throughout the
night Itatavla was nearly so all tho gaslights
having been extinguished during the night
Communication with Anjler Is stopped and It
1s I feared that there has bon a calamity there
Huvaral bridges between Anjler and Serene
have boon destroyed and a village has been
washed away the rivers having overflowed
their banks because of a rush of the sea inland
Krnkatoa Is a little Inland In the Strait of
Run B which divides Java from Sumatra
Kraktitoa Is nboutsovon miles long and four
miles brood Batavia Is tho principal port and
city In Java which is itself of yolcmjlo origin
contains several volcanoes and has frequently
Buffered from earthquakes and volcanic erup
tions Chcrlbon a place of 11000 Population
tons the north coast of Java 125 miles K H K
of Uotavla Itcontiilns tho residence of a Dutch
Governor and Is 1 conspicuous market In the
coffee and Indigo trades Aniler Is I little sea
port of Java on the Strait of Suuda
Log Bench JIoUl L
Reduction In ratei Two hundred good room with
board at HI Ier wsk for each iron from Aug It
Siesta unzcllcI and fmeit lathing I AnruI
malt H VIcUaM Clcnretle
A HlH CoA iwett and delicate Oat new brand 0odln
SlltS AHCJl rllf TAHNUM SKT8 our TO
HeInz ProvokeS bJ Froqnent Pretana In
nil to the Htreel eke Walk Out Fol
Sowed by her llmbnnd ned her Ilrather
Persons walking In Fourth stroot near
South Fourth In 7llllamsbitritli on Sunday
evening saw a young woman cross leisurely
over from tho east t the went side nnd slowly
walk down toward Routh Fifth street A slen
der young man with dark side whiskers who
had followed her at a respectful distance con
Initod slowly down tho east side after nodding
to a young man walking down the west side
There was a largo number of persons walking
up nnd down tho streot at the time When tho
young woman was crossing South Fifth street
on her way down toward Ilroadway a tall
broadshouldered man who was hurrying
along In tho came way collided with her Ho
half turned as ho did so and said something to
her With that she struck him a stinging blow
across the face with her open hand
Dont insult mo you loafer sho said draw
inc her hand back as I to strike him again
I didnt Insult you and if you hit mo again
Ill have you arrested said the man
Arrest mo will you 1 Ill hit you again It
you do what you did then again
Doforo the man could make n reply tho slon
ilor young man with side whiskers ran across
tho street to tho side of the woman and struck
the big mnn with a cano
This Is my wife You have Insulted her
long the cane enough ho snld as ho rigorously applied
A street car R passing nnd thin big man
dodged through the gathering crowd all ran
around the car follow nJ by the man with side
whiskers Ho lost his bat on the way and bin
pursuer picked I up On the further sldo of
the car thn very young man to whom tho one
with tho sldo whiskers had nodded headed of
thin flexing victim and pounded him with n 01
Tho other came up and joined In Tho street
cat had In tho moan time stopped Two man
who Boomed to know the pursuers got off the
cur One of thor ran for a policeman The
other imoil a cane on tho big broadshouldered
man The pollcoman noon armed Tho wo
man and her four friends spoke to him Tho
party went to tho Fourth street police station
Tho woman said her name was Alice Van
Tnflsell and that she lived with her husband at
195 Grand street Shn snld the large man had
assaulted her on tho street nail that her hus
band had caned him for It The largo man said
his name was David Nichol and hut t ho lived
with hlH wife and family nt 303 Fifth street
Ho emphatically denied assaulting or Insulting
the woman He was locked up
For two weeks I have boon annoyed tor I
rlbly by a number of young mon who have fol
lowed mo every tlmo I wont on the street at
night said Mrs Van Tassel last nighj They
would stop to my sldo and stare In my fnco or
motion to me from across the street One of
thorn seemed t be a lender and the others fol
lowed him On lat Friday night I wont to my
mothers in Do Voe street near Lorlmor 0
left for homo about 10 oclock My sister came
along with mo part of the way She loft me near
Grand stroot As I started on I saw the leader
on the other side of the street He was mak
ing fantastic flirtations with his hands Just
then my sinter overtook me and asked me if I
saw that man I told her I did and that sho
should go back for I could take care of
myself She did so He had walked on
At Union avonuo ho began again and con
tinued at intervals down nearly to Elev
enth street At the corner of Orand ho cross
ed over to the north aide of the street where
I was and Raid Good evening I called wher
loafer and told him Id have film arrested if he
did not stop following me Ho left then I
hurried homo and found my husband away I
came down to tho street door to wait for him
Simo fot
On the other side of the stet I saw the ama
man Ho walked down t Fifth and up past
me At I the sumo time one of hU friend pMsod
down I nald to him frlend P
You dirty baton I Dontyon walk put here
or Ill have yon arrested
A friend 1OU his stopped and stared as I he
did not know what was going on I called them
both loafers and they wont on without saying
anything They passed by twice after that and
I told thorn what 1 thought of them but they
only Inuithod The next day I and my brother
wont to tbi Fourth street million nnd consulted
with the Cantata Ho told mo tho police could
not arrest the young men unless they cauKht
the rascals in the act He advised me to hit I
tho fut ono Unit got In teach and that If my
husband could step in and thrash him besides IY
would b a good thing
On bunday tnl sot out to go to the Pros
bjtcrlan church on Hlxth and South Fourth
streets My husband and my brother wont
there also but did not wlk with me As I Jot
to thin street door I saw two of the gang on the
other Bide of the street I expected them to
follow mo When 1 came out of the church to
coma homo I saw my husband and my brother
waiting for mo Two gentlemen of my nc
tiunintance 1 woro in the church and I asked
then to join my husband I walked along
homo slowly mr was not molested Whnn I got
homo I saw two of tile gang on the street Hoi
thought I would leD what they would do I
vvalkid down aloiiK Irnnd across Fifth street
In front of Alexanders store thuloader stepped
up Iwsldo mo and said flood evening I
walked right on and ho left My hutlmml was
not very far behind but did not hupi > oii to son
him I turned down Fourth strcnt toward
JJrjidnny At Houtli Fourth I crossed
lrondway crolRed over to
the west side Crossing South Fifth n strango
mnn jostled against me In u Insulting strnnJo
said Aro you nil alono tonight l Then I hit
him and so did my husband This was the
man that Vait arrested He wan not ono of thor
Diivld Nlchnl sat nl chair by his wife and
two children In his homo last night Ho said
I had been to the bath In hast Itlver and
was going homo I was about U oclock and
as I wanted to stop with u ftleiid a fnvvmliuitcH
on the win I hurried l At Houtli Fifth street I
collided with u woman or she ran against me
I dont know which half turned toward her
and BaldI but Jour pardon 1 Before I could
ttart on sho hit mo across tho mouth
and said I had Insulted her I told her I hadnt
anti that Id have her arrested I supposed
then chic was a street girl Then that man
came up and lilt me with the cano tho rest
joined In nnd before I could say anything I was
arrested Tho circumstances were ngalnst mo
and so thin Captain nt the police station locked
mo up When I got Iwtoro the Justice they
wanted to rush mo to trial I got a delay until
Friday It was an unlucky nigHt for delny unt
Ho Bald ho was 26 years old nnd that ho
workod as a machinist In New York He
I le says
he hopes to gut some of trio people who saw the
whole thin to testify just what ho did do
His wife Halt tosty usually spent his oven
ings ant Htindins with her Hho believed ho
was the victim or unfortunate circumstances
rho police at first at least believed he was
guilty The Captain of the precinct told him
so while his wife was present and that tho
pounding was not half hard enough This
mado Irs Nichol very Indignant Nichol was
released on hal last night He Is said to bo a
local politician of some Influence b
Mr Caroline Grcer DYh Declared insane
Two Ye > ur Ago
Mr Caroline Oroer Davis of Albany accused
of obtaining a gown from Lord A Tnlor by a letter
forged In tbe name of lire Louis He Jonge was brought
10 th tombs Court yeitorday Phe I nt a black water
4 sIlk dress a large white Italian Draw hat trimmed
with terra cola ostrich feathen and a thick ron veil
which ill wat not required to ralie P II Orandon
who appeared for her laid the wai a kleptomaniac iil
sited that the caw he postponed I wis put or to
Bert 21 JIbes W llllle of 21 WI Klflv Orit drool a
coitte merchant gss fX hall for tin harts and ihe
WOO reissed Her I brother accompanied her from the
court room
AIHITAUZ 21Two yean ago Mn Dnvli wie very
sick at her mother Tt home ZiTen Brnefk itreet IIIi thf
city endlJri llalch and llaiklni then declared her In
line They believed that her Insanity had reiulied from
tippling K c luau a clothing manufacturer here U
father of Rowland I hats the divorced huiUand 01
the prlioner He Mid to deyl I
My ion married horllh HII about 32 ten eari
ago anil Hie Wit a vrrj rctly i engiglng and nice girl
ao far ai i I know He 1 had not then I f heard nf II her ilrlnk
lice though we ha > heard 011 since Sly ion wai a
Heady Indnitrloui clerk In iiiy office here at tho time
I prosaic he Was a llllle wild like othir boy I know
he became an expert amateur blllird player and tiroo
ably I that led him Into auoelatloni that ilaried him to
gambling Hell now a dealer In a gambling concern In I
lu niitreet New lurk
The Wreck or E C Btedmiin A Co llailnee
The schedules of E 0 HleJmim ft C bank
ens and broker at 8 Broad street wire filed In the
Clinks omo of the Court of Common ibis yeitcrda
Th Hcured lliMlltli are tuDOO of which fUOOO Is
du to liii Bank of North America and S2OOUO to the
Natloaal Dank of Hi llepubllc Tici nouritlti pledge
lo ttim banks are of tin nomlnil > aluof 1 I7JOKU4
and the actual ralne 01 the lecurlile ale the claim
of thekanki U I put at 5H5tMl 75 Tho unsecured llablll
lies are KUUUI wto pay whlrhther I ire nominal assets
siio41 eJ and actual Shell 1 f3H77U The actual aa
pets art Jail aiJUllti got auountf M4TJTO
equity U pledged coUaterali M51MT5 bunS SI IIJU
ethics rurnuur saw Th I pertonil IOndtlr I C
Ktedman i hits lIbrary nomlnall valued a 1
H no and put down al 1 3 nu Hli Intereit m laud a t
Jiew dsuii lUJdI1 n here he li putting up a hout ii I
nominally 11000 111 actual talue belDK CiteD 55 101h
lug Tho principal unaecured credllorn are John Puram
Kocbcilf N T J ntH4 Umyht I Loomis Rorktlll
< i Jii WTUluuJontbountnthJ iIIJ7WJ
A Jlcnort by War r r llnrteli ln l or the
Noted Onmhler Uenlh In Slot Npeii
PutiiADEriPHiA Aug 27A prlvnto do
patch received In this city today announced
the killing of Dink Davis the gambler at Hot
Springs Arkansas His stayer Is reported to
be a 8t Louis detective who had followed him
from that city to Hot Springs with a warrant
or his arrest tho
on charge of swindling
it St Louis politician In a braco
Luis poltcian brse game
of f faro Davis
flr was formerly a faro
eater in I Hansom street salon In
this city Although possessed of a gamblers
took tin trade a cool hoad his extravagance
always loft him a loan purse A short run of
or f luck lost January gave him a stake of about
5110 with which he went t Now York to
begin > operations at the hoary games In
that city An extraordinary run of luck in a
In a street faro bank netted him In
one otonlng 15000 A West Twentyninth
street game suffered by his high play on the
BIO evening to the extent of 5120 I was
lion discovered that his winnings In Now York
during the month of February aggregated
abut tfiOOOO
Of thin amount ho Invested 125000 In Cloy
rnmnnt bonds and sent 15000 to hU father
The remainder ho retained to continue his
play His wonderful luck In Now York bad tho
effect however of barring tho games against
him From there bo wont to Chicago where
his good fortune abided with him Ho was a
h iMiy I winner nt nil the gnmos In Gamblers
Alloy and In al McDonalds bunk on Clark
Street When Mayor Harrisons antlgambtors
policy was Inaugurated ho wont to Ht Louis
Ills winnings at this time were estimated at
a estmatod lt
nearly 1200000 With those ho Indulged his
ambition and opened a faro bank In tho Houth
were rn Hotel dealt nt 8t Louis whore only heavy stakes
It was what Is known as a gentlemans game
A politician whoso name Is said to bo Inmo
nelly phnod heiully and lout 3 b Ho
proved to b what Is termed a pquaelar Davis
refused to rotund the money and the politician
Swore out a warrant charging Davis with
swindling In the mean time DavlR hind gone
to Hot Springs > whither Dotoetive ONilll Fono
lowod him nnd where tho mooting ON11 place
The 8t Louis Hlnbellftnon of Aug 23 con
tamed a despatch from Hot Springs reporting
that Davis waa arrested there last Wednesday
br > Chief Toler nnd taken before Judge Woods
on Aug 25 to obtain a writ of habeas corpus
The writ was refused and tho gambler I
was put in charge of the Ilmbllr
ho understanding that tho necessary pa
pars In tho suit against him would roach
lot Springs on Sunday Two extraordinary
efforts by bal bond wore oxtrorllar
friends to obtain his ma Wednesday
and on Friday evening I decided neces
sary to place extra guards on tho city prison
Afterward Davis was put In charge of Detective
aoto at the Arlington Hotel According to
his report Davis wa accused of fraudulently
obtaining some 3100 from Samuel Donnelly
a secondhand furniture dealer of 8t Louis by
means of a game of faro In Juno In tho South
era Hotel at Ht Louis Detective ONeill of Ht
Louis telegraphed tbe Chief of Police that t
would reach Ibo Springs on Sunday morning
with the roaulred requisition papers morllnl
Dink Davis was 28 years old and was born
In Syracuse He had been a professional cam
tier for many years but tho remarkable run of
luck that attended his playing in Now York
and elsewhere during the onrly part of the
year was the frt great success he ever enjoyed
About Bet > Libel Hall Against tke Ataal
ZeltBMa and Other BTewapaper
NEW HAVET Aujr 27A letter received in
thIs city by Walter Malley today says that his
cousin James Malley Is in New York where
he baa directed a law firm t begin suits for libel
against the newspapers that published articles
reflsoUns upon him during the Jonnla Cramer
murder trial Tha letter says that complaints
lave been drawn and served inoneBUlt for
GO against the Slaw Zfitung and that
other suits against other newspapers are to
allow Tbo article containing the alleged
cntalnlnJ al
libel was printed during the trial at New
Haven and mado damaging statements
tgalnst James Mile with regard
to alleged bad conduct on divers
occasions previous to his arrest In tho Jennie
Cramer CIO Malice charged against the
writer of tho article and one ground of
tho domand for damages Is that the
dumnles II
article Inspired by evil motives was
copied by nearly all tho newspapers of the
country thus working Irrepnrablo Injury to
the complainants piospoitH In life The Now
hiltYoll I llegliler is to bu tho next defendant
haTing COIhd tho alleged libel from the htaat
Zeltimg but tho complaint has not been served
Mile Altnee Arrive
Among those who arrhod by tho Normnndlo
eUrday were Mile Ahnee and her dog When tics dog
lad flnlihed barking lice reporter aiked Mile Ain < c It
alit wan glad to return to America
harmed wan the rcolv America at onetime
waialmnit second home to me I expect soon it a I
peeni like a second home again I hate received every
uifniblo klndneln from American andlelicen and I
latnrally will be t glad In Par bfforo them airaln Dy
the Ma 1 I hate nil c Juice leaving Havre Mr had a
concert fin the stIll for the benefit r of the I n tich Hnrietv
for Ih 8IIiwreksci We will send It lOll frunce I
ai 511 gliul to be i nn vbnre amln became I cal git noine
frf > h milk for no dog 101
xir Maurice Irnu also 1 a pannenger iy the Normandle
nild that Mile Alnue ouhl pla here for t month I and
I lieu truel but that he could not accompany tile troupe
an lie Intendid giving 1 his time to the new Opera
10 >
lloune Mr Maurice htrakoich Mini Thnrnliv man
fleer ntlll miother piurllgtr said lht Mil tliursby
vii uld remain In tlilnrmintr In iplle of foreign alTers
Among the other on the Normamlle
pnHiengcri were
tl Jolibn Hovel I Prcildent I I tl the Miinlcinnl i Coun
cil of Inrln sitS M 1 Ainonroux a member or the Onun
ru I Until are delrgalen from the city of 1arln In the
llonton exhll Illon tnnnrlllor Amouronx was a mem
her > nf the t Dinnmne In IH7I and was lent to tho con
vict prlion In I ew Caledonia
Song Ikloqtience Dud liver
The florman guests who came to this country
to nltneB the opening of the Northern Iaclrlc Itallroad
vtiro eiittrtamed by Ilia Llederkranz
ltrloln < LederI Society at the
cluh room In Fifl > eighth Street last evening Mr WU
Ham Steinway presided Among the hundreds preient
were Carl Schurr Old OttendorferJudge Brunt
Marcus Otettcoicrr hinlth K Lane Charlei F McLean
lltnr t Molt lien J T McMahnn den WlnlI Gus
law hchwah Jacob Hoffman and Ieon Abbett
A brass band Vial cit In the gallery The company
Were ranged along fhe long tables with Ihi Herman
KinHint me central table Mr hteinnay made an ad
ilreil of welcome and proponed three cheeri in honor of
the gueiU The hall rang v fth three hint hnchi
The nmpany drank a alamaniler and fell to ilnglng
1rof tinetit a member of the Merman Itelchitag re
ipiinded ami ended Icy lalllug for three cheer for the
Icderkranx The llcuerkranzrhoruinang Herr Vnn
Rchaitl of the elicits ipoke and there wai a bai olo
followed br lout cries for sri Hchurx Mr Hciiurz spoke
and lucy lang Man lit det Deutnchen aterlandf
Other speeches and other noiigi followed lu quick sue
cession Unlimited beer rlrculaled at all the tablet At
nn Inlght half nf the rnmimny were fleclalmliiga nd the
other halt were not Ilitenlng
Teetlni One of Ike Destroyers Valves
Capt Ericssons torpedo boat Dostroyor put
out from the Brooklyn Navy Yard yesterday morning
under a full head of sIeSta Bh paned through the
Narrow Into tin hay at about noon Bin returned to
the Navy Yard al 3 < oclock having accomplished the
object nf her brief vo > age which was the tenting of Ih
Inboard valve of her imitinarln gun Th Inboard valve
U of rant Iron and li ntted to the mouth of the gun
When the pnilcitile discharged It brcaki Hill valve
cnrr Ing the fragmintl Into tics water
The outboard valve te attached lo I th bow of the boat
and rover when It is I In I position both this Inboard v alvi
and the mouth of the gun The outboard valve U opened
when Ih projectile In ready for firing and Ih water
coineiagalnntihe Inboard valve The pretiur of liti
water against the 2cai Kiuar incites of valve yesterday
during the time when tile Dntrojer wai at full speed
S el betWee ii slid lu pounds to Iii xiuar Inch The
pressure had no percejitlul effect upon III valv
Muilnei H Tre
Deports from San Francisco say that tho Pa
cine Mining inducing Company of Idaho Hprlngi Col
ban filed a petition lu Iniolvency The capital stock was
A complaint In th Case of L D Day i Co the Iniol
vent caricet flrmof Mil anker was filed In that city yes
terday by W J Sloan of New York who demand th
payment of two asparats umnof 1410 tltd Wooor
IectiOsli with interest at 7 per cent from July IB
claiming thai L II Day when he go credit from hit
firm In Januiry inlnrepreiented the condition of hits
Milwaukee tlrnr a affaire
A committee of tice creditor of MacomUr k Green
wood the luiolvent hoot and iho manufacturer of
liuiton yesterday reported unanlmouily In favor of ap
pointing a co iilgne with Mr Wyman and Ihuiclo
lag up tin nnmriot Hi firm ai soon as ponlbli Th
firm lubmlited an offer of ten cent ou tin dollar which
was rsiecled
John Bebor ono of tho oldest Importer and
breeder of hloodid hornet In th W it died at noon
yelterdty In Lancaiter Ohio ifs was tis nrit owner of
Imported Ilonnli Scotland and among th doted hones
luilorleJ by him win Hurrah aud Kyrle Italy
Auiuil Illedel the Ieriii painter U dead
Inn John llodgdon r Mainr of Iubuiue la died
CMterday morning aged Ha ear lie < i ai a native 01
Main > trve < lri tics Ualnv Kmv n number of uriui
Cud wai several time a prominent taudUat in i that
Hall for Uovtrnor sad leutui
A Rnln r Hurnlnt Oil upon Joan Keynoldi
Wko I Imprlioned In a lull
The South Brooklyn Oil Works owned by
lornc Scrymser Co at Gowanus Creek wore
totally destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon
The loss Is estimated nt 79000 The works
were employed In the manufacture of
rtido and refined petroleum and lu
bricating oils They occupied n largo
pace betwoon Smith and huntington
streets and tho Oowanus canal and wore only
a short distance from the wooden drawbridge
which spans thin crook nt Ninth street On tho
oft of the works stands the fertilizing factory
of H J linker Ilrothors whoso office Is at 213
Pearl street In this city At the right Is Daniel
Grays sulphur factory n frame building In
which barrelled sulphur U stored in largo
Five stills varying In capacity from 250 to
300 barrels each woro usually In operation
Yesterday ono was empty and John Reynolds
aged 05 of 173 Fulton street WAS inside of It
minding some of the Iron work Joseph D
Jennl Mlchnol Hmnnauh and several other
workmen wore at work about the four other
stills when nt 420 oclock from
lame unknown cause ono of the stills
immediately joining thin ono In which Hey
loldi was at work exploded The oil took lira
instantly and In a few moments the entire
yard was Inn blnzn TIle llamns travelled like
a i train of powder from the stills to the boiler
loiifm and coopers shed nnd thonoo to thin
lubricating house thin barrelling house the
press house and the storage house
All wore frame buildings and burned like
tinder The workmen about thin still aban
doned oor > thing and find for thinir lives from
ho stream of burning oil which burst from tile
exploded still Joseph Dennis wan burned
in tho face and Michael Kavanagb
lad his shoulder injured Burning oil
shot Into the air and descending into
ho empty still covered Iloynolds netting
Ira to his clothes Instantly His agonizing
cries for help were heard by a workman name
lirlon who nt great peril ran to the tank
mil releasing tho Imprisoned man plunged
lira Into the crook to quench the flames which
were consuming his clothes and flash An
imbumnco wan summoned and ho was re
moved to tho Long Inlund College Hospital
where his wounds wore found to be very sari
OUR Knv anagh and Dennis were also removed
to the hospital
Fifteen lire companies wore soon on the spot
hut their efforts were for a long time rendered
futile by the fury of the fire In striving to got
it tile flames Fireman Humuel Love of Engine
3 was thrown down accidentally and hud his
scalp cut open and his face bruised
The wind swept a huge shoot of flame over
ho sulphur factory and that too caught lire
StiflIng fumes arose from the burning sulphur
It sent up a groat cloud of dark yellowish
smoke that filled the neighborhood with
A suffocating odor The firemen directed
heir efforts toward saving the drawbridge
and after over two hours bard work they
quenched tho burning sulphur although about
20000 worth of it had been consumed
A Wife and her llrotner1nIi who Con
templated an Elopement
ATcHISoN Kite Aug 27 Some time ago
Mrs VmPoseyof Valley Falls twentyseven
miles west of her on tbo Santa Fe road in
formed her husband that she was going to
visit her father at Hock Crook and took the
train apparently for that station
The following Sunday her husband wont to
Bock Crook to moot her and learned to his
amazement that she had not been there He
returned homo nnd accused his half brother
Qeorgo Fosny of knowing the whereabouts of
his wife George denied the charge but that
day disappeared
Then a attar written by Mrs Posey and ad
dressed Ito George which arrived on Monday
from Trinidad Col begging him to
W1M 1 UIUIIV VV1 > lUkllK LM IV come W
her was opened by the husband and his sus
picions were confirmed and George was sup
posed to have gone to join the woman
On Thursday last his body was found In the
Delaware Illver with a heavy stone tied to tho
nock showing that lie bad committed Bulcido
through remorse
Meanwhile William Posey had started for
Colorado to bring back his crary wife She
came back with him tcValley Falls and there
learned of her lovers death
On Saturday lost she took a heavy dose of
strychnine in her husbands presence and died
In terrible agony
Cnpl John Hull MlMtnv
TRENTON Aug 27The Trenton Times to
day contained an account of hue Alleged defalcation ot
Capt John Hall ono of New nrunswlck leading cltl
Ken and a prominent Tenni h unla Railroad contractor
Hall disappeared one week ago last Saturday and his
whereabout are unknown Ifs had charge of th work
being done Ly the Itnnljlvanla Railroad Company In
haying the third and fourth track from Holmeiljurg to
New Ilruniwlck He male all tile contract for the
Work or Influenced the giving out of the contract
After Hall liail Ijeen abflent a few tins perron to whom
tie was under financial oMlgatlonfl brgmi Imentlpntton
At lint It appeared that many pernon In different
rlacen had endoned hinuia note or loaned him mone
hut on Saturday It U alleged evMenro Ha discovered
of offence more nerloni than unpaid debt slid hivolv
log between 3iOiKatirt fWMniij The principal Buffer
ens ar > uud < Titonl to be liolis frlendi and they refute
to dltuhfotlie amount of IhrlrloKix In i Ihliclt Hall
had borrowed mini running front 1101 to grfdixi hOt
liellun llanlinlillrn ami Illinium W arren arc silt to be
the principal illltfrcr In New itriclisoick Tho entire
loi them lllirobat > li amount to fjotioo
The Yellow Fever nt Ien ocolo
PENHACOLA Aug 27 Today Is the fifth day
rlnce the cases suliloscci > l to he yellow fever were tent to
Quarantine and the eleventh day iluce they were placed
under medical treatment Tho cimy remain unusually
healthy No sickness of am kind li reported The
great burden now fall on the Ijiuineiii men Tile panic
i arrled away their licet ctlitomtri at an iticurs notice
illmlniihlngdall sale and abiolutel ntlnpenillng col
lection and lice qunrantlne ha rnt on the coitutri
tmde The Her Mr Oliappell who Mai reported III wltlt
> llow fever and d > hu on ThiirRda wn up on Sattir
da > Sirs Onen lfn nmeter Hrown and Lieut VVIilpple
are reported as rlolnif quite ai vrtll tiiirgeon OwenU i
now reported ie list illc iiiid orpnfuiunnla
Naval Surgeon lultirai who volunteered for service
at the nvy yard hae irrlved here The citizen are
nnxlouityavailing hli nplnlun Kvllrnce in accilinu
Utlnz that the fever there its been exaggerated and is 1
not th elhiw fever There have teen I no new valet or
deathi at th nav y > end fine rlday
The Hknw IlrotkerV Fullnre
BOSTON Aug 27Mr Wyman the assignee
of F 8haw A Hro ayi Ihat Shaw will slay In Canada
until lcis presence ii required by hU creditor here In
rcgarct to the hgah proceedtugec hir tVytnaci says that
Itcey were itcstiiiited agticst blaw as ft iconresideitt
debior ilulderilto stetuctesof New both Slate Mci sets
icierely for scidiiilctihl lecurily burg Morse tilaws
ftttctny its con to New orit It is iniiiateci iiit
Show will hot return trtini Cauiads until socco uucder
alauidiuig tyili his crillimors hci been arrived at
Stabbed Near She llenrt
James A Thompson a butcher of US Grand
lIned Jersey City was stabbed by Aleiander Nlcholl
In a fight In a liar room on Pacific avenue at an early
Icolir yesterday morning The men hid been drinking
logetfw and quarrelled over the pasiiienl Miholl
drew a claip knlf and thrillt ttlntolili companlnni
breast about an Inch helow tin heart Tics wounded
man was taken to the Charity lloipltal where lie It iy I
Ing In precarloui condition Mcnolli wa arreited
Pool ICoom Clod
PiurrErrna Aug 27In pursuance of an
order promulgated by Ills Mayor on Raturdty all of th
pool room In thl city where pools are saId on hori
rare ar closet to day U is I laid that Hi proprietor
Intend to apply to lbs court for an InjuiiUlon lo re
train th Mayor from Interfering with their butinen
but thus far no steps hey bon tken la that direction
A rounty Treuiurer UlutUB with 1 > OOO
DETROIT Aug 27The evidence is now very
itrong hut A A Atherton Count Treasurer of Itoiconi
mon count ha rone with funds amounting to about
114 hat of v < lilcli vil < iu belong to lloicoinnion vllltze
M000 to Oerrlili townililp slid IIWUlo Ilarve Smsry
JOTTINGS 41i0Vr xoirv
Mayor Edion liai appointed Auiuilui II Walsh Chief
Clerk In tin Mayor itflice Ur Walsh li a lawyer and
was once ID th ufflc ol Uliarlei O donor
Judo Potter hn granted abioltite divorce to Hugo
Meyer from berths Meyer and to Ihirki llruer from
Xarah N Breuer nd a limited dlvorr Sarah U Ittch
inlel from Alexander Itachml
Israel R Henry of in Great Jones street who was In a
tight on Sunday morning In heater Street li itlll Inth
Nw york Hoipltal suffering from a fractured ankle
He fa a that Hi trouble did not oocur lu UcUloryi and
that his was not robbed bani
Th receiver and exporter of chiei have decided to
hold a dally meeting ot the trade at lu A M In the
Mercantile Exchange on and after Sept 10 All them
bore of the trade wnetlierlhiv are members of lbs Ca
change or not are Invited lo attend
Mlk Donovan is I dlmllifled with 111 result of hli rs
Cent match with Jack pull and challenge Mm to try
It again oa the aatu term us also challeiiffe either
Jo Coburn or Jem Mace to a match al iclculluo points
only fee hill lo count for IVM a ildi
Charles Toty a lumber merchant of 10 Pearl
attest complalued at Eases Market yeiUrdar that on
saturday night he went Into houge laloon lit I Rowery
ordered u glass of beer and gas wiiiismn Kirley Ih
bartender a3 bllL II saps that John llllara a n as
tlitaut barttuder gays him tack hangs fur ella dollar
only amid Stat wheu lie callJ fur fliaoitti Ktipul
out fwliy WM arrtitid lad remauiel
P oOIJla 1 II V VlJiV 1O
WALKIXn rnflf04 Tics HOST IN PIF
Ordering Out Ik Few Inlon Men Found nt
ITark an a String or Fine New It it II dine
Talk of n Under BuIlders Union
Striken wore declared yesterday by tha
iltilldlng Trades Unions nil along the line of
operations of John J Tucker the mauler
julldor of 37 West Twelfth street Mr Tucker
mil trouble with tho unions lost year and
since that time has as far as possible cm
iloyod nonsociety moo On Saturday after
noon tho walking delegates met Sir Tuekor
and asked him to discharge his nonsociety
workmen or make them join the unions Ho
Yesterday morning the delegate visited the
joint building ot tho Merchants nndM nhat
tan Banks at 40 and 42 Wall street and found
Imt all the men at work wore nonunion men
About noon the delegates went through this j
building at Broadway running through to
Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets belonging
to tint estate of the late Henry Parish Of tho
sixty mon employed six laborers throw down
their tools at the call and the hodhoisting en
Blnoor one of Kldelmoyer t Morgans mon put
out his fires and wont homo The rent wore
nonunion men but work WAS stopped for th
day bocauso the hod hoisting had stopped Mr
Tucker said ho would hare another engineer
Mr Tucker Is building for Henry Vlllnrda
brownstone house on the lots at Madison aye
flue and Fiftieth street Tim house Is about
completed and the man are nonsociety men
Die remaining half ol tho Madison avenue side
of the block and throe lots on the Fiftyfirst
street side are taken up by three other build
ings of Mr Ylllards Fortyfive mechanics and
laborers were at work on them when the order
come to the union mon to strike Twelve labor
cr14 and ono stone tutor stopped work
Mr Tucker Is building for Mrs Mary Jones
two largo nixstory apartment houses loo ft > ot
square n Fiftyeighth street between Fifth
and Madison avenue Tho work Is up to the
third story and nil the men nrn nonsocletr
men Ono stnnotlttor and three stnnosottera
null work on the house building William II
Fogg at Fifth aomio and Hlxtyseventh
street The delegates found that all the
men at work on Charles I Tiffanys now house
at Madison avenue and HovenUsecond Street
and upon Alfred M Hoyts now house In Fifth
acnuo between Seventyfourth and Seventy
llfth streets were nonsociety men From
Henry H Cooks now house nt Fifth avenue
and Sovantyolghtb street one of seven pIes
terers came out at thin call Mr Tucker Is re
placing tbo woodnn spire of Grace Church with
ono at marble Four masons and throe labor
ers who are nt work there are nonsociety mon
Mr Tucker said last night that ho could get
all the mon ho wanted nt present outside of the
I cannot toll you the particulars he sold
but I will give you an outline of what will bo
done by the master builders to withstand the
encroachments of tho societies An associa
lion of builders formed somewhat on the plan
of the Association of Cigar Manufacturers and
working somewhat after their methods may
be formed within a few days Something will
be clone at once that will astonish the unions
and teaoh thnm that they cannot impose Im
possible conditions upon us
Weber Brothers contractors discharged yes
terday twenty nonsociety men who were at
work on the foundation of tho grammar school
at First avenue and Eightysixth street and
ended a throe weeks strike
Melancholy Ltckthon Keeper lohneon
Last April the keeperof the Great fled Light
home onpotlt Perth Amboy N J while under the In
fluence of liquor wa drowned at Hi toot of the light
home stairs Last Sunday morning till successor John
B Johninn commuted suicide by drowning In the earn
place Johnson left hli home In Perth Araboy on Satur
day afternoon at 6 oclock for the lighthouse Mot
harlot returned at 10 oclock tbe next morning hIs wife
In alenn seal a neighbor In search of him Upon only
tog at the lighihouie Jolmioni hat and keys were
found upon a ladle inside and till coat was m a boat
which Hill hum upon the Oat III
The light had been trimmed and filled the reflectors
polished and ever thin prepared for lighting again the
next ntjht It was evident he had watched the tIghts
all night Search was tmiiieiluttly made tilt It was B
not until yesterday morning that his body was found 51
It was junta lice font of the stems About hie neck and j
ecross the client a large big of land weighing at leant 1
ISO pouude had been tied with a rope the ends of which 11
had tiers ictred taut evldcntlj after tautening < hl
weight to ills hody When found he was etlll clutching
time bag with hli nnnd ae though he had used hU baud
to hold the hag In position before he jumped
No cause can be aligned for the act other than a pre
disposition to melancholy Lat fall Joliniun lost by
tics freehet about W 00 worth of oysters anil this tesi
oemed to prey upon lilt mind He sos In I easy clrcum
hence nnnlnga comfortable home In Ierlfi Amloy
and was proprietor of oj ntcr tied lu the llarltan Itlver
He leav tl a wits and flv e children
The Storm King Ilrldgc
At a conference of gentlemen Interested fa
the Storm King Bridge the buslneii of the New York
and New England Railroad at Newbnrgh In July was
cited ai in Indication of the proipeotlro builueM oftht
bridge The tranter itenincr at Itowbtirgh traniported
3 sal loaded and 41 emnt carl from the wcitern lo the
easier liauk uf the Uudiion In July and trnnilerred
1349 loaded can and 10J9 empty onei from the eastern
to the Western bank making a total of O7J4 carl liptnic
an Increaie cit 4UO oier June and of SU over May
eicnicmmri4 with Jill IHSJ tIle Inrrciic li h0s7 car
The itock and bond of the Itrldire rompanr ore to be
placed at an early dnj It l rtlmiited that iOiOO tons
of roil a day ulll be carried oir the bridge the rates
for freight being J3 per cent ihuapcr than at prcieut
lila SVIugs Vlallur Aituln Injured
Patrick Mnrtollof 512 Eust Eighteenth street
on returning home lait ercnln found hli utfo and
Michael OMealln of 23 talrmount avenue Jcricv City
In the apartinont Btlzlng a fork from the table the
hnnhand made a furious onilnueht until OM atld and
slatted him In the tread ami arm OVrAlloe Injtirlel
are setera lie iva tuken to llelleu lloniltal Mar
tell run missy and hn not been amfttcd
The name two men hiid iroliie 1 otrr the woman early V
onMluda mnrnlnir 3lnrtoll and ills wife were enter
talnlnic a number of frien In Martell jealouny woe
routed by tho allenlldi O Miallo laid to Mri Mirtell
lie drew a pUtol and ihot Mtalio In the arm after
nhlch he tlunppenrcil The lutlfce could not hid him
then although a general alarm ii in seat out for hli
AHer Conelderiiule fleer
Jamns Gorman of Went Seventieth street
drank more beer than hli physician recommended on
Suiidty nUlit lie at first told JustiCe Dud that II was
six glnsscs After a few mlnntei reflection he placed
ttte quantity at seen or eight nchoonen doing out ol
the laloon after drinking the beer ai he WAS nalklug
thrnuith Meit Vs idly ninth itrut three men seize
him draggeil him Into a hnlhrai and stripped him of
hli boon coat and ien and robbed him of a imall
amount of mone
A pnllceinnn raw two of the men run and followed
and urrenlrit Hum Thea nil they were Ilium and
Itter lilimnru of ai Weil llilrli lecond Street Jul
lice Dnftr lIVId them for trial
Jlrokei Ilulcklnion Hint Produce the hooks
Judge height decided yesterday that the
booklet the firm of William J llutcilnaon A Co the
senior partner of which Inn li I charged by John It Dud
with listing defrauded him of a large amount of money
bv rendering false acrounti In stocks and transactions
carried on in tile tcehalf hstwall iNTO ltd 11014 allah be
dspoalied wilt the Clerk of lIce court for ten days I
Order that titey niac be exaciinpd tc its piaichifi t an
iici ttcat this defattciant siaii 5510111 sit telegreimia iii
hetlers scull tOiticn by Mn Duly
The Signal Ode Prediction
Generally fair woollier winds mostly eanti
any falling barometer itallonat or ruing teiiij eratur
There was frost In fit Johnibury Vt t on Sunday night
Attorney Urneral Urewiter and family arrh cd at New
port lait venlng
Mgr Catch left Newport hash night to fulfil an engag
mint In Hrooklti
Cora daughter of Mr lIcence < Chancy of Saratoga wit
fatally burned last night by the expluilon of a lamp
Itequlem anuses v ere celebrate 1 In VVathliifton yes
terday morning for the repose of tic soul of the half
Count de Chamtord
It U rumored that Crown Prior Carlo of Portugal
haibeen bolrothel to the Areliduclieii butte Valeria I
third child of the Emperor of Austria
It It reported In lice city of Unlco that an Americas
iiidlcate has purchated the Itenl del Monte Coiupanyl
mlueiln lchuca Mexico for 51CAEtoA
The cattle taken lo Liverpool ly I Ihe tenier OnlarK
from Montreal hare heen eaughtvrefl as It vt as uipect
ad ttcet lucy were Infrctut stIll TeKan fever
William hurts aged 75 yean a farmer of Inn rent
S Jwai itriirk t hj t a tram jeiterilay iinrnliie irhlli
aruba across lb Ur < k eiullneUiitl killed
The RiKilan bark Piilo Cap Ilicke from Liverpool
for rien Vnrk u astir itt mllei nil uf Haltlinore irs
land bhe It leaky amid will Probably be a total wreck
The crew wereiatrd
Ihe City Council of tin cIty of Ueilco ca l atiihorlie
SeAor unit adur Nato and Manuel Alrarei lo contract
a loan In Iximlon for CIOUOOO the money to ts eni > lui ei
lu city linprovcinenti
John Brown while drunk Arid at n telegraph open
ator In Hi Ohio amid MississippI l > Kallroait i mce is I
Milan Ind on fiiinda night This ehot uilmd htm and
hit Pat Id Alien klllliz him initially
Frederick and John Ravage on of whom le mrpoieil
to ilau raueed the flre lu Thatcher court Hoeton on
Sunday lit which flre perinne wrr < kllltil were held
ierdr to answer a charge of snot
Time body uf MU Cninia Uould cue of Ihe ilctlml of
this recent drowning accident near VVelli Me wa r
coriredreiterd Three lOut hi cow r ieee I f jund
those of limos jlti > r4 Chill Air Ttikfer liatoi lisa recur
uiol en Buicdiy

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