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Hi V r 1 < I t c N Y Idt UfjA 4
iwfleP I
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flin nn J tl If 1
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ran ituxcirti UP 11 neAr ACTIVITY
A OeitrrHl Imprrpehin Itint Ulr Clndslnnee
Cihlnrt Will Pullnnr Ike Ailvlre of Ike
J id4 IlinTcnllim flu In the Kntnrklse Kill
lwrtl MMll liur > Mukliitz lllierwla I IUKSI
nd Cun trviulveii C2rinn > Aii IKlri rdl
nitr > Kiillliuln ii r Ilml Nknte In Ireland
LONI Oat 20Mr Uladstuuoe Otblnct
bokls HH llrnt mot tings tliirlnu the vacation In
November nnd thu approach ot that time
Irlngs I renivvnl 1 of political netlvlty chiefly
with n Inw to Inlhienco tho decisions of tho
But for ono discordant note tho Ixwds Con
tention wnn prnctlcnlly solid In demanding
tlmt the Oovorntnent should take tho Fran
thlso bill tlio first thing next session nnd take
Ihu ItedUtrlctlng bill teparntely the following
year John Bright utter the Convention
ttronglv supported this coin so and Mr John
L Morlo President ot the Convention hinted
I flint Mr Chamberlain hold tho same view Tho
r discordant note vamp from Herbert Gladstone
who expiossed a preference for the bill provid
ing for the government ot London and peoplo
BMurnlly RUPPOBO that ho knows tho VIOWB 01
his father Notwithstanding this tho general
Impression left II that the Cabinet will follow
the Convention
the advice of Cnvonton
Ireland was not once mentioned during the
Convention and the Farncllttes conclude that
the Intention Is to exclude Ireland from the op I
eration ol the reduced franchise Liberal jour
nalists justify such a course by the statement
that In all previous Franchise bills England
md Ireland have always been dealt with In
aersnito bills Tho Conservatives will oppose
any Franchise bill which does not deal simul
taneously with redistricting Tho House of
Lords will take the same view aDd I rnrnell
Ite obstruction bo added to this combination
the Franchise bill has a bad chance Mr Glad
stone will not forget this
Lord Salisbury has meantime boon helping
his opponents by an article In the Quarterly
lierieif entitled Disintegration Sardonic
biting full ot brilliant epigram and outspoken
and Impartial Invective It delights literary
readers Everything In
and horrifies political roader Evorythlnlin
the present ago wo are told by his lordship Is
out ot joint and going rapidly to an unmen
tionable locality England was better when
iho had an autocratic monarch nn almost om
nipotent aristocracy a corrupt House of Com
mons and rotten boroughs and Ireland hns
never been peaceful since the penal laws were
f relaxed The Liberal journals laugh and the
Conservative organs groan over these para
doxes and Salisbury again falls from a respon
sible statesman to brilliant but Illbalanced
Political literature In Quite an opposite di
rection Is represented by two pamphlets giving
hideous pictures ot the homes the wants and
the vices of the English poor and so much un
easiness Is felt that oven staid Liberal and
cautious Conservatlvo journals are seriously
proposing scmlGoclallstlc schemes for the re
let of misery Tho construction ot artisans I
dwellings by the State Is a favorite expedient
and It Is noteworthy thnt Lord Salisbury has
approved this scheme In speeches and 1 about
to advocate It shortly In an article In a Tory
Jules Ferrys bold defiance to the Radicals of
Franco cannot be appreciated till the mooting
of the Assembly next Tuesday Tho Radicals
havo not yet spoken their loaders being out
of town but the Clericals have expressed bitter
f distrust of the man who baa tUraked the cleri
cal orders and secularized the schools While
President Or v dislikes his adventurous pol
i icy abroad Terrys great advantage Is that all
his colleagues but ono represent rural constit
uencies and that the peasants and tho bour
geoisie begin to recognize him as tho successor
to Qambottn Foreign affairs too now look well
< 4 for the French Government Missionary Shaw
Is bought off and tho Chinese Ambassador Is
showing a conciliatory spirit while French
public opinion fearing a Chinese war has
ceased to talk of avenging Commandant
Rivieras death
The Nihilists seem to bo In a bad way in Rus
sia The Czar hasbeon nblo to lay the foundation
of a chapel on the spot where his father was
assassinated nmld signs of universal popular
ity though sixtythree members of a revolu
tionary society have been jubt condemned to
Siberia Meantime llusslnn ofllclalism dally
makes blunders ami dally grows more hateful
Correspondence which unlike telegrams has
escaped tho censorship gives curious accounts
of tho gigantic success ot TourguonlcfTs fu
neral mid of shameless attempts to degrade
It by tho official classes
Turkey Is disturbed by an earthquake a
threatened riling of Arab Moslems and a trade
dispute with Italy Hut on tho other hand tho
Sultan has dined with the English Ambassador
while Mukbtar Pasha his representative Is
well received In Vienna and Berlin
The cholera and tho bondholders are still
trying to keep the English troops In Egypt but
bait tho number are going to leave shortly
In Ireland the success of MaoMahon the
Parnelllto candidate for Limerick II made cer
tain by the approval ol tbo Bishop and the na
tional journals are calling for the prosecution
ot the aristocratic rowdies who organized the
Orange mobs a the meeting In Monnghnn
Ten thousand Orangemen wore mustered by
means of excursion trains and moo tick
ets and all woro armed Tho resolutions
Wore passed to the accompaniment of pistol
shots aid at one period during the meeting a
fuHllhidii from thousands of revolvers lusted
for severtil minutes ami was hcnid for mils
around 3lis Ford of the Irish World hns dis
tributed In Dublin sums of about I thousand
r dollars each to the families nf tho len hanged
for the Ihirnlx lark murders
Robert litiolmnaiis piny nf A Sailor nnd Ills
LnsH 1 lIe 4lHI drnimttlo novelty of the week Is
an eAtruorIhIntIry collection or Incidents healed
together Thorn Is a farmnn with u lire cow
which Is milked in view nf HIM audience
1811k111 IIIncH I In
vincible roiiHplracy u dynamite explosion n
shipwreck with many episodes mid finally the
black ling Hit tolling bell and all the other pre
liminaries of a hanging A controversy rages
between Buchanan and tho critics as to
whether this is permissible or revolting
There has bun I going t and fro lu Ca
itnnus country tt and there are rumor of
Cabinet changes
Ix > rd Hallsburys diiocher la I to marry next
week the son ot the Liberal Lord Chancellor
An unprecedented number of Americans
hnve tlnlted Berlin this year and Prince Ills
marrk hIlls managed judlclousdletlnir open
air nxercihe and a change of his bail hours to
rmlute his weight by forty pounds and bring
lw801 Into splendid health
Tee Hplii lii kc Hmf lo Ilemocmcy I
DurFuo Oct 21The Dnmocrntie Ocrtt I
Committee tonight adopted resolutions rfctoginilug the I
p IcoltI ely Contention on Tuinlav as rrgnlar The I I
Mini5 cut hOld their luI 01 Iurdy
aM 1 U slla r Sit I fur tg Th iIlt 5TWP uol
1 tbp rh Iry lllllIg lilid 1 the fur
t iiijill0i1 fr The II VIIfl 1II I
Cliii y lullo
IIId 1 juhllbluucl t ulf I I
pOll f
f by tile ISIIIni adIeu II I
Naninniiu Abbott I Vice of Prince I
Bf8ToN Oct 20A fullrnttoncjed meeting I
I tie Unnocrallc thIs Ctnlral Committee was held I
I Iv5 this I Ieuo Cal Flynplnn rretdlnt 117 a I
flsnltno5 i W 5 A L ALbeIt I si lomlld fur Lltu I
ull A Abhol
klflttJlrno II piece uf rlrlle who dUnlo I
aPUh nlnIn Mr Abbott Is I s Ion of Judge I
bboll aud I well and favorably knowu In lou
Te el BrtaerV llre1 WlaUr ruthUaT I
iS if ° Stlu4 fcr theniselvei and every stitch limai I 1 I
IOig 44 OIIUo 5a4 UoulWuaudethavaudtKlrt
The Imperial Just Out
I A nsw style I close fitting ovecot 118 to 130 Togii
Brothirs1 A toad elolilo llouitoo and nth ao and 414 si
An KlenllVB RatuMUkiuenl
We reCelIflelll tO those IbotIt 5UrlIlSIlr CIlS I tiling In
ti flf ef formilIr CsrltI t tt4diiigtlu e1l tnown
stid XtellIIe fitrlItIlre nIIlurrI CoogaR
llrtIiora whose e thflt tit roletl wererooles are to
cateI at UZI 1IUi 1 I hOC en in corir treed
it This nriii rllltl loii more capital in Ihdr buiinrsd
than alI iu nfl ultr fn the whole 1 > I 0UIqully 1
those desiring to piirchete on their jredlt system they
are In a Poltlon lu give Inore credit and take wale
paj mriiii oil shy 1 Route In rl tbs tradeAdO
± i i r JTt <
Jehu Kelly Flan I
Fur lined circulars dolmans clonks and bawl ou I
special redlls at John T Kill A CoS 3 Bill tv near
With St4151
Elyen minutes from Tn Spsi by taking bridge
cars to ny Looser A Coe great Urooklru Dry tlood v
tabllihmcnt Tin best liuuw for flue reLiable ilillo
ganneuti At >
frlces reduced In our com department on the same
basis as In readymads departrueaU Brountr clotblug
CoolU to BIS Broadway lO
TIm Is money Thmfore 5 v both by nilnf Dr
BuU s cough syrup lc M c uti4 < r
Void llroiarr1 IitotS
For tIlls icapon are of Ihe latest uovflliei ami superior
workmanphlp Ado Unay and llouitoo Cud 14th av silO U
IlleeIMIee PIlM
Cured without knife powder or ash e No charge until
cured Wrll for rtI Ur tlorklnill F JUth Jiv
Barrrtl House tong Acre Kuare Broadway lad 434
st New York city European plani new house and ele 1
gantly equipped i I 60 per day and upward Weddings
rsciullous Ac t specially Batretl rethcn44P
The price this dIsplayed la our windows and pub
lished in the newiripers copies nf widen inty be had
ou application I Ire story of our wonderful lucceu
I BnDuer Clothing Ic eio to 61H BroadwayAili
E M Walters pltnoi Largest Iok lowest prices
67 zhr UBtrsrill piac4
z 4 c
Borne of our rite nicd competitors are attempting S
teW ImltaJtiii of our great mark down We are willing
I that rloLiiitf buyer should ilici Inilnite for thrmpf 1 el tI
Urruner isluthln Cu Ulilto Bin llroauway JJf I 1
r Ixtfier A Co 1 H ookl n the belt house for ace Alas
k a soot 1 viriurnu I i ire Lenten dyl UuilltUl scans
te4 in cur 0llvI4ZC
l 4 a 1 ii I I
1 J
itn ziKNnaixa Acrtra OAKTASS
TIHIna IVarktnciemn br 1y sand Enter I
llmid ci the OmOtrd nub nt Nlgtit
Tho political canvass In Brooklyn Is now
under full liiiulwny and promlnna t b the
nuiHt excitIng which has tiiknu pluoo I In eovnral
Toitre Tim mlnatlon of Mr Joseph C lion
drlx n Hid Democratic ciinillilnto for Mayor
linn produced much enthusiasm I among tho
rank and nio of the party and nil the In
dlcntlnnn polni t his rocdvlnii tho full
Democratic oto A low weeks ago Mr L
cormldun Ills reflection a foregone oonolu
don Since Ir Hondrlx was pitted against
him bo lint acknowledged to friends thnt the
result Is lit leant In doubt and thnt he cannot
afford to loso n single vote A prominent offleo
holder mild
lahl juntorduy
Tlm Mayor Is bndly scared Ho admits thnt
the Democrats have placed their strongest
man In tho Hold Mr Hondrlx In an ebb mnn
and n centlonmn
Thoro Is mtioli dissatisfaction In the Ropub
llcan rnnk8lilcli augurs no good for Mr Low
and nil efforts to remove It havo failed Many
prominent leaders of the Republican party are
omphntlo In their opposition to Low admin
istration on oocallod buniness principles
and will knifo him election day prlnclllol
drlx Is making an active canvass Accom
panied by Mr Win MarAhall und Jeremiah P
lloblnson ho visited several factories ytetor
day and rondo n ory favorable Impression
wherever Ho went He will Bpanlc In every
ward In tho city during tim noxt two weeks
On Thurnday evening he will speak In Masonic
Hall Williitimburch und on Friday evening
In the Historian Elulitoonth and Twenty
fourth wards
Nearly a hundred young men many of
whom have not hitherto been nctle In politics
have tendered tholr services as speakers to tho
Campaign Committee Influenced mainly by
their desire to aid In the election of Mr Hon
drlx There wIll be a meeting of tho various
campaign speaker a tile headquarters In
Court street tomorrow afternoon B Otl were
freely offered yesterday with few takers
that Mr Hnndrlx would b the next Mayor
Mr Hondrlx rocohod ery kind treatment
from the speakers nt the memlpir of the Young
Republican Club nt Music Hall Brooklyn List
nlirht No one denied what was claimed fur
Mr Hondrlx by Mr Itanium who nominated
him that hols a clean lan In fact both
Mayor I < ow and tho llov Mr George 1 Van Do
Water speclllnilly gave their personal endorse
ment of Mr Hondrlx ns a clean man Mr
Van De Waters testimony covered n period
running back to his acquaintance with Mr
Hendrlx In Cornell University whoro Mr Hon
drlx woe In tho class ahead of Dim
I was particularly creditable to Mr Uondrlx
that the words of praise which ho received
from the opposition wore not mot with disfa
vor by tho ory largo audiences that crowded
tho hal on special Invitation admission being
by ticket only
Mayor Lows speech was an earnest effort to
convince the youngHonubllcan thattheyhno
a very dimeult last before them In their at
tempt to defeat Mr Hendrix He sought to
show that tho election for the Mayoralty has
no bearing on the contest for the Presidency In
1884yet ha warned the young Republicans that
the Issue at stake must result In a Gettysburg
for ono or the other of the parties In the Hold
Ho warned tho Young Itenubllcans that Mr
Hondrlx had many warm friends in his party
and that I his opponents thought theyhad an
easy path before them they were but babes In
public lifo Ho Impressed upon his hearers tho
fact that the Domocracy II ory strong In
Brooklyn and that It can only bo defeated with
very bard work Ho asked his friends to go
Into the contest with energy and to work
vigorously until tho result of tho election shall
bo known
Resolutions were adopted pledging the club
to work for Mayor Low s election In tho re
port from tliu various ward leaders there were
some very lugubrious admissions of Mr Lows
political weakness and of a disposition of the
voters to support Mr Hondrlx
Mr Hondrlx was a guest of the Oxford Club
ID South Oxford street and Lafayette avenue
lost evening This organization Is purely
social in Its purposes and I Is ouo of tho most
select clubs In Brooklyn Homo of the wealthiest
members of each party belong to It Its luxu
riantly furnished rooms were thrown open lost
evening for the first reception since IU mem
ber returned to town Nearly 200
bor rture persons
were present The parlors were brilliantly
Illuminated and during tho evening a string
Quintet band played classical parlor music
Later I supper was served
Mr Hendrix received a warm greeting and
the heartiest possible wishes for his success in
his campaign He was the guest of Mr William
liam M Cole the Vlco1rosldent of the club
ana n Democrat 01 tie om scnooi noro was
nothing of a formal character about tho recep
tion but all had a kindly word for the sturdy
young standard bearer 01 tho Democracy
youot City of Churches Among thoso
who worA present during tho evening wore
Alonzo 8loto Col John Y Culyer Thomas E
1earsall W H Lyon Indian Commissioner
D H HouBlitntlns President of the club
William D Wade W W Goodrich Col Abner
C Keener Jess Johnson Republican candi
date for the Hupremo Court bench In the
Second Judicial district Gustavo Locsor
David Barnet Dr W A Valmsloy Thomas
KlnRfOln and A C Chapln Breaker of Ibo As
Mr George H Rtaynor tho Treasurer of the
American Bank Nol Company warm Repub
lican was one of the first to congratulate Mr
Inm I Republican ho said but shall be
happy to ota for you on election day
Mr Hendrlx said to a reporter who was pres
ent that ho had reason to fool gratified nt hU
reception and that during the evening ho hnd
received assurances of support from very un
The Fourth District Senate Democratic Con
vention was held yesterday afternoon In Turn
Hall Wllltamsliurifli Boimtor John C Jacobs
The following Democratic Assembly nomina
tions woro in ado yoatnrday In Kings county
Fifth district Michael J Clor Seventh Geo
H Lindsay Tenth Samuel T Freeman
Twelfth Mortimer C Earl Tho other nomina
tions wlllbo made on Wednesday andThursday
Tieleetlvcs Mill 1r lao for Proof that
Lewis KId Kuse Ambler
STJIATFOIID Oct 20The search for the
murderer of Hose Ambler has not ended yet
The detectives who wore engaged In the hunt i
aro with ono exception still at work They have
not chanced their theory that William Lewis
committed tliu murder and they nay they have
discovered now evidence the nature of which
they refunn at present to dUolose I Is
alleged that the new evidence shows that Lewis
swnie to falsehoods during his examination
and that hula motive for wishing tho woman out
of the way leas been discovered
Wbllii thii newi < paptr8 WTO full of Lewis 1
Broadway clothing house and a Hlxth avenue
liquor and Pitting saloon offred him induce
11 HLon
flouts to go to New York William U 1 Duller a
New Haven hit merchant made him an offer
oftCUU to clerk for him for two months from
Hani l 15 to Nov 15 Lewis Ignored those propo
sitions nUll continued to peddle t > his vegetables
Lewis IK well awnre that tlio detectives are
still ftilvlng to convict him but he mako
merry at their efforts and ears ho line tio fear
that they can Inculpato him or lead iho public
to believe any of their suspicions He says ho
Intends 10 tIring suit for Blander ngalnntuoiiiB
Intenly Irlll
of his neighbors who have said thoy thought
be was the guilty man
Hint millie
The Republicans of WestcheHlor county have
nonilnait1 Owl Ineligible candidates for Aeiemblvuian
Poilmaiiifr C L VII end Poitmaster W P Alien and
are going to try alI
The OfinmT t ut RnrkUnd county jreilerilnjr noinl
haled Juhn W Celttr of liaversIraw fnr member of Ills
A Klu > itt
1 The llfpuUifulinr I the Viral AllmtlV I illMllrt I yotrpl > y
aoniiiiNirtt John limnirmaiiii I I for inrmUr nt A fmbl >
PIUIIM torrili Jr or Went Troy wan uoinlnntrd III Iho
Firth itmtrit t
1 Im Driniii ratio HriiatorUl tonvciitfon for the Twenty
pie tti hail id nnnilli > lMlJu < li olnton 11 r of W lrrloa
Tlir Kriui luuii of tiif Mrtt VII rtltrln renotnt
illicit Hit linn TMOIIIX I friininT for Iho Aselllly
The lion l Mitili nooliV es nominated In the 8cc
iul itlirlc
t M Hakir nanVMirnUy nnuilnttft for Ilir tppeurt
hll If thy Vlnluol of ilir rini I ego lhItrfrt I
11 locks IUfl llre UII te
OwlDt Id 1 alteration lu Iii direction of Iho OuK
trun a murRtd ch tiir In thc clImate of ttilt continent
1 ullI llele ThIs winter Is I expected be
ulremtly 0011 We therefore rIIn our lay reid
r Ii 50 Ill Lr TIII eliys 1Iu store 263 lilt a
whefe they will IId a pldl urln of dust
jirkels lrI11 dulan and iadki I I dresie 01 ivory
lushly sll I If tile latest tattern blank it rlfnI
quily 01 and tiery Ie atd that el lie found Iii
utiir I iirplclss rtsitthnlefllS I rrdlt is lreiy seerod
to all suit IIYI ghoul ar delivered I tiiinirdisleiy l <
r tioliXtit 51 Cliii house ate iakO back If nut
mU d
found satisfactory suit itt 1 foI IffuOded Uen
tielilenS osrcuats call ie had 01 credit by liii aid ou
r 100 its UI eiitflCe of yorkliig Jidolile tile
stors llti open op Saturday until to r J4dr
fLtmt ron A Tinnn IICKKT
Cagiissi O > Ilrln Priced Sumo She
tlllanii I H MMM u
Te Independent Dcmooratlo onrnntnatton
of which ex3oiign < Bsman James ODrlon II
tho leader took tho Iltst steps last night toward
tho nomination ot n CitlronH ticket for county
and judicial offices Tho hoadiiunrtora were
crowded by tho active members of thu organ
Ir tlon Orlando L Stewart presided and
heard reports from thin several Assembly din
trints Every speaker said that tho organlzn
ton In his district was In excellent working
condition and that tho people were demanding
the nomination of a ticket against the
Democratic and Republican machines Borne
of them said that largo number of Indepen
dent Republicans would support such 1 ticket
After the speakers had finished the mooting
decided that u ticket should bo nominated by n
mites meeting Tbo Executive CommIttee
than hold n long session nnd determined to
call I matiB mooting In the Cooper Institute on
Wednesday uvunlng next All eltlwns who are
nexl Al Olt1AIA
opposed to the two tickets already In the field
and to machine methods In polities will b In
vited to attend Tim question ot the nomina
tion ot n ticket will bn left to that meeting
tl loll tJnt 1
Mr mowart sum innt 1 any nominations
wore made oxCongressman OBrien would
certainly b named for Register Thorn was
undoubtedly a demand for I third ticket nnd
In his opinion n now ticket from top to bottom
WAN likely to bo nominated
Mr Ikply said I nm willing to run for
Ileglntnr If I find that tho people wish me to do
BO nnd let mo t 1 you that I the press favors
the movement I snail b elected Tho Inde
pendent Republicans will not vote for Hess
nnd thousands of Democrats am opposed to
the ticket named by tho machines I
tll Will your aIRES meeting nominate antralght
ticket or omlorso home of tho candidates for
Judges already In theflnld
I cant answer you Thin meeting will have
to docldo that I believe that a nonpartisan
ticket should b nominated Two Democrats
nnd two Republicans should bo named for
Judges I tell you that you hMO no Idea of the
strength of such a movement Hundreds ot
people come to see mo every day They are
not politicians but business men and Food
workers They nil toll tliu same story of the
worlors al
bitter fooling against tho machines I the
people will nominate a good ticket they can
Hinash thoso machines to pieces
Tim committee appointed by the three Dem
ocratic County Conventions assembled In one
ot the parlors of tho Hodman House last even
ing rnmmlsHloner Hubert O Thompson was
made Chairman Then Charles 1 Van Brunt
George P Andrews John Rellly Edward
Browno and Charles i Nohrbas woro brought
Into the room and Introduced by Mr Thompson
ns tho nominees of the united Democracy
Each candidate accepted the nomination and
then Senator Fltzgeiald spoke for the County
Democracy Alexander Thaln for Tammany
and Democracy exSenator Creamer for the Irving Hall
The County Democracy Aldermanic Conven
tion In tlio First district nomlnned Thomas
Cleary first and appointed a commence com
inltten afterward Irving Halls Aldermanlo
Convention was adjourned for conference
Irvine Hull will nominate Edward P Hagnn In
the Sixteenth and will circa tie nomination of
John C BroKan In the Third Christian Van
Nobs the Fourteenth In the Tenth and John 0 Brodorlck In
Antisfonopollsts of the Twentysecond As
sembly district have nominated John Dovlno
for Alderman nnd D J Kollyfor Assemblyman
rite SocialisticLabor party has nominated
Vincent W Woytlsek for Assemblyman In tho
Tenth district
Mr Ulrlck and Two Gang of HeeUn Invnde
the HeTCnlh DistrIct CltUeni Club
The Seventh Assembly District Citizens
Reform Club was organized about a week ago
by members of the late Citizens Committee to
promote the election of n better class of nfllcora
In the municipal and Stain Governments
When tho members who bad boon Invited to
meet last night at 8 University place to elect
more members began to arrive they found
that a hundred or more men whom they didnt
know were In possession tha rooms James
Rllny of the Executive Committee pushed
through and took tho Presidents chair Ho
took In threo policemen with him and they sat I
by him on tho platform
Tho meeting hud not been opened when Emi
gration Commissioner Ulrich entered and stood
In the doorway between the I back room and flue
front room More than n hundred roughly
dressed men crowded Into the room after the
Commissioner while ai many more thronged
the hallway Thote In the room stood upon
the chairs Instead of sitting upon thor
Tim object of the meeting was explained by
thh81 rllaJ li
t tI f rl rl
the Chairman The crowd thru had con I I in In
with Ulrich frequently Interrupted by hisses
and groans Tile Chairman requested the per
son lwho had manifested disapproval to retire
Then Mr Ulrich Imitating the voice of the
Chairman made a long and violent speech
which was frequently and loudly cheered by
his I followers nul
The Secretary In answer to a request made
by Mr Ulrich arose and explained the object
of tile club Mr Ulrich Insisted upon bavin
the circular read t him I was done Mr
Ulrich repaid tho courtesy by making another
ofTonslve of th Secretary bpeech Imitating this time tho voice
A lan standlic near the Commissioner
asked him to show his Invitation to Im present
What show It to a blank blanked loafer like
you shouted Mr Ulrich Iko
The crowl morel and pressed close about the
man who succeeded after much difficulty In
effecting his escape
Tho room was llunlly cleared tho officers of
the club refusing to organize any mooting
while the Intruders were present Mr J P
Fuurn took the choir 1 I and Mr Wlllard Brown
was Secretary Tlio election I of members was
proceeded with Mr Brown said afterward
The notices of the meeting woro BOlt to
membots Dotcel the purpose being to elect
other members When the members got there
they found tho room packed by at least 150 men
who appeared to be under the leadership of
Thos Coakley and Dan Kelly clerks In the
FIre Department Tho men had come up
In two companies Most ot them live
out of tho district They filled the room and
stopped the doors and threatened the members
of the club Only threo of the clubs officers
could got In and pel hnion hundred members
of thii club were excluded About fly got In
before the disorderly persons wero excluded
These mel had been sent there by the Republi
can machine leaders t break up or control I the
meeting on tho supposition that wo had mot
to nominate an Alderman and an Assemblyman
Mliiluc afitry Churchill
A circular containing In ono of the upper
corner a likeness Mary Churchill the muting ut
Lout girl hut bten received by the police here The
picture rtpreitnlt a rather pretty girt ot in WHOM good
look are Mmicwhnt modified to the kind of bang that
she wear
tIlls Churchill lift her fatheri homo on Sunday Ann
ID and ad cOurtS lo find her or to Infture tier to return
have thui fR proved frultlrm One of the nrgiitlniit
to airnunt fur her disappearance in I that the nan run
away lii Peek a iheairft tngaireinent aa she hail a
mania for the ilnKr The lolluwluir announcement by
Mr Dhurchlll vii sent with ihe circular c
The mimi if the enclosed circular U I not Induce
the return i > f my daughter contrary to her own IncDna
tlon but Pimply 10 airurc the aiiuranee of her I SOlely If
II IItk f
alltel and lo that object I auk any perron kmioslig her i
wherealiouia to cnimiiuntcale them representation to
her and sI her to eilatliili her Identity 1 I either In letter
direct to me iitnliix I her mliMIe l imnie r full or through
nine frlnid wile may innndenlly allure her thai her
uiotivfi I for leavluif I lionie Mill l not hi nuertlonndor her
return If the u otherwise I dUpoved ImtUird upon by I her
I sit Olive street HI Uuli
lion Failure In hiiulhrrn Ohio
CINCINNATI Ohio Oct 20Vito paper ot tho
Vuion Iron kiniiany of Ionmnouth Ohio wajit to pro
teat sonic siIi MO and the affaln of the company
have ince teen I lint into the timed of trunteee Their
ltsiiIiti are lmlrd at JJXmx and their audi at
ninihliM I JiihnOainpkfllnf Ininlon I Ohio one of I Ihe
tirsiteut creditorS liii eiiiailcuna pgliintntloll H Neal
Thru arrapnieiiti enct tixiit or piliie I of ihe largest
furnace lu touihern Ohio Mr rampiirll rlalm that
tie can pull ihniiKh I U ntee ld < rrfliun force u pale I In
whIch I h eae tie 151 tiy mil not ret nnr titan r II per
cent II u uiKJcrllmxl that he holili KVaypi of the
slick of the tnlon Iron lomiianr and ha enduried
their pupcr I to Ihe iiltnt of JiJU > v
km ley jtiaais Fnlkrr on Aunlkcr liar
HT Louts Oct 2Mr Christian K HOBS of
Philadelphia father if thc loot t buy tilurley Bon hu
Wen IhlrIhl city he haUnt been called Welt hi l a story
reildeiit nf Ednarditllle III had Hid he kn < i
that u rhlell ii EdadnlII plauntle ruotiKli lo
S here the Lilly I e
lie api HKln u that a uian who
lidure liliii jiut BetUltoiitr 10 lila u liad i
was iii lii Jail at ihohhialto hear 1hadII I aII ±
bad e Illi Ihli man
iheitatemriil A conference waa i dreW ln ti <
us poItivrhy refud lo nake any rerelatlon ai l
tiut r
would get Mheia bite trouble llf went In the < iriler I
toiloyfr me Ci for Iprfell Mr Ross <
penitenilirj in h
went t hume to Ulght I ft lIsred I l Ir 1 tfr the alley t
MlKff 4 I On tCIl CltVIKU
The Aajeil flSshpa r Krntn kr Prealdtni
51 Ihe OcrrBanny Kortr W Iahep and
Mr than 103 er B en IVctcnl
The consecration of tho Knv Dr henry
Cod man Potter Asl tnt Ulshop of tho din
COM ot Now York drew a notable gathering ol
clergymen to Grace Ohurch yesterday morn
Inn Fortyfix bishops and moro than BOO
Episcopal clergyman assisted Id tho coro
men I lasted from 1 to S oclock
At 8 oclock morning prayer waa rend nnd the
communion was administered by Bishop W 8
Ferry of Iowa assIsted by the IteV Dn A D
Carter and E O Flagff the HOT 1 P Nelson
and the HOT M L Woolsey Befor > 10 oclock
tho throng began to gather for Uf consecra
tion Only those were admitted who held tick i
ets The clergy of the diocese ud visiting
clergy assembled on the first floorof 788 Broad
way ndiolnlng the church and thero arrayed
themselves their surplices and bnnds Tho dd
etuaonts ol too xnooiogicai norainary woro
with thorn The Bishops met In the new
chapel south of the church t
At this hour the church was nnllghtod In
front ot the rercdos stood a ttlljwhlto cross
with a wreath of crimson flowers hing about It
At its base wcie massed several YW 1 ot bril
liant blossoms The chnneol waJ < lrcIod with
seats for tho use of the Bishops Ah the hourof
tho ceremony approached the niuJeU vroro
lighted and the church was Oot 1111 light
The pewsexeeptifljl those roNIvd for the
ocollnR rm
clergy wore fled with a rere8enttIye Illh
oring of New York EplscojatittnjWIihiam M
Evarts Cornolul Vanderbilt 1LlSj Catherine
Wolfe and Prof hoary Duster Were among
10lry Rmonl
theso In thn south chancel were Hio Rev Drs
William M Taylor Boa wo I ID Hitchcock Chas
F Deems nndjothur city pastors Ofvarious denominations
At 1 oclock the organ began te prelude to
tho Processional Hymn Th procession ap
penred headed by the Itar 0 F Olmstaad and
the lay membera ot the Committee Qf Arrange
rnnntn Then came about 10 BtuaepU of lie
Theological Seminary In black tobea The
visiting clergy 150 In number followed nnd
cloly15 folowod
after tHem came tbo clergy of the diocese and
tho clerical members of the Btandlnir committee
mmbrs lr commi
tee Next In line were the BoTjD Tat
lock nnd Hobart officer of the Hone of Illsh
ops the Jobart Iev Ilonry 0 Potter the Ul hop
elect the Ilv Dr Morgan Dlz am President
FllphBlot Nott Potter of Union College who
acted ns presbyters The Bishops followed
ucld Bishops wore the white rochet or under
gown nnd above It the black Episcopal habit
with nufffld laced sleeves They Wero nearly
nil whitehaired men They took Mats within
tho chnneol and the students and ministers
were MNUod In Ibo transepts and Inthe body of
tho church Looking from the gnllery front
the effect was Mi a large white cross had bon
laid on tile floor of the churrt The whit
robed minlsteiB tilled tbo pewaxtdiolnfnK tho
centre aisle I and at tho chanootrfttl I extended
right and left Into tho north am south Iran
sen Is The body of Bishops Id i tie chancel
formed tho bond of tho cross trhosu outlines
wore nhnrnlv defined u by the darltclathinir of
the spectators f t t
i As the procession advanced < tln > choir of
twentytwo voles and the clergy sang the
twoltytwo lanl
hvinn 0 Holy holy holy Lord God Almighty
BlHhop Stevens then began the order of the
holy donuminlon by rending the Lords Prayer
All tho ministers joined him Alter the rend
ing of tho Collects and the Commandments tho
lIplsMo was read by Bishop Lay 01 Boston and
hurt Gospel by lllshop Whlpplo of Minnesota
Tho Nireno creed was than eimuted to Lloyds
music und wan followed by Blessod is ho that
comet In tho name of the Lord t j
lllshop Williams of Connecticut dollvored tho
sermon from tho text John xv Yo hnvo not
chosen mo hut I have chosen yon and or
dained you thnt > e should go and bring forth
fruit and that your fruit should remain Ho
said that It was a great honor forft tan to ro
colvo the offleo of Bishop but In reality the
honor was due to tho offleo and not to the man
as in the stewardship of God hoiwho hold It
becomes ns nothing The offleo hiu many re
cponslblllttOF Each ago had lUvjiwnidons
of the duties ol 1 JHfitVp There
was no lear now that the Episcopacy
would bo mingled with nffnirn of State
woul b
Camps and courts mado little call on prelates l
today The world only demanded that they
should bo about their Musters business and
not go outside Their greatest duty was to
transmit tha faith whole und uudeflled In
this ace of utter Intellectual unrest When tho
caldron of human thought Is fiercely boll
log nnd when old beliefs arc ns readily
cant aside a tile ephemeral things
of the day It was necessary to cling
closely Ito tho faith Not thnt the creed
should Iw cramped by now edicts but the
Bishop should defend his colors with his life
and stand steadfast A living faith and a liv
ing kingdom worn wanted today His lips
touched with lire from tho altar would have
ponornuainnt the theories of men This was
an age of largo and manifold activities In
which n glittering succession of startling
paradoxes carried morn weight than solid
thought and when brilliant speculation Is
deemed bettor than cool reason A Bishop
should not bo kent moving about too much
His usefulness should not b measured like 1
wheel by the number of revolutions Ho
should liiivu I opportunities for rest and study
Railing his sermon Bishop Williams turned
to Dr Potter who rose to his feet nnd spoke of
the serums nature ot the ofllcu of Bishop nnd
tho responsibilities which wore entailed upon
It In this Brent city Dr Potter was then vested
with the rochet and the presenters Bishop
Lay and Bishop Havens led blm beforo Bishop
Chirk of Ilhodo Island who acted In place of
Presiding Bishop I It I Smith of Kentucky
Testimonials UH to Dr Potters character arid
Illness for tile office wore read for tho diocese
of Now York by the Bev Dr Wm F Morgan
for tho House of Deputies by tho Hev Dr W E
Elgonbrodt and for the House of Bishops by
tho Itov Dr Wllllnm Tatlook Dr Potter re
cited the Promlsn of Conformity Bishop Sey
mour of Springfield rend the LItany nnd
Bishop Clark asked Dr Potter the prescribed
questions as to the articles of faith
The choir sang the Anthem ot Investiture
by Il Warren and while It was being suns
the Itov Arthur Brooks and tile Itov C F
Olmstond assisted Presiding Bishop Smith
from the chapel where bo had been resting
Ho Is nenrly 90 years of age and so feeble that
ho basin be wheeled In a chair On this occasion
Io b
sion hi insisted on walking and Ibo two clergy
men supported him a ho moved tlowly along
tho aisle Ills hair and beard vvero snowy
white and his back was bent with the wnlicht
of years Several of the Bishops stepped for
ward and assisted bIO to n Oiiitt In tint chancel
An ho passed the ixioplo stood out of respect
Dr Poltur having put on tho hlaik outer
gown kneeled and Bishop Neely ot Maine Intoned
toned the Vnl Creator Hplrltus the congregation
gallon joining In hf responses Blshnps Hmlth
Clark Neely Williams Whlpple Llttlejohn
huntington and Doano then placed
theIr lands on Dr Potters bend
and Imnis Smith In a qnaviirlng but
loud and flenr voice said llecolvn tho
Holy Ghost for the office and work of a Bishop
In tho Chureh tit UOII now ormlttoll unto theo
by the Imposition of our bunds IIn the name of
tho hlPolltnn of the Hon and nf r the Holy
Ghost union And remember that thou chic
up the grace of God which Is given thee by this
Imposition of our hands
Hero thn Bishops voice failed and bostopped
seemingly through weakness Then ho guilt
arm strength and went on For God built
not given UH lie spirit of fear but of power
and IHVH and soberness
As the tenor begun the anthem ot Mendels
sohn Bishop Smith was lod back t tho chaiwl
DIR hop Pottor then joined tliu other Bishops
I In the communion service The choir sang the
Agnus Del of Kyre and ended the services
with tIme Itecesslonal Hymn
The procession marched out In the order ot
Itnontry except that Bishop Potter was nt the
head ntrr tho Bishops Tlmy went from tile
church alone a covered way to thai Vienna cald
adjoining where lunch wan served Among
thn rlerwymen present was the Itov Phillips
Brooks of Boston
JIiwery or laid In Dakota
LISBON Dak Oct 20 Intense excitement
prevail here our the illicovery ot lokl I W Oriiwold
of Ctilcagol mid the discovery on hU I place near hers
twomonthaao lie 1154 lauianiplei I abated and tile
re > uli showed from fju in J0 J 5 nm The discovers wa
kept nutet I mull iirtiwold had secured ail Ihe Und lu tbe
neighborhood I1 Ciewitl are host lug for the acme
Twn Jivearor 1O
HIIKUJT N 0 Oct 20A negro burglar tried
1 kill a iptuuoinrlin white couple twelve inllri sooth
Win tigan was killed and
of Hliellr taut nlfht Mr Wi 1 a
her sired und onkd 111 death help cauie In
hero rp to cries The Df no eirai > e with f u
A tr Desert their llnra and Ptny Lw
Comedy In I Frni Hit Tmccdr
II Dick aimw nnninitidHl In tho bills t
b a bloodthirsty bloodcurdling agonizing
soulpllrrlng sceuodcHtroylng gnr distrib
uting trngody a Ihnnsniid tlmis moro bloody
than Kloliard III was put on tho stage of
the Ixjndon Theatre In thn Bowery for thulnst I
tune last night I vvns written by Dr H M
Lntidln who played tim part of Dick Sliata
The actors plnyed It on Monday night and old
their best with It the next night but evorslnoo
then thuv have bon uuyltig It and tlio trtigo
dlnn moro nnd moro each night until hint
night tho stage was n scene of pandemonium
R long as Iho piny lasted Tho housu was
jammed from the orchestra to the roof A va
rloty performanoo preceded the tragedy
Dr Lnndls rushed Into I throng ot tipplers
In a barroom making hideous noises und
mouths nnd vowing that ho would wed tho
daughter of n man named Force Ho killed I
man who differed with him about something
by plunging a knife about H foot long Into him
All Lnndls at the mouth
Al dispersed foaming mOlth
and the actors laughing In tile next net
while I I thin 1 other actors hung nbout I
the wings anti roared with mughtor
Dan Collier who plnyed the second
heavy tragedy part mado believe for
got his hurt ety nnil tho prompter roared his
cues at him lilIes Carlo Bemltigton who was
supposed to bo In tenor for her life cut Pigeon
wings amid pirouettes nnd when Mr Collier
rolled out heroic lovo sentences she replied
Oh get out you sassy tblngl The audie
was lost In wonder at nil this nnd did not per
ole half that over thin actors were guying until the play
I do not see said Miss Remington what
nil this has to do with saving mo lather Tho
fiend will surely mlrdor IIVlll
Bho had no father In tile titan
You can save him by keeping cool
But how oh bow cnn I keep cool 7
Drink leu water mind sleep on tho roof said
Mr Collter and when thin into comes bind
Vimc to n cake of soap sot fire to I nnd stub
him with n revolver
As Mr Collyer was bout to leave tho stngo I
something loll from his pocket Pick up the
kovs of your dressing room said one Ul the
actors In the wings
In the next act just ns lie tragedian was
arranging with n Hoop of murderers to slay
Force nnd while the orchestra was drowning
the trugedlnnti words with the most unearthly
noises n party of stage bands seized n paste
board locomotive used In another piny and
ran It on to tho slug I stubbed against
something and fell blndslde up The trngedlnn
was about to Mali ono of tho characters when
the actors pushed before him lie t mal he had
killed In the opening HOI nnd ho killed him
again Ho socmod not to perceive any of the
Irregularities in tho performance but mouthed
and ranted over ills IlnesjiiHtns he did on the
first two nights when the play ran smoothly
None of tho tutors trilled wHim him or mocked
I him They kept the tun to themselves Tho
I orvlieslin vms convulsed and tha mniingoment
moderately stood In tho back ol tIle house laughing im
Tim Slnrln who played confederate to Dr
Lnudls vvnlkod up to tho footlights amid said to
Bobirt Becker tlui t musical director Bob
play mo out of tho business I al dihguslud
Tile audience IMKHII to understand tho pur
pose of tho pla > erH mijl tho tragedian wns
afterward n applauded immoderately i gronnud
nl and IIUtCII with Bowen veils Ho Ill no
heed to I u them but continued I to kill or Uneaten
Instant death nil around n before I A few per
sons arose to leave the house
VOlt 10 jot please said Htnrln In flvo
more acts woro going to kill Sinir
In thn lust net tho villains canto In wearing
nil sorts of properties Klnrln dressed ns
tanfa Vlau nnd loire woro beggars knights
gentlemen In dressing gowns men with box
Ing gloves on their hnnili nnd others with I
tho odds and ends of tho dressing room on
thoir persons Mr Collver carried n hammer
In plnuo ot n dagger Though thcyshould havo
talked In licrolcsthoy engaged In nnnlk around
and n Virginia reel nnd sang The Golden
Slippers Miss EnId Hurt and Miss Earlo
Remington won rounds ot applause for their
spirited dancing which was Interrupted by Dr
Lnndls who burst Into the throng waving his
dagger aRid screaming for blood The audience
wo In liFHtoric whan tlm curtain fell
Wo could not lot them go too far Bald Mr
Donaldson the manager because we have
got now scenes and vo did not want any vege
tables or eggs on tho stage
Dr Lamlls begins n Western tour as Hamlet
Tho New QovernorUeaernl
QUEBEC Oct 20Lord Landsdowno whose
arrhitl here In momcntarl expected v 111 probably re
main on board the Rteaincr until Mmida morning when
he wilt be met and fccorud to the new Parliament
itiuluse tic an ofllciiil proceppton headed by the Federal
t abinetMlnlPUri and others and attended uv a military
itilurd of honor After the mw Governor General lisa
teen pirn In Innt Lome will delcend from the dais
and give ilitre to bin Piirceppor w ho will then be escort
ed to Vlnic Hall to torch e an address from the oltUeni
of ouei ec at the haiuli of via > or Lantielier
hlunley and He llriixin
LmnoN Oct 20Sir Frederick Goldsmld
arrlreilat Hie Congo KKeron Pept 18 He Hated thnt
the object of his Journey s ai to examine the work that
hadalrtad > been done and It any dimcultiei occurred
rendering action on the herO of the Kniillnh Qo eminent
desirable lie n onM cnileiii or to obtain It It IP reported
that M de Hra7KA tile Krench explorer arrived at SIgh
hey Pool without ninulent HppllHiicea to enable bun to
1 roceed further iiu ihe foiinii M tie Hrazzn will prob
Hbl > meet Henrv H tanle > when the latter returnS
from btanlev Fulli and It IN expected that the greetings
between the two cxplortri will be cordial
Pleased with the Lord Chief Jnitlee
LONDON Oct 20At nn Irish National
League meeting held here last night a resolution warn
paned exprepplng surprise and pleasure at the tenor of
Iho ipeech ilellrereit by Lord Chief Justice Coleridge at
the reception vlveli to him by the New York Male Bar
Apuoclallon The resolution expreipes the hope that the
principles enunciated In that address will be applied by
the Hritlph eminent to Ireland and also that the
American lour of Lord Coleridge will sere to enlarge
hislews and enable him to advocate self government
for Inland
ChInese Holdlen Coins to Annum
LONDON Oct 20A Hong Kong despatch
layilt Is 1 rumortil that a reconnoitring expedition of
2 MX Phliiepe poldlcra It about to proceed In the direc
tion of Annani hull e thu riots at Canton there hare
been slirniof hoiilii on tho I pan of thennthci toward
the rortlliruepe One of the gunboats at Canton baa on
boaril the rerluifuepe walchinait who Is charged with
drowning a Chinaman the Incident which led to the re
cent riot
GIbraltar hhiikrn by Earthquake
LONDON Oct 20Three shuock of earthquake
were fell at lllbraltiir shortly slier liiiJnkht and an
other at U oclock lliU morning The direction ot the
movement WHP from north to south The duration of
the hoiks wan loIn ten to iwehe seconds each
The I r < ports lo the TnrUph lilt rflhiueflt of the recent
earthquake In Aiatolla say tlmt its newppaper accounts
of It have grotuly magninid the number ot death
ArHhl Friend In Time of Need
COLOUIIO Ceylon Oct 20Mr Wilfrid Blunt
who prepared the detenu of Arab Iaiha and other
prominent Hgriulim nmnerl when they were tried for
rebellion agulliPt the Khedhe lull nrrf > el here with his
wife Arahl Iupha and the ollirr Pgypilmi exiles went
onboard Hi mmmer where they extended at cordial
weiciie Iii ii r Illunl mnl his wife and presented Iheui
with an address In a sliver taiket
All rneluv of France Murdered
Aumrziut Oct 20Thin report of tile death nf I
the Algerian Iniurgent clilif HI Oilman is I confirmed He
was lillte < 1 In a feapl li > Iwo other chiefs vhio smew slid
drcapilaled him and ertt Ins tied to the Hilitsn of
Moroc ni Hinunwn one of the InI eat reprvPeiila
UveC of Alverlun nutiutmlit igalnit ills Kreucll coo
iUvit which began In IHJU
klixriuetiO fiflke Iope
KOMI Oct 20The Popu Is preparing an
llocution upon the condition of Iii o Catlinllu chnrch
Ills llntlm I e ba ummtnel I the I ArclihUhnp of Vienna
to Nellie U U probablo that hu will be created a Car
A Hour ttf tonlvtillwn In Krunee
TABIB M 21It Is rnpnrtfd Hint the party
of Hi Ra t rule left I will Uou tliv MSormllliig of the I
I humliri of leuile oiTir u motion driiiautlliig the ex
baUlon of lbs I iChillIp Illmrafrom rratae
ttprriul of rliklnuels
BEIUIN Oct 2i Trichinosis continues in
ipreiul In Vrmplrben rrnwian ussiunm The ilnctors
fear that 1 per emu of the caei will reaull falsIty
Illirrill Victory lit Ilerlln
DEntIN Oct 20 Todsv was tho Inst day of
the ictulll for mi inliert ot Ihe t I oimnoii louncll All
Die Liberal candidatei were elected
A nr rln f the Charge Pr lVrr d lap the
Vomnn who Pllm In ke hie 1 lie
BAN FitAsmsoo Oct 20The clmrffo of
aIultory against Senator Hlmron preferred by
Miss Akifl HIM claiming to bo his wife camo
up for honrlng before Jiulgu Ijxwler this morn
Ing An ItnmenM crowd had IIKStnbled at the
doors of thn Polleo Ootirl antI lone before
the proceedings bKin tbo innm was crowded
to Its utmost capacity Honator Hlmron ac
companied by counsel Ion Itarnes was
present Wllllnm Nelson thin complaining I I
witness nn buhalf nf Miss Hill wn nsnlstud by
U W Tyler Mlwt Hill wns not prt > eut The
examination occupleil thn entire mnrnlng
1rlnr to thin consideration id tlm ease nt
Issue Nelson umde n statement that thin wIt
1 IICSHMH had hem tntlmldntid that thn polloo
had failed to sirs a mibpanas nnd that colt
Bcquently he wits unnblH to produiu them
Oiin hunt as nlJeeted to such nil nssertlon
slaying thnt It would bo sufficient for Nelson to
cite thin InnlnnccRrffurred tiiontnrennililnlnti
and th law would know how to deal with them
By pcrinlf lon of the Court Nelson wnn al
lowed to continue his statements which woro
partly ot his own knowledge and partly from
Information Hu then snld that ha bad been
offered money to stay the proceedings mid
hat when bo refused bo wits Intimidated I I thnt
I Miss Plot with whom thin alleged ndultory took
place could not bo found nnil thnt the father
nf Mhs Bracket conflduntlnl companion of
Miss Hill bud suddenly aoiulred wealth
Witnesses for the dolenco denied Nel on s
statements nflnr which the eutio wns called
charging Hlmron with felony The pri > sacutliig
attorney Immediately arose unit said thut It
Wait Impossible to continue tIm prosecution ns
the statute governing Iho case had been re
pealed nnd longoroxlnlod
Gen Barnes agreed to sot aside nil technical
ities and allow the clew go mi ns they
wanted the opportunity of obliging the
prosecution In produce the alleged nmr
rlngn contract under which tile com
plnint had licen sworn out Thin document
was not produced nor was tIle olsl nc of It
admitted Get Barnes stiongly denounced
the whole business as n vlllnlnous scheme
the contract ns n fraud und forgery
from top to bottom and tho com
plaint HI nn outniKo on public justice
chiefly so on the dofendnnt who wan dragged
Into court on n sworn charge of felony and
when the cnso was called lie prosecution
abandoned It
Mr Tyler said ho was not aware when tho
complaint was made out that the datum bad
been lopenled Tho Judge nald that such was
thin fnct nnd oidnrod tho case dismissed
The fact that tho prosecution was unnhlo or
unwilling to produce the alleged mnrriago con
tract senms confirm In tho public mind the
original suspicion that tha case was stalled to
extort money from Sharon
Accused of Aaiault on n Girl who LIves ihth
Chief Justice Pnrk of Connecticut
NEW HAVLN Oct 20 Illeuard 15 Cnub a
rich young lawyer of Norwich has boon placed
under bonds of 11500 to answer nt tho Novem
ber terra of the Superior Court In Now Lon
don n charge of Indecent assault pre
ferred by Uattlo Doherty n pretty girl
of IB who at an early ago ontorod the
family Chief Justice Park in Norwich She
has always boon recognized moro as a daughter
than a servant and has ovorywhoro won tho
respect and regard of those who know her In
court this morning the girl told tho story of
her wrong with the simplicity ot a child
On the afternoon of Oct 4 she went to Now
London to visit two girl friends returning on
the 0lb P M train She started to walk homo
stopping twice to make purchases lor herself
and the Pirk family anti then she crossed the
Laurel Hill bridge on her way to tile Judges
residence As she was climbing tho steep hilt
on the other side of the river Lnvvver Cash
came walking up behind her Ho said
Ive got some documents for the Judge
and I wish you would take thorn to him I
ought to send note along with the documents
to that tho Judge will understand them Will
you come over to my oftlce which Is In the
Siu building until 1 can write the note 1
The girl consented and when the Goer build
ing on Union street was reached Cash lod the
wny Into the lower entry
I will wait here she said until you go In
and write the note
No said hn It Is cold down hero and It
Is only a flight of stairs up to my office where
you will bo warm
They wont upstairs and entered lie rooms
of the lawyer at the top of tho building Cash
locked the door and attempted to assault her
but her outcries caused him to desist
Other witnesses for the State corroborated
parts of the girls story Ono testified to sac
Ine Cash and tile young woman on their way
to his office Another testified that ho was the
man described by the girl ns standing at a
carriage In front of the building when she said
If you dont lot mo out I will call for hteip1
He hoard Ito girls remark Tho dofenco of
fered no testimony
Judge Kellogg found probable cause for hold
Ing Cash for trial Cash denies the girls story
and claims that though she accompanied him
to his office nn such scenes occurred ns those
she has described
They Talk Only or the Horse
The men who speed trotters on the roads la
the upper part of the city recently organized a club
The only topic allowed at their gatherings Is The
llorle the nobleit of beasts Iait night they formallj
opened their club tingle In Thirty second street near
Sixth avenue and upward of 200 horiemen sat down to
a supper Ira Brown of RyerPon A Krown mint the
heel of his table and on hip let wa L VV IarKer of
the Iarker house W W liroun wiii at the foot of the
table Jamei lleffernan Morgan L Molt Illlolt La
febrn diaries Bradbury of Albany fph rilmmons of
Lexington Ks and F O Burrluge sat In a clutter mid
way of hue tithis
On tlm wall were two Immense mottoes worked In
gold One read The horse taut he a Noble Animal t
and the other We sheet of the hone only rut jour
change into the box There li I a huytnw of the nipocla
huh which lays lUst members who dlicuii other toplci
that the horse are lubject to a fine of 23 cents homo
change found Us way Into the box last night Nearly
every one ot the 20 present laid something good ot the
Bow Cow lloya Amuse Themialrea
BIBMAHCK Dak Oct 20Tlio trouble at
Oltndlve Montana on Sunday night last grew out ot an
attempt made by the City llardial to arrcit three drunk
en cowboys who had been amuilng themielves ai they
uaitahly do on their periodical vlrlli to town by firing
their piptols In all directions allowing chance decide
whether they killed anybody or not and making the
day and night hideous wit Ii their howlp TheKngllih
man Clayton Wlllecomb who on huh occulon met nil
death was ihot while aiding the Marihul lo make the
arreit The coubovi txaped at Itt Hum hut it li re
ported thst they wore subixiuintly Captured
The Color ltne In C itndn
TonoNTO Ont Oct 20Tiuo notion brought
by Mr Dunn a colored man agilnpt this Windsor School
Hoard to compel that body to admit hu < tauf liter to the
Iubllc Central hchool hai been derided In favorof the
defnitanm The Iruitees pleaded iliaC the girl was re
fused adniUilon ou account of want of space
Keport oflleewr Kmbezclemeni Dented
PHILADELPHIA Oct 20Tile Pennsylvania
Rallroud ottltiiale pay lhat the report that a i > st matlu
course of cinlieulement hu broil going on In the office
of the Junction Knllway Company and thatapayniai
Ur ls In default about 10UU Is untrue
Oenrgo Hamilton Chlchester the Manntls of
Donegal dead lie was born In I7W > lie was K high I
Commander of tbe Legion of Honor and AJJ deO iup
to the queen
Tomorrow will be the teat day for registratIon
The referee In the lull of William II Ilowsn against
Margaret T Howen for absolute divorce ha reported In
faturuf Cue piutlitiil
David H Arnott who was nominated br the Repub
licani for Alderman at Large entitled the Campaign
Oouimlllee yciurUy that he would not accept
The eonilitory of ihe Bedford Avenue Reformed
dliurtlt use extended a call to Ihe ICev lie Joieph T
Uurjea now of lloton but formerly of the Cluuon
Avenue Jrelbyterian I hurch The Hcl Ir Porter of
the Heuford Avenue Church will preach hits farewell
set nivu neat Sunday
A celebrated chateau belonging to Price Curtorrrkl
at itntawa In Austrian Uallcla has been burned Loss
The etnre of Toinai Ulaneo forty muse south of Ban
Diego Duvall oiinl Texas wo robbed on the night of
the 1711 IIIPI ant tne proprietor and another uiau were
llllld The murderers swiped lulu Mexico
The Jury In the case of the negro Illley on trial at
Carmel S V for the murder of Mrs nunJerlln were
out all trldat night They disagreed anil were dls
cimrgeiljeiierday luurnlng Tim noml six for convic <
lion and ill for acquittal The Indictment was sent to
the June term of the Iourt of O > er and ftnuluer and
lhepri > mlcr aareuiaudid
John rhlllli wai arreited yeiterday In Philadelphia
and IitM infinixi ball for a hearing on Tuesday nell iiit
a charge preferred by his brother Charles 8 rhlillinot
New mrS of ibeemlieultnientof fl Htl The defend
ant wa emploj ed by hie brother lo manage his tobacco
curing business lu Philadelphia and It It alleged col
UcieJ and appropriated to lid own un the sum nauicd
Hllt NUUs t s ntr
lIMe Put In rr lhe > Ktiullpiilr nf rtcke One
anton 4een six OlVrr > if Attempting
In rrrece him tint In Ike IMvlvlon
On the nppllcntliMi of PatrIck Chancy ol c
Boston Jndun Donohiie Inm N uod nn Injunc 4
tion ri > ttalnlni I Dnnlel I V HIchardK I Morton n I
Hmlth CliiirliH H I HiiMnll I I OenrgM H Porter
dipt IVhvard Ktalinnrd nnd I Itiibler from S
disposing of any of the old slilluq which thin I
seven men wllh another recently bought from
the United States Tho complaint nn which 11
I the Injunction wIts granted recites that the
pnlntlff I I Clancy the six defitiulanlf I and Henry
Lynch formed n onto lii huh Ion on Hopt 10
last to buy nil lie old ships thoti offered for
sale by the Government Hlobards nnd Hmlth
ot lie firm ot lllctmrds V 1 Co of H8 Mnngln i
street took ono shinto Hiibb ll < V Portorof Hy I
mouse took another Clancy of llouton n third
dipt Hlnnnnrd of 104 Kouth street u fourth 1
hIllIer I ol I llronklvn nllttli nnd 14 rich n sixth tl
liittircst This was n clause of thuiutiuomont 7 I
It is iinhcrshiI tint Iti cC mit of till or nty if thi Mils 4
oltiuil In iinlili hug iiccrptiil I lo tluMliMininrlit t I the
VIei FI luirihimil i sic for tin Joint tuiiiint of the I
herIlee Cl ctituiic I tile nCrielnet rnchnniM h n lc hlFharo
fllti I inireliiHiiomj it hell ralli ti l tiiMin tn ilnpo I tin
fiirlli < sri ioi lllmi oit < Mimlli t Iho t u nniv tuisy be ills
n < > r M unrr nt Ptrond pile lo cm i if tli iftrtlp In
Inttrrpi I I ho IIIH > n like the IIIUIKM bid nm i > rotlts or S
ioe mi urMng In be I fijimll dltldnl uniong the parties 4
Thin recilt of their bids WAR hint Htnnnnrd
cot thn HtiHiiuolmnnn for JllHI thu Uoumko
for f 15 0711 till Hhiiwmnt for trllno tlui Wor
cester fin fJ7 fill nntl tlio Hnxniilinh fort 12 403
Mesurs llnbholl A 1orter hlil tilCU3 1 for tlio
lunniiiitl got hir Mr lvnoh I lId about 20000 1
for tlitiCiiiiurijsfi tool i luoo foi tlm Nlitunra
nnd cot tluin liolli Thn total iiliioinit dun lie
UournniiMitwns iil5l44 Ot tIll tl59440 it
jyns iniltl down iiicii IntcniHt i conlrlbulltiu I
Its Kljlllu Ill Oct 7 lllll Hllll were as
slKniil tn Stannnrtl anti Porter as trustees
unit lie I nureoiutMit rtgarl lag n econ ii sale I
was witiidritwn iitnl Instoiul It vutc nicid Unit
rtssomi ns tlio triuiMfot or tile Misbuls uy tho
Joxornincnt vcut cntniilileil they oliould bo j
brokeri up lor HID jnlnt lii > nollt nr tliu nix Inter
ests On Oct in llithlur bought out JynohH
Interest tot 11 Odfl bniius uttiuuve l thin Hum inch
laid InxoMuil I Thn SIt 11511 ilayat I tltonnicool I I
Itlehui rule V CD In I Jlaiicin Blniit tlni ilufuiidnnta
In I this nctlou iluiniiitluit ot Clancy tint t hu sell
Ills interest on tile satnu terms amid wlucu ho
declined tlioy t thruitciiDtl linsny to nut up I lie
eliIps at niictlon itnioni tlionisuUix and bid I
thom In ut Inns thnn the I cost nrlic and si bring V
Clancy In I debt to them I uiulor Hi aureemunt
On tlio 17th thoysnneil on him notlco that thom I
ships would bt sold nt Auction bv the imrtles la I
interest tit noon on that nnxt lay Thin tile 4 I
complaint alleges wits to Troeo nut Clancy ih 1
pnlntifT The co lilhllitlbl I furthot nays tliut t hess j I
night shIps are worth I50UOO ns old junk 1
JlariKH slatKiuonta MIPI shown tn Morton
n Kmlthanil Dnniol V Itli hards ot the de
JondiinU lust night They saul
It Is a cane vhoro live Intnrests are asked I
to yield I to I lie ii ictiit irumi nr one n art not try
incto freeze oout am body Wo offered to buj u 1
Clancy out nt ISOili bonus ns wo hud pre
viously boucht out the Lynch lnternf1 Ho re I
fused Vi o inuilo anuthir proposition to tha
CllOCt that lie I au lieu IHI tlllt Inlii I tlm 1 Imtnlu nf
onqof thu members nf thn sjnillcnto nnd thnt
he break them up nnd hull I thiMii for the Innullt
otnll It visnc3i > sstry fm hal ninny that one
neon shoulil do nil the vvoik nnd linvo coat pluto
control Clancy would not allow the one ou i
whom the rest worn ngrnod to do thn work un I V
less bo could bo In with him The two could i u
not work together
It Is asserted by Mr Clancy that ho offered
to soil for 10000 bonus t II 1
lie did and we dticllned Wo did not make f
n hug nuninst the Government It was n com i
blmulon nf capital to enable thus Intureslcd
to bid on moro than ono or two ships Thcro
was an upset price on tho ships which vvo ox
ceodod V o sent In sealed proposals and got f
eight out of eighteen ships
Blephtatotibelea With an Umbrella j j
At the Metropolitan Opera House last even t
Ing there was a rehearsal of Faint which Is to be S
presented to morrow evening The houpe was brilliantly
lUnjted and halt of the boxes and many seats In thus j
parifnet were occupied CampantntTrrm lili Derby hit
pulled down on Ids forehead sang as asdclicatel aspoiil Y V
ble sparIng lila voice No arroas J iiMojifi fM walked
serum the stags carrjlng an horj handled umbrella
Nlloon was received nltli nnplaui from tho audience
and was applauded ngaln after the Inner tong In the I
garden acre The director M MaliCHl scolded thn or
chestra and stoniiLil them In ttn > nildKt nf th h tnnf itlf I
flcult paipages to emplmile his dlipleaiure There i
Jiearial continutil until I after midnight ° l
raUPtullleooir on Monilm nuiiiv < rll fBUlil Mr p 1 r
Tlllotpon HiT Iuentet Oli he will lug nf course I
VVe are nil ready and nnxioui to how tho public what
the new operil nontie can give them S
The Aimlciiij of Music wan durk nil this evening Bald
Col Muilifcon lvcrjthlng ii i rest in the Acadcmj
All I list e to Oils li look at our compnto or ntw vokel i u I
and compare them with Iho worn nicefc at the I othe L I
boOst ulijep I hear ihie lire ncirklnghnrd i np there C
totnnkf ahlt but wait siul see ii Iii conui out ahead <
before the end of the season lusts all l
CreMllnff n New B37O Office I
Col Thomas F De Toe Collector of City Rev i t
onus suit Superintendent of Market resigned jeMer
dd > lie osyc in liln letterilint hue duties of tlie olllca jj
ate too anlimiu to be dlarharired h one head lie addi t
tlatvthen he tok tiTles lie found < t that I utintit fthKrQOQ t r
was tIne the city from strict rallrnnd rninjnnitp ferries j
market ntnil Imhlen suit other debtors suit that lie has I
been able to collect onlj a unall amount of U
Comptroller runt accepted thr reoltfiuition nppolnted
rrKtiLfaTuiiifH to this place and rained th raIser from 4
Fa 75t to l tMji lie then crested this otllceof tftuiy
hUterinten lent of Markets and nitnlnte l Col IH ueto
thu plucealmalnri of 27el Mr Tomt w ac formerly
amenilierof iho firm of KrnncU Tuuua A hoitv import
era of cutler and siucy wont
Coini > trollfr Irunt sail thut llee rlionKta were ii t part
of the ilecessary rforfraiilrntiAn of Hint helical In this
future Mr Tome wrnld collect UIA city rcvtune and tt
the Iicftd of the lutrtau and t ol Do Vos uulil have the
atiiiersisiuut of the uiarLeta
Kings Connlyi publican NomInee
In the Kings County Kopubllcan ConventIon
yesterday held In Music Hull Hronkl Itolnrt Iaynt
of the Nineteenth ward was nomlnntcil for Dlitrlcl
W E Fritz of the Twenty lecond ward was rrnomt
misted hy acclamation for Huifrifpnr nt IKrjre
Judiru llenrj A Monte who had nlrea < lt received the
Dtitiocmtlc nomination wan nnmlnnttd for County
Infill Thn In tlie ceentid tutu that Jmlife Moor hai
been nninlnati i hy lioth Isriucu
Lonely Audlttur 1ram IB A Mm vat rtnoinlnated
tiy t > nccUtnation
lot oroncru Ir IIiirj J Mtnnlnjier of the Fourth
wbrdwai nominated for the Wmtirn district and Dr
Ilcnrj T titus r fur theKaHtfrn illntrlct i
Justice Jttinti list age rccchiccl the nomlnutloiif JLfr >
social Justice I
Suing fur A lecuc er5ZC6641
MONTREAL Quo Oct 20The largest action
e nit red here for lung time was recorded toda Mr
Hoxer wife of Capt Jnnrr of this rotal navy being
IUtntifl fiifulnit KrcOerU Julah The amount claimed
ii tJhCou and was Milled to Mr Hoxer by her laU
Hlctml Offlce Prediction t
Generally fair weather northeasterly wInds I
tailoimry or falling barometer and tempera I
Of 735 New Yorkers reported missing since Jan 1158
are not yet reported found
The trot between Majolica and Trinket at FIeetno I
Para has been postponed to neat Thursday
The Britannic which his Henry Irving and Ellen I V
Terry on board arrived at Quarantine after mtiinlflil I
The New York AthletIc Clubs fall meetlnir was agate j 11
eipone1 yesterday lo next Hatiirday at u 3OI1 Mon i j I I
acCount of the Inclement weather t
Mr Joseph Uutton and Mr Terns leading man In I
Henry Irvlnra comiian were the guests hf Ihe New r
York Freis club yesterday afternoon I
Holomon Klaniner a furrier of S47 Wept Thirty ninth
street who shot hImself In renlral Iurk Friday died
last liUht In the Ninety ninth let real hospital
Mr Msthrw Arnold the Knulih poet i rlilc and essay
lit will deliver his lIst lecture In the Uollrd HlaKa at
IhlcktrllK Hall ou Tuesday eveuluir let Ui subject
Numbers I
Judge Barrett hu granted an absolute divorce to Otto
Uthttns from Ilinnrlla llehr > u < Judge J f Daly
grunted an absi lute divorce to Bacbil Kainmerdlener
from John Kammvrdlener
The llotrl Hranllnr on the northwrpt corner of Fifty
eighth street and Madison avenue has brrn lei by Sarah
K L Taylor lo WI in M Humphrey and Jan L Jones for
leven pears al ESuluJ i a ear
Mr BltnonX waiter header of this qusrttl who sanr
In Ihf i lay of the Ruilaii llonrvinoon al the MaUi I
Soil qsire Theatre hat Sunlit will vlie a concert In t I
i T l l Ii ii ihi I I
uttd by thr Madlion rolo Quartet and the lleluibuud
a Oiruian iluglug luclety
rh rlneiuig act ill ills National Wholesale hirurgtst j
Association yesterday was Ihs asaage of a resoiotios
irgOig tile releai of thus tiilrmisl revetius law alid ap
piiiitliig a rolilluIltI Os of uiue frohi siteti ouigreasionsl
dIstrict lii the iiiiitcd Hists to ittaii signatures to a
heiltioli istlng iiugrssa to rspal hue law
itry titles uf lie sctett street lirnoklvn tickel
sgeiul aiiul ouicratllr it lii ia5ii street statti of ik west
side eleYtd rshiroid fell friiiii tIus siruciurs to liii
sired last tieuiuiili lit hierlter Street and South Fifth
sreuur 11111 gut oil is liii a i oliitinhiiul fracture of tlu
the icft arlt II iahiied In aenil a helter Cl 01CC by thus
eoiiduirmnr lit 511 O tralui aiud stoel en tti harrow goat
tug liplIstiti 1110 track Iii hiuditig be metier over ii
host liii balance

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