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Ir 1t iUffjji r t rfJ
I 1IOr1 nT l ffiwy Y <
NiJ C i
f 1
1 I j
e I
4 t
4 FIRS r NIO In Cl lCtflI 111 TO TIClCTE
inn tnrii IIIN llImI
fill Old Pnlrnna MIlk to IIIpln nnd Irv
Inc Plnee Tke Viliitlerlilll Tiiha Lord
f lrrld n in Ike fiiliice nn Itronilnnr > lr
Ahliel lOIn lie la lult Snllsfled
A d07A1 spoulatr with nlclw l badges and
bank bills twlnod In thnlr flngom took tholr
nations at tho main entrance i ot thn now opera
houso as early asCfs oclock lastuvonlng dipt
Williams In full uniform with Keruoaiit
VTuatarveltnud I corps of twenty policemen
followed tholr hcoU nnd tho crowd began to
gather Immediately afterward I soon tilled
both sldca of Broadu und Hevonth av onuo nnd
choked up tho sidewalks ot Thlitynlnth and
Fortieth vtreets around thn side entrances
Bows of tlchtfl gleamed out with it sudden bril
liancy at 7 oclock nnd simultaneously tho
chorus of tho speculators and tho cries of the
police ochood through tho streets
a Tho speculators exhibited diagrams and
I vociferously offered BOlls at prices vnrilni
from tC upward and found no dlfTlculty
In soiling at those prices Throo dollars was
demanded for family clrclo tickets the cheap
est In tho houso and the crowd of persons who
waited for them stretched along line through
Thirtyninth street out Into Broadway and
around the corner
Lone before tho doors opened a crowd
jammed tho Broadway entrance and another
crowd packed the sidewalk outside When the
doors woro thrown open at 745 carriages
rumbled up to tho three entrances In
a dense mass and tho crowd was sep
arated by tho police to allow the ticket
holders to enter For an hour and a halt niter
ward a stream of gorgeouslyattired women
with tholr escorts parsed through tho ranks of
onlookers I was fashionable society on dress
Tho crowd on Seventh avenue flattened their
nosoo against tho windows looking In under
tho stage and the people In Thlrtvnlnth street
wedged themselves about tho stage door AO
that the singers and musicians had to light
tholr way through to tho theatre
The number ol people who claimed acquaint
tnco with Mi Abbey or Cnpt Williams In tho
hope of socurlnK free admittance astonished
both those gontlmnon Thoy expressed their
pleasure nt meolliiK Ihs new found
Irlends but did not tumMi nny passes and
tho crowd lingered about with disappointment
on their face and opera glumes In their hands
midnight before
It was long after
lfer rllnlht
f > 1011
I Durfoiinunco cntni to an end and
tL tho audlorico I Bntrmcd out In a body
lroaii IU way < at tho I lime I I was a tunclo t ot carriages
11011 iiprnir of volcoa Ioltoeinon I lmftil y
cleared HID I silkwalks of the irowds that t bad
1 lingered it lurllllho cvonini I and tind to facil
itate lhi I dopvi lure of llio big jih nihlnKu
Itslwon iibKHlihlsaltl Mr Abbui h O he
eurvoiiil the I Ihrul with t his liainlsdtiop down
Ilii HntlRllnl Ivory
inhlstinitsui pokct Im 11 111
Boat In I the hOI o wn taken unit I eoiild have
got tl iiioio if 1 hnd boon willing to Foil ad
niIIons to the aisles
I he great tiiitjot itt of the POI O entered the
1ho Irell
Opera lloiiM I bj Ihn I lroidwii eiiliaiui1 I Thn
estlbul vns n long loom tet with groups nf I
riuare IoluniiiB U he Ills wont of unoiango
tint and tho coiling I was PlutO lied In I blue
Three tall nrohwnjH led to the hoty l of tho
thcntio Tho people paI < In through the
cuntre arch whuru the tickots wcro taken up
by two mon who wore imlfninis Ilku llio eot
railway conductor rpootators crowded the
lobby anti vniched the Incomers Capt Williams
hams and I dozen politer en kopt tiifin In
order Innidii the gates wore several Central
omo 011 dotectivos on thin lookout t for thieve
Tho grand stairway ran up on the light
and left Us niillngx and tim railiiic of
the llrst floor were heavily glldod Over
the lobby on the llrst loot was
n largo parlor which had apparently
been hastily furnislwd Tho stone Honr was
ben hlly < and heavy curtains
ovored with Turkish HICK Inll a curlallQ
wih rUI
hung at tho doors and windows Lounges and
chairs upholstered In brown anti drab stool
around Very few persons entered 1 this parlor
The walls of thn hal nnd tho circular corri
dor outside tint boxes were orange nnd the
upportlnii pillars wore of I lemon lint The
general ofloU was as If thn walls wore merely
primed for painting There worn sitveial little
rooms running out of the oomdors here and
I rom Illlod with paint and
there which wero I10d wlh 1111t pots
fJ carpenters tooK
erpcnlor box on tho four tiers has Its separate
entrance from tho corridor I was easv to
much mi y particular box This I encoiiriiuoil
11 <
visiting tt flit geiitlumun and Knmotimcs ladles
travel lot ariHind from box to box A catoror
who has his rostiiirint on tlie fourth floor
eervod refreshments in tho rooms attached to
the boxes
Tho ourtain rose for the first net at 828 The
Intervals botwoon acts went exceedingly Inng
Nllshon Del 1 ritontoficalilil and Campanliu
received many flowers Ciuipnium car
rlcdiiwnyli 1 llro henen of dinli tilk with the
word Faust and n bunch of flmveis palntod
on I I IfA hung on a hnmboo bras tlpiod i
frHnie wIt rail top her tie I monogram r C
31 IIH Nllsson received a largo gold wronth
liald to havu boon presented by Ml W J Yen
derbllt Hho was called bible tho curtain
dlrbl <
throe tlmos at the end of the thIrd act
The IndliH wore nearly all drowd In white
1111 IIO noarly
orvery light oolois antI this with the plain
flits of the decorations iniule I consplciinus
want of color In thn auditorium Itwasio
lloved bore and there by thin brightness of op
era conks thrown over the ralllngA and by the
bunches of pink rose laid on ito mil
Every SPilt In tho house was occupied from
orchestra to gallery Tho seats wuro every
where broad and comfortabln and a fair view of
tho stage could bo I had at every point
Mr W U Yanderbilt and his family rat In
the Hist box to thn ht l of thin oichoBtia
entrance Lord Colorldgo jvas with thorn
Among other not hcahlo mon lli boxes were
Jay Giju lit HiiHsoll I Hngi Dr W A I lit iii lucia
JuHtlco Daly rind Prof Dorenius A huge pro
portion of the people in the gallery woro French
ml Italians
Tlio tonipoiaturo of tho house during most
of thin nvoiiln wns very cool and thin gallery
liiBtoadof lioliiK warm was oven cold 1ooplo
ntei < d In I tho balcony Tho ltdli 111 I tho I OXPS
worn lownecked drinfoK almost wlthoiil ix
1010 hot In I tint I o relies nt Bulls llglit I unit tints
Well gitlil I I I worn 1ovv pooplo unit t awny
until ilm end of thn fou rUt act which wits itt
midnlglit I sir Imiiiii 311 Vnniluibllt then led tlio rush
Owing to bomn trouble with tit ln printer
no prnuTuiniiiin could ho bad until lulu in thn
e ellll lrllrull times tho scenery vveirkid bndly
I owing to Its nmvnrsH At mldnlclit u slluht
dlhlurhu pn was nooHglonid by thn t nipid re
intnil or I man who liiHlsud on oouupvlnir no
t orchcMrn Imlr that did not Imlonir to him
All tlu nll vut II lrH culls amid mind It
rather culil Ilm IIOIIHII VMIH Illiinilliiilnd by
CBS jols hit In liniuliKHOf llvrH nt pculnr In
terval I thorii Imiiiiulnn liiinthns on 111 rail
lag of seth HIT I rim Unlit vus Miltumd by
uncut nit liusHnloliiM fo as not to I bo I nt I all i tin
pljiisnni di I tint h les
Tutu rat I jugs of HID I I COfl I rid stiti rosen were
Cllelil to tln I top hoer Thn HtulrciiHO In dn 1
rcHiiilliiK turtiH tn 111 four until It innilies tho
first floor when It twists In Ilm Itfl This oc
laIol1 con fititlon nn pnopln kept turning I to
corridors thu right and found ihenibolvos itsi ray in thn
At ton minutes pufnro R 1 hire WIS 1 lino of
Monlu Ixtinillmi I fri in tho boxcilllo nl I Ito
family circle r of Din Aiiidnmy lit rmirlmnth
itrmit Thn line at tint piiniunt nlllu AilS
mailer I but I tie I narrow Ilitrnnin pasmi1 win
hlockod im usual I Acadmny npiiilnu tight
WlinnHluiior Ardltl took bin plaen at Ihl cnn
eliictorH ilihk tll piuoiivt ttim lieiiiiiiinc lu
till UP Illllkt III tllll IMlMlplllltSdf till tmII1
11 ecu rto nlt urrlud liv Um llnm I i HIH I I < urliiln
men Hnnn linwmnr thti HtnckhnlilTH IHLIIIII
to arrive and hnd It not Urn Inr tin vmd
In thn Astor IiX I Ill MUM Illllllll lH I > h
would huts proMinlnil Ih Mil it ltruiiu
BM In prmimiH itiioii Vhin Minn n rctiT
f in II mi thn fliit suit tviH Kriilid by I ii till
unit tint its linillniit In pnlnt nt olulll Us
vvhiMi lint Ulldnlii liml tlm in iniinlt ol ItHlInn
OIIIIIH I hut cot htthtily ns lawc HUTU sits
1 ft a 1 viu nnt hHiit In iln > iniiiit nr I
liilcony atiel liter tvttn pnnt 11 I Miinil
itS Niiirly nil thn luixcs WMP I i
I on I tiolli rlrl first and 1lllll tins liii I
uillininincniiiiiHriil to ami Iliei S fill pn XKIIIH
1iihiiiui hud iniiiii dntvn a 11 l II < t In
fimliion hit mid In nilliil TH 01 iiiitliii lifiii
It hlKiirVln nl niMlln
give Mi itmini anil HIr VII 111111
tiller oiiih net and Mlit Mill Oiirflcr heidi
to the prnsmniuiii iiot Ill r ladHii with tlts tri
Khu uiainu ly iiliilltid Klwnnr Ardltl tn
Illiolly 1111
kiP nun nl lien IxiuijUilii A met hg lie I IncS
familiar from piivinim stilt itti S m > ru lliominf I
mliar 1111 11 fUhnl
Mr and Mm u Aiiiitist lIe I uluort t Jrj thin
Maia < Wnlghtt Mr and ihrs IIrro
I < > rllliird Mru arfevvuld liny Mrs Pall
HtiVfltia Mr Clarincit Huuard Mits Mllo
iliirli Mr 0 j MnrliJ Sti llnyal Iliolpo the
Outlines I Mr L you I IiihTuui 10Yi the tlit 0 SIr
alit Mariiulun Mores do Vnllombrosu and r
an Mrs T U Muscravo
JudkitOaornmiilnbuperiorCouitCbAmbors I
restonlay LTHiited a toniiiorary Injunction re
tr liiliiLVillUiii I tinny from iictlmf with Mr
VbUiy as stage uianauur lu vlolaUoo of a con
tract tends with Col Mapteson A motion to
continue the Injunction will Lit heard on Wod
nenday Judun Odnrmim ruftiRnd compel
Mmo Lnblnchn to sing for CoP Mnploson last
yvnnlnir linldlnp that them was no authority
In any adjuditttd pate for such an 1 order Mmo
Lnblnche tlmrofnro while roHtntlncd from
whlo rolrllled frll
singing for Mr Abhor cited not sing for Col
tarily Miutliaon unless sIte chooses to do so volun
rotlcemnn llnkertye vr Take Iolsen nnd
Cuts krr Childs Tkruitt nnd her Own
Mro Lnulhn Doherty who of Polleomfin
Rlluel Dohonv of tho Srorcor strept Rtntlnn
elt her throat at her homo aHOfl Fourth aye
alto Inst ovnnlnc after Inn tnl an almost
similar wound ou her 5yearnld laughter I
Lllllo Iolterty anti his wits nltliniich lltteon
jnars married lived so unhappily together
that about two months ago ho loft hor and be
gan procoidinus for n divorce Two children
out of live that wore born to them arc jot
hiving Maggie 9 years old and Lllllo 5
Tho family had lived for n year In
the houo In Fourth avenue which U between
Twentyeighth and Tvvontnlnth streets on
tho west side of the 1onu Dohorty declined
last evening to say anything of his family
troubles except that ho had applied for a dl
vorco but that It has not jet boon BI anted
Last evening Mrs Doherty wont to 1 drug
storo on the corner and bought two ounces of
laudanum I On her return nho took her dntieh
tor Lllllo Into tho bedroom and locked
Ito door leaving Maggie playing about
In tho outer tooms and In the hall
A woman hivIng In tll IIOUMI knocked nt the
door of the bedroom Mrs Uohnrty told her to
to away Shortly afterward Huuh Dohorty of
319 hast Fouttcenth Street n other of the
policeman visited tho hoimn to call upon
111 IIon
Ills slsti rlnlav When little Manila told
him thnt her mother had cot somo
motlr 8010
modlclnii at tlio drug utoro and lion locked
borsch f tip t with the chIli hln mind was Illled
with ml ulvliiKfl Hn kuooked nt tho door but
got no answer Ho thon vi nt nttcr I pollen
mun the Thirtieth and rutiirnvd street with statIon rntrolman Onniblo of
Oanihlo fnrcid the Iloor tn thu I bedroom Mr 1
lohprti and llllla I I ern Ijluc I on tho bed
Mothwore unconscious hut thn child revived
on bnlnir taken into tho t other room anti
smiled upon thn poll < eiiinn whom sho
know Sho was siilTorini only fiom
inns of blond from u 1 titab wound In
Ihl heft side of itO nock which hnd penettntid
the I vxtornul jiiKUlnr viln Thn mntlmr bosldos
tilt weakness latiscd by thai loss of blood had
nlun symptoint of nnrcntiu poisonIng
antI I olIII toof of buidinum soIWgi
she had bought vas found In the
room partly emptied Her wound In the
throat wet aliinmt Identical with that on tint
little girl anti It had also prmttrtiltMl
thn tternnl jiiKulnr Sho had also a
slight cut on lie left fonarin
Thqimbulancn lint wait called hnd a balk
hnrMt and another was called anti It was
111 I I oclock before this mother nnd tlilld woroin
crivnd nt tilt New York Hnspltnl Thin jihjsl
ciiinsiiy hint titl titer of tie patients Is In I un I
tile late ii it n gr mil that tho t injuries I mo not
iippoRsarv fit lnlln I I I thitr no
On thn t lnd I was found a 1 vvhltohandlcd cnrv
Inc knife nnd this letter
I inkiMii InicixcT roLtei2 T MIBCI n STRVCT i
tel lr I 1HXI I
doied Ilit ki > nf 4ml loiirlli nictitie f titilti itti petit
Itbefnri htl ti i iiiiitd stile iier I ar ellhlCI
plense tetit itt Ir u a ity rI17 lepers titit
Ihe Il tlr tt ii 1Iel tt hl h tttit iii I ii
rII In lr rrnll nail alto 1 doilies
Cliii ti t n Ii ittt I iii It mire ft lsrt of ity ttiitfriit
itetr Illir I ti I lii thu tiirgitttn t tilt St Ati mcii fit
1 jet I lie 193cr I ill I oiiit pu holh Olclhlli
hear M Iou to ittOt tOol cit ii elitl hid learn rnII1
Ie l a giiiii girt II tell tttti the ptittii I hOIc itt 1
111 tiit 11h citji J 11 gtt IIcnlh I ha benIIle
okkIIIll II I Ri I nut olnil No 10 nl
lrI ititir rathr NUL luR 2a 3icrcr it
Tke Iltvlalein Tnmnmnr 1rApnses to Save
Tkrre District from Ika Republicans
Tho Tammany Democracy took deckled
stops yesterday toward uniting tint party In lie
nominations for Honatore At tho request of
tho lion John Kelly the twcntjfoiir Assomhly
district leaders l assembled in Tammany Hall
In the afternoon Mr Kelly told them that un
less there was union the Seventh Klghth and
Tenth Senate districts would Lo carried by the
Hopubllcans Ho thought that Tamman the
Count Democracy and Irving Hall should
unite on a Senator In every district Such
action would do much to allay jealousy and 111
feeling and to pinvent trndlngon election day
Several of the district leaders spoke In favor
ot union and 1 then lie Hon John II Haskln
movMl tint a union be made which should give
to Tammany llio iiominallons in the Hlxth
Klghth I ami Klcventli I boimtn ilislilcts to Ito
County Democracv Ito nnnilniitlons In tho Say
oCt Ii Ninth and Tontli uhiol rids and to Irving
Hull I Ito I nomination In i the 1ifth illfli let This
wIts carried and the oonferenco adjourned
TaniiiniiDB propoKitlon will I I I bo made to the I
County Democracy today Although somo of
thin County Democrniy leaders nro opposed to
ondurslngKonator Ihomas F lrnly It is I be
level I thnt I a nn i ion i ulll Lie tit tile on Tiiinmnliys
basis Should the union bn cITeotad Col
3llohaol C Murphy an Irving Hill Democrat
wi lll I I be nominated I 1 In I Ito I Klftlidili ibet Thomas
10 Grid Tammany in tho hlvth district
James Daly Count vDomoci act In th Seventh
district John W Brawn ing lain I mutiny 1 In i tho
Eighth dlstiict Junior Iilgorald County
Daniooriioy In tho Ninth district Joseph Koch
Count Ditinocrao in I tho Tenlh dlslrlot and
Goorgn Iliinkltt Tnmmani I In tho Klovonth
UxCongn mlln James OUrlunH head
qunrtorH weni trended lust nIght Among his
vlsltorn wore Ira D I Wairon and ox1olipo Jus
tice Jamns I Coulter of thin County Democra
cy Assemblyman John McMnniis of tho Irving
Hall Dmnncracy Orlando L Mownrt and Mr
Thomas M Drown Tie ioun in I lint of the In
dopondont Ditmocracy woru lainy makliig thai
nrratigiiiiionls for the mass meeting In thu
Cooper Insiiluto tomorrow Oil II 1111 Mi
Stewart said that the moetlng would nomlnntu
n IooplpB tlckot ngnlnBt tno tickets nf lie
Democratic and Republican machines Mnm
born t f the t commit I I Ion I said I lint litmos Olttlen
would undoubtedly bo nominated I for IloglPtor
They thought that an entirely now county
ticket t would bo nomlnalcd
Mr Ollrlnn said The mooting on Wednos
day night will show what Hlrength wo have If
thin weather is fair wovvlll have an Immense
meotliiK Wo hnvn cnnnuotlons with every
election district neil know what wo are doIng
A Lively aloetlni iif Ika Ifiulslnnu Urmo
crnlle Hint Ciunralllee
NEW OniEAN8 Oct 22Tho Democratic Stnto
Central Coimnltiee met here this afternoon with Presi
dent John KH7 atrltk In the chnlr Ket enty three morn
lien we present The Secretary called the roll and 1
rortlx answered to their names The unconlesleil
drlegstts were added to the list den Jaitremikl of
Hatou llouge inotel that the committee reorganize The
Chairman said that he held office until the neit Slate
Convention therefore tie decidid that the motion was
0111 or artIer leii Jstretttpt I siiesIe4 frititl ilie drol
dcii of tie Chair situ I aUJ fir tho leSS etil usC t 1110
liii lIuI1l rull Yess 4i uuti al The itislr do
ciiicil list the tittitititi wil 1111 a 11 t ii Iltlrd I itS miittg
roitirid Mr KIIhk drcl1 lea the dOellolt it
tie tllr Wsi revIloav which t ii rcielvril with
ul cud CIiceri1 situ iAd his tvtiuiI non suite iy II II
tltti itiioe4 lust IceIrthlenl J II tulac ti I rIeled
I ililetit 1 Ito itttitliimt Wsi carrhI timid 101 EUiide
link tue tItle
Mr Vftpiitflck snldi I am dialriran and cannot be
run ui t by a crowd 1 This II reoluIIllny iii 1 I He
ilare ihe t miellng of the Slate Central Commutes ad
lila Mr nail hIisily snld i I am a Democrat and I never wit
iirrsed 1 an thing of Ihls kind before There Is no prcce
ili nl lor I tutu h proi eedlug A nh
A couiitrv in nilrr In ro snatcned me necreiary s iia
icr 1 but i Mr Klin r alriek I I del lared I Hat I they were the
irnprrir I nf I tie I ciiiti itiitte Ur ritrpatnck ana twenty
lltrorllilrty 1 iititila r haul withdrew
Ciiligrrs mali King > ald he did not Ihlnk I hut Mr Kus
at wasrlrtltd and wsnird e rnmmlllre of Ave In wall
in on HIP roiheri I who hud willidrntvn and endeavor I to
i fin I n n f mahu1 iiiinmlllee I was flunlly ap
iidntrdto Infnrni I lie si nent mrmher cor tho lime nf
III ethiC IIr IheKMiimltlie MI lint I lllr > could rrturn 1 and
b > jrep i in 1 he merlnit Him I udliururd uiilll l tiiiiurniw
11 rdli 1 lI 1 Id
The lolling inrtnlirrs niter their I wllhdruttal held u
melting si t wlildiarrsoliilinn Wk u1oitrd In draw up
an aldnrstiilhriitUiiisof the Attic retting forlll the
I tilings nf ihe tommlttie and Ihtlr ret iilutiiiiir
ui lion
The Mi 1 Km n nn I llgilni faction members nf the
riMiimillie I A caucus thU t mon Ing The HcKnery
lies ilalmid hull I they I had 1 a majority of ten and detain
II h 11 l IJ rrJII i
tain in miI Mr riliiatrick who ii l couslderrd Inimical I
to Mchllrr
Jutulina Klreulklns Spell
llniixirpnuT Oct 220n Thursday Jumbo
and lh rrsl of llarnum show will rrathhoine and go
Into winter quarters after ira tiling i tUJ miles since
April 1 J
stock of llo s and 1 Children Otercoati and Bulls of our
own design and manufacture 1rlcrs moderate Jessup
1 fo 7407 IM Ilroadway near Hi ttlde
Vagtl llrolker Men Winter Sails
are of thacsnest noieltles and superior trloimlng and
worknianihlp fi vt ay aDd llouiloublh avcorUJ
Tsxrel Uralken Beys ClatkUc
basbecoms an pooular that they bays to srnfloyover
uo ttUoii te luiclr tha GWIItd4iV
Wftjitfl2 0
Voxel Ilrotkers Fuskloi ratuUcar
showing what to wear thiS winter for men and toys cciii
trie Urcmway and llonlon I Bib ar and 43444
VaaTl Broiken Overcoat
lor thii 1 winter are squaRe the Basil custom mid end
ui sold ai out third huLa itrtc44
Professions and amateur voctllsU unlit to pr U Dr
Bull Cough Syrup fries U ccntB Ato
josntit a iiiiNitnix AND VAron LOW
Tk Prospect or Ikei Man who kae knd to
Make kl > Unit Way Ilrlgklrr ikea tkoeo
r tke Mnn who kne hnd Me Wnr Mssde
for klinUr Ilendrlma Speech Lnst Matkt
Tho Brooklyn Mayoralty I contest began In
load earnest yesterday morning and last
night both tho candidates addressed portions
of their constituents ut public meetings
Mayor Lows campaign Is evidently to bo
managed rcKardloss of oxponoo Great ban
ners aDd transpaitnclcs display his name
warnings to Itupubllcan voters not to forgot
register were pouted In the homo cars tho bar
rooms and tho public places and In the busi
ness district yesterday tho street boro a mild
snowfall of circulars and dodgers bearIng
arguments In favor of a second term for tho
wealthy young lIelubllcRn Ills evident that
Joseph 0 Hendrlxs present prospects seem
4 UMA T Mh n n If
w IU v 0 uo 0 au
necessary for them to work vary hard
Mr Hondrlx began early In tho day the work
of Introducing himself to ItopubllcaiiB and
Democrat nllke Ho mndo a pnrtliil tour of
tho factories on tho river front In company
with oxMayor howell who Introduced tho on
elletlc young calHlIdllto lIS the man who has
had to make his own way In tho world and who
Is opposed by the man who has always had
his way made for him Mr Hcndrlx
led his companions a tiring chaso up
and down tho stairs to factories and workshops
and through croit buildings 110 found him
self much hotter known than ho had supposed
was the case and many of his errands resulted
In his being Informed that ho had batter put In
his time ana work elsewhere as those ho called
upon wcro already work for him and In
tended to try to Dime nt the polls that tho Dem
ocratic party Is tint without nn able honest
and iiubilesttl rI hunt you hg man for the ofllco
I was coliiK to vat for Mr Low mid to usa
my itilluiiirn I I fot him nmnnir my frieiulH and
flinplotiH wild ono lulluuntliu Hopubllran
but iiiidur bin administration our tax rllto lint
Increnxid mil sluice you fay you will try to
maiinco ninro economically 1 propose to give
> ou n trial I I
Mt IlcndrK though undnrcolnc a now hnd
trvltiiexperience born himself modestly and
ritmnlniMl easy and silfiiossrRHcd In manner
Ho III II kill n L ttOj nppoannce tlioiiitli he Is not
co BLOdlooklnc as Jlr Low His fnco has not
the rosy tint or plumpness that Jlayor Lows
him antI hit hlgut rut Is I not HO comut fort ablo In I out
linn Mr Hcndrlx Is tall and shapely and looks
Kiuiipvvlint older tlian t ha K lie natural nxptcs
shout 01 Ills fiico hnlni Ihnuithtfiil and earned
nnd thu I top t i of lil is head beIng haul lie I It its
large black eyes that kindle when ho Is interest
od I nnd hl is Inivy daik iy turuvs a nil PtllTthlck
MKniHtiichu roimilitn tho picture orncoodlonk
inr I enriiest I and netivo inuni man Ho
droMs plainh He had but little to Bay
yesterday ttiilast hu was iiucstlnned whim
hi replied frankly commlttlnc Iiinisolf wholly
tn what ho t lid wern the pre < hlnl needs of
I llrnoklj I n riiplil transit a public market dealt
stniHP and nn oioiiomlciilOnMiiiimont
I Imxint Jlinor Low I mllllniiA ho
said to mm pi > rxnn and 1 have no record as an
ofllcilioldnr hut as ion hao houn KOIIIO of
t hut men who i mo most ntstmvtoil In I Brooklyn
IIIINO Mln lit In select mo fur this rain nnd I
am unlnc to work ns hard as I knon lion to
gain llm victor > HI succiPil Ill do my host
to fr11 thn lest l Interests of thin city and If I
10111111 I I u liuk I ID tin occupation by which I
Ki > my lixliiir
Although the tompnrnnro pcopli have bid l
ilnllancu In I hut I rociilnr turtles by tutu imug upa
ticket of f bait own they noorllielcBS xKltod
each nf tho nvuliir candidates jostciday
holr firM call trite upon Mn > orLow who nmdn
n little address In which was cry aopnront a
slroiic dislio to pleuso all sides without the
eaten time S ny Inc nnytlilne Tho Her Vllllnni
Stiles tho Itov Instill U I Fulton and several
otliers wero of tho party Dr Fulton read to
Mayor Low a resolution passed at the Temple
on Clcrmiiiit inDiino on Hunday It Inntructad 1
u committee to call on tho candidates for their
views on the onfnnnment of the Kcis law
The Mayor replied that he must stand on his
rncord end ns to thin future of com no ho
should kpcn himself entirely unomlmrruesed
by any plcdKits tniimbndy Ho said tile UIIOR
tlon was full of difficulty nno thai produced
strong feeling on both sIdes And vvbllo ho
mlcht bo wiser better able to deal with It now
or hereafter because of thu cxporlonco ho had
had ono thIng he knew absolutely and that
VVHH that hut should bo ontliol > freo neil un
plndired either way
The same resolution nnd Questions were put
to Mr HrndrlN As noon an Pr PulLout saw
tho Democratic candidate ho shook his hand
warmly saylnir Whv Is this Mr Hcndrlx
Why God blots you I have known you ton
yours Mr Stiles put tho nuectlona Mr
IndrKB answer was short III am elected
said he I shah Insist upon the enforcement
of ovary law on the statute book
It wits utterly Impossible to cot Into the
Tenth ward liendiiunrtnrs on thin corner of
Hovt anti Doerim streets vvhllo Mr Hondrlx
was spenkliii thero tit n lilllo after H oclock
lust nlnht Hownn friuupntlj Interrupted by
hearty npplntiso This Is what he said
VoLt OIV CITITFIS V mi hitte all rend the latfnrm f on
which m > nomlnnllnn ttns accepted If I I hnti not
fallid tocompnre II jntlt tilth lint t liliou tthich I Vla > or
II I 111 I I I II
I itt stands W ittillia f I nil that he can ilo for thn ttt Ifuro
uuil prn perll nf IIIcdl u > The lute rifts of tlilm I tin are
above all oilier Interest The viajorullj cnntnss under t
our present mlinirnblc liarter one rf the most
perfect plant fir mitt titdliiti irnternmrnt In treat cn
tresnf i oj nlutloiMft detisul ttlll always turn u upon
lh vital I point of the lititru tie I ir thecllt u The imtloiml
nartli s iitir < lilt I nrvanlred metbn1 of enrrs tint Inln I
tflii In l nlmlnlilratlun l gnat principles luitn properly
iiily MIC h Intirift III Ilm polltli frtitll of hit
Inciinilif of the I tulle e of Vint nr HM rnmes from the preP
tutu I of his udminlstrittinn I L That r this is I vuliuhlA I In r the I
tisof the I I nit hier miii Of the Itei nblli I fin nainui Iwilear
from f the credit mitkuuftr vlutor IHIW sndnitnistratlon I hr
the meinlterii of that pnrlv clsett here atil I b thtlr I pu
tatlon t I that OO one could 1 rtp found I In I all Itrookltn In 1 Ilm u
Dtmocrnllc rniiki l IK r lng the InmeMv and Integrity
and ahull for tt huh tint 1 gi title mun IIHH rtcel ed BO much
credit It semis In mi thlt 1101 Is nbnilt the iiueMlnn
that tin been force Into prominence lit the I Vlanr 1 s uu
wUe friends It I u WHK nut until hi hitd HU oppmu nt In Ihe
tOil 1 rri rei < elitilig I the em hatlc protest nn tlie t I pnrt of the I
I eol i 11 i
fifing ll mocrnls of Kronklt I n ngalnul the proud I scorn r of
Kiting 1 friuiilifir which 1 nm not holding him re
lOIlIIloh IK IIIulnlhll auMimi Unn lieu he em
bnlifs ttin whole i f lie I liraltiH pith 1 o let tip nf llifucitv m
ii lan e nf Vint nr Iow I s Iarl tire his time I Thousands
of mi n In m > nwn hurt are not mil I MJJ erlor to me
but equal In the best nun of Ibellme t t If ciri IIHIUHIRI
I wotars niro gtt it htm the i Inmtter of a man typical
of ertaln Idias us to local rn gotermnem cfn um
stanita todat I I give me the rUht to represent
the feeling that whil the Ideas an to local
government remain whero they orlglnatid In
the brains nf the people the idea that I no ono else can
put them Into effect tlmn tliipreoimit 1Jor U I exi loded
I IieWl tljtiUiTliI ID pufi hy A II limit I rniriiiifiit I lie noine
what ilMnccnnou t apciim tJorB of lie I Major and to
attribute I lo the I clMNR vifeit of TUttery upon
the Intellect the frngtr lie 1 uMiuiUt i
till < l Itrnokhn itch If li > B cl4ent of
IreliifT In on t lie hoimitrel tint lie I ttieil the city
lioniii tll bring n bl c premium Si lien Ullo that hail no
hrfli I Low wrre i orrtri > nmliiirl > heiioltfl hy the nccu
uiulntlnii I of money In tlie httii t and that when liy Hcrl
tlce tf thie I clti I iiet iinii yHBH iilitntntil I whrrtHdh
tn In oT ollle of the debt thti wno original Hnaii
I wan wllllilt an < l atu tu gva Mm all of tie 001111
whlcli jnvt nit n will aicord but I rttnnnt nor can
you my neKhbort Agnes that lie munnpollrfi
Ihe I niiinfrlpal fhl ptrit If I underitftnd hi that
thnt lit inrotiH tlie vplrtt of llio taxpayer
lIst liinatidi a dollar worth nf work fur a ilollurn
A orlhnr Ia a friiful eiptnrltttire I of nonev eta 1 low
tic ci You iitiit 111 tile t fall m thlp waul t2 1I7 on
tOn tl Ior < real mlafc aluutlon TliliuiuMl lc coat
vrtuuirli for tli luxury nf havhnr a Major with n
tn iininy I nt inutikli al 1 rlrln If It repren nted
only at r increase of 37 tenti on tic dollar
nrr ittuut year but you will flml when
10111 unlnutht
rr i1flu ariu Mlla that thin rate mum tiC
laid I III t crv main liifUnreii upon a > vnaity tn
ireaied Taltiatton I nut erlwpa I the inuiiM Inal ptrlt
itoeN i not meHii tlie tow rtut anil II low tnxra wiiiihwrru I
freely prninlHvil iou enrii at with I I Low 1 for Major
Mnr Ilff 1 miftn cltRI itrrcii A iientlfiimii who
live chute by here I telln me that the emetic eec not
clean Mayor Low cay that t hey arerlciintr tlittu thcv
floe cit fiiiiiiner sail that tlila him rtcultftt
from hm own Torti In f eiirlmi an ninunnt of
tminey that ha yet to bo islet liv taxatlcn I
dnnt Know nbont thu I rtrictp around rolumLi I llfitfho
wnrre perimns snme 01 tins iiinnrj isorniK pprnt uue i
do know thai llie strerlaof I the r nth ward arc many nf
them disgraceful illrlt and llntt i If there Isaiivmu
iIIII rll
nb 1r lust r elICit tn spare we would like to hate It tn brooms
1 lie Maor seems tn fear a stllullon of arty f spirit
for munlilnalsrlt Ihe lnl I belong in asfarasihe I
business of lirnnklyn Is concerned Is I the ai parly that
wantrapid transit and means to have ll the ariv
thai fatnrs a lithihl niiirket the pally Hint
wants mure economy In niunlclpsl I affalrsi tha I
party that want less I pretence and more genuine work
and Ihe I part Ihat wants a JtMervBluallon for taxallon
purpitsea nf the real estate of the city If Msvnr tAils
ilelrcis city deicer lo the cIty I Ihuece prpnlllu 1
must be because the energy efttclency and economy
necessary lo acblrle them are Incompatible with hli
municipal spirit
I say once for all that Ian Low represents no use
fill Idea in ulillc life to w tilt ll I Bin not cnlninlllnl with
firmness nf lonvlctlon uud I energy of spirit Ifernllt I
should attai h to in admlnlalrtlnu I hold that I Ihe > em <
ocralla I partv at large Is entitled Iii It I do ll feel at
III age like turning cniitemi ut tnciusly uimti a lent nomi I
nation male bv Iti3 neighbors first then seconded by
tha vcneralilei Vdluund I llrLrgs In a convriillon I where
WuI la If hi
Jeremiah P I Hntilueini east tlie first vote ever gtcn for
me In such a body W In never I begin to feel I Ihat t am
too good to VAkti the nomination for Meyer from the
hands nf such men I will cone luds that
Im but a stranger here
Heat en Is I my home
Mayor Low spoke In Tflmroranco Hall In
Hamilton avniiue last nliht 10 dill not receive
Ce enthusiastic wolcomo na lie did two years
Rtfo on tIle occasion of his llrst visit to the
Twelfth Ward
Tho Democratic Convention of the First
Aldermimlc district In Brooklyn was held lost
evening and nouilnutrd Ooo II Hterltnu of
the Second ward John McCarthy of the Fifth
James Keno ot tho Sixth and John Ourraa
i = k AA
of the Twelfth Tho drat three srq
nt present members of the Hoard of
Aldermen Thn district rom rta8A tho
FIrst Second Fifth huh Elahth Tenth
Twelfth and TwnnlyeMeond wards and Is
overwhelmingly Democratic
In the thin Aldjrmnnlo district thn follow
ng Domonrnllo nominations worn mad WII
i turn A Mntlilna of Ito FIfteenth ward John
Instil HUtoiiitli < Mn nR Enirlo Beventnonth
and J JnlTorRnn ninrk KlRhtoonth
ARsomlilyman Uavld Lindsay of tho Rlxtoanth
ward rrcolvoil laAt nlghl thIn Unpuhllcnn uoml
nation for Bonntor In tho Iourth district
John n McKenzIe and John A Hehllllnir
DiinnorBts and John V Bins and Thomas W
Woods llopuullcnnn worn nominated to Mil hue
vncanrliH on Ito Republican tlckot for Alder
men nt Large
Ynstordity was tho last day for reahet ration
Tho number of names otimllrd was 30093 ami
tho total registration Is 100479 or nearly RUOO
lees than tho n > nl lrntlon In 1880 sad 11254
more than that nf 1831 when Mayor Low was
elected by a majority of 4353
Franco MIni Acnlnet ike niaek Flat 1
Cklneset Hostility tic Foreigner
HONO KONO Oct 22A dcclnlvo action of
too French forces from liftNot against tho
Dhick IlncH nt IlaoNlnh impending Tho
weather IB cool and the ground Is rapidly dry
ing Tho French garrison nt HaNot momen
tarily expecting 3000 reInforcements which
will furnish an available forco there of 7000
mon Admiral Courbet has taken command
and will Immediately begin an active campaign
A thousand pirates who wero monaclnc Hal
Plonc wore driven from tho coast by French
The local newspapers state that tho French
have discovered that tho forts at BacNlnh nro
mounted with Krupp cuns and that they are
too strong to bo taken by assault
Thin ChmoHO aro as lstlns thin Dtack Tines In
Annam who number 300U mon oxclunlvo of
those In thin garrIsons nt UaeNlnh and Knntny
Tho Viceroy of Canton objects to foreigners
traiinlnK tlirBtriots Ho lifts 101XHI men In
the nolgliborhuod Canton ostensibly on HC
oount of anticipated popular commotion but
doubtless really In readiness to resist nn ex
pected Fronch attack Thin Vlcoroj him nskod
for a loan of 15011000 which ho allcgac la
needed for tho payment of IOSHOS Incurred In
thin recent rlotlnc Ills agents are also asking
for arms lie complains of lie withdrawal of
the Ioitueueeo cutiboat havlnc on board the
watchman who was charged with drowning n
Chlnanian the Incident which led to Ito riots
In that oily lost month The Viceroy lion do
nmnitod that the watchman be handid over to
thin Ilrltlsh courts for trial The Portuguese
offlclnlsln reply said that the prisoner was at
Muciio If the Chinese wished thoy could l
Piosocuto him there This Incident may lead
in trouble with Portugal ns tho Chinese have 1
always objected to tho presence of tho 1ortu
Kueso at Mucao
Imports concerning nn approachIng war with
fornluiiors are Jrculatlnir In tho Interior of
lilun and lie pconlo In Yunnan twllovo that
tho ChlniHo iirinyls iircparlnir tn wimonvvar
of vxtcriiilnntlou against all foreigners
Killed In a Iluel
TrMtsVAU Hungary Oct 22 Count Stofan
Jlnlthnn nut Dr Julius Hosenherg fought n duel with
pistols to da Tho Count was shot through Iho temple
and ktlle 1 The police hat begun an Inmiin i
The police hate arrested i Dr Uosenberg and the I
Kecimjx It I I lint I been arranged prloi to the duel thnt the
coml alanls could adtance five paces I efnrr I firing I
Neither of tin t mm hotti ter atullrd hnnielfiif I his ui
piirluiilttlnit t each stood In lilt original position Tun
hI < Sods tired ht I each man without eflict The
secnnilt then iitli mpted to prevent neoulltitiutlon c > f the
duel but their flirts were friilllefi The third shot was
fired omit tiuIihu itmy fell An nllrl wee mnlelo
extract Hip I Imll from the vlitlms J I nIt but ttlihont
atHil Tin mint n hud marriedalad r a lit II lied iirehiiuib I II I
been engaged to Ur Koneulterg
A Mklllsta Complaint to the Crier
ST rETEnsiiuiia Oct 22Tho first number
of the Socialist paper trill oflht ivoptr which Is I printed
abroad has reached this city II contains a letter from
the Mhlllit prisoner Netschajeff the Coat Netschajiff
vt as condemned ears ago and ttas supposed to be
dead The writer cnmplains oftie Inhumanity nf the
prison ortlclals I and nf the ternbu treatment 1 to Si rJI ho
emil his fellitv prlioners are snlijectvd He sys that he
liasrecetitlv been deprived of the little light hitherto
allotted him The journal aidi that the letter I was
I nrigliiBllv written In nlood ofi a printed piece of paper
and it great Ilrlln i thcrefon U I Illegible
The letrrhss created nimh excitement and a lenia
tlon h ijii the iiliiii ii ii bi
t om nniong MlillMs In M Tetercburg
Heath orCiiit MiiTno Held
LONDON Oct 22111 Mayno Reid the nov
elist died at hU rcsi li ncc In ondon 1 on Sunda e > enlug
after u short Illness Call Reid was U Jro ot age
Ho was born In Iho north of Ireland Ills fatlitr who
was a 1 rcht h < rlicn minister I Intended I lilm for the
Church but being fonder of adventure than nf thenlngt
lies tout In h IHM for Ami ni n lie I I engaged trailing
and hiintlnir exi urslnmt up Ili4 Ited and Missouri rlters
and Inst tiled thrniuh I neitrlt ctcrv Slate In I tie ninii
lie uhcllnlly siitlnl In Ilillndelphla cnllKtiil the
Mr < lint war and tt ax wounded At Chepullepec After
1 silt lie I ritleit lohiilh In IIIIIIn nnd w roleit scrim I of
Impular look fir hutti 1 t Inlwiu I I lie cstabllshel In New
York a short ilvcd niouthl niBgnzlne entitled Onicarif
Man > Kcvoliilonlai Arreicd
ST I TEiiBnuito Oct 22A list of nnmcs lit
covert In the home of M 1 MirantschttT formerly AI
Blotuiit Public Prosecutor nt KletT who waft convicted In
August of Nihlllini lias let 1 to iminerout arrenta In the
r iioiFiift Htten ofllr rn Mon Intr to a urennlier rrt7l 1
inent IIIM lice n broiiicht I tn M I Ietirpburit tttil 1 linprli I
011 I In a fortrcr1 A muni T of otliir oillrpri hve ef
ftcted H ioiii nunUe I witli IlKtiuthMrlttrn I Tin nfTendrrH
are ro uuitif that It IIIIA Lrt n foun I nertsmr tn de
Fpntcli u uptclnl ioutiuithi butt of in < Uiry to this ADCAIUH
Naval 1 olUcera cIa 1 ore ltnlnnt > d t situ anunibtr have
bten arreatctl at Odessa uud Na oIitlclT
Earthquakes In Aol Bf Inor
SMTHXA Oct 22 Addlllonnl shocks of earth
qtiaVe hate taken place he re causing great alarm among
the t Inhabitants 11 I doing little damage Tho people are
afraid in t niter their houwi Two InglUh men of war
orrlud hen todnt I to rriulir assistance to the rurferrrs
an I I iuiiii lieu 1iullnh t essel I I in knne lo tube
MAITS Oct t J tA slight iinii k r earthquake wai felt
here I III J n Itk this mornli
TliusTr let 22An cnrmuakc shock was Mt In this
city at 1 Hi clock this nierulng tot I was harmless In
Us effects
Illsmnrck Hnsplcloua
JlFnuv Oct 2211 la assorted hero that
1rlnee lllsmarek In I jialousaf Lord Dutlerina Influence
at Constantinople ami the iintiy courtesies extended lo
him by the Kullnii and his Unl > ters In speaking of the
reforms now being liiHiignritiil In Arminireon ibis red
omm ndationnf lnrd lludirln Irlnre I llisinarek depre
filed mll hasty mauin I Intthleh I nt wire hring olrri
Into effect Pu InlUlllhRt I t Hie e reseulatlves of l1Ir M
ts ing uti i u r i pow
ers should have been conxUted before such a sOp waB
Cknnces In tko I ° > rlli nese Cisbliiet
LlsiioN Oct 221110 following appoint
ments hMo been made In iortuguese Cabinets
Xenhor llarjova Krellns llnlsier of the Interior
hcnhur U > po Vaz vjlnlsicot Justice
Hmihnr HluU I Itll cirei Mnlstrr I of Finance
Nenhor liarbiua llncacetllnlstir of Marine
8cuhor Ienhelrii ChagasVIInlsier of 1ubllc Works
Cileillanlaiilke Ministry
PARIS Oct 2At a Jiootlne of tho Extromo
Left to day It was unanliruusly eleclded to Interpellate
the 1 Invcrniuent 1 concernhg his general policy I the
delay in convoking I 1 the Iliambers the resignation I of
ihti Thlbaudln cal < l the cmiluot of the war In Touqulu
Frances Vur Footing
LoNDON Oct 22A anis despatch says that
ace Cainpenon Minister War will devote all hiT
energy to reforming the Btittuii I nf mobilizing I tie army
The pronpectuf n war ttlu f Herman hue despatch ns
lent appeuri tu be uppcrm t In his mind
Opposed is MnlrelliK IkaOrleuam Princes
1AniH Oct ThnOovornment has detiir
mllird oppose the demaitl that Is I In bo inado In the I
Clumber i u v DiiJUlltn i fur lie cxpultloii ot the Orleans
Official Hcnnlnls In Norwnr
CuniHTliNiA Oct 22 Tho trial of Minister of
Shale heliner under arlicli nf linj I achmrnt hat I cgun
I ilIll
Tlie trials I r i the oilier uisuber I of the Cabinet await the
result of this case
Tke Hula nl IroTlneetovvD
PBOVINCETOWN Mais Oct 22 Additional
artlculars I of Saturday n iilita gale kiep coming III It
Is I reported this etenlng that a Chatham vessel 1 lust her
ca tain and tS rIse tine s Ito I went out after a shoal nf
f InN
mackerel I The i onk ami i nun mail I were left ou boanl
The siiuttll blew all the ais aw a and Ito vessel drifted
across tip I I ay Hhe was lowed Into Plymi utll lidsi
vessels arrived heat I nlgll and tods with their sslls
lAss U awn boala lint aid otherwise damaged All re
port a fearful gale of ilter six hours duration
Mr JJouelcuiUs Voenl Cknlr
BAN FnANCisoo Oc 22At Ibo banquet ten
dered to Diem noucicault evening the persona aa
semtled were obliged to pi to dinuer w Ithout their guest
who was sudlenly selzedwilll a severe attack of rheu
inatlsm Mr Houclcault was heller today but did Dot
nj pear at the lluatre Hilsevculng
Cal < or Mares Mnlckr llnrnlni tInder ke
Rteaehlpa Chisel IlxlekiM INiiiencm
Laded NklD Grounded ascii Fire hut
Tho Iron stcnmahlrt Holmdal of the Thing
Yfilla line with thenlsnal I am on fire If flylnif
wan sighted off Flro Island yesterday forenoon
und passed Sandy Hook at 140 I At 7 lost oven
Leg she was n round botwcnn llodloon rind
Kills Islands and thin ZOllhnr Mills HaTcmeyor
and W A Cheney wore nlllnt her hold with
water and fighting hue flames which poured
up In sheets through the hatches Ono hour
Inter the fire had boon extinguished dipt
Johanscn snld to a reporter of Tin BUN
Wo loft ChrlMlanfiand on Oct C With n car
go which occupied ovory aatlnb Inch of
space Wo had 100 bates ot hair 3HO tons of
pig Iron 700 boxes of eggs allot which I sup
pose are cooked 50 hoeshcads of cherry juice
and nearly 1000 cases of safety matches of
three different brands ono brand manufac
tured In Norway another In Saauhuin and an
other In Denmark Wo had 350 persons on
board 303 steerage passengers throo cabin
s anil a crew nil told of fortyfour
On Kunday afternoon nt 5i wo noticed n smell
ot tiro and n little Investigation sntlsllod us
that the matches were on lire In the main hold
forward of the main hatch and on tho star
board side Thai second nnicor notllled thu
iutoorago passengers but told thorn wo wore In no
dnnitar and rixiiiostiil them to come on deck
with their bauituce They all cutout uiuletiy and
Wi o tinned steam from our boilurs Into the hold
but time flro poomod If nnv thine to gain ut little
Thin women and children slept In the berths
between decks Hint nluht nnd the mun slept In
chilli on thin upper dock Most of them wero
hard ount follow This morn I lie oopmiml
tho hatches n little but closed thorn iuiiln
Thin hire was Kiilnln Wu turned In stream of
water through our ventilators antI kept Ituo
liii At 1 oclock our nluiml was seen at Sandy
Hook and then thu hire lioitH wuro telegraphed
for o reached yimrantlnn at 221 There
wo wore met by thin Haoinojer and tIme hung
Hotelier All our pasonierH worn transferred
to tIm bir o with tlivlr biiceniro nnd taken
ashore Thin other lIre bnitH came aflnrwnrd
and we brought tho steamei up hero and inn
her aground In flood thin hold We shall I cot the I
water pumped out Ittuui get to our dock In Ho
bokan tomorrow afternoon
Iilot Itobortllnll of thin pilot boat Thomas
Notiis boarded tho Hclmdal on Hunday morn
IIIB 800 miles out In n demise fog
The passengers acted splendidly ho said
thoueh many of them hnd boon fonslok and
BDontyof them worn chllilrcn Includlm four
pairs ot twins An Iron deck bopaiatth his
hold which Is twenty foot deep from the
tweon decks A few hours after time lIre was
discovered this duck over tho lire was M hot
that one could not stand on It Unn of the
steerage stmvnrds discovered the flro I under
stood from the hoatod doik The trunk of ono
of the iitueuagc passongors caught hue and on
icing caniid out Into the open air burned
nVrcoli The raptatnH inaiincemenl vas ox
onllont Ho kept thin ImtchoH closod and IP
fusod to have them opened until the mitts
senuors worn all off V ater was tinned
In tbinuch I Ito vcntllntoiB I which woio kept
alrtlnht bybulncBtiilTeilwIth I I I straw beds nnd
tloil llirlit K nxnr nit pnnLiia Ii I lut t nlnt nml
steam Boeinod to havo very Illtlii olToct After
oui ititsoligts worn tianstaircd lie tituostlon
of oxtlneuKlilnRtho lire was Feiioii As Ito
vessel Is I pretty noarls lintbottomed wo ran lien
ashore whom sho Is now and tilled I Ito hold
with watci and thin tweeti docks over it and the
water tank Into all of which the limit Imd
flprond Wn not all I thin boats loads this I morn
lug put water into them anti weio roads to
lacer them I nt a momunls nntlco If I f I ito llio hnd
gained on tis onoueh to make ltnocossar > to
leave tho Hit hji
The llolmilnlwus left itt out of water by tho
recoiling tile lust oveninc and the woik of
PUmplDB the immuliFu boily of water from her
hold was bosun tAt Funoh IMvo V COB
olllco It was stated that tho dnmace to ship and
cargo would amount to many thousands of
dollars thought no ontluiatu could bo mndo
Do Hi are fully Insuied
The stcerneo passengers Bay that Ilohrend
Joiinsfon onu of theIr number discovered thin
fire Ho says so too Wines for tile Danish
Consulate and drawings consigned to Oon
Olirlfitenson were among the cargo
lie Accuse Niiann and IlnitM of Lying and
hInts of ens In Wiillou Prison
Jiimos MoPerniott of Brooklyn under date
of County Dublin Ireland Oct 9 writes to
the Brooklyn iagle u fourcolumn letter In
which ho replies ono by one to tho allegations
which have been published against him re
cently with a view of showing that ho was nn
Informer and nn agent of the English
Government Ho accuses Itohart Xumin of be
ing the Mephlstopholcs of the whole intel
flees whoso object In asnorslne and blacken
Inn his character was to divert suspicion from
himself ho bolus the real informer utah agent
of thin British jovornmcnt in New York Ko
fanning to two alleeed lettors of his which
William Itlordin produced ngnlnst him I
hu says they would provo his Infamy If
they woro cciiiilnn and ho offers if they cnn bo
iirodiiood and If they are found to bo In his
hnndnrltlni to commit oulclilo Ho denies
pretty nearly ovuirythu iitg lint ODonovan Itosna
snld ngalnsi him and undertakes to show thai
the dates of somo of thin alleged occurrences
prove of thomBolvrs that Itossa was not tolling
the truth closing his latter ho says
And tiOW in me eilV in conclusion wiui no uouiit utu
mnke lie Iruh Klat Hnirn In Anirrli net up ft l ilcvll of a
thinking Home of thn prlnonirif lint o tiiulc apropoii
llonlollie I I IdiiniiMiiI In time Satunlny tirforo mv rc
kabo a trenlli man eluitweil flue In Walton jail the undotibt
oIly calltil for hat pnrpop a cop > of the ilraft of tho
propniiltloiiM I knen nlrf aily from in HollcitorH of their
nufiieiiiHH but I tIlt notiutiiiU that to my tliltor I I
toM him plump I cotilil not anil uonlil not ackuonl
nitre eniliifB or act on any tujrvtBllon either of tlie
prli incrH or ttiu loxirnnicnt until I teal unconditionally
rclonKril from idiom
1 iliil icy however that I thought the proportion
wa a fair one tint I wan ffntlptlcd thai It wee more limn
the llovernturnt would Smut The gentleman lien
left tute Who he wau 1 do not know hut I hate a ten
vlronir umathhiiiu Tithe draft IK I learn to be mihmu
led to Dr linllnitlivr III prlnoii and If approved ly him
than I certainly will iou hotly and boot luln the uiatlrr
W llh thud olilpit In view 1 remain ut lit escuil here am
in policltor kion i u lien to tlud tueCit Ihul If the fov
erinnetit luLeptp tho propoKlnou even In n niodlrlri
form I ma > In dee an well nu In I fact he found carry
Inir out the plain of ito nglili 1 lot ernuti I feet
ronllilcnt noliody but the Ilimrnnient the i prisoner
theIr ami my < uuii > el and myoelf know or can eet
Burnilte what I am now hlutliiK
The Rev Horace Eaton D D died of con
Ktttlon of the brain In lalmra N Y on Sundax aged
73eara He wee vrailiiattil at Dartmouth College in
luau and at the Union TheologIcal Kinilnnrj In IPil lie
won panlor of tlio Hlxth IrenliMrrlau Ihiin lu New Vnrk
city vlx year and of the Hrft rreibyterlin Chunh
Ialnora thlrl > > ear He had burlul over IKXI I people
ami had inarrliil marl an uiMiiyrnupleii HL wan a ripe
scholar ri dour icr and poll ned writer A devoted isa
tor ana s bill and faithful rinrlur I
Uatlheu Ultthellof Morifnown N J died In Cleie
Inuil nn him la > nifed l B4 1D nan a alnctor In the
Wafthlnirtoii ill I Ilikurantti Coinpiio
Thu llou rllnha roote fiu t lien hlaw nf ex Unltei
Mate hi nntor llendercoii and < < > innii lnner of hatcuila
durni2llie KilniluUirailou iii > An < lrew John ou died uf
heart dU > tine v rt4 rda uiorniuKat the reildeiito of his
soi In law In HI liuile I
Hit hard llirr > IrrHilent of the I Trademnenl Valioua
llarikdlil S ilirdu at tin I houfeof hU don bill en K I
Hrrry IllWot rlfl I IlilnUlreel
clerics 0 Freemiin aHaudj Hook h hhliit tIbsl ei > lcr
dar luorlllnir In the hallirir KIMIK Harbor on Stole
lolatid atfel ll ii want lie of the I tut uteri of tho I llr
uliot biml of the t presuit pllolnite cyitLiii the Mont H
ilrliincll So I
The wife of John UilHuell a ounif Mluitrr to hluo
Iheih but rarl tii > lrrila Mr Yonny wan a niece of the
late Ilov Jewillof onnrrlliiit
Tin wife of Urn AIKOII II Singer died III CliliaKO yes
terday ttttrIiQoi
Mr hiniunino lnr thu Jihe huh
Coliubolor lhobnrtsnn Ivutu illructctui hvf4uierotary
Yolger i eittnihit it retuinti Iu J A hlittiohioc itt
ceuhrturiiia utilihisiuiru iii giiuiihe which cioiniu iitlluer
adieu ott iii gnitiitlii thit hue iiouh ah teiiuiuicI I cysilo hit
peytnetil ut hit dit ii p Iluiuhuiio Is Qni ru jtitfi 1 to Pi4
I hue 1 titlee siuioiit h iv tu ft 1051 A iuuiiiir lie oeLecil ar I
rice S crc t Ittuduts for erect i I ii i lie cae f lu
N ii a iedinilgu if Ibiitiiti hI Ie Iuuliite v ii ri 1
iii etiih Ihiii booee tAirhti of Ithisfi lii
gisohe tuIttih ii 4tiau re uolOt IS thu iiicuiiiil iii
peuIorP ihic iterctary diretei t hat hiS giiudii I hih1
tutu tuiiit itiuhit iileil fur their fiirfejiurs 10 tli luscnit
IOSS1W lIE flltK
Tin flour mill In ilullenbi rif Iowa owned by 0 1 f
W lr l as burntd mi hdluritur nlKlu Lose lOe
The rrtlleuce nf > lmB Hmllliof laou I port I I wa
liurntd on Mllldil mornliiir will tin oulltUllillnif Lot
ftisat Phi tire irbgiuteieil Irmii adifiUhe Hue
Al huh Irrrk Ulilitlin i barm if the I Urand Halt
Lumber Company were lunie I oil halurda > lIeu otmueeo
lionuiep avui oxen MII > u heU of Oats situ furlv ions
of hay u ere deitro t d
A tire In houlli Heoond ttreel Rl iuiuila l ytiterday
Caused lomief as follow ii hi Limit Uuiltlmt rompanv
M7 uio John O Tllmijrr InlmiroiiM Eli ii Win r
Hran I A To grocer 511551 I 1 I he biitldluui a lilrh ins
OWed by Win K llean I i Co are damaged to Hit is
lent of 540150
Jainr McDongall A flonl fli lir and grain trareboul
and III content on the cuts of the canal In Monirra
wal burned v rtti rda and another badl > damag
Lou a about 5Ztifll < l This hncli wall vf McUounall I ware
home fell ou the root of teck ilviiiiy Jt Co nail fcc <
tory and went don n to the lover Hat earn Inr with It
tut machinery ou both Oil
Charted xrllk Criminal Conlrmpl In Ike Trlnl
nf Phelps for mhczclrment
AfcDANY OctM Tho trial of Frank n Slier
win tho Western millionaire on ono of thu
ovornl Indictments char lnB him with crlm
mitt COfltuuhflpt ill rufuising to obey a subpoena
wits waived by Mr N C Monk In the Court of
Otor and Tormlner Jinld OM irn prcBldlnc
lilt afternoon Sherwin rome into court look
lug spruce and smlllnu Ills counsel woro tho
lion J Thomas Sprites of Utica unit Major W
Il and John D Julncey of Now York
After tho jury hnd boon drawn Mr Monk said
hat In 1873 Charles A Pholps stole about
100000 from the State Treasury and that us
thu in money passed tlirouah thin hands of Slier
Hn who wits at that time n broker In Now
York city It boianni dcdlrablo that tIme lattnt
hould testify In riielpv trial He was cub
xrnaed eighteen days lueloro the term of tin
court but hut not appear and not III ni had
ituinn hoard of him until within a few years
ago Hlsiibtenca Mr Monk Bald embarrassed
ho proBociitlnn Mr Motk offered In ovldonoo
tin Indictment acalnst Clinrles H 1helps
Imrelni him with cmbowllnc a draft fur
iniHJU oiuior ou 10 tno oruor 01 J iiuinun
talnefl State Troiifliiier
Maitln D Conway who was Assistant DIe
rlct Attorney uutdur Mr Monk at thin tlmoof
helpss trial testified to aerviuug the BUbpu ni
on SherwIn
Mr Springs moved for ShorwInB dlscharuo
on the tacit presented clnlmliiK that no crim
nal contempt had been Bliown It was the
utyof tho prosecution to shiun hunt SherwIn
mil wilfully dIsobeyed tlio t subpu na and In
ended dlsiespoct to thin Onuri 1 hoy could
lot roly on any Infcronci to bo drawn from his
Implo failure to obey th subpu na Ponding
his uriiumcnt Ito court adjourned
tons of this city attended tIme election of tho
Medical Koeloty of the County of Now York In
ho larco hall of the YOUIIK Mens Christian As
oclatlon last night Most of thorn wont to vote
At thn opening of tIm meeting Ito now code
men sprain a surprise on their opponents by
moving lie admission of olshty mnmbors who
lad been reported dul > ijimlillcil The old code
non opposed this but were beaten on a viva
Viuco Vote
Dr Jordon P Oberndorfor startled the society
lydumandlm the right to vhalloimo thin voles
of thIn now members Ills ground of challenge
as far as It was understood was that they worn
brIbed Ho was mot with a storm or oppuust l
lon and Ills words were ordered to bo taken
down for future action Tho now code men
While Ito tellers counted thn yoto the
society took up tho casn of Dr Oborn
lorfer and thai words attributed to
ilm were read by thn Rocrtnry Dr
Jlwrndnrfcr snld ho had been Inoorcctly
reported and that ho hail not nnld that thu
new members wero brllKd His remaiks
nbout bribery were intended to cover
he case ot one of Ito mombuis of
ho society who had attempted to brlbo
nphvslcinii not n member by ttlllm him that
If f ho would join and vote n eel html why hIs
dues would bo pattI Thl hn naid ho could
provo Ills charges woro roierreu to a com
mltlco for Inxestleiition
At 124 ocloclc tlinoommltteo reported thin
result The old Code men had boon bcnn
> atnu nil along thin line by an average majority
of 100 votes In a poll of fiOO S Onklr Vnndnr
loch is the now Ilosidunt defeating T Unll
lard Thoninx
ICO Mui > rlly In the County Mrellenl Society
Clmrffea nf llrlbery
About oncllfth of the three thousand tloc
Ten house liiirued and iwo Ilvea Lost
ANNAPOLIS Oct 22A fire started this morn
IDK at 4 oclock In mini Clajtons grocery there lie
kept a coal oil lamp burning audit ISBtipnosed to Itt e
exploded Anollur ix loslon of coul oil or powder followed
owed that KwoUc the lieUhhcrliood mid nhook hounea
Iwo squares nan the Nnul Kcodiun flenin fire en
Chute nmunid b > vullorii llnilcr thIef I J M llo > il ren
dered iftti lUi Ptrici leu houifl nnd nine etoreroomfl
wi ro dentroj ed Twn llrfi wero IOHI Charles Lecir stud
lilt scott aunt MUs LUzle Watklnn whom Lee after he
wasotlt of the hitiioc i went Imck to iac Tlie cMlmatei
IOMCH are at lloM > LoiiU laymen f3ixjn i Jainea
lrta 5ou Jullu C Hall JHXO lofepll S l Kn < ll
raiOKi Win T iKlehart 5i iik J Vllnea Bandv MKJO
Ltwu U Kehn fJtun tin John IlndeubornfJuuu
Tuc > LIves fur n Ilff
MAcoN Ga Oct 22In Wilkinson county n
negro named Joe llolden while out liuiilinit dllcovercd
another ncirro butcherimr a IIOK heloiiRluic to a white
man named Clay Ilolden rtported the fact to chey
who with Holdell find tno white men armed will
double barrelled gun went to the hoilfe of its h thief ttit 1
failed to llnd him Hliwiri refused to tell bin n here
almiiti nhtreunn Clay knocked her down u Him talk
of itujritr rnne The pttrt then heft for their homcn Two
Boiiaof the nejrro woman and all convict IIBIIKI
Cooper armed Iheitmfltep and ptirpilid I 1m am bu
part Overtaking them they Cecil killlnff Holden In
atanth Clay rettiniLd the nre killing Cooper suit
wounding hli two negro companlotil
Three Live lost ut a Fire
GRAND IUrix Mich Oct 22A twostory
brick bulldinK at Middle lllc Harry count owned and
occupied b > Capt Sidney H Smith was burned jeMtr
dny with MB content condoling hardware and agri
cultural Implement and machines Ytlile tryIng to save
proper v In I untied ti lloliiiiitr thin IiilIilIuig I I CUlt hinltli
tiHrlm Huiidv uiul a hay 14 ears oiii 1 the hotiof Thomas
U nUh w ere killed I y a tutu of the ImUdluif fallintf upon
the Khel nml cruMhiK it 6iln Oettr a clerk ftiiplnvcd
by Smith A SN bully hurt and Is 1 not expecttd to live
lenrjro Hclinun Stile also uuihly I hurt but not futtll The
fire is Miiipontd ii hnebetti of Incindlan Crush The
loss ou the building U f lUom and ou the stock fuom
luldgo Ilondlva llenltk
PiIILADELiiIA Oct 22 Governor elect
llondlj of Ohio and his alto arrived hero lait night
Ills Tiilt Is for the purpose of consulting his phjslclnn ll I
regard to his health which he has not j et fntlyregalned
His phynlclan stated tonight that he had steadily Im
procd since his visit here In fiptemhcr stud was now
almost recovered Hu was Inking no medicine but was
striving to recuperate his 5 > stem by absolute nst A
short 01 ean vovagis has been talked of but the Doctor
slated that he lilt 1 not consider II nt all neceMar The
Uo eruor Is expected to remain lure about a w ret
Four Men Shot und Killed
IlosiTA Col Oct 22Last night two Mexl
cans whose name are unknown went to a home near
laritner where a dance was In progressand while
standing outside fired several shots Into the house
killing two VIexIcaiiM one of w hiottu wit the I ownir uf
the house and two oihtr men ono the pnn of u prom
luent cltien of this I count The Hli riff Alt Ii a toocc
Is In hot pursuit nf tho I nuirdcrtrs who If caught wil
probably lie 13 nehiel
Killed ut lust
TBOY Oct 22 Daniel Shaw was killed by thin
cars at Hooelik Falls jrsierday Flimv life has bee
an unfortunate one At various limn three sells CM ei
in on hIm ant lie wait inieu out iutroiiclot Whuihe
toitleritig trot III C lie tics Iotu puiihii fruit nehietuout
reek a outturn tif ilitues ii a us is I Irhre it rOCk Iuy
trstiie anul In 0ii of these aeclulenti 1usd cii eye tmockeil
otil Oii hIs nets rut hiiuuie slim tile acclileut its a ci
elied with a itt slid fell oti it red hot stove
Patrick Fffiin tu Heroine un Araerleiin Citizen
LINCOLN Nob Oct 22 Patrick Kcan the
Irish agitator end big Trfaturtr of the Irish Lam
League todM nled III Iho DIstrIct Court his Intrniion
of iMiniulmr un vmerlcnu ilium He will locate am
engage In but lug torn In Incoln I Ho expects hii
family to Join him arc In April or May
Another Null AgaInst Senator fikuroa
torney for Ulis Hill In the charges of adultery preferred
by her again Sonutor hharon and which on Haturday
lot wrs dliiiilnd lice on his own act uit filed com
dalntK In his itit1ertiir uiii it In recover llil JO fron
Heiiatur hharon fur allrgtd slundtr
Cklnnnlcn ICeturnluaT Home
SAN FPANUBCO Oct 22The steamer Rio
Janeiro which tails on Wednesday for lloilg Konr will
carry away about I um Chinamen and about 7TOtixi
St libel they carry off with them out of the country
hIre iliuu wiiof lust hae been already provliisd with
rttUtn certIfleale
jorrjv AHUUT roir
A llltliMHiw wa ifueul lowui out ths tdewaltt oat of
the half tloudtd sky just after noon yesterday
Mile Alwlna aliens of Mr Abbey npera company
ei Ilov John r HniTmiiN and Count Mlru YsuU Khan
arrived by tin hervlu eslerday
flue steamer IJrvw of the Peoples line which went
arhoro on Mttilrdn nlglit near A itchy lloulrd off uiti
Sunday morning uninjured and got hue on Hunday nigh
The burnishers working for Hieane Son A Hall at HI
told slriet struck and wtiitnut > eslerday briause they
sjiilhu foreman put down wnrfes on new work belovr
lit lug rates
kIln Alice Altuuont Livingstone nlalnllR In a reOMi
breath I of promi suit has bought Irom VMJllain Me
He > nolds the pioperty on Hie I south aIds of Ulst Street
w inl or Ustmill at enue fr flu M >
Mrs llote Itkh nitnlly forewomnn at the HUm
counter lu IINrill e was held > e > leiiav for examuslin
on a charge of stealing boxes of rlldiont mutit 1 selllu
them Four tuxes wcro sold to 0 rustliaiier ° f 4M
Third avenue
The Kueeland elevated railway cell was continued tc
fore Judge Van Hruut yesterday and was watchM tvlthi
Inttrebt bi Jay mold Cyrus w Meld and Uunsell liege
Mr John K Hndy the Secretary of the Uetropollia
Company w as on tlie witness stand all day to prove the
official record of the transactions by which the mull
narty aro said to lucy made tho contract of Oct 2J Ib8
1NO TlllttWlllI A lllltUUK fr
Three Passenger Klllrd and Tirrnlrlhrea i
1naaenvera mid Truln Men Inlnreet Only I
Two nn she TraIn Escape Unknrl
FonT KDVVAHD N Y Oct 22Tito Cnld
well Glens Falls anti Fort Edward train to
connect with tho Altmny and Troy train bound
north left Glens Falls at 3 oclock tills after I
noon for Tort Edward It consisted ot the loco
motive V D Culver a b iitciuro cur and ono lies
onaor coach Ovor tlio canal fuiulor a few
ods from thn Tort Kdxvarel dupot wan a wood
bridge > Ito bottom of which was about twenty a
out above tile wntor which Is about nix font
deep Thai engine slowed up when nearing
Fort > IMwnnl but In coins over lie brIdge i
thio onclnccr IMwnrd Deal felt tho struc
uro totter Ho tin aw thin llirottlo wIde I
pen and tmssod over In safety When lie
tender struck ito other side of the bridge Deal
50 n atlitilitii In ml i nnil li nlr Ittrr linflrtfnfd tin
aw tho bridge bnggngo car nnd passengor
conch go down Into tIme watot Immediately I
here was Intense I cxcltomont t Tint llio bulls I
vere rum and hiindiods Scott arrived altlm
conn and nsslMcil In roinovliiK thu doiul ami
voundcd from the wrack Tlio pn < t < MiMr couch
ay upon Its light side ito t bottom of thIn w Ill
lows being on n level with thn water
Iiilin Tonkins the oomliictoi was In t themld I
die of the car when It wciitdowti Iii wits seri
iisl > dlhnblod hut did not lose his pro enco of
iilnil Illndlng his cap on bis hand hit broke
Inough tho windows of Ihn loft Bldn anti
crawled to the roof Homo of the lurhilgu Urn S
liens had crushed through thi roof and these
vero removod and tho oouipntitiof ito I car
ornremovodlhroiigii tho apoituro Tlio foi I
lowing IH n list of Ihn killed and Injured u
Kill u inVlrs hhititth tiihiiiiu tic UUnn iohhe die haii Il
allltli chlldttllh htrwlio rrcuprd nnlnjnriil lurrrtt j
VVtiiKnop a irlnte nuinufui Inn r lit filotirstllli Dillas
trlitn roprlttor of a iiillhrd room nt lion Fnt
0 oiMnitMr N A Ihtrrltt wife nf tho ntittlon
RKMit it Inrt I dwnrd r < thm Intt nml Inlitrli mid u 111
itrnbtthu die IlitmllitltieiM I of tort lihs I ant tdmuldvr f
dlMiu nlid feiro n nip i itituil meal Interim tnjiirie
Mr Iiiihu lift tit iii brnki n i In tutu i ttiieus i In n > mid ricu i
li IK nit N Uol UiHti of Ottis < tHlu irndU
cut i lutt tiln of u I hutis Ethic Ire mid litut I
Injured t Ihiimni 1 Connor of dlti little linikomnn
leg I rulvfti Iniiifit ll rid u t rrtkfmin lit tis Yrm I
cniiip uiti 1 frnitureof lIe lut Ii l hn JinMn u condiutt r
cUti Inil spin Injitrt I ti < i mil lu d int tI In
hiitplni llmtlnml or lout liii nl fup btirtitd I 13 I
fHlllntf Mnin t the I otit t i nnt in i rlli nIt ti Mlr t > ii Anna I
Tlcdiilc i I ItitttiHll M let hcttlii nunO Ihoinis
Looinln tii jiu > inn 1rr of Slit ii ill collar bon I
broken lump 1 l iomlH of Sitnd Illll I I should i Mrnlutd
Abriiliniu tnir of iirI I I IWHH htfrtU bruU mid
rut lamen Milnt > rtof iert 1 fd a rml but tl tiifM tutohuicoc
In Tlmn IrroxH nnklc roktti I ttt th kn K Kcl
out tii t rCHln t nt I ii i itchs hI iorv <
of Kurt Eta tint hunk I CIII tutu d 1 nnd uurioh trnttd by
Hlmck to tn roiix o ctein hnrlt H vtrnrz of Clni K tshh I t
foottnniclKd lohti II I I MerhKof Mrutnkn IIUK itn 1
fact cut 1 d trd lit itl fiiirlnii r hurt ftllitlill Injiiinp
lug fn in t iMiiii Mm Mora i ilntutbri of fort Mniud
triihisi I I tiih l MI rii in Mf di mmi d nn htf I Inhn oikhnrl I
of Uleii 1 Hlln Injurleh hlltrht lolin CihIHi of iiletie
Iuhii l lull Irtuhsu I d I In im nt I IK o < red a M idkl of
f J > i tiknln t tin Ueluunrt nud I In I l numinl Ct itipitnv I
fur itijiriet nut tiiud ti hull hi ilnir I I ciunlm h llmninii
i hit ihiiiI of Iroj fh t iitt I Mhn U llnrrli inn lf
urrcnkliiirfli html ml mil I ill I udl biuUut Nill
r irtlnofntr1ord < lOll > I ruiKd
Only two im sciiirorB ii sea micil hint 1 luco
force of niiii Is oMkiutd in I chit rI uig nuio lie t
iock nnd hero I isa lupoit uhloli lufkieou I
flrination tliut llmro lire to boilff uuiiulii i Ito
wrack Thn tfill Iii nt wis t tnhpil lt I iv tint uniiL
lies i of lie supports nf tlnu biiil n Joronet U
Viindonburgh has taken I cit tree of thoonso I and
will I I urikn a thorough t Investigation Mis Mnn l I
lian ono of the persons killed was on lioi way
to rort IMward having boon summoned to time
bedside of hcrdjlnginothoi I
Gleason nntl 1elry umluiiteil tic fnjor I
Tho Inilepenilont or Peln Domocrnts of I I
Lonic Inlonl Citv litM IH tr t it > C iit nil liii tit Tlinni > I
nun liCit llutitorn Inlnt t inlentu nfUniinn Then
wcrotucnt flu ilelctftei nlmtit thirty t totntorn stud
Jlfteen pnlicriiuii commimileU 13 tllllllli Flolll r loges
and Actliir t Ior r3 in tlio Imll lu 1 > S Juitnai
elcctcil rimlnium sit lllliiii MeFiith fccntnr Mr I
Uroreo lei ry woo tominnlu lor I Miixor ultliout npi > i w Sit
ultloit Mr It McMnn for Mipcrviur tutgiietti Itassija
and John L Morrlt for AWi ruien tit i ierg p
At H ucUu tu the eeulnc um thd Fvitlmt of tlio In t
Viiriiieiit DLiuocrul met in the tainrlmU Mr icie5 I I i
intern n nttttilier nf time ItulejamU 11 < J ifrr 1 Commit I I
Ii f presided Kx A1it rinriu DoiuulU of UK h Third I Suitrit j
ofTt rint n eel of reitotiitlonii allijclnfr llmt tin ml In rent of
MnMir IVtrj unuM not jitrnilt ilicm to ci eriito llulr I 4
rlRiitti nt rltlrtn nt thetr prlmartei lit ititiiuh t liter
itisti i I J Menium for Major aflil < l lie lu05 nciiniiuliil lir 5
acclanintloti HIM Cntm ntlon tlicn mljoiiriiL1 It ft
unierMooil that the ltogtiar Uoniocratu will no n Inn to I
Mr dlfnxm next SftttirJay
Far Asserulilyusen and Aldeimen I
Sfoatof the Domocintlc Assembly and Alder I t
manic noinlnatln conv enlloiiB held last night adjourned I
for conftrence
For the AeHnltlt ludeiiendent neinncrnts In the First i
ill ft rlct noinlnalid Inhn IlahncnfUl The rlllms1 h I
Cluhln the Seventh district nominated Iitins I I Van
AlUii Iiidtiiemlenlii lit thu Ninth dUirlct nominated I
hrlXohhir II Mnlonc
Ior 5 Aldefmi tht Herman i Demorratc In the First his
trlct noinltiuitd ThiiiuHKt henry Tin ounit liiinoirnLy I
nomhiati 1 Val litn tho set nnd dlhtrlt I nnd
Charles Ililll In the ronrlli mid Im tructed the Ton
fi rciicu mnmltlre I In the Third dist ict for AMirnmn I
John llSell The rill7en flub rclHiii liiHliil All 1 rninn
UUle In lieu hiveiilh illHriol In I the rnilflh hound I Yl
Tamilian tnnvention It tttin rei > nrtod I hal AI leriuun lit V
Lucy was Hire to bu reiiomimnul h3 the utitty Utmoo h
rfie Convention thereupon volit In I rii > olnt no confer r
encu Lomnilttee nnd nomimilel x AKPI mid mso
Maurice K llolnhnn for Alilerinun III thn Ittentv
fourth dlsirkt Tnmmant nomlnalcd Iudoli li ullgrurt I
ilblia nnd Jiknn Allen far ftonntnrs
Frederick H Glbb who was beaton for tin
Senalo In Iho Plghlh I district ltTOcarc ago ty mIte boll
ofthcnarllrll Kenubllcans us tin nominated for Srnittoi I
tO the Republicans III Ihut illflrlcl Int night the lai I
Held liuhlUjtlis iiminlllig ilinihiu I
I ii I lie letit Ii I uIt riit Ciiiys titiiiit toI iii urge hitici I
ttottihitniiih AfsCitiiIi titiiiu ieruy II riuto fir isenuihir
lvii lirmiry A ilutrui iuiii pol Y nor thihirui Iitthltiri iiiiumI
tioucit Col Elliot Au it if I lie I riley efliuit lhhiiut of 11473 i I I
II lie vote t so t liii J rstiu I S Thu iuoiilmuailu oh
Col Allot we iiftilo ituituihiututis except fur Ccl Itllaai I I
emphatic Nfl i a
The Republican Kenale rontcntlon In His I Flflll ilie I
trlct tool tiiel ll cnlifemue committee Die I unnteiv 4
tlnlis In the Mull Het tilth Mnlh and He Umil Ul
trlcts also adjourned without itoutilitel juno r
The Vole InUklu
CoiUMntiH Oct 22Soorotary Jsovvinun fur I
iihuiies I lie fiiilous Itig bids of Ihevole for Governor al I
the reiiilt of the IsIs tltilloli horaker H7i H Hoad I
hey Jill WI Sihumaiher 143411 Jenkins 27H1 lola I1
Mill 7JI4HI I llondlit niaorll I WJ iiiiijvrliy foi
ju llclal amililmcnl IJ41J sitond nmuidiiielit fef
short of n majorlt ZtLuiEh regulation Bnienilnieiit ro
LeiiedliHiivnotiB I
Flozcn Mnnllnbn Wfcenl
Tonosro Oct 20 Ornln dealers who hay
reliable connection In Manitoba sa that about one hall
the wisest crop In that irnt luce has been Injured by tin iM
frost The damage will at crags about Z1 per cent Tin
sound w In ut Is 4 w unit i IM JO per bushel bier and nveragi
auutnhuo of injured train are held at from lit eetits to f 1
A con llirabloniiHiillli of the latter Is I offered here wit
lot amounting to uiiuijii bushels
Tke Apostle of Mueetnes and Ilckt ArrlTea
Mr Matthew Arnold tlio poet and critic with
his wife and daughter arrived by the Bert In cstcrday I
1 shall remain In America till February probably
Mr Arnold said to a reporter of TIIK SUN 1 shall lec
ture on political and social subject My flrst leiturs
will ls I git en In this city and the next In llosion Thert c
1 shall lecture ouKmerson and Literature and Net
ttlcnnl omee Prediction
Cloudy weather And local rains ncarlj
stailonary barometer itatlouary or athght rlis In tent
perature easterly winds p
The Herman Snanlili treaty of commerce was ratified I I
Burglars broke Into three churches In Watertown M I
Yon Haturday night They did considerable damage ii
but oulmy got a few dollars
Ths lion Kllllam Miller Q C of llallfai has been
ajipointed spralier of the llomlnlou bensie vice Ihs
lion I > 1 Maclherson resigned
Charles N Hells a while man shot and killed John
llendirsiii colored In a quarrel over agamti of crap
In Cincinnati on bunday iiiornlug
Bit Franciscan diners left Syracuse yesterday morn
ing for Honolulu by sac of Han franclsco tu take charge
of the tovernintnt schoobj and ho Hals
At Johnson City Tenn ou Hunday Tliomai Hal killed
VTilllain Carroll who was resisting arrest ty Halls
fai her who is ChIef of Iolku of the town Ths murduer
was arrested
Kllsha It Marvin claiming New York as his home has
lrn hell 1 for intel In Hover N II fur selling and
oilerlng for tale lottery tickets for the Original LHtls
AI Ruiwelltllle leon on Sunday two brother named
Wn dt became dltordirly In a dr > geniI ls cOme Wesley
f roiicti remonfirate 1 with tlioiu whcu they fired on
hlui kllllnx him liislantly
A threemils boat race on the Ohio Hirer at Wheeling
last etrnlng between William Klllott champion ot
ngland and O tlsgerbsrlof Wheeling was won br
the former by tug Itngihs lu 21 S3
Jjlin Keegan aged JO years was fatally shot while
dnik hunting nn the Keliei Hlvir on bundity Iianlel
Vaw > cr aged Jil > tars was drowned In Caiiga Lake
while liuullug ducks ou thoiamecluy
lieu Pope Ii hn has been awlned to the command of
the I mlltiar dlvulon of the 1a llo has receltedone
mouth lie v of nUtuce from Not 1 Din Sheridan
will ineanwlillo hate chaus vt the Iuolllc oil lilun
OnUtilnesdat UiKhitrlrs A Insorwas eliot by MM
Many lluudert iarK vu liCe liettas neuqialu out thu
property of her Imsl and In linlllitKireciMinly tifil au4 ml
dltMl ycsterdn ii lr Mnn Iritmnrk t I Kin Jull at Tuicu ices
Cow fehudecliiriithttt tlig sho < ting was actldcutal
SISO iLdUout 5 A
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