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I r IIoPrfr r V
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THE riKvrs OF A rencRAir nnwocnir
4 it r Onrln for the Old TttkclUlnlna is
the Itcpilbllcnn VlindIdistmIIensiinI
ItMollecllonl of Mr < nnklln Taxnllun
Tho lion Wm M Owin Is a Riicst nt tho
nodmnii HOUKO Althnncli 78 year old ho Is
M eroct Mitt im ntunlyis nn onk ovur whose
branchos oonturlos mo rollnil Ills hOld li I
llluhtlr bowed hut Ilia ramii Is tnimaha and
well knit mill his Sacs rocalla the taco ot I
Thnuins II Udiiton HU hair In I as thick anti
as sllerr ni thu floss ot tlio milkweed his o > u
brows am sluiRRy and hh OVCH mo stnul blue
In tholr brlLlitntms Ills mind uproars to bo an
bright M his eyes and lit s nmmii in good pliln
timber Hn drflt entered puWlo life fly yenra j I
igo this month when Omi JnokMn appointed
him United States Murihal for Mississippi He
tervod a i torm In Cotmtvss from that State
from 1811 to 1R13 when ho was dofoutod
In the nominating Convention by JelTcr
I ion Davis who had ronlsncd from the I
J army and hud become a Mississippi cot
ton planter Qwln wont to Cullfnrnln otirly
In 1S1U with the avowed object ot bocomtne
a United States Senator when Hint Stata was
admitted to the Union Ho was olnitod a mem
ber ot hor Oonfltltutlonil Convention In IBID
and was one or her frAt Unlla Stntos Senators
John C Fremont was bin collonuun Qwlns
term ondod In 1855 David C I Droderlck con
fronted him as a candidate for tim noxt term
A bitter factional fight ensuod which lasted
for years Atono time the State was unrapro
tented In tho United States Senate Tho < iunr
ret was finally compromised by tho election ot
ooth Gwln and Broderlclc the latter soeurlnc
tho long term Thoy took their scats In 1857
Owln was a stanch supporter ot nuchanans
Admlnlntratlon and Drodrlck became an ar
dent llnutenant of Stephen A Douglas The
factional war In California broke out afresh
and was finally ended by the killing nf liroder
Ick in a duel with Juduo Terry In 1359 Gwln
remained In the Senate until the spring of
1861 The civil war knocked my brains out
politically ho says and since that time I
have not been a candidate for oQlco He
was afterward Identified with the Mexican Im
perial Government of Maximilian as a leader
3f a proposed American otnlcriMion t Sonora
It was reported that ho was created a duke by
the Emperor
While out of the public service Gwlns politi
cal sagacity has boon utmost I universally recoc
Ii nlzed Ho ha nn extenalvo acquaintance with
public men and his rooms are dally thronged
with visitors Trolltlnc from his vast and
varied experience in politico ho Is fnrseelne
and eminently practical in his estimutoc
eminnty pmetinl etmltel
Ho has attended
of men and measures 10 111 Illoldel
nearly every Democratic National Convention
Inc tho end of the war While a warm pfr
tonal friend and a devoted udmlrrrof Gov Soy
mour he advocated Chases nomination In ISfiS
on the ground of ovpedloucy Four years latr
hs was a member of tlin committee which ten
dered Horace Crueler the Democratic nomina
tion for the Presidency I was an experi
ment he siivs which ought to have been
tried four years curlier and with Chase as
a candidate With uny other man than Chose
the experiment was hazardous and extremely
hazardous with such I candidate n Greelcy
His life had been spent in vilifying the Demo
cracy and he lacked the dignity of character
and the mental balance of Chase
It was with great difficulty that Mr Gwln was
induced to talk upon the political situation
and to revise a report of tho conversation be
fore its publication THE SUN is on the richt
line he said I Is blazing 1 clean path for
the Democracy RetrHnchment and economy
In public expenditures are absolutely neces
sary for the Democracy to win in the next
Presidential campaign The next House will
be Democratic and much will depend upon Its
I action I wilt be watched by the people as no
House of Representatives hallor ben watched
before Sain indull would make a safe Speak
er but I am of the opinion that tho Sneaker
may come from tim other side ot the All
chanles Wo are looking for a President from
this side of the mountains you know
Whom do you ifgird as the most available
Democratic candidate forPresldentnext year
ticket Tlldcn and lien
We want the old tcketTldon Slil Ion
drlcks With that ticket we can sweep the
country like I whirlwind Talk about TildenV
health Why he has boon kept allvn for ymirs
h ke Alexander I Htiihhmis and Chlrl OCn
or by th powtirof intellect I f he ll i lvl only an
hour and 111 I attnr lila Inauguration t thu I
country would I niin In I thu hands t of Hou i
drieks I am for the > old ticket Wih It sve tire
lure to win I It hid ieti 1 nominated four
years ago we would now b k > j llins under n
Democratic Administration I If I the most
available ticket Tho ponplH elected it OIICM
and it would b elected again hy a majority
10 strOng that no power on earth could cheat
the peoplo ot their choice Nothing rmild have
prevented Tildnns liiiiutruratlon sever ynrl
ftC I Democratic S rmton ami Coinrnissnvin
had stood by tho letter of thu Constitution
The plea In abatement that the country would
have been driven Into civil war I they had not
given way to tie con plr tors ii I nonsensical
No Wil betwioii liHll and heimii could hits
driven this people j h1 IIIItiIilt eivil war Dem
ocuitio leaders were made wiak kneed by the I
vague fears of tlm bondholder and they ean
way to thH pre sine
Hut Mr Tlldiin poqltlI refuses to 0 a
candidate Who imldo from him would bo
th most nynilnhl imin
Myyoitnit friend i maybe hardly politic
to print myansuur to that IJllbllol If you
Asked inn who would be the best man I could
point to Tnr fiUNsman lolnian or to that man
of men Horatio Seymour or to Juilc Field
or to Ithur of huRl illLliltv hon nty and force
of Avlmn l talk of lunllithilltr
character hin you o 1 IIhl tl
however you ninst connlilnr what It is i that
m ken an available ctindldate Th fleld of
SolltliM hn > > livu niirrowHii iii flee I tiC iluy ot
J lUksnn Milltan l I I rtnown IIU Ilk 1 I lay
br itni i rant aMilliiljlMCiindldalrn but hilled I
whi > nSciittaiidlIaiicok wr mimiimted Dor i
tI iilitro i iiriis irlvo thin key to thn Overpower
I uii Imt II I < rniiolitlch i I i I I I money No
innn 11 now ls l i in nalliililu cit ni luau fur
al 1IIIhio lnIllt
President who ninnci control isrg l cum of
money I WIIK tlm In hi I ion npint by Oailleldt
ronniiK ni that difi < iiti > d I I nit ttk Money will
b jiM potent I Clctl11 I the I cnnipiiltii It
II a fact ul I tIn lro 11lorhlf bciiisn it I Is I
fuel All hit Menu i < ilnt to lllaliin ncthn t lie I t
pubi lean caRdhlale 1I I I > < umiil nn hacked hy
icredlhle sums cit I mnnnv HJ would Mvnmii
any DoinocratliMMicliiliito who run on hWlml rue
pril and popularity I stun Take y > ur man
Holmiiu A morn worthy candidate cnuld not
b found I > nnnmy friiunUty mid lioii sty
would be liiKMred I ii nilr hU udinlni I lItl I I
The business lit in reti of tlm country 1 would he
far sitter than under tho administration of n
man likt Oirllnld lut I bust I ijiss icon woiilil
not put ndiillnr in his r > tiiu > iilin Hh rntliuy
put tlifusnnlH In I GunlolilK I ivinv ex UI I 1 Is not
a nipltallHt nornin lif ponlrnl inpltnlillrnctlr
or Indirect I y Tli ifirii you cant cull i him an
avtllub rinillluli Jl iiiiv irimlil Ie l 11
were It not Co Unit Oliln OctnUr c iUII Hi I
iHniiKI tn 1m unrlh many millions hut wltli ull
that niiiltli UH 1iiiit iilTnid I in I noinlmuo ul
man for lrn Uli > nt who lu I llalne to have
its braliif knixk il out lir tin Octutiir election l
I I f they coo ii only i Iluumti thci I I linn I nf that
Octobor election lioadly I i i Diilil iia 110 In iivnllalin i
man rinse theron nu y frie nil J i de Field
list her nmtcrlnl I for H Piohl nl cannot lw
oind Ha would certainly Ui t nn uxnllablH
auuiIidtti front Inl loll II l VIKV fur he would
lw Kiipportnd blthl property Interests of the
iiiniry Thw trouhm in I In the JuditoV own
MHI IIIf I I rot iliiMitiwiiiiiblu iirrjii
dlcii ailn him tiisriu IXICIIIIHI o lrtu
< luiijki dIlou to uhich lie wit iii len by
I thn plain luttur o if lie I law In Mix achu
IttK surli diiilnlODH would III him In
public estimation Jndii < Field may not Ie l
cornldernd an avulliibln candidate because he
inlkht all tl ni jet tho nominatioD unleb the
invention Stab Call
lJnvonlon should not astute lila Srto Cal
lornla only catits t elirht electoral votes any
how I nomInated I think ho wouldcarry HIP
hInts lln would hA elected though If he could
get It Money I f absolutely nicflntary not that
I unnulil DM usHil RI wan used In tbn Qarfleld
campiiun but It lit I rerjulroil to pay nnc xsarr
Irciion nxpviihpt tlm bum ax KB use In n
nulrd lo run a Hrh i of mvhul meeting
= I ilteui nmney In 1870 118 metln nt
hush ii many uriwillini to arknowludtre Ills
niirrt AH a reformer undoubtedly bad lu
joltfht but men of dlnwrnnnnt know that It
Oniclii I bate nmoimtcd to much were It not
Jor I his I jerome 01 noo IXH a
umle year
oF low about Bayard I
iiv N ° ° u1rn roan can le nominated for
te tUy lftt ldengy or the Vle Ireild ncr
until the old generation has passed away and a
new one hits taknn Its placo I like Ilnynrdna
I man Hn IH I an eminent anti tin hOIst Htuun
01110a noble on of I nohlo fattier whu win
mv colleague In the Kenato Ho would adorn
tho oftleo hut lin would hiivn only three elec
toral votes at his back His record thin Elec
toral Commission bill like thn records of other
prominent I men stands in rmlntul contrnslwlth
the record of Wllllnm W Illalllll cltrlll wil
How I iihuut Clovnliind Hiid Hnndall 1
Not blur enough Either would be good for
a iniid < place nn tho ticket but neither IR
available under tb innnay tent
How I about Ilullur
Hes 1 polltlcul nuisance I only shows
what I low dnpth politic I tins reached whim
the nnnilnntlou nt such I tone by the Democ
racy Is I oxen IJ uH1 I HH lilt I fts his polltlcul I
coat to slUt clrcumstnncfs I tin riiy regard
his jiotni n thou ue wit hi a thn I rnnge 01 pnsl Iii I
Ity Ill only object would IH I to iecuro a por
tion ol I the negro vote anti Its not woith u con
federation W ewuntno amalgamation CH I I I I
lint I revere the Pilgrim Fathrs Thnvwcre I I I
Hindoo tern stnfl They preset ved tee purity
ol their nice nnd thus laid thn foundation nl f I I
tho mentality that hits made New England I
Ilnlnltr Imt luL 1llllnd so I
irtnt tutu lit su ito the fnumlatlnn ol thn I
republic There was no ninalgamatloii
10 11
atsnlilt 01
with the Indians who wire far su
lyrlor to the negroes They drove
them over the Hue Ve want no ntnnlgauiv
tlon with tho negroes It would dotmioratn
tho raw They wore very unwisely given the
right olBUllrago Now that they have It wo
want to mlucato them so that theycnu use It In
tell ient ly but no I amalgamation and no
amalgamating candidate tor the Democratic
party Duller Is rich tn I be sure but I ron
alone can make no candldnto available He I
must b I Inn of character and convictions
with money Ink no mistake No lnl of
character and convictions without CIt
olmrctoII1 rlvlctOII wlthlllllll cln
Ilvnasa 1resldoiitlnl candidate in tho mvsiuit
political atmokphiTH Why you can t ulnct
hyatt an Aldnnncn in hl great Democratic
city of Now York without moiioy 1 Iq tha
one necessary iiiialltleation for succss Within
throe years thu want of tt hud forced into pri
vate life the urontKst lluuro In American poll
lien In the last twenty yiars Nearly night
yuan asn wluln ou tho Washlneton expnss
train I vsu accosted by a courtly uontliMimn
whoRiliI 1 Siiiator you nrnhibly do not call
nin to mind i t served In I tbn lower HOIIRO IWI I In
lout worl In I thn somite IndeedI I r pliiMl
11m I sorrj that I hive fnrotteru your ace
Who nro you l Mr Conkllni bo rnpllml I
looked nt and talked with him with interest
He was the taglo ot Itftpubllcan politic
The Kenatnr laughed as Ito rmenihroI It nil
I inniQmbnr hn cnntlnuud that he n kfd
who I Ut tuig itt the UmnncratR would nninlnutn I
for rr Ilult invTlldnnI roplleii The
very man wndoilro you to nominate ho Mil
we nh all tmiit him i with one I assund him I
that hula wish ns to tlui nomination would Iw
uratllled and added that I disagreed with him
as to thi TH itli I He Inquired I I vhatwnwonld
do with thu tariff I cant MIIV I replied but
you will prnbiblv find u tariff plank In the t St
Louis platform Well recently I met Senator
iiu dinner Ho tulled fruit f
Cnnklini again i at n tll1 > n
Inulv rif C hi + political career HH had full thn
need c of the lower or money Poverty said hp
has bean the uriat bane ot my lilut loerty
poverty I asked him where would IIIIMI been
his lofty Intellect end hIs mental supremacy I
Instead of winning I niehu In the tmnplo of
tame lit had luau n crnvellliit I i In i tin I mini for
innncy I wish I said thai Rom llepubllcan
capitalist TOiild put up a milllnn and ihrnn
Toil Into I th IVld as a Prcsid ii t uulidate
Then wo would IIIIMI a foomaii irthy of f our
steel I t would brine back thn oldtlmx I i political
campaigns when lances wen broken holor t Itt
grant stand o public sentiment and Intellect
wiinn tar rlter factor than money
I admire Conkllni exScnatnr Gwln con
tinued lie Is I as mhandnd as open
bonnet and as great a xtatesmau as the coun
try has produced since the days of Clay
and lackson Thn mistake ot his life
was his llnnce when Tild n wa robbed
ot t the Iresldnncy Hud ho denounced
the consplruois ihe crime could not
have been consummated No public man ever
luiil IL trrpntpr OMnnrtuntti r InLen it would
have i made him thn most popular man In the
Union and probably hum raised him tn thu I I
Presidency Illsiivnldancool the Issue was due
to political paralysis I opened the toe of po
litical I woes that I finally swept him Into I prIvate
life In many rnsp ctd Cnnkllnc reminds inn of
Clay Both had time warmest irlends and the
bitterest enemies Both were Imperious and
tyrannical and both were born leaders
and orators But Clay would never have
remained I silent witness of such a
robbery as thu Electoral Commission nn
1lnoerod My young friend I am drift
Ing from the issue I wanted to impress
you with the fact that Conkltne has recog
nized the power of money lu politics and that
WILt of money has driven him front the fluid
His friend Arthur joked over the use of
money in the Girlleld campaign You
remember his speech at the Uorsey banquet
Every observing politician from the V hue
House down to the smallest election district in
thn city ot New Ynrk knows that tho first Ques
tion asked concernIng 1 candidate Is not In
he deservIng but htiw much money can ho
raIse Money has debauched politics Medi
ocre men am flllint the highest offlees Intel
lect patriotism and purity ot character are
leclh 111 without money Tim whole pub
lic service Is affected You find nven tho
prostii ot tho Presldnncy lowered GEn
Jaekfon never forgot the dignIty of his of
lIce He never dined out ot thin White House
while in WaHhlnctnn He would have lost
his right arm before he would have nc
coptod an Invitation t dine In a Washington
clubhouse I Is high time for I change but
when a change Is I made you will fluid that I
man money ns well as I his character will be
mOloI You cant shut 011 eves to thin
fact It Is I humlllailns but i is I trim
Whnn nskml concerning the tarIff I and In
ternal revenue the veteran statesman said
Wn must tax tobacco and whiskey to pay sol
diers pensions All I other Internal I I taxes ought
to hue repealed Al for the prult I HiT the next
Democratic HOI had better let it alone I is
a Republican measure and the Kepnblicansiiro
responsible for It Inn House can accomplish
nothlni hy tInkerIng at It with a Republican
Senate and n Republican President blocking
the way We want to go Into the next Presi
dential light on tInt torlT 10 plank of the old St
Lomiyplatform Tllden and Hendricks were
ilecttfl on that plank tutu It Is good enough for
a second victory A revenue tariff must dis
criminate It must not be a hnrUnntal tarIff
as WIIH the case years ago Tho tariff ol 1R2H
was protective no protective tlmt It gavn rise
to nuliillcation I m I In i South Carolina 111 hi otto
Vi bitterly opposed to It He resigned
the S Vlce1riisldency of the United States und
drew llnynn from the Senate taking his place
Hn made Hayno Governor of South Carolina
tutu inaugurated the war against thn taritt ol
1H2H by promulgating the doctrine ot nullifica
tion Gen Jackson asked Congress for cower
to put down the rebellion The Force Ull
wns lown Under this hill Jackson recog
nized the doctrine thai while hn had not the
power to make war against a Roverolgn State
Im hail the power to arrest traitors within u
State who wern using the authority I nln Statt
tornrryon waracalnst the United States Lute
In 1ehruary i83l on 1 cold stormy night Mr
Clay discovered I this I went lo Mr 1 Cal hnuuns
bedroom and told him that hut boil positive in
formation that alter tlm adjournment ol Con
gross Gen Jackson Intended to in rest him am
1T associates nn a charge of treason I am
that I under tlm sunm authority he Intended to
send an army to South Carolina and arrest
Iliiynonnd hisasoclattis on I tie sumo chatgo
It wits then I agreed that Clay should I utroul mica
his celebrated cnmpromlsi measure Clay
Hnid I will draw Incksnns fangs W nwll
Hilt ko a 1101 lilies tiger of this tjrant The
measure was passed lit Cliruss W lmn Jack
son signed i hi said This i Hikes the rope
from around CalhnunH neck lImo measure
reduced tlm tnrllT and made what was called A
horizontal tariff In 1H41 it bad brought the
tariff down to 2i1 per cent nd valorem I wits
tlm worst of tariff experIments for It did lot
produce money enough to run the Oovern
mOlt In ISUwe revised titus tariff bocjuse
I lt 11
XH had to raiso money to llvAon Tho WhiR
party mud It a protective tnrllT 1 stooa untl
1S4K when It gave way to ItobertJ Walkers
free trade IIVAWII principle nl this tariff
was atlerward adopted In England under the
Ministry of Sir Itobert I > e I Is tlm policy 01
Knidiuid to this day No sir Give us tne oil
St Louis platform and the old Kt Louis ticket
noxt i ear und we am certain of winning
sluice 1llu
John P Sawyer has been nominated by the
llrpubllfiint of tli Klrit NUzirn JlnrictJ for member or
Ihr A rniiily lltnuttacr hard has teen noiiiinaUsI In I
the Srinl il liutnirl <
Ttus Uriiinrrallr SfliHorUI Convrnllon Nomlnktln
rouiitlHUe unanlmoiirli mioinlimlnt the lln Alrim
tier H HtillciiN f S4rAl tl rmiiilt tar Srimlor tutu tIme
liffttlrynlll illHIrlrt I Mr ulll diiilitli > i aetItt
Tie l lIrtuulmi i < lin nl II tlie I I riiinl Mnnrnr itKlrlct lust t
nninluiiiol M rhllli ilarlmit nf liriiilmid for Ilie Asian
Tie Uitnlcl Drew Krnund
ALBANY Oct 21Thc steamer Daniel Drew
of tlit Ieopln Untl was blown on lo a bur a milt ioth
of this city whit on her way lo New York list nlirh l
andalUHuru I In id tier 0 liavr thus far felled ttr
liaMrngrr Wifi enl in J < ew Turk on atjtcclal 1 train on
ilic irit Chore roil Dili ninriitnr I and tan freight Ma
t1 lo this g lrg bargei The i cecil U not Uentvkd 10 I
bo Injured u c
llauquet to Oluii llouclcoull
RAVe FBAKCIPCO OCt 21fr Dion Douclcaul
na > lliru il at 1 a baniuit this tuning it t tin Owl
rtrnlal Hnitl goni br noeral 1 promlnrnl cllli > ni nf
Inch I nl action idmlrcrinf ih vtieran actor ro <
w laid for thirty turn Mr llmirlrault amman >
men now running > l llartrbt California Thrairti ii l
amour the most lucccatful playrd litre for many cart
V gI Brotfcrra Ucys Winter Clncklo
ll manufactured brthemielYet and < every 1 b il mo
r wear BroaJwaj and Uomioa iad Bib ay and 4it It
Tfct Imperial Jut Out
I A new style l cloirfllllnf overcoat Slut to 190 Total
Brnthtrt 4t firvadway sad ilouiloa ad bib a aud U4t I
< hl
Vocel IJrolhera OTcrcoMta i
I For this season are of the laltit nntclilti soul iuprtor
workmaoahlp AQ Sway and Uomlon aailaiti ar aaa t i
J A nut throl crid iuiice Inu0 bT llo nT Ja II f
Cout blP Irl 3 ntAd 0 1 V
11 I
c Ij j I
0 V 1 4
1 <
All Climes IVilnllne ii Cnrpcnler Ike Kick
Kcrckmil who la In lull
LINCOLN Ill Oct 21Zora Burns was
burled todny In St Klmo and It Is reported
that her Intended husband Tom Dukes was I
mourner nt the grave The chain of circum
stantial evidence against 0 A Carpenter the
wealthy grain merchant who was yesterday ar
routed lor the murder ol the girl has not boen
broken In any particular nnd tIme general opin
ion Is that ho Is guilt Even his stanched I i
friends begin to doubt bin Innocence Buttlioro i
urn still 118 tug Ilk and utilots nmGlhlng
more positive Is developed he will have a good I
chance ol acquittal Carpenter displays no i
imtlety to clear away the suspicious against 1
him and seems to bo satisfied tn wait Mum
bars ot his family his attorney and hh partner I
only are allowed to BOO him lu the jail and ho I
has no desire to see any ono Mr J M Hub
bent pastor of thin Cumborlnnd Presbyterian
Church here of which Caipentor is I u member
cnllnd upon him to express sympathy tout ns
nured him thai many believed him guiltless
I nm glad said the prisoner that my
I frlnuu its bellovo mo an Innocent I man ns I nm
lie appeared to bo ehcurful Mild Mr Hub
bcrl sponklng anti acting nnlmally and
creeled me with n simm tic ns lie nlnnys did
I Thn Sheriff and Mr listen Carpenters part
ner fay thai hetlilblts I no fear nt tht comm so
quencuH nail views his predicament as n re
Milt It unfoitumitn rut rutt umist to cs To no one
I hoNvever has he dented m nfth mud thai ho I had
I over conducted I I a corresDoiidoiiCM I with the
111 o H lHn
neys It is learned Hint they uro on defensive
Tho buidenol mool Mild Col Lynch ol
flirpenters counsel Is nu the Slate Mr
Carpenter Is I to bo considered nu Innocent man
until I I I h Is l provml to b I > gulltv
Tho cnrrispondont of Tin SUN today uties
tloned Col Lynch Did ho admit to you that
ho had written letters to Coin Burn
I cant say thnt hn did replied Col Lvnch
Did ho deny thai lie wroio the letters 1
I cant answer llml question mid the at
Col Lynch II Mr Cnrpentor wrn nn Inno
cent man and could easily explain thin corre
spondence would he not do tin innnedlntidy In
preference to remaining In the jail under such
terrible suspicion r
I dont know I do not propose tn speak on
thl subject until the time cornea Col Lynch
At the jail Carpenter Is provided with nil tInt I
comforts and conveniences hi I family I I Inning
I sent him articles which would Indicate that lin
expects to make a stay ol some tluin t h behind
tho stnnn wnlls He did not sleep mom than
three t i i hour hid C gut No one is i admitted I I In
i Carpenters icslditicn n opt Inlluiiite I filcnds I
i ol tho t family I Newspaper npoilern nro hem
I I slstiintly t I excluded Th detectives heie hiun
I ulhut niloutel nil I bopn dmtlniminnts t tending I lo I
prom that the murder was commlttHd I I hi tint
nil else as everything so far discovered points
to Carpenter alone
ltocirSTCR hail Oct 21 Andrew K Dukes
anti his son Tlmmas Dukes started from thoir
eatdenoo In I Wayne township I on Thursday
veiling on learning of time murder of Zora
Rums and on arriving nt Lognusport tele
rnplied the Sheriff nt Lincoln III to meet
hem nt tilt depot There Thomas Dukes de
ivered hlm I ilf up to the Sheriff but ho was
not plnced under nrrost H > has been In Lin I
coin ever since young Dukes was at lint sus
pected of the murder Zonut to whom ho nun
ngnged Hall of tbo people of Koviinna saw
honius Dukes at church on Sunday night lest
lbo night nf time murder und hn spent tIme
vening with Miss Freak
CHICAGO Oct 21Thn nnnlytlcnl chemist to
whom tho Coroner DIll I Stato sAtloniiy from
Lincoln submitted tIme reins and whip
rom Carpenters buggy says thnt he is I of
opinion that I there ha I Ii mu maim blond on lie I reins
but ho has net llnishod his examination
Commander Wilde Asked to Explain AVkj
his Altrmiit wits n Tilnl Fnllllrc
WASHINOTOX Oct 21011 the 10th InAt the
Secretary ol thin Navy addressed Commander
Wildes of the United Stats ship Vantlc an
official letter asking for further and fuller ex
planations with regard to tho apparent failure
of the Yantlo to coOperate with the Proteus
luriug the voyage made by the two ships to
Smiths Sound for the purpose of relieving
leut Oreoly and the Signal Service party nt
Lady Franklin Bay The Secretary in his let
ten says
Your Intrurtlon uunmtu IAIO of JIIII II ivan to pn
cacti In time ulhwM thuh Di IAIIln eu
mail with the 51 esuuirr Iolu It lr4ckutol uuum lint
I eu nIIllIlelnll imnnt II I suesr I iit I mu uin
lic suit the Irouemi o v ro InUnr i iii 11I0 hlllt uiu
Iuly 1 ia wh Ih I Iroltll ulld oct10 sri toL IhI
Ihe untle Ihl nt nnllr tat utust iilorut multi July ii
TItIrot IIht t I 1101 J nit ii I lie IItlil
itt uIIIII A i 2 TIus hricumu ltont 111 I kit llzuui
luily 2 umit I ii as erllho1 III he ice I IlIh 1
Ttio Anllc d1 Iii red titliuon I Iflu
IInlll Air 1 Dii ccli 1111 T 28 smut tit I 1 unmetlu i
JIIIY 2i4 1112 ileimi u hIIII all tIe a hol tIdy nl
thu tmntue h1 rnme I till Ilomu i until out Pimuluria
hllor and uuot unUn iii alllle h1 1 In I
the Olh to iptu bali m aruurcu lit her IInlwlthtall
IDU I tip or1re lOr t lie War nlnrtm1I1 elicit for nimel a
eI1I1IOlle In toil a ii h Ur turn ii or turar mIni
lost C m tim umomm JoIIIII sum 1 to prIn fir re
mfllnlo unlI ties 1 YAr 111 i I I he taut I It tuo tier
teen tut tluuieinui l m suuuei eu 1 ii my 24 uitrod of tin
W i r W 11 1 I 1
lost lui i iliad ti Prutait tmemu I uhutllnmois relief
arll ollid hole mit thlll i out us lIt h Kuiuliie
iii iululeo kplll lIorl utu snmue iubli I uiiiii I
ihe mutul I II nntlus sri iii sittflg I tir mliii
Greet s iuiute rtii r III hint mu uut io 0 c Ii a1t
that s iciiI I i lii iuiter I I Iou ee I cliii r i siJ ut is ii
f tt li Jj
snuld I lit Omen hiss s fluid anatuluug I iumuui us ii muusv tie
coo If tin liii uullr tuiy t tmi I ii uteri neil In
hijee ir prls ieiuum limit umily I Ih I me reenri lit tho nm
filete faltmne ut tie iiuittlut of lIt iroleus neil I I a
ammlc it tines nut llerofnre mu Itu rirasut apVCt If
the facts orm In I tie Iprlnlfnl hAlIIt tmmumm 11
orlv tulnlld hr lmiuy a I molar 0 Ihe Inllu wllh
which cite haul taCt erloreul to Jurnceed in CiiiliuuliV
lf t
solute kenpimin isselve dos s behuul Per tund tttetciuy Ir
fed inn the ntjct ot lIe upIIII Intl us ill make
such full explanation oil ills 1lnla ou M atlo
Commandor Wilder IA i also asked explain
why whim ho wan at Littleton Island on Am
H and learned that thn Prot its had let n
crunlied nnd that Llnut iurllnuton and hIM
whole party had gone hmitti untyIng nothing
for Gruely at Lltll ton Island hn omitted to
land thnro provisions and sunplios Hn us
also required to inform thn dHpartiinnt
whether Imut had knowledge of that I purL ii t lie in
structions to Llfiu iarlinirton Informing I that
olllc r tlmt tho Yantlc was to accompany him
nH till ns Littleton Inland und ondcr i him micli
aid oa might I w deoniod necessary by the Cap
tain of that hlp I and himself I wlinji on the hpou
Commander VildcH In bin reply BU > H
No time iva hmt suit no unnei emtrt drlat wits tonic
at any point fhuPniteu ikrr > 1 lit a IHTUC 1111 l if
ruth fcinl I ntfdtiiin am t full slueCut liAl < rib tiiduU l inol Ii
tain I the I pure left I nt u4 < lla en sum s ear suit A html Sc
do drher I from Oman 11 tort Sims tin I n 55 rn north witli
out Ntnppinr Hud i > Nled f nun Cod Hntn t ut II i tie noun
tune H i lie rrnteitp IjunUs t cintr iinni1 to I Cccli nn
Mlti her I Khould have arrival nt Jiilli n UUnd I I < M
tnilet dUtnnt uith in > coal I iii mull reduird lo I ulxiit
71 tins and 1 the biillrrsln aleakt iirrfAritiiMrondilfou
thin In nlthiiut taKliiK lulu atrouiit suit lUimtioii rio
thick w < ntlier or lei whlcli cnnimt tr I toiiiited on iii
the nnriiisl condition of this retflmi omumuoutro tu lo fntr
On learntnir nf the tote of tlie I Imteun I nnifMrrid
mv lInt I Ill parammmt duty ss m in I i > ick iii the IHIAIM
wnltli I I cnnialned I lliirty een men ol Ituvlinr lUuie lull
it would tin l tiuir I to cunilfr 5t hal next I liad t no douM
hull I should do I thin mid 1 hopid I to nnd tht in al The tnry
Ulnndi I or falllntf lucre suite is Ii re itncn apt tar i
ry niil isle Attml I sliotilil I ttiej huts rvnvheil and cii
trr d thiieeof I tels I nl e Hur I Unm hl l rn iiui lute > tic I u
tell when they would appear
Or Kane took eliht > 1010 vonrer th stm ground
This would ntcfutatti 1113 mmilntiir irs Ult I III the I
eanon us II uus quite lit of 1 the jtuntlou tu return
home H Ithimt them Hut I lie park lureS j nid
11I1 remhiiiff tnprj Athol and havhitf ss unmet
through on AUkf U arious fi OilIest al tempts 1
wr made to Und I I an i npenlnif hetnten I Iupe Dudr >
hind I and Cap York On tho I tilt Ii a Ii esv pack ni >
peurrd to the amithrnMhe w md wn iiortheast and the
Ice I nminir off chore lnwlI nn nt there 0 m Ice lifhhil
pretentlnic nit return lurunl tilt anti I liad nu alttrua
Ih but to rucoed t to ITppi rnai IV 1
A KUhlnff Flu struck by it SqualL
PJIOVINCETOW Mnnn Oct 21A heavy
northeast squall struck the fl lilnff tied fIn till port ul
oclock last night A mimtiertif s ninth 1 are rtp rtfd
tu ha lost ethic boats and dories The sihouner W II
Y llackett lost a seinehoat containing four men but the
mell were picked up hy th Mionntr Morn Castle and
landed here The schooner Helen M 1 TroMy of lloures
tar bet eight nun and t a sniiv Ill and dn > Up In 0
oclock this I Mentiur nuthltn till Luau hear I from the
men and It Is I caret t lIeu C ire all drowned thmmh
they mat list ehrrn pSrkrdnpln noine of tlie macdO I
amhored outmde rheMe men all vlotik l nn the iii i e
The schooner h t > njp i luiliO lnciliinn wlih oIlier
I cacel iii rIng tIe ntnnn nnd urrjed HWUJ her niaiiinall
> plus > her bulwarks and mId oth rnmer Tmi m huiclrid 1
and lIfly nshermcn one In I itio IonIc Ibr
An Old tad Itcmarkiiltle luurnoy
CLEVELAND Oct 21A whltnhnlrodold lady
knocked the door of the city infirmary last night and
asked for a pass that would taVelier to her sens home
In Delaware Blue said I her name wa ElzaWth PWne
and that she was 17 b acre of age blue recent walled
from Hilton Mr to Erie Iii I a dieteTic of narl
11 Ii ci lIes It I lot lien eight wrckftliiiiiKkr the I Jnurnet
mud when asked why sue rliie M I wAlk I she smd 1 elir
it hew of III ll i iur 0 at of join nnlll I slit cult ut Ill I
s lent a p > renn took her to I he I Inllritinr I 01 I tained
lor tier apart 1 10 tloclan I hlie had wIt i her tlnt I > Kii I
lor which she rarrud niiionz other tl iurf H hndv cit
as she mined Mrmfth tind mfnrt on Hie Journey Ii I I
chug the iiite > l 11 lit triiiuudrnt Mrllun l uf thf In
I flnnary supplied hue t with money and vot a pass for fur I
to UeUwsro
OIUILIf fll1llJg
Whit the Famnni Kncllth Actor Locks 11k
und IInw Kr TnUuA Htcnlorlan < lr l
InK hewn nl IJunrinlliio nefor nmtkrmt
A large inyatorlous and fsombro man
wearIng two overcoats and an air of anxiety
hovered about the pier nt Twentysecond street
and the North RIver yesterday from midnight
till dawn At Intervals other men groped their
way cautiously down the pier wondering aud
ibly when they would tumble Into the river and
Riililinir their steps by the rays of a distant
flIckering IIIbt When titer were about halt
way down tho pier the sombre man loomed
up out of the darkness seized tho utranvern hy
the hand uttered hoane welcome and con
ducted thorn to tIme end of the pier where the
steamboat Blackbird was moored Then the
mufflod man who was one of Manacer Abbeys
assistants shivered convulsively made earnest
liuiiilrion about u breakfast that had been or
doled from the Hotel Brunswick and returned
to his chilly vIgil on the pier
It was blowlnc half a gale Xothlnu could
be heard hut the monotonous swish ot the
water ncnlnst tIme pier and the erratic rattle of
the milk wftKonR ashore
1 At i10 oclock tIme pitchy darkness began to
I give uiy before the dawn Tho nombro man
had driven away to the Brunswick for the I
I breakfast which arrived In his absence In I
capital condition the Blackbird had aol up
slmim and an Immense I military band corn
pOtIIl ol the musiclanit 01 thn 1011 0101 han
OIAIL Iii umuist had trnm veil About break ot day
thn tlnllljJ t SI i lied out into the middle of the
river anil tOil 011 1 down the bay to meet Henry
Ihlul tholllor
The inemberh of the hand huddled over the
I boiler room In thn forward part ot the boat and
elm uttIPi cit Hiid chatted with Inextinguishable I
vivacity The conks prepared the breakfast
and the deck hands scrubbed tho woodwork of
IlInli forward 1 cabin and made neat culls ol time
I cables on the deck
In limit haloon there wore newspaper men
thiMtrloal men reception committees from city
I el ohm men about town and fiiendn of tho I
Emmglmshm triiBOdlnn all loriKinc more or toss
rauued from insuillclent I sleep lint all I pretient
liik I surfacfA 01 amlnblllty ami I A
Ir Ablicv walked to and fro with his linnds In
lit pocknis nhilo thn others sat around In
Kioupsiind talked t
Allot a nhort sail the Btcnmboat cnmo up
nlonwide of the gIgantIc sUjnraer Britannic
mill tho band whlch was now on the I uppur
dock waked the clioei ot thn bay with such a
iKiirious llulo Urilntitilii that the lininl
ciants swnrmcd on the deck of tint Mourner and
ilm iiasTiiKirK peeped front the I poll holes of
thaI r staterooms In I amazement and presently
onmo tiniilillni out on dccu Time nceplion
otninlttew ascended to time deck wbern time
ii nd was still blani uiganit stood In I the t wind and
iwalted the appearance ot Irvi mig Thoy were
occasionally encouiairid by ttin strains ol tho
1 Hlnl incled Banner from the band
Just then the jncht iofemlleciiine in sight
clrc ed around till ureal Hluiiimr and fired a
Milutc Thn vncht I lowered a l > oat and Mr
Florence and Barrett tlm nctorstook their
cents III tho stein und waxed their haudknr
chutEs in the t air in I a blithe unit Lracofiil man
ner Then the boat lurched Into u trough of
the sea and thin comndian and tragedian
dropped their handkerchiefs convulsively
clurii to each other A moment latnr Mr Cor
dovas steam yacht the Promise cirdnd around
and fainted tho hitrstemner and the band blew
nstlercely ns the wInd Still no IrvIng
It was very = early in the morning but the
decks of the Britannic weru nlUo with pa sen
tiTh rtosychiekid cirla III nlll mind cllnclnc
Newmarkets and furs leaned OUT thu rail and
chaflnd each other mIschievously as thev
uaed at the reception rOlOmltt lund thobauti
The reception committee pulled its mous
taches put on Its cloves and wished It didnt
look so rocky while the bund swelled Its manly
chests t until It looked like pouter pigeons on
dress parade
At last n slight commotion wee visible up tho
deck and a moment later n lithe and sinewy
man with a Quick nervous mannnr ran to
ward the Berenrwlors jumped on a coil of rope
then over the rail and rum town the plank to
time upper deck of thn blackbird He lauuhnd
with great uood Outturn mid began to glinke
hands with the men he I know Then be seized
the hands of tho other members of time party
Ills manner was so cordial that the bund play
ed Hail to the Chief with a vigor that made
the pretty girls 1 at the rail cease their chaflllnc
and blink their C R
At this moment two voices shouted
Henry 1
Mr Irvine wheeled around and darted up
the plank and into the arms of Messrs 1lorencM
and liarritt who had boarded the Biltannlo
from tho port Hide
As the EnulMi actor Mood by till rail with
his hat in t hU hand and UH hair bloulnff in I the
breeze hn looked ho much unlike I I thn oidlnary
run of men that he would have attracted mitten
Inn nnllnrk IJn IB nhrllt alv 1 f out In hutivht
nnd has a peculiarly l i erect iq carriage H carries
his chest In the air and holda his shoulders
wall back A favorite pose with him Ifi stand on
one toot and throw the other one far advanco
of it H i is of spar build anil extremely
nervous and his hands are IIR delicate an n
womans When talking interestedly ho goes
through an nvervarylnii fieilesof unstudied
pfi 1 ns He wnokid clgarpconttantly jiterday
Mr IrvlnuH fact III completely destltutf of
color Hn I I u has a strilyhtnntw clearout I moblln
lips white teotli and a ready smile ills 1 face
Is I thin mini remarkably long lie ban two very
wide and very thick lulls of hair over hIs eyes
and hih towering forehead is I crowned by a
ma s ot dark wavy hair liberally threaded
wIth Irley Ills eyes inn dark and penetrating
He wears eyeglasses and bus a habit of tap
nIna his chin with his flnger when at loss for a
word He wore u loose hack coat yesterday
10lv ROC and a shapeless soft felt hat
Thn whole party was transferred from tho
Blackbird to the steamer and thence to the
jnclit YosemIte which brought Mr Lavvrnnco
Barretts party down to recelvu Mr Irvln
Hint before time I Yosemite Mionied olT from tho
Ilritannln Mr Irving appeared with homo
lImp followed tij n lad i a little above the mu
dlum I hulKhl I with bin njes it clearcut pro
Ill Ii and IWit I hair SIte was apparently I not
mote than 2r jiarn old though s ho IK I really ten
years older nnd she wua slender and active It
was Mini Kllon Terry who nlll play leading
mitts with Mr living She was as unaffected
jolly anil good natured as Mr Irvin himself
Both of lliiin wan < lired about the yacht on tho
trip to > ow York nnd talknd 1 to any one who
chanced tn bn near Neither of them has a
strong English accent
When the pniject of coming to America was
first presented to me Mild Mr Irving throw
Ilijr I InniHilt m I In I a corner ot one of tho cabin so
fas crossing huts legs and rolling I bin cigar
slowly Ijntneeii Ihu lingers of bnlh hands I
inadn up my mind that I would come complete
ly equipped or not at all Had I canto wllh
MH Terry and nay thirty actors I should have
felt that I was not doing myself jiiHtlcn or the
American pnoiilo so 1 have brought scenery
propertius and everything complete I shall
play here with exactly thn same Hiinniindlnus
that I I Its ye in I Loailon By doing thin I reduco
my prollu enormously ot coursn But I dont
mind that > ou know If I make a success of It
Do you Introduce now effects In mounting
your plays 1
Oh Yes I make many small points that go
far to milk up the general effect I am fond
nf having things I a hit out ot the ordinary I run
For instance In sotting Hamlet 1 tiavu a
small hill or mound at thn rear ot graveyard
and lurch and aiif < f descend this hill to the
graved I gger It Is also II fancy of mine tn have
Ilm Hcene reprosiintvu as lit veDtlae mesa
things may not be important but they all have
Isnt Shnkespeaie very popular now In Eng
Yen Of lain them has been a great deal of
Shakespeare Young niun hue started hlmke
apearean Hocietles all over iniiland
la It true that them Is an 11 tiling I like such a
craw for tho stage as Dr Jlmirlur represents
in Jniirlir roo
Ah said Mr Irving with a smile vast
numbers of them have the fever now They
all want to go i on the Htage Its easy enough
to bo actor you know
How lId you come to strike the line ol
chin aclers that ban made the Lyceum Theatre
so HUccebulult
It nan this war London had had too
malt ut 111 H of the I tob rUonlan class about
twelve years ago and thn people wern ready
for something new I bulleved llmta produc
tion 01 The Jlolltt would pay but no one
thought well ot It Mrs Hatonmn was very
much opposed to time plan hut llnully gav In
and wo produced It In a half Incomplete way
It made a tromendnus hit and ran for 151
nlghte Then It seonied tome tbataplay on
King Charles I would go I asked Mr
W D i Wills to write It and Bucuested tlmt
it should l be n series of grncuful and pathetic
scenes quIte onl08110 to The Bells 1 nln > ed
it seven month and tbnn produced Eugene
Aiiuuand altoiUihat lllchellnn ° All this
Hum I 11111 I been anxious to Play Hamlet hut
i milt with eoimtnnt opposition Mrs Bateiniin
IoJrt1 1 tllitl I t but Iput I It I t on and plaud It i two
hundred nights From that time on It was
plain hailing
> What do you play fIrst In Now York 1
I hull make my first appearance at the Star
Theatre on Oct 21 > In The Bells
On landing Mr Irving went to theBrevoort
House and MIss Terry to the Union Hquart
r i2r
nivczzrixa AVaVBTUS SCHELT
A r rtr of Tkrce Ilnndrtd Ge Down tbs
flap roe him ci aim tnrly Ilnnr
Man early hour yesterday morning the
citizens who had loitered In Battery Park over
night were pained by the sight of n cater
ers wagon at time barge office Then
they worn excited by the appearance
of Orafullaft band rind finally they were
subdued by the arrival from all points
of grave dignified menwhocrootod each other
warmly The caterer removed vast luncheon
from his wagon and then with the aid ot his
men unloaded a pile of oddlooking boxes with
cabalistic signs In black on their sides and the
single legend Quarts on one end
The band hurried aboard the police boat
Patrol to escape the chilling wind but It was
noticeable that not one of the sedate and dig
nlflid men followed tim band They stood
Homily In titus cold and kept the caterer In full
vIew After tho luncheon and the many boxes
worn satyon tho boat the dignified men fol
lowed Then the Patrol strnmod down the bay
alit slowly approached the Britannic
The voyagers on tho ocean steamer gazed at
the array of statesmen as the Patrol came
alongside The band played wildly and the
cheers of the three bundled visitors broke
out with a roar as the Hon Augustus
Hcholl was discovered on the dock of
thin Britannic with green cotton um
brella white whiskers and cold spectacles
intact Mr Hehell responded to the cheers by
n pleased anil longcontinued smlln and gentle
waves of the umbrella On the Patrol were
Mr John Kelly Commissioner Bronnnn Mr
r Tt r
i utiuii iiiiun > Uimiiniiiiiur IUIHJII itcu
IstnrDnchnrty Maurice Holahan John Hellly
Alderman Kirk Martin BBrown John Carroll
Thomas Dunlap and Mr Hinitb 11 Lane who
wore n polkadot scarf and a pair of tortoise
shell eglasscs
The pin ly was made up ot one delegate from
overv A embly district anti an occasional
friend The Patrol escorted the Britannia to
her pier and then Mr Schnll want aboard the
police boat and wns shaken by the hand by
every delegate and all the occasional friends
Mr Scholl Raid that his trip to Europe had
been very Imnoflelal to his health and that ho
unit imujoyeml It I mot a great many Ameri
cans abroad hut Im glad to got homo again
lust the same Time Americans you meet In
Kuropo are not like time Americans you meet
here said Mr Scholl as ho preceded Messrs
Itnllly Holahan Dochnrty and Kearney up
time plank
Frank Masons Irgul Wife Blddlnr klm K
Flnnl Adieu In Mlixnirli Penitentiary
ST Louis Oct 21A few days ago THE
SON printed a despatch from this city about the
bigamy of Frank Mutton now In tho peniten
tiary for bank robbery Today his legal wife
Mrs Mary L Miller of Indiana arrived here to
visit her husband and was admitted to the
penitentiary She rend In the newspapers an
account of the second wifes Interview with
him and ot their parting after exchang
ing vows ot eternal fidelity and she
concluded to come on and ascertain
all the facts In the case and have n final Inter
view with her recreant spouse Masons re
ception of his legal wlfn was rather a cool one
Site gave him a long lecture on his life of de
ceit and crime and then bade him a last adieu
saying that shin never expected to see him
again on earth Sun IB evidently a lady
ot leflnement and is several years
Masons senior She was a widow
when Mason became acquainted with her
under the assumed listen of Harry Miller
They had one child which died some months
ago After deserting his home he went to
Evansvllle where ho mot his second wife
whom ho enticed to Nt Louis and married her
under the same name Harry Miller His real
name is Mason which latter name the second
wile now assumes Mrs Miller WOK accom
panied by her daughter aged about 10 years
by her Ilrst husband Slut Is said to be wealthy
and of Rood standing If Mason was at liberty
ho could easily be convicted of bigamy but he
Is not likely to bo molested on that score
having eighteen years of his sentence to
serve before being entitled to discharge under
the good behavior rule
den Prior Nays kr U Nullified Hint k < Killed
Carry In NetCDefence
LONDON Oct 22 tien Pryor ODonnells
American counsel In an Interview said ho wa
satisfied ODonnoll killed Carey In selfdefence
Ho said it would be proved beyond question at
the trial that ODonnoll wont to Africa with no
design of killing Carat and was un
aware of the latters presence on board
Limo steamer when ho embarked Carey accord
Ing to Gen Pryors theory finding himself dls
rxMAraH nlnvnLml a niinrnil I In rtrilur in nntfnt
futile tho blow which ho oxpectod ODonnolI
an IriPhinmi would strike Manalatichter In
Gun Prynrs opinion was time utmost ODonnell
could bo found faulty of
Ever oflort is being mado to brine the wit
nSM from Cape Town to Kniland I be
llcxe Mr 1rvor faiiid that ODonnidl
will liau ii fair trial I find that
thorn is no pnjudlcn agaInst him I
do t not oMippt that I will take a nubile
part in hue I trial hut I nimplv help tho t nthor
counsel by consultation and HUUiffHtion I
shall ranmin in London until the trial in fin
iHhid I hare socn OUonnoll and he Impress
as mo ftfl beIng a ftlmplomlndod lmrganuiotus
Irishman nnytlilnt hut an assassin Thn trial
will occur in tIme middle of November and last
two or throe days
The Earthquake tn Aal Minor
LONDON Oct 22 Routers Telegram Com
hummny tee t received the follow In depatclu j from Conitan
tlnojile Later delKlU conflrin tIe Malement that th
first account of the earthquake lu Anatolia were rreatly
exnirif rate 1 At Vnurla near Smjriia win VIM huts
is pro wrecked nnlj two pernon st are killed sut sos en
injured I One them nftmmd of the Inhatiltanta ore quartered
in ionir tenH ontviile of the ruined titian Ten liamlrl
tienr flu nii unffrred more or lpu 1 < Altniretlier 57 per
semis isure killed and 1O liijurud In that dlttrlct The fort
VIlE iiuinhfrK of leriis killed represent I ht tntal ion
of life althntiuh H m 07H pprfoim were rendered homelefa
Aim are lielnir f < d lit > the situ luorille tn ohedlenie to the i
ttulialms rut rn The Irk are helntr plated under nhi 1
ti r und are helng ntiended > > > doctum and imrtteoiii At
dictum ulilt JO per cent of thf I lioitiet lull slimed dam
nan v hlch in umut cadet is err ullirhl
MtPKin tint 21A f M ere ttiork nf earlliquake tent
loin lucre siriiid wag felt nn hntunli In the I proIncut
nf Cadi und lluelta No damage ua dime
Peace IlcUvven Chill nest Peru
LONDON Oct 21A despatch to It utorn
Telegram Company announces that a treaty of peace
hits been Plgned heist eau Chill and Pern
LIMA Oct 21A special bulletin of the Diane oflctal
trIn nnnounces the Plirnhiff of the treaty of peace at
1140 teal l i niirht at Ancon trtvuen the Chltlati llorerii
nifiit aid Onri lffletus The bulletin ddt that cc Lima
and CaUnn will within IVMI I dun t lu cruled by frru >
S MIle the Dlarlo ojlctat will no longer lie publlilisd
Crisis In Portiitriil Ministry
LIBBOX Oct 21A crisIs exists In the Pnr
tuffuese ratdn uwtnir to troubles connected with the
approaching mtinlrti election The Minister of th
Interior and thn Minister nf Marine hate redcoat
H < > nhor de Knnten Ierelra de Mcllo tho Irendent of the
Council hah readjusted the Caltlntt ito change of
policy ii Jnvohed
vs enna5 O 5t Ccc
PAnts Oct 21An offlclM return relative to
the Frrnch urhrnt crop has juit Ixtn puullthed here
The jlflil l eltuuilcul al l JB4nSI6 hfrlolllrm The
nnft units Ii un 7 Himt htctartu t lh fnfrhif ° yIeld per
htcinrrMiM hfrinliirrn and the average weight per
hectililrr7il JJ kllanraiiK
After Excluding the American nog
DEntIN Oct 21Two hundred and sixtysix
ptrvoni Scene nufterlu from trichinosis at Ermeltben to
lay lImit flfl > nut nf 131 holmes are free from the die
cane Thfi ntnrnfnir up lo in oclock Iwrnly Ihrr per
nonft hnd died Then have also been several fatal case
of time dlirai at Atom
The Cu > e nf MUelonary Chew
PAnts Oct 21The Temp denies that time
French Unrrrnini nt hat nrrlt M at any decision reirarit
Ing lime amount of lnlrinnll > t < i he laid l > In Ml innar >
MIIIW or the source fnau which Ihe I inont will te
An Irish llHllllT Wimnded
DUBLIN Oct 21 Daniel Lucy bailiff to Mr
Ma py hi a been found danrernuil > unundrd nn Mush
are Mountain In a wild dIMrift near Macroom couniy
Cork Ttilt U supposed to bo an agrarian outrage
Raid Ilrlrotknl
BriiUK Oct 22The Princess Victoria
ilmihier nf ihe Crnnn Irlnce Frederick Wllliaiii lie
been betrothed to the herrdllar > Irlucr of Anlmll
nw Nlnrm In Mlnn ntn
ST PAUL Out 21Snow fell last night and
tosayto a d plh of from three t eli irate lime fall
hrlnv rcnrral all oler the btate sod In Inc upper Ked
They Find n Qlnnl Powder Corlrldxa Rquiet
Over II end Fire It Off
A CArtrldRo of giant powder was the Sun
day plaything ol four little boys In West Fifty
eighth street yesterday nftcrnoon Thin boys
arc children of coachmen and all live In Fifty
eIghth street William and John Cottlncham
need 6 and eight years nt 205 John Burke C
years old at 209 nnd Michael Tylon 7 years
old at 232 They had been playing In n vacant
lot near llrondway which Is owned by the city
and whore Contractor Bhorldan lablasting out
an excavation for the foundation of an engIne
house Young Tylon found a bologna or
long narrow roll of the explosive which had
boon carelessly loft out by tho workmen on Sat
uniT children wore highly delighted They
know the nature of their prize but of course
had no conception ol Its dangerous power A
Piece of wire such as Is used In exploding the
charges by electricity was also found by one nf
thorn and they repaired to an unllnlshed build
Ing across the street whom they would bo se
cure from observation It ha a threestory brick
building without any cellar ortany flooring on
the Ilrst story The doors mind windows are not
yet In place
The youngsters prepared a blast on the
ground within the walls TheVtore a hole In
thn cartridge and Inserted ono end ot thin wire
Then all four children stooped over tho Play
thing while one of them applied u match to the
loose powdornt the torn place Luckily the
cartridge was n good deal torn and a good deal
of the powder was loose Thn explosion did
not knock the walls down but scattered time In
fant dynamiters In four directions By great
good luck nnno wan killed xoiing Burkes
skull was fractured but It Is thought that he
will recover The two Cottlngham boys were
hurt about the eyes and head and Tylon about
thin logs
The explosion created great excitement In
the neighborhood It was about li oclock and
the streets wore full of Sunday afternoon
strollers The youngsters were speedily taken
care of
sin nnxnnzxs JUIAT FRIENDS
nil VIsitor Yeeterdnjr IleniibllemDa Volume
teerlnc to Support Him
Several prominent Republicans willed at
Mr Hendrlxs residence tn Brooklyn yesterday
rind assured him of their Intention to support
him Ono of them complained thnt the ad
ministration ol Mayor Low had boon an aris
tocratic administration which gave no consid
eration to bumble men and that the Mayor
himself had alienated the friendship of a great
many gentlemen hy his frigid and reserved
manners in his office
A citizen of Brooklyn whose boast hns been
that he was all his life long Ilnpubllean and
haul never voted a Democratic ticket has sent
his good wishes to Mr Humlrlx The gentle
mans father was the mill boy In a parade of
thn Slashers In Brooklyn during the Polk cam
paign and rode n mule with n sack of flour be
forn and behind him I shall vote for n Dem
ocratic candidate for the first time ho said
by casting n ballot for Hendi
A prominent llopublican olllcial called on Mr
Hcndrlx and assured him thai within three
days he would publish a card giving the rea
sons why he Intended to vote for him instead
ot Mayor Low
Illpktkerln tn on Aajrlnra for the Blind
BATAVIA Oct 21Not a little excitement has
been occasioned In tllli vlllaco hy the death In the State
Initltullan for the mind of Howard Parsons a boy 13
yeara of age whom home was In Palermo N Y On
Thuraday morning the boy ran against another pupil
ahcut his own age In one nf tlo halls of thelnftlltlitiGn
receiving the force of the collision on hid head Ass
roimlt he wan thrown Inln convulMonn with which he
suCceed all Thlir dnj night and until Friilnv morning
The attending nhrtlclan llr I Ii MiNnmara irrnrrlhnl
for him Un Friday afternoon after recmcrlne frnm
the celivuilnion the 103 l comiilnlned nf core Ihrnit nnd
the physician wan again unnninned and prescribed the
UMUal remedies but when Ic s mImI the patient for the
third time on HnturdH mornlne hi found tIme ho nuf
ferlng from dlphihena In Un innut malignant form
Several nut of town phyntclani were siimmonrd In con
collatIon and at noon elterday the lucre died The body
wai burled the Fame day In lime BalaviS Cemetery a per
mit for 111 remnal to Inlrrmn Imuntr been rrfnpM
Two other pupil are luffermir from the scale di5euia
but In a milder form Great care ii I being exercised to
prevent its upread In the tnrtltutlnn
Abducted and Deserted
VINCENNES lad Oct 21MIss Tllllo Wort
man ft pretty girl nf 17 who belong to one of the bett
famllleH myitertounly disappeared from her home In
Carlisle thin county two weeka ago She won tart seen
br her frlendo In the company of Kdtvnrd 1lfer and
Ollle Iable toll prominent yoiinv men of the town who
look her tn Ti rre Untile and there deserted her Time
young men returned haute a few dam Inter The cmi
wad foaild liv the pnlice tf Terre Haute In great dlKtre i
Her brother st cit lu iirarrh nf tier but Hhf lint pre
vlnuilv left the rlt nn an raXrrn trnlli nnd IH Mil h iluisu
Ing When time brnther returned tionift lie cOnCeit tie
arreRt nf the two omnr men on lime e horn of kldunl
Iutnu soil eeduiMton Tlie hne befii bouiul ojuer ti lit
Criminal Court Krlenda of the girl fear that ihe han
committed suicide
Old and Knmlll r Tklnco
Where beer Is brewed was the name ap
plied to a map of the Sixteenth ward Brooklyn lent
night In the WaBhington Avenue Ilantlfit Church Three
hundred and thirty eight Ibis upon the map indlcalid
pIsces where tuner in lunde end roll Time map alan low
et the inemillon rf the three ctumrnhes ihiut the hOC school
titmice iii time 55 nFl I Ii tile mtuldren Ii hln lmgrinuul
end A ruiulcl loilge of Guumt Tnlm hlc ties Eumnrv 1
lImit nen Ciliul iii rut noutmlne new etitmiul he said cii uie ntiS
jent cii lumleumupernimee that totem lucranue StAn nntnuiumhul
Vitil ulul IIuIicsolul him Ild iuiep uluh punts in out fare
out hearts Time physician lmlrninllc Ptlunilnhmh iureurmuu
lIon wan old te prnmlix of reormaton brfore bar
rime is ad older than the hllli and the inevitable brnkin
pralnee 10 yntmnner
Rfonraontk Conuly Democrats at Work
FnEEHOLU Oct 21The campaign in Mon
mouth county wan opened yesterday hy maKH meeting
In Ked Bank and Aebury Park nt which Leon AMtett
Chat K llendrlckron fien W ralterfou and nlhera
ppuke Thecnilntv lie sunlit lwio Ileinncrntlo mnjorl
Ir The Paris eimlioiu of the llriinhitrkrr n lll be lurid
hero on Tueida A full counu lintel will tx jut In
nnmlnation and vtrenuoui elton will hu e mndi in In
rrea elhe moh ivir lInt 1 year n limit iss lics iron
bark max mertlugii a ill he held all ncr tlie I county
The Democrat lure pretty ei rlaln to carry two nf time
three illmrlct It I in 1 prnlmMr llml I the rei ulmi krrhand
Itepublicaii will unite nn n man In the hecond dlttrlct
Tk Ito John WhIte llrrriy Cnie
riTTHiiunoH Oct 21Thin celebrated heresy
trial of the Her John White of the Huntingdon Pre hi
tery will probably be reopened vir While In I the minis
ler who drifted Into fiwcdenborglanUin andhn e trIal
attracted tho attention nf 1renlittrrfaii tlirniuhnut I the I
Hntled hlftteK The reutluirut of lie I b > norl 5 fHirlnr
favored a much hariher > utilt > hinenl Ihun wan iuutl cued
nn Vlr Mhlle and i tue cane tsmis riferred In I Iti fr ljlf
riau Record CommllUe St lilch in I ciuuli mused of rigid
dlfccipllnarlin 11 I I ulll nme lli before lime Hrnnd swami
In niorrott and will prolialdy be rfmntidd lo tie trf
brier uf Huntingdon for it relit nriu whi li t an hnrdty
result lit less lieu the caIuumlalomlufutmstlelmdiuuc dim hue
This lion Jepthn W Babcock n former mem
ber nf the AMemblv frnm the Hecnnd dlRtrlrt of Niagara
county died in lx > rkpnrt iaterday
The Her Or l > A Melreai lor nf the Wilton M
K Church rutnliiirgh dropped dead nf heart dlteaie al
hli hnme In that uiu > isat l niuht
llenrgo Ililllli hlanhope elghlli Karl nf ChtMrrfleld ii
dead III hl n2d year
Ki Cnngre man Charles 1 Alhrlnht ii at strIcken
whit lisrelbsls At nonn S eIerutav al tile IKMIIO In fain
bridge Ohio and died alii oclock last nl < ht
The Hnllfjiv llynumllera
HALIFAX Oct 21 Among some additional
oCult nf uhs fit namit prose tin IIIIVAB i Bnalvcrltii I ne
Ir to the de crlptlnn nf tne itjnamllc box bused at tie
Inrernment building explosion in londnii alrnn key
hole cew of very dImmnriur uorkinaiihlp utah ham
mer and drill a ret nf lionS well adnpled 10 ouch
purpose as hauling n man lu the I lint hri bnthing dull
up a hlpi ide and a lot nf irreaiy tuUlauce calcn
hated to make any box aierproof
Indlclmenla to he hashed
ALDINT Oct 21SInce the verdict In the
8eilnnca e Dldrlct Attorney derrick and Congress
maim 1 Thorns Khrfgzenf tlttca cnunnrl l for Denier and
fhelpi alleged Inhb lin haro hnd a uinMiltatlnn and
II wai agreed In hate tin Inllctmenti agamil lho two
men quaihed nu the ground that leMliiHiiiv is i larking lo
cnnrlcl A fnnnal motinn tn ininth M ill bt made bv time
Inn Attorney Derrick at the lirct mbi r term of court
Found In Mnicurn ulcer
nurfAjo Oct 21 Thn bodyolnwelldre sed
loung noman a ai found lu the Mueara rim en litas l
The hod > has not been Mtmined A m nery lurrouuli
time cue
TliU ll tb taut day for toleri In register
Catherine Olendenulng aged 1i nf 12 roiirth dIrect
Rnuth Hrnnklrn arrested for luinilcatlou hanged her
silt In the Butler Cured i police nation b cittrday
LOmiKH III flltK
frank L Snows box faciorv at West swinur K H
was hornet last nlgimt jns f liirjrj
Tht engine hnuie nf the llnitnn art Lowell Itallrnad
st Moneham buss a woMen structure wa burned
rflleritay innrnlitK and two Incntnntlvei Were ileilroed
the lIfe originated in tht nil room Loiti 9VM >
Several thmiiand dollar dtmavt wai don yeiterday
at 121 franklin shred by a lIre which began In hue sates
room of Strauburger 1 Co cloak makers on the third
floor This fir U atult > utt4 to tht ovtilitaUnf ot a gsi
AtWA itwonTims
Pollth Jews In ft Police Court on Account el
n Prculur Ciuttim ttent 1rrvnlU la J
llenevnlcnt Society with n Long INtimc
Est > Market was besieged vlth chnttorinff
Pollrh Jew jeitfnlay nir rnimr A leuevemleot socIety
culletl Atnichu rtittcd Ilciml K oh null of nlilch Isaac I
Cohn U President and Charles Melm identify turn V
out In force Julius Korn ft member rf tin society was
ccuiMof iMftultlnir Joe DuX Miolhtr infmlr
Tiers ware many whtrircead of the aMulf from a hem
Juitlce lrdner learned that the socIety m ru at let
heater itreet It has been always a difllcult mutter foe
newlyflected otTUf of the nociety to gt OMeMlon i of
the took and charter held tuy l > tIm retiring r > nicerff Tka
cttatnn IIBR been to forcibly wrest the look front tha
Srfirtfrr when IiMpreMrd an nnwlllinirnff5 In I glsa
them up and to take the charter from tins Prrtf ry
force ir < levine
On SfttnnlM Inst ahunlnrMni etlnrof thecoolfty Ssa
hMil at willed the I annual HIM lion of officer which U I V
ocf ur mi hMtirdiu nil wn utiiimlittul Itme Ireldeuc
unit Secretor > uf tliMocUu niumtcil the flttrii < tane u
of A ttillcrinnn at the t meetlniron Pituntav last l uMlmv
feared tliat I I he charter suit tuniS < > t I Is nKIMv nS ouUl
be taken from them to I hand mien tn the ttnomlitc
ofllffri They MM that the IruMfiil who curtlrd tIm >
charter In an tn lde pwkM wn tn hue > lmml 1 upon the p
tiihle and hi Id ls 1 nome of ttie numbers in him lii tht s V
ncarchftl im I > 1 pocket A pMkfiimn waft present nt tint V
meeting tie tOut tt Was erv M linuet ntnl end d tu a
row durlnir which the I iiullpemim wits for tilt litukv I
Justice l dnrdner fuel Korn in Tie oiwltir tn3
lions nf the socIety lift the court room thatterinir V
argmmomlatlmely I
A llrnkertmn Amusement nt SeeIng Ptt
enixer In u Perllun Po ttlitn
James Tally aged 30 of 80 Mulberry street
Newark while under Ilia Iniluenct nf liquor yesterday
morning mounted to the I eat sIte platform of the Fifty
ninth direct MMimi of the Third unions elasiei rail
road although tie wanted tn take a trulii fr downtown
lie tauRlit a Hi kf t unit drn pcd It iltl the box before ha
discos creut lilnmiMAr
Juit thcri a dnm train arrived on the scent slits u Ji
traik sf One that the train had Mnr > fd with the gate
of onr of the earn cm n line with a cltdr niectlQkr > the
abttt t and is ft tradtp Tultr cron > cd orr limit ns lien ha
hndclliuhtd iti i in the I plntrnrm nf linear I tue Ouiid not V
open the cute ihe nintlon master on tile plmfnrm h
lund left railed tn him to cone l hk Tull pHld no nt
tentlnn to him hut rotitlrnitd hin crocus to n iu the gate V
nf ilm car Th > hrnKfinnn kprnrrntlt did tint nc hula
until the train hficati in mot Then he latiched at him
without nn < rlnff tn uiilni thf itate
he had l > eni CHrrUd stoat from time ulrdtr no which ha u
hndrro ed tried to deli luwn ou the iixt neuter Ha
miffed It and lruuIuui tnint > flxe feet Into the olroet
hreHkinff tmls rfuht foreatni ruitlnc hIs Uie ant Inilur
inc hlinfelf lutfrnall He was ItiMMiftthlf T > Ien picked V
tIm Iiiit ruins med rnnfcInuBueM while btnitf remoxeU to
the Treitotenan lloj Uul
Two Pamphlets liy Uon lenor Cnpel I
MonsIgnor Carol lectured on Trim Culture
tail Mviilnir il 1 At Paulii Church In 117th i ftrcet ills
pnuiphlet entitled CAtholle The Ementinl Quality mil
Nercpinry Marks of the True Church he i lti tvpe and
will he lued In ahnut thrci I dnjf It wan Ounces Out by u
the rti cn fion fn the hpiscopai Ci > nvnttnu nf the I pritpo I
SlIm > u to cb in ire the haute 1rotef tunt h DIM opal a i
Cit mmreh in the I lol > Calhollc fhnrili Mnn ttrn ir R
Caret sac it will lu Iti no MR n i f > ntrnerMnl 1 nmiihlct
hut it simple statemenT if tic oittln of fit Cthaltci
Thl pamphlet will t e fnlinwed in Noxeiii er iy time cit 0
tilled The Pope The Head of th True Church
AskIng Justice Ilvrrronn to Mnrry for
That IB the befit cook I ever had said Jus
tics Ilerrman yesterday an Hannah Bayer a trim Her
man gIrl came Into the Tombs wiib John Huffier
a baker of S3 Hopkins street Brooklyn SIms cam
tn my hnue loot Thursday the Justice went on
and told mv St lfe site wanted me tn marr bierIn
marry her to time liaker I menu Mv wife 10 d Hnimuh V Ii
tu coma to tile houfe stud I would in It Hut Iliinnah I I ju
says the vn afraid uui time oilier curie in the limit LOut
clue cam here lustlctHerrRian then unitfd Uuunati
jisjrr 10 joiin itumca auto giant in em till uieesmc
Prntnp Chundvr 31iiciMimiIar
ed nathe of Calcutta delivered nn address on Tin New
Iteliglouri Reform Moenitnt in India I last ought in thus
Church fif the CAt lour Plerrepnnt street Dnioklyn Tha
organization represented liy htm is cOiled HrHhmo
HmimJ a thelstic movement In fvinnalliv wltii Chris
tlaulty It liiif Itu etuum l rMuMtnlifd tO < > chu munches in
India practically dethroned Brt > hniliii m brnken carte
etevutcd omen und In I rtointf grail thtnu for tho tlv u
illzatinn of Julia 1 lie limit a neatly coiuni md r > f tii > lins I
luh l < m uage Ever > stiit nce tnJtrt with ataUlus Inflection I
Policeman Roe Knocked Down I
Special Policeman John line of the Richmond V
county Police Department has been dirmiMel from the
force for usinfr undue violence to a lady who was con
nersI lug ss illu a uiuuti nomimed tt smi in Ihe Street luu ie u
tirmghlui ii spluruuicheI t menu imuut irrttlutlig Oms °
ttuuman romumnlmly iuy i tie shmuilulrr oriem el It u Ic ho t
11O C uli I lie yniiflt etuhumal gui Vt a r il putli St
1mb CII dealt line I 110w in t lie face I limit laId imlul lruu
Irate several feet imu time roadway
Slllc Mrnnu Does Not Appcnr V
Mile NIau tha opera bouiTo nrmn donna
who k ft the lime compan > to Ket iiinrrip1 uat wiser
heed to ntKk her firewtll opjiarance ut the I fiicrM con
C itSn i i iI RuA
at tho rehearotl in the utttrnon n < r ll Mi n > u
the rveniriK Mie sent Mr Itminlt h Arrnniu a Imnici
i hint slut < I that slut wan nut su nib moiiKli toting MI
lifil trml ut lionie Lnt couldnt Miu sas m er sorry
Mile Aiiffole doug In her lute
Justice Gnrtlner Advice to Two Boxers
Joseph Murray and Frank Campbell profes V
sional bo ern tire arreoied in the I tItus err on hut umrutsy
night s hllc llLimi hun ill nncx Market colt ruin Iu 1
liie tturuliir wet c tlifiu hula ii Ivict
In blue ftituri Mli n sum mm mimi to prurhpe he puirlllR t
tic art hire it Iumit Don te m I < i tBnict t In > nir hun u m
rung Try liitfoilroinlnir JO flrlitiu in thej Imilulmc Ptrrvtii i I
vni get neither ifale niune > n < jrtflunt l > ut tul > auitaof i it
10 each
At Georges Nurpllcvd Choir
ServIces wore hold yesterday In St Georges
IrotcRtHiit KpUcopal Church Muny cliuiue lusts been I
untie in the Interior of the MHMinz Time > giilries ut hue I
eml fif thn rhiirih nearest time th ncfl luv leru storm t
vned to tnuke rKmi Pun the olioir lor lIe 1ri tittie a 1
cii nil nm choir tin A part tn lli a rent Cd 1 he he 1 cIf
M ttftiTKt I I it hu li liar for fcnuie tune Intl t ssurrlel Vr t C
Inckoon Nilmlt u ire rung > eeuremq lit I not rur w >
I on if a time As tuuttl
Hhnnilne llltni tr llerisse < if hlcUnnt
a I
Itklntnl Doninan 17 yivrH old shot nril kill it
M hinm If I ycfttnlu tifurnoon nt lilt ttfinie I t5 Henry
street In a fit of mlacuuulmd tiny rotifeO h t Mekno V
YHiriif Dftnnuii h il uirerert tmni I iii titanic frMr for
oiiitf wek n ami thi Is ari l srrihmg IICBII I h ui > cutout I
not work iinvfiilea hi inlnl He nhnt hlindf in lIme V
hfAd Hiihii tiettt pistil Ltlun mirtolitA fMtlier s ItO Is l V
a watchinun I I
CiuiBkt InsIde H KoII of Plunnel
Edward Meyer end John Maxnor implorcd
by V Henry Uotlipchill 1 C > ehiit makers tiere ac
C uncut nt the Tomho jcMtriUy of todMnt Hit Hrm
Maxiicr hal l hern nuirlit po up out I of tb < liou n ni < le a
mil of fkitnt1 mfr stun tie liol i put him ritu tc I
MR rofinm at I Vt huiTitik I Ci neil 5 tre Pint fj w worth if
of Ilnth until M eyr nl I work rim illume U ui > into shirts
The pricontri were held
Stoves In ThIrd Avenue Car
Many of thin Third avmuc horso cars yn ter C
dny cnrrlfd neal lIttle sIn us p whIch PtoM 1mm in Jinl
tummies iii St slut imt auuul l < ine Ml I midway in < iue if I lie IOVM I I
nf teat The Hme nrciii > i 5 the I pine nf III iiirdiimry
ucOt rImes no tire in I iiKintfi I < A foiluinu m i miinr
hut the I ull I cf a iloc eiiip in makf it I ie pr iutri u
feel cornier and HHJ ul Uuffle un lo llietii emil look
Nhuntlntr nt Ii Jlitrlrn < lrr > i
William Lewis a bartender ni6 flood street I
refusal lit fell Joietih Wliita < ut oi flowery aiirjmk on i I
iAiuinitnr nirht tuuCslmac iS deun haul olveul lu1 tou
tummici Imululor Ta lii buns fierwur I iiui il remiumneul
slit wit Intl e wrt I o I a I lPlt C1I ttruul 1 1 re
1dm luseleil lusrmmmlnuiy lut I tilt At 1 elk mmtari t
iilIul St its held fir fo onuuiut mbosuuii
fllrnllnri Verllj a lltrcril Crlmfti t
ConbUblPb mire lofklnc forStrntton Verity of
Iiltp wlioui lucy acr tit of Imi In if cnl rr < 1 thf hoiipo of
Clitrlfk lrrK > J nttr tIiuktitln diinru lrulor a ah C
fttict oinnaultfj ilr I rot iulntJ iAl and an t ilr lo
lift house
SIgnal timer 1redlcllnn
Iarlly cloudy wealtmr nnd local reins winds 1
moriiy norihfit deny t falling barometer utatiuiury or
rising ttiui rrulure
nuni run iKtmsituu
The new hilton fnthiilr rhnrcfi nf the Iinmncuati t
foiicepiiou lu Alicuii wii Ifl l tu d iluemt cut b t urd it
Time idiniei < i > t 4cuiom emil e u didieaitd tree odUli
Afire In I un mill of John Lnruttt A uu at MlJdln I
grIme nmr Paraiorfu ynunut uurtiliiit wa ex I
nngimheil I wliii eiraui Inin tiio t mill boilw carrlwl
tiuroulu limo Los uboul iufl
senator finely caught a evrra guild one day list l reet I
anti tie Wen rinnn > il Hi till leiilrnrc of his pure mius at
in benu Tlmurtii ii si reel He I I in I lid timmj 0 I IIr
Jar li I Oni en suit Charles Qi en t r < nifnln FUlnci
hrmerj V hI I tniiino qmrrel I Iii l iiririiu > if a nd imnci i
K St iuiuanruuii iabii ul i in iii > ru it tide itt Uoleiu
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