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I V K 4 tirer + tmin + + +
A rECVLTAti rioiii irnusi rtruxa
TIiIr fitmlne for Cltlivr lrnntr CKIckrna
ind llnTi iI htlr SErul f > ir 4vn Vp
t fleiinlnln Hklnilironrrt Milrdrr
IAWUNo N Y Oct 20Tho mm clor ot
fcamuol Qronor with tlynamlto In tho cottauo
rn tlm mountain ulilo near this pluco niul tho
nubCiiucnt t iirriHtnl tlm I i threu I men whom lin
fora his I t t dentb lie IdtMitlllcd t an Ills assailants
have created n Bensallon I In this pnrt of f tint
Mate Thn means by which tlm murder wag
committed oxplalns much of tlm Inloreft ox
citod by It liimnltn Is nx common In Pawl
fbi nsunnpowdnr Iii l In n i backwoods lllnii
The store keep tho cartridges In stock just us
they keep sumr or calico Djiiainlln U not
only fled freoly In tlm throe Ironore beds In
thin vicinity but by the fiinnoriln bastlnKout
rocks nnd In preparing stonn for tho stone
fences that alono oncloto tile Heidi around
1nwllnir The dynamite la ptorod In maearlnes
inatond ot In the business places but It U I
handled as fearlessly as KUnpowdur would be
John 13 Orlflln Seneca Miller and George
MuIk1n were frqiotitIyornployd bi tlm farm
ers in blasting rock nnd bulldlm stone fences
Allot them had had experience In the ore beds
Thoy came to Pan line often and bouuht the
dynamite cnrtrldues they usnd In their vork
That such characters us i they aro salt to bo
ehouM bo allowed to carry diutiiitto ctrtrILIguii
f hat since the murder been nn unpleasant fact
for nervous persons and they closn their win
dow shutturs at night with fear nnd trumblinu
The picture ot a small tin cylinder comlni
from the darkness without through tlm Klass
with a burnliii fusenttached to It haunts them
Another reason why people about lieretalk I
of the erlmo Is t to bn t round in t I I the t peeullir I ion
dltlon of society which dmelopod tlm eharae
tr of tlm arrested men and their Iomrades
Nearly nIl of tliem mire initlxn mountiilnoeis I
The conservittln Inrmurs of tlm xillexs do not
like the mountaineers and tell umnv hard sto
ries about them
Went Mountain Is h a rough pllu of rock and
fnnil some hIve miles bmnl at thn boo itimut
twelve miles bug 1rom 1aw llnu Creek west
ward the I Innd rises miulnnlly until I Ito lion I
mlnu Is ri > nehednii < l then tlm rlso Is xeryabruiit
TAO talrly uood roads oroas the mountain 1 Im
rest nro tracks or brldlepuths through the low
timber thud uoxius It In different parts of tlm
mountain are bits of tableland and slopes on
which a mob eun iret n toollnc t These 1 In
many eases liaxe IMMII I eleired of their timber t I
and sucn of tile soil us Iii not occupied by locks
IB t workrul by the mountain ers
ThcrolBR viirlulrln limo archItecture of tlm
reulun Tile bouse that thu BIIIIB tried to d u
IKilisli xxis an old twohioiy Irainu cottiiun
From tlm sills to thu cimm was n dlMHtcti of
iibnllt thllteoli feet Some of tlm houses nro
made of los with caiiboud or shliiKlo
rools Thn clapbomds arn held In tunic
by L lone poles laid acmes tlm I rows with I
pieces of wonl Illleon inches lone extendlm
Hum hole lo iioln to keep them iritm lolllnic
ilovxntho Incline Thuioarn a omiplu of old
fuhlonud stono llreplices laid up in elay on
tint moiiiitaln Tlio luuu piles ot rock
nuilnhl the oiitsldLs of Limo cabins are Pic
turesque objects for an mi nitlst but
they aro not uutortnblu as substitutes for
liiitiurticisind ruiBis Still I aimtlu I I r class of
dwnillliKs will conipiru fixoinhl tilim 1113 soil
duuoiits of f Ito t pifilrius A Oothio roof of poles
is built omr an tumIvmIt out in I thu mountain
U side where an oxuriiaiitfini rock will I eioas
one sldu orun cud of r tlm dwolllui I The roof is
cohered with clipboards or thatched with
Iran or covered wit ii bouirult secured tiom time
farms In the ullms hometlmes thoiu Is a
etoxa and sometimes a Hreplacu In thoo housos
There arc tables bunches and ucviisloiinll It
chairs The bed Is often a shakedown of tiaw
In one corner bometlmoR It Is made by I drlx
inc four forked sticks In the uround poles mire
laid across the corners mid boards over time
polas to form H platform on which the bed
dine of straw or buy or leaves or busks Is piled
Those houses urn not beautiful I but they I urn
well ventilated and free from malaria Or
Henry Pmirce wno has practised in tills victim
Ity for txventyllo years saxs the mountaineers
are all henlihy A stranger rbliiii oxer the
mountain notices at oncn thnt tutu xomenarn
attrattlxe in appearance The men tiru not
bad looking They simply look tired They
sometimes xvear beards of various cuts on Sun
day but invariably appear to Iw rowinK full
board on three day of the week They drets
in coarse rHUued clothes Time women hnxu a
fancy for bntiit colors Gilbert Miller and his
wl PhcolM Dibble Miller urn tplcal moun
taineers Gilbert Is n blonl xvlth u mild eye and
n mouth thnt has n tendency to smili Ho le 1
nearly 6 fuel tall and xvclchs 150 pounds When
seen two days after the explosion ho was
dressed In u xvhitu cotton shirt a knit jacket
nnd n pair ot brown oxernlls that were thrust
into thu tops of heavy leather boots ills white
im nfc hut rimiH to u tteitk over tlm buck of his
head His blackhiurid bbtckejed wife xxas
not nearly so tall Hur rouudud form xas not
toriunidby a corset him worn n white collar
with u dark ribbon and a bright red ieiiir >
above a dark skirt A straw hut that dronpud
on one sub and turned up on the other cum
pKpd a inunty attire
Around every lionmu xvhntherduvoutor rerun
cottage Is a urden with a few untrlimneil
fruit trees Com ind potutoos urn the princi
pal crops lucre are usually it barn and a pis
pun on one sido of the oloirlni The nlcs urn
of the brood known ns elm poulers in tutu
Ohio svsamps of tlm Mnumeu The noso is
long and eurxod tlm back is arched and ser
ritud and thu billy does not Intertera with the
awing of tlm lone and sltmxvy legs Oliickoiis
always mid turkDysoijcislonally wander nbotit
the plice With low roots or no runu nt all
Mid tlm food raised on tlm small patches 01
ground these people inanaui to live on an
uvorHBO daily cash Income that ieoms very as
tonishlntfto u person accustomed to city ex
pense It Is said that not n fourth of the fami
lies on the mountains sea tlCXi cash each in u
year Thn families are larun at that
The duel oociipatlnns of tlm men when they
have any occupation are blnstlnc atomic and
term work Hetwvon jobs they spund their time
In uuntlnir olnc to tho village for hnu whim
key end nhiying curds Thu married women
tAke euro of the Kardun the children unit tlm
plus and the young women co out as ferxantR
What Is the iriiiim on the mountains was
asknd of a man who knows them well
Boxnil up Draw poker is an insipid game
even for the mountaineer wtmn noiliiiiu but
twniis or kernels of corn urn In I tlm t put Hut
they will sliiko their chickens their hugs their
wives and oxen their t pipes and whlske on the t
turnlnuof the J muck Now i and tlmn otm who I has
nicked up a little education at tutu farm hoiibcs
in time valley mny immure heard of euchre
Though they haxu but little I t mnney it i t must
not Im supposed that ttmy ofnin surfi for want
of the actual necoBltles of lifn Jimmy humuve saiL
pork and potatoes an i how Often they t haxo
milk and ogt s and Hour If thmumur suupmlis ruin
low the bead of thn I lamlly I I uoes awty at nluht t
fall with an empty meal hug over hin shoulders
When ho nolus time door next inornlni plenty
onco more reigns uui hIruuuum Ltui r nyu url Lu arti
cle of plunder IH tlm ham Hams eontaln a
grant dual of food to time iiiiitu Inih They keen
will I and sonaxe lit I labor of fruiuent trips t
and they cannot be Idnntillnil Hut tho moun
taineer does not pass by a fat pullet I oxen when
lie hasa runnier of his 0x111 Molon t chickens i
are faxoritu wafers In plnyliiiisoien up
AcrordlnK I lo I Jonas IIIKV I ulio informed I
n Hliift Inflln for slaiiuliterliu inkenians
Imllertlm mountaineers understand limo iro
rtiKi Lxchanrfn theory t of tutu res Tlmy often
b > chicken which tlmy limit not on hunl but
which thm aRrco inuet as boon nstlmmonn t
favnri Jnnvs sOa that thiS is considored a
diiht of honor and lsalwns paid
They limn no ltiio edue of politics said
Rupervlbor t Allwrt I Corluii thoy t haxn to bu
boiiunt The hUjhi biddertrets ilium alumx
mid till Cnmtimmmmn i > riee itt town mtellui Is llxo
dollars The number nf 1 voters in I thu t ruin un
lit ii Is estlmatnd at uO No accurate stalu
iTuulat can h t u obtained buciuse thu mountain
voter ie l In a meaaurM omnipresent iln Is
alilD to cover umt least twoxotlni tines and on
n fiivornble i Isy j luta been known to cover four
sail liis lie Jiiions nnthlnu of Knournphlcul
limits and Im in no little known personally to
tun ticket inkers that the I iMiidnlatn u with a
pwkmful of livedollar bill Ims no dlillcully In
PIKIIU him In ivsacimstltueitt
Inert is n l iMrnliiirch tour sm iunoh house on
Hm motiutaln Tlm mount ilimurs know when
bunilay eoinen by the rlntliik of tlm church
tutUs lit the vllliiLHR Tlmi tell tlm liiinr nf HIM
day by lonklnu I at thu sun 0 Inn Jintir liy
4uiui Is one hour bnforn sunset Whether tlm t
win sets at 4H or < iiOdin not tioiili n tlmm
There are preachers and churches of xarlous
klnils In tlm vlilnues arouiul lliey liolliuo
that morn amuuls can bnhaxed to Hi I dollni ex
pHiidod In India than In llm mount n
Ailhoutli Ilxlnc In poxn y mil ippitiil
wretchndlio the luotiiitainei haxn bx nn
nimtnn an unhapp lot ilm an mtronml
social In tlmlr liintliKls t lmht lutnllli tin
vnllln < toifHthorlottmirimlKlilinri nnhiiudii
cal xvhan Itmriimi tutu week a woman an I llm
bibles visit a tmkrhbor her hulund is alwas
fxpoctnd to follow at nliihlfiil intl l thn grttt
pleiftirn of thin mountaineer Is dnieliu Tint
mountain shlndv Incoiremli iMlled sliin
J illj Is fitmoiis adoxer JutiImns euini Only
tim nmrn uriioeralli of I ho dwelluik will
aerommod a shind ituum one Is to I
Klfii it tlddlnr iicein lor and ajncol uhWej
hi i brought soul hut xllluue Vl I iilht t llm
ciitr of thncliiuf room of the housn tvhloh
orllanrlly I I I brxon as kltclmn i t parlor and x It
tln room lit chu rail ot lt I t tabln anil bmiclms
Tlm younc mn Hinl women tiiko cmuts on tlm
bnchi around hue t sides ol tlm loom i Tlmold I
grind toothier sItu kniltlni I In I tlm t romk ing lmmu I r
on otm Mule o f tlm t llruiilaee with thn I cnlldrnn
bisldn her An Iron I tenkeltlu IniiiKi steainlni I
invr I he Llnxxlfit back t VK A lanin on tlm
iinititi hflin to liht the room The tiddler
a1 I null ton clout r on ilm I tablti xthidi IP i alwnxh
Incite d opnoalto the llrephue llm I I IB no IlKlit I
tusk Hinl ho does not nit any heftier the Urn
limn lit It I obliged to riacliiu hU llddlo ertl
fully IwtWBHn 111 knee Im butwa tlm bow over
tle itrtnge with ble rIght band white with hU
left hr serawa thn kM until lh < i pitch ot ouch
trine M l correct Meanwhllo the tuna of the
hotian pours n gunnrrumms mitttuhttityof ttuo whisk
Into I n tmttg e bowl niuno7es In u lemon ladles In I
atomic IIMIWII HUirnr ninl dilute It nil with boll
I nit xator from tlm teakettle I I iVhin tlm t llddle
Is tuunuiml Hi liimcli Is passed ntniinil Thnn time
llddlo in placed beneath tlin Millers chin n
preliminary chord la drawn from tlm llddlu
nn l then hit nx v
IMrilnnrr for n niindrllK
Tin expectant ouiiu men nnd xvomon take
theIr plums with u Jump Thcr Is a sliuklnif
ot skirts and u timiMiltiK I of huk hnlrby tlin
yoiini xxomnn tile yonnu imin hitch up llmlr
trousers and thoti HIM llilill r with n swoop nf
tin IMW u shrink from tlm llddlo and u tliiunt
of tnn Ion nf his heal Imnt I says
Honors to tr imrdtiots
Tho enemy of tlm eomnmnd IsnniiallPd only
hut thin vfguur of iiinxnment with wliloh It Is
oniinil t Tlin floor Xlbriton as thn ilivosslxn
culls of First foiii forward llldil hands
ncioss lorxvniil I niul back I and I Hwlnw i
nrnlmatd hut hen tlm llddlor siys llitlnneu
nil I hit t limbers I I sivny mid urea to th utmost
corner of the ImiKo No consulInn In iinluio
can im 1 tI tlm tnt sIt of thu mountiiln jlu j 0
that Is then I executed
Amomr such sennos ns tlio I oInhn m II Irlllln I
Sotiocn Miller mid liorpi MulkliiH went routed
They xxeri Innd iri It in mild In inniuitnlii
soxon up niul mountiln ilnmp It I was IIOH < >
that led them In boioinii loadntR innoni moun
tiiln tblnxes hun llmvhnllnxnd thai they luul
lieen iotrn > nil by old tivluhhnr mid frlnnds
tlmy immht In I tuft inxnimo liy tlm most ccm
StOle mid most terrible means at limul
swor AT 1111 jif < ttiiri > r TIJIJK
Tko Mnn Imlloled fur Killing Mnynr Mltibha
Hkot liy fcla llrutkirliiliixr
Tins MotNCH loxxn OotJtTho mystery
surrounding the jnurder of Minor Btnhlm ot
iolk City on April 14 1HS2 IR rendered more
mxstorloif still lit the shooiliiKot W A Kllno
who xxus Indicted for thom mutdor of Ktubbs at
tIme farm of his docoasml father In Jasper
couut > A number of men worn arrested for
tlm Stiihbsmnrdor but time deed couUl not bo
hiosi the I t tnatiiiiLMl on miy of tliuniand they
wore after some ulutun thin dlschnrudl On
June 21 Willis Dolnlr was otiosltd after
liaxlns n severe oiporlutico with a nmli
and nlthouch ho iniulo u confession at tutu
time t which ho afterward lecanted I 1m was
released on n writ of habeas corpus Thn > o
who xvorn endoaorliiB to solve tlm mxstory
then followed another trallxxhlch led to tlm I at
test of WHwx John Weir and W A Kllnu In
Jasper county They woin brought hero and
had n preliminary I examination I beforo I Jusllon 1
Labour who bound thr > m oor Well nnd Kllno I I
then petitioned for a writ of Imbimt corpus
and on behiK taken before Judin u Ohen he ie
miiuded nirmid dlsi hailed Kline Milne
nitntly Weir war releiised on 3Ijftiu i Inill At
thoilttlnu I of HID C irind Jury 1 In I April I Kllim
vmmm liidn led lenrreited anil idmltteil to hmtII I
hllKis KlIneH release In l s Moines wbnrn ho
was held for tlm kllllnuof Jlajor htubln lie
hits beumm lMn with his funnily at Ills deeeased
falliuin farm one mile umust i of Oljdn In tin
mum liiusd with DuUdCiml his slaters limit
bind who hlnen the elder Klines hunt it luul
had piesesinii of tlm uuitite tool fceeiiih to
hau lLiiirdiid I Klluns appearance nnd iei1
dence them as an Intiusloii 1reqiient ipuir
rout oeeiiireil between tIme mini and latterly
Cool luul I boon Lmutt I him letal inun nro tocjuct I u
h ii tie Jlnni hut I pinmlsn If I a went ofarnsto
gIve Kline thrum diiih notice to have mid In
the t lleite row that occurred Cool su i > s that t
Kllnu tltieateneil to wnn him iii Sintil > s Inn
beiin bered in Polk City if hmo luterfeied a lth
him tImt urthfi On 1 rrlilni last nnotlinr uuir
ri oeeui red betwoen the two which nllnost le
suited in a light The prosunen of a islior In
the t person ofAfann Kline I I n nephew of W A
Kline I Nerved only I t to auuravaln Cool tlm more
At th breakfast hour esliirda > luornint
t A Kline Mann Klino and annthnr man by
tlm naiim of Downing wer Mated at mImi table
ivhil Cool and anoluhbnrnanieil Starkweather
cat liuimiii time stoxe titus vIsitors and time
Kllnns I I kept m up a coner atlnn without t m ref for
t lie todiol who appeared to Im mood y mid
sullen I No lint lie was taken of Cool when ho
arosi and went into a lantrj In ono corner mit
t Ime room nor when 1m caurn from It and
walked around t behind I W A Kline l I I AH FOOII as
Im got behind Kline lii > itilkl drew a rnvoher
and shOt him In I tIme back Kllnn I I full i forward on
thu table and thu other men started to fly from
the loom as Cool cocked the revolver and
swore that Im would kill all of thorn As
Downing the last man to cut out of thn room
was passim through the door a ball from
Cool revolver penetrated the casing Cool fol
lowed hose t In retreat nnd iittomnted to Hlmot
Mnnn Klino i who mounted u horse mid was
coins font doctor but some one pr Nenipd
him from doing BO Soon afterward Cool left
the hoiiRo and took to the bush CoiiHtablea
and a pos sinned In pursuit tint tlm latest
nrenunt nay that lie wami captured and Is now
In custody
An examination of Klines wound sbowed
that time ball bad entwrod tlm back just below
the point of tlm t left hhonlder bndn and ratiK
inK < lnwnnard entered LImit a tml hit Injiirlnu lie I
slim nmtl eolllllin lloth ntiftlr ltinA reirunt thn t
wound as fatal Mined tlm Hhontliu he hah not
attempted to speak or moe HisejeHarn I I set
and time only evidences ho gives of lit are
labored respirations I and an occasional tuildi
Inunftlm I I llncers of the left hand Cool tho I
murderer N b < nomitlm nnmn ot IKennd Is re
Kiituetl as of unsound mind I 1 I I has u son In
the Insane as him at lit 1lensaiit
The Drylnc Iliilldlnit Illfiun In Plccci and n
steer MIII KIllLl
A horrific oxidoslou occuiiod nt n Into hour
on Saturday afternoon In time factory of tIme
American Iowdur Comnany In Sucuicus N 1
Ono man wits killed and ifiOO worth of bnlld
huigB anti nmtorlals were destrojed The fac
tory which wait oroctod on its present silo lust
summer consists of umimlnTof small frnmo
bulldlncs devoted to different processes In hue
mnniificturo ot tlm powder lime Jrvlnc
room a onestory HtructuriJj by in feet and
uoutalnint I i 150D pounds of iumdur was at tlm
amigo of thn cluster of Imllillni Just bnfoiu
tlm cloieof busiims on hituida Jf T Hutts
who was n bat mule and the llreman of one of
tlm depirlmmits entered It A moment later
tlm t IOu ilosttfl occurred A vol mm tutu of liii mime
shot into I tin I air and hut t walls ami roof of the
ruing room wnru hurled In I met > dlrnctlon I I m
Hnperlntendent llnslersumnmneda pnrtyof
workniiii and examined the rnlus In search of
Hulls They fouml him IIIKbem nth a pile of
denrls iln was rnnsclous and trieil to iiiiiku
slxiis with his hands tint his motions u > m not
I nulers toni I lie I I was cHrrled to his I luo wit in
ect Hoboken I I Aftei endurlnclntnnsii I nuoiiy
Im died I h at ti A > ti 1 yesterday lie leaves a
widow who Is muse ii miitw I Iln I was 40 year of
tug and I was an experlinced t itmrk nit n
J ImdDlnu room wi Ioinpleteiy ileotrnjod
together lib Its eontenlH No oxpliinntloii of
tlm t causo of tlm t I mploblon could bu itit elm by h
tilt Hiipuiintcndent
47NU3 iiiar uj 1CK
Frank Hnttmi Iteciinimrnillng it Ouecnit
1uMliiftt on I otul In I tar
WtRWNOTov Oct 2lIlme rnport of Atfifpt
nut JVifiHitutfr fit mrul Hut Inn for the jmr tn IJnif Juii
U It HIU I that the nliuA lillinbtr f lt t moim tWMt
47H i nn iiiirpnhtif I 13jtiriu i 1 tie > cnr IVtni its
nia Imi Hm Urjtt iniinhrr nf limit of Hit htHttM t7iui l
New VorK futhwd tu ltd 31 HJunl Olili U HUM uUli J ot
lh s tutu tlc jiuintitr of Irt tciilal i > fll < tn uA 2i1m un
iiicrrn > t > itnrliii Hie I ycuir if ID u hr r niiuil rr tie ii In
iinv m rt tills jiiir Tlie i iiiuiilu ruf immmmmy minim flllt n
Mii S I7 mi intrrnHii nf IM Jut k i > nxi nru mmcmi III
1111 Ptt outmrs iii hummmtmmttr hmmliimmt iii trmmst umuu
ncmurecah if f1 imiru i Iii Immumi uy his riui
r uu ii Fe I tim umite m m imrmm it t lutu k a iiitrr I mu
1mw wiiteli toot tTt m I un lull 1 I Ii uuimmri mit irui
tett iii usiti hurirmftm r it ritiuulI t iiit
iiumcri mm iti ut I tuo MTflu rrcili or ltimr uIttr
Tim rimrt my Immmml as iu hum hmsi Illume rlrrk sri um
iii iimmm ntmuliz uitliru ni umumr Ix
mli iiitm t1m 1ntuuuummer r miiummiilleh tu
irk lii iltrir ut mu ex
limu irucrmmuu U mum ut itt umuiximuul itur C I tie itO
uiimmiiTmip Ii t47OiWt firtt
tutu luP m ftti liii hut ii ui Ii lii imnrummmt
it uii imirtrr I I ttumimlml Ptii uuimi ui illumiml
imt ut lii ii isivtu i I Ililu iutrii ml u r ut
fluul flr it ut I rsll tmii ii ii
Ia ulo mm p mm mm if psisri it it
Visiumitt or iii fliii mr uuttiui tmme tkt u Ui
immi ui jut uimmm t t liii t Iltu C4tSmul
Tn urnu it fnr i tm mutt mm i i hilt tn it it rutO Iii
rUrftnfti n < r nfl r tin I ilclhrn i IniM f eu r tti u
< ln m Hi ruinru MUSLIM Itt I n tpctinl Pi lump IM j > rnMi il
wlifii nlii nitlUnl l < A Mlrr wjirtlu r mid or limit In
iiilitiiniu in th nntUiarv nidifi muiii > lul li H I
ktriltii h u ii i f niiii is nil inrf ln tmiilim itn Utter ii l <
ininift1iiicitpUirv nit fn I n > i M Hitl Hnl but i ii
tin I ri i Hhl riiuil Im h rumutt i rremIu m fruin HKI jtnrn
imii1 I ii t rum
11 I i ut tJ ri u r mImlu ut pf mr im hitit
in HUr dli IM oor thf mrt i < t ii ii lii u Ifitti ittul > II 1
ktrun Hint Hi IIIIIH in nrri ii l uhit iln h > tme ii t
ii > i It iti r HI u i tin t M li r itt i u ttrr > rti ni i hi
ii I ruOuit i 4 tin 11 re HI f < fruit t um n 11 nt to it tm 11 nt
5utm r < H rhmrutiim mil irth I r nili n u tutu Urkt in
ii ut li H imiul l u iI ru ef itmi It t uoru
iim ummmlmn fttiii mimmlt iltii
thisi it imi I iuiumim mum uiiiu uf it tri mu
ii ill it umiiu i ii uit i Itii ii umr tutt
Iii Iltmmmi tItr linlmumimt mmiii Itu lilt a ttui h ii
iIuir ntrmu I ii miIur ut ii i it it ii ivuur r
ilin Iliilinf Im nl u intuits vinI rrull tm I mu urn grist
mumirms im us 5m itt tt tiir temmiuuumlm if
mttitui muiw tr ui ti mirri rs
Iho HlKKiil IMiimHliio Will lion
The new front which has been plaontl In I tim a
lartfe mar le liulllliu lit lh rorinrr nf llrnmtwa y
ottl XVarren duel t rnntnlm llm h Itmevt h i lato fflnn win
ilnn Hilt I Ilincill t Caill nf the I l ito putu s nf jllm Im I U
f srI J llnllt4 hull unit VI fift ID I mmii lie w lilt f Mfli 14 n
Imlt Incll Ihnk mil tui > UV I ilnl < Tlie nun
front ii l er cniitint n me Thu huitillnir if oicniilel I lo t
Ut hit A Iolhi I iliilMrm
1 h tihti si 1 us l tuIhiI
fionu tli ieamt lfrratit
Time hlyary moon rexolied in a clear Htrnos
ph ere lant nlffht ainl vnxed with a lovlnv re upon the
placid tajr simI tin < Jue u Clt utitlcd lo sinai upon IK
= ar =
2rnc Tfetr ttpttnA novas
Arrnncm nt nod nenrntl ii oftka liuisriar
Tfce NcMlInc CHpitcllr
If any ono wIth plenty of money In his
pocket hn tolmy n ticket for the first per
formance nt the now opera houso tonIght ha
can probably find the epectilators at any point
of thin block bounded by Thirtyninth anti For
tieth streets llrondway anti Bnxonth avenue
tho site of time Imlldlnc which In to bo oponad
LIke tIme piano ol nmilHumenl diagonally oppo
site tt will tin opened before iiilto completed
When tho last brick Is cemented the structure
will hardly look moro pretentious than nt pros
out Been from llronduay tho lInes are BO
xoiely Blmplo two atriilKht tall buIldIngs ol
elloxv brick on wither side ol n central build
IIIR two stories loss In liulcht From the roar
niul the sldo reels time root nl time stitRn is
seoa liftIng ahoxe tho root nf time auditorium
Them ire nine loxxmclmdeiitrnnccson IJrond
vay mutt entrances protected by motal vermin
this on the alibi streets each with n stairway
lumlttiK to tlm t boxes ithuot hum to tlm I balcony
and two to the tfillury Only by thin aide en
trances Is access lo the gallery possible Most
ot the occupants ol hoo xxho nrrlxo In car
rinses will no doubt bo driven up to the pro
tected entrances while the grunter paiL of tlm
xlsllors xxlll probably outer from llrondav
wherii the I itiiiln i Intuits loail through Iho
reninil buildlni Into a niinoxv vestibule
Hum thn eu follows the glttturing raIlIng of
tlm slalrcaMt and lindliiuB for two stories An
other null opposite tlm central ODD of tlm main
Htitiitnces leads Into tutu piiniunt whleh U i
takitii I up I with rows of larKo commodious arm
eiiuulrut xxlth plenty of nmxltik loom liolueen
and in LImo at lus Tho lloor Is carnuletl xx llh
mmmi i mitt I ° lloiwten tlm t piniunl and time staue
jx I tim iinimmtrti whleli has not boon Mink in
vmmt oriKlimlly Intetidnd Fruit tlm xcstlbiile
theni mu alnii txxo anlo entriinecn to thn
patiiuet llohlnd i n rmti I lug upholstored
in lluht russet plush tuiininu from
eaeh of tlin t > n entl aliens to t tlm orchen
tri anil dlxldnd from onu another by
partitions t I I Hliiniinu toward tlio staue am tin
lutirnoli luixet twelxn In I number Iroscenluni I
liove ilmro mire none Immediately oxer time
hiilKnotiH iind onn dlreetly aboxe lImo other Visit
Ihren tiers of boxes named tho parterre and
tlm llrst and hecoud tiers They do not oxnrltp
tIm luumrmiuuit MI that I tlm oa upint of a sent In
I lie last row In I m t limit tuirt of lie I houo can look
dlrcctl up to tutu ettlllnt of tlm auditorium
Thn llm anti second tiers haxo eaeh tlilrt i
Mixeti hoes h and thn narlorro t only I thirtysix I
IIOCIIIHO tIm ut arch of tlm main entrance t breaks
thetipacn I which would huiivi hun it occupied I by I
onn of tho boxos Aboxe time box tlnrs and
runnlni biek oxer tlm lobbies and estlbiilo
to thn i oitlerxxnll am the balcony and Kallnry
Tlm slew will uiitloubtedly bn most brilliant
from llm i iixrutiol ns an occupant of a chair I can
bx aslmplo turn of the liiiul see the Lllltnrliu
tleiA of boxes All llm liovi In the bouse aru
iillin I Hen fcnt front nnd tblrteon h I feet deep
eaehldUided at about onehalf its depth by an
iiphoMcied itrillion Into a cloak mom and
bo pro nr xxllh aseatlm capiu llv of six Tlm
llulitt I I for these rooms are sunk In brifsllned
niches All he snln partitions between tlm
IJOMI slant toward the I stiiKU nnd ire uphol
stered In tnrrn lottit and dull LoM In Iramosof
Kllilml Iron rim eoloriuiof tlm divisions bo
tweeu tlm m huts and of the I walls Is in xnry lluht
tints rndnxod hmy uilt Tlmin is I no ftronj color
to itch the exeat mummy partieular point
Theto is no chandelier Tlm root rises In a
dome Directly In thouentro of it It whmuit imp
peius t to bun h small I dome with I a cireluof lights I
shlnitneriiiK on itsllxer lining Tlie oxpansn
around this acaln niKirced by lUlits Is i deco
rated In blue Lreon and uolil Thn pilasters
Kiipportlni the proscenium inch rIse from n
Plain Into Oxer tlm pil tsters mire txxourace
ftil tomalc figures by Maxnard ruprusentlni
onu the ballet and the other tIme chorus In t hut
ciiutro of t lie arch Is Frank Lii tim rous piiinl
tlm I stxtin on either sldn between It I and Miy
nnids fluures bxliu tilled by statues of tim
muses Mr l lnthrops ito nutI rnnrosents Apol
lo nnd Is thn most striking niece of coloring In
time hiimiretIous larn lobbies nud dressing
rooms behind the tjera of boxes xxlll atone to
tlm visitor for the narroxvness of tho xnatlbitle
Thn hiiitinu capacity Is 0013 xlz Ianinet
fiui halt mmti ni 72 parteriw 21fi 11 rat and
second tiers 222 each balcony 715 and cal
Icry I ITS nit mati rials tisod ii rut iu > fur as
posiblo flrn proof or sloxxly eomhiislihlo and
xxlth I the h many exits It Is h calculated that time
auditorium can bn emptied In hive minutes
numiklng every nlloxxnnro
That any Urn arising on the stage may bo
conllnod to it this pnrtof tho bnlMIng Is con
structed lIke a hug due wIth a roof xvhlch falls
onon as noon as curtain fastenings which easily
jleltl to heat aro melled Timer Is also u not
work of wilier plpn among time bcnnnry Thin
winus of tho building will be fitted up as
bachelors iiunrtore
till jwnrrov iit4iNEs ilLs cuunca
Ao Creed About the Inspiration oftko Bible
mill the Arllrle < in hail Left Out
In a sermon on The Mission of the Prot
cutnnt Ipiitcopat InirLll mime Ho II Metier Ntwtoit
taut fn the Anthon leiiinrlulthnrcti > citerilii
That a chtlnlt welehteit ut time jtlit Lntklmns t thnt It
Wa more lDKlith limn i American ant 1 tliit It uas moro
reipi Ltatile tllnti ralitoiu ahonld xnm ehon > that It ii
inannte ss ndtiiteil to thu wont of the people In
li in of tin t Irolettmt chunhet thu chief artIcle
of filrnltnrft h I a jfrrat iiuIimt 1 are is 1 riinictlineH ati
altar hull 1 httiltiil it umuuhty there In i umalt tnlile htfori
It It t XT i in i burh u rhnrch that a nexton unit
tn n tnnn sytmn Hrrivtl i hefnre tilt vernion hrinn
nn t 1u nujt lit i rellnttniirli a IH M > nn be n nr
Airuln of ill the orlhoilnx ihtirilnii in tln < iminln
tin ri > In nni that pi rnnlt ni II In Irl clulenre nf thniurlit
iii > riiron IOIIM r iitue Lhnri It Mnn not ttnint
urnulll of one m lulu 1 tl Man a Initlntnit liurrh frnin tin
utrum t Mhlll1 Mil riot t fimiW llllllIl < 1 til tlllllnnM
i rivllvl fr I Mu piiiHil > nnltv nf mimi ilninu In
niclaiil 1 uhiih on I ir Iniillinnt uire unrriiu witi
m mit nllier In i mir rrenl t tin rn U i nnthiinr eilil uliint tin
ininratlnn of the vnjtur n in nrtiili i oni rtihu
flilnri tlml hliH lit nnw pripiriil amt t ninlltil TIm cr11
iliiintln Mirriililnt Ii ipn tic tn the hinrt mil nut In
itt limit I Th it intlntnlir inttrlilnm in ilnlorili alil
nntiilhvnlin mute ii I urim l > f nhniili nnnpi cu ntli mat
IlKilllilU In Mm I tin linniKr llm itt nf tlnli irn r
Au U riMtlt mi itt tllllllitlliln if llllllllilllHl oplllinnn tin
rnwn tip In Iln thiinti Inllnnillx nr IHII Ccc In tin
I linn h i irrv Iplmnu nf < lirii > nnn thniizlit i luilftflit
Hltll till Apnnlhn m Irill It n tinn ItiK tOt C le nrtinll
nf nlir uimm nil li > IllnLnp that IM h tl irltlii nnril hlli h a
urimtti m In ilil tu itlniif i Nnl nlitr inn of hi lu own Unnl t
mu I ut m nne of hi own njilrllwan m interitn tnnntratcd tn
iinliniei hln unrk
Anoilnr ifr nn ulifti to our rtinrili i th u irenln of
t rnrth nl i hllntilhmi hnrrhc < < t Unit InlleM Unit tin
In nlln n u firt iillhnlll Ihu luht irlxin In exeri ulmili I l > nrn
into tin wnrll ulll il on tin Ir eniri n In I fnriltlif ttie
lilu it tin uvi immimi miuc In r Him nf ttm haul Hm
MI liniitin t > > rvailintf nf tliH i klinuliiUt I nf no lal si i
mire It I Unnr Inmlien 111 nmkn linnn nweit tinI hz
rlinilire huiiit tin1 eilrtn Jnnl tn t in IAI nun lirnlher
to nrlfj l III Ulliiinln m l hrtnll nilit I hrlMlinitl
uni f linn riir tinIhrniii of rhll l Miin a i linn h mm
I nun In its uirkn uf prnilii t hiKnthrni li tar ittftru
ilentlAln Iheri in nn 0 tniltr It IH < irnMl n
s ri TJV JL1 XIJ iu < iiKIAL
the 1rnKramnii rir She Cililiriitlnn nf tke
Junk 1 IlUkiiinilil Ciilliily
Tho commlttocs of olllelnls and rltbens t nf
Kltliiiiiniil ioimt IIIIXM i mmuiuurt 1 the nrnnnri tnenln for
llm lulihrttlin nf the oririinirfltlon of tliat i rniiiit
uhkli tnol IHIC nn Sm 1 hitS I fiiolliil tnonex hnn
lief n nut MTllint tn iiutt nil Ihe itt man t nf theniiaFlon i
nn III liuir U i mirmmeu tsumi in The tier nlifti tn nf illtint u
111 Iln ir I t umii l runt nliiiw nuI Iot linliirlt
M iniili i nl ollnrnil ll llni imr I < H < linnn ntn f
I nth tin llrth lilll nniuh rhnri > alliullronf lilirrl t
IIitjiiriiiiiH Hm In h It nm jn i triwerii nf thi norm
nhnriion tllr nj nli run n Hinl llnlni Hit n nf mite Miilllnrn
portion iif tin lunntt will fnriiinh rrpnfntntionn i f
tllflr XI i iltiiinn
Tho nniinlon i > lll ron mutmi of four hit leImmmp nn Irr
chin nf Miltill liron n an llrilll I Mllnlnil nilI letl lliili n
ItXMltntirl rrnin ltin IjtrK ut iiiinii i niMn h iirnnnit Ihu
tiorth nil if Iln Jnlniil niul hnal up m in XHnhinirtin
Inrk In hlnph Inn wlnn irnnlll llrnnkn mrz Oil
Ilintliirlln in I Air rmii h I uulIl cut Mill illlnr ml
iltusers Mr llnikxvlll u ic tin lilmiiiMHliiriiirnf tin
ilnt In tin riinlniMliiri nlll I e mu of ilnnnriik
mi n friiiral itlitiiiliiitiinii if Iniimn A tnnn uiil 11 i
run to rtrn nil m < fri in rm mmnm tIme tn hlnpli n nml
tin Mininhoiil Minthitilil linn liein ulmmtttttri I In inniti
panple nf lh ii i > t hni In tin nllir tie 1 ami hack
Qll Mi iii 1 1ItGN
In a tornniln in Mliilntltiit a hunts ncitftiln rlxtv
pnniiiln Rim lilnHiiinitof m rear h Itlier an < ljmii < l in a
illnl nlinttiin ntii I
lule i a nuirrnffe rare mnn wim lieltnf perfonnri In n
linnet Inltriiiii Ti xn thkiin itoli tin wil hnr fianl
frniu Ihrililliiurnnu I
Far lip ill tin rplrallf 1 inni1 kliel ntliet up ontnf
ittri ivalrr lit liti kmintllr ims I nn Illlire hut ut a
xieilioilut linnn hook uan foiinii
IX hllr uiilklinr niiioiu the rnlim nf Carnialla n tAlus In
limmmur a ir is imer cam uueur icumig muuittlu umy mm timiumme
m tom frumii mm mzreai ieiiiut ty a um mu
iiimuut immel cc lime it umim imliiriammi fsmuitu imumtcr
Ii iii mummunmt cu utt ii ii immit ui imtrmh iii ill ti r ris
umues rl imimi Im irelimli mmmii murrIlmc itt tim
imiui mimmimi lit imimmimumc iy hi mrct ihiiml
tiimt tltl i V me irttuera iiui p1 simmers li
mm mot m it ime mm ie itim Ii fut
ut mmr 5ii Itt xi i iotlml lImit is
i i sar imiturm i iii tmmemr iufes iii mmimtutesi
rii 4 I nut u ii mum 3 are
1 lrtm Iimllrtum if iumtrti iuumtttt if itmtltmimmu unummus
i timI tit ltgiuiueniu I tu iita iu mu if luia
m tint frmmmu im imT ta ml r4uiiuuat iii mmt
mtt utu rruguimimg timii it me hOmily mnutliI mi few day
thur sm ii m il at mimumug tamm
tturut iirti I lit irtseiml elt mt cmus iO
il ml I ii ur tug Is I hi ri it Oltuit I s t i
n mr mu I itt if rim ii rumlf mm mr m tumut ii
Ii mtmi umui a itrrii mmm i mu iime
iiui it timti I mmmi Item ti r I ii
Vuimmmu 3 0 imisi mu mliii utittu lmm aittu ii
ii t mmiittimi imie ii immitiiist itr us pummaui
il it I si itiu itit iumllmui imlsra ii it rio
m umulmi irikmig itt limit ml mm imf timum ktmmiii um
ii I it itit t iii ii ii Wa rruui it C itt Sal
tmmtimi iii uimr hmari fiIi four immriues mm tigmmu
A tmrmmI muimruc ruiant limit inuig ag fumUrmt s ttirts
tee ir i tiimj I 10 ans of a utg ii C stint Iim iitrmi
nliltll a li aik outlu a llll mnlll Irri flu tl 111 left l mmi
mi n until rmiuii nu wlilili wir int Inn I Iftturi mmli t
ililin M it < n k lllnlTlirlitllMlili h ui u > time mi rh
rprrjct ami en tin nllnr ill IliriUtt IUU lStT l
I HiJ ln IIOMI la llir llllncari
is s ii iii
Quick iniiirlrie tutu nil annniiiiy kidney Maldtr
anit urlnar dUetnvn 91 IiruKSHa ASs
Laitln are iilitmid with ralrtaiiki nock Lorillal
Cure cold Ad
1tIiItC lctic
ICllilnrt > riiillinlU run il liv I l > r I a rat k
Iratiinnt Mn nin In hnn Iirii i uriil ivi I reitert I
horn i 3iinn tiutiuiil eA f rn tie Un > ulllce J Vae I
H A > lnrlliu i > F
AlfCiiniiii llufn I 111 rei Mir i a r
ilmlltt Em 1 iitl on in Mi IM uii uirt
dl Hotircs I
nnliliell Hr MSiMl lilt tlh at vlnihrlili itt I
poor fne l > tit ti iimtuA il
AI iita Ill 11 I H lt 1 11 1Vli ItIi
mil tr l 1 iitru 1 1 n innlari tiiiirv ilti mit ihun nn > niiict t
thuS ml inn
IIODIIS o K X It IIIII t ixili ttal lttiu in
Hklilli I ill iue n Iln tin I lli nl IniAnirfll i fklii
1 AMIATflN ltVII > Vlf DllllVV
Ml Tl imrm limit i
Nuu Yin Oil i I IStJ J
This annual nnrtliu nf i lip tilt > irilntlrr if the i
for the iurmiue nf rliiiin ihlrtrrn I illrrctoir mm4 three I I
Invptilora nf ilicltnu tot itme fnllnMinc teur ant to I
u rumuesh t nm fnrlhir I lneni a th u i nm ttlrntuhl I t
fr It 1 Kill li I lot at Ihr nlllie nt ln 11111 Tl i
Hrnvinai Niw ork cOy ni i 0 J > nx li
lot m u iiilitk niniti In limit I npn till I
n rim I f M ri I W Mrtt I ill itie m utimmry
mid tniU 11
IOSTOn halunlar evrnlng ruiiU rMrtlth iif ill I
J haunj with rnllar marled llunllnjltiu IM la m
trdalMri bllTU ITJUulfcrrll
I i44u
Hut llrlcki Mcm iia Flp nnd Pb
blc > A Fsuot frQ m pineS or Arei FII
easel PIhsleetm llnlr i d > KMller
The dealer In curloelUoa was turning over
with marked suspicion it large group of rel
ics A curiosity sold he Is Intorcstlne
In Itself It monns gomothlna But a relic li I
ftlmost always a worthless fragment It Is the
thing from which the ratio Is taken not the
relic Itsolf which Is interestIng The eonulne
rollo bunters though are worth knowIng fun
niest almps you over naw Theyre a race of
beings by thnmselves The man who float thcso
things lucre for mo to buy says hes cot noon
boxes moro of tIm same sort the collection ot
n lifetime Look at thin chip marked Piece
of tint first sleeper laid for the Hudson Itlor
Itiillroml On the mans list It Is entered
Uouiihl 1859 SO cents It may bo genuine
Hint Is if tho company used olm wood for their
roadhut It this chip Is worth llfty cents the
whole sleeper must bo worth several hundred
dollars and time company ouuht to snw It up
and sell It Thoroano logic In a relIc hunter
TIme one who truvellod all over tIme world nnd
brouuht back several trunks full ot noses
broken off from ancient statues hail n dollnlto
Idea Ills followers are curiously diluted spool
melts ot their predecessor
Homo of them however have epcclaltlos
not uiillko that of time nose breaker One nt
tho livelIest ol the relic man collected the hats
of eelebrltlns I dont believe 1m would limo
Clven n dollar for Napoleons uray uvircoit
but I ho hat of ii PresIdent of the United Hiatus
bad for htm h nn almost prleoliisH till iiI If I ne
cnssiiry Im was ready to suborn iieruut mans
senantH to get tlm wUhed fmr attlclo Koine m
ears mign 1 sivw his collection HslimRtspeel
mens wiiru nt that tlmn plaeod itnon lie t heads
of plaster busts nnd arranirod In lout rows
Hoaiterwnrddiscnrdudlthlsnuido I I of arrnnui
nmtit owlmr to tho t singular illkcrntiancles 1
whleh often oxlstnd hotwcon tin size of f thn
two nrlioins Hi told mo tlml ho hail tried
Hcraplm down the luists which were ueimrnlly
iniieli Inruur than the hats but tutu riHiiltwas
10 t itt in a peculiar npnoamnw to his collection
One or two of his lints notably that of Thomas
II Hoiiton were so BinalKvvto ereaton doubt In
my mind as to their authenticity I lemnud
iittoruniil thnt lintel mirvants and others usim
to nalm till their own limits upon the collector
Olio of tlm greatest troubles with relics Is
that t they snldom hoar tlm least exIdoneo within
tlmnihulxQtnf t llmlr I gent Ifluluttut I have semi
in I my dax smnral hundreds of t Ito puns with
w hlch Wnlter Heott wrote Wiivorlt and in time
old eountr I Hobby Uurnss ilrlnkliiu I ulass
inlcht I almost bo oiillod u staple article of ci tin
mnrce Whun my poor fnthnr llrst took mo
I itt bush mumsiu ho gave inn an awful Lxi I It limit to t
becmisn I bousht I th roe locks of I Uyrons hair
from a rnlio collector nlthoiuh lonlrpald I I
ith x helmet for the t three fun troublii I was tlmy t
xxnriinllnf illffuroiit I Hhades Tonts halt usud
to I Im sold larcoly but jou cant dlsposn of u It
ulomi mum luxa ton mount It very tx touts I vol t In
old cold It takes best In mnurnlni rinus or
pliiH Them wait so much of IonV hair sold
that time r llotraduln hair has sulTnriid over
sluice Tlmro was n tInt Wiutmt n litlr relic
hunter would make an effort to KIMHI on lock
from hue t head nf a front man men If I I MID latter
died l as bald IIB thn American eiu
llloss mo If hero Isnt nun of the nntvflxn
million eaims that have beon turimd out of the u
Mount Vcimm innnuhictory It Is inarkhd I
11mm tlm I gruive of Washlnutonr I And 1 this iel
low wants 12 for It Whats this From tlm
Coloseum Koine Bows that for a rote 1
HernmiiaKeut from iiuut dress of Merle An
tnlnuttH as him was beIng led to execution and
this hnrilloolliiK napkin in a ulithB cuts Is
m irked dlpnd I In I tlm blood of f Iiuly Jami
irur nxiiciited In the Tower of London Aim
2J 1553 Value 131 Fee Sow sir If iniill
just takon look at Unit iilln Out thera which I
hinnntoxnmlnod I yet youll I SHU a class tim ho
sealed nt both ends and eiimmi nhmmi nit u burnt
stick Walt a minute mid Ill tei you what It
la uithout renillnu time lilbol Us a ntoin of
charred fiiROt found on time unot xx horn Joan of
Arc xxas biirnnd Ahllthouchl so Ixo teen
cordf of them In my day This h thin most
precious lot of plaCdout relies Ixn Been for
Homo lime Yet there are peopo In this city
who art looking for just such articles and xxlll
pity henxlly for thuim
Mitny relic hunters coin only for momon
toes iinrlii preeioti hot of rubblHh thoso mo
menloes almost alxvnys nro If a man has n
fincy to rather a Ilowor trout the gras of
Keats In Uomo or n few leaves from Irrlntrmh
Almbiy anti makes up a little album It is well
onouuh But nn Idiot win foes around with n
hummer chIppIng tuteocit iT famous bridges or
churches and evon uniwKtoaas ought to bo
aunt to ft liinaie > nsjiIujtJno w a man who
has a collection of bricks Some ohm gavui him
a Ilatnlonhtn brick one day and it net him I
fTuy Tlio Hocond brick came from the Old
South Church In I Itoslon and thn t third t I from
5 T i if m i I
1111111 lt1JlHT lilllt i llliltini H4li > nn > i rv ji
upiiiiouiili ot thorn In Homo to build nchlni
umuty wit ii Two eirs IIKQ tin not Into I troublo
in Ilimpoll for taklnu anti riihtilMi from
thorn t but xxlmn the autbontins found
ho only wanted a brick or two and
tmis itt I I lug to pay xvnll I tlmy Buttled mutt Imahl
I hut mil ismitit cnrrloj a henxysteulbouiid trunk
with him and Im and his peculiar cmInsltltis
h ixn cmwd tnui elm unxioty ainnni g Custom
Ilotisi olllciirs Iii told mu tlm other day with
1niit solumnlty that two of his vii I mimih ttu bricks
hui been broken by nn inspector One XMIH
from thn Column of Tiajin and thn other from
tho Him old Unman triumphal arch In i Miu
xnillnH lie usod to lilru mnn to pull them out
forhlm I xhiln Im luunliied in I a doorway at u
eonxeiilent t distance lly tho way them olduiin
tloman lost n box of Him old bricks a year uuo
It I was thrown oxerboard by somn Kallora I I ubo
thought I I It I was hniuniln I Itsceins tlmt a itt nit
nwny hud beruuod t hit eoxer off ill I thubnlief i I
that It contained told Ho tlmn made a conll
duit of onn ot the smut lnr and hers tiumicd them t
hut it was an nxplosixo Thtiv prniiiUnil him
food for I hn n > nun If Im would throw the brhUs
Into tutu sea This collectors brick from time
house of Columbus was lost In this ivmuy
The mostcotlyof all tlm collections of use
hiS things I I uxur fcixx ttta onu which com lit f tnd
wholly of what purported lo bn thu bones of
Iulebrateil mnn A man who oxnr uets this
liianin is Incurable ami will nftnn BO without
the t comforts nf lifn I i to t m iiratlfy his erae Of
eoiirsn nneh colloetlons am ioldom liennl of
for tlm praotieo of iiilibliiir I uraxes is iliin
Lerous A 111111111111 uenlloiunn xxhu usud to
cell on nm twleu ii juir foi lino iittluri
Units what the call these tlieeiful relies
told mo that Im got time tastn throuuh
Imaniii In Ills xoutli a Kraidii MOD
about thu Ktiiillnuof u bonn from tlmcraxnof
tho llnx Ueorfn Whitnlleld thit itiluliratnil
I mgl lilt nreaclnT who died neir lloston n tow
eas hofnin thu Itexolillnuiary wir I cup
PUSH ihs is trim M any rate liosinn ivmrit oon
xiden d atom1 tlmn I liiiuliiuiirim for hmtlere in
lltsteliiss rattlers Tlero Is not now much
eall for them opinly etcnpt iimnni coluclois
of morbid aitlclns connected with creat ulin
inn It Tlm Canadian limbo had a bltlui liuht
with n fi I low collector who on vIsIt iumg him
found In hH possession time hkiill of
Hen I Klol > cr xxho xxas ass ihlniited In
Ciiro In tlm > i > nr 1W Now as tlm
xlsltor had hlimelf iiioured In l pt
U Teat npoisn a skull of tlm General tlm
IolliMiioiK biiiamo hluld nxcltnd and an aimt
oiiilst ttms ailed In Science decided that 0110
ef I tlmsKtills Iontalnvd a pleenof Inteuunmnt
wliosii i heinleal eliiiiei proxed it to bo eniiMd
iirubly loss tutu six ytirit i old whllu the forma
tion of tlm oh her not onlx showud adnildnd
Jyptlun itrluln but nontiilneil thn tenth of a
iiHrsun of tunnt t ynars Kleber UIIB about
lilLy Hut llm funniest part of It thoiiuh I did
not iluu liiiiih over it whon thou nport WIH
miidn was that i one of tlm oohoetors hud beijn
olmrlsliliiK thin skull of n wonnin
it I IK I xnry el imgum mum how namly relIc htu miter
max bn fooled Neliher of thon two men xsouhl
buy I iiny of thu lellulous ret ks ito iviininoii In
Kurope Hut taku almost any kind of a bone
boll I It I carefully I I to takn t time tat out dry It i for
suxernl days by gent he Imnt In I an oxen nnd
Ioloi it jellow xvlth tumerlo and Ynnilvku
brown and nu hinna fair bahls for a dicker
with tlm bust of llm rille Inintem Time IIIHOI IP
tlou must Ui tory eurefully Hindu on old vellum
and odd prixaln mnrUf partially obliterated
must appear heieitml t hmeru nit tho bone Hoinn
diiilnin usn a mlxluiu ot a mineral iicld and
witnr on ninth of thn I bone to makii them
eiiimbli umuisllt l Tho articles must bn kept In
heax Klas cues maul for them and If
mounted 1 must slum eostly I work Tlm mien
asei mimi bo nrK and rIghtly ndheriid to
Tliinii iii vi ems iiuty appear u Immoral I but It IH
liltnr to iii e them than to rob n urine
Of ni HIMI most of tIme nillu liuutors aim to
nut H UMiiiral oolieeilon Tlmy xxlll tnkn u but
tlnofnatiir from tlm rIver Jnrtlnn a plneoof
lottnii Kioim front Veiuln uinf woI from
tlm Ulantlo liitn or n piece of old bulk from
Ildn Iirk With eiJU II IlllmllOMi the will
bi link a ili i u of Mono frnin uMit no or a puhllo
billlilliiui they would rliMliiKifiit inanri hair
In IIMI or spIlt off xi ploui of nmhouan from
hirt wrltiiiknililo Alfittof their xnriud eollec
tlonH would bo rather loin for tho axnrauu
eomiiiHsof n miiiin III lixun tlm Hlinriallnts
would iiiaku n troiiinndoiis lint I liao knuwn
inmiwlio tok a Nlmltor I ii pehbln from nxery
wellknown beach tlioymur xiKitud or inoiin
tilu the uxur ancenimd Onn of them hnl
a Htoim from the nlrotH of exry
I tim Imorummnt elt 1 1 In Europe Thu iiumbur of
colleetoiM of pipen IH iiillo large A llruoklyn
Itilnixlor I had u lmnd oinn colluotlon of lueer
se haul iii t know ono kiitl I < Hnun who cared
for not it iii but old clocks timid another into
had between three anil four hundred oldfnsh
loiimiovculartHenindi spectacles A man who
llxnd In lltoomu street severed tears ago dix
likhted I In an nnormous collection ol old fiirally I I
lllbleH llu told mo tlml Im hail noniMiines
found old bank blllit I In I them lint t that t I clrcum
ata fleet had nothing to du nllhhU til ii tug tho
liool it mitt Im l ti not a imrlkiihlil relUicius
man The rollectlntr matilit seems to be In the
family One ot his brother le said to have a
sample ol hair from the mono ol every great
riiwliorr6 In thin United BtiUos
Tho tonal determined rello hunters are
Ihpsa who look for morbid curloMtl Any
ihlpB tbal hits belonged lo n criminal U tholr
dehhgtmt Tlio o man arc idlstlnot upoclcn ot
collector Tho central attraction of thoir mass
ot relics Is tho skull ol seine dlsllnculohnd
murderer One of thoso colleCtors Imllooa
sincerely that ho possesses the skull of Ilotxm
Pliirro Iliaxia been told hr two dpahirn xtio
hiixo lately bnnn loolilnwovor him Knclisb nttrl
palty Bliqp that thrwoortour Ixindon rollwtors
believe they have tIme skull ot fiuitoim items
of tnnni havn hoatpd for years that tlmy luivn
the nkulls of Fuunnn Aram Jack Bhdppard
and Jonathan Wild It is trim HioDskulis
Bra lnokuI up In the nimtotnv colleauor come
plaoo of tho kind but thin collectors lioaot thnt
thnlr particular skull xras obtnlnud by n mint
plccp of sulrttltiillon effected by sonm hxpo
thotlral janItor who nf oonri rocolxod an
enormous prlco for thin work
Mr Crimmtnt lied Ike Pnlkor Help the
Xavier Nadiilltr Kick Fiiottmll
The spacIous Hrounds of fit Johns CollcRo
nt Tordham mom devoted yesterday afternoon
to the amusement ot about 800 members of
the Xavler Alumni Hodiillty Inclutllni Inrk
Commissioner Crlmmlns MorKnn J Ollrloit
Charles U Kxvconey John 0 Agar John P
Kelly Joieph Thoron Henry Amy F H
Htnyth Thins L Feltncr Dr Hnsdoll Charles
CunnlnKhain IdJ McOean and Joseph Knnls
The amusement wan a game of football and
wilt plated by members ot the Kodnllty as a
moans of trolling up nn appetite for Kill her
Hcnlys tllnnor given to cnmmomornlo time
twentieth nnnlversarr of thin Kodnllty
The Kama watt not plajctl with tiny particu
lar object There worn two footballs nnd no
ifoals Knch Indlxldunl kicker located an
Imajrlnarjratmosliherlo coal The balls weio
kicked uxenxxhnru Tlmy shot out ot crowds of
liUpntnnuliMl plajtir like balls from a mortar
thiynklmmed h I alone tlm croiind and k knocked
cirelessly wielded canes out of tlm t hands ot
plnyurs thuety were Mcknd on nnd over tlm
eollMim buildlnus Inrk Cnnunli > slonnr Grim
mlnp did n unoil deal of thu klckllu
Hn puistled ono or thin other of tIme rolllni or
bouinllni spheres like a pehoolboy Tlnuu of
tlm t JnsilltfatlmrHKntheredilp Ihelr lolies nnd
ni ii > lnrat4 > d thn t it peed ot thn bulls I xxlien tlm I
balls rolled In their direction Many canes nnd
umbrellas with which tlm innxpiirluncud hit
llm flying balls worn Hhnttured
Tlm Knmn lasted two hours ornboutonehour
muter than tlm t mnloilty of phiHrs Tliero
were many dusty conlsmitcli pDrsplrallonsomo
porn shins anil nut in sharp appotlliS at tInt
dinner Mor l an J Oltrlen I tlellxerud thn I after
dinner address and Father 1 T llualy ru
The Match II r I urn Trinket nnd Mnjollcit
for Tkitirmliiy Next
At tIme GnntliimenB Driving Turk last ccnk
Mr Mct lh auummmuo stay mare Uzln I Amiml went u
mile In li trim r PR lull tJ f Mr i V rrnu n laj train lie
rt Harr > and mate nm C 8 flcimtsmum bay team atle
llu ainl mulv hart n hot tirmihof n mile to mail UUROII
In I uli lili ito former wit the t tctor lij two lentil h i
Juhn 1 M ii nut ilructtie little hay trntttr Kmnk ttie
property of JUIDVM Kccttan a inllcln J Jl HIM another In
2 224 ThU In thn Iinn > thit ninde a inllo In 2 uuIl ttlth
riiiintnif inalv Mr Iclilor I iultnftfhl drochl It new tcini
tht I clu Mntit t niftre lliltne nnd the I I Lay l malllnn Muxt
tout tuli the 1 tn n tnt i m rna1 nnffun tn thf I linlfinllr mi m1
In 1 M IIiI ic Uiriv n it lu > nr It mxilil lmi l IH
Ounu In Itittir Unit lluii Jnhiim Muri h > ti > ok Iho
ti tint nnd ilrnvfthun c aili to time Imlf mitt nol In 1 if
Mr ilut r > uauu irit tilt lltlli htt > KMlnif hliclitl to n
itielmue it cciii S ace eti triiur a emgmimmm It5 itmtmmtiC
aqimrtfrnf nmtlt in M7 tocomtmts
< Imr f I mUer nent the tin > immure NelU n mil In liar
nrnn in a JM
iiimiu mumruuv 0 tien sIted wtmat he itinughi hiu thus
ero tu tin trot iris cm Mnlolira anil Trinkut n hlm h IK
iu t take ti i U e mi m ThiirMft anvrnoini next n Oi N UjoliA
ml ax 111 tfiinil fluilir umt t qUitf ma l line mn llu would llVc tint
niri tn niBrvi H tfnnrl rare John F < litrmr thnlrlirnf i
Trinket petit tlei mare nnuM trot an fat an thvutrrditl
tfcnllidnn t lit I i ttiouifht tlie inilo vnuM he the fuMeit
et r trniird atr th i trm k
A mutch has hreti imait le rnr9JVVlietwpfn Trinket to
trut iiitilv In hnrncKx ninl rrank timitt rnniilniinnlc
tin trnt tn take place ntnc daj next week at hurrarfan
tit Inrk In rrovMtnc
Tke Antlnniil < 3um
The last ot the series ol contests between
Lraifne and American teatni was pint eil on hatunla
anil thus week all the clilh tramn of the two ft ociatton <
will lieitllmnneit for Mm niinon hlLhtx painir wiri
pln > eil ut > which the I IiHffiic 1i < nnit tiaie won V niul
ilu Amerlcnn tenni 10 two game bcluK draMti lime
full reroril is I n > fotlona
i tutu ICen Lull rlutil Wan IM
Ctestimt l2 I Miroioiittin I Ii
te S Aiiimmuic 4 tI
hitce ti i Itnmmrumati 3 1
rnyilcmce It II St toiI di 7
iiiitdlrimia 7 4 iittnr 1 Ii
flmCaio a 2 nhiumbUa It I
euiicatom 4 a 0
lJetrmmmi 1 2 Aiiegtieu3 mm m
Totalit W 101 Totall 1U 6T
The niali meniher nf lh Hlhrrla coinpunv lin
foriinil n h ie I ill nlln whlrh It In Hill plain a uri
mint uaint On iiienia tnn mi pliMil n iilii from
Mnfjenkn inin rvtij Nt Rottieatf i i mit l ill f < ti d tin in
ierj HflH I Minnie1 llarr iimn iitrhtil u n itith I Ktni
for HIM MulJcpkH hui mime rut nf tin nliif jtlfivnt i o rl
A mcHlnjrrf thf lnlii A8 < i < ln1lmi uf ifm ItaIm ruth
wan huth i m rinladtlihin uim i < ut unfit c He r erttatiii
nrcltilm In IlitlMiinri Irnirn riuiulMpMu immcumrzl N
M Atlnifti < n ami M I < nil vt it > iin t < mmt API Hi Htintin I
fur MOiijtHnioii w ire rr tf lnl f r nn New oil t is Inn < ii irr
Ill Rlplimnint am Kiiiimion N V DIM M im itfi riit
In HIP i m Itcmnl of tmr l h mre Tnn IH M t In N nrc uuntel
tn muke Hit iiiinil rr lili1 t nt rnfirfin f s ltl ho ut n
1 the Jlniokhn n ml In u llnniipnl < lui > Ixiih nf uhnh
hne i rnnil tn fitter thU nirfililzill n prnl ltd litv
cnnnnt ol tntn inlmin imi into HIM Ann rlrmi clilliui
Tin Qithmmt3 riiUioftlii Nirtti pUrn 1 mrm h i > Jimt
rnitnl tlif fii > on and tliulo itit l t5k lmrl ulihh tin
Kim khui Ur ini em i l niiK cued
Jt nrcr who ptn < l ii tim thn tOs tirk mIne tim talt
Batm ii tn ieu fitCi ii iii
Mn t nf Hie I I mm i nrc nr thin riikmrn cuh nnderlhu i
niniiniriin nt of don m vill tort u him to i huio in Neu
itrmtm mimi ulnt r
brurem art it ill ui a nf I lie A ericsm A nrishiniu i
r < rfurl i nrillo frMJi the t jnrintiHil Clnl > thnt than it mum
ruesli thtlr n < tioii in exitrllfiiir tnuur > ninimr ni 1
TfiRIf smut nllo Ihttntn i mus with 1lif llttUliiiMrtfi
Itrowtilnir nml lUi kir f tlie I < i > nl lllr tlnli luuo tutu
eniriktlh i UK utlmmtt fir nixl F aiu n
The si LUIIII liiuhan fiiirairnl I A UllUm Srcr
tnr nf tlu u > Amrunn AwKorlnilnn tu I mannin t lie iltih
llf Xt tmuut
All i f ihe m Inter I Wnte A snm tvlnn rnt > ii mite tmsmimttI
fnr ttu > rwn It I i Imltiil tful if tlienrMatAiinn t wil l
cml itt u numuomu
heriMn t lie HihTuf Iho i Mrunln rinhnf RIch
linnet it liu ttjirtioil n i ontnii t to pint uith tju IlilUdtl
plnn CIul mxtirii < > n MHMK tn 11 I tiltMdl
It is l niilrrN oi tlmt the VlrtropiiHtli Ilill I Itlnn Cnni
nnnv dti mlirel IInrrj rihht limos m tu muinixo thu
Sw Yin ilub
I < nrcl < 4il rlilxr In VmUtncrlon
WtititlNiToN Oct 21Chttf JtiMtico Cole
rjtlije uuttemmtul I l urtlte thit liinrnliU ut thus Iilihltli
tiurtti I In the nftirm on ho ilrnetiut nLci > inirtnlr 1
iiy Jmmir lmintifnrI tih Mrmtmsu nil
rnrtmui tir Yrimmutlmii mm ttimmf m imtmrm ttaii
C i IumumIm litIu lime mmlrmv I ii ris i ii en
tixu u I itna mmmc ireuitei nfur
sort ui i t uumure tm utltsru
I ui tiimmmt irI tl mutes mu nm
iii ii iiliuTi nml limi
imuit mmmi lurmmtelu itimiiiu r Tim mar ii iii 1mute tsmu
uari ii mummrroe Cur limmumthstimula
Mull if ilu Tennoneo iiuyu ilu nine I rime llallTliurp
thy i teniu
tlitiMiiti n If Aineiican Inventor tyrlc I Unit lo lay
hti I tn innrro
Hill I of lli Lrm tnlon Eitrnl Hull 31 Iat touttli
trfit Su Ifti K S inhnr
It ill of the t Iti lil Heiiotnlrnt Amocliillcn Hnriiunle
Kn mf I n i Ivifx nirret XXnlneii i in i iinini
llfiirx ii rif will liliir nn Ihe TitieniMit llon I I
Bi ti in In itiuiitmiitil Mull hlithtlt iii smut ami Twin
Drifih Htrret Friflay eirnunr
tteiejitfnn In honor of Ixiril < nrl < t < re tnlon L uuc
cinti TlinrHlay fxenlnf llu 1 liar Anoclalion w lit ineit
IiiriHol < Tliiffe In llej I I lil > rr li inorrnw i S fiili K
Tin itrv Pr Mnjnaril dmi t sri the Item mmf hU ioiir of
trn Uliilrnliil inaiinee nirr nt hlikirinir Hull on
iilinMlKv uflirnoon ut H Mihject Itumlu titid ttm
thou at WaUMki
Dnllarr ami Senm at Ilnljn
riiaiifrnii ai Kit at Ilir Mnuiit horns Theatre
Jne Ji iTiron nt time Union H inare all the H erk
Atnilr Ililry ill 7tira u at Iht I liratiil I l ihirra Ileuno
Tlir rmular M nuiii at fon > IuMnr r imegin l < In iiUIH
Klflh ninntli nf The ltlallal the Mnli on siuri >
Tin at ri
AillnTivcnt tlmlri Stint Tinmatre Mr hi I II llarklix
an HirhrHfU
llttrrl aa A llarta 1lcnlc at the rnnilriif rntlirr
or nn i w i outer
XIr Mtinlnrhe farms nil rrcllal In morrow exinlniilii
I lili kiriiaf Hull t I I
Kim ti < fluxion In the Sea of lc Ihil wick at ho
Thirl Aieti Thcatn
hhlini Illllie n IlliInn tliMurtilll luul Mflli Mrlllllr
at tin tlnil < iMhl > it irl >
ruinil luuiipnrl In Fedora all tIme it cek a t ihr
fniirtii ntli mlrui i riniln
11mii tit r Irimrn AIII Orst contlmio tu I fill tic Nti
IM a 1 StatE ii Ithu lnlii mti tril
Tlif ritiictti Inirti i vnter nn tIme fourth oust nf tlitlr
niKiirriiiciit at tin t < > > iiliio > iilllaii
Thr Itijitnr httnli tit wlltfcinivi I The IrUit en of
Troblnlldv nt ito aklnn liszt llotnlil
t ilnan ilini iHllin t nthfri in n innli i Iwnr with a rIft
at I fuel llilnlKi ut Ilif iliU lilnir MMi ini
II lullir Ilium l nnV i nf I run i ft ilu llliilnl at tin
hur 1 Iu ames IrUliif I efli llnrr I imeal Xlnintui
Mr Milin 5 lIt i irniiui riii liukiii Mntlii hi time
fifth inuc Tliiulrcnn XXtdiicptlu nllit Mr CiifliUii
ai lawitrr
It 101111 > ptttaile Kirtlnlnr li I 111 I IK Ihlpl nu lilli i
at SitIn m lli I > ban FraiKl iu MinitriUiloll emil call It
Tlie Ujlliiir opera rnmiativ xvlll ilo Inlatithe
Oihrite Ilif riraten aol fhf > ttiutot l la the
frnplr a Theatre trill w i rk
The xteirfilmlltnii Ojnra Hnu e npeni lo nltfht tu ii it
> auvl xlr Ma lem > n CCiuiui alto i IIPII at lite Aid
gum wuh Cirltrr iu la < tinanitaila
Atumai tIlt ntek at the r tanijril llu Tuenlay exrn
inn of next SmiCk Ihe titw iiniibiiii ilraiiu In tie
Kanki rceimiiy prmliuril at t the Ailrlphl London uili
optD tb rrf ular teaton
Atttia Not thy Theatre Bro9kl > n Charlotte Thnmp
ion will pit lull week In Tim hew Jane Lire Mi
treMltihellvilthiexeD plaji will nU the weefl till at
Cut Diana rack Ttnir
Martial law prevaIled In the Stock Ex
change durIng tim past week Sentence nualnst
every ttellnquont was mercilessly oxocutod In
fact many of thn bears caught In llm trap
thonnehes n keil the ittok Kxchnncoaiithorl
lies tDexociite sentence on them on tlm spot
Almost all the purchases under tho ruin
wore nmilo nt tho request nf tint losers who
preferred taking their punlnhtnunt In tho open
market going to ask for inorcy ol time vIctors
Tint trouhlo hoxTuxcr Is that thorn Is but lIttle
chance for the victors to follow up theft ad
Mintaitn and tlmt thu Niiuuczes ot thin week tire
likely tn result In a further domornllrntlon of
nllbuslimi4 I Of course time cttt ruth points ol
interest w nro the niucc7es In Now Jeruny Cen
tral and Northern 1nclllc preferred No ono
Rooms to know exactly what happemtd Thro
was ut different sloryon uxory DUOS llp Ac
cordlnc to ono version tlm olllcors of the
Northern 1aclllu and thin nmmbers ot
the Sndlcutn who are to take up tho
now loan mere bmuylng tip iill tIme stock offernd
so as to hnxo a txxolhlrds vote on the day of
tIn muntlliR Another version mil that tho
bona Ililo proferrnd stockholders mom dolor
mined to luuo moro than onuthlid of tlm
stock BO us toproxunt any loan tuklni prefer
oncti ot tho stock llcsldct these two pnrtles
there win the usual contliment xxho claimed to
BOO Jay Goulds llnuor In tIme pie Ilo It as It
may thn scenes of Kiturday aftnrnoon were
nlmo unprecedented Lion time ofllcets ot the
Stock Exchange neoui to luxo lost their hcndt
and It Is said thai tlmy t either bouulit In I too
much or too llttlo under tlm rule Ono bro
ker It Is said notlllod I the 1Achanie I to buy In
n large number ot shares for him but his order
had not ruuehmd h hut Chairman whon the I irixol
fell Another brnknt borrowed thin stock tilt
In I 1hlladalphla anil pnld about U I > 0 for nn
express locomotlxu to brlni It bore hero he
lent It at four per cunt for lie I das USD
Tho hairbreadth escapes whleh many hud to
rolUoweio utmamvuil hum and onn MII episode
nhicli befell ft wellknoun faxoiitn In society Is
xrotth I ecori hum Thu uontlenmn alluded I to
depends lor his llxullhood I upon tlm I eveullonco
of his organs of smell and taste In fact Im Is
one ot limo best tastuih nf tea in New York
Sotno time nco ho got a bad cold which affect
ed tIme tear ductor small canal which car
ries off time supcrlluous water from tint iyc
This Injured I his tusto amid smell and xvorso
oxen than thnt thn 00 wits constantly oxer
flow Inc pearly drops that rolled down his
cheek At llrst his friends thought t ho either
had HomothliiL on his conscl nca orel hail
boen iros eil in hey but tlmy I hiue si mute learn
ed time truth On liUlnyafternoon whIle short
of Nortliern 1nclllc Im intit a xxollknown
physician xxho wIts Interested In stocks and
asked Ills ndxlco both about his e t ti nnd his
stock I am not afraid of bolnc short of X 1
although llm prices are Ilknl t to llitctuiitn tho
plDslclan mild As to your eye It Is nothing
Jusl paint limo brltlun ol your noun with lodlno
before Koine to bud this nxenlni and then
wash it off with a lIttle alcohol In tlm inornlni
and ton xxlll bo all rluht The tout taster
took the advice and before 1olni to bud
painted his noso which Is of thu purn Ken
tuckyGrecian tpc Anxious to maku tho
thine sure ho KIIVO his noso xi heavy mutt of
paint When tho I first application had dried
ho applied a second and so on for three or four
times lie wont to bed and dnmmud of how
much moro sweetly Im would look upon tho
girls whon the tears wore not constantly xxell
leg uf u In his 00 Up early in the morning
ho rushed lo the looking class only lo html
that the bridge and upper part of his noso
wore of n rich mahouany brown color Wo
shall soon Ilx that said ho with a chuckle as
he drew the cork of the bottlu of alcohol anil
began to rub his proboscis hut to his horror
time alcohol had not the desired effect Instead
of removing time iodine thin alcohol only acted
as varnish and KIXU n brilliant polish to the
unfortunate feature Meantime Norlhorii
incillowont steadily up and thin unfortunate
tea taster was distracted between fears of
I uncial ruin I and of appearing In I public with
his dam mod coiiiitunnncu Ilefnro he could
make up his mind I what to do his loss on thn i
stock xvas almost fHtenn points unit ho is now
a lurocious ixmr upon all doctors ana chnmlsts
It is only of the comparatively trilllni losses
of tho small bear speculators that I tlm I public
will oxer hoar 1 lie private Mltleinonts of I lie
bit bears will nuxer bvinmu known Tlmy
must hnxn iimotintud to hundredi I of thousands
of dollars In thoso two coinoicd htockb Hut
event him I siuuests tlm t iduithat llmleadinu i
botrh arnbtioiiKunntiKh nolonl tostanil I thefn
IOSSIH Vml to t letalintn much iiuickur tliiin the
bulls ONpCCt
A prominent I t coal man nnd a director In ono
of r tlm nm riilroi rpt > ik < s in the follow Ini
wix of tlm lonilllion of 1 the coal tradolnconeral
and of tlmUnl I iwatnundhackaxaiinaCompiny
in I pattlciilar
rime n 1 I W Company umsmmt to pui lyn 10 I 1 per
cent dixldoinl xxhlch it FU ptmilcd piiini in
Jul I > 137l Thu next t tot ir Ihncomiiui I t show ml
a host of mutt rb y a million of bilious I InOrto
ber issi it maiinioil to rcsnmn tlm payment
of f dixidends but onlv at the rito ot l < per
cunt ijuartorly Meiinxvlillo the stock fell fiom
f IJltoMl I In I hut I satuu period I lerse 1 Cuii
tral dcliiii from llJU to hi li nnd 1eluitviirm arid
lluilson sold as low a Ii a hhiry jhto coal
eruiipiinli mire In no butter condition nou than
the wtru it that time to meet Iho Inmitabln
dm Him In hit volume of all blanches of trade
It is a curioiih fact that tlm coal Iradn Nalwns I
hum last to feu I time cIToi ot a coniinl doptoc
chili but when it dnm foul It It feuls It Keiuilj
Tlm haul ot 1H71 barely afloetol tlm uomml
trule I m AH lull I ns lS7i 1 the KIOIH earniiui m of
tho I 1 I W footed I up u oxer 27imI limb It I tviia
only In ISTii that limit shook itu i full time grits s
uuniiiiKs fallinir to il7IHlOi and to ti I
thtiiljl Imu tile next jciii rimhnnm thliu will
probalii repeat Itself noxv Thu uqnuril do
piohslonln all kinds of IIIISUIM fur tho last
two eats has not tot been hIm In tlm ioal trade
hut when It eoiucii to bo full wo mmiv linxo a
repetition ot tlm tours 1ST I and JS7H Tlm
II 1 1 V limit toinmlttud a tiroU mistake In
fmdilllnult < ulf with nn nMra lleil diiu oof
JlJJUDnii a yuiuur for tlm nun liullalouxtenslnn
hm mum iindur tlm i most faxnrnblu ci rcmm tush mitt cis
this I nou lino I I will biruly bo nblu to earn Its
rum ii tm Itmg ox tie umxcs not to hpuak of thu I lleJ
cit murgmu
Thu proibml condition I of llm t market nat I
urally allueted intiHt hexuroly the jmiiiB and
not yet oompliited cnteipriM I Irnmlniiit I I
ninon tlioni Is tlm Canadian Inelllc which has
obtained Inunenso I iiilxlloKi s from lie t lovurn I
ment pays regularly S per cent on Its stock
and Is fiolllnir nt fIi a fclinru Thn last drop
from IP to 50 can Pu accounted for by llm
generally demoralled condition of financial
iillnlrs In Canada Hut In limit emu fmm a m share
is n cheap pilcnfor a 2 porct nt Mori espi elal
It I If tutu keep In xlew thopilciiof the Northern
raclllofctocks which dont pay minim dUlilmul
nnd I mirm hot Ilkul I I > to pay mi t for einto eomc
limo two roniU nru naluiil coinpelltotK nnd
thin Ciinndlan concern hits certainly > u Iwtler
I mielt limit In I tlm i nvormm aleRt of i root llrllaln I
than I tlm Northern Iaclllu has In the Mlppor
rum uinl irs of thu I now famous Jsilnd I h iool I AH
to u Wail strem report that tlm t Canadian
1aclllc I xxns to Issue some botid toTiuniieto
thn I road 1rusldent I htppliuns nnd seventh dl I
lectors of time company now In tlm city BID that
notliinc of time kind I has oxen been projected h
lie I company t lImo I reasmm my lins now on lie itt
all llm ash i iioeiisary for btillillnu purpusiv
nnd tlmOoxoiiinmnt Hiibhld lieiidei
The niunntoriof the Iicillc Mtll miu HID
hint suiveedid in ulteiliu their coutrtet with
tlmUccldenlal nnd Oriental hteaiiihhli Com
pany Jly t the t now nclieilulo tlm t Iacllb u Mull I
xxlll Intro twothlrild Instead of half of time
Pacific Omtnmilm btinlnuss Time directors any limit
this t I chnnuo Is another stop towaidpaltiKdlxl I
dcnd on the rmIllc Mall Mock next spline
rein Orhllli iimiuUilon
iVmi lir lilladtipMa IiI
Tom Oehlltrco says the lrlnc < > s ol Wales
and time Enipre nf Auvtrla are the fliini laiiu heni t
abroa4 II says h hat a eoramlibion to tcna thalalt
Darned twu or tliret iaJ4l < hotfiti tram Kentucky la tut
n i
Watchman Ilik KlllrrlllHTne In a L tit
Ynrd In llriioklrn
A twontyhorsoiiower boiler In John B
LoomldH lumbar > nnl In huller ant KoTlns
streets llrookbn uxplodpil joMordny utter
noon T lie I untmrl into nelcbliorhood on one
suit of tint yanl la thickly gothic wllh tone
inentK nut tlm ociiiirronco caUMMllntnn onx
oltomr until tIme piuno anil extent ot the
ilrtinnco ttuiut nRcortalnciI 1lvn minute after
tlio accldont tlio Klduwalk tmero blocked ttith
Iitioiiln VlmlnuaworuHliatlcredruiil part of
hut I iloino uf tIme boiler it ulghi I rig about 400 r
poundd ttanblown through n frame workshop
DUO foot away i
It van an tiprlKht tubular boiler about five i I
years old ilnbetltleil In brick anil was one ot I i
four In the jnrd It wan used for dnlnit lumber
Cliiirlns Siulllt Is the uiiuliuier The tiny watchman ii
man MehobiH llsk numl il tu of 430 Wnrrtn
itt mnt who it as not u Ikensid I iMiclnoer hail
i lutr o of It I I and MS far nit Is knon n Im wait t lie I
only iiorxon In tho aid lie was Ulleil In I
Niieutor I Thomas F 1 IVmiirH think t limo cxplo I
nlon wn iluo tu a Hinlilyn Introduction of coltl
Mttiir In I tint boiler i Itotnnlitiian Thomni
Downey of the t HerKen I Mreet nollio ImdJiiM j
Inisiitl tho laid 1 had Just ui xod time main
mileway lie Miltl whun 1 loom nh a nolso Ilku
a liriimlMiln Irom n iniiuoiir Thnitlrnai
Illlod mci tIm 111 Inr imtt Icks I Iill to iweatie the
Hhovver Tlmn I sent out nn alarm of HID from I
ii private teliiiliotie I tin brick wall nf tin
lryl tug loom were sliattcied and twenty feet J °
from it hero the boiler stool I fininti llnk lylnc
on hit uaok lie only breathed out nrlwlut i
lifter I sum him I An nmbulanco curutton told S
me that many of Inn Imiie had bomi broken I
Thu htroot mm nn xtrewn with I the bollcrtulHsnnil I I
a litiiro ilmii ol Dm boiler had fallon Into
1 liDinat Moilioni s tool I IIIIIIMC on Ilond street
I hn I xlde of this liiillillni mitts torn nwav
Anotnur nlocn of tho tioiltir uolublnc lull
poiinds torn a lioln In limit suIt of n Ininlinr shout
imiiiMlb I lloss A Sunn HID feet nwnj Had thu I
aeeldont occiiiied I on a weok dav man persons
would hne been killed as them mo many men
etiilloxeil > In tint Immediate leltilt and tbo a
fit Immg miumuus mu ron eoiild mmot hut liolpod hit I
t Ing mutumutit t I
lfil luul a itlfe and two children lie wan nt 1
< nn linn nmploiil In tho lliooklui Kirn lIe >
intrtnient h nnd w ah mite of thu urhor of the
lliookl I t ii Thoalte t llu
T I ho total I IIIM will I not oxceeil t 10110 I liollcr u
Inspiietiir IDuuni sris that tho boilers at I
Ioimi H mllln Morn tttidet Imo I ttmutrga of tho I
1 lilelltylaninlty Com puny of Now iotk nnd ho I I
bad iioMT ln I ieited them t Tint eniclnwr of
Iliiifniliiiy CharlLS Smith is rnllod a Iliioful
in in l Mr l liioin I < oi DS that t ho lamltbloxam I
Inutl tho boilur In tho forunoon
liks ttiiiu hUt Aplvce
WASHINGTON Get 21Thin Director of the I I
Mint miss prepRiut n Mittinnnl thnulni HIP rprcle auit I
pujnr ilruilnllnu at the UtilliJ SOils nn let I I8J3
In null I I I
In the TrmuO tuui 1 Gmi t t I
ini iuumiitloo tntst I I
tth tttiliouu mitutm Cut mtimusm4 I
Ihirtiillliin 107 in I Mill Ull
uiilii i < um imiiTji I 54It iu tti mmu M4Ullll
llurililliirv I I 4isJ7t IHJ 1 XJ7 I i43tiuttI I
iuli er tmiCtimtm
nlr > In lTvi Ull fit 1 7n SIM ststtrms I
iii < 1iirttu nlfl 17 ln loo Itiu i tin R2mIS III
itvrr 11 rllllc8 li I M Jr u strjl i lull iii4m l J41 I
i h iifltm J7III4J urJ4Ao MHIHlUtll
all1111 Hank
ii S Iimi7lmm u17ci mu mtcait rt
triitiumummui ity 5 itt im 7uiii Immuums 0
Tutut iuaititiT imtirniti Il7tiitt7ui I
t Inttil In I ArkuiiBiifl
UATESVILLI Ark Od 21limo White KUcr
lial mcrm eieImc fir Irilicn an hour for the taO turn
utittt > hour inun latinul knit 1 tO lu crci t fcnrn Rn > l
uim I mu ttItmts iilt t t mtm i hIs I uuiielelmmtmice
tiiiimmy TIm tnim14t t ilm umimail fart um ii titer in
I rrehnrmii t Ill i t imrg nmmnir t
mirn ii tu immttiiummd utmimli tm ime if S luomi is Iii unt
mr all I smr it ii t mm r ftanueulmue iu
m mu tiumires irmtii rI iii Beimm iii ti amrr
iigier iiumum or itir umm muu cars etopi iou iMt
Court aimuhr lkm lty
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tmm I JI4 Jli uic 21 JIU time tilt JJJ Kruiui
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liii tin J MM 1IKI llHt llfst 1IN7 lib miss Ihvi
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trrli l sl Hiuy Oct 21
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us titu unit ri II iinii
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xs Knti i urnill Itkir Ni Si Orient
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tf lnrl lin from Mi ntivul ut tt mit tile on her Hay ta I
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tAll II Cimmul tiuumns enact
Sn frniii o n piiMm n fi r Nci tnrk
is M tm ika f ni V ni i ftim n dIr Stw Vork I
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M trINs N it In llinrhlltl Oil li Itt iirtfIril
Itvriirinul l liuri li I iln ln iiiurkc vMjin Ii I P UK
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