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t 1th SI I hr lrr PftM P 1 M 1
Blt HI thrnlK Illrlnllru > PM
itubterlpllon by Mall Pax Paid
IUIIV PerMrnlh 56
IAIM Per Tor 00
f USDA Per Veiir 10
PAItY > SD StSDvY Per Year T 0
VTthKV fir Year 10
TUB BUN New fork City
+ tlrerllilnK Mute
Ordinary Advertl fmfiit icr Aganllne 1 40
t Large VI n cui gate mtimimnrnt ptr line 0 8 I
Ilililiitls Notices Ufore marriage and dealhr pit
line 0 7J
Special Notice after inrrlnrei n1 I death per Iln 0 5
IMnkiiig liI I Inanrlal nfler ninur article 0 7
R Mm Sollies llll lilvld I age per lint I Ml
ftendlnirNiitlic with 4tV 11 tnr 21 page perllne 3 SO
In Hiiiidftf edllluu mm rates a 3 above
vvtxxiT 51 i fill u Hurt I no extra rharra far large
fjpfl Preferred r iMlilon I mm 751 elite tofcl
The rrfjittnr circulation of Tun SUN for the
trcdi fntliiig Oct 20 1883 can
Hndiiv irllHl 1 llinrlilav 102101
5rlihu 1 inl 411 Irlilav I 11111
7 IeIIoV 1 IW 11911 > Iiuiiley UOIH
83 odii3a3 I U17 3 ttsikl 17IZ
0111 llor Ihrwrek lOUtOSI
Tlii Ten Xotrtnlirr Mntcs
ren Slntrs will votn on tin 6th of Novem
bor of this ycnr fordilTiirnt f local ofllccrfl
til Icwot tho irsult of the Inst election In
Ohio much Intoiobt attachn to thc o np
pinichlni contest tf fiom tIt Ii bearing on
tlin Iirsidr nMil ronti rt next yitr i
For coiiipirisou i ith I t IIi coming returns
ni liaxo laluii tlio ory last elections In each
bTlo fli thc Inlio t rpre > lon of thrt present
piipuliii opinion In Ivciy tiilance this
niPtlioil b I fnvntnliln to tho Retmlillcau as
n ill bn fcon by I I the InllmrinK llgurch
nnnrctlcul 1 oifl firfinfrnor In 1PJ 1 Demncrtic
nnj rltj nur Rpfiul HOHTI 4101 Dmimratlc i RJorll
3 1 ft Koptit tli an nix 1 rinperance crtml Inf I M27
Mnrlit4 C < Mitr i > ir > iijl tkciion IKSJ PeinAcratle
Jitijntltleinxtr Ke ulilh rtn rt In I
lUkMihutetti iHiMniorin IrljDrmocratla majorl
Ij I < nr Ktpnlillrin laO I Iicmncratio majority over
RtMil Icannnl Inl Hihlontil iniublncil II I H12
MinniDii rnnr > i In Itoitflcuti 1 major
II I iv r m er Dfiuncrulic i 41323
Mufimpl I I I Cnnirtn In 1 ° < Democrallt maJol
ar ICr tlhliian an < l Inil ItHou riiiLMFRj I rM
> ttira ha I nn nIIlv In 12it j ulitlcan f > o rrDmo
crt t 77 Kcpuhllcun m en Utnmcrul anil AnllMonop
oiI i Jl 117 I J
w Jtr > CnngrtH In 1AC2 I D < mocrntiq over Ito
inMlonn 2TO3
ow nrk Ono r In IBJ 1 Demnprat ofr Repulll
ceo IOJS54 Democrat ncr Kvpublicai aol Frohlbl
tlrni 11371371
I I 1lnO hitiila Governtr In 1WJ I UeTincratoer Ra
pill Irl n4in2 KrpnliliLin 111 Icpr ildit HrpuMlran
fiitfnliirkrr not ImlililinmlM 1 over Democrat aTn
Irpliiin i niur hmun ut I trs 11 1 I g2Lolttlon it
mrr Dtmncraf btI IflhI3ti1Ii3 nr Democrat and
colnrul IUptil1 can tiM
o these tel States tha Democrats will
probably carry Connecticut Mttylancl Mas
t sutliiHottf Mississippi New Jertoy and
I A New Voik
Tho Rjpubllcans will tarry Minnesota and
NI biiivLn
Founsylvnnla niul ViiRlnla ate placed in
the elotbttttI coluinii with tho chances In fa
vor of tho Democrats In I both I of I them
Tho fix Slate litsiIllitiI as piobihly Dcmo
crntlc give 82 ulectoril oUss Add to them
Alnbumn 10 Ailcansas 7 Californln 8
I nlavart > > 1 riot Ida I Georgia 12 Ken
i tucky 13 Louisiana 8 MIssouri 10 Ke
1 viidit 3 North Cunllim 1 1 South Carolina
0 Tennebeoc 12 Toxin 13 and Weft VII
I Klula 6 alt < l tliom I would bo an nggrigitii of
I 217or 18 moietlmn are Hquliod to elicta
Ifioldcnt next year The 14 electore of M IB
blchuett coulil I bo omittid and thera
I I would still hua surplus of two to sparta be
I yond the 201 VOtl4 neelcd under tho last
I Ohio with 23 otos Indiana with 15 votes
whichKavo 11000 UciniHiiitli mijuilty over
the Heimblicans labt year Visconslu with
I 1 votpf which bunt six Demociutfa In a dele
gation of nil to Conprifss in 1RSJ and Mich
igan with h 13 V otoc which elected a Demo
crle Governor anilii mnjoiltyof thii Con
si esalonal delegation In 1892 thesn Stiitoh
mo nil oniitted 1 from the t locliimluK although I
they aught fall bo addtd to thu Dcmo
ciatlu column and vIll probably swell tho
Domociatic majority In I8M
1 These ulgIIIes SrI most encouraging totlm t
Dfiuocrats but tlioyinuit I Mill boar In I mind i
I thaI to t win tho 1resldenoy next yen r tI 11 I
I cietlon haimony union full energy am in I
dlhpimsabln elements Thev huvo a powerful I
enemy to combat posscoslux the wholn mn
chlnery and pIt toi rigii of thn OoviMiiineut
and recUIivs as In I I I lie umi of both
Tho Kepuhllians btolo thn residency In
1S70 3 They pioomed It by coirtiptlon In I ISM
Tlioy am rii3ut red for any otlirr ilespiinlo
enterprise by which thoTiraaiirv aught ho
rntnlmil lln part an UiopliiR Vi ilanco and
couriiRO must not bo I ulaxed oven though
the road to I victor snems broad and clear
TIm Republican party must go and It must
I po next year
Clinnso Carefully
The prospect of IVmocmtta suocess in i DOW
so bright that tho part mar bo pardoned
for feeling a llttlo confident It may bo pnr
donod perhaps for supposlne as some of IU
membeia seem Inclined l to suppose that It
can elect to tho Piebldenuy next y 11I1 any
reputable candldatn whom It ehall nitne
Tho now unmlstalcablo evidences of Its
strenith 1 JiHtlfy It to winie extent In looking
forwiiid with wellKioundud hopo to tho ua
tlonul election
Hut deep as la 1 tho disgust of thn country
with thn ItepubllcaiiA It Is not certain to
commit Itself to thn Democrats miliss they
commit thoiiHolUH In I no imctutaln way to
tliit policy of leform Tho peoplo are not
hllnIILtiLcllIII1I1w I I I Democratla I pitty I or
tu any puty They want mi iud put to lie
publlcin mlbruln They want tho Demo
ciatio paitylo t mikn tho Government lion
est simple mid rupabht again There must
bn no room fur duubt iu regard to iu ability
to do that
Flue tomtis will not butter Democratic pars
nip IIIghxouiilliiK promUes In Demo
iintie platforms will not porMixrt an > body
who is nut already persuaded A t dotlnito
piece of work Is to bo done Tho Democrats
must name the right sort of man to do It
If ttmv should succeed la anttiatr control
of the Government under the leadership of
some candidate selected for his supposed
availability they would disappoint the
country Such n man would not bo likely to
have tho knowledge or tho course which
will bo necessary to tho administration
which attempts to ttralgbum out tho crook
educes of twentyfour roors of Republican
Ism It Is a big job and merely ornamental
persons will not boel1ulll to It Thernare not
many mon who could be equal to It THE
Bus has for some time favored the nomina
tion of one of them If tho Democrats can
find a slntrBman bettor ntu > d to reform tho
Government than WILUAJII S HOLMAN Is
they are very fortunate If they can find a
statesman and man of the people with any
thing Ilk his qualifications wo will support
him znalously But their candidate must
like Mr HOLUAX ho his own platform lIe
must stand as Mr HouuN docs pieooil
neatly for honesty econOmy lut simplicity
Without a candidate of that kind a Demo
cratic victory will bo uncurtain of attain
ment and barren when obtained
Mr Robinson
Tho Boston Journal S that the propo
sition of Gov BtTLEn for Joint debates
with Mr Ronixsos Is too absurd to bo con
sidered a moment
When you come to think of It the Idea of
Mr GEOKOE D BOBIXBONS standing on the
samn platform with Mr BENJAMIN FIUNK
LIN BUTLER and giving and Inking accord
Ing to the vicissitudes of close combat Is
exceedingly absurd
Gen BUTLER sized Mr BOBINBOX with
mathematical accuracy when he declared his
opinion that the Republican candidate would
niakoa very reapeclnblo Goxurnor another
Gov TALBOT in fact In his most cynical
mood Gen BUTLER neor conbtiucted a
crueller compliment
Mr ROBINSONs public record Is a curious
mixture of good resolutions and wavering
virtue Ho voted as a member of tho last
Congress to sustain Piesldcnt AivniugH veto
of the River and Hatbor bill and that fact
stands to his credit But ho voted also for
the RoicnRoDESON steals of the santo ses
sion and ho was malulv responsible for tho
failure of tho efforts of WiMiiAH S HOLMAN
and SAMUEL S Cox topiuveut UUBBELLS
two per cent assessment on the Government
clerks ROBINSON went homo as WB romem
her after tho monntrously extravagant first
session of tho Fortyseventh Congress and
endeavored to convince his follow citizens
in Mabsacluisetts that the Republican party
was not responsible for tho magnitude of
that years appropriations
Tho vague chicanery of Mr ROBINSONS
political morals Is I very well illustiated by a
lettei which ho has recently written to tho
rmafteld Homeetrad It seems that some
of tho farmeis of western Mabsachusetts
have been anxious to know how the Repub
lican candidate stood In regard to thn agri
cultural Interests of tho State Mr ROBIN
SON wioto
I now from experience the nanliihlpt and tudor
of farm life mid I l lifru that ven JmtrelMf I fhoull
lie I irrAntei nt t the for of the Stata nocn tn tliU 1m
pOi Caul irdimtry la very praeticl war It la I quite
unncfiMr for uia tn rtlit In thU connection tu mt
cnuri III public life that U I opn to examination auJ
tKlffinut r forbear to inak ant election trOlfltlet
hoiiKh > lly niadr they give liutlllll sorority anil ara
ttilmalcd at ilulr roil viiln b > IntcllUcut farmcr
of Manacnnpotta
If Mr ROBINSON had any distinct plans in
view for the benefit of tho farmers Is high
ly probabln that ho would hae explained
them Ho has no such plans yet be tries to
give the conlldlpg agriculturists the ld > a
that he Is silent merely because he is 1 too
lilghmindfd to indulge In anteelection
promises and that ho will mil prise them
with something great IC ho get Into llTIco
This Ib I not a very shocking pleco of humbug
but It apnoii to be characteristic
What Massachusetts iiecils at the present
time Is anOther year of liuixtn
Iunliliine the High Privntr
Tho arbitrary character of tho punishments
inflicted by girilson courts martial for such
offences as com within their jurisdiction
has often been noted It has also been ob
served that the result of thin want of a uni
form btandatd of penalties Is to breed dis
content and to create a feeling among PU
llstoil men that SOIllO are Intentionally treat
cd with more severity than others Accord
ingly Gen Avaun In the laeliof apennl code
hits C0ll11IInd a talln of lines and penalties
proportioned Ilu his jUlgmeut tho offences
which usually como befoie garrison courts
and he has recommended officers his own
command the Department of Texas to ndopt
It foi their guidance when serving as mem
bers of such courts Ho has also ro
quested post commanders to so exorcise
their powers of ninilttlng or mitigating the
sentences imposed us to bring Into gen
oral use his flehcdula of penalties for minor
ofT ncefl There can be nothing peremptory
in theso recommendations since tho depart
ment commander could not presume to In
terfere with the legitimate functions of gai
rlsoucoutts but It was needful that borne
high authority should take time Initiative In
piojocting a uinedy for an admitted evil
Tho first difllculty encountered such a
echonio Is that of establishing a proper
standard of punishment for tho offences
over which garrison courts have jurisdic
tion If a department commander should
consult iu this matter only his own notions
of what military discipline requires ho
might make mattcis vvoiso than before
Gen Auoun bolves tho problem by comiar
lug the proceedings of many garrison courts
martial and out of the aggregate deducing
tho average conclusions of experience lnnd
I jiidlcloun officers as to what punishments
mo best suited to particular offences Tho
grading of penalties from n I nxed etandaid
then becomes comparatively easy
Take for example flotations of the thirty
second Article of War coveting absences
without leave Gen Anoints table Imposes
upon A private II line of 2 for an absence
continuing from one to three hours 3 for
absence from three to six hours 1 for ab
sence fiom six to nine hours I
3 for abwnco
from ohio to twelve hours and to on Then
for absence from twontyfour to fortyeight
hours tho penalty U 12 tine with fifteen days
confinement added for absence from forty
eight to onlytwo hours Is 12 fine and
thirty days ronllncmcnt Tho uoncommU
sinned ofiliei iii each case Incurs a little heav
let tin than the private for the same offiuio
instead i of 2 Instead 1 of M anti BO on i
and In case of absences of fiom twentyone
to twentyfour hours or more ho may also
bo leduccd to the ranks at tho discretion of
tho court
This fame principle Is cai rlod out among
all the minor broaches of discipline which
llin I Stilt mlith leavHlothodlscHtloii I of garil
ton coiiit Such ate falliiitB to appear at
rovolllo roll call stable call retreat roll call
guard detail fatigue dutall Sunday Inspec
tion or guard mounting For each of these
offences a specific fine le suggested So It Is
with many other breaches of discipline biich
as introducing liquor Into quarters In viola
thou of ortleib 01 making a noise after taps
The penalty fixed for drunkenness on duty Is
from 6 to S10 fine and In the case of a noii
commissioned olnoer reduction at the court
Gen ACOUB throws out the hint that fines
are generally better forms of punishment
than confinement because the latter Impooos
additional duty on tho remainder of tho com
pany But he adds this observation
It private or smnilcl nl Ia triad upon ohingea end
iptclfleatlnni Milne forth a pumWr At rScnrci for
which Ann are named Iu the forrfolnt bile then any
ftrllnn Ihertif nM move than on half mar h Impoxd
hr a court ami the remainder le awardwl In the wn
trne In the shape nt tonflntmrnt at hard labor or rnli
tAry nflnfmnt on bread ond water ondr ISa limitS
retotor mentioned the former at the raU of one
iloS for soar haf dollar or fraction thereof and the
taller at the rite of one day forestry dollar or frae
lion thereof romprlreil In the tanulaled liDO ono
verleil Into Imprisonment
A Jocular view of the subject might ho that
the soldier with a definite price thus fixed on
his peccadilloes by carefully examining his
pay account will Iluil out just how often ho
can afford to treat himself to a spree or to a
racket In quarters after taps But tho mat
let Is really n serious nUll Important one
Of course since tho members of garrison
courts are empowered within certain limits
to act occoidlng to their own Judgment Gen
Auatms project as wo have Intimated
combs only In the form of lecommendatlon
But the obvious advantages of uniformity in
penalties may cause garrison courts at least
at tho same station to adopt his suggestions
In largo measure or to bo consistent In their
dcpartmes from them which would amount
to much the samo thing
The Contest In New Jersey
Sir ABDETT tho Democratic candidate for
Governor Is pledged to do nil In his power
to carry Into effect the reforms recommended
In tho platform on which ho was nominated
But ho must have a Legislature to coopeinte
with him In a peeeh since tho Ohio vic
tory he said that In regard to hiloln ell
tion It was only a qiinatlon how much the
majority would be This Is doubtless trite
for tho Republicans have no expectation of
seeing Judge DixoN voted off tho bunch
The Domociuts and Independents of Now
Jersey must bestir themselves If they In
toad to restore tholr old majorities In 1370
MrTlLDhN carried the State by a majority
of liU5 As a foreshadowing of results In
tho next Presidential contest New Jersey
should now try to repeat tho majority It gave
IVo River and Harbor Job Next Year r
Tho pieJiininary estimates for the next
annual River and Haibor job havo been
handed to Secretary LINCOLN by tho Chief of
Engineers They amount to tho enormous
sum of 35000000
A judicious prnnlnsr of this estimate by
tho Secretary of War would strike off the
figure S and leave tho odd 50110000 ns a
more than sulllcieut margin for further re
duction by Congress
Should Congress then strike from the
S5000000 thus submitted to It the lost flguie
or still better tlui first Its action would bo
wls and gencially approved
Theio must bo no River and Harbor job
next year
A question for the curious How many
Republican newspapers In the United States
are now getting1 ready to bn Democratic news
papers on or ar March 4 1855
Mr JOHN C NEW avers that ho Is tired of
public life Ho will foci deep relief when ho
clheftts himself of tho burden of hU little of
flea in tho Treasury Dopartniont nail croups
Into the uratdfiil obscurity of Indiana once
more It Is to be honed that he will not serious
ly lyombdrrass Alminlstratlnn byrablunlngat
present and wo should think ha would iiUu to
seA n little more of the capital than his ca
pacious vacations have nlloned him to do as
ret It Is said llht Sccntiry FoLncr feels that
ho could get aloni very well without Mr NEW
but few will Biv t > any croilrmco to so unkind a
rumor Mr NEW showed hlniilt ono of tim
moat export of Hopubllcan flnanciors In a
thousand when he was Chairman of tho Re
publican Stato Committee of Indiana and con
ducted with tho late MARSHALL JLWELL a
hlchly edifying correspondence The Ropub
llcurnat Wa hlncton will miss so eminent a
man ltit If hu must 10 iii 1111 and thu coun
try will try In bear hut loss of his orvices with
fortitude He could write a very interesting
book of memoirs It ho wished and throw llsht
not only on tho Indiana cuupiitfn but also on
his own long and lanicntnblo riunt of a placo
In tho Cabinet lie has hard luok for a I man
that means bo well
Tlie members nf tho II Civil Rnr loo Commission I
cnllfi nt the U line II IKC tOts uftrrnnon out I lint a nit
crheri > Alloit ui h I he 1 r fi lent The ohjit nf Ih u n
rente U not know tot 1 lli I oitinilKloncri iltilinc to
Hale 0 tIll look IUCO i uiifiivioi l jMiiatelt
There are so many lilshly interostlnB thlncs
that t iiilelu bo dnnu in I the civil service linu I I that
the country ouuht not to bit loft In suspense In
this way Was It a mild lecture to tho Execu
tire on the evils or abjuntmlbin Or did they
dccldo tlmt MIIIOXC should not hMo the sealpo
of any mom IlivtinastDrs Or has linens our
own Hopubllcan Atilt Committee Trcasiirnr
been Bondlnc nssos mnnt circulars to Federal
ofnVehodcrB l after all 1 Or but no It cannot
bohl1ll Donsus B EVTON resigned What
was tho ubject dlscussod at tho conference
The news which Lieut STONEY has brought
from Alaska of the fate of 3I118tHr i IUTN ur of
the IllMarred Rodgers Is melancholy enough
It watt known that I > IITSAU VilA carried away
bKonct help on floating Ico Now It seem
probublo that he was reserved for a lln
gorIng death The natives informed RTONIV
thnt four of their number hud seen the body
of the unfortunato oulrer and thought from
Its appearance that ha must havo starved to
loath HlBBledso wita by him and the bone
of BBvrral dose The cad story of Di Loso
nml his eompanlons bas thrilled time world I
but not lost pathotlo is the comparatively little
rflnmraborojfatoof poorPuiNVM Tile victims
of the Jeannutto at least pcrlMiod tocethor
and with the ono boon of companionship left
tliom PUTNAM starved to death alone on a
field of Ice at semi
Vio will bet five dollars that there Is not a
hundBomer man than time lIon WILLIAM fl
HOLUAN either In the office of the Nets lark
Tlinrt or Iii the eitabllshment of the lliltJJtl
piia fren
Tke Comlnn Holldiij Vlior rrom p10
Not much linn linen l heanl about tint ap
rohlllt finiiet oj lit tf lull I the uiironoinori hat h1
their ItUjenjM iruinel upon II irinn In wrr
mollon an < l lilt clint lulled HIM It wim i 11m Iu perlliilion
onJtu aswhen It will I > ascot l thirds ac for I roni
tin tnrth an lime sun b Areori1lnto lliflreolriilnliin
It will nol ie o nle to the nilem tje Cnn MX or IIut I
83 ffki 301 hill It liai iilrra < 1 > hoI one tndilrii out < l nil
iptrlvt nulhntii Inrrtiilnf almul nlln llnui in tIlt I
ll nryin l oor three ttvr nl < l nol > M run loll nPit ii
flop do In the pchI lint Itlprrll t crrluin 1333 i
list II wIt I al 1 Itakt ls l I Ill itch more irliti ant olijirt
that II Mmln 112 Altlioiilit will not mascot < ai dl >
lirjnllKd auippfaraic to the great conitt if liw II
will protialily lit 1 UU liy more tennIs hirniuc will lie I
vl > lhl In Hit ereiilai iky while the daulrr flllI l far
vrm a inortiiitB comet Since Iti great nlltuirnt of light
ani < 1 incrrate In sit 1 last montliit lian bvlmvtil like an
orilhmry cnmvtatid now liu a vrry niorttH lull anil on
nnrtrUIn sort of lira I Ilial rruin 10 It I Ie I cmtnriM In
mint Not > od > hairt > llii > ut < ri > l hal t ln > rnul lull I
wlifii Ithlated uj I ao mljtnli Plus l iigtt llon ihit It
had a guI Irlon wuh an ailrroll tOI1l oihrr PiiiHll
rttcilltl loli I furnishes In rxr > lanallon K I ISo ammeam
anre rrkf ntcd but no Indlcailon of pitch nnaviident
bolt been detected In the mbitiuint motion c t Ihe
remit It will lie l at licarly 1 tIe rrtaltM c brIghtness thur
lUll the holMtn and will furnish t ilncular rhri > nnaa
and NeW Yn ri iectact It u I not nfun that the sun
his stieS a iew tears taller from me dilii ut 1 ao
Tko Iditlil Man fir < lu < or >
Fro Sir frniur Vrw IVuIr Mitr
We have known Willard Burtlett for about
twntj Bia x ara v < rilnrab wac a lath ot 12 i end ae
hive DU r kcovn t tint Of mae 01 purer or more un
rUht charaetf
= =
TIle neJOalI all Ha InK troisg Kffbrla
eeura Ctr1 oflh XIHte Senate
The Republicans apparently giving up all
hope of eleotlnff tholr Btnto ticket are turning
their Attention to doubtful Senate district Ity
carrying the State Sonata they may koop In
power Hopubllcan offlclnls loft undlsttirbod by
the psrversenesa of Tammany Senator In tho
last riayx of the recent IIUIOIl They can also
block the whools of Unmocratla legislation
Abnvn all liownvor Bonators elected thin all
will iota for 1 United States Senator to uceod
U i 0 Laplmra whose term expires In 18S5
The Senate Is now composed of 11 llopubllcnna
and 18 Domocratg
Tho First and Second districts are euro to
elect Democrats this fall
The Third In as oanfeftRorllr Hopubllcan al
though Gov Clnvfllatid varrlod It lust fall by
nearly lUOflO majority It eloctml ItussclKHop
Senator In 1831 by 8902 majority Daccott IB
trying to force hlinsnlf ua a candidate this
year but Itp will hardly make rumpus enough
for the Republican to loose It
The Fourth dlsltlct Isirood I Domocratlo bat
tle crotind It uavu llanuock 2891 majority
1S3H Owing to a 1 local disaffection Jacobs car
rind Itlliy the skin of Ills teeth a > eiir later Ills
liluralliy was 431 This jeiir hero will probably
be no clsalTcctloii and Jacobs nm > be returned
bt a fair majority TIm opposition of Tam
many to lilh roluctlon will pmliably help him
The Filth district Is strongly Oomocratlc
Col Michael C Jlundiy will bo tho noxt Sena
tor bejond iicradxonttire
Tho Sixth will probably return Senator Ira
d It la aid that thu County Democracy re
tuso to accept him and that Tlmutny J Camp
boll I will run migiti net hill I on an Independent
ticket At nil events however a Democrat will
ho chosen
Tho Seventh Is Eldnmns old district Daly
canted It twojcare aco by 2n > G majority run
ning 1500 votes abend of tho State tli Unt Any
good Democrat can carry it on a united nomi I
nation The linriubllcuns houuvor will noml
nato younK Itrodsky and maWn n doxperato
nllht for It Tlify tnlglit on a pinch with time
alii of Johnny Ollrien count lilm In The ilH
trlet Is ondantenid by tlu trotihlo over Inidia 1
retmouo him loll In I tbvhKlh dist nil Unlcxu the
Colintj Uumocraey endnrHiis Orady Tammany
inruatiitt to I run candidate ncuintt Dtlv Such
action would almost cvrtnlniy throw the ills
trlit Into the liaiuU of the jieiiibllcans
TboKuli tli t district is fall I y debatable ground
Bob btrnhan carried 1 It over lliovxnlnir four
jeais lien unmrdn i of 30 votes Twit YIIIK
it Ii erwin d UrownliiK I earrlml It sugni nat two Ho I l
publlcan candidates by 710 pluralll limo ills
trlct was HiiDiibllcan however by 1391 mijor
itv lironiilns limes now huun ruled out by Tam
many This joat the ItuptihllcuiA will nrob itily
eofleettt ruin on Ind llhbs I I with I afilrpros I
poet of bineons BIIIr Cal Va staft or Col
dinlcllnt mluht heat Ulbbs hone nr
Tile Ninth I district Is tnrlalnly Democratic I
FltZKuniM will i probahly bn returned
The Tnlll I In Astorn old tI Itt rlt It Is l said
that thn rupuhllcun candldaie tills your nlll bo
LTO II Cm lie The Ucpiibllian majority four
yeuiH UKO 1lIh 201 Juduii Koch neruimn It
at tlui last Senatorial cle < lion by llSfl majori
ty I The lluht this joar will I I bl a 1 nurd one The
llxpubllcaiis claim time IIIII let
Ill tho Kldxcmli dlslrlct Treanor wns rlectod
two years ato with a Democrille cindlilato In
the Held nualiibt him Thib > oat the Demo
cratic ole wlllproliibly Ion coneelliralut 01 cx
Aldermnii Gen 1 W Ilunkett
Tim 1 TwillthlWoKtclitHtKrurid Rocklnndldis
Irl t Is sum to elect a Domucrat Hulity C
Nilson hail boon renoinlnuteil
I hue Flu I rte ° nl ii Orinco unit Sullivan IB n
Dnninciiitlc rtlstrUt on a close VOID with no
sldi IPSIICS I Muclvlu was elected two years nuo
b > J50 II II rat ity tlO 1 nbiPkirs pollln SU
and llhl Prohibitionists HH vntes A union on
a Dnmocratln candidate ought to mean suewn
but the UurmblliMiih nro clalmlm thin disttict
Th rourtuontli district UUter bcholmrle
and Gticnn I is I ussuiediy t rMnirarntie
TImS Fllleunth llmichnas Columbia and Put
nam 1 IK 1 a doubtful I district Homer i A Nelson
carried two jiar nco bv S9 miijorltt and 216
plurality Tills was in i the face ot 2 52J liol itt ii
llean I mnjnrlt I In I Ail Nelson rifues a ru
nomlnallon Itmes lloo < oult of Ithimdieck IB
Ihn t favorlli but Ito chances are that the did
llirt will return a 1 Hcpiiblican
Thn 1 SlMeiiiitlidtenbiihinr and Washington
Is innlhui dnuhtfiil district hiiatiir MuoVr
thurdtup ctrnid two soars mo hi 1112
majoiity Iallln to rceelvn a riinnminallon
from tliD llpiilillrans he Is rumiing on a
uorktncmiinV ticker He IB looklim in vnlii
loru Democratic Indorounnint I Loiicbeaded
iomocrats cay that ho couui not bo fieri ml
yvpii ltliRticli nn i < nilon > uiin > iit The Iliiuib
II I I cit its liuo nomlnat deAiiseiiitil > tout i Allxit
C Ciiniftnck nf 1 IiiisiiiKnnrir Tim adjotiinid
DeimienitlcContiinllon will bo held nn rui >
iliy 1 wliin Hobirt Hamilton of i iisltiiuiiton will
proliably tie iiiumui I nut toil iliiiuto hiM rofiiil to
ll eIt thu I noiiiliiition I IOn Cliarlo lliiuhis I
would 1m a mon t candidate It is doubtful I
wlnthci the Dfiniiirnts vim carry time dibit lit
ii Ii less MiArlhiir wIt liii riws His intimated I I
that fnllj I I half I C hII lute will cumo from Demo
eiits Ho Is I cnolliiiolT tindortnrrililo luiisnii ll
tanks from LIme Imil Jilnrg and if IID guts out
of tlm way there Is I a Hunt bbow for tile tileu
thou of a ilenioura I
Thi Saieiiteiuitli Mbnnt district will nliet
loliu U llia her tin lniin mile cniididuii
Tho l lluht botwevn bmyllio 1 1II1 Diaper miki3
hits ol lIon hiue
Tlie Uiuhtixntli I I tin ral ogmu Fulton I Hamilton 1
Jlnntuiiiuerv and r > ni clidk ilUlin I in I Icy
doiibllnl fIll jiurs IILO II UIIK Wnlmler Vi IILT
mir 1i4111 niijoill At a fiwclill ecell < m held
tIller WiiuniTn d > alh in Inn I I Hpuifp Uiittll
eolllnloii iliHtlif > triit umi > iirrfiil by Vlivnndr
ISiuuiis who uibsuppfirti d hy thn Diinoeials
antI tliflAntlMonopo IsIS HH luceived about
lull mtumtjo nit i It tOilS a 1 short hnri > and
dncihlMi ciiiiipiilun Thn Itcpiilillrans wnr
caiiLht napulnc Tlmy tilt F ii Mirif 1 vlcinn
thai they miiilo nnilToit In unm it fill llin
oerals vxukid like IJIMMTS In Ihu six ilit3P 11 l >
twien thn dav on whluli JiiiuiUn was nominated I
and election day Lust timi I I lillY 10101 i WUII
tilts 10OIlUh oir neniLro Vi tnt 1 a wnll
kllolllI Uilit 11011 tov ttuiy himi tilitralitl hue
1111110111 lIIIIIIIIoror tIn 2iltitto tIlls tir
Is i II W 1111 II Inlllr 1I1L11l1faPlllrr or Cllln
Johallu LI kit Vst 1 1101 18 i tin Euiglbpiu Ito itti 13
birth IInI IIku ut hut its ii Uillt llriiftI Itiut
IInllk I hl l aII1I1II In Juhllll IIllrin
tumuil limit RIIIIWllrlIi IIIIY 11111111 10111 1111
man foi thuy urn all heartily supporting linn
Tlio Dnmncrats n im rgi tug JMuuiifi to macit lit 11
renomliiatlnn hut Im linsltntett nn tho plea
that liuhtnlnu Is not Ilkolytn rlrlkn iwlcu In
tlio siniii iilaci All thn Indications lit to
tbn ifleitloti nf a I Itopiihllcan
Thn Nineteenth Union I > pnx anti War
ren ami tho Tvvenliuth IriinUln Itt IH and
fit LinvrrtiHclarnliopHlni li ItiimUiliini
The Tvventvllrit t IUHVVIIUU ami htillirttill I dis
trict nlicted IViliiiiik JiiiihliiK a Hull llriiil
two Jur nnobyover 5fiUiiiiiiinilt Tlilh I > iiar
hovvevor the war Imlvvnun 1 tlm lit itl toil rIo and
felt Urnoilx lsnxcncillnily virulont IiiOfWekn
thn btalvvartti rontml thu MII tv maihiiinr ami
In Jnlliirnoii lust I Half I I Drocils run lie t machliii I
Llln lag nlcilcpil I binirplf i I to thin mipnort I nf
o trJ Ill II 1 hloun a cunllililo fill Ihn Inltud
t11I1 f HflI1Iuorhlp 111111 ollre11I it rolltIllIlllIl
11011 j1lI tillllwllrlR h ihitiml Oil a lohlllllr
rlIllhllllV In 1111 11I011 IIf 111111111111 of limit
1IIlorlnl COIIlIllnll nll1 iimhloml lIIIy urn
nt n mm I mug 111Ir nll7nf lollIlIlI < hI
tlollin LilliIII 1 lii 1JOIIIIOIIIIII iiitv 110m
illutell I JIIIIIOS A llIfk a hit ii Iir or 1lIln kl I
II IH I tininnai aiio flOMirvinc nun nu will pou
tho full I I html hermIt he o tutu 0 iirlouio noni I n milton
for Attoriieirniiinril will hlll1 him alun iii
JMlTiTHiin cnuiily With two Itupuhllcunt In the
llmd lUaliiht him Im Miniilh II fair how nf
1lnIl1l11 Ihl hit uil Inn him iimrimil tin In
imllirin Stiitn Cniiiiilitlfl Mill t WlIlroll HH
Chan irmn hits ptlil llm 11 net two visit ami
Is Ioirul Ills liHst In linriiinnl the cniifllclln
loinnius Al Ir vainly I I ii r1l ini Wortz tn t full I
back hn proponl that i both Lini liiufinri WftIlr
lint 0811 and fnnvn limit mild opiuii Inr tbu nnlec
tlon of aneivHi > niiiiMti Cut nil lilutt LuLnol tug
lo 1 itlv lyr fii iilnn the gi 1 nil 1111 of tlm reuu
hInt V of bla I nomination I Wiirnm lien rnnilf
dad cot ut Wnrir who It Is l nlil has llnully
iiUTMfil wltlidi ivv Mnny of f Iho I HMlvvnrtn i
hovuivpr openly Itillr that tlmy ivnnhl nitliin
5i n Uriinncrat iiiinleil thin a Hall Hrenl
Wiillliirnriiieil l nmiiat < 511 thnt Clark will
draw I lltly I per emit I nf tlm l4tut I wit ri 0111 In
O > Vi > Knoiiiintv Tli > < think that h will curry
tlm I enmity I With WWI out of llm I way mouth
tlm ItrMMilillnui votHof IcITiii county at his
back liiii al nc in pnttj em lain of Miur re
eleclnil IMVItl C LIt t itjuili n IK a llnpuilcan
cnmllijntn for A HHiil < ly in ono of tho OawiKO
11111 s
TliuTn iitvm > iniiilOni > lilnillitrKtniilinly I
It link lienu rilueHHiiteil rill flirt UlItllll
Inrina by DniuofiiilK nlloloilml by tnnnll pin
riilitln Thi IlKlit Imtwcnn Ihn mitis minis mid
lliilt Ilruodu In OnolilaentniiyliiiHlwiiii bluer
Ihn Dumooralxopeni d thti I alit piilgmu thin t vnar
by liomlnatlim Thoma Ji I hlnney a Utlea law
3tin for HID I BmiHtc ii I 88 itS SeC It Ing t itt nUUlIIIIL
tlnn fnrKurnualo Tn soot ho thn ohairrln itt
Ills fri tiutlc over his ilufiat be was iinimnntiiil
for Siiiio hmuitor AltlioiikH deserving limn
Mr Klnney I y can dmvv no mat ritrutit ih I rent HIHT
of the ItiiuibMean fnitiiiiix Cltaipn of f ililov
alIt diirini tlm vvtr vhulliHr Hun or fnlie
jiinko him iniieietiiiitlitn I lliimlilnMiiH Kin
IOIHIIII br lila iiniiilnntliiii tin hlnhuulB ia >
lillitd HIM itniuililiclil Kiliillmliil CoilVHMtioii
anil ciivu Ilnury i J 1 CntV hall l a htronir Conk
Ijnif man the nnnilnnlinn Couit > 8liiill I In a
ttntervllld lawyer unit IIIIH beau Count y CArk
Onolila The Half lirnxdnucraln ndll inma
Ot turn IVilA ElltUItIrIMcl1l I I ii what I his 1111
ably eonililHrid tho leant lit nit ii up tIme
CoKKBKhall hug antI tits tfica lltnM In sup
porilm till inuiiliipo CoL iilinllV prinioiinced
pIt 1818 tint lAm linvHVir is l InjuiliiK I t i him Jinny
Half liH trill not mill HIM I hHnntnrlnl 1 tifkut
anil hlniiM mn > te l > Klectetl if h holdi Ills
party tote which Is inlit to Im doubtful It IE
averted that I to secure CocRcuhiillii election
the Stavvart will trade any outer name on the
KflpubllCAn ticket CoiBesliull la nn aarlleabl l > l
In aer and a popular fellow Ha has init all
that be mode in the lucrative office of County
Clerk by beIng on the wrong side of the hop
market Willie County Clork hn nnelnoerod this
bolt that Kent a conlestlntf Cockling delppiillon
to thin Ilopublldin Stale Convention of 1881
hold In this city In thin taco or his atalwnrt
record ho wn nomlnatid for Senator bv a Con
vention In which lilt Hall Drcedshfd a majority
Tlm Twentythlril I hark itner llndlvin iind
OtmKo dlBtrict Is Republican Tho campaign
opened thin vnir with symptoms i ofn row
Alexander 31 llnlmcs Bi > cur d a renomlnatlon
but the Republicans of Off BO county threat
ened a bolt Theroupnn Holmes withdrew
and Andrew Davidson of tho CVwrjfmrii lie
pnhliran was nominated Ho Is II Half uncoil
Iln limes a good war rccnrd and ho Is I popular
In hlH own county HolmcBs friend In Madl
son are ntiKry and there Is I AOmo affectlon
The Dnmncratln enndldate Clinton ckwlth
a eiintnictor of Hcrkltnnr He waS 1 111111 lit
Koldler entorlnt the army when aladof llftcen
Hn Is i popular among hut hop mHrfO of Mudl
linn OiA > i n and 1Il1rklrnnr The Hop Orowcrs
AsAoeliitlnn In th district has ofbolally on
ilnrsod hIm and his friends aril hopeful that ho
will win
The Tvvnnlyfourlh Hroftrnn Clmnanno and
Delaware and tho Twonlyllflli ICortlanil I and
Onnndaita districts will undoubtedly return
ItopiibHrnn Senators
Thn Tentyslxlli Cayuca Seneca Tloca
and Tompklno dltrlct line boon stirred by
a row betneen thin Itupubllcan factions but the
wave have MlbildHil and tlm rtopilblleans Bi > em
curtain to elect their man EOI ty The Demo
crats liiuo nominated Judeo J T JIHlnr of
Watorloo Ho III head and shoulders LStJS
I Biinsrlor
The Twentyflnventh AllcRany Cnemiing
I and Stnuhen district will probablv elect J
Sinai Iassntt the Republican nominee Fa
I salt Is n soninlaw Crocker the California
millionaire and the old man It Is Bald means
I tn olinvo him In whether or no Saint Demo
orals think that CUrk of Corning might defeat
Fa < sAtt hut the district Is conceded to the Ho
Tlm Twentfol rhth Ontario SchuylorYates I
and WnyniilillBtrlct Is I not debatable ground
Ilieio Is RllBhtdlsaffPctlon between tho Half
Ilruiids and btalnarts and George D Lord Is I
certain of SIICIVBS
In tlm Twontynlnlh Monroe and Orleans
district there Is little bad online among the
lpublicaiifl A Demoornt hns no chance
Pitts however will 1m supplanted by Charles
L Diker nn oroide Htalttart
nnd Wyomlntl district there Is some lightIng
This Halt llneds of Gonepoo wore opposed to
Kllswnrtli but the district Is sure to bo repre
sented by a Republican Nichol will probably
po to time Assembly from Gnneace county
Ho Is this only Democratic member Assembly
ele Mod from that county In over fifty year
The ThlrllIrRl tErm district Is usually He
r h1lell II Roberto I Titus however carried
last > < nr by 5 5SS plurality His renomlnntlon
HIMIS thus district tItle year Danlol II Mc
Millan a Central Railroad lawyer la his 011
Thlrtyoconil CnttarattKUs And Chau
tall qutit I dl lii net lit i sn stronKly Republican that
ttwiiiild return Lo Sessions If ho received the
To sum up thn doubtful districts now ropro
nnt < d 1 II DnmncratH aril Browning Dalys
Inch Macklns Homer Nelsons Baucusfl
Rolwrtss and possibly Tituss The doubtful
districts now represented by Republicans nro
MacArthurD LatiBlucs and possibly IIolmoBs
Vat Ilnraun Alltnaklil Artkur Dlaeov
rreil by u Auclnrnul VisIt
WASIHSOTOS Oct 20It Is related that on
a I certain day of the present week Gen Ar
thur not finding It convenient to BO to Ito
Soldiers Homo for the night remained at tho
Wlilto House Rumors had reached him that
persons drawing salaries at the Executive
Mansion had fallen into tho habit of late hours
in coming to thoir duties Thero Is a suspicion
that It was to ascertain for himself how this
was that Gen Arthur did not find It con
venient to drIve to tho Soldiers HOlllo on the
particular evenIng In question Anyway early
next morning the President set out on a tour
of Inspection Ho found that what bad reached
him wax well crounded The particulars of
what followed mire not available It Is I to be
Baldhoneier that tho absenteeism complained
of among the employees at the White house
bus ceased exist In their behalf It Is to be
paid tint tho Impression Is Quite general that
tlm > Imvn been as faithful I I sitinil I lug to tbeli t
posts l its thoDo of time otluir tlipmurttmiints Vi hunt
ever degree of rumissness ti i n Arthur found to
exlt In his abbnnce at tin I Executive I Mansion
were he to purtun his lnulltatii lie would
llml existIng Itt erjual if not In ureator omens
ur throughout the Govirnmnnt
Now that Gun Arthur huh turned his nttim
lion to Iitutilttg out what diuruo of faithfulness
exists In I till public 1 borv Ice It Is wnll I to mention
fl fec I hit ii ire which snaHiillvlined I rtfnrnillii und
nf tha oxibtenco of which ho will hnvii no diffi
culty in convincing himself For Instant III
thn Treisury pnrimBnt persons ur on tbo
rolls nl round Milarif1 that I lira nKUlirls putt
thuinvvhniln un reitulnr servIce wlmeonin HIM
IIn al will emplojIliK their lime tomoot them
at whatever pleiifies I limn fancy other nt work
vvhiihpnss I tbiMii t nllolhor so any AMiethnrnr
not Sncrmao Inlcor is nvvnrt ot thIs ami per
mit it toco on nml what tIme InlliitMicoa inn
wheribv it bin iin aliiut Cicn Arthur enn
aseTlnlii I applying t to the Secret ilo bad
buttir In Sit
A hiinlhirbtitonf thlncs exists In thin Tnsl
OlHtuI Mpirtniint > 1erionnr dravvint bill
nriiti thfio who nru known bo eiiKnuml in
it lien puiiiiits fur which they are vvillpiM
anil in which limy ulvn tbolr whnlo time It ii i
chilli1 that luilcv 1 Ureshniu H I not biinrint of
al lenslhnme of tlKRH I citstmi If ho is I UIHII h I its
is Lrnit ilenl I los obeeivinu man than is I wtn
orally fiunpnMil
Thi < iuiiuit itch 11 Is rooted the War awl Navy
1 lie Interior Departmnnt Is notnriouslv a
Rlimer in thin way ami does not Secretary Tel
ler know It
IfOen Arthur Is really In pursuit nf evils of
tho t Iharnctor hn has ditectHil nt thn t W hll i Itt
Hniie he will lieu an exlinsivo llelil 1t11 Im
Llnnlni with tlio Tiuasurk Iuriartmcnt as has
built simgaoteii
A bftter ctinkn In tbo Intorestfc nf reform
coulil not bH nnnlo than athnioiiKh nvetlinul
lag of time dipartinontH to aseiTinln raneo nf
tilt klml burn cltDil LIvIng oil tIme Onvmn
Intl itt uhil I In lutrfoniilneoiily I I t nominal i t stirytcs
Is txlen > lv ls iiractlsmt In i nihln ton Itl It
nno of tilts very worst evil In tlm service If
tlio 1rirtldotit or any fihlnet nilloer vants
further enllirlilenmont he can have It
1nl4cIlv TO 111K ittiSOXiics
Aaalatnnl llkni Iliier Tuhra Pnrt In
fttrtlte on HIiicUuvlli lalnnd
AsBlstant Blfthnp Henry 0 Potter pi cached
yesterday to llm convicts on KlacknoHH Island
Al om 01 il of the now lIning hall contained
In n lone low Btonebullrllne can of the pent
tintlnrv and connected with It by a corridor a
temporary altar was rat up On It stood a
cross relieved against an ollvocroen curtain
Three breadths of carpeting covered the brick
floor In front of the altar
Thus prisoners wore told In their cells thnt
thi Askistant Bishop was to prjacli and only
tboao who wished nttendwd tbo itcrvlco Time
man in i btnlsinm ilre s launched into I tIm ii ill it I tig
ball In KAIIUK rIte VVPHIDII lolloueil Many
visitors mnstly Indie sat near time altar A
cabinet orenn was used toiiccntnpaiiy tIlt HIII
IIIL Flvo prisoners must nf lluiiii eolored mil
nn n from Imiicl nuar thu OIXMII nmt jofned
linartlly I In I tutu I son gli r lust iliiup baits of ai
< lmi Ior I vht it emit directly I In I front I ot the rcail
I tug ilrKk wnti also plitlnlv heard
The Itnv W 0 Fnnch MlHslnuuiy nl Illnnk
well H Island read tlinonenlnupinver tlm hot
I II Mnrsi ruad I hit lusson the I Knv O II
Keith mail lie I psnlm nnd 111 I I me hut C i
Mavur read tlin closing praynr Tlm ABSslant I
IiUhoii Wits Inlrodiictid to thu premiers by the
llv Mr Kellb Hn preaclmd or tIes vvoinnn
taken In I adii terywhoni Christ dlnmlsedvv lib
tho iiul tiumin I I inn Go and sIn no nmre Tlm
pavlnur lilted men up Im said He hud for
liearanee nnd did nit threaten Ilium lint
while Undid not oondniiin tlm wnmaii Ifn I lout
her In sin no mnrn tosimrn tlm mil AJnliil lift
nnd in try to llvn it better lIfts My dnnr birtli
rii hn eonllnimd the txippinllnn In your
llfn I I and In I I t mum IB the simie lli a our re acil
ilxntnf blrlh yell wern born antI rmrid In the
bllndlim I glut of tiifli blat lou in hi Ito others
crnn up Iu litti cool shnd of safety Yet ilmttnt
cnnintn hue In your life mind In mine when no
niniit temptation At a I critical moment wn are
ttll I brought lofolvf the nuestlonAm 1 Gods
chllil or tIle devils It Is this moment 1
cnnm i In tell I jnu almut It X t Is at tills mnnient
our hav lour sa > s m l mi nut sin I no mnrc
In oinuliuliin tlin BifiiL mmlnded his
bearers of tlm llbriirv In thn prlRniiund related
Instances I vvhern prisoners liuvn made thiMii I
solus famous In art and scluncu b > study In a
lonely cell
Hiirprlarit by Weiillk Mfceu Ifcey Expected
flIharINtIlgAil Conn Oct 21Not lone nro
an Irlihman numul I IMrr McCnerne dlrdlnlliliilt
llulm I i dome our from Irnlaud I Inu a fow year lefnre
It e liii n fsitl of soui clulitreti I lie iIlcsh of s hituu
II 41 Ito hen a tuulll wrnmtry sIC keelhimg ut ntuie
show 1 respoctihihil I 3 ut Iti lumi splirriiIIy it stuimnet
IuIhuiimg ci tub Al hIs ultstiu tie till umo a Ill limit tIme
I idol sitS rlhslia PlieCIej to tsr luSt toorly As ttu
iihitlnistrsior 113111 It It irk hiuweror h reocitad hew
8l mulct s at et cry step Hrul a large liuumuuimt of rit
ilalI trlrngiuuit to SIrEflrne stud iiiinultilitug In itiuutt
CII t Ii II Iii o lliul Will Stuno reul it ird Io as t iii our
itri itt hltus mt or Os lion n4 cain frititi b usti 4 It alehi iii
IeW YI t thuol ttisy luotmi fiSiteel Ill titui far MiEner
hop I I tiO iii tuicut C I 1 ri4helt sa roll liii aitultutit
tt trntrt 3 is II tii ttor3 ti hIs fliiuIl It Iliuc It a in
05 r3 11111 cIsc
Several Hundred VacTuI rolortd Mia
from Ut Clmlavt Leader
There are at present 12n newspapers in the
Pnltal states nj whICh the PuUl br alltuM stud cfclrt
Cdulrlbuiora are ntjroei
tilL Nil ir ronrt VBir 111h5
ni > l > ry nflk Ttviicrni 1iinlr In the Mrlrop
nllllnu Ikx UinVrrnl Unlit Inhllrntlona
HHVO Inl nr iiilnrit tiy Ike Ckiiuie
ftonl She rhltmlelplila Tlmn
New Vonic bit 19Time twocent nowspa
par imnlt1 I huts had about the I effect on hut lead
Inu Now York Jniirnuls that a heavy lot of sue
tlon woods Middcnl thrown on tlm inirkelhas
In I untremtti I lie channels It I has luiMlyeil tho t
linasleil New i otk inurnnllsni I nnd nlready I I
tripped II largely of IU most dIstinct and alu
itil fitt u ICC
iht Jloritbl has already sacrificed Its steal
Indlvliliinllty In Its exclusive cable despatches
iindvvhen the I II mt of American journals will I I I
vlold Its brIght tost plume to t I enforced economy
what may not leocr journals do lurycnru
the sioelnl cable despatches of this Ihralil have
been Its chief dlstlnclivefeiiture bumtwheti time
twocent panic struck It Its I I special cable do
spalehes were put on llm market nnd arn now
sold to tonnrudDTiiMi JmirmiNlhrpuKlioiit I Inn I
country vvhero they urn paraded us special
cables to each of time newspapers recelvlnc
them They are furnished to this Irsn of your
city and read In both the crnif ami tlm Jimljt
at the I hamo hrenkfiiH table I appealing ns
special cable destintchi s to both umi 1 lucy i nii
pear also In I Cincinnati Louisville Chicago Ht
Louis and half I n dnren tit iter cIties Oil tisIuh
of the Irroi there bnvn been no special cable
ties it I Cittit received by liny journal In I the
country unless In I Chicago exeeptliiK I lie Stiii
diy special cabins In thin 7Vibimr nnd SUN ami
that ono feature tlm llrrnll inailo It lend all
other American join mils but the twocent wave
knocked Its spnclnl cabin Individuality higher
than a kite and now It ranks only with a
dozen oilier journals which nhare Its
specials nnd another doen which get ns
sncintod cabin nnvvs outsldn the Assnclatcd
1rexs The Herald Is time least Injured In prollt
by limo twocent I putilc as It has tlm cull nn tlm
bust advertising and It coulil Ii l published
piolltably without any returns for elreulatlon
omIt uvoti Dennett with Ills aciju red millions I
and his large Income I cheapens llm I uunllt y of
his great novvspapnr In tlm Mist sunn of limo
twocent panic His circulation has not ma
terially Increased If Increased at all by the re
duction as time newsdealers havn oreanbed
against him atul onlY it pnrt of Ills Ntw York
waders get the ImnulUnf tbo reduetlon Out
sldn of New York tlm Iln nM Is sold for three
four and live cents anti many are old In New
York at three cents The twocent panic 1ms
therefore cutoff Dennetts prnlltb without r > >
ducliiK time paper to threefourths of his ruad
ors anti without onlarglne bis circulation
It was MlTours of the 7mif who knocked
down the brick that I tumbled I Limit w boh row In
tIlt twocent panic and he did It for two rea
sons llrM Im coil lit nffnril to sacrifice lOcAL or
oven all of his I profits and second liowantnd I
to orge the 7imin elenrout of sight of the lti i
luinr It Is doubtful I iihm ci lIon f itim is would most
prefer toonlargo his own prnlltsor to reduco
time powr uumtt jirolltof tlm 711mic Tlm two
juieura navu u ninsi unrumi t ntiuiu inr t fiun
otlmr a hatred Hint Is llttln I morn digIt I Itoh
than I thoproverblil hailed a tot oiieut ia rival VII
Inpnnuwapapers nml It I orops nut In I every pos l
sible way Jones Is Independent I In fortune
Ho owns a till gLi majnrttv of the stock ut bin
paper and bis lust nit rehum mis was ton shines at
16 > 00eacb Then are one hundred shines
so Hint Im paid ut thn nuts of tlR3lOOi for his
lust purchase and It was a niirchasu that was
not iieecsary to give him I control His I I I real
estatn Is tlm most valuable of any of the New
York journals estimated nt S 1 11 11010 anti pavs
on that I and his pHUT hns Iwnn paying well I for
twenty jeurs Hn I Is Independent In fortunn
and In I politics mud his rucnnt visit I to England 1
decided him I tn make tlm t Rtartllni I reduction
from four t to two I cuntft Ho I studied tlm Irtt 1
qraph and thu Xeit of London tin English
penny l I two cents papers abroad which
are as largo ns his own paper antI al
though paper and mechanical labor are
tvvunty tier cnnt cheaper abroad he re
bnlvcd to mop up tile journalistic floor
with time Tiiliimi nml jostln Tiir StN
In the race for circulation Ills reduction
ot limo 7miM came lieu I a thnndor i chip from n
clear sIc y totlm I lleinlil Tntioic mid hfv and
time Hi mill nt onco followed anil time lubune
pimodovvn rntber ungracurullj to thren cents
The efloU of thn reduetlon on tIme Times bus
not been gratifying It baa increased Its clr
cnlutlon I but 1th I I gill ii docs not promise I to bn at
ad I en in uuienilm ruth it with Its loss In both piollts
and character Thn attempt nf tlm Junes tn
enter for ivvncnnt readers has boon awkvvard
and I onlv inlnrably t successful Its slams mutt d la
piieeptlhU lowered tutu ii nt It Is ton stntoly
tint Ktiff for tbn carl anti the market reader
Ilvlll prrihntily pay nt the ruducod prlcu but
It Is no longer a nevvipapcr lioninrn
Thn Tribune stood iilnnu aiming tho old foil r
eentois In resisting tho full sweep of the panic
It utidnrfctond that tlm I blow was aimed nt It
and ilKrnnlnd havngulyiis it I I rth ii etul a I I p iii nun
in to u n dilution to three I cents I It has of
course taken i llm I opposite tack from the I Imiff
and us tlm t Tune doinrted Its onn bnasted die
flip in ascrnmblu for thu raglai and bobtail
the Ttilniiie elevated Its Blandinl nf dlirnlti
duean itsnlfthu I nrgan of thu I morn Intulli I I
Pont and Kentuel rnadurs WIlt would clndly pay
tIm nec lents and then eounlered on tIme HUM
limit Ifeialil by an appeal to the nuwsdoalnrs by
lilirliug theta double Limit rates of Its rivals for
handling tie I paper It has bnn slinned by
llm I Pull ii but ft I ducidud to stand the shock for
atliiioiind I I kiiepcna paving basIs for tlto lit
turn It iv ill lon I honmthini in I cit inimit huh but
what U keens will limip ami It has tlm future nn
Itslde Eu cry ntsmlir It I adds to its nuinlmr
will lirlnga I inollt I It will I I I aim tn be time Lon
dim linifTif Ainnrlon and It has much tn on
courage it in Kb stuitl iiunlnit the panic It is
paving now uuulir lit veins nfllnancliltrouble
nnd it I I will I I bn a hotter I puling hill lien than tile
lines in I the futuie
Tin hus with its little folio hlmntof eaten
coiuums to tlm puce was Miinmdb > llnding
thu old blanket fomi enters dnwn iilringsiiln of
It lot IHO t cunts lint It did not limn Its head or
lent It IOM uufiiv thousand of itnMipuih olr
ciihitlnn of IIODIIO anil It was fiiglitnnoil Into
iieiiiiniial diuililu Clients hut it has calmed
ilnvvn Hguln and will hold HH own Inclrculn
I Kin and omit dnllar when tlui I old panic
stncknn blanket Hliuets are ennilng dimes It
has sutleied almul all it will htilTiji and has
solved tin problem nf ijualltv nnd iiuimtltv in
Jinvvspapnrc It I Ib prulernid by more readers
limn even tilt llnnlil himplv lineaiiu it pre
buuts all mIte nensin tlm bent fnini and it will
eoiitinui tn bn lImit fnrenmt journal nf Now
Ynik not onlv In uiiciihitlun and Inlluenco I but
a No in piolli
Tlm HniiJ wns lila first nf the old fnnrccnt
journals tn tumbledown t to two I cunts but Its
leiliiellnn Hlleuted iiobod its It ivuis a ptrug
glinglMinerformanv > enrc and it had scratch
tent iiiiarln hilt without mnn leadnrn or nuich
Invlng I I Itiust ness and Im brushed It I t up threw
uolfin vigor Intuit mail It it uiitvsluniuor nail
ilsihnniMicisaliracieit itlhisiitltitt limit it did not
iinciiiuuh upon the 2niiiior llei nlil ni i I itmiif
nnd tlmlr tinublH trite not nceesbitnted or uven
ptueipltnteil by lIme II in M Jnnn would linvu
miulii his drop I If I f tile UorM had alit boon in i ax
ihtencn but tlio UnrM gained prestlgu by I llm
Imitation I nf tlm I rlttoitt aS shod journals a ml
Is now us saucy In the front peus as tiny of
them It Is swept alone by Iho tvvnmnt Hood
nnd II I has I lit tlltflhC I y gained by limit pailc m It
issmiillHr linwevnr than the othnrn but uven
with Hint I advinilHgn ll is mInt I ikisly tu btcoriiu a
vei v troll huh u prnpiirty
Tlm lediKtlnn in I tlm actual ns well ns llm
market value nt imwcpaper proiieity In I tills t
elty hicaiinn nf till twoount IUIIHU Is imnii > ie
Time iiriiii la I not worth today by several mil I I
lions vv lial It was mm month ago and ll imver
w ill regain Its old enmmurelal value A ruduo
tlon nf nearly tllinil u dn > III prolllH with nn
Ilniioitut nf iniiterlnl Ineiensn lopiesiMils his
InluifMt fin n very lug eaiiitul and that IH
tliuenndllinnof Ihe I llnnlil llm Vinr4 It tIme
imvt gieitc t HiilTnrei Inllmviiiie nf Its plop
euy It Is eertalnly from half a million
to u million less valuable Inday tlmn II
u is liefnin It look tlm iiliinun nml tlm
illume tbnngli I less lm sutfeier beeiiumi
of Its uinnller reduction Is Inilf a million
ess valiiabin by llm i tinnliie Tlm IInM is
likely in grnov mom valuable but that Is Iii >
cnilhu it hint no viGil ul nil Ixifore basml nn
iieiinil innlltH ami Tin SITS h Ilknly Inlosii
vniyllttlii rut limit ttijrLit rain nf il s nluiriH
t in ilit inu in nun iiiiiiMni Ii > a iiivs inii
einnml ii lelrleteil Ill New < m K llewspnpel
Pinpeil I Ity this vnCLMit pnnle U not lessthini
live mlllliiiH nf dollars iiiiiti threellfllix f
vvlilih falls iiiiiin Itennell h but Im iuiui i stnnd It
ns Im hIss iiillllun In npar Siieli Is the lilioi
in I brlnf nf the twocent I imvvipapur piuiic in
Nuvv Voi k
For Alilrrnif u unit 5 nnlil > mm
There itt it so ninny cmnlM lies In Ineh nf tho
Denim rnlU uiluiiliii1ottuIu fir V > uiuil Iv 11111 tail LlIei
nun tint K union In ill iliedlitiUMPini limit inunliia
lions Is linpniiiiiir Iln iiuiiuailiirt will nearl all lie
mad till vtrek In I m < l of lie I largel Driniicrailc
distrIct there I will to I no iinirii limo politklalil knowing
that hoc ItrpnhlKsn citn mats lint Ii I lie i en if I fits Iletii
iikrnip ffv In I Hit I I tltld Ilitrn I ii ill i v uni n In lli I HP
ulillrHii I itiuii U shut In I lliuc llirtilo I ii huh Hie Ucmib
IliMtiM iou i > im If taut llriuiittuils run
tlikfutllier arrinnrini nunri inmle ilurini Iho tctt
Iliifrr will I ir iiiiidii nniid lliuiiK for Imlli A flni IvniiHl
uiiuih ii ii 1 lli Jlglttlm isitulli Selulli
Elesuihi Ttclfllu I luir tlit uiiii url eoi
itt lmtriS iuiu i I lit Iii tim tillu bini multi
iulcculti oiil lii I I I to ii iilulut Iii
11w First riiuml 1 lii 1 Vilurlhi Iifilm dill li8r
tmut llmlhu In tii iut hut
tilciuiy ltuliuI ullsltil suJ tery 115013 tittiii iii tiu
I e tilt nuirili dIulItch
Irvlly IusIr I lucU
from lie Ini I ejni isunit
John QuItter Adnn who Is troll known In
otuirrui iMimy s Mlm slit u llilrl In iii 1 1
lotu list fur llino i Wink iii
Ir t t iluug It fuulul lii
Imiriirk en nn li rn irii r lu lint lilt tutu 1
ituc U ciii uu uti II As tIuc liii tiok tiisluit It
iiiiiliif immlrr tie I rql i It anl xm mil nt Ilii I Will
II I I fell Intii ti uri Ie an la Ionic main nt f rm k is up iiliwa
ii A ania lurnril iiuiinifiilli tu Cattier
is list inlvlil lu
loft l of Ii me cifoili alit tuuumtuI s tIit tuf sIlt ur lImIt lit c
Ihlisioli tia4 cu iusod to o lee
< Mt Iron Illll
1itiI Hit jIltS Tlmei
William Linen thn I uiHlti I tu > r at thus Dath Iron
ii irk is ill nih hI limit rlirht ilirouuli ih rot hoi
iiiolsm oil it s mu is bjiuit
t 12 I Iii > tslI
Iuitui ill I nHl
Another txpluoailun or Mi ivnra
Vow t5e l f II 4 < lj > Mo Rworil
A verptall mountain peak has been named
alien U Eusrl A Still monuutatcu ii llecleil bCtIIS It
ii au tueg
conuiug to I Liiut
The Chinese oxoluslon law had given an
Impute to Japan e tmlrratinn If OUfftrnla
Five millions of thiS 10000000 deposited
In the Amoiikritr Bavtn > lialmk In Vlanctiitcr N i II
tiflon In the milt operatives
Nnw Orleans triumphantly points to th
nrrlrat nf the larirx itcnmihlp icyptliin Mnnarch nl
of her whuirves sit eiIdeiit of lha ntilll nt the Ml
piptl lIlies Jtttlta
The Kcuncbco Journal says that tim ten
companlM of Maine have not rpullfM any profit Hi
> tar the price nf lea hIvIng betn low and labor lint tin
been scarce anil hlh
The newest Industry In Port Tovvnsetid
Waililnetnn Territory la Itiat of pninnlln Ohlnnimn
alnluhl Into CalifornIa Two longshoremen In V Irintla
proe > In liave clairol 5000 at tha blusIflell lest iiixiifi
The fund amounting to 67S < 7 raised to
relieve the famlllet thai wtr mmif ilrtlltiite Ii l tIe
cyclone 11051 utsept Rochester iiinn his provlitnl new
furniture for 233 famIlies and built between thirl and
furl houses
Jonathan Davis vtx9 a bachelor of 65 and
Fllabeth Ebetl a maliten of BO They hail l lltnt In llm
name ennntv In Oeonla all them yecre but they niot for
tin lint time at an evening party lad week It win a
cane of love at fist sight on hoth tilted Jonathan pro
poieil sal they were marrlut then sni there
The first cotton factory In California h
irs LII steeled In Alameda county Ihecotnpan acapl
lot is l frti OOO lIeu of the cotton U lo lie Iranrpnned
fromTtis hut ultimately louthern California will It
In I expected mppl all hue cotton needed The vvldon
otfol Rtronit the nrnt otlon raIser In California lint
EruHit lit hIe on her ranch this jear
South Carolinas Railroad Commission
ha reduced fare tn pitch a point that the railroad com
panles rannol afTord tn make ft aecond fluff rate and
heiuce Ito negroes the Charleston firm ajn InilH
upon crowctlnu Inln nrnt clait cart nlth the whltea
Tha riti propoita reocried suit can which the
chivalry nisy use by paving nn extra dollar or two
Judge David Davis was not a victim of
Ihie ennui game liana making a deposIt nnd flood al
Ihe counter of the bank counting a large ruull lit gruen
back Judffe jon lucre ilrojipcd a bill a ilapptr
vouth ald al ho took ofl lug hat to the ponderous
luOjc There lay n crisp new f2 note nt IlitJmlji
fret Tlmnk 3lt the Jliule aid placing tilt heavv
foot 011 the SI urcenliaik and keeplno rlnht on counting
tile roll while the youth levanted
Tho Atlanta GiiiAiutinn speaking of tIm
Mormon proraitnudl in ilcoritla 50351 No Mnrnmn
mlnlnimrj everro far forget hlmielt IC to preach pn
lirani to tho e whom he pnuipossi to convert On the
couirarv the inliiioiiarlr tak pains to afcrt that pn
binmi 1 In no longer praclUnl nnd It IR not until tho
Uric tInt onng nonen who are thin dupe of the Mnr
in on mlMtnimriefl reach their Journey end that they
dl oer the trap hun ii hlch they have fallen
Fodcrnicyor and Guoriero who are
trundling ii liftltmrrowB across the continent for apurto
of 511th J ntnrtcil from Pan FraneUco on the 7th in ft
Their lime of itnrtlnjr oils entered on theIr liooVi therf
mid their booSt ire to U olummpid in every Toil OtlK
thnt they prufi The tnu I oi ill travel together tn
Che > rniic AQl Ihou vach will tilt whatever route lie
iun > choose They expect tn report at tIme New York
cult lot Office almnt tti mi Jill of Morel next
Willinm H Hronson of Vatoibury Canto
TARfeiitciicc In Xru llaxrn on TiiMnIny lanttothni
months In jttlt luis vlt to Fix month and hIs con tn
stx nionlln They hurl lnett conltril ot nfplfCtiinr to
provide inedlrifcl MttemUiut for a married dauvhtfr ami
fl tn wluo hut died iiuhlldblrth Judiro CitUer suit
prinrd at the jun31 flnfling cited lIme forenisu or ii
recnmiurndalloii to inen UA the evidence n sa that the
prl icrt otTenc was duo inainlv to ignorance
TIme Rev Vnshbuiuo Wcet a relative of
the IJritlfh Minister here and Hnrpar nf Lincoln foi
teen utuuiet t be ctlremch pitiable to tilt flatly tIe hai
IhedlMinrtlon of being the longed fagRotxoter In Enc
land He voted cc cohen tines at the lout xenerat elfc
tion He wond have scuted twenty onrttmcilf he could
have split hImself up Into actions Of nomInee Mr Ueft
i a Tory It II t hi pri Here tn ho rcpre ued In Iartli
luient by ctxtj four membfr flue whole of Scotland Is
represented b > fewer inemhor than JJr Writ
When tlie Texas Lcffilaturo assembles
In xtrn seseIntu IC IrgIslole tipomi feline cuttIng Iho meult
I rF hoop Irofli ti reuhItu the foIlao hut frouuu the itll
tin 4u7e Cnlt Roleni blitIrd atud Cole Jo1h
ISivIa tuive inilnCnee hnuhtet of hood euniosed for Itastiure
luid telhlur of thueun hoi ener hat o felice clii or aiy
trnuitle 5 tmlu sninlier ssttle owners Tmuoy abs er ciis
iii cIty Itnul huil Itteir ci ui TItey us not even fence to eli
tlumit ielmuuge ti I ltetuu Sluen ltie3 ore cluclesiitg pasture
grnuuumlo lImOS uuitio s lesre a Ilutlo islet nuni is MOO 013 tIle
omisithc for llictr nothluons rattle to craze on
ittight L Mnshcrd descendants sovonty
fIve iii iuuimtieroeeeuuituleh lit the Palnuer Itouuc PChicago
on WedneMa last to prepare to get their inheritance
They had het > n told that llnalt fattier lzekiel acqnlreil
by trade in Manihtfter Kngtand 11ilmOOi when
Unncherterhadonl IMtr iiihaMtatil that he and hIs
sons beianio rnlniiintn deppilu thrlr thotiand millkr
dollars and tlmt after Hugh I Mniher died In Rhod
Island 23 ycaro ago the money whIch at that time lint
been mvtrriiiui > l diminished to the mere tuaritnile nf
fusnnoncio vva dtOHlrd In the Hank nf hnclanl
where it nit alit IC fUrcendant cill
There Is no occupation mom sought allot
in Enghnd than einptovmiMlt In the civil tcrvlre TIe
emolument are not great hut they com are fmoralih
with thnfl vhlch commercial rltrk nnd turk in hnnk
receive They are alo iuiie secure and A ritirhuieniinn
turn belonged forward to thill precluding the I nectrrIM
of clerk t inching tliemtelv during uctlo ervlco in
put lIp something for A rain dsp During lf < KJ JO I1J
candidate were extimino for Bppoiiitnienl The mini
her for 1HHI sies 24243 In issj A 040 ilnulntd cctllil
cate TImer were Vyi Clone corliflcut grunt il In tAll
tliere being more tecultis I a iimcitnl inimlier puprd in
1S4J toeuutply from clx to eight men for every vucnnrv
Alfred Austin In tho number of thoV
tlnnal ItnlfW Jtust nul iiccril e a ringiilar canyon
ntlim with Lord ntaconfUld fee vvhut my era
clou sos ereln enl me ii n i reont at Clirimnn1 he
aid to me One ilvv taklnc up a copy uf the Eilttlonil
I t tllnt i 5 i0 i i
flowing hand nf the queen Ti the Earl nf leacon
fllil K fl from his affectionate und grateful frlenl
Victoria But he aided I cannot read it I inn
lured tn recnnimend him not to make that coons
stuilt to iverybud for U vvoull not raise theIr esilmati
of lull literary acumen Well1 hun toll ils no use
cant1 and there are hundreds tn echo can t
In the Canlnfffmakers Convention Ic
ew ltuiveum onut after tIle Coinunlulee On Apprentice
5lulI lmmti repented iii floor of noloriiig hits nlt Pyeteu ri
iuuhiuiuurltig nlpremulltes untIl they teach thom ttmajilitt
hr mliii V Ilrilltn of flew inrlc colt Ouie of ile ci
ninile Wuitil s of thule cruutuulry huh of inmur I nil Ic goni
tie e air t lire Ieti rorsllog ss ion ulur muten Ths
urrulmt dlmiuli tltal isa expenletucu lIt V5 Yurk Ii
tIui of gelliutmi ho C 5 ho have traIn uetI are wlllutg Ii
learr ii Intl llmrntuchly The eannuult of tnen a lii
hove timsulo lull Iiuuo lit Cc ii ntt Ia I nit tip hefre tour
liiie in a i intfn inn IHO nni P Ici nine iiiiiAincu a liii the
nnllon ihit lie I must mHk theIr million and lualili
In fount IT < > inil I inlrkoi I clone the die Kothey I
f tunis irnr I > alum IMCOIIIP poor prnrpfl ala l
Tlm old I tfiand I sigmiutt n mansions of Qnli u
Itt Hrelml HIM litiiignt sluice they ctuved tote nccnpl
13 l I him irii tutu i H SM TH andi usa snotu birelmbltltiifil
fur in i iiititlim u lit n nn lilli 1itrllainent rivtort tn I thn
ri > Hill IK rnniirrroclnl lit Icliuter lloll > ethe lnke of
I lust l rpll m t i < cinlr lii l the Rnal Iulln Soclel Tc
rnnf lloii I I tin I Muriiiis nf vvaterfnrds has longliien
Ihr I I Iu ml < iiirli IN nf the K iiication Hoard Iowerpcniirt
llniui iVis limit IliKvrMniirfB U I in the ciipiitloii
nf ii nun ti rIil ilrm AmUn Uou olh Earl of I4
liiriniji I i I fur mlltarv pnrpoe Clurltmoul
lluiKf I i Oiii noaein iiiri Thlinai for a brief inn
iiiiiiiidh tin I lrei int Earl of Cli srtetuuuou ant Ii I lute
mImi or wife w Im was the clout of itoh horn liil manv
itliiTiiclorpnnd l ii tutu nryniilzeil there tome admlratila
IK atrlcal vv lilch a crc Ihe deli lit of Dublin
Kiiveriil Instances nf applying the mad
Innr to Iolrnniiu tnake hllr hav e been reported l Ihr I
WiHini newppnreri reieuutls and the itCl tlmon nf thn
llillrhlts phul Imvirv taMlhe clinic hat bkorhfd this
i i n ll I t it a uijnir belief In the fnulh and the uVeCt
that a perfon w ho pot Htt ruin of then toni 5 U arim1
ugttumtt alt venomoui eront urn u but tin nvanti agree
tint the iii tletouue It 111 Ii lug more than the cnncrition
fnuiil In Ihe I Homach of lIme deer and I hit It haanonudl
tut properliew hitet er 1rof Holme Ihe Atlanta roii
tllutlcmi sass dlxeiled lone the elite of a huius fff and
fiMiid Its mnleus in bi a perfect while onk arurn It
5 as nil ored by four lai tens cut hokphtte and carbonate
nf llr iu nml Iron nml mine pllii Tliern wen t C it an
rrckklin nlHrenllv m nle b Iln I troth nf the ulcer Is
tire it umhluuuluuy tin nut Arnrni lure afavrrlle futnl l if
liirilliuit leer In mmlli r iniluim Irof lnline > fiiunl I
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