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Dr renbodye Verilon of hhe It nfllclle
Dr ANDREW 1 PFAIIODY of harvard Unl
vorslly has nilitod nnothor to tho mtinlrnblo
translations which hnvabenn multiplied slnco
L Dr JOlt showed what coul I bo done for Pla I
to and which Iinvo made tim rOII or classic I
Authors nt once fnello and dulluhlful for cIIU
ruled men nnd women who may know nothing
or but llttlo nf the Orouk and Latin lingungoo
Kolblng could tw l niorii limpid cricpful nnd Id I
iomnllc than Ills version of r Iho othlctl treat Iso tn
I hllhlulor the nnme of Do > OlcIR Cicero I
Mcnvml 1 lo tlmtlop not tho conceptions of
Duty n nil tlm t tutta of cjnduil which ho
it lilntHolf hud followed In 1 worldly and omo
r tlmcn rlfpeokltnt llff but Iho morn alutoro
r nnd rlchtooiM BJatom of the toll which ho
would fnln commend to Ma noils cutdanco
t Inntnod of f the principle of expediency Iro
j lflotmlly ncccptoti by Iho socalled Now
Aaidomy Copy what I preach not what I do
is what hn virtually Pa In tliiuo elI lohIY
chats with hl son Mircn who In the Interval
between tho tmttlos of Plmraalla nnd Phillppl
philosophy at Athens ns a
r vas studylni hloAIlh AlhlIR just ni I
Tounc Gorman between tho battles of Radowa
nnd Hedan mtuht hutu studied philosophy at
Durlln Oloero of murso does not unaunio to
I bonn original thinker 1 systemmaker nld
I no doubt If tho work of tho Stole tcachors
whom ho condensnH and expounds had
All oomu down to tis this little treatise
of his would not halo muoh substantial
But It would then bo
rnltio Ilt I lld oven b
road with pleanurn and benefit by those who
like to cot their philosophy at second hand dl
Rested so to iPenk nnd a lmllitocl for them
S by a clover rhctnrlelnn Huch persons could
hardly find n moro suave Informal and cn
caultig Instructor than the nccompllshud Ito
Than orator ror ono result of Olcoros foronslc
training was In teach him that just asnt the
bar perHUaston It un advocates main duty so
tho prlmn function ot 1 man of letters I In to Iw
intorostlng Tlnsomo ho never Is and as
much can be said of very few who discourse to
I us about morals and philosophy
What Is very striking In this version Is the
Rklll with which the characUjrUtlc onso and
clmrm of the nuthora manner Is preserved In
tho 1n llsh transcript There II l In Dr len
IxxljH language the some free loin from pe
dantry and sdontlllc formalism tho porno tone
clutt ult c ulnc
of good company which has always rendered
the original treatise n favorite with men of the
isorld Wo should mention also that the
r r translator hits appended just onouuh notes to
< make the numerous hlstoilcnl and literary al
I lusions Intelllulblo without distracting the
reader from the current of thought followed In
the tot Touching tho Illustrations by the
Yrny of which Cicero makes such frequent
and ofTecthn use the rnder 11 not rl to note
D tho curious fact that they aro drtvn almost ox
cluslvoly from Roman history or from such
Groek legends as wcro embodied In the Hel
lenic dramatists and epic poets Greek his
tory as distinguished from legend ho almost
flavor has rcourso although the reader will
often percolvo how ho might hao brought
from that The
very lulling OTiimplpi frm source
truth li that while Greek poetry and
philosophy had already como to form an C
Fentlil part of Roman education neither
Clooro nor any of his Roman con
temporaries deemod I worth while to make
thomselvos nvou tolerably conversant
with thin Greek history that covered the four
and a half centurion preceding their own time
or seem to have had any conception of the
I vlsdom that might be culled from It In their
ryes even ITeiodotup and Thucydldos scarcely
deserved careful reading I was not till long
I after the tfiiio of Cicero that a Greek man of
letters ilUcornod how much light tho blosra
jihles of dlstlnBUl hod Greeks and Romans
If might throw on ono another and the parallel
ism adopted In 1lutnrcliH Lives which to us
appears n most obvious thing was alike to his
Greek and Roman readers I novelty
Allrrt anllnltn
t Next to tho lives of JoiTorsou Hamilton
and Madison not ono of the biographies In
l cluded In tho American Hlntnsmqn Scries Is
r more worthy of n place In such I collection
I than the sketch of Albert Gallaltn by Mr JOHN
r AUSTIN Houxhtnn lln CI
I Neither Jiinos Monroe nor Andrew Jackson
nor oven John Quincy Adams native Ameri
cana as they wore had so important and dura
bin In Influence on the development of our In
itltutions and the trend of political opinion In
tho United States as this emigrant from
Oonevn nnd It would bo foolish 10 compare
with him Mich an eccentric personage as John
I Randolph whom It may almost be pronounced
a ploco of eccentricity to Include In the cato
gory of statesmen Tho importance of the
imrt played by Albert Gnllatln In the first quar
ter of n century that followed the adoption of
the Constitution his seldom boon properly
measured by historians and baa not
therefore boon adequately appreciated by
posterity Yet no ono who will study the
rnrv rila nf Hrimmed nml MIA nnrai nl m > Amta
during tho admlnlstrntlonsot Washington and
Adams old the management ot the Treasury
under Jefferson and Madison can full to rocog
nlzo that iathitln was I member IWo not the
least offuctlvo member of that powerful
triumvirate which overthrow Federalist Mon
dency and gave extraordinary prestige uud
longevity to the principles now embodied In
Urn Democratic party By the side of JolTer
I eon and Madison an1 In some Important
points tho superior of olther Albert Oallatln
I deserves to fctand In the front rank of those I
i farsighted statesmen who detected In the germ
I the perils flowing from tho centralizing ten
dencies of the Constitution us thoy were
I rapidly developed In the hands of loose con
S htruotlonlsU and who resolved from the out
I I t p set t by n strict Interpretation of that Instru
I inont to throw up an Insupuntblo bulwark
I against specious oncioaohmonU on the
p reserved rights of Htntos ant tho In
I F ilimblo hnblt of uopiilar Hnlfgovorn
k i nient Vven the mistakes of Giilliitln
j like the errors of Jefferson and Madison In tho
I matter of tho Kentucky and VirginIa renolu
I lions were faultsori the right stilt theyBprinij
S I tram minjiiviiigrt too well tlno Hamil
Irol D1 lvll wel jiiiitlllad by 11111
1 tons untIe ra I y temper by the I haiiki i Ing after
a pinchbeck cony of inonarchlcnl irst Ito t Ions
i which John 3 Admin more than OUCH butriyod
I I P e arid byniichwnntonoOiibliloiisnf pirtlimn ran
I cor on the part of I the Iudorillxts an the Alien
j and Kndltlon law Tn it thU I Infamous I lejlsla
tlon proved thn ruin of iw inventors that It
J Vfrenehel tire 1edeiallst patty from Its i
I Imagined n of assnod asccmliiiey was duo I
I u nil titers would Uliiuivlolt If credit hud
i j Iwen hllhetto I apiottlon St rich I y aeoordlng
jffli to ilesurt lea to tho dilTMtnt and home
I Keeping JefTorson or to tire mild and
cautious reticence rf Miullson than to
I the boll unfligginfcT dexturous and linilaca
t bio asimllh of Albert OallHtin who through
i out tins criticrl conjunutuiu wa thin protago
nist of democratic Meis and deurmluatlonti un
I the floor of the llouan Hut for him It Is not
1 1 too much to nay that the Allen arid lcdltlon
lawd I mliclat still havo remained upon the tlat
I uto book and that Iras Jefferson might
I never lmo been President I of the United States
I I wo will but bru h asidH the mists and look
Bt I this was inded a great flgurv In the Ill
ler 01 worthies that of tho
3HV leryof tIletoliitlonary vorhloe Ihlt
U young runaway row Oono who was fain to
teach boys In I New England college and t
earn irIs broaJ by driving tire plough lu this far
Iiut and the fir Vust before this men who sur
rounded him learned to know him ns ho was
1 tnll called upon him 10 Sons Iris adopted coun
a try In all but the hklinit ol pclltlcil functions
e Mr Gillntln Indued was never a popular Idol
In thu sense that Andrew Jackson and Henry I
Clay wore Idols but we may say of him what
can IM said of vary tow ot those who have boon
Buffered to fill a larger place on the page of the
litslorliin R the more wo know of him the
chore throughly wo recpect him that th < j
closer Wd come to the working of his Intellect
r the morn we are impn9 e < l Iy In vigor end
solidity and the lisa a are lIrIrseh us wo are
i dIsposed In other Instances to recall thu fa
vorablejudcmimt of his contemporaries with
coodhtimored tolerance qulot skepticism
soiled disdain
When on July 141780 nt the ago of nine
teen Albert Uailalln who seems t have run
away from hU guardians nt Gcnoxa landed at
7npi Ann In Mas achus3tts ho bad but four
liundred silver dollars hit his Intellectual
equipments considerably larger and richer
than those posiossed at tho same ago by tho
native Americans who woro t b called upon
lo frame and operate the American Constitu
tion Although ho was the son rind grandson
of traders nnd rrnsucceeefurh traders nt that
for nil that ho the only child surviving nt tho
time received In 1786 by way of patrimonial
nherltnnco appears t have been 5000 he
ind been educated at the Academy of Geneva
nol1 Is true aunlvonlty l did not become
such until 1373 end tho only university then
existing In Switzerland was at Dasel but In
comparably superior to any educational Insti
ititlon which nt that tints assumed the name of
college on this sub ot the Atlantic Latin was
aught there with unite as much thoroughness
as n Oxford or Cambridge and Greek was not
more neglected than It was In the Gorman uni
versities when Parson could venture to Indite
hil sarcastic qtiartraln Young Oallatln also
irofltod by nil tho instruction attainable at
Geneva In mathematics and natural philosophy
for I Is remembered that ns regards these
branches ho was the first ot his class and In
history ho had tho advantagoot hearing uuoh a
lecturer n Johannes von Matter Besides his
icndcmlcal training enjoyed n Mr Hktvona I
Is careful to point out tho stimulating Influ
one > of Geneva society at a time when tho
homo of Koussoau and tho choson place of exile
of Voltaire had become In the eyes of learned
and lettered Europe n kind of literary Mecca
I Is indeed an Interesting coIncidence that
tho place to which young Gibbon was sent lor
I education was the place from which younc
Qnllalln emigrated to the United Stoics
Mr Stevens tolls us that Oallatln brought no
prudlshnoss nnd no orthodoxy In his Gone
voo boggnco But I Is scarcely true that tho
boy of 19 brought with him Ideas no radically
democratic as those which hn presently im
bibed and which ho maintained upon the
whole with notable consistency through all his
afterlife On page G Mr Btovons speaking
tho political notions with which he credit to
by In Gonovn says Ho was by early con
viction n democrat In tIre broadest sonao of the
term yet on page 10 he notes what Is scarcely
compatible with the former assertion that his
family belonged t the Oligarchic party and
that his personal bins was toward the Negatlfs
ns those vroro called who maintained the au
thority of the Upper Council Petit Consoll to
reject the demands of tho people Tho fact
obvlouxly Is that while for tire epoch end place
In which his mature years wore to be passed 1
young GallaUn was exceptionally well edu
cated the processes of redaction nnd applica
tion by which pecondhand knowledge Is
transmuted into wisdom wero all to b per
formed In the country of his mloptlon
There In no reason for supposing that Albert
GallaUn whose journey from Geneva t tho
transatlantic colonies which were still engaged
In nn uncertain struggle for Indopondonen was
nn escapade conceived In a burst of youthful
enthusiasm came t this country with tbe set
tled purpose of remaining hero for life much
loss with any hopo of attaining to political em
inence In the Now World His beginnings were
modest nnd of course the young Swiss bad
nonoot tire prestige which caused the French
aristocrats whom caprice or sentimental affec
tations hind led to offer their swords about the
same period to tho revolted colonies t 0
looked upon In the light of condescending sav
iors Most of tho 10 with which be landed
was Invested tea which hu bartered In Dos
Ion for rlllu lran tobacco nnd ho made up
Ills mind to try nnd dispose of this mer
chandise nt Mach Ins In tho extreme cost
ot Maine Her he could got nothing hOover
for his goods but the products of the
fish lumber and furs and aftorre
country f lumbr nm tur Itor remaining
maining R year on the Eastern frontier whore
bin main occupation Booms t have boon wood
cutting he returned with n sadly depleted
purse to Boston whore he fot to work to earn
Ills broad by giving lessons In French That
lio had no great success at first may be inferred
from the fact that ho had to send for money to
n friend In Geneva but In July 1782 he was
permitted t teach tho French language nt Har
vard College end about seventy of the students
availed themselves of his services for which
lie received about 1300 n year At the
end of a twclromonth fortunately ho de I
termined to leave Cambridge whore noth
ing bettor than nn Illpaid professorship
awaited him In order to accompany In the
function of Interpreter a French gentleman
ono Savary do Yalooulon who spokn no Eng
lish but who had crossed the Atlantic t pros
ocuto certain claims against the State of Vir
ginia for advances mado by his house At this
tlnio speculation was active In tho lands be
tween tho Monongahela and Kanawba Rivers
and before UfO new friends left Philadelphia for
Richmond Savary had bought warrants for
120000 acres between the Great and Little
Kanawha Rivers and interested Gallntin t
tho extant of onequarter In the purchase an
Interest which was subsequently increased
to onehalf Mr Stevens tolls us that
soon after the completion of this transaction
the sale ot some mal portions reimbursed
them for thraofourtbsot tire original cost yot
It does not appear that this or any other ol his
purchases In Western lands proved of much
ultimata vnluoto Gallatln By this tlmo how
ever he had mad up hIs mind to settle for
Borne years at all events in what wa > then the
West Iud accordingly In 1781 ho built a log
hut and opened a country store In Fayotte
county Pennsylvania about four miles north
of the Virginia line Although his residence was
thus established In Prinnsjlvanln It was on
tho other side of the State line that ho took
measures to become an American cItizen by
appearing before the court of Monongalla
county In Its October term In 1785 nnd sub
scribing the oath ol allegiance and fidelity to
tho Commonwealth of Virginia Neither Gal
latin of those this occasion
1111 nor any present on oMslon
could havo foreseen tire imnortanci of this
date or have guessed that the young stranger
who could then steak tine English language
but Imperfectly and who never learned to
speak It without n marked foreign accent
would bu refused a seat In the Federal Senate
on tho ground that ten years had not elapsed
since hu becamo 1 oitlon ol the United Statin
Althouub Mr Gallntin wan neither pecuni
silly successful mirhappy as ahackwoodn farm
er there IH nn doubt that his determination
to live on tIre frontier was an Indispensable
condition of his rlso to political distinction
There Is no reason tosupposo that this French
speaking Swiss who to the end of his public
life was taunted by his political opponents with
Iris Inability to ironounoo correctly the Kng
llh language would have fared much better
in Now York or Philadelphia than nt start
ing he seemed likely to fare at Boston
or at Cambridge On tire other hand In
the western wilds of Pannsylvanln which
wore then to tho longsnttled communi
ties east of the Alleghenies what Dakota i
Is to us the young Genevan was 1 great man
foi although ho was not 1 member of any of
the liberal professions ho possessed nn excel
lent education as well a remarkable abilities
and ho was thus able to render his neighbors
precious services which caused them t out
grow tha prejudices at first exalted by his
furoura manners Idioms and accent The
fact moreover that ho took an active though
n prudent part In the popular commotions
which lob to the whiskey insurrection and that
ho thus rendered hlinsalf obnoxious t the Fed
eral authorities endeared him t the people
of the western counties und mode his elec
tion to the State Legislature end nulwo
quontly to tire HOUHO ot Representatives
and tire Senate not only possible but easy I
will li remembered that Gallatln was clerk of
a Washington county meeting In 1791 where
resolutions were adopted to Boycott eery cltl
ren who would assist in the collection of the
Federal duty upon whiskey and that Mr Gal
latin was accustomed t refer to hU action on
this occasion as ha sole political fin I should
rather be regarded an a atroko of good fortune
for next t another extrinsic circumstance t
which wo shall presently revert tho accident o
hl close identification with 1 popular upris
ing gave him a hold on tin confidence of wost
orn Pennsylvania that remained unshaken
during his political career
Tho second exterior olrcumManoa to which
wo have referred was Mr Oallntlns second
marriage to n daughter ot Commodore Jamos
Nicholson his first wife tho daughter of a
French emigrant In Richmond having only
lived a year niter the voddlng By this mar
rlngo Mr Qnllntln greatly strengthened his po
litical connectlonhU wifes father being ono
of tire acknowledged loaders of tire Republican
party In New York and three ot her sisters
being married t prominent members ot the
Senate and house ot llonrrcwntatlves from
Southern Slates Mr Gallatln it seems
wna Introduced t this Nicholsons by Al
exander James Dallas who shares with
Oallatln and Hamilton the distinction
of being ono ot the only three foreign
born clllnins of this country who have hold tho
high ofiloo ot Secretary of Ibo Treasury Mr
RUnons points out the coincidence that H
GiUUtln like Mr Hamilton materially fortl
Qed his own aoolal and political position by his
matrimonial connection with an Influential
American family but the author ot this biogra I
phy Is I mistaken In asserting that Mr Dallas
profited by the same kind of assistance through
marrying a daughter of Gov Mlfllln Mr
Dallas married an English lady who came with
him to this country and who survived him
many years
There Is no doubt that Mr Qallatln having
boon elected a United States Senator In Feb
ruary 1793 or loss than eight years after he
had legally become an Amorlenn citizen was
Ineligible to tho office under Article I section
3 of tho Constitution I I possible however
that he might have bAn permitted to retain
his Boat If ho hail not from the outset taken an
aggressive attitude toward the Federalist
party by moving a resolution calling upon the
Secretary of tire Treasury for a complete state
ment of receipts and expenditures His subse
quent exclusion although constitutionally ins
tilled caused him to b rcgnnlid by tho anti
FudoralUU as a martyr to his principled und
In October 1731 ho wan ohooen by his fellow
citizens both to the Pennsylvania Assembly
and to tIre House of Representatives A Bocond
attempt was made by the Federalists to stifle
him and the election ot all the members of tire
Legislature from his Congressional district
was docarod void by tho Assembly on tho
ground that this part ot Pennsylvania had
of Insurrection Mr Gallatln
bean In a statoof l1surroclol rOulltu
howeor was triumphantly reflloctcd to tho I
Legislature and ho was accordingly permitted
to take his suit without opposition In the
fourth Congress whoso first session began In
Philadelphia on December 7 17U5 Tho ad
ministration of Washington was drawing
to I close but tine Senate ns well ns the execu
tive and judicial departments was In the
hands of tho Federal party Tbe House was
nearly equally divided and hero was to b
battle which after
fought tho great political bllto
many vicissitudes wn to end In tho complete
victory of Democratic principles Hamilton
nnd Jefferson whoso names were moat con
spicuously associated with tIre antagonistic
parties were watching tho contest from
a distance the former from his law
ofllco In New York to which ho had
retired from tho Treasury tho latter
from his homo In Montlcollo Tho nominal I
head of tho Republican opposition In the
House was Madison but tire most effective
tactician nnd debater on bin side had beD
Giles of Virginia who howovor was thence
forth destined to bo gradually superseded by
Mr Gallatln The real object of Jcflorsonian
party was to nxtond the powers of tire House
and to subordinate tho Executive to Its will
and tire Ort vigorous effort In this direction
looked to a tightening of the control of tho
house over tho Treasury Department Mr
Qallatln bad scarcely entered the Ious be
fore ho procured tho appointment of a Stand
ing Committee of Finance to superintend fiscal
operations a committee which afterward be
came known us the Committee of Ways and
Moans Ho renewed also the demand which ho
had made In tho Senato for a comparative
view of tho receipts anti expenditures for oach
year and for a statement of nil tho applica
tions of public moneys by tho Treasury since
the formation of tire Government Mr tJalla
tins aim was to establish tire expenses of oach
department on a permanent footing for which
annual appropriations should bo made and In
lire case of any extraordinary expenditure to
insist on 1 special appropriation which should
In no circumstances bo exceeded Hamilton
had refused to supply Iho Houso of Representa
tives with detailed Information relating t tho
management of tho Treasury and It was Mr
GallaUn who first awakened the people to 1
sense of their rights In this regard who
aroused the House to a consciousness of its
legislative duties and ultimately forced the
Treasury to 1 strict and Incessant account
ability From him too come the first per
emptory declaration In Congress ot the su
premacy of tire House of Representatives by
claiming for that body a discretionary power to
appropriate or refuse appropriations for any
purpose whatever Ho wont so far as to main
tain apropos of the Jay treaty that
although the treatymaking power bad been
lodged in the President and Senate
loled lsldent Bnnie Tot
the House 8 being the grand Inquest
ot the nation had the right t call for the
papers on which the treaty had been farmed
seeing that It might wish to ground upon thorn
on impeachment Ha held moreover with
Madison that blnce a treaty when mado must
depend for Its execution on a law to be passed
by Congress the House ha a right t discuss
the expediency ot carrying treaties Into effect
This principle was embodied in I resolution
and carried by a largo majority notwithstand
ing President Washington had refused to sub
mit the Jay tiapara in compliance with Ihn
JIY IIpOr3 cmlllnco wih re
quest ot tire House I Is remarkable Hint
during this his first session Mr Gallatln
who was repeatedly taunted on tho floor of
thin house with his foreign birth and accent
shared with Madison the distinction of framing
the programme of his party and at the next
session became Its acknowledged loader
I Is well for the Democrats to remember
that throughout his Congressional career Mr
GiUlnlln Ret his face asalnst the military
iHtibtlHhinnnt attacked the prlnulplu on
which It was based nnd every appropriation
In detail from tire nay of a MajorOeneral
to tho cost of uniforms tire
cn InUorm for private soldiers
lie did not bjllovo I htiindlng army necessary
for thin support of tire United States Govern
ment and considered the money silent upon It
thrown away Tlm navy found no moro favor
In the eyes of f Mr Gallatln although ha had
married the daughter of I Commodore and
although his brotheratnlHW wore naval offi
cers Ho denied that fleets were nocossiry to
protect commerce anti declared that there was I
no nation except Grunt Britain whose navy
had any connection with commerce while I
the price that country had paid for It
was I debt of throo hundred millions of
pounds sterling Navies ho said wore Instru
ments of power better fitted to annoy the trade
ot other nations than to protect that of the na
tions t which they belonged At a later period
In his letter of criticism tho Jefferson
crtelsm oa Joftraon pro
ject for the construction of two hundred
conHlrlUnn hUldro1 gun
boats Mr Oallatin advanced the opinion that
It would bo an economical measure for every
commercial nation to burn their navy at tho
end of n war nod build a now one when
again at war were It not that I certain
amount of time Is needed for the oonntructlon
of large war vessels In the particular In
Blanco mentioned the soundness ot his judg
ment seemed vindicated by results for of 176
gunboitti constructed only 21 wore fit for ac
tual service two yearn afterward
In the second sosulon rf the Fifth Congress
Mr Gallatln advanced still further In his at
tetvPtH to define and limit tire prerogative of
tire President Mr Adnma had undertaken to
Increase tho number ol foreign missions and
to demand for porno ol them Increased appro
priations On the subject of diplomatic Inter
oonno with foreign countries Mr OMUttn
laid dow a thoory which bu never yat been
reduced to application but which the Improved
facilities of communication by mal and telegraph
graph have rendered eminently reasonable
While not proposing at one to elve up diplo
matic Intercourse with foreign countries he
thought that It should by degrees b allowed
to drop Commorolol Intorooursa ho 81d
could be ef otu lly cnrod tor by tine consular
system and It would b well for tho country
whon tho whole array ot resident ambassadors
and envoys should b recalled Mr Stevens
tolls u that this speech A the delight ot Mr
Gallntlna friends and that two thousand
copies of It wore circulated as tire best exposi
tion of republican doctrine Thoro can b no
doubt tlm t tho principle he laid down embodies
tho present essence ot the Democratic doc
trine and that whatever may have bon the
casontthe time Itwaa propoundodlt U noW
entirely practicable
None ot tho services rendered by Albort Gal
Latin should bo moro gratefully remembered
by the people ot this country than his unflinch
ing vehement and finally triumphant opposi
tion t tho Allen and Sedition bills the latter
ot which measures wn believed by Jefferson t
b aimed Uallatln In person In the dUous
lon of tho former mnaauro he was provoked
on one occasion Into th use of IntomporaU
and indecorous language But fierce u was
tho controversy excited In Congress and
throughout the country by these odlouB laws
Onllfilln Tory seldom lost his sulfcontrnt
Writing t an old friend at this period ho laid
You may remember I am blessed with a very
nvon temper It has not been altered by time
or politics11 Jefferson later said that nothing
colt obliterate from the recollection ol those
who were witnesses ot It tire courage of QaJIfc
tin In thin Days ot Terror ournlo
Mr Gallatln I Congressional corner closed
with the Congress which witnessed the last
days of the Adams Administration and the
election of Mr Jefferson to thu Presidency by
the House of Representatives Tho political
triumvirate which bo had formed In conjunc
tion with Jefferson and Madison was now to
rule the country for sixteen years The grout
prizes wore to fall to his colleagues for minu It
thu BeoDle could luivo boon Indueud to rilAa A
citizen ot foreign birth to hit plnco ot Chief
UiwlBtraln they were prohibited from doing s
by the Constitution Mr Gallatln however
was to riMnlve the omen which had been mado
by Hamilton the second In importance namely
thu Treasury to hold It for twelve years and
to resign it voluntarily against tire protest
ot his friends During his occupancy of
the Treasury hu was to place that department
for tho frt time on a strict business footing
aud to Introduce principle of economy und ac
countability that ware to be adhered to for
sixty years I fell to him t provide tint money
for thu Louisiana purchase and notwithstand
InK this extraordinary drain upon his re
sources to pay n large Part of tho public 1 debt
transmitted by Ills Federalist predecessor
After his retirement from the Treasury ho was
successively Minister or Commissioner to
Russia France neil England iitlhTH which ho
accepted for tire oxprcHu purpose of negotiating
treaties of thn utmost moment nnd there is t no
longer any doubt that for tho Treaty otGlumt
vo ore mainly Indebted not t John Qulney
Ailnms or to Henry Clay but to Albert
Gallutln Ho wan again offered the Secretary
ship of tire Treasury by President Madison
after the resignation of Mr Dallas and in 1H24
Im was urn candidate of the Congressional cau
cus on tine Crawford ticket from whieh how
over mindful ot his constitutional hmljlllty to
Biicivod to the Presidency lIe withdrew in favor
ot Mr Clay Thenceforward ho retired from
political life but I is significant ot r the deep
und abiding iimirosslou made by his admirable
inuiuigHinuiit ot the fiscal resources of r the toy
ornniunt limit II 113 whoa ho wan moro than
eightytwo years old he was once more offered
the post ot Secretary of Treasury
M W l
Modern 8 laIUm I
A want long and widely felt Is in a largo
measure satisfied In Ibo little volume entitled
French and German Socialism in Moilrrn 7iniM
by ii T EIT Harpers This Is a reprint of
lectures delivered at the Johns Hopkins Unl
Terslty In which nn attempt Is made to sketch
the development of noclnllstlo theories In
Western Europe from the French Revolution
t our own day Rather more than half the
book Is devoted to an exposition of the ideas
advocated by French reformers beginning with
Babuouf and ending with Proudhon special at
tention being naturally paid to Saint Simon
Proudbon and Louis Blanc But although this
section of Mr Elys treatise will prove useful
on account of the ground covered by an analy
sis which is at once compendious and clear It
cannot lx bald that the theories of tho French
Socialists wore unknown or Inaccessible to the
mass of American readers Such if not the
case however with the works of tho
great oxpoundors of German socialism
and tho capital value of this book
Ind clpltul lluo con
sists In the fulness and distinctness
with which the doctrines enunciated by Rod
bonus and Karl Marx aro defined So far as wo
know no concise yot trustworthy presentation
of their views wan previously accessible in Eng
lish This is emphatically true of Rodbortus
although some knowledge of iris writings Is In
dispensable to an appreciation of Marx him
self and much moro of Lassalle and ot other
men who have been propagandists rather than
original thinkers Wo cannot hotter exemplify
tho utility of this portion of tbo volume than
by marking some of tho main points In
Mr Elys condensation of Rodbertuaa oco
nomlo systom Perceiving with other
Btudonta of the subject that there aro
two chlof evils In the existing economic
life of man to TIt pauperism and commercial
and financial crises Rodbortus directed his
attention principally to the moans of abolish
ing these evils According to bin theory
eTls Aeoordlni lheor pau
perism and crises tiisult from ono and the
same circumstance vir that when economic
processes aM loft to themselves In respect t
tho distribution goods certain relations con
nected with tho development of socie
ty bring It about that s the pro
ductivity of social labor increases tho
wages of the laboring dunes constitute
an everdecreasing portion ol tho national
product This does not mean nomisnrlly
that what the laborer receives becomx abso
lutely smaller only that It relatively
A mans poverty does not depend so much
upon what ho 1ms absolutely at upon the rota
tion In which his poawmlons Ilnn to thoH of
others about him and upon time extent to
which other allow in no to share In I tho prog
runs of tire ago A cannibal in tire Houlh Hia
Islands is I not poor horniiso ho IUIH no coat
an KngllHhman ix Vlnin the vast majority
were unable to road n man win not poor or np r
pnmsnd bociiuiui ho wax unable to purilinno
books but I Herman who toilay has not the
moans to buy thorn Is both poor and opprtssnd
llodbcrtiifi s twm In tine Hocind plnco II provo
that crises as wnll at pailpurNiu riNull from
tire continued riilathu di > urnns In labors share
of nil t ins gmidx proiliiidl Kvnn Mr Klynenm
tiriiKseil BtatoniDtitof In IH aromn print nra to that nd
iii l too long lo quote nml wo ivlll note unruly I
that tinny nmbrani an inpiiilons Ofplaiia
ton of the Industrial and comiuurvinl
crashes vtlilih are obwrvml to occur
ut Interval of from ton lo llfleun yearn Tire I
conclusion reached by HnillxTtiiri Is that pour I
ty nnd earn irririhtr I pair Iis ran hi av rtiil only
by tho interfaruneiiof tire Htittn and through I
nucli nrranuouiiintHnHxiiallgunrantiu to labor I
im ii shnru In I ilm I eat burn prod iret which shall
Increase paripatlsu < with IncrniKlngproiliictlon I
An outline of tin plan by which ho thought
this adjustment ramlil bu effertml nml whiili
trite hn ruunrdel with favor by inuny prnctl
ellmnl Uglviin In this volume Ifcl
Mr Ely h I caroful to pointmit thnt llnillwrtus
wnijiid Iin cruRnde against land or capital He
did not liiiwiwir boilivo I I to be foroynr circus
retry thntruipltalliitr and lanill lurruls tshould pc lit l
as separate elMs lie lnilftuil that wiishould
reeogrrizuu tire annie iIlfTirenco bntw Hn capital
and the capitalist alt wit already 101 between
labor and tire slave once he who waved war
on slavery wax looked upon as a man who was
trying to abolish labor Rodtwrtus thought
that at some future day we shall In
like capital and thu
Iko manner separate cpllli cap
italist and suppress thu eapltullst MIIKD
ann wAuno already suppressed Lieu slnvehold
leg claiM Huch mi abolition would not by any
means Imply equality Great diffornucas would
still exist but they would he Inland on merit
In brief the present laittezfture period was
hell by Ilodburtus to denote a transitional
stage and a preparation for I different social
organization But It was vain ho said to limo
for any spontaneous Bnlfcenarated Improve
ment from thu lamtafairt HI Mem which he
called a fools paradise Social melioration
ole1 1ouritdlso Hclal
< molottoo
must b worked for not walled for and for its
attainment w d should lisa all tIre Instrumental
ities Included which are ready to our hands the State
Wo hnll MIOniul our citations to thin chap
ter on lliMlbortiis because ho may with nv n
uioro propriety taU Hurl Marx IM 1 tunned the
philooilile founder of r Gurmnn soidnllnm We
would point the reader however to nuthors
lucid and singularly futrniliiiled I account ot
Marxs fluonomia doctnnen an WIUIR 10001nt hit
crlptlon of th Mioiillod professorial Social
lets aiiong whom Adorph Wagner rofhOr
at Berlin Bchmolliir recently profoaijor In
Btraxburg hut now triinnfrrrvd to llm Berlin
ilnivuraityj Brentano professor formerly at
Breslau and now In Blruburg and tire Into
Adolph Hod profftswrat l ouo have boon or
are particularly distinguished
Antoma HanBMk
r1 Aonerrfu h
ruptirnbrra come at hit l
TH hollers T Sr > suu
n mull hN hoy mum now tMSe hit way to Mhoel SehOol t
Tftia wrljzjrtlnt worm rJol
The tiulllniKi lunn their nlCM
And perch and irioktrrl rUtnle lu I the pool pest p
The nulling lln ini 1 hook
InTo plAcv lo usia a and freaks
To prlmrrn IhUXTM rvailuri I ll6rji inapa and thlaft thing
7h hat Input away
Until I aoinft rsturenyu I
All IVi Wrings and oilier changes autumn brinn bring
Th nult syps an mess
Ills cunlimrrii explore
To catch the meaning 1 pokm In a wtnk wink wtakt
e WpnthrrM griming cold
11 cold
Tf neritu not tn he toW
Iho nature of the rierig thtjr11 drlak drink drink
Tin By bo hail hla day
No inure hell frltk and play
Ana aktte impair the gheeay ahlntog brown erown crown t
The bald mnna nverloed
Ills cntniy dentroyro
tn prnrii down trace mor detor le will nit Mm down down
And now the Udla I him em I
When gone out inuoh wo miss em
Are from score the bah coming home In ooraa Jjoons
scoreWher lately theyve been stoppIng
And now theyll irn ihopilnir 1 I
And arorrim the many dry goods stOrM atorea iu > ra
And now the merchant wary
U III ilerm I neceharr waJ
To have an advrrtlMf mrnt well displayed 1y played
Wllhl i hi > local paper
Yor tliafnthe hniper caper
By whloh to eatch the coinlnc autumn trada trada tml
New ed T
W JJW Men rots their bloom dliplej
1 pll
And deft rarhiie ranir tine dar
Spin nul the Uniitha of lUkea line
Ur aubtmy err thawsbs isign 1
I waTewhera Spoil vloteti
Kaoarteil tbetanirle of IIIMI neta
Tbe downy minutes lIt lhl tla sell
Ilefore the soft lloloker semen 1
And irardeiiK tliat In June wera fair
With rotri rich and dHmnalr
WimanUirmnmii with Minted flower
Make nay t btNi > aelplli houm
Kn more hope whispers nn the air
U Joy the umnier hourt will hear
IJo leers lrilhl rllnn haunt the dret
nt I Illern 1 hy the wooded itrriuna
NnrilurK the Ihrolblng heart ot night
Heat with the mine eliwtrta might
Af quickened In the young rpnuaa prtlM
Ihe Uu > hlng life nt that tweet time fna
Ann tlimigh arruM the lieseens bend
Tile Mitnlng Mart foroter lend
And tlMHtgh lacier her far ctuvlel
The rnlden I mcinn puierti her tpell
We know er limit norlh Hindu wilt blow
Mud that full noon will Hike of mow
And Hint hvap through thilr I the crystal wintry muiwa atinoinher here
Dlm nd Dick That Cuaa of Fogem
rritm Iht KeruUto
why den W5 raU hlnl IHmnnd Dick t
Not for the reseat hp8 worth a pit
A polilen Imle or a oItrrnnok
tIe a Wrll nt ptpiirllng kirrene
No not for his muney or niluenal all
DII vn rrliie Rlchnnl MiTatr White
ror In borrow hln chliuiun lu nln 1 w ed call
nut bnaniwi In hli aklu his MUila all right
You so thl IIlck is I a cciii Invlile
Tin hU hlilu no butter than > onra or mine
yet whet OH Black Hal wan ton i week for the tide
II rtcal her nut with n atrokr that wainne
And when Cowimv Jiininy mey Hal on the hooF
And frilly Nilni bud hnVnlf at r Inn throat I
Dick oioont hU jhi > iitf 1 r a fat or more
And made twoalr liolealu Wllllama coat
I Ten Dick 1 a jewel every Inolt
Prom th ornwn or lili felt to the eolei of bleu
One never fnm diuirt or death to drench
Itut Hho rl lu the faceit mUfnrtuue mockjil
For once lie wa out < iu the J irairle I iced
Couotlng the cattle with Sammy Hrteara I
when just on the evurninif tr so deco at hand
An omlnoua jrelplng fell on their ears
Irholit n that Wolvint Whv hIt pjirerea
The re running ulieail on railrnad tlmel
Anil now I ecu em an thick so miles
Their snouts all sooty with Itlnoft and grime
And only I Hlxehoolere I to keen em clear
Well WeniuM niruko tmna Colic nI hut I
Buforc the vermiu am un our rear
And get hlIII with too hutchea ihut
Over the pIMn tinoy Hew an the rail
Trampling irramma grata down like weeds
With n trek uf n tliiUninl I upon their trail 1
And the iweiit mnrMtig I nut In Icy I lieailn
Ther reached tlie ranch nt a breakmrk speed
1 I hey ruahej fur the door cal I lmr t right 1 Lou
Swore HOh rider anil uluceil I sot ntee l
For olotit at IlKtr heels wan the deadly din I
What do they hat when theyre all tiialde
Aunt lolt lire door with an Iron bar
A hnkf imnel almONt aa wide
AN the wluilmr retire or aratlwuy car
Ofxt men I what are rot irilug to iln
With the wihen ngnatlilng stool the but
An < t hole In the ilour to let theut through
And nothing agnlmit It In time to rut F
In he I Huh of a nun the Hf ur a ilorped
While a trimig Tolley 11 tIred from the floor
For nick on the hoatin r or Hi line dropped
Aunt thrupit inn I Iremit galn > t the broken ort
Seeing no cleft to reel madly through
toeing no rider or lucre to devour
The howling lack > can und nothing to do
Bent scatter mid Kctni > er away In an boor
A wild laugh followii their rud relmff
With t a parting powderlen pllil click
Tin K uali In itt rl hovini tell llama i eoouirh
Ot true ri cent peril of Dimond LUck
Too rack In a jewel eery Inch
From the rmwn of hU felt to the noted of hta toeka
One never from danger or death to final
hut who oft lu the face of uutfortuue tnookal
THE fuifi Auz 231B8J Bin Y n
J edr
frmn tht Chicago Tritnau
Jane Jr hat tialr like wheat
Clolileji In I its color
Only of the ln the wheat
In by far the duller
Eye an brown an hut that tall
In the rate Octoher
Full of fun lu I feeling tlmea
Tender In the sober
Lip that nometlmea make Ton fed
All the lime like tailing r
So much aweetneaa scenes a aui
To be Idly wiutlng
IlaiuUauoh handjr lithe hindu
Iliinpled deep and ruddy
Jail the kind ot hand you know
For a lifetime itndy
When the cow come up the Ian
When the nun ii t letting
When the dew li I falling oft
Uraei and dalilea wetting
Jan Jr claude brittle the lara
And I Hand bIle bar
Fecllnc that Id like to ihare
All that may betide her
Sava the had and bitter throes
Shier the anreeli and honer
Share her ape and ehare her downjL
bhare the old man money
Little lompn fait lu mr throat
ll nl to tklp and let ma
Tell my love of all my love
That hai long beset me
O ye 0110 I loren young dream
What a brisk ilealli raltlel
Stop that Mwonlng Najioy Jane
And hurry lip the cattlr
Jane Jr to Ibo milking speeds
A duUIul aixleonyVarP
Wblle I seek seems quiet clot
Cuiiing Jane tine Beater
prom tIe > Mlivlffj > ifa rrctt
What sort of a irlrt will 1 take rot
Aires my leroy deblor
Shall Blio I Jmrk or Lily tine I I thlnr
Which I do I like better I
Then to mine a 11111 hind
14 leldod up roinilelely
Whit the red III e try lo lost i
And the ryea emlla iwntly
n jcnteevet nl Ihe bar
1 > 111I1 Ilinldhertigliiiy I
Thelnepinlngor Hint llrrfian word
o ahf atiar Sri liidill
M 1IIOIeIlYIhllolo
Aorordlng In the letter
And If you Iaot lay I tIle debt
I mini keep hue debtor I
C Would you buy your nentenoe oSf
Ueeieo tire tuilllO <
Tel If ton work the whole terra oe s
It will take foroverl L B
A IlltlB Ulllllk
from She fitltalrliAta CoIL
She felt heil rftim her a hit own
For wnihil wn u iiiurk lo aee
lIre I growth of leeili by Cujl iowa
Juit nficr lea
lime Miirhei red when ilnw Hie hean
The Inn toned wirle 1 Ire jliil lea scud
And trembling on the terga of tears
Mie Llubhea red
And utartled at the look he lear
for ore he lliillicd her toll heal
Uroopt and to hu ahouldir ucara
lie halIlo see midst hnot nf furs
I lo love that Klngerhrevl
Your daluty little hand irruareil I
brie bluihel rod
from met
A cannier evening
A low I uiuare room
One hilt moon lighted
And half lu loom
from eel the iilllnrei
A girls voice lliala
and rliarmi my wul
With lu ladiweel natal
The nrruuin drsw one
With vjlchpet sweet
Tola my heart
At lbs stegore feel
I lass a moment
And while I sail
I linac lies filcii
Ot lIne ardcu gate
A ihadow darken
Tine rleenhil uiuare
A touch fulla tofi
On rIte sims bright hair
A Ilarticed err
Alit they are haunyl
brrt where anil
Kaeiem am Tcntvncnlcfr Ainerlc Stapr
r1stet Faiklone In Celer
PAKTB Oct 5M Ernost Itontin shares
with Sarah Ucrnhnrdt and M do Ixxsopn the
moat general notoriety of all living Frenchmen
or Fronoh women Certainly of all contempo
rary French writers BI Ilonnn Is tho mont
widelyknown the moat pervading in his In
flucnco both ns a critic and n philosopher M
llonan la porlmps tire only man ot modern times
who bna boon ublo to nay ellam happy and I
havo always boon happy He la tho only man
ot modern times whoeo philosophy In profound
enough to enable him to express bin admiration
of feminine beauty In thonowords Asa young
man I hogan to BOO that beauty is a gift so su
perior that talent genius and oven virtue are
nothing In comparison with It so that the truly
Doautlfut woman him thin right to disdain cv
orythlnir Inasmuch as she assembles In her
person nnln nmyrrhlno vase ovarylhini that
eenlua sketches twilnfully In weak mi til noa by
m nnnof fatiguing rudoxlon Why do I recall
thin phrnsn 7 It IH ono of tho phrases that mont
struck mn the nthnr tiny tn rvndtnit M Itonuns
Souvenirs of Childhood and Youth nnd lent
mo to remark that oxiiulMto artist and pool
above all tlilnuH M Ilunan respects absolutely
and only one thing In tire poicoti of this volume
and that oem tiring In lloauty
Lout Monday 11 Itonnn mIllie coma remarks
at the Northern Itnllwny depot on Ihe occnilnn
of lbs dopnrturo of the mortal remains of Ivan
TournuiSuloft for HL Petersburg a few extracts
from which need no nnolour Whatever H
Itinnn ban to say commands our attention
Dnclarlnff Tourcufinlefl to have been not only
an eminent writer but a irroat man M llonan
went on to say tbalTonrfrudntofTruoolvod from
the mysterious decree that muted creations
the par excellence uoblo ulftof impersonality
lila ooneelonco nottimt of an individual
more or loss gifted by nature It was In away
thn conscience of a Whole people Before his
birth TourcuonlttfT had llvcil thousands of
mars infinite series of dreams woro concen
trated In the bottom of his heart No other
man had boon to such a degree the incarna
tion ot a whole raoo Ho wont on
To alien genius ot the collective masseS U the
source of all great thing But the inaieea have no
voice They can only feel and atammer They need an
Interpreter a prophet to speak fine them Who shall Ins l
thaI prophet t HboahallUII thiwe suffering denied of
mole whole Interest It la motto One thomtluMe aerret urel
ration which disturb the nanotlmonloua nplhnlun ot
the ueathaiIml I The great man when he is at the lame
time a man of gentnt and a man ot heart That Ii I why
the great man la the halt free of all men tie
neltker lees nor ears what he pleatea A trod poeka
within him m ten centuries of grief and hope beset ami
oomuiand him e Ii hi the honor or that great
Slav rare whone appearance un tha tale ot the world ne l
the mnet unoxpecied lunomennn > eeC our celilurj to
have found llaexpruKilon at once In the mouth of ao ac
oompliilied a mailer Never were the mytterli i of an
obecureantl etlll ooutradlotorr roneolence reaJed with
Such inHrvelluuit aagintty Tonnruenleft felt and at the
Mine lime he ubnenetl lill eenantlout tee wan at once
pvojtte and elite lie won touclird like a woman and urn
tieiilMe 55 sir anaromiit unclnnl eel M a philosopher
and lander a a child Iliippy thv race which at lu de
but In reflective life hat le n represented by Much tin
lurei aaartle n < they are eruillle real and myntloat the
uncle 1111 When the future ihnll linvegtven the mice
uraof tire aurprlwa held In store lieu lie tj tIlls at4 ilih
tngRlav f enlut with UK paa lonnte faltfi Ita t profound
lntultlnnlt peculiar notion of life and death Ita need
ot martyrdom lie thlr t after the Ideal the painting ot
Tourruenleff will be pricvlVi dixumenu
Tourctulnleff tim orntorwont on to show saw
the purllous gravity of bin rule OH the inter
proton of anne of tho great lamlllex of humanity
and woichod onch of his words nnd so IrIs mis
sion was puruly one of paolllcatlon Ilcnco ho
la the common cloryof Bohoola between which
so many dlaxonslons exist Ilenan continued
icier shove the rare theta huiu > uiity or If > ou prefer
the name resin Tourgiionleff belonged tn a race of his
way of feeling and painting he belong to humanity ly
a tulillme hhllowipln enihraclng In a nnr glance the
noiidltlona nf human exlrtetxti cud aeuklng without bias
the knowledge renlilv In TourguelUrtf tub pnlliuu
pliy rerulled In ilentlno In the joy ot living to pity
roe creature and oboe all for vlcllma He loved ar
di nlly poor humanity thai It I often blind aMurciilr but
alxi eo often betrayed by Its leaden
The other day chance led my steps over the
winter through thin main StreetS of tho noble
Faubourg haintGermuln It was curious to
notice bow many of tire aristocratic mansions
were shut up and deserted In the natural
course of things many of the members of the
old noblesse not a llttlo from motives of
economy are In the habit uf pa < slnu the
autumn In their country houses This year It
appiiar byi general consontanil Inconsequence
of Iho mourning for the Comto do Ctmnibord
this exile Is to bo prolonced buynnd Christmas
anti perhaps throughout free whohiwinter Thii
noble tlukoH marquises counts and barons of
royalist opinions have ntrreocl to sulk all the
unison and so there will bo no ffltes and no
dinners nvnr the water and tire subscription
llHtHot Ire lead In thuatrna will lose several
bivhKoundlne names while some 1500 main
and finuilD servants will lose their places and
lu point of fact the abstention ot the high
nosed fauboure will not make very much dif
ference except to tire milliners and dress
makers 1itrls possesses enough wealth and
beauty free from political tIes to make Inanity
tray and brilliant During the post wmk forte
stance two American cantatricos Mile Van
undl and Mile 1 1 Nevada havo attracted to the
Opera Comlquo ns brilliant audiences as ono
could wish to see MIle Novadns Icbut In
Mignon was not entirely successful her
terribly bad nccnnt irritated Frnch ours
hue Van Zandt on the other hand
In spite of pranks and caprices enough
to tire the patience of n legion of saints
romitliifl the spoiled child of the Pails
Ian public Tho moment she appears she is
applauded her accent lor she has nn accent
and a very strong oneIs declared to give liar
an exotic charm hor awknardncss on tho
stage is considered tobe delicious oauehtrin
In short tho public will boar nothing against
Miss Fauvetto or Miss Warbler mrs bar cr1
mlrors call her
While Buonklnsr of lyric ortlsti I may mention
tie diSbut at the Grand Op ra of Sllle Adtflo
Isaac who has for the past live yearn been tbe
loading star at the Oprfra Gomlquc Mile
Isaac appeared In Hamjta with immense
success and nt once took her placer nmonathe
flratolass operatic sinters who have sung the
rOloof Wiflui singers like Uowk < Hnllbron
Jnrnm CiirvnlhnOrliwold and FldAaDnvrl s
Niut year I presume Sllle Isaac like her
Erpdowssors will proceed to make her famo
uropuan and perhaps oven transatlantic
In spIte ° f thls Invanlon ot politics 1orls
and the Parisians afford the sumo Interesting
appcbuln as ever Every day the resorts of
fashion become moro nnd more animated and
the shops of the Hue dn la PaU more thronged
with fair dames In search of elecant novoltles
The irroat color this season Is to be red not
only poppy red and cnroublor but also n shndo
known as red copper or In French cufrn rotiae
It Is n curious fact that nowadays the new
colors como to FarU so to speak from across
the Atlantlo and during tho summer months
there If great curiosity among the nianufac
tlrers of nil kinds of articles to know what
shades the Lyons dyers are producing for tho
American market Last season the great color
was mashed strawberry and no soomir was
tho Secret known at LlmoKns than Hnvlland
and other niakors b cun their oxpnrlmonta to
productt tins fashlonnblo tint In porcoliiln
Hut fashion in color doos not limit Its In
nuoneo to modern products It has also nn In
nuinco In thur curiosity ninrknt I rumnnibitr
for instance IIIM sprlnuonn of this great Paris
ian dealers In Orinntil pottery rnlatlosto mo
a viilt hu received from nn Amnrlcnu
have you Cent any mocliod strawberry
nikHd the Amnrlnsn coming I into tire stain >
Yuan 8 teinl tire dottier < not irrtvi pig tire slight
oat Idoanhnt hits visitor niBiint but ionfminlnc
to blue InviirlHbn Filler of alwavn profiHHidly
having rvnryllilni In stock Tlmroiipon tho
dottier hint tire viaitnr to Ii Citnu ftril of porcelain
A hr I tin ret is ne sitid t lisA tnurinrtp leohir t
ing to a iittltu vase ztnd tirnnruuhny unligirtchllrtg
the theaier thorn is omit burt it inn not litre
ii liven got e
Yiit err y nhnnrn
Tire lllll r 7mw knowing what maHhud straw
barty moan t > hI ttrmtntil Ii P Hn it ilur slllOl Incas
nail tine slimmer lIe unnild it small niliori
Bhap il innHhnd stniwhurry vase to a lialtlmoro
flnr ± far thme nr mi 51 ueihlTr < of IOOH A Him
liar one was sold In London nrantly for llrOO
Hlmll tin two next ymlr a rnd coppir craze In
por < onln Mo 7 IH onoiulh
It pouteelhilin enough and so
C t his rlllro we uuilrnli hue ihMto name lift y arS
of color prnxfKthn mintard yellow yiar the
aiUfsofortli1 yertr limo rod ° ° Iir ypllr
alit so firitir
nut to rittirn to feminine nlncanco No croat
ovnltlon hitVH yet nppHiiroil in tim wiiy nf
diOMP5 and mnntlos no now mati rlnU no now
Sinrtpiea ami no chnni ovn In tint ri llin I < n > loiis
of tire poster br 11011 1 1 fhi I te griln i I Hold for In I
nnivatlon in N In I I rlinmliies and ban Tlm no
nets am prndiiu im innrviOlntis cnrlaiuN ol
funins Ilowers nnd fruit apd folhu4 uutich as
blackberry braiicli npplo blnasoniK K rlands
of iMuchiH vii which are to two laid Tn I nrofii
fnini on tire tndrms na hllira of winter oven
Inc dressMh time passomontirln nml laco trim
nllngsare affeclingtlnu torrngnffrllit rrlhnrtiman
or flowors nml rnrnarkabln cnmt > osltlnn are
IrlIi0JifiVhLv plush ruin hroeitninnh silk ml
Bind with beajU anti rhnn le In thin form and
utdornmnnt of vnVilhf tuiithtstecefllnlrlcity prs
yalls Thee fitvorltii forms are tb < Cuitiitia iln
Minyrvc timer Fniuil urtli Ilnnr II nniVvarl
Silk farina of 0 < lllh > oxclutoni in hniVyfnXd
silk or in tulle omhroitlunreni with Iompadour
flowers with a big bunchof rIbbons In front
and In thin contra n large Inwi llnil unnd seam
0usd Inerati sitirer of an owl a ilog it cat or
haHn nthur animal or insect Mien sijirirreniuu
anti kitton hire largely usnut to ulnnenirrtto iiiuttt
sail on the flat brims of tilfi henri ii mug
tilled felts sari sun itlI krneis of SCICIIOS enirrni
dies 111111 trngctllos in innirnai life nerts of nice
surinrleed by it kitten iluoplng from tu > lilini ii
tnft of isy or a sea swallow with olleir wltmgs
escaping train tire claws of u er nnlc IIIIHSV
Afeer tiietuo ornltholoirloiil aid znUlnngIeal 1 va
garks tire mlhlinere liavH only tine world of
slins and I reptlloi loft to cuntiiinr Of lain
years tire Intuiintt hrrtvu worn chimer l l iisowo ry or
an trimmln
fur hats niulinufTs HIUCUHHOV
nowoiu spldurs drajfon lien tlOinitoulogebirnjs
tttntiln ° tuecessorienee kitclltuli irtuniniloygatI1ii
anti fruit W flay oatrrally NPt lo
Cell our
If tiiuSuo days a hat trtrlmnieni whir l
nnlWltlril1V > WP annl
uolnl ii fIsh ii runni i Bhrooohln time form of a richly
jiuwOIienl toad or a tortiliiru fiirth wnVin
nh M1 r11 icnrrmn Afinir i
tire great tenninilnu art Is vrtrloti Hnnc
niffin f
ltfter ii tiic reIgn oi l Cordoian Imit her nnd whlii
inoliotropno now rttgntsnl to ffie ihnutmisrtraunls
anti Iurrivinrial iWjantis lire fniehionpjiluj
fume is to be for tire present borgainot purr tho
favorite perfume of 1iichIiotj Tn 0
Talk U mi r l nbnr > ci Irish Immljrnitlaei
Stacy Unsettled laeetlaaa
ST PKTEnantmo Oct 6The Irish MO
coming to Ilusslnl That Is the latent piece ot
sensational news hero An Irishman sent br
some of irit countrymen recently arrived In i
this country to Investigate the question
whether llussla In n good country for immi
grants It Is said that lnoua ho innlios a fa
vorablo report there are 300 Irish families
ready to coma hers nt once It Is not yotknown
what will bo tire result of time mission Tire
IlufiqlanB think that the Irish are a llttto too
troublesome and uny they have enough uneasy
races of their own
In truth among three score nations living
under the Crjirs Bceptro thorn Are eumo which
cause continual trouble not only to the Govet
mont but also to the country Tine Jewish
Polish Tautonto nail Finnish questions have
become almost chronic anti they now end then
show dangerous symptoms Tire Czr politi
cal surgeons look upon theso cases 08 exceed
ingly obstinate anti almost Incurable
Aa to the Jewish Question Husslnns hold
quito different views The majority demand
that the rights of Jews shall bo Rtlll further ra
strlotcd while a small minority hold that all
the artificial ban separating Jowluli subjucu
from the real of the Czara subjects are ua
wise unjust ami pregnant with new dancers
and should bo abolished altogether This view
Is I logical and wise but it la very doubtful
whether the Commission now revising the
laws regulating the civil rights ot the Jew
will approve It Meanwhile the Jewish and f
proJowlah journal on one side and the anti
Jewish journals on the other are carrying on
the most unseemly and Insulting discussion
in language that can hare DO pinto In decent
literature It la evident that the Jewish quos
Lion has reached a phase when not Rood judg
ment but passion prevails in the debate
Impartial newspapers have produced abun
dant proofs that under the present circum
stances the Cznrs Government is Impotent to
bring about ponce and good will between lu
Hebrew and Christian subjects There are
millions upon millions ot peasants Ignorant
Illiterate and often in need ot money to pay
taxes and there are thousands upon thousands
of Jews smart partially educated but de
prived by law of many opportunities of making
an liouwttt living Tire result Is that the Jurw
have taken to usury vodka selling rrrrd Pr inlay
ing In golmenul the roloof middlemen which U
very obnoxious hero Tho Kabhulaltl Olt
sever attys
It U iluulilful whether lIre TowIlr qnreotlon would be
Mttlxl Uv Rlvlur tire rlxlil t < i leer lllrew fellow nib
lent lu settle whrerover tbty iiieitMt hi the Uuulin
Kinplre To ulto tin oiipnrtiuiit in nuxXFju Jewl to
become olitinKloutmUldlaiiitfli vrnuld 01113 InrruMM til
evil AntlJtwlHi nets nojlj becomr a nailimil Initud
of a hanoi ciilAlnltv It I tH in lice powirof the Jewi
tJi uii > vJvp to > riiiiiiiitnily i MtlU tnt qu < > tlim Let
theere turn to hnutHt mid t > riHlnrti c latnir del no Chris
lieS head l will Ie intend iirnln thorn A few Jewish
lriuern wlw > live KIIIUIIK ui and liv mouiitntn Jewa of
tlio Onuca us who know no n urv hoe no troubltt
irhtf retwtth tltotr Chri tllln ntUhliorw Ibn Jewiah
lariiifm lie Ua > ariaaro rfiircio1 bj tine Uvrmnn nu
the other nana J uUh ttfurcr tr htthir m our coniitFf
or abruml aro liailly troatvil by their nelifliboni In
Turkentan on the Ainitur lUtrr oar In silieria whtr
there no no end nt free or cheep lanit the Jews who
have uiaimifiU to nctll there lacIest of uppl > ttiic tlirlr
liandB to tine C irin toil have eHtaltllnht iiau u Hhiipa
No wonder tliat the MbtfriAtia took opine tem a a
greater evil than the crliulnnl exllci
The motive for the latest ontlJowlsIt riot
In the province of Ekatorlnoqlav was this An
old chnroh had been robbed ot its Biicreil plate
and tiruiit excltnniunt followed Huildunly a
rumor aproad that tine pluto had bouii iliixov
ered In a Jewish pawn Bhop A furious riot
then broke out but tine Jews iuncnpeni with thsir
lives while tlio rioters lost a score in load and
u hundred in woundud TherHUpun thai Jew
mocked at the Christian peasants saying
We have lout our fnitthvra and you havu lost
your llvua Certainly such ftmlinKs can only
brlue about fruvh troubles Sliinv Itussians
regret that after tlio riots tine youni Iniliistrl
nus end edtiexteil men HIIIOMI the Jews left
Russia rtnii emigrated to tine United States
The Poles although they nice Christians and
of tine sumo race as time ltniteielnntri cause the
Czar Government von more niixifty 11mm tine
Jews Conturivs ago the Polish kliifloiu was
equal 111 might to Itiittla cant far Kiirpashud
her lu I ci vii 17nii ion Tires brotherly StiitPH for
hundreds of yours nuiirnilld ate bitterly us only
near relntivescanand t he result was that Uussla
brought about tine dismemberment of Poland
Although comiunrod tire lolo never assented
to Itiisslan Riiiiromncy They seorn the Mus
covites more tuaii anybody or anything else in
the world and never give up the hope of
freeing themfolvos fllntory records three
bloody uprising of thn 1oles nculnst Kusala
in 1812 1H31 and 18G Today In view
of a possible collision between htrrssimt ann Ocr
many tile Poles are fully aware that in cane
of such a war It would bo In thttlr power
to bring about lire most crushing defeat of the
Czars arming There arc over seven million
Poles and If thoy would consent to twcnmn Ger
man subjects tho Czars power In Europe would
bu greatly undermined and his ero n would
be robbed of Its noblest jewel limo Czarlnnr of
Polarnl A parson visiting Waraw today Is I
often ata loss to know what country lie is I In
The Russian lanirungu Is not heard there no
Russian priests are seen anti no Kushian Cus
toms and manners appear Occasionally Hns
elau military ollloors aro MUII anil thoiiKh
thoy nro politeness personified they are wildly
treated One beholds there a nation which oa
pliers to free or at least to avenun Itself
Then there tire the UuRsianOernmnii a
curious combination True they numlwr
hardly a million but they talk loudly and so It
seems ns If the C irn country worn full of
them Tboy are treated with nn extra con
sideration nnd eure only occasionally reminded
that tilt poor Esthonlans nut Lhonlans who
servo German barons nro also limo Cvairs sub
jectn find entitled to certain civil rights Then
the ItusslanGermans raise u hot riblo storm
swearing by Uibmnrck nnd Jloltko Jilt Cutter
and philosophy JJIo Wncht am Kliein and the
big statue of Deimania Thoy threaten to shut
up Hussla window in Europo and throw Iran
back Into darkness and barbarism Thus the
poor Russians are frightened out of their wits
and begin to sing Din Wacht am Ulmln and
hurrah for lilnmarck and Moltkc Meanwhile
th number of German emigrants to Russia In
crease every year and Urn Russian patriot
begin to dlsnnlr as to the safety of thnlr
western frontier for It Is well nigh completely
in tire hands of tire Jews Poles and Germans
while up In the north there Is the almost inde
pendent country of Finland
The Unns havu their own representative
government thnlr own lawn their own nnny
their own Constitution their own money and
pOHtogtiHtamPA and their own tariff and cue
toms nnrjnrlatioris They locke I remit is with lh
Czar Onvnrnmont na to commerce nml hound
arias Recently thoy cnltud tho freedom of
time press and now they nn < iliinnmlfng
prUllegesnri tolmportlni Into Ilim in proper
certain foreign foods FInn duty on iron ware
for instance is fur lower In Finland than In
RUSH u and yet the Finns want to lim i I It into
Russin free of an aildltlornl I t I duty At tlniit t I the
ItiisslnnsKet ntngry over Fl Ii mr I sin nptensioiH
but Km Finns quintly answer V A mint
liavo something fioni flIrt In return for our
leaotr of constitutional t Kovernmiiit I
The Russians Hem iinalilo to pi etea Hulr I
pnniiii rod trill ions They try I hard tel t oliird e
tire Finns they slug Dio Wneht inn 1 I itt tim l
ilrnk boiir I for tile Oermans1 niike they I linta
the PoIKIidnnc nnd borrow from ilir I lewth
lien it run as iniieli nnd BH often as they I ntii uml
in Siberia they speak tbo lancum if f ihs
koots tin RiiiuoMvls mind ntlier liiiUiimn
trihS hut cli I In vain Koiody thankful
tin I In e ill nail I It a littsaluup DiTir is ready to cry
In despair Nobody loves me
Tim 1Ivfj of i1li1
Ilia Utters Ills Inrtntiv nnl HI Various
Aecnill knieiili lleirrllnl
To TUB HuiTon ov THE RUN Mr In THK Pint
of ttoday is ii tlrientnuin retelling tee lice lliig eef Ntiem
which U not calculated to give Ihr imrrrfn < a
very favorable Imprciflon of lila clmrai ler of that nIece
arth I ire uine tine ipir irrnh In nuiMln a aa lamd
upon lomo Kiillli miealin ai It It I cell keoin In
Sheen thnt HU a part of llrlilih polity to inlripifwnt
the KhifnC that Lounlry anti lu crvul lh I hell erensiea
hint the HIainei i mle are la a time nf Himut tinisiess
barharliin from u hlch they ran never be rc > cinl exrrpl
hy Ihe I annexation of the
country to the HrllMi rwn n I
The king of Slain wire la known aaCliiililcnkiru illS
Flril or Kimitetch rhra lammmdr l lenIn a ileirl len
torn I ese of tine uueot huteeneune del iielellinreuel niece
arch In w p In tar THhfU ieilrtrinel II 0 5 ii Ii itrnti
day ecu the dl I e1 at last l Seletenleleer l Itml he Illl rlllel
for feellitsell A ears us tie Pilleroiee tiller If I le u lelluli rY
leiriitg Ill KS W
rrirrir itlcii lucis leech lit uteeI iced
freemeeroas eelee siince 1 tile elaieitiInIit i unt f11 ViiV J
lie lIft ilestnitIleui litineirritu refeernere Hi lieu Hinernimnt
lIrarIlnalIr lllnl il l er 1J InaiiiriiralMl an IIJ
public wbool Himi uroiluliiid i r liuiimi nunv
llirmirhnnt lute doinliilon i ii
iinllahlM I lie i etC
ot tent1 lane nrla and an lunroved Iiillclal e J doe in nil Jill
tentpliclee ii I eleidilejJ lrncreastne titer Is ireslf ie
loved icy Itlo geipie Itese velfere end rliritceienelnt
at liii enlietettet tare
The ststnnreI that Itis Mtnety wears lenreg Incus
cacti of nclrIeCr erieseeirr sintit lnaf
s art Is a eeitll
taierlCahien Tie Stein in UnIt lcriiil Imneur iesnli In
nnnw IIIC t run I iio warn by Uneripeslu aid
scull the n it reside In till
litnieluinl clInfiel iii 10
tine 5511 1ef lice tertli ru Icy eUilieV hId emi r r tact
Inlaid of Iticein rnitnvp I lecir lIglenie alter lice > teCreilea
rrrerrteel tel Olsiiiee 0 ieIri n
Tin elnienelIlti itnol nIna iIIf Crtei Ic I noihlii fur llm
self loch I oieitlol II lli C tereltirs liieur > In5tnin i e to
M i
hliaiila lrami < e ulneniuteits ielelneed 1 lee iling ii
I Ins Illicit ictiirnn rteeno oucuru It It lot sill s tills 115Sf
hr eli lens ci ale letter
lie reftein preer s u tee cr1 eel
leieblle ltneetnnnemii 0 Itli itil oc In ieilel ins I did nile is
p stYli e hue in coca petIt Ie Leri iullele rr ne ftr eMs
egel mu te itn ii Inc ileeinueeled tIec fettl I lit iii 111th iii
uh iliceeriti tyicee eIarnlr
ci iniu
uensli ef hitti reid let r ielslleete nf lice
Ills tiijncl is sir CiLlntuilitnnlnlnenar nlmnieii anti
itteCliter Ieee cef tins
Iileel teneile 5 I S
evsr tuttir trench lerlic r inI tit U Ilniti ti limeeg n 1
liralig or ar tf te ijitton Rsjel
lirrin Ii icitu
Lare tteita
itaieilicprtinniaiir on n iiittit Jt5
lIasLiJg Oct 15

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