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Hit Tireless nnd Unstvtmrltirr Ile otlon to
Iluty Ills 1nrlvnllod Knowledge of the
t UoTerniwent A Patriot neiected by All
> 1
Jl t WASHINGTON Oct lBThe Connecticut
i newspaper that rocenUy apoko of Judge Hoi
man as ft cheap domauouo know nothing of
the man or 0180 mado a charge that was as
foollili a It was dlshonost foolish because
every ono who know Holinan know It was so
untrue that I needed no refutation Whatever
else may be charged to Holman nobody In or
out of Congress who has ever boon brought In
contact with him has over believed hat ho was
guilty of contomptlblo vice Hu laughed
at bocauao of bin simplicity of habit nnd his
traniptironcv of motive Ills Peculiar I > almost
singular certainly striking cliaractcrlBtlc Is
ilmcUclty Ho Is I simple almost l carelessness
indrois simple In his homo lite utterly lack
Inif In thoallpervadlnesoltconsctousnosa that
nine out of ten of tho public men take on and
I in I plain of speech unaffected In manner and
utterly Incapable of dissimulation That ho
shoulJ have ben kopt in public lifo by an In
dlina constituency for nearly u generation Is
a marvel to polltlclatiOAwho believe thnt a man
of the character described U I bound to be a dead
failure in politics
Probably no man In public Ufa is so little un
derstood as Holman This Is partially duo to
his own course partially to the hostility ho has
aroused Holman except In the line of what
j he believes t b duty Is a timid modest man
I and Is tho last man to be picked out In Con
cross as ono who courts personal popularity
Ho does his duty and Is contont therewith
He stands among his associated Congressmen
a a mal who Is feared respected and by many
thoroughly disliked Ho Is feared bccau ho
is ono of the most vigilant as welt IIH fearless
of f men in tho performance of his public obliga
tions Ho Is rospoctod because of his
t008 r080ctl bcause enormous
knowledge of public affairs and of his remark
able ability and ns a corollary to that Is hatod
because his knowledge his fearlessness and
bit ability have enabled him to protect tho
Treasury or to protest when attacks were
being made on It Holman has none of tho
mannerisms that of
petty personal so many
tho littlo men who have got to the top nowa
days seem to think necessary to assume I
lien eoto Congress seemingly consumed with
an ambition to be known as good fellows They
i think that good fellowship goes further than
brains In aiding ambition Qarflold was an ox
1 pert in the assumption of good fellowship
Ulalno could assume that mannerism Holmun
never palavers and never vonoors himself with
S unctuous ways He is alloys as plain and
transparent a window pane Ho Is tHerefore
regarded as a little fresh and men sOle at his
simplicity Public men seem to b unable to
understand such a character Professions to
them are generally only the curtains that hide
Wjtlves and hypocrisy is so common that it Is
believed to bo necessary to success You hear
T mon rave and platltudlnizo about Jefferson
Lot wlieii they see right before them one of tho
best scholars that Jefferson ovor taught thoy
Incline t crack jokes respecting Holmaas
j freshness and to sneer at his niggardliness
The cheap politicians never understood Lin
t coin Recently 1 member of Buchanans Cab
I inet who served In Congress with Lincoln said
that he only remembered Lincoln as a buffoon
1 i or clown Men who knew Lincoln say that
there wero many traits of his character that
t I Holmau more than any public man reminds
them of Lincoln had more management but
no sterner integrity In simplicity oft I bab
its of Ufa the resemblance Is Htrlklng Lin
i i coIns freedom from vanity or solfconsclous
cess has bon spoken of a something that en
deared him to men and certainly there Is no
lan in Washington who hob loss ot the fall
now known a the big head than Hoi I
lana falling which oxTreasurer Qllflllan
once ald had ruined more public men than
j any other weakness And to go to tho lighter
aide of life Lincoln liked n joke nnd a story
spiced with humor no better than Holmium
though the hatters fun takes the form of dry
wit or quaintly humorous suggestion
Ilolmona greatest misfortune a a public
man Is his voice I he had a volcu poworful
like Garllolds or thunderous like J Cwsar
Burrows or sweet ana yet penetrating hike Matt
Carpenters ho would perhaps bo batter
equipped for work In tho hurlyburly noisy
chamber of the House His voice in thin high
keyed and so weak that it seldom reaches tho
galleries This as woll as his unassuming
Banner and unrhotoricnl style of speaking pre
vents him from being conspicuous among his
fellows When bo spunks his habit Is to twirl
his spectacles which Is i all tho gesticulation he
Indulges In and ho nays what ho has to nay In
n Informal conversational way The two
words which havo given him tho tttlo of tho
great objector are seldom hoard ton feet away
from his seat unless tho Hpoakor tries to nvold
him Eelfor tried several times to bluff him
down by pretending not to havo heard hU ob
jection but Koifer soon learned that Holmnn
never permitted himself to be bluffed out of his
rights Yot whon Holman rises pending dis
cussion on an appropriation bill bo always has
attention and heroin Is tho proof of his
Ii strength and the measure of tho fear and roo
pct of his associates Ho Is honored more
than any of his follows by being mado the
I object of tho pleading prayers and requests of
members who gather about his seat after be
t has stated the reasons for his objections and
J Dfttn from the gallery an amusing pantomime
can b seen of members who after fruitless
f pleading retire with scowls nnd look daggers I
at thu great objector This shows that Holman i
11 baa the moral courage to do what tow members I
can do resist tbu Importunities of friends
when he believes ho Is right I
l9 The impression has been encouraged that Hol
1 lan fires his objections ut random hit or miss
I that he Is I mischief maker whoso capacity
t lies In his ability to bark at tho heels of tho
Appropriation Committee Hut you will nnd
no member whose little jobberies Holman has
Y run afoul of who will say so Holman novor made
an objection that was not backed by a reason
i and he states It clearly and points Instant
ly I to his authority for I When ho Is In
doubt he can drive tho facts out of the Appro
priation Committee by retentions and Intoll
i gent Questioning I Is here and not so much
ID the fact that ho objects that ho gives
the House reason to fear him I Is hero
Ihat the remarkable capacity of Holman re
veals Itself Ho is admittedly unoaualled In
his ability to search out grasp and master the
details of the great appropriation bills Ills
i an ability that showy men seldom possess and
< ji It I probable that Holmuu Is tho only
i man In the Congresses in which ho has
4 served who has mastered thr appropriation
bills from beginning to end Ulalno with
S al his showy qualities never could have Joue
It GardeId never pretended to attempt It
Dawes couldnt do it Aside from the rodlg
lous labor required to master the appropria
tion bills the most farrotiching knowledge of
the processes administering the Government
from the payment of f tho salary the President
down to the number of Hcrubwomnn needed In
thu Capitol and from the purchase of a pun
viper I to a steel cruiser In neconHiry I do
I nmmls a knowledge of nil the deportment
WIth hould the ramifications therein I nutids that Jt
bo known how many ofllcers mire em
lored In Alaska and why whether tlui
eKuuiikfsCrctik Is I navigable Mrenm and
bere the navigation of tho Oregon omls nnd
I on It calls for patlonco In analyzing
I cals Ilatenco II InnlyzlDI r
Port and there are hundreds thorn tt needs
UwUlcd appUoatlon to Ugurta for problems
must bo world out for oneself with pencil and
Paper to obtain information It demands
research that goes back to the first pages
of tho statute books and I compels thorough
acquaintance with tho history of the growth of
appropriation bills No Appropriation Commit
too of recent years has had n member who could
begin to approach Judge Holm tins learning In
this regard His advice Is oren sought and
largo demands uro mado ovory session upon
tho storehouse of his knowledge on this sub
ject His statement of fact Is accepted fre
quently without Booking other evidence and
his opinion has tho weight of an authority
The appropriation bills when prepared make
documents containing from a hundred to I
< rel
thousand specific Items each Judgo Holman
examines each knows why It Is them knows
whoro to got Information respecting tho pro
priety of It or whether tho amount granted Is
too groat His knowlodgo enables him to pen
etrate all hidden schemes and to runko
otrlto 01 hlldon lake tho
result that penetration clear l tho Houso
Hero HOB the reason of mens hatred Ho Is pow
orful and dangerous because ho Is equipped
JUlie Holinan cots the tlmo to do tho groat
work because when Washington ho
bcnuse in Wasblnlton gives
all his time to his duties Ho does not spend
his mornings running around tho departments
securing places for henchmen Herein ho dif
fers from thoso who have boon loudest In de
nouncing him as I mischief maker His morn
ing is given to work and tho lamp burns Into
In his plain apartments Holman likes social
life though muoh of tho socallod society of
Washington offers no attraction t a man like
him Iluthohasno time for It Uo regards
his time a belonging to tho people They say
ho Is old fashioned and it Is probable ho rather
likes tho name of being so
l Is from no love of tho work that Judge
Holman does it Ho believes It to be a duty
I Is his conviction thattho silent corrosion that
a plethoric and unguarded Treasury is euro to
suffer threatens tho health and permanence of
democratic Institutions with a deadly throat
He holds that it is the sign of vigor of prudence
and of healthy public morals to bo constantly
watching for and warding oft that evil Ho boo
haves that wlso economy In taxation and ox
poudlture stops the evil by taking away tho
opportunity and ho also Is firmly convinced
that the habit of practising economy and
honosty in public expenditures is a tonic that
invigorates and makes healthful all legislation
The Treasury of ttse Junction Hullroad of
Pkllantelpklis Bobbed bv Employee
PHILADELPHIA OCt 19Tho Times frill
say tomorrow that an embezzlement of tho
funds and property of the Junction Itallroad
owned by the Heading and Pennsylvania com
panies has boon discovered The full extent
of tho embezzlement and a complete list of
the criminals Is not yet mado public
but enough is known to make It cer
tain that the sum of 121500 in money
has been abstracted from the companys
treasury In various ways in addition to large
though unknown quantities ot supplies of all
kinds Tho names of at lonst four of the em
ployees who have defrauded tho company mire
known Ono clerk for Instance who was em
ployed In the pay department at a salary of
J80 a month generally deposits 90 In bank
every four weeks Inquiry showed that bo was
short 11500
ThlH startling discovery led to the detection
of other culprits I was readily soon that the
clerk who handled the pay rolls must have
confederates who were privy l bin irregulari
ties It was not lone before an export discov
ered that u clerk with a familiar name had re
ceived 16000 of the spoils His salary was 130
a month though be lived at the rate of double
that mount Htlll another clerk was found to
owo the company 1000 which he had obtained
In paymaster a manner similar to that employed by the
A KmllroBd Malta Turn fr ss hla OBce Bust
eaa to HUnr Oat his Ursttaa
Henry W Gwlnnor President of tho bob
Manufacturing Company of 4G Bond street
shot himself dead in his office yesterday after
noon E 13 Wishaar his clerk to whom be
had just eel some business directions n
coolly as usual was In the same office but
looking away from Mr Qwlnners desk He
turned when ho heard the shot and saw the
suicide sink back Into his chair his head fall
Ing to etne sldo while his right hand dropped
upon the desk and his fingers let go the handle
of a small pistol Gwinnor died at once
Mr Gwlnnnr was a native ot Philadelphia
nnd over UO years old He was a printer by
trade and was at ono time foreman In the
ofllce of the Charleston Courier In 18GO ht be
came connected with tho Pennsylvania flail
road and rose to b general auditor pas
Rengttr accounts In 1880 on tbo reorganiza
tion of the Hoolo Manufacturing Company
which deals In railroad supplies bo became Its
President From royalties on hIs patents and
his salary he Is said t have enjoyed an income
of 10000 a year and to have lived wail with
in It Ho had a ory extensive acquaintance
among railroad men
The cause of the suicide la unknown to
Mr Uwlnnors business associates An exam
ination of the papers In his desk and on his
person threw no light on the matter
Ckrauuler Brad Ike President Dlaracree
WARiUNdTON Oct 1Navy Department gos
sip Is I that Chandler had a quarrel more or leas I serious
with the President aftsr the Tuesday Cabinet meeting
and hli disappearance that night adds Interest 1 the
story 1 Is I certain that Chandler came back to the de
partment on Tuesday afternoon in very grouty Imp
11 In I also 1 known that up In that day the President and
he had not agreed on a Chief of the Hureau of Htsaro
Kiulneertng > to till ilie vaeancy mail by the retirement
tit Kngltieerlnllilef I I Hhoct I ft II Is I surmised that I the two
men liVe locked liorna on this question hecrstary
Chandler favors Chief Kngliiser Henderson for the place
Henderson 1 on the Advisory Hoard as largely I con
earned In the plans for the new cruisers and Is very
friendly with their hullder Mr John Roach This might
Influence Mr Chandler In I his support Ills President It
is understood wants Chief liiglnerI Luring to have
th plaet Iooil knowa and likes LurIng personally and
he knows that Ills selection for Ilia place would t > o the
most generally satisfactory one that could be timed
ettllBB am Old Feud with Ktalfe ud Pistol
ATLANTA Oct 19A despatch from Fort
Ualnes tu time linitltutlon aa > i A itsrtltng tragedy
incurred three miles east of this placs yesterday even
ing At about sundown as II Jester was going totals
home on horseback he met B K Iludspsth A feud has
existed hetween them for some lime and tha quarrel
111 Inl
H as renew ed I lludspetll relied a piece of fence rail and
airuckJrster whereupon t Jester sprang from his horse
3e slahlied 1 his r assailant I 1J In Hie region 1 of the heart
HililHjieth then I drew a pistol and tired two shots one of
wlilth struck I Jester In tIle forehead I the hall ranging
under tile skin tu the lark nf the head Jester aifaln
lh III 11
closed itk hIs enemy and r stahlied him i In I tIme right
hreast llmlspeih fell ali almost immedltttly expIred
Jester liaa not hen arrested
A Young Clergymen Kownfsill
PIIIELIIU Oct 19Frederlck II Nixon
once r the prefix Reverent before Ills name duly
conferred liy n theoloilt ssmlnary amid was made pas
tor Immediately after his graduation and liefore he lisa
attained his tweiitv fifth year of a Meltodlst churrh In
iisliuliorkeii Today he wai arraigned before Magis
trate Martin on Ihn charge of picking the pocket of John
Mnlth a barti nder and Ilion companion of his of the
sum of 3SI In a disreputable rrsnrt on Shut street He
wsshrldluKViiballfora further hearing The begin
111 of tIme oung milliners don nfall was Ills removal
In uisgrare from his charge on account of Improper con
durt Krom lImit time his career was one i dissipation I
and 1 lie was on a tonrof the dives when arresled on
Thursdaj night for Ihe crime with which he Is charred
Tke Connecticut Tur cud Feather Ce
UniixiEioitT Oct 10A deputy sheriff arrest
ed four cllliens nf Trumbull today rharged Kith as
IIIK lhI I loulon 10 July whelm he woe
iscreil I I immi tesImleriMi lhimiialmn imsdo I lit riiullIatmit I
iieic I heir sired Their tiatuel are Elwimrl 1 Fl or
luy lhI Ihe ok ll MIchael SirNainara
hid Kay tumid for their aiIlaraimce for trial on Url
fl Other urtsla are IWoI dmlc
tuned bJ ii II ok I
WOIEhTII MIA Oct 10 During a politi
cal I demonstration bj colorsi men tonight Hie lorrh
lerere were stoned hvamoh of hoodluuts ami une of
them was badly Injured Several others were slriie k liy
the missiles Tha polio were also atoneel while they
1001 wlllhy
w redispersing the cod
What Hurry Ulll Mar About Roughs
8s advertising columns for contents of those enter
sjulug papers by Harry Hill In to morrows iuMay Her
VI Brolkcre lley > WItr CUIklasj
It manufactured by themimialyts and avery 1b limid >
tuwcar U Utva4wiyiuid Uuuslou and 5th av twit 1t
1j i t
Tke Imperial dust Out
A new ill 1 I choir fitting overcoat f NnfJO s Vrgel 1
lollr llroadwa and Houston and Slim av and 1M St
t Vogel Ilrolkere Overcoat
For this season 1 are of the latest uo elite and superior
workmuisblp ga iiway and Uouilou and bill av uiii 01
I For rough or cold ou cannot find a Ltttar ismsdr I
I this Pt huLls Coo > J Syrep44i > I
= z
I John Swliitoni rptr will he I out again tomorrow
I Sold by l ill slew suite a II tilt
Nobodr nothen to Present the Evidence Ihnt
he lUlled Wnlsh mind hi IMsitpiienr with
Mingled Aitnnlihment nnd Velocity
Billy Porter the burjjlar who was arrested
on Tuesday mornlne In front of Shane Drapers
saloon In which tho burglars Walsh and Irvine
hail just been killed was taken yesterday to tho
Coroners ofllce whore Coroner Martin and a I
Jury hold nn Inaucst to dotermlno how Walsh
and Irvine met tbolr deaths Porter was very
cool and smlllmr Ho was freshly shaon his
curly black hnlr had bun dressod with care
nnd his dark diagonal suit and overcoat were of
fashlonablo cut In his nock scarf wits a gold
cross sot with turquoises timid diamonds
1ortor would bo a handsome man were It not
oror I
for his oyos which ore of 1 light blue thnt scorns
to have a background of tIre A burglar on
whom thoy looked In anger would bo likely to
wish for a pistol or I he had one with him
would fool llko having It cocked Porter Is of
medium height and very compactly built Ho
has a dark brown moustache and his faco Is
wide at the cheek bones and full nt the nm The
police look on him as the mostduusorouscrim
luau In tho country A detective sat on each
side of him at tIme luciiiest
Burglars snoiik thieves and bunko man
crowded tho Coroners woduoshaind examina
tion room HilI I dozen of Itmioctor liyrnuss
detectives and live of Ilnkortons men wore
l > re enUol > ecomo acijualnlud with mmew faces
Coronr Martin presided In front ot him
and to tho rllht satlIuvel jurors In two rows
Fronting time jury WILl I lona table on tho other
sub of which wore Porter uflu his lawyer
Pole Captain Williams tustllled that ho had
picked up a 38cullbre pistol near Irvlnus body
In Drapers saloon which Is on the cast aIde of
Sixth avunuo between Twentyninth and Thir
tieth streets Hilly 1 lmrih told him that It
wan Irvines plHtol Walshs pistol also of
38callbro was liiiuded to him by Policeman
Croat I hail bouti taken from alshtt hand
Uotli pistols wore marked at the time
Detective Seritaant Hickey mild when ho ran
from Kamis < > > htur saloon to Drapers silicon
ha Hilly PortiTun I tint Hlduwiilk
Ie saw Illy Oil 111 shlewlik walking
away In thw direction of Twentyninth street
I cniiKht him bv the arm lllekey con
tlnnod and HUM lllllv where aru yuii going
Walt u moment and turned him around Thun
latrlck Ienry mihl JlmlH one of thiiuiun
arrest him Tlmn 1olifonmii Cro < H uumo
alouu and hold Iortur wlille I took the pistol
from him No hbots ere ilred utter 1 took
hold of Iortur ThicH of time cluuuburh of Por
torH iilstol hud Itefii discharged
Is It II fact Porters lawyer naked that
vnn tuhl InHiiHitnr Itvrntm tlmt thrt til tnl wuu
cold 1 when you took i It from Iortur V p
I liundod him time pistol anil told him that
It wail the Humo tiimpoiuturo than as It wan
whun I took It from Porter I Is that temper
lit uro now
Is there not 1 loaded cartridge without any
dent chambers on It between two of tim discharged
Hilly Vosburch testified that ho was In tho
barroom whim thu shooting boKan that ho
wait not excited amid remained until It was over
and tho mel wore dead He wild
10 at the tmr with Walsh I faced the Hide entrance
and saw lt imimi com lit and mire his first shot 1 lien time
men retreated f behind the refrigerator and there was
onie more tiring 1urlcr lid not cnine In the tar
room nt I I know him well < amid would hate recog
nlzed him If tie had I always thought that It legs tint
hot itrurk 1 Ih in the tireaht fur lie mt hu hand
there IA cnllhre liullri nitluic 1nrlerl ointol nnd
ihf II
Cot Irvlnuii I vol fuund In AnUhn heart IJ imly one
chamhernf Irintf plutol wan found empty I did not
RO Into the billiard rom where must of the shoutlliK
took lilnce for the tlmn III there i rrr too exrititmg for
hl IHtl
1 ft
me I leaned against 1 the I bar until the rhootfiiK was I mvrr
room j Did A aiiy Nn tiereon follow the tno men into the blUlard
Q how mauj shot did I l ou actually lee fired t AI
cant tell Never aw an thliiit no quuji In nij life
Vosburch denied thnt ho had told Capt Williams
liams that the pistol picked up from the floor
was Irvlnen
Harry Hope Slmng Drapers barton or testi
fied that them were four entrances to the sa
loon the front door tho sldo entrance through
which Irving came when ho shot at Walsh a
door leading up stairs to Drapers prIvate
apartments and n door loading to the yard to a
room back of the billiard room He said that
the front door and the door loading up stairs
woro locked I and thnt nobody could bo In tIme
yam witnoui rims Knowieugo no uonien uavmK
seen Porter that night
Patrick Leary the ticket speculator who was
In tho barroom when Walsh was first Ilred at
and who told Detective Sergeant Hlckuy that
Porter was engaged In time shooting and or
dered his arrest testified
I heard rotceH in the hall near the aide entrance just
before Inlng came In When he mired thu mInd shot I
thought that ne WHS in 1 fun When the second shot WHS
fired I got frightened and ran out In I tin hall near the
door I ran against Porter who siid Where are you
gotntff 1 Into 1 the street I answered When Ilot
outside waited for m > friend Michael Fay to come out
A moment after Porter icy anil Harry lloperame out
I supposed that toy pushed Porter out 1 told Detective
II t r I trl rl lr J 2
Hickey to arrest Porter After Porter had followed me
into the street I heard four or rive shot tired I think
It Impossible that lit mired an > shot for 1 loot think
that there was lime I for him to go into the billiard room
and come out again after Iltt the barroom
Michael Fay who lied after the shooting was
tho noxt witness Ho IH I I friend of Lnary and
heard his testimony In fact everybody olst <
heard everybodys else testimony Fay said
that he was a pool toiler and went to Drapers
with Patrick Lenry cue said
I saw Leery gu out and as there were shots flving
around I thought it would be a good time for inetu get
out I met Porter lu the hells nhich ii iis narrow
and pushed him out Into the street where tie was ar
rested by Detective Mickey
Joseph Ktocer tho district messenger boy
said that ho did not think that Iortor was tho
mal that ho saw Detuctlwi Horguunt Illckoy
arrest just after ho hoard tho Mints
This wus all tbo testimony that was pre
sented to tho jury Nothing was said to tfiira
about time size of time bullet which was found In
Walshs heart and which Its of tho threo pis
tols produced only tho pistut found in Porters
pocket No export from acartrldgt 1 factory
u nn n n I
nan ii uuuiuu uiiu nw uiiui i n ii 0 iiuiiiu id puuw
that thoro was bad blood botwoon 1ortnr and
Walsh or that Porter hud sworn to kill Wnlsli
as several niombtirH of Waluha family say
Deputy Coroner Jenkins read a Htatomont
about tbo course of tIme bullets and then Cor
Bernard F Martin nddrueHod the
oner 10rnnrd lnrtn jury
The doll of these men has created a feeling of great
excitement In this communit llioiisinds of people
meal think that it Is I vt 1 vt hen penile of this color are
killed but their relatives may not They may have a
mother or friends who mourn for them Larys teeth
mony Is Important and so Istajs I I > ou think there
is I any doubt about the guilt of the prisoner tt 1 you
< I
business to Kite him the benefit of lust doubt Tile po
le should be complimented for bflng MI iini > kly on
hand ate the shooting You will muir adjourn to the
Jury room and deliberate on the testlnioo
The jury slowly marched the jury room
and tIme door mm cloned upon them Iorlor
convened cheerfully with his counsel und his
friends formed little groups and talked In
whispers Tho pistols and bullntH wore sent
for by tho jurymen Fifteen minutes later the
jurois marched out agmilim und Rn down
Gentlemen of the jury what 10wl
Ueltumen JUIVI hlt your ver
diet Coroner Martin asked
The foroman John Itmiltnht restaurant koopi
of SHI llrnudwity arose Mowly and with much
dellbnrntlon cclii
We llnd lUi prisoner not guilty
Tartars ftiiv turned while and ho stared
about him ciirlniiKly liku a man nondorlnir
what would huiipun noxt There was 1 HI out
buzzol volc08 1 tho room In tho midst nt
which Coroner Martin said to Porter Wo
wont detain you any lonor
Iortor lint out ot thin room quicker than light
fling and dlHappoarod
llonlloiiuin of the jury said tho Coroner
I I thank you for the nttentlon which you have
given to limo tOHtlmotiy You will now ploase
sign your names
The jurynmn had bon BO busy trying Iorter
that they had foi cotton to pronounce how
Wiilxh and Irvin mini by their death Kotno
one HiiLuoslud tho omission to tho Coroner
who siild
Cienllemon vou agree with thu Htuteuiunt
of lr Jcnklnx do you not e
Yes said limo jurymen
Ana hnw they worn killed said the Coroner
I think they Ullod nuch other suld u
brownbeurdod thto row juryman who But hull way down
That lsnurorlnlonsalil another juryman
Then irentlumen slid tho Coroner you
may slcn your iiitmi > > j nnd KO
A reporter 01 Till BUN ahkeu ono of the jury
mon If their verdict would have bean dlllurunt
had ho been Informed that the bullet which
killed Wulhli filled Potters pistol and was too
smitali for tho other two Ibiu juryman said
1111 I Iriud Hit bullets and they were too big
for PortiirB pistol
When the envelopes contalnluK tho bullets
were returned to thom Coroner the bullet taken
from WHKIH heart was In tho outdone en
dorned Irvine and tho two bigger bullets
ID und In lrlniH body sure fuund In thu en
volopo IrlIM Wiiln i
Another jmmrynmnu smIth that two nf the jurors
wanted to hold 1orler liocaUHii thoy tliouuht
thnl thtro wns iirolmblo VUUHO to behluuvo Ihnt
tin had killed VaUh but that the oilier nine
thnimbt differently
Thin followlnc centlemen besides the fore
man compobed the lury
John Ielser shirts 5J7 Hrnailni Lnllls tVlllln
tsllorn7 ltrumsdwy Win I Kartl 1 tlirnlshllK goods
SN7 JiroadnaT Horatio Forbes isle i llroa > luav
H7 IlrodvJ umlireias 15i 1 Hrdadwa Harris B
Irh Si llniair i Harris Saul tailor r4i
Broailwavi m Max Hludler rlolhlng ro Broadway jus
lay H rrltdtierrer cluars JOJ Uroadwar and A S lar
m r3 J
yIn safes flB Uroadway
No ono roproiontlnic the District Attorney
WM at the lnuu6
fymKz Jc
Opinion e > r Proailnrtat Braklra CltUBS
Enentellcstllr at War
E uuJ
Tho DcmofiraUo campaign opened cnthu
mimetically In Brooklyn yesterday Tho candi
dates woro overwhelmed with good wishes and
congratulations Mr Joseph C Hendrix the
Mayoralty candidate made his way about tho
streets with treat difficulty Ho was stopped
at every stop by people who shook hands with
him with great heartiness Tholr greeting In
variably was Success to tho next Mayor
Bets wore freely offered during the day that ho
would bo tho next Mayor Tho bots ranged In
amount from 1000 t 5000 Telegrams and
letters of congratulation poured Into Demo
cratlcCampatcn Ueadauartors In Court street
all day The personal letters of good will t
tho candidates made a huge pyramid on tho
The II members of the committee busied them
selves throughout time day making prepara
tions for a very thorouehand onuruetlc Olin
vass Last nllht tho Jleelstratlon Committee
met In Music llall Volunteers from every
ward In time city attended The different can
didates wern In attendance and arrangements
were completed tor seoiirlnir the fullest possi
ble registry on Monday which Is the last regis
tration day Reports were received at cam
ralitn headquarters In the ovenlnB that many
HnnubllcatiH had signified their Intention of
voting for the Democratic candidate
votn have Wen around all day said a promi
nent gentleman and I have not heard a word
that was not In praise of Mr Ilendrlx and his
usHooliitoa It Is I evident that no nomination
mado for years has so completely reconciled
the different factions of tho party or has se
cured such eentilnn unity and enthusiasm
There IH 1 very promising outlook for tho plea
tlon of tho entire ticket from top to bottom
ton Antr
William M Colo who was prominently men
tioned In connection with tho Democratic
toned for Mayor Brooklyn said
I am assuredly satisfied with the nomina
tion of Mr Hondrlx I believe ho poensos tho
esbcntlnl qualifications of a Democratic candi
date at tho present tlmo IntolllKonce iudu
mont Intellectuality of a blah order Intimate
knowledge of this varied necessities of tho city
independence of thought and I disposition t
do all and everything that would tend to pre
serve thn fair namo and fame of Brooklyn I
bollovo Mr Hendrix will b elected
lvldennnii lllnek who won also fa > orably
tnentlound for thu nomination salt lie bollnvod
Mr Honilrlv would poll this full party voto and
bu I tile nod Mayor ol Brooklyn
Goo Ii Fox ami Goo Klnkol two of tho throe
DumoerulH who wero placed on tho ticket lor
Aldermen al Large by Ibo Itupuhllcun City
Convention of Urooklyn havo declined to run
mid thud plnwH 1 > ou tho ticket will I be supplied
by thu Committed of Ton appointed by tIme Comm
onllun I John itooiiur 1 time other Domoorat
Ixau nntitnritiii1 tn fisti Mr IlnrshlkV fa till lit rr >
nlruil lindnr I of r tho jlrit National League of
Kinds county und in time language of ono of
tIme pronilnunt delegates In the Convontlon
wivi uonilnutiil to catch trio tlynnmlte voto
In th Seconil HeniUe district Democratic
Convnntlon whIch met at 38 Court street
Rrooklyn yesterday utleriioon Senator John
J Klorniin ruts ronninlnutod unnnlmously
Tho Hopnblloiin Cltlzuiis Association of the
loplhloln Cltzll
RUUOiith Word Brooklyn Inla n meeting Inst
nluht at Turn Hall and endorsed tho nomina
tion uf Joseph C Hondrlx an n capable man for
t ton vositlomm amid muse asked tho other ward und
district associations to endorse him
III non for Not Welting nt Littleton
Island for tko Tactic
WAll OTON Oct 19Thn Secretary of War
has r celc < l from lien flaxen the ofKclat report uf
Litut Uarlllictuu cuminaiidir of the Arctic expedition
to Smiths Souud for the relief of Lieut UreelyH Dry
In cialsnatlou ot his course In starting southward
after thew ruck of the Proteus lustead nf waiting for
the Yantlc Lieut UarllDtftun says that he tllil not he
lleio the Yantli could gel to Littleton Island through
soot Ice as they had encountered and further that be
expected to und at Cajte York the sntdltli steamer So
ititi aiid to avail iiimmaelt of lien naslitamice 1mm earryln
t II 11 It
lo t
out a fan a iloesibie the plait for LleUt tireetya rl f
Ourlimmgtoti will regard VO to the upplmenl order LIUL
Oorlliiol 1rMlol1 einr tgc ° eo4ar tl orIginal
11lrululoblhd at lime timime Al IIlael written
moper Waeeliclmsmh In the ilmntOieiIitI iiiy IIOruclon
TiiiIpftpOhPlliipl3ni1amiiaeImtlcacdcmmof I i
r p r I
i rillfll I iil I liol tur
nlhd tue Sucrelury Ir the Navy 10 tlI imme bl of
Intlclln to lie givOmi time ellI ul the esael
ler111 nuenmililaumy the Irulo 1 lie paler was 11
addrcsed ur signumI iimmieeii t bore 10 ltlclsi inert
ii litletet I hlv IV mit an thur regartel it a an
enter coil I w ee eurturiee Im nd lime clateilieflI that
liii mater We time siimmhemiemiuery Itmatroctiomma I
irti j imnie III tnmmitiimimmiig II II iivmlt Jsrllumitn I I i report
I a diet lh ruipect to Ih IIlollr IIIlry
order the fct are imm imiilstimmmrr correctly atted by
ieniiictou emmI tilt 1 mimrlcture iuide uoi I limin so far as
they refer 10 I lie InI11 it dllhdlolelllv hn un
wrrmumteml 11 lisytii mdla mimieur Ihal ii lh cc
ganil Jt eeerel chimer 10111 < Llcut Oolugtoo ha been
asked fur farther cxplauailomms I
Farther FAct About Oneof thr Growing In
dii irlei of MtMBtiCBUsett
BOSTON Maims Oct 19Gov Butlers much
dltipul 1 t > alI Ml 05 II I time tawltnf of huuau hides re
cU ed strong eoiitlrniatlon from aii unexpected quarter
toda At the easier 1 nf the Senate Committee on Etlu
cello ont Labor ChI T Clime a Somervlle tanner
WM examined He Raid
I Imvo Keen tiuinaii hides tanned The builneii hal
bten tiicrtHsinif for ionic yesre until lately Three or
tour 1111h ago it wa Ktnppcd I tinte Been several
Mliilt lilies if WIn that hatl teen tatined They wero
indict l nuil link it an lust mom n life
Mnutnr ltiairWluurn I did i111 See these 1 11 dout
know as 11111211 I tu cam ld imiftit Injure me
Hfiuttur 11 I will take tliu t b rffptnimljility for that
itiif 1 lilly httn Hi tin at M tillers tannery In Cum
brliltctt the last erie Hl > niit ft icon ego
hciiator tiluirtor what purport are these hides
tautiulr AI dont know
Hetiutnr Itlair Du yuu know any one cIte 1 who HW
theKO thiiiffttr A VIH Uan MiUnm of Kcunervlllu
saw one also Mr Worster o Mimer llle MuUermott
cut a IM iiiec off und carrit It I tn his pocket
Senator Illalr Is I tIde buimess done au > where else 1
AV I I Is I clone In Wohurn
rteiiator Illalr Ilid > ou ever take part lu tanning one
of these hides 7 AS sir
HtMiator Illalr Hid Ihe i proprietors know that this was
iiolnirour A hvfs m the > must have Time men told
nn thai the proprietors illd 1 iiio > t of the wor on these
htdei with their I 1 own hands There are plenty of men
I who could tell all about this but they don t dare to
Qunllflcntlona for Mtale Department Clerk
WASHINGTON OCt 11 Socrotary Frollnff
huju11 ma letter to the Secretary of time Civil Service
Commission suggest that a special examination h
Kh en to all applicants who may with tu enter the Stat
Department whirl shall conform to Home measure to
the examination heretofore required lu the cane of
applicants for cinch grates uf commutes I and now re
quired In the 15CC of applicant for convular clerk
InDM Till enthrall1 such general iiestlons not too
teihnlcal or iletnkil In relation Ii t the following sub
jecis u every icrioll of fair educittlon uuy be asiiuine
to be able to nii wr
General provtttlnn of the Cimrtitution the simpler
and broader prlitclltl of International III law geography
npiclally I I that I of foreign cuuntrlei traiulutlun I from
at least one foreign lanituage tliu writing of one or
more de > tctien or letters tile sulijert to be Indicated
Ic 1 the < examiner arithmetic to S nufllcleiit extent to
rfiow that time cundliljle I I ali to keep the ihnplcit
arconntH 1 and thu more Important facet nf IUtory
al lucli trui 1 he add aliuiiid in in > opinion ie I
laid upon the ublllty of the ciuitlfdate to compose and
writ I letter ahinprinclial duties in thin dejmrtmeut
isoaiul l probably be 1 tnoie of corresllliudiilg 1 clerk rl11
A Strictly Noupurltsun 1rnyer
PIIULLIIA Oct 10ln the Episcopal
Congress mousy the House of Deputies In Committee of
the Whole resumed ciinslileralloii of the report of the
Joint Diiimlttee on Ihe lra > er hook The pending
IUestion was the proposed amendment to the first of the
eight versiclca In Disorder of etening prayer m ixi 1 O
Lord save our rule Or Ilniuks of Masfuchusrtts
iropuMil < Hut It I read tllord blesl the nation Mr
Stark I of fonneotliiit proposed 10 l sulistllule Ihe people
of time limited stiles for the nulion I Ir Iliinllniiton
of ille committee t moled as a suliMlltilte these word U
Lord bless uml piesrri 1 u ltce United Hlales Mr Iislier
of western New York proposedO lordpresere and
U <
bless these United l I Staled Mr Motlstt I l New Jersey
moved to substitute Lord save the state and Ur
hlilpman of New merIt mlivtd 10 culistit mite for the
versUle o Ixird bow down Thine ear All of tho
r were rejected except that of Dr uutiug
ton which w as agreed to
Stephen M Edoll an old and wealthy cltl
ten of Ht Louis died at noon jresttrday lu his 73d year
Mr Klifell was one of Ihe original lucorporators and for
a long time a director of what was known as the Eastern
DltIslon of the Union Taclrlc Hallway At the time of
hltotl lie was iteiitmmt lt the ilisnurI Slate Mutual
lrIIt Lumiumpully lrOld1 d the MII incur
simms IoIIy 1111111 01 Ih AIhI ii 1111
Iluel CullIY Time 1111 whih iaiued 110 dealt
wil lural tic 1 or whl1 lie mist It Hk tie leaves I
otie sti amid a dAUahl tho I I this wife of AUII Cor
bil of Nw Viurk
I 1 Patrick time Ilnl ohn of the lrlrord
cuimlit 1a liar 1d Iii TwJ last ci 1111
NII1 A 111rldl a lall imhisim mm ounce who
arrh nit It I Iii cOln mmmi I Iii I 11 wIl Ima hI1
pmmeuttmummla eiiiiillitm imt toils a UoeUII II rllhu died or I lhOld
Hllmnlnled br the Ohio Victory lolnsnre Sac
eeai In Si w YorkThe Cnnnty Ticket For
mall CompletedWill There be K Third
Thu opening nieotltiff of tho campaign In
this city was held at Chlckcrlne Hall last night
under tho management of the Young Mens
Democratic Club ot this city Many merchants
nnd young business mon were present Col
Willis B Palno called the meeting to order and
Introduced the President of tho club Edward
L Parrls who spoke with enthusiasm and vim
of the Democratic victory In Ohio and of the
coming victory of the Democracy In this Btato
In vindication u of the administration of Oov
Cleveland Ho attributed the victory In Ohio
to Republican malfeasance and misfeasance
tho natural sequel t tho Iniquity of the Inau
guration of Hayes who was not elected In time
place of Samuel Tlldon who was elected Ho
Introduced a tho first speaker of tho evening
Isaac I Maynard tho candidate of time Democ
welcomed racy for Secretary of State who was cordially
Mr Maynard spoke with cordial approval of
the scheme of interesting tho young men of
tho country in tho politics of tho day and of
educating tho people by public discussion Ho
then addressed the audience In answer to the
question Wherein do these parties differ I
that solicit my voto On this subiect hu said
The Democratic party by Its traditions Its principle
Its habits and its administrative mode v lien In power
has demonstrated > thnt It Is the party of the people and
Jhfl I
t al
the I champion of populnr rights Under Ite rule the
country has alwal prospered InctlMdual I lltiertv I has
been held sacred local self irovernmenl linn been innln
talued honesty and capacity ot public I servants made
the 1 test of tltuess for mltclal ponttlonr and simtilultv
11e economy uC I r ro rIgidly f 1
Wherever an abuse has sluiwn itself It hiss been prompt
to correct It I although t in so doing I come fl Its own incut
ben hae been made tusuffer punlfhment
With tht picture Mr Mnnard contrasted the record
of the RepublIcan party l with Its shameful corruption
and Its outrageous schemes for wrlnnlliK from the peo
ple large sums bv oppressive and unequal r tnxuuon
With reference to the In Ohio lie nM 1 Ten I
lh r rI ictory II UII S TI days
ain the very centre nf the eneinvH lltus vas piurcudnnd
broken In that Western strooKhold of Itrpublkanism
which for ten year has furnished the leaders of th
part and dominated Its national policy I Is I Idle for
the Itepubllcan Press I and Kepublican orators to attempt
tiiLellttlethcslitulncsliceof th < ileiliU 4 > uiU > rKiuUho
1 it Wms tint caused by f ouf presence of disturbing local i
MUCH In I the canvass The analysis the mute shot s that
I wan the result of n deep pentad coin Ictlou on the part
of thouuhtful IntelllKent and Independent xottrs In the
part that the time had come uhen the puMIc welfare
demanded nchaliite In I the icencml course and police I of
mate and national administrations I Here in thin Brest
metropolis the heart of this vast Commonwealth from
whfitcH the streams of Influence flow whleli shaou the
thought and action of 1 her people the wisdom and
patriotism of the Democratic poi have aicuin asserted
themoelves and the irlnd news has gone to every corner
of the State that union mini harmony prevail In all her
councils Our ranks everywhere are closed our front
unbroken and victory IN I assured
Speaker Alfred C Chapln the candidate of
tho Democracy for Comptroller began his
speech with 1 picture of the environments of
political life In the time of Alexander Hamil
ton who said that public life In this country
had few attractions either from pecuniary
emolument or reputation Mr Chapin wits of
the opinion that our fathers wero not better off
In this respect than ourselves and that the
honest public officer must be content to feo his
best efforts unknown and unappreciated He
was of tho opinion thai politics may
ba purified by taking away ns much
as possible those prizes which are
sought only by sordid selMntorvst leaving as
the fair and legitimate prize that which may bo
properly sought by onlightHDud selfinterest
Ho sketched titus results of time work done by
the last Legislature and declared that that
work was creditable to time party and beneficial
to tho Stato and the party tlmt achieved this
work left behind It no stain of bribery such us
marked the last Kepublican Legislature
Dennis OBrlou tho candidate for Attorney
General praised Oov Cleveland administra
tion and said that time Legislature elected with
him had cooperated with him In the work of
economy and reform
After contratttinutne record of the last Lngls
tutu with that of the corrupt Republican Leg
islatures that preceded It ho said
llonit rule methods at administration and meanirei
connected with the domestic affairs of the people of Hits
Imperial State of ours are the fULStfons directly luoheil
In this electionand n lilrh the Democratic part Is Peru
llarly nitttd to tai vritn successfully Tlie people oi
Ohio heretofore the great Western stromihold of our po
litical opponents have Just decreed that the manaire
mentof their domestic affairs shall be confided to the
Democratic pnrty In a contest remarkable for the
vote cast and the Interest manifested by the people
That the people nf Democratic Neu York will
render the same verdict at the polls as the people of
Kepublican Ohio can scarcely be douhted nnd thu olin
of the people of these great and powerful Matcsdemnnd
lug that Democratic principles und methods of admlnls
tratlon shall control in their Mute Uot eruinents w ill ho
followed by the voice of the country In the trreat contest
of 1HH4 demandliiK thnt there principles and methods
shall be applied by the Democratic patty to the manage
ment of the affaIrs of the Federal iottmmeut
E K Apgar and Col Horatio C King also
spoke Robert A Maxwell candidate for Stiito
Treasurer and Elnnthnn Sweet candidate for
State Engineer and Surveyor were prosunt on
the platform The meeting adjourned with
cheers for the ticket and then the guests went
entertained with a collation nt the rooms of
tIme club 21 West Twentyfourth silent
Time Union Democratic tlckit was completed
last night by tin Irving Hall Democracys
nomination ef Edward Ilrowno for Justice of
the City Court Mr Urownu was born In Ireland
In 1U42 and cams to this country whun he was
G years of age He was graduated from time
public schools und then studied law with his
father Ho wont to the war as a private in tho
Sixtysecond New York and received one of
tho Congressional medals for bravery ntSalom
Heights Hu Is a PuHt Commander of Hiker
Post O A It
Tho Irving Hall Convention also endorsed
time nominations of Tiimnmnv end the County
Democracy Col Freiltirick A Conkling mud
a brief address and then Sir lirowuo thanked
the Convention for his nomination
The Tammany Committee on Organization
nnnrnvnil hv a unanImous vote tint nomina
tions ot the County Democracy and the Irving
Hall Democrats and received Judge CliarluH
II Van Ilrunts ncceptancu nf the nomination
for Supremo Court Juatlcu Then they resolved
to go down the bay on Sunday morning to re
ceive limo Hon Augustus Scliell who Is expect
ed to arrive on that day In tho Urltannlc
Time rooms of oxCongressman James
OJlrlons Independent Democratic Organiza
tion wore crowned last night Bpocchobogalnst
the Democratic organizations and in favor ol
the nomination of mm Citizens ticket were made
by Senator John G Boyd and Mr Tim Shea of
tho Ninth ward and then the meeting ad
journed till tonight Mr Oltrlon said after
time meeting that no could not nay what part
his organIzation would tutu In the present
campaign Other members of this organiza
tion said that a moss meeting might bo eilled
at which an Independent ticket would be nom
inated on which James OJJrlen would bo the
candidate for Register
Tile nominations the United Democracy
wilt bo formally tendered to the candidates In
the Hoffman House this owning
The ticket selected by tho twentynine mom
herb of the Ittinubllcan Conference Commllleo
was approved by the County Convention
which met at Ilepullcnn Hall last even
ing Willard liullnrd In presenting
time names said that limo committee
had hoped to combine with the Citizens Com
mittee In preparing a ticket but found Itself
compelled to name a straight ticket ns fol
lows Itoslntor Jacob Hess bupromo
Court Judges Edward Mitchell and
Itolwrt Hewiill City Court Judges J
O Julius Lnnglwlu and William II
Townloy The tunning of Mr Townley time
speaker said was an tivldnnco that animosi
ties no longer existed In time Itepubllcnn ranks
und that the doors wore opon to all Republi
cans The nominations were ratillnd
Tho County Democracy Buniite Conventions
met yesterday and appointed committees of
conference In tho Eighth District Conentlon
a resolution not to present John W Brown
Ingu namo In the conftirunco because tbo
Tammany Association ol the Keventh Assem
bly district bad resolved not to accept him us n
candidate was warmly discussed nnd re
furred finally to the ConferciiCH Committee
who are W II Iturotb Patrick McCnbo J It
Voorbls Andrew Oovan Nelson J Waterbury
Jr John Hare nod A It Herrick
Justice Inn Indicted for Extortion
William A Lane a Jersey City Justice ot tIm
Peace was arraigned yssterda afternoon in liii lludsou
County Court of leueral Sessions on three Indictments
for exacting extortionate fees He pleaded out guilty
and was remanded for trial lie secured bail Lane Is
a primilutut Ittpublican nntltlclan and besides beliiK a
Justice of the Peace IsaUustom House Inspector He
Is accused of ellortlnsfrom Kale McUTIe ou Sept ii
fl Hi for issuing a criminal warrant for extonlnit from
John Harder on Kept 51 i WU for proceedlniis In n
irlinlitat cane and for extortlnif from ilury Uadway on
Oct B f I 81 fur a criminal warrant
Monday will he the last day of registration
tomnilstlnner Kaymonii Uismlsett Charles R Halllday
S eslerilar from Ihe I jiobltlou of general clerk of th I
heath Iemianliemit for tr tug to sao from prosecution
uersons i ho hail i blamed health orilliiaiices
Th gas war Is virtually at an end The rival com
tiaiiles It Is said have srrived at an uiulerstaiullntr ami
rom lilt begiiiIumil of Not ember the brife will be rained
ii tile mull tlieurotlJ per lOW cOlic > feel The Polio
Munlclpe1 romiiauyIs I to receive front ihdirectorsi if
Hi Hrnoilyu CcjiMiisiiy JO per cent of th chock ol the
company for which It Is to 1157 par value
Mn end Women Flikllnr Oet Out of it
NmokeFllled Mulldlna
While Jacob Bier was handling a barrel of
alcohol the basement ot the paint and oil tore of M
Feign A Bro 147 Mercer street yesterday the alcohol
caught lie ana liter who was severely burned ran
screaming to the street tn the upper stories were
Foreman Magnus and twentythree men and women In
the employ ot Alexander 1 Weluuert can manufactur
ers Mr Magnus saw the heMy volume ot smoke and
told the operatives that the basement wai burning Be
fore the frightened people could ri ach the doors the
hallway was filled with smoke They tumbled down
stairs In a half suffocated condition
Next loor north Is I the fur manufactory of Albert
1l nlirA Son Fmfty operatives men and women are
einplnved mostly on the third fleer Mr louse llentl
knew that his factory would KO If the stile was burned
Ha ran to the second floor called the foreman to the
door and told him to let the operatives out two at a
time Then he ran tu the third tlnor nlid nIO
Jet your coats and wraps and 10 down to the street
The next building Is ou lire lucre Is no hurry The
irlrls ifn rirat
xiaiiiu > tnsticd The nun clutched their coats mind
hats slid ttuetuuid for the door while the women screamed
and followed Mrlierzlir knocked down the mild man
and took the next bv the throat nud shnvd him back
ilhsnit lack yom curshesald There U no hurry
and the women shall KO Orst
Then lie passed aU the women out three at a time
calling them by name tjtcept Clara Miller who tumhmmted
Before half of them were out the hall WAS filled with
smoke When ttie last man hnd iroue Mr llerzlir picked
up the girl who had fainted and carried her the street
where she soon reMvtJ He was gasping for breath
himself when he I got there
The firemen soon flooded the first ftcor and the base
ment of time burning building Near the street door
stood several carhops ot muriatic acid Two were
broken as thev were rolled Into the irutttr Chief shav
Fortman Rlig nnd half n dozen others hnd clothing
ruined by the spurting acid na the carhot s broke
The damage In the building was chtedy by water and
smoke Lo stl50o fully Insured
The Neu llrnnawlck Lear her Rudder and
Annex a a Iorl of her Ouiird
A collision occurred last evening between the
Pennsylvania Kallroad ferry boat New Brunswick and
the Annex ferry bont 3 off the slip at the foot ot Exchange
place In Jersey City The New Urunswtck started from
this side ot the river at 0 oclock The tide was then
flood and was very strong so that she had tomake a con
stdrrahle detour from a direct course In orderto reach her
IcfiliiHtlon When she was about IK yards from the
New Jersey shore and had stouped her engines Capt
John HmocK whn wit In the pilot house saw the Annex
boat which had just emerged from her sUp an lIe war
to Urooklvn drifting toward him He reversed his en
gines In order to get out of the way but the Annex
reemed to be unable to battle ajalnit the tide and men ml
rnpldlv upon the New Brunswick Mie struck heron
the port bow
The collision startled the pauengers on both vessels
nnd intense excitement prevailed for a few minutes
borne ner omit percons seized life prism hut n mettle
cmtheNew HruiiHWlck was pre cnt d by the ctlortsnt
the more c < ol headed passengers When the two boats
parted It teas s < en that there w as no danger The for
ward rudder of the frrrv boat was broken nnd the
irnard of the Annex boat was broken off nt the bow
ir me
ferreui to amohhier host Suierinlelu2nt itlnomshiurgh
of time inntmi hysniut llalirol Cotupftu C ferries sail
No one ieee Imurt Slid liii dauage ut atuy alcouut was
done I mimI thiluk auy omit Ia to tlautie Thin collisIon
mue reaped by tIme tmiusually etrumig tile I am how
ever inmcsthgstiug It
Hard Lot ofn Stepmother Wfcose Oldest Son
UMI Ifi Yeiir Older ta tm IIen ir
PHILADELPHIA Oct 19 Charles Simpson
the old colored Milel of Stephen Grnrd was before
Judge AllHon today for iicplectlnir to support his young
wife The neglected bride appeared In I an elegant tires
of black silk tvlth red and bluedalslea In silk embroidery
running down the front She lied a pretty and In
ttlltifvnt face She said that about two inonthn ego she
bad had trouble with uuu of Imer vnerablv hUKbAtids
sons aud that since ihut linio her husbautl had refused
to broperlv support her
The old man came slowly np to tin oar Ho said that
hue i timid just passed his vluhtthird birthday He mar
rleut uI Jurewmmt melfe mdiUt Ii 3 ear ago She scum itfteen
inrs jonnger than his eldest son ills children ob
leclid to his tnarr ini apaln hut lie had wished to have
tome one who would be demoted to Mm alone In hlitfe
linluir years A few weeks nxooneot his eons wns In
nurt for boxing Ills stiMimother ears Since that time
hue did not Icin to love nil w Ife quite ns much as before
cud he had perhitps neglected her but she he said had
efused to attend to the household tic mica willing to
do what the fourt thought was right
1 he Judge directed him to pay hits wife 3 a west and
he gave bonds to do so
Psiretvell Temperance ftl eetlns to Mayor low
Not a little surprise was manifested at the
number of persons who InreiDonse to the call of the
Irohlbltloniets of Ureenpolnt and Wllllamsburgll last
night crowded Into Uusonlc Temple In Grand and
Seventh streets Wllllamsburgll
m wIsh Ma or Low were here said Dr II T Mann
the Chairman I dont think this would b a very
encouraging sight for him
After aiidreuees ly Gen Thomas W Conway Coh
Ward B SIeruusi of Tomes a brrullmer of the Jomernnr
elect of thmst Slate and the lIne ti ii iinois the
Ctuumirumurilm migiilui exlureseel his regret thiuet time Mayor we
riot Jreseit almiiug
liii gathinrlumr retnlnihe flue of Brother lireilleys
farewell frOui hui Seek Whietu tlem imet all said fare
Weti atil em en tuuihy slomw the ronil hued iilih isrewnit
smut eVtI tile Irma ueeiud to be criuilmr faewell be
mvns throw frh iii hone whIch a It dhemmphienreul
uvet the hull mm itihied its tail just e If II too Hrotlunr
htrailev cSimi wcre scying finest miii to the So It msnuujd
be with tIme Ma ur IC huu wale hem amid same you as I ace
3 50
A flpootaneoua Meeting for Ilendrlx
From a discussion nmonc a few newsdealers
last night in irand ttreet near Fourth WilllauiiburnU
a lively political meeting was evolved The question
under discussion was Who of the candidates for the
Maorally would prove the better friend to the news
dealers In their right f
The person to whom the question was referred made
nn extended reply and people passing gathered In large
numliem iibout die news stand They trim Ii out to the
speaker to get on to the fctuod und hu did so Ifttr he
had llnlohtM Ills speech n m suitor mechanic took his place
Ive gilt mum v own notions tie anl about tIle Ikrahd
light and 3uu all know is bust they are but I am cur
I rued to see 3011 people here wasting vour time iibout
whowonld make the t letter Mioor > fr ItendrKiso
oung mini w ho husworlvcd for his lUlng right along
Hues It rtqulrc that viich a pcroon should hae eoplo KO
aroiind and proe that hi knows how to tuil core of our
dollnrs w hen he know s like us the earning of them
Other rpicche followed and extracts from the lisper
commenting ou Mr llendrlxs nomination were read
Qiltea at is IVllllamBlmrBk Ferry
Passengers from tIle foot of Broadway Wil
llamsburgh to Grand itreet New York will no longer
rash madlv past the ticket boxes at the sound of the
erry boat whistle and shooting down the incline to
ward the water spring several feet Into the air wllh the
onridvnt billet that thev will come down on lime deck of
a L retreating ferry boar High kalei now cut ou Into
cooler from tin enlovnient of this t rut A long ferry
iousibetween the I Its o elite with u double tlcktt I box
as repliicul the old ticket boxen Its I brilliantly pnlnted
it tails and Muniiird l roof nr < llghteuid bv tornfight
tttned glass u hide mms An iron I dnnlung foiintuln if
plcturcsiiuo form and circular stium heattrs rKhly
glided set off the interior
lAllcy shIps rand u Widen Ietr
A little colored man with n shining black pate
and a wooden leg stumped up to Juifc Pattersons
desk at JefTirson Market yesterday touuswtr aiharg <
of selling policy slips lie sckoomm led t d his guilt and
was held for trial lie said he was Illjah llolllns 00
cars old him 1mg Kt ISM Ua > t llnh Street He had bueii
in thf pollc > business fur thlrtfeien ears
How mIll you love our leg ad III Justice
I Well onall I lived to run ut No Teliglhu lIt ute clii
volumeteer times Une nlglt tie mnsheen run Into a rut
and jolted Ili hams emil it I slipped under de mm hurda slid
had my leg smavhed JJni I took to selling policy slpi
Its a mighty po burliuss yonah hut ilu oU man has tu
do souieihlu io keep de wolf from de do
A Train Wrecked or u Tornado
TYLER Tox Oct Intolllconco lies been
receded lure of nw reckon the bust Une Narrow bugs
Railroad lash t night n few miles oust of sulphur springs
Une loll slid Iwu m children were let nd m injured There
were a number of othtr pafcsuiiersoii board several of
wlintn wire quite 111113 hurt The recom cry of tile lady
Isitoubtful I flit wrti ked truln was uiuum imug St time Title
nfvlghutn milt s su hour nhi > ii It was struck by a tor
nado und blown our bung almost demolished
Clingstone and MMnlirht yesterday trotted a mile to
pole In clei eUud In J i
The total vote cast In Hamilton fount OhIo was
ooSH < for the prohibition amendment HtoJ
The iuimihsh l olkethmiuig has adopted a proposal to u
pend the discussion of nil Mlnlfterlal bills on their t first
remling and to refer thsm to committee unless HIV Mln
lucre icsign
It Is reported at Constantinople that Mldhat Paiha
who was sentenced to exile in Arabia for complicity In
time uissassitmutluii of rjultall Abdul Azll lu May haiti hat
bets released
Un petition of the Barton National Bank before Judge
Bailey 11 St AlbnnsM jestrrdavRradley lt rlon wus
adjudged Insolvent and tile debtors appeal laktu tu time
County Court liarlow makes uo contest
The lessees of the bill boards In London refuse to post
Xlacards announcing a immure by Michael Darltt in bt
ameis Hall on the auih lust Tin friends of Mr Da
vllt will sue the lessees to test the refusal
The lastbound Salt Iske express on the Denier arid
Klo irande luilruud ran luto a land slide near Delta
Colnn Ihurtdat 1 morulnir wrecking the locomotive
hliihiuit the enginrer L i A Oodfro and seriously Iniur
lug the nmuan and mall agent
Two farmers O Ford nnd Joe Sutherland between
wbom an old grudge had rxUtrd met In the road on
XVrdueSlav sfleri luau II 15 elte burp taOt l of Newport
Ark Ford whom hutherland had threatened to kill
had n shottflin nnd lieforei buihcrluud would draw his
pistol shot and killed him
The lion D I Mriherion has recigntd as Speaker of
the Dominion heiiale axil has betn appi Inled Minister of
the Interior bir Join MacdonnU lakes the piwltlou nf
lresideut of tht Council rrtnlnliu the ultlce of liupertn
tendeut Ueuvrnl nf Indian Aalrs and the coutrvl uf His
Northwest inuunled police
HlrlklnsT nnd Tanlnc nt Each Other nil op
the Alle Wknt Marred the Harmony of
a Church Oyster Mupprr In flayyllle
LOCUST VALLEY Oct 19 Bayvtllo which
Is between Locust Valley and Oyster Bar
Harbor raises the finest atpnracus on Long
Island An old resident Bald today that the ti I
people there wore BO very quiet and peaceable
thnt the least thing would raise a tremendou
row On Thursday nlicht the Methodist Church i
save an oyster supper It began at 8 oclock
and nothing occurrod to mar the harmony oi
the occasion until 11 John Hnckett the Cap
tain of a brick schooner cat In the front pow u
s 11I 1 m
close to a canuy BIHUU wmcii EIUUU nxiuuai lu
altar rail Uo was Mono In his paw and In tin
aisle a number of children were playing 3
Couples were walking up and down and mans
peoplo were tn tho pews
Capt William Henry Smith who own a f
schooner and whose sister la Sackotts wife u
walked down the aisle to the DOW In which ij
Bnckett sat leaned and spoke to him He had
said only a few words when both clinched and Ji
Sackett took n saw handle from under his coat 14 tJ
or from thn pow and struck Smith several vio
lent blows with It They struggled toll on the
Iloor trot up attain dealt numerous and hear I
blows on each others faces and finally feliovei 5
on thn candy stand and smashed It
Women and children screamed and ran from i
tIme church to the street while others ran In to V I
see the fracas The Itov William Taft anil nix
or seven of his parishioners ran down the aisle
to the two debtors and did their boat to
separate them Smith and Sackett struck at t i
each other over the minister1 head and some i <
of time other peacemakers were actually struck f
by HID enraged combatants and they still boar
marks of time blows
Capt Htnlth and Capt Sackett fought mind I
rolled over and tugged at each other all up
the aisle while women screamed and the chll
druu cried At last thoy reached the street and
were there separated bv force of number
Smiths face was badly bruised and cut anti I
one of his eyes was nearly cloned His head 5
wits cut deeply lu two places Uoth men wen t
taken home by their friends Captain Sacketlt i
Injuries were less severe thouch he ulso bar
marks of the fray Pastor Taft was Indignant I
at what had occurred and soerul women bo < i
came hysterical t I
All the residents ot Bayvlllq agreed Tester f
day that Smith had been worsted but thei
could not agree as to who had struck the llrsl i
blow Captain Sackett and his friends say hi
acted simply In selfdefence and that Smith m 4
trib him wttlmtlt nrnvri ntlnn Tlia nBuanll V
they say grow out of an old family quarrel 4
About 9 oclock on Thursday night Capt 4
Smith said yesterday to a reporter as I was t
on my way to the church and was passing hut 1
street well almost opposite the church a man I
who was crouching on the ground struck me I
on the head with a club and I fell to the ground
unconscious I lav them a lone time and when A
1 cam to and went Into the church to see j
SiickMt he without warning pulled the BUM
handle from under his coat and struck me
with It Then I struck him and the flgh i
began It was an old family quarrel revived
nnd I know ho was the man who struck mn at
the well I did not Intend to strike him in the
church 1 was going to ask him to come out
side to speak to me
I shall probably cot out a warrant for his
arrest and he may do the same for mo I am
right 1mm time matter The cause ot the old quar
rel I cant explain It Is a private family mat II 4
Bradley on the Scuba Verdict i
ALBANT Oct 19 Senator Sessions left bore It
this afternoon on the 3 oclock train He was happy
but would ay nothing about the verdict Ho intends tu t I
run again for Senator In hi dlttrict Bradley departed
on the 11 oclock train last night half an hour after th
verdict misc rendered He said
borne nf tIde wltnesves have very conveniently
chAinied their miewe mum ha 1 Arthur W Hick man ot
Iliiffaln who actually denies the accuracy of the ttennir V Ic
rapliers uotea in UielmtutlgMlon of itwl He te tlrt < a fm
very differently now frotn what he Old then Ills
meujorr Itaslv nrrfrevli lrotisblytll two yeare Here
members betttr han he did the day after the occurrence u
Then there la IIIKTSOU He testttled differently from
what he did lie ha married Senator Semlou tihece
In the inran tlinp but nf cntirta that inKkMtinillfrprviK
I tell you menu eol Inhiuence are all powerful Do
ouctmppne nr doe anybody iUpiKiwe tfmt 1 or Oen
Simarpe tmr iijtjoily elM woum sacrifice SJtiOO and get 4
UI sit these meetIng with bvtslons merely to break him
uph Ii
Twenty MIners Killed L
LONDON Oct 19An explosion occurred at il
midnight In the Wliarncllffe Carlton colliery neai I
Barn i ley YorkshIre There were twentythree men In i
the pit at the time Fie of them rushed io the bottom
of the shaft ant were drawn up alIve though they war I
Injured by the explosion The men remaining In the
pit nuniiierlnif tuvnty were lout A fore of uieu are I
exploring Itt luulnn In search ot the bodies of the via i
tlnm Three have bren recovered The falling in of the
riKif of the pit delay the work of the pearchern and II
will be Jrnioiwible to recover the other bodies iuime
Uinleh It Is supposed that the explosion was caused bj i
a Llait shot
fUtrthqankea In the Grecian Archipelago
ATIIEKS Oct 10The Grecian Government
lift vent two menufwur to iLo iCciio of the recent
earthquake In the Grecian archipelago with suppllt ft > t
for the nuffiTeri It In reported that 120 Pours lmt
been recoerrd lu the vllUdr near Cluiiue In Anatolia j
which miere ruined by the earthquake Tli earth openeJ I I
near Afutnta und swallownl house and peniile 1
LoNnox Oct 19 The BrittBh Connul ut Ohio report t
thnt lumj I pcrnonn on I lie malnUnd wore killed and t
wounded itv the recttit earthquake and that aisistouci l
U urK utly required 1 ±
Appeal to the Spanish Army
MADRID Oct 19The circular Gon Lopez
Donitnifuez MlnUier of War to the Captain General of
th iinny In olllctally published The Va Mluiuter I i
lulU upon the jrreat hrce ltv for f tfnite nnny r I I j
itiriii ani attune army io anyrounu ini aimr 11 Is
fXhrr1 Ilum hope that thin Cjpcm Uen ml will 1
ciKtiirrite with him In pcrfMlne hum > tiriranization Imud
ilfsclpltnntif the I nnnx M whiCh tiles will earn lilt gmiulh I
hate mf tblr toitntry and inspire forcinu natiiiiis smith
rvrpcctfor fipttiu
FightIng In Madagascar
PARIS Oct 19A telegram from Zanzibar re
port that a combat had taken place lu Madagascar
hetneiMi the lloias and SalulittaN Admiral Oallbrv
it ltn had Hirhftl at Tainrtnvewjthtran iMirt and troop I
from la tiln wa rtmriiip tu rr ume f Reii < ite oi > er I
Nilon mi tho frtxt count uf Mtdaxaocur where thus ft
JOVH baSe rtcentlv rrrapturvd si rrral plnicf Tim 1
liifrltih MMfil uutborltiu rv < lifpcribd is belmig very
lioDtiU in their attitude toward the French
Itrlgmenela ddoutrnted
PALEEdO Oct 19 Twelvo brigand who f
ivmru iiipliCHted In tourtttn murdtriicomnittd during
the led ili year in the Ahuornal i districtprolnc ot
Kfiifiinto Jinvi been ttiitviiced to death mid des CD
Mticra who wre coin Ictel I of COIHJ llcity In lIme HIIIII
tmut iiau been cuudtnninl to hard labor lu prUou
Narrow KacMpea rrimi the Severn TnnneL
LONDON Oct 19 When the tunnel under the f
river Mrrn wa flooded > esttrrday ihier vrer K him i
dred iiirn liil of It Thev bnrely etcap dl being
IMriiM Two of them h fll fri ho HlH < l < feron mu hlili they
acre fcudvut brln s to reach the surfuur and wertj killed
The Hlniil Office Imlletlan
Partly cloudy weather nnd local rains south
vrentir 7 slilftluv to northusterl winds spoilt fsll fol
joHidlirrUliig barometer slight rise fttlusmmi by fall t
lug temperature
JOTTIXOX Aiionr rorrv
i V
Herman Qrsenlterg a Jeuisli peMIer was sufTocatid
by iliuiimlmatimig emma iii his room at 47 ihmui ely e > t < rday
Clarkson frollus has sul scribed SiP to the Hnrtholdl
statue pedesial fund Ul tIme miahime of tuG DUIchldren In
time J iii ummile Asjluni
Mr alit Mrs McKee Ranklnhave inortgnfred their new
tlicatro on Third aenue to A J 1 bum soil ahmuuimer fur
H > uuiJ pa > imbue him tvoesrs
Lanrence Howe porter In the hoops of E S Mills
CnutA Krnuduu was Iniautrr killed ynurlny by
falling don n the elevator shaft
Otonie Kelidle a lcd of 14 Mas so frlirhtened by the
upsvttlnir of a kerosene Inuip jetterdat thuit lie jumped
from thv second story wiudou at Jl division street He
broke his leg I I
ralistlneCommannery viii have in first preparatory I
drill Mils eteniiK The annual receptlmi will be In tie ii
new oivra house It Hill te the grandest Masonic tall
of this season
Judge llsrrett rrantrd yesterday an order that lime I
rroi riy of llenr > froiiHe Co < iier which tndlng t th m
luimc > proctidlngs In his cae was i hated imi time bands I
uf a rccclitr be restored to hiui
It I mus antinitnced iiaihu Superior Court yesterday that
Col Mupleson while prosl his liiunctlnii suit gslnst
Inl Cuente hKl sureidlol tnt Del Iuetite 111mg iii tIme gs
tropolltan Opvra House ou Monday etelilug
Mr VllllsinlI Vanderbllt was at the Ulodsor Hotel
lust e > eninv In I ativwer to ltiUlrlS he call h hat his hat
bum reto erel friin Ihe shock aud bruNrs he sustained
by being thrown from his wairuu on tI vdnekday I I
Uranch 3rf the Newleaiela Association met at Tur
tie hay hall last night und discussed In txe utie sea I
cilIa a proposition 10 ofur tn compromise with the fftraUl
upon the basis of two thirds of a csut profit t > u cacti
paper 4
Among the witnesses who were btfeM the Urand Jury
jeKTilor In relation to Hie t Crotuii rffn fraud were ex I
Aliieriunii Hall who kiep me hotel lu Chatham slresl
llnwer hvenirdnf hook < t Enrurd amid ilrs Mouquln
mm if if hue Ann street restaurateur
MiovMr J mtsl Coogans return from Europe th I Ii
riuu Hrnthers hale louiflit the roert > kdjulnlnir I
Plum im jeweir > alert fumi hlxth avenue aiidlwint third
street It has a frontage of at fast ou lTtufy third I
street and of Vifvst ou sixth aveuue They WIlisiece
iZmii4mkifluiuit uruitur witsnoius tUiretu
I I i

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